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The Fraser Advance Feb 23, 1907

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Array J1 .Journal of Optimism and Belpfulntss, Especially Devoted to tht Jntmsts ot tbt fraser Valley.
The Frnaer Advance:  Vol. I, No. 0
CH1M.IWACK, B. C, SATUttUAY, FRBRtlAHY 23. 1007.
Clillllwuck Progreaa:   Vol. XV. No. 47
The Roper murder mystery is
yet unsolved.	
Giosue Carducci, the Italian
poet and critic, died at Balogna
on the 15th inst.
John Collins, said to have been
the oldest man in the world, died
on Wednesday last in Montreal,
aged 111 years.
The missed hole claimed another victim on Wednesday, Louis
Manfrou at the Molly Gibson
Mine near Nelson.
Andrew Carnegie offers $50,-
000 toward the McGill University
''building fund .for B. C, on condition that a like amount be
otherwise raised.
Mr. Edward Chapman, an esteemed citizen of Westminster
and member of the firm of F. J.
Hart & Co., Limited, passed
to away quite unexpectedly on Monday last.        	
The mail steamer Berlin from
England with 141 passengers and
crew foundered in a gale off the
entrance to the River Meuse
leading to Rotterdam. Only one
passenger was saved.
The winter's coal famine in the
prairie provinces has resulted
in bringing the Government of
Saskatchewan. to a consideration
of tb* advisability o* owuntaod
* operating its ownooaU��ines...,..-,
Several of the survivors of the
' Larchmont disaster off Block Island freely charge Captain Mc-
Vey and his officers with having
looked to their own safety in absolute disregard of the lives of
their passengers. The fact that
kn out of the crew of forty were
saved, while only nine of the 150
passengers survived certainly
���jives colour to their charge.
Esther Mitchell, who last July
shot apd killed her brother for
having killed F.E. Creffield the
Holy Roller leader, was removed
on Wednesday from the Seattle
County jail to the State Insane.
Asylum at Steilacoom. With
Creffield and George Mitchell
murdered, Mrs. Creffield dead by
suicide and Esther Mitchell now
disposed of, the last chapter of
this sad history of religious madness is presumably closed.
It looks as if Victoria's dream
respecting the bridging of Seymour Narrows were nearing an
end. Letters from the Board of
Trade of the capital city to the
Presidents of Canada's three
great transcontinental railway
companies have met with discouraging replies. Pres. Shaugh-
nessy says "No." Pres. Hays is
non-committal and Pres. Mackenzie wants more light on the
A delegation of cannerymen-
quietly left the coast for Ottawa
a few days ago to press upon the
administration the desirability of
Permanently closing the Fraser
iiver above the Westminster
Bridge and the entire river for
1908.   Somehow the cat got out
�� of the bag and there have been
t fur, fun and feathers flying since.
A counter deputation will likely
leave the Royal City to-day or tomorrow for the Federal Capital
'  for the purpose of frustrating the
.   designs of the canners.
cannot substantiate. As to your
bluff as to your solicitor for the
acceptance of writs, it might be
easier to find either your solicitor or yourself than to find property upon which to realise for
damages and costs in case of a
suit. Besides this, if any aspirant
for public position was to insti-.
tute suits for slander against
every person who circulated false
reports about him at election
time he would have no time for
anything else. Fortunately there
are few ex-ministers of the Gospel who allow their party feelings to control them to the extent that you have done in the
campaign just closed.
I am yours very truly, j
John Oliver.  <
Residence of Mr. Alex. Johnston. Chilliwack.
From Chilliwack the Beautiful by Cawley & Paisley.
The Right Worshipful Grand
Orange Lodge of B. C. met in
annual session in New Westmin-
Sjrrow on the Sea
But a day will come, a blessed day,
When earthly sorrow shall pass away,
it can-  When the hour of anguish shall turn
to peace.
"There is sorrow oil the sea,
steron Tuesday"and Wednesday notbe<>uiet-''-jBB- *>:23-
of this we^k.    About  125 dele-  I stood on the shore of the beautiful And even the roar of tt.e waves shall
gates were pivjsnt and a very       sea, cease
SUCCe3jful se^Sibn closed with a As the billows were rolling wild and Thon out from her deepest and darkest
rousing banquec on Wednesday       free; bod,
evening.    The following are the Onward they Camewrfh unfailing force, Old ocean shall render up her dead
principal officers for the ensuing Then backward turned in their restless And. freed from the weight of human J^JjpJJJi"subJMtstlSenUp, as
year:���D.C. McLaren, Kamlojps,       course; woes. they had already been reported
R.W.G.M.;   H.G.Taylor,  Van- Ey;er and ever sounded their roar, Shall quietly sink in her last repose.      m   tne   fa\\y   press   an(j   ^^
couver, R.W.S.D.^t.M.;  Capt.. Foaming and dashing against the shore; No sorrow shall ever lie written then     particularly     as    the   complete
Secretary Coote of the Chilliwack
School Board Returns from
Mr. A. L. Coote returned this
week from Nelson, where hp had
been in attendance upon the sessions of the Convention of
School Trustees of the Province and. was interviewed by
a representative of the Advance.
He thought it not necessary to go
George McSpadden, Vancouver,
R.W.J.D.G.M.: Rev. A. de B.
Owen, New Westminster, R. W.
Ever and ever they rose and fell,
With heaving and sighing and mighty
On tlied*
G., and Ed*wr Btreh, Mission And deep seemed calling aloud to deep;
R. W. G. S.
,    . ��� ;-
Harrison House.
G. S. Jermyn, Vancouver; M.
S. Dobie, Victoria; Andrew Ek-
Lest thejuufaauiiHguiviivv* shasdeV drep
to sleep.
In summer fand winter, by night and by
Thro4 cloud and sunshine holding their
Oh! when shall the ocean's troubled
be   available,
to    say,
had learned
But oh! thou glorious and beautifu
urs, Bellingham;  E.N. Brown, Calmly and quietly sink into rest?
Vancouver;  S. B. Hill, Seattle; Oh! when shall the waves wild murmur-
W. C. Brown and wife, Upper      ingcease ,irai���. ������,. 1������1W Ul ���rc
Sumasj.G. G^ Walkins,  Town; And the mighty waters be hushed to There is health and joy and blessing in new act but the fault of the old
tlepthsof the sea or the hearts 8tenograpnic   repo]rt   w;j|   g^
He would uke
v��r,    that  he
a lot  while away
cfftYv   WWH* ^RSnVjr vcflCoC W
schools.   He went up with" the
idea that We were a highly taxed
municipality, he came Dack pre-
,���,.    ,._ , , , pared to say that we were hard-
Tis a ItftTbf murttmr and tossing and fy faxed at aU     A motion to j^
spray, jne gchooig back to the old basis
And at resting tune it must pass away. 0f purely national schools failed
to get a seconder. He found
that the lack of teachers in the
market was not the fault of the
of men.
Bat heaven and earth- renewed shall
'  shine.
Still clothed in glury and. light divine.
Then where shall the billows of ocean
Gone! for in heaven/shall be "no more
J. P. Wilson, R. W. Bigger, R.V. peacei
Vaughn, D. Woodward, Vancouver; J. W. Hill, Westminster; J.
P. Curtis, J. H. Roaf, W. T. Jackson, Vancouver; R. C. Davis,
R. C. Greig, A. A. Greig, A. M.
Greig, A. Dalton, Town; W. H.
It cannot be quiet���it cannot rest;
There must be heaving   on   ocean's
The tide must ebb and the tide must
Solemnly, sweetly, I hear thy voice,
Bidding me weep and yet rejoice���
one.   Under the present act he
found that the teachers were
Weep for the lov$Ws buriedbeneath. O^n^jSllate^ ***
p.m�� in niMse* �������� n��'n�����-��j beginning to come into
Keary,Westminster; T. A. Sharp, Whilst the changing seasons come and
Agassiz; S. H. Shannon, Westminster; L. H. Nicholson, Vancouver; J. P. Price, Westminster;
W. P. Bassett, A. Collins, C. H.
Wallace, Vancouver; G. D. Brym-
ner, Westminster; A. Evans, H.
Ponsford, Vancouver.
Dominion Hotel.
J. Grand, H. C. Grand, Saskatoon, Sask.; G. E. Bennet, Town;
S. W. Chittick, Moose "Jaw; Jas.
A. Farquhar, F. Murray, W.
Russell, Wawanesa, Man. ; J.
Brett and daughter, Town; J.
Brett, Jas. Ford, Regina; C.
Wallace, Vancouver; J. D. Fol-
brook, Westminster; John R.
Parker, Enderby; Mrs. A. Munro,
Miss S. Munro; Town; Jas. H.
Peters, Vancouver; Wm. Sittle
and wife, Wehoyn, Sask. ���
Commercial Hotel,
J. W. Banford, Chas. Hatch,
S. A. Parsons, Town; Carl Alexander, Brantford, Ont.; R. H.
Aimer, Mt. Vernon, Wash.; j. D.
the pro-
fessbn.   Mr. Coote's conclusion
it when you get a good
ier keep him or her and pay
them.   He instanced Mr. Sullivan who formerely got $720 a
Rejoice in Him j*ho has conquered
Weep for the sorrowing and tempest
Rejoice in H im wlio has saved the lot t
Stilffrom the deptha of that hidden,Ww for theain.the sorrow, and striflj*.^^j^^SmSTbS'tKm
store An! rejoice in the hope of eternal life( i��t_ ��-,caa -* M.i��.n .   ��� a h-
There are treasures tossed up along the E. A. Briooer,
shore, CataUna Island, Cal , II. S. A,
Tossed by the billows ���then  seized July, 1905
Letter from John Oliver. M. L. A.
gets$1600 at Nelson: and the
Nelson board informed him that
they would still keep him, which
means more than $1500 if necessary.
The Chilliwack school board
has had a lot of discussion with
Bayside Farm, Delta, the Council as to who should pay
Feb. 18th, 1907.    the Clerk for keeping the books
To the Editor of the Chilliwack of the schools.   Mr. Coote found
Advance : that the school board has nothing
Sir:���I am in receipt of a mark- to do with the salary of the Muni-
ed copy of the "Advance" and cipal officials.   He instanced a
also of several letters containing case of one place where the peo-
ml ,    ���   t        ,   ,       copies of a circular issued to the pie were taxed the 5 mills allow-
Then the ocean s vo.ee I seemed to hear, Electors of Chilliwack on Feb. 2nd. ed by law for schools and *fl000
Mournfully, solemnly-sounding near, i wish to state that I have been more had to be taken yearly {for
Like a wave sent up from the caves intimately associated with Mr. schools out of the general rev-
_   be'ow' C. W. Munro, M. P. P. during enues.    Mr. Coote further in-
irsught with dark memories of human the last seven years and I know forms us that the ideas of the
,n..^oe'.,    ,       ... of no justification for your state- Chilliwack School Trustees are
Tailing of loved ones buried there.       ment that Mr. Alunro "while at along the lines of most of .the
Of the dying shriek and the dying the Provincial capital he treats other Boards.   He sees no dan-
prayer, ni8 friends to the point of intoxi- ger of the schools of the Pro-
Teiimg of hearts stilt watching in vain cation and on occasion like his vince detrionating since he ex-
ITAlt + Vision  mlm  ali nil   nm.n.  ���,-..,���,,-.    n Mn !���������       _ 1  X _ 1. __      f\\*         _*   T\ _l J         ^?  ��� ��� .*_ ____...        j  _ It
Carried away by the rushing main.
Oh. strangely glorious and beautiful
Sounding forever mysteriously,. ^
Why nit! thy billows still rolling dii
With their wild and sad and musical
Why is thero i ever repose for thee?
Why slumberest not, oh mighty sea?
Collins, Vancouver; C. S. Royds, For those who sllft11 never come aBain: chum John Oliver of Delta sips pects in a few years to see well
Rosedale; Victor Hart, Port Han- Of the widow's moan, the orphan's cry, his wine and his whiskey ad lib- paid teachers in all our schools,
ey; F. Ayerst, Westminster; H. And the mother's speechless agony.     utum."    To those who know here as elsewhere.   His verdict
M. Vasey, A. D. Patterson, Lad- 0h- no the ocean can rever rt8t either Mr. Munro or myself your is that if they are not worth pay-
ner; O. P. Spalding, E. B. Hoff- With s"oh secrets hidden within its statements will have only  the ing well let them go at something
man,   Vancouver;   S.   Kohler,      broast- effect of disgusting them.   To else and get good ones whom we
Freebank Ranch; B. Hillberg, There is sorrow written upon the sea,   those  who  do  not  know us can afford to pay properly.   Mr.
Westminster ; J. A. Morrison, And dwk ��nd Btorn,y its w��ve�� must it   is only  necessary  to   say Coote may have something fur-
Mt. Lehman; L. H. Leigh, H.      be; that   any irresponsible   party ther to say to our readers a little
Biddshaw, Alex. McMillan, Van- it cannot be quiet, it cannot sleep,       may at any time make charges later when the complete report
couver. That dark, relentless and stormy deep, against any person which they of the Convention comes to hand.
jDl . h��
Victoritis Thrragk Merit.
OXYDONOR' triumphs through merit
-tor year- llhas been the lite giard of
more 1 hmi n million nersons. It la I he em.
bodlment ot I he highest law known to
human science In It U oonoentraied the
expert*hi unf the greatest scientist of the
ni(>'      'a or of lore for humanity.
' I. i' agency fur health ha- i-o many
Ii  i i ii  friends��� none other dolelvns so
wAYDONOR   Instills now lifo into
ihi' -vxiem; reHonu iitex, rolnvlgoratrsiind
v i ui./.uk ��vi ry nrnim Into the proper din-
���'Ii ph.. nf the funotlon for whloh mil urn In-
I nu.it ilium. Ii�� use ntlngs vlgoious
healih ��i h all tho pliyiiloal activity that
makes IH<vwoW*' llvlnir. ���     v
No matter what'diM'usoyuu Have, this is   h   only natural two for It.   I horo In no danger,
nopnln, no doctor nci tiiodlclcic in using OXYDONOR.      ,.   ,   ���       ,,  ,
ltwlllla.ta lifetime and servo the whole finilly. SKND TODW for book Y, mulled
froe.  Write iih a description of your case.
Mr. Jan. Ansen. Uosslanri. B.C.. Can., writes. March II, MOl: "Somo live years ago 1 gotOxy-
donor for my wlfu who was aull'erluK from femalo weakness. After a week s use the doctor
himself was surorisid to And such a change, In fact, It was enough to Induce him to get an Oxy-
donor for his slit' r. ��� .       ~ ���        ,���:���
���'A short time ago my wife had a�� attack if It ll��mma ory rheninatlm. She could not
walk and her iolnts were muoh swollen. Che iipoliwl Oxydonor aud before night the pains had
ceased, and next morning there whs very little .welling, and sIim could walk as well as ever.
She had a similar attack before we got oxydonor and was under a doctor s care for a month,
and suffered agonies."
"It has cured me of a severe cold "
The genuine Ins the name of "Dr. .1. San. lie & Co." plainly stain ncd til its metal parts,
Dr H, SANCHE & Co.,    :i��4 St. Uuthiirlno St. Weat, Montrenl.
And as such we handle none but the very best makes.
Our flour is kept in a warm, well ventilated room and is
never allowed to become cold and damp like flour that is
piled in an ordinary stdrishouse.
Select from this list and you get
Five Roses	
Royal Household
Premier Hungarian       "
Moffet'sBest       "     	
Salem Pastry per sk.
Drifted Snow .,	
Graham Flour      "
Whole Wheat Flour ....     "     	
Breakfast Foods Galore.
per bbl  $5.40
Denholm & Jackson.
WalwoHHolston Co.. Ltd,
Feed Cutters
Carriages. Wagons, Harness, etc.
1016 Westminster Ave.,   VANCOUVER, B. C.
Lady Henry Somerset's Successor.
An account-of the life and surroundings of the Countess of
Carlisle, who was recently elected to the Presidency of The
World's Women's Christian Temperance Union, appears in The
New Idea Woman's Magazine
for March. It will be remembered that this was the office held
by Francis Williard for some
years before that distinguished
woman's death, and that she was
succeeded by her close friend and
disciple, Lady Henry Somerset.
It appears that the new President brings to the post a considerable amount of: family, social
and philanthropic prestige, as
both the Earl of Carlisle and his
son the Hon. Geoffrey Howard,
who is a member of the British
House of Commons, are well-
known supporters of the temperance cause. Lady Carlisle is
also known for her domestic tendencies, and advocacy of the
progress of women generally.
The following extract gives some
suggestion of her character and
point of view:
It is said of the Countess of
Carlisle that she would rather be
known as "Mrs." than "Lady."
She believes so thoroughly in
woman's advancement that she
has engaged women to fill many
posts usually occupied by men.
Women are on duty as footmen,
butlers, gardeners, and even as
hostlers. She predicts the time
when women will be on an equality with men in the conduct of
the affairs of the nation as
well as of the affairs of the
household, and in the industrial,
business and professional work
of the world. The day when
peace will reign through the mutual co-operation of all countries
is, in her view, certain to dawn;
and she looks .upon the, world
no't as a segregated group of individual lands, but as a united
family of nations. With the
Countess of Aberdeen and Lady
Henry Somerset, the Countess of
Carlisle ranks as one of the most
businesslike women, the most active in politics and the most eloquent in platform speaking of
Great Britain.
The Dakota Liar.
We clip the following modest
talk from The Carnduff Gazette.
Although no comment accompanies it we presume that our valued
exchange would have us understand that the statements are
quite applicable to the vast areas
of Saskatchewan.
"Yes, sir" resumed the Dakota farmer, as the crowd of agriculturalists seated themselves
around a little table, "yes, sir,
we do things on rather a sizable
scale. I've seen a man on one
of our big farms start out in the
spring and plow a straight furrow until autumn, then he turned around and harvested back,
we have some big farms up there,
gentlemen. A friend of mine
owned one, which he had to give
a mortgage on, and I pledge you
my word the mortgage was due
at one end before they could get
it recorded at the other. You see,
it was laid out in counties.
' 'And the worst of it is it breaks
up families so. Two years ago
I saw a whole family prostrated
with grief-women yelling, children crying and dogs barking.
One of ray man .had' his camp
truck packed on seven four mule
teams and he was going around
bidding everybody good by."
"Where was he going?" "He was
going half-way across the farm
to feed the pigs," replied the Dakota man.
"Did he ever get back to his
family ?"
"It isn't time for him yet. Up
there we send young couples out
to milk the cows and their children bring home the milk."
Jumping With Nerve Pain.
That'* how you feel with neuralgia.
But why lie awake at night, grumble
or complain-get busy with a bottle of
seeks out the pain and destroys it.
Harmless and certain, instant in effect,
nothing is so popular as Nervlline for (
aches and pains of all kinds. Try it
for lumbago, test it in rheumatism,
prove it in neuralgia, pleurisy or colds.
You'll soon acknowledge that Poison'.-,
Nerviline beats them all. Sold everywhere in large,25c bottles. - Adv. 6.
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ami gentle, easy to take and pleasant in'
effect, take Chamberlain's Stomach
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bilious, or have a sallow,  lifeless com-1
plexion, try Lax-ets just once to see
what these will do for you.   Lax-ets are j
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Great Specialists Stomach Catarrh
Though often they fail to give even
temporary relief, Mr. W. Seymour of
Huntsville, Ont., cured himself with
Ferrozone. "My trouble" he says
"was chronic catarrh of the stomach.
There was constant bad taste in my
mouth, I was costive and unusually
nauseated before and after meals, I also had a knawing sensation in the stomach. Ferrozone gave me great relief,
and I also used, Catarrhozone -which is
good for catarrh. Although it took a
number of boxes of 'Ferrozone, I got
back my health and today am quite
well." For stomach catarrh, indigestion and kindred disorders nothing excels Ferrozone. In a thousand cases it
has proved a wonderful success. Try
it yourself, 50c per box at all dealers.
-Adv. 6.
This Is All Right
The people of the States are passing in great numbers across the
invisible boundary���Canadians in
the east, Americans in the west���
and in thousands of homes they
and their children are looking
backrfrom American hillsides to
Canada and from Canadian
farms to the American fatherland. I ask you my friends, to
join me in a sentiment to the
Canadian settlers in the Canadian west: May they ever with
loyal memory do honor to the
lands of their birth. May
they ever with loyal citizenship do God's service to the countries of their adoption.���From
Hon, Elihu Root's address at Ottawa.
CMffiweck Posf Office
Offloe hours. 8 lo 10.00.
Onfltatu'nry Ho.tduys the Office Is openi-i
from 18 to II).
HiivIbkb Hank nnil Mo ry   Order business
close- n I IS.1,0
MulUcln ubi ti'UOiln'ly foru'I purls.
For convenient-, of I lin.o havlnv lni-k boxen
Iha office dour U nut linked until'AIM'.
The office in c nsed on Sundays.
8 Mki.i.vki) Postmaster
Municipal Council
Keeve���F. 0 Klckbush.
Councillors���K. Dulslev Barm v. T.
I H. Jackson. J. A. Evaim. ,1. H. A��l well.
j (ieo. ({noil. P H. Wilson.
I    Cltstk imfl Solicitor���Justit inn IVlly.
I    Asaps'nr���Joseph Smut.
. Cnllfcior���G.iW.ChhritSv.
Medical Healih Officer��� 3.C, Ilei iter-
son. M.B.. CM.
Chief of Polic*-(i A.iMMck.
They Give Wonderful Health
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full of life as those who regulate with
Dr. Hamilton's Pills. Even in one
night they work wonders. Fur and
coating they take from the tongue,
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prevent and absolutely cure.
Think what it means to have the
system cleansed and purified by Dr.
Hamilton's Pills; A true laxative, a
perfect tonic, harmless and wholly vegetable in composition, they will do you
good. To feel and look your best use
Dr. Hamilton's Pills, 25c at any dealers.
Chilliwack Livery,    s
Feed & Sale Stables.
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�� r. Mlnto. whtoli c nnects with all C. P. It.
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Livery Stable
Up-to-Date   in
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I ������ rw ;
The Western
Head Office:   Room 2, Jones Building,
407 Hastings Street, West
J. BURTT MORGAN, Managing Director.
A few good Agents wanted. THE FRASER ADVANCE, CHILLIWACK, Bi <\, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 2JJ, 1��07.
Sumas Council.
From 0. Bowman, enclosing an
account for fencing, clearing
land, right of way for part of the
Vey Road, etc., amounting to
$159.65.   Laid over.
From Wm. Porter, Secretary of
the Board of School Trustees;
ILthat the salaries for the three
The members of the Sumas
Council met in the Municipal Hall
on the 9th day of February, with
all present except Councillor
Reports were received from
for salary for acting as Munieip- wag fixed by the Boardat ^qq Schools, in addition to salaries,
t1C^n^bLVKTJTnif-toDeC?'"j Per month; that W. Porter and was passed for payment $10.10.
ber, 1906. $35.00.   This was laid �� Fooks had ^ elected for a    The account of the Auditor,
over to be considered at the next two.year term as Trustees; also $15-00, was passed for payment,
meeting of the Council. that the Board had decided that    The account of the B. C. Ga-
From W. A. Cates. Auditor, the Council assess the District ze^. *2M' was als0 ordered
reporting that he had audited the for the sum of one hundred and P*!?/ , ,    ��� ,.
Clerk's and Collector's books for fifty dollars to meet expenses for    Cheques were issued for all the
J906, and found them accurately the current year; and that the above accounts,
kept and balanced, and also tn- Council be asked to take steps to ��� ��� meeting adjourned to the
closing balance sheet for both have all delinquent School taxes 2nd dav of Marcn- at z p,m-
Municipal accounts and Sumas collected. Thos. F. York,
Municipal School District books.     The account for incidentals for C M. C.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Tab Laxative Bromo Quinine******��(%>��
Oft every
box* 25c*
Road By-Law No ts
Whereas it is expedient that certain roads in Sumas Municipality be gazetted.
Be it enacted by the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the District of Sumas as follows:���
1. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of the line, is hereby established, commencing at
the North West corner of the South East i of Section 3, Township 16, and running due South on the
half section line to the International Boundary line, known as the McKenzie Road.
2. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of the centre, is hereby established, commencing
at the Railway crossing where the Hill side road crosses the Canadian Pacific Railway in Section 14,
Township 16, thence running Northerly on the West side of the C. P. Railway to a point where it intersects the McKenzie road North of the Abbotsford Lumber Company's Mill property, known as
the Huntingdon-Abbotsford and Riverside Road.
3. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of the Section line between Townships 16 and 19, is
hereby established, commencing at the North East corner of Section 1, Township 16, and running
due North to the Yale Road, known as the York Road,
4. A road 40 feet wide, 20 feet on each side of half Section line, is hereby established, commencing at the Whatcom Road on said line in Section 6, thence East on said line to the centre of Section 6, Township 19, known as the Porter Road.
5. A road-66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section line, is hereby established, commencing
at the S. E. corner of Lot 253, G. 2, thence running East along said Section line to the Vedder Mountain, known as the Vey Road.
6. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section line, is hereby established,, commencing
at the N. E. corner of Section 8, Township 19, thence running West on said Section line to connect
with the Yale Road, and commencing on same Section line at quarter post between Sections 11 and 14,
Township lft thence running East to the Vedder Mountain, known as the Chilliwack Trunk Line.
7. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section line is hereby established, commencing
at the S. E. corner of Section 24. Township 16, thence East along said Section line to the Vedder
Mountain, known as the Campbell Road.
8. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet wide on each side of the Section line, is hereby established,
commencing at the North West corner of Section 30, Township 19, thence East to the Eastern Boundary of Township 19, known as the Fire Clay Road.
9. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section line, is hereby established, commencing
at the North West corner of Section 31, Township 19, thence East to the East line of Township 19,
known as the Boundary Road.
10. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section line, is hereby established, commencing at the South East corner of Section 6, Township 19, thence North to the Northern Boundary of
Township 19, known as the Straiten Road.
11. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section line, is hereby established,
commencing at a point on the Yale Road where it crosses the East line of Section 5, Township 19,
thence North on said Section line to the Northern boundary of Township 19, known as the Cole Road.
12. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section line, is hereby established, commencing
at the S. E. corner of Sec. 4, Township 19, thence North to the South East corner of Lot 367, G. 2,
known as the McDermott Road.
13. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section Hue, is hereby established, commencing
at the South East corner of Sec. 3, Township 19, thence North to the Northern boundary of Township
19, known as the Marion Road.
14. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of Section line, is hereby established, commencing at the South East corner of Section 2, Township 19, thence North to the Northern boundary of
Township 19, known as the Bellrose Road.
15. A road 33 feet wide on the West side of Section line is hereby established, commencing at
the South East corner of Township 19, thence North to the Northern boundary of Township 19,
known as the Lake Road.
16. A road 40 feet wide, 20 feet on each side of Section line is hereby established, commencing
at the South West corner of Section 30, Township 19, thence East along said Section line 1o the South
East corner of Section 29, Township 19, thence North along the East line of Section 29, about 12
chains to the North West corner of lot 223, G. 2, Township 19, thence East along the North line of lots
223, G. 2 and 222, G. 2, to the North East corner of 222, G. 2, thence North to the North West corner
of lot226, G. 2, Township 19, thence due East along the North line of lot 226 to the Lake Shore Road,
known as the Atkinson Road.
17. A road 40 feet wide, 20 feet on each side of line is hereby established, commencing on the
South line of 368, G.2, at a point where the said line crosses the Lake Shore Road, thence due West to
the South West corner of Lot 367, G.2, Township 19, thence due North to the South line of lot 222, G.2,
known as the Eldridge Road.
18. A road 66 feet wide, 33 feet on each side of half Section line, is hereby established, commencing at a point where the Yale Road touches the North line of the S. E. quarter of Sec. 4, Township 19, thence due East to the N. E. corner of Sec. 4, Township 19, known as the Corbould Road.
19. The road known as the Frank Arnold Road is hereby abandoned and the gazette cancelled.
This By-law may be cited for all purposes as the Sumas Road By-law No. 75.
Passed the Municipal Council this 21st day of January, 1907.
Reconsidered, adopted and finally passed the Council this 28th day of January, 1907.
C. M. C.   -    Reeve.
Take notice that the above is a true copy of a By-law passed by the Council on the 28th day of
January. Any person wishing to quash the same, or any part thereof, must make application within
30 days from the date of said By-law in order to be heard in that, behalf.
C. M. C.
��� 4im.MU��iinut��nmi>iiuuMM>��uiiUjt
Incorporated by Act of Parliament.
CAPITAL (A I [mill up)...
Hon. Lord Sirnthcona
and Mount Rovnl.
O.t'. M. ti Hon. Piesident
Hon. Sir (i A. brummond... President
E. 8. Clonsto'i Vice-President and I j
General Manager.
Genernl   haiikinir.   business   transacted.
Branches In tiH the principal cities |:
in   Canada,   in   London,   Eiik.i  New,.
York, Chicago,  and St. John's, Nrld.,
and correspondence in all parts of the j 3
Chil.liwa.clt    Branch
Seeds, Trees, Plants
XO H"< ll M   H   plWtt',
V 1 cur, ii... com-
V nielli's at ru..
M'l p t'o 1 apple*,
Jam ola reliant*
 -lile prices.
Fertilize��� Be* Supplies
Rprny Pumps
Spraying Material       Cut Flower*
Etc., Etc.
Oldest a tsb I'lied
Mainland 1 f I. C.
nar-ery  on  the
'dialogue Free.
Oi Iiun.e:  itol" \\e-tmlnster Road,
M'-un Ii Nur-ericn:���*. Vancouver.
I'.S -If your local merchant* do not
handle lay seeds -end direct. W* pre-
pa}' ft) i>itck<-i�� assorted varieties of
IIaHuKN "KKll-l In ivillna.) jcuapera
iii'kh-iI -loekl la yinir marc nt post office
fnstl -'.'(I packet" for sue. trial collection.
Write to us for best quotations
obtainable in the market.
Itching, Blind, Weeding or l'rou tiding Piles
Druggist* refund money if HAZO OINT.IU NT
fatUtnuure anv oiise, 110 matter if how long
standing, in 6tnl4 days. First appllc.11 longivos
ease and test. 50c. If jour druggist ha sn tit
send Wo in stamps and it will lie forwarded
post-pall bv Paris Mtdkine Co. St. Louis. Mo
A High-Class Hotel at Moderate Rates.
Be sure and see its advantages before
making arrangements elsewhere.
IUtks: American Plan 11.25 and upwards per day.  European Plan, (H.irnif
only) 5flc to 81,50 p��.r day.
'Bus absolutely free.
Cough Remedy
The Children's Favorite
Coughs, Colds, Croup and
Whooping Cough.
This remedy Is famous for Its cures over
. rt of the civilised world. It ess
depended upon.   It contains 00
��� large part of the civilised world.  It
always be depended upon.   It contain*
opium or other harmful drug and may b*
glvsn a* confidently to a bob; as to so adult
Frio* SB cts; Large Size, 60 eta.
No. 10, A. F. & A   ��,
The llegularCommnnlra'Inns nf the
Lodge areheld In the Masonic Hall, hllliwack
on the Frldav on or before the Full Moon of
every month. Sojourning brethron ai e cord'
ally Invited to attend.
(1. B. Kkad<c. W.M.      Dr. McCakfuky. See.
W. A. Nevard
I. O. F.
Court Chilliwack, No. 4115,
Meets every second and fourth Monday
in each month, at 8 p. m. Visiting
brethren always welcome.
R. C. Menten. C. R.
W. C. Bearcroft, R. S.
The choicest menU of all kinds.
Also yansngo nml Fresh Vr-gotnblea in
Shop opposite Drug Store.
W. H. T. Gahan
Chilliwhack, E C.
S. D. Trethewey
His a good stock of dry Flooring,
Rustic, V Joint and Casiugs. Is able
to fill all orders on short notice.
TakeLAX VI'IVR III'.ilVniJL'lNISKTahiete.
All drtuivlst* refund the money if It falls lo
cure.  K. W. Grove'* signal uro f�� on each box.
Straw Cutter, (Bell No. 40)
For Sale.
Good as new and up-to-date. We
will sell above at reduced price, as it is
too small for our use. Apply to A. C.
Wells ft Son.
No matter where you want to
go: East, West, North or South
I can sell you your ticket.
You can travel across the Continent by the All-Canadian route
or around the world on the Overseas Limited and I can ticket you
Call in and let me outline to
you some interesting trips that
can be made at very reduced
tf. R. NELEMS,
C. P. R. Ticket Agent
A Journal of Optimism and. Helpfulness, especially devoted to the interests of the Fraser Valley.
Published every Saturday morning at
its office, Advance Building, Chilliwack,
A very successful "At Home"
was held at the residence of Mr.
and Mrs. A, Evans on Feb. 6th,
when a large number of friends
Single copies
$1.00 per year
5c. each
This paper will be sent to nobody except upon advance payment of the subscription price, nor will it be continued
without renewal beyond the subscription term
No paid advertising will be inserted
in the reading columns unless marked
"Advertisement," excepting official
reports of annual or other meetings of
purtira, bringing suit will deposit
a like amount to protect us. We
trust that this will stop till Mr.
tiler blather or bluff about irresponsible parties, as-well as ir.
relevant side  flings  resisting ^^bW^wlthrtandlSTe,
ex-ministers ol the gospel.   I'or fears that were entertained rathe last time we repeat, if Mr. C, garding    a   good   attendance, j
W. Munro \h innocent of the ser- Friends from Chilliwack, Cheam,
ious charges publicly preferred Carman and Sardis were in evi-1
against hin, let hi,,, appeal to &W*M^��ffi
the courts of the Province for his \ov/[ng ladies did excellent work i
vindication; if he is guilty, which in performing the cooking oper-i
we hereby re-affirm, every oonsid- ationsandin waiting upon the
Advertising rates on application
All matter intended for publication,
as well as all business communications,
should be addressed to the Editor and
Proprietor, P. 0, Box 296, Chilliwack,
B. C.
eration of honour and decency
demands that he should resign a
seat secured by deception and
false pretense, In the meantime
there remains nothing further to
Real Poetry
tables, viz:���Mrs. A. Evans,
Mrs. Clark, Mrs. D. Chatisey,
Miss J. Toop, .Miss S. Toop,
Miss E. Toop and Mrs. Hicks.
After supper a'varied and interesting programme was handed to
the chairman which consisted of
following items, viz:���Duet by
Mrs. A. Evans and Mr. G. Chad-
sey ; vocal solo Miss H.   Clark
J. B1IRTT MORGAN, - Editor and Proprietor.
Having devoted all the space
and time to a discussion of tne
circular incident of the recent
election which seemed necessary
in order to make clear our position,, it was not our intention to
make further reference to it until
some new developments should
appear in connection therewith.
However, the letter from Mr.
John Oliver of Delta, which we
publish in another column, raises
a point or two which cannot be
allowed to pass unnoticed.
A careful perusal of this letter
Nhows that it consists of two
parts,���'first, a categorical denial
of the-fifth charge in the circular,
and second, reflections upon the
writer. As for Mr. (Hirers testimonial to the correct habits of
his friend Mr. Munro. we may say
that this is only what one might
expect. Without impeaching the
veracity of the member for Delta,
we submit that his evidence can
scarcely be regarded as unbiased.
Others may attach whatever importance they choose to Mr. Oliver's assertions of his friends' innocence, but to us they are simply worthless. He may "know
no justification" for our statement, and we are not in a position to challenge his confessed
ignorance, although it does seem
remarkable, but we are in a position to assert most positively
that we do not share it. Not ev-
en the member for Delta himself
can hlame us for not accepting
the testimony of ignorance as
against the testimony of positive knowledge.
But thechief thing which troubles Mr. Oliver, as well as many
others of Mr. Munro'schainpions,
is the anticipated difficulty "to
rind property upon which to realize for damages and costs in case
of a suit." It is certainly startling to say the least to hear
wounded honour begin to prate
about damages. Be that as it
may, we submit that it will be
time enough to discuss this
phase of the question when the
court shall have awarded them.
In the meantime to help matters
along, we shall be pleased as
soon as suit is begun by Mr.
Munro or Mr. Oliver or both to
deposit in a chartered bank such
a sum as may be agreed npon by
our respective solicitors as necessary to cover the costs of the
action, provided the party or
We take great pleasure in pub- instrumental duet by Misses P.
lishing on our front page this Hall and M. Campbell; violin
week an original poem by a resi- so'�� Mr. Morrison.; instrumental
dent of Chilliwack and a mem- duet by Mrs. A. Evans and Mr.
ber of our own staff. We have G- Chadsey ; recitation by Mr. A.
all heard of entertaining angels Clarke; instrumental solo by
unawares. The present is a case Mlss M. Irwin ; instrumental
of having entertained a poet un- duet by Mrs. A. Clarke and Mrs.
awares. We do not pose as a lit- A- Evans; vocal solo by Mr. D.
erary critic, but in our humble Chadsey ; instrumental solo Miss
estimation Mr. Bridger's produc- p- Hall; vocal solo Mr. D. Chad-
tion is more than a pleasing piece sey-instrumental duet by Mrs.
of verse. It is a real classic, A. Evans and Mr. G. Chadsey ;
worthy of a place among the instrumental duet by Misses L.
things which live long after those Toop and P. Hall. A vote of
who produced them have gone thanks was then proposed to Mr.
on in the journey of life. We and Mrs. Evans for their kind-
commend it to our readers for ness in opening their home for
careful perusual and a place in the entertainment and also to all
the scrap-book of good things, the other friends who had assisted in making the proceedings
HARRISON MILLS. s�� successful.    The singing of
.. ,    ;        ,    ,      ',      ,   , .   the National Anthem brought an
It begins to look as though this enjoyable evening to a close.
place were at last to spring into 	
new life. The activity recently A meeting of the Ladies Aid
shown by the Rat Portage Luni- was heM �� Wednesday 13th,
ber Company u the e,,ii.p.).ng of inst �� residence of Mr. and
their new mil, gives pleasmg Mrs. D. Chadsey. The following
promise oi bettertli.ngs tor liar- officers were �� ht y}z ._Mr��
rison in the near future, the A Clark president in the chair ;
Company has at present oyer Mrs. A>   �� vice-president
60 men at work installing the Mrg. D. rhadsey  Secretary and
nullimachinery,ot which ive car- Mlss g T       treasurer.   In ad-
oads are standing on; their sid- dition to aftove named offi
ing, m addition to six large boil- there were present Mrs. I. Hall
Sheep Dip
English Dip
Empire Dip
\ crew of men is also rushing forward the erection of a.
hotel for the Company on the
site of the one destroyed by fire
over a year ago. Under the efficient supervision of Foreman
Moffat, who is a rustler of the
first water, this hotel will likely
be ready for occupancy by the
first of May.
The recent acquisition of 25
square miles of the very best of
timber by the Rat Portage Company on Suicide Creek, together
with their previous large holdings
up the lake, assures an ample
supply of logs for the new mill
for inanv years to come.
Mrs. J. Collinson and Miss Jane
Toop. It was decided to hold an
"At Home', at the residence of
Mr. and Mrs. Samson Toop on
Wednesday 27th, inst, with an
entrance fee of 25 cents.
Corrected Every Friday.
The school here has been closed for several days owing to illness on the part of the teacher.
The Yale Road has been cleared of all fallen trees and brush
since the sleet storm, and but for
the spring mud is fairly passable.    A substantial
Hay, loose, per ton $10.00
Hay, pressed, per ton  12.00
Oats, per ton  .$22.00 to 23.00
Wheat, per ton...    30.00
Peas, per ton $26.00 to 27.00
Chopped Grain, per ton. 25.00 to 30.00
Potatoes, per ton (scarce)  15.00
Carrots, per ton  10.00
Parsnips, per ton  10.00
Beets, per ton  10.00
Turnips, feeding, per ton  5.00
Turnips, for Table, per ton  10.00
Onions, per cwt  2.50
Beef, per lb $ .03J to .04
Veal, per lb 05  to .05J
Mutton, per lb. (scarce)   .05  to .051
Hogs, stock, per lb 06 to .06}
Hogs, fat, per lb 06  to .06}
f1kinlrann     nnli  Ar\w��
Tor Spraying
Blue Stone
Gillet's Lye
Whale Oil Soap
Carbonate Copper
2 boxes Mrs. Gray's Complexion
Soap for 25c.
6 cakes fine Oatmeal Soap for 25c.
Also lines at 25c, 35c., 50c, 75c,
and $1.25 per box.
A large shipment of Fresh
Seeds will arrive in a few days,
now is the time to place your
H. J. Barber,
Drugs, Stationery and
Straight Goods
Right Prices
appropriation is looked for at an early date Chickens, per doz   6.00
to put this road in proper ^hape KMPePrl?WceV.^.t0. it.oo
to meet the demands of the ever Butter,Pdairy, per lb... .$6.20 to .25
increasing travel. Butter, creamery 35
A team attached to a light road Eggfl' per doz���~ '    -40
waggon and driven   by Ernest ��� .* i '���,.       ...����.   fl!,
Bellrose, made a dash for liberty ^PO" ����� Observations at the ChH-
liwack Meteorological Station.
The record for week ending Feb,
21,1907 :-
Board of-Trade JS%.^:.  ���
The adjourned annual meeting Sunday      44.4
of the Chilliwack Board of Trade Monday .........   42.1
will be held in the Court House Tuesday     40.8
on Monday evening the 25th Wednesday    47.0
instant, at 8 P.M. (not 9 p.m.). Thursday    50.0
Election of officers. Rainfall for week. 1,78
S. A. Cawi.ky, Sec. M. Jukes, Observer
a few days ago. The waggon
went over the bluff and the
horses were caught by Mr. Strom-
berg before they had run far.
No serious damage was done.
20 0
T.flifford, The Jeweller
Curry a full lino of
, .AMI .,
Also Hardware,
Paints and Oils
Miii'sliull Bros.. Clii liwack
lli'ii  \i   Hal-it, I,ml 01',
It. E. Cliigston, Eblirni\
Halvorston & Hourou, Mntsqui,
A. Miulii'son, Cloverdale.
When in Now WestmillStor call and
ook through our warehouse
To the Settlers
of the Fraser
When you want anything in our
line and want it promptly, send
the order to us. Ours is one of
the largest and best drug stores
in Canada. Our stock is reliable
in every particular. Our average
prices are lower than others.
Drug. Spectacle and Seed Store,
New Westminster
P. Peebles
Estimates Given.
Promptness Guaranteed.
Spring Announcement
JVfY selections of Spring Millinery, for
the season commencing March 4th,
have been made with unusual care. The
range of styles is more varied than
ever. Our milliner can show you new
and artistic ideas and give you valuable
suggestions. You are invited with your
friends to inspect my display including
a special selection of Veilings, Flowers,
Feathers, etc., now on exhibition. The
latest novelties and excepticral values.
Millinery and Dressmaking Establishment. Opp. Drug Store, Chilliwack,
���Piles get quick relief from Dr.
Shoop's Magic Ointment. Remember
it's made alone for Piles and it works
with certainty and satisfaction. Itch-
ng, painful, protuding, or blind piles
disappear like magic by its use. Try i^
and see! For sale by H. J. Barber.-Adv
Capital paid up $L,000,0
���Reserve Fund  &,A.OO,0
Eighty-rive Branches throughout Canada, United States aud Cuba.
do (East End)
Grand Forks,
New Westminster,
do Mt. Pleasant
Rossi and,
do Granville St.
do Cordova St.
THE CHILLIWACK BRANCH operates a Savings Bnnk department
in which di'pDcits of One Dollar and upwards are received. Interest added
quarterly.   General Banking business transacted.   Money orders issued.
- j*~*.��*�� i-L.~*~~..wm*M>~4maa
Do the Clothes Wake the Wan?
Ii;you want to appear well ilresseil and to have a .clean tidy, healthy and prosperous appearance .von will wear
the clothes turned out of
Tlwy are the tailors who dress the natty and smart looking men you see upon the streets.
They have a full line of Serges, Worsteds, Tweeds and l'lintings to choose from and their work is of the
They can dress you from top to toe in the most stylish up-to-date clothing to be found upon the Coast.
Lame Back.
This ailment is usually caused by
rheumatism of the muscles and may be
cured by applying Chamberlain's Pain
Balm two or three times a dav and
rubbing the parts vigorously at each
application. If this does not afford relief, bind on a piece of flannel slightly
dampened with Pain Balm, and quick
relief is almost sure to follow. For
sale by H. J. Barber. ���Adv.
To stop a cold with "Preventics" is
safer than to let it run and cure it afterwards. Taken at the "sneeze stage'
Preventics will head off all colds and
grippe, and perhaps save you from
Pneumonia or Bronchitis. Preventics
are little toothsome candy cold cure'
tablets selling in 5 cent and 26 cent
boxes. If you are chilly, if you begin
to sneeze, try Preventics. They will
surely check the cold, and please you.
Sold by H. J. Barber.-Adv.
For years Dr. Shoop has fought against
the use of opium, Choloform, or oth ir
unsafe ingredients commonly fonnd in
Cough remedies. Dr. Shoop, it seems
has welcomed the Pure Food and Drug
Law recently enacted, for he has worked along similar lines many years. For
nearly 20 years Dr. Shoop's Cough
cure containers have had a warning
printed on them against Opium and
other narcotic poisons. He has thus
made it possible for mothers to protect
their children by simply insisting on
having Dr. Shoop's Cough cure. Sold
by H.J. Barber.-Adv.
Lee's Furniture Emporium
Our Line of Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums, Window Shades. Etc.,
is the most complete in British Columbia.
We can save mor.ey for any farmer or townsman in tho Fraser Valley.   Piiies
talk and a fair comparison will convino.o you that our claim is
justified. Give us h trial.  Correspondenci' boIlotted,
Tel. 73. Dupont Block, New Westminster, & C.
��@ ^^^^^^)2g^��5^)S��5^3l5Rg^T
We Are Getting Read] for the SPRING RUSH
OUR CLEARING SALE has put our store in the best shape it has ever
been in for the reception of our Mammoth Spring Stock for which we
have the Invoices, as follows:
Consisting   of  the latest in Dress   Goods, Suitings, Organdie,
Dress Muslins, Brussels Nett,   New Prints,   New   Lawns,  New .
Blouses, New  Wrappers,  New Corsets, New Kid Gloves,  New
Coats, etc.
New Clothing for Men and Boys.    New Hats, New Underwear,
New Gloves, New Ties, New Shirts, etc
We are   selling  this  season   "THE WALKOVER" for Men,
"THE EMPRESS" for Women,  Ahrens,  Amherst and Ames
Holden & Co.'s Make for Boys and Girls, Men and Women.   We
will guarantee every pair to give satisfaction or money refunded.
Our Aim Is to Make this the Most
Popular Store in Chilliwack.
We are proud of the part this Store has played in building up
this Famous Valley, in distributing Groceries of quality at reasonable prices.    Proud, too, of the ever young ability to meet
new conditions, and the determination to be greater still, but
proudest of all perhaps in the fact that our basic principles are
the same today they were 36 years ago when we opened our
doors for business in Chilliwack.
Department Store.
R. Ashwell & Son
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Money Refunded.
���    .:
Agency for
the Genuine
Slater Shoe.
For the best assortment of excellence in all the
leading good makers of Boots & Shoes, for
everybody go to
where you can have a choice of the highest quality goods at the fairest prices. Every line in
stock is a money saver to you. I keep and sell
the best lines of staple goods which are to be
had. My stock of Mens', Worhens', Boys' and
Missesfine goods are representative of the leading makers at right prices.
M. P. Empey
Henderson's Undertaking Depmt.
Large and complete lino of Undertaking lequisitps. CVketc, Onffins,     :
Trimmings, Burial KobeH.   Also FiBST-CLASS HEARSE.        |
Tuneral Director, Gmbalmer and Pro> |
fessional Undertaker,
nftcr twenty five yours experience in pine iunl Undertaking Imsineba
in Ohilliwfiek, needs.no introduction.
Any owner of Farm Land desirous of disposing of same
quickly, to list with us.
We also have several clients wishing to exchange City
property for choice Farms.
(Over new Royal Bank Bulldlnftl
Vancouver Agency
Real Estate, Insurance and Financial Age.ts
WeHtiniiister Ave., VANCOUVER, Ii. V.
il't   If you "wish to purchase property of
W        any description in the Valley ot
W the lower Fraser River
��� You W,LL SAve T,ME
(time is money)
you 'Will ��avb money
hy vailing on
Opposite the Post Office
1 Chiliwack.
B. C.
The Credit System
We have given the credit system a rest for the past few weeks.
This is not because we were getting tired of the subject, but because we thought it somewhat
difficult to make much headway
when the roads have been so bad
that the farmers could not market their produce, and the trains
so tied up that elevators could
not be relieved. It is advisable,
however, to keep the matter in
our memories, and as it is drawing near convention week, the
retail merchants should prepare
to discuss the matter in all its
Whatever difficulties may be in
the way of a complete cash system, we have reached a stage in
this country where the merchants
must realize that the more they
go into the credit business the
more formidable will the menace
of the mail-order houses become.
The secret of the success of the
latter is in the fact that they buy
for cash, sell for cash and are almost independent of circumstances.
As long as the retail merchant
will sell for credit he must make
allowances for loss through bad
debts, and the difference can only be made up by charging his
customers more than if he sold
strictly for cash, And as long
as the country store-keeper will
sell goods at credit prices, the
farmers will be tempted to send
orders to the catalogue houses.
The fight against the large departmental stores has commenced, and the retailer throughout
the country will have to get busy
on a systematic plan of overcoming the inroads being made upon
their trade by these concerns.
The merchant who sells on
credit works from twelve to
eighteen hours a day, part for
himself but most of the time for
the jobber to whom he pays a
percentage, because his capital is
all out on credit and he is not
able to take advantage of the
discounts. The farmer is the
best merchant in the world. If
he has anything to shell he wants
cash for it or its equivalent in
merchandise. No thirty or sixty
or ninety days for him, no credit
for time and eternitv with the
farmer, but when this man comes
to town the merchant meets him
at the door, slaps him on the
back, shakes hands with the
woman, kissei the baby and
loads the farmer's waggon with
goods, at the same time watching to see if his competitors are
envying him and his big business.
Then the vacant store is rented
and along comes another merchant who "knows how"" to do
business and the people around
the country eat up his stock and
in a short time it is a repetition
of the sheriff and the vacant
store. Suppose a banker with
$20,000, to $50,000 should loan
every Tom, Dick and Harry two
to three hundred dollars without
notes or security, the credit merchants of the town would demand a commi ssion to examine
into his sanity���forgetting all
the time that their merchandise
is money.
Buy for cash, sell for cash and
you can cat like a tramp and
sleep like a horse. Worry will
not Dotheryou. and neither the
sheriff nor the catalogue house
will give you any trouble.���The
The buusiness of the late Timothy Eaton will be carried on as
heretofore with his son J. C.
Eaton in control.
The California prune crop for
1906 was 185,000,000 pounds,
which was the lafgest production
of any year except that of 1892,
whehihe crop was 197,000,000
An Irreligious rake
Our attention has just been
railed to ii (lions fraud which luis
beeu and is being perpetrated
upon thousands ot credulous
|mo|��le throughout both Canada
and the United Stwtesi The imposition lias taken the form of
the chain-letter nuisance, which
has heretofore been used chiefly
to raise money for both worthy
and unworthy objects. Ah will
lie seen below the letter states
that it is sent out upon the recommendation of Bishop Lawrence, who is quoted as the author
of the prayer, which is in each
case enclosed and the text of
which we print herewith.
In the first place the whole
thing is a fake pure and simple.
Bishop Lawrence never indited
the prayer and knew absolutely
nothing about the scheme until
he was deluged with letters of
enquiry and criticism regarding
the matter, since which time he
has been working' double shift in
an heroic endeavour toiindeceive
the people who have been imposed upon in his name. This
unholy origin of the movement
is sufficient to condemn it, even
if it were not totally lacking in
merit in itself. In point of fact a
little sober consideration will
make it clear to the most simple
minded that the subject matter
is both blasphemous and absurd
���one of those numerous follies,
well-intentioned perhaps, which
caricature Deity and help to
bring the cause'of true religion
into contempt. No sane and well-
balanced person can conceive of
Cod dispensing or withholding
his blessings according to the
caprice of every rattle-brained,
pious enthusiast who would
shape the affairs of the universe
and the destinies of nieii^according t*o the whims ofiMli Jpneuliar
form of idiocy. Prayers, curses
and blessings of this type would
be ludicrous if they were not
blaspeiuous in form and pernicious in effect.
Tw i of these letters have be' i
received within the week by the
wife and one of the daughters of
Mr. J. L. Denholm of this place.
In the interests of Advance readers they have kindly allowed us
the privilege of re-producing
them in print. It will be observed
that neither of them indicates
the residence or name of the sender.   Thev are as follows :���
0 Lord JesusClirist we implore
Thee, () eternal God, have mercy
on all mankind, keep us from sin
by Thy precious blood, ami take
us to lie with Thee eternally.
A Habit to be Encouraged
The mother who has acquired the
habit of keeping on hand a bottle of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, saves
herself a great amount of uneasiness
and anxiety. Coughs, colds and croup,
to which children are susceptible, are
quickly cured by its use. It counteracts any tendency of a cold to
result in pneumonia, and if given as
soon as the first symptoms of croup appear, it will prevnt the attack. This
remedy contains nothing injurious and
mothers give it to the little ones with a
feeling ot perfect security. Sold by H.
J. Barber. ���Adv.
The Public Is Often Faked.
Unscrupulous dealers actuated by
large profits often recommend corn
cures "as good as Putnam's." There
is only one genuine Corn Extractor and
that is Putnam's Painless which is a
miracle of efficiency and promptness.
Use no other.���Ady. 6.
Itching Piles.
If you are acquainted with anyone
who is troubled with this distressing
ailment, you can do him no greater
favor than to tell him to try Chamberlain's Salve. It gives instant relief.
This salve also cures sore nipples, tetter
and salt rheum Price 25c. For sale
by H. J. Barber.���Adv.
Rev. R. F, snlliiiiin, Pastor.
Bervloi'S nverv Sunday hi 11 a.m. and
7:811 pin     Siindnv  School nt 8:00 p.m.
EpWOIlll l.entflle eyerv Monday nt  8 p.
u\   Pray.:   Men ing every Thursday
al 8 p in.
CARMAN CHURCH-blvlnci service
every Sunday al 2:80 p in.
Ret II. .1 Rolnitso'n, H."A.. Pa'si*
Service*Sunday at II �� in. anil 7:8!) p.m
Sunday School III tin- aflel'llimn at 2:80
Prayer M fin ins; every Thursday evni
inR al 8 o'clock, I.itilii h' Aid every
second rhurxd.iv al 8 p.m Cirln' Mi*
lion Blilld nverv second Friday at 4 p.m
Sunday services at 11 am. and 7:80 p.m.
Sunday School in the afternoon at 2:80.
Yoium People's Prater Meeting everv
Monday al 8 p in. Prayer Meeting nn
Thursday evening at 7:80 o'clock.
Mas, .1. Denholm:���
"The endless chain of prayer."
Oh God for Christ's sake we
implore Thee eternal (iod to
have mercy on all mankind and
keep us from sin by Thy precious
hand, and take us to eternity
with Thee.���Amen.
This prayer was written by
Bishop Lawrence requesting it to
be sent to nine others. Those
who write this commencing the
day it is received, and sending
one every day for nine days will
on or after the ninth day receive
or experience some great joy. Do
not break the chain
*^ Rev. Mark Jukes. Vicar.
Sunday services���Morning pra> r and
sermon II a.m.; Even song and set'
nion al 7 p.in Sunday *ciirol nt 0:45
a.m. Holy Communion���8 a. m. Sid
Sundav III llm month. 11 a.m. 1st Sunday i" the monih. Bible Class each
week on Wedneadiv at 8 |>. in. in the
Jan. 19th, 1907.
Miss Birdie Denholm,
Dear Friend:���I am sending
you a chain of prayers, it was
sent to me by a friend asking it
to be copied and sent to nine
other persons. Those who will
not do this will meet with misfortune and we who will write
this will before, or on the ninth
day experience some great blessing. One person who refused to
do this met with some great
This prayer was first sent out
by Bishop Lawrence requesting
it to be copied and sent to nine
other persons on every day until
you have written nine. Please
don't break the prayer chain,
Ever yours,
A Friend.
In the Supreme Court of British
in the matter of Kenneth II.
Cousens, deceased, and in the
matter of the "Official Administrator's Act."
Take Notice that by order of
Mr. Justice Morrison, dated the
2nd day of February, 1907,
Charles George Major of the city
of New Westminster, B.C., Official Administrator, was appointed
Administrator of all and singular the estate of the above named
All persons indebted to the estate of the said deceased are required to pay the amount of
their indebtedness forthwith to
the undersigned, and all persons
having claims against said estate
are requested to present same,
duly verified, on or before the
28th February, 1907.
Dated this lith day of February, A.D. 1907.
Solicitor for the ��
Adv. 5-6      said Administrator.
One thoroughbred Jersey cow due to
calve about March 1st.   Apply to
.���.,.*.���������.   H. T. STREET. THE EKASEK ADVANCE, CHILLIWACK, B. (.'.,. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY; 211 IW7.
Hicks & Lovick Piano Co.,
'Mason & Risch" Pianos
'Thomas" Organs
"Weber" Pianos
Note the new mldress:
659 Granviffe St., Vancouver
Easy Terms
if desired
When I go into a bank I get
rattled. The, clerks rattle me;
the wickets rattle me; the sight
of the money rattles me I everything rattles me.
I rose.
A big iron door stood open at
the aide of thf room.
"Good-morning" I said, and
stepped into the safe.
THE f Alness fown.
<      Riding Horseback
there is, says a writer in the
Country Gentleman, no  better
,������ ���.rr.M mo 'r<5ome'but,T,"saTd"the manager genteral-purppse horse than the
I went up to the accountant's tor many a delightful ride, be-
wicket and poked the ball of sides looking smart in the family
money at him with a quick, con- carriage.
vulsive movement. To try to compare the fascina-
My face was ghastly pale.        tions of horseback riding with
"Here" I said, "deposit it."     those of driving, would be like
He took the money and gave it comparing bicycling with auto-
to another clerk.   He made me mobihng.   What appeals to the
belongs to the
Real Estate Firm
Cawley & Paisley.
been raised to fifty dollars a
month, and I felt that the bank
was the only place for it.
So I shambled in and looked
timidly around at the clerks. I
had an idea that a person about
to open an account must needs
consult the manager.
I went up to a wicket marked
"Accountant, *
jwas  tall and cold.   The
sight of him rattled me.
|    "Can I see the manager?" I
I said,  and added solemnly, "a-
lone.''   I didn't know Why I said
I'nU.  >>
ti!oKaL^,��w wWthe'sum on a'sfip'and'si'gn lover of riding is that not only
ine Accountant ���.. . i 1.    f __ i , " _ n<m v��o d��t m,e fn�� n ��>!�� ����� ��
my name inabook.   1 no longer can he set out for a ride at a
It.o. Mknikn. Cnptnln,
J, H. Hakribon, l'nrxcr.
Leaves new laiuline ever)'
morning at 7:00 a. m. mid 6:80 p, in.
for Harrison Station, ci unecting wiili
all 0. P. B. trains east and west, nr
riving at Chilliwack nt 10:45 a.m. fl:iil
8:00 p.m , where 'bus nn eta all I'oats
For further iuformation -is to i>bk-
senger And freight rates, apply to ilie
purser on board.
Contractor ana*
Plane aud Estimates furuislied
on application.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Chilliwack. B. C.
electric Railway Co. CI
(Westminster Branch.)
. Cars leave Westminster for Vancouv
er at II a.m. and hourly thereafter until
II p.m.;Saturdays andSundaysat lOp.m
Cars leave Vancouver for Westminster
at 7,a.m.,and-hourly thereafter until IV
p.m.; Saturdays and Sundays atll p.m.
We run lirst-class freight ears between
Westminster and Vancouver, aad all
shipments are handled with the utmost
oare and delivered lo consignee without
Special attention paid to fruit shipments.
Our wagons meet all boatsand trains.
For rates, etc., apply to
1). A.SHIM58,      F. K. (il.OVER,
Truffle Mgr, Local Mgr.
Westminster. B. C.
Trade Mark*
Copyright*. Ac.
Anyone sending a sietck snd description msf
finleklr ssoertstn onr opinion (no whether si
nrentlnn I* probsblr patentable. Comimintca.
tlons strlotlr conSdontl��l. Hsndbook on Patents
sent free. Oldest inner for secnrlncMUnts.
Patents taken throusn Mann * Oh loostf*
ipeelal iwtlet, without ohanrs. In the
k handsomely lllnstrnted weeslr. lamest ��h>
etiletlon of any sctentiflc journal. Terns. IS a
rear i four months, SU Bold brail newsdealers.
Brush Ottos. W f Hfc. Washington. D. C.
Lots 42 and 52. Block II, running
from Alma to Wellington sts. Apply
' Cor. 7th Ave. and 9th sts., West,
Calgary, Alberta.
We have in our possession a Red and
White steer about 3 yrs. old, that has
for the past 6 months, been living on
the Ashwell Farm, East Chilliwack.
The owner is requested to pay expenses and remove same. If not claimed
within 30 days, he will be sold to pay
A Reward of $25
Will be paid to anyone giving information leading to the conviction of anybody shooting game contrary to law.
President Chilliwack Game Protection
44-47 Sardis, B. C.
Sash and Door Factory.
Window and Door Jambs
MouFdin^s, Casings, Picket Fencing
Sash and Doors to order
STREEt BROS. Ghilliwack. B.C.
^$i^illiii'ii|t|��l��.��t'ii����iVilt-*��"'"i ���        '
'alone. �����������.�������������������������������
"Certainly," said the accountant.
The manager was a grave calm
man. I held my fifty-six dollars
clutched in a crumpled ball in
my pocket.
"Are you the manager?" I
asked. God knows I didn't
doubt it.
"Yes," he said.
"Can I see you?" I asked.
"Alone?" I didn't want to say
"alone" again, but withoutitthe
thing seemed self-evident.
The manager looked at me in
"Come in here, he said, and
led the way to a private room.
He turned the key.
"We are safe from interruption
here," he said; "sit down."
We both sat down and looked
at one another., I found no voice
to speak.
"You are one of Pinkerton's
men, I presume," he said.
He   had gathered   from my
mysterious manner that I was a
detective.   It made me worse.
No, not from Pinkerton's" I
I. "To tell you the truth,"
I went on, howl don't know, "I
am not a elective at all. I nave
come to open an account. I in-
ted to keep all my money in this
The manager looked relieved,
but still serious; he concluded
now that I was a young Gould.
"A large amount, I suppose,"
he said.
"Fairly large," I whispered.
' 'I propose to deposit fifty-six
dollars now, and fifty dollars a
month regularly.:'
The manager got up and opened the door. He called to the accountant.
Mr. Montgomery," he said,
unkindly loud, this gentleman is
opening an account; tie will de- 25c and $1.00.
posit fifty-six   dollars.     Good 6.
knew what I was doing,
bank swam before my eyes.
"Is it deposited ?" I asked
a hollow voice.
It is," said the accountant
moment's notice, but he can go
off on little side paths where it
would be impossible to drive.
Then there is always the irresistible temptation to jump on your
' 'Then I want to draw a check.'' jwrse and ride over to your neigh
My idea was to draw7 out six &or tor �� >w moments' chat,
dollars of it for present use. especially in winter, when you
Some one gave me a checkbook kn��w that he is in need of a run.
through a wicket, and someone .. What a sensation of keen de-
else began telling me to write it ��KnV .comeLs ��5 one on mounting
out. I wrote something on the a spirited horse, especially if the
check and thrust it in at the rider and mountareinsympathy,
clerk.   He looked at it *or a clever horse will almost an-
"What! are you drawing it all ticipate his master's thought and
t again?" he asked in surprise, enjoy a gallop as much as his
������-'���---��   . a- .- .r.     ..   -ij���1   it may be truly said that
out _
Then I realized that I had writ
ten fifty-six instead or six. I
was too far gone to reason now.
All the Clerks had stopped writing to look at me..
Reckless with misery, I
a plunge.
"Yes the whole thing."
"You withdraw your money
from the bank ?'?
Yes" I again said.
rider!       ^^
a man is known by the horse he
keeps; also that health and riding
are synonymous. In the old days,
if we were out of tune, the doc-
made tor -immedintely suggested riding, and the wise man who fol-
'owed- his advice was sure to find
his spirits and digestion much
improved by the prescription.
To-day there is no better exer-
Theclerkprepared to pay the C'J* for both men and women
"How will you have it?" he
"How will you have it ?"
"Oh."   I caught his meaning youngsters to ride,
and answered without even try- Advocate,
ing to think. "In fifties."
He gave me a fifty-dollar bill.
-'And the six ?" he asked dry
and many a farmer whose children are now working in the city
could have had them with him
had he taken the trouble to provide a good horse or two for the
Horse Reflections.
In sixes," I saidi
He gave it to me, and \ rushed AB
I'm only a horse, at a heavy old dray.
But I ponder and think, while I'm tug-
out. And that was the'end of
my financial career.���Stephen
Leacock, in the Soverign Visitor.
Where Does Consumption Begin.
That first little tickle becomes a
cough, the cough grows severe, is neglected and travels down to phe lungs.
fing away;
hear ev ry day, of man':; latest in
I wonder we horses don't get more attention.
We slip and we fall on the wet, snowy
While a driver shouts, -'Why don't you
stand on your feet?"
And many a horse that is heavily loaded,
( lug*. wm��
Treat  throat trouble before it   gets Though doing his best is upbraided and
severe.   Catarrhozone heals, allays in-        goaded;
flammation, cures throat and bronchial For often a brute, without conscience
trouble quickly.   A marvel worker is        or heart,
Catarrhozone which prevents thousands Drives a hungry, long-suffering horse
of Catarrh victims from Contracting.      to a cart,
consumption.    Recommended by doc- And I think,
tors, proved by time to be unfai
Catarrhozone ls_ just what you
Sold every where,
Some Flours Vary
Moffet's 'Best' Flour
is always of the same high standard.
Surrounding the creamy white gluten and starch
cells in wheat is a layer of chalk-white fibre known
as cellulose. This mills into fine dust-like or "Break
flour," that will absorb very little moisture, and so
possesses little bread making virtue.
The cellulose is always removed from Moffet's
"BEST" flour, leaving it very rich in gluen or nutrition.
The CoFumbia Flounnrj Miffs Co., Ltd.
EnderbU' B.C.
as I look at this scum of
the nation,
"So you are what men call 'A lord of
I hope .there's a fortune that someone
will get
For a non-slipping horseshoe, for the
streets that are wet;
'Twould be an invention mueh more to
my notion
Than one you can talk with to men on
the ocean.
But while we are waiting, if some kindly hand
Would spread here and there, a few
shovels of sand
Where horses are slipping and trembling, and. quaking ���    -
'Twould save many limbs from so need-
-   lessly breaking,   -
���I. F. Layton, in Rider and Driver.
Common Colds .are the Cause  of
Many Serious Diseases.
Physicians who have gained a national reputation as analyst* of the cause
of various diseases, claim that if catching cold could be avoided a long list of
dangerous ailments would never be'
heard of. Every one knows that pneumonia and consumption originate from
["a cold, and chronic catarrh, bronchitis,
and all throat and lung trouble are aggravated and renderedmore serious by
each fresh attacK Do not risk your
life or take chance* when yeu have a
con.- Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
will cure it before the disease develops.
This remedy eon^ins no opium, morphine er harmful drug end has thirty
years of reputation back of it, gained
by its cures under-every condition. For
The exclusive choice of those
most prominent on the world's
list of good dairymen. Sold
on the guarantee of unqualified superiority.
The De Lava! Separator Go.
14-16 Princess St., Winnipeg.
New York
San Francisco
D. E. Stevenson, Agent for Chilliwack District.
I'lows, Drug linn-own, pise Harrows)
Single Disc Drills, Shoe Drills,
Hoe Drills and Cultivators.
Farm and Garden Hand Seed Drills and Cultivators.
Small <S Bucklin Lumber Co. Ld.
Yards l.ivcl ''!!'.- ii 'oot of 12th Street, by Lulu Island Bridge.
Ship vir. Cm-, Tr��r' - r Be c. NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C.
Dr. MacSween, Dentist, Irwin Block.
Dr. W. V. Davies, Dentist.' Office
over Denholm & Jackson's store.
For Sale���Pure bred Suffolk Down
Ram Lambs at reasonable prices. Apply Jos. Thompson.
Dr. Davies wishes us to inform his
patients that he will be out of town until Wednesday evening next.���Adv. 6.
Engagement end Wedding rings.
Solid gold. Furnished on the' D. Q. ut
Thomas the Jeweler'", opposite Post
Repaired.-The Yule Road is again
open for traffic below the Vedder crossing where about 800 feet was washed
out by the recent rise in the river.
During Lent there will be Litany
service and address each Wednesday at
4 p. m., and even song and sermon each
Friday at 8 p. m. in the Episcopal
Expected. - Dr. Emory, Dominion
Secretary for the Royal Templars of
Temperance, is coming to the Province
about the 25th, inst. He will probably
visit Chilliwack in March.
The Annual Concert in connection
with the Carman Sunday School will be
held during the evening of Easter Monday, April 1st, in Carman Church, Sardis.
An excellent programme is being prepared.-Adv. 6-7.
A Brief Like. ' The mat.y friends of
Mr. and Mrs. E. E.< Reece sympathize
with them in the loss of their infant
son. The wee ladie was not very ro-
bust from the first and succumbed early
Monday morning to lagrippe
Special Prices. ��� Compare D B.
Hall's prices with others. Raisins and
currants, three packages for 25c; 40c.
tea for 25c; two cans oysters 25c;
Hungarian flour, $5.25 per barrel.
Chop, $22.00 per ton, a carload of shorts
just in.
Drressmaking.���Miss Carvolth is
now prepared to take and execute orders for evening dresses, good fit and
style guaranteed. Samples and estimates on application. Millinery and
Dressmaking Establishment, opposite
the drug store.
Buy a New Clock.���Don't borrow
time from your neighbors. The old
clock that has stopped has probably
served its time. New clocks now arriving, all warranted and they are not
expensive. Thomas the'Jeweler, opposite Post Office. -Adv 6-7.i��
Garden Seeds 11 Garden Seeds !-
Ashwells' Department store wants
your seed order at Eastern Catalogue
Prices We are' handling this year
Rennie's, Ferry's, and Steele Briggs,
Co seeds. Our reputation for selling
seeds of quality for the past 36 years
in Chilliwack is our recommendation for
your seed order ���Adv. 5-6.
Croup can positively be stopped in
20 minutes, No vomiting���nothing to
sicken or distress your child. A sweet,
pleasant, safe Syrup, called Dr. Snoops
Cough Cure, does trie work and does it
?uickly, Dr. Shoop's Cough Cure is
or croup alone, remember. It does
not claim to cure a dozen ailments. It's
for Croup, that's all. Sold by H J.
Enterprise at Rosedale.-A representative of the Advance drove over the Yale Road a few days ago to
Rosedale, and was agreeably surprised
at the evidences of enterprise in that
go-ahead section of the-valley. -Where-
tall timber and bush" land shut the
traveller in a few months ago, generous
clearings now appear. Credit for this
changed aspect of things is largely due,
we believe, to the push and energy of
Mr. Richards anth Mr. David Greyell,
although others are good seconds. At
the present rate of development the
lower end of the valley will have to look
to its laurels. In fact the day is not
far distant when the broad fields of
Rosedale will vie in beauty and productiveness with the richest sections of
l hilliwack.
Read Ashwells' advertisement. They
want your orders for 1907.���Adv. 5-6
Garden Seeds.-Ashwell's want your
seed order. They are selling seeds of
quality to the best farmers in Chilliwack Valley.���Adv. 5-6.
Baptist Church -The Baptist pulpit will be occupied on Sunday next by
Rev. D. E. Hatt, Missionary Evangelist for British Columbia.
Rennie's, Ferry's, and Steele Brigg's
garden seeds are sold at Ashwells' Department store. They will till your order at catalogue prices.���Adv. 5-6.
The S. S. MlNTO.-The gradual
melting of the river ice insures the
safe release of the f good ship Minto,
which is expected to take the Harrison
River run with all her old-time glory
and dignity early next week.
Indikferece.���Little attention has
been paid to our kindly admonition
about cleaning off the sidewalks, except
by the weather and the council. The
former has been slowly making up for
the laxity of the many, while the latter
lent its generous aid in front of the
fair grounds. After the overworked
weather gets the pnow away, surely
the property owners will sweep the
dirt off.    "Do it to-day."
S. B. Hill, Engineer of the Sumas
Dyking Co., was registered at the Harrison House this week.
'" Mr^'Maxw^ll Stevenson was a delegate at the Grand Orange Lodge in
Westminster this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Bowman and
Reeve J. L Atkinson, of Upper Sumas
were among our visitors this week.
They all rode in on horseback.
Mr. Alex. Malcolm and family, who
returned from Scotland a couple of
months ago after an absence of ten
years, have gone to their home at Ni-
comen, just opposite tbe Westminster
boat landing.
Mr. R. C. Greig, who recently sold
his farm and stock at Camp Slough,
left yesterday with his family for New
Westminster. Mr. Greig ii as yet undecided whether he will locate at the
coast or go further east.
Manager G. D. Brymner, of the Bank
of Montreal is in town on a regular, or
rather irregular, visit of inspection
of this agency. His cold dip in the
Fraser some weeks ago led him to defer the present trip until navigation
Among the representatives in attendance upon tbe meeting of the prize
committee of the Provincial Fair here
this week were Mayor Keary of Westminster, Manager T. A. Sharp of the
Agassiz Experimental Farm, Agassiz,
and Reeve Vasey and A. D. Patterson
of Delta.
Victoria, B.C., Feb. 6th 1907.,
Vancouver, B. ('.
Dear Sirs: ���Your check for
#750.00, being full maturity
value of five shares "Accumulative" stock, came to hand this
morning, for which I desire to
express my sincere appreciation.
The Company's representations
have been fulfilled to the letter
and 1 take pleasure in recommending'this system of savings
to all classes of wage earners.
Sincerely yours,
adv G   (Signed)   J. H. Wark.
Clark.-To Mrs. Forbes Clark
on Feb. 17th, a daughter.
Subscribe for The Fraser Advance, only $1.00 per year.
���H&BKg?1 TE-.y
viN.v.N  -.VJVS r-;-\
CARPET  SQUARES,   Linoleums and  Oil  Cloth, Matting,  Etc.,
Remember I carry them 12 feet wide.   See before buying
Just received the best lines of Iron Beds and Springs ever offered in Chilliwack.   If you want
a good piece of furniture you can get it at
Navigation Opens.
Under the combined persuasion
of gentle rains and spring sunshine the frost king has at last
relinquished his grip upon the
mighty Fraser, and again the
cheery sound of the steamers'
whistles is heard in the land.
Early on Monday the word was
gassed around town that the
leaver would be up that day.
Some were skeptical of the report, others were hopeful, but all
were expectant, and it is safe to
say that every ear caught the
first glad sound of the boat's
whistle about 5 o'clock-the first
in seven weeks. The effect was
electric and the whole place very
soon took on new life. With over
sixty tons of freight to remove
to the town, the draymen had a
busy night, and have been kept
at it pretty steadily ever since.
Delayed shipments oi' all kinds
have been pouring in, and many
of the merchants are guessing
what they are going to do with
Christmas stock just now to hand.
Perhaps never before did the
people realize as now how much
they owe to the boat service, to,
Westminster.   ,
But one man in the place was
not pleased Monday night, and
he no less a person than Capt.
Gardner of the Beaver. After
a heroic effort to get his boat up
with her cargo, he found the
road from the landing obstructed
by fallen limbs and brush from *
the sleet storm of two weeks before. By the time he reached
town his temperature was several
degrees above ncrmal, and had
he fallen in with the Reeve or
any of the council somebody
would have been entertained.
Small Advertisements it Small Cost
Wanted.-Everybody to let their business wants be known to the public in
these columns. It will cost you little,
it will pay. you much. Only one cent.
per worcf for each insertion. - The ,
Fraser Advance, P. O. B 296. Chilliwack, B. C.
For Sale.���A few tons of first-class i j
Turnips for sale at |4.00 per ton at the ��� 1
pit.   J. L. Denholm.   Adv. 5-6.
For Sale.���A few tons of Peas and
Turnips for sale. C. Rooke, Cheam. 6-7
Wanted.���A carload of first-class hay
for horses. State price placed on the
steamer. C. Hill-Tout & Son, Abbots-
Wanted.���A first-class dining room Gir 1
immediately. Call upon or address Mrs.
McKenzie, Dominion Hotel, Chilliwack.
Large consignments awaitiug the
-opening of the ice blockade. All good
financiers are holding their orders for
You are invited to come, just to see,
not necessarily to buy, but to learn
what really good values you can get for
your money
Snaps in Picture Frames and Mirrors.
Bank of Montreal.
CAPITAL (All paid up)... .$14,400,000
RESERVE FUND 111,000,000
Branches througout Canada and
Newfoundland, and in London, England, New York, Chicago and Spokane,
U. S. A., and Mexico City.
A general banking business transacted.
Letters of Credit issued, available
with correspondents in all parts of the
SavmasBaak Department.   DeeP�����>
I in sums of $1.00 and upwards, and. interest allowed at 3 per cent, per annum*,
(present rate)  added FOUR TIMES
Total Assets Over $165,000,000.
Chilliwack    Branch


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