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Germany and Austria Repulsed all along the Line
United States Offer to Mediate.   Twenty
Thousand Canadian Troops to
Leave for England
Vancouver, Aug. 6, 2 p. m.—I
(Special to the Herald)— The
European situation appears |
wry on sided, Russia, England
Frame, Servia, and Belgium,
all at war with Germany and
King Albert of Belguim yesterday addreseed his troops
from the Palace steps in Brussels, declaring his intention tp
defend the honor and indepen-
d mce of Belguim against her
perfidion and haughty neigh-
boi Germany!
Practically all the small
nations of Europe have declar-
el war against Germany and
\nsiria seeming to consider
this the only means of preserving their sovereignty.
The hottest news of the wire
say that German warships is
reported to have destroyed 4.5
towns and places for embark-
ition of French troops on Al-
'.-'•ri.-in coast.
And now President Wilson of
the United Stats has sent, a
wireless message io Emperor
William offering to act, as mediator in the present tangle.
The United Stat s hav,' also
despatched the armored crusier
I'enn asee from New Yoik uith
twenty.live million dollars to
assist Americans stranded
According to. the latest re-
I'en-|s from St.Petersburg the
Russian patrols have penetrated into Germany defeating
many bodies of German
cavalry and driving thlmi before (heir onward mat eh.
King Albeit of Belguim    has
mobilized his army and today
invaded Germany. The King
has pla.ed his palace in Brussels at the disposal of the Red
Cross Nurse.
Last night's late reports confirm naval battle in North Sea;
but give no particulars; however as the Russian warship
'Virago' received instructions
to prepare to reserve two hundred wounded and prisoners it
is believed that the navaJ engagement was between Ruissia
ancl Germany. Puller reports
of this will be given in tomorrow's issue.
Germany ancl Austria seem
to be b 'seized on all side a and
have lxith suffered amy repulses. The Servians dbfeatea
the Austrian ar y war Belgrade, and a large number of
Russrians were killed, wounded
and captured. Zhe recent reports of the capture of a we!-
inan battleship has been contradict'd. Aermany sent ulti-
maions to Italy.
The latest Canadian news is
as follows :
From ©innipeg Col. Sir
.James Atkins says that he will
raise a whole brigade for service in a short time to be placed
at the disposal of the English army. Regina is ready to
supply twenty thousand horivs
for   use of war if wanted.
Lady Driimmond has tillered
to support trained nurses at
her own cost.
,1. K. Ross Montreal inillion-
arie has offered to equip an
entire regiment at his own
Candian troops to the lumber of twenty thousand: \>i!l
leave for England in a few
days equipped for active service.
German Navy
Bombarded and
Destroyed Wireless
Station at Glace
Bay Nova Scotia
German Mediteranean Fleet Destroyed by French. English Badly
Cripple North German
1      Fleet
eSpccial wire to the Herald
reports the Germans have bombarded and destroyed the wireless Station at Glace Bay,
Nova Scotia. This is a slnall
fishing station on the coast of
Nova Scotia, tlie receiving
station of all European messages. @
Another repot-, advises that
the French Navy hav. completely destroyed the German ships in the Mediterranean Sea, and that the North
German Fleet is badly crippled-'
Had England declared war -IS
hours eariler the entire German Fleet would have b*n
bottled up and destroyed ...in
the Baltic and Northern waters
rendering that country absolutely harmleess by sea
an.l only her land forces to
deal with.
With the German Fleet destroyed and with French troops
re-enforced by troops landed
from England and the Russian
on her fronter would sitnp.jfy
the situation and put Germany
at the mercy of her foes.
The United States Government
has ordered the mobilization of
her entire army and navy wi!h
the reserves from the States to
protect the borders and outlying territories and to conserve the interest* of the Monroe Doctrine on the Amerian
continent, from German aggregations.
The French Armies have repulsed German advauces into
French territory with great
loss and captured m'.iny German troops. One German General so chagrinned at the reverse sustained by his troops
committed sucitle rather than
surrender to bis French captors.
,   ■ PRICE 10 CENTS
The Belgian Army also met
repulse the Germans defeating
two regiments and capturing
the entire force remaining of the
Austria has thus far
seemed to devote her entire attention to Servia leaving Germany the heroulaen task of
meeting Russia, Frafc-e ancl
England and Belguim.
Even Switzeland has been
drawn into the struggle by the
action of Germany seizing one
of her towns on the Frontier
for an   outpost.
Italy it is reported has thus
far remained neutral although
it was feared in the beginning
that she would take side with
Germany and Austria.
Mr. Campbell our well-known
grocery merchant has been undergoing an operation for appen
dicitiSj He is now rapidly recoveries strength.
Knox Church, South Fort
George, has selected the following as a Board of Management:
Messrs. Rowatt; Boyle; Mathews;
Shannon; Waite; Borland and
Mrs. I. R, Derkson and her
children five in all, arrived here
on Wednesday evening from
Langham to join Mr. Derkson
who is the proprietor of the
Princess Rooming House and
The Fort George
Daily Herald
will be on Sale at all
the News Stands and
at the Fort George
Drug Company's Stores.
|,',,,,,1;,,1,         ]      r*        Min •nd form of
Pdge 2
Thursday, A
uLr- 6th, lim.
Corner Hamilton & Third
South FortGeorge. B.C.
The newest and most modern
hotel in the northern interior
Rates  $2.50 and $3
Monthly and weekly rates on application
muniry pre.
ut, between
'» Halliday.
A six round prel
ceded the main bo
.John Cole and I,
Cole although much larger t--,
Halliday was a novice at the
game and showed it by swinging
wild and wasting his wind. U
stepped  away  from  the hay.
Halliday Serves His Adversary Cole j makers and drove to his faa
several  times- keeping Co.
Anderson Knocks-Out
Hodgson in Six
in the Same Manner
Best of wines,
Liquors und cigars
Albert Johnson, prop.
HARRY   C0UTTS,   Proprietor
Automobiles for Hire, Storage & Repairs
Agent for Goodyear, and Morgan & Wright Tires.
Gasoline Oils and Accessories.
Fort George Drug Co. ?
If not, don't you know you are missing
something? Wholesome Home-Made
Ice Cream, -Fresh Fruits, Drii\ks of all
kinds. Go to the new handsome up-to-
date Store on
A   fast and clever mill   was
staged in the Ritts-Kifer Hall, on'
Monday night,  between   Harry
Anderson   and   Dan   Hodgson.;
Hodgson looked   like   a winner
when  he stepped into the ring
being well-built and muscled, and:
appeared much heavier than his j
opponent.  Anderson stepped into'
the ring in  his usual calm and
confident manner, and seemed to
have no fear of his adversary.
During the entire fight Anderson was cool and quick, dodging
the heavy swings of Hodgson and
landing at will to the jaw and
face until finally he knocked his
man out in the middle of the
balanced on the ropes i
I sixth  round  Halliday had his
! man almost in tears and
Hughes the referee declared
liday the winner.
Royal Dominion and
British Columbia Indian
Commissioners at The
The Hon. N. W. White, K. G,
Chairman Royal Indian Commj.
sion;Dr. J, S. McKenna, L.L.$
and T, A. Carmichael membeis
of the Dominion Commission wi.
Hon. J. P. Shaw. M, P.p., and
1 J. 11. McDonald, representing
the British Columbia I ndian
Anderson received 'Commission  were in town the
Read the Daily Herald and get
the Hot War News fresh from the
wire. Read! don't listen to false
sixth round,
a hard one to the kidneys, but I Past week at the Northern
came out without a mark while I accompanied by W.
Hodgson is fit for the Hospital. Indian Agent for this distric: and
Hodgson is a plucky boy and took ; Major McGraw, I n s pectorof
a lot of punishment, declaring1 Agencies for the South Eastern
afterwards that he  was not in district of this Provinc*
training. '^he Party alsoeons.!<_ofJfr,
THE FIGHT BY ROUNDS    J-   S.   McArthur Secrela. to
1. -The first round ended even, I the Dominion Gommissionetsani
both men feeling each other out. C. H. Gifform, secretary to the
Anderson does some clever foot Provincial Commission.
work. ; There are within thedistrictatat
2.—The second   round    was 1400 Indians and throughout lb
Anderson's by a wide margin. [ Province 24,000 under the ca
Hodgson played for a knock-out of the two commissions,
but Anderson is to quick for him, j    Vexing   questions as to l_
Hodgson swings wide. care and maintenance arise con-
3.-The third round was also stantly and commissioners aretf
Anderson's by a narrow margin.; this time going through the vat-
Anderson played right up to the i°"8 settlements inspecting w
big man and found the face three ■ conditions and taking notes an
times in quick succession. Hodg-! testimony that it is planned «
son's right to the body three times assist the government in dealing:
4.-Hound ended even.   Both ', by statute on an enlarged J!
men were sparring for an opening with their- necess   - ■   l!
Anderson landed to the face, but! white mens'
received a bad one to the kidneys, j as the colored  question
5.—This was also Anderson's'burden of the great republic!
'by a wide margin, Hodgson  was' the south,
groggy and collapsed but got to     We   were   impresse
his feet again—His left eye was; talked   with the c
almost closed and  his  lip cut ers with their gras]
badly. ion and their evident put
fi. Anderson came in fast and 'deal with these lndiun q
landed to the face in quick sue- fairly and justly and to I
cession pushing his man to the interests of the Indians.
ropes and with a right facer sent' The commissioners left
Hodgson to the floor for the own car for the Bouth
count. planned  to return in
Anderson's victory was greet- for an extended " :
ed with cheers by th i crowd, and | Peace Hiver
he seems to be getting quite a! nelley. For Graham, -■-        ^
popular boy. j Kindly and Parsnip Rive'
Jack Robarts refereed the! Buckley Summit and Fort*
match and was entirely  satis-' territory presided over by "s
burden of the north
is the
i in their
i having
the Ml
country, Fort Convert LeW
| McAllan. Thursday, Aug. (ith, 1914.	
Published Daily at The Herald Oepice Fourth Street
Page 3
Tho management of the Herald will publish a Daily
I Newspaper during the war, in order to supply its reading
public with authentic reports on the general European
situation. It is not our purpose to continue definately in
the daily field, but should we find that there is need of a
daily newspaper here, we will most assuredly supply the
| public with that need.
This being our first attempt we crave your indulgence.
It was the American Sherman of the Civil War of
186] -1864, who said " WAR IS HELL " and so it is-a
relic of the ages of savagery, when man fought for his
physical existence, but to add to it, or to retain it in this
age, when existence is so much more complex in its mental
strife for existence, in the survival of the fittest in the
wants of the world, is adding HELL in double measure.
And yet we have the four or five leading nations of the
European concert grappling at each others throats in the
bloody butchery of War, destroying lives and property in
a few days, weeks and months perhaps, that has taken
many years to construct and develop, at great financial
cost as well as mental and physical travail and effort.
The situation is complex in the extreme; Germany
seems with unanimous opinion of non-combatants to have
precipitated the trouble, in fact, she seems to be the blame-
able party to the present situation in all Europe. For years
spoiling for a fight ancl further aggression, she has during
the past fifteen or twenty years, on more than one occasion
nearly embroiled Europe in just such a struggle as is
promised in the despatches to hand.
It were well if in the coming struggle, the situation shall
be so cleared that for a generation at least there shall be
no more war, or fear of war, in the European arena.
To attain this result it would seem as if it were necessary
that Germany should come out of this struggle the defeated
nation ; Her pride shall then have gone before her fall
indeed, and it is recognized by many readers of the signs
of the times, that her people are not by any means a unit
in this seeking of power and prestige by the war party of
that nation. Germany we have long looked upon as the
most advanced in culture and the fine arts, of all the
European countries. Within her borders are men of all
the professions most advanced in learning in the Sciences,
Surgery, and Medicine War is not to their liking, and as
for the common people, the burden of armament and the
aggravating arrogance of the military has long been a
burning question that has more than once broken out in
unseemly strife among the people.
Whatever happens in the war zone we shall hope it -will
clear up the atmosphere and do away with the constant
mutterings and fears that has afflicted the business world
for so long.
Among the happy outcomes of the many questions of the
hour, we note with pleasure, that at home in England and
Ireland - friends and neighbors for the moment have forgotten their troubles and differences in the Irish question
and joined hands for the honor of the Empire, and in this we
may see the blowing away in fraternal feeling; this vexed
question ancl the saving of a situation that bid us look with
fear and trembling for bloodshed among brothers. Let us
hope that in the larger question of the European situation
this home matter may find its solution and death to strife
within the Empire.
Premier Borden to Tour
Western Canada During
September and October
With Hon. W.T.White
And Hon.LP. Pelletier
Arrangements Now Being Hade-Exact Itinerary Not Yet Decided Upon- Yukon
Trip is Abandoned
Ottawa. Ont, July 31.-Arrangements for a tour of Sir
Robert Borden in Western Canada are being made at the present time. While the itinerary
has not yet been mapped out, the
premier expects to leave Ottawa
about September 8 or 9, and to
return around October 22. He is
returning at that time in order
to bid farewell to the Duke of
Connaught and to welcome
Prince Alexander of Teck to
The present plan is for the
premier to be accompanied by
Hon. W. T. White and Hon. L.
P. Pelletier.    Mr. White intended to make a western trip last
year, bui owing to a pressure of
business was unable to do so.
He is thus planning to accom-
i pany the premier this fall ana in
[order, as the finance minister, to
j get at first h a n d,  v i e w s of
j Western  Canada.   U nil e r the
conditions, it is felt that there
should be a Quebec cabinet minister included in the party,   and
Mr. Pelletier   is the natural
choice.   There will likely be several private members accompany
the premier, though they have
not been selected.
Some of the western members
will also accompany the premier,
The time is short and the ministers would like to cover as
much country as possible.
It is probable that after a big
Winnipeg meeting the ministers
I will divide, the premier will go
■one   direction   and    Hon.    Mr.
I White will cover another itinerary.   The western ministers will
S divide,   some  going  with   the
prime minister and others with
Mr. White.
The exact itinerary will be arranged within the next couple of
1 weeks, but Sir Robert will speak
| at all the larger cities in the
.western provinces, including
I Winnipeg. Regina, Calgary, Ed-
i monton, Vancouver and Victoria.
Whether he goes to Prince Ru-
' pert is a matter of time, but the
: proposed Yukon trip has, of
course, had to be called off.
As soon as the Hindu question
is settled the premier will slip
away for a few week's holiday
before starting on his western trip
The Ladies' Auxiliary are preparing for a sale of work in Pool
Room, Blair Block, on Thursday,
August 20th. They have some
fine articles made locally, some
from the east and some from
India and Scotland. A beautiful
quilt (silk) is to be given to
nearest estimate on a jar of
,    r, ■«id form of
Page 4
Profit Sharing Offer in Ford
Automobile Purchases
*,V'V''£-~-~'>£ ■;•■--.    '■' -.     Ai
NEW prices on Ford Cars effective August 1st, - Touring Car
$500: Runabout $540 ; Town Car $840 ; F.O.B. Walkerville,
Canada. In addition h e offer every retail buyer of a new Kord Car,
purchased between August 1st, lyl4, and August 1st, 1915, a share
of the Company's Profits in the amount of $40 to S60, on each Car
purchased, payable August 1st, 1915, provieied the Company reach
an out-put of 30,000 Cars within thir period,
The above prices means a cut of S60 on each Car when purchased
hi-.-i.es receiving the dividend at the end of the year, of from $40
to $80 which the Companv will send vou Draft for, on August 1st,
Study these price? and taks advantage of the new prices and
profit sharing plan of the factory, and buy your new Car at once
and enjoy life like you should.
Call at 3rd and George and let us show you one of these new
Ford Cars.
Ford Motor Company of Canada, Ltd.
By ED. HALL & SON. Local Agents, PRINCE GEORGE, B.C.
Buildings Violently Shaken - People Rushed info the Streets
Thursday, Aug, 6th, 1<i|i
Socialists in Paris Hold a V,ok,| j.
mcnstralicn Against .ar
A local paper tells of a clergyman who received this note
tfilling him to perform u marriage ceremony.
"This is to give you    notis
that I and Miss Jemima Arabella Brearly is coming to your
church on Saturday afternoon
next to undergo the operation
of mairimony at your hands.
Please be prompt, as the cub
is hired by the hour."
Crown Granted S. E. Quarter Lot 803, Group 1, Cariboo,
containing 160 acres more or less. WasSeeley Pre-emption
lo miles byroad, from Fort George, adjoins Indian Reserve
No. 2, about a quarter of a mile from Fraser River. Excellent farm land. Inspection invited. Tenders will be
received bv undersigned.   No tender necessarily accepted.
Je>!j2i>. 1911.
S. L FORREST, Min nr Bank of Olliwi, Vincouw
S. P. NEWKIMB, Manager Banl of Ottawa, Fori Georgt
Halifax. July 28. Earth
tremors which violently shook
the buildings and so alarmed the
inhabitants that in one place
they fled from their houses fearing
immediate collapse, were felt at
noon yesterday on the southwestern shore of Nova Scotia,
from Mahone Bay to Shelburne.
The disturbances occurred a few
minutes before noon md were in
most places felt in two distinct
The earthquake came from an
easterly direction and spent its
force near Shelburne, where only
one shock was felt.
Mahone Bay, Maders' Cave,
the Narrows, all reported shocks
severe enojgh to rattle the
At Bridgewater the shock was
very severe, but no damage was
done. The distance between
Mahone Bay and Shelburne is
about 100 miles. At Sable River,
which is half way between the
two places, the shock was so
severe that pictures were disarranged on the walls ancl houses
shook so violently that people
rushed into the streets, fearing
their buildings would collapse.
;It was in this vicinity, a radius
' of 20 miles, that the disturbances
were greatest.
At, Liverpool, which is the most
important station East of Sable
River, on the Halifax Southwestern Railway, there were two
distinct shocks, one of twelve
seconds and another following of
six seconds duration. All buildings in this town were more or
less shaken, but no damage reported.
•'■ar ten-
Paris, Aug. ]. j\
sion has caused mon „,.
ordinary number of withdrawals
of savings, in whole or in p^
from various banks, There has
been however, no semblance of
excitement at the hanks.
The Socialist party last sight
issued a general manifesto j,,
inouncing war and has called
meetings to protest against hr*
tilities between Austria ami
Acting Premier BienvenuMjf,
tin and the ministers of war an.
marine met yesterday and*
ceived reborts on the militjj
defensive measures. The og.
ister of war issued a circular regarding the equipment of Frock
soldiers in case of mobilization.
The newspapers also publish.
detailed instructions.
At the end of the demonstrations last night the streets were
littered with canes, umbrella
hats, handbags and torn ore.
coats. A large number of police
received injuries while repassing the demonstrators, of whom
800 were arrested.
Violent anti-war demonstrations occurred on the bouleviris,
accompanied by the singing ol
revolutionary songs, Large
forces of police and mounted Republican guards frequently
charged the rrow'is. Many persons were knocked down and injured.
MiiM Materi
rE carry the largest stock of seasoned Fir Lumber and Mouldings
in Cariboo.   Also all kinds of Building
Material - Lime,   Cement,   Plaster,
Hair, Doors, Windows, Shingles, and
Roofing Paper.
Prompt Deliveries Made Anywhere
Northern Lumber & Mercantile Co., Ltd.
"Father, don't nun ea 1
themselves bachelors before
they i_r<-t marrit .1?"
"Yes, my boy."
"Ami what do they call
themselves aftt-r, dad?"
"Hush!   It isn't lit for little
boys to know."
Quit Baking
NOW you can buy
3 Loaves urea. for 25c
OTlaherty & Thorne
All kinds of
Fruit, Ice Cream
Sodas and
Hamiltop Avenue - Soutii Fort Geor.
Also PASTKY and CAKES at
Reasonable Prices
II.million Avtnuc
It's thc Fresh Eastern OysU>™
It's thc Ham and Egg,
It's the Butter
It's the Meat Si lala
It's ihe Baked Spuds
It's the Pure Maple Syrup
It's the Honey In comb
It's the Pie Crust
It's the Servi"i!
It's the Best in thc City
Mottu : Quality and Servlr


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