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The Fernie Ledger 1906-12-15

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 :    too'much il.."
tulli: flowing irom " tilt Jieai! '■ »*utots of
".Itlie "(iiterior-'.to sti.it "■A'lpliftfccl.Ws-
.i.-iii.-'lCAYoiiIil lie. «qtlii Unit Sio.oon
■ nil rijjlrf^lo lmve a.liUt** at Uio Oliver; ._lni|in,iu;« ,'wlieti ilnniljiraUoB
i .re iii>.ioreuiisi'lorotiim .iii
- llmAi^": luililinK-
.-JrnliV llw.HilitUJ I'ill-.
HtJTI!!,- Al.RlVAi.-H-    A'
SAI'AXliJJ ^. MraAAVP. ^l|»i"t*Vi
. Miirj'syillii, :. .
■A,''Rc1iiij„i ■.lilHi|'_,'
.---' .I.-Ilulijr, .•■">,.-. Vmiili'-lli Wili'I.J*'}*'
jidiiviiii Cu. - -
..   \V. I'i.roo*., Sinikniio. '7,
M, Ki'ufm.iii, Cniiiliviiok.
.    Tlmi.,.■Ciwklll.    Tlion.■ tllwyuy, Tin*
' ' »'.'.fcijnitiiW, llllnwo..
.   . ]■*, ll,"lt(i\Yllim'iiiiiSi>l--iili.. -
.,); Sl'v|ihtiia~>. Mnrrlwt'y."
, A, .1.:Viikjiilii.lm'iti,
- C. M.'i.lwiiii's,' Cniiiliiinih." ■'"'
. iir,. Hi iiiiii, n[.(it_iii. uut. *
,l*i-...nii'll,«W5, ItMtord,...
- A, l,,'tJnB'|.l.iill,.IHii-tli,  H. ll,
M mi iiiii'li,riiii,MuiiwiJnw.
----\- Ai '.0.1* ■-)- -V-.-iMftllmiil'il
'   Ji.i ».". 	
.   Mrs. I-iitever, UiiyiiM''.
W.ll, Hum, ViiMniiwr* ■-
.!?.-:!'. MiUlum iliul witn,. It. -AlUm,
. "HIicli'Hlvw,' ''
.'11. u. Kiiiilli. MlvlicU--A
.Idliii.McCl.mt'it, Cmil CroeU,   ..
'. ,!'.■ A-'Mcnriiinlil,' Nol-wii.; -
. ,.;u* V. »_i!keiv. C.-"R.*W1i.«l... Criiiv
" , lim.lt..
^",-.:";--.li;4nB'*l-*li**:-**S!l|i^*'!i". 7A-7AA: ,1.
Tliu . pronotiiliun oE=Ii .P.lSpkNlitliy llio Ji««
L'l'wiit.,' wns lis »Wi' a eflW-.'ut pur-  1
hvciUtt.it na ever eiiwa up Ui  ill. prov-.
iii.0,     tl-wtw n liiilttJi-nl  ileiill   [rimi
ttiart tu lliiiall, Hut liivliiimli-ly   -win
iitpiicd In tliu.   Iliul. 7 .Tlm im-ii. .*iyli*V
-.Vi-rul i-'.fc of" llml" iloiil slmiiUI   linn-. 7
iliuii- liv.nln.. In „li»iiio.;:    W. A, M«.-
Miioilnii.iiil.ltll llmimiil nil   iliu   I101.1l  i
wliwi lm Hi'iA.tlml-lli-i'wUi.ilg V'liww  |
WU. n .eniw- ot iiui's«iimiiiii,"-l.*i-fliititiiiili ,
'lio   Uiul (it Mr. Betatulir, -i.t   Ui.
. lii-m nl lMMtolii > Ornyl;ot I'-ir*
, i.ii llw iimI'it*) «I. imimiltli'lt in-lii*
[11.1i iln.   mulu iil^iitiili-u, Iiiin riMi-lii'd
In a vtt'tury* lur-tin' Uiwyer,   ll kwma
1 .y Umi.   ili«-' uriiiiwuHoii uliimlil
■ Imvo lu-11 I'Hlurvil uiii.iu vIiav nt
iiiii luel  llml llli' Cl-iiwli toil Hi  rely
ilvo    willloll on   nt llw    liiclmni
j; 11 III l.i iii- nml Ills pnniiimiii'.' Tin* ciw
JliiRislli-i1. wns (i[ im iiiisiiviiry cl.iir-
iMiirj-'oiiil wliiteilie imiiioiitnt. ul.'Ki
.1 Un 'pruwuiinii lm-    inlloil. It will
iitvb 11s n wlulnrj' wnrliiiiH in    pvt-
'.ill'i Juirlincil In .mmlvii nl Ihi* spirit-
.-VlieWft'.U. A
-I'Liu ensu o[ .-.Mr. J., p, RcUsiclii.
lihrrisivri. nt.' ".riiw,"-* wlin m* \'
tGKftol-.'fr-'i'Oi-'* -l«"im» at mWnislii
mi 11 clinrK« nl liovliiR nilvlsMl*' iwh
Wfin.1111 tn tmivn tliu cnuiilry Iniitonil.nf
.niiiditti llg ::ti). gi va;_A uyitliiiiq..; ugaiiiat.
vi*|illlnlii.|i i.i. n, n-sncrlnlilo niul prom
.iii'mil tili/i-li, mul lio liiiliiimcil - Hint
lliuro.wns nu-iuiiltsrlnxi'il -iiiiliie'ilre
Iholmllnm    nf 11 prn-iMiitinil""!* wliicli
pin ill Uml   ilio unit    n(.l|iis: liinniflo
W__.-'ia:_ioV;yei=^-Va!i_(iuver WntMA
ivi.ll-wlsfeer.1 prcsii
n«s[sli.il '■'- l.y Mrs.- llnlt, Mr>   llmlluv*  1
uml Wri* Cliuip, V'"' pnsieil iln* iv
jjoniV Uiliig-. i» on!- Xriiw n \
Inlly nrruiiRDil tulilni ■ dwomlfcl    «l"'
■AwwrawW'titlier^liiiiity niul nitwii.1-
mmmmm THE  FERNl£ LEDGER, FfijCtMfe,£.Ci* ;B£CEMBEfc is, tgo6
LEDQER|Hei*e Ss Your 6hance
•Issued every Thursday from the office of publication, lodd lJloct,
Victoria Ave., Fernie, Hritish Columbia.
D.  V.  MOTT -        -.       Editor
G.  G.  MEIKLE'       -        '    Manager
Conditions - in Hamilton y.-ere peculiarly favoralile to the lalior candidate. The sympathy for organi/ed
lal.or and for municipal, ownership of
the street railway, whicli liie sirike
aroused, and, on the other hand, the
feeling     against the Cataract    Power
.Company wliicli lias liven developed by
its recent dealings with 'tin* city, disposed the voters to cast their ballots
for Mr. Studlioliiie. This is not to
say that the Cataract Power Company has been unusually illiberal in
iis dealings with Hamilton, for ■ we
imagine that it has contributed great
ly to Hamilton's growth, and has
been more moderate in its exactions
than 'many similar corporations elsewhere. Hut for the moment lliere
was strong    feeling'against the   com-
. pany, and a strong ' sympathy with,
organized  labor, and hence  Mr.  Stitd-
oholme's return by u.majority of more
than Soo. ]t may also be assumed
.that the Liberal vote went strongly
for the labor candidate. This would
not be surprising under any ordinary
circumstances, for nothing, is* more
natural than an alliance between labor and liberalism when liberalism, is
permitted by its leaders to have true
expression. Wc imagine, however,
that the election has no particular
provincial significance. ' It will encourage labor to put up candidates in
other centres, and' we cannot think
that any harm will result from the
presence of a few labor representatives in the legislature. On the ot.li-
ir hand, the government is strong,
nnd deservedly strong, and the election of Mr. Sliulliolmc is a victory
for'labor .rather than a defeat for
Mr. Whitney.
Positively the Kas*. Oe.iciaus Tea Grown
Lead Packets Only At All Grocer.
The Toronto Xews, from which tin
above is taken, said a great deal in
small space when it remarked Chat
"this would not be surprising undei
any ordinary circumstances, for
nothing is more natural than an al-
liancc between     labor and liberalism,,
We have recently had a most con-
\iucing example of how Ihis interference of leaders iu such matters can
"do more harm in twenty-four hours',
not (,nly to party interests, which,
after all, arc only secondary, interests, but lo llie real material intcr-
ists of a whole province. Liberal
leaders, so called,, who arc in the political arena wearing the livery of
. liberalism, while working solely foi
private corporation interests, sticceei'
iu a very short time in- undoing years
of work done to bring together labor
and liberal interests, because such n
union means the clipping ot the claws
of corporation grafters, and as long
ii.s liberal loaders are made of tin-
stud that fails to stand the test ol
lire when applied, as it always has
lit-.n, and will continue to be, applied by private interests, just so long
will there be n gap of uncertain width
between the orgiiui/.ed labor classes
and liberalism. There is no real difference in the aims nnd objects of
real liberalism and the object of the
great labor interests ol this province,
und there would be no friction between the two if il were not created
and encouraged by interests thai are
opposed to lhe real principles of both
these sections   of whut ought lo
one of the best things about I,a F..1-
let'tc.. Tliat is the chief re.is-in why
he has made the independent \ole of
Wisconsin l.ir^e ono igh tn dominate
.the* slate, Aiid mosl of llie political
divisions of the stale.
In the recent election the man elected io be district attorney of, Milwaukee was dctc.ited fur the Republican nomination because lie h.ul been
excessively active'' in s.-ciiring in-
(lictnuiits for grafting in ir.unieip.il
affairs. La KolleUc advised hiin to
run independently, and supported him.
The only members of the Wiscoucin
delegation in congress who supported
I,a Kollello last session were re-elected. Of the five who opposed him
three were ilefeate.i for in initiation,
one was nominated and' elected, while
the sixth, Hal-cock, w;-,s defeated'' at
the polls by a Democrat whom La
l-'ollette supported. As matters now
stand, J,a Kollctte is stronger iu his
own state than ever before.
And this strength, together with the
following the Wisconsin Senator bus
acquired in the general west, especially in Kansas, Iowa,and 'Indiana, has
made him much stronger in Washington than lie was before. The interesting thing ,. is that La Kollette
lias made his record by a remarkable
exhibition cf courage. Ik- worked in
Washington just as he worked in Wisconsin, but against much harder odds.
The atmosphere of the senate is absolutely stilling to 'the new and enthusiastic advocate of  the  people's rights.
Such au advocate is looked upon as
a -'cheap man," is made to feel thai
he is ''making an ass - of- himself,"
uiiUss he has enough stamina to obviate lhe' possibility of any such feeling taking possession i f him. I,a Fol-
I-ctt-e was snubbed and' belittled, at
i;very turn when he first began his
crusade   in Washington,    But  he*  wus
,*4 ,j
right,'and he  knew  it. cud   he    stood
-his-groimd.—As-a^msuM lie ha&___ilft_
served and acquired a popular sympathy and support, that will make liim,
a factor to be reckoned with in the
forthcoming session.    -•
areiiiis.    -Still more  will these heroes
aud f.thlelcs themselves be remembered for lhe custom  they bequeathed to
Inter ages of healing sore and injured
places on ihcir bodies by the external
,-.pl lic.uiou   of   some secret balm    or
.s.ilve.   i'lie'Creek  charioteers   did not
(.merge   from   their   mad races    with-
01.1   soiii.'      severe bruise     or gaping
wound;   and    to anoint     each  injury
careful y .villi llieir favorite lialin'wsis
,-ui   indispensable part      of   the day's
programme.   Ii-\vc go back in histon
— .,eii to Hi'de ■    times—-we Iiud   that
this external   ''rubbing"  has prevail e<-
all along the   line,  and  iho   only ex-
-.lauaiioit of   its survival, amidst     si
many changes  in science, seems  to lii
in the.  fact that the external  use    o.
salves and* balms is dictated to us by
Nature herself.   Our own instincts toll
us lo rub a pint that hurls; .and    in
/.ani-IJiik the. ideal substance   to    apply to  an   injured or-diseased  surface
is universally believed   lo   have    liccn
found  at last. ■  ■
Mosl of- the ointments, embrocations and salves' that have had to suffice in the past are of a coarse consistency,, and contain quantities of
mineral poisons, rancid animal fats,
and turpentine. What healing properties lhoy may possess aro generally counterbalanced by the grave danger of inlh'.ming and contaminating the
Zam-Puk is absolutely free from any
such danger. It is a preparation
compounded purely from . herbal juices, essences and extracts- "skin-
'ood,'-' which regenerates old anil dis-
iJas.d tissues just as food rebuilds
and reconstructs the body. Zam-Huk
also gives-naturally just that assistance which Xalure is asking for when
paiii, swellings, eruptions, or inflammation .o-.ciu*.     Zaiu-l.uk    allays    all
ToTTiTs~C)riTri tatron" expels—tliscascj-
stops suppuration, stops festering aud
virtually "feeds" tho skin, toning it
•.ip-i-.i Nature's own way.
■ Zani-Huk should be in every home.
It has a wide range of usefulness, but
is especially recommended for cuts,
bruises, burns, scalds, '- sprains, stillness, swollen ■ joints, bad leg, blind
and bleeding piles, running sores, cc-
-Tin.i, ulcers, pimples, boils, rash,
raw chapped hands,    seal])   irritation,
♦      Dlst.No. 18      ♦
X Headquarters Blairmore, Aita. ♦
T-F. H. Sherman, Pres. Fernie T
% J. A."Mcbc'iiald',*Sec.   Blairmore'♦
♦ ♦
+ Gladstone Local "Union N0.2314 ♦.
4/   Thos. Biggs,  Sec, Fernie, IL C.   4/
♦ ♦
♦ *
4} Michel Local Union No. 2334. ♦
p A/ W. H. McLeod, ., Sec, 4/
4 Michel,- B.   C* *. <►
♦ ■    *      *   • ♦'
♦ ' ♦
+   Coleman Local"Union No. -6.3   ♦
4;   Chas.  Brooks,   Sec,   Coleman,   <>
s> AHa. ♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
4)   Frank Local    Union No.   1263 4/
4>   David Stone, Sec, Frank, Alta. 4/
♦ ♦
♦ ■ ■■ ♦
4 Lille .{.oca1 Ulliou Xo- **■■--•-■ *
4/  Dan  McNeil, Sec, Lille,   AHa. *>
♦' ♦
♦ i
4/   Bellevue  Local  Union No.  43'   ♦
4, John Clark, - Sec, Hellcvue, ♦
4) , ..Alta. ♦
♦ ♦
♦ . ♦
4   Hillcrest Local Union N0.105S   ♦
4)   Jas.  TurnbulL-Sec,  Hillcrest,   4>
sy Alta. ♦■
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
4/ Lundbreck    Local   Union,, No. ♦
4/ 2275. A. H."Bryan,  Sec, Lund- •$
4) brcck, Alta. ♦
♦ ♦
♦ t
4   Lethbridge.Local Union No.574   ♦
'4/ S. A. IL Crabb, Sec, Loth- ♦
4> bridge, Alta. ♦
♦ ♦
♦ 1
4/  Tabor Local-   Union    No.   102   ♦
4> John Bishop, Sec, Tabor, ♦
4} Alta. ♦
♦ '" ' ♦
4/   Tabor   Local "Union No.   1959 ♦
4   Jas.    Probert,     Sec,     Tabor, ♦
4}  ■■' Alta. ♦.
♦ ♦
+ Canmore Local Union Xo. i.S; ♦
4>   II. Asson, Sec,, Canmore, Alta,.   4/
♦ ♦
Eckstein & Gray
Barristers at-Law,    Solicitous,  Etc.
Rooms 1 & 3, Henderson block. Fernie, IJ-C.
F, G. Lawe
«!• «f»
„Nest    Trailing    Co.
Fernie, B. C.    ,
Ross % Alexander
. KEKNIE. ii. C.
Ollice In L. T. W. Block, Victoria Aveima.
J. Barber^ l.d.s., d.d.s.,
Jfemie, 38. C
Davey & Ladrroute
L T. \V    Block,   opposite the   Bank
OHW-e hoiiM—8 ii.m, to 8 p.m.
W. J, Wriglesworth, D. D. S.
Oi'i-irK Jl(.i:ui-|.       fc' si.to 12 a. in. 1 to ,1 p. m
(l.M to » ii. m.
Ollire iu Alex. J. 'Mi's ISioitk
over Slum's Kuke/y.
KEIIN1K,        -        -        -     -        a.C
provincial and.
land surveyor
Ofllce:   L.T.W. Block
Fernie- British Columbia
A GO'lin-WAY.
to please carcluK-lioiiscl-eepers i.s to
j;ive lica?st weijjlit. Oh-, wo don't
say thit all Jnilcln-rs d()irt. do this
but wc caiiuol lulp ■ oecassioiially
oveiluarin-j oi-.r ladv friends when
th.;}' get to,tulliii<j their experiences.
to please is to-supply, only lho liest
moat. If you tra (lis with us: Vou will ,
learn just' what wo mean by thoso
two "ways''. QUALITY and "QUANTITY will bo a little more lli.in you
Calgary Cattle Co
ft*       Ǥi
Crow's Nesl
Electric Supply Store
All   kinds   of   Electrical
Goods kept in slock.
All  work
■Ur. I.u Folk-tie's ■ political caree:
has been, olio coiitiiiiioiiM battle
against corporation j-raft, and he
has clone more for lhe peoplo of Instate and the country nencraily than
any other man of his u^e iu the west.
The attempt of the  senate as Wash- ! ,     ,
sore ho.icls.
iii"tou lo shelve Imn and  make    liim i   ,.  <■   , , ,    -,
" ,   . tiller sliaviii'*, sore throat and   chest,
iiipear ndiculou*:, hns onlv resulted in ■) ,      , ... . f,  .     ,.,,,. -,,
11 - ■ sore and   iielniij. feel, chilblains,   cold
more  liilluonco wuh    the      ..      f   ,    *,,„     ,. •        . ,
'sores, festering sores, poisoned wounds
nnd other    diseased, injured  und    in-
lliimeir or  irritated conditions   of   the
sliin.   Kiibbed well  inlo the  parts   ef-
M. Kerr & Co.
Contractors and Builders
riaus, Specifications and Esti-
'   mates furnished on apjiltcation.
Ylev.lv   of   GOOD   DRY   LUMBER. ON HAND.
•R. A. KERR.
Architect     and Superintendent
Office at Residence,
BAKER ST..     -     - '' KERNIE. B.C
Is a pleasant home
for the traveler.
Simon Dragon, Proprietor.
barber's    rash, raw  chin
living him
people. j
The attempt of   iliis    biMiich of enn- I
gross to shut off criticism of     its ae
lions by a member, 1ms milled sucli
an impetus to the movement 'to do
nwny with the pres.-'.it method o!
electing senators by the legislature
of the slate, thnt uu orgiini/atiou hns
been formed with lhe object of forcing  this issue to a successful  cud.
The lir.st Hireling of this association was held' a few days ago, nin!
its action hns stirred things tip in
such a wuy ihut thoro will lie no
downing the movement.
If    Seiiiiliir   Ln I'lillellc   ni'vcr   in
coiiiplishi'd niori'   llum this   mu*      re*
form, ho will have ilntic iiuu-e for tin-
purifying of  legislation iir the    grout
■" I republic than hns lieen done   bv   uii\
„m. ,mr,Vi !otlior  S'.-uator since      the groat    civil
mciMr    i>i_T.CTTrt_    r\n    t a '    'iho t'n"i"'ia»  s,,,,i,u' is formed    by
RISING   PRESTIGE   OF   LAiHliM wors, in,llln(ls ,,,„„ is „„„   „,
FOLLETTE, | llu-   United   Slates, iiiiiI ■   liid■.• , will
' j liitvc'lii lc iinpi'iivoiiii'iit ill tin-ini'lli-
Tnl.c heed ot  tliu rising.presligo  ol |oils of crciliiig .I'liiilor.s, or t'.iut IhmIv
foctcd, /iiiii-lluk gives groat relief
Ironi iioiirnlgia, toolliuchc, sciatica,
limilago, rlu-iinialisiii, and chest, and
lack pains,
All druggists soil* nt ■.«■ cents a box
or post free from the Znni-l.uk Co,,
Tui'oiitn, ou receipt of price.
 o ■
Mui'itime i'rovinces,  Ontario, Qtiel.ec,
The Old Country,
The Canadian I'nrific llftilwixj- nn-
iioiincu n series of low round trip
rates, lirst-class, throe (3) months
limit, from Kooteiiuys to nil points
in Ontario, Oueboo, Maritime 1-rov
inc..   und ihe Old Country.
Halo froin 1'Vruio lo Toronto, Montreal,      Windsor    and      ii-itmui'diule
! points is Sf.2.5,s; llnlifnx or St. .lolin,
] in     ciuinei'tioti willi* ni'cin passnges,
Senntor I.u Follcttc, This little Wis-
ei iii;-in innii is not 11 slati'siiinii of
idi'.il poise. Ho Notiii'liiui'S proposes
iiiipnicticnlilo things, lml he hns 11
pretty sotiiiil motive- lor eiTivtliing lie
dues, II he si-i-iitw lo be making
tn miili* ,,for llio Mike of I'xeiii'iu.nt,
lhc priibiil.illllcs arc that he is doing
il for the purpose of exposing people
ulni should be i'\piiM<il. And lie doi";
not cure- 11 whit \vli.tln*r lho mini exposed is 11 lllelubel nl his own p.lllv
nr of the opposition  party,   Thnt    i'
will become ns unpopular ns is tin
pivsi'iil liuiiso of lui'ils in 1'.iii;IiuiiI o:
Ilii' Atiii'i'iiiin  si'iiiilo,
. o __
"(U'i(Jl)   l-'AIKV  OK
j    Tickets will  be sold  dally Novem-
' I,or '-Mill  tn Dcceinbor .list.
Ci rrespiiiidiiig rut oh will lie r|tiot_d
I to iill lCiisterii Cuii.iiliun points from
nil Koiiti'iiny sliitioiis.
I This is un unusual opportunity to
j visit lvislei'ii Cn nulla or tliu Old
■(.'oi'.iiiry nt Clirisliiius at 11 low rut v.
1    Detailed    iiiloiniittloii,   sailing lists
' * 1 for    iicouii  slciiiiiors,      lii'sl-i-luss  nr
Am lent ('.leen* will nliviivi; be     1    ' iMirisl  uleopci' ivsi-rva lions 011 nppTi-
iiiciiibenil (or   tl.e  Iim* tvpos nl limii-, vutinii to iocul ngi-nts, or write
hood     siipplinl    by  tin- h'-ii 1-. ol h.-i'l .!. S. CAUTKU.
liitilolii-lils niul. Hi-     ,iililite*. ol    hn j IL 1'. A., Nelson, lr. C.
Ancient  Ilei'iK"-.   mul ;< Mnilcin
Covol v.
' H_ri-B__-*   vk       ■
A. J. Burton, Mor.)
tm**m *t wwm-wwi
Muiiul.irliircr ol all   Si On.,
und  Insortod Tooth Snivs.
We entry in slock and r-iii
supply at s.liorl ndlicc
Send Us Your Orders
Vancouver B. 0.
Wouti Splii hkp
(that will not slip)
Ml Filing Room
Supplies at Right
Prompt Delivery and
Satisfaction Guaranteed
♦.    .■■'■.'        ♦
4, Bankhead Local Union No. C-9 ♦
*%* John Higgins,-'.Sec, Bankhead 4>
* AHa.. '     ♦
City of Fernie
.J.     ,      ,
•J. 'ANGUCAN*—Christ , Churcli-
»l« liev. 11, Kkelding "Wilkinson,
•J« imstor—Servieos, Jl it, m,
•{• and 7,30 , p. in. Sunday
•J« School nnd llible cluss nt
•{• 1 2.30 p. 111. Kvoning ]irayor
on Wednesday nt 8 o'clock,
Holy Communion ist nud 3rd
Sundays ut 11 a, 111., and
and Sunday nt K a. 111.
•!• ,1
Large stock of Home Growl  Fruit
and   Ornamental   Trees.
Ilcndt'iinrter.s     for     Pacific   Coast
Grown   Garden,'   Field     and  Flower
Seeds in season.
Greenhouse  Plants,  Cut Flowers.
Catalogue  Fret's
M.  J. 1IKN1-V,
3010 Westminster .load.
Vancouver, IL  C.
Wholesale Dealers and Direct Import
ters of
Jti'iul down '
D.l.-. p in I.v.
]*_.l.»."V it ni.
fi l.'i  11 m
7,11.111 m A it
* Daily except Suiulny
.{. •!•
,1* IlAPTIST-Ilcv.     H.     Loclie •!•
.J« Ki'mpton, ll.A., U.TIi., past* +
*l> or.   Services at 11 a. in. and -»J«
tl* ;  7.30   p.   111.   Sunday   sclfViol *>!•
,\* and llihlu class at 2.30 p.flii. -I'
»J» !  Prayer incetiiifj  on  Wcdnrtc- •!•
•I* '.  day nt 8 ji. 111.     ' •I-
•lr ,J*
•J.   CATllOLIC-Chuvcli     of    tin?
•!•  '  Holy I'lunily-Fiitlicr J. W.
•!•     Travemier,       O.M.I.     Low
•J' !   iinuss, 8.30 n. 111.; liitii '"ass,
»J»      10,30 a,  in,   -Sundiiy  school,
a p. in,  l.vciniiiK service, 7.30
Mleti'il Up.
Pornio "     Arr. 8;'i.l u iii
Ilcxroril fi.lO'ii 111
SPOKANK !i.:iuiiin
Scuttle       Lv n 15 11 111
Leaving   Fermi* 0.45 p. in.   yon
arrive at 10.55 P* m* '"
it -'10 p. 111.  in
Conl.—Uoul laiuU'iiiuy liu i.urehliHOil nt fJO
lior duu. lor ncft I'uiil unit till (or antlmicttt!.
Nut inornt linn H-l) nutuK uun I.u iiu(|iitr(iil tiy
oni. iudivlileiil nr cnniiiiiii.v, Jloyulty ut tlm
min of ton couth, pun* tun of *i,UOO iiound'i ulinll
hn eiilli'eti'il mi thu Hlimsoutput,
Quiirt.—A freo minor'u cortiflcnto In f-Tftiitcl
upon piiyuiuiit in mlvunvii of tf. per annum fur
mi iiiitlvi'Juiil, mul from ♦ W to felon i>or uniiuiii
loruooiiipiiiiy nceunllnw to eiipltiil.
A froo minor, hiivlnc lUncovoroil inlnorftl In
lilni'o.iiuiy tuoiito nuliiliii l,AW x l,fl(x» lent,
Tlio foo for recoi-iliiiit a claim In if..
At Iciutijiooinu.it lie oxpuudoil on tlmolnlm
oiteliyenr or pnld to tlio Kiliiliiu rueiii-ilivr In
llvu tlieiuol, VVliun i.VKl Iiiiii noun oxponrlod or
pulil, tlm looiltor nmy. uiioii luivlni; 11 mirvey
tnnda, unit upon coinplylnii with other ru*
(luiiumuiitH^iiirulimu tliu liuulutSI un uoro,
Thu putoiil'firovlili.'H for tho pixyiuont of n
royalty ft*' per cent on tlio huIvh,
I'i.aokii niiiiimt iiliiiniK uouorully nro UK) foot
miunroi vntry ton t'i ruiiownlilu yoai-ly,
A foiu,minor tuny oliliilu two l-ithon to
ilruitii'i fm*«old of JivoinllcHiiiicti lorn lonu ur
twimtj* ycurn, rouewuliki ut Iliu ilUc.rolioii of
ho Mtuutur of tho li.tiirlor,
Tliu liiiKi'n hlmll lmve udroilKd in oi.onitlon
wltliln nnii HOiiNOiilroiii tlio.liilu of llui lmu.ii
Sole ARents in Canada for
Windsor     Tonic,      Jag     Destroyer
Philip Carosella
General Merchant    ..'
and Dealer in Wines,
Liquors and Cigars,
I'm* ilotiiiliMliiifoiniiilloii, lidilli ri'ufr-
viiti.niM, etc,, cull on nr niUlress
11. I.. Di.ai.'Ksioxi:,
F-U-hniiii, 33.. o..
it'll" I'ATIK'iii.l'.Jt,   JlilMI*.   JMiUSTIlV 'fti
trisrionsr  __,A33_iii_
Crow's    Nost   Special
Miner's Favorite Clnars
for Miuli ilvo iiiIIoh, Itontiil «I0 imr milium fur
ouch milo of river luiueil, Ituyulty nt tliu
,ntv of ., percent ei.lUeU.il 011 the tint put u|.
■MI'.THODIST—ltcv. W. T.iisli-
loy lBall, ILIA., 11.11., pastor.
Servk'iH nt 11 11. 111. uii«l',y*3**
p. Mi. llilii. class 3.30 p. in-;
ciiinljlned Uililo ilasN niiid
toiicIiL-rs' jueotinj;, 3.3H p.mV
CIiins iiitfling, 10.15 a. 111.'
Yiiuiik ji-oplu'H nioi'liiijf,
Mom lay nl K p, m. Prayer
meet inj; Wcclnt-stlay at J*, p.m.
ouch  milo of rlvor luiueil,
^Iv of K. pcrotnt ci."   *   '
ter It oxcocJ- lin.ooo.
. W. W.  COREY,
Deputy Minister ot the Interior.
N.  1JV—Uii'*|ithi^i/oi!  -VV'llt-Utliqn   ul
tliis ntlrcrtlRCTiiciit will not liu paid
uu i'^ii 11 n 11 .fi id-uuan.'-MiLU "iu 1'
♦<$ *t"!. <5^>t4><?'*?. <H**^^'?1-^^?,<?>4
" Y\.
PRMSHYTEUIAN    -    Knox  fi*
chi-irch-Jtcv.   II.    11.. l.rant,
.i.ii., pastor. Kervjeen nt 11
*.  .v,        n.,,1     t*   in    .,  ...        *4l!.l'VlV
*   - s
titlvool ami Hililc clasi ut
3.30 p.. in. Prayer nicatinj.
\V"«;tlni'sc*ay nt S p. in.
n. m.   "Free    and     -■.aKy,'*1'
a.,V p. rn.   Sitinlay t>i)us,), V
'Lnidlaw. J-'Mwlav—Kiwi* ilitU
7 n. tn.   llolitti-hs rnfdinj; YA
to x Sjilvution nitetlnjj;, H
\i. tn. V.yt.K. infcting on
Uondav nt ;..to p. 111. Hal-
vation titij-tinj- Wcdiu-iilay
nt fl p. in-, KoMfm* im*r»-
ing, Krillay* Testimony
tnettirijj -Hfitunlay nt it p. 111 ,
sw-ivs-w-TH- w-j*?j«>w-h-: ;•**
*„ :-:::\r-y- ,»
•$"" ( '$ "§"t ■*? ''t" ? 'f ^t *■? *? "V^t" V/VyVV' ?-11'
* <$>
<f;               A   1'. St A. M. **
*t> UfKulnr mooting liol.l first Vri- 4>
<& Any  in  each iiumlli.   Vlsitlni- -i-
«t» liri'tliirn  cordially  Invited. <$>
<J> J. S. VOI.UMK, Sec., l'lrnii*. <J-
', 1 \ ty': **• r*<j m ♦♦,-s*,*^.*,^'**.^'*.*..^.
■?>"'*■■'   '* ■■'<*>
tit  MT. VEUN1E LODGE XO. 47   •"••
<?> I. 0. 0. v. <^
4> Meotfi tvery Wtdiu-sday even inj; <•»
■?> nt H p. in.', in I. 0. (>. I'. Hall q.,
v !■'.   '.*.  l^XVXt   Urr-«...e   VVntii* ••>
♦ -t
♦ , •*>
tit VEHN1E LODGE NO ,ti ^
'.. Meets in I. 0. 0. V. Hull every <iV
>*/ 'i'liuiMlty i-vtiiiiij,; at K 0M01V. •'$-
;. VMtin,; Lntlurn ore .-urili.itlv ^
& imiii'il. *%
.> J. S. VOLl-ME, C. C. ^
4* 1?* P. liKAMIsm K. H. A S. ?
*',    ,   ,' , *
(^ f'?' t '?■*? T*,^,'f'*f'^* 4'*^'''?''?"^ fyrmV
llAUTt.KTT HOUSE, .oroMtly (bi
ClaiU, tlu* I*'st Si a day lintel In
N.l_.,n. Onlv *»Vite lidp timplloiy.*!.
O. W. IIASTLETT, I*f«|.iI«-toT.
U only «inc nf a liun-rcil i|l:r.i''*iil
*!l'l|I.KIlll I Nl-UK dill' II III'I tlll'linl
r;il lii, Tim piii'.'eot i|ii .11'y o" llm
llrltrmi I lluiultill with 11 liio 1 llin.
nro 111 ul.i, ipi.iliilo-i I.10111 ui* tlu
Shirans Sx-Pennv Ft?:.
i.i Uic World
THEV WII.I. XliT lil.'IW,
'i'D.'.r 11.'.'..', s-ti\k.'!i.xr„,
(very d.l.: Giur. olc«J.
SOin Vi CANVTA ftl. 13'.
J11.1 ri'innmiiiir nil I n»U «r
.Wi urar.J" Poea
Vot Sale ut the
Club    Cigar   Store
•W. A. INGUAM, Prop,
Phone 91.       -      -      Yetnle, 1»* 0*
Royal IVI ail
Last St. Lawrence Sailings
■Empress of llrilaiu  Nov, I1HI1.
Lnl.0 Mi iiilolm, Nnv. a-llh
Winter Sailings
HI.    John- -Liverpool    iliieit.
Empress of   Ireland,  Dec.   ist
l.alio Chniiipliiiii,  Dec, .Mil
Empress  of llrilaiu Dee.   l.sth
and  weekly tlieroillter
Salonii,    S50   and   upwards,
si-i-iiiiil,     ?.|n     ami    iipwai'ds;
Slo'i-,ii.;i', $.'1.50 and npivardsi
accor Iiii}; to sloanier.
Del,iilid infiiriiiatioii, Knlooti
plans, In.nil reservations, sailing .isls, eii*., on application
t.i local ii|;eiit*i,
It. l.EADING,   A sen I Kernie.
J. ,S. CAUTEll,
A. COYT.V,,  ,\. C- V,  A.,
Vancouver, P.C
60  VCAR3,°
Tbe tontractrorii ol Feinie will
pk*« isle noti« that Alter April
fit, 1906 the Carptnttrt ond Join-
at* ol IViuw LiA.il J-Jio will dc*
mand four dolbr* (4«») '<*» *■»'■•■ <•*)
hour*' work. . .
U. R. t.( C. i 3. V. UM. Fernln.
5Iinard'» Maiim-nt Cure* Ui:4»inj*r.
Tnttoe Munito
CopmiOMT* ktx.
Anrnnfti.»n.U.iK knk^ttU mi\i S iwiiluiU.uuiiiy
tllilrklr iixi'iTliuil (.nr iil'ini'iii tt*.n.li.nhrr Bii
l..»f.i«i.in it pr»tt*Xi\r)*'-ii*Sl'>»l»___'oi<i|. oi»k«.
iM.nt m net lr MmlMaiit lnl. IUN [ HOOK on r*l*nu
t-mi (>m>. "(Mam ttnn-f tint kn&titifptlimik,
I'iUMii uutn ilir.rtifii Muia *<x.r*w**
tutltU naUtt, widiout clime, II tho
Sclcntilic JKti'riciti.
A Mn-t-wnnri** OTn«lri'»*t yrw* if.  t^nrHt/Jl*.
Finn ul llui ' nun.iui
ni'.nth (Tm.i. tlifi V HU tV«iMucl..ii. li. U
Min.ir.l'» I.initinrn Cnrm l)i^trlnl*r. Supplement to tbe; Ferni^jledger
m^/N  A   nr3
VOL i.
FERNIE, B; C, DEC.'-iy 1-906.
j 11--a*-
A. J. R. and JOHN D.
A.  J.   R.   Visits    Rockefeller   in   the    ''Hills'"—John's
Vain  Efforts with the  Hard, Hard Rogers.
During our recent trip east we stop-
pod over in l'ocantico Hills to spend
an evening with John. When they
lound out who it was knocking ,at the
gate, th dogs were called oil, the private militia warned not to fire, the
guardians   of the   threshold   and    de
tectives were,   notified,and   Rocklellcr   let it go.'
himself, dear old John, met us at the
door with, beaming face tind extended
"Well, well, old Mian." he said
heartily; "I am right glad to see
you litre in l'ocantico. TaVc od your
duds and hang yourself tip in the
closet for a week at least. I want to
have a good talk with you."
That evening, after tea wo   sat     in
front of the   open   lire   in  the library
With     our pipes,    and  John told  all
about the dastardly attempt    of    tho
United States to damage his business.
"Why, hang it," said John earnestly, laying his .hand on our knee to
emphasize the point, "wc consented
to have that anti-Shcttnun law passed
as a nv.*rc fonii so as to satisly a few
cf the over-scrupulous. When Ohio
started a Miit'ngaiiist us about ten
years ago, I called up Washington
myself by long-distance and had Aid-
rich wire right down to Ohio and
have the.' suit called off.. He
told the Ohio fellows then that the
anti-trust law was not meant to be
.taken seriously. Why, ding it, do yon
suppose it is likely that we were - going to dig up a million, dollars to put
an administration in power that' was
going to turn around and slap us into the lock-up?
"Of course, the Ohio authorities
saw the,' P°'**t at once, and the At-
.tomey-General of the state was given
the double cross. I told Forakcr then
.that it' was pretty , cheap work on
their part()who were on the ground to
let.the thing happen at all. It called
public attention to the business, and
if there is anything we want it is to
keep the"attention away from us, as
you can readily see."
'.'Yes," wc consented    meditatively,
"it is this'darned publicity that hurls
us humorists. 'The more wo. do our
work in the dark the safer wc aro."
"Have you got your Standard stock
now?" John asked, foxily, narrowing
his eyes to a slit. j
"Xo, when   eggs wenl up, wc had l<
"That must have been the bunch I
pulled in last September,': said John
meditatively. "Hut if I were you 1
would buy a little Standard oil, lock
it up in llie safe and forget it."
"Look here., old pal," wo said, slapping John on the back so lhat his
eyes,watered, "you can't unload your
old wall paper on us- If they burst
your combine your stock will look a
good deal like 't'irty kroner.'."
John winked rapidly and looked
very .solemn. Tho tears came unbidden into liis eyes.
"Wy —-dear—friend, my very dear
friend,if I may so call you, do you
suspect mc for one moment of giving
you tho wrong steer! Do you think
old John would sell out his best
friend?"   ,
Wc grasped his. hand impulsively.
"Pardon mc for the'unworthy suspicion, old follow. I was wrong, very
wrong."   ' '       ,    "
"Uluff old-Hal Rogers sometimes
does his fiineds," said John so'rrow-
fully; "he considers it business, Uut
old John,never! H isn't right. Thero
are enough to do who are not. your
friends and co-rcligionists."
"It isn't'right of Hi Rogers lo do
"I have wept with Rogers," said
Jolm earnestly, "and pointed out ,U>
him his great wrong. Uut ho is hard,
hard. I tremble for liim."
• Wc sat looking at the firo for a
long -time. .
The next morning wc parted after
breakfast, and I have never seen the
grand old nian,.since. Uut I well rcc-
call thc sturdy figure standing ;u the
gate waving a farewell as I drove
away.—A. J. li., in Minneapolis
Yuba   Dam, .From   Whicli   thc Writer
Named a room, nurned.
and 'cn
9    '•
•Fridav    i.nil
Yuba Dam, onco a mining camp,
and made famous by Bret Harte's
poem, "Yuba Dam," is a thing of the
past. The olil California ciamp burned last week,
The poem follows:
The sun was shimmering at  the west,
Aud gliding all thc main,
And casting shadows from the crest ,
Of gilded mountains to  thc  plain,
Aii laboring; up a water course,
A traveller pricked his weary horsey
When all at once upon his sight
Hurst a fair village, clean and bright.
He asked n miner whom lie met
If he could give its name: "You belt"
"Pray  do, my   friend, and    do   not
The miner answered, "Yuba Dam."
"Kind friend, do not nbttsc
My Ignorance; I cry a truce
To thy bold wit; come, tell mo true;
I would not ask it if I knew;
ISnt I, dear sir,  a stranger tun."
Quick    roared     the   miner: * "Yuba
Disheartened, on   the stranger pressed
A*|id overlook a mincing dainc,
With ilaxeii hair and silken vest,
Anil begged of her the village uiiine,
She opened her sweet lips like a clam,
And simpered gently, "Yuba Dam."
On tore the Ktninger, nearly wild,
She Iuul a satchel on her arm,
Ami c«me upon au artless child;
While    o'er   lu-r face   stole "niiiy   u
elm iiii;
•'Where have ymi been." thc stranger
Thu maid uplifted quick her head,
'And answered with the ready truth
And open trmikneM ol htr youth,
"At    hdiool."   "Who     keep*    It?"
VUncle Hum."
"What in this pluce, sweet?"    "Yuba
"Ala»l" he ftcreiiiiu-d, In frantic grief,
••Will no one come to my rclUf?
WiU no one till tne where i aim '
Ip*    Miiuol    loyu   fclivuuJ*   "YmIki
1) am I"
And t.n the bridge a**, he did nUm
Tlit planki rc-tthocd, "Yuba Dam."
■'PtTdillt'li M-'we tlie puv-tl bt mWi
As thrnup.li thc place lis swiftly hied,
Vet tre he went to bed that night,
ir-rt/iii something told him by Vi wight,
He lound that he hltmi'U had shammed,
And thai the Yuba lu* heett damm.l.
It trtok seven million rttilUiH of the
people'* money *to mix »te«l and coal
-•Ior Mtmttody tUe.
• „        o    " ■ ■
MAll,  C./KW.K KXAMlNAflOtfi..
mail service west of Calgar
the Crow branch, spent
.Saturday of last week iu lhc ci'.y oi
amining the mail clerks ou the lai;n
lino. Oii these examinations depend
thc advances in salary of the -k'.'.*>s
and whereas io per cent; is the i.'i.i-
innini of proficiency, only two of '.ho
eight examined camelcss than •'<-) pei
record. In this"test 8S6 cards arc i';s-
tril.utrd into small pigeon holes, Jio.m*,,
cards being addressed lo each of llu*
post olliccs' in Saskatchewan, Alborin,
British Columbia and tho Yukon. This
clerk distributed the cards iu iS minutes.
Mr. McLeod has the most extensive
jurisdiction of any of the superintendents in Canada, nnd examinations i-iv
held annually in each centre, lie lound
the mail .service hero in good shape.
— o	
A person named George Eulas Kostel,
An eminent ozone exhauster, -
Said with dainty   precision,
This Insurance  Commission
I,s as vulgar and cheap as a coster.
Toronto  News.
In dealing with ' capital, in hu. \ ics-
idcutial message to, congress, Mr.
Roosevelt said some things that must
surprise many of his admirers—yet he
said nothing that lie, as a man of the
wealthy class, might not have been
expected to say.
"To iireao'.i hatred of the rich man,
as such, to carry on a campaign oi
slander and iuvcc.ive against him, to
seek to .mislead and inflame to mad-
n ss lion.sl nun whose lives are hard
and who lmve nol the kind of mortal
training which will permit them to
appreciate the danger in the doc-
triiKS preached—all this is to commit
a crinio against the body politic and
lo l.e false lo every worthy principle
and ■ tradition of American national
life. The one hope for success for our
people liis in a resolute and fearLess,
hut sane and cool-headed advance
along, the path' marked out last year
l-y' this-verv congress."
Th..t i.s aimed at Hearst.   It    is    a
Another bu tehee shop-.starts ...up in
Elko.  "
John Mott takes a. run up to Cranbrook tlusAveek." '*-*
:,.Mr- .Bennett...is.visitiijg  tiiends    in
Elko for, a. few days.
J, McLean, of Yertntit was in (town
a few hours this week.
There js a lot of Indians around .J-U-
ko that  don't wear  blankets.
Happy Frank passed through town
on his way to Saur-kraut Valley, near
Roosville. 'A
B. Wallace, the Pottes .VaJamr., rf
Fernie; was in Elko, looking for . thc
missing link.
(ko. Powell, of Cranbrook, was
here with a ten-candle power smile
and gus side lights.
Elko is crowded with knights.of thc
gunny sack, big.. game ,hunters, .railroaders and woodpeckers.
It hits been said
liy llrother Ilobbs
We ought to molt
In tears and sobs,
llecii'ise wc net
Like silly elves
When trying to
AiniiKO  ourselves.
Whato'cr we do
(Tims Richard's song)
Ih iiirtHt invar*
Iiihly wrung.
N'o ihmlil he Hint-'
Il hits ol fun
To mil nl us.
Ami wlmt we've dmi..
lllll Ills   IIIIUIM"
Ment  hiciiis, my   brothers,
To he about
As bad as others.
Toronto  News.
Who is a truly religious man/ IU-
who, can full on an icy siilowiill. nn.l
see a In-me -.top on his h.il \\itln-ui
losing his temper,
TtttotA fiJ»t'lWto«**U*l XA*t*)r*   »»
Good v**Jhep« «>■ Cro* fliviiioi.
J. 0- Ifi'Leud,      »u
A 11KIII of the Mendelssohn Choir
Displayed a peculiar  dihlmir
To slug n high G
Wlien Ilii* tifit...  u'.is In V,
So   Yogi    said:     "Young feller, lie
- o -
*-hot lired by a man who is unable to
shake oil the prejudices of the class
to which ho belongs.
Pro!.a' ly President Roosavelt , docs
not suspect that lie is prejudiced. No
doubt ho honestly believes that it* is a
crime against the Stale to arouse discontent in the minds of those who
are oppressed by the criminal rich. Mr.
Roosevelt, however, has a happy way
of convincing himself that many
things are righl, wliicli happen to be
1-uit.e otherwise.
Why docs he say: "To preach hat-
rod of the rich man, AS SUCH,
Who have "preached hatred of thc
rich man,  as ".such?"
A few anarchists, possibly—but certainly no one else.
."Hatred of thc rich" is one .thing,
and opposition to thc system that-
onal les a few men .to secure unreas-
(lial.ly large fortunes "is quite anothor.
An honest lich man, like President
R.-os.vell, for instance,, is one tvpc
i f man, and the dishonest trust magnate, like' John 1). Rockfelier, is
quite another  type.
the ^iiirposes nf his argument, ■ neglects to separate the typos, and hurls
his diniinciation at all who stir up
"hatred of  the rich'man, as such.
In his desire to hit Hearst, he over-
loo! s ilio well-known fact that not
ihe ho'.usL .rich, - but the rich criminals, have been attacked by the Xew
York newspaper proprietor.
Mr. Koosevi'lt shows where lie
Mauds—proves that he cannot forget
caste—when he makes use of the time-
worn airgunicni of the trust magnates in deprecating- "the stirring up
of class hatred,"
There is not a trust .magnate on
o-irtli who will not heartily endorse
President Roosevelt's claim that it is
a crint."to.arouse one set of Aincri-
e.iiis against their follows."
A terrible crinio, undoubtedly!
Those who are victimized and oppressed by tlio trusts should not have
their eyes opened, Thoy sliould not
be told what their rights arc, lest
they should lie aroused "against their
fellows!" The man who does*, open
their eyes and tolls 'them of their
rights is, in the opinion of the President of the United Slates, "a base
creature who panders to the lowest
The oppressed should be left where
they arc, Their eyes should not be
(.pencil. Thoy should not be informed. Other means of rescuing them
inuM lo adopted, Tiie trusli-j must be
persuaded or coinpolli'd to reuse their
oppression, while the oppressed remain Inactive,
Yes, we liuvo heard that theory
ninny linns- l.ut wo have never heard
that siuh methods over accomplished
lliilish lll.erty was not gained by
arguing with tlio oppressors, Hritish
liberty nud all oilier llli.ity was gained only by the awakening and .elivl-
linil or the oppressed,
l.use waler nmy boa very useful fir-
title f..r the toilet, bill it lifts IIVVCI'
yet peiii'tr.ited the thick hide of a
tyrant nnd cuisi-d  his defeat or  con-
Only by arousing tin* oppressed to
n ii'iise of Iheir wrongs, ns \V, U.
Hon 1st is niiiiisiii,!     Ilnin,  cun   any-
llhllg  l.tl    IK    IUU'.l.|A.4.,v.i     HI   t..l    lii
I.(.*,!* ..J _.-s!:.c .jj-il lllirily
I'lisidiiit l'i«o.',i*vcll's savage at tuck
. n _, in.kit who, whatever his motives
in.iy ni may not be, has wrought
iiiirmli'S in lln- cause nf reform, is
iiii'ifiy ,i pii.ul ln.il mil .. lino, oi
Mr. K-ioM'Vt'll's supposed independence
of mind, cui still be the slave ol
i-nM. li'-otry ol Jhc tu(b century
in n grc.il iipublii- that Iiiuisir of its
iliiini t.ttic spirit.
o -
You can -jj-ct any old jamv «nu
want in Elko, from old "maids to
bridge whist,'after the'stores   close.
- Fred Bowman, (ie contractor of the
big Sand Creek pineries, was rn. town
with his freight waggons for supplies.
A big gang of lumber jav^-.^Krived
in Elko this week''from Okotoks to
work for. .lUcssrs. Pugh, aiid Livingstone.
The rose, tree it tlie Hottman House
is in full bloom, ami is greatly" admired by home"' seekers from Sunny
Mr. A. Anderson, manag«** • of the
Union Bank,'Okotoks, spent, Sunday
in Elko, the guest of Mr. Livingstone,
of Messrs. Pugh and. Liviugstone.
Mr. and Mrs- James MeKce, . with
Miss Irene and Master Carl, returned
from an extended trip to eastern
points, and have taken up their residence at Kilmarnock Castle. .;
. Howard McGuirc, driving four ivory
handled mustangs,' arrived in "town
from Tobacco Plains with a. loud of
Hat IJutch apples for the Trites-Wood
Co, MiclielT near IIosnierT^CfeTTown"
ship, II. C.       ;, '•' i
sweeping and shovelling had to be
Mrs,,; Roaringame asked hubby to
hitch himself onto the broom and
sweep the snow oil the steps and
and walks,' but her lcige lord baulked
right there.* He had such a pain in
his back and such cramps in his hands
and arms that he was iu great pain,
even at- thfe thought of having to
handle a broom.
■So limp and lame aud sick did lie
look',.that she was completely taken
in, and. hurry ing him back    into
The  Kid Catches on, to  "Better Terms"—Another  KiA.
Over-hears Pa  and   Ma on  the  Subject with
the   Result tliat  Secret's    Out.
The   Kid's      talk      about     "belter
Icnus" a few   (lays      ago has  created
an intelligent interest   in   the    political   afiairs of tho   country, as lie   has
the since  learned from   another  kid. -
house she put a mustard plaster the
sue ol a. baby bed quilt, and half au
inch thick, oa the small of his buck,
and'mud** hiin g back to bod.
Mrs. Roaringame took up the broom
and made the snow Uy ofl those steps
and that walk like drifts before a
Macleod chiuook.
Looting across the way she discovered. Ills. Bhoverngood at the same
task on her side of the fence, and going over closer she began au investigation by a committee oi one, as it
were, aud soon elicited the information that ' Rhovetngood was afflicted
with the same .kind of a lame back
as was Roaringanve, and sho advised
lier neighbor to apply the same ' kind
of tvnu'dy she had tried on Roaringame,
When Shovcnigood met Roaringame
(hat afternoon at the rink they exchanged confidences and swore eternal
secrecy, but things got out, and the
Kid got it all direct from—well, never mind from whom.
That night Roaringame came home
very Ute and very much exhausted,
doing the grunt act for all it was
Hut *■ man can't"control his mind
aud tongue while in dreamland, and
that proved - the undoing of a good
curler, «
Mrs. Roaringame was aroused from
her, peaceful slumbers in the dead or
the night by some unintelligible muttering, 'which emanated ironi the
sleeping Roaringame., listening she
caught snatches of sentences and ejaculations, amongst which she thought
she conld  detect such  words as these:
Send us down a good one ,, this
time," "just about here," "iuturn,"
aud also mutteriugs'which might have
been iulelligi'ble   to j^hovanignod, but
, Itusiness openiugs iu Elko—It-auk,,
Cement Factory, J5teain Laundry,"
Lakcry, Sash, Door an|,l Fruit! Vox
'factory, a Cigar Factory to handle
tlie product from Tobacco Plains, aud
a hard cider mill.'- f.and that grows
big red apples for' sale, apply at the
Ledger Ollice.
All the Tobacco Plains Inhiaua tb.vt
have been hunting wood -buffalo
around Elko for the last two months
have returned to their reserve near
Roosville, with exception of Fred Roo
—he's still in Elko selling. Indiau
curios, dried fruits, gum shoes aiid
mackinaw coats.
Miss Mary Ilurncy and Sliss Lily
Harrison will be tho leading (adieu iu
the play to be presented iii, Elko,
December oist, . Ur. ,\V. R. McEwau
is coaehiug tbe entire- performance, vud
it will be the best Christinas show
ever secu i;i Elko. It is expected Uu\
thc Minneapolis.Journal wilt, havo. A
reporter at thc show.
Grand Old    Itoariu1 Game She!vud—
Divorces in Order.
It wit", a nntioiml mistake to allow
indivi.lualfi or .<.r||ior.ilioiis to '.mite
4(jftlfiit «>( lh»* <uA lliitii.**! ..-< v.Jl a-
other public utilities, siuh «s the telegraph, telephone, Ua* forestfc nml tin'
ptHnUndeni    u{ *_t«ilr.,nlii at th« diila.nt p-ru
Till:   C.nVKI.SON'S    C0M1MIACK.
Tin* papers say
A  runaway
Almo.l  iibsijiml-
Mated Or.-y.
Ilut In-  r. i-ll.-i-
* "Ulaiik,  bl«nk your eye*
Ynur liinli-.il  talc**
An- only Jles."
There is a faucinatiou about /the
game of'iiirliug which Mieins to take
hold of a community like the tneaalei
in a school,
There is no cure for it, Tho fever
huN to run its iout.se, tlte patients
cared for and nurHed. thrn'ogh the.various Klagc.. of the contpluiut tu t
slate of chronicality, whero tliey re*
niiilti until they are traU'iplutited to
a clime whero there In no icr, and
from whence they cau't climb back.
This curling fever, has broken out iu
Cranbrook, and a fiue large rink ii
lhe result, The rouriii* .game keep's
louring tluy and ulght, and curler.
curl till broad daylight.
A (piurtot ol Vcrtilrilrs welit Up tu
the banana city lust Halur.liy and got
curled lo a Guit.li. Thu boys wou'l
s.iy tniicli about it, but edmll, rulhtr
■diceplshly that Ihey  were, defeated,
Hod. Duthie cracked the Ue lu novem 1 places, l.ut the. Cranbrook curlen
got luck ut him when thry mu>< . the
lea-kettle .hapt-d .tone), duwu the
One ul our hoy*, il won't do tu
give bis name, gave the Kid Hit frame
work of n food store, wLUti e*uit».l
him down to the grotto*, so -here it
Two fuinilk'-i live new each otlur
on Hater Hill, w,h|ch locality'.*! Cl**u<
brook correspondu' to the quality tnd
of the . V'erulo lownnlte. Their mtnts
arc lexpcctirely Uoaringatuc ., and
Nh.iv.tiiKood, a bd the bti.An of the
two domrxtic rooktrit* have ' hoik
Um daft on cuylliig Utidy,
Mr«. lloaringeine lotlied toontfu-r
the f.rnt hard fit«j« that htr htt,*«U»l
didn't eome bo«n« 'to bi* tstsl*, ind
w.ii nut very Ut.  tstb nifbt,
One raornlng «u.t lout «|o (btu
wan a heavy coat o( wow ua gtouml,
Utiir%, walk*     aaJ »t»p», and fc"in»
wliicli was   as strange as   Siwasli
l'Msmtly Roaringame sprung up in.
Led, grabbed her by the tinkle, and
yelling Sweep! Sweep! Sweep! began
swinging her leg'from side to side like
a'mail man,-until a well directed kick
from lier other foot landed iu Roariu-
game's abdominal regions, and
brought him back from the curling
risk to. a live, waking realization of
the fact that he was at home in bed
and hopelessly undone,
There was an executive session ol
that domestic senate belaud closed
doors, and the Kid's informant coul.)
not vouch for what did li'appcii, but
ai*. tiling is sure, Roaringame don:I
go to the rink any more,
Tlit Kid is of the opinion that Mr
Kouringame hud the choice of one   ol
two divorces.     lie could divorce    the
ciirliiijf   rink or submit, to   n  divorce
from Mrs.   Uonringninc.
lie has shown his wisdom by staying away froin the rink, and he may
Le seen almost any day wandering up
and down Main street looking for a
victim upon whom' he can unload
those beautiful   curling stones.
It is noticed, too, by the neighbors
thnt Mrs. Rouringumu and Mrs, Shoc-
ungood dou't have to sweep the snow
(ill the-walks and steps any more,
Tliclr hiisbgnds have both suddenly
recovered from their attack of liimo
This other kid lives ill lhe quality
end of town. and wears lho regulation Knickerbocker brevity substitute for pants, and lives on buckwheat cakes and honey in winter, aiul
oats kaiiamis and sweet peas in summer time.
Tho other night, after his mother
had .superintended tucking him in his
little crib and had told him fairy
tales about how far it was from
Kairyland to Kernie. until she
thought she had lied him tn sloop,
she slipped noiselessly away into the
outer room and joined his pa, who
was busy with tho afiairs of ihe slate
political and a baulky  old  briar pipe.
These two old ones settled down to
have a nice heart to heart talk about
llieir neighbors and iheir neighbor':*
business. , '
The little Kid had not gone to
sleep as he should have done,; he was
only possoining.
So when he met the Ledger Kid th.
next day they had a good time of il
and this is what our Kid pumped ou;
of the otlior kid:
"When ma went back into the oth
or room, I heard pa' say:
"Now, my dear, I am glad yo'.
have at last shown some interest ii
public afiairs, and if you will si;
down here close lo mo, I. will try t.
explain things to you so lhat yoi
will l.o able to discuss matters of ;
public nature iu ,an intelligent mar.
'"It i.s simply shocking to think o1
the ignorance displayed by the avci
"age woiTiaii when she ventures to ope:
her mouth about anything beyon'
neighborhood gossip, or the late*
monstrosity   in dross." -   ,
"Ves, dear," replied Mrs. Noodlt
head, for  that   is hor  name,    as    sh.
'fhf roller -skating octopus lias
wound its tentacles uboul Louisville,
N. I)., and several of our prominent
cltlfi-ii!* arc being tillered up nu its
ultnr. Lew I lord wcl I is u iiumj ol
no-Jin. weight in the community, but
Iif diuppt-d this weight on the limn
Utout nil (i-ii'li (is he got iniiii skates
under it, The Litdikille lltillotin
"l'eiidelunifi fiwuiij-; in every ilock,
irudlt*. rotked in evtiy home that had
't-lit; grates in evrry stove in Iowu
wtrt shaken, telephone poles were
!Uli([, while the big opera house jur-
uil Irom tip of roof lu viiy laid
fiiuinlalion hloii., IA fiiu'iti'in'il pop
lilnl Ihl'iitigcd the boulevard; liitbit-.-
ctieil and horse* neighm,"
Tlw dynamite hud not bci-ii i n.i wcl
by the cirrlrns employe.*, The tnmb
le was that Ur. llor.hull failed w
tuiile his skuttft i-i.nuui with tin-
Himr hefore hirt iiirsnii not llui.'* Il
wus a jolt.
Pifferi-nt in Kernie. All we lired up
hire Is skates with riiniii-rs on tlu-in.
Wt have plenty of the kind ih.it h.is
klind ftafgeri-i on thnn. All wc need
nnw in the Kkaling Hue i*. a tmk w,di
Stalls for the difltreut classes ol skat
«ri, ko they won't get mtx.it, 'Itn-
{.rnprietur ul the rink lus h.ul to
iuin down one applitation \->i a ]>ii
y*t« skate, on account r.f w.mt i.i
*\).et, which ntakrt him fi-el bad
Whui a iV.ilr in private
Want* to (Ante,
lt« sliould slid.  Inside
lit* i.wu gale.
smiled beainiiigfy upon lijor nobl
Xoodlchcad, "I am so glad you ar
beginning to take such an • interest i
mo, ,
"I was reading in the Night Cat
the other day about "boiler terms'
and _ln Mcllride and Mr. ' Macdi.n;ali
and nil those other good looking liio:
and I am sure that "belter.- terms'
should be used when such nice mi"
are being ta:ked about. That Led
ger Kid should be spunked for usin,
such bad lei-ins when he is wri tin;
about such a handsome man as Mi
Mcllride, with his lovely, curly hair-
"Who iu thunder is talking ' aboii:
Mil" Mcllride and Mr. Mae.loiiald?'
snorted Mr. Noodloheiid. Tho "belle:
terms" tallied about by that meddle
somo Kid don't mean elegant . lang
"Hotter terms" don.t mean a gram
iuar school not* a string ol link suns
uge, cither.
"Heller terms" means belter liiuiii
cial treatment of the provinces by th.
Dominion (lovoiniiieiit. Do yuii gr.i.s.
that?" •   •
"Well, then, why did Mr, Mcllride
get iiiad and come home?" (pieriei'
Mrs. Noodle]lead.
I think it was real mean of Mr
Macdonald uol io let him have all tlm
terms he wanted,"
"Oh, yes," roared Nooilloliead
'.'Mr. Miicdoiiald        should    ' k"
Mr. Mcllride have all the, leiins in
the universe, and if that didn't sat*
isly hiin, he- should build a 'both!
terms' factory with cheek-off clan.,.--
(or Hup iloiii.s in il, ami rim it dun!
le shift time mi open-shop principle
to it.itIsfy Mr, Mellrlde's appetite foi
'bettor terms.
"Holy huh ike, don't you know nnt
tiling scarcely?      Do you   think    Mi
Miiedi'iiiild hud anything  lo   do   will
thnt 'lii-ller    terms' picnic down *  ir
Ottawa?   Well, hu didn't,   mid   ilmt'--
what's the   mailer with him.
"Now, listen to lile, uud dull'l Nol
intciiiipt the tliic.nl of  my  kiiivcisii
".Ml.    Mt Hiidu      nml all   the nthci
prnnli'is i f   the pmviiiics   in lhe   Do
minion lulil n iiiiilciiiiii- il.iuii  nl Ul
lawn io lix   things  up  i.o thai    e.ul
province amid be ahlr    in   got 'bollii
Icnus'     than     ll     was    iiitlllcil   X,
imm     the   Dominion,       au.l     wim
Ihey    olli-u-il     a     pun-       tn       ih>
provinciiil      pic      in    .Mi.      Mi lb id-
tor   ltntisli   t'liliiinbi.i,    In-    •*..ill    i'
wasn't big t'liniigh,  mul ho  wus lieiii)
ilii'rttt-d, so In*     quit llu-   v'.iiiu-   S'nw.
do imi iuul.isl.iinl lli.ii.'"
"Oh, ytt*, lu.w I iilidclstuiid," s.ll.
Mi*.. VoudlchiMil, liuMiling uiih sell
"What a dear, good iillow Mr. Mr-
III ide is to be sine; he wouldn't stain!
by nud sec tht- Dominion, ihiMi.nl. I
nl-a.iy*. ihniijdil he wniibln'i clu-.tt lit*
h.is siuh nin* iiiily li.ni, and p.irls il
mi nicely in Hit* middK-- —"
"Wlin's i.ilkui.i .(bmii piutciiiiig thc
Dotniiiinii.'" howled Noodl.he.id. "I
v.iid Mr Xtcllii.li* ihoiighl he was be
inifilic.il.il D<> v.ui think he luifsii
i.ij. f..r   the D'.iiiiiiiou?
"Well, bo dou't, and ho don't .'iir*
a r,.p for Sn Williul or Mi, Whitney,
or Mr. Macdonald, either.
"What he wanted was 'better term*'
for l_ritisl. Columbia, and lie got tu*4
because he couldn't get them -,-uid
.slammed the door and came liccoe.
Can you get that through that' topknot on the top of your head, tits.
Noodle-head?" ---.'
"1 think I see now -what jto»
mean," said Mrs. Noodl.head.-,-.demurely, as she began brushing out .he*
back hair. "Audit was so good,, si
Mr. Macdonald to help Mr- Mell^jda:
.Mr. Maulouald is not quite so g©c4 '
looking as Mr, Mcllride, and - dom't
part his hair in the middle, .but U
wan so kind of him not to be jtalpue
and help Mr. Mcllride to keep.4iroaa
being cheated and"	
"Waugh!* ; "snorted NoodlcLcad,
"how could Macdonald keep Mcllride
from being cheated. ' Who's talkiuf
about, Macdonald anyhow? ■■   '
"Didu'l I tell you that thc prcmitca
of the provinces were the men in ,ift»
conference? '   '•'"
* "MacdonaldYs no    premier, hair,.,o*
no hair. . ......
"Macdonald could part his. hois .
down the middle, up thc back r.aiUI
(.•Vosswi.se, like you are doing'-bow,
and it wouldn't make a premier- *ol„
him any more than you could b-e a*
alderman by cutting oil your • hair *u*\
wearing a pair of Alderman TuttU'a
old pants," • j*-
"It's real moan of you to talk, like.
that," whimpered Mrs. Noo.dleheftd,
as she endeavored' to hold a roll.'.. ol
hor side hair in her mouth and. talk
politics at the  same time.
"I wouldn't ,be soon wearing .(Jtm
!>c-.t pair of pants Mr, Tuttle,.ha. it
I never got to he ...an alderman, ; .so
there now."
"What did that Kid want to go
and mix things up like that for,-so 2
couldn't .understand   lliein, anyhow-!.'-  '
"f'.m so glad Mr. Mcllride ''-didn't
stay to get     cheated, anyway.*-He is
__tie_!___j______J__4ki_Jg inan.'___ind_if_i__
was a man  I'd—*—:' *' :
"Oh, holy gee!" roared Mr. Noodle-
head,-*us he threw oil his cloth'es'artd
floundered into his pyjamis, if yb»
wore a man, all you would need
would be a liass drum and an organizer to be ' a whole blooming, political
"If you had bow logs and a swelled
head, I'd run you for mayor on,-.the
anti-water ticket, and elect you,; too,
without the aid  of whiskey." ' .
With this final effort at. educating
his wife upon political lines,; Mr.
Noodlohead tumbled into bed, pulled
all the clothes around him and began
snoring vigorously, thus putting thc
closure upon further debate,
"1 don't euro," murmured -Mm.
Noodlohead, ns she continued to .do
up hor fore-top in tins, "I'm not-bow-
legged, anyhow, aud if I was, I
wouldn't wear anybody's pants ■ to
show that I was, for* the,sake of,any
"What a nice man Mr. Mcllride , is
anyway, with that nice curly .hair
parted so near the middle. It was
moiin of those other follows not to let
Mr. Macdonald help. Mr. Mcllride to
get any kind of tonus ho wanted."
And Mrs'. Nooillelioad tip-toed to.the
other room, planted a good-night kin*
on the top of her kid's head, then
crawled into bed, pulled a corner of
the covers over herself, plunted a pair
of cold feet in the region of lier
slumbering lord's stomach ami .Wont
prayerfully to sleep.
, 'Twiis the last word of KtigliH-h
Loll  blo.iiniii); alone;
All its  lovely cuiiipaiiioiiii
Woro failed nml gone.
I'm- the president's ukase
Had .'lighted tlio  linit,
And had  witliiiid tin'  l.ruiichi*,
Destroyed every   root.
Winds Irom H.ixoii nml Nuiiumi
Wen' killed by the iiiiiio.
Le.ivinjt  this miIo suiviviii,
Lost dulling nl time
Though tlm Unwell of .Shakespeare
Had vanished  fiom view,
.Ml .Ai-.:-   \'.'. 'X- j*l* v**
«UU «..uiMi.*.l "SV.Idooi"
Tin1 wonls ol llie Haul of Avon
linvi* I feu K.M.sevelteil nnd are f one.
To st.ile ■>( iliinil. .silence I go,
.11 VS
Mary li'id ii  little liiinb--
l'lt'iiho note llio tense—
Hut lung ago she tarvid her |«t
To wive ixpenie.
When she had curved her little, pt(,
Slid ute nlm up with haste, you bet
With mint saiut- nud nice red,Jelly,
Ami In iniuh trouble went, to   bed
Wild puns all through her little-——
D..nt     g«t    i"xrilrd     and  fly oi  tk*
hrfiidlv, „ .
Fhe only had action In htr head
Win it she blew out the caudle. :'1'A
--. '*   -,
. •*^,i*~§5ist'«-:v.-rii-»*sK.
■*__-   *
*       -- —' 4 4m- -■     ~-
- **!
A"   successful"   young  novelist    was
' £A    .'.' -*■.>,     - .        ■   .
■pntising^lKe--powers of Mark Twain.
i'i, oiice had .the; honor of reading a
tale-jc.   mine''to'Mr.  Clemens,':    he
«■*. *_ '!•■ ' "    '       *      -     ,
said, "and/thanks ' to his ""criticism,
the tale was greatly improved. "Originally If- was ' too high flo^vn; he
.lirought it *dowii -'to 'earth, and< iuade
it homelier and truer, -
"For instance,   , tlie   tale   concluded
with "these words".      -    .
'..'.'...'Mabel's *dovely eyes drooped for
-answer,'-a faint flush tinted her cheek,
. and '"she .gave him both, her hands; (iiid
there in the old orchard, iii the shade
of the heavy'fruited trees, he drew
her to his breast; ami, raising her
long "ringlets to his lips, kissed ilieni
'-"Mr. Clemens, at this ending, blew
a cloud of smoke thoughtfully into
the air,' and as he watched ths smoke
dissolve, he drawled: *•
" 'What do you  think, now, honestly,   of a   young man who would    go
nibbling at a   girl's back   hair    when
she had her face with her?.' "
- o	
Tiiic     christ-mas    Canadian'
*, Thc Christmas number of The Canadian Magazine will be at once recognised by the •.  bright,      seasonable
-,.£ront" covers in colors, entitled ""Our
lady of'the Shows," by J. J. Grant.
The drawing shows an attractive Canadian girl,' dressed in bright red,
trimmed, with ermine, .gliding gleefully along , with outstretched hands,
from which snowtlakcs fall in reckless
abandon. This picture, is set upon an
artistic design in red, yellow, - green
and black colors.   Good, decorative ef-
r feet is obtained by a liberal use of
maple leaves, and the Dominion coat
of-arms. "Our Lady of the Snows"
won the. fifty-dollar prize offered for
the best''cover design for Christmas.
'v A'feature of the number that pro-j
vides reading matter for the    Christ-
■ 'mas sc.as.o.n. ' is an article by, Jean
Templer, entitled "Jerusalem and- its;
"Environments.'-' It is profusely , il-|
lustratcd with- reproductions of orig-;
'inal photographs and drawings, The!
frontispiece is a reproduction of."The'
.Communicants," a" famous painting',
by Jules Breton and owned by I-onV
Stratheona. Another feature of. tne-
.number is, the first of six articles oil;
/'Worry—the Disease of-the Age,',! by;
the famous English writer, Dr.* C. \V.*
There ■ "are many    other  attractive
..things, particularly     "Old Christmas
Customs      in England" ' (illustrated),'
by Sarah A. Toolev,   reproductions ol
R, Catcn     Woodville's famous   illus-1
'.stations,  -'The Dawn of "Majuba DayM
'and   "Maiwand Saving  * the Guns";
."Canadian Country Cltibs"   (illustrat.
' ed);   "The     Making  of   Chocolales'f
"■,! (illustrated);   "Plays of the   Season'!
x with portraits of leading players, by
■ John 'E. Webber;   and     short stories
-by-W. A. Kraser, Alice Jones nnd El
,  1". Medlev.
;A-_   -  K   ■   W : ;"s*  ■-#' r,   - '■:   ■    .?:>%"■.■-&■.•&  ft7- fi .;'■?:-.
•j'-v\-->4*\.-    ' t.,-\^ihn '~-'   '-*"*'-'.1..J. '*.  "   - iS, -fri* '        -.*-       - «A--J<     ii.      ■■-■.*j*
•-*. •*«,»- „
._ 1^* ---'-'•'>'    "^      -       ' __	
*v *v «. > \ia «.v \v \t, «,»,» \i/\if \i* \v «.t_ i v> aj* v> <*■» sli.iu' _>!^!4^i_i__!_!4_*!_'_*I»i
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Fernie   Branch
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All our stock is last years cut land well seasoned.,'
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•Jack London, the well-known novelist, litis a great affection for children.- '
In San Francisco there arc two
twin sisters, little girls, of n years,
of whom Mr. London i.s very fond,
On the way to the boat one nioni-
iii(*, Mr. Lomlon met one of the
twins. lie stooped and shook her
hand. j
" 'Good morning, my dear,' he said.
'And which   of the  twins nre yon?' '
"The little girl answered gravely:,
" 'I'm the ono what's out walk-
In'. ' " ;•
MlttS &0SOX.
f ^ '
W..R. Mcbougalt
• •'••* • The Shoemaker
V- --WliTER
DOMINION 'iV^At'Cd. .-ltd.
There is n woman in SoskniuS'i
tylio kni'iids bread with her gloves on.
The editor ol this journal needs breiid
with his co.it on, he needs bread with
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limit*, on, uml unless a few cU'linqii'in
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lii'' nt nil on, nudl'enilc is not <.'xu>,*i-
Iv a jrnrden of Rilen in the wtnifi
time, cither.
- 1
But the Great Consumptive Prevefc
utlve brought Health aiul Happiness to hii Home
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my wlfo at both her lungi «ir« nT«ct«d,"
my* Mt. L. Jl. WsUer, of rest! SUvtt,
Hrockvllle, Ont.    " It wm * **A dliip*
Intmtnt to ui both, juit ilirllnf out U
: "":^GEI_SE!
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forXmns, niv.l nro now hooking'
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' *    ■ 1
' ■'■■■ impIi ill ■ iiiiMiniw.il   1     Hnl  l"»M~-i-^MM«-f»
-'P'-f'd.e,nri -E.a.r.l y
ft, only muTtod • nhort tint*. But beforo
tho h«4 ilnithed tbo (lnt boltlo of Piycblno
thn ptln In bcr lunf t quickly went iiwty,
*-id *frer IbW.-- ttx Vzttitt ?f.r. Walter
wa* a now croaturo and p_rf«clljr wtl
Tbat It juit ono ef tbt many fimlllM
into which Piycblno bu brou»ht hofio,
btalth and happliuti. It (1 a llvlnf pro*
that Piycblno curat Coniomptlon, But
don't -wait for Coniumptlon. Curo yonr
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OOOD 1TOTI TltC»TOm 2^o_sr*Tiis
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1 . -1 * '
This paper, along with tlle
L- ... ' " .  .   . ' V--^ *■    *■   ^ 1 i\
Quebec-, St. John-*
Halifax/ Maritime
November 121 th to
December .'llftt
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HIiKipur JtusiirriiUini. mi|il,y tn lui'iit
AruiiIIiOi wrllo.
K..r. oovi.K.x.ai'.A.
Vnni'-mvcr. II, (J.
,.I.H. UAUTKK. II.I'.A-,
Ni.Unil, Jl 11
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f M.iliJnK Shop bciuccn Wnlilorf
# Hold nnii IW Cilia'. j
Keep a comin'
f*j*» kk^smi
figging the
meIciless trust
The Government of the U. S.; A. is   Proceeding-   Against
0   ,. the Strongest, Most Merciless and Richest Coiv
poration in the World.
.. 502,150,000
.. 102,230,000
.. 121,631,31'.
..   lO0,OC.O,00O
• •    75,000,000
Capital *	
Dividends paid since  1879...,.'...!'	
Capitalization ......	
Standard Oil, capital.". •'• *	
Amalgamated Copper,.: *	
National Salt     :    id.oco.oco
American Smelting ami Refining     5.-,.Soo,oo..
Com    Products  Refining  Company     ^2,000,00,-)
American Tobacco Company..'    (".1,000,000
Central Leather Company  '    35,ooo,o::o
American   S'ugai Refining   Company    46,ooo,ono
International Pump -*..'    27,500,000
Consolidated     Gus .'. ,...1     8.1,000,000
People's  Gos of Chicago...'.    .'     jo.oco.ooii
lirooKlyn'Union Gas,.*.     15,1100,00(1
Agricultural  Chemical  Company '.    33.5"".0""
Total ■	
National City of New York, capital........'.  $10,000,000
Lincoln   National • .:  300,000
Second National...... -. -. .".  300,000
Hank of the .Metropolis........ .'   300,000
First National of Chicago...... ,  5,000,000
Total , '.	
Chicago,  Milwaukee  &  St. Paul      6,74(1
Missouri,   Kansas & Texas     . 2,500
Wisconsin   Central        1,047
.' —
Totals     10,293
•In addition to the above may ht  included Uic Harriiuan railroad interest;* in    its transcontinental    system,representing $1,700,000,000.
offenses, has    the forceful  personality
of President  Roosevelt behind • il,  aii.l
one which was such a menace to free
institutions under a pop-.laf form of
■government. President Roosevelt and
Attorney-General Moody, witn their
oar-fully selected assistants, will have
the well -wishes of a majority of the
people of tlie country in the work in
which Ihey are now enlisted, and the
successive steps of the prosecution at
St. Louis will !a. followed with an
unusual degree of interest everywhere.
Minnesota is especially'interested in
the c.ise because two of its sons are
represented on the government side of
it. Mr. Purdy, of Minneapolis, as assistant to the Attorney-General, will
l.e hirectly in charge of the case, although t he probably will not have
time-to go so far into its details as
to appear in court. Tlie new Attorney-General-kitowing nothing of the
matter, excepting in a very general
wuy, will turn the management of the
case over to.him. Frank* B. Kellogg,
of St.* Paul, chief counsel iu the trial
of the case, is one, of the best-known
attorneys of the northwest, and was
selected for this important case strictly on merit.
,. ^ ,    ,_,„,,,,,    ,
' Bonds.
1  .      ,         .
1 ■
By W. ^V. Jermane, Colorado Build-
> iug, Washington, I). C.
Wall Street reports that Standard
Oil slock :has been failing steadily
lor several days, or ever since the
government began to manifest a determination-to bring thc corporation
to book, and, it records that tliis
week the-fall has been 33 1-3. as compared with' the price jn 1902. In that
year the * sto.k brought 840. In Jan-,
iiaiy of the present year the price
was 700, e.nd this week it got down
to 565.   This latest decline i.s due en
tirely to-the department-of jiisticeT
which yesterday filtd its epoch-making suit in the federal circuit court
at  St. Louis.
The intent of the administration is
to push the suit at St. I-ouis for all
it is worth. The attorney-general
himself will be in charge of it, nominally, but as a new attorney-general
i.s to come into ollice in a few weeks,
the direction of the case will, full to
the hands of Milton 1). Purdy, o(
Minnesota, assistant to the attoincy-
gciier.il, who is to hold that position
under Mr. Ilonuptirte. ,
Thii* suit, which will be,so import-
unit in its effects upon th). tlcsiru ol
the government to control corporate
wealth, had its beginnings iu ' rather
prosaic surroundings. A petition in
equity asking that the Standard Oil
Company he dissolved, anil that 1111
injunction lie granted forever forbidding it from giving rebates and rt-
sorting to other Illegal practices, and
a special grand jury to consider the
casei .sum up the actual proceedings,
Then, llm suit will be on.
In this action the government is
proceeding against the strongest,
most merciless niul richest corporation in the history of the world. In
iintiie the Standard Oil Company Is a
misnomer, for its dealings in oil,now
form the smallest part ol Its vast
•business. Through seventy-one subsidiary companies it controls the oil
products of the world, It'also controls, practically, the salt, siigut',
leather, copper; steel und tobiiccu industries of the United States,,and the
eUctiic'uiul gas business of scores of
Ainiricnii cities. It dominates four
of. the great banking houses ol New
York cily, nnd one in Cliieii|*o* lie-
Kidvs* Having a large Interest  in     ten
Eleven gigantic trusts, capitalized
for nearly Jsit<i,ooo,no«., arc controlled
directly by the Stuuilaril Oil Cimi-
putiy, and three trunk line railways,
having neatly 1 i,ixm ihIIch nl trmk-
Kxilusivf of Iti*. own capilftlimUoti,
it is Miili to control railroads, haulm,
nnd other properties which an* cup-
itnli/rd lor Ji.ooo.ooo.ooo, iu addition tu which it is believed to ivitiliol
Jiiiiimkhi.oou iif cuplliil Iii still other
corporation* in which its operations
lmve U-1.11 fiUitv-Muny iiws».ti.
.'i.c /.»«.'.•. ttiiUh «*■><.■ .-.'J J-#-*-»A3rf uU'r.
iiu\c l-i-i.li developed by the gi'Vcm-
M.riU during (bt \t**( lew year*, or
Mikc the Htaniluril Oil Company hns
1h.ii the subji'il v»f iiii-ulry at the
Jin in,!, ol Mr. V. a 1'•■■■■'i*.. -*> Ijoii-** niiui-
prrations. Yet, those familiar with
(he subject lulievc \liat the known
facts amount to no more than a mere
urutcliing ol the sutface, the full
measure nf the corporation's oneniie*
uv.vr luvitti*;   li*«i vuvniU*.*.!    At .ivory
is being directed by men of his own
choosing, with a view to having a
victory won for thc people. *. > - *.
Thc specific charges against^ the
Standard Oil Company, as outlined
in the St. Louis sitii, are that it has
illegally agreed with railroads to secure rebates, thus defying lhe law
and stilling competition. Theso suit:;
arc of a civil nature,.but later they
may take on a criminal form. Tho [
attorney-general.-, and   Messrs.   Purdyv
Kellogg and Morrison, , have gone
over the evidence with scrutinizing
eyes, and say that it will be almost
impossible for the government t.i fail
to make its case stick, Whichever,
side loses in the federal circuit court
will undoubtedly take an appeal to
the -supreme" court .of the Vuilc-l
States, "which will then have an opportunity to write another historic
opinion, one which shall defin*: the relationship which, in thcs.! days of
captains of finance, should exist uiuler oiir laws and form of government
between capital and the public at
large. Such au opinion as tliis, if it
shall harmonize with the spirit ot
the day, will, it is predicted, ol il-
,self alone effectively ov'erliini all criminal trusts and drive their agents oul
of business, thus accomplishing nl
one stroke 11 result which has been
aimed nl. and   talked about for years,
The history of the Standard Oil
corporation reads tike n romance. No
Aladdin with his wonderful lump ever
did the things which this trust Ini!-.
done in the United States since the
year 1879, Away lack in 1M62 Sam
111*1 Andrews and John 1). Rocklcller
formed a partnership iu Cleveland,
Ohio, to deal in oil, with n capital -if
$,*,<x,o, l'his was the modest beginning.
In 1870 the Standard Oil Coiiipnny
was foinicd. so successful hnd this
partnership hivn. Its capital wns Si-
ooo.oon, mid its relincries hud a capacity of J,5'"i barrel"! a day. In
1.S75 this cnpiicity was increased lo
111,0011 barrels daily, nud llie capital
to 53,500,11011] The company already
controlled the oil business in Ohio,
ami had begun to crush lotnpi'titior
in adjoining stales. In i8«3 the
Staii'liml Oil trust was formed, which
took over n number of subsidiary
conipauics between Ohio and the seaboard. Then prosecution began, for
the public and private offenses of Huvi inpitny had he*:iiu In pile up.
lu iKi-H thu favoring laws nf New
Jersey were Invoked, mid midcr tlu-ir
fostering care the Standard Oil Company ol New .Icimv I'liine into being.
and In this (otm it rniitiuiics to dn
business, its cipil.-il nt pri-M-nt being
Jioo.om.noo.   Tlm cnpilnli-'..ilinii •>; the
constituents   companies    is Sm-V-WV
,   ,',     ,<-.,,
The by-|ir.,ilin-ts of oil first '.ugg'**t-
rd (be   engaging  in nut.-'di* busiin
and the   Standard began to m.iiiu
lure imraline,    machine oil and luhi'i-
I.1Y1V1,       XV*..'... *•*.<   Ini...*"-.'.    '	
short slep lo   short line** nl railway,
niiii then it was imt 11 long roach    in
lhe purchase nf large l.lmks nl inuil-
line stock.
Il.itilfi Icc.nm* one nf the n.'.-.'i.iiii--
llf   til"!   llllsill.-. .,   Dili-   Ilf   ivtll'lll  Id S    III-'
The Standard Oil Company has issued a circular to its 'stockholders,
dealing with the prosecution that has
le.n started against it by the United
States government. 0
The circular is one ol' the most
beautiful pieces' of colossal impudence
that has been presented to the world
for inspection  in a long   time.
The directors assure the shareholders
tliat ihey have nothing to fear, that
their interests are in safe hands, that
the government has no case, that the
(.oii'ipiuy has in every respect complied with the letter AND SPIRIT of
lln: Jaw. and legally and MORALLY
has (ione nothing with which it can
be - justly reproached—nothing of
which it has any reason to feel ash-
The circular states that wild charges have been made against the company—but that there is a great difference "between making such charges
and PROVING them in a court of
Following this up, a rather ominous
reference is made to these courts, "in
whose integrity and wisdom every cit-
i/.ui ihcald have llie fullest confidence.
Ju view'of the Standard Oil Compilings well-known methods of dealing with sr.me'of these courts, tbe
l.-.sl touch  is simply  exquisite.
And   the    reference  lo  the  "moral"
r.""iii'it.y    1*.   4.\\o=i?t~ii'i\t}'*^^'-^-^^-l*'i*==!.'ji.=
''fifty-seven varieties" of charm about
lice Officer's Evidence
Mr. Alexander ('uniun, 11 retired Police Sergeant, uf Mtsiry-tsti'iet, Molhmuell, ea\n:—
'• Up to two or three years ugo I enjoynl excel- .-■
lent lieultli. Then my bowels became discrd-
erod, und I Fiiffuied'ui st fearful pain. Indi-
goBliun aUo nttueked me, tin.) eating became
very unploasuiil on ae uunl of the naiiseuus
after-effects and b.ul taste in the mouth. I <.lso
Buffered from weakness, und terrible pains in
the back.
I wuh very ill when Bileans wen. brought to
my n lioo. I decided lo eive tliem 11 trial.
Obtaining a supply, 1 waa delighted to llml that
soon afler commencing tlie course 1 obtained
'relief. I porscvetcd, with lhe icxtilt tbat llie .
constipation and .ba.-k piins were. overcome,
ond tho indigestion disappeared. Iain now, us
heulthy as e\-ir turn cun eal my food with relish."
j^LL n odcrn science goes to prove
it   herbal   mcdicii*es   are
7 vastly superior to those con
taining mineral ingredients.   The herbs of the field and the trees of the
forest constitute nature's " medicine chest;" and the highest benefit which 0\
science can confer on man is the' discovery of nature's medicinal balms
and esssnees, and their preparation in form suitable for use by the people.
Bileans for Biliousness—the great Australian cure for indigestion, head-'
ach_, debility, liver trouble, etc.--are purely vegetable.   They are entirely
different and superior to ordinary liver and stomach medicines.   It is well
known that liver medicines hitherto in use mostly contain bismuth, mercury
and other harmful mineral products, and rely upon these ingredients for"
their temporary effects.   These mineral constituents are very injurious if taken
for,.long, and produce such effects as that of loosening the teeth, causing the
hair to fall out, etc.   Dileans are entirely superior.   They are compounded from
extracts and juices ofthe finest known medicinal plants.   In taking them there
is no fear whatever of any harmful secondary effects.   They cure that which *
they are taken to cure, and do not leave behind -them evils worse than the
original ones.   They do not merely purge and weaken, like the old-fashioned
medicines, or do th^ work which the liver and stomach should do.   They tone
up and enable these organs to fulfil their proper functions, so that when a cure
is effected and Bileans are left ofr", the organs remain strong and healthy. Users
of Bileans need therefore never fear their use will lead to .the contracting 3
of thc terrible "pill-taking" habit*
In this disorder very aeuto litv.daelio. is acfionipnnie.l by a feeling
o' n.msca, l.enee the name sick " hcmluclio." TheMill'ei*erli.*..sj.'eiier;illy
a bad taste in the mouth mid u feeling r.f utter helplessness anil
wreletiudi.esu in accordance with tho n-veriiy of iho attack. In all,
attacks, however sliul.l or however scriors, I'.ile.i'iis will lu found to
lmve a baluUiy ell'ect, und u coins j will i.i most eases lender i'utuio
trouble very unlikely.
Headache,- Constipation, Pi es, Cold., Liver Chill, Liver Ti-.iul.les,
Indigestion, Palpitation. Loss of Appetite, l-'latulo.-ii-.i, llizzincs,
Debility, Auaimia, and all Female Ailments. Of all Di legists iiii.I
Medicine Vendor* at Me. a box, or po4 five from the 15ile:.n Co.,
Colborne St., Turouto, upon receipt of pricu ('i taxes foe tJioO).
H&_3_*_E_3$^7,*T n\ f. I nSHT.w
♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦»* +4**ww<><t>Ot>0<Z><K>v<*t'<><l>$w *
it!     ■
The confidence which the directors
pi-tifess to lmve in the outcome of the
j;i'i at lawsuit 011 which tliey are en-
tcriujj may, unfortunately, be well
justified. The dire.'tors may be i-tiile
sincere in their belief that they have
dune nolliin^ wrotij;!—the scoundrel
who is lonjj successful and undisturbed uot uncommonly becomes convinced
that he has lii OUT on his side-but
if the case should terminate as is
predicted, the eiealest. criminal or-
}*iiiii/,-ilioii 111 the world will have es-
cnp.'d loiijr delayed punishment and
llie buys or courts of the United
Hla Us will have been declared powerless to serve the eiidn of justice.—
Wiiuiipi's' Tribune. ,
Hotel, Fernie
A pleasant homo
for tho traveller.
Rooms    reserved
by wire.
livery ^"-.eii-ioir
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,0: )0.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
TJ. 1.. WALKER, General Manager ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Managw
—B-A-N-K-M-OiillY— O-R-D-E-R-S^-
To relieve n coiij-h or breulc up u.
cold in twenly-four hours, the i'**l-
lnwiiiji- simple forimilH, the ingredients of which can be obtained of any
j-o.-ul pri'scriplion dniugist nt small
cost, is all that will be required:
Yirj;in Oil i.f I'iue (l'tire), one-half
ounce; Glycerine, two ounces; Good
Whisky, a half pint. .Shake well and
tnke in '.euspooiiful .doses every four
lu.iirs, The desired results cull not be
obtained nnlcm the iii(*reilieiitH ure
pure. It is therefore better to purchase the in^rcdlciits se|iarately and
prepare the mixture yourself. Virgin
Oil of Plii.! U'urc) should be purchased >'n lhe (ii-i'-innl Imlf-oiince vials,
which ilninuists buy (or dispunsinu.
Ivii-h vial is sectiiely scaled In a
r.,uud wo.uli ii cast, which protects tlie
oil fn nn exposure to lij-lit. Around
llie wooden case is an i-ii-*TUVt'il wrap-
I'.cr wilh llie ii.iiiii'--"Virj-|ii Oil of
I'iue (I'lire)"—plainly printed there-
on. Tlure mc many Imitations and
cheap prodiiciio-is of I'iue, but these
only cleati* iiau.se.i, uu.! never eflcct
the (hsircd ivsiills, ----)6
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*»>♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦*♦*>
■ *
| Contentment-llappin.
$5 arid under :...    3 cents
Over $5 and not exceeding SlO......    G cents   .
"    $10   , ."  * "A.    $30   10 cents
"   $30       " „"      .   $50   75 cents
These Orders aro Payable at Pnr'nt ,-my olTice in Canada of a Chaitercd Hank
(Yukon excepted), und at the principal banking points in tlie United StotCfl.
Tbey form on excellent method of remitting small sums of money with .af._hy
and at srr.all cost.
G. S.   Holt,   Mmtiitfor
i-einio Branch
Make your wife happy by buying a Steel Range of J. I). Quail
antes Oevorn,
Well furnished rooms. The table is supplied with the best ( »
the market alTr.rds. The bn r is (-implied with tin. best wines, 2
li(|iiiii's and i'iniir.s. ' ^
^ 'l\r*ymV^*M)/IC, WQrWt/Ql/tm't ^'%   k^*% 0 ^%/w/%>*m'%' **^*^%%% "V*
—~—_ .    -   ■'
* Fort Steele Brewery Co., Ltd
.Votlcu i^lieicby ^ivett (lml ^> 4A>
lur d.itc, I {ud mt to npply to Wc
Hi*. Cliief C(-mini,sNi(,iU'i- of Litnds.
and Wm Us for a sp.eiul liceliw lo cut
md litiiy nw.iy timU'i' fiout tlie foi*
lowing d'scritud land* sitiiakd on
Iih* Konii-n iv Vivcr Vorlli Knit
K(Nit.-n,iy Uistrict.
No. I .—CoiuiiieticiBj; nt a post
pi; nnd ill tlu east side of tlu* Kool-
fm.. jin.iy mil, nlioui twti mile* norlli
nl xbi iioi'tli.'iii boundary ol Mil 45*>6
ill rn-.- l'u iliiimi nurtli, thinr. Ho
ilnin*. wisx, tlh-nie .So ilmios wmtk,
ll; tuy .Hi, , Uiill-l l,IJ.t, to pbc« ol
...HUM. Ui. 111.III.
,    Cl. II. (**  1IOUIJON,
Ocdilcr <jlh., I'M.
or money refunded
< ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«^4>*0^<>^^'>0**i>^0**<'*'>
g-y—^-,—_:      ,.	
0. If. (1. 1I0UI.T0N.
OctoU-r 4th, iyo6.
step the govemtntnt'* -work li»s luen   control of lursc umiis ol nioiu-y. an I
nl.sii.iuilnl, -And  the -.oiupuiiy'j. imctiU' m.    Uui.wloi.t-:*    ucic buti*.',tit      ,v",Ai
Miih a bcj-inniiij;,   il v.a-*  imm     lat<< i
liav-t comtniitttl periury, .i*il*ry uml
fi,rjf*-iy, and f-Mfiol recoiil* nnd \#ttt
guilty of actual theft in their efforti
to prevent lhc govenliTifnt's proln*
Iron. Umj{ tfltctivc.
lu own v«im«-« Uav« Ucu iU uu
•lui-jf, ami t«nUy It i» bein*. 1iott»ded
in the c-oiiris (if hull o Au/tn nXaXe.t.
lb* .-sit vw tvuS-tr msy *% Ht. .!>>«*.*
i*s, ..( -rmutr, th* mml important t*f
-ill, f..r  it invi.lv<**s  * wider  i<«>p«  *A
tm, as opi«ortnnMir_ ofl.rtd, l..r ib-
cniiipuiiy to control lln* sill, mI'mi,
«tvtl, tiijiptr nnd varimii oili.r tti-
iluiliic. i>( the i..uiitiy. Diu- xU .uiA
in.UiulU it, k.k,uU»U i.n.u iU.M l i,
t**n tmittM nf raiUay, nnd mote iluti
h,imnom \n-ii\ilf air in I cr.s hi) in its
«jf.irAl5oa* a* <tw|>l«»y*-<, tie
Th*   vi.rtd has   m-vtr <(.« *w.1i
f..rc«fol   apfUy.Hioi*.   t.1   wr.lib,    •■«
'.in. .-. ■'ii.wtui,I'.*.".,', .»t s poll
pb;ntnl at lb- soiuhni-st coittr (>f
l.tinii No. t, ili.n.v **-.. «lt.iin. M.iitb,
ih.in. ^> ibiini uc.t. '.Uxie 80
.h.ins ikiiiIi, ik ti..- Sn ilui!r. catt,
t,, pl,.c. of 4 0-iinuUniiuttt.
c; 11. 0. 1MHJ1.TOK.
<ki..Ur   jsli,   i^/>.
N'o. .1 -Cnitmii-V? *X s pout
|.l..iiitd (*■> nnii* north of Limit No.
3 tk t*< *■'» .bjai Vftlk.. ibeSie So
.bun-* «>^i. tli.T..c So ilu**mortli,
thn..- v" <fn•*-*    sm^-x, 10 i»hie   of
No. 4.—Coiiiiiieniinj{ ut a post
planUd at tli*. lorlh run cotuur ul
Limit Ko. 3, th.Hk-o Bo ihnin^ north,
tkoiuc Ko 1 fcailn east, th.n.e Koiliuiu-*
Mllllk, lfUH-.4i tO tkmiSi Weil, iu Jli.Ut
ol- K.miiiiaiitiu.Bi.
Oclol.or ^tli,  1.06.
mm**t~******mm******mm***00**<m*mmmmmi*im***mmmiii*wmii    iw ■■      in i   ■imn.iin
Ho, 5.—Viiiiiinint,*({ tit n ]»».-.
plailwl nt llie toTtk ucM rormr nl
Limit Ko. 4, tfc.iut 80 ikiini nonli,
th.tcc fo ihaitii wi-iil, ilunce 80 limit*.
-.outli, thtnee 80 chain, tiist, to place
of cornmclictinint.
0. U. G. llMl-t.TMV
Oclolcr 41b,  .-J******
ki.illi wisl ci.riii-i of l.iiuil Ko. f.,
Ill ii'.c J.o ih tin-. 11 'itli. ih in.- ->.;
(ll,lilts wt-st, th.n..' :.i> ill,mi., soulh,
llicWc Ko ih.i ns ca.l, to plan* o'
ci.1111111:11.1111. ut.
(V. H. G. Iton.TON.
fji'lr.li>r   1(h     li|i-».
KrewerM of Extra Fine
Laircr TUiO r .'ind Acratcri
AVfttei'H. ft>ttU.d (-JoodN
'•r^^'r'r-'T-ilrr''?'1*^'^ •• ? •-y*'* *I- •?* -Y-* *»J!-*f» "T-' *?*•?.■• •X-* *Y,*'fr^- •?Mv-
ih lilts  nuilli   to   phi,
im nt.
('..  II,
Oitol^i   .iili,   indi..
Ill     .lllllill. tlu*
No,   ll.-~C(i;'iiiK'iiiiiij;     nt     ,i    post
plllllll.ll    it!      ill*    ll.lMll     "li •'     ...Ttl'l     (l!
Until N'o    in.  1I1.11.l- fn iliiiiii «|..i,
llllll-.   Su   illi'll*.       Mil.ill,    lll*.|lii'     In
ilmins 1 list,  iluiiii- .'•..i 1I1.mm    n,it'll,
lo  pl.irt*  o!   1 nmiii'-in run-ill
G.  II. f'.,   I.OI'l.TON'.
Oclolcr  /-th,   i'i-.'..
So    1J'
No, li.--Coiuiiuii ii> ;ii a
phmicd in* hill mile enst ,,l lln
.lliiiiil m.nI ii.;ii, 1 i^l.iiiiu N'o, 7,
th.nce t'o (hun. 1101 tli, th ti.i- *m
ih.ttnt w.st, th n.t- s.i .li.n. «-..inli.
ill ll.c in (hlWIs i.isl, lo I'1.in: ol
(oinin.-iii' nnnt.
G. ]\. G. llon.TON',
(hlol.cr .51I1,   iy/..
-l\ lniii'tli'll"     nt       :i     linsl  I
l1"**1 I pi,, nt I'll ,-it   ib.. 11.mli  «,*, *.;t    foiii.-r nl I
Ulni'. N'.i,  lo, th-iiti.- ^<. ih.nn.   u.".t,
N«. 6.—CummiBciBg tt * post
pl.at.dl at \li nor Ik -n-rst <(»rri(f of
Umit Ko. 5, theme Xn ihiins norlli,
Uu Bee Ho tknin. west, th-oic Xo
(Iuin. V»ilh, Xbtasi ht> tkiUs «j_t.
to pUv« ul  KAim.'.UikUwU.L.
OctoUr 4lfc,  I9"A*
Ko,  1/.—C1 mm iic.n-;    ai    n      [.n-.i
\,',„i\.,A i.t;. !iv.'.i nv.l.     . „ *v    (.'.    tb.
IMittll   Wtst   i.HII.I   oi   I.i'llit     Nu,     8,
tli iu.   :-*. «U,.iu     u..r,l.,  th n..-
iln-ni w.st,  thn.- *... tli ims south.
tli n. ,* Si .h.iins     «.i-i, io pi....    t.i
i. mm 1.1 m ut
0. 11. g. r.nn.Tow
(Kt(>l«(   5th,   lv*'*.
thin* Jvi ill,nn,      iii.iiIi,   lb miili i;iii inst,  th nn- -*•>! .li. iii.
In   r.'ii,.   ,.(    , , ......   *i,    {.,, pr
g. 11. X.. it(i':i,Tii\
Oito'.r  t\\b,   ui '■.
j Ko '1.1, - t*. .iniin iu' ii;*. nt nl poi
ipliint*d .11 ill* nniili •M.i"'. ii.iti'f ol
1 Limit Vo i", ih.n.i Jv> ihu'i.s 11 mil
i ili.l . ... ,'n.i 11. tx.'.t, ib- ii* < <
iihiiiis »«niifi, ih>n.t- Jv> ch-i:n» wv.'..
' t,;>  pj.uc <»t   ii.miii. si. rm ir.
<;  11  r.  p.ori.TuN.
O.J..UT    r,\h.    I'I •
I   Xo. 7*
Ko    i{.   C1.m11
-. 1 i.int'd a:  ih • *. 1
- . i it      '.««».   >**
t    *.,-.i',Ji,   l| n.e   **->•  .
.*<» <hi;fis    r-nMh.
 »•:..   ... •.   .    ...    ........    ....    -,.   *,*,,..     .       ,e   ...^   {<t   ].;_.       ijj-
ih.ii-t  t*<,<..   th lu*.   S<. ,l.,ni  s.,*nli, j (*,
cJttfe.il   mil* t*\X ul    tn     tk n.<     v» th*'.*.  «f.|,    ikn*.     s. 1    tyt„\it  ,;is.   r//.
chop;; *nj.>:i>i*.n akd s\vi»-;t.
Oiu iki.|n.^ill     tulle ll*. paluUi     ot
s,,utli   j 'It-' i|'iiiir« us well tit. ul uny one who
j ui'i ih.in.
Taken Imm  the  liest stoik obtuiu-
nbli, .md t.ii. fully mt mid trimmed,
ih\ c, iiii.it f,nl in please you.
llm  111..its .ne    nil ih.iiie, nnd tlii
I'-j.ri'..   ni.' no hijjb.i    ihiin you *n»y
|,V..v    for loMvi-y.t.ule    mark.1111^ »:'m»«
P. Qurne *! Co., Fernie
liy tlio ttrt»k or iuonth«
Ko. i<» --Co:imi.ncin,j
J.l, i'lll • 11 ■ Ulll* «'. st
wrst envn-r iit I.imit
at     .1
i-i   ih* 11..iiii
»i»   •*. tlo. «s<-
n "n:,- ,11 .1 p..*t
i li v.• ■*(  .. in r    ..I
J. 1.. :-* il. ,.-.i>
ilun- i.c*.    ih n..
th 11..     '-.» ilrt.n
i. '.'*.:■!»    ;-l ••	
If   «',   !Md*r.TO\.     ,Uii..uds   Unimuil    C«r«V.s.tg*%,
Mrs. Clark *%&«T„
Hn\ Hall
Ctiwti. the'fe'rnie' ledgM;'; fernie. b.c. December. 15, 1906 .-
'-,. ■: ■■■■■'if:
Labor Party  Win a Great Victory—What it Means.
miastJacon and
..The ej'.'5u"n7of'i\Ir.}.'i-Sudlioin'e, * tli',*" j
independent'-; laiibr 7 candidate, in 'iTa'm-
jlton is a "win for;-labor;-**'a!.d *a 7\vin-
'for -public ■'■ownership'.''7 7 .'•■-.'
„ ;lt meaiis-tliat iic"rea.ftc;r    lubor 7*wil!'
iaiid caii -.-aSily carry; at 'least' half -llie
'.representation'' of .■'our-cities; either  jn
federal or''provincial politics.A  T.p.l:or
' caii7easily tarry Ani 1: ot tlie ■llaniiHoa
seats in the  'toliiinj,' federal'', . contest.''-'
A; It "'js/a Areat7,wiii,;'fb'r;piiblkA>u-iier-
7Slii|)'; and ', especially. f6r■■■'public owner--
■ ship in„ the "'distribution 'of ° glpctrical
: eneiAyJfronl Niagara. ;l*atls07 ;':It :"a!so
•j'Oiiils 'the Way-to tlrc ; liiituieipaia.i-
"■-•tioii    r;f"the    - stri'et:.'  car-systems, in
'Ilamilloii and. Tordiito.;    ,      ,,   ;. ' ■"}"
,   .To I\I r. WJiitucy  iAijieans ih'aU.;'l'l*-,
(people 'ale with   liimj'and AVdain lkck'
'as against  the(Jnumo., rii-^ 7 hut 7 it
■ also iiieans7tluit; Jt ;,7\.IV. Whitney wishes to justitv   his   projja-ssiye ; 'policy,7:
'he imist = se"-.'that his „c,iiuliilati*s Syi-r
A;ii   tlic>;s,-uiic  plat, jfui, end' 'that" die-
must also se*.- : that ..tlie minor iiiein-
;■: lie. s of 'his 'cabinet are .hoi the 'al-
'.-; lies .'ol j the pfivw-r combination- if „-T o'-.ii
:7*1M',' t.ibkqii}, - ■■'''i'..A;'7;"'.7,;.--'--.-'*v.':,777; •'■.
■■■■'•'■ lt7iiiean.. ."'i'.'iso. the ;end of a. Ui.Ao!'.-
7 iy/.eA Hamilton...- It also liicans.,: - i.hat
;"iprcf.ssed Ajiiewspapcr friends,, iA  Air;
Whitney cannot be the champion-;''find;
.. nllk*s7of 4Mr. GibsoiAanil the i-l-.-ct.-ii:
^'v'liiigr ■"-'■;'-.■■ '■.,:■ ■■ AvA..*- :.,y.;. 'lyiy- { iy
7 ATo °I\Ir. ficott, , tlie Ailcfeated" 7Vaii.:i-
, (bte,: it' '.mclins that it pavs 1.0 iij-
dare ..where-,: you. arc im- •" a'.*.:<jrcat^j:iic
7, and not'to straddle "it or- attempt "to
1   (|iiecr, it.    ,,■---„.-.,-, --...-;.■',;■'- -.'"-'-..i-";.-.,;,* 1 7  A-A
7 .As for  Sir .Wilfrid I.aurier, 7 iie AA.s
;sinart7;'cuoiii'li5i to' niiik-sj.Iiis move 'for
"''"aniinieipiifized. power. 77a, day or ; two
after Studlioline .rot.'oii the "same plat-
7 formy—,1 oronlo World.  .'     .■.'.-. » ■ ■
-    .-     ■ --- .   .(*-*-    --.    .;, '.'   . ■<!: ..."    ;  .. .
Don't forcfet. our ' Celebrated Gnfllll Brand
Sim-af- Curell Hams .imi Breakfast Bacon arrives
weekly.    Ti'ylsomc lind be convinced   that it  is the
Best on the _iiarket.«_-dtf^'
Pay Cash aad. Keep Debt in Wk Backpi
* Coats and Skirts
Now i\ml t.p-to-diite.
riKJerwc.irand Hosiery
The madc-to wear, iciiu?.-
>c-nn.-*-<mo^.).uv.«=:4l-^*.ral».■»■J«U'"-^»,•■.■' M.,rr.^,n-mmatEimmima.t,miMn
I 'nclerwear and vSweatcrs
'■> I*
. The Best that is." * ' ■
.mwl^„..^_. ^■r-^.*-3-_-_.-_-.-j--U_-i3aJ-cJ _»ir_ a^iJi^X^X.^^-MM^it^xK.'m^-~^^-*rr
MENS       * ■'
Overcoats and Reefers
The sort that UU.
BARD TIMES .iAND MONEY SCARCE, are good reasons why you should pay cash
"| for y'oiir goods, by doing so you will obtain the biggest and best Value for every
dollar you spend.   W9 can save you from 20 to 25 per cent, this on each purchase may appear small, jbut figure what it will amount to at the end of a month,
then decide whether it will not pa^ you to alloAv us to cater to your wants.
-■ u_l_LMi„tMimlM_L^w, ami - ii ■ ■ h ■* nrh-ri* 1**11-MT-rnv 17Kir"*	
^Str23£>'    rz-Uzx-U ____
OUR Grocery dcparinict*:l".iis stocked with seasonable   .jj l"\0 you use a dinner pail'
goods:- new  Fruits.   Peels,   Nuts, 'Confectionery  ,| *•*  containing 3IIIS. of crca
having arrived.  .-We handle onlythe best quality and
brands-so .that you can bejAirc .of receiving  the  bestv
quality obtainable at prices that.-can.not- be  equalled
else where.
? We have a first-class  one
in Sodas, price .35c each:
Choicest Government Creamery Rut ter
Ashcroft Potatoes per iGoUis.   , " ■
Fancy Winter Apples-- per ibox
We offc-r (inc Hundred  Dollars    "Reward for <i.-'.y  case  of Catarrh    tli.it
cannot   l;e   cured  by   Hall's Catarrh
Y.  .1.  CIlEN'iC.V & CO.,  Toledo,  0.
Vie, the undersigned, have known 1'7
'J. Cheney l\>r the last i.s years, and
believe him perfectly honorable ia nil
business transactions and, financially
able to tarry out any obligations
made by his firm.
• Waldiiijj,   Kinuaii  &   Marvin,
lYIi.-iles-ili*   llriiirlfists.   Toledo,   -■),
n ■Rubbers'-'"
The Best imiitlc.
SWEET PJNK is a;;lvigh':^Tade, highly perfumed
. toilet scap. Our ■j-cgulai.'.sellirig price, and it is a
low one, being 2 cake's-for i'5 cents. To.further introduce it we will sell'iedh Saturdayj.5 cakes io.r      .25c
* •*■-
t Wl*mmt*t i*.l*»ZWJI^XTi.Jp33*Jfa*WU__lltV-"'"****** (t
BISCUITS.   Out* variety :in thisTlinc is very complete
We have inadditioiVto a choice range of bulk Q*oods
1 ^ ^ -ii
Huntley & Pat-rnet'.'s fro:n...2.3 t^i 50 cents  a   pound.    |
Lock-- in ^]l"i cartoons, 10 cents each.
Biscuit Special for Saturchiy.
Fancy Fruit, 2 pounds for 25. cents.
GOFFEE.  Mo-Ja is absolutely, thc  best Coffee ..that
we can buy.  For full strength and flavor it  cannot;,
be excelled. The price is low,   we  following out  our
rule of selling at the lowest figure possible, 40c per Iti. ;
We have cheaper lines, both being'exceptionally good
value.   Emperor.30 cents, Imperial 22^0 a pound.
Extra Fancy Table Raisins per pound 25 cents
•   Choice Table Figs in bulk and. lib boxes 20 cents/
New' Dales in ill") packets, per pound 15 cents
New Walnuts, Almonds, Filberts per pound 25 cts.
New Seeded Raisins, per packet 10c. and i2j*_c.'' - .
Fancy cleaned Currants.in 1 111 packets, . each 121/c. ■
New Lemon Peel per pound 25 cents. ■•    *   •
New Orange Peel       do       2*5 cents.   ,
New Citron Peel        do ".   35 cents. . .        ''
C! lli__l MMX XiVX
mxavm-m.ssv.tmt* :____t n "*-; i-^-'»— "nt«r«i'_i
.*_.-_:-___- _ot.-.i».-
%&■ :? :Yl-' ■f W^ '"
rHall'sA.atavrii7Cure is takeii7:;u^-e"r'
Aiaily, aelingfi!''*oetly'7upou  tli^7bli'*od
-, and7imiciioiis "surfaces (if ihe  systemC;
r-',T.i-'*itiiii<iiiial.s.Asi'iit free;; Price 75 cents
jier-.' l'bUliA .Sold by all .'(IriijmistSiv .;
..',,, ■.'.Take ■Hail's-. Knrnily lMlls. for constipation, *   ■./i:'..«:i...y  7...       7.,-.77;';l77 7'
yfiiiv. 'fti)r.ouiAi, cijtkm: gym. 'i,
,... Acoonlinjj to 'the local- ijr'il. 7 or^au,
,.JIoli, ' K7 1'. Gri-cii is an ''iiwful'*'—-—.
! \vhoii lie''-.;iys7hi- ikA'io busy, to think
7abo;jt. piilitics. : Uid'-oilr early coU-ii),
'*evcr7lieai'; of,: tlu; * story of 3 the niaii
'..'i-ii'lio told 7Asuch ,a --—-:— lie. ilini':'-'U
j'touldn't (l^eeiye ai)yl)ody?7 Our. cb-
"7t(>in, slunild re iiieinber iliul. wi ill I Ion,'
•Ji, 3 IAAOm-u iiolilies is a busiin'ss
' ]-.r,)])osition   "lirst, last and   always,;'
i'i; ■ ' Aby d\eve,i
.-•I-.        7:4.7', illIV lllll'l-,,;■■    ' .„■■, ":fA  '.,
.'.'•'7" Alayo;'a 'care ;'■
,7      7     ■  And,.don't sweiir,
I was ■lUireil of terrible lninbayo   by
" I\I1XAUI)'S■„'1!l,INlAlKN1T. *.'■■"'■ ".' ~> A
..     I' uicv. wm; liunivx."..'"
n.-liivby MIXAKD'S I.ixtlMKXT.
,;"■■   I   was  i.uVed of almil   cii!*iviil" 17.11':.
-.■' MUS. -S.".. KA1-* MlACK'.-"
I   was  i*ii|-i*d i.f" sensi live   • 1111 _;*.■ ly
AIIXAKD'H "l.lN'lIMlCNT.      ; ;
'  *   JIIUS;' S. iMASTKUS,
President Knosevell seiuies I In-
Nol.i*l |iri/(> jiw.U'ilcd eai'i ycni' t'i'
ill..so iiisiriiini'iitsil in ihe caiiM' ol
I I'.irc, The Nobel -lii/i* is 'lail. nl a
U'l'lli'M lelt. by 1);, .Ml'leil llennird
Nobel, nl J-iwi'ili'ii. .Inilil I), nml the
Iii'l ii'iisl iiia^ii.'itis ilu not. iiiiuh Mr.
I'ii s.ivlt is inliibd tu 1 lie iinpliy.
Tluy don't think ii will lonl. w<-ll
iiloin.;:,ide ol the "hi}* sidi'k,"
I- V&^
.iL/t .,_-_~_-*-.-_~'-»-:__rj_r'^-^__r^^
■;  A:':'"- ':-" ^:J^^__7v^i -NOTlClvis hereby giyuirlliatrapjili-.
'luiaar: tliis'"l.t.--€liiiK.--iii«t«i-t.o*l" siy'. tlib-l ■.i^sttiiil.ly-"*-*i:,r.--. Ui«;-^lM-civ-i««c*.or-..-"*nri*Li*-*li
'"rai.e7.of oiie7ceiit;a word "each■ _i'iii--t:r^[= e0]niul.kv..;-.'iit.vi ts',^iicxt;'' .session;..;for.^ an.
;   tion.  ...'••;. f- :r-i__..";i.i ' :' ' '"'' - 7_^;;   ''::|r*:ct to.'"'incorporate :a   coinpany    with
——-—•—- -     '     ~Y7~~".\\-<i'Yr toAoiistniel,.:equip,' \maintain
•* - -, • it, \
N nodepart-ment are our values stronger than in this, we give value always, and
never sacrifice tfwasity'for the sake of price.
Gift's '■■■'-■
■,"-AA; ■.,."'■■"'■■■■" .WAN't'KJ)" .-77:.. A ..' :**7
'.VAN'J'KD —Kxi-erien&'d   ;, ^eainster.-f
Cfow'ANest TradiujACo
■ ;uil iiperate a liueioAliiies o[ railway
[■of stanilftnl or-other.-'jjiuigc, 'with any
— i-": i;in':l■""''(.l|, '.I'l-KuLivc'iiowfi-j'-'for. .t;lni"-,Cc>iiv--y.-:;
yAN'TICl)—A* '■jjonil '|*:ii;l,'to;- hous'.-keep-.- ancc of iiasscii^eri^ and Jrei^ht;" from
liiig,—Apply  V'V Mrs. .'1 .■ IC,;',l,ii\vry. '■■■'   ii   p.oiiii, on the 'south-, fork of TMieliel
...A_.-^^..~_T~A.,:..:.'.:u.-:__J:—-—~—-   Creek, at or! nOar the point■ k'iiown ;'iis
A'ANT1'"1J—Girl., to '   do   housewiirk.— "The    T,i')pp"  cn     the'., Crow's, Nest,
Apply  to-  MrsA Kekstein,  llowlaiul   br.Tiieliof  the western Uivision  pt the
'Avenue;    . ':T*'-v-I'::' ' ''■■■■■.,■'■. -.'"■■ v^
,'AN'fKDAA general ':*vj*rvaiit;--A\ppiyl
.-. jei'siiiuilly. oi' by : ''titer Ai')..»Miu-.ii'(;cir
7 Ciiii.idian Ikiiik ,ol' C<viiiii|t-|-vi-.    '"■■'■■,'■■.,'
: ii:':yy:-yy 'Vxy'liViY'-y.■•:..■ ;.■..''-.,' :'
1ACIIivl,t)kS' qiiarler.', two ii.oins;
jKleain ; Aeat and :luUh,™CRO\V''.
.NHST TRADINO C(),, l.Tli...;
1'1'1'NISJIKIJ. i'lnim to i.'ut i'or'jjo'n-
ili'Hiaii I'uniace, elect lie Hj-l'.l' 'iiiul'
balir,,  l-'oi', ]inrlioiilii'i-,s(1 apply iii.I.e.-l-
'"(icr (il'litH',       .       o   .      ..,-.    ,7i
Ptm HAliVt ■■,'.'.'■."'.■.■■;
Ci-.iiiulii--!; 1'iicilie Kail way, iii.7tln_
I'l-iiyiiici- of "Jlritish iCyliiuibiiii theii.i!
ru 11 Hi 11 n' ill a sojitli'fcrly.v (lireetiou fiiiv
iaii'l c'i-i.:L'!v to 7 the' ,111011th ,.'pt' the.
east fork of 7 ..said creek, Alienee
ap said east fork of said south' fork,'
lii ail easterly and souUiern sdircction
lot lm 'siiniiiiil Ijetween 'said creek und
,t,7■'! trilnitiiry ot „the li'latliend liiver,
thence iu"ii'southei-ly:7(lireclvoii down
sail! tributary to tluAKhitliead Uiyer,
tlii-nee i'lnitliei-ly ' iiloiig Miiiib.Klnlliedd
Kiver to' a point on the Inlernational
Hdh'ikIiii'i- between llie l'rovincc ' of
llriiish 7 Coliiiiibia and ; the United
rtl'iitys'. ■; fit Aiiii'Wi'ii, a distiucc ot
about fifty, miles,5more 017 less, ....
Ami willi-powcr .'to "con'stnu't, op'ei'-,
'.''OU SAI-lv-A ji*ooil Wiliiaiu's piano, J ate ami niaiiifain nil m-cessury 'lirldgcs,'
Apply'1). !\[i-I,cmiaii, nail'', ways and ferries,and with pow-
rv to build,i'(|iii|i, o|H'i-ate and nuiiiituiii
'•OU S.\l,l';--?n lots in Weal lVini.;
ii»sy luiins. ,,Apply W, T, lleaiey.
West   l'','lliu:
50 Good Woodsmen wnntod by
The Elk Lumber
Co. Apply at the
OHIcc or at Hosmer.
]k Elk Lumber Co., Ltd.
fernie, B. C.
II. I'll.1.. ...Wi-.i-'i*.*.
m.l.T- fk WILDMAN
(tt^.ilriri.ir^ HI..1  |-..,«'..1* r .
J'..lllM,t». *r'(III.J.|w-.|
Siorni ] ).«-.i. mid Wiiiiln'A'i
"*!;..: - l'.,n,..f lti.>*lt,r..l Am. iiml M'-Ki •• »'»
t,;.       I' 11. IJ-.i i'i'. K.ii.i.-. I*. r
l''n|{ ,SA|,K~--A i-n.ip; >a si.v rniiimul
.luii;,i.\ will biiill, with lml, nin! cold
ivati'i* bath, (iiul lip-ln dale clerti-i.
Ii).',lif li slit ii s-,' citiialed i-loi.i' in ti;
biisiiiise part, nl (ity; iiitr.i. bu sohi
s (ill, l'o|- pui'lieiilai'.sn i.'iupiiie nl
Mult, .-.on .-v Co,
I'OI-J ■SAI.l,.~-.'o'..i'iTi'S tvvc^, niiU-s' 11 ■ on
Ci;I,*arc,  Mill niile' fnr ihickea or |n>i'.
Vam li; iii-vcr fuiliiij.Klreaiii (111 ivop•,
crty;„Kiii;c.l; 'Inaii.e ami  ,i,ii;;i.   !' i*<'-'
" per ' lu-i'i-;,. c.i.sv  teiiiiN,   Applv, to
'lJ.  11.  MACI.MAN,
■    .  "i"    '  Ileal   Ki'tatu  Hi'mI-i-iy'./
AlcMiiidir M. 11 k, .Ciiljjary, AHa.
MOTT SO*S" .V Co. Ii.ivu, ui.tiiiction* j
in look unit lot nui 01 .ilr.,-,. aiiinj
llll   ililrfi   (il   J-Oi.-d ■ llllll/,,, SI'll.l!l!i-     foi
fiuit. k-i'h'iu; in ill.- K<V,,r.
ley.   Tills land ui'i'.t  1
u-i io 11II..W ol  ini. Ai.ill, lith.T !n  |l"Aib-j;--
j;i-iivily or i.v a  w, il T,pupped iiituip
ititf"''iiiiiii   wiili mi    iil.nr.iliniv   si;;1
•ity of 'ivnt.'i'..' Ipipiovid v.iii'.h's an
wi hi 111 ili.-"i(*cip''.-,'ir' tin- iii.-:(.ii,iii'.it!i
l.OCllltv,   i;ll.|lit" nA.oil   utl'I .*lt .:>'•'.
telegraph and   i.U-plioui*  lines  in con
tu cl ion willi     llie said railwiiy'   uiul
l.-raiiclics, and tu    'transmit iiu'ssnj'i'ii
[or   uuiiiiii'i'iial    purposes,    and     to
.li.ii-^c lolls Ihiiefoi', and to u-ii..ute
•li-Mrii'itv   lor      the sii]i|ily   of   li|*lil.
!i .'t ami 11.wer;   ami   willi power   ,to
•\\ io]iri,iti' land-,   lor   llie piirposes ol
ilu- Ci.uip.iiiy,  and  to  ucipiii'e    luiids,
uii.liey,  I oniiM'S,   pi ivili'^cs  or      (illiev
.'il-* li'mii  nuv  e/ivi-iiiuii-iil,  iiiuiiicipal
■ ii; in .(iimi, or oilier persons  or Iiiml-
'.-. niul to Ii\i' and i-iillivl  tolls Irom
all 1 ciM.ii',   iimiij^,   and   1.11 nil Irrij-ltt
! i.,i!.:.inj; ii\ii  ,iii. 'ol s'.nli loads, rail-
' win-, mu.I   1. iiii-s Imill  l.y  the    Coin-
p.-tiiv; and willi pawer in conned with
and make tiallic or oilier ai'i'iili^eiiH-iili
with railwais, Mcainboiils    nr   other
■■ j    * '-■■        -unl   In   i.v,.i-i-t.ii ..itrli   nr.w-
    :.■>■ "i-auied bv I'aits IV.   niul
','   .,''   il Water Cbiii'-.i'M C.iiisolida*
t-'nii Ail";   ami   fnr   ull   other neci-s-
1 ■,,' n.il-il ''""'.''   "i- itiiidi'iil.il  i-i(.'h(;i,  |iuv,-«,'i'H mi'l
. tu  that beii.ilf,
*    •       .*-.,: .1, ,i... ..,    ».-,
!     ^Rtch"S"rikAA:'scof"s".Tnil~F"Oiir-
je uiost'tip-
'" Are-you tlnnking: oi' a
new suit .for .the Holiday
Season We can i.lj'aso
and satisfy you with Fit,
Fashion,' Fabric and Fair-
IWo. 'in-hauds, in tl
to-dalc colorings.
50 cehts tb $.2.25.." - *
PI/miqc* Silk and Fur lined. Mo-
UlUytfo,  C|ia Gloves. ■   •
;     " $1.35 to $3.25 ""
MMirUrc Silk, Padded
UII|C.l5. andSquntcs.
90 ccnts,to$n.2'5'
Qiicnonr.ore F,'ulcy Silk Web **•• *
OUbptJIIUU! b, individual boxes '
95 cents ,,
$1.50 and $1.65
Presents that would be apprecial-
by yonr lady friends. ' '
J'liiiny IJiiiiilki.ri'hluN     I'.iiJIm     (/.lihirii
Silk (llnvusmiil Wills     ShpIioIh
lllllill lIl'llWII liilil'lN '        Si Hi lllllllhO.H
Silk 0|.uiii uml Wi'lril IIitKfi        i'" 11 r.-*   . .
,cte   SIE3IOIE3S
Satisfaction and Comfort is assured when wc supply your foot-wear.
Tho Walkover^hoc for Jilen       $5 to $7
Th© Traveller Shoe^for Men  $4 to $5.50
\< ml i-i', .iiu.'.,
r.(j!l\Vr.J,l, aS'IJ i.aw.sos.
-•■?*     f'uliiili.r. j'l.r the Appli.aiits
l«l   V .'l'l    n.'.l *   I i tl.!.-   pi !' -■   ill      til
...;,.:■'. ,,.■..''n    .    *h    ,-. ' .   i,"-I- '    vnriflf.  i'i Irrdy plveii   tli-t    1lic
is ,'.     pi.i.lii.il  (imi    '-it.H-.r,    aal   t'*inl    .f  l'.*-.isio:i     (.ti   the  Vulers-.
I.u..w ■  -.A...!    li    \..i.'. '.\,.A    i, ,[,;,! f, ;   i!i,   i';;    <.f I'lTiiic will in.*!-*
\()!.t   ..c.i iipt'om,     l.ii.ir.i.iis    mi.I j jn  ih' (il*.   iillu-" on  l'"1 iilny,  I)i*i«*u;-
I'lin-K llu- '.r i.  ."'.', at S ii'il.iil; p   in.
  j r  w   y,tN-Ni
A  liot'-l   lli.il   f»mi I" '■  i|-»A,   nnii-
Cilv CK-rl;
iiii.dioiis   .uni,iii.i.i.l.n .''!i   I.n   il' p.i   j    I'.n.i-,  »l- C,  S'ov. ?lst,  x'loft
(r.tn llin,; .jiiil.lii.-,   '-'inil a  . n .
I'.'il!;;   K'iv aid   ifo'i I,   (il    I'\ ;tii
tli  f NOTICK.
..I-   i    T.il I- ' or ,.   il...*  ,n il.ns .liter ."nti
I  iiil<'*.|   ;«.   .,;.;'V  t* the   CI.M    (*'"*l.*
For hard wear aud durability', tlio Artisan Working: Koot [for Meii cannot be
Tho Worth OuRhion Slioe [/^ 95ito$5.50  I  equalled      $1.50to $4.00
Wo havo the solo agencies for the following well-known makes of Ladies Shoes
Tlio Ainerica.ii.'Walk-oyor     The Art     The Royal Purple     The True, Fit
msttmMlV'^mtmUAmliit .-MJtUjK. ■J'-im'W )."Hi.1-H*li.' UTHmlWUCl
^m ^- .y_ _w_-_i- _U^-i1fi^tWBW»-nWt»M_W»|lt-l
tf.rt 4M**(twKm*xwmmtmm
^" Three Months Paid Siabscriptioni
ruL**^     ^-^       'Uwm^y^9t*wMm*wtmiim*mxfm*m^mM»%^ .m *********** T7mm O M ^ _^_
f)tt Stittifflitj' tltx' I"i1 It !nrU. t'.'o v, ill prvHt'iif with n ptirt'lwr.t' tif$1,0f) at'awr, imtrifh'flj'ttti mv tttii ttlivtitli' n
sulist'i'ilH'i; it Tliit'i" Motif I'* j>:>i<l "tthy,i'i'ii>li<») fo Thr I'.'niit' Lt'tlnvr.    This tfill'/■<• tlt'lirvrutl h,i'"nwNHf timer ur io
t'titir in.yiftil rithlre':?n.    IIV' wmil ,i o;/ fu rem I mul ye/ the heiielU t<l tmr iitlt'erlixPiiieiifN,  nml fuhe ihin tuemiH of
pltieiiiiC them fiefuii\i'f>ti.*i. fltje utiliiieri/itinii otitj- mieett it) ct.eh liemit) ur hntiilyi'.
t ii-iiiii-m— niinr_Tr iim-ii r n -in ■ f- — -f -  *  ,-*- — —- -  —— -■- ■  ——■■   --■—■-  *im» imr   t rii'inrr-iTii irr*_____i_i_Biiri-n_iM_ii_i>i_iwm)>i_ii
mm mtmmrjntjvtt 1^11      t  umin  ihi  mnn iminrm-HMOHiUM
The Crow's Nest Trading Co. Limited
JS '
,„isMoiii;r (ov "mil hoi ity   to    imo..'    h .liHur .MiirN MI-HOI',   St-ni-t.iiy lo.,
wiii'i.n ri.nil (;-€.ni n point ali'-iit  (.'.im-! i i- Al.l'l!l';i)   I'llOHIvWI'S,  Siiii-iuty,
IllillS MMilll   (I   Ml'lllssi-l,      WlH-'i- , i ,.,'!,  ll.il   l.il.l     Hi,111    Hi....H.n      .i.lll,
ciT.-k tiiiplvs  inlo tlm   K.Ik   vivi'i*    A tjv.,('* •
the west  silk',   tlu-iu'i' I..1 lowing. . *• i    Tulor, lhc  mill, i^/i'.
sillill' ili-i-k for  I'.boUt   two llli!'-*   ill ■ ;i,    '|h,ii ll.. (l'.cl..!-  ck'itul,   iij;ius to
H'**iili-wi*4.i.'.iy ilii'uiinii t" mv    '■"•'■' | , pi-.,vit',i> ii pii..n'v .rtimli*  |. ■■ p.iliiitts
Iut Until.   AImi lm' » '"ill i.'.'t.i' '•'•' j    in ■.■,..,,. ,,[ tnurj>.i-iu;v1 .n.*l  s.ii*l iim-
nioiith   ni   iln  ■••.■ii"  t.;.i., ..'* ■.,;   tl'* .    ,,,, ,,), (i j,ti,\|,'„. ,.ii ni*u**t,ii\- iuin*
WCHt lilllc of   till!  Klk   lit iT. ,   „ |     )l)lUi  „,■„! „!.,,   ,!,;,(    (|K.   |,:,tiriil     in
1»,   A, MilH'.U-.H'i'l.    i    pi.,|u-;-. t.iu-.l I..:-,
MnrrisKi-y,  ll.C,  Uii'*   is.l, iy-^>-- "J. ; ...   In ,-. ii.-.hUialfuJ-i,   \u*.   th-.-  iiiiiivr.-i
' nl tin1 'J'oviii i.J T.i1 ii*,  All,.-:i,i,    An
l'.i'i'*.l.-y i»nr.i.' in p.\y ili> i "..-..' .uni «.f'
T-cnil.rn tie te-^eXtulW av.-*il' tm nite AiMu \.< iiu.iiih, .unl boys n**
ft nr.irfl.Ml pliy.i>in?i nml viii"i'..ii i'-- •' '*"(*i'iiMii''Tlii' ..In ilulr M*.i';i'i I l.i.'Mini
llin mil iniiii-i-t ol TuImii, All., il.i.i nl .-(iniits p.i nioiilli; .u.il It Ss Ini'-
O.iimiln. !   tk-'- ."'.i.'l  il'.ti  .ill mini i*. rn* woiii
All !ii.|iii-.il!'.isi :i.H*- ii  .•■•iinli.v      |i.'..p!c (inpliut.l   in,  »ii,   oi   niiittinl
I lie in iiu m nf T.iliiii' I'm' ii lU'iloil
uf nm Ii'sh limn ii fiiriiii|jlii, in p.iy
u.iii lm- inoniiiiy in'iiniiiiiimu oi
;i. -Aiul fur Mull dis or lotiliibiitioiis
p.ihl to tiniil (loitoi'i lie shnll |ii'"*
villi* nil (ii.liii.ny iiu*.li*..il iilU'iili'iH.
iiii-ilii-iiu-s, iIiiikh. e\t\, for tlii-m-
mI\ia iill.l lliws'i; ni li.iii 1.>iiiiii* •
.li-pinilfi*.i upon iiiiiii,
I.-,--Ami it is liiilhi-i rc-.olv.-il iiml tin-
siiil dm (or, mIkh aw'iiy, ii'mii liouu-
i-li ill i'luviilt* .i u^|'ll1l:■il'll• Mil.*.*'-
lull' in his Mrnii;
:,.—Ami, it ii li.nli.r iij-ivnl, that all
.i.iiiiiuiiiii.i usi'S lie <li.itgeil tm
'h.ll...*., wiili liii'ili.uif ami mnli<"il
i.-Aiul    it   i*.    iunli-.-! -Hiuy'l   'Ax.xx
mIii'Iv imy I'liipliiyi'ii' is  ri'i|iiiitil   to
i;o lo ntt      Iiohpilul tu   be  opiTUli'il
m,-..., .;.*. ..*.;: .:....•..- .;■..!! ;-.;y i* r"
.'.lull   («.-\i'.'pt i-.lM-:..J„h,il   weie    inn*
Ir.ii'lid before  the  lilelml this iijilee*
'/. An I'U is • fiu'llic. iij-reeil thnt
there be n incilienl eiitir.iiilteni'leil;
\'l l,y '('In' jcilil miners nl Tiiliui'
fr.•in liliie In llilii', 'tis mny Imi ill-
hiuil,- in ii'iiivi- nny ruiiiplnijil'i
thnt mny nrisi'i (lie N.iiil coiiuiilltei'
.iiiii iln- dm lo. to coiue In •m.H-jn-c.-
nielli: their ili-elNinii tn hn flnnl. •
.'i,--Ami it Is fiirtlier i»j;r»i'i! .ilmt .tlie
Miiil lijirciueiit be liiiiiliu^ lor n,
inotillis innii ' thv iUU, .uut aH.1v
ii ■■iv ilieni' (o lie reiuweil li w.el-i
bifoie the il..'iiiij'. ul llih. iif-jeiim-iit.


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