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ilea iimler special charter conditions,
it would he iu pusitiuu tu take pus
session of a right of way at ouce uml
proceed tu build. Tbo Pacilic Ureal
Hani ei ii Itailwuy Cuinpany have a luce
tiuu map approved aloug the greater
portion ui the same routo, ami iuas
iiiuiii us thai company is opeiatiug
under a provincial charier they are in
position tu proceed tu taku possession
uf the riglit uf way irrespective uf any
rights Ihut muy be pussessed by the
other i.i.i.I .
Here is a single cbuscn railway route,
then, fur which thcru aro four compcti
ture, each uue uf whom has a fair
-Imu.i- of lauding the prize The ruil
wuy company which first disposes of
lhe preliminaries, iucluding the proud
ing uf thu necessary cash I'ur tho pur
chase of the properly, aud approaches
property uwnurs for the purpose of ue
gotiuliug the pniiTiiine of thoir property
fur rullway purposes, will ke the coin
pan) lhal will liml ilself iu actual put
nm,i,,u uf rights and privileges which
will "miii iijiuu il diatiucl udiaiitugea
uver ulher railruad companies whieh
may seuk to do business upuu the
Norlh Shore.
Without doukt, the most desirable
luiiun uf this piulili in. frum the view
point of North Shore iuterwts, would
he lhal this right of way fall to the
lol of Hurrard inlet Tunnel aud Bridge
I'ompuuy, immune h as ill lhat caso Ihe
I public would ke assured that Ihe lumi
situation is such ■ ucaa uf all railwuy companies woold
ihul eueli ol' the lour railway cum I ke baudled ky them as a public utilities
pilules hun a goud chance tu gliu the I system, upun precisely the same terms,
coveted prize. Tim V. W. 4. V. Ball inu. iiffering ideal conditions uuder
mii Cumpuii) lum nn approved routo which all trauscontiueutai liues euuld
along lhe Norlh Shure ami could pru ibid for a portiou of North Shore trans
em! io sxproprialo thai riglit of way porlatioii traffic. Tbe ftct, huwever,
.ml Iii liuild ul uuy moment if lluati that lhe apptoval of the localiou plan
nail) aide lo liuild ils Hues. The Hi.i „i llu- railway lines uf Burrard Inlet
i.ui Inlel Tunnel ami Hridge I Timpani Tunnel uml Bridge I'oiupaii)' has been
by virtue uf the decision uf lhe Buunl [adjourned fur uue year appears lo in
crease Ihc improbability of this seheine
keiug consummated.
Whatever the ultimate outcome may
he, lhe situalloii us il has developed is
sueh as lo give Hie must positive asaur
ance lhat rapid development may he
eipected, for the leatoo thai Ihe cum
ptllng companies will now vie with
i.i. li ulher in the endeavor of each of
ihem po lie Ihe first to eoustruct its
lines and thus lu secure pussvssiuu. of
Ihul right of way which they all ao
manifestly desire to uwn.
In lhe light uf recent developments
relative lu lhe Humming uf railways tu
Ihu Nurlh Sliuru, Iho fact stands ro
vested Ihul u .Tn.. I > ' iiiiii .I i.l rueo iH
in progress between fuur railway cum
piiiiies I'ur pu .. im, uf llm railway
light of wiy along lhe lucul waterfront.
Although the knowledge bus ull along
keen public properly lhat several rail
ivuy companies wuru contemplating
lluilding ii line ulung the Nurth Shorn,
Ihu I'ltiT appears tu huie escaped pur
lieullir uuiiili thut Iho siliiuliuu was
such na lu inevitably develop a condi
tiuu of rivalry between, liiuso lines fur
actual possession of ihe right of-way.
Beg-iil uiTurrcnecs, however, havo
liruuglil nui wilh empliii.,!, tho fact
Ihut .in...,, I lliere ure ut leusl fuur
companies which uru iu ihu'field fur
llle cunstructluu of railway lines ulung
lhe Nurlh Shore Iheir route maps
nhuw that the right uf way fulluws
practically Identical Hues iu each in
nliiiue The further fact is revealed
Ihul Ihis identity uf ruble is nul a mere
iiuiu nli'liee hul is due lu the cireum
.nluiieo iiml partly because of the eon
lour uf lhe ground uud partly because
uf Ihc rei|iiiremi'ulH uf the esse Irum u
railroad, nt midpoint, Ihere is really only
one feasible route front Deep Cove lu
Horseshoe Hay,
The nature of tie
ol Iluilwuy I'oiuiuissioiiers un Hultirday
lasl, hus lull puwer lu construct al
oiiee ii railway lim.- from Second Nar
ruws bridge lu llcep Cove aud further
turn Hu assurance lhat if tbe
V W, A i. dues not begin lo hutlil
iiillna u year I lien Ihe right lu use
ihe v W ,' V. right of way from See
unil Narrows Hridge tu Horseshoe Hay
mil he given Ihem. The C. 1'. II has
a mule map befure lhe Minister uf
luiiliiiiys whieh may he approved any
day, and inasmuch as that railway oper
The Hoard of Ilailway Ciiiniuissinu
uis, at their session in Vuneuuver uu
Saiurduy afternoon, handed duwu four
decisions relative lo appiieuliotis mude
by Hurrard lulot Tunnel mnl Bridge
Cunipuny, each of which wus ili til i in-
lively favorable lo thai company aud
Ihe combined effect of which is to r,o-
move those ohstueles whieh I'ur some
time pusl huve beeu prevent ing the
construction of lhe bridge. Tlie rulings
were is fulluwa:—
1. Hurrard lulet Tunnel and Bridge
Company lu have pusscssiuu uf lhe
bridge sile uppruved by Ihe Depart
iii.ni at Ottawa fur Die V. W. A If.
bridge at Secoud Narruwa.
2. I'laus uf lhe bridge us aubmitteil
ky Hurrard Inlel Tunnel mid Bridge
Cuinpany uppruved, including among
ulher features a spun uf Iwo hundred
II. Application uf Hurrard Inlel Tuu
ucl ami Bridge Company fur upproiul
of localiou plan fur their railway Hues
arranged us fulluws: (u| Thut section
from ihe northern terminus uf the
bridge lo ileep Cove, approved; lk|
Application adjuuriied fur uue yeur us
fur Ihul no. linn from lhe northern ler
iiiiun'. of Ibe bridge lu Hurseshue III)?
Ihe V. W. t V. Iiuiiii." tluiupaiiy menu
while to show some signs of life uml
diligence as lo the construction of its
I. i lumpe uf luculiuii uf approaches
lu southern end ol ihe bridge, lu
giie a better ciunsiug out the C, 1'. It.
lilies, uppruved.
lu huvu pnsseasiun uf Ihu bridge situ
owned ky thii I'uiiner, the hitter cum
puny wus to build the bridge and luki
over the nonunion subsidy of »:.tw,uiiii
held hy the former ciiinpuuy, lu
sideraliun of which tho V. W. k Y.
iluilwuy Company wus tu Build uml
pay fur tlte upprnuelius tu Iho bridge,
receiving shares In Uurrurd Inlel Tun
nel uud liul;-'' Compuny tu Ihu uuiuuiil
nf the eusl. of lhe upprouelies. Tho
very okjeet of nit, company in agreeing
Iii Ihis iirruiigeuieiit wus Ihut they
mighl procure u hridgu for Iho use of
Iheir railway lines. It wus never cun
leiiiplnli'il ihul the Uurrurd lulet Tun
uei und Bridge Company wuuld tuiike
uso nf thai ugreemetil tu secure tlie
privilege of lilunkeling the Hues uf the
V. W. 4. V. Mr. Cruig charged broach
of luilh in lhe present proceedings.
Asked whelher it wus nut uudurslood
Ihul Burrurd Inlet Tunnel uud Bridge
Compuny wus a railway as well us a
bridge company, Mr. Cruig contended
Ihul il wus uut euiitemplated by the
ugri.'eiiieul thul Ihey were u ruilwuy
company ul ull, whereupon Mr. Bums
referred lo the fuct thut the charter
under whieh Hm i.n,I Inlet Tunnel uml
Hridge Company Is iueurporated gives
Ihem full powers tu cuiistruet railway
lines fur certain distances un the Nurlli
umi Woolli sliures uf Burrurd lulet. Mr.
Burns lurther reud a clause from lhe
agreement belween the Iwu companion
mnl,mg specific reference lo the relu
lionahip between the ruilwuy Hues of
lhe twu cumpaiiies uu the North Shore.
Asked to whut pom In the V. W. ■'• V.
eouieuipluleil building ii i.iili'iiiil, Mr,
d'ruig replied Ihut their charter reud
iu Dawson, bul Ihey Intended building
ul uny rale lu Kurt tieurge.
Mr. W. A. MucDoualil pointed oul
Ihul the Pacific Ureal Eastern Bailway
i otnpuii) liud reeenlly been' incur)
uied under provincial charter to build
hue of rmlwuy from North Vuncou
er lo Fort Ucorge und Ihul Cunipuny
nun ulreiidy  uu  lhe ground  ready  In
begin operalioiin     In  his opinion th
W. ,'■  V. wuuld nul j .nun. I lhe line
nl tiie P. il. Iv Iluilwuy Compauy to
THE    solium:    OF    THB
The Controversy surrounding the luu
tiding operations now in progress at
Biee Luke was reopened ul lust ilight 'it
mooting of the eily council, Aldertuuu
not got a report. The report I am
speaking upon wus bruiight in twu
weeks ugo. It is ulmust imposaiblu
lo go on with the work Under pruaent
cuiidiliuiis. The tunnel is to be I'Jgll
feel long uud there is Iheu some upeu
wurk. At thu present rato of working we hnve STill.lltm upon which lu du
thc balance uf lhe work. Vuu huvu
gut to do thul work ul less Ihun im u
iiml lu gel this tunnel Ihrnugh according In the engineer's I'slimiile. The
gentleman that (poke lu ine uliuul Ihis
Foreman asking for the submission of ami who worked upuu the tunnel fur
lhe nmi mu introduced ky him and I thirty daya, and who ahould kuow what
seconded  ky  Alderman  Meiiue at the ho is talking abuut, suys Ihul the wurk
oue ur lun points Ihul uughl lu uud  investigated lhe conditions
The upplielilioim were Wide mi I"-
ball uf Burrurd Inlel Tunnel and Furl Ucorge.
Hridge Company by Mr. W, K. Burns, | Commissioner
of Ihu legal firm of Hums A Walkc
Vancouvei, and the interests uf Hn-!'•''' V. W. 4. V. Bailway Company wua
V. W. k Y. Railway Company were getting for ils i'limmti subsidy. Mr.
looked ufler by  Mr. C.  W. Cruig, uf] Burnt replied Ihut  they  were getting
Ooodeve   asked    Mr.
uiisideratioo he Iliuiiglit
Minim l Iiiii:. Houruc A Mellllnul'l.
Ur. W. A. Mui Donald, K C, wus aaso
elated with Mr Burns for Hie company.
The cily uf Vaueouver uud Ihu H  f
shares iu Burrurd Inlet Tunnel and
Hridge Cumpuii)'. Mr. Ooodeve usked
why Mr. Burns Ibougbl lhe V. W. k V.
were willing lo content themselves with
Klectric   Ruilwuy   Compuny   eaeh   was''»al, lu whieh Mr. Hums replied Ihul
| represented ky ils solicitor. •'« did liul know unless tlie V. W. A J.
RAILWAY   COMMISSIONERS  OIVB I pare  lhe plans and  will couilrucl  a'    Mr-  'ralg  assailed   Hie applies! ion  knew tbey wero down and out and were
ORDER FOB IMMEDIATE CON     subway twenty five feel iu width under for approial of Ihe ruilwuy lines of I willing lo muke the beat bargain they
STBUOTION I tbe C.P.B. tracks-     Tbu  coat  of  lue'Burrard Inlet Tunnel and Bridge Cum I'onld for whul Ihey uli!! Ifud.
subway will be borne equally I'or the pany  on  lhe ground* thai   the  roule;    Chairman D'Arcy Seolt of lhe Board
COST TO SE BOBNB EQUALLY BY  liuie beiug by Ihe cily uf Vancouver shown   ou   Ibo  plans  lullnwed  almost  of Rmlwuy Commissioners did mil see
TWO CITIES and the cily uf Norlh Vaneuuvei, but precisely  tbe  mute ilreidy  approved j'»'» 'I..: board euuld vi
The Board ol Hallway Commission- tbis dlstriBuliou of cosl will kt aubject by the dipirlinenl fur lhe V. W. k V
handed down yet anothor decision!'" readjuitmenl tt t liter dale wheu  Railway  Company,    He '.Uili'd  thai
em   liuilil"I   ,|ini|i
at   Vaneouver   for   which   Ihc   entire
North Shore will be grateful, iu urder
iug   lhe  immediate  construction  of t
passenger subway heucalh the 0, p. II
tracks at Vuneuuver m order to give
1 safe und ready uei-eaa tu aud from Ihe 'be I
I   ferry landing.   Under lbe order of Ibe eompi
Y ■   Bourd the clly of Vancouver will pre-(to bei
Iho remainder of the lurge subway
scheme, of which the'above ia a por
liuu ia carried tu completion, it being
un.l' inii.'i.l that Ihe fouda of the Bnatd
will contribute 16,990 tu the coul of
Ibe Isrger acheme while the railway
oiiipauii's way likewise be called upon
ear a ahaie.
P.G.E. Would Purchase Howe Sound & Northern
lu pursuance to lhe wilb of Premier
Sir Richard McBride, from tbe flour of
tbe House at Victoria, during the de
bate of last session upou the railway
bill uf Ibe guvoromciit, to tbe effect
lbat it waa his wish that io copitruct
ing Ini'ir Ilne from North Vincouver
• to Fort George via Howe Sound, the
pacific Great Kaaiern Bailway Com
puny should endeavor to arrive it aume
urraiigTTiH'ijt witb tbe Howe Sound ami
Northern Railway Company for tbe pur
i'liune ot iheliosiiieaa and assets of tbt
latitef ")' ""' 'orrner, Mr. D'Arcy Till,
Chief Counsel of tho Pacilic Greal Eajt
.eru Railway Company, yesterday open
oil negotiations with the ropreaeota
tives of the iiowo Sound ind Northern
fnt thc purchate of thtir assots tnd
business. The lluwe Sound tnd Nor
them wis rtpreieattd at tbt conftrtnet
by Messrs, J. 0, Keith, B. McKvoylud
J. C. Gill.
Tbe retulla of the tint meeting ire
declared to have prmon satisfactory in
evtry wiy. Tht partus discussed mil
ten aloug Ikt Hoe of a practical bull
of iiijoslmenl lud the prospects ire
most eueourtglug fur I lucceasful ia
•ue. It wit decided to defer further
negotlitiona until tht return of Mr.
Stewirt, preiident of the Pacific Ureal
Eiitern Railway Company from Europe
iu shout three weeks, when It il ex
peeled tbit in inspection of thc ruid
will bt mule ind details of tbe arrange
ineiila Will be discusaed.
The congregation of St. Edmund'a
cbureb held a picnic on the Indian
Mission groundi liat Sunday which
proved i greit aucceia iud wae attended by a large number who ihor
uughly epjoyed their diy'i outii.g.
The Biprttt Cluiifled Adverliac
iiii'iila will be found on Pige FIVE,
wbtri they irtu tppttr in tbt futon.
under agreemetil mude ky his company
in May last wilh Burrurd Inlel Tun
ucl aud Bridge Compauy Ihe latter wus
iif lhe localiou plan of lhe Hnrranl
Inlel Tunnel ami Bridge Company over
exactly lhe sume roule as thai liready
Continued ou page 1, col. 6
Pacific Great Eastern Location Plans
Aid. Irwiu last night reporl ml, at tbe
mayor's request, upon, the ulli. ml visit
of Ihe city'a representatives to Vi
toria in connection wilh the location
plana of lbc Pacific Great Eastern Huil
Wiy Company.
"The objection waa raised previouily
it I special acssion of Ihe council,"
aaid Aid. Irwin, "aud sustained by the
engineer, that the street grades wuuld
be seriously effected ky lucatiou plana
aa it flrat proposed. Prior to attend-
ing the bearing in Victoria wu inter
viewed the chief engineer and Ihc first
vice president of tbe Pacific Greal Kusl
em. Tbey igreed In the tlturitiona
tint wt uked, so ihul when lbc a„,
citl bearing took place ymir commillee
bad ii)i objection lo raise. Beeve May,
< oon. Illridgmsn and Coun. I.oulei Alau
approved to fir as tbeir couucil wit
concerned the location plana aa ineeling
tb* diatrict. Tbere was some little dif
ttrencA ol opinion in relation to a
tight ofiway ir s portion nf Wsst Van
coover, Imt we hope thai mailer will
noun be finally dispo-eil of. So fur aa
Ihia lily ia concerned Ihere is row.no
ilistaele  whatever." 4
Answering Aid. foreman, Aid, Irwin
admitted Ihul the propose, nghlol'wuy
of the I 'a, ih. Great Eastern ■ through
tbis cily wos only CD feel. This however, bad been altered lo 100 feet
whicii will be a riglit-of way for olher
In relation lo the Second Nurruws
bridge project, Aid. Irwin atated that
u cable hail already keen forwarded
lo the engineers ill tbe old couutry or
ilering lbe completion uf tbe prepare^
tion of the bridge plana. On the bj.
P"";T uf thoae plana the Burrurd Inlet
Tunnel und Bridge Company willi then
have thirl) daya wilbin which to coin
oieio e construction and two years wilb
in which'lo complclo (he work. The
Jim foot span hid beeu formally up
proved. • •
A special meeting uf tbe executive
of tbe Buard of Trade will be beid al
i o'clock on Wednesday nigbt.
Tbe Kxpresi Classified Advertise
inenis will bo found on Page FIVE,
where tbey will appear in tbe future.
previous session of llm couucil. This
inni nm wus worded us fulluws: "That
ull fur. lenders for the Biee Lake
1 uiiuii ami Ihul lhe eily engineer be
instructed tu ptcpare the (necessary
The muyur Ihonglil thul liefure the
million wus put In lhe eouueil there
w ere
be settled, OJH,', keiug whether ur
the leudcrors should have the un
he city's iiiucbiucry.
Alderman Foreman: "I see uo rea
sou why not. I muy say in suppurl of
my nmi ion thai niuco visiting lhe
wurks iu ipicstiun I am more luun ever
convinced Ihul we shuuld cull fur leu
lers. "Since this controversy aruse I
have hud 'pule u number of people lo
e uliuul it. Due of llie men who
has worked on this very tunnel nil
me Ihut the work* can be dune very
much cheaper. He lolls me he wuuld
lo il fur I'll u fuut. II aeema tu me
under tbese cuuditions thul we should
all fur lenders. I myself wuuld uut
he sutislicd unless litis wua dune ua u
means of nsccrluiiiing Iwbetlicr tlie
ii url, iiiuiii ur could not lie done cheap
When vun consider lhe umuunl of
llliiuel- lliut hus lieen spent su fur iijiuu
thul tunnel ami lhe uuiiiunl lliul is pro
lidcii fur Iiii' cuiiiplotion of the work,
il uppours almuat impossible tu gel any
where mar llirough Ihe tunnel. We
asked lhe cily engineer to bring in u
report, ami Irom his statement wc liud
Ihul il worka mil lo u greul deal mure
lhat llic engineer's estimate, Thul oa
liimile was Siili u fuol, ami Ihe work is
beiug done, according In lhe report, ut
SlO.Oi a fuol- I wish it understood
that I um ipeaking unly on lhe cn, in
eer'a report. I am nut tuking unylhiug
into couaideratiou upuu which we huve
can ki: dune al ill u fuol wilh lhe
use of the eily machinery, or ul pm a
foot if the machinery is taken away.
It will uuly ke fair lo ounelvoa uud iu
Ihe ratepayers lo call for lenders uiul
prove litis. I huve here Ihis evening u
tender. Sume parly who read uliuul
this in the paper wenl up lu the works
ii.iin has dune Ibe tunneling fur Foley,
Welch & Slewurl, umi ho told me be
euuld ilu lbc wurk u! Ul.69 with Iho
use of the city's machinery. I asked
hint fur Ihis statement iti Iduck uml
while, If yuu wish lu luke lhe ma
cbinery away he cun du the wurk fur
SliliuiU per foot. Al present they aru
mukiug progress lu lhe extent uf live
feel u duy with Ihree shifts. This man
suys ihul he will make In feel u day
uii the some shifts, I um uul saying
thut the in .'ii uuw engaged upuu this
wurk ure not duiug ihe very beal the)
cun. I il.n.i. thul if yuu lei Hie tun
nel v.on. liy lender Ihere i.s still plenty
uf ulher wurk tu luuk ufter ul lliec
l.ulie. I iluu T wish lu hurt the feel
ings uf auyuiie. I um simply looking
ufter the interests of the ratepayer!."
Alderman Dick: "If Ihere wus one
indication of any kind in Aldcrniuu
Foroman'a remarks thul he wus limply
wishful lu luuk ufler Hie interests uf
die ratepayers I wish someone would
point it uul lu uie He stales lliul Ihere
is plenty uf other work lo bo looked
ufler ul Bice Luke when he knows per
leclly well thul lhat work canuol pos
,il'l;, ke attended lu until the tunnel
is completed. He hus given utterance
In u hunch of coulrudiciioiis uud lire
sponsible statements.''
Alili-ruiui,   1'ureinaii    ruse   uud    cm
Coutinued ou page li, col, 3
COMPLETION OF DETAILED PLANS I London, Ciigluinl,'consulting engineer.
WILL SOON BE OBDEBED        for lln- compauy, advising them of Ibe
ucl ion of lhe Hourd.   The Ollawu ao
No lime is being lost ky Burrurd
Inlet Tunnel uiul Hridge Cunipuny iu
u.n in,,' ilself uf the udvuutugc con
ferred ky Ine recent decisions of the. Company us
i." 'iui ■ uml parliamentary reproaenla
tin- uf lhe Company have likewise
been informed by wire of lbe order of
Ihc Buunl uud Ihey will Immediately
advise Hurrunl Inlel Tunnel ST Bridge
lo  lhe  cl.eel   which   Ihu
Board of Bailway Commissioners re
lull11' lu lhe plans of Second Nurruws
Following Ihe order of lhe Huard of
Railway Coinmlaslonora approving a
two hundred fuul span for Secoud Nar
rows bridge, Messrs. Cleveland aud
Cumeron, resident engineers for Ibe
oiiipmiy. immediately cabled the firm
uppruvul uf a two hundred foul apau
by the Hourd of Railway Commissioner!
will huve upon Ihe atlitode of the de
pari ment of Murine uud Fisheries and
lllc Department uf Public Wurka. II
is, therefore, espeeled Ihut within a
lew days Ibe way will lie clear for or
iluring the completion of Ihe detailed
plnns of the bridge ky the London eu
of .lohn   Wnlle Iiiiiii  ami partners of ginCers.
Pacific Great Eastern Conitructlon Inaugurated
While in Victoria in connection wltb
lbc bearing of tbo application of tbe
Pacific Great Eastern Railway Cuinpany
for ii"- approval of their route map
aloug tbe Norlli Shore, nfayor McNeish
conferred wltfci Mr. D'Arcy fate, Chief
Conn, id of the Bailway Coropmy witli
reference to the dite nnd ulher details
connected with Ihc holding of tbt ceremony of turning the flnt aod en the
construction ol Ihe lines of the Pacific
Great pastern. It wa* practically decided tj#s thla euapicloue event shall
Iriinnpire   on   Labor   Day   which   falls
upou tho first Monday in September.
Tlio exact location fur the turning uf
tbe aud baa net yet been choaco, Imt
it ii cerium that thia, together will all
other details will be worked out in i
wiy to promote tu Ibe utmosl the success of tho occasion, und lo render il
iuch aa to attract practically wurld
wide attention ill railway, common tni.
linaiicinl and uther circle*.
A young boy named .1. Katun fouml
a gold watch on Esplanade aud Vmu .
ilale avenue which he brought lo the
police stations. Later Mr. J. Parkin
agn of Hit Nelson street, Vancoi'er,
called and claimed the watch as bia-
property and presented tbo I"')' Union
witb »li reward fur hia huursiy.
Tbe Kxpress classified Advertise-
ments will be found ou Pig* FIVE,
where tbey will appeir in tbe future. RBI
Bank of Montreal
Eit.bli.lied 1817
Capital (paid up)   -   $15,413,000
Reserve    ....   $15,000,000
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouver Branch: F. A. MACRAE,
Mt. Crown Bldg., lit Street , Manager
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t;me table TAKING EFFECT MAEOH 1st, 1912.
Leave Norlli  Vuncuuver
2.40  P.M.
0,20        '
12.16 AM.
• ienotw
OD SuneUy."
mtitt. Cnmptttv
not lieble tot
A.M.        2.20   FM.
i in
6.00    '
l.«0 J0.80
tM 11.00
2.00 11.40
12.45 Ail.
Tim. table subject to thinga without
d.lejii, tccidsnUl or otlierwli.,
ii no
J 1.00
Why did everyone refer to him ss
"Old Jackson "-~JTnWotli«F boyB
on Vulu Hut wore known us ''Bill,"
"Jaok," or "H»rn," or "Pofe." Sur
iiiniii-ii wore i.i'iiIiiiii lu-'ii or iii'i-'ii-'i.
riiristiun niiiiii'H iililiriivintml answered
all |iiir|iui'iTi for iiiiiniilii'iiliiin, rofer-
puot) or receipt. If there were half a
iiniuii iT-llnui, iii the r;uu|i with the
sume prulit, Iiiun soma striking char-
tiL'turiutii: of manner, gait ur syueeh
«n.s Im-I.ril nu In designate whiuh man
waa iiirunl. Hut this man Jucksoii waa
ni'ver iiilii-'l nm Huni' i'.'i-|'i "nl.i
Jackeou." If hu lliiil a baptismal
name I never kuow it—at leant, uut
until I 8iiw liim nigii Iiiu full .ngiioinon
iiinlur   |n!i-iiliiir   uiul   puiufiil   eireuin-
mn,' He was uut uhl either—scarce
ly thirty—but hu liml a pm.1, quiet,
absorbed wuy wilh lilm. He huil cuinti
ii,i,i„: I willi hiu uwn truiu uf llfly ur
silly i'.u I, animals frum Huliforuia.
Ho Inul driven Hutu across the tben
trackless Huil Lamls of Mouluun ami
ihc sage bush of '■■.• ■   i"" Territory,
Iiiui wutcrcil llmm ut Ihu Columbia
rivor siilu by side wilh llu: wild buffalo]
huil punelrulud lln: suvuuc Bpukaue
region, whBre, u yuur before, un Amur
nun general with hia command liml
been ambushed ami slain by lliu hostile
tribes whn roamed llu: alkali prairies
uu llu- borders uf Washington uml
which i'sImnl iulu uur uwn |iriiviiirc,
Jackson nwned tliu train ami, us the
world went then, wus regarded us rich,
llu liruuglil willi liim u number ul
packers uud armed nan whu wuru dc
niruim.iif trying their lurk ul tbu Flimit
rivur iniiii-n, Ihun lululy dlscovorud, (lu
lliu wuy across Hiu purly had encounters
with llic natives. They lust twu men
ami twu wure wounded. Tbu deud men
wuru buried in shallow gruves, ufler u
rude buriul service lunl beeu read uver
Ilium. The wounded Ubl Jueksun iu
sislud uu bringing ulung. llu cast
uuuy ibe freight lliul twu uf tin- mules
bore uu Ibeir backs, substituting fur
lliu | .1. i, stretchers uu which the poor
fellows reclined. The average duy'a
journey uf u puck train is Hfteen miles.
Tu relieve tliu wounded Obi .lucksun
reduced llie duy's journey uf his train
In leu miles ai d pitched camp each dav
early in Iho afluruooii. Oilier pack
trains frum llrcguii overtook uiul pars
ml Jackson's. His assisluuls grumbled.
Tbey were aniious iu lunl llie new dig
uin, n uml hi-ih.I ilml unless greater
spuud wus put uu ali Ihc rich claims
wuulil be luken up uml lliu wliulu couu
try wuulil be under ice ami snuw be
fure Ibey sbuubl reach the Fraser
Hul Jucksuu wua lirm. ilu would uut
make basic while the wuuiiiluil i.uu
tverc in.,i|,ul.le uf ln'l|iiug themselves
Tu iil'iiii'luii iImtii wuubl be lu ensure
their   | ly iluulh ut llic bauds uf llic
savages, who, I In mlu,, fur human gore
umi nealps, hung like wulves uu the
Hanks uf Ihu Hum. tiume uf Ins furce
deserted uml joined ulher trains, hut
1)1,1 Jackson i-rawli-.l ulung al lbc leu
mile gall, ami ll was mil u let tl laic iu
Seplombci Ihut he nuw bed the Fruser
uml fuuml lhal lha packers ahead uf
Imu lunl dilposed uf tbeir lluur, beans,
uml bacon lu the miners ami Haders
uml Ibal the tnarkcl was glutted with
lUpulies of all kinds, He 'lnl nut cum-
plain, but stored his guuds ul l.yllon
ami Vule ami sent his annuals uul lu
grass uu Hie Thompson A few uf Ihem
,n,nl, bul llie immunity uf Old Jack
miu '-uu I must uf bis »a in. and Ihe
wounded men as well. Wheu lhe peek
ers whu hud pawed him uu lhe plains
reached Iheir journey's end Ibeir am
main wer%so run down thai tbey were
unable tu withstand Ihc ligurs of an
interna winter, ami hundreds died
frmu eipusure, Alcaic/, a rich Men
can, brought lu the country 126 loaded
inul,-. llu stored the guuds al Yale,
and then proceeded toward Hupe, sii
I mn miles luwer duwu Fraser river,
where he prupused lu winlcr Ibe tram.
He swum the animals through the ice
cold current and built huge lires ou
Ihu bank, where Ihc, mules as Ihey
emerged frum the water were rubbed
down. All but three of these valuable
animals, ehilled through .ml Ihrnugh,
died lu a few hours. Jacksuu s auimals
passed Ihrnugh Ihe winter iu good
shape, and Ihc men whu liml condemn
ed hi. slowness now applauded his
judgment and huuiauity. He placed Ihe
train on lbe liail belween Yale and
tho Upper Fraser and made heaps of
money duriug Ihe following two years.
Old Jackson waa a very peculiar man.
ilu was hotter educated lhan musl of
the men of hit vocation, aud bl. was a
silent, uiinbiriisne peisonalily. Often
he would sit fox hours in I group
around a bar room stove wheu his mind
seemed far »Va) ami he never uttered
a word or joined iu the conversation
until he was appealed to, when having
replied In monosyllables he quickly
ri-lup.-i'il iuto silence. lie drank lillle,
swore nul even at a refractory mule,
and gambled uot at all, but he read a
great deal. I do not know wbere or
how I got tbe impression into my bead,
but I always looked upon Obi Jackson
as a ism who, liks mm silent um, el-
though slow to anger, would be a dan-
goreurcrnWc'ter if .Me aroused. This
idea was eonllrmud on a dismal winter
eveuing, when a number uf persons, to
escape the pitiless pelting, of a storm,
had eongregated for warmth ubuut a
huge red-lint sheet-iron stove in Barry's
suhiiiii. Among tho company un that
evening was an elderly Aniericau who
was known to bis companions as
"Judge" We, miiiin. It was giveu out
that Bt one timu iu hie life he hud linen
a man of some iulluence, that he hud
worn the ermine ami dispensed justice,
und thut, which was still butter, iu Iiis
uarliur days ho wus au huiiust lawyur.
Ou this particular evuuing the
"Judge," who was much the wurse
for liquur and was iu a luquacious
muud, was relating tu the assumblud
suiuera aii iucideut iu his t'ulifiiruiu
career. To ilbistrutu his story tin: old
mun ruse tu his fuct.aud swung his lung
arms ubuut ufiur ihu manner of a political deiiiugugiie, while Ihu "buys"
wliu sut .-niinl,,l lmii nr,i with widu upuu
faces tu thu stream uf turgid eloqiiunce
that issued frum his muuth. Thu
"Judge" had reached uue uf his llighis
uf half ilruuki.'ii oratory when Ihu fruni
door uf thu Milu,m wus ilium ii violent
ly open und u blusl uf piercing wind
turu inlu and Ihruugli Ihu room. The
cunipuny turned tuwunls lliu door uml
saw stuuiliiig Ibere thu ligure uf a man
uf medium height. His guru,i nin wure
covered with snuw; a Mexican sum
brero was drawn oiur his eyes uud his
whule n|,|, inni,, i was lliul uf oue whu
hud travelled a lung distance through
lliu pulling uf Ibul awful tempest.
As he stamped uu the lluur lo re
lieve his bunts ul the weight uf snuw
lhal hud gathered upuu llielll In: threw
u keen glaneu aruuml. Then ho re
mined lhe sliiuch hat which null con
leuled his feulures. One luuk inlu lhal
face was unuugh fur Ine 11 wus u fuce
nn every iinu uf which was slumped the
murk of sin and ruBiauisiii. The man
whu sal licit tu mu shuddered as he
whi.perud: "It's Turn O'Neill"
Thu name was uuu lliul had inspired
terror iu many hearts in i'aiifuriiia ami
it >., -. ami Ihe appearance al Yule oi
lhe man wbu answered lu il was re
,:,ii-i, i us an evil uuieii. I had never
seen Ihe man befure, and I fell lhal I
would mil die uf grief if I shuuhl mil
sue him again. While this Ibuughi wus
running ihruugli my mind Ihe deeper
uiin, still liuhiuig his hai in Ins baud,
advaucud Inward tlie stove. Kuom uus
made fui bim as he came furward, and
lie suuu had a choice uf half a duteu
' i.iin.-. Having telectcd uue lie threw
back his overcoat, ami afler uuuther
glance aruuml the gruup, remarked:
"1 walked up frum Hupe today, ll's
silleeii mile, 1 hear, but seems tu me
us ii was a buudr.il." He paused fur
a moment as lie held his open hands
innards the stove lo warm tbem, aud
tben continued: "What did I come
foil A picnic I Not much I cow'
fur a mau."
A .builder ran Ihruugli lhe gruup
I)'Neil, who didu'l seem tu notice
the agilaliuii his wurds had caused,
wenl uu as if talking tu himself:
"Yes, I'lu after a man ieaslwise,
he's wImi Minn people calls a man
lie threw dirl ou mu iu I'alifuruy, ami
ami I'm fulluwcd the varmint liure
tu make liim serapu il uff. His name is
—let me ice, what's his nsiuel Ohl
yes, his name's uuu Heuiuhle Judge
Heyuubls he1 calls hm-, It I reckon
a tail, big man wbal has a red nose
and is.muih given tu t-biu music. Fer
haps none uf yuu felluws.ilun'l know
Ihu man when yuu sou bimf"
I sl.il.- a glume al II.-.imil,Is ile
bad ceased lu talk and had fallen In, i,
in his seal when O'Neil appealed al
the iinm As 1 h "kill I saw him ruwer
ing iu his ihair wilb Ins hands before
bis face, apparently trying tu reduce
his figure into as small a compass us
"Yes," said |)'Neil, "bc'» my meat
wben I limln bim. Ho you uus kuow
what he did lu mel Ile sentenced unto thc rbeiii gaug in Hlocktuu for sii
luiinih. Wot had I dim' I I ouly put
a bullet into a mau'»leg a. bad refused
to dnuk wilb me. He cooldn'l a
treated me much wuss if I'd killed the
man, I hear he's here. How sny one
kuow a man hereabuula which his
name's 'Jedge' Beyoldsl"
No one answered.
lyNiil keenly ecanued tbe group
again, and his eye sw.pt along until il
fell upon tbe quivering form of Ihe
nl it man.
"Wot do you call tbat objeckf limit a namel" be suarled, pointing In
Keynnbls. "Seems like he', got Ihe
fever an' agar."
.tiiII no enewer. ,
"Then I'll take a look for myself,"
and riling from bla seat the ruffian
drew the old man's hat from hie head
aud cast It on tbe floor.
I looked at K.yuulds. till face was
tb. color of plun wood aeues, tad he
IrsnUel lik. a leaf u b. rab»d bis
baais loBterliujly.
Witli i cry like that pf a wild beast
St tlie sight of Its prey O'Neil sprang
forward and clutched Reynolds by^tlin
throat witli one hand while witk the
other ho drew a dolt's six-aiiuotor from
its sheath, pocked it and pqiutod it
full st the other's bead.
"My iiinii" cried Reynolds, pleadingly; "Tom—oh, Tom, you would uot
murder mo. Uny you would not, Tom.
Ohl Sty it's all a joke, dear, good
Tom. Bay you don't menu it—Unit's
a good boy. I'm an old - rngn, Tom.
I .mil, at my gray hairs and spare ine."
"tlurso ye," fnamed O'Neil, "yor
bad a bit nf mercy un rim, didn't yur.
Yer put me in prison and ruined my
prospeks for life. I 'vu follerud y«r
fer u lliiiiiHiin.l milu, and now I've gut
yer." '
"Ohl Ohl" wuiled the old man,
in11 uiu.li, lut iiiu go this lime, Tuiiiiiii.
dear hoy. You don't menu tu kill iiiu,
do ' mi I 1 ulwuys suid you worn tl guud
buy at lienrl, uuly yun wuru inislud.
Yuu wuulil uul iniiin u huir uf my pnur
ubl lii'U'l, wuubl yuu, Tuml Jusl llnul.
what nu awful thing it is tu kill n
huinun being—especially un ubl mnn.''
O'Nuil ruised his piStol uguin unil
pointed it lull, ul his victim's hund,
uud lii i imi'l ■ sunk on his knees to thu
Door, grasped his UBsuilaut's feot, and,
ns he grovelled there, continued tn pray
for mercy.
"No," cried O'Neil. ''You've got
just half a ininuin to say yer prayers."
"Tnml Toinl dear Tom," vailed
Reynolds, "make it a inliiute—give mu
sixty soconds."
"Vor'd better hurry," vociferated
tho cold-bloodud wretch. ''There's
only a quarter nf a minute'left." Reynolds burst into tears and fell ovor
backwurd. As he lay there he fnoh.y
pleudud: "bnnieniie pray- pruy as py
poor old mother used to pray—for uin."
"Time's upl" roared O'Neil. Ho
raised his weapon nnd look dulibernlu .
nim at tho prustrulu ITirin. While this
scunii was lining uuaelcd I sut speech-
luss uml i uni ed tu my ehuir. I hud seen
ilnulli in many fnmis, uiul imagined
Ihut I was iiriiiil' against uuy horror,
bul Ihu prospect of seeing u iiiiiii 's
bruins lilmvii out iu euld blood wus
luu ininli I'or inu, uml, indued, fnr tuu
wliulu euinputiy, sinco nn ouu moved,
bill jusl gazed helplessly nn lliu scene.
"Ouo,   two,   tb "  shunted   the
(Concluded on Friday)
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DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Pkoue 297.
who want something a "lillle different" we arc showing a In .iiiiilnl range ol silk hose will) lies to match.
Ihc lies arc made ol solid knitted silk and will not
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The North Vancouver home of " Campbell Clothina"
Painting and
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Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Tiuicy, Managing Director
Haslings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
For $5000.00
We can sell a beautiful Island Hem.
near Naualiuo, including the following:
Six room House, Barn and chicken House.
DO acres of land of wbicb 10 acres are cleared and partly hi
Over 3,000 foet of water frontage.
Oood Gasoline Launch.
Four Good Milk Oows,
Tortus--$1,000 Oasb. Balance by four half yearly Instalments.
WE HAVE AL80   '
26 acres for $20,0110 convenient for Second Narrows Bridge, suitable
for subdivision. Cash 10 por ceut, balauce, su half yearly instalment*
The Burrard Development Company Limited.
(Successors io Elder Murray Company United)
17 1,nun,Inin Fbone 37
To Rent
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Phone 21 P.O. Boi 1820
The Seymour Lumber Company
(lu 1,ni iii'i.11 i.u i)
Tenders arc invited for Loll 17 to 22 and 13 to 18 In Block O, Diatrict Lot 730 on St. Qeorge's Boad, tegoUuu with tbe buildings erected
tlieicon, ,'
Tenders accompanied by a marked cheque for 10 per ceut. of tne
price nil. n.il luust be in with us not later than 31it lust. We shall
not ho bound to accept tbe highest or suy Under.
The Burrard Development Company, United
Aaslgueee for The Seymour Lumber Oo. Ltd,
17 Lonsdale Avenue, Nortli Vancouver. Phono 37.
Bridge Site Granted
(Continued Frpm Page One.)
approved iu favor of the V. 9. & V.
It was about this point that the contest grew warmest.  It was pointed out
tO   tllO   einnniiiiliiiineiTi   llllll   the   I'urilir
Ureiit Eastern Bailway Company al
ready had approval under provincial
regulations of. a route following thu
same lines. It wus further contended
that because pt the contour of the
ground there was practically only one
feasible route along thu North Bhore.
At this point tbo chairman inclined
tu the opinion Hint thoy wuubl bu cp|
Coal, Brick, Lime, Gravel, Sand, Plaster,
Cement, Lath, Sewer Pipes, and
General Builders' Supplies
Office: 6$ Lonidale Avenue.   Phone 198
Wharf: Foot of St. George*'. Avenue.       Phone 178
polled tu have Iheir eiigineur go over
the ground tu verify inn ataluuiunt us
tu unly unu feusiblu route. Strong oh,
juetion, lii.i'.''"'i wus iiiinlc tn thu du
lay Ihul wuulil lltereliy be uccussitiitud.
Thu chiijriuiin asked the V. W. k V.
ruprusunlulivus huw it would suit them
if the buard uppruved Ihe pluns nf
Burrurd lulut Tunnel mnl llrige Cipro
puny und gave the V, W. k V. running
rights over tliusu lines. This, however
wus nut acceptable,
The chairman tben usked how it
would answer If lhe application were
adjourned fur uue yeur to give the
V. W. A Y. Iluilwuy Company un opportunity lu sliuw sume signs of uu in-
toutiuii tu actually build u railroad.
The V. W, k Y. representatives asked
wbat this wuuld in nn n if tbey did uut
build within llu: yeur. "It wuuld
moan," replied the chairman, "Ihul ut
wuuld nul listen lu yuu uuy more, Well
wu might possibly give yuu runuiug
rights uver Ihe line uf Hie ulher cum
Al this juncture Mr. Julin Y. Me
Nuughl gave the Huard u review of tin
history of Uurrurd Inlet Tunnel and
Bridge Compauy, pointing uul Ilml il
hud been culled inlu being because nf
the many yeurs for which the V, W. i.
Y. Ilailway Company hud bSbl their
hurler ami lind done nulliing IL- cm
phaiized lhe strung ilcuiaud uf lhe pen
pie fur lhe construction ul llie bridge.
lie poiutcd uul the fuct thai lhe muni
cipalities liud .subscribed liberally uf
jiiil,lie inoiicyi lu assist lhe project, Ihul
u lurge subsidy hud been procured Irum
Ihe 1'ruviuciai Uovcruinenl und Ihut
llie subsidy uf lhe I lum i mun Govern
ineiil hud been greatly increased, that
llurranl Inlel Tunnel uml Bridge Cum
puny wus really u public utilities cum
puny. Ihut Iheir syslem wuuld constitute a terminal railway system lur hur
bur distribution, that it wuuld lie own
cd uud controlled by the people uud
uperali'il fur llie public bcnelil and uut
fur privale gum. Moreover, tin com
pany wus in position In proceed with
cunslnii liun il Iheir plans were up
Asked by Ihc chairman, Mr. II   11.
Sll ,1-lin.   M.   1'.,   stUU'd   Willi   reference
lu the increase grauled in lln- Dominion
subsidy Ihul il wus unl) afler consider
able ililli.ull; Ihul lie hud sue ceded in
securing Ihul increase, und llu- fact
Ibat Ihc bridge wus In be made a cum
billed railway ami Irulli bridge, carry
iug vehicular, pedestrian am] electric
railway trallic, nud pruveii an important
factor in hm uiiiin.in  soecess.
The chairuiau then prupused lliul the
Inuring be edjuurued fur uue year Mr.
Cil. unlied ui what date llie nexl see-
siutis uf the buunl vvuubl bu held in
Vuneuuier. Tin- cbainnau replied iu
• iOn i (liliiber ur November, but that
length uf linn- wuuld be loo short to
alluw lhe V, W .v V opportunity lo
accomplish anything tangible Thc
cbainnau'a suggestion was then accept
cd uud lbe order wns made as follows:
"We tippruve of Ibi'liluns of the lli|r
i.-i-i lulel Tunnel uml Bridge Company
fur llie luui-lrucliun of a bridge over
the Secoud Narrows uu llie plaus lu
l„. sul,milled lu Ibe ruilwuy engineer:
wurk lu be commenced within HO days
afler lhe upptuval uf lbe plans by tin
engineer uf lhe hoard, and lo be cum
plui cd wilhin Iwu years Al Ihc aauii
lime we tippruve uf lhe revised localiou
of the Y., W. e. If., allowing ils up
preach lu lhe bridge iu lhe easl uf Ihe
Drsl line, il being understood Ihut lbe
Hurrard luld Bridge uml Tunnel Com
puny will pay lo the V., W. k V. any
cost lo which they mny be pul iu uller
iug Iheir pluns tu suil the revised loca
lion of llic bridge. We approve of Ibe
unaepu iu lbe southerly appruuch tu tbu
bridge ss il makes a better erusiuug
over Ibe C. P. B.    ,
"The IppliiUliuu of the lluirard
Bridge ami Tunnel Company fur lhe ap
proval uf ill railway line is lo slaud
for one yesr. Al Ihc ciplratloe of Ihul
lime lhe board will deal witb the mat
ter as it stands then, it beiug under
slood that tbe V., W. k Y. will |huw
some sigus of life aud diligence iu lhe
construction of ils lino iu lhe mean
luimedialely upuu Ihe reading uf Ihc
decision Mr. Hums drew the allentiuu
of Ibe huurd to the fact lhal the bridge
plan submitted showed u span oi Iwo
hundred feet and be presumed lhal
the decision carried will, il Ihc ap
proval of Ihc span. The chairuiau ask
ed if auyliody present had any objee
lions to make against a twu hundred
fuut ipan, and upou no objections being made be declared the two hundred
fool span approved.
Following up Uni advantage tbe solicitor of tbe Company reverted to tbe
matter of the railway lines of Burrard
Inlet Tunnel and Bridge Compsny apd
secured au uiuuiidmont approviug tbat
section of their Hues from tbe northern
end pt the bridge eastward to Deep
Cove, tbe previous order adjourning
the application for one year being
made npplieable to only that portion
from tbe bridge westward to ilorsosbou
"Are We To Be
Scavengers For
The Government?"
OAFT.   HATES'    BEl'LV   TO   ALD.
A brief meeting of tbu ferry directorate—or rathor, a fraction of tbat budy
-was held uu Friday afternoon, Sir.
II. 0, Wright, Mr. W. I. Boult aud
dipt. Cates being preseut, the Hrst
iiiiincd director occupying the chair.
A lotter wua read from Mr. S. P.
lii, l.i-iin, manager of Ihe North Ann
Steamship Compauy, oiplaiuiug thu re
cent luetics of the " licuuu,.-." which
on a certaiu occasion backed out of
her wharf uppurenlly ch-'uli across the
bows of tho ferry. The compauy's
Idler explained thut thu captuiu hud
bucked uwuy frum thu wharf with his
helm hard a starboard beforu hu noticed
llie furry. There wuru scows at the
did uf the uther dock, but be ijuite expected to clear befuru the ferry was
loo close. The engines, unfortunately,
stuck ou thu centre uud lulled to re
spend quickly to thu bells for full
speed ahead, consequently hu was left
lunger thuu was intuudud iu thu posi-
liuu referred tu. The letter proceeded
In express rugret thut the incident bud
incurred, inuulioniiig at the same time
Ihut the captain was iu this right ac
cording tu the rules of Ihu ruad,
A communication alsu came from Mr.
Charles II. Hewitt uotifying thu buunl
uf u mishap lbat had befallen him
lliruugli u sliver ut wuud un thu whurf,
iv lmii bud necessitated Ihe pun Im.-ie uf
a new puir uf bouts. The matter was
left in the bunds uf the manager.
Mr. II. II. Stcveus, M. I'., wrute in
funning lhe buard that he had already
had the matter uf driflwuud debris be
furu the miuister of murine and lish
erics ami wuulil take pleasure in sup
purling the directorate's letter wilh a
further reference to the matter.
Commenting ou this question, I'apl.'
Cutes mude reference lo Aldurmau
Dick's niiiiuile when the matter cume
up ut Ihu lust mectiug uf the cuuucil.
The :inli i mnI, 'i suggesliuu  was  that,
The Canadian Bank
of Commerce
SIB   EDMUND   WAI#BB, O.V.O. LLII. D.Oi. President
mm kirn, —-^ujkundeb labd,
Aist. General Manager.
Oeuoral Manager.
Cafntal $15,000,000   Rest $12,500,1X10
Temporary quarters of the North Vancouver Branch,
Esplanade West, near Lonidale Avenue.
A General Banking Business Transacted
Interest paid on Savings Bank Depoiiti of One Dollar and
upwards.   Withdrawals may be made at any time,
i. A. 1'OBSTEB     Manager.
through the uuisauce in question, it
should amalgamate with other shipping
bodies ami ituuil" do something towurds
clearing thu harbor iusluud of appealing to thu government. Copt. Cules
described this view us an absurd one,
"Are we going to be scavengers for
tbo government I" be demauded. Ho
also desired tu knuw what they wure
guing tu du wilh Ihe dubris coinpluiuud
of; where thuy were to dump it uuder
thc circumstances, Tbe,unly reasonable
course, the captain argued, was thu one
adopted—that uf uppealiug to the gov
eminent tu attend tu tbe matter.
Mr. Hm.it mentioned tbat tbe board
bad received uo ollieiul intimation frum
the city cuuucil, su thut nu nuticu need
be i.il.en uf M-n iinini Dick's suggei
tiou. He euusidereil the cuuucil shuuld
bu written lu und uskud fur a reply tu
lhe buard's Idler.
Capt. Cules reverted to Alderman
Dick's attitude, saying tbat it was an
Capt. Cates, however, thought tbey
euuld bu procured Immediately uud ue
tiuu was taken iu accordance with tins
Mr. lieurd mentioned thut the ordin
ary lifubuuys were quite easy lu handle
if yuu knew how..
"yes, hut people drown gelling the
experience," objected Mr. Wright.
The buunl then guvu attention tu
the mutter uf tenders fur Ihu installation of boilers. The secretary, huwever, announced tbat there bad been
no tenders rceeiveil. A resolution wun
thcreupou pussed to the elfeel Ihut lhe
mutter be left iu the hands uf the
inanugur tu see lu the installation ui
thu builurs occasioning lhe least pin
Bible Interruption tu the service.
l.uter iu the scssiuu Mr. Willium
Wallace, of Iho lucul shipyards, appear
ed prepured lo tender for Ihe wurk, and
armed with au ,'iph,,,, Valley Road from
absurd thing fur an alderman lu gut up that hu hud been cc terminus fur this
aud say. |ed frum tenderiugydaw |m,| (,„,,,, |IU83l„|
"It seems tu mc we ahull suuu haculbeiug able tu gol/cment und lhat thu
u be uskiug Alderman Dick whut we person whom it w|H. rigged lo wrile. the
aru tu huve fur breakfast," observed The board, w'„,| f„r i\,e\t gorricoa for
Mr. Wright. j at tbis, felt t'])ay, it being umlcrslood
Tbe topic then changed to thut uf, tuiug in tho,irjct donate unnuully Sol)
lifebuoys, Capt. Cates stating thai in it to au aij,j„|, ti„. meeling adjourned
bit opinion Ibuse shape like a horse wheu a working committee to elect of-
•hue weru u greul iiupruvement ou the j preser   jjr.  J.   Duvil   wns again ap
rculur ones at present ueed by the I T'„u.,| tliuiraiuii for lhe working cum
cuinpany. They were more easily flbiju,..,, uu,| Mr. w. J. ljurllelt secretary,
handled by u person unaccustomed to  ^j^e rullowiiiK eoriiuiitU-L>» ami cbairmea
the iiiuuipululiuii uf lifebuoys and weru
ultogdher moru uiudcrn.
* ,,nnls
"We shall gel liiein out here
' the ferry company had lust i.i.uou Ive years from now," remar)
ng oi lhe prupcrly owners of
.rid   won  called   lusl   night   in
ihigl.e Ilull In, discuss lue gov
cut's rcversiuu on subdivision. Mr.
Hn-.ni presided over u lurge attend
     Mr IT. V. fniuurl acted secretary
J pru fern,    lieen-  Muy  was lhe prilici
|jiul speaker lur ilie eveuiug. During Inn
ul  lunl   week  lu  Victoria,  he,  with
:Councillors llruigniun uml l.uulct, wuit
ed upun l'remier McBride fur the pur
m^SSSp iu'  pose of ascertaining all information pos
• uuni-.sible wilb reference lu lhe secliou re
i   lune version.   However,  it' was   discovered
tuition  ibat Commissioner MucDonald'e rcpurt
Cas an ex   Inul uut  been luul before Ihc govern
table vie   ineiil    The l'remier promised lhal iui
— i institute mediate stops wuuld be takeu tu settle
lin- lius   iin- dispute ur soou as tbe commission's
elie    Clubs, report wus received, which was expect
■nil lu be in uii Monday, ibe -Tin July.
, i
were elected: Advertising, Publicity
Commissioner l.awler; Hpurts, 11. P.
l'urdie; decorating, li I,. Thompson;
refreshment, Mm ,1. M. Fromme und
Mrs. I'. Westover; culiecrt. A. Kurle
Wugborne; inuuguruliuu, s Allman;
nuance, .1. Could: piinc, ,1. Barker;
Si uuin, .1. II. Knglisli und K. ttbarpu;
trausportatiou, J. I'. Crawford; program, Iv H. Karl. Toe meeling ed-
juurned ul   luTiu |Mil.
A slater who was engaged upou Iho
ruuf uf u huuse iu Kirkcaldy fell duwu
Ihc I.i.M'i uud lai in un uncouscious
slute upun  the pavement
One of lhe pedcslriuus whu iu i , i
lu llie uid uf lhe poor mnn chanced lu
huve a ilu. I, uf spirits iu his puckel,
uud lo revive him begun lu puur a
lillle dowu his lliruut.
'iCanny, mun, canny," cried a mau
looking un, "or yuu'II choke 'im."
The "unconscious" slaler slowly
opened his eyes uml said, quietly—
"i'lun awa', mun, puur awa'; ye're
ilneiii ' hue."
from n« hit   uf
lesl Vuneuuier.
,o call  ami   in
t I'urlurS. Apurl
IIUOM AM) DDAIII) fur men nl rea
mumble rales, lliu Ilh street casl, near
l.unsilule. . 2 8
' washerwoman
wesl uf Duu
2 b
Foi line wulel, aud jewelry ivurli go
lo Oeo. Bomcrlon, tbe new jewelry slure
ou Und slrect.
Authorized ugent fur Biugcr .Sewing Mm Inne Company in North Vau
couvcr. J. J. McAlcccc, Dry Hoods und
lleiili' Furnishing", corner First uud
i.onsilule Avenue. Uf.
m It years, for
tie preferred
Uj   l.un-iliil,'
ni.ifniji   ilinl
<|5H. (live
lid assume
(reel, ill)-/
1. Mrs.
543 penJI:
' dies'
i w
Ice, Ice Cream, Buttermilk,    Milk
renin and Butter, I'urity Creamery, llio
■'■in inni street west.
If you huve auy property lo sell aud
want quick results) lilt it with Short,
Bobcrtsou aud Heymour. t.f.
.'-li"ii time loans ou vacaut or im
proved property. Btar Loan Company,
Gil llastiugi, Vancouver. t.f
MONEY TO LOAN Money loaned
uu diamonds, jewelry, furs. Btar Dean
i'u., liil llastiugs, Vaueouver. i.f.
Simp-mi Bros., i.miding miners and
 iiiii iui .    Enquire Irst house cast
uf l nn dule, iti, itreet.   l'hono I,ioi'.
For cabinet mnl.hiu. carpentering,
picture framing, Frcucb polishing,
painting, gluing, general jobbing work
and iiiiiiiini.- repairs, see or pboue J.
llu-, ue . i "ii i,,,n-i,inle avenue, North
Vancouver. I'erioual attention, l'hono
lii 47. t.f.
' It yuu have any pruperty to sell aind
want quick rcsulti, list it with Bbort,
Bobertaon and, Seymour. t.f.
B. 0.' Livery and Board stable*—
liight rigi aud ladies' saddle hones
for biro. Stabling for horses. General delivory and heavy teaming. 11.
Dumas, Ith streot west. I'bone 317 t.f.
Und Clearing and Orading Lots,
I'ote Andrusi, Gcnorai Coutractor. Be
wer connections a specialty, baicmonl
and otber excavating work undertaken.
Estimates froo. 5117 St. Qeorge's Ave.,
North. Vancouver, post oflice box £3113.
Advertiser would liko to meet party
of means, not lookiug I'm immediate
returns, willing to invest ns an initial
expense up lo M.'"in Object to builij
ami operate a trading post on a well
situated harbor ou thc mainland within
300 miles of Vancouvor. "Harbor ii well
stocked wilb natural resources, aud besides operating thc trading post ad
vertiser wishes to obtain by lease of
purchase or preemption auy available
lands suitably located for townsito or
other purposea. Will prove a gill edge
flivestmonl wilhin'6 years. Fuller nar:
ticulari to bona fides. I'. 0| Box Itmtl,
Nortb Vancouver. 26
mm—— ,   .   ,  i efvstht ——
Publiahei) Tuesdays and Fridays ky North Hlioro Press, Limited.
Bnttet of Subscription :-One yoar, $1.00.   Six months, 60c.   Three mouths/ 85o
( United States and Foreign, $i!.ill) por year
AdvertUlug BateB Will Bs Quoted on Application.
Th* Express is devoted to tbe iotereats of tbe Nortb Shore of Burrard Inlet
aiclmively. It constitutes in advertising medium of eiceptionul value for
reaching In a thorough and effective rnauuer tlm population of Nurlh Vancouver
Oity and Diatrict. Every effort is made to give udvurtjseru Iho most satisfactory
All changes In contract advertisements ahould be in the printers' hands not
later than HI u, m. Monday and fl p. m. Wednoaday to ensure insert iuu in the
following iiaut,  -
North Vancouvtr, B. 0...
.July 30, HU'.:.
Tbu ne.,ni,hi. iif lhe Hoard nf Hnilwuy
Commissioners just oonoliiaVil in Vuneuuver hnve pruveit uf ihu utinusi iui
puiTiiii"' In lhe Nuiih Hhore, liann;.
pruilueeil deeisiiins whose ell'ecls will
exert u most beneficial iulluuncu in In
eui prugresa.
The unfortunate obstacles which hud
urisen of lulu to further obstruct the
construction uf Hecoinl Nurruws bridge
hud proven particularly voxatlous to
Ihul  greul   hotly  of eili/eiis  which   is
closely Interested in ihe advancement
of llle Norlh Shore mnl il.s iuleresls,
itiusiuileh us Ihey developed ufler it 'Wus
Ihougbi Ihul till difficulties hud nl
length keen overcome uml thul an immediate commencement of construction
uperatiuns might lu- anticipated.
The Imui puldic hud been looking for
ward wilh hopeful anticipation In Ike
sessions uf the Huard of ilailway Com
luissiuiiers iu lhe couliileui hupe, thul
wilh Iheir proverbiiil regard I'or Hie iu
ieresls of Ilie peoplo iis such, mul wilh
Iheir i iinliiiuiiri nromplilude uud
n m'a. *> llie Hoard would
en uml dear Hie
ion of this im
A new lies."'' results shuw,
only firm in C«m,ml "'
liiein.     I'lilts ll r.
*   Iiiiinii'.
ml Hridgi
ber of sili-ccssl'ill euuiliiliilus^hrouglinitl
tho province. In the high school pru
nmi iuu oMiininutioiis lhe locul high
biTiiiiiI i-uiiiii llirough wilh a "possible"
every   euitilidnlii   having   sueeessftilly
punned   lilll   CMIIIIInllllon.n.     Ill   view    nf
Iiiii ii iiiii In r of emiiliiliilus who went i||i
for i-Miiiiiiiiiliiiii.i Irom Iho local hlgn
Schoplj Ihis reeoril of one hundred per
cent, is eicept luiiul In a degree uml call
mil   i,nl  In establish u mosl   uiiviakle
reputation for ihe locul Institution iu
■'iiiuiiiiniini circles liiruughoiil Iho province.
There is tin I'eulure uf ll coillfflUllity
wliieii wishes In utlrtirt uud In hold u
desirable cluss nf families us pertnii
lioul residents. Hint is inure iiupurliiiil
thuu Iho cilllculuiiuii fealiires which
thul i uniiu ii ii 11 \ litis lu idler und il is
evident lhal iu Ihis respect lhe Nurt
Mum is in position tn nnsjire pareuta
ihut un superior faeilllloa lo Ihuse ol'
fereil by. lhe Norlh Hhore in lhe wuy of
public schools lire lo ke found iu Hril
ish Columbia.
Nllll'l II   V ANIiOII VUH
ndre»'»   I'rt.liei.rlaii   Iburefc,
'naif—Servicea: Murniug, 11:00
l. 18
Adult Hltilu Claaa, 18:80.
„ 8:80. Y. P.S.O.SI., Tueaday, at I p.m.   Prayer Meotlng, Wud-
oveOlna', Ifi.
Sunday Sohuul, 8:80. T
day, ui I p. in.   I'luyei  ..
needay,   at   8   p. in.    Cliulr    Practice,
Friday, at I p. in. Rev. Ronald Macleud,
Mclauillat Hknrck Coi-ner of Sixth
and St. Qvuige. Sunduy tiei vines, 11:00
in and 7:80 imii. Sunday Sohuul uml
Ihlu Claaa, 8:80 p.m. Senlur League,
loiiday, 8 p. m Prayer and I'raleo
lervloe, Wuduosiliiy, 8 p. tu. Junior
uu,  I'huraday aftornoun at 1:10
Agnes'   I kurek
Iiimli vuni
Corner   Twelfth
Sunduy       .Services;
ll   a. in
Munilng   Prayer,    11    am,;    Sunduy
Bi.hnnlttSr) n.ni,, Bvailtng Prayer,-1:88-
,.       II,'li ul,,,,;,;|,|u,      ,
iiiiulays In munth, ul   11
iiiii.iui Iii monlli, 8 a. in.
luy In n
nnd llilnl
ii in ; secunil
ReV. Samuel
Salvation   Amir—Lunailale
, 11:00 a, in., 8 p. m und
Slllldllj   sei vi, en,   1 lilill a. III., 8 p. Ill Ullll
7:11 p.in.   Tueaday, S p.m.; Tkuradu),
* p.m.   i'liii ii'u imi ilu   Wednusdu),
Why Not 7
Do It Now •
in. and 1 .
School und  Bible Class
Thadc Marks
Copyright* kc.
Anrnne iciiiilna a ikolcli em] description mer
qutcklr flji-iillnlii nur i>i>liiiun free wliullior su
liii.,'iilliin li |iti tuililr I'iiiciiIi,nl.i ('uiiuiiunlcr
lliiiMililcllicuiillileiiHul. HAHDBOO* oiil'slsnu
lent lioo. (Illicit eininc; inr ■ccunua inileiile.
I'almili lulni Inrnuull Uuuil i i.o. receive
ejilflut nelki, wllliout clianni, lu tbi
P. O. Box 1719.
Scientific Hiticrican
A handnmielr Mutfratril weekly. Uiitrjl dr-
t culiUlon or ihf li'U'/iUilc juuriul. Toiai rot
1 raiiiiii, |t Tt i yuu, gnitiiiim iin.'i»4ia. Hold bj
It ne
. R;t i yuu, inMik\*i
ill  Ill'WeVlisliill.
jo Mi«M«Hr. New Yart
ce. ht V bi.. Wuiiiusiou, n. c.
During the Months of JULY anu
AUGUST, this store will close
al I p.m. on SATURDAYS
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Coal   Coal   Coal
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
We have on hand a full supply of all Buildup
Material.   Gel quotations hefore placing order.
L S. F.ATON, Manager.
Kukham's Wharf     Ksplanade Wesl     Phone 488
'9'i'l   AM
8.20    .
i'i :'u
12.20  PM,
2.4H  P.M.
:i to
,   4.00
6.40 '
9,80'' •
12.16  AM.
Hoi ou BnnAiy."
. amove • met w pmhhuh" '"ne tami luyect to culngi
lottcs. Comptny uot liable for   delayi, accidental or olherwiii,
Leave Nortb Vancouvsr
'6.00 A.M.       2,20  P.M.,
•6.20 2.40
•6.40 3.00
"IM '           tM
7.20 3.40
•7.40 4.00
8.00 . 4.20
•8.20 4.40
6.10 '    6.00
0.00 6.20
11.20 5.40
0.40 6.00
10,00 . 6.20
111.20 * 6.40
10.40 7.00
II. 00- 7.20
11.20 »          7.40-	
11.40 8.00
12.00 8.30
12.20 PM.       'im
12-40 9.80
IM 10,00
1.40 10.80
1.40 11.00
S.00 J 1.40
12.45   AM,
Tin* table .object to china, without
lluullal     ITiuri-a    Tu.lfll,
Ooorge.   Hei-vleea ul  11 u. ii|
|i. ni.      ,i ml
al Mil p. III. IT ,i I el iillil IT nine ,-ienTei
Weill, nil,I) |t 8 II. III. ITinlni, llev A
,1.   IT miner.   Tv. i -lllll  ullll  Ul.  Iir.il|;e
II. John Ike iniaiim-ilm, Klahlh unl
ith ii ii     liul    i Tiiiiiniiiiiuii   8 a. in.
Tm i.ln     ii.n . i.    II   a. iii.     I.-, mn
Pruyer, 7:30 |i in.   On tile Ural Houiluv
in Hie inuiilli  ilnie  will  he a eocoml
eleliiTilloli   of   the   Holy   iTiiiiiinunlnii
ui ll ii in.   iui im  llev. lluili Hooper.
II. I Jumna", lalbulle l liurel. Mlnlh
uml    Muhun    Avuiiue.     Sunday—-llllh
M.I..H     llllll    iii uiiuii.    Ill    UIII.      Tillnl.i'
T. lnml   8:10   |i. ill.    li,m.u . and   Bene-
Ti.Tii'ii   iu'ii  p.m I'TI'lu) T.ilW  MilHU,
8 u. in. I'.iiiim. Itov. I A. li.-.lm .1
O. M 1.
Inillnn I nHiullc Iliilieli ul SI. I'aul'i.
M.i...-i i .in ii in . Uiiii,i,iin r.ml..i Rev
E. PeytlVlli, 0, M. I.
I liil.llnn      Sel. nee    —    "K illl In ill-J ."
''le ui. i ii. I.i Avenue ilielweeii Fuur-
teentll mnl t'lfieeiith alreela) Bunuay
Servicea ul II u III. Teillmoll) M'el
Inn, Weilneuiluy, 8:00 |i. in.
SI. Tiii.iiiun 8 uin, avers Bunilai
execi'l Dial iiiii,.1,,, Iii month. 8:311
II III   III i.l   Silln I.i     In  iiiun I li      11  u 111.
M,iim.. i,H.in. uml Bermon, aeconil uiul
finiiili Sunduy ilnly Communion anil
Sel limn, liim uml lllllll i'i.ii,l.iin Vlcur,
Hev. T. B. Ruwe.
I'rrelilU'i-laii      I bureli    Mnn.I., i.n     II
■i m uml 7:30 ii in    Suinluy s, i I uml
ini'l' i'i.in.'., 3:30 |i iii. Teacher*' Train
inu   Hluuu,   Weilneuilu),    7:30     Prayer
MeellllK.    Weillleliliiy.    8    |i  III       Uujll'
I'liili. T'liui. .1.1,   7:30 i   in    I'linlr I'iiii
lice,   IT l,i..i    8   p. Ill      K.   Villi   .Muii.i.
SI. A , jiuHlnr.
l'u -i.il) l.i lull   I llllllll     Uuiulllll,   Mm
iluya, li n in ami 7 |i in Uuinlui
di lnml. 'l.ll |i in. l'uulnr, llev. A Muc
Hrlludlal i iim.o Worahip Hun
ilaya, II u in. um) 7:00 p.m Muii.i...
School, 2.15 |i in I'lmlui', llev. "■
II.  lilciurul'a,  I.inu   Vallry—Miillna.
II u.lll.    muii.i...,   S, liie'l  .' .In |' iu   l'lvel'-
i."i.i. 7 00 i in Hull ''" in nn ii.". '■ menus
Suinluy In im.uil ut 11.00 n in Ni'imui
I   Tlm union In churn/
Homo iu mnl ecu ue.   We will be only
loo jileuncT lo ehow you uur   -.■ ei■ j• I. -
111  i:n|iliii,i,il,i Weet. Pbono 110
(neit to I'atleraou, Qolilie k (link)
Vancouver Business Directory
SPROTT-SHAW Business College
336 Hustings St. VV.
Canada ■ Qriit.lt Wnt.rn  School
tt. J. Sprott, H.A., - -Munaijir
lllil  4
jet' and Gent's Hats
uiul  foi
him lunl
uml liacif'Hi   "u'r   Braiila,   .Slruw»,
ami Ihul ili'uieru ami. 1'elle
aupplioa of eaueil,  Hloekeil  ami  Trim
I'liiiu. bul  aul to new.    1'imrlively
uml  Vule uuiu uiiiin uee.l
urunii oil the	
miii unveil iiiuiu    HAI     WUKKu
wuuiiiloil men umple, Vancouver, B. 0.
l" ;'';' 'l"'1 '""'MUIE STBEBT
rciiiTicI Iheir jo
mall were eo run
iiiiul.li: In  with.l  ESTATE
interim  winter,	
from ..i|''iniii.'     ,
can, liruuglil to motet & Securities
niuli'M.   He etoroojj Ijiniled
iiii'l then |inn'ei.'il'
I ecu   uiii''.   lower iiu  Street
where he propond!	
lie .'muui lb
,   "".'ESTATE
im ni  ami
lhe   bank,   wu„„iOHTGAGE
omergeil from ll INVESTMENT.
.lown.  All but 8   MANAGED
auliuale, ^'""I^SUHANCE       «
dleil in 1 fow be
pua.il tbrouj,blKftt« " " - M»uag«i
*ho|ic, uml Ihe
•\ '"'   ''"""iTAOEANTB
juilameut uml
I lain  ou  Iho ~
tho Upper I'Vini-uuv.r paople nt »l
money iluriii|
Oil .!:■. I ■.,.<
W WM 9%k Block 0, nmi,,,,. St.,
the men of mi 1
il new poet nHiee,   Unniid
eileul, uur   ...       _  .
' , lea by lha pound,
ho woiib	
arouml I
u won! ,       »<W»TV
until hdg, Wo,urn Boa., No. m
rehi|'."iin|(H of tbis lodge aro held in
nwore igbta of Pytbiaa llall, rorner of
ami ujAeld avenue and Fourth slrect,
,   ,first and third Friday* in each
ureat rl    „   . ,   ,
at 8 o'clock p. 111.
v ' "iiiiiiiculiiine and appliealiona for
but I lftbiy ,.,, t,e irJdreisod to Huold
i* a u|acral»rr, V. 0. boa til). 1IHI
10,000 cordi of dry Br wood for quick
sale. Pries par odd cordi, 11.76. Special quotations for larger quiutltlei.
Out Wood, 16 Inchon, $8.26, 12 Incnei
U-ta. C. O. D.
Office .unl Yaid— 14lh md I Jinidale
i'lione 111).    P.O. Box 2432.
U IT'HII Mllll V,
Vat 1 l.leraar lu  ,.-., and  I »-■ VI ali 1
NiiTH'K la lierehy 11lv1.11 lliul Now-
imll Uriel, uml Tlh- r. ,1,1 ,,1,.. I.lmlleil.
Vancouver, will uiii'iy fui u llcwniu in
Hike uml one 100 culile feel uf wuler
not uf Sliuiiniin i'revli. which lluuu In
ii i.ui u.n, .1. 11 ■ in., uui ihriiiiuh l.ul
608. ,.1.uii' I. Ne» \\, miu 11.nl. 1 HI .111. 1
umi i-miiileu lulu lluwe Siiiiml tieui lln
ll.uil Ihereuf The wuler will In 01-
vel'lc'l ul llle ln-iii] uf Hie 1..I1 . iiml will
he iiucii fur |iuwer iiuriiuHcu un lln lumi
'leHCI Iiii.I ua l.ul itt. Uuiiili I. NT 11
Weitiulniter liluirlel
n.i Nuilce WUH pulleil "ll lhe
,.,,,1,1,,I  mi  Hie Kill illy nf Jul}.   1812
The .iimlliiilluli will In- llliil III III.
..III., uf llle Wulel He. "Hll I III Nell
Wi aHuilialer
ul.l. . limn. IIIU)   he   Iiii .1   Willi  llle mini
WTiiei Recorder 111 will, tin- Ouinniruj
ler uf Wuler III, I.ln I'.i11i.1111. Ill Ilmi.I
llll,  Vlcliirlu. hi:.
3   II   llevey. A|elll
Vat a I le.ni.i- lu  lat.  lul lar UhI.i
NhT'Ii'I-: ia I....I. ulvcii ihul Ne»
lmii w.ii.i I'umi'uiiy I nmi..1 ul Vun
euuver. will ..||T: fur u lleeliae lu Hilti-
.iliil uae iwu huiiTii-'l culile feel ut wu
lei uul ut Mi.,111,nn i'ri-ek. which lluwii
In u auuihweuleily illreellun ii,i,i,T.
Mi,uiiiiun Vulley. ullil ■ 111 cu. ■' Inlu Hun.
M..1111.I Hem tl"  I" .nl lln 1. uf
The  wuler  will  be dlveried ul   Hie
iiulni uf InlcimiTluii wllh lhe nuiilicil.i
lluili uf T  I,  .I'.-T'l umi will he u.m'J fui
Mi,in, ij,,,l |lii 1 ..... .  nu lln- lulni ili-m-lHi
cil ua l.ul im.  (Iiuiiii I. New Wealmln
■ In   Dlalrlcl
tt 1. notice wuu posted un Hu- ki"'i'"I
un lhe ,'i.Hi ilu) ul July   1818
The in i'ii,. 1,  will he llleil In Hie
ulliee   uf   llle   Wuler   Rccurdel   ul   New
ni !■ ■ il i.   muy he llleil willi llie mini
Wuler   Recorder   or   will,   Ihc   iTiniii-
iinini    nf    Wulel    1.1,11       I'ul Iiiiini in
11...I.un,     Vlclorla, U ('.
T. K   Mun In, Aai-ni
u 111 11 Mllll H
Fur a llcruar lu Takr aad ler Uilrr
M,'I'H'IT la Inicli) 1 i'.,n Ihul New
poll Wulel l'u l.lulleil uf Vuneuuver.
will uj'iily fui u llei'tiae lu luke uml
uue 300 culile feel uf wuler uul of
M.iii"i""iii Creek, which liuw. In u
auiilhweelcily illieelluli lliluuili Hie
Maimjuum Volley um) empll.l Inlu enal
Inul,ih     ::,,,,..,,,1   n     Hi.. 1      lleUI     11'"'.'
The water will he Tiv.ni-T ul llie
head or lln- Ural lull:' heluw Huul ' 1. J.
ulnl will he uied fui power poipiaVa
DU lln
power I)
land in m iiiinl u« I.ol IfS, imop
I, New V, ,. Iiiiinii. 1 1.1.nl.i
Thla nuilii- wua pualed un ll
1 Hie VHI. duv uf July, 1818
Tbe ,.1'iTii .iiiun will lie nli
lice of lhe W'uiei' Rccurdel
.   iiiiiii- 1 .
iihjei llmiu may lie flled wilb lhe aald
duv uf July. 1818
leallun  will lie filed In lln'
e Waler Rccurdel  ul  New
Wuler Ht order ur wilb Ihe I'uiiiplriil
ler uf Wuler llluhia. I'.nlii m Build
lna>. Vlclorlu. B  ('
J  11  llevey, Au.nl
Our Shipment of Prosser
Racqiiets it Here
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
Buy From the People Who Know Values
60x117.   Cleared aud cloie to car.  Fries 91,050 cssb.
D. L. 204
Lots In Block Hii at fihii each, on tonus of '/, cash, balance
'    '  6, 111 aud' in mouths.
Ws repreieut the Loudon k Laucsiblre luauranca Oo.   A sound
Board Company.  If you bavo anything to insure we cau do It for you.
Phous 70. Ifi Lousdale Ave. P. O. Box mm
Palace Hotel
Second Slreei, Norlh Vancouver, B. C.
RaTKS:— $2.00 per da\) up.    Special
rales la latnilies and to regular boarders.
The Commercial Union Assurance
Co., Ltd. iiS""        PAID $4,250,000
Quickly and promptly on accouut of the Ban Friuclico iirtlujuike aud Ure.
How many Companion could do tbli?
IU uaota amount to 11111,000,000
A poatal  will  bruif our representative
'. Hoildeut Ageut
IH Lousdili Avouuo iud Capilauo Car Teruiiuua
Pliouea: Lonadalo llil.
Capilano llil.
We solicit llie trade of all builders who appreciate
I Mi Grade Goods at a moderate price, and llie
prompt and careful filling of orders, which our large
stork and long experience in business makes possible.
Burrard Sash & Door Factory, LuJ.
50 feet in Block 29, District Lot 273, near Ridgway,
for only, $2,850, 1-3 Cash; Balance, 6, 12, and
18 months.
02 LONSDALE AVENUE     va.vnimi v.™ nt
'"  "    ' a>ee»«-ee««i«BB«,«aj Do You Know Your Way?
Call iu and get ons of tbs new maps Qf North Vancouvor. .
Ot cento each. Special pries for a quantity..
J. E. Scouten's Book Store
(ti. B. Book aud Stationery Company).
Lonadalo Avenut PHONE 191
Rice Lake Difpte
OoutluMed from page 1
Rooming House or Offices
On tbs Upper Floor of the
KNIGHT BLOCK, Eiplanade Weit
Wide Entrance and well lighted Hallway
For particulars apply to
London & British North America Company, Limited
(Mahon, McFarland k Procter, Ltd.)
k DIS Pender Btreet West
(Phone Seymour 11280, Bontal Department)
We Are Plotting
to got your business. Our uew sulullvlsluii lu Hollyburn Is well woith
your conelderatlou ll yun want OOOD VAIJJE AT SMALL 008T.
Ideally situated on the Government Boad. OALL IN AND WB WILL
Provincial Land & Financial Corp.
FHONB llll
Ladies' Hair
Mrs. Vena ut openlug a lirst class
Ladies' Hair Dressing Parlor, Sham
liiiunid, Massaging, Manicuring,
Scalp Treatments. Curlings made up.
Switches, etc. Ladies of Nortli Van
couver cordially Invited to call and
Apartment 7, Keith Block
Toilers wanted fur raising ami sol
ling - (lag pules nl cily schools. Spe
i ni. ii I ion.-, uud particulars obtainable
from Ihc undersigned.
Sncri'lury Huurd of Scjiool Trustcei
illl; I', (,. Box am.
Notico to Property Owners
Nolice is hereby given Ibal in ue
cordauco with lhe terms uf Ihe "Mum
cipul Ani,1' as uuw amended, the names
ul' bidders ul unregistered Agreements
fur Sulu 1-uuiiul In' inserted upuu llie
Assessment ilull ur Voters' List uf
lliu Muiiii ipulily fur IUM.
All holders ul' Agreemeuls fur Sale
in respect uf property iu Ibis dislricl
ure therefore untitled lu register Same
nt lln- IjhuI Kegislry 'lilin- iu Van
J. tl  I'AIIMl-.II.
CIS C.  M   C.
pbatically objected te tbese comments,
and wai supported In bis objections
by Alderman McBae. Alderman Dick,
however, persiited tbat the remark be
bad qunle.1 'proved irresponsibility on
lln- pinl Of the old.'llllllll,    "Vuu WOUllI
di.iihlh'ss notice, gentlemen," Alderman Dlek inni iuued, "what happened
iilien we started giving figures relative
It, the last threo wuolts. That repurt of
Ibo engineer's upon which Aid.'im,hi
Foreman is working is three weeks uid.
There Is a very strong attempt, u|-i-n
ently, iu refusu ilie tjgurus relating io
tlie lusl three weeks. The llgures I'or
the lasl three weeks have been huhiw
the engineer's esliiuute. Tiny linn:
been belnw Ihu llgures put lm mud here
luuiglil us i'u, ulTr enulruel prices. It
that is uot irresponsibility on tliu abler
man's purl, whut isl The lust purl u|'
Ihu IuiiiiiT bus been driven nl SIT.no
a fuol. The eusl pur luut during lliu
last three weeks bus uul exceeded
i it ,'"    Is Ibis proposul lo call I'or Inn
ders, then, hoiking ufler Hu' Interests
uf lhe ratepayers! These men who ure
prepured lu' lender ur ul Icusl oue uf
ilu in are men whu huie been Iired uut
there fur iucumpctuncy. In, . .,., the
men whu put furward figures, wlin-li
aru Ilieu pul up lu Ihe city. Why, une
nl' lluwe ni i'ii i-uiiie lu mu befure he gul
Iired uml usked lue if Ihe city wuuld
uul |i" him u contract without bonds.
That is ihu kind nf liguriug Ihul lius
been produced before os. There ure
linii' ul' fuur sure foremen, wliu gul
brud and wbu have been guing "ui.ul
the cily slreets Irving lu make Iruiible
i vindictive wuy, umi Ihul is ull Ibo
trouble Ihere is nut el lliee Uke. ,ue
men uul there ure working hard, If
you let u contract lo une uf Ilnne cun
Illctori uml lie fulls duwu ou bis run
Iracl, what ure yuu guing lu dul
The completion uf the work ->„jm have
lu be postponed su Ilml yun inighl go
to luw uboul il."
The Mayor: "I huve been asking
Mi iiiiini eiiui'iriling lhe recent pru
gress mude uml he tells lue Ilml during
Ibe lusl -I huurs they have luuueled
u distance uf i feel I inches. The wurk
is lieillg Well dune uut there ut lue
present lime. The nly engineer bus
lm,i.i,i mlu tins inuiim several limes
and his recommendation lo uie is thut
we slick lu lbe present method,"
Alderman Irwiu: "ll seems thai at
present wurk is proceeding in u musl
satisfactory manner, We baie nu evl
deiice befuru us luuiglil showing lhal
this is uut su. In llu- abseuec ot a
recommendation Irum the engineer, I
see uu guud reasuii fur culling fur leu
Aide,man llmm "I cniiuul m-e my
wuy lu suppurl the motion The wuter
culiiuiillve lins luken up lliin i|Ui'siitfn
leveral times uud iuu sue nu reusunul.le
uhjei-1 lu be gained by caii.ng for Imi
ders. II wuubl be nu iujusttcit lo unv
coulraclur tu ask lum lu lender under
sueh t-oiidiliuns. As lu tin' urigmul
eetiuiale uf lhe engineer. Mr Hunus'
enlimute muni necessarily bum been un
ly a guns, shut- uu born.;' lunl li."„
Alderman Krase,: "Ou Ibo reporl :"
nigbl, if we ore duiug lbe wurk ul 'll
u fool, I shuuld uul feel jii-lilied in
accepting u lender unless it wus n't;
luw indeed. I wuubl like li see llu.
notion withdrawn in nrdi-i tu see   ov.
Il.n   mirk   goes  .mn,   "
Alderniun Puremun: "There is nu re
purl in here luuiglil ul all. The eu
giiieer bas |.nuiglii iu uu repurt. My
liguies were bused upun lhe lusl official
report of tlie engineer. Therp bas been
uo ether siuce. Wlw I Wt anything
of tltiu diiul T.kiiiiI It.frnm llw piikiii-
eer end from no Riie else. ■   .   ' '
As to Aid. Biss'a statement tbat Mr.
llaues' estimate could only have been
a guess, I contend ihut Uf. Hanes is
not thu kind uf man to guess at th|s
sort of tblug ui all. Tbe report I ani
spcukiiig upun Is the only report we
■■un possibly work ou, und accunliug
Iu that report llm work is lining done
ou an avoragu of $8fl,IS0 a foot.
Aid. Mclluo, while willing to remain
a i.eeiimier of tbo motion, admitted
thut lie wns not fjultu satisllud wilh
the way iu which tile motion bad been
Abl. Irwiu assured Aid. Keltic that
he wuubl be ipiltu in urder in wilh
drawing his suppurt fruni the mul inn
for whieb information Aid. II i Hue
Ihniikeil Aid. Irwiu very much.
Aid. Hiss persisted iu bis urguiucul
Hint Mr. liuties' estimate euuld huvu
been nothing inure thun u guess. lu
urder tu hnve been sure he wuubl huve
certainly lu huvu bored.
Aid. Dick: Mr. Dunns tuld me only
Ihis ul'lurnuun ihul Ihu estimate wus
unly n guess. He luld us lust yeur
Hint il wus unly u guess. There wus nu
lulling diini'ilinl nu soundings luinle ami
lln", did mil kuow whut snrl of gruuud
Ihey weru guing iulu,
The muyor linn furuiully put Aid,
Foremen's motion tu lhe meeting. The
vnling was then recorded ns follows: ,
Ayes   Aid. Foreman ami  McBae,
Nays- Aid. Hick, Aid, Hiss, Aid. Pra
ser uml Aid. Irwiu.
Ilis Wurship proclali I ihe motion
Interesting Boxing
Program Pending
The Nurlli Vuneuuver Athletic Club
hus urrunged u program comprising nil o
boxing bouts for l'u,i.n evening, when
a smoker. Iul.es place tai s ,;u in Lar
sou's I'm iiiun which shuuld niagnctisi
un uiiusuully big crowd.
The cream of amateur I,uxors of this
section will be seen, including (ill Mm
iiu, middleweight i-liumpiuu uf Cunudu.
Murlln i luiiul 11, pa three rounds
yvilh "Hub" Turn, while Fruuk llui
rieuu,   welterweight   cbuiupiou   uf   the
Domini  will clash  wilh "Mickey"
Welsh, u welter whu comes highly re
"Hob" Ulllu,in- uud Cd. Bussell, ul
IIIH pounds, will llll uul lhe light
weighl ilivisiuu Imui, while i'uul I'eler
nun und Stanley Clements, two a! lhe
best featherweights in Ibis eily, will
ulsu eiiiuu togetiier "Kid" Loo uml
"Arl" Fui ul' tin Hustings A. I.'., have
ulsu agreed lu gu uu fnr the regululiull
number uf sessions, while iwu midgets,
lien, und Hughes, whu claim Iheir
weighl ul Ml puunds, should furnish un
I'.xi-i'llenl   gu.
"Hum" lluud, llie Hustings A. C.
lightweight wrapper, and Snyder,
diould furnish uu eicitiug hou!. Sny
In liun lm- appearance uf u lively bird
and il is jusl pussiblc Ihul (luud may
rOu agaiusl a Trujnn.
Sunn th,'uduul ui William Bracken
ihrullier ul the well knuwn Spukune
wrestler whu is al prescnl runuiug u
ilull in Sun Fraiii-ineui us boxing iu
Tin lur lur Hie local club, quite u uuiu
lur uf eopuble gluve wieblers bave
been prudui'i'd. Following lln- tuition
if llm new instructor, who bus uu ei
epliunully lung siring uf notable vie
hun. lu lun , r. Til, lhe local inslilule
In,uid i|uiekly pruvide bull. Hie Ilus
lings uml Vum-uuver Alhletic Clubs
isiln plenty uf cuinpi'lilioii.
Of Intereat To
.l.ynn Valley Day committee will meet
In the Institute Hall on Friday evening
at 7 o'clock for general business.
~~r-iiiecii|) gnirorn meeting tl tin
l-ynn Vulluy Athletic Club will be bold
In tlio Tus|ltut<\Hall ou Friday, Au-
gusl Uml ut 8 p.nj1, lliisliiuss: Consilium-
tion p( football futures.
l.ynn Valley is booked to play tbo
Albion cricket club ut Victoria on Aug.
J71b,  Aa nimiiliil ratim am given In
clubs, the secretary wuubl be glad to
receive the tiuines uf uuy who ore I'ii
nus of necumpuiiying Ihu leam uu this
trip. The teuni leuve Vuneuuver mid
nigbt Friday uud sturt praying nl Heu
eon Ilill I'urk ut 10.80.
The Tenuis Club's illuminated cun-
cert and duiice lukes pluee tomorrow
evpn|ug on lhe court) Allun, roud, from
7,i'HI p.m. The .ui.,n,"i im ni ■ huvu heun
distributed uver several committees and
will euiiseipii'iiHy be well bundled. Thu
sput is ideul fur nu ull'uir ul' Ihis surt
uud shuuld thu present Wosthor cuutiniie
Ibere prnmises lo bu n record crowd.
The liuine train .wore defeated by
Cedar ruling/ uu Saturday, the icores
being 17 In III. The Iiiiiii,' side batted
lirst ami frum lhe disuslruus dismissal uf Ibeir mainstay Mr. :l. II. Farmer,
u I'liiiu' scorned lu sel iu. Fur the vis
ilutn T. Huiii luuk 1 wicket for 8. l'l.
Seymuur li fur I, S. Stephens : fur ll,
l.yuu Vulley'nvernges were: .1. Thuiuus
1 fur SI, W. II. Brownleo I for 8, W.
.1. Iliiriliii I im il, II. (I. Sharp II for
14. The Holding un bulb sides wus ex
lelleul ull run,id und the next luulch
belween these Iwu clubs shuuld be inure
A speciul geuerul meeling of. the
l.ynn Vulley Conservative Associutiou
wus held last eveuing in lbe Inslilule
Ilull fur lliu purpuse ul pussing u roso
luiiun whether nr nut thoy shuuld scpu
rule frum Hie lliuliiinind Central As
sedation. Mr. It. I'. Hurdle occupied
lbe lluur and lhe secrelary, Mr. K. V.
Stuurl, aller lhe uiluptiuii uf the min
ules uf the previous meeling, read the
correspondence. The principal item wus
u letter Irum Ibe Nurlli Vancuuver As
-.in in imu Informing Ihem uf a resolu-
lum passed ul Hie lasl meeling of suid
ussuciuliou tu separate frum Bichmond
uml asking fur lbe suppurl uf Hie l.yuu
Vulby Assuciiilibii. Mr. .1. Duval ub
jeeled lu u discussion uu the gruumls
Ibal insufficient nolice hud been given
according tu the association's bylaws,
ami aller a lengthy debate Hie meeting
adjourned foi lhe purpuse uf consider
lllg lhe sitUUlioil
A meeting ui Hie property owuen uf
lhe district wus lulled lusl nigbl in
llie Institute Hull In discuss tiic gov
eminent s reversiuii un subdivision, Mr.
,1, I,uval presided uver a large attend
iiiui- Mr. I-I. V. Sluurl ueied secretary
pm inu. lieeve Muy wus Ihe princi
pal speuker inr Hie evening. Iluring Ins
visil lusl week lu Victoria, he, with
Councillors Hridgmuu nnd l.outct, wuit
ed upun l'remier MeBridc fur the pur
pose uf usnerlaiinug ull information pus
Hilili* wilh referenee In Hie section re
version. However, il was discovered
iluu i TiiiMiiiuMuiii: Mm li.iiiinld'n reporl
bad nul been luul befure lhe govern
incut The l'remier promised Ihul im
mediate steps wuuld be takeu lu settle
Hie dispute as suuu us Hie rumuiissiun's
rcpurl wus received, whicii wus expccl
ml lu be iii uu Monday, lbc -Tin duly.
TI)S following delegates were elected
tp Interview tho Premier within two
weeks: Hoove Muy, Cuiincillurs Brjdg-
mau, Westover ami Loutet, Ex-Alder-
mau A. J- llondorsou, Messrs. J. M.
Frornme, A- P»va|, Thftrnpson, Tlnn,
J. P. Crawford, B. I.. Thompson, P.
|f|ug, It. I'ui'die, S. E. Bar! and it.
Brown, including ae many more as sre
Interested who may be willing to pay
their owu expenses. Tbe following
bodies aro to lie asked to cooperate*
North Vancouver i'ily Oouncll, Nortb
Vsncouver Board of Trade, N. Vancouver Diitrict Oouncll, North Lonsdale Conservative Association, Nortb
liuusdule Halepayers' Association, N.
Arm Ratepayers' Association and Lynn
Valley Conservative Association, iieevu
Muy wus appointed cliairmnii of the
lulegatiuii and 11. L. Thuiupsou secretary. After a vulu uf thanks was extended lu. the reeve ami cuiinclllors for
thu Interests iu looking up the mattur
while iu Victurlu. the meeting sd
Al it meeting of the residents uf l.yuu
Vulley und ilislriet iu the In mme Hall
uu Muiiiluy livening tn discuss u dalu
I'ur Ihu uiin ml opeping uf I'lun i'urk
uml Suspension bridge, Mr. .1. Duval
was voted I" lhe cldiir uud Mr. i- V,
Stuurl secrulury pro I cm. A uuuui
miinii resulutiuu wus passed lhat this
luy sliuiilil be culled Cymi Vulley Duy
uml Ihe dule was fixed fur l.ubur Day,
September -ml. I'ublieily Commission
r l.iiwlur uml Mr. S. Allmuii briclly
addressed lbe ineeling, giving I lunr
views nf ulmi l.ynn Vulley Duy shuuld
be. A working committee wus formed
lu tuke up ihe matter, consisting as
follows: Iteevc Mm,. Councillors Hridg
mun uml Westover, Publicity Oominli
loner l.uwler, J. M. Fromine, ,1. I).
Farmer, II- Duuglns, ,1. liuvul, I V.
muuii, It. Brown, II. Thompson, H. I..
Tliiimpsun, .1. Darker, Iv S. Karl, 1.
Oould, .1. W. IT.iil, ii. B. 1'. 1'urdie, S.
Allniuu, .1. II. Knglisli und II. ii Sharp,'.
A resolution waa passed tu usk thu
council lu grade l.ynn Valley Kuad frmu
l.ungwurlhy lu ear terminus fur this
occasion us the bylaw had been pusscd
fur lumi improvement uml lliul Ihu
cuuucil shuuld be usked lu write, tbu
N. V. I'ily Hund fur Iheir services fur
I,vnn Vulley Dny, ii being understood
Ihul the dislricl donato unnuully full
lu Hie Hund. The meeling adjuurued
fur lbc working committee tu elect uf
llcers. Mr. .1. Duvul wus uguin up
poiuted chairman fur Ihe working cum
millee uud Mr. Vi. .1. Ilurllett secretary
I'lie following committee! uud chairmen
were elected: Advertising, Publicity
Commissioner l-uwler; Spurts, II. I'.
I'urdie; decorating, H, I., Tuouipsou;
refreshment, Mrs. ,1. M. Fronuue uml
Mrs, I'. Westover, concert. A. Carlo
Wagliornc: inauguration, ti. Alluiun;
finance, ,1. (luuld; piise, J. Barker;
Scuuls, ,1. II. Knglisli uml Iv Sharpe;
transporlulioii, J. I'. Crawford; program, Iv S, Kurl, Tne ineeling ed
juiiriiud ul  HITHI p.m.
A slaler wliu was engaged upuu Hiu
roof uf u huuse iii Kirkcaldy fell duwu
the I."IT'i uiid lay in uu uncuusciuus
slule upuu  llu- pavement.
Hue of lhe pedestrians wbu rushed
tu Ihc aid uf ihc puur man chained lu
have u Husk uf spirits in his pucket,
und lu revive liim begun lu puur u
hllle duwu his throat,
"Canny, mun, canny," cried a mau
luukiug on, "or yoo'II choke 'lm."
The " unconscious" sluler slowly
upeued   his  eyes  und   suld,   quietly	
I'uur uwu', uuiu, puur awa'; ye'ie
duiTii' Hue."
BOOMS FOB HF.NT   Housekeupiug
uml single.   Iill iind street casl.
/.urge  fruni   ruum, furnished.   \ttl
Third   slreei   eusl. 0 8
Full  HUNT   Furnished  ruum, lib
First Slreei  Kail. IK 9
TO HKNT  Stable on fourth street
Iv Apply Hox Albl, Kxpress OlUco.   7 8
TO HKNT   Al ♦!!!, threerooin col
luge, .Apply Twelfth slreet and ilidg
or. i
wuy uvenue.
FOB HKNT furniihed bedroom,
Willi use of silling room, Apply Bux
A102, Kxpress Ollice. 'H
FOB HKNT Frum September, luru
niinl bedroom iu private huuse uu
ills! slreei, close tu cur line, lu lady
engaged during day. Fur particulars
write Bui H91, Nurlh Vincuuver. SU 7
J    FOK SAI.K   7 room new buugulnw
lu ruums downstairs, - rooms upstairs,
Muderu, including lire pine/, bull,, elc
i.,,'i cash, in, a mniii I,    -
Full    HKNT   Urge   roomy,    well
lighted slure wilh stable and ''nmi	
imi over slure, curner l.yuu Valley aud
Outre Heads. Apply Menlianln 'ITn.l
( Trading Co. 1,1,1,, llll I'ender SI. W.,
Vaueouver, B. C, If.
FOH HKNT Fuur roomed furniihed
suite, Colonial Apartments. Apply
Oierssen, Eighth uud St. Andrews.   If.
FOK   HUNT   Modern   sis roomed
house, corner lllh street s'ud Chester
n field.     Kent $2o\00.     Apply Mrs. 0,
Hiirllcy, lllh streot west. £0 7
FOK SACK   Kipe greenhouse Tuuia
lues.   Keene, Kith itreet. 6 8
FOB SACK- Solid oak leather up
bolstered   davenport  practically  new:
also tbu rango cheep. Boi 117, Kxpress.
FOK BKNT Four loomed modern
cottage uu Kill, slreei, close to Coos
dale. 129 per month. Apply J, N,
Keuueily li tip., Second slreet well. 'It
1 TO l,KT Five room furnished bun-
galow for two months. Apply to Mc
Millnn and Beid, IU Lonsdale Ave.
I'bone tit, North Vancouver) B. C.
— 1 ,
FOK SACK Tm, bamboo verandah
screens, <|Uilc new, lengths HI feel and
6 feel.    K.O. Bin 2171,  Nurlli,, Vau
couver. - *
FOK SAI.K-Or to rent, furniihed
iii rouiued bouie, l.'nl, street. Oue aud
a half block eait of Boulevard. Apply
at bouse. it.
FOB HACK Dark crimson reversible
rug, Ib feet by 12 feet, Vcond hand.
Very cheap. 'f.Q.*tU ftp, North
Vancouver. 2 8
FOK SACK Ou i'eler lluini 2 lul*
il.liCli cleared, |l"" each. $100 cash.
Duulde corner 08x120, $700, l-'uo
cash Apply Box B2U, Klpress'Of
FOB SAI.K Leaving Cr A^lrnbu
Cheap li ruumed bungalow, Willi upuu
fifi'l'lu.c, i'rice $22mi; $.'UW cash and
balauce Bi reul Dnkniun, Duven ninl
ruad, near Frouuuc nunl. 0 8
FOB SALK firomn huuse, modem,
wilh elcclric light, water, ruums puper
ed, Cl cleared. Corner city boundury
and l.ynn Valley road. On good terms
$3,000 or ipol cash fl'liiD. Apply Hoi
2178, Nortb Vancoover. 0 8
Pl)ti HACK lliuinc, map, llllh slreei
and Bt. Ueorgc'i Avenue, 6 rooms, ce
nilut baiemciil, piped for foruace, lnl
XlilfiO to lane, fenced In and garden.
Now rented $22.00 p,, montb. Price,.
iiiui. UV) cash, balauco ('To uioutb
at 7 per cent. Owuer, li»i 1810, cily.'
WANTKD   Hirl to do general house
work.   Apply 140 Thud slreei easl. .
WANTED A reliable man to drive
laundry wyt. kpfly ci. V. gteem
laundry. 2 8
WANTKD- Listings from owners of
pruperty in II. I, 2.17,'We»l Vuneuuvcr
Bui 112, Klpress Offlce,
WANTKD- Udlei lu cull and iu
speit uur Hair Dressing I'arlors, Apart
mi-lit 7, Kiilli lilink
I'""'! AND I'-'i'.I.Ti lur men al rea
suuuble rules. 103 llli street eusl, near
Lunsdule. 2 8
l For Hue watch oud jewelry work go
lo Oeo. Bomorton, Ihe new jewelry store
pn 2nd ilrecl.
WANTKD Firsl class washerwoman.
Apply I'igoll, Isl huuse west of Hoo
lewd ou  -Hi slreet. I-H
WANTKD   Oirl, uboul 18 years, lor
ium-, m.ii.   Oue with borne preferred.
Apply 1228 I Ticslcliel.l. 2 8
WANTKD Huuse, Nurlh Lonsdale.
Sii or seven room, (live localiou and
price.   Boi 2182, Norlb Vancouver.
WANTKD Lol uboul fiDi'lfiil. (live
casl, tl,,,"" nr neur, ur would n- une
paymeuts. Cunliffe, IWU Isl slreei, illl 7
WANTKD A good general servant
for family of two. No washing. Mrs.
1. II. iloare, Ilh slreei and SI. David's
Boad. 237
WAN'TKI! dressmaking and ladies'
In ilm mg, long summer coals, elc. Oood
It and -lyli- guaranteed. I'ricei no,
sooable. Alio an apprentice (Oood
training given). Apply evening Sixth
it reel west, comer Lomdale.. 148
Oood youug stock bull kept, corner
J'vbinioa arid Capilano roadi. W. 11.
Willie.. '  ' -fH
Ice,  Ice Cream,  llullcrmilli,    Milk,
ream umi lluftur, Purity Creamery, Uio
Secoud itreet west. ,
If you havu any property lo loll aud
waul 'I'm i. ii uli., Hit It with Short,
Kuli.'iismi lud Seymour. ' t.f.
Sburt lime loum on vacant 'or improved properly. Star Louu Company,
Oil Hi. imi:-., Vancouver. t.f.
MONKy TO LOAN- Money loauod
uu diuuiuuils, jewelry, furs.. Star Loeu
Co., Oil llusllngs, Vancuuvur. t.f.
Simpson Bros., building uiuvurs and
imilruiTurs.   (inquire lirst house eusl
uf Loiisdale, Lllh slreet.   phono 1.107.
Fur cabinet inukilfg, cur pent cruig,
pn lure framing, Freucb polishing,
paipting, glii/ing, general jobbing wurk
ami furniture repain, see or phone -C
IJuynes, i-.iii' Lomdale aveiiugss Nortb
Vancouver. 1'ersonal altention. Phone
1/147. • tf
It you have any proporty to sell and
want quid results, liat it wllh Bbort,
Bobortaon and Seymour. t.f.
Authorized iigcni for Singer Sew
iug Machine Cuiupauy in Norlb Van
couver. J. J. Mc.Alecce, Dry (loodiand
denls' Furnishings, corner Firsl uml
Luusdulu Avenue. ll
B. O. Livory and Hoard stables—
Light rigi aud ladies' saddle bonei
for hire. Stabling for hones, (leu
eral delivery and heavy tuauiiug, il
Dumas, Sth street wost. Phone 947 t.f.
Und Clearing and Grading Loti,
Pole Andruw, Qenerai Contractor. Be
wer connoctloni a ipecially, baiemenl
and othor excavating work undertaken
Kstimalei free. 621 tit. Oeorge'i Avo.,
North Vancouvar, poit office box 2303,
Advertiser would liko to meet party
of means, not looking ,for immediate
returns, willing to invent, ns an initial
expell'ie   Up   tO  $0,(100.      Olljcel    III   build
end operate a trading i■■•■ I on a well
situated Iiniinii on tho mainland within
300 miles of Vancouver. Harbor ii well
slocked with natural resources, and be
■ides operating Ibo trading peit ad
verliser willies lo obtain by leeie or
purchase or pre-emption any available
lands suitably located for townsite er
Other purposes. Will prove a gill edge
Investment within 0 yean. Fuller psr-
Oculars to bona 1dm. P. 0| Box 188$,
Nortb  Vaueouver. 2 8
Capitau Paid Up .'.....t a,870,Of)n
Reserveimi Undivided Profits  h,60i),0(m>
Total Assets ,  44,000,000
Smull iiiiiuiiiii , in, i, yuu will llunl-
ly mlsH—ilii|iii6lluil runuliirly, will Kruil-
uull)-, Imi iiui'iil)', iiiii-iiiuuliilii lu h aum
iiiriii- enough in iiiiunr iiiiiiiu.'ii  tim
Ask to sun our Snfuly Deposit Bpsos
ll. II, IIKAVIIN,   lK,iil,
North   Vnncouver
West Vancouver
a   l
Choice Homesite Properly, close to the Government Road, and overlooking the sea.   Mosl suil-
" able lor subdivision.       D.L. 1082, N.W., 1-4
$1350 per Acre; 1-3 Cash
DL 1100, S.% 1-4
$800 per Acre; 1-4 Cash
Aud Corner Marine Drive and Marr Kd., Dundarave
We Are Selling Lots
in D.L. 613, immediately north ol D.L. 204, al prices
Irom $650 lo $775.    Terms one-sixth cash, balance
spread ovet two and a hull years, with no interest.
9\ Now is lhe time In buy, belore railway development.
Salely Deposit Uoxes to Rent
North Shore Locators
'HONE 123
Oil Fuel Saves
$1289 Monthly
In eoi)l|)lianee with tlie requeit of
ill.? Iiftitil Bt fpFfy.'lifeetariJkjiigii
ngor of tho company, Mr. T. M. llounl
at Prliley'e meeting, euhmittoil a ro
port on thu comparative eoet of coal
uml fuel oil on the it ni,". iiuinlitir twu
uml iniiiilior thriio. Tho report waa
ruud to tho board liy the eocretory, Mr,
|l. I'i. Kiitii|i, ami Iho di nn torn uniini
illDUsi) expressed tliuir sutisfiicljou with
ils iiiirport,
.Mr. Heard's Nlutiiiuiiiit in us follows:
"During Ihu lust mouths that too
steamers wero usilig uoul us fuel, the
rust wus    ■ ..mi ht |,iir mouth, in addi
tillll   tO   Will I'll   WUS   llll)   Willi's   of   twu
mnn ul |70 ilull engaged iu coaling llm
Bteatnora from tin' scows ul nights, muk
iug ti tnlul uf thoae Iwu ii, in - of fitit
per munth.
During llm |iii«l lliirly iluys the ihtt
ngi' consumption of i'uul oil ou steamer
Nn. II lius been ili! Iiurruls |iur iluy; ou
sliTimrr Nu. II III I'luiiT.. per iiuv, nmi.
ing 6'i harrele per ilay fur mi iluys, li'iliil
InuriT.n ul ■'■.' cents, ♦ 1,'i'i I .fill per monlli;
mulling ii difference ul' iliioTl.uil per
month in favur uf I'iiiii oil.
lu addition lu this there is a con
sldurahle saving in wear un.l lour nu
tho steamers) ihu cost uf cleaning coal
huultors,.liilgus uml ila' whole steamer
in general, upon which il wouhl be u
lnml matter to placo uu estimate,
Following is u report uf the cost of
llie uilliiiriiiiig equipment on stemuets
Nus. II ami ,T. This unly covers tlia I
inin nf the equipment which the ugeuts
nl ml hurtling equipment |iro|iuseil tu
furnish iu Iheir temler uf February
-Isl, IUI:', Hie utniiuut of which temler
was $1,701) fur each steauieri
SS. Nortb Vancouver Ferry No. 3—
iTiuu,liun Fairbanks, 1 Duplex
iTiiniiliiin l.i 111 ,ii,i... 1 Duplex
suction unil discharge struin
Sliiison     llnlli mil     (Ti,     1
I--UI,I- governor  	
Sinisuii Hulk will i'u., I oil thermometer   	
Johnston k Salsbury, I pressure
nuuge  ,	
.luhiisluii li Mil.I.nn,  I  relief
iiiliiislun   .v   Salslmry,   2   nil
Juliii.niuii   A   Halahury,   8   uil
hurners (n  W.IK)	
Johnston a Malshury, ti fronts
ur air registrars ••; (I:'   ..
wluuer of tbo "tllug" competition was
little Palsy Powle, who, »ltlt«ug]( not
yot twelve years old, has already tu
ker credit quite a string of successes
uf this hind. Tbese successes were materially eviiliTii'n.l hy a number of
luuiliils woru on the breast pf her Bent •
tish costume, Te tbe weird capable
piping of Ur. Metlruro Daisy daucuil
into the flrst place in thia particular
cluss, bur interpretation of tbe uatiunal
■lance being extremely graceful ami
clever. Other conipetitors were Miss
lliinniili iliiiiiiiiiin and Miss Jean
(Irahame, both of whoin executed the
"Ulng" iniiin mill y ami were the re
cipiuuts of warm applause frum the
spectators.  ,     	
ii IB
$ li 111. Ill
SS. Nortli Vancouvor Forry, No. t—
II.   W.   I'llrie   l'u.,  2   Duplex
pumps    llW.mi
I'anailiaii Fairbanks, 2 iluplex
suction strainers, ami :   ilis
charge slraiuers      I03.UU
Siuison   linii.,nil    1   ml   ther
inoineter      Iutiii
Uiinsou Hull.uill. I Mi,..,,n |,uni|i
governor   ,....    .Sfi.iin
Johnston k Salsbury, I ntuuin
KUUkc         li 1;
T'll'imi'iii ,\  Hatsbury,  I  relief
iulu-            4.7i
I'lliimiiiii A Salsbury, S ml hi-ul
ers         !i|.nu
■I«liimi nn  k  Salsbury,   lu  lnl
burners ul IIU  .      .. luu'in
■li'liij.nlnii k Salabury, 4 fronts
ur oil registers tip I'm   IIW.ilu
AN Extension Telephone
once installed proves
its value, It earns its
way every day. With an
extension telephone upstairs
you do not have to go (downstairs to answer when the
bell rings. I^you are upstairs you do not have to go
downstairs to call someone.
The service costs only a
little over 3 cents a day,
with no charge for installation. Call COMMERCIAL
MANAGER, Phone 98T
ii in     i imii
British Columbia Telephone Co.,
1 ■
Tmt ul uil burning
2 ami 1     	
»   il.VS llll
i|Uipmeul Nus.
St. Andrews' and
Caledonian Society's
Highland Games
The annual sports ami Highland
games of the Ul. Andrew's ami I'uie
iiiiiiiini Society, which took place oo
Saturday afternoon ou Ihe ftccrcaliou
iliniiiiil, constituted the musl success
ful so far In-Ill under lhe society's
auspices. Tbis satisfactory state of
things was rendered possible by a
luvish response on the part of local
athletes lo the society's exhortation to
enl ur-, fur the several events, by an
'''i'luli. lavish attendance on Ihe part
uf,ili.' general public, and by a great
deal of solid hard work by those re
sponsible for thc arraigemeuls gener
ally. Many cups, medals and prizes
were secured during Ihe afternoon,
which was gloriously Due, and theae
trophies were presented to their respective snatehers by Mrs. McNeish,
in llw unavoidable absence of her bus
blind, Muyur McNeish.
'I'he national character of thc games
naturally vested the Highland dauclug
fith more tban ordinary interest.  Ths |
Another popularlevuut wus the tug-
nf war. Thu trophy in coiiuoctioii with
Hun contest wus secured by tlio Odd
follows' team, who pulled right nobly
with Ihe respective Apollos of the St.
Andrew's and lialuiloiiiau Society ami
the Knights of I'ylliiua. The triuin
I'lun.i aggregation wus captained by
W.  iTill,1.1., ami comprised 'I'.  Huell,
11.. HI -..in.    I i.i ii I.l,     M. V; ilh,,iu  .    |-i,ii,i
uml An.i'-i ..in. The Kniglils were rep
resented by I'billips (captain), Hauip
tuu, Kunnoily, Hutchison, Kisuumun,
Beid ami  Prime, wbilo tho Society's
I cu in consisted of Fiinllay (captain),
SwmiHou,    Fleming,    Wheclins,    Work
I Ileus. This ri.'iii was contlucil Hi
lodges ami must be won thrice, not
in ceasarily iu succession, in order lu
obtain possession of the Irwiu Ul.ul
huge Hup.
As an athletic event the veterans'
race wus a decided success, Aw. Alex
under li run t, uged 111, being vanquish
eii fnr lhe Hrst turn) by Mr. .1. II. Wil
in.nn,, who is tun years his junior.
Oilier victories of Ihe day were us
follows I—
i,uuii Muin till yerda)—I, Robson;
2, ileus.
lilll yards Rice—I, A. Q. Shauuuu;
2,    A.    Mulllll.ni.il
l.und Jump—1, A. J. ■■inn.i,'i.. I!, I
Five Aside Fuutbull (Iluys, I.l am)
under, cuiillued lo bould schools, cily
uml ilistricl) McNaught Challenge
(hip sud badgea, cup tu be won thrice,
not necessarily iu succession The
l.unsdulc Schuul, whu defeated Kidg
uuy Schuul after the luller had vun
ipnslied Ihe third competing h. lioul,
lhe i'iiiu Valley.
Putting the Shot-!, A. (Iraut; 3, ('.
High Jump—1, (He F.dge, 6 feel 2
inches; II, T  Martiiisou, 6 feel.
Throwing the Hammer- I, J. Oray,
ml feel tl inches; t, 0. (Isuld, 711 feet
(I inches.
Five Mile Hum 1, J. Hamilton; -,
W. Miles.
Tossing Ihe falter—I, A. (I. Shuiimm;
ti. Bruce.
Quarter Mile Race-l, A. J. Shan
nun; ., A. II. Marliuaun.
I'iiIc Jump—I, A. (1. i-i,.ii.i,,.i.  8 feel
II i n. Ii.m. 2, James (Irani.
Five Aside Football, cuufineil lo
linil'i uml public wurks I McNeish
Challenge Cup aud badges)—til. Au
drew's Foulball Team, whu defeated
Order uf Fugles men aud Ihe Dicken
sun team.
Onn Mile Race-l, A. II. Mutliusim;
.', i   Martinson.
Tug ul War   As above.
Uuii Mile Race I, A. II Msrtiuiou;
:', T Martinson.
iwo Mile Walking Kvenl - I, A
Kmcrsuu; 2. C. I). Murris.
Hup, Slip and Jump I, T. Mutlin
sun; 2, A. O. Shannon.
Veterans' Race (handicapped)- I,
.1. f, Williams; 2, Alex. (Irani
lligliluml  Fling   As above.
All (lie above eveuts were cunfinei] lo
Norlh   Vancouver  with  the exception
qf the Highland daueiug, which was
opop to all I'liiiiiTH.
Duriug tbo afternoon refreshments
worn iivuiliililn at city prices, Uiiiiilii
to the Udies' Society. In its entirety
the program wus carried through must
successfully, and more than a pasting
tribute Is duo to tho socjofy's secretary,
Mr. J. Fiinllay, whn had devoted unstinted energy tn Iho arraugumeul of
the ui'leruunu's events, ami to Mr. W.
T. Grehamo, the society's treasurer.
Tho following Is a list of olllcors uml
directors of thu society, ull of whom uru
willing and eulhusinstie workers when
auy evont of Sutiirduy's nature is
pemliug: 1'resideiit, Muyor MeNuish;
liml iiiu -president, A. V. Tullis; si'cnnd
vice presiiliint, .1. V. McNnught; secretary, J. Fiinllay; treasurer, W. T.
tirnhnnio; ehiipluiu, Rev. Ilonulil Me
I.uml; wurilon, .1. thul,, directors, J.
Swuiisnii, tleurgu Shephord, and II.
Simpson; sluinliiril bearer, .1. Hwaiisnn;
musical director, John Alexumier; bard,
Professor ll I Mucnughti.'ii; piper, A.
Local Sculler Wins
- Junior Singles
"  Championship
The local sculler, whn won llie best
nice ul Indian river lust Umpire Day,
V. II. Allen, lu wil uf Nurlh Vuncuu
ver's civic treasury department, added
iu his lauruls nu Friday lust by win
uiiig lhe Junior singles championship
nt Hie international rcgiilln ul Shuw
iniiuii Luke. According lu Ihc Vicloriu
press, Allen wun by several lengths af
ter u stilf iighl in the earlier singes.
Ou lhe same uulliorily it nppears that
iu the singles the favorite, T. Hoy
Currle uf the .1. H. A. A. nmi .1. lluv nly
uf l.-ni.in,i made u strung light uutil
the halfway murk wus pussed, bul
then the favorite dropped usleru, mil
classed. Allen uml Hnvely crossed the
line wilh a spurt, but Allen wun with a
decisive lead in Hl.lill.20.
V. ll. ulsu I'titeri'il the senior singles
mi Saturday Imi broke his scull ul uu
early singe uf lhe race.
Vancouver Exhibition
Vancouver's third unuuiil exhibition
which opens ul Hasting's Turk in Ihut
city uu August IU umi running until
AugusI 17 will huve us comprehensive
ami varied a showing uf exhibits us uuy
annual slum ul' this description in lhe
Duuiniiiiii uf i .n.i i.i
Tuking each section nf the big fuir
une by une, Iluy will be tilled lo capacity with exhibits Irum ull purls ul'
Western fauado, The stud, suuwu
will be lhe besl  I Iiue money con buy
aud tbe horses at tbe horse show uro
some of tbe finest In America. The
horse fanciers of tbe Termi nul City
have made u iiiiiiiu for themselves in
regard to the quality qf tbeir 'stuck
uud the annual horse shows which bavo
beon hold in Vancouver are said to be
equal to auy in America witb tbu ex-'
ception of Now York eity.
Agricultural aud horticultural dis-
pluys will bo a strong item in tbu make
up of tho show. The districts of British Columbia aro entering iu competition for a largo cash prise ami diplomas and the best produced will bu
shipped to Vaueouver. Through tbe
euorgy of ll B. Browu and the co op-
eratiuu ut many mining men in Hritisb
Columbia tho mineral display is now
knuwn an ono of the most complete
shown nt any fair iu the Dominium
Hundreds nf milling men, owners, operators ami prospectors cougreguto ui, the
iiiuuiiiln each year ou tho loukout for,
sume guud frnm thu nuwly diseuvcrii'l
cluiiiis whose owiiers ure anxious to get
iu i niiin.i with thu men inleresled. A
I'l'iiiiiin ni iniiuii; company of New
York will have uu expert present dur
iug thu slim', with orders to gather iu
uny sample ihown that looks good uml
fiilluw Hie iiiuiiii up.
Two crowning features will be the
driving matinees which will be held
un the hull' mile truck daily fur prizes
nggreguting ,;::i..iuu and the Motor
Show of the II. 0, Motor Trades Asso
ciation. Thu fastest hurses on the l'u
ilic Northwest Circuit have been entered fur the driving and un average
uf six races a day wilh frum fifteen In
twenty entries will be lhe rule. Evory
lirm In the Mutnr Trades Association
lum taken spuce iu the two liiutur
show building! ami lln; very Inlcsl iu
automobiles will be shown.
Willi ull the exhibits emblematic ul'
every stage iu Ihu imiuslriul uud ugri
cultural wurld, lhe general public ul
wuys luuks for a line of hurinluss
iiniiisi'iniTil which is ulwnys such uu ud
jiiiuT tu such an event. In this re
gurd the exhibition uiaiiugemeiit has
luken considerable interest umi the re
suit will be pleasing to the thuusuiuls ul'
visitors whu will crowd the grounds
daily. A veritable Coney Island will
spring up befure the opouing day and
crowning these will |,e lhe feature lit.'
works display uud pugeunt eutitled
thc "Conquest of Mexico" which will
be produced every evening under Hie
supervision uf Hilt iirus.
August ID is preparation duy and the
gruml oponiug of the exhibition will
luke pluee un Mumluy murniug, Augii.nl
A Moment of Wcaknoss  ..
Prisuuer "J admit that in u mu
iin'iii uf weakness 1 pinched llie piano."
Magistrate- "A moment uf weak
u. -n! Iinini gracious, what wuuld yuu
huve taken in a momeut uf slrcugliir"'
Lynn View.
Lynn View.
Lynn View
Lots from $325 to $500 per lot.
Termi, 150.00 caih, $10.00 per month
9\ These lols are one block from car line in l.ynn Valley and
nice and level and high.   	
<j Let us quote you fates on Fire, Lie and Accident
McMillan & reid
l'hono llll. IU U1NSDAI.F. AVKNUK
Unequalled Retort for Holiday, long or short.
Family Roomi en tuite with special rates.
Modern apjwinlmenti throughout, spaciohs groundi, high clan icrvice at moderate ralei.
Easy trail to top of Grouse Mountain, altitude 3,000 feel.
SEASON 1912 •
SEASON 1912 1836     THE BANK OF     1912
North America
76 Yoars tn Busluess.  Capital and Eosorvo Over 17,600.000.
Two Members of a Family
particularly if thoy livo fur from town, frequently Ililil it convenient to take
iiilvuniugii of our Joint Account plun.
Kitl|er muho deposits or withdraw cash on his or her own signature alono.
Tims oithor can do the banking when in town, us suits their couvtinieuco.
J.1.00 opens a Havings Account, Joint or ordinary, Merest added half-
yearly.   Mouoy may bu withdruwn at any time.
\ Two Offices in North Vancouver, Corner of I.onsdale Ave
and Eiplanade. Upper Lonidale Avenue, near 14th Street
Electric Irons
10 Days' Free Trial
Solves tbo Bummer Ironing Problem
Fur HUH we are offering a "Holpoint" of the Ulli size, siiilulde fur
geuerul household use, I'ur 14.60. This Iron is similar to all "Midpoints'1
except Ilml Hie upper surface is unpolished.
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
Insurance (Juurautcc liuiuls
.Amlilm   Ullil   Accountant
llll l.unsilule Avenue. P, 0. llui 11307
I Nurth Vuucuuver. I'liune l.'li.
0. A. Cal.., ti.11 a A.
Villi Oliosterflold Avouuo,
North   Vancouver
Phono li l.Ti
Bakers, Coufcctlonors and
ii. ni 'i.i '
113 Lonsdalo Avouuo
Underwood'i Barber Shop
mm. HM.iMii-ins.
A.M.I.E. k 8.
Irrigatioo, dralnoue, levels, plans
aud specifications, oeplic tanks and
huuse drainage a specialty. V, 0.
Boi Ul, Ililli street weit ol Bewicks
i.nm ini
And general Commission M.-r. bant.
Lousdale Ave., North Vancouver.
Phone 321
The Question ol Introductions.
Tliu question of lutroduetng scorns to
be a perpetual worry to some people.
Tba following suggestions may ba
Tbe flnt tbing the Introducer ibould
remember li to pronounce tb# names
distinctly, k rather distressing occasion tbat gave a fouling of discomfort
and dislike on one aide and uh agonising remembrance on tbe otber wns
wbere n ludy on being Introduced to
anotber made u remark coiicerulng a
tblrd party which, while not derogatory, might buve been somewbut mure
complimentary. To ber dhnnuy tbe
second ludy remarked: "Yes, I huve
uotlced tbut pccullurlty In Murguret
Sbe ought to brcuk hereclf of It- Sbe
I* my sister, you kuow."
Of course lady No. 1 did not know,
but there misted a coolness forever
thereafter. If tbe uuines bud been dis
tluctly pronounced tbe, Incideut could
uot buve occurred.
It Is un eccepted fact tbat eacb Individual ts uot to he Introduced to ull
those present wbere en uiiuii- l.s at all
im.i' uuly to a fow Immediately nt
bund who will, most likely, in turo Introduce her to others. It Is also uu uccepled fuct thut If u guest Is departing
just us anotber Is arriving tbey ueed
uot bu Introduced unless there le rea
sou for presuuilug they uro to meet lu
ibe futuro, so uu Introduction Is su-
A youug woman Is always presented
to an ulilii. on unmarried to u mur
ried 'vmu,hi. u muu to u womuu uu
lean It be u dlsllucllve casu where some
distinguished olliciul high lu stnndiug
Is tbu guest of l. iuu, v,inu, both ladles aud gcutlemcn ure presented to
A young meo Is presented to an
older one, eud mon always ebuke
bends, whereas this need out be ful
lowed unless desired by two or more
womcu inii'-iii," ii
A hostess makes ber greeting tbe
moro cordlul by shaking bauds wltb
ber guests. It seems moro busplUble.
but It Is uot et all obligatory. Borne
tactful remark as lo mui mil acquaintances or neighborhoods or possibly somo teste tor "Shakespeare und
tbe iiiin.liTii glasses" helps to break
tbo Ice when sirungere aro Introduced
A tactful hostess will teko a youug
men to a grfftip of girls. Introduce bim
to i-iiiTi separately oud leuru bim.
knowing they will "do tbo rest"
Humor and
BUTTEB and lluil.s
We uro sp'eciuliala in these lines.
1SI1A Lonsdalo Avenuo
i.ti Mimics
in .ii I. sin ins.
Biiccossnr  tn  Wallace (i Bcott, Third
Street,   (loueral n.pair work.
A. Wulluce's services nave been re
Booksellers aud BtelloDors
l.uuadale and 1st. I'biir* 143
yum l'j.vr ui oil    t :   Kstimates Giveu
r\. Centre aud Hill Boad
Lynn Valley, B. 0.
Ali clulhcs uro at Ihc Capilano
Lnuudry where yours ought to be.
Flat work for '16 cenls doi. Hough
dry, lc lb., wet wuh, 3i Ib. Ilrup u>
a card and wo will call fur Ihoiu.
P. 0. Box '1221
lTliiiin.il nur il
Studio  over  Bank  B. N. A.
I ,,n i'ii J ii and l  i' I ru nin
Till nns.
High i'luu. Udics'and dents1 Tailoring
Kepairing   tud   Alterations.  Cleaning
uud liyump iu all its branches. All
Work guaranteed.
Ill First Street Wost. I'bone 107
(if.   I uuv
Ladles' and acuta' Cleaning,
Pressing aud Bepalxiug
a Specialty
120 Becorul Street Baat
Plaus uud Kstimates furnished free.
[ lii'i'iiuin,',  remodeling,  ots.,  promptly
attended to
Lyuu Valley, B. 0.
Allan Koud near Westover. P. 0. Boi
120, Lynn Creek, B. (',.   .
Cablnot Maker and Carpenter
Vill underlnke all kinds of wood work,
repairs, etc.
I'ourtli Btreet aad Sutherland Avenue
V. 0. Box 2001
N.V. Tinning & Sheet Metal Worki
First Street But of Lonsdale
Lowest prices ud beet work guarau
teed oo tinning and sheet metal work.
All kinds of saws died aud sot on the
shortest notice.   J*wu mowers, kuives,
hedge shears and scissors sharpened. All
wort guaranteed, moderate pricos.
1831 Lonidale Aveuue 1'huuo ki,
On thc car line. Boarding, meals,
good accommodation for working men.
Contractors' mon boarded, Hy, thut
eott, Proprietor.
Engigemsnt Fetes,
I'lnk Is ibe proper color for an en-
guiicuicnt iuu. inon sin. u every one
dellgbta lo strewing the poth of o bride
elect wllh roses tbeso dowers uioko
tbo most suitable dccorutlou for tbe
iiilu'i' For ibe rest the arrangements
mn) be simple or elaborate, lu accordance wllh the tastes of tbu bride uud
wltb ber hum m. or those of her parents
She end her fumlly lake Ibo initio
live lu uiiuouneliig the cngugoiuout
Oflen their friends ore nsked lo cull on
one or uiore nflcrnoonertho Thursdays
of e moutb. for Inetodco. wben the
lit Ide ond ber mother wlll'jie et borne
It Is uauul lu serve afternoon tee wilb
cake or euudwlcbcs. or both. Tbese
nlfalrs. however, should be simple oud
Informal Tbe groom's relatives uufl
friends ere. of course, asked und
should make it e point to come. If
the parents of the young mau lire to
the su mo city as tboso ef tlie bride
tbey coll upou the letter et uu enrly
dute Tbey usually giro a dinner ulso
or show hospitality In aome form to
their soo'e Ounceo and ber pereuU.
Thc .uiiii ask them ln return.
Tbe friends of tbe engaged couple
give I'liii'iiuiniiii'ui.H In tbeir bouor,
luncheons, theater partiee or dinners,
oa tlm,  Ond . I'liii'iilciii
If Ibe bride elect Is a business wa
mnn mid lins uo free afternoon lu tbe
week she should arrange lo be at borne
oo Sunday afternoon to receive ber
friends If she ins religious ecruplee
ou Ibis point, then ibe should name
one or more evenlup wben tbey may
Hor young frleudi may, If tbey
please, send ber o teacup and saucer
or some smell aud Ineipfuilre gift
Weddlug present! bare become ao ex
peualvo und are tucb a lax oo tba
frleudi ur ibe young coupli tbat all
sensible people ibould oppose Uie lu
novation of giving Mgogeinent prea
enli In addition.
Two I ete af Mennere
A girl wbo weara a ■oiled, womoul,
tumbled dress to tb* bom* brtakfott
table and baa lb* whole famUy helping ber hurry lulu something decent
looking wben sbo bears tbe mon's step
on tbe front sloop ll going to make
tbat mas pretty generally mlaerable.
Tbe cboncee ire marriage will relieve
ber of auy responsibility sb* may bote
fell lo keeping np eppetroncee. end
lue eoTled kimono will often extend
through ino" of the diy. Bunotor
beela. giplng belt line*, armlet of pro
trudlng pint, ar* ill M msuy danger
algnili In tbt marriage market.
Qeod Form In Dratt.
Young glrli and women wbo must
drew on very llttlt money ibould
realist Uut ab* wbo It nott admired
by men and .women both It tb* out
wbo dram limply, bot wbo pelccts
btr cloUxt* artfully to tbtt til ibtl
tbt witn ccmeponrli la ttylt tad u
GIVE me a country fill ant tree,
A dash oh lhe open plain,
A pony tbst never needs the spur
Or a tug at the bridle rein,
And glvi ms u wall. If It's not tot
Aa I come from tbt trickiest course
To tbe sheltered cabin bom* at night
A man to cuny my bore*.
A lonely walk on a lonely trail
Wltb an old time silent tula's,
thi-mounliln Ifinmlax Just ilull.
Behind the plains flung wide.
Oh, thsr* Is |oy tbat will, I vow",
Best sailing In a tub
If wheu wi camp at eventide '
Ths tuldi will cook Ihe grubl
To iwllow (ar through brak* and bruak
Tin psm.'ng gristly bear
And afler so Tie exciting houra
To track bin lo his Islr
Is pleasure only thoso may know
Who once tht thrill bav* tilt
If one can bsve a pod strong msn
To csrry home the pelt
A camp far In the wilderness,
And slipped the city's yoke,
Whero ono need only dose and drssnt
Or sit around snd smoke.
As a retreat both ssuo and sweet
This can't bs praised too much
If ono can bsve a crew of men
To do Ihe chores aud such.
Sixth Field Company
Batter Than • Trade.
"ilu is i,uiiuiiii. u uuw rellglou '
"Ilus be gut ii greut Ideal"
"You bel be bus."
"Whut Is It'/"
"That tbere aro easier wuys of getting a living tbau working ror It."
Knew thi Kind.
"I hnve a theory."
"I'i.Ii.i wi   A theory Is oo good."
"Isn't It. though T
"No; you have to put It Iuto practice
befuru It amouuli tu anything "
"Oh, I do, doll"
"Buret   Whet else tl It goud for?"
"To sell to some fellow wbu thinks
lie In sunn lm I liun I uin "
Ni Uu.
"I want to tell your fortune
"Ob. gu owiyl"
"Uut in.in-.-1 I do."
"Vuu ain't."
"It Isn't big euougb to listen to you."
SaveS Him.
"Tbere le iu much dlsboueity lu
business tbese days"
"I um happy to say tbat uot a dollar of my mouey Is tainted "      ,
"Uow much here you got?"
"Ninety-Ike cenls"
Severe Test.
"It wouldn't do to have women vole."
"Why uolT
"They don't know anything nbuul
goicruinciit und public men."
"i'nn yuu iniuio the vice presldeut off
No, 1Q-Eaubllibmeiit.
Tbo following mon having been duly
attested aro hereby tukeu un the
strength of the Company:
No, Ol-Seppor T. B. Crack.
lin   Hopper T. Barker llenllel'
Wl   .Supper 1. W. W. Mackenzie.
07-tiappor J. V. I.auria.
1—Sapper W. J. Elder.
iltb July, 11113
No. 11—Parade*
Thu conipuny will parade at tbo drill
Imll, iN'uiTli Vuncouvor, on Tuesday next,
the illltb day of July, llll!!, at 8 p.m.
Ilress, ilrill order,
No. 12—Appointments and Promotions.
Thu   ollicer   commanding   has   beon
pleased to approve of the following:
To be Sergeant*—  <
No. IU—Corporal A. Kennedy.
I-Bappcr \f. J. Elder.
1—Corporal W. II. Fleming.
0--Ourporul H. Oughtun.
2-Corporal 11. Holland.
To be Corporals-
No. HI- -Lance-Corporal T. Hunter.
52—Luiice Corporal 1). Curtnuck.
3—Sapper tl, II. Itawsou .
S—Sapper 11. C. Edwards.
To be Lance-Corporal—
Nu. 20—Sapper 11. B. Sharp.
JOHN  It.  COSQBOVB, l.iout.
Acting Adjutant.
Building Activity on
The North Shore
The building inspector has recently
issued permits fur tho.orectton uf houses
and bungalows liy lhe following per
Mrs. Burgess un 21st street, II. 11 uuy
uu Chesterfield avenue ($111111), 1, F.
Willelt, 2 bouses un 28th street (13000),
V. I'uchul, 2Slh slreet (112(H)), W. Black
bum, llllli street, A. Scbucll, U buu
guluws un fith street IIIIIIIU each), i'url
vuu tivumliiii on Uth street ami HI
Ueurge's  avenue,   A.   H.   Diploek    ul
Tempo Heights Unim), L. Hiehardsou
uu Tempi' Heights (120110), P. Wriglil
on llllh street ($301)0), V liousuui un
-Mb street, M. Howard uu 2uth street,
W. L. Wheeler un IDth street (11200),
W. J. McLean un lllh street (tlfiUU),
C. .1. Kellar un Dili street un eight
roomed house (|3.'I8II), J. N. Kink uu
lllh slrect ami II. T. C, Eves ou 2nd
Tht attention of consumers ia lierehy
drawn to the fact, that, pursuant to a
recent uuieiidnient to thu Water-works
Hegulutinus Byluw, tho nol ices of'wutor
rates due recently sent out cover a
period of six months, ending Docem
lier 31st', 1D12, iiisleud uf Ihree iiu.nlliu
as heretofure.
Tho period allowed fur rehule pusi-
tively eluses on July 31st, 11)12.
Advertiser wuuld like lu mool party
uf means; nut looking I'ur immediate
returns, willing to invest as. an initial
cipeiisu up lu .i'l.iiiui Object lu build
ami uperate u trading pusi un a well
situated hurliur un the mainland within
31)11 miles uf Vnncouver. Hurliur is well
sluckeil with natural resources, uud besides operating the tradiug posl ud
vcrtiser wishes tu obtain by lease ui
pui.Tun.u ur preemption uny available
Ininli' suitably locatod I'ur townsite ur
uther purpuses. Will prove a gilt edge
Investment within ji years. Puller particulars tu buna Odes, 1'. 0| Bus 1880,
Nurtli Vuneuuver. 28
Euqiilrers cluss meets every Wednes:
day evening ut 8 p.m. Elementary study
aud ipie.ni     You are cordially invil
ed to attend,   liuuui IO, Aberdeen liuild
iug,   Tbeusopbical free library,      11
Sealed Tenders on thc prescribed
forms ami acvompauied by certified
cheijue or cash for 0 per cent, uf the
um.u.ni uf lender (which sum shall I.c
held utitil the satisfactory completion
uf the wurka, according to llic plans
uiul specifications) will be received by
"Did be lose Ids been wben In i'ul-
"Worr-0 ihun tbet."
"Whal-hf* poekctbook?"
Fill II In • Bunch -
"The   |udg#   suld   to   me.   Thirty
"How did you feel?"
"All In .1 durtr^'
Ulnl. Ill,ATII1NS
Coul mining ii,Tiiu nf tlia lioiulnluii
In Manitoba. Kualtutchcivuii und Alberta, the Yukon Territory, tho North-weal
Territories und In u porllon of the pro
Vlnce of British Columbia, muy he lous
ed for a term uf twenty-une years al
an uiinuul reniul of tl un ucre Not
mure than 8,EOO ucrcs will be leased to
unu applicant
Application for u lease must be muil"
by tho applicant In person to the Agent
or Bub-Agent of the district In v. 1,1, n
lhe rights applied fur are situated
In surveyed tcrritnry tlie land must
bu described by scclluns. or lean) subdivisions uf inu iluiiu  and In un.uui';
ed territory the tract applied fnr shall
bo staked uut by  tiie applicant lilm
li." 1 application must he iiccollipun-
led by a fee of ll which will bv refunded If Iho lights upplied ful uie imt
available, but not otherwise ,\ royalty nl ii, il be paid on llie merchantable
output of the mine ut the rate of fivo
cents per ton.
Tbe person opcrallng lhe mine slmll
furnish the Auent with sworn returns
accounting fur the full , i i in of
merchantable colli mined ninl pay Iho
ruyully thereun If the coul mining
, I rights uro not being operated, such re-
Mr. John II. runner, Municipul Ucrk,|lurl)i ,|,ou|d be furnished at least onco
until 0 p.m. on Thursday, the Isl  Au   a ^hc^ciso will IncluJc llic coul mlnlntc
uusl, lull.', for the fulliiwing wurk:       rights only, but the lessee may he por-
,.     !tnltled ti purchase whatever available
1. Clearing,  grubbing  snd   grading:surface ilghis may be considered nee-
 i .„ i,  i    „|,w- „,.,| I, I, ;»; 'cssary for the working of llie mine at
roud in ll li, .ut, un.l II, I.. Iti. |the ra|e ,f t]0 un „m,
2. ITjubI ruction uf masonry wall all    For    full    liiforniuilun    application
, ,, „  , ,, ,, should be mude to the secretary of llio
lhe Municipul ilull, l.ynn Vulley. Department of Ihc ■Interior. Oltuwu. or
All iu accordance with the plana ami  ju «J>' "S<-'nl or Sub-Agent of Dominion
W   \V. COIIY.
Deputy Minister of the Interior
N.   11— unauthorized  publication   of
thll  advertisement   will   not   bo   paid
for. 28 >
api'.Tlieulious lo be hud at this ulliee
after IU am, on Friday, lhe 2filh July,
11112, upon payment of ll.uil for eueli,
which sum shall be returned upun re
eiipl of buna fide tenders,
The lowest ur any lender nul neeos
■ linii  accepted.
District  Engineer.
District Municipal llall,
I'ur. I.vnn Valley snd Eremitic lluods,, ...
.    ,,    ,.    ,,   ,. ... - i Ktreet,  Montreal.  Canada,  und  Waih
Nurlh   Vancouver, IS. <-. J" ' IInatton. D. C. IJ. 8 A.
In all Countries. Atli for our Inventor's Adviser. Marlon ti Marlon, 811
University Streel. corner Ht Culliorlnu
Complete for $7.fio
BBA    (1BAB8    OHAJKri,
a limited number only, UM
Iu our Crockery Popartmout
TUMBLEBS, per dos fine
OUl'B and SAUCERS per
dot ,' COc
ve, pium. 166 North Vancouver
N k,
Items of Interest
\\t, II. I,, Mncl'buranii le moving to
OMlibrooho road.
The nuw ways uf tho Walloon Ship
yards are now alraust cumpletud.
. Mr. H. n, ITiliei'inin is moving into
his new limine nn Citthtoontli Btreet
Mr. It. VV. Berry is moving liis gro
■-■■l.v storo from Flftetiillh und Lons
dale tn Sixteenth nmi Lnusdiilu.
Mr. F. A. Varbury, iniiuuging ilireilni'
of thu Heaps fr'ngiiiccriug I'oiupuuy, is
inking   up   residence   nt   Ciiiiilierluiul
i ii nni
Miss  Klh,  Murltlu, the temperance
yleu |nI'niileiii  of tho  League, was ro
,|a|i(iiinililii fur n most instructive moot
iiig  last alight.—Uui.   Ur.   1'rusaur  uf
A bush Urn In'ul'i' mil on Saturday
eveulug ou 21st uud Bidgeway, bill
was cviiii, iiudii'il befuru duiug nny ser
miii. damage.
mm— •
The gnv„r,|ii|enl ilredge "Fruliliii"
will leave tuduy or toniiirriiw fur llie
Fruser, having undergone her animal
overhauling at tbo Wulbice Shipyards.
The Canadian Western Lumber Co's,
tug "Terrible" lias lienn ducked u,t
Ihu Wulluce Shipyards, whore she will
undergo extensile repairs und n general
Watson Snnwiluu litis been iitr.'slcd
by Ihu Nurlh Vuncuuver pnlice eliargod
will, robbing Hie Hll of Mr !i< »■,■< 's
grocery Blow on 1st slreei. The caso
will be Iicur,I before Culm Mug.slriile
Hiiggles luniiirruw morning
Owing lu the continued iinnvuiil-
nl.i' absence of certain members ul' Hie
buard of ferry direclurs, iio meeting
inni. pluee yeiterday afternoon, If
possible u session will be field lit Hie
company's ulliees thin aflernoon ut il
Four urines woro wou by Hie North
Hhore iiinleius uu tbu sucund day uf the
ll. c. Kluctrie simrts, two being »won
by I iii ii iii ii Murruy and twn by Donald
McLean. Miss Darker won third prise
ili Hie threading noodle race. The
Iired but wull pleased with their must
euTJuynhlu day'a outing.
llie Huplisi elhll'i'll was Ihu spuaknr ol'
lliu uvuniiig. At Ihu cniiimuucumont of
his address fin suid lliut thero wus uu
tiling startling ur uuw to bu suid on
Ihu subjeel of tiiinpuruueu, lhe must re
niurkuhln fuel lining the guuerul upulliy
uf every une lu the dreadful Imvuc
wrnilglil by inluiupurunee. Cuuliiiuing,
Mr I'mnner gave u suggestion '"' cum
bating Hm evil whicii is mure cumpre
huusive uml mure lliurough Ihun the
usuul ninl liud. llu advised at lirsl lu
gel ull Hie Information we cililld nn thu
nliji'iTj el-en using ml mil persniiul ub
nen ui mu   Hucu Unit wns obtained il
wuuld be iniiin uusy In spread inlueuliu'i
ulung-llm temperance line. If llle
leoplii were su luuglil Hull public upiu
nn ivnulil luuk wilb ITivur un uu agilu
liuu fur refuriu, snmulhiug wuuld Inefi
luliii be ucciiuiplislii'il by Hie legislation
wliieii wuuld lie liutiinl in follow. Mr.
I'mnner stlilud Hull muny peuple wen
Opposed lu leuiperuiiee reform fur the
lume reason thut uu Irishman guv, ut
I curtain luilv's wedding' On Hie miu
isier asking Hie customary question be
objected "Fur," suid he, "Oi'ni fond
nl' ihe critter inusolf." lu conclusion
Ifie speaker reiterated his advice, In-
formaline, education, ugilution and
The league is Indebted to Mr. Prossur
uml bulks forward iu bearing bim again
ii lbe uul fur distant future,
Do You Want to WORK for Your Money, or
Do You Want Your MONEY to Work for You?
The following are moneymakers
Lonadale Avenue (Weat Bide—Inside city limits,   lib feet, at Sd.noo.on.
One third cash.   .
Lonsdale Avenue (East Side)—11 feet, at $1,11.10.00.   tlfiil.00 cash, bal
ance 0, 12 and 18 months.
Ottawa Oat-dens—One lot for $.'1,11110.00.   One third cash.
We respectfully solicit listings of your property.
Phone 152 P 0. Box 2397
No Iron Can Do Your
Ironing Quite so Well as
\jt\ us show you why
Two styles, $4.50 and $4.75
I'.< onomical and has the manufacturers' five year guarantee.
Patterson & Goldie
Phone 88
' 105-7 Esplanade Wesl
Special (or a Few Days
TRIPLE OOBNBB on 19th Btreet.  Blue  UIO  feot  by   157.     Price,
$1880. Termi $«50 cash, 6, 12 mul 18 mouths.
We bave only a few lota now left ia 781 -a beautiful homesite within
two blocks of Iionsdale Avenue for $375. Terms $90 eae'o, 6, 13
aod 18 montbi.
If you bave a house to Kent, or for Sale hindly givo ui a lilting.
Hm lit V, ,0, Box *3«
The Civic Mail Big
The eity cuuucil lust night received
a letter from Uwilliin, Crisp aud M»c-
kyn, who wroto un behalf of tho owuers
of certain property On 3rd stroet complaining of damages sustained through
tbo lowering of the grade of tbe street.
Thu matter woe referred to tlte city
The council ordered an Inspection of
the now steam roller recently delivered.
Huel and Hu. wrote assuring tbe
council that tbey did nut Memo them a
bit fnr being nut of patience with the
factory fur not giving full information
TOgarrrhnntn! "M iprnrtrtBrshtppeil to
liiein. Huwever, Ibo cnmpuuy was nnw
"inT lliut tho i-nuiicil had the spHnkl.'r,
As a mutter uf fact, the city clerk
explained! the sprinkler iii ipiestinu hud
uul yet arrived,
Mr. .1. H. inii iii|iii Tinl the   .mini.in
Iillil  uf Hie  ..nlei-.lill,   eiinli'.in.l   oil   Hilli
streut its fnr us (Jiiuu.ushury uvenue with
a crossing lo Ihu car truck. Thu Idler
mm rufurrud lu Ihu Hoard uf Wurl.s.
Mr. Kdward Muhun's lellur rulutl'u
iu Ihu securing uf enutrulling inlerest in
Ihu Hurrard lulet Tiinuul and Rrldgu
| i in.' by lltu municipalities interest
I uus reud, uml uu Ihu suggcsliun uf
Aid, Irwiu il wus decided to hui-e u
upy uf Hie euiupany's charier furward
d fur exuiuinutiuii.
Alii. Hick alsu Ihuiighl u copy of "r.
■ I..in.n lellur should be furnished each
member uf the cuuucil su Huil lhe unit
ter imi iii Iiu Intelligently discussed at
Hie meeling uf lhe council un Thursday
riiief of Police Davies reported iiiui
he  ilepurtmenl   hud  investigiilcil   Ihe
lllllll;! „f Mr. A. ti. IT nT.lu.i i ,. rull
by   IT,! Tin;'   Ulnl   belieiT'll   11.il.l   Weill
worth, ii nin i'liiiu,!,,i uf Thompson k
Stuart; lo bu the responsible persuii.
Ilviilunee wus eueluseil backing tbis belief. II was decided thut Mr. Criekmay be written tu this effect,
A letter frum Mrs. Willium Heale ssk
ug fur u slreet light un the curner uf
-Hi slreet ami Hiilgewuy uveiiuuevub
nl from lhe chairman' of the lire ami
light committee a slalemeul lu the
effect Ihut the cuinmiltee hud nitric a
juuriiiy through Ihe eity in order lu
iisecrliiin the uppmiiiuatu uumber uf
lights lhal wuulil pruhuhly he required
luring Ihc coming winter. The cum
millee considered that Hie early pari
uf October wus a suitable lime lu in
slul Ihoso lhal are deemed nueessary.
A rcipicsl frum lhe scrrclary uf the
limn, uiiiiilii Society fur a donation
lu Hie pri/.e list uf thu society'i fall
show wus referreil tu the finance cum
II was decided lu baud uver lo the
joint civic advertising committee a lei
ler frum the secretary uf the Anglu
Welsh Mnn Choir iu regunl lu the ur
raugeineut ut a series uf concerts on
Ihu Nurtli Bhore.
The iiiiilim  uf completing the side
,lks in connection wilh Ihc l.uusilale
school before the schuul again ujieus
was referred lo Ihe Board of Works
with puwer lu act.
i'lu- iniini'.ine reports uf committees
were   n,l.i|Te.l:
Water Committee—
ilecomineiided Ibul Hie mains be ei
tended lu accommodate residents in the
jnity uf "Mb ami View slreels.
Board of Worksite letter frum I,. Wutls Doney ask
iug fur grade al the curner uf Keitlt
li'nuT uml Boulevard, iteeommwded
lliul i'lerk be Instructed tu wiitu itat
ng (bat i'ii",'' has mil yef heen es
tnldisbed bul Ihul whenever |Imt has
been dune it will be inliiuated lo bim.
He letter from ,1. Wyli,. Donaldson
asking fur grude uu (Illi. uiul Queens
bury Avenue. r.eco»msni.»it that a
reply be eeut m above.
Re application of Wr. Daniel B.
Voung for clearing of iipd to -'lllli
streets D. L. ttlfJ Held over in order
tbst tbe committee aud the engineer
might oxaniiue the ground.
The chairman intimated that he bad
obtained a price of $1.00 per yard for
tbe delivery of rock at the olty wharf
for niaeadainuing of Forbes avenue.
It was estimated that teaming frum
lbs wharf to the Avenue would cost
60 cunts per yard. As crushed rock can
be delivered from the city quarry fur
*:! per yard ou the Job it was ree.irn-
meuded that the wort be done by the
olty. ■
lll'l IIIIIIIICUiIitI   '.hat  tlie   llllll-llllllll''   |ll
Tubulin and Varr, wbo bave tbii coutracl
fnr grading Bt. (leorge's and Purlins
Avenue bu luililleil lhat wnrk ou this
iiiiiiiiiiT has been itopped and Ibul the
city looks In the guarauturs In lliiish
Ihe wurk.
Au iiiier from the II. (). HuAning Cu.
tu supply road oil at the rate of $1.15
per burrei uf 115 gallons, plus $1 pur
luu towing to tho city wharf was con
sidereil. After some diseuisiun' it was
iiniiliml that tbe queitiou uf tbe ipian
lity to be ordered be left over.
The city engineer produced a recom-
nn luluilini  for thu in;-. -I.inuii   in:   of  Isl
street from Mahon tu tit. David's ave,
The committee .considered that the pm
posed work was ou tuo largo a scale
and requested the uuginour tu alter bis
recuminenilatiuu making it read frum
Milium to til. Andrew's avouue.
Tin, engineer produced a reeniinneii
Iniiuii fur the grading uf jlnl alreel
frum   Muhun  lo Porbes.
Ilucoiniiienduil that Ihis recuininemlu
Hun bu accepted and Iho work be ad
Tbe nun ei stood iu bis little stole;
lie had washed hit wimluws aud swept
his lluur,
Aud he said, I wonder whu'II inuko a
Ou Iho cosl of Hun, n Ihia morning,
Nu  udds  what's wrong ami  uo odds
what's rigbl,
My load of worry is never light,
Por somebody comes in and  wants lu
Ou Ihe cost ni things Ihis morning.
These  flesh laid  eggs, do you   under
Were bought and bargained frum huml
lo baud
And  the  price went   up as  the eggs
Went     Ilinl
I am Iiiiilue.I fur Ibal Ihis inuruin;
This lluur, this sugar, this bag uf sail,
They came by routes that made prices
Pur the eusl nf things this murniug.
The people rage and papers bowl, /
Thc   reformers   .-Imui   ami   the   #oters
growl, .'
Ami lhe housewife's face wm- a bit
ler scowl
When she urders thmgn eaVb moru
•■«■ /
Producer,   ruilrmi.l  md  middleman
Each makes the product pay all it can-
Ami llle folks pul me in lhe roasting
Pur the ensl of Ihiugs each murniug,
—Chicago Post.
When nee.ling coei or building sup
plies, call up phone IS*., Nortli Hliure
Coal i'i Mupply Co., Bickbami wharf,
li. S. iiiiun, manager Nute name sud
phuue number. t.f.
last week of Wood Paige Shoe (Vs.
ham: M.u'.-. $5 Oxfordi, a low cut,
$2.ttirt Men's Vici Kid Blucber Bals,
$11.75; Udics' White Cauvae Shoes,
$1.26;   Child's   White   Canvas   Strap
ShOeS,    (5     e.'llln.      OUR     SUMMER
STOCK MUST 00 thii week regard
leu of coit.
mtwtj       Wir
nO^jd-Paigc Shoe Co.
Mount Crown Modi, Opp. City Hall
S. & W. THAN
paine & McMillan
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
Geo. Somerton
,/ A Good
Send your filendi who are interested
In the North Shore a copy of
"The Express"
It will keep them posted on all
Nortli Shore News and will only coit
$1 per year
Some Everyday
Drug Prices
Enos Salt  75c
Zambuk   35c
Allenbury's Food  85c
Allenbury's Food, No. 3 55c
Pink Pills  35c
Peroxide, per Ib 65c
Cuticura Soap    25c
Baby's Own Soap      3 (or 25c
Anti-Colic Nipples 5c each
Absorbent Colton '. 35c Ib.
We have constantly in stock a complete stock ol
Bed Pans,* Douche Pans, Hot Water Bottles, Irrigators, Elastic Hosiery, Abdominal Bells, Batteries,
Electric Bells, Trusses, and, in fact, everything in the
tick room line not usually stocked by smaller drug
stores. i
Phone 311 and your order will be rushed to any
part of the cily.
North Shore Drug Co.
P. S. THOMAS, Phro. K
Druggist, 116 Esplanade W«t


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