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Full Text

WBITB VAKPQUypB, B.O, TlfflSflAT, |WV 8, mi
Tlie imu un wby Ibe plum. lur tie, oml
'luiiul'.:. Iiinlin bave uot yet lieen sub-
in i tt cd to tbo Department of Public
'.iiul. fur approval ia mule clear in iu
'iuu'.' in. iinli'il by tbe imii'- nl.ml
members of tbu Board oi Director*,
lliirrunl Inlet Tunnel ami Bridge Com
i'liii. ia iucorporateil not iimler llie
Railways Act imt, under a Ipociul ait
passed iu miu ami under its ti'iins it
is nul mm 'ur, lliut tlie plaus siioulii
be uininli..i iu tin: Public Works
Department. With 'reference to tbe
department of Murine and IT I,mi"
llie only porllon of the plans which it
is in . . ..ii to submit tu the minister
ih the ilced of the site ol tbo two
piers uf tbe bridge. Tbe actual plans
fur lbe bridge are now iu tbe bauds
uf tlie Hoard uf Ilailway Commission
eis uml will be euusidereil by lln'ui uu
Monday next, should a llunl ilacis'un
not be reached at that lime, llm piatll
will be further euusidereil wheu llic
Huurd In11.In. its st'ssious in Vincouver,
beginning July 27lb. Wbln lhe ap
provil uf thc board of Railway i'iiiii
in mui' bus been ubtained, iheplins
will lie submitted to the Department of
I'ublie  Works ill order to receive ra
lillrutiiin by tho (liivi'iiinr llniierul in
The prociduro adopted by tbo Board
of Direclurs of llurrurd Inlet Tunnel
and Bridge Cohipany his beon taken
It tbe advice of their solicitors It
Ottiwi, wbo ire barristers of "lend
ed eiperieiieo iu parliamentary prac
tire and tberefure iu pusitlou tu guide
the progress uf affairs alung the host
Members uf the directorite atttethit
tboy ire subjected to iltogether miner
osaary criticism uu the part uf rale
piyors, whu du uot kuow very much
of what limy are talking about. A
bridge tn ii not be built in a day, suid one
uf tbe board to a representative uf tbe
"News Advertiser," uml drew uttcn-
tiou to the fuel that tho public bridge
connecting the cities of Ottawa and
Ilull was talked about for fen years
before it was finally got under way
nn,I cumpletud. Tbe speaker drew at
ii uiiuii tu the great number of impoili-
incur, of which tho ivcrugu persou
knew nulliing abuut, which made .liili
cult thu building of u public enter
Accunliug to the charter of tbe com
pauy, dated May 4, lulu, the work ou
tbe bridge must commence by Muy 1 of
inmi   year,   aud   be    iyb-1, <l   seven
years frum the date on which the chart
er was granted. The right uf Ibe culm
pluy lo build ten miles uf stumlanl
gauge railway connecting the bridge
with tbe pruposed luuiiel under the
First Nirrows and wilh Horseshoe Hi)
is perpetoil.
ll is nut very well known thul the
imu.el under the ITii Narrows must
ulso be started by May 1 of next year
and niiiipliT.il by ml,'
The members uf the local police force
mil parade for luipectloe uf uuifurms
mi Thursdiy licit.
Mrs. A. (I. Perry lud children have
departed uu i hulidiy visit to While
Itock, where tho}' will sojourn fur a
iinini li ur six weeks
Mr. Tuoniii II. Wbiteiide, UP P.
Toronto, accompanied by Miss While
siili Is visiting his I.uiiiin. Mr ti. N
Whiteside of this cily.
A regular meeling of Uie Hoard of
School Trustees will ■...•■. in ihe
buard ruum, bidgeway school, liimur
row evening, at 8 o'clock.
The linn n.i- ruin iii nice of the city
couucil has decided iu contribute the
sum' uf 11(0 iiiiiiird- llu' H t!. I'adel
> orps visit tu Australia this year.
Mr. Khner Kind and Miss M. Kiltel,
bulb nf Everett, Wish., ire spending
a inmil li's ...niiiiii: ou the Norlb Shore,
and are the gucili of J.  II,  English
and 1   c. Hi"..ii
Dr 3 1. Thomson, the cily niit'ii-oI
luTnn ul health, returned oo Saturday
ufler two weeks' ramping ou Macauley
Plain, Victoria, with tbr ambulance
corps of Ibr  lmh Field Hegiuirnl.
Mr ami Mrs. Thuinis Hutchison i.l
.■lighter returned uo Sm.rdiy frum i
tun uiiii.ili-' trip through Mauil'ilr
ill. il.n way luun. they visited the
iiuis uf begin! and declare that Ihr
devastation there li truly terrible
Members of Hurrard l.ndg. No. 60
au.l l'u'"' uf Connaught ludgi No. 64
A P.   mul   A.M.   lllclulf'l   1   serine   al
St. John's church on Sunday aftir
noon. The Hev. Hro. T. !■• Howe and
ibe Kiv. J. II. Hooper win tbi oC
ciiling clergy, while thl address wss
given by M. W. Bro. Dr. I.'inieroe
The lm el biseblll Irani emerged tri
umphajitly ou Haturdiy frum In cn
.1. uth witb the Hiruet ipgregiliun
Tbe lual wore wai a tu 4 in Nortb
Vancouver'! favor. Tbia ii tbi four
ii enl li i n im) for. tbe local players
since Ibe opening of Ihe unon, only
une game hiving beeu but by Ibim.
Tbe Nortb Viucouver brethren of
Uie I,, f). I.. IMO asirlubled it Ibi
Knigbti uf Pytbiis Uill oo Sunday if
iniinuii uml alluded by Ihi local ba ad
jiiiirnryrd lo Vincouvir when Ibiy
piiiinipuicl io lai L 0. L. ctltbn
tium it thc Wuliy cbureb. In tki
eveuing Ibe msmbrrs altended divine
strvice at Ihi Fint Beptlit cbureb,
NortI Vaneouvir. when mi Biv. A. 1.
Primer wai tbi pmcbir.
Mr, J Iinini has relumed from a
tvick i < isit 'u Viriorii.
A luudern bungiluw is just compllted
up Dorau boud by Mr. J. Roberts.
Mr and Mrs. II. While will move
inlu their uew reiidence un Hunk ins
luld this week.
Miss IT ini stebbiugs uf Vancouver
is speudiug her summer viciliou wilh
her nmi., uu Peters Kuad.
II is repurled that P. Hums .v t'u.
will  ipcn i mnl market in the ue*
IT miinii' IT.,.I., curner ul I'cuter uml
I.)nn Valley Kuuds.
Mr and Mn. Stewart have removed
ii'.m li-nil. i nn iivroue tu Ihr curner
ul I'uul md Frederick ruad, where
Hit) have recently purchased prupcrly.
Al Ibr rrgular Inuiitiily milting uf
llu Ratepayer!' Asso.liiimi in the lu
slitute Hall luiiul,mn uigbl, tbe, dis
i u' Sim, of by laws will be an import
aot i.uiin.
Over i'i" members uf the Eastern
Stir l.itlgr of viucuuver were on Sat
i i i.n mi. ii.n.ii, ibr aunts nf lb,' local
ii'i'iubers on the occasion of a picnic
trip to l.yon Valley Tbe gathering
t.aa the lirgesl Hut Ins ever visited
Lyon Valley Pirk.
Ariangi imiii n have beeu made fur a
grand opining uf lbc Susprusiuii bridge
over Ihe Lyuu cauyou of which au
iiuiiiiiinuni will be iiniic as suuu ai a
date tin br im I by Mr J. P. I'rsw
ford Tbe suspeusiou bridge will be
of I similar type lu thit uf lbc dp-
ilsnu The bridge will be set it Ibe
Inglii .1 point over lbc fills which will
be Iboul Iwo bundled lud irvculy Iiir
fret uin..  Ibe witer.
A very keen ami rnlbusiistic meet
ilg of Ihi Lyon Valley cricket club
look place io the Institute Hail on
Friday iveoiug last railed for Iho
purpoie of i housing club coloun. Oriogo
lid marouu were chosen, ll wu dl
ruled tu irriugr for • concert io lid
ol the Institute lllll lud club. Tbe cup
wou it the Dnininiuii Dav celebration
will be banded over lo thr trusters ou
this oiriiioii for safe kecpiog, tbli
body hiving prtyeulcd Ibr club wilb I
case sod givru free use of the bill for
Hus uigbt. North Shore inhabitants
'in join the cricket club providing
Ibey are vouched for ii writing by two
members ind pawed by the management
...muniIt.- The snrrliry, Mr. M. H.
Hriiiinli ■, l.i nu i reek, poll office, will
be glid to accept lay cbilleugei when
ever possible rilher from slimling
nirkrl clubs or I rams Interfiled in
Uil sport
Things will bom tonight on Fromme 'i
Uwnl For bail it bour-froro 119 to
f OO-jUari wjjl bi |uuti arriving aad
Thu mujur portiuu uf laat night's
council business srose out of the week'»
correspondence, which was read by tbe
city clerk, Mr. Austin Browu, Mayor
McNeish presldiiig uver the full coun
Air. nhc|dn-id wrote 'loggestiug tbit
the council ibould consider the ad
visibility of miking the principle uf
any future issue of geuural delieutores
repayable in forty yuan instcud uf
fifty years as at present. He gave the
following two reaions: Firstly, that
tbe forty year debenture is considered
tbe better class uf security by the
Hiring.' iiiv.'.ii.ii aud commands a
slightly better price; secondly tbut it
is only small municipalities, which cun
uoly afford to raise u small amount
yearly for sinking fund uml interest,
that follow the practice of issuing fifty
year debentures. Tu issue u debenture
for such a long term us llfty years
sueius in the upiuiou uf finiuciul au
ilumu.-I to cheapen the security.
Mr. tJrcoii Aniiytagu fuiwurilod to
tbe couucil his bill of dumages for repairing of thu creek ruuuing thruugn
bis properly ou Western avenue—
which repairs weru occasioned through
thc HumImc. uf I ui, ..li.l, avcuue in
November, IUU. The bill amounted
tu 1161.16:
Mias A. V Newman addressed u plru
to lbc council fer the preservation of
native trees uu Twenty eighth street,
reminding thc authorities uf a petition
forwarded last summer in a similar cun
auction signed by ucariy all the owners
of property lietwecu Cbcslerficld ami
Mulnm uii Twenty eighth and Twenty
nmlli  nli.'T"
Palmer, Hurmeslrr .'• vuu HruveuiU
wrule calling llic cuuucil's ullenlioii to
Ibr ruiiditiou uf lbc ruads in Trmpr
Heights. This and the previous lut
ler were referred tu the Huurd uf
The city solicitor, Mr. b. I., beid,
forwarded u letter from the deputy
provincial secretary intimating ihul
ihu Lieutenant Governor iu (|ouucil
bad granlcd uppruvul tu the cily hali
site disposal bylaw. Thr Idler stated
that this approval had been given un
Juue ililli.
A ieipic-i frum Mr. J Kirkland for
annual leave uf aliscuer was referred
to the water wurks committee.
Du tbe mayur railing fur iuquiriea,
Alderman Foreman rose.and inquired
from the city engineer if he could I'll
lbe cuuucil bow much money had been
spout ou tunneling it bice l.n I.e and
bow mauy fret uf tunneling hud hern
done I
Aldrriuau Dlek objected that Ibis
was hardly a fair ijucsliou. ll wus
-. in. iT.  lu be suppusrd thii the em
drill hardur tban was supposed, but
despite this mutters in Ihis regnrd
were looking very I'licoursidiig now.
Aldiirniaii Hick lielioyed approximately
212 foot of tunnelling lunl so far 6eou
The  folluwiug  reports  of  commit
tecs  were received ami adopted;-—
Board of Works -
Ku letter frum Messrs. Fugan, this
Idler was luid over uniil Monday ii
order Iimt the cundiliuii uf the street
ini.y be examined.
lie petition Irum Antonio (Iruuilinrtti
und nl hern recommended that u vvugou
road lie ininli' mi lurson ruud from
liuth to 28th street and ou 2tfth street
In a point 200 fret west ou condition
llui Ihu applicants fo fur us Ihey huve
not liglil are willing to sign building
(Rnnmmi'iidcil ihul Muhun avenue
Irum   'Tl   slrrrl to the rity limits lm
be cut uu McKay runil, Ibr rnginrrl
reported thut Messrs. Higgins li Fisher
were willing tu du this work fur 45
iiuis per yard which would bring the
tolul cur.t lu over a Ihuusand dollars.
Krcuuiineiiileil that iu view ' of the
cost nmi as thr residents in ilm lucul
ily have already access to tlieir rrsi
dunces thai the mailer In. left uver for
consideration ut it mure suitable lime.
Ke letter fruni the city engineer re
giirdiiig alreet car trucks on paved
streets, rocommonded thul it copy uf the
eily engineer's lettor be sent lu lhe
city solicitor wilh a request for a writ
ten opinion un tlie matters contained
Ke tenders for roud roller, recom
mended lliul lhe tender uf the W.ntrruus
Engine Wurks i'o. I.td. tu suppiy a 12
ton rulbr 'it the price uf $8,bBII be ac
•iptcd, delivery lu be mude iii 21 duys
irum Ihr dute.
Witer Committee—
Kr Icttrr from Mrs. Alum Smith.
lo citv treasurer stated thui nom of
bis slull liud any recollection uf receiv
iig a rail from Mrs.. Hmilli-4rnd lie
could conceive of no circumstances
wbicb would iniilie it necessary fur
Mrs. i'iiuii   tu br usked lu call uguin.
Thr clerk wus iustrurtml 11 write
Mis. Smith thut puymenl uf llie full
illinium is required.
be. ten ins fur wuler works lupplici
recumiiiendeil Ihul llie lun el li" i.er.
lhat uf Messrs. Patterson und Uolilic,
Ibr llic som uf 1-21.1, be iiccrplnl, pru
viiled thui samples of the various ur
lules ure submit led lu Ihe city rngiii
eer ami by him declared sillisfuclory.
II was ulso recommended ihut iu the
event uf quility uf Ihr samples nol
In iug 8Ulisfuclury,'nthc city rugineei
snail have poiier lo accept the next
lu'.'.e-1 tonder, Ibul of .iubnston *
Salsbury, under the sume conditions.
brruinmrinlrd Ilinl lhe city engineer
lie instructed to prepare estimates for
u Iiiiinii numl muin lu lir luul from
lhe new intake lu Bice Lake ami hr
In   inslriicleil tu rull fur bids fur the
!!.M,Sf V»8.c8Hyer ap.il ttf vMl% i»
shortly to he transferred fo the Terminal Oity. Bugiuuing August 1,
government agency will he established
in Vancuuver iu charge of Mr. .1. Ma
honey, wbo bas been in the civil ier
vice for 21 years, and is now chief
clerk in tbo New Westminster govern
moot nilh'''. Mr. Mahoney .will thus
bring to hia new cbargo I large experience uml ihiiruugh acquaiutaucu with
the details of tbe business with which
ho wili bave to ileal.
Thu Vancuuver lnnd district, running
nurth aloug the coast tu the confines
of the Prince Unpen district, will be
hounded ou lbe south by the Frascr
river, to.the eest it will run us fur as
the west bank uf tbe Nortli Arm uf
Burrurd inlet, ami to tbu west will
be bounded by tbe Gulf of (leorgia.
The New Weatmiustor oflice, under Mi
Fletcher, will still retain the agency
for the country south of the Fraser
aud for thc Harrison Lake and Stave
river districts up to thc buuiuiarics uf
Ihe l.iiiiinii district, as before.
Tbe Vancouver guvernment agency
will include besides thc City of Vuu
couvcr, thu electoral districl of bieh
iiiuiul, 'which iu its turu includes Ihr
muiiit'ipulilics nf North Vamouver,
South Vancuuver, West Vuncuuver,
IT.mi   Urcy and   Kicbuioiul. The gov
oruuiuiit aguut will Iuue charge uf ull
iliiliiiriemi'iits for the court houso, lumi
niilr,', sud will look ufler the payment
of all government officials in this city
uud qf public worka iu Richmond. He
will uttcinl tu ull laud sales and pre-
nmptioii 1'iiiiie.n, will have the issuing
nf witer ucurds and mini'iig ii;r|lf|'
union and will be gold coininissicni'r
for the district, in ihis way he will
tuke away a great deal uf tie burden
nuw being Imine not only by (lie government uiliri! iii New Westminster, but
ulsu by thu kcal timber on.ee under
Mr. Heu, McKay
One of ihe great Uses of the gov-'
eiiniieiii niiiiu lnnil.'. to be opened is
l.ul it will serve us a burcuu uf iu-
I iTiiiitiuu. Mr. Muhoucy, Iho HgiTit,
will lie supplied with blue prints and
limp, uiiiin mi; aiu,i surveyed uiul upen
fnr pie eiiipimu, uml will be iu a position tu givu the inT'cs.iury jnforpiulion
us lu menus uf access, topography and
UOtlire of suil. There bus bum a greul
deal of press Criticism .rom cerium
sources uf lute ke, .hi . u. thu guvurii'
tnont'l nppiirrnt wunl uf action on
this score, hut it is a couilitiuii tbey
huve been seeking steadily to remedy,
uid the estiiblisbincul uf a guvenimriil
i jjoiicy iu Vincouver will be u long
Hup Innards il iu the coast ilislriet at
WANTKD   A Boy for Burrard Ci
gar Co.,  I.ousdalu  Aveuue. 12 i
WANTED-Slubiug aud clearing by
untract. (J. A. Summon, Nortli Vun
cuuver P. 0. 147
WANTED—By yuung man, room aud
buard, private family. Apply Hux Aim,
Kxpress Oilier. II"
WANTKD—Elderly mau wauls light
nmi. iii North Vancouver. Apply Hu.v
Atill Kxprt'Bs Ollice.
WANTED-A young girl fur a few
lays. Mrs. II. W. Ilinl, cur. Malum
Avenue ami Esplanade. II7
KOtlMS FOb  KENT -Housekeeping
and single.   218 2nd stroot cast.
rtTRNlSHOT l.oo.'.l   Fuur minutes
frum I'erry.   2S.'I Third street west. 1117
Lurge  front  ruum, furnished.
Third slreet cast.
ii i
FOII   BENT   Fumishe
First Street  Eusl.
FOb KENT-Six roomed Hut, ncsr
furry,    im per month.    Apply
liurultx Piano Huuse, Ltd.
FOII KENT Six ruum modern huuse,
Fourth slreet, one block from l.unsilule.
Apply 2To Fifth,street cast. 12 7
WANTED Hoard' ami ruum by
voung mun, vicinity 4th ami Lonsdale.
Apply Hox  ATI, Express (Mire.      12 7
Respectable womau requires twu ur
Ihree days' general work weekly. 'Ad
ilress F. E. li., Express Ollice.      OA
WANTED-Window und oflice doming or bouse elciuiug by yooug couple.
Apply box AM, Express Oflice.     117
gineer euuld have llm,,   hum,    ,,,  hit
mind.    He suggested  tbit   Alderman I *"l¥l "I "» «"'"■'•
Foreman should aak lhal Ihe informo■!P,rlu Cmuu'WM-
tiou   he  sought  should   be  given  on     Ht »l#''»""" '""" '" IVl1'1"1' W<
Monday night next. '"K for »" «1"""'"' »< -" Atya ol
Alderman Foreman observed lhal bel"" """' "I""'"'"1 "' l"" m,imi ""
had addresied 'bis question to Ihe eu ]ll,'ur""< '' "'"'8 "'' ''"'"'■''"J'' l<1"'"'"
gineer, who might hive made the ume\meu'i"i """ """ '"' •"B"u"1.
reply ss Aldermiu  Dick had, ami li
(Alderman Foremau) wuuld bate lieen
quite satisfied. Ile waa perfectly pre
I un I to hive the iliforuiltiou uu Mun
dly nigbl neat.
Alderman Dirk remarked for (be
sake of p. in mi information that It was
extremely gritifyiug to tbe water
worki committee tbit ir.enil inure
progreu hul I em inidc "i Ibis wurk
i 'inii it nn) lime since it wiu emu
num. d I'limgi looked reil'y better
now thl.' ever tbiy bid door tiuu'
tbe itart.  Tbe gruuud bid been i great
iti i,eiiin will be on salu, lieu i mu
ii.ii program will be rendered for iu
hour, wilb in intirvil of I few miu
uiei ouly for wirmer refreshments.
The iiim.il lociety will take ptrt in
Ke Icttrr from Mr. Wm. Barley, rr
garditig imiii in Victoria Park. The
clerk wus directed lo write Mr Bailey
that the locality chosen was the most
iniiil'le fur Ihe purpuse uud in auy
ei en I lhat Ihr creel mn is temporary
ami will only lie upon during Ihr sum
mer munths.
Fire uul Light Committee-
Kecuinuiriiilril ihul tbr chief uf Ihu
fire department br authorised tu 'cm-
ploy a motor mechanic al a s'l'.iry ol
169 per month for the firsl year.
Krcuminciideil Ihut the sum of
•mi: no as per architects' certificate,
Messrs. iluiieyman and Curtis, by paid
lo Contractors, Messrs, Davies nnd
sunder.", being contract price (less 20
per cent, held back) for nlditiun In
Fire Hall No. I and 2, said addition
having bcru Inspected by tbr liuildTu
WANTKD- Tu rent in Norlh Lousdale, muilem four ur live ruum buuga
low, lib or I2U. Uox AII2, Express Of
flee. I.f.
WANTED—Fivu or six ruum house
lu rent. Must have furnace ami lu
rily. Statu lowest terms tu Kxpress
Hux AM. 12 7
FOb KENT   Large, light, dry base
ineiil.   Storage ur otherwise.    202 81.
Oeorge! avenue uiul  2ulh street  east.
FOR   KENT- A   slure   iu   the  new
Iiiiiiiini lilm l., curner Luusdale aveuue
uud Sn mnl itreet. Apply II. J. Dun
ran, 837 Hastings street west, Van
cuuver. t.f.
Wr have u number ut exrelleul
bouses to runt uf different sixes aud
rents varying from 112 to S>'iii. Hur
rard Drvelopinelil i'u, 17 Lonsdale
A'.. 111j.. H-7
WANTED--Young woman wauls
plaiu sewing ur wurk where run sleei
ul home. Apply, llux AD1, Exprcn'
Phuue |07.
Wonted at once, thoroughly exper
eiiceil girl for gem ml house work in
family of two.   Apply Mrs. A. S. Uill
ingi, 728 \ i.i i.i in Pirk. II i
WANTED-For St. Agnes cliorcli,
Nurlh Vancouver, an urganisl, ur or
giiinni md chmr leader -lady or gcutle
man. Musl br' lulling tu give SUvieei
gralis for 1 time. Address Virir, P. 0.
llux 21104. 187
FOR SALE—Marine gasoline engine,
nniplclc, (7U; or exchange for station
ary.   Frank Alice, Wiodior road wesl.
tbii   program   contributing   I wo pirt |ia,UOetor and thc fire ond light com-
songs.   Immediately it tbi time uf ilie\miltfe ail,| louM .utiofactury. Amount
muilcil program Mr. Qoodsl1 will |rit
on hi. moving |i ii'i'", and ihoso hive
hien . lmmn f.'",') ih.- bum rous lilt and
everyone ii promiicd i bcirty liugb.
Then I bonfire will be lit ind ■ few
rockets tud olber Aicworlu wili an
iiiiuncc to folki it a distance tbat tbey
arc mining tbe fun, after wbleh those
n bo want cxirclii cau partake in i
wills to accelerate circulation and
then "Home, iwiit borne." ll ii
ilrslreui that all guests shiuld under
slind Ibal the iniide of tbe bouie ii
open to tbem ii well u tbe grounds io
lbat ibould any fill at all chilly they
ua fit near tbi In.
lo be paid by rily treasurer on prmluc
tiou oT the receipted bills of material
aud statutory declaration Ihs! nil lulls
for Isbor and material have been fully
Transference of Agency
According to an announcement made
ty Attorney (Irueral Bowser, a large
part of tbe government agency in New
Westminster that deals witb tbi bust
FOR SALE 17 b. p. steam engine,
used for wood cuttiog. Cau he used
fur various purposes. Apply V V. Ilay,
Fourteenth itreet ind Bidgway.   12 7
FOH HALB--A IOC Victor Virtrola
(beeu iu use but a iburt lime) for 116.
Also a choice aisortmcut uf Victor
record! It i like reduction. Apply
Wirburoiti Piano House, lousdale
ivouue. 127
LOST   Long coral necklace, between
Ninth  uiul   Hou''   aiT    aud    Seventh
slreet east.   Will Iimler rrluru lo f.'uu
in, inn. Seveuth street cast.   Howard.
flmul young stuck bull kept, lonirr
Robinson und Capilano roads. W. II.
Wilkins. lis
For llnr iiulrh iiiiii jewelry wurk g"
to Ueo. Suuu n.in Ihr new jewelry slure
on 2ml alrrut
Ice, Ice Cream, Hullermilk, Milk,
Cream and Huttcr, Purity Creamery, Hid
Scruuil itreet west.
If yuu bive any properly lo sell and
want quick results, liat it wilb Short,
bohertsou and Seymour. t.f.
Furnished bedroom fur single mm
iu modern house. |7 per mouth. Apply
Mrs. Knight, 410 Seu-nil, rtrecl and
bidgway   UllTllle I.f.
Anlliori/ed ageut fur'Siuger Sew
lug Mm linm I'miipaiiy in North Von
couver. 1. J. MrAleece, Dry (loudsaml
Cenls' I'Tiini.liiiig-. inriicr First und
Lonidilo Avenue. t.f.
FOR SALE—t room house, niodiru
wilb olectric ligbt, witer, rooms piper
ed. Lot cleared. Corner city boundiry
ind l.ynii Valley mud On good tormi
$.'1,1100 or spot rub 12260. Apply Box
2171), Nortb Vancuuver. Sg
FOB SALK House, snap, 1Mb strset
and St. Oiorgl's Avenue, 8 rooms, lament bailment, piped for furnace, lot
.'13x160 to lane, fenced In and garden.
Now rented IUM per montb. Price,
lt,W), W) caih, balance ItO montb
tlj par cent. Owner, Box 1816, cily.
The Wood-Piigi Company can sioe
ill North Vaneouvir,
B.   0.   Livery   ind   liniinl   rlubl. >
Ligbt rlgi and Indies' saddle borm
for hire.  Stabling for bonis.    Hon
eral delivery and heavy teaming.    II
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Land Clearing and Orading I-ols,
Pete Andruss, Ocnenl Contrictqr. 8c
wer connection! i ipoclilty, Imemenl
ind otber exciviting work undertlkin.
Estlmatu free. .627 St. Oeorgi'i Ave.,
Nortb Vaneouvir, uoit ofloi box 21(1.
For cabinet making, carpentering,
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piloting, glating, general jobbing work
ind ropiirs, leg or pbone 1. Haynis,
1236 Lunidilo ivenuc, Norl'o Wfecou-
ver. Personal attention. Phone LI47.
t III Hmt ■
■   i ;
,■ •   ■
7   '     '
Bank of Montreal
Established 1817
Capital (paid up)    -   $15,413,000
Reaerve     ....    $15,000,000
Savings Bank Department
——Wman ill   iiii      i——
North Vancouver Branch i F. A. MACRAE,
Mt. Crown Bldg., 1 it Street Manager
a—   iiiiibssbw^b—■
We have a nicely furnished 6 Room
House, centrally locatect Can be had
on a day's notice. Rent $45.00 per
110 Eiplanade.
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'We invite all thote who intend building a new houie
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we have on hand. We have a large
assortment of  the  latest
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a call from
Dickinson & Son. Ltd.
P.O. Box 1719. Phone222
During the Months of JULY and
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at I p.m. on SATURDAYS
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Coal   Coal   Coal
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
We have on hand a full supply of all Building
Material.   Get quotations before placing order.
L. S. EATON, Manager.
Wharf     Esplanade Weil     Phone 4fifl
Charing the Golden Butterfly
"I'll til I htitt.rrrty; living a
rovir, .lying whon fair tilings are
failing away."
'   2.40  P.M.
18.16  AM
Uava Nortb Vaneouvir
'6.00  AM        2.20  P.U..
• 6.00
7 80
18.00      '
18.20 vu.
"Hot on Bunday."     Tim Ubl. tubyttl ta cbaaga without
uotlei. Company not liabli for delays, accidental or othirwTu.
Uin in tlie montb of July, 1868,
smtiirkeit in tin small atem-whecl
stsimsr Enterprise, owned nmi cum
nisudsii liy Dipt, Tom Wright, for tlm
Fraisr River llul.l Minis. My destine
tion wss Vai.', iiii'l, tliu llnul nf mui
gallon. Tin',,: mn uo wharf at Vli!
turla at that lime, the present whurf.
ami warehouse of the Hudson Bay
Compsny not hiving lieen built till u
yeir liter. The littlo craft wus lying
in a aliull slip, alongside an old war.'
houae quite receutly torn down. Tbe
venae! waa crowded with freight ami
piuongera, snd 1. wua lucky in find'
iug a vacant apnt ou thu hiirriruua
deck upun which to spread my hlaii-
keta aud lie duwu to uupclnsuiit
dreima. In the morning curly we en
tered Fraser Kivur ami liy evening
pulled iu st Fort 1-augloy, a llmlm,,,
Bay poal, whero we remained over
night. New Wealniiiialer had tiicu no
eiiatence, a deuae foruat of fir au.l
edir occupying the aitu of the fut uro
Boyal City. A mile or Iwo below l,pg
ley aume speculative apirita wuru lioum-
ing ■ towu i,nine,I Derby, but it waa
uuly • nunc. When . I auw " Peril,.'"
two yen later iti only Inhabitant
was a bilioua looking old men with
frayed truuaeri, and iti only building
wu i wirehouau Ilml wua dcalitiilc ul'
wirea ind occupants. Al Lang'ey scv
unl passengers left ui uud aevural cams
abuard. Amoug thu latter were Mr.
aud Mra. Win. I'ower. They hud hem
it Whitcom, aud ou the decay ul Hint
tuwu had croaaud by laud to I-nniiley
•u.l were now un their wiy lu Ynli
to try their fortune there. Mr. ami
Mra. I'ower aud I soon became 'lose
friend). They were a nio.nl uiliinalde
couple aud our intimacy lualud Inr
iiiiny yean.
The piaaige up the river has lien
ao often deicribed that I shall mil al
tempt it uow. The wil I scenery, uf
courae, charuied ull, ami inciduula „f
travel were novel ami uniting lu (boss
who had not lic.'ii accustomed to hie
outalde ol a lirge city. All along tbe
river, wherever Ihere occurred u bench
ur bur, iiiiucra were encamped "waiting fur thc river to full," when they
llpeclld to scoop up the gubl by lhe
dn n.il ul ami live ut oaie forevcrmoro
Tbe rcaiill waa a practical cxempliti
ration of Ihe Inu ■ une hupea to catch
wheu thc akica fill
At llupe we left the Enterprise, nay
iug guud bye tu nur bluff ami genial
captain with regret, ami placing uur
effects in a large canoe, proceeded up
the river tuwurd Yale, where wc ar
rived at uightfill lhe next day, tired,
wet mil blue, with clotbei uud hooli
in luliii. uiul ippclitca lhat wuulil
have beeu em led by a pack uf yuung
coyotes We alept in uur clotbei on
blank.Tn aprt'ld un the .ht uf the
belch Ibal nigbt. In the morning wc
cooked aome bacon und boiled a pot uf
rolfce it ■ neighboring camp lire, uml
I niaii"! uul to take in lbc lituition
Tbe towu of Yale u, ■ i have cuiilaincil
it that time between in e ami lis tbuu
auml peuple, inually luterpriaiug yuung
minira im! buaincaa men from (Illi
fornia ..lm hid come in purauit of llic
llolden liuiiiiil,' which moat of ita
devoted and admirer,, iu the result
found both eluaive imt diiappoiatiug.
tine uf the (rat men I run uguiual
waa i ncgru nulled Willis lloml, whom
I dubbed the "Bronze Philosopher."
I bid known him at tiuu Frauciaco,
wbere, hiving buughl hia freedom ami
uiii.le aome money it the iniuea, be
oitibliabed liimaelf an uu auctioneer.
Bond waa gild lo aee me und Intra
'liie.il me to hia purl ncr, a Yorkshire
mm iiiuii.nl Hai,i-uii . The two bid
built I ditch ami were supplying witer
to the mine,., who were wiabing the
I'iiiii. ind belch in froul Of Yile for
gold. Thc in .1 i'a 111..1 ii in acquaintance
I aiw wu John Kurtz. When I lut
met Kurd at Ban Frauciaco bi wu
'lies-ill iu lbe height of fiahiun and
wu one of the leaden of society there
i lul- member, a poet, a noted wit,
outribulor to Ibe preai, and one of
the must popular aud amiable young
fellows in that big eity. At Yale be
wore I miuer'a griy shirt, his trouaera
were tucked iu hii bonis, a i'olt 's re
velvet wu stuck iu bii waist-belt, and
a iloucled bit of large proportions
imll   iiiiii.iile.i   bis   mi.II.. mnl   ami
llllll'lniillie   I.Iiiil,en       1    V.II-   .j II > t <■   ||ilii'||
aback at tbe change; but it wai not
many days bofore I wu limilirly at
tired ind cooiidered myielf well
drcued, too. Kurtz introduced mc to
bit partner, a Itr. Hugh Nelaon, a
youug mau from (be North'uf Ireland^
ami in tvety import and under all
circumatancci a gentleman. 1 pitched my tent clou to tbeiri, and all
three became quite chummy. The
friendship thua formed waa maintain
cd for many yeara and until death car
ried off both Nelion aud Kurt/.. I
often tit lad wonder if ths broken
liulm iu thu chain uf earthly frjimiillllp
will bs united jn the other world; ur
shall we embark upun the new exiit-
Slice   With   no\S   uapirulinua   mil   pew
uiina, into whieb no thougbt, no remembrance of our earthly career will euter.
Hhull wa "know each otbsr better
wheu the oloude roll by," or shall we
know esub other at allf
All was bustle an.I excitement in the
uow mining town. Every race aud
every color pnA both text, were represented in tba population. There were
Englishmen, C|iiiadiaua, American!,
Aiiatnliani,     Frenchmen,     Germans,
Spaniards, Moxieaus, Chinese and Ne-
groci—all buut ou winiiiug gold from
the Fraser aauda, aud all hopeful of
u mi... ■!... ni I aeasou. It was a lottery
in which there wore few prian. The
diggiiiga proved muatly unproductive,
md at lent 20,000 impoveriahud wor
shippers at the ahrine uf tbe Uolden
Biittortly left the river boforo tbe first
auow foil.
In every saloon a I'uru ban I. or a
ilnee' ani miiiiie table was in full
awing, and the lull., wero crowded lo
sulfucutiuii. A worao aet of out-throats
snd nil iniiii.l scoundrels Iban thuau
who Hocked to Yale from all parts of
the world never assembled anywhere,
Decent people feared to go out after
dark. Nigbt assaults and robberies,
juried by au uccusiunal coldblooded,
murder or a daylight thoft, were common in' nm i..e.. Crime in every
form atalked boldly llirough the towu
unchecked and unpunished. The jjuud
clement waa numerically large; but it
wib dominated and terrorized by those
whine trade it was to bully, beat, rob
and slay. Often men wbu bad differ-
cneoi iu California met' at Yale and
proceeded to tight it out on British toil
By American methods. Here is a
sample uf many caiei: A yuung mun
named Walton camped near my tent.
He was apparenlly well disposed and
quiet, ami about the last peraon whom
I mi.ml.I have Iliuiiglit wuuld du anything wicked, lie lift bia tent une
morning ami Btrolled 'lu towu—rthat
ia, lu the bench whicii then overlooked
and atill overlooks the mailing Friaer.
lu uboul au huur be returned ami,
walking to the river bank, washed his
hands. Then lie luuk ■frum a sheath
attached to a belt tbat encircled his
waist a knife and washed il, too. He
dried the weapon un tbe aleeves of hia
gray abirt,°aud returning it tu Ihe
■■Iiuiiii. walked luwarda hia tent. Aa
he passed mc he said, without the
■lu'i.i. t tremor in liis voice or the
loasl excitement in bis manner.
"I 've had a riglit up town."
"Did yuu kill yuur inanf" I asked,
uut fur a moment imagining that any
thing serious had occurred.
"No," he said, "I did better—I
maimed bim for life* It's just like
this, you sec: I hud a ruw willi a man
named llaltou iu the Calaveras mluei
ii year agu. Today he met me ou Ihe
bench and drew a sbulguu on me. I
run in and threw thc guu up and lbe
charge wcnl inlo tbu air. Then I took
iny razor edged dowie knife ind cut
hia rigbl Hrisl, lbe lemlona uf il, clean
icruaa; I ben I reached down and cut
llic knee tciiduns ut bis right lag, uml
he will be a cripple for life. He won't
shoot anyone else, I guess."
Ami so il proved lir. Fifer, the lit
tie i" ii..ui Burgeon, whu dressed thc
arm and leg, tuld me tbu man migbt
us well have bud liis huml ami leg cut
uff, for they would be usuless for the
remainder of bia daya. Dr. Fifer, I
may aa well remark here, waa most
imill. murdered tbree years later. A
man named Wull, whu had beeu his
patient, laboring undir the belief tbat
Fifer bad ruined his beallb by mai
practice, walked up in lum one morning
in 1861, and Ipiuded lum a newspaper,
saying: /
"Head lhat, iaetit."
Fifer, who was /near sighted, adjust
ed his speclucleB uml while reading tbe
paragraph indicated the wretch ibot
bim dead, Wall was captured at Hope,
tried and executed, 'In hii dying confession ho iieeiiseil a lir ('rain, a professional rival of Fifer, oh inciting bim
to commit the crime, ''ruin lost bis
prictlec and linnlly weut uwuy to Salt
lake, whore ho perished miserably by
hll own hind, be having been imprii
"uml for i-onie offence.
Hill 'n Bar, two miles below Yale,
wu the si'i',,1.' of busy mining operation! at tbii time. A uarrow streak
of pay dirt ou tbe bar proved very
rich iu flour-gold. This gold wu ao
(ne that you could blow it away witb
your breath, ft. was caught witb tbe
aid of quicksilver in sluices and ruck
ers. 'Hie yield was very remuuerative
and the streak extended into tbe bench
where it ran put. Ali efforts to trace
tbe source of tbii rich deposit have
failed. It bai' never been found. Tee
disrovenri of Ilill'i Bar were a party
of mon wbo bad been driven away from
Huil Frauciaco by a Vigilance Committee When news of the Fruer Hlver
gold diicovery reached California these
men joined tbe rush and secured' thi
ricuusi piacer eieiuis nu }pe ftyir- ;rpt
leudur of tho Hill's Bar roughs wai a
man named Nun1 Mudowan. tit hud
been a judge, a member of the legislature, a newspaper editor, and an alb
round bad man in California. Had the
Vigilance ' Committee caught bim ba
would bavo been hanged, but be uludod
ihem and time, as I have said, with
miny others of bis clay (0 New Gall'
douia, u tha. mainland nf British Columbia wis then called. One of his
friends was Johii Bagloy, a former
leading politician at Msn FraucUeo,
who had also been drivou away. Tbess
men gathered mors of their kidney
about them and proceeded to crunk
tbeir vengeance on sucli members of
(be Vigilance Committee as came in
tbeir way on tbe Fraser River. Mmy
persons having besu brutally assaulted
aud all but killed dy tbe gang left tbe
country lest worse things should befall tbem.
Now, It happened that the (rst Gold
Commiiiioner at Yalu was a man
named Hicks, a wsak and corrupt person, who proceeded at ouce to feather
his neal by exacting blackmail from
minora and toilers. Among otber things
bu secured a fill-year lease of tbe best
part of Yale and charged enormous
ground rents. His successor was a
bigger failure tbau Dicks. His usme
was Blake Wadlcigh. Ho laid claim
to the tilte of CapUiu, and was wont
to strut about iu a uniform which be
i.ni.l ho bad worn iu the Crimea, but
several miners wbu had served iu the
Crimea declared lhat it was a ser
geunt'a uniform. Auotber report said
that be bad been a private iu tbe Aus
tralian Gold Eseurt, and tbat his uni
form must havu been itoleu from that
corps. Auotber report had it that be
kept a livery alahlc iu California. All
agreed that be was uo geutleman, aud
therefore tbat be could mil Inne Iuti
i captain iu the lirilisli army. He had
a wife, a flue, buxom Scotch wumau,
very attractlvo and pleasant in hei
ways, but kept under by her husband,
who seemed to rscoguize iu every male
visitor a possible rival. Whether the
sturies tuld about bim reached Wad
leigh's ears or uot, I caunot uy, but
his arrogaut and oppressive conduct
suuu msde him tbe moil uupopulal
man iu Yale. Whenever any of the
Hill's Bar roughs came to town, which
was often, Wadlcigh would dou hia
trappings, buckle ou a sword, knit bis
brows and strut through tbe atreet witb
a threatening air that waa well calculated to strike terror to tbe hearts of
the timid, while in the ne'er do wells'
minds he only excited a feeling of con
To give an idea uf thu sort of man
bo was: One night Nelson, Kurtz,
Power,' K. C, Jubnsuu and myself aud
.ib..ni twenty uthers were asked to the
Court Houae by Wadleigh to I reception. A nice little supper wis served,
and in 'tbe course of it Wadlcigh gut
druuk. At an evil momeut tome uue
celled uu the Captain for a ipeech,
wheu to the amazement aud alarm of
bia guesta he auddenly sprang to hii
feet wilb a wild "Hooruol" lie tben
exclaimed in sleuloriau touci, "Me
voice is in me sword," aud drawing
tbat weipou be proceeded to cut, thrust
and slash the air about him in a most
daugerous miuuur. One of bis sweeps
same perilously near my In ml I duck-
ed to avoid the stroko and rail for the
door. Thc others followed iu confusion
and dismay, without hats, coats, canes,
lanterns or goloshes. The snuw was
deep ami as we plunged down the bank
iu our precipituus flight the Captain
bred vulley after volley of bis wild
"hoorool'.' and danced a war dance
iu from of his quarters, swinging his
sword iiluiiil ind slushing at imaginary
aerial foes. Tbis added tu our speed
and altbuugb tbe aituatiun waa su iu
■ herons that we screamed with laugh
ler as we ran, it was thought wise to
placo as much space as possible be
tween the Captain's sword aud our
selves. The uext morning we weut u|
in two sud threes aud recovered our
property. Tbu Captaiu was uot iu
sight, but Mrs. Wadlcigh received us
graciously, "stood treat," uml epul
ogized for "His Worship," is ahe ul
wiyi referred to bim, by siyiug tint
bii extriordinary autici were due to
a aabre 'cut be bad received oo tbe
head in ibe Crimea
The glee of tbe Hill's Bar gang, who
were uot invitid to the reception, uml
wcrp at (nt inclined to be jealous of
those who had been, wu unbounded.
They came up town in a body and hav
ing got drunk tbeir comments on tbe
"swell" memben of Vile society and
their boit and hostess were rich and
rare and racy. In a few days Wad
leigb again appeared on tbe street witb
bur aword dangling at bis side aod
bis brow presided over by the regulation official frown; but no one tfembled
any more. He couldn't bave frightened a sick pup. One Hill's Bar man
who addressed bim u "Sergeant"
wu given ten minutei in which to get
out of town. He didn't go, but itood
aud laughed in the. magistrate's face.
Another fellow bawled out to bim us
be |iassed a gambling house, "Say,
Cap., I see you'vo Found your voice"
pointing to tbe iword.
Wadleigh, who WM greatly incensed,
•trutted on without reply, but be dii
mu propriety or uo»phsbhik|( » pnmw
gor to Victoria to aik Governor Doug
las to send up a body of troops.   ,
Humiliating as tha situation had lm-
como fnr Wadleigh, and grass sb wsre
tbe insults offered bim whenever ho
appeared in public, there were worse
in iron,
It appeared tbat wben Sicks was
Cuiiuniasiuuer at Tale, Governor Doug-
Ill pftid » visit to Fraser Biver and
wbilo at Hill's Bar be was petitioned
to appoint tba oily British subject qn
tbe   Bar—«   Fronch-Oanadlau   named
1'orrier—as   police   magistrate   there.
BIS limits were not defined, and so his
warrants were served   at   Yale,  although be always refused to recogniso
warrants Issued by the Magistrate of
Yale on persons residing at Hill's Bar.
McQowan and bis friends "put up a
job" ou   Wadleigh.   One   of   tbeir
friends bad committed an bbssuH and
was confined lu the Yale prison.   A
warrant for tbe man's arrest had previously besu issued by furrier, but disregarded by Wadleigh, wbo insisted up
ou trying the culprit aud sentencing
him to jail for tbree months. Perries
immediately issued a warrant for Wad
leigh'i arreit for contempt of court,
aud swore iu  McQowau, Bagloy and
twenty  others  as  special  constables,
with orders to tske the prisoner out
of the jail and bring him and Wad
leigb the latter dead or alivo) to Hill's
Bar.   Tbe posse, heavily armed, came
to Yale in cauoes, surprised the jailer
and lurking bim in ono of the cells
released   the   prisoner.     Tbey   tbcu
seized  Wadloigb,  by  virtue  of  Pernor's warrant, and conducted him in
triumph  through  the  towu  to. their
canoes.    Tho   Yale    magistrate   waa
frightened half to death, aod his alarm
was iucreaseikwbeu he was told thst
be bad been UnMpizod. as a member
of the bated  ViglTkWnisMniittoo at
San Frauciaco.   Arrived at Hill's Bar,
Wadleigh  wu arraigned   before  Per
rier.   He wai convicted of contempt,
fined (20 and advised by his follow-
magistrate to leave tbe Bar iuataiitly,
as a matter of precaution.   The posse
reformed, and  couductiug  bim  hack
to the canoes, lauded him safely at
Yale, firing their revolvers aod rifles
by way of a parting salute.   Ou tiie
reiiuii  trip  Wadleigh  aud  his guurd
fraternized   and   agreed   tu   bury   the
hatchet, all  was to bu forgiveu and
I'nrgoiien and the two elements—virtue and vice—were tu live tugetber iu
peace aud goodwill forever afterward.
It bad beeu previously arrauged by
the American minors that a grand ball
nlniiilil be given on the 22ud of Feb
ruary, lhf.it, in houor of tbo birth uf
Waibiugtou. Bennett's gambling bouse.   '
the largest building iu tbe tuwu, hail
been  hired  for tbe occasion, and  an
orchestra of Ave fiddlers wu engaged.
The night boforo the ball was to be
beld Willis Bond's partner, Harrison,
got into au altercation witb a young
mau   named  Campbell,   tl    father
was Attorney General of Wasliinglun
Territory, aud shot and killed him iu
Bennett's hsll. Harrison was taken to
Victoria and while awaiting trial es
eiipeil and was never seen agaiu. Tbe
body of the murdered mau was laid
away after a hurried inquest, and pre
paratious for tbe dauce went ou, uu
interrupted by tbe gruesumu event uf
the preceding nigbt. Kurtz, Nelson?
Power, Johnson and myself were
placed on the Ball Committee, check
by jowl with McQowau, Bagley ami
many othera. All the married ladies
iu tbe towu wore invited. Mr. uud
Mrs. Wldloigb wero alio asked. Tbis
lady was of huge proportion!. The
bosom of ber dresa wu cut very,
very low, and her arms were bare lu
tbe shoulders. She was what would
have been called a Cue-looking woman
anywhere. Sbe wore, us was the fash
ion in those days, enormous hoops.
All the ladies wure buupa at thai ball,
and how iu the world tbey contrived '
to make their way tbruugh tbe crowd
cd hall and ktep their skirls on will
ever be a mystery to mo.
Continued on page 4, col. 3
A Parisiin gourmet tbiuks be has
discovered in infallible method fur
getting at a woman'■ age. Watch ber
at dinner.
If she goes through every rounc,
chatting all tho time, aud is equal tu
an ici after dessert, not to mention
chocolates aud crystallized fruits, she
ii still iu ber teeus.
l'f she makes a good start witb the
hon d'oeuvrei, docs well with the
caviare, salmon, aud iuch delicacies,
but shows uo interest in thc rest of tbe
meal, sbe is botween 20 uud 30, aod
Whon'she declines every other kind
of game but takes aome pheasant she
has passed 30, but hai not yet reached
After 3( she dotei ou every kind of
game, the more highly flavored tho
If at the end of dinner ihe takes
cbeeso, ihqwing ipecial partiality for
the odorous Camembert, then, says tbe
Pariiian obierver, there can be no
manner of doubt about it, ahe ia a
cussed witb Kurtz, Nelson and myself | lady of uncertain age.Paris Litter. '■ nisswa——i
beg* to announce the opening
of a
TUESDAY, JULY 2nd, 1912
 r-, , —r^-, ,	
The New Jewelry Store
is Open (or Business
You have tho advantage of our Experience iu Watch  aud Jewelry
Kopaiiing.   Our engraving cannot be beaten ou tho coaat.
Watch and Jewelry Work, Diamond Setting, Engraving.
Jeweler and Optician
106 Second Street
Rooming House or Offices
On tbo Upper Floor of tho
KNIGHT BLOCK, Esplanade Weit
Wide Entrance aud well lighted Hallway
I . =
For particulars sppiy to
London & British North America Company, United
iMaliiiu, MrFailund li Froctor, Ltd.)
hi;: Ponder Btreet West
(Phone Seymour 6'lii, Rental Department)
Good Work Performed
1836      THE BANK OF      1912
British FM America
76 Yiars In Business.   Capital aud Be serve Over 17,600.000.
Wc liud front experience that the yuung mnn hIiu becomei really interested in
u Savings Account invuriulily Icarus lu Iiu1 within hiu incuine. This iH unly
uue uf the mmy advantages uf a Savings A. muni iu THE BANK OF
Try it for yourself,
Two Offices in North Vancouver, Corner of Lonidale Ave
and Esplanade. Upper Lonsdale Avenue, near 14th Street
Anyoneicndins asketiTi *iu] iii..iliilun in*,
qiilmlT ftjiorlfiln mi, i.|.iii|u|i lie, wlidiier id
luTcnllun ITaroaiirf PStlaliMl t'liinniunlri.
 niriiilr.'■. OJrnili.l HANDBOOK ' nl'uculs
■out rreo. Olden spent, lur *eeiirln,i iiuienli.
l'tienii lalcn lErouab llmm A i.u rccsln
Ijwtirl notltl, wil hout olisruo, In too
Scientific American.
ninety niulnunl vrrUy. latin* eir-
pi till MemlCr pniriitl. Termi lor
S3 It, I jretr, ui^use piri.ti.   soil uj
.  UHI'   Willi I.   | "ul-.I   I,,',, Willi.   .Ill   llu    I.tilll
■I. scribed as ll. I. SIS. New Wet)
u Inllcr.
'I'liii. notice wu! tiosi.-.i ..it llie gruund
mi Hi.' li.Hi day ..f May. itu Tbe ..i
I'll.allun  will  ba  III"!  In-Hiu ufll.e ul
Hi.   Water Recorder ut New Wistinln
ill.). , lu.l.n mil,   lu-  Ilinl   will,  llu  n.,|,|
Wali'i It- .uuii r ui willi lin- OolOp
iiullu u( Water lllgbls. I'uiII.iiu.t
Buildings, Vlclorla. II ti
C.   II.lllll.ill    A; i III
A liuidiKiiirly Illi
ruliliiin of
I'lluitA. IS.'', i Jim,
sll I ■ ■■,. !■ ■'■..
Srsnob dan,, fa If to. Wsshiintmi. II. c.
ui 11 ii Mint l;
Vnr n License to 'ink. iiiiii lar .i.ii.i
NuTTi.T' Is hereby given lliul Tin
Municipality uf Wcsl Vuncuuver will
apply fur a license lu take uiul use
imi c,ul>ic feel pet secuud ut wuler mil
uf ..' Creek which IIiiwh In a nurlli
vvcslcil.v dlrecllnn tlnuu«li li I. ii'i
and euipilei InI» Muitle Harbor In
lluwe Suund The water will be diverted neur Ipe Iniiike ami will bu unil
ii" '. <t,n ilic land
'.In i.l, I in. in Of Wesl
Tills notice wus polled on llie grouml i
un llic Kill day uf May. 1918    'file un:
lluwe   miiujiu.     i ne
verted mui Ihc Ininli
fur   iiiui.il iy/1   imii'
described iil'Thc Mu
u Ml II   Mini l
Fur ■ I I.tn*.- lu 'I'skr sail Itr Vtltt
ndth'i: i   inni,.,  uiv.i, ilmi Tin
.'•i'ii.i. i|. .lii nf West Vuiuuuver wil
apply f"i ii license lo ink, mul use 100
cubic ferl iwr second uf wui.r uut of
 ''reck wl.fcli fluwe in u snulh
..mini) un.. iim. through I) 1.. HSI
N W. I' ninl i'liii,lies inlu Untie liar
Imi In Howe Suund The wulei will In
diverted neur (tie Intake und will b,
used fur Municipal purpuses on lb.
lund described al The Hutilclriulliy uf
Wesl Vuncouver.
This in.Hei wus Li.nlnl nn III. uruunil
nn Hie ISth .lay uf Muy. 1912 The ap-
I'll,uiiiin will be Slid In the oSlce of
the Wuler llicurdcr al N.w W'eilnilh
ill.), .iliuin mny lu. Iiii'l wllh llie uid
U'al. i Iteiiiiiler ur with, the Comb-
ii.ill.i uf W.ii.r ltlahli, ruill.iiii.iii
Hull,linns   VI.lurlu, 11   0
Angus McAllsler. Agenl
» 111 it imyriiK
pllcallvri will be (lied In llie ufflce it
lhe Wu/er llecurder ul New Wciliiilii-
Dliji'i il'.iin may bu iil"l wllh the
suld Water llecurder ur Willi lhe I'uinp-
iroller uf Wuter ltlabls. I'arllaiueiil
llulldliiKi. Vlclurla, B. ti.
ti    Huni'"'    Agent
, —	
vv v IT it NOTK-K
Kor « l.l«»ie lo tfloif ur ftp Hark
NOTU.'IC 'll hereby given lhal The
Municipality of Well Vuncuuver will
apply fur u license IiTsloii' or pen uai I.
Tvvclsc ThOuiand acri-fcel of water
from   Creek, a alream flowing In u N W. dlroiilon ajid'cini'lyliig
tlitu Howe Sound, near Kngle Hlfbul
Tlio Wller will bo ilorcd In a rcier-
volr of 888,100,000 gallon! capacity, hulll
or in in. built at ihil lake, ami will be
used fur Municipal purpuaei ua authorised by Water Record No  Water
Weenie No or under a notice of
application for a llcenie to taki and
I far a l.lrriw la Store sr I'ea Uark
NtlTICK Is hereby  given  lhat  The
I Munlclpallly uf West  Vancuuver will
I apply  fur a license  Iv store ur pen
j back Seventy-live ecri-fccl uf waler
frum   Creek, a llreuin lluwlng In* a loulh easterly dlrecllun and
emptying Inlu Howe Suund near higgle
Il.n li..r  The waler will be llurcd In u
r.n. ivi.li   of   80,000 000   gallons   caps
clly, hulll or lo be liuill al this lui,,'
and  will be Used for municipal em
horn aa loiborlsed by Water llecord
Nu  Water IJccDse Nu  ur
under a notice „l application for I II
cense lu take and use water, posted
lier.'wlih. on Ibe land described a! I)
I..  1191. New Weslnilnsler.
This nolice wu ousted on the ground
on the lllli 'In. .if Hay. 1918. The up
Plication will be died In the oBce nr
Hie Waler Recorder at New Wcilmlii-
iter. A    ,
ni'J. ,'Huiie may be ninl with Ihe laid
Water  llecurder Or   wllh  the  Comptroller of Water  lllghli.   Parliament
Buililingi.   V'lcli.iln.  11   C
Angui McAllitir, Agenl.
Editor of HxprcriB,
North Vancpnvor.
Dear Bin-
On n visit Jply Btli fu tho camp of
the scouts of the cliustiuTichl school at
iTiuliii'lilu laiudiug I learncil of a Iluu
piece of scouting done hy tlio* boyi.
A farmer a littlo wuy out liud lost
n small .child, who wandered pff tho
day boforo tho boys arrived aud wns
nan-horn to be found. As tho boys
wero looking for a good spot tp camp,
after two nights In the ruin in poor
quarters, thoy enmo upon thin poor
iiiun mnl hii wife, who wero In g'rpaj
grief over their little ouo. Thu buys
all started for tho wuods iu different
directions, and after u lung uml diligent search   the lost bnl|i> nulcep
iii the furest, it huviug slept in the ruin
all night. Aa a ruwurd tho farmer
offered his lumi un Hie waterfront tu
the luils ami their ulile souulnitister,
which is uu uli ui sput and much up
Unruly this iH a gruml start fur n
body of scouts Hcarcely three iiiuiitha
iu cxialciicc.
Vouri truly,
M. (I. I'l'IdtT.
The current issue uf the tl. I'. Qasotte
records the Issuance nl' the following
certificates uf Incorporation: Alberni
Hydro Klectric Powor Ciuupauy, Ltd.;
AlcOck I Uownlpg, l.ld.; Ilulsun Fish
cries, Md.; Deliver 1,'luh; liciicvulunt
Protective Order in i.ii. iif lliu Hum
inion of Camilla; llnlmli (.'uluuilria Oo]
oniution uiul Townsitos Company, Ud.
lirilisli Oolumbia Wiircliuusiug Cum
puny, Ltd.; liritish Dovclopuient Cum
•muy, 1,1,1.; British Importers, I.U.
Cameron Valley I.aiul I'nuipauy, Md.
Canadian Properties, Ltd.; Oity Lumbor
Compauy,   I.l.I.;   Clement Itiggs,   l.til.;
Colonial It. • '. Securities, I.tl; Oolonlal
I'rupcrlies, I.Id.; Colonial Hash uud
Iiiun Factory. Ltd.; Commercial alulurs,
l.ld.; Ciiniiniiiiwcullli Trust Company,
Ltd.; Ilouticher Kluli, Vuncuuver, il. •'.,
Ltd., kicunumii' llculing A. Muiiiifur
luring Ciiinpuuy uf liritish Oolumbia,
Ltd.; Kdeii I uut Cunipuny uf Kasl
Kuiilctiiiy, Ltd.; Kmpire Stevedoring
oud I'oiilrncling Cuinpany, Ltd.; tin
change Luan and Saving! Cuinpany,
Ltd.; I'.i ni".ii Club, Lid.; Falrview
Lodge, No. HI, uf the Independent Or
der uf (bill fellows; Kiuc llulil Cun
..niiiiii.r Company, llcvcroll's I'utcntH,
Ltd.; Port Oeorge llulil iTniipuny,
Lid ; Fraternal liuily uf llie World;
French Oanadian Timber, Ltd.; Qreon
i ilunlicl. linm Ltd.; (Iruiiinlliug I'ul
liorici, Ltd.; Ilclic Acrio Navigation
i'uinpany, Ltd.; Inland luvcstmeul
Cunipuny, Lid.; .1. A. Topoorleu, Ltd.;
I. .1. Illiietto Cunipuny, Ltd.; .1. .1.
IT.iui. I.'uiistriii'liuii Cunipuny, Ltd.:
Loyal Order of Moose, Vancouver
Ludgc, odtv; Moose Temple, Ltd.;
,NhTiiiII Hulel Cuinpany, Lid.; Northern
Loan A Mortgage Guarantee Corpuru
dun,. Lnl.; Northern Brick uiul Tile
Cniupiiuv. Llii. I'eniuiulir, Oily uiul
ri.ilmii an lluini' Builders, Ltd.; I'url
luln.,,1 Tuwnsite Cuinpany, Ltd ■',
Prince Hupert Financiers, Lid.; (juul
siiiu Sii'iul Club; Kni Wing Lumber
mul Supply Cunipuny, Lid.; !(. II. Slow
url Company, Lid.; Savons lluspilul
Suciety; heuburne's, Ltd.; Sidney
Waler and Power Cuuipuuy, Ltd.;
Sookc llarliuiir Hulel Cunipuny, Lid.
Territorial Light i. Ileal, Ltd.; Vun
couvir Barbers' Supply Company, Lid.
Vaueouver Institute uf I'hyuicul I'ul
lure, Lid.; Vernon Canning ami .Inn
Cuinpany, Ltd.; View Street Laud Syu
iliraic'l.t'l.; W. 0. Thompson Cuinpany,
Lid ; Westminster I'rupcrlies, Ltd.;
Wcn| Vuncouver Perry I'onipeuj, Ltd.;
Vi L. Kcatc Tiiulicr ami Trading Com
pany, Ltd.
The appended licenses to V.xtra
pruviniial companies have been issued:
lioi'li'ii'n t'oudeiiseil Milk Co., Ltd.;
Burden Milk i'uinpany, Ltd.; Canadian
lugereoll Kami Cuiujiaiiy, Ltd; Franco
Canadian Timber Cuinpany, Ltd.!
Uuardiiu Accident and lluurantcc Cum
piuy; John I), ivcy I'oui pa uy, Lid.;
John llichiuson k Co., Ltd.; Lothbrldgc
We/burn ileullj t'tunpauy, Ltd.; Mian
liiinun Syndicate, Ltd.; lieindecr, Ltd.;
SI. i li arl. n Condciisiiig Oo., Ltd.; Truro
Condensed Milk tip., Ltd.; tycslcrn As
soi'iatcil Press; Western Dry Duck k
Ship Building Company, Ltd.; W. J.
Bush k Oo. (Canada), Md.
The following companies have been
i.-"ni..i ai ultra provincial: Amur
iran pruning Implement Company;
Ami's Iron Works; Bay Oity Manilla,
luring Company; C M 0, Stewart Sulphur Company; Kuglc Lode Mining
iTiini.uny; ili'ni'inl l'Tuaiuial Corporation of Oanada; Kamloops Lumber
Company; Kiyitouc Type Foundry of
California; Loggers Oil Ktjuipincnl
Company; Portland'Oordifto l.'pmpany;
Seattle I'ixlnr Lumber Manufueiuring
Company; Brattle Hardware Company;
Secley - Oo.
Thn Beeoml mate, w|)eu we were lying
at PriscPi in tlio July of WHO, told ino
nf ii ship sailing out of Philadelphia,
nlnu." li.ew "I'"' nliii'l'i''! qn IiiiiutI
drunh and were chuckcif into l(ie au'l-
|oi:ker and idiul in lln'iv i)y her luu
iiiutiiH, wliq wufii Iffltll very strung men.
Aftor Keeping fliem thiiro for twopty-
four hours, the two mutos went ili
iimiiiiiiHi Hutu with belityiug lumi and
laid ubout tlio puur devils with hiicIi
elfucl thut the sails they woro lying
upon were souu covered with l-lon*'r »'''
two nf Ihu victims succumbed to Huir
There nro ipiiinlitii'» of stories of tips
kind, lint nearly ulwuyn uii VuiiI.ci1
shipn; I'or uu hourfl u !Jrit"<li snip ;.
sailor cun get justice in purl, unl u captain ur flints I.um' hu will gel hullvily
punished fur liriitulily.
. A Hrilish ship rumc inlu port a Hliurt
lime ugu frum Paps Town, where he
ii.iitu luul Iii'iti lumped I'or hilling u
luan during llic passage there.
One uf llic liiggcst bits of brnlulil) I
huvu hourd nf "ns the cuse of on up-
pienlii'u.ou u ship outwurd humid round
tliu 11 or ii.
This poor little chap wmi ilni! up iu
the h'Tieuop with the liens for llic whule
piissugc ul' uue Iiundred ami fifty days,
and \vas never allowed lo coniu out,
even to wush himself, When the ship
si rived ul Frisco, lhe boy wus in u
truly pitiable cnndiliuu; but I am glad
i ■ say that the captain mnl mules gul
il very hut, us llic caae wus luken iulu
There is even a still more terrible,
case uf u bpy who wus lushed lo t|ic
ini/.zi'ii life mil nil through lhe hitter
pnssugc round !)•' Horn. II wus u won
.ler that lie did not die of exposure; fur
lu lie wel ninl hull' Trim unl in lliul
awful weather, duy aftur duy, night
ufler night, iinalili' In lie duwu In rest,
iniulilc lu Hit nr even slnml un account
of llm seas continually washing his feel
from under him, this terrible exjieri
ouce many u strung man wuulil nut huve
It wus u wonder Hint llic hoy kept Ins
senses, lull he lived Iiirougli it ull, only
lo die liefuro getting iulu port, from
neglected cold ami pneumonia cm
traded whilst lushed up llais ull' llu
If ever u buy was murdered il wns
that buy. Ou sume uf the Yankee licll
■ Ini'l the tilings Ihut fu un ure almost
lucre.Iil,lc, und llic captains huve to be
skilled surgeons lu cope wilh thc work
of destruction wrought hy their males.
Legs ami linns liruken were cou
siilcrcl nulliing, ribs stamped In by
heavy seu boots luul lu mend us best
thoy coulil, fuel's ."iiiiin.lii"l like rotten
apples by iron biduying pins hud lu gel
"niiUl ur fear wurse Iri-ulincnl, eyes
i-liisiWillp by u brawny male's ll«l hud
to Bci'/VL|iorc have heen muny r,
lances ofnieii triced up lo llic rigging.
stripped,' uml llieu literally skinned
alive by deck scrapers.
On luiunl lliune "duwu cuslcrs" uml
liliie nus," craft where discipline is
enforced by a plentiful use of belaying
piu, knuckle ilusler, ami boot, the wurk
Iuue in stupeiuiuus, anil llie ship is ccr
luiiily kcpl in ii wonderfully trim statu.
Of course, lliere is alsu a certain
amount to be suid un lhe sole uf Hi'
upturns uml males, un nuwuduys sume
rews ure cumpuseil ul usdi vuilniiiuus
irounilrels lliul unless yuu lake u high
luiiul willi llieni. iiii'l nbnw yuu. ure nul
lu lie Irilli.'il willi, Ihey woiibl sunn take
advantage ul vvnal liny would cull u
"sully," nmi n reign uf Icrrur would
begin, uny surl uf discipline wuuld be
impossible, ihe men would du just u.»
much work us Ihey fell inclined lur
uud Ihey wuubl openly sneer uiul s. ull'
ul yuu jf ordered lo du anything they
did mil wish. Prom "Bound lhe Horn
before Ihe Musl," by A. IJasBJ.uli
buck.   ■ J'>
yuur lunula, and sec llui amount uf
energy you wi|l expend jn live |nitmtes'
moving yopr artnv as rapidly mj duns
the roller jewel,
"Thun there's the second hand. That
Makes a total of 80,4(10 strokes in ouch
II'l'nly i'uur hpurs. Vol the puwer buck
of a|l tbeso motions Pt impulses is derived from a tiny spring thnt can bu
snupped wilh a flick of the linger. I
ilp.ro say thnt no 'fllpmpiit of powor
human ingenuity has dovls'ei) performs
an much faithful work, m ho groat u
uuantity pf effort, pi that tiny spring
und tho delicate pieces .of machiiiury it
propels.' '—Montreal Standard.
The Great Moghui—Wlilstlor-Tlio
Brigand of the Marches
If n retort to nu iiiHUlt iH ever lu be
cITcctivc, it must Hash back like u gun
shut mul kill like a gun; il nnmi huve
wit or u supreme reiiilinesH.
There is a stury that in thu seven
leenlli century uu uniliiissuiior of tlie
Persiun Pinpcror visile.I llio Ureal
.Mi.iiinii The anibiissiuliir was in
slriiiTi'il nut lo diiuiciiii Iuh miglily mils
ter by liuwing befure the Mugliul. The
courtiers uf the Mughul, Knowing this,
arrungeil the approach lu ll.e ihroii'
su lhat thu auibiissailor would huvo lu
puss iimler a low wooden <le< urulive
urdi. There he vvuubl lm compelled In
bow or he could nut get through.
The ambassador, on coming to 'the
anli, turned round nmi burke.I Ihrrmgh,
with his head uwuy from Ihu .throne,
"He comes tiiruugh like n donkey!"
was the neat aside uf the Mugliul; lm:
il was capped uiul lnTlerinl by lliul o>'
lhe plenipotentiary—"The only proper
way in u stable uf mules! "
Ingenuousness if il be nul indeed
the feigned ingenuousness oi wit muy
niiiuiTlines withdraw llie sling uf an in
suit. Wlimiler feigned ingenuousness
in uue of his tetters reprinted in the
"(Iciillc Art of Making Hnemies."
He hud written, IT iippetirs, uf sum,
painted thut he wus u kiml uf llliink
.v liiinil., aiming u vv.'ll knuwn pre**
iilling lirm. Thc llrm asked for in
apology; ilic comparison was likclj in
bring Iheir highly valuable services in
lu contempt,
"Vuu absurd people," replied
Whistler, innocently, "yuu duu'I mean
lu say yuu really exist I "
He luul always thuughl thut lhe nulile
Ii) the iiiiinii entirely dund, or are
there .-iill sumo truces of life leftf Muni
scientists a,.mime that it is but lbe
skeleton of a planet, without air or
wuter. Hut lime und Micro an astronomer of courage dQclurps thut hu
has discovered sigtis that thorn is still
going uu Homo sort of geological action.
The Intent is .luhiiiincH Iforu, who do-
vuted a yeur to tho Btudy of tho little
crater Tarjuet. Hp cluiiiis that a week
after ii. w union this appears as u cratet ■
full of ilnen Hhnduw. But in a fow days
the crater is replaced by a bright spot,
although the neighboring craters ure
easily distinguished.
A few diiyH niQre und the crater reappears, Uud doesn't change its appear
mice until another lunar day comes.
Professor is ui a':. . theory is tint
vnpiir I'uruiH iu llic depths of Tsi|Uet
luring Ihe lung euld lunar night. Then
ns llui sun nilvuiiocs, the vapor warms
uud expands, lliuilly Iilling the crater
su thul it caiinui be seen. Still luler in
Hie long lunar day Hie vupur in ills-
slpalod by the iicnl, und llic cruter
stands uul emply mul barren.
.Simiinr conditions huve been air
served iu oilier craters, always the name
unes, .ilull others neat Hutu sliirvv iu,
changes. The conclusion this ul,server
hus reached is Ilinl Ihere is nil ti little
life left in a few places uii-'lhe inuun -
Hint is,, Ihere is sume sort uf eruption
uf vupur.
U'lu'|lier Ihere ii uny animal ur lego,
tnlilc life is another i|Ucetlon<—New
Vurk {lorahl.
Do you waul lu sell yuur lutl    Wi
huve funds wailing fur guud buys. Hive
us yuur best gross price mul terms
■Canadian Piumuicrs, Dank uf Hamilton
liiiililing. t I
I'CMICHS   vv v.N
tiC VI. llll TKNHill* niuilieil "Tell-
del lul Willi rwurkl Hupplles." will be
I'" I."I li) Iiii I'll) i'lerk nf llle CHy
nf Nmlli Vancuuver up lu S o'clock
"ii Mondii) llm lllll ilny „f July, lilt:,
fur sii|.i.|!lnu ninl delivering i. ib,,
iTly uf Nuiih Vulieuuvei' Hie lull ,«in,;
.i|i|i|iiviinnl,i iiuanllllcs nl iiulnuiiiTin
was a kind of lyinbol for lhe snrl uf •"PPllcs:
thing he had derided, and   behold   in I ISxICxiSxlo-ln.h cross
...                           -,         j ,        ,, i l» lilxlilxiixf, Inch crussi s
shooting ul a dummy he liud brought | | tc.xiiimom; i,,,,, ,i,..is
,!„„.„ . r„„| m:i„,                                 | .1 1^1^.™
Similarly^ wus this u case uf reul iu i
gciiuousuessf—a yuung ludy in u  fur
cign country found herself threulcue.l'.
willi legal prueccdings lieciiusc sue Inni <
addressed a letter, ordering some
lo "The Brigand of Hie Mar. I '
certain   tuwu   where   the   guuds
The shopman in whom llie Idle
duly delivered (fur
lbc Matches" wus,
a I a
MITI'.'    11
a .
il.   X   and
in     f
1     Hii.ll.Vl
1    Hi  Hull
1   1'
: ni.ii'M.
I'"l   VI	
1   V
i 'l
1 I
■ leu
u. i
ii   il imii
ir.o nm
:::. ixixS
Vv "
pn s
.1,1   T
iu- 1
The llriguinl of
fi.l    ..ISI lilill
" Have you ever stopped I
huw much work u watch dues uucli
twenty four hours I" usked u jeweller
His i|uery wus actualvd hy comments
mude by his companion, standing
aaainst Ihe counter watching the end
less thrung pussing the duor, upou the
seemingly Interminable wolf Ta) uf
lhe liuiiia ii rice. _
"Not Well, it is surprising the
number of 'movements u watch tiinkes
each day," lm continued, "If a*uy
liuiiiuii being ulfi'inptcd lhe name nunc
bur of iiiiiiiini" he v., in it expire frum
exhaustion long before'llie lirst twenty
four hours euuld pus*. Vet the wuU'h
I.cups going year in ami yeur oul with
oul a whimper, ami frequently vvilliuul
being given ils proper food, n drop ol
uil I" 11' au 1 there.
"Cuuipurcil to other maehiucry, that
tl a watch does the most work aud re
i.unci the beat attention. Iteuson for
il lm nil', explainable, for thercis the
samo amount pf wear and tear, a similar abrasion iu proportion to tbo| izc
oi the movement machinery, that there
is In thc motor of an automobile.
"Bul in return to the amount uf
work a .watch docs in a day. In the
h st place, aud largest iu the scope of
work performed, the tiny roller jewel
Hikes a tolal of li'ipw impacts
agaiuit the fork each twenty four
houn. That surely is marvellous. Try
Hiking leiuicircular movements wilt
ll"|i   |'l|'i
ill l . i . i   : ii   I.
iidced, his familiar, ill)
though    doubtless    unite    undeserved,     »■•{• {j   Jj j||; j; \\'l*   jfjjj PJPJ
nickname) protest cil lliut the direction     '■ll" Jv ""'' r,"P r"r,l«
.      ,     ' ,     r.OO   'nln.Ti  Hlii| I.ii
iiii  the letter  wus culeiiltiicd  Iii bring I    r.OO "j-liuh i;.,|v   lills
liun into derision uud du injurv  tu his)   'L ,,,,,,, .,.    ., ,,j
business. ' I ' I n
j |    I ouo II..-.   jui.   HIiu   rnuli'l
He   ileiiimnled   II   full   upulugv. I     .VII   llie   iiIm.v,    Iii.iI.'I ll.ls   in   lie   dell
"Monsieur," wrote lbe alarmed | J,,;f1t.,,!rK " " F'"> "-'k. North Van-
young lady, " I am extremely sorry Mini, "[''"JjiJ1'' >■■«»■<■ ■» muni be mude fur
I made a mistake in addressing vim iin      Kucli   inT, ,,i   nniH  slut,   lhe  Huie
n.i i     r   ,,      u       ,        ,   I, nin I   .liTlV'l.    lull   In    'lliiliil
Hngaud of Ibe Marches.   Iluvnig      ,„ ,„„,,,,; ,„„„  ,„, „„„,,. „„ ,,„.,„„
r heard vny ipohen uf under unv   "ii'l'lh'd !"■   the I'll)   engineer
' 'V      Ilium     lm    ,i    |u r    nni     uf    llic
Oilier  IIUIIII',   I   pi,".lllnc.I   Hull   ll   Wlln   llic  luun lilt    i.f    Iiii      liliilil      llilili     |i,l. il.lu
, ,,,,, In  il ''I' i   "f  ilic   ill'   'in iisin,t
gn of yuur shup.   I shuuld greully re   |„ ,    „„,„„    ,.,„ „,,,,
grel it if I did vou an injury, Vuu ure,     Tin b,wesi m an, tender in '.■!•
n *      i sulil)    iieci'lil.il
uf course, quite ul liberty lo make anv ANHI'H HMi'i'll.
vuu   like   uf   Ibis   Idle!"'    HpiTla
N   V
Jr .nu
i'ily  Kngineer
11 !
of Campbeli'i Clolliing will make you feci better.
Our first .iiipini'iii of ilu popular lirand ol
('lolhing has arrived. Evtry suil is lhe latest cut and
all new and fresh.
Let your next Suil he of the heller snrl,
"CAMPBELL'S." They don't tost any more lhan
the ordinary kind.
We arc here to fill your clothing wants and we
realize the value of a satisfied customer.
_^._ BROS. _
110 Second St., East.
uj ll
111 I
iroitVH vAiropimw,,,,,,,,	
——ii-,, i_
 ,,,...,...ai»*»8 OownqWA
Published Tuesdays aud Fridays by North SbflW Vm, MmHan\
Ram nf Subiorlp«o«!H3|is,y8Wi |1J»; Sto iMrtlWi W«. Three months, Me,
United Blates and Foreign, (2.111) per y«»r.
Adwrtiitng Bates Will Be Quoted ou Application.
Tbi Express is devoted to tha interests of tbe Nortb Snore Of Burrird lulet
•xelniivily. It constitutes an advertising medium of exceptional value for
reaching in a thorough aud effective manner the population of Nortb Vancouver
Olty-ana Diatriot, Every effort ii made tn give advertisers tbi most satlsfaetory
All changei in contract advertisements should be in the priutiri' bands not
later than 10 a, in. Monday aud 6 p. in. Wednesday to ensure insertion in thl
following issue.
Nortb Vancouver, B. 0...,,,..,	
. . Oue of the strongest reasons urged
as to why ihu respective niuiiicipjlitiuj
already financially interested in Hur
rani Inlet Tunnel and Hridgo Company
.■liiiiilii ..ub enl" fnr the necuiiary
twenty five por cent, nf the capital
stuck am) elect a permanent Hoard ul
Direclurs Ib the fuct that thu Uuurd
bii elected  would  aet  in  ail  matters
SB   li'I'leneiiial iv e   11101111,1118   fIIT   Hie   IIIU'
nicipalities ami they would thereby
be relieved of all personal liability
witb respect lo any financial oblige
lions which might bo incurred.
When the situation is rightly under
stood, this is the only businesslike uml
acceptable procedure from tbu standpoint of Hie miiuicipaliliuB theinselvea.
The seiilimeut which has existed
among the members of the provisiunul
board thai   uu centrist   -I l.i  bu let
bo lung us sucli a 'iniiiiii i would Involve personal liability upon the part
uf the members uf the Hoard, is not
uuly uu.no frum a business point uf
view but is likewise thu wisest ami
besl cnurse in the interests of the re
spective municipalities which are share
Imi'lei." in tbe Company.
It would constitute a standing re
proach tu tbnsu municipalities were auy
contract let under conditions aucb as
wuubl permit it tu be slated that car
lain private citizens wero compelled
lu pledge ibeir individual credit in nr
der to lunil']' tbia public wurk fur
thoae municipalities. Whatever may
havo been tho coiiditioiia iu Ihis re
gard whieh existed two decades ago
when the municipalities concerned
were comparatively obseuru uml llnan
'Hilly weak, the day is lung pus! when
those municipalitisi could permit such
procedure. It euuld uut bu considered
.iniiliiiii' oilier than liuuiiliuliiig under
preaenl conditions ami it might even
exert a prejudicial effect ou Hie stand
ing of the municipalities in lliu money
inail.i i. Tim inuniclpalitiea euncerued
nuw constitute populniis ami weiiilhy
centres, Ibeir pruperty values have in
creased eunrmnusly, tlieir unnual revenues are very large, Ibeir credit iu
Hie lliiancial World is qf Ihu very best
ami il is due lu the slutus tn which
Ihey huvu Ihua ulluined Ilia! uu step
be lake,, iu ibeir behalf which wuubl
be lufra. dig. upou tbeir purl.
Tliu uiiinicipuliliea ennccrued have do
elded that the building uf the
Beeoml Narrows Bridge *is nee
canary lo Hie promotion uf
tlieir aeveral interests. Having au
decided, tbey are financially eupublc uf
providing frnm tlieir uwn resources
Ibeir full quota of the money Hint wfl
lie required wllhin reaiou fur lbe coin
|>lation of Hie undertaking. The policy
of ihe provisional Huurd iu Ibii re
gard goes lu kIiiiw that tbey have a
proper conception of lhe situation frum
llic viewpoint of the munieipalilies and
tin) are performing fuilliful public ser
vice in insisting ihut lhe municpaltiai
a- am' Iheir riglilt'ul rcsponailiililiea
willi reference lu financial arrange
ments fnr buildiug Second Narrows
Although   ilie  eleetiuii  uf u  purine
neni Huurd of a representative ehurac
ter may  be the pest   lugical  develop
lucul in building the bridge, il minims
tu be said in Ibis connection that it
il lo be hoped Ibal tbe services nf at
■ny ratu a mijorily of lhe membera of
the provisional Hoard can bu retained
upun Ibe perinauenl iloird.   The public
enterprise, ability and persevering ef
forts of lbe members of thc pruvisiui
•I  Huni.I applied  ainiT  many  diflirul
tin, perplexities ami discouragement,
have succeeded iu carrying the bridge
project lo a point at which il ia all
but an accomplished fact; further, be
cause they hive heen intimately asso
ciated witb Ihe project from Its very
inception in its present form tbe mem
Imn ot the provisional board arc Ihor
nughly coiiversant with thu mdkt minute
details of the undertaking iu all    it*
phases and Ibeir relationships  lo the
project iu all respecta are such that
* their pretence oil Ibe permanent Board
would   not  only   lie   of  the  greatest
possible  benefit,  but   would   bl  prac-
licilly indispensable.    At the same lime
(bi appointment   uf additional  repre
ainlitivei to the Hoard from the ranks
of tbe numbers of tbi respective muni
cipal councils would bl quite in bir
muny fith its constitution on a repre
mllmflmlm* UlA JUWUt  ItUA  tilll
point of view.
, mi
Confidence in lbe ability of a rail
way cunipuny properly to continue its
operations and adequa|uly to maintain
and ."i"U'l its facilities depends in
greatest measure upon its uut uperat
ing revenue. This ii what ia left of
tbu receipts from traffic constituting
the total operating revenue, after the
iipeiiiiiii,' espouses have beeu met. As
thu miluugu of the railways tumli lo
increase year by yeur, an accuralu meu
Biiru ia obtained of tho operating rev
i une., operating expenses, ami net op
orating revenue by ascertaining what
they have amounted tu for euch mile.
It may lie, for example, as was tbe
caae in March, that while in the ug
grogatu net upuruling revenue haa iu
cronaeil, it has deeieaaeii vvhui, 'iieaiur
ed per mile of lino.
Uuiilhly summu.iea of the revenues
and expenaua uf the atuum railwaya ol
thu l ini..I States have been cumpileil
bv the Bureau uf Ilailway Kcniiuiuies
from lbe reports Hied mouth by month
by the railwaya with the luterjliti
(Tiniiiieric i iiiiiiiiinninii, for Ihe twenty
two iiiiiiiiIi< frnm July, IOIO lu April
II12, the latest munlb fur which ru
turns are avanablu. Net /operating
revenue per milu nf line fur the rai'
wuys aa a whule iu comparison wilh
till:    um .| mnliim   in.mile   uf   till  pre
viuu.'. year decreased in eighteen of
these iiiniiilin, uml increiiod iu bul
four. Thu decrcaae per mile nf line pe
month wua aa great in umniiui aa 16.1
ami us great in raliu aa I.T per cent
The greiteat increase fur any uue of
Ibe four in"i.l li - klluwiug in. reuses WIS
I'll, or H.I per coul.. This wis iu Feb
mury, 11112, aud wub exceptional us
this uniiiiii contained unu more diy
ihun February, ||i|| The hipl.csl
average nel operating revenue per mile
nf linu fur anv unu niunth'of Ibis per
ind was (IOU, Ihu loweit (2113.
Bevou nf the ten munlbs from duly,
lllll, to April, lliL', nlmw decreases in
mil opuuiling re.'iiuc per mile of line
is iiuupari'il wilb the corresponding
montbi uf thu iis.nl year eud ing June
80, 1011; uml eleven uf tbe months
ol the iiaeal year which emled .Iuue
30, I'JII, showed decreases in cumpar
ison witb Ihu respective correspond
iuu months of lbe llacol year ending
lune 30, IIIIO. ll is thortforo evii'enl
Inul tbu trend nf railway uei revenues
lias been downward fur the past twu
Tbu summary fur April, lll'l, slums
thai ucl operating revenue was less
Iluu fnr April, lllll, by 111,1126,110,
equivalent per mile uf line lu (33, or
Il.l per cent. This ucl iiperalmg ruv
emu', which in the aggregate amounted
lo Ittfltifit, averaged tk.tii lot each
mile uf Iiuc for each day iu April, less
by .illi Ihun fur each day of April
of lasl year. This ia Ihe gross income
per mile of line per day belore any
thing has been taken out lor luxe,
ranlall, iuturesl on bonds, appropriu
Inula for bellefiinnls or dividends.
Tuiies for April ■inuunlcl lo III per
mile of line, in increase of U.l per ceul.
Shilohi Gun
WW WW'""™"
iruicii, ncsNia
Now is the lime lu liy in your win
ter supply of bouse coal. Lowed pri
sat for 6 toil lots unl over. North
Shore Coil k .Supply I'o Telephone
Fee a I.Icmm to Take aat Hm
apply for a
'nidi   reel |n
ll   liereliy   given   lhat   Iba
I Well Vim
llc.nc. lu lake anil uae
louthiillirly  diriclloa  linougii  Well
Vancuuver and  einpiles  Inlo  fcnglli
Munlclpallly of Well Vinci
Ih eii.,.' lo lake md i
'liun   reel per lecond of waler out o
Macliupald  ('nek,   which  (ow
I „l
ty user Hollyburn
lu  Kn
in- water ...
.    from 1 to I mlUi from
iiioiiili and will hi uwd for dome.llc
Un poses on Die land ilcairlli.d ■• Ibt
iiiil.Tp.-iiiiv' of Writ Vincouvir.
Thll notice wai posted ull the jtiOuiiil
un Ihe lib day of June, till Tht up
iill.-ailoi, will Iw (led In Ihe offlct of
lbc Water Recorder al New Weilniln-
Iter, B. ti.
Objection! may be llled wllh thl asl'I
Water Jtsciirdcr or wllh (In Pomjilrol-
I'T of Water lllgbls, Parliament Build.
in> s. Victoria, 0. ti.
Vancouver Buiinesi Directory
SPROTT-SHAW Buiine.. College
336 Hastings St. VV.
Canada'! Qraat.st W.slir.i School
R. J, SproU, B.A., ■ -Mftwgir
Ladies' and Gent's Hats
Crliiulinea,   Huir  Braids,  Slruwa,
Beavers ami Colts
1'uiiuuias Cleaned, Blocked and TriVi.
Uied equal tu new.    I'osilively
iio acids used
Neit Labor Tiniplo, Vincouvir, B. 0
Yorkshire Guarantee & Securities
Corporation, Limited
440 Seymour Street
R. Kerr Houlgaie - - - Matitigei
All North Vincouvtr people tat al
Either Flack lllock or Hustings Sl.,
oppoiiti tbi new puit oflice. I i.hii.i.I
ulli hii lea by (hi |ioiind.
10,000 cordi of dry (r wood for quick
tali. Prlci ptr odd cordi, (4.76. Spe
clal quotitloiii for largir quintttlii.
Out Wood, 18 inches, (3.26. 13 iin Imt
WM' C. 0. D.
Office ind Yard— Ulli and Uiudalt
Plione 190.     P. 0. Boa 2432.
For Low Cuts, Tumps, Slippers of all
kinds, hurry iu the great Midsummer
Clearance Sale aiithu Wood Paige Shuu
Cunipuny'a slure
to larger premises pp Psn|»uar)n, »l>
Don't Forget
that when you do papering this
year that we are si ill bere witb a
far better line at much better prices.
W. H. Stoney & Cq.
Ill  Ksplunadu West.
Phuue im
(neit hi Pitterson, Qoldie .'. Clark)
,"n"TTi-|: la Inni,; given lliul Ihu
llmiiil of valuulora to couaidur claims
for vuni. .1, iu,iii, luiiuiiin.i and um
leiliils i.iii'iTii il In . .,11 in-. 11..11 with the
".iiniiii.Tiiiu uf ihe Midway tt Vernon
Hallway will further consider ull such
■ l.niii.n ua havu been duly died and verified.
Any claims which have nol alreud)
lieen so tiled and verified liy slululory
declaration   or   otherwise   shoulil   be
lliul   Willi  Ihu  llliilei.nlrilleil   wllllllUI   lie
Thu lluuul will .uii..Iiln illl 1 luunn
fur ucl mil I'll vn I, ill woek 1 ■ rim m> ul
uml kooiIs unil in.Hi n.il. supplied In
.uiiiiie. Hun wllh Ihu um v. ■. in,. 1... .mn,
01 niiiuiiiiii, „i rlaht uf wuy between
Rock fleck mid Vernon
11   V. illllnlnN.
Ti ' 1. i.u v   for the llu.ml
v.i.ii, .,1, Dux 312, Vlclurla, B. D
For backward pupils and Huptemiiur
Successes Mcliill lulu IU, Arts, Mudi
cil nul Applied HcllUCI.
A. W. I,I,I)VII, i-.i H  \  (Lou.)
Twu years Scniur  Malbs.  klaslur
Chesterfield Schuul
lllh uiul  llnul, vuiil  Wesl
i.n   a 1 1,, in,   iu ,,,„„  „,   ,',„  nu, .p
iNuTT'T;  Is hereby  aTveii  lhal  Thi
nu 111 I-. is liereliy given Ihul I'll.
Munlcloallly of Weil Va„e.,uve, will
apply ror a license lo store or I.ui hack
1000 acre-feet of waler fiom ilncliuii-
aid   Creek,   a   slruuni   iln.vii,,.   In   „
...lllli. unl, ||>     ill,,Lllllll    ullll    imriUlii,.
inlu lingllslj Uuy iieu'i Hull)lun 11    Tlie
wulur will be ni.iiii I,, ,, tese,vol, of
capacity, lo he Imlll ul
1 to 6 miles from moulh. mnl will lie
uied for doinealle iiuii.iists us author-
lied under a notice ot aj)|>lli:iilluii fnr
ake ami use Wuler. iioslei]
In 1. Willi   uli Ihe lulni ili-Si lllieil as Tin
Muni, i|..iiiiv iif wul Vincouver
Thll null,.!' was misled mi lhe a,,,uml
11 Ihu tlh duy uf June. ISIS Thu u|i-
plicallun will lm mi. .1 lu llie uilleii ur
lhe Water Recorder ul New Westminster
ilhjeeilous uui) he lll.-.l wllh lhe salil
Water flecurder ur wllh lhe it,inn,ml
•r uf Waler Itjuhls, I'arlliiinnii liuil.l
Inns, Vlclorla. II I'
■   '■ 1 1 in. 11.1
11-7 Uy Thoa  II  l.lniuu. A«eiil
vv 111 ,1  NiiTia't-:
Fur a l.lcraie lu Take tat Ih
I,   will
NOTII'K  Is  hereby  glv.ti   Ihul
Muiiiclpallly  of Weil  Vancouver   .
nul) for a license to lake uml uie
ubic feel |irr lecond uf wain  uul uf
l.awaon i'reek. which Hows In a south -
•rn illn-i tiuu iliiiumli Weal Vuncouver
{nil einlillea llili, Knallsli Hu) 11.1,1
lollyhurn The wuler will lm .liveried
ul I in 1 mills frum un.mli .uul will
be uied for domcillc purnosiff 1,11 the
land diicrlhed as The Uunlci|,allly of
Weil Vaneouvir. ,
This nolice wai posted t,n the around
on Ihe Ith/lay of June. ISI! The an-
lllcillon Will he (lleil In the office "t
Ihe water Recorder al New Wealmln-
iler. B. ft
Dlileelloni may he Alcd wllh Ihr Iild
Water Itecorder or with lhe f'oioutrol-
lir of Waler Itliihli. ITnll.i  Iiuiiii.
Iiuis. Vlclurla. §  ti ,'
By Thomil II l,lnl.,n. a, mi
Uy Thoi. R. I.lninn, Aatnl
Kaqulnn clan npttt avary Widiis
All iviulsg at lg.m. BlMintiry study
and quMlioni^ Vou an wrdiilly Invil
•dUaUi*!. Hem W, kberdew bulbi-
lug.  TbMMphlcal fm library.      < (
I  Mcr.ee   lu  Store  at/tta   Mirk
Wiler.       / ,
NOTIHK ll hereby ajvrfii   11.1,1   Thl
K.npe. I.llile   vviuuiin   requires   tWU   Ot
I In i'ii daya' ueneinl wurk weekly. Ad
druis P.  In   I).,  Kxprcaa 1 nine        11 i
Eiir Stunbarfc
THE STANDARD  li tin National
Weekly  Nuwipapur  of the Dominion
of Canada,     li li national In all Ua
It uses ihu moll uspemlvi engnv-
Inna. procuring Ihu phutogriphi from
ull over lhe world.
lis ankles urn carefully selected and
III ..Iiiui iui policy li thoroughly
A subscription to Thu Standard
rusts (2.00 par year tu iny addrm In
Canada or Ureal Britain.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Monlrul Stmdird Publlihlng Cn,
Limited, Publisher!.
JOB=   •
Our Shipment of Prosser
-;• Racquet* is Here -:-
90 Lonidale Avenue     Next to P.O.
Buy From the People Who Know Values
1,0x117.   Cloared and close to cir.   Prlci 11,060 cash.
D. L. 204
Lota In Block SO at 1760 each, on tonus of Vi cub, balance
0, 111 ind 18 months.
Wi represent tbi London * Lancashire Insurance Oo.   A sound
Board Company.   If you have anything to insure we can do it for you.
P. O. Box 1810
Phoni 70.
16 l.iiiiiiiliilu Avi.
i ■
Palace Hotel
Second Street, North Vancouver, B. C.
RATES:—$2.00 per da]) up.   Special
rates lo futilities and ta miliar boarders.
The Commercial Union Assurance
Co., Ltd.
ul Loudon,
PAID 14,250,000
Quickly and promptly on account of ths Ssn Frauciaco larthijuake and Hro.
How many Companies could do this?
IU assets amount to (116,000,000
A postal will bring our riprmiitatlve
Buldiut Agent
18 Lonadalo Avium and Capilano Oar Tsrmlnus
Phouai: Lomdili 167. Capilano lul.
We solicit lhe trade of all builders who appreciate
High Grade Goodi at a moderate price, and the
prompt and careful filling of orden, which our large
itock,and long experience in buiineii makes pouible.
Burrard Sash & Door Factory. Ltd.
,■ —   ■57-,,Y7'"",,Ji/ lnl"   l**ll»h
lay near Hollyburn    Tli. walur will
oi slm cil fn a ;tservulii ,,f	
■ mui. li>. bulll ur lo Ini Imlll at I lu l
miles from lliu mnulli., «n,| will I,. u»»d
for domestic nmymcu unuT'i--u nitl.'c
or spidlcallon for ■ llcenc. In Ilk. ami
Ul. w.ter. pmlpil hi'tcwllh, un llic lnml
dslcrllwd A Tliu Mijnl, l|,ullly of Wul
Vsniduiir. /
Till, nollrp w.s i/iislud nn Hi. urounil
on llii lib diy \i fun,, Ills flic
auplkallun will he nM p Ihi OIBci' ol
thl Waler Iltcr.lir it New Wcslinln-
ilfr, B ti I
Obl.cllum in„y||,e nicil will, llu laid
Wattr K.curdcr ir wilh lhe I'uiniilrol
.r ol Water Bl»*in, f'arll.nienl flullil-
Ingi, Vktorla, If c,
THK W'tyTtigjlllI '>" W*?I
' '   Apuili.ul
M-f By That. H. Unlet, Agmt
50 feet in Block 29, District Lot 273, near Ridgway,
for. only, $2,850, 1-3 Cash; Balance, 6, 12, and
18 months.
■ ■'- 'I
We Render Superior Service in the
Following lines of Leather Goodi
bvwy nroronwit with
LADIES' HANDBAQ8 pf tins ssrvlcoable stock, made up Into the
mat fsablons of tbi day. Then Itnis in midi from ths
heat seal, goat seal, walrus and tapir sains. Wo Villi to Un-
priss you with tbs fact Uiat those bags, art thl uiwoit tiling
In this lino on thi market, the designs being thi usstost that
havi yit been presented to the ladles of Vaneouvir.
design, made from loathsrs which assure durability and years
Of service. ,
FITTED TOILET CASES for either ladiea nr goiitliuiin, which ar*
particularly convaulsnt for travelling.
TBAVELLINQ BAGS and SUIT OASES, undo from willlllllshed
walrui, iill, alligator, pigskin and other high grid! leatliers,
which dsfy ths rough imago of thousands of mllos of travil,
Wi cau lit thin bags with compliti toilet uutllti In Birks',1
Partsiou Ivory, ibouy or iterllng illver.
, Ltd.
George |-'„ Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
Hlul,.  I..
(Sun csnurii to hildur Murruy I'uniplliy l.imitcil)
17 Lonidsle I'houe ili
Lynn View.
Lynn View.
Lynn View
Lots from $325 to $500 per lot.
Termi, $50.00 caih, (10.00 per month
9] These lols are one block (rom car line in l.ynn Valley and
nice and level and high.    	
4j Let us quote you rales on Fire, Life and Accident
McMillan & reid
l'hono 131, 10 I.ONSIiAl.r, AVBNUH
['ive roomed house, large loomi, modern,
and two roomed cabin rented, standing on
double corner, 100 feel by 140 feet, Jones
and Sixteenth Street, facing park. I'rice
$6,600;   cash   $1,600, balance   arrange.
Owner, Box 1788   Nortb Yancouver
Coal & Supply Co. Ltd.
—   '       III, II =3
Coal, Brick, Lime, Grayel, Sand, Plaster,
Cement, Lath, Sewer Pipes, and
General Builders' Supplies
Wharf: Fool of St. (leorge's Ave.   Phone 178.
Office: 56 Lonidale Avenue.   Phone 196.
We have a number of excellent houses
to rent, of different sizes and rents
varying from $12.00 to $35.00
The Burrard Development Company United.
Interesting   Address   from   Brewter
The flrst wn#l pls.il, it tilt Vin
euuver iTiiimirvitivu Club, which took
placo pf Uuugaa Hirbfmr P» S»ttfr«>'',
nul which w»» attended by p gqqdly
number of Nurth Vancouvur Ouuaiir
vatlyes—ths eity mil district, belutj
repreaciileil by Mayor McNoiah uiul
Rsiyo May uppeulnil In Hir Itichnnl
Millriili', vvim vvim the guciii uf honor,
IS in putlug qf great value. Tim fci.H.
I'rincoua Pitrieia |iulli'.l nut flf the
Viiiu'iiiiv-iir hurliur nl' lun oVIni'li in the
morning frith ubuut 600 membera
ubuiinl. Tho yoyigu to Qiuges wn
iiiTTiiii|iliiihiTl ill ii'i'iinl linm In tho
iicciiinpiiniiiieiil of inuny lively lire
from the Musicians' Union Jluiul, which
hul heeu cointnliilonoil for tbo occu
lipn. ^t their .li'i.iiiiiiiiun the |iirty
wm joiioni by tbo l'remier, the Hon.
A. it. Mci'hlllips, K. p., uml Ur. W. II
Hiywarii, M. I>. I', for (Jqwlehen. Tbe
speeches delivered in the Farmuri' In
stltute purli were mmy ind Intereitiug.
The i'reuiior, who wu iceliimeil
with musical liunora, iiiil he waa very
miii.nTii',1 that it tho Mi'i'iiiul |iiciiii' of
lhe Vaueouver Uonservatlves it wouhl
iei|iiin' (brio of four l'rincoiii l'atriciai
to bring the party back. Huch gather
iuga givu memberi of pirliimeiit ami
their uml.'in a few houn together
iv lun The v ..uiiil meet with cuuaidurahle
uilvantuge to diseuia mitterii of great
un, i'.i to the party ami to the coun
The   iTlllni'lvlillven   uf   Hllllnll   ('llluill
bia were uni|ueutionably iu u very
atrong positiou. Niitwithatiniling thia,
hr nuver fiileil to plenl thit the atuml
ird of organisation atioul.l be kept up
to high eflicieucy. Tbere wia alvvaya
the riak uf becoming i usual ami iu
litfereut, mil thia might apply iu the
.uae of a pulitical party whuac alrength
meant alinuni the whole uf the legia
Inline lie give Ihia warning au that
Ihey ..Lou1.1 keep their wurk ami tboir
umlitiuiia up to ilale.
Tbey in llrlliih Uulumbia enjoyed
power aimply bccauie thev hail lhe
approval of the people uf the country,
winiTi wia the lirst couaiileratiuu fur
membera of the laml in which lin';
lived. They bid already heeu able In
arry through parliamentary worki uf
"uni.ii ini'l, mugnituile, aiul press uu
wilh the ilevelupment uml eiteuilou
which lui'i markeil liritiab ('oluniliil
out ia perhapa the moat progrcaaivc
aection of Weatern Canada; bul thl
wurk of the provincial governor nl wia
really aimply unly begiumiig. When
they luuked uver the mup ami reeog
in.. .1 the large eitent uf yet iluilcvelop
ml 'uiinii.v here, it muat come homo tu
them there wia wonderful potential
wurk, ami lhal a treuiiodoui labur wit
yet left for them tu iccoittpliab Thoae
rcapoiiaiblc muat be reidy nul willing
at all iiiiui to answer fur thu kenpiiig
of the truali given iu Iheir charge
throughout the province, ami thai 'le
velupmeiil mutt give to the interior Ihc
name farilitiea enjoyed in the a,uth
lone luday. I..-I tbem try In uml ■ ibe
fiiuiulitiuui whieb they p/opoacd lu
build, broid md deep, ao thit hiiui
Ihe country coninieiiceil in tree fashion
lu'.uiii. mi., ita owu Ibey would ilill
be nl'le In eliliii Ihe time efficient ud
minialrilion whieb they hul shuwu
during Ibe liat nine veins
Nu province in the wurld hid better
iiuiiiiiiul recognition thm Uritiah 'Til
umbia. Tu gel the money they muat
keep tint reputation, lu lhe liat yeara
Ihey had beeu able to aecure Ihe need
fui, imi Ibey were aitithed tint by
eouicrviiig Uuii reputation they hul
lamed Ihey would ilill he ible lo pu
to the 1'iiiii.i m uf the world and gel
Ibe neceuary money when there wua
the ueed for it.
Tbe ijiii'slion of Ihc navy, continued
Ihe l'remier, wu not I politlcil but I
iiuiu.nul problem. I.ei Ihem then treit
thit ipicsiiui, bi a naiiuiuil and not a
|iolili,tl iiiue, io Ihlt Mr. lionlcu
i'ni;l'i be ttreugtheneil lud encouriged
lo give to ('inuii thit mvy uf which
the Huniinioi, nul Ihe whule Kmpire
might joitly be proud
Home people bid uid why ibould
('•udi liuilirr beriilf iu • mitter of
tbii kiuil wben Ihey mul,I depend ou
Ibo navy of the home lind. I'ersons
of Ihlt kind were not fouml iu plenti
fui numbera, uml lu Brlllih ('olumlrii
they itire ill one in Ihe miller of
voicing their iculiuiooti in fevor of
tbe navy. He wu ture Mr. Borden
could nol do too rnucb io giving to
<'midi i navy worthy of thc Brltiih
1 'r... ic lmii lo touch upeu I," nl mnl
tin, Bir Bicbard termed Vincouver the
"ah»w window" of Weitcro Oinada,
britfwiing wilb Viucouver in thll
rrgird Victoria, New W.eiUniailer aad
Nimiino. '.
The proviuee wu diicoviring lo tbi
world largo quiotltlei of mitall, large
fruit Inuii, ind mmy olber resources,
They wer,. encounglng tho runtime
lien of railway terminals, the cost of
which would amount to millions and
million! of pounds. Business wen
would not urolt to have tbeir holiness
l8eVMn, Bo Ji opgff |* ta.wjt& fflstlon J
"»l «n,ilefti)f!i)g«;  f li. y »lum!,,' i«tmr«t
them, md tlio beat insurance wquld, be
by mems of a powerful uavy. Amid
all the ipioitlpnu uf lumi - IqtS iiiiii
business mutters, thoy muat nut forget
tint Ihey owed a duty tq their country
ind must protect it.
Appropriate addresses were also
given h)' AttdHflryUonoral Bowser, Mr.
II. Jt. Slovene, M.I'.; Mr P, ft Tis-
dell, M.P.P.- Mr. Clemen.!, If.p.j Mr.
A. H. B. Maogpvyaji, Mr. Hurry Wat-
squ, M. P.. P., md Mr. l,ueai, M. P.
Ju fbe .".iii'.-eiiliiu ou the r.-i nm trip
preseiititlqui of gold cqff links as
Houvi-nirii were iniuie to the Premier
and the Attpruoy-Qonorql hy the elmii
mon of the varioui wurd euniinilteea.
Ileapite a little rainfall the picnic waa
throughout a pronounced success.,
Mutloii   Picture   Films   Secured   of
Choice Section of Nortb Shore
The Cana&fr^anlt
of Commerce
m  BOMtWP  WAIfPB, p.y.p. WP. DO.I-. Vtn\m
Assf. Qenoral Manager. General Manager.
Temporary quarters  pf {foe North Vwotiver Branch,
Eiplanade West, near Lonsdale Avenue.
A General Banking Business Transacted
Interest paid on Savings Bank Depoiiti of One Dollar and
upwards.   Withdrawals may be made at any time.
1. A. FOBSTBB  Manager.
Thouaanda of poraona will abortly
have the opportunity of watching tho
ie:,mi,TT beautiea of Hupiluuii depleted
in motion |u,uue On Wedueailuy,
Mr. Henry Hilda rt, partner in a firm
which coulrula" u number uf picture] wl|olo. One viaita a muaic hull
miie e.n throughout Ihe Uritiah labia,
pueked hia aplendid machine into the
weatern auction of thia ahure ami secured many reama of negative* of the
Prat uml Hoeuwl cunynna ami the lio
tela aituated iu their vicinity. The
publicity cuinininsiDiicr, Mr. William
I ii iv lei. ucciinipuiiieil Mr. Ililherl uu
tllil espeilltiun. It wua iiit"mlu<l to
visit l.ynn Valley ulsu fir the aume
purpoae, bul time did not permit .bis
un Wedueailuy murniug. Escrlleul re
aulta ure anticipated seeing Ihul Ihe
weather wua in every wuy suited to
a project of tbe kiml.
Nuw that the lirt uf animated photography hua ulluiiied auch a degree
nf perfection, uu udmirablu medium
fur scenic advertiiing ia sfforilod. Thnt
eineiliulugruphy ia u reliuble uicthuil uf
relchiug the mpllitiule ia indubitable,
,'I llle preaenl time un fiirm of pupil
Inr mun uiueiil bus sueh a hold-un lbe
public laate ua the million pielure
theatre. Like the muaic hull il ile
dined ut llrat lo have anything to dp
with my aubject uther than fareien).
It waa erroneously believed by impreaa
arios  at  that   lime  Ihut   the  general
public would decline to digeat uny edu
eniiiiuiii fare served up duringh vuiide
villi! performance. Practically every
mui um film thrown upun the screen
I. pn I ml, therefore, boiiio uhuurd und
uei■u'.iuiiuHi iiiieilifylng incident, cul
minuting uaually in a furcicui cruaa
country ebaae. Since I Imi depraved
period, however, a general change hua
oiiine over the umuacmcut wurld na u
Invi' for aumcthing luore ihun knock
out comedians uud iuaiiiuiiliug illttlea
lemlereil hy Inilieu iu tigbta. I'lie
cream uf the legitimate SfPgfl ure de
luting perioda uf tlieir buty Uvea tu
the |n.-oni;,ium uf tlieir beat pluy
leta ut the vaudeville ium.. . and one
is able tuduy tu wilness ut aome of
tucae hiiuuta une ml plays lis beautiful
uiul uplifting ua "The Passing of lhe
Third Floor Buck", which ia, iu lbe
upiniun of iluui .'. i the lust word iu
Ihia particular category, lu the nm
tiuu picture huuae, to,,, the furcicui in
eideiit hua taken a aeeuiulury pluee.
I .'ini un,I uno is privileged lo wutrh Hi,
events of lhe wurlil photographed ar
inrntcly md intiniutely thrown upon
Ihu screen without tbut eyeaggraval
iug riiinnluriii elfecl which secincl unce
to be inevitable, Tu the school kiddle
i: .mn cities cease lu be mere mums
mi the mui" ua heretofore. An op
purl unity ia atTunled the modern
youngster nf watching the unties and
hahila of (he children uf ulher nu
nun,, of lining depicted the iniluatriea
uf the wnrld, uf vvilnesaiug  in photo
the grimier purl uf riviliuuliun. We
buve must uf ua taken cinomiitu
rirupb |ripa up the lihine; lu the |igy
ptiuii pyruniiila, lu lbe ruiua of Home,
uml even tu the '.mil Pule. It onjy
seems I'uir uml jusl, therefore, thai li
like honor siiutihl be conferred upun
the eijually ni'hiiuivleilgi'd ull rue! ions
nf ('upiluno and other nurlh ahure
sci'tion.n. The ideu uf liming Ibe aceu
ic possessions of Nurlh Vuiicoiiver dU'
pieled ill inoliiin picture form hua been
under consideration for some time,uud
il. i.s now very gratifying to know thai
the handle uf Ibe magic machine bus
been turned nnd thut inuny yards uf
interesting mul tempting lilm. nuw only
iiwaii development.
"My ileur," suid lhe thoughtful lum
Immi, entering Hie bullae with n huge
package iu bia arms, "yuu remember
laal week when yuu lipiuroil sueb li
wonderful burguin iu ahirlH ul IH
cenls uiul uccklii.'s ul three fur ll ipiui
ter for mel"
'Yea, love," aaid the fund wife,
'Well, don't think that I didn't up
preciiile your Ibuiighlfiilneaa. tie"
what, I huve buiighl fur you. I uu
lieeil .sume lieuuliful green und yellow
plaid in u show win,low mi my wuy
Iinme ami I buiighl yuu eighty yards
uf il ul I cents li ylrd. The clcrl
suul il was a grand burguin, nmi it
will make enough dresses lo lust yuu
for    two    yeurs.      Why I      Mho    bus
graphic iinm Hie lull il happenings nf{fainted.
North Vancouver City
Corners on Boulevard Extension
Lot I, Block 217 A, D. L. 546 (67x114 leet)   . $ 1.81)0
U. 4 and 5, Block 2I3A. D. L's. 544 and 545 $2,100
District Lot 265
LoU 17, 18 and 25, Block 12, each $2,500 nel
For termi, Mapi, etc., apply to
The North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
i Limited Liability
North Vancouver Agenti far  J
Phone Seymour 6266
ii I
To Rent
We Jiwe some modern' houses,  furnished aud unfurnished at
moderate rente,
Bicellsnt four room suites, Trieer Block, Tblrd Btreet Past.
None natter.
Bents |17.bo an4 faa.fio. BBB THBM.
Phone 24, P.0, B»» U20
All the printing wo do Is proof qf our
ability. We speeiallie In the little
thlngi which ara so important, and
which add excellence to your work.
Our plant and staff, combined with the
study we give to the trade, enables
us to give satisfaction. We will give
estimates, make up dummlii or hdvlsi
you ou any wurk yuu want done.
Publisher!     of      "The    Exprw."
FrinUn el Flue lob Work.
Nortb Vaueouver, B. 0.       Fbeni 80.
v 'iiiiaiiiK   lllc   vjuimcii   iJiiiiiiiiiy
(aoiitiiiued from Bsge 8.)
Until midnight all went well. The
few ladiea preaenl luul un Ind, of pari
nsrs, while most of tbe WW were
forced to deuce with teh ntint. Slipper hiving been announced it occurred
to fbe committee in'in vile Judge Mc
(Inwan tq preside It tbe hrst, or Isdles'
ta|i|o. He eqiisented, end he porfurinod
the dutlea witb grace and gentlemanly
courtesy—for be could be a gentleman
wheu iieeaaioii required. Bagley, who
lall) claim to guud huika, and waa very
iii mli of a ladies' man, was furious at
the Bilectlou of Mcflowan to preside,
ami when the ladies bail left the tabic
fired a most offensive epithet at tbs
chairman. The latter, who had a piste
of soup in hie hand, brought it down
with a i,"."iiu,Imp wluull on Ilagley's
head, Quick as thought, ilagley, wbo
also held a plain of soup in hia hand,
responded will) a whack on klcdnwuu'a
head.   The plates nf heavy delf Hew
illlO   pieces   lllll   nlrclllllu   of   liluu,I   Ullll
hot aoiip, wilh oil u,.iu ill length uf
macaroni, ran down the facea ami
uecka of the comhataiite, saturating
tlieir clothing. The greaay fluid pens
imi,.I to their akiua und moru ileplnr
able looking spectacles than these two
men, who ainlileuly stood iu need of
hatha, it would bu difficult lo conjure
up. The adherenta uf the men yelled
with rage, l'iatula were drawn und
iinm i .In.l and a scene of carnage seem
ed imminent for a few momenta. I lories
lilliui the air ami the crowd iu lhe huil
soon becume a aurging inuaa of excited
limn and ... iciiiuinp women—tho men
apparently bent ou Inking euch other's
Iivee, All but one of the ludiea uiul
Ibe muni. nu... He'd the Scene aa quickly
■■ tbey ciiiibl gel outside. The com
luiihi iu their anility to prevent
bloodshed iiiiturully lurned to Wad
luigh aa the representative of author
"Where's the magistrate)" waa
aaked by une of the peaceably In
"Ile vvna here u mimienl ugu," aaid
hum 1.1 r "There's his wife. Aak
The unly woman wlm bud lull fled
thu scene waa Mrs. Wnlleigh. lib.'
■tood, 1'iile and trembling, in u curner
ul' the room, uppurenlly ninliuiilcaa
Irum four.    Eveu Ihe excited  rowdies
respected the presence uf n ludy uml
in their atrugglea lefl u space of aev
eral feet about her.
"Minium," aaid Juhn 'Kuril.
"Where's your buabaiull lu (lod's
iiuiiii.', tell me, ur murder will be dune."
"I haven'I the slightest idea," re
plied   Mra.   Wadleigh,   iu   a   fullering
aaid  Kurti,  always
"In escort  you frum
"Alluw mo,"
polite and kind,
tbia nwful nine."
Aa he spoke be extended hia urm
and half drew, half led the almiiat
fainting woman frum thu epot, Aa ibe
moved away a pair of boots, then a
pair of long legs, and flnully a loug
body arrayed in Ihe full puuoply of
war eumu intn view. They all belong
ed lo Wudieigb, who, in a paroxysm of
fear iiul laboring under a mspicion
thst the row hid been nised fur Ihc
l'iii|-,me of potting him, hid hidden
behind hia wife'a ample hoop skirt lo
get oul of harm's wayl
Tbe rage of Ihc eumlialaiiU was
changed tu mirth. I verily believe that
tbe apeclaele uf llie magislrule riaing
from the fluur uiul hurrying frum the
ruum aud out into the darkness, pur
aued hy the hoots ami laoghler of lhe
crowd prevented a tragedy. The Iwo
leaden threatened to fight a duel over
the affair of lhe auup, but they were
liiiigbed uul uf Iheir wrath nnd nothing
more was heard of a hoalile mectiiig.
Two days ufler the ball u stalwart
yuung Irishman named Harney Kice en
Icri'il Bennett's aalouii and called for
a drink, Wheu aerved be refused to
pay and walked out. The barkeeper,
one Poller, followed bim, ind ai the
miner moved off shot him dead. The
body fell ou lbe snuw in Ihe street and
Inv there fnr some huurs. Foster fled
and wan leen uu more iu Yule, al
though several yeara later be wu ri
eoguired in Arlroui. Tbia dreadful
murder waa Ihe capaheaf of (be huge
pile of iiii'|iui v which the roughi had
been heaping up for many months, and
while a Vigilance I'uinmitlee waa form
ing tu lake charge of the towu md
drive Ihe evil doera oul, l.iculciiant
iluu iiii'i Moody, ''lm l' Jualiee Bcgbie,
end Attorney (ieueril ('ary, who hid
been iriii.'lli luiiiuioucil Irum Victoria
by Widleigli, arrived uu Ihe scene.
They were accompanied by a detach
ment of uppers and miners, uud J
never felt happier iu my life than when
very early oue morning I uw Ihc red
rolls trekking aloug ou Ihe oppoiito
aide of the river toward Ibe ferry crossing.
Judge   Ilegbie   proceeded   fo    open
COUrt   in    Hen net t'n    llllll,    Hili.e    nf    llie
tablet having been cleirci' away lo
make room for Ilis Lordihip. Tbe
libit at which the Judge sul had the
night before held a faro muk, ami
tbe table aniigned to tbi Attorney
Oeuiral and ('ol. Moody wai . omioouly
used for churh a luck by a notonow
gambler named Cherokee Bill.
Vgon. if.ikt body of (Jajsj»)ell M
Hiiiiiiiiunsea had beun Issued for Wc-
Vulu, uml curried il with him to New
Vork and Bouth America, where it escaped. He returned in BfitKb Columbia'in 1881 ant) f i.i bis Butterfly
again on tho townsite of Vancouver.
Heliriu,: with au ninplii fortune he died
in an Eastern city several years ago.
Of Ilis amiable Wife it I'lniubl he I'luled
that sho recently died In New Vork
I brought my Butterfly to Victoria,
and for many years it was my gqqd
genius, i ciici'i.niici ami nourished it
with the care and attuution of a lover.
It charmed me with ita brilliaut colors
and its gossamer wings. My close companion by day, at night 1 looked lt
aociirely |u a vault. Everything I'
touched prospered—wealth, position,
inlliiuuco, friumla, ull were at my com
maud, it inni aeemeil us if Ihuru was
nothing lu". mnl my reach, and I revolted in roy good fortune. But oue .day
u aud thing liuppeni.nl. My cluse coin
paiiiun, my guml geuiua, as I opened
Ihe vault flew out into the open uir.
I followed, hoping to recover it. It
went up uiul up until it wua iilmoat loat
tu view. Then il came down and dowu
uml down, describing graceful circles
na it deaceiiileil, uml slighted upon the
I ruin way Iruck nn Government Street.
I aprung forward lu gruap il, bul a
street car rolled over the spot, and my
(luldun Butterfly muat have been
ainaalieil lo nn unrecognizable maaa, for
I saw it no more, nur hue uuy truce of
it lieen since discovered, su fur us I
elothed.   There is room in the world
for a few uioro won like John Kurts.
Onwau,'^.piev7'anT'nthe,offemturij    Wl». WWW «ty, hl» Btttterfy »t
end tbey appeared iu. oi|rt. 'rimir do
foiian was thai they wero the uhjurtn
pt piiraee.utiiiu by Wl>d|eig|| uml other
iillleiula,   that  they   had   Ilium   driven
from their own land and had como
to this country to reside as pesceablti
cili/emi.     Judge   lli'ubie   ueleii   with
great discretion, and after a short ud
ilress bo dismissed all tho prisoners
with au expression nf sympathy witli
their mi nun uu,' and ciinliilencii in Iheir
promise to be good. Wadlcigh was
il cun:!:.ml and wont away, ami Hill's
Bar having been worked out, the ruugh
elellleill   lift  lbe   river anil   lie cr  enme
back. Nn om visiting Yale at this
time would imugine that it was ever
tbe scene of stormy events or the aest
nf a large and liuay population. It la
a good .'.penmen nf a deserted village,
With ils empty houses and ita silenl
atreeta, and yet time wua when it wua
thu busiest town in Ihu coluny of Hril
ish i'ul um lun "tin piue.cn away eu rlli
ly glory."
Of the multitude I mel at Yale few
remain. II is appalling to think of the
ravagea ileal li baa mude lu Iho runks
of Ihu hardy young men who sought
fur gold among lbe sands ut' Eraser
lliver. I shall Bketch the career nf
uuly a few.
Iiuiiii Nulauu caiiphl Ihu (lnl,leu Bill
terlly, ami after leaving Yale becume
a member uf the Legislative Oquuoll
uf Uritiah Ikduiiibiu; neit he wai
iiui'le a Beiiulw of the Dominion, and
Inun Lieutenant-Governor, discharging
all hia duties with honor ninl credit
tn himself ipul advantage lu lbe coun
try. Al Ottawa be married Miss Ijluii
Ion, ll ludy whn brought lo (luvernineiil
House a charming peraunulily and u
winsome manner, which captivated ull
who were au furliinute aa'lu be enter
tained there When bis term of ollice
wai ended, Mr. Nelson, whose health'
wus shattered, with Mrs. Nelaon, went
to Englaud, and while un u visit In
llilchloy I'urk, iu Oxfordshire, the anut
of l.or.l llillon, bis brother inlaw, he
died und waa laid to real ill the family
miiiisnleiiiu of Ibal nobleman, ll is recorded that CJueon Elizabeth visile.l
I Jit .li Iiv, in Ili!':!, und her successor,
King .lumes I, ulsu stayed there The
heads of several red deer sbul by thai
monarch and his eldest sun, Henry,
Prince of Walca, during Ibeir viaila
in 1608 and Kiln, adorn Ihc walls of
Lord Dillon's billiard ruum. Even iu
death Mr. Nelson's Butterfly did mil
desert him
.lulni KurU raptured the Hidden Ilul
tirfly ul Yule and t'uriluio. Took il lu
'.."..1.1,i. whence it Hew away, aiul he
never found il again. He died iu Vic
toria twelve yeurs ugu. His wua a
noble character, lie loved his fellow
muu. Ilia heart overflowed with the
milk uf human kindness, mui hia lual
i.-li.a wus ever nl the cull of charity.
here muny of us iind a dorm fuulla he
hud but one; uiul lliut fault drugged
him to un untimely grave, wept over
ami regrctled by thuse whu had en
joyed liis friendship, ami by those wlm
hsd been lbe recipients uf hia bounty.
I recall that uu thc day of bia funeral,
ami while his budy lay iu stale in
Pioneer Hull, u poor widow woman,
worn ami wailed by illness uud Ihe
pinching of poverty, entered Ibe room,
ami afler paring on the placid feulurcs
for a few moment!, timidly laid u little
bunch uf violets on thc coffin lid, ami
withdrew, weeping silently. It waa not
much, but it wua all sbe had—tbe
widow's mite-a tribute to thc good
nesi of thc mun by whose hand ihe
Strategically ihe Mediterranean cun
be parcelled uul inlu half u doien
areas. There ia Ihe Western Mcdiler
ruiieuu iluniiiiateil' by Erancu within
Hi.' Toulon Algiera Uucrliil'ursicuu
ipuuirilnlerul There is uu liuliau
aphere in tiic Tyrrhciilon Sea I,,uin,Id
liy llie i.iiuruiiHui'liiiiuiMcssiiiu lines.
Thc Adriatic again, cunsliltiea a lung
luu mile avenue jointly controlled by
Auatrla uml Duly. The luniaii Seu ia
liuliau  uml   migbt   be   tlreek.    Tne
I.u,.. "..,:li I   in l,e (ireek Turkish, iiul
is ul prescnl anybody's, while further
uml llie wuler lup idly round spacious
hurbors like Muruiurice iintuiiuutcd
since the waning puwer ul Venice
(might un uphill Ji,.T.r uguinsl Ihc
Tbu Mediterranean is a unique sen -
u sen ul' shurl diatuueoa, tideless
wul era, iiilela, uiul isluml. Ils gutca
ure Hie porluls of history, lu Ihe
weat the ten mile pule ui Gibraltar, Hie
eunul iu the east, ilie long l-vvu mile
^al ai llu.- llordunellci. A domiuaul
slruicgic nute is slruck by thc Sicilian
passage, where llie waters narrow to
eighty miles, while loll miles eastward
rise Ihc haslioncl lowera ul' Mullu iu a
position peculiarly favorable inr naval
work, ini'l miles from Uibraltar's ruck,
8IIU frum Ibe delta uf Hie Nile, uml
70(1 frum the wooried heights of the
Then llnre is tbe Spurt iv enl o
Biierta pule, loU milei wide, lhe wicket
gute ut Messiue, uml the Straits ul
Otruutu closing lbc Adriulie with a
forty live iniic bar, uml eastward the
.ip'.iii. closed by lbe insular hurdle,
t'erign; t'relc, Surpuiitu, ami Mimics.
It is u seu of convolutions uml gules,
very suituhlc forltorpedo warfare uml
defensive operations--Eye Witness.
Tim liliioiilioiiiui is sometimes culled"
the aleiith-hquiid, aud it is (tie largest
variety which hunt by rcoiit, Tim
male weighs from 86 to W pounds,
ami the female f.om 86 to 110 pounds.
Tbey Y»ry in height Imi aa to 87
inches, measured at tbe shoulder The
cqlqr uf those dogs is black nnd tan,
brown or liver colored, uiiil liiiiiieliiiien
tap Hooked with white ur padgor-
eolored Imirs. It is popular impression that the blnii.llinliud is iT'l'ueiolIll
and savage. Ida probably owui tbli reputation to hia having been uu.nl to
hunt moil. A pure' bloodhound whon
he has caught the mau doua not worry
him to ileal li. hut runs up tu him to ho
ITiiiilliul, or bays him, that ii, stands
and barks.
This Is the itatemeut of an authority
ou tbe bloodhound, who ulso aays that
the dogs used in tlio Southern States to
hunt slaves were foxhounds, and not
bloodhounds, ami tbo foxhounds ou
a. eui ure much moro ferocious than the'
bloodhound. Thu bloodhounds uow
used in tbu South aud Weat are uat
pure blooded, bul rcully uf mungrcl
breed, Iheir owners having frequently
raised them according to tlieir own
ideas ami by breeding dogs thut have
shown aimiu cleverueaa in trailing by
Hounds buve been employed since
the lime uf the Komoiia in purauing
uml running down huiiiiiu beings, and
the ulile:.i knuwn inciiliun of thu bluml
li on ml is said lu be the i.ymer uf lias
Ion or thc'Talbot. The Tulbut ia a
nlciillr liuuiiil nf the variety of til.
Hubert's breed, mul derivpa ils name
frnm the dug borne on lbe mum of Hie
Taipei f»m|jy, Tbut family truces ils
ancestry to the Norman lluni|uerors ui
England, uml lhe name Itichanl Tulbul
occurs iu thu Doomsday Book. Tne
Earl of Shrewsbury and Talbot is now
bead of this family.
To those he knows tbu bloodhound is
kindly, affectionate ami Sympathetic,
lie mul,en a nice companion, ami is uui
ua ferocious ua other big dogs. The
chief character of Ihc breed is the mug
nificcnt head, narrow uiul iluuie like
between the huge penduloua ears, uml
with transverse puckers uu the furc
huml ami bitwiou lhe eyes.
They quest ilowly uml carefully, ami
when llicy loac the scent casl backward
until they recover the original trail uml
make a fresh attempl  tu follow il.
New Vurk Suu.
Iluring lhe mouths ul' Julv uml
August Ihia slure will cluse ul I p.m.
uu Sliluriluya. Tbe Uraekman Ker'
Milling t.V, I.hi Huy, Fluur uml Feci
Merchantmen, llll Esplanade East
I'lione 1.
NOTICE in hereby given Ibal Wed
noiday, lliu llilli July, 1918, is thu lusl
duy I'or registration of members ul'
the lirsl Convocation uf tbe British
Columbia University. (Sec. II, Chap.
284, B. S.  IUU.)   ' ,
.Superintendent  ul  Education.
Victoria, B. C,
ani July, 1818.
Eur Oxfords, iu. Black, Tun und
Fancy, atteud the greut Midsummer
Clearance Sale uf Ihe Wood I'uige Shoe
Co. a
. '■
1   1
.rf^Ti n-
Unequalled Resort for Holiday, long or short.
Family Rooms en suite with special rates.
Modern appointment* throughout, spacious grounds, high class service at moderate rales.
Easy trail to top of Grouse Mountain, altitude 3,000 feet.
m—- 4 111-l.-l W tu authorise Ike earn lua
opt nt ihe vurk ui iiucui Improvement or l.ynn Vulley iinini mid rati- .
Ink Id' mi)   uf l.ueal  iiupruieiiienif
Ochentnrcs ibe sunt nf If.h Wo lii
lirintile Ike funds fur currying mit
laid mirk. |Ui| lu usmcsh ninl leu
lhe Incol Improvement rati or tfH
required to provide lur thr- niimcul
Of tke Interesl aud to ueeuuiuli|c n
•Inking lund (» pir o» Iki? a?f« l|e-
WliHRIiiAB ths Lyrin Valloy Huml
llilnl  Becllun)   Local    fnuirnveiuent
H) I .avi',   IUU,   was   passed    by    lbc
Council of tho DJAtrlcf of North Van-
nniici' tu iirnvliln fpr iiHeeriiilnliig lhe
lund In lm in a uiii, J uml Ihu pl-opui-
Hon of in in in iu., i>. ii by mich lamia
fruni the proponed den im. lu lis full
width uf tlm l.ynn Valley ltuuil fruni
Hie        iii.i,    lun,ml,in   ill   lm.inn   luil
861 lii llm iiiiilhiiiii nuiind'ury iif I'lilil
I'lniiTiT i.ui and grading ana gravelling sume to give u rundlieil :'n fui i In
or i
III    Cleill     Of   illldleil
ANII WIIKHKAil 11 v.'iia null,,I III
uuld Hi Lue.' Hint thu . .uiin,in .1 eusl
nf Ihe snld Improvement work wus
Seven Thousand Bight iiundred uml
I'uii, i ,'.i.iii iiiii liiill.iiii. nnd that the
Council llllll uul ceil llluill receipt of lliu
lll'llllllll   therein   lllellillllleil   to puss llllll
sjihmli tu the Kleclori u By-Law fur
/tliu purpoae uf burrowing Iho suld aum
(/upon   Debentures  secured   by   Hpeulul
rales to he levied muil) Hie binds intt-
by  lb-dan il  to be   I" n.i i  hy  uuld
AND v. in.i;i:i:i It was dulcrmlncd
liy   uui n.i,'.'. Hiui t lie .*i.iiii. in. .lin
Hhllll    ml,nil.ill.     .uu    Ilill     uf   llle   CUHl
uf suid  wurks,  ..ml  shull  ullnvc  such
ciiiilrlliiilluii by wuy uf rebate uf ullu-
lll'l li  uf  Ihc  siilil  special   rule  In   hu
''   levied   as   nluu .mill
ANIl WHKHKAS II Is determined bl
Iiulil Ily l.nw Ihul Hie lands lu he beiie-
tilled by Hie currying uul of (lie suld
uniiiiii-. nu ni wurks ure Hn, liinils Ijiiv-
lu*-. II fluli lam- llll llle suld l.v iiii Vulley Ituiul ho fur iih ll Is lu hu linen"...! uiul Hun the clint lu v.iil. i.
nidi I,uuin ure 11 iu inii .1 Ik In prop*!*.
Hon tu Hie li iiiiiii uf iiiiiii.ic uf such
iiilids I'cHpccllv'cly flouting upon mild
ANH WHKHKAS I petition Ins been
rucelvcd hy the Cuuncll ili.lud us lo
euch i,lun,iiuiu mul i.l,.uud by a majority In number of lhe |.. rsnns slicvvn
by the lusl n )Tui .1 AlllBTNll.pt It'i"
ol Hie .Miinl.il uliii to I.e llle owners
of llie lamls iinT'eiml by sucli By-Law
nmi Hie owners nf llli.ri. Iiuiu three-
. Ilf tlia In vulue nf uucli lunds asking
Ibal Hie suld Improvement uf Hiu l.ynt)
Vulley Huiii) be carried uui iih il locnl
iin|.|ii\i uu nl     llllll    Hint    tile    Ulllu     of
J",810.1)0 be railed hi debenture Bonds
lu be Issued upon Hie llccinTly uf u
l.ncul Iiiiiiiuveiiieiii liuie |„ be levied
according to Ihe suld frontline Imsih
upon llic sabl lamls lo b.- Iietiefliieil
iih nfio'cHiild;
ANII WHKHKAS lbe uinuillll of debt
i) lilch Ilils By-Law Is Inliiiili a lu
crciile Is Seven Ti .,■ .u.l IT. l.i ll"i
ill'l'il ninl Fortl Dollars uud the Hil"'i
Ih being created lo provlilo u fiinil for
the sulil Improvement uf l.ynn Viillov
Boad iiiiifci' Lucul luipruveniciil Plan;
- ANH wljKRKAS lhe iimuuni tu be
raised unnliull:. by special rule for
paying Hie debl mul Interest iii>
lhls By-Law Is |6!tl. bring 1261 for
ht ii ■ fund mul 1392 fm  lm. nn
ANH WHKHKAS lhe Vulue uf till
whole land ninl Improvement or reul
proptrty rateable  under  tbi..  By-Law
H 1.                    Wmi.     Lul   1
SCI iWi-si i'nn
3            1
37 11
il 13
1,1 SI
33 31.
33 39
33 IH
33 IS
.::; II
33 26
j; l(
ii ic
SC 11
3r. 3*
10 31
13 37
37 0"
r.-i 77
::i in.
13 SS
ii ii
|C is
10 78
-ifi lit
nr, 1,1
76 f.0
1            1
II li
38 S3
lis 13
3;: i
li .lul
iin t.l
13 f.l
33 Tit
33 .".I
33 St
33 51
33 m
33 SI
37 61
li SO
If, II
'    n
51 !•':
i r.o f.7
iiiuiii  hum ur mu ii(Hll'hJ) Is 111.1130.110;
ANH Wli|S|li;.lu Hu, debt in ni n
on  thu sucurlly pf  tbo  ipuclul  rutfi
sullied uml levied by this By-Law and
Ills guaranteed by lliu eru Jit uf tin
Whiilu tlunli'liiiilii);
Tlll)i|llii|''ll|l|ii hp ll uiiuclud hy the
lieeve   Ullll   li.lllllill   uf   till   I'nll iliall."
of tlm District uf North Vuneniiver Iii
CiiUDull assembled (Willi Hie aasepl 01
tile Uleelurs uf tliu suld Ilistricl) us
fi)|IoW|, vli.:—
I. Auiliuiii, Is ii.-n in given the
Council io curry out thu wurk Iif Lucul
imi'l").'iiinii ut tbu auid Liml vullei
Itouil us bul'uru descrlpiiil, all us laical
imi.nm un in an.i.a apd by uuin ut
Ihu said ii.'ini Vulley lioud IThlrd Section) Lucul iiniuii).imiii By-Law, 1:112
ij. tt shall he lawful for llpi'Cuuncll lu raise hy wuy uf, luan from am
in 1 mui ur pursuits, iind) ur humus cur-
I'lllllle   llpOII   lli'l.clllllll'tl   tu   hu   Isaiien
as   hereinafter   pruvlded   a   ium   ot
11111111",  iiiii I'M-ccilIni; III whole tile aum
uf Buyeii Thuiiaiiiiil lili.in Hundred ulld
furly lil.slti.liO) miliars, mul tu cauie
thu same to bu puld Inin Ihu Bank uf
lirilisli Nmlli .iiiuiii .1 fur Ihe 1 ■ 1111......
above leelii'ii
1.     Helielllure   llull.lii   ut   till   Curpur
uiiuii Ito ou called Lucul Improveiiieui
iu lu iiiiiii ui Ii, an amount uf Buveil
I'uiiliauuil iilii.il 11 inuii nl upd I'T'H
mill.nn Iii wliule muy hu Issued by Ihc
lleeve mid lilcru uf Ihu 1 "i nu .iiiun lu
terms of Hie Munlclpul Acl und Acts
.nm iniiin; tliu samo uiid uf thla By-Luw
III anuis us ma) be required, hul nu
single 1 du unu. sliull be lur a Klf.U'
ium Ihun iiiiun i:.i. h uf the mul He
b. iiiiini. sliull he signed  by  the  suld
lleeve mill i Ink Ulld Selllcd Willi lm
Seul   uf  Die  Corporation.  .
I. The suld ITubunluru lioiuls shull
lieur Inieresl ul 11 rate not exceeding
flvu pur 1 cm. pur .'iiniiiii im'...du hull
...ul. .1111111. llle currency ut suld lie-
In iiiiiri-H ur uny uf litem.   Theru shall
l,U    .ill.idu.I    lu    llle    In". Iiiun     liuiiu
cnupuna elgned b) ihe Iteevu and ' lorn
for each and uvury payment uf IntcrcHl
Uni muy 1 in.- due, und such signatures may bu wrlllen, llihugruphctl Or
' Tliu suld Debenlure Uuiuls us lu
iu nmi ul llllll lllleiesl shall hu 1 u ul 1.
nl Hi.. 1 'i.ii 1.1 Municipal Ilull In North
\ .nu iiiiii 1 11. I'., ur al thu principal
...in. of lite Hunk ur Hellish NuiTh
America In Hie Clly uf Turunlu, In the
Province uf 11111..1I.. or nt lllc principal ulliee uf Ihc suld  hunk  III lllc Cliv
of MontiTuil. Ill llm Province uf llu.:
bee, und Ihc said principal sum shall
lie lilude lm ■ uIT.   by llle ''"I , ""'li'ui al
ilulc iiiii lulu Ihun 11)enl;, yean
fi um llie ilale uf Issue of suld UlT'll,
Illle   llutuiH.
6, I'Tu lllc purpoae of forming n
alnking fund fur Hie puymenl uf said
Debentures  ul   muluiTiy.   ulld   fur   tile
in)in. in uf ihe iiiii i.sl ihereon us 11
lieciiiiies  due.   iiininjiillng   together   lu
,1 ui. uu ua abuve re.Tied, llielll la hereby iisseHued und levlcii over and ubovo
nil uiliel 1 .if. s uliil luxes llle uniiu.il
sums sei 11111 Iii ilic iiiiii uuin.. column
opposite tiie properltel hereinafter de-
scrll'i'd lo lie km mi us lhe "Linn Vulley lluud iThii.l .'.i.n.ini Lucul
Impruvemenl Rale," l.ul In ucounlunii
willi llie pn.vliduna uf Ihe befure n-
oiled l.ynii Vulley Houd iThlrd ti, c
Hon) Local liii|'i"'"in.'iil 11,-|.uw. 1811,
lbe Municipality will . -ennuiii mil ui
municipal levenile niiellflh uf said an
uunl Hums levied us ufut.suld uml
iilluw ennie us a IT bale iif illle llflb
uf mil J speclul rule ua lolliiwa:
i in
1 in
7 1)2
7 83
7 82
'     7 82
7 I'U
-, 'ill
', I'U
', I'U
8 37
I lie
8 7S
1 i 11
I tii
10 90
8 70
8 31
7 98
-, I
7 91
; m;
7 911
I :n.
', III-,
; m:
-, in
; nr.
, •••:
1 ti
8 15
8 15
', I
is 71
I"  I ul
i' I'ajublv
l'l   HI, 1
I 31
1 92
1 ii
I ||
1 is
1 (i
1 ii
1 is
I f,s
1 |i
1 ii
1 v
I Tf,
1 i,r,
1 in;
I I'.T
3 01
'.' IT
] Ll
. •> .
I S3
1 r.n
1 r.'i
I 68
1 .-■'.
I ic
1 it
1 .-.■'
1 r.-i
1 II
1 1.1
1 id
1 r.i
I Ti.
1 r.7
I 67
T li'.
; 11
1; il 1
i 11
6 70
. 1.1
; ui
inuii I]
7 70
7 7C
-, ij
I ji
i j;
r. 3;
r ..',
II 3;
1. IT
.1 .-.',
il 3T
,-. fi
i h
t ii
j ii
1', |l
c u
11 i):
ii tu
116102 I   '..uii'" I   131 30
Thc sulil Lynn Vulley Houd (Third! .Reconsidered and rlfially adopted bl
Soctlun) Local Improvement Rule shall Mlu- mnvxg ami signed by the lleeve
able out  "f mul  from  III-.-  "ai'l |#nd  i'lerk  albl  '...n.-.l   wltb   Ih
rule Seul nn lhe
ilny  ul
properties  respectively  un-l  shall   be
nnd la hereby levied and cl.iiigcl an-
ilnully fur lhe perlud of Iw nly veil/,
following the Issue uf nulil Dohcniu'i u
na  a Hen  or  churn.   Hicnini  oaynWi-i
ulong  wllh  the uiinuul  luxis or rules
I a) able   for   ninl   out   of   III'   <ald ,:
Hpectlv"  properlles  I-,   ih-   sa .1   ' ■•    .
7    II is lierehy ptovlded Ibul In the
, event of nny of suld prop, ril.-s. biiined
1 willi   suld   Lynn   Vulley   lluud   nuii.l.
fiecllun)  l.ueal linpriiveiiienl  Ilale be-1
Ini; now ur hereafter subdivided  Ihcn  nm coy ul Ihc pp'posed Hy-Lavv  up
lhe suiil rule 11I111II nisii lie pri.pnrll'Ui    .,„ vvlildi Hie vide uf ihc Muiililpiilli.-,
|.:l,l:i THUS   UK   THL    in-11111 I    III
MIHTll  11.Ml,I WTH
TAKK Nul uiv, Ihul  the abuve ll
ulely  KUl.llfVlil.il  lliul  SCIIli
Ilni:   villi be liiliiii vvllliln llle fulliivvinil pul
In ilie frniiluiie uf each purt or lol fina hioIIoiis. vim fli thl Miinlclpul
.1.lililn, nn suld Lynn Vullev limnl Hull. Lynn Viillc. Hund, IniDie Cliuicli
mul  llie subdivision of the lnml shall  ||„|| „| ,,„n,i „f Lnnsilylc Avenue lud
dun  ul  lhe lllllll  >n»ll Hull ,11 mini! ...
ibo so 'mode Ihul as fnr. as possible im  iiu,ci,h  lioud. and at  t.apl alio Bcliu,.)
luarl  or lnl  ubiilllnir will  have n  Icbhj tluiise.   all  In   llie   Ilislriet   of  North
'bi.Hi   lhan  one  Iiundred  anil   tweiil) |Vancouver, un Bulurday,  Ihe lllli del
M20I   feel   buell   from  such   fri'iilnue | uf  July,   1913,  belween  .lhe  houn  of
uud im sucli subdivision bellia su mud
uml lhe map ur Plan Ihere'if ''.'•'b'1'!'.
,,l In Ihe Lain) HoirlHliy Ollice. lhe sad
fruntuire rule ."hull bo a chorire un y
nn such purls or Iiiih nbuiilhn on 1""'
.alreel. ulnl lbe remainder of Inlu l'l"
,,'lles hu subdivided.Of   nny)    Mulj
9iC0 o'cloclt 11 ni and 7:00 o'clock I' ill
JnilN H   KAKMr.K.
I.'   (4. I'. Ulld   li. Inn.In.
1'ubllc Nutlce Is  hereby  liven  lhal
:;.'f,;,'Jn           ' ^d'fii, r'ibe  aaui ,,,;■ vule ut the Weclursoir lhe lilsl,,.
1    .,„ ,1 , le, .1,' Hen ul Nurlh Vulicouvcr will Is* luken 01
•„le us u iiinii.-.' 01 Hin. i( jWi      y         mi/) (        : j   k
I.   The Debt liereliy created is 1;  Locul Impruvemenl Loun By-I.iw. till
1 •   ,
. ..oun uy-i.lw. 1912
ml uii Ihc sccuilly nf lbe snbl (.villi „„ g„,uriay. llic lllh dnv of Julv, 1913.
Vulley Hoad IThlrd Bectlon) Lm-ul lm-1 i„.|Ween thd hours uf B:00 o'clock am
piuvcinent Rale, lellled and levied ai „,„) 7:r)rj ,,'eluck |i in. wllhln Iba fol-
lii'iidnbefore prtivliled mul II If auar- , jowlng polllnic nluces, via: In llle
nnlceil by the Munlclnollly nl bum', j Munlclpul Hall, MM Valley Road; In
9    The.  umount   of  the   net I'";'    Hie I'hurcb Ilull al the curner uf Lous
lu in Issued under Ibis liyl.uw Is subject to cuiiBuIldutlun
10. This By-Law may he ,«U*1/U
ull purpuses us "The Lynn Vulley ROiiu
iThlrd Becllun)' Locsl Imiiroyeiiichl
Loun By-Law. 1913." and thill aome
Into effect on Ihc )H doy of Auausl.
l'aased by lhe Council on thp 27lli
duy of June. 19)2.
Received'the ossenl of U*l Nlcclurs
ul un KlecHon held on lhe 	
day i)t
dale Avenue ami UOeena Road, and at
r.iidluiio BcWl HuUie. In the Dlilrlcl
uf Norlh Vancouver, and thai John 0,
p'ormrt bus been appointed reiurnlnu
lifllcer to laljo lhe voitu of such elec-
(on.  1
tori,"with ine usual POV/eri In  lha(
'  half.
Uy Order uf Ibe Council.
(Signed)'    WM. II. MAV,
JOHN  It   FARM Kit,
VVIH'.III'IAH the Cetera Ruud Local
liiipi'iiieiiieui By-Luw ISIS was passed
by ilm cuuncll of the District'ut Nortli
Vunciiiivui' tu provldu tiir ascertulnlnst
lliu land lu bu Oiiiiili i.'ii und iiiu pi ui-
portion uf lienein received by such
inula iiuiu Hiu pi'iipuii, ii clem inn anil
<uad from llie Lynn Vulley Ruud lu
•  UW *Ul*l, uiueniliiiii.iiiKii
sump to a wld(h.uI.SI  feot bciweci
Mn    !'i|VTil   lli.ai
liliulllli;  tl) He fllH   vvldlli lit llle  I'd'I
Ruad fr"
tilt'  |(ij
same tl
AND WIIISBKAS It was recited In
said io 1 a vv that the esiliiiiii.ii vm
uf Hie suld itiii'iiiveiuiTii wurk waa
i.Ti.iii Thouiand fhi'ie Hum.in
1 ,s.innii  1 .uii,.in and that tbu Cnuncll
mul   a;.led  llllllll  nipt  of l|lu  |u 'III".
111.1, in 1111 uiiuii.. to pusi aud aubnill
in the ni" 11.11. a By-Luw tor the I'lii-
poau of luuiiii'. in,; thu auld sum 11 u.
I ui.. inni.". iccured hy ipeclal rates
lo be levied upon  the lunds ihereb)
declined ll, lie liellillltll'll by lull '.'. "i I,.-
AND vv iiKiii; .;, n wua duturmllicd
by suld By-Law Unit Die Munlclpallti
ihall ii'iiiiiiiiii. mie urili of the cost
uf suld Wurks, und iliall alluw such
ii'iiiiiiiuiiuii hy wuy uf rebale uf un.
(IfHi of lhe said ipeclal lute lo he
levied us .ii.ii".,,in,
..AND « 111:111: vn It Is determined by
Suld ii   ij. lhal tliu lands 10 be he	
ili""i by thc ..ui nn, out of the said
in.,11".. in. ni '.'..un are Ihu 1.nnt ■ huv-
li-i; u in.ilia,..- oil llle uuld i'eters Ituiul
su fur us If is lu bu jlnpiovud, und
ibul llm n,i,1 tu which such lands
are  beiielllled  Is In  prnpoi'llon to llle
I. ll, ll. Ilf ll'Uliu; , lit HIICll lunl. I."
ni'icllvcl)    Irulillli,;    lipull   Hillli   lua.I
AND WHKHKAS u pclllluli Iiiih l.eei
received by llle Council doled ua lu
eueli .Tun.mm mul sinned by a mu-'
luiii.i In iinini.n uf Hie i». 11..um ..iimni
by Hie lusl revised .Asacssiucul Hull
ut Hie Ulllllclpulily lo be tile owners
'I llle lunil 1 .un -1. a hy such By-Law
und Hie uv, 1111:1 uf more Ihun Ibne
iiuiu. lu value uf such lands asklns-
Ihul llle suld Improvement of Hie I'ei-
eiH Roud he carried out ua a Local
Imutiiveuiciil mid Ibal lhe sum uf IS.-
300 lie rulsed hy Debenture liumls it lie
liluid iimuii lllc security uf 11 Locul
nul i'"' 1,11 it Rutu lo lie levied nceuril
lha lu the siilil frontage basis ii|ii.ii
Hie S11I1I Iuii.Ih Iii be beiielllled uu
aforesaid,        .
AND WHKHKAS lbe  uunl  uf ilebl
which ilu Ily law Ih liilcuded lu
create Is IT, In Thousund Three Hundred Dullurs und Die sume la hell's:
created lu pruvble u fund fur ihu Huh)
Improvement of Piteri Ruud under
l.ueal  li 1 iuu un it   I'luli;
AND WHKHKAS Hie amount lu be
rained annually hy Ipeclal rale fur pir -
Inn the delii uud Inieresl under ibis
By-UW Is ten, Iniiin 1379 for sink-
inn fuml und Hir. fur lnlereit;
ANIl    WHKHKAS    lhe    vulue   nf   llle
II luTc land mnl Improvement or real
piuperiy rateable under u.l By-Law
acciirillnn to lhe  lasl  revised  AswaH
in 1.1 Roll of Hie .ii in. 1 Is 130.317;
pn"ttie security ,p;''»M''Bu»ifa| rates
settled uml levred py ilils gy-Law una
it IS k'Uuriinlecit by ths credit uf  the
Whole   Mlinb'lpullly ,
TII lilt Kli'l ILK  bu   It  eliucleil   liy    III.,
IteeV'e   Und   Culllll'll    ul    III"   .  iil|i,i|-,l I,..,.
uf thu I'lniiTiT ui Norlh Vuncouver In
'■■'niinl ,1. .'iul.1,,1 1 wiih tho ussent of
tliu Id' ci,,in of the snld Dlstrlul) uh
r.illuvva,  vi«,:
1.   Authority  la  hereby  ,;lven    the
Council lo curry out tnaw-ofii'Of Lucul
luil mn lu. 111    Of   IIIC   '.TT    ITTilii   li" "I
ui I'.'iui 1   .1 1.1,1  ull us local i.u
!•inv..llielll    Iiiun 1    mid   l'l    111 111"   Of  Um
Slid I'eters Itilad Lucul Improvuinuin
Hi-Luw,  1812.
3, It ahull be lawful (or the Cuuncll
|o ralae by way ul luun 11 "in uny person ur iu r.uuu., body or bodies corpor-
ato upon Dobeniiiiea in ne Issued   as
iii'iciiiiiric'i' iu'oviocii a suni criiiouBy
lioi " ' uiii;. lu nin.I.- thu aum uf
im 1.1 11,un ..in,1 Three iiniiiii. a ||S,-
itt) imll,,ra uml lu . niiiie tliu iuiiiic tu
bu puld Inlu lbe Bunk of Hi inuii
Norlli America lor the purpuie uhuvii
i, nd., inin,' Bunds of tbo Corporation (lu he billed Lucul Improvement
1'cbclil 1.1 n.l    to   Ull    am.mill  'of    llllllll
TTi'iiinuiiii Three Hundred 118,300) Dullurs 111 '.'.Iii'i. in 11 bu I.u.md liy Ilni
Reuvu und Clerk uf llie Corporation
III i' 1 im ul the Municipul Acl and Acts
unu nun,      llle    mine    llllll    uf    lull    11,
Law Hi mini us may lie rouuiri'd, but
nu sinuie debiuiuie shuli be (ur a
Ki'culcr sum  inuii  11,000.  liiiicb (if tile
Sllld   in 1. lillin n   uliuli   he   nl, 11    i   Iiv   Hn
suld Reeve uiul i :)i ri. uiid i' un a with
lllll  Seul  uf  llle  Col'poi'llllon.
i.  Thu sniii Debenture Bunds uiiuii
beur InleicHl ill il lulu nul clui dlllu
live per ceul. per milium, payable hull
iciiify iiuiiii); ihe currency uf said lie-
i ■ ni'.. of uny uf im iu Ttierc shull
be utlachetl lu lliu llehelltlll'e Builds
puupuns siiiiicil b) llle Reeve mid Clerk
fur eaeii mul every puyinunl uf inter-
i'Ht Ibul inuy become.ium uud audi sin-
mil uni. linn Ile Wl'illeu. liili"! "ii ii n
ur .i.uui i T
5,   'i'lie sulil  Debenture Bondi us tu
prlnclpul und iui.i.t .null Ue' pu    it
ut tlm Iiinii i.i Munlclpul Hull lu Nurlli
Vuncuuver,  II.  C,  or ul  the  principal
"Iiln 111 llle llllllll 1,1' lililm Nuilli
AlllelTiii Hi  II,e I By uf Tuiulili, III  111,
ITulTllee   „l   lllll.Itill   .11'   Ul    III.'    |>l I In I pal
ulliee ul tile anld llulil. In lhe Clly uf
Mucin ul   III   Hn    I'l.lvTiice  vl   IJiieliec.
and the Hald principal sum Hiiuil bo
made piiynnle bv Die Lui'puration at u
ilale nul laler "mi Iweliiy yeuiH frum
llle   dale   uf   mu.    ul   said    I'etui,tun
8. l('ur the pprpoiu of forming n
mi. H lund fur lhe t un i.u n: ol salil
Debshlnrei ul iiiuliiilly and fur llie
e..iiu nt uf ihe Intereil llieroun uh Ii
heCOmol due. iiiiiuiinilnn loaethcr io
1891, iis above recited, there Ih hercb)
aKHcHSei) uiul levied uver tuul (jhuve
ull nli. lulus iiiui tuxes lhe iirinua)
Hums sel uul In ihe llrsl money column
uppusllo Hie properties hereinafter described lo lie liiiuvvii us lhe "I'eler."
Hund l.ueal llii|U"Vein. Ill Huie." but
Iii accordance with the provisions ul
Ihe befure relied ivIcih lioud l.ncal
Improvement By-Luw, IHI3, Hm Municipality will contribute OUI uf Municipal Revenue une nfih uf laid annual
SUItlll    levied    us    llfiile-Huld    Hint    alluw
Hiime as ii rehule uf ime-llflb uf said
speclul rule us fulluwa:
17. IS. 19
Ton I li I e
in, ,
;;;: „
13 ;.
in 5
3.3 r,
33 13
33 13
33 13
33 IJ
13 13
33 13
33 til
Iiu 1
in, i
35 6
138 I
110 Tf.
110 TT.
385 3
30 HI in)
Rebate I'ni'ubk
by lllslrlel
62 28
10 16
11 81
53 1,0
1 63
1 62
1 62
, nu
1 ill
7 CO
-, 10
1 62
i; us
1 I'll
1 |C
1 62
1 62
il us
7 CO
1 62
0 08
7 CO
7 (0
7 CO
r, ii
1 10
r, us
T I!
i; is
f. 18
-, ;:
T 72
1 51
i; in
1 72
-, 10
7 70
1 .',1
,1 51
7 70
7 70
1 51
7 70
i r,i
G K,
7 70
i 51
. 23 OH
11 91
: in
9 68
23 a.:
1 Cl
18 12
:■:. n;
:, os
20 28
6 0S
20 28
1 52
1 52
1 it
1 62
1 52
', co
I :.'.'
1 20
1 Cl
i; ru,
I.l Mi
6 30
25 11
32 13
ii in
32 12
26 ill
32 12
r. is
25 01
sn Tl
The said I'eters Road laical Impruvemenl Hale I Tl he payable uut or and
from the suld properltel respcctlvcl)
and slmll be und la hereby levied and
chartf'.'d uniiu.ni Tor the period >>(
livenl) years tullowlnn lhe Issue uf
laid I),Tu nl una us a lien nl churn'
thereun puyuble alone, with Ibe annual
luxes or inles puyuble fur und nul nl
lhe said relpecllvi pruperiles lu Ihe
laid corporation.
1. II Is hereby pruvlded Ihul In lhe
event uf uni uf suld pruperiles (liuriinl
will, sold I'.ici.'. li"."i l.ncul Improve'
llielll Rule, being nuw ul lielcnflel subdivided  Hull  lhe  sul.J  rale  shall  uls1
lie   I'lnpuillulllllely   subdivided   and   ml
tied iiccui'dlnn lo ilic frontage uf each
■uil in lul .ilnliiliii. mi aald   I'll'in  Ru.ul
und Hie il'ilil lm, iif lhe lund slmll
lie so made Ihul us fur lis i ..-..ini. in,
purl ur lul uhuilllin vvlll hnve u less
il.l,lb than line bundled and twenty
11 '.'ni feel bucli from such fronll1 '
aiul un such subdivision being n„ made
und Ibe mup ur plmi Ihereuf realslcn.!
In llie laind Registry Otitic lhe snbl
fronliige rule Hhull he n charge unl.r
oie HUeh parti or lols ubutiiiik' on said
Slreei   ami lhe remainder uf suld pro
lull I,.n sn Slllldlvlllei) Ilf ulljl ullllll
lie find and rclriiHi'il from lhe salll
rale as a charge or Hen.
S 'llle debl hereby irealed Ih deal
ed on the lecurlly of the said IVtefc
Houd Lucul Imi'lnvelnerit flute. scOI-d
aiul levied „s hereinbefore Provided
'.ol II Is imal iiiiii i i! by Hie Muni. lliul
Hi  ill large
'll The iiii i'iiiii uf ilic Debenturei tu
be  luiiul  under  lhls  ll.v-Lew  Ih sub
CUl   10 cT,hl|.|jdnllnll
10 This By-I.inv muv be elle.l fnr
ull purpoiei as "Tlie Pliers Roud f.u
enl Improvement la all n-- l.nw, 1912.
nnd shall colne Illln cfleel t>;i llle Isl
day uf Annuel.  I'JII
Passed by lhe Council' on lhe Kill
day uf June. 1912
Received  the  assent   ut  III.'   Klclo"
nl an i.l.u ilmi held on the 	
due   of 1912.
lien,III,1.1, I, T    llllll    I,I..ill        Ullupllljl    1,
lbe   Council   nmi   sinned   bv    111,;   flli'Vi
ami   Clerk   and   sealed   will,   llie   t'oi
porule Seal  on  lbe        .la.,   uf
 -    1912
I'lei I.
iiiti'inns  ur   ihi:  ins rim r m
MIHTll   I t.MTII Unit
TAI. FT   NOTICK ' Hull    Hi,    ul,i,ve   is
■„ Irue  copy  of llie  proposed  B-, Law
lipun   which   llie   vule   ul   Ihe   .Millilclp
uill)   will  be  taken   wlllllll   II,,.  ,,,]|,,vv
lll|l      p,'Illllli      HllilinllS.      I'll I      111      lllc
'Municipal llall. I.'.nn Valli') I" . I, In
llhc I'Tunli llllll al cot ncr nl l.i.nsilali
Avenue nnd Queens lluail and al Cap-
Maim School limine all 111 llie Dlslrlcl
lof Nnrlh Vnncouver, ull Salunla). lhe
' 1.11h day of July. 1912. between lhe
limns of 9:00 o'clock a in und 7:00
] o'clock,   p III
JilH'N H   I'-AHMKH.
C  M   i:  uml III turning
Public Notice Ih hereby given Ihu
the vote uf Hie KleelolH nf lhe IiIhIiTcI
nf Nurtli Vuncuuver will be luken nu
"Tlie it 1.1 Hmiil l.nenl Improvemenl
I.iuin Hy Luw. 1912." nn Hii I il lilin lhe
lllh din ot July. Inf.' belween tin
li,<ilih of 9i00 0 Cluck ii iu and 7:00
o'clock: p m. wllliln lbe r-llui'. in,; polling     Turn,     Vll.l      Ill    lbe     Municli'.'i'
Hull. Lynn Vulley Hoad, Ih lbe Chunii
Holl ul llu- cornir of Lonsdule vv.	
mnl ijuceiis Koad, and ui Cupllntin
Schuul IJ..'1'e   In 'lie Dlslrlcl  nf Nmih
Vuiicuuver. und that  John '■   Vit '
has been uppulnli'ii iT'luinlnn nlflcei'
in lake llie voice nf such electors, wltb
Hie usual powers Ig Ibul bellalf
Ily Order of Hie Council
iSlgncd)       WM   II   MAV.
Reeve' '
Ulgncd)        JllllN   li    I'-AHMKH.
C M. c
Ui-'IIIH I'   ui    MIHTll   VANI'UIIVIvlll
I 111 -I.SU lo ■ulburl.c Ike tlurpnru-
iln» of Ihe lllslrlel ol Nurlk Vaacouver le enter Into aud execute an
ukrceiin ni   ..nli   ike  Burrird   Intel
Tunnel ail  llrllae  I onipiin.'   lor lhe
purrbiir   el shares   lo   Ihe   ciylfol
• luck ef sell crops,,).
UK IT KN.vi'TKl, by Ihe Reeve and
uin. ll of llle Cnii'iiiiiilnii nf im- Dlilrlcl of North Vancouver Irf f'uiii.cll
isictnblcd   mini   lllc   alien!    of   Hi
it. . im.  ot Die Diitrict duly hud olid
obtained) as follows, vli.:—
1. .A,,,I,uiin |i hereby given lo the
Reeve and Clerk of the Corporation 16
"iuu on I'duilf of the Corporation and
lo seal Willi lbe Corporale Sen) an Tri -
denture of Agreement belween the
Burrard lnl. t Tunnel mul Bridge Company of Ihe one pan, and Ihe corporation of lhe olhcri'iiiT In Ihe termi Of
the ichedulc appended to thla By-IuiW.
oud nniliniiiv f) hereby given to tho
Corporation (o enter Info and lo agrt*
to all thl provision! of laid agreement.
I.  Thji By-Uw may hijoUod for ill
purpoiei m "The liurrard Inlit Tun-
nel nnd Bodge Company Aid By-Luw.
3. Tlilu lly-i.uw elinll come Iplo
iiperutlon on llic*.dute of Ils recdvliii:
lhe uSHeiii nr lin V,|,inii. mun Hm ..mu
lu Council by ordeiv in eooncll lo linn
licll  on  lhe Sltb
Passed  by
day of June,
Jtccelved lb
ui an KlecHon
llic  Co
e ussent OV in
held on Hm
. ml;
duy of
Reconildercd nnd fliiully .'nloptcl by
the I'ouncll on Ihe j day of
1113,' ,
Tkr firkcillilr  above HelrlrrJ To.
THIS INDKNTHliK ilnledl lhls 2Slh
day of June. IJI3, bclweenf Tlte tjuj'
rard Inlet Tunnel mid iiil.i,, company, Incorporated ns a rafway company BT Charter "f the Pa iluiocnt 1,1
Canada (hereinafter refcrre I lo ns the
company) of the one Purl and 'The
Corporation of Hit Dlsirla -of Norlh
Vancouver (lierelnatter.rtf rred lo il
"The Corporallon") of ihe jther narl:
WHKHKAS, In puriuancif of Indon-
luri of Agrawmut Daled lpt ith ttWf
iTuinpuny nui) tho Corpolatluil, Ih.' ! "1 -
puriitluii has subscribed fur mul uil.ni
up two thousund live hundred shuns nf
Due Hundred Dollars each in 11,. capl-
1     " ck ,|lf  (lie  Company,    uul   Hu:
i imil'iiiiv-    bin    expcndeil   culrall :>le
aiiii)i and curried put cerinlu |iic|ii|i'.i<-
ary works in connection with mt con-
iili-iielliill ul' the nulil luTilinT
AND WI1KHKM1 In .'.niiieiiiieii'.' of
dcliiys which have uuuvoldubiv occur-
i, il In iiuiinecilnii wltb the uuqulsltlon
Uf Hlles for thu lublije to bu euliiili nn
eii I,) tlie iiuiuiuiii)   and lu i mi mm
with |he apiuuvul ut plans by tbe Rallwuy Commissioners of Cunudu. Hn-
Company will ho unable to comply
with conditions as to completion  of
ajtrooniciii pj  11..
luld bridge imposed by iho Hunt iuiiti
rupp of.thp *0f
Ith duy "mini).,
AND WHItmSAS In View ot tbe
great value and bonoflt to accrue to
fhe District of North Vancouvei' by
the coiupieiioii of tho works tu be
undertaken by the Company uud lhe
necessity ot completing tbe sulil wuITvh
Without' any Unnecessary delay, the
Corporation has agreed to uid Ihc Company by subscribing for a further One
Thousund five Hundred ShmcH uf
One Hundred Dnllars each In Ihc
Capital Stuck uf the Company In addition to tbe nli.nun I'luuTiiii., .1 In imi"
nuance  ot suld   ar.rcein, nl   nf  llle  Sill
day of July, in in. and ihc Corporation
has agreed to extend Ihu time fur cum-
I'leiiun of said Brldgo;
■UUIice of llio premllcs  U'lTNKSSKTII:
1. The Ciimpnny agrees lo sell mul
the I'm ju'inili'ii iigreeH lo purchosi
(Ine Thousand Five Hundred ll.r.oili
shares of die Hundred Dollars isloo)
Unci] uf tile Cuplllll Stuck of Hie fniie
puny ut nnd for the price uf Due Hundred   and   Kitty-    TIuiiihuiuI    Dollars
illiili lllllll    nul.). i I   lu  llle  In IIIS uf llle
Act ni llicnrporullnii uf llie Comptinj
unit to ihe following coiiultlotn:
2. The Cunipuny sliull Issue uud
mai." delivery lo ihe Corporation ol
. I.nn ,, iinlcin -. fur nil or uny uf Hie
suld 1600 ..lm. lu the Capllnl Slink
In v..ii.i form ut any lime vvllliln
30 days after the Curpiiiiitluii Hiiuil
muke written iippllcnliuu for Hie siiliie
uud IhorOUpOn and III cxehuunc tliPi-e
fur llie lund,u . price uf lhe aliul'es
ao taken up by the Corporation slmll
be uiid becnnie puyuble na tici-clnufli r
provided. Provided, neveiihelesa, lha!
If ui uny Htue the Company shall lei
u cunlrnct fur Hie conHirucUnn of lb,
siiliHlruetiire  of the  suld  bridge  lb. i.
the    I'm, uiul,..i,    Shull    Ut      UIIV      lillle
Ihereiifler, wllhln 90 ilnya ufler ,1,
tiiiiriil by ihc Cuniiuiii). ralea iii> nil m
llll)'   ut   Suld   Hlllir.'S   ulld   llli't'l'llpnll   uiul
li) cxt'hnnge therefor thu iiurclinii
iVlec of the sliiiics sn taken ui' bv the
CinVpornilnn sliull beciiiue payable ae
hereinafter  provided    The snld  pur-
clllise   price   shall   b'   pu) able   IIH   :   ]
lovv'H, namely: Tcii^per eenl uir lin
ailutment or suld ihures, uml tin I ul
ance  un  cull.
3. Tbe Compauy slmll have Hie sale
bridge duly completed uiul rntdi fm
truffle together wllh four ill miles
uf connecting rullway krfvn   Hie li
uf 6 yeurs frnm llm Mb duj ut July,
1910    And llm llilnl paragraph nf tin
Sllld   Agreelllell'l   uf  llle  8II1   Jill'.,   1910
Ih hereby ulli red  lu read m* I bin  llu
Cunipuny   sliull   hnve  live  yeurs  fi"
Ihe said Slli day uf .Inly.  IIHO. wllhln
which in complete Hie said' Wurka a
set out therein
1. The said agreement of lbc kill
duy of July. 1910. Ih hereby rutin. .1 ami
continued In all n-HpeiTH save utile In
respect uf Hie ulterullurj Ihcreof l>.
lhe  next .preceding paragraph
6    Thia Agreement Is cuntingiiiil up-
uu ihc auent of ibe Kleelurs ,,f n.
Dlslrlcl  nt Nurlli  Vulieuuvei   tiling  ub
inlpeii   lo  a  By-Luw  embodying'   lhe
si ine. und alio lu a luun  By-Law   In
provldi funds neceuary to purchase tin-
before   nientluneil slimes, and ulsu inn u
the    nppruvel    by    the    Lleuleiiiuil
tiuveinur In Council uf lbe said  H
Law   embodying   Ilils   Agreement   uml
fulling uny nf these events, nr ftililng
flllllllllenl  by  llle Coinpali.i   uf lhe .'un
lilllnllS UH  10 completion   UluleSllld.   Ibis
Agreement Hhull ),.■ of no effect
IN  W'lTNKSS  iVIIKRKnr  Hm  r.'iii
puny   lllid   llle  Cuipnrnllull  IlllVe  cam....I
I huir relpectlve curiiurule hch|h lu I.u
nrflxed the day ami year Ural nl.ov.
Tile   Curporale   Seul   uf   tin    Ilmi mi
Inlel Tunnel mul Bridge Cnuipiin.)  me-
liniunii, ninxed In llie presence uf
I'lllll"!    .IH
JllllN 1*. McNAI'INIT.
iSKAI.) *
The Corpurulu Beul of llie c„r|.oi"i
Hon of lhe lilsiilcl of Ninth Valnnil
Ver wiih hureuiilu ullixed In Ihc i-i, ■
1 lice   of
WM    II   MAV.
JllllN  li.   I'VllMIIli
i:i.LI Tllll.%   III'   THK   HISTIIHT   III'
MIHTll   I'.tSlilll Mill
TAKK   NOTICK,   lliul   llie   alinve   in   11
Irue enl) fo Hm pi'n|iiiseil ll) Law upun   Willi h   lhe  vule  I'f  lbe  MllllliT|..illl .
will   be   taken   wllhln   lhe   foHnwli.ii
luilllnr; HI.'illlillB. VIS.:    Ill lbe Muui, Ipal
llall. Lynn Valley Ruad; In Ihc Chinch
Hall III curner nl l.uusilale Avenue ulnl
1)11. elm Ho.nl and al Capiluno Mrlli.nl
house, all In lbe lllslrlel of Nmlli
Vancouver, un Saturday, thc nilh da
nf July. 1912, belween llic limns m
9:00 o'clock 11 111 nm) 7i00 o'clock p 111
JnilN 11   I'Ali.vllTIi
C  M  C  mul llciuiiiiii,
Public Nutlce Is hereby given Ilml
lbe Vule of llm elector! of lhe Dislrli •
nf Norlb Vuncuuvei vvlll be luken uu
"The Burrard lnl, I Tunnel und Hi nin.
company Aid llyluw. 1912" un Sniur
Jay, Ihe 131b doy of July, 1912 belween llle hours of 9.00 I.Tlm li n 111
and 7.20 p III. Wlllllll Hie following
lulling .pluns. viz 1 III Hie Muni, i: al
llall. Lynn Valley Hmu). In the Chun
Hull ill llie corner of Lonsdale Avenue
and Queens road, ami al CapHaim
School House. In llm Dlslrlcl uf Norlb
Vancouver, and Ihul John n I'Tiiiuii
ban   been   appointed   relurnlng   oinier
In  lulte  Ibe VOIes nf HOcil d, dills',   Willi
llie usuul powers In Hint I" bulf
ily   Order  uf  Hie   l.'uOIiell
iSlgnedl        WM    II.   MAV,
..in m .1,        JOHN   O    I'Ali.MITi:
C. M   O
IH.VTHIIT   III,'   MIHTll    1 AM 1)1 1 IIII
A lll-l'AW lu , iu,l,lc Ikr r.irliuriillun
uf Ibe lllslrlel ul .Nmlli Vniicuu.cr
lo inls.- liy nay ul loan lbe sum „l
131.000.00 In be eipeudeU lu Ike pur-
ekair toil elrarlna  or  Set I  Stirs
WHKHKAS lhe amount nf Hie dell
which tliia It;. I.uw Ih Intended lu n.
   I    Hie ium of 121,000 00. mul  ll.e
obitel for which Ihe Hiibl debl Is
created Is llle purchuut' ulnl clearing nf
School ,"H"i.
AND WHKHKAS II will be necessary
in raise annually by Hpeclal rule the
lulni sum ot |l.ISI fur llfly .veins fm
lhe I'c-puyment of ihe sniii lun li und
inlerest at 0 per cent, pet nnnum i.s
herelnufler provided:
AND- WHKHKAS Hie value uf Hie
who]>> rateable lund or ImniovdiiiTiti-
or real properly uf the Aiunlcipnlll.i
according to Ihe lusl reviled Assess,
ment Roll am,mnis lo 13.013,790;-
AND WHKHKAS lbe aggregate of
Hie lnl,, Mm, debl of the Muiilclpalllv
i< vei'i't for wurks of locul Improve
ment and school purposes) umouniii to
THKHKKORK Ihu Reeve und Council
nf llic Corporation of fnh District, of
North Vuncouver In Cuuncll ossembli'il
(wllh thc ."uu nt or Ihe l'l. ■ ••■ nf llm
Dlslrlcl duly obialncd) du hereby enact us follows: .
I. II niiuii ho lawful for Ihe Council for the purpose aforesaid If burrow oi- ralae by Way of loan frnic any
perion or parsons, body or bodies corporals who muy be willing io advance
the same, upon the credit of Hie De
beni ui en of lhls Corpol'.HIiin I,er,.In
ufler provided for, a lum ur Hums 'uf
money Uoi eitceeulng III Dm' whole the
sum uf 121,000.(0, and lo citise the
sume lo be sliced In thc Hunk of Hril-
lin*Nonh Jmier|co to the fre-(Jit of th';
Corporation for' the purpose aforeiald.
L fJAtesSit"^ SL i&iiyffsK.
on to tot amount or fil.yoo otMn tne
clerk or the Corporation ...
tliu Mini dpni Act In suniB us may be
terms of
tle»lred. but po single Debenture iliall
bu fur il greater mini Hum One Thou-'
sum).Uim&___.—"- ■■   ■ ...a■
I',ildi  of Sllill   llelli'llllll'e  llilllilll  ahull
pu Hlgnctl liy Hie Itccye and clerk and
shall lip scaled with tho Seat of the
3. Thu said Debenture Honda shall
boar interest at a rato not exceeding
live per cent, per annum, jmyubld- half
yearly un the lust day of February nnd
the Isi day of August In each and'
evory yeur iluring the currency of said
Debentures or any of tbcm.
There i imii bo in.i.Tiuii tu the |ia-
binliiio Honda coupons signed by '(he
Reovo iindjClerk for each and evory
p.mm ni of Interest that shall become
due, und hucIi'signatures inly ho ellhci-
ufrltlun, ililiiim .iiiiini or atamped.    ,  .
I. The nulil Debenture Runda ahull
us lo principal and "Interest be payable
at lhe District Munlclpul tntlce, Uorth
v uiieiiii'.. i. li ti„ or at tho prlnclpul
niiiee iif llio Bunk uf British Nortb
America In thu Clly ot Turunlo In Ihe
pun nice of iiiiiiii iii ur ut tho principal
office of lhe aald bank In the City ot
Molllicpl In the Province of Quebec,
Tne nalil i'liii. Ip.,1 mini ilnll I.c ninl.
payable by tin, Corporation nut Inter
iban  60  yearn  from  the   1st  dai'   ot
VII,'.ll.nl.      1912.
5. Tlieru shull be raised and levied
■n.n..in by speclul rule nn nil in', it.
lnml ur Improvements or real proiiuiTv
lu Ihu it. tm t Ihc sum nf inls mi (or
lhe puriiose of forming u sinking fund
fol' llio payment of suhl Delientui'ni
when [hoy beciilne due Ulld llle Sllill uf
Si.0511,011 fur Hie puymenl nf tin, tnlcr-
chi nl Ihc rule .mi' tt in lieciimu due
un such Debentures during thi currency ihereuf, und Ilinl III addition to
all iilllil' rules lo lie levied and I'Ollecl-
nl III llle said Dlslrh't during tin.
Whole currency of lhe sulil Debeniur.is
or uuy uf liiein,
Thla By-Law muy he oiled fur all ,
iiiirpiises uh "Tbe ScIiooIh Luun Ily-
I.nw,  1912."
Tills By-Law Hiiuil cumo Inlo effect
on Ihc 1st day of Augusl, 1912.
Passed by llie Council ini Hie Silll
duy of -tune-. 1912.
Received Hie uiscnl nf lbc Kleelurs
ul   an   Kl. etlnll   held   ull   llle
day of July. 1913.
Reconsidered mnl ilnully udnplfd by
lhe  Council   ulnl   sill noil   b)   Ike   lieeve
and  i'liii,  mnl  Bellied   willi  Ike  l,'or
purine Seal on  tlie duy uf
. 1912
1:1.1:1 lulls   in-  Till.;   HIST lilt T   ,„,•
TAKK Nnl'H.'i;. lhal llle abuve Is 11
Illle cup) ,i llm pl'illuised 11) I.an upun chicii iiie vnn- iif ilie Slunlclpallly
Will Ue lu I, cn wllhln llle !■ II . ... Iniilil;. ■; llmm, vli: 111 llle Mum,Ip ni
ll.iil. I...1111 Vulley lluud; In llm Chin,Ti
ll.iil ul cm mi of lu.psdule Avenue mnl
i.iini.s lluud. und ul Cunlliiiin Sebuid
Hum... till In tlie lilsiilcl uf Villi!
Viinciiiivei. -li Siilitiil.1,1, llm Ulli iliij'
uf   Jill).    1912.    helV'oll   lllc   ll .in H   of
Iiuiu 0TT..1I, 11 m   and 7:00 u'cluck p. in
JOHN ti,   I'.V IIM Kii,
I.'. M  C und lnnil iii'i,;
Public Null,, la lierehy given thul
lie vule nl lllc Kleelurs of lhe Dlstrld
"f N.i.TI. Vallcniivei' ivlll be taken on
"Tlie S.huulH lu an Hy-luiw, 1913," on
Sal unlay, the Iiiiii day u( Julv, 1012,
lulni 1 n llm Iii.ins of 9.110 u'cluck a. in
.Hid   7:00  o'clock   p III.   wlllllll   lhe   fnl-
li'iiinri pulling places, viz: In Hie
Mlllilelpal llalb./.vlin Valley Itoad; 111
ilu ''I,un li ll/l ni llm curner nf Lonsdale  Av. ium aiul  ljueelis  lluud. and  al
I'uplliinu Sel I Huuse. in the DlatiTd
nf Norlh Vaneuuvei. nmi liun Juhn II
Kal nur   has   1 11   appoint, d   returning
1.(peer in lake lhe voles of such elie-
lots Willi llle usual powers ill ibal behalf.
II..  null 1  uf ill" Council,
ISlgnedl        U.M    11    May,
ISlgnedl        JnilN   II    I'-AIIMKR.
C   Al   I'
Ills I'HIIT   III     MIHTll    VI.Mlllll.il
V III-IIU In ...1.1,1,' Ihr I nriiorsllon
ul ike HlNirlci ,.f Nurlli Vaueouver
lo iui-, Ij ..ay ul Inni, Ih,- suni u!
n.T.nilil lor Ike pgrpnur uf purekaslug
,1 purk ur pleasure gruuud In t.iun
1 rillcj.
IVHKRKAS   11   I'elllliili   dated   as   In
nidi Hlglllltllle  aiul  Slglled  I,,I   llie  ovill
"is   of   mule   lhan   une-lenlh   of   lhe
value nf laml  In  llu   Dlslrlcl of Nurlh
V.milium,   ns   nliuivii   lii" llu   lusl   reds'.I    AsseSHIIIl'lll    Roll   Iiiih   lieell     p|,
,,'liteil   lu   lllc  Council  uf  llle  Hllbl   Ills
Iild. ii'iiuoalliu IIiiiii tn Inn,ulliee
.unl pass a li;. Law to il ill l.i.l IX, Ihem
lo  hollow   II e  sum  iif 115 000  lu  lie  e-
1 ended iu Hn pureliusi ut a purk ,or
pb .i.niin   -I "iind In I.y nn Valley
AM, UHKHCA.S llm mm,unl nf llm
I ■ ' i   .vlilcll lhls By-Law Is Inlelided lu
en.'ie   Is  Hie   suni   nu f  fl,',.0l)0.  uud
ll.e "I'i'.l f.u lll.ll tl llie Bllld Del'I in
inali I Ili III. euid,aso „f a park nr
pleusun    gi'iiund   in   l.ynn    Vulley    us
I, fill e.n,I I.l.
AM. VVIIITHKAS II villi be necssul)
lu raise ui.nuull,   hi *peclal  rule  ll.e
I.Til in,in uf Dill fm Iifl) years fn,
II" ii pa.) llielll ul llie Sulil Inali .nol
ilil, I, nl ul 6 per l'l III as licrelllafl. 1
VNTi WHKHKAS lhe Value uf llle
wlude   i,,l, aide   lulni   nr   Improvement.'!
 I   properly   "f   lhe   snld   District
.ne. rdlng  In  llm  lasl  revlBiil   Assess
im nl   li,.||   .nn,1111.1:1   lo   t.'.l'S,. .ml
AMI VUIKKKAS llle stgl'eKuleof
tin- In luiiniie lu lil ur Hie Munlclpul
Ily   i. vii'opi   fm   wniliH of I I    lm
1'1'ovi ■ lil.'lit ami Scllnol purposes) lll-
llllillllg   Tlie    luull    llllell;,    uulllollliil,
:,iiii.iiuiu iii 1027.000;
THKIIKI'oRK ll., in ev, ami Cnuncll
I II,, I'mpui.iiiiiii nl' Hie lilslll,I ut
NnilJ, Vulieuuvei' ill i'..nil, II iiii'nul.l. il
i|)llb lbe nsselll nf llle Kii .1111.1 ol
lin [lisllliT dul, ulil.illiell) do pelebi
li ii i  as follows:
I ll nliall lu- lawful-fur lhe Council
fm    III.    purpoie   lilnriHuld   to   I...in.iv
i  i.l..  by wny of li.nn frum iiny per
., m'l" imuis, liml) nr bodies nupor
ile   iv In*  ma)   be   vvTlllng   lu  iiilvanPc
III"   sum    llllllll   ll milt   uf   ||„,   |„.
i.: iiiiii. s  iif  ilils  corporation  herein
ufnr i I'M,lnl  fm. a suninu   sums uf
in i.i.v  imi exeeeuinc ui lhe whole i
sul.i  nf  |!.",.li0<>.  and lu cause  llle  Hnnie
i"  ie  il..,,!  in  it,,.  Hank  iif Hrlllsii
Nmlll    Amill.     Hie    credit    nt    Hie
iTup  llllli,11     I.u      llle   'purpoll  nlnu
: Di 1a iiiiiii iiniuii of llie Corpora
imu lo Iiii inlumnl uf 116.000 lu the
v Inlu    muy    lie    llisueil   hy    llle    ReeVe
mil i'lerk uf llm i uiju'iuilnn In lenji
uf Hie iTIiiTili Ip.l) Acl In sums as nine lm
desired,   but   IIU  silicic  lil'llllllUle  Hhflll
bu fur a interim suni lluili One Thousand I iniiin s    Kuril ur Hie sold Delicti
lure   11 1.i   uliuli   be   signed   by   lhe
lleeve und clerk and shell be s.iil.i
with life Seul nf ibe corporation
3 Tbe sniii Debenture Hands shull
bear Inleieil ul u rule nul exceeding
live ner cent per annum payable half
yeurlv un llie 1st day or February nnd
ihc 1st duy of August in each mnl
eiery yeur during thfe currency of
paid Deben Iurei m- uny of Ihcni .There
shull be nt/actied lo Hie flsbenlure
Bunds coupons algned by (ho Riots
nm) Clerk fm each and every puymenl
nf Inim, 1 Hi.,i shall bcci'mc dim mul
iticH Slgniiiiifes tmiy be elllier wrlllen.
llll"',-mi.I . .1   ,„'   -I,noli.I
I. Tli,.-! aid I'.T'iTililru Honda sliull uu
lu piliiiTi.al and Interesl bo iiovublC nl
ib" Dlalrlct Municipal ''mice. Noriti
VaneO'Jvel'. H C ■ Or Ol the principal
Office nf Ihc Bunk of llrllliih North
America In Ibe CHy nf Toi'olllO In th,-
Province nf Onlmln nr at Iho principal
office ,.r Hie snld Hank In llic City nf
Muiilreal In Iho Province Of t)U»l"
The laid iu in ip ii sum shall lie made
puyuble by lhe Curporellon not liter
limn  lifn.   vents frum Ihc lit day of
August.   I I'l 2
6. Tbereehiill be raised and levied
ui,luiully hy special rate un ell thl Imu)
or inpruvi'inctiiH ur real prt.pcrly Ifl'the
Dlslrfci lhe sum i.f J99 for (he purpoie
- Oontlnufni na m* 10, eef, I OM
Head OKI..
Capital Paw Up .' I 11,870,0m
Reserve and Undivided Profits  :i,i,iiii,iimu
Total Assete 4i,MO,non
TO lUuvlile n, uili.nl u llOlllhle "llllllll
Day" Is not the pnly.reaiun (ur
regular Baying.  'A hank account
gives yuu ibe reeling; of Indupendenoi
and ineiil ii i that keens your mind free
from  worry—Hint  makes you  better
rili|e  to meet the world on an even-*
footing; and to take advantage of on-.
piiiTiiiiiiii'u that come your way.
Open your account ut tbe Hank nf
' Hamilton,    where   ooui'leoiis, ,i. in. n m
bunking iBi'vlee li proyldid for Ihe depuslt ui email, as well ai large, uo-
l.tl ua exiilaln our Safely Deposit Rox
System'. Helital moderate.
I.', li,  11 l'l A V I'll, Alint,
Nurlk    l uncoil.•'.
West Vancouver
Choice Homesite Properly, close to the Government Road, and overlooking the sea. Most suitable for subdivision.      D.L. 1082, N.W., 1-4
$1350 per Acre; 1-3 Ca*h
D.L. 1100, S.W., 1-4
$800 per Acre; 1-4 Cash *
And Corner Marine Drive andMarrRd., Dundarave
We Are Selling Lots
in D.L. 613, immediately norlh of D.L. 204, al prices
from $650 to  $775.   Terms one-iixth cash, balance
spread over two and a hall years, wilh no interesl.
i\ Now is lhe lime to buy, before railway development.
Salely Deposit Boxes to Keni
North Shore Locators
HONE 123
AN Extension Telephone
once, installed proves
its value. It earns its
way every day. With an
extension telephone upstairs
you do not have to go downstairs to answer when the
bell rings. If you are upstairs you do not have to go
downstairs to call someone.
The service costs only a
little over 3 cents a day,
- with no charge for installation. Call COMMERCIAL
MANAGER, Phone 98;
British Columbia Telephone Co,
Puffy Flaah tipAtr lm
Attn t period of illness lumiiliiiei
t|ii Sul) will recede about tbi eyei.
Tbia leavee tbi iklu loon iiiui ibflv-
ilul   |R   ii|i|ii'illTilli.'o.     Knr   Iriuilmeul.
warm almond oil la eicillant. Pip
•mall ioft olotbi Ip tin all aud ni often ai convenient during tbe day and
wben retiring at nigbt lay tbiui on tbe
loose ablii.
Tba akin about tbe eyee ot a perion
wbu Is recovering from lllneai li too
delicate to be managed. Tbe mull
veins and canlllnriga an very wuuli,
•o It biboovei one to he eitremily
careful In tbli traiitiuint. food* which
are easily dlgesiml, wboleioun mul
atringtbinlng uro preferable to dulnty
qr fancy dlilni. uml reitlug tbe eyes
li often ui i"i 'i'liii,' li recommended
1 .m'l. of liiiili'Tiiii aleep md Internal
derangement ure responsible lor the
rolls of loose ilrt.li under lbe eyei. If
you bopi for i euro then see to It tbu
Internally.tbe system Is In as nearly
perfect condition ns possible. When
you are sure uf tbli then you nin
start outward treatment. KIM Im
sure you are having iiilHclenl sleep
From liven lo eight boun eich night
li none too much, and the best houn
are from 10 p. m. to 6 a m. The loose
flesh and ell about tbe eyes eiternully
may be gently massaged wilb equal
parts of rosewater end glycerin. If
tbere Is any smarting sensation reduce
the t mui of glycerin to uuethlrd.
with two thirds of rosswiter. Ouce or
twice a week Ilny Ice baga msy be al
lowed lo He for Ufteen miuutes ou the
puffy flesh, ami occasionally bathing
tbe parts In cold wuter will also prove
Sun Bith Fer thi Hair.
Tbi crisp ii, .ti air, tbe bright light
and Uie aunsblui of tbli season of the
year ore all guml for the huir. It ll thi
bot lummer ana tbit li Injurluiii to
both iklu and icilp. .lust uow und
for montbi to comi a daily iuu bath
would be i lift giving treitmeut for
tbe scalp aa will u It would be for i ii,
whole body.
If you have ■ room Into which the
■un ibloei brightly mike It your tun
parlor for it Inst iu hour during iuch
diy. Tiki ill tin plui out of your
lmii'. ibski It free md joon every
morning or iny Iluu through the day
mil lit In Ibi iuu. Tbli will Iw mun
beueflclil to the siilp thin quurti of
To get good results from I inn bath
■II plui muat lie removed from Hit
iiiiii If Ibey in not, tbi snip, which
uetdi lliu inul.-. will be untouched mul
unly tbi bilr oo top or oulsidu will
receive thi bilb.
Tbe sculp, although seemingly len
der. oever borni ivm In tliu iiolteil
summer diyi Thi girl who Iiiii ei
iuim'.I her heid much during iuch
weather when pliylug tenuis, elc. will
renumber thit oeir the heud |he foloi
uf the liun Is uiicbsngcd twwi'Vir
much tin i'uiiiiilii,'i iuu. be limited
Ihli li 1,11'uiim- the scsl|i ulls priilei'l
lhe liun |
Thcii'f'jlT' when tiling a iuu treil
iiienl ihaVujr^gJi.iuld '"■' I'uiieiieit. Hu'
tresses ilmilil he~|iirle<l mnl uniiiiuii
uIly tuned nl,.,ul    Hit In I cuiiiloiiulilr
.'llllll   llllllllll llle  l'l'" i'nn.  mill llll> Lllli
will lie fouml restful to Ibe nerval u
well »i Ibt i.c'i
tiny For Looks
Sleep li one ut the bail known pre
,11'tiiilvM of youlh. md every women
siiiuiid get ia hi ii'-ti or ll us |i',-nll,l,'
A nliuri I,..i ufler meals Is un igrrl
lent tiling.   Tiki it If yuu hsi.' Him
111 III' ll'illll Uill)   for  liili 'li  iiiliiiiicn
iiii i'.thi.I.- up you will feel cum
|«inml mid ill i.'.i.luii'.nn |„| mi)' lusts
Ibul in.,, nuuii yuu
M.ni) woiucu llilnk Ihey cuouul ul
ford I o rest for u lew muuieiiis. yel In
Hi,., end lhls rrsl |,s>s
II.i'liliii hours mi' lhe lull of helps
10 beeping one's youlh mul good loots
Mul..- II your business lo gel to lied
•t u seusuuuhle hour eiery night mil
try to keep lhls hour tin nine
l'.utly rlslug will euible you lo make
up fm the boon given lo ilrip H
If you in troubled by ilMplsisnt*"
inuii. -n leisurely, brush Ibe hair, mis
mn'.' tlii sculp a llllli ind Iniln (hi
fid ind iyn lo wirm witer
Tlien Hind before in open window
In u heavy dressing gown md tiki I
tew deep breillu.
l-nslly. iliink • tup of hot milk and
iiiun gel Inlo bed. stretch tbe Ind) ' v
rein ind ihl'ili "'i'l Of tons'1''N
pleiisinl. Sleep ihould not If '""K '"
Telle* Mr**'
Wirm wiler, pntf *»P «•» ' fwn
pinion bruih in tilmbla Hit In reducing enlarge/ 9*9 19 m">
ibould he uaed, 'Igoroualy and followed
by Ibe u|i|illo"'ou of a good ikln food
I'or ketp"i "" Ma<1* wb't' "'"'
toll we i Mi°n al rgsewaier. ill
ounces; /iieetin. one-bilf ounce; tin*
lure or'heniolD, om Uaapoonful; bor-
,, 0|i teaipoouful. Bbiki well mt'
lMow It to Hand us minutei before
ujpjjle but viluible la a face Weacb
of ,0/ milk. The milk' should be ap
pIM after Ike ikln l» thoroughly
cltanafi *"d allowed to repjiln on us-'
HI dry. " '" ooplaseiDt odor remalni
It will rnli la a mill loluiloo of its-
tftrafA-tt water followed by ea ip
sdleatlfB *t wXfflMa .    „
Uoiitlniiid from paga u
qf forming a linking fund for (hi niy-
itnini   uf  sulil   litiliiiiitiiritu  when   they
iiuiiiiniii iluu, uml tho sum nf 1760 tor
the payment  of the  imi'l,'ut  at  Ini
all    r.n'U.l   IU   luicnllli:   illlo   oil   iOli'll
In lii'iiiinus 'im inn the cHiToiici thereof
uml iluu iu .ulliiiio,, ta ill other rati!
in be ioiToil unil .TilliiiTini In thu laid
I Huh I, I    iiiiiii,    Ihu   i' li.Ti    uiii run,-,   of
Ihu nulil liuliEiiliires ur any qf Ilium,
Tbli By-lraw may hi Pltad for   all
iiiii'j,i)iis hi "The Park wan. By-Paw,
'i'iiiu iii I'm-, shall '"ni'' Into ''1'i'iT
un Ilia (ii day uf Annual, 19)1.
I'uised liy t'hu Council un tlio »7th
ilay flf hue, t91Ii
iluCulVUll   tliu   uiiili'1,1   Qf   till    Inl.uTui ii
ui un Cilialluii held on tin
■lay af Uli
ii, 'uiiiiTiiuiuii ami Dually ailoiitud by
ilm round) and signed by ths Huavi
uml < l.-ii. mnl uunl.ul with the iTiiT'io
ulu Heal un thu
day of 1»1»
iti.in '"rutu  in'   i hit  iiisriiii i' uy
Mlll'l'll   1' IM'III 1 lili
TAKE Ni(Tli'In, Ihul Ihe iibovu Is u
Hou '"I" or Ihu prumisiul li. I.uu upon which III,, vote ol Ihu .Thui. nmlli
will hu i.ii.uii within thu following
unfit, thu
I 'inn nil  Mull  ut   corner   of   Lonsdule
Tn uu.    llllll  'Hi" "1"   II"'"'    Ullll  ll   'Til'
IIiiiiii School llnuuu. ull In Ihu Districl
ul Norlh Vuncouver. on Saturday, Ihu
mii Uuy of .Inly. Wi. belwosn Ihu
hours ol Ililil o'clock u.in uml 7:00
i,Mock p. to
'IHUN II.  I''. i;ti i:
('  M. I'  uml llelui'iilnii
I'ubllu Nolle, Is hereby given  Ihm
III., vole uf lliu  Kluclnl'S nl  lllu  lllslrlel
of Noilh  '. ii.i   will hu  luken on
"Tliu I'urk Luun By-Luw, 1911," on
Saturday, Hi,' lllh day of July. lull,
bclwcun lliu huurs of 9:00 o'clock u.m
mnl 7:00 u'clock p.m.  v.iit.ni  Ihu i.l
1" in III,.     l-nllllic.     OlUCl'S,     Vll.i        111     III.'
»i.,ni.i,.. I lliill. l.i iiii Vull, i llouil; ih
Hir i Ti in. I> Hull ul tliu curner uf l.onu-
,l.i I.- Avuniiu und < j in-.- iim Houd. uml ul
'  uiuluiiu   :.. iuuT    II"....,      Ill   MlU    III..Ill, i
of Norlh Vancouver, ulld Ihut lohn O.
Kunnor hus heen appointed ruiurnliiK
nlficur to t a li c Ihu votus of such clue-
lois. will, lliu usual powers In Inul be
Ily in ilul ol lliu Council.
iglgnidj      WM  II. MAV,
itjTr.nc.il       .UUIN  11   FARMER.
o, m a
I'"III"r    ul.iliioiii    vl- :     111   Ihu   ll.....
•ll.iil Ilull. Lynn Valluy Ruudj In thu
llll'I'HH'T   Uf   MIHTll    \ AMOIiVlult
1 III-LAW lu ruable ike Cureurellua
ul Ibr lllstrti'l ut Norll Veucuuvrr
lu raise bi my ut iota lbc emu ut
1011,111111 lur Slrrrl   I'urpuses,
WHEREAS  it   Is  deemed  sxpedlulll
1., II,c   Council   .,1   thu   Corpiiruliull   ui
inu 'i.ni'i ut North iuu, uui. i i"
raise I,) wu> of loan Iiiu sum ul |96
uuu lo bu . n,,ii.nil in lliu construction
ol Sll coll III tin. said lilsiilcl ,,..in.l
inu i, uuu. i, uml Impruvvineiit ol
Iv. llll llouil lilll, ulld cult) luu sain
a.,..ss Iiiu  M.r.nTii.)  i'reek  hy nieuni
ul    .1    .nl, , I    IllldllC    .
AM.  w IIl.ltl-lAti lliu amount  ol tin
il, 1,1 ..ni. n this 11) I.uu la lul,mini lo
i.ui. in Ihu suld sum ul ii....uuii ulld
iho olijuct lor which thu said dubl Is
created Is lliu construction of strums
as   ..I   ..    .1,1
ami c Hi.n, -,:. Ii will bu necii-
,,,,,., I., iui.,, minually I,. s|,uclul iulu
ih, i.itul sum uf Iiiil fur Iill. itiri
lo, Hn H"|iu)iot'iii ol Ihu said loan
ami iiii,,isl at b yci  uunl   us huiuln
., I'tcl   |,|-uvi.lu.l,
ANIl Mlll'illliAS III. vuluu ol till,
uliolt- luli'ublu I.iiul ol lui|,|-„vrmul,ls
o, nul |,i„|,u,i) Ii, it,... suld Dlslrlcl
.,..'., .Imi. Io Hi. lusl i. vised Assess
In. 1,1   Hull   „i,.. ..,.,..   li,   In un	
ANIl IMII'illKAa llle ..h.l'.nl. ol
111.    Ileb.llluiu   ilubl   ol   Ihe   ,'Ti.lil. I|..,l
ii,   ,.-\.. |.i   lot   uurks  of  Local   J in -
Ul "Vein, III ullli Si lionI nurpoMI)  III' lll'l
IHS       lin'       luull       hcl.'lf)       u illli.ou. il
i.ii...mils lo  >•   , i".u
iiii:iiu,|'T,iik ihu lU'.vu uiid coun-
.11 of ll„i l'oi|,olullol, ol Ihu lllslrlel
„l N.„ it, Vancouver In Council ...... in
1.1. .1 i wllh lliu u... iii ul ihu i.i., hi,
„l the Inuii i, i dul, olilulmdl ".iui.
I.)  uliuul us lollows.
I ll shull bi lawful loi Ihu Council
lo, tin- j,lll|,i,se- ul.,,. suld lu Ijoriuw
o, iui." I-, wu) ut loan fiom un> person ol pel soils, body o, liuiiles curporale. wbu im.) I,c willing lu udvuliev
Hie suinu ui„,n ilu- credit ot Ihu lie-
l.i-uluii-a uf Ilils loiporutluli heluiliar-
ie,   iiu.i.i.ii   foi.  u  sum  ur  sums  uf
mullv)    Ilul   eccidlltu   III   Ills   Wilulu   tin
sum of Ilk.Ulu. uiul lo cuusu lliu luinv
lo be |,iacud III Ihu Hank ol Ul llllh
S.i ii, Amuii.u lo thu crudil of llie
1'uri.orilloli foi llie |,ur|,osu ufoiu-
i liebfDlure Uondi of Ihu Curpuri-
ii'-i. lo Ihu umuuiil uf |CI>,Oiii In ihu
..,...|.  iuu.. bu IssuuU by ibr li>> ve end
I'leli.   til   lliu   t'ulMUrilfOII   111   hi,,, sol
Uie M„>,,.i|,ul Acl in sums us may he
,1. i'ii. .1. bul nu slnelw Ii.i" i.im. ilul
I,,- foi a greater sum Ihun One Thuu
•and I'ollmi Kuel, uf aaid pebijpluri
iiomis sliull bv alanud by lbe Iti. v.
unl Cl, ,1. und lhal] bu arlluil wllh Hi.
S, ai nl Hie Coruuralluh.
,] ihe aald I'tblDlun It.noi.. ahull
i.ui liiiuiust ul u mii nul ii.niliiiM
live nur ceul net annum payable huil
..■uil.. on the Isl day ot February atld
ti,.' isl day nt Auguil, In each and
,'V.i) icai duiiiiH lliu currency uf
said I'.l.iiitoius ur any of Ilium lhun
ahull In ..ii.i.ii.ii lo Ihu liubuniuiu
llu,,.In eouuons llellud by (lie Reeve
und Clerk lot .each and every iiaymrni
of Inieiesi lliul sliull become duu. and
su. li signature'! ma) be .llio, williull
ini..., .ut i.. 'I or ilainned.
I Tbi said I,, iniiili,. limids siiui
us lo ,',!>" >juil and inlel, sl bu |,ayable
ni ih, ii m.i Uunlclpal tjioce. Null,
Van. ouv.i, B '' "i it (hu iii In. ii.n
..din „f the Hunk uf Brlllih Norlh
America In in, clly of Turuiilo In llic
i . ■ .i," ■ uf Ontario, or it the principal
ulli.. uf Ihu 1..I.I Uniil. IU Ihu City It
Montreal tn the I'i ..vli,.-.- uf (Joel '
Tli, laid principal sum sbill bu ••"!'
,....11. by lhe Corpoisllun w '•''"
Iliall flfly yean frum |b- «•' dsy ef
Auguil.  I»ir    ,
t TTii'|c Ihall br raised und levied
.ui >. .11' by spri'ial rale un all raleablu
land o' imi'iov menu ur real properly
i,, ,,. .H.,,1.1 Iht sum uf llll fur llll
,.,,|,ose of funnlne a sinking- fund
Ki, the j'., in .ni 0? ..'IT I'. I,. niii,, s
when ihey Ucuini due and Ihe ium of
ll'llt tot Ihu iiaymenl of 111* lllleiesl
al (hr rile ilottiajd lu brcuinr due on
such Debenture! during the currrucy
Ihrriof, end lha( In ad.lliloi, lu ill
ulher relai to bi levied end collected
In lbe laid lllilrlcl during Ihe whule
currency uf lhe suld liubusiiurei ur my
ul   lh.1,1 '
Thll By-Law may bi cited fur all
purpose! as "Tlie Si,eels loian ll> l.uw
This Byldw ihall cuuu Inlu effect
un lhe III day uf Auguil. ltl!
I'siit'd by the Cuuncll un Iba I7lh
day uf June, llll.
Itccelved lbe auent uf llu Kleclori
„l  un  Klrcllon held un  Ibe
day of IfTl
fteionsideii'd and finally adopted by
Hie Council and elgned by  Ihe Keeve
and  i'lerk  and  aelltd   wltb  Ihi  Coy.
i"0ui. Seal on  Ibi
diy of llll.
TAKK  NWICK  lhal   Ilia  above  II I
piuuoied Hy fuiw up-
lbe vud'. uf III* Huulclpallly
Hue copy ot ibi
on  ulileh llu ve
will   Iw   I si, so   wlihle  Uu>   .
polling ilaUoni,  III.: tt Ul
uat Bill, i.ynii valloy tiusu; '» ."l»
Dhurch Hill at corner nt lainidala
Avenue uml Uueun's Itoad, and at Capilano School Home, ill 111 tho piitrict
of North Vancouver, on Saturday, the
Uth day "f July, IBII, betwoon Ihi
(inuri «f ko'cFooli s.bi. and 7 b'olM*
H   r JO|lN Q, IPAMBJ,.
o, »i. o. slid Bitnrnlng Offloer.
I'lllll,HI NiiTtciO li lierehy given
that the vnlu of Ihi Klocluri uf thu
lilsiilcl of Norlh Vancouver will bu
taken nn tin "Sliuuls toil) Uy-l.uw,
11112," on Hiiluritiiy, thl ll'l) day of
July, Iill, bitween thi houn of 9
o'clock um. and 7 o'clock p.m. within
the following linlllug places, vli: tn
the Municipal llall, l.ynn Valley lioud:
III tliu Church Hall at tin corner of
l,u,uiiliiln Avenue and Quein/i Hoad.
umi .ii i'.'iiilniio School Houu, lu thl
nisirlci of North Vincouver, ind thai
John a. Firmer hu bun appointed
Humming Olncir to take the vptei of
iuch    Inle'Tiili     With   thl   UlUll    lioi'.'.'li.
ll) that behalf.
By Order of thl Council.
ISIgned)      WM.   H.   MAV,
I Signed)      JOHN Q. FARMER*"'
A BV-LAW lo Hlhli tke iTirpuralbm
uf Ike lllaltlcl ol Nerlk Aauuuuver
lo ralae br my ef lean lac ism ul
•110,000 lu purekaae sluuk Is Ike Hurrard Inlet Tuuuel aud Hridge Cuui-
WHEREAS a  I'etltluu  dalud  ul  ta
uucli :.Iiiiiii I III u Ulld .'.lulled  be   tile olvil
ura of more lhan one-tinth of the
vulue of land In the Dlilrlcl of North
Vancouver, al ihown by thu lusl revised Assessment Roll, lias been liiu-
senlud lu Ihu Cuuucil of the said Ills-
trial, reiiuisllng them to Introduce and
puss i Hi i un lo uutiioriio them to
borrow lhe aum of lll.ll.mill to bu es-
pundud lu lhe purctmse ut slock or
iharea In the Burrurd Inlet Tunnel and
Bridge Cunipuny Incoruoruled by acl
of I'm liun.. i.i uf Canada:
ANH WHEHEAS Ihu umount uf the
.i. i.i which Ibis li; l.nv. Is Intended
tu creute ll Ihu said sum uf 1150,000
uud Ihu object fur which Ihu auld Hubl
il crualud Is Ihu purcliusu of alock or
sliurua In Ihu Uuiruid Inlul Tunnel
and Hi i'ii. Cunipuny ua ufurusuld.
ANIl WHEHEAS II will be nucuiiary
to i.ui.. .uniil.Tl, by Bpuclsl rale the
aum of lllll for thu term of llfly yeara
for the iu|ui> un ni of Ihu said loun mid
for Intereil thereon al Ihu rule of five
pur cent, ua hereinafter provided;
ANI) WHEHEAS ibe value of Iba
wilulu iuii.Till laud or Iniuruvuinuiili
ur real prupurty in lliu laid Dlalrlcl,
.... ui,lim, to Ihu iusl reviled Aiiuii-
nieiil   Roll  amounts  lo  |9,0I3,7B0;
ANIl WHEHEAS Ihu uggregalu uf
Ihu lnl,, nun, Ilubl uf Iho Moniclpul-
liy luicupt fur wurks uf l.ueal Improvement and Schuul puipoiusl Including tbu loan hereby untliurlseil umouuti
to 1917,009;
THEKKEHHE Ihu li.. ve and Cuuucil
of Ihu Corporation of the lllatilci of
North Vancouvur lu cuuncll assembled
iwlih tliu u.u i.i of ihc Eleclors of the
lllslrlel duly obtained! du hereby unucl
as follows,  via :
I. il ihull be lawful fur Ihu Council
for lhe purpose- uforcsald to borrower raleu by wuy ol loan from any per-
lull   Or   J" H'uli.n    l""li    01'   Iiinii, ,,   , ul )ml
ate wliu may bu willing lu udvance llie
auniu upun Iiiu credit uf tiie Debenlurea iierulnafler provided for of lllll
Corpurailun a sum or sunn of money
nul exceeding lu tliu whole ihu aum uf
1160.009. and lo cause Ibe same lu bu
placed In Ihu Hunk uf Brlllih Nurlh
'■uuii... In Nurlli Vancuuvur, tu Ihu
credit uf the Corpuritlon fur Ihu puipusu ufuruiuld
I Dubuiiiuru Humls ut tbu Corporation lu lliu amuuiii of 1160.019 In Ihu
whole- mu) be Issued by lhe Huuvu und
Clerk of Ihu Corporation in termi of
Hie Uunlclpal Acl In sums al muy bu
desired, bul nu aingle Debunluru ihall
be fur a greater aum Iban 11,990 Each
uf aald H. luiiiiiie Bunds shall be signed by ihu aald Huuvu snd Clurk snd
shall bu sealed wilb Ihu Seal uf Ihu
I The laid Debenlure Bund! shall
beer |nteiuil al a rule nul exceeding
five per cent, pel unnuin. payable bulf
inul) un in,.- lai day uf February and
Ihe let day ot Auguat in each and
every year duilng Ihe currency uf said
1" I.,Mines ur any uf them There
■hall bu ..ii...Imi (u Ihe Debenlure
Buudi cuopons signed by tile Ruuve
and Clerk fur each and every payment
uf lllleiesl lhal shull become due aud
•uch signature may be either wrlllen
lilbugrapbed  or  Humped
rhe luld DcbcMuic lloinls as lo
 pal and Inieiesi ahall bu payable
I tliu Dlilrlcl Municipal UIDce. Nurlh
Vancouver. B C, ur ai Ihu principal uf
fleu of Ihu Bank uf Brlllih Norlb Amur
lea In Ihu Clly of Turunlu In the Province uf Hniuiio. ur at Ihe principal
nil" • uf lllc laid llunl. In Ihe Clly uf
Munlruul in ihu Province' of Quebec
The ssid piln.'lpul sum iball be made
payable by Hie Corporullon ul u date
hul l..i,i tban llfly years from Ihe
lai day of Augual.  Illy
6 There el.ull be railed aud levied
unnuully by a apeclal rate ou ull rati-
able iand ur Impruvemeiila or fell
1'iuieiiv In lhe Dlalrlcl, Ibe aum of
iill fur the purpuie of furmlng a
linking fOiid for lhe puyineiil uf laid
Debentures when Ibuy becuinu duu. and
Ibe iuu, uf 17,600 for Ihu paymenl uf
the interest at tlie rale uforueuld lo
becume due un iuch Dubunlurea during
Ihu currency Ihereuf. and lbat lu add/
Hun lu all other retel l» WlOvluiTiiiM
collected III Ills »•*• Dlslrlcl during
lhe whole cu/Tency of Ihe luld Deben
Iurei or an/"f (hem
I    ll  ' iit.'W may be died fur all
I'Uii'os » as   "The  Burreid  Inlel  Tun
,1,1 ,..'! Btldgc Cuinpany I.nun II) l.uw
1    'Ilils 11) Luw ahall culue lulu uf-
fucl uu Ihe III day of Auguil. till
I'assed by the Council un lha
dsy uf Illi
Received Ihe uss.ni  uf thl Kleclura
al an ulccllun held un lha
day   uf llll
Reconsidered aud finally adupled by
lbe Cuuucil and llgned by  Ihe Reeve
und I'lerk und sealed wltb Ihe Corporate Sea) on  Iba
diy uf IIIS.
MUllll   1 AM III  VI II
1 Ale i; NOTICK ihul lire abuve ll I
Irue couv of Ibe propoied By-luiw.
upun uiid h lha vute of tbe Munli'l-
palily will be luken wltbln tho follow
Ing polling Helium, via: In the Municipal Hill, l.ynn Valley Road; In
Ihe Church Hall sl corner uf Lonidsle Avenue and (Jueen'l Road, and ul
Capilano Bckooi Houie, ill In in.' Ids
Irlcl of North Vancouver, ob Saturday.
tne lllh diy of July, llll, between Ihc
boms of V o'clock AU. and 7 o'clock
p. u
JiillN  (J.  FAHMHR,
C M. ti.  and Returning Offlcir.
I'l'HI.H' NiiiH'K is hereby given
thll tne vote of lbe Kleclori of tbe
Dlilrlcl  of North  vencouver  will  be
HI..II    HI.        .MP    ».,,.,.    ......     ♦«,...«.
and Bridge Company Loan By-Law,
1911," on Saturday, the (Uth day pf
July, 1911, botween the hours of 9
o'clock ajn, and 7 o'clock p.m. within
the following polling plapii. vi;.: til
tho Munlclpil Hall, Lynn Valley noidi
n the Church Hall ft Jho oqrper ol
l.iinsilalo Avenue and Quoin's Ruail;'
and at the Oanflano Bohool House In
tlio Diitrict of North Vancouver, and
that John Q. Farmer hai been an-
polntid Returning Ollicer to [ago the
votel pf luch ElictorS with thl uiul
power) In that oihwf.
By ordir of thi Oounoll.
, (Signed)      WM. 11. MAY,
(Signed)      JOHN «■ FARMER,   "
A II)'-LAW lu eualilc tke Curpurallun
Ol Ike Uill
ralae by nay of luau tke sum nf
lllslrlel ul Nortk Vincuuver
0,000 lo be e»peuded Ig thl cm
i be e.
Ml   ill
dcivalks   In
the eoii-
tbe   Ills-
^^^WWitF m^ mawewtm
, WHEHEAS It Is deemed eipedlenl
by the Ci)uhc|l of the Corporation ot
the District of North Vancouver to
raise by way Of loan the sum ol 110,-
009 to be expended lu thu cunslruclluu
ut sidewalks In the District.
. f0 WHEHEAS the amount of tbu
dubt which thll By-Uw Is Intended
iu create ii tbu mini sum of nu,uuu uml '
thl object for which lha laid dubl Is
created la tbo construuilun uf slduwulku
us aforesaid.
AND WHEHEAS it will bu necessary io ratio iiiiini,ill) by apuulul rule
the in,ul iiuiu ul- IM lor liny yuun,
fur the iu imi in. in uf the suid loun uml
Interns! at 6 pur cept. us hereluiillcr
AND WHEHEAS Ihe vulue of thu
whole rstuabiu land or Improvuniuiils ur
i.ui /'iui" ii. Iii ihu iulu in in, uncording io the lust revised Assuss.n,,.,
Hull muuunls  tu  11,019,7119.
and wheheas tbu aggregate uf
[ho Dubuniure dubl uf the Municipality (except lur worki of locul improvement mid schuul  I'UII",.. ,l|   Nli Iiiii
lug     Ihe     loan     hereby - uulburlxud.
iiiiioin,lu  tu  »ii-i,iiiiu,
THEREFORE thu Huuvu und Council
or thu  corporation of tbu Dlslrlcl  m
Nurlh Vancuuver In Cuuncll uose	
'Willi   Ihu  ussent  of  Hiu  Electors  of
ihu  in,.,," i  ouly "iiiuin.oi  ou ne,,..
unuci uu follows:
I. II shull bs lawful fur Ihu Council fur lbe puipusu ninl...uni io nor-
row or i.n.'." by way ol loun iron, uny
I" in,ni or poisons, Oudy ur budles eor-
purine who muy be willing lu uuvancu
Ihe aame upon Ihe credit uf the lie
i" inni... ul this Curpurallun berelnui-
ler pruvldud fur, u sum ur sums ol
money nui exceeding lu lha wnolu n,e
sum uf 110,009, and tu cause ine rami
tu bu plucud Ip the Bunk ul British
Norlb .iiiiiii.u iu the credit ol h,o
Curpurallun fur the purpuse ufuicsmu
i. imi.. inni, ii.iii.i;. of ine Corporation to Ibe umount of llu,uuu in in.
wnulu muy bu Issuud by Hiu Huuvu uml
Clark uf Ihu Corpurailun lu lurms ol
the Municipal Acl in suuu ua muy bu
i, .ui. u bul nu ilnglu Duuuuiuiu sum,
be lur a greater sum than One Thuu-
•und Dolluri. Eueli ur suld liebemure
liumls shall bu algnud by Ihu lleeve
and Clurk und ahull bu suuluii wlm lliu
Suul of ihu Corporation
i. The suld Dsbeniure Bunds shun
Inul inii i, ni ai u rule uul cn ■
live our ceul. pur milium nayublu hull
yearly un thu 1st duy of Kuuruui) uml
Ihu Isl day ur August in uucli und
every yuur during thu currency uf suld
Debentures or sny of Ilium There
shull ba attached lu Hie Debeniui,
Bunds coupons algned by Ibe Reeve
snd Clerk lur each und every puyuiem
uf Interest Ihul ihul! beumne due, uml
such i.igi.uioi, u may be either written
lilbugrapbed ur alainpud
I. Thu auld Debenlure U.imls shull us
lu principal und Interest bv puiuble ul
lbe Dlalrlcl Munlclpul Oltfcc, Norn,
Vancuuvor, ii C, or al lhe prlnclpul
ufllce uf Ihu Bunk uf Hrilish Norlli
America In lbe Clly uf Toronto In lbe
Province of Ontario, ur al Ihu prlncl
pal "ih.. uf Ihu said Hank in ihu Clli
of Muniruel In tbu Pruvlncc uf Que-
uec Thu said prlnclpul aum shiiil n.
made puyuble by the Curpurallun nul
lulci thun flfly years frum Ihe Isl ,iu.
uf Augual, llll.
I There ihall bu rulsed and levied
annually by special rail un ull rule-
able land or linpruvumenli or luul property in tbe District Ihu sum
of 191 for lbe purpoae uf foninlng u
•inking fund fur lbe pawiieiii uf suld
Dubuiiturua when ihey beSeine due. uml
lbe sum uf (600 fur ihu pa/muni uf
Ihu mn i. m al the rule ufureauid lu
becume due ou auch Debenlurea during
tbu currency Ihereuf, ulld Ihul in uddlllun lo ull olber rutea lo be levied
and collected In Ihu laid Dlslrlcl du,
Ing lbe whole currency of the suld Debentures ur any uf Ihem
This By-Law muy be died lui ull
pui puses ui "The Sidewalks I.".in By
Uw,   till"
This By-l*w ihull come Into ef-
fuel on  Ihe III duy uf August.  1912.
l'usjud by Ibe Cuuncll mi the 91th
day of June, llll
Heculvud  lhe uBciil uf lhe  KlecloisV
ul an Election held on lliu
day uf im
Hucuuelduicd unu Ilnully adupled by
Ihu Cuuncll  and signed  by  lbe  Ruevu
end  Clurk   and  scile.l   will,  Ihe  Cor-
puralu  Seal   on   Hie duy   uf
l.i.i i itiii> 0/ I'UK llllillll I OF
TAKE NOTICE Ihul Ibe above ll u
uut euva Of the pinpusud Uy-l.uw upon
which Ihu Vute at lhe Munlclpallly will
be taken wllhln Ihu fulluwlng pulling
ilulluni. vis : In the Municipul' Dull
Lyuu Valluy Houd, In Ihu Cbureb Hull
at curlier of Lonadale Avenue und
Queen i lluud, und ul Cuplluhu School
Iluuae. all In Ibe Dlslrlcl of Norlb
Vancouver, un Saturday, Hie llth duy
of July 1112, between lbe buura of
I oclock a in   and 1 o'clock pm.
...   u    ,.        ,J<tfN "   FARMER.
'•   M   C   and  Returning  Officer
Fubllc Notice la hereby given ibul
lhe Vole of lhe Kleclori of lhe Dlsirp i
ft o,r,"' Vancuuver will be lekch on
lbe Sldewalki Loan By-Law. llll," on
Ba urday, the lilh day uf June. llll.
between tbu hums of I u'clock a in
and 7 oclock pm. wllhln the folluw-
">* polling plicei, vli: In the Monl
clnal Hal, Lynn Vulley Road: In Hie
Church Hill al the Fyrnei uf Lunidule
Avenue and Quecn'i Road, and al Cup
Lit".". 8i',1""'1 ""i"* I'i Ihc Dlilrlcl of
North Vancouver, and Ibal Jobn 11
itili'"" /"' hfi eppulnted Returning
JlBcer to take Ibe votel uf iuch
Kleclori wllh Ihe uiual powen lu lhal
By Order, of Ihe Council,
(Signed)       WM. If MAV,
ISIgned)       JOHN O   FAKMiIh"'
C. ill.  C.
JOB=   '
EXPRESS ■y—pf—- ■"■■
To the
Bookjover* qf North Vancouver
My aim il to obtain for you my hook you rcinilro pu any mli-
Jeut Ip til* shortest tlnlo. Tho British and American cata-
logues an at your dliponal ami iy«ry attention will ill «IV«t
tp your orrlen.
(N. fl. Book and Stationary company).
3b liiiiiiiiliilo Aveiiiiu i'liniin 181
Lord Putaam'i Nephew
We Study Printing
We make a fcaluic of preparing iiiniliii:' thai is profitable In
our patrons.
We 6ludy type fares and effects
lo insure attractive arrangement,
inul we believe you will appreciate
our handling of your work.
From a card lo a huge potlct
or an illustrated catalogue we will
give you a figure or our advice.
Capital Paid Up     12.070,000
lii nerve und Undivided 1'iolUi  9,600,000
Total Aaicta  d4,ooo.ooo
0 provide agalnil a nuailblc "Haiti)
lie)" ll but Ihr only reason tot
regular laving. A bank accuunl
glvca you thc feeling uf Independence
und ui i in li. Ihul keeps yuur mind flee"
ttnm worry—tbot inukei yOu better
able lu nuei tbe wurld un en even
fueling und lu liilie advantage ut op-
i imiii ■   ibll come your wuy
'iiu n your i nit at llic Hunk ol
jiiiiiiiiii.il where ."mi.."«'. .Hi.lint
I'.'iii.in,. :u nl" ii pruvlded tor Ibede-
puilt 0/ llnuii, oi well u« large, ic-
cuunle i
l.el ua explain uur ttafefy I'vpoilt Uox*
Hysicm Kenlil in'.deiol*    ,*•
fl, II. ,11*11 .V.   Aaenl,
tterll Vfjieeavrr
riiiiiiui, with I'tnuiiN i.imnii
Piriluu L-lli'i l- iiri< ncen iii dress nn,
tirlala. lu frock trimmings, uiul muv
thii teuauu conies the fersliw nlk llu
Ing lu lbe iiiicT puraaoli. 'J'be oulalde
covering of aucb u luuibudi li uaun|ly
uf lume dark culor barmonlilng wltb
ihu cuaiume wltb wbicb It le to be
Tbo lunihudi mutinied bi of dark
bine iitln with a lining of I'cralun silk
In iiiuiu of lun und uid blues.
Medlih Fanelei For tbi Will Driuid
Tbe liteat kind ur uiallnci cotnei uue
I'uril wide It li eipeclally Intended
for milliner)' and cost! (10 ciuti a yinl.
It li called crinkled millnia, and In
toon ire- cbungeubli. 1'robibly the
moit popular or Hi ibidei la Ibi niw
"hurt uf lire" flub
New I'diiciini.T for young glrli are of
cbluu allk In iiuiu colon and while
Then uro luce edged wltb au umicr
piece of allk i .iluu plaited,   itth
coala for illk illpi ara of cbirtun In
while und colon, and liuill cbllTou
rum of inuii)' Hull ara added ubout
lbe border, icaitued or In wriulb put
On* of tba neweit black and while
pui'uiola bii a filngo of allk irouod llu
edge abuut fuur Inchci In depth. Uuu.
ever, tbi bluck mnl nbllipaniioli with
wlda itrlpi'i in bilug too generally-
ihown to becomi populur wltb the wo
mm of iciiiii'ineni aud excluilve mile
lu drew. A dainty pirnol for the
debotaoto In bar lint luinmir la ol one
tout icy iiiln iiiuiu cblna silk. and
for tbi matron thire li ibowu a lul
feta paruol. tba center of bluett mnl
wblla itrlpea, (be border wltb • dower
deelgu lu blue, pink ind lilac. Thin
bai a fringe of chenille.
Thi Trilned Pinnlir Dawn.
Here li une of Ibe latent ami puiil
bl; tbi uglleit of tbe punnler fash
lum tbat bive been revived tbli spring
but It euuinatci from tbut fountain
bead of ilyle -I'uii.   Coouquiolly tbe
usmmt auooa wm aaa coat.
Tba lingerie frocka of bigb degrci
bava adorable little taffeta couti, wbicb
make tbem very ilrciiy for afternoon
Tbe model Illustrated of vanlat laca
and creuiu net hue a coat of green
ahol taffeta trimmed wltb while ball
butluui. uud tin upper bodlca of nat
hn loug ileuvea uf green taffeta.
Rlngi With Lirgi Slttlngi Riiponol-
bll Fer Change.
Then li iu old laying that a French
woman dom her glovei lu tbe prlncy
of ber boudoir, un Kiigliabwoniau wblla
coming dowu Ibo uuin ind tbi Auicrl
cm luge on ber glovei when halfway
down tbe itreet. Aud If rtiii ta io II
would appear aa ibougb for once tbi
I'urlsliiis an Imitating tiielr American
Tbi no glove foihlon la portlcularl}
noticeable in Parii, wben mauj innrl
wuuiu are carrying tbeir glovei In
tbeir biudi luitcud of putting tbem oa
Tbe glovea they carry aro eiceedlugly
Hue auedi unci lu beautiful Hutu uf Ma-
cull, ecru aud tan.
for aome little time paat women ban
been flouting the old Ineionbli law
tbat tbo buudi ibuuJd be covered In
tbi evening, eud ut tbi tbeulen and
tba Itea ceremouloui purtlei Iba wearing of glovei baa been ou tbe ilccreaae.
Tban la alau a uow liking fur duck't
foot yellow glovei. wbleb leveral yeara
ago wen eiceedlugly modiab. Tbem
an woru for moruliig wulka.
Tbo reuou u .t. in d for the no glovt
niuieuicnl 'li tho fuct that rlugl with
very Urge gem ictUugi in fuibluut-
bll, aud uiulla ure eiceedlugly popular.
It la cuitmuury tu take to tbo theater a
large muff, In which tbe buudi on burled Uut tlie glovei uiuut be then, boo,
looaely carried lu tbo buudi after till
manner iffected by men.
Crape dl Chini Undirwiir.
Eacb year Die return of lummii
brlugi ui lumctblug new lu tbe way of
uudirgiriueuti Tbli yeur'i luuuvillon
la to bi crcpe'do cblna, aud there U uo
doubt Ibul It will bo eiceedlugly cool
aud comfortable Wl will Uud ull oul
old favurllee developed lu tbli material, combluailutii, prlnceea illpi and
ulgbtgowiii. uud ibey will all be glorified I'iuk li Ibe fivorlla culor, Ibougb
gurmeuu ire found 111 ill tba dellcili
ibudea, while the more eliborati af-
filri, uml likewise Ihe more eipeuiln,
tre decorated wllh flowen, ruiettei aud
wreiilhi mode of chiffon md ribbon.
Tbi Don ilmple aud pncUcil gir-
iiiuni i an laco trimmed, cluuy being
tlie fovorite, aa It bt ou Ibe floe under-
uuallua, tbougb Irlib edging and ribbon are uaed.
id atiAOt Hiiaua cuil
woman wbo wlabiurtu be In tbe Iuh
too "awlm" will treat Ibe model witb
ll':.|il'iTflll litem Inn
The malarial uied la bilrb meteor
rrupe wltb a gulmiie of wblla net. The
Humberneu uf Ibe coetume la relieved
by an empltceiueot uu tlia wilit uf let
aud gold euibrolderlee.
Una the Yekai.
Tba young woman wbo flat a taata
for active iporii ibould ate tbat all
ber ablrt wilita hove lined yokea at
tba back. If ihli pncauUon la omitted tbli part will become looked with
iwraplntloo. wbicb will nun ruin, lo
tba colored waleta at lent.
1      .	
•till Beat Har Worb.
tin E. M. 8cott la paat aeveoty
tain of igi. and yet tba atill piioia lb
oiii and water colon. Wia waa recent-
<y preeeoled mltb l Ufa mimberiblp In
the Null,mil Aru of New fart OM/,
ii»lug Imp oue of Uu foundin.
'     \    .
Ueeful Thlngi to Know.
Slarcb ibould be lulled wltb aoap
witer, for tbui tbi linen will bave a
mon gloaay ippeinuce ind ba laaa
likely lo atlek to tbi Iron?
Mulileu greuiu apota wilb coif wa-
: tar and aoda bifora icrubblng, aa tbia
will caurw tbem to ba mora eaaUy re
flood blick luk mind wltb Iba
wblla of an egg la eieelleut bo reaton
tba color to black kid glovea or aboeal
| Any kind of ateauid bread will ba
luiller tf It la baked tan or fifleeu minutei Immediately ou being luken from
tbe ateaioer ind before being ratuuveil
from tba mold?
If naw eait ii.n are put on top of
\ tbt ilovi until tbey bava a blulab col-
i or, but oot until tbey become burned.
1 rafct will not atlck to tbem duriug lbe
baking aa tt uiuolly doca to uew Una?
Homemade Linoleum,
Tiki any old carpet tbat la whole.
but too ibibby (or aaa. and lack It
\ down inoptbliMf) tin kitcben floor.
Moki a Itood thick boiled itarcb of
. floor and wattr and rob a coat of tbia
on tbt carpal wltb a wbliewaab bruab.
la about twenty-four boun or wben
Uw alarcb la dry give a coat of pelnl
auy color aultable   Dirk red la i ttft-
Icieblt color and wean well.
On a |iienii|t uyuuing early in April,
1801, tliu lluini du France, on Government streut in thii city, wai p iciino of
unwonted iuturust, brilliancy ami antic-
ity.   A leading citizen nf Vulo, a man
whn bail licun foremtiHt III works anil
ventures pf public utility, waa ou his
way nni »f the po up, ry witb tbo object
pf taking up bl* resilience iii California.
I'Tiihiui' bad liivuri'ii tbu man iu all his
linings.   On leaving Vale he had been
pr.'u.'iiteil  wltb   au   expensive   gdld
watch,  duly, iinierilii'il, ami  a hoavy
uuld iliiiili, us an oxpronion of tbe
good will pf bit follow-eltiions, anil at
Vielnria  lie wai tumleruil i  baui)uet
by thirty or forty friemli wbu liud
wutch.'il hii career imi who, to a cur-
taiu eiicni, bail prospered tiiruugh bia
Uinlertakiiigi. Oni uf tbii good citizen's
aeliii'ii'iiieulii  bail  beeu  to aolvu  the[
prolilein  of iiii'iiniliu.'ii   mn iiiiiiiini   to
Yalp.   Nuuo of tlio ituamera of tho
regular trauipuitatiou liueu wuulil vuu
ture above Furl  Hupe, sixteen miles
beluw,  when froiglit  was  diseliurgcd
intu eaiiui'ii md barges' ami tuwed by
munuil luiiul tu  Vali'    .lulni Kurtz-
fur he wai the euturprisitig citiieu in
v. lm: i  in.,,,. the l,:ini|iiiT bud been ar-
ranged—hail cuutemleil thut a steam
bout might he built that uunl.I make
the pussugu from Victoria to Yule with
ease und iu perfect sulci)',   iio recalled
Iho  flet that  in   1666 a   stcriiwlicel
steamer liud made the passuge uu twu
u.iiiuiiue. during high  wuter, ami  he
urgucl thut whut hud been done nine
uuld  be dune again,    tin  he set  lu
work ami formed the Yule ttteam Navi
gallon Company, with u capital ul' $60,
ililil.    The inuuey  wua i|uickly  ruised,
and   tbe  new  steamer  was  built  ut
iuiiug's wuys, in this hurliur, near the
extensive mills ul'  lirackiuuu  &   Ker.
On   her  firsl   trip  she  skiminu,!   the
troubled waters like u hugu bird,   Hkil
fully Handled she avoided rucks, burs
ami   ulliii  uud   Imi'l. .1   her   cargu  ut
Yulu in the morning, ami  the same
evening liiiul.nl pusscugcrs uud freight
at Victoria.   Ail i'lulm u .i well I'ur the
uew   company  and    Iheir   new   buut.
Stock was ut a premium.   On ull hands
they   were  cungritululcil, ami  al   llic
time  tbo  lian.|iici   wis  laid   the   Vale
was   11.1.huiii  fur uuolher  trip,  and
Iilling   1.1   rupidly   with   freight   uml
already   liud all  her   passenger  apace
The night telectod for the baut|uel
wus the close of u charming day, aa I
bavo said. The tabic was laid in the
restaurant uf the liutcl and every viand
uml liquid thul wuuld slimulule ami
cuai the appetite were there in ahum
The cliuir wus liken by K. (Iran
cini, a prominent Whurf slreei mer
chant, and in tbe vice chuir wus lius
tave tfutru, the leading wbulcialc tu
lun'" merchant uf Vicloriu A'mong
the guests were Tbuuius Harris, llic
lirsl muyur uf Victoria; (leu. I'earkcs,
sulicilur general; i.uiulcy Fraukliii,
wbu lucceeded Mr. Harris us muyur:
Capt. Jaiuioiou, uf the sleuiubuut Vale:
Win. Fuller, of Vule; Hun. Ilr. ilcliu
ui'i'ii, speaker ui the first legislative
ussembly ever couveued ou llic British
I'ueilie; Ilr. Trimble, the lirst speaker
of our provincial assembly; the gifted
Annul de (,'uiiuus, afterwards premier;
l!. (,'. Pcnilergusl, Wells, Furgu A, Co's
agent; Uoderick Fiuluyaou and .1. W.
McKay, of the Hudson's Ilay Company;
.1. A. MiT'riii, Ihc j.iuneel uuctiuuei'r;
.1. J. Soutligulc, a leading merchant;
"I). W. II.," tbe writer uf tbese lines;
umi u scurc ut uthcrs whusc uunu-s us
cape me at this writing.
The dinner was served in the style
lur which the Hulel de France was then
Milium., ami wheu llie tuusts uf "The
llueeu'' aud "Tbe I'rcsnlciit of tbe
Hailed Slates" (for the guest uf Ihc
evening wus an Ainericau/ hud been
drunk, Ihe fun waied flit md furiuus.
Midi ij'lii struck frum tbe butel cluck,
bot uo oue stirred, ll bad been or
lunged thit tbe whule party—or it
leant Ibuse whu euuld liud thuir legs
shuuld proceed to Ksijuimult, tbcu the
place uf departure ot the California
im,n.,... lud there bid the purling
u i. i i.i nl .jn.ni Thu steamer wis in
uuunced to nail at iii tbe following
murniug, and tbo stables hud been re
■jiiiniIiuiii'.l fur teams aud wiguus to
Iul.1' tbu party dowu. As the niglil
wore on tbe older member! retired, but
the wild revel coutiuuei), uud when
everyone wai in a merry mood u curd
wu banded lo Kurtz' by onu of Ibe
waiters. Tbo recipient eicused himself
fur a uiomeul nd i',. 'nil;, returned
ind, addressing the chairman, slid:
"Au Knglisli gin!Iiiiiiin whom I met
i few days ago at Yale is outside, aud
■ ii "ir.,-:' to join tbe party if agreeable
to all. Iiii name ii Esdulc, ahd be is
a nephew of Lord I'miiunu "
"Bring bim iu, by all nicani," cried
one-and ill, aud a youug fellow of
about iiiu ami tweuty parted tbe por
tiere and eutered. Tbe newcomer was
of medium lizc; dirk, ilinosl swarthy.
He wye utsatftjfilieiKd, aud bad the
appearance aud bearing of a gentleman. As bo advanced iuto the room
be made a low ubcisoncc to' the cbalr
man ami wai conducted to a vaciut
choir at tbe aide of tbe gueat of tbe
evening said chair having been vacated by oue of tbe company wbo bad
>Qxmd ttrcourlviaiity too vigorou for trip.
bli comfort. Iu a fow miuntoi Lord
Portuian'i nppkow waa ou tbo bait of
terms with thiTwbuifl company. 8110b
a beaming, »unny tm, HgJt.fliJ »)' hy
a pnjr pf bright, black oyoi ami p
radiating smile that ippmod tu lm
"c»ttliing," ai ono of tbo company
remark!!!, for it put ui a" In a good
humor and kept Ul there.
"Jim" MeCrcu, who wai a famous
raeanleui',   hail   jusl   toll)   one' of   liiti
characteristic itbriea, and tbo eha|r-
ipan hail sung an Italian ditty in a
sweet I muil-. V'lliTI tba In"! Iiii ul "um
guilt" was |iru|iusi!il. KurU respninl
ed und sit down, when Ur. Ksilulo rose
uud usked iiunni.'isioii to say a few
words. The roqueit waa granted,
whereupon ho iltilivurud ono uf tbo
must elui|iii'ni and witty afterdiimor
ipeeehes that it has uver boon my good
luiiinie tu huur. llu spoke for only
abuut ten minutes, hut wheu bo concluded tho company rusu ami diunl.
the in.1 uii " 1 "lionl I'm 11111111'
Nephew" with u "hipl hipl liurrahl"
and "He's a jully guod fellow," Ha
rospiimleil with another witty aililrcni
uml wound up hy telling twu sturies,
of a "ris>|iie" uuture, it is true, but
so wittily drawn and clothed in such
choice luiigiiugi.' Hint they seemed cm
iueutly pruper. ,
The must pupulur man at that table,
wilh   lhe  oxceptiun  uf "our  guest,"
was Mr. Ksilule.   Kveryuue begged llie
favur of u glass 01' wine with bin'   He
hid evidently dined gcnclously before
lie iTliue lu us, but his holding capacity
seeineil .unlimited,    ile drunk with every  une  who  offered,  und   was  none
the worse i'ur it, so far us we could see,
Aboul   twu o'clock u practice then
much iu vogue ut "slug" dinner par
ties wus introduced.   Fiery guest was
required lo. sing a sung, lull u slury or
dance u jig, uml when  Ksdule's turn
iTiine he dul ull three, gracefully ami
well.   He had u line voice, uud us he
reeled ull' " Hocked in lhe Cradle of Ihe
Deep" and "Sally i„ Out Alley" the
1 iiiun in iu knew uu liuiiinls.    MtT'rcu,
whu was lulled .1. Ihe lown wit, wus
completely outilonu by this new com-
petiiur for convivial  bunon  and  ile
lured lhat Irum thenccfurtb he wuuld
neither truck a juke uor tell a slury.
Du)liglil was creeping 111 at Ihc win
luw when lip.' rigs Ihut were lu curry
us tu Ksipiiinnli drove up ut llic hotel
oor.   ill course the drivers musl bavo
something.    ISo  Ibey  were  had  in  lu
partake of the fuml uml wine, und us'
u cunscijucuee luun.' Ihun uue uf Iheir
number  presently  gave  uulwunl  mnl
visible signs  ul'  lut, Inucb   g.Hl.1  cheer,
Ksilule, who was in prune condition, ucl
ed us bust, mauy uf lhe others bin ing
become incujiucititcd.    I   was soiled
near lhe lieml uf the tabic, uml blsdale
ivus   humbug   a   glass   of   wine   iu   a
driver  when   Inn  loot   seemed   lo  slip
uml he fell forward uu Hie table, ljuiek
ly recovering himself, lie smiled at liis
awkwardness uml. declining ussislunce,
sat duwu.   I wniilied linn nurruwly nmi
saw au usIicd hue steul slowly over his
face,   liis eyes rulied and I lien became
tiled ami stared ai one of tiic coal uil
lamps.   The uc.il instant lie fell houv
iiy forward     In u moment Ihc scene
ol' mirth and revelry  wus changed io
oue ul dismay and  confuaiuu.    Huuin
weuf^lu lhe aid uf ibe stricken mau,
others ilcw for u doctor. Ilr. Ilcliu
ckeu ami lir Trimble bad gone home.
Unfortunately Ihere wus a duclur in lhe
huuse ul Ihc lime- room No. I'l, a
yuung und inexperienced graduate. Ue
was hastily summuned. In his iganr
euro he pronounce! lhe trouble de
linuni tremens and prescribed u ium
pusiug draughl ilie 1 cry Hung lie
should nol huve done, for lbc young
muil wus .ii. in," from a slrokc of
apoplexy Presently Ihe inevitable uc
11.mul Death entered us Ihe Unhid
den Uuesl ami bore uwuy llic bright,
willy, handsome and cultivated Ksilule,
1,'uid i'urtmuii 's nephew.
Tiie presence' of deulb hud a subcr
ing influence uu all whu attended ihc
parly Thc arranged cicursiun lu
Kni|uimuli was uul carried uul- Mr,
KurU went almusl unattended tu the
steamer, and lhe guesls, saddened uml
subercd by lhe awful event, Wended
their wuys sorrowfully homeward.
Capl. Janiiosuu left Ibo fcnlivc board
arly iu Ihe evening, uud going uu
bourd bis Due slcumbuUI sailed I'or
Vuh'. At Kurt Hupe Capt. William
Irving, falher of ''upl. Juhu Irving,
and I im 1 I itiiiu'iu fullier uf Frank
tj. Iiiiiniii'l of Ibis city, joiued Hie
vessel. As Ihe steamer approached llic
flrst bad riille abuve iluuie, Cupl. ir
nog was will) Captain Jamieson iu
the pilut lum 1 Jusl thou dinner wus
;iiiiiiiiini 1 d, uud i'upi.i 111 Irving offered
to lake the wheel while Cupt. Jiniiesuil
weut to tbo table- The offer wis de
eJiin'il, and Capl. Irving liud scarcely
taken (iii seat' wheu, with a loud roar,
tbe boiler exploded, and in an instant
the pride of the rive; became ■■• help
luil bulk, dulling dowu slreuin. A
Tu.' n peuple woro killed ur iujurcd.
/Among the former wan Capt. Jumicsou,
who fell "I his post doiug duly. Ilis
body waa never recovered. Had Capt.
living's offer beeu accepted be wojild
bave beeu the victim instead of bis
friend. Thc "cause 0' (he oxploiiou
wai novor known. Tbe Yale fJavi((a
tion Coptuw went out of buiiueia md
many yoars .elapied befpre ianotber
boat ventured to make the ihaiardoui f
k UY'likyif ta authorise ibe carrying
out M the nark ill Uunl Imgruve-
mtent    at    Carlabruoke    ltuail    wd
ke funds for carrying out
Ml Ip asses, ani leu
Imvniveneui rite or t««
In vrovldc fur the pajnicut
*! 19* *V*rt*t '"A *» »ee»*»l«it« *
SWWaf IH»* fo yi»' off tbt aald l!«-
WHEHlilAH the I'nrlsliriiiiliii Road
Local linpruvuiiiunl By-Luw, 1011, wul
passed by lliu iTium-ll of tho lilstrlct
of Nortli Vuncouver to provide fur ascertaining tbu lund tu be bciiulltlud und
thu proportion of heuetlt roculvud by
iuch funda frmu Iho prupusttd clearing
and grading tu Ils full width of the
CarlinrouKe Ruud from I.on.-nlulo
Avenue to tho luiilliuuit corner of
Block II, Diitrict Lot 8086, um) rnuc-
udunilslng same to u width of II li-ul
hOtWuen .Ulche.-;;
AND WHKRKAS it wul rucltml In
•aid Hi I...I-. thut tliu i ..inu.in .1 cult
of the laid improvement -work wus
Flvo Thouiund Nlnu Hundred und
I'uiTi ijii.iiliiiiii) linll.iii. ninl lliut the
Council liud ui.i"ul upon receipt uf the
petition Ih. i.-In mentioned tu puss and
submit in tlio Kleulora u By-Luw for
llie pnii'ii. i "i I..U I..", in tho suld sum
upon Debentures ... m. t by spuclal
ratal to bu' luvlud upun lite luiiun
iluu' i" ii.' i.n u in Iu b. in mi..i by
said wurks;
AND ll lllllll-;.',.'! It wus determined
by said By-l.uw lliul lhe Turn ....t.i
shull ...iniiluii. in,, mill uf the cull
of suld works und shall alldw such
uiinlrlOutluli by wuy of rebulu uf ulie-
uiiii nf Ihu said special rule lu bu
levied us nfuresuld;
ANI) mii.i.t.;. ii is determined
hi suld By-Law Ibul ihu lunds lu bu
beiielllled by Hiu carrying uut of Hie
suld Improvement works arc llie lands
having u fruiiliigu on the auld I'uils-
lu ""i. lluud si, fur us il Is lu ,bc lin-
nn i.u und Huil lliu iixliiil lu which
iuch lunds ure beneWled is In proper;
lluii In Ihe length of frontage nf such
1.uni.. respectively fronting upon suld
ANI) WHEHEAS u potltlon bus bun
received by llie Cuuncll diiled us lu
cucl, ..,, i.uiii,. und ii in T by u luujnr-
lly In number of lbe poreoni ibewn by
Ihe last reviled Assessment Holl uf the
Municipality lu be Ihu uwners nf Ihe
lunds affected by such By-l.uw und
lhe owners uf niiii-e than Ibfeo-fifthi
ill vulu of Sliull binds asking Ibul the
aald Improvemont of the Curlibreoko
Itoad lie carried out us u Local 1m-
pruveiueni. uml Hint the sum of
16,610.00 bo rallld by Debenture Bondi
In he Issued Upon the seclirlly of ll
Local improvement Rule to be levied
geeordlng lu tliu suld frunluge basis
upun llle suld hinds lu bu beiielllled .
AND WHEREAS the anuiunl of debl
which   lhls   By-Law   Is    Intended    to
e rente Is I'll','  T In unu ml  Nine  llui,ill, .1
nmi fully Dollurs und Ihe same Ib being created lu provide u fund for Ihe
snbl Improvement of Carlibrnuku Itoad
under  Local  Improvemenl  Plan;
AND WHHHKAS lliu amount lo be
rulaed annually by special rale fur
paving lbe debl uml Inieresl under lhls
By-Law Is 1487.00. being 1200 00 for
.-.inI,in,   fund nnd 207 00 for lnlereit;
ANIl WHEREAS tho value of tho
whole land und Improvement or reul
property nil.iiblc under  this By-Lew
li I,      Bluck    Lut      Sub. Frontage
1021 11     I '210
It 60
33 CO
23 60
31 60
10 CO
u   ii
■   1?    60
16    CO
A 130.1
B 133
30 9 .166.1
10 183
27 182
31 666 3
llll i
Th,.- suld Cirlihrooke lluud l.ncul Improvement Rutu shutl-4ie payable uul
of and from lbc s.ibl properties respectively and shall be und is herein
levied und chanced unnuully fur1 Hie
period of twenty yeurs fullowlng the
Issue of sulil Debenturei us a Hen or
cbargo thereon, -,-,l,lc ulong wilh
lhe iiiiiiiini luxes or rules payable fur
umi uul of the aald reipectlvo proper-
lies tn Ihe suld Corporation
7. H Is hereby provided Ihul In lllc
, v.-nl of uny uf suld properuel charged
villi said Curlsbrooke Road I .mul Improvement Huie being now or here-
ufler subdivided, then llm suld rale
."Iiiiii ulso be uropoi-llonulely subdivided unl Bellied according lo lhe front-
ugu nf euch purl or lul ubultlng ull
s.ibl Curlsbrooke Houd und lbe sub
division of lhe land slmll In- su lunl,
ihul us fur us possilde nu purt ur lol
nl ulilng will have a less depth iinm
i ue Iiundred and iwcnly 1120) feel
Ii.n I, IT nin such fronlugc ami on such
.nnbillvisloii belli" ■ so made nnd tin
in.i|i in- plun llnreof regislered In Hie
Lund Reglltry Oflice. Ihc sulil frontage
i,<ie Bliiill.be u chiiige only nn such
I,mis or lols i uiin oil sulil Blreel
uml  the rcmulnder of snbl properlles
so subdivided  (If uny) slmll be fr 1
"ui , I, .,s. .1 from Un- suld rule us a
i liaigu or Hen.
S 'fin., debl hereby created is
created on llm security of lhe' sulu
I'ui'isbiooku Ruud Local linproveinetil
Huie. willed iiii'l levied us horvlnb."
fore provided, uml II Ib guaranteed lull;.  Municipality at lurge
S Tin- amount of lbe Debentures tu
he lss,"l iimler lhls By-Law Is subjeel
lo consulldulion.
10 Tills By-Luw limy be cil.,I fol
nil purposes ub'"Tlit ('urisbrooke Huml
l.ncul Illlprovelnenl .Loun Iiv Lull.
1012." und shall come Inlu olTci-l on
lhe   l.s,   ilny   of  Auulisl.   1012
iTissed  by  llu- i'ouncll on  tlie 27th
duy  uf June,   1012.
Received  llle  iiss.nl   of  Ihc  HluilolB
10 and 20 (N'.i)
uccurdlng to the last rsylsed AsauBa-
meiil Roll of the Diitrict Is IIWM.DO;
ANI) WHKHKAS the debt ll ereelid
un ilm security uf the spuulul rn'i
sul Hud und lev|ud by tills By-l.uw und
It  Is guaranteed  by till  credit   of  till
whole Municipality;
TlHTlHEEORIil hi It enacted by the
Reevo und Council' of tho cprpuraiini
of thu District of North Vancouver In
Council assuinliluil (with lhe aesopl of
Hie ul|oc|ora of the l»|u Dlali.. ,
follow,i,  vi.;.:
1. Authority Is hereby glyeit the
Cuuiiull to ouiry out l|ie worii of Local
Improvement uf thu said Curlsbroula-
Houd as before described, ull us Looul
IniprovumeiiL under und by virtue ot
the suld Curlsbruuko Ruud Local liu-
mui,.ineiii By-Law, llll.
2. II shull bu lawful for Hie Cpuncil
to i nluu by way uf loan from uuy pur-
lun ur purloin, budy ur bui|lel corporate llllllll lli.-llelllllrcB tu bu Issuud
us li.-reliiiiflur provided, a uuiu uf
money nut exceeding in wliulu lue mm.
Uf   I'T.e   TT,iiuiiiiilii   NillU   llillidlcil   und
l-T'iT) iiu,ii in mil Dolluri and to cauie
the I-.".: to be puld Intn tho Rank ui
liiTiinii  North  America  fur  tbo  pur-
iin.'iu iiluive recited.
3. in i„ inin,. Bunds uf tbu Corporallon ItO be CUlled Locul lllipiov.-lllelll
i ' n, in in ni) lu Ull uin,iiiiii Of PIVI
1 i ...n.i    NillU    11 on.ii 1.1    Ullll    l-'ur..
Hollars In wholu may he Issued by the
RiL-vii uml clerk of-lbe Corporation lu
termi of Ihe Municipal Act nnd Acis
.nn, iniini thu inline and uf thll ByLuw In sums us may bo reuuirud, but
no .in i. Debenture shall be for a
liiiiiil.ii' sum thuu .iinm    Euch of the
. i.i i" i" i     shull bu signed by Ihu
uuld lleeve ulnl Clerk ulld suului) wllh
Hie (i.-iil of the corpurutlon.
t.   Tho said Debenture Bonds shall
hour Intei-eil U u rate nul exceeding
live pur eenl. per annum, puyublu halt
-.early during lbe currency pf suld
Hchi.-nliirca   or   uny   uf   them.    There
shull bu attached to the Debenture
Bunds coupons llgned by thu R*evu
und Clurk fur lieu und evory payment
uf interest that may become duo. und
such slgnutiircs muv he wrlllen. lithographed br stumped
6. The uuld Debenlure Huuds as lo
principal and Interest shall be payable
at Ibe Dlslrlcl .Muni, liml Dull In Nurth
\ancouver, B. ti., nr ul lbe prlnclpul
..in.. uf the Bunk uf British Nunn
Ainerlcu In the Cltl uf Toronto in lhe
Province of Ontario, nr ot the principal
ollice of the suld bank. In tbu Clly ul
Monln-ul In .lbe Province uf Quebec,
uud Ihe snbl prlnclpul sum shull In
mude puyublu by the Curpurullon ul u
liuie not later thun twenty yours from
Hie dale of Issue of said Debenture
6. I'or the purpuse of forming a
sinking fund fur the payment uf Buhl
Delimit wea at Maturity, and fur the
payment of tliu Inieresl thereon us II
""'ii... due, amuuntlug loguthor lu
1107.00, us ubove reclled. there Is hereby uiieiied und levied over and abuve
uil ulher rutes un,. luxes lb- nnniiul
sum set out In the m. i money culdron
nppuslle tbe properties hereinafter de-
ser Ibid to be Known ns lhe Carlsbiuuk„
Road Local Improvement Rute but In
accordant! with the provli ons of Uui
before recited Ciirlsbrooke Ruud Locul
Improvement By-I.nw. 1013. the Hunt-
lipulitv will contribute out of municipal revenue iinc-linii of uuld an: u
sums levied us afn"«ild„ and ullow
siiinc ns u i-ebale uf nne-flflb nf suld
ipeclul rate as follows: —
S 27.38
11 II
11 II
I 1 I.T
II 23
36 61
10 Sa
ti'ii ,"i
Hebilte I'uyubli
hy lllslrlel
I 6 17
2 26
2 26
2 26
2 26
2 26
■1 It,
T Hi
| 00 111
held   ull
I 31 11
8 18
8 0S
8 18
23 00
if n
a I    llll
duy of
Hi considered ami finally udopled bl
Hi,   Council mid signed by  lhe Reeve
nmi Clerk mnl Beiiled wllh llle Corpor
ate Seal on the day  uf
. 1012
TAKK NOTICK. lhal Ihu above ll u
true copy of the piupused By-Law upon which the vule of tlie Munb ipillly
uill be taken wllhln lhe following polling slutlous. vin.: In Hie Municipal
llall. Lvnn Valley Houd, lu '111 Church
Hull ul corner of Lonadule Avonue and
ijiiccna Hon,I, und ul Ca.iiiuiii, School
house, ull in lhe District or Norlli
Vuncouver. oil Snlurdu), Hie •Ub uu.v
of July. 1012. belween llle boms ol
0:110 o'clock a. in and 7:00 o'dock p ...
C. M. ti, and it ' ,n   n
Public Nollco Is hereby gUun lhal
lhe vole of lhe i T . i.u, uf .lie Districl
of .'-.'.iiii Vancouver will be luken nil
"Tin- Curlsbrooke Road Local Improvemenl Loun By-Law, 1012," on .-t.i'ilr-
■lay. llm I3lh day of July. IVI2. between the hours of 0:00 o'clock u in
uml 7:1)0 o'clock y u>, mil,in llle following polling Iiiil,,<s, vli; III Hie
Municipal Hull. Lynn Vulley Road; In
Uie Church Hull ul llu- corner uf Loin-
'Inle Avenue uml Ductus Roud. und ul
Capiluno School House, in lhe piitrict
nf Norlh Vuncouver. uml thui John ll
Funnel- hus been appointed relurnlng
officer lo tuke Ibi' voles of sucli electors, will, ilic Usual puiven In lhal
By urder nf lllc Cuuncll
ISIgned)       VVM. II  MAV.
Re ve
'..-!, mui        i,ni,'.   H.   l'AHMKH.
ti M ti
Ills I l(|i T   ill-'   MIHTll   VAJVCIIIJWSB having  a  fruulage on  llm luld  Lynn
Vulley  fluud so far as il Is lo be lin-
A ill I, in to „o,i,nii/e il,.- eirrylaa proved, uud lliul Hie extent to which
uul ni in. ...ni. o| i.u. ii Improve* iuch lands are bcncnllftl is In propoi-
inin, ot lbe l.yuu Valley Huml uud lion Inellie length of frollluge uf audi
rulalug liy nay ul laical liugrove-; luuils respecllvely fruinlng Upon subl
nn m IliTieiilo,, n Ibe sum ul *:t2.'2IT Ituud.
lu   ,,,,,,1,1,    Ibi-   lunds   fur   .-.., r. Ing
uul aald i. urk, and lu assess aud levy
llii- lu.nl Ini,,, u..iii.ni rale or tax
i.ujnlii.l lu iiiuii.i, lur Ibr iiayuieol
al Ibr lulerrsl ni,,l I., aeeuuiulalr ■
linking l-'iinl lu pui ull Ibe aald
WHEREAS Ihe Lynn Valluy lluud
fHecund Section) Locul Iminovement
By-Luw. 1012, wus paused l,y Hie Council uf llie Dlali'lct uf Nurlli Vancuuvur
ly provide fur uscerliiliilng lhe lnml
16 be benefitted uml thc proportion of
hcncllt received hy sucb lands from itu-
- u n. i" ........   ,.. , ... u , ......  ,,...    , i   upon   ine sccuilly  or u    .nmi
proposed clearing and grading lu lis I Improvement Rulo lu be levied m-cord-
ANH WHKHKAS a petition bas been
received by Ibe -Council daled us lo
,-uci, ilgnaturu and signed by i im-
Joilli- lu number of Iho persona -.huwii
by lhe lual revlaed Assessment Hull of
lhe Munlclpullly tu be the nwiu>rs of
lhe luliils uffecled by such Uyi1.nl/ ulld
Ihe owners of more Ihun time llflhs
In value of such lands usking ibul lb..
said linproveinenl uf Iho Lyi.u Vulley
Roud he currleil oul us u Local Ii.-
provemenl. and lhal Hi su;u of (82,813
1,0 rolled by Debenlure Bonds lo be
issued   upon   the  lecuilly   ot u   Locil
full width of the Lynn Vulley Houil
from Hie llusllngs Creek bridge lu lhe
Northern Boundury of Disl rid Lul 863
uud micinliiml/lng s-imc iu u mil IT
of 18 fett alnng the south-easterly side
of the Traniwuy on suld roud so far us
auld Tramway extends, and gravelling
i nn,- to a v.i.iii, or 20 feet in Ibo
contro of lbe roild beyond lliu suld
AND WHEREAS lt won recited In
laid )iy K"iv (but tbe estimated cost
of the laid improvement wurk was
Thirty-Two Thousand Two Humlr.-.l
and Forty-three Uli.ill) Dullurs und
that too Council uud lurecl upoi! receipt of H.o i"nil..i there n monlli.in'il
to pul end submit to Hie Electors u
By-Law for the purposo of borrowing
thc sold ium upon Debenturei secured
by ipeclal rules to be levied upon the
iendi thereby declared to bo bencOltcd
ly uid worki.
AND WHEREAS it wil determined
hy laid By-Law that Ihe Municipality
ahall contribute ono-flflh of tho cost
of suiil works, und ihull allow iuch
contribution by w»y,,*f rcbote of one-
lifiii  of the laid  special  rate  to Iw
Uvled as aforeauld;
AND WHEREAS It ll detormlnod by
Mid By-Law that the landi to bo
bew>8tud by tho carrying 901 of tho
mid imurovimont worka are tbo landa     l.  AAitlwlty  la mnthy
Ing tu tho said fi-unlug., huets upon
Hie suld landa lo bu Dcnedllcl aa
ANI) WHEREAS Iho amount of debl
wiiluli thla By-Law Ii Ini,nd,il lo
crculo la Thirty-two Thouaan). Two
Hundred und Forly-Thrcu Dollars
(131.213) and tho suiim la being civ,,-,-,
tf provide u fund for Ihc aald Improve
ment of Lynn Volley Road uttdtr Locul
Improvement Plan.
ANI) WHKHKAS tho .-miKIlt Hi be
raised annually by iiicclal r.,t,i for pay
Ing Ihe debl and Intereil under Ihtl
By-Luw ia 1201)616, |„.|„,. ||,)s:i for
singing fund uml 11112)6 for Inures'
AND WHKHKAS the value of tbr
wholo lund and Improvemont or r»a)
properly ruleuble under Ihli Bylaw
according to the Inni revised Assessment Roll of tho Diitrict Is 161.116
AND WHEREAS tbo debt ll created
on  tho lucuiliy  nl the ipeclul  rules
"in,,!   und   levied   by   1Mb   By-Law
and Jt Is guaranteed by the credit of
tho wholo municipality,
THEREFORE be It enacted by tbe
I'euv, iiiui Council of the Corporation
of the Dlalrlct of Nortb Vancouver
In Council aiBcmblod (with tl
lent of tho Eleclori of thi ul
trict) us followi, via.
podn.ll to parry ftnt thawiirli of local
Improvement of thu laid Lvnn valley
Road il before doicrllna, ull us Lucul
lmprovouiont lindei' mul 'by virtu., of
thl laid Lynn Vulley Road (Suuond
Seotloh) l.ncul |h|provemi|)t Ily-I.nw,
I.   It ihull hi layvful *pr |ho Pnwicll
10 rille by way of loan from any
perion ur iii'iiiiiiiii. body or bodlei corporate upon Debenturei to hi limed
us herulnufiur provided a sum uf mono)'
nut exceeding In wholu tho ium of
Thirty-Two Thousand, Two liumlrcil
und hVly-iriireu (132,318) Dullan and
in i-iill.-li' till S'lllle I" bu puld lulu lhe
Bank of British North America for
the  piirpiisc 'uhuve reclled.
3. 11,1,, nt,,,.- Bonds of the Uorporu-
Hup (lu lui culled Lucul Impruvemeill
DuhcnturcBl to ill unioiini of Thirty-
Twu Thouiand, Two flundrid and
Porty-Threo Dollars in whole may bo
Issued by Iho Reevi und cierl. of tho
, -"i j...1 -' 11 mi lu luiTiis of the Municipal
Act and Acta umondlng the iame and
of thla By-Law In sums ui may be
oqulred, but no llngle Debenlure shull
jo for u greater ium thin 11,000. Euch
uf Iho luld Debenturei ihull bu llgned
by Iho lliu lieeve and Clurk jiml neal
eq with tb| Bill of Ihe Corporation.
I.   Thi laid Debenlure Bond! shall
iicur lnlereit at u rato not ,■-.,, ,-,iin.
iicur liiiiilii at a rate not exceeiiliig
five per cant, per annum, puyable hull
!curly during the currency uf iild
i.l>. ut in ,-ii ur iny of them Tbiru ihall
,.!    llllli,Tie,I    tO    Ihi     Ucl,, llllll.'     II.,ml:.
,-oupouu   llgned   by   Ilia   Reevo   ind
D. L.
Block    Lot
8        • I
7    l,U
6, «
i. S
21,1 ;
47, Ik. II
I and 7
In  11   H'l
tti'a) )
36 IW V> >
163     I. 2. 36
3. 4.38
31. if. 27
and 62
37 1
1'lurk fur uucli and aviiV payment pt
Interest thut buy become due. and such
algnutiiruB may he ivrlllnn. Ilthugrnpli-
ud or itumiiuil.
6. The said pobuninru Hunds iia.lo
principal and Interesl shull bu puviible
ut the HIsiiTci Uunlclpal Hull In North
Vuncuuvor, 8. _C„ or at tho principal
uirice uf ihi Bank nf Jr)t|s)i Nurth
America In the City of Torunto In iho
Province of Ontario, Ul' 111 the principal oflice uf t||«, luld Bank In the City
nf Montreal In the Province of Quebec
and lhe laid prlnclpul ium ihull be
111111I11 puyublu ny (he Corporation u( e
data not later (nan twenty yeari from
ihu llall of lisuu of laid Debenture
I. Eur thl purpose of forming a
sinking fund for the payment of luld
Debentures ul maturity, ifpd  for tip;
payment of llm interuit ilmrcot, aa II
becomei dqe, imagining together t,
12696.16 us abuve reclled, IhofO Is here
by usaessed und levied over and above
al| ulher ralei and lain tbu minimi
"imiii iui uut In ih.' ih sl iiiuni'i column
upposllo ilic pi uiiuii 1, :i in 1, Iiinii, ,- de-
.-iiiTliiil lo he known ll the "Lum
Vulley 11,,.,,1 ,::.-,'"ini Soollon) Locul
lui|iruvcln,,,il Rite" but In uccorduuci
v.iili Iho piovinlunn ot the before recited Lynn Viljey Roud (Second Sec-
lion) Local Iiiiiii., veiuein By-Law,
llll, the iMiinlclpiilliy will coutriiiiiie
mil of Uunlclpal K. v.-nu.- onu-Hfth of
•aid iniini.,1 uiiuii levied il uforeiulu
uud allow nine ui a rebut,-  uf 1	
llllll  Of sulil   speclul   r|tU .11  follows.
71 1
ti, II
IT 77
43 77
61 4
08 I
10 2
40 8
146 76
ii 1
i< 1
103 82
233 1
61 4
I.k I
13 71,
14 86
Hi J
10 76
1 I
33 2
22 2
fi 3
If I
The laid Lynn Villey Hold is.'o»'i
Stctlon) Local Hnpruveracnl Rale ihall
be puv.ibli- out ul and from the laid
prupcrtlei riipecllvely ind ihall bo
mid Is hereby levied and Aiarged annually for tho period of twenty years
following the Issue of lull Del,.mures
nn a lion or charge Ihereon, payable
along Willi tho annual luxes er rail!
payable for and oul of tho laid reipectlvo propirifii to the uid Corporation.
7. It ll hereby provided that In lb]
event Of any of aald properlles charged
wltb uid Lynn Valley Road (Second
Section) Locul Improvement Hale, being now or hereafter lubdlvldid, then
the Mid rale ihall alio bo proporllon
'"iiiiii .!
I 13.67
',' llll
0 33
- 0.33
'J 3.1
ii ii
8 33
.   833
12 37
12 37
II I.l
11 I.l
ii ii
ii if
I.l 02
26 il
116 02
i.f, 01
11 (. I
12 1.1
I 2 6 I
32 71
Ik 3k
III 01
37 it.
in ii
3 2
'., Ti
s 33
11 .11,
by Dlilrlcl
f   8-fl
1.17    '
I 87
1.87    ;'
1 us
2 17
2 4V
2 47*
6 61
8 87
2 37
;i or,
6 26
k Iill
f, 26
I'U 20
1, 70
,; nn
.1 to
.1 ;n,
:; .in
2 17
2 if
I 31,
17 s;
: 21
v 11
I k7
1 ki
I f|
1 ii
1 s;
I ij
I 17
1 ST
:■ ij
2 S3
i ij
1 17
I   I
-   2
I 10.81
T j
7 If.
; 11;
7 n;
7 in
T 16
7 46
ii mi
ii :n)
II ill
11 ii
1 I   I'ul
22 in
32 Hi,
:i 67
21 Ul
ill 12
2 [j
43 63
63 82
26 11
13 2)
10 70
26 23
13 30
20 07
137 66
131 21
8 87
;: 11
31, 30
32 66
7 62
j (l
7 08
20 16
7 16
', if,
I ii
7 16
T if,
', If.
7 16
7 46
; ii
T If
1 l.i
T If.
I ll,
T If.
T If
T If
7 If
7 If.
11 Illi
21. 0k
, 11,
part or lot abutting, will have a Iiu
'li  than one  hundred and  twenty
11,11611 I   61003
and the lubdivlilu/i of the lind ihull
be 10 made thai 11 far li pussiblc no
8art or lot ibuiili
,j,il,  lhan ono  h
M!0) feet back from "iuch frontage
and on iuch aubdivlaion being 10 mude
and tbe map or plan thereof regliter-
11I In Iho Lnnil Heglltry OlDce. Ine Mid
fi'iiiiiige rait iliall be 1 chirgi only
on such pari! or Iota obuillng on aald
sh 1 ii  and lbe remainder of .laid pro;
?rtlei Bo aobdlvldod flf any) lha)) I.,
reed arid released from Ibe said rale
aa A charge or Hen
I    Tbo debt hereby created ll ere
ted on Ihe se. ui Ily ol Ihe laid Ly
11  Lo,
Valley   Road   (Second   Section,   1
improvemont Rate, aeiilod and lev
•J   hereinbefore   provided   und    ll
luirawud   by   tbi    Municipality
lHufli *	
J.. Tbo iiniount ot ibo Debentures
0 be Issued under thii By-Law Is sublet  lu  cunsiilldiillun.
10.   Thii By-Law may be cited for
1 "ffie I.j ~	
all purpusoB us '
._ I.ypn Valley Road
(Second   Sccllon)   Local   Imnroyornent
Loan By-Laiv. i»iS;n a"J Au'  oom.
Into irfiej op tho lit day of .lur-.u.-u.
ITlBBud   by  till  iTlllllcil  un  fho   2,Tll
■  of Junu, 18)8.
ec-lved    thl   ililii.'Jll    pf   thl    I'll,'Cl nil!
liecumilili'i'i'il and IIiiiiiI) udopled by
thu 1 -iiiiii.-il und llgned by Ihe Reuvu
inni I'l.iT, and sealed uTili llm Curporale Seal on the day of
at air'EloclVoit "held'pn'the
day of
*t?y%*% yWiMr
rr M.I-: NOTICE, Ihul Ihu above ll u
tiuu copy of the propused By-Law upon which the vol! of the Uiinlclpullty
Will bo token within Ihu following pulling Italians, vis.; In thu Municipal
Hull, Lynn Vulluy Road; lu tliu Church
Hull ut corner of Lonidule Aveiiuo'uni|
iiiiui'iiu Ruud, und at Capilano School
liouse, ull'In Tbi "Diitrict of 'Nortli
Vancouver, ob Saturday, the 13th day
of 3uli>, 18U, between the hours of
inuii iiT'iiinli a.m. apd 7:00 o'clock p. in.
."Wg*- i
Public Notice la hereby Kiviu that
the vOlu of tbe Elector! of tho l*ll|-
trlct of Nortli Vancouver w|l| (jo taken
on fhe "Lynn Vuley Road (Second
lectio '
of Ju
inuii o'clock u/inTand 7:00 o'clock nm.,
within tho following polling places,
via: In the Municipal Hal], Lynn
Valloy Rood; In fha Church Hall at
the corner of Lonidale  Avenuo am
8 11. i'liii Road, and at Cupiluno School
outu. in fhe Qlltrlct pf Nhrtb Yaik.
couver, and that John (1. Farmer has
been appointed returning, pttlcer tp
fake the votei of iuch electora, w|th
the uiual powen In that behalf.
By Order of the Council.
(Signed)      W»(. H. MAV,   „
(Signed)      JOHN a. FARMER.^
ectfqn) Local Improvement Loan By-
i.uw, 1813,1' on Saturday, the ISth day
uf July,   mi::, between the houra of
A BV-I.AW lo .ulUorl.c lhe earn lus
out of Ike work of l.ueal Improvement of iin.cicnu, 1 Road, and nulla by war of Local improve,»o,i
llebruturea Ibe aum ol Seven Thousand Five Hundred I7.5IMI.IH)) Ilullnis
lo provide Ibr i„,,,ls lor cirrylug out
aald 11 orb. aud to aiaesi and levy
the Local Impruveoieal Bile or 111
rciiulred lo pnn Ide fer Ike pui 1110,1
ul Ike Inieresl and to accumulate a
slaking fuud Hi I'") off Ike aald II.--
WHKHKAS Ibe Dovercourt Hoad
Lucul improvement By-Law. 1013. wai
pusscd by Ihe CuDncll uf Ihe IlisliTcl
uf Nurlh Vuncouver (0 provide fur us-
cerliilnlng Hie land to he benefitted
ulld Ihu pi.in..1 Hun of benefit received
by such lun,In from Ihe proposed clearing and grudiiig lu Ils full wldih of
tbu I,"iui,n-ni 1 Huml frum the Buskins Ruud lu Hie Campbell Ruud, und
macadamising same lo a width of 21
t, ei  between dllclies;
ANIl WULK 10AS II was reclled III
aald By-Luw thai Hie csHniuicd cosl
uf Hie suid Improvement wurk wus
Seven Thuusund Five Iiundred 1)7,6001
|,"II.n.\ ulnl thai tin- Cuuncll hud
ugrced upun receipt uf Ihe petition
Un I-,Tn mentioned lu pass and siibmil
lu Hie IT'. 1. ' u By-Luw fur llm pur-
luse uf burrowing Hie said sum upon
nl'.'jiiui''. secured hy special rates
lo ho levie.i upun Hie lands I here!) 1
declare! to be benelltled by suld
AND WHKHKAS It was determined
by suld 11.1 I... v. Ihut lhe .Municipality
iliall ...iiiilluii. "in niii of Ihe eust
of .n.il,I   works  ami shall   allow   sucli
uiii iiuiiii'ii by Way of rebate/of one-
Ifth of the Bald special rutty lu be
levied ns ufurcsald;
ANIl WHKHKAS It Is determined by
said By-Law lhal lhe lands lu he lum
mi,.1 by Ihu currying uul of the said
Improvement worlts are lin- lamls having a fruntage un the said Dovercourl
Road su fur is ll Is lo be Improve,1
uml Ihul- tho extent lu which such
lumla are benelltled Is In proporllon
lo Ihe length of fronlagc of such lands
respectively fronting upou laid road;
ANii WHKHKAS u petition Mui been
received by Ihe Council dated al lo
.nli algnulure und signed by a ma
-uli In number nf lhe persuni ibewn
Jy Ihc lusl revised AsscBBineiit Rull of
Ihe Munlclpallly lo be lbc owners of
the lands nffcclod by such By-Luw
und the owners of more thun throe-
ilfihs In vulue of such lands asking
dial Hie suld Improvemenl of the
Dovercourt Road be curried out as a
Lucul Improvement, und Ibul Die sum
of 87.600 lie rulBed by Debenture Bonds
lo 1)0 Iuued upon Iho security uf a
Local Improvemenl Rale )o bo levied
according to tile said fronlugc busts
upun Ibo suld lunds in be beiioiltl.-d us
AND WHKHKAS the amount of debt
which lhls By-Luw la Intended to
create is Seven Tlii,us;iiul Five Hun-
1 i.-il 17.600 001 Dollars, nmi lin- smut- Is
being crcuti-d lo iiuil.I. a fund for
lhe auld improvemenl nf liuvercourl
Hii.nl under Local  Improvement  Plan;
AND WHKHKAS the amounl lu be
railed annually by apeclal mil. for
im.In,, ihe debl und Interest under
this By-Luw Is Six Hundred und
Tn. it 1 s'. 1, n 1627001 Dollurs. min,
1262.00 for Blnklug fund and 1376 00
fur Inieresl;
AND WHKHKAS llle vulue uf I In-
whole land und Impruvemenl or reul
properly ruleuhle  under  this By-Law
uccurdlng to the luat revised Assessment Roll of, tho  nlnu 1,1  lu 616,280;
AND '.'. 11 it nt: it |bi debt Is created
on tho in-ciiriii of the ipuclul raluH
Bellied and levied by this By-Law and
It Is ; u.m.'uh. u by llle credit of the
Whole       inni- !('.Til'  .
1 in-:i,T-;i'Tii:i'; he It enucted by tho
Reuvu and Council of thu Corporullon
of Ihu Diitrict uf North Vancuuvor
In Council u. . mi.1. ii 1 c. uii the uasont
uf Ihe Klectors of the Hid Dlslrlcl)
as follows, vli.:—■
1. Authority Is hereby given tlie
Council to curry oul the work of
locul iiiiiuni, meiii of tbe said Dover-
court Roud ui "im, described ull as
Locul lmpruvemont under und liy virtue of the suld Dovercourl Road Local
Impiovemeiil   By-LUW,   1012.
8. lt shall be luwful fur Ihu Council lu raise by wuy of loin frum 1111,1
porBun or perauns, budy or budleB cur-
pui-ate. upun Debentures tu be Issued
uu In 11 Iniiili 1 provided, u sain of
money not exceeding In whole Hie sum
uf Seven Thousand Five Hundred
117.600.00) Dollars, and 'o cause ■
same to bu paid Into Ihc Bank of British North America fur Ihc purpose
abovo  recited.
3. Debenture Bundu of ihe Corporation (to be' culled Lucul Improvemenl
Debentures) tu un amount of Seven
Thousand Kive Hundred 167.600 00)
Dollars In whole may be issued hy Hie
Reeve and Clerk of lhu Corporutlon
In terms of lbc Munlclpul Acl nnd Ac-Is
amending Ihu sume, and of Ilils By-
Law in sums us may be required, but
no single Debenture sliull be fur n
in mil.t ,-iiiih than 11.000.00 Kach uf
the suld Debentures shull he signed
by lliu said Reeve und Clerk ami scaled
witli the Seul of the Corporullon.    - .
4. Tho said Debenture Uumls sliull
bear Interest ut a rule not exceeding
five por cent, iter annum, payable hulf-
yearly during Ihu currency of suiil
Debenturei or any of Ihem. There
shall be ailacbed to lbc Debenture
Bonds coupons signed hy the Reeve
and Clerk for each und every payment
uf Ini, 1, ni Iiiui may become due. ami
such signature! may be written, lliliu-
gruphuu  01- slumped.
6. The suld Debenture Bonds as (0
prlnclpul und Inieresl shull be puyable
ai lbe District Municipal llall In Norlh
Vancouver. B. ti.. or at lhe principal
"ill., uf Iho Bank of British Norlh
America in the Clly of Torunto, In the
Province of Ontario, or at lbe prlnclpul
oflice of the laid bunk In thc Cily of
Muntroal, In tho Pruvlnco of Quebec,
and tho laid principal sum I, ,11 he
made puyable by Tho Corpuri'iioii ul a
date not later thuu twenty yours irom
Iho dulo of Iuue of suld Debenture
0 For Hie purpuse of forming a
sinking fund fur lue paymenl of said
Debentures at maturity, and for Ihe
nail,u ni of Ihe lntereit thereun ua li
1 1...      due,    umuuntlng     together
lO    1627 00.    US    above    l'eelll',1.    HlPI r    Is
hereby iisscsBcd and levied over arid
ubove ull oilier rules and luxes tin-
annua) sums set uut In Hie llrsl mono)
cuiumii opposite the properties hereinafter described to bo known as Ihc
"Dovercourt Itoud Local Impruvenit-iil
Rate," bul In .,...., ,i.ui.-.- wllh tho
provtsluns of the before recited Dover
court Roud Local' improvement n.i
Law, 1012. ihe Munlclpullly will contribute out of Municipal revenue one-
nrili of suld annual sums levied as
uforesald and allow sume as a rebate
of .in null of suld speclul rule us follows:—
D 1        Block     I.ol Sub   Fruuluge
7017          62            1 88
2 88
I 88
7 81
t 18
8 88
10 88
11 176
12 66
18. II. 16 i.N'-. 1 I II
II ,N'Ti 17.18 2 II
10.26 iK'.i
3 it
I 41
6 44
r. 44
7 44
| 44
.10 44
11 44
11 44
II 11
14 41
llll    10    18 132
11 132
The sold Dovercourt Ruad l.ueal
Improvemenl Rule shall be puyuble uul
of and fruni lbe aald piuueiTh-s r<~
ipeclivaly and ahull be and Is lierehy
levied and charged unnuully for lhe
erlod uf twenty yours following lhe
uue of laid Debenture! us u Hen or
ilium, thereon, puyuble ulung Willi
Ibe annual luxes or rales payable for
and out of lbe auld rcBpedlve prup
1 iilin to the suld Curpurullon.
7 It la hereby pruvlded lhal lu llie
event ot any of suld pruperiles cliurued
wllh said Dovercourt Road Locul Improvement Rule being now- or hereafter subdivided, then llm suld rule
slmll ulsu.be proportionately subdivided .n.,1 , nliul according to Ihe
frubtag.. of each pari or lot obuillng
on sild I,uv, 1. uiul Road, and I lie
subdivision of laud shall he so mude
Ibal aa far ua possible no purl or lol
abutting will have a Jell deplh ihun
one hundred and Iwcnly 1120) feel
hack from sucb frontage, and on luch
-ul "liilui..,. being to made and Die
map or plan thereof regtalorod In tho
Land llcglalry Offlce Iho aald fronlagc
rate ahall be u charge only on lucb
Paris or loll abutting on laid slreei.
and Ibo remainder of aald properties
so subdivided 'If any) Ihall be freed
and ii'iuiini .1 from the said rale us a
charm1 or lion.
I Tho debt hereby created il created un tlie sii uiiil of Ihe aald Dover-
court Hold Locul Improvement Rale,
lollled and levied na hereinbefore provided, and ll li guaranteed by Iho
Miinii iniiili-.  at large.
I The amount of tbe Debenlurea to
bo issued under thll By-Law ll lub-
Ject to imiihi, 11,luiiun
10.   Thll Hi I..-.u  may be cited for
fil purpoaei u "The Dovercourt Roud
.,,, nl Improvement Loan, "-,- 1.imliil," and ahull come Into effect on
Me lit dty of Augiil. llll
Pinod by the Council on tho I7lh
•inv of June. 1)18.
Received Ihe auent uf tho Klectors
ul an 11., iii.i, held on the
lay- of 11   , llll.    ,
Rebale Payable
by Districl
i   646
1 27 26
I 21 81
17 II
f, 11
21 II
t. In
r, ir,
11 11
27 26
11 M
27 26
r, ti
2T 26
21 Sl
27 26
r.i if
in Si
6 46
21 SI
2 73
1 :,:.!
1:1 r.i
13 63
2 7::
2 73    ,
13 63
2 73
in mi
10 00
2 73
10 no
3 73
ID "0
111 I'll
s 17
I   62700
I   126 40
Re'.'unsidereil uud Ilnully adudled by
1 tic- Council .und signed  by ihc Reeve
and  Clerk   and  sealed   with   Hie  Cor-
i".iui.  Seul un lhe day of
. 1012
NOBTH  1 111 hi u 11
TAKK NOTICK, lhal the abuve Is u
true Copy uf lbe prupused By-Law upon whlcb the vole ur Ihc Municipally
will be taken wllhln lbc following pulling siulloni. vli.: In Ihu Municipal
Hull. Lynn Valley Ruud. In Ihc Church
Hal) ut curner of Lonsdule Avenue and
Ouceiis Roid. und ut t'apllunu School
House, ul) In the Dlilrlcl of Nurlh Vuncouvor, on :i.iiu,il.n Ihe lllh duy uf
July, 1013. i„ in,, n the huurs of 0:00
o'clock u ni. und 7:00 o'clock p.m
JOHN 11   i",i:.M 1 1:     ,
C. ,\l  (.' and Relurnlng
Public Nolice li hereby given that
Ihc vole of Ibe Kloxlon of the Diitrict
of North Vancouver -'.ill be tukon On
the Dovercourt Itoud J.mul Improvement Loan By-Law, 1012, on SuluTduy,
the llth duy of July, 1112, between
llle boun of 0:00 o'clock a in. ulld
7.00 o'clock p. m., within tho following
pulling place!, vli: In the Munlclpul
Lull. Lynn Valley Road; In Iho Church
Hull ut the corner of Lomdalo Avi-	
inn] ijuii'iis Road, and at Capilano
School Houie. In Iho Diitrict of North
Vancouver, and that John U Farmer
hai boon appointed returning officer
lo lake lhe void of iuch olcclori.jvllh
Iho uiual powen lp that behalf
. By Order of tbo Council.
ISIgned)       WM. H. MAT,
ISIgned)      JOHN (1.  FAKMKlt,      ,
C. M. C.
Get a "Prosperity" Edition of the "Express" WARNING
NOTICE is hereby given that any person posting
up any Advertisement pr (Sign, or printing anything
on or otherwise injuring any of ,he poles or posts of
WAY CO., LTP„ is liable to 3 penalty of $ 100
and costs, or one month's imprisonment, according
to the Company's Act of Incorporation, and will
be prosecuted accordingly.
B. C. Electric Railway Co., Ud.
R. H. SPERLING, General Manager
' .1      ...   i
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
I llulil il lu'i
I ii.ii I U III m      11 ulnl
AudilUI   Ullll    '...nnnl;i|ii
lui  Uin iiiil.- Avenue. I'. 0. llui 2307.
Norlli VniK-oiiver. I'lione I'll.
0. A. Oil.., B.O.S.A.
172b Otaeiterfield Avenue,
North  Vancouver
I    Pboue id.tu
ii, i.,-i;.. Oonfcctlonon and
113 Lomdale Aveuue
Underwood's Barber Shop
111  ll I.Mill IIV
Nuccessor in Wallaco & Scott, Third
street.   uloneral n.paii work.
A. Wallace's services UUI4} beeu ro
(llllll.i.   AMI   M  l llii.M.lll
HookieHeri and Stationer!
Cot. lonadale end lit.        Pbnr« 143
I'lans Executed       :   Ksliinules Qivou
Oeutre and Mill Bold
Lyuu Valley, B. 0.
'lbe  New  lllock on  l.ooidilo Aveiuc
ueur tbe Ferry  Approach
wm built by
lieuerul Contractor!
fc '
Plaus and Kslimiles furuiibed free.
Hepiiriug,  remodeling,  ati.,  promptly
attended to
Lyon Valley, B. 0.
Allan iinini near Weitovor, P. 0. Boa
fn, Lyuu Creok, B. c!
Cabinet Make: and Carpenter
Hill undertake all kiudi 0/ weed work,
icpairi, etc.
fourth Street and Buthirluid Avenue
F. 0. Box 8006
CIVII.   IT.MllMnlnll.V
A.M.I.K. k S.
Irrigation, dralDige, level*, pliba
uud ipceiliculiuiia. Septic tauki aud
houae drainage 1 ipecially. I1. 0.
Box 344, Ifith itreet weat ol Bewieke
1.mn nn.-.
Ami geuerul I'uiunnn.,„„ Merchant, 13
i.ui. niii,- Ave., North Viucouver.
Pboni 324
BUTTEB uid E008
Wr uru specialist! iu tbeiio lines.
121A Louidalo Avenue
1.11 M11111.9
My iiuiiii.. ara at tbe CiplUuo
l.niiiiTii where youn uuglil to be.
Flit work for itu centi dot. Hough
dry, lc II,., wet waih, 3c Ib. llrop m
a curd luil we will call lor tbein.
P. 0. Bex tail
Plumbliiijl     Fluuiblugl     Fluiubiug
1 niiiiii. im- Owneri get Hied up
wilh julm before rim iu miteriil. Cut
figures, .lobbing carefully Ittendeil lu
■lltl SUccl, >:■, Block Wait of Louadile
ri ".ii uur 11
Studio   over   Bank   B. N. A.
I.onidali ud Esidaaidi
mi mi
High 1 limn Ladies' aud tlcul*' Tailoring
Hepiiriug . mil    Allentiuus.   l.'leauiog
ami Dyeing in all ita brincbei. All
Work gmrauti'fil.
Ill First Streot Wcsl. l'bono 801
IJ. Linn
Ladies' arid Uouti' Oleaulng.
Proialug and Kepairing
1 Specialty
I'll) Second Street Eaat ' i
I I NS.11I 1 II-
N.V. Tinning & Sheet Metal Worb
Fint Streot Eait of Lsuidali
Lowell pricei ami besl  work guiran
Iced on iiiiiiiii|i nul sheet inital wurk.
Ail kinds uf tics hied aud let uu Ibo
iborlwt notice, Inwu tuoweri, kuii'ii,
hedge ibcari and sclisori ibirpeued. All
work guaranteed, moderate pricei,
1834 Lonadale Avium Phone he
The Express goei min every homo on
Ihc Nortb Bhore eou ii read by .12Ikt)
people. Kxpresi ids. rouiequeutly arc
1. re to bring results.
.   rt       1 Band your frlende who iri lntariiUd
A iiood      iu tb> H,rt* m" *mr oi
Preient        "Th* ^P'^"
■■■■■■ tt   will   keep than potted oa   all
    1 'll. North Shon Niwi and wil) ouly coat
f 1 per year
Proposed Cable
Railroad to 869
A ineeling pt property Om*n III »nd
afpuutl P. L. 80B, which in situated
un the bo»l% »|Rpw flf IfWte Mountain, iTiiii'uniTl yeiterday lll'lorimuii nt
the nfllen nf tin DptmA Development
tlonipiiuy   nn   l.uiiBilulu   uviiiiui,.     The
ruiiiiiu il'etre pf the meeting if** fti
preliminary dlaeuiiipn nf a project in-
volviug the i'iiii:itriii-iinn uf a eabla
railroad tn about the middle of 1). L.
8611 frpm I'uuu". itreet.
Mr. Alexander I'hilip explained tbat
the ii.uTinii concerned was an eiceed-
iugly valuable ono 'mm both a iconic
ami a health point of view. The only
difficulty iu tbo way of realization op
this property was tbo matter uf coin-
iniinii-utiiiii. Fur tbe purpoae of tbe
sugguited icbeme a profile plau had
beon iiimli- from St. Geergoa read to
1). L. mui. Tbe hrst lection bad a WU
grille, tbu   i-i ninl section of tbe ruuto
I 2b'1, graile. Tli use p iiul en, said Mr.
Philip, wero very easily workable by
'iii.ii-, as wpuld be unduritood when it
was remembered that tbo Qrouse
Mountain scenic railway was pruposed
to operate a grade of lii'.i.   There was
II highway reserve all the way up to
ll. I.. Min, so that uo laud would huve
tu be appropriated or acquired.
Nm h u railway as was proposed
would, fully equipped, cost approximately ♦00,1100—oue car going up aud
the uther mining down. 'If arrange
ini-nti! could be made through the dis
trict cuuucil to have the undertaking
put forward under lucul iinpruveinenl,
Mr. I'hilip believed that the mailer
wuuld be luin.il. .1 in the best manner
Tbe possibility was ulsu mentioned
of arranging with tlie ti, ti. Klectric lo
uperale Ihe service. Undoubtedly lbc
mosl economical method would be lo
operite it entirely by electricity. Mr.
Philip emphasized the fait that the
simplest wuy of liuincing it tuml.I be
by 1 local improvement loan. The
lii.I'..-e.l line would have to extend
:il nui one ninl 1 hull miles, iud for
this work un engineer hid estimated
the cost very liberally at 100,000. Mr.
I'hilip mentioned the nnues uf eminent
medical men, as well as the lucal officer
uf n.'iilili, wbo had spoken iu bigb
praise uf tbe hygienic value of the
The lirsl step wis to gel iulu cum
munieuliou with tbe H C. Klectric umi
un- ill Ibo iniln. me possible to get
tint company to fullll ils promise lu
extend lhe carline lu Ksscx street, su
that uo future difficulties wuulil beset
the matter uf connection nilh the pru
posed roiil.
Mr I'hilip suggested that il might
be initially idvisable tu appoint 1
committee lu furlhcr lhe matter, uml
this met witli 1 ready rcapuuse frum
thc meeling. Mr. Davldsuu, uf the
Hustings shingle llu.; Mr. II. J Ilus
l.ll, uf Haalott 1 i'o; Mr. A. Taylor,
Mr J. I'ro aud Mr. J. I'elkey were
'Tinneji as this committee.
Oouaeciatsd  by  Filth   ind   Louglng,
Blood and Tun
Tbe pilgrim to Jeruuleiu of today
aces little Ihil wua actually vrililr lo
Ihe t'rosiilers, uud tbey sa.v 1 mri
ilnli 1. nt Jerusalem frum Ibe Jerusalem
of David, or even from lhe Jerusalem
uf tbe bnt century. Mure tban 'alf
of the original town relied to ni-l
uiii r the destruction uf Titus, ami the
I'rusaders' Jerusilcm hul moved north
winls, Inning the southern quarters,
Ophcl and lbe slopes of the Vulley ul
lliuiium, ui ii 1.uuii 1 Tbe existing
wills iud gates dile frum lhe middle
of the miu,-nib century, except fur
..-11 nin perilous of Ihe Hiram in
cloture, »ln, h gu lunl. to the lime uf
Hirod'i laml, architectural achieve
ineiil'. ind even to tbi diys of
Wolomou, though his huge fouu'lition
stones ure 10 be found below the pru,
enl level of the soil.
We who wonder I mini It Ibe 'J-
plrc of uuuunry which oyurbau/s lin
Valley of Ibe Kedrou will nui der dill
more wheu wo lomeuiber Ibal In'i ili
bright ll burled In Ibo rirlli The
villryi ilso, betb wltbln Ihe wills ami
without, hive lilted up: tbo region lo
tlio uorth of tbe Ilium li covered will
houses, aad tbi bill of /-lou his lost
uminlliing of ltl diiniiinnt liollliun.
Bul It bu lust nothing of iti lanclily
aad we may lake leave to doubt
whether the glories 0/ Holomon's
Temple, described by mon wbo bid few
■liudardi of cninpinsiiii and magnified
by pious recollection, surpassed iu
beauty Iho exquisite Homo 0/ the Huel.
lhat masterpiece among Mohammedan
The claim ef Ihe Hirim area to con
lain Ibe actual alte upou wbicb rose in
nmi ilm Templet of Bolomon, of
Nchexolab, aud of Herod, li not open
lo dispute; but Bir t'litrlos Walton, In
his newly publlihod "Story of
Jerusalem," li careful to explain that
wry fuw i,f the holy placet bave any
authentic justification, while maoy of
thein bave beeu manufactured to meet
tbe requirement! ot pMgrimi -are
meiefactured   yaftly,   ll   might   bl
•dttpo, m a«.Rf<t#HuP witb. ths growing
duinuud of the. ploUB, uud pf llie
merely curipl)s, fp when) fhe railway
bM.gjveii gfoijtpr fueillfips of iil'c.bhs.
The i|te of llm Holy Sepulchre itself
hat beep bufly debuted) and all that
cun bo suiil wjth certainty epncprniug
flip ■ Inu > li that cuinmempratcs the
burial place nf tibrist is f|iafst aeon-
pips thp spot which wus i lm .uu by Poll-
stanfiue fur bia basilica, after what
wuubl appear fo have been, a tpfal oblivion pf the tpfnii during- .31)11 years.
But bp who piii.iii'-. ilmi u ||ie narrow
alley that lends Into a epiifflaM Ifpeil
with chapels of evory creed, aud sees
before bim tliu double doorwaj pt the
medieval church aud tho sculpturei)
cornices which are prpbably the sole
remaining fragment uf the fourth century basilica, will bo content to know
that he stands upou ground lliut hus
boon cunaecrated for llltlll years by the
faith and the lunging, Hie hloud and
tears of Christendom.—Times.
The buulevard's ill"* eufes glitter with
electric lights umi Aucur gus jets.
Their mid linrdea uterllotv 011 Hie side-
nulli terraces.' Must ul' them have
music. Advertising signs throw souri-h-
light! oud lluini.. uf blue, pink, urunge,
iiiun;.n it is still aflpriiuun. White arc
lumps spit and dazzle. Nuiie, elful
cence, excitpnipnt. niuiic.
l.uug live tlie boulevardl
"Dissipated," remarks Umrli'c'i
"Hipping!" murmurs 1'Inn-lie's
schoolboy luunn 1
There are flvo lirilnns in Iho party.
I'nuliservcil. Hie schoolboy sli|is u ilul
lur miu the huml uf u pussing faker
Who oilers him u burguin. .
"Drop it!" whispers I'hurlie, us he
grabs Hie dollur. Charlie knows his
wuy about Hie boulovard. He blmsell'
I-..,Tt "bargains" lust summer, anil
lu   I.inn-,   they ure frauds.
"cipik I'.ngleesh! Vill yuu ico hurdt"
No answer.
"I spik Bnglabsb, zee l,unl alsol'
"Oh, t.'hurlie, is it true' fc-'urh .1
lillle bird'    Iluu iiuiiiif''
"(let uull Thnt bird is sick! ' Like
11 true Briton, Charlei spoke with au
iliiuily In truth, the cheap love bird
is so full of laudanum nuuked seed Ihut
it jusl clings lu Ine stick. "I will
buve    yuu    arrested    Inr    cruelly    lu
"Beastly Kreiieh; they will du anything for muliey."
"The voice ul .Sarah Hcruhurdtl Huy
lin gulden voice."
"The Americans ul Panama, Hie
little dlleben."
The lakers uf Hie boulevard i-un sell
anything. Ouce Ihey disposed of u job
lol of 1011,0110 eupies „f "Undluur und
Teuiut Ijiw " in three days
Aniline them are broken duwu uobles,
ruiued speculilurs, unfrocked priests,
dishonored soldiers, wuywird suns, the
debris uf tbe pist. Ouce Iwu uid rag
gel felluivs were Hiking;
"ll wis Ine yeur ue nude llic copper
i .i.-l I give Amelia In-r huuse iu Ihc
Chumps l'ilys.-es," said he uf tin- wild
whiskers -uud dived fur 11 eigar slump.
I1; I.um'ie.I ubl uge uml gutter bred
ynulli sell Ibe same nuiellics. Tbey ure
witty, saucy, worl,Ily wise, un.l a,
cynical und guo.l nature! as eluluucu
They sa_y:
"Huy, Monsieur Hie llareii "
if il liul- Ihey promote you;
"Uuy,.Monsieur the Marquis."
lia/c on liiein coldly uiul lli.-i gu uue
better; .
"Buy, my Prince."
Ami yuu suy condescendingly, us you
purebise u trick puitrard;
"Oood. You've gut il riglit ut lust.
Vuu liu'l, yuur lime about it.'1
Caacfnating ai the.study of Orieuinl
rugs is, it is by nu means u usi'.ess or
costly ouo, us is often thought. I'ur
sued with earu and intelligence, It may
be 'inii'' !•• uiii:• l'l. followed, i'or a good
rug, lii.,- a good picture, is likely to iu-
creaso in valuo and boepmo iu tbe long
ru|i a epiiurf ipvoBtmpnf tp i'» possesspr.
The value pf an Oriental rug, we are
told iu the practical Book pf pripptnl
Hugs," by G. Griffin Lewis, "depends
upuu the number uf kinds to the square
inchi, tbe flueuoss of the material, the
richness aud stability of its colors, thu
amount uf detail in design, und, lusl
but not least,-its age."
In furnishing a liouse witii rugs or
carpets ono is uaturally prone to select
tbo cheaper domestic rugs, believing
lhat money would be wasted on the
higher-priced Oriental varieties, how
ovor much they may appeal to one's
ii tliein tustu. Uut, "everything cun
sidered, the ililYcruucc in eusl per
square font between the average
nm ninl uml Iinini1 product amount! Ill
little in comparison to Hie difference in
endurance. If une uses the proper
judgment iu selecting, lus money is
much belter spent whon invested in
the former thun when invested in the
latter. While the imp uf the domestic
is worn down lo the ivurp, the Oriental
Iiuh been improving iu color uml sluvii
us well us iu vulue. This is due tu the
fact that the Eastern product is made
uf the softest of wool uml (rented witb
dyes which have stuml the test ut ecu
turies uml whieh preserve the wool in.
steud uf destroying il, us du thc aniline
The I'olluwing ure spun uf llie ehurui'
teristerics uf the Bastoru fabrics whieh
arc uot pusBCSseil by Hie Western
"First, Ihey show tlieir whole nil
tern uud culor in detail on llie buek
side; secoud, the pile Is compose I of
rows uf distinctly tied knots, iviiieli ar-
maiie plainly visible liy sepurutiug il;
third, the sides are either overea.nl iy;ii
colored wool or hnve 0 narrow selvage;
uml IniiiTli. the ends huie either a sel
vuge ur fringe, or both.
"Lift the rug tu test llic weighl.
Oriental rugs ure much heavier in |irn
portion   to   tlieir size  than   are   ihe
domestics.   See if it lies straight  I
Sat on the floor ami   has   no   folds.
Crookedness detracts  much   from    il»
value.    Take buld uf the centre  I
pull it up iulu u sort of cum- shape,   11'
compactly  woven il  will sluml .ilmi \
just us a pieee uf guud silk  will."
lit: \1.1:1' T1.CNDKKH addressed tp tile
iiudoi'slgnui), und ondorsod "Tender for
Extension to Wharf at fiort Moody,
II. ti.," will bu received at tills office
nulil cun P- m. on Thursday, July 16,
llll, fur the .'iniiili 11,11,111 01 on extcn-
slun to Wharf at I'url Moody, Burrard
Inlet, New Weilmlniter District, ti. C.
i'liins, si'ecllleutloii and form of contract can be seen and forms of tender
uin,iiu.ui at this i'u|..'i nn. ni and it the
ollk-es of ti. ti. U'orifold, Bsd., District
Kngineer, New Weirmlnsrrr, II; C:;'F.
W, AjlmiT, Ksq., District1 iCnglneer,
Cliusu, i). C. und un iippllcutloi) tu the
I'oslniiistct' ut'Port Moody, ti. ti.
I'eiHuus   te|ld,M-!llK  are   Uollliud   ilm
tenders will nut be cunsiilerud unless
made un the nrlnled turius supullod.
und  signed  wllh  lhe|i- ueluul  slgiia-
liii' n.    :l.miii-.    Illell'      iil'.illi'lui    md
places uf icsldenee. In the caso ot
mi' the actual slgniilure, the nuluie
of lliu ncounatlun and place uf resl-
dencu uf each nielnlier uf Ihe llrm mus
be given.
Inui-li tonder mu -i Ue aceuinininled by
an iieceplid cheque un' u ehurlured
liaiik. piiyulile tu (In, older uf Ihu Hon-
om-nlili.-Ilni'Minister uf I'ulillc Wurks.
eilUiil lu ten ppr eenl. HO D. cl of tlm
-1 of  lhe   lender,   wliieii   will   lie
fulfel-leil If llle |iel'Siill lelliielTng decline Is ciiler Into a contract when
.-.■ill.-'l uuu' lo do so. or full lo ciimnlclc
lhe ivock conlraiTcd for.    If llie ten-
ilel- he Ilni ;ieee|.|,nl llle ehellllu Will lie
Tlie l"-|'iiiTniiTil docs nol Idml Itself
l„ neeopl llie lowesl or nny lender.
Ily or.li-i-.
il  1:. Ii|jsi!iicil|-;IIS.
., ;    .Tin, 111   uf   I'Ul'llc   Wnlhs.
illl.in,1    .lune   27.   lilll!
Neiis|i!,|iels ivlll mil he I ui'l for lhls
adverllseilienl If Ilny liiseil II wTlhoni
authority from llic |)e|,aiinieli|.   i32a:>
Illil.l I.ATIII.VS
Coil mining rlglils of llio Doinlnloii
In Manitoba. BuBkitchewan and Alberta, the Vul.nii TiTT-Hory, Ihe Norlb-wesl
TciiTlorles und In a portion of lhe province of llrltlsl. I'oluniblu. limy lio loused for n term of twenty-one years al
an iininiiil ronlal of |l uu acre. Nol
more Ihun 2.5CD acres will be leased lo
one applicant.
Application for a lease must be made
by lhe u|i|illcaiit Iii perion lo lliu Agciii
or Kuh-Agciil uf the dlslrlcl In which
ilie i-lglill a|i|'lle,l fui- are slllluli'd,
Iii surveyed territory Hie land musl
be described by seciiuns. or legal subdivisions ef Bcclloiis. and In iinaurvc.1-
81J lerrHoiy Hie tract u|i|i|led fur shall
bu Slukeil out by Hie , , In .mt lilm
self. <
l-'acli -appllcallon must bu aecuinpan-
led bv u fee of |r. wlni-n will ho refunded If lhe rlgliis u|i|illed for ure nol
available, Inn nol "llierwlse a royally shall be. paid mi llic merchantable
output uf llie mine ut Ihc rule uf live
cents per tun.
The persnii operating llic mine shall
furnish Ihc Agenl with sworn returns
accuunllng for lhe full <iuunilly uf
nieicluinlnblc coal mined and pay llie
royalty inorcon. If the coal inlulng
1-IrIiIi are nol being operated, sucli returns sliuulil be furnished nl leust unco
a year.
The leise will Include lhe cutl mining
rights only, bul the lessee may be permitted li purchase wliulever available
surface ilfihia uiay be conalderod ncc-
essarv for Iho working of llie mine ai
Iho riile   if IIO an acre
For full iiifi.iriiiitli.il ii'i'ilciiili.n
should In- made lo Ihc sccrulury uf the
Hepnrlmont of the Interior. Otlana, or
In nnv agenl or Kni, Agenl uf Dominion
VV   VV. Clllll.
Inpuli Mlnlsi.-r ,.f Ihc Interior
N IJ --linuuilii.rlzi.il publication of
lhls oilveiTlsenieiil will nol be paid
for 229
No Guesswork
iii our proscription deparUuout everything is measured and
weighed with thc greatest of skill aud care. Your friend's
life may depeud uu tho druggist as much as Hie doctor. Wc
guaruitco to hll every prescription with the purest of drugs
aud chemicals.
Pbone 28 . «th aud LONSDALE AVENUE
Our motto: Purilii. Qufl/l/Ji and Econom]!.
Complete for 11.69
kit tha right kind of thlngi whon thiy sell tha gooda. It li the facta about
the quality of our gooda in the way of FUENIITUBE, CARFET8 and
{jROOKWY, and tho facts ibout thi low pricei uid the special pilrcu on
theae gooda that win favor anioug our cuatomtn.
Han are some facta for you to profit by:—
CHILDREN 8 PUSH CARTS, ipeclal prlca $3.00
A large ahlpmint Juat received.  All tho rige
MEAT SAFES        12.00
HEAT SAFES, large elae , fW.OO
ROYAL OAK DRESSERS, with bevelled plito mirror 18.00
a llffiltod/uuinbor ouly, $2.1)0
In our Crockery Qepirtmeut
TUMBLERS, por dot GOc
CUPS awl SAUCERS per      s'
Apt.   ..:.,.... toe
128 Lonsdale Ave.  "•«•m  North Vancouver
>1 12
Captain Cates and
Riparian Rights
I'alitnr Eipriil,
North Vancouver, B. fit
Will you kni,Ily ini'i'iT iin-.,- letters
il ypur , allied publication upi-ii Iho
earliest date paull Id.
Till in 'i is one which I submitted lu
ths Dirfjulurult! nl thu North Vuneniiver (lity I'errius (of which I unt a
member) at a meeling of that body
liehl pn T'liui -in-   .limn !)/tli, IIHL1.
Tlio BiiiTinil Is uu explanatory oun,
which it has buciiine uecossury fur mu
tu write owing Hi tho misleuilinp
ilni ..uniil >,   which   lune   been   utteruil
bj curtain purtios with rifirencs in ihu
 ii no n.i ii r un t tti iio.l ill lll.i lotter which was llrsl lubmitted tu the
Himr, 1 of Direclurs, und referred liy
Hull luiily In the. city council uml n ml
at i melting held iu the eily hull
on the ovening uf July Snd,
Trusting that yuu will favor ino with
publicity in this niaffar.  I am,
Yonr obedient fwvant,
Vancouver, B, 0., July 7th, 18»a.
(Copy nf original letter to tha Parry
To fba Buard of Perry Pireotors,
Nortb Vfacoiivar, 8. 0.|
Uuutlauion,—It baauuwu-tu my unti^i
iImi the government angiueer will cry
shurtly be hiire to go uvur tbe h-irbor
iinprovmiiuiit scheme, and I havu h--n
iiifoniioil un vory good auLnr't.v i'iat
ho Is going to make a report on all
wharves liuill nr under c,iintrmliiiii,
ulsn nil watur lots tint havu been applied for, ami all vacant water lots, ur
lots that have not been applied fur tn
tim lluniiiiinii guveriiinuiit, ninl, a.i
Judge Murphy gavu his ilicisiuu Hint
the inmui of uny lul going tu thu
wuler hud uu ripuriuu rights to tlie
water-covered luls frum high wutur out
unless otherwise applied fur in prnpor
'inin lu thu Dominion guvuruiiieul.
I think it wuuld be advisable In
luke steps ami seo whu bus upplied fur
thu luls nn either side nf the streets,
ami if uuy uru yacant to udvisu the
city tu lake immediate stups In upply
to the department Inr same for furry
Hiving purchased the business of Oeo. W. llunl inr, Oo., ill'
which I was a partner, I am now pripared to fiiruiah eatl
mutes and carry out any work entrusted to uis to the beat of
my ability.   Satisfaction guaranteed. Nothing hut the but uu
tenuis md workmanship.
i' 0. Box 2111 ' v
TO PURCHASE one of the following loti
—- WOULD BE good buying ==
LOT ou TWENTIETH STBEBT EAST, 118x117 feet, »7S0.   Tamil auy.
LOT ON BIOHTBENTH BTBEET WBST, oue and a half blocka off
Lonidale, 12x116 feet, $950.   One third cash, balance 6, 12 ind 18
LONSDALE AVENUE   :ilixlfi2 feet. Only $1,300,   Om third cull, bal
. anci 6, 12 and 18 mouths.
LONSDALE AVENUE, West Bide  (at oud of cirllue)—36x117  fut.
At $.1,0110 for oue week only.   One third cash, balance 6, 12 and 18
a   monthi.
Phone 162
P.O. Box 2307
No Iron Can Do Your
Ironing Quite so Well as
jel us show jou why
Two styles, $4.50 and $4.75
1.1 (iiiuiiiii al and has the manufacturers' five year guarantee.
Patterson & Goldie
Phone 88 105-7 Eiplanade Wesl
Special (or a Few Dayi
TBIPLB OOBNBB on 19th Btreet. Bine 210 feet  by  167.     I'rice,
111160. Termi tm caib, tl, 12 and 18 montbi.
Wi bavo ouly a few lols uow left in 784—a beautiful bomeiite within
two blocki of Lonidale Avenue for |376. Terms I'M caah, 6, 12
aod 18 months.
If you bave a house to Bent, or for Bale kindly give ui a lilting.
vitmm ' — ;—f—fr~o tw »«
|iur(ioses, as It is plainly iieu by Lop-
iiiiiii uviiiiuo that 100 feet is too mri-
I'niv tn iii'ciinininiiiiii uur inciii'iii far
There ii nn iloiibt but the rle|>nrtiiioiil
will give tbu ulty ferries overy consul
rriitiiui at ii very small Host )|or nnnum.
Yours truly,
(Bgii,)*     piiahiiP ii. wm
Vaneunver, P. 0,, -luja B?lh, IIII3.
Thla latter having been forwarded
to tba ulty council and coniidered by
tbat body nn tha evening at July 2nd,
Oipt. Oatea replies as followa to bia al
dorinaiiic critics;
"There has been uiiiiidiirable cimi
ment on Ihu part uf snino of our city
iililciinin    It was unl my iiitciiliiiu to
nl,. nlni, I-   ,ic|    hii)   ouo uf Ihuir
right! if thoy hid uuy.   Whit I did
ii ii  wn, lhat if uo luusu hid Iiuiiii
applied for In Iho llupiirliuuiil I'ur any
Inls uiljoiiiing struct, ends, uud, us tlm
slronls uro narrow, namely 80 i.-.-i. ;,,..i
os il ii proven by l.ousdslu Aveuue
which is 100 feel and is luu narrow, i
thought it would bu inliiMiblc fur the
.-ity lo luul. Into the inuii, i and uc
pliru lliu huiii., for furry purposes. I
ulsn explained Ihul il wus Olttir In
luul with a private Individual than
with a corporation. This wus tuHnnl
over ut thu Huurd pleating of-Juue tilth
uml uppruvuil by Ihu Hourd iu full ul
Now us tu the "muk rubbery," I
will show where that conn's in. When a
broker sells \i wulurfrunl lul lu nn
iniiui'cnl parly uml receive! a coilimls
sinii uu probalily u llfly ur uue hun
ilrud lliiiiiniiinl u. iim sule uml Iban lets
the buyer hunt up Ihu t it lu himself, il
is like selling u hit wil limit i di'i',1. Tu
'ejpluin why I luu ligbt, there wus »
deputation waitld nu llm Ferry Dine
ium ut u recoil meeting uml wauled
them to approve uf the purchusu nf u
pie, e of wulurfrunl fur approximately
$300,000, Thuy weru uikcl by Ihc
Chairman, Muyur McNeish, whul Illle
tbiy had lu thu foreshore, uml iheir
reply was thut thuy hud no lease, but
uuu was already written out iu Ottawa,
bul us thc Dominion government uml
Ihu provincial, government wore work
ing together, it was nuceisary fur llic
Dominion gnvernmcnl In hun- Hn- up
pruiul of thu prm nil-mi government
be'fori granting uuy more leases. This
was explained lo ua ul our lioanl mail
iug uml in cuusi'ipii'iii'u, we would unl
lm., anything in dn with il, uml simply
referred Ilium  tu lliu cniineil.
I hue brought ihu matter up nn
acienl ucca«i„us iu purchase Inin al
Ihu ends of several itreeli bul lin
unly ..iiiu. 11.■!. nne guls in "Where
iru yuu going lo yd the money from/"
The diy will conic when we will mii.Ii
thul mure attention had been puid In
secure luls fur ferry purposes on sever
ul streets. Any one who lias hud any
experience will knuw Ihul wc must, in
the course uf time, lune bilf I doien
ferries running across Hie llilel, uml
the eouueil should Hike steps\lu secure
frum Ihu city uf Vancouver ill leail
twu mure ferry landings; I would .-in
Victoria Drive and Cardero strict ends
Don'l steal llielll. -lunl gu .VI ,isk
whul ui iuu,.'in, i.l - cuul,I be unXiy III
curse Ihere will be nn ciimmissioii in
ll; which will nu doubl hive u leu
ii in ' lu el'ise uu business in be done
'i'u anyone requiring information re
..i'i;.. "Kipiriin rights," und "nul.
robbery, "I wuuld refer I Inni In llu-
minutes of tin- Itiniril of Kerry liuei
tors meeting on done -lib, IHI -
I um, Vour ul,cli.nl ncrii.nl    ,
('HAW.  II   l'ATM
If yuli lm." any proper I) lo sell un-'
wunl ijuick reiuits, list i|  with Short,
Kubcrtauu iud Seymour. t.f
Extending City Limits
But WWa Program Midi Toward! J»-
cluiion of D. L. 879
To bi Oonteitid by Ownii'i of Qardani
Not Exceeding Two Oity Lota'
Maypr'McNuiih reporter) to tbu city
uomiciyait night that but little progress bad iniini niiiiin In tba proceed
ilijiii  lowiiril  thu iiniicmilinu uf  D,  I.
i!7!i. The mayor .stated that In ami
.Mr. .1. I'. Full, rupriseiillng Ihu uwn
ers of property in this suciiun, hul buin
in iiuuaultuliuu witb thu ulty sulicilur
ncinriil liuius uml while they wen aa-
siirnil that tho l.isutenaiit-Unveriior in
i I'lnn il wouhl ratify thu agreement arrived at, the lawyun win uncouiiteriug
ilillii-iiliios which would have to be inr-
uniiiiii .-.I befure the matter euuld lui
uiliiinced further. Mr. Full, hail ux
pruisud tin up iiiiun thai the cusiusl
way nut uf the prohlum would bo fur
thu owners of D. I,, 'lit tu iucurporalii
ai a uily nul thuu lune the Iwu iiiuiii
ipulities iiiiilgauiatu.
In urder to cueuiirugc tiioiu res:
tents nf Nurth Vancouver who have
sini|l (iui,I, uu lu cihilnl Ihuir prnd'.cts
it im hii suinl .-lliin, Ihu ilirui'tur of
Ihu North Vancuuvur ljurticulli.ru' Si
inly have dicidld tu ufTcr u chulluii. e
up, lu bu won ihree times, not tens
sarily iu succossiun, fur thu bust ux
Inliitiuii nf vegetables grovsu by own
um whoso gardens du mil exceed in
tin two ordinary city lots. Tho c;
liiIn 1 m cun bu shuwu in Ihuir Individual
.hisses iiiiii uii ui.niini,nl .i.n, made
fur lhe cup. Tlis will obviile the
n.TBliity of miking special exhibits
inr llic cup    This ie!iuu uu the purt
i  the society's diructurile is a cum
men,Isl,le uue uml  sluiiild  provide iu
impetus lu lucul .ni i.i  i'.u i,,., i    to
Tonic . Imlcicr lillle lime Ihey can
i.'lunl lu their gardens ind su couiri
Imle iheir very iin|uiiiinl mile to the
success of the cxlnliilinil which is lu
bu huld iu the Horticultural Hill ,„
Priiiay ninl Saturday, Hopl. blh ami
Begiua'i 'lliiuks Oaiui to Hand Tins
Iter- .i M:ii Ihis morning recoiled
Ihc following lelegiHIli of appreeiailuu
uml iliiiiilm linm lhe Mayi-r uf llciiiiia
in lekliiiwleilgllli'lll uf lbe -listrl. t ul
Nurtli Vancouver-is expression of svin
|ulh) and doiiitioii tu the fti'gimi re
hit lumi;
To lhe Hecie uf Nurth Vincouur, III'.:
Vour   message   received;   sympathy
deeply   appreciated ami   doua'ioii uf
i'l'PI lu relief luii'l musl gratefully a.
P. McAra, Mayor
At a city bind cuueerl to br held
in Viclurii 1'ark tomorrow cu-niug
lhe fullowlng | i.,,.-i..iu uf music will
he rendered.:
Horelll, March Kspui|ii>ile, Ulllcnc;
Hie Klova, Overture, Kiefer; Kiss M,.
My Hum), Kins Mc, March, Snyder;
II Troialore, Selccliuu, Verdi; Hobre
l.us Wus (Over tbu Wavesi, Will/,
.luieiiliuo Kosaa; Thll Mesuieriiii g
Memlelltohu Tune, Medley March, Iter
hu k Snyder; iirenade, " Laura' Ile
simii.-c,'' Miller; aelectiun fruni Slri
.idIn, Kl' I'asu, Hi|lup, Hiiiiidell
Mid-summer Clearance
Men's Tan Calf Oxford Ties, regular value $3.50 $1.95
Men's Patent Coll Oxford Ties, regular $4.00, now... $2.75
Men's Vici or Velour Calf Oxford Ties, regular $3.75,
now  , , - $2.45
Women's Tan Calf Pumps, short vamp, Cuban lieels;
regular value $4.00, now $1.75
Women's Gun Metal Pumps, short vamp, Cuban lieels;
regular value $4.50, now ri $255
Women's Colonice Pumps, in velvet or silk poplin; regular
value $5.00, now... .■ $3-95
Wood-Paige Shoe Co.
Phone 393 Mount Crown Mock, 0W. City Hall
paine & McMillan
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
At tin li,-i|.ii i I'arsuuaiie, lllli) HI.
inuii;i' Avenue. tlovingtoii II. dilisun
and Jessie Louiu 'Stivemoii, liulii ut
Kingslnu, Wiisniiijilun, ucre uuitlid in
niurrinjyi' liy Bev, A. .1. i'russer un llie
full iust.
Hev. Ii'unul uml Mis. Mleleod uill
arrive iu lliis eity Irum tlie eusl williiii
a diy ur Iwu uud uu Friday ovening
lliu    ,ungrcgul   uf    Sl.   Andrew's
cbureb will lud,I u reception fur iIi.n
I u lm .uui liis liri.lt-. Tlie rece|iluiii
will bcyili ll ei|ilil u'cluck. All iiiuiii
ben nul friemls ure cordial) invited
In attend.
Al Hurliur View Sanitarium un July
III, lu Mr uiul Mrs. Mun us M. I>.,....l.i
a sun.
Al Iiiiiiiini View Siiiitarium uu Jul)
illi, to Mr. uml Mrs. ll i'uul,. u sun
isiill born).
llu July 1st, In Mr ami Mrs. Filch,
Kaplanade, u diiuuliler.
Iiu Jul) llii, I., Mr. uml Mrs. Win
I'ulliscr, SI   (leurge Slreei, u sun
IjisI i i'liii I'd Mr. Jlllll,n|l,|| uui,
llie t-!|,wurlli l.cu|riie a i.-ri iiiiiii iin|
and inslructiu- address uu mi niuiiiir,
wurk iu Suulli Airicu.
As llie ui-eialon was llie r.yt.lur
luuntiily inisiionary eveiiii.u Mr I..
Head, liud cliariyc ul llie meeting Mr
Juliunluii referrcl lo Petri llie Henuil
lud llie /ell lie ^eneruled fur Ilf Imll
wir, and lie maintained that In- ,-uul'i
aa elfectively bring Ins bearers llie
need of clirisliiiu wurk in Wuulil Al.nu
Tlie |u.in.i infumieil nm listener.
n.iii tlie nilivel wliu lia-l -ml Idu i>|i
|ii,'.-nci| l.» Hi, wlnle man ucre lnul.lv
intellectual |ico(ile and inauy uf llie
)uuii|i   men   were   iieiii|f   Innuc'l   for
II.   W.   Scull   iieya   lu   nut il)    lliul
owing l„ liuiineil lm i .uj; libanguil liumls
< nil nliimliiie reuiiri uiual be culled fur
immediately.   Otherwiie they  will  lie
j suld uml lliul lie will uul he respuuiillle
lur suiue.
, Miuucil,
it. Vi. ti':iITT
ll  l II  11    .Mllll  I.
We. 'i'lie I.,.-, i "i i Ililil, t. Tile i'ulil
panv Limited. I compalfy llieur|,i>rai.i
under Die Cuiniianlcl Act.  willi  liciu-
■ 11,,,     ll    HOI   i'.u'   '  'Till.,11    11 ullll,
Vaneuuvei. Ii ''. live nulla- liul un
Hie lllli day uf July. Ilill. we Intend
tu uu|,ly lu Die Walei f'uiuinlsitliincr.
II till Til.. In New v.. iiiTun ' i li
r, for a li..ii,. lu lake und uae 100
cubic faet ot water |iei aecund fruiii
Shannon I'lcali, alluale uu l.ul <0I,
iiinii,, One. New Weilmlniter Dlalrlct
Tlie walei l« lu lie lul., ii In'in Hu
aliiain al Die head „f Die Full* uu Lol
1(1, ui, ui une mil,' (ium ii.i. u,.i. i and
ll lu be uiul un Lul SOI, for imwer
Notlei of u|,|,||,allun waa puated on
ii.,- 'Huni,, on Ibi till, day uf June.
I Mini, at Vincuuver, H 11, Dili
I7ih diy uf June, lin '
11-7 Per 1. H  Levey. Aaeni
leticliers uml government poaitlniis. Tliu
flue let uf slides he allowed after Ilia
speech portrayed iu u rualisti. man nor
llie liul,il.n and customs of lliu people.
The 1'ipilunu Katepayeri' Associu
liun meet uu Wedneiday iicii lu ills
cuss lbc prupused by liws lu In nui,
bitted iu tlie ratepayeri, nul ulsu id
coufor with deiogatei frum l.ynu Val
ley Aiiociatioii for better reciprocation
umi working in harmony in curry mil
needed wurks in liutli dislncls.
Ijidy seeks |i|ilil einpluvmenl. few
liuiirs dail)j lii.iii! Iiii fi p.m., nuedluwurk
nr nllierivise. 'JDi HI. Qeorge'l Ave,
2u|li slreei easl. Hi;
VUU SALK—Two good fumili .leisuy
i .uis Apply Kooriuga liuiry, I'uul ul
l-'ll,  slreet   eusl. IJ ',
Heud llic W|,u,| Paigu Hliuu I'o 'i uu
nniiiiceuienl of tlieir jireul Midiuinmcr
i'leurance Sale uu puu,' 6.
Now is Hie liun.' to sliue llie whole
family while Hie Wood-1'aige Shoe Hu.
uru holding iheir ureil uuiiiiul clear
• nee sile.
ii I nn mitii r
Wc Tlie Newport Wuler I'uinpuii.
l.linlied. u iTuupauy lucmpoiiiied unde',
Die I'uiniianlea Acl. Willi lnnil ulliee in
'•OS Cartel-I'uiiun Uuildlnii. Vincouvit
il i' live mil lo- Dial un Hie liil, ,|„,
of Jul). 1112. we ii.i. ml lo unply In i
the Wuler i'onunl»ali,iu.r ul Ills olllc-
In New V.,. iiuiiu.i, i II ti., lur u llcna,
lo luke and uae 100 , .,i,|, feel uf water
per aecund frum llm Hiuuiiiiis Hlver In.
New Wcilmlnaler Olalilel
The water la IO be luken fruni llic
alrcum al u uulnt uliuul Die cenler of
Timber Urnll lllll uliuul 100 feel
above iT., water, and li lu be uied
fur munlclpul purpuuea. un lula ItK. 710
III. Ill'and 1301, Oiuup One. New
Wcainilnalc,  lilaiiln
Nuiii.   of   li,i.i iui    iu   upplv   wua
Pulled   on   Die   inuimi   ,,n   Ibi-' )7lb .
of June, HIS * •     '
IIATEIl ul Vuncouvel. b I". Ilils Iill,
day uf June, llll
l|   7
Pir J   ft.' tlevey,  Am-ni
UM Bacond ittMt
Phona 467


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