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• *.
W\)t Hxptm
Volume 11
North Vanpouvm, 0.O-, Fbidak, May 26,1BU
Number 23
Board of Trade Meet*
Will Take Joint Action With Vanoouver Board lo Improve Harbor Facilities.
Tho memorial reconlly drawn up by
the oxecutivo ol Ihu Bourd ol Trade
here lor Iliu purpose ol making retinal illations lo Ottawa lor tho improvement of harbor ronilitione, was presented ul ihe regular meeting ol ihat
body on Tuesday for lho approbation
of thu menilxjl's. A,Iter considerable
ilis.dis.-inii iii which many nf the mem-*
burs look part the follovMg motion
was |ii„-..-ril. il lining deemed advisable
In have ihe co-nperalion of tho Vancouver Board of Trade ill Ibis matter
us a fuctor whioh would receive consideration-by .the Dominion government !
.That a commitleo consisting ol President Alexander Philip, Vice President
Alexander Hinilh, Mr. Geo. H. Mor-
den, Mr. W. J. Irwin and Mi. E. U
Hridjzmnli bo appointed and that the
secretary be iuatriictid lo write lo tho
Vancouver Board <il Trude aft njng
a meeting with ihi'iii lo discuss the
advisability of conferring with the Dominion government uaking thorn to
look  into ihu  harbor  conditions  ol
Hun aid   llili'l
A resolution ul sympathy, copies nl
which will be ami tn ihe family and
business nsanciules of the late D. W.
Elder was drawn up ua follows •
llusiilvcd, Ih.I :h' Bo rd' ol Trade
.if Norlh Vuneouver rcc.nl ils sincere
regret al llie death of our esteemed
fellow cili/ui, Mr. I). W. Elder, und
ihrir sympulhy wilh his widow mil
family. The Inle Mr. Elder's inieaj-
r.ly gad diligence in bus'nis hud inspired much a' "lid nee in him mid the
respect of ull classes in the commn
ily, and his death is a great Inss to
oul' city.
Beeolvad, ihut a co-iy ol tlrs nsolution lie sent lo Mrs. Elder oni lo
Mr- dohn II. Murray, Mr. Eldor'a
I- inner.
Mr. Salsbury, ol lho Dun': ol II N.
V reported ill.t Ihe c mniiasioii entrust'd lo him, iliiii ol purchasing tho
iip di n.it < al by iiie il ard lor Die
1 .'it   Ninth  Vancuuver draii'jhl  horse
' the ciiinn.' h .ruu show h. d lem
carried out und the cup could b'
viijvvul nl any time nt the pliaiuruo'
any of the members.
matrimonial blessedness hud not SS
yet arrived procured clear llavanas
and a fow chapters of "Thii Bluck Bag"
and went out somewhere aud lay qn the
green grassy grass, or perchance seal
ed tbe difficult heights ol Grouse
Mountain ,,nal were amply rewarded by
the magnificent view.
Tbe uhi.piitmis small boy was perhaps
tbe biggeet spendthrift of the happy
spenders who s|i«it their day in the
open sir- Innumerable ice cresm tones
and |nsiiny chocolates were his duloct-
ablo (are during the duration ol Hi
funds, and when these ran out bo distributed himself Indiscriminately over
the city, game (or any fun goiqg und
with the eye apd ear lor details usually possessed by a newspaper report or
satisfied with himself uiul pi nimbly
really enjoying more than anynno ths
grand' old "'"y on whieb it is our custom to commemorate the oin hdnv ol
our ope time sovereign "Victoria Ihe
Nearly 200 people were present al
thu dance given by the fraternal order
of Eagloe in Larson's Pavilion on Wednesday night. Tbo principal e.inl
of the ovening Was the presuiiiulh n In
Mr. P. Larson .by Mayor McNeiah ol a
-olid    |".|.l    nil llllia'l ship    ."lll'l.   entitling
ihe h.ililer tu a li'o membership in Ihe
I'laiiiiii.il  Order nf Eairlei..    Harper's
orrhi'sii a lurnishod music ior ibe din
ers  uul  a  very  pleasant lime   w.-a
enjoyed by all.
Ibe iiiiiiinii.'iiiinl ol tho Maple Leafs
Limited (North Vuneouver) profession-
nl lucrosec club, are n ,1 liy uny means
discniiragod liecauso ul Ihe decision 0
tho 11. ('. League not to award them
a bum his,' thia season bul are setting
industrially lu wurk to find some other means whereby tbey may find foe
men worthy of their steel. It is now
proposed lo lorm another h.'U|iUc under Ihu muni) ol ihe Pacific ('oust League lor rluin: outside thc 11. (I. League
nud negotiations are at prism under
way wilh Victoria wilh s view to th.-
capital cily dinning a ti'nm and Inking up ,a li .in -hii.i- in Ihe new 1 ague
Was Empire Day a sue. si on I lie
North Shore? HATH EH. NaV'ffcmre
iu the bislory of North v'.in'%i'ivi-r
Have ihe residculs ol Vancouver und
adjoining municipulitjes n nd d mu
-hores in auch vnat numbers From
lho hour ol biill-pasl nine s.-ei'iinj
masses ol liiinn nil; thnn ul tlie buy
lmal- and choked ihe cars nl ihe H
('. Eleclric I'onioi nv to oyrjoivn/.
life 11.u.i a iin.inilai.il lowifd l-.ynn.
Valley and the ''upiluno will) | ssin
gers liaii'.'ing nulaidc lighting lor u
precarious looilnild thit meant lo
ila.in lorgotfiilneas ol the metropolis
which Ibey just lull uud. imweasur i'iIc
delight in vv.iinli'i in . if only lor > d ,y
uherc pure air, sunshine and lb most
beautiful scenery. In the World combined lo make a puradisc in earth
The Ferry Company accepted 111,70)
paid lares during Ihe day which shows
aa      HUI.dl   a       Ol      lllaaadl       70      fad       alia
shove that ol lost year.   ,
Celebrations held in various parts
ol Ihs city passed away tbe day lot
j.-iih-iiis aa well as a portinn ol lb,
visitors. A bund ouncert in Ibe vicinity ol the Canyon View Hotel en I Ihr
Second Canyon attracted many. Tin
baseball game between two amateur
Vancouvor teotJf at Recreation Park
wai well attended. A fire which required Ihe attention ol tbo city fire
department was not ihe leant ol the
celebrations and a child on Ht. |)a
vid'a slroet unfortunately purl one ol
ils bands while playing with dynuin le
Tbs observant citizen who jris-
oa Irom bisooucb st 6 am. or Ih r-
.--/ annuls might have seep mighly nim
Made and piscatorial ox|iorii of M>l
end provincial lame stealthily   w nd
I ing i h.n way Inward Iho rushini,
noisy torrents ol the Capilano or Ih
Mr. duck Eoi'his ul thai ll'iiiin iuu
Arms Company ST. tm n d yese.diy
morning from the rillc slued in Vic-
toria hold on Empire duy. Tu un Express representative Mr. Fori.es gave
the results ol Ihe shn-il. About IU)
shooters from Viirioua porlioua ol the
province were pres.nl ,ind the old pattern expert imps were usid. In tfa
professional aeries Forbes came firsl
with a score ol 9U out oi a possible
PHI liiul.-. Hun-lay waa second with Of!
ami Mink third wilh ill. The Victoria buys won Ihu team shoot. In tbc
uniiiieiir serios Oliver came fir.t witb
01 uud Britain unl McLean wire second ahti third corissoutjvoly/I'lic aho/il
concluded uliout 6 i/c)iick**tMj-,.4
The above cuts picture thc east and
wost eleviitionii ol Ihe now public
sehuul building which it is proposed
In oreot on tho site in block 100, ILL.
660, oust ol Bidgeway Avenuo and
nurlh nl Eighth aired. Tho buildinj
was designed by the firm ul don-a ii
liillam, arcliiieei'i, V0ncuuver, sad
was selected nn the recommendation ul
Aseesaor Alcxundcr Law out ol a lial
ol sixteen designs .submitted by a.
many competitors.     Ihe building l>»
lieen designed to sccommiidotc scholar! in 16 class rooms, eight of wbich
will lie creeled at once, including ihu
administrative block., "Tbe school will
be Ihe finest in Canada," was a remark passed by Iho assessor, it will
be fireproof throughout, built of rein-
I loreod concrete with pressed brick mid
triniis lacings, every delail has bom
a ,.a a iniii   considered Irom a  hygienic
'standpoint, as woll as architecturally.
j   One of the conditions of Ihe onmpe
lilion was that Ihe contract price ol
, l he building should not exceed a sp
a cific amount as stated and iknow re
mains lo be seen il thc building can
lie  creeled  for   thc   sum   stipulated.
! Tenders will bo called lur at once an I
should it be luiiiiil thul tbo tenders
fall within the sum which Ihe Buard
ol School Trustees is prepared to   oli
I pond Ihe cnnstrucliun ol the building
will begin forthwith, in whieb case
North Vancouver will bo placed in possession ol a seliool liiiihl iig ivliich will
very greatly add to its ru|]Utation
Irom thc important consideration of
educational lacilities.
A public meeting will be held tonight
in Ihu Cily Hull lor the purpose of
organising n cclchrutinn lor tho first
of July. All cilium are cordially in-
Hov.  lioiiuhl Macleod w II preach
Gaelic  aermon  ia   First Prcs'ijterinn
church. Vancouvor, noxl Sabbath
four in Ihe afternoon.
luring the finny denizens ol ihe slream
or on securing material lor the Vim
couver Iaxidcrmist in tho tb.ips o'tiie
block bear, cougar or otb.-r animal,
on wbich the lit reechioi ban o'
the game law does not embrace.
The lucky citizen who mat the happy
possessor of a motor boat took his
wi(r and lemiiy' bad tome grub aai
. hiked lo the sylvian solitude of some
quid covo iiiidfeasid I he doy n Im-
gurous coulcut meal.
. Youpg am fof whom th* $**a 4
Mr. Honncth V. Lovulccki und Miss
lleasie I.. Finlayaon of Vuneouver were
united in marriage al Ihe residence of
Bev. .1. D. Gillam, 12th atreet on Saturday last.
The marriage took place recant ly 4
Mr. John Winner of thia city and Annette Mignonette Matthews ol Vancouver. Mr. and Mrs. Wismer will lake
up their residence in North Vancouver.
A very pretty wedding look place
on Ihe 2-lrd imt. when the Kev. lion
aid Mclaeod united in marriage Miss
Gertrude Stsvson ol Norlh Vancouver
to Mr. lies Vandsrbiil ol Now West
minster. Tbe joylul couple led on the
evening train Ior Seattle where Uny
will sapend their faamoymoon, return ng
lo their home in Westminster   about
tllO    ISt    Of    .(Ull.'
Mr, .lohn P. Birknees, ol the firm
nf 'Kirkncsa, butcbori ol this ally, Was
united in marriage wilb Miss B. Hutchison, recently Irom Edinburgh,
Scotland, on Empire Day at the home
ol the bridegroom on I6lh slreot. Thc
happy couple wjll reeide in Norlli
lores! s of the Seymour bent on   cep-j Vancouver. The ceremony was perform
ed by Bev. .1. I). Gillam.
A pretty but quiet, weddinj wassol-
emniad al 216 IWh street jast, North
Vancouver un tho svenblg ol the 23rd
insl. when Bev- Ronald Macleod uuil-
ed in marriage Miss Gertrude Sieves-
on ql jS. Vancouver lo Mr. Lee Van-
dermark ol Now Weetmin-tor. The
happy couple fdl immedietely lor
l heir Wedding trip to Heal lie and tho
louib, alter which ibey will reside in
flaw fltelidiwtat,
Bev. Dr. Fraser ol Fir.t Presbyteri
an church, Vancouver, will preach iu
Si. Andrew's church, Norlh Venom-
er, next Sabbslh at 7.30 p.m.
Miss Mussen ol Lonsdule Ave. will
leave on Sulurdoy lor .Seattle, where
■he will continue her vocal lludlei
with Madams Louiao Clary. Miss Hua-
sen will be away about aix months.
Mrs. D- W. Elder und family ore
mucb touched ut Ihe many loiters
and bcaiitilul flowers received nnd expressions ol sympathy shown by
Iriends at Ibis lime ol bcreavemoiil
•end-desire to thank all.
The scow which n being built lur tin
provincial government by the Wallace
Shipyards is last ncaring completion
and will lie ready lor launching in a
few days
Ed. Peers, fire warden lor Iho Howe
Sound district, alurled lo leke up hii
work tbii morning ua 'lie approachin.j
warm wealber will make the cundi
lions for fire more duageraus.
Tbo Wallace Shipyards yestorday
ei .in in-ill ■«! const ruction on a sUsd
tug to be used lor towing dump icows
in the Firet Narrows dredging work.
II is estimated lhal tho building ol
a tug will take somewhere in the vi
doily of sis montbe.
The sad death occurred on Hundiy
ol Willamette May, 6-year-old daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. B. ('. Nairn*, ca.r
Vlh and Bidgeway. Tbs luneral will
lake place from the md linking ptriors of Cmliy 4 Hon is, Vuni-uuvoi',
today at 2.30 o'clock.
Mr. I). Fa. Humphreys ol Newport,
Mo., England, arrived in Ihe oity thii
week aad will remain on on eslendei
visit to his son, Mr. S. Humphreys,
cily treasurer. He ie favorably im
proceed with Vancouver unl vicinity as
Ihs most attractive portion ol ('euudi
which he has soon.
Wsslon Hill was brought belore Mayor McNcirb Ibis morning eh iree I
witb unlawfully retaining a boat in bis
possession. Mr. Hill .bowed a surprising ignorance ol tho geography ol
Norlb Vancouver, styling it •• Norlb
Vancouver l.lsiid, and his lorgetlul
ucis as lo his hnjnl enlScodanis end
past life led Ibe mayor lo rcmuud him
until his memory should be refresh d. j
Measra. Green and Tompkins, local
newspaper men accompanied by Mr.
I.. W. Fry ol Vancouver, sptnt Saturday in endeavouring to circumvent thu
wily Imar on tbo upper reaches ol Seymour river. Thoir efforts, however,
were unsuccessful uud no parlor rugs
were secured. 'Ibe party report no
sign ol bour in ihe vicinity in which
they hunted. The carcasses of two
gouts wbich sinned to have been re
a 'ul I v sh a.I were eoen at a higl' leel
on the Seymour range with every ei-
denes ihut wanton lilm"! luat c one
had prompted thc killers ol these uni-
muis lor Ihoy had just been shot and
led wilhout either hnvin/ been Iuu h
od by a knife.
I'lnijinl,us re Ihe Nurlh Vuncouvor
building piaiiint- (or the past week
liiiiiislu.l through Ihe courtesy olMi.
Eugler, sunilary mil buildiug inspccl-
or are very pleasing lo note, and
Irom tho items luruishcd it seems thnt
North Vancouver's title "The Cily ol
llnnns." is well merited, although the
industrial element ii gradually taking
up our loroshnre. Permiti issued are
aa follows:
W. S. Edwards, residence, on 16th
street, 11,600.
Karl   l'ieroon,   residence  on   96th,
Mrs. Carter, Mahon Avenuo, |4iK|.
Mrs. W. B. Hume, residence on lllh
street, II.mw.
0. S. MoGrandle, cor. l«tb and St.
Andrew's, cottage »2,HD0.
Mrs. H. Vickory, IBtfa streel and Si.
Andrew's, rseidence t3JW.
Ut. W. Funry, two roomed osttage
on Ittb slreel, 1300.
Sidney A. Kowee, itsridmoe o„ l6lh
•treat east.
Mn. B. A. Donaldson, residence ou
I2ib street, »!'.«(
Mr. A. Snow, two cottages on IU
street, 11,600 ,|iiece.
L. GiTiagi-ry, dwelling on 23rd strrd
Charles ('hislott, residonce on Bth
street, 1600.
Ilrnrkinnn all Kerr, stables on tbe Es
filanade.  1600.
lames Wilkie, 2-roomed house on
lib streel, MOO.
Alesander Philip, rcaidmce, I'splnii
ade, 12,100.
The building ul ,-. pontoon wburl ut
the Vanoouver approach lo Ibo ferries was considered by Ibe lorry directors at Thursday's meeting. The urg
cut in--I (or a modern cuntrivunoe ol
ilus kind was repreainlcd by Muna'gci
Hoard and alter deliberutinn upon Ihs
aiibfivi by tho Hoanl Mgr. Heard was
asked to prepare an approximate is
liniato ol Ihs work rei|uired Uy the
next nioeting.
A petition Irom tlie firemen ol lho
HS. St. George wns received repro-
aeuling lo llie bourd ihe nc.d of a regular tl hour -lull in their work which
now consists ol 6, 9 and 10 hour
shifts and also fur improvements in
the ventilation with which the alokc
hole is aired.
Tlie manager was inatrudod to dis
pose ol these matters as ho considered
The chairman was appointed a del,
gulc lo interview Mr. Buatced ol thi
C.I'.H. requesting Ibal the clauso in
llieir agreement wilh the railway com-,
niiisioncrs lie cnlorced relative to tho
nuisance ol I rains remaining on tbo
crossing near tbc lerry wbarl prcvont
ing patron, ol Iho lorries Ironi mak
iuu connections wilb Ihe bonis.
Mr. 4. P. Hsnoy, lormerly pf food-
slock, Ontario, sad more recent ly ol
Langley, B. C,. has purchased Ibe in
land -ol Mr. Clsverie in ibe firm •
('laverie * Arcand, grocers. Mr- Honey has bed extensive expori%ip In general store and grocery lines and like
new firm, whieb will carry on business
uadsr tba Arm name 4 Hsnoy * Arcand, bops by strict attention lo tabs
internals ol tlheir cuslomere to retain
all former patrons aad to add  mi-ny
C. 0. W. 0. w.
Lonsdale (amp 2V6
Tbe Woodmen ol the above camp,
along wilh Ibeir bii-mls spent a most
eii]o>alii- evening lasl Friday in the
K. of F. hall, Lonsdale Ave., whn
Ibey met to hold a box social. CC
H. .1. Fowler opened tbe meoting I
introducing Sovereign Macrae (run
Camp 136, Vi.nc.iuv-r, who gave a
very interesting addrsis on Woodcraft. Tbe lollnwing ladies and gen-
I lemon cotilribuled lo the musical part
ol ihe program, Mr. McKaniie, selections on bagpipes, Miss Robertson,
Mieeee Shaw eadMrs. Cant, Scotch
and Irish songs, Mr. Cunnin.hsin humorous songs aad Mr. Bainier, German recilajlion, Mn. Bobertion piano
selections. Miss Shaw acted as so-
cuniponisl. The success ol (he even
ing is no di,ubt due to Sovereign Mrs.
Fowler and Sov, 4. Mmcdonald, wbo
acted as convenors ol tbe different
committees, in enjoyable dance mu
held altatr supper.
About (fee bour ol two o'clock yas-
lerday morning the KHdonian, ( tugboat hailing Irom Vancouver, cam
to grial in Mu treacherous waisn of
the First Narrows. A gnat boia was
punctured |n the boat's eide and the
"Hohooam" derrick scow s»d crew who
cams to the rescue patebed % vessel's side and i-ipnead her out sufficiently sp Ihat wil* the aa* ol "*•
Two" s sister boa!/ tbt wss able n'
6 pa,, yesterday lo proW be Urn
f sJlaos BVfryaids, jKpflh ?s«couver,
tm*mmw ^m** mawmm^mm mmm mm •■j-1-a"-r
District Council Meets
'Hie distriot council met liml even
ing in their regular Thursday  night
meeting.  Bcove MoNaugbt again i.ec
piod tlie chair which barf boon so ably
Iiiiul in his absence by Coun. Allen.
In a letter from Mr. William McN .
vico-proeident ol tho V. W. * V. Bail-'
way, concerning the recent negotiations in the matter ol the Icderal subsidy toward tho construction of tho
Second Narrows bridge, Mr. McNeil
enclosed a copy ol „ proposed agreement signed by himself and Aid. .LH.
Campbell lor tho city ol Vuncouve*, a
copy ol which hud been forwarded to
lho minister ol railways. Mr. McNoil
said tbat in viow of the fact thai so
much misrepresentation in cnnuoctjqn,
wilb Iho bridge project had occurred
ho thought it advisable that a joityt
meoting ol tbo representatives ol the
varioue municipalities concerned should
be consiimmutod, such a mooting being
lor tho purpose ol facilitating as much
as npssiblo the copsiruction ol the
bridge'at an early dalo.
Thc copy of tho Idler fuiwuidud to
Iliu Minister ol Railways containing
the copy of lho agreement between the
representative ol the V. W. k Y. By-
and Aid. .1. Campbell ol Vancouver
was ns follows:
The V. W. k Y. is to receive what-
over amount the fsderul government
grunts as a subsidy toward tho construction ol Ihis bridge and is to
translcr same in full lo Ibe Burrard
lulel Tunnel k Bridge Cu.
Tbo V. W. k Y. By. agrees ihul lho
B. I. T. k li. Co. may occupy the approved sile ol Iho V. W. k Y's. proposed site or proposed bridge to build
a combined railway and traffic bridge
The V. W. k Y. Co. will build tbo
approaches thereto and in consideration thereol will reouivo slock to thu
value ul auch approaches in ibe B. I.
T. k B. Co. and have representation
on ihu Hoard ul directors ol Ihe B. I.
T. k li. Co.
Theuo conditions lo form Ibo basis
of au ugrecuieul between the V. W. k
Y. By. end tbe B. I. T. A- It. Co., and
a copy ol said agreement when executed is lo bo lorwurdud lo tlie minister
ol railways at Oltawu. Should disputes or differences arise regarding
Ihis agreement the Hon. the Minister
ul Hnilwuys is to be sole arbitrator,
to whom these differences or disputes
shall bo referred and bis decision*
sball lie final and binding on all parlies lo the appeal.
Signed.lor Ibe V. W. k Y. Co. I
For 'Cily oi Vancouver :
The reeve and Councillor Loutet
were appointed l0 attend the inciting
mentioned by Mr. McNeil whenever
such should lake place.
The cily council at their special
meeling lasl evening also received a
oipy ol ibis idler.
Aid. Dick said ihut be oonsidsred
Ihul both sides .,f tho question should
bo heard and moved that a copy of
Ibo loiter be sunt to Mr. E. Muhon,
president ol tbo B. I. T. k B. CO. and
aim that tho city council should consider the matter and recommend lho
appointment ol doiegutoe at next
Monday's meeling ol lho council.
At the distriot coundl the recotn'
inundation ol Mr. Mcpherson for the
council I „ apply 'or a water record on
Doep Creek, tbo water ao obtained to
be utiliiasd by the Red Fir Lumber Co.
iu connection witb Ibeir mill at Hocho
Point. Mr. McPburaon reported that ,
the records on two olhor crocks lokon '
put lor supplying ihis mill bud proved insufficient lor ibe requirement*.
Mr. Walter A- Hillman, chairman ol
the Vancouver Sub celebration   C,m-   j
mBbse, in a letter lo tbe council te-   .
ipinstod that thai body should ..in  ■
delegate lo represent (lie district lor a j
parade and celebration to be held  io
Vancouver on Coronation Day mid io-
ijuosted that sucb delegates should be
preeent at the next meeting of the ce-
bration committee to lie held  in  the
Vancouver city ball on Thursday nexl.
Rome McNougbl and Coun. l.awson
were appointed delegates in this connection.
Mr. 4. Carmiubscl ol Lynn Valley relumed recently Irom Steamboat, H.C
bringing with him a collodion ol esm-
iAm 4 or* taken from claims st>
by biaudl m that famed distriot,
('arnrlohael owns sieves claims is
Wibtd ,11 en on. Iced, The "
*OWs * width ol over one hir,
M S«d wither w,H a» yet been
ended. An assay give* 166 la aolslwui ■:■
Is made in fashion's latest approved
designs. It ll jewellery which ilalin
guishee the wearer and adds grace to
the coetuino.
Our diamond and |ieurl jewellery,
eet in platinum or 14 carat gold, is
ileeidedly neat and distinclivo, reflecting the artistic thought of the designer and the linn delicate touch ol. the
tinialiaiai workman.        . .
In all jewellery linee we give to lho
wsstorn Canadian the fashions ant du-
signs of Paris, London, Berlin and
New Vork, along with the quality' Ipr
which tlie "HOliSF. OF BIBKS" is
noted, '    a^'-i
When you desire anything iu this
lins visit and examine the bes,uty of
our big etore.
»mi n ■-.
J, Ltd.
Diamond Merchants, Jewellers
Alleging Dirgotof Hrttings & Granville Sts.
I .'uie Vancouver li.'JU a.m. and
tbsrsslter svery 20 minutee until
7.00 p.m. ('.iiuiiinii'iiip 7.38 p.m.
every 30 minutes until 11.30 p.m.
thereafter 12.1ft and 1.00 s.m.
Uan  Vancouver  7.40,  8.20 and
9.00 thereafter same as weekdays.
Leave North Vancouver 6.00 a.m.
ami thereafter every 20 minutee until 7.00 p.m. Commencing 7.30 p.
m. every 30 minutee until 11.00 p.
m. tlisreeltsr 11.48 mul  Vl.lh a.m.
heave Norlh Vancouver 7.30, 8.00
and K.Ill, tlii'iiiiltiT mine aa wsok-
.Single fare Be, 6 for 2lie, 30 (or tl, 70 for 13.
A-Lumbsr wagons, truoks and
draya, 70s return.
B—2 horse si press earriagse ami
bsaki, ISOe return.
CI horu eiprees buggise and
auto., 3fie  ret 11111.
All the above raise include driver. Batee A and H subject to 20
per cent, discount in lota ol'At).
Ver 100 lbs. raU, Re.
Minimum rats, lOe.
Time UWe subjoot to chaiue without notice.
Company not liable for delays, accidental or otherwise.
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "West Vancouver," Captain Findlay
Licensed lor 35 passengers
Leaves Vsncouvsr
Leave Wset Vanoouver
, 13.00
((Saturdays only)
'   14.00
MafU tm Ut. v Two Tickets tte.
Quickest route Irom North Vancouver lo (he dislrict beyond
Capilano River. Launch "West Vancouver" mekes connec-
tieai, without (ail, with the lerry iteamere (rom Norlh Vencouver, ai per above schedule.
UU in D.L, 621, BAYVIEW; $.300
to $325 per lot; $20 cash and $15
pew month; or $50 cash and $10 per
monthi or $100cash,6,12,1$mtbi.
BROKER      333 Pender St W,       Phone 5654
Between Bridge ad Imperial Car Worki
on open roads, from $350 up
W™ fmm$mMpwmmvmw mi   I »V|«*P   w •fpW/lfTHf i *rmm*m Um   tiamymjayUf y^mefijM,
By Louis Joseph Vines
vrnfffttmi, Wt ay lu ■eiM'llwnll !«••
• [conTiaroaD.J
Quietly the letter threw I* the dutch
tot the third spesd-and the fourth.
Tbe car leaped forward UIh a startled
net horse. The motor lilted merrily
Into Ile deeu throated eong of (he open
road, Its contented, sllkea bumiulni
uasslug Into a sonorous ant sustained
Klrkwuod snd the itrl were first
jarred violently forward, then thrown
together. She caught bis arm to
steady herself. It seemed the meet
nslural thing Imaginable that be
should take her hand and psss It be-
nestb hie arm,, balding ber so, Ms 0».
fere closed shove bee earn, Before
tbey bad recovered or bed time te
celeb their breath a mile of Middlesex
bad dropped to the rear.
Mot quite eo /ar bad they distanced
Calender's trailing Nemesis of the four
glaring eyee. Tbe pursnsrs pot forth
1 gsllsnt effort to bold their place. At
Intervale during tbe first tew minutes
e heavy roaring and crashing cosld be
beerd behind tbem. Gradually It subsided, dying on tbe wings of the free
rushing wind tbat buffeted tbelr faces
ss mile after mile wee reeled off end
the wide, darkling Bagllsb countryside
opened out before tbem, eweet sad
Once Klrkwood looked back. In tbe
winking of au eye be eew four faded
disks of light, pallid wltb despslr, top
a .distant rise and glials down lube
darkness. Wben be turned Dorothy
wei Interrogating blm wltb eyee whose
melting, ibadowed loveliness, revealed
in blm In tbe light of the fsr, siUI
stsrs, seemed lo Incite him to tbat
msduess wblcb lie bad bade blmeeil
resist with ell bis strength.
He snook bis bead as If to say,
"Tbey cannot catch us."
Ills hour wss not yet. Time enough
to tblnk of love and mairiage (ss If
he were capable of consecutive thought
on any other sulijiicO-tlme enough to
lliluk of tbem wben he bed gone back
to lits place, or. rather, when be should
bave found It, lo the ranks of bread-
wlnoers aud so bsvs proved hie right
lo mortal bapplneee; time enough
Iben to ley whatever he might have
lo offer et ber feet Now be could
conceive of no baser treachery to ble
soul's deelre then lo sdvsnlsge himself
of ber gratitude.
Perhaps sbe guessed e little of tbe
fortunes of the battle thst wss being
waged wllbln blm-perhaps not.
Whatever tbe trend of ber thoughts,
she did not draw ewey from blm.
Presently tbe eilken Isshee drooped,
Buttering upon ber cheeks. Tfae tired
ind bsppy smile hovered ebout her lips.
In somelbliifi less tben half sn bour
of this wild driving Klrkwood roused
oul of bis reverie sufficiently to be-
come sensible that the speed wu
slackening. Incoherent snatebss of
sentences, fragments of words end
phrases spoken by Brentwlck and the
mechanician, were dung back puai ble
ssrs by Ihs rushing wind. Shielding
bis syse, be could eee dimly Ibal the
mecbanlclsn was tinkering (eppareolv-
lyl wltb the driving geer. Tlieu, Ibeir
psce continuing steedily to abate, be
heerd Breulwlck Sing el Ihe uiaji a
MIU otter mils teas ruled of.
ibarp toned snd ijuerulously fuipetlset
jaaefion, "What Is tbe Uoubler Bl*
teply cam In s single word, aet die-
Ae dy\ set up, opening her eyes,
BeeMlgtng her arm.
Kttweed beat forwerd ead touched
Ms   CeftBUfli-t
ftp* oo FJratpUcM m4 ail
i    ckuu oi Brickwork
AU fieri Ouaraoteed
Carte, titatnlb Ut. aai Uabtm Am.
Brentwlck on the shoulder. »l>.sttat
turned to him s fere lined with deep
WW,    (        >^__\.   '
ffWU(U,       Um   ■fflfs^sWIsm   fHpontw"
llisly,   "I fesr we b»fe Wundefed."
"Whet to m asked Derotby In s
'joubled voles,
"Petrol, eeems to be maalag lose.
absrlee ber»"-be referred to tbe
mechanician-"!*?! the tank must be
easing. We'll go oo es best we cs»
IBd (nr tu find en Uw, Jfertuualelr
uost of tbe Inns nowsdays keep supplies pf petrol for Just such emar-
"Are we-do res «**»-
"Oh, no; not a bit al danger of that,"
returned Brentwlck tastily. "They'll
i,ot catch up with ns this nlgbt  Tbst
s i rerr Inferior am iAm bsre-ee
3luirles  says,  at  leest-oothlng  to
.onipsre wltb this, M tm not Is trior, there's tbe Crowe ud uitar just
iliesil. We'll make It, flll our Uuks
ind be off sgsln bedere they eea tasks
ip balf their lose."
Dorothy, looked asntosjsly to Klrfc-
*'ood. bar llpe forming an HHttore*
luery-what did he tttak?
"Don't worry- WW Um im tm-
lie." be resssured hist stoutly, tb*
'»J}«II^T bwwavwtmeme^*  •
Nose tbe lees be wu moved to eland
up In tbe lonnenu, conscious of Ibe
presence of tbe truvellng bag, snug between ble feet, es well u of the
weight of calender's revolver In bis
pocket, while be stared beck elong the
There was nothing to be seen of
their persecutors.
The car continued to crawl. Five
minutes dragged tediously. Gradually
they drew ebreut a tavern etandlng
back a distance from tbe road. Sluggishly tbe car rolled np before It snd
csme to e dead iuid silent bait
Charles, tbe mechanician, jumping out.
ran hastily up tbe path toward the Inn.
In Ibe car Brentwlck turned again, bis
eyee curiously bright la ths slsrllgbl,
but forehead qualatly furrowed, bis
voice apologetic.
"It may take a few minutee," be uid
undecidedly, plainly endeavoring to
cover up bto own dark doubts. "Uy
dear," to tha girl, 'If I bave brought
trouble upon you in this wise 1 sball
never earn my own forgiveness."
"ale If you could be blamed!" protested the girl. "You mustn't think of It
thst wsy. fancy, what should we
bave done without you?"
"I'm afraid I have been very clumsy," sighed Brentwlck, "clumsy end
Impulsive. Klrkwood, do you bear
"Not yet, elr."
"Perhsps," suggsetod Brentwlck e
little later—"perliapa we bed belter
slight snd go up to tbe Ian. II would
be more cosy there; especlslly if tbe
petrol proves herd to obtain and we
beve long to welt."
"I should like that," assented tbe
Kb I decidedly.
Klrkwood nodded bis spproval.
opened tbe door and jumped oul lo
assist ber, then picked up the beg
snd followed tbe pair, Brenlwlek lead
Ing tke way wltb Dorothy on bis arm.
At tbe doorwsy of the Crown snd
Utter Charles met them, evidently seriously disturbed. "No petrol to be
bad here, sir," be announced reluctantly, "but tbe landlord Will send to Ibe
neit inn, a mile up tbe roed, for eouie.
You will bave to be patient, I'm afraid,
"Very well. Oet some one to belp
you push tbe csr Is from tbe road,"
ordered Brentwlck. "We will be welling In ous ol the private parion."
"Yes. elr. Think yoa, sir." Tbe
mecbiiilclen touched tbe visor of bis
cap and hurried off.
"Come, Klrkwood." (Jently Brent
wick drew the girl In with blm.
A rosy cheeked snd beaming landlady met blm in the corridor end. ell
bows and smiles, ushered blm Into s
private parlor reserved tat the psrly,
Immediately bustling off In e deeper-
ste flurry lo secure refreshments desired by Brentwlck,
Tbe girl had eeatad herself on one
end of en eitremely comfortless
lounge snd wu msklng e pelpeble
effort to seem at esse. Brentwlck
stood st one of the windows, shoulders rounded snd bead best, bands
clasped behind bto beck u he peered
oat Into tfae night Klrkwood dropped
the traveling bag beneath a chair Ibe
fsrtbest removed from the doorwsy
end took to pacing-lbs floor.
In e comer of the'room a Ull grand-
fatber'a clock tlckadioff tee Interminable inluulse. For aome reason unconscionably delsylng, the laudlady did
not reappear. Brentwlck, abruptly
turning from the window, remarked
tbe fact querulously, tben drew e cbalr
Np to e marble topped table to tbe
middle of tbe door.
"Uy deer," be retjaeeted the girl,
"will yon oblige me by sitting over
beret Aad, Philip, bring ap e cbalr,
If yon will. We meet set pirtolt our-
selves to worry, snd I have eometblng
here wblcb may perhaps engage your
Intereet tor ewble."
To humor blm .and eljeviate ble evident distress of mind tbsy acceded.
Klrkwood found Umsetf euted opposite Dorotby. Suddenly Obsrles burst
enceremoolouMr to, laapiag Uw tear
Wide open.
"Mr. Brentwlck, sir "Ihe cried gustily, "that other cai"-
Wltfa a smotiarsd ejaculation Klrkwood leeped toibto (est, tagging st the
weapon la bis, pocket In soother Instant bs bad tbs teasel ver eipoaad.
The girl's cry lot al«m,.totorruptiog tbe
mechanician,, dud Brsutwick's itlaa-
tion on the atm* man. Be, too, stool
up, rsacbUsg ow rary quickly to
clamp stnrof, ssppis annate round
alnwatm Wrftt, wimt'wUb the ot*
er tend/he laid toil of Use revolver
*****   hy   B   nXajftv prmmft |Wpa^RpM  m
■JOT* tymfumJidm m t*y>
'thia' u^'.l^tfJ^.^-T^',
*<""■   tW    'fmmw¥ ,Wmmfm ' m/mmy^mmmmjf   mmmmmmmf
flftltBl|-"rJ  00   PmmM m\
mmm scptpb Qmum, m om importation is Piein
Hhambruys and Qheelu, special per yard IDp-
33-inch PJHNTS, good heavy quality,  light  end dark colors, special
per yard „,„,  ,„, ; , lOe,
imiOaSH MIIBMNS, plain awl laney   Dimity  stripes,  also   dots  and
crossbars, price   100 end life.
A lurge assnrtmsnt ol .Victoria l.uwns, Indian Linens, P rsiun Lawns,
Naisooks, Organdies, etc, '
liitlInns covered from your own material—all suss.
I    I i|ll|llSl||T
ni >*& V0
l.unadale Block
COB. IM, and L(iN.SI)tl.i,
Phone 163
The Bell hy lest
Every length gueranleid
FKNCK and GATJ&S.    Weare Korlh
Vaiii'iitli'iragi'lililor tin. favorite tripling
PUKK  PAINTS in all eolorS and
UANGES.'   TlieGuriievOx-
luril Steel Ksngefor luoiioniy
anil I' Hi. uin y
Garden Tools of fivery Description
The J. D. Fraser Hardware Co.
Phone $6.
143 Loniujate Avenue
A lew ysrdi off LONSDALE AVENUE. Only
two loti led, each 50 ft. by 167 fl. Price only $500
esch, I'3 caih, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Block and hall (rom car line, s cleared 50 ft. lot foi
f 1,5  1-3 caih, balance 6 and 12 monthi.
I'hone 7D---P. O. liox 97
Bread!   Breads
Union Made.   Home Industry.
Bigger Loafs  Better  Bread. <
Don't forget our latest Home Made Loaf.
Stores 1 711 omdele Ave. Cor. I onwlele 8, llti St.
We solicit s trial bid oa sour Qe^sre email or large
D.L. 1039
About He|( s Mile (rom Csr Terminus
Half Acre for $«SO
Heiug Blocks 4a & 43.    150x147-   EASY TKKMS.
Uh 47
ni. *v ■/'■'
'Mi timm,
mm vancquvsr, b,.&
City and District of North Vancouver
"I! —      '    'SI' n Hi  ' —■■—Ieaajwsjsjajaisjsjlajajsjajh^^^
The construction of Second Narrow! Bridge il ftMljtely
assured,  and  there will be no more postponements.
Tlm same may lie said of Railway Construction.
Thp work must now go on. Ilridge un4 Railways
maim opening the way lor_jiiany large industries in
Norlli Vancouver, and docks and warehouses lor
shipping must ulso follow to occupy its magnificent
Given the B&JPG81 \M RAILWAYS, the IV-
DUS'J'UIRS afid the DOCKS, what can hinder
North Vancouver from becoming tlie Mvcrpool of
the Pacific Coust ?
More than that I Add lo these commercial advantages tlie location of Norlh Vancouver lor residences over a very wide area and stretching from
the North Arm to Jlowe Sound—a locution which
cannot be paralelled anywhere, and you have a centre that is bound to draw to itself a vast population.
The fact that the University Commissioners gave
second place to North Vuneouver for a location fur
(lie I'niversity means much, It certainly would
have taken lirst place if the government had possessed a Mil!.nun. area of land there to locate it
Where can u settler go to reside and have
so many advantages ? .''or his family thcreis every
advantage iu Churches and Schools. l'or travel
there is an excellent 20 minute Ferry Service owned
uud operated hy the City, and an ever-extending tramway system.   A perfect system of  sewage
drains is being installed in the City mid the Water
Systems of the City ana" pisfrict are very good.
North Vancouver is known W t-bp p|ay grpund
and pleasure report ol Vancouver, ffui these possessions essentially belong to her own nitfmi- ll er
mountains to climb and ner panyono of worW-*>4e
reputation to vjew, fter shootings and fishings and
her piea8nre parks are iiii her owni and a» tiftto
goes on. all these things must contribute tp her progress and popularity.
Nortli -Vancouver's progress during the past six
years has been phenomenal, considering her insulated position- Her population has increased seven
limes. Her lax revenue last year was eleven limes
as lunch as it was in 1904. The assessed value of
the Nprth Shore lands is today nineteen times what
it was six years ago. and-the electorate-lias increased from 574 voters to 8,100 voters.
This rate of increase should he greatly accelerated on the advent of Railways and new Industries.
It is, therefore, no idle dream lo expect a population of 30,000 persons on the North Snore before the
end of ii|iii, and to have the taxable value of property at least four times what it is today. Any one
who lakes account of fads must recognize thai
these estimates are moderate and well founded.
Taxes are not levied on any improvements in
either the City or thc District. This means much
lo encourage local industries.
I have Instructions to olTer the properties after mentioned lor sale by auction in my
Real Estate Exchange Hall, Club Block, Esplanade, North
Vancouver, on Saturday, 27th May,  at 2 o'clock, p,ro.
• .
The following ale the properties to be offered ;
In the East End of District
l.ols ■■, 'i and io, Hlock ll, I). I,. 634, on Keith
Lots 6 and 7, Block i|, I). Io 625.
I,ol 10, ll)ock 36, of D. 1,. (ill nil Dridge Uoad.
laois 23 and ;|, Dloek .|i nf I). I,, mi, double
l.ol 22 of I). I,. 950—Woodlands,
This section is of note in respect ihat 11 new saw
mill of large capacity will soiu l.e operating. Ciitl-
Iraets ure let for the n instruct it.'li of .1 dock of 15,-
000 tons capacity for ship icpuiring and arrange
ineiils ure well udv'illlCOil fur the esiublishnicnt of 11
large business in building Stid ltuilwuy Pullman''
Cars and Ships. These industries ulouc involve a
capital outlay of uboul $3,000,000 und lliey will
give regular employment for about 2,000 men,
which means the establishment of a town of goodly
size.  An efficient Water System is being introduced
10 this seclion. Kleetric power und light service
are now available out lo Deep Cove, tilld all important advance is soon to be made for good roads.
a ^
In Lynn Valley District
.Sixty lots in block 9, D.I,, hi2, situated nil uud
mar the Lillooet Koud.
Seven lots in Block 1, of A of D. Ia. 2003, mar
the Fromme lloud.   .,
I'iij'ln lots iu block 15, of I). I,. 2o8cj, near Hos
kins koad.
Lots 12 and 13 of lot 3 of block 18, D. h  208.M
011 lloskius Koad.
.    Blocks 73 und 74, I). I,. 211,0 near Centre Ko.d.
I,ot 9, of Blocks 108-107, 1). I,. 21(f) neur Cciilr
Lot 24, ol W 1 3, D.I,. 719.
Lot 4, Block _ of W/, D. I,. 8(18.
I(ot 22, Block 16, D. I,. (114.    ,'
I,ol7, Nl"c'l' Ji H- I" '"5i 110x147 on Centre
Lol IS, Block 3, I). I,. 2025, near District Muni
cipul Hall.
Block8, D. L. 854 on Seymour I'ipc l.iitc Koad.
Lot 20, Bluck d, D. J(. 8ho, Seymour Valley.
The extension of the tramway 1 In mi; li Lynn Vulley, the 111.11 .nl.niii.'iii" of the Lynn Valley Boad and
the Centre Boad, the good water supply aid th
Kiev die Light and Bower Servitc ull combine t>
make this lovely vulley an ideal residence centre.
The location of the Disliict M1111nip.1l Office there
is also to be a niosf. important Iai 11 r for ils development. 1
District Lot 612 luing close to the Keith Boad
aud well situated to receive benefit Irom Biidgc and
Bailway Const'ructjoii is bound to oiler a most progressive investment. It is cxpecud th t Ow Seymour Valley will soon lie opened up by Railway
In the West-En4-ef-£)i«trict
The easterly 80 ucres of D. L. 886.
Block 27, ol I). L. lo.yy.
Lots 6 and 7 ol lots 1-4 of Block 3, p. [,. mi,
Lots 5, 6, 7 and 8, block 6 of W'/, I). L- 6W,
These properties are to receive a great iuimte
from (he early coustruclioli of the Keith Ho»o Marine Driveway from the city  west to Kagle H.W-
bour.    ft appear* altogether likely that Bailway
construction out to the extreme west end will be
immediately taken on hand to connect with thc
north and thai in thc near future a tunnel will con-
lecl this west end very closely witb the City ol
Vuneouver. When these things take place, then assuredly the West ICnd of North Vancouver will become the "Wesl ICnd" for residences of thc merchant princes of the cities of Vancouver and North
Vancouver and present Vancouver prices will prevail'there.
In the City of North Vancouver
and Vicinity.
Lots 18 and ly, Block 4, D. L. 265 00 Fifteenth
Lots 1 and 2, Block 212A, D. L. 54-I (double corner) near Boulevard.
Lots 4, 7, 8, y and il, Block 227A, D. L. 545,
Twenty-seventh street.
Six lots near Larson Koad in D. I..,547.
Subdivision 13, lot 1, block 6, of D. I*. '548>  "".
, 2isl street.
Subdivision 1, lot 6, block 18, of I). L. 549, on
17Hi streel.
Lots 41 and 42, block 237, I). L. 545 and 546, on
27th street.
Lots 12 and 13, block 9, D-L. 550 (Double Corner) on 2isl street.
Lot 2, Block 106, D.L. 550. on Eighth street-
Lots 5 and 6 (double corner) block 13, I). I,. 550
on Grand Boulevard, 106x140 feet.
Lol 4, block 20, I). L. 553 on Whitccburdi street.
Block 16, D. L. 553, near Keith Road.
Five lots in Block 5, of D. L. 553 on 'f-hirteentb
Lots j and 2, Block 7, D. L. 553.
Lots 10, 11 and 12, block 9, Di L. 553 <>n Drayton street.
Lot 29, Block 33, D. L. 553 ou Keith Road.
Lot 22, Block 15, I). L. 553 on Eighth Street.
Lots 3 and 4, Block 15, D. l\. 553.
Lot 5, Block 2, D. L. 273, on Keith Koad.
Lot 15, Block 17. P. L. 273 on Fourth Street.
Lots 3 and 4 ol Lot 7, block 12, I). L. 616, William Street,
Lots 3, ol 6 und 7, block 3, D. I,. 616.
East half of Lol 14, Block 143,1). L, 274, small
house, partly on lot yielding rental. 8 feel below
grade and suitable for business block.
Lots 47 and 48, Block 166, D. L. [74, on the Esplanade near Lonsdale Ave.
Lot 14, block 170, 1). L- 274, on Esplanade.
These are all properties which have grea t possibilities ol development and increase of value.   District Lot 553, though not actually in the city boundary immediately adjoins it and it has practically
all thc city advantages.   Many of these advantages
.ne enumerated above, but one of the most inter
eating and'important is the near neighborhood
many 'd these Lois of tlie Grand Bouleval d an
(jueensbury Park.
Catalogues giving full particulars rcganta ig all
Jhcsc properties uini conditions ol sale cam I* had
al my offiFe on or alter the 2^1) insf"
Any purchaser may be asked to forthwith d'epos-
il live par cent, ol the price ottered lmiiiedia»M'y alter the property is sold to him, and iu every case
the purchaser must sign the Sale Register. Thc ;6rst
cash payment on the purchase price m«s< he fu.ade
al my office not later than the 30th Inst.
V. 0. Box 344.
J'hoiic No. 10.
Local Item!
if*  *mmtmff  mfan  *>pffW AsimfUmmmg
Fresh Credit the GfflH»,V*Rri
par ph»».
The Grptto, nwr the fm wh.irf
lor the b«|t in Fruits, Coqlectionory,
Tnbaoooe and Fmrntein B»u#», dally. Sonde and Campbell, prpprietori.
Witt Murray Co. ftp Insursaos.
Fjnt quality lee Cream, wholesale
#nd retail at the Grotto.
Fruit end candy store awl ice cream
parlor, real nice buiineii |or lady,
eaeh required, MOO. Sea if. Mcllwuine
IN Did street, North Vsneouver. 38-6
"The K»oll, bigb view (oil, Iwu
blocks Iron Lonsdale our, best view
in North ^onada|e, only JWft euiy
payments. Thceo are selling, so get
busy il you want to secure one. Apply, J. Mcllwaine, 163, 3rd St., North
Vancouver. ffl-B
flye par cent. "
Reeve and Clerk »Rd WlM With
Seal p£ the PpfttHfjfft
m bpw4* ill
Pjf|F>ot of W Vapcouvtf,
A HY-iaAW to authorize tbe carrying
put ol Die work of Local Improvement of part of King Street East
and raising by wuy of Local Im
prpvewent Debentures tbe earn of
♦9,600 to provide part of the cost
ot carrying out the aaid work, and
to assess and levy the Uiul Improvement rate or tax required to
provide for tba payment ol the Interest, and to accumulate a sinking
lund to pay off the laid Debentures.
WHKHKAS tbe King Street (East)
Loral improvement Hy-Uw, 1911, wu
passed by the Council of,the Dlatiict
uf' North Vancouver to provide for
ascertaining the land to be benefitted,
and the iiroporilmi of benefit received
hy null landi from (be proposed clear
Inn, grading and bouievardlpg that
pari of King Street Kail, eltending
for three blocks easiwsrds from 1-ons
dale Avenue to the Easterly boundary
ol Block li, District Ut 786, all In
the Municipality ol Ihe Diitrict ol
Norlli Vancouver, ta tbe lull width of
the road, and macadamising same to
wldtb ot 24 feet between ditches,
and the expropriation of lands necessary where not already available lor
aaid purpoie.
AND WHKHKAS It wai wiled In
ssld liy Uw tbat the estimated coil
of laid Improvement Work waa H1,9iifi
tbat the 1 'mini 11 had agreed to expend
from the Qenoral Fundi of the Municipality the sum of $2,4611, and the
balance of $9,61)0 inuil be raiacd by
I .miu on the Security of a Local
Assessment to provide fur carrying
out tbe Improvement of Ibe ssld Koad.
AND WHKHKAS by uid 1-oeal Im
provement By-Daw It ii provided tbat
Ibe lands to be benelltiod by the carrying out of Ibe laid Improvement of
the laid King Street bet sre the
landi having a frontage on the ssbl
King Street Kasl so far ss It la lo be
Improved, and lhal Ibe extent to
ib sueb lands are benefitted li In
proportion lo Ibe length of frontage
Of eucb land! respectively fronting
upou mid Koad
AND WHERKAS a I'eilllnn has
been received by Ibe Council dated
ua to each signature and signed by a
majority In number of Ibe persons
shown by Ihe lut revised assessment
roll of Ihe Municipality tn be tbe
owneri of tbe landi affected, by this
liy Uw ud ibe owneri ol more than
one half ja value of iuch landi, salting
lhal Ihe ssld Improvement of tbe
King Street East he carried out ss a
laocal Improvement, and tbat the sum
of 19,61)0 be railed by Debenture
Bondi to be Issued on ibo security
of Ucal Improvement ralei, to be
levied according to Ibe aaid frontage
bull on the mid landi to be benefitted
u aforesaid.
AND WHKHKAS Ibe smouiil of debt
which this By-Uw li Intended to era
ate li 19,(00, and Uie same ll being
creeled to provide a fund In part for
Uie Improvemsnt of toe aaid King
Street Kut under Urn I Improvement
Man. '
AND WHKHKAS the amount to be
railed annually by Spcclul Rata lor
paying the debt and Intersil under this
lly-Uw ll |i'.4ii. being $1.0 for Sinking
Kiiinl and )476 tor interest.
AND WHKREAS tbe value of the
whole land and Improveweai, or real
properly rateable under Oils lly-Uw,
iKTiinlliig to ihe lul reviled assessment roil of Ibo District Is len thou
sand ulne bundred dollari l$IO,9oO).
AND WHERKAS the debt Is crested
on toe Security ul Ihe Special Rates
settled and jevled by Ihii Uy Uw, and
It Is guaranteed by Ibe credit pi toe
whole M 1111I1 IpsIII).
Ibe Reeve and Council of Ihe Corpora-
lion of tbe District ol North Van-
,vuvor, In Council assembled (wllh Uu
M sen I of Ibe electors of Ibe eeJd |>ls
1,14), u tojlpwi, vli.:
I. Authority Is hereby given to*
Council ho carry oul the work of Local
Ipipru .'anient of toe aaid KJng Street
Kasl u before described, an u l«cal
lini.rovcttcnt under aad by v|rf-ue of
Ihe aaid Kin* iftad (Kut) ^betl Ihi-
provement W-u*. ml-
2 tl sball he lawful tor toe Council
to ralae by way at low Irom any person or venous, body or ooflM aorpo
rale hnder Dcbenluroi to be Issued u
uetdaailar pro-vlied, a sum dl taonay
not atamttto la-vm t -
IIM and to cause toe l
dM Into the Beak of Hri
America w the credM of 1
portion for to* Wjwpe 1
■i.  D»be»ture
gqtailpata bat
Street   Jtfti) U
benture Bonds
e UpaltAtA
yegrly pp the lit day of July ap* L
fit dar of January |p each and even
year during fbe currency ot the ia)jj
PebffltUFM or m ol tbepi. There
IWImIWpN, Mi the Debenture
bonds Couppni signed by (be Beeyp
for eacp and ovory payment of Intereit
that may become due. and iuch ilgpa-
lure may be either written or stamped.
6. Tbe ia|d Debenture Hondi a| to
principal and Interest sball be payable
at the Hunk of British North America
|p North Vancouver, Toronto ami Mpii-
treal, and the laid principal eum shull
be made payable by tbe CorporaUon
at a date not later than thirty yoari
from tbe 1st day ol July, 1911.
ii. Fpr the purpoie pi forming a
sinking fund tor payment of said De- .
bentiiroa at maturity, and for payment
pf the intereit tbereen ai It beccmei
due, amounting, said Sinking Fund
and Intereit together, to $446. there
li hereby aliened and levied over
und above all other ralei and taxes
the annual turni let opposite tbe properties hereafter described, to be known
as "The King Street (Bait) Ucal Improvement Kate," wblcb lumi shull be
payable out of and from the eald prop-,
ni lieu, leiipei'llvely, v||,:—
1 Mi
Tbo said King Slreel I East I Ucal)
Improvement Hale or Tax shall bo and
Is hereby levied und charged annually
for Ibo period of thirty years as a Hep '
or cbarge payable along wltb and ul
addition to and u forming pari of tog '
annual real estate taxes payable to})
and out of tbo aaid respective properties to Ihe uid CorporaUon.
liul it Is hereby provided that (■
Uie event of any of ssld   properties
charged wilb said King Street (Kut)
Ut'sl Improvement rale, being now or
hereafter subdivided, then   tho  said
rato ahull also be proporUonalely sub.
divided and settled according lo the ■
fronlago or each pari or lot abutting
on said King Slroet iKasI), and to)-
subdivision of Iho land shall   be  lfl_
made Ihat as far as possible no pan;
or lot uhiiiiliig will have a Ion depth
than one hundred snd twenty feet back
from such frontage, and on sucb subdivision being so made and approve^
of hy certificate authorised  by tui
Council lor Ibe registration ol tbe map
or plan thereof, then (he uid frostgaj
rate shall be a cbarge only  ou iuch
parts or Iota abutting oa sail etlMO
and the remainder of ihe mid proper- j
lies so subdivided (If any) shall l_
freed and releued from toe Mid rata'
ai a charge or Ilea.
7. The debt hereby created li cr 1
sled on Iho Security of Ihe said King
Slroet lEutl Ural Improvement
Rale, settled snd levied u hereinbefore provided, and II Is guaranteed by |
Ibe Municipality at large.
8. This By-Uw may be cited toll
all purposes U "The King Street Kewi
Ucal Improvement Use By-I.#M
1911," and shall come Into effect gg
Ibe Isl dsy ol July, llll.
Paued by the Council on Uie 1U4I
day of May. llll.
Received the essent of Ibe elector
st an Election held on tbe
day of llll.
Reconsidered and finally adopled hri
the Council and signed by toe Beenl
snd Clerk and aisled wllh Uie Cof-I
piiiuie goal on Ihe dsyl
of llll.
Tske notice that the above Is a I
Copy of Ihi proposed  lly-Uw u
wblcb the vote of toe Municipality \
be taken within Uie following polll
stations, vli.:    lu Ihe Una
Institute Hsll; In the Church Ha
corner of Unsdale Avenue and I
Slreel, Ud at Hollyburn. all U
District of Norlb Vancouver, on I   .
urday, toe 27th day or May, 1911, hi
(w»en toe hoars of 8 o'clock a. m..
7 o'clock p. m
C. M. C. ind Returning Officer.
Public notice Is hereby given
toe voto ol the (Sectors of Die DU
ol Norto Vancouver w|ll be (
toe King Street (East) ) wai I
mentlaosn By-law. llll. on S
the 27to day of Wsy, IJII.betw*
hours ql 9 o'clock a. 10. and 7 (
'tola (he following -
In toe l-ynn U
; la the Church '
ittb Va.
T. *■ if
the; express
North VancquvM
Published I'uBsilays and Fridays hy
Nurth Siiokij Press, I.imitkh
One year, |l.(Hl Six iniiiitlii, Win. Three inuiitha, S6o.
United Stales uiul foreign, fl.lKI pur year
Advertising Rates will lie iinnteil un ii|i|.li<'iiiinii.
The Kspniss Ii devoted to the interests of tlie norlh Shore ol Burrard Inlet
exclusively, It conslituies an advertising medium ul ummiitiiiual value lor
reselling in a thorough and effective muiiner ilm |siunletioii uf Nurth Vancouver
Oity nnd District, Every effort is made lo give advertisers the must eatielaotor)
All iiliniigi's in contract mlva'i l leonieuts a.liaaiii.i |»j in the printers' hands nol
later than 11) a.m. Monday and 6 p.m. Wednesday in unsure insertion in lln
following iasue,
North Vancouver,   B. C,
May 36,  1911
It is only ivli.'ii a I'.i.'d opportunity
lur I'uiiipiirisiiii presents itst'lf thut 1111
accurate i.i.'.1 ran lis uri'lved al with
ia 1-1 'In ilia rapid 11 ial. .
that North Viitiiiiiiiviir is mnk-
ing in tho favor ol tho general public Irom different viewpoints. In thii
regard, llu record ,,1 Wudncudny (lini
pirn Uuy) ua to the magnitude of ti
crowds which made llie Norlli iShoru
thoir objective point for pleasure seek-
ing, provide. .. striking comment on
tho ever iiiuruuefng popularity ol North
Vancouver wilh Ihe holidaying pull
The number of puid fares on lho lorry bunts wiib seventy pir cent, greater
1 liun ihul <>f Uuy !Hlh, 1910, 'Ihi-
weather materially Interfered lust your
however, wilh the number triivollinj
iiiuainiicli us „ heavy rainstorm set in
about  noon effcotually ■ ii- ■■ n,-    mu
ol doors pleasuring (nr the duy. Aa
compared with ihe racoid lor lUDll
(when weather conditions weru favor-
able) yesterday's 1. -=- - n •■. irnllic wu-
lifly per cent, in advance. Th.se cum
parianns show iinniialukeulily Hint tin
number ill people who uru looking to
ihis aide of lho Inl.t us mi nttrnriiv.
pleasure i..-.,n is increuaing by l.-n ■
and IkiiiihIs. Thu increase noted be
Domes ihe more significant when it in
considered thnt counter altrnollnQs
were much stronger nnd thu several
avenues lor enjoyment which - u In
pulroliuge were iiiinh more niimi'ioiis
tliis yeur 11.. 111 in previoila years.
Tha knowledge thut the facilities
provided by llie ferry service hud In en
a'...ail. increased doubtless bill a
greut ili-iil to do with Ihu tendency of
Urge crowds lo cross llie till. I I. 1.
very' gratifying In Hole llie 1V1 ill.il
the two lurge ferry steamers u-sist..l
by Ihe auxiliary stiwiiu'r North Vuneouver, provided ample ucenmmod i-
lion (or lln- prompt triini|i.iiliilion ,.l
the largeel crowds lhal oilved uiul nI
110 time did uny rongcsiinn ala.a'aj,
nor were them liny delays other ih 111
tl." ' which ordinarily de do/ in mn
neelion with the notuinl e.ry day
11.iliu-. Aa usual the several coiiliu
genla whoae arrival on Ilic North
.Shore was distributed over ihe inurn
ing "i.d afternoon hours loinbin. .1 ..
thu desire to lw carried across tin Inlet on the return I rip willwi a p. mul
of two or throe hours, but ovi-n 'his
prodigious rhivilopmint of Uulhc did
not in uny Way incomuiodc Ihe in 11
uiunugeinenl, the crowds luaitijf Uitndleit
in ei..'II.Hi I.11111 and »iil. the ,,i"H
set diaputili.
Ths officials ni the II. (' Idledrio
Hallway Company ,,l heuali|ii-irleiibud
prool to a duinuiistrution ol be lint
that the oil repealed >a-j•.- -I of the
local management for uid. 'on ,1 ims
is based upon uucurule kn<,wndge of
ths actual requirements ol ihs iiuttir.
The tram service was .miuug-.l in the
manner Intel designed to eope with the
patronage thai offered but notwithstanding the utmost efforts the equip-
merit proved ukogetbtr inadapiule.
At e conasrvulive oelimuto Irom two
to ihrtw thousand people lound 'bun-
wilvos unable lo get aboard the int.
and either Walked Ui their deatin.r.i in
or chniigial llieir plans and retum.l
to Vancouver. One atjaerience sucli
as this serves to osipbasiu ths need
that ihs tram service be steadily developed .t * Psee proportionate to
tbat of the ferry service. Tbe heal
internets of all parties, Ihe city, thi
dTetnet, the B. C Electric Bailwuy
Bompaay and Norlh Vancouver I'ily
fettm Vil)  be served by the   two
• : •—
nan ii.iii.iiinii companies mleavorin^
lo keep their eapiipmont alwtiya at 1
-lune ol development ut whicli it i
ciipalili' uf hnndling not only son e
whul more thiin tho normal trpfl'c
bul likewise Iho largusl trullii: thgt
is lo bo nnlicipnied upon special occasions sucli ua Wednesday. There ia
ground (0 fear thnt the popularity ol
Norlh Viniidiiivdar un n holiday resort
ua- -iv,-- uii appreciable check by the
development 0! iiitidoi|iiucy with re-
sped to itrmiaportnlion facilities upon
such occiisiotia und llie community accordingly Inils to procure the lull
measure uf benelil thnt ought lo ac-
1'i'iiu, while at the same lime the earn-
ings of Ihe truiiaportation companies
mu likewise considerably less than
they might he. li (he mil win com-
puny loal sny two lliouaund five hundred len mill, lures yeelerdny hccniisn
of trullic thul could not bo accommodated mid 11 similar stale of affair,
is allnwid lo develop upon three or
lour special occasions during the sen
son il would aeem ruasonnble to tn n
elude that the uggri-gale net loss r,
presents very lurgo ink-rest upon llu
cupitul represented by tbe incrrus
i.piipmcut which would hu roapiired In
capture all thu revenue that offers.
Nor is ibis the ,,nl'. consideration, fm
il is likewise the case lhal the disappointment ol huge suctions of ills pule
lie at such seusuiis mulcrially inter-
teree with ihul atmosphere of Invni-
iilile public sitiliuii'iil whicli is recoil-
ui'eil as one of the most valuable us
suls of any compuny owning und operating a valuable public frunrhieu,
The rapid development of North Vancouver places il in u position una,I
iigous lo that ol Ihe rapidly growing
boy whose rlolliKs ure everlastingly developing uh awkward narrowness nl
girth or shortness in the limbs, so
mil Ihu luust ul tlie problems whicli
urn ulwuys with us is that ol koe,
iuu pace in Ihe matter ol public u.pii;
mad.1 ii) ah lines wilh the phenomenal
growth and oxpunsion ol ihu community.
The promptitude with whith tlm
Grouse Mountuin Soenlo Incline Bail-
way t'ompuny buvu completed thoir
preliminary urrnngiminls nnd have
placed Iheir proposition belore the
public with a view to ths snlo ol
shares in llie capital slook, speaks
volume! for the capability nf the management ami ill.ml- grutilying ussiir
alios thai the provisions ol (heir
charter wilh respect lo Iho lime limit
attached tn the coiiiinisueinent ol cm-
.u alalia,,, „uil ih. coinmi n'-enn nt nit Im
act uul opei, iti,,11 of the line will lie
Hie pros|icclus which hui, been issued ia „ struigblforwurd business document, ii'iiipeini,- in lone und m- d .
ate in its pn suit al ion ol llie various
phusa* of the subjuet. There is u utter nbseiiou of exaggerated stntrmeni,
of rosniiii- description or of over sanguine assertion such us frejuintly tiler-
...-la'ii/.-s the prospcnliises 4 new com
I'aaaaa.   .. | |„.   v. ell   infill 111, ll   pillllir ll 11
concludul long ago thut lho plain mi-
vnriiisli.ai (acts ere quite good enough
to make the proposition which the
lirouse Mountain Scenic incline Hail-
Way bus |o offer not only a good investment for upy man's money, but
further, an investment ol swfc exceptional inarjrjb ue to present a tin opportunity inr investors, evsjs W»
lb* great number of exeollsnt propo-
aitions which British Columbia c„nijn
unliy preeente lor tke consioVatioii 0
those having capital in large or tin,
amounts.       . J
80 lar u the residuals of North
Vancouver are onnpsrnsd, thiy will yt-
qlliro no poraiiiiuiiiii to convince I hum
o| lln genuine merits ol Ihis pr- position, pot only because o| the very
greet hi'iiulite, which it will of neo-a-
aity ootilur upon this roimnunlty, but
also because, of Ihe ussurid proS|ioels
thiit   the grnuu   uurnings   will be   In
large and the cost of opurottlon oum
puliiliviily   ao small as   to offer   I'm
tniiviiiiuiu prolmliiliiy which is procurable,   churl   ill  11   poiiilivii |.ll,dianl,a',
lllat   Ihe   a-llillea   of   ill.'   cilnpallv      will
return dividends of most attractive
proportions to their luminalu own
The personnel o| tho proviso |-
al Dourd ol DinMturs is a further ton-
(lire which will conlirm the c.inlid.nce
whioh Ihu Incur public mu already predisposed to rcpoie in this company
and its projeol. While thu al,I'm la- as
alliance given in the prospectus th .1
tenders will lie called for and work 1 I
tho right-of-way coninien ed at on 1
goes to show thut tlurii is ulr tily
sullitiionl money ut command fnim the
original protnolers lo fully c.-lilii■ I.
Ihu bulla lide.- ol ih" cuiiipi.iiy.
The A. farro
126 2nd St. West
When yuu deal nt llie A. i'linnliidi-
cary you get esnctly what you usk for
nt right price.
Special Attention!
We carry  a  complete line  of O10
llanliiiiy ii F.vana llrend '."J lor (I.HU
An Opportunity of a Lifetime
Till   JiiniJiTll-iii     i„i a        a.-^.
Block 34, District Lot 050. One Block from Carline.
Urge Sbed Loti. S0» 157, all Clewed. Msfnifi-
cent View. One Block from Boulevard
Pricei $950 North View     &t c»*<M- *i "■ '*■ *** >4 mm*>
$1000 South View r.j   M ra
Double Corners from $2300 fclderMurrayU.
FIRE!    FIRE1I    FIRE 111
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION writes Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS: $94,900,000
Mole Agent
Aijreeii enl. and ('millaall drawn
ol avary deicriplion
Phone 157
Plans prepared und Ketimnlcs given.
Office : 11(17 Dominion Trust llldg.
Phone H91
II-      .alalia-,     | ^     I    I      1,1 '       AlS.      V..
North Vancouver.
Near posf Ollice
I ii i class meals, 2fic, commutation
ticket, '.'I meals, HI. Kejiilar room und
lioiiiii t-h uud up.
LOW SEA, Proprietor
llreukfasl   li to   111.41;  dii r II    to
•.».!HI; SupiH-r 5 lo Ull.   |lp,n nil duy.
16 inch—til per loud
ID inch-13.26 per load
1'oralwnod-ih per euro
Office .nd Yard a
Phone I'm
P. II. Ilm   l.'Ui
PUBLIC .NOTK'K ia hereby given
ihul, under thu authority contained iu
seetlnn llll of the "Lund Ai4," a ro-
I'liliiiiou was approved by Ihu l.iou-
1.1, ii.i i..,..-inni in Council filing the
minimum sale prices of first nnd second-class lumla at (110 nnd KS per acre
This i. aiil.it,.,„ lurther prnvideii
Dial the pricei, litod therein aliouid upply to ull lauds with respect lo which
the applications tn purchase were given
far...uinidi '-a.ii.nl,-1,ai on alter the dine
ol suid regulation, namely April did,
Further notice is now given Ihut li
virtue Ol a regulation approved by
tho i.ieulenunt-tiovernor in Council on
the 10th of slay, (till, that the regulation iIiiIhI the did April, I'-HI, In
held mil i.i- apply to applicullona I
purchaao \n<mil Ciowji lund, which
were n.feivml by the Assistant Commissioners of Lands on or Wore the
said April lira], I'JI I, und wilhresprcl
to w-lejuh (he ri.|uiiiid deposit ol filly
(ieiils^ior acre had boon received by
ssid ('oismissiialiers on oT heloru the
said April 3rd, 1911,
Deputy Minialer ol i-uwia.
Dejiartmsol 4 Und*,
Victoria, ll. C, Kith ol May, 1»|1.
VY/E sre Sale Agent!
^V  for this Block in
North Vancouver.
Come   in   and see  ui
about prices and terms
219 Lonidale Avenue Telephone 44
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
I'i IU .SAI.K-JW (I. lot on nib etr.el
norlh aide, tl'lfil, Isrms ; 10 (t. lot
on 7th street, .-l.dmi, 1-9 cash, balance
•l.lil'IKJNE Hu. 1'. O. UOX 114
We wish to notify the general
public that on and after June 1st
we will occupy the front offices on
the first floor in the new BANK OF
First  Street  and  Lonsdale Avenue.
A fine double corner in Block 2, D. L. 273 on Seventh St.
100x150. $3,600. 1-4 caih, balance 6,12 and 18 months.
This is Ilm best buy in lite diilricl antl you will have lo act quit kly
lo takt: advantage of this al llie present price.
Canadian Financiers, Limited
Phone 215
Local Manager.
Rails;   .-'.■ n.i   por   and   up.   Special rites to families
and   to regular    hoarders.	
liiirsI Roof Garden on Pacific Coa»t
Skconi, Si km. ,, -   NORTH   VANCOUVEK. ti. C.
120 Second Street East. Telephone 206
Coin jriienoc lo North Vancouver Merchants
Buy in Your Own Town. ' Yeur Oraleri Solickad
Cor. 8th and Lonsdule
Phone 40,
63 Lonsdale   ^232
Store of Quality
Lonsdale illsnd Tea, rag. life
8 Ib. for 11.00
Lonsdale Blend Coffee, reg. 4*lo.
a Hi. lor 11.00
IB lb. sack B. 0, .Sugar, reg.
11.10 11.00
Fineet lupip Hugar, 1 Ib. cartoni
reg. Mo  90e
Finest Icing (Sugar, reg. 10c 8 Ib Vw
Fine Sago, reg. I Ib. lor Mo, 6 Ib Mo
WagstaiTs Dot. Fruits, reg. Dfie
our price .1 Me
Oliver's .lams, 1 lb. glass, reg.
reg. 60c, our priee  5'la
Oliver's Surniiilude, 1 lb. glees,
reg. Mc, our priee  DOc
Oliver's  Marmalade,  B lb. tins,
reg. ii".', .ulr price  We
Kuiller'a  Marmalade,  fi lb. tins,
reg. 60c, our price  N)e
Laundry Snap, rag. 5c bar, ...7 (or Mc
' Fels NnplitIm Si„i|i, reg. 3 (or Me
4 lor Mc
Hoyal   Crown   Cleanser, reg. I He
3 lor .Mo
Boyal   Standard   Flour,   111 Ib.
reg. 81.70, our priee  11.60
.1 III. I'm.' Lard, rag. (.0c  iftc
fi Ib I'm.' Lard, reg. 76c  70e
llaiidiii, by side, rag. Mo  33e
llama, by wlmia, reg. Mc 18c
Creamery Butter, reg.   3 lor 81
3 lor  ttftc
Full   lins ol fri-ah and dried Meats,
Ireeh and drial Fisb, etc.
I'Vi'idi I .ell ura, Aspuragua, Tomatoee
tiiwn I'i'iih, Nuw I'otuloes.
Itliiiliiirli, reg. ft Ib. (or Mc, 6 Ib. lor
Free delivery lo ull parls ol city.
TAKF, NOTICE Ibat tbs Vanoouvrr
Timber it Trading Company, Linn I ail,
inluiula In apply lor permission lo
purchase lho folloiv ng del ri1 tl lunda:
Commencing at a post planted el tba
Niirlliweat corner ol lol 7M, ibeeca
running soulb in cbains, lb ere wret .
.Sll i'Ii ai in, iIhjiioo iioilli M.09 ,'hiina,
llieuec east mi chains, llii'jua <„i'ik
> Oil Hiaiii. lo place ol eoiniiasnoim'jnt.
W. 1). VAl i ill AN, Agent.
Iiut.al April Hltb, IUII. Ill
New Westminster Land Distriet-
Dislriot ol New Weetminslsr. TAKK
notiee tbat Bobert Duff Klmood al
Vanoouver, B. C. occupation, broker,
intends lo apply lor iiarmisaion Is) Wt-
cbaas the following dsecribsd lands:
Commencing at a poet planted est tbe
weet aids ol a small bay sn tks North
line ol Lot MM, I benos wset 10 cb»ia«
more or lees to tbe northwest owner
ol Lot MM i thenoe south 88.70 cbains
to tbs nortnsast oornsr ol laot HQH;
thence weet 2112 cbains to the southeast uoiiiiir ol Lot 668; taWee norlb
80 chains more or less to (bs southwest corner ol Lot 1388; tbancs east
83.78 chains more or law to shore ol
lake; thence In a soulbsrly direction
along ebon ol lake to point ol commencement.
Uth Karen, 1811. At
Plani, Specifications, Estlinetes
P. 0. Boi 27, North Vaiitoem
Triephone 276
-_ «,
The Greatest Sale Ever HeW
! . 	
"I""       .. II.
THE first 3 days of the Sale was certainly a success judged by the crowds in attendance,
The people of North Vancouver have come to know that CUMM1NG never disappoints—
a Sale here means a Sale, the Prices are slashed and cut to pieces, in order to clear the stock quickly
You should see the handsome New Suits on Sale
right from the hands of Canada's best tailors
■■——■—■—■—■■■■«■».___■a——————<—. I — aaaaaaa—aa»a—^-—-aaaa. mi
.The merchandise on sale are of the highest type.  You
can depend on their durability.
«^'^---aa»sa»sSs«ii.».s^aj^^M.sws.^sss«iS.,M,___i___,____..__^^ I      W^a|_W___<_p--»»a^rss.^S»aMis.aass—a^sWsssssWssasssWaMMSSaSSSSS^
11111 ' ' II     '    ■ ' ""
Come again to-morrow and we promise you a feast
We can save you money,   We are doing it for others,
and why not you.
Read Prices that draw crowds and deliver the goods
MEN'S GOOD TWEED SUITS-.Iust the thing (or
present .nnl summer wear. Keg. I'n.i mn a*
frio.oti and iMJ.oo.   SALE PKICE IpD.JJ
SUITS—Single or double breast, beautiful patterns.   Rig.  Price $14.00 and $16.00  *a ac
kaij-; t'Kicu |y.yj
Via<V I-JNE IMPORTED TWEED AND WORSTED SUITS in latest styles and cut. W-in nr
Keg. $17.50 to I20.00. SALE PRJCE ....f Is?."!
MEN'S HAND TAILORED SUITS in the very latest new models and designs from the' best tailors in Canada.
Keg. I'riec $22.50 SALE PRICE $1495
Keg. l'riee $25.00   SALE PRiICJ-; $17.95
Keg. Price $30.00 SAI.E PKICE $21.95
Keg. Price $35.00 SALE PKICE $24.95
Il will pay you lo sec any of this lot. They are
perfect litters.
Keg. Price $1.50 ...SAMS PRICE    75c
Keg Price $2.50 ,SAJ,K PRICE $1-75
Keg. Priee f.3.00 to $3.50 SALE PRICE $2.50
Keg. Priee $4.00 lo $4.50 SALE PRICE $3.25
Reg. Price $5.00 ..'. SAI,E PKICE $3-95
Keg. Price $6.00 SAI.E PRICE $4 95
All the above are money savers.
At astonishing price cuts.
Good strong Shirts Reg. 65c and 75c, Sale Price 35c
Reg. $j.oo  Sale Price 75c
Keg. $1.25  Sale Price 95c
Keg. $1.50 Sale Price $1.15
Keg. $2.00   Sale Price $1,35
MEN'S  NEGLIGEE SHIRTS-New Spring Patterns.
Keg. Priee $1.00 and $1.25 Sale Price 85c
Reg. Price $1.50 and $1.75  .Sale Price $1.15
Kcg. 50 and 65c  Sale Price 35c
Keg. 75c  Sale Price 45c
Cashmere, reg. $1.00 Sale Price 75c
Men's Merino, reg. 75c .'. Sale Price 45c
Natural Wool, reg. $1.25  Sale Priee 95c
Natural Wood, reg. $1.50 Sale Priee $l.lj
Keg. 25c Sale Price  15c
Men's fancy, reg. 35 and 45c Sale Price  25c
Keg. 50c   .....Sale Price 35c
Keg. 75c and $1.00  Sale Price 65c
Good Working .Sox  2 for 25c
MEN'S COLLARS-Reg. 20c  5c each
Large and small si/es.
Keg. $1.50
. Sale Price 95c
New Spring Hats, reg. $2.50 and $3.00
Sale Price  $I.y5
Stetson $4.00 and $5.00  Sale Price $3.45
Heg. 25c and 35c	
 .Sale Price 15c
Reg- 5"e 1	
 Sale Price 35c
Keg. 75c and $1.00 .......
 Hale Price 65c
We cannot describe each line. You need lo sec
them to appreciate the values. They will simply
uina/.c yoU.
Little Kiddies soft sole, reg. 75, sale price  40c
Kiddies' Slippers, ng. $1, $1.25, sale price 75c
Children's laced Shoes, $1.85, '$2 S.price $1.15
Ladies' Oxfords, reg. $3.50 •»!« P»icc *''85
Ladies' Oxfords, reg. $4 sale price $2.45
Ladies' Hulchcr Cut, reg. $3.50 s. price $1.85
Ladies' Patent Hlutchcr, reg. $5, s. price $2.85
Men's reg. $2 WORKING HOOTS s. price $1.15
Men's Heavy Hliitchcr's $2.50, sale price $1.65
Men's Box Calf',' Blulcher and Bal Cut
reg. $3.00 and $3.50 *»le l,ricc *J 45
$4.00 to $4.50 Gum Calf Blutcher $3-'5
$5.00 to $5.50 eJ'^5
$6.00 to $6.50, loggers, etc $4 35
Kiddies' 2-piccc Suits, 22-26 $285
2 piece Suits, sites 22 to 28, reg. $500 to $6.00
Sale Price ■ ilM
BOYS' TWO PIECE, ai" J9 lo 33 R*8' P"™
$/>.oo to $7.00. Sale Price f4**5
17.50.  Sale Price UM
■   ';'
Open Evenings till 9 o'clock.
Arco Elastic Roof Flint jfawb Laky aWi
A good Waterproofing for Canvn
WWeloid Piepairwl Rixifiog
Shield Brand Tar mi BaiWing ?*\*r
Bapoo Pure Paints and Jrowile Vanm!**
OIU, Brushes, Dry • olur*
Locks, Hinges, Bopplii*. etc.
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
North Vancouver Hardware Store
Parkdale Finest Alberta Butter 30c lb.
May Flower, Spring Brook or Ayrdwe Rose 3 fcs. $1.00
5 lb*, ol good Tea       »       -       -      -      -      1.50
5 lbs. pf belter Tea   » U5
5 Ibt. ol ihe best Tea    -      -     -      -      -       2i»
Comer First Street nod St Gear
Hot Points
We shell be g_d lo tbon you
Ihe 1911 model.
A moot important lesion- if
the psicc.
Two yean' guarantee
We stand by every Hot I'oiai
sold by as
The Place Where Everybody Goes
Gem Theatre
vb Good Pictures  Good Singing
••• •••
••• •••
;,r::: :::  Good Music
Programme   changed   Moaday,  WesWsaJar  ami   Friday.
Adults 10c fSBE:**1 (Mb* Sc
.1 7 Mima,
Hstiaes  every  Beisedey MS t/doth
88 Note Player Piano - - $700
nude hy Wermuilb Piano Co., Kjagst-,  Hetsne,  esse el Camnia'i
oldsaH ssUblishsd |iiane -aaulaaHaiess
Do you mains what a playar ia yo«s Inane will Ms lar late aa>-
lira ta—lily I Rvesy single <**- 4 yoa, htm (athsr A/at, nl a_r|vr
pleasure Iron it Ihat could not possibly ta bad v.m aa otimtry
pmae. Voa do not have to bum ho- to fiay la, mam lW hassstsM
music you caa gal out of a pl»ye».
Warburnitz Piano House,
443 Lonidale Avenue
Hue 114
Pike 25 cento
We have juit received th* following:
The Br*km*i-ller MiWug Co- LtA
iAI-K AVENUE.        At Vanj Laad.og
Oa Saaday a l'»rty ol live young
isa iarfading Mr. W. 0, Pe&roe, a jo-
oil ioaraalist, aeeendsd flronse Mmm-
lata to secure inspiration lor literary
loud. - Daring tbe return trip ope oi
Iba boys got lost and alter sin minus
atone oa his behalf by the party ho
•aa diacoverid seating happily upon
p mama on the mountain side.
Voung liaaunan ol St, David's street
aaar sbe B. C. Elaclrio oar herns on
Essoin Day found some blasting caps
left aaattiy by a careless srorltmun and
f^ajoeodad to oelabrata tbe holiday by
iaiariag pas of hie bands pretty badly
a_h tbe nploeion of bis playthings.
Dr. Varaer was summoned and dr.es-
— tba injuries. The dndor eSprssssd
-Ids opinion tbat t serious disfigure-
meat mould not occur, but thought a
peraoa leaving dangerous explosives of
tide nature , where accese mifcht lie
gained to tbem by children should bo
liable to a criminal action.
A serious lir« in the vicin'.ty ol 35th
street and Chesterfield Avenue occur-
nag oa Empire Day eadaagerinj to n
gnat estenl reeidencee in cloee pros-
iasiiy to lie blau. At about a quarter to lour Chief Turner of ihe looal
fin department was notified ibat a fire
canleaaly eat by aome person was rog-
aiag ia tie locality mentioned. The
Kortb Vanoouver fire department was
•jaialdy oa tbe scene end the fire Was
under control at a quarter to seven
The bouses of Hr. ('. Evans und Hr.
i. V. Gafariu about 3ft or 30 dot dis-
Uat were saved alter herculean efforts
a.n ibe part of the brigade, a high
wind malting thu flumes hard to combat.
Vitaeased by a crowd of three hundred or so people ensconced in the
(fraud alaads and bleachers at lie-
enaction Park bare ou Widu. aduy after-
oajoa tba Mainland Imaobull organira-
tion ol Vancouver administered a seven- drubbing tu tbe Sumas, another
Vancouver learn by a final score of 'J
to 1. Errors of the kindergarten variety uiuii.al Ibe game to some extent,
as lass thiin nine sins being chalked
mi against tba Suinus. Crooks, who
eaaayad to pitch for tbe .Sumas waa
wild and frequent timely whacks in
diatpened wilh his Iree ticket e to liret
aasre napooeibla for 7 tallies. Hadley,
•bo succeeded him in the fifth, served
a m—b betler brand ol ball. Pepkic
«ud A. Corby, twirling for tbe Haiu-
leads, pita_od steady ball throughout
aad Ibeir team gave them fair support.
D. 1,'B. 8tV> and 857
fcdii.ar Express:
Aldajnaaa ileniarsini's »uppluuinit ury
.taatasusi contain, nuihing ibul con-
11 edicts tbe funis I slutwl in my teller. Tbem is uut one element in his
abatement to establish uny legal light
ia tbe city to ihusu luDds. Tlitro may
hui.• bees neglect or omiimVa lo unbrace an opportunity plainly giv- o tlio
city to acquire these lands. Wo one
can r.4il.«d l„i a moment that they
ptmmi to aay extent Irom Ills con-
lr<a| 4 ibe govommenl nil Ihuy passed tbe oid.-i in council in. lavnr ol tbe
B. ('. Eleclric Railway und there wus
00 secrecy almul tbe action ■ I i be
dialrict council regarding silhsr these
aeclioos or the other two they bought.
begarding Ibe usofuliiiss ol the laks
i a reservoir 1 staled a lacl. It is
no opinion of my own, but I bave ol-
last beard adverse opinions Irom practical man Aa a bumble layman in en-
guweriug matters 1 will venture tbs
suggestion that, il we ere only to
bave a 1(1 inch pi|as supply running
into a lake Ibat camleins 76,(>OU,IXM)
jalloo. of water, wa are to draw our
supply Irom what has be-1"
aad will still be practically « stagnant
lake, wilb 100 days' supply in it. We
bave tbs purest kind ol water and wa
an lastly proud ol it, but let il bo
aaim a burning sun in such volunn
aad witb so lilUi movunsut and tho
nsult is abound to bs deterioration.
fm I appreciate ths fact that our
an to grow and when ws have
a large population aad not the Lynn
Craa* rworda only, but alao Ibe Sey-
aaour raeoide running through tbe
laafce tban, if it ia of any use as a re-
.servoir, it abould be of great value,
faaacy ssy auggestioa that, as then it
will be Ihe salsrged city lhal will use
it, dty and district ihould combine
ia acquiring it now.
I aas ewers laat a government e
did make a report'to tbe gov-
rsgaseding bba utility ol I*
labe, aad it would ad at //eel all
doable and bars H he ounfirnii lb.'
held so strongly by our as-
Pesmst m, as , last word s« lar as
1 say eoaesfsd, lo say iM nothing
aaa be gained I- cevjlljty at tbe 41-
4 tht governsat*, 'ibey lully
aVeesetigatad tbe malAer md tfcsy bavs
ieaa t__ __ ie tba a_e__tuiott to
aasat lli aitsiilllii ol tbe dtv.      I
■   - - - -.--     trmrwm^m^mmmw     ma      wwewa    tm'"/
t^jtJHAtim ma* easw
tercets ol the city and district in this
mutter are one and indivisible, end il
thai view prevail a sotllenient i|iimld
be easy of attainment.  } an),
Yours truly,
AIiEX. PHILIP.      .
The following letter Irom H'- P ''•
Dick, of this eity, who has ne.n*'e'l
joying a trip io Alaska alter an absence ol nearly lomiein yuan will be
read with interest.
Editor Express:
I Ium- Mir,   I'liiiilosiil iiluiiiii! lini I 0 il--
|e|, Issued by Commercial Club fare. I
forward it to you thinking it might
be interesting to yqli to kn-iw thut
commercial clubs are born into erlst-
uiioo and thrive well eve^ in this land
uf iuu and snow, where the. great blue
gluciors' stand out in opin wfiun<» o|
the lioileiii rays ol the summer st.n
I am nt present etayipg in Hkagway
visiting old Iricnds „ml Iiiivellin; over
our old stamping ground whore in
UW-IBUB Ihs world's greatest gold
«lnni|sde was taking place und whore
tho vilest and rouaghest as well as thi
purest and beet ol this world's people
were pushing on in that road ru h.
Rut the Shegway of W epd 1408
is not the Pkagww p< May Ipr Its
population o| 10,600 is rajwsd to
probably about 7M- The giwhl n/
dens, tbe Mire, the sura thing men
have disappeared aid) the lew peoplo
that an left are looking lorwerd with
fuverisb Imolo td ili.i rutiliciition of the
reciprocity treaty to Canada tp give
tbem reljel iii a commercial wey es
liueiiieea is very quiet. We ere oil-
joring our trip up north and lippe to
soon return homo agnin.
Yours truly,
Hay 19th, 1811.
Mahon, McFarland 4 Proctor, Ltd,
50 ft. lots at terminus in D.L. 601 & 607
52 foot lots in Block 27, D. L. 599
Phone 6286 -   - 543 Pender Street, Vancouver
464 ft. frontage on three streets, including Nye and King Streets,
which are about to be macadamized. This property is close to
Lonsdale Ave. and has a magnificent view. It is an excellent investment in whatever way you look at it. Price only $2500, ca»h $900.
MA^NSOir&    CO.       tmrnam "
62 Lonsdale Avenue
North Vancouver
ARGE LOTS, 50 ft. x 147 ft.
= Cleared, Ready for Building ===
In Blocks  15,  15a, 16 and 16a. D. L 550.
Prices: Inside Lots, $750 to $1000 according to
Double corners,  $1900  to  $2200.
In Blocks 9 and 9a. Prices: Inside Lots, $600.
Double Corners, $1500.
Terms: IA Cash, Balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
ACREAGE in D. L. 546 and 550
subdivided into blocks of from I to 4 or more
acres. Prices per acre, from $2000 to $3250
Terms: IA Cash, Balance 6,12,18 & 24 months
The Grand Boulevard extendi through this property
The North Vancouver Land and
\ *
Improvement Company, !_£
543 PENDER ST. Gasi25» VANCOUVER, B, C. r'
fm mmm, mmw
Hill.. IU II.	
i a 'minimi
Great Hosiery Sale
The following lines will be olleretl on Saturday and
Monduy.   Note them ;    •
90c and 75c values 25c a pair
Plain silk lisle thread, also cotton embroidered and
lace hose, in black, tali, brown, reseda, hclio, white,
Copenhagen, etc,   Great range to choose from.
35c to 45c values 17/,c a pair
Plain cotton and lisle thread hose, in black, tan or
grey.   Good quality,, well shaped and linishcd.
Regular 05c Hose, 3 pairs for $1.00
Women's open work silk.lisle thread hqse in striped
designs in all colors and black, unusual value.
Regular 30c to 45c values for 15c a pair
Women's fancy colored lisle thread Imse in assorted
patterns.   Kxtra special at this smull price.
25c cashmere hose 12',c a pair
These are in plain black and well made, shaped and
finished. The wearing parts are extra spljecd. Sizes
for women,
Children's cotton hose in tan, black ur white open
work designs.   Regular 25c values for 10c a pair.
Gordon Drysdale, Ltd.
575 Granville Streeet
Vancouver Business Directory
st       W. T.. STEIN & CO.
Jio Pender street, Vancouver
North Vancouver
Kallethe's Bath
Corner Homer and Pender Sts.
The only up-to-date and reliable bath house in llritish Co
Wt cjire where others fail.
Satisfaction guaranteed or no
pay. Plain baths, electric bath .
shower baths, massage ior body, scalp and face ; electro therapeutic baths a specially.
Graduate'ol llerlin, German;
livery Imly luiiga tu huve wnvy hair.
It ia now within llie roach oi every-
ot J. For some years cut heir bos been
jji'iinnni'iiily waved, but the process it
nud to undergo wua too sovere lor it
to bu . 1 |'li,ai to Ium 011 ths head,
bet now science bus diacovercd a me-
1 la 'I by v.Iii, 1, llie Iniii cun lis waved
without injury lo huir ur aculp. Ths
wave will nut wash out aud damp
weather will not ulfect it. Tho pro-
ci ia leaves the hair roll and wavy. It
lias beiome the rage iu l'aria, London in I all llie largo cities ol tbs
Stales. Special rules lur ons munih.
Any information regarding the work
will lie :.bully given I'i any ladies whu
will call ur I'.rilc to
713 Tender Street.
a-la"'   I  lad
Groceries uid Provisions
WhAUsak ann, Retail
116 Hastings St. (downstairs)
Delivery Tucsdai's and Prides
r iaa? < stivips
Business Institute
336 Hastings St. W.
Canada's Great.at Waalarn School
R. J. Sprott, II.A., - -Manager
m'wi. itiirui:it mm
Sign and Price Markers
iii I'liirlicld Hid.      Pone R327J
Buslnt as College
631 Seymour St., Vancouver
Day school open all the year
round. Night school coimiuiH-
i'S September 8th.
liiitsliirc (I'liiii'iiiilir &
kiiiitii's roi'iioi'iidoii lid
4 |o Seyinoiir Street
R. Kerr Hoiilgatc - - - Manager
Read   the Express
All Norlli Vancouver |K)ople eat at
Either Hurl, Illock or Hastings St.,
opposilo Ilic new post office. Leonard
sells his tea by the pound.
flonTH Vancouver
1 uNi'i 1 in, ur
CerliUralcd Surgical, Medical sild
Maternity Nuraes
warn Seal Out on Application
For terms apply  ul  (lie Hospital
12tb Street East.
PHONE  t/9
All new Houses should lie piped for gas in order to save the
heavy espenditure for this con-
f*w\mwrr'*m *r fm  "iVCf   U»l-*.
300 Feet of Water-
frontage with crown
grant, known as
Wallace Shipyards.
Terms to suit purchaser.   Apply
Seymour St.
General Contracting
l.Nfi, Etc. Estimates Given,
Marl miian i» Andruss
Keith Koad, oast ol St. GcorKtVs Avenue, or P. .0. Por lit,
Lynn Valley Notes
(Espress special correspondent)
Hr. linbt. Brown is on a viiiit. to
Ills sops in Lengley.
Prayer meetings ovory Wednesday
night will bo held in I. V. Presbyteri-
<an church.
Reported tbat a blaek hour with
cubs has been soon noar Fromme and
Frederick Roads.
Tha usual Sunday crowd visited the
Valley, taking advantage ol tbo fine
day to call on their friends.
Hr. Iliii'llull q| North Vancouvor
moved to his new homo on Poran
Road on Saturday.
Friends nl Hr. Gou|d are pleased to
hilar that he has so far recovered as
to I ni ro tho hospital and is visiting
Iriimds in (irandviow,
Hr. Wm. • Millar lull lor a trip up
country where he intends trying his
bund at boar stalking while on Ibe
Mr. and Hrs. Wilkinson ol Ludy-
sniilb woro tho guests ol Mrs. Robt.
Brown belore leaving lor their new
homo at Strawberry V»le neer Vic-
Rev; C. E. Fakoloy loft lor Victoria
last Monday to ad as bcel man to his
college chum, Rev. Thos. Keywortli,
who is to be married on the 1Mb ol
(lay to HisB Hughes of Dovor,  Eng.
Homing ovonts cast thoir shadows
before thorn."
A return just issued shows tfaat
thcro „re 7,901,466 parliamentary voters in the United Kingdom, or 198,-
Mi'l more than wero on lusl yoar'e register.
A man named Burruwa while working ai the inlako on Soymour Crio'i
yeslorday had his right foot badly
crushed by a tailing rock. Ho wui
Iin.ir In lo Ibo North Vuncouvor lu
pilal lusl ovening where his injure
were attended  to.
Noxt Six Months Will See an AvcruKC
ol ti Municipality Every Twenty-
EouaV flours Brought Into Being-
Novel Movemcnl tn Eliminate In-
(From our own correspondent)
Montreal,   May   23.-By the end   ol
iin' coming summer there will lie   at
leuat   one  hundred  und   seventy   now
ia.v.ira iu i'annd.i. ani counting  those
hall   cume into  exislence   gradually
ami    in Ilic natural   cuurao ol evolution   fl'Uni   I'l'l at , I .     Ql   llaalla.a ;a    11.1      llailll
lela und Ihcn into lowna. iho one
hundred und sovonty will all bo iu
Ihe weal, tbo great, tfae glorious west.
Nut for thein tho humdrum processes
of conventional development ; they will
•I'l-ing. lull pan,iplied into being, with
la.da'l- .   ,., Ul lln, 11 •-,..,-.    llll hi    aJll]    all       tllO
modern mprovementa un papor, ani
u small ruilujnd atulion, a milo or so
ul siding and tubuuwlcd l>o|ie and
confidence in Ihe hi ure us uc'luul as-
■id.a. Hi.' Canadian j'uulic will lie ie-
pousible fur filly ul then, thc Grant
Trunk l'ucific for twenty-lot;, and Ihe
Cuiiudiun Northern lor iiinclt'tii.\. it
ia u luir supposition that J ,.f thorn
will live beouuse of Ihe I.,* nu care
of Ibeir i.-ohiuul and Ibaf mosl ol
ilu in will prosper bocausa tfao lime
hua euiuc for towns lo siicecd farms
Ul     ai'lrrl, ,1    locutions    a,11 lie   |UaHli':,
und Ihe railrouds are ii/u belter po-
eition to do the selcctilg Ifaan any
oilier in 11 anna ui ail ii j i'S', pi lund companies. Nor will thcscluili'oad towns
ho tho unly conimunituL to come into
being in Ihe weal in lie next, three or
lour months, but. frors llieir number il
ia possible tu draw liino kind of an
impression ot the tjetliod and tfae
spued uf West era dsv|lopmont.
In".mili. as a delin■,. j,, murder tri-
ula whiefa faus |uenrnj ao commun ol
laic years may ovonfuuily be eliminated aa Ibo result ol k novel movement
just started bore, figures have been
gulhered whicfa. ahoy that in this city
alone I here ire 1,000 feeble-minded
children, mnn.y ol, whom will inevitably become jni'inleiai ol the criminal
elsai. Sti itistici show that crime
und insanity arc ol tho increase and
Ihat fully fa all Ifaecriminale aro aim-
illula    been I'.in,    ul   inenlul     ial    Jl.-l V.HIM
conditions which I obtained during
ehililhood. AccordiLly it is now propoicd to catch iheLjf.inl.inl criminals
suffering from some/mental or n,o>vous
disorder while turn aro young and
euro lln sn before it/becomes too late.
To thin  tnd H is {tanned lo establish
Ill'JO  an    an Uil ul 11,11 v.hiue   fi able jniiul
od I'ii'.ldra'ii shall be examined end repaint ,-od since il tfai condition is ro
cogn )/.ed soou emaiiili the child Can
gen jrally bo cured; Under tfao present
aj'-'Aem thu pruocdur; ii to send men-
toily defio/ionl cbjldtm to a relorma-
U,ry irom whiefa Ihjy are released fa
a lew mod lbs of tea woree'tlmn they
woro before tutoring Under the new
plan Ihoy -will not \, rdented until
(faey are cu red, If tiis proposal does
succeed ijn < Oinjiiiatiui the byerWor^cad
defense of i insanity n criminal oesee
it is nol in iprohsbliv' that a long eei-
foring puWk will bo (filling to iSre^
will be trill
to its a/oni
for everybody.
Carpet Squares
and Rugs,
We bsve juit
received a
complete line
of Imported
Pricei right
Special Attention given lo
Window Shades,
Curtain Rods, etc.
128 Lonsdale Avenue
Carpet iwecper
II you Intend making your bom»
In North Vsneouver see us.
We also carry a full
line of Crockery,
126 Lonidale Avenue
Lot 18, Block 35, D. L. 550, $1150. Caih $450, balance 6 and 12 monthi
UU 54 and 55, Block 166, D. L. 274, $13,000. Termi to arrange.  Near Lontiai*
the above lots ars among the best buys in Norlh Vancouver, and intending investors will serve their ewa
intorssta by investigating. We bave tbe exclusive sale and also a large Ibt of other lots in the Oity. It if
in your own intereet ta call and inspect our list before deciding.
Real Eitate Agenli.      Financial Broken
Head Office: 405 Hastings St. W., Vancouver, B. C.
Hritisli Columbia HraDcb Offices:
4 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver
llll Government St., Victoria
Branch Office* in Europe:
Berjin, Germany
Loud on, England   ,
Paris, France
Going Through?
Of Course 16
Going Through
If You Don't Take ThU
Chance, Someone
Ebe WiU
paying estimated dividends of 15
per cunt, the first year of operation
and increasing yearly.
Don't allow outside capital to gobble
uj) tl»e"oue loca) proposition of wftoie
success not one solitary doubt ba*
been expressed,
Splendid Investment for the Conservative
H Resid^U   ol  No;t|j
stock frorp «c Mayor Msy
q| M8y#8iMfn..l, LoM<W*
Av.csm*, litnfo VmwIjW
F, m. p?uiier, tenmM
Mountain Scenic Incline Rfj
CojBfW, Suite joi, ffy
detiiifi iMorm.itti(w (
Mounlsis Scenic |nd
btifimt:'--	 mm
I •
Holders of the Minto Cup and Champions of the World
llniiuiii row, reading from Mi to rigbt . llnlliruilli, Jimmy tiilfunl, ■luliiiny Howard, Tummy fliltmd (I'apt.),
I.un Tiirnliull, tlrumpy Spring, I'uuk Hiniiiiuuo, IliN Turniiull. '|',,p tow: t'hus, Wel.-li, munngir: lho truii.er,
Duck Marshall, Sui'uly llrny, I'ul   Pccnoy,  liun litilinif, I'lilF (Spring, Ilngjj! (lifford and flvnrge Itennic.
'Ihe above in a pii'lnre .>f Hie tiluin
put un the field li> Iliu New Wcstiiiio
Sler elnli in Iliu league nial'ii iiilh III
Vnni'iiiiii't I lull mi Wcdnesdiiy ti.l
'I'ltu score in Hii." mulch wi|a iheelun-
oat possible, tinincli nui' gOul In nn
thing in liivor uf li cbanyHnna, in
Ihu close observer, howuvcr, .1 wus mil
illllli'inl    10   delect   llie   fuel     llllll     llie
winning leapt weru pin) ine well wit Iai.
their strength und ihul ihey di,l not
ut llliy time Cnliailler llinf ilu< result
waa in soriuue doubt, J In- thimpiona
pluyi.il with uiily eleven men lut >
one llllll nl tlie tniil'li. Iiii'itusc ui
heavy penullies nnpuiti.l liy Itut'uriv
Hurt', but tiiitvaillisianil n; thia liuuvj
handicap   lliej   plnyod   mi iiggrosnvc
guttle up 11, the lust i|U.titer when
Ihey i,'liil'|nidlia<i somewhat ibeir i'i
furls lo Increase llieir score mul eon
tented llinnsclu's with th'fonalie Im'
lien. The Vuneouver I.ulu i.il.iin
ly Illllllifl'Slcll a i a 11 a -I i hri I. r I, ,1111 .alii
greater strength ihuii lb'') la.,' ■ ■ ■ e
shown nl lln- lieginiiinir "I the setisuii
and there i» evi-rj pruspei'l ibil a- ih
seasuii ptnivciis nnd the 'individual
mumbers Iwuiiiu ur,|uuiniod »iih mi
another's .-til,, nl |il;i\ ih, pl.ij.r. I'JI
bei'iinio unilod inlo „ i-plitl leutti wbiel
will lie nlili. I,, I'linqn'l tl hnmpiolia
to extend Ihemsekcs in eatiiisi in ur
der In iii.iiiil.ini I lien  miprrMuct.   Hi"
pulrull. uf lllf llalliiill.il ^ .,111a- ill, l|e.
lillidl     III   Willll'M   lldlll).'    llll.      MlllSnll
tin' Is-di lirund nf Iiihu-m' y< I |uu
iluj-a-l in llie neat ur fm thai matter
all) where in I nil uin.
By Louis Joseph Vance
C.pyrishi, ISSS by lk> Sot*. Merrill Ce.
All t'an.idian (ioicrununt Annuiln-4
are payable for Iiie nu matter hov.
long the annuitant tuny Iiie, bul tie
guaranteed annuity, ih.it n ,,n ..,.,i.
Ity whicli lor I, -lii'lai ly ini reuaeil pa)
men I is i/daii.ilil.adl in lie paid (ur 6.
10, 15 nr 10 yaurs, iw nuiy lie dasiiiil
fahould the aniinil.ii'l <liij licf..rc tin
ptfhA mentionod hud cxpind, rfluhlos
o purchaser to provide im lb'- contingency lhal -I'lne lie amy l>, dopondenl
Upuli him ul the lime the uunuitj
(ells due. Fui example, a m n 7(1
ysuis nl a.>e i".nil. .,.1, ..I .,aS iin
medial,' annuity „i fUtl I,, lie gum
antued lor ten years liar which he paid
#l,l>i:i, II he should iit\J"il. sny, »l.
tlie <<HSI a year will lay? paid lo Iii.
faeira for the remaining'Iii c years, but
in uny e,m lie will naive tb,' nnn'ii
ity as long aa he lives sh/wld lie live
to lie one hundred ur inoie. 'J'liis
Hieiiii- in other woids ihut llie sum ul
«jW,i»i« is im. i..in,nl to he p id vhe
lli'i he lives or die* The tlfA'i hel
boon invested nt ' per cent, und wai
yielding un income ol ■■I..J- . S . f., a a .1
his im a,ni. ie nuw ulmiHl ,l l„ ibat
which he formerly . - - -. - -■ I Uteri
tore fully explaining the npnllitiis
scheme as applicable to both y-nn ■
and old Amy bo bud by wnling lo H.
'1'. Hasted", unpen nlcndint <,l t »n»d,
an ({ovornnunl Annuities, lltjawn, tn
whom letters go free of postage.
—.■■■--■ .   i i
^7fioSalOii maniii of Kmiur.otuiaji.,
"   .dvlnobll
rsAayal-ariiaetufv.il I
Her "
Kflwya-aaw ^anaicw aai   nunuia
ritoietlf'iwhoiri'l/' tin »
irlsf jkrir Mint lio, .nr^aa i,
riKf jriarlliiiUuiryavlvki In,,
—'-ri Atrlurnet ,
you're going lo"-
"My ile.it young friend," Interrupted
Brentwlck. wlrti u llusli of Impatience.
"remember thai if I hud 'designed to
belrey you I could have asked no teller opportunity ihuu when you were
ni) guest miller my own roof."
"liul bang It nil. Hrentwlek." ex-
posltiluleil Klrkwood. ushinncd and
contrite, idi' worked U|h,ii by deeper
uie apprehension, "I didn't menu Ihul,
bul" -
"Would you have bullets Hying when
site Is near?" demanded Hrentwlek
stiiililugly Hastily he slipped llie re
vulvcr ii|sit| ii lilt lu shelf luneuili the
leble tup "Sir." be Informed Klrkwood Willi some heat. "I hue you as
my own son. bin you're a youti^ fool,
us I lune been In my lime nntl us 1
Would in heaven I might be au.iiol
fie advised, I'lilllp-be cslm. Cun't
you see Ha Ibe only way to suve your
"Hung the Jeivelsl" retorted  Kirk-
Ua.'a.l    ll Urilll.V.       "WIlSJ,"—
sit. iihn said iinytliltig abuul Iho
If •,    ■■
i    I' .1 ml k spoke ileleiidar's cor-
■ i .-un' lilled the doorway; Slry-
. ii'i.-r worn features loomed
■in u'der. distorted In s cheer-
"As lu tlie Jewels." orinoiin ci! Ihe
fsl adventurer, "I've gol a wurd lo
•wiy. If you put ll lo me Mini way."
lie paused un -tlio threshold, purity
for driitiiulli' effeel, purity foi' his own
nlMuitluii In his I..unl ii revolver
appeared, pulsed for linuiodiete use if
there were need.
1 There wus limit'• Rriulwiik, st his
prliiutl ii|i|)eiiiiinee. iuid dropped u pep
eiiiplury hunt! on Kirk wood's sliotilder,
furiltiK Ibe young mini buck lo Ida
seul.   At Ihu same lime hu resumed
; bis own The girl had not elirrcd
from hers since Ihe first alarm. She
sal us K iruiiKllxi'il wllh terror, leaning fm »aril wllh her .elbows on ibe
lable, her bunds li-Mli ■ l.i i„d. her
in, I-. e Illlle Linn bed. lurued to Ihe
door. Hut ber nil, i lips were set
and Driu wllh lull'xllile purpose, end
ber i,i".'ii eyes met I'algndsr's with a
look   level  and   unflinching     lleyoud
i Ibis she gave no sign of recognition.
Nenri'si of tbe four lo Ibe adventurers was Charles, tbe inecbenlclsn,
paused In alTrlgliled estoulshinent et
sight of tbe revolver. Calendar, choosing lu advuui'i' suddenly, puked Ihe
1 mussle of Hie wc ipuu loculerly in the
mini's ribs.   "Beet It, Poor Byes!" be
i suspiHNj, "j'hls Is yeur cue to duckl
(>el out of my wey!"
The iiii'cliunli Iuu jumped ss If shot,
llnil hastily retreated to Ihe leble, bis
, sallow fee I urea working beneath tbe
goggle musk which bad exclled the fat
adventurer's scorn.
"Come rlgbi In. cep'n." t^tleudsr
threw over one auoulder.   "t^rae In,
! slnit the dnnr end lock It   Ufa all be
I sociable and have a nice ijulet Ume."
I   Slryker obeyed, wltb s derisive grimace for Klrkwood '
Oileupnt, advsaciAf Jauntily to *
p.iini wllliln a yard of llie table, stop-
lied, smiling n 11 ii lily down upon bis
prospective victims and airily twirling
his revolver.
"Good evening, ail!" he sulutcd Iheni
hlotiilly. "llurotliy, my child." wllh
a.-.Minicii concern, "you're looking s
tilile upset I'm afraid you've been
keeping Inle hours. Utile girls must
be direful, yuu know, or they lose the
Ijl,nun of ruses In their cheeks.   Ur.
Klrkwood, Hs a pleasure lo i you
ngnln I'eruill me lo paruphruse your
must sound advice and remind you
j Ihul pistol shuts are upt io attract
I undesirable attention. It wouldn't be
I ui-'' for you tu bring thu police ubout
| our ears. I believe Ihat in auhslauce
' a.mil was yuur sapient counsel lo ine lu
! tbe cabin of the Alelhea. waa It noil
a Ami yuu. sir." fixing Ureutwick wllh e
! cold, unfriendly eye, "you unlimited
| fossil, whin might your name bcV"
"ll might lw Hrentwlek." wild that
! gfiillemuii placidly.
"Brenlwlek. eh)   Well. I like a man
a of spirit.    Hut permit me lo advise
"Gladly." nodded Breulwlck.
/ "Kb? Dou't I'mne a second lime be-
► Jween father and daughter. Another
man iiilglll unl be as pallcnt ob I, Mr
Brentwlck. There's a luw In Hie land,
if yuu don't liupnen lo know II."
"I congratulate )"" on your success
In evading H."Mih8crved  Brentwlck.
undisturbed.   "And-JI was considers|p
of ynu nut lo , a jlaa.  It In Ihis In
slinice"   Then. Willi m ahtrp cluitige
nf  lune.  "i'mne. sir!"   be tlenionded
; "You lune utiuiirniiiiiibly Intruded In
j this room, which I huve engaged fur
! my  pi little use    Get through  wilb
i yuur Nu ii.■ -i- uml be off wilb you."
"All lu gonl lime, my onledlluvlon
j friend.   When I've wound up my bust
[aiiess here I'll go-not before.    But,
; Just lo oblige ynu. we'll gel dowu lo
It.   Klrkwood, yuu have a revolver of
mine.  Be good enough to return It."
"I have 11 here, under tbe table,"
Interrupted Hrentwlek auavely. "Shall
I bund H lo you?"
"Hy Ihe muuic, If you please. Be
very careful. Tbia one'e loaded, too
-ept lo explode uny minute"
T'o Mi k wood's intense disgust Brentwlck (juicily i lipped one bend beneath
the table and. placing Ibe revolver on
lis top, delicetcly wilb bis finger lips
shoved It toward Ibe farther edge,
a Wilb a grunt of approval Calendar
swept (he weapon up end Into bis
"Any more ordusnee?" be Inquired
briskly, eyes moving slerlly from fsce
to fare "No matter. You wouldn't
dore use 'em anyway. And I'm about
done. Derolliy. my dear. Ii's blgb
Ume you relumed lo your father's protection. Wbere'e tbel gladetone bug'/"
"In my traveling teg." the girl told
him In n toneless voice.
"Tlieu ynu ii.ii) bring it along You
may ulso sny good ulgbl to tbe kind
vtR ee via-
istrict .Lot 552
#J| THIS property will be on sale in about two
HI weeks. It is subdivided into 50 foot lots, varying
from 140 feet to over 200 feet in depth.
ALL the property, including street allowances,
with the exception of one block, will be cleared
grubbed by the end of June.
,'"  ' .
TH£ Capilano line of the B. C. E. Ry. runs
through the property, giving a regular service.
M f IT js the finest residential property on the North
HI Shore, beautifully situated, overlooking the Harbour immediately north of District Lot 265, which
will, in the future, be the industrial and Railway centre
of North Vancouver.
• • ■
Lonsdale Estate Office
526 Winch Building, Vancouver, B. C.
Phone 2835
< ■ini fcWanbaiUliI
(   Ua'
& Items
Scotland Has tlie Honor nf Making
the Floor Covering.
Scotland has tbe boner ef making
Ibe carpetn which will cover the Door
ol Westminster Abbey for the Coronation, and the lo h ef a great carpel factory st tihisKuw huvq been
busily engaged upon the Important
task. Tbe floor covering has from
tardea! times been a specific feature
In the preparations for the stately
ceremony, and In ths Uber Resile
prepared for Richard Il„ a copy of
wbich Is In the safe keeping of ihe
D.ans of Westminster, there Is a
definite order us to ihs "Hay cloth of
llurrel" tu he placed under the "King's
feet as he goeth." At all the later
coronations the curpei has been of a
rich and beautiful character, with as
lustrlous a surface ss possible, and
Irom the quantities needed In the more
recent times It Is one of the first requirements to be set In hand, The
new carpel will follow very closely
upon lines of that ordered for King
Edward's cvrownlng. Then as now
Ibe color wus a singularly soft, rich
blue. The design was symbolical and
embodied Ihe badge and motto of the
Order of the Garter and the Tudor
roae, with thc thistle, shamrock, and
lotus connected with festoons of bay
leaves snd rlihnns. These were effectively shown In a rather lighter
■hade of color and the whole formed
in admirable background lo thc magnificence of the Suite robes, the
jccleslastlcul vestments, Ihu crimson
3f Ihe peeresses' dresses, and Ihe
military and diplomatic uniforms.
 Born April II, 1117.
Many Brilliant  t'eremoulcs  Will  be
Held—A Ureal Scries.
From Msy on lo tbe end of July
London will ln.tlic scene of a series of
festivities unequalled In splendor, the
Coronation being Ihe culminating
point, Tbe ceremonies already arranged Include:—
Early In May- opening hy the
King lu Slate of the Festival uf Empire al the Cryatul l'uluce.
May 11.—Unveiling by the King of
Tbe Queen Victoria Memurlul In Ihe
Mall, the Kaiser and Kalacrin attending.
May 22.—Opening uf Ihe Imperial
June 10.—Banquet tu foreign representatives at Buckingham Palace.
June II.—-The King receives Col'
onlal Premiers.
June it.—Coronation Day.
June II.—Procession through South
Juns 21. The King holds Naval
Review at Bplthoed.
June 21. Uulu performance at the
June II.—Special performance al
Ibe Ibeatrs.
June II.—Special service at St.
Paul's and a luncheon al thc Guildhall. Third Hoyal prucessluu through
If time permits, tbe King will also
attend a military review al Aldershot
and s gsla performance at the Opera.
King Oeorge himself Is taking   a
very active part la the preparations,
a and, being a   comparatively   young
man bless.d wltb excellent health and
Senty ef vigor, there Is little doubi
al His Majesty will be able lo support Ihe fatigues of lbs numerous
ceremonies wllh ease.
Tbe routes of two of tbe Coronation processions—that of Coronation
Ray, June II, and that of the Royal
progress on June ll—bave already
been announced. These will be the
hut word In modern pageantry, but
the third procession to St. Paul's and
Ibe Oulldhall on June 21 will be confined to Their Majesties, Ihe Court,
god a Sovereign', escort. The route
for this procession has nut been definitely settled yet, but It Is Ihe Intention of the erranglng committee
to choose other streets snd approaches than those used for the two
pageants. The route of Ihe return
will be totally different from that of
Ibe approach.
Tbe Territorials will play an Important pari In the celebrations, both
si tbs military review and in Ihe lining of tbe streets of London during
the octave.
Tbe Australian Government hats approved the arrangement lo send eighty
New South Wales settler cadets to
England, under Major Wynne, tu take
nart In the coronation celebrations.
expenses ol the cadets will a*
* by private subscription.
Mr, Kisher,' Premier ol Aadxaha,
hu accepted tie invitation ol Uw
labor parly to a benouet on Nay
ilftth at the Hotborn Heeluureot, lu
which every trade union in Britain has
been asked to send . rsprawiifUve.
11 Gil FEAST
Presaistleae ter the Coiosstl— ■•>
tMialsm.nl    lo    100,000
Tbe work of preparing for the Cere
nation entertainment whieb tbe King
Will .give to 100,1)1111 poor children of
London at the Crystal Palace on June
10th, Is well under wsy.
Sir William Carrlngton states tbat
tbe ooromlttajii entrusted to carry out
tbe King's wishes, declare, ubaolute
Impartiality Is to be shown so thst
schoolchildren of every denomination
si)ould bs properly represented,
Although not oiiidelly staled, there
le every reaaon to believe that the
King and Queen will be present In the
osurss ol ths afternoon at tbe enter
tainroent at Ihe Crystal palacs. Moat
probably tbey will be accompanied by
Princess Mary and one or Iwo ul her
It Is assumed that the chosen
100,poo will be marahallsd like an
army and converge upon Sydenham, by
various routes. Probably the local
railways for a certain lime In the day
will concentrate their energies on the
transport of this army, Every child
will bear his or hor own namo and
address In writing, and will ulso carry
a distinguishing ticket or rosetls, Indicating by color snd by numerals tbe
pat.lculur school and locality. It Is
hoped, also, that each girl will wear a
whlls dress or sush and each boy a
wblts lis. Once within Ihe gates ol
the Crystal Falaco, there ahould bs
little difficulty. The stuff there Is accustomed to Invasions uf football enthusiasts for the Cup Final numbering
from 100,000 to 110,000, and In ths
summer various organizations bring
to Sydenham many thousands of chll-
Tne King's guests will arrive between 11 and-12.20 and slay until between t and 7 o'clock. Dinner and
tea will be served, If line, at long trestle tables on the grass, but If wet the
meals will be served In relays within
tbe Palace, for dinner the children
will have cold meuti, pics, pastries,
with lemonade; and at tea bread and
butter, Jinn and cakes.
Each uf the favored children will he
given from Ihe King u specially designed Coronation beaker ol Royal
Doulton ware. They are lo be of the
Same shapo as those made fur King
Edward, and on ths occsslons ef the
Jubll.ee of Queen Victoria. His Majesty has supplied a special portrait
of himself in the uniform ef sn Admiral of Ihe fleet for reproduction on
tbe beaker.
Apart from a generous programme
of amusements and a monster tea, the
ohlldren will be glv.n probably tbelr
first glimpse of Ins greatneii pf ibt
British Empire The King bos chosen
tbs Crystal Palace, with IU Festival
of Empire, u Ihe venue for this reason—to Impress on the Juvenile r ind
some understanding of the vast community ef English-speaking countries
ef which th.y form no Inappreciable
Mr rraak laascellee will eupoHa-
t.nd ths direction of a speclsf performance ef th. Pageant of Empire,
lasting hslf an hour. A Royal box Is
to be erected for Their Msjsstles.
Sub.equ.nlly the children sre to bs
taken In batches for a trip round the
Empire on the "All-Red Routs" Railway. This will enable them lo see the
Parliament building, of Newfound
bind, Britain's oldest colony, wllh Ha
papermuklng snd whaling snd othsr
Industries, together wllh Ihe hartor
of St. John's; tbc great wheat prairies
and cattle ranges of Canada, and Ihe
Psrllsmcnt buildings al Ottawa; various Crown a ol,.nl. j, v in, ;, Malay vli-
lige snd a sugar plantation In Jamaica.
India will be visited, ond Delhi
where the King Is lo be crowned In
person Emperor of Indie. From In-
dis ths young voyagers will trevel to
Australia uml New Zealand, und finally to South Afrit-:, where the gold
and diamond mines will be shown In
TS. Nines tt Ike Seres Beysl Tisls-
Th. queen having decided Ihat her
train al hor Coronation .hall be borne
by Helen daughters of Esrls, la now
considering whul their costumes shall
be. According to precedent, Ihey will
all wear while, snd. will be dressed
precisely alike. Her Majesty will pre-
.mi to eaeh of ber atlcndunls a
handaumi' souvenir uf Ihe occasion,
snd this will probably be the only or-
nam.nl Ihey will be permitted to
wear. The pages who attend Ihe
King wear a quaint uniform of scarlet, whits snd gold, and carry old-
fashioned three cornered hats Wltb
plumes under their arms.
Tbs following ara Ihe traln-bsar-
Lady Eileen Butler, daughter of the
Earl of Lancaborough.
Lady Mary Dawson, daughtsr ef
the Earl of Dertrey.
Lasts Mab.ll Ogllvy, daughter of
lbs late Earl of ailrlls and ths Coun-
i.m of Aarlle.
Laady Victoria Carrlngton, daughter
of Earl Carrlngton.
Lady Jean Cochran., daughter of
tbe Earl of Dundonald .
lady Eileen Knox, daughter of the
Eavrl int Count.as of Banfurly.
Lady Adelaide Spencer, daughtsr of
■srl Spencer.
It Is probsbls tbat further appointments Will bs made, necessitated by
tbs weight and length of her Majesty's
At ths Glasgow Corporation meeting
at which plans were mads for celebrating tin Coronation, Ih. Lord Provost explained Ibat II WSJ proposed lo
carry opt Arrangsrients srmflor to what
wu '°|i**ed »t Klhg 4dwordT» Corona
tion . Tb. Ides was"o give s dinner lo
about M,000 poor in lha various parts of
The oily, that the Children and Ihrir
tssob.rs should r.celv. i modal, and
also thai lbs children should hsve a
lay 10 tb. Exhibition instead of the
children'.) Day In tbs parks it would
bs quit, in ki.plng witli ibe usual oh-
oum.tsneis that tbe Corporation should
!es.lb)y have a baoqosi, and tbat there
boull bi a reception on lomt evening
01- s large number of olUsene   II was
sal     ir>t.t\At.A      t„     mn     tfi     ft     VAru     U.a.
maxqwn tmhatmc ran jc*
asllon furnished
.Hon furnished by the
. Royal Opera, Covspl
es lo bs charge for th.
■ into
Twenly-llvo Thousand pf Tlicru Will
Line the Home pf Procession
It Is uHtiiiiiitt.il that more than 62,-
iHli) troops will be employed In London
during the Coronation ceremonies. No
fewer than 2mod soldiers and sull-
ors from every State and Dominion
In tbe Empire will line Ihe routo und
take part in the royal procession on
Coronation Duy. The various contingents, |t le expected, will be as
Indian Empire        (00
Overseus Dominions    1.600
Colonies and Protectorates ....     100
Channel lslund Mlllilu        20
Royal Navy     1,000
Cavalry           1,000
Royul Regiment of Artillery ..  ' 100
Corpa of Royal Englnoora .. • ■     100
Infantry      10,600
Army Service Corps      110
Royal Army Medical Corps ,.     100
Army Ordnance Corps        ion
Military Cadets       110
.Special Reaerve    1,000
Territorial Force     6,000
Various Departments      180
Total    16,000
The massed bands of the Foot
Guards, Household Cavalry, Royal
Artillery, Royal Englneera, Royal
Marines, and thc Royal School of
Music, with the bands of single units,
will provide 1,000 performers.
Who will be made Prince of Wales In
Queen's    Strong    Practical    Insight
Ma,nwi iu Choice of Four.
Queen .Mm y onee more bus displayed evidence of her strong practical In-
llghl In the choice of her four maids
of honor, Ihe Hon Sybil Ilrodrlck,
Venctlu l!.nine. Mai.,. Qye, und Katharine Villi. ...
Thu Hon. Sybil Ilrodrlck Is Iho
daughter uf Viscount Mlddlcton by
his lirst in.nu.ii . wllh Lady Hilda
i'h.ni. il il."i, iii.d of the veteran
Furl uf Wi'inyss; her eldest sister is
Lady Tweedmoulh. She la a bright,
sensible girl with Ideua of her own
shout most things, and hus traveled
a good deal on the Continent,
The Dun. Vcnellu Baring Is a
dainty. Greuse-ljke ludy wllh great
taste In drcas. whu always wears
j"iiii tliiiis personal unu characteristic.
She uvulda tbe prevailing fashions, but
luccci'ds In appearing smart and lull vidua I without being eccentric
.Mi.,.' Qye la pcrhupe Ihe most interesting of the maids of honor, In se
lur ua she baa hud u eoamopolltan ex-
terlcnce Her lute father waa Brlt-
h Consul at id, i and ahc was educated In Paris Consequently she
ipeuku French us Idiomatically as a
reul r.iii.ii mi", and Queen Mary
thuught. wisely, thul she would be of
Immense service in usslttlng In Ihe
entertainment of the many foreign
royalties whu will be In London for
King George's Coronation.
Tho lust in thc list of mslds of
honor la Mis* Kuthcrlne Vllllers,
daughter of the lale Col. the Hon.
George Vllllers, second brother of the
Earl of clarendon, who wa. at one
lime military ultuehe at 81. Petersburg, Berlin, and Paris. Among her
tumid are Constance. Countess of
Derby, an." Emily, Iaidy Ampthlll,
both 'sdiiwuger." Her mother was,
before her first marriage. Miss Ma-
quay, the daughter of an American
banker, and when Queen Mary spent
a winter In Florence, a good many
years sgo. she was an Intimate friend
of Miss Muu.ua)
Amount Scl Aside by Uie Indlso Goi-
eruincul for llie Durbar
No loss thun a million sterling has
been eel aside by Ihe Indian Government for the expenses of Ibe King's
Coronation Vlall Is December. George
V. will be crowned at Delhi aa Klng-
Emperor literally, and both the crowns
In Ihe Royal Regalia will be taken to
India (or Ihe purpose
Besides the magnificent Durbar, to
which all Ihe rajahs and chieftains of
Ihe Indian Empire will dock to 40
homage to their Kelscr-l-hand, there
will be many Imposing ceremonies.
The huge amphitheatre to be erected at Delhi for the Durbar will be
lavishly decorated, and In and around
the famous city will be encamped
10,000 of the flower of the Indian
Army. Colcuttu ll preienllng Ihi
King wllh a casket costing 18,000.
The King hus been Invited to shoot
big guiiic wllh Ibe Maharajah of Nepal
during Ihe villi.
Explaining Ihe provision of (6,000.-
000 by the Indian Government, Mr.
Montague, Under Secretary for India,
stated In the House of Commons that
set off agnlnsl Ihis sum would be (be
very considerable Increase In railway,
nost-olllce und telegraphic revenue.
No extra luxation Is to be Imposed.
After tbe durbar ceremonies, which
will last u week. Ihe King and Queen
Will visit Khutltvundu, (he capital of
Ihe Independent native State of Nepal,
lying between Bengal ond Thibet, The
Journey lo Khaiiwandu la one of the
Inoal fsaclnntlni lhal can be made In
India. There (s no railroad, and the
Royal pairly will hove to lr*.v*l by
road Into the beoullful under-features
of the Jllmulayus. Thc road, however,
Is good, and es Ihe best tiger shoo!
In India li lo be had In the Neps
Teral. It li probable a great shoot
be arranged. Jl Is well
King Oeorge Is anxious
Indian rhlnocer.i
Survive milv In the
Vancouver, jj, q,
North Vancouver
BBBBiSjBBBSaaBeaaSaa i     —maaa—aa—...——..^^
Second  Annual
Horse Show
Entry Forms from Secretary H. Snow, North Vancouver
District of Kortb Vwwouver,
A BY-LAW to Authorise the carrying
Wit of ths work pf Loral Improvement Of YVeslovur Roud, and ruining by way of Ucal imnrovemont
Debentures the sum of six lluiiisiinil
dollars (»6,ooo) to provide part ol
the cost qf tarrying out the eaid
work, and to assess and ''ivy "ll>
local Improvement rats or tax re
quired to provide for the payment
of the Interest, and to accumulate a
sinking fund to pay off the said
. WIIIOKUAH the Westover Road
laocal Improvement lly-Uw, Illll,
was passod by the council of Ihe District of North Vancouver lo provide
for ascertaining the land io be benefitted, and i'1' proportion of benefit
received by1eucb lands from the proposed clearing, grading and boulevard-
' ipg to Ils full width of tba Weetoyer
Road, from Lynn Valley ltoad to
Duval Road all in the Municipality of
North Vancouver I part of which run
nlng southwsrds from the Lynn Valley Road Is now known as Allan lload,
but for the purposes of this lly-Uw
is still referred In us Wustover lload)
and gravelling same to a width ot 21
feet between ditches.
AND WHEREAS It was recited III
said lly-Uw that the estimated cost
of the said Improvement work was
seven ihoiisiinil five hundred dollurs
($7,500), Ihul the Council hud agreed
to expend from the General Funds of
tbe Municipality the sum of one thousand live hundred dollars 1)1,5110), and
the balance or Blx thousand dollars
((6,000) must be raised hy loan ou the
security of a local assessment In provide for carrying oul Ihe Improvement
of the suid road;
AND WHKREAS by Bald Ucal Improvement lly-Uw ll Is provided Ibat
the lands to be benefitted hy the car
rylag out of the said Improvement of
the eald WeBlover Rood are the lunds
having a fronlago on the said West-
over Koad so far ss ll le lo he Improved, and thai the extern U> which
nn h lands ere benefitted Is In pro
portion to the lenglli of frontage of
such lands respectively tnunIn upon
suld ltoad.
AND WHKHKAS it I'ellllun line
been received hy lite Council dulrd
as to each signature und signed hy u
inujiiiiii ill iiiiiiiL. i of llie pet sons
shown hy lite lusl revised assessment
roll of the Munlilpallly tn lie Ihe own
ere of the lauds elTecled by Ihis lly-
Uw, and the owners of more Ihuu
mn- huh III value of mu Ii lunds, ash
Ing thai Ihe said improvement of the
Westover ltoad be tarried out ss u
Ucal Improvement, and ihul the sunt
of six  thousand dollars  < • be
raised by Debenture Bonds In lie
Issued on llie Bectiiily of Ural Im
provemenl Kales to be levied accord-
ing to the suld frontage basis ou the
suld lands lo he benefitted ns aforesaid.
AND WHEREAS Ihe amount of
debt which this Ily Uw Is Intended
lo create Ib six thousand dollurs
(16,000), and lite same is being treat
ed lo provide u fund in pari for tlie
Improvement of the suld Westover
Koad under Ucal Improvement Plan
AND WHKHKAS ilm illinium lo bu
ruined annually by special rat." lor
"■'in!' the dehl snd Inlerest under
this By-Uw is Hun hula i-d and
forty dollars (1310), being (10 'or the
sinking fund sud |:it)0 for Interest.
AND WHKHKAS Ihe value of Ihe
whole land and Improvement or reul
property rateable under Oils lly-Uw,
according in Ihe leel revised Assess
ment Roll of the Dislrict la twenty
five iliousund nine hundred und fifty
seven dollars 1125,0571.
AND WHKHKAS Hit! debt is created on Ihe security of Ihe ape.Ial rules
settled and levied hy Oils lly-Uw, and
ll is guaranteed by Hie credll of Hie
whole  0 ii ..hi
Ihe Heeve uud Council of Ibe Corpot
Bllon of the Dislrlrt of North  Vail
couver In Council  ussi'iniilcd   (with,
Ihe ussenl of Hie Klenors of thu sgld'
Dislrict I as follows, ll/..:
I. Authority is hereby given the
Council to tarry oul the work of l».al
Improvement of ihe suld Westover
Hood, as liefore described, all us I/nui
Improvement under and liy virtue ol
the said Westover Roul I wai lut
provemenl lly-Uw, 111)1.
'1. 11 shall be I ,uu! fur lite Coun
rtl to raise hy way of loan front uuy
person or persona, Isidy or bodies t or
iwrste under Ile hen I it res lo he issued
as hereinafter provided, u sum of
money not exceeding in whole Hie sum
of six thousand dollars t\ti/m) snd
lo cause the same lo be puid Into the
Dank of llrillsh Norlh America lo lite
credit of Ihe said Corporation for the
purpose above recited.
3. Debenture Ilonds of Ihe t'orpor
allon lo be designated, "The Westover
Koad Ural Improvement Dibenlure
Ilonds" to en amount nol exceeding
Hit said sum of six Iliousund dollars
iajJ(WOO) In whole may he Issued by
f the lleevs and Hie Clark of Uw Cor,
Vpotation iu terms of Hie Municipal
Clauses Act and Arts amending tin,
same, and of Ihis Ily Uw in sums as
msy lie required, bul no single lichen
ture shall be for a greater sum lliait
one tboueand dollars 1(1,000), Kn.li
of Ihe eaid Debentures shell he si*nod
by Ihe ssld Reeve end Clerk and Seel
ed with tke Seal of Ihe Corporation.
I. The said Debenture Bonds shall
bear Intereet at a rate not ex.ceding
live per tent per annum, payable
half-yearly on the first day of July
snd the flret day of January In each
and every year during the currency
of tbe said Debentures or any of Hiem.
There shall he attached lo the Debenture Bonds, Coupons signed by tbe
Reeve for each and every payment of
interest tbat may become due, end
sucb signature msy be eftber written
or stamped.
5. The said Jlebenture Bonds as lo
principal snd Inlerest shall be pay
able at the Bank of llrillsh Norlb
America lu North Vencouver, Toronto
and Montreal, and tbe said principal
aum shall be made payable by the
Coraporatiou et a date not later than
fifty years from Ibe flrsi dsy of July,
t. fay tba purpose of forming s
sinking fund for payment 4 aaid De
benturee at maturity, and for payment
of the Intereet thereon ae It becomes
due. amounting said sinking fund and
Interest together, lo 1340, (here Is
hereby assessed and levied over and
above all other mice and taxes the
annual sums set opposite the properties hereafter described lo be known
as tiM "Weatorer  Road   l-oeal  Ua-
movement Kate," which minis ahull
he payable out of and from the eald
properties respectively, vis.;—
Description of Property,
IB i-l
8 5/8
17 |
18 /
35* 2B
Tlie said Westover Koad Ural Improvement li.ii' or Tax -hull lie ami
Is hereby.levied and charged annually
for Hie period ol fifty years us u lieu
or charge payable along wllh uud in
ial.litii.ii lo, and us forming pari ol the
annual real estate Iumjb payable for
and oul of llie suld respective properties lo tlie raid Corporation
Uul il Is hereby provided thai In the
uii'iii of uny of said properties tiurg
U witli suld Westover Host! I/nui Iin
nm iiiiul I,.ao being now or here-
ifter subdivided, then Hie raid rate
slnill ulso be iiiiipiiiiimutely subdlvid-
il and settled aittirdliii; to the front-
of rath mm or lot abiilllng on
Wesloicr Hotid and Una sub
division of Hie land shull he so made
Unit as far as possible no pint or lot
.il.uitine will have u less depth than
one hui. In at end twenty [eel back
from stub frontage, mil on Biirh siih-
aii.'-i".. being so made und approved
of by icrilllulc authorised by the
Couti.il lor Hi., registration of Ihe
map or plan thereof, then Hie suid
irontugc rate shull be a thurgv only
un such parts or lots ahuiilng on said
street, nnd the remainder of Hie said
nroi'i iliu.. mi minimi"! Ill nil) I shall
be freed und released (rout Ihe said
rule as u charge or lien.
7. The debl hereby created Is
created on the at" uiily of Ihe Bald
Westover ltoad Ural Improvement
Halt', srtilrd and I.'lied as hereinbefore provided, and ii is guaranteed by
the MiiiiIiIpiilliy at largr.
8. This Ily Uw may be riled for all
imriMisoii as "Tbe Westover Koad
Loral Improvement Uun ItyUw,
1911," and shall .unit- Into effcrl on
the first day ol July, I'JI I.
Passed by Hie Council ou lite lllh
day of May, I'JI I.
Received the assent of Ihe Kin tors
al an Election Iuid ou tb.
dey ol
lln hi sbli-i' i| and finally adopted by
Ihe coun.il mid signed hy' tin Reeve
and Clerk und sealed with Hie tor
I'oiutc Seul on Ihe day
DMiM of NortlJ Vwoouver,
A BY-LAW to authorize Hie carrying
out of the work of Ural Improvement nf part of Nye Street East,
and raising by wa^ of Ucal Improvement Debentures the sun) ot
iilrvun IhniiBiiiid llncu hundred dollars (tll,3i)0) to provldo purt of tlio
cost of-carrying oul the Bald work,
mid to assess and levy the Ucal
Improvement Rate or Tax required
to provide for Ihe payment of tfae
inirrrit, and to accumulate a alnk
ing fund lo pay off Ihe said Debentures.
WHKHKAS tlm Nye Street (Kasl)
Local Improvement lly-Uw, toil, was
passed by the Council, of the District
of North Vaucuuvor lo provide 'for
in. uiliiliiiin the laud lo he benefitted,
and the proportion of benefit received
hy in li louds ia.mi ihe proposed
-■lesriii-, grading und l onlrvuiiliii". lo
its full width of Uiul pari ol Nye
treat extending three blorks I 'um
wards from Unsdale Avenue lo the
l-ailuili   liiiiiul.H'i   Of   Illock   13.   His
ti-tc t Lot 786, all lu tho Municipality
of Ihe Dislrict of North Vancouver,
uid imii ii'ii-ini, no i-..tu.- lo a width of
24 foot I .'ind mi ditches and the expropriation of Hie necessary lauds
where mil already available.
AND ".in I"" It wiib redled In
suld iu i :iv. Unit Ihe estimated cos!
of Ihe suld Improvement work was
fourteen iHui .-ml one hundred and
seventy dollars ($11,170), Ihat the
Council iiiiii screed i<> ■• p, n,i from
• he Qenoral Funds of Ihe .Municipal
Ity Hie sum of two tboueand eight
hundred and seventy dollars (12,870),
and the hnlnme of eleven thousand
three hundred dollars 1(11,300) must
be raised by loan on the security of
a locul .:■... a u.. in to provide for car-
iiiim oul Ibe Improvement of the said
AND WHKHKAS by Bald Ural Im
pi in mucin lly-Uw il Is provided thai
Ihr I,nnl.- tn he benefitted by,the car
rylni! oul of the suld Improveinrnt of
llie said Nye Siiuti Kasl are the lands
having a frontage ou the said Nye
Struct Kasl bo lur us il Is to he Im
proved, nnd Ibal lho extent lo wltbh
•nib lands ere Imc'iird is In nrnpnr
lion lo Ihe length of Ironiuge of such
lands respectively fronting upon auid
AND WHKHKAS a Petition lies
been received by Ihe Council, dated
iib In each signal ure and signed hy a
majority In number of the persons
shown liy the lust revised AsBussiiicnl
Hull of Ihe Municipality It) be the
owners of Ihe Junds affected by this
Hy-Uw nnd ihr owners of more than
our half In value of such lands, asking
lhal Ihe suld Improvement of Nye
Slreel Past lie carried oul us u U<al
Improvement, und lltul ibe sum of
eleven Iliousund Hires hundred dollars illLJixii lie raised by Debenlure
HoiiiIk Io hr IsBtinl on llie Beriniiy of
I.oual Improvement HuIub to he levied
at cording lo Hie said frontage basis
ou the said lands lo le benefillcil as
AND WHKHKAS Hie amount of
drbl which this Hy-I uw Is Intended lo
create, Is eleven thousand three liun
tiled dollars I$ll,8<l0l, and lite Bumr
Is being created In provide a fund in
part for Hie Impiou'tumil of Hie said
Nye Struct Kasl under Uul Improve
AND WHKHKAS the ainounl lo he
raised unniinlly hy spin Ial rate for
paying Ulr drbl I'ntl inleresl Under
this lly-luw .Is seven hundred and
sixty-seven dollurs tlitiii, being (202
lor sinking fund uud 1686 for Interest.
AND WHKHKAS Hie value or the
■thole land mid Improvement or real
property rateable under this Ily Law,
a... oi ihu- to the last revised assess
ment roll of the District Is leu Ihuu
sand seven hundred dollars 1(10,7001.
AND WHKHKAS the dehl Is created
on ibe security of Ihe special ruti'S
Settled and levied by Otis Hy-Uw, und
ll is guarantied by Ihs credit of the
whole Municipality.   ,
ihr Reeve and Council of Ihe t'orpor
allon of the Dlsiriit  of  Norlh  Van
ouvir In Council assembled iwiih Ihe
.i.i.in ol tile Klcuiors of Ilic said
in.ni.ia  aa follows, vlx.;
1. Authority Is hereby given Ihe
Count il to 'any out ths work of I.... -I
Improvement of tin said Nye Street
Kasl as before described, all as Ucal
liiiprotrmriii nndei ..ml ly virtue of
Hie suld Nye Slreel (Karl) Ucal Im
provemenl By-Uw, 101 r.
2. II a hull be I.. ..Ml for Ihe t o im il
to raise by way of loan i a ami tag per
sou or persons, body or biAHes tor-
poruir under Delienlur.e lo be Issued
ee bsrelnsfter provided," a sum of
money nol exceeding in whole the
sum ol elrv/m iluiui. 'ml three hundred
dollafe 1(11,100) and io raftoe Ihe
sumc to he paid  Into ihe  Hank of
ill ill- h   North   Ann i aa i   to   Hi'' III
of the said Corporation for the pur-
pose uhovc relied
3. Debenlure Ilonds of Ihe CorporaUon lo he dcalgnulrd "The Nye Slreel
iKustl Local Improvement Debenture
Ilonds'' lo an amount nol si raiding
Hie ssld sum of eleven iliousund three
bundled dollars (flliOOl In whole
msy be Issued by Ihr Hrrie and Ihr
'ink of Hie Corporal Ion in terms ol
the Miinl'iiial clauses Act and Arts
u im ml ing llie same, and of this Hy-
Uw lu sinus as may bu reiiulred, bul
no single debenture sball.be for a
greater sum than one iliousund doi
Inrs I»1,1)11)|. Kin h of the said Do
helilures shall be signed by Hie eaid
Iteeve end tivk and sealed wllh the
Seul of Ihe Corporation.
f The said Debenture Konde shall
bear Inleresl el a rale not exceeding
five per cent, per annum  payable half
tlfere Is hereby assessed and levied
over apd above all other rales and
taxes the annual sums set opposite
the propertiea hereafter described to
he known aa "The Nye Street tKasti
Local Improvement Rale," which aunis
eball be payable out of and from the
eaid properties respectively, vli.:->-
DsscripUon of Property.
I      1
25 20
50. '
I kasl I
District cf North Vanoouver,
A HY-I.AW to authorise tbe carrying
out of the wprk of Ucul Improvement of pari of Queen Street Wost
snd raising by way of Ural Im
provemenl Debentures the sum ol
five thousand dollars 1(5,0001 lo pro
vide imri of Ibe cost of carrying out
ihe said work, and to assess ami
levy tbe Local Improvement Kale or
Tax reiiulred to provide for the pay
uiciil of Hir ini. i, .1, and li um inn
oral imprnviiieiit Rate," which sums
ahull hb payable oi|t of and from tba
aaid properties respeptlvely, lit-i-
i-i.iu a sinking lund to pay oil the
said Debentures.
WHKHKAS lho Queen Street
(West) Local Improvement Hy-Uw,
1911, waa passed hy the Council of the
District of Nortli Vancouver lo provide for ascertaining the land to be
benefitted, snd the proportion of bene-
i received by sucli hinds from Ihe
proposed clearing, grading and houie
'urding lo the full width of 66 It. qf
•bat part of Queen sin 11 uxteiidin|;
or iwo blocks Wcetwurda from Lonsdale Avenue lo the Westerly I nun
lury of Dislliit l.ol 20211. ull III Ihe
nui. ip.iln: ol Ihe District of Norlh
Vancouver and iiijiadoii)l/.ln< buiiic Io
i width of"! feet between ditches mid
Hie expropriation of the necessary
luud where not already avullublc.
AND WllliHFAS It wus rmlied in
tald Hy-l aw lhal Ihe of tin: .tied rael
if suld Improvement Work was six
iho eaud three hundred uml sixty dol
lira ia'6,3601, lhal, the Council hail
I-'-,"! to ■ - n.l from Ihe lleuerul
un i- of ihu Municipality ihe sum oi
mc iliousund Ihrre hundred and sixty
4045pilars  1(1,360), and lite balance of
33 ii
I aa     I
T:il.,' um lie Hmi Hie above Is a Irtte
eon) ol tin pmposod Hy Uw upon
wilb h lite vole of ibe Mutiliipalily
will he taken wllliln Ibe following
piillliii' stations. > 1 / : III thc Lynn
Valley Insllltile Hull. In tltc Churrh
Hull al lornrr of, Unsdalr Aim in- and
Quaes Hi i uci; and at Holly burn, all
In llie Dlslriri of Norlli Vancouver,
on Saturday, Ihr 27llt day of May,
I'JI I. Indue, u Hie hours of 9 o'iIois
a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m.
('. M. C. end iteliiriilnii Olllirr.
I'uhllr not;,.' Is hereby given that
the vole of Hie Kleelors ol ibe Dis
iii. i of Norlh Vancouver will be taken
on Ihe Westover Road Local Improve-
turn!   l-osti   Hy Uw,  1911, on  Sulurday, Ihe 27th day of May, 1911, between Ihe hours of 9 o'rl'irk a.m. and
t  o'.lork  p.m., wllbln lite following   .........
polling plans, vi/.:   In the Lynn Vol-1 yearly on the Isl day of July and ihr
by Insllttilc Hell: lu the Churrh Hull  first dsy of January In each and every
si lh» corner of Uosdalc Avenue and       ~ '—'--- "-- • —  '*» "•» a.«ta
Queen Street; and at Hollyburn, all
The said Nye Slreel
I in provement I'ate or Tax shall le
Mil Is hereby levied and charged an
totally for Ihe period of thirty yean
us u lien or charge payable alone with
and in u.i.minn to. and its forming
part of the annual rial estate laies
dual h- for end oul t.f the said re
spccllve properties t.i the said ''or
I oration.
liul II Ib hereby provided Ihat In Hie
event nf any of said properties charged, wilh said  Nye Sired  Kasl Ucal
Improvement k,,i,. p, ,„   now or here
after subdivided, then Ihe bald rule
shall also he propmiliiiiaii ly subdlvid
nl and settled accordlue lo Hie front
age of each pari nr lot aluiiing on
snid  Nye Slreel   Keel, and  Hie subdivision of Ihe land shall lie so made
ibat as fur as possible no pari or lol
ahullinii will have a less depth Hi.it>
our lil-nili",| and twenty  feet,  back
from sinii frontage, and on auili sill
division bring so made and approved
ol  liy  certiorate  authorised, by aUia
Council for Hie re ilslration of Ihe man
or plain thereof, tlten Ihe eald frontage rate sball  hr a charge only on
sinb pans or lots abutting on .said
street, and the remainder of Ihe said'
properties so subdivided HI any) shall
lie (reed and released from the said
rule as a rharge or lieu.
7. The debl hereby crested |s < reeled on lite security of Ibe said Nye
Slreel l Kast i Urn I Improvement
Rate, Bellied and levied as hcreinbe
lore provided, and II Is guaranteed by
Ibe    '..nn tp.-ilny al Ian1 •
> Tills Ily Uw may be cited for all
piirnoiMja ss "The Nye Slreel I Kasl |
Mn al inn.io..-im nt I o."i Hy-Uw,
1911," and shall ionic into e.Teil ou
ihe llrsl day of July, 1911
i'ussed hy il-   CountII oi, Ihe    ul,
dsy of Msy, 1911.
Received the ssseni of Hie b'leiiori
I uu election held on Ihe
day of 1011. .
Hnoiiflderiil and f unity adopted by
thu Council and slgnid by the Reave
uml Clerk and sesl.d wilb the Corporate Seal on lite day
of                               1911.
Take notice lhal Ihe above Is a true
copy of the pi.no "i Hy Uw upon
which Hie vole of Ibe Muiihlpullly
will be taken wlihhi the following poll
ing etsllmis, Vli.: In the Lynn Val
ley Institute llsll; In the Church Hall
ai coiner of Unsdale Avenue ami
Queen Slreel: mid tl Hollyhuru, all
III llie Dlslriri of Norlh Vancouver,
on Ssiuiday, tlie 17th duy of May,
1911, between Ihe hours ol 'J o'clock
sin. and 7 o'tlock p.m.
C. M •'. and Returning Officer.
I'i bin nollir ie hereby given lltsl
Hie vole of Ihu Kleelors ol ihe Dlsiriit
of Norlli Vancouver will be taken on
ihe Nye Streel iKasi) U<ul Improvement Uun Hy-Uw, 1011, on Sulurday,
Hie 27th day of May. I'JI I, between
Ihe hours of 'J-oiloul, s ut. and 7
o'clock p.m., within Hie lollowing poll
Ing plan's, lis.: lu Ihe Lynn Valley
Institute Hull in Ihe church Hall al
Ihe corner of Unsdale Aveui.e aud
Queen Street; and al Hollyburn, all
In the Districl of North Vancouver,
and that John (J. farmer has been
.i|a|...iui. ,i i,-nnnini mil,, i to lake Ihe
votes of such eld-burs wllh Ihe usual
powers In tbst behalf.
Ry order of ihe Couii'H.
Ailing Heeve.
in ihe District of Nortli Vancouver,
and thul lohn I). Farmer has been
appointed relurnlsg Officer to take tbe
voirs of such electors with the usual
powers in that behalf
Dy order of Ihe Council.
Acting M'-.-u-
C M. <".
Diitrict of North Vancouver.
Smart Hoy Wanted, side to write
shorthand and aacnuslomnd lo office'
Work. Opportunity for <•/inc-i-in/pu
pil. Apply District Knginou-'e Office,
fUplaaaia, North V««couvsr.       f
C. M. C
year during Ihe lurrcncy of Ihe saltl
lie bin l it res or any of them. There
shell be allachi'd lo the Debenture
Houilf, Coupons signed by the Iteeve
for earb end every payment of Inlet
cm lhal msy become due, and sucli
si,iiiiiiiiu msy lie either written or
5.. Tbe said Debenlure Ilonds as tn
principal and lull-rest shull be psy
diiln at the Hank of Hrilisb North
America In NorthWsn'ouver, Toronto
and Until reel, and' Ihr said principal
sum shall bs made jieyable by (he
Corporation ul a date not later than
thirty years from the let day of July,
6. For Hie purpose of forming a
sinking fund for payment of rite mil.)
iiuiuiiiuria st maturity, and for payment of Hii! interest ihcraon aa II becomes due, amounting, said sinking
fi_d and Int—aa! lAaanihA..   in tnz-i
a|^»l^   ^m*    aa.awa^wa    .*■ a aa...^   wa.   t,v.',
Fnwb Fiuila daily at the Urotlo.
Fresh DuMi-rroilk daily at the
Urotto, 6 cents per ,|Uart.
First .juality Ice Cream, whohail"
and retail at ihr r;ml Li.
United BrotbaHVxad ol Cnr|splrr.
and Joiner, ol Ainciicu. |,ocal No.
1430, Msead>|uarlers lor berth woi*k-
men oceking eaidoynwut ml casjlract-
oi. nonding nnan at Cummings' Store,
|j«adale Aienuc. Itusinrss agwt's
hours 8.00 to H.30 a.m. and 6 lo n.SKi
p.ss.  4. U. Tbain, liwdncw agaat. U
iiu lliniisand dollars fi5,t)u01 muBl be
itised by lo.'.n ou Ihr so mily of u
local arai'simcni to provide for curry
tit oul the improvement of Die sultl
ANT) WHKHKAS hy said Uiul Im
'arovemenl lly-Uw il Is provided thai
'lie lands to'be benefitted hy Ihe tarrying oul of, the eaid Iniprovemonl ol
Ihe eeld Queen Street West ure Ilic
lands having a frontage on Ihe sub!
Queen Street Wesl bo far us 11 Is lo
lie Improved, and Ihul Ihe extent to
■ hn li such lands ulr benefitted Is In
proportion to tne length of fiouiaac
of auch lands respocllveiy fronting
upon said roud.
AND WHKHKAS a Petition bus
been received hy the Council tinted
'.■ lo ■... h signature und signed ly u
majority In number of Ihe persons
down by thu last revised I'ssussinuitl
roll of lite Municipality lo ba Hie owners of lite lands affected jty lltlB Ily
I uw and Ihe owners of more ihuu
iticitalr in value of such landB, asking
ihat Ihe said Improvement of Queen
Ureal West l(e tarried oul aa u Ural
Improvement, and thai ihr sum of
Ave ibonsai,il dollars 1(5,000) be rais-
• i by Debenlure Hoinls lo ie Nulled
in the security of I .oral Improv meiil
Hales lo lie levied nnordlnv to tin
sail frontage basis oil Ilm said lands
lO ue I   ti, I'll   'I US ;rni.   mil
AND WHKHKAS Ihe amount of dell
which this is. lav. Ib Intended in
errite Is five iim) nui dollars
l.'.i.li'U)i. and Ibe same Ib being ureal
*l lo provide a fund in pari for the
Imnrovemenl of Ihe suld Queen Streel
West tinder I... ,I Improvement I'lun
AND WHKHKAS Ihr amount lo be
raised annually by special rale for
paying the debl und Intereal under
this Hy-Uw Is two hundred and
eighty-three dollars 1(288), lelng i'i'i
tor sinking fund and (260 for Internet.
AM) WHKHKAS Hie value of Hie
whole laud ami Improvement or reul
property rateable Under ibis Ily Uw,
in urding In Ibe lasl revised uisrss
meal roil of tbe Dlslriri Is fourteen
thousand live hundred dollari
AND WHBRFAR Hie d -I i li   i   -i -I
on Ihe scuiily  of Hie siwtial rule
Sallied and levied by litis Ily law, uud
ll Is guaranteed by Ihe rredil ol Ihe
whole Muiilrlpullly.     -
Hie Reeve and Council of Ihu t on illation of the Ijislrirl of Nortli Van
gniver In Council assembled iwiih Ihe
assent of Ihe iin lots of the suld Ills
IrirlI, as toll...     tl/ '
1. Authority is hereby given Hie
Council I'i iuid, out Hie work of Ural
Improvement oi ihr siaid Queen Bircel
Weal as before described, ull us Ucal
Itnurovemeiil a mler and by virtue of
ihe wild Queen Slreel Wesl Loral Im
provemenl lly-Uw. 1911.
2. II shull b" lawful for Ilm said
Council io raise by way of hum from
sny person or persons, body or bodies
rorimrule tinder Debentures lo be
Issued us hereinafter provided, u snip
of money not nreeding in whole Ihe
stun of Inc Ilm isniiil dollurs l|5,00U|
and to i ausr the same lo be paid lnl/1
Ihe I:.oik of Hilllsh North Anmii'U lo
ihe 'iniii of ih" said CorporaUon for
Hi., purpose al'i\e nulled.
3. Debenlure Hoiids of the C.orpora
tint.  b> be  designated   "The   Quern
Kiel Wesl U'ul Imprinemenl Dr
...ure Ilonds" lo un amounl nol er
• ruling Ibe aaid sum of live thousand
dollars IMjMO) In whole may be Is
sued by Ihu llieir uud lite f'lerk of
Hie CorporaUon In terms ol Ihr Mun
cipul clauses Ad and Aila usuciiilinx
Ihe same, and of ibis Ily Uw in sums
as muy U- rnpiliuil, but no single lie
i. i no.- shall U' for more ihuu one
Ihoiioand dollars KI.WOl. Ueh oi
the said Debentures shall be slgnc/J
by Ihe sain Heeve and Clerk and
Sealed wllh Hie Seal of Ihe torpors
4. The said Debenture Honda shall
bear inleresl si s rale nol exceeding
live per reul. per uiitiiim, payable hull
yearly on Ihr first day of July and on
Ihe first day of January In each and
every year during lite rurrenry of Ihe
«rl'l Debentures or eny of them.
Th.ia shall be annulled lo Ihe Debenture Ilonds. Coupons signed liy Ibe
Itee.c for each and every puynn'ul of
Inleresl lltsl may heroine due, and
mirii ili-imiiiii, may i„ t-tiin-r written
or slumped.
n. The said Debenture Hoods as lo
film i lu I and Interest shull be payable
el Ihr Hunk of llrillsh Norlb Amrriuu
In Norlh Vsti'ouver, Toronto and Montreal, and Hie said principal sum shall
be made payable liy llie Corporation
si a dale nol later than fifty years
from Ihe flret day of July, iff),
6, tor llie purpose of funning a
iltjklng fund for payment of said De
br'niiiirs at maturity, end for puy
ment of Ihe intereal thereon aa It he
roiues due, amounting, said Sinking
Fund and Inleresl together, lo (283.
there la hereby aaaossed snd levied
over and above all other rates Slid
taxes ihe annual sums set opposite
the properties hereafter described to
be known as ths "Quoeu 81/aot Waal
63 ,
' 60
Tbe said Qiieun Street West local
Improvement Hale or Tax shall he
mil Is hereby levied and charged an-
'itinlly for lite period of fifty yeara as
1 Hen or charge payable nlong with
mil In uibilllon lo, mid ae forming part
if lite annual reul estate taxes pity
tllu for uml mil of the ssbl respective
iroiiorllss to the sultl t'oi'i-orallmi.
[lul ll is hereby provided Hint In the
".mill of any of said properties charg-
il Willi aaid Queen Slreel Wesl Loral
liiiprovcuicul Kale, being now or here-
ifter subdivided, then the said rale
-hall also lie proportionately subdlvid-
ml mid Bellied according lo Ihe front
tge of each pari or lot ahutlliiv. on
-ulil Queen Street West, and Hie aub-
'i.i nm of tlie land shall he bo nnilc
bul us far as posalbie no pari or lol
limiting will have a less depth than
un- hundred mid twenty fuel bark
'rom i h iioiiiia '-. mul on em li sub-
livisloii being bo made and approved
if hy certificate uiilhorDed hy Iho
'oniiiil for thu i-a-'-j: 11uii.Mi of llie
tutu or plan thereof, then ihe sail
inula ic rate shall be a charge only
in such parts or loin abutting on suld
itreet, and the remainder of tlie sabl
ro'iri'llajr. :-o sul I'lild'd III any i shall
ie freed rild released t'om Ibe suid
ul,' as a 'hurtc or Hen.
7. The dill hereby created Is
u Hed on Ihe sci i illy of Ilic snid
Queen Slreel Wt st I oral Improv .•
muni Rule, Bcllic'l and levied us here
'itiefpre provided, mul It Is gitarau
teed fry Ihe Miinlfipalliy ul large.
8. TIiIb i:. i - v may he tiled for all
purposes as "The Queen Slreel Weal
'.■nal    liiiproveinenl    Loan    Hy-Uw,
nil," and '-ImII come Into effect on
b" Mil day of July, Hill.
I'dssed by tbs Council on the Hilt
duy of May, Hill.
Hririvrd Ihe ssselll of Ihe electors
'i cu Election Iuid nu Ihe
duy of 1911.
Reconsidered und Dually sdppled ly
lite Council and signed by lite Roovo
und (Ter!, snd sealed with the Corporate Seal on llie day
of                                 1911.
Tuke notice lhal Hie above Is a
true copy of Ihe proposed Hy-Uw
ipou which Ihu vole in Ihe Municipal
Ily will be laken within Ihe following pulling stations, tii.: In the Lynn
Vulley Institute Hall; In ihe Church
Hull ut corner of Unsdale Avenue
dinl Queen Btrecl; und ul Hollybtini,
ill In Ihe Hist iin of North Van-
'ouver, on Saturday, the 27lh duy of
May, HUI, belwceit lite hours of 9
o'i lock u iu. and i O'clock p.m.
C. M.J', und Reluming Officer.
Public notice Is hereby given lhal
lite vole of Hie Kleelors of Ibe Dis
Hicl of Norlb Vancouver will he Isken
on Ihe Queen Slreel (Wesl) Ucul Improvement Unit Hy-Uw. 1911, on Hal-
unlay, Hie lllh day of May, 1911, between Hie hours of 9 o'tiork a.m. and
i lit lock p.m., wllbln the following
polling places, fit.: In the Lynn Vul
I y Inslliulc Hall; In Ihe Churrh Hall
ul Ihe coriier of Unsdale Avenue and
Quasi! Hired; and al Hollyburn, all
In ihr Dlslriri of North Vancouver,
und Ihul John ti. Farmer baa been
ippolnlod returning officer lo telle the
voles of such electors wllh Iho usual
iowiij in ihat behalf.
Hy order of lbs Council,
»    »
Acting Reeve.
C. M. C.
I'ic.li Fruits daily al Uie Orotto.
Oet  it at Uie Lonsdale Pharmacy,
comer 8th end Lonsdale. I'hone 39. tl
NDi'JCK is hereby given tha' at 'he
next silting ol the 'lourd if If » •
Commissioner* for ths Distriot of
North Vancouver, I, (he undersignod,
intend f „ apply Ior a hotel license
for premises situate on lot 6, Woek 97,
vfi. 666 (Dundtreye) in tho said Dis
Diet of North Vancouver,
Deled at North Vancouver, ,'
May 8lh, 1»||. M
..I. .li    II    '
' i ..    . THU S-UPftESS,JiQRTti VANCOUVEK, B, p.
Pleasant Fields
P^Holy Writ
Say* tor my d»||y rsnge
Among   ths   pleasant   fields ol Holy
I might dsspsir. -Tennyson
PEACE (Intern itionsl Psae* Lesson).
.Second  Quarter. Lesson IX.
8-8.  Msy 30, 11)11.
Both Mt. Sinn I iu.it tbe Mount of
lleiitiliiilc are in the little Ic h ul
Miesh. Tbe lir,I chapters fairly i,nnlte
with the 11 I.-i h ol dmiiuciai.i'iu. If
if were possible the last ehapt'jre a>e
more keen aird terrible. Thi vioke.l-
usss 4 the nation is pictured en great
us to lirin-; Ihu Lord out nl bis place
to lriiiii|iln on il, MoUntiii il shall bs
molten under him. Tbo lute ol the ni
lion shall be as irreversible as water
tbst has once pound over n cliff. /u,n
shall be ploughed ,,» a field. The inst
chapters contain the Lord's c n'ri-i'tr-
sy wilb his people. What helms don'
lor tbem ie rehearsed. To iho eilf-do-
tensive suggestion lint lie cinii'il bo
placated by betacombe-l'ne real simplicity and justice ol Hal's c-mmunils
ii set forth in un ovrr-m imornhlo par-
graph which shows tbit in ilm ultimate analysis wh it God requires is ,'iist
dealing, Irrve of mercy, and h mble
walk with Cod. lb «■ I ■ i pigintc
Irom tbie simple stundnrd ol rectitude
is indicated in Ihu charge ol scant
meniiire, violilli'e, evil doing with
both hands. The divine judgment is
ihst the offending shull ho sion nnd
desolate eat and nol be auti.-li d, l.ikn
M apt hnW, SOW but not reap, tread
olives but have nn oil. Rut holwocn
t|ie dolorous opening snd close of the
prophecy, a) if in pureWhesie, like a
jewel in n Hug, stand Ihe rndimit
chapter* whipb portray the glory,
pence und viclmy of /ion and tho
birth and conquests of tbe Messiah.
The Lord's house so nmplo, lowering
| and strong as to appear a mountain
itself shall bo roared agu'n upon tho
muuiituin top. It shall ba exulfod
oonspiouous and attractive, a mocoa
ol pilgrim nations Booking instruction.
Now follows ons of Ibo most memorable paragraphs ol sucrrd scripture -
indeed of universal literature. It is
the graphic and grateful picture of tbo
niilldiinl reign ol iigbl.'.iin.  on tbo
cm ih when tools of blond und death
shall be transformed into implements
ol health and lifo, War will Inn,, „„
eoiiiplelcly passed ihul men will not
so much as learn tho art oi it. The (
continuity ol happy domestic life will
remain unbroken. Out of lit tlo Belli-
ieliom, least ol ull thc thousands
ol .liiduh shull come a ruler of Israel
who shsll stand and feed Inuui in the
strength aud majesty of thu Lord.
Micah, like Amos, was a countryman. His small business may bui'o
brouglii him ut intervuls to tho capital cities—Samaria und ,lorusuluin.
His vory rustic lilo mude him sonsi-
livo to what ho suw of good und evil
much ol which would havo been practically Unnoticed by u pormanml res
dent. Buck in solitude of his country
homo he undiluted on whut he hud
seen, ll fairly scoincd in bin and ou
his return expressed itself in shrill de-
nunciulioii of the cilios which ho looked upon ua incarnation*; ol sin. No
prophet wua ever more con-cii.ua of his
inspiration.   Ile declureil  h ii,.-elf   liill
nl power by tho Lord's spirit, Jnthls
|)e WS* in cnnli'uul with (he looal
tinie-sorviiijr prophets who gaged thoir
wolds, tip the temper of their h nr,is.
Extremes meet in ths college ol thu
prophets in the perspn of Micah and
Isaiah, tho one a peasant and the
olhor ., statesman. The Bible bus uu
evolution of its bwn running parallel
With ihe en .Ini ion nf the race. Wherever man is ul any particular limn
tlio Bible has „ passage tn mutch him.
The greatest characteristic ol the prat-
oni epoch'of civilisation is tbo determined move to abolish war. The court
instituted lo adjudicate cases 'between
nations must soon be followed hy a
permanent world-purliumml to Icon
lulu upon iiili'inulinnil matters. Tbo
pugu of the Bible which mutchei ih
prosonl is ihut ol this oldin prophet
who describes lho nations coining together nl. un appointed pluco lohuvc
their cases peacefully arbitrated,
when Iho wur-lord, shull be rehukul
and all apparatus ol war shull bu
transmuted into implements ol bus-
buiidry—whun Ihe spirit of milittirism
which has brooded over Ihe nitions
as a hideous monslor shull ho Iuid
in u grave from which be .lull rover
SERVICE—A   Ali-diioiiaii   Journey
Around    Ihe   World   Missions    ,n
■ I nl i.m and hoi,an.
SI.  Paul   recognized  Rome  a*  Iliu
strategic point for Christian'ly in his
age.   He know Ihut whut be suid   ai
the Coldcn Milcston Would radint'jout
every highway "I Iho Uniiiirc.      The
church   is   wuking  |o the  Iai   ibil
Tokyo is Ihu strategic point (nr ibis
age,   A message uttered there Willis-
diato lo every point in Hie I'acllic basin where .., new civilizulinn is i it-in;.
North Vancouver Business Cards
Studio  over  Bsnk  B. N. A.
Lonsdale end Eaplunade
Wholesalers und Retuilurs ol I'me Ice
Ice for family use
Phons 380      LONSDALE AVENUE
Is your watch stopping or going irregularly ?  Sss
The North Vancouver Expert
and pioneer Jeweller
00 Lonsdule Avenue
—. 1	
Fresh and Smoked Fiib
Live and Dressed Poultry
Vcgeloblos Delivery twice daily
A. S. W. Mackay     J. M. Macluy
Aa.oc.M. Inal.C.F.
Architects end Civil Engineers
UiiKoin h'-i  Illock - -  -  -  Eaplanude
BII.MARDS and pool
I'hone 34t)
131 Firit Slreel j
Finest tables and cues in the Cily
Tht Palm Confectionery
Stationery, Conloclionery, Ice Cream,
Soft Drinks, Fountain Dunks, Tobacco
Light Lunches, Fruit
Lonsdale and 6lb I'hone 313
Pioneer Horseshuor - Carriage Works
Barber Shop and Halhs
Right up-to-date in every purticulur.
Try Us and lie convinced.
High-class LadLs' and Coal's Tuiloiim
Modern Tailors and Renovalory
207 Lonsdule Avenue
Cleaning,  Pressing, Dyeing,  iVt'i'ai
We   use   the   French   Dry   I leuiiinj
Process Phono HI 3
Ladies' und Gent's Suits lo Order
Irom sf.lii.iai „nd tV.Ot) respectively
Phone 161 I.,,.  ,l.,l,. Car, l/illi st.
'lbs New Block on Lonsdale Avenue
near the Ferry Approach
waa built by
General Contractors
Booksellora and Stutioners
Cor. Lonsdule and let. Phone 113
Specialty:  Children's l.easons ut own
home.   Terma, etc., upply 0moral
QUARTER ACRE BLOCKS on Keith Road (the new Marine
Driveway) 60 feet wide, and one block from the sea. Splendid
toil and maanikient view., One D|»jr|ri {AAA a*\p\\
Fifth cash, balance over 2 years. IlICC tfJVV Cdtll
121 Lonadale Avenue, North Vancouver
a line produced tp the inlerst.ir.inn of
tho coast line on Howe S„uui. tin nee
southerly along lho cosst line io point
,  ,    ,   „   .-.-,   -_     .  I Atkinson; thence oust ailmiiir ili-)f<insi
Andrew's,Fnsbytcrisn Phuroli, )in„ B|)d j,^,_,b(lM ol liMmi Ulln
Wednesday "evening 8 o'clock., "(iod
needs you ; you need God." Rev, Ronald MacLeod, minister'.
Baptist Church — Filth and St.
Goorgo. Services at 11 a.m. and 7.30
p.m. Sunduy School und Bible Class
at 1 a.IB p.m. Prayer und praise sur-
viee Wednosduy at 8 p.m. Pastor, Rev.
A. J. I'roBsor,3nd street eaet.
Methodist Churoh, corner -of Sisth
slroet and St. Gourde's Avenue--
Sunday preaching services at I LOU a.
in. and 7.80 p.m., Sunilay School an
Bible Class at 9,30 p.m., Senior ].ou-
guo on Monday evening al 8.00 p.m.,
prayer and praise service on Wednesday evening at 8,00, Junior League
servicii on Thursday afternoon ot-8.30.
A cordial welcome ia extended to all
10 attend Hu"..' i.ei'iiie.. I'u.'iliii, W
C. Schlichler, residence, corner Koilh
Rood and St. Andrew's.
St. John tbe Uu li i.  8th   und
Uth Mieeiii: Holy communion, 8 a in.
nn, i ii in, j piayei, II a.m. ; evening prayer, 7.80 p.m. On tho first Sunduy in
tbo month thore will be a second celebration   ol tlto holy communion  at
11 a.m.  K.-'lni, Rev. Hugh Hooper.
Si. Agnes Church, Boulevard—Vicar,
Rev. T. E. llowo.' 7.30 p.m. ovensong
ovory' Sunday; 11 a.m. Holy Communion, Ond Sunday ol every month.
The Solvation Army-S. A. Hall,
Lonsdalo Avenue. Sunduy — 11 a.
m., holiness mooting j 8 pen,
children's meeting; 7.16 p.m.,
snivel inn meeting; Tuesday, 8 p.m.,
holiness meoting; Wodiiesdny, 4 p.m.,
children's meeling ; Thursday, 8 p in.,
salvation meeting. Captain Domini
will visit any who ure sick or in distress at any lime.
St. Edmund's Catholic Church, Million Avenue: Sundays-Haas 10.30 a.
in., Sunduy School 4.31) p.m., Rosary
It. ne.lii ium and Sermon <.30 p.m.
Indian Catholic Church ol Si.
I'iiiiI's. Muss, 7.30 ti.tn. Sundays, pas-
lor, Hov. E. Pcytuvin, O.M.I.
North Lonsdale Presbyterian CliUich
—Worship, Sundays,  7,80 p.m., Sunday School, 3.30 p.in.   R.  Van Muus-
a lad-, M.A., pastor.
St. Thomas, North Lonsdale— Vjcnr,
Rov. T. E, Rowo. 8 a.m., every Sunduy i-Mi-pl 1st Sunday in month ; *M
a III . I l.l Sunday in Hi.iniii , 11 n n
Mn tin Litany and sermon, 2nd and -Ith
Sunduy; II s.m., Holy Communion
and sermon, 1st aud 3rd Sunday..
Lynn Vulley Presbyterian Church -
Worship, Sundays, 11 a.m., Union
Sunday School, - 3.30 p.m. R. Van
'■lain i.i. M.A., pastor.
Lynn Vulloy Methodist Church-Service every Sunduy oveninc- in tho new
church ul 7 o'clock. Charles Kako
ley, pastor in chaige. '
St. Clement's, Lynn Vulloy--Vicar,
Rev. T. E. Kowo. Assislunt Priest,
Rev. H. B. Hnsloni, BA. 730 p.m.,
ovensong, every Sunday: 11 a.m.
boly communion, 1st Sunduy olovery
NOTJI E ia horoby given Ihul an application will he made undor 1'uit V.
ol the "Wuler Acl, IDU'J," lo obtain
ii license iu the Diilricl ol North Vancouver, Group I, New Westminster,
(now Vancouver district;.
faj The inline, address und occupation of Ihe upplicunt 'Ihe I o'jmra-
lion ol tho District ol North Vancouver.
ill for mining purpoeee) J'tt-c Miner's
I   .llllll.ile    6}o.
Ih) The name ol tin- lake, s|rcam
or source (il unnamed, the docripljon
is)-McCurlney I reek,
(cj The point ol diversion -About
■''"'i leel i. ul, ol the northern boundary of Dislrict Lol 'Dl'i6.
(el) Tho quantity of iialcr ii|-| I el
for (in cubic feet |«i second) 2 cubic
feel per second.
(el Tho eharacler of llie pi'vosid
works' -Wooden il.iin  ini intake,
(f) The premises on which llie wuler is lo be used I de.ci die sinu") —Ihe
Dislrict ol Noilh Vancouver.
(g) Tho purposes lor wlibb ibo as
ter ia lo Ihi used   Municipal purposes.
(h) If for iriit'iilinn describe the
land intended lo la.' irrigated, nivijlg
-acreage—Nol lor irrigation.
(i) If the wuler is lo bv used for
power or mining purposes describo the
pluee where Ilic wuler is lo lw relurn
id (o somo ndi"i.iI channel and th
difference in ullilude between point o
diversion and point ol relurn—Nol lor
powor or mining purposes,
(j)   Area of Crown lund inlended lo
-bo ocoupied hy Ihe proposed works
(k) 'Ihis notice wm poslid on Ih
SUlli duy ol April, fill, and applieu
lion will bo made lo the cumm iiion
cr ou tho second day of .lune, I DII.,
(I) Give tfao names and addresses o
any riparian proprietors or licensees
who or uin,.a' land.! are likely to lw
<>li<-a-i.<<l by tlm proposed works, eitfaoi
above or below the outlet Thomas
Ailkeu, Harold Bronton, Conrad and
Henry Hen ill, all of Nunuimo, und
"  H. Hepburn, Funny E. Mcf'urliicy
I E.   W,  Muff i-lljl.   ull  of   Valid,uul.
Niilc One cubic loot pur second i ■
equivalent to $.71 niinors' inches.
(q| The l.iuiniliii ic. und ureu ol ibo
municipality uro as follows :
All thut piece of land comuiineljig at
a posi marked G. F. B. situate on ihe
westerly shore ol lho Norlh Arm of
Burrard Inlet, bang the north uul
corner ol lot numbered 8711 in ihe Dis
trial of Now Westminster; thence vest
along tfae north boundary of suld lot
numbered 872 to the north-wast cor
nor thereof; thenco in a westerly di
ruction to ihe north-sail corner of lot
numbered 966; thenco wesl along the
north boundary of aaid lot numbered
Ht to the north nasi comer A lot
numbered 966 situated on Seymour
('fee*; thmce west along tba norlh
Iboundary of said lot numbered 9(6 to
the north-west corner of said lot;
Ihonce in a westerly diructi.-B It, the
north-eoel ooflosr o' lot numbered 916;
thenoe weet along the tqtlb l.ounder-
iee caf lots iiumlxirod 878 and iii ind
bored !173 nnil lot numlieroil 372 to thu
north-east corner of suid loi , nuiliei -
oil '111; tliotioe south ulong Ilm eusl
boundary uf slid lol to hu iiiit'isic-
i ion of lho shore lino ; tliuiicu euSleily
along lho said shoro lino lo Rocho
Point; thence northerly uh ng the
wesl shore ol the Norlb Arm 4 Bur-
raid Inlot aforesaid lo point ol commencement, and containing uuo hundred sqtiuro miles, moro or lo.-s;
(r) Ap|iio.iiiu.'iieli tbo iiiiui" i f.| in-
hal.ii.iul-, is IA00.
JOHN G. ,'-\ltl,i|.;n,
C. M. 0.
NOTICE is hereby given Unit an application will bo mai'la- under I'tirt V.
ol the "Water Act, i.ki.i," lo ohlain
u licence in llio District ol aptly, Vancouver, Group I, Now Helium.in-,
(now Vancouver) districl,
(a) Tho name, address mid occupation ol tho applicant—Tho doipore-
lion ol tho District of Norlh Vt .ncouver.
(If for mining purposes) Free Min
or's Certificate n'o.
(b) The name ol tbo lake, stream or
source (if uiiiiumcs, iho description is)
—('rock running through District l.ol
033 und crossing Kcilh Road ubuiil 10
chuins west of oust boundary of said
Dislrict Lot.
. (c) Tho i"dni of diversion- In Dislrict Lot 1133 ul or uliout III chuina
north of the Eoilh Road.
(d) The quantity of water applied
for (in cubic feet per second) 3 cubic
loot per second.
(c) Tho character ol ihe proposed
works-Wooden dam und intake,
(I) The pi. mi . , on which Iho water is to bo used (describe same)—Tho
District ol North Vancouver.
(g) Tlie purposes for which the wafer is lo lie used—Municipal jiuiposos.
fit) II lor Irrigation describe tlio
bind Intended to ho irrigated, giving
ucrcugv—Not for irrigation,
(i) II lho walor is lo he usod for
power or milling purposes descrilje the
pluco where Ihe Water is to lie letuin
»l lo some iiiiluinl channel, and Ihe
difference iu allilude between point of
diversion und point ol Mtum—Not for
power or mining purposes.
(j) Aien of Crown lund intended iu
be occupied by Iho proposal works—
(k) Thia notice wns ousted on Ihe
"hi duy ol April, Pill, nnd application will be mudo lo the coiuim'ssioUcr
ou lho Second duy ol lune, Illll.
(I) Give ihe names und uddresacs ol
uny riparian proprietors or liaousces
who oi whose luiids ure likely lo lie
effected by ihi't|'i"i'".''"l worki,cither
above or helowllie out lol -C, 0 Wick-
entlen, of Vancouver, The balance is
Squjimish fiadiaiii reserve.
NOTE—Ono cubic foot per second is
eqiiivuluut to 3B.7I miners' inches.
fq) The boundaries and ureu ol the
inunidpnlily me us ia.ll -,■. ■ .
All thut piece of bind commencing
ul u posi marked G. F. B. situate on
the westerly shore of the North Aim
of llurrard I nl, I. bein : the norlh-oasl
corner of lol numbered 872 In the Districl of New Westminster; Ihonce wesl
along I he noilh lioiindaiv of said lot
numbered 873 to thu mu ill wesl corner
Ihereiif; thence in u westerly direction
lo the iuu Ih eusl corner of loi numbered HO; llnuce wcut n Ion.' the north
boundary of said lot uuiuheroij ''ie. to
Ibe north-east corner ol lol numbered
!ISB situuled on Setiinoiir t'reek :
ihunee wusl along Ihe norlh boundary
of said lol numbered Um'j to Ihe northwest corner of suid lol ; llu nee 'n u
westerly direction lo the aWlli-cuil
corner ol loi nuinbcnd 874; thenco
west ulong the north boundaries o'lots
numbered t»iB und 871 and a line produced lo lho inlorseelion.nl llie coasl
line on Howe Sound; Ounce southerly ulong the const line lo Point Al
kiiison . llicuce oust uh.iitt the a eel
line und noilh shore of Burrard Inlet
lo n pi/inl in tlie south west corner
of lol numbered 378; thence'north
ulong llie wesl boundary of said lol
lo the north west corner; llicuce east
along ihi- norlh boundary uf said lol
liuiiiliored 373 and lot iniinhcicd 373
lo the north eusl .corner oi suid lol
numbered 373; lluncc south ulong ihe
oust hound.in ,,l said lol lo lho intellection of llie shore line; thence
easterly along lho suid shore line to
Roche Point; I hence not I burly 0l«ng
the wesl shore of the North Ann ol
I'minol Inlet aforesuid lo (loint ui
rommunceiuuol, and conluining one
hundred aquure miles, more or Ida ;
(rl ApproJtiwululy the number of in
h.ibll.uils  is   I .Mil)
13-7 C U. C
NOTICE is hereby givon lhal al Ibe
nest silling ol Ihe Board of Licouio
Commissioners for Ibo District of
North Vancouver, J, lho undersigned,
intend lo apply fur a hold liomso
for premises siluulo on Heutloy Island, Fugle Rorbour, ll ),, 111, in
Iho said District of Nurlh Vancouver.
Dated ut Norlh Vancouver,
.April 37th, 1911. tf
          '                —
The Theusophicol Society meets In
North Vancouver in Room $f 61 l.uini
da'e Avenue (entrance mutt lo Wil-
caymo Parlor) every Wednesday ev.ning
at 8 o'clock. Altmdottoo is entirely
(rl* and carries no obliKufJoJis ivhui-
oi'jj-. YoV aro havited. T'hitosa.pliicol
stiady and wmtlont.
Paper the World
from our illicit ol now Wall Papers
so il seems. Every duy some new
design arrives lo iiil the vuoanoy
uf ih" a closed tiut.
Handsome Wall Paper*
aro hero in ctitllcif varloly. dust
loll our iialiiiiuiiii lor what room
you wanl the paper and ho will
show you just Iho pattern you ars
looking for.
To   eh.io. e Irom our slock is a plea-
sure, lo pay our price Is easy,
W. H. STONE* * CO.
117 Lonsdale Avenue
Phone 149
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Cm,
Dealers in Coal, Brick,
Sand,   Gravel,   Lime,
Cement   and   General
Biiildcis' Supplies.
All   Orders   Promptly
Killed sud Satisfaction
Guarantor    Prices un
Ollice: Lonidale, near City Wharf
Warehouse:       Forman's Wharf
PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby ji'oe
Ihul. under ihe uuihurity contained
in siillon Ull ul Ihe "Laud Act," a
regululion hus boon upprovasl by the
I.ieulenanl Governor in Council tiling
the minimum sale pricei of brat and
aecond-cluss Junds al tlO und $6 per
acre, respectively.
This regulation further providootka!
the prices fiiol therein shall apply lu
all binds wilb restiecl lo wfaicfa the application io purchase is uiven favourable consideration alter tnis dais, *ot-
withsluiidiug the dale ol sucb oppli-
nation or uny delay tbat may inn.
occurred in Ibe consideration of thi
FurthCr notice ia bciuby given tbot
ull persons who bsve pending appliou-
lions lu purchase lund. under Iho pro-
vfeions of seel ions all or 'iti 4 ths
"Lund Art" uud who aro mil willing
lu completo inch purchnaoi under tlie
pricea II x ci J by the uloresuid regulglioa
shull la.- ut liberty to withdraw each
applications uml receive refund of ths
moneys dcpusitci.1 on account ol such
Minister ol Lands.
Dcjiuilmciil ol Lands,
Victoria, R. C, April 3td. 1911.   it
Tfao qualifying esaminaliuns for
lbird-class (forks, Junior Clerks and
Sleudgruphers will In bold at I lie following places, commencing on Hon-
'Iny, ihe 3rd July uest ;-Armstrong,
Chilliwaok, Cumberland, Golden,
'•rand Forks, Eumloopa, Koalo. Kal-
owua, Ladyantiih, N'anaimo, Nelson,
New Wusiuiiiiaii'i-, Norlh Vancouver,
Peachland, Rovolstoko, Ronland, Salmon Arm, aSummerland, Vancouvsr,
Vernon and Vicloria. -
Cantlidatei must he Hrilisb subjects
between the ages ol 31 and 30, If for
Third-class Clerks; and between it and
31. if for .funior Clerks or Mcnogro-
Applicalions will not be accepted if
raceived latex than Ihe Dii fa ol 4 uae
next, I
Further information, togclber with
application forms, may be obtained
from the wujersigaod,
Victoria. B. B%'th April, WJlAi
Notary FuUio
f.oons,  Invoslrasnts   ond   Insnrsnai,
Room 201, HI Granville St,, Vanoouver, B, C, F^ons m- head flame-
Uy mark a sperta^r.  .
|^^^^^^^^^ TWELVE
Express Classified Columns
Single Insert, )0o per lins
Ou Week, 7lu iwr lins psr insurlluii
•m Month, Be. |isr line pur insertion
getting Ban  lor  Hsle-N.' V.   Fish
Market. Jet struut wust. 3H-B
Mill Woitd. lur .S_1b—fruaimr Tram-
Isr Co., telephone 'i96 or 30. 16-6
Camp Tint lor >s»lc mi Waterfront,
including  iiiriiilnrs,   aewin>i machine,
uie.    Hi III   H  |iel   111,111th.   A IB l|> fltfUI.
Apply ,1. II. English, t). I{, lir.iciry,
111 l ..,, ,l..l   Avians.
FOH   HALE— I.IU'Le     liille,   , al       HS
new, cheap.   "Hale," Express Olloe.tl
FOK BALE—Two good milk  cows.
Apply I'allh streol, 1st b.,u.',i woat ol
I d Ilia illll.'. 26h
WANTED-tlirl lor morning  work.
Apply   Mm.   Ilaalllliaallll,  443   l.illisalllll!,
TO RENT-Two or three unlureished
Ida,Hie.   With   line   III   Illll III.mill.    I'.ll|llilli
Hqk inns, Express office.        _WI
I'lei'li    ItaiMi'iinill    iluily
Orotto, 6 cents pur i|iitirl.
at   the
LOST- Between Ferry Whurl, Vuneouver, mul Uth street eust, this city,
„ l.ndy's (Iniii Wutili. Init!ais on Imok
ol cues "II. I.. I.." Onld .bain *ilb
pencil nltiicliwl. Reward nt Number 8,
Lonsdale Ave. 6-6
FOJt  SALE-Tlihw   Agreerlienle   ol
Wnlu, t'l,hOt) nieli, IiiiIi.ne,' due on
aiiitie «1,'.Iliu imiiilile Mi monthly. Will
tske sfI ,-Jntl ue 1 it.'I-,! tho mnney. Address Box !BW, Norlh Vuneouver.  36-5
FOH KAI.E-Three Agreements ol
tinli; tl,hOt), huluneu on asms 11,080,
payable toll monthly. Will lake II,
•Jihi as I need the money. Address
Bos WH, North Vancouver. 26 "i
Freeh ('ream al tlie Hint to, 41 cent-
per pint.
FOH 8AI.B-I.ol 18 in block 4, D.L.
ISM, three blocks Irom Boulevard fat>
ing south, 60x117 leel. Price IhOO. ijHO
176 svsry linee monllis. Apply owner,
336 1st west. u-6
Angus J. Cameron
A.M.I.E. 4 B.
Irrigalion, drainage, levels, plans
and specifications. Septic tanks and
bouse drainage a specialty. 1'. 0.
Boi 344, 16th street weal of llewicke
133 till. Street But North Vancouver
. 1'bons 373
New Harness Shop
k N. (XIAI, A.M) Slil'I'I.V CO,, OlIH.
HEI'AIR WOKK. I'lllt'l S Will, BK
Vancouver Harness Co.
A. Campbell Hope
C. A. CAL.
603 Hutiogs Htroet Wesl, Vancouver,
R, 0. J'hone ISH36
Residence: Tireinun Bloeli 368 let St.
East, Norlh  Vancouver.  I We HI 13.
TAKE NOTICE tbat W. B. Vaiyb-
un, Superintendent, intends to apply
(or permission lo purchase the following described lands l < ouiimnein/ nt a
post plsnled 80 chuina wesl ol ibe
Nun Ileum corner ol Lot WI, thence 30
chains wesl, Ihteice 38.0V eh on Bo'ib
thence aO cbains eusl, tbnee '1-,0'J
chains soiilb to place ol e oiinci lament,
i)„t..i April 101b, mil. 12-7
Owner   will   trade utility valued at
tl,N<si in modern houtui und lot, centre
North Vancouver lor large cleared lot
in eity limits,  "('roil" euro Express.
Rooms 10 snd 11, l'ender Chambers,
633 1'sndsr Street W.       I'hone 3461
and LoO dale Ave., North Vancouver
Residence,   cor.   Lonsdale   Ave   sail
33nd street, Nnrth Vsneouver.
Will lho party who borrowed n step
ladder from the "ollice ol Henry Eves
k t'o. a few weeka since return the
dame at oiwe uml avoid I rouble. Thu
Noilh Vancouver lii'ul Estate Ex-
change, 67 and 61) Lonsdale Avenue.
A mealing ol the North Vancouver
i 11., i.,I \ ,,, i.iii.'H is hereby culled
lor Saturday evening, 371b insl. at 8
pin. iu the old K. I'. Hull over
Burns' butcher, shop 'or ibe purpoae
of electing delegulcs lo Ihe annual
convention and the Iransai'linj of
iiili,'i' iiii|iiiitiuil business.
By Order ol the Execulive,
for   fill    Treasurer's   Office,   tlu.-at lie
'I'll'd.    III    ligllriW   llll'l   ll all'    1,(1 ,ulia|.e
of stenography. Salary Irom Vil to
*70 a month, Apply, itiviug rilemica,
by letter only, in own handwriting Ihj
fan.) May 3lal lo lily Treasurer, Box
IH, North Vancouver.
I'roprietor I.. I(.,|, of the I'alure
Ha.i.-l has introduced yet tiBitherfi*
lure in connnctioB' wilb bia bouse,
v. In. Ii will doubtless, prove a greul
convenience to Ilia gueets and lo Ibe
publio, A lire! ejsss luiu'b coUnler bna
now lieun iii.iiill,al iu (be hotel under
the miiiingi-uunl of Mr. lieu. Wulil, recently of Sooltlo mid Vancuuver. Mr
Wahl has hod eitsBlivs cx|iericnee ie
catering to the pulilie in ihi* purlieu-
lar line ami intenils to make his de
|i..ilm,ni thoroughly U|i lo d-ilo end
lo provide a bill of fine and u service
unexcelled in and aboUl Vancouver.
Mr. Wahl will likewise operile o,, ice
.leiiin und I'oiifeeiioBeiy stand In Con
iii-etion wilb tho roo! gnidm nl thc
I'alai e, where visitors will find nUuys
on hand a choice selection of can lea,
soil drinks, tobaccos, etc.
At the special meeting ol ihe ciiv
council held last evening the problem
of ''Who or what constitutee u \qier
under Um new act referred to iher.ty
solicitor ul a recent insetinj was it-
ported on in s letter from Ut. lleiil,
as lollows i
Thomas .Shepherd, Esq.,
C|ty Clerk,
North Vanoouvsr, B. ('.;
Dear Sir,—I have soen lho MUr ol
Ihs Deputy Attorney Oenirnl t.iilivo
to the right ol the holder nl i n^iue-
meiii lor Sale nl real estate to void
and to lw on the assessment roll. Br
is quite right iu saying llnil the Holler ul an Agitemtni lor Sale hi* no
right to vols as such. To entitle a
mini tn vole he must lie ihe ruglsiir-
ed owner ol reul eetate. II hi ho'iin
of an Agreement lor Sale ol reul citato has his agreement ru ji.it.-.-.-1 in
the Land Registry Office he th n it-
comes tbe registered owner ,il unl cr
late und is entitled to be pnl .in the
Aaeeesment Roll and to vnlo. In such
a ease in view til Ibe decision ,,l tb
Full Court ol British Calumliis n Ih'
case ol I'eck ami the Sun Iii'. (Willi
Ihe vendor, whose title is n-1,-lend
and llie purchaser, whose .igintincnt )t
registered, should be assessed lor tbi
lund owned by them, and placed on
tbe Voters' List, if their interests »r,i
...iillieii iii  under ihe sttatule.
I understand that Iht mil of It'll
has been mode and pusscd . y the
Court of Revision. II this is so, the
council h.id no power lo vary il suvc
uml except Under the provision of Mib-
seclion "a" and :'b" ol section 136 ;
"a" referring lo coses where Ibe reul
|HO|ielll     ImS   ahlin.aial    ,,ll llcl'ship   llllll
the day of the revision ol tbe Ajtmiss-
ment Hull and "ll" where there is u
in. i ii i fa- • i error or niis-stnleinent in ihi
naine of Ihe parson us-.*seil. Ids tics-
ci'i|ilioii or business nod the pariicu
Ium ol Ihe real eslule. When I ai\
owner I mean ownership liy regisl ration in Ihe Land Hegislry Ollice, In
cause under llie provisions o' li>e I nnd
It.-iji"i 11 Office us now in force, n i
ownership in uny reul eMiiic pnsaea
unlil tb. registration ol Ihe document
making tlie transfer in tbe I.and Registry Office.
In iiiiikinu up the nil lor I'.lrl the
mimes of .persons registered for Ian I
In Ihe Lend Registry Oflice .uhne
.In,uid In- naiieaai.l aa ounTv, whelh'r
these ure owners by n con.iyance in
(«• or by the registrsthm ill a |nn|icr-
Iv executed Agreement lor Sale of li.nd
and where both the Vendor i nl I'm'
chaser iiiulei an Agtu'iiiinl are »'II»
Icred (or land, liolh ol ih m slmtilil
Iai placed On the AsataMmuil Roll, The
taecesenry seerelaos ahoulil b.* mad.' in
the Lund Itegialry OHiee end an. no
tasary changes lielwen the lime o'
neurdi ami ihe t'oiirl ol Revision can
In- iwliliid nl the Court ol Revisi n
Alter the Court of Revision you bin
no power to intirfere wilh the raill,
sun- .as nhove   i .ai.al
Yours 11 nil;
It. I„ llllll.
II waa agriivl by the counoil Io n'-
low (lie voters list to stand m Hi
I'.H I asssesmenl roll ami ihut th
I'll-1 iisaeHSiinnl l>, referrwl to lln
liiiain-r coiiimill«. lor tlier riii-idalu
lion and repot'1.
Ihe i.. I,.a.i Annie nnd KttiWhl
wianl on (be Wallace ways yesterday ti
iiiili'rgo ril>uinlinir.
Al Ibe Lynn Vulley Ruli-puyers' As
sociulion's ii'ijiilui moBlhly uinitinj
held ul the Institute Hull lusl (Thurs
duy) evening, nolice ol motion to al
a:, il"- Constitution al the nexl meii
ing wua given by Fitter Weilover.
Having epid uir btMnuss previously
known »s 1%* F»>r and lately sa 'llie
I'slm, between oth and «ti straet.
and Lonsdale, we wish to thank  our ! ocean ot iba uoast  of Nswtoundlund
Another star program is billed al
the Hem theatre, 1st sln.-t for tonigfal
and tomorrow (Saturday) and matinee, Saturday, 3.30, Ihe picluree Imn/i
au assairt tiwiil ol western drama, com
• ■■li diiiiiiii. conii.iy uud nducutionil
The titles of ths various subjects ars :
Tbs J'.'iideiloot's Triumph, a very exciting western cowboy drama ; Entangled Trooper and Mason, two very
good drains.. Tbe comical dement
will Im found in I'riecilla'e April Fool
■lok» and the Irrceistilile Fluls, tlieae
being two great laughter producors,
and eattcbiag lobelers inakee a very
interesting eduralional aubjact. This
piclure   was taken  i«   the   Allautie
niauy patrons   for   Hieii    puir.iniie
Sate] Wa»M introduce to you Mia. I'hoa.
Haggarty, who will conduct the business Irom now on.
sYe npyam,
Yours reepeotielly,
%tri R- «'. Mi'tiUUliU k 8011.
Tb* sbov* program should be as good
as any previously tern at iba local
—-        ——
llq you know that Rritieh Colum
bia'. loreet arse is 161 jbmUsob term
The fiin.-ial ol Ihe luU- 1). W. Elder,
well liia.iin resident mil pioutim'nt
n-.-il eel ale man, took place Irom tliis
,ill on Tusaduy allernoon. The num-
Iwr of floral tributes denolad the esteem in which Ihe deceased wai held
by the cttittni.
Take Ridimond Council are to raiae
110,1)00 for the purpose ol purebssiai
a site and building a new municipal
I'oint <•icy and Richmond Ho.ird ol
11,ul.- have indued ibe council of
Point Cray lo co-operal« in a comprehensive publicity scheme.
The new C.P.R. station ul Fort William which has just been completed al
a cost of t!36,000, waa formally open
sd last woek. The structure, ol brick
and stone, is one ol tbe moet modern
in America,
Do .you know that British Columbia
h«s 376 lumber and shingle mills ?
Do you know ibal (he average m'n
iu ul production for lb* lust twelve
years was tl'ljfmflm; last Ave years,
*B/-a3,i»l>- nearly double.
Do you know ibat British Columbia,
contributed 76 pw cant. 4 C«b di'
mineral (irodseiion in MU 1
Do you know *4 there «te 360,<Si
equsrg mile. 4 mineral Ituide for pro -
Canadian Verse
By Anni.'Campb.ll Husstls.
[Annie Campbell Hueslis was horn
in Halifax in 1876, snd Is, chiefly
known ss s writer of occasional
verse lor the Canadian snd ^nierlcuii
The sky had a gray, gray face,
The touch ol the mist wss chill,
The earth was sn eerie place,
Fur the wind moaned over the hill;
But the brown earth laughed, and the
sky turned blue',
When the little white sun came peeping through.
The wet leaves saw it snd smiled,
The glad birds gave it s song—
A cry from a heart, glee-wild,
And the echoes laugh it along:
And the wind and I went whistling
When the little white sun came peeping through.
So welcome the chill of rain
-And the world in its dresry guise—
To hsve it over sgsin,
That moment ol sweet surprise,
When the brown esrth laughs, and
the sky turns blue,
As the little white sun comes peeping through I
By Berry Btrstsn.
[Barry Strston, s cousi.i of 0. Q. D.
Roberts, was born st Fredericton,
N.B., in 1664. He studied law, but
forsook thst profession for, farming.
He has written "Lays of Love, "Building of the Bridge," and "The Hunter's
The furrows of life Time is plowing,
But we mourn not the Spring whicli
For  the  husbandman  Fate,  in bis
Scattered love in the soil  ol our
Ob, blow, grsins of love te the binding!
Oh, blush, golden fruit on the hill I
Tis a dreary, long dsy to the grinding,
But a short, pleasant wsy Irom tbe
But fondness and faith will be grow-
Be the sky clear or cloudy above.
When fortune is ripe to the mowing
WL. shall gather our harvest of love I
Canadian Verse
By Theedere Harding Rsnd.
[Theodore Harding Band was born
at Cornwallis, N.S., in 1836, and has
been Principal ol Woodstock College
snd Chancellor of McMuoter University. He wrote "At Minna Basin and
OtaW Poems." The selection thul follows is s lair eiainple ot his eaUjuisits
blending of nature sud mysticism.]
Hail, first of the soring,
Pearly sky-tinted tiling
Touched with pencil ol Him
Who rulli'st tlie year I
I.i, thy aureole rim
No painter may limn—
Vision thou hast, and no fowl
Fair child of the light,
What fixes thv sight?
Wide-open thy roll
From tlie seal of ths clod,
And thy heaven-writ scroll
Olows, bcuutilul soul.
With the shilling of Ood I
Thou look'at into heaven
As surely as Stephen,
So steadfsst thy will isl
And from earth's inglenook
. Beest Christ ol the lilies
And daffadowndillies,
And catCaheet Hie look.
And a portion Is nilns,
Rapt gazer divine,
From thy countenance gives—
Angel bliss in thy lace I
I ve looked Into heaven
As surely ss Stephen.
From out ol my place I
|T| The name "Im-
7J| perial" stamped
on Garden Hose is a
guarantee ol Quality.
We are sole agents
(or North Vancouver,
lor this brand of Hose,
have handled same (or
Vein, ""' guarantee
every loot.
When buying Hose,
ii.sist on ytlting the
brst. Lawn S,-iink-
lers, Nozzles and
Reels o( the best
(jiuilily always in slock
Paine & McMillan
The Hardware Socialists   '      Phone 12
^fhit Street and Lonadale Avenue
Canadian Verse
By Archibsld Lsmp-sn.
[Archibald Lampmao is the best
known name in Canadian literature,
and ths poet hss achieved fame wherever the Knglish language is spoken.
He was' born at Morpeth, Ont., ia
mi and died at Ottawa in leW
The earth is the cup of Ihe sun,
That   he   fllleth   at  morning   with
Wilh Uie warm, sttong wine of bis
From the vintageof gold and of light,
Fills it, and makes it divins.
And at night when.his Journey is dons,
At the gets of his radiant ball.
He setteth his lips to th* brim,
With a long Iset look 4 bis eye,
And lilts It and drsiaeth il dry,-
DraJne Ull he keaveth it aU
Kmpty and hollow and diss.
And then, as he passes to sleep,
SUII lull of tlie lusts that hs die]
Long a<go in Olympian wars,
He closes It down with the sweeo
0/ it* slow-turning luminous litj,
Ita cover of dsrknees sad stars.
Wrought mice by Rejihssstus of oU
With violet snd vastoess and tm-
McMillan's for money savers
.Sugur, granulated, 18 lb. sack ...11.00  Canned Fruits, delicious California
Tea, McUilluu's .'< Ib. lor  «l.0H
Bilking 1'owder, Colcdyke Bi'uiid—
lull Hi on. tin    15c.
Coffee-whole roust  nnd freshly
ground, per Ib. ..,   25c
limn.  In ney  augur cured  per  ill—'ilic J
I'eura,   Peaches,   Apricots   und
llospberrias, per iin    .........a.,...'iiie
l'ickles, line I'nglish plek)et,1|«r
B'uller, Irish mude
:i lbs	
Neii  /ial.ind
J. A. & M. McMILUN
 Phone 20	
The   "Miidc-iii-l'iiniid.i" Fair,   whicli
will be hi'ld in Viiiicoiiver Iron  .lim
lllh   I,,   d.'n.l ini'dcnla in ny nllt .'
lions for Vancouver risiiluils us ae'1
ns lisalors.    The   (air couineiiu ru'e-
the  'Jiilh   nntiiversiiry   ol Viui.-uii.a-t'
existence ns well na (he colon I'll
King tieorge.     Tlie program Co  mi
lis'   appointed will   iirr. n e pr grain
for morning, afternoon uml   eveniij a
iiicluiling bond ci n aria, clioruses unl
vntideville perfairini'iieis. Dilnrn  lli .
Ires in lln-.cily aic c. n rilnitdii/ In •' '
best  nllraclions  ton.ml  ill's , |n r in
of the eulciliiiiiin.ills    FrcWir s n I  j
be displayed in Iho eien njs. A llyimj j ll,, you In ,» ihul British I'liluwhia
machine will lac deinoiisl ruled mi 'h ci'iuls in -in- U«n Inbn, In iai.. nal
grounds nn I il ihe iii.'aillnr cund I Ons   MarrliHia' pruvincts coiiiliin d f
  '     J
nn, favorable Rights w.ll   be   uml
daily.     Men hunts Irom ull o'.ir   I
Dominion ore smiling elaborate   di
|ilnys of llieir respective prodintu a
il im iii pavilions will lie built.
The proceeds ol thai 'air ti II be •'
voted lo ihe loUiuling ol a Ci n ul
ctn home to sii|i|.la nn nl ihe Wa.rk n
ill- locul li is|iituls, S|H.rial ever'io
iiiIch will Im- 'I'lulnl i II nil Int-s e an
ui j into tbe nil mid ihis will nub
those tilio wiih to visit Vmi a,ir., i ,
i low cost and incidentally are tl
grundesl industrial, couimcrciul ,-n
social festival ol n >,n.iiI, r ol a i'<u
mrv to do mi
„ i
More Money
Savers at the
New Drug Store
Cestoria i ijc
Alk'iilitiry'.s I'noil    ajjr and K51'
Horlnli's Mslit'irMilk^ji', QOf,$l 511
Nt'Ml(s)s I'll nl.     45c
<>in 1'ills  ....Jjc, 3 lor tiuo
Zaiiiiliiik '.35c
Als'iil" "i ( n'l'iii, 1 1 nl rt1lls4.it
Wsmpoli -'.s Iii il, linn and Wine 75c
Ki'itiji's IiivjIi I J'url i)'ie
Keaived tins week a lull line ol
('smvrss and I'liolngrapliic Supplies.
Ki'iiniiilior our l'rescriptioii I)f
psrlnieiil is coinplclu and one ol tha
finest un the Coast.
Have your Doctor 'plioiiu your
prescription to ns. We deliver lo
your house snd save you money,'
North Shore Drug Co.
P. S: THOMAS, Phi J."—
I'lioue 311
House i'hone 124


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