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 .'■■■' I'
mtmmm or m > • whhw •
biodsdr TWBiy-nvB mmpB»D
WflHIif, 09VWA WMffl IWU
(ty* ftprtis
upboial wwartiwr mm w
job pjtnniNfl ** ip "Bt
pbbm" wrwB.   vm mm-
nobth wmiom M, WP4?i WWP* 4, W«
i      ■   ii   ■   ri ' iiifi' ii mam
I     »-\
"^^witti.1uLdk™™ AMom Lsried Again.! tie City Fathers
nm pbopbbiv
Tbe Waatarn Dominion Land and
Investment Company, ot which Ur.
Charles Horn is managing director, an
now llical aginla for th* Lyuu Creak
Xino Uinta Limited, whn pn tin uwn
trt ot a series of claims at tht head
si Lynn L'ntk, within * fi* mllei ol
Thi liorthern slopis tre will tim
bir*t| W|th coilar, hemlock and spruce.
while in the larger valleyi are fnim,l
groves of poplar and birch. The under
gruwlb.ia deusu in the majority of
place*, making prospecting and travel
Hug of tha trail* an eicaedingly diill-
cult and ariiunui matter. The southern
slopas are, lo a large ostont, destitute
of timber and sre in many places so
iteep Ibat it is impossible In climb
Ihtm. Along Ihe main valleys flow
streams of wator which aro uf suil!
slant list, during tbe majur part of
tidal wateri ou Ibe Nurtb Hbon. These
pruperlics were recently visited, at Ibe
iiuilaliuii uf llm company, by a company uf North Vancouver buiineu
meu, who were greatly impressed wilh
th* ihowiug lln-y fuuud it tbe niimi.
The I'limpaiiy ii not able to launch out
iuto the ouergetic policy uf development which ii desired because uf lbe
fad that there ii nu suitable road tu
the prupcrly, which renders tbe talk
of liking in plaut aud supplies very
.Iiiiii nil Thc cuinpany ia nevertheless
making active prepare I inns lo carry
won uperaliuus ia thl moit active man
ncr wulel. it et prisint posslhli iu the
iiupe tbit the needed menu of ready
a. cess will be pruviiled in Ibe near future
The iippi-mli'il repurt, witb Ibe |C
i-oiiipaiiyiiig pbotograpbi, hai beeu re-
reived direit from Ibe cuinpany and
. uuin'). detailed iuformatlon witb re
ference to thc several claims wbicb
make up the holdings of lbc company:
The property covered liy Ibis re
port consists uf the fulluwiug mineral
claims: —v.
1     Kempvillc Extcision, /
Kvening Star.
Tbe Cascades.
iiuruiug BUr.
i'retty tit,,.
Lucky Btar.
runlaiuiug four liumlrcil acres more or
Of Ihe above claims the Kemplvllle
Ksleusiou and |be Kyening tilt, claims
are held by ,'Cruwu Grant." The Bus
sell, Jersey, The Cascades, Murniug
.Star, Fleming, I'retty Bess *nd Lucky
Btar claim* an held by location.
All the nquiwuouli of the "Mineral
Acl" of British Columbia witb respect
lo the above claims havo been complied
wilb ami ibe titles are therefore per
The claims an slluitcd on a ipur
from Crown Mountain on Ihe north side
sf the weit fork of Lynn Creek, in
Iht Vancouver (late New Westminster)
Mining Diviiioo sf Britiih L'slumhia,
about too mile* oortb nf ilm city of
Vancuuvir, and are reached by fery
to North Vancouver, theuce by electst
trim to the end of the Lynn valley
line, ami then by trail, seven miles, ts
tbe property.
The claimi gte so located lhat Ihey
con'i the slope of the mountain from
, tb* level of the creek up to and across
the summit, their elevations being jap
pro«)pj|lely ffOB IMA to IMA 'lut
absfl iea level.
The districl in which tbi prupcrly Is
situated lies within tb great granite1
batbollt'n composing tht ('sail range sf
mountains, which are sf comparatively
recent giptogtc origin; fcarijsjr jrraciF
Usui sides, deeply scored by mountain
torrents which low into Ih* Main
creeks forming thl principal urainage
,y,lim of thi rangi,
the year, fsr tbe generation of puwer
by the installation of water wheels of
tbe impulse lypo, u, swing ts tbe sleep
gradient sf their boils, a bead of uue
to tws hundred feel can be obtained
with a csmparetively ibsrt ditch ami
lluine line.
On the will fork of Lynn creok tbe
slope of timl mountain forming ita
suulli boundary Is compoied largely of
bare rock iu a very unstable cundiliun
ami ii subject to rock ilidei during the
spriug, summer aud fall, ami tu snuw
slldii iluring Ibe winter. Thc ipur frum
Crown Uountaiu, on which tho properly
is situated, funning tbe nnrlh boundary
uf Ibe creek, ii well timbered frum
tbe creek to tbe summit, is much less
precipitous ami is uut subject tn ruck ur
•nsw slides.
Tb* rocks occurring on the .bums
under nollll consist of impure lime
items, sandstones and Shales which
formed tbe roof through which Ine roast
raugi batholith of granite was thrust,
ami whlcb have been altered )<\ the
heat and pressure of ths uplift (mila
morphosedj into marble, iloiumltu,
qnarlsile garnctlte, epidote schist and
other allied roelainorphir minerals.
Oontlnuid on pigi 8, sol. 8
op oouuon. ■
A mnuieiiiiius mieliug of ratepayers
held under the auspices uf tbo Rate
payors' Aiiociatiun of North Vancouver, took place on -Wednesday nigh.t in
the eity hall. For several duy.i pre
i mu dy this pending sossluu bad been
Ibe premier topic of street comer conversation, ami, as was anticipated, a
big audiunce of citiseus crowded into
Ihe council chamber tu hear certain
scriuus charges rendered against Ibeir
civic representatives, tbo majority ol
whom were present in lhe audilurlum.
These charges were levelled hy Mr.
William Knuwles, and were properly
set forth iu • document beariug bis
signature, the author himself being
present in persun tu substantiate, if
required, uis allegatiuns aud lu reply
to quustiuns pertaining therelu.
The president uf the assueiatiun, Mr
II. ti. Wright, whu presided, briorfj ei
plumed lhal the meeting had been call
cd iu pursuance uf a resululiuti furmu
lated aud passu.! by Ibe csecutive re
cuiiimcnding iu consequence of ropre
sentatiuiia made tu tbem, Ihe enfurciug
uf Ihe compulsory audit clause in the
Muuicipal Clauses Acl. Thu charges
against the council, said Mr. Wright,
had eiihei tu be proven or else it must
be abowu Ibat tbey were groundless.
ile appealed lo the uieetiug lo approach
lbe matter lu a fitting ipirit of fairness
The |i. I'l.ni Ibeu called upuu Mr.
Knuwles lu acquaint tbe meeting witb
tlie uature of bis charges.
"I have here,'1 said Mr. Kuowles,
"a scries of statements which I believe
tu be Irue lo tbe best uf my knuw
ledge uml belief." lie then read aloud
Ibe folluwiug signed allegaliuus:
Haywood Park:
" A " 'I'iiiu Mr. J. P. Fell on behalf
uf the Luusdale Kslalc, entered iutu au
agreement with the Corporaliuu uf the
Cily of Nurlli Vancouver; Ibis agree
rginl pruvided, ibal lbc city on iti
pint shuuld conilruct a road through
the property, and do eertaiu wurk of
clearing upun the said property, when
tbese works were completed the l.nus
dale Katatc on ils part waa lo convey
tu the cily fur park purposes a panel
of laud wbicb comprised IS acres more
or less.
' "B"-Tbat Ihe city of Norlh Van
cuuver, iu fulfilment of lbc aforesaid
agreement constructed Ihu said road
and performed thc agreed wurk uf
' "(.'"-That Ilia Worship Mayor W
11   Mai, reported  to the city couu
cil, that he bail accompanied Mr. .). 1'.
fell nn ■ tour of inspection of tho
road, anil clearing, wars, tbat Mr. Fe..
had expressed his satisfaction ami accepted thl works dune It performance
as tba city's pari nf the agreement.
"D" That thg cl|y council of lllll,
instead of suing the Luusdulu Estate
for specific performance of the agree
ineiil, iild unlawfully and without the
knowledge ur conseut of the ratepay
on, soil or exchange the aforesaid VI
tent, more or less, fsr Ibe »Mi acres
more or loss now known ss Heywuud
Park, aud further caused to lie hsudeil
back tbo original agreoutuiit belween
the l.uiiu.luie Estate and the city.
"B"—That tbe difference In valna
between the 111 acres aforesaid, ami the
H'.i acres aforesaid lie belween Iwcnly'
and forty thousand dullars.
olty Bonds:
That the city council have mmm ■ -1 e.l
coiiiidcrable reticence as lu the price
per cent, realised by the aale of city
bonds; and tbat the meih.nl adopted, j
aod appruved by tbe cuuncll fur the;
sale of the bonds was unwise,
Oouncll Mtitlufi:
That Hie cily couucil uf lnl:: have uu
many occaiiuui ou their regular meet
ing nights eaused tu be moved, ami:
carried, a motion adjuuruiug the said
meetings; fulluwiug tbe withdrawal uf'
the public, and Ibe press represent!
lives frum Ibe cuuucil chamber, the
cuuucil have proceeded lu transact busi
nesi mil puss resolutions wbicb have
been entered upon the reeunls aa miu
utci of tbe council.
"B"—Thai tbe business purporting
tu be transacted af l«r the passing uf I
sucb motion of adjournment ii utterly void.
Aldirraiu Intimtid In Contract:
"A"—Tbat an alderman wai a mum
ber st a llrm which wai financial agent
for a lumbor compauy having a contract
for the supply nf sidewalk material to
|be city of Nqrth Vancouvar.
"H" 'I'lun anotber member of the
city couucil was cuguizanl uf tbe afore
said alderman's interest in tbe aide
walk contract, and Instead uf rcpurl
ing the same to tbe council, did cause
accounts wbicb sbuwed tbis interest to
be returned aud further advised that
Ihey be cullocleil thruugh anutbor dum
"('"—That Ihe said alilerinau duly
received Ills share of tbe 7 per cent,
eunim. his firm received aa ugenls tu
the lumber cuinpany
Blci   Lake  Landa   and   Waterworki
"A"—Tint the ratepayers bave been
kept in iguorauce of the progress ur
otherwise uf tiegutialiuns wilh the
Provincial (lovertunciil regarding the
lunds eompriliiig diitrict loll Nus,
858, 857, Hill, |3M, tbs right to pur
chase whieh was secured tu Ibe city
uf Nurth Vancouver, by tbe Act of lu
"B"—That a large expenditure of
muney has been made upuu a partial
cunstructiuu uf a waterworks scheme
for the operation of which absulule
pussessiuu uf the afureiuenliuiied lands
ia necessary.
"tl''—That construction wurk upun
sucb a scheme is unlawful, unless the
provincial board of health approval
has beeu previously obtained ami uo
initilii iiiuiu uf iuch approval beiug ap
Sd Vor hai boen published.
k Contract:
"A"—Tbat au ablormau has intim
ated to certain imiividunls Iimt hu is
tho ownor of the laml upon which ihu
quarry is situated, ami hud leased samo
IU a  relllliv e.
"H" riiui at a meeting when H.'
V. Tucker, It a later dute Hie urigiual
contractor fur the supply uf ruck, was
present, members of tliu council did
advise bim tu gu aheud with the wurk
uf clearing the quarry sile, uud tu
urder the necessary machinery.
"('"—That sume 'time ufler this
meeting the council went thruugh Ibo
form uf lulling I'm lenders for the
supply uf rock.
I'D"—That tho couiracl wus for lhe
supply of rock upuu Specified slreets
in specified quantities ol specified rules
per yunl, but the council, instead of
causing the ruck fur locul impruvemeul
wurk to be assessed uguinst the front
aging prupcrly al the prices specified in Ihc contract, did unlawfully
and without due uulhurily cause the
assessment lu be made al a ilifTcrcul
"E"—Thai a reporter whu showed
' a disposition to enquire intu ami re
, purt upun certain phases of this ruck
I euutracl, was summarily removed from
bis  position  as   reporter  al     Nurlh
It was decided formally thai these
allegations shuuld be considered scria
Hiywood Park:
I'poii  the '.iiluni'. .nm  uf Ihe llrsl
Continued on ptge 3, col. I
The buard of puliee eummisiiuiiers
held in adjourned session Ibis murniug
for tbe purpuse uf conferring wilh the
proprietor of tbe Bl. Alice Hotel, Mr.
A- Uallia, ami his bartenders, as to Ihe
probable identity uf Ibe autbur uf
Monday night's stabbing affray. Mayur
McNeish staled al Ihe uuticl Ibll Ibe
puliee did uoi consider tbat Ihey bad
received Ihe assistance tbat Ihey
shuuhl bave received from the .uanagc
ment of the hotel, iuasmuch as an op
porlunity bad apparently been given
Ihe guilty party lu gel away Wure
any name had beeu mentioned Allen
tion was called to Ihc In. 1 Ibal Ihi.
was tbe third affray of Ibe kind in
ami arouud Ibe Bl. Alice Hutel since
Ihe lirsl of July. Alderman Foreinuu
pointed out thai tbli was a residential
eity and lhc good orderly conduct of
Ibe buleis was absolutely esieutiil Tu
Ihil Mr. Oallia replied that he had
been doing hll beil. Tbe ahlermeu alsu
mentioned lhal a general ir> oHwlW
wis uow abroad lhat lbe nolel wia
couduclcd loosely in other aspects Mr.
0*111* retorted Hm tbis iiuprcsalou
wis circulated by ptnoi s wbo bad
never bien hii friendi in ibe illy Tbe
mayor, however, impbai ted the ful
that Ibe three recent affrayi bad ail
occurred In connection wilb Ibis hotel
.and it wai thl opinion of Ihe board
lhal either Ibll condition of things
Hpil cease or lbc licence pertaining
lo Ibe hotel must be cancelled.
Tbr decision of the board, at lbc In
slasco sf Aid. Foreman, was Ibat Ihe
proprietor or Ihe hotel shoold be given
Iwiu weika Is which tu produce Ibr
sus) cried author of lbe affray. The
boarti 'heu adjourned for lhat period,
Feity Hrfctm
THB    UAfifV    OOMMBNT.    OU
In —»**
WILL ""ffW» »»A»
Tbe mayor during JTMsyday's meet
lag of the ferry bsaroj announced hi*
intention of leaving aH\fntnre (uncial
matters completely In tM bands oi lhe
board itself. One letttf fhltb be bad
previously drafted Iff
wonklp btd banded l*el
abut tint! letmtA »• b*
ajiprMiatloa of Ihi work
tioard bis
tho (lark
if any
No Improvement In Situation re Railway Route
In accsrdance wilb Ihe wishes sf Ibe
Minisler uf Bailways expressed a', lbe
lasl application uf the I'aeilie Oreat
Esslcrn for tbe approval of their route
map Ibruugb Wesl Vancouver, Hccve
Nelsou ii endeavoring lu moke all pus
siblc basic ill gathering reliable data,
as lu the probable cosl lo tbe company
uf the right of way thruugh lhe dis
trict, pruvided the ruute appruved by
Ibe ilislriet council is followed. A
meeting uf tbe pruperty owners con
eerueil was held ■ few evenings since
ai which ibere wis * goodly attendance, j
The property owners were decidedly re
Ineiil is tu naming i spe, iii. price fpr
the prupcrly, uul wishing lu commit j
themselves lu a figure wbleh might
Inn i be held tu be binding uuder auy
circuiii.liiicei. Frum the general tenur
uf Hie remirks which were made, lio'v
ever, il appears that the price for pru
perty lying reasonably near Ibe centre
will run from five lo six Ihousaod dol
lars per acre. II is reverter] lhat one
prominent pruperty owner hu computed
(bit for a .Induce of twelve milci
thruugh Ihe dlilrlcl Ihe average cost
per aire will resell five Ihuusand del
Ian. This means ibat Ihe railway
would require 140 acres n live ihou
sand dullars per acre, giving a total
nisi sf tinn/i'iii lot right of way alone.
On Ihc olber hand, If Ibe route pre
ferred by Ihe railway company is ad
opted, the properly owners tire nf opin
inn thai Hie damuges for the alienation
uf Iheir riparian rights cuniiul be assessed at less than 11 :'•'.> per fruni fuul
and lhal Ihc cosl of that rlgnl of way
wuuld iherefnre prove immensely mure
"ully ilian Hie une somewhat removed
from Ibe wuterfroiil
Tbe representatives of lhc l'acillc
Ureal Kuslern expresa themselves os
desiruus uf complying in every pussililc
wsy wilb the ttrmi uf their cbtrlor
and sprcilncnl with lhe guvernmenl
They reiiigni.i tbu fact lhal Iheir
charter rail* for a route viu Ibe eusl
eru shore of Howe tjuund,"hut al Ihe
same time Ihey are uf opinion thai iu
view uf all the difficulties which have
arlieu, Ibe guvernment might be fuuml
willing tu approve a ■ liange of roule,
pruvided Ihe iuvcaligaliuus via Bey
iiiour river pruve satisfactory. Nul
uuly, they assert, would Ihe price uf
|7llU,i)t)t| fur rigbl uf wuy Ibruugb Wesl
Vancuuver pruve prohibitive bul lbe
Hue duwn Ibe eastern shure uf lluwe
Hound wuuld be unproductive, whereas
Ibey have reason lo believe thai .■ g"o I
grade can be procured via Lilluocl iud
Beyuiour river ami advices which Ihey
hare received frum those who bnu.v
thai country well, go lo show Ibul
there would be excellent possibilities
in the matter of locfl trallic all the
way in timber, mineral and other com
modifies. Thc reconnaiiancc uf Ihc
propused ruule hu not yel been cum
pli'leil, but when Ihe report is sub
milted, there is every possibility lhal u
survey'party will be placed in lhe Dell
lo ruu Hue* through Ihe territory in
duiug and Ihe time he had been spending in connection with the finances sf
Ibe rity. "Hereafter." slid tbt
muyur, "the huard  will give iuilrue
tioui u to the arrangement of thr
(nances of the company. I-el otberi
■bare the responsibility.
"I tioppsie you are referring Is me,"
said Mr. II. C. Wright.
•\tl*n," "P1'"1 hii wsnblp, "/•»
had a band in it"
III. Hlight Ihuughl the mayor wu
ifjkiug a wrong view of ibt milter. II
nothing was wrong ibere wu. nothing
to b' leatfd Horn a government audi]
Al | mealing In the city
matferi hid been presented wbleh
sboltd hi cleared up both fsr tbt bam
It Af tin council »nd Ibe raleptym.
payor replied lbat ii could
if bttofi mi tftifrm*** U tl tk*
manner sf disposing of Iho cily and
ferry bonds cul u lo Ibo prices obtain
ed being tbe besl. Prominent men of
Yincouver, aald hii worihip, were uuw
•lopping him on Ihe itreet ami asking
bim wbal wu wrung wilh Norlh Van
l —r—	
Important Meeting
Bridge AfMw
An important public Board of Tnde
meeting is pending (si u)aVWWM "'
Second Narrows Bridge Affair*. Mr.
H. H tfttmi, Vf, «nd the directors
sf Ibt B I. T. A h. Co. mill be py.
nil. Tks date for Ihli muling will
bt pbilikid in Tuiday's itytn.
■(3 mmm
Bank of Montreal
Ell.bli.hed }S17
Capital (paid up)
•       9       9
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouver Brancht F. A. MACRAE,
Mt. Crown Bldg., lit Street Manager
We Have Some Good Buys
in P. L 273, 274,550,
See us if you have a house to rent, or if you vvanl to get
a house.
We have some lovely homes for sale.
Listings wanted.
110 Eiplanade. Phone 227
Dickinson & Son. Ltd.
P. O. Box 1719.
Phone 222
iiiiu.iliy Hay (uaw)
I'li.vu  ll. >   (new)
Alfalfa Hay
I j ilHluil   Olt*,
Lm ml Meal
run I'.s BICIHT
B. ti H. i'l,i. t.n Obou,
B  U K ti, i„t. I. ruud
ill Onckid Corn
Inn's Egg Hiker
Leo's Ii. ■. i Puwder
Swlftl Beef Strays
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
In Stock, 350 Tom of Choice
HuiiMkold*r» ibotiU  lay in tin winter tuupiy bifuie tin
ruib Miaou.
i ■——mm.ii      i        ———^—^n
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
L.S. EATON, Manager.
Ktckham'i Wharf     Esplanade Weil     Phone 4fifl
» lenetm "tfat
2.40 vm.
8.80 I
aa imiiy."
not llabl* for
leava Nortb Vincouvir
4 80
We Are  Pleased
tu  inform  tb*  public  tint  we  will
 ilully furnish iil.nn. oud prices oil
auy building, large or small,  brink,
frame or otherwise.
Call and aee in before yoi, let your
contract for that new house.
>»•« AM.
Tim Ubl. iubj.il ti tnauf* wltbou*
d*l*;i, a*eld*»t*l or oilurwli*.
(Continued from Laat Tuoiday)
11 I'm seeing the last of Paimlol"
Ainu! ilOW I rim it WUS. Till' )I00| mother'! Joinl oyoi lia'il ioou tho last uf bur
iluar chlbl in lifo- Tlie body of tbat
child, aflor boing tlio iporl of tliu
'■nii'i waves fur ten days, was liurito
in tbo.arms uf tliu tiilo pust her Vii'
turia huinu utui laid un Ihu limu'li ut
Hun .luan Islutnl, uliiinst wilhin sight
uf tliu house site liml loft ti abort limu
before so full uf life nud^rlrlisli gleu
uiul huppitiess.
. It was Thurailay when the steamer
sailoil. (lit Friday, Halurday uml Mini
iluy heuvy storms pruvaikul, uml Ihu
tulugrupb iiuus went down.' Until Unil
day iiitriiiiMin iu,i, uus uu ciiiuniuii-
li'ulinu liy wire wilh lliu uiilur wurld.
a imui nuiiii nn tbu afternoon uf ihu
Uth ur Nuveuiher, Mr. VV. P. Areliiliuid,
wbu wus lltu chief operator nl Victoria,
received this message- fruni I'url Tuwu-
"A ship bun arrived here with u
luun nimuii dolly ulumril, whu wus
picked up tiulunluy limiting un u
piece nf wreckage ulf the entrance tn the Htruils. He suys
the stiamsliip "l'acillc" mu uk lunl
Thursday uighl, uml hu fcurs lliul
all on hoard were lust but liim
Then llic wires uiiiuil went down uml
uu further Information could bo ob
tuiii.'il Ihruugli lliul uu,Iiuiu.  .An hour
ur luu luler llic steamer "Nurlli I'm i
lii" runic in frum i'uget Minimi.   (In
buoril of Iter wus Henry . .Icily, llic
rescued   |«ssciigei      The   whole   luwu
rusbcil tu the whurf.   1 was fortunate
iu interviewing lhe man, lud frum tiini
learned thut the "I'aeilie" run iulu u
...nui,,   ship while ud I'upc Plattury,
uliuul ten o'clock uu the night uf lbc
day uu which she suite,I frum Vieioria,!
ami tank in ten minutes.   The greatest
, uuui,.,,.,!,,,,   prevailed.   The ufficerii
lusl  Iheir preietiic uf mind  Iif they
ever   hud   any),  aiul   the   crew   were
tun   intent   in   emlcuwiring   lu  ensure
I lu-i: uwn .-ii l.-ii  lu pay altentien lu
tuu piissengers, win) run v/ildly ubuut
the duck uiul tiiruugh the caluuns.    lu
lbe .luui, Mrs. I'arsoui' ilubl wus turn
frum her units ami killed, uml the lusl
that Jelly saw uf lhe bereaved motber
was when she stepped inlo one ot the
bulls .-till pressing her dead rbibl tu
ber breast.   Till:', bull was iwimpcil in
lowering,  ami  all   whu  lml  entrusted
thenuelvei lo it were lusl ut the side
ul lhe fast sinking ship.   Miiulc uf the
life I deathtj Imuls were fouml lu liave
lii'i'li filled with  water lu steady  Ibe
ship,  and   I,i'lun1  tin-   water  euuld  be
run  off the  |ius*euger* uud  lhe erevv
rriiwded   in   and   wuuld   uut   gel   mil.
tin ull lllempls In luwer the luiiil- lml
tu be ubuii.Iuued     There were u iiuiu
In-r uf ITiiucse on  liuurd     The)   were
iiiiini,,   the In i   lu gel  inlu the I..lis,
and laid Ilieiii!..'!ve.. duwu un lhe but
lum ' The) were pulled nut and tbruwn
sireaiuing uiju the seu lu mukr ruum
fur   while passengers     There  wu.-  nu
urder,  nu  discijiiiui,  nu  one  lu  give
dircelioiis.   II wa« every mun ful him
self.    All seemed tu have gune .tark
Iliad   III   lbe  faee  ul  llie  greul   duuger
Ihul liesi-l llieiii    A rush wus made fur
life preservers     The   number  .1 .u.l.ill-
wus iiiii siihVienl, bul llic few bodies
afterward      recovered      wure      life
preservers.    All   this  time the  vessel
wus sinking, sinking, uml her ruil wis
ilmusl even wilh the water when sev
eral   nf   the   mule   passengers   leaped
overboard   and   drowned   Ibemsidves.
(libers shut themselves in Iheir eibins
und awuited tin- gr.ni mcs-eliger ralm
ly.    There were several trained hurses
ou board, lhe prupcrl) uf llie lluekwell
k   liuill uii   Iruupe.     These   annuals
had   been   exhibited   al   Vieioria   llie
diy   befuru.    Tlirj   were  gilled   wilh
rare intelligcnte    One, a large while
gelding,   wis  llmosl   human   in   his
knowledge     Tbis  burse    wu    fuuml
flouting   in   lhe   Nlruils   saddled   lml
bridled sume days after the wreek, ami
it was Ihuughl une uf Hie Iruupe muifbt
ed liim iu the vain hope uf being ear
ried ashore on hii hark    The scream
iug   and   snouting   of   lbc   men   ami I/'" •''Wiwu.    /'bout leu dayi afler
" al
vvuineii as Ibey Jgtbtd link and furtlj
wringiiig tbeir bands and juslluig
lruiu|iliug down one unulher in UTieir
treu/y must have been terrible If beat
and see Absolutely, beyond IMe luw
eriug ol lbe uue boul that waff swamp
Ud al tbe -ide, nothing ::f. ,|„ue lu
save a single life. All Wt, ("illusion
and despair, The olllnns nngnl as
well bavi lieen ashore IJ, all tbe good
they did oa board. fli lbe supreme
moment approaehed tdine of the unfor
tiinalcs claiped huw/s, othem sink ou
Iheir knees aud /offered up hurried
prayers. A Inly/ passcigel tore tbi
'liamon.ls from tie, oars ami pul Ihem
wilb a purse off gold into a sailor's
baud, imploring/ him lo lake lliem and
ve bet Ull. ISevetal funlliw gather
ed together ilul wilb liars lad lumen
talioai awaiied tbi end. The people
la tb* luxits made vain efor* to
swing then} from Ibeir divil*, In tbeir
•xcltMwnA forgelting lhal while Ibey
la then:, lull, cmli »o4 iM
lii'ied from tho 'leek.   In that spirit
Of .ii'lllshncsa which seizes upuu iiin.it
 n in tho faco of i-.ii'eiue pi-iii, nn
one would jjlvo up hia plice in tin
limits for fair ■* ouo else would oc
elipv   It,  1111,1   IQ  tllUy   h'lliuiui'il   I|I'I||||'|,|,
ly Iiu,lilleil together whilo llenlh I'Ulno
OH  with  ever shortening steps,    I'res
uully the . lup iuu Inul. and uvury bjtaiit
aeuineil lu crack.   A cry uf despair us
eiiiiiluil from Ihu ilunmud contpuny aa
Ihu ducks opeuuil befure i In- . ..uil.n.. .1
pressure uf air uml wutor with a gruat
roar, ns thniigb u liiuusuml builurs had
burst simtilluiiuniisly. Tlie uutT piumoiit
Hrn—"Pmlfll"   mi|t    liuuuatli    the
irinilili'il waves uml Ihu seu wus dulluil
with wreekuge uiul ilruwniiig men mnl
wuinun,  wltnsu   erius   were   pitiful   lo
beur. dclly, wilh tbree others, muiiugcil
lu secure ti lieni'iinp, uml limited uwuy
wilh lhe tide.    In u few minutes lhe
"Hulitury shrink, lhe bulibiiiig cry
Of  suni,i  strung   miiimner   iu   bis
ilieil   uwuy, ami   Jelly  ami  uis eilm
pliiiiuns were uliuul uml, su I'ur us they
know,  ulnni!  un   Ihul   Wild   venule   nl
water.   The night wus intensely dark
and the waves frequently liruku uver
llie wreckage uu whieb the puur iuuu
were,    lielurc daylight   Iwu liud  been
washed uwuy, und when the allu came
uii the third mun went mil nf his mind,
uml liefure evening liapod intu lhe seo
uud disappeared.   Twu days ufter lhc
disaster Jelly wus picked up by u puss'
iug vessel uud I..).11  tu I'url Tuwiise'iid.
Prpm thul purl a revenue cutter wus
despalelieil lu llle scene pf lire wreek,
ami  uu   Hie  way  uut   uf the Straits
Neil   llinley, u    |U,ui, iiiiimii i   of ||IL.
wreeked vessel, wus fuuml lluuting un
u pieee nf wreekuge uml saved,    lie
reported lliut dpi. iluwell, the sen,n.l
mule,   the   euuk   and   fuur   pussengers
lune a young lady) were un lhe wreek
age with liim when lhe snip lirsl wcnl
duwu,   but   ull   perished   une   by   une
until   uuly   he  remained.    The  yuung
lady, frum the description, wus believed
lu be u Miss lleyuiilds, uf Hun 1'i.,i.■..
cu,  wl,,, was returning Iinme frum u
visil lu friends ul  the dockyard, Ks
i|iiimalt.   Once she was washed ulf Hie
rait, uml the locuml ruute plunged iu
and   rescued   her.    Hhe   resumed   her
place uu lhe raft, lml seemed lu lose
ill hupe.    iuu.t.inii,  her strength ile
parted nul she luy mutiuiilcss uu tin
fragment   until  anulhar  wave   washe<
her away, her heroic reseller soon lol
from Vieioria u steamer was ilea
I'lit'iied lu lhe vieinily uf I'upe Kbit
lery. Hhe returned in a lew duys willi
fuur lnnil-s three inen uiul u woman
The iiiell were identified. One was u
merchant fronN'uyollup, uud Iwu were
members uf lire "I'ueific's" crew. Tile
resuee uf Henley cleared away mueli
uf lhe mist thul had obscured Jelly's
slulfiiieul. Hi'irli'V wus rislecp in Ihc
fureeaille when the erush eame lie
said lhe water Unwed in ul tin- |„,us
uf Ihe sleuruer wilh u rush. He wus
awake ami on deck iu an itiilaul, and
saw u large .hip ulf Hie starboard bow
This vessel afterwards proved to I,,
the Allien.an ship Orpheus, hound for
I'ugel Hound hi ballast. Hhe was cum
inumled by I'. A Hawyer, who mud/
nu uliuli lu assist the "I'aeilie,".. tint
-lm I off fur Vain nuver Islun.)., ami a
day or Iwo later his vessel was hope
lenily wreeked iu Barclay t-,,„i,.i lln
en use for bis luacliuii e/u- n,,,, |K. i,,
In veil his uwn vessel ilu be sinking,
ami be eiplained lbat/he sluud aerns-
the "I'aeifii's" bunts, ami so cause!
lhe collision, for /lie purpuse of speuk
iug lu her uml, learning his whore
abouli. He ni,v.i.. dunned Ihul had
there been .,, proper loukuul on the
sleamer I bete would bavi been nu
diiail.cr, il' M. H. Itepulse pas .e.l nul
of lhe Mjuii. on Ihr night uf the
wreek, ui',,1 it wai said by sum.' ul
the suljibri Ibul Ibey reported lo Ine
eaplaiii that blue light* were burning
on ii>. |.,,n aide, bul lbat uu ullenlioii
wus'|,aid lu Ibe reporll
'jlln »minin w.'iose body was brought
iu.'wis a tourist wbo war relurnlng lo
the disaster Ibi body Of Mill I'llpie,
wis brought frum Kin Juan Islind nul
I,,irn,I during ■ heavy fall of snow,
whieh Mocked with gnal drift* and
heaps Ibi roadi laadlag lo tbe cemetery
nature k*d sent the 'lead girl a wiu/1
mg sheet. In spile ot tis sturin Ihc
• orlegc wis one of Ihe Urgent ever
seen io Vli fori*, lo great **, tbt ,ym
l-mliy flit for the fitter and mother
uf Ibe bright yuung spirit whose light
had beeu so untimely ijUeiulied
Al llio days wore on other bodie*
i sine ashore aud wore either brought
tu Victor!* or interred whin found.
AI llcicou llii|, lm days if ter the
wreck, I taw tin budy of Mr. f.'onwiy,
whom I had gme to lbe wharf to lie
on the uafniny Up' slMfOir i»lled.
rolling In ti' turf, fill tedy mu cully rrcogalp*1. JOun tin) ihip^iltd
he bad a iwi« sun of mom/ InNjii
possession, liul wheu he WM pirked up
Ottmlmmmi    It    Tll**lir'l    UfetU*
Hint this innniiy had, through an error
linen spent for liri|lg|i purposos, etc.;
siii'iiiul, Hint   tbia inni|iiy hill thruugh
an oy«r»l((l|t not hoop called 'for with
tiie othor by-laWi in' ,luly and It was
necessury tq ruiuu thll amuuut or th«
ruud wurk would shurlly stup. Owing
tu tlio'uiniutlsfactory riporta of tho
i",eeiiiivi' llie ini'i'tii'ii udjiiiirmul lu
Hie municipal hall fur au Intirviiw
with tho i'iiuii, 11. '
TUNDRHH aru horoby callud for llm
piirchnsu nf the llurranl Hash ami poor
t'neliiry, iiii'linliiig lhc fulluwiug: I.ulio,
liiiililing., iliuehiuury 'and stock of
doors, s|ish, lunil,er uml mnuliliugs, all
coinplulo as a guing cniiccm. Hpleif.lid
tnionlol fur btisiituss. All loniiurs must
bo in nn luler llmu Moinluy, fietnbor
Till- %
Tin tenderers must ilato Iheir own
Icrnts fur puyiitent. The (llan! will bo
npen lu iiiluiiilinl 11... i.u ui for inspee-
liun every uflcrnnnii belween tho hours
nf Iwu and four.
.1. II.
Carniioh ,el umi J'oarson ro|iurt thoir
sulci tu tho uniuiiiit uf 450,illll| in ucre
ago and lots nine,. s,.|,i. leiii.'
Arrangoinmils ure boing ininli: hy
tho Ht' ' 'b'lneni 'a church for a itranttt-
ie . iit .-i i ni um.-1, i ip (uk,, |i|au„ triarly iu
iVovoinlior which will cous|.i of locnl
ta|ciit only,
Dr. umi k|ri. McM*uo liayi) lakun up
thoir rcsliluitcu iu Iho Fromme block
Thu iliicl ur lius alio npenud an olllci
whieli will he a greul epuvenlpneo tu
l.ynn Valley residents.
The llrsl wedding |u tuke'placu in
Lynn Vulley uml also tho lirst lu Ihc
nuw I'resbylerlan niuitsu incurred on
Wediiesiluy evening, Oeluber Und, when
lluv. A. MueAiiliiy jniniid in inurriugu
.lumes il. Hough nf Vermin lu Muriuu
Kl lud   Campbell,   ,i I,,,,   uf   A),,,
Cnnipbell uf Lynn Vulloy.
The Initial match of tho North Vuncouver dty ami ilislriet football league
is sehediiliul In tuke pluee nu Huliinluy
Ocluber fi, IOI. ul II p.mful lleeren
linn I'urk whuu Ihu eunlesluuls will
lie Lynn Vulley football club uml Ihu
t'tile.luniuus. Tne leant selected lu plays',
fur I.ynu Vulley is us fulluws, vii/:
(lual, II. Huuglus, Hueks, .1, I'tirdiu uiul
•I. I .until i half bueke, II. Huird, A. Ilpr
ruws uml Hnggii'i furwards, I', Turrit,
A. Ailkcn, W. .1. Hurtlell, II. Ilenl i„,.|
II. Sharp (euptuiii). llescrves, UtiA.y,
Mu'rr uml Woodcock.
• , '.U
A speciul ineeling was eul'cd by Iho
l.ynn Vulley llulepayers' Assoclaliuu
for lasl nigiil lo diseiiss umi enniidnr
Ibt Itllillkl bylaw for alreet purpuses. Mumhers nf lbe alinve elub aro re
Apparently tliorf has boon un uycrsight opcited In puy Iheir siilmcriptiuiis Ire
on ihe purl nf lhe iuim.il regardingI fori Oet. lllh; The lirst dunce will bu
Ibis by luw. The eseeutlve liruuglil li.l.j mi Wediiesiluy, Oct. llllh. ' K.
two reports befure lire meeting lirsl,| Areliibubl, honorary seerelary. fill
I in
I'. O, Box 2616,
Nnrlh Vancuuver.
Apiilieiiliuns wunii',1 fur llrsl morl
gOgesTjuiy debenture issuus .(nnt munieipal) Villi *!iiyimi m ltr,»,91)9. John
Alenoiplcr k fin., l!!l Luusdulu Avenue,
Nurlli Vuncuuver.
Nprth Vancouver
Cinderella Dance
The Range
is satisfactorily solved by the
I liouiumls nl satisfied lumies ihrouglioul the Dominion testify
In lis sii|)iniiiiiy    see il before cle< tiling.
;  i
Your Fa|) Suit from ui you ran save from
$5.00 to $10.00
Thii week wt mt telling any mil in the store pi
greatly reduced juices. 'I Lis is your opportunity to
secure a high graxje Suil limn an entirely' new stock
at rock IioUoih pliers. •
Ml  ,1 , ll'. l'u  li I Iiiui1, IIIUIII   . "n'H'i       .   'nil"  I     lll\
HO  Second  St., %t, I—
Intrinsic value, actual worth, dollar for dollar worth ll in eviry
Itiin wi ull.Wlth buying facilities that ara acknowledged ts hi
superior to those possessed by auy wholesale firm lu Canada
Wltb retail connection a continent wide -with tbi advice sl
export* and avary passible assistance ts enable ua to glvi you
thi bait value, is It any wonder that th* uani* BIBKB stands
aloni In tba diamond marksu of Oanada? BIBKB' quality
V BIBKB' reputation for fair dialing bu built up our diamond
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Ceorge 1.. Trorey, Managing Director
Haatifigt and Granville Streeti   -   -   Vancouver, B. C,
Job Printing at the "Express"
The Commercial Union Assurance
Co., Ltd.
of Loudon,
PAID $4,260,000
Quickly and promptly on account of tbi Sau Francbjco earthquake and lire.
Huw many Oompanlei could do tbii?
IU asMtt amount to 1116,000,1)00
A postal will bring our roprututatlve
Bastdsnt Agsnt
18 Lonsdalo Avtnut and Oapllauo Oar Terminus
Phones: Louadalt 167. Oapiiano IOI.
S   By Reflex
One is qu'to used to seeing the com
uiercinl   photographs   Usually   exposed
for aule Iii tho various stores without
uuy sign uf clouds and I little thought
will auun explain the reason these ph
turns aro " babiheaileil." The exposure
is, uf eiinise, ininli' fur tho lamlacapo,
uml uuu wuubl think tho photographor
wuulil muke sumo uffort tu inlru<luco
in.-ll. i lnml. but ai lung us Ihem1
pictures ilmi a ready sulu su long will
thuy i um iuuu to bo turned out iu quite
u rumiiicreiul and businossllko manner.
We havo already seen how variuus
uliji'i lu reqtilru .till i-i int exposures ami
one uf Ihu mosl iliDlcult subjects tu get
guud negutives nf is clninls. It is not
uusy tu olituin them on tbo same negative us tbu landscape un accuuul nl
tbu difference in expusure required
Mkics are usuully very much uver ux
putted which accounts fur the fad thut
the aky uutially cniiies. oul a while
patch   which   1'i'iuii. li    la  anything
lllll      |'l..l   .III,"
In urder lu meet the dilliiulty many
phulugruphcrs huvu mude a specialty
uf cliniil Studios and have put uu the
market Iheir wurk in lhe form uf liim
negatives which muy easily be Intro
iluced intu landscapes. Dare musl be
exercised iu the sclcctlun uf suitable
eluuil negutives, tho lighting uf
which may eusily be introduced inin
landscapes Hare must be exercised in
Ibe selection uf suilable cluud negu
lives, tbe lighting uf winch hIiiiiiIiI
be from lhe same direct inn aa tiic
line occasionally sees, even iu ttblh
ilious. clouds introduced which ure
lighted from the uppusite side uf Ihe
landscape, a musl seriuus fault uud uue
which un judge wuuld pass uver how
ever guud lbe rent uf lbe wurk inuy In
Let us suppose we have made nur
soli'cliun uf negative uiul are ready tu
print nur landscape iu. Select a suil
able cluud uogutive which shuuld cum
pure wilh all lhc rest uf lln1 lamls,
If I' l'l. 1'. is being used uml il ,ii
easier In begin with uu accuunl uf III.
picture being visible print iu lln
landscape tu Ihe required depth, ufler
which tuke uul uf lhe printing frame
A piece of plain glass aliuuld I hen be
pul iulu the printing frume us a sup
purl fur the cluud negative, i'lace Ihis
uu lhe glass und the paper with lhe
lainUeupi' printed uu  in  cunlact -with
North Vancouver City
Price I i.-i is now ready for Subdivision of
BLOCK 11 A,  - D. L 550
on Queensbury Avenue rar line
Size of lols 50 fl. by 121 fl. all cleared
■ las
The North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
I Jimled I .lability
North Vancouver Agenti for V> .*
Phone Saymoyr 6286
the ''imi'l negative pince outside fm
printing ami procure a pleco of card
largo enough to cover over that portion
of the papor with tho landscape printed
un. The card shoulil iheV be worked
I'unliiiiiully up ami down su as to
merge tho skyline intu the landscape
and tn luavu no sharp dividing line
ami ulsu tu protect the landscape pur
tiuu from being printed upun. As
suuu as thu liuuds aro printod to the
icipiiieii depth luku tbo paper uut
ami tune in lite usual muuiior. Nut a
iliDlcult uporiitinn but nne requiring a
liiile patience ami care. II properly
iluiie the Iinni.le Invulved Is wull ro-
Iiulil by Ihu result'which can be judged
bei.1 by printing frum the negative
•.-.iihinii introducing chimin and cum
paring tho result.
Ilrumiiir- ur gaslight papers ore mure
.iiiln uli lu imu.ih- us it will generally
be fuuml Ihut the cluud requires a
much shorter exposure ihun Hie lund
scupc. This can eusily be determined
by lhe usu uf ii Iriul slip.
The method of print,ng in practically
Ihe sume us Inr I'. 0. I'., except Ihul
|tiu iptago is seen on lhe paper. Murk'
llic edge uf Ihe paper with black lead
jusl ut lhe spot uu each side where Hie
landscape lluishe«, print, ibeu proceed
lu print in lhe clouds using the piece
uf curd as a murk and moving it up
ami duwu jusl as m the case uf I'. 0.
I', then .Iihclui] in the Usuul wuy.
Printing in clouds in enlarging again
is mure difficult Iluu lbe Iwu pruccm.es
li. iiiu '1 abuve.
lu a previous article we have seen
lhe in.'ilm.I uf enlarging described.
runt iu the landscape us previously
described uml murk lhe edges of llie
paper junt where lhe lu|> nf lhe lund
scape will shuw. Take uul uf Hie Ian
tern the laudscapu negative uud iuser I
the cluud negative lulling care lu cuver
up the lens with lhe ruby cup. Notice
(lie Iilucl.leu'1 murks showing lhe tup
uf Ihc landscape, then expose fur Iho
chimin. In Ihis case a piece of card
musl be used fur masking, lurge enuugh
lu prevent liglil gelling lu Hie purtiun
uf lhe pupcr which has already been
espusoil fur llie landscape. Move Ihc
card up and duwu belween tbe lens
ami tbe pupcr until expusure is cum
plelo, then develup in lbe tisiinl mini
A lillh' practice is ull Ihul is needed
in urder iu becume pruDcieul uml wilh
lhe long winter evenings routing uu u
greal deal uf pleasure can lie gut mil
uf Ihe negatives taken duriug Hie sum
tiler months.
It is mil the object uf lliem.' articles
lu gu lulu claburalc details, su much
us tu indicate lhe lines which may lie
fulluwcd in gelling lhc musl uul ul
uur hubby, but uuy difficulty which a
beginner inuy meet with will readily I
deull with if quealiuns ure seul lu
uih"' ur the writer will be plcuscd lu
meet uny whu muy wiali lu knuw mure
and wuuld care lu bring prints ur lu'g.
lives fur illinium A suitable meeling
place will be fuuml uml muny u pleas
ml evening spent in friendly ihul uml
'Xchaugc uf experience
In the meantime what almul thul
umpcliliun inniounii'il ln."l week I
Scud in yuur prints as early as possible
lhe suoncr Ibo belter. Any subject ur
any process. The prize is u Wutkins'
exposure meter.
The Canadian ^ank
of Commerce
i      .   ' ..     ..    ....
Capital $15,000,0311   Rest $12,500,000
 I   ■   • •  '■ —— —m _
North Vancouvar Branch Now Located at the
A General Banking Buiineu Transacted.
lnlereit is allowed on all deposits of $1 and upwards.
1. A. FOBSTBB        Manager,
Serioui Allegations
Against City Fathers
I (lout Inued from Pago 1 I
that   cuncerning   Heywuud   1'ark   Mr
W. II. May, reeve uf lbc dislricl ami
ex mayur uf the eity, ruse uml uiinuune
ed lhal Ihis ilalemeol  was perfectly
currcct.   There wuh, said Mr. Muy, an
agreement entered intu with Mr. Fell
whereby Ihe cily  wus deeded  Iwehu
acres uf land un the couditiona stated.
The contract wu« awarded Mr. . ay al
il.:'""  On lbe completion uf thai cuu
Iract, by rcsulutiui'i uf lhe cuuucil, Mr.
May waa sent, aluug wilh Mr. Fell, lu
* fm   '
Inspect lhe clearing.   Afler Inspection
Mf. Pell said lhal he was perfedly sal
islied and- agreed. Iu   give the purl;
Therefore, ty fu Knuwles' statement was
.correct.   That  was, added   Mr.   Muy,
towards tbe close uf IUM), since when
he  bad   been   connected   wilh   ulher
municipalities.   At   Ihe  close of tbat
year his cunucctiuiis wilb city affuirs
were severed, and he wished il fully
iin.li'i-i.'iiil  lhal  be did nol  speuk lu
auy allegatiuns concerned wilh period*
following  bis  retirement  frum    city
''•Mi. I. A. Wuod asked if tbii Mr.
Kr wles was a responsible person aud
if h'  was a pruperty owner, lie would
bave '.'teterred lo iee more names than
one un .'licll a document aa wai produced
tonight1,' Wfi be a man wbo could back
up Ibeui charges, ot lunl Ibey nil come
ihere loYiit.cn to a farce cumedyf
The plf.'iidout retorted lhat Mr.
Knowlcs 1,'ni been n resident of tbe
city for Byk' or six years aud had run
for eiiuiicilbi  two or three times.
Mr. KnoM'i added that bo was a
property owiijr, ami would leave it lo
tht meeting i' make anything farcical
nf hm charges if Ibey wished.
A mil Im-i speuker voiced the opiniun
Ihul u man whu would pul his aigna
lure lo auch statements as these must
have reusuus tu l.e|..-ie thul there wus
something radical!' 'rung, i'lirsoiially
he considered Mr. Xuwles wos tu be
admired fur liming llio courage- uf his
cuiivirlioiis. If tberu were mure men
of his kind Ihis city's Welfare wuuld
he bettered.
Mr. Wood contended, liuwcver, Ihul
the,affair seemed lu be one sided, if
till these circumstances were Ihe Iruin
he wuuld huve liked il belter if u nuin
her uf ratepayers had unsigned them. II
wus uul right fur uue mun lu put all
these allcgaliuus  befure  Hie  meeling.
Mr. Knuwles replied thai he did Ihis
un Iiis own responsibility,
Aid. Hiss Ibeu dcchiicd tbat be did
nut think lhe executive hull taken lue
right form uf procedure, The ulder
men ul the city had not been iuvited tu
attend, the ineeling.
"Well, yuu're must uf yuu here, sir,"
interrupted u voice.
The alderiuau insisted, huwever, Ihut
ihey were iu attendance us ratepayers.
'I um nut prepared lu refute these
charges," he added, "lhe aldermen
sliuiilil have been properly uulilied und
given u chance lu prepare Iheir re
The presidi'iil suid Ihul lhe execu
live hud Ihuughl differently. The meet
ing Iiu.1 been dull advertised in the
Aid. Hiss sllll adhered lu his slate
lucul. ll seemed Ibul llie meeting was
ready tu uccuae Iin'iii and cunvlcl tbem
witliuiii a hearing.
"I mny say," said Mr, Knuwles.
"Ihut I met Aid. Hiss iu a car ami
explained lu him my veniuu of the
Hoy -    "
Mr li. 11. Murilen here ubjecled In
the use iif u private conversation us
A voice Ibeu.proclaimed Ihul I was
not au impossible thing lu huve u guv
eriinieiil audit.    It wus guud business
Aid. Irwiu, whu was uul u membur
uf lhc cuuucil in IUU, inquired us lu
whelher lhe city's pari uf Ihc agree
llicnl us lu lhe grading ami clearing ul
Hie ruad way had been carried uul iu
ucciirilniirc wuh Ine icnus uf lhe uri
p ml agreement. They might liml on
ilivcsllgaliuii Ihul this had uul been
Kecve Muy repealed emphatically
Ihut lhe agreement wus curried uul lu
Mr. Fell's entire satiifaeliun.
"Wus the clearing uf the land uml
lhe grudiiig of the ruud completed I
within the lime limit set iu Hie urigiual
agreementt" queried Aid. Irwiu
Mr. Knuwles suid thul he uudersluod!
lue city's purl of lhe agrcemenl was'
fully fulfilled.
Aid. Foreman, who wos alao not a
member uf Hie IUU cuuucil, wished lu
he apprised us lu huw Ihesc things
nunc abuut huw an cXebauge of 111
Seres fur t acres I which is iu a ravine)
came lo lake place.
Aid. Hiss slated uguin thai if Ibe
members of lbe council had beeu pro
perly notified Ibey euuld have come
prepared, and armed wilb Ihc neces
sary dulu I'ersonully be euuld nol re
member, ull lhe correspondence whieh
luuk place between tbe cuuucil und Mr.
Fell and lie wos nut prepared tu apeak
fruni uiumury.
Mr.  Wall, in une scnlence, pressed
jfii a government audit.
Mr. Murden Ihuughl Aid. Hiss's con-
tehtlon was a reiisunuble uue. Afler
these allegation! Iiiiii l"'"u considered
seriatim Ibo alilormon muld be advised
Hint Ihere would he nliulher meeling
held, tu which Ihey were invited as al
ilcriiu'ii ul which llunl action une wuy
ur the ulher wuuld  lie luken  by Hie
u- -in i.n  lie considered ihe members
uf Ihc cuuucil shuuld be giveu un up
porlunity uf compiling aula lu prescnl
lu the ussuciulinti in reply lu these
charges iu u candid und straight fur
ward manner, The association wuuld
then be iu a position tu vule iulelli
Tbe president then prupused Hint Hie
next charge shuuhl be deull with:
whercupuu Mr. Wuod observed Ihul if
tbe ulher clauses were .gune thruugh
iii the sume wuy uh lhe llrsl one lhe'
meeling wuuld be none the wiser.
Oity Bouds:
Huwever, lbe second allegation, re
ferring lu the selling uf cil\ bonds wns
i,.ininli-.  submitted In lhc meeting
Aid. Irwin replied lu Ihis, slating
Ihut all itifnrmnliuu aboul Imu Is wus
available fur lbc use uf Ibe nil.payers.
|l was lhe duly uf lhe cuuucil In answer uny legitimate questions frum rule
payers, uin! lbe information wus ulsu
procurable cither frum Iho city Ireu
surer ur frum the city clerk. The
uuly iiiiimuiiuu lhe alderman hud lunl
uf any diaeatiifucllun was through u
letter purpurliug lu come frum Mr.
Knuwles aud published in the Kxprcss.
The aldorman, proceeding, suid Hint
the city's debentures comprised llll.
2611 wurlil uf geuerul debenlurea fur u
term uf llftv yeurs bearing I'i per
eenl. inieresl, uud 11til,tilill worth nf
lucul improvemenl debentures; iuukiug
u Inlal uf debenlures suld during this
yeur uf 10)11)19. In pursuance ul lbc
pulicy uf Ihe cuuucil Ihis yeur. lhe mul
ler was discussed almost iinii'cliiilely
ufler Hie cl" Imi'. il was decided thut
the wisest cuursc was In luke luimedi
ale steps fur the dispute! uf Ihesc de
beulures. Tins wuuld enable lbe i'oun
cil lu cull for lenders I'ur cily work
early in Ihe yeur uud give lime fur Ihe
fulfilment of Ihr contracts in guud wea
ther. The lesull was u sule of tho do
beulures ul mil prices fur glilUnl ul
Iiii per cout., less slump charges, The
huni. charges in I'liiiiiccliuii with these
bunds amuuntcd lu il'J'T The finance
committee and the council had luken
particular care lu safeguard Ibe city'i
interests. Any une funnliar witb sucb
mailers musl udniit Ihul lliere hus lieen
u full in prices fruni Ihree to,live puiuls
since March of this year The cily'i
bonds could uul be suld al lhe prescnl
lime wilhin Ihree points of lhe price
realized al lhe lime uf Iheir sale. "1
claim," said Aid. Irwin, "Ibal .. is
uul the business of a cily to spcculule
nnd huld uver debenlures in pro-sped uf
u rising .market.. 1 strongly and cm
pIlUl UUII}'     upheld     lhe     polic}'     "I      till'
cuuucil iii Ihis regard." Thruugh this
pulicy, the speaker continued, life coun
ill had succeeded iu gcttiug contracts
Ihruugli al luw prices and hud su saved
the city between IWWD and I.Winil.
"I claim," lbc alderiuau suid, "Ibal
the council bas saved lhe cily belween
iii",""" and ti'ii.'Jiiu Ibis yeur by ils
wise and judicious liuunclal policy.
Whether tbis meeting lakes lhal view
(Ooutluuod (uu psgl 7.)
Wt are showing M exceUout Um tt SttrUng Silver and Plated Ware,
uothlug hut tbe highest gride of Oood*.
Our low (jpeiiae* enibli u* to mark our prices much below thoio who
pay high rtnl*.  A comparison fill proyi Mi to you.  leo^our windows.
Th* Storo of Quality
mi Low Price*.
■■        1"" ■   ' '
:,L i
CriUHLJi INUllCt.3
NUB'l'll V4ifP-PT'VU»
,*d Tueidayt and 1'rldayi by Nortb Bbure Prim, Limited.
ttatii nt Buhtcriptlpni-Oui jur, 11.00. SU moutbi, Wo.  Tnw inoutbi; ado,
United Statu and Foreigu, UM par year.
Advirtlildg Bataa WW Bl Quotid on Application.
Tba Eiprm ii divuM ia ib* inliruti pt iU Wirtti Bbnre of Bnrrnrd Injit
axeluilvely. It eouitituteinu advertitinf medium of wceptional value for
retelling iu a thornugh and effective maimer tbe population ut North Vaueouver
Olty and Dlitri. I. Bvery ilfert ii wide' to give advertiwra the moit mtlitactory
All cbangei lu eonlrail advert|ieni*nt* ibould hi in th* prlntari' hand* not
later tban 10*. m. Muuday and t p. m. Weduwday to emure iuiertlun lu the
folluwiug Ihui.
Norlb Vanunnw, 9 0,
111 til HI HI If
.October, I, 19J8.
III Ihu liglil Of llie prilceeilillgs which
developed at the inoutlng of tbu Hate-
puiei..' Au-i.i, inn,iii uf the city, lust
We,lues,hn evening it is lilflictilt tn seu
huw Ibo ' -iu ume could huvu ailuplcd
any ulher cuursc than that which they
I'ulluwcil williiiut proving rlecideilly ra-
miss in the duties devolving upon them
iu Iheir relation tu the „- ji  liy
whieh lltcy wero appointed. Nu one
seeks tn emit Invert the fact lhat Hie
mtepayers ur uuv number uf ratepayers huve u perfect right to form themselves inlo un in-mii mt nm for the purpose uf folluwiug I he. progress uf civic
events, uf discussing civic iiiuii.-i - unit
uf adopting sueb rusuiuliutis us Hey
mny iluctu udvlsublc frum time- to
lime. Biich being the cuse, the pro
,i ceilings uf Wuducsduy were ijuilc
wilhin the pruviuce uf sueh uu usso-
i mt inn and Hie executive wus hut fill
filling lhe functions, which pertain lu
sueh ti culillliittee in fullowiiig the
cuursc which Ihey adopted.
Neither does there exist auy just
reasuii fur Impugning lhe mull-yea uf
tbe executive iu Iheir action l> is
doubtless a fad lhal lurge number* of
ratepayers were unaware thai there
was su much tulk iu circulation 'HI uf
whieh tended lu foment discord uud
tu eusl  relic, 11,ins upun lire civic ud-
ministration us well us upuu individual
members uf the city cuuucil. liuviug
becume cugnizuiil Ibul these rmnuis
were iu circulutiun und were gruduully
gaining credence because Hiey were not
denied, un the merits uf lhc case Ibe
executive uppcarx lu huve adupled lhe
unly course which wus compatible wilh
Iheir position iu deciding lo drug Ibuse
rumors from their covert ami furce
them inlu the open, thai Ihey might
iiui'i ihe fata which Inigbl befall Ihem
in the light uf free uml open dis-us
The proceedings were marked by J
feature, which wus us commendable as
il wus unusual, when uu eudeavur is
made lu reduce "street lalk" lu lun
glide. form iu Ihul lhc various igatters
lu he discussed were submitted ill wrl
leu form, duly signed by u ratepayer
of tlie city. This departure very greul
ly facilitated the intelligent lroatme.il
uf lhe wiiiini, itcuil uud il eerlu n'y
muiiifi'sled cuiisiderutilc courage upon
tbe purt uf the subscribing rulepuyer.
The diiuuiiioii of lhc several items
wus nol exhaustive, because uf lack ul
i eaiary infurmation, but it was sulli
cienlly extensive lu prove effective to
a considerable degree wilh respect ■ >
several Hems in the category, lu sum..'
iuslauees the eritii'isini were shuwu lu
he bused upulrinaccuracies ami wben
lhe fuels were adduced lbe eircuui
stuiiii's appeared in an entirely differ
enl light, fu uther instances tbe cri
licisins wee shuwu lu be accurate uud
were frankly admitted tu be su by Ihose
most nearly
could nul  li
uf absence uf information, while otberi
wen- lefl in an indeterminate slale for
luck nf lunVieol information, lieiiee
lhe decision uf the meeting (u adjoi.ru
for uue week iu order Ibal opportunity
in,phi be niliii,I,,| for the production
uf the required data.
The president mude perfectly clear
lhc furl lhal ull parlies were fully
satisfied lhat Ihe financial idmiirslra
liun of civic affairs waa entirely satis
factory and thai the clly booki and
recordi wen' Ihoruughly accurate ami
rinplrasi/cd Ihe fail that lhc allege
lluus made had reference lo mutter"
which did nut iu any way involve ci
I In r of tbe above items.
il would nol be wise lu uinlcrlakc
lo I.ue, ,ist Ibe pnilnii,lc oulcoiii)' which
will be arrived it by Ibe meeling m.vl
Wednesday evening. The result.* al
ready attained arc sufficient tu fully
justify us in reiterating the ilalctr I
mude iu these culuinus ou T-iesduy,
namely, tbat Ibere is nut tbe rcurolt'sl
gruuud fur assuming tbe cosl of hmviug
au ueiuunlunl go through tbe leug'by
process of a luiuute examination of tbe
city 's buuk" and records. If il ii At'
tided tbat as invi'sliguiioii of any n>rt
1* desirable, tbe mailers involved are
of sueh a nature tbat a govcruui.'nl
audit would uot have any bearing upon
them. Wbetber, after furtber iufeiuiu
lion i* rceeiveil iud explanations are
made, tbote will remain sufficient tbat
li net diiposed ot, to call for further
investigation, by way uf commission,
or otbetvint, if a matter romeming
Wbwb divergence of "opinion will doubt
{eu develop and which cau be decided
ouly by P vole of th* roemberi of Ibe
In any cuse, although a curtain
amount uf publicity which is nut allu
gather desirable has necessarily resulted
ut thu sume time a valuable service will
have been rendered loeally by clearing
the utniusphere ami by silencing those
indefinite and irresponslhiu reports
wbicb wero iu circulation and which
invariably lose nothing from being
Hjiii ilong, whose influence is pcrni-
mii:, am, ".huse possibilities fur wurk
iug mischief in Ihe cuiiiiiiuuity arc ol'
a musl dangeruus calibre.
It  is  v'H'   | u .ilde  lhal   the  lueal
public have beeu snmcwliat sluw lu re
cognize  the  pussibilities   which  exist
ul   Hie  head   uf   l.ynn   and   Seymour
creeks in the mailer uf building up uu
extensive ijuurlz mining centre    ll lius
been a matter uf general  knowledge
fur muny yeurs thul ure bodlei were
lu lie i.uiii'l iu Ibuse localities, lml whe
ther because uf the many  ulher ud
■ .inlu;:,-.. .....  interests whieh huve been
nin,i. ting cniislanl attention ur fur
uuiu.' 'iiiui i,ii.i,n uur mineral resuur
■-es huve uut been dwelt upun tn uuv
very great extent iu lhe calcgury ol
North Shure assets.
Thei.- is guud reason lu believe lhal
this urder wili change and that iu lue
nut distent future prominent aiming
lhc heralded resources uf this side uf
llle Inlel will be fuuml references lu
the great pussibililies which allich
Ibcmselvcs'ilu lhe immense urn depot
its whieh undi'iiiuldy exist in III vie
,,ni- of Hie head waters nf tiie iwu
creeks named and pussildy uf lln I'up
ilann as well. II is reliably slated
that > pruiniucut mining company is
uuw investigating ore showings located
nurlh uf lhe l.ynn creek pruperlics,
and whose outlet wuuld prububly ful
luw this latter river.
The idii..in.:,, mines ure uu lhe ulher
side uf Hie divide which runs Ihruugli
Ihe dislricl, it is Hue, uud find their
outlet uhjiig I'erry creek lu Ihe shut,':
uf lluwe Bound. These mines arc uu
dentooil tu be working several liuu
drcil men ul tbe prescnl lime uud lo
be iimning a.must attractive showing
Their pretence und merit proves be
>uiul cavil lhat there is a highly ruin
eralited inne ruuning Ihruugli (he
mountains along the northern herder
uf lhe Nurlh Shore municipalities The
claims uf Ibe i.ynu I'reek Zinc Mines
Limited, at the heed uf Lyuu i'reek
and Ihe pruperiles owned liy the lm
penal i'ur, Shipbuilding and I'rv Duck
I'urpuraliun, al Ihc head of Seymuur
creek, establish beyond ijuesliou the
fuel thul very lurge ure liud les exist
likewise ou this side uf the idvide
Althuugh lhe ure budies ou this side
uf Ihe divide have nul as yel been de
veloped al depth as have those uf the
llnliuuia group, nevertheless, the sur
uueeriicil. Several ileins j rgl,t, fgqrfaat ,„, „„ exlcntivc and the
liieuwell at'all because gubgleaj Indication*'are uf au.h a
nature us lu point emphatically lu the
presence uf vast ore bodies iu thai
section Development wurk, su far as
it has proceeded has been uf a must
eiicuuraging uat ure and has fully borne
oul  Ibe etpi'iiuiions caused by outer
Tbe financial arrangements whieh
bave recently been effected by lie
owners of one of these groups uf
elaimi/are understood lo make pruvis
iun for prugri't/ivi' development of Ihc
properly uu a comprehensive scale such
as will thoroughly demonstrate lbe
fact lhal Ihc claims possess ore I,udics
of lhc bulk ami permanency uecessary
lu make I Inin mines in Ibe strict mil'
uf that term, it is uufortuualc lhal a
guud wiig.in road lo tbese properties is
not al presi'ul provided, inisiiiuc'i as
development work ">uit of necessity
be comparatively restricted until Ihis
means of transportation at auy rale is
afforded. It it to be hoped, however,
that tbe refulti of the devrlupuienl
wurk uow iu progress Wili prove ui.lh
cieutly encouraging to impress upun
tboie iu authority the desirability of
providing tbch means of access lo Ilia
properties from Hurrard lulet, at will
render Ibis promising mining district
readily accessible from and therefore
tributary to Ibe Nortb Shore. The
value of the presence of a large miu
ing iuduilry wilb iti allied Industrie iu
this vicinity would be of iuch pira
mount importance to lhc Nortb Shore
municipalities at to fully justify tbt
extending Of evpiy encouragement sucb
as would lead lu the expeditious lest
iug Of tbe true nature «f the urn
bodies whose surface tbowinpj are nf
inch a promising naturi.
dW. at I ii. n
eiiluj',   at   S   p.m
" '.day, at 8 p. m. R<
• IB""
I'ruyei' Meeting. Wei'.-
I. Gliolr 'Fruotlcu,
IV. Ronald Mnuleoil,
llllli   I'luuu
Ill l.'lmeb-tiuriiur   of  Sllill
eni'iie.  Bunday Service!, liiiw
u. in. und 7.•3n-1>. in.  Sunday.Bcbiml und
f.il)  lilll.     K,'Illol   l.ciiglle.
jl. III.      I'i .'Mi    Ulld    I'i nl::.'
Service,   Wednciilny,   s   p. in     Junior
ffc'^tet.^rp/| ut m
—Corner  Twe|ftl|
11 . Uifti
•I   Aimf   lHjurek
and     iiiiiili'viii'd     Sunduy    Befvlcjsi
Uiiinlna;    Pruyer,
Prayer, ?:S0
Schuul 8:80 p. in.; ...
,. m.   Duly Communion, flnt und llilrd
•■n.il'>.i In niunili. ut ll u.m.i ■■"'■"mi
Blllllluy III inuiilli. 8 u. III.    Hev. Billllllu
Fil, IU    Vicar, i
l :ll 1 I.l l.-ll'.-.  Mri 111 r.   W , , lin u.l. ll
Lonidale Avonuu
Dutiduy suivlcos, 11:00 a.m., 3 p.m and
7:10 |).m.    'I'liriiiliiv, | lum.; Thui inl.n
I p.m.
ll."il.l    t l.i.i.l,    Tv-■ liili    iind    HI.
nui;.' Servient ut II u.m. ulnl i.;;n
p.m. Mm.I,,. Sehuol und 131 Iiiu cluss
ul 8:80 |i. 111. I'i ni ei und I'lulm Bervlee.
Wuilneiduy ul 8 p. in I'ualut', llev. A
J. Pruuer, Twelfth uml Bt. fleurge.
II. JuUn Ik* Hv*»lrcllll,  Klglllll un I
Thii l, .nil, Ilul)' ' '..ionium,,u. 8 II. III.
-'-I" i utui. I'i. nn li a.m.' lui i nil,-.
Prayer, 7:80 n. ro. On lire llrtt Briudav
In Hie mouth there will be u aecond
-, I. ii,.nii'ii of the llui' ,',,,,,ii,in,j,,n
at 11 u.m.   Rector, lluv Hugh Hooper.
II.   loll.llinil'u   I'llboltC   I lio,eh,   Sllll!
and .Million .vvriiur :o imi.,'. i; ;,
Uuu und ti ei inuii 10 u.m. Suiiii.i:
Schou), 8:30 p, nu Jtusury uud liene-
ill.t I.m. i u.n iim. Friday—l.uw Mum,
I ii in I'ualut, lluv. .1 A. lirdiiiil.
0. If. I.
Inilli.i.   I iillii'llr  < Imu I.   of M.   I'a
ill, "iiiil a. in, wun '
Peytuvln, 0 M. I.
Mill I 11    I.UVSlI VI.In
111.      'Minimis      S   un      llllll     'HlOO      UIII.
3:00 iiiiii 7:30 p.m.    1''  B, Perrln, III.
l'clest In chui'ue
i'rtlbl tcrllD I'taureh Biindiivs, II
a.m. und 7:30 p.m. Buiuluy Seiiuui und
Hide llllll, 3:30 |i lu. Touchers' Train
i. Ill      Duys'
I   III     CIloll'Tlli
11.  Vuli  .Mniiui.i.
Ing   Hia**,   Weilneidii).   7:30
Mi ' lln,:.     VV . ilm ..lu.       8    p. II
i'luli, i .iiiii.iim, 7:30
Ike. l'u Inv I p.m.
H A., line tor.
I'iraliy It-rUu  Clunk   ■Worilllp.  Bul.
dayi.   li   u. in   uml   7   |> in.    .Sunduy
Schuul. 8:16 i  1.1    I'ualnr. I'.-.v  A   M.i,
ll.lUoill.l I hm cli Worship iluu
iiu>s 11 ll. 111. llllll 7:00 I' III. Wun,1.11
School. 3:10 |, iu Pallor, llev '.'
rli-liirul'i,   lyuu   \ ullcy
11 i.iii    Sunday Beniiul .   *
30 iiiii. Rveii-
mug 7 oo I' in ti,,Ij Cominunlw'i iccuih
Sunduy In inonih ul 11.00 um    liormai
I   Tbo uin'.un In churn'
I —— a
Nurth Shure Press limited is
prepared1 lu cnlcrluiu propositions
fur u luun lo be ulili/i.t r III'1 cuu
at nn t mn uf a building lur nuvt
papor und pmil mg purpose.., I i be
erected un lul Hi, bluck. Hi I' I,.
271, being tin' nurth wesl corner ul
Firsl streel uml linger.- .iv.ynic, lhls
cily. Full purlicuiuri muv lie oh
laincd by applying lu tile under
CF.l).   II.   MDIillH.V,
lu punuance of uu uitigniueul dated
August Hath, HHH, lu lhe undersigned',
purlies imlelili'd lu lhe W II Stone)
iV I'ompany arc hereby nulifioil lu pay
Hie amounts due ul lhe ulliee of lhe us
■iignec, Wilson .V I'viry, suite (I, 1/eUoil.
lluilding. iill tin ling., slreet wesl.
Vuneuuver, II i , nl lhe earliest pus
eildt moment, who will kstue rei-eiplt
fur sume.
W. ,1. Villous,
Pbune Seymuur lllll. „
tiuotations for larger qiiantlth
Out Wuod, 16 llfcbet, 13.30. Ig Inclioi
1360. C. O. D.
Qflipn and Vartj—Mil) ind Unidal*
Phfln* |90.    P. Q. Bp* . 432.
liiulfiii Went,uu Boil, Nn. SOU
Meetings of tint lodge (im held in
Hie Kuighls of Pylliius Hull, eiirnor of
Clieslerllelii iiienio- iiiiij Fuiirlii street,
un Ihu llrsl nnd lltird Fridnys lu uucli
niunili, ut 3 u'cluck p. in.
I'oiuitiintii'iiliuiis uud iipjilicutluiia I'ur
lunuiliersbip In bu uddresseil lu llm.,1.1
Lees, suerutiiry, P. O. bux USU. HI 7 Id
 :    »
In all I'oiiniiii i. Ask fur our Iiiven-
lm a Advlier. Mui luu & Murluii, 8(1
i i.c > iuli' Street, curlier SI Oiilhci'lne
Streel, Muiilreal, dunudu. uml Willi-
Inglon, n. C, II. B. A.
Vancouver Buiineti Directory
SPROTT-SHAW Buiiotu College
3.^6 Hustings St. W.
Canad*'* Gruiicit Wittern School
B. J. Kjirolt, H.A., - -Umia^t
Yorkshire Guarantee k Securitiei
Corporation, Limited
440 .Seymour Slreei
B. Kerr Hoiiljiuti' - - - Uunugei
All Nurtb Vancouver peuple tai sl
^ ,      LEONARDS'
Kit her Mn.1. illuek ur llustingl St.,
iippusile tbe uew post ulliee.   I •■ ml
sells Iiii lea by the pound.
Iu  tbe  Hatter  of  Tho  Leonard Sale
Company, Aailgued
The creditors having given Imperative
instructions tu collect ull outstanding
account*, parlies indebted to Ibe above
"The l.euuerd Sale tympany," »re re
i|ueilcil to call Ulld settle Iheir indebted
uess forlbwilb. This can be dune by
either 1 ailing at the slorc, tin Lunsdule
Aveuue, Nurlb Vaueouver, to the mau
in charge, or ul lire ulli. e uf Wilson A
Perry, Assignees, ililli Hastings Street
Weit, Vincuuver. ,
W. 3. JflLStlll,
If. Auignee.
1 OVER *« VIA"
Tram Ma
CopynioHf a *c.
tttithtiilirtclur' -
I I'l'UUnli /ru J
II     I.    I   II isi     .vs.    'IIIIH In
lilll  tll'TOHlA
10.00   uiii     Dully
l.tt   nm I'u'li
Ilill   p.m       Iially
1 mi  -iiiui
i'ii'"   um      1'lill.v
II UO   |.lll      Hull)
run tv x mi mi
1" uu   11111   uiul  t:it iuu    .      I'uii;.
1.00 uui      'I hm.nl.re uiiii SulunJuy
KOH      I'lilMI        111 I'l ill'      Atill
li",,  1 in     .'..iiiii.i.1.,1
I'Hliill-:   HU'KHT   AMI   liHAMir
iu no lun         Uiiliiisduys
I  llll   II Ullll    II VI,   111V I  lis   IMII
i" uu u 111  WeJliciili) s
I 'HI       I ITIvH      I'll IM II       III V I II
Li-live   W'ellnilnsler    1:00 u in
Moil.  W'ed   und Krlilay.
Leave  I'hllllwaek    , uu  a in
Tuns,  'fli 11 is   UUi) Sul
Mill   lill.l'   IU   VMI   I'HIM-   '
T:00 u in  Tuesday, ful Vlcioilu  cull
ing ul u.ili.uu   ;.l.i.ui   Island. Ilunv
IC.    I'UII   W.i. Iiiuiii.,11    Unl,si'  ' II."
bor. suiiii...11 poll  ii.nv,1  I'.itiii
Cull.ml und Sidney lilind
Kur   ralei.   icscivjlloiis   uml   ull
Iiiiiiiu     lnl..111,nil,,I,     .,|'l'l.     lo     *
MOK,   I'll)    I'uisciigcr   Agenl    (II
llustlnili  SI.,   or  II.   H'.   U..')lilF..
II I'A .  Viuicouver
'S, I ■'-  I
100 Per Gent.
Pure Paint
WB HUABANTEE tin Martin-Smoiir 100 I'ei' Cent. Pure Paint
(except u few dark sltadcu tbat cannot bo prupuiml Iiiiiii load apd
clnc'l. to ba made funu pure caibuuatt of load, pure 01I1I0 of alnc,
with I'uluring niattor iu prupurtlonato i|iiaiitItloi ncceaiary to make
their roipoctlve shinies and Hutu, with pure Unseed oil and turned-,,
tiim dryer, and tn ba entirely fron from water, beniini, whiting
nud iiilultiiiiiiiuiiii, and sold tubject tn clioinical analytia.
Tho r.l.irlin Buiiniii Oo. Lid
Tliia ia tlie only Paint bo giiarniitcotl became it In tha only
I'lllll: PAINT nil tlia mar: ut.
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
Begirding the talo of tlie l'l lots Which wore the alto of tbe old Seymour
Hill oil Sutherland Avouue.    '"'
For a payment of I21111 cash and till per mouth you bavi a
chance of valuable realdeuce lou, cloie to tbe Qraud Boulevard at a
very low prico.
We bavo alao for sale ten lot* lu Block   "C" of Diatrict Lot 780
on Bt. Oeorge'1 Boad where the Seymour factory 11 locatod at moderata
prkea and 011 eaay terma .of payment.
All 1l1c.se lot* are cleared  .nd riady for occupation.
The Burrard Development Company United.
Assignees of tbe Soymour Lumber Go, Ltd.
17 Lousdale Avenue
Nonli Vaucouvor
Pbout 37
We Study Printing
We make a feature of preparing printing thai is profitable lo
our palroni.
We study lype faces and effect*
lo insure attractive arrangement,
and we believe you will appreciate
our dandling of your work.
Fruu a card lo a huge poi|er
or an illuilialed catalogue we will
give you a figure or our advice.
A Double Ender
50x 175 ft. on two graded roads, 17th St. and Yorkshire
Crescent, close to Fell Aye. carline, and all cleared and
nearly level. A snap at $2,000, QM-ilurdcaiUaUand 12 monthi
OJU* Pbone 171.
Boildeuco Pboa* IM
9. 0, Vet IUI.
tofltA 3">UF fl. N. A. Savings Bnnk flot|k »» ft Wl of inetM j[J)«t.Jjssrfj-
jitolWIjr yotir progress towards prosperity.   There   ure   hundreds   pf   these
BANK OF BBWSB WOWH AMflflWA auccess-|fi,tert in tbo lipinoi ground
ypn. ft tpm pne in ypur homnt  If uqt, wo will gladly prnv|u> ouo.
1836     THE BANK OF     1912
British North America
7(1 Yeari In Business.   Capital and Surplus Ovor *7,ri0ll,ililO.
Tw Offices {n North Vancouver, Corner of Lonidale Ave
and Eiplanade. Upper I.onsdale Avenue, near 14th Streel
Electric Irons
10 Dayi' Frea Trial
Solvot tho Bummer Ironing Problem
For lllll! wu are tillering a "lliilpuint" of the Dili size, tuilubln fur
uuu,'ml I,,,ii'ulmi.I use, fur (I/ill.   This iruu in similar '" ull " llolpoinla"
cn ef I that lhe upper surface is uupulishcd,
Second Street Eas), North Vancouver, B. C.
Poiieuci the finest roof garden on/the Pacific Coasl.
Band concert every Friday evening from 6 lo 10.
Hot and cold water in every room)
European Plan only $1.00 a day up.
Weekly Hales $3.00 up.
Meal Tickets $5.00.
I.. REDA, Proprietor
The West   Vnnenuver  Ilislriet   lluini'
oil held their weekly imviiiir. in fin
niilliieipul hull, llnlli luiui, np Tiic; dui
iii te, ii.iiin; ii'ui'i c Mn i in the .linii', anil
the  n.il,,' inu   •".-iiili.'i..  n(  llie  council
were In nttemluucei Councillers Muih
ers, liiiil.liiii'ui'i', Iluy nud Merrick.
Bylaw M DJvido Piitrict into
Four Ward* Be»4. '
I liylitw (o divide Wesl Vancouver
Mnuiclpulity into fpur vwribi, each
nuiii tu bu represented by a in.inhT
uf the council, wos read a lirst time,
us wus u bylaw fur the ekehungu uf
part of what is npw knuwn us Keilh
ruud fur prupcrly uwned liy .1. flat
I'uur lier.
Dlatrhit  Engineer's  Salary
Cuuncillur Merrick proposed lliut the
stilury nf tlte district engineer bu in
creased frum 8150 tu 1116 a muiitii.
I'lihiicl, ip take effect frum October I
Naw Oonatabla fnr Whitocllir.
The services uf II. |). .loues as cun
stable ut   " lm . im   were  dispensed
uiiii ulld W. II. I), iM.iiulie appuinted tp
the vacancy.
Chief Police Officer Appoiuted fnr
Julin I.cure wus Uppuiuted chief
puliee ollicer at a salary uf ♦iu a
iiimilli. Mr. I.cure will alsu act as
lieullli ullleer ami puuml keeper.
Monthly Payroll Paued
Tlie September municipul puyrull,
iimniiuliiig In $1,lull.117 wus sanctioned,
,m were the following accounts: llu
pinccriiig, (Ildi general account, IllliO.lil);
Kii, lowuud drive, 11.!,:', cunlraetur ou
mui municipul hull. ♦500, uml i-ni:.' to
Mier a   Ariuilagc fur ruail wurk.
Applicatiuus for Potltion of
Applications fur lhe position uf As
si'stor were read and referred Ip llu
ance committee wllh power lu act
Balo of inb.iiiji) Municipal
The city clerk wui Initrucled lu ad
icrUsc   fur   lenders for Ibe   ♦li.'i.iiuil
municipal debenturei, returns lu be iu
bv Ocluber Will
Nm uf tn, K bwn, tm wl!! nnd f!!T
have to pay tboir wpy.   We did not
Ji". Bluttft-Whyto pfpniisea a |ilg|i-
class opUrUiniuen. M|jf|M|Bhi|}i|jr
MjlJliiliiLiiLJiiiJiiiil mrt HUlrlfirri "V'Trl'in" '"Hir" ru hi n' ' uli.. ' ri rrn'fl I"
whether they du ur nut. 'IWp are ppf
ppkjng for »uy iifp In, f. w* m uur
property pu account pt fhn railway
pussing throu((li it. T||, pepplt pf
Wait V»nci!HW miif" l.ll f!w
have i must viiliiulile usm't ip one uf
the pi'i'lliesl   residential  districts aiul
In put wapt th,«|r line y|« |v cu| put
by tbo railway.1'
TIlC   Hillli'   wp  iill|.|;e,".|eil,  mill   ll.'i'lc
Nelson, is ipiile feasible bul nuw the
uiivcniiiieiii inni.,' No- ,',',|ue...i that v«
prpvo llie rnntn yre prepuso less ox-
I'-'ic in- thati Hie one chosen hi' thl)
Ilailway company. Tlijb. I cpiisiilor,
suld lleeve Nelson, utlerly utijitsl. We
have been willing tu meet the railruud
half way, Hut thu government, Is trying
lo fprcp our huml tup much.' I dp nul
iuppuso_ the guvoriiment wuubl tuke
this action were it uut ttit^t they huve
guaranteed the railway'* bunds, bul I
do not see lliul because this It the
ease thai the guvernment shuuld cn
'ileuior lu furce us tp give uur pruperty
to the I', tl, I-:, fur practically nulliing.
i'uuu. ill,.i Umi imi;.,.| ami thu uluer
councillors 'spukc ulung lue tuttii' linen,
expressing the upiuiuii that the guvern
merit was exec cling ils puwer in trying
to force lbc property owners lu stale
at what ligure they would sell to the
railway cumpauy.
" lilorlji-VM
ncouver w||l buve lliepli'ii
sufe uf listening to V. Stuart-Whyte's
seuts at the )£. p. .fell afmAoii R.,.
Th\l (•'ffff,"')' if tUttting pn * tpnr
pf \ywtprp (luutidu iiiiii is shuwipg ul
Victoria ali this week.
llie I'lilerluininciil, if .mli uu neeiiunl
flf Ihu milling, sliuiihl nppeul to't||. atro
goers, This setting is a correct view
of a scone pu the Fraser rivor especially painted for this production, iffya
cumpauy cumes with a big reptitiiliun.
Beats' buokeil at Booth's. tobacco store.
St. Agnes' Church
A musl successful harvest concert
uiul sucial was held uu Wednesday
evening in bt. Agues' church hall, the
audience, which was a very apprecia
tive one, entirely tilling the building,
The llev. Dr. Fea, vicar, acled as chuir
man iu a musl satisfactory manner and
was never al a luss with a ink,.1 when
occasion offeree). In his opening re
murks, Dr. Fea cuiigrululaled the la
dies of lue Woman's Auxiliury mi thc
splendid way in which preparation, fur
the. enterltinmept. had been carried
uul, ulsu fur the great assistance lhal
had been accorded in preparing fur
the harvest services uf Bunday last
lhat had been su successful. Almul
hall wui thruugh lhc prugrutlt refresh
luciili. were served and a shuri line
giveu lu alluw Ihose present lu get
acquainted with each uther- The pro
gram was as fulluws, many uf I In' jut
Iiuiiii i - receiving well earned enciires,
and a special vote ul lliaukn was pass
cd wilh inu. It applause lu Mrs. Atliiti
sun, lhc accompanist fur ihc eveuing.
The annual cunveittiun uf Britiih
Columbian trustees luuk place very
pleasantly and pruDlalilj ul Kamloops
lasl week where tl ity and dislriels
uf Nurlli Vuncouver were reprei. uied
by Mr. M 8. McDowell and lit. A. 0,
I'erry, members of Ihe cily schuul buard,
Mr. T. S. Nye, Mr. J. V. McNaught
uud Mrs. i'nuiiii,ell, ineiuber.i uf lhc d
trict huurd, uud Ihi' lady member ul
llie Wcsl Vuneuuvcr buard. Iluring tin-
convention Mr. McDowell nud .ilr.
I'erry were eleelci| lu lbe executive
Mr. A   II. Bleary uf Ihis city war
present us a member uf the pxecutu
and wan elected un honorary III'' men
During lhe period uf jiW'cniiveiiliu.'i
a visil was paid lu the Truui|iiille Ban'
lur ium uml lu various ulher iiislltulium
ami places of inlerest
The Panama Theatre
Fur Ibe Wliule Family
Blurting Matinee iMumluy, Bcpt. Hllli
I'rcseu I ing
:.' .-'111111 ■ Nightly   iiiin  uml   llllo
Iuc," ifie, 33c
Matinee  Daily ul  -I   lie  und  ttc
Traffic He, .'iin. for tbe Mouth uf Hep
tombcr, i"l :
Mingle ur n I urn tickets
' I,um,uu,'   address.-  llev. Dr. Kcai (.'ommulntioii:
Business Heiiili'iiicn'i, Pupulir Luucb Place
Broakfait 8.00 to 10,111. Lunch 18.00 tu IOU
High Tea (.00 till till.   Afteruuou Teat.
Hhuii Oidciii specially attended to.
THB  P.  0.  E.  KliiIlT
■uug,   Mr.     Wriglil;    recilallou,   Mrs. I) fur 'lue 	
Myers; sung, Mr. t.'raddock; sung. Mrs. <l" fur il
liiinil, sung, Nr. i'carsou; Ino, Wm gu for l'l
iiilrcd uiul Kathleen l.luyd and Joseph Freight receipts                         266k9
uie I'i,. ull, sung, Mi   Myers; refresh Monl hit j.: ■ —                                 Tu iiu
nii'iili:. spng, Mr.  I'eursuii, recitation.   Vehicle lickcls   I Iiiu in
Josephine  I'iggull;  sung,  Mr   Myers; Hash  lares uiul cumniis-iuus        |il.7u
lleeve Nelruii, speaking al Ihe lllcel    >ung,   Mrs.   Hewitt;   duel,   Winnlfred Kellli,, advertising, etc               Isniii
nig   of  Ihe   West   Viu u;   diitrict   l.luyd and  Josephine  I'iggull,  revile
council uu Tuesday .aid "The peuple  liuu. Duris Hluckwell; sung. Mr. l.'rnd Total                         IVlliiiiD.
ol   West   Vancouver   du   nul   core a  duck; roilaLiuu, Mrs, Myers.      After
button whelher the I'. (1.  K   railway  a lew remark* by Ihe chairman, lhc September.  11)10, (8818.2.1.
luiild  iliiuu^li  Wesl   Vancouver or go: National   Anlhein   wus   sung  and   an Beptember, lllll, (II0I7.I|5
an entirely differciil route.   The rail-   evening uf much enjoyment hruughl lo Increase mer same period lasl year ii
way, ' .mi iiuiiii  Ibe reeve, bave Cornell ''use. per eenl
lhe following articles will be suld by
public auction ul llic l'alacc lipid,,
Norlh Vulieuuvei, on iSulurdiiy, lhe
oth day ul llelober. lull, ill Ihree
u'cluck in llic aflernuuii', I'.v Theodore
Howard, Aurlumivr. namely;
Twu Iruiik. euiitiiiiiug persunul ef
feets. One valise containing personal
ciTocfir, lhe pruperty uf une Mrs. Mury
Dieksuii, wife ul Willium J. Dickson,
at one Inne a guest in lhc said I'alaee
Hotel, lo salt.ft the ' Iiuiu uf Ine iiii
ijeriigiied uguinsl thu -nul Mnrj mi I.
suit amounting lu t-'i'iM for board
and ludgiug
Itated ul Nurlh Vuneuuver lln- -''tit
lis; .'.il  ilu.v pf September, A ll, IIH.'
Ullil) nil
I    lilJlA.
I'lopiieliir ill  lhe I 'iii.ii,- ll..iu
Till.Ui'l III li IIDWAlii ,
An. In	
Jliinpiilou. li iiuiiii.., nn cur line, ID
in i ii uu-. ilull, iuuu lerry, facing Inlet
uii'l Muiili-y I'uil. Ileasuiiulde rent lu
inn lnl, id,uuii. Apply I', i). llux 1818,
Norlli Vaucuuver. II
TO    HKNT     Huoins.
Lunsdule. I'bone 81.
Kignlii    ami,
FOII HKNT il roomed house. Apply
•Hi Keilu rued wesl. •        III'
. , •    ''"■.—
HODMr* FDK HKNT Housekeeping
and single, llll Und itreet east      If
FOK BKNT Two 2 ruum collage.,
wilb waler IH and 88. A. Hiniiii k Co.
FOK HKNT 6 ruumed ilul mar
ferry, *:■' per moulh, Apply Wurhurn
ils I'iauu Huuse. If,
TO HKNT-Cheap. New !l ropnicd
bouse near ferry. Apply llol -kill,
Kapresi Office. 8 10
Btuve ut furnace wouij.
J- ii.. li iu 1 fl
1. Apply r. A. Lindsay,
Phuue lull.
ll,         I.L 'IUI    1          l.llul.l                        i|j
guod   running
urder.    Apply   I'll   II
slieel   Wesl.
(I 10
Foil BAl.R Borne furniture, elii'up.
fmall hyulcr, elc. mil used, I". I.'U
ilrd  alreel   west. I IS
FOlt SAI.K I large air ligbl stove
ami I one nun suw. guud order- illl
lllh street cast. 1 In
FOH fAI.K Apple*, llravcnsleiu,
ulsu apples fut winter stuck. Keene,
lilh slreei and St. Ueurge. I II
FOH HKNT Four ruumed uuuse,
new, I'i'iul tired wesl uf .Mulnm Apply
881 iUlhd slreei weit. 11"
, 1 a	
i'DIl HKNT A bou.e on Mill slreei
■ud Boulevard j also shock, sullublc fur
eeuole. Apply P. Booth, plumber.   If.
FOB BKNT   Iroomed mudern b«u
.-■es, C minute. Iitgn furry. Heul *)u
per mouth-    Peeri A lloull. I'hune lit.
FOH HALK Three punics, weight
aboul Kilo " cu.'h, well l,i,,|.,n lo .addle and bariieat. 1. /■' McNdlaii   I 11
TO BKNT Oroome'l modern house,
cor. lllh ilrccl and I'lieslerlleld, fM
pal month. Apply Mn. C liurlley, uoxl
doer awl. *M
FOH  KKNT   l-ipmei, *)> eiotletn
biiiise, III, Noveinbcr, hiiiiui'iiiil'l artl
lies »i"l tome furniture for sale. Ap
ply n:ifi fith slrect east I.f.
VOU BKNT --Five and ii* ruumed
houses, all convenience*, 8ul* itreat
and Jouei, 81W and 880 per niunln. Ap
ply F*rl*nd, 81b atreet and Hendry
Ave, ti, VwconvM. r 441
,      . .' -.
 .   ■        *L, -   '
FOH KAI,1< Firal classVordwu ul,
♦l.fit) per curd. Bpcclil prices in large
ijuaiililic. i'hune ill ■   ' IOIO
FOK HALK First gruwlh Ilr Wood,
|lio rord. r.o.d. Kiravaling and heavy
hauling apply John ''amplicll, 887 (ilh
slreei  wcsl, i'lione ilill. .11 M
FOH BALK  •Tlioro|»-flibre.J B. C W,
Leghorn l.'pckcrc|t,- fi enl). Apply T.
(.',   Hue,  tfueeu'i ilrccl   west,  ThirJ
lluilding ii"", norlh curner Lonsdale,
FOH BALK—IlitH): eaty Imu, four
i,„,mi,i modern house, close to car)
♦ ii.": il rooms, goud luratiou; Iluu'): 1
acre, 8188. Apply H. L. Thompson,
1'enlre and Lynn Valley Heidi.    11 M
FOH BALK Bargain fr.cn* ''mu
erf i'ii. 't'lie, *) Wms. Also 10 curlers tot % plates, gtni lense achrp
malic, wilh purlrail attachments. Can
•bow piijtu/, 1)0 un'y- f- O. Box I,
Lynn lii
Poll BALK Bouie rockers, centre
lalile, eilemiou table, lied ruum suite,
.owing machine, Murris chair, range,
high chair, baby chair and imi li. a fen
doien I ami 2 ituuil fruii jar. and
scleral olher article* Apply 8il!i filh
slreei easl. i.f.
FOH HAI.K Al once al 187 Olli
street easl, piano, Binger lewing nu
clinic, dining table, chain, tidebuanl,
iouch, liil.hen range, beds, dishes, rugs,
fruil, washing inacliiue uml wringer,
tubs, geese and chickens, furniture
nearly new, ill)
WAN'TKI)   1'oillion u gitettl help.
Apply 1'. 0. Uoi 88)1. t in
WANTKD   flirl  for general bouse
wurk. 1(1 Keilb Boad Weil. I I"
WANTED -Work in office ur tlore.
Apply AII8, Kxpreu Office 110
WANTKD by young mun, room ami
lo,nl.i.i t   iii   private  fain11}      Apply
A Il.l,
i lu
WANTKD   ."mull
1 Illln
i mull
1 Hi
WANTKD Millinery and drciiinok
Ing ul liunie, ur oul, by Ihe day ♦-' Al
Icratium, llio i'liiiu sewing. Hus All I.
Kiprets. I lu
LOST Bel uf plans by llie ilus
Icrllehl school. I'lcasr return lu Kl
prcts Office. li 10
Firsl das. dre.Niiar.lng liul Tillur
iug, 410 Keilb road writ. Fil guir
lulled. 19 10
WANTrfl)   Houie  boyi lo  deliver
ibe Kipress. Apply at thii ollice.
WANTKD-Boy. Hurrard Cigar tk).,
tat. Lonidilo iud Kipiaimlc, upitain.
WANTKD Toillipu is fiaokleeper
whole ur pmi lime,, Norlb Vum um er
references.   Uox ami:, 81.0
WANTKD A reliable mau lo lend
Mini"' at tbe I'liiniiini Apartment*
Apply 1. Dier.sen, 797 Bl, Andrew's.
WANTKD Tenant for l.'ulouill.
'i'iiiii, "i ■ to iiitcii'l furnace, tot
which fair amount wili be made. Apply
;. Dicnsen, I'll 81. Andrew's. Pbone
BUI- ■     M"
WANTKD-Pieca <u* properly lo
rent, lire iboul .10*1)0, located on Itth
street between 01. Ueorgi'i and Loni
dll* Avenue, lu creel *, faelury pn. Ap
fly Vox lilt, Foil Office, North Van
couver, or fcxpriw (Mm.
'Tiimucy Swer,' orders Uhcu al
North Vtnceuier Transfer I'u's, office
18 Lomdale. I'lione 07. Ill
Fer Hue watch aud Jewelry work go
lu Hep. Bumertiiii, Ibe new jewelry ilure
pn i'ml itreet.
Luimlilo Realty Co.,. 535 I/ouidale -
Agreement! ditcouuled at current rate*
Money waiting. Llslingt solicited, t.f
Bookkeeper wanti work In spare
lime, would keep set ol bpoki, look
afler a, i iiiiiiiu. general office work,elc.
Apply K., I'. 0. Box 8)20, Norlh Van
HNAI'--On Wdcrn aveuue, 30x151
feel, half block from lonsdile nr, fur
IU00 on term.. For particulars apply
150 Mih street  west. 151.0
Aulhoriud agent /or Singer Sew
ing M*rtim .Company In North Van
ruu ver. 3. 3. Mc Alecee, Dry Ouodj and
Oenli' Ftrnitbing., corner Firil and
r99mw*m9f9   W, 9,999*
tihutt tunc luuus un iu>aut or im
pruied pruperty. Blnr Loan I oinpiiiiv,
CIS Hastings, Vancuwr l I
Local Corps of Field
Tbe use uf a lui|v 't sad,lie pony dur
mg  Ibe  muter iiionllis f,,i  iis keep '. °rder«   by  Captain  1.  tildes  Ward,
Apply l'l? .'dii -Inel east I III     Commanding Scptouibcr 30. 1018
When needing eual or building sup
plies, coll up phuue tit, North Bliure
I'ual 1, Bupply 1,'u, Kiikhams wharf
I. B. Katun, manager Nute name ami
phoue i, .n,lur tf
I) C. Livery am' Board liable*—
Liglil rigs ami ladles' llddle horses
for hire Blabling fur horse*. (Jan-
eral delivery and heavy teaming. II.
Diunat, lib itreet woit. I'hune 317 If
Land Clearing and Grading Join
I'elo Andruss, Ocneril Cogtractor. Be
wer cuunerlloni a ipecially, baiemepl
and other excavating work undertaken
Kslimales free. 18') llllh alreel weal,
Norlh Vancouver, poll office box UOI
Orders /or cabinr! and picture framte
making promptly executed. Furniture
and office fillings lu auy design. Job
bing work and repairs of all kinds
specially attended lo. Kitimalci Itee.
1. K. lln; ncs, 1830 Lunsdule Avenue,
Norlb Vancouver, I'bone LM7.
MONK1' TO U)AN Money loaned
on dinmuiids, jewelry, fun. Btar Loan
i'u, 818 Hailing^ Vancouver.      If.
AN OI'I'OKTCNITy Fur a working
man, Ave ruum iiungaluw, bathroom,
pn ni ry, large Dourcd attic and base
ment, for sale; waler, electric wiring,
splendid pusitiuu, Im'f block Froniinc
roll, Lynp Valley, bargain, l'l,W9. Nu
cominissiuii. 8300 rash, balance 885
month: less cash witli bigger monthly
payiiienls. Will exchange Vaniouver
pltpeily. Apply owner, B V. Biik
elli, NpjUi Arm s. 8. tip. Phone Hay.
llil. IW
No /ili. Trauifors
Kxlrii'l from nulil in urder Nn. 177,
dated ul Olliillli Heplellllier .'Isl, 1818,
is licicl,.i promulgated, Huyal I'm,ii,liun
Kngiueers Mujur A. |: I'urey, H. Iv
(I'M.), is transferred from M. II. No.'
ID, Winnipeg, Man., us commanding
huyal Canadian Kngineer, and (). I',
•ird Forlrcii Cuinpany, II. Iv, M. II, No.
II, Victoria, ll. I.'., willi elli'il frniir
Isl Beplember, IIH;'.
Major W. Il, Lindsay, It. ti, F., I,
Iraniferrcd /rum M. IV Nu. II, Vi.lnr
in, II. I'., as commanding lluini Danadi
an Kngineer, M. D. Nu. In. Winnipeg,
Man., with cfleel fnnn I.t Beplember,
Nn. 67. DutJci
' To be acting adjutant frum and nf
ter Beplember IIOlli, 11)18, Lieutenant
N. II. Hoberlsun.
To be orderly officer week ending
October i.'Hi. Mli', Lieulenunl -I H.
t'osgrove. ,
Next fur duly: Lieut. I'. Ward
To be orderly sergeant week ending
Odulier lilh, li)t, Bergeaul H- 0-
Noxt for dijly: Bcrgcaid Henry Holland.
No. ta. rirade*
The eoinpaiiy will parade nl the
drill ball, Nmih Vancouver, on Tuvs
day evening, Mli October, 1818, ami
on every Tuesday evening lliercafler
at 8 p.ta., until Suithot ordered. Drew:
Drill urder wllh rllei am) sideurms.
ftjlcor   eunimaii'liiig   01b Fii^l   Com
ngny C|n*diau- "Knglnecrs.
'I Money to Loan
mil IIIUIMWIIlin        * i ■ i    .n'i
On Improved Property at
Eight Per Cent,
■  , -No good aecurity turned down
Phone 24. P.O. Box 1820
Three new blocki of lots have just been put on the
market. They are situated one block from the Marine
Drive and three blocks from the sea, and measure 65x
122 feel lo a lane. The finest views of the Gulf of
Georgia ran be had from these lols. Crowds of people
have visited and bought al DUNDARAVE this
summer, and the universal verdict is that it cannot be
beale/i as a residential district.
PRICES From $650 to $900
TERMS—A fifth cash and the balance over 2
years. Call us up ami make an appointment to go out
in our automobile and see the property. .
121 Lonsdale Avenue and corner Marine Drive and
Marr Road, West Vancouver
District of North Vancouver
A   H)-I.u»   In  . iu.i.i.   ibi-   i ui |..i, uii,,,,
lit     Hn      lllnlllil     .,,      \i,,||,      \.,„, 1,11.11
li,  rulM-  Ii)   "!,.,   or Iuuu   in.   UUIU  Ilf
H.'iii.iioo („r  Sir.i-l  l'urn.i«i>.
Hill.li' An It U iloclllcil expedient
ti) ili, •'. .null of Hit r„i notation of
tin- I H«li I, l of Noi III VulleouVe-l In
llliKl' ll) W.I) of lollll III, Mini of iiititiliu
l„ lie cxpi liili-,I III Hi,- ..nmli in 11,ill ol
nu..m Iii ili,   i.iiii  I ilul riil,
ANIl  UHKMU.I Uio   , ..i.i   of llu
,1, 111 1.1,iei) Illln 11. l.i.'. In ||llel|,li-il 111,
li.llll- 18 till' Mill HUIII of I50.0UU Ullil
III.' "Iij" | f„| U|||. || Hi, uniil .1. 1,1 |g
il,. lie. I    IU    till-    llllillll III tlilll    111    Klll-ltH
un ,iC,l, ..,.1.1
ANii WHKHKAS ll will I,, I,,,, f'ury
lo   i,ilne   llllllUllll)    ll)   h|elllll   mli'   llui
lulul mho of i..-...  fm   llfly   iiuiu for.
lln-   i.-i .liun nl   of  ilm   nulil   luun   ulnl
liili'i. nt   .il   I,  yer eelll   ut  licrelllllflcl
provid. d,
ANH WHHHKAB llio value of llie
v. Ii.'l..' i.iii .iiili Iiiiiii ur Impruvemenl.
in i.ui | i..|eii> In Hit- milu l uuin i
ii, i oiilil.n lo llu 1.... I rt'Vini'il Assess
I,,, oi   I,..|| iniiouliln to IS ns.l.iii)
ANIl WHEHKA8 III.- uuilli'riult' of
Hi.   I it b. Ill in i   Inlil  of tin-  M unl.liml
It)     l.-Xiilil     fol     UoillH    of    l.ncul    lllll'l.iVi lllllll   inul   Bvbiiul   purputet)   in
. I.i.ln.y   iiii-   loun   liiii'liy   uoltinrlicil.
uin,,,nun io  KM OOO
THUHKFiiHK Uu   ll,, \e uml i'oun
,11   of   Hll-   l'.il|u,,,| Ilul,   „f   (In.   tli.ill, I
of   Nulil,   Vumouver   In   I'otiin II   <m-
I- liilil. il  utllli lln  .inn.lil  of tin-  lul'-1
.,, of in,   lu ■.,.,  .ml.   oblulneil) (lo
In I. I...    i u.n I   .in   followt.
I li -lu.ll to i„i,f„l foi ill, Council
lm ilie i.iiijionen iifiiii-nulil io burrow
,.i i.iim 1.) Hrj of luun frum liii) pir-
u.ili .,. i, inoiin luul) or liiollvn cul'pu
ruli    wl ,,  iiiov   l„   ulliii,p  lu lilvelici
III. r mu iiimli ll„ until of llll- Ill-lull
Minn nl llil. ''iiii-iiinlioli lu-l.-lliufli-l
I'lovln. i) f,,i   .i Mini or niium of inolii-.
I,,,I   1X1. < 'ill*    II.   ll,.     II liol,     II.,    Mllll   lit
ISO OUO    . i'l   l<    ... in.    Iiii    ii ■   lo   In
I I.l, ><l     II,     Hu      11,11,1.     of     11,111,111.111     III
II li,   , I   ll.i   I'm ,.,.,:,.■I,   f.n    lln
im f..i~n«|i|:
1 In I , i.iii, l.oi,,in of lln I'orpuru-
il,,i, iu ii,, ..,,,.,i,i,i ,,r |6C oijO In il,e
uio,I, ion) l„ Inniinl l.i lln- rii-i-vii Mil
I'll ill    i.l   Hi.    '.ill oliilloll   III   I. im-   Ul
in. Mmn. li.l A.I Iii uiiiun uu muy be
il, nli,,I   liul i.,, nli.nl,   lo In i,1'in   nliull
I e   f    nt'.il.i   Ullll   lllllll  'llll'  ThoU-
n.ilni I'.iiiuiii Ku.li of nuiil 11. In-Ill un-
tl.,1,.I., nl,.,ti I., nlnli.it In Um It, .v.
uml i'luli uml nli.iil In uruliil Willi Hu.'
.",.,1  ..I  Hi.   i'i,11„.i,nl,,|i
I Tin n.iiil lielii iiiui. lloml. nliull
l„iil ilil. ii nl ul u rule nol i nni itili,:
llv* iui nnt nil nnnum iiu>uhlc liulf
)'i'.iify on llu, Ia ilu) of Mu) .iiul 'lie
lul ilu) of Nov. iulu i In e,i. li .unl
i-viij .mil during tin- luii'-iuy of .uli)
li, I,. iituiiN oi uny of linm Tin ii-
ubull In- ullii.lml lo Un li, I-, ui,.,, ,
ll,.intn  n.ii|.oim .liiiml   li)   Hn   Iteevi;
llllll  l'l. I I.   ful   < in ll   .liul   ii'i I .    lu , llielll
ot lol, i.nllltul nliull I,, .on,,- iluo  uiiii
Hlil-ll ullllllllUlfl lllll) III' itlllel Wlllllll
li'll..Kl-ll'l'i 'I    HI    Vl.lllll'l'll
t 'Ho n.iol Ilul,. niui, Hulull nliull
ul  lo prlnclpul i'li'l  Iniiiint   In-  on/
1,1,1, at III, I,I,Ull, I M .jr.;. JI... i mn,,
Nmlli Vum mini H i'. or ul Hie lulu
lllllll   "II"    uf  Uio   llm,I.   of  II   i, ,P..,
In llio i'ii) of Toronto, in ttit. provlnci
of Uiiiini„ „i „i Hu- |,ii,„l|,i,i milu'
ur lln- uuiu  li„n|, nn.11,1. ru,   „f m„„.
Ill-Ill   ill   lln-   I'l,uiin,,   „f  Quebec
Tin nui,I inliiiloul nuiii uliuli li,
iniiili- |i.i.i.il,li- l,y tin; I'oiiioiiitloii nut
l.ilt-1 tliiiii lifly iiuiu fi mn tin- lm ,lu)
uf Novclilhur.   1SI2
6 Tbere nliull lie rulsed uml levied
iinnuiill) li> speclul rule nn ull rule-
uiiii- l.iinl i,i Improvement! or nul
liiiiiiiiil) in llie lilsiilcl the iiino of
lilt tni lln- purpoie of fol llllllll u ullll.-
III   fllll.l   for  llie  WDliielil   of ii.i I.l   III-
Iiulil ui is when Huy lieiuiiie iluu, uml
llie uuin of UiOO f.n lln: i 1...1.1 of
llie Intereil ul llu- rule ufureuulil lu
liei.line ilm- on such Iii-li. niurcs iluilnu
llie current) Ihereuf, mnl Ihul In ml
illlioli 10 nil other luleu to he levied
uml mil.ul,.I lu th,.. nuhl lilsiilcl .lui
III)!    lhe    whole    1 inline)'    of    the    suhl
In I,, nlu 11-n 01  uuy of tin-in
.Thll H.i-I..iu muy he ilteit fm ull
I'liiioni.n un "The Slreelt Luun H> l.uw
IlilJ. No   I"
Thin II) l.uw nh.ill eulnc Illln effeil
mi  lhe   lm  ,luy  of November.   I'm
i.i ..nl hy lhe ''iniln II oil tin- liili
'l.i.i   of  ticplt'lnliei    ISII
llm-!mi  Un  iinni-nl  of llle  Klcclorr
ul   1111  .1. .1 l.n,  Inlil  011   Uniiu)   of IJl!
li., i,i..-.l.i. nil mul Ilnully uiliiiit.nl In
tin- Council iiiiii nlniii-il hy tin- linv'i-
ilinl   I'llll.   .111,1  .Mill,,I   wllh   llle  I'm 1,1,1
Ul,     S'lll    Oil    III,'
.In,   ,,l 111 j
'   Clerk
t-ll.l-U TUHS   Uf   'I'lIK   HIM llll  I    DP
MIHTll l IM nl VI II
TAKK N'lTK'K Ihul .the uliovi- lu u
Inn' ti||i)  of llie plu|ioued tf)-Luw  up-
ul,   .iiul    lln;  vol,, of  the   M ni, i In
will In- luken wlllllll llie following
|,,iiinii; Millions vli: In the Mui'il.l
lull ilull. Liiiii Viilliy lluini. In the
''Iiuiiii Ilull ul i-oruei uf l.oiiniJule
Avilllle uml oucen'i llouil. und ul Cap-
iluu,, llouil File Hull, ull III the Ills
11I.1 of Noilh Vincuuver, on tSuiuiil.!)
the 6th iluy of October, l-l. between
lhe hours of 11 o'clock uui Ullil 1
ii'i lock  , in
''   ..]   1:  uml im ,mii,,   oui, 11
I'l'Bl.1(1 NnTli'l-,' It hereby given
Ihul lbe vole of lln- Kleclori of llu
Hull lei of Ninth Vuluouvei will he
liken on Un- "Street! Loun 11)-Luw.
ls-12 No 2." on riuluiiluy. lbe Ilh ilu)
nf October, Iill. between lbe huuiuofl
o'clock iiiii uiul 7 o'clock on wllhln
ttie lull,,nli.. 1 oiling t.locei. vlt ; In
Ihe '■! n.i. ic 1 Ilull, Lynn Vulley llouil.
In the ''iinni, Hull ul Ihc corner ul
Lonsdile Avenue uml Qucen'i llouil.
mul ul ' .1 i'l Jn... llouil Flic Ilull In the
I'i.iii,, ,,f Noi lit \*.nu um. 1 un ) ihul
.luliii I) Funnier Ilul been ujinolhteil
lie I urn Inn Ofllcer to lube Ihe void of
Mich Klecioru willi the uiuul poweri
In ihul I,, hull
Ii.i 'mlu -if lhe I'ouncll
1 Kin un);
WM   II   MAV.
Capital  tali   tip          13,000,000
Eeecrvc and Undivided Profit*    13,(00,000
Totel AstcUi         ovir »lrj,0W,000
FHANCK It Kurope'i bunker. For *
country lo acquire Ihil puiltlon,
, ,. hcr people muit Iw rem»rk*bie
llnlfly. The people uf Prance are »•
I'i'i'iloiiiilli ti) Ibey t,i>ulii lo niivc In
llielr youtb. No mailer bow mill) Ibeir
Income, „ portion It regularly let apart
for fulure necl In old age Ilny enjoy
the fruMi of their (thrift. Tbey are a
happy null..ii
Tlie opening of a tavingi account ll
the bctl wuy to ... >i..l.. Ihul hibll of
uuvlnu will,mn which nu ability lo
cum cuu  Intuio you ugalnil potilble
Iiii'l"! (Ill  I
ilinl u n.if.'iy Depotlt Boi foi 'the aefe-
keeplOK of your il/icuinenli und other
« I), O. HKAVKI, 4(i»,
tttth Vewoattr
Mining Resources of the North Shore
. —....
(thpMMuK"WW> Wl II'  ''
The uplift of lliin huge niasi uf
griiniii' pot only iiltoriul (be overlying
rocks, but cruibeil mnl elintteroii tlieni,
especially iilnnp tbe linra uf I'oultiet of
illnsiiniiur loi'l.:. affonliug uvenue* for
tbe I'ii'i'iiliiiiiiii ut' wuliii.ii uliii'li iii'i'inii
puny or fullnw Ihi'tu geological ilit-
turbunees. Bubiequeiit to Hie tlirillt-
in. up of tbe priiniii' a tecum) .liulurli
mice took iiiiu'i' wbicb reeultel iu u
faulting of the rocks, iu a generally
em.luil,. ami westerly ilirection, probably c'liii.cl by (lie ciiiilinp ami uliriul,
ing of tlio luiiliiiliib, ami it it aubto
i|uont or euiiii'iiipiiiiiui'iiiii. to thit tec-
uml ilinliirliiiii.'c thut Ilni iiiinmlia-
tlun took place, lieeause it ie fuuml tiiat
not only ilout Iho mineral occur ulong
tarpily In Ibe iMrting afHtinof tb*
uiirfucii water aa tbe drive is uut fir
beluw ihe lurfat,. Til tiie faee pf the
ilriic tbe puuil ore slinwa about balf
way u|i.
Twp humlreil am) twenty-five feet
north (in p ttralgbt line) a iliaiuuinl
ilrill bole hat beeu put iluwu frum tbe
ciiiiyiin which lies west of the court?
nf the ore. Id thu '■■'"■ 1 uuiu (he can
tiiiusiiiiii of the ure My wa* ouooan
ii'i'cii at a ilcpib of 1119 feet un.l con
iiuiii'.l into a iloptb of I lii feet. Au
uvurage .'.niiipli' of the core obtaiuuil
while drilling through tho ore attayeil
0.5 ounce-, silver ami 10 per cent, iu
lino. Ai Ibe pom! wbere the drill iu
tertecteil the ore it it lb feet vertically
iiliiii'L' the crnnnciil ami drive previously
tlm crushed 201101 botween Ibo rpcitl,
ulung their ttrike, but nlnu ulung ruine
uf lbc larger faults.
Character of Ore Depotlt*
The ure ilppotit* un tbit prupcrly uc
our ulung lbe crutbed tunes nf eonlacl
between lbc altered sciiuii'iitary rockr
uml ulung tome of lhc larger fault*.
They belong lu lbc replacement type
uf ore deposit in wbicb llic ouelotiitg
rocki have been removed uud replaced
by ure through llic medium uf but nr
diluting, mineral-hearing lululinnn.
This is proved by the tiuiliug uf pur
null, altered included fragments of
cuunlry rock iu llic ore, and from lbc
fact tbut in placet tbere is a well ile
lined line uf ileuiarbatiou lietween llic
ure ami the wull rucks, but lhc former
gradually fades away inlo llic latter.
Al lbc itilcrsci turn uf llic fuul,ts wllh
lite crushed /ones there is a marked
wiileiiing ul lhe uie lioily and a more
complete replacement of the crutbed
rock by ure
The strike uf ihc ure followt closely
that  nf the enclosing  rucks  wbicb  in
N. l'u degree! W. imugi with a suuth
clly dip ul a sleep tuple
linn claim, 111 u canyon ulong llic wcsl
liiiundary of the claim, Iwu purullcl ure
bodies haw been opened up, knotVu an
lln   "cast'   'ami "west" ure deposit.
Tin- cant ure deposit in exposed in tim'
side uf the cauyou  ami   lies between
limestone ami ijaartaite, the former being (lie liungiiig und the latter the fuol,
wall    This ore body consists ol /iuc,
lilcnde (sphalerite; in u guugue nf epi
.!..•■] iicliisl  with sume i|uartr.   and'
lali'itc, with a course uf N. l'l degrees
VV   (mag./ and a steep southerly dip.
Au open nil  lias been  driven Ihruugli
this outcrop showing lhe ure to lie 11
-I'ul.uu uf and two Inni,Ire,1 ami twenty
ACe feet  nortb.
A second drill bole is now beiug made
frum the same place, but at a sleeper
uugle, su us In intersect the ore body at
To feel greater leplh . Tbit hole it
uuw Ilill feet deep and hat been in
epidolizeil schist containing little nine
blende for the past live feet which
in :i guod imlicaliiin iiiiiniiiii, I, at il is
mil eipected lbat lhc maiu ore budy
will be encountered1 before the iliplli
ul' Ui'l feel is reached,
WKST OBE BODY. Tbit ita parol
lei ure depusil and outcrops near tne
luul of the bluff forming the west
side of Iho canyon ami ou the wcsl
side of the line which fiirius lbe hanging wall uf the casl ure budy. It has
been opened up by a series uf surface
cuts and surface stripping for a dis
lance of I"" feel aloug n, strike, lu
width it varies from eight inches tu
four feet, containing nine blende, cup
per ami iron py riles ami pyrrhotitc.
Two liumlrcil and Iwcnly live feel
nurtli uf lhc southwest curner pusl uf
llie claim the ore it upeued up by a
nil ul iti contact with Hie granite and
here shows a little cupper iron pyrites
which assays l.ii per cent, copper. The
Tun- ure conies in a few feet farther
norlli where il lias been opened up by
stripping uud an upon cul, known as
Nu. 1  W.
Commencing close to the granite cuu
tact the /iuc ure extends uorth lur u
distance uf IOU feel, fulluwiug lhe lime
which forms the fuul wall of Ibe unu
eral bearing furmulioii un Ihis side of
lhe canyon. Pur llic uenl Ii6 •feel
pyrrliulitc, carrying a lillle copper ami
/mc in lhe chief mineral in tne ore
deposit ufler which line again comes
in uml in loulinuoui us far as explura
liun  work  extendi; a distance of  Ili"
be more expeditious to explore thl ore
furniatiun by means qf illainoud ..rilling
V) mining wprk hat beeu impended for
tim Hn)nJi*lj;{j till tbe location ftpd 1U0
pf tbe fine urn sliuptt bjjvn hm Ati
nitely ascertained by means of tbe
ilrill. ~    .
nne Iiiiii,im1 ami thirty feel nurth
Df (he erusseiii above nienMuueil |i »
well iii'tini'il fault having p course of
N JO degrees W. (ni9g.) anil extending
frnm tbe west ure obaunel to Die e*n-
yon, a distance uf liili feet, where It
il probably cut off by the grauite, as
ii cannot bo traced lieyoml thii point.
Tbia fault 1;i nccupiod liy high grade
linp ore "'Iiiil' c.iilenii put near the
wettern end pf the fissure. Atido front
surface stripping, 110 work has been
done along tbis fault, but it is intend
od tu Ascertain by means of the diamond ilrill the extent of the ore here
out-cropping, Whore opened up liy surface work llie oro varies^frotn twn feel
wide at the eastern end of the i.i uli
to leu feet at the western.
clVtlNIMI UTAH. This claim adjourn
the l'ciu|.i 1 illi I-..ten.um uii the nurlli
ami !■ -1 niii ■ in a northwesterly direr
linn for a distance of l/iilll feel, nearly
to the summit of Ibo mountain.
in the 1 uu.on a sburt distance north
uf Ibe Kemptville rixtcusiun is uu uut
nop uf ure Currying /iuc, copper ami
iron sulphides, which is supposed lu be
u cuiiliiiuiiliuii of the "west pre body,"
but which lias as yol out definitely been
proved. This outcrop uecurs cluse lu
oue of tbe out-westerly faults, pre
1 nu. li referred lu and further exploration suiiy sbuw it to be a branch ul'
the iiiuiii or eusl ore budy,
A shurl crosscut was driven from
cluse lu the bed of thc creek, under
il,!. outcrop, but failed to show any
atnuuut uf ore uwing to its being com
nieuced luu fur uu tliu fool wall side,
the bulk  of the ore above Iho level
tbe ure body assay 0.<t 01111c.es silver
and flf per cunt, xlno,
A bmulroil feof fnrthfjf uortbweittr
ID, ttl lllll
of 11 si'i'unii rock il|i|e wbere Ihere |i t
fuel uf il exposed, but how much wider
jt |t iiiniiiil lie stated us tbe fuut will
is nut visible ""iui1. iu its .being coy-
s.pil. in elinibiug put nf tbii slifio tbe
writer cut foot a»'l haipl bp|i|i in tbe
slide ninl ill every instance slruck line
PtP up getting through lbc overburden.
Priiiit the nature of the ore, Ibo to-
qilDllce of the rocks associated with it
am) itt course jl it believed that this
is a continuation of tho oast ore boily
which luu. boon ''.'|iii:.eii lit the ii'iniiiii
un the Kemplvillo intension   luun
.IKI1HKV CLAIM. This claim l|ei
|u the south nnd adjoining the Kempt
i ilie Intension, oxtomling dowu the
muutiluiii niii'- lu the volley of the Weit
Perk pf Lynn Crook. No wurk has 10
yet lieen done 011 litis claim uor is tbo
existence uf any budy uf mineral known
to exist Ihcrcuu, its chief value boing
fur Hie timber ami as a situ I'or reduction worki ami dwellings.
KI'HcJl'il.l, I'l,AIM. il is an oilcn
sion ami adjoint Hie Jersey claim on the
wcsl, uud Iiln' Ilml claim its preseut
kirn wn value is fnr Ihu timber and
liiiililing mien. There are iwu deep can
yuus un tins 1 Iiiiiii duwu which liuw
nmll streams uf wuter which muy be
uf considerable benefit luler uu for mill
iug purposes.
MOHNINQ 8TAI1. This claim ad
joins lhe Kemplville K.vleusioii no the
norlli ninl the Eveuiug blur on Ihe
cast, its In,"I inn line fulluwiug up
Fleming ,an 11,11 Abuut 500 feet nurlh
westerly uf llie No. I pusl is au uut-
crop 11) /iuc blonde iu lbe south side of
the canyon. This ure budy is 7 feet
wi.le und lias au apparent course of N.
tin degrees VV. tiling). Nu wurk has been
feet wide, the bulk of which is mli.I
zinc blende and lhc remainder of il il
assayed from In.:' per vent, lo 16 per
cent. /.iuc.
Seventy feet uorth of this cul a cruss
rut bas* been run. Tbit eroascul iu
tertecteil tbe vein i Jeet in from Ibe
portal ami passed through !I0 feet of
ore before encountering tbe foolwall
ijuarl/ile. Much of tbi* ore il solid
zinc blende ami tbe remainder of it i*'
k good com oiitriiiing material, ansayipj,
from lit per ceut. to lt.12 per teL,
line. I
Wbere Ihe ore eucouulen tlie /'wt
wall ipiiiri/iie a drive bas been Lmic
north aloug Ibe rouric of tbe nl,. \,„
a dliuiicc of 15 feet,' caityii,^ the
ipiuri/iie at the Door or eait(,y\e of
tbe drive. 'Tbit drive is in orf. all tbe
way, but it ii of a better gra/i,. j„ the
Door of tb* drive tban in tbWjoof, due
feel. Ip tbe No. I W roi, previously
tpuken of, tbe- <)'.,■ blende ore ii 6
feet wide, ao DVeragc nvuiplc of wbicb
atuyed :'.•; S per cent. /.iuc.
1'iplii., 1,,u feel north of the No. 1
W. up, 0 cut a crosscut was ruu in
i'uul, tbe floor of (be canyon for a di*
l*/ne of 48 feel, patsiug through the
'/.e deposit at IK ll leet Item tbe port
al. At tbii poiut the content! of the
ure deposit it chiefly pyrrhotitc assay
iug 1 per cent, copper and il.7r> per ceut.
/inc. It was known that tbii crosscut
was a iiiu. too far por!b to intersect
the /.Iuc ore shoot, io a drive wa* commenced iu a louthlrly di reel iuu along
Ibe slrike of tbe ure to eome under tba
/.ine " alio wing'' wbicb appear* it lur
fare. Thii drive bai been driven I
distance of 7.6 fret aud more rinc ii
coming in a* the drive progresiet. (t
wu decided, however, that it would
uf the canyon lluur having been eroded
away by lhe slream.
Thirteen hundred feel nurlli westerly
frum Ihis uutcrup ami at an appruxini
ate elevation uf 1,699 led above it
is an miti top of zinc lilcn,In ure. This
uutcrup occurs at thc head uf a rock
tilde fulling into Fleming canyon. An
open cut lias been made alung this uul
crup throwing lhc ure body lu be I '
feet wide uf a bauded structure, with a
strike uf N. 19 degrees W. tmag.i In
this ore body occur slrcuk. of sulci
line blende fruni 2 to 12 inches wide,
.ample, frum which assay 116 ounces
silver and ili per cent. /inc. Samples
frum  lhe lens' mineralized  portion  uf
ilnne un linn outcrop but judging Irum
appearances its average leuor is ubuut
lu per cent, metallic zinc,
PI.KM INU. Thin claim is au ex lou
niiiii ol the Morning Mlur iu a nurtb
west erly direct iuu and extendi lu Ibe
summit of lhc muuuluin side lining lhc
Kicmiig Star for a purlieu uf ils
length, llu this iinini, near lhc head
uf Fleming eaiiyuu, on its suuth side,
is an exp.j-.iri- of y-iiii nu ure almul Iwu
feet in width having an appruxiinalc
cuuriu' nl N ;Vl degrees W, (mag,),
This guiciiu uecurs ulong the Iiuc of
cuulucl, wlneh is purln ulurly well de
Coin iiidcd oil page a*veil
Don't Take Chances!
Buiineu men and builuwi bouie*
art usually Judged by tbo printed mat
Ur they tend out.
Can you afford to Uko chance* with
your priuting whan good work iu tbli
llm coit* little, If any, more.
We Do Good Work
Flint Strut Eut, Nortb -Vancouvw
We have some good, inside buys;
also good acreage listings Lynn
Valley Sub-division.
l\ Im ui quote you tliu oq Fire, lie and Accident
McMillan & rod
Fboni Ut.
attngmtM Irnm
North Vancouver Business
Underwood's Barber Shop
.  H' I' ull ll'l  .    Hulll'"!' Illl.l       lul,.'.,    I'l ' I
f   ly alleiiiluil lu.
Eiilroatii i-'ui inuii. ,i l-'iuii
I II.IM.M1    CI1IVTH.H rim
"III, ,■:  l'l, I,ln:„,n A Bon's Fill tor)',  Ks-
plun.,,i,    Phune  2211.
it,■■■!,l-i,"     Allun   lluud,   l.ynn   Vulley
P. Q. lius 2(i, i.' i.i, Creek  riiuiie
A.M.I.E. A S.
Irrigation, drainage, levels, pluus
ninl apecifienliima. Septic tank* aud
boUN drainage a ipecially. 1'. 0.
Box 311, I6tli itreet well ul llowicke
Studio  over  Bank  B. B. 4.
Lomdale and Ksiilaaads
High Class Ladies' uud Qenla' Tailoring
itepairiug   ami   Alterations.  Cleaning
and Dyeing lu ull Its branches. All
Wurk guaranteed.
ill {first Street West.        I'l|uue SOT
Mining Resources ot the Nortn More
Continued frtw Vm Six
tilled, finiireen IJWB aud (juarUl|e and
liaa._prwtially .11 vMtiSftLJiiu-ijft
work bus boon im uu tbjs 'lahnw
jug" but uyorage samples uhtuiuud by
tlie writer assayed II.IW ounces guid,
80 ounces silver aud B ppr cent. lend..
PSBTTV PB88' Tl'i» Pl*t« )» w
BXtoiision of the Evening Star, nn (ne
nuiiii nnd uiiii'iiui'.'i the Pliiming nn |ta
western lido fur a purtiun of ill length
cowing lbe summit of the mountain
ami iluu'ii its northern (llapilann) slope
about IWO feot.   The  writer was in-
Owrt nnd Ita West Fork In the foot pi
tne m"u»f»iR ni) «rli'ch t|i. prupofliiii
»rn »itn»te4L»iiiUliiLiii(i!te jt tif
nine* lifnnght tn tide»nter, nt Nortli
Vapennver, ut a minimum coil.     ,
'I'lu.' cliuii' proximity uf the prupcrly
to tbe city pf Yniicpuynr enables all
supplies to be bought at luweat market
quotationa and witli proper trunspuriu-
liuu facilities uuin Nurlh Viineoiiver
clip be' ||iid 'town pu tl|P ground at
small expense.
Prpin tlio fnrogiiing It wll| hn »?«»
Id. Icaux)
Ladies' and Dents' Oleanliig,
Pressing and Bcpalring
a Specialty
120 Second Streot Baat
N.V. Tinning & Sheet Metal Worki
Flrlt Street But of Luusdale
Lowest prices and best wurk giiuran
lued uu tinning uud sheet metal wurk.
All kinds uf saws llled and sel uu lhc
And general Cuiuroissiuii Merchant, 1SJs|*or»t>*t nntitn.' Uwn mmm, knives,
1 hedge shears nnd --i. .on. sliurpcued. All
Luusdale Ave., Norlb Vaucuuver.
Phoue 334
1 cul- 1 ii,ii.ii.ii-.-,l. mi' li iui, prices.
i.::n i.iiiii.iliiic Avenue Pbune eo
Cabinet Makor and Oarponter —
Will undertake all kinds uf wood wurk,     la ,M, Wut,..|, topping or lie
repairs, ete. !irregular timet   If su, sue
T ig
Fourth Street ind Sutherland Avenue
V. 0. Box 2006
Pioneer Jeweller, On Lnuidale Avenue.
i\ I he undersigned desires to announce to the residents
uj Norlh Vuncuuver lliul he hus purchased lhe Hard-
wure husiness formerly) conducted bo Messrs. Sutton
&■ Prime, und will caff]/ u largely increased stoclf of
Builders   Hardware,  Puiuls,   Oils,   Cluss,  Slaves,
Ranges und Household Articles.
A\All clusses uf Inmate uud linWorlf given pionipl
attention.   All wurlf fully giiaianleed.
tilhi close prices, strict attention lo business and
courteous treatment we trust lo mail ana enjoy a shure
uj lhc I'llbllt   pulftillilgc. WATCH OUB ADS.
Sincerely boun,
lhc Satisfactory) Hardware
hlh uud l.onsdule. I'hune I'ii
Nurth Vuniouvcr
wrpngly and wltbnut .tya alderman's
persunul kuowledge.
A|d. McBae said that if desired be
1 gik'u ruaauus for hia pruttiw at
How about a snapshot album lor those views you
have gathered ol your holiday excursions ? We have
a large stock ol snap-shot albums, varying in price Irom
25c. to $2.50. Also cushion tops, pipe racks, lie
holdeis, bags, coin purses, etc., al right pricei.
J. E. Scouten's Book Store
IN. S. Book and Stationery Company).
3D Lonidale Aveuue PHONB ini
formed Ihul there is uii uutcrup uf zinc
blende uliuul 1U0 feel dowu tbe Cap-
liun,1 slope but has nut yet seen it.
Frum llie description and location giv
eu uf tbis outcrop, it is prubably au ex-
I fusion uf lhe ure depu.il already do-
mnlii'l. which uutcrup. uu thc Evening
Mlur near ils nurlh buuudary.
Ll'l'liV STAR. This clainHiii an
r.u cumuli uf the Evening Slar uu llu
ninl, l.ul has uul a. yel been exam 11
ed bv the writer
thai there are fuur I,noun ure deposit.-,
huving a general uurlliwcslcrly strike,
two uf which mi ur un Ihc Ucmplvillu
Exleusiun and Evening Star claims ami
une each un lhe Murniug Slur and Flein
Ing claims, lhc lullcr being the galena.
Frum lhc exploration wurk already
dune a large ainuuul uf bigb grade zinc
ure nan been upeued up and the wurk
uuw being carried unvvill.it i. believed,
pruve Ihe existence uf llii. ure buth
along lhe strike ot lhe deposit ami iu
leaving the council cbs ruber iniuiedi
ately upon adjournment,   "it ii pes
ni 1 de," i.u id tbp alderman "i" m»kn
any eaie plausible au king as there
■■"■■■mn to be uiine tn like ii"' nppii'iiti!
view.   All intelligent men shuuld know
wlu|t allHhii meani"
Mr. J, q. Pbilljppqj  "•' helleyp you Aldermanic Int. rut lu Oity Contract:
faet .thai tn' «omo time pant tbe minutes of the previous meeting have nnt
beeu read in council by tbo elork, every
ItlltaBB.tallllf-.». teWfirtol t«p.S
handed, tp blffl' That, In Mr. Snowies'
opinion, 4»-—bo^v— t*>f»—|uxl*U«—4»—l»<»l
wluked. s
Aid,. Bid* denied that there wa« ovor
auy attempt of this kind made to bond-
wink the public.
THE CASCADES. Is an extensiou uf   depth, in ijuunlilics sulliucnl  In win
runt the crccliun uf u milling uud re
de-lion plant I'ur il. treatment al a
handsome profit.
ll is lhe opinion uf lhe writer lliul in
lhe claims ipokeu uf iu Ihi. report
that there is lhe making uf a very large
paying mine, whicii, having regard lu
ill close proximity lu lhe 'ity uf Van
couvcr, should result in making its op
ii.iii,,i> uue ol lhe musl prolilnldc en
lerpriscs in the pruviuce nf Unl ish
* Respectfully  .ul'iiiitleil.
1 Signed)     NEWTON W. KM M ENS,
Mining   liinaiiiecr
Vaneunver, 11. ('.,
August uih, llllll.
llie Kemplville Exteiisiiin lu   the eust
covering ihe uiuuuluiu aide almost lu
the  Ku.l  Fork uf I.ynu I'reeli.
Mining  Facilities
The several pruperlics abuve men
tinned an- excellently located fur thc
economic mining uf tbeir ures, cover-
ing Ur Ihey du lhe sides uf a sleep
mouuluin, enabling the ore bodies to be
mined by mean, uf crosscuts and drives
al a minimum ru»l, Ibus avoiding ex
pensive 'liul! sinking and Ihc hoisting
uf water and ruck.
There 1- iiu,pi,- timber un Iuc gruuud
tur nil purposes nud waler can be se
cured iu abundance.
A   ruilruud  can   lie  built   up  Lyuu
resigned from the flwee cnwmltpfp
Aid, McBae."
Aid. Mcline: "1 did."
Mr. I'hlllippo: "Wi|l you tell thia
meeting why you resigned frnm the
chairmanship uf that committee!"
Aid. Me Kae t "It was because 1 kuow
nulliing ubuut what was going on in
regard tu uur finances. Aa I was on
lliul 1 oiiiiuiitee I wanted tu know."
A Voice: "Under the clrcuiustunccs
thu bust thing wu cun do is tu have u
government audit right away,
Aid. ViiI,'i,iuu: "When I entered
the cuuucil the procedure wus quite dif
fcrcitt to ilml which I was used to in
Vuncuuver. There any i|uestiun which
I'liine up was discussed in eouueil. The
rulcriaycrs uud the press were uut usk
ed tu leave the hall at any time. In
this cuuucil, when they cum a muller
discussed Ihey uiljuitrn until Thursday
uighl, ur lhc Muyur will say: "We will
have a meeling tu discuss Certain mat
ters after the cuuucil meeting.' I have
always fell lhat this was uut uf order,
and have said su. Aid. Mcliac has sup-
purled me, and the uthcrs have nut.
The proper euurse is lu udjuurn iulu
committee uf the whule atld return ,1,:-
npcii cuuucil and repurt upuu the mat
for discussed. Aid Mciluc generally
haves the council chamber un adjourn-
ment, I don't, because I waul lu knuw
"lml is guing uu. I huve heard lhc
Mayur tell a fellow lu get out uf the
hall and cluse the iluur. If I hud nut
been inquisitive ami wauled tu knuw
iv I,nl wa. guing un behind Ihuse cluscd
doors I shuuld have gone tuu, If I
hud I11V11 a ratepayer and had been
luld by the Mayur 'u get uut, I would
have aaked him lu please mind his uwn
"Whut is committee ut lhc whole!"
usked Aid. McRae. "Is it a secret
Aid. Hiss replied thai a cuuucil wcnl
intu committee of the whule upun mat
ters which were nut suilieicntly matured
lu liccuuie public pruperty,
"There i. any uinuunt uf business
transacted when the cuuucil has ad
juurucd," declared Aid. Foreman;
any ainuuul uf it - ruck buiineu and
other  business-'   '
Tbp tblhl' allegatlpn cuueornod su
alderiniiu charged with being iiilerustcd
in a i'ily lumber contract, anil was re
I'lu'd tu personally by Aid. Frascr, the
alderuiau iu i|uos|ioii
"There is uo name mentioned in lhat
niui,in,i,i." said tho alilorman, "Fpr
this reason I will speak tp it, fur I
Imi'l waut any rcflectiun east 011 any
uther member uf thu council. Mine is
thu imui, thul shuuld bo tburo. I um
uut goiug lu tell yuu it is ull right.
I don't know whelher or not there is
anything thu uiatler with il. I would
nut say that technically or legally il
is all right, but 1 will say Ihut thorn
has been uo viululinn uf thc acl mor
ally su far as my judgment goes. The
cuiupuny wus Fruser, Campbell lc liar-
ton, ami Campbell was the lumber man
dealing with lhc Seymuur Lumber l.'uln-
pauy. Abuut the llth uf February I
went mlu partnership with him. Previous tu that lhc cuuucil asked fur lender, fur supplies pf lumber fur side
walk purposes. It was after I became
a partner that these tenders came in,
auiuiig tbem a temlcf from lhe Seymour
Lumber Company. In uuy cuse we
were uuly agents I'ur llic company and
'mild nul prevent llie company fruni
tendering, nur euuld we prevent thc
cuuucil frum accepting the tender. I
tuuk uu part iu thut. I wus a member
uf the llrm and did business nnd count
cd upun commission, lml Ihe lumber
company huuglit lliu lumber for tbe
sidewalks outside the town. That is
where thc point comes iti. 1 eunnut
sec thut il has anything lu do with
the cuuucil. I um personally respon
sible fur il. If I am liable personally,
I—aud I alone—am responsible, lu Ibe
end,'' Aid. Fruser concluded amid luud
laughter, "we gul nu commission because lhc Seymour Lumber t.'ompauy
gUl   1,1111,1   uut."
The president Ihuughl the meeling
shuuhl be grateful fur Ihe very ilruighl
lorwanl reply which Aid. Eraser bad
given tbem.
"Dun'I yuu think," queried Mr.
Knuwles, "thai  as a inemlier ul' the
(Coutmuea on 1'agc Bight.)
Diitrict of North Vtncouver
A ill I v vv to ,„„i,|, iar 1 mi,,,,,ill,,,
ul lbe Dlilrlcl ul Nurtb Yiucuuvrr
lu nil.i- l.,i HI, nl lulu Ihe .um ur
J'-.inni fur Ibr inuin-.i  ur yurrbl.lun
I lmii- ur |il,iii<iii.- ii I Iii Ino |inr!
(S.J) acrei uf ill.., 1. ill, in.1,1,1 l.oii
mil ."i.t our.
WHKIIKAH u petition llu led ..■ In
,111)1 ...ii;i,.nin, und .11:1,, ,1 li; the uwti'
iis ut more lliul) one-'onlleiif the i-ulue
of lund In the iu ,,i ■ of North Vancouver, us ehuwn hv tne lasl a-vlsed
AssesHiiieni Hull In. Ii-vn inesi-Mid
'.1 the ..un, It of Hi .aid ii.inlet, ie
,,,,.--11101 litem lo luliodlic- ulnl litis
a I:.--.'.uw lu uuii.,,[l     Ihem to lu-i,,--,'.
the   sum   uf   18,000   In   tic   el|n.-nill")   ll'
tin- pui, ii.i.■■. uf u turk or pin.mi,.
mouiid III III", It II. Ii 1. C01 nnd IOI
lllll U'iikiik.v;: ihe ainuuul uf Ill.lu 1,1 which tills llv 1 .iw Is Ini'l,,1,,I
to 11,'ulu la the suld aum of Is 000. und
III,    ulilecl   for   v.lii,I:   the   tuld   ,1,11   Is
united Is llie i,uiili.,',   uf a purh or
pleasure , i.u,1,1   i, li,,, purl tfiDucrea
If you want lo succeed in business on tbe
Norlb Shore, ADVERTISE in the "Express"
' Home Painting, Kalsomining
and Paper-hanging
V. 0. Vet ML Phoue 107
smrt-'t*V t  'l^f*1"
III f      W" ' , t p
■fJUa . ' m   t    ■ ■■■■ A
Serious Allegations
Against City Fathers;
(Continued from page thm)
1 ilu nut knuw. II it does not, / cauuol
lu-lp it. llie statement lhat has been
liruuglil forward tonight 1 consider fri
voloui. i ask vou if il sbowi tuy in
Mr. Knowlcs imi'uircd whether tbe
iiMi'nnan knew Ibal I'/, per cent, bouds
were telling on (be London market at
tbe proneul lime at Wl'/j per cent, to
which Aid. J * w in replied lhat such con
ditious Aid not apply to a city of
Ibis siw. . • ,
Mr. Knowles argued thai tbe city of
' iilgur.v had at the time of lbc wiling
of tbis city'i debentures sold it* owu
bondi at yt* V* per cont.
Aid.   Irwin   pointed   out   tbat   till
prices uf debentures where the rales uf
intereil are ctmal naturally vary iu
,,i,liun i- wilb lhe size ami importance
of Ibe city. Norlb Vancouver had as
yel a comparatively small pupulaliuu
ami they could not expect huaucicrs
in I,undon or elsewhere lo consider a
rily of th'. size on a fouling wilb (it
iei containing vM),i)0i) peuple.
Council Procedure:   '
Thc third allegation, involving *
charge of irregular council.piolciute,
wai tben discussed.
Aid. Irwin suid Ibal in bit belief
the statement  was incorrect.   Thete
were certainly occasion;
council bad lo consider
need not be deull with Dually that even
|n||.  Tbe council meets in com» j"f fii
,,s itforcsnid:
ANii WHKHKAS ll will be iiecc.aary
I,, i.ilu. annually l.i speclul rale llie
liit.il sum of IIU fur llfty yrais ful
tin re I'li.iilielil of tile suld loun ullU
llilen-Ht ul -. per cent as hereinafter
AND WHKIIKAH tlie value ut lhc
wliule i.'1'..Mu lanil or Improvement,
in uul properly of Ihe suld dlsiilct.
jn ordin* In the lust revised Assi-ss-
li„l,l   Hull   .iiiiiiiiiii.  tn  |S.0817110.
AMI WIIKIIKAA the aggreiiiile uf
the lielielllure Ilebl of the Munlclpullly
leMi-pi fur wurlis of l.ocul Improve-
llielll    llllll   School    I'llll""',;,)    li" |,n!l|l|.
[I.c Iiuiu liereliy authorized amounts to
IMI. 000.
TllKIIKK'illK llie lieeve and Council uf tlte Uoipuralluii of the lilstrlct
of .Voi Ih Vuneuuver In Council usst-m-
M.-I iwllli llie u.Hciit of lhe Klectors
of tin- District duly obtained) do hereby enact as followi:
1 II .hull he lawful fur the i'mm.11
fui lbc purpose aforesaid to burrow
ur iiilse hy way ut Ioud from any per
such mi.1!.iluu ;■ may lie cither wrlllen, lliin in .,]'!,, ,i or uiiinipid
I ilu- suld Debenluri' llopda utiall
us lo prlnclpul and Intt rest he tunable
ut Hie it in,: Muuiilpnl Ufflce, Nurlh
Vuncouver 1) t\ oi ul the pntnlpul
ottk-c of Hie Hum, nl llamllluii In lhe
Clly uf Turuiitu. in Ihe province of
Onturlo. or ul lhe prliHipnl office ol
llle suld llatili III Hie '.'It - of Montreal
111  lhe  Province  ol limbec    Tbe  said
I'llll,I|'|,|   BUIII   Sllllll   lie   111.nil'   p.,.iii.i,
by Hie Corporation nut later thun llfty
yean fruni Ihe Isl duy of November,
1. There aliull In rulaei) und levied
unnuully hy spi-clnl rate on ull lhe
land ur liiipinveiniiiis or real prupeii)
In Hie District the sum of Ju-:   fur lhe
purpose of I lm. ii mih.in,, fund fur
the in', i,..i.i uf salll Debentures when
Ihey lu,"in. Jin. und lhe sum uf (100
for the payment uf Hie Inieresl al the
rate ,ii--i, u.,1,1 lo becume due on iuch
Debentures ilurliin ihe currency thereof und Hint lu nddllluii lo ull other
rules to be levied and collected In
lhe said liluuJci during the whole currency uf Hie suld Debentures ur any
uf them
ilils lly-l.aw uuii be idled fur ull
puiiio.ee us "The I'nili Luun Ily-I.uw
Ulf. Nu  J."
This Ily-I.uw shull nunc Into effect
un  Ihe  1st  duy  of November,   lllli
Passed l<> Ihe Council on the lUlh
duy uf ri. iiiiiiiu i   19111
llm iml  Hie  ussent   of the  Kleelurs
al un iin ilmi held ou the
day of IIHJ,
)(., "iniiili iu il uio] Ilnully adopted liy
the Council and    I,.i.- -1 by llic lleeve
and  Clui:  uml aealeu   vvilb   the  Cm
liorate Uiul  on   the
day nf I u12
Ki.ici ions  oi.- nne  Disilliri   in
TARK NOTICE Uiul loe above Is a
Irue copy uf the prulinsid llv-Law ui
on which lhe vule of the M mi iimllt
will be iniini wllhln the fullovvHin
lull,;.. i,ii-i, vis: In thc Muni
'inul ilull, Lynn Vulley Huad: tn Hie
uiih  Hull  lit   corner   <>f   '■ midale
sun or perioni. body or bodlei Corpor. I ..^S* ,",",,     .e?'fl5t i       t   '   ' "'"
ntc   whu  muy  bu  willing  lo advaiic i ft'.T i,u»n? Sh '''i i'i'°"h 'i,J'    ii',':
lhe iame pi.uii the credit of the Deben-: "» '," M, f,Pj[*8i„*>' "' . H
lutes of tins Corporation hereinafter:1-""  ot "°"h  Vancouve-
provided for, a sum ur lulni ol'money1,t>\ ",'£ r'i!'„J."y ,'i ajv'^'i1"'- ",3'
ul  eicecdlnir III  lhc  whole  the sum  Iwr-en Ihr boun of 0:0» ocloe,
f 11.000 and 10 cause thc same lo be; "vi   '"lock   I'-m
n Hulur
llfj, be
•k am und
nul  t-xceedlnu In  Die whole  Ihe sum
,f 11.000 und in cause Ihc aame to be!
].". i In the Hank uf Hamilton lu lbc
("III of lhc Corpuratlon fur Ibe pur- C. M   ti und ll'elui'iilng
i'lisv nfuresuld Ulllcei
I    Debenture liundi of Ihe Curpuru-;     I'CHl.lc   NHTICK   la   Iiuiiii,   given
Hun  iu  in    .iiiii.iiin  uf M00O I  Ihe j lhat tbe vule uf lbc Klou'o.'S of Hie
juhn ii.'1.'ai:mi:i:
C M.
li or lhe i uii"
uf U.OOO |n
by lbe fleefe i
whule may he Issued by llie fleefe and   Dlilrlcl  uf Norlh Vuneuuver  will  be
Clerk nf lhe Curpurullun in Icrmi of! l*Mn  on  "The J'ark   Mali   Ily l.o'.v.
the Mm.i, ti ul Ait In siimii ai may be
:,;;,,,I bul'no ilnglr Debenture lhal)
be fur u mniter ium Ihun One Thou-
sand Dolluri ICach of Ihe .aid Deiien-
ture Iioii'iit shall he sinned by the
Drove and Clerk and sjinll be Sealed
nilh ihe teal nf ine Cornorillon.
1 The laid Dcl»iiure llondl slmll
■i ui Intereil al a rate nut eicecdlnir
uve per cent, per annum payable half
...iiv un lhc lit doy of Mii y md lbe
111   day   of  November   In   each   and
every  year  during  the  currency  of
said Debenture!, or any of thjni. Tbefe
" BDi'
_   Par
lili. No. I," on .i.ihn.i...   the llli day
llll,  between   Hie  boun
of 6c!ob«r. „
of I:(H1 o'clock am. and IM n'clu'k
pm   within
lililn    lbe   following    polllui:
Pliices,   vis:   In   Die   M'ji'liTpnr Dili.
Lynn Valley lluud: In lhc Church ».'
«( tbe corner of Lumdale Avenue an
Itoad. and at Caidlano Huad
,,-i,. nt vn i-s or any of the.
shall  be  attached  tu. lbe  Dct.eniuie
ry i'u
of Inieresl lhat shall become due, and
I!,,iulu   i impium   llgned   by   the   lleeve
and Clerk for each and every payment
.. Ayenue and
'Iiiiiii.'    1
fire flail. In the fnilrjct of Norlb
Vancouver, and that John 0 Kntioi r
ba* been appointed returning ntli-er
td .like Ibe votel of such cl.> I .r»
Wllh the uiual power* In Ihu) behalf
By Order of the Council,
'iiinmdi      vv;.'  ll  MAV.
(tinned)    John a faiimkii!'u
C. M. ti.
ncurrcci.     inere
nif" y»Mt(hk
■t fattest iXtjj,
Ibe whole Mu discuu cily bniinen.
Jf there *a» beeu any buiinoii Irani
»ctid alter adjoarnmont and eatwuj
Western Dominion Um) & Investment Co.
Wlti Wbicb ll Incorporated '
Bevan, Gore & EKot, Limited
North Vancouver Branch: 87 Lonidilo Avaaui, oppoilw Poit Oflce.
VeprtmntiBg Lfm Creek (tine Mian Limit**. —«* —
WANTED   it ll. lot olOM (a.
WAKIBD- 4 or t roomed bouie (nr tept. AgaiMt City Fathers
wad frnm Page 8ev*»)
eouueil you ougltt to be acquainted
With tha lawif" lie mentiiiniid tliu
(inu which may b« llliposed in eounee-
limi wilb AU itifrucliun uf the Mini ul
"If 1 am liable," said Alii. Fraiur,
"It |t my nffajr, ami 1 thiuk 1 have'
in nne v enuugh to pay,"
"When you discovered your position," Mr. Kuowlei cuntliiueil, "rtpn't
yuu thiuk yuu ihould havo resigned
/rum the euuiicllt"
"Somu people's coitai'lunres urn Iruin
e,l mure linel; lhan utliurs," wai Aid.
Frtinnr'a reply.
It lee Lake Landi t
Tbe meeting I lien gave ita attention
lu Hie charge involving thote district
Inls knuwn us the Rice l.ul.e Lunds.
Alii, irwiu luld that I"',""i mi mn
iu this I'liiineellon with the provincial
governinenl had lieen going un since
lllllll or thereabouts. The ilislriet coun
cil prior to llm incorporation of the
cily in.nle :i1111. .i11i,i. to the provincial
I'utiTiiiiiciii fur the right tu purchase
D. L. itt, ll. L. 8fS7 ami other lands.
In 11)117 llui eity wus incorporated, and
in lbe ad of .incorporation the district
transferred to Ihe city their rights to
, The debentures iu connection with
Ihu citi ',i incorporation were snld iu
Heeeiiilier, Unit, a uew cniineil then beiug iu power, lu llie meantime rep-
rwantlllofM had been made frum Hie
ilislriet to the I). ('. Kleclric Ilailway
Ciiiupauy wilh u view In getting an
elcclric railway line lu Lynn Valley,
Ihu said lamls being purl uf these rep
rocnlnlinns.    In   IIIUI   i^,    ipiestiun
arme uf procuring tbwa district loti
which were necessury to the city water
syslem. The mailer had then beeuiuu
complicated 8ml a delegation approach
cl lhe guveruiiicul iu this connection.
Thc city council suhscipieully fuuml ii
age reservoir. Bp far at tbt alder-
man knew'.work had been carried nn
on lands fur which the city holds deeds.
Imittmpti la lbe »>h" \p*Ae, Aid.
Irwiu thought th* eltlieus ihpuld bring
ull the Inllueiiep possible to boar upon
Hie provincial gavariiDl.nl In Wr*
tho liual deeds to them for the city.
Heevn Mny mentioned in corroboration thflt thi* /ear's eouueil had waived
all rights Ip the lliee Lake landi ami
hail written tu tha put eminent In that
effect. The matter now rests iu the
hands pf the governoient, tbe city and
the B, Oi Klectric
Mr. Knowles atked whether tb* eily
and district jointly w/iuld bavp tp com-
petuate the II. tl. iv R. Cnmpany for
tlie construction of tlieir linei io Lynn
Aid. irwln said that .the compauy
waa regarded aa an innocent pagty ami
nijustii e would lie rendered lo Ilium If
no compensation were made, , Tlie city
would claim that it had nothing tu du
with Ihe matter since It alone had
lbe riglit to purchate thute landt.
Th* Bock Contract:
Affairs perlaiuiug to the eity rock
contrail were then takeu up. Aid.
Fruser, us a niomhor of the hoard uf
wurks, said that tenders were received
iu this eunnectinu from three different
parlies, one uf whum was II. V. Tucker,
whu Biiliiuilli'd a bulk tender of (811,280.
In this ease delivery fruni up the
bill was counted upun, while in the
case of the other tenders delivery was
counted upon fyrum the waterfront,
assessment being ou frontage. The
difference between the cost per cubic
yard uf these Iwu lenders between the
upper reaches uf the city and the Ks-
I'lu iiu,i, was UO rents. When this was
tutalled up, Tucker's tender was 50
cents per cubic yard less lhan the
ulber twu. Idler tbe city solicitor
formulated u resulution legalising the
acceptance nf this bulk tender, and
the wurk went ahead accordingly.
You can buy a 60 foot lot on Osborne Bold, 1'/, block* tut of
Lomdale Avenue, for (800.00, ou terms of out quarter cub, and
the balance ovir 18 months.
Enquire about thii while One Dollar Shares ir* selling for Fifty
Cent*.   OALL or WBITB for Prospectus.
Pboue 462
P. 0. Boi 2387
The Monarch Malleable
Everybody knows the Monarch. If you intend
l"i" basing a Range this fall, it will pay you to investigate the Monarch. It costs less, lasts longer and
hums less coal or wood lhan any olher malleable range
sold in North Vancouver.
Patterson & Goldie
Phone 86 105-7 Esplanade West
Four Roomed Modern House on Moody,
$250 cash and $30 a montb,
Apply 104 Esplanade, We»t
Local Ag*ut* for Brltlib Empire Hon* Iuiurinci Co., London Auuraut*
tfl mill pt pltawi U tft* Uatiofi; aim oobim far mi* at rani.
f..-' t.o.tn mu
pepted the bulk tender ami ossubsui!
til* eust nf Hip ruek ip accordance with
the delivery to lhe reipeetive streets.
ftypp "^Hw*y*rn*jflp7'i tni,piner
situated unly 80(1 p, PP yards frnm
tinrtpnrwif) tn tmiiMn wty.wi*
Mr. !>hilli|i|iu thun naked fpr llie
name uf the owner nf tilt ruek quarry.
"Ii'i nut me," said Aid. Fraier. .
"I'm not aware nf any aldnrmnn nf
the olty imi uk connected with the
uwiiorihl|i nf th* rurk quarry/' da-
I'luriui Aid, Irwln.
"It'i nut t mnl, ia |tl" question-
ml Wr. I'liillippn.
Mr. Kiumii'H ia|ii tbat he persnnjlly
went tn tha eity ball nnd saw tba tender*, hnt they W*m plaslurod over with
resulutiuni |ianed by the cuuiiril after
the I'onirai'i bad been awarded.
Aid. Fnruiiiaii .luted that the sulii'itnr
i'uiiiii over and drafted a reiptutinn for
the eouueil, aiiuring the meiubnri that
everything wai In order,
Ta Ba or Nnt To Be:
The president then aaked l|ie meeting
if there appeared to ba sufficient
grounds for a ilumand for a eom|tulsury
Aid. Irwiu gave bli personal yiewi
uu Ihe matter, lie argued that theae
allegation! did not consist of subjects
whieh 'ulli,I fur an audit' particularly,
lu each caae iiifurmation was obtain
able. Au auditor'! work would- be
primarily connected witb tbe city's
in 'i'iiuii is. If thorn was some good, sound
reason why au audit shuuld be called
fur, he saw no reasuii why it sheuld
nul be granted. That ratepayers epuld
ileminil une was a guud law making
fur clean public business; but iu cases
like the present where the necessary
iufurmatiun could bo gotten iu another
way it appeared unnecessary lo put
the cily to such an ultra eipense, par
liiularly in view uf Ibe ponding sub-
mission of certain important muney
bylaws. The alilerinau did not claim
that it would detract from the financial
standing of lhe city, but troubles iu a
municipality always have au effect up
ou the prices uf debentures. Ile n.-.l.i-.l
Ihe meeting tu seriuusly consider as lu
whether it coulil nol gel all tbe required iufurmatiun very cheaply an.i
vury .Imply.
Mr. Watt argued lhat if au audit
revealed nulliing detrimental to the
city lhe publicity gained wuulil cover
Ihe expenses iucurreil.
A disillusion concerning Hie anual
iinni,,ml statement iliseloscd the fact
lhat, owing lu rc.lrirliuns iu lhc muni
i ipal art il was impassible In get this
statement oul earlier lhan heretofore.
AM. Irwiu paid a tribute tu lhe past
uurlmt A 1,1  Miltae iu this connection.
Mr I), il. Munlcn characterised the
iufurmatiun that hail been available
that niglil as fragmentary, ami moved,
in order lhal each mailer shoulil be
coniidered properly an,I in detail,
"lhat lln. meeting ailjuuru tu meet
again uue week frum tuuighl lu Ur
sun's pavilion, ami iu lbs meantime the
rily council be forward*'! a copy ut
Ihe ilwumciil lubinilled luuiglil ami be
ailviscil uf Ihe meeting."
This inolion was seconded by Mr
Mu"loual,l nul Carrie* umuiinouily
The ineeling Ihen lermiuale'l.
beal Coal Supply
0ollbbib8 aobbb to supply
coal dibbgt
btbike will dbiay fibst ship
Mr I, •- Ktlou, of lhe Norlb Hhore
i'uul ami Supply i'u., is in receipt of
rare .n»y  nf* pri.p»r»o.»» wil PM*!   .0
local dealers direct from their mines
It Kileusipji. The esplanntlnn is made
huwever lhat owing tn presaut ulioi't-
iIub1 ti)) mm miuny tug mitt"
the enropknyjniyjinl ^•J*IMmh!e
Wftrst mm JnTiTlw eunin tftthi,
Although the delay indicated is regret
table it |i nevertheless satisfactory to
know that henceforth the North Hhore
Will lint bt under nny disadvantages
v. Iii'i' u rn nut uhureil by all uther puiuls
relative tp coal anpply-
HOHN-Tu oft. nud Mr«. Herherl.
Mellprs, | sun, pet. ■).
BORN-TO Mr, mil Mr«. W. l\ A.
''hipping, Hullyliurii, a mn, Hepi. ilillh.
Mr W. Uarrlck ii moving intn bii
new hiiiise pn Mahnil avenue.
Mr. J. 0, Tuylur nf Vancouver is
taking up reiidence at HIU Malum Ave.
Mr. li. V. rhilpiiii, pf Vancouver, is
talking up reaidence nn :!inh streel
near llinili'iiiril.
Mr. .lulni .limes ami family of Wesl
em avenue, are moving to Ohilliwaik,
where they wili make their hume.
itev. Dr. Taylor nf Westminster llall
will uccupy tbe pulpit uf the North
Lonsdale Presbyterian church on the
coming Sunday.
The Norlh Shore Drug t'o. are moving
from their old stum! uu Esplanade wesl
tp  new  sture  next  door to  Rennetl
Itr us.'  l.uusilale and  Eiplanade west.
Tho rails le be used iu the otleusiuu
of the Lonsdale avenue car line are lie
ing hauled and il is eipected that work
ou the line will be started on Monday
Yesterday the ferry hoard derided tu
maintain a half hour iirvice between
Vancouver and the North Hhore from
t p.m. |lli I a.m. immediately upou t^e
I'uiupielion of wurk ou No. 2 lerry.
Mr. W. 0, Hiu,Uin, iu Introducing the
motion tp thui Improve Ibe service,
emphasized the annoyance iff Hie
theatre goers and others having in wail
three quarters uf an liuu^ fur buals
leaving Vancuuver after II o'clock,
The sole feature of lhe meeting of
tbe district couucil last eveuiug was a
communication from the Dejinrtment of
.liiiliau Affairs at Ottawa slatlug tbat
if Hie council were considering uiiuii
doping all expenditure ou a road
Ihruugli Hi|Uamish Indian Deserve No.
I rather lhan pay Iheir commercial
value for lhe riparian rights uf the In
iliaus, anullier consultation of the Indian* of the reserve would be held
wilh Mr. Tyson, lhc lmal Indian agenl.
Al n,ut conference the >l*lemeiil of
lhc ,'ouili'il that a mail and wbarf would
be of great I,nielli, lo Hie Indian,
themselves would be considered.
The lirst practice of Ibe Nurlli Vau
couvir burke) club wiil be held tu
niurruw at ,'l p.m. on tbeir ground al
llnuii .nil park and ill those wishing
lo play are requested to be present
t* it il hoped lhat the club will Im
able to run Iwu leaius this season. The
geueral meeling was held lnl Tuesday
wheu Ihe following were elected: I'll
run., 'I. i K. II. tiri'lguim, W. 1
Di.k, W. 1. Irwln, 11. W. (Ir.en Army
lage and lhe Mayvt'j I'lesideul, I'rof.
II. I'. Maeiiagiileu; vice -preiident, Mr.
J J. Wuuds; captain, Ted lluili-; vice
■ aplaiu, H. Humphreys) see. treasurer,
H. Humphreyi.
Shoe Talks
The lime lu buy your t'bildren'i Shoes is NOW,
We carry the largest slock of Cuildreu'i Shoes in Hritisb Columbia.
We siieciaiise in Children's Shoes and lake Ihe greatest care iu tilling
lhe lillle ones' feel
W ur ii Ibe important feature.
0 ur Shoes ire made for bard wear.
0 ut*id* and inside built for comfort.
1) on't let your children gel wel feel,
A Doctor'* bill soon nm- up.
ti em il the time to prepare for winlir.
D leg iu aud eiainiue our stock. *S
S ** our new styles iu Men's, Women's and Children'i Shoes.
0 nr Prices are Uighl.
N iw (louds are on our shelve*,
Mho.' Kepairing by machinery os tbe shortest notiee,
Everybody*! Shoe Store
P, 0.I&I5      nm ITREET EA*T '      U 399
paine & McMillan
Y. P- 8. 0. B.
The regular meeling of the V. P. S.
C. Iv uf Sl. Andrew's cbureb was held
un Tuesday evening with an increased
alien.lame uf members ami friend.. Au
inii'i.'.ini,,' feature of the meeting was
a cleverly eunlcsted debate uu the sub
jeel, "llesuhed thai a praelical cduea
tion ii of greater advantage to thu
average man lhan a eollege education."
Thu iilliii'iiitu,' was supported by Mes
srs. Harry Hutchison and McDuugall,
while Ibe negative was represented by
Misi Nelta Hardy and Mr, Heu. Howell.
The decision was uwarded lu Iho afUrui
alive afler a cluse contest and thu
meetiiig clused with a shurt udilre*.
frum the ehairmiii, Die Itev. Mr. Me
land. It is ihe intention of thesuoioiy
In huld ulher ilelules Ihis season ami
a cordial iuvilatiun is eslendcd tu all
yuung peuple tu ull end theu Tuesday
evening services.   .
Musical Club
The youug ladies uf Norlh Lomdale
met Tm: i,,. evening to organi/c a
club which will be known as lhe
Young laidies' Musical I'lub (Y.L.U,
Wallace Shipyards l.ld. report busi
uess rather .-In. I., there beiug only una
lmal uu the ways.
Mr- T. Mi'ltri.lc's uew DIM luu scow
will bu laiinehed Ihjs afternoon.
The .iii,iiiin,is being made lo tho
goveruuieul' ■ ruek crusher are well
under way.
The terminal HS. 'Vs. new boat
, Ilowetia will.leave lhe yards nest week.
Tho ratepayers of the ilislriet of
Nurlh Vaneuuver will vole lo morrow
In Hie Iwu muney bylaws uuw befure
them, one to provide ItOMO tor streel
purpuses ami Ihc uther lo provide It
uuu I'ur the purcbaae uf a park .ile in
Dislricl Luls lull and till.
Too Late to Classify
WANTKD liineral servant Ml*.
I Wolfe Merlon, .llii IDth slreei 1!. I'liune
lloule Iluys .wanted at  the Fit pre**
CO. are removing
to Lonsdale Avenue, two
doors (rom Esplanade.   ■


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