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The Express 1911-04-21

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 r'Zil      1 ^MV^
Volume i 1
Nqbth Vanoqdvbb, B.O., Pbipay, Apbii, 21, 10U
Number 13
Regular Meeting of
tbe City Council
An n|i|iliuiitiiiii waa rocoivod Irom
ll.-ili.-rl Orubtree inking that -*:*i-.I
■t root In opened up' acroas the crook
to l.onndalc Avenue to provide access
to that thoroughfare liy o uiiira convenient miiiina than that uf llie lire-
K-i.-i.. .1 to lho li..,.i.i of Worlta.
Hr. Al.-v l'hilip wrote .,t..i n- that
I..- had let contract lor clearing Iota
22, 28 and 34, bluck '-Mil ua li.r.j.i
htiuaca will be erecled on audi nl
thuao lota ho would roiptcst Ihat a
road for lho pttrposo of u»llin;( build-
iug material in to the Iota lie ..|-.-n,.1
as tho roadway lor accesi lo lite
ll....I....u,l has I...ii 11...- .-,1 und is
inipiisaalilc. The lunl.liu. operation!
ih-pentt upon getting 2Mb i:,- I . i .1
ul Irom Lonsdule Ave. Kistivi.nl.
Il.-I.-N...I to tho II,,,.i.i ol Works
Hr. i. G. Farmer, C.M.C., alaledin
ii loiter It, the Hoard that thc rci|ficat
in the matter ol the Lynn Vulley water  t..:. made hy the cily council to
Ihe district council hail been referred
to Ilic Hoard of Works and wuter-
works committee will) power to out,
ulso Ihut ill ill. mill I.:i as to lho nd-
vieiibiliiy ol extending Ilic cily'ibntin-
dariee Acting licovo Allan und Coun.
Hridgmun and Luwann will confer wilh
Ihe City council on Ihis point ut tin
early date.
In thia mutter the clerk Wei Instruct-
al lo write u.king for u date for the
joinl ineeling.
Tho accrelury nf Ihe Norlh Vancouver City Ferries wrote the bosrd stilling thst he hud plnood liefore that
body tho comit'il'H communication ul
the -'.ih in..t
l'ro|jer insl i ucl ions lime been issue!
lor lite preparing nl the plans lor tin
laying ol the II. C, Telephone Cow
I ..ni'.'- cable Irom the company*
wharves on either aide ol the Inlet
providing thut Ihe lerry compuny
ahall not lie rcs|i»usihlc lor any dam-
ago sustained by snid cablo due to navigation on Ihe Inlet. Alio Ibat the
direction ol Ihe Ferry Company hud
directed him (the storotsryj to ret|iect-
lully rci|uost Iho city council to sub-
mil u bylaw to giiuruntec g|5U,llOU on
.li-L.-iiiin.-i, tho money to lie derived
therefrom to be oxpoiuhd in the build
ing ol a uow lerry .leiimcr nud in
created v.l.uii facilities for handling
traffic al Norlh Vancouver and Vancouver. This waa relerrctl lo a spinal meeting on Friday evening nol.
A l.-n. i waa roud Irom the Acniiliui
•lurvia ('... us follows: "Wc wrote you
lo auy ihut we were calling a mooting
of ll..- middlemen who were atill hold-
era of tho Noilh Vancouver howl*
with u view ol Basing il wo could gel
them lo agree lo some concerted
action and clean up the mnrkot b.-fore
your bonds come out. From thi
meeting held today wc lind it impossible Io gel them to agree to any
plan aa euch haa paid n different price
and moal ol them too high lor the
nl in..i L.-t condition. I rider tin
ai once    take
Vancouver, on Thursday morning,of
this wuuk at 11 o'clock for tho purpoae of discussing the permanent grading to be done to ionedale Ave. and
Fir.t streets in connection with the
company'a truoke. The engineer waa
asked by Aid. llundereon tq look oyer
profile ol the above gradea and to be
proeont at tho mooting.
A pulitian wue revive! from property owneri, cKiioni snd reaidenta ol
Nortli Vancouver with a number ol
itamea aubecribod urgently retiucetlng'
the Council to open the Eaplanado
through the Lonsdule tianlena to tho
city limits.
Aid. Dick pointed one that it would
bu difficult to do this as property
ownura iietilioning lor the eume did
not in. li -i.-.tu in I Ibe difficultie* which
stood in lln wuy otttBido of lho coat
to tho city in ita present state whon
ili.uatan.ln ol dollars ure monthly lie
ing apunt on public work..
Aid. lien,leu,.,n moved tbat thc pa
titionurs rotpicsl be grunted. There
wus every neod for a thoroughfare.
The Esplanade was essentially flic in-
ilii.in.il slreot of North Vancouver,
and us such it should lie put in a
state lil lor heavy vehicular traffic at
some n .In.-, in. nt . must bo held out to
industries wishing lo cBlubliah themselves nn the Norlh Shoro as well as
those ulreudy horo.
.\ 1.1 Qendsnon did not ece why lho
il."' -1. lu'.ii-- could not lw put through
us sewers wero lo bo Iuid through Uu.
gardens and wnlur mains had already
been Iuid.
Aid. Killson Ihought that aa tin
council had already nun. itreet wor
lhaii il could possibly bundle thia mul
ter should be dolerred for sonic tun.
ut leaat.
Aid.   Ilisa usked whut the city's  in
I cut ion wilh regard to Ihe Esplunudi
Wiih liulore the White City proposition
liml brought it ao prominently befor.
tho public. lie did not think ths
action in thc matter ahould bo in an1
way iiilliicin.i! by Hemphill Brother,'
exploded amusement purk.
Aid. Killson then moved that tht
inatt.er Is- referred to ilic apecial
meeting ol tho council on Thursday
Aid Henderson ,-..■ juic ..-.I to thia,
ul the same time culling attention that
in the mailer of lho opening of tbc
Esplanade esrth which is now being
curtcd uway during Ihe improvements
now going on to the streets could be
dumped in thu ruvine in tho I ..n .I.J.
II nitidis thereby making a p. rmnncnl
till which would lie a considerable item
in lite cost ol the slreot.
Hepoits of Committees
I .ie..n.i Dm iii addressed llie com
iiiitlec und asked for delinile inf.hum
lion relative lu council'e intention to
cxpropri/jli property lor widening ot
Grand Boulevard. Hr. Ducni wa. in-
li yii.-.l thul committee wus of opinion
' v I council could not entertain any
pr.., «al to borrow money lor such a
reason v'« scsaon.
lie ipplicntioti of Commodore Wood.
the coinmitt.ee recommend that per-
mission grunted by lu.l year', council
I.' ■ ..I.i club to moor thoir float
- - , i the foot tif St.
[0     V't'iicyvud lor tin- cur-
i      ^  » I. and   Muckle
S.l J •A.pcucdupbc
ee them and you wilhi. g*Vi
to see how you look in feT
Try them on-then you'll 1° *".
Tl V    "
to own one. 1 hey are exh'^
ordinary values, as you'll realikTo
when you see them.
Fate of Dominion Subsidy for Second Narrows
Bridge to be Decided Within Next Few
Days--Supplementary Estimates Will Be
Brought Down Next Week.
113-115 Lonsdale Avenue.
Seed Potatoes
All  our aecdi nre  ap. oinlly aclocttd and toiled to comply   with
Seed Control Act.  In buying eeoda dan't overlook t|unlily.
We tlio carry a (ull line of FERTILIZERS
The Brackman-Ker
Milling Co., Ltd.
At Ferry Landing.
From Ibe moil authentic .ourcet it
ia    learned   that    lleeve  HcNaUgllt    il
now in Ottawa witb initructioni snd
full uuilioiiiy to act lor Burrard Inlot Tunnol and Hi idee Company in all
negotiation! rolalivo to tbe Hi nice.
Hr. William McNeill of the V. W. k
Y. Hailway left for Ottawa on Friday
last, and was due lo an in- at tho
capital on Thursday. To au Express
representative Hr. McNeill staled a
lew daya before hia departure "I am
going to Oltuwu this week and the
whole m.it i >-r is in my hands ao lar
aa my company ia concerned." Mr.
McNeill haa, therefore ull needlul au
thorily lo act lor the V. W. it Y. By.
ll ia understood that the reprcacn
i ..i i.e. of llie two companies have at-
ranged Ihe approaching coufcreace
upon thc suggestion of the government
which has ..ruin inlimaled ils desire
thai the disposal ol the subsidy bear-
langul through au amicable agreement between Ihe two applicants
What :.|.pciis to lie a well founded
report lins cmnnuted from IHlawa lo
the affect that tho supplementary estimate! will be brought down next
week for which reason it ia imperative
thul mailers re the bridge lubtidy be
brought to a locus without further de
luy. It is, therefore, certain that
lho uncertainty which haa buen retarding progrcaa with reference lo bridge
matters will be removed within af;
days and that lho linos which   future
.l.-i dop ni ii ure to follow will be d,
liniii-ly determined.
A rumor to trio effect thut tho V. W.
it V. Bailway Company bave Bold
their charter or given an option on
the tamo, cannot be traced to any
authentic aourco aud ie not given
credence in well inform..! circles. It is
ussortod, however, that the representative ol the V. Vi. k Y. declared lie
fore leaving for Ottawa Ihat his
Company would lie prepared to guarantee to expend two million dollars
upon aotuul construction work in th
immediate future.
Whatever tho outcome the noxt few
days will doubtless seo niomunttiua de-
voltipmenla al Otlawa rolalivo to the
disposal ol tho Dominion subsidy lot
Seen,I Narrows bridge.
way from 22nd atreet via Laraon Boad
..ml -lib atreet opened up to lots 27,
28 and 29. block 21IA, D. L. Ml, for
convenience of building. Committee decided lo view tbe work.
lie i.-.jii>-.-ii <>f W. I. Elliott for a
road to foe conatrnclod to give acccsa
lo lot I, block 2)h, 0. h. MS on which
lie undertook to build dwelling houses
of mine uf not leas than )2,tlK). Committee decided to view the work.
He i..piest of Angui C. Penney lor
road lo lie constructed to give ncco.
to suli .liwsion I, lot 6, block 29, 0.
I.. 148 on wbich he undertook to build
dwelling li.nines. Commit tee decided to
view the work.
Be |Mititioii ol Hrs. A. Mordcn and
others for sewer to lie const rucl od on
(Continued on page 7)
District Council
Tho district council mot last uigbt
as usual in open session. Thc buai
uw. was chiefly ol a routine churucter
although aome mattcra of minor im
p..th.nee wero considered.
A Idler was received from Ihe city
Council, Unit body cxproaing willingness lo meet tbo representatives of lho
district re the mailer of extending lho
cily In.uml.hi. .
Italph Smith wrote acknowledging
receipt of resolution forwarded to him
by lho council with regard tu the Bur-
io. I Inlet Tunnel and Bridge (Vs. application lor a .ubsidy and beg. to
slulo Ihut this matter has been bclnro
the ministers for some weeks. Hr.
lol.n McNougiil will call on hi. return Irom Kugland and will bring latest information on Ibis subject.
Acknowledgments ol Ibe roccip.e nl
copies of tbi. resolution woro also lo-
ceived from Hon. tier,. 1'. Graham and
lion. Wm. icinpl.'iiiun.
I'ouii. Bridgman slated Ihat ho had
reliable information lo tbe effect thut
when lho new car line wot o|>eiitid on
Fell Ave. the B. 0. E. It Co. intend
abandoning thai portion ol the company's tracks from Fell Ave. lo Ihe
pi.-.-.-ui terminus on Ihe Capiluno rotd
"Snd on behalf of Ibe ratepayer, of the
'',-strict bt (Councillor Bridgman),
ijd suggest a joint meeting ol  Uie
of lire ensuing week the plun was finally passed.'
The completion ol Ihe purchase of
Illock 15, D. L. i.l'i ua a |>nrk sito lor
Lynn Valley lor J7,MW waa r0|wrl«d
by Ihe clork.
Detail, huvo been rearranged lor tbc
opening ol the now 1'rc.byteritn
church, Pipe Line and Centre Boad.,
and the day set for samo i. Sunday,
Hay 7th and Monday May 8tb. Preparatory lorvico will lie hold on Friday, May Mil, al 8 o'clock when Bev.
Mr. I.orl.liaii Irom Vancouver and
tbe seetion from St. Andrew's church,
North Vancouver, will protido, and
at which it is expected a large in
croaie will be made in the member
On Sunday morning at 11 o'clock
Bev. Dr. l'idgoon will conduct lho dedicatory service and administer tho
communion, lu tbe evening ot 7.30
Bov. Dr. HcKay principal of Westminster Hall, will conduct tho service.
On Hominy, Hay 8lh, from 7.30
o'clock there will be a grand banquet
in tho now church ut which lomc ex-
ocllunt .pcakera will bo heard. Tick-
oil 60c, aro obtainable from tfao churcb
workera. . The aouvonir bookleti of
Lynn Valloy aro now selling rapidly
and may lw obtained Irom membera ol
tbe Ladies' Aid or may be ordered
Irom A. B. Wugh.unc, price Vic each.
l'r^V tolrict'co'uncile t7coii,idor 1,hot '' f"m CM> I* ** *"* ,"*crin
The motion   wat    put
It  woe  k^
committee \llX[ wflJ jp.Uuclcd
ii-ii'ii."i   lo   cull
'•/or the painting   of    (he
B. C. Electric Vbrid)(Cl)
view to having s\,bat Ul|) ,ttainei a.
to schedule.    Hr. V^, MJ|U ot „„,,.
Horden were appoint*. , (h(J buildjng Q,
to interview the ferry Ova||ey
Aid.    Henderson    move,     (
Board communicate witb
ncal   im
ually   pn'-ii.l
inner being
H.P., ro.pic.ling him to
preeent eeetion of the Domini
liamont if it was a fact t<
dredge which hod been built fort^ r
ing the Firit Narrowi by ihe got^y t)le
ment had been tent to do tome
work on the Alberni. Canal. Mr. 1/
dorion pointed out tbst if lucb
the ctte, th* obvious slight lo ths
great harbour of Vancouver, the menace to navigation which tbe Firit Narrow! prtsentad and the urgent ne>' for
Ihs completion of the government/a
Mr. P. S. i hoiiii.H. iTiin.H., lho drug-
giat in charge ol the new North Shore
Drug Co'i. store bore in an interview
with tbo l-'.xpreti ropreiontativt today aaid that he believed si loan
half of the drug buainos of None
Vancouver went lo the Ing eity atom,
He laid that in bia experience in Ihr
city itoroe price, on articles of which
the customer did not know Ihe regular telling price woro at' leant 20 per
cent, higher than he. hsd been in the
habit of charging while in buiineis
hire. The publio eeemed to ho at I ratted hy the flaring cut price, on s few
patent medicine..    Mr.  ih.iuiil   tui.
tbe city than he intendi to charge,
then there', something wrong witb ll i.
ipmlity. He intendi io carry in
■tock ol V. D. k Co'i. k Burrowi Welcome and Froeet. pbarmaoc'iliculi ci
far oa obtainable se in bil opinion
these nik the pick of the world's manufacturers. Hr.. Thomas' night :>bonr
ii number 224 and he will be ready
to answer any emergent night rail.
after regular houra which oro from t
ii.m. to 10..T0 p.m.
Mr. 8. Prentice, who recently purchased the Kundic Kitsbcn st v'l
Lonedale Avenuo ba* given yet another evidence of hi* bu.ine** enfrr-
priee and confidonco in N. V. by pur-
'using tho grocery ixutfariiai at 1111
idole Avenue formerly operated by
snd Hood and,more ri.c'tly
V.  B. Hood.   Mr. Prostioe
took poHtetion ol the 'biwinest Thu..
duy snd witb chared eristic encigy
hat already adopted weatur-n which
have greatly improved the inturior ,u-
rnngement. and the appearunot ol tbc
ttort. It ii Mr. Prenticc'i lulciilnn
to operate both store., giving hii i'ii-
tomori tbo advantagee nf iniform
prices and sen ice at bolb ,. uliie.l.
inonts. Since entering 'he Im ol local busbies men Mr. Prentice baa
built up a valuable buaineas connection and bee made for himself mun
viablo reputation for right method,
snd fair treatment which will doubt-
rcaa greatly assist him in carrying bis
new enterprise to great •ucccss.
Local News
Have you forgotten the Maple Ijoaf
dunce tonight in Eagle Hall I
Mr. and Mrt. Percy Webatcr of He
wick Avenue ore contemplating a trip
to tho south of England where they
will in all probability tike up their
residence. '
Tho Ferry Co. will inaugurate a -11
minute .-.i-iurc on the l.t ol Hay, as
decided at tho director.' meeting ye.
teniay afternoon. Tbc B. 0, Electric
will alio run a -'il minute wrvicc to
conlorm with the ferry .chodule.
A new tariff tor freight and win. u
lar traffic baa been decided upon by
the ferry direclora at their Tbureday'a
meeting. Five emits per 100 lb. with
a minimum of 10 mils will be
Mrs. Horry Burgeaa, whose huaband
is employed in the B. C. Electric By.
residing on the Capilano Boad, was
I akin very ill on Wudncadny and was
rushed ly the Norlb Vancouver bo.
(ii tui.
A young .on ol Ell.wurlh McMillan
fell down an open sewer trench on
Keith road yesterday afternooo cutting bia bead. Tbc injuries malum
od, howover, were not ol a lerious
A horse belonging lo Ibe Avenue
I'ush (irocery and used by them for
delivery Idl into thc aewor on I un
dale Ave. on WcdiicsJoy. Officer Prime
who arrived ou Ibe .cene .aid tbat tbe
accident waa due to thc carelctunna of
the driver.
A form of resolution which tbe cily'.
financial agent, Aemiliu. Jarvie k Co.
wished the city council to pass in the
disposition ol their debenture, wus
eoneidorod by tbc cily council la't
ovening lor a short time alter com
mil tec..
Aiiiliiin.ii Lodge No. 73 mot ou Wed-
neaday evening, W. G, T. Cross pre
aiding. The feature of the .-. ,i..n
waa a debate, thc siiln.it bring "Be
solved Ibat women have in. ie inllu
onco for good than men." Brother Heron for Uw negative gained the night
Similar meelinga will be held in Ihe
near future.
ilie Norlb Vancouver 11. C. Electric
By. system waa impeded on Wadnes
day by Mr. Book, Loudon, England,
consulting engineer ol thia compuny,
aud by Mr. Lloyd, assistant tupsris-
lendunl ol mainland branches. Mr. A.
0. Perry, thc looel manager, accompanied (hem on their lour.
'The lun.-i.il of Ihe late Wm. Buuell
look place yesterday afternoon. Sn
vice wa. Iwld at the bouat tt 1.16 p.
m. and the remain, acre taken lo
Vancouver by the 2.46 fury, [hence
to Mountain View cemetery. Bev. Mr
fiillum presided at tho house, th* Salvation Army officer at Ihe grave. De
ceoacd wu 4) year, ol *g*.
A .od evopt occurred thi. morning
when Mra. Murtrie of CbcetcdoU Ave
died at Ihe North Vancouver hospital
titer an illnee. of .bout two weeks.
Deceased wa. about 28 yean 4 age
and leave o huaband and young child.
Mn. W T. Graham ha. very kindly
assumed the care of the moiherle*. infant.
On April 6, Mr*. S. Kennedy held a
reception in honor of thsir eon, Tbo
mat, who hat lately returned from
the aoutb wilh hi* briio. Th* bride,
who united ia reoaiving, looked very
dainty in S gown of psls punk tatin
with bugsJ Manning. A Idxgt asm-
bor of people were present, strata!
coming from Vancouver. On th* tallowing Wednesday the Mimm. Kapsdr
wtartained at a progriteivt whist
party whan about 10 young people in
joyed f noet ptestsal evening. Be
freehmentt w«r. aarvad about mid
night, mnae tad daacafg following.
Ths t»r*p«ny iHaperaed about lit all
having had s good tin*.
A meeting of tho executive of thu
North Vancouver Yacht Club waa held
last tvening, several mailer, of importance being decided upon by tho
officers of tht Club.
The date for tho Catce cup race wua
fixed for tho third of Juno and the
courie will be laid up Howe Sound
between Anvil and loonier Islands and
return. It waa alio decided lo hold
monthly races during tho present s.n
s..n a lent.ue of which will bo thcbul-
l.i.i handicap to be placed on lho
winner of Ihe first race. Tho initial
racing event will be held nt Cove ('tiff
North Arm about Hay Uth. A committee wu appointed lo interview Hr.
Eaton of the North Vuneouver Coal
and Supply Co. in reference to the
anchorage uf tin- club housu ut the
end ol thc Company's wharf at the
fool of SI. George's Avenue.
B. Elliott McAllister ol New Wart-
minster will givo an interesting address in the Gem theatre Fir.t slreot
oust at 7.30 p.m. Sunday, April -3rd.
Every pu ..n welcome. No collection.
M.I II. n.l.. -ui bus now taken up
his T,..u i in his new offices recently   i.i  on Lonsdale Ave.   ad-
joiiiii..- ill.- lerry approach on the waterfront.
Thc Ferry Board of Directors will
meet the rutepuycrs ol the cily at a
ineeling at the cily hull lliia evening,
lur the purpoae ol answering the inquiries which have In-cn Hindu ul late
wilb reference to ferry inaltcri. The
meeting begins at eight o'clock.
The locul branch of lho Women's
i Ini n.hi I.ni|-ei.in.. Union held u
very ouruiiraging muling utthehomu
of Hrs. Alexander l'hilip mi Wednos-
day. There was a good altcndunco
and si-w.-i.il new nu ml..... were enrolled. The various superiiilendeail of
d.p..iiin.-nt- were appointed. Tho
meeting next month will lie held at the
homo ol Mra. H. C. Bolnslord, Third
•trout ... i
Tho Nurlh Vancouver Lumber Company propose erecting a large sawmill
on tbc waterfront noar Ibo Indian
iim-iuii Plans have tilready Ism a-
grccd upon and the content of the Indians and the Dominion government
lo lins undertaking bus already been
secured and there is only I. it the oou-
seut uf tbe department of martin' and
fisheries lu Ik- .ccurod when tbe en
stiuction will start lorlhwith.
The lu.i-ii, ultui.il hall wns well filled wilb an nii.niiw and appreciative
audience last evening lu enjoy the
concert ciiterluinineiil under the auspices of SI. Edmund's Human Cat hull, church. The siege, was very |>rol-
lily tl.-. on.t.si w ith lilies and palm*.
Ihe program waa rendered precisely s*
onnniiiiccd uml each ilcm provudtobo
uf choice merit. The artistes wero
Madame Bosino Hiuko soprano, Miss
Helen Uudgley elocutionist, Mesart. <f.
A. V'nrnos. Hereford Fox und Dr.
Cameron, iuatrunicntnliits tnd Mil.
Crysdalc accompanist.
ilic concert was high clou throughout ami Ihe interest ol the larg* audience was sustained nl a high point
4 enthusiasm to the conclunos, Tha
pioceuds will be applied toward oapi-
tal cip.n.liiui.- in connection with Bt.
lho mambert ol Ihii fraternity are
nol uiiiniii.ll.il ol the 26lb day ol April, IH'J, fur il wat on tbi. dale tbt
father, of the order laid the foundation .lime of llie inilituiion which
ihoy were pleteed to denominate frn
t.-mil>. .. univerttl fraternity In the
family of man. Thc hardy pioneers
were sheltered from tho storm wilh
little better than a cubin built of drill
wood rudely thrown together through
the crack, and crevice, ol which the
light shone in at if lire iun Inn.it'll
hastened lo become their day epriflvr.
Cheered by theae lokeua of heavenly
benediction lho five palriarcha raised
aloft Ihe colors ol Ihe order, hold tho
slog witb firm hand, while Hit favoring breeze unfolded Iho primitive lit.!
upon wbich Wat inscribed tbe motto '•
Frioodibip, Love snd Truth, proclaiming the Fatherhood of God and
the Brolaarhood of Msn. The bw
tori of Ndtib Vsneouver lodge No. 66
will eeiebTsts the 92nd onnivtnary of
tfae order by tllanding divine aarvjee
at Ibe Methothst church on Sunday
next the Mid im*. at I o'olock. The
brethren are requested lo mtet tl the
lodge room, corner Lonsdale snd Bib
etrsel nl 2 o'clock p.m. The p,*Hh)
sre cordially invited to sit**! the Mr-
riot, oi Um ehurch. tio
w  ' ..y .'.Baa
(or everybody.
Carpet Squares
and Rugs.
We have juit
received a
complete line
of Imported
Pricei right.
Special Attention given to
Window Shades,
Curtain Rods, etc.
128 Lonsdale Avenue
i draperies by vi-jing'
• Carpet Sweeper
Buffets, Sideboards
and Dressers
Try our
If you intend miking your home
Hi North Vancouver see us,
We also carry a full
line of Crockery.
128 Lonsdale Ayenue
from $200 to $450; 1-4 cash, balance 2 years
AU ilaihed; 1 Block WEST of Grand Boulevard; open itreet;
high ground; full view of city and harbor; 10 minute* walk
from two car lines.
Why live miles out of the city when you can purchase Home-
aitei for lew than you pay three and four miles out, and in
the west end at that?   INVESTIGATE.
A Cheap Double Corner
on Queensbury Avenue
LoU 23 and 24, Block 14, D. L. 273
137 feet on car line by 100 feet deep.   Price only
$5750.   1-3 cash, balance to arrange.
The above will doubtless be good business, property, being situated to close to
the Grand Boulevard, upon which no stores can be erected.
tun Ursaville Street
Telsphoa* 116.
VANCOUVEB, H   C, Aetboriaed  Capital    U,iHJ0,000.
Ileal Kitete.     Imuran,.-.       Monsy lo l-Oan.
14 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver, |,,,,i Mansgi.,.
Ut 18, Block 38, D. L. 880, 11 IBO.  Caah |460, balance 6 and 12 month*
Lot* 84 and 88, Block 166, D, I.. 274, $13,000. Term* to arrange.  Near Lonsdale
the *bov* lot* are ayaong the beet buys ia North Vancouver, aad iuteadiag iavseUin nil)
iatereste by investigating. Ws bave the .iclusiv. sale and also • larg* list of olier lot* 1
ia your own interest to call and inspect our list before deciding,
Rati Estate AgeoU.      Financial Broker.
Head Office: 405 Hastings St W., Vancouver,
Pleasant Fields
of_Holy Writ
Second Quarter- Lesson IV. 2 King*
joash ''Hkpaws THE TOW. IB
Tbe ltitn|ilu at •luriiaalem was not
merely a place of devotion containing
venerated enuvenire. it was in iteoll
a monument to religion. Ite material
condition wua, therefore, significant.
Like a baromoler it indioatal.the rile
*nd fall of religious fueling. At this
t ium the sacred fane was in ii pitiful
condition. More neglect ii enough to
insure ruin of a large building, but-in
this instance (here was actual vandalism in addition. No wonder Jonah
turned to the repair ol the tomple ei
thi Ant net of his mien. It had
sheltered him in infancy hiding him
six years in its sanctuary. Under Hs
porch he hud lieui amtinted king. Its
high priest had been Ida loiter father,
its priests hia body guard, ils armory furniihed tho weapons lor hii defence, The importance ol the proposed restoration of the temple ia significantly indicated. The chronicler puis
speoial emphasis on it as tho chief
work of Joash's reign. Tin- lirst plan
lor raising funds proved futile. Tho
priests were to oanvass the country,
for subscriptions. Nothing indicates'
misappropriation of funds. Tlto lad is
they did not get any. Tho nest device succeeded. Tho people were not
solicited away Irom the temple but on
tho very ground where they could wit-
. ni ill.- ravages of the vandal.     Al-
sr tlto pilgrim had seen tho ruin ond
before leaving lie would come across u
chosl whose opon mouth soemed to
plead lor an offering lor restoration ol
tho temple. The dovlce wus popular at
once. A yellow stream poured into
tho improvised treasury. The Mr.me
Inn hud ii. I'e-iii i- to lw unlocked by
tho high priest und its contents audit-
od hy the king's scribe. Soon thorn
waa en..ueh and to spare for repair,
renovation und roliirniidiiiig. As the
building in itself wus sign ol tho covenant, its restoration by tbe Iree (ri'tI
of the p.coplc wus token ol the revival
of the covenant between JehuVuh and
his people
There wero sovoral strains ol blood
in Joash's veins—good und had. He
could not choose his ancestore and so
was not responsiblo. Ho could how-
evsr, say which strain should be ascendent. In asserting ths power ol
heredity it has been aaid that tho
dead hand rulos us. II that he so then
the live band mull yuppie with the
doad one. All unworthy •nccstral
ghosts can bo laid. Where there's a
will there's a way I Joboiada six-mod
indispensable to Joasii. Ile could
not stand alone. But Ihe best tool of
character ia to lie able lo stund without a prop. The religion ihut always
needs bolstering ia nol ol much
account, ll costs a great sum to
keep St. fetor's in repair. There iss
little village on tho rool ol the cathedral whore the workmen live. II work
owned thc vast building would io»n
fill in ruin. Hut in thie instance Sol
omon'a temple waa not only negiccloi!
it waa looted. Sticking lo the first
plan adopted ia often a matter ol
pride. Il ia a broad minded per
eon who dropa the plan thai prove*
futile and adopta uitother. Jchuiadu
lid that when he sulisitiui.il the chest
lor tho poraona! cunvaaa. Whut tin
forum ia lo liome, lho Acropolia to
Greeoe, the Temple ii to Palestine.
History of temple is history ol nation.
Namci illustrious and despicable, doudi
valorous and ignoble, doctrines ol
faith, usages of ritual—all are shrined
and illustrated here. It is epitome ol
a thousand years. No wonder Ihul
repair of iuch a building U-ouinu mailer ol date. But tire crown was nol
able to fairy out tbo enterprise Un-
silted, Cooperation of lbs |*.|)le
must needs lie urgod und when given
than wu that reflex advuutege that
aever faili. God i> nlii.ilnt.-ly independent but haa made himself relatively depeadant not lor his advantage
but for that of his oreaturat. For
example la hi* infinite power he could
bave built bioed! a temple and kapt
it in repair.    But it pleased the own-/
High Grade German Piano
This is 8 special sample piano made to compete
with high grade Canadian pianos,
Reg. $500 BREWSTER PIANO  -  $275
Warbumitz Piano House, Limited
443 Lonidale Avenue Phone 114
The Place Where Everybody Goes
Gem Theatre
m Good Pictures Good Singing
IIQb see     eee
•••     •*•
• ••
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• •»
Good Music
Programme changed Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Adults 10c "^ViSlZ^1 Children 5c
Matinee  every   Saturday 3.30 o'clock
, J    ii
Rates:   fa.oo  pur   and   up,   Special rates lu families
end   to regular   boarders	
finest Roof Garden on Pacific Coast
III. ..Ml   SlKKH
•   -   -   NORTH   VANCOUVEK. H.
North Vaocouver City Ferries, Limited
laava Vancnuvar       leave Norlli Van. Iiivi Nortli Van.     Ln.i Vinces,*
•li.to s.ur. '6.10 ii.ni.
7.80 " 'T.M "
8.60 " '8.90 "
9.16 a 9.26 "
10.46  " 10.16
"6.M a.m.
9.16 "
10.16 "
11.16 "
13.16 p.m.
1.16 "
3.16 "
8.16 "   .
4.l» "/
6.00 hi
'6.16 t.m.
j%uld W
•r 4 ths univeree tn malts bimeoll f Ol
nsendioMt u4 ub alms in order O
bis creetufoo might have ths ron)s'f       ""
vantage   ol   voluntary   t-„-„|
with him in his entarpriee*.   '
t.ii ,i
Jir friends
p. with us at once
act too late^^
itwnx*  oil
British Columbia Branch Ofllwe;
i Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver
Ull Uoyejrnment St., Victoria
Braqch Ofllces In Europe
Berlin, Germany
London, England
Paris, France
PkjwW   Norlh Vancouver, B. C.
Irighten Up!!
Bapco Pure. Paints  Baplac Varnishes
Shingle Stains lapalac Varnishes
Enamel Paints        White Lead
Oils, Brushes, etc,  d
Hardware  Stoves  Furnishings
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
North Vancouver Hardware Store
Parkdale Finest Alberta Butter 30c. lb.
May Flower, Spring Brook or Ayrshire Rose 3 lbs. $1.00
5 lbs. of good Tea       -        -       ...      -       | .50
5 lbs. of belter Tea 1.75.
5 lbs. ol Ihe best Tea 2.00
AT ■
Corner First Street and St. George
will be on exhibition daily
from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the
B. C. Electric Railway Co.'s
office, !i-0 Lonsdale Avenue
/    •     Elegant New Styles in
I    "
Spring Suits
Priced to save dollars for
yoa and build trade for us.
■jiio" y $35
■ ..•      ''-.,
See them and you will want
to see how you look in them.
Try them on-then you'll want
to own one. They are extraordinary values, as you'll realize
when you see them.
113-115 Lonsdale Avenue.
Board Lay» Out Great Programme for Future
or North Vancouver,
nn', muss    wiii'ik i j.ovj:k
fteed Potatoes
All  our Hfiii .re ipieinlly tclocM tnd letted lo comjily   with
Setd ('oritiol Act.  In buying Ited. don't overlook t|Mallty,
Wt al.o carry t lull lint of FERTILIZERS
■I       ' —■"—■■«—■——a|i      il    >    ii i i    '.I
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., ttd.
I.ONMMI.K AV/'NUK. Al I'nry Lending.
The meeting ol tbe Huerd ol Trode
.Vet woll attended pn Wedneiduy last
iiniirly till tbe membera being preient,
and not a lew citizeni occupied cbaira
in the building to Helen to tbo pro-
grain tho Board baa laid out for tbo
city which ia ua cumniondublo aa it ia
loaeiblo and necoiiary.
Hon. Qeo. P. Graham, miniitw ol
Kailwuya and (lunula, wrote acknowledging tho vote ol tbanki lorwardai
by tin. secretary It) Ottaw* lone timo
ligo Ibunking Mr. Hi'iiliiini fur Ibe ai-
niiiinniv ho bad rendored tbe dologa-
tiou on their viuil lo Ottawa.
The Bocrotory read a duplicate ol u
telegram which hai just boon forward-
al by him to tho l'remior, the Mini,
tor ol the Interior and tho Minister o'
ltuilwuy. and ('minis at lho iit.tiga
lion nl the Hoard which roud oa follow. : Tho Norlb Vancouver Board ol
Ti ■■•.ii- joina with tho city and diatrict
i-'iinii-ils in their reaolution oaruoatly
urging .ubaitly lo llurrard Inlet Tunnel und Bridge Company at tbii (casino. Tbe Vancouver, Weatmioatcr
and Yukon ltuilwuy havo had amplo
opportunity und every encouragement
mill hove done nothing, I'urlhoi doluy
tnetina very aeriouB line to thc North
Shore und to commercial inlereale ul
thia harbor. Public eontiment of tho
province ia in lavor ol municipally
nwnoti bridge and sfsilil.illlil ol public
money ia ulreudy auhacribod for It.
The ecci.-i.-..-. ul tho Schoul Board
wrolo the II.iiiiiI nl Trnile wilh regard
lu the I. ,Dim...n ol technical education in the achoola presented by tbo
luttor body to tho achool Iru.leca at
their luat meeting. It wu. tbeachoul
tlireclura' wiab, lo huvo e manual
I ruining department in ull lho acbuols
aa toon ua facjlilica lur thia piirpoat'
cuuld bo uml.ill.il in the acbiiula. At
present, however, auilablo occummtidn-
linn wua nut available.
Mr. Alex, l'hilip, prciidenl ol Iho
Aaauciulion uddreascd Ihe meeting lor
u low miuutea laying aovcrul uaelul
und iiiiii'Ii needed project* upon fur
iin- creel inn ol u meteorological
sluliuii un Uruiiao Muiinlain, a proposal which buth Vuncuuver uml Went-
minater cilio. ure cunsidcring ut Ilic
llie protenl time.
To apply to iho Dominion govern
in.'i.i to huve Iho bnttloiiip Kainbuw
lure on the Iii si and aecond duyi ul
.Inly lor Dominion Day eclcbratiun.
Mr. l'hilip alau Ihought Ihat the
time hud copie when inquiry into tho
sinking uf Ihe pontoons ol Ihe lerry
uppruueb hud arrived al tins event
which wua in nu manlier an accident
but carclcaancaa ol u very eorioua nature •liould lie deeply probed.'
Tho tnioouragenienl ..I Kugliah act-
llera wua another mutter which tin
preeidenl touched upon. The boat
menus ol eiicouruging thi. our most
il.-i.iiulilf immigrant, iuid Mr. l'hilip,
wua lo uae the ones which we already
huve witb .-..nm.I.miu.n
Mr. Fieldboiiac hud another com-
pluinl .1. ,-n. i thc Ferry Co. lur pulling oul Iruin Ibe Nurlh Vancouver
whurl bvfuro Ihe paaaongora on the
l.ynn Vulley cur hud opportunity to
uiuko Ihe .connection, although only
.il.iiui u iiiiinite wua needed lor this
purpoae, und placed hia complaint
ugoinal the Ferrica Wore Ihe Board
ol Trade accordingly.
Mr. Moi-tleu though! that in the
event ul Ihe latoneaa ol the cura lho
lerry could hardly lie expected lo wuil
ua it would demoralize thc entire .cr
vice. In any event it waa nol n mallei lor Iho Board lo diicuat, but t in-
of amioablo eettlemenl botweeri tbcee
(wu lurgo rompaniea who were aulcly
in(orea(ed in terving tbo travelling
Mr. .Ferry, looal manager „/ the I'.
('., He. in., eaid Ibat in many in-
aluncea Ibe rcoton lotjhe latencaa of
lho cur. wa. a w.H at llie blher end
ol tbe line lor aomo .printing pcdoi
triuit. ilia company wu. out loicrvo
nn.I |.l. -I'1.' the public and lo moot tbo
Ferric win-never poaeiblc. A. no representative of Ibo lorry pooplo w-ia
present (he meeting wu. (pared Ibe
views uf tbia corner uf tbe diacuaaion.
Il wai lin.illy decided to appoiut a
cummitloo to interview the ferry din-dura and get them to approaeii tbo
B. ('. Klectric un lho motlnr with a
view to having an understanding aa
In schedule. Mr. Billing! end Mr.
Morden were uP|ioinled the commiUco
lo interview Iho ferry company.
Aid. ilititlnriun moved that tbe
Bomd communicate wilb Mr. Cowan,
Ml'., requeuing Mil) lu ttk at 'bo
preeenl eeeaion ol the Duminion parliament if it wai a ltd Ibat tbo
dredge wblcb bod been built for di edging Ui* Fir at Narrow i by tbe go'eminent had been eepl to du tome minor
work on the Alborni ('anal- Mr. I/on-
deraon pointed out thai if *ueb t era
the caee, Ibe obvjout tlight to the
great harbour of Vanoouver, the men-
tee to navigation whioh tbo Firit Narrow* preeentad and lho urgent ne>' lor
lite completion of tb* govornmenl/i
Mr. A. (J. Perry thought that Mr.
Cowan ahould not merely ho uuilrjct-
ed to uak thii (iiicilion, but il be
fowid tbat tbia rumor were tin... metaphorically ho should uriic upon hi.
hind leg. and nhout tgninat thia in-
Aftor u good deal ol diicuaaiun by
tho different memben, bowover, il wus
decided that a telegram wai to be lor-
wurdod by Ibo accrelury lo Mr. Cowan instructing him to uak it upon tbe
floor qf lho bouae at Ottawa to in
quire ol Iho minister ol marine ami
fiehoriee if the above dated rumor by
Aid. Ilcmlemon wus true. Mr. Henderson woe oeked lo auid in tbo thawing up of thia telegram.
A lengthy diacuaaion arose over
Aid. Hondoreon'e propoeal lor tno in-
atullution of a free bureau of inform
ntiun in the dty. It seemed to hi tbe
impreeeion ol lho meeting in general
that already tboro wt* a iiiporfluii-y
ol information burouue along f.omdnle
at preient, in tbe numei-oui real estate offioee unfil tbe Alderman intimated •'that ft wu. a bureau of reliible
information which waa needed.
Aid. Smith ipoke ol tbe need lot- a
free employment agency operated by
tbe government aa in Winnipeg. He
«!»> .poke ol the fact of tbe lower
contractor! not 'accepting any labor
incept the applicant* bold a I'ttket
from en employment agency ua tbo
best reason lor hia propoaul. It wa*
finally decided that Aid. Smith Mr.
A. O. Perry and tbo •ecretary drew
up a letter to be »ent to Hon. F. L.
Carter-Cotton, Mr. Tiedale and the
Vancouver' repre*enl»tivoe aiking
that an inititutidn ol tbii nature be
inatallod.    '
In tho mutter ol the poll ufiicc Mr.
Morden reported that Mr. McMillan
whon approached on lho subject bad
.aid that permanent grading on tho
Kaplanade prevented him Irom increasing the .izo ol the premises as an in
lire change would be ueceasitutod when
Ihe grading end level, were finally
laid on tbit thoroughfare. Tbo   pre
aidant thought, however, that tfail
would mil prevent McMillan Irom putting in an additional wicket ur |0' to
accommodate the people who daily
aland in make liko lines before thu
poll office to tbe inconvenience ol traffic and unpleasantness lo 1 li.-in.;.Tv....
Mr. W. K. Fluuiincrlelt nddroewd the
moating lor a sh.ni timo alter having
boon introduced by. the prcaidont aa
having.beon inalrumontnl in direolini
many ol our proaenl aottlen and citizen, to their proaenl homo. He considered Norlh Vuneouver Iho ideal ipol
for ploaauro und diluted upon ill in-
.Im.i. i..I ,nl'. .o.i.ii-i nnd it. niurvol-
lullii scenery. TllO speaker Wua lli'.il'l-
ily applauded at Iho close u( bia ml
To ehow  Ihut  Iho lumo ol North
Vancouver    hue  rcn.li..I   even   tp    the
Orient ia shown in the receipt of n
letter (rum a geullotuun from Sbung-
bai, China, uaking tpicatiuua ul ti prospective, aotllor nnd investor In our
city. Mr. I-'. II. Kidger the giiitlcniiii
iu ipi.-.ii.ui was replied tu in a proper iiiuiuicr und n copy ul the loiter
neiii by Iho accroliiry waa read ut Ihe
West Vancouver Acreage
^ME \/IClT to West Vancouver will convince
SEEKER and the SHREWD INVESTOR that this is the
Coming District.
^   For Large and Exclusive lists of Lots and Acreage, see
121 Lonsdale Avenue
HOLLYBURN flk'tli Road), Wert Vancouver
North Vancouver City
LARGE LOTS, 50 ft. x 147 ft.
 Cleared, Ready for Building =
In Blocks  15,  15a, 16 and 16a. D. L. 550.
Prices: Inside Lots, $750 to $1000 according to
location.   Double corners,  $1900  to  $2200.
In Blocb 9 and 9a.   Prices: Inside Lots, $600.
Double Corners, $1500.
Terms: I -4 Cash, Balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
ACREAGE in D. L. 546 and 550
subdivided into blocb of from I to 4 or more
acres. Prices per acre, from $2000 to $3250
Terms: 1-4 Cash, Balance 6,12,1"6 & 24 months
The Grand Boulevard extendi through this property
.   ■   .. — !.»
The North Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company,
liikbr *mmm%mmmmi	
North VAweoyvitii
Published Tuesdays »wJ FrM*,],* by
North Shore Press, limmip
One year, 11.0(1
naTM or luescBinioii
su monthi, sop,
Three monthi, ihe.
United States and foreign, $1,60 per year
Advertising Rates will be quoted OR application.
...'.. -   - -
Tba Express li devoted to the internals ul the north Shore ol Burrard Inlet
exqluilvoly. It constitute! in advertising medium of exceptional valuu for
raaehipg lu * tbornugli and effective manner the population nl North Vancouver
Ulty and District. Every effort tl made lo give advnrtisen the moit aatislactory
All ciiaiigns In contract advertisement* ihould be in the printers' banda not
later thin 10 a.m. Monday, and o p.m. Wednesday to ensure imertlqn In the
loitowing lime, '
try, The Wprmation whinh. th* re-
pott oontaina ia of immediate praoti-
o»l value and ihould not be negleplipili
It may be obtained hy addressing the
Vetarinnry Pireetor QiwraJ, dapart-
of Agriculture, Otinwn, Ont,
NORTH, Vancquvir,   B, C,      •>       .
At'ttii ai,  tijii
 : -— rra- —:
There ia every reaaon to cunclude
tbat the publio meeting to be held this
evening will bring about an improvement in the situation relative to ferry
mattere. hr promptly accepting the
suggestion that mutters of lerry administration which are nut at present
clear to tha mind of tho ordinury oil-
i/nn should ba dealt with at a public
meeting called lor tbe purpose, tho
Board ol Directors have shown thai
they appreciate the desirability ol
maintaining the utmost mutual confidence -ami cordiulily us liolween the
public and the Board and ulao the
fact tbut auch ia to bo accomplished
only by meana of freedom and Irank-
ne.i.-i in the discuaaion of ferry mature. It is not to be expected that
lho policy followed by any lluard ol
Director! will at ull times meet with
universal uppruval, neverthelees, although differences of opinion may a-
riae with reference to specific items ol
administration from time to time, the
r.inlid.-ii.v of the rntepayere in the ud
ministration need not be effected in
any degree thereby, neither will it be,
au long aa lho Mould muiiileal ren.lineal to admit the ratepayers to their
counaela liy explaining the conaidcra-
tions whicli liuvo iiitlii.-tic.il thoir judgment and cunvinoed the lluard tbat
tbe pulicy followed in any particular
casus wua Ilia host, in conserving the
inlereata entrusted lo Ihem. ,
In many instances it will be found
thai the public have not a clear un-
deratuuding ol whul the policy ol tha
lluard really ia, or the information
upon which tha public baeee ile con-
cluaiona ia incomplete or even erroneous. In all such oaeee a clear ex-
plunation ol their actual policy and a
frank statement of the actual facta
and tbe information in their poseeasion
upon tbe part of Ibe Board will remove ail unoertaintiae and will dii-
sipate differences aa North Shore sunshine drives away tbt morning fog
Irom our sunny southern slope.
All who are in position to gauge tbs
workings ol public thinking will recognise tbe fact that the public mind
bas been mors or loes exercised with
respect to lb* matter* concerning
which information is aiked in the lid
of questions submittal to the Board
at their iasl regular mooting. In
bringing forward those queriee, Nr.
Wright and hi) co-adjuton aro simply
spukeemen lor a large number ol their
fellow i-ili/en. who bave b*en willing
for a batter understanding ol the lev
oral matters dealt with in Ibe list ol
Tlie cordial apirit in which lb
Board of Directors has received I It.
inquirers end the r«*dine*i evi'lcioed
by the Board to take thu mi.-payer.
into their full confidenoe gi"oi »v,r.
reason to anticipate thai (he imuttn^
tbii evening will uccumpliah luogible
results mutually helplul tp the ratepayer! and the Board ul Diictore
of the lerry.
ol the lubject hai occasioned a very
great deal ol diecussion in aciimtilic
and agricultural circles and has led
to the adoption by various legislative
and muniirlHal bodies ol measure! for
tbe euppreeeion and eradioation ol this
graal soourge of domestiouted animals
and for the protection ol the people
againet inlection through tbe consumption ol diseased meat qr polluted
milk. It has long beeh felt, however,
thst for the Norlh American contitunt
a really efficient and satialactory programme could only be arranged and
undertaken with any prospect of uniform and permanent success through
concerted action on the purl ol the
governments ol both the I'niled States and Canada and only also when
tlie legislation enacted ur policy n.l-
npted was in substantial agreement
with the expressed views of reprvsen
tative authorities ol both countries.
Tbe report referred to embodies th..
deliberate concluaii na ol jual such un
official anil representative delegation
and both farmers und the public generally are to be congratulated in hav-
Tfae issue of tb* report of tbe In
tarnation*! Commission on tbe otay
troi of bovine tuberculosa i* of eigni-
basal iqUrest at the preient time
particularly in view of the active pub-
lie demand for mm* definite end au-
thorilalive pronouncement ia conaid-
•ration 4 lb* whole oituation u rapid* twine tuberculous ha IU rata-
(ion U> tub* welfare of tb* liv* ctoaii
iodurtry and to is* influence on public health. The economic important* every farmer aad breeder in tie
ing now plaoed before them in most
concise and readable form a stulenu.nl
containing an epitome of Ihe researches of the commission and ol the recommendations wbich il hua al longth
tlotenninod to make. The decisions
which have been reached are eminently
conservative in their nature and lor
this reason il lur nu other, tiny will
exercise a much stronger appeal than
would otherwise be possible, particularly in ths esse ol those who inuy
lor any reason be prejudiced against
legislative interference. The prevalenoe
of the diseaas and the consequent loss
to the breeders as wsll as Ihs now acknowledged danger tq public health
are not minimitad bul gravely acknowledged and seriously considered.
In the recommendations which have
been mads, however, due regard has
beon givtm to tbe groat practical difficulties which must ol necessity bo encountered in tbe consciieitiou* csrry-
ing out of sny policy likely lo be ol
uie in combatting tho malady.
Compulsory ilaughter ol Infected niii
mills ie not advocated lliuitgh the
dulruction ol thoie showing clinical
symptoms ol the disease is advised.
Compulsory testing even is not insisted on, except in herds whore llie dii-
eaae ie known to exist though the
usefulness of tuberculin as a reliable
diagnostic agent, when properly ud
ministed is confidently affirmed. Ths
Commission basis ils great hope of ultimate success ia accomplishing tbs
fulention ol whatever legislation may
be enacted on the co-operation of In*
breeders of live elook in the policy of
rearing healthy herds by protecting
the young from contagion of any
mrt. A sufficient explanation is given
ol ths methods advocated and in order to ssleguard the intereete of tfaoee
now pouessing clean herd* sad of
those making an honest effort lo e*-
tablisb auch horde, string*!* precautionary measurae are recommended regarding Ifai shipment, sale and interchange of slock. Th* policy si presented i* in *very way reasonable aad
cannot but oomaMud llaell to My
fair thinking man.
Tb* fact that tbi* report i* likely lo
form the had* of a new policy shortly lo h* adapted by tha dspertaient of
agriculture at Ottawa ahould givait*
content* * special interest for ClM*-/
dian owneri of eatt!* and twins,     la
m*m   §*****m*MWmmm  *t*W*i   t**m***  M mm*mitm    j™*\
i* announced, a careful atudy    of
thi* publication should b* nnd*
The A. Farro
126 2nd St. Weit
Wheq you deal at the A: Farro Grocery you get exactly what you ask for
at right print.
Special Attention!
compleU lint ol Gro
Hanbury il Evani Bread 3? for II 00
We oarry a
all persona having claims againit
tba citato ol Martha H. Holt, deceased, late ol the City ol Norlh Vancouver, are required lo sent by post, prepaid, or dslivsr to Sobulti k Arnold,
solicitors for the executor ol the said
deceased, thsir name* and addresses
and lull particulars in writing of their
claims and ths nature of the security
if any, held by them.
AND TAKE NOTICE tbat alter tbo
1st ol May, 1011, the executor will
proceed to distribute the assets of the
deceased, having regurd only to tbe
claima ol which be then shall have
had notice,
that all purtica indebted to tbe said
estats are required to pay the
amount ol their indebtcsness to tbe
undersigned lorthwith.
Dated this 391b day ol March, 1011
Solicitors lor the Executor.
lull I fi Cruwn Building, 611) I'endor
Slreet, Vancouver, B. C. 2-5
North Lonsdale
Arrungemonta are being mude lur
erection of lira! class 7 room houses
fronting on North Lonsdule Boulevard
wilh modem cuiivcnicncca. Prices i'i.
300 to 11,8110 on terms lo suit. Ily
purchasing now plans can lie altered
to  suit   purchaser's wishes.
As the locution is one of the best
in Ninth Vauc.ii.r lor ,i home site,
Ihe opportunity is a favorable one.
For particulars apply to
Financial Agent,
CLUB   BLOCK - Norlh   Vancouver
Office l'hono 10        Houss I'lioue 261
133 6th Street Eaet North Vancouver
Phone 371
I. O. ()  F.
North Vancouver Lodg*,- No. H,
meet! every Thursday evening, corner
l,onsdsl* Avenue end First atraat, at
8 o'clock, Visitiu ■; brethren cordially
invited to attend. A. T. Kennidy,
N.C; Tho*. 8. Nye, rec.-N*., ,I> H.
Filling, P.O., fin.-eee.; Cha».Nye, PlO.
Notary Public
Ix>*ns, Investments ami Imuranas.
Room 307, 633 Granville St., Vancouver, B. 0. PhoM 8309. Land Registry work • ipecialty.
LOW SEAJProprietor
Sa.in. to8 pa.
Pint-fills* Meals age.
Commutation Ticked, ai mull
Room* (or Kent at modmt*1 r*t*i
I    i:ia.iMi*U<]
Lonidale Avenue -
The oheapeet how buy today
Compare it with iurfp»ndi|ig values
4-room Bungalow, hot and °old water
bath,   ate, fenced.   NW5 cuah,
balance arrange- Price tam^
On and after April lit, 1911, we ihall be located in tin:
New Keith Block on Lonsdale Avenue.
Having secured a central and convenient office in this up-to-
date building, we ihall render our many clients even better
service than heretofore,
.       _-_._r„-V_-.   ^  .„	
Pierce & Hall
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co.. Ltd.
ASSETS: $94,900,000
Sole A gunt
Agreement and Contract! drawn        q. .,-.. General
of every deicriution ™M   ID/       Ce
iYSii   -   u/ZdimtMl
Building LoU at Snap Prices
In Block 90, D. L 550 (or $950.   |350 Cash;
Balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
In Block 82, D. L. 550 (or * 1000.   $350 Cash;
Balance 6, 12 and 16 months.
Also a block in Upper Lonsdale for $5250.   One
Quarter Cash; Balance 6, 12 and 18 months
Already subdivided into 24 lull. ■
North Vancouver Trust Co.. Ltd.
(Ule Ink.tcr & Ward)
219 Lonidale Avenue. Phone 44
120 Second Street Eait Telephone 206
Convenience to North Vancouver Merchants
Buy in Your Own Town. Yeui Ordsrs Solicited
North Shore Locators
We an placing on the market a block of 17 lull, on Ibe
Grand Boulevard ettenrfon'. Tbeee lull are blgb and dry, with
an uniurpaeeed view, two blocks from the present car line, size
40«136, partly cleared. Prices from 1660 to $600. Terms I 6
cub, balance, 3, 6, 8, IS, 16, 18, 31 and 24 months.
Com* in and let u* show you over tbii (.operly.
No. 8 Lonsdale Ave.
Phone 123
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
FOB SALK-Owner muit nil large
roomy bouse, all modern, cement foun
dalion, fence, 6replace, ftOO c*«h.
Cto*e to ear Iin*.
'HONE 89.. /rt~&Ox)i4
you want Bread,
Scones, Oatcakes
and general Confectionery equal to
135 Lonsdale Ave
(Nost door to Everybody's Shuosture)
Scotch Sho'ibread
Bruce & Co.
Angus J. Cameron
AJ.I.E. k 8.
Irrigation, drainago, levels, plnn-t
olid apcciliculinna. nuptic tonka and
bullae ilruinuuo a specially. I1. (I.
Ilox HI, 16th atreet west ul llewicku
II. ti. 8. Dini.-.iii of Iho City of Vancuuver, In.,I., 1, haa boon appointed ai-
| lornoy ol lho rihovc-mentionid Company in the pluce ond st*ud ol W.
Harry Wilson.
Doled at Victoria, II. (',, this ninth
day of Mn mil. lull.
licgislrar .loint Stock C.inp.iiiiri.
Paper the World
frum our alock p! now Wall l'apors
tu it si-cms. Every day some new
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ul Ihuwi closed out.
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To chooe* Irom oul- •look 1* a pleasure, to pay our print Ja eesy.
W. H. ST0NEY ft CO.
117 Lonidal* Avenue Phone U9 M KXPRE88, NORTH VANCQUVB, 3, C.
 ■! I——.l.aaaTgaBBBe^ggHBg
No dosori|rlivo udjcctivoe uro rra,uirod
whon ■■ ■ i • ■ > lln.- ailvorwuro is inontionod
—tlie ono word "atarling" sums up
ail thut may lie suid coiicernirig gon-
iiini-ni-iiii. It moans that so long ue
tho |.i..-e wciiri it will In ailvor—no-
lliing hut Bilvor. It will he un heir-,
loom of pride lo puss on dowu to wc-
cossivo general iuna. The art ial ic
homily ol our storling ailvor is na
ploaaing uh il ia distinctive, 'llie op
ptirtuniliua ol choice tire ull thut could
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silver in in.in- puttcrns and chests of
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Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Hen. I'',. Trurey,
M.iiiiii'in,' lliri.i:lnr
JuwL'lors ami Silversmiths
Hastings & Granville Sis.
Joseph Vance
'. 1808 by th* Bnbb.-MtrriU Cu.
m CliiKY CO.
du mi I tiiistliitv ii .J Second,
I'hone 255
WE have received a large consignment of Ladies Shirt Waists, in
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—a—i       ii      ii    iii.M..  ..I I.—■—iiiiii.    111     ■ijinw
6 Room House, Furnished, with lawn &
garden, close to ferry, on 3rd St., East
I'. 0. Box 173. Phono  36.
30 I onsdali Ave. Norlh Vancouver
The Merchants Trust & Trading Co.
PAH) UP CAPITAL 1100.000.00          R. THOMPSON TINN. Mu.aiuj Dar.tlo,
 JMANCH OFFICE i M OM B.o.SSi, U,lm. Kr.l.nd—■	
The Gurney-Oxford Steel Top Range
nn .ins a marked saving jn
fuel ami littler Inking results,
llie "CHANCKI.I.OK" not
only does ile work BETTER
liul. AT LESS COST than
utlici lUngos..
W. can iloiiioiisiieiv io you
tht: wliolo Sii| orior (ban
• tllur principal ui ucunomy
ami efficiency in Im minutes.
Is it nol world dial much
ol your liiln: light now ?
The J, D, Fraser Hardware Co.
Phone 58. 133 Lonsdale Avenue
lo) turd upon lb* departure *l the
men be would huve believed tbst ibe
wu« Booking llumtby uud would, fur
ilii'riniirr. have elected tn crowd tbelr
interview if ihe mccMded In obtaining
ono wilb tbe girl. Put lb* did nothing
of the aort. tor a tlm* lho flicre re-
iiiiilni'il ai It bad been ever iluco stopping; tben, evidently admonished by
hie fare. Ibe driver (trilgblened up,
knocked oul bia pip*, disentangled
ruins and whip tnd wheeled tb*
equipage back on tb* wiy It bad cone,
disappearing In a dark aide street leading eaatward from tb* embankment
Klrkwood wai, tben, tn believe tbat
Mr*. Hallam. baying taken all tbat
trouble and having w»ited for tb* two
■•i.i-. .'iitiiri'i.- lo ii|i|n-:ir. Unit iii'i'tt content with alght of them. Ue could
hardly believe that of Ibe woman It
wasn't like ber.
He started across tbe driveway after
the (lucre, but It wa* lost In a tangle
of side streets before be could make
up bis mind whether It waa worth
while cbaaing or not, and, pondering
tbe woman'* lingular action, be re-1.
traced his steps to tbe promenade rail. "
i'rescnily be told himself be understood. Dorotby wu no longer of ber
folder's party. He bad a suspicion
tbat Mulrcady'* attitude bad made It
leein advisable to Calendar either to
leave tbe girl behind In England or to
segregate ber from bl* associate! In
Antwerp. If not lodged In enotber
quarter of tbe city or left behind (be
wu probably traveling on abead to
■ destination wblcb be could by no
mean* guess. And Ur*. Hallam wa*
looking for tb* girl. If there were
really Jewel* In tbit gladitono bag
Calendar would naturally bave bad
no hesitation about Intrusting tbem to
hia daughter's care, and Mra. Hallam
avowedly sought nothing else. How
thc woman bid found out tbat such
wu tbe cue Klrkwood did not stop
to reckon unless bl explained It on
tbe proposition tbat ibe wu * person
of remarkable addreee. It made no
matter one way or tbe other. He bad
lost Hrs. Hallam, but Calendar and
Mulready he could pat bl* dnger on.
Tbey bid undoubtedly gone off to tbe
Aletbea to confer again with Btryker
-tbit wu, unlet* tbty proposed •ailing on tba brlgantine, possibly at turn
ot tide tbat night.
Panic gripped bia aoul and shook it,
u a terrier (bike* a rat, wben be conceived tbia frightful proposition.
In hui confuilon of mind be evolved
•pontaneouily an entirely new hypothesis Dorothy bad already been ipir-
Itcd aboard tbe veaeel; Calendar and
hi* confederate*, delaying to Join ber
from enigmatic motives, were now
eboard, and presently tb* word would
be, Dp anchor anil awayl
Were tbey again to elude blm? Not.
be awore, If be had to swim for It.
And be bad no wlib to *wlm. Tbe
clothe* be stood In, witb what wu
left of bl* self respect, were all that
be could call hi* own on tbat tide of
tbe Nortb ie*. Not a boatman on the
Scheldt would io much u consider
accepting three Engllib pennlea In exchange for boat hire. In brief, It began to look aa If he were either to
lv.Iiii or lo slool a boat.
Upon inch (lender tbreedi of clrcum-
•iimni- depends our boaated moral
beillh. In one fleeting minute Kirk-
wood'e conception of the low ..t mine
•nd ililni-. ita foundation! already In
•Idloualy undermined by a serlee of
cumulative misfortune*, toppled crashing lo It* fall and wu not.
He waa wholly uncomcloui of the
change. Beneath lilm. In * apace be
tweet) Ihe quayi bridged by the gangway, a number of rowboat*. a putative
•cure, lay moored for the night end
gently rubbing againit eicb oilier witb
the soundless lift and fall of the river
For all that Klrkwood could determine
to Ihe contrary, tb* lot la; al the
mercy of tbe public. Nowbere about
waa he eble to dliecrn a watchman.
Without a quiver of hesitation nm
roenia ware Invaluable, If what he
feared were true he atrode to Uie
gangway, pitied down and with lb-
aolul* nonchalance dropped Into the
nt'iireal boat, (trpplng from one to another until be bid gilned the outermost. To bl* Joy be found a pair of
oar* (lowed beneilb tbe thwart*.
IV Klrkwood bid pained ,lo moralize
upon lite discovery, he would have
Hid It dl at lb* door of bl* luck;
•tar and would bare bean wrong.
We who have never stooped to pelt;
larceny know tbat tba oar* bid been
placed iIuto at tb* direction of bli
evil genius bent upon facilitating bl*
dceconi Into the evernua of crime.
Unhitching tbe painter, he set on*
oar agalnel tbe' gunwale of the boat
and witb a powerful (brut *ent bl*
pwn 0*1 u* ao call It (or convenience)
•tern flnt out upon tb* river, tben eat
blm (ehmpoiedly down, Sited tbe oar*
to iheir lock* (od begin to pull straight
acroee etream, trusting to Uu current
to carry blm down to Ibe Aletbea. Hs
bad already marked down tbif'veaael'a
riding light ind (bat not without a
glow of gratitude to ece |t itlll aloft
and lo proper JuxiopoelUon to Ibe river
tank, proof thai It had not moved.
He polled * good oar. raekoned bl*
dUtauce prettily and, abJpping Uw
Mad** at jut  tb*  right  moment,
brought tho little boat In under tbe
brlgantlne's counter witb acarca a Jar.
An element of surprUo be held cucn
liul to the success of bis plan, whul
•ver thai might mm out to be.
Blinding up, bs caugbt tba origin-
tluo'B after rail witb both biudi, one
of wblcb held the painter of tbe purloined boat, and lifted bia hood ibove
the deck lino. A abort eurvey of tbe
deserted after deck gave blm further
assurance, Tba anchor watch wu not
In sight. He may bar* been keeping
well forward by Stryker's butructlons,
or lie may have crept off for forty
winks. Whatever tbe reason for bia
absence from tbe poet of duty, Klrk-
vyooti wu relieved not to hive blm to
lealaVltb ind, drawing blmielf-gently
In over tbe rail, made tbe painter fut
and stepped noiselessly over toward
tbe lighted oblong of the companion-
way. A murmur of voices from below
comforted blin with the knowledge
that be bad not miscalculated this
time. At lilt he stood within striking
distance of hie quarry.
The syllable* of hi* Burnamc ringing
clearly In his con and followed by
Mi vi.e.', fleering' laugh brought blm
to a pause Ile flushed hotly In tbe
il.-ni.i:.- . The cnptnln wai retailing
with relish sonic nf his most luccest
ful wlttlelr.ins al Klrkwood'* oxpenie.
Muli.'.'i.l- lauuhcd wllli hltn. If • little uni-en.'ili ly.    Cpjflidtir'i chuckle
wu not audible, but he brok* tba
pauae that followed.
"I den't know," be said witb doubting emphasis ."You suy you landed
him without a penny In bia pocket?
I don't coll tbat a good plan at all. Of
course he ain't a factor, but-well,
it might 've been u well to give blm
his fare home. He might mike trouble
for us somehow. I don't mind telling
you, cop'n, tbat you're an an*. Personally I'm kind of sorry for thc boy
He wasn't a bad sort, as hi* kind runs,
and ho was no fool, from whtt little I
saw of blm. I wonder what be wanted."
"Possibly," Mulready chimed In
suavely, "you can explain what you
wauled of him In the Drat place. How-
ilitl you come lo drug hltn Into thia
"Oh. I lint I" ralcndnr laughed shortly "Thill was partly accident, pnrtlj
Inspiration    I   happened  to ece  bl*
parn* on lb* Plea* reglater. He'd put
himself down aa from Frlaco. I figured It out tbat be would b* next door
to broke and getting desperate, ready
to do anything to gat bome, and
thought we might utilize blm to tmog-
gl* aome of tba ituff Into tba State*.
One* before, If you'll remember-no,
tbat wu before w* got together, Uul
reody-l picked up a fallow countryman on the Strand. Ha wu down
and out. lamped at tb* Job, and wa
made a neat little wad oa It."
•The more fool you to take ouuid
era Into your confidence," grumbled
"Owl" interrogated Calendar, mini
Icklng Slrykcr'a accent Inimitably
"Well, you're got • heap to learn ibout
litis gome. Mul. About thc Orel thing Is
tbet you muat trust old man Know-It
all, wblcb la me. I've run more diamond* Into tbe Slate* In one w»y or
another In m; time than you ever
pinched out of Ibe shirt front of a toff
on tbe Empire Prom, before tbey
made tbe graft loo bot for yon and
you came lo lake lessons from me In
Ihe gentle en of living easy."
"Oh, cut thai euwn't your
"Delighted, dear boy. One of tbe
first principles, next to proOIIng by the
admirable example I set you, la In
make the fellows in your own line
trust you Now, If this boy bad taken
nn with me I could have got a bunch
of the sparklers on my mere aay-eo
from old M..i;i:iiiilisn. up on 1-Insluin
pavement He docs a alcady butlness
hoodwinking ihe custom* for tbc ben
elil of bis Amen, an clients-ood bill)
self. And I'd 've made a ncal lltllr
prnllt besides, something to fall back
on If this fell tin..ugh I don't mind
having iwo strings lo iny bow."
"Yes," argued Mulrcady, "but aup
Plana prepared mid Estimates given.
flllice.- 1107 Dominic* Trail Bldg.
Phone 3497
Keaidoncc, 153 Kightii Ave. E.
Norlh Vancouvor.
post thi* Klrkwood had taken on w||b
you tnd than, peached."
"Tbafa auotber aecrat. You've got
to know your man. bu able to ilzo him
up. I called on tbia chap (or Unit
very purpose, but I saw at a glance lie
wasn't our mun. lie imclletl a nigger
lu tbe w-ood pile end most politely tqld
me to go to tbo devil. But If bo Iwd
coma In be'd have died before he
iqucaled. I know tbe breed. There'i
honor imong gentlemen tbat knock!
tbe bonor of thlevei blgber'n t kite,
tba old saw to tha cunlrury-uotlilug
doing. You understand me, I'm sure,
Mulready," he concluded, with envenomed iweelneai.
"I dou't see yet bow Klrkwood got
anything to do with Dorothy."
"Ill** Calendar to you, Ur. Mul-
readyl" mapped Calandir. "Tliero,
there, qowl Don't get excited: It was
wben tbe nullum passed me word ihat
a mau from tbe Yard wu waiting pn
the altar steps for me tbit Klrkwood
cime In. He waa dining close by. I
went over aud worked on bia feelings
until be agreed to take Dorotby off
my lunula. |f 1 bid attempted to
leave the place with ber they'd hire
•polled me for sure. Uy compliments
to you, Oleic Mulready."
There came ihe noise of cbalr legs
scraiwd harshly on tbe cabin deck.
Apparently Mulrcaly bid leaped to
hut feet iu a rage.
"I've told you"- ba began In a voice
thick wilb passion.
"Ob, tit down I" Calendar cut lu contemptuously. "Bit downl D'you hear?
That'a ell over and done with. We uu-
iieii.tiiiiii each other uow, aud you
won't try uny more monkey sblnil.
It'i a equarc deal and a iquare divide
so fur's I'm concerned. If we (tick together there'll be profit enough for all
eiiiieeiiifii. Bit down, Uul, and have
another alug of tbe captain's bum
rum." ,
Although Mulready consented to be
pacllled, Klrkwood got the impression
thut Ihe mau was far goue In drink
A moment later be board him growl
"Chin chin!" autlpbouul to Ibe cap-
lain'.. "Checr-ol"
"Now, llien," Calcudor propoicd.
"Ur. Klrkwood ualdc-peace be with
blm-lct'e gol dowu lo reset."
"Wol'i the row'/" asked Ilic captain.
"Tbc row, t-np'n. Is lite llulluui female, who baa uncspoclodly showu up
In Antwerp, we have reason lu believe,
with malicious Intent uud a private detective to udd to tho gayely of nation!."
"Wet's the odds? Site corn't mi ui
without lyin' up trouble fur 'erself."
"Mighty little consolation to us when
we're working li out iu Jail."
"Speak for yourself," grunted Mulrcady surlily
"I do," relumed Calendar cully.
"We're both lu ibe shadow of Jill,
Uul, my boy. since you ehooso to take
(be reference as personal. Sing Sing,
however, yawns for me alone. It's going to keep on yttwiiiug, too, union I
(To ta continued)
ROADS.   I st block otf VICTORIA,
a limited number at
$450 to $500 per lot
Quarter Cash; Balance  6,   I'2 and   16 monlht
These lots aic level, good soil, easily cleared and
building is rapid in adjoining blocks.
Five Minutes walk from Car
a     ■>  »   a«
North Vancouver
i     ■
$300 to (325 per lot; (20
cash and (15 per month; or
(50 cash and (10 per month;
or $100 cash, 6, 12 and 18
months ==*.
M.I.. !.!■> I l  III.
333 Pender St. W. Phona 5654
World, April lllllt
Important Dry Docks
Contracts Awarded
liu|«eriul Car Company's Correspond-
on! in England Hukee lutorcatiug
ll. 11.ii t Today.
Slepe Well Undor Way lor Couauninio-
lion ol This Company's Ureat Undertaking.
Important newe wu received by ol-
ficiaU pi tho Imperial Car Company,
Limited, this morning Irom lir. Bullock, who, it will bo remembered, waa
iu Vancouver a ahort lime ago in connection with the building ol' lho dry-
dock al Uoche Point.
Mr. Bullock slate* till ho bu let
a doieu important contract, lor lho
company, tbe Irtgest ol these being
to the I" in ol Swan li 11 on 1.1 lor the
main structure. Thi* immenae dock
will be built in section* in London und
•hippod to this cily. Details are
•wailed with interest by citivona ol
Vancouver, to whom the magnitude
and importance of lho oompany's vor-
lone undertakings bo* strongly appealed. According to tb* term* ol Ih -
Dominion subaidy construction will
begin neat month.
Newa-Advertiser, April I lib
IM E. W. UacLeau returned on Sunday from a aii weaki' trip to the
Eaet, convinced that there if no dty
there to touch Vancouver. Ai regard*
tba .Second Narrowa bridge project,
ita deputation on which he met ol
Ottawa, h* coneiotaa tha •utatrueture
work ahould be tlartod in iii week*'
tun*, tafor* which timo Jtarve Mc-
Natight i* eipectad hack (ipm England tnd will probably make a attte-
nwnl on Um luhject. Mr. Macloan
think* there |* no quealiSw m ta Ih*
fabral grant. BIX
to unm, north (Vancouver, b. c,
When you deal at thetUmdale Pharmacy you
get exactly what you ask (or at the right price,
Special attention paid to prescriptions and family'
recipes.      .      -      *■■'■'(*     •      *
»|   We carry a complete line of Stationery and Drug
* » • . a - #_
Telephone L 29      A.,. tvson, Pr„P.      Cor. Lonidale & 8th
The Commonwealth
First Complete Showing of New
Spring Goods.
W. DICK, Prop.
47 & 49-HASTINGS STREET, EAST-47 & 49
33 feet cleared and graded for $1600. 1-4 cash,
balance 6, 12 and 18 months; also a corner lot at
$2400 on same terms.   This ii good buying.
Modern 6 roomed house on corner lot.   Good basement, furnace heated.   Price only $2700, $500 cash,
, balance 6, 12, 16 and 24 months,   This is only good
for a lew days.
Phone 70---1'. O. Hox 97
Richmond Electoral District.
TAKE NOTICE Ihut 1 have received objections in writing lo the retail
11011 ol tho lull..rtiii,; names on the KcgiaUir of Votera lor the Nichmond
Electoral Di.trict on the uroutids slulud In-low.
AMI TAKE NOTICE that ut 11 Court ol Itoviaion to lw held on tin- Isl
'lay ol Sli.), lull, ut the City Hull, Norlh Vancouver, II. ('., ul Iin .,'■
clock in tho ioi.siooii, 1 .hull hour uml determine the auid objections, mul on
leaa auch named perioni or euuie oilier provincial vtrlcr on I hub liHiull.
aatialy mu thut auch object lone are nut woll funiidod, 1 -1...II alrilw moll
names off tha auid reyiatei.
Dated tins l.'ith day of Apiil, I'JII. Jlajpelrai  ol Voter,.
No. oa
Rairiater              NAME PLACE OF ABODE
I Abercrombie, J.  I I.ulu (aland
60 An.up, John  Sea lalund
W4 Blurb, Herbert  ill., I. 6, Nr. 7, so* island
'166 Iltilhwoll, ,|. II |,tilu J.lunil
oil Ilurrcll, Henry  :...tiw I -I I
INI Hui I on, William  Slovenian
..I'ovney,   lumee  .:...tien Islutid, Eburno
611 Daniels, Daniel E South Vancuuver
'ii'-' Dicbel, Allien Wui Stovoelou
6Ti I).i.-i, William  Ebuma
674 Dinuwull, Robert  M Sea lalund
716 Durf, Alex |.ot I'i, Woek h, Sea lilun.l
777 Evuns, Alex. E. Lot 6, lir. I.
WI ruber, .l.oii.B .'., Saa laland
1040 'iriKKs, ''Hilton A Kburno
I17S Ilirat, If. C Huehbtrry Rd. I'I. Orey
131* Hooper, Wm. I bu* I.ulu lalund
l?74 Huaton, Wm. I' Lulu laland
im Irwin, ItoM Sou Isluiiil
mi lolmeton, V. II Lulu Llund
■ 134e Jonee, E. ,1 Sea laland
liVW Lii/ic, .Jama*  Sea lalund
)«K Mutliesun, .loliii  Sea Wend
16*1 Mathewaou, I'clor  Eburm, I.ulu Island
1969 HtcltuA, Roderick  .-. .Sea LI..1..I
3003 McMyn, .lame* .„...., South Ann, I.ulu lalund
3003 McMyn, John .Sim Island
$Q40 Halwy, ('baa. I Ebuine
!J*J6 Soundere, Joi i.ulu Islund
2116:. Talford, Thoa Lulu Island
2fM Walker, Win Lulu (eland
'UM .Wooiard, Jaa Lulu lalund \„. 1 Bond
7 Alx-icrombie, Hobt. Henry ...Terra Nova
168 Bow, Jamie  Steveeton
801 Brock. John  Hhwrne, Sea Liu ml
638 Cooolly, Cyru*  .Sea laland
1646 Paine*, Albert Claud  Runiuitlam
764 Elliott, Frederick ..' 80th Ave. awl (leather, D. I.. 473
1041 ../Irijrgl, It- T Maim.
2*64 Rowan, Duncan  Terra Nov*
341)7 $fcarid*ri, Wm 17(4 Avo., Fairview
■jfe7 WMta, 'rtioa. A Steve*,*
0ttS fhiU, 'flu*. Aloy«u*  South Vancouver
m„......MM»y, V4m .... Lulu InluA
Wedneiday Devoted hy Thii My
in Service of City $750,000 in
On Wedneeday morning Ibe eity
oounoil led by Mayor Win. McNoiah
the city ontfineor and rupreeentatlvee
ol the Express and tlie Nows-Adver-
lisur made a tour ol the eity to In-
apeot tba unions public worki now
under way ami to decide on various
ipicsiiuiiH  ol  vital  public intereal.
The isoluiinn Imspitiil on 17th itreet
waa the Drat place viaited by the par
ty and Aid. Kittson waa deputed lo
inspect, the promise! whieb tbe alderman did with exceeding uarefulueaa followed by Mr. 1'ierce ol the Newa-Atl.,
who wus looking lor an opportunity
lo interview a germ. It waa deoiile.l
while hare thut the Hoard   ol   Works
IW    III: I I He! nl    lo    rli.it     I lie    bind      DO.ir
the bridge to prevent fire. The etreum
'below which win to be need ue a
dump (or Iho reluae from the cily we.
not approved by the aldermen at
they did not liko the idea of polluting ila wu-tcra. It wue also iiei-'dad
to clour the aite (or the proposod isolation hoepiul in thii looality.
The swiuiip luud udjuining in.- IScy-
mour Lumber Co'i. mill wua inspected
and lift .-I cn.-iili i.in,in on the iub-
ject tbe engineer wua iuatruinxl tu
find some mcuna ol druinage for thu
Attention wus next givon to tlie
continuance ol the road Irom Lynn
Valley through the city. It waa decided to bring ihia Ihoruugblure Irom
Sui ln-il um I Avenue woat along Nineteenth slreot und down tho boulcvurd.
Entrance on to I...n-dulc Ave. would
lie Hindu by Koilh Roud or eomu
atreet lower down, ua yet undotor
The part) inspected the big cut uu
Euat Third atreot. The magnitude ol
the work going on thore amuzed aome
ol Ihe viaitora who had not More
aeon it. All the aide of a big hill ia
being town out und a 'ill per cent,
grade rcdncod lo one ol ~i\ per cent.
The earth removed ia Iwing used on u
fill lurther oual lu protect the govern
moot rtiiitl uud liridujt wbich wua laat
yuar awept away.
Coming inul tin,nigh Moudyville
the parly bud a look ut the right-of
wuy uf tho |ii..nn....I ,-u-.i-iiiiiii-iii roud
through there mid then inspected free
coin .-.in. t whidi will lw fixed up when
tin    I .-| il., li ml.   II  ot, mil
The camping groiuide, Iho mi niter y
urriingements of which the mnlicul
liculth officer so awuepingly condomns,
recvival autno ultunlion.
Alter lunch un early start wns mude
in the ulternoon, the new purk at the
end ol Eurhca Avotuie Iwing the point
ol objective. 'Ihero twelve ten* ol
|..11U.11..I ,,ii,l lii.nic have beon clear
ud except lur u acutleriiig ol young
tree. When il is all grnaagrown ami
path* and bridge* added, there will be
no prettier |>|aee on the norlh ahorei
To descend Irom the ixcealinjly
i>, .on ilul lo tin- very rominonpbice, the
parly tried to locale ., sile lor u garbage ini-iiiL-riit..i und atrumblod
llimiigli lho heuvy growth und ov'ei
(iilliu limlier In i-.-li11 a aite. A fiiitiy
suiluliie place wus I,,ruled ubout Ihe
md of I-ill,, hiIi atreet. A propmul
wu. iiifi.l.i Inter Iii wull some atreot
end at the waterlmnt with nibbing or
atone und (urn the cily'a refuao to
aome gtiud account by uaing il ua fill
ing. This will lw argued out at a um-
later date, aa will that eternal* quee
lion whore will Im placed the rjck
• i,i-i,i 1
The party I hui, by iltivioui route*,
wended their way to the city hall,
Aid. M. Km,, luiwii., to Imw. them. Tho
engineer prueentad the membera with
ualimatca and figure* ol public worki,
contemplated and in progri**. Th
cuuncil prucoeded to arrive ai a
total eiuenditura (or work of 1750,000
The deeired reeult wa* achieved only
after lengthy diicueaion mul thc delaying ul many propnaud imur ivonvmt*
.n.lil next yeur.
All the downtown atresia will b.i [er-
manantly gradud and |irap.u»l lor
paving next year, which ie ae loon a*
block* can b* laid baoaua* of wtliing
of the roadway coa*u|uent on grading.
Thc coat of grading Lonadale Avenue
from the waterfront to the cily bmite
waa climated at 847,000; Firat atreet
throughout, 846,000, and Second alrett
838/100. The grading ol Ihe Kaplan-
.nl'- Irom Forbea .ii.-.-t lo 8l. David'a
wa* figured at (86,000. The coet _sl
grading all the tunning uptown itrw Is
Irom tli* waterfront to Third etwl
wax included al 836,0111
The new road by way ol the boulevard will eoet 118/100; tbe widaning«f
lAMtOit Avail* frota Twenty Eire!
(trees to (to limita, 810/100. f
AdoHtiooa! eewar* along th* *ad*rn
portion* 4 Uu Eaplanad*, Firit, 8*c-
ond tad Third alravU, will eo*t 877,-
000,   and  tbe new   Ridgeway ecbool,
Tb* (ongoing art all work* to fa*
done, but tbe eity baa alio to provide
lor improvMawt* now anaar way; the
•Miliary ui item imiwi *nd a**t
Third timt, my lM\\m WMjtm,
An ".mount nl aomewbere about ll-V
000 will be included far elree* olearing
piirpfleea, ihe difference in the total
being an allownnco for bias intheanlu
Of the debentilree arid for underrtiling
In eetimatoi.
The council ie certain that u hull
WllKoit pi the needed money cap bo
eeenred, and are alnwet eure that the
city's fiaoal ugente, Meears, A. .larvis
k Co., can arrange lor tbe balance.
They will be notified ol the cnuncira
Freeh Eggi, ile per ihw. at the
Up-to-date Caih Grocery. i\-i
Next Sunday morning at the Hup-
tiet churoh the past or will proaeh on
"Sabbath Ob8ervance" at II a.m, In
the evening at 7.1)0 o'clock the usual
evangeliatio aorvice will be held.
Hickman & Hood
HU Lonsdale Ave.
Phone 40.
Branch Store—
63 Lonsdale Avenue
Phone 232
Special for Soturday
IM lbs. II. C. Sugar  81.Ou
3 His. Special lilend Tea  '-Wo.
I'cus, I'.-.in- uud Corn, '.i tins lor 81.IMS
lioird Rice  6 ibe lor   !J6c
I hiee sift, litis of I'oura,   I'.-m h..- and
Apricota  36c.
I'.L Niipthu Soap  4 for 26c
Sunlight Simp li for -Joe
Royal ('loonier 3 lur :26c
3 lbs. I'uro Lard  46c
h lbs. I'uro Laid  76c
Freeh   Lettuce,   Celery, Cucumber uud
Iiliuhiinl I lb. for 36o
Frush Aspuriigns  10c   lb.
Fresh &. Cured Meats
Free Delivery to all
A Trial Solicited.
S. Prentice, Prop.
Plans, .Sjiei'iliraiitiiis, Estimates
P. O. Box 97, North Vuninuvcr
Telephone 276
New Weetminator Land Dialrict—
Diatriot of New Wcatuiinater. TAKE
nolioe that Robert Duff Eimond ol
Viinooiivur, B. C,, occupation, broker,
ititenda to apply for iiormiaaion to purchaio the following described lunda:
Commencing at a post planted on the
woet aide ol a email buy on tho Norlli
line ol Lot 3620, thence.west HI chains
more or leaa to tho northwest corner
of Lot 3630 ; thence south Mill chuins
to the northeast corner of Lot 3633 ,
I hence wost 31.73 chuina to the southeast corner of I .>>< 6liH ; tbunco north
80 chains moro or leaa to tho aouth-
wn.il corner ol Lot 1338; thonce euat
33.78 .-li.-in moro or less to shore of
lake; thoiico in a southerly diruction
ulong ahore ol luko to. point of commencement.
lllh March, 1911. 4-6
PUBLIC NOTICE ia hereby given
that, under tlm uitthurity contained
iu auction 131 of ihe "Lund Act," u
regululion hua lieen upprovod by tbo
Lieutenant-Governor iu Council fixing
llie inn.ii..uu, aulu prices of first uud
. ,',-,,inl el;..— lauds ut 810 uml 85 per
ucre, i. p.eir-, I-
This rogulution further provides thut
the pricea lined therein slnill upply to
ull I.uul,. wilb reaped to which thc implication lo purcnuse is given favourable con:.id.-I,-lion after tliia dutc, not-
withatuiidiug tlio dutc of auch application or any dcluy Ihut muy have
occurred in ihe consideration ol the
l-'iiiiliei ii,,ii,-i- ia hereby given Ihut
ull peraoita who luivu pending application* lo purchuac luiiils under lho provisions of sectinna 34 or 36 ol tho
"Lund Act" und who uro not willing
to complete auch puichuscs under thu
pricea fined by tho ulurcauid rcgulgtion
shall bo al Bbci'tj to withdraw audi
iipplicitiiiiiH and receive i.-ii... i ol tho
ue,ue-.,- dopoaited on account ol audi
Mnii-i.i  uf Lunds.
I), .nilment of Lands,
Victoria, II. I'.. April 3rd, I'JI I.   i-6
16 indi—SW per load
13 inch-83.36 {>er load
Cordwood—86 |«r i-ord
' Office and Yvd :
Phone I Ml
P. 0. Boi 186
TENDERS will be rooelyed by iho un
dersignetl up lo I be 33ml duy ol
April, p.! l. at 6 p.m. lor ihe purdjuee
uf Illock 37, SiiluliM.-ioii uf Lot No.
511, liroup I, Nuw Heklniinslor Hi
Iriil, .-it.i,.I..I in ilic Ijtj ol Vuneouver, und being the sile ol the old I'm
vinciul Court House. Euch lender
must bo oucloocd iu u le^isliTod letter anil must be addressed to the undersigned ami plainly marked "Tcndci
lor old \ uncoil wr Court House lite,"
und um -1  be acoompaiilud by un   ac-
ie|,l.-|    i l,e.|lle    |,,l     |||||    |„,|     ,.|||      of    tin
first payment of the purcliuae money.
I'uuii.nl lor the properly will bo accepted in ii, I .iliu- i.i of ,,.,, ,|ii,u t, i ol
tha pui .1.,. .- money. Tlio first ol audi
instuluioiil* to lie paid within thirty
days alter tho ucceplanco ol th* len
.I.-i, and the other three t tinually
ihoreoller, with inlerost at the rate ol
6 per cent, per annum. In tho event
ol the peraon whoac lender i* accepted lailing to complete lho lirat inatal-
mont wilhin thirty duva ol the notice
of euch acceptance the aale to bim
will lie cancelled and his ten per cent
.I.J..mil   lolfellcl        The chi-.pn-s of  un
aucceaiful tendercri will be rotumed.
'Ihe highaat or any tender will But
noceaaarily be acccplod. No commia-
sions ol any kind will bo allowed.
Minietor of Landi.
Department ol Landa,
Victoria, B, C.,
March 7th, 1811
Phone    1^8
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co.
Deslen in Coal, Brick,
Sand,   Gr»v,l,   Lime,
Ccovint   snd   General
Builders' Supplies.
All   Orders   i'ronipily
pilled and S.iitsl.n ium
(iunijiilt il.    Prices on
OrTice: Lonidale, nearv-ily Wharf
WiwwtWe:       I'orjnan'i Whad
Best Goods at
»■         I——a—w^aa»w»weMj^" '
Bed-rock Prices
All lines of iihoioe family
(iroceries, also Fruits,
Confectionery, «tc.
SatiSfacliuii  giiarmitued
or money refunded.
Our niiitlitiils uie receiving favor oil {nil sides
und business is increasing with gri'iii rapidity
Your orders res|iee,ifully
Telephone 126
Jno. Dierssen
Coupons given Iree on every
fj.50 order (0 get a chance on
residential lol in Port Angeles.
A. Campbell Hope
C. A. t Al.
fiuH lliisliiij/s Street Weal, Vancouver,
II. r. Phone :,\vit,
RcHidenue; Tireuiau Hloek 368 let Si.
Kuat, Nortli Vancouver. Phone Rill
Why Pay
Excessive Prices
when =
Can Supply you witb
and all
Household Requisites
at a Lower Price than elsewhere.
1 Small Profiu aad QntaV Reform"
" ' mn*
Phone 184
Mid ConwCaarim, ui Sm,tht & French Foulards
These Silks are all double width and
the designs are new and exclusive.
The collection is the largest that we
have-ever shown.
At |^,60 a yard—Navy and black
foundation with white -designs, polka
dot, link, key, shadow check, rosebud
antl hairline stripes.    '
At $1.78 a yard—Foulard silks in pale
blue, old rose, prunella, white, black,
reseda, kings' blue, etc., in a wide range
of new patterns.
At $2.00 to $2.60 a yard-Foulard
'   Bilks in individual dress lengths, handsome colors nnd newest designs.
At $2.75 linil $4.50-a -yanl-Uordered
Fbu|urd Silks in au exceptionally good
range, among which one may easily find,
a choice in color and design. They are
in exclusive dress lengths.
Gordon Drysdale, Limited
575 Granville Street.
Phone 3541
City Council Meeting
(OonMrmed from nag*})
Vancouver Business Directory
W. T. STlilN & CO.
) 19 Pender street, Vancouver
North Vancouver
,   BAIHb
kallethe's Bath
Comer Homer aud Pender Sts.
Tbt only up-to-date uud reliable bath bouse in British Columbia.
W* cure where others fail.
Satisfaction guaranteed or no
piy Plain baths, electric bath:,
ihower baths, massage for body, icalp and face : clcclio therapeutic baths a specially.
Graduate of llerlin, Germain
Every lady lunge to huve wavy hair.
It ia now within lite reach of everyone. For aome year* cut hair haa been
permanently waved, bul the urocele it
bad to unuargo waa too aevere lor it
lo be upplieo lo hair on tbe head,
but now acienee haa diacovurcd a mill, od by which tho hair' can ba waved
milium injury lu hair or acolp. Tha
wave will not ua-.li out and damn
weather will not affect it. Tbe pro
ccaa Icavea the hair aoft and wavy. It
haa become tb* rago in l'aria, London antl all the large citie* ol th*
State*. S|ie. i.d ralei lor oni month.
Any information rcgar>liii)i the work
will In- gladly given lo any Indira who
will call or wrile lo
733 I'l'iiil.-i Street.
Groceries and Provisions
Uh.il..suit- and Retail
116 Hastings St. (downstairs)
Delivery Tuesdays aud Fridays
Business Institute
336 Hasting! St. W.
Caneda'* Oreatael VVaattrn School
R. J. Spt.iii, DA., • -Manager
tu«lne«9 College
631 Seymour St., Vancouver
Day school open all   the   year
round.   Night school common
es September 8th.
si I'i moil III l.l.l.l( STAMPS
Sign and Price Markers
10 I-.min Id Did.      !•'me R'3»72
lorkhliire (toiiniDlfe k
Nmirilii's liiniWtiliiiii Ud
.| |n Seymour Street
heal estate
uni) and mortgage
estates Managed
fire insurance
U. Kerr Houlgatc Manager
Read   tht   Express
All North Vancouver people eat at
I Eilher Flack Illock or Ilaatingi St.,
oppoait* the new poal office. l«onard
1 aella hi* lea by th* |round.
•   We eolitil a trial bid ou your Order, .mull or large
We operate fjie oftly pap-
ilcl furniture snd piano
moving vsn in tlie city. . .
N. V. C'artatjs <<».
1 lomitlt Av*.
riUNI Ml
13th etrpet. Committee would reeom-
mend that when preient eontrePti ope
completed this petition be given every
Ro reqiMwt, of Q. I. MucDonuld and
34 other employee* pi the Hoard ol
World for un increase in wages. Com
mitloo recommend that men bo informed that their application oununt be
met at tho proaent time but 'will b
taken into conaideration later.
Th* P. 0. E. Ry. Co. aubniitlod a
plan ol proposed turnout on 4th itreet
between Queenibury and Moody Ave.
Tbe plan allowed the atreet to be only
66 wide. Tho oity engineer wai authorized to interview Mr. I'erry, the
local manager, and authorise him to
go ahead with tlie work on bit nub
milting a revised plan ehowina- tho
«trwt to be SO tat. wide.
The city engineer reported that he
had examined tfae plan submitted by
Ike H. C. E. It. Co. of tbe proposed
turnout on Fell Ave. between 16th and
16th street! and found that tho railway ia located on the centre line ol
tho atreot and that tfao turn-out would
bo satisfactory. The committee rc-
commond that the plan bo paasod by
lho Council. ».'
II.. communication received from tho
registrar ol titlee re application to rc-
glator tho conveyance from Mayhew k
Harlow to tho city ol blook 7, 8, 9,
10, 21 and 36 and a portion ol Rice
Luke in D. I,. 866. Aid. Kittson
moved that it be roforrod to thc city
solicitor to tako up with tho registrar. The motion was seconded by
Aid. Smith und agreed to.
Ro roport Irom city engineer Ihul
two or Ihroc meters in l.ynn Volley
in,-,I repairing. Committee decided tu
recommend that district council bo notified In put meters in proper working order nnd that on account ol tb 1
motors not having been in working or
der (or some timo paet the city will
charge tho average rato ol con-
II,- communication froui cily engineer regarding tho lowering ol Iho city's
lO-inpl, water ntajn on tb* Lyn» Valley
road. T|)| committee decided to recommend t||at $° ,»W«f b» lied for
future rcferenoo.
Be communication fforfl efty 99$)-
•ep ri^mrflinding that the Pi»trict
ahould pay § fair proportion of the
coat ol the inatallation of the new
oity e/aterjnairi. Cpntfnittee did not
consider that djitriot ihould have any
iiitorost hr (fa* main.
Be reMnuneRrJatiPfl nl city jSBgincer
that diitript pay a rental faf flrp Ijy-
dranta in the Lynn Valley water, district lome of which are connected by
bye-paaaoa. Committee recommend
tbat tbe chairman be empowered to
interview the water committee ol the
district council and see what arrangement con be made in regard to these
Tbe committee recommend tbat tho
engineer fae instructed to take levels
and prepare a aurvey map ol thc pipe
line from Bice I.ako.
Tho engineer reported tbat all leaka
in the now water main would be livid
in about three or (our days.
The chairman and city engineer wero
instructed to lo,ok into the matter ol
a higher intake and shore wall et tfae
present intake.
The committee recommend tbat tfae
member lor tbe dietrict be written to
and inlormed that lho council have
purchased the balance ol tho land covering the water shed on the southern
portion ol Bice Lake, and thut he be
asked lo convey tbie information to
the government also that tlio city engineer in working on the plans of tho
proposed reservoir and pipe lino, otc,
and that council would be glud to
hoar ol govommenl'a decision in thia
The cily clerk wua instructed to
communicate with the city eolicitor
and aek him what haa been dune in
1, .n.l lo lho application ol Lynn
('reek wui.. record and il nothing
waa done to ask him to urrunge lor
hearing boforo water commissioner also if it will be necessary for council
to attend.
It't application of Mrs. A. Folhoring-
bum for light at corner of Keith road
and Ifoody Avenuo.    Committee   dc-
crjW to recommend that thia appljoa-
tifin itand nv»r til) next f»|l.
The Committee decided to recommend that tlto representatives of the
Province end World be adviied of the
amount* paid by the city for edvor-
tiaing jn their reapeetive pupora during tfae lilt If! monthi uml informed
that th* pity pouncil do. not at pro-
eept eoo thoir way to increase it.
Tfae committee recommend that tfae
sinking (und now at the city's credit
bo loaned out to ratepayers *ho jft-
(and to'become 'reaidit|t owneri in
Nortli Vanepuver at aav-en- and one-
hall (71) per Pent, intorest. Tho house
not to coit leaa then BLOfltl or more
than W.QOO. Lpan lo be raudo OP *)'■'•
basis of 60 per cent, pi the uctual
cost ol the house and 60 per cent, of
the assessed value of tfae land.
Applications to be called for by ud-
vorliiemcnl in tho public press and to
be balloted on at regular Inlorvnla.
Tbe whole to be subject to Ihe Municipal Clemee Act.
The North
llitvi' now a good
stock of
at Bottom Prices.
Prompt Delivery.
Esplanade, East
300 Feet of Water-
frontage with crown
grant, known as
Wallace Shipyards.
Terms to suit purchaser.   Apply
Seymour St.
NortH v/ANcoUVEl?
Certileeted Surgical, Mtdletl and
Maternity Nunti
Miss** Seat flat aa flislrstiii
For  Icnin  apply   at  th* llmpllal
I2ib Street Kait.
All new houses ahould be piped for ga» in order to aave tat
heavy expenditure far this con-
rtpitnet »t a |aUr frit.
General Contracting
ING, Etc.   Eatimates Givon.
►lai'l <1111.n1 £> Andruftft
Keith Boad, east of St. George's Avenue, or P. 0. Box 134 '
GENUINE SCOTCH GINGHAMS,  our own  importation  in   Plain
Sliumbroys und Chocks, special per yard  10c.
33-inch PBINTS, yond heavy quality,  lijflit   und dark color*, apecial
por yard  10c,
DBESS Mrs I,INS, plain anil fancy   Dimity   ilri|ien,   also  dola  and
crosabora, prico     10c ond lfic,
A lurifc assortment of Victoria l,nwns, Indian Linens, Perainn l.tiwne,
Nuiaooka, iti,. mnlii.,. otc.
Butlons covered Irom your own malorial—all sitiee.
Keith Block
Phono 93
Lonsdale Block
COB. lfith ..nil loN.-IMl i-
Phono 1G3
132x119 on LONSDALE AVE.
Comer St. James     Lane one side    All cleared
Only $1000 Caih
Balance Easy =
213 Lonidale Avenue      -      Tel. 47
Corner Nye       -      - - Tel. 87
Bread!    Breads
Union Made.   Home Industry.
Bigger Loaf.   Better   Bread,
Don't forgot our latest Home Made Loaf.
Stores; 71 Lonsdale Ave. Cor. Lonsdale & liili St.
Real Estate and Fire Insurance Agents
Agreements for Sale Bought and Sold
Loans Negotiated, Rent* Collected
Choice Properties for Sale in All Parts of the City
Phone 173
62 Lonsdale Ave.
P. O. Box 72
Expert on FirspUcM and all
class** of Brickwork
All Work Guarantied
New Subdivisions in North Vancouver City
Fronting on Grand Boulevard in fyxju 226 tod 227
Alio Mi in Block 230, Fronting en Grand Boulevard
and Lot* in Block 232a. ■
1    , jlll     =ggC==S  ==3g=S==SBCC==:
M*hpnf McPftrUnd & Procter, Limited
Cor. Pender and Seymour Sts., Vancouver, B. C,    Phone 6286 Burnt
Express Want Ads.
WANtED-Yerortg girl lor folding in
bookbinding department. Apply In person Eepresa Officii.
WANTED-Bod room, not more than
10 minutes Irqm ferny nor more than
, W per week.   I'hone 2110. 91-1
POR  SALE - Burred Book  Eggs
(Thoroughbred),    W.   L.  Boiilt,  loth
. itreet (between Htihon nnil .Innea),
llri.al.lii.-ii Bacon, 34o per lb., lineal
B, C. Ham 2lo pur lb. at' the Up-to-
date Grocery. 21-4
WANTED—Dinner at private house
eln.ic lo ferry, live daya a week for
two or three business men. Apply
Bos  Haiti Expreaa Ollice,
WANTED—l'roperly, owrier or builder    to    erect     attires    and    ....... n-
or a building not lose than Mi
rooms, muat be convenient to ferry,
not above Mil It street. Would leaao
for'6 yeura. .1. Mollwelnu, lh'1 'I liml
atreet eaat. HI
I.0H HALE-Cotliage nl 5 rooms-
New lltli street, noiir Si, Andrew's.
Largo lot. /ins view ol the harbor.
Price $9,166. $606 oaih, baliinoe Uh
pel- nui|illi. 7 per aent. The price ia
right and tlie terma are exceptionally
good, Ib-itiiih American True! Co.
Ltd., Onrter-Oottop Building, Vanoouver.
FOB RENT - Fitnilahed houaekeap
ing rooma, 314 2ml atreet east.    26-4
TO llENT-l'rom May lat, house mid
garden on I'eler ltoad near Lynn
Vulley carline. SIR |ier month. Apply
Box 111)2, Expreas Oilieo. 31-4
TO BENT—14 aoraa, ,tha woat end ol
Dialrict Lot 880 on the drome Mountain trail. I'eraons wtiiiting otiiiip-
ing ground could loaae till or part for
Ihe aeaaon,    Boi B. It. N., Express.
LOST—A eilver 1'iirao, valued na u
keepsake, with initials engraved there
on.    Howard al  Ihe resitleiico ol Dr.
Venter. -n'
Pure    Milk    and   Cream   delivered.
Lynn Valley Daily, lib' Lonsdale.   1H-5
l-i.-l.    Lettuce    for    Sale.     U.   E.
Kc. ne, l.'.tli street.
In..i class Conk Stove fur sale. Apply nt 127 - LoiiBtlule Avo. li-1
FOB     SAI.K -Pointer    Pups,    twu
in....ih.. uid.   Setter eight niunllis old.
All prize winners nt last Vancouver
dog show.     Apply Miimlyville Hotel.
ijry lots. Adjoining Nortli Vuneouver
Tennis Club grounds, only a low now
unsold, price S-lfit), 1 cash, balunc.
will be sold nt once. See Mr. M.-il
153 Third atreet E., fourth house,
1)1     I..01. 'I.ile 21-1
J. I.eutet aud North Loasdnle
Elder Murray Co. tiro Iniiirance.
FOB SALE—Owner must lacrifi e
fifty foot lot in II. I.. i'iIi'i. facing nu
llltli slroet within tlie city limita only
a short distance (ruin car. Price
$.'1511.   Apply Bui 1001, Kiprces.
FOB S.VI.i'.-lluniiiil.iw on St. Andrew's close la IfVtli slreot, h ruOtns.
Lol ell in garden, practically now uml
modern. Price 11,000. fM cash, balance us rent. 7 per cent, till balance.
Why renl when mil can buy u home
on llit.au lerms 'I British American
Trust Co. Ltd., Carter-Cotton Building, Vancouver.      ' 281
Hoyal   Standard   Flour,   11.08    per
sack  at the  Up-lotlutc OroOery. 21-4
Separate and bulk lenders will   be
received by the uroleraigned up loaiid
including April 27(h lor the  erection
ol ii raeidence lor C. S. Young.    N.i
; lender necessarily  accepted.
127 Lonsdale Ave., Nurth  Vancouver.
1 21-4
116 Esplanade
A Few Doom West of Post Office
 -T ■
Phm. B., Druggist in Charge
Monday, April 24,1911
Drugi and Patent Medicine*
Cigars'and Tobacco*
Chocolate!    Stationery
.Soda Fountain in Connection.
high view lots, two blooka, from Lonidale oar, beet v)sw in Nnrth Lonsdale,
only 1616, eaay payment*. Theae are
aolllnj, io get busy it you want to secure ium,' See Mr. Mellwnine, Ifi2
Third street east, fourth house east
ol Lonsdale, 21-4
.Wo Will buy or eiohanife your atovaa,
ranges and household good* for ipot
otah.. Turner's, 70 Lonsdale Avenue,
Phone Ml.    : 0. Bos 918.
, N'lIT   A   SPECULATION,   liul    a
iiilllld inv.'Hllllelll. Two oO ft. Lots on
Boulevard nnd ono block frum Lonsdale our; unlv l-'iiti each. See me immediately'about these. Mr. Jlellwuine,
162 Third atreet E., lourlh houaeenat
uf l.onsdala. .        21
Raurni 10 and 11, Pender Chambers,
622 Pender Street W.        Phone 8451
Basidrace,  cor.  Lunsdala  Ave   tail
22nd street, North Vancouver.
Miee Eva ll.ili.lcn is prepared tu
luko 2 or .'! mora pupila into her ill
i.i iio.iii preparatory achool. For
i ei mi apply Bui 910; North Vuneouver. 24-4
NllllTII VANCOl'VEIl aplemiid view
lots overlooking horticultural antl'r
creation groiinda, fill ll. Iota, only
9700; term* These are n snnp nnil
will Im sold ul once. See Mr. Mel.
wnine, lo2 Third slreot V,., fourth
kuuso east  uf l.uiisilale. 21 I
Brwer'*-XL BrtSfJ Ha per lotltt the
Up-'toilate Ornoory. 91-4-
S.' Ritchie, the Up-tn-dute limner,
366 tlit Itreet J).  Phone 1,119.     3N
Get it nl the Lonadale Pharmacy,
corner 8th and Lonsdale. Phone 99, if
Pay your own grocery bill. Buy Irom
a store where t hey give no credit, v)i,
at the up-to-date grocery, M6 Pint
street east, 21-4
TKMlKIIS are invited for the creation qf u two storey bungalow in
North Vancouver. Apply Haokay A
Miickny, Architects, .lunotinii Block,
North Vim.-oiiver. -  9|-4
Ur. Isaac Wuhlen, a popular real-
ileni ..I tiih slrimt ie l.-.i'iiic today for
ii lout inoiiili:.' trip to Ihe oAstorn
stales awl North link..in.
lulled Brotheihood ol Carpenters
uml Joiners ol Amorion. Looal No.
Ii:ii'i Headquarter! |or both workmen seeking employ ment und contractors needing mini, ut Cuntniings' Store,
l.oiisilule Avunitu. Business agent's
lioiirs S.lltl to tl.HO a.m. und 6 to MID
p.m.   .1. II.   IL.11n. business agent, tl
Thu nut lining niutle un Third si reel
by lucid impriiviinient will greatly
Is'iiilil the city whin completed as il
will ulford ciniviiniuiii acooii lo Moody
villti frum Liiiintliiin. The miiMinuiii
uin.In will Is: 71 per cent.- uhun completed.
. ..         » j '"
Concrete   work   lins limn uniuplotod
'^::^::^TZ-\&pwi Classified Ads. Always Bring Results
ing   oructutl.     Brutikor,   Cnnipbcll   k
Whipple nre Ihe contractors for   Ihis
Garden ToolsN
Our spring shipment has
just arrived from the factory, v consisting of Rakes,
Spades, Shovels, Spading
Forks, Manure Forks, Potato Hooks, etc. The above
are all full strapped and
first grade., Drop in and
look them over.
Paine & McMillan
The Hardware Specialists Phone 12
First Street and Lonsdale Avenue
► tj
ll.,ll.lln,:   which   is
I Suns.
.v.md by Lett   unit
NOTICE is hereby given timt ull vn-
cant Crown lumls mil already, under
reserve, situated within lho buuiitlur-
ies nf llie Luud Recording Districts ui
Caribou mid I.ill.met, nnd tlie Earn-
loops Division nl Vale Laud llecord-
iug Diilricl, uru reserved frum any
..I,.,,, i . I. under Ihs "Land Act" er.
cepl liy pre-emption.
Deputy Minister of l.andi.
II |-  .ii ..... I   uf   I ..n.l'..
Victoria, It. ('., April llrd, IUII.   1-h
An open sewer Uciifh tilled with v>n
lor wns the euuso of n iiiiiliup to thu
delivery horsu ol Stevens and King,
grocers, on Wednesday. Ihe driver asserts liml the section uf open trench
wm left without prolootion ur uny
in,'.in., of warning ihe pulilioi.nl m s
Inking it for u shallow puol .1 »utei
loll by tlio recent rainstorm* lie di
reeled tin: horsu directly across it villi
iliu reeull thut the burse was pr-cipt
Iiit.il into Ihe Irench sustaining u
...I.I lint li uml u series ul bruises uml
oils which will lender it unlit lor use
for saute time, in en llioiiuli uu inoro
serious i. ...ii    should occur.    ..
At this time of the year your Home-made Preserves
are running short. Green fruits are scarce and high.
So help your supply out with some of our delicious
sru. a. &m. McMillan
Up-To-Date Clothing for Men
one of the best to be seen in the city.
It has all the latest touches regarding style,
fit and finish. The greatest possible attention has been given each and every garment
consequently we guarantee every suit of
clothing leaving our establishment.
Special Offering of Young Men's Suits, $15, $18, $20, $25
Pricei: $15, $17.50, $18, $20,
$20.50, $25, $28.50, $29 to $35
Prices: $| to $3.50
Pricei: $1 to$3.50
Price*: $1.60, $1.75, $2.00,
$2.50, $3.50, $4 to $7.50
Prices: 50c. to $3.00
in all wag
1   "   i
Succeuori to Johnston, Kerf oot Co.
125-127 Hastings St, West Vancouver, B. C.
' si


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