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 (J[)t Ixpwaa
vohtmp is.
NOBTH VAlfOOUTOB, 9: 0., FWPAY, APBO. 19, 1913.
H. H. Stevens, M.P., Reviews Matters
of Public Moment Pertaining to
the North Shore
Mr. H. H. Stevens, M.I'., wbo returned front Ottawa on Tuesduy, freely discussed witb a representative of tbe Express, tliosc matters of interest to the
Nortli Sboro which are now before the
With reference to lhe route map of
the 0. V. II., Mr. Slovens declared that
there was no doubt that thai com
puny would be found opcraling on lhe
Nortli Bhoro iii due course, ile thought,
however ,ilun the public had a wrong
idea ns lo the actuating motives which
led lo the application of iImt company
for the approval of their route map. The
idea appearoil lo huve gone ubroud thut
tbe II. 1'. It. Inul some definite scheme
lo develop in entering lbe Held on lbe
North Sboro, whereas in point uf fuel,
Iiiiiii the statements which bail' been
made tu himself by Sir Thomas Shuu-
gliiiessy Mr. Stevens was convinced
Ihut the railway company was proceeding merely upon general developments.
The (!. P. II, saw Ihul mutters were
reaching u focus ns to railway develop-
, incuts ou (his side of the inlet and
they had decided that it would be lo
tin"interests of tbeir company in a gen
erul way to get in Hie Held lirst ami
hud moved accordingly
lie had several interviews with' Sir
Thomas Sbuiiglinessy wilh respect    to
(.tbe mailer. Sir Thomas had assured
'flMk Ihut it wus nol the inleutioii of
hi?company to rush matters with refer
dice to this side of the inlet. He wus
not in possession of details himself, bul
had lirst agreed to write Mr. Bury for
I min iiliu." and latterly hod referred the
wliule matter to Mr Marpole. In bis
several conversatious with Mr. Shun
ghucssy Mr. Stevens had outlined liis
position very clearly aud Sir Thomas
hud assured thc member that be was
quite correct in taking tbe -1111.1 lliul
he did as the guardian of the interesl!
of the public. Thc C. P. H., of course,
desired lo get their roule map approved
ou the most favorable terms lo them
selves, but uow that thc several points
advocated by Mr. Slovens bad been definitely made they would have to admit that he was quite within Ins pro
voice Iu bringing them forward and
Ihul they were quite reasonable from
Ilie public slamlpoiiit.
Mr. Stevens bod called the attention
uf Sir Thomus Shuughncssy to the fail
lliut all bough the roule ma/ of any
ulher railway company might be al
lowed lo procure approval without
close scrutiny inasmuch os opportunity
to rectify ony mailers that were uot
acceptable in the public interests
would occur when lhe location pluit wus
submitted to Ibe Hoard of Bailway
i'iiiiiiiiI'-iisiii i-i. wilh respect to the
C P. H, however, this was uoi the cose
inasmuch as their charier conferred up
on Ihem special privileges. Because
of lhi> it was essential that nil tlm."
stipulations whiili were required frum
Iho viewpoint Of public interests should
bu procured before tbe roule mop was
approved. Tbe president of the l.'.P.R.
bud acknowledged lbe correctness of
this position.
Sir Thomas Shaugbucasy bad sug
gesled tlint tho business of other railway Hues could be arranged by the <,'.
P. H. griiniiiig running rights over tbeir
lines. Mr. Stevens bad pointed out
that this would not meet the caae for
the reason that if thc C. 1'. H. owned
the lines then Ihey would naturally
take care uf' tbeir owu business hrst.
That as a  matter .of  business  tbey
\would handle Ibeir own c^irs at thoir
,wn ' hum nu'  in the find instanco
And Ibat the business of olber lines
wuuld bo compelled lo wait until il
that presented itself iu formulating any
scheme of harbor development, nroso
from the fuct that so vory little water-
frontage uu the south shore wus in prl'
vute lum i Referring to 11 map of
Vancouver ho slowed his interviewer
lliut pruciii'tii'.v all of Pi.m creek wa-
lerfroii'tigo on both sides nl ilie wutur
as fur us the Gamble street bridge was
owned by lhe ('.. P. H., as well us the
grculer portion of tho usable water
fronlagc on the south sborij of Hurrard
inlet. The question iiuturally arose al
Ottawa, if liny extensivo scheme of
luils.■! improvement is being carried
out, who is In benelit must largely from
lite same ami lbe only possible answer
was lliul Ibe C. P. II. und not the geu
erul public would reap the grcotest
benefits therefrom. Vet the C. P.. H.
positively declined to participate in
any such scheme, stating that while
they wuulil view wi111 pleasure auy developments of such a nature, they wuuld
not bo prepured to co-operate in the
scheme. Such 11 condition made it
much more difficult to curry 11 projoet
looking lu extensive harbur improve
incuts tu successful issue.
The report of Mr. Swan with referonce lo Hurrard Inlet was now in the
bunds of the guvernment. This report
deals almost exclusively with harbor
wurks ami equipment ami did uot deal
willi harbor administration, The report wus must comprehensive in every
respect. It-wus now under considcrO'
lion by the ilcpurliiicnt of public works
with a view to harmonizing ils several
engineering features with the puld
policy of lhe guvernment uml alsu for
tho purpuse of dividing what step it
wuuld be wise lo take first. Wheu the
Dual conclusions of lbc ilcparlmeiit
huve lieen reached ,tlie scheme will be
referred tu the respective public bodies
for diacuuiou. Meantime it was not
in the interests uf public business Ibal
toe dtchils should be made known. Mr.
Stcveus stuleil emphatically however
that Ibe reporl contemplates Improve
inputs whicii will meet with lhe approval of lhe North Shore, lu bis opinion,
the lirst and most important undertaking would be the construcliuu of a
lurge terminal elevator or liuudliug tbu
grain frum the prairie provinces
It wus his 1 nt .'ut iuu tu take up with
the various public bodies al an early
date, tbo question of the adminiatra
tiuu of harbor mutters
Willi reference lo locul mail urruugc
iiienls. Mr. Stevens stated lhat Mr.
Ross, superintendent of post offices is
i|ue to arrive at Vancouver any day
uud lhat ho will go finally into thl
matter uf mail orraugcuients fur North
Vaneouver. Mr. Stevens confidently ox-
peeled thai be would succeed in securing lhe cily the advantage uf free mail
As fer the post ulliee sile, the post
office department was mil prepared for
lbc advance which the price awarded-
by lhe arbitrators represented over Ihe
price virtually agreed upon wilji tbe
city council, iinmely ♦70,01)0, Tbe gov
eminent did not deem itself altogether
responsible for lhe delay in arriving al
an arbitration and did uot expect that
there would be so much increase in
value iu su short u time. As for the
Inni.hue- ,lbey were nol c onsidcrcd of
prui'iit'ul value by Ihe department, end
Mr. Stevens was of opinion lhat tbe
transfer could be consummated at tbr
price set ou tbe lots, namely $1111,060,
but bcyund ibat lie bad no hope of Inducing tbe gqvcruuieul to go.
Referring to tbe drill hall, he had the
assurance of Hon. Sam. Hughes that
the structure would be built out of tbe
geuerul fund provided for that purpose
and lhat it would be extended from
time lo lime at occasion might demand
Iu concluding Ibe interview, Mr.
Mel..-m .luted that several of the min
islers Intcmifi. '.. viwt the west this
season. They would journey separately
and al lhe respective times at whieh
each migbl be able to arraugc Ibe busi
ness of bis department  to permit bia
H. H. Stevens and Canadian Pacific
Railway Route Map
suited the pleasure of the C. P. R. toIabsence. Mr. Stovens wished parti-
allow Iheir cars to bo moved. Sucb I culorly to impress tbe fact Ibat tbese
an arrangement would not bo at all visits wero made for strictly business
satisfactory lo other railway companies, purposes and tbe ministers desired Ibe
Sir Thomaa admitted that in tbo or : public bodies fo view the matter io
dlnary course of buiincil that would that light. While public functions would
probably be about tbo way in wbicb 'doubtless be is Order to a certain ex
the arrangement woeld work out.
I The poaitioo taken by hlm on all
points with iui us i" '■ to the route map
had been discussed personally with the
president of the O. P. .It. aad it had
not been claimed from that source tbat
that position WW Other than renwnftdo
in every particular, from the standpoint of public Interests.
Turning to harbor mettore Mr. Steven ttlitA that tke greateil <U*fuity
tent, Mr. Stevens placed particular stress upon the fact lhat tbe mm
islers emu bo seeking information io
order that Ihey might return possessed
of an intelligent knowledge of the ae
t uoi needs of tho weat. He further
stated Ibat the North Shore would be
given adequate opportunity to make It*
resources, advantage! and requirements
fully known to each minister w he ap
psarid upon tie loene.
The following emphatic letter from
Mr. 11 II. Stovoui, M.P., eddroiiod to
tbo secretary of tbe Nortb Vancouver
Board uf Trade, was read by Mr. Don-
allium un Wednesday night when the
board convened iu tbe city ball:
House of 1 'iiiiiiiinnii.
Ottawa, 3rd April, 1912.
Dear Sir,—I have yours of thu 26th ult.
to baud re thc (1. 1'. II. route map. i
am not conscious of having been neglectful regarding this perplexed question.I have written letters which would
cover reams of paper in connection
with the sume. I have made two trips
to Montreal and am making a further
trip to Montreal tomorrow in au endeavor to get the matter sctlicd.
. Up to the present moment tbe O. 1*.
R. have not ugrced to one single condi-
Imu being iiiipiiiicl. The Minister has
intimated his willingness tu upprove if
Ihey will accept tbe conditions, but
they bave not even expressed uu Indication to accept any conditions, uther
tbau the favorable assurance uf Sir
Thiiiiiiis Shuughncssy that they would
advise as snun as the full reporl wus
received front their officials iu Vuncou
Vuur lluiir.l questions the advisabil
ity uf making lbe prutectiou of street
ends a condition, lit my miiul Ibis is
of vital Importance, as lhe experience
of  Vancouver should  demonstrate.
Again, you question tbo advisability
of buying the 0, P. B. agree on the
North Shore to work In harmony with
a harbor commission, in my est imu
tion, tbis ia the most important point of
all. The greatest difficulty of working
a harbor commission at tbo presout
time is tlio position of the tl. P. B. on
tho south aide uf the inlet and in Falae
(Ircek, and if we do not extract ffom
tbem some ussuroucu as regards tbe
North Shore, the whole Inlet will be
completely bottled ami practically uuder tbe control uf tbe C. P. R. This
point I discussed fully with Sir Tlmuian
Sbaughitcssy and he Dually admitted
that I was perfectly correct. I might
further slate tbat be told me ut lbc
time that tbey were uot in any particu
lar rush to have thc approval ut this
time, that their main object iu making
tbe application was to get in first ami
anticipate uther ruads. He did not
mean iiu'ii Ibis, however, that tbey
wuuld not construct; wbal he did mean
wus thut they were looking after nunc
ber one and were particularly concerned ubuut lite public's interests.
Ou my return in a few days'.time
nothing will please me better than tu
have tbe personal opportunity of meet
ing the keenest critics of my attitude
that are in Norlb Vancouver.
Very truly yours,
Tne board ordered Ibis letter to lie
furinully laid over, in view of the fact
that on Tuesday uight in Ursou's i'u
viliou Mr. Stevens will himself address
a meeting uf citizens.
Dissatisfied With Recent Verdict in
Runaway Action
Wedding Bells
The marriage was lolomnixod ;ester
day aftcmoou in St. Andrew's I 'i. ■
bytorian church, of Mr. Robert Wilaou,
organist of tbat church, and Miss Mar
gurct Iloyd Knox of Greenock, Scot
land. The Rev. Ronald Macleod nib
elated and lbc function of best mau
wus undertaken by Mr. Reid of Van
couvcr. A large . number uf friends
were present at the ceremony ami many
beautiful gifts have been showered on
ibe brute aud bridegroum. Tbe duties of bridesmaid were gracefully per
formed by Miss Edna Hay. Ou Iheir
return frum a brief hoiicymuuu su
juurn Mr and Mrs. Wilson intend lak
ing uj, residence ou Seventh street.
Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Shepherd, another
of yesterday's brides, journeyed lo
' miii'lu from the old laud ou the same
ship and were companions on tbe voyage.
I Alexander Pbilip and Mr. A. ti. Diploek
Ito engage iu thc business ol real oslejc,
11 -...Ian, e and lii.iiiuml brokerage. It
will merge the business now being carried iu by Mr i'bilip and Messrs. Elder
Murray .v Co. Ltd .and take the man
agement of thc Seymour Lumber Com-
, pany Limited and utber business enter
prises.   Tbe capital of the new com-
! pany will approximate *100,000. Thc
proaident ia Mr.< A. I). Diploek, tho
managing director, Mr. A. Philip, and
lhe secretary treasurer, Mr. Fred. L. II.
Diploek. The office of Messrs. Elder
Murray k Co. Ltd. will be the business
home of thc uew company, whose olb
.ml announcements will appear iu our
next issue.
An extremely pretty wedding took
place io this eily yesterday when Mr.
i"urge S. Shopberd of Hie really firm
of II. Is l.iiu-uu k 1 o j.aml Miss Mar
garel S. Sinclair, of Tourso, Caithness,
Scotland, entered thc stale of luutri
uiouy to the accompauimeot of good
wishes from uorth, south, cast aud
west. The ceremony was solemnized
in the afteriioou at thc residence of
Mr. (,'. K. laiwsun, 12th street casl in
tho i-i- . us 1 of many friends, for Mr.
Shepherd is a prominent participant in
civic affairs and stands high, both in
stature and public estimation Tbe
officiating clergy were tbe Rev. Ronald
Macleod and lhe Rev. / I), (lillam,
while Ihe duties of beal man were per
formed by Mr. 3. Wylllc Donaldson.
Miss Drew waa bridesmaid, very charm
ingly attired, while Miaa Dorothy low
son and Miaa Peggy Shepherd were
two aweet little flower giria, Mi. and
Mra. Shepherd have been Ifae recipients
of a great number of handsome gifti
and it can bo safely uid that tbe
hearty wishes of many more frieuds
bcsldea were embodied in the remark
ably lavish and beautiful array of
flowci*, The wenneat of welcomes
havo been accorded Mra. Shepherd,
who ia a new comer to tbia rity hav
ing only recently crossed the Atlantic.
Wic ami her husband purpoae residing
on Seventeenth atreet ao their return
from a short honeymoon trip.'
Tbo wedding i..pk place yesterday at
tho reaidence of tne bride's fathor on
I.onsdale Jvenue of Mlu Mildred Loulle
daughter of Mr. l.'har'es Monroe and
Mr Homer Benjamin tylhcrt of Beat
tic. The Bev. Ronald Macleod conducted bhe ceremony.
A new company under Uie name of
The Burrard Development Compauy
Limited" hu bm organiied by Mt-
Under the auapicca of tbe North
Vancouver Hoard of Trade, Mr II
II. Slovene, Ml', will address a pub
lie meeting of ratepayera of tbis city
iu lair.-oii's Pavilion on Tuesday
evening at tl u'clock. Mr. Stcveus
will deal fully wilb railway matters
and other isauea of outstanding lu
cal impurtaucc. lie baa already
staled thc pleasure it will affunl
him to meet Ibe keenest critics of
bis altitude. Tuesday night'a meet
iug should be characterised by a re
s old atleudance.
Forry Diroctorato Think Oaae Should
Be Appealed
Yoaterday'a session of the Ferry directorate waa uucharactorited by any
feature of outstanding intereat. In
tbe absence of tlm mayor tbe chair
was occupied by Mr. W. C. (lladwiu,
Moaars. II. C. Wright, W. L. Boult and
Capt. 1 'iiiesi being present.
Aid. Dick was present for a short
period aa representative of tbo city
couucil, and upon his recommendation
tbe board ugrced lo favor the retiring
engineer, Mr. 0. S. Hanes, with a ferry
pass until tbe expiration of tbe present year.
Allusiou was made to the verdict of
the supreme court 011 Wednesday iu
tbe action brought by Joseph Lcduc
aguiust the ferry compauy. Tbe jury
uwarded the plaintiff .-nn::.. the value
be placed on the horses, wagon and
harness which were lost iu the Inlet
after a runaway miabap uu Lunadule
Thc bourd expressed unanimous die
satisfaction witb this verdict aud 011
Ihe inutiou uf Mr. II C. Wright, re
solved tbat in thc opinion of the directorate thc case -li<,i.i.i be appealed and
that the city solicitor should be con-
Milled lu the matter. Tbo view waa
oxprcssoil tbat it would bo detrimental
to thu ferry comuany to tacitly accopt
this ruling.
Aftor deliberating on a lottor looking
local preference in tho matter on insuring tho ferries, thu board adjourned
into committee of tbo whole.
The comer stone of tho uew St. Andrew's Prosbytoriun church will bo
.laid tomorrow (Saturday )afteruoouat
.') o'clock by Iho Hev. Peter Wright,
D.D., moderator of presbytery. A
very Interesting progrum bus been prepared. The public are cordially invited
tu this service.
The minister, Hev. Ronald Macleod,
will conduct bulb services, II and 7.31).
Morning aubject: Shipwreck of faith;
evening, life exchange.
Nejtt Monday evening Mr. Howe of
tbu Anglican church will address tho
Bpwortb League in the Methodist
church. The subject will bo citlxen-
ship.   Everybody welcome.
WANTED—Dressmaking by tbe duy
Terms $2. Box A01, Expreas Oflice. 20-I
WANTED-Holp for general house
work.     Apply 105—3rd street.       t.f
WANTED—Listings on city proper
ly.'  L. L. Woodward, 81 I.ousdulc Ave.
WANTED- General help. Mrs.
Shakespeare, comer llth and St. An
drew'i. lit
WANTED-Belliicd girl as mother's
help. Apply Mrs. Ilcaumaun, 266 Keith
Hoad W. 23.4
WANTED-One lot  facing  on   the
ilrund   Iiuulovard. Will  pay all  caab
if prico ia right. P. 0.  Hox   1838,
North   Vancouver.
WANTED—A woman to do bouse
work overy Saturday. Apply evenings
to Madam Humphrey'a IKlh street uml
Chesterfield avenue. .723 I'ender Slreei
FOR BALE-Lot 27, block 2,'IIA, D.
I. C<6, cleared. Eaay terms. Apply U.ox
ill. North Vuncouver. 19 4
ROOMS FOR IIENT-Houaek'eeplng
and single.   218 2nd streot oast.
FOR HUNT Rooms with board If
desired, moderate rates, also small bouse
Apply lirst new bouse, 1Mb street weit
of Lousdale. :: I,
FOR BENT-Large modem four-
roomed suites, corner 8th and Cues
ierficld. "Apply 172 Upper Kcilh E.,.
rents (2D. 9-6
Board- and   ruum   for   single   man.
Terms   moderate.   Near   car.      Apply
Mrs. Knight , ilh aud Ridgeway Ave.
TO RENT—Tbri'e roomed cottogo on
comer uf Moody and 171b street. $10
a month. Apply D. W. Robertson, Hi
FOR RENT Four roomed suite Mt.
Grown Block, First street eaal, healed
grate, disappearing furniture, etc. Ap
ply at Buildiug or tu Lett and Por
owue, 310  Hi, hards  St. 30 4
FOR RENT- Modem furnished room
slcuui healed, hoi uud 1 uid  waler, ex
cell'eut view iFirst Street Rooms) over
Ihe Empire Theatre. 1'upulur prices.
19 6
On Wednesday next, April 24th, the
I.;.i.n Valley Conservative Aieociatiun
will hold a geiiei.,1 meeting iu |ln lu
etilutc ball at t p.m.
Tbe lasl two of Ibe live new street
cars for Ibis cily were brought across
lhe Inlet yesterday evening and were
berthed at the wharf Immediately east
of the ferry landing. They will be run
onto the Lynn Valley Hue by means
of temporary rails
I. 0. 0. V.
Canton Vancouver No. I, P. M. of
Vancouver cily, have been pleaaed to
accept thc invitation of Nortb Van
couvcr lodge No. 66, to attend the icr
vice lu the Baptiat church on Sunday,
Ibe 2lil inst., in full uniform. It is
expected a goodly number of thc mem
bore of tbe rity bulges will attend.
Brethren are rcqueated to meet al the
lodge room, Mniouic Temple building
at 2.30 i' in -
The Gilded Fool, comedy drama made
famous by Ihe celebrated actor Nat
Goodwin, will be tin next offering of
tbe Golden Le Paige Co. at the Lons
dalo theatre. It ii a play brim full of
human interest and Iho action never
tagi from the rlee till tbe fall of tho
curtain. Mlu Golden will may the
laid and ber menf admirer! will have
an opportunity to see her »i her beet.
Mr. Caldwell will play Ilie part made
famous by Goodwin, and Mr. I<e Paige,
of thla talented company will be aeen
in roles especially suited to their re
ipectlvo tWUtlce.
FOR SALK-Ded apring and .hair
mattress, HM. Apply Uox A62, Ex
press officer 231
FOR SALE CHEAP-Oak mantel and
braea front fire -place, lo guod condi
tion, roady for removal. May bo Been
at 218 )3tb Street Weal. t.f.
FOB SALE Player Piouo, almost
new. Small cash payment and take
over equity.   A. W. K., Expreas Ollice.
FOR SALE -By owner, double cor
ncr- on Pcler'a Boad, $700—14 caah
Box P., Expreaa Office.
FOR 8ALB-<)ulck. 6 roomed house,
lol 33x147, by owner, close to car. fl.
000.   App-ty Box  A0O, Expreaa Office
83 4
FOB SALE—Rubber tiro buggy aud
harncas, nearly now; alao old violin
(1736.) Apply I Dicraaen, Colonial
FOR SALE-Oak extensiou table,
Morrii 1 Imu. bedstead. Call between
II and 1 o'clock, Killarney Cottage,
comer 17tb and Lonsdale. 19-4
FOB HALE Sellings ef Mammoth
Pekin Ducks. Prize strain. Phone JU.
Thoroughbred White Wyahdotte eggi
11.26 per letting. Ml cub Streot
weat. ill
Painter ami paper iiuugcr wauls
work Address (I. W. Stupleton, Nortli
Vancouver. 101
liol it at lousdale Pharmacy Pbone 39
Ice Cream, Duller Milk aud Sweet
Milk at the Grotto, fresh daily, ml
Furnished ami unfurnished rooma.
120 First slrect west. Opposite Gom
Theatre. IS fi
Agreements for Salo discounted.
Money waiting. Lonsdalo Realty Co.,
.136 Louadulo Avenue. Phono 317.   t.f.
TO LEASE New alx roomod bungs
low, Norlb 1.1110.lab-, iiugiiiiicciii view.
Apply 237 Keith road East or pbone
403. 23 1
Practical fireplace chimnoy builder
and cement floors. Estimates given on
all kiuds of brick work. Jobn McDon
noil, P. 0. Box 2066 or 139 (th itreet
west, Nortb Vancouver. lfl-6
Und Clearing aud Orading Lota,
Pole Andrusa, General Contractor. Be
wer connections a specialty, baicment
and other excavating work undertaken.
Estimate! freo. 027 St. George'a Ave.,
Norlh Vancouvor, poat office box 239J.
Kgga from tne laying strain White
Lcghorni 11.00 per letting. Ten monthi'
rooaler from same straio $1.60. Cork
ell, corner Queen and Cheeterfleld,
Nnrlh Lonidale.
FOR BALE - -Beltinp of Eggl and
day old chicki from prlte bred B. C.
White Leghorn, Partridge Wyandottei
and Buff Orplngtom.   Mrs. /. X. Ine,
Miu Olaubrane, and the other mombenU,yon Valley Poultry Yardi, Oempiey
Hoad, Lynn Valley. Leave tat at Ceil
Ua Bond. Postal addreei, Box 8)14,
N. Vancouver. tf.
Will trade 7-roomed modern houie.
itono basemont furnace, garden and
lawn, one block from Boulovard ami
Koitb road facing louth, with splendid
view, for two good loti, muit be don
to rar, feeing louth with good view.
Box 2280, North Vancouver.
B. C. Livery and Board itebhje
Light rigi and lad iee' eeddlo hones
for hire.  Hlabliog for honee.    General delivery and heavy teaming.    H.
Dumai, 4th atreet weet. Phone 1*7 U.
tOP. SALK-One lot of grfcery
ghelving and counter In Lynn V^ley.
Now In tlore lately occupied by A. B.
Witelier. Can be neeo by tptlylpff.Ip
W. 3. Wilion, Aailgnee. tf.
*, 2.
the; express north Vancouver, a c, friday, april iq, 1912.
Birks' Watches
Are an Everlaiting Source of Satin-
faction for Those Who Buy Them
Embodied ln tbeaa Watchee ie tbo value of cpnturlee of
experience and development and we ofler them to tbo public
wltb that conacientloimteaa and faith which aprlnga from our
thorough luiowledgo of watchei and makers.
The world know* the merited fame of the Swlaa watch-
umkors; therefore, to lay tbat our Swiss Watches are from the
bauds of tha beat makers ln that country la to aay thoy are
peerleea ln construction, reliable aa timekeepers and bave
within tlieir delicate mechanism more than the lougeet lifetime
of uaeful durability.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
Make Your Morning Toast at Your
Breakfast Table!
EL TOSTO may be connected with
any ordinary lighting socket
Turn on the current and in an instant
tlie coils are glowing
In a few minutes the, two slices of bread
are tprned to a rich, golden brown color
Toast made on EL TOSTO is especially appetizing, the more so as it may
be served direct from the toaster to
your plate.
,&$$&) Price - $4.00
Call at our office, 50 Lonsdale Avenue, and see this appliance
™»i^————^^mmm—mmmnm^^mmmmmnm i ■    ■
B. C. ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO.. LTD.      Phone 66
Palace Hotel
Second Street, North Vancouver, B. C.
RatF.S:—$2.00 per day up.    Special
rales to families and to regular boarders.
North Shore Locators
Block 12a    D. L. 550
Cleared Lots fronting on the carline
and Grand Boulevard, $900 up.
One-quarter cash, 6, 1 \ 18 mths.
begs to announce that he wili
At Terminus of Capilano Car Une
immediately.   Let ui have your listings of Capilano property.
Rotary Public, Real Estate, Insurance and Conveyancing.
West Vancouver
Diitrict Council
The firat Item nl liuaiueu diajioaoil
of by the Weat Vancouver council at
tlieir regular mooting on Tueailay wae
(he continuation of tlio ap)i6i|itimiiita
recommended liy the romiiiittiio aa fol
lowai Jlialrict (dork, Mr. .lunula I'uiiko,
Diatrict Kngiuecr, Mr. W. B. darter,
Aeniatatlt District Clerk, .Imu. . llllli
Hcvurui belated application! for the
poailiou uf . I, il,  ami • ■.; -i     wore
Buveral applications for the position
of mail foreman ami other positions in
eluding chief nf police, worn referred to
appropriate cnuiiuittooa.
A letter from W. W. Iloinleo ui|il
one from •• c Tate and A. ,1. I), Hub
ertaon, with reference tu forry limit.-,
waa referred In the Transportation
A. i I,i,I,llu n.i,.in.i,. roaolutiona
nf Ihu Wcul Vancouvei Ratepayers' As-
aiuiatioii with referem-e to furry eor-
vice um) tram line which were referred
to the Transportation committee.
.1. Work applied for a road to- the
aoulh weal corner of li. I., lumi. Hoard
of Worka.. W. 1). lleeve objected lu
mail wurk through weat onc-hulf of ll.
I,. 1040. Hoard of Worka.
An Invitation from John (I. farmer,
clerk of North Vancouver district tu
ii joint conference wilh tlint council
uiul the adjustment i-oinutittee with re
fereiii'e to matters remaining to be adjusted wua accepted, date lu be iirruiig
An application fro mllie Canadian Fi
lianciera for insurance elicited Ilie
atalemeiil frnm tlie chairman uf lliu
li na ins committee lliul nil insurance
uiul similar liuaineaa would be diatn
hiited pro rata.
A aeries of paseea proffered by Hull, r. Kleclric Company wua derlinud
wilh thanks in u nullum aa follows by
Councillors Mathers and Uintiburger:
"Whereas ilie ll. C. Kleclric Kailwuy
Company has no connecting lines with
West Vancouver, therefore the pasaes
so kindly seul, be returned
A letter iToiii Mr. A. Pliili], with
reference In dotation of debenlurea wus
referred to the Finance Committee,
The following miliums were passed:
Thai the clerk prepare samples uiul
lists of all necessary hunks uml print
ing which will he reijuired liy the iuu
uicipalily and that tenders he asked
fur supplying the sume.
Tbat. the council be a committee uf
lhe whole tu prepare and adopt the
necessary procedure mul ulher l,y
Thut the reeve and council ho a coin
mitten to interview II. II. Stevens, M.
!'., with reference tu payment ul llu
I'muiiiiuii grant fur Hollyburn wharf.
Thai Hurrard Inlet Tunnel uud
Hridge Company be requested lu appoint the reeve uf the districl un their
Hoard uf Directors us the district ana
tains u shure uf the contribution!made
to the company by district ul Nurlh
Vancouver us formerly constituted and
thst the cuuucil request lu be informed as lo whut steps have heeu luken
luukjug to Ihe tunnelling of First Narrows. In moving the above resolution
I'uiiucillur Mathers suited thai it waa
a mailer uf great importance lu Ihu
district uml if the cniupany held pri
vileges which deluded nil others frum
exercising the same llic council ought
tu lie U'lvitcj ua tu their Intentions. .
Thc reeve repotted Ihul il hud "been
decided that the dale uf final adjust
incut belween the twu district*beHied
at March .list.
The engineer was instructed to attend at the municipal hall of Nurlh
Vancouver districl and lu secure ull
plans, maps, etc., which are lhe proper
ly uf Wesl   Vuncouver.
(Ill motion uf Councillor*  Ilny ami
Merrick il waa resolved lhat aa from
thia date all public works in |iVogri
in  Weat  Vancuuver he taken over by
thia council.
Ou motion, the finance committeo waa
empowered to make ull necessary financial mi.ii,,". ii.s i.i . fur the temporary provision uf funds, with Die bank,
and report.
li. i'ii' > to tho iui,. ii..., ii,, i.i fur
aitCa suitable for municipul hall were
(hen opened.
Mr. John lawaon offered to deed
the district a 64 foot site on hie property at Hollyburn, tbe enact location
to l)e mutually agreed upon.     '
Messrs. Irwiu k Billings offered the
choice of five'different aitea ui'Dim
darave ranging in area from two lots
to im entire block and on udditioual
two lots. Thoy would lease the sile tu
the district at a nominal Ida ot one dul
lar fot five years or they would deer)
any site offered at the nominal price of
oue dollar, proporty to be uaed as municipal hail site for at least three years
aud then to become tho properly of
tip district for any public purpoae.
ll. h. Bice offered to deed tbe district
free of charge lots JU to 22, block 19,
D.I,. 287, for municipal ball purpo&ei.
The miilliir was referred to the cum
iiuiic! of tho whule to report at itext
Tho postponed uniiiwl vestry meeting of St. John'.- Anglican church was
held pn im'''li';. night In tlio pariah
hull. There wua u large attendance of
purishinnors. Kev. J, II. Ilunpur nc
cupiud thu cliuir.
The following officers woro ejected
for the cu.un,: year: (lector's warden. Sir. W. D. Keene; people's warden, Mr. A. 11. Chupiunn; commit Ice,
Messrs. A. bl. Crickiliu.v, D, II. Iliinley,
M. li. .i,i. 1.1.,'n. N. Simpson, 0. ,.i.
Duwii uml i1. in.11ii.n.i. synod rcprcscu
tat'uea, Milssrs. W. jj. Keene, II. I>.
Orcon Ariuyliige nnd 0, F. .Iiicksnn; alternatives, Messrs, II. Kilcheu, A. I).
Crickiuuy ami C, li. Stovcll.
The reports of' the warden aud rooter woro read and showed a marked
iinpruveuienl. The financial report alsn
gave satisfaction, with tho 'nope thul
the miming year would bring forth
greater results.
A hearty vote of thanks wus given
tu tho retiring nilicor*.
Pure fresh milk, cream butter, butter
milk, also ico and ice cream supplied tn.
any quantities at right prices by the
1't.rity Oroamory Company, Wt PoMI)
streot wast. Our methods pf handling
ami processes of manufacture are the
latest and best known to mudum
icieuce. t.f.
STOPS COUGHS n ui :.n .us
In linger promises ou Ksplnuada, so
Don't Forget
Bank of Montreal
Established 1817
Capital (paid up)
Reserve    •   ■   •
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouver Branch: F. A. MACRAE,
Mt. Crown Bldg., lit Street Manager
Hint nliri) you c J ij |ia|)crin{i ilii.s
year Iimt u> are still Iuto wilh a
fur bet I it line ;u imicli hrttur |irii.ct*.
W. H. Stoney & Co.
Ill  Kaplanude Wesl. I'lione  llll
(nest lu l'uttor.-un, Uoldiu A (lurk;
10,000 cords ol dry lir wood for quick
sale. Price per odd cuiito, tA'ib. 8|»-
clal quotations for larger quantities
Out W,.i,.l. 10 inches, HM. VI inclie.
13-60. C. 0. I).
0/fnc and i unl I-Illi ami I .un.-il.ilc
Phone 190.     P.O. box 2432.
That well known and flourishing Rooming House
and Restaurant business known as lhe RUSSELL
IIOUSE, with accommodation for 20 roomers; 3 or
5 years' lease given.    Rent $75 per month (or first
PRICE $1000
And Coraer Marine Drive asd Man Rd., Duadarave
r.'c tolkii (tic biuiucM of Miijufucbirtrs,
BflgiiicciiuitdoilM:!* wltutcpli/c D'tuiKisaliil-
ily uf luviug llictr I'ltuit bu«.;iii-M Oniiiuclrfl
li) ttxpciu. Puliivburyuvlit Inr I lint ft*
mull-rule. Our Inventor'i Advl* r" :it \n--u t<-
titled. Mafliiii&M.iif>iitHir<I.. N h V..i1 J.ilc
rir'.j gi.ui.rJ  -ui W'l^iiiivii'U im: m*j
John Aspell & Co.
Rents collected and repairs, innovations and connecting
id drains superintended.
I iMiny.s soltt ilcd for houses, stores, Hals, offices or other
property for sale or to let.
Bank of Hamilton Chambers,
P.O. Box 2153.
North Vancouver
.    Phone 438.
And yoir-wrfsinly do when you buy fprniturc Lore, quality and vari
el)- are the atrong I'calurce of thia atore. Nowhere elae w-'t ,ou tnd
u estenaive a showing ol really good furniture at"' i petl at aucb nolo
i ij it t price* ae we charge l-incb article ia representative of the beet ot ill
kind and our wonderful assortment iuaurw our, lulling every laato and
every purac.
. /
This Month
Vou can save money in
making your purchases now
Extension Tables, $6.50,
$9.50,   $12, $15 up.
Dining Sets of 5 small and
I arm from $14.00 per
set up.
Bedstead, Spring and Ijlaltress, complete for $8.50 up
Dressers at cut prices, $8.50, $9.59, $12.00, $15.00
and up to $75.00.
In our (ruchery Dtp), wc are jual opening up a Urge ahipment of Flower Poll
aad Crodu.       1 iiiiiii        All Sun
128 Lonsdale Ave. North Vancouver
Hie Canadian Bank
of Commerce
CAPITAL »11,00Q,000
BEST 19,000.000
Temporary ijuurtiTB of lhe Nurth Vancouvor hrane'i, Ksplauade West near
lianidalo ^venuo.
A General Banking Business Transacted
Inieresl paid un Savings Hunk Do-
pusila nt' due Dollar uml upwards.
Withdrawals mny he made at any
J, -A. FOB8TER   Manager.
North Lonsdale
In lhe lasl issue of the Express six North Vancouver
firms advertised Norlh Lonsdale properly. I here is reason
for //lis. North Lonsdale becomes more popular every day
and our listings in lhat section have ulways been the /■.■.-■/ and
mOSi i'Wi'IIMIY.
WE OFFER lhe following prupert'es which slwtiitl
ncil a large return la purchasers belore the end of the sunnnti:
33 ft. lane corner on Lonsdale   : $2200
50 fl. on St. George's  $750
204 ft. on Osborne  $1800
One acre west Third D. L. 799 $1400
On acre Centre third D- L. 799 corner. .$1500
100 ft. corner on King's Road $2050.
100 ft. corner on Windsor Road  $2000
100 ft. corner on Osborne $1500
50 ft. corner Queen's Road  $ 700
50 ft. corner City Boundary $ 700
60 ft. lot on Queen's Road  $ 900
All on excellent terms.
Jack Loutet & Co.
— i —
Bank of Hamilton Chambers.    Cor. King and Lonsdale.
Tel 47. Tel. 87.
Early Rose, Burbank, Sutton's Reliance, etc., also
All Kinds of Grass and ("lover Seeds
B. & K. LAWN GRASS (fancy mixture) is the best
for the lawn.
All our seeds arc selected and tested to comply wilh the
Seed Control Act.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Hay, Flour and Feed Merchants
North Vancouver Coal & Supply Co. Ltd.
■ •
Dealers in Coal, Brick, Lime, Gravel, Sand, Cemenl, Plaster,
Lath, Sewer Pipes and General Builders' Supplies.
Wharf: Foot of St. George's Ave.   Phone 178.
Office: 56 Lonsdale Avenue.   Phone 198.
Western Plumbing Co.
' Plumbing, Plumbing fluppllee, Sewer
Connections,  Hot  Water  and  8teani
Heating,   Sheet   Metal   and Tinners'
Furnace Work.   Eitimatei furnished.
Waronouse mi Offlce: Oor. Eiplauado and St. Qeorge, Pboue D86.
3. B. QODDABD, Manager
We have a Large and Exclusive List
D.L. 265 and D.L. 273
Plume U, P.O. Box 1820
General Meeting of
N. V. Board of Trade
Duchess of Ooiiuanght's Flea 0U Behall
of Victorian Order of Niirnoe
Tlio general .meeting of tin North
Vancouver Board of Trade cliich was
lielil on WoiliioHilay night in tho cily
lll'll.   fOllljiriril'il   M'li'llil   nil. is'  lm;.   rC
riiiiiiiiriiiliiiiiin-,  ami  decisions;       Tho
KCNKillli   nil..   II    Well llllrn.lril   OII0,      Ilie
tliair being oi.Tii|iiod by the president,
Mr.   Ms-  mi.in       in
Prior to tlio i ui nm I approval of the
minutes, iiis'is wii|i ii brief controversy
regarding tlm Uie of the term "ordin
11 ri rncihImth,'* Mr. Donaldson Clplaili
ing Unit ilm- wan tlm ili'nrri|iiion used
by bis predecessor. Wliilo lbe liounl
WIS i|>iito :i«iiir Hint the uiljortivo
"ordinary" huh employed in no Ap-\
triini'iilnl louse, it whu nnverllieloss ilo-|
cliloil Unit tlio term nlioul>l drift into
A lotter emanating from Attorney'
(loneral Bowser us lo tlm crown with-
ilrawing its claims In a quarter interest tiu nil subdivided liiiiil.i in tin' ilia
trii't of North Vancouver. Mr. Downer
iniiiiiiiij'sl Unit until tin: government
roceivoil a report from llic royal rom
mission they would lm unable lo tuke
Ihil matter up but us ioou ns Uio cum-
million is cinlcil, tbey wuulil l-> glail lo
glvjc tlie board's views eolisiili-riiliou.
ThU letter wus roceivoil with lhaiiki
ninl filed.
Tbe only oilier item of I'orrcsponil
Olice wns Mr. II. II. Stevens' letter
which appears in lull in another column
uf ll.is issue.
■Messrs. Wultcr Metcalfe, K. N.
Maltby uml ,1. N. Wall were enriillcil
us new members uf the bonril.
The Loss of the Titanic
Tlie president niiiilc sn.l referenec tu
tlie recent marine disaster, voicing llu
Imuril's doepest sympathy with Ihoic
wbu bud friemls uud relatives on IiobM
Ilie ill later I'Tltanlc." It wns sulis
tin lory to read, observed the president,
lliul ilritisli discipline bud saved lhe
lives uf lbc women nnd children, Tbe
board unanimously endorsed Ibis ex
firession of synipuiliy.
Mr. Smith tbcu stilled lliul lie bad
seen Mr. Stevens Ilml duy mid bud ar
runged with tlie meinber lliul lie should
givo tbem some infortunium wilb re
gurd to tbe rnilwuy i|Ucstion uud other
perplexities. Mr. Stcveus was willing
lo meet Un' ratepayers on Tuesday
if the board would iui.ni;.. lbe time
mul place, ll was thereupon decided
lhal tbe meeting should be neld in l.or
son's Pavilion on the evening mention-
Mr. .1. Stephen wondered whether the
funds uf the board would permit I In-
offering of u prize for senior pupils in.
Hie eily sebools, the nature uf Ilie eon
test lo take tlie lorm, sny, of un cssuy
ou some tubject uf Hritisb l.'oluwliiuu
inlerest. He considered il tilling Ilml
llic In,nisi should, if possible, lend uu
encouraging bund in Ibis direction.
Mr. A. II. -Perry was in earnest pt
lord vvitli tlie suggestion. He delivered
i|Uilc u disserlnliun on Hie guud aeeru
ing from tbe provision of prizes for llic
spoeialired work of scholars. Kven
i i.ili;, Ilie mailer was lefl in Un- bands
of lbe lliiaju'v committee.
Local Irou aud Zluc Mluoi
Mr. Aleiander Pbilip briefly iulro
diK'cil tbe .jii. .1 .si, ol tbe Iron aud /me
iiiun ■ iu the vicinity of Hie city, tlie
existence of wbicb was known to most
people. He strongly favored the ills
jiulcbmg of a petition to tin* govern
ment for Hie construction of u wagon
roud from lbc intake on Seymour creek
to these mines. He ulso advocated lliut
Ilie Hoard of Trade and other public
belies should make mi eicursion lo tbe
mines in order lo advertise their pres
Mr. 1. P. OT. Wood character!umI
the matter as one of the greatest iin
I'i,11 a in e and he Warmly endorsed  Mr.
Pbilip1 s suggestion.
Telepliouo Facilities
Mr. Walls Honey mentioned the
■ !'!■ loi" of a telephone table across the
iidri and evoked from thc board lbc
inlli.wing rcsoullion: Tbat Ihis board
uses lie belt eudcavors lo have Mr.
Slovens make immediate represents
lions lo the Dominion government
whereby tbo ti, il. Telephone Co. may
be granted the necessary permission lo
lay thc ri'ijiiiied cable for telephonic
purposes along Ihb forry route connect
ng thc north aad south shores of Hur
rard in lei."
Mr. I'. H. Hinigni.'iii ijuotcd a news|>a
per report wbicb slated (bat Mr. Hie
venn bad said uml the company bad
Ihe necessary right and hoped lhat
cheaper rates on thc north shore would
Mr. Perry as chairman of the lour
lit. and Millars' committee, reported
that duriug the past inoutli Uw popula
lion of Uie city aiffl district had in
creased largely. There were great pros
pecta for tlte coming lumnier.
Victorian Ordor of Nurses
The secretary read a bitter from Miss
Evelyn Polly, lady in wailing to tho
DucbesH of (,'piiiiniiglit, seeking liniui-
'cial aid towards further provision of
purses and bospilal accommodation.
The Vietnriun Order of.Nurses was endowed by lady Miuto, wife of the previous (lovermirUoneral, uud bus done
iiidispululdy cjcellenl work throughout
the Dominion.
Tbe letter described Hie bencllts Hint
thousands of poor people have derived
from this source.
Tlie presiileiil mentioned Hint in dl
Inun alone hull' u million dollurs lunl
been subscribed towards Ibis I lunl
Mr. ,1. Stephen favored lliu appoint
in i' n 1 of ii smull committee wbo
should handle Uie matter.
Mr. Hridginiiii agreed Unit the ob
ji.'ct wus'iiuc wbicb, from lhe point of
merit  rcipiired  no advertising.
Mr. Perry suggested gelling the in
dies connected with lbe churches of tbe
cily |o lake tbe matter up, while Mr.
,1. .1. Woods recommended uu organised tug day. '
Eventually Uie problem was left iu
Hie Inin I   of tlie llnunce i uininiiliT wbu
mil bavo circulars printed anil' soot
to ull the, churches and charitable institutions of the city. It was pointed
out, in reply to Mr. Wouds, that there
is liready un nllicinl lag day for tho
Victoriun Order of Nursos throughout
Canada every year.
Numbering of Oity Houses .
Towards Uie close of tbe moling,
Mr. A. (1. Perry made n suggestion of
timely importance. He considered that
Norlb Viineouver bud reuebed tbo stage
when the bouses in the city should lie
uiiil'oiiiily numbered. "When Hie post
olliei' inspector was over here inquiring
into the free mini delivery question"
suid Mr. Perry, "lie found tilings in n
Hlllte uf elilios,'' The time bud passed
when ll bouse might excusably be lo
cuted by such a description us "the
Second bouse on the let! IiiiiuI side of
Hie street" or "lbe small house witn
Ihe canary cage iu Hie window,"
The H. ii. Hleetrie Hallway Company
bad essayed a little campaign nt ltl
own by requesting all persona asking
for installations tp call at the city hall
uud gel tlii'i'r house numbers (rom the
oiiieiiii,, there. There was, however, uo
well organized scheme in existence at
thojiity hall,
Mr. Wopd mentioned that tbo city
council hud been urged to take action
iu this relation two years ago but that
tho mutter bad been allowed to drop>-
Mr. Q. II. Mordon emphasized the
difliciilty at present experienced by
strangers and new drivers of vehicles
in (hiding the whereabouts of houses.
'■Die mutter was eventually, left to the
discretion of the Public Utilities committee who will druft u resolution to
be forwarded to the council.
Wc solicit the trade of all builders who appreciate
I iigli Grade Goods at a moderate price, and the
prompt tnd careful filling of orders, which our large
stock and long experience in business makes possible.
Burrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd.
FOOT ()!•' ST. (iliOUCili ST.
Painting Time Is NOW
if there's any woodwork about the house, outside or in, which Ipoks
shabby. Don't think you are "economizing" by putting it off.
Every cent'i worth of M-L Pure Paint adds value to anything it
coven.   Whether you do the job yourself or bave a painter do it,
Be Sure
You Get
11 you want lo be sura of a good job. Figure thai M-L Paint
will protect and beautify lbe surface it co»era just about twice
aa long as any otber paint you can buy. It will because ol
tbe a>pecial ingredient wbicb we unite witb otber pure materials
to give it unuaual wearing quality.
The up-to-date way to
decorate your walla
and ceilings is with
COLORS and stencil
designs. Most artialic,
sanitary, durable, and
are vtiy economical.
Siitccn shades.
Sold by S. E. BUELL, North Vancouver
Lot 1, re-sub. of lot 6, Block 7, D.L. 549
size 33 x 145 feet, cleared
Irwin & Billings Co., Ltd.
Corner 5th and Lonsdale  Phone 15   North Vancouver, B.C.
iUcikb£i i
Published Tuesdays and Fridays by North Short Press, Limited.
Bates of Bnbiorlptioui-Ona year, «J.O0. BU monthi, Me. Thraa months, 26c,
r Putted 8t»tei and Portlgp, $8.00 per year.
Advertising Bates Will Ba Quoted on Application.
Tlte Express is devoted to tbe interests of tht North Shore of Burrard Inlet
exclusively. It constitutes an advertising medium of exceptional value for
reaching in a thorough and effective manner tht population of North Yancouver
Oity and District. Every effort is made to give advertisers tht most satisfactory
All changes in contract advertisements should be in the printers' hands not
later tban 10 a. m. Monday aud 6 p. in. Wednesday to ensure inssrtiou in the
following Issue.
Nortb Vancouvtr, B. 0...
...V i April 19, 1013,
The deopest griefs that Ibo human
heart can oxpuriunco are ailont griufs.
Tbey aru too intense to hope for
roliof through the outer inanifcs
tations of sufforing, even if sueh wore
attainable. Domoustrativu griof is
least periiinneiil in its mil ure and least
harmful in its effects. .The human organism is suscoptiblo to overwhelming
emotions of sorrow, whoso Intensity is
mi, li tbat tbe mind appears to become
benumbed, to lose for tho time tbo power -of ..ri,'■!! 11 ii ii and to be incapable
of realising tbo magnitude of the onl-
amity, which has been sustuiued. These
are tba griofs howovor, which carry
with tbem tho possibility of tbe gravest and most permanent harm to the
Blrailtrly—humanity is siis'ceptiblu to
sudden and overwhelming disasters,
soiuu of which arc local in their nature
hut others of wbicb ure much wider
uud are national or international in
ibeir influence. In tlio face of one of
ibete fearful catastrophes tbo public
mind s.i,in is. in ii-.m' i.iin, -i, silence, con-
seioua tbut human nature is not eupuldc
of is,.n in;: ils real magnitude, nci-
tber bus it ut command tbe means fur
tlie n.i. i|is.ii, expression of tbe seuso of
nunn und loss wbicb is experienced.
Human ii.inn.' simply lacks the depths
of fooling uud the power of utterance
which would measure and express the
magnitude of such a visitation. But
becausu of Ibe utter helplessness of the
situation, viewed iu tbo above light,
liuinan nature lias invariably been found
ull tho more ilulorniiiied to gel at tbu
rouses which rendered possible and
which precipitated the dread disaster.
With u calamity of this nature have
Hie pul,iu uf at least two continent*
been overwhelmed iu the foundering
ui tne steamship "Titanic" off the
Newfoundland coasl uud the eousc-
ipnut loss uf uearly sixteen hundred lives. Thero are man}' aeconi-
pii'iyiiig I'ircumstauccs whii-b tend to
make the disaster ull the mure slugger
mu to tlie liuinuii ..is.1.1 .i.n,.i;ii; Tbe
route was one well travelled uud most
(.miliar In I ran- Alliiiilie uuvigalurs,
the vessel was seemingly not beset l,y
uny daubers other than tbose of the
ordinary order, (I.e sinp wus tbo very
latest wur.t in modern marine arehitec
lure and wus supposed to be us nearly
uiisiukablc us an ocean .yuing vessel
i,,ul,1 be made, it was the maiden voyage of tins lluuling palace—wbicb bad
cost its owners u fuhuluiis sum—-aud it
wuuld, therefore, be supposed Ihut ex
■ optional precautious would be tukeii to
iiisuro for that voyage an auspicioui
ending. Rotwithstuudiug these and
every oilier consideration, Ibis lirst
voyage proved lu lie lliu last voyage
and witb lliul noble ship sixteen bun
dred linm.in livings were eurrieil down
lu a watery grave.
The calamity is uli lbe more uppul
ling for tbe reason that tbe victims
im ludcd a number of men whose names
had bceome familiar lhe world over,
l.eiuusc of Ibeir value to society aud
very many men us well who were of re
ropinrcd worth in t broad sense to Ibe
several communities in wbicb tbey made
Iheir homes- men who were prominent
iu Hie public eye, not frum the mere
fact thul they may have ;" Im.-.l
ls'i|.'. amounts of money, for it ia re-
lognizcd that uot ull such aru helpful
factors in imu,.in relationships, but because by tbeir exceptional ijunlitice,
their large capacity, tuou executive
ability, tbey bad accomplished much of
a aoustruclivo nature and much tbat I
was of abidiug benefit to tbe public iu
their respective communities or iu wider
From the humblest and mosl obscure
person wbo lost his or ber life on thi
ill iui. d vessel, to the most prominent
porsouage whose name appeared ou tho
passenger list and who went dowu
wilh tbe ship, thc whole death rod
constitutes au appalling sacrifice of
human life which earrios tne deepest
sorrow bats thousands upon thousands
of homes, Vbich casts a deep sense of
gloom over unnumbered communities
and which strikes dismay to all hearts
tbe world over, iu which bumau sympathy finds a place.
Tlio details of thia greatest of all
catastrophes at tea arc yet to be di
vulged, bat it if unnecessary.to make
Ibe assertion lbat tbt natioua concern-
tt wil) not rest uutil tbe laat particle
at Intonation that cau be procured
M to tbt causes wbicb ltd to tbt dii-
aster has been elicited and most carefully analyzed, If anyone was to
Illume, Ihu world wishes lo be just and
placo that blame in the right place. If
tbe accident which was fraught with
such portent ious results was duo to
causes which no human mind could
i'lie.-..- and against which no h-iiiniu
skill could adequately guurd, then the
world wishes to firlly oxnnernfo all
Ihoso upon whom devolved iu any sense
or lo auy degreo, the responsibility ol
conveying that complement of o'er
two thousand souls in safely across the
Atlantic. Here, as elsewhere, It will
doubtless prove true, that uut of its
vory sense of helpless grief, society
will be all tbo more determined and nil
tbo more strenuous in its efforts, lo
arrive ut Hie causes uml to adopt such
.pleasures as will protect it as fur ai
lies within human powor, from lhe
possibility of any similur recurrence
upun uny sralu whatever.
Tho agitation which lias arisen of
late In certain sbippiug circles with respect to tbo type of l .ui;-' to be built
at Second Narrows promises ut best, to
prove a negative quantity. Iiiusmuch
us there is uo reasonuble expectation
of Ihe .i,.siii,iiiii. being successful, tbo
utmost that ils promoters can hope to
accomplish, is lo embarass the situation
.for those who havo long hud this pro
ject iu bund ami who buve ut.length
succeeded in carrying matters forward
to Hie point at which something uf a
tangible nature will accrue from Ibeir
In thc lirst plarc tbe project of building u high level bridge bas uot by any
means been overlooked by the directors
of llurrurd lulet Tunnel und Bridge
Compauy, but tlieir investigations huve
amply proven lhat the cost of sueb u
structure would be prohibitive, namely
aboot six million dollars, sud further
tbat tbo usefulness of such a structure
would bo greatly restricted as conipar-
ed wilh the bridge which it is prupused to build. Whatever may be the lit
sirability uf a high level bridge tbeorel
ieally, it is not feasible, uor is necessary from the practical standpoint.
The type of bridge which it is pro
posod to build is a semi high level
bridge wilb u height of fifty live feet
above lhe water which will permit all
craft up to medium sixc to pass under
without tlie opening of the draw spun.
Tlie plan shows a double bascule bridge
consisting of two leaves, one lifting
toward the nurth and the ulher toward
the ..,,mli Inasmuch as this type re
ipiires no centre pier, il fulluws Hint
wben the draw is open there will be a
clear waterway for Hie entire width
of tho opening.
Tbo site of tbe "bridge has been
examined iu several instances by com
potent bridge engineers, none uf whuni
bus considered lhe In^b level bridge
necessity. Tbt linn pf engineers by
whom tba bridge is being designed
stands withopt a peer in the world in
ibis department of tbe profession apd
tha oiigiueeriiig depnrliiient of t||e department of Marine ami Fisheries concurs witb tbem in tba opinion that the
semi'highloyel bridge of tbo double
bascule, is in every respect suitable for
thu location.
Tho department of marine and Usher
iea has demanded tbat tbe draw musl
havo i, width of 860 feet. This may
possibly lie modified to a width of 301)
feet, but that will be tlio minimum, hi
any case, Thoso who have at command tho information necessary for
making comparisons state tbat the on
i in me in the harbor of Yokohama,
for illustration, is only threo-hundred
fool wido and It is so tortuous that
vossels uro compelled to wind thoir wuy
in and out, yat the largest ocean going
vessels of deopest draught freipient
tbut purl. At Second Narorws not unly
is the cbuiiuol perfectly straight, but
tho tide likewise runs iu u perfectly
st migbt course, so tbut there is absolutely no danger of a vessel deviating
from hor courso because of cross eur
rents. Under tbusu conditions, it certainly uppeurs to the lay mind that
an open waterway two hundred feet
in width should be amplu for ull pur-
potts for wbicb the draw span through
Second Narrows bridge will over be
called into requisition'
It is, of course, advisable thul every
phase of this important project be carefully considered ami lbat evory consideration that is urged as bearing upun
tbo situutiun be allowed full weight,
but after all has been said it it to ask
uul.', even bunded fairness, to expect
tbut the project lie mil unduly obstruct
od by fanciful theories or iinreusiiuable
1 ' Ml 1.1   I
One quarter Cash handles a fine 50 foot
Lot corrter of Rufus and 19th Street
Price $700
Phone 37, Norlh Vancouver, B. C.
Applications for Oity Euginoer
, Applications will be received by the
undersigned up till IL'♦'duel, uoon uu
Thursday, the lllh 'ity, of May, llllli,
for the ptisition of I'ily Engineer of
the i'ily of Norlb Vancouver.
Applicants lu slule experience, qualifications ami salary uxpected.
Oity Clerk.
City  Hall. Norlli Vancouver. l-l
Wit JWantatrfc
THE STANDARD Is the National
Weekly Newspaper of t|ia Dominion
uf Canada II Is national In ull Ita
ll uses lbe must expcnslvs cligrav-
ini..'s. procuring the photographs from
all uver thu world.
Ils articles are carefully selected and
Ils editorial pulley Is thoroughly
A subscription tu The Standard
coats $2.00 ptr ytar lo uny address In
Cans da ur Ureal Britain.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal Standard Publishing Ca,
Limited, Publithsrs.
WINDBOB BOAD-oO ft. lot one block from l.uns'lalo Ave.,
Price It'll) on terms oltl'lD cash .balance II. li and II)
38 fl. lot all cleared, carline going past property: I'rice H,69t
on terms of 13 cash, balance 6 and Hi.mouths.
For further particulars of the above aud olber business ami
residential  properties, set
Phone 70 15 Lonsdale Ave. P. O. Box 1816
ii    '   i     > ■
amam^a^,    i I ————m
Sporting Goods
'■■■-■■ '■—■!■■ ■*■■ '■■ ■        I ■■■»
composed of everything for '
•    LACROSSE and
Fishing Tackle,
Small Arms,
9t) Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
North Lonsdale Lots
—    »
The owner urgently desires me to soil
fur him two good corner Lots iu South-
East quarter D. I. All, both uoar tbe
North Lonsdale school.
The pricos ara very moderate nnd
tbey will mako good homoaitos.
Alexander Philip
Financial Broker
OOiee Phone 1(1 House Pboue 207
Summit l mul District
TAKK NOTICB that Murray Cliff, of
Vancouver, Ii. C, occupullun, lumberman, lnlenda to upply fur permission
lu iuu,-Ii.n.e (be fnlluwlng described
r.uuiueiii Inn ut ii post el.mil 'i al tbo
nurth-eusl comet ur Timber Limit Nu.
431 tS. tbence west 60 elialns, llioliee
iiuilli 40 elialns; thenee eust CO cbuins
inure or less to shoru line, tbonco southerly ..I.'i i. sboro lino to point of
commencement, containing 240 ucros
iiiuru ur less. i
.'I'lli    K, 1,1 n.il    .    1012.
HKiiiiiiK VKltlill'ili. Agent.
Fire, Life and Accident
,1.   .     ..—.——i     — ——.
McMillan & reid
134. I"
P. S.--We want your listings
Pboue i'ii.
!mi> "mil isiiint lllilrlct
TAKK NOTICB Hint Charlea E. Garrett,  or Vancouver,  B   C, occupation,
I in.i'.'i in..i n.i, ml. tu apply fur per-
ii.Imi.ui to pin. Ii.n,i tbe i',,11.,ivlui; described lands:
I',,,,,!,,, iis in,, at n pust i-i. ei. .I ul the
i "nil west corner of Umber limit Nu
44338. Ibence nurlli CO chuins. Ihence
west 40 ellulns. rnore ur less tu shure
line, thence 8<iutti-ensloil.y ulung slime
lino to ppint uf commencement ami
containing 200 jtcreH mure or less
2»tli February, ion
20-B QBOROB VKIllilKll, Agenl
Iu tho Hatter of A, B. Fletcher
The Royal Hank of I'una.lu  having
banded tbo books and bills receivable
iu  the  ubiuo mutter  over  to  W.  J.
Wilson,  Assignee, ul 'parties indebted
to the above  Estate aro rcquusled to
settle  their account    wilh    tbe   said
Assignee forthwith, the creditors bav
ing  given  imperative  instruction*  lu
collect ull outstanding accounts forth
witb.   All  paymdnts aro  lo  bo  paid.
-ins', i  to the Assignee wbo will issue'
receipts for sume.
W  J. WI1.SON,
3S6 Hastings Bt. West.
WATCH Nlli'll K
We,   (lie   Nowpuit   Water   iNunpany,-*\t
Limited, a Company Incorporated under'
the r,siii).,ml,.i, Aet wllh head ulllcu At
601 i'.iiIi i ('..Mui, linildlii,.   V..i., nir.m
Ii. C, give notice tIiut un Hie SJtli day
feel of wil-   .._■
i.i.ni.un   HI-     ,  ■
uf April, 1012. we Intend lu apply to
lbc Water Cmnmlssluiiei ul Ills lilllcu In
New Westminster, 11   I', fui u llieiise
lo luko mid uae 300 cubic feel uf
(er per second from  r
ver  In  New  Westminster  Dlslrlcl
The water Is tu be lulicn from Iho
stream frum u pulnl ubuut lbc centre
uf limber limit 31311. ubuut loO feel
..I.."..- ilm v..,i.i. and Is lu be urcit
fur municipal purpuses un Inls ISO. 7(0.
133. 012 and UOI,. Oroup line. New I
Westminster District. .A
Dated at Vancouver, U C, this lOtlVi
day of Mureb, 1012, ul Hie hour ufl
clown u'clock In Ihe forenoon '
ii ■
North Vancouver Business & Professional Cards
hiturauco UusraiiU'i-   Hun.Is
Auditor and Accountant
llll Lousdale Avenue. P. 0. Mm 111)1.
North Vancouver. Phone 437.
I'erey   H    Howard II    J    I'ettln
Clly   Audllof.
Audllurs   aud    Aecuuulauli
ili Tender  SI.' W       V '()   Bus  223.
I'lione 8837 i'lione 132
Vaueouver        North Vancouver
Underwood'* Barber Shop
III   \i ItSMHII*.
Pioneer Horsoeboer — Carriage Wurks
l'liins Klei'ii I ml     :       Estimates (liven
Ooutro and Mill Boad
Lynn Valley, B. C.
'Ill I IM   HI
lip lodatc Millinery
Modortae Kat*
Keith Block    ill Lonadale Ave.
be  New  lllock on  Lunsdule  Aviauo
(icnorol Contractors
I -ll.Uili.il Will  II
Studio   ovor   Busk   B, N. A.
Lonsdale and 1.-i'l.in.nle
Fl KK   PLACES,   CHIMNEYS   AND  North Shore Oloanlng k Dyeing Works
Practical Mcdianl's. All work guar
anteod.   P. O. Boi iill.
A. Craib W. Craib
In Coucrele, Brick and Wood.
N. V. Tinning and
Sheet Metal Works
Firit Street, Eut of LonwWe
Lowed Pricei aifd Bert Work Guaranteed.
Furnace Work, Cornice, Skylight, Guttering and
Jobbing Promptly Attended To
 tp.   *ii in.  ", "l. ij i ''
Successor to Wallace k Scott, Third
Streot.   General n.pair work.
A. Wallace's services navt been re
uuwki ■Mirr-iTATwNsKirr.
Booksollcrs aid Stationers
Cur. Lonadalt and 1st, Pbone IH
Publishers of the Eiproas
Pino lob Printing of All Kinds
IW Flat Stmt E., Norti Vancouvtr
A.H.I.K. k S.
Irrigation, drainage, levdt, plans
and specifications. Septic tonka and
bouse draiuBKO a specialty. P. O.
Boi Ut, litis alreet weat ol Bewicke
High Class l.u.iii .■' und (louts' Tailoring
llcpairing   and    Alterations,   (,'lcaoiug
and Dyeing iu all its branches. All
Work guarsulecd.
Ill First Street Wcsl. Pboue 207
4 16(1   nth Streot Eaat. P. O. Box llii
And general Commission Merchant, 19
Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouvtr.
Phone IU
'i'i-in In-! or pianoforte and theory, ccrli
lied Loudon aud Glasgow. Comer HIU
and Cbcstcrflcld, Nortb Vanoouver.
Specialty: Children's Lessous at own
home.     Terms, etc., apply Gcnoral
My clothes  are  at tht  cajdiiinn N.V. Tumug & Sheet Metal Worki
Laundry   where   yours   ought   to lie
Flat work /or 36 cents dos. Rough
Ory, 4c lb,, wet wash, 8c Ib.    Drop us
a card and wt will call for them.
V. O. Bos UU
tint Stmt But of Lontdalt
Lowest prices and best work guarantied on tinning and shett mettJ work. THE EXPRESS NORTH VANCOUVER
19. 1912,
THE SANK OF     1912
Norlli America
78 Yeara in Business.  Capital and Begone Over $7,600,000. -
Two Members of a Family
particularly if they live far (rom town, frequently find it
very convenient to take advantage ol our Joint Account
Either may make deposits or withdraw cash on Ids
or her own signature alone. Thus either can do the
banking when iu town, as suits their convenience.
$l.oo opens a Saving Account, JoinJ or ordinary.
Interest added half-yearly.   Money may he withdrawn at   ,
'        anytime.
Two Offices in North Vancouver, Corner of Lonsdale Ave.
and Esplanade. Upper Lonidale Avenue, near 14th Street
 if  •        I	
The Kelvin Plumbing' and
Heating Co.
Keith Road West
Will supply you with tlie cheapest estimates I'or uny Itind of I'luiul,
iug and Heuting Work, Sanitary Engineering, He uur uml Septic Tuuk
connections, furnace iimtallutinnH, etc. -lobbiug work inni small contracts receive prompt utteiitioo.
(live us tbo job to Ilx up your new homo uml wo will guarantee to
hie all your pipes iu a way Ibul will tunc your winter worries.
No job too i mull   None loo llirgc.
Our services aro at your dispusnl uight or day.
We've severed our connection with
"The Light Brigu.lo"
Tho "Wild Charge" tbey made
Postal   '"Iiln'.'':
Box No. 1023
North Vancouvtr
I        Post Offlct.
Telephone 328.
P. 0. Box 21-91
All Telephone Coal Orderi Promptly Delivered
barf: Mabon Avo., Esplauado Wost. IIAHIlV MITCHELL,
ifflco: New Block, 3 doors from Lonsdale Esplauado W. Manager
Leave   Vancouver
3 ju
B Id
0 in
• denotes "Not on Sunday."     Time
j.,.in i'   Company nol liable for delayi
Leave Nortb Vancouver
•COO  A.M.
2.211  P.M..
•7 (0
'8 in
•I m
■ 7.20
ll 10
8 mi
12.20 PM.
12.45   AM.
table Mil.ini  lo c
hauge witboot
i, i -. i.in.i.ii or otherwise.
Snaps in Homes
4-roomed Bungalow onVHt street   ,now,  oil  modem,  facing  south,
(1980.   Terms easy,
{■roomed House ou 191b street, 2 blocks oast of Lonidale. All modern
fireplace ,etc. $2300. ♦•SOU cash, balance easy.
4 roomed houso on 12th alrcot cast  of  Boulevard,  now.   »I800,  MOO
cash, balance (15 per inontb.
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
P. O. Ilrawoir 2000
Dramatic and
On Friday, tbp 20th inst, at tbe Horticultural Hall thoro will bo presented
au odiciout prodpetiop of tyro excooil-
ipgly funny little comedies, namely
"0|d Oroniea",and "Tho Area Belle"
•In the former Captain Pidgeou is
almost caught in tbt matrimonial net
but bo has a luck} oscape and lives
"happily cvor after."
Mr. Ernest V. Young, wbo is an actor of wide experience, givOB a sploudid
portrayal of au old lexicographer in
tbo charactur of I'rof. Jacks, and Mr.
II. II. Stoker as au irascible old cap
lain Ih a fitting companion.
lu the "Area Belle" tbe female elc
ment in Introduced and Mum Archibald
as "I'euolopo" gives an exceedingly
accurate impersonation of a London
boimi'inaiil, iicr weathercock affections
get her into hot wator—figuratively
speakings--while sbe gets her policeman
lover, Mr. Knurl Adanisou, into hot water— literally speaking—when sho hides
bim in the clothes boiler.
Minn Marie Archibald as Mrs. Crocker—a nuisance of u mistress—persist-
clly comos on the scene, when sbe is
lol expected. She. is exceedingly—whul
shall we Bay—effeminate. That is, she
loses her temper keeps changing her
mind und win^ge to make everyone
miserable because she bus been disap
pointed. ,
Mr. Ernest V. Young, iu this cut,
bus the part of a milkman and again
shows u litie interpretation of the char
actor uml bis erstwhile friend, Mr. II.
11. Stoker, is uow a red coated rival in
lbe iburui'ler of Private Tossir. Both
the polii-cinun uud the soldier escape
but this time lbc milkman is caught iu
tho net. However, the players stop
with comedy und leave tlie tragic post
nuptial purl tu tne imagination of the
more morbid of the audience.
In the two performances Ihere is au
boor und u bull uf ceaseless fun.. The
Nortb Lonsdale orrbestra will rondel
Ibe following pieces: The King of toe
Turf, Dear Little Uliost of Your Smile
Maiibutlun llearb, Balkan Princess,
Every Littlo (iirl I Love is Some One
Else's Wife.
Tbe progrum promises o line evening's
entertainment and though merit ulone
wurrunls a big attendance ,tlie object
ought to mn.1.1 many more. The pros
it'fds will go lo pay off tbe debt on the
organ of Ut. Thomas' church.
Tickets muy lie bud from Mi'Allis
ter's grocery, I.onsdale Pharmacy or
the Leonard Sale lio. at 25 cents and
■ ■'   cents each.
for a (tlipe at least, and|th»t tjie epm-
mitteo tuko up the matter of tbe appointment of a publicly cpptlstlpip
Pf to act ip cou junction with tbo Progress Club,.
Messrs. Wright all Ferry were m u
cord wjtl) tbis motion, which was duly
seconded and carried.
.   Tbt   I'onipjitti'ii then    selected    Mr.
Thomas Lawlor as publicity commissioner for North Vtncouver at a uul
iry of 1150 a month.
Mi. Lawlor was one of forty applicants for this position, letters emanating from all over tbe continent.. He
is a nephew pf Dr. Rowe, the publicity
export of Vancouver, to whom ho has
beeu assistant fur somo time. During bis rolations with lbe Vaueouver
Tourist Association Mr. Lawlor has
given coutiuuous proof of ability In
Ibis department of work. It is, confidently felt tbat this city will be thoroughly und efficiently advertised by the
publicity agent it has secured in Mr.
Widening of
City Streets
Editor Express:
With regard to the controversy
which lias arisen over the proposed
widening of Fourth street, there ure
live principal points (o be kept iu mind
1. PUBLIC UTILITY-IS It a matter
of necessity, iu tbo public inlerest,
linn any streets in the dowutdwn
section should be wideucd when
all streets there, runuiug east and
west ure already 80 feet iu width,
with tli? exception of two, tbe Es
planade and First street, which are
lull feet wide west of I.onsdule
2. (1HADE8—is it wise lo interfere
witb Ine registered grades on l.ons
dule avenue, us would be necessury
in tbe process of widening the side
streets I
:i. FINANCE—Ought the city's credit
to be strained at the present time
with the llnuueing of such schemes
as' the wideuing of streets when so
much ueccssary work iu the way
of streetgradiug, installing sewers
and water connections, still re
umiui to be duuet
1. LEOAL (JIJE8TION8-Are Ibe tax-
payers of the city williug tu risk
life complications resulting from
claims due to 'alterations of grade,
compensation for expropriated pro
perty, etc.I
Publicity Commissioner
Appointed for
North Vancouver
Temporary Abandonment of Informs
tiun Bureau
The Joint Civic Advertising Commit
tec met iu the city ball.on Wednesday
aflernoon, Mr. Alexander I'hilip pre
siding over an attendance wbicb cum
prised Aid. Irwin, Aid. Foreman and
Messrs. Wripbt and Perry. The major
I "ii "ii of lbc session was devoted to
controversy as to the destiny of Iho lo
cal information boreau.
Aid. Irwiu considered lhal Ibo work
of the publicity commissioner now to
lie appuinlcil was incuiiipatible wilh
that uf a general infurmatiuu aud cm
pluyment uflice. Tbe coinniiisiuncr
should not be required to handle such
details. His function would be to bring
industries to the north shore and run
cod schemes for effectively advertis
iug this neighborhood. Tbe success of
lbe information bureau in the past was
questionable. He did not copsidcr the
Nistitution at all ueccssary to lhe city
at  Ibis stage.
Mr. O. II. Mor den thought Ibat thote
men fur wbum Ibe bureau bad found
I'lnpluviin'iil would have secured work
had tbe bureau not becu 'lu existence.
Aid. Foreman, thereupon moved tbtt
the information bureau be discontinued
We have only a few lots left in District Lot 764,
on the Keith Road.   The present price is $550,
one-fourth cash, bal. 6, 12, 18 months.
On Apr*18th 1,ie Price WILL CO UP to $600
82 LONSDALE AVENUE     v.o.**w»i »«»«»     NORTH VANCOUVER
6.  STREET BIVALB¥-Woi)lilt|)»Mh
street    property   owners  prppefl
m\fb fhelf scheme it tjiey resized
lhe certainty of olber streets, such
ns Third, follosying suitl
.  Wo aro all Ip^avof pf wide afreets,
bul do (bo taxpayers uf North Vancouver believe tbut they bavo anything to gain by widening streets wh|ch
practical busiuess men say are already
wide enough!
Yours truly,
Anniversary Services
North Vancouver Lodgo No. 05. I.O.
O.R will observe tho llllrd auniversary
of tbo order by attending wrvice iu the
Baptist church oil Sunday, the 21st iust.
at 3.30 p.m. Sojourning brethren and
the public generally are cordially invited to in i cn.I the service.
We, the Newport Brick k Tile Company Limited, a company Incorporated
under tho Companies Aot, with head
ollice at SOI Carter-Cotton Building,
Vuncouver, B. C give notice that on
the stitli duy of April, lilt, we Intend
to apply to the water Commissioner
nt his office In New Westmlnsler, B.
C„ for a llcenae to take and use too
cubic feot of water per second from
iiiiuiinon creek, situate on Let 101,
Oroup One, New Westminster District.
The wator It 10 be taken from the
stream at the bead of tho falls on Lot
108, about ono mile from tldowater, and
Is to be used on Lot 60S, for power
A reservoir for tho purpose of stor-
[pp wuter will be mode on the proporty
lying ut tbo back of the hoaa of tho
cliff on Lot 008.
Dated at Vancouver, B. ft, tbis 10th
day ot Miiicli. 1112, at tho hour of
eleven o'clock In tho forenoon.
Trade Manns
CopvmoiiTa Ae.
Anyone ttndtng i sketch and description rat,
pntcKIr sicertnlji our opinion free wliether tn
 ,..ts USeu thrmiin 	
BXsjtulitotlcs, without «uft.UIM •
flrMWliilir oii'sfoiifiiinn
sent fret. Oldest lienor for eeounmr puen
Ptl^nlt tateii. tf nni|ii Munu^ln. reo
Scicniific American
k ti»nd*omely Uluilraiwi wnklr. Lug** dr-
Mlian of wiy •eirntlfln nam 1'ermi for
Cuniulu, fa TB I Jtta, po«*te prepiM-   Hold bj
ill Mwnletlai   i
lee. ts E BU Wuhiunuti.
Coul mining iigbls uf the Dominion
In Manitoba, Kaskatclicwnn mid Alberta, the Yukon Territory, thc Nonh-wost
Territories und lu u ponton uf the |iio-
vlnce of Hi lilili Columbia, may be lens
ed for u term of twenty-one years nt
nn .iiiun.'I rental of SI un acre Nol
more than 2.5C0 acres will he leased lo
one applicant.
Application for S lease must be mude
by die applicant In person lu lhe Agt-nt
or Hub-Agent of the districl In which
the rights applied for are situated
In surveyed territory the land must
bo described by sections, or I'liul subdivisions of sections, and In unsurvey-
cd territory the tract applied for shall
be staked out by the upplleant hlm
Each application most be accompanied by a fee of 16 which will he refunded If the i li Mis applied for ure hot
available, bul not otherwise A royalty shall lie puld on the merchantable
output of lbe mine ut the rale of live
cents per ton.
tfhe person uperullitg tlie mine slmll
furnish lhe Atient wllh sworn returns
accounting for the full iiunntlly of
merchantable coal mined snd pay the
royally thereon. If tho ,,'.il mining
rights ure not being operated, such re-
turja^thpiiiiJ be «nrn|thS(l t\ \**ft Oft*.
,6 leiBe will Include the coal mining
rlghtB only, hut the lessee may be permitted ti purchase whatever available
surface lights may be considered necessary for the working ot the mint at
tbe rate it lio an acre.
Pot full Information application
should be made to the secretary of the
Dopartment of the Interior, Ottawa, Or
tq any agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion
Deputy Minister nt the Interior.
N. b— Unauthorised publication of
thin advertisement will not bt pal;
Vancouver Business Directory
SPROTT-SHAW Buiineu College
336 Hastings St. W.
Canada'! Groattit Western School
R. J. Sprott, B.A., - -Uauagir
111; vi. i:ni in.
Yorkshire Guarantee & Securities
Corporation, Limited
440 Seymour. Street
R. Keir Houlgale - - - Manager
All North Vancouver >peoplt rat at
Either Mi"']. IHi" I, or Iln>lin<,[s St.,
"I'l" ii- lbe new post office. Leonard
sells bis tea by tho pound.
Residential Properties
CLEARED LOTS (50 It. and 44 ft.) adjoining Grand
Boulevard and fronting on car line $900 and $950
CLEARED LOTS  (50 ft.)  in Blocks 230 and
232A ....'. (750 and $900
FIFTY FOOT LOTS in Block 232. adjoining Boulevard
and FRONTING on port.on of PROPOSED PARK
 $600, $700 and $900
Terjns; % Cash, Balance 6, 12 and 16 months.
Block 154-25 ft.
Block 158-25 ft.
Block 152-100 ft.
Block 155-50 It. .    •
Block 132-50 ft.
For prices and terms apply to
The North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
North Vancouver Agenti for
Phone Seymour 2666
V   . THE
[ ' •mmmanmmmmmwmnmm i  in   n.i,	
Support Home Industry
and Build up North Vancouver
f  V.
Seymour Lumber Co.
Have their mill operating in the mountain and can give
of all kinds of Rough, Dimension and Kiln Dried Lumber
Moulding and Finishing Lumber.   Second to none.
Office: Corner Sutherland Avenue and 17th street.
Take Queensbury Car1 (Yellow Label).
We have several good buys in D.L. 273
and D.L. 550
We can sell you close in Lots in Lynn
\/   II        t    ~  A\7L(\f\ SMALL CASH PAYMENT
Valley Irom $JUU up.      TERMS easy
110 Esplanade. Phone 227
We invite all thoie who intend building a new house
to call and aee our display of door* which
we have on hand. We have a large
assortment  of  the  latest
patterns and solicit
a call from
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
P. 0. Box 1719.
Phone 111
Contractors, Builders, Storekeepers, and Employers
nerd null in i'lulm. ,'121 lu lime ull'vacanciw filltil. NO OHABGfi
to EMPLOYES or EMPLOYEE therefore Ibere in absolutely no lie
emit) tii uiili/v employment Agencies* in Vam'ouvor, an a complete
lift   ul' nil   iIiif-is  ul   workers it kept ul tlio
Phone 321.     14 Lonsdale Avenue.
W. B. HOOD, Secretary.
M\ f We beg to thank the Electors of
wil   the District of North Vancouver for
returning us to the Council for the
balance of the year 1912
(Signed) £ ft Bridgman.
Jack Loutet,
Percy Ward.
•   ,. Peter Westover.
' il |-i i.sl  .mil, lU mi.Ii'I- to is I,run  III llm
HkIjI. ot Iter pretence, bad lingered lu
tlie lioqillul longer tliau wat Bceeaoary.
But Low to reconcile thla wlili bla tit-
tire to escape without her knowing he
had gone I btdn't even an Inkling. The
latest thing I could think of to uy
was:       i
"Do you really think so?"
"1 cerUInly do. Indeed, I tee no return (or continuing thla deception any
longer, though it has beeu t delightful
eiperitacs. Vou kuow thtt I love you
sud I bavo perfect ctn0d«nce In Ifae
love you bove both ibown and bava
expressed for me. We can meet ss
often us my duties will permit until ws
can be inairied."
Tbia was Ibe principal .purl of It. aud
If It budn't lieen for Jim's dealre lo
tubstitute me for himself would have
keen oil I cared to know. Thougb I
wun puzzled, my role wss much cutler
>to play tban before. I concluded to angle for time.
I bated my flrst details remark oo
tbe probability thst my Inferences
were correct-namely, that Jim bad
bud an affair of tbe heart wllh bis
uuiue and prolonged bla stty beyond
hit recovery. Besides this, the eitua-
Uou wm pleating to ine, and I didn't
Bind acting ou the tamo idea.
"The period I bto* pawed here In
your care," I ssid. "bat been tht happiest in my lift. I simply can't bear to
snd it"
jt must sod aome Umt."
Give aw another dty. Tomorrow I
will try to tasks ap my mind to lesrs
jon."   ^y
A pslntd txprttstOD it Uie protptc-
UTS pttmm^fntml WW btr face. Sbe
A Secret Known to Two j
Men, but Not to Tlieir
Jim snd I sr* twins. Ws don't look
as much alike ss w* did when ws
were young, because Jim's hair hss
grown much grayer than mlue and
I've a scsr on my left cheek. But up
to thirty tbe members of our own family touetlmes-bad trouble telling us
apart. -   ,
There wat a breakdown lb the family wben Jim aud 1 were eighteen
yeara old. Father died without leav-
lug unythlng, and Jim and I bad to
inn.il.- 1 found a situation In une concern uml Jim 111 another. Later I wu
tent uvviiy to ettabllsb a branch of tbe
I.u. im'-..-i lu uuothcr city, while Jim ro-
iiiiiiih'iI where be waa. I budn't secu
lum for two years when I heard that
he wuu III and lu n hospital. Tbe news
wus too much for my ability to runiuin
u wuy from lilin longer, so I Died things
up In my business for sn abseuce, took
a uuin uud on ui ilml went from the
stitilou direct to tbe hospital.
Jim hud u private room, and I was
shuwu to It by uu attendant I found
hlm In bed, but Itlstead of allowing effects of uu iiiui'... 1 couldn't eeo but
thut he looked as well us ever, lie
wns mighty glud to see me, as I wus
to see him. I asked bim to tell me
about himself uud bow it wus thut be
,"i I" -iii'.l so well upd yet conllued to
bis bed. Hi uu. me one of those
frightened looks Intended to Impose silence. Then, pulling uie dowu towuril
hlm. he whispered lu my eur:
"1 want to get out of this. Your
coming Is u godsend- Oet off your
clothes In u hurry uud tumble Iuto bed.
I'm , min; lu put them ou uud muke
my wuy out Nobody will kuow tbe
difference hetweeu you uud me."
He looked su anxious aud eager thul
I Immediately begao to hustle off my
clothes, und us fust as I got out of tbem
Jim got inin litem. As toon as I wus
In bed und .llm. was dreetcd I said,
"Now tell me ubout It"
But Jim gave me anotber frightened
look, us much us to say tbat be couldn't
think of dolug so, und was about lo go
when I clutched bis coattall and sulil:
"For heaven's sake, don't leave me
this wayl Tell me bow long I'm to
stay here anyway."
"I dou't dare tuke tbe time. If my
nurse should Uud us both here ll would
prevent my getting out In your pluee.
(She's liable to come In any minute."
"Well, one tblug you must do-ntlend
to my business for me-tbat Is, if I'm
to bo kept bere any length of lime."
"All right; I'll do It" be said. And
before I could get anotber word out of
bim be wus gone.
Uo needn't bave been In eucb s bur
ry, us It turned out for bit nurto didn't
couie in for half an hour. At the end
of Ibat time Ibe door opened, and a
very pretty specimen of femlulully entered. She wat dressed In u nurse's
uulfortu of spotless white. This wit
very becoming to ber completion, wbicb
bud a lot of red In IL Then, too, ber
eyes uud hair were dark, und the con-
trust with ber dress and cup was
Sbo came up to my lied, looked down
upon mo sympathetically—lovingly, It
teemed to me-placed ber baud ou my
forehcad-a warm, soft one und suld:
"1 really must report that you are
ready to be discharged. The bouse surgeon will Und Ibis out pretty ioou, and
I'll get myself Into trouble."
Here was a pretty go. Jim bad departed without glvlug me the slightest
; Jiim what part to play. Tbe ouly .tblug
1 could do waa to be uoneommlllul aud
learn 01 much of the sltuttlou OS 1
could. It looked ts though Jim bsd
beeu making love to bis nurse, bud re-
bent down snd. placing Her pmk lips
qn mine, gave mu u delicious kiss. It
seemed tbst sll ttie joys In the world
were concentrated In those lew mo<
mints. Tlieu, uu.vliiu thul the would
go und bring my noun meal, sbs leu me.
Never In my life huve I been placed
in sucb a quandary. Uy own dear
twin brother iiu'i left me to personute
himself witb p wuiiiiin be luved sud
wbo loved him. I didn't know whether 1 wss acting hoi h dishonorably and
unbrotberly lu hlm or uut. He hud uot
coniiiled tlie truth to pie. He hud ei-
pected tbat tbe girl would mistake me
for blbi, but bud tbe position la wbicb
tbis mistake would place ber and me
occurred to bim'/ Probably not Hs
was In tucb a hurry that it was likely
be hadn't tbuugbt of this. I waa (entitled at receivlug caresses Unit were intended for bim. It wus us iii-iiioiiiiiii
hiu to Ibe girl ut tu Jim. What wat 1
to do)
Tbe tbing I did-lbe next ibltig-wut
to est tbe dinner she brought tuu, all
the while tbe loveligbt lu her eyet
beamlug dowu upou mu. After I had
line,hed und she bud removed the truy
sbe (old me thul she bad reported mu
to be so much heller thut she hud more
time to dovole to other patients, hut
sbo would come iu lo see me between
ber attentions to ihem. Duriug one of
her absences I thought the matter
over und came (o Ihe following conclusion: I must go oil playing Jltu't pari,
whatever It wus, for I could uul do
otherwise without giving him sway,
und how serlutis this wuuld ho to hlm
I did not know. I hud beeu placed lu
u position for which I wus In uo wuy
responsible. My conscience was clear,
uud 1 didn't see huw It could hu cloud
ed. I would act Iho purt of u responsive lover.
1 managed lo put off my depuriurt
ts a di 11,. ,,. .i ,.111111 for two weeks
How I succeeded lu doing It 1 dou't
know, uuless ll wns liy Ilie conulvuncu
of the girl who dreaded to pun wilh
mo us lunch us I ill cad isl to purl wllh
her At Ihe end ot ihesu two weeks
I um ashamed to confess' thut 1 wus
ready tu light to the ileal :, my owu
ilesh ami iiiumi. in. own twin brother,
lor the love ol the girl lu whose uf-
I.■. iiolnl 1 hud luken his place 1 excused myself liy eiicourugiig a suspicion lu my mind thut ho hud treated
her i.liiiiiieiuliy uud thut I wus Justl-
iini lu securing her lor myself. At
uny rute, 1 wuulil never give her up lo
him or uny oue else.     *,
Uut whut neii'; When this query
popped tutu my heud 1 wus seized with
a sudden desire lii get out of lhe lies-
pn.ii. liud Jim uml bear frmu lilm uu
exphinutlun. Then, whutever It wus,
I would ii'll hint thut. Iiuvlng placed
me In a position to make love lo his
girl, he should nut < uinplulu thut I Inul
won her from hlm. liud 1 won her
from hlm? Hid sho IdVe hip) or me,
or both of us'/
Feeling thul If 1 luy thinking upon
tbis brain nnd heart rucking problem
I should go matt. I threw off tho covers aad jumped out of bed. I was iu
Jim's clothes ln a twinkling aud wheu
my nurse entered again I wss ready
for my departure.
She stood looking st me. -surprised.
I milled ber In my arms, simpered
kisses mi her fuce -purllciiluily ber lips
-tben dashed away without « word of
explanation as to my suddeu departure. ,'
In an hour I wSs wltb Jim.
"Wby did you put me In tbls position and wby bave I heard nollilng
Iroiu you since'/" 1 asked impatiently.
"Does sbe love me stlll-l meuu yon ?"
"She loves me   me, 1 say   nni yuu
st all."
"Tbook God.".
"Whut do you mean?"
''Subside, Bob. and I'll tell you all
ulumi n I dared not write you—t mean
myself—for feor of giving awny the
wholo situation. I went lo the hospital engaged to lie murrlcd. I hadn't
bad lime to inform you of my engage-
uu'iii before I wus lukcu HI. Immediately ufler our betrothal my thinee
sailed ou a European trip. The hospital girl took u fancy to mc ut once
uud showered sucb stleutlons on uio
tbat | couldn't help rcclprocutlug. I
very .weakly suffered myself tu be
drawn Into an ull'ulr of Ihe heurt. 1
assure you 1 didn't realize how deeply
Involved I had become before 1 com
mltted betrotbul hlgiimy.
"In your uppeiirunce I anw a loop
bole. I took advantage of It. mid from
what you tell me all lias turned out
"Jim. yuu ought to be ashamed of
yiilll..i'ii    lo Will 11 girl's illlorll.m.. uud
then run away from ber."
"To buve my own brother to dishonorably lake her uwny frum me. ll
seems to me that's the put culllug lhe
kettle black."
"Cull it squared." I tald. seizing
Jim's hand
I wus huppy lu knowing thut I could
claim our girl, hut I wus puzzled to
know whether I should do su us Jim
or myself. He nnd I talked the mutter over und decided thut ufter becom
Ing formally engaged I should Introduce Jim to my namee us my twin
brother whom she hud never met.
This pi.in worked admirably. ' After
the liWioiluciiou I twitted my betroth
cd, saying:
"I presume, sweetheart, that since
Jim and I ure twins you would ss lief
marry oue of us us the other."
"U'ml" sho replied depreeatlngly "I
would kuow yuu apart In the durk "
1 dure sny this Is ilm ouly cute where-
la two brothers who lind occuslon to
quarrel mer the some girl blessed
each other Instead. But the secret is
between Jim uud mc. Neither of our
wives has un Inkling of It. Should
Jim tell his wife bow nearly bo came
beiug can led away by propinquity
during a period of physical weakneta
there would be trouble at home. If I
were to tell my wife of Ibe trick by
which one lover was substituted for
tnotber tbt would be furlout.
urnvli 11
Echo of Rwoaway^iJ
Verdict of $983 Against N. V. Ferries
ill thc ease of William laidun uguiitsl
the North Vuncouver Ferrlpa Pomliuny
a special jury in tliu supremo court
silting under Mr. Justice Morrison on
Wciliicsiiady fouml a verdict qf $11118
I'or the plaintiff. Mr. I.edue was tlm
owner of a tcuin of horses whicii, a
short time ugo run away with a wagon
down l ni, oul.■ Avenue, starting bt
Third street, (tusking down over the
ferry wharf Ihey plunged into tlm water uml were drowned hy the weight
ul' the wiignn behind them. The plain-
liff stilted that thu accident would not
luive liuppeiiiiil hud the ilcfmulunt (.'inn-
puny kept llic gules of tlieir whurf closed us Ihey should have done, Tho jury
found u verdict I'nr the vuluu of the
I cu in ninl  llic subsequent  luss lu the
Sealed Tenders marked "Tender for
loci water pipe'' will ho received by
lhe cily clerk of lhe cily of Norlli
Vumouver up lu VI o'clock noun un ,
Monday, the Uud April, llllli, fur sup
plying 6,1100 lineal feet of 16-inch sled
water pipe .according to specifications
prepared by lhe city engineer. Copies
uf specifications muy he obtained al
lhe cily engineer's oflii-c ,Nurlli Van
The successful tenderer will he re
quired lu cuter inlo un agreement with
lhe (Sly of Nurlh Viineouver for sup
plying the suid pipe acconliug tu sped
Ileal ions. '
A marked cheque for li per cont. of
the inni. ,i.i uf the lender must accom-
puny each ami every tender.
A bund fur Hi per cent, uf the con
trin I will be required.
The lowest ur any tender uot neccs
•uirily accepted.
(.'ity  Kngiuecr.
I'ily Kngiuecr'» Office,
Nurlli Vancouver,
April (Ik, 1913.
Phone 335 Owners—Palmer, Burmester & von Graevenitz, Ltd.
Commencing April 22nd
The Golden - LePaige Co.
"The Gilded Fool"
On Saturday evening, the 27th April, a Special performance, by request, of
9     '■
Ona Performance Nightly. Doom open 8 o'clock, Compienc* 8:30
Matinee Saturday, 2:30.       Box Office open 10 lo 12 ajn. and 6 to 7 p.m.
PRlCES-15c. and '25c.
)   '
1 We Study Printing
We make a feature of preparing printing that is profitable to
our patrons.       ^
We study type faces and effects
to insure attractive arrangement,
and we believe you wili appreciate
our handling of your work.
From a card to a huge poster
or an illustrated catalogue we will
give you a figure or our advice,
Lynn Valley Items
Mr. J. Honliaiu and family will leave
nliurtly for southern California.
Tlio Lynn Valley General store baa
purchased the entire stock of the Sanitary grocery.
I'liiiiiic'ii orchestra will givo a grand
concert in the Institute ball on Wednesday, May lit.
Mr. Wm. Burrill baa completed the
contract for grading the N. V. Horticultural siiciety's ground*.
Messrs. E. iliiinliill and ll. Douglas
are meeting witb fair success with
the motion picturca evory Friday evening at the Institute Hall.
Plaus lm v e boen drawn for a tourist
hotel to be erected at Kieo Lake and a
petition is in circulation for a licence
for W. <!. Kennedy of Vaueouver.
A dance was held on Wednesday
evening iu the Iustitule Hall which,
judging by tbe culogloa indulged iu by
participants tlicreiu waa a highly successful iiilisii, but whether it will pun
uut so from a financial standpoint is
ilisiil'ilul owing tu the attendance beiug
very small.
The Methodist church have made spe
cuil urruiigcments with the Orpheus
male voico choir fur a grand concert
in Ilie Institute hull un Tuesday evening SIM. The name speaks fur itself.
It is understood tbat this is one
ul' the best male voice cchoirs ou the
cuust and a crowded hull is expected.
The proceeds will be in aid of the Mo
thudist cbureb building fund.
BANK OF KillliiN
llc.d Olfice
Capital Paid L'p }2,R70,onn
Reserve and Undivided Profits   3,800,000
Total Assets i  14,000,000
TilK incentive lu llirifl that a savings .account gives you is even
more vuluuldc Iban thc ucluul
interest that accumulates upun the dc
pusit. The Iiiiini ul' saving- assuring
comfort in old age—is us eusily ui'
quired us the Imi"!  uf spending.
Hanking service iu the Savings Department uf tlie Huni, ul' ii :: lis. is
us sincerely offered lu the man ivliu
deposits u few dullurs a mouth us lu
those  who deposit  thousands.
i;. ii. HEAVEN,  in, ni.
North   v nn,,nn,i
Interesting Locals
Mrs. W. J. Wilsou of Cth streot will
nto receive any more uutil autumn.
Mr. Hubert (Jibson, formerly of .North
Lonsdalo, has left the city aud nuw re
sides iu Portland, Oregon.
Mr. P. Harris uf Strathcona, Alta, is
visiting Nortli Vuncuuver for the period "I ii lew days.
A meeting qt thjt Nprtb Ym<m)rtm
Iiutcpuyers' Association li to tuke place
at nu s'w|y ijafi) »gp»reptly for tbo pur-
ppat of discussing recent council activities.'
The Missos Logan ef Cast Lome, in h
Btroet, have returned to tbe eity tvftur
a four months' visif tq Southern California ami will bo at homo the first ami
third Thursday as formerly.
Mr. E. Hlrhiigo, local manager of tbo
Canadian Financiers Limited, has sov-
erod liis. ioiiuvimn witb that company.
Mr. and Mrs. Ebbage will tako a holiday trip to tho uorth for two weeks
after which Mr, Ebbago will open a
real estfto and financial oHlce in tbli
Tbe liii.il dance of tho HI. Andrew's
anil I'nic.Ionian l-m irly tukes place this
ovening wben the procoudnigB
will be enlivened by the presence of a
four-piece orchestra. - Tbis closing event
uf thc -i-a-nii promises to be oue of tbe
most successful of the society's merry
littlo functions.
Mrs. A. V.. Kealy, wife of Hi Mayor
A. V.. Kealy, and family, departed on
Wednesday fur California, where tbey
purpuse im.in:: up residence. Mr. Kealy
whu has been recuperating in the eust,
joins bis family at i'ortland. According tu Mrs. Kealy. her busliund's
health is greatly improved.
Mrs. L. Watts Douey, Grand Doulc-
vunl, will receive for thc last time
this scusun ou Tuesday, the 23rd iust.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Bailey ami family
of Victoria Turk aud Chesterfield, pur
puse spending lhe summer ut Irwin
linm h, adjoining I'aultields.
Mr. and Mrs. It. !■' Archibald and
son, who huve beon visiting her par
euts, Mr. and Mrs. 1). Gladwin, Wth
street, huve returned to their home in
Truer, N. B„ accompanied by her sis
ter, Mrs. Cpiium aad Master Fred. Mr.
Archibald was very favorably impress
ed with Nurth Vancouver aud will
prubably return iu tbe near future.
Tbe macadamising of the city streets
is now being actively proceeded with.
The east end uf the Ksplauade has already been rolled and like treatment
is being accorded Ksplauade west from
Milium avenue to Lousdale avenue. The
inucuiluiuuiiig I'ontrucls eutail over
fourteen miles ot ruudway varying in
i.Ilh from 2n feet to CU feet accord
iug to thc  iiiimi of the thoruughfure.
The recent sale uf the northwest cor
ner uf Loiisdule avenue and First street
for tbe sum of (00,01)11 constitutes u
record iu reul estate values iu the
city. The property, whicii has lieen
owned for several years by Mr. A. F.
linn.Is : hud a in.uls,:,' uf fifty feel
j uu Lousdale avenue und llfly feet ui.
First   Itreet.   Mr.   Heaslcy  was  repre-
sentoil in the negotiations by Irwin A
Billings CoifAA.
Tli.- iii phi'in. Male Choir of Vancouver will li.-.iuioiii c in tbo iinititutp Hqll
at Lynn Valley on the evening of the
2i)rd of April, Tbeir concert will be
iu aid of tho uow Methodist cbureb in
tbjs region and promises to bo u musical eveut pf tbe kind one should not
miss. Mr. F. Underwood has undertaken to bear the expenses of tbe visit,
and it is gonorally anticipated that a
pbcuomtpially largo audiouco will muster for thc occasion.
Mrs. 11. J. Horton, who bas been
visiting hor daughter, Mrs. Q. A. Hoi-
moru during tbe past three weeks, returned to her homo in Victoria ou the
noon boat today. While hero sho was
so impressed with tbo beauty and thc
business possibilities of Nortb Vuncou
ver tbat sbe invested several tbousuud
dollars in realty here, having purchased
through Messrs. Alexander Smith k Cu.
the double comer s.w. Fifth and
Queensbnry Avenue.
The Mount Plcusunt Miustrcls enter-
mined uu audience of very gratifying
dimensions in tbe Knights of Pythias
Hall uu Wednesday ulglit. Thc function
was under the uuspices of the social
club of the Knight's urder. Lavish appreciation was bestowed upou the in
dividual songsters und jesters, while
incossant ripples of laughter wbicb accompanied the humorous items were
eloi|uent of the success of tbe urtistes
us mirth provokers.
In tho course of Wednesday night's
meeting of tbe Hoard of Trade, Wr. A.
II. Perry, oue of thc city's school trus
tes, alluded tu the dearth of prices us
tokens of encouragement to city schol-
ars. Besides Ibe governor general's
medals for lhe highest matriculant
from the high schuul, there was unly
oue prize wbicb wus offered by Prof.
H. K. Mucnagliten. Mr. Perry's belief
was Ibal there wns surely sume private
gentleman who, recognizing thc need,
could be prevailed upun to donate ci
I tier prizes ur medals.
Scotland has an area of 30,400 miles
or nboat twice that of Voncouver Is
lund. Scotland's greatest length is 28"
miles and ils greatest breadin lit
Of tbe countries uf Kurope Bwilzcr
laud approaches thut uf Vancouver Is
laud more nearly than any uther. The
uio arc pructicully identical in area.
FOB SALli—Vegetable and flowering
plants. All hardy, cool grown plants,
ready for transplanting April 25tb, cabbage, savoys, curly greons, sprouts, 2
doz. 15 cents, cauliflower, colory, 2 dor.
25 cents .tomato plants, oarly (lower-
iug chrysanthemums,' calceolarias, etc.,
etc. Open for business after 0.30 evenings, Saturday after 1 p.m.. Note address, Livingstone, No. 2 Fire Hall, l.'ltli
Btreot. 19-15
We have a largo assortment of cut
Flowers and Kastcr Lilies, Pot Plants,
uu baud, also early Cabbage, bedding
out Trees, Shrubs, Hoses, Privet Hedge,
Heed Potatoes, Garden Seeds, Swoct
Pea Seeds, which we gained first prizo
for at Vancouver exhibition last year
against all comers. Visit our nurseries uud see our stock, il will do your
heart good, Simpson i Wight, cor.
I7tb aud St. Andrew's Ave. 23-4
An athletic club bus been opened ovor
McMillan's grocery by Frank Pop-
ham wbu will receive applications for
membership. Boxing lessons and phy-
steal culture under lhe management of
Pete Tobcrt. 18-4
Dintrict of North Vancouver.
Sealed Tenders accompanied by certified cheque or cash for 5 per cent, of
the amount of Tender (whicii sum
shall be bold until the satisfactory
completion of the work accord'ng to
pluns and specifications) will be rccoiY'
cd • by Mr. John II. Farmer, Municipal
i'lerk, until 5 p.m. ou Thursday, 18th
April, 11)12, for Ibe following work:
Clearing, grubbing und gruding Cou
miuglit   Avenue, ll.  L. 78", K  li,.
All in accordance with plans and
specifications to be bud ul  this oflice.
Tenders will not be considered ox
ccpl made upon prescribed forms sud
contained iu ulliciul envelopes.
The lowest or any lender not neces
sarily accepted,
District Kngiuecr.
District Municipal Hull.
Cor. l.ynn, Vulley and Frommu lluads,
Norlb Vaueouver, II. I.'.,
l,';tli April, 1D12. 101
FIRE SALE-Fit-Reform Clothing
Follow the Crowds.     BE SURE and get into The Right Store.
541 Hastings Street, West, next to D. Spencer, Limited,—West Side
Fit-Reform is the FINEST Hand-Tailored
Clothing in Canada.
Our Stock Embraces EVERY LINE in Fine
Everything We Carry is Distinctive
The Cream of the Stock UNDAMAGED
by fire, smoke or water.       \
Our Satisfactory Adjustment with the Insurance
Company enables us to offer these Goods at
Real Fire Sale Prices.
Business Suits, Blues and Blacks, Tuxedos, Raincoats, Cravenettes,
Spring and Summer Suits, Full Dress Suits, Frock Coats, Over Coats,
Odd Pants, Vests, Etc.
New Goods are being placed on racks and tables daily   YOU'D BETTER HURRY.   Goods are selling in Wholesale Quantities
Suits from $2.00 up.   Pants from 50c. up.   Raincoats $3.00 up.   Overcoats $3.00 up
Sale opens Daily, 9:30 a.m.
Store Open Evenings
541 Hastings Street, West
■ a,
Money By-laws (or Municipality,
Meeting to be held for Explanation of Proposed Expenditure.   District Councillors nansact Sundry ItenW
.       . of Business,
The diatrict council couvenod is the
municipul kill laat night, Hoiva Mny
presiding ovtr th. (ull quartette oi
councillor* A numbtr of matteri .riling out of tha correipunileiii'ii worn
de»lt with at tha outwt.
Ur, Thoniiou uotillid the council thai
■-..I liy
liitrict to
of all money
available from the diatrict from fgtm
or any other eourco, and further lo
hand over to tha Waat Vancouvor au-
thoritiei all niapi, plana, prulilm, and
othor doruinenla pertaining to th-» new
Mr, T S. Nye wrote a»kin.i thai llu:
atreeta iu block .1. K. I.. M. N. and 0,
roaiihilivieion of lot" i lo Hi, ami I to
ja and 14 to 111, II. I,. 211116, lie hroU((iit
under locnl improvement for purposes
of grading full width, installing curb
and patent roudliod lielweon the
CJouiiclllor ilridgman oipresjol Ilk
view II,ul Ihorc should lie a roaanuablc
iiuiiilmr ni resident! in a locality before
local Improvemenl could hu gone ahoad
with. On these grounds u motion win
carried refusing tlio ippiication.
A request from Caruso Frank for tho
"polling of a mini to lot 18, block 7,
li, I,. li.'lfiil, was referred In Hie ongin
eor for a roport.
A similar petition from J. P. Olson
in regard to block 411, I). I,. 31104 waa
accorded like treatment.
Bovural property owners souglil lhe
opening up nf a 24 fool road running
weat frnm liimkins roud In lnl 8, block
58, IH 1087. No action was taken in
ii.in connection, Coun. Uridgman describing ll"' cuse as one lo be brought
In the notice of ('nun Mucduiiubl when
lm holds liis ..in. i ,i Inquiry in l.ynn
The inspector uf Indian .iii.ni wrote
apropos nf lliu road alluwunce required
by the municipality tiiruugh the Mipia
is.; h reserve number three, and ini iin
mill thul further .u.,n ■ hnd been uiudc
In aeenre llic consent of llic Imliuns lu
the'llic of thu property required. It
uus difficult lu lind the Indiuns at
iiiiino ut Ihis seiisun nmi Ibo Inspector
NOggcsled lhal the mutter should be
Inn! over until aboul .lune 1st.
i'ouii. In. i. i,.ui, ii,..„|'l,i tlm depiirl
ment knew very littlu about tins re
servo or Ihey would appreciate the
lm I that Hie Indian element was almost cil in. I lie did mil agree wilh
Hie auggesleil dillay. Thereupon Ihe
• .iumil delegated Ihe reeve and Mr.
Fanner lo interview Mr. II. II. Steuiia
uml impress upon liim tbe nacaaaity of
Ilie road ami generally endeavor lo ei
I' ui. Hie mailer.
A number nf ratepayers petitioned
tlm council In complete works contingent tu lhe Centre roud locul improve
' ment bylaw paaaad and approved in
liuill and pertly carried uur*. The ell
gineer was instructed lo bring in u
Mr. Cosgrove, Ilie district engineer,
..., hi leave ol obscure in lun days'
liim fur Ihe purpuse uf making u tliur
nugli Inspection, in ihe company uf Mr.
UiiN-ell, uf llueknill fml Husscll, ul Ilie
In. Minn uf Hie Nurth Arm road ami uf
Ilie high evel f upilaiiD road besides
si'M ral olber locations which al present
Mr. Cosgrove is unable In give alien
lion to on Hie ground, lie further
purpoiei visiting Health' with a view
lo linking an uiaminatiou uf oil treat
men) for road* and collecting tny olber
llioruud to trespass on hia proporty and
remove hia aouth-eaat corner pust as
atruotlon muulcjpaJ employees were unwell w doing other damage to the aouth
of D. h. 3004. The ox-reeve sought
thla iiii'ormiitiiiii in order to know
whom to make liable.
The engineer waa iuatruetod to make
full investigations, Ouuii. Bridgmuu
chiirinicri/ing tho matter os n curious
It wai decided, on the motion of
Couu. Weslovcr, that Mr. Baker's offer
tu I..sil.I a uew waiting station at the
omer of I.yuu Valley and Allan roads
he accepted when put into wriling.
Thc following motions, introduces!
by Coun. Loutet, were formally Behind
ed ami curried:
"That we aupply water to Tempo
Heights from the Mosquito creek aye-
tail) nu an arrangement similar lo our
.ni,sn/ iii iii I.s im Vulley and   lliul
we luy tho four-inch pipo tn Hie bourn
dary und charge the sume lo the city.
"That we continue tlie widening of
i .... i.ii' avonue two IduckB to llrue
mer ruud, Thut a pluu be submitted
lo Mr. Finliiysuii for seven feot off
block live in northorn portion fnr
which properly hu linlds power of attorney."
"That the engineer's report Oil the
eusl of a i... si. ii.ni fnot road uu 8t.
(leurge'a avenue from ljueen lu Hock-
laud, lo replace the plank ruad nun iu
a inn;:, is.ii  condition."
"Tliut tenders ba culled fur iinprmc
ing the grade uu thu Bice l.iiku Hold
snulh uf the l.ynn Creek bridge, appro
ximutely (500 to bo spent uu thu work."
"Thul HM be spenl in improving
Hie Lynn Vulley Knad immediately."
"Thai n itone wull be built ubingtlie
soulh and cast boundaries of the mu
nicipal bull grounds, and that a prlci
be lubmitted for Iho improvement uf
the grounds in front of Hie hail
Thul we open tit. .lumes' road frnm
Ut. Quorgo's aveuue to Ht. Andrew's.'1
That wu authorize the engineer tu
replace Hie old pipe with new on the
llm I,lun,I ami i'rnspecl mads."
Coun. Wi Miner im1„ led Hie follow
ing mutiun», which were unanimoualy
"ilml Hie engineer be empowered
lu reunite all bridges thut are now over
Hie Humes iu l.ynu Vulley "(us these
Humes aru nu longer in use) uud Ihul
lie be empowered tu repair muds wliere
Hie bridges aru at present."
"Thul inasmuch as Hie pipes connect
ing our main  supply  pipes  wilh  the
mam Hue of pipe of lhe city uf Norlli
Vancuuver, aro ton smull fnr geuerul
purpuses, we request Hie cily to ullnw
us tu have the connections lhe same
size as uur supply pipci."
The council  .v.'..ii.I, i   Hie  fpHtiwiug
■ i.i I... i ■ fur municipal wurk:
Fur clearing and grading rood iu I).
1,. Uli, .1. vun Huelleuburg, (1,1116, accepted.     Olber tenderers, Penny   and
Follesuff, (1,890.
Fur clearing, grading uml I resile
wurk ii.i/iinii uf Dompsey mud in I).
HUBS ami ll. L, 8160: .1. C. Brown,
♦2i.l8.7s, accepted. Ulher tenderers,
'•liny and Follesuff, (llllli (uncertified
heque); Thompson and bluart, (8081;
McKenzie, llruadfunl uml 1'uliun, ,(!!,
lllll; .1 II. Borden, HM; MrPhoraon
ami Armitage, (L'HIll; uml II. Teinimw
Fur clearing ami grading  muds  in
l.ynn Valley: .1. II. Clorden, (008,80 (ac
pled); .1   von Hnellenburg, (OHM; J.
C. Ilrown, (84.188.
Fur clearing ami grading portiou uf
Kldon road and road In lot 7, block I,
I). 1, 607: .1. von Hnellenburg, (463.60
(accepted)| .1. 0. ilrown, (466; .1. A.
HordiMi, (667.60.
The ifuposod widening uud iinprov
i»g of tynii .Valley foad, Dovereourt
road and Fetor't roud wider local ipi
priiveinoiit only, await estimates.
The chairman of the finanoo cominit'
lee't ii)otiop waa formally lupondod aud
carried,  ,
Beeve May will cull p general meet
ing of the ratepayers at uu early date
to explain the full ineanlug and eigni-
llnaiico of thoae bylawi. The people
nt the diatrict are being asked to vote
more tbau (806,000 for ordinary and
extraordinary expenditure for tho current year. Itis hoped that tlio mooting which the reove purposes calling
will bo a well attended ono so that uu
intelligent vote can lie obtained on
these important issues.
rmf, mm. ,
Commissioner W. A. MacDonald, who
is invosligoling tlio matter of the rover-
sioniiry interest uf the provincial government iu siibdivisiuns on thu Nurlli
•Shore, is holding a sussion nl Lynn
Vulley municipal hull today. At tbis
illuming's sofl'siou the following diitrict lots were considered, namely 801)8,
3008/801)4, 8008, 8082, 8088, 81124, 2026,
31128, 8044, 2076, 2088, 81611.
There was ii goodly attendance nf
property owners ut tbis morning's session uml many witnesses were heard
among whom wore Ex-Reeve .lohn V.
McNuuglit, .1. M. Froinine, W, llurrill,
I'rof. 'I.i I,,.. i.i, „ I'orcy King, ,1. CI.
Thompion, H. A. Hliuw. District Clerk
John' ii Farmer gave valuable testimony ivith referonce to assessments,
improvements, the effect of taxatipu
ami other important matteri,
The commission adjourned fur luueii
uml will rusiime ut 8.80 thll afternoon
when lhe hearing will proceed, mi.in;
the ilislnct Inls in roliitinn.
B. C, FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 1912.
J have alwnyi been in favor of the
people eifpresaing au opinion of mint
thoy mot Wd I fall fp sou why »
plebiscite) should he refused in spite of
the fact iimi the cii.v solicitor- hai
given hii ruling that samo cannot he
taken only at the general eloeiimw.
I wpuld, along with ipahy more ratepayers, like iho subject, explained thoroughly and a plebiscite taken,
Yopra truly,
Tho North Vancouver branch nf the
Amalgamated Bociety of Carpenters
and .loiuors will hold their regular meeting iq the Bt. Andrew's club room,
1'honiion block, Lomdalo avenuo. Thu
Host meeting will be on Monday, April
tlio :':'iiil All monition ara askod to
turn out nt tlio meeting. Several new
members ore to lie admitted and othor
important Imsiuuss In connection with
the branch will be tramactod,
Editor Expresa;
Is il indeed, a difficult matter WHY
ihe queition uf a plebiscite nn lhe Hu
Ibenberg system nf dispensing liquoi
iu bottles ill North Vancuuver should'
md  bo luken.
When Ihis matter wus in i bmiiglit
before the council thai body referred
il In lbe Licensing Commission.
Thu licensing cuilimissiun have re
Commended to the council thai Hie
plebiscite should be Ukeu, the' expenses uf which wuuld be puid by I'rofcs
sur .Mucniighlen.
Sealed Teiulers accompanied liy nor-
tilled cheque or cash for 6 per cent, of
lhe amount uf Tender (which sum sliull
be held until the satisfactory cnmplu'
tiuu of the wurk according tn plan.-, ami
specilicHliniis) will bo received by Mr.
John U. Farmer, Municipal Clerk, until
6 p.m. ou Tliursduy, 88th April, 1012,
fur Hie  following!
|   "Conitructlon of wharf at Woodlandi
• in ih Arm llurrurd Inlet, consisting ul
| pile approach uml lauding Boat."
All iu accordance with pluus uml (pacification! In lie hud al Ihis office.
Tenders must be made upun the pre
scribed i,nm ■ nmi contained in official
The loweit nr any lender nut net-en
surily aceopted.
Diitrict Engineer
District Municipal Hall,
Cor. Lynn Valley ami Fromme llnads,
Norlh Vuncuuver,
lllth April, 1918. -4U4
Fire Wood
Cord Wood and Stove Wood. Full
Moaatiro. Prompt Delivery. Strictly
Oaah. Pboue 88.
minimali..a  which may be of acrvice'
lo Hie districl.
He the motion of i'uuii. Luiitot leave
of alumni wu grflil.nl lbe engineer,
Hie cuuucil agreeing lo pay travelling
upuiscs This is Mr. Cosgrove's flrat
holiday nine taking municipal office.
Mia. E lluinphroyi, whu is aliuiil to
pay an extended viiil lo the old country, resigned In i poiilion as stenographer at lha diitrict ball. The council
formally uccepled bl, resignation.
F,i Hecvo McNaught wrote aiking
Ibe council lo inform bim by whose in
Couu. Ilridgman moved lhal the clerk
be iuslrurlcil In proparo bylaws for
submission to Hie people In raise Hie
fnlluwing amuiinli. for lliu following
Sidewalki, (10,1100.
Heads, H0M0,
Hridge over McCartney creek on
Keith road, (16,000.
Lynn Valley playground, (16,000.
Hi Ira si.nk in Horrard Inlet, Tunnel and Bridge Co,, (186,000.
Lynn Valley water area, (30,000.
Eusl Capilano water area, (80,000.
Thi price af lot. la Block 8,   D L. 784, U now (376.    Terms   ",
rub, t, Wmi 11 mont-he. Tiuu Lot. ue 40H13, perfectly lavil and
only two blocka waat from l4nid<ale Avenue. Don't delay la buying'
tbe chaayett townelte In North Lonadale today.
AgauU fnr London Aewranc. Oo,, asd Brltlah Empire Ham Inaurance.
Phone IM P. O  Bex Hit
Agenli for London ^uuitnee Co.
Wt btv« • good wladion ol Houtet (or S»le or Rent
'   . "
The Dunlop Tire & Rubber Goods Co. jecured the
order for the Norlh Vancouver Fire Hose because
it is
We are iheir Norlh Shore agents and have a full
slock in three grades, 10, 12 and 18 cents per fool.
I .wi y length is guaranteed.
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
Phone 88 107 Esplanade Wesl
"K" Boots Just Arrived
All th. LATEST STYLES In   th.   moat   fashionable   of Ana
Ladiea' black and tan BooU and Shoei for boat wear, walking and golf.
Uontlemeii'a black aud 1*11 BooU and Shoe, for dr.yv.er,
bunting, Silling and .Looting . i
(luckakln Tennis BooU and Bhoee..
"K" Brogues
BooU and iho.1 repaired at ahortwt uotica by inauliluary.
Wood-Paige Shoe Co.
PI»m3J3 Mount Crown Blwk, Opp, Otr Hall
Garden Tools
OUR STOCK is complete, and
the Quality is here.
WN MOWERS in all sizes
'om 12 to 18 inches.
|]f I We also have a stock of the
\   Famous Summerscale
the best on .the marker ranging from
300 to 500 pounds and. the prices are
paine & McMillan
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
SNAP for 0NE WEEK 0NLY- 33 fL Lot, $400
■ Terms Easy.
LOTS 111, 'Jl, Hi, Block Jl,   ll.   I,.   81)26,  uu   Jamea   between
.Lonidale ami Ht   (loorgo'l, Iiiiii rath or |l.r,liu on leruii.
D. L  553
Lot 0, Uloi'k 0, f.llxHi—$BG0-',i caih, li, ill and IH montbi.
81 Lomdale Avenue
Boom ID
P. O. Box 1706
North Vancouvor
Phona Uw
Two Choice Buys
ill. FOOT OOBNBB ON 8BOOND  STBEET  one  block  from
Lonadala Ave, 110,600.   Terms Buy.
About B0 feet on Lonalaie Aveuue $3,000 ou toruia nf ',
caah, balauca 6, VI and 18.
Boom so.
Nortb Vancouver.
84 Lonadale Avenue.
(above Poit Office)
Post Offlco Box No. 8397. Telephone No. 462.
All New.       No Old Stock.
Fine assortment of Flower
and Garden Seeds in packages.
Sweet Peas by the oz.
ThfHti come in Bliwk,   White,
Lavender, Pink and Red or mixed.
Special Lawn Graai, -  50 cti. Ib.
Selected White Clover, - 65 cti. Ib.
North Shore Drug Co.
P. S. THOMAS, Phm. B.
Druggist, 116 Eiplanade Weat


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