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H.R.H. The Governor-General
Of The Dominion Of Canada
Bv the Municipalities of the
^™ 3 ^       *»• ^Sff>BVf|fSWfwSWVIB^    wwam ^^^*rwm*fmMmm^
North Shore of Burrard Inlet
On Friday, 20th of September, 1912
77ic  fallowing  is  the  o§c'tal program- for  the
, Reception:
3:30 Reception of the Governor-General and Suite
at the ferry wharf by His Worship the Mayor
of the City of Norlh Vancouver and the
Reeves of the Districts of North Vancouver
and West Vancouver. The Indian Band
to he stationed on the wharf and to play the
first six bars of "God Save ihe King" on the
arrival of the ferry.    \
3; 35 His Royal Highness lo proceed to Victoria
Park preceded by motor car containing the
Mayor and Reeves and escorted by Mounted
3.39 Fanfare of bugles on the arrival of I Ip. Royal
I lighness at Lower Keith Road.
3:40 Arrival al Victoria Park and inspection of
Guard of Honor. Rendering by Band of
Sixth Canadian Field Engineers of first six
bars of "God Save the King."
3 ;50   Reading of Civic Address and reply.
4:20 Rendering of "O Canada" by the School
4:30 Presentation of representatives of Public Bodies and local Clergy.
4:50 Rendering of "The Maple Leaf" by School
4:55 Presentation of Governor-General's Medal to
Miss Beatrix II. M. Parris.
, :(K)   Inspection of and address lo Boy Scouts.
5:15 Presentation of Indian address and reply
5:30   Song by Indian Children.
5:35   Presentation of Indian Chiefs.
i ;40   Selection by Indian Band.
5:50 "God Save the King" (two verses) by School
Children accompanied by Indian Band.
At the commencement of the presentation of
lhe Indian address the Military and Boy
.'.'"iii- will march from the Park and will
line l-onsdale Avenue from the Ferry Wharf
upwards lo await the departure of I lis Royal
I lighnets.
Spectators ure requested lo luke their placet
in llie Park not Inter titan three o'clock and il is
purlicularlo desired lhal no spectators will
leuve the Parlf hefore lhe departure uf lhe
cnliie Viceregal Parly.
-, Director of Ceremonies.
Shortage of Coal in
North Vancouver
Nurlli Vaucuuver Ik al present tie
Ing ii ver)' serious problem, tbat ef
lbc eual supply, Tbere are but Iwcnly
Ave tuns of ciial io tbis rily St pre
sent, aud considering tbat tbis stale
ul affairs cxiit now in Uie early au
I uin n, Die i.iiib.i.i. 'for lbe winter is
iiulceii .cuuu. if something Is nut
ilnnr rigbl away la relieve Ibe situi
II appears lbs! sl present Nortb
Vaucuuver is dependent Ou Ibe cily uf
Vaucuuver for ils supply uf coal tnd
ul present rutl is very scarce in Van
couver, ami lbe only way Norlb Van
(ouver ran obtain ber supply is Iiirougli
Ibe mining agents in Vancouver. Tbe
iboringe of coal In Vancouvar it dui
lo lbs extensive tbipmrnli tbtt tre
being made of '^Mtdliui coal to 8*»t
lie, Sun Francisco ami ulbcr puluts un
lbe American tide, alsu coaling nf
American  ships.
Ouo nf the local coal yards lias
been endeavoring lu secure some eual
for Ibe laat Shfte weeks but wllbuul
success. Tbt same lum, utter must
l" i-i-1, ut , il.iit - bin procured t trow
lunl llirough a Vamutivrr lim, and Ibis
Is due lu arrive tl lay hour. Tbe in
voice, however, shows tn Increase over
original price of 76 reals per Ion In
tbi wholesale price whlcb iovolves a
corresponding advance to tbe consumer.
If Norlh Vancouver ciliseni mini
tolirtte tuch conditions at tba present
in"' of Ihe year Ihey wili probably be
compelled lo buy Ibeir coal at a premium during tbe coining winter. It
behooves Ibe authorities Of North Vin
couver un.l ilitlrlci to lake some drns
lie measures to secure t direff tupply
from the mines tnd thus stve North
Vincouver from wbtt promises to be
t coal famine during Ihe coming win
To Mr. tad  Mrt. 8.  I)   8cbu)ls,
Lonsdale tvenue, t ton, 8»pt. llth.
A .
u.n ll. THE DUKB OF cunnauuht
Second Narrows
Bridge Affair*
At Ottawa
AU>.     DIOX     OON8IDEBH     THIS
On the city council 'a table last nigbt
Ity tbe folluwiug telegram from Ot
tawa dispatched by deputy Minister .1
B. Hunter of 1'ubllc Wurks:
"Mr. II. 11. Stevens, U.l'., has sub
milted to thc department your tele
gram of the ith lust., and has ur
gcnlly been pressing imineditte consid
crniiiin uf Second Narrows bridge mat
tor iluring his recent visit to Ottawa
Would poiut out, however, that thin
department baa nul bud uppurtuutty uf
studying this impurtuiit qucstiun. Mut
ter was only recently bruught iul'ur
mniii to the attention of the depart
uunl by the applicant, wliu lias uut
yet tiled proper application. Tbe tie
partmenl, huwever, is carefully Invei
tigutiug lbe suitability uf bridge plain
in tbe meantime, mi tbat uu time will
be lost.
(Signed) J. B. HIIN'l..it,
Deputy Miuister."
"It is-strange," commented Aid.
Dick, when this message bad been
read,'' tbat tbu guvernment shuuld state
that the matter has only beeu recently
brought lo its notice when we bave
been working upon it for five years.''
Lynn Valley Day, 1912
Eminently Successful
"Ye who love tbe huuiuIm uf laugbler,
Love the strains of merry music,
Love the drilling of the redcoats,
Love the Scout- uf Hud. ii Powell,
Aud Ihc nimble skill uf athletes,
Kuuning, leaping, Ircusure bunting.
Interspersed with ices, pcu mils,
Cukes ami miscellaneous candy;
Nol lu mention ulher detlils
Sucli us iinm sticks ami bul hands;
Wiih profuse apologies to Ihe shade
uf liongfullow, .tbe above lines (slinil
ar in mil re unly lu Ibuse borrowed
frum lbc "Hung uf lliiiwulhu" by a
cuulcnipurary scribe uf llic Vulley) cun
icy a fairly accurate idea uf Ihc par
ii,'iiiui kiml of revelry which accom
I'liiiied Ihe opening uf the purk uud
suspension bridge oii Sutunlay. 'I'lun
are, uf cuursc, a score uf olher things
uliuli are worthy uf poollc uietitiun,
bul those u.ui'l III in conveniently,
ami any attempt tu force Ihem iulu
blank verse wuuld unly destroy the
migiiiflccnl clli' i achieved ami main
laincd iu lbe fureguitig stanza. A Hue
might bate been dedicated, fur instance
lo II. L. Tin.ni| i,ii, wbo, being cbair
man nf tbe decuratiun cummitlee, very
properly decorated himself witb a
flowing goatee, and, with a big clgai
protruding from flic corner of hi
nuiiii li in lbc style of t'aplaiu Kettle,
presided uver a stall wbicb seemed
tu be doing guud business all day.
Aliotblt line might have beeu devulcil
lo J. P, i'lawford, hud nut the writer
reallud the utter hopelessness of uu
allcinpt to compress Hruwfon! into
uuu line.
Commonplace prase must, therefore,
suflice as a means uf paying tribute tu
a greal day and homage lu lbe preul
men whu prumulcd il. Wheu thc idea
uf celebraliug Lyuu Valley Day was
llrsl propagated there were certain
circles iu which thc news was received
wilh a sly snigger The initial an
iiuuiircnicul of tbe recent philharmonic
festival was received iu Ihe same ur
cles wilh lhe same snigger. Sceptics
imagined thai Lynn Vulley wus, lo use
really refilled phrasculugy, biting oil
considerably mure than it euuld masti
cute. The success uf the u.n oul fes
livid has already been placed indelibly
un record. Ou Saturday uue mure link
(tu adupt Kecve May's mclaphur) wis
added lu tbe Valley's cbaiu uf prusper
uus happenings. Sceptics will really
have tu be more careful In future,
ami bear in mind constantly lual lluv
are uut dealing wilh a uurtnai commua
"Wc arc proud of our park," to
iiiiiiiu os tbe program iu big print, and
everyuue will admit that Ihis la pride
well founded. According lo the iame
authority, "Mr. D. McTavisb, of Mr
(Oontfnutd on ptu 1, col. i)
Aid. Dick Hai Lost Faith
in the Reception
Apropos of thc Ducal visit to Ihe
nurth shore, Aid. Irwin duriug last
evening's session of Ibe council sug
getled Ihtt it lbe work of Ibe rtcop
tiou committee entitled rcrltin ex
popses in decoration, tbe ci;y shuuld
pltce the sum of Sii'lil to the credit of
tbe rommittre in tbe Htnk of Hamilton.
While uot opposing lbe dedication
of this unounl 10 tbe purpuie allied,
Aid. Dick did uot fner thc idu of
turning Ibe money entirely over to
tbt committee tqd leaving It lu Iheir
bands. "I have kind of lusl flilb lo
thtt commillee," explained Ihe tlder
into "tftcr Ibe showing made In tbit
imll tbe ot tic nigbt." He did not
Iblnk thai ItOO of lbc city's money
ibould bt pitted,In Us conunltNt'i
binds lo bt drtwn upou it tbeir will.
He considered it t belter pltu tbtt
Iho mtyor tnd Aid. Irwiu should be
appointed | commillee of Ibe council
lo bundle ii,,.< money on bcbtlf of tbe
It wit evenluajly decided tbat tbe
amount recommended by Aid. Irwin
should bt placed at tbe disposal of tbe
reception committee of which the ma
yor il chairmen.
Al a meeting lut week of tbe city
tnd ditlrict tiiocittion football league
officers for tbt ensuing isuon were tp
pointed tl follows: President, T. Al
Ian; lit vice president, P. M. Sharp; Snd
vice president, H. Hogg; sec.treat, W.
A ptrl tcbidule wu drtwn up tud
ipproved. Tbt lnl game will be Lyon
Valley vi Caledonians, Oct. t; Will
Vtncouver vs. lonsdile, Oil 11 lad tbe
Hoyal Knginetli a bye on a date to be
trnnged ttf. Tki trophy for tbt til
son will bt I silver cup tnd intdtlt to
tkt mUntil. .
Publicity Committee
Defers Appciatment
"'Ibo Jolut ulvic Aiivcnlsliig lioul-
millee conveiieil on Friday afternoon
to bear the repurt of its special committee comprising Aid. .Irwin and Mr.
.1. t'liiipiuiiii, appointed to solicit ii
m'l" mi :> .i..ium' from the merchants
und business men of thu city luwunls
the coiitiniiuiico uf publicity wurk dur
ing the current year.
The rcpurl was discuuruging, tlie
in nmi ul. , ji|.ii,,ji promised to the
committee ,m[: unioitnling to I'lllt.
Aid. Irwiu attributed this tinsatisfuc
lory result of his combined efforts with
Mr. Ohupinun tu the adverse criticism
whicii the work uf llic cuminittce itad
received and Ihu publicity which had
been given tu Ihut advene criticism.
I a view of this il was resolved tu
lay uver lbc cunsideruliou uf mother
appuiutliient fur the vucllicy uf pub
Inin coininissiuner fur Iwu weeks, jn
the meantime, huwever, copies uf the
inunuicript fur a puinphcl, which is
nuw well under wuy, will be sent tu
im li uf the commissioners fur revision
afler which il will be pul inlo lbc
printer's hands. The cbainnau said
Ibat ii would cost abuut tfilli) to gel
Items of Interest
Mr. A. i'nn en is taking up residence ul Hi Bewicko Avcuue.
tbo pamphlet out. Tho committal) have
uow iu hand about $1,300, wbicb is
practically covered by obligation*.' .
In speaking   to publicity   methods
iicii tne column
inoii: l.v to be essential iu every city
Mr. I'erry thought tbat tbo ouly proper way wus to submit a by-law to tbo
.■I.', im.'in Tbo diitrict could bo
slumped ami it was probable, bu
thought, that the people ihere migbt
Iiu educated to the extent that tbo
iui uni policy of tbo couucil migbt bo
shaken. There was alsu a prubabilily
that the views of the proseut council
might not be shared by their success
ors in llllll,
A cuminittce composed of Alilorman
Foreman and Mr. (1. 11. Morduu was
appoiuted to investigate tbe matter of
taking space in tbe provincial exhibit
in tbe Progress Club rooms iu Vancouvur. The chairman, Mr, i'hilip, stated
thai while in Victoria he became moro
ami more convinced of tbe importance
of advertising tbe city in every pos
libit way. An appropriation of 1199
was put at the diopoaal of tho committee who huve power to act. Mr. .1.
i In'. I'iiiu ii uu account of tbe resignation of i "mun """"'I Lawler, which
hus nuw lakcu effect, wus appniutcd
liunurary secretary.
Mr. (leurge Wilson is taking up re
siileiicc ul ini'l Keith ruud east.
The lluini,uw t'ufe, Ksplauade wcsl,
baa changed bands, Mr. Vun H-irne
now having the management.
Iiitcrnnliuuul Heiiiiiiiiiii nuw open
ed. Hood meals cheap. Meal tickets
of Jl meuls, i'1.16. (live us u Iriul uml
become our customers. '»I'
Mrs. (I'upt.) Klckhum bus dunulcd
a cheque fur :.."" towards the eusl of
lhe propoaed new high ullur for 81,
Kilmunds  church,   Nurlh   Vuncuuver.
Tbe   ferry   cuiupuny   is   creeling   u
bund "IIH    in, h   uf   li I,I umi     leaves   ut
lbc gules uf the Nurlh Vaucouvor
wharf llirough which llic Hoyul party
will puss uu Friday next.
The lueal ulliee of the 8. I.'. Klec
trie Bailway (,'ompany repurt a splcn
did day's Iraflic un Saturday last, Lyuu
Vulley Duy, approximately K),IM)() pcu
pie billing beeu earned un the streel
Hev. Father Bcdard, UMI,, hus
returned frum the retrcul held ut Mis
aiuu, Fullier Ptyttvlu, "Ml. of Ibe
Indian church, hud cburgc uf 81. Kd
mui,,! parish iu lhe absence of Fa
lliut Hedard,
Mr. II. lluili.dn.. who had charge uf
lhe ulliic uf Ihc Dominion Malch Cu.,
in Nurlh Vancouver, is liking over
lbc management of the huurding hulel
ruu by the Dominion Match (,'ompany
in   New   Westminster
The inllui of visitors lu Ihr North
Shore un Sunday last was very large
Tbe I), ti. Kleclric oOlcials repot! the
largest returns ever obtained from a
Sunday's trallic, llie company having
carried  11.,mil passengers un lhal day.
The arfllldrcn of 81. Jobb'l Sunday
scbool were taken over lo Stanley
1'ark ou Saturday by the Hey. and
Mra. Hooper and Icacbcra for Ibeir tn
nutl picnic. Favored witb glorious
weather Ihe onling as au cul ire.y ac
restful one.
Mr. 1. ll. Knglisli wishes Ibe Hoy
Scouts ol Norlh Vancouvei to muster
at bis store at 7 o'clock tbia evening.
A rehearsal fur the royal visit proceed
inga will be held ami Scoutmaster
Hoof will be in attendance to put tbe
boys Ihiough physical drill.
Thc mailer of dividing tbe city into
wards has ncceaurlly been deferred by
tke council until next weok. Ig. ine
meantime Ibe cily uscsiOr, Mr. ti.
Talbot Haelam, bu bean uked lo pre
pare Ibe data essential to tbe consideration of Ihe quution for etch of Ibe
Bouie boys wanted lo deliver Ib*
Knprtit. Apply »» thit Of",
Mrs. Kecney and her sou, Mr. Juhn
Keeney, uf Uulushields, ttrutluud, arrived iu North Vancouver on Friday
lunl. Mrs. Kecney will reside witb ber
married daughter, Mrs. (iarvic. Although a septuagenarian, Mrs. Kecuoy
bure the 7,000 mile sea ami rail Irip
Mr. and Mrs. ll. II, Ilull and daugh
ler, Miss I). Flull, from llumiltun, Oil
lariu, ate guests uf Mr. and Mrs. 3.
ti. Williams, Hltb street. Mr. Flatt,
who is an expert with thoroughbred
cattle, is one uf Ibe judges ippointed
by Iho gin eminent lo judge at Ibo
provincial fuirs throughout the pro
The Duchess of I'unuaughl 's up
l"ul fur financial lid lowurds the Vicloriu Order uf Nurses is meeting with
ready response in Ihis cily. The pro
siiletit uf llie Huurd uf Trade, Mr.
Alexundcr Sinllli, stales lhal tu dale
the miiiumi subscribed is ti.'.u Tbis
list will be published in a suliscijuetil
On Friday evening the Nurlh Van
couvcr Athletic club, under new and
oiuricnl management, purpoaea holding
:i in i i.n, "smoker" iu the club
ruums al lbc corner of rkplnuuilc
west ami I.onsdale. A cordial welcume
will be given lu all interested ill lbe
club, wlneli, by lbc wuy, has secured
the services as bulling ami physical
Instructor uf Jack Lcunard, 11. A. (',,
uf whuin muro when space will alluw
A highly respected tent dweller uf
Ihia cily appeared Una moruiug beforu
Magistrate Haggle- and waa fined lur
furnishing un Indian wilb intoxicating
liquid. Thc offender, it appears is
known to feed his kiddies on crab, not
being able lo alTon! olber more diges
iil.li- -food. His reduced circumstances
do nol, huwever, debar bim frum in
dulgiug his generous Inspirations by
buying whiskey for Indiana. Other
fathers wilb like priuciplct pleiac note.
Mr. tnd Mn. 1'. K Buck of Ottawa
ire iu Ihe rily viiitlng tbtir daughter.
Mn. K. P. i.'urulib. Mr. Buck wu for
uiiiin yetra coontctcd wilb post offlco
deptilmeut of tbe government in the
olli. e of the accountant and has now
beon on lbc superannuated lilt /or
several years. He wu for many years
one of tbt directors of tbt Fruit and
Forestry Association of Ontario tnd
takes t lively Interest In ill mtttera
pertaining to Ibeae two gretl branches
of horticulture.
North Short Freu Limited is
prepared to, entertain proposition]
for l loin to be utilise'} n lbe con
structiou of t building for ners
piper ami printing purposes, I) be
erected on lot 11, block 107, D. L.
liil, being tkt north wist corner of
First strset and Sogers avenue, this
clly. Full particulars may bo obtained by applying to Ibt undar
1 1 rift tv\r»ft*
St,. I
U- '
Bank of Montreal
Established 1817
Capital (paid up)
Reserve    •   .   >
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouver Branch:
—-MUtownlldg^Ui Sirs*.
We Have Some Good Buyi
i   i -   _. — -.
in D. L 273, 274,550.
See us if you have a house lo rent, or if you want to get
a house.
We have some lovely homes for sale,
Listings wanted.
110 Esplanade.
Phone 227
Right Deiiey To Time
Dickinson & Son. Ltd.
P. 0. Box 1719.
Phone 222
Timothy Hay (ntw)
Clovtr Hay, (ntw)
Alfalfa Hay
Orualitd Oats,
Linseed Meal
B. fe K. Olilcken Oliop,
B. t K Scratch Food
B it K Cracked Com
Lata Bg| Makar
Lai's Intact Powdtr
Bwifti Bttf Bcraya
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
In Stock, 3S0 Tons of Choice
lloimclioldani ihould lay In tlia wlutar supply Ufort tlie
ruts Miaou.
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
L S. EATON, Manager.
Kickham's Wharl     Esplanade West     Phone 466
•tM  AM
11.80 .
* itnetm
8.40 VM.
.    8.80
(.00   ,
Hot on lenity.'
Litvi Nortlr Vaucoutai
'i "'i
ll "'I
8.80  VM..
Tin. Ubl. aubjte* tt ehtaft without
sipelts that attacked bim. Then il
Fas pit «oi|t. Au»in rheumatism took
IbqssoisImi of his limbs.   Of ton t'hysl
"j?»r ,Ws dusts »,in|,.6j)iilwsi|
ber heaven taught lyra
N(l)i» klit Ibt noblest pwUfltit-lii
MpI.pw im>H»r»!i pm .corru^M
Ons   line   wbicb,   dying,   ho   cuiild
wisb to blot."
it was ut tiie clone at u lii'initiiiii day
iu tbo mouth of February, 1888, that 1
strolled aloug blstjuipialt ruml on mj
way back to victoria, 1 wat aceus
toiuid to take long walks, and my fay-
urli,i ai mil was from tho l>o»t ollice iu
ttbnt. Cemfmy mt lUbtt for Imtyt, suitlitaUl w *m*r*ml-
Victoria to the jiost office in-Kuuiiiiiialt
r.inl back again, a ditlanco of eijjhl
miles as rliutiii'il by one of It, M.'i
nuvul iiiii.-ri:. 'lliu v. iui ii.i wus warm
uiul Ibe ,i, |..'nii.," sun shed ils genial
ruys ou tbe scene, ini|iurtiiig a golden
lute lo Ihe foliage of tbe trees wbicb
at that time gtew thickly uu both sides
ot the run.I. As 1 advanced I observed
a youug man in Ibe uuiform of a naval
licci bending ovur the prostrate f inn
of a sailor, who lay in a state of iu
liriution on the roud. Wben 1 neured
thu men lbe ouicer asked me to assist
bim io removing the sailor from tbe
roadway to the path at tbe side 0. the
iiui'i, wbore be would be secure from
injury by passiug vehicles. Together
we managed to bulf drag un.l bulf lift
the man to a s|iot where lie muil I be
comparatively safe. The ollicer tlnml.
ed me for my assistance ami bunded
me bis card, ou which 1 ruud, "Ur.
Sidney Dickeus, 11. M. 8. Scout." I
haudeii bim my card in returu, and
after u few words as to tbe »eatlier
and lbc beauty of tbe scenery, *e were
separating, wben, glaueiug j;:.iii ut lbe
card, ■ mi,,'iiiuiu prompted mc to n>k—
"Are you a counectiuu of I'hurles
Ilul,.ns, tbe great uovelistl"
"Yes," be replied, "I um bis sou.
Do you know—bave you met my
father I"
• I iiiiuiiiii.il, 11 uo," I replied, "bul
I am leaving in a few days for thc
Kust, wbere i hope to bear bim read.
He is uow iu tbe Kustcrn States, ami
I bave tiuied my departure beuce so a.s
to attend at least ouo of bis readings."
My new made acquaintance seemed
delighted at tbe pleasant ullusiou to
his parent and volunteered to givo mc
u Idler of introduction lu bim. At this
utfer it was my turn to be delighted
uud I gladly accepted tbe favur.
The nest day there came to my office
a very prettily worded note frum Mr,
Dickens, stili lieutenant uf the Scuut,
euclusing the promised letter of Intro
duction.    t'ireumstuiiees that were lie
j uiul tuy  iiul prevented my leaving
Victoria uutil the iiih uf May, The
passage was lung aud tedious. To reach
.Sun Francisco I look the steamer (leu.
S. Wright at tbis port for Portland.
At I'.ui In ml. after several days' delay,
I embarked uu a rotten old steumer
called llie Continental, wbicb shortly
afterward fuuudered iu the (lull uf
California. We cucouutcrcd a fearful
storm, during wbicb lbc vessel sprung
u leuk aud we were several days iu
making the port of destination. Thc
captain was the most profune uud god
less mau tbat I evor mel. Eviry otber
wunl wus u rurse, und high uhovc the
luging ul the sturtn, Ibe muring of Unwind and tho creaking of the timbers
uf tbe wretched ship, bis voice could
bo board cursing bis Maker, Ihe crew,
the ship, the passengers and all things
iiiiiiiiiii.- aud iii.iiiiiiuiiu Ilis inuiiiii ni
nf the sailors was most inhuman. He
Iiii'l Ihem completely cowed. At the
slightest provueatiuu, aud often witb
uo provocation at all, be would fell a
man to the deck and kick bim while
be luy prostrate, ll was narrated of
him by Johnson, a famed Columbia
Kiver pilot, that while ascending Col
umbia Biver one day tbe strainer gut
aground ou a bar. A mau was seul
lown' lo examine oue of tbe paddle
wheels Ibat bad become fouled in sume
way. Just at tbe aeamau disappeared
under tbo wheel tbe steamer swung
clear of tb. obstruction.
'(Ju ahead!'' mured tbe Captain
■tituy'" cried tbe pilot, "tbert't a
man uuder tbo wheel."
 tbe nin under the wheel," re
turned tbe Captain, "(lo ahead—full
Tbe cruel wheel lurned rapidly.
Three weeks later tbe crushed body of
tbe victim to the inhumanity uf lbe
Captain wat picked up lower dowu tbe
river, J alwaya said that thnt bullying
Captain waa I coward.
Wben the Continental  foundered   lie
wj'iil til is on. of lb» ship's boats,
leaving twenty passengers, whose safe
ty be bad uot provided for, to sink
witb tbe vesaei. It il noUieecitary to
aay tbtt be savor gut another command, s
At Han Francisco I wat detained several days before t tteamer tailed for
Banana. The passage down tbe cout
wu long and Udiuus, At l'ttuuia tbu.
wu delay Is croaafpg th. Islbmus to
Aspiowtll, on th. Atlantic tide, tnd Wl
wer. threo days beyond tb. usual time
in reaching New  York, where, upon
that fbp grettest pt ail novelists, whom
I bad travelled many miles to we and
hOlt, hfi http uOmpellod by jll-bealtb
to cut bis reading course short and bad
gone back In Kugland. My disappointment wm great a|)d I was destined
never  tp  experience (be gratification
of meeting this illustrious and truly
great writer uud novelist.
Bob Ingorsoll, tbu inbdel, ouce said
Ibal Mir. Dickons WM the bit friend
children ever bad uu earth, eu.pt
Christ, lt wu an extraordinary admission for Ingersoll t» make. Hi hud
always beeu looked upou as a mau wbo
illil' nut nelllVU 111 (,'lirlll, ami a fiieiul laMsadsd, sud  tlm  liiillllllll
Arrival, I mu desjdy grievid to letru
tuld bim ao.   He replied: ^
"I do nut believe iu bim u our
Saviuur aud  I  question bis  divine
"Tbeu," said tbo friend, "he was
au iin|iniiui."
"Nut at all. Hit tetcbiagi are all
wise and guud; tbey braatbe tba high
est murality and ara worthy tu be fol
lowed. lie wu a groat aud good mau
aud be accepted without question what
bis motber told bim about bis conception. 1 do uot say tbat bo was uot the
Suu of Hod. 1 only say tbat tbe ovi
lun, i- is pot conclusive, iu (act, is improbable."
Ingersoll is dead now ami hu solved
the problem for himself. 1 think it is
well that I should poiut put that bis
mantle bu uot fallen ou any otber
sbouldera While Christ's teachers aud
i'ul lu wcrs number many millions, lu
gersull Imi left nut uue strung man be
lnml bim to diaaemioate bis views and
carry on bis work.
Dickeus wu, indeed, a friend of tbi
poor aud dowutrodden. Ilia "Oliver
Twist" cuuse,I a reform in the workhouse system aud iu the methods of
lealiug witb vagrant children. "Little
Dorritt" reformed lbc system uf im
prisuuiug debtors whose only crime
was poverty, "(lur Mutual Friend"
I'm,In,,-,l a reformation iu the transaction of busiuesa at Ihe public unices.
"Martin Cbuiulowit" proved a death
bluw tu the mode of dealing with thi
poor ami the nursing system uf the
day, and "Bleak Huuse" wu the
nn nun. of reforming tbe Chancery laws
I qucstiuu very much if auy ulher
country has prodoccd or will ever pro
duce bis peer as a novelist and a hu
muuitariau. Doubt bas been thrown
upon tbe claim tbat Shakespeare wrute
the plays that stand in his nauie. Mauy
excellent authorities attribute tbe plays
to Lord Hiicon, who wu described as
"al ouce Ibe greatest and meanest uf
umn1.1inI," for he was proved while
ou the Bench to have accepted bribes.
One uf the strongest points urged in
faVUr   Of    lui, uli    I,ulli;;    the    Uiiiin,i    uf
tbe Shakespearian plays is Ihc fact
that be was a travelled mun. He visit
ed D.-iiiiiail.. Italy, France, and eveu
Kussia, in his yuunger 'lays, and re
turned to Kuglund wilh his miu,I stored
wilh the informal ion that afterward
appeared in aume uf the wurks attri
lintel   tu Shakespeare.
It is plain lu sume minds that nunc
bul one whu had visited the scenes
where tke plots uf tbe "Merchant uf
Venice" end "ijamlel" were luid
could have written those plays. Shako
apcarc was never outside of Kugland
Tbore csists uo evidence tu show that
he wus u mun of education, yet no une
whu was nul a man of letters could
have written any uf thc Shakespearean
tragedies and comedies. That Uacuu
did uut lay claim to the authorisbip in
bis lifetime is attributed by those wbo
believe tbat he aud not Shakespeare
wrule tbe plays tu thc fuct tbat a play
wright ur an actor in tbuse days was
regarded u a low sort of,persou, and
Bacon did nut desire lu be classed as
But while tbe dispute u to tbe au
thorsbip of Shakespeare is waged wilb
beat by warring factiuus, aud the
qucatiuu must remain undecided until
tbe end uf time, tbere will never be
any duubt as lo wbo wiute tbe line uf
wurks that stands lu Ibe name uf
Charles Dickens, Nu Knglisb writer
wbu bu ever lived bu dune nure, if
u much, tu raise tbi staudanl of won
unbood and ameliorate th. cuuditius uf
children and tbe puor tbau Dickeus.
Hit "Christinu Ctrolt" are marvels
of love aud tenderness and beauty of
thought and expression. Tbey are
uatchless. His "Tale uf Twu Cities,"
wbere au Knglisbman dies up tbe scaf
fold for bis friend, reveals, perhaps, tbe
finest plot of all bjs great stories. Some
call 'tbis his best work; I, wbo have
read them all, believe that none is
''beet"-th»t all arc "beat," if tbit
paradox will bt tolerated by tbe
Tbe atory uf tbe aecond imu of
America, wbicb wu rudely cut abort by
Dickens' illuess, it told by bis manager,
Oeorge Dolby, wbu wu bis constant
companion and most trusted "friend."
Dolby's book wu publitbed in 1887,
asd it ii oddest from t perusal of
it tbat Dickeus wu in so condition to
lecture or tv.il to travel when he ratio
to America. Ht wu aubject to severe
tlx pt Illness.   Sometimes it wu try
io bi
lummoneii til TQBB lliut apart twin iiviinwi'   W*lb)"t
gp before be euuld leave the dressing
|ast to Hi" condition of a groat machine that riins constantly »t tl>s big. •■
eat tuUBiun until it la wpfn out aud falls
tive  reticels  00  credit  upou himself
room ttf tne stage, ami it 4a stated W upuu those wb> WW fotWlttll It
tbst nf ter escb reading be wpuld limp
from (bt platform and that be required
to b» braced up witb a glass of chain-
paglie or a 11. ft 8. boforo ll. .uuld gu
un again, lu tbo intervale botweou
tbs readings, Dickens was subject to
(ts of groat depression, and tbo chain
paguo pr the brandy bottle wt* always
retorted to brace bim up; whilo at
th. slightest occurrence tbut excited
bis emotions he Is described us leaning
pn tbe shoulder of his agent and sobbing, with great tears coursing down
bis cheeks, lu spite of the evident
weakness uud fulling lieullli uf bis
bief, Dolby tells uf the uumeruus suppers aud dinners and bunquels they
of  liquor
keeping the machine going at brock
neck speed until it went tu pieces.
Dickens after his return tp Kugland
essayed anotber reading tour throughout
tlie Uniled Kingdom, His ill health
continued. Bracers weru again rssprt-
ml to, and it is not strange that be
broke down ill Hie midsl 9? W.s WlY
and died of an apoplectic Ut one bright
morning curly in June, 1870.
and wine that wus consumed, nl' whieh,
of course, Ihc agent cunic in for a goodly share, lu fuel, the tour seems tu
bava beeu, from first to iusi, one greut
guzzle There was moderation neither
iu driukiug uor eating, und the oppor
tuuities for Mr. Dickens enjsa/iug u
good beulth giving sleep would seem
to have been few.   He was reduced at
(Continued ui) ptgt S, oal. 8).
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Eight Per Cent,
No good security turned down
Phone 24. P.O. Boi 1820
Lynn Valley Day
1912 Eminently
(Continued frpm page 1)
Job Printing at the Express
Tavist B/ps. pf Vjucpuvpr, arranged
through bis agouti, ibis J. P. Crawfprd
Ou. of Lynn Valley, to give tbe district pf Nprtb Vancouver twelve acres
of land fronting on Lynn llreok, inelud-
ipg tbp upper a|)d lower eaiiyuua of tbp
Lyuu. Thruugh the keen foresight of
lbe reove uml councillors pf tbp <l|si. let
p( Nprtb Vapcppvpr ,tbls pruporty baa
beeu added tp by tbp purchase of tou
acres pf properly tbat for beauty and
grandeur is unsurpassed pn tbe Nortli
Hhore of Hurrard Iplet. Wimling
walks, rustic seats, benches and tables,
i-iiny niiiii,.'i ami uatural beauty spots
abuuud. Again we say all honor lo
MeTavisb Bros, apd we Huml. them
from tbe bottom of our hearts,"
Bo much fur the park, wbicb is really
worth a great deal more, but space
will uut permit. Tbe second newly-
opened attraction is the suspension
bridge over tbu lowor canyon. This
idea, which has beeu ao well ami pa
peditiously carried out, originated iu
tliu mind of Mr. J. P. Crawford, To
him tho thanks of the district arc also
due, siuce be han provided au interest-
iug means wheroby residents and tourists cuu ol,nun a bitbertu unobtainable
view of a cauyou wbicb is a canyon of
Tbe dedication to tbe puldic uf those
twu muuicipal assets tuuk place uuder
the must favorable weather couditious.
The clerk,uf tbe clemeuts, having been
informed by Mr. Crawford of what wun
going to happen ou Hatunlay, turned
tho sunshine tap full on and by so
doiug contributed very largely tu tbt
day's success. Tbe proceedings were
dignified by lbe presence of tbe Hixtli
I'h'I'I l(ompany (,'nuudiau Engineers,
which uuder Ihc command of Lioul.
t'osgrove, Lieut, Robertson and Lieut.-
Hurgeou J. J. Thomson constituted
' guard of honor, while Commissioner J,
| II. Knglisb bad secured for tbe oc
sion a most picturesque accumululion
of Hoy Smuts. It is uow au acknow
] lodged fact tbat tbe disciples of 11. :■
0. Badou Howell lum- tbe lustiest lungs
of tbe century. Tbeir cheering,"is re
juveuttiug at all limes, tbeir "tiger'
Ibo very besl tbing yoo ever heard
The Kliul.i shirt of tho Boy Hcout is a
splash of color which uever seems ou
of harmony with its surroundings, and
on Halurday thc attendance of these
mcrrie   disciplin' i   yoongslers   was   a
North Vancouver City
Price List is now ready for Subdivision of
BLOCK 11 A,  - D. L. 550
on Queensbury Avenue car line
Si/e of lols 50 fl. by 121 ft. all cleared
The North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
Nortb Vancouver Agents for
Phone Seymour 6266 ,
bpppy feature pf tin tfitltlh Tbo
musicians pf tbo city baud, ispifer Mr.
Ji Ward, were cnicopcpd in lbs par|i
band staud, and discoursed tbp live-
ilftt pf Ilraim, heralding fbe advent
qf tbo Epgineori wjth au appropriate
march. The men pf lbe fith arrived in
time fpr the first eercmouy, marching
iu siugle flip from tbp par terminus to
tbe scone of tbe proceedings. Tbeir
deportment aud general efficiency was
cummonted upon by lbe speakers of
tbe day and warmly applauded by tbo
At tbree o'clock fbe reeve formally
declared tlte park open fp tbp public.
Intrndiieed by lbe president, Mr. .lohn
if. Duval, wbo touched ipfprcstingly
uu the history and diameter of lhe
park, lleeve May spoke uf lbe progress
of civilisation and remiuded bis bearers that comparatively a little lime
ago the scene of tlioso coremouies was
troilileu unly by the feot of Indians in
pursuit of game, Tbe speaker ulludod
in superlatives to tbe preseut beauty
nf tbe scene, culling it "uue mure beautiful Imi, added lo Ibe district's chain
of prosperous possessions." Turning
to the Field Kngineer* and iioy Hcouls,
the lleeve thanked them for their at
tendance uud congratulated tliein on
their smart uppearauce and etHcicucy.
lie alsu iinini,e,I Messrs. McTavisb, lbc
donors of the purk, in the name of
the eouueil, thc people Ibey represent
cd and committees iu charge of the
day's proceedings.
The Hon. P. L. Carter Cottou, mem
ber fur the Kiclnuoud Hiding in the
legislative assembly, declared thut while
the park was certain to be. appreciated
to the full by the people today, its
prcscucc would he doubly apprceiutcd
fifty, sixty or a buudrcd years' time,
when there would be a dense population on the North Hbore. The member
also complimented tbe guard of honor
and the Buy Scouta ou tboir splendid
turn oul, statiug that amoug tbe boys
there were doubtless sonic wbo would
luler take the places of Ibe men of to
day aud carry ou the 'administrative
work which had been so well done by
the councils of the city and ilistricl,
Tbe speaker referred to other old timers, wbo, like himself, euuld recall lhe
time, twenty-five years ago, wheu
Moodyville was thc ouly section of Ihe
North Sliiin- populated by whites
Since tbcu a very great deal of good
work had becu done, and while much
criticism hud been hurled ut the men
at lhe head of ufTuirn, those men had
the right ou the whole to feel proud
of what Ihey had done for Ibe people
here. In all liritish Columbia, the member stated, there could nol be louiul
two mnn i, i|> ul ili, , whieh hud done as
ininli for their people as these two
municipalities of tbe North Shore. Uc
wiibed both the city and district every
future prosperity.
Mayor McNeish emphasised the
point that the purk was not being de
dicated to the municipality only but
lu ull iniini,in,i He also commended
tbe local corps and Ihe Boy Hcouts
adding that he was a "boy" bim
self aud wished lo remain su us long
as possible. The Mayor agreed wilh
Ihe previous speaker that much crl
ticisin had been directed against Ibuse
at tbe head of affairs, lie assured his
bearers that when they elected a body
of men Ihey were nol lo believe lhal
those men were tbeir enemies. They
were really trying their best and ut
lbe sume time discovering thut civic
administration was uo bed of roses.
A ;-, iu iui adjournment wus then
made lo tlte suspension bridge, where a
similar ceremony look place. Upon the
bridge being dociared open, detachment*
of Ihc public were allowed to cross,
returning in euch instance delighted
with the view of the canyon ohtuiuuldc
A resumption of the sports wus then
the order of the day- sports, which,
since 1(1 o'clock iu tbe luuriiing nud
been nolable for many worthy contests
and a general slaiidanl of excellence.
Those not participating looked ou iu
lereetodly, or wandered around Ihc park
or |.un..in.'■■ i tbe refreshment lablcs,
or perched themselves ou tbe rustic
swings in fact, did just exactly wbat
Ihey pleased, fur there were uo "Keep
(Ilf Ibe 'im"'" signs or auy other ul
Ira civilized restrictions of tbe kind.
II waa a big merry orderly cutbusiat
tic crowd wbicb eventually sallied to
Ibo Jnstituto Hall wbere Ibo prizes won
during tbe day were distributed by
lbc lleeve, and where later au entirely
successful dance tuok place aa a grand
finale to the proceedings.
Tbe following is a list of the imii
vidua! workers upon wbuso sbuuldors
fell tbo burden of tbo day's arrange
l'reaidont, John M, Duval; Vicente-
sident, I. M. Fromme; secrotary, yUJ.
Bartlett; treasuror, J, Oould; Chtirpcn
uf committees—Finance, i. Solid;
sports, I, P. Crawford; Boy StoVfi,
J. II. English; inuiic, 1. It Knglisli
tnd I, P. Crawford; dance, K. V 8tu-
art; decoration, B. L. Thompson; prizes,
ti. F. 3. Bllkeij programme, E. ti.
{Carle; advrltiiing, W. Uwler; mailer
of coremonlc)\8. Allman; transports
tiou, A. V. CraWoTdt^w/reihmeats,
Mri. Fromme, Mri. Westover tnd Mrs.
Adams; judges; Bevt. Dr. Fea, W. I.
elephant, A. Macaulay, Norman
Thompson and Mr. 3. M. Fromme
(List o| prize winners will bt found
on page 7.)
The trawfair Bwdr
of Commerce
Capital $15,000,001   Rest $12,500,000
-mmnmn. -~»iM»»»«»lMM<««M»W»tfp«»-«e»*Mi'   '
Norft VlW")u?er Branch Now Locsttod at the
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Interest it allowed an all deposits of $1 and upwards.
I A. FOWTBB         Manager.
We ar. showing au excellent lint of Sterling Silver tnd Pitted Ware,
nothing but the highest grade of Ooodt.
Our low expenses enable us to mark our prices much bolow thoso who
pay high rents.   A comparison will pruvo this to you.  See our windows.
The Store of Quality
and Low Prices.
's Greatest
(Continued from Page 2)
Dickens wus estranged from his wife,
who, although au excolloul woman,
was unsympathetic and look littlo or
uo inlerest iu bis great work. She
presented him. with many sous ami
daughters, few of whom are uow alive.
The children appear to have sided with
their father, uiul bis wife's sister, Miss
Uiiiiilii, lived in the hoosc after the
cstruugemcut und brought up the chil
dreu. Siducy Dickens always spoke
affectionately ol his mint
Nunc of Dickeus' children inherited
their father's genius, churles Dickeus,
Ihc eldest suu, tried his huml ut r III
iug "All Ibe Yeur Hound," s publication founded by his father, under
whose management a gleut circulation
was eujuyed, but thc attempt wus a
failure, lie did write u guide book of
Loudon whicii was highly commended,
but lu the midst of Ibis work he died
somewhul suddenly. Fred Dickens, the
second sou, joined the Cauadian Norlh
wesl Mounted Police uml wus made u
sergeuiil lu the Northwest itelicllioii
he was iu couiinand ul Fori 1'itt, uu
Ihc North Saskatchewan. He suircud
I lhe fori or abandoned il. Two ol
Ins troopers were raptured hy tbe lu
iiiu,. unil tortured lone being nailed
lo u cross) belore being killed. Th
action ended Dickens' military career
be lefl Ihc Territories ami wenl to
''hnago, where he died.
I returned to Victoria in .November,
I-iii, liaviug been absent sis months.
Shortly ufler my return I mel Sidney
Dickeus, During my absence he bad
been promoted to I.e u full lieutenant,
Dolby mentions Ibis circumstance iu
his book, and, of course, the inevitable
champagne and 11. li 6., accompanied
by u huge supper of iudigcstildcs, had
lo be brought out lo celebrate the
event,. Small wonder that Dickeus died
of apoplexy I
There wus something irregular ubout
the promotion. I dou't know what il
was, but Ibere was dissalisfucliou ex
pressed on board lbe ship.
"I'd rather be a sou of Charles
Dickens," remarked one of Ihc Cap
tains, "than thc heir of lbc Duke of
Westminster wbeu promotions arc in
the air."
I met Sidney Diukcus on many occasions. Hear Admiral Hastings was then
iu ii,nni,niui ul tbis staliou, Ilis lag
ship was tbe Zealous, one of lbc early
type of armored cruisers, long since
obsolete. Admiral Hastings was ouo uf
tbe most, genial and kindly gentlemen
it bas ever been my good furtuno lu
meet. Mrs. Hastings, woo was much
younger lhan ber buaband, wat distinguished fur ber beauty aud amiability.
Tboy occupied JJazlehurst, t spaclou*
residence  facing  K«i|inmlill   Inirbnr, ninl
within a stone's throw of lbc flagship
aa sbe lay at anchor. Tbore was much
talk ol a Fenian invasion iu 1868 and
1869, aud tbe Admiral was so much im
pressed by tbe information that appear
ed from time tu time in tbe lueal papers that be besitttod to leave Ksipiiiu
»lt lest io bis absence tbe Fenians
shuuld seise tbe naval atores asd reduce
Victoria. There was nover auy real
cause for alarm, but timet were dull,
tbe community wai small, aod the
money expemjtjf by tin ships oa tbo
station waa ef considerable importance
to merchants and uthcrs engaged iu
business, so tlie newspapers every tittle
while would chroncile tho presence iu
Victoria uf a uumber of low brewed
strangers, evidently Fenians bent Ull
mischief. These reports kept tbe Ad
mirol constantly ou thc alert, and tbe
flagship, wilh Iwo other ships, remain
ci at anchor for a year and u half ut
Ksquiinull harbor.
There was very liltle live slock
raised in Ibe province iu 1868, ami the
meal and vegetable supply for llic
uavy uu tbe Ksquiuult slatiun was ob
laincd from Washington Territory, The
Columbian, then as now, was published
ut New Wi in,iu i,i It was edited
by lhat clever man, Hon. .lohn Kobsou,
who printed several editorials which
reflected severely upon Admiral liasl
ings fur drawing his supplies from
American sources instead of from the
Mainland of liritish Columbia, Thu
Admiral, who wus omluly seusitivc un
der lbc attacks-for thc contract liud
beeu awarded during the time of bis
predecessor-suggested to Sidney Dick
ns lhat he shoold wrile a series of
articles signed "Vindicator" iu bis
defense, which articles 1 agreed to print
u Ihe Colonial Kveryoue anticipated
a brilliant onslaught from thc sou of
thc greatest Knglisb writer. He brought
Ibo copy of Iho firsl article to my resi
deuce in Ihe evening und read it over.
It was heavy, doll and labored. No
good pm ii I., were made, and Ibe Col
umbiuti, in reply, ripped tbe arguments
to pieces uud Muttered lbe fragments
all uver lbe controversial field. After
a second letter Dickons relircd from
Ibe contest.
lu appearance Sidney Dickeus was
ralber insignificant. He was sborl
and spare, bul wbal bu lacked in
height aud bulk he made up in dignity
afler his promotion. He was no greal
liiii-i inuii, but he was very fond of nd
iug oul wiih Ihc ladies. Ou horseback,
when clad in smalls and buolod and
spurred, he resembled a groom mon-
Iban a gentleman. Un uhe uceatlon
he convoyed three uf tbe fair srs In
Ihc neighborhood of Millstrcam. Tbore
were few settlers and no roada and the
trails were narrow aud indistinct. The
parly took no food witb tbem aiul liy
slrangc mishap lusl Ibe trail. Tbey
floundered in tbe wuods until dark
uess set in, wbeu4they abandoned their
burses aud tried to regain tbe trail.
Tbeir absence alarmed Ibeir friends,
and at ten o'clock a search parly was
organized, lanterns were procured, and
tho searchers beat tbe butb until lbc
gray uf tbe morning, wbon they came
upon Dickeus and two of bii fair com
pniiii.n.'i iltting bonealb the abadow of
t fallen tree and chilled lu Ibe bone
Tbe other lady in her fright bad wan
dcred farther away and was uot found
till daylight. She wai in an awful
plight, with 'lnilie« partly torn off
from contact with brambles, aud her
shoos worn out. Witb rare and attention sbe soon recovered hud was uouo
the worse for tbe adventure. All id
mittcd tbat Dickens showed great gal
lantry, but in ipite of bis bravery ho
wat not tgtln selected lo pilot ltdies
through a pithless forest. He left tbe
station 1(71. Tbree years later hi
died at Adeu while un bis way home
from India, invalided died witb Ihr
flowers of- youlh and opportunity bios
loming about him in ib.t May o/ hii
«' mmnnnnmnmmmmm
mm   ,.,,»WT188 qOLDMBU
Publiibid IJMndajKad Fridays by Nortb Short Prttt, m\t*A.
Battt af fluptorlptloai-flM year, IIM. Bi* monthi, We. ■ Thmn montbi, ids,
United Statu and Foreign, (t.OO ptr ytar,
Advirtiilug Battt WUI Bt Quutid 411 Application.
Tka Expreaa is devoted to tbt iuterosts of tpe Nortb Shore of llurranl Inlet
exclusively. It eonttltutss an advertising medium of exceptieuil vtlut for
mailing is a thorough aud tffiativt manner tba population of Nortb Vancouver
Oity and District. Every effort it madt to give advertisers tbt most satisfactory
Ali cbangu In contrtet tdv.rtisements ibould be iu tht printin' bands not
later than 111 a. m. Monday and 6 p. ni. Wednesday to eusure iuserliou iu tho
folluwiug Imui.
North Viucuuvir, B. 0..
.September  17,   mi
Tbu siinultaneuus appeal uf the Vancouver Shipmasters' Association ami
tho Canadian I'aciUc Ilailway Company
tp tho Board of Bailway Commission-
ers against the decision handed duwu
by ilml board during tho sossious .ro
, contly held iu ( Vaueouver, approving
a 'span twu lum.lied feel in width for
the bridge to be built'at Secuud Nar
rows by Burrard Inlet Tunnel and
Undue Company, presents at uny rate
one feature which will prove uf oa
peciul interest to Ibe public uf lhe
North Shore and likewise to tbe thou
sands of nou resident property owners
who are desifous of seeing the bridge
under eunslruclion without further delay, namely thai tbis is tbe first Instance iu which the 0, 1', K. has openly
and actively taken auy part iu th.
prolonged ;i(i iin 11 on and negotiations
whicii have lieen in progress relative
tu a bridge at Second Narrows.
tnbll not yet been made clear vvli
ther In Hie present instance there have
been two separule appeals whieh ure
merely coincident or whether there
has been a joint uppeal upon tbo purt
of the Shipmasters'''"Association and
the C. P. it. Wuatever may be tbe precise fact in this respect, there have
long been those who were of llle opiil
ion tli.li the obstructive tactics eon
litiuniisly adopted by the Vancouver
Shipmasters', Association relating to
the bridge were but the disguised op
orations of tbe 0. I'. ii. ami this latest
.1. ..I.tlii'ni will d"ol.Hi.-, serve tu
confirm that opinion to u considerable
degree and to gain for it credence
among numbers of those who have hi
ii.. ii. been disinclined to credit the
C. I I, with any altitude other tI.T.i,
an indifferent one, as lo the construe
lion of a bridge across llurranl Inlet
at Second Narrows.
lu the light of this latest develop-
ineiil Ihc opposition to Ihc bridge pro
ject assumes a different aspect from
Ihul which it has hitherto presented.
The fad thai in one form or another
persistent opposition to the bridge has
emanated from certain sources lias not
bv uti) moans been lost upon thc friends
uiid the promoters of thc project, but
upon .those previous occasions upon
which lhat opposition has manifested
ilself it hus arisen presumably from
sources which were not credited wilh
uuv experience iu or practical knowledge uf bridge building and which
were, therefore, in all proljehilily not
aware of the seriousness of the situs
lion which would be created relative
lo the bridge, hud Ihc ideas advanced
by them guiiicd Ihe ascendancy.
This latest  appeal, however, places
Ihis opposition in an entirely different
light.   There is no corporation*in ex
istence which is better versed in ali
mutters pertaining to bridge building      Klsowbere in this issue will be noted
Ihun Ibe C. I'. It.   There is the best   uu interview with llle local coal dealers
reason   to   conclude   that   the   action   in which is icvcalcd a must unsutisfuc
whieh has been taken by this company  tory  cuuditiuu  of  affairs  with   refer
lias been taken with an intimate know , ence to the procuring of a sufficient
ledge uf Hie necessary effect  and of supply   of   coal   for   fhe   approaching
lbc   probable   outcome   which   woulH   winter.   If local dealers are eipcriem
follow if their appeal proved success    ing extreme difficulty thus curly in Ih
ful.   The engineers of Ihcf. I'. It. are   season in procuring   even a minimum
uul  ignorant of the difficulties which   supply uf coal and that ou condition
would mt. I,.i Ihe endeavor lo design   tucb thtt a considerable advance In Ih
and in construct a bridge at Second  pm. is Inevitable, Ihc situation is cei
Narrows with a draw span 1150 feet in. laml v of a most ominoos character, in
width thut would be suitable and safe   view of tbe winter whieb lie* ilium1
in view of the heavy railway and otner
above—develops fettures not previous
ly appareut as a result of which il
could not bo considered surprising if an
im Illinium to .'iiiiiliiiic it to sinister
motives gainod more or less ready ac
ceptance or if it were construed, as an
indication uf a distinctly uufrieudly
attitude toward tho .lortli Shure upun
the part uf that greal railway corpora-
As for the probable result of the
appeal whieh has been made, lliere are
excellent reasons for tbo hope that no
change in the actiou of .the Hoard of
Ilailway Commissioners will result.
The fact has been clearly establish
oil ami is now definitely understood in
olliciul circles, that Hurrard Inlet Tun
nel and Hridge Company is a munieipal
ly owned and controlled corporation
and lliut the bridge will be built uut
for purposes of private.gain but alio
I'uinui fur the public convenience.
I ium the occasion of the visit to
West Vancuuver duriug bis recent t ri I
through the wesl, tbe Minister of Rail
ways declared iu unequivocal terms
tbat in all matters -requiring depart
mental aeliun and in which the inter
ests of the people as such and Ihe in
teresls of tbe Hallway Corporations
were at variance it wuubl be the policy
of Ihe governmeut to protect the in
lerests of the people.
Those who have clouely followed
the record of the Hoard of Bailway
Commissioners cannot bul huve noted
the fact that tbe attitude designated
by thc Minister of liailways denotes
likewise llie accepted policy of the
Again, although lhe ruling of Ihe
Hoard called for only one opening of
SOU feet in the bridge, the latest re
purls are tu the effect thai the engin
ecrs uf Burrard Tunnel and Bridge
Company have decided upon
span measuring over four hundred feet
in length (the longest swing span iu
the world) and giving two openings
(one on cither side of lhe centre pier)
each L'Di) feet wide. This provision
presents advantages which may teas
mini,Iv he considered as fully offsetting
the addition of flfly feet to the druw
wilh hot a single opening.
Finally the Hoard of Ilailway Com
ine inuii- have already given iheir
uppruvul to a '.'UD foot span. I Huil
lo secure a reversal of the decision*
of the Hoard ouce given Iiirougli re
consideration have thus far proven
notably successful.
There is, therefore, excellent ground
lo conclude iu viow wi ull the circum
stance* uf the ease lhat the present
attempt tu secure an amendment rul
iug adverse to the public interests as
represented by Hurrard lulet Tunnel
and Hniu, Cuinpany will likewise fail.
humiliating treatment witb respect to
opt pf the necessities of life uml comfort.
Tt milters little Whether the scar
eity of eual iu the present iiittan.ee i»
duo to tlio Vancouver iieitii'i'u iff to
the management of tlw mines, tbe effect locally is tbo same, ?t is bigb
time that soipo means shall bo found
of delivering tbu Nortb ;;|""''' frum
this species of commercial mil racism to
which the community is subjected at
tho present time uml that the right of
lucul denier." bu viudii-utuii to purchase
thu supply of coal required for locul
ciiininnipi iun direct frum tlie mine owners, without asking permission from
and without paying toll to, the Vaueouver ilculors ur any uther purty ur
parties ou earth.
As matters stand, the situation is
intolerable ami presents features which
shuuld uut be allowed tu exist in any
country iu which duo regard is lunl for
the ,n,limn v rights ' of citizenship.
Prompt and energetic actiuu upon the
part of lbe municipal councils uml
ulher public bodies of the North Shore
would doubtless accomplish a great
ilcu! Inward selling Ihis matter right,
befuru the rigors uf winter are wilh
us and before the locul public arc
subjected lo uny further inconvenience
or loss wilh respect thereto.
NOBTH   I »M III ll.ll
Auatf   I buccli    (ujiiici    Twelfth
tt. Audrcc.'. l'rcali)lrrlan Church,
Kellh Hoad—Services: Morning, 11:00;
evening, 7:30. Adult Bible Cluss, 8:80.
Sunday School, 8:80. 7. P. 8. C. E., Tuesday, at 8 p. m. Prayer Meeting, Wed-
iieiiil.ij, at 8 p. m. Choir Practice.
Friday, at 8 p. in Hev. Ronald Macleod,
Mtthotlat Church—Corner   of 'Sixth
and SI. iii mi:.' Sunday Service*, 11:00
a. in. and 7:30 p.m. Sunday Heliool and
Bible Class, 8:30 p.m. Senior League.
Monday, 8 p. in. Prayer and Praise
Bervlce. Wednesday, S |) in. Junior
League, i'lun ados afternoon at 3:30
Pastor, W. C. Sclllllcher.
and B.iuloyard. Sunday Services
Morning Frkyer, 11 uin; Sunday
School 8:30 p.m.; Kvonlnir Pruyer, 7:80
p.m. Huly Communion, flrat and third
Sunday'! In month, at 11 am; aecond
Sunday In month. 8 a. m. lluv Samuel
Fea, M. A    Vicar.
Salvation   Aru,)     I.,iiulil.,1,       Acini,
Sunduy services, 11:00 a.m. 3 p.m uml
7:16 p.m. Tuesday, I p. ni ; Tniiriday,
I p.m. Chlldren'e Service, Wednesday,
I p.m.
Uapll.l Chureh-Twelfth and St
Oeorge. Servicea at II a.m. and 7:31,
p. in Sunday 8chool and Bible Class
at 8:30 p.m. Prayer und Praia. Service.
Wednesday al 8 p. in. Pualor, Kev A
J. Proaaer, Twelfth and St. Oeorge.
SI.  Jnbu   Ike   Kv.agcllat,   I'llghlll   all I
Tl.li i... iiih Holy Communion, 8 u m
Morning Prayer, 11 a.m. ileum
Prayer, 7:30 p.m On the Ural Sundai
In the month there will be u eccoii.l
"I'ii    of   the   Holy   Communlun
uill., in.   Hector, Kev. Hugh Hooper
uv ui|i       Nl.   I'olmuuil'a  t alkollc  I buret.  Sllllll
and Muhon Avenue Sunduy-High
Mass und Sermon. 10 a.m. Sundae
School, 8:30 p.m. Itoaury und Benediction, 7:30 p.m. Friday-Low Mass.
8 u in l'asloi. llev. j. A. Bcdurd
0. M I.
Imiinu i uin.,11,   I kurek al SI. Paul's.
Mass, 7:30 a.m. Sundays.   Puslur, ftev
E.   I'ell.,-. i„.   O M. I.
SI. Tkuniai -8 a m., every Hnndai
excepl flril Sunday In month 8:30
nmi Sunday In month. II u m.
Matins, I.linn) and Sermon, aecond und
fourth Sunduy Holy Communlun and
Sermon, Ural and third Sundays. Vlcur,
Kev, T. E. Rowe.
I'rc.h) I trlaa Church --Sundays, tl
in uud 7:10 ii in Sunday School uml
Bible Claaa, 2:30 p m. Teachers' Train
Ing i'Una Wednesday. 7:30. Pruyer
Meeting, Wednesduy, 8 p m Boys-
Club, Tliuraday, 7:30 p in Choir Prac-
Ilea, |,'i Id.ii, I p. in. R. Vun Miinalit.
M A., pallor
Prealiilerl.a i'kurek   Worahip, Sut,
duys,   ti    ,, in   und   7' p m     Sunduy
10,000 cord) Rf 487 (18 wood far quick
Nd*. Prlc. par odd cords, (11.76. Special quotations for larger quantities.
Rut Wuod, U mm, MM-1* ta<*ss
«•*>. C. 0. D.
Office and Yard—Mih and Umdale
Phon. 190.    P,0. Box 2432.
Lodgo Western Boat, No. 208
Muetiugs uf tbis Iqdge are beld iu
tlie Kuigbts pf Pythias llall, eorner uf
Cbi'sli'rlielil avenue ami Fourth street,
ou the lirst and third Fridays iu uach
monlli, at 8 o'clock p. in.
Communications ami applicationa for
membership to bo addressed to Harold
Lees, secretary, P. O. bos 8811.  Hi . lu
In all Countries. Aik (or our Inventor'! Adviser. Marlon t Marlon, III
University Strset, corner Ht. Catherine
Slreet, Montreal, Cunada, and Waah-
Ington, D. C, U. B A,
Vancouver Buiineu Directory
SPROTT-SHAW Bmioeii College
336 Hastings St. W.
Canada'.  Groataal  Wasted   School
11. J. Spruit, B.A., - -Manage!
Yorkshire Guarantee & Securities
Corporation, Limited
440 Seymour Streel
R. Kerr Houlgate - - - Mauagti
linlli, which is destined to develop over
an)' bridge that would span Horrard In
lei at flic point named The railway
company will be credited by Ihc in
lerested public With full knowledge of
, Ibe flet that a demand for sucb a
span would necessitate tbe construe
tiuu of I very eipemive type of drawbridge if indeed it did not result in
tbe conclusion thtt 1 bigb level bridge
instead uf t draw bridge vai the only
type of structure tbat could be built
to meet sucb, demands. Furtber, it ia
not to be eipected that that portion of
tbe public lhal is iulerested iu Ihe
construction of llie bridge wili fur a
moment suppose that the C. P. ti. it
not aware tbat Ihc greatly increased
eust which would be involved in Ihe
building of Ibis Ini i.r typo «of bridge
wuuld render altogether inelfectlv. all
thtt bat tbut far been accompliibed
tud would cause an iudrfluite postpone
ment—probably lil.nding over a term
of yeara—of tb. actual commencement
of bridge construction.
Emanating from 1 Well informed
source tucb ti tbe C. V. P., tin oppoil
tiou to the bridge projtct—at ittttd
ilialclv ahead Tills is a mailer which
bas been the subject of discussion on
the 11,mr ni Ihe House at Victoria and
concerning which lhe gov eminent look
pei ml tetiou two yells tgo in order
to ensure a reliable ami adequate coal
■upply lor tbe Nurlh Shore. Nolwitb
standing this fact tbere appears lo be
a persistent tendency upou the pari of
those in control of tbe coal supply to
disregard tbe needs of tbe local market.
A most unfortonale fcatorc of lbc
situatiuu exists in tbe fact that local
dealers are nut privileged tu purchase
tlieir supply direct from tbe mines, bot
inning to an agreement entered inlo
some years ago) tbo total supply for
llurranl Inlet is monopolized by the
Vancouver dealers aud local Iratereaa
arc able bo secure uuly sueb iliipiiu4f»
as ll may suit tbe convenience of the
Vancouvtr dealer- to permit. TEe're
lull ii, thtt tl tbe illgbtcit sign of
1 possible shortage in the supply fur
Vancouver, the cltmpt arc Immediately
applied and the Nortb Sbure il threatened wilb a fuel famine. It is nothing
abort of scandalous tbat a community
numbering approximately ten tbuusaud
people  ahould  b.  subjected  to   tbit
School. 3:18 |i m,
■■'. "iu .
Paalor, Itev. A  Mae
dais, 1) a 11;
School. 8116
I'kurek -Worahip     Hun-
und   , uu p. m.    Sunduv
p. m.    Paalor,   llev.   C
Vallr,      M..I111 ■
urul'a,   I 1
Sunday School 210 p in  liven-
ai. ci.
If a.m
long 7 80 p.m.   Holy Communion accoml
Sunduy In month ut 11.00 inn    Normal
J   Tho n|,son In chain,
Iu   tb.  MatUr  of  Th.   LeonardSale
Company, Assigned
Tbe creditors having giveu imperative
instructions to collect til outslandiug
accounts, parties indebted to the above
"Tbo Leonard Sale Company," tre re
qoestcd to clll lud settle their iudebted
uess forthwith. Tbii cm be done by
either ctlllng il the itore, UU Lonidale
Aveuue, Norlb Viucouver, lo tbe man
in charge, or it the ollice of Wilson k
Petty, Assignees, 336 Hustings Street
West, Vtncouver.
t.f. Auignee.
vin tt via-
»mit IttiaU.    SLtTf
All North Vancouvar people tai tl
I'lihei Flick Block or Uaalings St.,
upposit. tb. new post ulliee. l.couiuil
sells bis tw by th. pound.
'" *
Cleanly call and see them
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
Begirding tho salo of the 33 lots which were the site of the old Seymour
Mill on Sutherland Avenue.
For a payment of $2011 cash and $10 pei mouth you bave a
chance of valuable residence I0U1, close to tlie Uraud Boulevard at a
very low price.
We have a bio lor s.ile ton lots iu Block "O" of Diatrict Lot vub
ou St. Qeorge's Bond wbere tlio Seymour factory Is located at moderate
prices and ou easy terms of payment.
All these lols are cleared and ready for occupation.
The Burrard Development Company Limited.
Assignees of the Seymour Lumber Oo., Ltd.
17 Lonsdale Avenue
North Vancouver
Pboue 37
Job Printing at the "Express"
A Double Ender
50x 175 ft. on two graded roads, 17th St. and Yorkshire
Crescent, close to Fell .Ave. carline, and all cleared and
nearly level.   A Snap at $2,000, Q'»-'-thifd cash, bal, 6 and 12 months
Offlco Phoue 173.
Bcsldcuce Pbouo 3911
P. o. Box m.u
O, M SLOAN, Hausgcr.
Unequalled Resort for Holiday, long or short.
Family Rooms en suite wilh special rates.
————— ^   .
Modern appointments throughout, spacious grounds, high class service at moderate rates.
Easy trail to lop of Grouse Mountain, altitude 3,000 feet,
Whe» your 8av|pgs Account reaches » reasonable amount the Interest begins'
to tall.' Put W0fkma», who. bad a fow hundred dollan on ,lepo.it, said that
th.  Interest souuicil like resolving un e*tra week's pay each year.   They ill
bsd tjjiturt once.  Lose pp time in making your initial deposit.    One Dollar
.   -       niiiiin an account in
1836     THE BANK OF     190
British North America
78 Years In Busluosi.   Capital aud Bosorvo Over •7,600.000.'
h     Two Officei in North Vancouver, Corner of Lomdale Ave
and Eiplanade. Upper Lomdale Avenue, near 14th Street
Lynn Valley Note*
Electric Irons
10 Days' Froo Trial
Solves the Summer Ironing Problem
For IIIIL' we ure offering u "llolpoinl" of thu fi lb size, suitable fur
gtusral household use, for 84.50. This iron in similar In all "llotpoints"
cxci'pl Unit the upper surfuee in unpolished.     *
Second Street East, Norlb Vancouver, B. C.
Possesses ilic finest roof garden on tbe Pacific Coasl.
Band concert every Friday evening from 8 lo 10.
I lol and cold water in every room.
l.uropcan Plan only $1.00 a day up.
Weekly Kales $3.00 up.
Meal Tickets $5.00.
L KI'.DA, Proprietor
Mr. W. Edwards wj|l (oavo tomorrow ou a-prospoctiiig trip up the coast.
Mr. 8. L. Thompson reports sevorul
good sales of proporty during the past
few !!WS:
Mr. J W- Stubbing* ami Miss JJii-
dorwooil of Vancouver spout Suinluy
w|tb Mr. Sttiblilngs' sister on Peler
Fire halls numbers one ami two arc
completed. Mr. .1. Buiier bits charge
of No. 1 ami Mr. H. L, Thompson oi'
No. i.
At eight o'clock ioui;;hl a birth-
day party will bo held iu Knox church
niuiise. An excellent program lias been
urraugod uml u good time is assured to
Work has commcnci'd ou the enlarging   Of   tbo    Moll,n.il:.I    I'li] u,l,;i;','   on
i'oiii|ili'lion of which itev. K. I!, ami
Mrs. Fakely will mnl... their home
Business Gentlemen's Popular Luucb Place.
Breakfast 8.00 to 10.1)0. Luucb 111.00 to 2X0
High Tea 0.00 till 7.30.   Afternoon Teas.
Bbort Orders specially attcuded to.
Saturday hint l.yuu Valley Day was
•u grand sueeeaa uf which full parli
eulurs ure given iu other colummi of
this pupcr. A crowd aggregating three
thousand was present at the opening of
the park.
Mr. ami Mrs. I'. McArlhur will move
into their uew residence ou Centre
lloml next week which has a very at
tractive appcuruuee mul is a vuluuhle
unset ill Ihut vicinity. The building wui
constructed by J. W. linker.
City Council Business
In the absence of tbe cily clerk, Mr.
Austin Ilrown, the treasurer, Mr. 8.
Humphreys, lusl evening undertook lhe
clerical duties of lhe council, llie busi
uess of wbleh mainly centred around
the correspondence received during the
A goodly uumber of applications
were referred summarily to the llounl
of Works inn,,ng. i these being tin ap
plication from T. ,1. I.cnnlo for a side
walk on Utli street eust, one from It.
I). McAllister for u sidewalk past his
premises ou llth street west uiul n peli
lion from .lumes Bluke and two others
for u sidewalk on Chesterfield uvenue
in-!. A. Craven upplied fur a similar
improvement on Bewioke avenue.
A rcijucst from the city board ol
School Trustees for the installation of
uu un lump ou lhe corner of Mli r.ud
Ridgeway was handed over to He lire
and light committee.
Notification wun rceeiveil from the
i uu.!.hui Highway* Ajsociution of its
uiiiiuul convention ut Winnipeg on Del.
llth uml   I L'l Ij
Mr. M. 8. McDowell wrole asking
for the |,nnnum of Iii'i') for lowering
the premises used as u drug store sl
lite corner of 1st streel uud l.onsila'e
in accordance. t/|th, arrangements op-
loreil into by the council, The matter
was referreil tn the finance committee
m (lu'w'fVW:
Tlie clerk of the West Vancouve:
council intimated by letter that Reeve
Nelson and Oouu. Mathers bad been
delegated to attend the Ducal reception.
' Mr. !»• il- Sick wrote calling i.tteu
tiou tu the fact tbat although ft. Ith
road is 100 feet wiilo where, grudiiig
is boing dope on lower Keith roud to
oast of Lonsdule avenue tho grmling
only comprises about 70 feet; also when
frontage assessment was |n«(lo it wig
iinm' witli the understanding tbut tbo
street wpuld bo gradeil, to its full
width. Tho matter was placed into ens
tody of the Board of Works.
National Poem
Dominion of America,
Your future name we see,
To dominate Ihis land of fate,
Vour sovereign work will be.
So here's lo Domiuion,
The land of good uud free,
Thy sons so lull   thy daughters all,
The best Ihul earth can sec.
Miss Cunuda, your baby name,
We cherish us wc do our fume,
Hut childish iniiin.. musl go for aye.
Il,mun,in uf America.
So bore's to   Dominion.   .
The honest, true and free,
lu'i not-the Shylock uor the serf,
Be ever seen iu thee.
Dominion of America,
iJim11> I   she duu'I invite,
But sous sbe hus who never will
Allow her name lo blight,
Su here's lu Duminiun,
Thc Beaver and the Leaf,
Tin  I )u uiiiuil - fair, ihy Sous so rare,
Shall never come to grief.
I), fl. DICK.
Installation of New
Street Lights
Thut ilu in, and light committee uf
tbe city couucil is determined lu have
Nurlh Vancuuver u ell illuminated citv
was evidenced last"Veiling liy ilf
recommendations to tlif eouueil.
Aid. Irwiu, the chairman of Ihc
cummitlee, prefaced Ihc formal suh
mission of these recommendations with
uu assuruiico thai the commillee liud
tried to pluee lights where Ihey would
lie of the greatest service lo lhe public,
lie did nol think lhat it could lie jusl
ly suid tbtl tbe committee had not iu
this mailer, been liberal and ul Ihc
sume time discriminating.
Tho list which was uppruved by tlie
council recommended tbut lights he
placed iu the following locations: Ou
SI.  David's tvenue between Crescent
autl Abler streets; on 8ml street between Lonsdule uvenue and St. Qeorge's
ayenuej also at the following comers
stroej an4 EsFicke avouue,' 3f4
street ami Forbes avenue; 3rd street
.anil fyuoopsbury avenue; fltb street aud
fit. Andrew's avouue; 7tb street anil
U.ui,'onsluiry; sth stroet ami QueenB-
bury avenue; l"th street ami Bidgeway avenue; 14th street anil Lunsdule
tvenue; loth street aud Chesterfield
avenue; loili street ami ijn.'.-m inu-.v
avenue; iiiih street and Fell avenue;
Iiih street ami Moody arcny. j list
stroet and Sutherland ami Lynn Valley
roads; iliid stroet and Jones a venue;
27th street aud Tempo Heights near
Ridgeway avenue; 28tli street and Mahon uvenue.
Thu council oniored that instructions
bo issued tu tbe B. C Kiu, in. Nailwuy
Co. for the installation of ono stroet
arc lump at each of the above streot
intersections and thut light bo turned
on by November 1st.
In i mi u',|,'ii, u of the visit to the
Norlli Shore of Burrard Inlet of I|iB
Hoyul Highness the (lovcrnor-fleueral
of the Dominion of Canada, Ilis Wor
ship lbc Muyor uf the Olty uf Nurth
Vuncouver, has declared Friday, tbe
L'utb September, nil. to be a public
City  Clerk.
I hereby declare Friday, Sept. 2Ulh
a public null' holiday in the municiptlity of West Vuncouver commencing
at noon in honor of the visit of tbe
Duke and Duchess uf'Coiinuught to
the Nurlh Shore and trusl Ibe futepay
ers uill alleud ami help to welcome
Their Hoyul Highnesses.   -
(Signed) CHAS.   NKL80N,
To the citizens of lbc Norlb Shore
my restaurant is always open to in
spcetion, both in the kitchen and all
departments. I buy only Ihe freshes!
provisions uud most of my purchases
arc ou Ihis side us I believe iu pulruiii/
mg oor locul merchants, (live mc u
call as we huve Ihe lies) people eating
wilh us, Ho Ngan.
1'rop. Al  American Cafe.
Ruauce pf the creditors Trust Deeds
Act, the Burrard Sasb and Door Factory, Limited, did ou tbe 6tb day of
September, 1818, assign to Janice D.
Fraser, of North, yanptjuver, B. p.,
accountant for tbe benefit pf all ils
creditors, all its real and personal property, credits and effects whieb may be
seized or sold or attached under execution.
A meeting of creditors will bo l|eld
at the oflice of William Francis, room
3)1! Bower Building, llrunville Street,
Vancouver, B. 0., on Monday, tbo 83rd
day of September, 1612, at 4 p. Pi.
Dated tbe 10th day ot September,
Solicitors for tbe Assignee.
In pursuauce of an assignment dated
August -Uth, 1012, to tbe undersigned,
purties indebted to tbe W. II. Stouey
k Compuny are hereby notified to pay
the amounts due at tbo office of tbo assignee, Wilson & I'erry, suite 0, DeBeck
Building, .'I3G Hi" i in;', street weal, -
Vuncouver, B. tl., at the earliest possible moment, who will issuu receipts
for same.
Phono Seymour 4731.
This is lo certify thul my wife and
I have heen culiug at the American
Cafe under llie present maiiag'ii.eiit
and everything is respectable and the
fuod is uf lbc best.—A. Hopkius. 17 0
SYMII'll) or I'll II. MINIMI
Itni.l J,.»T|ii.\s
t.'oal mining rights of ths Dominion
III Mulillooa. .Saskatchewan and Alber-
u. the Yukon Territory, Ihe North-west
Territories and In a portion of Iho province of British Columbia: may be leased for u lorm of twenty-one yeart tt
an annual rental of tl an acre. Not
more than 2.ES0 acrea will be leaned to
one applicant.
Application tor a leuao muat be mude
by the applicant In person to the Agent
or Hub-Agent of the diitrict In which
Iho rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
bo described by sections, or legal tub-
dlvlslons of aectlons. and In unaurvey-
ed territory the tract applied for ahall
be staked out by the applicant lilm
ll." li application must be accompanied by a leo of IS which will be re-
fonded If the rights applied for are nol
available, but nol olherwlie A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable
output of iho mine ut thc rate of live
centa per ton
The peraon oporallng Die mine shall
furnish Ihe Agent wilb sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
11,j oily (hereon If Iho coal mining
rights are nol being operated, aucb returns should be furnished at least once
a year.
Thc leiac will Include Ihe coal mining
rights only, bul tbe lessee may bl permitted i' i oui,,,.".' whatever available
mn fm u t Ik Ms may be considered necessary for the working of the mine at
the rate if lie an acre.
For full Information application
shoold be made lo the secretary of tht
lu■)■ iiiino ni of ihe Interior, Ottawa, or
to any agent or Bob-Agent of Dominion
Deputy Minister ut tbi Interior
N. B—iJnnuthorlsed publication of
thla idverllieiiii-nl Will not be paid
for. ttl
TO    BKNT     Booms.    Kigiilh    uud   ll,
I.onsdulc. l'bono HI. I.f. —
TO BKNT    I roomed Ilul, sonic fur
iiilnrc   for  sale.  I'lione   III.'!  or  I',  0.
•IDU. 2011
BOOMS FOlt  KF.NT-Housekeeping
ami single.   L'H L'wl slreet- eaat.
I'Dll   HKNT   I nn I modern  hou
er, 6 minutes  lioin  forry    Bent   11,'
per month
ers I. Houll. I'lione Itt:
' I.f.
FOII   BKNT   Two  2 room   colluges.i    m  jj|.;N'I'   Furnished  house seven
wilb waler U and fil. A. Smith A t'o.   rou„„ ^,,1 \,a{\u |lot  u]).|  cold  wuler.
electric lighl throughout. Urge ground-
FOH HKNT- 2 room ihack, 110 per  wooJ Ull,j ,,ou| on lni, pKmiKt  Apply
monlli.   ApplyVMn.  Kuigbl,  7lb  tnd, „, .Ml svoml slreei weal, Norlh Van
Bidgeway aveuue, couver. ** 311"
FOB BKNT fi roomed Ilul near
ferry, i'lii per month. Apply Warhurn
Itt I'ianu Huuse. If
FOlt HKNT- .'Iroomed liouse. I l'l per
month, ulsu a furnished bed ruoin,
Apply A137, Kxprcss Offlce. Hll)
FOB BALK- A baby, buggy und go
curl.   410 Koilh /oud West. 1811
FOH BKNT   A bouse on loth slrect
and Boulevard; ulso shirk, suitable for
\t' couple.   Apply F. Boolh, plumber. 1711
FOH HKNT -Colonial Apartments, I
roomed suite, unfurnished. Inquire Dior
shou, 8lh strftl and SI. Andrew's. Phone
Kill. t.f.
FOB HKNT-Urgc roomy, well
lighted slorc with stable and Groomed
liul over store, corner Lynn Valley and
Centre Hoods. Apply Merchants Trust
* Trading Co. Ltd., 470 Granville St.
Vancouver, II. 0. If.
TO BKNT- -Furnished, 7 roomed bun
galow overlooking Lynn Vn'loy 1'ark
on .inline Hot water beating, mil ull
modern conveniences, electric light,
open llreplaco etc., elc. Furniture practically new. Bent $3li per month. Apply J. Oould, Crawford Boad, L/i.n
Valley, if
Plfti    SA1,K    Apples,    Attrarbtu,
Duchess, (iiaveuslein.  Keene,  Hilh SI
20 0
FOB BALK Counter aud office table,
etc. Apply Bos 2163, Norlb Vancouver
P. 0. 24 t
FOB BALK- Stove or furnace wood
12 inch lo 4 feel, Apply C. A. I.indsuy,
I'bouc Hill. 110
FOB SALB—Pears for preserving.
Keene, Hill) streel uud St. (leorge's
Avenue. 1711
FOB SAI.K - Fine lol, ISO feel ou 01b
lacing soulh, close to Sf. Andrew's,
for (fliol). Must huve money ijuirli. Hpx
IMP P. 0.   Norlb   Vancouver
Soup un Western Avonue, lot itxl'.l
tot short time only, HMD Cash. For
particular! apply Bos AJ30, Kxpress
ollice. 13 U
FOB SALK Or exchange for Norlh
Vancouver reul estate, an equity of
(1,6011 iu HI acres of firsl class farm
land in Surrey, Apply Box All:', Kx
press Office. Jt 0
A SNAP -To be sold cheap owing lo
sickness, Ibe owuer is willing to sac
riflro away below market Value two
valuable lots adjoining Mabon Park al
Ibo bottom of 14tb slreet west. For
further particulars apply Armby House,
ou Ibe spot. 300
WANTKD- I'lit'iiriii'ihcl woll lighted
room, central.   Apply  Box  AI3I,  Kx
L'l !l
WANTKD—An experienced waitress,
flood wages, Killiurn Cafe, Ksplunade
Kxpcricnccii unman wants washing
uml ironing at home. Apply AMI, Kx
press Office. 2D »
WANTKD A general servant. Apply
Mrs. Boberts, Lousdale Aveuue and
L'.'ilh street. ' 17 0
WANTKD -By young lady, rcspuu
slide positiou as cashier or bookkeep
er.     Apply AI33, Kxpress Office. 170
WANTKD—By competent general of
lice man, position iu Nortb Vancouver.
Apply Box A132, Kipress Office.  ICO
WANTKD-Liitings of Norlb Von
couvtr property, near ctr line (owneis
only). Also of 4 and 6 roomed bouses.
Apply BI23, Kxprcss Office. 17 0
FOB SAI.K Heslaurnnl business in
good running order. Apply I'll 1st
streel wesl. Fft
FOH HALF, Seven S. D. While Leg-
born hens, one Cockrtll, 810. Also ten
Hire month pulloU. 120 I7lb street
weit. '1*
F.OB SALK—10 acres wesl end of
I). L. tt'), Nurlh Vancouver crown
grunt. Title prior lo 1000. Apply Boi
A120, Kxprcss Office. J Ml
FOR SALK- Nice little bungalow,
Centre Boad, Lyuu Valley, ti/iUO, iui)
cash, balance 020 per month. I'bone
'», L, Thompson, III or M622. 20 9
FOB SALK-Wc arc'Instructed by
one of our clients lo dispose of two
automobile motor trucks, capacity one
ton. These we will sell on cash pay
monts or will trade ou good real cs
Ute properly. Apply Wilion & I'erry,
Assignees, 331 Hustings Street West,
Vancouver. 249
LOST—Lady'e gold watcb.   Beward.
Belurn to Kxpress Office. 170
: l.I;;.I' A solid gold coif button cu
I graved initials F. T. 8. Reward al Ihis
oiihc 100
FOB SALK-Or exchange, 1% acres
in D. I 866, one acre cleared, 15 min
nies from ctr line, 83760. One third
cash, 6, }i, ft at 7 per cent, or ex
change for bouie and lot in cily valued
al ♦.'i.iiiiii and balance to arrange. Own
tr, Jas. Caulllidd, Ocncral Delivery,
City. 240
FOUND-On Sunday nigbt on St.
i Andrew's Avenue, Wallet. Owner cm
| bave the time by calling on Oeorge
i Beid, 14IJ| street east from 8.30 to t
j ami giving full particulars and paying
for the ad.
■ - ■
WANTF.DJ Routo boys  lo  deliver
the Kipresi. Apply at tbli offlce.
Dressmaker wlsbcs to go out by the
day.   Terms: $2.00.   Apply Phono 88.
'  249
First class droisaiualng tnd Tailor
ing, 410 Koith rotd west.   Fit guar
sumo.. mi
For line watch ami jewelry work go
lo (leo. Somertou, the new jewelry store
ou 2nd slreei.
Uud Clearing and Grading Loti.
I'etu Audruis, fleuoral Contractor. So
wor connections a specialty, basement
and otber excavating work undorUken.
Kslinialcs free. 120 181b Street west,
North Vtncouver, poit offlce box 2303.
Short time lotus ou vacant or improved jiroperty. Star Loan I'uinpany,
614 Hastings, Vancouver. t.f.
MONaSy TO LOAN Mouey loaned
on diamonds, jewelry, furs. Star l.oau
C'o., Cil Hastings, Vancouver. If.
Lonsdule Bealty Co., 030 Lonidale-
Agreements diteounttd it current rates
Mouey waiting. Listing! solicited, I.f
BOOM   and   Board   (if   needed)   in
private family,   flood home for nice
girl.   Apply Box A122, Kxpress Office.
Miss Isabel M. Dann, Licentiate of
tbe Hi.;.nl Academy of Music, Loudon,
Kuglund. teacher of pianoforte, vialtt
Norlb Vtncouver every weok. Address
1102 li,'i,mni street, Vancouver. Pbone
0040L Scyfnour. 810
Orders for cabinet and picturo frame
making promptly executed. Furniture
and office fillings to auy design. Job
long work and repairs of til kinds
specially atlendcd to. Kstimates free.
J. K Hay lies, 11136 Lonsdale Avenuo,
Norlb Vancouvor, Pbone J,Hi.
Autboiized agent for Singer Bow
ing Machine Company In Norlb Van
couvcr. J. J. McAlcccc, Dry floods ami
Genii' Furnishings, corner Firsl und
Lonsdale Avenut. i '
B. O. livery and Board stables -
Light rigs tnd Itdiet' saddle bones
for hire. Stabling for horse*. Oto
era! delivery tnd beavy turning. 11.
Dumas, Ith itreot wait. Phone 847 t.f.
Wben seeding cotl or building inp
plies, cill uy pbono 488, Norlb Sboro
Coil li Supply Co, Kickhtmi wharf.
L. 8. Kalon, manager Note name and
plum,, number. t i
Furnished House to Rent
Tbree tfults, cartful tentnta, must be modem. Furnace, (replace, 2
or 8 bedrooms. Fairly oloM In. Apply Bot AIM, ExproM.
ft'       "
I'  ■
Capitai, Paid Up. , I ii,870,om
Reserve and Undivided Profits  8,«00,(KW
Total Asaets ,  44,000,000
IT la not In Ha power to puroiiasa
tbat the greatest value of money
Ilea Tbe feeling of Independence,
tnd of security agalmt the effaola ol
adverse fortune that u reserve fund
Rivet you, it Infinitely mors tallafyltiK
Itn  the   nuailng  gratification   which
you would obtain by apandlna; It.
Small niiiiiiiiiiii whlnh you Will I'm illy mlaa—depoilted regularly, will gradually, but aurely, accumulate to a aum
large enough In Inaure agalnat tho
effects of business reverses or loss uf
Aak to tee our Safety Deposit Boiaa
I), H, IIHAVHN, At«»l,
NorIN   Vuneuuvar .     '
llaad OIIU.
Three new blocks of lols have just been put on the
market.   They are situated one block from the Marine
Drive and three blocks from the sea, and measure 65x
122 feet to a lane,   The finest views of the Gulf of
Georgia can be had from these lots.   Crowds of people
have visited and bought at DUNDARAVE this
summer, and the universal verdict is that it cannot be
beaten as a residential district.
PRICES From $650 to $900
TERMS—A fifth cash and the balance over 2
years. Call us up and make an appointment to go oul
in our automobile and see the property.
121 Lonsdale Avenue and corner Marine Drive and
Marr Road, West Vancouver
Ciilltor Expressi
Dear Bir,—Wbilo leisurely perusing
a recent edition uf your papor 1 hup
|ii'in-il tu mui"' the detailed account;
of a rather spirited altercation that
transpired whilo our worthy solons of
local fame were in conclave assembled
on tbe Oth Inst, at the regular weekly
nitioling of the oity council. The bone
of contention seems to have been whether tho pruperty known as Bt. Paul's
school, which, by the way, is valued
nt ii lii'in.' iu the •. icittlty nf o ijuarter
uf ii niillloii dnllurs, should bo granted
i" i iiipiioii from taxation as per their
hiiiiilile petition or iilburwlsu. Well, as
lbe judge leuiarl.eil. III passing sen
leniio nn a casn whero a lloliruw ami
u son nf tlm 'in,'i,,1,1 lulu bad resorted
to primitive methods lu Bottling au ur
glillliViit with (tlsnstrmis results to both,
iniiili might bu said un bulb sidus,
llioiiuli the general concensus Of pub
lie opinion' wuuld be strongly against
• iniiuii," this privilege to an institution
wllll'll   ll.,,,,:'li   in|,i, nn,mnl   js    i< In,inn
and Humph , nm nul,I, (f) is Immensely
wealthy fur au institution of lhat ua
ture. On analysing the evidence given
iu I'liiinncliiiii with this case, sume
'.i.,uiin," fuels huve been revealed, I
refer In lhe pleas advuneeil by these
people In the uulilie us a reason for
their iniiuii in calling for Ibis measure
In be passed and the stratagems re
sorted In liy lhe same worthies in appealing In iho trrt'itt lumi of the public
which is i|uieli to respond to any worthy
call for u i i.n,,, as hus lieen proven
ou different occasions iu Ihc vicinity
during the lusl year. They have ad
vnn.ml Iho iiuiiii thai llio pupils al
tending this Institution ure orphans
but luler admitted thai unly some of
them could he classified as such. Tbey
have alsu admitted Ihul lhe parents
of Home of these pupils (who, needless
lo soy, ure mil orphans) contribute of
Iheir means towards Iheir tducation
umi so help lo suppurl the school. Ilul,
perhups Ihere are not enough of Ihesc
people patroiiiaiug the school to make
il » paying proposition. Hut whul need
ia there for this school auywayl Wc
have three institutions in our midst
Ihul are modern and up fo dale iu every
respect und where pupils art! instructed
liy competent teachers ulong lines l|ial
develop their minds to lhe highesl
.-.lule of perfecthn and tils tlieiu for
Iheir 1','M in tin Jluitli of life. Whul
is the matter wilh Ihesc schools thai
those orphans and others have to gu
lo a different school lo get au educu
lion lhat costs their parents consider
ably when advantages tu obtain *
board education art offered them in
tlm public schools "without money and.
without price," Do these pupils belong tu a higher or lower intellectual
plane that tbe knuwlodgo imparted tu
ordinary mortals is uut suil'mient fpr
their lien.Isl   Our educational system is
second fo none ih the world, both from
a Hiniiii aiid intellectual standard and
some uf tbe most brilliant men that wo
have in both public aud private life are
tlie result of the graining received in
thoir youth in the public acbuois aud
there is uo need for scclurianisni in rd
iicaiioii us It is only creating a privil
ogeil class.  Thete schools usually ad
imltipiindoiit uf tho government In all
matters pertaining to the curriculum
but are always prompt and reliable In
asking for financial support whether
tbey uro morally untitled to it or nol.
I  believe in tliu government control
ling the u,lm ui nuiiii system of tbo'coun
Iry as It is really the most important
diipurliniint   uf    public    ull'iiira   as   it
moulds the character of the future tit
isens. If tho ..'...iulu is nut suitable to
all let the public decide on tho changes
nucusHury  tu suit everybody  without
lowering the standard of udiiealiouanil
if uny suet or class is not salislied but
wish  to remain  independent   let lliem
puddle Iheir own cauoe and show Ibal
Independence by ceasing these appeals
lo Ihe public for linuneiul assistance
especially when they are in possession
of assols like HI. I'uul's achool hold al
'Iiiuiii.ii.i' yuu for space, I remain,
D. .1. Mi'l'OIHlAliI.,
L'7tli streel E., N. Vancouver.
of Canada; UA; frlncu 8i>P»rt Town
Properties UA., Prim* Hnport Pish
ami Oplil Storage Oo; I.td., W, ti. Vlt
■jiik'tTA tUmyaayfalil
(■>■,iiii.iii.-.-I of iiicorpiiriiiiiiii have
been issued \n tlia fnlluwlng companies i
Acme Press Md., Hurrard Heating
ami Sheet Metal Wurka, Mil,, Georgia
Man and Investment Co. Md., Inland
Hunt iiml Publishing Cq, Mil,, Lotus llu
tel Uo. M>lu Pseihc Uoust.Auto and
Transportation Uo, Mil., Peace lliver
Securities Porpnmtlfln HA; Prince Rupert Experimental ft Development Oo.
Md. Walsh Ogilvlo Md.
The men whuso public spirit Is
prompted altogether by Immunity anil
Inin'. ul. 11,-r will ruspoet tbe established
power and privileges oven of individuate and still more of the groat or
ders of society Into which tlie stato 'is
divided, Though bu sluiuhl consider
inline uf them as in somo measure abus
ive ho will content bimseir witn meliorating what he can often not aimiliii
ate without great vloleuee, When  he   ,
mmmat ,.ut.ra. Ih. rnpt.d ufe^tmf of      f
the people hy reesen aud persuasion
he will net attempt to subdue rt»m by
force; but tu rollgioualy observe what
by Ulcere is justly termed the divine
minim of Plato, to use violence to bis
country no more than to bis Jiareiits.—
Adam Smith.
The ladles slopped tbe   little   buy
whose legs were  liriurserulched.
And marvelled at the funny way his
lililn punts were patched.
"Why did tbey patch with while!"
ihev asked, "and not use bruwu in-
alaudt" r
The small boy scowled tud tnucliiul
the spot.   "That ain't uu patch," ha
uunl.    I in Iluu News.
Ilis Honor the l.iuiileuanl llovernoi
in Council has been pleased to make
the following appointments:
Norman Hoy Itoliertson uf the City
of Vancouver, barrister at law, lo be
a notary public from tbe lllh day of
September,  I9U,
Thus Henry Hmith and Robert Lane
bulb of Ihc city of New Westminster,
lo lie olliciul membera of the Hoard of
Directors of Ihe lloyal Columbian Iluu
pilul from the Uth day of September,
1012, until lhe lllllh day of April, 181.1.
I'm in is 11,,, I, lln, ,,u. „f in ildi ii. to be
an uiin ml member of lhe Hoard of
Directors of the Hidden lienors! Ilospi
fal, from the Oth day of September,
1012, until tbe HOth day of April, 10)9.
in the place uf V. 1. Hamlers, resigned.
The following ostrt-provincial li
conses huve been issued:
Hrilish Columbia Transport Company
Limited, Pittsburg I mny ami llrass Oo.
The Commercial Union Assurance
Co., Ltd. 1ST        PAID $4,250,000
Quickly tnd promptly on sccount of ths Bin Frauciaco urthqutke and Art,
How mmy Companies could do tbia?
Itu assets amount to $116,000,000
A postal will bring out representative
Resident Agent
lt LoiiBdals Avtnut tud Oapiiano Oar Termium
Phones: Lonsdale 167.
Oapiiano 401.
We have some good, inside buys;
also good acreage listings Lynn
Valley Sub-division.
fl Let us quote you rates on Fire, Life and Accident
McMillan & reid
I'bone 131.
Lonsdale Avenue:
44-ft. cleared corner, close to new terminus $3200
ii ft. lane corner  2500
44 fl., a special offer   1600
36 ft. extra depth \ 1350
69 ft. cleared corner  5250
44 ft. cleared lane corner   3250
44 ft. faces west ',.., 1850
47 ft. facing south on King lane corner
140 ft. from car  $1350
200 fl. corner      2500
50 ft. facing'south   800
50 fl., splendid view   750
180 fl, onSl. George's   2700
50 ft. on King   450
73 ft. corner Queen   2000
60 fl. on Queen   J000
50 fl. on Osborne  800
100 fl. on Windsor  1500
Tel. 47
T«l. 87. North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
liisiiranoe Hiiumnloo  II,nul:,
Auditor and Accountant
nil Lousdale Avenue, 1'. 0. Bo* 3307.
Nurlh Vancouver. Phuue Ul.
Underwood'a Barber Shop
i ■ i .im,     i;. ,,.-.I. inn     lilic.. I'rouipl
l> IL    LU.    U        I,,.
Ksiiiuuioa furnished Vtaa
ulliee: lUcklneou A Bon's Kuelol'l. Ills-
plumule.   I'lione  Sll.
Ilclhlcnce:   Allun   iiii.ni   I,inn   Vull.)
P. 0. Box llu, l.ynn Creok   I'lione
XI, 111.
A.M.I.K. li S.
liii,:iiiiini, (Iralnaue, lovola, plans
uml speeilications. Scplio tanks and
lo,uio draiuaue a ipeoiully. 1>, 0.
Ilus 'JII, Iiiiii ifreet woit ul liowicks
yt     CARBUH
Studio   over   Dank   11. N. A.
lomdali tnd Esplauadi
High Class Uitloi' and Quuta' 'I'aibirinp;
Uopalrlug   ami   Alterttioiis. Uletuing
aud Dyeing lu all Ita bruuehoa. All
Wurk gntraiitoad.
Ul Kiml Hired West. Phoni 807
(.1. Uus)
Lidies' tnd Otnta' Cleaning,
Pressing aud Bepalrlllg
a Specialty
1211 Second Btreet Bast
N.V. Tinning & Sheet Metal Worki
Flrat Strset East of Lonidtli
I,om ni  prices and best Wurk guaran
teuil ou tinning ami ibeet metal work.
, Ami general Commission Merchant, 111
l.uiimlulu Ave., Nortb Vancouver.
PboUt 334
Wu ure tpocialiats iu tbese lines,
121A Lousdale Avenuo
All kiii'la of saws Med ami aet ou tlie
uliorlcsl nolice. I .nun mowers, knives,
Inuii', sbeais ami scissors sbarpeiicil. All
work guuruntueil, moderate prices,
1231 Lousdale Aveuue Phont So
fin llie ear line. Ilounliig, meal*
pod aecoininodatiun lor working men.
Contractors' men boarded. Ily, F.iitt
cil, Proprietor,
Is your Wul.It slopping or keepiig
irregular timet   if so, seo
Cabinet Maker and Carpenter       Pioneer Jeweller, Utl I.omolulo Avenue
Will undertake all kimls of wood work, —===—=====:^=r
Fourth Btreet and Sutherland Avtnut! Job Printers
P. 0. Boi mDttt Publishers of the "Eipraas'
NOHTII VANCOUVBB |First Btreet East Fbont 80
How about a snap-shot album lor those views you
have gathered ol your holiday excursions) We have
a large stock ol snap-shot albums, varying in price Irom
25c. to $2.50. Also cushion tops, pipe racks, lie
holders, bags, coin purses, etc., at right prices.
J. E. Scouten's Book Store
IN. 8, Book and Stationer; Compauy!.
38 Lonadale Avenuo PHONE I'll
We Study Printing
We make a feature of preparing printing lhal is profitable to
our patrons.
• Wc study type faces and effects
to insure attractive arrangement,
and we believe you will appreciate
our handling of your work.
From a card lo a huge poster
or an illustrated catalogue we will
give you a figure or our advice.
Ducal Reception
Tbo Duke uf Ooiinaugbt reception
committee which met in the city hall
on Priiiay evening passeil (ky sevon
voles to twu a resolution emliudyiiig
instructions that a wire be sent to
iloluiiel Lowthor, tbo QovornnrUuiiur-
al's military sucretary, slating that
owing tu tbu laluuoss of lliu time at
Which tlpi i noiioiiii u luuk up tliu i|Uos
tion uf the presentation nf the ladies,
it was thought best by the cuimnitluo
Ibul ludius .ii.niiii not be presented to
Tboir Hoyul Highnesses, This resolution inn pussud aftur cuuslilurablc ur
giiiueiil, llie mayur, supported liy Mr.
II. II. Murden and Mr. J. f, O'C. Wood,
being reluctant tu submit tbe motion
lu lbe miu uf the mooting.
Couu. Loutet, une uf tlte district
council'a representatives, stated us
11' i ,1 i. rcu»niis wby action of this
kiml ..Iiniiiii be taken that tbu mailer
bad nut heun eousidoreil previously by
the cotiiuiittoe ami il waa nuw tou lule
tu expect the ladies tu muku preparu
lions I'm presentation, uud further lhal
il appeared lbat there was doubt us lo
whether Ibe lloyal ladies wuulil be prole lit.
Tbe mayor repiluduil the committee
hul iluring his lust conversation witb
Colonel Lowlber Ihe colonel ll u.l men
Moped to him lhe subjeel of lbe pre
mi,nm,,n uf the wives uf officials, uml
bad alaleil Ihul lhe Duke wuuhl receive
tbeso ladies. The colonel, the mayur
said, bad Introduced II".' topic himself.
Cuuncillur I ,miii however, adhered
o bis previously ospressed opiniun,
arguing Ibal if lbe Iwu eiplanuliiiiis
wure given tlie absence of the ladies
would certainly be excused,
The muyur emphasised his belief lhal
ii wouhl be un ucl of discourtesy tu
luke such action when lhe colonel bud
spucihVtlly mentioned lhe matter,
Mr. II. C. Wright supported lhe view
luken by Councillor Loutet, whereupon
Mr. Wood ruse lo emphatically con
ileum lhe attitude uf bulb members,
llireatoulug In resign from lhe commit
lee ami leave the ineeling if such ae
tiou was taken.
The mayor explained Hint it mis not
Ihe committee's prerogative fn dictate.
Ile voiced as nu instuuce the fact thul
llie committee hu.l arrungcil Ihul the
alilormon should meet Ihc ducal party
on tbe whurf, whereas Colonel Low
titer hud Iuued instruction! overruling
these, thul only the mayur was lu meet
ihe purty there, proceeding aiterwtrds
ahead of Ihe ruyal visitor* uml greet
mg ihem again wilb the aldermen ui
Vicloriu i'urk.
Tu Ihis lleeve Nelsuu took exception,
claiming thul us lhe Oovernur denerul
wus being invited by lbe tbree muui
cipalities lhe Iwu reeves as well us the
mayor uf the city shuohl receive his
lloyal Highness on the whurf.
Thc mayor said thul he hud inlendcd luklug this up at his next meeling
wilh Colouel l.owihcf.
Councillor I.uui ul. huwever, eontond
cil lhal the wishes uf the cuniniitlee in
hour,I lo lhe presentation of ladies
would wilhoul doubt bo considered.
Ile pressed for lhe submission uf bis
mul ion which huil been seconded by Mr,
.1   II. English.
Ultimately, ufler much further dis
cuasiou un similar hues, lhe motion wus
formally voted upon, with the result
already stated. Those in favur were
Councillor Loulel, Beeve May, Reeve
Nelson. Mr. Alexumier Smith, Mr, ,1.
II. Knglisli, Mr. II. IJ, Wright and Mr.
Sal,in; tuusc against, Mr. tj. II Mor
ilen nmi Mr. J. V. O'C. Wood.
Immediately upon tbe passing of llic
resolution Mr, Wood left the meeling.
ll was decided Ibal hia action shuolil
nul be taken as lhal of a delegate ol
lhe lu'ui.i uf Trade.
The committee then turned its al
leuliuii lu ulher matters. The mayor
sltlcd Ibal in conversation wilh (Jul
unci I ,,,-ii . i he wus informed lhal the
. *. I,'. I'OAIT t*. si inn i:
lull   HI 'I'lllll*
10:00   nil I'ully
8:00   im Dolly
11:11   pin Dully
Mill   SI'.VITI.l:
10:00   Ml I'ully
11:00   pin Dally
10:00 u in   und 6.10 pm Dully
1:00 u m.     Tliuriduy and Sului-Juy
Mill      i-ltiMI:     Hi l'l-lir     AND
11:00 D ni Sulunlaya
I'HIMI.   ilU'KHT   AND   liHANO)
1000 nm Wednowluys
10:00 u.m Wednesdays
khh   vvnm  /JS,!*10*   ,qv,i:B
Leuve Westmlnater   1:00 u.m.
Mun.. Wed. and Friday.. ..
U'ave chilliwasK    ':00 um,
fuel, Tliurt. and Hal
• inn <;i Ids' l'l,AMI POINTI
700 a.m. Tuesday, .or Victoria, culling ut iiiilluiio. Miiyne Jiland, Hope
Bay, Port wotliluglon, f)aii|tc« llui -
bor. BolcheoU COve, Beaver I'olni,
p'olfoid and Sidney, Island.
-  for "ralei,  reaervatlona  and  nil
further   Informallun   apply   to   J.
MOK,   "My   l'uteentci   Agenl.   Ill
Mull-ngl  St.,   or  H.   W,   BKOl'lK,
Q.P.A., Vancouver.  ,
dupal party woh|i| cross ths JnW in
thoir own automobile. HmwsiHttely
upuu reaching Victoria Gardens the
duko will alight from this car apd
inspect liis guurd df honor, the Hlxth
Field, Company Canadian Png|ne«rs.
The Uuvoriior (lonnrul will then take his
placo iu tlie grand stand and, after the
reading Of tbs address will have pre
tented to him the public officials, with
whom he will shake bauds as tbay AU
A suggestion, emanating from Mr.
Byrne, whu was present representing
the imliuiis, tbat a number uf liuliau
.luliii.-ii  should bo allowed to render
a short part soug mot with the approval
of Ibo committee.
Tbe in.'ui m; alsu approved of a neat
purplo budge, iu the ceutre uf which
Is u desigii uf Canada's embloin, thu
beaver. Five Iiundred of these badges
will be presented by Alderman Dick tu
tbo buy scouts, wbu will duubtless ap
predate thorn as a souvenir uf a very
notable occasion,
Prize Winners of Lynn
Valley Day Sports
Boy Scouts' Events
I'm: ami spoon race—I, Crockos; 2,
I'unlie; ,1, lioyle.
IUU yurds bumlieap, age lii to 14—
I, Dixon; II, lialt; 11, Hewitt.
IUU yards handicap, age II lo loi.
Allioiin; ii, I'unlie; il, Hkinucr.
Three legged race—I, Purdie ami
Brewer; :'. Henry uml Huscb; II, Alliuan
and flail.
Iliiiiiuo wheelbarrow race—I, Purdie
uud Brewer, 8, Bkiuuor und Mnhnn; ll,
Henry and lluscb.
buck Haee -1, Huss; 11, Brewer; 3,
Mixed hunt race— 1, Mabou; ' Oliver;  11, 1 .l.iiiio i
IUU yurds obstacle race, age 11 to
16—1, Skinner; 2, Bewell; i, I'rdie.
Obstacle race, age IH lo 11 -I,
Heard; I, Carmicbael; II, Hall.
Treasure Hunt-I, W. Moore.
Public Sports
I'oioio race—1, McParlant; i, Hart
loll; a, I'rout.
Kgg uud spoon ruee I, Hkeene; 2,
Hart let t.
Three legged   race—I,  Myers I.carlo;
II, Pishcr Sharp.
Obstacle llacu - 1, Skinner; 2, Ue-
Kurlaue; ll, I 'uuode.
High jump- I, 0. I.j.lo; I, Murliu
Broad jump 1, McKinley; 2, Baric;
II, llarllcll.
Mile handicap for cup trophy I, T.
Udies' llfly yard race-l. Miss Mc
Leun; 1!, Mrs. Palmer; II, Mias M.
Pie race, HI tu ID I. Miss Thomp
son; li, Miss J. Cooper.
Udies' hunt fur treasure- I, Mist
Ladies' wuter bucket race I, Mrs.
rainier; 2, Mrs. Oltebd; II, Miss Mar
Hoys' treasure hunt - I, klcPtrlinc.
I'm luil uu 'loose;    I, Miss McLean.
Pul man's ruee    , J. Pearson.
Tup of war Lynn Valley Pile liri
gade defeatod the Lynn Valley Alb
kin- club.
Kdilor Kipress,
Nurlli Vancouver, B. C:
Dear Sir: As sonic mention bus been
mude lately ubuul Hags adorning pub
lie structures. I herewith wish tu draw
ullenlioii lu my own observation dur
iug lbe lasl few days in lhat respect.
IjikI . .1 i.i I..'.   I  was ovar in  Van
Between 23rd and 24lh ttrceis
near car terminal
Special showing of New Goods in
Large and varied stock of
Our Special!])
hll.        H "'" <  '  	
couver ami returned by ferry boat «*■
i, md seeing a great many dag" dying from bu»-«hds of t|ie boat, I
thought it Strang' that t could not
see one Canadian Hag, although there
wars in oil ti (tags Buttering in thu
light hreese, but sfter t short eautour
pf tbs beat 1 ''""nd one Canadian om.
Idem pn the lower end of another flag,
but in such a secluded pusitiuu that
It euuld ust be seep except by duso
ulissyviitioii. Noodloss lo suy, I felt
humiliated tu think uf such a stale uf
affairs iu auch a prominent position as
this—any old flag but uur oyn,
To allay my boated temper I tuok a
Lynn Vauey cur, thinking I would go
out tu help our neighbors In tho rejoicing of tlio oponiug of tbeir new
park and bridgo, but I am freo to
.■"lum that my sensibilities received au
otber shock on my way out fur un
reaching Lyuu Valloy Muuic'pil llall
whieb was tlocorutoil very Invishlj'
with flags—but not uno Cmuidiiin Hag
iu evidence. I felt I could nut stay
and fniieiiiiili u wllh people who had
uo respect fur tbu Hag lbat was protecting them. I immeiliale'y returned to the City of Nurth Vtncouver
whore I found the eity hall veiy wull
decorated with various Hags, thc Can-
adian emblem being in. proper pluee
whicii somewhat relieved the Iciuiin uf
my nerves and ted mu to think that
hero ut last was one corporation whose
members were fuir minded uml lo. il
onougii to tne enuutry mas was rm-
lag theiu-.v>» it-ttni ww tot ail
Canadian bum. I think it high time
that tha loyal people of tbli country
take a firm stand In seeing tbat tbp
Cuuniliuii emblem be Ip evideneo Ip
tbu must pruininout positlou with the
yplpif" Jac|f wherevor t Sag is exhibited to public gaie.
Wo lovu to see any mm honor bis
nwu tag, but when in this couutry wo
must seo to it tbat the stranger honor
our iing.
Yours respectfully,
». o. vm-
Canadian Pacific
Vancouver to Victoria ut) Return
BIA, B. C.
September 81-18, 1818
Tickets on ssle Sept. 83 to 86 (Incluiive)
Final return limit Bepttniber 30, 1818
in Miiru.iTi     ill'     WKST     in
II) .I.iiii   No.   tj.
A Bi-laii  lo im.iuw  Or. nay ul o>
hemic.  Ibr auui  ul tlO0.0tMI.no  lor
lbc   purpose   ul   snlincrllllou   lur   ood
uuiiolilnt aburea, In  lbc Wtal   lau-
i'io,. ,  l',,rj   Cunipau), 1 holl,,I.
WHI'lltKAH. II Is deemed es|iedlenl
tu Inn row lbe som or , mo uuu no lu
eiiuble lliu Muiilci|iiillly tu subscribe
for und imu li.in,■ 1,01)0 .'iluu- s or aucli
number oa the proceeds of tlie Iieben-
loius will purehiise. ul Ihe pur vulue ul
1100 euch In ihc coidiul muck uf lbe
weat Vuneuuvcr Perry Compuiy, l.lin-
ii.ul, u Kcny I'ompuri) duly liieurpur-
.iiuil fur lbe |,ii11'".',,- of glvlnu direct
, ,,iiiiiiiiiii. uil,,n between tile iMuulcl-
iiullly ul Wesl Vuncuuver und the
I'ily uf Vulieouver und any otber nearby cities, inooli l|i.illli, u or dlsiclila.
. ANii WHKitKAK, li i» neeoaaary for
the luul u ,iut, ,i,i iimt the iumii
cltmlliy ..ii,.ui,i procure by w'uy of la-
aulng debenlures the auld loun uf
Iino.ooo mi reiiuyuble twenty yours ufter lbe duy un c. m.il thla Uy-luw lukea
imi wilb Inlerest In the liiciinllilic.
i,uiul.i, bulf yetrly ut the rate of live
tier ii iiiuiu nor .'iiiiiiiu tu be un I" u
for Die |,ui im.ui ui .ilmi uul,!
ANI) iviil'llti-: is u iieilllon hua been
io, ,., ni, .1 to lbc i'oon, II of llie .Monl
, lo uiin. 1'cu.ucsIIiik Ihem lu Inn,uiin,
u. Byluw fur Ihe iiurpusca herein uei
/,,iiii which |., iiiioii bus im n ."iinini
by lbc owners of more thun one-lentil
of Ihc vulue ol bind In the Muni
AND v. in.i.r i.i for the iiuymeiil of
Intereat on aold Dcb'enlurcl. iluilnit llu-
currency (hereof, ll will be ncccssno
lo rulae uud levy euch your, the aom
of It,,win un.
AND WIIUItKAS for the payment uf
Ihe debt when due II will be neceaaary
lu rulse und levy euch year the sum
of HISS 10 by si'i-i lul rule, sulllclcht
therefor In euch yeur on all raleuble
lironeity  of llie Municipality
ANii WHKIIKAH Iho amount uf the
whule raleuble properly of the munlclpallly Is ia.3IIU0i.0O.
ANI) WHKIIKAH llie lota amount of
Ihc exlsllnn Debenlure Debl of lhe
Munlclpullly la I2S0.OOU 00 Irrespective
uf debts Incurred for local improve-
in, on of whlcb none of llie pifnclpul
or Inieresl Is lu oirears
llonncll of Ihe Mulllelpiilll). In "pell
meeting   asselilbleil  ellacl  as  follows:
I. I''"i Ibe purposea ufotcaald It
aliull be lawful for lbc lleeve of Ihe
iniini, ipuin • lu piucure. and lie la hereby aulhorlii.il lo obiiiln. by wuy of
loun, from .uny person, pctaons ur corporation! who may be wllllint lo ud-
Vlllioc some ull lhe cledll of Hie debentures herein lliellllolled. u sum liul ei-
cccdllin III Ihc whole Ihe sum of f100.-
000 QO ulld cause lhe same lu be paid
Inlu tlie hands of Ihc Ircueurer of lbc
municipality, for the purposes aforesaid uml w-lib lbe object hereinbefore
2 II ahull be lawful for lhe Hoi ve
to cause any number ol di-lniiioiea lo
be made uul. euch fm such sum of
money nui leas Ihun 1100 or un equivalent cxpieaacd In pounds sicillnu ol
Ihc fulled Klnitdoin of Ureal  Hrlliiln
olid llcllllld III lbe voloe of |!|l, 11
lo llle pound slellltiK. u« may !»■ le
uulred. uml ull deliMiiun-s ahull be
scaled wllh lhe Seal of III" Muni
clpullly and sinned by lhe reeve nnd
couiilertlifnid by Hie Clerk of Ihc
Morililpollly ,   „ ,
3 The suld dcbenlurel aliull be puy
ublu   wllhln   ivapaity   yeurs   from   the
lc   in i i   in, mi,,i.u,i   for   the
lly-luw lo tuite cited ul auch n.uil. In
Ihc Clly of Vancouver, or at audi
li..ol. In the till;' uf London, Kncl.nnl
or ut audi Hunk elsewhere ui the municipality inuy hy resolution decide
I. The aald debenlurea ahull buve
coupons attached ror the payment of
the Inlerest ut the rute uf live per
centum per milium un thu umount of
the debenlures. und shall bu payable
half (early on the mat day or April
und the Drsl duy of Ocluber In euch
and every yeur.
S. A speclul rulo on Ibe dollar, sufficient lo rulse ihc aum of 16.000 shull
bu rulsed und levied annuully in each
yuar. tn uddlllun tu all uther rules on
ull Ihe ruleuhle pruperty of the Mo
ni, ii>.Min lo puy interest on the
debt hereby crcutcd during the currency uf lhe aald debl.
S. The sum uf 1:1 H'.Miu ahall be
raised und levied unnuully In euch
uud every yeur by apeelul rule diii'lna
Ibe currency of lbe suld debt, un ull
tbe ruleuhle proftfiry of tin- Municipality, fur the payment uf thc debt
hereby created, when due.
I. ll uliuli i" luwful fur lbc Munl
elpollly from lime lo lime, lo rcpor-
chusc uny of thc auld debentures ul
sueb price ur prices ua muy be mutually .iiii.'] upun and uli debenlurea ao
i. i'i|n Iiu' ■ 'I ahull iui ili,. no be cuncel-
iv dcbi
de In
ol* debentures ahull be mai
,|iu in ,    uf  SUCll   I i I'OI ' llUUe
S. H slmll be luwful fur Ihe lleeve
uf the munlclpullly. und he Is horoby
uuihurlsed lu i ii.n" with ihc money
so obtained by way ot luul). One thuuaand ihiirea. ur such number aa muy
be iuu. lm-,,i by ibe proceeds of the
debenlurea. of lhe cupltnl slock of Ibe
Weal Vuncouver Kerry Cuinpany Limited
'i This By-luw ahull, befure lbe
in ul i ..I iiii Ihereuf, receive Ihe ussent of Ihc Klei lius In Ibe manner required by law
10 This Ily law. when paaacd. ahull
come Inlo force und luke effect un lhe
Dial day of October. >>H'
11 Thla By-law nun be died for
ull purpoaea as Ibe Weal Vancouver
Feiry Money By-luw. No  8, Ull.
Hecelved ibe asaeiii of the Kleclura
day uf ISH.
Dune und pusaed In open council thla
day  of
Municipal Clerk
TAKil NOTICK Ihul the above la a
true • ni". ul Ihc propuacd By-Luw. upon
wlil, ii Ihc vole of lbc Munlclpallly will
be iui.. n ul Ibe New Municipal Holl on
ii.iim,i,n the twenty Oral day of September, llll, fii-io i u'clock In lhe
forenoon until I o'clock Ih Ihc aflernoon
OIVKN Ihul the vule or Ibe  i.l,,n i
of lhe Dlalrlcl of Weal Vuneuuver will
be Inltch on the ubove inentluned ByLuw. ul Ihe lime and pluee abuve mentioned, uud Ihut fl, 11   I'. 'I.-   hua been
aiipolntcd   ll,imiilii,:   Oltlcer   lu   luke
lhe vole of such Kleclori, wllh Ibe ua-
uul powers In tbut beliulf
Uy Order of the Council.
O. II   rKAKH.
C    III    O
10 I
Western Dominion Land & Investment Co.
Witb Which it Incorporator!
Bevan, Gore & Eliot, Limited
Nortb Viucouver Branch: 67 Louadalt Avtnut, opposite Post Offlci.
Representing Lyun\Oreok Uue Mlnet Limited,
Flue quadruple comer UOallO, one block eut of D. L. Ut, when Ibt
activity Is, and oue block from Keith road ctr, cultivated, with good
6 roomed bowe, »7.*H)0   •/, ctah 6, 18 aiul la
Coal, Brick, Lime, Gravel, Sand, Plaster,
Cement, Lath, Sewer Pipes, and
General Builders' Supplies
Offjicec 56 Lonwlale Avenue.   Phone 198
muii Foot of St. Georgei'* Avwutf—Phont-W
- mttwtwtmtmwmm
to figure out how much time your
' Clerks wute each day in. walking to nnd from the telephone?
on the counter or desk will pre*
vent it.
Only 5 Cents Per Day
for either a "Wall" or "Desk" set
Call up the Commercial Manager
British Columbia Telephone Co.,
You can buy a 50-foot lot on Osborne Boad, Ity, blocka east of
Lonadale Avenut, for IV00.UO, on tonus of out quarter cash, ami
tbe balance over 18 months.
Enquire tbout thll while Oue Dollar Shares are selling for Fifty
Centa.   OALL or WHITE for Prospectus.
Pboue mi
V. 0. Boi 2397
The Monarch Malleable
Range   ^
■ r~~mmnmnanmmmmmmmmmmn
Everybody knows the Monarch.    If you intend
purchasing a Range ihu fall, it will pay you to in-
,■   vesligate lhe Monarch.    It costs less, lasts longer and
burns less coal or wood than any other malleable range
sold in North Vancouver.
Patterson & Goldie
Phone 88
105-7 Esplanade Wesl
North Lonsdale
Oheapttt houietlte in Nortb Vtncouver, 40 ft. lot within t blocka of
Lonadala Avtnut, only 1376.00, Tinui lib caab, 8, 18 and 18
Local Agent* tat Brltlah Empire Horn Iniwinci Co., London Atauranct
Wi will bt plttMd io bavi litUOft; tlio homtt for Mil or nnt,
mmtmmtm  mtwrw Wt   tw*   w\f9   WW
City Council
A (pestlou of priii-eilure arose hint
eveuing at tbe city council mooting during consideration of threo t|ipllcatiuns
for improvements tq property the own
urs of whicii expressed williugnoss to
pay the cost of sucb work, If author-
Aid. Dick stated that while be was
entirely iu favor of granting sueb ap
plications he did not consider lhat, after
tenders bad beeu called for the engineer should award the contract until
the mime)' Is paiil in or guaranteed, Aid.
Dick emphasised the faet that he waa
uuly speaking upuu methods of pro
eodure, Iq each of the three iiislaiicea
Ihu cuuucil was dealing with ho knew
that the applicants were entirely responsible, Ile was ini ru. Iiuiiii; the
question ps a general one of civic
The couucil liiippnrled llil view ex
pressed liy Aid. Dick, adding a rider
lu the OD*ec| thul iu such oases the
petitioners ahould be invited to louk
uver the teuilera wilh the eity engineers.      «
One uf the uppln at ions which eiiuic
before lhe council last ulgbl wan from
Mr. It. K. Mueiiughleii, who desires u
cement' sidewalk   ou   the  easterly   I:
feet   of   fhe   IH foot   sidewalk   ullow
inni' on lhe I.on.-.,lul,, uvenue fruulugu
tu liis properly described as lulu H, ,
and 6, resiilolivision of lols B to  13,
block 33, 11. I,, nit uill,  with suitablo
pruvisiun I'ur Ihe installation of'draining ami alao with provision for tubae
quent   mi,nm.'ulnl   lighting    Mr.   Mae
ii.ijiiii n   petitioned  similarly   iu  re
speel uf the fruntape uf hia prupcrly
un loth street,   lie was willing to pay
the cost   iu   lull  uf  this  work   whieb i
he '.i ,,i,i.i prefer to be carried out ac ,
eurdiiip lu pluns and specifications pre i
pared by the eity engineer.
The sceuud  application  came  from
Mr. K   D. iiiiiiiini, who aeeka Ibe pro j
visiun uf a cement  sidew'uik  12 feet;
wide with curl, uud putter un the west
IH  feel  of  the   IS foot  sidewalk  al
l.i'.'.uii. ,■ uii llic Luusdale avcuue front
ape of his pruperty described as luls
1 tu 5, block GO, D. I, iiis. Mr. Oilman  will  l,e  willing tu hear  Ihe et !
pouse uf sucb wurk provided it does
not exceed »WIU.
The third similar petitiou emanated
frum llle lueal Hank uf Hauultuu,
thruuuh their apcut, Mr. I' M. I'uvn
ler, dt.iiiiig the cunstructiuu of u
tim,.iinini sidewalk un 1st street frum
the curner uf l.uusilale avenue as fat
casl as the eud uf thc bauk building
The hrm is prepared tu defray eust uf
cunstructiuu provided same dues nut
exceed tlii.1t.
All three applications were refer
red lu Ibe city engiueer wbu will pre
pare tbe necessary plans and specifications.
Tbe followiug petitions were received aud referred to thu huard of worka:
Pol a sidewalk ou the north side of
.'Ml, street between Ut. Ueurge's uml
SI. Andrew's avenues.I;
For tbe erection uf a street lump ut
the curner uf llth street cast ami lbc
For the opening up and grudiiig uf
lum' running frum Delhruuli ruad lu
Furlics avenue,
Fur the erection uf u slreet light uo
corner of  lun,-,lol,   avenue ami  ii'illi
street apd (llie 0» SOtb S.rMt RStW,,"
LuiiBilalo avenue and St. Andrew's aye.
The council formally adopted Die re-
eoiumcndatiuiiB of tbe Board ol Works.
Committee Reports to
City Coundl
Board of tyorlpf-
Ro letter from Ooo. P. Hoylend,- asking for the removal of a dangerous tree
op lot ii iiii'ivi. Recommended that
the tree be removed.
Re letter from -I, Osborne and others
requesting construction of a road on IDth
slreet from William,, tu Stephen avenue.
Ruconimeuilcd that the applicant lie
tvritlcn tu that tbu eouueil do not see
tlieir wuy tn do Ihis work iu Ihemouii-
He loiter fruni (Iruce .lumes uiul ulli
urs requesting Ihu cuiislrui'liuii nf u
sidewalk uu the suuth side uf Uth
sjrect frum Hidgewuy uvenue west lu
Sth* slreet. Heeommuudeil Ihut the side-
wulk be luid ou the south sidu uf Uth
street tu conned wilh the existing
wulk ou ti   Andrew's uvenue.
From 1.. Redu requesting that side
walk be laid on the suulli side uf 1th
street from lhe eorner uf bl. Patrick's
uvenue lllll feel wesl. Hccuuiiiieniied
thut sidewulk be luid us rcijuciitcil.
Re letter frum Thos. K. Whitehead
regtrdipg conditiuu uf 21st street eusl
of I.onsilule uvenue. Recommended thut
u plunk roil11 he lui.I down ou ills!
street frum Ht. Andrew's avenue.
Re letter from Boggles ami Laylon
ou l■■-ii.ii■ uf Ihu Nurth Vuneuuvcr Tin
k Sheet Metul Wurks with referenee
tu the coudition "f 1st street eust. He
commended Ihul Ihey be written tu
• 1.iim;.' thut the city will suuu be mu
etdtmiiing lhe ruad uml pulling iu u
curb stone uiul putter on lhe streel
Re loiter ij.hu Win. Bailey us lo llie
syslem uf oiling llie rouds beiug cur
ried   out   in   Nurlh   Vaueouver.   Ho
commended thai Mr. Bailey he written
fo Ihuuking him fur his information.
Re letter frum I.ml,org Si Lund usk
iug fur the exleusiun uf lime I'or glad
iug uf Keith fuud fruni August ilni
lu Sept, ISth, Recommended that Ibe
extension be granted but thut tlie
, mn in, ioi ■ be advised lo huve Ihc work
lini.'dird by loth September.
Re letter frum ('has. M> Willium usk
ing tot tbe removal of a iluiigcrous tree
.in n.l mu uu bt. Andrew's avcuue mniii
uf i'iiiii street. Recommended ihut Ihc
tree be removed.
He petition frum A. S. iiluml,crg and
others requesting lhal a sidewalk be
laid on 17th street from the llrand
Boulevard lu N./V. Nurseries. Kceum
mended lhal lhe petitioners lie writteu
lo lliut Ihc cuuucil ,,u,ii,,i aee its
wuy to curry out this work in the
Rucommcuded Ihut a sidewalk he
luid uii lhe suulli side of Alder street
from bt. I'iiiu, I. . avenue to t'res
cent slreet.
Thc eugineer wus instructed tu bring
in ii plun uf u shed lu he placed uu
I'heslerlield whurf tu huuse the cily
machinery this winter.
Recommended thul til. David's avo.
he gruded from Ilrd slreei lu Keith
Recommended lhat Ihc sidewalk be
extended on the north side uf loth
street frum the end uf Ihc present
sidewulk lu Mttjody avenue ami tbe pre
seul sidewalk on lbc suulh side be ex
tended IWO feel cant.
Recommended Ihut Ihe sidewulk uu
Ihe wesl side uf luirwu ruad be cun
linucd us fur as Mr Knowles' huuse.
Frum Ueasra, Thompson uml bluurl,
contractors, for lbe grading of l.'llh
and   lulh slreets appeared  before the
■ ii i '
1   '"	
paine & McMillan
Board ami explained Ihut their eon
tracts hud been completed but Ihut
owing to description of too material ou
Ibuse streets they hud lu luke oul Ihey
wuuld suffer very heavy luss unless
thc eouueil euuld make some allowance
iu lhe wuy uf exlras. The eily engin
cer wus requested tu luuk inlo ihe mul
ter and report to Monday night's meet
Kngiuecr was instructed lu see Lin
burg aud Lund und instruct tbem to
repluee auy sidewulk which require!
lu be lifted fur the purpuses of the
I'lo i,' of j" "i"' ' i subway from llic
ferry wharf lu Alexander slreei were
laid hefore the meutiug und il wus
recommended Ihul Ihe pluns be uppruv
cd and thut the cuuucil ol Ihc cily uf
Vuucuuver he notified accordingly.
Frank Mtizoni, tli loth street, up
peared before lbc Hoard of Works regarding wages doe by Tolusov A Vurr.
Recoinmeoded lliul Ihc rblirnitu uml
lbc city engineer eonault the eity so
In iim aa tu what means rau be luken
for Ihc puyment by the eily ol Tulusuv
and Varr'a luburcrs.
Mr. McDunuld appeared before llic
.■.inul111,-. uud in rcspuusc to iis re
quesl it wus recommended Ihut u lit.
sidewalk he lunl un the soulh side uf
Lyun Place frum Hidgewny lu Moody
avenue und un lhe wesl side of Mito'dy
avenue fruni Lyuu Place lo Keith ruad.
They say lu us: "But yuu cunnut see
A.,painting in nil uf good '.luun D.'
When   we   ask them   why,   Ihey   sny:
lie hus never been 'dune' ill oil, yoo
Job Printing at the Express
Shoe Talks
Too Late to Classify
WANTED—Voung girl, uboul It
years ubl, tu du housework mornings.
Apply North Shore Drug i'u, Kaplan
ade W. JU II
Ruute  Buys  wauled  fur Ihs  Kxprei
Quality, Style, Comfort
Art three ewtntlils when buying footwear.
Drop In our itore ud pick out t (tlx of Shoei. Examine tlie liather
tnd workmanship, not* tbt appearance. Iry Uuin on mi walk
tbout tie ttort In thtiu. Vou will bt convinced Uut our Shoei
bavi tbtat Uue* imntlsls combined wltb t fourth, vlt:
Tbt halanct of our stock of Ltdiei' low cuu. Special to cletr $1.86;
Mini Oxfordi la black or Uo. $8.46.
tti our window for new Fall Stylet.
Td. 393
F.nos Sail  75c
Zambuk  35c
Allenbury's Food  85c
Allenbury's Food, No. 3 55c
Pink Pills 35c
Peroxide, per Ib 65c
Cuticura Soap 25c
Baby's Own Soap    3 for 25c
Anti-Colic Nipples 5c eacli
Absorbent Cotton 35c Ib.
We have constantly in stock a complete stock of
Bed Pans, Douche Pans, Hot Water Bottles, Irrigators, Elastic Hosiery, Abdominal Belts, Batteries,
Electric Belts, Trusses, and, in fact, everything in the
sick room line not usually stocked by mailer drug
stores. >
Plione 311 and your order will be rushed to any
pait of the cily.
North Shore Drug Co.
P. S. THOMAS, Phm. B.
Druggist, 116 Esplanade Wesl
.9 ,1
. .i


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