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V«lumn U
Ban hi DIM to
Number 80
a I 1"d       t
""'I       '
inva. .'•
Dialrict   Court   Hai   Busy   M,
Aulomoliiliata Heavily Fined]
Tbat the ibiraly visitor and the dry
danism ol Nprth Vancouver oily mil
diitrict will tp iiiioIjIo I.. procure contents neoasiury lor the llowinj bowl
on the Ssbbslh dey ii the decree ol
.luetics* isj the Cesce Foreman nnl
Koans in t|)e distriot court held on
Saturday nmnm.
- The two alleged liipior vjp'atlni)
cams hesitl were those against the
t'npilano Boad and the Cnnyon View
hotels, information in both cases-n-.
ing laid by I'nlicc Constable on.
It wai provm Ihst the ban bud len
ripen in illegal hours snd ai thess
oaiei eetablish a pracodent in Ibe districl it was decided by Ibo justices In
dismiss Ae cases with a warning to
the proprietors to close lho ben according to the dictates ol the li 'lor
Four caaea of infringement ol
automobile regulating laws on
Capilano Boad wore also beard in
ing two firsts and one second
and Ibe Knights ol the aimed in'
ed lined up in turn and lajceivod sm-
lenoe ip their several olfenres. As in
Ibe liquor infringement casti the
charges were laid hy I'.'C. liflonanl
Conitable tiermyn,
The firit ease heard wae that of
Mr. Tail. Cinslabls l.iflou leetiAed
u« lo following Ihe cu. in i|uestlon in
a machine driven by a, Hr. Jones uul
by means of a speedometer on I ones
ear' wss sbte to judge that Mi Tail
Was meandering at a rate ilightly ex-
feeding 26 milee sn bour. Hi. Joues
wee preeent end bis evidence went to
show thai lbs rite 1 speed whicli
both machines wars travelling at
mint bave weecded lbs 16-mile apeod
limit grettly. Ai Ibis was fail's
second oltace erd ae he had Ixnn
•srned »i lo the result il tbc offence
occurred again Ihs .luslices placed a
line upon him ol «100 and i'...i. Mr.
Boy lae, another motorist, was fined
sn equsl amount lur Ihe seme offence.
Boib im aai Teit will take Ibis decision to * higher court. H. K. Edwards and 8. Bancroll wen fined 16
aad costs each lor first ofsooee iu ex-
ceading ths s|ieed limit.
A petition Wai received from pro,
party owners in fast V'nnii ,tivcr to
open up and extend Edwards road ai
lar north us 11. L. 1102, alio lho road
lo southwusjJ)Msrtef, «' I Iff Thin
matter, b/ /er, faijnfd Wit lot lho
engineer's1 ispurl.
The oniiiraci lor grading a port Ion
ol Lopsdaie Ave. to a width of HI It.
wai awarded to I'slmer Broe. k Hemming at ■ price of §2,660.
The application A Ihe alieirict coun
oil of Norlh Vuneouver to the Duufi-
lull government lor Iho strict ends
froni'iii iiii Durrani lulii md English Bay IndieuUp by numerous cases
by owners euff front ol their hold-
ings was tefnnl to by a letter from
tbe dupuri im in of marine end lishci'" ■
ul Ottawa 1'iirl.i.iii; a comfiiunicalioi.
Irom the department st Viotoiiii
where the application hud bein refer-
red for approval. Neither of the mi
tboritiee annulled ruins! uny ubjec
lions as long as Iho water lol a run
parallel to ih j line* ol udjucml tola.
It was decided to circulate a petition to grant the epprovgl of tne
ratepayon in railing 1100,000 „n a bylaw lor ex .ii.liiiir.' in tho diilri'tlor
park purposes and lor regular wurla.
North Vancouver Professional Lacrosse Team, 1911
Diitrict Council
The entire board rsi preainl
wben Ibe dislrict council mil Tliur.-
iti' nighl to deliberate on the various melton ol municipal n.i.r.-.i
Tbe business was chiefly ol a rouline
linn,,.i.i About ull..-.. applies!! n
wen received lor the o|iening and
daariog ..I roads throughout tbe various divisions of I be district and tlieae
were all disposed 4 in their respastivg
A letter wu receivid Irom the Seymour Ijimber Co. asking Ihe caiuneil
10 ap|ioiul a commit Inc to umvI ihr
manager ot tbe Company and ini|n«-t
Uu road up SI. 'feorgr's Ave. whiofa
Us bam malar discussion lor some
time. As ngjril. the objections ol
Ihe norlb rolctiayerc »bo alleged
that lbs skid greaee upa>n Ibis road
makes ll imposdbli for pedeelrians to
prajaoeod without dangvr lo appearance
4 physique. Tbe secretary 4 *be
Lumber Co. laid that grease had
only bean spiced on one aide ot the
road and sailed attention to ibe laat
ihat II m*> had bora sprat un ihi.
road. Ai Ihs North launedale ratepayers had also minlioned Ihat the
grease oo Ibe skids was nn new la, fire
in Ihe dislrict tbc manager thought
that Ihe dear space of Ibe road
more than mails up liar Ibis. The
Lumber Co. reported ihe payment 4
14,904 in wages lo loggers sad loam
eters during Ihe past month ol April. Tbe letter was referred to Ibe
beard ot works and a commiltee will
.aspect Um ro«d in a wm days.
As application trots ■). C, Brows to
dear, burn anfigrade 0 (toot Ireil
through wefpTwb Park woe rderroJ
to Ihe Boars] pt Worki.
' On rewimaundelion ot Coun. loutet
it was derided lo call lor leaden (or
the opening ot CheeterleM Ave. Irom
(fceen to King streets, a total dl.
lance 4 'Hi Im.
Together with others * plan ot D.L.
397  containing 'he cropland location
ft U» V. f  * Y railway tarseinus
wu passed. Ihe plan et the proposed
germinal will he shows on the plat
fm engineer tapotiai Ihat t matt
<4Jv«l would bs installed us Ih* Woe
lake road at ibe instigation 4 Ur.
ifbjaubttd dying aomt to Ibe lillooet
ro*4. J^**M «* *** *u,rt°'
■WW   wwmamammmmM^mmm   ^mymmj   *mww taw l^mpwm
B. C. E. R. to be Aiked
to Continue Short
Capilano Line
Aldermen Unanimously ol the Opinion
Thai B. C Electric Has Not Conformed wilb Fran b'.so.
Ad ui considerable time epeut in dis-
cussion al tail oviuiug's meeting ol
the city council it waa decided Ihut aa
Ihe )' C. Electric bud not answered
tbe city'a recent idler in Ibe imitici
,.f thc iiliun.liiiinu-iii ol its .liml line
from lho junctiun ol Fell Ave. end
Keilb Boad since the completion ol ils
new track up Fell Ave. to tbe, Capilano school bouse satisfactorily thnt
company will be pre-emptorily ulkod
lo rout nun' lho operation ul IAI
.l.oil line. The aldermen csprcaacd
Ihrir various views on the subjccl.
il being Ihe unilorm opinion uf Iho
council Ibal Ibe B. C Electric bad
not<I to their franchise mil
egrccment wilb the cily when they
abandoned Ibis line without consulting ths civic authorities.
Aid. Kittson said Ihat not only
would-1ha' iili.iiiil..!iiiicnl work a hardship upain tbeptoporty owuurs in thia
seclion lut it would establish a pre
cedent which Ihis Compsny nu In in
dcavor lo carry oul ug.un in soino
othsr seclion ol Ihe cily. Il wu. u
question he th lughl ol who Could offer Ibe biggest inducements for Ihe
proximity of Ihe Irani line nnd as Ihis
wai Ihe case it wes reaeonablctoaup-
poac thai piopwiy owners on any
alretl running parallel to l.oliadulu
Ave. might lake up a lubscription to
have Ihe tracks diifled lo Ihdf own
Aid. Smith thought ilm. nn- no
doubt that the B. 0, Elcclric bad
made orronircmails wild Ihe pro|i«rly
ownars on Fdl Avenue where Ihe now
line passed, ami moved lhal a Idior
be eenl lo Ibe B. C Electric collini
upon ll.iin to run cars over Ihe lately
abandoned liuc on ifav Kdlb Boad.
Aid Dick snd llendciion were in
accord with Aid. Smith, bul thought
thai a litile more diplomulic oniric
of a|ipioaching tbia company should
be considered ond c„niultutioii
wilb Ihe cily solicitor Wore anything
luiihi'i Was done in the mailer.
Aid litndexson said lhal as Ihe
franchise dearly staled that the car
service should Conform witb lb it of
Ihe terries whenever poaaible il wae i.o
question in hii mind lhal ibis would
maim n„ difvrocc iu lho opcrntim of
Ihe old line and Ibr nuw. lie did
not think that the B. X
When ull lho circiinisliincea arc fairly conaidci'od every unpicjudicid |peo-
f ul or iiiu-.i i, that lln. North Vancouver profession il lucrnsae loam put
up u moat cruililiililc exhibition »l lb j
niilioniil game in their initial effort
against Ihe famous w"r'd ehampioi»,
ul Viiiic,uvur on Saturday lull. Tint
mil not .nl'. held them down bul
lime und aguin mude spiriloil nltucks
upon Die Weslniinater goal, pullin.'
Ihul stonewall defence ihrough ita Inc
ings in lively manner, bul failing to
puncture the net. Thia period wua buI-
licicnl io ahnw Ihul iii; icul margin ,.l
superiority which the chuuipions |ioa-,
New Weelminstor leuiii wns lukiiu 'mmi WM ""' i"'Vmd "» l,lc «c"«
no chances uml wai granting »u jw»»uld aocin tu indicate. When thoir
quarter was ovldenl Irom Ibo lacl,'"11 learn was agnin on Ihe hold the
thai they put llieir best loom in the l"P ""Ichers succeeded by alrenuoui
Held uud loal „„ opportunity to place »°*urli in working a lully pall
an additional tally lo their credit nn|lho goal |i„ats.   The fouilh  i|Uartoi
Ihe score sheet.    In the Aral chaplei
thc Miiiin cup bolilera playeil wjlh the
coiilidcnce ol long aiaociulioii ol the
playora and from experience on many
,. hard foughl Held mid they were mil
long in delecting Ihe (net lint Ilic
Noilh Vuneouver plnycra were u bit
nervoua, aiicerluiu ol ibeinaelvcl ull I
cnlnpulalur  sli.ili.'i'i-. lo eucll  0 her'.
style ol play. Thc champions .1
their udvniiliige lo the utmosl un I
succeeded in ecorinu four gouls betor
the Ih'II rang. In Ihe scoond i|Uariei
however, Ibe, Norlh V'uiicajuvors play
..1 with more Confidence and theeoon
i"1.1 .. different tale inaainueh ns :».,
tallies wua the Inst the world
beaters could inualcr. In ibe third
quarter lire New Weatminilera bud a
man on Ihe fence for Ihe Aral len min
itlea during   which iiuic llnir oppui
waa Ihe aurpriao ol tbe game.     I h ■
ill..lll|'liu...     il III   nil.      a-a 11   lull  af      thai
I Iny hud ilu-ii opponents beulcu to u
"frn/zlc" mul cunlidenl in their | i'o-
veibial strength in ibe lust quarter
oipootad lu liin.-al. in ii walk nnd then
dialancc their ,f;        The   North
Vi.ii.','...ei* li.iii.l.'il oul the ..'dl a " .da
however by lullying ih io goala iu thii
quurlcr, while Ihe chumpiona by lulling on u fri'idi man und leeding lira
eonaialeiitly in lolling liun
i.'ial up lo twelve li.-i.uc I'le ji 11;, mukiiig the linul iiorc
twelve lo Hiree.
Longfellow ut centre play.d n plucky
game and although not able In Cope
wilh Spring in thc fucc oil sl.iek i.i
his check in line style on llie I. I.I
mid held him down lo a in d- In'ty
Ihroiighoul ih. enlire mulch.
"CoWi" style during the evening. Anderson and Dicrraen are also working
out the kinks and then Is evory rea-
son tq believe that a pretty stnnj
combination wilh Al. Loyhl, the ex-
Waahinglim state leaguer, (or the re
reiving end ol tbe battery ni a uudeiis
around whioh to build up a Mau.       I
Efforts sre being made lo secure n
game with the Third street team an
Saturday next and information bearing on this will be published in Friday's paper.
A praclico will be held at the Hon-
Icvai-il grounds tonight (weather permitting) and lho final choice .,1 tbe
team whicl^ will oppose Third itreot
will be made. Unattached players an
invited to bo pnsmt and ley out.
Agreement re Bridge]
Bocvo McNougbl on Way Weit-Cnn-
firms Boport re Agreement.
Hoove UcNaUght in a communioa-
tion lu Ihe directors ol Burrard Inlet
Tunnel and llr'd^ Company, whioh
came lo hund yesterday etatee that
"u sutisluclory mlikim-jil" hoe been
arrived al witb respect to the sub-
aidy end other matters jierteining to
the bridge. The reeve Idt Ottawa
Ihis week weal ward hound and will arrive at Norlh Vancouver the last ol
lho woek. A detailed report will be
miliiiiiii.-l lo Ibo directors ol the
Company upon his arrival. Meanlime
tbe aasurancc, is now oorrobpretad
Irom all quarters Ibat every obelruo-
ii.ui ii removed from tbo pathway ul
thoy proved Iboromlvca I bridhre conslrudiou. A prominent
tho loclics of onunpion- member ol lho Board ol Diwetors ol
llurrard Inlot Tunnd and Bridge Co n-
pany ilulvd positively to u nprtl.n-
tulive of the Express that work upon
Ihe substructures of the bridge Wonld,
without doubt, be under way daring
the upproaching summer.
i.'iMioiw in goal lor Iho North v, n
cuvers pul up a gnmo thul w .li! I do
greut credit to any learn and flowed
Ihut hu hua no auporior in the gnmo
I inlay.
The defence for thc North V.-.iicnu-
vsjrs workeil. wdl mid cnuiai-utly
nine to el
ahip lacroaae and although up uL'uinil
Ihe lightning home of 'he gicnlcst
I Willi in tbe world, did not ul iny
time become domoraliied (.. tl.e -li ui
eat degree bul met those whirK'ind el-
tucks wjlh u apirit nnd un :n'd!iuoncc
thnt promises great ihin.-a
Norlli Vancouver was weak un tho
scoring end bul mil usy more nolubly
ao tbuu is the cubu with ulraost cveiy
enaleru I cum that goes up ugniin-l Die
champions. By dinl of I..... I pi "dice
nnd sii'-ngilnning ol some «csk
points lho home con lie made ciliclive
as the lasl quarter clearly ajuwed,
The l.-.i-i ...I..-, would mow Ihlttl-
.elves ipoiv vflirtby ot Si'iioua CqEuld-
uratinn il Ihoy would lake iff tin ii
'. li'iiii glnSMM and look ul llie III,.I
lor iu ita true light. North Vancouver
made good mid ibuiild be givin the
credit thai ia their due.
Mayor McNoidi land off tho bull, i.s-
aisled by Muyur Taylor ol Vuneouver.
Tho N. V. City Bund greully pleased
Ihe crowd wilb thoir selections.
W. 0. T. fl.    '
'llie regular monthly meeting ol the
local bland, ol Iho Women'. Christian
Tcmpcruiice Union will be. bdd at the
homo ol Mrs. B. C. Bainstord, Third
sired, east ol Si. Andrew's, tomorrow (Wodncadsyl alternuim at time
u'clock. I' lor Ihe approaohing
i-oii\eiiii..n will bo considered. A lull
attendance is urged.
lands owned by Ihe cily of Norlh
Vancouver. The Asiocinliou also ten
dered llieir approval and lupporl in
any action Ihu council might deem nd
visuble lo obtain the conc.'ll..liM) uf
Iho gnu'imu.'nt'. decision,
'ilic iimii.'i wus Tiled.
Two ulher comniunicolions were ulso
roeuivod Irom this Assoeiation. The
liml one inquiring ns to the position
ol mailers wilh regurd lo Ihu propot
od oondrucliun of an overheud bridge
over the I'.I'.B. truck, nsnr Ibe lerr,.
apploadi ul Vulirouvar and nskiu;
whi'llier sulisluclory prognks was Ic
ing in.idu in Ihe negoliulliuis fir llie
...i.-ii.i. Iin.. of the aaine, and n letter
lo whidi Was also ull ached a re-
•oluliou asking Ibe ciMincil lo B|
sist in any actioii Ihey miglil like
lhal Would lead lo the coHHruction u'
a now furry boat. In I he lormer in-
itance Ihe clork was inslrudod io '"
hmate Ihul when there was nnyilnii.-
lo report the Kalepayers' A.aodali in
would be advised. In the latlcr in-
sin....' Aid. Kittson pointed pul thai
il was I'liinely uiuii'1'.-.saij ond super-
Klwlrie who .fluou. for ibe North Vancouver Hole
hod intimated in Ibeir Idler Ibaf
Ihey would be fotqed lo return lu thc
old half bour cor serviee proud ng the
dly aulboriliw /orcod them lo re
siune oporstioni on ihe shorl line,
would subjed Ibenudvee and the trs-
vdliog public lu the ineonvrnienoe ol
different services in difennl perls 4
the dly.
After a few words from tfae mayor
who thought Ihst lor tbe proledion
oi properly owners in Ihe section iu
quest i.«> something should be done to
make the B. C. Electric understand
that they could nol without consulting Ibe oouncili discontinue ibe opera-
sion of any line in any portion of the
dly. Aid. Smith's motion w«i ifaeo
put and pssaed unanimoudy.
A mm wt* nodvod Irom Ihe Hale-
payers' Awostnajian with' a rrsoluliun
alladked, the latter daring thdr disapproval 4 tbt provincial govern
payers' Association lo proaenl such n
reaolulion aa ibis lo Ihe dly cound
as in the even! ol a bylaw being
drawn up lor Iho purpose of raisin:
the noeessaiy monies lo lie devoted
toward I pii.j.rt ot Ihi. kind, the
ratepayers would bave tbc mailer in
their own bunds and could dispense
the same according lo Ihr dictates ol
thdr beet judgment.
Aid. Henderson took. oiTplion lu
the latter portion uf lho rfioleiiuu
forwarded inasmuch al he thought the
coundl would be assuming a serious
responsilnlily by following'
course that might tn any way hamper
Um directors in providing the nccra
lery transportation tor handling lbs ever in.nasing trullic.
As a result 4 tht light thus thrown
on tha subject it was deridnd to file
the resolution 'or (ul'uro reference.
Mr W. M. Miller, jn s Idler <o Ihf
coundl, ofered lols 91 end 99, 0. I,
866 lo be used lor watcrworki |iur-
poaca for Iho aum ol 16.6^6. The offer
wus'allowed to stuud good to the
'ilal ol thc present molllli ll wul re-
lerrerJ to Ihe ongincer und hoard ol
works wilh power to uot.
he dly engineer reported Ihut hu
hud cu.inn..'.I llie crossing ul llie cor.
ol lallh and Lonsdule in compuny
wilh the foreman of the Board ot
Works and did not sec uuy evidence ol
neglect on the part of Tlie cily in tbo
keeping of Ihe orosain/ in a I roper
condition. 'Ihie i&vesllgatioe was ol
Ihe instigation of Mr. McLean ol
Norlb Vancouver.
Tenders lor the clearing 4 a por-
lion of Muhon I'ark were opined aid
Ihe contract waa awarded lo Mr. W.
Trucoy II al at a price ol tWI pet
acre. Thu only other lenler receiv-
nl was that ol Mclennan k Anders al
$266 psr acre.
Tho rcooiit applicnlion ol tho W, A.
t'onler Engineering nnd Supply Company for privilege I,, lay oil Un'ie ar,d
pipes in -the lanes and beneath Hie side
wiiils. was irpi.iinl on by lho uwin
cor lo whom the Conununicuriun hail
been referred. Mr. Ifnnse in his Id I'll
■uid Ibsl i li. i a- was no particular objection Ihat ho could raise in Ibe mat
tor, bul ihoughl Ibst if ihu tanks mil
pipes were laid solely in Iho lanes  ll
WOUld   be   llellel. , ,
Ald.Dick Ihoughl it Was a mistake
lo graql any company a privilege uf
this kind as nllcr Ibo sidewalks were
down and Ihe slrods paved smlber
company wilh u similar projed might
come in and Ibe council Could hardly,
give prdorciico merely becauso oi pw
cedouce. /
AM. Diss laid lha< ho ciiuld /,l
give Ihe mntlet his support on| m-
count ol Ibe defagor of fire Aicii
would uccesiarily be greal.
tt was then moved by Aid. Il.iidn
sou and eeeonded by Aid, Killknii,
Uml ibe application bo filed upUl
somdiibig lurther be heard from ii
The motion when put was c
I inly
Lynn Valley Notes
(Eipreas l|ieciol correipnndoul)
Mr. Bslpb lioodall left lor V'iclorio
Bev. Mr. Willi..s, ja and wife,
smith, are viiitisg thdr nn,
Boad, during conference week.
Bov. Mr. Vance from Okanogan, last Siimluj evening at the
Methodist service in Lye i Valley.
Mr. and Mrs. .Snow, Kicdurick Bd ,
spent Sunday wilh lunula in MoUnl
Sunday was tbe liral lute day loi
I wo wii-I.h A large- number ol p. ople
visit nl tbo Valley ae a reaull.
Work on the flume leading lu post
office is aboul completed, a Ing im-
imhm'ihini Irom whul  the wall, was
New sloros, corper of church aud
oar line aro lo be stuited in aljoul
n month's lime. Tendon aro bdng
called for now.
Friends of Mr. Onuld, Doran Boad,
mil i»- sorry lu hrur of his illness.
Under Iho docl/,r'i advice he hus in-
i.-ihI Ibo hospital for treatmcnl.
Kev. ('. F. Fakdoy was ordained
lasl Sunday morning io tbe Sixth
Avenue Methodist eburdi. A number
ol Valley people atlrnded the servioe.
A new liu.iness hu« bein darted in
Jr. Msgenuis' old meat stand, noma
ly a 'isb and pr.sduec store undor th,
iiiiiiuigeinciil of the new firm in North
Vancouver,     s
The cullapae of a portion of the
brick work forming the Bogen' block
at the corner of Urniivilhi and. l'cnder
elrcoli, Vancouvor, yesterday, and ie
wbich six persons were more or low
sciiiui«h injured, nearly dolmad as ons
ul ile viclimi Aid. Dick, ot this dty,
who wai walking by at the time and
bad scarcdy poised Ihe building wben
Iho wall I'" Tbe alderman eayi
Ibat il ii inii.a. iili.u. that no loie of
lilc ur Im I hei injuries wen inflicted
upou Iho poisons ol Ihe psseoreby ss
at Iho timo ihe struct was congested
with its usual traffic ot Monday
morning business,
Tbo present cemetery lite Wss Inspected by ibe cemetery committee re-
ooully wilh a view to oscorlnjniug
whether Ibo present site wss ths molt
suHsbie one available. It Wai derided by lho commiltee that Ihe dty cannot ln'iter Ihemsdvei ae to loco'ion,
and recommended some Imprnvcmenlai
whicli will be sded upon bv Iboiily
iMiincd shortly. Tfae Improvcmento
will be ai lollowi:
I. Tbsl tho port of the c.mitery
now denied and bdng used m such
bo fenced wilb e durable fence
9. Thai Ihe said plot be levdlod
and Ihe main drivoway and wa ll be
t.   Thai   palnled   stakes  will.
numbers be substituted for the present
nm tlf.
Tbo "Cubs" baseball piartire bdd
»l (be Boulevard grounds last evening
was very salisliiclory from at Sl-
londance point of view, and some really good work no the part
of many of the mm who
were trying oul, moot 4 thorn for Iks
first time this n-a.oa, wo« obenrvod.
linen showed up will in bli practice
work behind the bft and proved eteo
that witb ihe wtttof he wMnoofaidc-
m, pounding out a tonser   Is true
The little 7 year-old sou of F, K.
Iiei.i.eii md with a very painful ood-
dent yeslorday afternoon wbm the
fledi of hii Idt leg wSs stripped of
almost from the' knee to Ihe ankle In
the machine used lor cutting ice in the
Ice 'nam Manufactory of Ihe JoSaos
loe Company, Keplsnade Weal. The
boy had been playing around Mu me-
djino while it wai in operation and
dipping on the broken iosis froai 4
ll broegfal Us leg within range of Ull
big kni'e. He wai rushed at caei to
lho cf. V. hospital when his iajwiee
were irmwd by Doctors Newe«s*e (
and Dyer who performed as opajridion
upon Ihe injured «>e»sber. From  l»t
\mf'    *"pWf F*   fm**   m*V*J*miaaf   Hff   Wwf      m
*mam**m mmmtf f^f f my^mff fmxfTWf \w
iooi4 fa- 'to -MomtttL MMtfvmQmi, B. c,
District Lots 856
and 857
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M. ti. Mi'DOWEI.I,
B..Cf.DOf;uMlllJNY-.r'. Wi
A public meeting of the oili.eni of
tbo cjty und district of North Vancouver, will bo held ill thu City Hull,
Norlli Vancouver, up Wednesday, th
17lb in-i. ut S o'clock p.m. lo iippoin:
.Iii.'.,.i. I., ilic committee tu maKc
arrangements lor these celebration...
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#nd Atvarnuiu.
Free delivery to all parts ol Ihe city.
Editor Express:
Helorriug to "The History" ol these
lots givon in ynur issue ol I-Wii'i'Li
ns Hoove McNatight ie Iruin homu
(wh., is the only member nl the Distriot" Counoil immediately connected
(villi .tlltit history) I deem it desirable
I in .-..iniii,ui fairness ihut your hint uy
{die supplemented with a statement ol
other pci'iimui lacte.
1. Clause 7 nl Schedule A, whieb
you quote, is in the Oity Inouriiire-
tiun Act passed in spring ol IMKi end
prior in thst ilnie tbsre was no offor
Irom lho government to sell an 11 here
wan a'l'etaisul to reserve those lends—
except ill u temporary und
1 In, sprjpg ul 1006 steps wire, I
belluvo, taken to apply lor it. wiitet
record on Bice Lake, licnco lho icier-
enco li, such n record in Clause 1 ol
the Agreement.   Thnt Becnril wus nol
olilaili.l.1  lllld  tllC lefereiice  lo  it collld
have ii.i significance in 1907 clan tho
■ily was incorporated und it certainly
'oiili! not be applied to n Water Application   Ilia a I   i|| '1910,
3, In February, 1907, iho Cov-,
ormneiit wrote that ihoy were "pn-
li.n. 11 to sell nt tho following tgnpi -
Lots H66 und H57 m sin p.r aero, snd
Lois 136,1 and 1413 nl th per u.'re."
This wus nearly a year after' lho Act
of I'ljliiiuii ni and Agreement Vita red
to. Though tbo Act of 11107 win pre-
pared lo iii'->-i all new exigencies -that
hud arisen, this offer was nol even ie-
lerrwl to—yet if it bad uny nieuniiig
al nil il was new—and it vas us applicable to 1363 and 1113 ns to 866
and S57.
I. A good dcul ol slrcss bus been
laid on Ibo action ol tbe diilricl
council alter the cily was incorporated
in referring Ihu Hustings Shin/Jo
"l.'i.ui.i.-i in in Company to thc I ily
Council ia;.11iin those liinds. Ih.i
i-olcre)aco_jn-'itsell could nol poasrlily iii'.ie alcgul right to these Inn Is.
I understand it to' he simply an ncl
of ciiurtooy towards the city council
(us some ol its members hud been pur-
lion In the '."Id i enquiries rcgurdinj
these l.n.d. nnd to Ibo original Bice
Lake npi'liculii.n lor n wiiter record)
and not admission ol a legal right.
5. This view Is a-, .uin mud hy thc nation ol the district council in 11, "in
lier, IIKIS, when with Mr. Muy in tbt
chair as loevo (und at the sumo time
u city ahl,a man, Ihoy resolved lo pur
chase I). I.'s. 1363 nnd 1113 Irom Ihu
government lor theme ives lor park
purposes.    Thc question ol purchasing
II. I.'s. H56 mid n57 ulso wua consider-
od, but. they did not see their way lo
the price. j
6. Al Ihe .-nd ol I'"1- und beginning
■ i 1909 Ihe council bud lennyncgotiu
mid hit decision ie, I feel sssiifid, su
earnest,effort tp liml a solution that
would do wh»t he PRPsidsw reason-
nble justice tq tho 11. 0. f,. 8»ih»V
ut the expense not ol tlm government,
but ol both tho parties who will use
Bice Loko tor reservoir purposes, Hit
oul) lie so used,
Unfortunately, hitherto, there has
in-i-n a iieeide.i variance nl opinion ns
to the iiHi'liilnesH of the lake ss a 'reservoir. Qn this subject |t would be ol
givul value to gnl the government engineer's recent report. II he support
ed Mr. Ilniii'.i' opinion 1 would ,ven-
i un' to urge that the city nnd district together approach Ibo B. C. E.
By- and eeok to offeot a leltlemont
without dday.
I um blnmcd Im' bring partisan in
Ibisjnatter. I am not—Imt I huve a
duty to (hose v. hum 1 served und for
whom I hnvo Iho highest respect. I
nm also .iiiiiiiliid that nothing cup bs
gninod by any course otller thnn hieing Ihe esialuig fuels. 1 am
Yours faithfully
live per cent, par annum, iiaysblp ball
vcorly on tbe lBt dov of July and the
Ut d#y of isnuary In each snd avsry
mr dnrlng the currency ol thssiijd
Debentnree or: any ol them, There
shall he attached to tha llolient^ra
Bowls Coupons signed by |be RW'a
for eiicli end every paymont ot Interest
that inuy become due, "I"! such ilgpa-
ture msy be either written or stamped.
6. Tbs said Debenture Bonds si) to
liiini'lliiil and Interest shall be payable
at the Rank R' British North America
fn North Vancouver, Toronto n»r\ Montreal, and the eald principal sum shall
be made payable by the Coruuratlon
at a date not later than thirty rears
from the 1st day of July, mil.    -
t. For the purpose of forming a
sinking fund for payment ot ssld Debenture! at maturity, anil for payment
of lho Interest |h«redn aa It becomes
due, amounting, said Sinking Fund
and interest together, to W, there
Is hereby assessed and levied over
and above all other rates and tunes
lho (in11nui turns set opposite the properties hereafter described, to he known
as "The King Street (Bast) Local Improvement Bats," which sums shall he
payable out of and from the eald prop-
iiftles, respectively,,vli.:—
,  1  ■
' W« wish »o riqtify the general
public thnt on »n4 after June 1st
the first floor in the new BANK OF
Rrrt Street atjd Lonsdale Avenue.
lions with Mr. filover regarding ir.iin-
wuy eileneion.     In 11)09 Ihcsc   were
Valley  Hat*
luken up by  the Lynn
payers   and   Ihoy   paused   the    hat
around lor bonuses in bind or money.
Al   length   llicy  circulated a petition
und gol it largely signed asking   tho
.',,1, iniunil In sell these lula caW  and
M57 to the. H. Ca E. Boilwny to nsaiat
with llieir iindorloking. There was  no
secrecy ulmul lho dislrict council con-
eiirring in Ihis pcliliou. They knew ol
no legul  or other burrier in tho wuy
uud Ihe mutter wos taken up with Uu
llitiist'er ol Lands ns nn ordinary !)»*>
ness iruiisa/tion.     Blnine   boa   Wen
Inid on them for not again lormally
commiiiiieutiiig wilh Ihe city' en'uncil.
They/did   not   do so  ii»<hevrase ol
131)3 mid H18-mid Ibe Iwo disci   aro
perfectly nnalagous. I nm certain   it
was  npt' inliiidiid   to  eitbes steal   a
march or lo lw discourteous   lo   Ibe
city coun(il.»Thut council had shown
no inlcrisi In these lands up till long
iiita-i then.
7. The resolution-you (puile nl'I3nl
April, lUHD, wns |nsaaid by reipiest ua
ultboiiirl'. the go'vcriimenl wore still
willing,nnd able lo »fll the Lands lo
either' municjimtjt'y, they ei,uld ind '1"
/diris't'lo lho B. C. E. Bailway, ex-
ce|,t w-itli Ibe jntorvcnlion ol tbe Hu-
nicipnlily. 1%> "ngl't ul purchase"
referred l„ could out by any form ol
impb.calio'1 Ik anything oonloined in
the coirespondteico ol IWW-i, but to
lho right then available (," t-bc di»"
Irii-I. '' .1       .
8. II ia due lo the B. ti E. B*il-
way to itate that at on early stags'
.rl Ihu Controversy with ibe city tboy
otleroi to give lho dly a Free tlrunl
of tbat part of Hie* Uko in *W.,.«ind
au area of )M>t less Ai* thirty '■''»*
around it  lor water-shed, This   o?or
,was refused.
tbe  contrive) ry
.   VOTIC^fslinbytiiv'inllii.' ul 'he]
,Utt am>t»l^  Bosrd of 11  < .'
C^ruWc-r*.   f«r   %   Diatrlot   'qf
Ptorth y*mptitr, I, -% undersjiwafj,
jrr-   k> *ffllf tat,a bald  licenae.
„■ ptm Pf sSiveA* on lot 5, U.^k 21,
rfloJP(»n4wifiv^ io the auid Dis-,
>f torth Vajiciavsver,
Dated ni North Vaawuvter,
May 8th, MM, 8^
District of North Vancouver.
A BYLAW lo iiiiiborlzu the carrying
out of the work of ijicu! Improvement pf part'of King Street East
and raising by way ql Local Improvement Debentures the sum of
$9,500 to provide part of the cost
of carrying out the said work, snd
to assess and levy the local Improvement rate or tux required to
provide, for the payment of Hie Interest, and to in cumulate a sinking
Fund In pay olT Die said Debentures.
WllriKlJaAS Hie King Street (East)
I .in ul Improvement Ily I -1\\, 1911, was
I'd.-■:-.-.I hy the Coundl ol the District
of North Vancouver lo provide for
ascertaining the luud lo he benefitted,
und Hie propnriioii of benefit received
by snub lands from Hie proposed clear-
ing, undine, und liaulevardliig that
purl uf King Struct East, extending
fur three blocks uustwiirds from l.ons-
dale Avenue tu Hie l-*;u-i.-i ly boundary
of Illock 12, Districl Lot 736. all tn
Hie Municipality of the Dislrict of
Norlb Vim. .nn.-r, tu the full width of
Hie road, uml iiiacudumlring same to
a width of 2\ feet between ditches,
and the cxpropriitlon of lands necessary where not ulreudy available for
Bald purpoic.
AND Wlll-.KKAS if was recited In
Aid Ity-hiw thai the ...limut.-.l cost
of said Imnrovemenl Work waa $11,91,5
thai thc 1'.iuu. il had agreed 10 expend
from Hie Uuneral Funds cf the Municipality the sum of 42,465, and the
balance of t9,5UU must lie rained by
i.o;.n on Hie Security of u i.nuii
Assessment lo provide lor tarrying
oul Ibe Improvement of ths said Bond.
AM) WHKHKAS by said Local Im
proveniuiit llyl-uw 11 li provided lhal
Ibo 1, 1.Ud to lie 11 iii'inii'd by the carrying oul of the said Improvement uf
the suid Kim. Street Fait are Ihe
lands huving u liontage 011 the said
King Street Km.i so far as II Is to he
Improved, and thai tbc extent to
which such lauds are benefitted is In
proportion lo Ibe length ul iioniu. ■■
uf smh I.'ml;- respectively fronting
upon said ltoad.
AND WHKHKAS a Petition has
been received by die Council dated
ui to each mi 1,mul.- and signed by a
11, .mn. in number of the persons
shown by the lesl revised assessment
roll of the Municipality lo bs Ihe
owners of Ihe hinds affected by this
ii;. 1 .1.'. and Ihu owners uf more Iben
mn bull In value of such lands, asking
that the seld Improvement of tbe
King Street Kasl be carried oul us a
Km ul Improvement, and that Ihe sum
of (9,5011 be raised by Debenture
Bonds lo lie Issued on Hie security
uf 1 "'.-I Improvement rales-, 10 he
levied 1." a.1.line, to ihe said frontage
basis on Ihe said lands 10 he benclllled
us aforesaid.
AMI WHKHKAS the amount of debt
which this lu-Liw ii Intended In create Is 19,1.110, end ti e earns Is being
created to provide a fund In pert for
tho Improvement of the sal.l King
Slreel East under l/nal Improvement
AND v. 111,11 KAS Ihe 1.1111.111,1 lo be
,uleed annually by Special Hate for
pu> i 111: the debt end Interest under this
lly-lsiw ie 164$, being 4170 for Sinking
Fund end 1476 lor Interest.
AND WHKHKAS llie value of Ihe
whole laud and linprovemenl, or real
property rateable under Dili Hy-lAw,
in 1 online to Die laat revised assessment roll of the Dislrict Ie ten thousand nine hundred dollers ($10,900).
AND WHKHKAS Die debt Is creeled
on Hie Security of thu Special Bales
si'lllid and levied by this Hy IjiV snd
ll Is guaranteed by'the credit of ibe
whole Municipality.
the Iteeve and Council of the c.iipor.i
Hon of the Hisiriii of Norlh Vancouver, In Council assembled (with the
assent ol Ibe electors of the said Dii-
liia.1). us follows; vli.t
1, Authority is hereby given Hie
Council to carry oul the work of Local
Improvement ol Ihe ssld King Slreel
Kasl ss before described, all u laocal
Improvement under and by virtue of
the said King Street (East) l/nal Improvement  Hy l.'iw, 1911.
2. II i iniii bo lawful for Ihe Council
lo raise by way of toon from any pur-
sou or persons, body or bodies corpo
rate under Debentures to be Issued as
Iho-einnfier provided, a sum of money
not exceeding In whole the sum of
(9,500, end to cfuse the same to hs
paid Into Uw Bank of Hrilisb North
America to th* credit of tbe said Cor-
on corner.   $6200, « fl»M. U« JMfW*
Dm art big>iflt| to b. ms4s in selling those loli sepsraMy-   ft *»'
pay you to ihveetigsU this,
Canadian^ Financier!, jmited
Phone 215
Local Manager.
.   V
i -     .'.'.   .1 - '      . '. ' .■.'.-      .-'
North Vancouver
The Knoll, high und dry lots with
splendid view in North Lonsdale, two
bl.ooks from car line. I'rioe $660 and
$676, i cash, balance over eighteen
months. Those lots are s lound investment.	
■     -'
Apply J; MclLWAINE
>   152 Third Street East, or
438 Granville St, Vancouver     Pfrtm* 8782,
be found I four as long as wrong mar
In ii, are imputed on one side or tha
iilbur. Kajajvo, McFiiUghl oflsrod' us u
solution to ftdvisc bis couneil lo c/«i-
yey W the -city idistriot lots UW and
141^ lor lti# prirw said, bring the only
Ijeoefit tbey bad recsjvod oul yfj; tl\e
jrorisautiop., '(hut ater was not «c-
appud, /t**' Frenjisr *xiiruf*d a
atrqag dmArw kq mmtrrpal ., lcg|J
4am an Iba atA of the oily, but the
<**/# stejumiiftt  ol thdr
No'   mau   regrets   tin  cuattrovtery  »«.»# <
to bud a solution'ol )t, but it cannot  ^gUo,, k, be dislgnalcd "The King
Street (Furst) Ucal Improvomenl lie
boiiiiro Konde" to an amount not ex
Ing the sold sum of M.uOO in whole
ie lrsued by the Keeve and Uie
of Hie I'orpuratlon In terms of
nunlrjual ciauaSs Act and Acts,
[ding the some and of this Hy-l aw
is m may be riyjulred. bul no
D#b«nture eball b,c tor a great
aihmtim.  C-ach of Uue iaW
|Uir«s sbsll he signed by the ssld
j aai Clerk and sealed wilb the
'at tbe (EorjJoraUon.
l| The said f>sbe#«r« tiqaiwabaH
ifltereet at a fate not eicnisilog
The said King Street IF,ait| Kanul
i in in oi. nn -ni Kate or Tax shall be and
il In-. .-I... levied and charged annually
for ths period of thirty yean as a Hen
or charge payable along with and In
addition lo and ai forming |iart of the
annual reel estate taxes payable (or
and out of Ihe said respeclive properties to the said Corporation.
Hut It Is hureby irovlded tbat In
the '-'"in of any of said properties
charged wilh said King Street (Kasl)
Km nl Improvement rate, being now or
hereafter subdivided, then tbe said
rale shall also be proportionately sub.
divided and settled according to the
frontage of eaeh part or lot abutting
on eald King Street lEast), and the
nil.ilniH.ii. of Ihe land shull be eo
made that as far as possible no part
or lol abulllng will bave a leas depth
than une hundred and twenty feel back
from surh frontage, end os such nub-1
division being bo mude and approved |
of by . .-I i hi.-., i.■ d di iiiiii.dii by the
Council for Ihe registration of the map
or plan thereof, ihon ibe said frontage
rate-Shall be a charge only on such
parte or lots abutting on said street,
and the remainder of Ihe said properties so subdivided (If any! slnill be
freed and released from Hie said rate
us a charge or lien.
7. The debt hereby created li creeled on the Security of the said King
Street fKaet) Local Improvement
Bate, settled and levied as hereinbefore provided, and II Ie guaranteed by
Ihe Municipality al large.
8. Thii in Id'i; may be cited for
all purpoies ai "The King Street East
i ." 'I Impruvemeiil loan By-lAW,
1911," and shall come Into effect op
llie 1st day of July, 1911.
Passed by Ihe Council on the I Ith
day of May, 1911.
Received the assent of the electeri
ll an Kl'd'tl'n. held on Ihe
day or 1911.
Reconsidered and finally adopted by
the Council and signed by the Reeve
and Clerk ami sealed wilb ihe Corporate Seal on Ihe day
Of                                  1*11.
Take notice thai the above li a true
Copy of tbe proposed Ily I aw upon
whlcb Ibe vote of Ihe Municipality will
be taken within Ihe following polling
station!, vl».i In the Lynn Valley
Institute Hall; In the Church Hull st
corner of laonadule Avenue and Qiieon
Street, and al Hollyburn, all In line
Disiiiei of Nortii Vancouver, on Saturday, ihe nth day of May, 1911, between the hours of V o'clock a. m. and
7 o'clock p. m.
C. M. O. and Reluming Officer.
Public notice li hereby given that
the vote of Ihe Klecturs of the District
of North Vancouver will he taken on
the King Street IKast) Local Improvement Loan By-Uw, 1911, on Saturday,
the !7th dov C May. 1911, between the
houra of 9 o'clock a. m. and 7 o'clock
p. m. within the following nulling
places, vli.:   In the Lynn Valley In-
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Ihe Diatitct of North Vancouver, and
that John ti. Farmer has been appointed returning officer to take the votes
of auch electors with the Usual powers
lu that behalf.
By order of the Counoil, '
Acting Reeve.
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News Letter
flpird ol Purrtrql Syitero «| ajfunioipol
tluvcrnpient now in Force in Montreal Qyer a Ifmyt, is gof tWisfeo-
fpjry Claim tbe Ward p0|.ticiens-
Hiisincss yen snd Pood Cjtizen3
licnerully Approve ol It-Canadian
Touchers UnaceHed Say Hrilisb
JJuneftl-ryiieointtttpfi |or Al| ia tbe
\   "rlriaT; J    , ■ ,   .' •
(Ffpiji ff» pym correspondent)
^optfeal, i^ay 15:—The Board o|
Ciiiilrul, pr lielvoslon plan ol com-
inission government fur cities as jt is
culletl In Hie United States where it
originated, ia « lailurc in m, far as
Montrail i* conocnied, according lo a
band ol ei-ukleriiion, would-be cm
Iriiclma, wiuil heelers and ofbers who
have formed themselves into an organization whose aim is to recapture
the city ball Ipr tbe old form pi alder-
manic patronage and plunder carrel
on i.iiee,- -Inlli- until laet year under
the uid system pi civic government liv
aldermauic committees.
Tho commissioners bave bold the
reins qf office lor slightly over a year
now. Am .me who takes tbe trouble ta
compare, in over bo casual a maimer
the results wbicb have been ucb.oii
in that short yoar in thc way of civic
improvement witb the results which
woro promised but wore never forthcoming aliaa aa. tho ninny yoato of ol-
ileriiinnic sway, will agree that the
new system, instead of being a failure
us claimed, has been a greut success.
There have been shortcomings ol
course, but all aroujid il may be solely said Ihat never 'before has llie city's
money and energy boon pul to bettor
use than during tbo lust twelve
months^ When Ihe Bourd of Control,
was elected Ihe number of aldermen
was cut down from two to one lor
euch ward. This left a few ginllemon
at homo who had bad a testo ol political life and bankered for more. Up
lo lho present the}' hnvo boeu kept
i|iiict, bul uow, it appears, they are
getting together and intend lo make
a concerted effort to " control ol
the municipal puree Btrings once more.
Is tho (hinadiun child "forward" ?
Members of tbe commission ol Kng-
lish cducaliuual experts wbo uro
iliug Canada in Ihe interests of education, answer tho question witb au
emphatic negative.
"That ia to soy," soid one ol ibo
commissioners, "the children ure not
"forward" in the sense ol the Wurd,
which ii generally interpreted aa rudeness. ,0n thu other hand, they ere
bright and show un ubsolutc abeence
of sell-coysciciusncss which is really
delighllul. It indicuted un individuality and an ailorlneas which will moke
tIii-iii goud, bright, edf-rcliunt riliaicns
ol Ihe limnc. It ulso apeaka well for
the syateni of instruction given iu the
. a'liii.ili. end ia a testimonial ol the
cureful work of thc teacher, wh.*) Iti-
ary is not cc immenauratc wifh lho el-
lurid thai both be aud sbo muat huvo
made in order* to obtain such resu'ls.
The communion, which is composed
nl leading Uritieh educationalists, is
making „ lour ol the Dominion with
a view to reporting on the school rye-
tern hero.
lioucral compulsory vuccinatiou bus
been ordered by tbe provincial bourd
ul health for the province ol Quebec.
This will mean nol only .oaoiniilioD
lor those who bave never been v.iccin;
ulcd, btl ro-vat'cinulinn lor thoaewho
havo not been vucciuutud lor the tail
seven yean.
This sf-ringenl *f*9 has been sdunt-
ed in view ol thai diaenvery lhal r.,»ca
hud been reported1 in moit I hull I v. only counties. Moiwvcr, Ihe iiii.iition
ol the Hoard hue hern lo Ihe
lad lhal ns lumb< smen I'.'l'ir.icd l.-um
the in»|xilora found in.inv fuses
ol smalli'o^. Or. K. Mloticr. sere
tary ol lho pruvinei d Board .Jl'll.-ulih
declares ihut il ia I mc tn slump i ut
(he ci/iilanfion Worn It, bnl lucoini
too gisierol. "Wc or« surround' d by
ainuU'pox," snid he. Ontorio ii in-
fouled nml llie neighb oring cilutai ore
also on the verge of i m opidemic.
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Lsunch "West Vsneouver," Csptsin Findlsy
Licensed lor 35 passengers
Taeavee Vancouver
(Saturdays only)
Jatave Wost Vancouver
Waits Fsrs 16c
Two ftcksts Sic.
.Quickest route from Nortli Vancouver to (lie district beyond
Capilano River. Leimcl) "West Vancouver" makes conncc-
lion8, wiiliout /ail, with the terry steamers Iron Nortli Vancouver, ss per above schedule.
two Voncouvor 6.20 o.m. sod
thereafter overy 30 minutes -until
7.00 p.m. Commencing 7.30. pjn.
ov.ery 30 minutes until ll.3a p.m.
iliei.-iilii'i 13.16 and 1.00 nan.
I-eavo North Vancou.ver 6.00 am.
und thereafter evory St) minutes unlil 7.00 p.m. f.'oiriratmcing 7.30 p.
m. every 30 minutes until 1140 p.
ni. Iticrc-iifler )1.46 sand 13.46 u>.
I/Cavo  Vancouver  7.40,   8.30 snd
11.01) thereafter name as Weekdays.
I-eave North Vsneouver ,7.40, 840
and 8.40, fWfter same as weekdays.
Single laro 6c, 6 for ■*&,. W Ipr II, 70 tor IS.
A-lAijjhsr  wagons,   Uuokn  nnd
drays, 75o return.
B-4 horse express carriages and
baoks, 60c return.
O—l hrirso express  huggios  <M»d
outoa, 26e return.
Tuae-tnlAo ipbirsl to change wit fcoul notjee.
bompeny not liable for .delays, qj othartrbw.
.   1  .i m
All Unvnbove rotes indnde shiver. Motel i snd 8 wbisot Mr.V
per cent. Afteqval in loti 4 W.
tsmm fmti
§tr p lbs. thia. Re.
ininfum rah. m-
mmt mi 11. ii, ■■ iiiimii
The Bunk of BritiihNnrth kwim
C»pita| Paid Up $4,8^,666.   Re«rve fm\ $2,652,333
.     . .       .....'..'..     , .
HI Offices in ^pjfth Vfumptlver—2
UPPER LONSDALE AVENUE (near Fourteenth Street)
Saying Deposits ol f 1.00 and upwards received.
1 Interest allowed St current rates.
Banker's Money Orders issued.
Both offices-transact s general banking business
and are open on Saturday night.
F. T. SALSBURY, Manager.
Capital Paid Up  t 2760,000
Beservo k Undivided Profits    3360,000
Total Assots 40000,000
It is not easy to aller tho habile
ol a lifetime—no small mutter to
liiri.ul.i' cxtravap-anco und learn to
You will never leurn unless you
have an inecnlivo ol u Savings Account.
Do nol prociuatinale—call lit the
Bank ol  Homilton-nnd open un   ac
count .
C. G. HEAVEN, Agent,
North Vancouver.
Essd Office:
LoU in D. L. 621, BAYV1EW; $300
to $325 per lot; $20 cash and $15
per month; or $5*0 caah and $10 per
month; or $100 caah, 6,12,18 mtha.
BROKER     333 Pender St. W.      Phone 5654
A few yard, off LONSDALE AVENUE. Only
two lots left, each 50 ft. by 167 It. ' Price only $500
each, 1-3 cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Block and half from car line, a cleared 50 11 lot lor
$1050, 1-3 caih, balance 6 and 12 months.
Phone 70—P. O. Box y7
''   '      // /'        A >'
fiftth   IfM-Jt'/' ■ •'  '
}    l/.hf If/ • \U '■itf'1 ,
Suppose s cuslomcr is nbuut to order  something  or  otiicr  over   your
telephone.    Tin- operator finds   your
line or linee engaged,    'iho cuelomer
must wait—or order somowhero   else.
Maybe he chooses to wail -calls ngain
—again finds your lino or lines  buay.
That mcane a possib'o loas ql a customer. !
Tho   business   man needs  ado-
tjuolo tolophono acrvice lor Iho
arcumiuduliou   ol hia buaincss
and   his cuetomcis. Whon you
fuse customers through "busy"
signals il has been proved tbat
your   telephone   lacilities   aro
People who gol business make It-
easy for their oustomors lo get lo
them and havo the number of lei.-
phone linee their business requires.
The number should be dclorminod by
t amount 4 use al the rWSlEST
of U)e day.
II i
North Vamcquviw
B. C,
Published Tuesdays and Fridgys by
North Shorf. Pkess, Lihitkd
'Ons year, ILOii SU monthi, 60c Three months, 26c.
United Stiiiuu and Foreign, 11.60 per year
Advertising Hates will lie <|iiotea on application.
Tits BspniBs Is devoted tu the interests ol the north Shore of Burrard Inlet
reselling in a lliornugii and eiteciive manner tne pupiiiation ui norm Vancouver
City SHU Distriul,   Kvery effort Is niiiiln to give advertisers tbe mult satisfactory
exclusively,    it coiiHtiiiitoH an advertising medium ol exceiitinnal value lor
reaching in a thorough and effective manner the pupiiiation ul North Vancuuver
All changes in contract advurtisemeiite should be In thu printers' haiula mil
later than 10 a.m. Monday uud 6 p.Up Wednesday to ensure Insertion In tbe
following Issue,
North Vancouver,   It. C.
Ma? 16, 1911
The action ol tlio II. C Kleetric llnil-
way Company in discoid inning their
service on tlie old line from Fell Ave.
to the pity limits, concurrently, with
lho opening ol the new line ulong Fell
Avenuo to Ihe Cnpiliuin school, br'.n./a
the city lace In luce with nu important development in slroet railway
matters. Thu niuiii iasuc involved is
not thut people who huve built their
homes iu ihul locality depending on
the i'liin line will lie greatly inc.ill
venicnivd, nor liml real relate values
in (hut puiiiciiliii vicinity muy Is'
adversely affected lor the linio In-ill:.',
11.11 that the discoiiliiiiiuncaj ol thin
service muy postpone thu extension
of the line along the lowor 'npiluno
roud for a longer period times might
otherwise be tho cuso—important as
Hi.-.-1 colisidei'iiliona doublless ure,
yel ths in.,si 1111,1111 ni mis pluiso of ihu
whole mutter lies in the Inct thut il
Hie Compuny bus llie righl to discontinue Ihia in 11..11 ol ile service linn it
hua the right to diacouliiiuu uny portion ol tba service to the ouet or the
wosl of Lonsdule Avenuo ut uuy time,
when it muy deride so to do. Utile
the diaeonliniiuncu ol Ihu section to
which reference l» mudo ruiaos Ihe
whole apii-.iion of lho righl of the
B. C, Lluctrio ltuilwuy t oiiipuny to
• li. ■..1.1 in 11.- ut will uny portion of it.
eusl ami west lines without consult
iug tho cily council wilh rasped
It ia upp,iieiii upon Ibe luce ol
Ihinga thnt Ihis ia u situation which
loaves only one teniae lor ihu cily
council lo pill.Ue, 11 im 1 (o pul
lol Hi every ondouvor to soouro incog-
nilioii of righte upon llie purl of the
city which will render U'licusury tin
consent of lho council Indole any auch
diacontinuuiico can lie undertaken.
Fuiling (he aiicrone of thu effort,
which thc council ia now making lo
Ileal directly wilh thu ConipnP),
cluuao 38 ul the ugreemunl wilh lln
Company provide! lor lho nrbiliuiion
of ell nuii differences ubder iho provincial Arbitration Ant, 'ihe clause
icud.-. as follows: "11 at uuy lime
heii'iillii any 'll puie. .1.11,in n o|
(jusetion shull arise botwerp Ibe said
parlies I.,-..a,, touching tbo onsliuc-
tion, moaning or affect of these proa
cuts, or uny elnuae or thing herein
contained or the rights or liabilities
of the said purliin leapeclively, tbiai
evory euch dispute, dibViucu, dicisioii
or ijueslion sholl be referred to urbi
Irutiun." (TiKise IW provides thul
sucb mliiti ui inn shall bo ■ ,' u-l un
it'i the \il.iii..i...n Act of I'uii. I.
Ths question ut issue is one   which
calls  lor r.-coui.-e to tbia .irbiirutinii
clauee, should a spiwly und sulnla..
lory adjustmiol nor prove luasilde liy
diroot negotiation.
It il to be prelum..! Ihut ,u ill IS-
lation to the admisaion 'I Ihs North
Vancouver proleesional Iwross" lin|)
into tbe B. C. league, tbe gums (,f
Hatunloy last|betwi«i a iivi.ii Irom
(bat did) and tbe New Woltioinster
team is to be teksn striifSy on ile
merits, tbat is to soy, tlie score (13-
to 8) ie to b* ocespted us. indioulisy
th* rststiv. ability ot the two toxins.
that Sillier team might or migb'a not
have stone bad *b*y I** »" mindud or
bad inmwdisbi conditions b».« differ
smt, ll *»»*** *• <|P»U*>. WM <**!
iictiiully did is the only eunsiilrrnlinii
Hi.11 can bo nl I,.-. e<! to intlui.'iics tho
iSuoii Iwing the cnao Ihero a)Urely cint-
nol bo any dissent from lho opinion
thut lho North Vuneouver lenni inr.di
g I,   Tho lacl Hint in this ns.vly or-
giini/ml tonni, gathered from various
sources, hitherto prnclicnlly i.unc- wilh ono another's stylo ol
pluy, nnd oompoeal ol players who
h.ul been out ol ihe p.line througboui
approximately one whole loason-tho
lucl Hint this team went on the field
niter but short preliminary w,,rk, ml
secured li showing ol Iwelve lo
three uguinst Ihu liiuiiipions of the
world, speaks i oluiiii-.. uml shows conclusively Hint it is composed ol play
crs of the culibro Hint justly entitle.
them lo u plane in cbumpionship com
pony with every prospect ol develop
ing Into n team thnt will muko it decidedly interesting lor lho best.
Ileferiiiico to the records of lucroSii
in II. ('. during recent years will sli
in.11 it ia but a abort time since
score of twelve to throe wua ulioul the
average proportion iu whlcb lbs more
alood in games in which the New
Westminster    leum   bus   participated.
Further tho record ol the
Miuio cup matches pluycd. ut
New Westminster will show thut the
sumo score represents n rather hottei
showing upon the purl of ths North
Vancouver lonm Ibuii tlint mude by
cinck touma Irom tho east who have
trundled weal lull ol confidence thai
I hey would curry Ihe coveted trophy
with Ihcm.
If British luir piny is to prevail in
provincial professional lucroiae, then
(unless they woefully fulPdown iu
Ibeir mulch wilb Vancouvor on Sal-
iirduV uei't, "I'l'li is not ul nil prole
ublii). ihe Norlb Vsneouver lacrosse
club has won ils way lo a place in
the II. 0, I .'.yue.
foreseen queers, will be back again
this fall or wwt spring w.hen he will
engage (n th« jewelry and fateh repairing business In North Venon*ver
permanently and be more than eve?
ready to undertake any job in bis
line however bad it may bt, Until
he gone, whioh will be in about a
moiatb'a time, lie will be glad to ore
hie friends ul his resilience, llllll st root
second house oast ot 81, Uoorge's Ave.
and where he still eonliimes lo do repair work, as his time is t no short to
seek another location in lho business
part ol tba oity, Jewelry or watches
for repairs osn bo left ul tlie' Fair
eonleclionery .'lore, ,11b block, 1.0'. S-
dalo, in core ol Mrs. Dueplfipiliii apd
(Son.    •
Sincerely yours,
10-IS C. E. STAHPFEft.'
The TheoBo|diioai Hooiety moots in
North Vancouver in Boom 4, 87 Lonsdale Avenue (onlrunra nort tn Welcome Parlor) every Wednesday svrnlni
at B o'clock. Al tendance is entirely
tree mid carries no obligations w hat-
ever. You are invited. 'I'hensnpiiical
study and questions.
s'  .     LU     1-lliJJ	
II. I.. 666 nnd Vil.
iiie l.-lliy uppivuing in this iliac,
from Ihe |H'ii ol Ur. Alesniulcr Pbilip
wilh referent* to distriot loti S56 nnil
147 will lw me I wilh interest by nil
ratepayeri who wish to U lully Informed with reference lo lull import
unl matter. ' It hoing pioiidnl with
Ihe lull fa'-i- of Ibis public question,
Irom authoritative eourecs, llie inle-
pnyera ol the i'ily und the uro
relieved bom o. |» udeiir* upun urn
hearsay und are plural in poll.i.11 lo
lollow lho progrrss ol ovinia inielli-
gonlly. At the proaenl ategs ol |io, il Would uppciir that good
results might lie urrivod ut were tin
' made to loglirs join! action
among the parlies inter.-aled. >c;oli.i
lion- along tbia line could ciriuinly
do no harm and tboro ii 0 jmssibilily
Ihul I hey might roeult in un ,
and satisfactory sett lenient of the
whole matter.
TAKF, N0T1CF (hat the Veno.nivor
Timber k Truding Company, Limited,
intend.! to apply 'or pcrnrision to
purchase the follow'ng dos r|'el l-.iula:
Commencing aj a post plaited nUlie
Northwest corner nl Lot 73', Ihajni-e
running south -J) chuins, ill no wat
BO chains, thence north 'J8.09 oh.i'ne,
thence mist M) chuins,   il    south
8.09 riinins lo pine.' ol roniliii.'licoin,"nt.
W. I). VACOIIAN, Agent.
Duliil April 10th, 1011. 1*7
TAKF, NOTK'F, (bul W. B. Viiugb-
an, Superintendent, inleuds io upply
for p. um- I- ia to purchase Il.o fi.ll' w-
ing .I.--ids.I hmls: Commencing at a
posl   Bli   chains   West    ol ill'!
Northeast coiner of Lot .'-". thence'.!!)
elil.111.   wool,   llllll'.-   isM'J   ell,,ll    n   'ill
Ihoneo 'ill chuins east, Ihcnoe "KllH
chains soiilh lo place ol c. ninici cement,
Haled April Hllh, IUII. 1*7
An Opportunity of a lifetime
Block 34, District Lot 580, One Block from Carline.
Urge Sized Lots. 50 x 157, all Cleared. Magnificent View. One Block from Boulevard
Pricei $950 North Visw     m Cu>><M-'- i*, "■ *»* "4 "-»*»
$1000 South View njU T
Double conwn from $2300 tlderMurraylo.
'       I .
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in tb
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd,
ASSETS! $94,900,000
Hub' Agent
Agreemanli snd Contract! drawn        q, . . ■ General
of svery description rBOne  IXI       Cenrs»andnf
Size 90x120-   Price $1875, quarter cash.
This will be gqod business property.
2I() Lonsdale Avenue Telephone 44
North Vancouver ReilEiUte
Real EbUitu will bl held iu
Aleiander Philip's Reil Estat. Exchange Rpom, Club Block, Eb-
plpnade, North Vftnoouver
On Saturday, 27th of Msy, 1911
A lilll.lli.'l- nl id il mil lie rt'operila.1
Imvu already lieei) entered lur iliii
salo mi terms tbat should ittraet pur-
cliasers. Further entries will lie nceii-
ed fur thie eslo up ta 16th Mny.
Owners ur agents entering iirn|inice
lar sul| must du sn un lurml lo be
provided by Hr. l'hilip unl slate h-
i.-i'i ii' i" nd', if any, and lermi ol payment and also give all necessary information us lu the titles ol ihc'r properties.
Dr. Philip will lie glad to i.-n iuu
will, aejonts who have proiM/l'iiM liHt.-d
wliidi thoy can place on tho inlllM.
Alter the sale immediate seiileniuiiii
will lw rendered for ull sales effect- il.
II the pi.ipeiiy is nui sold no less
will In1 churuud.
I'm (miller particulars und entry
forms, apply at Hr. Philip', iilli.-j,
(lull Illock, Norlh Vancouver.
Angus J. Cameron
A.H.I.K. /. 6.
civii, rnoiniIbb
Irrigation, drainaes, Itrvell, plans
and ipociliralione. Se|)lic liiuks and
house .I...ii.ii. e a specialty. 1'. O.
Itoi -.'It, liilli slrest west ol llswicke
I'laiis, Sjiii tin niiuiis, Gstiingtes
P, t). ltox 17, North Vancouver
120 Second Street Eatt. Telephone 206
Convenience to North Vancouver Merchanti
Buy i» Your Own Town. Your Ordan Solidlsd
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
"The Knoll, high view lull, Iwu
blocks Irom l^oidolc our, belt view
in North Lonadale, only thlt, easy
payments. Tnoss are selling, so gel
busy il you want to eocure one. Apply, ,1. Hcllwaine, IM, 3rd St., North
Vancouver. 2tn
The undajrsignad takes plnaeuis in
thanking bis friends and oueloamrs ot
Norlli Vsncouvtt tor their highly valued support and pul'niMgc dsring the
last lis months. Ha rcgrsle to suy
that he has lo eime his jserHryvb«isi-
ness lats^orariiy, beuig i-altsd t., t\a
4A canntry, both by duty and op
biuiwss.    He, however, it nothing w- IVhone IM
I'lana prcpurnl nud V!il'in-itra uiven.
Ollice: I UW Dominion Trust llldg.
I'hone 2191
lissldense, IM I'.igblh Ave, K.
Norlh V ii in-, nr.. i
I'll lilh Html Rait North Vnneourer
I'I. 773
" —ana— I        ■ III
LOW SEA, Proprietor
8s.m. lo H p in.
First ' i.iss Meals ly.
Commutation Ticked, ]| niesls
*4 75
Humus lor Id.nI et modcrile rslss
-WI   It.
lot Ol
'Jill  st
norlh aide, Sl.'iiVI,
crins ;
M It.
on i'iIi atreet
l-.'l   I.i.l.,11"-
■ illi.ll.-e
Notice is hereby given that the
Huwe Hound and Nurthern Hallway
Company (a company incorporated by
tbe l. i-l,'iin!• of the 1'rovince ul Bn-
i mh ( oliiinliiii, will upply tl Ihe pre-
sent session ol parliament ol Canada
lor an Acl (1) declaring that the
works and undertaking ol the Compuny aro works for the general advantage ol Canada; VI) (o eiteud ths
lines ol railway which the Company ia
now authorised to construct und operate as lollows: from a point at or
near Ullooet, thence northerly along
Ihe valley ol the Fraser rivsr to ths
town ol Fort George, thence northerly
lo the valley ol the Parsnip lliver and
along the valley ol the l'arsnip rivsr
lu a point at or near its junction with
lho Peace river, tlionco easterly along
the 1'eace river to 1'eace River land
ing ; wilh power to lay uul, conitrucl,
operate and maintain a branch line
Irom Newport at the head ol Howe
S.i.iii.l to the citiee ol North Vancouver and Vancouver; (8) to empower
the Compsny to own, dsvolop and operate water powers lor tlie purpoeee ol
its undertaking; (4) to eonetruat and
opera I u telephone and telavraph lins*
and lu charge lolls lur lho usethsrs-
ul: idi tu own, build, purchuse or
otnorwiee nbtain and operate steam
and other vessels; (6) to build and
operate elevators, wbarls, wnrsbouees,
etc., and to carry on ths business ol
ijeiieiiil warehousemen, and lor such
other powers snd privileges as may \w
incidental or neoosisry lo Ihe above.
DATKI) at Ottawa this Sth day ol
April, 1911.
I'll I Nil 1,1'', li QUTUBIE,
Ciliien Building,
.Solicitors lor tbe applicants.      '11-!■
TELEPHONE Hq. p, 0. BOX 114
1 .    !. lilm
A. Campbell Hope
' C,A. CAL.
fiu.1 Healings eiliml Wi*l, Vancouver,
It, ii. I'hone V'.f,
RosideiiK.': Tireiimn lllmli :ir„s lit tit.
I'iml, Norlh  Vlnro'ivcr.  I'hone III I'i.
Paper the World
ovrn ss VM"
16 inch- 4W psr load
13 inch *).» per losd
<'oldwood   ft, per coul
Oltm twiy arit
V. 0. Boi m
I on, 11 frit wlioilior ae
1.1,1, p^.itl^li. Yniiiiounlrav
is.nilaJ. HANDBOw en ratals
, ri,r .IfajilllKMUnU,
a|b Muu I lie. itctln
Irom our Hia,.l nl new Well I'apers
so il seems. I'i very day souls new
design srrivos lo fill ths vnoanoy
ol iin>.e closed out.
MITH i: is her.oby given Ihat at Ibe
nost sitting ol Ihe Hoard of   license
t'ommiesiooere    lor    Ihe   Dialrict   ol
North Vancouver, I, Ihs undeisignvl,
intend  lo  apply lor a hotel   liaienee
lor   premises situalo an Heulloy   Island,  F.aglo iiniiioni, D. ii, 774,   in
the said Districl ol North Vaucouscr.
Doted at North Vaacouler,
April 37th, IUII. If
MWkM, A*™ Wall P.p„.
UUM tmnUi.   Tiiai for
', aeiiasi small. iiMi,
',» HUM Iht Ihi.Iii.m of U.iio/tdjrtrt,
yatltfuiitnt otluii a.1.0 ic.llu ilu taMasUI.
ily .,(li.«ii|llieU r.ic.i bu.lncM lunMcltd
l.y)'.«p«iUi, »irtli»lm,»i.4irl.efiic. I'liitra. OwUv«al»rVA4yirli r.m.i ifne re.
are here ia endleH variety. lusl
loll our saleeman Ipr what room
you want tbe paper and he will
show you just the pattern you are
looking for.
To  choose Irom our stock ie a plea-
sull, to pay our price is auy.
w. H. mm k co.
117 laouedals Avenue Phone 149
New Wselminster I*nd Distriet-
Disiriot ol New Westminster. TABB
notice that Robert Duff Kimond el
Vanoouver, li. C occupation, broker,
iiiicnil. to apply for permission to purchaee the following dseoribed lands 1
Commencing at a post planted on tbe
weet side ol * small bay on ths North
line of |/,t 3630, thenoe weet 30 cissias
more or less to ths northwest corner
of Lot 3630; thenoe south 83.70 chains
to ths northeast corner of Lot 3633;
I hence weet 31.73 chains to the aonth-
east corner of Lot 668 ; (hones north
BO cbains mors or leaa to the southwest corner ol Lot IMS; thenoe sell
33.78 chains more or leaa to ahore ol
lake; thsoee in a southerly direction
along ehore ol lake to point ot eom-
men cement.
Uth Marsh, 1911. ii
TtUphoM 276
We Inivu juet i.d-.-ii.-.I a shiiunenl ul
superior mantle clooks in im.ny handsome snd pleasing designs. These
clocks aro smoothly cmiatruolajd while
ills niovi'in. ni .1 are thoroughly lelialilu
and durable, which combine to lil
thorn for the finest uiid most liui.l-
somely arranged- homes. -
—~— I I —a——aa—a—aa—aaaaa
ia tlie in Canada, uud inly
Workmen who know their ■• i.i' ura i-inpliiyicj. 'Ihu .Host
ililliciilt 11|i.i11 work executed autislue-
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
E. Trorey,
Managing Director
Jewelers and Silversmiths
Hastings h Granville Sis.
f    Ue
By Louis Joseph Vance
CanrriSkt ISSS. b, lk< Sobt.-rUrrill Co.
™ cuum co.
Corner Lonsdale and Second.
Phone 255
WE have received a large consignment of Ladies Shirt Waists, in
all sizes and styles, and claim that for
value auch an assortment haa never
been shown in North Vancouver. A
leading feature amongat these is our
special DOLLAR waist, both in white
and colors. See thia line and we will
convince you we can defy all
competition. All aizea to 42 inch.
The Place Where Everybody Goes
Gem Theatre
Norm VAiNi;<>r\T.i<
:«r? Good Pictures  Good Singing
er::: :::  Good Music  ::::::
Programme changed  Monday,  Wednesday and   Friday.
Adults 10cCm*M1tfSZ;r"""" ChUdren 5c
iiutineo   every   eJulurday 2 in o'clook
N '
Ha in :
ami   io
$'u„   per   Slid   up.
regular   boarders.    .
Special rains lo lainiiii s   ■ V
finest Roof Garden on Parl/ic Coaftl
Ssconi) Smsr.
The Gurney-Oxford Steel Top
fttlvcn ...
Of 111"  l\t
-.III be tjk.
icsl Imiirovl
im is ns » mark'.',I, on gain
,   , , isy, Ull. h
liiclemllii'llvr lijiori, tm. „n
'lli.'THANf ibe '•'to*'"'
only does ils v »,« Church Hell
.ah' Avenue aud
Imt AT U'.Sf Hollyburn. all
„ irlh Vancouver.
Dlliui Ifing/'s. mer bu been
leer to lake ibe
Wean il,,, "to the usual
llie  whole  fVM,
A1,I,A.N,     ,
ccllor prim.. Acting RSeve.
snd cffidcix',;' KA"Mj;;"v
Is it nol
ol you. lio** Vancouver.
nled, aide to
Iiavliig i.e.n iiii.iiuliiiil to tbe polul
uf en ii ii I by au exceptionally clumsy
but piTlliiuciuiis liar.
At in mn lire. isely, bis suspense grown
ton onerous for his strenglb of will.
ilumi iiie minimi and tbelr understand
Ing to'ibi' winds, be walked boldly Into
Ibe Terminus end Inquired fpr Ulsi
Wheu st length ihs sppeared on tbe
threshold of ibe apartment, bringing
wlib ber ihe traveling big sad looking
wonderfully ibe belter for ber ninety
minutes of complete repose sud privacy, tbe relief be experienced was so
Intense Ibat he remained transfixed In
Ihe middle uf Ibe door, mumeutarlly
able neither lo s|ieak nor to move.
On ber purl, ao fagged snd dis
traugbt did be seem, Ibat at sight of
liis careworn countenance abe hurried
lu him wilb outstretched, compassionate bauds and a low, pitiful cry of
concern, forgetful entirely of ili.ii
which he himself bad forgotten the
■ million she bsd betrayed on parting.
"Ob. nothing wruug," be hastened lo
reassure her. wilb a sorry ghost of bis
familiar grin, "only I bave lost Hobbs
and Ihe satchel with your tilings, and
there's no sign yet of Ur. Calendar.
We can feel pretty comfortable now,
and -end I Ihought It time we bad
somclblug like u meal."
Tbe nerrallve of his adventure
wbicb be delivered over (heir dejeuner
a la foil., inn, contained no mention
eli her of bis rebuff at the American
consulate or Ibe scrulch he bad sua-
{ tallied during Hobbs' murderous us-
suull. The one cuuld not concern her;
ibe oilier would seem bul a bid fur her
i.iiul'.iilii He "dini.-.l It a foiiumiie
thing Ihul Ihe mite's knife hud been
keeu enough lo penetrate the clolli of
his sleeve ivlilmut tearing IL Thc Slit
II hud I. ii una barely noticeable. And
, lie purposely diverted the girl with
Hushes of humorous descrlptioq, 10'
liml tbey ii- . ii .. .I both meal and epi-
' .nl.- Ii) a of wholesome merriment
ll wns concluded, all too soon for Ihe
i.i'ie of either, by Ibe waller's an
ii.iiiiiceiiniii Hull Hie slcaincr was on
(he point of sailing.
Outwardl) composed, Inwardly qunk-
: in ■ I bey boarded the packet, meeting
wilb no misadventure whatever If we
ire 10 eicepl the rlrcutnstfliire Hint
when Ibe re Murjul bill was sillied
and Ibe girl had punctiliously siiinn
il'i.dl bis change wilb Ihe tickets
Klrkwood found himself In possession
of precisely I franc und 'in centimes.
lie groaned in spirit to think bow
differently be might have been Hied
bad he nol In his iufnluulcd spirit of
bonesly been su uiulous lo give (ul
endur more Iban ample value for bis
An inciureble anxiety held Iheni
both near Ibe gongway until 11 was
cast 'ii end Ihe boat begso lu draw
away from the pier. Tben. and not
llll tli«-ii. did an unimpressive, smull
figure of a man dclacb llself from the
shield uf a pile uf luggage and ad
nun !■ la tbc pier bead. No scennd
glume was in..i.d Id Identify Mr
It..nil- ond until the pcrs|jaicllve
dwarfed lilm liidlstiiigulsbsbl; he wss
lo be eveu alternately waving Klrkwood ironic fereuell end blowing violent kisses lo.tflss Calendar from Ibe
Uf* of bis soiled Augers
8o bv bad ■ ■ i "l arrest.
At ini-i by turns Indignant and relieved lo ri'iili/i- ilmi Iherceflor Ihoy
were In move in .-. i..-s lu wblcb bit
baleful .ii iiI'jh would uul form en es
ScutUlly "jiiipiiiicnl part, subsequently
Klrkwood fell • prey lo prophetic terrors ll wu nut stone feur ur rctrlbu
lion Ibal bad Induced Uobbs lo rcliti
qulib bis pcrsei uilon. -ur so Klrkwood
bad become convinced. If Ibe mele's
relculeilou bsd allowed for tbem Ihe
leesl fraction of s cbsuce lo escipe
epprrhcnslon uu Ibe fsrlber eborei of
Ibe . Lui.iai-i. not feere nor ihreeli
iioiild liiue prevented blm from sail
Ing wilb ibe fugitives Ker from having left dunger behind tbem on tbe
ci.iiiliieiii. Klrkwood believed lu bli
secret bean Ibal ibey were but flying
lo encounter It bcueath Uie smoky pall
of Iaoodoo.
The J, D, Fraser HaC.~
133 Up"
Phone $6.
nl.le I.)   write
mod lu   "ti"-
ine nn ' pn
Faguwer's   Office,
CU A I'I I'll xx vi 11,
the evening boat train from
Dover swung on toward Char-
lug Cross for perhaps tbe tenth
lime In Hie course of bis Josr-
ney Klrkwood withdrew bis gate from
Ihe window sud turned to Uie girl, s
quest loo reedy framed upon hia lips
"Aro you quite sure''- be began, and
Iben. alive lo the clear and penetrating j his knees,
'ls\ perception In tbe brown eyea that
"'*' tnillcd Into hie from under their level
■'■l.Hiws.  bt stammered  sod  left  the
.'ui?,\iucry uncompleted
Aui'i'i''"""""'"*  to regard   blm steadily
snd V'1 tnHlady. ftotetby shook her heed
sure I pleyful denial and protest.   "Hu you
1'orpoLw." sbe commented, ".Ihat Hill is
Hilil) but Ihe lifili n|«'lllluu of Ihat Idou
<   ll qui'silon wlihiii Ihe lest quarter
fiKjf low do yog kuuw wbst I uieent tp
„;;„;;",;/. „,. ,i,,,,,,,ies.«sr.«g.
cojnes dt,n "' ." Iu ff *!"*■ .a*mVt*t
Don't forget," he ssld, with sumc
link uity, "you're to stick by ne wbst
ever happens. Ion mustn't desert
"You know," ths girl reproved blm.
"1 know, but there must be no misunderstanding. Don't worry. We'll
win out fat- I've s pUn."
Glorious Ihul He had not ths glim
inerlng of s pUs.
The engluo peeling, Uw train drew
In beneath the vast ooundlng dome of
Ibe station to sn s«omp»i»lment of
dull ibundcirings end Hopped ttsllr.
Hurried and Jostled, Urn drl cht-
you've talked gpo thought or uotuing
else since we left the bosk Won't you
believe me, please, when I ssy there's
absolutely not a son) In London to
whom | could go and ssk for shelter!
| don't think It's very pics of you to
be so openly unxloiis to get rid of
This latter wss so essentially undeserved and su srUessly Insincere that
be must needs, of courso, treat It wltb
all serlouiuess.
'That Isn't fair, Miss Cslendsr. tally It's pot"
"What am I to think? I've told you
any number of times tbst Ifs only su
hour's ride od to Chilian), where tbe
Pyrforde will be glad to take me Id.
You may depend upon It, by 8 tonight,
at the latest, you'll bave ma off your
hands the drag and worry tbst I've
been ever slpcs"-
"Dun'tl" bs plesded vehemently.
I'leasel You know It Isn't tbst. I
dun't iviint you off my hands, ever.
Tbat Is to ssy, I-uh"- Here be was
smitten wltb s dumbness sud eat,
aghast at the enormity of bis blunder,
eiitreatiug her forgiveness wltb eyes
tbat very likely plesded bis cause
more eloquenily Hum be gucased.
"I mean," be floundered on presently. In ibe fatuous belief tbat be would
tills time he able to control both nilnd
und tongue  "whui I mean Is I'd be
glad iu gu on serving you In any way
1 might to tbe end of timo If yuu'd
give uie"- ,
He left tbo declaration locoocluslve
-S stroke of diplomacy that would
huve graced uu luliultely more adept
1 wooer.  Uut be used It all uneonselouB-
I ly.   "0 I/urtll" he groaned In spirit.
| "Worse uud more of it!  Why In thun-
I der cunt I say the rigbt thlug right V"
"Dear Mr. Klrkwood," she said gen-
; tly, bending forward as If lo read be-
i iin-.-n the lines anilely had graven on
bis countenance, "won't you tell me,
pica:,,', what it can be that so worries
> In exasperation be Interrupted almost rudely. "It'g only thls-I-I'm
"Snapped?" She knitted ber brows
over this flush specimen of American
"Flat strapped -busted-broke-on
my uppers down and out" Ue reeled
off synonyms wilhout a smile. "I
haven't enough money to pay cab fare
across the town"—
"OhI" she Interpolated, enlightened,
-"to say nothing of taking us to
ChlliiTii. 1 couldn't buy you s glass
of water If you were thirsty. There
Isn't a soul on dkrlb within hall who
.would trust nm niiii a quarter-I mean
a shilling across I,ondon bridge. I'm
tho original 'luckless wonder* aud tbo
only genuine Jonah extant."
Wilh a face tho bue of lire be cocked his eyebruws askew snd sttempted
to laugh unconcernedly to bide bis hitler shame. "I've led you out of tbe
frying pun Into the Are, and 1 don't
know what to do.   Please call mc
mil.lea. "
"Ob, poor Ur. Klrkwood! And It's
ell hcenusc of mcl luu've beggared
"Not precisely. I was beggared to
begin wiih" He haitened lo dlev-lnlm
Ibe extravagant gcueroslty of which
.he mi used him.   "1 bad only three or
four pounds to my name Ihat night ws
met.   I haven't lold you-I"—
"You've lold me nothing, nothing
whatever ubuut yourself," she aaid reproachfully.
"I didn't want to bulhcr you wilh
my troubles. I tried not lo talk about
myself. You knew I was an American, hut I'm v.i.1,.0 than that I'm a
Callfornhin frum Ban FTauclsco." He
tried unsuccessfully to make light uf
It. "1 tuld yuu I was the 'luckless
wonder.' If I'd ever hsd any luck I
would have stored a little money away.
As II was, I lived un my Income, left
my principal In Frisco, and when the
earthquake came It wiped me out
"And you were golug home that
nlghl we mode you miss your steamer!"
"It was my own fault, und I'm glad
this blessed minute that I did miss It.
Nice sort I'd bsve been to go off end
leave you st Uie mercy"—
"Please! I went to tblnk. I'm trying
io remember how mucb you've gone
"Precisely what I don't want you to
do. Anyway, I did nothing more than
any other fellow would bave done.
Please don't give me credit Ibat 1
don't deserve. We muit go lo Ure
lluiiums house first. It'i too late
now after 6 clsaj we could deposit
tlie Jewels In some bank. Since
since they ere no longer yours thc
only thing and the proper thing to do
Is to place them In safety or In the
hands of tbelr owner. If you take
iheni directly to young Hsilam youi
lunula will be clear. And 1 never did
such a tiling In my life, Miss Calender,
but If he's got s ipirk of gratitude lu
his makeup 1 ought to be able 'to-
er- In borrow a pound or so of blm."
"Do you think so?" She shook her
head in doubt "I don't know. I know
so little of sucb things. You arc right
We niiisi tske blm the towels, but"-
Her voice trailed off Into s slgb of
profound perturbation.
He dared not meet ber look.
Wltb a jar tbe train stsrted'and Ire-
gen to move more swiftly.
Klrkwood lifted the traveling bag to
lug lightly IP his «rni lest tbey be sep
grated In the crush, tbey csme to tbe
ticket wicket Ucyoud the barrlci
surged a sea of hats. Beneath any
one of these might lurk the inalelleenl
brain, tbe spying eyes, of Calendar or
one of bit creatures. Beneath all of
tbem that be encountered Klrkwood
peered lu fearful Inquiry.
Abruptly be caught tbs gtrl by tbe
arm and unceremoniously hurried ber
toward a walling baueoin.
"Quick!" be begged ber. ''Jump righl
In- nut ao Instant to sparer
She nodded brightly, lips Arm with
coursgc, eyes shining,
"ily father?'
"Yes." Klrkwood glanced back over
bis shoulder. "Be hasn't seen us yet
They've'Just driven up. Stryker's
wltb blm. They're getting down."
And to himself, "Ob, tbe dcvill" cried
tbe panic stricken young msn.
Ue drew back to let tbs girl precede
blm Into the cab. At tbe same time
be kept an eye qn Calendar, whose
conveyance Hood half tbe length of
the elation front away.
The fat adventurer bad finished pay-
lug off tbe driver, standing on the
deck of tbc banaom. Btryker was already out, towering above tbe masa of
people and glaring about blm wilb bis
huwk keeu vision. Calendar bad started to alight. UU foot was leaving thc
step when Stryker's glance singled oul
llieir quarry. Instantly he turned and
spoke to his confederate. Calendar
wheeled like a flash, peering eagerly
lu Ibe direction Indicated by the captain's Index linger, tben, snapping instructions to his driver, threw himself
heavily hack ou.the seat Btryker.
awkward ou his laud legs, stumbled
und fell lu an Ul calculated attempt tu
bulst himself hastily back lnlo the
To tbe delay thus occasioned alone
Klrkwoud and Dorotby owed a respite
of freedom. Tbelr banaom was already swinging down toward thc great
galea of tbe yard, the American aland
ing to make the driver comprehend
the necessity fur using the utmost
speed iu reaching tbe Craven streci
address. The muu proved both lutein
geut and obliging, kirk wood bad barely time to drop down beside tbe gtrl
ere Ibe cab was swinging uut kilo tbe
Siriind. to thc peril of the lues belonging to a number of righteously In
dlguuut pedestrians.
Uu lurued lu Ihu scat, twisting bis
neck tu peep tbrougb the imall real
window. "1 dou't ace tbelr cab," be
unnuunced. "But of course they're
after us. However, Craven slrect'l
just round the corner. If we get there
lirst I duu't fancy Freddie Uallam will
have a cordis! reception for our pur-
sucre. They must have been on watch
at Cauuou itreet, and, finding we wen
not coming In that way—of course tbey
were cipecllng ua because of Hobbs
wire ih.-i took cab for Charing Cross.
I .mi,)- for us ur li It lucky?" be added doubtfully tu himself.
The huiisuui whipped round Ihe cor
nor Into Craven itreet Klrkwood
sprang up, grasping tbc treasure bag,
ready tu Jump tbo Instant tbey pulled
lu toward Mrs. Hallam's dwelling. Bul
as Ibey drew near upon tbe address be
drew back with so exclamation ol
Tbc house was dosed, allowing s
blank race to tbe street blinds drawn
close down In the windows, area gate
padlocked, au estate egeut'e board projecting from above tbe doorway advertiiing the property "to be let fur-
Klrkwood looked back, craning bis
nock round ibe side of the csb. At tbs
moment another hansom wu breaking through tbc rank of humanity on
Ihu Sfrund crossing. He saw one or
two ilgures leap despergtely from beneath the horse's hoofs. Then tba csb
shot out swiftly down tbs street
The Amerlcsn stood op again, catching the cabby's eye.
"Drive oni" ba cried excitedly.
"Don't itopl Drive,a* fist is yoa
dare I"
"Were to, slrl" /
"Set tbst csb behind? Don't let It
catch ua! Shako It off, lose It somehow, but for tbe low of basses don't
Ict It cstcb us! I'll make It worth your
while.   Do you undessU&dl"
"Yes, sir." Tbe drsrer looked briefly over bis shoulder and lifted bis
whip. "Don't worry, sir," be cried,
entering Into Um sgtott of ths gem*
wllh gratifying aeat. "Shan't let 'en
over's ul yuu, sir.   Hind your 'cad!"
And aa Klrkwood ducked the whip-
lush ihot out over the roof with a
crack like Ibe report of a pistol,
riled, Ihe horse leeperi Indignantly
ward. Momentarily Ihe cab seemed
to leave tbe ground, then .settled down
to s pace that carried tbeio round tbs
Avenue theater snd acrom Northumberland svesus Into WblbebsJI place
apparently on a single wbai
"Qood Illlle horacr be applauded.
A moment later bs was Indorsing
without reserve tba gmcmhblp of
their cabby. The quk* wicetwsrd
turn Ibal look them Into Whitehall,
over across from tba Horse Guards,
likewise placed them In a pocket of
irulllc. A practically Impregnable
prose of vehicles closed lis .behind tbem
ere Calendar'! conveyance could tot*
low ont of tbe aide atwit
Tbst tbe same conditions, but-alight-
ly modified, boomed tliem In ahead
went for nothing In Kl tkwocd'e estimation.
"Qood drlveri" he smp arret heartily.
"He's got s head os nts tboahianr
The girl found bar voice. "Bow/'
she demended in a tup lib, face Wank
wllh constarathsjv-^l ww did y«
"Dire?' ha echoed irsoltanUy, snd
Is his veins oKltamaa t wat runnini
like liquid are. "Wtnt wooMsft 1
dare for yon, Dorotby tt
"What bar* yoo mf-
The A. Fwro
126 2ntiSt.Weat
When you deal at tbe A. Farro Grocery you get exactly whet you ssk (or
at right pries.
Special Attention!
We carry a complete line of Gro-
lli.nliiiry li' Evans Bread 22 lot 11.00
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co.
Dealers in Coal, Brick,
Sand,   Gravel,   Lime,
Cement   and   General
Uut Id cis' Supplies.
All   Orders   Promptly
Filled and Satisfaction
Giiarsnfed.   Prices on
Office: Lonsdale, near City Wharf
Warehouse:       Forman'i Wharf
tl. E.KIUtiEft
Expert on Fireplaces and all
classes ol Brickwork
All Work Guaranteed
I Hi .ni   I'lltcciilh St. and Mahon Ave.
I'I III.IC NOTICE is hereby given
thul, under the authority contained
iu section 131 ol the "Land Act," a
regululion hua been approved hy the
Lieutenant-Governor in Counoil fixing
Iho minimum ialc prices ol first and'
second class lauds al III) and |S per
acre, respectively.
This legiihiiiiin further provides that
the prices liked therein ahull apply to
ull lands wilb reaped lo wbich the application lo pin'li.n-i is given favourable consideration after luis date, notwithstanding the dole ol auch application or any delay Ihut may have
occurred in Ihe couaidorution of the
Further notice ii bcieby given that
all periom who have pending applications lo purchase lamia under ihe provisions of .-n'liiiii. lit or 36 ol the
"I.iiinl Act" and who are not willing
lo ciiinpli-ie such purchuaes under the
pricea fixed by the aloresaid u-gulgiion
ahull be at liberty to withdraw such
applications and receive refund ot the
moneys deposited on account of such
Niiiiit.r ol I.onda.
Id pin I nl of Landi,
Victoria, II. C , April 3rd. 1911.   (-6
ibo qualifying examinations lor
ihud ilus- I fui... •funior Clerks and
Siehiigruplieri will be held at the lul-
lowing placoa, commencing on Monday, the 3rd duly next ' Aim.lrong,
(hilliwaok, Cumberland, Golds,
Grand Full., Karaloopa, Kailo, Ket-
i.nn.i, I ml;, n.iili, Niiiiniiiiii, Nelson,
New Wcalniiiiatcr, Norlh Vancuuver,
I'eui lilimd, HevdiloVe, Boieland, Salmon Arm. ^umuieilniid, Vancouver,
Vernon and Victoria.
Candidates must he British subjects
between the ages oi 'il and 80, If for
Third-dose Chirks ; ond bet wot* 16 and
'11, il for Junior < lerki or Sicnogre-
Application! will n t lw accepted H
received lalei than ihe l.'.ili ol (use
Further inlorni.ilion, together with
application lorim, may be obtained
from Ihe undersiunod.
Be^stxar, Public Service.
Victoria. B. C, flit, April, IMI.lM
Will Open Wednesday, M»y JO
Meals 15c, 25c nnd isp.
Supplies lor liaintjiiiis sad
Picnic I'aiin-s-
Sslsds,    Homemade Pisa,
Cake and Hread Kolls.
Nope but While help employed
H. Hurtubis, Pwt?-
66 UidileAw SIX
Brighten Up!!
Bapco Pure Paints  Baplac Varnishes
Shingle Stains        Japalac Varnishes
Enamel Paints        W hte Lead
Oils, Brushes, etc.
Hardware  Stoves  Furnishings
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
North Vancouver Hardware Store
Parkdale Finest Alberta Butter 30c. lb.
an—e————— —»—— i   suae——nas
May Flower, Spring Broolt or Ayrshire Rose 3 lbs. $1.00
5 lbs. of good Tea       -       -       -      -      -       1.50
5 lbs. of better Tea   -      -      -      -      -      -    1.75
5 lbs. of the best Tea    -      ...      -        2.00
r ,
Comer First Street and Si. George
will be on exhibition daily
from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the
B. C. Electric Railway Co.'s
office, 50 Lonsdale Avenue
Watch for
Cumming's Ad.
on Friday, 19th
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Lid.
WMSDALfc AVKNUfc.        At Perry. Landing.
PUNTS «s,f
We have just received tlie following:
watch now
Ntl'lil'i: is hereby ijiveii Ihul iU al)
plication will In inauu under IVl V.
ol the "Water Act, IISW," to ohtutii
u Ijaofise in ihu District of Norlh Vancouver, Uroiip |. New Wastinipslor,
(now Vancouver fljstrlst),
(a) The name, addroas uml occupu-
tio.ii nt the applicant-'! Iiu l.iipora-
tiou ol lho lli'i. i.i of North \ lilm "-
(If lor mining pur|»)Scs)l''ri'a Mind's
Certificate No.
(b) The naiini- of lho lake, stream
nr source (if iiuniiiueil, thu description
is)—Md'urtnoy (njok.
(o) The pojut ol diversion—About
Mil leel south ail the noilliiin buun-
dnrv ol lliiilriet 1...I '1616.
(d) The ipmnlily ol wuler applied
lof (in cubic fill'per ieniud)-3 ruhio
leel |Kir sccaind.
(el The cliarailer ol lho pioposid
mn I...   Wuii 'i'i. diiiil and illliilie.
(i) Tho premises on whidi the water is to Is) used' (describe siimuj—'I lie
II. im I of Norlh Vancouver,
((li The ptirpPMS lur whiih Ihu »a-
ter ia lo lie usul   Muiinipul purposes.
ii.    If   for   Irrigation   descrihe   Iho
land intended lo Im irrigated, :■■ m
ttcrenire—Not fur irrijinlioii.
(ii'll ilm water is in lw dm) lor
power or iiiiiiinu piirpiiaia ilimcrilio ihe
ploee where Ihe water is to he return
ed lo aome chunnel und th
.im...ii"- in nliiiude between point o
diversion niul point of relurn—Nol (or
power nr mining purposes.
(j) Ana nf crown luud intended lo
lie occupied by the propoaul worls-
|k) This notice wus pustnJ on ill
-.".nli duy of April, HUI, uud applies
linn will be iiimle In llie commission
ec nn Ihe second duy nl .lunc, IUII.
(I) (live ilia Hani'd uml ndilresaas o
any ri|iuriun proprietors nr licensees
whn or whose luuds ure likely to lie
elierlud by the proposed works, either
uliaii.' ur Ik-Ii.w |he uitllcl —Tliuinnl
A ii kin, Harold Hr., I'oiirud ami
lli-nry llewiti, all ol Niiuuiino, und
V. II. Hepburn. Funny K. MiCiirtuey
uml I.. Vi. Mini.ian, all ol Viinciinr.
Note—One cubic top) pur soend is
eapiiiuieni lo .15.71 miners' inches.
|.|I   Hie I." .i.'l.ii ■' ■  uml I'l'ii. ol ih
municipality uie us fulluwa:
All llllll piece nl llllll MilulllilK'ilipilt
u |i...-t iiiiiiiul U. I'. II. situate an ill.-
w.slcily aliore ol lho North Arm ol
llurrard Inlcl, being the uorihiusl
corner of lot numbered 612 in lho Dislrict of New W. i.i -. ih i.'i ' i
alone 11..' nqrih bniiiidury nf snid lol
numbered l)7'J tu Ihe Uurlli-wisl cor
lur; llience in a mil.ily di
ivili.iii lo ii" , .nib .i i comer uf lol
iiuuiIk-ii'iI bisi; lliriuy .iluiij the
i.m ih boundary oi laid L.l numbered
'M io ihe north-coal comer )f lot
i.iiiiib.i.-.i u-.*)<il on Jieymo.ur
Creek ; tlunce west uluuf; tlio nf.Tlli
boundary nl .unl lol BW In
the in,iill wist ii in.) ul Slid lut ;
I hence in ,i westerly dirccli'-n lu ihu
nurth-eiut corner of lol numbered 876;
thence wist along the norlh Imiiidiii-
ies ol lots tiunibarod >>"i6 mul i',l rid
u line |ir.sluaud la the inleraur ion ul
il„- roast Im.' un lluwe Sounl. tin me
(uulharly alone tin- "ui-t I no t > puiut
Atkinson; theniv eaei   ilnnii llucn.isl
I  and uo^Ui .li"''<.' ul HuiTurd li.l.-i
In a pninl in llie smith weal corner ol
lot numbered 213 :■ tl.-n-c u nil Ian.'
the well bound..ry uf sml lut to ihu
ii.ulli m-i I Iii me .i-i ai'iUjf
Ihe nurlh huuiuiur.i uf I,.I numbered '.'7:1 and lut iliim-h-I i'i'2 tu the
i,, nl, east i.,ii..i ..I auid loi r umbel-
od '111. thence n,utli ihr eoet
I1...11..I.111 uf lut in tie iiiti'isic
ium ,,l ths slum- line . iInure eaetarly
..Inn., llie .aid ahore line lo Ilm he
Point il.'U e n'.rlh.rly ..I lu thi-
west aborc i.i ll"- Norlh Aim nf Unruled   llll. I    llf.d.-ll'l   lu   I'.a.Ill    i.f   "ll"
mencetnent, un'l cuiil.iuriid "lie hun-
ilred i-1 ti,ire miles, ui"i.  >,r lea.
Ir) Apprusim.ilil) the numoir if IB-
Iniliiiiiiil- i. Hiai
i!i|iiiyulei)t tp 36-11 mimi's' inrliin.
|.|) Tlie boiiudiiries nild area ol the
tiiiiiiiripulity are as IiiIIiiwh :
All llnil piece of l.iml i-iioiiiuuiiiifj
nt a pnsl nmrkeil fl. ft. It. situate.on
lln. westerly shore of the North Arm
uf lli|riiin| Inlet, lieinu Ihu nurlli-oitsl
corner of jot nmnliuroil 612 in tliollis-
Iriei qf New Wustniinslor; thencowest
,-1,-ua' Ilm nui Ui boundary ol si;id lot
numbered 87ll lo the iiiirlh-wuel corner
thereof; Ihonce in a westerly direction
In llie north-oust corner nf |qt niim-
I', i' ,l UIW ; i li, in-,- wesl iilinu lho nullh
liuumliiii of said lot iiiiinb.'iul '.ilm to
llie nnrth-oiist corner ol lol numbered
966 uiliiuleil on Seymour Crook;
thonco west ulnllg Ilm nnrlli linui.diiy
nf suiil Int ijniiili.-ir.l UUTi in tl.,. uul thai est i',liner ol snid lot; Ilitnoo  in u
"    I'll.      illlii'llaan     lo   ihe    II.dill eulll
earlier of lot numbered W; thence
wost the north hounduiirii ql loll
niimberod 876 itnd 87i nnd a lino pro-
iluee.l to the inii'i'si'ciiou nf the coast
lino up llnwo Sound; thrniee mmlli.-r
ly iiloii|{ tho coast lino tn I'uiut Atkinson ; i iieni'i! east alopu the pi.ast
lino and north shore ol liurrunl Inlot
In u point in tho south-west cornor
of Tot ii 111 ii I ni ..I -.!/:i; ihonce north,
nlonu Die west boundary ol said lol
lo t Im north-west corner; thence east
nluii" ilie north bniiii.liiry ol a'Hdl Im
uiiinbeieil 3711 and Int numliered 3711
to the north-east comer ol suid Iqt
niiinb.'i 1,1 373 ; 1 Iii .■..- • south along the
eusl hoiiiiihiry nl said lot to Ihe in
Ici'Hocliun ol the sliore lino) 1 In nee
until.irly nl..ii|; tho suid sbnre line tu
Huiiii' I'uinl ; Sliein-e northerly ul"ii«
the west.shore of the North Ann ol
Burrard' Inlet a|qressid to nplijt nl
commencement, spit containing one
hundred square milee, more or less J
(r) Approximately ihe number nl»'
habitants is 1500.
JOHN 0. fAp)im,
13-7 P, H. Dj
Notary Public
l.onns, Investmsiits end Insursnw.
Hooin 307, 6S3 (iranville St., Vanaou-
sr, B. 0. I'hone 8309. Und Usgis-
work a speoislty.
I lii: iHitriiiniHiN  t)V
DIM llli I    nl'    NOBTH
•luiiN li. I'MiMKii,
l    M   (
.. ii-
WATKII Nnil■ t
NOTICE is hereby eiv.u mi
pliculioii will I. in,,.I.- i url
4 Ihe "Wuler Act, I'JUO," lu ohluin
u lii.n.c in the Ilm ml „f \i,rlh Vuli-
e„iii,i, i,i„ii|i I, \,v. Hi-imiiiater,
(now Vancouvor) di.inil.
(aj Il.o name, mul mcupS'
tion ol Ilic applii'.nil Ihe (i,l|)i,ra-
linn uf ihe Oislrict ,,l \,,,tli VincuU-
(II lur iniiiuiaj pui|H)MSJ Ine Miner's IVililii.iU' N,,.
Ill)     III.' II line nf l|)e bile,   .ll.'UII) or
•ourte (il umiuines, ihe dsseriptloD i.)
—CraeH nn...ui!, Ilnunji lla-laia-l I.,.
i nil and crusiing heitb Boad aboui Hi
chuiiia Wesl nf eusl buuidluiy nl «nid
li, i.ei   I ..I
(c)   The Jwint uf diversion   III   Diilricl l.ul 633 al nr uhuut I'I
nurlh of Ihu heilh Itnud.
Id;   'iho i|iianlily nl wuln    ..ppliud
fur im cubic I..i par eecpnd) 2 cubic
leei |wr aeenlid.
Ie, 'Ihe churoclcr ul Ibe piopised
wurla.   il.illl   ami   niLile.
if) The fi. ini-. a uu which lho water is lo be n-'l id- -1 il"- ■ in...) l l.e
Hi-Hi'i ij^ North Vancouver,
ll) The purposes lur which ihe wuler is I., be used—Hunicipul innpu-es.
th; If fur Irrigation deecrtlie the
! laasisj intended tu lw iiriifalid, u-iviu^
eAmaga—ho) lor Irrigation,
(I) II lln) iintir Q lu In' u.ed fur
jiuvaer ur Ulili'liy puifiuaa'. de-, ills' the
plana wlnre Ihe water is In l.e ntmn
mi lu sutuo nut uml ehiiniiijl, and the
iliiiiteiui' di iiliii'el, betwen imint ot
dneiaiuii und |iuint uf rutiiiu Nut fur
jiuwar or miuinu puiimses.
(j)   Area ol Crnwn Iuid min .I..I In
be occupied by   Ihe   proposed wrsrki
(k)' Tliis notii* was iioilrd oo the
Wlh day nl April, 11/11, nud appltca-
lion wjjl be made In the >..ii>iiiissinn.r
on theVecnnd day of June, )9ll.
II) (live the namc» und addresses 4
any riparian prupriel .m or licensee*
who or whose lands ufe likely In be
a|«H«l by tbf apropusol work., dther
above or below the outlet C. I,. Wul.
sndasi, ot Vancouver. The balance ii
S.iuawish Indian reservs.
NirrK ^)ne cubic toot per second, is
Mahon, McFarland & Proctor, Ltd.
50 ft. lots at terminus in D.L. 601 & 607
52 foot lob in Block 27, D. L 599
Phone 6286  -   -  543 Pender Street, Vancouver
North Lonsdale Homesite
464 ft. frontage on three streets, including Nye and King Streets,
which are about to be macadamized. This property is close to
Lonsdale Ave. and has a magnificent view. It is an excellent investment in whatever way you look at it.. Price only $2500, caih $900.
C2 Lonsdale Avenue
P. O. Box 72
Phone 173
North Vancouver
LARGE LOTS, 50 ft. x 147 ft
 — Cleared, Ready for Building
In Blocks  15,   15a,  16 and 16a. D.L. 550.
Prices: Inside Lots, $750 to $1000 according to
Double  corpers,   $1900   to   $2200.
In Blocks 9 Ind 9a. Prices: Inside Lots, $600.
Double Cornls, $1500.
Terms: I -4 Gash, Balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
ACREAGE, in D. L. 546 and 550
subdivided into LiVks of from I to 4 or more
acres. Prices per. Icre, from $2000 to $3250
Terms: 1A Cash, Balance 6, 12,18 & 24 month*
The Grand Boulevard extendi through thii property
The North Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company,
I A±
Djshrist of Morth Vanoouvsf,
A BY-LAW to sutborlie His carrying
qui ol tbs work -pf Mk»| iOTrflvs-
m«t ill WsilpVltf Bfl»4. Wlflf n»l»-
mi lir wM.w Mm mmmml
Debenturei ihs sum pf ilf IbOHilwd
mm WW. K> Pfvlfo' port pf
thti cost ol fwrrlM out tba ssld
»k, and to Misss sod leyy the
»l lm»r»vemspt nl* or |s>s, re
(red tii provide fpr the payment
ihe;|nterns'ti md tfl SCcpinMllHe a
iking fiipd to pay off ths ssld
*l Debentures.
WPBPA9  tbs-Wsst{iyer   ftosd
lafti  Improvement  By-Law   J81I,
•mmm M *■ nounpii °f >»8 ws-
trleVJM Nortli Vsihwiver to provide
(or ascertaining tbs lsiiJ '- "■-
fluff m vr* proporw
rocifted by such lamia
iioksst clsarlng, grading
foTOlif foil w|Jtho(
scertsinlog tbs land to.he bene-
' iIts proportion of benefit
iium ths pro-
f and boulevard-
tbe Weilover
I from   l.ynn   Vulloy   lloail   In
Boad s|l In the Municipality of
Vancouver (part of which run
soiitbwarda from ths Lynn Vul-
ad Is now known as Allan Boad,
.,. for tbs purposes ol this Hy-Uw
s itlll referred lo us Weitovsr Boad)
[revelling same lo s width of 34
between ditches.
ft) WHKHKAS It WSS recited Ip1
lly-Uw'that tbe estimated cost
IS sild improvement work wss
thousand live hundred dollari
'll), Ihat the Council had sgreed
lend from the, General funds of
.unleipallty the sum of one ihou-
five hundred dollars (11,600), and
the, balance of s|l thousand dollars
(t6J)l)0) must be rilled by loan on the
secjirity of s local assessment to provide (or carrying out tbe Improvement
of (he said road;
AND WHEREAS by ssld Ucs| Improvement By-Law It Is provided that
tbsysnds to be benefitted by tba carrying out of tbp aaid improvement of
iba ssld Westover Koad Are ths landi
having a frontage oil a the laid Weitovsr Boad so far as II Is to be Im
prowd. Hi*" IhSt ID* Wteiit to which
inch Mi ire beueflUed li Ip proportion lo the length of frontage of
such lends respectively fronting upon
said Boad.
AND WHEBEA8 a Petition has
been received by the Council dated
as to each signature and signed by a
majority In number of the persons
shown by tbi last revised assessment
roll oi the Municipality to be the owners of tbe isnds affected by this By-
Uw, sqd the owners of more than
one-half |p value of iuch lands, ask-
Ing that the Mid Improvement of Die
Weilover Boad be carried out as a
laocal Improvement, and tbat the sum
of lis thousand dollars ((6,0001 be
raised by Debenture Bonds to be
Issued on Uie security of laocal Improvement Bales to be levied accord-
Iny to Ihs said frontage basis on the
ssld lands to be benefitted ei afore-
AND. WHKHKAH iin- amount ol
debt which thia lly-Uw li Intended
to create Ji ill thousand dollars
(16^,000), and lbs lamella being created fie provide a fund In part for Ihe
Improvement of the aaid Weilover
Hoed under Docal Improvement Flan.
AND WHEBEA8 Ihe amount lo be
railed gnuually by special rate for
paying Ibe debt ud Interest under
ibil lly-Uw li three hundred 'and
forty dollars (1310), being »to (or the
sinking fund and 1300 for intereal.
AND WHKHKAS Ibe value of the
whole land and Improvement or real
prope/ty rateable wuler this lly-Uw,
according to ths laat revised Assets
iiisoi Roll of the District Is twenty
flvsj thousand nine hundred and fitly-
seven dollari ($86,957),
AND WHKHKAS the debt !• created on Ihe ncurlty of Ibe special rates
settled and levied by Dili Hy-Uw, snd
It |s guaraniead by the credit o( the
whole Municipality.   ',
iba Reeve and Council of ihe Coruor-
alloii Of llie Diilricl of North Vim
couver is Counoil assembled (Wltb
thf ssaent of the Electors of ihe said
District) u fellows, vli.:
I. Authority li hereby given the
Council lo carry oul the work of Ural
lanrovenienl of the aaid Weilover
Rad, si before deieribed, all aa Ural
lUaProvemenl under and by virtue ol
said Weilover Roal I.m nl Im
vcnienl lly-Uw, llll I.
It shall be lawful for Ibe Coun-
to raise by way of loss from any
PSSaon or persons, body or bodies cor-
inflate under Debentures to bo limed
afi hereinafter provided, a aum of
uapsy not exceeding in whole Ihe aum
of six thousand dollars (16,000) and
10 rauee (be same id be paid Into Ihe
Hank of llritish Norlh America (o Ihe
crsdli of tbe laid Cwporaiion for Ihe
purpose above recited,
1. Debenture Bonds of Uie Corporation 10 be designated, "the Weelovcr
Road Ucal Improvement Debenlure
Rgpdi" to an amount nol exceeding
ib| ssld ium of ill thousand dollars
(M.eOO) In whole may he lesued by
IU Bseve snd Ihe Clerk of Ihe Cur-
S.ilun in terms ol the Municipal
eee Act and Aria amending Ihe
e, and of this Ily Uw In aums as
may he reuulred, hui no single Debea-
lure shell be for a greater aum than
oil thousand dollars (11,000). Each
ojuthe laid Debenturee shall be elgned
by the eald Reeve and Clerk and seal
ef with Ihe Seal of the Corporation.
•i. The aaid Debenture Bondi ihall
War Intersil al a rate not exceeding
Aft per cent, per annum, payable
Marly op the Aril day of July
thi Brit day of January In each
every year during Ihe currency
a said Debentures or any of (hem.
ns shall M 'attached to the Do-
lire Bonds, Coupons elgned by the
ave (or each and every payment of
Intereit that may become due, and
such sicMtnrh nay ba either written
of etamped.
i. Tu said Debenlure Bonds as to
principal aai Interest shall be pay-
able at Ifae Bsok of Hrilisb North
America In North Vancouver, Toronto
and Montreal, and the aaid principal
Sm shall ba made payable by the
rporatlon at a data not later than
Ally years from Hie Aral day of July,
6. For ihe purpoie of forming a
•Inking fund for payment ol aaid De-
heotures at maturity, and (or payment
of tha Intereit thereon aa It Jiecomei
toe, amounting said linking fund and
Interest together, to tilt. Ibe,a Is
Mreby aaaesScd and levied over and
apove all other rates snd (axes tfae
SBMial sums set opuosllo Ibe proper-
(Ue hereafter described to he known
** m "Westover  Boas;   laocal ,lm-
provsment g»ts(" wblPb tmt "bsij
be payable out of und from the mild
propsrtlSl pspsctlvely, vl»,j-
peecrlptlon pf Prspirty.
i - S
.   8   '
6/8    6    126
6     80
1            10.8
1               10.2
1            10.2
i          10.3
'    -    834
834 ,
22 WW
20a! 26
I           36
1           33.4
1           83.4
' 2.27
1.          33.4
I        . 33.4
i    1 '    83.6
12      33.6
'8   - 33.6
4      33.5
E      33.5
6      33.5
>     1      33.5
2      33.5
3      33.5
4     33.6
5      33.5
6      33.5
' 1
1           166.8
1            33
.           33
I            33
1            33
Tbc laid Weilover Road Dotal Improvement Hale or Tax shall be and
is hereby levied snd charged annually
lor the period of Ally years as s lieu
or charge payable along villi and In
addition lo, and ae forming pari of the
aitnunl real estate taxes payable for
and opt of the aaid respective proper
ties lo the laid Corporation.
But It li hereby provided ibal In llie
event of any of aaid properties charg
ed wllh raid Westover Road l I in
in.)-,.'in.-i.i luii'. being uow or here-
slter subdivided, ili.-n the said rule
shall also be proportionately subdlvld
ed and settled according In Ihe from-
age of .each pari or lot abutting on
•eld Weilover Boad dml the sub
division of Ibe land shull hs so made
that as lar as possible no |isn or lot
abutting will have a leie depth lliun
one hundred and twenty leel bsck
from iuch (rentage, and on inch sub
division being so made end approved
ol by ..nui.m.' authorized hy Ihe
Council (or the registration ol llie
map or plan Ihereol, then the raid
(rootage rale ehell be a charge only
on sin-h paris or lots abutting on raid
slreel, and Ihe remainder ol llie raid
uroperllii so nihillvbled sir any) shall
be (reed and released from the said
rate a. a charge or lien.
7. The debt hereby created Is
creeled Qn the security of Hie suid
Weilover Road I .ma I Improvement
Rate, aetlled and levied as hereinbefore i lo.i.leil. and ,H Is giiariinieed by
lln- Municipality ul  large.
8. This lly-Uw may he tiled (ur all
purposes aa "The Weelover Koud
' uml Im irovemcnt Loan By-Law,
1911,'' end shall come Intti effect on
the i''n i day o( July, 1911.
Passed by the Council on Ihe llib
day o( May, 1911.
Hi i. ivuil Ibe aest'iil of Ihe Klcrloi*i
•I an Election held on Ihe
day o( 1011.'
Reconsidered and Dually uduplcd by
Ihe Council and signed hy ihe Reeve
and Clerk and sealed with the Corporate Seal on Ihe day
Of                             .  1911.
Take nollee Ibat Ihe above ii a true
copy ol the proposed By-Uw upon
wblcb Ibe vote o( Ibe Municipality
will be taken wllliln Hie following
polling nations, vli.; In Ihe l,ynn
Valley Inilltuie Hall; In the Church
Hill at corner of Unsdale Avenue and
Queen Slroel; and al Hollyburn, ull
In the Dietrict o( Norlh Vancouver,
on Saturday, the 27ll> day of Muy,
I'm. between the hours of 9 o'clock
a.m. Snd 7 o'clock p.m.
C. M. C. and Returning Ofltcer.
Public notice Is hereby given that
the VOle of Ibe Electors ol Ibe liis
tiict ol North Vancouver will he taken
ou Hi" Wesl..v.-i- Rood I .oi ul Improve,
ment Uun By-Uw, 1911, on Balur-
dny. Ibe 27th day of May, 1911, between Hie houra of i o'clock a.m, and
7 o'clock p.m., wllliln the following
polling places, vli.: in the Dyiui Vol
ley IniUlute Hall; In Uie Church Hull
at the corner of Domdale Avenue and
Queen Slreel; and at Hollyburn, all
In the Diitrict of North Vancouver,
and Ihat John G. Farmer hai been
appointed reluming officer lo lake ihe
volei ol Sucb electors wllh Ihe usual
powers In Ifaat behalf.
By order ol (he Council.
 T' A- AUM,   ,      ■
Acting Rjlovo.
C. M. C.
pjgtrtot of Nortli Vancouver,
£mart Boy Wonted, olJo In write
shorthand and namalomod In olhcc
work, "Opportunity lor ds/jno.rin/pu
pjl. Apply District Knginow'i Dflit'O,
Monads, North Vancouver.        •
District of North VftWIiyer,
a BV-Uw to nutiiorire the cprrylps
out ol (be work o| Local' Improvement of part of Nye Slreel Blast,
ant) raising by wsy ol Local tin-
,. priiveiiieul llehi'iiliiriiii Hie spin ol
eleven thousand three hundred dollar! (1)1,800) to provide part o( the
.-oni of carrying out the i»)d work,
and to ussusu and l«vy the Locul
Improvement Bate or Tax rciiuin-ii
to provide for the payment of the
Interest, and to accumulate a sinking fund lo pay off Ihe aaid Debentures.
WHEREAS the Nye Street (Eaat)
Local Improvement lly-Uw, 1011, was
paned by the Council of tlio Diilricl
of Nprth Vancouver to provide for
um ci luininr. lho land to ho benefitted,
Slid llie proportion ul bonoAt received
by fuch lands, (rum the. proposed
clearing, grading uu I liinlevardilig to
Its lull width 111 that part of Nye
Slreel    i ■ M a ■ 111 i 111..    [Iliad     lilm lol    Kail!
wards from Lonsiltilo Avenue to lho
Eastern lioiindury of Block 12, District Ut 786, ull III tho Municipality
o( Hie District ol North Vancouvor,
.uml iiiiicuiiumi.'ini! same lo a width oi
34 (eel lietyvuuii dllches and llie expropriation of lho necessary lands
where nol already available.
AND U all-ni .-Is il wai recited In
inlil By-Law ihul Iho estimated coil
of Ihu suid Improvement work was
finirlocn thousand one hundred and
seventy dollars (11-1.170). that tbo
Council had aurccd lo expend from
Hi.- Kinid." oi the Municipality Ihe sum ol Iwo thousand eight
hundred aud seventy dollari (12,870),
and Ibe baianco nl eleven thousand
three hundred tlulliiru l|ll,30Q) must
he raised by loan on Ihe security ol
a local aieciimenl lo provide for carrying out the Improvement ol Hie laid
AND WHEREAS by told Local Im
provement By-Law ll Is movlded thst
Ihe hinds toil; Inne'llcd by Ihe car-
rviirj out ol the said Improvement o(
Ihe suid Nye Slreel Karl are the lands
having u fioniui.u un lho suid Nye
Street East so [nr uu il Is lo be Iin
provad, and Unit the extent to which
such lauds are lenel tied Is In proportion lo Ihe leni il. of (l-tiiiiu'.'e of such
Isnds rcrpci lively fronting upon mild
ltoad.      I
AND WHKHKAS a I'nllllon has
bean received by the Council,, dated
as lo each signature und signed by a
iu.i,i.un In number ol Hie persons
shown by Ibe lust revised Aisciimenl
Hull oi ti-.- Municipality to be the
owners of the hinds affected by I Ills
lly-Uw and Ihe owners of more limn
one-halt In value of such lauds, nsliliif
Ihul the eald Improvement ol Nye
Street Kaul be carried oil! us a Local
Improvement, und thul the sum o(
eleven Ihoiiuuiid three hundred dollars I8IL30II) he railed by Debenlure
llondu lo he Issued on Ihe security uf
locul Improvement Hales In be levied
at cording lo Ihe said (roulusc basis
ou the suid Hinds lo lu benefitted us
AND   WHKHKAS   Hie   umoiiul   of
debt which i ti lu Hy-Uw is intended lo
create, is eleven tlnmsund three hundred dollars tfl 1.300), ami ihe lame
Is leiim trolled In provide u fund in
purl for the Improvement of the snid
Nye Street Kasl under Locul Improve-
mem Plan.
AND WlfEHi'AK the amount In be
reined uiinutilly by spot-lal rale for
paying the debt mid Inlcrcnt under
Ibil Bylaw Is seven hundred and
sixty-seven dullurs 11767), being 1202
lor i in. in. (und and !6'i5 (or Inlcrcst.
AaND WHEKKAS the vuluo ol Ibe
whole lu ml cud Improvement or real
property rateable under Ihis Hy Uw.
according to llie lost revised assessment roll uf ihe Districl Is len ihou-
sand seven hundred dollari. 1(10,700).
AND WHKHKAS Ihe debt Is created
on ihu security of Ihe special rules
nnl..] und levied hy Ihis By-Luw, und
II Is gun re n i uud hy the credll ol the
whole Municipality.
ibe Reeve und Council of ihe Corporation "i llie District of Norlh Vancouver In Council assembled I wllh Hie
usseul of Ihe Electors of Ihe said
Dislrict) us lollows. Vis.;
1. Authority Is hereby given the
Coundl lo carry oul the work of Local
Improvement o( the suid Nye Street
Fust us before described, ull us Local
lnii'i uia in  under und by virtue o(
Hie said Nye Slreel IKusI) Local Im
proicininl By-Uw, 1911.
2. II shull be hjw(u) for the Council
lo raise by wuy of loan from uuy person or persons, body or bodies cor
porats under Debentures lo be Issued
us hereinafter provided, a sum of
money nol exceeding In Whole Iht
suid of eleven thoussiiil three hundred
dollars 1(11,300) and lo cause the
sumc to be puid li io Hie Hunk ol
liml. b North America lo Ihe credll
of the said Corporation for Ihe purpose above red led
8. Debenlure Ilondi u( Hie Corporation to he designated "flic Nye Slreel
I Ken 11 Ueiil Improvement Debenlure ' lo an amount mil exceeding
lb.' unlil sum of eleven lliuiisuiid three
hundred dollars (111,800) In whole
may be issued by Ibe Ifeeve und Hie
' lei'k ol Ihs CorpOrellon In terms or
the Muiiliipul Clauses Act end Acts
amending Ihe same, and uf this By-
Uw In sums as may he required, but
iio single tlebenlure shall he lor a
greater sum llioii one Ihousiuid dollars .((l.0>0|. Each ol Ihe suid De-'
bonturcB shull be signed by Ibe suid
Reeve end Clerk end seuled wllh the
Seal ol Ihe Corporation.
4. The suid Debenture Hondi Bhull
bear Inlcrcsl ut a rule nol exceeding
I've tier Sent, per annum, payable half-
ycurly ou (lie Isl day of July and the
jllrsl day of wnuury 111 each and every
year during Ihe lurrency of Iho said
Debentures or uny of Ilium. There
shall be sllnched lo ihe Dchoniure
i ond..-. Coupons aigncd hy llie Reeve
for each end every piiyinenl of Intorcst ihni muy become ,l'"'' *""' *uou
ii•■!'■  .muy  lie cither wrlllon or
., Ti..- raid in-i" ntiire Bonds as lo
principal und Interest shall be payable al Hie Umih.uf British North
AnHjrlrs In North Vancouver, Toronto
and Montreal, and llie nuld principal
sum shall be made puyublo by lho
Corporation nl a data nol lilat Hum
ililiiy yours Irom the Isl day of July,
I'M )        '
6, Fur Ihe purpose of forming a
sinking- fund for puyuieiil o( tho Mid
Debentures ut maturity, and for imy-
nioui of (he Intersil liereoi ai It becomes due. amounting, said sinking
(ynd mid Interest together, to (767,
thcro || horeby sunned/ aud levied
over and aboyp al| otbur rstei and
taxes the annual sums let opposite
ihe properties hereafter deieribed to
be known as "The Nye Street (Knot)
Local Improvement Bate," which sums
shull ho payable out of and iruin tile
laid, properties respectively. vj|.:—
Description pf Propirty.
m        3
.   *
22           1
60 '
26/20      3
8          6
12          1
The Buld Nye Street (East) Locul
Improvcmcnl Bale or Tax shall be
and Is hereby levied and charged an
nually fur the period o( thirty years
as a Hen or ehurge payable along wllh
and In addition to, and an (ornilng
pari of llie-annual reul eslale laxes
puy;.I b- for and out of Ihe Bald re
spccllve properties lo the said Corporation,
But ll Is hereby provided that In the
event of any o( said properties charged with said Nye Street East Local
Improvement Hate, being now ur here
after subdivided, then the suid rale
shall also be propiirllonnlely subdlvid
ed and sullied according lo tlie frontage of each part or lut ubiilling on
suid Nye .Slreel Eusl, und the subdivision of llie buul sholl he so made
Ihut us for us possible ao pari or lol
alumina will huve a Ices depth than
one hundred and twenty (eel luck
from such (ronlage, and on Buch subdivision being so mude and approved
ol by cerllfliutc uuthorlzcd by the
Council lor Hie registration ol the mup
or i lui' I hereof, fhen Ihe said front-
age rale shall be a charge only un
such I in r id or loi. a i un in i on said
slreel. and Ibe remainder ol Ihe suld
inopeilieu so subdivided IK any) shall
lie lrei<d and ,clcusiid frum Ihe mid
rale us u charge or Hen.
7. Tho debt hereby i rested Is creel-
d on Ihe security ol  the laid  Nye
Slreel lEcsl) Local Improvement
Kale, seiile.l end levied as hereinbefore provided, and II Is guaruulccd by
ihe Municipality al large.
8. This By-Law may be cited (or all
purposes es "The Nye Slreel (HailI
Local Improvement Loan lly-Uw,
1011," and shull tome lulo effect on
Die first day of July, nil
l'ussed by ihe Coundl on Ilic lllh
duy of May, 1011.
Received the assenl of Ihe Kleelors
ul un Election held on Ihe
duy of 1811.
Reconsidered and lliiully adopted hy
the Council und signed by the Reeve
und Clerk and sealed wllh Ihe Corporate Seal on the day
of                               11)11.
Take notice thai Ihe alove Is a true
copy Of the propound Hy-Uw upon
which Ihe vole or Ihe Miinldpullly
will be inl,on within thc (olluivlug polling stations, vli:.: In the Lynn Valley In. in ui,- Hull; in the church Hall
ul corner of Lonsdule Avenue and
Queen Street; and ut Hollyburn, all
In ihu Diilricl of Norlh Vancouver,
oil Saturday, llie 2ith duy ol May,
1811, between Ihe hours of 9 o'clock
a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m.
C. tl. C and H vim nine Officer.
Public notice Is hereby given lhal
Ibe vote o( Ihe Electors o( Ihe Dislrict
of North Vancouver will be taken on
the Nye Slreel (Eusl) Local Improve-
meiil loan Li lav. i' ii, on Sulurduy,
ihu 27|b day of Muy. 191), between
Hie hours of 9 o'clock a.m. und 7
o'clock p.m., within the following pull
Ing pluecs, vlit.; Jn Ihe Lynn Valley
Institute Hall; in The Church Hall at
Ihe corner of Unsdale Avvuuo and
Queen Street; and ut Hollyburn, all
In Ihe Districl of Norlb Vancouver,
und Ihat John u, Parmer bos been
appointed returning officer to take Ihe
voles ol such electors wltb the usual
powers In that behalf.
' By order of the Council,
Acting fieevc
C, M. C.
Li' -la Fruits daily at the Grotto.
Fresh BuWormilk daily ot the
(Jrulto, 6 cciiis per quart,
4     —
First uuality Ice Cream, wholesale
uud retail ul Iho Hrolto.
Dili tod Brotherhood ol t'erpeaf*tf
owl Joiners ol America. f*cal No.
143*. Hendiiuurlcrs lor both workmen seeking employment, and contactors ueadifajji iiicn, ot CuroiOingi' filtpre,
Lixoedalo Avenue. B/Usiwvi agcpt'i
hours 8.00 to 8.«Q a.m. and 6 'o t.m
p.m.  J. it. Thaiu, buainese agent, tl
PMWtit of tfWlfr V^ooBver,
K WHy *« »#»jIm *> «ridVloi
put.ol tho work p( Ucsl Improvement of part of Queen Street West
und rslijng by wuy of Ucsl Improvement Dehenturei the ium Qf
jive thousand dollars ((6,000) tb provide part °f 'he cpit of carrying out
the aaid work, and to assess and
levy fhe Local Improvement HuU) or
Tux reipilred to /innhie for the payment of the Intoreit, and to gecum-
ulniu u linking fund to pay off the
isid Debentures.
WHKHKAS the . Queen Street
(Wait) Ucal Imiirovemopt By-I-aw,
1911, waa liaised hy tha council ur the
Diitrict of North Vancouver to provide for n in-on iiinini; the land to be
benefitted, and ihe proportion of bene-
At received by iuch lands (rom the
proposed clearing, grading and houie-
vanillic lo the (ull width o( 66 (t. ot
that part o( Queen Street extending
(or two block! Westwards from Lonsdale Avenue to the Wuiteily boundary o( Diilricl Ut 2026, all In the
Municipality of the District of Norlh
Vancouver and macadamizing earno to
a width o( 24 (eet between ditches and
the exnroprlallon ol tbo necessary
land where not already available.
AND WHKHKAS ll was recited In
said lly-Uw that tho estimated cost
p( suld Improvement Work was six
thousand three hundred und sixty dollars ((6,360), that the Council hud
agreed to expend (rom the General
Fundi of the Municipality (he sum ol
one thousand three hundred und sixty
dollars ((1,860), and tho balance ol
five tliomand dollari ((5,000) muit be
relied by loan on the iccurlty o( a
local aaicBsmcnt to provide (or carrying out the Improvement o( the said
AND WHKHKAS by said Ucal Improvement By-Lav. It Is provided thai
the lands lo bo benefitted by the carrying ofii of ihe laid Improvement of
Hie said Queen Slreel West are Ihe
lanihi having a frontage on (be Bald
Queen Street West so far as It Is to
he Improved, and Ihut the extent to
which such lands arc benefitted Is In
proportion to the I. n, ib o( (ronlage
of such lauds respucli.ely fronting
upon said road.
AND WHEREAS u Petition has
been received hy the Council dated
as to each signature nnd signed by a
majority in number of Ihe persons
shown by the lam revised assessment
roll "i Ihe Municipality lo be the owners of Ihe lands uffcclcd by Ihis By-
Uw and llie owners uf more Ihuu
one half In value ol iuch lands, usklug
Ihul Ihe said Improvement o( Queen
Slreel Wesl he carried out us a Local
Improvement, mid Hint Ihe sum o(
ve ibo . ai .1 dollars 1(5,11001 be raised hy Debenlure Bonds lo be issued
ou Ihe security o( Ucul linprovcmuut
Rules to he levied lecordlug lu the
•aid (ronlage busts un Ihe suld lands
)o be benefitted ui alnrdsuld.
AND WHEREAS the amount of debt
which this lly-Uw Is intended lo
create Is five thousand dollars
ffi'i.OOO). .iii.l Ihe i .inn is being crout
ed lo provide a fund In pun for the
Improvement ol the Bald Queen Street
West under Ucul Improvement Plun.
AND WHKHKAS the amount to he
relied annually hy spuclul rule For
paying Hie debt and Interest under
this By-Law Ib two bundled ufid
eighty ihreo dollars 1(283), being (33
for sinking fund and 1251) for InlcroBl.
AND WHKHKAS tin! value of the
whole lund and Improvement or real
property ratoablo under this By-Uw,
in-. online to the lust revised assessment roll or the Districl Is fourteen
thousand live hundred dollurs
AND WHEREAS tie debt Is.ercuted
on the security of the Special rules
settled and levied hy ibis lly-Uw, and
ll Is giiaranleed hy Ihe credit ul the
whole Municipality.
Ihe Reeve and Council of the Corporation' of Ibe Dislrict of Norlh Van-
ouver in Council assembled (wllh the
assent ol Ibe electors of Ihe suld Dislrict), as lollows, vlx.:-
1. Authority Is hereby given the
Cpunclj to carry oul llie work ol Ucal
Improvement of Ihe suld Queen Slreel
West as before described, all as Ucal
Improvement under end by virtue ol
Ihe said Queen Slreel Weut Locul Improvement By-Uw, 1911.
2. It shali be Icwdil (or the said
Council fo raise by wu: of loon from
any pen on or persnn i, body or bodies
corporate under Uehciiiures lo be
Issued ub hereinafter provided, u sum
or money nol exceeding In whole Ibe
sum ol live thousand dollars 1(6,000)
and to i anal .■ Uie same lo be paid Into
Ibe Bank of Brlib b Norlh America lo
Ihe credll of the raid Corporation for
the purpoic above recited.
3. Debenlure Bonds of Ihe Corpora
tlun lo be designated 'The Queen
Slreel Wesl Ural Improvement De
beulure Bunds" lu ou smount nol exceeding Ihe said sum of Ave thousand
dollars ((6,000) In whole may be is
sued by tfao Becvu and ihe clerk o(
the Corporation In terms ol the Muni
elpal I'liiiiiies Act and Ada aineudlng
the aamc, and ol (bis lly-Uw In sums
as may be reuulred, bul no slugle Debenlure shall be lor more than one
thousand dollars 1(1.000). Each ol
Ihe aaid Debentures shall be signed
by the said Reove und Clerk and
Sealed with Ibe deal ol thc Corporation.
4. Tbe auid Debenlure Bonds shall
bear inleregt pt a rale not exceeding
Ave per"cent.,per annum, payable halt
yearly on the first day ol July and on
tbe first day of January In each and
every year during Ihe currency of tbe
ssld Debentures or uny of tbem'
There shall be attached lo Hie Debenture Bonds, Coupons signed hy Ihe
Heme tot each end every payment of
intereal that may iconic due, and
such signature may be either written
or etamped.
6. The ssld Debenture Bonds as to
principal aud Intercrt shell be payable
al (he Bank of Brllleb North America
In Norlh Vancouver, Toronto und Montreal, and Hie said principal sum shall
be mode payable hy the Corporation
at a dabe nol later- than fifty years
from iho first dsy of July, 1911. ,
6. For tne purf-oac o'l forming a
sinking fund (or payment of said Debenture! at maturity, snd for payment of the Interest Ijiicreoi) ae II be
comes due. amounting, said Sinking
Fund and Interest together, tq $itt,
there Is hereby assessed and levied
over abd above all other rates and
(axes lfa,c annual lums icl opposite
the properties horesrter Mcr/md tfi
be jknojaS M Uta "Oi/esn SUetf f/m\
Local improvinout Bats," which mmi
ahull be payable out of and from ips
aaid properties respectively, v|».;-
.1   i ?
i .
8 '
'  60
60 >
The said Queen Street West Ucal
Improvcmcnl Rate or Tax shall bs
and Ib hereby lovied and charged annually (or tbe period of fifty years ss
a lien or charge payable along with
and In addition to, and ae (arming part
of the annual real estate taxes payable (or and out or the said respective
properties tu Ihu laid Corporation.
Hut It Ib hereby provided that In tbe
event o( any of sold properties charted with Buld Queen Struet Weil Ucal
Improvement Rale, being now or hereafter subdivided, then tho said rate
dpll alio he prnpqrtlonaLely subdivided and settled according to the front-
ugc o( each part or lot abutting on
suid Queen Street West, and the Subdivision o( Ihe land shall be ao made
hut us fur us possible no part or lot
abutting w^ll have a less depth (ban
ono hundred and twenty leet back
(rom such frunlugo, und on such subdivision being so made and approved
ol by certificate uuihnil/oi! by Uie
Council (or Ibe reglstraUou nf Uie
map or plan thereof, Iben Ibe said
fionlagu rale shall be u charge only
uu such psrls or lots abutting pn laid
slreel, and the remainder of Ihe eald
propcrtlei so subdivided 111 any) shall
be lived und released from Iho aaid
rule as a ehurge or Hen.
7. The debt hereby created li
created on the iccurlty of Ibe sold
Queen Street Well Ucal Improvement Hale, settled und levied as bore-
inbelor. provided, and It la guaranteed by the Municipality at large.
8. This By-Uw may he cited (or all
purposes as "The Queen Street Welt
Ucal Improvement 1-onn By-Uw,
1911," and iliull come Into effect on
the first day o( July, 1911.
Passed by the Council on Ibe lllh
day of May, 1911.
Received Iho assent of the elector!
ut an I'd.. inn. held on the
day of 1911.
Reconsidered and Anally adopted by
the Council and signed by tho Reeve
und Clerk und sculcd wllh the Corporate Seal on the day
of                               1911.
Take notice that the above li a
true. cOpy of Hie proposed By-Uw
upon which ihe vole oi tho Municipality will he taken within Ibe following pulling stations, vis.; In the l.ynn
Valley Institute Hall; In Ibe Churoh
Hell at curlier uf Unsdale" Avenue
and Queen Street; uud al Hollyburn,
all lu Ibe Distrlcf of North v»"
couver, on Saturday, ibe 27lh day of
May, 19)1, between Ibo hours of 9
o'clock a in end 7 o'clock p.m.
C, M. c. and Returning Officer.
Public notice li hereby given that
Ihe vole of Ihe Electors of lbs Dis
Did or North Vancouver will be taken
on Ihe Queeu Slreel (Wesl) Ucal Improvement Jaoon By-Uw, 1911, on Sal-
unlay, the 27(b day of May, 1911, be-
I ween the hours of 9 o'clock s.m. snd
7 o'clock p.m., within the following
polling pieces, vis.; In the Lynn Valley Institute Hall; in Ihe Church Hull
at the corner of Unsdale Avenue and
Queen Street; and at Hollyburn, all
In Die Diilricl ol North Vancouver,
and that John (1. Farmer has been
appointed returning officer to take ths
votes ol such elector! witb the usual
powen in tbst behalf.
By ordor of tbe Council,
Acting Beeve.
C. M. C.
Fresh Fruits daily at the Grottp.
New Harnew Shop
IN THF, MEWSES fit TP ''- w
KEf AW it)}$. PWOFS WllJa Dry
Vaaeouver HanttM to.
mmm (RIGHT
Express Classified Columns
. . "W.'U uu■! I1U1I.I ulIII   |     S I I   ■' ■' a■ .' — a     '	
mi W "Mfr  ™ W "»»
m nmk. Tie per line net Insertion
swnw, $» per lins per insertion
WANTED—To exchange a ti passim-
pr E.M.F. autopiqblla, new loot your
present value $1,800, (or Nor* Vun
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Apply go* 1004, frpsess Office.
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Imuril. Suite 4 "Boscabcl" Sih atreet
and Cheetsrfield. 16-li
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Elder Murray Co. firs Insurance,
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manuscript and spooiftciitions a s|«
oislty. Neatness, acciimoy and cot-
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ed new modern house on Hamlin Drive
one minute from cur, renting for SlU
and can obtain tih. Price, 11,300 with
*1,WNI equity, (Sill) in 0 monllis, lm|-
snee ou in. 11 'a,.-. lor clone in property iu Norlb Vuneouver. Would purchase up to 86,000. t Apply, John
AlexaiiiliT k Co., I'JI  Lonsdule Ave.
Get  it at tha Lonsdale Pharmacy,
corner 8th and Lonsdale. I'hone 89. tl
Booms 10 sod II, Pender Oliaaben,
683 Pender Street W.       Phona 8481
Residence,  cor.  Lonadale  Ave   Md
32nd itreet, North Vsncouvsr.
Mill Wood fur Sale—Creamer Tram-
ler Co,, telephone 296 or Ik).        Hi-fi
FOH SALE—Two gm«l milk cows.
Apply l-'il. sired, Isl house wont of
Lonsdale. '-'iin
('AMI' FOB SAI.I'.-Nit'Dly locnl-j.1 in
wulei'fi'iinl, i-iv-i ol Jenkins Boiler
Works. 'Viivru, Express Office.       Hi-fi
60ft. lot on Boulevard, North Lonadale, Jmiii ; 31) It. lot one block Irom
loar line, f46U. Sen J. Mcllwuine, l.VJ
3rd strait, North Vancouver.       23-5
Fresh Cream at the Grotto, ifi cents
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First   quality  Ic Cream, wholesale
mul retail at the Grotto.
The distinguished Swedish journalist
Mr.   Ilaa-.a.    L.   |i||||il|aai.,a,   ll.i.'i   | In- ,>lie .I
of the North Vuneouver Hotel
ly. Mr. Suiidlmrg is coiinecluil with
llie Swedish Vancouver Host publicn-
Tlie whurl Iwing constructed by
('u|il. Kiil.bain, west of Ilic t uie'
Wbarl, is fust Hearing completion unl
il will mil lie long before it will lie
rupiiaitionuil for Ihe purpose ol unbinding Howe, elc. The uliiuf is over
iliu-.' hundred fuel long and about 311
(eel wide offering some of Ike beet
lacilitiee lor bundling frcinht in, Norlh
\ nncoiiver.
Load News Items
Mn. W- i, Jrwig will not ree-.lve
again until further notice,
Mr. James Murray, -if, Wt   for
Scotland at) Sunday last.
The sad miwa line been reeeiveil ol
the death in Vancouver nl Mri.. Edmund Nli formerly of thii oity,
The tramp sleiininr, Clansman, il 01
the Wallace ways undergoing repairs
to her propeller and repainting.
. Mr. and Mrs. MoKinnon ol IIRh
slroet cual are lira happy piirrnls nl
a young son.
The 0.1\l*i stoumor Henrietta is undergoing a thorough painting and
ovorhauling at the Wallace Ways,
Mr. J. li. Kerr ol Winnipeg is visiting his sister, Mrs. don. Icnn's,
North .Vancouver,
In the police court ycelerduy ni.un
inb, .1 oliu Dopp, charged wilh hi.iiiiiIi
fail..I i.i appear ,-m.l thuro'nre Imleii-
ed his hail depnsil nmuiinling In >'&.
Ur. Frank Williams, eldest snn ol
Mr. awl Mra. II. Williumi, Keith llo.ul
wesl, bad enlisted on ll.lf.H. Bain-
Tlie   pile   driver  "Vio" is  driving
, posts     fur     an     anchorage     close
by Ihe lerry approach 'nr the scows
I which will coal Iho lerry fiuet on this
'side ol tlie Inlet in future.
I l>Ol'Oll|   Ialal,-I      Hl'Ollll      i   - . ' I         UH.l
till.,1 i,■ Island K.a>a.ici.- (or siili
corner   6th   street   nud   St.   .David's
ltoad. 'it 6
The Urol to,
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Real nice business In North Vnn'iiu
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FOB SALK-Lol IN in block 4, ILL.
663, i In -. bl... I . from Boulevard lacing south, (10(147 leel. Trice 8.100. IHO
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136 1st west. ''I.
Fruit aii.l canity store and ice cream
parloi, real nice busmen (or lady,
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Fresh   Lettuce   lor   Sale.
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C.   B,
Mr. I'. I ni. a- proprietor of ths
North Vuneouver Hotel, celebr ,lc i his
birthduy yosliTilui by u luuiieh trip
up Indi,,., BiVot. Alter Ihe lli.l.v hail
i-i-tiiiiii-al in llie evening limy en s.-eil
ou Ibe ferries uiul visited he Varcnu-
ver Horse Show building lor ihe pm
pose of hearing the 1'umona .-helhel.1
The No. 'I lerry, which wus un llie
Wnllnm ways yesterday for llie purpose uf suiting u new aid uf hludi ■ ou
her |n*ofieHert, roauinuil lier runs Inst
Those for whom Ihe gome of | nil
holds fascination will in. duubt lie in-
torceted in tlie wiekly competition It r
the hoies of Vancouver Clnb ,uul Iliu
moiiil Crown cigars .1. natod by Mi
Hammond, Ihe popular pool roam
proprietor, First street west. Tlie
rules gumming Ibe competition, ure
very simple, il lioiliu merely llie lieii
est run made each wrek in a
lion htl ball culled shot game ai pool.
At ,, special meet m | lual evening ol
llie North Vancouver icho .1 l.o.d ii
wus .1. ■ tu comply wilb lho afoonl
ia-j.itt.| <,l Mr. Kt'llur oi the ni.di
school for un uaaiatuiit, -.nd siepi .nil
be taken shortly to procure -, si.'table
young i.-ili to uaaisl in thia depuit-
ment. The plans for the prop ,. "I ll w
sl'i.iKiu .c|i,„,| no still under niLi.e-
iil-iii, ulilioeasjLilit' primary olijrn ol
the meeting rust even'ng wus b.i this
Chief of Police Device returned Iruin
Kumlonjis on Friduy where he Wus
scting ua a delegate representing the
Order of ihe Knights nl Pythias ol
this cily.
Mr. Waller (iihsnn, whose purenls
reside nn lib street uud Mul.on Ave,,
bit nn (Saturday wilh Ihe contingent
from II.M.S. Rainbow, In attend   tlie
ci..nnI ion ceremonies.
Children in all the North V''il|c..iiur
schonis are enjoying ,, hull linlid iy I v
day ai a result ol Ihe Igduluenci ■'
Ihe trustees who wiahoil 'o give liiein
un opportunity to hear Ihe .-.bin all I
Sheffield Choir.
Fresli Cream ut the (initio, 26 nnla
per pint,
Mrs. Tims. Leslie Kennedy, who was
lornieHi Miss Muriel lluiiruin ol 01-
tiiwu, will receive l,,r ihe Brat lime
since her marriage on Wednusduy an,I
Thursday, Hie dl. mid ISth, at '260
First atrial, uml not at'.iiii thia aou
Acting H.-.-H Mb.ii. uccompiiied by
Mr. J. H. Farmer, .C.B.i;., unl Mr -I.
V. I i, yueteidiy mom nt to. k
up Ihe McTuviah I'uii natter nieimd
In ihe Board 4 Works wilh pow. r to
ad al the Insl mueling id the ill
11id council, ll wus decided lo huve
6,6111 had of six loot gmd-jd ir.iil.
Iuid in Hie park mul work in them
will Ik ,,iiiiiii,-iii„l hght :iwa.,. 'Ilic
Contractors who mil bundle llui Work
ure Meesra. Sumner und Lit lie.
fha yachting *mn on Burrsrd Inlet wis* inaugurated <w S»turd»y afternoon when five boats ol Ihe North
cpuver Yacht Club participated in Mis
first race for Commodore .1. J.'Woods
cup held over the inner couree pi the
hinlior From the Olub Bonis up th«
North Arm sround -lug Wand «n
return, The rules which govern ihe
competition serios (nr the CUP are a
thorough teel (or power bouts, the
winners in eacli race being handicap-
|wd with live ballast Inr succeeding
racee. Power liuiiiches competing
were; A uiul II., ('apt. Evuns; |l«n-
iiiienndii, Ciipl. Smith, Diiwniil, Ciipt.
.1. A. MoMillsn, Tyke, Capt. Harris,
and Kathleen II, ('apt. Williiimn.ii.
The Fill, Capt. McKunsie, was tn gel
away at 3.110 o'clock, but failure to
nomo up tn the scratch on lime kepi
this spruce liltio crull nut nl tha
(letting allay with lings Dying and
amid the cheers nl Ihe many yachting enthusiasts wlm hail tn
sec the slarl and finish ul tlie race,
ihe I'oiils stalled the I. IU grind nn
lho mile course, Ihe Hull
Moon, 'iii.l the spc.,1 boat the Sterling 11. iicvnmpiiiiy.ii.! tli.'in, Kalhieon
11, Hie last In get away, gained
steadily nn her c.onpelilors, nnd wus
up with ths landers ut tlie Ium, the
Onward and sbe holding Ihs bad alternately until Iho last Iwn niilis nl
ths vi,iii.'.c were rosched wh,n Ihe Onward ilriippid behind somewhut and
Knilil.-.-ii II passai the Iin;. a winn-r
with the Onward clnee nn h r heels.
The Doniiiii-onilii Wus third. The winner's lime was I hr. 69 min. 43 sec.
Tho speiil bout Steeling II in a leet
race over the course made an (forage
of'ill miles pci In no fm Hie trip. 'Ibis
serios ol races will be held m.inili'i
under ihs ennditinns aa belore stuloj
and Ihe cup nn view in the aulas
ul .1. J. Woods k Cu., Luiiwliilo Ave.,
will lie pn- i ul lho
end nl i Im season. The long distance
Im the I nte.~ Cup will lie held under
the a a spices nf Hie N. V. V. C. on
'ine 'hii The course will be In Hum-
bier l-luiul and return. Entries will
close   a I..,ii    the lusl 4 week.
[Ths mm "in-
|jwi»r attomod
on Gnrden Hose,. „
guarantee of Quality,
We are sole agents
(or Nortli Vuneouver,
for lliis brand of Hose,
hive handled isme for
years, and guarantee
every foot,
When buying Hose,
insist on gelling the
best,   f-avvn fyiink-
lers, Nozzleiand
Reels of ihe best
quality always in slock
Paine &
The Hardware' Specialist! Phone 12
First Street and Lonsdale Avenue
Mr. A. It t'hupmuii, 'nrmerly min
ai." i ol the Hunk of llritish Notil
America hare und who tin Iwen vim
iug in l-'ugb.ii I for some monllis, returned In Norlh Vancouver no Monday.
North Vancouver Business Cards
•St.aiio   over   Bonk   li. N. A.
Jaoosdale und Keplnnude
b your wiiivh topping or going irre-
Ulilarly 1 ,Soe
'llie Norlh Vuneouver J'.sperl
und inoms'r   lemJIcr
60 Lonsdule Avenue
Wlmlesiilers and llvl.ukia i,|.|'ure Ice
I 'ream
Ire lor lumily uae
A. S. W. MsrLsy     J. M. Msrk.y
Au-. it. it*, ci
Anhilocls and Civil ]iaginr«ri
Hull.,.ii her Block • ■ - -  Leplanadu
and ruomjcK co.
Fresh and Smoked Kb
Liv« and Dressed Poultry
Vegetables Delivery twice daily
Phone 340 131 First Street
Barber Shop snd Bslhi
liii-l.i up luilulf in every parliailar
Try us .md be cisivinwl
It. (', (lAZKITK
Appointmenli i
Alexiiinler Mellonuld of Nurth Suiui
ieh, Andrew Mulusky ol Now Michael,
Heurgv M. I nli ol I'owell Biver, end
V M. I .-,,,1 I iiiran ul Slewurt, lo lie
luatieea ul Die I'eiux in their respective inuincipiiliUm
I-    J. Anion, In lie nrllciul ...limn
ialrulur    lur   (he   < aril no    LleiSoriil
lllslll. I L.lgnl   I'll,,lies   Id.llll   to    lw
ri-gistrur in the cnuiily curt of I'nri
Iuu, I,.,I'l.n ul   Co mile house.
li. p..i in,, hi ul Wurka:
lend' is are in ii..l lor the erection
I   U    si llaaail    l,.,USe   ,,1     H I. IUII. "H'l.    .1  |>0
High-class Udias' and Hani's Tuilortn/
Finest tables and cuss ia the Cily
Modem Tailors aad Rsnovstory
307 l.onsalele Avmue
Cleaning,   I'reesing,  Dyeing,   Alls-i'ng
Ws   ues   the   I'i.-ml.   Dry   Ue.ihiag
Frooeei * I'hone 'HU
The Palm Confectionery
S4*tionsry, Conlectionery, Ice Cream,
SMt Driohe, Fountain Drinks, Tobacco
Light Lunelle., Fruit
U. C. DUCOMlTtlN li SON  )
laonedale and «th Ffaose 1)8
' m all   i.   ia a, a. '■ '
tha Um Block oa laesudale Av«*ue
near the Ferry Approach
was built hf
(iMmmTml   Gtmmitmmm\mmmM
mm^^mftm      rwm <' m* * *' m
Pioneer Horeeshoer - Carriage Wo/fci
Baofcaelleri and Stationers
C«r. lauitla mi Id.       Hume U»
'I Ml Hit
Lodim' and Hunt's Suila lo Order
from Ko.QQ and tHhm rM|>wtively
I'hone 363 l/msdsl* Car, IMI, al
lice station ut Nuus Biver, aid lor
building of femes l„r uae ul Mission
Point, Sksaoa lliver and at Yale
Fraser Biver.
Notice is given ol Ilk' registration
iu e«lrn-provincial cuinpunias ol Ihe
Ansricsa Melting nnd llaliuing Com-
irnny, the Baldwin l.ocumolive Worke,
Copeland und Bider Compuny, and
the Miiiiu(urliirer«' Dislribuling Co.
The British llurdwars and Im-
porting Co, Lid., Ibe Calgary Paving
"o., Dominion Kegislsr Co., liratt
Wssl Saddlery tq, and Ibe Moousy
lliialiil anil Contl} ('„. ),.„,. l„,„ |j
censed us ulraprminrial coinciiBise.
i vi tin,., i, a ,,| li„,,ip,,i„ti,,n have
bwei granled Cnnudian Cnnirtrucli.m
Co, Lid., Il„ii. Brother! KlecllIrC,,,
lloiniiiii.ii Security {',,'., t;,.|,|„i,l k
Son IM, HoluuiU-i iSle,,m,aoit/
Minus Lid. Ini|wriul Lends Ltd., I y
ibion Hall Co. IAd., Ilidiber lyre
i'popiii. in   Co,  Ud,, Kn„w(h.r   Pid-
lake   l/iggjllg   Co,   |,ld.,    Si,auili>,,i
Cui,s,,liil.iii.| Minn Lid, \ -n.-.u...
si.-,,iiS,„,i Minca ('„. oBd The .Tcetera
I .'"I   Limited.
ruAcmtw musk)
Spedally : Cfaildrm's I ewoiu at own
home.  Terma, etc., apply Osaersl
Nl. Amdssw's Preebytaviao Churdi,
lUh aire*!. Hervieee : Morning worship
II ii in , ni'iuig wiarahip 7.80 p.m.,
Snn.lui School 3.30 pin , Hisisln'a
Bible t'laos 3.90 p.m , y.P.S.C.K. Toe.-
day evening H u', israycr awting
ffednseday swelling II aVolock. "Hod
needs you . vou mad Hod," It v. Bon-
•Id    Miol.a.l,   III |] .1.1
Bapliat Churii - Filth and tit.
Oeorge. Uervicse at 11 am and 7.W
p.m. Sunday Sdkool and Bible Clan,
at 13.16 p.m. Prayer and praise eer-
vies Vedneedsy at s p.m. Faator, Kev.
A. J, Proeaar. 3nd elroet eaet.
UMkomt bbateb. corner 4 Siilh
atreet aai at. Osorge's Avsoae-
Sunday preachiag cervices at 1140 s.
si. aai im pm.. Sunday School aa
BibbTClaae at 3.40 p.m., Senior League oa Moeday evMuag al 8XW pm„
£aysc aad praise eervjee M Wedaes-
y ivniuil tm, Junior latent
amriea a* Thursday ittemaotBel tm.
A narMa] walemw is ttlaaiai to all
t« altaai tones eerviaes. tutor, %
C. SdhUdbter, residue, aomer B4I*
koai ami Bt. AnsWi,
McMillan's for money savers
Sugar, granulated, IH lb. sack ...11.00
Tea, McMillan/a 3 lb. lor  fl.011
linking Powder, Coledyke llrund—
lull 18 oi. (in   Ilic.
i'.di.--   whole roast  und freshly
ground, per Ib 3fn-.
Hum, luncy augur cured per lb....30c
Canned Fruite,.delicious California
Pears, Poaches, Apricots and
llaspberries, per tin     30c.
l'ickles, lino English pickles, per
boi I Ic  ....Me.
Itiiller, llhih made, New Zealand
3 Ibl ,. II .9-1
J. A & m. McMillan
 Phone 20'
North Vancouver
Second  Annual
Horse Sho
Entry Forms Iron Secretary H. Snow, North Vancoyver
/   »
Breadi   Bread!
Union Made.   Home Industry.
Bigger Lonf.   Better   Bread.
Don't torgst, our Intent Horn* Made ImI.
»lairMi;il«wlal<I>a. Of. Umiak 1 HI«.


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