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The Express 1912-07-26

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(Zip txyxm
iiir. .lulni tiallagban, Chief Engineer
uf tho Pacific Qreat Eastern Bailway
was iu the cily for a sburt lime un
Tn.n,lm-, having brought over s copy
of Ihe lucul uoi plan ef the proper etl
route of the lines of bis conipany along
tbe Nortb Hhore for the inipection of
tbe city council. Thu plaus show llie
localiou nf the right uf wuy front the
norlli eud of Beeoml Narrows bridge
to a point near Ouulflolil's near Point
Atkinson. A similar copy of the loca
tiou i'iiiu has been submitted lo Ihe
couucil of tbe district of Nortb Van
couver ami Ibe district ef West Van
couver. The appllcatiou for the ap
l-i,,,nl ,'t the plaua will bo heard by
P. C. iinuii,!,', llhiof Engiueer fur tbe
provincial goverumeut, at Victuria,
this afternoon al Ltd o'clock. Ur. i'ul
lagliau in au interview witb a repreien
talive of tbe "Express" stated tbat it
is ihe desire of bis Company to meet
the wishes of tba people as voiced by
tbe municipal councils in every reason
able niimiicr and every opportunity it
therefore being given the councils te
give nullum consideration lo tbe1 loca
Hou plans before tke application for
approval is beard, lu this particular
Mr. iTilliighiin stated that be was aware
of Ihe fact that tbe council ofthudis
trict of West Vancuiiver was desirous
of preventing tbu Murine !>rive from
beiug crossed aud re crossed by level
railway crossings ami in order to meet
tbe desires uf the couucil iu this regard,
tbe right of wuy of the Pacific Oreat
Eastern hss heen surveyed to cross the
Murine Drive ouly one* at a point iu
I). L. 607 about ail miles west of the
city. The compsny further proposes
to put in an overhead crossing at this
The representatives of the several
, mm, ilu will attend al Victoria duriug
the hearing of the application ami it ia
expected that while iu Ihe capital Ur.
I)'Amy Tale, chief couusel for tbe Pa
■■ni, Ureat Eastern, will be in a position
to confer with reference to tbe arrange
ineitls for the cercuiouy of turning tbe
iit.nl iud which will mark tbe commence
ment of railway construction upou the
North Bhore. It is eipected lhat tbia
auspicious event will iuu, -i-i,-' on l<abor
Day early iu Beptember.
There ure mauy rumors alosl tbcie
days with reference to tbe many mat
Hrs pertaining to the incoming of tne
several railway syttems thst are bead
ing for the North Ubore, lo almost all
of which it would not be wise lo give
credence, bul there is one wbicb bai
proven more periistent lhau Its fel
lows, namely tbat negotiations aie now
iu piugress for tbe purchase of Lons
dale Harden* by uue of lbc big railway
corporalious for t, in,mul purpoiei. Mi
James C. Keith ,lhe owuer of the pro
perty has openly declared upou more
than one occasiou lhat he was rescrv
ing the property for railway purposes
In fail Ibat wai a porlioo uf the caae
presented to the city council against
the opening of tbe Esplanade Ihruugli
I Ihc property.   It is knowo further lhat
lleeve Nelsoji, at the regular session
of Wost Vaueouver council ou Tuesday
gave publicity to the fact thut the
Board pf Directors of Borrunl luld
Tunnel smi Bridge Coinpnuy hupe lu
procure a ruling giving thai cnuipaiij
full right to use the right of way of Ihc
V. W. ,v Y. ilailway Company, litter
viewed by  u  representative oi   tbs
"Express" Mr. E. Malum, President of
Burrard lull,'! Tunnel ami Bridge i'iiiii
pany, stated that aB fnr the relation
ships mc i.nn-'.I  by his i'uinpany   with
the V. W. li Y. iiniiv.;i> Company,tbey
were desirous at ull times of treating
that company with title courtesy and iu
all that hail transpired or thul might
transpire that desire woultl be adhered
to. Tbe opininu that Burrard lulet
Tunnel ami Bridge Company was in n
fair way tu Require full righls over u
portiou of the rlghl of-way of the V.
W. k Y. railway was entertained by
those who were intimately aciiugiuted
with the present situatiun in that' regard    The localiou plans of the riglil
present liuie aud it is not known at
niinl date the position will hs mude
Itt further discussing the preseut status nf bridge uffairs Mr, Muhun staled
Hint he had written Hie respective municipal councils explaining in detail the
■i,|,, that il wnuhl bo n,-,-,-.->:iii to take
in order lo obtuiii a permanent liunrd
of Directors lo take control of the com
ptiity'» uiiuii.. Hit considered it desirable lliul such a change shoulil be maiie
ami hoped that the mattor would not
long be delayed.
Mr. Mnl,,ni stated further that in his
iipittiiin the time was now opportune
for lulling some definite steps toward
securing a right of way for the railway
lines of tlte compuny ulong the norlh
shore. In order to further this en,I he
was of opinion Ihut it would be wise to
cull u conference uf the Municipal cuuu
ri Im, the Hourd of Directors of the Coin
puny und Ihe holders of large tracts of
property aloug tlte line of. the right
of wuy iu order to see what euuld bu
done towtird securing as large a por
lion as possible of that right -of-way
free of cosl, or at a nominal price. He
Ihtitiglil il quite within the possibilities
that a considerable portion uf the right
nf wuy could be procured iu this way
uml wilh this property as a basis the
compauy might bind itself in position
to ntiikc use uf its I,,,iuhug privileges
it urder In obtain Hit.' portions which
WANTEP-Qirl Inii genorRlliouso
Work.   Apply HIS Third street eusl.
WANTEDrflniart tliiiing rpjiijxl
for American Cafe.   Hund pay.    S3-7
WANTED-Mpiitbly nurse, second
week iu August. Apply Box Ami, Ex
Items of Interest
Uiii A C. Vi,,,,, ii moving iuto bei
new boose, IIS Hlsl weit.
Mr C. E. Greenwood of Vaueouver
has takeu up residence at 8*0 71 b Bt.
Ur. (J,urge 11. Brown, manager of
B fl, Market, bai moved into bis new
bouse ou i in, street.
The cily rock crusher ilarti Ihis week
lo supply rock for the macadamising
uf Forbei aveuue, 131b slreet smi Kill)
street.      ,
Ur. end Mrs. William Brookes ef Au
bum, Wash, ere al present tbe guests
ef Ilr. end Mrs. A K Anders of 6th
street weal.
George Ker of Windsor Botd leava
lui' vy en t sis montbi' combined buii
ii.'.'s sud pleasure trip lo Winnipeg sud
Eastern Oulsrio.
Mrs. Hooper of Winnipeg, wife ef
Mr. Jamea Hooper, King's Puioler,
Multiloba, is viiiling Mrs. W. A. Bus
Mil, Norlb Loii»d»lf
A 18 iuch walsr main is being laid
ou Klh slreei to connect witb Ihe main
on Lynn Valley road. Tbe total length
of tbis pipe is tMt feet.
Harvey and Hubiuion era decorating
Ibe interior of the new premises on
corner of Esplanade and lionsdale for
Ihc Canadian Bank offomdterce,
The weekly meeting of lbe Board of
Perry Directora took pUce this afler
noon. Owing lo the unavoidable ah
aence of cerUin membora tiers was uo
M cenjaesUene turn tin eity a»ln
during tbe paat few muulhi surveyurs
have been ul work on Hie property, al
though this may have beeu uuly fur lhe
purpose of locating the right of way of
one of the railwayi. Humor does uut un
ticrlake tu say which Bailway Company
it is tbat ia seeking the property al
though in Ibis as iu mauy otber respects
Ibe P. If. P.. Hatlway Company appears
to be the favorite iu public opiuiou. lu
fact, becauae ofyla progressive policy,
sud slraightfuiward metuuds, Ihis tail
way euinpauy stands high iu Ihc cs
Huiatiuu of the police ou the Norlh
Bhore. The price for Ihis well known
property is uot uauied, but minor hus il
lhal it ii at any tale as uear the mil
liuu as Ibe half milium dullar mark
No ,,n,i,,,.,n,u, ur deuial uf Ihc troth
uf Ihc rumor forthcoming from ulli
clal sources, from which it is a fair in
fn. nee thai if such iiig,.uuii,uu arc
actually ut progress they have uot yet
reached a stage sufUcicully advanced
lu euiure their success, fur which rea
•ou publicity ii considered undesirable
at preient
uu Lonsdale avenue are now completed
from the waterfront lu Ihe cily limits
and ou Pirit street, Purbcs avenue and
Bl. David's avenue.1
Work upou the athletic gruuuds,
Uabou Park will be finished in a litlls
over a week's lime. Tne graditi'i o)
Porbea avcuue will be completed on Ba'
unlay ami macadamising wili be cum
uicnccd huiii,,I,aid)
A gang ii uow working ou Ihe Easl
Capilano road iuiproviug tbe roatl gen
■rally aud widening Ibe dangerous cur
in in in particular.   Tbe appearance of
tm"  section  i* uodtigoiug  a  d I,,I
change for Ibe better.
Mr. uls,u of tbia city went over
to Vancouver last evening to play wilb
Williamson's band at ea entertainment
end deuce given in St. Augustine's Ce
tbulic Hill ea Arbutus street, by tin
ladiea of lbc cbureb committee
Work ia now in progress on the
Keilb road eut of Heymour creek in
continuance of lbc policy of lbe old
council regarding tbe Ueriue Drive
from Deep Cove to Howe Bound. Tbta
work includes lbe sleel bridge over Mc
Certney (reek.
Supplies ere now being taken up for
tbs construction of Ibe new intake on
Lym Creek, eboul e mile end e half
higher tban tbe preienl intake. It ie
eipected Ibat Uie pipe from tbe uew
Intake to Hire Uke will be finished in
i,l-ni a monlb's time.
According to aulhuritios upon Norlb
Lonsdale, Ibe recent coaling of Tsrvis
administered lo a portion of Iiooidale
avenue ia tbet section bee proved
most lucoeseful. Experts declare
tbet thit it tbe bsei piece of work of
tbt kind tbey bare seen.
Cecil Tbsw wit tbis morning liberal
ut cn   uf  Burrard   Inlet  Tunnel  und
Bridge Cuinpany hail been forwariled I still remained. In tinier that tbis plan
to tbe mli, uut. of thc Company ut Ot should receive ti fair trial it wuubl tic
lawa iu the regular course of affairs ] necessary for one uf the bodies inter
as suuu as they wero completed. While icalcd, uther thun the Huurd of Directors
iu possession of the plans the coinpuny's to set the mutter in motion, iu which
solicitor had fouml it necessary to up lease il should not require a great length
ply to the Minister uf Kuilwuys lu Belief time tu discover what coulil be ac
as arbiter uuder lbe agreement calling I eouipllsbed by this means,
for tbe conveying of Ihc bridge sile] In ruuning Ihc lines fur the lucation
uf the V. W. & Y. Itailwuy Company'of llic roule of Ihc railroad of llurranl
lo Burrurd Inlet Tunnel and ilridgf Iulct'j unucl and Bridge Company alung
Compauy. Al lln: same time llif sulieil llie North Shore it bad been fuuml thul
or !,,,,!, uceasiun lu lllc wilh the Min I the original owners of district lot lllll
ister the locution plans which he had ilu subdividing the property hud re
rceeiveil ami it is thought front the ul served a right of way uirougb it for
litmle of the Minister at thai lime! ruilwuy purposes. It was further found
thai ihc approval of the route pluns by: Ihul ul Moodyvllle, for instance, there
Ihe department may curry with il the; was ruum fur unly uue right of way
rigid to uae Hie right-of-way of the V. [ llirough lhe property, so that these, witb
W. A Y. ou the sooth shore of the Intel i other consideration! hail in great incus
snd ou Ihc North Shore from Deep Cove ure doforrnt.itil lhe location of Ih,- en
tu the nurth entrance tu the tunnel un j tire system, causing the route to fol
der First Narrows. No certainly at low \ery closely thai chosen hy the V
laches In the mailer however al the I W. St. Y. Hallway.
WANTED-A youug milch goat. V,
Bromley, general delivery, Nortb Vau
couver. 28"
WANTED   A relliiblii man to 'drive
laundry wagou.   Apply N. V. Steam
Iiiun, Iry. Utl
WANTED—Iiistiugs from owners of"
proporty in D. L. iii. West Vaueouver.
Box bll, Express Oflice.
WANTED-A   girl   to   do   geueral
bousewurk.   Apply to Mrs. E. A. Mar
tin, fills Luun,Inle avenue. 20 i
WANTED -Huuse, North Luusdale
Six or net en room, (live locatiou and
price.   Box Iiiui, North Vaueouver.
WANTED- Lot about liuxlol). Give
cash II,film or near, or wouhl assume
payments, Cunliffe, mill 1st street. 30-7
WANTED Prom owuor, best lot
North Vaueouver. »i,n cash tin
monthly. Apply Box IIH Express Of
fice. 26 7
BOOMS FOB BBNT-Housokeepiug
and single.  814 Snd strest oast.
Large (rout room, furnished.
Third  street   cast.
FOB BENT-Furnishcd room, 870
First Btreet East. ' 13 D
TO BENT-fltablc ou Fourth itreot
E. Apply Box Aim, Express OnTce.  7 H
TO BENT-At Hi, tlirceroom cot
tagc. Apply Twelfth street and Kidg
way aveuue. UC 7
FOR BENT -New fi-ruumed modern
bungalow. Lew. Mm: Angus McLean,
330 lnlli stroet West. 337
FOR RENT-Foor roomed furnished
suite, I'tiluiiiul Apiirlineiii-. Apply
Dierssen, Eighth aud St. Audrews.   t.f.
TO BENT—House, August 1st, on
Third street close lo Lunsdule avenue.
Borne lilt tugs for sale. Apply Ilox A IUU,
Express Oflice. 30 7
FOR RENT- Modern six rooiuod
house, comer lllli street and Chester
il. Kent t30.UO. Apply Urn C.
Hartley, llth street west. 80 7
WANTED Youug womsu for light
housework iu Oat. Must sleep out. Ap
ply Wood, I'aige Shoe Co, Pint slreet
WANTED-A good general servant
for family of two. No. washiug. Mrs
I. II. liuarc, 4th street ami Ht. David's
Koad. 337
WANTED—A gooti piauu accompanist who is willing lo practice accompaniments two nights u week. Box Alts,
Express Ollice. 28 7
WANTED-Dressmaking and ladies'
tailoring, long summer cuats, etc. Guud
fit uutl style guarautcctl. Prices rea
suuable. Alsu au apprentice (Good
training giveu). Apply oveuiug Sixth
ttreet west, curner Luusdale. 10 0
cd in suspended sentence, lite tliiirgi
agaiusl him having been oue of uliluin
ing by false pretences from Ine Wuud
Paige Shoe Company a pair of shoes
valued al $3.26 Thcw aud his wife
were advised lu return lo South Vun
cuuver frum whence Ihey came.
The Peuples Trust Co., Ltd., of New
w, ,. t.i is uliuul ready tn start
Ibeir branch here, lhe tleecssary stuck
iimt beiug subscribed by Ihc lucul
people. The abuve company has tic
Ij!■ .1 ils annual dividend uf 12 per
ceul., aud its easels show an increase
from Smjii.tni'i nu lu near Ihc million
mark. Mr. Chaa. Kulliusuii, uf Nurlh
Vaucuuver is fiscal agenl of lite above
com pany.
Tbe Y.P.S.CE. of Bl. Andrew 'a Pres
bylcrisu cbureb beld their usual weekly
meeling lasl Tuesday evening wilh Mr.
Win. Knowles presiding. The topic,
"Cbristiau I'uininoiisensc," waa discuss
ed mosl thoroughly and exhaustively iu
a debate in which must uf Ihc mem
bcii look pari. The meefiug continues
lo grow iu interest and a cordial invitation ii , ii. nd. ,1 to all uew cn,, i lu
be preieut each Tuesday evening itt SI.
Andrew '• IT,-I'd,iiiiii church.
Council Inspects Tunnel
Members of tbe city council, headed
by Mayor McNeish, and Ihe chairman
of tbe waterworki commillee, Alder
nuw Dick, journeyed out to Uie scene
of tbe Bice I Jke tunnelling operations
ou Wednesday morning autl inspected
tbe entire project from the old intake
to tbe innermost recesses of the 1,000
foot luunel through wbicb the peuple
of the city of Norll) Vanrouver will lie
•upplied with water from the now reservoir Rt Bice Uke. Tbo party wu ac
I'ouipaiiied by Mr Angus Smith, cily
engineer, and Mr. Oeo. Orant, Ibe rily
waterworks superintendent. '
Tbe conclusions of tbo severs) mem
bers of Ihe council will probably bo
voiced al Monday eight's meeting of
tbe council.
over a foil ullci,dunce of councillors)
Hie usual weekly meeting took place
uiul Ihc following resolutions passed:
Thai Ihc Kecve and Couu. Bridgman
and l.uulel be u delegatiuu lu Victoria
to represent Ihc interests of the dis
Iriel in the uiullcr of Ihc Pacific Greal
Eastern Railway.
That the lire and light committee
have puwer lo ail in building a lire hall,
Thai Hie Chief be empowered lo boy
Uie ueccssury requisites, same to lie
charged lo Ihc dislricl.
'IT,:,t a 1 inch main lie laid un tjuecn
slreei cast in at'curdanee wilh lhe re
quest uf Ihe residents.
The lull,,.■.in, correspondence was
llicn   I• ,iIt  with:
The eily clerk uf Vuncuuver notified
Ihc cuuucil linn its letter of July Dili
wus before fiuaucc committee at their
lasl meeting and the following recom-
it,,-t,.minui passed and adopted by the
city council:
"That $ 1,000 be granted for improve
ment of Capilauo pipe roatl ami charged
lo waterworks.
Mrs. Bessie Muhood, Windsor Boad,
wrole inquiring wbo was responsible
fur lhe killing of ber canary aud badly
lumngiiig her Icnl, a large stone cuter
ing at one title and going out through
the olber. Tbe lady placed Ibe cost of
the canary |t 14.00 and damage lo lent
A  letter  was  received  from  J.  f
Thoin k Co. applyiug for a road to
client's bouse ou lot 1, block J, D, I,
2D20, Nortb Vancouver.
Thanks wore received from John Tny
lur, Ruche Point, for police protection,
it appeared that Taylor bad beeu
threatened by au Italian aud thought it
iliscreot lo have the polico protection.
Tbe scbool board wrole requesting
that the fence south of Capilauo school
grounds be placed in original position
and grounds restored to former condi
lion as board bed not granted per
mission for moving of seme;
A letter emanated from Mr. Kdward
Malum dealing wilb tbe acquiring of
controlling iterest in lbe Burrard In
lei, Tunnel ami Bridge Co, by the muni
cipalities interested, tbe text of wbicb
appears in tke West Vancouvor council
proceedings on page 6.
-JAityPWll rciolved tbet MiJftjkon
Uit evening in tne Municipal hell,]!* thanked and,that tke letter be re
Lynn Veilty (Beeve M»y presiding ferred to tbe district solicitor.
FOK  SALE -Cash   register.   Apply
102 3rd street cast. 20-7
POIt SALE -Bolitl  unl.   leather  up
bolstered   davenporl   practically   uew:
ulsu $66 range cheap. Box 07, Express.
FOR SALK-Or to rout, furnished
six roomed house, 13th street. Due and
a half block cast of Boulevard. Apply
ut house. t.f.
POR SALK Ou Peter Huad 2 lots
33x137 cleared, $100 each.'tlUD cash.
Double comer 08x120, $700, t20t)
cash, Apply Box ll-'i, Express Of
FOR SALE Leaving for Aostralia
cheap. iT r, ui uied buugalow, with open
fireplace. Prico t2200; Linn caih ami
i,nluu, c as rent. Dickinan, Duvercourt
mail, iii-gr Promme road. 08
FOR 11ENT Fuur roomed modem
eotlage ou 10th street, cluse to Lous-
lale. j::,! per moulh. Apply I. N.
Kennedy A Co., Second street west. 2 6
TO   LET   Five room   furnished liuu-
galuc.  fur twu m,milu   Apply to McMillan   and   Beid,   IU   Luuidslo   Ave.
IT,,-,,,   -131,   Nurih   Vancuuver,   B.   C.
it .
TO RENT-Superior bedroom, witb
ur without lioanl, Tenth atreet eait,
oue  block   frum   Lonsdale- -for  siugle
genii, -in iii,      Box    I.vv,,   Norlh    Vau
FOR RENT From Beptember, fuiu
isbed bedroom in privalu boose ou
2lal alreet, flosf lo car liuu, lo lady,
engaged during day. Por particulars
write Box 1702, Norlh Vaueouver. 30 7
FOR KENT Lurge roomy, well
lighted store with stable ami 5 roomed
bat over store, corner Lynn Valley and
Centre Hun,Is. Apply Mcicltanls Trust
k Trailing Co. Ltd., illi I'ender St. W ,
Vaueouver, B. C. t.f.
Ouod young stuck bull kepi, comer
Robinsoo und Capiltuo rtiadi. W. H,
Wilkius. fit
For Ooo watch and jewelry wurk gu
lu Geu. Sumerluu, the uew jewelry iture
ou 2nd itreet.
Ice,  Ice  Cream,  Buttermilk,    Milk,
ream aud Butter, Purity Creamery, Kni
Secoud street west.
If you have auy property to sell and
want quick rciulti, liat it witb Sliurl,
Itiibertsiiu and Seymour. t.f.
FOR SALE—0 room bouse, modern,
wilh electric ligbt, water, rooms paper
ed. Lot cleared. Corner city boundary
uud Lynn Valloy road. On good terms
t'i,lllkl or spot cash' $2261). Apply Box
2178, North Vaueouver. 8-8
District Council Session
FOB BALE—House, snap, IDth street
aud St. George's Avenue, fi rooms, ce
monl basement, piped for furnaco, lot
33x100 to lene, fenced In aud garden.
Now rented I22.G0 per month. Price,
$2,600, 1200 caab/ balance $60 month
at 7 per cent. Owner, Box Ifilfi, city.
SI,,,it time loans ou vacant ui itu-
pruved pruperty. Star I .unu Compauy,
814 llu dings, Vancouver. t.f.
MONEY TO I,OAN-Muuey luanud
ou diamonds, jewelry, furs.   Slur Luan
Co., All Hunting., Vancuuver. If.
Firsl class ladies' tailor Rod dress-
tiitil.,-1 wants wurk at homo or by tbs
day.   Mrs. Prosl, Espresi Office.     tt 7
Simps,,i,  llrus, building miners Rod
cuiiiijii i„ii    Enquire Iiiil bouse esel
of Unidtje, Lllh itreet.   Phone L407
Furnished bedroom for single man
in modern boose. $7 per montb. Apply
Mn. Knight, 410 Beventb itreet and
Ridgway avenuo. t.f.
II.  C.  Livery  end  Board  ilabloi
Light rigs aud ladle*' saddle borses
for bire.  Stabling fer horses.    Oen
eral delivery end heavy teeming.    II
DnniRs, 4th street west. Phouo 147 t.f
Do you waul to rent n store or a
refreshment stand; a house or a cabin I
See Hutchison, Compston k tie,, the
Hulme Men, 02 Lonsdalo avenue. Tel
220. 1107
Laml Clearing Red Orading Lots,
Pete Asdruii, General Contractor. Sewer connections a specialty, buoment
end otber excevating work undertaken.
Estimates free. 627 St. fleorge's Ave.,
Nortb Vancouvor, pott oiee bat MM.
For cabinet making, carpentering,
picture framing, French poliioing,
painting, glazing, general jobbing work
end furniture repairs, seo of phone J.
Huy lies, 1238 Lonsdale avenue, Nortb
Vancouver. ^Personal attention. Phone
LI47. tf
11 /on bavo nny property tp aell end
want quio'k results, lift ft witk Sborl,
Bobortson end Seyjtoer. tl
Youug lii'iillemau desires position.
First class bookkeeper or eccouulRoey
work. Good references. I'. O. Bos 2620
Norlh Vaueouver. 26 7
When needing coal or buildiug sup
plios, cell up phone Iti, Norlb Bboro
Coal A Supply Co., Kickbams wbarf.
Ii. 8. Eelou, manager. Nott name and
pbons number. t.f.
Authorized sgout (or Singer Bow
Ing Machine Compsny in Nortb Van
couver, I. ]. McAlcccc, Dry Hoods snd
Hoots' Furnishings, corner First und
Lomdalo Avonuo.        /   • i.f
♦ 10 rowtrd will be paid to auy one
giving information thnt will letd to tbe
recovery of a large white Persian cat
wbicb disappeared from its bomo, corner of 17lh end Bt. Andrew's on Sun
day morning between tbe hours of 11)
and noon. ID 7
On tbe cer line. Boarding, meals,
jood accommodation for working moo.
Contractors' men boarded. Hy. East
cott, Proprietor.
"   1
1 ! 1
Bank of Montreal
Established 1817
Capital (paid up)   *   $18,413,000
Reserve    •   .   •   •   $15,000,000
I  ii
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouver Branch; F. A. MACRAE,
Mt. Crown Bldg., lit Street , Manager
We Have Some Good Buys
in D. L 273, 274, 550.
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6 ins. wid"e, 6 ft. high, and 12 ins. deep
Only 14 left, and we ate selling them at $10 each, delivered
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During the Months of JULY and
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Mining Co., Ltd.
Brackman-Ker Mi
Coal   Coal   Coal
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
We have on hand a full supply of all Building
M.tii n.il.   Get quotations before placing order.
L S. EATON, Manager.
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Leave Nortli Vancouvar
2.Ill)   FM
2.40   I'.M.
v    4.00
•tm ,
4.40 '
'    8.40
, 10.00
.  UO
. 12.16  AM
* lepfltif
i m Sunday."
ptila. Ctmptny net IUMi for rWiyt, jwfeVufll ty ttl
Tims UM. subject to ebeafe without
(aoiitliiuerl (ram laat Tueeilay)
Biley huh muni out of lunl, mul look
|H Hiu nil mil iuu ul ft gluncii. ||a mm
a fulluwhning In distress, Now liiluy'»
imiiui-i'ii lor all ilia w»» iTRllily, jml
rr aome mothers' over-reRdy reinedy
wher) anything goea wrong with the
I'hililri'll  is R ilium Rf lirulm OIL
"My floill" lm uui'laiiui'il na lio flow
hack into the tout, quickly returning
willi a l.iilllii uf Iiiu yuimeeu^   llii raised
tha fmlnru youth'a ImaiiT ami forced
r tew dtapt ol the Aery lluiil into hia
uniiiiii. In a Cow uiiiiiiii'ii ihr hoy calm
ml iinini, anil lu'i iht'ii bia iliajointiul
ni'llli'll.i'n    ailll    iucuhcreut     lllli'lllll.'i'.n
wu at laat learned that wliilo |ioling
llm cumin through mn1 ol lim niili'.i In
thu .iiniuii lhe ilay |>rt)viiiua thu frail
uraft struck a ruck ami waa anlit iu
two. Thu narrator uaid ho contriunl
to lay Iiulil nf unu of thu uiocuo, Imt
hia liiuiliri i)iaa|i|iuaruil liunualh llm
foam, ami waa auun no moru. The aur
livur iluiiii'il on tlio.fraginiiiit inlo un
udily ami at laat got nullum in au ex
lniii.nl.nl atatu, ami crawluil lm. I. to uur
Ilia griof waa |iiliful lo liuhnlil, ami
whilu wu wurn lining all in uur power
lu relieve hia dlslruss, ho waa'naturally
i'u.iiii concerned in iluviau mcaua fur
breaking Ihu nuwa tn tbu girla. Ililuy
waa at length deputed lo lull them, uml
tho hoy ami I fulluwcd iuu minute!
later. When wo reached tbu luiiul
Ihu girla weie lu inu.. ami quite bya
tericai. Both rushed intu tliu boy'a
anna, ami subbed ua though their ilear
liiilr heart'a wuulil break. Thu rniigb
iiiiiirin galbiiruil ariiuinl ami muny uyea
weru iu.uni.'uml at thu ..[.. in. I. ul
luun.iu misery.   Berths (tbu drowned
buy waa her huabami) waa iu a alutu
of cuiu|ili'lc l-iu.ii,iinm Hur i.i.-1.-i.
fiirgelliiig bur uwn grief, attempted Hi
mi uiin bur by quoting a fuw u|i|irn|>ri
iiiu inn', from Hcri|ituru, ami tbu laiul
IiiTi lieauugbl her tu remember, that iu
Iiiu violence of her griuf another life
might bu Imperilled. It waa sumo limn
beforo wu euuld bring tbem lo realize
lhat lo lunger remain ou tliu river
wuubl be fully—lieaiilua, Iheir money
wua running ahiirl, ami wu |irinuiaoil
Ibul if Ihu Imiii uf Ihu lual imu ahould
llunl down we would accord it a I'hria
Iiiui burial. The aluamcr Kuter|iriau
wua announced to leeva !lo|>u for Vic
imi.i the licit ilay at noon, ami it waa
decided thai the parly shoulil leave
Yah;'hy eaiioe early the uext morning.
One of n&imiat racklaaa mul profens
men nn Hie riwtut lhal lime waa Have
Marshall, ivliu Rent a gujuliling houae
un Yule Ilul. ' Humbling of evory ile
acriptioil wua earricil on o|ii!iily, uiul
maiiy were lhe minora whn were in
veigluil iulu the ileua ami atri|i|icd uf
Iheir .l.ii l'u r. i, three card inuule, kunu,
chuck a luck, ami all other imugiiialilu
guinea of skill ur Vhance weru carried
un iiiiiiiini check frum lhe authorities,
wbu ii.-ml In remark that guuibliiig
imi'l.- the cam|i lively. I remember, one
evil visage.I wretch whu preaiileil uver
tbe chuck a luck lalile, whieh is a game
played wilh luadeil dice, ll ia su simple
that a greeny, whu ia sure lhal be ean
win, unon fiuda lu bia auiriiw lliul he
cau uuly iiu an when the o|ierulur willa.
I saw a man named F.vana lota SI,300
al thia very game unu evening in l.i.T.i
I'T.iiiiinii. li he was mil a miner, bul
a well lo ilu man frum Han frauciaco,
so he gul very litlle sympathy. I aw
uuiiili. i man whu bail coma up the
river with a wife ami three children
deprived ut every ceul. Marshull tl,
liiriiiil Iiiiii Sllll lu pay hia wuy uul uf
lhe cuunlry. ■ ^'
There waa a man named "Mujur''
Durau whu wua aecualonieil to hung
almul Mursbull's. He wan a lilllu lei
low, but waa appaienlly full of gnl
ami in. I. e.l mm Humor suiil lliul lie
bad been a pirate, Tu amOso himaelf
bu uunl.I mum nun n Ure "ll hia revolver
Imliil blank at the elurea ami imuaea,
nol earing if any nne shoulil be alruck
hy lhe bullets One night a peaceful
■ ill/mi, who had retired lo hia licil,
bad the end of ouu uf hia llngcri clip
puil i.li  In   uin' 0/ III'-'  ",'iul.Hill   in. .1
bullet*, and tb.r. ware scleral narrow
eicapea from dtalb and Injury from
Ilia aame cane*.
Oa Iho mail alreet nf Yale, liuruu,
Marshall ami otber gamblers arranged
a scheme to auiure the money uf a mer
chant nainail Kniersuii. Ile waa an
elderly man and, having snbl bli alack
to advantage, waa preparing lo leave
tha rivor wilh a conilderalds sum
about ll/ioo, I think. The villaim
hired r room Rod ran a partition Rcrou
tke rear from alila lo aiile. In the
I1.1II11111 of this partition Uuv imi a
shifting plank, la froul of lhe par
Iiiiun ibey pin.e.l r luliii' for the deal
er, ami on tba table they aet a faro
bux, tha eanla in which were mum
puliilinl in full vi.w of the players
blow, behind the partition waa .conceal
rd a aonfederate wlioae duty it wee to
ateck a aecond faro hoi. When Ihe
beli had ail l*oa maiie tb. banker at
tb. Ubl., liy R sp.'i'ii'H of sleight of
bend, weuiil pew Wa lun te te. con
/.derel., who would la turn paaa up
tlm prupurud luu from 1101111111-11)0 pur
iiiiun, miii the Imui. would rako in
Iho money, ll ia scarcely uucuaaary to
aay that .finioraon utui deprived of ull
hia wealth in oro night, uml left the
camp Impoverished and nilsorahK
liim night thero wua a greal commotion on the ilul. A man while paaa
iug from Ida tent to a storu lunl lieun
aet upon, beateu and robbud. ilia
calls fur "heiy-wiiTii hOTTd,"lrat"t1nr|J:
airings Story. \ft said tbst about
twenty "sunn" (days) hefore h« wua
coming up tliu rivor wliuu ho sew Stand-
iug ou tlie sliiiru near Toiebh bnri ou the
iippusiiu bank to where he was, a youug
white kluolehiuuu (wiiinaii). Shu aooni-
ed in great dialreas, and waa crying
bitterly, wringing hur Intuitu and
alimenting. Tlio Indian aeii) that he
had to pusn iiiiiiiini n huml of the river
111 T'u ie lie i'iiiiiu to a place whero there
waa a safe croasiug. He lost sight nf
tlio woman for u few miinienta, mid
when hn mine uguin iu view of tlie
ipul whero ahe huil atmid she waa not
to be soon, nor euuld Iiu llm) »ny trace
uf hor having boon there eicept the
marks nf smull font, in Ihu sand. Aak
luUiUo-thii-Uilox nfJinulliliut,. ItUluillL
01I lo a blue llniiuul shirt which I woro
hurried to the scene of the ahootiug
were unable to ami their hands it' huld
lieiTire their fauea. • I jniued iu Ihu rush,
ami after groping my way tiiruugh tho
dull.iiens reacbud thu victim's side. Hi
had houu badly clinked, uml all lhat he
euuld maiiagu tu articulate wua "The
Major, the Major." Of course every
body iinagiiiod at ouce thst tho cul
prit waa Major Huron, ami a anarch
fur bim wua Instituted with biiiin...
uud nuked candles. At luut he wus
ili.m uii-ii .1 standing ill Hm Imi nt Mm
shull'a inni"- Tbu crowd poured in,
.m.i uue ut' the parly, uiiincd lunger
a shurl, stocky uuiu, ut' greul strength
uml quiet dumuaunr-Inid 11 huml uu
lhe  Mujur's shoulder.
Durau swung quickly round wiih ibe
tiii'lmuutiun, "VYIutt dn yuu inciinl"
"I mcun ihul *•■ want yuu,'•''replied
dinger, Us Ihu i-timd closed in upun
Ihu two.
"Taku yuur hand off, auel" yelled
Hiiriin, ami ipiiek as thought he whip
pud uut a revolver and pointed it nl
1'linger'* head. Thu uruwd lull buck.
Mull- uru iiliuiin cowardly, t'uuger
.limn' aloud bis ground.
"(let back," shoulud Huruii, "ur I 'II
kill you—seel"
1'unger kupt his eye full uu Dorau'a,
und ijiiiolly aaid:
' Yuu ii.nl belter coma wiih me."
'Ifi lunl yuu in lbe Wales I Tl make
'eiiluiulcr" nf yuur body," shunted
thu Major.
dinger laid iiis huml upou lhe ru
vulicr between Hie nipple mul tin1
cock, au that wuru thu trigger pulled
lliu cap wuulil mil oipludu. Tu the surprise uf everyone Hnruu yielded with
out another wurd, and Hunger made
him a prisoner. He euuld mil eniluru
the lire ul' I'lingcr's eye. Thc Mujni
•I" ui several days in jail, bul nothing
iniilil im proved uguinsl him. ilu shurl
ly afterward left Ihc river, bis repute
tiuu as a .liiiigiiiiiin uuin lun mg vuu
shod when hu lurrendorod su luiuely.
The yeur licfuru-cuuiiug In Yule I'uii
gcr had visited Ihu Huly IjiihI, uud lie
never tired uf relating his experiences
there, lie was au odd genius, Imi u
.very guud man ami a devout Omnium
Nuw it happened Ihul Huve Mm .1..ill
lulling mude iliiiili muui'} Ihruugli Ihc
Kmeraun and ulher Tunis, decided lu
taku a trip tu Halifuruin, uiul 11 ulsu
happened that he had euguged lhe only
canoe lhat wua uvailulde lur Hie trip
tu Hupe oil the day that Ihe llilinuus
wished lo descend. I saw Murshull
,.|.uui takiug Ihu iiiiiiiini p.m. duwu.
Ho waa full nf sympathy, ullhougli a
hard, ruiigli man, and agreed In band
Ihem uver lu I'apt. Wright ul Hupe
uniiu..1 charging 0 ceul. Hu Ibey ull
embarked in the cauoe ul lhe river
front, two Imliuus acting us the crew.
Inaleud ul' slurling ut the Iiiiiii ugrced
upun, Murshull suid guud bye lo su
many friends Ihul he gul drunk, mul
detained the cauoe uutil darkness had
nearly set lu. Navigation between Yalo
and Hupe is always dangerous, even iu
liimii t.i.li|Tii lu imii,' il is
doubly nu On this occasion the river
mm in nu iiglv frame of mind, u slighl
rise Iiniuii' lnj'u pluee, and many
trees were pussiujf/elnjrii. As lhe canoe
mui ed uwuy lliley uiinTfJ look au af
fuctionnlo and tearful lurf^-ll nl the
little parly uf frienda. We kltacil Hie
girls, and pressed Hie boy's hands till
they must huvu ached. The lasl ' I
aaw of Marshall he sat near Hie sleru
willi a j !■" 1 l.uiii. al his lips and
waving bis hat tu Ills boon eempanious
on shore. The pour girts waved their
leer stained handkerchiefs tu us as Hip
boat swung around Hawmill riHie, and
Ihu parly passed from view foreverl
Wbal happened after the canoe went
out of sight will never bo known by
iiuiiinl Uiiuii Tbo iie.il day a cauoe
man on liis way up from Hope found a
paddle Dueling iu an eddy, ami present
Iv a black felt hat. llu liruuglil bulb
to Yale. Huni. .mi- said Ihu hat was
Have Marshall's, ami wheu the man
was told of the ilcpatture nl llu runuc
wilh Marshall and Hie girls Iho day
before, lie aaid lhat the parly had uot
reai-bed Ilopo when hu left Ibere. The
greatest possible inlerest was aroused
le i"" eiiinii tbe fate uf the parly, uud
Indiana in canoes were ilcspalchod In
I'lainine the river bauk* and bars. They
relumed in a day or so wilh a roll ul
blankets and a woman's straw hat
the last having becu worn by une of
the girla.
Home w^eks after the parly had disappeared,  end  while  the sad   evon|
whl'b had burned those bright young I
people   aad   that   llll Wing   msn   1nfo|
wRtery graves wu still, fllil In ay
mind, rr Indian caae to me with a
and said, "all thu aame us lhat." He
inlileil that aim hud lung libiek hair that
nlruiiimul uver her .in.ul.l. 1 - Berths
(lilinun wuru ti hlun dreas, und had lung
black imu!  My theory hua always been
Hull Murshull, 'in his drunken unties,
upset the fruil Imui uud Ihul llll fuuml
s wntory grave incept Berths, who
managed to gel ashore uud wenl mud
fruni oipiianro und grief. When alio
auW the Indian nppriuichiug, Ihu un
fortunate girl plunged iulu Ihc river
nnd wus homo niui) liy Ihe current.
Many years afterwards; while seated
iu tho aniokiug apnrtiiiiiiit nf a Nurth.
eru I'aniflo sleeper, I lnlli this incline
choly story nf early Rdventnre. Ono
of ray listeners wns u miiidle-iiged man
frnm Oregnn. He told mn that ho wtt
s littlo boy when the QilniRiis went i„
fntser rivor, anil bo rotnouiborod well
tho ennslemutiuu und griof that wero
caused iii .thoir respective families by
their  strange  and   unaecnuntuhle  ail-
once "This is Ihe Hrst iuUmatiuu,"
he. adder), 'II have ever had of tlui*
fate, Tbu fnl hers and mm hem un buili
sides Rm long since deed, ami I fancy
that there nm no ruluiiven of Ihu lunl
pcupii! nuw resident hi their huinc
towu." '   '   '
Tho whistle uf~RO-spproai<hii
arnuaed me from my reverie,   litlu>
miil hia pipe vanished, uml ua I ruse
from the boulder I took h long lum,
ut the cruel canyon ami the wild waters
thai fiiumud mul dashed ngniusl iin
narrow aides. Then I knocked Hi,
ualius frnm my pipo, returned my apoi
lack's lu Ihuir caae, heaved u deep m;. 1,
ami turned'my back upun thu scene
nf uuu nf the must eventful imnlea..
uf my .uiiiuil ||fe. "Hu runs ti„
wnrld away."
Saturday Specials
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DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Phone '307.
who waul something a "lillle different" we are showing a In 'inlliui range ol silk hose with lies lo match,
lhe lies are made ol solid knitted silk and will not
I'i'iish or wrinkle as the ordinary tie vwill do. The
hose are the well-known " Onyx" brand, seamless
and lasl colors.
We have just opened a large shipme.nl ol
negligee shirts and we will be pleased to show this
as well as other lines.
- .'i,
110 Second  St.,  East.
The North Vancouver home of " Campbell ClothingZ
Having purchased the business of Ose. W. Hardlug Oo, In
Which I waa a partner, 1 m now ftnuti ^ fUfaUh „u.
mates and carry out any work entrusted to me to trie nest of
nr ability. Satisfaction guaranteed. Nothing but tbe beet uu
Uriels and workmanship.
P. 0. Box am
.'■ ",■ ."'I** WOOHD BTBBBT BAOT, near UWSBAW
^^^^mmmmmmmmm^nmmwmammmmmmwmammm^mtmmm m-^*--m
Birks' Watches
coiiimand the attention of those who Insist on accuracy In
the watches thsr carry, because accuracy is really ths all Important quality In a watch. Now to obtalu accuracy, svery
Wheel, pinion, Jewel and spring muat be  put together hp
watchmakers possessing a. thorough knowledge of their pro
i our Intimate knowledge of watel
that controls our buyers and enables fbttp ta piece before
our largo patronage an article of real merit—t timepiece to
be proud of. Those who cannot communicate wltb us personally may do so through ths medium of our Illustrated catalogue snd our Mall Order System. This catalogue will bs sent
free to any addrees upon request.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streels   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
For $5000.00
Wr can sell a beautiful Island Horn*
user Nanalnte, Including ths following:
Six-room House, Barn aud Chicken House.
90 acres of land of which 10 urss we clssrsd and partly lnl
Ovsr 3,000 feet of water frontage,
flood Oasolins Launch.
Four flood Milk Cows.
Terms   81,500 flash. Balance hy four half yearly Instalments
Ub acres fer $26,000 convenient for Second Narrows Bridge, suitable
for subdivision, pub 10 psr cent, baJaucs, six half yearly Instalments.
The Burrard Development Company Limited.
(Successors to Elder Murray Company Limited)
Brokers 17 Lousdale Phono 37
Geo. Somerton
The Seymour Lumber Company
(In Liquidation)
Tenders era Invited for Lots 17 to tl and 13 to IS In Block O, Dla>
trict Lot 78b on Bt. George a Boad, togsthai with the building! erected
Tenders accompanied by a marked cheque for 10 per cent, of tne
price offered muat be in with us uot later Uuu 31st Inst. Ws ahall
not bs bound te accept the highest or sny tender.
The Burrard Development Company, United
Assignees for The Seymour Lumber Oo. Ltd.
17 Lousdale Avenue, North Vancouver. Phone 37.
Coal, Brick, Lime, Gravel, Sand, Plaster,
Cement, Lath, Sewer Pipes, and
General Builders' Supplies
Office: (M Loindtla, Avenut.   Phon* 101
Wharf: Foot of St. Goorgea'a Avenut.      Phon. 178
T I	
I   '     '.'.'■ i
Photography for Amateurs
.     t 1*1 W*S ttII*
Our subject for consideration, tbii
week is tbe process of printing. Processes would be a term, more applicable
considering tbe many und varied nmlli
ods of printing in vogue.
The mos| common methods adopted
by amateurs Is tbat known as 1'. O. P.
or Printing Out Paper, in which Is included the ml r i uuin;; procoss.
V. O. V. is eo called ou account of
tho fact tbst printing is done by day
ligbt out of doors. The paper can be
bought in packets cut to suitable sites,
aud may bo either "glossy" or
"matt." Tbe negative is placed in the
printing framo with the emulsion side
uuiiili'. lo tho case of dims a piece of
glass must be used to lay the lilm on.
Placo the paper, seusitivo side to the
negetive and fit in the back of the
frame, taking care tbat paper and noga
tivo are In complete contact. . Tbe
sensitive side of the paper ouu ulways
bu distinguished by tbu curling in
Ilavliig filled uur frume lliu photo-
graph is then exposed 1" 'he light. Not
directly lo lbe suu, but iu a guod lighl
in tbu shade. A great deul depends
Upou tbu tims uf ilay and llm kind uf
light prevailing as to lbe time occupiod
iu priiitiug. A guud negative, iu a guud
light, shuuld bu printed iu uliuul. ten
minutes, aud aliuuld lie printed iu a
lilili' darker than required when lining
ed, es it luses depth iu Using. The
priiitiug inuy bu watched aa it gucs uu
by upening one end uf tbe printing
frame and pulling back tiie paper. As
suuu as tbe required depth ol tune in
reached take the paper uut ef tlie
frame aud tone aud lit.
There are two ways uf duiug lliin
Hither by tuning lirsl uud tiling ufler
ur by touiug uud Using in une upera-
liuu. The luttcr is recommended as
being much simpler ami cany to follow,
lu au article such aa lhi» very little
purpose cau be served by giving form
ulau fur these processes, especially wlieu
wu knuw tbat the ueccssary powders
can be purchased fur a few cents, and
full Instructions arc given willi each
These instructions shuuld be carefully
it.Huni-.I if goud results ure to be ub
The chief Ibing lu watch is tho wash
iug uf She priuls after fixation Hypo
lakes a great deal of removing und it
is far better lo wash Iborougbly ami
eliminate sll the liypo tbau tn have
priuls stained and spuiled by cureless
.sliuiilil self tuning paper be the medi
um used, all lhat is necessary is lu
fix aud wash. Here alsu printing
shuuld be carried a lillle durkor luun
lbe required depth when brushed. After
washing fur at least an boor in running
water pin thc prints up in u mneiil ul'
air tu dry. Do not atloinpl lu dry by
beat, as Ibis will cause lbe emulsiun
lu iuu aud su ruin thc prints, 'i'lie
same also applies tu llie drying uf nega
lives, cither bluis ur plates. Hit Ibal
all chemicals arc perfectly cleau, ulso
dishes in fact, 'everything nod—01
alsini arc likely to fellow; lu say
untuiiig of bad language.
Mauy amateurs prefer tbe "glossy"
ur highly giu.-i.l prints, if these arc
tu be done matt surfaces should not be
used, but "glossy." After washing,
the prluts whilst wet should be laid
face downward uu a ferrotype plate,
which is a ium of tin cnainincllcd
block and highly polished. Lay uur
Ibo backs a sheet of blotting paper and
with a rullur ai|uccgcc press Ihcin down
by lulling until they arc iu pcifecl con
tact. All superfluous water shuuld be
squcoud frum between tbe pbutograph
aud thc plate and the priuls left lu dry
No ..ii. iii|-i shuuld be made lu lake uii
Ihc prints until dry, wben tbey will
readily come away from tbo' ferrotype
plate by inserting a penknife under
ono corner and peeling off. Tbey will
be found tbcu lo bo of lhat highly
glased quality desired. The ferrotype
should be kept perfectly clean ami oc
i annually polished with powdered
Preach chalk.
Tbore aro so mauy differeul methods
of printing, sech with ila own peculiar
ilies and fascination, tbst it it quite
impossible lo evso glanco at Ihem In
lbs short space al our disposal; Ihey
muat, therefore, ba left lo succeeding
ifssligbl ami bromide printing alone
rsqulre te bs dselt witb at length.
While! tbe intricacies 01* thy'gum bi
coronals, end oil proteoses, two of tbo
most artistic methods of photographic
eiprcstiou aod both comparatively
new, i-aiii require dealing with et
length If ibey aro to be properly understood. Pletlnetyps, loo, a most
beautiful procsss, which, like oil Red
gun, is perinaacel, givea excellent re
As, the amateur progresses snd sew
features open oul there is far more interest in photography tbau at first.
Tha ground work it tho important
pert of Ihe RRaeleurs Iseaon end ihould
be thoroughly leemed boforo the above
memtoRsd processes tn attempted, end
bs will bs Raplj rspaid bf a thorough
study and patient work. Failures will
be many, but tbe sains mistakes are
rarely made twice over and every beginner will experience the same difficulties, sucb as makiug two exposures
un oue plate, forgetting to release tho
shutter, and a hundred and ono others.
There is no royal road to success iu
photography. Keep pegging away end
■uccosa In the end is assured. To some
quicker then others, but to sii in good
Thoy tell the following atory of a
Nuw York physician, now a leading
member of bis profession, wbo ss sn
assistant in a Chicago hospital years
ago incidentally held bis OWU witb a
crowd of ratbor gay friends:
One moroiug tbe assistant awoke to
liud that ho had sadly overslept. Hull
dated, bo put ou bis clothes and made
his way to tho bospitel. Tbe flrst
patient wus a big Irishman.
"What teems to bo tho trouble!"
usked tbe sleepy assistant, as be stifled
u yawu ami took tbo patieut by the
luiiul tu exainino his pulse.
"It's my luugs, doc," said the man.
"They're in a bad way. I cRu't get
me breath at ull "
"Yuur pulso it normal, but lot mu
examine the lung action a moment,"
replied Ihe doctor, kneeling beside thc
cut and laying bis head ou tbu Irish
uuin ':< chest.
"Now talk R bit," bo continued,
closing bis eyei aud listening uiteu
lively fur souuds of pulrnquary conges
"What shall i'sayl"
"Oh, say auy thing. Count ouo, two,
three, ami so ou, that way," murmured
lhe assistant.
"Wan, two, throe, four, Ave, six,"
begun the patient.
When tbe young doctor witb a start
upeued liis eyes tho Celt wat continuing
huskily: "Tin hundred aud sixty uine,
lin bundled aud tiviuty, tin hundred
uud siviuty wan."—New York Times.
Gentleman Farmer to bit gardener).
"Will you bave ono of my uid bah
lo make a scarecrow witb I"
(iardcuer: "If it's sll the same tu
you, sir, I'd rather bave one of thu
missus'    It would team 'em more."
The Canadian Bank
of Commerce
BIB   EDMUND   WAUtBB, O.V.O. U..D. D.O.L. Preiident
Capital $15,000,000   Rest $12,500,000
Temporary quarters of the North Vancouver BranSh.
Esplanade West, near Lonsdale Avenue.
A General Banking Business Transacted
Interest paid on Savings Bank Deposits of Qne Dollar and
upwards.   Withdrawals may be made at any time.
J. A. FOWTB*   Mtuagcr.
A Quirt Nook for
Lovers of Booki
lu "Hearts and tho Highway," a
i.iin:in.i- uf tiie ruad, C'yrua Towuscnd
Brady bus given us ono of bis iutunsuly
interesting stories, full uf incident and
replete in stirring adventure. Tbo
titlo is au excellent iudox to tbo char
acter uf tbe story. Io ordor to savo
her father from uiocutiou Lady Oath
an ne i liun iiinuld dulls male sil ire, waylays the hearer uf the king's warrant
of c\eeii11nn, suriuusly wounds the
messenger, destruys tho warrant, is af
terward made prisoner by her victim,
who becomes enamored of bis fair
enemy, braves degradation aud even
risks his life upun her liohalf, and aflur
iiiiiiiini! adventures escapes witb bis
wile and her liberated father to the
continent. Tho uarrativo briugs upon
the sluge a group of notable historic
characters such as King James, Ubief
Justice Jeffreys, thu Karl of Faversbum,
llisbup Ken of jlalh and Wells, etc.
There is uoi a dull chapter in tbe buuk,
and Ihe reader who essays its pages
must be prepareil lo rqckou witb on
Irresistible desire lo reed to the end
without cessation. The Leonard Hale
I lum pany.
•    t    s
"Thc Ne'er Do Well," by Hex Beach,
is au intensely interesting story Ihc
events ut which iruuspirc in tlie I'nn
uuiu lluuul .-oui-. Kirk Aiitbuuy, "The
Ne'er Do Wull," has hjeurred the gruve
displeasure uf his futhur, Darwin K.
Anthuuy, a greal ruilwuy magnate of
New .York, because uf bis llidlsputi
tiou to enter upon uuy culling in life
more serious than thut uf cuuch for a
college fuotbull toam. While cole
brating a groat victory be is victimised
by au absconder, kidnapped uml ship
ped, iu possession of u ticket bearing
tbu absconder's name, nn board u vessel
liiiiiinl for Fuiiainu. The Hlory of bis
struggle wilb penury, his neur entangle
iucui with Ihu wife of one of the canal
dipluinuts, bis ultimate triumph us u
clever ruilruud man, bis seiisutionul
winning uf und secret inairiugu willi
his beluvud ObiljUitR uml his happy ie
Union with his father, is tuld iu a
maimer lhat captivates and hulds the
interest tbruugliuut. The Leonard dale
A question submitted the other day
by a yuung wuinun tu the editor of u
Iludy 'n i.iinmil ran in Ihis wise:
i "Dear tiditor. Please slute who
shoulil keep up the instalments ou the
ring when lhe engagement is broken
In all Countries Aak (or our Inn-n
tur't Adviser. Uuilun t Marion, ill
University Stroet. corner Ht Catherine
Btreet, Montreal, Cunuda. and Waah-
Ingtun. I) C, I). H A.
North Vancouver City
Comers on Boulevard Extension
Lot I, Block 2I7A, D. L. 546 (67x114 feel)    $1,800
Us 4 and 5, Block 2I3A, D. LY 544 and 545 $2,100
Diitrict Lot 265
LoU 17, 18 and 25, Block 12, each $2,500 nel
For termi, Maps, etc., apply to
The  North   Vancouver  Land  and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
Norlii Vaacouver Agenti for
Phone Seymour 6286
■ I*
-   >  .
- I HE EiArm»i? nvrv  n, t wievvnv t mut,
Published fuosdsys Red FtldRys by Nortk 99m ft***, UmtitA-
BRtea ot Subscription!—One yoar, 11.00,  BU months, 60c,   Tbree niuuths., uue.
Untied Hiatus and Foreign, 18,00 per yr*r..
Advertletng Bates Will Be Quoted on Appllr-Rtlou.
The Ktpress Is devoted to the interests at tho Nnrlh Bhore af Iturrsnl lulot
Mcluelvely, It constitutes sn advertising medium ot exceptioual valuo (or
reaching in R thorough and oftTjutiva manner the population of North Vaueouver
(Mty and Diatrict, Bvery effort ia made to give advertieera the moat sRllsfectory
All ehengoa In coutract advertisements ahould be In the printers1 hands uot
later tbau III a. in. Monday and fi p, in. Wednesday lo ensure insertion iu the
following issue.
North VaiioouTer, B, O,.
...Jnlyna, low.
A notable suggestiun with ruferiiiier
tu procuring tliu laud for tliu rallwuy
rigbl uf wuy uf lliirriird Inlet Tunnel
nnd Hridge I'unipuny along tbe Nurlh
■ ■in... is miiile public iml;i\ iu the Interview whieb appears iilsewhure in
IhiH issue wilh Mr. !<). Muhun, presl.luui
uf the cnmpany. Tbe suggestion in
l.n. i Is thnt the lime hus nuw arrived whon lhe nwuuru uf large tracts nf
properly ulung llie line uf the righto'
wuy might wisely bo requested to consult with Ihu Huurd nf Dirocturi uni
Municipal representatives with a viow
In discovering Ihu attitude of the property "-.-.ii...- as tn conveying tbu necessary bind lu lhe company at the lowest possible oust. It will lie readily
recognised Ihul Ibere is nu unu wbu is
iu poaition lo guugu more accurately
the possible lun.ni uf sueh un uctinn
tn the bridge uud railway project than
in Mr. Mull.hi und the suggestiun is
therefore mu' thai shuuld receive seri
uus ciiinTileriilinn iu interested ipiar
II will I.e nuled thul beynnd the ex
pretsion uf his ojdnion lhat the move
would Iii! a wise nne ul this juncture.
Mr. Muh.ui refrains from comment. It
therefore remains tu be euusidereil In
whul manner lbe conference euuld be
Lmiighl about. It would be desirublu
tl.i.i iV initiative lie tukt'u by some
puldic l.u.ly, luss directly intereated in
lhe issue than thu Huurd uf Direclurs
ul' lhe I'ompauy.   The .all fur a consul-
llllillll  im   1,1   i nn'|<I. nil.   i in.in..I,   Inni
nny nne uf the municipal couneils Interested ur better perhups frum u juinl
H.iiiniillci! say uf lbe inayurs utui reeves
uppiiiuled by lhe councils for the put
p.me. '.."' imi. ei 11,, method ultimately
adopted, it would be necessary fur une
uf Ibe councils tu set the ball rolling
either by proceeding lo arrange fnrIhc
conference direct or by approaching lhe
ulher couneils in urder lo procure joint
The .nuuiie.ili.iii is certainly u vuluuldu
..lie uud il in to be hoped thut it will
In- followed by lbe necessury lulion lo
curry it inlu effect.
The sojourn ul' lhe Ilight Hon. II
I. Hur.leu and his colleagues iu l...i.
dun, in conference wilb the government
ul 'in'ul ilriteiii bus manifestly result
ed in conclusions wlmh uru destiued tu
be writ largo upon lhe puges of th
history ol' the lirilisli Umpire. In fuel,
il is uoi improbable Ibal historians may
dule lhe in luul beginning of lhe Kmpire
us 1111 entity from Ibal conference,
The maimer in which lhe I'riuie Min
inter nl Lunl Britain uml lhe Kiml
Lord of lhe Admiralty referred in glow
ui|i terms lu the I'riiuc Minister of
' iiiiii.In from lbc Hour of lbe House of
I'ommons is uf itself without procedent
witbiu Ibuse historic wulln uud reveals
llu- intensity which Imperial seulimeut
bus nil;.im-,I st the very heart of the
II   ni.n  AM'Iciil   luun  cable  repurts
Ihruiigh nil I'ii-. ■■ ill lhe sestiuns of
ihe 1 uiilcrcu. c^tnql lin liritish guvern
mini wus .■. 1.;' 11,. uver seas minis
ters access lo llie ihiu^mosl conditions
and fuels in u mannor which had uot
been approached upon auy previous oe
cation. The entire proceedings prmeut
Ihe pifture nl 1 family gathering in-l
uiin 11 a younger sou is at length ad
milled lo the innermosl counsels uf the
lamily and is given uninislakcably to
Understand tuul he will in future bo
liiuked In wilb confidence fur bis full
fjllulll   uf   nnnlntllliie   ill   tile   SOiUtiOR   of
family problems and the bearing of
responsibilities pertaining to the family
Tlie words uf Mr. Winston > luu. lull
make it perfectly clear lhat there were
110 reservations as tu the conhMfnces
eX.Tllllie.nl.   Illlllnil,   "We   1,11V I-   Ulld   le
pealed' conferences with Mr. Horden
and bis colleagues at the Admiralty aud
Ibey are now iu possession uf ell the
/acts, Wc discussed witb tbem with
the utmost /rceiluin and ..mlnli-m.,,
what action should be taken to tor
mount the difficulties obstructing such
action. Ho far aa the admiralty is coo-
e.-iiii.l thero will be no difficulties
which shall not bo surmounted."
The sincere end statesmanlike man
ner iu which Mr. Horden aod bia col-
leagues bave received tho confldeurtej
.1.-1 I- -n'^l".'t sua., lueuxaita til
reposed in these end bavo responded lo
|jae ueeds ,of the altuatious et tbey have
J#*JU*i*fl*JLtL*^^ «<"
rise lo emotions of pardouablu pride,
^witbiu tbo breast of overy intelligent
and loyal British subject thriiiighuiii
uur broad Dominlou. No greater ear
nest of that aploudid resputiuu could
bo desired tbau that which was cun
voyed in the utterances of Ihu I'm
Lord nf the Admiralty as fulluws: 'It
has been u source of comfort and eu
ciiurug.'iuent during the last few weeks
tu bave by our aide tbe I'riiuc Minister
and uther Ministers of thu Dominion
ll bas been like the touch uf the hand
uf a strong friend when soriuus busiucss
is tu bu done."
The general milium uf t'auada's paiti
cipatiun in tlio naval defence uf the
Kmpire is uow made clear ami will con
aiat of au in.mediate cuntriblitiun tu
meet the roiMiirumeuts uf tlio near fu
inn- and a policy of permuneiit parti
cipatiun iu thu naval policy, the nature
uf wbicb has yet to be decided. Uucli
a naval policy it is uuw frankly ad
nulled by all parties invulves the ad
missiuii of i'uuu.In aud the uver seas
■ i.ui.11.um into thu counsels uf the Hn
I ish nation, with referenee to lbat pul
icy. Tho words of the Kiml isir.l
were nloat otplieit and gratifying iu
dealing with these matters."
"A uuited Hrilish empire moans lhe
safely of thu liritish empire, aud pru
bul.ly also lhe peace of lhe wurld. if
we are told that the beginnings uf cu
iiperuliuu ill defence must be uccum
pinned by thu beginnings uf an ussucia
liun policy, then I say that butb mess
used by defence and by the policy of
cu operation of the Dominions with llic
I'nited Kingdom, it wuuld be an incs
iimiilile lieiieiii of strength tu Ibo Kin
pire and the general cause of peace.
There is, bnwevr, a strung distinction
lietween measures dealing with the ro
iptircmenls uf Ihe near fulure and the
lnl."lulu,1,   tit   U   |'i llnul,, hi    UUVUl   pill
icy.   Tbe matter will receive fuller cop
sideratioo that hitherto."
The wurda uf ilight Iluu. II. W. An
,|.ml., Prime Minister, show lhal Mr.
Chun-bill has the acquittance of the
Hrilish Government iu the announce
incuts which he made iu his memorable
pee.-Ii. The utterances of the Prime
\ln.i.-ter were, In pan. as fulluws: "I
believe lhal tbe co opera!ion lhal hus
already begun iu .min.il will before
lung fructify. Whatever thul uu
iiuiiii.emcnl uf Mr. IHir.len may be, I
um certain that il will be adequate lo
Ihe dignity aud patriotism of i'una.ia,
and that we will all receive il here
wiih the nini,ml gratitude ts an ackliow
lodgment that we are true copartneri
in Ihis great Kmpire, Ibul ils burdens
un.l respousibilitiea will be snared be
tw.-i-ii tho mother country ami Ibo Hum
iiiiun* and tbat iieither in peace nor
war will we Isolate ourselves from one
"Hide by tide wilh tbeir growing ptr
Urination iu tba active burdens of the
empire on tho part of Ihe Dominions,
Ihere rests witb Us undoubtedly the
duly of making tuch response as we
can to their obviously reasonable ap
peal to be heard in the determination
uf the Kmpire'a pulicy au.l the direction
uf ils affairs. Arrangements tuch Ra
this are not to bi made iu a day. Tbey
must result in their very nature from
deliberations and will probii'd) have
to be developed from time to tine."
Witb reference to Ilia naval puli.y
uf the Cauadian governmeut, Mr. Win
sloo i'bun lull bad (bit lo tay:
"Mr, Horden and bis colleagues au-
Ihori/i'il ma to lay that tbey tiiared my
view, aud that any eiplanation whicii
ibe immediate future may require of
Ihem will not be delayed. Pending lln-
settlement of R permanent naval ar
rangi-ment, they with tbat the action of
Canada shell bo ro addition to the oi
islfiig British programme, directly
.'•ireiiglhi'iiiiig thc forces of lhe empire,
and affordjag a margin mailable fur
ils tocurity. They tall .me tha'. tlte
in lmii of tba Dominion will oot be uu
worthy of tbe dignity and the puwer
of Canada, Tbo decision of tbe (lao
adian government will uot be aouounr
ed uutil the mioitten have returned to
Canada." ',
Now thai tbo door hu been thrown
open for this close partnership of the
over teat dominium in the naval policy
of the motber country, tbere it nol
diubt tbet R uRval policy framed along
the lines indicated will meet witb the
hearty approval of tbe (laiiadlau
people. Witb tbe working out of tbe
details ef tbia plan of eo operation, Ibe
pw.sss of wilding tbo British Kfflplre'j
into t ndidarily will bave begun in ear
elt'h Roi
'eiiing, 1
Anarin'a Prtelirltrlan Vhmb,
iad—Uurvhiee: Hurtling, 11:0(1:
7:80" Adult Bible (Haas, liili
Sunday School, adjO. Y.P.8.O.B., ftioe'
C)h6lr.. Practice,
dav. Rt S p.m. Prayer Moot Inn, Wed-
esSey, at S p. m, Oholr Practice,
rlday, at S p. in. Rev. Runoltl Muuteud,
Inlstor. •
Mejl^ojlsj WR^Ii-Ourrjer .of 8i>lJ]
a. in. aod list p. in,   SgRjyiy Sohuul and
tttS li in    Hhiiliir League,
ervleea, 11:00
ol and
it   All
Id     Bu
tit. Ooiiruo.  Sunday
. ... and liee p
Bible Claas, lis. ,,	
Monday, I p. m, Prayer and . ...
Service, Wednesday, I p ni. Junior
League, iTiuruday afturiiunn at 3:10
Paalor, W. O. Sohllluher.
no' !)k«r«Rn-Corner Twelfth
..iil.ivai.l Huiul.i) Servicea:
■imnin. Prayer, ll am.; Sunday
Sohuul 8:80 p.m.; hlvuiilna Prayer, 7:80
p. m. Holy i'.iiiumm!..ii. firat and llilrd
sundaya In munth, at It a. m.i aeeund
Btinduy In munth, S u. m. Rev. Samuel
Pea, MA, Vlear.
s.hsllnu Ariui l.misilule Avenuo
Sunday aervlcss, utui a.m., S u.m and
i:i.. I- iu Tuesday, I p.m.; Thursday,
a p.m. Children's pernios, Wadiiesduy,
I Pm.
II.nil.I I'hurek Tiv-eirili and SI.
..nui,, iiiui..:. al ll u.m. und 7:30
p. ni. Sunday Suhnul und Hilda clues
at 1:10 p. in. Prayer uud Pralae Service.
U ,'illnml,.!   ut  S p. Ill      I'...lliu.  Itev.  A.
1. Prutaer, Twelfth und'SI. Ueurge
Rt. Jokll   lhe   Inlmigrll.t,   Klulllll' ulld
Uiii i, i iuh     Huly i'iiiuiiiiiiiIiiii   s a in
.'lm llllll        l'l nli I.      II      a.m.        IT, lilll.
Prayer, 7:80 p.m. On tbe iiiui Sundav
In ilu-  iiniinii Ihere will ba u aecund
., bi, in    of   tbu   Holy   Communion
ut II u.m.   Rector, Itev. Hush Hooper
St, lirfmuus)'. I atkullo Ckurek, Hln Hi
anil liali,ni Avenue Sunday—Web
Must ami Sermon, 10 a.m. Sunday
Schuul, 8:80 p, m. Rosary and Bene-
dlellun, 7:80 p.m Friday—Low Muss,
8 a m. Paalur, Rev. J. A. Reduril,
O. M. I.
Indian Cnlkulle (kurek ol SI
Mats, 7:80 a ni., Sundays.
Peytavln, O.'M. I.
Puslur, ll, i
I'hrlsllaa    Selene.-   —   "Kiniherlcy.'
.'In m, i ll, 1,1 Avenue (liutweell Fuur-
i.,-inii anil Kilt, eiiili iiiieeiM Sunduy
Services ul 11 a in Tuslliiioii) Meeting, Wuilneiiluy, s im p.m.
MIHTll   I.IIVM1 Il.l:
RI. iu..mu. s a. in, every Suniluv
except llrsl Sunday In niunili. 1:30
..m ili.m Sunday In munth. II .. in.
Matins, Litany anil Bermon, second ami
fourth Sunday. Duly Communion .mu
Sermon, flrat uml I bird Bundiiys. Vlcur,
Rev. T. ID   lluwe
in uiid 7:80 |
Ckurek-Sundays,    11
Tilli.lu      Scllllul  Ullll
11, III
Bible iTims  MD |> in   Touchers' Truln
Ing    I'la.-.a.     We.III.!..lai,     7:30.      IT '.,:, I
Meeting,   Wudiiesduy,   S   p.m.     Buys'
Club. Thursday. 7:10 p in    Choir it.,,
lice, IT nl,,.. I |i m.    It. Vun .'.luiu,1.1
M. A , puslur.
IIVV   Vlllll
'rcilDlrrlau  Ckurek    Wulslil|i, BUI.
■luyi,   li   u.m. and   7   p. m    Sunduy
Sohuul, 3:16 p. in.   I'ualor, Rev  A. Hue-
Ml V|,   | »»»«•<« j_)j_>^tJ_»_J^I_IJ
Why Not ?
Do It Now •
BflrgBU   Yons   pau   houbb
I Tune iu and see us.   We will be only
tuu pleused tu ibow yuu uur samples.
Ill Ksplauade West. Phone HU
(next to Patterson, Qoldia k Clurk)
10,000 cords of dry lir wood for quick
sale. Price par odd cords, (1.75. Spe
clal quotations for larger quantities.
Out Wood, 16 Inches, 13.21). 12 inches
WM. /     C. 0. D.
Office and Ysrd—Mill and Lonsdale
Phone 190.     P. 0. Boi 2432.
Anions lin ilu, t llil. li mil diinlellnn u
quicklr iicsrlsilf nar oiilnlnu fttt vliftltisr
I llllillll  h   I.  IM
Mnl Ilea III Jut S|Slic| lor il.-uilnrf nul .lit..
I'.i.i.H Ulau Iti.iusU Uui.u a e'u. rHatve
•pilot tiikl, • llbuiit ol.it., la lb*
Scientific America!,
A bMwtaiiielr lllutlnaewl VHklr. UitifK dr-
culiiiun ut suif ••icuilflc j.iiim.ai i.t...R for
ClAsvU. M U * *"•!, J*Jti*4i jyici^l.l. hula t|
ftll MWlAimmiilt.
'   .S.B,«s..r,[JeWynf||
11st. Wukluslou. II, C.
Vancouver Business Directory
SPR0TT-SHAW Business College
3j6 Iliisiiniis St. W.
Canadi'R Gmt.it Waalarn School
St. J. Sprott, B.A., - -Uaiiagir
Ladies' and Gent's Hats
I'riii.ilinen,   Hair   llraids,   Hiruws,
lleaveis au.l   Pills
Panamas lleani'd,  lllm-kid and  Trim
mod equal lu new.    Positively
uo ai'ids used
Nsst Labor Ttmplt, Vancouvsr, B. O.
Fur a  I le. a..   in  m.i,.   ur  I'm   Un.l.
NuTT.Tn  la  hereby  given   ihul  The
■ t 1.1.1 ii .Tn iif V'l.i VuueuiiVL-r will
uniil) fur a lleunae lu stum ur pen lia.-b
iiuiu acre-feej uf waler fi-unt Mneiiuu-
aid   Preek.    ,   ui, i-.nn   duwlun    in   a
  nu    .lliL-etluu  iiiiii  eniplyluu
llllo 1.1., Iiu, liny Ileal liuill Iiuiu Tile
a/ater w-lil be siuied In a i-eservuh- of
 capacity,  lo  lie  Imiii  ul
1 In I miles from niuuth. und will lit
used for doiUL-Hlie purposes as authorised iiR.ler a nutlet „l uppllou'llun fur
a lu ■ iu lu In In. and use Walei Iiusieil
lien wltb oi, ilie lnml described aa Tin
M ■.i,.■ .i■,,I.i. uf Wi-ul Vuncuuvor
T-|iis nutlce was liUSled OU llle iil'n.in.l
.11 111,! 6lh duy ol J.llle. Ulli Till- ll|.
Iill.uliuli uill be llled III III. uill,,, ul
tin- Walei- Recorder nl New tVeftmln
Iillil.Hulls lllll) lie Iiii.I ullll Ibe Said
Wuler lie. unli I or Willi llle . uiul.Hid
let' of Wl    In, i.i      I'alTIa Ill   liuild
Inns. Vl.Tuiia. B c
A|i|.ll. .nil
1.1 7 Uy Thus   l|   I.ininli   Auent
\4 4'1'HH   MITII ti
For l Lli-euii- lo   lul..- suit  I te
NOTIOK Is Inuii) given Unit The
Muni, iinilli;. of Weal Vancouver uill
apply fill a llecusc lu luke and lis. IU
CUolc fuel lll'l Mi-enlld uf Water olll of
I...!'. ..I. I'leeli. which lluws In u auolli
iiii direction HiiuiikIi West Vancouver
and   ,iii|,ii,n   Inlo   lit,,li.T,   lla.    He.II
II.,II. I.iiiii      The  wuler  Will   be duelled
ut  I  I.i S miles fn.in moulh I  will
be used fur domestic |,ui |uises on (Inland described us Tin- Muulclonlliy of
Wesl   VullcoUVel'.
Tills notice was i-,,ni- T on lbe uiuumi
on llu- nib day uf Jon., nl:    Tl.,  up-
ullcallon will be ille.l In II ill..- -I
the  waler  Itecordei   ul  New   Weslinii.
iter, B ti
OliJeeHonS may be Died  with llle aald
Wuler li i, i or willi ihe Pnniiili-ul
ler of Wuler Hi, l.i.    Hurlluui.-lil liuilil
IllKS.   Ii.i, Hu    H    .
THE MI'NIi'll'Al.lTV i'iK WI-i.iT
81-7 Hy Thomaa II l.lnton   '■, • m
Yorkshire Gturutit k Securities
Corporelion, limited
440 Seymour Strut
,'''     INVESTMKNi;
R. Kerr Houlgau - - - Mmiugt-i
All Nmlli Vamouvsr people rat al
Rlthtr Pie* Bloc* or Haitinp Ot;,
osuoeite tbe new poet oCoe. Ii««»e«sl
tliia lai i^ bv tWnoaaa.
mmma mm ^m m ^n fmmmn.
Fur a l.lcrast le Take uud  I sr
....il. 1 li hereby ulvell lliul llle
Mniii, liulii.. of Wetl Vulieouver will
apply for a licence lo lulie ni.T use 10
cubic feet |ier second of wator out oi
Mim Inunilil Creek, wliieii flows it, u
suulbeuslcrly iiln.liun llii-uou.lt Weal
Vancouver urn) emiilies Inlu l-.ni.ii 1
Bay near Hollyburn. The wuler will
be dlverli-d from I lo 3 miles ftom
01..oiii and will In- used for .i.,io. -n,
purpotet on lbe lund ueacrlbed us Ibi-
Munli l|i.i 111>   of Weil   Vsneoiivei
Tbia nolice wus iioslei) on tin- uioon.
on Ihe Slh duy of Julie, Iill    Tin  an
iilli-ulloii will be ill..I in Ihe ■•    ol
lbe Wuler rteconler ut New Weatmln
sler. B C
Obje. lions may be ill..I Willi ilu suld
Waler Recorder or wilb lbe i'uinniiul
ler of Water itlubls. I'm limn, m liuild
Intra. Vlclurla. B fl.
THK MI'NIi'll'Al.ri'y OK WKST
88-7 Hy Thos. It. Mill uli, Aiii-nt
Our Shipment of Prcer
  '       1       	
-:- Racquets is Here ■:■
90 Lonsdale Avenue     Next to P.O.
Buy From the People Who Know Values
:m\i if    Oleared and cloBe to car.   Price $1,050 caBli.
D. L. 204
Lots In Block 311 at |7B0 each, oil tonus of >, caah, balance
li, VI and  18 iiniinii:,'
We reureaent the Loudon k Lancashire Insurance Oo.   A sound
Board Ooinuany.   If you have anything to Insure we can do 11 for yun
F. O. Box lulu
Pbone 70.
lb Lonsdale Ave.
Palace Hotel
Second Slreei, Norlh Vancouver, B. C.
Rates:—$2.00 per da\) up.   Special
lales to families and to regular boarders.
The Commercial Union Assurance
Co., Ltd.
of l.oudon,
PAID $4,250,000
Quickly and proiuuUy on account of tbs Ban Frauciaco earthquake and lire.
How many Companies could do this?
Ita assets amount to tflb.ilUU.OUil
A postal will bring our representative
Bosldeut Agent
16 Lousdale Avonue and Oapllano Oar Terminus
Phonos; Lonadale 167. Capilauo llil.
We solicit the trade of all builders who appreciate
I ligh Grade Goods al a moderate price, and the
prompt and careful filling of orders, which our large
slock and long experience in business makes possible.
Burrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd.
50 feet in Block 29, District Lot 273, near Ridgway,
for only, $2,850, 1-3 Cash; Balance, 6, 12, and
18 months. *     J
POBoxlMl   Phone 173      NORTH VANCOUVER
. mm
Do Yog Know Your Way?
n ■ i in 11 !■ 11 ,	
Oall in and get one of tin new mips of North Vancouvor.
Uli centa each. Special price for a quantity.
J. E. Scouten's Book Store
(N. 8. Book aud Stationery Company).
38 Lonsdale Avenue PHONE 181
Rooming House or Offices
Ou tha Upper Floor of tht      i
KNIGHT BLOCK, Eiplanade Weit
Wide Entrance and well lighted Hallway
Por particulars tpplv to
London & British North America Company, Limited
(Mahon, McFarland k Procter, Ltd.)
bin Pender Street Wost
(Phone Seymour 8288, Beutal Department)
A repiT'senliiliie meeting of the mem-
bars of tho locul Conservative Association lunl. placo ou Tuesduy evening iu
the club ruums, the chair being occupied
by tbo association 'a proaideut, Mr-b.
il. BehulU. Those present ineliided
Messrs. McNeish, Buggies, Foroman,
Uriilglliu.il, Wright, Walls Donee, Don
nl.Imui and I'.. A. Morden, all of whom
tuok part in a discussion which wugod
iiiiiiin.l a topic of vital uignilicuuco tu
tbu association.
The ultimate decision was embodied
in a resolution to the elTcct Ihut the
local body should withdraw frum lhe
IliiTii.i.mil   icnlic   inul   bCCOme I  Sops
rate organization.
This resolution was the outcome pf
tho submission pf ■•■ recQmniei'i)»|iPt>
tq Him effect by the loka| eiecutlve.
The Diluting endorsed tbis reoomiaou-
'I'llin action was taken in view
pf the fact that tho North Hhore
would necessarily become i separate
riding by tho time that another elec
tiou is due, and it deemed advjsable tn
take Iiiun by |l)e forelqck thus avoid
lug auy elevenlli hour organization on
the brink of un election. The fuct was
h..|ui it li reiterated on Tuesday night
iluu the north shore bad not received
iideipiulo  representation   and  .further*
that    tilll    llili'lenln    Of    llic    ll.ll I) I    nlluie
wero by uo inoaiia identical with those
nf tho south Hhore.
Pacific Gmt
Eastern Railway
Location Plans
AW). DIDK mi flJTY% BB-
We Are Plotting
to get your business. Our new subdivision In Hollyburn Is well worth
your consideration If you want OOOD VALUE AT SMALL COST.
Ideally situated on the Government Boad. OALL IN AND WB WILL
Provincial Land & Financial Corp.
VI HT II    Mllll I,
l-'ur a  l.leruce lu Slorr ur I'm  Hack
NOTICE Is hereby nlvoii iIiu 1 'ilic
.iiiui, ii .Til;, uf Wesl Vuncouvel will
apply for .i licence to store or |ien liucli
1000 ucre-feel of wuler from I.uwson
.Creek, u slreuin llowlnn In u southern
in., nui. und n , i.ie Into Enullsli
Buy neur Uollyliurri    I'lie  waler will
be : i "i i .1 In ii reservoir of   	
capacity, bUIII or lu be built ul I lo I
miles li uii  tin mouth, nnd will lie used
fur Tun,, mi,   i iii,.......■  under u luillce
of u|i|illculhin for u licence lo lulni uml
use wiiler, pulled berewllli, on Un- lund
ilm, iiinii us Tlie Munlclpullly of Wesl
Tills iimII, .■ wus posled ou llle illollllil
on lbc- Sill duy uf June. 1912 Tlx
i.nplleiitloii Ivlll be llled In llu- ulliee of
llie Wuler Recorder ul New Wosiiuln
.-li i. B  C.
Objections muy be llled with tin- suld
Wuler Recorder or wil li the Coinpiiol
I.r of Wuler Itlulm. I'urHjiinenl Build
Inns, Vlclorlu. 8 C,
18-7 By Tims  II  Union. Auuni
,   Lodge Weatern Bose, No. 290
Meeting! of Ihis lodge ure held in
lhe Kni. his of Pythias Ilull, comer of
Chesterfield aveuue and Fuurlh slreei,
on the firsl ami third Fridays iu each
month, ul b o'clock ji. in.
i miiirnuliuulniiiH ami applications for
membership lu be addressed lo Harold
l.ccs, secretary, P. Q. bux llllll.  16 7 IT
Oysters, Ohms and Bbollflsli In Season
Ico Suppllod at Shortest Notice and
Bight Prict
Prompt Deliveries, in..m tnd 8:30
Telephone 371)
inui'iUile  Ave., North  Vancouvsr
Of Interest To
Lynn Valley
A modern reiidence is being erected
on Church roud I'ur Mr. T. Price.
Mr. fl. P. II. i nmll. whu bus managed
the l.yuu   Vullpy brunch  ul' lhe  Mer
• tuiiiix Trust uml Tradlug Co l.ld. lor
ll.e pusl luu years, bus resigned.
Mr. W. Murris is having his properly
on ltuss Itoud cleureil. tin cuniplelion ni
lhe work which is being curried out by
I. Culipliruncs.1, be will liuild n huuse.
Tbe Pioneer bakery is opening u store
in lhe new Pruutme block, curner uf
Centre and l.ynn Valley ruads where
ils celebrated bread, puslrics ami cun
fecliiinery can be ublained at Nurlh
Vuucuuver priees.
Yesterday I'l'hursiluy) Ibe li ion
church Sin,,im school children held
their iinniiiil picnic in Lynn I'urk. The
usual order uf races, sporls. refresh
meats, elc., were gune through um1 the
kiddies hod a greul lime.
A report is in circulation thul the
marriage uf Mr, Vi. Murris nnd Miss
Pumerny will luke place ihortly.
Mcsirs. Thompson uml Hluart ure uue
uf l.yuu Valley's musl progressive Iiiiun
ami al prescnl Ihey employ over hum ly
men. *
K. V, Bluurl reports satisfactory pro
gresi so I'or as musicul festival mul
ters ure cuiii-crucd.    Enough entries ure
already     lo     ensure     u     successful{**&*>' ll,»v'»ll ""•' fi""il>' wil11
■luy on August   'It uml everything is
well  iu  hund  regarding arrttugeuienls
for Ihul duy.
A special geuerul meeling uf lhe I,vnn
Valley Couiervative Assuciuliuu is cull
ed fur Mun.Ini evening iu tbe luslilulc
Hall al 7.3U (tu proceed another i I
lug called fur t u'clock) wheu uu nn
|iurluiil issue is lo be discussed uml
voted upuu.
rows, tlupt., J. Thomas, vice-rapt., J.
(I. Firmer, 11. W. Buguo, (I. Till, W.
,1. Ilurllett, II. II. Sharp, M. II. Ilrown-
Ice, II. Douglas, II. I,, Thomson, ,1. I'm
mer, K. L. Eurlo.
A fjulol  wedding wus ipjmbitpd ou
Wediiesiluy ut the Hnptist pursuitage,
Nurlh Vuucuuver, when Miss Amy Hurling of Shakespeare Avenue,- was united
in marriage lu Mr. Chester B. Cruss uf
1'roininc lluud, Hev. A. .1. Trusses per
formed the ceremony. The happy cou
pie afterward left for bummerlund, 11
I'., where they will spend Iheir honey
Du Wednesday next the Tenuis Club
ure holding Iheir Illuminated fete uml
cOnycrl ou lhe tenuis court, Allun roud.
Biuglug, games, dancing and refresh
iiieiiis will alternate from 7.3D till—say,
midnight, uml ull this in the weird glow
isl' .Inpaneni lanterns uml such like dim
liglil. Hume novelties ure vouched fur
in the wuy ul' amusements uud u guud
running liuie is assured.
A   ii ii     lire broke out uboul I-
o'clock on Wediiesiluy nigbl nt Die
home of Mr. :• doliuson neur Ihe l.ynn
Vulley hulel destroying the whole buill
| iug unit contents. Fortunately nu une
wus in the huililiii;: at lhe time Ihe
lire wus discovered. Huw the fire ori
glutted is a mystery us Mr Juhusluti
wus ill. Blaine uml Mrs. Johnston uml
family were slaying on Dovercmurt
ruud. Despite Die efforts uf ucighhurs
uml members of tbe vulunteer fire hri
gnde nothing could be done tu save the
houso.      The   luss   is   ostimaled     al
Uie clothes Ihey siuml in. It was wilh
en ui difficulty ibul Die neighboring
houses were saved owing lo lhe sl.'o.ig
wind ul  Die lime
The eily council mot especially yes
terday iiiorniug to consider tho lucul ion
plun of tbe I'ueilie Oreat Eastern Bail-
way from the site of tbo Second Nar
rows Bridge iu 1). I,, lilll to a point iu
D. L. 661),'West cupilunu. The consideration of this map was profacod
by the reading of tbo following:
"l'ukii notice tbtt tbo Pacilic Groat
Eastern Hallway Compauy wi", under
suction 18 of. (be l|ailway Act, submit
to the,miuister of railways st his offlco in the eity of Victoria op Friday,
the Hillli day of .Inly ut the bour of
3.111) iu the iil'tornoou a plan, profile
uml book of reference fqr the proposed
locution of its railway from station 1).
li. IIIII to station D. i. Will, mile OII to
mile 2KIIW, uud will ut tlio sume time
usk fur tbe uppruvul of the Slid plan,
profile und book of reference pursuaut
to the provisions of the Slid section."
Tlie blue print wbicb was considered
by tbo council yesterday morning, shows
the right of-way to be 86 feet iu width.
For lhe greater portion of tbe distance
the proposed line ruus along the high
wuter mini,. At that point where tho
Wulluce shipyards are situated the pro
jeilinl line cuts clean through the mu
chine shup uud iu D. L. 366 it touches
the liull.li.ni.In erected by Mr. James i.
Fell, ll wus puiuted eut by Aid. Irwiu that Ibuse persons wbose properties
were affected would, of course, be com
The cuuucil was unanimously iu ae-
lord wilh Aid. Dick wbo decltred that,
lis iu the cuse of tho ti. P. B'l. proposed
Iiuc, runuiug rights to otber tfoada
should he allowed between tbe eastern
bouudary of 1). I. iti ind the eastern
bouudary of 873, Aid. Dick wu of the
opinion Ihut the right of way between
these points should be 104 feet iu widlb
instead uf UO feet.
The effect upun the grides between
tho witurfront uml Ksplauade wus alsu
u mutter brought to tbe notice of the
council, umi it wuh decided to have Ihe
engineering dc|iurtincut go into the mat
ter and repurt at the evening 'i meet
The mayor, with Aid. Irwin and Aid
Dick, were delegated as the city's re
proaentativea to attend today'■ hearing
ut the ulliee of Ihe tyiuistcr of Hail
ways iu  Victoria.
cars weru unloaded promptly, tbe flrst
train could reach Calgary, on tho return trip, two days beforo the Ust quo
bad been dispatched oast.
Ejch ear carrying 10 tons, the total
capacity nf tift WW P»fS flpnld be
half a million lons, moro than euougb
cargo for CO ships of the largest cargo-
currying typo In the world, which
have a capacity of 10,000 tuns.
Tho motive powor of tho 300 uow
locomotives aggrogstoi 460,000 h. p.~
enough to run 04 Apgua shops, tbe
largest of (heir Mud in Canada or
tbe iniicliiiiciy of factories tbat would
keep nearly fpur hundred thousand
persons employed. ,
Tho I ruins themselves, with tbe
"runs" averaging, say, 125 milea bu-
twoeu divisional points would require
17 crews uf live men each, between
Calgary and Montreal, a total of 85
men, ami the '269 trains would ueed
an army of trainmen, 21,850 stroug, if
uach crow were to only make a single
Ami this is but ouo purchase of tbe
0, P. U. Wheu one enters upou calculations uliuul this year's entire freight
equipment, some 05,0011 cars, ou a
similar basis as that mentioned—a 20-
mile an hour train hourly—a good
deal of arithmetic hus to be indulged
in. They would muke up into 1,500
trains, and it .would occupy nearly
eight weeks between the departure of
the first ami the last of them frum a
givon point. Thoy would stretch out .
20,11011 miles, aud encircle tbu gbiho at
tho oquntor, where Motber luu tli
uv. run uut to ber largest circumference—25,11011 miles. Tboy wuulil
roach acrid, lb,, continent uf .North
Amuricu, from llulifnx to Vuncuuver,
over seven times. Ami tbey wuuld
huve a carrying capacity uf 2,7011,1)01)
tons, uu the une Irip, uud wilh last
year's equipment uver twenty twu aud
u half millions uf tuns weru carried
during tho yeur.
All of this shows that tbe II. P. K.'a
equipment is somelhing culussal, and
that Its SW.Oilil.wiil ;,.,,, iii. , uieani a
great deal mure thuu appears uu tbe
fuce uf it,
There is a meeling on Monday nigbl
u Ibe Institute Hull ul  t o'clock ul
'which everybody is requested In be present.   Thc  object  of  Ibis ineeling  is
foi a .ii'-, uni.ui of the question of lhe
lament's reversion ou subdivisions
and to see if some way ■ annul  I
vised to Lurry op settlement    of
The  l.yuu  Valley  cricket clui
play the Cedar Cottage club uu Halur
lay iiileiiiMi.n un Die lluulevard I'urk,
J the team being us fulluws; A. F  Hoi
O. M SLOAN, Maiugcr.
P. LAB80N, Proprietor.
Unequalled Resort for Holiday, long or short.
Family Rooms en tuite with special ralei,
  ■ i
Modern appointment throughout, spacious groundi, high class urvice al moderate rales.
Eaiy trail to top of Grouse Mountain, altitude 3,000 feet.
SEASON 1912 •   <       ' ,     SEASON 1912
Hue uf lhe musl successful entertain
ineuta ever held iu  l.ynn  Vulley  wus
given  by  Ihe  newly  formed  athletic
lnl   iu lhe Institute ilull uu Ihe even
ing uf Wednesday, 241b iust.   Mr. It. I'.
I'urdie   ill-copied   Die   chair.    Nul with
standing Die inclemency uf Die weather
ihere wis u lurge uml appreciative a.i
■lierice whu, judging from Die roars of
laughter uml   rounds  of applause  en
joyed themselves.     The vuriuus   items
uf Dn- programme were excellently reu
ilercd, Ihe audience by requesl of the
■I''   chairman', taking purl in sume of   the
the well known choruses.   Huge merriment
I wns lhe result uf Die appeuruuee uf lbe
l.ynn  Vulley    miustrels,    composed of
'Messrs. Murris, Thomson, Thomus and
Barker, whu by Iheir geuerul muke up,
Iheir antics uml acting souti bud Die
audience in rours of luughler uud hud
iu respond lu repeated eucorcs.     The
l.yuil Vulley Nightingale I Mr. Ilurllett!
made quite a captivating appearance,
uml her hit ut the lucul lire brigade
fairly brought down Die huuse.      Her
nn-lhuil uf weeping wus very fuscinut'
ing.     Tbo blind   boxiug match    hy
Messrs. Ilruwnlee and Tnoinus was very
funny, same narrow esrupes beiug regis
h-red by those who were 'assisting on
lhe stage,   Mr. 1. tl. Farmer was in
iliiiiilii voice ami gave u splendid yen
-■luring   of   "Tbe   Deathless   Army,"
which was deservedly encured. Messrs.
II. Duuglas, M. I.cc, K. V. Hluart ami
i F. M. .1. Uniiu i were ulsu encured. Tbe
i ;: exhibition by Iwu local chain
pious wus much appreciated, some very
line and fasl work being put in. Dur
log Ihe evening Disl. Cooncillur ll.
Ilridgman iu a neal speech banded over
lo Mr. John lluvaljfor Ihe troslecs of
lhe Institute, the cup whieh the Lynn
: Vulley Athletic club wou in Iheir mulch
'with Mi mc Cily cricket team on Do
minion Duy. Mr. Duval suitably re
plied, lleeve Muy aud Scout Masler
siiuipe also gave short addresses,
Messrs. Held and I'll, ably presided
at tbe ii'o cream table. Tbe program
was bruugbt to a Ouish witb a grand
rally by the members Of "the athletic
club in character, all ui thc mako ups
were very funny, thc audience boing
qoile unable lo make out wbo wu wbo.
Allliiuellier lhe cnlcrltiininoul was a
huiic success financially aod otherwise.
A Nineteen Million Dollar Order and
Wbat It Uiani
lu these duys uf big things, v.heu
people lalk of millions wbere tbeii
;.-i,in.iiniiiii spoke of tboustnds, Ihu
fact thai the Canadian; Pacific Hailwny
ooiupuuy has oui. red 18,500 additional
freight cars ami 300 more locomotives
may not aiirm t moro tban mere pais
ing attention, except amongit railway
men, And yet this order involves an
expenditure uf tbe immcuao sum of
♦19,000,000—tbe freight can costing
SI4,iiiii),i)i)ii uml Ihc locomotlyoa 1*1)00,
dud, This is a pretty big amount for
uuy ruilwuy   eve* one like tbe C. P. U
lo spend ut uue time in additional
luipineul, especially when costly
sleepers uml diners or passenger
ouches ure uul included.
If figures are seldom amtfiiug, they
are sometimes enlerlaiuiug, tnd thii
lutesl purchase ol tbe C. P. ti, furnishes
a few fuels that iro pf more Iban
ordinary intereat. Here are some of
The length of a freight car from
buffer io buffer is if /eet, its Weight
37,000 pounds, uml its carrying capa
city 80,000 puunds. The length uf
these locomotives frpm pilot to buffer
of Ibe lender ia about tt feet, and
ils weight, in working order, 17b tout.
The irue Londoner loves his city uot
only passionately but Indiscriminately.
sin- is all in all lu him. Ho loves
every aspect of her, every particular,
because ull go lo the completion of his
Ideal, his mistress. Nunc the less, bis
love does not prevent him from loiving
her: yuu nice! Irue l.uuiluiiers ull uver
Ihc world; Indeed il is abroad that .ou
hud them most articulate, fur tho Lou '
lun tendency lu ridicule emotion ami
abbreviate displuys of lentimoiil iex
ccpi ou ilie melodramatic stage) pre
vents Ihem at hoine from showing
their hive as freely us they cau do
iiiiiiiini Al home Ihey are sardonic,
suspicious, chary uf praise; hut iu Ihe
lonely pluces ui Die eurtb aud in times
uf depression all llie liunduoer comes
Everyone kuows huw Private Or
Lbcria, in Mr. Kipling's slury, wenl mud
in lhe heul of India umi bubbled uut uf
greeu fields bul of Ihe Slraud and tus
Adelphi arches, oruuge peel, wet pave
incuts and Iluring gas jets; uud uu tbu
day un which I um writing these wordi
I liml iu a puper a quutuliun frum uu
article iu a medical magazine, by tbo
ludy superintendent of a couutry Hua
toriuni for consumptives, who says that
once having a patient who was uumis
lul,,iM. dying, uud having wul I on to
his iriends lo receive liim again, Ihey
replied Dial his home off the F.usluu
ruad wus su wretched lhal Ihey huped
she could keep him; which she would
have done but for the mau himself, wbo
implored her to send him back "whero
he , m.i,I hear once more the 'buses iu
Die tu ioi, road." There, iu these Iwu
cases, one in India and uno dying iu
Kust Anglic, speaks the truo Londoner
No iriiiinioiy visitor to the city can
ever acquire Ihis love; I duubt if any
une cau whu did uut spend hii child
huod in it.
Tho Londoner ipeaking here il Ibe
real tbing: Ihe home sickuess which ho
feels ii not to be counterfeited. It il
not the saddest part of the latter days
of Charlei Liiinil lhat be was doomed lu
P.ullch! aud Kdinuuluii, and Ibat when
e did get tu I.uinion nuw aud Ibeu it
Agenl (lo witneas)—Now, tben, Mr.
Murphy, give us your last residence.
Murphy Faith, aor, I dunnu; but it'll
bf the ciuiilery, Oi 'in tbingiu 'I "
Kadi tender raifiei 6/WO gallons of
water and 13 loin of coal.   Each loco-1waa peopled by gliosis and kuew bim
motive ji of 16,000 born power, tud uot.   No wonder bo ibcd leirt lo Ind
an buul on Ibe level at least 76 ciri
or on in average of 60 csn over thc
whole systout. Hiring thcio (Irs in
ono lung line nnd tbey would reach t
distance of Oil miles—from Montreal
more Ihau half way tp (Juebec
Tbe 12,600 freight cars would make
up 1160 traius, ind If they were to
start, say from Calgary, It intervals
of ono hour, running pn a regular
schedule of in miles an hour, nearly
ten dayi and a half woufd -elapso be
tweeu tbe dispatching of the first iud
of the last train. When the latl train
left Cnlgiiry, lliere would be a gruud
procession from tbo UftskbSI bp'tbc At
lanticand2,lW0itiilei»Jjl»|S f# Jcnlhi
if II were possible tp pft*tt ffp nils
ou Ibo ocean uud tj)t>| ft tmifrtbitdi
ol Iho watery way tp ihe
The 6,1)00 mile parade
reach around one Ha\
The distance from Cstjty
il 2,261 miles, ahd
cupy /uur and a fp
that St. Iluuitan'i iron figures-thi
wonderi of his infancy, ts those iu
chi-upside have been the wonder of
ours hud viuished. ''hit ii tbe nil
love of IuiihImii. uiini. I /or one cannot
preleud lo, much ai I ibould value it-
Loudon Is neither my mother nor my
stepmother; but 1 love ber alwayi I
little, iud now lud then well uu tbe
otber aide of idolitry.
Tbere ii tbit utber type of l ...mluncr,
loo, tbat li io love not wltb iti.iighia
and uvouri but with its iutellurtuij
variety—a type fixed for De in an
elderly mau ol' lottcri of considerable
renown, the /riend of somo of the rarest
spirit! lu modern life, whom, jjben
alinoit a boy, I wai for tbe fint lime in
bit company, 1 beard uy lhat h*
' dareil not leave London tot fear tome
now and inieresl ing figure thpuhi arrive during bis ibieucc tnd bp mined
by him." That speaker was a true
Londoner, too.-Froro "A waadarsr U I
To Rent!
Wo have some modern bouses,  tortAthlt, md wsflWlUbsd  »t
modsrato rents.
Excellent four' room suites, Prut* Bir**, fWj4 9t**t m*-
Nono better.
Bents $17.60 and $89.60.  889 THB¥.
Pbone 24. IMMtolKO
West Vancouver
Choice Homesite Property, close to live Government Road, and overlooking the let. Most suitable (or subdivision.      D.L 1082, N.W., 1-4
$1350 per Acre; 1-3 Cagh
D.L. 1100, S.W..M
$800 per Acre; 14 Caih
And Corner Marine Drive and Marr Rd., Dundarave
We Are Selling Lots
in D.L. 613, immediately north of D.L 204, at prices
(rom $6')0 to $775.   Terms one-siith cash, balance
spread over two and a hall yean, with no interesl.
fl Now is the time lo buy, before railway development.
Safety Deposit Boxes lo Rent
North Shore Locators
AN Exteniion Telephone
once installed proves
ita value. It earns ita
way every day. With an
extension telephone upstairs
you do not have to go down*
stairs to awwer when the
bell rings. If you are up*
stairs you do not have to go
downstair* to call someone.
The service colts only a
little over 3 cants a day,
with no charge for installation. Call COMMERCIAL
MANAGER, Phone 9$,
British Columbia Telephone Co.,
Wwt Vancouver
Council Meeting
 C0MPAHY       :_
a. b.
Tliu mm!• map of tlia i':i.in.' 11i.ui
Eastern Hallway along tlia Norlb Hliure
ami aa far aa Now Woalmlnater lias
I  llleil willi tlio provincial govern
imui, ji. i iii.ii un to ailvk'o nvi.iu'il Iruin
I'. ti. iiiiiiiiiii', .hi.i engineer, in ilu'
Woat \ nm iiiiiii cuuucil. The ..nui.il
waa mull, i n.lii.-i'il that no m ium
thoreou lm,I yot In,'ii takeu liy tlio iio
parlmoul ami ilmi before a oartiUoale
of approval ie issued tlio eouueil will
have opportunity lo appear auil to
make any auggoaliniia or objections that
thoy may wiali.
Bailway Oroaaings on Marino Drive
Tlio Department of the Miuialer nf
Railway* Bt Ottawa aukuowleilgoil re
ceipt of letter reipioaliug that uo railway lie alloweii lo cross Marine Drive,
oieopt liy in,mu. of a auliway or a
bridge.- lu thia connection lleeve Nel
SOU   nllili',1    lliut   IliO   Milliliter   uf    llllll
waya huil lieen eomluetoil ovor the
i:i.mi..I .luring hia lucent visit ami the
whole niiiiiiiiuii hail lieuu carefully e»
|,linn.',I lo him. It waa puiuteil out
Ilml Murine Drive fulluwa a Hue au unu
thu waterfront lhat il wuulil work
greal hunlahip wore it crusscd ami ro
■ i.ii,,,.i uu the level liy auy railway
line. The minister hail Baked if there
were any difficulties eoniiecleil with
lm uiiuii a railway roule higher up auil
llBll   lieetl   linnlliml   llllll   lliele   WlTO   lllllll'
out uf the ur,Iiiiiii) Ile hail Iheu aa
aiired Ihu reevo that the reipieat wouhl
receive ilue couaiileratiuii ami wuuhl
lie cumplieil with unless il waa shown
lhal great hardship wouhl thereby he
imposed  upou  the railway eoinpauiea.
Parmauant Directora for B. I. T.
k Bridgt Oo.
Mr. I Milium, preaideiit of Hurrard
Inlel Tunnel ami Hridge I'umpany, ad
vising Ihe eouueil iu detail of the
steps that will he neceaaary fur chang
ing lhe prm isiunal liuanl uf diruetnra
fur a permanent hoard. Tlie council
expressed their apprecistinn 0/ Mr.
Malum', uiiuii'.) iu forwarding Ibe
informatiuu and direcled tbe clerk tu
acknowledge leceipt of the aame wilb
ilianka.    Tbu letter wua as follows:
"There have appeared iu Ihe proa
up.11 In of vii rums mot'tings uf public
lm,lies at which roaulutions have been
pasted requeuing Ihu pruvliioual direr
lurs uf the cuinpany lo resign Iheir pu
siliona on tbe hoard tu enable tlie vaii
oun municipalities to ippoinl then uwn
The purchase by llie municipality uf
Nurlh Vancuuver uf an additional Hull,
mill worth uf stuck will, wilh lhe slock
already subscribed fur, make up lliu ue
cessary 116 per cuul. of lhe .apilul stuck
uf Ihe company In permit the reaigns
liun uf tbu piir.ui  direclurs
"I would |uiiul oul, however, lhat a
neceaaary preliminary lo lhe appoiii!
ineiil uf the new director! is lhal thay,
the ' mu In lull n, should have a ijuuliliru
tiuu of twenty shares of Slun each, uu
wbicb all calls have been paid, su that
before the meeling held fur thu por.
pun.' the various municipalities will
have lo Iranafer Ihis amount of shares
lu Ibeir reprcauntalive mi llic buard.
"it will alsu he necessary fur Ihu
11; 111,1 of North Vancoover lo bave
actually KUbsciibed fur lhe ii u.i«»i
nurlli ut share* and p.n.i in 10 per
ceul. Ihereuf. ll may alsu be necessary
for tba municipalilies in appuiut a
shareholder aa their proiy lo vule for
Ihem al the meeting.
"I 1111T1I11111 these fads, su Ilml lln re
may ke no lost of lime iu caae tbe
municipalities wish lu elect a let
Ai won'11 theae necessary prelim
mini, n have been cumplied Willi a meet
ing of tbe abirehuldcrs will be called
to carry out iheir wiihes. Four weeks'
notice, adverliaed iu the 'I'anada (la
telle,' ii required under Ihe act."
Brldgl Oompmy'i Claim to V. W.
A Y. Hlght of way
Ai diatrict repraienUtive rclativa to
Burrard Inlet Tunnel ami Hridge Com
pany, Heave Nelaon reported lhat Ihe
directors bad reason to belicva Shit
they bad procured the ngbl lo tht
rigbl nl way of tbi V. W. * V. Ball-
way rompany uu tbe toutb ihore of
tba fillet, aod alio from the inoutb of
tbe tunnel lu Horseshoe Hay, on tba
nurth nli ore. On motion Ibe clerk wia
.Inii led in I'liiiimiiiiii'uic witb tbe dii
trict solicitor It Ottawa In' Ihe miller
DM,00.) For Firry Puryoaai
Councillor T. V. Marrick give nolice
thit at the nasi regular meeting ot
lbe uiiiiilii bt will introduce 1 byliw
to provide for Iba purcbaae of addition
ll ibirei to Iba Mount of ♦120,000 in
the Wesl Vancouver Ferry lloinpiuy,
Iiirolled. In eiplimtion 0/ tbt amount
nmttd Councillor Merrick stittd thit
llm sum wuulil ba required for the pur
uliuso p{ steamers, thu purchase of pruperty for lermiiiul purposos md for other Hseosssry provia|ous for the ferry
PlllrfCt Solicitors at Ottawa
HiT'iT! Nelson reported tbat hu waa
in cimiiuiiiiicntioii witb Mr. Olive
I'riiiglo, nf tba legal firm of Priuglo k
Quthrie, at Ottawa, witb a view to the
appoiiitmoiit of Mr. I'riuglu as parlia
ini'iiiiii) H-jii iiiiitivi- for tbu diatrict
at Ottawa. Mr. I'riuglu already rep
resents tbe other Nortb Bhoro muui
cipalitlea ind tbe Burrard Inlet Tunnel
and Bridge Company In tho above cap-
Oonaral Business
Cumniiinicatioiis  wure  recoivud  and
dispuied of II  fnllim.n:
From tbe city clerk of North Van
couver advising that the Duke of Con
naught will visit tbe North Shore on
the  ul'liTliuuii   of  .September   L'lltb,  111
riving at about Xiao u'cluck.
Frum North Viiicouvur District, with
reaped to public lamia, ami adviaiug
that the aet of iucorporatiun of Weat
Vaueouver diatrict coiitainod u elauau
vesting tbo nil, uf all aucb lamia witbiu
ita iniini.luu.■■ in tbu diatrict council,
but that if duairud tbu diatrict of Norlh
Vancuuver would sign duuda for tbu
sumo wheu presented ami uppruvud by
their aolieitura. Ou motion uf Cumi
oilier Mathers, Ihu diatrict sulicitur
waa instructed to taku all necessury
atupa tn aee that tbe title In all such
lamia ia duly veiled in thu dislricl.
Frum Morrison, llieu I i'u., ru .,
lupugraphical mup uf thu district.
Huard uf Wurka.
From Mr. t'aultiuld, re rouds tiiruugh
liiuliliTiln.    Engineer.
Frum tl. II. si1111m.11 A tin, ruqucsliiig
a thirty day option uu sule of liumls.
Finance Committee.
From F. Nhichls, ru opuiilug u lane
through lota VI to 16, lud 17 to 21!,
I). I.. 775.   Hoard of Worka.
From Biinpsou k Wight, for extension
of roadway to block 2, 1). L It'i. Hoard
of Wurka.
From Mr. J. Balfour Ker, ru trans
porlatiou pn,1,Inu Turn ipurtulion
Frmu A. E. Hutherfurd, wishing lo
apply for a liquor license.   Befuied,
liuie Nelsou roporled that he bad
aueceuded in sutlling thu claim uf llie
1'umi.hun I'.iiintiu, Hon Cuinpany for
jiiiimi iu connection wilh Dumbirave
wharf for ♦Twin.   Action confirmed.
Dislricl Clerk Pcake waa Instructed
to aigu a contract fur a telephone willi
Ihu H. c. Telephone Compauy.
On nmi nm of Councillor Mathers, il
was ordered tbat the dec,Is fur the ei
chaugu uf a portion of Keith road for
a correapoiiding portion of lbe Murine
Drive be ligned upon approval of thc
districl  solicitor.
Ou iiiiiiiini of Councillor Olntiburger
the following byliwa were considered
Thu bylaw eiteudiug Ihu time for payment uf 1 u.m read a last I iiuc and fin
ally panned. Luan bylaw for shares in
The Weat Vaueouver Furry Company;
reu.l a laat lime and linally passed. A
bylaw regulating blasting in Ibe ilia
Iriet j read tbe first time.
Mr Jobn Tcurc was appointed chief
constable uf Iho dislricl, without
Account! totalling l.>.;'.>..iii weru
ordered paid.
Inii.' I'lerk Feake waa appointed
collector of i.u. ■ for Ihu current year.
Complete Census Returns
Volume one uf the Fifth Census uf
Canada, lllll, haa just been received
lu'i" lhe Census and Hlutialici at
Ottawa. The repurt ibuwa the uggre
gale pupulalion of lbc Domiuion lo be
I.LTH..Vi\   ilinllll.lll, ,1   aillOllg   llie   pnn
ineea aa followi:— a
Alberta    37-1,60:1
British Columbia    ,i:c,i.-h
Manitoba   106,614
New liim,-in, I,      Tul,>,mi
Nuva ti, 1,1,.,       V.n inr
Onlirio   ifitifll
Prince E,lw»nl Islam!     u;i,7l'n
IJnebsc   , 2,0011,7111
tjiakatcbuwau    1911,432
Vukuu       tfilt
Noilh Wesl Territories      17,Ilni
Tbe rural populaliun in 11)11 wu
t.t.'i.tti ami the urban pupulition
3,280,444, In Ilml the rural population
wu T,Tiii,.l|ii j.,,,1 the urban population
l'.ii. I,iWi. Tht iu, n une uf rural popu
inion in Ibe ten yeara is therefore
174,1178 ind of tbe urbin i.i'.t. ,1.10,
which li 17.16 per cent, for the funner
■ml 62.25 per cent, for tbe litUr. In
All,, nu the increase uf rural population
in the ten yeara wai 180,327 and of
urban 121,314. In British f'olumbla
tbe increase of rural populaliun was
100,318 md of urban 113,606, and in
Maniiubu tbe rural increue wu 70,611
md tbe urban 128,81/2. New Hrumwick
lost I.IU'I rural ind gained 22,262 urban,
while Nova Hcolli lost 23,1181 rural
aud gained 66,746 urban, Ontario lost
62,181 rural and gained 802,611 urban.
Frinct Kdward Island gained 16 urban,
but lusl 11,646 rural. (JjeTcc ibowi
giiui of both rural ind urban popula
tion, being llfltl for Ibe former ami
313,861 for Iht litter. Saskatchewan
alao ibowi gaioi ru both ciuiei, being
287,338 for Ibt former ud 113,8)6 for
tht litter. In Yukon tht rural low
wu ll,m ltd tht urbM Ini 6,877.
|n tbe Northwest Turritoiiea, whose
population, is wholly rural, tbe lum wss
8,933, Fpr .lector's! districts allowing
losses uf ui imu population in the decade, classified |)y provinces, see table
IX, pp. B27-3II. A summitry of table I,
giving the arena and population by districts for )011 and the population for
1001 is giveu in table VIII, pp. (88-86.
Table XIV gives tbe population of
cities and towns in Oanada with I population iu 1911 of 'l.tiilii persons and
pver, and Ibeir aoveral populations art)
given fur the successive census yeara
1871 1911. There were UU aucb cities
id 1911, 74 in 1901, 66 iu 1891, 48 iu
1881 and 28 in 1871.. There was one
In 1871 with 190,000 and over, one in
1881, two in 1891, two in 1091, and four
in 1011. Tbere wore two witb 200,000
ind over in 1901 and 1011, two with
300,000 and over in 1011 and one with
400,000 aud over in 1911. Tho largest
gain in the period of forty years was
made by Montreal, being 865,480; tlie
ne, mul largest by Toronto, btiug Hi,
538; the Mind largest by Wiunipeg, bu
ing 135,704. Vancouver's gruwth was
11111,101 in luss than thirty yuan. Table
XIII iinen the population of all citiea,
tuwoa ami incorporated villages in Canada in 1011.
From llie Hrst census of the Dominion
in 1871 tu tho tilth iu 1011, a period
of forty yeara, the population increased
from 8,080,8117 to 7,201,838, or uuarly
ouu hundred pur cent, lu Onturio duriug Ihu sume period the Increase waa
002,123, uf Quebec til 1,196, of Munitoba
4,10,386, and of Hrilish Columbia 356,
933, Allun. uml Saskatchewan, organised in 11105, show for thu former
an Increase from llllll uf 11111,611 and
fur tbu I,Tin uf 101,153. Nova 8oot.it
mudo uu increase uf 101,638 in forty
years, ami New Hriiuawick au increase
uf 611,205. I'riuce Edward Island's
populaliun iu lhe lame periud full olf
by 2113, ami lhe decrease iu lhe North
weat Territories is accounted fur by tbe
feci thul Alberta ami Saskatchewan
have been organized uut uf lbe Torn
Tbu rulu of Increue in tlio pupulalion
of the Domiuion during tbu furly yesrs
1871 lu 1011 was 06.20 por cont., of
Hrilish Columbia !l&!.7ll per cunt., of
M.iinini-.1 1,706.09 pur cent., of New
Hriiuawick 211.21 pur cent., of Nova
,-n, uiin '.'n nn per uul., uf iiniuii,.
55.117 per ceul., uf I'riiuc Edward ia
lumi 0.31 per cent., and uf Quebec
68.08 pur cunt. I'riuce Kdward laluud's
in,mnn,nu waa attained iu thu third
decade, having grown frum 01,021 in
1871 tu 100,1178 in 1881.
Comparing Ihu four iht classes by
percentages of populaliun iu 1871 and
lllll, males increased during lhe furly
years by 2,1166,7511, ami females hy
1,663,321; single mules liy 1,186,373 and
single females by 012,138; married
males by 708,627 and married females
by 708,813; widowed males by 51,631
and widowed females by 00,703. Cum
pared in another wuy, males were 60.61
per ceul. of lhe pupulutiuu in 1871
ami females 40.80, ami in 1011 mules
weie 633)3 ami females 4697. Single
males iu 1871 were 33.96 ami females
ti iT.i per ..ni i.i ibe population; and
in 1011 single males were 32.88 and
females 6.111. Married malca in 1871
were 15.68 per cent, of the pupulalion
and i. inul. Ihe same, uml in lllll mar
ried males were 18.48 and married
females 17.37 per cent. Wldnwers in
1871 were 1.07 and widows 2.20 per
rent, of the population, and in 1011
widowers Here 121 and widows 2.10
per cent.
The area of Canada is given iu the
census tables uf 1911 la 3,729,666
square miles of laml uud wafer, which
ia   15,000  square  miles   leas  Ihun  ten
of one per square mile as compared with
1.80 i» Ontario. In Saskatchewan tbo
iuoreaso baa beou from .36 |o 1.06, sad
in Yl)|ton Md the Nortbwesf Territories
there have been largo decreases.
Tbe visitor to ■■■■ public library,
erauiiuiug » ecore or so of popular
works taken it random, will nolo
several general truisms. Ju the flrst
place, he will frequently find passages
underlined iu pencil for no apparent
reason, and will doubtless apeculato
deeply ou tbe emotions aroused in tho
breast of tbe lead pencil critic by this
pasaage of, apparently, no Bpecial sig
Worka of fiction, possibly because
tbey ire moru popular with the general
reader, receive more than iheir due
proportion of marking, and it will bu
observed that tho subjects on whicii
tho cuuimciitalor espressos himself (or ,
is it heri.eli'fi most freely aro thoae
appertaining to love, courtship, and
marriagu. Tho pagu of a niuiluru nu cl
in which tho hero's propusal tu Ihe
heroine is set forth in deluil ia uliuost
sure to contain u uuinbor of comments,
oiciamatiou murks, brackets, ami tho
like. The criticisms, too, aro usually
vory pungent. Two recent examples
follow. Huiii wure criticisiA uf llio
same pagu uf u nuvel by u popular
authuress, und occurred ut the eud of
ail pages uf the hero's proposal writ
ten in Ihu ludy'e best style. Thu lirsl
was in a buld masculine hand, uud read,
"No sane fellow would pruposu iu this
absurd fashion"; thu second, iu a neal
feminine hund, simply suid, "Poor
girl "
Headers    uf    "Tho    Eguist"    wili
iiiuiii I.    recall ihut novelist's lung
uml elaborate description of tin Wil
imi,"ui", leg. A library copy cqutaius
the following severe criticism by aome
Impatient reader) "I havu tried no
less than seven times lu read Ibis book,
because I thought I ought to read il,
but I i uiiiuil, for the life of me, gel
uver Bir Willougbby's lug." Below
this, in a different Immi, is Ihe simple
addition "Amen," There ure evident
ly many lovers of lhe atruighlfurwuid
whu aro uuablo lu "get uver" the description of ihul incomparable limb
Tbe works uf II. tl. Wells, Murie
Corelli and Oeorge Eliot come in for
a very large share uf underlining, hut
aru seldom criticized, An exception tu
this rule uccurs, huwuver, al the eud
of thc second volume nf (ieurgo Eliol 's
"Miildlemarcb," where un emphatic
reader delivers lbc opinion ihul
"Ii,,i,,ili, is a foul.' "liomula"
calls imii, lhe prolesl from a weary
reader, "Oh, Imi Ihis is dryl" Picrru
Luli'a "Disenchanted" is thus sum
msrized hy a reader wbo haa evidently
been rullier disappuinled in the du
velopinenl of lhe book "Word.nl
Words!    All words - uo plot I
Many comments of varying opinion
have been seen uu De Quincey's "Cou
i,""iim iif an Opium Eater," but Ihc
fnilowing, written in copying ink pencil
on a suburban library copy, is perhaps
the mual explicit nf all- -"This is Irue
enough. I've been liks thai myself."
Halzae is u writer wbo is more under
lined than commented on, but Ihis
comment on the flyleaf of "I'ousiu"
Betty" needs litllu explanation
"Tbis is too hoi for souimer reading,
I shall need  fumigaling afler I bave
lllllnli.nl   i|.     |   sbull   Ulso   WUIlt   tO   T.n, I
III the open air for a week or so lo lei
some in di air blow through me."
Meditations on life, death, aud im
morlalily looch soft chords iu thu
public breast, ami il is difficult lu find
a line in any well writ ten pussugc pe;'
yeara.   This ia due in part In a redue. Mpiiniiu to suicide lhat does not ihnw
lion iTilliivving Hie Alaska Huuudary
treaty, and alsu lo uew map measure
inonls. Tin. p.q.uhiti. 0 per square mile
was 1.93 in 1911, uud in 1901 computed
uu lhe same area it waa l.ll. In Al
lierlu lbe pupulalion was 1.47 |pcr
square milu in 1011 and iu 1001 il was
.28. Iiiiimli Columbia iu 1011 bad 1.00
per square mile, and iu IH0J only JO,
Manitoba in 1001 bad 3 16 per square
mile, aud in lllll it reached 6.18. New
Brunswick increased during Ibt iame
pu uuI frum 11.63 to 12.61 per square
mile, am| Nuva Scotia from 21.46 to
22.08. Ontario's increase wu nearly
1.30 per square mile, or from 8.37 in
1001 lo 9.67 In 1011. Prince Edwsrd
l-Tni.T in 1001 bid I population of 47.27
md in. 1011 it fell to 48.01. Quebec in
the ten years bu grown from 4.60 per
«quurc mile lo 5.69, wbicb ia in increase
traeca of a sympalholic pencil. Doi
iuu ii.i,)'.■ "Crime ami Punishment"
receives liberal attention frum the
pencil wieblor. ThejrC is one common!
lhat may perhapr receive Hie endurac
incut of Hm'. who have rcud thai
volume '"■oinii is a sensible little
woman, bul KuskulnikofT is as mud as
Tbe greatest amusement uf ull is lu
be found in reading sume Oi Ihc'innior
cookery bouks, in which Ihere appear
many icatbiug aud voluminous nun
iiienl a ries. There is one book in plr
ticulir whose leaders surely smile when
they come lo a cerluiu recipe, for ou
tbe margin by ila ilde ii written
"Beware! Tbis recipe is no guoA) It
ought to be seruii bed out. I made a
cake by it, md it wouldn't raise ur do
anything ohm."   Pull Mall Gazette.
te tea* Lynn View
•Lots from $325 to $500 per lot.
. Termi, f 80.00 cub, $10.00 per month
fl These lols are one block from car Line in Lynn Valley and
nice and level and high.   	
fl Lei us quote you rates on Fire, Life and Accident
McMillan & REID
Phone lit. 1836     THEIANKQF     1912
Britisii Nortti America
76 Years In Business.  Capital wul Btservt Over 17,1500.000.
Two Members of a Family
particularly if Ihey live far from town, frequently Hud it convenient to luke
mlvnnlago of our Joint Account plan. -
Hither mako deposits or withdraw cash on hit or her own signature alone.
Thus either can do tlio banking whon iu town, aa suits their convenience.
♦1.00 ppens a Havings Account, Joint or ordinary. Inlerest added half-
yearly.   Money may lio withdrawn at any time.
Twft QfficM in North Vancouver, Cnrnpr nf Lnnidwle Ave
and Eiplanade, Upper Lonidale Avenue, near 14th Street
Electric Irons
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Solves tht Summer Iroulng Problem
For 11112 wo arc ufforing a "Hntpuiut" of the ti Hi size, suitable for
gouoral Imu"ehol.l uso, fur 14.(0. This iron is similar tn ull "Hotpoiuts"
except that the upper surface is uupolisbed.
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
I lli'lllll ll.e
liiiuiiiiili'i' Bonds
Audilur ami Accouulaut
Hll Lousdale Avouuo. I'. O. Box 2307.
North Vancuuver. l'huuo 137.
AH IK. A a.
Irrigation, drainage, levels, plans
and spi'iilliniums. Scplio links tnd
liuine drainage a specially. I'. O.
Boi 241, I6lh itreot watt ol Uawicks
O. A. Oil.., B.O.B.A.
1725 OliesleiTield Aveuue,
Noiili  Vancouver
PHOUO Kllili
Bakers, Oonfsctloners and
113 Lousdale Avenuo
Underwood's Barber Shop
III,*! liSlHTHS.
.Successor  to  Wallaco  It  Scott, Third
Ti,,T    ii neral n.pair work,
A. Wallace's services nave licou ro
Booketllers and Slatlnntri
Cor. lonadale aad lit. Phot* IU
I ll.VMMI   Ullll.
[ I'lina Kxccuted     I :   Kstiiaitos Oivon
Centre tnd Mil) Bold
Linn Valley, B. O.
Plaus and Kslinialcs furnished free.
Kepairing, remodeling, tti., promptly
ittonded to
Lynn Villty, B. 0.
Allan Hold near Westover. P. 0. Boi
20, Lynn Creek, B, ft   t
Oiblnjst Maker tad Oirstnur
Will tmderlako ill Iriml* of wood work.
repiirs, etc.
I Fourth Strut ind •utairlind Avtnut
\\ V.Q.Unim
UUI    luM.IMIIl,
I.Ilm I
.1. li. ENGLISH
Aud general Commission Merchant, 13
Lonsdalo Ave., Norlh Vancouvar.
Phont 384
We are specialists iu these lines.
IMA Lonsdslo Avtnut
III  Mill II -.
My clothes are at the ' upilunu
Laundry where yours ought to ke.
Flsl wurk for 36 cents doz. Bough
dry, 4c Hi., wet wash, 3c Ik. Drop us
i card aud we will call for Iham
V. 0. Boi im
Studio  over  Biak   B, N. A.
Lonsdals and Esplanade
High 'lass ladles' Aid llcnls' Tailoring
llejiairing   and   Allcrilions.   Clttning
•nd Dyeing In ill its krinchcs. All
Work guirtnlecd
111 First Blreel West. Phont SU.
(J. Uui)
Ladlti' tad Otnti' Olianlng,
Pressing sad Bepeiring
I Specialty
180 ItCODd BUllt But
N.V. Timing k mtti mtttl Worki
First Strest But of Lonadale
Lowest prices ind kest work guirin
tead ou tinning and sheet nietil work.
All kindt tf mwi lied tod itt ou tht
shortest notice, fawn mowers, knives,
hedge shears ind Scissors sharpened All
work guaranteed, moderate prices
1894 Loasdilt Avinut Phont Hi
Tbt Kspress goes into every home oi
tbo Nortb Shore inn Is retd by 18,000
people. Kipress ids. uinjcn,ueutly art
cut to bring results.
Paint That Cm It VVashtd Reuultrly
li Btttar Thin Piptr.
A .11* of 111 health for which tliort
VII Hi) apparont cauie wai recently
triced by tht physician to tbt proteuci
ol trsenlc In tbt will piper, and- bt
mid tbit It wis not tin Ant cue ot
tbt kind bi bid bid., troubli being
most likely to arlae in tht nursery or
bedroom, where to many boun art
Many landlords, owners ot houses,
Insist oo cheap will pipen tbove tbi
dining room door, ind It Is not unl-
rersally known tbat many of lbc cbeap
will papers count araenlo In a aoiini-
wbit Urge percentigt aniuug their
constituent properllei. Tbe coiistiiut
Inhalation of tbli drug cannot fall to
affect uufuvorakly the luliakllauls of
roomi so papered. A liiiguld, llfeleu,
wretched feeling, ascribed lo malaria
or grip and treated wltb remedies for
escb aliment, may bo due to the pretence of this iiniliiua drug In the wull
Papers for bedroomi ind numerics
should bt chosen witb especial curt.
It li realty better to have tbe nulla
painted tome pretty tint and ornamented wltb a dado for the nursery ul ani-
mill cut put ind potted on. The ml-
vintigt of i piloted will li that It
cio be wubed down oace a week und
rendered thoroughly, antlseptlcully
cltsn. Otrmi cannot lurk ou iuch I
will so treated. The celling of t nursery should be calclmlnad, not puper-
ed, If your children trt to escape muny
petty iillini.'iila.
Plaiting In Spring Models,   '
Ont or two of Ibe couturiers bare Introduced pleutlugi Id tbeir tprlng mod-
ela.  This raibcr pronounced frock li
i blot lhat lbe straight tklrt Uut U
raoci ot loooiDion riiiTio oniwo*
paulng. Tht. tuolc of accordion plaited chiffon looped over t trilling tklrl
wltb, knots of ribbon Is decidedly ao
Innovation The eel lo sleeve md
natural waist line ire iim evidence!
of t new faahlon itiqdird.
Somtlhlng Dtlnty In Cretonnes.
During tbt spring cleaning, wbicb Is
upou ua, the question of ntw cretoonet
ond llielr kindred fabrlci for loote coven tud aummtr cnrtilni Is one tbat li
rcry uiucb to tin- for*. The marked
feeling of tbe moment for toft griya
snd uiuuies it ilnuiliiant nolci In Ibt
uew color achnuea Budl idmlnblt ex-
prculoo lo I great variety of wiyt.
There la. for citmplt, ■ doublt widlb
iiiTouiie of fitcloitlog coloring. Id
wbicb betullfully drawn rotes lo
shodts of mauve art maued opon •
ktckground of gray folltgt wltb Juat
Ibt suggestion of i treilli running
through It In ■ birch but tint
Tbt umi Idu ai to detlgn. but with
Ibt omission of tbe trellis, hi exprcaied
lu a nol her. wherein tbe gray follow
glut tbt characttrlitlc color effect
coolrutlng wilb cluiiers of Urgt, oil
fsihluiied pink roses This will, per
hipa. b* uor* tatlifylng to Ibou wbo
ctooot qultt reconcile thtinaelvca tt
tucb I dtStoce of nature it I rot* Ui
Tlmtly Tl?
Where thtr* in Mvtnl long bilred
lltllt girls In • fumlly tb* ihimpoolng
•mound to i Urwomt tnd trying ink.
Ont motber, whoa* llttl* daughter has
unusually luxuriant hair, bit robbed
Ib* proctu of moit of 111 terrors
"Instead of luting toy little girl Imi
ovtr I bowl, wilb ill ber hair lurned
ibe wrong wiy over btr fice." ibi
uyi, "I now let her lie out straight Is
u comforttWt • petition a* ibt wish-
sa I couch will antwer Ibt purpots
or toy lit rarfM*.
"I braid lb* bslr vtry loosely in twr
Mil. roll g hoik towel uod'-'r he,
neck tad pt|ct t libit io tbit It com**
on ibi jani level wltb btr bud. with
her lufr ranging ovtr into i bowl ol
wsltr pliced on Ih* table I WUS}
Irst on* elds ind tbia tbt *tb*r. rtni*
wall md wub tbt brtldi thoroughly.
Tht drrlag ia** cocoWng ir* ettlly to
co»pHsfcs4 btciuit Ibt bslr kit beat
lo Ui uatunl unlit til tbt lime."
Humor mi
Qiii'ii) li tha llttl* bnsi be* that
tometlmea atlligs duriug coiirtsbli
gOd ll very likely to Alt twiy after tbs
hoiuvmaUB ,,..",,., _., ,    ,,   ,
wwttwtJ pmwttwte ■ -.-   ,■,,■'      i i '■' ,.,■ ■   -Z;
Wben a mm begin* to git old bt
gcti grumpy, but when t woman begins to get old sbe acti young.
1 niuu muy not cure so much for i
wife wbo li economical ind helpful,
but in extravagant wife Ig dear to any
Ambition li a giorloui cfteti, aa tbs
poet salil, because it It lbe thing ibal
you don't bave after tb* struggle Is
ovar. ,
When selecting a wife a man abould
choose a good manager, because no
mau Is worth much wbo Isn't well
Happlneu Is often i matter of comparatives. Soniellmes It Is simply i
condition of uoi having toothache.
Learning lo lire wltbln your Income
li pften as hard as to get tbe Income
Consistency miy bt i Jewel, but
some of tbe girls would gludly trude
It for I :.iililull i-
No man, no matter wbat bis make,
color or model, Is the least bll Improved
by a atrenk of yellow.
nn example.
"Ho you kuow how to live for less
money j*
"Cut duwu expenses, you meun'l"
"No; tell me bow."
"Jum let your boss cut your salary.''
Mailer ef Luck.
"Whut tre you dolug for a lliiug/"
"Inventing perpetual mulluu "
"Is it a |iTjlni.- piTipoaltlon'/"
"Boiiio yeara I bu auckera are InTlei
than Kilo i ."
Good Idu.
"Ile l-i full of lint ilr."
"Wby doesn't he realise on 11/
"Hem   himself out ei  i  butlng
Filled Nicely.
"I hove keen trying lo Amcrlctolie
tu Kngllsb Joke."
"Whut du ion make uf It?"
"A inuii grade obituary."
A Good Ons.
"I cun never gel nketd it ill."
"Of count* you eun't.   You need I
head to get abend "  .
Tht Quittion.
"He li i man uf cool Judgment."
"Ice dealer or husband, of au heir
Ht liked lo dine nn pits and cake,
Sul when he sol Iho slomorh rictis
He nli I, 'I In,',I iinsssd them up for lust
A sin ul water sud I crust
Daddy's Bedtime
Mrs. Puss Saw Mr.
Slow Coach
Makes a Vffy"
Good Run
HERB waa no light for Jack and Evelyn to go to bed. br tbat nigbt,
and of course tbey grumbled a good deal'about It till daddy suld:
"How would you like to bavo to go to (fed and get up In tbo dark?
"I think I ahull bave to tell ypu about little Mr. Mole.
"He bad a floe home down lo the ground, a beautiful warm room wbicb b*
bad hollowed out for himself ond wbicb be could reach br many different hallways all of wbicb led tb outdoors.
-—"ilr, Mole dldn't-fo-outdoorg mueb,  Sitinetlinet at Bight he Btrolti
but he did not like the light of day.  Tbe light dazzled bla weak littlo eyes to
tbat be could not see bow to get about very well.
"Mr. Mole wag a alow old coach nuywuy. Mr. Chipmunk aald be was. Mr.
Chipmunk lived lu a bole dowo under a pile of stones and bad tunnels running
from It In outdoors. Tbere wae oue place where Mr. Chipmunk's, tunnel alruck
sir. Mole's bailway, and tbey sometimes met there to buve a chat
'"I don't see bow you can bear tu spend your life grubbing around down
hero under tbe ground,' Ur. Cblpmuuk ouio.uald.
" 'it's very snug and quiet; Mr. kfole uuawered, 'I like It down here.'
" 'Wake up, old man,' tbe chipmunk snld. 'A good lively mu aloug a rail
fence would put some life Into yuu. Come up aud sec tbu sun rise with mo
■orne morning, and I'll show you where lu lind sume nice fat caterpillars.'
"Ai i' Mole wns not templed by tho sunrise, but the chance to get a nice
Juicy caterpillar for breukfiwt did draw lilm, io he said maybe be would step
out with Mr. chipmunk the next morning,
"It happened, Ibougb, thnt Mr. Chipmunk slept late or furgut about Mr.
Mole.  At auy rate, be was not waiting at the placo where tbey so often met.
" 'I'll Just step up uiiuii-,' Mr. Mole said to himself. 'Cuterpllluii uro u guud
deal heller enllng (ban earth worms.'
"So up be went, aod wbeo be reached tho door be puked his sharp little
nose out aud miffed. Then be drew himself out of Ibo bole uud keguu tu poke
uiiiuil In :.i-iit'.'li uf caterpillars.
"Now, It knppi'iiiul that, although be bad several dourwaya, Mr. Mule had
cboseu tbe worst ope for a morning stroll. Be hud cumc uut directly ou the
gurdcu pathway, and Mrs. Puu, who was cumlug borne after a night out,
spied him.
"Mr. Mole may be a slow old coach, but the way be shot back through bis
doorway would have astonished Mr. Chipmunk.
"'Dear. dear, lhat was a close sbuvel' be panted. 'Mrs. Puss just missed
me by n scratch Nu mure sunrise fur me. I dare say earthworms are whole
sunier fuud fur mules tban caterpillars.'"
Giving Him a Hint.
"I'm sure II Isn't yoor fault that yoo
haven't married."' uid tbe gallant
"No," coufessed tbe charming use
wbo wss verging toward old mold
"1 koew It"
"No. major, It la yours."
Of Course,
"Marriage Is for belter or foi worst
Is It?"
"Well, siiiiiiTlinou for both."
"How cun Ihul lie?"
".'-.iiiii-iniii-, It Is better for out and
wornr- fnr the other."
The utl enl nin of consumers is liereliy
drawn lo lhe fuel, Ihut, pursuun! lo u
roeenl amendment In the Waterworks
Regulations Bylaw, lhe notices of waler
rates doe recently sent uut cover a
period of six months, ending December it 1st, 19111, instead of three uiuiitlis
us heretofore.
The .period allowed for rebate posl
lively closes ou duly 31st, 11112.
purchase or preemption nny available
lauds suitably located for townsite ur
other purposes. Will prove u gill edge
investment within 5 years.   Fuller pur
In uiiii" 111 I'lii.ii fides. I'. I) Mot lbS.ii.
Norlh   Vuneuuver. -8
Enquirers class meets every Wodnes
day ovening ul 8 pin. Elementary study
and questions. Vou are cordiully invit
od to attend. Hooni Id, Aberdeen liuild
ing.   TTii'oni.pin. ul free library.       1 8
Advertiser would like lo meet party
of means, mil looking for immediate
returns, willing to invest as au initial
expense up In g6,000. Okjcct ly liuild
and operate a Iruding post on a well
tu.in'T hurhor oil lhe inuinlund within
.UIO miles of Vancouver. Harbor is well
■■I." I.e.I wilh natural resources, aud lie
sides operuling Ahe trading post ad
vortiser wishes to obtain by lease or
S1NIIHH8 ill    110*1, IlINIM.
Coal mining rlglils ut llic liomlnloii
In Muultoha, Saskatchewan und Alberta lhe Yukon Territory, llie Norlh-wcsl
Territories and In u I'oitloii ol llie pio-
vlncc of Urlllsli Columbia, may tie leased for a term of twenty-ono yeurs al
un muni.il iinini .,/ ll an ucre. Nol
more Hum 2,SCO ucres will ho loused lo
one applicant
A|.oil. .iin.i for u lease must be mude
liy tlte uppllcunt In person to tiic Auent
or Hub-Agent of tlie dlslrlcl In which
Hie iiiiiiiu applied for ure slluulod
In surveyed territory (lie land must
be described by scollops, or legal sub
divisions of sections, and in unsurvoy-
ed icrrllory thc trad u|ipllod for shall
be stalled oul by llic applicant himself
Bach upplleullon must be uceompun-
led hy o foe of Ji- whieli will ho refunded If the rlglils applied for are nol
uvullublc, bul nol otherwise A royalty shall be puld on tlio inoreliaiituble
oulpot of lhe mine ul the role of live
cents per ton
Tho person operating tbo mine sliull
furnish tho Agenl wllh sworn relorni
ueimiiiiiiii, for the full ouunllly of
merchantable eoul mined and pay the
royally Ihereon. If the coal mining
rights uro not being iterated, aucb returns should bo furnished at least onco
a your
Tho leiso will lm Imle llie coul mining
rights only, kul Ihc lessee muy be permitted-tl i ui, lum. whatever uvallablo
surface lights may bo considered necessary for Ihc wmi,lm; of the mlno al
1Iho rale if |10 un acre
I For full Information oi'idlcalluii
should be made lo tho n notary of Iho
['.■iui iii ■ i I of Hie Interior, Otluwo. or
j to my iniini or Suli-Agcnl of Dominion
w. w. conv,
I       Deputy Minister of Ihe Inierlor
ti.   li    I i.„iiii "ii."i   publication   of
this inin i ii.-, ii ■ nt   will  nol  be  paid
I for. tt-l
Art tbt right kind of things wbu they sell tb* goods.   It lt the ftcti ibout
tho uiwllty of out goodi In tht way of FUBNtlTUBB, OABPBTB and
OBOOKEBT, ind Uu facta about tbt low ericas tnd Uu special priest on,
tbut goodi tbit win fivor among our cuttomirs.
Btr* ii* some facts for you to profit by:
A largo ihlnmtnt Juit received.  All tbe rage
MEAT SAFES, large ill*...., UM
BOYAL OAK DBE8BEBS, with bevelled plate mirror...'. UM
Complete for 17.60
MATTINO MATS, 2x6...26c
SEA   OBAS8   Oil A IHS.
I limited number only, UM
In our Crockery Department
TUMBLEES, per dot 60c
(TOPS snd SAU0BB8 per
doi Mc
128 Lonsdale Ave.  Phonel6«  North Vancouver
mmmmmfnmamaaam^miig^am itift twrnciiw mwrnn vnpivuuvi
Sflttt Grades
III pm.uui in,- ui inslriiclioits issued by
the city council i|iiring~t!iu"speolil sos-
sion hold yesterday nturiiing for the
purpose of eoimidiiriug the location mup
of thu I'ueilie Grout liiasteru Hallway,
the City Engineer Inst ovening stihtnil
ted a ruport on thu effects upon thu
grades at Iho city's streut ends upon
tlm construction uf sucli a lino as is
Mr. Angus tim illi slutud thut Ihu pre
suul grades wuuhl hn ulTertcil us fill
Thu rogistorud grado nf Chesterfield
uvenue is 1.4 per eenl. from tho wutur
front In tho Ksplnnnilo, tho proposed
railroad cul will lie 6 feed, sn Ihul the
grade nn the coiislriicliun nf Iho road
will be ...per cout,
In thu cuse ut' Loiisdiili) aveuue the
present regislered grade Is 7'/j plir coul.
The cut will be II fee I II inches, Ihere
lore on cuiislrueliun Ihu grudn will become 13.11 per cent.
Tlie present regislered grade nf Ht.
Ueurge's uvenue is ll.ll per cent which
uiiii a cut nl' il feel will l><runil' n
grade of 13.7 per eenl.
In the case nf HI. Andrew's avenue
Die present rogistnrod grade is li.H per
eenl. The cul horn will he uno of ID,"/,
leet, »hich will render Dm uew grade
mm uf  Ll'.j per cent.
Ht. Patrick's uvenue bus ul present,aL
urude ul' HI per ceul.   The cul here nilt|
be mie of   DiLj  feet, so Ihul  thu re
suliiiiil grade will he U.N per cent.
lu Die ense of H|. llavid's avenue, the
present registered uruilcis III per cont.,
whieh, alter u  ml  of  IH'/j  feel, will 11
become 211(4 per ceul.
That* figures were compiled by the
engineering department su that tbu
emissaries of the city, gamely the mayor, Aid. Irwln and AW- Piuk, pmy
havo certain specific d»ta /or reference
lit this afternoon's bearing at the Victoria oflice of thp, Minister of Railways,
The .report ol tbt engineer was not
discussed, (he /act being iminoi|iatuly
obvious tp tht council that ahould the
lii.utiou map of the V, 0. bl. railway bo
iipprovod in its present form the grades
nf thu Btreet ends wllhin thu eity lim
| its will b» v»y mtlsrltlly amid
menially Increased.
tipples »/ Mr. Smith's report \
provided for the city's throe,-repro
lu-niiiiheu who left by tb<' Prineoss
Alice at midnight iiceniupuuie.l hv the
district's   repreiienlilliveii,    lleelc    Mil
ami llouil. Hriilitiiiiin  .
A special meeting of the sclpiil trim
lees took place at the llidgtiwly school
on Tuesday, Mr. M. S. MeDotoll pre
siding over a full ullenduucl of the
hoard. Miss Florence Milwall, II A,
wus ehuseu by the trustees til till the
remaining vacancy »u the inching
Tenders for the supply of mul V"
considered and that of Conrge I'url
11.61) per ton, was accepted.
The lender of the North Vaueouver
Wuiidyuril was accepted fur supplying
curdwiiuil, thu teuileieil rule being
per cord-
It was decided to pay ajHiislu
uf +2,26U tn Messrs. Foster, llauiiu ami
Foster   on   Ibe   Lonsdale   school   	
niii  in accordance with the rletli of
he works' certificate.
Tho building cominitloe was/author
iztnl to proceed with Iho coustrtietiuu
uf sidewalks ou the Lonsdale school
grounds while tbo sccrolnjfy was iu
strueted    to   order     wim/ow   blinds,
ellell,-l.n'    ilenl.n    Uiul     oilier    CqUipUlt.'lll
for the upper rooms in l.ummii.    i i
100 Per Cent, For North
- Vwcowver
1*> *T*fl»lT1 7 .TjwaftrtTTS 13X1    T ITT.VSI!.'
Imeut   of Education   an
iuiicudXesIerduy tho results of  the
liigbysjchool   esamliiatioiis   bold   last
uuujfil Ihriuighuiii thu province.
forth Vancouver is represented must
llniu.Tiiiily   ill   the   list   Iif   son-onsen,
uut a' single failure boing recorded
against the local centre. All nineteen
cuudidates havu unierged triumphantly.
In Hun respect Nurth Vancouver miu
pios a unique pusitiuu iu this 'nrinlilulilo
list being the ouly centre, from whieh
any considerable number n.' scholars uu
tored, ublo tu claim a success fur each
'iinini Trim, llio ilu i eulriiii'iilimn
Die v. lniiTii.i i centre all passed, bu
this circumstance scarcely would
pour lo cbiilleuge North Van
pimiliuu though dniililb-n.n hinrfTv salis
I.u loll    tO   Wllllellill  ,•'.
The pupils of tWwiil high sjIitoI
uio tu bu wupntyeuiigratulutuil uu the
ut,.une uf their wurk   while
Principal Kellar ami his staff aru lo be
iiiiill^jinHl'll'll'llllil mmu the cnpiible
Do You Want to WORK for Your Money,
Do You Want Your MONEY to Work for YojjJ
The following ara moneymakers
I.onsdale Avenue  (Weat Side   Inside city limits.   36 feet, at M.OIIII.IW.
One third cull.
Lousdale Avtniie (East Side)    li feet, it (1,660.00.   1460.00 cub] .bal
ance 6, 12 aud IB nioiitlis.
Ottawa Oardena—One lot for $3,000.00.   One third caih.
We respectfully i.oln it listings of your property.
Phone 462
P. 0. Boi 2307
No Iron Can Do Your
Ironing Quite so Well as
Ul us show you why
Two styles, $4.50 and $475
I ' nii'iiiin ,il and has the manufacturers' five year guarantee.
Patterson & Goldie
Phone 88
105-7 Esplanade Wesl
Special for a Few Dayi
TRIPLE OOBNBB on mih Strut. Site 210 fttt by ltl.     Price,
♦IBM, Terms 8)600 cash, t, 12 and 11 months.
Wa bave only a few lols now left in 784   a beautiful horaeiita witbiu
two blocki o/ lionsdilt Avunt lot lilt. Ttrmi Wl cut, t, ID
aid 18 monthi.
II you have a bouse le Beat, nr for Silt Hodly give ui I lilting.
them m   I V. 0. Iw OU
whieh rendered
l-ii ,iITi
results, us announced by lbe>
I,uuiu ni ure as followsi
North Vancouvtr Otntrt
North Vancuuvur High Schuul—I'ro
lnnil,ury (Tiursc, .lunior tirade. Mu.
uniiu murks, 1,0110. Nuinbur of eaudi
dales, 1,1; passed, III; Uill, Margaret S,
Sill; Hull, Lillian .1., 783; Little, Kd
ward It., 783; tlrahain, Charles P., 716;
I'liuieron, ('uiin, 73i; Shure, Jnhii W.
II., 737; Hicks, Uwreneu A., 7011; Haul,
fieorge It., WW; I'leary, Anna M., 003;
Winner, Uonatiuct A., 030; Burniaton,
llegiuubl A., 111-1; Hreau, llarubl I,,
■Till; Hhore, A hun hi., 601.
Ail v ii ti. l, I  lm,.,   (Irade. Mini
iiiuiii murks, l,0iltl. Nuuilier of eaudi
dales, 6; passed, 6; Fruser, Viulel S.,
Hilt; Hue, Duuglas II., tni, Helmut, .Its
Ii., 028; (liniphell, Isabul P., (kill; Woods,
.lohn J., 617.
l-'itll count. Junior (Irade. Minimum
marks, 1,800. number uf caiuliilatna,
pussed,  I; i'ulliliiTl, Mary  K., 8211.
The results in relaliun In olher e
lies read as follows, lhe lirsl
l||.i.ini'iiliiio in,, nuinbur of ctUuJMBa, the
."■"iiiteA. .,ii||,i,t,>
Aruislrong, 20-16; 1,'bllllwaik, 42It;
I'rauliruok, 11 llj I'resluu, 12?,- <'um
to iiiiini. 117) Duncan, 118; Kndurby,
Ills^Peruie, 16 8; Uubleii, II I; IJnnd
Porks, Hi 12; Kamloops, 86 17; Kaslo.
112; Kelowna, 20 17; Udysmilli, 17 II;
Nunaimo, .'10 26; Nelson, 46 27; New
Weslnilnsler, 126 02; I'eaekUnd, 8.4;
ITiiIhTiiii, 21 III; Crime lluperl, 0 2;
Kevelsluke, 20 14; Kinwlaiid, lllll; Mul
inuii Ann, I" ii, Huiumcrluud, HI 6;
Vanrouvir, 6711467; Nurth Vincuuver,
IOIII; Vernon, 131; Victoria, 247 214;
Wbilchorae, 3 :i. 'Tulal 1302IU68,
The editor Ii lu receipt of a letter
from a correspondent signing hiinsulf
"Caligula" with refereiico to the unsatisfactory initiiie uf the lust furry
inn at Hi"1 each night, ll appears
from his letter that the furry reuehes
Vancouver too Inle to allow passengers
to catch the "pwl" ear iu that eity
and that at times it is nnt even dis
pull-bed at ull. We are compelled to
disregurd our eorroapuudeiil 's request
publish the lotter without utlachiit|i
his Trajjio thereto.
Tenders watted fnr ruising uud set
ting 3 Hag po is at eily sehuuls. Spe
mii iiiiiiiin am psrlii-iilurs obtainable
frmu the undersigned
Seerelary Heard of Heliool Trustees
807 f\        P, 0. Hm 8141
TAKK NilTH'K lhat tbu Council of
the i'ininiini  uf the Oily of North
Vancuuvur intends In conilruct us n
wurk of im ul Improvemenl Hie grading
ami iiiiiiiiilniiii. in,-: uf .'Ird slreet tu u
j.. j nm11< jir gradu 11..in Milium iii i'liiiu
tu Pnibes avouue under notion 08 nf
the Municipal Ail, and Intends In us
sees the llnul cost thereof upon lhe reul
;nperly fronting ur ubiilliiig lliereuii,
lit IiiiiiTiiiiT thereby, mnl Ihul
a nlnt.ou.nt showing thu lauds liable
to paV the said assessment and the
names 61 tho owners thereof, so fur ts
can Ki .i ,, ii.iiii.'. 1 frum lhe lusl revised
Assessment Hull, is uow uu lliu in the
oiiiee uf iuh Ultra uf ilm Municipality
ami is npeii vfnr Inspection dining ulli.
Nutlce is I -n-by givon that the suid
reporls ure o| -u fur Inspection ami Ihu
nu) petition i guinsl the pruposud work
of I in u I impri leiuenl musl be tiled wilh
hu (Hty ' I'/i ou or before the 1211:
lay of Augid, 1018
The   iTii/uli.i   eust  uf   the   work   ir
i'ily I'lerk.
tinltiyVineuuver, II. ll.,
ily 2llth, 1012.
Tu Mr. md Mrs. A. Maikiutush,
Hraeville, 81b slreet, Norlh Vimotl
ver Ilale of Inveriiessi, a son. *
On July SOtb, lo Mr. and Mrs. Owen
Mi limb', Kigtilh slreei, a sun.
On July With, lu Mr, ami Mri. A. J.
Nye, lilh street, a mn.
Ou July Mud, lo Mr. and Mn. 0
T. Pot, uf ' lo ,t. rli. I.l avenue, a ion
Scaled Tinders uu the prescribed
forms and aenuiipuuied by i-i-rlilied
• hcijiic or easli fur 6 per cent, of tin
amount of Ion,ler I whieh sum shull In
held until thu salisfaeluiy completion
of the works, ueeoriling lo the plans
und speeihT-uliuiis) will be rueeiveil by
Mr .lulni II. Farmer, Municipal Olerk,
uniil 6 pin ou Thursday, tbe 1st Au
guat, 1018, fur lhe following wurk:
1, 'Hearing, grubbing and grading
roud in I). I,. 3081 and il. Ij. 787.
2. I'uiislrinTorn uf unmoor; wull ul
llie 'li.lu. i|nii Hall, Lynn Valley.
All in aeeoiilauie wilh the pluns und
speiilleulions lo be bad ul this ulliii
after Hi a.m. on Piiday, tbe 2lllh July
1012, upon payment uf SI 181 fur Itch
whieh sum shall he returued uprjli rt
eiipl of bout Ode lenders
The lowest ur any lender nut nen's
sarily accepted.
limtiiii   Kngineer
Ilislriet Munieipal Hall,
I or'l.ynn Valley and Friiniine Itouds
Nuirh Vancouvtr, H. II.       no;
Clearance Sale
Wood-Paige Shoe Co.
PIubc m Mount Crown Block, Opp. City Hall
■       ''     "
paine & McMillan
Phone 12.
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
u stub mii uk
tm a i imin.   iii -I'Hkr ant I».- Ualrr
NuTTl'ln , I,,.,,.!,) K|Vell Hull Now-
mui Iiiiiii uml ilie .-,.o,|,.,i.. Limited.
Viineouver. util n|>|ili  for u lin-iise lo
lillle   illol   use   lOO   illlile   leet   of   nulil
mil  of i-i,. i,  IT,ell.   ulii.li  II,,u.n  In
ll   luu ii,  -   I. . I     lllleillloll   llii.,,,, I,   l.ol
80S,   I.U "ll     I.   NllW    W  ,  l.lll lll.nl,  I     I'l.,111,  I
iiiiiI , iiii>11■.- Inlo Howe Hound ni-nr the
lii'.nl lllll. of Tile wuler will he ill
Veiled ul Iho Ileilii ol Hie lulls ilinl will
he used foi nuwur |iui|ioSes on llie lunil
l.n. Hiu.I     UK    l.lll     lillS     (tl'OU|l    1,     ti. ::
u.i.iii.ii. i, i   lllslrlel
Tills    Noliei,.    wiih   posted     on     III-
,  I.iiilnl   Oil   Uio   .Ml,   illl)    ot  .lllll.    I'U  .
The   ll|i|llll llllllll   Will   I.e   Ulnl   lu   Hie
uill,.' iif the  Wuler  fin ui dm  nl  Ni w
ulllu Hun,. 111..:, lie lll.il Willi Hi,, sulil
Wul, I   llii'in ill' i   oi   Willi  lliu       i,, i
ler of Wuler lu, in    IniltMi... iii iiiiii.I
Inu,  Vlelorlii,  ll   ti
Nl-HVI'ilHT IIIIH'K  ..   T'll.K I'll,
.1   II   natty. A j.. i.i
mi'lill  MITII HI
l-'ur • I lei u«r lu Takr ant I te W'tlrc
Ni illl 'IT is Iiinii) ulven lliul New
liul I Wuler ITinilmll) l.liulliil ul Vun
eutivir. will iliiiili lor u ilcunae In liilii-
nlld use two llllllilreil i utile leil of wu
lar oiii "f ;-i.i.uuu.. I'reek, wlilili down
In ii '" uitivi, ,.i, 11., din i.iion iiiiiiiiiii
Hliiiinius Vulli) uti'l , myllin Into How.
Soiind inul lhe lii-ii'l n i
The will,-1 will lm Tin Hill ul lln
Iiolnl of inii inn Hull Willi Hie noi lln 11
limit of T li 8I8SI llll'l Will lie used Illl
MilliliTlml Illinium-* on Ho I,ilul ,1, si ill.
ed us I.ol I8E, Ill-mill I. New UTunlmli;
slil   Hlslll. I •
Tills Iniiin w.is iiusieil ou lln- iiiiiiiiiii
on III.  Illilli il.n ..I lol.   l!HJ
Tin- ,iii 'I i. will In Uiid In lln
.Tlh. of llu Willi! IIiioiiIii ul N,w
llli|n llolis nun   l.i- llleil Willi Hie sunt
Wuler   lim ui Tn   o>   Willi   Hie   iTuou
llllllll     ol    W lllll     I'l, I.l        I   ...in. .1.
Ilnliiliii, .   Vli I io iii   II  I'
NMWl'iillT   WATf-lll   I'UMI'ANV
T   F  Mnrrln, Aiii-m
Notice to Property Ownera
Noli.e Is liereliy unen llllll ill in
i-onluiieo wilh lhe loruit of lhe "Mum
i-ilial Aet," as muv umended, I tie iniln i
of holders ol' uureuislereil Ayruoinolils
I'ur Huie euiiuol he inserled u|ioll llio
A ... . in*•:,i Hull ur \o|ers' |,iiit I
lhe Muiiiri|iulily I'or llllll.
All holders of Afreomuuti for Bul'
iu res|ieet lit' lilo|ierl) in Ihis ilislni
ure Iheri'fure nutilii I In n-uislei nun.
nl lliu I.uu.I lli'umlry Ulliee iu Van
i ouver.
IUH II. M. i
UiTtnll MITII In
I'ur a i I.nm.  lu Takr ant lur IIsin
NilTH'K Is liereh) alvon linii N. .
lmii   Wiilel   I'o   I.lull'.'I  of Vull. .oi.
will   ,i|i|i|,   foi   ii   lleense   lo   lulu   ,,.
use   JOU   nil'li'   fool   or   Wilier   oul     '
MullHIUIIIU   I'l.'i-I..     "Iiiii.     llu.'.        iii
n.iulliw, nh ll)     illli • Hull    lilroUllli    i>
Muiiiijiiiiiu Viilli-v niui emi'llei lulu ■,
lilll II I'll    IT'iUullllstl     lllvel'     llllll      llu,
Tlii'   wul.i   will   lie   .lmii,,,   ul   ii
lumi ol tin- in, i fulls Inion lioul I'll   -
unit   will   lie   used   foi   pnwnl   lllll|>,
oil  till'   lllllll ill null,i it us In,I   lllli. ,||      I
I     N. »    « , nlllillinli I    lilslll. I
Tills liiilI.'i   wns im.Ti T on Ho ii i
on llle lllh tiny ul llll). iill     ■
Tli.. ,, lo..llui, will lie III.'I in uu
util I  lhe  Wuter  lliionlir ill  N. .i
iii i. ■ iii.i. mil)' Ile llleil Willi Ho ui
Uni,i Recorder or wllh lhe I'uiiii.i I
lei  of Wuler lllll Ills. I'uili.,n,, ui  ll,     l
III. n     VI, I..ill,.   |l    ti
.1   II   rn-ve)',  Ann,
Enos Sail  .75c
Zambuk   35r
Allenliury's Food  , 85r
Allenbury's Food, No. 3 55c
Pink Pills ■ 35c
Peroxide, per lb 65c
' nin nni Soap ;  ,25c
Baby's Own Soap '...., 3 for 25c
Anii-Colic Nipples , 5c each
Abwrfienl Colton  ,35c li).
We have constantly in slock a complete slock of
Bed Pans, Douche Pans, Hoi Water Bottles, Irrigators, Elastic Hosiery, Abdominal Bells, Batteries,
Electric Bells, Trusses, aod, in fad, everything in lhe
sick room line not usually slocked by smaller drug
storei. ,
Phone 311 and your order will be rushed to any
part of lhe cily,
North Shore Drug Co.
P. S. THOMAS, Pbro.li/
Druggist, 116 Esplanade We.t


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