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 t*m*mmf (flW
North Vawpqwvp, BA, 'Vmm, vmwm 15, MM
*m\m 68
Borden, Stevens m& Stton Cnriepdj Also
Clements and Hon, R, W, Ross-Anne^
tbn Not Taken* Seriously^Conservative
Boodle Fund Alleged,
Sffitp a galaxy of speakers tlio Jei|i-
' ' 'Vi followed closely tlip opening p|
il fpdoral campaign liy tbo I'omttvp-
•lit in ihis cily lasl Friday '.yetvij;
"jtromiiiout among tlio spcukors wps
'  Afc candidate, Mr. .1. II. bcpklir, .v|iose
,    oratory wbilo but liiii,' ovj|sur''owing
Iimt pf bis culloagncs was warmly ro-
reived, Mr.  li. .1.   D.'iii-liimiii,  Mr.  It.
C'aasidy, .1. Balfour  Kit,  Roovo  Me
Naught and .1. W  ilcfarrl|.   Mr  W-
J Dip|i, prpsidcnt or tbp IpciI Li'.'.ial
Association, occupied Hi.' chair nn.i at
tbi onlsot iiiirodiii'i'd tbo limn,' nf tbi
candidate win, was .-x|>,-.(.■• 1 Ini t nmi
made a fow remarks nn hii i>■• ■-,■;• isv
'and popularity.
Mr Seiiklcr, wlion lie arrived, stepped off the hasten trail oficuip.'eiitv
I degree bocsuso I' mil lm.ing lirnrd
Un; provipus speakers ami judging hy
'Ibe riniiarku of tbo last spcakor, Ut.
i'iimiIv, thought it un.; pretty thor
OUgbly goni into, lie addressed his
remarks mere pn thp subject pf >i,i;,.ir-
ialism and eiidenvprcd to provo that
'his I'niiiierviLlive  friends   were making
. too much of ibo annexation cry
Mr. Balfour K r was thp first in line
|p fpOJlll.   JV-  )if,i  of fi  evx.ii ■ '•(
depemleil    upon   the    correspondence
, with outside oiivironracnls just as the
human life dcpondoil uppn intercourse
willi the exterior by means nl com
' muiiieiiiioii through tho senses, was tbe
manner in which Mr. Ker fpeusso.i nee
eessii). for Canada's reciprocal relations
' with the United .Slates. Km li state of
a • inula- would, ia somo way, bomb
a eonnlry would in some way, lie
said, indicate the line o( iior colics
pondince li'l ti.e nsl'ire , :t ce".'
ada had a breadth of ocean   to    the
' east ami to the west ever wli;i' ber
correspondence was being carried 'in
but why should slip not havo intor
.ems., wltb the great republic to tbe
south where a great market was so
close at hand. To curtail these com
piunications, to wall ourselves up    as
I Iiiiiii   had   done   ill   Ibe   past   was   tp
curtail tbe life of tbe country and
binder its expansion It mis this correspondence that built up Great Hii
li in. Tbo oiler of the United Status
was greater I ban free trade. It is au
acknowledgment that tiny nave leei
(DO   greedy   in   tile   juisl.
It is a pnyin.'iii .o us, be aviv/ni,
r ad why shn ■" w.i ■•••i-y oi.n,'iyca
tbis privilege ,' reciprocal relation,)
witb this groat nation
Bsciprocity would give lhn pr. dpier
p greater market and tbe consumer
cboapor Hying, according to Mr.
JMsTchmau. It would bring prosperity
' to every banilel iu the Dominion and
particularly tp Vancouver where a
large surrounding community made
this a central point.
lie designated tho t'onnorvnli.e exit pouoets u reformed trailers. Mr.
I Itoss, minister of lands, wbo was so
I afraid of tbo natural products being
I given away was alleged to havo few
oi|oils in the empire lo giving away
natural resources.
' Mr. I'l.'iiienK nom.iiee fpr i'iimi,..
Allin, and |v.s>., Mr linden w.is '»nl,..
joctod tp a fiery oration and de lured
to have been seven years age advocates pf trade relations witb Ibe cpun
try to the south To demonstrate this
' the speaker read s spec, b ef I..'r l.r.r
den midn Ig i.g)'.
British   I'oliiniin.i,   |„.   Mtjd    j,,,.,.,!,.,!
more agricultural products tbau   any
* other province )■< the l/oaiuion, -ospu
M*g, fruit.   If tho tarif was adjusted
,    Tbo would be lienelilled   Ibe ronsuin
fF&t. Tb'l  provime, accordmg  .n b/l
statement paid to the Dominion ,/ thii
r,..o three tp one Ip Ibal of it";  'liter
IL province apd the eliininnlion ef Ibe
I ( tariff was virtually a reduction ip lax
L es. Traits which ill! proposed agree
meg would injure were very poie <sry
i lo a certain degree hut when tbey wa-
y teted their stock. /I was the con.uncr
who hsd to pay the advanced price
necessary to ppy d|vidppds. prilish
trade expansion was set up as a sl«r-
daril tp follow out |p (bo opening pf
newer and lergor markets. "
ft Mr.   Cuaidy   had   always    been
\      a good Conservative bvt when hu party
i   had abandoned the principles pf the old
leaders, Sir Mn tyoPewaW an/i stitm
he cpu|d no longer *upport it.   After
ihe abrogation pf the reciprocity irfifff
pf  mi-11    if era)   tiips had  lean
.   made to Ww-biugf.p:) in oi&pr to ft1
tin government tfnfp to mi AlM Its
«f high tariff policy and whop Sir JpJto
' McDomld ritaliated in 1«?8 by adppf-
was a standing pffpr pf rieiprpcity
made lo tbe United States, llowevoi,
when Sir  Wilfrid  Uurler  came  into
ower hi declared tbat future negotis
lioin. in Hint eoniieelion miisi como
from tbo Americans .themselves. Wbp
ther thofp wis up atempt o user.
Ihe thin idgl of the wedge fpr annox.
al inn Mf, <'assidy tliougbt it wai wjl1
to know what tbi imperial authorities
d done in tho matter Preside, t
Toll had 'i'"1'" Ibi suggestion tp Ambassador Bryce who befnrp taking any
action must bavo referred to tbi
Inipi'iiiii Cabinet. ili.- r mil
wai   tbit   ¥r.   Bryeo     was sp cn
Ihusiastic over it Inal .: i".m were
mule Id tbe British cabinet by tbe
opposition ind the pppositipn n iwspa
purs of his actions. Thii WM tp tbo
'ili lid pf the spellMI  V until alien nf the
homo government's attitude towards
tho proposed troaty. '
A larger murkei fpr our lumber ind
fish free pf duty win argumeuts use.)
in faypf pf jeclprpeitjr. Wp grow ear
resources—what do wo do this fpr
if not tp nil tbe products, be asked.
Mr. Senkler was heartily applauded
when be stepped to the front of the
platform and unleaded a buuib ef
documents on tbe chairman's table. 11
seemed to the speaker that Mr 1 ivvcua
bad greatly changed bin attitude to
worili reeipweity wi'Wa Ibe laat fpw
months. Heading fro.n ng edii.nii i u
ihe Western fail (kj! Steven" utpei)
dated January intii, lllll tbe en'lor
of that paper was quoted as auestipu
ing why reciprocity and imperialism
could not be associated together with-
nut disloyalty lleciprocity was no
theory, the article stalod and Mr, Ber
dcu was criticized /pr not grasping tbo
opportunity. The writer doubled Ibe
strength pf Mr. Borden u a leader apd
bis success along these linm. lie bad
showed hii wcakposs whep ho hpn ho
sido him on tbe platform in Toronlr
Mr. (ieo. K. Foster Mr.. ClifpV sif-
ton was qpoted as laying tbit 9* •''b-
erul party wai all 'ig''t eicopt ur
luis treaty which if p&stod wen! I low
r ine land vtlnss fioni Ihi Aiinti'
lo tho I'a.ifie Jne C. V. B. it s corporal ion has large holdings along Irs
lino or railway ncri* l in Dpmipion uxl
is gen, rally understood tp be Tor,
'.-id yet they Hxhil.itcd s sun in tint
front window pf their Seattle oAico
w'ii'h slatod that w ll' Ibo p"*,..'* of
i-eiprocily lapri valuos ip irad,
vonld raise 1'"' per eunt This, was
what s Tpry corp'.rotien thought re
.- procity would do for ('anadian  lauds
di elared   III.'   spe.'iiler.
■No self respecting i ttijeu pf .(lanada
JC thought  won!.'  ni',|i'\e tbil linnexu
lion tal'; because of closer trade rein
IJOUS With  tbo  Unite,  ."laic.  II, e:,ue.
ef tho peculiar j'o^i'PM of affairs ie
the States at the present time, whoa
the supremacy of tho Democrat* would
curat! not only n free market (jf Incir
policy was carried out) tp fana.la put
would throw that market opci, lu the
world against wluli I'lumli \ve")<l be
'be loser. This »ond wtoni'iin l>
the statement of 1'rcsnicul fall be tbo
liti'l oppprtouiy ef '*nada t) take ad
vspfage p( tb'ji Iriatynwt cfer.'.l.
The Oppservativcs bowled against
tir.de r.lutio'is wtt 'iru.t llr.li" bul
they have te adm:t the adxaulagl ef
them now, he said.
Tho main opposition and beedle fund
wbicb (be pppositipn party was deing
Iheir advertising with Mr. Senkler at
Iribuled to tbo Unker apd manufacturers' assoclatjou.
Jn defending tbe prim minister
.xgeinsl the cr-'pa of dislpyalty ti-. .*n
iidite read, i pprtlpp pf tbe speech jtl|.
liyeret) ip the bon« if if Ik* UmAipn
contingent pad boon sent to South
Africa. This address wu If answer
to a Uenservtiya member's criticism
(tjuebop) a.nd wu received with great
applause Item bpfb sides pt tbe thmtli
applause frpff b«r+ a|tjl| ,pf tbp pouse
ond with gratification fn the mother
After a brief pAAff P* tbfltiphtt
Afer a brief addreu by Beeve Mc-
Naught the meeting was closed   with
ibt u»ual cheers,
WnUiai MU
Jit bpme pt Mr: 1,9(1 M~r A   Pr
Smith, ipr, tlpwi Mt- Mi Wd 9t-,
tfptti} v»mPMvir wm tbi wo* 9t»
very pleasant event pn Wedpesday
evening, August ff% when their dau
ghter, Ktti M. was gnitcd In tbo bonds
pf matrimony to William S. Jpff pi
this eity, tbi HP of Mr. and Mn. Jas.
Tuff of Minitou, Miuitpba.
Tlii <lr»wi»» wpw wbiri tk» tm
mony was iwrforrood was most artistically decorated with palms and grace
fpl festoons suspended from tbp chandeliers tp various points about tbi
wslls. Tbi verandah ill similarly decorated and illumined with Isnterns.
Punctually at 8.15 the bridal party
entered tp the strain pf Meudelssohn's
wcdd|ng march played by Mrs. A.
Brookbouse. The groom wis attonded
by Mr- Arthur Smith, tba bride's brother, and tbi bride by Miss Edna C.
Ilemon wbo was becomingly gownod is
bill! silk, parrying a streamer boiujuct
nl pjpl; carnations apd maiden bair
fern. Hev. 0. p. lllnnden, tbe oflkint-
itig clergyman ami formerly pastor pf
the  North   Vancouver llaptist  ibureh,
tied tbp nuptial knpt in the presents
of many pf the immediate friends pf
the bride apd groom.
The bride was attired in a coslurac
of cream duchess satin wilb silver
ffiuge and stiel trimmings and made
conjure effect witb cord and tassel
tbe veil being pf cream net fastened
witb a cpronet of orange blossoms and
she carried a bouquet of cream roses,
Thl bride's mother was handsomely gowned in band embroidered black
silk. Tbe groom's gift to tbo brides-
mild was I pretty cameo ring.
During Ihe evening i luncheon was
served snd a thoroughly enjoyable
'veiling wu spent.
The brido received many handsome
gifts, a list of wbicb will be printed
nest issue.
Tbp (pals wire pliyed pr Paturday
ia»t IP M>" louinnncnl ivb.sb h*t into
held I,}- thl N V. leo»u T,'.'0il I'Api,
titb the result that Ike prut, fpr m
ip-n'i iipglcs apd tbi Mmif iin-
gles wu win by K 1. U. (Iirdinall, Iho
prirc fr>r (be mcu's ,lpui,l'T» liy Messrs. P. Baylis ind f. Baylis apd tbs
piltt fpr tbp mljcd dpnbles l,y Mr.
and Mrs. fardtnall.
.Nuith Vigtooyer Biwotti) lutlfP
wil bold tbilr monthly (apfflitf.rf^f
Will hold their monthly devotional
service tonight (Tun«|ay) pt » pm.
Mr- Prober will deliver au ai'.i.ets
eutillod MTbe Arithmetic ef pti.g'on'
Everybody welcome.
ieibor Day was dply observed by
Norlh Vauconver residents yislerda).
Picnics and outings of different kinds
claimed a large number of tbi oolnlay
makers while a big contingent nf lo.-cl
licrouo fins journeyed tp Utyi West-
minster to witness thi Minto Dup it
tun between tbi world champions aud
tbo Vincouver tacm. The iiiriorfalrt
t|c Vincouver team. Tbi inbux pi
visitors to North Vancouver wu great
ly augmented by Ibe official picnic un
der tbo auspices of tbe Trades and l«i
bor council of Vaneouvir wbleh wu
held it Becrcalipa Park. The attend
•nco wu large and tbe lengthy pro
gram of sports created a sustained in-
tcrcst throughout the day. Tbe dance
in tbe evening wu largely attended.
The tolal number of fares collected on
ke ferries wu t/.'il and tkl I.l pf
Ike H. C. Ki.vl-i. -miway luu a cor
respond'ugly '-'4;   <!»}
Of. 0. C. Msilinaud Mr. Birch
wore successful p. landing a .1'. pound
salmon mb'le aagr k ,n the I llei ihil
Mr. Arnold !■; Koaiy relumod tp
ihis e|ty today after a visit of s'.c.-jl
months in Kp/apq
Tbe concert announced for c-eplcm
ber 27th by tbe Udics' Aid of thl
Presbyterian church in l.ynn Valley is
gradually taking shape and promises
to be one of tbe best yet held, fn tbp
afternoon of the same day there will be
a sale of work at wbicb afternoon tea
rill  be  served.
Thp City fte Voil's of V-.niiux/r
have i-Hlabiisl'i'd a , ranch of '-.'i'
busineu in tbis city of wbic.i Nr. A.
II. Kiesey is manager. Ibe company
operates a large plant ia Vi', u.er
and bu in contemplation tbe ultimate
removal of theli works to this city
ing the najtwpa) oplny, be said tbef|'t0„tipn
least Thursday afternoon Mr. Summer, one pf the warkmen in the cm-
ploy of Jf. V. fucker, who hit a tmp
traci ftf grading pp First street out,
wap badly scalded by escaplpg steam
from hht sUem shovel. Jht patlept
wm taken tp Hpyti) Vmcp^ver hu-
pltal, wbttp bo !• W.eiy|pg pyW tft-
NoUcs to Coatrscton
SKAI.KI) TKNDKB8 on tbi prci.rib
ed forms and accompaniid ly ea,.h or
certiSed cheque for t per cent, of tkl
amount of tender (wbicb sum shall l«
rclsiricd until satisfactory com;, ef on
of tbe work according to syndication)
mtif |m received by the muiiurrnarar
will lm received by tbs munl.ipa!
clerk entil g ;,w pn Vhocslay, lib
beptember, IBII, for tbe folowing
1. Clearing, grading and impiovi
meat of Su-ci street from Unsdale
Avenue to Bt. George', i'-|., 1). I..
t. Clearing and grubbing (and eubu-
qucntly the gru'.ing) of tuna from
Keith road 0 Man street, I) I. 013
and D. I,. 201, including road on "i.ulh
side bl/Kk 0. V. h ai'd I)., 0- I. f Iv-
i. Clearing, grubing and un, ling
road in Woek 5, I). I. lull
i. Clearing, grubbing and grading
portion pf Bobsou road and (,l«<Utene
AVe. I), h. IH.        ■    ■ '
Md upiil I pa. Thursday, l«b
beptember, |»l', t:,o 'pllow'r.gi
tj. Oradjng .I'spp Co»e ;■».)
ffpm Keith road io 2nd Awnoe.
ltl Clearing, grubbing and gr-vling
road on weat side (). I. Vi
h WrWlrJI, )|r»bWng {Hid gn-l»#
ffttt trqm Mosqultp creek to Grouse
Mountain trail- J^
8.  (dearipg, gruggipg apd grading
road tP N.W % J). I, IW.
t thp lowmt pf any tender ppt nem
»»ri|y .#,co^".d.
i B. fi^WW
WW W*m-
MUltt Munlclnal Ofh o,
Ksplanado f., el/nib VM<pu»e>,
Sept. 1, 1911.
Maypole Bultcr, 3 lb. fpr |J at the
Upto Date Grocery, 368 Fint Street
Thl Um pf Beolproclty In IBM ft*
•ulted In the Creation of Profltipli
IndMtrlwJPF Cmadi
», joim v. na»iiK.
It |f true tbat both political partloi
pi Canada formerly doilrpd
ot Bcclpioclty with tba Unll
But tbat waa when  trade
i| apd dpprpui
 J lw» fiipi* *w» *^»
wW» m m. worn pwww, i....
could flourish as mt ixportor of
and loreit products and M esies-
y   Indopondent   pf   tho   Vpltot
there wh » Beclproclty Treaty be-
in tbp tw» MWtrlei front J8M to
i, which sdvinced tbo price of Can-
' LQBT-4 rllW 'tofi belwftip wpti.'
frppf and First itfipt. fjpi|pr ij.itwp.
I relurp tp PpIIci fi|»cp, Pity U»f) and
rpppiyp OTIrPii
. ill market.
Ho received t loverp
Reciprocity waa withdrawn
•tud of being ruined, be found a
stable inarkot In Qreat Britain, wl
bu nenlited to Hits day. IniU*
•euding his crops acrois tbi border
be fed thorn on tbe farm, retained and
Improved tbe fertility ol tho soil, and
by soiling dairy produce and catile
became more permanently prosperous
thin wu possible under a doluslvely
profitable market icrosi toe Iba.
In time tbe National Policy expanded the farmer'i borne market. Tba
gold be received tor bli produce, Instead ol going out of the country to
purcbaso goods, waa kept In Canada
for tboso wbo bad begun to make
thlngi tbat formerly bad been Imported, and wbo bought thlngi ol him
tbit otberwlie would have gone.
abroad. Tbii meant better prices for |
tne producer, aa It alao meant greater
earning and spending power In tbe
minulacturliig towns.
This change wu alow, pi nun oount
time; but iwlft lo tbe reckoning ot
nations, it wu accompanied by a
conspicuous disadvantage—young Canadians left Canada by tbe thousands
tor tbe United Btatei, when Canada
wu regarded u a poor relation.
W4ST.PB TO PNT-Bemp of tm
few tp iix rp<r»j, furpiibod'pf partially t-WPiibid. Ip %tb Vincpnypr. 8|x
mpptbi' leasp will be takpp. Hot B
33. .     M
J^OW-Water   spaniel " pup,  male,
0 ninths' p|d. Please return to IW
lit Wpif, 9om Vineppypr.   ,
L08T-8un4ay, iPgwi 119},   tor
tween et. 4wim''» <«up* ws 9y*
street, a gob( b»r Brooch witb donio
lit with pearls. Finder pleaM lnvo
pt tbii offioe. 18 9
WANTPP-4 b«y tp deliver and
make himself generally useful irpund
grocery stprp. lamsdale Supply
Stores, llll Ieonsdale Ave. B-u
318 Snd itreet eait.
FOB BBNT-Furo«bed and ,'pfur-
niibcd rooms. Mrs. Knight, 7tb ami
Bidgeway ^ve.  UH»
Boom apd Bpprd-*t1-oO per woek.
Apply, Mrs. If, |3jfvie, oyer Bawmpnd
Pool Boom, 1st street west. H '■)
Private room snd board fpr ymng
men   $11,511   j.or   week.   Apply   Mrs.
Knight, 7th street near St. Davids.
J.'C. Brown is having kit two lets
on Boss Boad cleared before building
Mr. McAfee ii iu charge of tkl wurS
Mr.' Duncan bu tkl contract to
build My. Farmer's bungalow on
r-'loniinc road.
Hixty four junior pupils win enrolled
on tbe opening day of Lynn Valley
The frame work of the new school is
well under way and thl roof is ex-
p.cted te be completed by the end of
this week.
Mr. ind Mn. Tom Greer ire now
settled iu tbeir new borne en Freder
irk Bead.
Fricndi ef Mrs. Wilb will be picas
ed to know she is much inproved. Ber
sister, Mils' Stewarf, is at prerenl
■topping witb her until convalescent.
At Norlb Vucosver on Thursday
August 3lst, te Mr. aad Mn. William
Ward, a son.
At North Vaneouvir en Friday, Sep
icniber 1st, te Mr. aed Mn. Bebt. Da
vidssu, a son.
At North Vancouver pa Monday,
August ilth, lo Mr. aad Mrs. Barry
Dick a daegktir.
At Nortb Vancouver on Sunday,
August 37tk, to Mr. and Mn. UUrk,
I ilh street, e MB.
Pursuing fluu In Otoe leu 0
Samuel William Brooks end Andrew
Ni-nuu An.: no* were charged before
Police Magxtrale l'orc-au this j,oru
ing with pursuit a Am in Ihe c'oh
season in the district tf Norlb vsmou-
• tl. Tbey were f?u»d guilty and cub
.med $)0 apd tnitt ll *9 de/,.
FOB H9J 09 dilK-litm uci.
nearly new. Immediate possession.
Blip 14x10, FrePsmi real, tin inroloi
fipm car and Kboo). Purcbaip mpnej
U nnt for tea moathi. Apply Kxpress
OJBcc.   Box tt.
OUlliWICk   tnlnU^nl  gfkiUUa*
Tkl Wtk «n!iTTxklb|tio» pt the
(billtwaik Agnculf.al ffet.e'/ w,,'
be held pa Wedneeday sad Thursday,
September SO aid ». This H tbe
premier agricultural valley pf tke pro
vipbce aad ii pnfmi tot tin iteelliare
off tkl eihibiti which mark tke annual
fair, wkil| tkl iporu surk u horse
racing iht., m jalway, "f aa f»Mr«»t«ng
baractey Thf jfti U.if. pf *%" f< C
(ilecirle rpilmft f'Vers *, xtley
it mm b mors ueepwibli te tke general
public tk|n kjfkirfe tkit then will
dpnbllm bl » PimV larger eftendancs
ftpm outalde peinti ihu |» privloos
■ frmtrvikg'' VtMMi, iiJm ftm
m » "0 muti*# itoVjto-
Om Orocerr. H$W flnl m. U.
jwvt mm
The Four  Reasons  Which  Produosd
Contlnentallats Hevp Died Natural Deaths
Tbe drain of population Irom Canada to tbe United States wu tbe fundamental reuon (or aucb orgaaixa-
Uoni u tbe ContlnenUl Association,
of wbicb tbe late Goldwlu Smith wu
president. Mr. Smith, lo a letter accepting the presidency, gave tour rear
tl tor tie propaganda of tbe Alio-
t. The population wu atandlog still.
I. Tbe backward condition ol tne
manufacturing Induatrteo and the Inferiority of tbeir production.
I. The condition of agriculture, our
(armors barely making a living, while
tenant (armors were considered clover
to make enda even meet,
. i. Tbi exodui of young Canadian
manhood to Iba United States,     '
There wen two lectori In Canadian
development wbicb tbe Coutluental-
Isis of tbat day did not appreciate, and
wbicb Inevitably produced t third,
wbicb wrought considerable barm to
tbe country.
In toe first place tne ConUnentalliti
did not see tbat tbe exodui to iM
United States would not continue Indefinitely, became Urn unoccupied
lauda of tbe BepubUo would (111 up,
and Canada's turn would come, to,
tbe Hcond place tbey did not reslly
believe tbat Canada wu a country of
practically unlimited producing power.
Those two tblugi together Incvlte-
Uy prevented Uie Continentallelp
Irom having a great vlelon of the future of Canada. Tbey thought ahe
would always ba commercially dependent ou tbe United SUiee. Tbay law
00 (uture In wblob Canada oould be
lbs) lynch plu ol an Empire more Hev
doui ind more iplmdld tbin ton
United Btatei oould ever be. They
aaid "Oo to, let 01 make tbe meet of
our neighbor." Ther did not know
how to sar "Go to, let ui make tbe
moot of ourselves." 1/
luvsnlli Court
Two boys of tbe city win charged
wilb 'ebbing from ijflfr"! pijui In
tbp e|ty end district and wen imt lo
tbi reformatory this mprnipg.
"M*mW Mntfi
M exaeriepfei Double Knlry Bpok
kcopir desires position, tbii li.df pi
the water preferred, pr would atfepd
to tredi-ren'i small set pf bppki,
Box 17 Kxprcei.
WANTBO-W foof s»^^^__
ft,itwie» ind and 4tb streets.  Must he
within m Wipiki pf MnedaJe. fier^sr,
prefsrred,      Apply Box I860,      H\mA tmiftof
VfaWlf-i.yenn'tgiti py ei
mom t»r into vm*''m!_
l¥rTffff•,,       WA/jfrw     ** W
Wmmm^m^Ww    WW
$99.60 monthly with lease. Furniture
lor uie cheep, Owner leaving pity.
Apply evenings only, 7 o'clock pr after. 163 Third street east, Nortb Vanoouver. UNI
FOB BBNT-Urgi ball, Ieonidalo
Ave. (uear 1st street) formerly known
ii K. P. Ball) suitable lor lodge room
society purposes, or suite of ofioee.
Alterations to suit rcippnsiWo tenant,
privilege ol subletting. Apply Irwin
k Billiuge Co. I.td., 601 Lonsdale Avo.
Telephone 11. tl
Strictly fresh Egga, 30 cents per
dozen at thl Up to Date Grocery, 360
lo 360 Fint Street cast.
I urgently need cub. Will sacrifice
100 shares of Imperial Car stock lor
any reasonable offer. Box 46, Ex-
piess. hii
FOB SAI.K-Fint growlh dry wood
lor M.6Q per oord, 4 ft.   0. McDnde,
Phone 83. *i 1
Mild Curpd Broaifut Bacon, HOe
per lb. in hall or whole si.l u at tho
Up io Dale Grocery, ttt Fint St. E.
FOB SALE-A beautifully lu.susd
new bungalow, five living 'oonis witb
bathroom and pneiry on a Ipt .',H It
1 120 fi. In Lynn Valley, sidewalks,
water and electric light. Prico 13,-
300. (lub $300 and $36 monthly.
'fbii is in absolute bargain and worth
soeing ui about. The Merchants Trust
* Trpdlng Co. Ltd., Oft Ponder W.,
Phono 8. 3733. 6 11
FOB SAI.bMmperinl Cu Co. HM
ahum. A few for sale at Ten DoUers
per shars in lots of two or not feu
tben h)ve iberei. Oeorge I- !WaU,
H02 Pender St., Vincouver. 114
FOB 8AJ,E-Homeiite bugains at
Nortb Lonwlnle. Water, ligbi, tele
phono end sidewnlksf 101x138 ell
oleend snd in garden. Small bouee.
13000 on good terras,    (fens, street,
100x183 op Nye street, now being
macadamised.    I860,    l-l sub.
100x193 lacing Pout* on Queen it
Excellent toll.   #1000.    14 cub.
Lonidale avi., 33 loot 91600.
JkCHipVJHJkCO.Tol.il kfl
trlTWUWOiJtf W IT?"" ^
A. Isantet end North f^nedele
Oetftat UmAoji'VMtnnny Phone 30
*7ippp Oripp, wbp la pne pf tbe «nt
nunsi ia Mmfh II ,w<*WWi»d at
99 Harrbj itreet. 1-9
..-. liSir*' ftomW. J-
9- 9pf9m, 9- 9- Otomty, l» ?>»••
:*   t^JrwWWtff
The City Pye WorH b»i «$f^(dpsb-
ed a branch cpr. fcspla-uide B- m*
V>osdeli. First claaa work af §ilm
late ratw, cleaning,   dyeing, preeing
**■ ff' myfpini, .oawwi,^, em w.
mtf, ,W^fr7rr» WIFf Pf fffTW"-*, "'
If/mmmypf witn trim, wptpi mfptf mf-
tm1 un —»*—'»»'■ re-Is 10.
nm* , ffwrr i'it'h11!. nrpsnr "W, THE EXPRESS/ NORTH VANCOUVER, %
■ ■
irw Vawcouvie, 9 C,
B, MOBDKN, fiditor ami Manager
_;■-/,■ "8
tales And For»lgriifl,Wppr year
TliSSISKT OiiHwr AnvaimiiWM"-'
WMHtP par inch Mill Iniertlon.
tones Notion, Kw.Hl.'K' P*» Inch por
Lun aid Tmnia ffoyiePP-M d»yi, l» I
«0 day., 17.60.
Lien AnTMTingo-Flrat Iniertlon, 10
Zti per lino; each sulieequont mser.
>, Ifc, per Hue,
Rudisu Notiois ii Loon, Niws Cos
Contact AoT»IITIIIilWTI-l»tPP !!•
enii-10 csnts per|l»i,ieoh insertion
tmun AnTfOTiiiuMTi-Bak
ringed according to space lakou
ssust be iu tin hands ol tin prliwr by
WldpSSdsyayeiiliiii to ensure publication
|p tha put ji||)i,	
North   Vancouvsr    .     Bept. fi, 1911
Tlie probable effect which reciprocity
would havo upon the inflow of British
capital for investment in Canada is a
i imsiiliiratioii of prime importance with
respect to thie great question. British
Columbians need no persuasion to
.•olivine.' them of the superlative im
|ii>riiinco pf this capital to the poepor-
ily of tho province and will, therefore,
be sensitive pf the bamful oflecis
which would accrue us the result of
any advene Influence which might be
brought to bear upon tbe situation in
this respect. Those who have been rea.
urut of tbo pru vi no for a tern of
years-will recall tho days when the
dearth of capital wilh which to level-
cp our magnificent resources was
deeply deplored from ope end of the
province to tbe other. !• was felt tl'lt
if only British Columbia muniments
could gain tbe confidence of the money
.'•litres of Qreat Britain tho days pf
depression would speedily disappear,
never to return and all eyes were turn
ed longingly to the time when such
might be accomplished. Thanks chiefly to the introducing pi stable, govern
moot iu tbe proviuce under the Iblo
lue.leraliip of lii.-bar.l Mcllride ind lo
the transformation which wu speedily
wrought in lliu roudi'.ioc of I';., up,
vm.ml tiniince-, lliiuu/i :.< auie suu s-
istratiou of thu its Hon 1; 0 'fat
',w as minister ul f.nflnco in "'at go<'
eminent, together with tbs energetic
1 nidi, iiy rawpsigu wbicb haa
In en maintained in Qreat Brill..u
by Ibe p.-vniiial go.-iruinent Pritisb
oluiiibiu bib "teei'lily nni, ,ts cay to
a prominent prsitiuu in financial c!(
>loa in tilt old ro.'..tl) -nuit Inlay i
slands pr'icitt'nciit in ibe citimition
ul ths i'riili ip.'rslpr u a l..ld f.-i
sale Hid prolllalie imc-tii.. ul Th'
result is Ihejt cap Ui from this loured
bos bean flowing into Hrilish Coluui
luu (end not only .nl,, iMritllh t'oluni
Ins but also into all |wrta of Canada,
ih largo and In npi.lly increasing
• uiuuo. It ia stated tor tbs ..III rppr-
Iry is now sending approxiuiaUl, one
hundred and flit) ii.iIIh.ii d.lla', per
annum to I'anada for iu vestment.
Whelk - thi so (guns ire ibsol.tsi)
un iirsli neel no) be debated, ina--"|ucu
aa it is rlia.-ly ruogeis.d mai in any
raw tha British mmsy market ii tbe
I'l'I    inline  of SUj.pl;   f r  till  .Spill
Which ia required for Ibr develop
Mieul uf '.anaila's remunos. Auy ll
t.il.r. im ui ine present juncture witb
this valuable floanriel connection could
not Imt prove highly diriinenlal tetho
iiiterusts of British I'etumbie, while it
might seriou.ily arte, t the unprecedented prosperity which tbii proviaci hid
it length attained
There are few men Indeed who pre
better able Lo asMmel' the orooeble
effect which reciprocity would bavl
upon tbe idflow of BriUsh capital than
Blr William Mukenrie, of Mackenrie
ifc Mun wkoes An, ha* long s eta ned
intimate reletlonahijie wil, fluancial
tentm if tin ot* laid and has liberlse
bug. iastrumeabil in securing fee to-
Mtlmfpt nl wa^y «.,l;<w_ of )>■****,
|» (lenadiae iuietp9mm.. In a* iptot-
at Vfeterie a fpw days ago Bir
WillfMB Macklnaip g»v. utter**** Id
Ike followlag words,
"The neadlMM ef! VogUak Mmhtrt
I* ievset their fioniy with Canadian
cetsrpn-.   .Wi   HtU   IMrtym
___|      ---Ji^A- km      Irnm        _Ku__lf
efmwm       mmfmimmvmmpmmm warn/       WWr wr mmaw*'
9991*    mm   ij   pVw   mrwWnnrl   rWm   wwm   fjm\9w9)*
created through tin development In
♦bla way of P»n»dt»»' boilM-* propositions tp'be shared 'ley Britucieis at
homo and in tin Ppwinlon than fpr tbi
prtRffibip t» ,bp with t|,e American
who will take Tlie profit* hpa,f with
bin, to the siivsiitogs. of bis own conn
try and Iti intareits."
A statement mob pi tbo ftborp ew
snatiiig from one who has an undoubted right to be considered pn authority
Upon tho subject ip band bus peculiar
significance in view pf the Isiue wbicb
is now before the electorate and PUV
phauisos the necessity from tbo Ilium
eial standpoint pf making even plot
er and stronger those ties which unite
this province ami tbii Dominion witb
Ureal Britain and tie Kmpiie.
Millinery Parlor
Masonic Temple
North Vancouver, Mrs, f, Bei>
ryiBAn. PrpprirtrMi, Ji»i <»peir>«i4
wilb new stock teomprtoing full
range pf Fall Millinery., loipec-
tion cordially invited,
liitoresting   statistical    comparisons^
may bs made from thl 1810 reporl
prepared by the Dominion Forestry
Department. Of the twenty-six nntivu
species pf wpod wbleb togitoer wore
out in 1910 to the extont ef four mil'
Ijpgj nine hundred million board Vt
*orth oyer sov.'iily sovcii million :lul
lin, the lint nine wore coniferous or
softwoods. Spruce wu the most im
portent, alone forming pvar^ooe-ipmr-
ter of the total cut. Bpruca'and white
p'.up together formed barely ups hull
of tbe 1910' cut, while in tbu year
previous, these two special made up
nearly three fifths of thi tn(al. This
iei reuse, in proportion is due not to
u smaller cut of the two epeeies, Iui
to a vary great increase in the amount
of Douglu Ar, hemlock, cedar and
yellow pine proilnspd In British Col
unibia. One quarter of the 1909 cut
Was formed pf tbese four species,
while ip IIIIII the total cut of the four
Wis increased by seventy per cen*.
Whits pine lumber is upderging P
gradual evolution in ita importance tn
the lumber industry.. Up tp three
/ears ago white pine stood at the tup
of the list when it waa supplanted by
sprues, although the actual cut of the
former hu not decreased. The pre
diction of last year tbat white pine
had pearly reached its maximum rut
hu proven true tbis year, the r.uin
cgt boiug decreased by four per cent.,
or forty two million fief. Yellow pine,
in reason" in its cut nearly six liniidrci'
per cent in British Columbia during
ons year. This increase of over out
hundred pnd fifty million feet was
auflkieut to raise it from fourteenth
place in the Species table to sixth place
iu importance, thus surpassing iu one
year, red pine, larch, Ulsani, aud the
four most important hardwoods
To Help You
oi gooa material
tucked my,
Wtiy dofl't you treat
yourself to A nm
dresB-^by dyeing one
are tj» ktod to buy
^-ofirJ kind of dye
for all fabrics: wool,
cotton, silk or mixed
-Have your Fire Inwranee Wed into ihwui hot d»y»f
Dpl«y# «re4m)gereHi>
9 *ij" WlWr 'tHtI   tt™JIIHItT^t ' f Hrf fffWrWrFV  T'TTTfM'tT'fy
in tbe work), Pbuw>Ow Agenti;
^mawWwtmt WT
ill'    i      l' 'I     li'   l	
Elder Murray Co,, Ltd.
Am) you deii't hive ti rip -
tbe dresses apart I
Nor guess at the
Veur local dielir Ml them.
. O. mil'OHMUN-6, 10, ISo moro
ii      iiii!
We carry i compUt« Awortmesl of Loaded Shellt
Sovereign, Regal, Crown (Black) and Grand Prix
Gum, Rifle* nnd Rifle Cartridge*
Uonssrvstlvee Jio»e
Just Iv prove to you that wa brush.
aside ell competition we have a Site pf
brooms, reg. 4t)c to be sold at lie
oech tbis woek. Hurry up. H, li.t
chis, tbe Up to date Grocer, itt to 36>)
first Street easl.
New Harness Shop
* N. (XIAr, ANI) rilJl'l'IeV CO., COB.
Vancouv€r Harnen Co.
NOTICE is hereby given that un
application will be made under l'art
V. of the "Water Ad, iiiiiii," to oii
tain a license in tbi New Westminster
/livisiou ef Now Westpiiuster J>is
(a.) The name, address and occupation of tbi applicant- Ernest Town
.slcy, Seal Estate Broker, 528 I'ender
Street, Vancouver, II. O.
Of for wiping purposes) Free Min
er's Cbrtlncats No.
(li.) The name of the lake, stream
or courco (if unnamed, ths description is) Cyprus Creek.
(c.) The point of diversion—Two
(2) miles up stream from mouth on
District Isit QfS.
(d.) The quantity of water applied
for lin rul.ii! feet por second)—3 (11
miner's inches).
(e.) The character of the proposed
(f.) Tlm premises on which ilu
water is te he used (describe same) -
District IM 12>1.
(g.) Tbe purpose for wbicb the
■valer is tn he used- Doiprstir.
(h.) If fpr irrigation describe the
land intended to be irrigalcd, giving
acreage    , ,
(i.) If tba water is to lie usod for
power or raining purposes describe the
place where the water ia to ba returned
to some natural channel, and tbe dif
fereni'i! in altitude between point of
diversion and point of return.
(j.) Area of Crown land intended
tn be occupied by tbt proposed works
Agents (or-
Gurney Foundry Co, -
Martin Senoiir 100 per cent. Pure Paint
Johnston & Salsbury
The Hardware Men
(k.) This notice waa potted on the
llrd day of August, lull, and appl,
eation will be n—de to tho Compels
sioner on the 23rd day of Heptwnln r,
(I.) Oivo the names and addresses
of epy riparian proprietors or licensees who or whose lands are likely tv
lie effasted by the proposed works,
either aliovo or below the   outlet.
Agent for Ernest Townsley
(P. 0,, Address)   P. O. Boa 452.
NOTE -One cable foot per second
is eeypijvslsnt to 35.71 miner's iurlics
(Slgnantre)  HENBY RHODES,
VamenvM, H. C.
Wo liave a lew lots for suit: dose lo I.uiimUIi' Avenue
Carline in the City. Prices $450 to $500 on very
easy terms. We lielievu these lo bit the cheapen,! lots
left in the vicinity of Lonidale Ave. Call in ami we
will show yon over then,.
Baal   I'sluie end   Financial Agtats.
AurwuicBls ol Spin iliicoiuiled.
219 Lonidale Avenue Telephone 44
50 leet clow to School, open road and water to property, Price $350.00 on termi of one-third cuh, 6.
and 12,
33 (t. Lot hall block from Lonidale Avenue, E., facing
South. Price $550.00 on tern,* of one-o^arter cm)).
bal. 6, 12 and 16 monthi,
Phone 70-
•P. 0. 11oi,Hi6 .
Mo«t modem riling device
on ihe market,
A W« receptacle for,bote
valuable paper* aw) jewed
52 Lowdalp Avenue "
Telephone 123     ti*
NOTARY PUllijlti
8tb Stmt Eist North Vnncmvsr
I'bone 373
Itonms 10 and 11, 1'nndcr C|»r4eri.
ffl% Pender Street W-    i'buna W
and I.uiiHiluli! Ave., Norlb Vuno-mvcr
Beeiilenoe, cur. l.oiiidule   Ave,   anil
SBnd Itreet, Norlb Vuncouvor.    ,..
'  ' -'       ■      '
I,o»ns,   Inveetmintl   end   Insurance.
Room 307, 633 Granville Ht., Veneon "
vor, 11. (J. I'bone l-'Jsj.   J,ond lie^is
try work s siwciully.
i "~       m      i   rf   ,
Expert op Fireplaces and all
clauses of Brickwork
All Wnrk Qnsrenlesrf
Corner KilUsuth St. aa4 M.bon Avs.
10,000 cords ol dry fir wood for .rgldi
inn. Pri°e per odd lords $4.60.
Special quotations lor Isrger (Hian-
Cut Wood-16 inctiod t3.no. 12 iticbei
0. 0. R.
Office end Yard i
Phene ISO P 0. Boi 8433
•>  'I
Ram:   ii.mi per  and up,
end   to regular   boardere.   •
Special ralea to larniliee
rine«t Roof Garden on tatlflf Cooot
Paper the World
1 "i" -' '-
from our stock of new Well Pipers,
so it Menu.  Every diy some new
deejgn  arrivsi to fill  Ibi veeeney
of tbi.M doeed ont.
Hendeome Wall Papera
en Imi* in endlsn vwtity.   Jusl
141 our Hlemin for wbot torn
yop mint tin paper end be   will
•bow you just tbi pettera you are-
looking for. ^
.Shonii SinKKT.
Keith Road Lot
A Bwg»in for Quick Sale
BeautifuHy located 50 ll. Lot in
City limits on Keith Road- To
wO quickly, will Accept $1200,
one-third cadi, aad baiaace q§
Alexander Philip
Financial Af*  aad mtm*
Club Block Vknot io
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co.
Whirl: Cot. Hi, Oeorge's and to-
pleoadi.  Office i M lionedate Avewu.
Wharf Pk04M 171,    (MU rMme iti.
Beelsri In ell kieds of mkmH aV
lerlel, Hand, Orevsf, VmmmX, Um
mitk  (mmmm md pteamd), tin
Mr «f Parte, tm, tihmglm,
(kwrnrnwiit  Uki   t^nfknMtk   Cdtmml
• • — -.-!-"  mivf  tttW~■•wmwmaf^f  nnWmmff
Prompt Adivary p mjemntiy.
Jp ehoom Irom our stock Is spls£ " *j
sws, to pay our prise Is easy.
W. H. ST0NEY k CO.
Mf iMidali Av*u. I>bi«i 14V
P wmmmmtmgmmayammmm   mm f w0
"   m	
t^Wd}fWw\W w W^9Wn^fWWWi ^ Monarch Malleable" Range
lo»t 9 Life Time
and ease pf npurnliiiii.
N a stove expels Ilie
Pricei No. 226, $67.00
h,m, mm
We also pfrrty ntirer
makes i„ cheaper itfovef i
Build«a» Hardware,
"Bnpcq" Pure Paint.,
etc.       .
& Clark
\qi Esplanade West
Phone BB
in    i ■ i mn m tt iiii u pi mw
i i
■     i " ———TT"
D. L. 621 & 2075 on Keith Road,
a short distance west of the Imperial Car Shipbuilding and
Dry pock Co.'s property.  $300 and $325 each~$20 cash,
balance eaiy termi. ^hese lots conWnd an uninterrupted
view of three miles of Hurrard Inletl Good soil and level.
Call or write for descriptive pamphlet.
333 Pender St#W. Phone Seymour 5654
,    mt    ■   »   «   ■ »i is Ul   i|»>i
■ I'H.'ei  m   um in.'
Hi ilia     *
50 FT. LOTS, $70
Balance Quarterly, over Two Yean
Price $350
Every lot on an yen graded road, cast of Seymour
Creek, Norlh Vancouver. Building? lieing erected q» the
property now.   Telephone and elecjrifi light availahl.e.
Call or write ami put niapi and fall BWtolffi. W||»nWlW
developments are announced in a lev mml\iin HfllPfWO late.
'"^.■s 'I-""
340 PENDER STREET      VA^tfVtt, fc G.
your neighbours
and ihey will recommend it to
electric iron with
a reputation.
liU 11 U1IN 1   We shall be pleased to send one ol these
irom to you for TEN DAYS FREE; TRIAL.  Pfcwe 46
light and Power Department.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
s i
THAT the Civic Ufemation Md Labor Bureaui» uow
open lor the Convenience of Employers and Employees.
Eoiployera gp re<iue«|#d to |i*« linafi^ of the Qffice
when requiring help.
VV. B, HOOD, Secretary,
/ i^Uiwdak Avenue,
North Vancouver.
Phone 321
I  •
nmnmnUmf l>l» ll II    I    ■«
■ i        il  ill   'iftll'l' '"'
120 Sw,nd.5tf*rt m ' T«i*pho*# 206
^rrhriWTr- to North ViW»Wtt Mn*banM
fnufk Veer Otre l||»f'" iil>IWi;Wjj»i-'*^(p>»W-MWrt'
Hr Wilfrid Laurler's Justification of
thi Difnt Ho auitaimd   •
In 189)
u» j.ihn V.now.
Tbe starting ot Industries, tbe building of a railway aeroaa an empty continent, lalt Canada In a poi,d|tlori ol
itr»|p. Tbo l»<+ Ot '•I*. °' "blch tb9
Continental err *«* a ntodol pwrea-
lion, meint a lack ot worki. Pew of
tbe mlllloni of pepple who desired to
lorsako tho Old World learned of Canada. Tbe population continued ita-
Gfipary. Progress was painfully e|ow.
But. In due time, the movement rt
people Into Canada began It waa presently acoompanlod by a movement of
capital, until, at last, everybody »aw
that Uie bour Of Canada h*l come.
Tbe flnel proof of It wai vouchsafed
when the iptndua from Capada to tba
United Statea waa moro thaiisbulancod
by an eiodui from tbo United Btatei
tn Canada.
Elabt un to tbe time that Canada
fcecamo known to the people of Efu-
ropo thero was u hankering after Ito-
elproclty. In 1801 a general election
waa fought on tbp ftuestion, and tba
advanced Reclprocltarlana were beaten, The issue was destined to keep
Sway from tbe ballot-boa for more
iau twenty yean." .
Tbe Liberal party, In pursuance of a
platform written in 1893, naked Waeb-
Ington for Beclproclty In 1897, and
wai repelled. The Immigration tide
tben began to, flow, and Is flowing
still, it that'very time the Initlnot
wbicb had turned aside from the Ha-
elproclty advocated lu 1891 reasserted
Itself—tbis time In tbo unfamiliar
guile of a Liberal Government und In
1898 the offer of Reciprocity wblob
bad itood for many years on tho Can
adlan Statute Book waa repealed. Tbe
repeal waa happily endorsed at tbe
Imperial Conference In London by Sir
Wilfrid Laurier, who sg|d.
"There waa a time when we woro
wanting reciprocity wltb tbo United
States, but our efforts Vera put usldu.
We have aaid good-bye to that trade
and we now put all our hopea upon tbe
British trade."
And Qreat Increases In Trade Have
Made Canada a Brighter Britain
Sir Wilfrid Laurler'i repudiations nl
Beclproclty with Ibe United States beginning In 1898 and continuing until
1907, wai endorsed by Liberals and
Conservatives ullltc. Tbo country waa
behind bim. Tbo future was before
Bomeinher tbo difference between
tbe Canada of that day and tho Can-
ada which Blr Wilfrid vainly thinks
baa turned buck, with hungry oyes to
tbe policy he so patriotically aLau-
At tbe time of tbe Joyful abandonment of thu Idea that the United
States could be the main prop and stay
pf Canadian yrosporlty tho Canadian
people bad 1236,161,082 In the hunks.
To-day thoy have 19^6,000,000 In tbe
banks. Than tbeir trade boyond iheir
own borden waa (301,476,786 a yuar<
Now It Is 16(9,000,000.
Tben the flow of BMtlsh capital waa
•o small tint no returns were available. Laat year |lie,000,000 cam
from Britain to Capada, exclusive »f
Individual amounts for Investments,
end tbe money brought by 113,000
people wbo como from Britain to
■tighter Britain.
Tho magnificent point of this situation Is that the turning away from the
United States (wbicb for thirty yean
bad treatpd Canada ns a commercial
factor wltb good-natured contempt),
and tbe now-found belief that Canada
could march along the road to nationhood without regard to tbo bustnesa
goodwill of tba United Statea; were
followed by an expansion of buslnoil
that the firmest believer In ber destiny
would not bave dared to prophesy In
tbe daya when Reciprocity waa an
Article of Keith and a veritable Promise of Hope to io many people
Prices For Which Hi Sells HlVI Increased Men Rapidly thin thi
Com of Whit Hi Buys
By John V. ii.iiim:.
"Tbe wlso man often changes hit
mind; thi tool never"—a way of saying (bat the political wisdom of to day
ii tbe political foollabueii of to morrow. Nothing li more valuable than
the teachings of history. Nothing la
more futile than piling up proofs that
many yean experience have changed
the point of view of a man "r a party
ot men*
Ifls nothing to show tbat Sir John
Hacdonald waa serious or merely astute In advocating Reciprocity, forty,
thirty, twenty years ago. He la not
wltb ua now, we bave conditions to
wbleh bis utterances do not apply.
Sir Wilfrid Uurler's position ll different, He waa an advocate of Reciprocity. On liis experience ba renounced It. The commercial condl-
tleoua wblob canned bim to renouw-e It
-iM prosperity of Canada without
It—have bocoino greatly accentnatod
la every particular.
The farmer particularly baa flour-
iafeaf Tip Dominion Government re-
pitto iMiibntip 100% prtceifticclved
by the fame; had risen over those of
the ten im before 1898, like tbla:-
OralB end /odder, Including llilrlccn
HUcUl Standard commodities, till pet
jmflJIri npm pm<nn,tnn m
boa itpfHeia, sheen and  sheep  pm
**£}& fi»wI mljufLya, til tier cent.
Drfry produces, fjf per cent.
tar-er be* to btrAave not risen „
aa equal latent, ae tola lilt ihowi:-
9$S* .;.:■•■:■■< MftL
Tlio staple lines, wbipll rfffMeitt
peer IW per cont. of the faruw'" ox-
peiuliture' have only incrsiieil H-3 per
cent. w|iio tbe goflils be soils have in-
erensoil 367 per cont
Agriculture is till basic industry of
Cauada. }f iti pmpttity grows in
greater ratio ttoO that pf Other industries It il\p'ft dnulily happy position
u( flourishing itself and enabling, oth
prs.to ffewWl'. ,   •
Tblibiis happened with*   homo
market hut ii uiitliiiig like as b|g ss it
will ho. t!«i|si|a has only really begun
her tiiaopufacturiiig career It ibe is
piirinijttcd to rotsi|i hpr fiscal Inilepoii-
B.. fl. felyiry and board itibln -
Lignt rigs snd Indies' saddls bun-s
(or biro. Stabling (or horses. 'Oen-
Oral ilelivory end heavy teaming. '11.
ITumas, 4th itreet WMt.    Bhoue 8*7
8.80 to 18 ; 1.30 to 8
Beet Kindergarten  methods.     For
eign languages extra.
Oxfrod University Women's certifi
rates (Mnilerii History ami Limpim
lies)   iTuiilirhl;...' Tosehing  Diploma.
Cure Mrs. H. 0, Wright, Uiili slre.il,
two and a ball blocks oast of Bo'ilo
vurd. 1 II
Mumliors ol tlio ahovo dub ar.i re
quested to pay in tboir sul.t'Triptioiis
tu tlio Hank of B. N. A. (Upper Lous
dale branch). Tlir.ro will he a riduu
tiou uf 50 couls on Mil... , . paid
before Sept. lm',. Tbe Bret iIsik'U wil
take placo on Wrdiiesday, Oil. llth,
at iM p. iii. iii Ibo llerticultuial llail.-
II. AKOillllAll)
8-9 lleii.-Su'.
Applications will ho received hy
Ilie undersigned up to t p.m. Bcptcni-
ber Mill, fur the position of I'm
i liicf for i In- City ol North Vancouver,
bulury (100 per month aud residence.
TI10UAS .sili-:i'in-:uii,
City Clerk.     8-d
receivM t|ie aarac g|ad welcome here
aa ht nt»n whp WWM to buy, PMr
primary object at thia time bung to
acquaint the men of North Vancouver
with the advantagea in quality, aervice
and price, tfl be exclmively obtained
ait thia atore.
Wd 4»R't «p#ct to aell you gooda
before you know ua, our gooda and
our buaineaa methoda, ao we invite
you to call; "Snoop around" a bit
and get acqainted.
The first shipment to thii country df the famous Dowgate
These machines are ol the best quality and finish.   For tone
liny are unequalled.      '
J)   '..   <_QA   To be sold on terms of $10"cash
rriCe «PJU   and $5 per month.   LESS THAN
of any other make of gramophone of similar size.    There is
noting cheap *b,out these gramophones but the price.
tj We have also jn stock a quantity of English double disc
records, price 85c each.   These records are the finest we
have heard and can only be obtained at
The Warbumitz Piano House, Ltd.
443 Lonatjale Ave.
Phone 114
North Vancouver City
CLEARED LOTS 50 ft x 147 ft.
In BLOCKS 15,15a, 16 and 16a. D.L. 550.
Ml        I      I.     ll II I
PRICES: $750 to $1000 according to location, ,
TERMS: 1-4 Cash, Bat 6,12 and 18months.
■ •
ACREAGE in District Lota 546 and 550
In Blocks of from One to Fqur or more acres.
PRICES; from $2000 to $3250 per acre
TERMS: 1A Cash, Bal. 6,12,18 & 24 montfe
SI «••: I'l
Th« Grand Boulevard twtendi through this property
■ urn
m'-woi-   "'tf. j.i-.^ii. aim    ■ . iirs ' ",amn
.   SO»S4jWil,pgfflV^»WTI(>^M,tfRyTO       "
Land and
fagrfterient Coapany, tt
■ mtMmMM-
i1"."   '.■" '"' '""
W.'j i. !■
Pioneer Confectionery
■ If J m " i
Mr. 8, F. Musaolwliito bogs to
iiiiiioiiiu',0 that lie has purchased
the hiuinuHH at 71 Lonadale Ave.,
formerly eowluototl by Mr. 8, H,
Walker utitlur tbo imme of. the
l'ipiioer Hokury.
The business will lm conducted
in the samo nrumisos under tbe
nuiiiti of The Pioneer Conledionery,
mid will continue to produce
linnil-niiidit and bonic-inndu bread
of tliu best ijiiuliiy as well as all
lines of highrolapB paatry and
Mr. Musselwhite hopes by close
attention to the interests of bis
custouiera, mill by sustaining at
the highest standard of excellence
tbo gooda producad, to merit a
continuation of the pntronnge of
all former customers, and to weU
Como mnny new onos, for which
purpose the factory nnd plant has
boon greatly onlnrged and improved. Careful attention will
bo given to any special orders
from patrons.
Pioneer Confectionery
Phone 8
S. F. Musselwhite, Prop.
Hay, Flour & Feed
Owing to larger warehouse accomodation, we are now in a position to
carry a larger and moro complete
stock of theae gooda and to supply
our customers at Vancouver prices.
All Orders Delivered Promptly,
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
116 Esplanade East     •      •     Phone 4
i nnK'at °ur Babies BILLY and
Why make two loads moving when One Van will lake it all.
Ring up 295, CREAMER TRANSFER CO., (,„ the
Largest Padded Furniture and Piano Van in the City.
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION wriie a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co.. Ltd.
ASSETS'. $94,900,000
•Mul* Agent
Asr.rm.nli aad Co»4r-_li itawn        pL_-   I I'l Oeantal
n oyetr tmnkmnn nt°Be  '■'       Co»wr»«f»f
-   'lartfil"
hawqnaj, mem nmm
(By Arthur Hawks*)
Tin- l>i<|iriiss lius arrange.! (or astir
its uf -Hf.ui-ial iirtirlus liy Arth'r
lliiwkcs, mliliir uf Ihtl llritjsh Nows uf
I'liiiiulu uml quo of the forofiinst Writers  ill   lin-   IllllllillllUI,  ilrlllill|!   with   llii'
furuiil us|icrts uf t!aiiailian imtiiinalily.
Tho national s|uii>isls will lio tul	
i..ni.  Ilie following titles i
Why I um u llanailian.
i'u mul inn Nstlonslity in Dnulilu
What wo Can 'IYiu'Ii tho Auiuriran.
What thu Auioriian (!an Teaili lis.
Thu Drains of John Bull's Junior
I'lHiin'i . . '
If  I  woro  Panning  Again-
The Imperial Immigrant ami his
I'nlitioal Itoligion,
Humiing Ottawa Frum the Country.
Hii|,poso  You Woro Mir  Wiifriil.
Tho I'anuila You Will Nuvor Hue.   l
Thruuh Oularlo With the Hrilish
The cry at tlio Oivlr- Empluymunt
Bureau uf Nurlli Vani'iiiivor lust wci'k
wus lhat oiiough men rouiil lint lie
Imi oven fur the work being rurriuil
un liy the rity and thu ilistrlet Ton
to twniity lsliurors mure coulil have
linen put te work than thu niimlinr
whn applied fur join at thu Froo I'm
ploymeot   Hun nu.
.\i..| thu In Inn iex Jul.-, were not Ilu-
mil) um:- as linn' wo,u niuuy utheis
hot li fur mun uml women. K
Thors is wnrk fur all at tin- present
timu ia Um city of Hurt)) Vanrouvur
who. are willing to ilu it uml uro mil'
iiinii.l of suiljiig llmir hamls ur get
ting a sure Inn k. Ami the wages ap)
the host. Two ijtillajs ami nuhiv
rents a' day nr thirty-five scuts «i.
hour of right limn ■ is liy nu meant
a Inn- in turn up the nose at. Hesulo..
this Ihere seems to ho plenty uf o»»r
time if ilnii is a di'siiluratum so ilmi
,'lnslin fur twenty dollars a week an:
. .iiiini.ii.lv- puuugh 1'iinl it the rily hall
There in ii vaal iiimiiiiii uf slrect
wnrk nuw lieing carried un liy linlh
the city anil distrirt cnuiicils.and the
WOfd has gttpt forth that at ull. usIf
it must In- put ju shape fur winter be
foro tho rainy season seta in. Tlm
result is that a large numlier of lu
liorori is wauled snd that now is tho
time in which to dig in for (lie
winter's stake.
As soon as the cily has decide '. t<< co
ahead with the rock curl on l.uu.-
daie Avenue and Ihu abutting iltWff
so suou will tbe big task bu cummiui
ed with renewed vigor. No doubt a
goto! deal yf lbs work will lie curried
on su far U pi,l)l,l,' ilirouglmiit tin
winter und there is no reasuu why a
mail should not strike a fairly gWd
licrinanei.t job, but sow is the -sientiul
tims 11, do It.
It is a fast that Ihere have bnii.
days v.Ihi,i i|,i. Free Kmployineut I'u
roau have pot lieen ablo lo supply tec
men railed for and this week was by
nu means ths only time when this |i»»
occurred.    At   fine   timo   tbs   demand
was su grout that Vaneouvsr bad to
ho culled upon t n send moiiovor. Alt*
gol|ior tho tiv.irr.Hii liuinliiir nf lohor
sr. glvon jobs pur day for tho hud
month li«« I'Mi'i'ileil a iloson;. Wnrk
fur ono hundred uml Hfly nf Ihis tins,
has iiiii'aiiy lu'i'ii found iind i-iiii it ip
not Did o,i,l of thu uiqiitli.
i Hosidos lalinrors, oi,« wfimHiiriior, 8
plasterers ll masons'- laborers, I eill-
vuusur, I land dourer, 6 j earpoillors, I
3 sash and daoV
men,   I
grppury slork,' I shinglor, 1 skimix^'
builder und 1 I'oiiinle help huvc lieen
put to work ami ll|ero aro uiill a |ium-.
tier ut jobs on tho list.
The loi'iinl  is p good iiiiii fur   Ihr)1
bureau ami Hip fast nf its existence;
ought to bo mm e widuiy din.u-iuiu.iM d.
The mooting of tho euinmittoo will bo
held this week and duiibtluss when the
tf"   ■ '! 'I'    .   I .1     .■)'".-   "     '
fu|| Toiwtt for the pmih li ruailii public tb' rnsults will provs to ba still
mil* f#MwW-
Tb. iiifuriiiation md.pl tba bureau
has been taaod to tho utmost in Hud
Ing riionis ami 'liouiss for ito tew,
comsrs tn tba Pity Mil lu tbi" mpttl
It dili^t h% pt.tpfpe itsslstinos to
ilinsn wbo inaku a busluess uf routing
rooms und bo forth w«ra tbay to Inform the socretary pf tho liiiniuu uf
what Ihoy have to 1st, though it is
not pf coiirsu madly th* Dullness 'A
.lit bureau tu tutor pn this Hold.
Kinpluyors of I#bpr arp giving 'uynl
support to thp Frno Ubur do|iartiuunt,
but thnru art some who do pot yst ifol
Ihuir hull) frpm it, anil It wnui I he good
pulioy for tliuui to avail themselves nf
it's assistancs, anil at the samo timo
save to their employees th. fee that
tbsy gauerally havt" I" W ta iVf l-mr
Agenciaa in tlto
,— —rrA •yjJK
A Vaulabli Mftft/
Thp ropnrt of the OtnpAklln Pp»pst|y
OpUVentlQW at ^uo))l»'|iiia just liosii
issued and makes a volume pf I ft I
[u»go» of aiblressos paprs, and ilis-
eussions by .lanailisn and II ulud
Htatoe authorities qn forustry ami
lumbering All pafli qf Canajls im
uuibrucud in tlm rpparli ami »!) il'mW
of tb. subject, roniui.relal, will'lit Inn
a|, adiiiiiiistrativo and prutoetive iijro
dealt with . The resolutlpns p»si4)d
and changes suggested in tha tans Pfe
Includeil. l'orsons intorosted may re
enivn a ropy fruil Upon upplii.ilioo jn
The Sucrutary, Canadian Fows ry As
spolation, Oauadlan Building, ottuwn,
any part of the City or Munici«
pality, it will pay you to look
into our CHOICE LIST of
'    ■   !
Martinson & Co.
62 Lonidale Ave.
P.O. Bor 1831
Phous 173
■ ' '       '
4  .*<
' 'I
'       .
Scenic Delights, Fiihiag, Hunting, HouaUin Climbing, Unequalled for Holiday, Long or Sljori.
Family Rooms en suite with tpecial rales.    House greatly enlirged.
Extensive Gtoundi.      High-claM Service at moderate rales.
Easy trail to summit o( Groute MounUii) Altitude 3000 leet.
= SEASON 1911 =
i ■ i
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
.i   ii '» i" " 	
CLEARED 50 ft LoU in Block. 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000      14 caih, 6,12,18 months.
50 ft, LoU in Block* 230 mm) 232a; $490, $700
tvid $800        14 caih, 6; 12 and 11 month.
Phone 6286 -   - 543 Pender Street, Vancouver
" ■  ■
.'-, l>J"m#.>-",, jw".1, ,■"
#|T Recognizing Um aujwior qualify pf the
*J1 Cakea and Con/«ction«ry mtnufactured
by Bruco k Co., 131 Limu4-U, w« Ui ->
adviae cuaUnwr* limit «w drivera will hit glad
to accept wiwiw for KMM ami give prompt
TryOtir Irish, *««_ and " h '""
Eighth St. Eait Pkooe 54
f 20 ounces to the loaf, Four loaves (or 25c.
a.' i uiUsiii   i ili ami-u ir
. ...  a-iniut'^jai
A nWi* Dm iim % m \wm ftlway. giv» tteh •»
wursnce of domeitic contpntinent that we deem It m
duty Ip djtwt thp public mind to ohf mflek af mparior
clotty which sre real models of modern p#rfec|iofi. So
cloaely do we keep in fp»ich with tf>« W»1w of prqffectiBB
lh»t we can readily furnidi any article in thU line.
Every clock purchated from us if carefully tested md
regulated before leaving pur store, from where they are
delivered lo the purchaser's home by (Wlfefelrt 9W9 Wlw
will explain the most intricate movement.
Tbera- is wfety in Win* «clock It "B!RK8iM
■i      .       ■-■...      i  i    ...-.'. .
Jewellers and Silvcrsmitlis
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
"     ■"■
Half Acres in Eft§+ Half 787, The
few remaining (or «%\e at $$00 and $550.
Term* I -4 cash, 6,12 and 18 months.
Apply tp
522 Pender Street
■ ■
■       '
lesavs Vancouver 6.38 em. and
Iharsafter svcry 90 iniiiulei until
7.04) p.m. Oomiinsicing l.'M) p.m.
avary 80 minulai until 11.30 p.m.
tbereefter 13.16 and 1.00 a.m.
I*iv. Norlb Vancouvsr 6.00 a.m.
and iberseller every 20 minute* un
til 7110 p.as. C
m. every 40 Bli|
ni. Iberueltor I
116 a.m.
I-aav.   Vancouvor   7.410,   IM and
9M tbersollcr same us weekdays.
I-esve Norlb Vancouvsr IX, SM
and 8.40, thereafter earn* as wSek-
days. •
1>ASHI',N<IKR bates
Hii.gle (aro 6c, « for 96a, V) lor II, 70 lor N.
A-I-umuer Wagoni, truoki ami
ilr.ys, 76o reluru.
11-3 bursa espross carriages and
banks, (At return.
O-l bona express buggi* aad
auloi, 36o return.
Timetable subject to cbonue without notios.
Oompeny sot liald* lor deleyi, eocidenlel or othsrwias.
All ths above rate* traciiiala driver. Bates A and 11 eubjeol to n
|iar oont. discount ui loti, ol 60.
Par 100 lbs. rale. 6c.
Uinimum rats, lOc.
If you want yotir Doom
and Window! In • hurry
call, phone or writo
.. ■
Phone 222      P.O. Box 1719
Campbell Realty & Invertment Co,
ton HlfgHhmm Mm r» Aw
mm In. 9m, iM tpoim,  ?m
Why I Am A Canadian
lW'Tf ffff Wr^lf WfWH WW IMff
WtWO clUHm wi Oat__dlau1L-_fao«
apoaldn't bain Mac Canadian
WWW Wfflf WWfr f wwwra HP.tw!j
if WfWf tmf j FfffUfPlll W W«f wHttt
TTrtW  f WWfiiTt  fflre W WH *Wr WrTf'
Wl * Mrtwlff to patrfctlpm. Than
fr"™ WT*- ■"f pf»afT»«4^|#pi# l*M Owm* mmm
W HWW WrrWff(Wff(Wf I WWr ™ 'V
ffWWf   )W    tTtwt    Pfffff     frWy     *W   FTTf**ff"
PatrtoUaart   Vai, plr, PatrtoMan
In     IWnW  rrw^f  JWW    rrr  * Bfrrff
:»h|« <>>ere a man wilt, soul a,
n   earns  and
a tbou a Ho-
Than, Is a glory ot tho native born-
tba thrill that passei tamufli ?*-
Wirt m lamp »4»r iplna whaa tt
»¥Wimm mom nl im* w«y<_
rnakas ts subtls, compelling appeal li
your mind. I knbw what It Is; Maol
U Canada, fl you bars It, cbsritb
It; be aicaadJM «l»"
to you. Pass It on.
To IM    '
m tlw'Ww iniw total,
Ip Hue vrlth *daLTrtdaia ran,
Backed, hy tba fl«M-cW .Mountains,
Yme to tbi path ot tlia Sup,
Waw a pttr-bom Oily,
M 0911 lm lt> ffUlla lea(,t,
pall of lbs WMd wslcb surges
Onward in paths c^n swept.
Ward by bay Appnm tba ittlpwrlfrtt*
Inside Uptfttm m Mills,
Toiling ami grinding to give )lpr
Tba Prl«a» wbleh Omttoy will*
Uoming ahead is tba guerdon,
This youngest of l.'ities fi|l I'laim,
And tbe rata ef ber progress If sucb..
That tba Ualvawa rings wlto |)»»
It) ba eiceadtonlad wbaa It coats
who at,Joy only tba bless
Ing ot adoption, who bars given oo,
native land a wcond place In our
atledlons, Ii than eves a glory (or aa
to Canada! Can you—Ihe native born
-toll Wbat it UT You can't, because
you haven't had oar experience.
We need not envy you, Ibe native
»il you need apt envy us, Ibe Bri
-bora. Wo ara meet tor ou another, to conspire to wako Canada as
great to reputation as she Is great In
eatent. And so It becomes you to Ir
antra »by I am a Canadian, and
think fall upon my two answers.
One.—Because you asked me to bs
a Canadian.
I hops to ba quite bumble to ax
pending toll answer, because I've bad
worthy people coma to ma and gay,
"Wa bava touad fbat Britlih people
M Rett welcomed bare," and because
I want to speak tba truth to Ion.
Panonally I bave aaver talt tbe slight
eat sense ol not being welcome to
Canada. Many years ago 1 moved trow
tba South to tbe North Of England,
and I felt aver ao much more a atran-
gsr nortli ol tba Trent than I bare
Avar (alt north ot tba BL I-awrenoe.
Very thankfully I testily tbat nover
since I landed at Quebec twenty-ail
yean ago, bava I said a word against
conditions li Canada. Waver a word
baa bean said to me personally that t
c«uld resent.  But there ara others.
I know a man who baa become ae
keen a Canadian as I have, wbo, wltb
bla wire, began life to Ontario on a
farm. Tbay are good people, who w
Fi to others and who ara already
ler otf than tbey ever hoped to be
England. Thar left the farm be
cause tbay were continually subjected
to nagging about their nationality.
Par the sins ef others tbey wero called
"cblroers" and other names.
Veu asked us to coma. Tba Uotem-
aunt baa apent millions aad millions
of dollars in Inducing British born
people to forsake friends and homai
and traditions aad places consecrated
BT leered dust, and help to build up
Cgpada. Tba Dominion baa become
prosperous hecauae tba Immigrant,
Iba cblrper. as well aa tba capitalist,
baa arrived. Never forget, brother,
tbat ba wu besought to coma by yon,
through mcb people aa lord Strath-
ooua and Sir Wilfrid 1-aurler. These
mat men bave looked tor easels (or
Canada; for aa Impetus to your pros
perlly. Be gentle to your attitude to
the people Wbo come (ram the same
Und tbat your ancestors came from.
Ut patience have her perfect work la
you, In them. Ask yourself bow you
would get along li you were dumped
S a Yorkablre manufacturing town
sent to wort ta a mill, and «
Motsd to become • Yorksbiremaa ta
Ova or ita days.
Two.-! am g Canadian bscauae I
tbay know aot England wbo only
jtanM mow. Tbay know not Canada who only their province know.
Her heritage I Tell of tbi lft>r"to,
Tell ef the A-f it flir fiat,
Toll' wbieh it bears on It's bosom,
Tell from it'i depths without mite.
Tall from the min who kavi mill bci
Paid without Hint er rebate,
Willingly rendered unto ber
T« further ber greater estate
Tall from tba bmed fertile acres
Hid in tbe itintorian.l '■ vales
Ensuring tba pride if Mt (oton
Fillip fit wharves hifjli with bales
fare yea thin well, youtb'ul oily,
A nation is back ef tity work
rake year place presently, knowing
None of your children will shirk.
Tiiiitiatii'iiicAi, SOCIKTY
Tbe Tfceosopfaieel Society meets io
Nortb Vanoouver In Boom i, SI I.nnt
dale Avenue (entrance neat in Wil
come Parlor) every Wednesday eviain,.
nt 8 o'clock. Attendance is sniirclj
Iran and carries no obligations *bui-
ever. You m tovitad. TbcoK>|>li.cal
study end question!.
Td» ops-atpr1! duties are to answer
pa|ls and make connections ns rapidly
as possible. Oonvertation wlHl >'ou
would inm ilklily blook other calls just
as urgent as yours.
So tbe operator is trained tn nm:
certain sol pliraaes roluting strictly
to her work. Apy ipicslinni out-
lido of bar functions must necessarily be referred to people having in
charge sjiecial classes id "Irregular" inquiries.
A minutn's consideration will show
that unless Ihe ii|iera|iii's duly wero
unilorro-l'Nrptioally tho samo in every
rail »be I'uulil not possibly give AMj
subscribers the service they doiimml.
New Weslminsler Und District Die
trict ol Norlh Vanoouver. TAKE
NOTICE lUt we, B. Gladwin end A
IJ. liladwin ol North Vancouver, uccu
pation, retired, iulcml to apply lor
pormiewiiu lo lease the lollowing de
senbod elreem, known ai l.ynn Cinl,
commenaog at a poet planted at lbs
N. W. eorner of Ibe old wooden l.rid«o
croeaing aaid stream, thence north,
following bed of ilreem to a post
planted I .WW leet nortb of Keith
(toed, steel bridge, for tbe purpose ol
ubtaiuiug rock, gravel aud uud lm
building and other piirpoMs.
DaUsl Aug. 1th, IMI. 8 HI
TBIOT-Diitrici of Dew WesUniniUr
Take notice ibat Bitot A. llaiwill ol
Vanoouver, occupation, broker, intends
to apply lor pormiieion to purchase
the following dsKiibed landa: About
201) aoree emnmsneing at a posl planted oo the nortbaaal corasr of Ul
1674, tbence east tli cbaial, tbencs
nortn SO drains, Ihence west t chains,
more or lose to shore of Borae Shoe
Uke, tbence in a aouth and westerly
course wound shore of lake to Norlh
out eorner of Ut 1671, theuce south
60 chains, more or Iin, Io point ol
(Sgd.)      EI.UIT
June litb, III I.
o, and who vlelti tlie Old
.."UCanaAa tbay do tola
Province of British ColumU*
NOTICE is Imby given lhal.11 pub-
lie Highways la unorganised dlitiicn
and nil Main Trunk Hindi in olgaaii-
sd Distrkto an sixty sis last  wldi,
aod bava a width of lUrty-Uraa f. et
oo ceoh tide of ibe mean straight ran
ire line of lie travelled road.
MiniiUr of Public Works.
Deparlmml of Publn Works,
Victoria, B. 0., July 71b, UII.U-10
North Shore Cleaning and Dyeing Works
Ul First Street West
Prnpricinrs-E. I.aiikin, Tailor; V. Nokminhin, |atc wilh the
H. C. Ck'siiinp, and Dyeing Co., Vuncouver, H. C.
Latlitt' & Genllemcn'iGarmenti
ol all Dctcriplion Cleaned,
Dyed ot I'ii.-mil
We specialize in Repair Work
Hals Cleaned and Blocked
Fealhcri   Cleaned,   Dyed   or
We give you Contract! (or Genii'
Siiiu and lave you Money
Phont 207 we'll call and deliver quickly
Give ui a trial and patronize tba
North Shore
111 Firil Street Weil
of tbe "Wafer Ant, IM," to obUta a
Vanisouirer, B. C.
Diitrict of  Norlb
(b) Tne nam* of Ibe lakl, stream
or source (if anaeased tk* d«scriplion
U) An unniwij ilraeas ninnW in *
'*** '*\i_i»_r' °"Mp ' v,m^ml
(e) Tb* point of diversion i* In
Blook 4, DUrict lot lm   afomaldi
.juarUr of a cubic foot pm second.
emmmemtw%iftw   mpmmawmmmt
ttl IN.
od lo some natural clianucl uud Ib.
ililli'ii'iiiv in altitude between point ol
diversion and in.ii.i id return.
(j) Area ol t'ruwn lend iuUinli.il tu
be occupied by tbe |irupiisod Wurks--
It) This notice was posted on lb.
1Kb day ol August, lull, and uppli
calion will be Bade lo Uie cumiuia
sioner oo tbe Mil, duy of Septoiul.er,
(I) Oivs the nepje* and oddrceece ol
any riparian |>rftprietori or liceiiioca
who or whose lands net* likely to bs
nilii ini by Ihe proposed workl, either
above or below the outlet are i A, thur
P„ I'acey, Wm. .1.1.. I'nC.y, ','lioiiisi l«-
Ifeesurier aud Waller Finob i'age, all
of the f'ily ol Vancouver, and A, Bal
Ion Nyi-, W. .1. Irwin, lli'iimii Clod
win end knv I.. Arohlbald, all of Ihe
Oily of Nortn Venoouver.
(ii) The boundaries end area of tbe
district ot North Vancouver ara ai
set forth in the Utters patent of Incorporation dated lOlh Augual, 1891,
and puMiabsd in lbs B. fi. flssett*.
but eicepling Ibe ere* ot tha City ot
North Vancouver apedficd in Sobedulo
B of tbe Nortb Vaneouver Cily loom
poretion Acl Amendment Act 1905.
(r) Approiimalely lbs nunbo ol
iubobitouls of Ibi Districl al prn.nl
Home Connections
Notice to Property Owners
of North Vancouver
TAKK NOijfK that we int»nd| to
apply to tbs Board of Lioenaiiig (!um
miMinnins id tbo 'jiy of Niwln Van
couver, Hrilish C„lu<abia. for * retail
lli/uor or biHIIc liosnre for Ibo ursm
lis* known as Ion 11 and tl Mock
Itt, District Lot ill, Norib Vaueou
ver, ai l*e silting! of inch wnirnur
sioners to bl held on the Wth day of
MrW'iUs ird day of Angnat A.
J1-9 Vm %. 0-Otml, If/ml..
Al the main drainage syin in Is ap-
proaching oowplelion wolieg lo notify
property owners tbat We nr* nuking
arrangement* lo undcrloko tbe aewer
connection! on Ibe various private
properl tes it a rjesooaolo colt to sll
I boil wbo deatri to avail themselves
of serly drainage Udlitln. flavinn
earned out Um main dralnige ayHem
lor tfa* ally toanoil and having tho
nfsary plant apd sHJIod labor
availabfi w* ar* la an wospllonally
lavorabl* position lo carry out tho
-private house drainage at a moderate
***t tp property owners and wo (ball
lm pleased to furnish estimates end
plana if noeeesery to carrying out Ibis
mo*t sMenlial work in accord*** wllli
she oliy regulation! and on most if\i
lo-daU principles of modern sanlla
Smmrn St. mi HwiYmA**..
.i Wmmmmmmmm
n ti herebv alven   that   I iball Mil H POOMt l»lWo» »» tlmAiy, ti}» UtV day tl MflmVlf, IW;
ZiXKrtfCiw, ATit *o>*l* to tto ittmm, thawing mM, toommmto otm\
S&t^ ™~m\ mi, ■>►*> m*, totomt,m ml mim**»>
r,Zmto M nmmm th*Weme»ti»«*d f*«. mm nt** latere*, mt MA wpa-ft » nl to'th in
tlm following ubedula aro.twnw
' listed at tbi City of Nartb V»m»»vir tbU MM day of kpgpii, Ml
I'i i I
stf    s-ita-4
7       456       38
9   ,
7   ,
69      '88
B Part
19    WM
648 971   Illi
974      118
274      186
974      187
S7I      164       10
874      166
Assesssd Ownir
...Hendrickeon, c»re Bichards Ackroyd k
0*11, Vancouver ■,	
,« I* •'
...liaderaiacbcr, B. I*, N. VancouvM ..,,..„
...B*dd*rd, liiss U„ Om. Del., .'. Van^
lonyer   .,•••   i ';,....
...llearus, War., Wsleome Hotel, Vancouvar  i ,,....
... Boult, Louis* D., Vancouver	
...Keene, W. L., N. Vancouver	
...Sonoda, T., 336 Powell st., Vancouver,,,.,,
...Illingwortb, W., N. Vancouver	
,.,Alvensleben, A. V., Hasting* * Bich-
anls, Vsncouver     *••••!•„,,,,
...Salt, J., Bu* Haul, Vancouver	
...Thomson, Mrs. A. h, 1389 Cardero st,,
Vancouver •••••.,..„
..Williams, Mrs. Mary, care Yorkshire
Uuarantee   k   Becuritiee   Co.,
Vancouvar ,  ,-•-.....
..Umb, Ape. A., c»r* Iryrl* * Billings
Co., N. V»ncouv*r  	
..WbltlaW) D. H., N. V»ns»nv«r	
..Grabtrtl, }. I, lit Alexander streut,
Vancouver  ■■••,.■-.„„.
..Bmery, W. P., Central Park, Vancouver	
..Hunter, W. C, Blder Murray Co., N.
Vancouver :,<',Mtt ,..,
..Kpranja, Pucbi, BeWsB, Vancouver	
..Foote, lu. 1., care Irwin it Billings
Co., N. Vaneouver	
..Bslats ef M. B. McLeod, car* B. 1.
Clarke,508 Pandir it.,  Vaueouver	
••Hhrapuell, John H., 1806—7th Avsiue
Falrview, Vaneouver	
••Townley, T. O., Land Begistry OIBce,
■Alvensleben, Alvo Von., Pacific Building, Vancouver  »...-....	
•IjoMessurier, l'beobe, 1667 Bobion St.,
Vancouvar  ,	
 Id 64 $3 8S $8 66
6 64 3 83 8 86
,.„ PM 8W 13 64
 :.W IM 9 88 10 81
t ,IJ 80
np.ii 8 HI
 W 07
 H 08
--.."11 98
„,...H M
 98 01
 8 16
....... 9 14
2 69 14 39
9 49 11 01
8W H 67
3 60 U 66
-9 61 14 80
9 70 W 7«
896 98 96
8 46 »1 61
3 45 11 61
3 48 H 61
7 88   9 89 10 38
...16 68
..66 83
...18 16
...89 49
...91 84
...96 18
9 S3 19 81
6 96 10 68
9«8 16 80
'9 87 43 46
8 84 3813
3 80 39 48
 .38 33 8 41 81 7<
 91 47 6 87 98 01
 83 61 8 68 83 34
 M 03 6 40 78 42
..43 85   4 10 48 01
546     888       83      H"(,
•Qodden, IL, N. Vancouver	
• >Ford, II. 11., 1119 Broughton st,    Van
couvsr  , . •„,
- -Berry, Thos., cars Irwin k Billings Co.,
N, Vaneouver.    ,„
■ •Han-wood, H. 0., 949—13th Avsnue,
Vaneouver ,	
.. " " "
• - Ogaaawara,  car* W.  B.  Young,  867
I'o well st., Vancouver .....*...„
..Ferguson, Oeo., N. Vancouver  >■
..Bauer, W. A., Pacite Building, Van-"
couver  ,.,
..Brasbfield, Mrs. I.., 833 Pacific, Vancouvsr	
..Johnstons, I)., 3736 Sophia st., Vancouvtr  ■
.. Illarade, A., Vancouver  i
..Clements,  Mrs. B.  A., Bidwcll  Bond,
,. Holt, T. C, N. Vancouver  "I
, ; .'?!'? vi-
,...79 81
....78 16
....48 76
6 64 78 46
8 66 78 80
4 49 64 91
...49 76 4 49 64 81
...7 VI 9 89 10 33
....17 60
,...17 80
....14 99
..,.17 60
9 87 90 87
9 87 90 ll
9 71 17 00
9 87 90 87
 19 93 8 00 33 92
.....19 93 3 00 33 02
...14 39
.,,14 70
... 6 18
... 6 ?1
...9 98
3 11 36 89
9 71 17 00
9 78 17 43
995 788
334 935
9 46 11 73
Anything we might »ay »bou| theae Rwtgei
would be JupernV i Tbey m too well
jtnown lo need bposljilg.   OUR TERMS:
$10 down   .   $10 per month
We are sole agents:
paine & McMillan
Corner First Street and Lonsdale Ave.
North Vancouver. Phone 12
135 Lonidale Ave*
fl If you are a discriminating buyer you
will have no difficulty in proving our
<J Wedding Cakes a Specialty.
fl The Delivery ^agon of the Pioneer
Bakery, 8th Street East, will take orders
and deliver promptly any Quantity desired.
Bruce & Co.
Tiers tome uow froto tli* United
Hlale* t foaming cataract ot mssstge.
ilisdaimrts aad prot.aU lo assure <«u
ail* that Iter. Is no dssirs or bop* of
•initiation ia tk* IAr***t of t single
public man or public journal ot tbat
country. If tbey ss* words I* tbs or
•lintry sons* tbs in'ir.ui* It contra
dirtod by tbt record. 1/ by asusis
11-.11 they mean only military conquest
wt **«d not contradict thaws. Bat It
Is **ay to sbow tbat many public isn
ind many landing journals look for
ward to a voluntary |iolilii»l union of
Canada tit* th* United Wales, aad ex
peel tbtt reciprocity will kuttu tltal
doctrine-. Many more anticipate, tnd
il.-t.iii' a weakening of Iui,«i,ll Ins aud
a ciswr political aad commercial rata
lion witb tbe American republic. Uo
elprocity is commended a* a *Up ia
Ibat  direction.
It 1* only by giving to ua*i*i.en
tb* meaning of military coaquest lb»'
aay well inferred person ran declare
that UniUd BUU« public mm io uti
idvetlli, datiit m o*}»it anustttiou.
I* tk* far* el tin record no parson
cm deny tbat tnth views are widoly,
ummaly »»<! weanmtiy tod toot
itttif axpteetti.
It emaaa bt dUpuUd tbat lir.
Chimp CUtk, Sf*a*T*r of tk* House
and mxit' tt *M DeontraAi, and ie
1'oagtmi'. "I m to tmtt el tetlntn-
titf Mmnt I kept t» m* tbe d*j
wb» IV (Mawiea* lag wtt l**l uv»r
avaty tontta loot ol tm Hrltitk Norlb
AsstTttan foummwei emtotkerlorti,
■ -
Tbsrs is no deubt, tbat Prstidsnt
Ttft eongratultteil tad thanked tl.c
Hearst |npirs lot tbtir defence of re
ciproeity, tnd that tba Hearst ptpert
dtftndtd reciprocity a* a step toward*
It is not disputed tbat Pra*ldrnt
Ttft recoamended reciprocity ** to
tlternttive tnd substitute for tb* Imperial bond.
Mr. Wilton United Bute. Secret:.,/
of Agriculture, put it la writing tbt*
lb* "adoption of th* treaty would,
from * national ttandpoint, bt a* much
au ae, of msdotu tt hii tbr adoption
of treaties la thl put that llttl add
ed to our own country more than half
it* preeent ire*." Tbit delicti* bi.
teric»l allusion it quite pointed.
Kepreaentativs UtCtll, introducer 11
tbs reciprocity bill in <-ongres., uid t
Add to thl tremendous influence;!
tbat ar* pulling th* two countrie. to
gather, tha enUngling web tbat Ir.
woven by reciprocal trad*, and th* 'n-
evitable day will ba more quickly
retcbed when the two countries sball
be politically  one."
Ia the reciprocity debit* ItepreMu-
Ullve I'riuce of Illinois Mid: "Wnou
wi g* into a **«Btry aad git control
of it we tab* It,"
representative Wadd*n •• "My hofO
I* that .  tilt relatipn.byViAy
bUnd th* two people* la on* h|»-oniouii
what* and. thai th* Unitary aortk at*
at pay bettm p**t mf thi  1/niU.I
TM W**hlngton "War" la mmots
ftets klmiall I dmpiui t„onul, p
species of polillcejl «ute**t(" and Ibat
tbeir thoughts "may turn towards annexation a. ths greatest of all poli-
Hal boons."
Th* Detroit "tree Preu'" ba* «■
pre'ssed ths hope that the tra*|y is tbt
"beginning of tb* snd of stupid sep*
ration of tb* two halve* of a continent
inhabiUd by on* peoples."
Tbe New York "American" finds in
tb* ro.ult. of the treaty "a Dual dis
enttnglemeut from th* intrigues of
Kuropetn pollticitne."
Thl Cineinntt! "F.nquinr'' expu's
that out of thu truly will como > nnil.
sf political sentiment between the
people of (lanad* tod those of our own
There will bl "first illiinco tnd
thta possibly union."
Jt tin PbiLdelpbia "ledger" lb*
rlrUila of tk* treaty are trivial "compared with th* continental sentiment
that underlay, it"
The Ht. Pjtul "Pioneer Preu'' cou
.iders thtt th* coueumma/ion of tbo
treaty will banish "tb* dream of i
federated British Colonial Empire."
with greterenlnl dutie* #-
Thou** C. Shotwoll dcilaros tbat the
treaty will mak* Unada "a business
p»rt of tk* W*M SUtes."
Th 8t Paul "Dispatch" uyc
"Tbe pftpngtminf I* jurt a* good for
tb* Unit**) PUiti, ao far as it goes.
tt ti.if) »f tgkt' would M" tw» bad
it »*«**ded."
Tho N»w y#rk "slournal's" foai
ment On th* ttmty ft tint "ovculmj
ly th* **#)• Hwth kmntitm motto
m »»H •*• M* aali»»"
TM ow»ji» "Mtpti-umii" my
that (imAim tempi** 9mi tint ore.
choosing belwivu I'liniulinn ami Am
ericas interests nnd belween tho Em
piro and Ibe Kepiiblic."
Milwaukee "Free Press" t "W* can
do nn more tlmn iinliealo Ibo greJit tig
niflcanco of tbe Canadian pact to the
all-Aincriitn ideul, lo tbo future pro,
pcrily iiiil ascendency of Ibo republic"
Tho Now Vork "American" Bay, I
"Eventually, of course, Canada will
com* in . . sbo is keeping herself for
us iu colonial cold storage."
Tho Ut Angeles "Ili-mld" says thst
Mr. Champ Mark chose "Ihe wroni}
time to say tho right thing,"andadds
that many may live to see Iho very ro
suit that Champ Clark hopes for
brought about by tbis reciprocity eg:
Th* Troy "Times" think* that
Speaker Champ   Cltrko's   declaration
was ominontly proper and prophotl" •''
Senator Cummins, of Iowa, a pros
peclive presidential candidate, said
plainly, when speaking of the treaty:
I am for tbe annojtition of Canada
ind I alvyays have bP»*S!	
Senator HjiCnmlitiet North Dakoi*
uid: "Canadian annexation it tlio
logicel) eonclusioa it ytfiprocily witb
Tho Now Vork "Sun" says: "Cs'rt
ad* it nnyiny, rapidly towards annoii
alio*. , . Wo expect to see tlm
rtars tt tho (lauia.Iiau States upon lie
inoner of the Bopvldic,"
fht   "Chicago   Democrat" *qytt
"Mo»t of our contemporaries in the
press are- publishing editorials ia
jfbich it >» repealed again and strain
th»t a political Union ol Canada and
tbo United SUtes Is not Iho ulterior
object of reciprocity. Thus editor-
lab ar* written no doubt for Can
adian consumption, bat wt do not In
lievo tbe thinking portion of tkt U*«-
alitn public can bava sucb a deep
rooted objection to tbt »nncx»tlon of
Canada, to the United SUtes, tn object tho accomplishment of which
must ba tbe governing motive of thl*
country iu it* attitude toward it*
norlbern neighbor."
"Wo scs no ration lot tb* hypocrisy
tnd dissimulation wbicb form tbn
keynote of tb* e»pf**..d opinion* of
many of our sswspapera «■ |ho tm
procily issue. Hceiproclty 1* d**lr-
ablofmainly bscause it will be *
splendid landmark in th* progrw of
the American continent.
"The sooner Canada become. * part
Of Ihe United Hlale. tb* bettor o* ils
people will bs. Th* natural yttgifr,
of this country point* pltul/ to our
destiny—on* continent, on* anuntry,
one flag."
There aro many men tttb «prt*
sinus, but wo btvi quoted from unw
leading, statesmen and fror* tha pvin
cijial journals of a number tf tin lit
gesl cities,
When visitors from tbt Uulltd Statos
solemnly asaure us that a* pulill. mart
or publie journal in th* Btpublle ad
vocatea, or dtslre., ay aaput* an****
lion, or 1'imii.ft. this Isntwltl rulpro
cily, wo may will b* l»rprls*d. Th«
only eiplanatloa Is that ht If aot Ullm/
tho troth, or lhat h* ha* soae«*l/>d la
his back thought* ■ spatial auaalaf tt
the words ha ow*.
Kstrast front "K*waAdv*rti**i."
Vote for R R STEVENS
IWHtW**)1     wmm mmtfn\wwim ft^W     ilVVIIrI V'lllwJ
North Vi«CiWtr Conienrititi AmocUh
mm (w*\>)   /,
-Ha pext, pod often mVlfMjff V\i *
tract,*.   Mo\»o\y V» At»W irimiil    .
pqnrar- Tftar, avarytMP* wm m\, .
They rualtajl. pfoppA' tba coraer |«
aOMplataly 4l»a»p«arad.
Tbay mmVoA ton neigiiiwriioqfj,
and searched all Ho Iwmm. put witk-
PHt avail. Tr»a burglar Had oicapot).
Py tfta time tbey had finished llfulr
soarcb, a man, tOOtaore and weary,
waa walklrM la security eotae two
u-,los #way oo tot fltbar »ld,o ot tov\),
bin steps bent inward tba lrpqno|s    ^
And a* bo walked be abook blood
from bla finger- "Oood beavena," la
aal4   to   himself, "bow   that   bullet
Of time* In battle men are *Vt\
through tbeir limbs, pr even throuif  v
tba VOAy, almost wllluml pain- Soma-
time* tbay n»v*r know (hat tb«r bn?»*"
torn Wti ,   ,
On tba other band, a atrar bullcl^e*
n,ay clip a place of ear or chop a fin-
gar pff Mi mm crcruclatlug palp.
]%\p man bad been h|f - paln'ttlly hit
-tint tbi bullet had merely clipped a
small place of flesh from tbe and of .
hi* middle finger.
Tbe fpnnij was not serloUB, but ll
bad been painful—and had paused the
Involuntary ihrlok of anguish which
ba bad emitted whon tbo ihpt bud
Uken dffoct. ,
Tbe man thrust the Injured hand
Into bla pocket, and walkii on In the
direction of the Iroquois Club.
Meantime Burke and his men had
kept the Iroquois Club well surrounded. Th*y had watched there all night-
It waa now after half past two In
the morning, anil tha man lllu>'
were looking (pr had not appoured.
Hut still thy waited.
A policeman pacing slowly upon his S
beat paasod tbe placo where llurke
stood half concealed.
•"'Theros beep a burglary up town,"
be said to Burke. "1 Just came out
wltb the ip'clock squad and hoard
'am talking about It."
"Nol"   exclaimed   llurke.     "What,    .
another ono? Oet mill"
"It'u beuvin'ii own truth," replied
tbo man-
"Where wa* Ul" Inquired Burke.
"Up la tho *wull quarter," returned
the other. "Family of the nnnie ol
Dnmont-|ot of Jewelry an'-"
Tbe apeclal caught tha Follcoman
by the arm.
"DumontI" be repeated to the other.
"Are you mire?   Did ilny *ay D»-
''Suro," tn)worcd tho officer. "I
heard 'em Ulklng about It. I'm sure
It wu Dumont"
"Qreat Scottl" exclaimed Burks.
"Why—why, I was there tonight my-
"That's where It wo*," went on the
officer. "I'm lellln' yuu straight.
Well, s'lung.   I gul lu go."
Burke blmaell bud muricd away In
th* other dlractton.
"Well, i'lougl" he responded. "I've
got to go myself, for here comes my
man now,''
11* had glanced Inward the entrance to tho club.   A mun came oul.
Tbs man itood fur an Initnnt uudtr
the bright light above tho door. Then    -
bu detconded Ihe stop* Into tho strcol.
He turned to bis right and walked
leisurely along. Burk tnd his man
ollowed htm.
A* tli* map itrolled awty, bo kopl
one bind, caroleasly perhaps, con-
waled In the pocket of his coat -
■ t aa any man might do.
The Police Investigation.
The Dumont robbery was th* ln»i
Iraw.   •
Tba police department htd boon
■ossUd right tad left by Uu pro**
nd th* people, and It wa* even hint ■
d that certain of Iho officer* ware In
oague with the gang of burglar*.
It |* dut tt) tb* honesty of Iho foroe
o lay that they were Innocent of tin
lighted Information   relative  lo tb*
(fair. Tbay bid trM their best (o
irevent Iho depredaUon, hut wllhuul
Juat as certain u Ihey became un ',
usually vigllsiit In one quarter, tha
burglaries burst out tfreih In nniiiln-r
Burke waa their best man, and be
W*a confident — or hud been — ibal ''
Storm* wu tha guilty parly. Ho luul
u«M> instruoUd wltb Ihe task of ruining b|m down. He had run bim
down U be«t he could.
Tb* «hlef held a secret session *t
hsadqaarWr* th* morning after m
Dumoat affair. Ha ailed in the cup-
Ulna of all the precinct*, and he alao
dlrxUd th* ilUndancv of Burkes and
hll aaaoalaU*, and of the two officer*
wbo bad been preaeat at Uu Una of
th* th.ft
Bark* had not y*t arrived. Th* po-
II** had eupprauad from the morning
p*p*r any referaoc* to the affair.
"OsnU*m*a," aaid the chief, "loll
ft a a*rtou* nuuor. I pyopoa* (o In-
vM|lg*U It tally. Th* honor and In-
Ugrity of thia fort* hav* been to
linked, aad wa ara poworloaa to d«-
iani MtraaiV** uaU) we produce on*
ty aaor* of On memhon ol this gang,
aad yUU Uum up to pvmUbmont.
"I'm going lo find out about thl*
WPWfc w m m*}mw " m^w m*m 9 m wmffw
19 WPW elrfW WfWf   r W*mm fmimWmw


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