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Volume ll
North Vancouvbr, B.O., Fripay, May 5, liJU
Number tf
New Dredge at First Narrows in Two Months
-Local Post Office Facilities
am I
At tho icmiiI.-i, in. in ol thc oxcoti-
live commiltee ol thc Board tilTrude,
Wednesday evening u telegram was
read from Hen. II. C.iwun, M.P. etut-
ing thai Ihe minister hud informed
him that the new government tlridgo
Maitodon hud boon ordered to Alb mi
but would begin operations ul First
NorroWi in two month.-.
Tbe committee appoiulcil ro Id ill
poll ollice facilities reported that un
interview bud been bud will) the post-
mailer and wilh Ihe inipeclor. Thu
.lii.l Jilii.idly wai found in the liicl
that government grunts were baled
on lust yoar'i revenue und were entirely inadequate to provide the lucllilic
thai this cily ihould have. A drult
memorial was. lubmitted lor Irunsmis
sion to the post office dc|>urtn)inl in
which emphuiii was plucrd nn tin
need ol a Dominion post office building ol .-neii provisions us will ,nal I
the postmaster to devote his inl'aM at-
leniioii to hia duties mid ot ihe  sue-
lllilling   Of   Ul)   .aa la-. 111., I a-   i.lull   ||i   llSsilt'
antl. Tho memorial was referred to
u committee consilliag of Prcsidci)
Alexander Philip, Alderman Smith
uud Messrs. Sulsbury and Houvon, to
be eomploted and forwarded. The c'.t.-
anil dialrict councils will bo ro|Uul-
ed to lend thoir influence lotbo inove
The mutter of thc establishment ol
a locul registry lor births, deaths und
marriages wus referral to u committee consisting ol Messrs. Bridgman und
Moitien to copier with Hon. F, I..
The ol harbor affairs
...... il. i   with   the need   of  extensive
harbor works lor Burrard Inlet wus
discussed uud the committee wus iippointci] lo draft n memori-
ul lo lie foi'w'urdctl in nn..v..i, I'll))
dun Alexander Philip, Aid. Smith und
lluo. 11. Mnrdon.
The past week has been Ihe so no of
the usual building activities wilh perhaps the number oi new residences going up u little more numerous. Mr.
Fugle, il,, building inspector, wlnn
interviewed by on "Express" representative!, i.'icl thul the |i'iniils I r
several large building! were pindini,
chief umong wbich were Ilic new ho i
on -')..I i."i being by Antonio
'lull... and a very up-to-date cinematograph Ihuulrc, one of the finest of
ile kind iu B.C., lo bu erected by Mr. i
""W. J, Irwin will _ augment permits by]
Win or $70,000 within a few days'.
Hr, Fugler ulso iuid (hut ho considered tho iiermiti iisued here for tbc
month of May were going lo exceed
Ihe cily ol New Weelmin.tcr by a c.n-
Md.-i.ilil.' margin. A liil ol the latest
residences being built ii us lollovvi
John Purse, Keith Road weal, II,-
John Johnson, cump on Luuoo'i
Road, $300.
Mr. I'i.i)i. cor. Ahhr end Park
ilreuts, residence, 13,100.
Jcsie Kent, residence, '/.'nl
II. II. Riihop, e on bib
•Ireet, 91,606.
■lohn Snylis, ramp, lit itreet iat,
Angus McLcon, reiidepcc,   Lonsdale,
B. J. Hughes, reeidonce cor. 'Jlh ut d
Sutherland, $800.
Mr. (an, residence Oil) slrevt Mil,
Mi H. Davidion,, Ke th
Road out, $3,600.
Mr. / A. I'hillipi, ;. .id nco 6th
•(root eait, $1,300.
Mn. Taylor, frame buildin/, Firit
•Iroot, $300.
Mr. H l„.iiou, cump, cor, '.''ih ind
lone Ave., $360.
An. i.,ii..i.   to store in lb." I'I.. I
Mr. Nil im l(i.lg''»..y Amiiiic. ie
lidenoe, $1,600.
I. ■.
Ibe annual nmeling ol North Vancouver amateur lacrosse club will b
held ..I the office ol Ihe Express on
Thursday evening next ul eight o'clock p.m. All those who are ni.-i.- i
.■I in promoting lho nitjnrml game
locally are invited lo ..ii.n.l
A pleasing Inii.wiHI ja the l"iin of u
surprise parly was oxlauled Insl ovening lo Mr. Mrs. II. M. Bums, »h >
are about lo leave on an .'
vim to Philadelphia nnd oilier coil
ere plaaee. A party numbering six
ti«n congra-galrd at Ihe home of Mr
mil Mri. Burns tail evening nnd woi i
delightfully entertained by their
ngreeaWy siirprisod h.nlei., Curds
wire the feature 4 the evening, Mn.
l.mpliT winning Ihr ladies' lir.I jn./--,
Mr, Booion Ihe gentltmen'i ffril Mill,
Mn. Hurm Ihe Isdici con.olnlion pri/i>
ami Ut. 4. A. McMillan Ihe gurtlo
mea'i consolation prin. Relrosfaincnls
ware sirved during lho evening oni
rordini wishes were ixpreuod to Mr
mul Mn. Burni lot ao enjoyable trip
am, mm rmvit.
Owing to lho absence of the ucling-
reeve, Coun. Luwson occupied the
cbuii at last evening's meeting oi the
cily council.
A number of applications were ro
oeived lor Ihe opening, of roads ami
Ihe clearing ol land throughout th
municipality and these mailers euch
received attention by the council un I
were expeditiously disposed ol.
A petition Irom over 80 rotopuyori
protesting .ngaiiihl Ilic erection of u
hospital lor cumin's that uro Icmpor-'
urily indisposed in the vicinity of II.
L, 660-3 wus received und us thc council bud no direct jurisdiction over thi-
mutlor other than ihul ol ils event-
Dully li.' .lining u llilisuncc In residenti
the clerk was instructed to wrIUi Hr
Jordon, Ibe promoter ol Hie scheme
Cautioning him ugainst the creation ol
any iniisunce through bis enterprise
Two letters from property holders
were receiveil iu regurd to the widen
ing of Lonsdule Ave. Mrs. 0. E.
Mu- .n offered 7 feel required lor the
widening off her property for 1180.
This wns agreed to pay. Mr. McCuii-
ucl wrote Hiking thul $336 be paid lol
his 7 feci. Alter considcrulion by the
council it wus decided to expropriate.
Mcllougal k Creelmun, in a letter to
the council, that tiny cofiiidjr-
ed $1,000 was a (air price for thc 10
feel through (he block ihoy conlroll
ed for Ihe opening of u bme It was
referred lo a special committee.
('oun. Loutet recommended tfaat
linn- assessment commission! lie appointed lo endeavor to get an opii
table assessment lor the present year.
This was, however, iuid over. An ih i
recommendation ol Coun. Louie!   hr
Ibe adoption ol ii I", ne leaf . -sll iii yi
the new assessment liooki wui approved by Ihe council.
Mr. t'roii, a delegulc, asked thul
tbe council should endeavor lo push
the work on the puthi in McTavlih
1 ..'in Bri.lguiuii in.uie a motion
that the clerk ihould look over mn
ui.-- lo lii.d llie prcvioiii
lion, by Ibe council on Ihii subjovl
and lo .nolily the acting reeve ei the
matter had been liefore referral lo
him with powor to ml.
Mr. Robt. Duncan und other dele
gales slutod ihut as they were build
ing on tlie corner ol Mills roud un I
1 ''i.i.•■ ni..—I Ihoy would ask that u
road lw from the macadamized
portion of Centre lo rouble (hem lo
gel lumber into their premise!.
('..un. lliidgmun's motion (hat th'
mallei bo referred to Ihe Board of
Works with power to act on the pro-
pur applications being protwrly signed wai carried.
The tender for Ibe grading of Lynn
Vulloy school grounds wul uwuidid to
Edviu lavish «f Vaiicouvir fqt $600.
<'.,i.n Thompson reported on thc
provioui test! lor dm in.., pdni jnop.r-
niory to the reconitructioo ol the
Hollyburn wharf.
Contractor Brown'i application 'or
inilulmont was conddered by Ibe
council and on motion of ('ounci'lor
Hridginnii Ihe enginoor wai givon full
authority lo pay uny umo'|ut 16 the
. i,nl. a.laai     v. hich    he,    tllC      '"    li ' i ■
doomed expedient.    The Queen   tftttl
wwt looal improvement hy) )'V un I l.l.c
King ond Nyo ilrocli cast di'.iu    h'
lawi were passed in lho  three fend
ings.    The pouud  bylaw   wai   (.Im
osasud. e
r**t t'
'I be above cut depicts a crowd ol
city workmen awaiting their weekly
envelope at lho hundi ol tbo City
Treasurer, a usual Norlh Vancouver
sight on Thin .-day ultoriiooni. Itcpro-
M'lit.-iiives from many nalioiiiilitice are
pie.a-iii. tho English speaking iieopka
predominating, bill there ii u gmoroiii
Ic im ni. Ii in ol Hungarian!, Italians,
Austriuns and Russian! uniong
who depend upon Ihe various Works
now in progress in Ibe cily to assist
thorn in keeping the wolf (mm tho
door. From ligurcs obtained through
the courtesy ol Cily Engineer Iliinoi
we ure able In supplement ihe follow-
ing fads oi intereit in connection wilb
Ihe public works now under way.
On the Forbea Ave. icwer 31 nun arc
employed. Tbc Bourd ol Worki hai
on average pay roll of 36 men.
In street clearing work HI men. Inn
clearing gang averages 3d men. 70
men and 13 icon- ure omployed on tho
3rd .-hcd improvement. The
McDonnell k fltowsld, contraclori huve
a puy roll uvei'uging Irom 660 lo 6*>"
men. M.P. i Co. 30 moit. Ito
iiiiino Pinto Co. >H men, Tlio Mellon
gall-.lonkini Co. 15 nun. Thc daily
pay roll ol monice diibursed in wa ei
io id employed in Iho cily ol Norlh
Vancouver umounti lo uppr.iximulcly
Tlio total cost ol 'lho works ol local improvement, price of finished enn-
trucls mid allowances lo Ibo Bourd ol
works and. Ihe waterworks projects
iiiiioiinis for tbe your to sohiewlierc in
the vicinity of half n million dollars
The contract of McDonnell. (.Zoiki k
Co. ii $3no,ooo ol this amount.
After considering the fuel of the $3,-
600 daily wages paid coini.i Ibe prob
lem ol our Irudeimen aud hotel uml
boarding bouse keeper! and it is aaii from ubservutiolls mude ul lb
ferry wharves in the early mmnin.'
and at the ovening hoots thai nearly
88 per cent, ol Iheso employee! rciidu
across thu Inlcl. This condition i-
iii. doubt due lo luck of uucoiniuodu
lion ou Ibis side. Tlie uow vy.iikiq
man's hotel to be built mi 3ud sir o
und Ibe several oilier uud
rooming house schemes now on loot
will remedy ibis lo a great cilcnl u<
least und in the near future we in:>
expect to slop the leak of money
.ml of town through mediums
us these ..nd retain to lho lien lit ol
the Norlb Sbore lln- profit which V. n
couver 11 udcsineii arc now 1-in. in
c«i n it1 ii irir i
Tonighl in the Institute Hull at "
o'clock Rev. Mr. Lockbarl ol Dundas
Slreot I'resbytcrinii church, Vnnc u
ver, will 11.min t ihe preparatory ur
vice mid will, with (he sesiion of St
Andrew1! church, welcome u>w members. There ure* Im names recommended lor membership mostly by cr     Thii is u good ou lo
I llC   in. I.,b. .. h i | •
(In Sunday morning k new cbuicli
will lie lo the wor.-hip o
(ioil und Kev. Dr. l'idgcou ol We I
minster Hull will officiate. The lor
vice will In u combiuud dedication no I
Communion service al whicli all ijiuui
Ic ■ oi oilier ciiurches und thoiv Jc
sin,us ol taking communion ure car
neatly invited lo ullend. 'Ih re will U
a lolo by Mr. D. Campbell   ol Mou n
al wbich ipeciul music will I, re d )
eai. All n tm ted in Sunduy scfa...,l
work uud nil purenll in lb Vulley ire
e>|Hjeiully invited to bo pre-ent.
At 7 o'clock in Ihe evening Dr. M
Kay,  principal of Wintminitor   II..I
will preach.    S|Hijiiil singer lr.,m Van
couver will render a solo.
On Monduy ovening the lades'  lid
is preparing n bnii.pi.t thul will I n
lie remembered.    Ihe t.... t list l.l...
will show whul apeak.Ts are exp. i■   .1
und I ousts will lio intciipcri .1    w t
long! by Mrs   Simpson.  Mi     J.   'I
Farmer und olhen.    'ihe ticket.   '
the l)iili'|ii"l ure 60.- and may lie ob
luined from Ibe mcmhcii .,1 lb,  Ail
Thc souvenir booklets of I vim V..I
ley, to be the Ihii production
ol the Norlb Sbore nlld nevei ..up.. -
od in II. ('.. arc on sale ui 36 rout,
and are eminently suitable f..r
In Ihe ulternoon Mr. ('. E. Fukoleyjto Irioud* everyvvhen.   Ihe idiiio
will conduit u young people's i.rv'ici |limited und will not U repunled.
To propose
Chnirmun     The King 	
Mr. K. Sykes     The Church  Rev. Dr. Taylor
Itev. A. J, Primer  The Laymen of the Church „.,,    Mr. (liblon.
A. E. Wughornc Hull...,,
Rev. (i. A. Wilson  Locul Churoh Work
Chnirpiun—I. M   Fromme.
Tl)    If   ('aallal
Mr.' Qi ll. Morden   Lynn Vulloy ....
Mr. T. Butler  The Lndici Aid
. Principal McKay.
...Kev   T. ,K. Howe.
Mr. C. E. Fokcloy.
...Mr. J. Duval
Councillor /linn.
AI Ihe very convenient .land oi the
Tfao"   appointed   by    Ih
('•apt. W. ti. 11. Dull led. ,.n Widnci
day morning for tlie cum. 'Ibo e.p-
Iuin will be nb. addi for .-unit.' months,
A very sueiiessliil inciu! was held
by thu Sons ol England in Ihe K. ol
I', hall on H'.illii'sduy
Mayor McNcish hit on Tuesday on
un expixlitiot) lo ibe llulltltl of Ilic lln
uy onus and expects lo bo absent Un
til Saturday.
Tin)   Royal   Bonk ol  Can.idu   «il
move into their new <|Utirlors on   tb
corner of Third nnd Lonsdule   aboui
tue 30lh iait.
At the nn.-nn ol the Ciiurt ol re
vision on Monduy some (ill imiiii.h wvrc
siippb-niiiiiliil nnd 11 sirucl, off the
volets' lists in the city und
Thu Carpcnlcn' l/nion bus taken up
ipiurters in'the r-niglils ol Pylbi-i
Hull when; meeting! will bo held even
second and fourth Thursday ivening in
Ibe inolilb.
Tbe largo Warehouse! ol die Bluck
man k Kerr Hilling Co. are lar on Ibe
roud lo completion.     When     lie j i be i
these   will   I,    ibe   largosl
warchouice on the vvutcrfront,
The S.S. Nurlh Vancouver Wish ,ul-
■i u|i on tbe Wallace w..yi yeitordav
morning. Extoniive repairs will be
mndi; lo llie bout and the bollci
which will bu ordered lor her will «
inilalled ihis summer.
Ihe city engineer b.s pl.u- n w
under way lor u bridge I. connec
I arson', ltoad wilh -III Tb.
ancient und .Iruiiure n .,-.
in use will be us i i can
liderod dungeroui,
In u poorly eoulesleij mulch Ion.''
bins won the rlrsi .,1 the Mmiuali n
pool series linilcbe. bom Mr. d. ,|,n;i
in J unci' pool room lueid .y i.i. h;
No high nm. were mude and nll.i
gulbur the pluy wus decidedly lo ..
Ihroiigiioul. The score nl' the finish
stood Tompkins 360, Join's bit.
llvviiig lo Ihe reverse .nginos (en)
poi.iiilv r.b.sing to ad N„, 3 loir}
hit I be approach „,, th,. Viinrouv.r
side ol Ilic Inlcl on .-..ndny i.lleino. li
Cuming u slight damage lo the limit
iug portion of the ibo.. Ibil w..s ie
puircd bul on Tuesday Il.o St. fl oi .
collided with die same portion and
worked lurther dainagc.
Ihchigheel point ol M uul S.yiu m
vm.i s. on Sunduy la^t by Don ol the British Columbit)
Mounluineering Club. Ilm n i|,,. us
cunt the Don h.ul a nal tulle of e.v
.ilaimlil iu n sli'ivv.-lial which a allied
nearby. Ibe minimi wm
nl 3.08 p in. und lln- .- 16 buy wu
taken back  lo  Vancouver.
The Wallace Shipyard. Co. are build
Ing n pb'iisuM' -. i. hi for Mr. Ridley.
manager of die I u >,n Slciiiuehip < o.,
Vnii..).iv.). Tbe lipinch .. al oul iV
bcl in length mid Im i.a.v bn a it
•ure ipenl Two Ada. .n.n i ol 1"
npiiee will be and when ready
for .eivi.,a Jn should nn.l-o at Ic s
13 or II knoli. The boat will be
eomploted eboul May mill..       *
lln Wodiioscloy ull.rn...n 'in. R
Pnwcvtl, vJiid .-Ileal ed vv.i Ih tiu-'t
ess al Ibve tallica nl pro.i.'iii.;
liridgc given in bono) .1 Mri II H
Buini who haves sh illy lo sp n i
Ihe summer in the unit Among
lb.isc enjoying the d.-h-.btlul ii.'inn/
wue Mrs. Uuni., Mu. Parkyu, Mi-.1
D. Evul.s, Mi.. Templar, Mis. J. Mc
Milbin. Mn. ILi.Ui-, Mn. GIUM,
Mrs. Furrow, Mrs. Br.nn, Mra, (lab
lughcr und the Misne. i.i.g..u. Mri
J McMillan wm the lucky prize win
per, Mn. Earr.iw won Ihe second honor and Mise L, Logan revived th1'
i.iiisolnlion lokou.
Mntiioii   building   ol  the coroir    of  Joinl Civic A.Kniii'iig i',.:. i >   i
1Kb and l.aiiis.b.le a now Arm will be  look into lho plopou'lion lo establish
."   on Monday wben    lla.dv |a local bureau of   publicity end   in
Muir and Hardy open Ibeir doori lojformnlion Nportod nl a g.n.r,.lni.e
the public under tho nemo of Iho'in   ing on Tueeday evening. The ichcine
lro| Fiih market.    To the loveri i/fhad   eommraded   lllfll   Urongly    lo
the    linny    oliei    Ihii    store    will   many ciliiens who had bo.0 coniull
doubt leu be u grjMI convenience, nnl {ed.    Employer! of labor wero plc.iicl
ui a boon  alio   lo the diidplei   i>f!wiU> the prospeot of Ibe cslobliihmoii   „|  ;.:g| o'oliiek.    Subjecti The itoi.v
Iliac   Walton   who   return from their of a reliable employ,mni agency,   ih.   of Joaoph ns r.-rordnl In Ibneeli tl.
dip! wilh nothing more valuable dun   commiiirv   iKiimnlnl that    il    would   a type ol Chriit iu r.iui.eutioB, Hon
a pair of wot feet and a bad cold, the   roe! $1,380 to maintain Ibe bureau fin   esl   skeptic*  are  .penally  invited to
Mr. J. J, Woods returned. Ibis mom
ing from n fuw duys Hpcnt iu pursia-
ing Ibe vocation uf Isauo Walton.
Miss A. Putlerson has boon prosot|ti
il wilb u very pretty dressing ease ill
i lliilasbields, Scotlund, factory, on
ihe.occasion of ber leaving for North
Vancouver;—Dully I'roviuce.
Thu freight sloiinicr Celtic, wilier.
bus been on the Wallace vvnyi for
lonie days undergoing puintiuj aud
repairing resumed lier runs on Thursday.
Mr. J. A, Eillier, fj.lli slreot woat,
has returned from Skceno rivor when
un has beon employed for .tbo pust
linn! sumraen. Mr. Eillier intends re-
niiiiuiug in North   Vuneouver.
Somo 150 leet ol heavy chains wen
unloaded ul thc lerry wburvai Wcdnui
I..; morning, 'llieso chains will
be usai.l in more effectively nncboring
ilm Hon I ing wingi and the lorry
ivhurvi's  iliiii.s, Ivc.a.
Hen. .siilc brother ol Ni.'lb VunrOliver's popular stationer, u.i'ivcj in the
•ily yesterday Irom the oil couuliy,
iiccompaniod by his family .tnl will
inul.i; bis pi'iiiiiin. ni resiil. nuc in
iN'orln Vancouver.
The Norlb Vancuuver ( jly Bund will
be prepared lo give iu regular Friday
night concert in Victoria Park uiliiti
us the wen I lur pirmill, m lho city
council nl lust nieeting v.,t.d.lhe grunt.
An ep.,.h in In- history ol tbo
liv iu vvnti'iw.,iU const i ucl ion occur-
red on I tiusibiy when tbc lint o. a
sign .nl ol sleel wuler pipe! lo be
Usui tu Norlh Vnircntivir arrived.
I'hoy uie In lie iuiliilleil in ionic of the
new luuim.
The Identity o| iho alleged luieido
lound in l.ynn Vulley on Monday hus
mil been discovered mid ultlluUgb Ibe
uulhoritici in ibe adjoining municipalities hnvo ull bn'ii nitiiicd no jierion
misivi.'iing lo Ihe dejcriptiou is mi-sing.
iii  *. iuUall—lal.-oila.l- .VaUataaCdaay'    ir.MII
B.D.0 Sle'Ni.uJil nt OiTuwo lo Mr. I.
'. Farmer, C.M.I , the neve stuted
thai he hud plucui a substantial sum
in ihe lupplcuiunlniy' , -lim..I.i for u
ll..minion building «foi
'v.uili Vancouver, uii.l ulso lor u post
olhcc nnd cusloms building, 'ihe reeve
is expected back before May 34th.
Information wilh reference to the
progreu ol liegoliulions at ' Ottawa
legiinbng lln; subsidy lor ' So.-   Narrows   Bridge   is   moagrc   but
such  a- is  obtainable ij. ol  all  . U'.'il
ugnig naliiro, inquiry iu olli-.
liul circle, lull, lo elicit any     i   em
advices, die only mply being -'nothing
delinile m yet.'*
A private lelegiom, however, recti.
nl Ilus inoining In.m lioevc .M.N.iUghi '
by  Mi. Alexander Philip itutee   thai
"un ngi.cincnl  re bridge mbiidy   b.
bev nl lo be laliifactOry il now under
discuss) .m."
While this does nol perhaps iudicair
complete euceeuus vet, iii'vcrlh.'losi it
eeiluinly poinli lo lho iucl lhal the
negolialioiis have not proven futile,
bul dial gcii'iine progress bus beam
nuide. ll would np|'e..r thnt Ihe '
iiiuiu Jillicullii.'s huvo now been ..v.-i-
come in I but uu ngrn-incnl has been
i.'iolvn) whicli commends'ilaell m'rious-
ly lo bolb parties ae a ioasiblo uiuC.
oil oi arriving ul on undent..ndin:
litis much bn-inglieen uccomplishid.
it ii nol an ovcr-sanguinc view of tl"
siluotii.ii In conclude Ihut siicccu is
md Im .list,.nl
You arc invilod lo hi or Elliott Mc
Mailer, thu boy proninr from To
ronlo. lie will ID V.j ipoak in tb-
i.i-ii. Mindny  night, May 7lb,
The adjourned ineuting of the Rale
payors' Association will bo held ind"
city hull on Tuesday evening al cigbl
o'clock, Action will In' tuk.n m Uw
lw,, roeolutioSl re lerry wotU*lwl.iH.
were lead at ilm meeting lull even.!);.
convenience ol living able to eecurc
freih fish lo proudly exhibit lo admiring friends, will, of course, be greatly
patronlied by the North Vancouver
spoiling clomenl.      Thc bnl  articles
the remainder of Ihe luiMit year nnl 'si'.' wilh ui one ol Ihe omoy marvel
had oscerlainod lhal an office could bo   loui piclurol thul give Ul Cidh
obtained near the feiry landing on the. thai perl ol Ihe Bible wiiil.u   b l<u
oul! side of Lonsdale Avenue. A com-
mijlcc wo. appointed lo InkrVaWuie
.that may be procured con lie c<|icctod .oily council, Ihl di-ln't < mnoi)    and
lo lw found in lb* now murkii,   for   Ilia Board of Eniy ftireclon lor   I In
long experienca.' in Ibil businrsi and a
dosiro to gain die eoofidinoo ol th?
public ensure Ihe luocrai of tb" ddiiil
4 Hardy, Muir and Ha«!»>
3ir>ie  of  obtaining a grant   frum
in aid ol (be scheme all cr whieb
applications for the poiition ol man
W^W.sHi™ s^.s**isw ai^ ov i^ttM.
bis appeuronco. Is Ibis If I
gicnlost ol* ell proofs lhal all Icrip
lure ii given by inipir.)li..n of 0.<d
The l)ieakvr will give many lensont
why mun ahould be groally comernc'l
aboui Ilic matter ol bit salvnljon mil
that now ii tfai aeeeptai lima.
ere lip.
I A telegram Irom Ronvo M<-Niiugbi to
Hi Ale.vnn'ler l'hilip conviyi tfae gra-
lilyiog    'mturmntim    lhal    ILM '
[ Rainbow "will be seen riding   el
'la... oli the Norlli Mioie ,j] July 1st.
Ihe  ii.inh.liT having given ail'irn
lhal oiden will be issued I
iinoij.i  i.i puiiicipnle in l*.c celd
Lion nt   Ni»lb  Vuneouver upon    I
! m unm north Vancouver, a, c,
foj everybody.
Carpet Squares
and Rugs.
We have juit
received a
complete line
ol Imported
Pricei righ|.
.Special Attention given to
Window Shades,
Curtain Rods, etc.
128 Lonsdale Avenue
'your curtain*
id draperies by vulntf
Carpet iweoper
Buffets, Sideboards •
and Dressers .
Try our
II you Intend making your borne
in North Vanoouver see ui.
We also carry a full
line of Crockery. .
128 Lonsdale Avenue
ROADS.   1st block off VICTORIA,
a limited number at
$450 to $500 per lot
Quarter Caih; Balance  6,   12 and  18 monthi
Thete loti are level, good soil, easily cleared and
building is rapid in adjoining blocks,
Five Minutes walk from Car
North Vancouver
$300 to $325 per lot; $20
cash and $15 per month; or
$50 cash and $10 per month;
or $100 cash, 6, 12 and 18
i i i
333 Pender StW. Phone 5654
World, April 13th
Important Dry Docks
Contracts Awarded
Imperial Car Company'! Corrtupond-
oni in England Makee Intareiting
itoport Today,
steps Woll Undor Way lor Consummation ol Thii Company1! Ureal Undertaking.
Important riewi wai received by official! ol the Imperial Car Company,
Limited, thii morning from Mr. Bullock, who, it will be remembered, wai
in Vancouver a abort time ago In connection with the building ol the dry
oJBck at Hoche Point.
lir. Bullock itatee that be bal let
a ilo/cii important contraoti lor the
company, the largeet ol these Iwing
to the firm of Swan et Hunter for the
main structure. Thii immense dock
will be built in eectiom in I.on.Ion and
ibipped to tbii city. Detail! are
awaited with interest by citizens ol
Vancouver, lo whom ths magnitude
and importance ol the company's vni
ious undertaking! hai itrongly appealed. According to the termi of Ih
Dominion eubiidy conitrtiction will
begin next month.
Newi-Advertieer, April 11 lb
Mri E. W. Mudaoan returned on Sun-
day Irom a air weski' trip to the
Eaet, convinced ihat there il no oity
there to touch Vancouver. A. regards
the .Second Narrowe bridge ptripet,
tin dsputation on which he met at
Ottawa, he considers the . ubiliuoturo
work ihould be itarted in eix weeki'
limo, befors which limi Itaeve Mo-
Naught ii expected bank Irom England and will probably make a statement on tbs subject, Mr. MacLean
thinks there ie no question ai to thi
federal grant.
Lot 18, Blook 35, D. L 650, $1150.  Cub M«0, W»iu* 6 and 12 month*
LoU 54 and 65, Block 166, D. L. 274, $13,000, Terma to arrange.   Near Lonadale
the above Iota are among tha beet buyi is North Vancouver, ood intending Investors will serve their own
laureate by investigating. Ve bave tha exclusive tali and alio a largellet ol other lots in the City. It ii
)• yow o*a InUreet to call aad Impact our llet before deciding,
' at
. a'  i .   I   an
Rm) E*Ute AgerrU.      Financial Broken
Head Office: 405 Halting* St W., Vancouver, ?. C,
British Columbia Branch Office*:
4 Lon-wUl* Av«,, N*rth Vancouver
UU Government Bt., Victoria
Branch Offices in Europe:
Berlin, Germany
Iiondon, England
Vim, franca
West Vancouver News
The school ilte whioh la iltnaWIn
P.Ia. 1058 || now being Bleared and
graded and ai noon ae there *tt a
iiifBciont number of children living in
thii locality a ichool will be erected
on thii ipot.
Tho   Hollyburn   Athletic   I Hub   hel.l
their regular weakly meet on Monday
evening lait and It waa deeided to end
the gymnastio session at (be and ol
thii month when a concert will be
given which will Mude a ueriee ol ox-
eroieei to be given by member! ol (he
The large tract ol land lying kiit
east ol Hollyburn wharl and beint
cleared will shortly be put on tb)
market and there ii no doubt hut
that thii beautiful aubdivllion will
readily sell,
Some splendid photogruphi nl Weil
Vancouver have been obtained by Maori. Ballon and Lamb during the pait
lew weeki, the view taken ol English
Ray and Stanley Park being of ipccial interest. The Newi-Advcrtieor arc
having a special supplement in next
Sunday's issue nl the paper in which
moot ol the photographs ol interest,
will be reproduced.
On Monday lest the pile driver was
out at Hollyburn and somo piles were
driven at lbs end ol the wharl us en
experiment and the results word moit
satisfactory, one of the pile bsin
driven in uliout fifteen or twenty leul
before a solid bottom wm reached, it
hail iiiwuyi boon thought Unit limbed
was comprised ol solid rook jml
thu wharf, ii liluulod, but as it hui
now beon proved otherwise moro pilei
will be driven und a good sublimit ial
whurl erected.
The Wiwi Vim. iiuwir Transportation
Company hnvo decided to run hourly
bouts to Hollyburn and hope to have
the now time table out in order io
sturt the now service next woek. 'Ihi Ibo tylvont ol Ihe electric oaro
now running west us lur us the Cipal
ano road, will provide \crv good
transportation to thia ihrivis.r in: ur.i
and there is also a scheme proposen
to run paisonger vehicle! Irom the
oar terminus lo llollyburu until lho
British Columbia Electric Co. otteml
thoir line further wost.
Messrs. John Ijiwi.hi und W. W. l.e-
fcaux have now decided to build un ollice neur the wharl and sumo ie to be
of tho bungalow type. The building
ii being itarted right away und whun
completed will be uied for ,. n .1 citato ollic; and alio ai tbe headi|uui-
ten 4 the Weet Vuneouver
alion Co. Ltd. Mr. S. Leiouux bus
now taken ciiurge ul Mossii. Alex older k Co'i. ..i.I estute office on the
Keith road und would be glad to receive uny listings ol lots or acreage
lor eulo in this district.
Many new ure n. w un.l.-i
.oiihii.iciion in tin* lid,.liiy and during the put fow nioiilhi ,;icut change!
have come about owing io ibo ex ten-
live development work being currie I on
ail around. Mr. Harrow ,1 North
Vancouver ii clearing hii lots on 'he
Notion ltoad in the Hellene sulidivi-
lion und will erect a home there thii
summer, bis place of busmen hwigin
North Vancouvor. Mr. ''rune i. now
building a largo und artistic bungul. w
on his ucreuge in 1). I,. 107'J where lie
is Carrying on Ibo industry ol p.ullry
raising and Mr. Merricks has also
commenced work on the building ot u
muguilicunt houee on tho nib (nit
.pun i.-i ol D.L, Iomi. . There .ua now
a good many homos on tho government road and many more contracts
bave been given lur exUosive ilr.iriag
on tbii road.
Notice ii hereby given that tlie
Howe Sound and Northern Kuilway
Company (a company incorporated by
the legiilalure of ihe 1'roviace ol Hii
tiih Columbia) will apply at the pre-
eeot eeeiion ol parliament of Canada
for ao Act (1) declaring tbat the
worki and undertaking ol thi Company are worki lor tfai general advantage ol Canada I Hi to extend the
lineo of railway which (he Company ia'
now authorized to construct and operate ae followi: from e point at or
near Lillooet, thence northerly along
tha valley of the Frneer river to the
town of Fort George, thence northerly
to the valley of tha i'annip Bivir and
along the valley yl tha Parsnip river
to a point at or near ita junction with
the Peace river, (hence eaaUfly along
the Peace river to Peace ttiver lauding ; with power lo lay out, construct,
operate and maintain a breach line
from Newport at the head of Howe
Sound to the ciliee ol Norlh Vancouver and Vancouvor; (t) to empower
the Company to own, develop aad operate water pdweri for the purpoeee of
iti undertaking; (I) to conelruot and
operate telephone and'telegraph Usee
and to charge lolls for toe um thereof : (6) to own, fciuild, purchaee or
Otherwise obtain and operate steam
and other veeasll; (6) to build and
operate elevetori, wharfe, vanhoueee.
etc., and U> carry on the buiiaeee ol
general warehouaenun, and lor sucb
other poweri and privileges aa may be
inoidajcUl or neoeuary lo th* above.
DATES at Ottawa this Uth day of
April, 1»||.
Cilia* Building,
Solicitor! for the at$**u-     il*
Warburnib Piano House, Limifod
Decker & Son PIANO
in perfect condition,
Price $100, easy terms,
443 Lonsdale Avenue
Phone 114
A lew yard, oil LONSDALE AVENUE. Only
two lot. loll, each 50 (l. by 167 ft. Price only $500
each, I'3 cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Block and hall Irom car line, a cleared 50 ft. lot lor
|I050, 1-3 cath, balance 6 and 12 months.
C. C. LAW80N k CO.
Phone 7U--I'. O. tioy. 97
Complete Showing of
New   Spring   Goods
Wt Sail [/trylliiBg (or Men but Shoes
W. DICK, Prop..
47 & 49 HASTINGS STREET, EAST-47 & 49
TAKING   l.l'l'lid   MAY   FIRST,   ion
Leave Vancouver 6,'io a.m. end i every 'Ul minutes until
7.01) p.m. Comnuooinii 7.30 p'.m,
ovory 30 minutoi until 11.30 |. in
thereafter PUIS and 1.00 a.m.
Iniii' Nurlh \ ni nn ii on a in. every .'0 until 7.00 p.m. i .iiniii.'ii.iii!/ 7.30 |i.
m. every 30 minutci until 11.00 \>.
in. Ihcreuflor 11.IIS and 11.16 a.m.
I.eave   Vuneouver  7.40,   t.H) and
'J.00 thereafter tamo al wockduye.
I....-..- North Vancouvor l.Vl, 8.00
and 8.10, thereafter tame a! week-
PAHSEMiEll km iti
.Single tare ISo, 6 lor '16c, 30 lor fl, 70 lor I'i.
A   l.uiiiln'i-   wugoni,   trueki  and
.liny.,   Vie   H'llllll
B-4 horn aipreai curriagce and
backi, We return,'
C-l horte eipreei buggice aod
autoi, 36c return.
Ail the altove rule! include driver. Itolee A and B lubjeet to 20
i"i cool, diicount in la,i. 4 dl.
Ber 100 Ibe. rate, lie.
Minimum rate, 10c.
Time-table lubject to cbango without notice.
Company not liable lor ddoyi, accidental or otherwiee.
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "West Vancouver," Captain Findlay
Licensed lor 35 passengers
~TIMR table
Iaeavea Vancouver I/eave Weal Vancouver
8.00 WEEK BAYS               8.30
10.00 10.30
l'i.00 13.30
U.00 14.30
16.30 17.00
18.00 18.20
•12.06 (Saturday! only)            23.30
Hafle Tare 16c
31 m
Two Tickata Ke.
Quickest rouU from Nortli Vancouver to (lie dialrict btyond
Capilano River. Launch "West Vancouver" makes connections, without (ail, with tha lerry stesmera Irom North Vancouver, as par above schedule.
M , I  ,
% wm
Tliii8ev8ilks are a|J ilouWu witlt|l mul
r I
the  iluuigiit)  iirp  new  mul  iixglusivo.
Tlie owllut'tion is tlie liirgift "tjiat we
have etrer shown.
"'At $1.50 n yard—Navy and black
foundation with while thjigi!?', p'lka
. dot, link, ki'.y, shadow cluck. rosebud
)l/iD(!!lt'itdihiirli'iie:itripp8. )\ .•';  '
At$1.75a.yard—Koiilardsilks ill |i»}e
I»l nf, old ruse, priine||p, white, lilack,
rp^eilq, JkingK1 blue, etc., in a wide radge'ir        ;
of new patterns. *     r\      .
At UMu, .$2.50 j y:MM®m     \
ilks in iinlivitliiiil flrelp lengths, jiiiniU
sunn; i.nlui's iii'V.'i'.st ili'Hiiii.-.   >)'.
Al $2.75 ami $4.50 a, yanl-lioiiltml
Foulard Silks iu an exceptionally pond.
range, among which on* may easily liml"
a clioict; in whir and design.   They ait
in exclusive dress lengtjbs.
>  ■ at —
■9 .■-■   !■'■   •■ ■!■ I
Gordon Drysdafe, Limited
575 Granville Street. ' Phone 3541
w   m    am      '
Vancouver Busings Directory
JI9 Pender street, Vancouver
Nurth Vancouver
Kallethe's Bath
Comer limner aTid I'endtr Sts.
limy Inly lung, to lime wniy liair.
It il now ..nliiii tbi i.'ii'li ol mry-
oni. For lomi yeeri cut hair hai bejea
ueinionenlly wai ed, bul the process it
had lo undergo wai loo levere lor il
lo lie .i|iflu.I lo hair on the head,
but ""w ia. iL.i. c haa discovered a me
thod by which (he hair can be waved
mil..wi injury lo hair or nalp. Thi
wave will not waiih qui and damp
weullier will not affect it. Tbe pro
ecu leavea the hair *ofl ind wavy, It
I". Income the rage in Paris, Eon-
don and all the largo eitiai .'I lb.
Statu. Special ralee lor one month.
Any information regurding the work
will be gladly given lo uuy ludici who
...11 call or wrjle to
723 Pender Street.
The only up-to-date and reliable bath house in British Columbia.
Wa cure where others foil
Eatisfaction guaranteed or no
pay. Plain baths, electric bath
shower baths, massage lor body, scalp and face ; electro therapeutic baths a specialty.
Graduate ol Berlin, l.vmiam
Groceries .and Provisions
Wholesale and Retail
Ii6 Hastings St. (downstaira)
Delivery Tuesdays and Fridays
Save lor my Bally rungu       (
j Aiming  the  jilceiaut  fieldi of Holy
I nyght) dofpeir, -Tennyion
Second Quarter. Eotlinn VI. J Corin-
tiiiani XXVI' (Ml- M»y?,'pil|
uasssiAii   sing   op ' miiit
Itoieb wai bom to n.l
merely to the purple. Th'i",th still in
hii l^iows when ho cume iq ;ho |h'<)co
hie, was not liirn-'.|. (ipp.irlunily
lor noll-iwlulgcnco altar the -manner ol   ini,n„ii:ll:i   |.|-,....,'|il -.1   Ili.rlf lil.l
lie i bad no telle (or  it. Ue looked
well |p the interest! nl hii kingdom,
Ue Inherited winilthing from hii  In
lln'i- in iipiilinli; lor public nUuiii but
he  traded   on hii heridii-jry   Inlei'ii
nnil incivi.Hiil (hem. Miu reign win not
only longer then hii father's but more
brilliant und effective,     lie bud   tbe
iimlinels   uf  n   build I-   liko .Solomon
und became Judab'i '.mil milimry or-
phitecl.    II.; itrengthpaied tbi' lorli|;cs-
tions ol .l.'iiiiiuli'iii with icientilic tn-
gineering,  building   townrs   ut    tin and at the anglea of  tbe wall.
Ho was a greal oatlle owner like tbo
palriardiH and built lowers lor protection   of Iliu   woallfa   on .lie noo'. lie
ul...! hud iu mind the inlereits ol the
tillers of tho soil recognising them ai
tbo producers   ol llie broud-itufls    ol
hii natiol).    Hi mobilized his   army
wilh ,a-i..ii.iirn.ii. skill, ehoilog liimx
Iiiiii.Ii.-.I   colonels   by mcril   not   by
•" i u ll ii,-!. a.     and uppoiiilal Ibe.n over
his three hundred regiments.  He was
un inventive genius in tho making of
arms, defensive and offensive.  Enrgci
glowed and anvils rang in .lerusulum
ll became ibn great Krupp loundiy ol
thai  age.       They  boat oul   shioldn
epoars, coats ol mail, bowi (or   tbe
boavy  .a in- il and siighs   lor the light
infantry.    When thoroughly   piep.iiel
Uuiab began a series o( brilliant campaigns which carried bit name lo tbe
heart ol Egypt.  One hereditary oncmy
after   another   fell   Iwforo   liis    ever
coni|uering army.    Nation!   formerly
arrogant   hastened   lo   offer tribute.
People ol every diss bad feeling   of
i.e..oily   and   wero    correspondingly
comfortable.    A wiie reeourccful oour-
ageoui rulor stood between them  end
old-lime .ii.-iiii.'i. All orti and   indui-
triei  proiperad.    Domestic   life   was
happy and unshadowed with fear. The
giant stronglh ol lluiah struck root
into tlie river oi religion.  It flourished until a nnl ion was ehcltcrcd under
But  midday  glory  ol the kin/
testily "f command ym to rJnwin !'■'
muaieian laid. "It sill mm ba
aeon whother a Ifprwegiaii is (roe is
tho ol. hie W??J" ftf lulfer,
inetintly rdlented. laying, "I ra(u
Service.   Muy 7, 1011. Buth |:11-W
Leiloni of (taut l.ivei-ltuih
, ■.   ' (OonaaiiFatton iMIng)
Tbe moral purpoie of the Book of
Buth, li|w %(. o| Jontth. la in brfajf
down the rncjal prejudice nnd ex-
clusivctiess ol (ha Jour. Ihe lovely portrait ol tho Moahitei provei he|c f
s|iiiitunl descendant ol Abraham and
heir to tho < promisee. A thousand
years belora St. Paul ie showed a
Pantile could he a pertukef in the
spiritual ln!Uiilits pf Israel.
I-- -.,.--''  . -■
Business Institute
336 Hastings St. W.
CanaSe'e Qraalaet Weetern School
R. J. Sprott, H.A., -; ci
Bu»inc*ft College
63a Seymour St., Vancoavci
Day school open all tbe year
round, Night school commences September Hth.
sir mini, mra mm
•   Si(!ii and lTiit Markers
10 Fairfield Did.      Foiie R3177
liirkniiirc Giiiiniiilfe k
Si'dirilii's I'oriMiralioii did
440 Seymour Street
U. Kerr Houljjate - - - Manager
Read   the   Express
All Norlh VaocouvK people eat at
I nl" 1 Fiark Blocb or Uniting! St.,
opponle lln- new poit office. l«onurd
►'II- hie tea by the pound.
HoutH ^aNcouvih
comic-mi ir
Certitcaled Surgical, Medical >nd
Maternity Bursal
v  ill   tba lln.piUI
net vm.
metiM. 69
1 nt 1
All new houses ahould be pip-
ed (or ft* in order In save Ou
jieavj sypendityre /or this cpn-
ytuitm n\ a |«t*r
300 Feet of Water-
frentage witb crown
grant, known as
Wallace Shipyard*.
Term* to suit purchaser.   Apply
Seymour St
Qtneral Conlracllno
ri^l,,,,,.,~i.  AmfruU
suffered eclipw like Solomon's. When
power wai supremo be miiuied il llii
buughty spirit look ibul last step to
destruction. He would fain add priesthood lo kingship- swing cooler ni well
ai bold scoplcr. But it happened there wai a man at tbe altur us
resolute ui man on throne. The king
was told Ibat tfao function did not belong lo liim end lhal it nuvor would
be surrendered by tfaoio to whom it
did liclong. Kncroachment wa. not
Merely* dcjirccated, it wai delied. It
is a soone worthy ol artist's brush
The king in robes ol stulo stands censer in hand. Over againit him hi -h
priest in signiljcnnt regalia l.nck.d by
eighty wbitc-voetod prieets. In Ihl
iniilsl tbe golden altar of incense
bono ol contention Clod himseli
brought that contest to an irrcver
sublc end. White ask oi leprosy op
jienrcd on royul brow as goldon con-
ser 1l10p11.1l from norvclcti grasp.
(iiiih was Iho Sir Henry Maxim ol
in. ni) tin' centuries ago, an crpert
und industrious maker ol weapon!, ol-
faiiivc and .M.ii.jv,.. lie wul u'lo
first ol Orungeri. He loved soil, m 1 II
-I loam turned up by plough wai
iwoot lo bim. He wae jn.ii .11 ol hn.
bundiy delighting in vinoyard odd orchard. Next lo having one's "po
hand on helm 4 itateii lo be monitor of one who doc* guide, Ho 1I00I
Zcefaoriah to liuiah. Ue undent. .0.1
lho divino purpoie and wai in ace. rd
witb it, prophet lived I lag
sought God. idioida end Joaeb |»i.-
sent e paralle,. It ii r« ir.l. d thul
Ibe king did lhal *ii)fh win right ill
the duyi in which the print instructed
bim. Out linul leet of character .1 a-
bility lo nt and alone. Religion frit
neeetl to be bolstered il not 4 m
account. Here is un aulopiy 4 e
conseionce. Helped until ho wee
string, but when elrong heart li'tad
up lo doit ruction. He ptuitoi to-
tiling by fail father's esafnple und tnie.
doiepbui legend il picl uroi.|Ue, e-jlh-
i|U«kc, reel, roof, shaft from henvoo
planting leprosy on king'i brow, All
poefiMe but unjuooeMary. §0 *¥>
the Itory of another that il wm All
a cunning ruse of Ihe price! Irighlon-
ing the king hy affirming he ia v sign
of leprosy. ?ieiiatjng nn nbi'dulo
ttomtfib. fa? biy timjafa* moral pom-
W: iWMrialt fVoJ pot jvrt litinU^
op in|trh!ion upon h>l lunotlon. paba-
Iteved rho altar about tq be icorebed
with lacrilige. Ole Bull, wh* Ue
king ipoke •UgtWisujdly nl his put ol
the kiagdom mrntai il asying ",fifi,
I muit leave I"     The  imt   "timi
.aaaaaaaaaaaaHHKul: '
The iindoriignud tukes plpaiur* in
tliunking fail Iriond! end cuiloniers of
North Vanoouver for their highly yelped support and patronage during the
Ull six inonlliH. He regrets to lay
that bo bus to close hie jewelry liusi-
miss temporarily, being called to thi
old country, both by.duty end on
business. He, howover, il nothing unforeseen occuri, will lie back again
this lull or next spring when ho will
engage in ihe jewelry and wutch repairing business ill North Vancouver
purmuuenlly and bo more thun evei
ready to undertake any job in his
line howover bad it muy be. Until
bo gone, wb|ch will lie in about a
iniiiiih's time, bo will bo glad to ice
bis friends ul fail residence, lillfa street
second house oait nl St. George's Ave.
and where he still coutinuoi'lu do repair work, ui his lime in too short lo
suck mint I.or location in Iho.busiuesi
pari ol tbe cily. Jewelry or watcbci
im repair! can lie left ut tho Fuir
confectionery store, Ath block, Lonidale, iu care ol Hri. Ducoinmuu and
Sincerely yours,
19-5 C. H. BTAUFFEB.
KHiH fl^il ■ #H*r
A 7    II
GENUINE  SCOTCH GINGHAMS,   our   own   impprtatjpq   in
Sbuinbruyii and Ofaepki, ipodil |ier yur.1 .....i,. i.	
3il-inc|i PRINTS, good heavy quality,  light and dark colon, ipeoial
fet yard , j'l.'.i ii .,„;,... ,.;.,.h%i
PB1SSS. MUSLINS, plain mri fancy BUi itri|w, .l,o dot. «4;|
cro..|»ri, price  .:...„  '  10c end jg^jj
A large aaiortment ol Vicloria buwni, Indian I4new, Periinp Luw^,
Naiiooki, Orgnuilici, etc,   ,     .
1 .
liul Ions covered from your own material-all aim.
Keith Block    '■'   l><; '    Lonidale Block    ";/    ''
Phone 93 Phone 263
TW0 8T0BE8
_^      J'
II.  f. KUlKil R
Expert on Fireplaces and all
classes ol Brickwork
All Work Guaranteed
Corner Fifteenth St. and Mtbon Ave.
Plans, Specifications, Estimates
P. 0. Box 37, North Vancouver
. 'in
'The twd lots' ^vert'isecj last week werd   '
the il.ty before the advertisement appeared.   Cheap sub-      I
division property is at a discount at present, but high
gimil: residential it soiling well.    Wo offer
45x130 feet CORNER LANE, 50 yard* from
Lonidale, on King Street Eait
An exceptional buy at 1*7511; trjocasb, 6-1 a-iti months.
213 Lonsdale Avenue      -     Tel. 47
Corner Nye
Tel. 87
We solicit a trikl bid on your Ordere imall or large
from $200 to $450; 14 caih, balance 2 year?
All ilaihed; 1 Block WEST of Grand Boulevard; open atreet;
high ground; full view of city and harbor; 10 minutei walk
from two car linei.
Why live miles out of the city when you can purchaae Home-
sites for less than you pay three and four milei out, and in
the weit end at that?   INVESTIGATE.
I. u.ii.i
■ -
^P>iBWteMBaB=gllll III II III  I J|gB
just put on the market, in parcels of about 2 acres, the NORTH
WESTERLY part of D. L. 555, at an average price of
$2000 Per acfc on eMyte,m
•The choicest laid in the district, completely sheltered from the
north, with magnificient view of theCulfof Georgia, The Marine
Drive, at present being constricted, rune through the property.
For thoie who are looking for a lovely home** Rear the tea, tbii ia the ipot.
121 Lon«dab Avenue, North Vmncouver    •
(MM, WfitVffa^ rout
North Vancouvib
265 Lonsdale
Published Tuesdays and Fridays by
North Sflbw P«»». Lm,"n
Oaayaar, |l.0(l
liTBi or luawamioa j
Sis months, Me.    r Tbra. niontbi, *
United SUlei and Foreign, |1.W par yfir
Advertiiing Rate. »IH be quoted on application.
a     '. ' ..	
The Eipreea ii dcvolud to tbe iutereite ol the north Shore ol Burrard Inl.l
eiolmlvuly, It conititutei an advertiiing medlilRi of eaceutloual value for
rueahine lu a thorough and effective manner the population ol North Vancouver
Oity and lllitrlet,  Every effort li nude lo glva advertisers tha moet eatiilactory
All changes In contract advertliements iliottld be iu tha printers' baiuli not
later than. II) a.m. Monday and 6 p.m. Wedneedayto eniiiru iniertion in Ihe
following lime
By Theodore Hirding Rand
, [Theodore Harding Band waa born
it Cornwallii, N.8., in 18S6, and has
been Principal ot Woodstock College
and Chancellor ol MnMaalar Univer
HUH   l,luail>:a-ai„i    ua,    .....
sity Ita wrote "At Minas Baain and
Other Poenis." The selection that follows is a fair eiainple of hia exqnlsila
blending ol nature and mysticism.]
For pick ol lining*, ««
Hail, first ol tlie soring,
Vearly say-tinted thing
Touched with pencil ol HUB
North Vancouvbr,   ti. C.
Mav 5,  19"
■  ■
On   W«ln.»l,iy, April IWth, the bill
introduced by Hon. Flunk Oliver   to
amend  the Indian Ad, |.,-..- I its aecond reading in the Dominion House.
Al the remit ol the doliotii the Min
iHt.-i accepted throe j.iii.'i.ilin. nt:. to the
bill.  A"s originally submitted Ihe bill
provided Ihat any town or city ol a
population   ol   ten   thoUiand   might
make  application  to tbe  Escb*,uer
court lor Ibe alienation ol uny Indian
reeerve lying adjacent to or wit bin ile
lioiiu.l.iini and Ihat upon u lavoralili
deliverance by tbe oourl ihe   Indiana
upon Ihe reeerve effected might he removed to another ruaerve, reasonable
comfieuiation being allowed them   'or
the landi vscotod by them, ihe Orel
iiliii-.ialni.-iil   provides  Ihis legisla-
lion  slmll lie available If towiu or
cities of .-..'I.I i la,.a....nal people ; the sec
im.l ,0111-11.11111111 providee ilmt tin   report ol llie court in ua.'h caie ba
laid   liefore  parliament oul that   tbe
alienation  ihall   go  into affert upon
approval by rasolutlou ol the House,
tbe third amendment provides thai the
landi io alienated ihall be disposed ol
only by publio auetion   alter three
months' advertisement   in the
This bill constitutes a pleoe of legis-
Istion which will solve on a satisfactory basis un.) in ii manner that will
adequately protect the interosls of all
parties   concerned «   problem    wblcb
otherwiss   would   have  proven   very
veiatioui mul would have given   rile
to growing diiaatiilaction and consul-
arable   Iriotion    throughout     future
yean,    The enactment is purlicularly
gratilying  to  the   Espress inssmuch
ai it embodies tbe identical principles
witb  regent   to   Ibis   mattsr   wbicb
have  liven edvocalod persistant I)   in
these editorial columni lor tne   past
■  ~ ^tyf*"' '"d"*'. wtulu not d.iirisy
to IrrojrMs -aim undue credit to ourselves,  than ii  reason to   oonclude
that tbe article* appearing Irom  lime
to  time  in tbeie  columai  have bail
some iligfat influence io ihaping   Hum
iuion legislation in tbii regurd. Iu Die
count ol bil addwi upon the bill .Sir
Wilfrid I,awrier referred ap.-cifica.lly   lo
North Vancouver aad showsd   an accurate knowledge ol locul conditions,
a* billows:   "Now,   IhsTe   are   otl«r
eomauniliea (than Victoria) ee'iwciully
la British Colussbia, who are io  Ibe
vicinity ol India* rveervee.   The eity
ol North Vancouver is in the vicinity
ol such a reserve.   Kvery one   knows
that  when  a eity  is growing  ap  in
ths vicinity ol aa Indian reaerve it ii
not a benefit, but an injury both to
tbe Indian and tbe white man." Proceeding, tbe Premier mads it perfectly
deer that lb* first principle U> be laid
down meat be thst tbi Indians must
ba treat*! in a perieetly just sad (sir
manner.    "What are we to do <ind"r
sush circumstances ?" We mast    pre-
mtvi feitfa with tbe Indiaai. Tbat ii
lb* frit principle which wa" must adhere to.  Oa tbe other haad we eennot
Ignore tfae condition of oitiee growiftg j
op ia tfa* vicinity ol Mian reserves
Hew, tie., ii the atatter to lie   eel
tied t   We have come to tbe coadu-
uon tfaat It ekould be istllad   under
gsMreJ prtaeipUa" In wgbg bit ft*
that tfae U)| aWald be aawaiai lo
pleas tbe final  ejeliverineoe under lbs
Ht bun baaaV of parttaaaeat  in-
•teed el tfae Umaom eeurt.    Hua
g, h, womm, maim of tba Oyf+fUm
am ipoka Uroagly ei t» MUayiwg
bwi treatment lo ties !****■ "He-.
you ask parliament lo pass a b.w ua
tier which treaties that have lieu su
creilly   observed lor a hundred nnd !••
Ity yean shall be dspartcd lion, upon
tbe older of a court, ynu ure propping  a  very  eitreme  step.  The   In
dians in  Canada have rvrtein  ri.lil.
granted   to   tbem   by   treuiie    and
hitherto,   theee  trestiee   bnve  nevtr
been departed Irom eicept  with   the
concent ol tbe Indium themselves.'   '
Each  particular  instance   should  be
brought   liefore   parliament   in   order
that parliament may determine   whether or not sucb a condition his mis
en   as  would   justify  p.itli.imenl    in
sniu'tioning any such extreme si*p."
Once thii legislation bacomt*   law,
it may be obeerved   that   there  is e
•Irong probability thut the nlienalion
ol reeervee wbich come under ill provisions may lw .If. .I.-.I in in.nv   in
stances without ap|ieal to Ihe law, inaamucb ae tha bare knowledge ,,l tbe
fact upon the part ol ihe Indians thnt
any unreasonable denwtals upon  lb ir
part can be overcome by ihe  espr.r
pnation of tha reeerve under Ihe act,
would naturally bave the effect of in
duciog them to arrive more readily at
nu amicable umiuretunihog wilh tbe ■ ily
inlareeted in the alienation of tbe re
serve.  Titers ia every reaaon to   conclude tbat tbe very eiietcnoc ol  this
Act will greatly facilitate the  ah.n.i-
tion of Indian reserves by means   of
the Mineral ol the Indians themselves
niiil  tbat  lb* inetancae  in wbicb r.
course lo ihs Act will lie found ...••-
sary will not be so numerous   aa at
lirst sight might be eujiposasl.
The clause of tbe act wbich provhlee
that   lands   espropriated   under    tbe
Act   shall   be  disposed   ol   by public
auction a'ter bang advert ieed (or Ibriv
months, would point lo the cunilusioii
that the government proposes   lo assume the financial obligation! in tbi
way 4 com|>ensattng the  Indians in
each   instance   and   lo reimburse    in
treasury through the proceeds   ol th
sale ol tbe lende by auction.      Ibis
proosdure should b* satisfactory to the
cities   concerned inasmuch us it   will
enable tbem to |>osaees themselves of
the reserve! (which might  involve tfai
payment   ol   large   sums   of   money|
with oul   lur I ber burdening theme, lie-
with debenture debt, thus I,sun.- their
credit free for utiliiation in ijlber im
provements, a consideration which   i.
ol  the very  Bret  importunes  in tin
oa*l  ol  cities   growing by leape nnl
bounds as are the ritiae on the low,.
mainland at the present time.
As the premier intimated, North
Vuneouver is very d.>sely inlcr.etel in
this legislation and inasmuch as Uie
population .|iielifu>alioa ia rerluc d to
eigbt lhousan.1, lbs time is suit Isr
distant wben th* cily will to* in petition to proceed under Ibe ad to open
up the local Indian reserve lor public
Who rnlleil th* year I
Lo, thy aureola rim
No painter may limn—
Viiion thou hait, and no lavl
Pair child ol Uia light,
What dies thy eight!
Wide-open thy roll
From the seel nf tne clod,
And thy heaven-writ scroll
(iluwi, beautiful soul,
Willi Ihe shining ol Ood I
Thou look's! into heaven
As-surely as. Stephen,
So steadfast thy will ill
And from earth's inglenook
.-.. -i Christ ol the lilies
And daffadowndillies,
And . uteli. ,-i His look.
And a portion is mine,
itapt eater divine,
Kriiin thy countenance given—
Angel i.i i- in thy face I
1 ve looked into heaven
As surely es Stephen,
From oul ol my placet
Canadian Verse
By Archibald Lampman.
[Archibald I .iinpinan is the beet
known napie in t'unailiaii literature,
!n.l the poet I.i..- achieved feme wherever llie English luuguage is spoken.
He wus i.i in at Morpeth, Out., in
I--.I mil died ul i ll in wu ill 1899.
The earth ii ll c cup of the eun,
That   he   III', lb   et   morning   with
With ihe warm, strong wine ol hii
From the vintage of gold and nl light,
Kill.- it, i,i.l i, ■ lie! it divine.
And nt iiidil when his journey is done,
At tbe gets nl Ins iiialinnt ball,
lie sell, lia I,i.- lips lo the brim,
With a long lust look ol bis eye,
tnd lilt, it .ri I .Iniinetli it dry,—
Drains till lie leavein it all
Empty uml hollow and dim.
And then, a.- be pusses to sleep,
Mali lull ol Ibe I' di.- that be did
I/.nil ago in olympian wars,
He closes it down witb tlie sweep
ul its ilow-iiii;iiiig luminous lid,
Its cover of d„rkness and stars.
Wrought .ni"- by llephaistus ol old
With violet in<l vastness and gold.
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
lll.ssaJ« —	
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write | Policy in tha
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS'. $94,900,000
Hole Agent
Agreements and Contracts drawn        ,,. . ,_ Gsneral
of every description M10"6   '3'        Conveyancing
List your close in acreage, suitable (or subdivision,
with us, we have clients with money to
219 Lonsdale Avenue Telephone 44
120 Second Street Eaat. Telephone 206
Convenience to North Vancouver Merchants
Orderi Solicited
Cot. 8th and Lonsdale
Phone 40,
63 Lonsdale   PUe232
1'roo delivery In ull parti of' Lyo'i
Vulloy Tuesdays nnd Friday!, Cepil-
iiiio, Hondiiys und Tluirsiluyi.
Mail   orders   rccoive   prompt alien-
Specials ior Saturday—
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II lb. Lonsdule Mend Tea, reg, tile
for II
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ll lor II
Tomuloes, Urge hi/o 2 lut  2hc
I'Iiiiiis, rug. Ih, 2 for  lie
Mol.issiv. 1 lb. tin. rog. Ilic, 2 lur 116;
I line of I'Iiiiiis, rug. 5lle, ut Ine
<!ul. line of I'eaohei, rc^.. I'Oc, (fj...fio:
Uul. tins of Apples, nig. MIc (oi 16-
Itiivul Htandurd I'lour III lb. rog.
KI.75 (nj  tl.W
limns, rug. Uie (jj  I'Jo
t'lovordalo, Nuw Xeiil.iiul .ml A; i slur
Hose Duller II Hi. lor  II
I'Vivli   \ ].,n,i|.ii . |..-ii.ii'e, I'ucunilsjri
Hi...I....I, und |iiivii Hui.,ns
Lonsdale Supply Stores
North Lonsdale
Arrangements are being madi lor
erection nl drat daaa 7 room houaea
fronliiit' o* North l.onsilnle HouLvunl
wiih modem conveniencee. I'ricei ti,-
.IHO lo $:i,WSI on Urina lo suit. Uy
piir.liusing now plana run I* iillsrul
lo  suit   purchaser's wishes.
As Ihe I"' .lion is one of llie liesl
in North Vancouver lor e home Bite,
the opportunity is a liivorulile one.
For particular! apply to.
Financial A«eiit.
('Ll.ll   IIUif'K,  -   North   Vuneouver
Office I'bonc 10 House I'lione M7
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
FOB SALB-M ll. lot on Uih str.ol
north side, ii/ilV), lorms; AU It. dot
on 7th street, ll,M, III cash, bllonce
The 'I beoao|ibioal .s. ci ly ni'*le in
No.ill Vancouver in It oni I, 67 Lonidale Avenue (outran'e n >l to Wol
loine I'arlor) every W.dn ed.y ev.niB;
,il S o'clock. Alteiid U'c is .nliiely
In-, and curriii no obligation) "Imt
o»cr.    You   are invitol. Thiol pliieal
ml)  ui.d .|iieslioui,
V/l Hlb .Street Bast North Vunroever
Phons 373
P, 0, IHiX 114
A. Campbell Hope
latlll Hastings i*tn»jt Weal, Vonrouver,
H. I'. Flume .WIS
ll" i'l.-ii..- : Tirtinni. Dloek 1158 lit Si
l-.n-t,  North  Vancouver. I'bonc 1(113,
Paper the World
AI'I'LHATION    Foil   I.IQL'0B   LI-
CliiNSF    '
NOTK'K ia hereby given ihat at tbe
lion I silting ol the Hoard ol   Lico'isc
(.'ommissioners   lor   the  District   ol
North Vancouver, I, (ho undoiaiiiusl,
min,.I   to  upply lor u hotel   lio'inau
lor   premises situate sn Hoalley    Ie-
Und,   Kngle Harbour, 1). ',. 7)4,   in
Iliu said Dislriel ol Norlh Vauco'ivcr,
W. D. 1'AKKF.U.
Dated ut Norlb Vunflouvor,
April Wth, I'JI I. tl
I. O. O  F.
North Va»eouvsr I/idsj!, No. M,
meets every Tburadov evening, eoreer
lonadale Avenue and Firet atreet, at
8 o'clock. Viaitif* brethren cordially
inviiad to aM«d. A. T. K-undy,
N.!,.; Tboe. 8. Nw, tm.-m^ h, B
I'illing, ta., nu.-im.; BpuSyt, M-
LOW SEAJProprietor
6a.m. In8 pm.
.First clans Meals iy.
Ciiiimiilstion Tickets, i\ meals
*4 75
Knoin- lor It. ni at moderate ratsa
Plana prepared and Minute, given-
Oftee: UK Dominion Tr*et BWg-
FhosvsMW  I
JUwdeoce, 163 Kifhth Ave. E.
North VaiKoawjf..
16 ineh-At per load
IU inch-flit) per load
t'or.lwood th par lord
Office and Vardi
Tmdc M«B*e
• !■»»»• CoeVRISKTe *c.
from our slock of new Wull Tapirs
so it icems. Bvery day 101110 now
dosign arrives lo nil Ihe vacuncy
ol tin'-'- ilo-ial oul.
Now Westminster Lsnd District -
Distriot ol Nuw Westminster. TAKK
mil ice that Hobeil Dull Kimond ol
Vsneouver, I), C,. occupation, broker,
intends to spiily lor iuu mission to purchase the following oescribed lands :
t'ominancing st s post planted on the
west side of a small bay on Ihe North
lino of Lol 'Hi'DI, tin in.' west 40 chains
more or less to 1 L> northwest corner
of Lot 26*1; thence iouth :«.7I) cbaini
lo the northeast cornor ol Lot MM ;
ile in 1 wost il.Tl cliaim to the southeast corner of Lot M>8 ; thence north
H)) chains more or less lo Ihe south-'
weal corner of laOt 12-Hi; llionce aasl
in VK 1-lo.iix mors or. Iuu lo shore ol
lake ; thence in a southerly direction
along shore ol lake lo point ol coin-
men cement.
I Ith March, I'.'li. I '■
|V«» IW
)'. 0. Bor IM
™""fBt H Kiaaluttmi,
Kulimttwi ethers w|.o re lire Iht tiiditUI
ll« ,4 harlsg taslf fslrst bunu.ll In
ily i/hsrlM IjWI» btistuis lisusictM
I^Kiperls.  fKlloilnsiyaatl.fIrtf. Clisrrjc.
are here in ondleei variety, .lust
loll our inlciman (or what room
you want the paper and he will
■how you just the pattern you arc
looking for.
To  choose Irom our stock is a plea
sure, to pay our price Is easy.
117 Lonsdale Avenue Phone 119
Telephone 276
* 1 . I
if he will but learn where it is to be caught, The
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Third cath, balance 6, 12 and 18 maths.
it    —-    - ■'-■---—^— — —: ; —
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Local Manager.
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Mores 171 Lonidale Ave. Cor. immimk k Alb St.
'.on i ll VANCOUVER
' St. Aodiew't i'ruijylcrisn church,
Atb stmt: Services et ll s.pi. tnd
IJU (ia tiiaiity nbool lit) p.m.
F.a>« matting 00 Widi.ikdsy it 8 0'-
bapiitt I'hutcb - tilth end til.
Ow|t. Servioea «l II a.m. end 7.30
pa. tenuis)' .S.liu'il uud Bible t'lsss
•I 11 lu p in I'm} 11 end praise scr-
■ ■■* Vaioeaiay st B p ro. I'astor, Bev.
A. 4. Vtotter, '1ml street east.
HtSJaodist ' buicb, comer ol Siilh
stuett ud St. tjeorge's Avibvh—
Siauday jire-avfcmg lervicei tt II.H0 t.
to. aud 7 30 p 01, Sunday School ta
Hilda 1 laus ail 2.30 p.m., Seaior i«a-
fas oa M.sadsy evening tt 600 p.m.,
prayer tad praise service on Wcdnce-
iuy eveoiag tt 8.011, .Junior league
aerhce aa Thursday altera...* at 3.30.
A cordial weicome ii eitcnded to all
(0 alfead these sen-ices. I'astor. V.
C. ScUickier, u'tidia.e, coraer Keith
ILjti aai St. Andrew's.
; fit. -Iialin tlie Evaugeli.t, Dili and
lath stnjde : Holy communion, 8 am
Bauiaia^ prayer, ll am.; eveningprayer, 7JO p.m. On Uu firit Sunday in
lis month ikera will be a second ee
lebralioa ol Uie boly communion tt
II it. Sector, Bev. Hugh
j SI. Agues (lurch, Houlevtid -Victr,
Btr. T. E. Bosre 7.30 p.m. evensong
MT Sunday j 11 a.m. Holy Commun
in». tei Sunday ol every month.
. Tha Salvation Amy s A. Hall,
I .midair Avenue I
Sunday—II a.m., bolincsi meeting;
3 1MB., chilirto'i meeting . 7.44 p.m.,
•sfrtlioii (Basting ; Tuuadty, 8 |i m,
holiaets Meeting; Wedneedty, 4 p.m,
dutaWt meetiag; Thursday, 8 pn,,
aalralioo mm ing. t'tpltin Douglas
• ill visit any who are n<-k or jn di«-
Irass at any lime.
St. Edo.uad'1 Calholie I'liurcb, Ma
boa Avenue:  Sundays  Bass 10.80 t.
I p.m., li"
7.30 p.m.
For clearing about Forty-five Acres k
District Lot  552,   North  Vancouver.
526 Wind i
Phone 2836
Banedirtion tnd Sermou 7.30 p.
ladita Ctlbotic Church ol St.
Paul's tfaas, 7.10 a.m. Sundays. I'm
Uw, Bav. V.. Peytavto, OKI.
riimtf l/IV-IMI.K,
Noilh laonadale Presbyterian Cbureb
- Wuisbip, Suadays, 7.31/ r,m., Son-
da/ SiJwol, 2 30 p.m. B. Van Bum
ater, M.A., pastor.
it. Tboeaas, forth Unsdele-Vlcar,
Bev. T. E. Boere. 8 a.m., every Sunday ticept let Sunday in month ; 8.80
a.m , let Saaday ia month; 11 aro
HaUa l.ilany tad aermon, did and 4th
Sunday; II a.m., Holy Communion
aad aerawn, let and 3rd Sundtys.
I V A •> VAll Ky
tfaa Valley Frcsbyterisa Chunk-
WoiaVip, Suiadtys, II im, Union
Sunday School, 3.30 p.m. K. Va»
Veasstar, if .A., past-/.
fafM Valla/ Methodist Church-Be*-
rial evenr Sunday evening Is Iniii
lata Hall at 7 o'doch. Obi. tab*
fay, paato, ia eharie.
St. ImmaU'i, l.yan Valley--Vicar,
lav. T. E. Bwi. Aasislsnt I'rlcat,
Ha, H B. Haalam, BA. 7.80 p.m.,
mrnatam, every Sunday; It a.m.
kmy ammamm, let Saaday oleeaay
Ti   UBS
We SjiccialiM in Society
Printing. We carry a
itock ol Emblemi lor
moit orderi. II we have
not youn we will get it
The North Shore Pre»i
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|hir)gle Stains       Japalae Varnishes
Rnafnel Paints        wh te Lead  >iJ |
Oil|, Brushes, etc. ]A
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 IS,IU» ... l .ll'Ultw  HI      iin       '    11      n    I  /jjf-       TOWS-Wq
Patterson, Gofdie & Clark
North jVuncouv'srHvdyysre Styre  ,    „.-,,
tor is to be i)Ba»l (deseribo iufno)  'Iho
or whirh the wa
Parkdale Finest Alberta Butter ;3Qty lb,
May Flower, Spring Brook or Ayr«hir<j Ri
...   .   ._ '
5 lbs. ol good Tea
5 tbs. ol better Tea
5 lbs. of the best Tea
j 3 lbs. $1.00
Corner First Street and St. George
;     ■■,■■■■:■•, oca
will be on exhibition daily
from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the
B. C. Electric Railway Co.'s
office, 50 Lonidale Avenue
NOTICE ii hereby
plication will be mad
i "Water Act,
Th* tims at
iven that u« an
under fart V
„.,ty nn »s fqllcwa!
All that piena ol lagn pq»i»e»ci^g
,to on
I'roo Miner
(b)The  name Bl tho like, stream
or source (if iiniiaiiiisl, the description
is)-Mc('iirtnoy Create,
JeWThe  point ol divenion-About
(il)  The i|iiniility ol wiila-r   ii|i|.'licil
lor jffiJjiblejM i>er, Mepn^i^pbia
character ol Mm proi
(I)  The prermlei ;on which IM wa1
iMriet,Rl.flplth yanconysr
(g) The purpose* ft
. m the eeconil day. qf .Tune, 1
Givo tho iiiimos and addrciiei o
any mmim urnmlm ,(ir !'c*'>"»
who or whose lands are likely
» "   1
Elegant New Styles in
lor" is to lie iisciHafupiphiil piirpoiBci.
I (Mill', lor i^»%>*ibf:tbj
Innil Intended to In; irrigated, gtviAj
acreage—Not for irrigation.
.,(1) lt'th'i*l*r,n iP-frrVtifl.
power or mining purposes deeenbe tne
place whore the water is to be return
iii lo some natural channel and tha
difference in altitude between point
d|yci>ipn atid'hoiljt; o\ rejurn-Nol, lea.
tnyct hr miuife \iir\itlea,
(j) Aree, ol orown land iiitcnaoa to
In- ocejipjed ijy tjie pnjposiil wnrlfs-
Noni.   ™ "III   - ■ - «■
» da/olApntl, full, and ipplioa
tienwill be ■W.ft'^WMWsJ   "
mau. ,
lands are likely to be
lUoomd by the ptoaoyai works, either
above or MOF, Ut* m -Thomas
Aitken, Harold BroBtoli, lotirad and
Honry Hewitt, all ol Nunainio, and
V. If. Hnbum, Funny E, McCartney
mul V.. W. Miiol^'iin, all of Vancouver.
Nole-One ciiIhc loot por second
equivalent to 35.71 miners' inches.
(■ll Tho boundaries and area ol tho
municipality aro as follows:
All thai piece ol lend riiiiininiiiiiK at
a post marked 11. t. 1). sitoate on the'ily slum: ol the Will Ann pi
Hurrm-ii Inlot, lioini; tho nonh-east
court ol lot uumbsred 873 in tbe Din
trici of Haw Weelminstor; thence v.ent
iili'ina llie north boundary ol iuid lot
iiiinilioir.i till to the ii'irlh w.-st corner I ho. .-.if; tlioiu'.i if • Weitcrly di
rection to the north-oast corner ol lot
iniinlii'iiil ll.lii; thence wost ulonu the
north liuiiiiilury ol said lut numbered
'Jfiti to lho noilli-.'Mt comer ql lot
numbered 98ft situatod on Seymour
Creek; thence west along the iiortb
bouudury of laid lot numbered 981, to
the north-wcet corner ol .-uul lot;
llione in a westerly direction lo the
iiorllioiwt corner »l lot numbered 875;
thenee weet nla.ii^ Iho north lomidui-
1011 ot loll numliered 876 and S7-I end
a lino produced to tho interscc'.ion ol
tlie coast lino on ilowe Sound , thiiice
southerly along the coaVt lips l?p.oifit
Atkinson ; thenee eaet along lho ro.iil
line and north shore ol Hurrurd Inlet
to a point in ths south-west corner ol
lol numbered 273 ;• thence n< rtl, i.long
tho weet boundary ol snid lot io the
norlli-wiwt corner; thence elong
Ihe north boundary ol said'lul numbered 'Hi and lot numbered Hi to the
north-cast corner ol laid lot iunilm-
tt\ Til j Uionce louth along thc eait
Imi ii i.i ui y of laid lot In '-he im .■ruction ol the shore lis#; tbaice eaaterly
ihe ssid shore lino lo Roche
northerly along the
sreet shore ol the North Arm ol llurrard Inl.-i aforesaid to point ol com'
nii-iici'iiii'iii, and containing one hundred s'luaie miles, more or less;
(rj   Approsiiiintelv the nummr r,f ,n
hiiliit.nils is 1600.
.IOHK 0. FtJWKli,
o. v.«:.   so»
Priced to save dollars for
you and build trade (or us.
'    $10 to $35
See them and you will want
to pee how you look in them.
Try them on-then you'll want
to own one, They are extraordinary values, as you'll realize
when you see them.
113-115 Lonadale Avenue.
Point ;   thence
(Signal I
i ..THB
Price 25 cente
Per Box.
Wf have
jm^receivad tlie following:
NOTICE is hereby given that an up*
plication will be made under 1'arl V.
of the ''Water Aot, 1909," to obtain
a licence in the District ol North Vancouver, Group, 1, New fsetminster,.
(now Vancouver) district.
(a) )1ie name, address and orcupat
lion oi ths applicant Tin- i',,i,)
tion ol the District of North Ihi-i.ii-
(II for mining pirposee) Free Min"'
air's I'srlilicule >.,,.
(b) ylie name ol the lake, stream or
source (il unnemae, lie description ie)
'reck running through District lot
6'11 anil crossing Keith Itond about ll)
chains West of east Iwundtry of tail)
District Lot.
c)  IK point of ilivei.ion   In   Ilia- Un 6'2-2 at or about 10
north ol the Keith lioarj.
(d) %i quantity /jf fater applied
lor (iu cubic feet per second) 1 culnf!
'eel per aecond.
(el tlie character oi tho proposef
works refoodaa dan and intake.
(I) Ipe premises on wbich the war
ter ii U be used .(describe sanpfrTbf
Disli)c| i,l Nc,rlh Vancouver.
(g) iflie pyrpoeee lor which tho water li lav lw used—Mtfl^cfpii) puipodC*.
(hi If (or irrigation ilcscnlio llif
land iaimidcd to lie irrigaled, giving
acrcag4t-Not for Irrigation.
(i) If the water il to be Used Ins;
power air mining purpoiei ijescrilw tin
place finiij Ihe »atvr ia to lie retui*
ed to Uome,natural channel,, and lllf
differuaeo in altitude between point 4
divert!: s and point of return—Not b*
< >r mining purposes.
I to
. thenoe in a westerly direi,
to the liDith-eiist corner ol lot mini
beret) tj|$j tbtwoe west along ths north
bquiidary nl said lot niimbored 95fi to
the ,iRrtl|-i)iis|, corner of lot numbered
086 situMail qn . Seymour Creek ;
llionco west along the norlh boundiuy
westerly  direction   to the  north-east
the Brackman-Ker Milling Co., ltd.
LON3IMM& AvkMlt.        AJ fatty Landing.
■^MfaLP^ilWli ■ i i
' ibe north-«ss
lot numbered 876; thenne
tngrtli bW|4urips ol ImU
and 871 mid a lino produced to tbo Intersection ol tho const
lins qn Howe Sound; tin neo southerly fatallT JW mi liM i» Pflint >t-
kinsiin; niejeayoost *ViiVf the c Wt
lino and nuWshuio'flf H|)rr«fd l)|-4(
to a point in tho so,pth-we»t> ocflio.-
!p('|ot niluiMred Im (htliiee aqrlh
along the W hpww&rjT.)! a.iW I.-i
to the north-west corner; thence oust
along the north, boundary ol en'd lot
niimbored- 073 and lot numbered '111
In the north-east cunicr nl laid lot
numbered 373 ; thence south along tlie
east boundary nl laid lot to the in-
tersoctiiii 4 the ih ro - l-ii ■; thms
fa.illirly. iiUig the said ih'io lino to
«6fliB Fd'ibl; 'lUneo noriberly ahm i
the went ejiore qf tho N.,nh Aim ol
Hiirnmi inlet elpwald to ppjnt*'iTf'r'>!-.
mu oiiM«)uiifl »jj4 , epiituining  mm
m ..
hundred sqiiaro miles, more nrless;
(r) AppruximaWy the number ol in-  I
habitanls il 1(00.
(Slgj'ed) THE OOlU'OHAflPtf; OF *q1
1 pii iiiaTiilpr bt foHTft
ilOHN'.O. iau:
Notary I'nhli"
l.niinii,  Inyestnients   and   Insuranee.
Boom 207, 684 Granville St., Vapoou-
ver, 11. C. I'bone 8309. Land ijcgia- :
try work » spoeially.
sions in North Vancouver City
Fronting qn Grind Boulevard in Blocb 220 and 227
Alio LoU ip Block 230, Fronting on Grand Boulevard
and LoU in Block 232a, —r~ ^,^^-r-
siin .!!   JViti nUI,.imia IHW minm H ' i I ■■     ii '     '
J. .
on, McFarlond & Procter, Limited
Cor. Pendetand Sepotir St$,, VaBcouver, B. C.    Phone 6286
'"  ' -i   ' '
mmmmmm akin,
Real fiutate and fire Insurance Agent*
AgreemenU for Sale Bought and Sold
Loans Negotiated, RenU Collected
Choice Properties for Sale in All Parti, of the City
Phone 173 ;      62 Lon*d&le Ave, P. O. Box 72
North Vancouver City
„.SWi»iiiiaii,sii.~a^.«n      J"   ' "■
LARGE LOTS, 50 ft. x 147 ft.
Cleared, Ready for Building =
In Blocks 15,  15a, 16 and 16a. P. L. 550.
"     ''I    !"■  "    ■ " '     ■ '-■■——"    ■■' ■ '
Prices; Inside Lots, $750 to $1000 according to
Double corners,   $1900  to  $2200.
In Bkks 9 and 9a.   Prices: Inside Lots, $600.
Double Corners, $1500.
Terms: 1A Cash, Balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
ACREAGE in D. L. 546 and 550
Mlbdividec) into blocks of from I to 4 or more
acres, Prices per acre, from $20Q0 to $3250
Terms: 1A Cash, Balance 6, 12,18 & 24 months
"    r
'      ♦
The Grand Boulevard extends through this property
i. ii.n ii
"      ''
-■m-n* 'i   Iwu.      .1   I.I  -~r   ■»' '■   •-«
The North Vancouver Land and
I j
any, !St
The Silverware of the Century, which Quality
has   Popularised   Throughout  the   Dominion
It'll the homo silverware ol K'nnada—munuluoturod on Canadian
soil, by one ol the oldest and most reputable Canadian limn.
When considering Ibo cltublishmonf ol a lam ily pattern in silverware, ron.cmi.or thut "IIIRrJS" gives you every'opportunity to
do so c. iy, ami at prions   wilb   which only the muuufuc-
luiei   'dill  .'.''""H.m. .1 Hi.  llll!  puii-lia.-er.        I'll,,line    the   pattern     >'""
lavor, then, hy buying one or more pieces at a timo tho heavy expense of purchasing a lomploto service at ono time is .......I..I
We huvo always on bend Iho nowost und buudsomest li..." in
'.'.'il'liii, and proscnt.ili ,n s.lver. Whul moro appropriate i iti
".'"I'I yuu l.e.iuv. upon a In i'i" ih..ii a piece ol I hiu superior iil-
vor. ll v.,.iii,l l.o a wo.thy gill, a gilt which could he bunded
down iIn..iiili tho generations as a memento ol (bul huppy Iniii,,I
duy, away in tho sliadnvve o| the pult.
bice our silver, ii will plea ■ you—purchaso il and you will receive satisfaction.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Goo. K. Trorcy,
Managing Inreetor
Juwolcrs ami Silversmiths
Hastings & Granville Sts.
Corner Lonsdule and Second.
Phone 253
WE have received a large consignment of Ladies Shirt WaitU, in
all sizes and stylet, and claim that for
value such an assortment has never
been shown in North Vancouver. A
leading feature amongst these is our
special DOLLAR waist, both in white
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convince you we can defy all d» 1
competition. All sizes to 42 inch.   *P *
The Place Where Everybody Goes
Gem Theatre
t Good Pictures  Good Singing
P::: :::  Good Music  ::: :::
Programme changed  Monday, Wednesday and  Friday.
Adults 10c *^£S;** ChUdren 5c
M it     every   Sulurduy 2,30 o'clock
Skcdni. SiKHgt.   ....   NORTH   VANCOUVER. 15. C
The Gurney-Oxford Steel Top Range
means t maikc.d saving  in
luel and lie-lU'i baking results.
only docs ils work RKTTER
but AT LESS C0ST than
other Ranges..
'    T-rJ	
Wc can'dciii^iislrale to you
the whole Superior Chancellor pr|ni(ipal of economy
and efficiency in ten minutes.
Is it not worth that much
ol your time right now ?
The J, Di Fraser Hardware Co.
Phm 56.   , Wlmto,Amm>.
Rails:   $i.t>o   i-i   ami   up.   Special fates to funiilics
and   lo ii col ii    i inni di i i
Louis Joseph Vance
t, 1908 br Hu Bobbi-Mtrrlll Go.
llnlihs. I think (bit my uiibnppluess
bad as mucb to do wltb my father'*
Insistence on tbe change as anything.
He wae very thoughtful moit of tbt
Klrkwood shut bli teetb an wbtt be
knew of the blackguard.
"I' don't know wby," ibl continued,
wholly without ulTectatloo, "but 1 wu
wretched from llie moment you left
me In llie cab to wait'while yon went
In to see Mra Hallam. And when we
left you nt Heriiiimilsey Old Btalrs,
after what you bad said to me, I felt -
I hardly know what to say-abandoned
In a way,"
"Uut you were wltb your father, In
bli care."
"1 know, but I wai getting confused. Until tben the excitement bad
kept mc from thinking. But yon made
me think. I begun to wonder, to question Hut what could I dot" Sbe signified tier helplessness wltb a quick
and diilmy movement of her lunula
"Ue is my father, and I'm not yet of
age, you know."
"I thought so." he confessed, troubled "It'i very Inconsiderate of you,
you must odmlt"
"I don't understand."
"Because of ilic legal complication
I've no doubt your futlier can 'have
the law on mc'" Klrkwood laughed
uneasily-"fur inking you from Ids
"Protection!" She echoed warmly
"If you call it thai I"
"Klilniiplng," he snid thoughtfully
"I presume that'll ho tin; clpirgc "
"Oh!" Mi, laughed tbe notion to
scorn "Besides, ihcy must catch us
Brsi, mustn't ihcyV"
"Of course, and" with a simulation
of confidence sadly fleceltful-'tbey
shan't. Mr lioblis lo the contrary not-
"Vim make mc share your continence
against my belter Judgment."
"I wish your belter Judgment would
counsel you to share your coulldcuce
with inc." he caught DM up "It you
-.■...ii at only I. ta me whul It's ull shout,
us far us you know, I'd be belter utile
to ligurr oui whul we ought to do"
BHIEFI.Y (he girl sal silent, star
ing before ber wltb sweet,
sunibei eyes. linn. "In llie
very beginning." ibe lold lilm.
nilh a conscious luugli -"ibis sounds
story booltish. I kuow-lu Ibe ver)
beginning tieorge burgoyne Culeudur,
un Amerleail, married bis cousin a
dozen times removed aud au Kugllsb-
woman, Alice Hurgoyuc Hullaui."
"Wall, please." She sal up, In-mllng
i"i wurd uud frowning dowu upoulier
Interlacing gloved lingers. She was
llndiug ll iliiin nit to say what sbe
must. Klrkwood, watching hungrily
lite fair drooping bead. Ibe lluivless
piullle clear und rndlnul against the
tilghi lilm ki'tied window, saw but nig
uuls of i.liiinie burulng ou ber cbeek
and ihiii.ii uud forehead.
"But never mind," be beguu uwk
"No," she lold blm. wltb decision.
"I'lcase let me go on." Sbe continued,
stumbling, trusting to bis sympathy io
bridge the gups In her narrative. "My
fui her there was trouble of some sort
-el oil eveole. be disappeared when I
WUS a  Imli)      Ml   in.illu-r   illeil      1 WU
reared lu ibe borne of iny great-uuele,
I'ni.jiiei Oeorge Burgoyne of tbe Indian army, retired. My mother bad
been bli favorite niece, (bey say. 1
presume dial wus why be cared for
mc. I grew up in bis borne In Cornwall, it was my borne. Just ou he wu
my father In everything bul fact
"A year ago be died, leaving me
everything the town house lit Frog-
nail etreet. bia estate lo Cornwall.
Everything was willed to toe on condition that 1 muit never live wltb my
father nor lo any way contribute lo
bis support. If I disobeyed, tbe entire
estate without reserve wu lo go to bli
nearest of kin. Colonel Hurgoyuc was
iiniinii i I'-d end bad no children."
Thc girl i.11 used, lifting to Kirk
wood's face ber eyes, clear, fearless,
truthful "I never wai given to un-
derstaud tbat there wu anybody who
might have Inherited other than myself," ebe declared.   ' t -   •
"I ue.''
"! week I received a letter, signed
wilh my fatber'a name, begging me to
appoint |n Interview wltb blm lu London. J did so-yueu bow gladly! I
wu alone In Ihe world, and he uu/
father, whom I liaj) never thought to
ice. We met at his hotel, the I'lcas.
lie wanted me to come and live wltb
him; said tbat ho wu growing old
aud lonely aud needed a daughter's
love and care. He told me that he
bad nude a fortune In America and
was amply able to provldVtor ui both.
As for my Inheritance, he persuaded
me Hint II wus by right Ihe property
of Frederick Hallam, Mrs. Hallam'a
i'i have met the young gentleman,"
Interpolated Klrkwood.
"ills name waa new to me, but my
Get it at tho I,onadoJo tb..   .
■     lew^pmt. f Hoan   ft.
I a
■      'I'T
father admired me Hun If wns tbe
neit of kill menu..tied lu I'nl.mcl Hur-
gnyne's will anil .-i.nilined mc that I
bad no real rl;hi lu I tn* property.
After all, he wim my fm Iht I ngreejl.
I could mil hear the ihiiuflil of wronging anybody I wus lu give up everything but my mother's Jewels. It
seems my father said-1 don't-1 can't
believe It now''-
8be choked oul a Utile, dry sob, It
was some time before she seemed able
lo continue.
"| wai told tbat my grcui-unclc'i
collection of Jewels bad been my mother's property. Be bad In life a paa-
I'lini for collecting Jewell, and It bad
been his whim lo carry them with blm
•wherever be went. When be died In
Frognall street they were In the sufe
by the head of bis bed. I, In my grief,
at lirst forgot tbem and then afterward carelessly put off removing tbem.
"To come back to my father, nlgbt
before laat we were to call on Un.
nullum It wu to be our laat nlgbt
In England. We were to ull for tbe
continent on the private yacbt of a
friend of my father's tbc next morning. This ll what I wu told and believed, you understand.
"That nlgbt Ure. Hallam wu dining
at another table at Pleu, It seems.
I did not tben know ber. Wben leaving ibe put a note on our table by my
father's elbow. I wu astonished beyond words. He ieemed mucb agitated, told me that he wu called
iway en urgent business, a matter of
life and death, and begged me to go
alone to Frognall street, get the Jewell and meet blm at Mrs. Hallam'i
luter. I wasn't altogether a fool, (or
I began dimly to suspect then that
something wu wrong, but I wu a
fool, for I consented to do U be de
sired. You undentand-you know"-
"I do, Indeed," replied Klrkwood
grimly. "I understand a lot of things
now tbat I didn't ave minutee ago.
Please let me tblnk."
But the time be took for deliberation wu abort He bid hoped to And
a way to ipare her by sparing Calendar, lint momentarily be wu becoming more Impresaed with tba futility
of dealing with ber uve In terms of
candor merciful, Ihough tbey might
teem harsh.
"I muat tell you," he said, "tbat you
have been outrageously misled, swindled and deceived. I bsve beard from
your father's own lips that Mrs. Hal-
Ism wu to pay hi in £2.000 for keeping yon out of England and losing you
your Inheritance. I'm Inclined to question, furthermore, m» ssaertalon tbat
these Jewels were your mother's.
Frederick Hsilam wu the man who
followed you Into the Frognall atreet
house and attacked me on tbe stairs.
Mn. Hallam admits tbat be went
there to get tbe Jewels. But be didn't
want enybody to know It"
"But tbst doean't prove"-
"Just a minute." fiapldly and con
claely Klrkwood recounted the events
wherein ha bad played a part subsequent to the adventure of Bcrmoudsey
Old Stairs. He wu guilty of but one
evasion. On ouc point only'did he
•lur tbe truth. He conceived It bli
honorable duty to keep the girl In Ig
luiiniiie of his straitened clrcuiu
stances. She nu not to be distressed
by kuowledge of hie dlstreu, nor could
he tolerate tbe suggestion of seeming
lo plsy for her sympathy. It wu necessary, tbeu. lo invent a motive to excuse tils return to No. V Frognall street
I believe be chose lo exaggerate tbe in
ijulslilvencss of hia nature aud threw
lu for good measure a desire lo recover a prised trinket of oo particular
moment, esteemed for lu auoclutious,
and so forth But whatever (be fab
rlcatlon, it passed muster. To the girl
bia motives seemed lew important
than Ihe discoveries tbat resulted from
"I am afraid." be concluded tbc summary of the confabulation he had overheard at tbe skylight of the Alethea'a
cabin, "you'd best make up your mind
tbat your futher"
"Yea," whispered the girl huskily
and turned ber face to tbe window, a
quivering muscle la tbe llrm yonng
throat alone betreylng ber emotion.
"It's a bad business," be pursued relentlessly "bad all round. Mulready,
h) your fatber'a nay, tries to hsve bin
arrested, tbe better to rob Um. Mrt.
Hsllsm. tp secure your property (or
that precious pet Freddie, connives at
If abe doesn't Instigate a kidnaping.
Yoni father takes ber money to deprive you of yours, wbich could profit
blm nothing ao long u yon remained
In lawful possession of It snd st th*
same time be conspires to rob, I hrougb
you, the rightful owners, If they are
rightful owners.   Aai, If they an,
a should Freddie Hsilam go Ilk* s
lo Um night to secure property
that's bia beyond, dispute? 1 don't
really tblnk you ow* your father say
further consideration."
He waited patienOy, Eventually
"No-ol" ibe girl sobbed assent
"It's tbii wsy: Calendar, counting
qn your sparing blm in the end. la go-
Sto hound ui He's doing ll now.
tire's Hobbe In die next car, (or
proof. Until these Jowcis are returned,
whether to Frognsll street or to f
Hsllsm, wo're both to danger,
thieves lo the eight of the l*w.
your father knows that too. TbereTi
no profit to be bad by discounting ths
temper of these people. They're u
desperate a gsng of swindlers u ever
lived. They'll have those jewels If
tbey bsve to go u far u murder"-
"Mr. Klrkwood." sbo deprecated Is
Be wagged bia bead stubbornly, ominously. "I've seeu tbem In tba raw.
They're hot on our trail now. Ten to
one they'll be on our backs before wi
csn get across tbe channel. One* In
England we will bo comparatively
sufe. Until tben-but I'm s in nn- I'm
frightening youl"
"You are, dreadfully," abe confeaaed
In a tremulous voice.
"Forgive me.   If you look at tbe
lark Side lirst, the other seems all tbe
brighter, incase don't worry. We'll
pu|l through wltb Dy|ng colors or my
name's not l'hilip Klrkwood."
"I bave every faltb In you," abo informed blm, flawlessly sincere. "Wben
I tblnk of ull you've done and dared
for mc, on tbe mere suspicion that I
needed your help" -
"We'd best be getting' ready," h* Interrupted hastily.   "Here'* Bruaaeli."
tt wu io. Light*, In little clusters
and long, wheeling lines, were leaping
out of tbe darkness and flushing back
aa tbo train rumbled through tbe suburbs of tbe little Carls of tbe north.
Already tbe other passengers were be-
■lining ibemsclves, gathering together
wraps and band luggage and preparing
for Ibe Journey's end.
Itlslug, Klrkwood took down their
two satchels from tbe overhead rack
and waited, lo grim abstraction plan-
pupiiic service m
The qualifying examinations lur
thinl-olas* Clerks. Junior Clerks and
Slenogrwhprs will bo held ut tho following places, commencing on ¥on- '
day, the 3rd July next, :-Arinstrong,
ClnlUwaek, Cumberland, Gpldcc,
Grand Porks, Komloops, Kaslo, Kol-
owna, Ladyswitb, Naunimo, Nelson,
Now Weetmiuster, North Vancouver,
Peachland, UuvoJetoVo, Bosilopd, Su'"
nion inn, Sununerland, Vancouver,
Vernon and Victoria.
Candidates must be British subjects
between the sgee ol 21 and 90, if for
Third-ciass Clerks; and between IB an4
31, il lor Junior Clerks or Stenographers.
Applications will not be accepted il
received later than the 161b ol Juno
Further information, together with
application forms, may be obtained
Irom the undersigned.
Registrar, l'uhlic .Service.
Viotoria. B. C, U7ih April, 1'Jll.lli-ii
NOTICE is hereby given that all vacant Cruwn lands not already under
reserve, situated within the boundaries ol the I .nnd Recording Districts of
Cariboo und I.illoool, und lho Kaiu-
loops Division ol Yale Land Bccunk.
ing District, are reserved Iroin sny
alienation undor Iho "Laud A.I" except hy pre-emption.
Deputy Minister ol Lands.
Depallliienl   ul  l.ntiil-i.
Victorio, B. C, April 3rd, lull.  7-6
Be tiffed At* full and bowed jaunttlu
nlng and counter planning against tbe
mochlnntloits In whou wUe* I hey two
had become ao perilously entangled.
1'rliunrlly there wu Hobbe to be
dealt with uo cuy task, for Klrkwood dared not resort to violence nor
In any way Invite tba attention of tbe
authorities, and threats wonld be an
Idle wute of breath In the caw of
tbat corrupt and malignant lit tie cock
ney, himself u keen u say needle,
adept lo sh tbe artful resources of tbc
underworld whence be bsd aprung,
and'further primed lor action by tbat
master rogue, Cslendsr.
Tbe train wu pulling slowly Into
tbe elation wben he reluctantly abau
doncd bia latest unfeasible scheme for
•biking off tbe little Kugllsbinau and
concluded that their salvation wu
only to be worked ont through everlasting vigilance, Incessant movement
•nd lb* favor of tb* blind goddess
lie uw nothing ol Hobbe u tbey
alighted and huteued (rom th* eta
lion and hardly bad time to waste'
looking (or blm since their train bed
failed to make up lb* precious ten
minute*. Consequently be dismissed
tbe fellow from bia thoughts until
wltb Brussels lingering in tbelr mem
cries a garish vision of brilliant
street* and glowing cafe*, glimpsed
furtively from their cob window* dur
Ing lu wild dub over the broad mid
city boulevards st midnight tbey set
lied themselves In a carriage of ibe
Bruges express. Tbey Were speeding
along Ibiougb the open country wilb
a oolsy clatter: then a minute's Investigation sufficed to discover tbe mate
of the Aletbea serenely ensconced In
Um coach behind
The little msn seemed rarely complacent and Impudently greeted Kirk
wood'* scowling v|**|* u. ths latter
peered through Uw window In the
roacb door, with * smirk sod a wog-
glsh wave of hia band. Tb* American
by main etrengib of will power maa-
tored aa Impulae to enter and wring
bis neck snd returned to the gtrl more
disturbed than be cared U) loot .bar
(roa bl* f»vi
Ono  nl*n far ont'
' m •-— 1
.      NOTICE
PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby giveu
that, undor tho authority contained
in i,.vt inn 131 oi lho "Laud Act," a
regulation has beeu approved liy tho
I ieilleiiilnl Um,in..I in Council lining
tho minimum aale pricea of first and
liec.inil elns.-i Inn.I:, at $10 and |o per
aero, respectively.
This regulation lurther provides tbat
the prices fixed therein shall apply lo
nil lauds wilh reaped lo which llio application lo purchase is given luvuUr-
eblo i "ii .oil i ei ii.a niter this dnte, notwithstanding lho dalo ol auch application or any delay thai may neve
occurred in ths couaideratiun ol the
Further notice is hereby given that
all persons who have pending applications to purchase lands under Ibe provisions of sed ii mi. .'II ur 3G ol Ihe
"Land Act" and who are not willing
to complete sucb purohssoi under tho
prices fixed by tho aforesaid rcgulgtion
shall be at liberty to withdraw such
applications and receive refund ol the
moneys doposited on account ol such
Minister ul Lands.
I).') an it men t  ol I amis.
Victoria, B. C, April 3rd. IUII.   /-6
Angus J. Cameron
AM.IE  It 8.
Irrigation, drainago, lovols, plans
and specifications. Septic Lanka and
house drainage a specialty. P. Q,
Box 244, lilb street weet of Bewioke
The A. Farro
126 2nd St yip*
When you deal at the A. Fair.. Oro-
cory you get exactly what you ask lor
at right pries.
Special Attention!
We carry a oompiete Use 4 Oro-
Banbury k Evan* Bread 33 lor ll.QQ
tw w
North Vancouver
Coal m4 Supply Co*
Dealers jo Cosl, Brick.
Sand,   Gravel,   lime, .
Cement   sad   General
Builders  Suooliea.
V" rv"     J7CT|PJ*TrriTr
All  Orders   tfromptly
Filled and Satisfaction
Guaranted.   prices /m
OAcfK bwdssle, mt Qui WfW
rfrr&tr^^r* rWrFFrTrTj   Wfllrff' RIGHT
hptmOaiM M—
the; express, north Vancouver, b, c,
WANTEIwlrooliy  liens   and   live
low). I'ieli Market, let street west.
f^NTBD-Bopm, with or without
bourd lor gentium."), Apply, f, W;
Kiprees Oftee.  M
WANTElMfnung girl to help with
o»re ol baby during the day. .1. I'.',
Ksprese Offloe, 	
WANTED—Youug lady having eomu
eiperienoe in grocery liusiiiesa. A.
Km ru, Second atreet wcel. U-ft
" VfANTED-ltelioble |Hirsnn
entire charge ul, 13
girl. .Si.ii.i terma, A.
FOR (liKNT-Oesirable mums, bath,
southern espoBiire, forge yard. Holer-
ences, 3'ifl 2nd sliced, oust. Wi
TO HKNT—ft-roomed house, oloso to
ferry. Knniituro for sale cheep, Low
unit and lease one yeni. J. Mcllwnine
IM Third slreot east. 0.8
to take
im 111 lie.
S„  K.x-
•lapanose woman wants work, wu.-h-
ing, etc., 18th street oust. I'. 0. Hox
80. Telephone oil, from 7 to II p.m.
WANTKH-Young girl or elderly woman lo help with two children, (iood
home, good Wages, Harrow-Union, rit.
George ..lin-i, lietweoa 1:1th und Uth.
LOST—April Slid between Lmisilnlo
Ave. and l.ynn Vulley rar lini, lnn
und while spaniel bitch, aged, at. of. (If
no use except to owner as n pet, lie-
wanl fur return. 'JI8 Second Avinue,
Norlh Vanoouver. phone 'Jflti. IS-'
' FOUND- -On Muhon Ave, End r Pun-
duy, a brown fur. Apply 'ID filli
street weet, '1-5
,1. L'eutet and North Lonsdale
EUer Murray Co. fire ineurunco.
DltESHMAKINti-Mrs, G. I'indlny,
ladies' and children's dre-sniuker, du
Bires work by tlie day. Terms model
ate. Cere Mrs. A. Mill, Bo« IW, N.
Vanoouver. u0
Got   it at  the Lonsdule I'hiirmury.
corner 8th and Lonsdale. I 1 311. ti
brewer1! XL Bread, he p.r loaf, fui
weight, lo be hud oni) from llitehle
the hp-to-ilute llr.ii'er, 3nli l'"ii-si itrijcl
' FOH   llALE -Six   hivee   of  bees
cheap.    Apply, Bun.ll,  Lynn Veil y. |
U-ft I
l.erge swoel Navel Oranges, 'J.'ic per
dona at the Up-to-date Grocery, Ml
First street eust. ''
II. ('. Iliii'.iiiiniiiii ■' Sill jusl ricei'-'
i«l their new fount uin and are r-i'idy
to serve ice rri.'.iin und soft drinks ol
ull kinds, Lonsdale Ave., near Six.ii
slreot. -' -li
ftU-lt. lot on Hoiilevaril, North Lous-
dale, |8U0; 'i'i ll. lot one block Iron,
oar line, ItMI. See .1. Mt'Ilw.iine, 15'.'
3rd street, Norlb Vanoouver.       W-ft
I'm.■   Milk   und   Cream   delivered,
Lynn Vulley Dairy, liti Lonsdule.   l:l.".
K/gys, -.'.'..■ per do/ell nt the I p
Groeery,   3M   First     Street
United id,at, h .i of l',,rpint'i'
ami iluinera ol America. Loral No.
11115. Ileiiilipilii'teis for both *• oilmen seeking employment ml r n'rnil-
ors a....In. men, nl I'linun n:'s' .Voce,
Lonsdale Avenue, Ihis.n-rs ae n '.-
hours 8.IKI lo 8.811 and fi In
p.m.   .1. II. Tlinin, business ugtrnt. if
Heal nice business in Norlh Vun mi
vsr for immediate side, alio'.I iHtyinti
required. Apply, ,1. Mcllwnine, lh'2
3rd struet, North Vancouver. h'i-h
FOH SALE—Six room house mul
large burn on | acre, lluvul ltoud.
11,70(1 iei in.- Apply llurrill, Lynn Vul
ley. M
Clocks,   Jewelry, sir
M.i..-le.|" a gone oul
price lor the lol. I
Third atreet fust
stock,  Watches,
, mine   liMuics.
ol lusiuus. II .ii
Mcllwnine,   103
Partly lumiehud l-rouui l.nii-e b..ut
-Price IIA0. Apply N. Is.* Mlg. Co.,
Kaplanade East. '.'-ft
FOH SALI'.-Lot. Msllio in new subdivision Illock 63, II I, 'lOtil, Ir.uii
137ft. Apply owner, llurrill, Lynn Vul
ley. U-fi
Itooms 10 and II, Pender fn.uuliers,
ft33 Pender Street W,      Phone 3451
Residence,   tor:   I onidsls   Ae   an I
Wild itreet, Noith  Vancouver.
District oi North Vancouve/
Applicnliolis by letter will lie ic.ii -
iii by the umleisigii.d for il.ep.,.-,i ou
ol ltoud Sii|ieriiilenileiil. Applicants
"laic experience in clearing, iiadn:,
inavadamiiillgi and general ni I'H'pal
construction Work, ineludin lini. -
keeping und costing. Salary --.I'i p.r
.niiiN u. cosGitovi;,
Diilricl I.ii in i<
P. O. II. ,x 53,
North Vuiii'.iiiii      I'.
At 'Ihe police commissioners inciting hold this m. amine il wns iliviilui
to give Chief Daviee lho uiitliorily l.
securo a eoiniHitunt Bleiloi}raphe? for
eiiiii t and office work inimudiutoly us
the wink which of ,ale hud d?volyud
upon the eity plork hail In on such us
to keep him frum his other I'.uths.
Colli. .Ineksoii maile a rocoinnionilu-
lion to lie- I'lt'i'i'i ill.I Ihe f'liii'l
be insl moled to nsi'orliil|i wholh. r th
men on the force were skilled ill lb
ubu of llie nervine rovolvor, No liloo.l
thirsty motive prompted Mr. .Ii.o'i
soli's reeoinnienduliiiu, lint il wus fa-
I her linn ol mercy nB s.imu ol the of
lieers wlten riillinl up n to doitivy  n
i.i. am animal hud in i. ,'t li. r
shambles of llie u%ir. Mr. Muc'.bi.ii
also i-i'.'oiiiin.-uil.'d Hi,.I Mr, l.ui'son':
lioonie lie exniiiinii.l to useerlain who-
I luir them ii clause embodied
I herein allowing him In hell 1i.pi.ii it.
wliulisule iptenlilics. Altec loir,,
consideration un llie purl uf llie m...t
iug il wus decided ihis >y,iB u
in,,; i.-i more lor Ihe lieeiiBe I'oiuin s
The Chief uskid leave ol uli.-eni'u im
Wednesday, Tlnnedey uud Friday 0
next week in order to ie ulile to ut
lend the Grand Lodge of tlie Knigh'i
if Pythias ul Kiimluupd. Thii
tlm I'linuiiissiiin hud (jriut plea
sun.' in u'ldintiiij the Chief, the inuy..
ree..lnii)tii.|iii)j him lo luku ulullj hi.
ishini; rot) niul some angle wprms..
The report ol the Chi.I wa" th t
read lor the monlh .1 April as I I
lows :
I'ompl.iilits r,euivi-.l uml ulteinlid
51, reports ol' romlulilis Ii7, pla.ivo.
business found open after li.ui> I'
. n pliriee lor inissinj pels, iin 1, pro
pn-ly reported Imt V, projl m fun.
ii, lires attended In -', Iinildn.s w.lh
..ui permits reported lu inspei oi I
wulTunls aM'-ai'.il I. still in n>'es Her
nl 2, report.-, of sir el liahls no
liurning 3. tin- person »..
lukcii lo llie asylum. L.'.rony r.p.ri
II. Tlie Inllowinj ei.ei's weie lnuid in
Ihe police court : ussniill I, d. nil I <l
ti. drunk and inou'puUo 18, ilefi .'. in
ileii'iil exposure I, broach nf sire
hatha' I'fijiiluiiiiu' Inl iw I. sipp'yin
..I ilruiri for ab..rii> ii I. -uppliiiu  I.
Ipllir   111   III.III.I..-   I.   I I   ,'U'a.   ■ I   .n.l ui.11
bile regain! inn, ml   I.i. a.r ney ll
Complete Sprutiny pi tho Fw Pom-
PSPylS A.'fyi''8 !" 'i'"''0 T'luco
The i.ia. tim of Iho rutopaynre held
in tho cily hui) lust evening was not
over-attended owing to tho fuel 6l a
number ol the mumliers not receiving
tlunr notices, although these had boon
pu. on Monday.
Mr, II. 0. Wright, called attention
lo the wretched postal service.
A general discussion on tho subject
Mlo'.ved ami Mr. 0. II. Monlen on
lielialf nl flie Itnurd of Trndo said
lhal Ihe poKtniaslci.'. iu a roc.nt Con-
vi'idulioil hud pointi.l out thnt the
fail I wus ii-at his but that thc inolli
■"y of Ihe uin'.-riiinilll
pi'evinl.d hn (the po.itmiiBler) Ir.nn
giving a p.iHliil servieu wniTi|iileil by
ft i iiiwiii.; cily such as North Vnne.iU-
also ih .1 the Hoard of Trade hi.I
pussoil a sli'ung ' risoliilion nrxni'ly
ineMiiliiiij llie nei'i'.-sily of eoiis'di.'iu
linn in t li h matter by thst department
at Ottawa mi ueciiiinl ol the proxim
|lj of Vniiioiiv.r IhofO wns litth
ellunco nf llie revinni' of the locul of-
lide iinrrnsiue: In uny greal exluit in-
til bettor luiililies weie offorel lording post ollice business on lho Nu ih
ilttin. I., the small alieiiilau e Ih
chief businoii ol iho evening which w a
ihe preventing nl two very strong re
solution! with regard lo the l'Vr,y
Co. Wire post polled until a mi" iin.'I.
he held ii-vi week, Thi
snd us follow.- :
"'llial ih  view nf Ihn l.u-i ill
.i-,' of notion adoplcd by the ferr
lireclors hus impuirutl  llie e i.i.leu
if the rulepayers in ihe mnnngimmi
if ihe firry cninpuny   t is rcspectlull)
aoV'il b.i  ihis meeiinu ih I no   slop.
I..   I. Ion lo raise money fur the pur*
',,-.' of build u. n nuw h",.i in.til s .ue
Li'in Ii is Iki'ii taken lo ro I'.ie thii
Garden Tools
Our spring shipment has
just arrived from the factory, consisting of Rakes,
Spades, Shovels, Spading
forks, Manure Forts, Potato Hooks, etc, The above
are all full strapped and
first grade. Drop in and
look them over.
'Hi SO
111.    fe
I lhal  'li iiew
public 'i.i'.-i n;
a lira'  lii.i'u
a-. . ail     . II   th
in. ..      '..l     h
.   I .' e  expend .1
met and in Mew
ih I
Fruil ami candy store and ice cream
parlor, real nice business lor lady,
cash required, |000. See I. Mellwmn.
IW 3rd slrisil, Nurlh Vsneouver. 3311
11' I.    Lettuce   lor
Keens, 15th struet..
C.   K
"Ths Kioll, iii,h view lute, two
blocks Irom l.onnluh- ear, I. it view
in North Lonsdale, only 467ft, u..
|>aynieiiti. These are selling, So get
buiy if you wuot to eerurs one. Apply; .1. Mcllwaine, 163, 3rd si, North
Vaneouvsr. 33-5
l.diim  Esprees t
Sir,  Tin- oih -I i
i.nial in my  hllei
I'ondili.iu   nl   fhe
e.ina-l.iy       Ia'I'
I here inusl h.ivi   I.
da   ...   uy'  li<
..nd   pmlii ul. i
I here it  no Im
animals frum v
i ml d'.iin; ii.■
|,i\,     llld >i    llll
are mil.   „ t. t
■ \  ia..-I'   I'
all!nail  i.i  wl life*, bul   ih'-i
wh ih I
Diitrict ol North Vancouver
Sumrl Hoy Wuulod, able to write
ihoiliiiinil and aceiiitaanuaJ lo oftic.
Wi,ii. Ilppiiiluuity for in in. nn pu
pil. Apply Diitrict Engineer's nfli e,
l''.spliiiiadi',  Nol Ih   Vancuuver. 1i-5 !
pp. ,.i
e   ,,l   an
Ik.II.' '
I lll.ll
. i   >l    iH.Mll ..if,,'I Hill
I,. Ml,I    I.,    ilia'   IH.ll
t. i oiiipiiiiv'ii iillaii
up ni the in.]. <)|- In
I  llie I)
ass mil
i y   p ss
lire ..r a i
in. nu r  i
the mil
nl lh.a,.-l
Paine & McMillan
The Hardware Speciiiliiti Phone 12
First Street and Lonadale Avenue
Sugar, granulated, 18 lb. suck ..$1,111
Ten, McMillan's. 3 lb. lor  gl.OD
Making Powder, Coleilyke liri.nd—
lull 111 o/. tin    15c.
Coffee—whole roust end freshly
ground, per lb 25c,
Ham, In ney sugar cured per lb,...30c
I'annul Fruits, delicious I'ulif.una
Pears, Peaches, Aprico'l end
llsipberriss, i»cr Iin    3'e.
Pickles, line English pickles, |«r
bottle    3fir.
Ilnller, fresh mude, New Xinl.iuil
3 lbs. .; li.oi
which exisls i
..'. llllll,I nf l!.e
. this in.el ii.: i
laic such step
j. a. & m. McMillan
-Phone ,20	
New Harness Shop
IN TDK I'liliMlNI'.S OF I UK C. M.
* N. COAL AND Sl'I'I'LY CO., Coil.
Vancouver Harness Co.
Applicants tn slate i-x|Mdnme mil
salary s>|WOUd. llaiplies to be ud
dreeeed lo P. II, 11..« f/3, Nirfih V..n
couver, and lobe in In nifln al M,.i.
day, Mb M»J, Hill. Only prariii-.l
null need apply.
Dissolution of Palnership
Will Open Wednesday, May io
MmJi t6c, 26c ttrni up.
luppliM (or lielnjuets sod
Picnic I'iriics.
Swlids,    Homemade Pit'),
alu and llread Roll*.
Hon* but Whit* help employed.
H. Hurtubis, Prop.
LmmUIc Avenue
NOTICE is h-reliy given ibal I he
I firm 4 li. M. N. Cool and Supply
I Ciampnny,  N'oilh Vnin-nmer,  has 1>".ll
dissolved by mutual cnnniit ns ul Hie f
:31st day ol March, IUII.
i   All iin-uuiiis due lo Hie firm i.r.ipa.y-
' able lo the undersigned and he   will
pay all debts   incurred   by the   film
prior to the dale ol dissolution.
Office Phono IO   Hous" I'Iio'ik iiq
Alexander Philip
I'insiii isl end Imurtoce
Agont ibt Pidoliiy I'lioriiix I'ui
Insurance Company.
Csnlon Marine lnsiirsni.' oiii|)jii)
end Ivntployera', Conlra.luis,
Accident, Live Stock end Guarantee Insurance Coiii|isiiiis.
I.iisns arisngiil/Wills end pfedi
prepared Valuator, Am tiom. i
Notary Public.
Several good llousis lut SjIi-.
lyOts and Acreage for Sii'u.M) ii|i
pule. /
n.i i
,i i.,
Uh   \ ,iie.,ii\ei
d,e   eh., hus I.,,.
ii   -li . tui)  ,ii iniii
i   ii       uf    lie.I. I
fan     Hi  i
.   h ml in l ne
.■ I  11 e     a i   ■
nnl i/i i.-i   ,. Ib.l
ll" 1'.'' '1  J 'll
I    t   -     ll.     a-   II
V'l.       a   |l   \
ire wurihy i'i
ivpii'l whirl, all civili.ol nli n I.
uei'iiiileil I., their dend.
And   B,- .In isl mi is   ' Ii I.. .-.    u   tb
resurrect inn nl the l.nly "  Ilm I uriii'
^iniiiiil  has  In i'i h\   o .i   In cu
lliers ni- a Hii'ied  -put    ' l'"f'. - u ai."
ih"\  enll.d il.
"The In hi mid mi.  • -f um  ll
lln |.l,i..' uh re hum. .   h ,ini Is    r
Anolhci em tse ad' iinocd fa   h ■ n,ii liliun b   ll1- pi. | o-
iil  lo I'hali..- ibe lite ..f ilia   e n.'.l  ,-
bill we whu lime llvnd in we lorn C
..'In lur nay   1,-ngih uf liu.o  ,    w .
hu*   matters »prh as  ih .    ha i
iloil'in it.   lendeiioj  iu   Ic   push,'!
aide by more urgent and ill..
Mi on1 import nnl   ''■ '' ideriilinn-      *l|l
in lln- im ui..ih h li.- numb r ol   r .-.,.
In ilm cemetery is incr,
I diuw lln altiniinn of ih < I
and ol Ihuse whn I..I i.-pui.-lli I.
Ilal> ailliieel. I.slill.. : dl. llll i II i
will ul uin'.' Is' luhill illl'iisili" whn.i
by llie Way fh"iili| have bon ,d'i|il.'l
a- >i,.ni ii Ihis pint  was set     lUiidn
a burial ground) tn malu s  tl ■
lii.llnwed by Hie leers und smie.1    I
'   oi many ol our /e'lnw e'lti-
uh, one which will not lellocl on u
uih/.iliuli   oi  do   vioklKu lu    •! •■
sentiments   whlih   eonatnAH   Ihiihuihiy
slioiihl miike us mosl crelul   I   i
utlni'l.   1 remain
\ I, (inly,
T. K; HOW l
Noilh I i.ii.di.h,
3ixi M.-.. IV)I.
duil Im Hiuler ilm Muni'
I'luu-is Ael , n I the Cump n.'s A
'.phi lasl lln.'drry cuinp.iiiy ii
o:.''.l in i.rder In huve iii-|eeloi>
up,i.iiii(i.| In in-piiiv into Ihe wh {
'pmsiion ul llie ferries ndinini-triiie
Iin I    lll.'all    /'Haa III      willi   puWCI'     o   <X ii' lite hooks nf lite I'.uip. ny a "I
taa a v.-un'n ■   v.itn ■-     n    ii rh   n- | I'll I bv Ihe Cump. ir.'    'e   .. d    r
.<   It';1!     .a,   . .   iht    -   ,,f   Ihe    ill
•pel-tails uppi ill'i.-il    la iii he li  mill i' il
In   tin   hn'"'ay.r/  A»s iciili. n
\ unit:, li . Npia -.-in , icjr l .tl tie
icfion ul ihe lim-n-e idjnnii>»i.,ni'rs in
' nl in aiiulhi'i lieeiisi, namely lb it
' i lln- ii.-w liol't I'll Sti-ond .Irca'l wu.
, ■.!
lln    elniir was   „i'.a|,,sl   by   Mr. P.
' .      .i   ill  llie libsilue nf   Ml.  II. W.
.-in VtitiVI I, (ONCEHJ
tl.. i iti/. ii- .,1 North Vencouver bed
the iippolllllul) .,I all line of ill-
In i i.iiu'i'iis held in. ihii
.- ty nn Frid.i) lust in the liulticul Hall under ihe auspices ol the
-. Andrew's uml I'.ilodliiun i-o'ieiy
I'ipe Hand ol North Vancouver.
Mayor Mc'mjisIi occupied the iliair
aiinl opini.l the concerl with a lew remarks ul,"iii the bund and explained
the object of the Concert, vi/., torniie
funds for droll und pipes. The Pipe
t. nl in   in another attraction to Ilm
town uud i.. an n COUld put mure life
lllto him' (the inaynr) tb all Ihe suunl
nl ihe bag pipes, Ho p' lo
iay thit the Si. Andrew's uud Call
.loiihn build bud beet, loiinn l
.nnii|/h In secure the services "I Pipe
Major Mi'M'illuu ol o -..n. I'eotlaul,
Miss lirueie llolsftsuii i;ave a dn-pley
aai iwpnl .ml 111 Klin, dancing was inii.h upprciated Pock
'....hisoii, the Sca.leli coiiaediuii, d
Ii|fl)t4| lb'' a nihil".' with his .'uii.,r
,vD;s. Mis, Wall, Mia. fuel, Mil.
-iinp.un, Miss Kimlhiy, Miss Foath-r-
iilihnm and Mr. .1. I). Furiner all took
pari in the program nnd were all in-
lh'isioslic)i|ly oncurod. Pipe Major
Mackentte also jjave u nice selivtiun on
flii; |jipcs.  Mr. Wnr.l mule a mult if-
(ll.l'Ul   a""ni|'
The Bank of British North America
Capital Paid Up $4,866,666.   IWrvc Fund $2,652,333
2 Officoa in North Vancouver-2
UPPER LONSDALE AVENUE (nanr Fourteenth Street)
S.viiijj; |)i-|ii)i.jls nl ft.i i .nnl iipwunis ri'iiivcil.
In|i rt'-i aii.iv.i .1 ul . mi. in isles
liuiikci'.s Money I (nli r.« i-m it
Until oflici'S ti'snsacl a ;. n. isl banking nu.--ni-ss
and mi' up ii no Siititi'LiN  niglii.
F. T. SALSBURY, M.s.,a.
North Vancouver
■ iMiUlii   ■    imnajmia-immmmm aiaiewisiiiMSM. isisfnie ■■ ■ ——«■■ .■ — — ■mmmmmmmm
^_ecoE?L Annual
wr.^ta*mm,  ■■  i—■ ,»t.*«..i ,m ■»■■——.-mi ■■ ee i ■■■. --» mm  ———
Horse Show
Aid.   Ili'islersnii  reliiind list    i .n
inj ii.un a Iij* deya S|SJat  in 'is it
wilh the mayor und ■)    I   W. a.I . J.
P, al Howe SoiinH.
Angus J. Cameron
A.M.IE. A ti.
Irrignlinn,   dniinage,,     plnn
house drainage   a   „
Hut 2111 l6lh si ran-
Nepiiii tanks ' uml
jiiaaiiiilly.     P. 0
we»l nl Hewiek.
< harh a duii|/o.l in ihe po<ic.j
../an Ilus ia. .inn., with • apply n - I.
'iMor lo W. I. Doild. an individual
v.ho is on tho list ol ...|.' aj„jr
'■ily, wus leiiiandi'd   nil a I iomorr,,w In
-i-i-ure nwre eooplete evidence,
[Mayor MeN.ifii iel iiin d   la-l   even-
,.   i. an lluwc riu'ind where  fu  Inn
  ni.lenlly pursuing lb' denirens ol
'he n'jiieuus depths lor (be past Iwu
-1 Hn'.' days. 'Hie muyur auys Dial
iltli'ili Ihe wia'i'iiin ol tlie !i.*viaa
..i ■ r hi tfip in "I" il r.illi-r i.neoiii-
e siu(.Sd us n.yiii-ls s|i<>il
miyle up for any small  in-
Eitry Forms irom Secretary H. Snow, Norlb Vancouver


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