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 Volume U
North VwouvjiB, B.O., Friuav, Mahou 10, 1911
Number 1
Indications Point Strongly to Succew
of Effort of Delegation
TV tbssncs nl direct advices   Irom
tht deputation it Ottawa would sestN
to Indicnlo thst no results ol a   inn-
as^jtarljl na'uro hsvs beon effoctsd sines
Bs   reports nl Tussday.     So fur   as
MM hi learned bum private and roll-
"sbl| sources, ths deputation  hail  so-
ouied * dale lor in interview with Kir
Wilfrid Laurier and the ministers during* *|ie earlier part ol tin wees,  but
wHtiltor this oonlsrsnce wss hsld  or
with wbst remit cannot bs nicortsin-
*d.  ll is  understood  thut the representatives nl the V. W. ti V. Hy. Pa.
Iuve b*en st Ottawa for mine duys
snd th*t negotiation* with them huvo
licen in progress but that no lavorable
cnncliuio/ii hav. been reached as yet.
If is generally considered by those
who are in a position to gauge the
situation that the deputation is now
face tn luce with the crux ol the whnlo
matter' und that the llurrard Inlet
Tunnel and Under Company will be
the recipient ol the Doiniuiun luhsidy
as soon ss a decision has been arrived at as to what conceiiioni shall bo
grantsd the V. W. and Y. Co. Mean
time one vary material point oppeor.
to have linen gained namely, that the
major right tn the lubsidy ii now
vested in the llurrard Inlet Tunnel t
ilridgo Company und that subject to
tho arrungoniont ol certain detaili
they are rocoguircd ai the iiiccoiilul
elniiiiiiniii therein.
School Board
1st rtgulir monthly misting ol I hi
soVool bosrd wai held in the Conlnl
school wsdnesdat evening with Chairman Steacy presiding and. sll tho
trustee* present excepting Trustee
Th. business in hand had icier-
enco principally to Iht North l.'-i s-
dale ichool.
Mr. I'erry reported thlt tin boar I
had the right to lign i street improvement r«|uiiilion along in from
of their property. Thii wui in consequence ol u rapuat by petition
ers lor ths local improvement ol Loin-
dsle Avenue bettrcsn 16th itreot and
ths city limits.
Pjnanrfel ictouiili Intuiting $ii9
were"',™/! tnd pssssd.
Kissr*. Hop* k U.-kor wrote urlvii-
ing tbat th*y h.d diuolved piril.tr-
•hip ind 1 rsqu.lt wa. mode nl tin
llo.nl to numiuulc who they united
to tarry tht work to cnwpliitloii.
At a matting ol the building coin-
mitt*, later on in the evening Mr.
Hops was sppoinlul us hs had had
tin wmI. in bind .Inc. |h. commence-
C. .1. illi.ii wroli acmpling pntiiion
nl ftnitor lor thi North Luindolo
|h* city dor* ucknuwladgcd r.-toipl
ol board's miutsl lo b.v. a by-isw
lop (ilra-ordiniry ichool ti|Mns*s M.b-
milled s( in ttrly dil*. Ils eiKiicd
iliat it bad bwn con.id*red ii; Ih*
council uml m ii rcult In wu in-
ilructal to prep.ri . icltonl bylaw lor
In nftronce to th* bourd'. rppli-
csii.in -for * lidiwilk un l<idguw.iy
Avenu. lor Iho convanieni* .,1 Inerlnl
drtd h. adviied that tho muit.-i suuld
bt iuvMlig.li<l by the bo.rd ol work.
Ilnvid Sut■ ■•; lubniillod so upplica
lion lo iu|iply window biiudi, book
i-iici .ud irlioi.t dssks st thi North
l«n*dtli whool. The lecmtniy w*i
imirurlu.1 to get pries, from th. local
An application lor poiillon on th.
I .idling its! wis rscaivad Irom Miu
M, Thompson,  It wu Slid.
Sop* s H.rkw idviisd that lour
cltii root** in ths North foinsdsli
ukool would b. rudy lor pulling In
tht desk, in two d.yi lr..m Ihs Iimini writing.
Tbi i|UMtinn ol oiling Iho floors ind
hsving th* building lirnt.il and thor-
oughly dritd oul whin ichool opsntd
u# April 1»1 or soon niler»nidi wss
sell oon*fd*r*d.
(a this connection ('onlrsstor young
eOBonfa'ng to Trudeo McDowell, had
sjsdt the ilnlemi'iil tlinl h. ill go-
lag to prohibit any one intruding on
ih* prmitss of Un new *chool except
ing tbt trebittct. It wis thought
that this wit sn trbitriry petition
lor tbt contr.clor to like.
Trust** Pr.nr ihougbl Ih. time
had thnotl arrival when the advioe
of i lolirilor wss required.
Trud** McDowdl i.ld ti* »robiUo'
bad th* power to issus * permit lor
.airy on tbt prsmlsw *nd ths Ull.r
w»* tekad if b* thought lb* board
would h.vi th. authority to go in and
oil tbi fsori sol hast th* building
A'dsuas In (hi contrast steeling thi.
fa* rod to lb* •Bsst that tbt contractor mutt .How attass to tbi
hfjMing lo my Iridssmtii. It was,
la)»sv*r, «gr**d to writ, to Mr.
Ifoung and ask bit psrmisslon to tl-
low ths Jsnltor to do to* work mm
At Hit snalraator'i boad   oa   th*
building expiree on tho lit ol April
Hid is il ii ixpocled that niudi
detail work will ho incomplete al that
date it wis lemlveil to have tho bond
continued lor auulhor iix months sub
ject to the contractor'! approval. Tho
coit will be nntliing m the bond Ihe
board now hold, can be renliwod lor
iiiioili.'i til monlin without extra
charge. \
In reference In the sssting ol Ihe
new ichool the iccretary wai inilriicl-
ed In conler with I'rincipil lleiinel
•nd Kellm un to the number ol seuti
re.piire.1 when Mr. I'srneli Willi whom
Ihe board have a contract will ho aik
wi to uml..' iramodiute delivery.
The dm ns ul a janitor urme in connection wilh tin llidgewuy school miu
the leerelniy wul uiku.1 10 write tho
jiiiiii.n there ilemixing liii duties. Tbs
■seretsry will alio writs to Vsncnu-
ver with a roqucil lor a copy nl their
i eg illations
I'rincipal llennot intimated thul
there wai i lurge onrollmenl ol pupil,
expccleil iiliei (he I'luitcr holidayi *ud
Ihe locrilary wui initrucled lo put a
notice jn tin pa|ien repenting pur-
•nil inlending to iturt their children
on tint data to notify Ibe tcncliou ol
the ichool in their diilricl ol ibil
140.48, l«u Used charges of 11,51:1.15,
and $1881.68 lor sum. expended on
roads and bridge* to March 1st, leaving a balance ol $ll,7dfi.ii:i tn which
|s added 18,857.11 for sidewalks, thu
total sum unexpended being 130,-
Wsrd 8, ruvuniio 118,088.00, less lis
oil charges n($4OO0,4fl, snd 41181.85expended «n roads ami bridges lo March
I, leaving a balance of tl 15011.35, to
which is added 17,407.40 lor sidewulks
ths unoxpondod  amount being   Illy
Ward 4, rovenua 131,408.48, less fixed
charges ol 18344.63 and 15,8111.1.0 expended on road, and bridges In tfiirch
I leaving a balance of 110810.14, to
which is added 10,808.16 lor sidewulks
tbe unexpondud amount boing s■_»*i.
Ward 6, revenue $31,661.64, |ost bx-
id charge, of 16,883.61 and $030.16 expanded on rpadi and bridges lo March
1st, leaving a balance ol I16,337.>)3 to
which ii ud.li.il 10,070.37 lor lid-iwalki,
the unexpended amount being Illy
Ward 6, rovonuo {10,371.33, Ins fit
ed charges ol 14,816.63 snd $1,413.30,
expoirdnl on roads and bridges to
Mardi I, loaving a balance ol $13,-
1411.31 io which ii added $6,1130.37 lor
ihluwulki, the unexpended ainount being $33,1163.68.
Tho amount lo lie provided lor linking fund snd interest wui given in
Tho school rale win lixed on un estimated expenditure lor the year ol
The linking fund Iuid intereit on the
Lynn Valley wutcr luan lor 1011 wm
given ui $3,304,ISI leu amount iIjo
from 1010 of $1483.84, leaving a bnl
inie,' ol $1011.16 und lor the Ctpllarlo
wuler loan ai $043.0/1.
The odd, funcy or ovening dross bull
to bo given by the ladies ul HI. Andrew's anil Caledonian Society in t)to
Horticultural hall on March 31sl-Ap-
ril 1st will be a very unique (unction.
In order that the sticcnii anticipated
muy be realized every fupility will In:
offered (or patrons for u most enjoyable ovoning. Cimncc's orchestra Inn
been engaged for tho occasion.
License Board Adjourns
Th. quarterly uniting of Ihe limn
ing hoard Willi Acting Mayor Mcltac
prodding .nd Coniiujiiiiiiicn Hi., .ud
Steacy proMiit, met on Wednesday al
i, ni",,n in tin dty bslf. In o|ienlug
lb* ineeling lln chsirmsn Mid it w>>
hi. first appearance in the capacity ol
ch.iiinnn ul ih. licoining |„,.inl und
.. he know Major McN'ddi wa. on
xiou. to l.k. part in proceeding, ol
thii nature he would letvt the mallei
ll lu holding lln moiling wilh the
liceining coininiwiunou. Ihe minulei
ol luit meeting three mniilhi ogo were
i'."I ind udn|iled.
dim. Mini) suid Ihul iu in w nl ll.e
mayor', roque.1 h. thought Ih.l il
wm iii lln bed luleresli uflhelKi.nl
uml oily Ihtl Miyor McNdib bang
chisl eiecutivc ul ih. .ii> diould prv
mil- i,.ei audi in impurl.nl mscting.
lie muval Ihul lln meeting sdjourn
ind Aid. His. i....i,il,.|
Hi. mailing wu sccurdingly id
journed Ull Ihe mil ul th. Mayor.
Tho billowing ieenlniueiid.ilion. well'
puilvd  ul  lilt  Muinluy'i  ineeling
At"st-i interviewing Mr. Uodlrey,
Vancouver, manager tnd Mr. Solibury
local miiniig.-i ol th. Hank ol U.N.A.,
the committee resolved tu recommend
that a wire be lent to th. mayor in
Otttwi to the affect that tbe finance
committee, hiving interviewed Mr.
(iodfriy recommend that the Hank uf
B.N.A., London, England, lie appoint
sd tb. dly'i tisi-ul ugenl. fur bundling
ol bond ii.u.s Thii may licilitalo
luutteii it inlerviiw in Moulroal.
Tht I'omuiiitee recommend thai  in
cily Iriuurer  obtain lull  particular!
ind .ample, ol i new debenturo form
(or ihs dty'i debenture.
iin ('ommillee recommend that a
cheque lor $660 lie lorwurded lo E. II
Moyh*w, Victoria, ai t depoiit on
loti in I), 1. 866 pending iho lubuui-
•ion ol • Hy-lsw to Ihe elector.
Ibe Cummillec reconiimudul lb.il
Mr. Perry lie cummunicaleii with snd
tiked what arrangement! tbo II.IK
II Co piopoml lo mako in view ol
the fact thai in.the near luturo the
lirry ichnlule will prububly In slleicd
lu s twenty minute wrvice in it il
huw during c*rliin periud. in Iho
Ui'. Elliott S. Uowo, manager ol the
Vancouver Tourist ,uud Information
llnruiiu gave North Vuucouvur some
vuiuublo udvico on "Community Advertiiing" before a representative
meeting of the business men of I bo
place Tuosduy evoniug. Tlie doctor
wai present under the aunpices ol iho
Joint Civic Advertising tj.omniitt.co,
and the chairman, A'. hf. I'erry, pre-
tided. Three prominent fenturei en-
Is'gad upon iu the addict! ol Ihe
evening were "Iho manufacturing pox-
sibililiei ol the district, the opp.ir;unities lor advertiiing and the plmniini-
cnal growth of |he Canadian count til-
ici dcipilo the fact tliat there bud
beon practicully no iulcr-provin'tial
In opening t.ic meeting Mr. I'erry
•aid thut it win the opinion of the
commit Ice now thut it was necessary
to huvo ionic uddilinn lo the ranks
by which tIliu community advertiiing
could lie curried on on u Inrger iculu
and with more iprouding elTuct. Iin
work win ci.cnliully lor the North
Shore uud it win the duty of the
buiinen men to uhhihI. We feci, he
iuid, Ihut thii year |h going lo be
one ul great develuptnenl on thin side
ol the Inlet, the nibiidy (or Iho Second Narrow, bridge mid tbe building
ol tho l It om,c Mount mn ruilwuy being
District Council Holds Lengthy Session
(Continued on page 6)
(Coslinutd oa p.g. 3)
Th. North Vsncouvsr Vadil <Ium
wu lis) redpient of u haudminc dull
fl.g Irom c.pi. ''hui. Cite, il the
innu.l ineeling held in Aid.  Hmilh'i
"Hue l.ll   I il.-s.iuy I'H'iiltig.
Ibe Dig which conlurma lo the
rulet of lln Club being made ul blue
burgee with the red mallow cross ou •
ydlow iliirld il .bout 10 leet lung.
ll will flott ill the Ince/ei limn Ihe
lop ul tbc club bun..' on i.lel'i.ilniii
day.. Th* "N. V. Yiel.t CM,'' in
lirg. while lelten adorn, the flag lo
ill full length lo.I yrui tho Cap-
lailt donslsd a pretty cup (or com-
petition ind bii intere.l in local boating tnd squilic* ii none the less inspiring thi. sssmin. A heirty vol*
of lli.nki wss accorded the donor by
the Commodore on lieboll ol thtdub.
Tbs buslns** ol Ihr meeting conti.t-
•d priucip.lly ol hearing md pming
ihs commodoiVi rejiorl lor l**l year
tad (hs flundd slsltttsnt*.
Wilb . vi.w lo keeping pie. witb
lb* changing condition! Ihe comlitu-
lion wa. ssasndsil .Ijgblly,
Ths commudore noted tht fscl Ibsl
then would bs no internalionol cup
rice Ibil yin, tht lime lor lb* re
caving ol t cballcog* having pt*aed
dd.w.lki leaving i bilinc. uaaspand- witb no competitor to lb. Aloitndrt,
ad of $I3J170.I3. W»r« S, rsvasa* $18,- th* loesl ahtV* sup ssiastdtr.
Th* diilricl ioiiiuiI l.ii evening
ilrisi lb. It* rtl. for currant yent
t. 30 mills net un lb. doll.r. ih.
gansral r.i. ws* fixed lor 16 mills,
•chool rtl* 3 null., geiirinl loin rtl.
3| mill., Lynn V.ll.y wilsr loin l|
mill., snd rail Cipilsno wslsr luan
rat* li, total 33, mills, lei. • rebate
»l 3, mills il paid b*f«rs duly 16,
IVil. Dill it th. iiau ai tail ye.r
with the reception of lb. ganr.l loin
rsle which it iucmssd by l| mill, lo
provide for lb. 360,000 Stcund N.r
row. bridg. loan. Iu lb. prsp.r.lion
of lb. Mlimtta. for Ih. y*ar lb* 6ssd
abt/gs* lor lb* 6n.no* ootnntllt** wti
givwi ai $18,400 std lb. Board of
Worst $8,400.
Thi rtvtnu* lor 1011 ** ipporlion-
•d to sack ward wai atgregiled it
Wsrd I, rivasu* lll.tfll.87, 1st* ss*d
cksrg*. of $3,041 S6 tnd sum* expend-
•d on road, tnd brrdgti $1,747it to
kjtroh lit, l**ving a Inline, uf $7,.
IM«.  Addsd lo (kit It $6,446*0 f<r
li,..  ,1, W. W I,nl,   presided ul u
cungregutionul ineeling on Wciineialuy
evening convened to moderate in u cull
lu u nliniiler lo the vacant pull oral*. I In i e wul u good attendance of
mouthers and udherunli. Mr. Wood
•ide guve iu Ihe report ul the commit"
tec uppnintud to look lor a suitable
uiiuiilor to recommend tu the congregation und itutod that thoy had
iiiinnimouily iigrccd to recommend
that a cull bo,given lo He. It n.,1.1
McLemi who wui one ol the urn.I I'll
ceiiful .indent, ul Wetlmlnilcr Hull
and wus licen.ed In-in there last
yeir. Hi. record u. a undent bad
been u very bnllianl one und be Iuid
won the highe.il eileelu of tin- pi.-lu.
•on. Pur a consideiiible lime be had
I., .n aiM.lunl lo Btv. Hi, Eruiii it
Kirsl Church, Vuneouver, -oul ninny
in Ihut congregation spoke in high
i.vl lentil ul In. ministry thuio und
purticuluiiy of the pi. i.did Ulblp class
be hud luiighl with iiuiiiiil iciilln.
l-'roin miiiiy quarters the bigli.il com
meiidalioin hud been received. Al pre
•ent Mr. M.liod wu. in lllisguw tak-
ing a poll graduate eourie, heiiee il
ws* iinpuuilile lor him lu preach in
the church before Apiil and il wa.
nut deein.il piudeni lu awiiil iiclii.n
till then as ulher fiords were oponfoi
him. After heuring the re|iurl Iho
loiigiegiitiun remlved lo proceed to
iii.hIi-iiiIi- In a cull. Ililore resolving
un Ihe in.in.■ lu bo iniertul in the cull
Ihe merili ul Mr. McLcod and ul olh
or caiubdiilei nl whom icverul hud
been heurd, were Lilly di.eu.ird with
the ultilnut. re.ult that the meeting
remlved uiioniliiou.ly to call Mr. Mc
l.e.«l and all who were preient lignml
tin call.
A vole ol thuiiki wul accorded to
iht committee lor'lbuir diligence In tho
matter and afeiiri. Mclluiu ami W, 0.
'Iliiilwin were appointed ai coininn
donor, from tho congregation lu support the call Wore the 1'rr.byMiy.
ll ii li.iporl that Mr. McLcod will ue
eepi the cull uml that hii ordinudou
will take pluce early noxl month.
J. 0. (J.T.
Ainbiiioi, lialge No. 73, held their
meeting in 3rd street hall last ovoning, Hio. C. B. ('run C.J., prodding.
Th. program "Sacred night'' wa* io
th* hand, of V.'f. Miu N. I'hillipi.
Stored wu.ic and recitation, wero
contributed by North Vancouver member, snd one visitor Irom Mountain
View, Tb* ineeling dispelled at 10
o'clock'overy one In good ipirili and
nfreabed by the inlMchungo ol
liiougbl.    ,
The district council burned tho midnight nil at flteir regular meeting last
ovening. A lurgo number ol communications und plaint lor approval supplemented with a long list nl mttlers
of tloluil roportod upon by the engineer udvanceil Iho silling to s very
bile hour. Acting liaove Allan presided with all tho councillor* present,
Correspondence wus read:
Eroin Doiiuld I'liineroii, advjiing
tho council ol un application which
was to bo mudo to tho water commis-
liouor, New Westminster, by the cily
for s record on Seymour Crook nl
100 cubic foot per second. Tho present records on the Seymour creek, he
suid, iimuiiiiii'il to lomothing like 00
cubic leet por lecond und according to
tbo report of tho engineer for the
city' the minimum flow of tho creek ii
NO cubic (eel per socond und although
tbii e iiinnie wm probubly low the
imposition nl un uddiliunul rocurd ol
100 cubic loot jicr second would probubly more I linn cover the (low in the
creek ul extreme low wuler, slated tin
writer. Tho purpose.ol Iho record was
for u reservoir.
It was usual, ho said, lor thorocol
authorities ol Ihe territory through
which the ilnpoundi.il ilronm Hoc, I tn
in.i.i thut uu extra provision be
made in the iturago sufficient lo give
Iho uveruge iiimmor How of theilrouui
uml urrungemcnli mniie ut the dam
.o Ihut the ...iirmii ii. 11111 receive iti
proportionate .Intro uf the water, ii.o
reeve, Cuuncilluri Lnwion and llridg
mun wore .appointed lu represent the
district ul the next wntur commliiion
iu Weitiuiuiter.
Prom K. Adunn, udviiing ili.it he
liuil cleared 160 leet ul boulovurd in
front ol lot. 13-63, I). L. 31)87, und
imbed puymou! lor iniiiu. ll wui referred tu the engineer.
Fruin II. A. Show, applying Lu pi-
litiuu un district .tall. Hit applies-
lion wui put on 61c.
From linker und Mitchell, jxelitiou
ing fur u plunk lidowulk un Altai
lloiid Irom tho Lynn Vulley to Fred-
crick Bond. It wui ieleiinl to lite
eiii'tiiei'i with power to act.
A   communication   (rum   the   Lynn
Vulley Ratepayer.' Alluciutiull submit I nl tivtj recoininoiidulioiu in Ibe
interests ul wurd 4. No. 1 aiked that
the council upon negotiations with Ihe
H. C. Electric looking lu Iho tb.cou
litiiiiince ol Iho two cur lure, in the
Vulley. Thii wui n-leiit.il to the li
nance commit lev und Ihe councillor
Iruin wnrd four.
Nn. 3 ii.ki.il Ihul ilcpi be Itikeii tu
put ttrtet b.'lit' ut Iho junction of the
car line with Promo, Centre, Weilovcr
uml II.' , in ■ Kuudi. Belerred lu the
lire and light commit loo.
No. 3. ropicilcd Ihut the park in
Lynn Vulley bo improved iu that in
the coming nn,nth. it might prove un
nfl im lion, ihe engineer wus in
llructcd In bring iu u euuiprehen.ive
.ebi'ute lor tin.. Improvement und ine
I'HliiiijitetJ coil.
No, I advised ihut heavy loml. hud
been drawn over the Hon roud unJ ai
a result il wa. rendered impoiiable.
It wo. referred lo the engineer nnil
clerk lo tnke the necenary itopi In
reguliite the Irnttic.
No. 6 pointed out the urgent need
Lu roud. in a medium ol procuring
the limit ihliMied im di.lribuii.iu ul
Ibe Lynn 1'ieok po.l office. Tbo tn.il
which is generally used I. Ibrough
piopetly   mid   will   loon   b*  clomil.
It wui refined lo Ihe Hoard ol
Work, lor n roporl regarding roaBi.
The North Lonidale Betopayer*' A>-
lociulion wrote slating that wveriil
upplicittioni had boon made lor i.-le
|Aoiici in North Lonsdale.
'J'licic npplicitni. had been o.ivin -.1
to  get   together  aud   send in   their
llppliniliolll. \
Ue Ilic widening ol Lonidale Avenue
il wai decided that Lonsdale Avenue
In mudo lo a width ol 80 feet right
up lo the noilIt ttid of I). L. 786, ond
thai tho work be commenced it once.
Thii wa* referred to ward three Councillor lu foe exactly whit the isto-
1'inlioii wanted. Another mailer wu
u pteviout application ol Mr. Bone
for Ihe clearing ol a lane ol the west
dde ol Lonsdals Ave, bttwasa I). L
3036 und 801. At Ibat tlm* it hid
been put off owing lo the wit wsalber
but it was pointed out now that
many new houioi were being built
in that ttctlon. It ws* referred to
Coun. Loutet with power to act.
One other waller wa. the dodrsbi)
iiy of making *rreiigemo»t. with th*
dty »l  tbit tin* for wiser
lion*  from  tfwfJL-J^iaalal* lo th*
fflljm^mi* l^Mdalp ivssiw
A request was mads that tbe district
engineer bring in a report is to what
area could be drained into tbe dty's
main sewer. It was referral to tbe
engineer and board ol works lo interview tbe dty authorities re this mutter.
A requeet wil made thlt i pound
bylaw lor North Lonsdale be drawn
up st an early dote. Tbi* requoit
wo* acoeodod to.
It wai pointed out that preient
condition! at North l.opidulu demanded improved police protection. It wai
inferred to tbe police committse.
From W. 8. Hugo', stating that hi
could not oontider the district's oiler
lor * drip of land on King street intended for extension ol tbe aohool
Prom A. Stedmsn aaking what
coundl was going lo do in regard to
his application for a srdewulk on llth
itreet Irom Sutherland Avenue lo
tlladiliiiii! Avenue. It wai referred lo
the engineer witb power to set.
From Davj., Marib.ll, McNeill and
1'ugh on lieball ol Mr. Geo. Wagg
strongly objecting againit a renin
lion pa.nxl recently by tbe North
Lonidale Holcpoyori' Assodation reducing tho petition Lu iho widoniug of
l.onidale Avenue Irom the dty limit! oue mile northward from loo leet
to 80 feet. Mr. Wagg had ligncd for
100 feet.
Mr. Sergeant ipoke in connection
wilh a petition from owneri in D. I.
786. Tbsy wero willing to coulorm
with tbo dodsion of owners in 0. L.
3036 but preferred Iho 100 loot width.
He laid il ■coined the only opponent
to this schemo waa Polls. Loutet who
hod previously pledged himiell lo aid
Ihe proposition in every way. Coun.
I.outot said it had beon dulhlul thut
il tho Avenuo wui widened lo 100
loet it ihould bo done out ul tho genual fund. The owneri there did not
wiinl to pay etlru local improvement
diergo beiidei giving tbe necessary 17
Tho matter ws. referred to Coun.
Loutet to inquire into.
From J. B. Cosgrove, district engineer aiking that bit muutbly remuneration be increased to $300 on account .
or because ol Ihe increamJ work in
hit department, ll wui referred lo
Iho commilte ol tho whole.
The Lynn Valley Hulepuyert' A.
•odalioii •ubtnitted u lid of itreot.
ou which they recommended that Ade
walk, be laid. They were : Fromme,
Centre, Boss, Frederick, Hoikin.,
Weelover, Uuvorcourt uud Uorou
Uoada.     .
Other rccumineiiduliuiii ware the repairing and widening ol Lynn Villcy
lluud lidowulk and extending il tu
thu end uf tbe car lino and tbe widen
ing uf Church Uoad. Nolle* was
given Ihut a ddegatiuu would b* preient ul tbo next meetpig iu reference
tu the location of a l-'enlr.l Hark
aito. Al the couudl bu Iwo iitei it
viow now. il wai roiulved lo omnium
cute wilb tbo oMuduliuu asking
which thoy would rccunimcnd.
Ai In the conilrucliuu of aidowslk.
il wui roforrud to the bourd ul worki
with power to act to desl witb tbe
application in urdcr *• intuitional,
except iu urgent cuses.
From U. 1'. I'urdit, drawing attention lo Ihe unpu.ialilc condition id
l(o». Buud. It wa* referred lo the
Hoard ol Work* wilh puwir to net.
From Indue tnd lleHeck lor their
client Chid Mslhiki, rspriMuting ih
1 itpilono Indians, udvidttg Ibst Un-
Indium were willing to sell lb. lour
ucrei needed by th* district fur 11
deviation of the Kdlh Bosd to ths
lower proposed route et th* rite of
$600 an sere. Tbe ofer wit accepted
wild llinnk. snd lb. desk wu tail ructed to tske up Ih* sutler with
Ihe department it Oltiwa.
From Wm. Il.rmiu niking lor rotd
connection* lo block 3, I). L. 816. H.
Mid be would be willing to do tbt
work for $360.
It wit decided to give Mr, Herman
the contrast.
Prom City Clerk Shephtrd re th*
account againit'th* dty lor repairing
Ihe Lilfooet Bold ol $363.41. Thii
hid been pitsad lor p.yment. Th*
otb*r account r. tht Lynn Valley
Bold wt* not •ckuowledged.
Tbt following plan, wart pasted:
Ptrl ol 0. L. «», block 94, I). L
4087, block 1, H. L. (|«, lot. JJ tnd
(9, I). L. m, lot 10, block 9, -I. L.
9039 conditionalk/, .ubeDvidoo H. blk.
16, ». I, 909$ oondittonally, block |j)
1). L. (99, blook 84, I). I. 9044, block
14, I). L. 9ll9J>to«k* 99 us) », U
I, 3JW con.lilioitnlly, Tbost ,4m
rod beck were Wooks 13 snd It, |) |
7114, Wock* 41 snd 43,|). f,9l«» w l
Uoew « to 9 0. I. 86sM$.
-*UAI   MARCH 4th
' »■"■■
and nil during the coming weekrwe direct
attention to our large Spring Exhibits whioh
Tailored Suits for street and general wear.
Semi-Tailored Suits for afternopn wear and
more dressy oooaBionB.
Coats (or motor, steamer and touring wear
and general serviod.
Dresses for informal occoaione—bridge, ma*
tinee, afternoon tea, etc
Gowns for evening funotions, theatre, dinner
Opera Wraps and Imparted Waists.
Also o complete offeririg of Millinery in imported and original designs.   -
Gordon Drysdale, Limited
575 Granville Street. Phone 3541
Vancouver Business Directory
W. T. ST1?IN 4 CO.
Jig Tender street, Vancouver
North Vancouver
Kallethe's Bath
Corntr Homer and Pender Sts.
The only up-to-date and reliable bath house in British Columbia.
Wt cure   where  others   fail.
Satisfaction guaranteed or no
t*y Plain baths, electric baths,
shower baths, massage for body, scalp and face ; electro therapeutic baths a specially.
Graduate of Herlin. Germany
Business Institute
jjfi Hastings St. W:
Canadi't Gmtiit Weattrn (jchool
R. J. Sprott, B.A., - -Managsr
Business College
63a .Seymour si., Vancouver
Day school open all   the  year
round.   Night school commences September 8lh.
Canadian Detective Bureau :—
Offices everywhere
Viun ,ui'.. 1   nib,.        '29 Empire  Itbi.'k
60S llullltgi St. wast. I'linnu 2221
Every lady longs to havs wtvy hair.
It ii now within tin rstch ol .vsry-
oni. For tomt yuan out hair hn beta
permanently waved, but the proem it
hull to undergo- wit too .even lor it
to be applied to hiir on the hiid,
but now .oienca hit ditcovsrsd i mi
thud by whioh tht hair can bt waved
without injury to hair or scalp. Tht
wave will not waih out ind dimp
weather will not alfect it. Thi pro-
ceae leavei ths hair lolt and wtvy. It
hat lim-iinm thi rage in I'arii, London and all thi large oitiss ol tht
States. Special rates lor ons month.
Any irifin wint i.>ji regarding thi work
will be gladly given I'i any ladies whu
will call or wiitit to
MADAME  llllMl'llHKYB,
738 Pender Street.
Groceries and Provisions
Wholesale and Retail
116 Hastings St. (downstairs)
Delivery Tuesdays and Fridays
si,ii;itiiiii urine mm
Sign and Price Marktrs
10 Fairfield Bid.      Font R3173
Yorkshire Guarantee &
kurilics Corporation Ltd
440 Seymour Street
R. Kerr Houlgate - - - Manager
All North Vancouver utopli **t at
Either Flack Block or Hastings street, opposite the new
Post Office.    Leonard sells  bis
General Superintendent tea by the pound,
NortH Vancouver,
cosiiuxi.il IT
Csrtillcst.d 8urgical, Medici isd
Maternity Nurstt
Nurse* Sttt Ott N JkaelsftlM
or  Uiriii.  apply  st  tin lionpiUl
12th Street KiSt.
\ AU new boiues should be pip-
! 'mi for gas in ordtr U> save the
, fceavy expenditure /or this coa-
s/sjjlence at a later data,
■■Ill-       I
300 Fetjt of Water-
frontage with crown
grant, known as
Wallace Shipyards.
Terms to »uit purchaser.   Apply
Expert on FirspJaca and all
classes of Brickwork
, All Work Ousriolstd
C«W Fifteenth St. aad Kshea it.
Pleasant Fields
of Holy Writ
Bivs fur my dully range
Among ths pleasant fields nl Holy
I might despair. -Tennyson.
First Quarter. Lesson. XI t March 12,
19111 3 Kings iy*»7.
wliiiiuuii, ol the tribe ol Issaoher ami
lying between Samaria and Oarmtl,
wit in the heart ol tht whettbtlt ol
I'tiltiitinii, and on tho highway ol travel, Here, on' his own sstate, livid an
independent farmer, whoie wife was
iiliiiinuiiui/i'd by thrift, piety ind contentment. She recognised Elisha as a
servant of the Lord, and, as such, attended her liiiiipilnlity to him. Tlie
room shs mado (or him on the wall
has paaiod into a proverb, "Ths
prophet's chamber," as has also hir
response to the prophet, when he asked her if he would name ber husband
for preferment, "I dwell among mine
own people."  She might have said |
"My crown is in my heart, not on my
Not decked with diimondi tnd Indian
Nor to be seen ; my cruwn is   called
A  crown  it  is  that  seldom   kings
Another jewel ihinus nut in thodurk
hour ol hur bereavement—Faith. She
heliuvod that the ami given to htrutf
tier ..iti-b iu,ii..ii.,i condition., and Ink
un from hur in sucli an incsplicablu
manner, could lie natural tn her.  '
' Tliu prophet, Irom his eyrie an
Mi. t'nini.'l, aaw tho Sliiinummito up
prpiahing' The mm,md btiur tiiwunl
evening, unit nut a Siihbuth or now
moon, ns ui'll ui tho ipuod with whidi
alio traveled, oscitsd hit ipprohunaiu
ilul hu failed nut iu cotirtoay. Hit
aorvnnt »«s diapalchcd wilh .alula
n.im. A inomont later lite burenvud
mother waa duelling thu foot of the
man ul Und. liehuii, loll-appiiintiitl
giinrditin nl bii Ha.lur'i dignity, dild
ami iibtuie, win l.n llirtiiling the
minimi aside. Sympathy ii (lenolra-
live and Klieha huil
"A tour lor pity, ami u hand
Open in day fur molting charity."
Ho iniii In hii nthcinua lervnnt, ' I ol
her iil.iii.'; fur hur mill ii vexed within hur, and the l.urd hath bid il from
me." ' ' ' The uiilcnme nl the in:
cidenl ii lumilinr. The pruphol'i SI-
pwlionl of s.'iiilniu hii it all tu belaid
Iho luce  uf   Iho  dead   child ;   tbc
uu.tin-t'- Importunity, , --pi,- m, n...n
in Iliu niieveratiiin, "Aa llie l.nnl liv-
II li mid ns thy .-..ml liveth, I will nut
lunvo IhlS j-*Iliu t'.iiluii- uf the o«|Hi-
dieiil ul thu .i.ili ; thu uiidii jtiiiruoy In
Shunum , tbo ruaturntiun nl thu child ;
the ut,i .uuni.   "Tike, up   thy
inn," liriol, pithttlo, btaulllul.
The world wn. .urpriiiil und tic-
lighted wiitn I.uyaril uncovered Ilic
hue-relief* which depict huuiiui ul an
oxtincl civilisation. Hut all the while
wu had in thu llililu niilhcnlic pictures
Plans, Specifications, Estimates
P. 0. Bos 27, North Vancouver
The North
Have row a good
stock of
at Bottom Prices.
Prompt Delivery.
Esplanade. Eait
teeaasar BBBJ ^ae^^p aj^aar^as»^B/■ ssssa^sassar as
whioh vivlly ths common lift of thirty
centuries ago,, • * ' This little domestic incident it enshrined in u writing which hears the dignified end ambitions title nl the "Honk ol the
Kings," " * The hospitality whioh is
inspirit! und grticudby piety will not
fail of its reward. Need is of more
religion in the social functions o| our
day. ' .* • The spiritual analogy
of this incident familiar to the Church
since t hn days ol Origin. Staff o( for-
inul religion cap nut uwakun tho dead
soul, though it wero a gulden and
jeweled crosier, Only the breath ol
tho Divine Spirit can qujckun into
March 19, 11)11 : Hebrews ii:U-18
Hlii-n l.ntlii'i- said thut one tempted
Christian was worth a thousand un-
totnptod unim, he indicatod (he use and
mine ol temptation. It is nut only t,
tost ol strength, but It is the Christian athletes' "coach," It trains and
develops. The way to resist diictse is
to ohuso out the germs with red corpuscles. Even the plunl must outgrow its parasites or the. (Ivor
against ths perforation ths oyster
putt it" purl.
St. Andrew'. IVuiliyleiiau church.
6th street; Services at 11 t.m. and
7.IKI p.m. Sunday ichool IM p.m.
l'rayer meeting on Wudueidiy at 8 o'clock.
Lynn Valley Presbyteries Chunh -
Worship, Sundays, 11 a.m., Union
Sunday ,S,h„„|, -j.;iii p.m. It. Van
Munstiir, H.A., paator.
l.ynn Vulley Methodist Church—Service every bunday evening in luati-
tute Hull at 7..o'clock. Chit, Ftke-
loy, pii-.im in charge.
Duptiat  t'liiui-h t'ur.   Mb  and   St.
tieorge.   Services, 11.110 a.m. and 7.ail
p.m.  Ilibl.' ichool at I'i nuon.    Hey.
D, R. liitiuil, „.
North I .iii.'iliili- I'i,..liti,-iniii Churoh
-Woribip, Suadayi, 7.3U t.in., Sun-
diy School, 3.30 p.m. R. Van Muni-
iter, M.A., paitor.
St. Juhn thi Evnngoliit, 8tb and
tilth itreeli; Holy uummunion, 8 t.m.
rooming prayer, 11 a in. ; evening prayer, 7.9(1 p.m. On tin lint Sunday in
ih.- miniifi there will be a iscond ot-
lebrsliun ol ths holy conununioa al
11 s.m.  Hector, Hov. Hugh Hooper.
Muthudiit Churoh, corner ol Sittb
street and St. tieorge'. Avinue—
Sunduy preaching service, it 11.UQ t,
in. ind 7.30 p.m., Sunday School an
Bible i'Inn ut 130 p.m., Senior lea-
gue on Monday evening si 8.00 p.m.,
prayer and prsiae leivice on Wsslnes-
day evening at 8.00, Junior l.uuguo
lurvice on Thursday ulternuun st 3.311.
A corili.l welcome ia o> tended to ill
lo attend tb.-,.' .'., in..-, l'sitor, W.
0, Schlichler, reiidmie, curner Keith
It.,ml und St. Andrew'..
Iiidiiii. ('iitliulic Church ul St.
I'tiiil'i. Mum, 7.80 a.in. Suuiluya. I'm
tur, Ituv. K. fiytivin, II.M.I.
St. Edmund'i Catholic Church, Nation A wiiiie. Sunduyi: Muu 10.15 i.
tu , Sunday School, 3.1A p.m.; Rosary and benediction, i. 16 p.m.
St. Agnes Church, llouluvtid-Vicir,
Bev. T. E. Rowo, 7.30 p.m. evimong
every Sunday i 11 a.m. Holy Communion, Dud Sunday ul every munlh.
St. t'l.in.ni'.'., Lynn Villoy-Vicir,
Riv. T. E. Rowe. Auiitant 1'rlest,
Bev. II R. lisalam, HA, 7.80 p.m.,
ovimung, iviry Sundiy: 11 a m
holy communion, lit Sunday ol ivory
St. Thomn, Norlh Lomdile-Vicir,
ll.-v. T. E. Rowe. 8 a.m., eviry Sunday cxti'pt lit Sunday in month j 8.80
a.m., lit Sunday in mouth; 11 a.m.
Mn<in Litany and lermnn, 'Aid and lib
Sunday; 11 a.m., Holy Cummuniun
and i.-iinuit, let and 3rd Sbidiyi,
A flnithed sppsarsnes is now being
presented by the hindsome Hunk pi
Hamilton block at the corner i.f First
street ami Lonsdale Ave. I'ruclin-illy
all the stone and brick work is com
te with the exception ol the osi.'-
ing an the front elevation.
Tho largo sand stoiios moulded in
artistio design givo a very aubslantiiil
look to tho building whioh now lends
by a conshlorablo margin, in the hand-
Bomo buiWingt on tbe North Phort..
The Keith hliick, which might be
named the sister block from it* twos-
imtty.to ths former, is a little Iwther
advanced and it not so very much
.hadowed in architecture by ths bsnk
LOST-Brown Spaniel, answers to
the nsme ol "Tim." Rewtrd. Apply
E, J. H- Oardinall, I'- Q. Ros UQ,.
North Vancouver.
D & A Corsets, all }|iu|, pur pair    75t)
D & A i'uti.i is, latest oi)!, extra long hip, per pair 11.00
D\ A t'ni:.i:i.'t, .'-li.tti, niriliiiiii in long, per pair J1.S0
D a Ai'iiiMtiii, crest and self-reducing, from fi.75 tn.... $3-80
''Bias Pilled" ciiisuts, short, medium ami Iqng, price
fl»«uplo W.66
"Bias Filled" Corsets, wirelioiie filling, cannot be lit olien
price ptrr pair ....,...■., ...■■:•.. $4titf
Sillnu imnl Iran rour >tn aiiiitol.   Btiliirick P.tl.tni ut PuUkillwu.
Sini.i S.wiui jjssJHjjW tjj AkwmiIm.	
Do not fajl to visit the high class Millinery under the
management of Miss Collie in our upper Lonsdale store. All
hats are marked at strictly Toronto prices.
Keith Block Lonsdale Black
Phone 08 Phone J63 >- •
^— —■»«wwww.iwmMnMiaw
Bread!   Brcadi
Union Made.   Home Industry.
B<gger Loaf.   Better   Bread.
Don't forget pur lutest Homo Made l.oiif.    5c loaf.
Stores 1 71 Lon«dflle Ave, Cor. Lonsdale & |th St.
 !■ ">"■ <
1321119 on LONSDALE AVE.
Comer St. James     Lane one side     All cleared
<t£ fifs/i  0bI»i,00°Cuh
JpOjUUU   BiI|bcEiii =
213 Lonsdale Avenue      -      Tel. 47
Corner Nye       -      ■ - Tel. 87
Wi aglieit 1 trill hid on ynnr Ordtrs small or Isrgs
D. L. 555, We^t Vancouver.
There sre still a few specially fine Jots for sale in this sub-division, most of them
65x132 feet, some larger. The most westerly part of ths property recently put on the
market includes 16 waterfront lots with a waierfrontage of 59 feet and so average
depth of 330 feet. The lots have a pleasant slope to a gravelly beach, and there an
many line old trees which add greatly to their beauty. We have the verdict of many
who bave bought there tbat nowhere on the whole Pacific Coast is there a mors baatt-
1 ifttl spot than "DUNDAKAVU" and most people who look over the property buy
some of it. There are several summer houses already built on the beach lota, and others will be built in the spring.
Call in and get a price list and make an appointment with us to take you out and
show you the property.   You will enjoy a visit to "DUNDAeUVE".
Th| prices ere from •*!' •* w*5 P«' lot, and the terms are easy, one-fif|th CMh,
and the balance over two years. • The waterfront lota are MAM
& Co.
121 Lonsdale Avenue
Clothing (or the Dresser
mmmmm**--mmm*tmmmW*mm'mm'm'    i|       i      |   ■■-■sawssssasssssassssssss.
of Taste
tj If you strive to be tasteful in your dress,
to wear clothes that |re topnoten 6tyle, to
be distinctive in. appearance, you should
cultivate the acquaintance of the Scotch
Clothing House.
H Our stock is selected with critical care,
nothing but clothing of quality and newness enters it, and it is surprising the little-
ness of. price we sell it at. Our window
displays will give you an idea of some of
the new designs.* You will be welcomed
if you care to come in and make an exam-,
ination. We want everybody to get acquainted with our clothing.
fl Our suit values at $18.00 and $13.50 are unmatchable
^ Spring Overcoats, in six shades of' grey, made 3-4 length,
with velvet collars at $12.50, $15.00 and $17.50.
^ You will feel comfortable in wearing one of these.
• i, i ■   ' '   ' ■
Scotch Clothing House, Ltd.
Corner Hastings and Abbott Streets*
,1U,I'      l.'l       I,  '        .'I
Provincial Legislature
Review of the Session
Just Closed.
(Continued from Tuesday's issue)
Among public utility bill , rnilwir*
legiiliilinn bus predominated, ftasily
tbs most iinpiii'itiiii measure in ihir.
connection was the big general railway act, which pruvides Ihul licnco-
lorth railway cumpunies inuy incorporate under its proviaiona without
coming lo tho legislature lor u churl-
ef at all. If simplifies the procedure
lor Iti'i.ii title compi'iii,.;. and it kocpi
oul the "paper" railway men by instating that construction muit bo proceeded with alter tho churter is obtained or Ihe $15,000 deposit will lie
l'robebiy because ol the immediate
coming in force ol the above Act,
there has been a heavy falling oil in
the number ul applications for special
railway charters. A lew ,,i importance havo, however, been griinlcd. One
ol particular intereit to North Vancouver wu. thut ul the Grouse Mountain Scenic incline Bnilwuy C'ompuny.
Thi. ii a project, thut when cuinplct-
od, should uttruct thuiiiuud. ol visitors tu the north shore ul Burrard Inlet, whero they muy with euau reach
tho cool in.milium breoxos jn tjuininer
and enjoy ikuliug uml curling in llie
winter inanlhs. Thcro were also u
number ul charters lor milwuys in the
northern part of the province, une for
u ruud (rum Ihe Nuui tu the I'eticc
river, und the Mid-Provincial uud No-
chucu ure iuid to lie bucked hy Mr.
Norton (irilhllii and hi- lyndicule ol
Hun h i.ipn.ili i... another to extend
the Portland cunul short line tu llud
son'.- Buy is suid lo he ll project  with
Hiickunric k Muiiu behind it.
Iu connect ion with railways there
win u bill i.i .-ti. I.i down by Attorney-
General   Bowser   to   ratify  iho   u-
greeiuent between Ibe Great Northern
Builwny company uud the city til
Vancouver. Evidently il strengthens
COIisidcrulilv the city's side, insures
the entrance ul other railway cumpunies un u liked bn.i.'i. mid provides thul
lite work nl filling in the creed bed
mini be begun ami carried tu completion within lice j curs.
According lu I he iiiiniiiiiiccinriii
in.nl by premier Mcllrido on Tuesday
hut, the government is apparently determined tu keep the electoral district
ul Bicbmuiid intact lur another year.
II  II I      1 II ■  I H I I   i
Tbst. there is (teen disappointment in
Soijth. Vancouver oyer this decision
was shown by the hostile demonstration from the delegates iu the gsllor-
ies that greeted Vt. Wutmin pf Van-
ctnivcr, whon ho rose to speak iu support ol the government's stand- Still
another evidence qI tho desire for un-
noxution was .Hie uppluuse that greeted Mr. P."!,. Carfer-Cotton when ho
introduced the delegation to the Premier in the executive chamber on tho
previous oveniog, und milicsitutingly
expressed his conviction that thu best
in! crests, both of Vancouver arid
Smith Yiiiifoiiver would be served by
iniinedinlc iiniiexiilion. lion. Mr.
Bowser, who is guilefully regurded si
the contra of the oppqsition to thu
movement was pot present at tbe '"
lei new, tiur did bo attempt to ipeult
ou the mailer in the liouso.
On tho tail day ol tho sossiun Mr.
P. I.. Curtor-tlottou presented tho petition ol the mayor uud Council of
North Vancouver aaking that the n-
moutinent to tho Land Bogiitry Act
forbidding tho registration ul areus
uf leu thuu live ucros under anything
but indefeasible lee, bu not oulorcetl
until preient registration, wore dis-
.pusod ul. Hun. Mr. liuwier explniutii
tlitil ho hud ulroudy provided for lliul
by amendment.
A. an iiuliculion ul pruvinciul ox-
pauiiun uud Ihe progress ul ruilwny
construction, the government lotinu il
iicc-ei.Hury to In ing down bills tu
create a depurtiuont ol ruilwuys under
u milliliter ul tho Crown. While Hon.,
Mr. Tuyior. is tuking this work iu connection with the Public Works Uoptirt-
uieiit lor the preieut, it is udinillcd
ihut in the not fur distant future another Minister must be appointed. Another welcuuic cunstitutionul change
win the nlleration oi the nnlii|Utitcd
title ul Chief Commissioner ol Laurie
lo thut ul  Mn i   ul  I...H.I .    thus
unifying the lilies ul ull the active
eiibinel ministers with the exception ol
the Altuiney-liiiiiorul, who is hurdly
likoly to bo culled "Minister of Lews''
(or, a lung time tu come,
Hon. Price Ellison in.ide his debut
us '-Iliu iei of Agriculture by bringing
down u scries of bills intended to belter logii-Inn.ui reluling to the liirins.
lu i in ■■.' his kuuwlcdgc in a practical
farmer shuweil to good udvmtttige.
Hon. Mr. Boss showed thut he is
"malting good" ns Minister ol Lands
by bringing down u number ul useful
amendments to tho I.uml uml. Water
Acts, which he very lucidly explained.
Among the porauiiul incidents of llie
session Ihe must loniutiouol wui tin
■let,, in.n ul Mr. .Lu.hue it.uu the Lib
oral 'party in  the opening days,  reducing a somewhat discordant opp
ilion quurtotfo to a frio.'   On the Im |
day  ol  the  session -.Mr.  Hawthorn-
thwuito also iiiiimufeil th)it it might
be the lust time he would appear in
that   l|quBe.     The  lull   signiliciiM-o ■
ol his ropark con -hardly bo grusp. d,
but it may menu that ho intends  In
try his luck in tbe wider field of !'"•
minion publics, Whatever inuy M
Iliiwlluirnthwuito'B   politics bo is pel-
sunnily  popular and should he dcci ,c
|o leave Ibe legislature his sburp to
icisin nnil lively wit will c.
missed  in  Iho debates, 'lie basil   |
sut iu the liouso lor Ion years und of;
lute litis been elected for NnnAlino
cuiistiilttly increasing" iniiii rifles
But fur these incidents lln     i
slniiiling   ol Iho Huiise nu'iini 1.1.
torittl., I'l't'inior MeHritlc, with his t   I
und . in- >tliiii'ittt still rem-iii'i tl't .I., i
ititiling figure,'with All^:..,'"mi ,1
Bowser us u strong rigid nr»i   in i
llpliosilion Mr. Hrew.lei- I
u lonely litrrtiw with ability   t !   "   '
ttge,   Mr.  Iliiwlhurnlbwiiile Iin-    inn
more dignified limn in former yt'uis,
und Mr. I'urkor Williams wus more hit-
lor tliun is usual Lit' one ol his mi-
litrnlly genial teiiiperuiiienl.v Nnluiiiilly
it is impossible  tu discuss the rnnk
uud file ol the government supporters,
bul it ii sufficient tu say thul they
hnve evidently worked in hurmuny,
nnil have slinwit un signs ul it large
miijtirity lulling lo pieces Irom ils own
weight which critics prophesied alter
the lust election.
At a recent meeting ul tlm 1). C.
Dairymen's Association llie I re tun
decided to divide Ibe farm tl-iir/ro;.:-
petition, which litis ulrerJy liccn ij
progress lor one your, into two
classes, in order thul. a number ol Iliu
■mailer dairymen in ihe piminci; inuy
bave ii clinnce for euinpeting lor Hie
tun, ineduls null honors unit not compel them tu compete iigninsl ihe linger dairies of Iho province thus giving
Ibe small mini un cipiul chance wilh
the l,ui-e one. In this innltor Iho di-
rectors aro mnking urrungeniciits (or
a cup, the name-of which will be published later, but one which will be ol
equal importance lu ihal ol the larger trophy given by the prnvincid government. They uro ulso giving three
nic'diili corresponding with those ol.
the larger dairies. The division ol
the compelition into two lull is us
billow. : Those having live to (lltcon
eowa milking und the large d
Ihuie having over lillcet) cuwi milk
Men's Furnishings
VOU are invited to Visit Vancouver's Greatest Clothing Store. We
carry the largest stock of Men's,. Youths' and Boys' Clothing, Hats
and Furnishings to be found in Western Canada, in fact everything for men
and boys in the clothing line. We buy direct from the manufacturers,
buying and selling strictly for cash. For these reasons we can sell high-class
clothing, hats and furnishings, at lower prices than they can be had elsewhere.   Every garment sold here is guaranteed to give satisfaction.
J, N. HARVEY, LTD., 125 -v127 h-*- street,
i i .in i i if ' Vancouver, B. C.
■        iiattaattfte—'ew-
"-."■'     ■ _     ■ ' ■"   	
■ ■' '• *
Mk ■PWsmsws-jaHsjaBpaBi
Nmrth Vaiicouv»|, p C .
One year |i,oo
BiiHwmths -     . -       •      ,60
wee nmntlis    .        . ,26
United states and Foreign,*! M per year
——j—~ _ j	
TeiwiRVT Dispw AnvwTistaaNisr-.
60 cents per inch each insertion.
L^pat Npnoss, Etc-|1.00 per inch per
liitp .Nn Timiiku NoTicis-80 days, 16 i
«0days,n.60. '
Lstiit. ApvuBTiaiNo—First insertion, 10
/ cents per line; each subsequent Insertion, tc per line,
HiiniNii Nonets in l.titui. Nawt Oui.
eats—10 cents pur linu,each insertion
OoMTMAer AnvisTistmNTs—Rates arranged according lo space taken,
All changusill contract advertisements
must be in the hands ol the printer by
Wednesday evening to ensure publication
In the nest issue,
NoKTH Vanuiuvek, Mar. io, 191 i
The near approach of tbe date upon
which the nuw ferry boat will be placed.in ,-,,1,11,11 ..-i„ 11. together witb the
more froquent tiriiti icbudule which ia
eipceted to come into force ahortly
thereafter und the very great increase
in furry trufiic which the neur future
is t'erliiiu to develop emme to loom
lurge upon the horjiiiiii the'ipieition
as to how long the end of I.onidiilo
Avenue 1.- going to be found sufficiently conimodiom lo meet the growing
ilniiiihil." uf tlie trullic. Hluti with
the coiiitriiclion ol the iii,m.-, Moun-
tain Scenic, rifilway 111 well ue Ibe
many oilier inlliieticea which will tend
to develop freight Ss well us punen-
ger trullic, it ia ubauliitcly certain
that tbe udetpiuteueaa ol the prcaeut
I terminul fucilitiei will be very abort
lived. Fur from the time being pie
mature for the icrioui coiieideru-
tion ol thi. i, ,-ti nn- ui 11" forry eer-
vice, the probability ia that future development will lead to tlie conclusion
that it should have been reckoned
with before uow, in order lo solve the
problem on u liusie in nil respects »u-
lln '1 ure two method, til solution
which preient themselves with reference to this difficulty, one ia that
whurves be constructed ut other
points ui.ni). 1 In- wutcrfriinl und tbe
other ii thul uddilionul property be
purclinsril ailjiiceut to the present
Lonsdule Avenue terminus.
The   lint expedient would probably
prove  the  cheaper   so  fur   .,- initiul
outlay   is  concerned  but  uguinst it
11.ni  lire ut leust two objections to be
urged.     In ths liis! pluce   it is    the
couiiiion practice witb lurgu ferry com-
puniei   lo centralist   their   operations
si much 111 possible.     EsptrltlMt hui
eliohn Ihut this -centralization   greul-
ly usaisls the satisfactory control   of
tbe   traffic   uml   geucrul operation   of
the system while il ulso has an   w o-
nouiicul iiilliieiiije upon the exjiumci of
inuiiugeuient and ol operation.   Again,
it il manifestly iu the interests of the
city that as fur us possible the centre
ol the eity |je muds the point, of ODD-
vergence uud of divergence for ull name lo and from the Not lit Shore, ih.
problem ol Greater North Vancouv")
is out ol the most vital feature,   ol
the locul   ut mil ion   which the city o>
•Ninth Vuucouver will U called   upon
to lace.    'I he highlit proiperity of tin
dty is involved in tbe effort i„   il-
tnii tbo very lust loot ol territory in
ill directions to the cily couinuircinl-
ly, initially, educationally und to  retain Unit   territory.  It muy well   lie
(sired that the ctublisiuaent of sever-
si ferry  termini along ths walorlront
will   no lit tile  in  a   very   dun^croiis
manner  against   the  interests ol tbe
city iu this respect, that it will   so
weaken *the lines that the  city will
lose control ol the situation to a very
great extent and thut vory approcinble
loss   will   thereby   accrue  ilong   the
lines indicated, wiiicb might otherwise
'lis ivorted.     'JI11 convenience   ol   ■
1 .mall portion oi tbs travelling public
might be served somewhat by Ihe ilia-
Ifrtibution ol the Uswinsli iawnueh «i
Pa grwUf uutobsr *ould thtraby   bt
'brought within wolWng disttnee of tb.
rry whirl, but it for tbe great bulk
those tr.vslliiig by Isrry ever ma tbe
WL., tbsy will find )t n#essa«ry   to
Kvsi tVst by striot csr iff toy mm
MM s few bMkt niori or last <• iners-
fort » wattsr ol no moment lo | l(em;
On (be othsr ptnd lbs oonoonti'ittfon
of the entire traf?P nl North Vuneouver City Perries Limited nl the Uw
dale Avwnt tirmmslwBiiU (ffiiruliss
the whole system at thnl point, it
would bring all tbs triune crossing by
this Bystein through the n(ly ml
North Vuncouvor while et route snd
would work no hardship upon ery.
II this policy is to be adopt id however, it is evident thlt the mere street
end et Lonsdale Avenue will provide
Only 1 fraction ol tbt urea that will
be required lor handling the immense
traffic that will develop at this point.
Sooner or later In lbs prosecution ol
this policy, the purchaio ol addition-
ll waterfruntagt property would be
absolutely necessary. Meantime tbs
pries ol such property is rising very
rapidly and il any such purchase is to
be made, it would be advisable to expedite the matter is much is possible
in order tbit the ratepayers may
have opportunity to pronounce upon
it while suitable properly-ie available and before the price becomoa bo
high as to be well nigh prohibitive.'
■Mlhaj thirs are prap|iqa|ly no limitations to .ids possibilitiss ol future
growth tnd greatness with reference
to the great eommereis) and industrial centre whose foundations art new
bejng laid on Burrard Inlet, and further that the splendid record thus (at
attained is but a slight indication of
ths progress whioh the future holds In
The Grouts tjountsln Scnio and Incline llajlway Company are proceeding with the preparations for their
railway to the top of ths muuutiin.
It it expected that by ths middle of
June that large gingt ol men will be
aoattered along tbs proposed routt engaged in clearing tbe right-of-way.
The addreas with which Elliott S.
Howe, manager of tbe Vancouver Information and Publicity Bureau,, .ii-1
vored an audience of local busmen
men on Tueidsy evening, wet one
tbat ehould have bten heard by every
citizen who desires to keep, himself intelligently iiifni iik-iI as to the trend ol
events with respect lo the
possibilitiee which lie immediately before Burrard Inlet and the
lower mainland. Dr. Howe's development ol bis position tbat Ihe sources
ul eusteuance which bave carried the
centre of populstioo lying about I'm
rard Inlet to its present proportions
and prosperity, far from being ex
hausted are as yet scarcely touched,
wue a masterpiece ol ressoning ami a
splendid aud inspiring exhibition 0'
true eloquence. It is certainly a most
encouraging feature of tbe eitualLpn
that tbe cauaes tbat have bitbertn
contributed to ths growth and the development of the possibilities ol llurrard Inlet are for the larger part
lound far nliehl and tbat eveu thi
cauaes ol tIda nature have us yot been
only slightly developed, while at tbt
sume time all thou magnificent
sources oi wealth und ol increment in
every way, which lie near al hand,
have acarcely commenced to contribute
ol their gigantic possibilitiss toward
the building up ol the groat conlr.
which i. deetinod lo ncatle about the
Burrard litoral. The reiourcci ol the
vast prairies of Ihe middle west, the
as yet untouched treasure house, ol
northern British Columbia, tbe magnificent possibilities of tht southern interior which sre up to the preient developed only upon tbe outer edge of
things, and tbs phenomenal natural
riches ol the lower maiulund which an
still unrealized excepting in a very
crude way and to a very slight degree, tbsse still remain to be exploited end will, in due course contribute 1 In if full iju.it 11 to ndil to the proportion! snd to promote th. prosperity of Ctnidi't great wstttrn metropolis  Upon   llmiuld   Inlet.
'111. position liken by f)r. Howo
tbit il tbi. province doe. not attain
first rank wilb respect lo minulietur-
ing it will not be beciuss ntturt bu
not endowed it witb every requirement
lor grestnsss, but solely because- tbo
people fsil to wits their rightful heritage in thii respect, wis one with
which ill mutt be in heirty iccord.
The riw matcri.fi ere ready in our
mountains and the coal lies alongside
those materials in inexhaustible quan-
tilies. Appropriate enterprise and
energy upon the part ol msn is ilone
required, in order to procure lor Brit-
iili <'olutnuii notable tupremacy in the
realm of nitmuiactsre. Current event,
furnish very convincing evidence (hut
the mofcey end the effort will not be
wanting upon the ptrt ol thost who
ire fully quslinsd to carry tht pro-
vino, to fasf rightlul petition in this
importsot nspoot,
Pvtry oqatWw.tion which would
bsve weight srjth thost who wish to
srriys st tu intelligent sad aoourate
ettweats, of rt> tltustioB, point.
atfioaeJr'seal snrasniliHr Lo ths consul-
~ '.9 .   .' "  F    Pi <l  |, , I ' rj     V.    W—"      ' IPJ11,
Phohi 10 p.' 0. Box 944
Financial and Insurance Agent
begs to intimatu that hs has leased
tlie west store in tlie Club Block, Esplanade, and he ex|ieots lo open office
there about 16th in.il - This commo-
dioui store will give ample space for
1 first class sale room and he hopes
to be able soon to have regular
monthly or fortnightly auction salee
there to facilitate the dispnssl of realty in large or small parcels as owners
may direct. Ileing a central location
for business he invites listings ol
house! und |dts lor private sale. Hi
has inouiitiineTijuuiiiber of choice re-
eiiience lots to onW*susU*--'
Notsry Publio
Loan.,   Investments   and   Insurance.
Boom 307, 532 Oranvills St., Vancouver, B. C.  Phone 8309.  Land Kegia-
try work a specialty.
Phone    198
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co.
Dealers in Coal, Brick,
Sand,   Gravel,   Lime,
Cement   and   General
Builders' Supplies.
All  Ordels   Promptly
Filled and Satisfaction
Guaranted.    Prices on
Office: Lonsdale, near City Wharf
Warehouse:      Formans Wharf
The Royal Bank «f Canada
Capitol 16,300,000.
Uoservitt, 17,300,000.
Total Aiwti 186,000,000.
— A general hanking buiineaa
trsnisctod. Sivinua sccount. s
specialty. Accounts of firms
and individuals aoliciltd.
North Van, ouvi 1 Bnnch.
Bink Office in N. V. Club Block
Specials for
Friday ind Saturday,
Itollsd Prim. Bib), boncloss 30p lb.
Sirloin Steak  ' Me lb.
Porterhouse Hoist  33c lb.
Pork I/tina, phots or bill 30o lb.
Pork Shouldera, whole I60 lb,
Pork Shoulder., sliced    Ife lb.
Loin Pork Chopi  32c lb.
Leg Mutton 18c lb.
Shouldera Mutton  let lb.
Smill Winchester. Htmi  Joe Hi
Empire Bicon by tht pitct  34c It).
Finnsn Jliddie, thi but  10. lb.
Ousrintsed fresh Fggs 30c dot
Tht qUtlily of these mests will give
you evsry satisfielloD snd i.vi yon
money tytry tin..
Phont. 16
Prst dsllvsry 14 ill psrtt ol ths cily.
Speaking of Snaps; how if thii ono?
Double Corner of Fourteenth St.
and St. Andrews for $2600
wd vary
easy termt
Pierce & Hall
Next to Palace Hotel
Phone UQ
Household-furniture (or sale, *he»p.    On view any lime
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS! $94,900,000.
Sole Agent
AtTMm.nU ind Conirict. dnwn
ol titty description
Phone 157
Something good (or the small buyer
Price $275 each
|75cath.   Balance very easy.   Call and see us about these
I'honc 70---I1. O. tiox 97
North Shore Locators
Wo are plscinff on tho market i block of 17 Iota, on tht
,'ir.nd Boulevard Mlstuloo, Theae lota ure bigh und dry, with
un un.urpue.cd view, two blocks from the prewnt car line, si»e
40il%, purtly cloircd. 1'riuii Irom fonO to snii. Torms-1-6
.-..It. balunce, 3, 6, U, 13, |f>, 18, 31 und 34 months.
Come in und let ui ilmw you ovor thii property.
No. 8 Lonsdale Ave.
Phone 123
50 It. Lot facing New Municipal Hall.   Price, $500;
Cash, $200.
50 It. Lot, 17th Street, near Boulevard. Price, $600;
Cath, $200. ^^
Double Corner, Queensbury Heights.   Price, $ 1500;
Cath, |500.
North Vancouver Trust Co., Ltd.
(UU IrJt.t.r It Wsrd)
219 Lonsdale Avenue. Phone 44
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
Snap on a 6 roomed Bungalow,
eloee in. All ntodern, rwapie**,
fumaca,atc. $600 catb, Ul.
to arrange.
i       '
' The Cash
Staple and Fancy Groceries
Fre»h and Smoked MeaU
Potatoes, per sack, -  $1,95
Ayrshire flose Hutter
Mlh. box   -  -  •  $4.25
3 lbs. Lonsdale ttlend
of Tea    -   -  -  -  $1,00
3 lbs. Bunt Empress
Coffee    ....   $1,00
Russet Apples, per bm $1.85
Sharwood's Chutney,     .
qts.   .......     50c
Captain White's Pickles SOc
Pure Castile Soap, per
bar    .....     25c
driver's Fruit in Ityrup
from      35c
You can depend upon the
quality and price of our Meat
Rolled Oats, 7lb». for    25c.
drivers Mtirmiiluilu in 1
lb. glass jars, each   -. 15c,
AyrShire Rose Creamery
Butter,  -   .  3 lbs. $1 00
Lemons, per dug.
Oatmeal Soap. 10 burs 25c
Maggis Soups, 5c. per table*
Phone 40
1111 Lonsdale Ave
.   6 a.m. to 8 p.m.
First-class Metis 35c.
Commutation Tickets, at mcalf
Rooms (or Rent at moderate ratal
I. O. ()  P\
North Vencouver Lodge, No. M,
meets evory Thursdsy evening, cornet
l.mudol. Avenue snd Firtt ttritt, st
8 o'clook. Visiting lirstbru cordiilly
invitid to sttind, A. T. Kcunady,
N.O.; Thos. 8. Nyi, rec.-ssc. j J. H.
Pilling, P.G., fin.-ssc.; Chss. Nyt, f.
Q., triti.
miout So, P. P, 80
Fully Equipped
to plod over the desert or segir km-
ger snd thirst U Mr. Ciapl. fs-rt
not built that wiy. What wt want i.
the rttl thing,
When Buying Hen
It will .Und the bluing two/ *t
Sthsri or tht Wait. ,/ rjc^, Hotf,
C0W»8-#Ijy mu.
wi»»94n§       rkwip
(Continued, from ptge-1)
factors towm-da the.jinbuilding of the
place that osji not he denjofl. The
movsmsnt will In nl n phenomenal
character and it is felt that something
should |w done to attract attention.
Dr. How* opsned wjtb ths remark
that the interests ol Vanoouver and
North Vancouver wero fop closely connected lor them to. be rivals. The
question p| community publicity is becoming very popular. Canada is not
quite so (ar advanced as the friends
to the south but was making rapid
Hi taid tht est»»ti»ls for successful
advertising pf this nature wit tn (iT»
something gpod in r»rW> fw H>» put-
lw fif ths yji(tprs. If misreprissnia-
tipn is made its/ill dfl inMfe lwi».
Better, be s»i4! M bivt the \m
known p| ypur town st ill than ti) »■
epuroge him here snd be should fail.
The facts should never bs pyerststed
in any oase, but wjtb Durrard Iplot
and its surrounding w||y, ho cluimcd,
not te|| the rul.l fnelii when thoy ire
to good. Men the doctor hid talked
with regarding the attractiveness of
the North Shore had in every oasii
viiucliHiiled that |ts liotiutioe were superior to uny other parts they bad
waited.   He inenlioiied a cuse to illnu-
owmmmmmimtmW."' - - -   . - ■- -.
troto thit.. Preylfflis tp tht Seattle
etppsittpn n certain officiul bod  been
mM to i»»wtig»te, with » vie*
tp opmpiling tpurit| Wormstipp, ad
tht tftraotipr,!! in the y|pfnjty .,1 Seattle.   AfteFwdi be visited (forth
VlbPPHySF snd^»J4 that tht natural
facilities pi the piece prpvided on opportunity ol development that cpuid
BPt he fnund sltewhoro.
Jo sffvertiting Nprth Vewwef
there cpiild not ba.tpp mu°h a-ibl
about the beautiful scenery and the
climate and the conditions that responded to those conditions. Vancouver would deem it tb advnnt.-ijro to
have conveniences ol getting to these
attractions. The easier to see the
place Iho more will bo tbo tourist ti'u-
Blocks 226, 227 snd 230,    Subdivided into
Lots 50tl 14 feet,
For Plans, Price List and Particulars, apply to
Phone 6286.
Comer Pender and Seymour Street, Vancouver, B.C.
! A  GOOD  PROPOSITION  for. either the jj
i Homeseeker or Investor —on   7th  Street, il
• just west of Queensbury carline, only $1200 i|
ird cash, balance easy.     Good View.   Good Soil.
: E8t
I Thi
Martinson & Co.
Phonti?3. P.O. Box 73
OH 11 H H'M'l'M l"l H l"l"M'M'l"M"l"t"H"l"M"l 11111 It I'l'H'L'l 1"! II M"H"H"1"M'1"M 111 r
You'll Make Money Here !!
J   u.
«t/'f Spiaej.
~m Tflr • y ■ twtrtvt—w
i /?«*j
I   I
^> esajrs"! t-
Anynno who will givo this investment opportunity icrioui conaidcri-
tina lor a low minutei will readily
sto quick and large ptolili seeming to
tho purchaicr ol
.Boulevard College
Extension Lots
U* ar-	
Lot 1 4878.00
LoU 2, 3 snd 4 , each  876.00
Lot 8 '.   700.00
Loli 8 and 7 both   1,960.00
Lot 8     876.00
Lots II, 10 tnd 11  Sold
LoU IS sad 13   Both Sold
Lot li       960.00
l...ii 16, 16 and 17  each   876.00
Lot 18  Sold
Not. tho length of time loti, >omi
ol them being U6 fell to a loot.
• .
Tht idv»»togc« ol those loU for buaiacu or roaidsnet purpoaca ire ippirent on tht pita ilticbed borito.
It it tht clptsst ctr lino pioperly tn the north ul the Graad Boulevard (which ia delusively lor high clan reii-
dtacas). It also lacci St. Jobs's I'ollegtsnd groutvli snd lor theie retioni ilone it will bo a centre ol lomo
iaportsact. Boulevard Mlewiun loli sre wltijju the oily limit, and have all ths advantage and tonvcnisncei ol
oUW city propsrty. To dots out every lot iuSword timi wo hive undeipiie.il tlieui, so thlt you will hive tp
harry to get tay- Couidor alio the term, which tit much osier than u.u.11 16 coih, bilanc. in 6, 12, 18,
and 24 monthi it 6 par coot, per annum. .
M8 GraaviU. Strait    VANCOUVER, B. C, Auihoriisd Capital  12,000,000.
Baal Kilatc.    Imuraace,      Honey to l.omi
|j  I       J l    A UJ.U IWrVT KBBAGE,
14 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver. )<0CaJ ,-„„„„,,,.
  .      ...   i i Its     II
Tsltpboa. 816.
i      '■
Ut 18, Block 35, P. L- 550, $1150.   Cash $450, Ul.nce 6 and 12 months
Lota 54 and 55, Block 165, D. L 274, $13,000. Terms to arrange.   Near Lonsdale
tht abovt lots art among tht but buy. in North Vancouver, and intondiag invoitors will serve their own
iatsDttts by invutigiling. Wt hive tht uwliuivi tali and alio a largi list of olhor loti in the City, It It
ia your own iatsmt to ctll and imped our hit btfort dsciding.
Real Estate Agents.      Financial Brokers
Head Office; 405 Hatting! St. W., Vancouver, B. C,
British Columbia Branch Offices: Branch Office* in Europe:
K Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver i Berlin, Qwro#ny ,
1111 (iovernment St., Victoria London, England
Paris, France
vol and anything that can bo dteio lo
bolp this will help tho community. Be
said it was a lad that these pincca
possessed the niaturca that attracted
civilizniinn. There were, fine rcsidciilinl
surrpundings and opportuniti™ Im ii(-
vestment while at the same time Ihe
pleasure rssprts woro close at hand.
He deolirod ihul these provincial cities hid not bceil built by ordin iry
e.inililionii which aro invariably responsible for the det,-I.i)iiin'iii ui npy
place. Thoy were just at the beginning of this growth for i Ire ronton
that they have grown within themselves withput jhter-piovincijl communication and consequently huve
not. reduced the materia! welfare ol
the district. Lesa than ten yours ugo
tho G. T. 1*. and C, N. B. compunios
were nothing more than talk ami even
compute those oities ol five years ago
witb tho present day conditions and
it will bo soon that there hue been
phenomenal developmont. At that
time it was not thought ibat tbore
was room on the prairie, for any
other railway than tho fl.P.B., still
today whoat is being grown successfully 1,000 miles north of the international boundary. In 1908 ho
ssid Viineiiiivi'i- published a folder
showing some of tho largest buildings
to illustrate that tho qty was making
its debut as a largo city. The highest buildinge at that lime wero about
five stories and there wero vory lew.
Ho averred that today conditions
were ultimate result, ol the inspire-
Lions given tho city and tho attcntiuu
directed to it at the time it was shadowed. It then behoved us to look
back and conaider those conditions
and the reason lor the present day development. As to grain delivery from
tho prairies it was a foregone conclusion that a groat purl til the wheal
mu i be delivered Ihroiie.li Vancouver.
The Ii.hiI wui closer from Edmonton
to Vuncouvor tbun to uny other I'nei
lie port, and the grudes west Irom tin
prairio provinces were easier than oust-
lletlcclurcd thut wo hnd no menus
ol comniiiniculiug with close in places
ouch as the islands which ubounded
with ugrictilturul luuds only awaiting
communications to develop them.
There wus likewise no direct coinniuni-
cation lo interior pniiils. Theao resources liuvciiint boon touched yet and
yol Iho "Mi cilice have grown
despite the fuel. What then will be
,tho result when complete iiilor-provin-
cial communications ure providod und
the I'uuamu I'unul opened ? Il will
opon a pulhwuy lor grain Irom the
pruiries and both the exports und import! paaiing through thii port
would greatly develop.
Ai to manufacturing progrcu he
said thut il Canada hud civilized Irom
tho weal instead ol tho cost it would
buvc been nges bclore I he oust reached
tho present development ol the west
You cannot niukc me believe thai.
Ihe great deposits ol thia province
will never bo developed, he auid. Nci
tbor will they bo tukcli elsewhere lor
ninnulucturo. There i. every caaen-
tiul (or manufacturing great water
power on the adjuccnl hilla and a
groat wealth of timber cloec at hand
and icutlered over tbo whole nl the
province. It was, therefore, only our
lack ol initiative that manufacturing
ii nol dovoloped, II w fuil In an
nouueo thcio advunlugei and oppor-
lunitici other places will reap- the
bonolil of our bc»itancy. It is verj
important, he continued, thul ourcil
iei itudy theio conditions and buve
loino one detailed to gather authentic
information io thai inquiries can be
satisfactorily and inlelligcnlly answer
nl. Voncouvcr. wui making a move in
litis direction and during the time of
Ihe city's Celebrulion ol Iter 'Jfilh
birthday pamphlets of thii nature will
1»3 circulated. Ho invited Norlh Van
,..ii',,i to inicrt 1...IIU- advertiaing
mutter in J hii bnoklel which would
oppriie the visitors ol tho delights and
advantages ol the lurrnunding point"
I'll.-!",' udvcrtiiing wa. whul I., u'
be aimed al, 'ieiiirnll/iiig win not
nearly io effect iu- und when u cum-
p.igu ol advertiiing is ilnrtcd you
wont lo be iu a pnejlioii to explain.
Illustrating wus a great laclor in lea-
luring Iho advnntugoi and posiibililiei
ol. llie district. An invitation wus
also given tho North 8hore to odver-
lise in the British Columbia Muga/ine
tnd the more illutlrnlioiii the belter,
ht laid. Summarizing, he auid we
have the lliuigi here Ihul olhor people want. We havo Iho conditions, the
opportunilie. lor the development ol
indiutrjc. and tho mil uml sconio ad-
vtntigo. lor touri.t.. Alio ths ruw
material. We have been'well uiod by
nature and Iho lime ii "now'' when
wo ihould reap the harvest Irom the
soeds sown in the gloomy dayi, It
ii up, lo ui and wo mutt ronicwber the
(act tbat ovory ono who located here
will find it to fail advantage ni well
ll being an advonlagp lo the whole
community. It in, thoroforo, an uu-
lelfiili eli'incnl in the upbuilding ol our
A hetrty volt ol thank, wot oc-
cordod Dr. Row. on Iho motion 6'
Aet|ng Mayor McBoe and Ale*, i'hilip
prMtdonl of the North Vancouver Board 0/ Trtdt.
i-«* -
We are clearing put) all our Ladies' and Children's Footwear, ami in order to do so in the
shortest possible time have made prices lower
than the cost of manufacture, as follows :
Ladies' Patent Blucher, gun metal tops, regular
$4.50 lines, now ! $2.85
Ladies' Patent Oxfords, gun metal tops, regular
$4.25, now  $2.65
All lines of tan, ox-brood and chocolate, regular
, up to $4.00, now $1.85
Dull finish Kid Oxfords, blucher cut, regular
$3.75, now  $2.45
113-115 Lonsdale Ave.
North Vancouver
Why pay 1350.00 for rough uncleared Lots when we up sell you
the viry host cleared Loti without a itone on them, level as t ttblt
mid into grass. Been cultivated lor ton years, situated on Csntrt
Bond, being the post Boid on tbo North Short tnd one block (rota
the Cir Line, School, Church ind Stori; hivt city witar, slsclris
light and telephone.
Price 1360 to 8100 each. Terms $100 cash, bllanct 8, IS and 1$
months. Thee lot. will bring it lent in our estimation 100 Ptr
cent, profit on ths amount Invested within six months. Buy quick,
they are going fast. i
P. 0. Box 172
North Vancouver
North Vancouver City Ferries, Limited
Leave Vsnctuvsi
ttsvs Norlh Via.
fssvt Hofta Vso.
Lsivi Vssctsra
•6.20 a.m.    .
•6.tf s.m.
'6.30 a.m.
'6.46 a.m.
7.30  "
7.60 "
•7.20 "
•8.00 "
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8.50 "
•8.20 "
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9.18 "
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m ii
7.46 II
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10.46 II
10.18 "
11.80 "
11.46 "
11.16 a
12.16 t.m.
12.46 s.m.
1.00 ».m.
' Dsnotas apt on
Thit Tim. Tablt tubjsct to
obiagi without nolle
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "West Vancouver," Captain Findlsy
Licensed lor 35 patsciigert
ll(,]|;liuro Wbul
7.30 a.m.
9.00 a.m.
11.00 a.m.
13.15 p.m.
15.00 p.m
9.-30 a.u)
13.15 p.m
17.00 p.m
Ivtry Btu rxctrt ttuosiy
' p.m	
talurdsys My
30 p.m	
Bingls Firs K>
B.00 a.m.
ir.00 a.m.
13.00 a.m.
11.00 p.m.
16.00 p.m.
18.00 p.m
33.00 p.m.
10.00 a.m.
14.00 p.m.
17,45 p.m.
Quickest route from Norlh Vancouver to the district beyond
Capilano River.    Launch "West Vasconver" makes <f9MU|
lious, without fail, with the lerry ateamcrt Irom Nort|| Vancouver, as per above acte4iile.
11 1 ■     ■ ■"■'■ ■■    H-llt. SIX
vm nmn; north Vancouver, b, a
128 Lonsdale Ave.
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(HHIIIIIIIIIIII Mi I-M 1111111' 1 W'H"H"I I'I H1 l"l 1111 i|"|..["l"l'.l..|.l.'l-H"l"l-I-l"l'
North Vancouver City
Lots in Blocks 9, 9a, 15, 15a, 16 and
16a; District Lot 550; now on sale;
Acreage in District Lots 544, 545,
546 and 550; subdivided into blocks
of from I to 22 acres.
The Grand Boulevard Extendi
Through Thii Property.
For Plant, Price List ud Particulars, apply to
The North Vancouver Land and
Improvement Co. MM*
Comer Pender and Seymour Street!, OFFICIAL AGENTS.
Vancouver, B. C Phone 6266
Tht liifornutlon proved so smutlng
thlt Klrkwood, chuckling, forbore to
resent the msniier or Its delivery tnd.
sbsiidonlng until a mors fivonble time
tbs chase oa tbt coy sovereign punt,
ettneted from oni trousers pocket
half i handful of lirge Ungllsh imall
"Three shillings and sixpence." Ue
counted tbe colnt Into the cshhy's
grimy and blotted ptw tnd tdded
quietly; "Tht exact distance It rather
less than (our miles, my mtn-your
fare, precisely 8 shillings. You may
keep tbe extra 13 pence i (or being such i conscientious blackgusrd-
or talk It over with tbe officer here
I'letse yourself."
Ht nodded to tbe bobby, who, favorably Impressed by Klrkwood, smiled
st the cabby i cold, hard smile,
whereupon tbt hitler, smirking In un-
absslied triumph, spit on tbe ptve-
ment it Klrkwood's feet, gathered up
Ibe relnt tnd wheeled out
Reitnrlng 3 shilling! snd t (tw
fat copper pennlet to bit pocket, be
entered tbe vest md echoing train
shed In tbe ict bit ttttntlon wu
nttracted snd immediately riveted by
the spectacle of i burly luggage navvy
In ■ blue Jumper In tbe ict of miking
off with a large folding signboard, of
which Ihe surftce wu lettered ex-
intuitively wilb tbs tdvlct, In red
against a white background, "limit
Train I-esves on Trick 8."
Excitedly Klrkwood touched tbe
man's nrm witb t detaining bind.
"Host trslnr lie gupetl, pointing nl
Ibt board
"l.i-ft ion mbHitet age, think you,
"Well, but- Of coun. I cin get
another train at Tilbury?"
"l-'or yer boat} No, sir. thsnk yon,
sir. Won't bt mother tryne till morn-
In', tlr."
Aimlessly Klrkwood drifted away
till mind t blink.
Boms time later be found himself on
tbe steps outside tbe station, trying to
stare out of ciiiintensuce I glaring
electric mineral water tdvtrtlsenient
on tbe farther tide of tbt Sutton road.
Bt wu stranded.
Districted, be searched pocket tfter
pocket, locitlng bit witch, cigar can
tnd cigarette cue, matchbox, pen-
knl(e, ill the minutiae o( pocket bird-
wire iffected by cltlllxed msn, with
old letters, t cirdesse, s square envelope conttlnlng his steamer ticket,
but no sovereign purse. Ills srusll
cbinge pocket held less tbsn I
sbllllngt-two tnd eight, to be eiset-
ind t brass key, which be filled to
recognise it oni of bli belonging!.
And Ibat wis all. At some time during tbe night he had lost (or been cunningly bereft of?) tbst little purse of
elm inula skin cntiinlnlng tbe three golden sovereigns which he had been but-
binding to pay till tleimer expense!
ind which, if only he hid them now,
would stand between him snd starvt-
tlou snd s night In tbs streets. If
llrentwlrk were only In townl lint be
wasn't snd wouldn't be within the
"No good walling here," hi concluded. Composing lila face, he re entered
tbe elation. There were tils trunks, of
course. He couldn't leave litem stand-
big on the slslttin plstforin forever.
He found the luggsge room ami In
tcrviewed a mccliiiiilcilly courteous at
ti-ri<I.i iir. who, as the result of profound
dclllierailijti, advised him to try bis
luck It tbe Inst luggige room icross
tbe Mini.ni He accepted the advice.
ll wss a foregone conclualon tint lilt
tffecls hsd not heen conveyed to Ibe
Till.ui. dock. They could nol bave
been loaded Into ths luggsge vsn with
out his personal aupervlilon. Still, any
thing wu liable to btpptn wbsn hi.
unlucky alar was Id tbs itcindtnt.
He found (hem In tbt lost luggige
room. r-
A clerk Im-IjmmI him Identify the aril
rles ind ultimately clucked witb s perfunctory note, Uliiieoce each, plesse."
"Sixpence each, tbe died chtrgt, sir.
for .nij twenty four hours or fraction (hereof, .lipeuce per ptrcel."
"Ob, limn, j .ni so much," ssld Klrkwood sweetly.  "I will csll tomorrow."
"Very good. sir.  Thank you, sir."
"Five limes sixpence It two ind six,"
Klrkwood computed, m.klng bis wsy
hastily out of the station lest t worse
thing befall blm. "No, bless your
heart noi while two tnd eight repre
aentt lb. sum totsl ul my fortune."
fie wsndcred out Into the night. Hs
could not linger round Uu station till
dawn, ind what profit to him If lie
did* Eveo wen bt to ransom tils
trunks one can scarcely clung, one',
clothing In t public wilting room.
Somewhere Id Hie distance t great
clock chimed ■ tlugli ttrvltt freighted
son with melancholy. It knelled (bt
passing of lbs half hour after mid
night, t witching hour when every
public shuts up light tnd gentlemen
la top bits uwl evening draw irt
doomed to pace tbs pavi Ull day
(barring tliey hive hemet or vltiult
means of support;—till day, when
pswushops open snd tucb personal ejt-
feci, u wiivbet ind bimmtrtd silver
clgirct.es may Iwhypothecilad. What
Wt.   be   lo  do J    An   tour
Through this long hour Klrkwood
walked without u pause.
Another clock somewhere clanged
resonuuily twice. Tbt world Wis very
still. And so, wandering foot loose tu
t wilderness of wsyt, turning aimlessly, now right, uow left, be (onnd himself In r-'rngnull street.
Klrkwood Identlued It with i sttrl
end s guilty tremor. Bt slopped stock
still In in unreasoning state of Mini-
panic, arrested by 1 silly Impulse to
turn tnd By, it li tbs bobby whom bt
descried approaching him with measured stride, pausing now md again to
try t door or Sub bit bullseys down
an irei, win to be expected to Identify tbt men responsible for tbit
racket raised ere midnight In vacaul
No. 8.
At tbt corner bt swerved snd cross-
id, st 111 possessed of bis devil of Inspiration. It would be unfair to bun
to sty that bt did not struggle to resist It, (or he did, because It wu fair
ly tnd tgreglously asinine; yet, struggling,,bis (eet trod the path to which
It tempted blm.
"Why," be expostulated feebly, "I
might u well turn back and beat tbit
bobby over tbe bead with my cane I"
But it tbt moment his bind wss In
bis cbsngs pocket, feeling over tbit
stms brass door key which earlier be
bad been unabje to iccount (or, md
be wu Informing himself bow very
essy It wonld have been (or tbe sovereign purse to havo dropped from bis
wiilsteoiit pocket while he was sliding
on bis eer down tbe dsrk staircase.
To recover It metnt, at the least, shelter (or tbe nlgbt, followed by s decent,
comfortsble end sustslulng morning
meal. Fortified by both he could redeem bis luggsge, cbnnge to clothing
more suitable for daylight traveling,
pawn bis valuables and enter Into negotiation! with Ihe steamship compmy
for permission to exebsnge bis pat-
ssge, with s sum to boot, (or trans-
portstion on another liner—a moit
feasible project, t temptation lU but
But then -(he risk. Supposing, (or
tbe sake o( argument, tbt customsry
night watchman to hove taken up t
transient resldenct In No. 9, supposing the police to btve entered witb
him and found tbe stunned msn oi
i be rpcond floor, wonld the witcbmtn
mil lie vigilant for another nocturnal
marauder-would not tbe police now,
mora Ibis ever, be keeping I wiry eye
on tbat bouse of auspicious happen-
Decidedly to re-enter It wonld be lo
Incur s deadly risk. And yet undoubtedly, beyond question, bis sovereign
purre wu walling (or blm somewhere
on tbe second filgbt of stain, while
his mesns of clandestine entry lay
warm In his fingers—the bey to the
dsrk entry, wblcb be bsd by (orce of
babl, pocketed sfter locking tbe door
on leaving the house with Dorothy.
He ctmt to tbe Hog-in-tlie 1'ound
Its wlndowt were dim with low
turned gaslights. Down tin- covered
alleyway Quadrant mews slept In a
dusk, but fitfully relieved by a lamp
or two round which the friendly mist
clung close snd thick.
There would be none to see.
Skulking, throat swollen witb (eir.
heart beating like a snare drum, Klrkwood took his chance. Buttoning his
overcost collar up to bis chin snd cursing tbe (set (list his bst must stand
out like a chimney pot on a detached
bouse, he sped on tiptoe down Ibe cob
bled wsy snd close henestb tin 'house
wiilt o( Qusdrant mews; but, bsl(
wiy In, be stopped, confounded by in
unforeseen difficulty. Uow wss be to
Identify (be narrow entry of No. ti.
whose counterparts doubtless coiutuu
nit sled with (be mews from every res
Idonce on four sides o( tbs city block?
lie almost lost bis head when be
realised Ibst escape WU already cut
"H by tbe wiy he bid'come. Some
oue or, rather, tome two men were
entering the alley. lie could heir the
trumping md shuffle of clumsy feet
snd voices ibst muttered Indistinctly
One seemed to trip over something ami
cursed Tbs olber Isugbed. Tbe voices
grew more loud. They were coming
his way. He drred no longer vacillate.
lie dived Into the nearest blsck hole
of a passageway slid In sheer deepen-
lion flung himself, key In hind, tgalnsl
tile door at Ibe end. Mark bow bis
luck served blm who bad forsworn
lull He found s keyhole snd Inserted
the key.   II turned.  So did (he knob.
lie door gsve Inward.   He (ell In
■villi It. slsuiined It, shot tbe bolts md,
l>Jilting, leaned againit 111 ptneis, In s
I'll of everlasting night, bat stved
for lb. time being, it all events.
tbe kneel of tbe gods; bit very life, belike, wss poised, tottering on i pinnacle of chance.
In tbe end, taking heart o( desperation, be - stooped and removed bit
alioeti. a precaution which later appealed to hit sense of tbe ridiculous
In view of tbe racket bt bsd raised lu
entering, but wblcb at tbe moment
seemed most natural and Id accordance with commun Mnse. Then, rising, he held bit breath, staring md
listening. About blm the pitch darkness was punctuated witb fading
points of fire, snd In his ears wu t.
noise of strange whisperings.
He went forwsrd gingerly, feeling
his way like a blind mm on strings
ground. Ure long be stumbled over l
doorslll snd found tbat ths wall! of
tbe passage bad fallen away. Be bsd
entered a room, a black cavern ol
Indeterminate dimensions. Thence,
progressing over complslnlng floors
through what muy bave been tbe servants' hall, s large room witb t libit
In the middle aud a number of promiscuous chairs (witness bis tortured
allium, be Oiislly blundered Into tbe
iiusiimcni hallway.
By now a little calmer, be felt assured that this wu really No. 8
Frognall street and a Utile happier
about it all. tbougb not even momentarily forgetful of tbe potential police
and night watchman. However, bt
mounted the steps to tbe ground floor
without adventure and found himself
at last In tbe same dim snd ghostly
ball which he bad entered some six
hours before. Tbe mockery of dusk
admitted by the fanlight wu Jusl
strong enough to enable blm to Identify the general lay of tbe land ud
arrangement of furniture.
More confidently witb escb uncontested step be continued his quest
Elation was stirring bis spirit; wben
he gained the first floor snd moved
toward the foot of the second flight,
approaching the spot whereat be was
to begin the search for the mining
purse. The knowledge tbsl bt lacked
means of obtaining Illumination deterred . him nothing. He bid torn.
bope of finding matches in one of the
adjacent roomi. but. fulling Hint/ was
prepared to sscend the stolra on til
fours, feeling every Inch of their ssr-
fsce If it took hours.
And thus It fell out that. St tbe Instant be was thinking it time to begin
to crawl and hunt, his stockinged feet
■ ■ante into contact with something
besvy, yielding, warm something tbat
moved, moaned and caused bis bslr to
bristle snd his llesb to creep.
We will mske allowances (or blm.
All along be bed gone on tbe issnmp-
| lion that bis antagonist of tbe dsrk
: stairway would bave recovered tnd
' made off with all expedition In tht
' course of ten or twenty minutes at
most from the time of bis accident
j To find him still there wu something
! entirely outside of Klrkwood's reckoning.   He would is toon hive thought
to  encounter,  say,   Ctlendir-woaal
hive preferred the latter, Indeed.
"Poor devlll" murmured tbt yoang
man. "Ho mutt be In i pretty bad
way for sure!" Ht knelt, coiupaatioa
gentling bis huirt, aad (Ml out hand It
the Insentient (ace. A wans street
moistened but flngert. Hit ptim was
fanned by steady respiration.
Immeasurably perplexed, tht i lasts
can rose, slipped on bis shoes tad bat-
toned them, think lug bard the wbllt.
What wight bt to dot OMtaaty light
suggested Itself-IneonUneot flight, anticipating the man's recovery. On tht
other blind, indubitably tht I
sustained tucb Injury tbit
nets, wben it came to htm, would hardly be re enforced by much aggressive
power. Moreover, it was to bt n>
membered tint lbs ons was to thai
I.NDUOUS Klrkwood faxed unhappily
the enigma o( fortuity, wonder
lug If this by any posslbllliy were
Tbe key bid otiad, the bolls had
been drawn on tht Inside, and, while
tbe key hsd bean am «( ordinary pat
l.rn snd weald an doubt bive proved
effectutl with tny one of t hundred
common locks, the finger Of probability
teemed tn IndlciU that bit lack bad
brought bin back to No. 9.
It) tplto of ill (hit, bs WU sensible
of Utile confidence. Though thlt were
truly No. a. bit fresdow SOU lay on
.1. I
mi^hu wo* m»m*
a"**™**/* ffrVl^ajStr* ■ ■
Specials for
Thit Week at
Tsa, Braid's Gsylon  35c lb.
Codes,   routed   or   ground   to
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Corn, Beam md Cream per can    10c
Tomstoei tad Pen, largt tlzt
'     Caw    ,  12,c
Gloss or Corn Starch, 1 lb. pck. ...5c
Heiiiti Pork, snd Besns, per csn ...13}c
Pineapple in Itrgt tin    18c
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PIwb« 1*4
MM   ■*«».Ms*p *fl9ffymWm)  PH»  WIAA/ujss.
IH «th Strut iut North Vincoarir
Meairs. Albartsop and Jflnst ol this
city are making estonsivo additions to
their equipmsnt in propuration lor *
vary large twin in their lips this mason, 'i'liuy huvo installed ons pi tbt
luteal and best devices for the manufacture ol ice t'l'iiiini by machinery.
Tbit iniifliiiiii has the official approval
ol the Pure Food Commission pf the
United States and is so constructed
as to givo positive assurance of tho
perfect purity qf tbo product. Tho
cream is (roien by Ming brought in
contact with a series ol silver plated
discs in a tank specially constructed
so ss to eliminate every possibility of
the introduction of any impurities into the manufactured artio)o. Tbe machine it capable of (rolling eighty nullum of cream psr boar. This lirm
his purcliiised tbe entire equipment ol
the 11. 0. Ice Cream Company of Vancouver and will tramler it to Ibis
oity. They will carry on a vory large
businoss iu supplying ice cresm to tbs
entire trade during tht sesson.
tion was asked tl to whether or uot
Its' beums ppuld bt appreciably noticed so far awiiy as New Westminster
aud tlip reply qf tbo expor(s was that
newspaper |»»d|ins8 could be easily
read hy its light at tbt distance. In
conjunction with tbs wfrclsss station
which it is proposed to place at the
summit this light would be' pf grant
assistance in locating the vessels expected in port. The power will bs generated |rom a special plant operating
near at hand through the medium of
a specially resisting carbon. , It is expected that the railway will be completed about a year from June and
tbo giant light will be sot in place as
soon titer that M possible.
W. C. T. U.
Through the medium ul a giant
searchlight throwing a 5,000,000 candle power ray, exceeding by nearly
3,000,000 candle power tho lamp operated on tho summit ol Mount Lowe in
California, the North Shore will be
placed in tbo unique poaition ol possessing means by which a blrdsoye
viow nl tho surrounding country can
be bad (or a diitanco of TsAeiles in
any direction^ "11tris is tjPpropoaal
ol the Groueo Mountain Scenic and Incline Builway promoters who eipcct to
hsve their iconic railway lo the summit ol Grouio Mountain comploto by
October, 1919. Whun Iho line it in
operation it ia propotcd to initnl thii
powerlul lamp. Its rays can be
thrown upon tho city of Vancouver
five iiiilfii below and out upon Iho water whoro incoming ships can be distinctly outlined by its aid. Ths  qucs-
Tlie parlor meeting of tho above society, which was held at ths residence
ul Mrs. Jus. liny, 6th street, yesterday alternoon was well attended and
the inspiring address oi Mrs. Bryan,
district president, was listened to with
rapt attention. Mrs. Bryan is s woman qf witlo experience and an able
speaker, having been a county pre-'
sidont in eastern Canada [or a number ol years and also a charter number of the W.C.T.U. in tbat part of
tbe Dominion. Her insight into tho
workings ol the society is practical und clear. North Vancouver members are anticipating bor next visit iu
April lor the election of officers. It
was decided thut Mrs. Livingstone bo
in   Norlh Vancouver  lor   a
low days visiting in tbe homos in the
interests ol tho provincial W.C.T.U.
Mrs. J. C. Young ol 1st street has
recoived tho vory sad nows ol tic
dcuth   ol her mother   in Scotland.
Mrs. Young, who has just recently
In --I, mm i inl. loft hor home in tlie old
country lor Cunada only nine months
ago, und in consoquonco is very much
Regular $60 Edison Phonograph
Phone 114
Rolled Oats Whole Wheal Flour     Rice Flour
Oatmeal Buckwheat Flour        Pearl Barley
Cracked Wheat Graham Flour     .'     Split Peas
Rolled Wheal Ryu Flour Canadian Wheat Flakes
Aak your Grocer for ft, £, [,, Brand. «*a Standard of Quality
Wholesale from
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
LONSDALE AVENUE.        At Ferry Landing.
.  .      '. ,     U...I..       JJ    '   "
E have MONEY to invest for
'English clients in dose in pro-
.     perties in  North Vancouver,
^ We shall certainly do business with
anyone  whose offers  are  reasonable.
The Merchants Trust & Trading Co.
PAID UP CAPITAL SI00.000.00          R. THOMPSON T1NN, Muqis. Dlmtw
" iWAJiCH OFIMCEi 34 01. Bit,.! St., Uaton, EatliiJ. —r—	
Rates ;   fa.oo  per  and  up.   Special rates to families
and   to regular   boarders	
finest Roof Harden on Pacific Coa.t
StxoND S/raw.   ....   WORTH  VANCOUVER, ti. C.
Newest Type Faces
Best Quality Papers
Highest Grade Inks
Competent Workmen
(A combination not
beaten in British Columbia)
Insures good results
and perfect satisfaction
North Shore Press. Ltd.
119 First Street East - Phone 80
ssj^asssSBS^sjaasssjaaaj^BSSBSsj^^ HHH
■filiiiiiiMWWisiiai "««wa.-jii,«iii«-nv!i«aiOMip
Dtnr Express i
briefly tn Mr. Martinson's
in the "Express" ol February
Which   by thu way deals    with
Ho licenses, I notice Mr. Martinson
i not bring forward any. argument
a«iiinsl  the principle of ■'lll..iin. i I
Partnerships" or the Norwegian Sum-
lag system, but merely gives a couple
nf instances taken Irom remote Ivitg-
lislt villages nl dishonesty ami slackness on the part ol one or two pnirl
managers, something which might
happen in any business.
Surely this is pretty weak ground
on which to oondemn n system which
has met generally with such mnrkotl
success, not only in Norway but also
in England. There aru'honest, trust -
worthy managers to be, obtained in
(.lunula and we will undertake lo provide them. I.itjutir is consumed aiirl
will be coiisiiiiiml in North Vancouver
ua elsewhere lor aomo lime to Come,
antl that lining tlie case Why should
people hero desiring a legitimate supply ol liquor bu obi" i .1 to go tit Vancouver for it. or else lie tempted to oil-
tain it illicitly ?
!     , Yours truly,
I'. IttK'lll'HHKN.
,     Ii. Q. flA&ETT.I*     •
. Official notices appearing in thu currant issue of llie British Columbia (ln-
■ i-l ie are as follows '
Charles V. Malliirily ni t-'rcscoitl Vol
toy, Kiiulen.-uy, |n fie t .lustjcs o| the
N. A. Webb,'ol Clillliwack, It, I.e. a
member   ill   the Board   nl   l.lo |
Commissiiiiiors lor the city nl   ' liitli
wank, in- lliu.pliiCo ol A.'I., t' , l*
To be Notaries Public i
John Curler nl Ken habile, DOT ,i\ ol
Viitit-iiuvor. •    •■'   t
Neil llnvclnck Mc(Jtiar,M', o| Ihe o t:
ol Now Witsliniitst.tr; Jbjs'epfl ' I I
ol Elko, .1.1'. j Win. Wcnnittn pi Hoi;
'den antl iliirry Graham oi I        i
■ -
I Frnnli William Green ol tbt Coy "I
U'riinlironl., M.D., CM., to lie mudi I
i lieallli niiicer for ll,e ilistritsl ill (fori
! brook.
to be Ciiiiiiiiissi.nl. r- in,  i
davits in tlie Supreme ffour.i ■
Victoria     City     I |et ti I   I    llisiriel
^— IIMIWII   III     ■■ I
Superb Cutlery and
Table Furnishings
Our slock of cutlery presents a broad field foi
tlie selection ul high-class durable goods.
In our cutlery, only the best sin I i ii*..-l,
which is a great factor ifl assuring tin- pure!...; .
complete satisfaction;
Our spoons ami other lalile ar-ti ssnin s - ( li.tt.
sort are exceptionally well ptuportioii.'ii and
neatly nude. .
As we manufacture practically all tin
we sell  in  litis   line,  we can  cuiiscitiilioii .
recommend them io all buyers.. ,
See our chests of solid silverwan, numls
which are positively the finest in (be land.
Henry Birks & Sons, I
(ieo. I'i. Trorey,
Managing Director
Jewelers and Silversmith*
Hastings cV Gtanvillt Sb
ll. id Pulersoii, I., V, OonytM, A'.x
I'edetl, lien.   Hrown, II,   Si   Rl«S, W, 1'.
Iiti)lis, Walter S, I'l'itser, Alex. Mo
liven, II. A; ilium, Dr. A. \. Hum-
I,,,-, |S, i'. 11.t.lii, Win. Ilenii Uu- ill
lllillillCr, I'.'itri.-k Win. Ih-Mpsler, ilngli
['attim-DW, 0, N, Tiilnniiii, It. i I . -■
sun, Wm. 'fia'pls. ifrtiTMM I'i' fflkwil,'il.
I, ( I.ni,,-. lit ... II. I'ui.l), I'M.t.ml
riu-i.-topliir,  l.eit Cousin.-i   II. I..  C-,\.
II. Iliioitit.li. I. T. M.'lliuml, Julm
Yiettir Mestiill, ilossrill -i, in s f..i)t.i,i.
l-..ni'sl Bsiitpsttr, llllwtnl "ridfr
uli 'o-ii.,,  and I ml rid. tfaiirlss sh.'
i-,,ii,k fill in,,.,., i,   \.  Morris .inti
III   .li,     '-.     ll.lllll'lll   till   III   \l:i,.'.,.i.,r.'
nn  11:    i i.it i  ii irlii  Hi
Otsintlt lllfiksnu nu'i i 'im■ i
It.illtl'Ultill  til    .i I   'ii -      ■
i ..in.,   i i.i, .ai Hit n-i fJso'  i'.
BcVuli, ill I'-.-  li III
, Willi   i-i,.i. i   1   in mil Istt    ll ll  --I
tnti .I,'.. I'i- in-1   Wm. II. Hc'irt'i,   l;i»,
1 '    ...   Jvillll    'I.   I I.i Uf, lien,    l.-r-es
,.   li. I   i- I. . li  ■ II    ii   i   '
... ,; .-...,. i Dim , i   Phillip
J  I. (V. Inylor,  ol Ml.   I rlr-
i . .       ■ i  ii in   in  I'lli.d.iK
,      I  .   P    I 114,   ,,[    SI'll*
.. .   ... j r i, t   tiiiiuiiiliii's, 61 I'ht-
fidi     i     .1 I,,.,,,-.-I    in.ut.tl-
filter Id,mil.; '-l.-li.ii ..i,l, 11, I. t I-
eyt ,'f, (),' |)u,.n, Hi W, 'funs and V.
II. l.loyil,, all ol Rpssland.,,
■ I)i-li.ii i:!.i,,i.,l Dials .1 W. li.
Dunn, ll. IIc!,I,iii, and 1). S. liaMnii,
1,11 nf ( ',i t-diiii. . II. I. Lawrence, ol
, ii I'tiuij ij. II W'tiles, .i I'ijr'l
.'   i.      .   '„,   Itiliiu  -.1 Hurl   I'i.) i
i l-,,i,i. nl I- .le-ii:: i.in I'i.tine . -Irs.
I. Hrown, ,,! i.'n eliri 11., and -Ins   I,.
[uf| ,   ;, of    iitttli W...iiiiiii.inr.„
Allallli   I' -     l.tl  Ib.ll.i0l     I'.u-    I'll I
Iter, ol C,   nil
I'I,.,". i-.,'l    lus.ii.'t- Itilin    P.
t .  -   , ,il 'I I.
11.,-  o f' II!    lie slllntll,
;.li;.iini.. , i , [nut 's Ilml-js ind
ii,i,a...   .      i       given in  1,-tnil.
I'ejlll i.        I.     thi    .i.p.nl-
ini it  uf Wnil    : ,  ll    01 ■ li .n   ol   ,i
ii|d i .   .1  llltel   I llillt  nn I nl
.,   t..|    -,,.,!,,I   ,l,sl.S.
.,    ,, •  i,  li.ire I .ud.
,    | ,,!,,!     II,  i   ,   n-  lit nil      i .
;\..   <     i ,,; ih.it  pine.
'...||.      , .   , ,,, ,,   . !   It
,1     '    ,    .,..i.,  ,..n,i.,i.- en.  ll      ll
  ...   II.   I ,,    I.   II.   I-    "
lain,.lit  keeper uf  luiieuUvM   and  t'.l
I iInn llyeis unit Saniiiel Anion, lukeri
,it- \ niiciiiivur.
I'l-eili'iiekiiin Couipuny have been i>
g stereil us nil extra-proviiiciol • nm-
■     .;     1,1 11,      ... •  I  |  '  •"
I    ,     1...    „,i:
- i l.ir   it  I"   ..I   ,«-  l.lel.  >■
:     .. ■ ;,
i        .li :
Hie pur.
'   iiii.i-ni,
,    ,t
.     ,   ih
srsWIW^atui- .;■-, .
*J|    When you deal at die Lonsdale "Pharu'.ai .   you
get exactly what you ask lor at the rwht  pria
t|   Sjiecial attention paid to prescriptions and Idnitly
recipes.       -        -       -
Tl    We carry a complete line of Stationery at
Telephone L 29
A. J. TYSON, P.oP.
Cor, Lonsdale ct 8lli
Parkdale Finest Alberta
3 lbs:
.   Ih,
May Flov/er, Spring Brook or Ayrshiie Rose
$1 f)0
5 lbs. ol good Tea
*         -
5 lbs. ol better Tea   •       -       f
»         •
5 lbs. ol the best Tea     -     ' ■
•         -
.  »      Corner First Street and St. George
. '   I
I ,   .  -i
li -1,
'J III   .
, .   ,      tl...  in ...
1 .    t,„i,|„i, -•', .-   i
.|.,t,..i    It ' ■ . '"lilt   Mm'-
■ ■   ...   till
I     '     ..
•   I ■
IO  i)li   II
:    . I .. ,.r
.    '    .    t  i ■
I   m
-     il,
I I,
,     .1
gam Ifl—M.
120 Second, Street Eaat. Telephone 206
Cofvenience to North Vancouver Merchants
Buy is VewOVsTssra, Your O  sri Ssjidtstl
Ml , -,;i    in  /, .   i.Mii', I'UOVINi
(JJil   VA
-   !
(July lt.1, lill'lj
i  ■
,,. .'.-P.  (litlii,
that HI
i i it.-     in,-: i t 'V      |l
...   S'| it, to  !•'       I IMIIliD,"   is
aillinli/,.!    in '!    lint --I    In  -      .
,iii,-..   h.. .    .id  I'.rit-
■ ii C.jhuiiliiiii ulid Mi . I
|.,t nil , , I   tin
•   i ii'ir-1.
•■,. I,,
till lii-i'l idlee   ,f the I |ini y  in
i- di  I   -
ll.-   ami,tint   nl   ll i-   ,   nihil  of the
I'.imiinnv' is  Filly    Unmmd   Dollars,
diviiiid into Ons ibouinnd .harm.
fllVRN unrtir  mjt  haml   and
Seal    nl    Office    nl     VitlnrU,
(I,   S.)     I'lnvinc* of |lritl.h ''.dunj-
liin, (Id. ninth day .,( I
nry,  Ili.nn.iiiii nine   hundred end , It
d wiiiTi'sim-,,
Kstriilrnr   sf .Joiol Hlortt Cnmpiniei
lite ifalMl for whirl. Ibii Comg^
lui.i been established and licensor) »re!
(I) To export to the Dominion, pi
i ,ii.,-1,1,1 iIm manufactured pruiiuutu of
lll'ecliiy ini.i ntlier hi.,.- latneinl silb-
.ilttiae.i, mid iu partioitlar Inrnacu lin-
in|(, ifiia rutortB, pn|ie oven blneks,
liriolts, tiles, pipes, lintlis, siiuilury up-
plan -.   vitiililuling iipjilinuees,    uut|
ntlni'r like artiolos, >
(II) To Hurry nn liuainess ivithiu Ilia
.nil In,minion us iniuenil builders illlil
....ii.i.-iniii, ilecuriilors, nuil nianulac-
l ut ers nf or (loalurs, in all and biiild-
iiii' luipiisilcs mill in all such protlucts
,ii,,: artiolos us ore.mentioned in pirn-
ljrn|.li I.
|il) To curry nu any oilier business-
.... ,.I.iili.i iuiiuiiiiicliiriii(! or nthttr-
.i .. ■ i.ei. may seem to thu Company
capable nf lielii|t oouveniently curried
ut,   in   iiiiiuuetinii   with   any of   the
Illl.lV 0' ipt-titieil ullieilH, ill' etlli'lllilt-
id dueellj or intlireclly, in' eiilinncc
il.e . .11..- of in- rentier priiliinlile, any
i ii,, i i.iuptiuy's property pr rights.
(1)   'In apply for, piireluise, nr .ill.-
. i    .    , ....    uny    I'tiileiils,  bruvols
il'iltVeiifliin,  lietiiMi.i, e.ini'i.-:.lulls   and
I lln   hi,,- i,iiifc.rriii|j,   an eki'linive   oi
i live nr limited until to   use
 li     niet nr other itilormaliiiii ua
i.i ..n   n...i.li.uiiwliieh may auemeap.
.'. I lisllig usad lor any of tlm pin-
[:..... ql ihe ( wliip.niy or the aeiplisr
lion ul -..irirli may seem caleiilalcd tli
reiijly or indirectly to benefit this
Company, sod tn. use, exercise, (level-
,,l lieeiit-i.s iu res(t,t:l nf, (11
otherwise linn lu' iiecounl the propel'
it  tp In  ,,ii,l jiifniiniiiinii sn nc<|uireii
(B) In pm,In,mi nr otherwise at,-
iptira anil nniluituku uil nr any pun
of the liusiitess property int.I liabilities
nl any 'liersnn or Company , ..nvtii.
on niiv btisineis which litis Cninpuny
is .milimited In curry on or [wisest,-
etl of property suitable lor tin
poses nf llie CnmpilllV.
(ti)  To enter Into any arrangement
..uli at,;,   linveiuinciits or nulliorilies,
i mi nn-. iiniiiiciiiiil, local or-otherwise
mil to obtain Irom uny such i ,,.,-n,-
in nl or ti ti I it. .111 v all ,i hi , .eniiuii..
lions mil pin thi.':.- s lini may seem
:m,iIn,i\e In the I'niiipiiity's iibjeeti
or nay ol lliem.
(i| in enter into liarlneisliip,. Ol
tut.i ant ,nt iimetuiut lor iharill|| pin-
Ills, usiti.it ul interests, ci-..perulion,
joint ittltei,tnie, reciprocal ciiiceiilnn,
or oilier wise with any person or Cum-
puny iniiiyiiiu nn nr engiKed in or
idiuiil In entry on or ciiunue in any
llutiiiieii   or ti'iinsiiclioii   which    tills
,,inp.it, is inithnriied to curry on or
m uny liusiiicss nr ttuns
ilium -..p..id.i of 110.1/11/ r.uiilii, led so
us ihri'lli nr iiiiiiiictl) In lieuctit litis
1 , niliaii) wul In lake, nr ntiu-rwiie
in ,,., sliurs.'Or slock in, nr sucuri-
i ...al In subsidise or otlicrwiae
ii..sl8l ni;; mu Ii Cunpen;, and In sell,
i. I.I, leb.-t.c with nr without Kiuiran-
 t ntlieiwisii deal with such shares
i     ,    nl   securities.
<  .   ...... i..Ik   in purehaii.., lake   or
I. . in excliqi.itfi' hire, nr olherwiie
ne pun nay real nr persiuiai property,
and any tights nr privileges which the
Company may think necessary or convenient with reference to any ol lbs
objectl nl capable nl i■■ in. profitably
dull Willi iu connect inn with any til
tin- Ciiiiipuiiy'i properly ut m hi- for
11... Iinisi being, mill in ptiiiiriihir any
'a I, buildings, cut-, meals, licenses,
■ i.ionli, plants, machinery, ships,
Inirgoi, lolliiig-slock, mid slock-in-
f.i| 'In sell the underluking nl ilia
,    nl   111,,  pull  tllilenl fur iucIi
idel Hun   in   llie   I oiiipuny may'
lliii.lt lil, und iu piirli.'tdiii  loriliures
,tl ii.lienlures, dclietiluie Stuck ur otb-
i    -,."ii,iits   nf  nil)  ntln.-r  t'oinpauy
nlijii-ti iiliugetlier ,.r lu   pert
n,.il.,i   In  thnrc ul  litis Company.
(Ul)   In promote any C.iiiiiiniiy  or
1,11    l,,e   p.lip.,.-1   ,ii   i«|uir-
litl   i i   tt'ty   nf   lite p|,,|„ity   rights
.   i i,,iii, ,ii, < nl tin- ' , in, y or lot
,.u)    nil..i   put pose  which  may   »eem
i.t,iilt    t,i    in,In,illy    c.iliiiliitcil   lo
I- i oiiipuny.
till   'In i,i i»l  mid dial   with   tin
, t tl,. t iinipnn)  mil  iiiiinedi
i in stit'l, linn,iter in may
It i   tii a i,   time be determined.
.   I t< y to such |ici.iiiii
. li Icrini ait inuy scitn ex|n-
iln-i t    .n,l  in  pet Initial- lu nislninera
n-..mi. having d.tilings   with
1   lupin      uml in L'ive any guar-
nn   i,t   it, I, innity  as may iwm ex-
ll.'ii   In mis.' nr borrow, or aecurs
nt  ,if money iii iucIi man-
mi  and nil such ti-iin. mi may   vxtii
>   nnil in puili'uiiir by the is-
.       lures ni dib.utuis stock
»,,tit   perpetual  ... nlhtrwiii. .ml
I   nr   tint   oiiirgtd   upnn     th.
show or mi- part •( llie prn|iertyjnd
il.'ltls   nf I In, ('ninpiiiiy I,,,11,   priHitt
,l„'mill,..   |t|   ili.l.illnl cap-
lift, i ml In I,,it,in, pit,-I,I,.,-, .,r pay
-ai  tin)   1.11,ii  ut ill il ii».
ill)   In draw, itt''e|il, iititnrie, dis-
.',,t. iv,, ul.. mul imi,., bills nl   .«•
.,    pmininniy   in»li-i./fuliinlurss,
l,i ■  of  lading,  wiirriols  maI    nlliir
.'   "illiil'l- , l   Iriiliili'lalil,- ini.11uminl.
il-'t   I-, rfltnjmsrtU any pnrlie. for
-I or to lie irnder.fl in
pbitlng    nr    iiwisltiiii   In plaeo    any
tht   ' mapaliy'.   nipiltil or
roturot,   .li'li.iiluu-   si.s'k,   or
rilles nf lite ''omp.niy nr  In
,,t ii.'.iii thi formation or pmnmiins
nl ill. Company nr llie r,,,, |.|. |  ulili
biulntss, ,
I I'll   To do nil nr any ol tht tlwvi
tliingi iu liny imrt of tho wurld ind
piiiifip.li, ageiili,  IiuiImi,
. 11,i,i.,u or i.ihetwlio, and   rilber
nhine or in ..iiijuiiciion wilh   ntl.cn,
nd nil, i by at llilnilgll agents, mil-
i. niin'lni-, Irnj.l..-» or olherwiie.
117)   in mil, improve, DjaOats, He-
, ichstgt,    . iifiaiii-liiie,    IniM,
diiistse ol, turn iniicc.lnt,
llnl        ileal wilh nil nr any ■ art
nf thi property or riglilr of (ho Com-
11| In tin nil inch miter things ni
We incidental nr ,,,nduii .■ ,,| the nl-
Itiiniiii'iil nf the above i.bj.eli audio
Dial the word "I'nmpniiy" in ihii
(iniiw shall Im denied lo iiicbnl. any
[iirliieribip or ntlnr body ..I |wii>in.
wlii'lluu inaorporafsd or not in, irimr
nlt«l,   and   wlnlhir   ttoalcilud   in\lin
UiiilsAKinadoai or <•)».«li.■.. M t »„
Ibil life ,,l,j,„ii i|s«ifitid i„ itch ol
ths —Aril Iwo piirisirnpln nf Ihii
Clause »hnll lias tiiun-
prwsitd in iiicji p.i.^rs|ili hsJar-tlQ'
win. broiled oi
in ,,t lafartaoj Unm lln- le/ma of any
..titer psr.gi.ph or In. nun ol tht
'JG*»ps»y. *
The Bank of BritishNorth America
Capital Piid Up M,966,f 56.   Rmlve Fund *2.530,656
li       ii        ' " —■""mm*—**l~
2 Office* in No th Vancouver—2
UPPER LONSDALE AVENUE (near.Fourteenth Street)
"      ' '      r " ■ '— . *.
Saving I )f|i,i:,iti. ni Jii.no iiml ttjiwartls received.
Intci'tist alluwcil at current ralus.
Banker's Money Orders issued,
Until tillitus Iransaiil a tjuncral hanking business
and are open on Saturday night.
F. T. SALSBURY, Manager.
m i L
At Vancouver Prices.      Sole Agents (or North Vancouver.
ESPLANADE, neit to P. O.
Currier Lonsdale and Second.
Phone 255
We are overstocked in Cathmerettes, Wrapperettes, etc.,
in a variety ol designs, regular values up to 15c     -Ol'-
Our price  O2C
Special line pi 36-in. White Cotton, sold every-    1 A
whereat 15c.   Our price  1UC
N.B.—We are direct importers of Staple Goodi
from the English Manufacturer!. See our valuei
before buying elsewhere.
will be on exhibition daily
from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the
B. C. Electric Railway Co/i
office, 50 Lonsdale Avenue
The Gurney-Oxford Steel Top Rang*
meant a marked laving Id
fuel tnd belter baking results.
only does its workBETTEt
but AT LESS COST than
oilier Ranges..
We can demonstrate to you
Hit wln.1. Superior Chan-
csllor principal of economy
and efficiency in tea minutst.
Is it not worth tint much
of your lima right now i
The J. D. Frailer Hardware Co,
lliona }fj,
133 Losavialt Arststtt
■■ -J
i, tub tmm, mim Vancouver, b, p,
ifAKE NOTICE thit ths Counoil ol the Corporation ' of the Oily pi
Nottjb Vancouver intends to construct the lollowhjj works o| Luo»l Improvement under sub-section ($) Utmtion 356 pi the Munjelpsl Clauses Am,
and; intends to assess ths final' oost thereof upon tho real .property fronting
or gbutting thereon, ind |o Im baiofjttad thereby, »nd that s statomont
shoving ths lends liable to pay tbo sai4 assessment end the names ol ihe
owe^ri thereof, so far us can ht usoretiiiisd (inni'the list revised Assessment Ho" is now on file in tho mlim ol the Clerk o| tho Municipality and
is open for inspection during. ofliee hours.
■ J       initiTiStii      ;
Eaphinado   and Cresoent street' Irum '     j |
ft. George's to Ht. Jjavid't Avs....ipnjt»ry sower
Fir|)f street from St. Patrick's to St.    fi
,   Psvid'i Avenue .,„..,., „,'.,.... .....ssnjtary sower
Seeand street from 800 feet oast of fit. 11,1,!
Andrew's to St. David's Avetuui...8anitary sewer ',. 14,800      <06
Thjk street Irom St. Andrew's lo St,
ijsvid's Avenue  sanitary sewer 18,784    1,000
No|jh Vencouver, B. C, THOMAS SIIEl'BEBI),
l^rch 7th, 1911. * City Clerk.       17-3
Estimated   City's
Cost    Share
 ,r,.»83,450 $1,110
,.'.„.,.,.„ 10,827 	
J TAKE NOTICE t hat the Council of the Corporation ol the City of North
Vincouvsr intendi to comlruot the lolloping works dl Local Improvement
under sub-auction (32) Section 26fi of the Municipal Clauses Act, and iptuuds
to assess tbo final cost thereol upon tho real property fronting or abutting
thereon, and to be beuofitted thereby, and that a atatoment allowing tho
lindi liable to pay the said nsseaameiil and Ihs names ol tho iiwusri thereol, io fir ss tan b«Hascertained Irom the last revised Aieuiauicnt Boil ia
now on fib) In tho office of tht ('let k ol tbt Huiiicipuiiiy and is open (or inspection during office hours;
Estimated    City's
STBEEf WOBK Cos).  ,   Sbaro
Malum Avenue from Burrard Inlet to
3rd itreot .',.'.' hIoiih drninngo aewor  $6,420
Cheaterfield Ave. from   Burrard Inlet
to 3rd atre*t ,..,, ,,, itoim drainago sower   6,300
St. Qeorge's Ati. Irom Burrtrd Inlet •
to 3rd itrstt... storm drainage sower   6,480
St. Andrew's Ave. Irom Burrard Inlet
to 3rd street  storm drainage sower   8,410
St. I'alrjek's Avi. Irom Burrard lulu
lo-'Sro] ttrejt .„..,,.,  ,..., etorm drainage tower   8,530
North Vsncouvsr, B.O., THOMAS SHEPHEHD,
March 3rd, 1911. City Clsrk
■\ ' I. '.'i ;
Warburnitz Piano House, Limited
443 Lonidale Avenue
Phone 114
I Pianoforte Lctsona Mrs.' W. S. Burmeslcr, A.B.A.M.
' Singing und Voire Production...Miu Liana Untitle, pupil ol Signor Ed-
'. ourdo Gulli ol Milan, diplomaa, Itoyal Academy and lioyal Col'
•' lege ol Muaia, London, England.     Singing lesion, may lie had
' singly, in terms of ten lesions or in a class.
; Ti'iiiu and porlioulan on application.
The Place Where Everybody Goei
Gem Theatre
!y? Good Pictures  Good Singing
m\\\ ::: Good Music  ::: :::
i       . .
Programme changed Monday, Wednetdsy and Friday.
Adults 10c c"*M1>'%'Z;.iurtlH ChUdren 5c
Ons Dollar dcpo.iltd in the Bank ol
>   If.roiltoa  might limn  th. fir»t itsp
toward th* ferssntlaliOD el t lorlsnt.
Th* man who scorns tbo ssgacloui
invsatmsnl .of bit teviagt ha a ytt to
Item   tht true printiplsa of frugality
tnd thrill.
Dspoalt ons dollar to day  begin to
provids S|sin.t old age snd fiainosl
C. G. HEAVEN, Agar*,
North Vancouver.
City Cornell
(Continued from pig* 1)
The .pororaittee weds thorough' inquiry into the subject matter ol the
|it|tilioti roccived Irom property own-
ll'i on Uth street between St. Geo-
rgo's and Bidgpwsy Avenues oonoern-
jpg lailuros to complete the work ol
loctil improvsmsnt on that Stroot in
accordance with the petition, contract
and spooifiostions.
Tho oomiiiii too found that the banks
mi tbs north and south side ol ths
itreot had not been grided to one
slope it called fur by the contract and
decided to recommend that tbe City
Engineer btvt tbit work completed at
some convenient time during tho aum-
nuir luontha. Tbt committee also
lound tbst tbi ipecificatiou wiled lor
ill stones to be collected end dumped
whore directed by tbs engineer. Thin
bsd been only partially done end tbo
committee decided to recommend that
the balance ol tbe work of collecting
tnd removing atones be curried out
by tbe Bosrd ol Works at some convenient time during ths ystr.
Witb regard to petitioner! complaint
that graveling ol roadway wai never
completed the committee bog to point
put tbit the specifications duly passed
it court ol revision only stipulatos
that sufficient gravel or gravely earth
ttkon out during the work wai to bo
used on the aurlacing pf tho newly-
gradod roadway, and from investlga-
tion mado the committee loarncd Ihol
tbo apocificationa wu. adhered to in
fhi. respect as vory little gravel was
Ipund in tbo road.
The I'oniiiiitli'.t further found thut in
■ potition uddreaaed lo the council the
property owneri requested tho council
to omit tho grading ol the Boulevard
on tho loutb lide. Tho commitlco re-
commond, however, that tho Council
clear up tho Boulevard and remove
the rocks.
With rogsrd to the cost ol the work
at street intersections being charged
lo property owners the committee report that such wai icttlod in tho court
ol revision and lator by tbo asscaa-
nii'iit byliw.
Tho committee alio considered that
Im hut nnil pri'si-nl esponditure. incurred by tbe city in ondeavoring lo complete tho coutract are luffioicnt to cover the city's share of the cost olthis
improvement at the street Inter-
lie request oi Horbort ('rablrcc lo
have several tn|l dead truTfsstniiding
on lot 1, block 2, I). I, 51VEt down.
Committee recommend that rhis work
bo attended to.
Be requssl Irom F. G. Engliah lor
aidewalk to Iota II and 13, block 92,
U. L. 550. Committee rccoinmoiid that
thii work be done
Bt request from Herbert Day lo
littve 18th itreot repaired between
-lone, snd Melton Avenues and removal of large atumpi on Ihe roadway, alio water and lidowalki. Committee rc-
oommind that wagon road lie opened
up to bil property, lot 25, block 21,
and that comtruction of lidcwalka
mcaiitimo be deferred.
Be loiter from Mr. Elba the committee recommend that aidcwslk be con-
atriictod lo hia proporty.
He ii.pn -I of Ed. Ih 11 ti for sidewalk on south lide ol 6th ilroel Irom
(Juoonibury Ave. lo lot 6, block 16, II
L. 273. The committee recommend
that the rcju.-sl be granted, having
reftn.I lo Iho fact that Iherc arc lix
hou.es in Iho vicinity of 6th and Sutherland.
Be roijueil Irom Harold Snow, Henry C. Wright and Albert Deeming
wiahing repaira lo 15lh street east ol
the Boulevird. Committee recom-
mendad that work bo attended to.
He rotiuc.1 from 0, A. Lett k Son
to   bave   ttumpt   in lone   at rear ol
NOTICE it hereby givm tbit thirty
dsyi tllsr ths d.te hereof we Ibe undesigned intend to apply as eop.rl-
ntri to tht Boird of Ucenie Commit-
aionora for tht dty of North Viscoif-
vtr for i nt.il bottle lictnao (or pre-
misss lituit. on i frsetlontl ptrt nl
lot thirteen (1$) lil.nl on. hundred
ind filty-Nvin (167) D. hHKI-374, ia
tha dty ol North Vancouver on tht
prindpl. ol Uu Norwtgiin ayatem of
no profit to the tellers).
(Signed)     H. E. MACNAQHTF.N.
(Slgatd)    P. BOCHUSSEN.
Dited st Norlh Vancouver, JLC,
Ptbrusry 7*, 1911. ^_^^
NOTICE is hireby givsn that st tht
next aitting ol tht Boerd ol fioraiing
Cemaduionsrs (or the City o( North
Vsncouvsr, I intend to apply lor t
holsl Bcsom Ipr pretoiMS ailuttt of
lot* HI, S3, 9| Md 34, block 140, 0.
L. $74, Sscoad itrstt wilt, inOniiid
dty ol North Vaacosvsr.  '
D.ttal it Norlh  Vinvoovir, Ptbruiry
mm. M
lots Ken4«iblw*iafi( P. I.. 874 between First and Esp'snudo removed,
commond  that work bo attended lo.
Be leipieiit Irom school board (or
sidowulk on Bidgo*'uy Avpmie liom
norlh side of Uth struct to south side
ol 10th 'street. Committee roonni-
mond that walk bo Iuid on the wuttt
sitio of Hidgowuy.
Bo iTi|ut:,.it ol Pierce k Hall lor aide-
walk on tbo north side of 6th stroot
between Cho.torltold und Million A vet.
Committee bog to report that there is
illicitly a sidewalk on tho south side
of tho itreot and that Messrs. Pierce
k Hall be informed ihat tho council
must first meet petitioners Irom atreota
where there are now aidowulki, but
that their application will come up a-
gain for donildeiatlmi latnr-
Bo retpiest ol Iru E. Poors to huvo
alloy liolwcen 3rd uud 4th streets,
block 134, opened up. Commiileo re-
ctiniiiiciiil thut Mr. Peers bo inlormod
Ihat tho work will ho attondod to in
. 11 n • ... u i.....
Tho engineer catimntod the cost of a
16 loot bridge over tho riivinc mi Larson Koad at $1,300, The committee
recommend that consideration of the
conatruction ol thit bridgo ho delorred
until lato in tho year.
Tht engineer wai instructed lo procure two more dump wugous, the committee considered the engineer's report
on openings and lanes on each side nl
Lonsdale Avo. from Ihe water front to
Mli street and decided to recommend
Ihut the owneri ol tho several properties be communicated with with a
view lo tho cily ohlaining a right ol
way over their properties for a pole
lino. Tho committee decided In re
commend that the storm sewer be ex-
tended ulong St. Andrew's Ave. Irom
3rd street to Keith Koud us it work
of Iticnl improvement on Ihe Initiative
ol Ihe council. Tin engineer was instructed   to   divert   Ihe  wuler    from
owing over Mr. McKou/io's properly
pending tlie construction of a etorui
aewor. s"
Mr. W.i.,.In addressed tho commit Ice
re the cost of installing lignul telephone fire alarm lyilcin. Mr. Woods
waa asked to furnish cntalogiiea ami
Tho city engineer reported on llie
coat ol draining the hiisemoiil of tint
now fire hull at the corner of 13th
street and St. George's Avenue. To
give good drainage the drain ehould
be constructed (rum Die boiemcnt out
to Will itreot and then wciterly on
Wih street about 300 loot, it could be
I-. im. 11 it vt i > I ol some old rejected wooden   wutor   pipe and cost uliout (160.
Tho coinniittoo decided tp rqepRiniend
thut tlw work bo carried, put by eity
Tho chairman gavfc jn report ol certain dissatisfaction existing among tho
firemen because of the treatment received at the bends ol the Are chief,
hour of the men bad seen fit to leave
thu i.fi miv. The committee docided to
t'oconimond that the fire chief bo asked to resign his appointment st the
ond of the month,
Tho clerk gave in report ol inter-
torview had with City Solicitor re lot-
tor received from Messrs. Hope k Barker giving notice of their intention lo
disiolvo partnership. The committee
decided to recommend that the firm ol
Hope k Barker, architects lor the new
lire hall on 13th street bs asked to do-
pttto ono ol its members to complele
the contract without prejudice to ihs
city's rights under the contract.
Free delivery to all parts of
Lynn Valley at city prices
No order loo small to lill
§!™: Frederick Road
The A. Farro
126 2nd St Weit
When you deal at the A. Farro
Grocery you get exactly what
you ask for at right price. : :
Special Attention!
We carry a complete line ol
Hanbury 4 Evsna Bread 22 for $1.00
Hot Points
For the Man
.   ■wls.tw.4 ■, t'f.
LJore's a chance to please tht
Qrdcr al once a  lyio "HOT
Tun days trial, free for asking.
pleasure and comfort on ironing day.
Qnly iron pn market guaranteed for two years.
|nvest now, it  will please her.
N'.i'   clean and economical.
^J .. . ■* ' J|   i ry ime now and lie convinced.
. B. C. Electric Railway Company, Ltd,
50 Ijinsclalc Avenue.
The Commonwealth
First Complete Showing of New
Spring Goods.
-m    i'i.. -J.    ti. -; ;fr^ ,
W. PICK, Prop.
47 * 49-HAST.WQS STRWT, EAST-47A49
you want Bread,
Scones, Oatcakes
and general Confectionery equal to
135 Lonsdale Ave
(Next tliitir lo Everybody's Shoe Store)
Scotch Shortbread
(Colcbntsd  Scottiab  Vocalist)
Pupil ol Signer Kdourdu Golli ol
Milan. Diplomaa, Ituynl Academy and
Boyal Collcgo of Buaia, London, Knu
land. Will lain.' pupila in Nortb Vuneouver  tWO illlVM  per   v.i il.
1016 Granvillo Street, '
Vancouvor, B. C.
A. Campbell Hope
C. A. CAX.
358 lit Street Eut
Pbone Bill)
Qeneral Contractinp
ING, Etc. Eslimittis Given.
MflcLennan t* Andruts
Kcitb Bond, ottt ol St, Goorgt/s Ave- -
nut, or P. 0, Bos 184
r. widt Its tnilDHi of Mnnufociiirtri,
Knslj«riiiiil ptberi wbortillit lite otWutMI-
(uiRtiiitriiiia omen i»Uo reillie lift aSrluUI-
lly it luriol Jlielr fileal builtttl lianittclcil
liyEiptrU. RcUubiariiifvtceltrc. Cliiii.ri
raleraie. Osrlnvnatir's Atvlaeri"tiii|«iii retell. UM^fmm.ytfi. kwviii i.irt
Bruce & Co. m
leExpress Classified Ads.
8isgU Iossrt. US psr lies
Oss Wssk, 7Je per lint net iiieertlon
• fie Month, 60 psr line per iniortion
1Mb .treet.
Apply Jionsdslet
Pbone 166.
Broody    Hens,
WANTED-Property. II you bsve
sny lor ssle list it with us, we have
buyers. Scsndis Investment Co., suite
7, 31U Pender f. U-8
FOB BENT-Puroished housekeeping
rooms, 218 3nd street east. 14-3
m ham.
FOB BALE-Wisiwr*. Apply to N,
V. Tranifsr wd livery Co,, Lowdilo
Avsput. v »7-3
FOB BAMS-Oow mtnure lor  tbt
garden.   One dollir ptr load.   Colin
F. .1 action, Fifteenth itreot, telephone
105, U
FOB rlALK- lioiililn uornsr lott 19-
30, block 8, P. I.. 568, corner 13th and
Gladstone, doing south, $1800. Cash
1600, lulince, 6, ID and 18 months.
Apply I., Wllke, Hotel North Vancouver, between 6 end 10 p.m. 10-8
The Bind boys received » very pit*
sent surprise it Mr weekly iintoHA
list evening when they wire prsstnt-
td with s Urge bos ol 'oigwi by Mr.
Pearson, tbe honorury president ol
the North Vsneouver City Bind.
Every member ol ths bend responded
with ''For He's a Jolly Good Fellow1'
in nborut.
Special bind praoticoa aro now being held in preparation lor the. concert on tbs 17th inst-i tickets lor which
are now on sals.
' TO I.KT• Kumibbrd room without
bosrd in private home. Good locution
sod dote.lo car line. X. V. /., Es-
press Office. tf
TO BENT—Private suite of uowly
furniilied r.I.uni, (wo balconies, splcn-
did view. Apply two door, mill ol
fireball, lib street east. Ml-3
I U>l Itn.v.u Spaniel, unawora to
lbs uame of "Tim." llewanl. Apply
E. ,f. II. 1'iirdiiiull, 1'. (I. M HO,
.\.,iih  Vancouver. ,
lilST—I'.igliih letter it.ii/, near eastern end nl Keith ltu.nl, about Fob.
33, while, email sized, with collar,
sniw'er. lo "Kim." *n reward will lie
paid for information lending to bis m-
ritii-i). Anyone found liurlloring aame
will lie made un eiamplo of. Tele
phone I .'"ii, Vuneouver. . 10-3
Cameron 4 Co..
IS been dissolved
The firm ol Phtli|
Finunoiol Agent.,
by mutual consent.
Mr. Philip will cerry on the business
in his own name and receive paymeut
ol  nil  n en inn i it due to the Arm and
pay ell debts due by the Arm.
J. Until snd North l.ossduU
Elder Murrsy Co. fin insurance.
Wt will buy or exchange your stoves,
range* ind bouaebold goods lor .pot
cub. Turner'i, 70 Lonidale Avenue.
Phone 184.     '. X Bol 318.
Booms 10 ind 11, Pender Chamlisre,
fi» Psndsr Strut W.       Psoui 3461
Bsjidence,   cor.  Lonsdsls Avi
13nd atrsit, North Voncouvir.
ire bow ready to fill all orders
tor coal. Tbey will
ctrry i full line of building supplier Oet the best. They have it.
A trial order will convince you of
that Oet your coal before the
nioy season sett in. Headquarters on corner of Esplanade
ind Bt George, North Vancouver.
Phone 259 Terms Oath
Commencing pupils lor tho primary
ilivittinii.it ol the public schools will b
received and enrolled on Monday, 3rd
April. To facilitate arrangemenla lor
.i.Iiiiit.it.el clsas, the School Trustees
request that names and addreaiei i
all new pupils desirous ol enrolment
be submitted to teachers of the iev-
.■Inl schools without delay.
Secretary.      34-3
Mr. ,11 .liiiaragadada the celiibruind
Hindu lecturer, has kindly consented
to give nn address in the Knights ol
Pythias Hall at North Vancouver on
Tuesday, March 14th, at 3 p.m. It
is Imped that as many as posiiblu v ill
svail themselves of ths opportunity ol
hearing the addreaa, tbe subject ol
which will be "Tlie Belation o| Art
to Lile."
vwmwmvmvm $
It |s officially given out ut tht A.
Wall.™ Shipyirds office this morning
tbst the trie) trip ol the ntw firry
Will be hold.on Hlturday Mar* liith.
Owing to » large amount ol finishing
work" it is Impossible to bold ii tomorrow the Uth in wss first Intended.
Application! will be received by tin
undersigned up till 6 p.m. on Monday,
13th ol March for tht poiition ol An
litor ol tht City ol North Viucouver.
City Clerk.      10-3
HEALED   JESDEHS   on  ths pre-
huilwd forma will lie received liy Ihe
ti'l-t i i ■ i until 0 p.m. on Thursday,
1611) March, I'.ill, for the cleuring mid
grubbing of a roud in I). 1, 204 irom
the Lynn river to the cuat bouml.iry
ol iuid iliitriet Lot iir uCcordniice
with the ipecilicutioti und plmi to be
men ut Ibi. office. _'
The lowest or uny tender not |ieces-
ssrily acuqitsd.
J. B. C080B0VE,
District Engineer.
District Muninput Office,
North Vancouver,
4|h March, 1911.     '
Applications will be rsceivedby the
undersigned up till 6 p.m. on Monday,
13th March, 1811, (or the poiition ol
Building, Plumbing ind Sinitary In-
ipector of the City ol North Vancouver to perform duties defined in By-
Laws ol tbs City and Provincial
Health Act and Salutary Begulationi.
Salary $100 per month.
10-8 City Clerk.
At a joint meeting ol representutivos
from the board of police commisdou-
ere and ferry board held in tho city
hall Wednesday morning it wa. ugreed
to appoint twocon.tuble. to do duty
on the wharves, the salaries lo be
borne equally by both boards. Ths
appointments will come up at tbe
next rigulsr board meeting for confirmation.
The Gem theatre will this evening
and tomorrow evening pruvide a set
of pictures having a local coloring to
thorn uud eapeciully interesting Irom
the fact thut many of the citircin law
tho memorable fight on tbo luipeniion
lirrdgo over the firat cunyon of tlie
t'upilano not long ago. It ia es8on-
lially a western stury convoying an
impreaaioii ol the breezy wesl with its
peculiar and vigorous types ol Immunity. While the story ia strung nolh
ing uliout it seems improbable except
the procuring ol the keye ol the guo
in which the priaoner wua hold nwiiii
ing lynching. The utrocioua act, ol
course,   tines     not   litulei inli/e The
priaoner mukei Ins eicupc by meuns of
keys which ore mppliod to him hy t
■Irungor throwir through the hurt
without being detected. Tile strin-
ger'a only reward for this ia u pair
of glove, which are initialed. A gir
then uppcan on the scene. Thcatrun
gcr meets und wins her. ll tumi
out thut tbe girl has been promised
iu marriage to the escaped prisoner,
dim, who whon asicrting that the love
of his aweetheart baa turned decidea
to carry her off. Ilia plans ars detected through a note. Tho young
lover decidea to head off this plan and
in ciuiau|uci!ce the two young men
meet on a ewaying bridge over u deep
chasm. Here it ia that tho t'apilauo
scene which will be intensely interesting to North VancoiiveritcB, comes In.
At the critical moment when Ihe stranger lover is about to lie thrown oval
the wire railing lo the depths below
the other man noticed the iiiili.ii.nl
gloves protruding from hie pookels
and the truth that thi. is the mun
who gave him the keys and auvod hie
neck ia revealed. The lovers ore united and tho audience will be found
laughing at the quuint situation nl
the cloae.
Other items on the program ure
"Satu'l Potta/' "The Ituliun Burlier,"
"85,000 Howard," "Child ol ths Sea,"
"The Omnibus Tuxicub."
The following Kriduy und Saturday
Mr. Venner has aecurud at grunt It-
pens.' the famous liuffulo -loBes pictures of liissooing wild unimnl. lu Hri-
tiih Africu. Tbe film ii 3500 lest in
length und containi ucti of iatound
ing during on Ihe part ol ills |h.to
giuplier and the cowboys witb their
Iniieis. These picture, hiv. been
tiksn with almo.t inatunt death dicing the operutor. Lengthy comments
nn the production! have been recorded in all tbe leading European and
American papers.
.TYLME1 \/ICIX to West Vancouver will convince
SEEKER and the SHREWD INVESTOR that this is the
Coming District,
tj   For Large and Exclusive lists of LoU and Acreage, see
121 Lonsdale Avenue
On Sunday morning Mr, It. Van
Minuter wilt continue tbt subject ol
last week's sermon and a solo is pro.
inisod (or this service. Institute Hal)
at 11 o'clock.
Arrangements are- completed whereby
Principal McKay ol Westminster Hill
and Prof. Br. Pidgson from the stme
college will be hoard in Lynn Valley
on one day. The occasion of suqh an
unuiual treat is tbe opening of th
new Preibyterltn church, Centre road,
and car tins on Sunday, April Uth.
Dr. Pidgerai will preach tho dedicatory
sermon and.conduct the Sacrament,ol
the Lord's Suppsr at II a.m. and lit
McKay will preach in the oviiiiiii'j it
7 o'clock.
Ths funeral of the late Mrt. A. W.
Bailey took place yesterday. Ths lu
nurul aervice was hold ut the Methodist church ut 13.45. Bev. Schlichter
officiating. The corloge passed over
lo Vancouvor on the 1.45 lerry and
out to Mountain View cemetery where
interment wus made.
The lirm ol Philip, Cameron k Co.
Im.. boon diainivod. Mr. Cumoron will
engage in Civil Engineering work on
Iria own account, na also in Nuval Architecture.
Mr. Philip will curry on his fiu-
uneiul ugeucy business iu Ihe (Tub
Mines, Esplanade, where he hopei alio to have a real eatutc excliunga
uml auction sale room.
Prank Drown was line I |A und cost a
on a rliurgo ol 'oni..' drunk and incap-
ulite tail evening.. He came up thi re
lu-iii '■ ol the 1'tnce Woode thii morning und th spile the lact Ihul he pro-
teetetl his innocence Ihe line wa. imposed.
We m in a position to'
look after your requirements in this line. We sell -
Stumping Powder, '
Fuse and Caps. We can
quote you at a minutes
notice prices by the pound,
box or car; f.o.b. this city.
paine & McMillan
Tbs Htrdwtrt Spsdsli.li. Phone 18
McMillans Tea
b Good
S lbs. for $1.00
j. a. 6 n. McMillan
Yea, it'a true.   We .re offering (ho balance of the pro|ierty in "Capilino"
Purk at last year'a prices lo clean up the oetulu.
Tbo price for full aire Iota, 1411 leet deep, ii ft50 ; $15 cadi witb th. bal-
unoa monthly. 6
.    Sums dimly hull-acre block, lor 1501) lo 1575 ;  IU per cent,
(lie balance over two yiari.
Tlie eoonic railway company huvc tiled their pinna ol ths Capilano Ctr-
line Exlcnrioti, which puss* through our property, and contlruction work
muit lie itarUd not later than dune, 1VI1 .nd finished in June,  11113.
The mil ii productive lotm which ha. yielded profile of |I,UHU per acre,
planted in .trswberriu.
There ii tin fonpiua I15,UUU Canyon View Hotel, tituitod 100 yard. Irom
"Capilino Park." in    I
'   Tht Capilino < tiiyoni ire in tht umi district lot, only i lew miuule.
walk Irom "I'lipilnno Park".
Tin property i. Isvsl—no crtskl or mountaiiu and vary light dosrhag,
The price is the same as a year ago and is lower then any property in
tho mow rsdiui from the Vancouvor Poatofficc that baa tan otered lor
ail. in ths lost two ysiri.
The adjoining ncreagt is idling in live une blooki (or %\'2HI per scrl,
which it mort tbtu wt sre aiking lor in acre ol our property tubdividsd
into town h<ts.
Phone 1956     134 Hastings St., W


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