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The Express 1912-10-08

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Full Text

wbbbiiV, nnvRBfl mm Mm
".. .
JOB    PBIWfroa   AT   THB   «(»
tifrmti mm* vwrnvtm
1.    in' ' .'Itmmmmmmtmf
m\m u,
H. H. Stevens, M.P.
Supports Bridge Project
Interviewed yesterday Ity u represuit
lativu uf tbu Kxpress, II. II. HI evens,'
M.I'., declared bis jmsilinu lo be unu-
i|uivoculily in favur of lliu early cumulation uf .liiuil. wilh reference to
Iiiu bridge at Second Narrows uml an
Immediate ronininncpinont nf conilfnc
The ullenlioii uf Mr. Slovens was ili
reeled lu his rcpurl cd ullcruuces ul a
recent meeting uf Hi: Vuncuuver Whip
musters' Assueiatiun iu whieh lie wus
suited In have assurod the ussueiatiuti
that if Ihey wuulil pass u resulutiuii
iu favur uf a dum ut Second Narrows
be wuulil favur Hint project. Mr. Sic
veus declared thai the reporl was nul
cer red, Whati be had said tu lhe
M'ipuiii i, i Assneialiuu was thai If
Ibey by resolution ur oilier wise signified
Iheir accepluiicc uf Hie scheme uf a dam
al Second Nurruws, us member I'ur tbis
euuslitiieney he wuubl consider il his
duly lu utli ue Ihem us lo how tu ptu
eeed lu nel Iheir scheme before lbe pru
per department uf the gov eminent lie
had iu uu way tun ve veil the idea thul
he would Use hi. persunul inllueuee iu
iinm of lhat icbeme, 'i'o absolutely j
i.iiilili.li the accuracy uf Ibis pusitiuu
Mr. Sluvi'iis rcutl an eilrael frum a lei
ler, i,"i" 'i by i'aptaiu James It. Slew
art, secretary uf lhe Vuucuuver ship
mutter's Assuciuliuu as fulluws: "Hero
witb eui'lu.cd, please lliul clipping frum
Ibi "World." The slalemcni alleg
cil lu have been made by yuu, is, of
course, absolutely incurred" The clip
ping referred lu contained lhe rcpurl
uf Mr. Elevens' remarks as cited abuve.
Mr. Hlevens proceeded lu stale that
be bail Irietl lu make himself perfectly]
clear ai lu bis attitude iu tuu mailer
ul lhe p.nn. uiin kind uf causeway In
be ruiiitruclcd al Hecoinl Narrow.-, iu
a .p. 1.1, which he had mad* ul Muuul
I'i,., nt.t a few eveuiugs agu. Al lhat
lum he had staled, lliut whatever plan
be  may  prcvieu.iy   had   ill   mind,  he
now rt'iiipiii/ed tbu (act that thenegn
Millions witb respect tp Hie bridge
had reached an advanced stage, al
which thoy were at the poiut of boing
consummated aud he was of opinion
Hint it would bu most uiiwisu' lu seek
tu disturb iiiuH.il. by inlurpuslug uny
ulher prupusiliuu, but that thu bridge
sliuiild be eipediled in every possible
Iluviowing the whule mutter of Iiis
altitude toward a ruusewuy across
Second Narrows, Mr. Slovens slalcd
that three years a/gu when ite wus a
nn ml., i of the cuuucil uf lhe city uf
Vuucuuver he had subuiillcd lu Hie
cuuucil a scliumc whicii wus urigiual
wilh Imu-"li looking |u ||,|. eunslriic
tiuu of a dum ucros* Hie Inlut nl thai
poiut, and had recommended V.
scheme tu Hie cumddcratiuii uf Ihe
cuuncll with the result that ho bad
been laughed to scorn by oilier ahlci
meii. Over uue yeur ago, he had n.-l.c
Hie H,,.,1,l iif Direclurs uf llurrurd lu
lei Tunnel ami Hridge Company. |u
huve Iheir'engineers prepare Mil nib
mil a rcpurl un Ihe scheme ul' liuihlln
a iiuiu instead uf a bridge at Scuitd
'mui..v. but Ibis lite Huard liud di
dined lu <lu. While individually he hud
fiivun.il Ihe cniisiruitiiiii of u .lam, i
euiisiilered iluu 'having proceeded ui
abuve, lie'liud fullilled hi. d-nv iu line
mutter, and therefore dismiarud ii fron
further cunsiileru|iun.
As mumberi fur Vaneouver cuu. lit
iicjny, his duly was clear Mailers per
laitiing tu Hie bridge were uow ut a
|ioiiil of liml liiiiMiiuniulion aiul he dii
nol see why Ihey siiuuhl stop iud in
lerpii.c a scbetue which lm I already
been submitted ami rejected- in ac
rnnluiirc with thl. pusiliuu, he bad
been cinleuvuring iu everj* wny tn ex
pedile mailers wilh lbe government
and he wished lu have il made p< rl'eclly
clear lhal whatever delays had Ini u
eiperieiiced, limy bad nul ul any lime
been duu In auy action ur failure lu act
upuu lhe i'nn oi uny department* of
lhe guvcruiiicnl. He was prepared pel
sunnily lu lend every assistant!' lhat
he , oiit.l ami wus conlldcnt .lml the
government would be found ready al
all I inn's lu deal promptly wilh uil
mailers pertaining lu tbe bridge which
iiiiiiIi! I nine befure uny depart inunl
Bridge Span To Be
225 Feet in Length
i   *
Tbe Dominion guvernmenl has ailed
with gratifying pruuiptiludc iu the
mailer uf Anally, di.pu.iug of lbe mai
ler of Ihe widlb "f Hie .pun fur See
mid Narrow, bridge The plan. a. in;
ally completed by the firm uf Sit Juhn
huld Hani 'iud Partners, were re
celled by lbc depurlllielll (lie In -I
wu. >k iii Supl.ml.11 and were promptly
forwarded lu Mr Wursfold, government
engineer ul Vaiuuuvei for report, ll
is uinlersltiud ihul Mr. Wui ii.i, has
been iu cuii.ullaliuii wilb lhe llounl of
llircdur. uf llurrurd inlel Tuuuel ami
'ridge I'untpiny ami wilh ulher publlt
lui,lie. winch hive interested lliiinsclvi.i
in bridge matters wilh a view to (a
Iheriiig iiifornialnm from all .ogrns,
which miiilii weigh with him ,lij pru
paring his rcpurl ami lhal ihi- rcpurl
with rccoiiiiiicndslinns will gu lorwanl
i i a few day. if il has nul already
Inrii .enl, lo Ottawa.
The plan submitted, showed a iwiug
bridge hiving a spin of two hundred
feel, ou eilber ride of a centre pier.
Objections arose wilh reference loiliis
arrangement upon Ibe ground fiat ihc
conlfe pier was so placed lhat tbe wa
ler in oue of Hie spans would be so
:hallow Ihlt ils usefulness iv ml,I be
vty greally impaired. Jl was, Ihere
fore, suggested lhat tbe centre pier
might be moved so a* lo bring bulb
optniugs over deep water. (I wa*
Iholgbl tb*l this could be done by ex
lending tbo foundation* oi the centre
pier at n# very great pxpemt. Tb*
preposition was not received lc: Ihc
mfineert of tbe ''ompauy wilb ftvor,
however and it was there/ore diim.ii.cd
Bepori bu II, Ural following.
fuilure of lhc uhuvc suggealiou the
length of the spun wis considered!
ami a dciuiou finally arrived al
whereby lhe iiicssuii'intiil uill be Hied
al Tli, feel. II ii probable lhat lh<
Huard of Hallway cuu»ni..iuuer. wuu|d
amend their ret cut ruling accepting a
llll) loot >pnn. lu luufuriu lu lln. ie, i«
iuu, lu".,,1 Hie government engineer*
recommend a .|iau uf t'16 (lei. Tbe
Hoard ot ilailway I'uminialioncr. are
understood lu lie fully -wilhin their
legal rights iu banding down their re
cent drii.ioo wilh reference lu llu
length uf .pan, bul yl appears lhal then
is au older ail /lii Ihe slalule booki
<ailed Ibe ItAJTways and Neugii""
Ati Which i .-.I- t liluu puwers tn sud
in ui, iii llm ilcparluicnli "i tin' gun m
monl and in concession I" Ihis author
ily lhc Hoard of Ilailway I'umuiis.iua
ers im,,,i'l euu.i'liT the reconinicu'luliuii
uf (he guveriiiiuiil  engineer..
Mr V. Muhun, pre.ith nl of the Hur
nnd Inlel Tunnel and Hndgv Company
upon being asked by in Espress topic
.'iiiniive whether bis roiupauy h*d been
nd-.fi i of the piop, i.i change ot ib
length ul span lo Hi'u feel, slated lhal
he bad uu knowledge of any .uch in for
niuliou having beeu forwarded lu Ibr
Company He was, of course, aware
of Ihc fact lhal Ibe plans bad been
under consideration by Ihe resident
guvernmenl eugineer aud Ibal lbe cu
gineer bad beeu in cousulUliuu wilb
Ihe bridge company and olher sources
of information, ll was likewise cor
rert Ibal the possibility of dunging
Ihc localiou uf Ihc eenlre pier bad been
dm, uss,d No intimation however as
to Ihe probable decision of lbe cngt/i
ecr as to Ibe length of the span had
been ' om e.v i"I to bii company. A*
lot the feasibility of a ipan ol 216
feel in length hit first impressions were
Ihlt il would resolve jl.clf inlo I m*i
ter nf the coit of unit * ipao, bal
wbal Ibe attitude ol Ihc eugineer. uf
hia company would be toward llu
ebmgt, bt wai not prepared to i*y
North Vancouver's fire Department Hai Kept
Splendid Pace With ty. Phe.an.eoal Growth
A thousand yuan Is conipurulively a
very smull slice uf the wurld 'a history,
just us u ilioiii.nn.l dollars Is n comparatively smull  fiiidiiin  of many a
(en In a detailed pxplanotlnn of tlio
uietllnils nnivudiiv's III Use.
It proved a must interesting hour.
'i'lie iiiui wus kiml enough tu truui|le
his i oll.-.'i.uii. . with uu imaginary tilurln,
ami Hie "Kipress" (lend wus enabled
In watch wbal usuclly lakes place when
the .iiiiiiiiiii: i'uii" anuuils In reality, ur
innii 'ii fortune. When, however, one'rather lu suu us much us l|c humanly
takea, as.it were, the histury uf tliu| could  nf  the  rapid  proceedings,  I'ur
world inlo llie palm of one's huml and
examines it carefully and disintegrates
fur  mure  purticular elimination   th
tlu-i'■ was sn much condensed wnrk gu
Ing ahead al une time that Ihe whule
thing had a kiml uf eineiiiatographii'
lust  iinm .imI  yeurs, it  become,  per-1 effect, and  while Hie actions nf Hi
I'ct Ily plain that Hie geueral scheme
of life bus taken upuu itself during
thul special |Tcriud an aspect mure
wuuderful ami rapidly progressive I Iiu u
■ Iiuiu,' uuy other previous periud. This
is due |. iliup.. lu lhc lud Ihil man
hus been devutilig the besl of his
brain lu Ihe discovery of scientific
initli." likely lu lead lu an ultimate
cuiiipiivl uf lhe elements. Air, fire
and water were fur centuries allowed
tu tyruiiui/c huinun life. The time
uus upparcnlly mil ripe fur Hie pigmy
brain uf man lu lie awakened tu a real
iralion ui the fad tiiat il was within
Hie range of possibility tu harness lu
.ume client these three ravaging elc
in cn Is The peuple uf these remote
uges were accustomed lu lice wilb" the
grealesl pussiblc speed frum au oul
break uf lire. If a river threatened lu
uverlluw ils hanks, they igiin luuk lu
Ibeir heel. They were iimilarly ler
rori/cd by Ihc pranks uf ITuvius and
ulher demons and gud. presumably in
liiilnliiig the lir.
Today men unly lice frum lire as a
lasl resource, and nul u. an immediate
une 'rbi') are nu lunger a. a ra-cc
I en'lied uf lhe air Then are t-v uli
it,.'" l"i" built in wlm It men u11-i- Irum
.llm earlh and defy il. Melhud. have
al.u biiii conceived by wln.li a re
luliii. river ii quelled mure or lias
successfully 0 ie ol lbe greatest sin
dents uf Iiiiiiiiiii evolution, ii, H Wells,
regard, the present age a. the act ml
beginning uf lliings. I'a.l centuries j
hive merely constiluled i kind of
useful  preamble
The particular deparlmenl of pm
gross concerned m Ihis srliclc is that
oi lire lighting. Everybody regards
lire figliliug a. uue ot Hie must spec
i.t. uiin pursuit, lhal a man pan en
gage in. Ai Hie motion picture puluce.-
the turn uut uf a fire brigade always
pruvlde. Ibe deiired Hull ilusiiics.
bouse* issue colored stimuli I.. ile
picling "liilvviiit llrtiueu silhpurlled in
clinging allilude. uu the side, 'uf a
• wuimg fire waguu again I a lnml
background uf cllriinelv red tie, riv
llled unly by lbc rcarlel glinl iu lhe
wiileu|ien eye. uf the puuiuling liur'f
and su on    Tbis is all very inieresl
ing ami pidure»i|uc, hul there is an
ullicr inure .uber .lanilpiiinl frum win-If
(be- fire ligbl iug prole-.ion must  .oiue
times be considered.
Very few people in Nurlh Vancouver
realize wbal Inns of diicipliue Iheir
Uo fireballs euii|lilule. Very lew ire
acquainted witb lbc fart Ibal the
lueal deparlmenl is equipped wilb musl
of fbe ciever device, evolved for lbc
use of Sre brigades. A rcprticiilafivc
of Ibii piper, wbo, *ince Ibe age of leu
(which is iliuui lbe period when Ihe
a/in, im iiiiiiiiiii ulmaiin I., ejiilc an
ami.limit to become uue ul Iboic noble,
clinging figure.) hai uever fell ipeciil
ly interested in the working of a Aie
deparlmenl, waa privileged recently lo
poke inquisitively around Ibe local
ilaiiou ov Thirteenth slreet, guided
by tilt chiel lime, Fiiidlay, tod 111
men lliemiclves wer* being followed
the evululiuns uf llie nones were being
nt'iii-surily overlooked. Al lhe mu
iiiui uf lhc alariu Hie men were us
slimed lu be deep iu Hie sleep uf Ihu
righteous in/their dormitory upstairs.
The call cable by telephone, lhe uidill
ary hell llnkleil, ami a second laler
lhe tire gung was aulumaticilly sound
cti. Apparently Hie men upstairs were
awakened, jumped mil uf bed, and afler
a tuilel lasting just uneniillitiiith uf
lhc lime lakeu by lhc ladies of the
nurth shore, made fur the shining brass
pules which serve "s the lite hall siai.r
eases. Iluwn these dclicjously templing
pules lhe men slithered gru, dully su
easily Ihul une wondered why lln.
means of gelling frum bedroom lu
parlur isn't adopted mure widely in
bu. y bumc '
Meanwhile lhc .ame uuluiualic cuu
Irivnncc winch had sounded llie lire
gung hul laid hubi uu a lever whieh
siinullaiionusly Opened each of llic
stable dour., lu which lhc liur.es arc
ii'iliii.'.l, tlieir piiiiiiiiniit when Mulled
belllg    llnlli    tltO    revel.-ie    of    limit'   ill
iiinel.v iiine idnlilei, mil. ut' a hundred.
Hefore you euuld say .lack Kubiusun,
ur lliiiiiliiiinilivvuiii', or auy Uther aim
pie name, the horses had somehow lie
eome ".:nied to either side of lhe pole
of Hiu lire wagun. Kacb mini hud his
special , iiiiiiiu nn to swiftly purfurm,
his speclul liiiililc lu fasten, Ills special
strap lu adjust. Then ruse ono un
iiniiuuits umi uf .'Iiiiiii, the men Impel
tu Iheir appointed places nn the wagpii
and the whole nut lit vanished frum
iiiiiiiiiii ken like au up-lil-dalc- cun
uiiiilions   ileal, uf lightning.
The recording nf than ruplii events
bus occupied a lillle mure Hum twenty
live lines of typewriliet/obpy. The
f.n: n.ilf ilself udtiully,'occupied fuur
ten uml a half seconds, frum Ihe mu
incut uf receiving the lire siiuiuiuns lu
'he departure uf 'ilic brigade Ihruugli
lhe diiiirs uf !b6 slulion,
Cnnildcriug/tho size uf the city, the
null frills used iu hnuse liiiililing, tne
general system of bollliug, ami uther
'u ul I'ufnliliuns, outbreaks uf lire ure
leiearkiilily lew. This fart, huwever.
duel unl iu any way affect lhe im
pirrliiiice nf lhc pruvisiun oi a llrsl
cluss department, ll unly rellecls Ihc
greater i nulil upun lhe men uf the
lf| .urlincut whu su iissiduuiisly keep ill
training by indulgence in Hie ilrill uml
icj.ilur visits lu their gymnasium.
There is nu doubl lml Ihul Nurlh Vim
cuuver's firefighter, ore expertly sys
Ionized, Ihul nu uullircul. within lhe
cily's liinils wuulil be beyond Hie scope
uf iheir quelling puwers, unless hupe
h.'ssly adverse cumtiliuns prevailed.
The llnei, touching upon Hie inlre
icnl,' ■ uf local fires, paid a glowing
tribute lo tbe carefulness uf the rcsl
denls. Many, he suid, como here frum
the old cuunlry, where Ihey nave al ]
ways been accustomed lu open grates
Tho Cauadian stuve and il. piping ure
quite new lu lliem, uiul it i. wuuderful
Ihul so few fires result  frum misuse.
May Ihi. carefulness lung remain a
characteristic uf Nurlh Vuncuuver cili
/ens. Firemen are like doctors. They
have a dignity all their uwn and their
presence is a cunlitiuous rouifurt, but
uue uu. nu greal wish lhal Ihey shoulil
enter one's huiue prufc.sionuily.
The present chief uf lhe department,
•lume. Fiiidlay, louk ulliee un Septum
ber -'"tit lasl year    Suite lhal dale lhe
slab* ut  the  department  has  been  lurk
urease! by inu men uml lhe equipment
ul.o considerably ad,led lo Ueiidei
lhc provision uf Ii'i" mure feel uf hose
piping, lbc chief recently recommend
ed the purchase of twu chemical combination wagons, 'nmi was considered
by the Uru uml light commillee uf lue
cuuucil and it was decided lo acquire
ouu of ibuse machines und seo huw |t
worked on Hie ruuds nf Iho city. Tbis
wagon i ■ due to arrive very shorlly.
Tlii'-cily al prescnl possesses Iwu tire-
hull*.' Number One, which was liuill
loin' yeurs ugu, being situated nn
Fourth street easl, ami Number Twu,
creel cd lasl year, being ml Thirteenth
slrect cast. Tin' present equipment uf
the Number Oue sliition comprises u
iliiiinicul hose wagon, hurse drawn, ami
an ordinary hmn wagon currying l ."uu
feel of liiibc, t nuzzles and Iwu II gulluu
extinguishers: alsu filled with firsl aid
niedical liuxcs and othor accessories.
The Number Twu hull Is alsu equip
ped with the ubove outfit, wilh nne
aerial'ladder, nurse drawn, ami ulher
ladders. Four hurses are al Ihu ser
vice uf the ilcpertlllonl, Iwu lu iu,:
slabled al each hall.
Tin' additional machine which is uuw
tine tu arrive is a ninety horse power
I'lieinictil    combination    huse    wugiiti.
manufactured by Wcldi i'uinpany  of
St. Mollis. It is capable uf travelling
Iliirly miles uu huur with u crew uf
sii men, ami is equipped wilh all Humus! modem time saving uml effective'
cliiiiii'uls uiiii appliances.
The present sligt ut lhe department
il mju iiiun.l ;, - f ,-JI,, ■,. ■ the number
iu brackets signifying the particular
hull al which em li member is sla -
Fire Chief .luuies Findluy fl).
I'apl. W. Miles (I).   .
I'apl.  il. Slrallidec H).
Driver I!. Ehaiiuuii (I).
Driver I'. Groundwater til).
Fireman  Joseph  Sparks  111).
Firemai,   A.  McMillan   (I).
Fireman W. Murphy ill
Fireman W. Miller 11).
Fireman I'. Wurk I.'I
Fireman T. F,. ''raft 11).
Fireman .1. H. Wihuck l'l).
Fireman Wilcuck i. u qualified gym
iiii.I, bidding a 'medal fur raliitbenic.,
and under his direction a gymnastic
clan* bus been started ill < uiiuecliini
with lhc department, the u6eoi*ary
appliance! having been provided.      mm
Scrutiny uf lbe lire records shows
lhal Ihe following bus lieen lhe actual
wurk uf the ilcjiurlmcut since October
last year: *
Ocluber, Mill Hue alarm: buildiug
risk, ll.',"". good., (,."", insurant c
on  building, 11,■',"":  uu  insurauce  uu
Continued on pagi fi, col. 6
Front Bow (from left bo right) Aid Dick, Mayor McNiiib, Aid- Irwln. Aid. Mills* Second Bow Flnuiw A-
McMillan. Captain R. SUatbie*. Fin Chief I, Ftodley. Otpt. Mil**, Flrimau 3. Spark*. Top Bow FlraniMi P.
Work, Driver P. OrouudwaUr, Flrani an T. Onft, Firaman W. MUlor, Fir* uui W. Murphjr, Driver 0. B. Shmnou.
taitlf'lmi  Rv I oui* Cmmmai     Tl"' ""'l'' ''*'"* '"' "W'"W '' h''tb° t*li  Wl11 •"»,',,',>  te V^"1 itt
UlllllCl Dy-LttWS \ATTj  lhc improvemenl of Iborougbfarci iu „.ui);lm, ta ,cceiv, ihe heavy ruib uf
ever^parl of Ibe municipality. Thc, ,wj„, ,Q ,|R, h„„m t;ml). ,p0t uttl
Duly ninety one vulcrs oi Ihe dis funds wiil.be spent on lbe ro*di M u|Wi Tbis is Iho Ibird sito bough I
Iriet pf North Vancouver found their soou Ihil yeir a* powiblc, Ibe work of ^ |uc Uiuuicipaliiy lu proaidc for llm
w*y lo the polls on Halurday, when ttfiptling, widening and clearing.ro»di! tuiw mv ),(,)„„' io,ated nb Nurlli
Iwo bylawi for a total amount of needing immediate attention befon Ibe j judaic, and lbc Mce»d al Lynn
IhtiPt) were submilled for the approv rainy season Mli ip pcrmancnlly. Thii
•I «r'disapproval of lbe doctoral*. The money will be eipentlid on Ihe roadi in
addiiinii In Ihtl obl»in»il from the sale
of lord improvement debenlure* for
mendMii/.ing Ihe ruads of tome ul Ibt
leading thoroughfares.
The new U/tOO park uie |u lbe Cap
ilinu ditlrict will bo purcUscd immedi
ilely upou tbi i»Jc of Ibi hmdl, and
voting ng the money bylaw uf July
I'l wai *lmo»iLw-,fc a.- bcavy a* Ihil
of Salurda*yfhile lhat at 'be clctfjon
of l*k/miy. when Beeve .May Wjtt
i'IcoVl reohctl i.i'ic Tbere *re loae
i,7n| voters in ibe Lynn Ptilty/pby
Iriet float.
"       • "di.iii,.
The actual vole on Ihc ro*d b,, ,„cl
was It in favur and Ml agaiusl, lev
v."ie   being' either Icude'red or spoile
Vitly-ulue properly owners aikcd '
Ih* purchase of Ihe purk ai I'apllino
and fourteen opposed il. eight  vole.
being tendered tl .polled
L Bank of Montreal
9t*ffmW999Wwm-9W9mKm^m99MKmfmmmmmmw^m^mm9mf^/t/t» ^^_^_^_^^__^_^
f iiiT"
Estibliihed 191T
Capital (paid up)   .   f 16,000,000 *
Reierve    ....   $16,000,000
m—mmamaananmnm mmmnn-nm-n
Savings Bank Department
i    i'           ———   a      i
North Vancouver Branch t F. A. MACRAE,
Mt. Crown Bldg., lit Street Manager
We Have Some Good Buys
in D. L. 273, 274,550.
See us if you have a house to rent, or if you want to get
a house.
We have some lovely homes for sale.
Listings wanted.
110 Eiplanade. Phone 227
If you use Stock Siaes in Doors and
Windows You  Will Bave Money
Ask lor our uew Folder wliieii allows
m.i • carried in stock
Dickinson & Son. Ltd.
P. 0. Box 1719.     * Phone 222
Tiiwitby Hay (new)
Clover Hay, (uew)
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tM      '
JT«t *J| ItblfJ."     Tim Ubl* mbjict to cb»n*. witkout
l ■
Ml IUH* loi ieliyi, mcldinlt) or otbim
(Ooutlnuid (rom laat Friday)
pvorything nl valuo was gone.
One day sumo Jloochy Ibiy liul jam
arrived ill Ibo liiirlmr iu a eunno »wing
another canoe in which was Iho luul)
of a largo man. Tlm '<•<■'>" was renpg
uiiuii as lb* remains of J. li. Sullivan,
lliu Casiier (Iillil Commissioner, wbo Im.i
uiiiliul witit Imiii liu|u'.. qf sunn Iiuiu,"
witb bis iiifii.i, iu iiuluii'i ami sjictut
iug tbo I'liiii.tiiiii.'i linii.Iiiih with them.
lu bis i 'iu was fuuml a censiddr
iililc sum in drafts ami gold, a gubl
wotcb ami chain, ami a pocket diary.
lu tho iiiury, .'iilillllIv written just
In ini'l' the unfortunate guutleiiian bail
ti inu.I to his nilnii, was this entry:
"lioft Victoria for obi Ireland
on   'I'luli ..lui.  4th,   ubuut   noon.
I'iiii'iiuI Cape Flutter)' ul,mil 4 n. III.
Hume nl Ihe miners drunk; some
billies sick; feel sorry at tompor
imii  leaving a country iu which
I have Iired so long; Bpeiit.lust
evuning ul ilciir ubl Hillside."
About u monlli after tbo shi|i had
gune down, and when the first burst
of grief hail been re|ilucoil by a feel
iu;' ui' resignation, uml while the ' linn-:.
were still |iutrulle>l fnr many miles in
the hupe uf bulling more bodies, u mun
walking ulung the southern faee of
liiii.nii Ilill observed a fruguietil uf
wreckage lying high ami dry uu the
beach. l'|iuu examinutiun il proved
tu be port uf u i iiii.-iiinin ..iiiu. lumi
ur support, and on ils white surface
were written in a bold business baud,
with u pencil, these words:
"8. P, MOODY!   AM. UW
The handwriting uus identified as
Ihul of H. I'- Moody, lhe principal uwn;
er uf the Moodyville Sawmills, wil
uus a pnsscnger. II is supposed ilm
when he fuuiiil lhc ship going
iiml no hupe remained uf suvinjf his
life, Mr. Moody wrote thi
fruiil llie sea" un lite slum
luiui hope lhat il migbt
picked up, uud his lute kno
bone was not in vain, an
Ihe piece of wreekuge with
liuu upun it is nil che
\ii.ii.i>  family.
A remarkable instance of proiouro
of iniini in lbe face of death wus furu
islictl when tbe sleutner "Brother .Iuuu
than" wus lust ufT llie Oregon eoaal
in IStill or '07. On board wss u Bcotcii
gentleman named Neibit, lie was uu
his way to Vieioria when Ibe ship
struck a ruck. Oue bull with ei.ii
I 'en perions gul ulf, but ull llu peuple
who remaiueil uu hoard—including n
mujur geuerul uf llie I1, tt. Army nul
his stulf iiitil thc officers of lhc vessel -
were lusl. Hume iluys ufter tlie ills
aster the body uf Mr. Nesbit wus found
lloaling al seu. I'pon searching Ihe
-I-iiiun" it was ascertained tbut while
llie vessel was guing down be liml ac
luully made his will, writing il willi
lead pencil ou the leaf uf a inciiitir
iiiiiiiini buuk. Placing llie bouk in Ins
pocket lie had buttoned up his cuul
uii'l awaited his fate with tbe calmness
of u hcru.
ii.111...■-1> Inlil upun llie bodies thul
were fuuml placed the bluiuc ou the
"Orpheus'' for crossing the steamer's
bow* and so causing tb. collision, fi'hi.
Inefficiency of the wulch ou the stpni
et was condemned, uml Ibe-ioniBliun
I       i\     l
iif Hie boats was denounced; bdt liulii
1aj|i*v*J.,*'4Uui, ol tbj^ Verdict.) The
owners uf thc slounioT wvra
ruled, and llie ulficers were all rfiad,
The families wbo were bereft of tlieir
bread winners were not compensated
for Iheir luss, liul after tbe lapse of
t In -1 many years (lie occurrence und
ils aerunipaiiyiug horrors arc still re
incnilicrcd by those wliu lusl tlieir
friends ur wliu were active participant*
in lbc ufler events.
How many luiui- were broken in
cuitscqucncc of tho disaster will never
be known, Such unfortunates usually
uil. i iu silence. I knew of one' cuse
wbere a youug and industrious me
ebauic, whose sweetheart went duwu
with the wreck, was never known lo
do a day'i work afterwards. Wheu
the firit paroxysm uf grief bad passed
be was incustomed Io walk listless))'
ilong the waterfrout aud accost tbe
master of every vciael tbat came it
from tbe wa witb inquiries ai to wlielh
er any more of the " I'aeilie V pcopli
bad been rescued The reply was al
way* in the negative, and he wuubj
walk away witb a dejeetcd air. Finally
lm weut away and probably died in
aome lunatic asylum or botpil-ai. Abuut
fifty fuiuilit'.t were broken up and seal
lered, and many came upon the pubiii
for maintenance. There were two
suicides iu Han Francisco j& conse
ijiicini' of tbe disaster, aud IlierV wen
many instances of actual dislr
wbicb tbe public never board,
ail tbeir detail* the circumstances
tending the Ion tl tin "twite"/'!*.
among the moit heartrending thur ever
carat under my notice,
I bave often unrated the dreadful
atory of the lew at tin "Pwiic", to
friend* wbo b»d hetlA only I "*fm
account qf )t, ami oii mm\ oecaiiuna
as 1 .iiii.In.It'll tlio ntirriilive I have
beon asked whieb incident pf tho many
|tu I lift ic unes cuu uecl e,l will) the wreck
dwelt muat in my mini).   In  other
Kurds, which Of the occurrences thai
leil up (ur down) to tha linking im-
pressed me most. I have always replied that, sweeping faille overy con-
sideratioti of sympathetic interest .lit
lliu fate of thp many acquaintances
who were rushoil into eternity in au
instant, ai it wore—forgetting for a
time tlto'"J&vful sensations those on
board that ship must havo experienced
when tlio truth was forced upun them
Hint they were beyond ali human help
and thut tlte sun had sut forever upuu
their earthly careers—that iu the full
flush uf manhood and womanhood they
were booked and their berths engaged
fur that "bourne whence nu traveller
returns"—I say I have always replied
that Dm une picture whieh presents
itself lu my mind when I recall the
awful event is that uf the linnnie lillle
blueeyod buy tu whum i said farewell
as the gang plank was drawn iu. I had
nevor seen him boforo—ho was neither
kilh nor kin of mine—but whenever
I thiuk uf the going down uf the "Pacific" bis sweet face appears before
me—sometimes is I last saw it, full
uf beauty, confidence and mirth; uud
uguin wearing nu expression of keen
anguish and horrur, the brightoyes Illl
ed with tears and the liumls held uul
in u vain petition tu be suved frmu uu
Imploding doom. Since I sut duwu lu
write Ihis sad story lie had been with
me every moment uf Ibe lime; and
once I Ihuughl I heurd bim repeal what
I have often in the silent limn., uf the
duy ur night imagined I heard him
say: "You placpd tne iu this coffin;
cannot you help me uull" Alusl if I
hud but lii.uii ii
Wedding Bells
The Hev. E. Potayvlu, O.M.I, ofllci
Bled ut a quicj wadding held in the luiiun I'ul litilic di il nli of Bt. I'iiiii i
al 8:110 p.m. ou the 2nd iust., when
Winifred, the eldesl daughter of Mrs.
Lawson and lhe lule William Lawson,
of "Tliriiinlle" Kerr) hill, Kngluiul, wus
married lu Julm Winlurhuldcr, eblesl
miii iif Mr. ami Mrs. Johu Aspell uf
lllh streel, North Vuncuuver. The
bride wore u gown of embroidered
nel over silk, lbc bodice uf which wus
relieved with touches uf charineuie so
tin of a deljcate pink, whilst the ustrich
|iluiue which trimmed her picture bat
was of Ine same attractive shade. Her
bouquet was uf bridal ruses uml lily
uf the vulley, oue uf her gifts frum
the bridegroom, She was attended
by Miss Josephine Aspell (sister of
llie bridegroom) who, attired iu a pastei
blue silk voile gown wllh lurge blue
hul lo match. The gruum was support
cl by bis brother, Mr. imu;. K. As
pell of Vancouver. After the i-crcmony
Mr. uiul Mrs. .lohn Aspell held a reception al Iheir Inline uu lllh streel fur
tiie newly married cuuple whu ihortly
afler lefl fur a few days honeymoon
tour of Vancuuver Island after which
Ibey will return lo reside iu their new
bumc un Keith road. The presents were
uuin. iinm   Ulld   It.iliil  iilllt'
Musical Club
In connection with the formation of
Hie Voung dadiei' Musical Club start
cl last week in Nurlli LuiiHiiule, lhe
fulluwiug ullieers for ihis year were up
pointed: Hon. I'resiileul, llev Mrs
•luliuslou; president, Miss JlctA Juhn
stun; vice proa, Miss Kvuns; secretary,
Miss Nellie i'hilips; treasurer, Miss
Kdua lluriusloii: organist, Miss Mabel
Ker; ussl. organist, Miss M. II. Curric;
reporter, Miss iloldt. Social commillee,
Misses Mary Itilchic, Annie Ritchie,
Lucy I'hilipu, Mrs. Iioliib.
The purpuse of lhc club ii lo pro
vide amusement fur Ihe winter montbi
uf au educational kind, also Ihc youug
.ladies have a commendable idea, Ibat
of helping young girls who may not
have bad  the advantages Ibey bave,
and ihey will be grateful to all whu
will take uii inieresl iu Ibeir venture.
The club meets every Tueiday evening
at 8 o'clock  giving un  "at  home'
every fourth Tuesday.   Tbe club wi
inccl  al   Iho  home uf  Mri.  Kreil.  I
ii.ili-li uutil further arrangements are
^Venturesome Forager
Mr, A. K. Criekmay has added a uul
able number I" those trophies of the
•iliaic of which he is able to boast. Con
trary to the circumstances tbat uiually
attend atlch accomplishments, Mr
Criekmay did not lind It necessary fo
hi. hln la th. wfldi wbleh cooitltu*.
i    i  i
rods, but th. obliging victim tu but unerring iklll with the rille wuuded its
way to Wt. OflBlinioy'i orchard nnd
vialdid to tha gnatdiy kduonman:
a couple nf dugs frum the uwuur'a well
sluckoil keuueli tu patiently await from
the topmust bran.h of pfniil ,m »to
cuu vuu iouco pf their master to gather
him in. Mr. Criekmay was uwekenud
early in the murniug liy thf burking
uf thu dugs,, but thinking that thuy
hud truud a cat, paid uu ulinniiun tu
the matter. Later ih tin morning,
however, when the dogs persisted In
tbfli. burking he wont nut to investigate
and iliicuvuretl I hul tha Angl hud I reud
a very largo aud oscollout sample of
Britiih Columbia cope. Thu animal
waa perched upon the extreme tip nf
the highest houghs of a treo un.l was
fully occupied in observing the actions
of tbe dugs. Mr. Criekmay leisurely
procured hii rille and promptly brought
tha coon to tho ground. It wai found
to be au exceptionally large and beau
liful   lipl'i'illlell   Of   iti   I'linl.   woigbiug
fully forty pouuds and was later taken
to a iiiMiltriniiit in order that it may
bu    in i'i-  iiuiiiiiiu.I
the nil iulapd euait. Thele partial
have beon in tha Hold since the beginning of Auguit and pn being directed
|1 nlibyAhe m^mli^fl. "fnffif Affttlf
The water-power resources of Brit
ish Columbia are being investigated by
the   fniuniisi.iin   of   I'liiisi'liiiliiin   ninl
the resulting iufurmatiun is tu be pub
lished us uiiuii as It can be made avail
able in a repurt to be entitled "The
Wat ci r.iu en, uf Western Camilla,"
which Iho i'niiiiui.....mn havo in course
of preparation.
The securing of even preliminary
Held iiiiiiiiiiuiior iu a territory like
Hrilish Columbia requires much mure
limo Iban in a country less mountain
uus. (lood progress, huwever, is being
iiiii'ic The British Culumbiu govern
incut's department of lamls, under Ibe
Hon. W. It. Hu--!., has mado a substan
nul contribution lu assist the Commie-
;r rls
Department uf Lamls has enabled pur
siou  in ill  water puwer  n--.-ai.li
This  practical   assistance   from   lhc
V. Whit*, who in iiNhnrge pf thi wurk.
The iiuuimisiiun his throe Aald partial investigating the watenhed pf th*
Fraier river ubovo Lillooot, uitunding
tp Tote Japne Cache and weitwnrd
beyuud the Fraier Lake diitrict.
Tuday, if pup view*»roup af Britiih
OnlnnuWn and mu what »re tlip ppw, r
possibilities of the Interior pf tin prov.
[pep, pp porien cap inform pno. After
tint liiiiiiiiiusion hai completed Hi preient rccuuiiaisuuec survey it will bo possible, flnt tp form ipme reliable cun-
eepiiiin nf tho watorpowots pf Britiih
Columbia iiniiiii of the line pf lit ' Hi.unl
Trunk I'aeilie; then later, Oil, th* ''nun
try nuiiii of the new transcontinental
line will bo caiivaised for iufnrmatieu
respecting Hi water poweri. It is pioneer work, uml su lu ipeak bluet than
trail fur the capitalist and tbu eu- '
pi iiui'i. Tu tie. uuin' and draw attorn
tiou to those biased traila ii part nf
tbo wurk tho Commission aims lu accomplish thruugh Its publication*.
The Imb. pell Chamber of Commerce
at Kulispell, Monl., plans In capture
tho prise for Ihe biggest polato\rowii
in lllll! at thu International Dry Farm
ing i 'nu, rc.-iii at Lothbridgo next month,
ami is already canvassing the potato
district surrounding it and soliciting
Ihe largest spud to exhibit. Tne
largest potato ever seeu by uny potnln
gruwor in Muutonu uml sumo uf llmm
came frum lhc Aristook county iu
Maine, and olhero frum Old Ireland
was the pride of the Kulispell Chamber
uf Commerce last year, ha viiq; been '
gruwn uu Ibe Flathead reservation un
smi breaking, the firsl plowing, ami il is
anticipated that this year a spud uf
eqiiul liimensiuns uud weight will be
taken lo Lclhliridge in the' exhibit
that the Flathead cuunlry is preparing
and ilml all the wurld will marvel ul
Ihu sise uf it.
fillc, IDc, 40c and 38c per Ib.   Our special bleud II lbs. fur (LUU
Tfilei'u,  Liplon's, ltidgewuv's,  Klin-  Kibboii,  Nuhuh,  Maikimi,
Braid's, McMillan's.
libi', llie, lllc, ami Hue per iii Our Codecs ure freshly rousted uud
ground as required.
We arc making a special line uf litis.   If yuu are nul satisfied wilh
the Ciillee you are using, give it a trial.    In making use less
quantity as it is much stronger lhan ordinary Coffee,
Ground fresh every morning, <Me per lb.
Fmcsl quality Kuslern Township Muplc I.euf llraud, 38c per Hi.
II lbs. for ♦LUU.   Finest quality New Zealand Wo per Ib.
Thislle Hutu.I   Every egg guaranteed, llic per do/cu. ,    Oood
fresh eggs at He ami '16c.
Koyal Mnmlni'l. lloyal Household ami llubiii lluud at tl s.i per
suck uf 111 lbs. Houd Bread Fluur ul llii uml ilj.60 per ID lbs.
i'ruiics, il lbs. fur i!5 rend.
Figs, euuking, il Ibi. for lift coots,
Kotlas, Christies Wc, National .'Wc, Muuuey's Ilk, Kamsay's toe
per tin. ,
lii insure good delivery please send in your onion early.
Phone 297
57 Lonsdale Ave.
Tlw Nortb Vancouver home of 'Campbell Clothing"
■■ mmmmmmm
^H^ i
{.. WW      rns iANK of     mi
78 VPWI Jn BuiJnw.  fliplUl wid Surplus Over $7,6011,001).
(   A Complete Banking Service
fJpl|pctlpp« made in upy purt pf Cnnodu. Npgptjgb|p paper f)|icpuntpd.
¥w #!lv»b. .<! pf rc»"(>n»hlp termi i« io*ou yoi|r iiptiiiPM. jjpcal ami
fpwigp drafts bought un.l snld. Kpuoy triinsinitteil by Mouey Order nr Tele
graph Transfer. Mltors of Credit issued payable iu all the loading oltlei ef
the wprld. -
Wo invite your account.   ,   /
Two Office* in Norlh Vancouver, Corner of Lomdale Ave
and Eiplanade. Upper Lonidale Avenue, near 14th Street
Electric Irons
10 Dayi' Free Trial
Bolvea the Summer Ironing Problem
Fur lllll! we uro offering a "llolpniut" of the nib size, suitable fur
geuerul boiiiiohuhl use, for ♦l.iiO. This iron is similnr lu all "Midpoints"
except Ihut lhe upper surfuee is unpolished.
North YwicouverV
Fire Department
(Continued frpw page 1)
guilds; luss fu building, Will; loss to
goods, ♦8llll| tptal |esi of Will. '
Upyembor, i. |i-On» Umi WW-
ing risk, fl .,01)1); gumls, $S,U0Q; imuir-
unci! pp buililing, 1100; il|HUraiiep
pp goods, 18,800i buililiii;; loss, $301);
goods |oss, tOO.'!; tptaj loss, * 1,10.1.
Ileceuiber,   lllll    Six   nlaiimi;   buibl
Ipg risk, *u:i,ioti| gpods risk, Uii-mv,
i Hum li ll,-,■   01)   I'llll.llll;:,   .tlN.lllil;   ilisltr
uiur pn guuds, $2:l,|llll; building luss.
$,1,101); goods loss, $1,260! lulul  loss,
January, nil::  Three alarms; build
lllg' risk,' $0,5011; gupds, (1,1011;   lulni
iitiurauce, $«,5ini; tutal luss, iiiiun.
February-No ilurms.
of intu a tin pop. tip f»r pi t„l|,|ii"1
k|iew, nn uiilbreiiliii have lieen ciiii.ieil
by electricity, thpugb there have been
oneortwofur wjiich the reasons .hud
IR fIwIh' A'j, IW'' '.H, 'll. jtwlfflUHf
during the pusl yeHf jius mil been
Iruitlileil with lllgeli Wflfk pf a dan
geruus character; pussiblj: tho mosl
threatening outbreak was the bush
(ire in the vicinity of llio city (juprry,
vyhpre there wai u eonsiilcrnblo uipouttt
uf ilynuniile, uiul where tho wator
supply wus very poor. Wpro it n pi
ilml the ine't'litiiiioii qf um li u clean
idii'i'i us this reflects i.'tenlt on the inhabitants of Ihi. city, ouu might iilmusl
wish thut tho members of the deportment hud boon given more opportunities fur displays of pluck uml prowess.
That thoy uro possessed pt Ihoso qualities mny lie luken as evidenced by Uio
bohuvior of Driver Shannon on duly
llth, when the brakes uf Ihe lire wagon
refused to act ou  liousdale aveuue.
Tlip hepvy vlwter pf the vehicle
nptura||y caused, the horses tP .f»V.I
down the uvonuo at increasing ipeptl
and B-jipuniHi only averted au accident
which inigEl easily have been lulu!
te himself by sticking tonaclpmly tp
bis pusl auil turning thu wogon by
ineuns of the curb on the ferry wharf.
This wai -a piece "of ilexterppi r*jn-
wurk, which iu itself sbfjwer) the pr. I-
ence of mind which 8llPlllipn cnmmandi, ,V|ptPfl|  tp  glean  eueonitinis  of  the
uud which was highly commended by
i||o lire uml light cpmmiltpp.
According to tbp Pbjef, whP, by tbe
wuy, instructs the children uf the in-
'linn schuul in lire Orill regulprly, the
llictt of the department go through tbe
requisite exorcises uf the department
vory frequently, utjliziug ier thii purpose uin,ui.. other Muui"' a dummy
weighing about 110 pounds. Each
man In turn is put iu charge pf the
nint Inne iluring practice, so that every
member of tho brigade Is able to work
it pursuiiully ihould occaiiou urisc.
'      Second Street F.ast, Norlh Vancouver, B. C.
Possesses lhe lines! roof garden on llic Pacific Coasl.
Band conceit every Friday evening from 8 lo 10.
Hoi and cold waler in every room.
I .iiii)|n',iir Plan only $1.00 a day up.
Weekly Rales $3.00 up.
Meal Tickets $5.00.
L REDA, Proprietor
Busiucss Qoutlonieu'i Popular Luucb Haw.
Breakfast 8.110 to 10.00. Luucb 18.00 lo '1.1.9
High Tea bin) tUl 7.30.   Afternoon Tea::.
Short Orders specially attended to.
March Fuur uianns, building risk,:
$01,200; goods risk, $14,800; tulal insurance, $411,51111; lulul loss, $1,000.
April-Two ulnrins, bulb lm.li lires.
Hay Six alarms; tulul risk, ll,illlil;
lulul insurance, $,'1,500; lulul luss, nil.
.lone- File alarms; building risk"
$0,616; guotls risk, $3,885; lulul iusi.r
ance, 13,5110; total luss, $55.
JUlAi Throe alarms; bush lires Willi
sidewalk running Ihruugli bush; loss
on sidewalk (-1011 feet burnt), I'luli.
August—Five alarms; building risk,
$3,11.10; goods, $?,660j insurance on
buildings, r-.i'iiui; insurance ou goods,
♦1,000; total luss, 11110.
'In inure than uue Instance, according
lu lhe t.'hief'a sluteiiieul, un outbreak
uf lire bus been cuusstl Ihruugli lhc
iniiuii stuve being erected uu the llmu
without llie necessury uir space be
nealh. lu .niuilu-i case u rounugralluu
resulted fruni Ibe seriuul ulfuwnig
grease.lo burn over while uu the slum
The I'hief ulsu referreil lo icrluin o.
cusiuiis on which the department hud
nut been guickly notified. People could
uul expect llil' brigii'le lu work elie,
lively un un outbreak if u cuil was mil
pul iu immediately lu lhe lire slut ion
line Ore bud beeu caused tbia year
lliruugli children playing with matches,
another through tbe emptying of hoi
ashes into a wooden roceptlclo instead
On lhe wholo it can ouly be juitly
acknowledge.! thut this city has iu its
miil.il a thorougiily muderu ami olilcionl
department. The l.'hief himself has in
llm |[ust lielpeii to light Ores of the
liercesl kind in the greut city of Olus
gtnv uml in ulher Scottish towns, and
it is evident Ihut since Ilis assumption
of ulliee in Nurlli Vaneouver the geu
ml ellicieni'y of the department from
nil stumlppluti hus materially increased,
lie to.ibi nol wish for a better staff
Imu bis prescnl one, according to his
ouu avowal, all thc members being
'ruud workers uud uiniuble men. Tbe
lire hulls themselves ure certainly
nuilcls of cleanliness, everything being
.it orderly uiul precise us the exigencies
ul the deparlmenl involve.
A special Iribule is due to Aid. Irwln, chairman of the fire' uml light
t'ommilli'i'. Abl. Dick and Aid. Mclli'c,
mebibcrs uf lbc committee, fur their
capable Uilninii. trillion of liiis purlieu
lur department of Ihe city's business
during the present year.
The Versatile*
^PlPhtpp yiclpflp press described ns
one of tbe moit competent of its kind
that bai ever visited that city, wi|l
occupy the Btago of the Knights of
Pythiai Hall uext MpaApy eypning.
One need hot travel as far nflebl bb.
" Versailles." Mr. F. Stiwrt-Whyte's
company pf entertainers havo delighted
autl amused ninny thousands of people
It Knglisli Iluy thii summer, aud their
wprk ba* been ip excellent anil impeachable that tl'" iligniiie.i fathers of
the city apt pply renewed the licence
perliiiuing tP this location but, in t|p-
Ing ie, murmured P few compliments
of the wholesome fare with which
the compuny have beou regaling tlieir
patrons. To soo aud hear this aggregation of talent iu entirely uew surroundings and scenes will doubtless tickle
tbe palates of tho greedy pub.,.'. .There
/pre those who have mado engugi
ineiils for Monday eveuing will do well
tc cancel them and join the great' ma
jurity in the K. P. hull. Fuller parti
I'lilai.'i will lie fouml.in Ihesc eulumus
on Friday uext.
The Nortli Vancouver uml Ilislriet
Football league openod with ibe initial
game for the Allun cup un Saturday
last at Itccreutinn I'urk when Lynn
Valley met the l.'ulciluniuns, lhe let
ter wiuuing liy tlte score of 0 goals to
H. The game was interesting llirough
out and as there are four loams in lhe
league including lhe "l.unsilule" ami
"Huyal Engineers" il will shew greul
iuterest iu spurt fur lhe north shore.
The cup given by lhe Allan Urns, is
valued at ilmi and there ure gold tued
uls lu gu lu the players uf lbe winning
Assessor Submits Plans
The city assussur, Mr. II, T, lln,
lam, last evening submitted lu the
cuuucil plans made in accordance wiiti
tbe complete scurrh recently made by
him at the l..u..l Begistry ollice of
blocks showing closed lunes in 1). L,
ill. These plans ulsu, iu mosl eases,
gave the names of the registered uwn
ers of the lots us well us the lanes,
as iu many eases Ihey ure held lit
different parlies. Mr. Husluiu, during
the lust ten days, bus worked exclusively in connection wilh this mutter and
has iim e.l ull lilies buck lu Hummers
ley. The cuuucil referred his report
and plans to lhe lunes committee
Diitrict of North Vancouver
Notice is hereby given Ihul the re-
gulur meeling uf lhe eouueil will lie
held un Friduy ucxl. lhe lllh ins!.,
ul 7.'HI p.m. iieii.i.l uf Tliursduy, uw
iug lu lhe public ineeling le tne Second
Narrows Bridge, culled fur the I wit
Dated this Nth day of October, 1012.
(Signed) W. II. MAV,
TO    HKNT - Booms. Kigiitb   nml
iiuusdule. I'lione 01. t.l,
FOlt BKNT   3 roomed house. Apply
'iii Keith roud wesl. II I1
TO BKNT   HU per month, furnish
ed u roomed mudern buuguiow,   upon
lire pluee, elc. Situated uu -'1st street
wesl. Apply Bul A|I0, Klpress Ollice.
'   10 III
BOOMS FOII HKNT   Housekeeping
und single, til 2nd slreei  eait.      I.f.
FOB  HKNT   Two  !! room   cottage*,
with wuler It uml $0. A. Siniili * I'o.
FOII HKNT Furnished suite, bed
ruum, silling ruum, kitchen and bulb
ruum- lli'eurutiuns uml furniture new.
Nu other roomers. Adults unly. I'uJI
before 2 p.m.   Ill'10th St. K.     II 10
FOH HKNT Oruuined Ilul neur
ferry, $26 per iiioulh. Apply Wurbum ,
iti Piano House. t.f.
TO HKNT (-'heap. New .'I roomed
house near ferry.    Apply Box AMI,
FOH HKNT Colonial Apartments,
modern four-roomed suites, heal, disup
pouring beds, etc. Allowance made to
suitable uuiiili to luuk ufter furnace.
Apply 1. Diorsson, 7.17 SI. Andrew's
I'liune Bill. If
Jijpross Ollice.
KOH HKNT Fuur ruumed nuuse,
new, 22nd slreei west pf Muhon- Apply
311) 22nd street west. t-10
FOK HKNT A houie ou lOlh slreei
ami Boulevard; ulsu -brick, suitable fur
couple. Apply ft. Huutb, plumber.   I.f.
FOH SAI.K Sume furniture, cheap.
Small heulcr, etc. nol used, (2. 120
ilrd streel west. I ll
FOlt HAI/R-Apples, Oruvensleiil,
ulso apples for winler stuck. Keene,
liili streel and SI. dcirgc. 11)
FOH BKNT- 4 roomed modern hou
,i»; 6 minutes frum ferry. Kent ♦Hi
r in.inii.     Peers li Houll. I'hune lit.
TO BKNT—6 roomed modern liouse,
-cpr. IHb street ami Choslerllcld, $20
per mon ih. .Apply Mrs. C. Hartley, next
doer eait.
FOB HKNl'-O roomed, ali modern
huose, 1st November, household arti-
slci and some furniture for aule. Ap
ply 230 Ctb itreet east. I.f.
* FOB KKN.T—Kivoantl six rpomed
houses, a'i conveniences, "Gib stre^
and lone*, I'll) and tit per mouth. Ap
ply Karland, 8th street and Hendry
Aye., N. Vancouver. l-)\
FOK SAI.K Throe ponies, weight
about MOO Ib. each, well broken to saddle and huml" -  1. A. McMillan. I l\
FOH 8ALE-Fir«t class cordwood,
tI.uu per curd. Special prices on large
quantities. Phone 317. 2010
FOR SAT/R-Firsl gruwth Ilr wuud,
♦ I in cord, o.O.d. Kxeiivaling und heavy
hauling apply lohn ''umpb.ell, 227 01b
slreet west. Pboue 301. 31-10
FOK SALK-Thoroughbretl S. 0. W.
Leghorn Cockerels, $2 each. Apply T.
ti. Kae, Queen's street  west, Third
Huildlpg from north 'corner Lomdale.
FOB 9AI.E--♦188): eity term,, taut-
ropmed mudern bouse, close to car;
4700! .'i mums, good location; #1060: J
left, tm. Apply B. L. Tfcojppwu,
Ctptrt and Lynn Valley floadi,    11-10
FOH SALK—Bargain—Frena ium
era, 0x1, carries 0t! Wins Also 10 ear
riers for ',', plules, good lense ueiiru
malic, wilh porlruil allm linicuis. Cun
show photo* IUI only. I'. 0. Ilox ),
Lynn  Crook.
KOH SALK Some rockers, centre
iulu. extension lulde, lunl room suite,
sewing machine, Morris chair, range,
high chuir, beby chuir uml bulh, u few
do/en I ami 2 ipiurl fruil jurs uml
aeveral uther oniric*. Apply 230 Dili
Blreel eusl.        • I.f.
FOH SALK Al once ul 127 Oth
slreei east, piano, Singer sewing mu
chine, dining lulde, chuirs, sidebuurtl,
couch, kitchen range, beds, dishes, rugs,
fruil, washing machine and wringer,
tubs, geese uml' chickens, furniture
nearly new. tit
WANTED Piece of properly lu
rent, size about .'UlxOO, located ou )Mh
slreet between St. Ueurge's ami J.ons
dule Avenue, lu creel u factory on. Apply Ilox 11170, Post Ollice, North Van
couver, ur Kipress Oflice.
LOST- Set of plans by lhe ('lies
lerlielil schuul. i'iease return tu Kx
press O/Dcc. 1.1 lu
LOST" Hei ween 81 li streel uml
llruiiil lloiileiaiil uml SI. Agnes' church
u puir ot gold rimmed eye glusses with
smull chain attached. Finder please re
lum lo 62t tlh slreei wesl and receive
reward. •
FOl'NH A sum .of money on Lous
dule uvenue on Saturday, Ocluber oth,
Apjdy 535 Lunsdule Avenue. I.f.
WANTKD   Position as general b.elp.l
Apply P. O. Uox 2231. 8-10
WANTKD- Boy. Burrard Cigar Co.,
or. Lomdale ami Ksplauade, upstairs.
Firsl elan drcsMimr.Ing uml Tailor
ing, 410 Keilb road wesl. Fit guar
anlccd. 1310
WANTKD-Ocuerul icrvaut. Mrs.
Wolfe Merlon, 357 JOIh itreet K. Phoue
258. JI 10
WANTKD-Poiition as bookkeeper,
whole or part time. Norlh Vancouver
reforonwB.   Box  AX 115. II10
WANTKI)—Ifillinery and dressmuk
ing al home; or out, by Ihe day l'l. Al
i em i mn", also plain sewing. Uox A I'll,
Kxpreu. 11)0
WANTKlH^erh hy miOdle aged
woman a* working housekeeper or uurs
Ing of any Kiml or care of an invalid,
one or two children are not objected to,
would like to sleep home at ulghts.
Wages per month HO. Apply 155 4tb
itreet eut. JJ-JO
Short time loans on vucuut or improved property. Sl.r Luan Company,
812 Hastings, Vancouver. I.f.
Chimney Sweep orders lakeu at
North Vancouver Transfer Co's, ellice
12 Lonsdale. Phone 07. 4)1
For One watch and jewelry work fo
to Oeo. Boroorton, Ihs new jowclry itoro
on "mi itreet.
Bookkeeper wants work iu spare
time, would keep set of booki, loot
after accounts, general office woft, etc.
Apply K., P. O. Hox 2)20, Nortb Van
SNAP On Western avenue, 36x154
feel, buif block from /lonsdile car, for
UHW pu term*. For particulars apply
150 16th itreet weit. 15-10
MONEY  TO MIAN   Money loaned
ou   iiiuiu.i,.I'. jewelry, furs. Star Loan
t'o, 812  Hustings, Vancouver.        I.f.
Aiiihnri/r.l agent for Singer "Sew
iiig Mn. Inne Compauy in North Van
couver. J. 1. McAlcccc, Dry Ooodimd
(lend' Furnishings, corner Firsl und
Lonsdile Avenue. t.A
.  i
Wheu i " ding eual or buildiug lup
plies, call up phouo 488, North Shore
(.'oil k Supply Co, Kickhinii wharf.
L. S. Kalon, manager Note name aud
pbone uumber. i f
li. ti. Lively and Board itiblei-
l.ight rigs and ladiei' addle bona*
for hire. Stabling for hone*. General deiivory and heavy teaming. H.
Dumas, 4ib itreet weit. Pbon* 147 I.f.
lend clearing and Orading Loti,
i'ete Andruss, OoneraJ Contractor. He
wet connection! a specialty, balcmenl
and other excavating work undertaken.
Kilimalrs free. 120 1Mb itreel weit,
North Vancouver, poit offico box Utl.
Orders for cabinet and picture fraa*
making promptly executed. Furniture
ami office linings to auy design. Jub
I'ing work and repairs ef all kind*
specially attended to- Kslimatel free.
■I. K iliiyne.i, 1230 Lonsdile Avenue,
Norlli Vancouver, Phone M47.
The Panama Theatre
' For the Whole Family
Starling Matinee Monday, Sept. Uth
t Shows   Nightly-7:30   and   f'.lf
J6e, mty, iff.
Matinee Daily at 3 -I6c gai We
Board of School Trustees
A regular meeling of Ihe Hoard of
School Trustees ipostponed from Wednesday, 0th iust), will be held in llie
board room, Kidgcwuy school, un Wed
iieiduy,   Uiiii  inst., al k o'clock   p.m.
Notice to Ladies
The "Bextone Dress Form" la Worth
Many Time* it* Cost
Especially lo the woman who makes
ber own dressei. The "Bextoiic Drew
Form" is an exact reproduction of
yeur form and is made of materials
lhal are iluiosl indestructible, nml-suf
lit leiiily lieiilde lo alluw for a free use
of pint wilhoul frir of damaging Ihe
Save* ali Ihe uionolony of trying on
or attempting to 01 yourself ahd being
a Mintiiiiiniv ligmi il is' much easier
Ip lit lhan the living body and gives
belter reiulli every lime. Once you see
iIn' form you'll cumider tbe cost a tri
He. Mrs Mclzgcr, local representative,
will ileininiiiriilc Friday ami Saturday
at "Tbe Vogue" 640 Lousdale Ave.,
North Vancouver. II ID
Diitrict of North Vancouver
Applications will be received by the
undersigned Up to llle 10th ills!, for
the position of police rbiistnldc io Ihe
district of Nurlh Vancouver. Applicants '
to write witb particulars of experience
and (juslilcalioni. Single man prefer
ltd. Salary ofercd $76 per moulh with
allowance for uniform.
(Signed)     JOHN O FAKMKB,
p. H C
P. Q. Box UM,
North vmm9: m-w
.-' ',,
1 to Sell or Kept
»im. i
« Wp \im wm* spUdid buy* at
i Reasonable Price*
Mouses of all sizes to rent
Encellenl four-room witet, C|o$e in, $17,50 nnd $22.50
Phone 24.
P.O. Boi 1820
it May Concern
To try to do business without
advertising is like winking in the
dark, you know what you are
doing but no one else does.
To let the people know what
you are doing you must reach the
people effectively.
The Express circulates at almost every house on the Norlh
Therefore lo do business affectively on the North Shore you
musl advertise in The Express.
0.1,1, ft », lo 8 Report
to Municipal Directors
Tim Hurrard Inlet, Tunnel and Bridgo
l"iuii|iaii) lun. ii.1,11,',1, thruugh ita uue
retnry, air. Julm V. McNungbt, lliu i'ul
Imiinji ri'|iorl lo llie coiii|iauy'n niiniii'i
|ial directum:
Tilll cuin|iuiiy waa fiirnicl Tnr llie
|iiir|iuitii of icruring iiulnterrii|'ii,l unu
niiiui.iiii.iii lmluecu '|)ie norlh uud
nuilli i inn I-- ol' llurrurd Inlet liy mount
nl * bridge ami . the Se.ninl Nurrowi.
ami a tunnel under tin Pint ojarruwH,
witli a in'i«ii> i'uiiiii!i im. lliem, ami
uliiul! tin mill Hlmre of Burrard lulet
Jfom V ■ Con' on tho North Arm
In lliiriu shoe Bay ou Huw., Humid.
uud Irum a |iiiitil near Kbitruu on Ihe
I'i nr.. i river lir the anulli mid of Hue
uml Narruwi Hridge.
A charter wai granted fnr t In - |ittr
iiiiho liy llic lloiiiinion thivcruiiicul on
Muy illli, llll'l, llm iiromotiir, lllllll
Mown. I un.l. ii llouil, J. I'. Kill. .1
C. Keith, Ktl. Milium, V.. W. Ma, Iiiun
■ml .Inn, V. Mi Nun, hi, who are Biting
ii, |iruiiaiuuul ilirciliim for ami uu
Iniiuii of Hie itiiinlei|iuliliei iiitoroitud
vu.: 'I'lie City uf Vunenuvor, tlie City
of Norlh Vancouver, Ihu lliitrict uf
North Vancouver, llic liiilriet of Went
Vuneuuver, ami lltu I in.   uf Bur-
n.il'i. who, willi Ihu eii'e|ilinn of Ihc
llitilnet uf Went Vuiiciiitver (uul ihou
funned I weru ull subscribcri lu lbc
|ielitinii iireueiileii tn |iurl!umenl asking
fur iucur|iiiruliiin.
Kadi   of   llic   |iroiiinturi   iiiliiciihed
for twenty shares uf iiuek, ami lite
iniiuii llialilill  aluive  nuitiinl  aulncrih
ed ua folliiw.ii
Tha Hihlricl uf Nurth Van-  '
couver   »2ull,l!lW
Thu cily of Vuncuuvor .... miil.HMi
The Cily uf liortli Vuneuuver 11111,1111(1
umi llie District af lluruahy
is taking     (10,0011
making a lulul uf (800,000
Petinting Time U NOW
If tow*1! m wSMwerk ib«jj» Dm torn, mttm orto, wweh twBT
»h»bby.  Don't think yew iri V<WSmi*to|H by putM it off.
Bvery wnf§ worth of ML Pwm P»int »dd» vgfoe ta «iy*to* it
coven.   Whiter you do tin job yourself pr have a painter do it,
Be Sure  Af i=il     PURE
'    ' ■-
You Get
Thl up-lo-dili wiy to
decorati your Willi
•nd oiling! il with
COLORS and ilmcil
deibjni. Moitirliitic,
ualtiry, dunbli, aad
ara vary *conomlcal.
8iatiin ilndei.
S5MJ2 S. E. BUELL, North Vancouver
nf wliieii lite several nlui|lc.i|ialitloi
iulereiletl have taken up Iheir stock
uiul paid ten per cent (IUM ) Ihereon,
wilh the emeptiiiu of tlm District uf
Burnaby whu recenlly passed, u bylaw
in urder lo lake slock in the com
tiunj. Kline Ihul time lhc Dislricl uf
Norlli Vuncuuver has passed u further
liy luu uf 11!>il,iuill, ulnl lhe City uf
Nurlh Vuncouver <iiil,lti!U to purchase
moru stock in the company, and il is
cjpei'lc.l Ihul the utllet municipalities
inleri'sleil will increase Iheir lubierip
liun fur  -ii" 1. pru rutin.
The provincial giiveruuietit has prom
isetl unl lu the uiuimul nf *HUI. UM ami
lhc Duiniiiiuit governinenl litis grunted 11
ul .i. 11 uf •.i.i'i.iiiiu transferred from
Ihc Vancouver, Wcslniitihter uml Yukon
Ilailway Company lu the llurranl lulel
Tunnel k Bridge C pany undor agree
incut whieh was suinliuniul liy the
iniiuicipalilies interested. The prill
ciple cliuses iu Ihis ugreenienl are us
AND WHKHKAS lhc parly of lhc
lirsl pari (Vuneuuver, Wesliniiisler k
\ ui.iii n.i iiii iii Cumpauy 1 hus agreed
upuu being .iiiilnni,,ul by statute lu
transfer all its rights lu the suni sub
■ nil, to Ihe party uf lhe Second I'url
(Hurrard Inlel Tunnel ami liridgo Coy.)
subjeel lo tlte terms und culldilioni
herein eunluitieil iu urder Ihut ilie party
nf lhe second purl may pruroed inline
tllaleli uilli llic luiislriii'tinii ul lhe
said 1 iiiin.
MKNT WITNKSSKTII lhal il is hereby
agreed liy iud liclween lhe parlies
herein us fulluws;
il. The parly uf Ihe lirsl purl agrees
In in 11111 n- Ihe necessary laud fur ami
In liuild tbe railway aptiroarbci ul hot 11
eildl of tiie said bridge sume In be
iiinslrui'lcil In conform with lhe pluns
ul the Mini bridge us finally adopted,
and lu bo mustrin led In lhe salts
fa. liuu nl lhe I'liml Kngineer, ciupiuycd
on the construction uf the Hridge, lhe
Client uf lhe sai'l uppruui lies lu he
according lu lhe plans .11 t.n in 1 hereto
with such allcriilioiis uml uiinlillea
lions is shall be agreed upou between
lhe parlies herein ur fuuml necessary
fur the pruper ciiitil ruction uf the said
uppruui hea.
6. The parly of lhe lirsl pirl mi
eiiuuls and agrees thai upun llie cum
illation of lhe suni appruacbci il will
assign uiul cunve) ul iuusc tu be as
signed and conveyed lu the parly nf
lhe pe null part, free from I'lnuiu
brumes, the said Ipprolches, lugelher
with lhe sile Ihereuf, uiul all appur
lenaiiccs theielo iielnnging uiul iu cun
sitlerulinii Ihereuf, llie purty uf the see
0111I purl agrees lu give lu llie lurly uf
Iho lirsl part fully paid up shunts in
Hie capital lloek uf lhe lluirurd Inlel
Tunnel uml Bridge Cuinpany In an
iiniiiiiiii npiul lu Ihc ad uil, reisuuable
and pruper eust uf the sai'l uppruorh
es and Iho sile Ihereuf eipcudcd liy
lite putt 1 uf the lirsl part ami ii Is
ilinlersluiiil ami agreed belween Ihe liar
lie* herein tint uu etpi'iiscs heretofore
Mate, lluylale of these prciuuli incur
red hy thr piiri.i uf llie llrsl part iu
I'uuuecliun with lite sunt appruaehoi
or llie sile Ihcreof, ihall be ruiislilored
as pari uf Ihc coil of lhe Mine.
III. In tbe event uf auy diipulo or
difference between lhe lilHics herein
regarding lite term of litis agreement,
or lhe carrying uul uf the same, nr
lhe icusuuulilc ur pruper eusl *iytn\* M
•aid approachea ami the site tiieftnl, «
or my olher mailer arising under litis
agreemeiil, jirmidid lhe sume dues nut
fall wilhin ihe jurisdiction of the Hail
way I'oniiuiisioneis, the ..ume shall be
totalled lu the Minisler uf Kailways
us sole arbitrator fur decisiun, and Ilis
tiei isiou iball be final and binding un
all inin    In 1.1.. "
Hefore incurpuraliuii lite promoters
lia>l a llrm of engineers give Ihem an is
limale ou a double track bridge with
roadway which lltcy cilliuiloif wuulil
njvi ol'iuul tlfiiklfkin. Thit wai be
fore I'liuiiiling" or boringi »eie luken
for pieis. elc. Millee liiein |b* 'mn
pani ha* appiiinleil the liim of Sil
Julin Wolfe Barry ami i'arlneri 0/ Lou
dun, Kugland, a* their chief l.'oiuult-
iug Knglnecri with whom ire auocial
id Messrs Hl**'«l*nd aud I'liiierou of
this clly. Mr. K. Cruitwcll (um uf lln
I'artuin of Sir Atbt Wolf*-Barry k
I'lirlnets) has mude a Ihurutiglt I'xuniin
iiliou of the site, taken buritigs, uud
mule an inspection of Hie bed uf lhe
Narrows at lhe bridge crossing ut an
expense of uliuul  *) 1,01111.
Mr. Cruttwoll prepurcd sketches
showing cuiiui'ily and eusl uf dilt'urcui
bridge.-. These wuru submit id to. the
Hoard of Direclurs including llie repre
seulutives uf lhe different miitiieipuli
tics, uml Ihu plan ilin.tii wus Ihul ul
a three truck bridge with twu ruudwuys
and sidewulk fur pedostrinus—unu truck
being fur steam railway, Iwo trucks
for l|um curs, two midways fur vehicle
Irullic, ami uu eight fuul walk I'ur
The upeiiiug spun fur in cun guing
vessels will be lull feet whig and the
bridge will be high eliuugli In ulluw llll
smull unil 1 such us lug limits uml amal
.11,i.-l mg 1 1. u ..I.   -learners In puss un
leiii.'utli tiiiliuiii opening the draw
The estimated eusl nf the Bridge ii
K',l-u,diHi;''!liW i- $780,000 mure thuu
lhe lirsl estimate obtained, but litis
bridge hus u much larger capacity. The
Direclurs ihuughl il much hitter lu put
up a bridge Ihul wuubl huve sulln lent
accommodation fur Ironic fur the nest
leu nr lifleen years, even if Ihe eusl
were greuler, il wuuld he the belter
pulicy in lhe lung run.  -
Al u recent meeting Ihe direclurs uf
the Company Im.i wilh lhe Hull. Kick
111J Mriiride, Premier uf Hrilish i'ul
iitnbiu, regurding further ;. 'ilium.
for lhe larger plan nf bridge, he coin
|iliiin nt i.l llie Hoard ou Iheir foresight
in preparing for u lurge increase of
ii.tiln by adopting u plun uf bridge
whicii hud 11 capacity tu supply the
public needs fur many years; he wis
favorably impressed wiih uur proposals
uml said he wuulil certainly give Ihem
his serious attention us I lie project tie
lorveil the great est cuiuthdrruliuu Irum
Ihe i'ruvincial tluvernineiil. He ulsu
mentioned Ihul the Hridge uiruss the
Fraier river at New Wesliniiisler wuuld
iu u sliurl lime have tu be supplemented
with mure iceuiuiiiutluliuu ns Irullic was
increasing su rapidly ami il is unly a
few   veins 1.1 nee it  was built.
Our Kngiueers are nuw busy prepur
iug plans and speciliculinns uf Ihc
Hridge hul are al present very much
delayed uud hampered uwiug lu the
Kailway Uoniuiiisiuucri refusing tn issue
an urder which Ihey appruved of al
Iheir silling in Vuucuuver 111 Jul) last
fur u UUU fuul spun; their reusun being
tiiut "Uuii. |.nin hive ruised ub
jn lions lu tin- width uf spun as being
liiu narrow. Hut is lius neon pointer)
uul In Iinni Ihe movable ipuu will be
uf lhe swing type insleiid ul lhe Hus
mie iiliiili wai al lirsl proposed, uml
will provide Iwo openings uf 2IUI feel
instead ol only une wlneli will reduce
I lie. tost uf lbe bridge by ut least timi,
llllll as well as giving mure seaway fur
lhe vessels.
ll will be lhe largest smug bridge
in Hie wurld. lut uniil lhe ipiesliuu
uf the width of spun is seHjed. further
wurk nn the pluns musl remain in alley
As will be -nn frum Ihc above repurt
Ihere is slill u smull dcliiiency in the
luiui cost uf the construction uf Ihe
liiidgc, bul frum lhe assurances Ihe
I'uinpany bus had frum lhe muuicipal
Hies interested lugelher wilh lhe puwer
under lhe Company's charter to issue
debentures for a certain amount, prac
lleally assures I In in Ihul siillicicnl
funds will be liirihcuuiiiig tu complete
lhe structure.
nu lhe thirteenth ami thirtieth days
uf September were read and it was
resolved thut they be uppruved and Hie
chairman sign thu same.
A letter frnm Messrs. I'riugle A
Ilul line, re slut us of provisional direc
tors wus read. Itesolved that u copy of
sume be sent lu each of Ihe directors.
A letter from Messrs. I'riugle 4
lltithrie re tiling uf plans with lhe lie-
purlhieul uf lluilwuys und Cunuls, uml
Messrs. Clevelund i Cuineron-s reply
to sume wus reud ami nuled. Kesulved j
lhat same be llled fur future referenee.
A loiter frum Mr. Cruttwoll (Hir
.lulni Wulfe Hurry * I'urlners) re stopping uf further wurk uu pluns uniil
iliscussiuii iu connection width of spun
of bridge is seilled. Itoiolved Ihul
Messrs. Clevelund und Cumerun, and
Mr. Muhun be authorised lu arrange
wilh Mr. '■', ui ui;'i.i (Diimiiiiun Ktigin
our) fur a spun uf !!>u feel in lite
event uf Mr. Wursfuhl deciding lhal ti
300 fuul span is inudcipiutc.
A letter frum the "Murine Wnrld'
wus referred tu the Kngiueers fur ul
The following accounts were planar]
liel ure the Hoard ninl on mul iuu order
ed lo be paid!
Salaries, iiiii. reul of uHiee, foll.iiii;
lelepliuiie uc. ♦il.i'iu; Thompson Station
ery Co., i'l'M; Mr. Cleveland 1 Messrs.
Cleveland * tameruu) expenses lu Ottawa, Intnl.
The meeting then adjourned.
To I., lloml (cull of it',l 1 loOtl.llll
.1. P. Fell, do  5011.00
.1. C. Keith, do  uiHI.llll
K  Mahon, ilu  liUO.mi
K. W. Mat-Lean, ilu fiuil.UU
.1.   V.   MtNuiighi.   du     unil mi
f. Irililil tm
Call of IU per cent.
Mutiicipiilily ul Nurth Vancouver  WGjWOO.OO
Oily uf Vuneuuier   2ll,lllll).IH!
Cily uf Nurlh Vaucuuver....  10,000.00
Advertising     l,ll^l.oil
I'elly cash
i'luin mul lixlnres       111.66 '
Aitdilurs' Fees          76.00
Kngiueers'   fees   (Sir   Julin
Wnll'e Hurry li I'urlners   ll.illltl.ilil
Caah in Hunk,
Cu,-ii iii huml,
Amount owing lol
37.88    fU,ifUi
r,..|n iiiiiiiii...
Hv legal expenses and forniu
lion expenses (geuerul11 0,215.1)3
ia'gul  expenses  and   forniu
tion expenses (subsidy) Illllllllll
Holing  expenses     II,Illi.15
Muneys     II,WJ.U5
Travelling expenses    1.1,1."
General expenses    ii.m
Baal and rules .           .. I.5:tliii
Salaries     l.i'.'U mi
The I.lc.tenant Governor in Council
hus ordered lhe issuance uf lhc ful
liming extra provincial Ijceiices:
Andrew Darling Company Uii., Tu
nm in Hosiery Co., l.ld.
I 'ert i lieu les of incorporation have
been grunted lu the fiillnwing coll)
Automatic full Co. of ihe Dominion
of Cauada, l.ld., Consumers' Kxplo
sues Co. Ltd., Frilz Mleiuer Brewing
utui Mulling l'u. .Ltd., Ilreut Western
Printing uml Publishing Cu. Ltd., II.
II. M. Syndicate Ltd., I. X, L. Uundry
l.ld 1 Maritime Motor Car Cu. Ltd.,
Staples Mciuritica Co. Ltd., Vuncuuver
Spring Duttblelrce Company Limited,
Vicloriu, Vuncouver Deielupuii'iil and
I .nostril'lion to. I.td. Wright invest
ment  l'u.  Ltd.
Tendcri fur a Club Sile ure wanted bj
the ubove cunipuny. Mn-' be eenl rally
uml suitably hunted. Send loll parti
culnrs of locution, price and lonns in
scaled em elope marked "Tenders fur
(Iluli Site,' 'lu Secretary Nurlh Vun
euuver 1 lnl. Lltl., P.I). Ilox 'lil'HI. Norlh
Vancuuver, uu ur lie/ore Ocluber lnlli
llllll.   The liiwcsl  ur uuy  lender nul
1   UIH
We mu) suy Ihut lhe Company .inn.I
Unique 111  1 .  us tiling  the unly
Ha du in 1'0111 pi ul under a ipcnul.hur
ler frum Ibe Dnuiiniuu gnicriiinenl,
and beiug owned ami cunlrulled liy the
municipalities through which il pusses,
Ihe prnviiiuml direclurs mentioned bu
ing merely Jiruinulon for Hie muiiin
puliii. .  inlcreileil 1
Thc uuly persuuil iulercit that the
dircctnrs have iu the ruinpeuy cuuaiili
In owning twenty shares uf ilm k which
ii lllc necessury legal ipiulilbuliuii fur
being a director
ll li erpeifcd lhal Ihc Hridge wili
I e eiimplcieil iu Iwo yean frum lhe
ummeiieemcul uf cuiislrueliun when il
will be open lo the use uf every railway
thai eumes In Ihe llurrard I'eniuiuli.
t  llll I DDK COMPANY,
The city cuuucil, lait eveaing, reeciv
ed ibis Hinn 1.'gellni wilh lite ful
luwiug minutes of Ihc uumlbly meeting uf Ihe direclurs held ill the company'« offices last Wednesday. Theic
iiniinii.- were is fulluws:
The niDiiihl) meeling of Ihe direc
lurs uf the llurrurd Inlet Tunnel and
Bridge I'liinjiany wat held in Ihc offi
cci of the Company un Wedneiday, Ihe
second diy uf Ocluber, lilt.
I'leeenl Messrs K. Mahon (chair
man), .1. O. Keilh. K, W. MacLcan,
Jno. Y, McNaught, Hoove May, Heave
Nelson and Mr. Cameron (Cleveland
aud Cameron).
Minute* of tha ipeclal uiutiugi luld
North Shore Grocery
■ 1
lbih ind Lonadala Phoue .'iv
Look for tbii space on Friday
We have some good, inside buys;
also good acreage listings Lynn
Valley Sub-division. -
H Lrt ui quole you ralei on Fire, Life and Accident
McMillan & reid
Pbon* 181.
«' '
Ilitrimlc vilue, actual worth, dollar for dollar worth is lu ivory
Item we lall.With buying facilities that ara acknowledged to ha
superior tq thoso possessed hr my wlioleialo Arm In Ciuada--
with retail coiinoctlon a continent wide- with tht advice of
expert* and avary pomlbla auiatance to euable III to give jou
till beit value, li it any wonder that tlia nam* BIBKB itand*
alone In tba diamond market* of Oauadn BIBKB' qmlity-
BIBK8' regittition for fair dealing luu built up pur diamond
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Slreets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
Job Printing at the "Express"
The Commercial Union Assurance
Co., Ltd. iST       PAID $4,250,000
Quickly and promptly ou account of Uu Sji; Fraucitco earthquake and lire.
How mauy Oolupaulci could do tbi*?
It* met* amount to (110,1100,000
A postal will bring our representative
Bcaldcut Ageut
18 Lonadala Aveuue aud Oapiiano Oar Terminus
Phoue*: Lonadala 167. Capilauo 161.
North Vancouver
Athletic Club
Tht North Vancouver Ati)!, «c P|„|)
np Friday night hold* thu Ant touruu-
ment under iti auip|eei since Krulo Day
iind Johnnie Leonard tpp|t hold pf fife
rein* tl management.
ThB Wlm fhinh tlie hpyi will
.ium: gp to their 1'ilrutiH pn this im
porlanl occasion promises \p be in every
sense nf the termi»top-uotci|cr. 'fbU
city || steadily being brought tn realize
iimt lillle hy little the ereum qf the
lmvi"K »'"l "resiling wurld are being
coaxed acruu the lulet tiiruugh the
enterpriie am) enthuilinii of U'unurd
uml pay.  Tbe club which u hcuiuiug
mure am)  inure  lirmly  eitsbileted   in
North Vaqcuuver every day, in purpni
etl tu be go lecond rate outfit. Tbii
ii why Ihe mauugumcut hai lecured fur
Friday nigbt lhe presence of Frank
Hirrieuu, a Canadian boxing champion,
end nne of the very beit-knowo ex
jiiineiii:, of the icieuce- Freuk ou tbii
iieciiiii.in will meet Sammy Houd of lite
lueal club, of wboie prowen hii couch,
Johnnie lii-onurd, ipcahl iu 1'ulltinuoui
•upcrlativca. Iieuuard declarei that il
iii iui|io.'..'.ible tu pick tho winner until
thc llght'i over, deipilc the faet that
I'iiuii, hai beeu al'cuitumcd to a vie-
tqry every time be done the gluvei. This
encounter, ou its owu lolitary merits,
ibould liil the club rooms on Friday
night, furnishing aa it duea ouu uf the
imi.i iiiiun".ling I'nn!.. of the .en ...ii
Sammy, accunliug lo hii coach, ii ou
the brink uf profuiiiouuliim. A ver;
great deal dcpcudi on the roiult uf
Ihia battle.
Tho remainder of the program, to
gethcr with Ibii premier feature, con
-iiiui.- a struggle between athletes
uf the norlli and uf the suuth iburos
Kid U-c, N.V.A.C-, will meet Bob
Nortvorlli, V.A.I.'., while Jiinnnc Fisher,
N.V.A.C., will bux Art For, V.A.t
Then there will be a gluve encounter
between I'ercy Atchiiou, V.A..(.'., aud
Alei. McKay of thc lueal club, llif
ferences will alio be seilled belween
Hob Jaekion, V.A.C., and Joe Craig,
N.V.A.C. and Fred Oiborue, N.V.A.C.,
and Alii-I.ii- Wel.-.h from icruss Ihc lu
let Kach bout will be a star attrae
tion in ilielf, and thc mauagcmeul
muit certainly be complimeulcd ou the
entire cuuitellatlou. Auy oue wbo
v. i-.li..-. cm ice Ibe local boya ia train
ing every evening at thc Club roomi
on the cerucr of Kiplauade went and
North Vancouver City
Price Ust is now ready for Subdiviuon of
BLOCK 11 A,  ■ D. L. 550
on Qucensbury Avenue car line
.    Si/e uf lols 50 fl. by 121 fl. all cleared
The North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
. Limited Liability
Nortli Vancouver Agenti for
Rhone Seymour 6286
Ttft IIPw miniigcmeut gjdef fftliclt
the club is now forging nhead, intendi
to lueludu iu iti curriculum ail departments of calisthenics and physical culture. Neit spring lacrosse and baseball
teams frill bo formed under the c|ub'i
auipicea tp further spre'ii (he tune of
the' nurtb i|>P.e> while ut the preaenl
moment banket bull ami indoor buieball
in being inlrii.liiee.l. Leoiuird has al-
read/ enrolled a number uf oilii'.ou*.
eager In becume iici|iiuinleil with the
useful icjence of hoxilig at fp auqulrp
I hul geuerul lieullli and strength which
is mch uu asset In niniihood and ,vlli''1'
oply training mi expert |iuei will un
Bear iu mind, then ,all ye wlm »», u
a pul tit uf bearing guod things in
mlftd-fridey eveniug, at the North
Vancogvor Athlet|c club ream* »t AXV)
North Vancouver,
mii Oct., mt.
Kdilor it-ine■ •:
Dear 8ir,—Would yuu be good
cuugh lu give the fulluwiug remarks
ipace in yuur valualde paper, re the
i uuii..n ami me b adiiig statements made
by uue Signing himself David Hell in a
letter he writes to a coutemptiblc rug
of a paper called "Truth ". lie soys
that it is Impossible fur a white man
(I presume he jneuiis Britishers) lu
get u jub uu the Nurth Vancuu ier wa
ler wurks. Nuw sir, Ibis is au untruth
Tbu writer ami ii'i ur .'10 uther British'
ers bave beeu with thc waterworki for
nearly two yours uml have seen men
uf Hi-mil all nations uf Kurupe conic
and go during thut time, and all were
Irealed ulike. This man Hell in bis
letter suys he came with a "charily
ticket", he gels a jub, wurks fur Iwu
duys, gels bis walking ticket. Whul
furt "incompetency"; he gul a fuir
shuw. We have seeu men having lu gu
iu a few liniii fur Ihc same reasuii
and sume ot Ihem were llritiiiicri. Vou
will see men uf 11. it's, class every duy
i.telinc uii uur street corners uud hung
iug round bur ruums. They annul kcc|.
a jub when 'they get uue. Iluliuus
Orceki, i;.. i.m . etc., get the sume
Ireatuteul as 11. B. gul, du yuu hear
them iiulil like this Urilishcrt »N'o sir,
Ihey I.u.m what tbey gut Iheir time
fur. lie guei on lo ny tint uur furc
men take muney frum I huse aliens. Nuw
air, Ihis is another untruth and a seri
uuu one. I.ei l), U. pruve uue case
und he will be duiug u greul ivrvicc
lu everybody, lbe cily included.
Bel) makes uther absurd itatcineuti
that arc nulliing mure Ihun twaddle,
Tbe result, 1 think, til' a disordered
Iiiiun, ur )t may be his liver. Now
sir, I do uut wish lu luke -..| uni
mure uf yuur valuable space. I um
Vuurs Uuii,
joijn Mcdonald.
Thief Sentenced by
Local Magistrate
To Two Years
Mugtslralc Buggies -yesterday morn
ing senteuced a man Dewed Perrln 'i'ay
lar lu twu year* in Ihe penitentiary
fur stealing iu cumpauy wilh another
man, still at large, named iiouunl
alias liumjiliu, Ihe sum uf ItllDllu.
Tlte odd twenty five cents wus llu
jiitoi :■)...ii whieh Ibe pronation re
lulled so lur us uctuul evidence was
it appeared Ihut Tuylur and mi cuu
tii.mie recently became uci|uuintcd
wilh Ihc nephew ef 3. M Campbell
whu ii a lu'uii louder io D. I. Illlii, and
elicited iii'in Ibii nephew Ihe inl'uriiiu
inn lhat l.'uuipbcll had iu his posses
siun Ihe ainuuul uf money mentioned.
Tilll iufurmatiun was secured in llic
lime honored fashion, Involving a s*l
oou, a bar lender autl a lew drink*
Armed wilh Ibis knowledge lhe two
men iiiiled I'umi'liell al hii hume and
presenting Ihcmieivci is friends uf his
nephew, were iuviled lu dinner wilh
him. Ou Ihe following day Tuttm
agaiu viillcd Campbell, and II wai dur
ing • period uf Ihil lisil lhal Ihe bust
'.vn called away fur a shurl lime on
lulineu. later, after thc departure
ef hii gueit, t.'anipbell discovered lhe
lou of hii wallet containing Iiniiiii,
which amount he had counted over iu
the morning and siuee when he kuew
thai no one had been, around eiccpl
Taylor, ile immediately rummunieat
cd wilh Ihc local police and lhe thief
wai arrested by thief Davies and i.'un
stable Oravei on the ferry boat about
to leave for Vancouver. B.evdeliuni
have since ihown that bii companion
had deemed it wiser lo leave the boat
with the new arrival!, thii luddcu
II *ugc of mind laving hlm from appro
1 coal on alio.
Taylor wai found to nave In bii
pomeUuOn MO mi the fattM isssiii.
Ive- rent piece. Thii eoiu had certain
peculiar cbaractwiitict knor.n o„!v to
Campbell aud anotber man who wori.'
with bim' " '','1 l,mi '" ""' Ittnerf
poueuion for» long time, having been
The Canadian Bailk
of Commerce
Capital $15,000,000   Rest $12,500,000
1 .  .       i
North Vancouver Branch Now Located at the
A General Hanking Business Trunsartul.
Interest is allowed on all deposits of $1 and upwards.
I A. FOBBTEB       Manager.
originully picked up uu the waterfrout.
Ilumpbell ami his cumradu had nu hesi-
iiiliiui uhilleicr iu idenlifyiug Ihe colli
us unu from llie sloleu wallet. It had
ufteu  been  juked ubuut  by thc  twu
The prisoner sluled ill nefenie Ihul
after leaving Campbell's hume he
suiight uul his friend, whu wus iu a
lucul pool mum, and whu handed bim
the IHU und the twu bits. Apparently
Tuylor did not i|uestiun him ureal ly
us tu where tlie money lunl come frum.
lie pleaded mil guilty to the charge
uf   (bloving  the money,  placing  lhe
liuu, II. (I. .lumes, former deputy miuister uf uiiii. uiiuii- fur Ontario, und re
ganlcd us ond of lite grimiest• ngricol
lumi experts iu the Dominion, is at
present working,out a scheme which
will be laid befure lion. Martin Hor
roll very shortly.
Bevivo Cattle Industry
Iluu. Murliii Hurrell bus been deiul
ing his attention In lhe declining sheep
Industry, and us a result ul' his ell mis
Ihere ure already signs of tl Tovitul,
particularly in the tfarlilnic provinces
uud lirilisli Columbia, The entile in
lusl it ul' lhe wcsl is am.tin i imiustrv
liluine I'ur this upon his cuui|iuniou, still  w'hieii hus been threatening tu ulntus'l
Seeing Ihut llie prisoner had cboseu
lu be tried summarily, Magistrate Hug
glee sentenced Inin to Iwu yeurs in the
Tuylur comes from tho Culled Stales
whole he was a native uf Idaho, lie
hud ouly been in Cauada a few dayi.
(loiiiiijiiiiiioii Appointed to Bevlic Bys
torn of Owing Leues in tlie Weit
In Aid of DeeliuiiiK ludustiy.
The new government is taking u pur
titular inlerest iu ugricullure. One of
the llrsl mis pissed lusl session, de
spile the opposition uf the Liberals,
was u bill to encourage agriculture by
giving subsidies to each province. Hull'
u million dullurs wus ruled fur llie
purpuse uml agrcemeuli huie nuw been
ligned with ull lhe proimcial govern
incuts. Liberal uml I'uiiservulite alike,
apportioning   the   subsidies   according
tO   |u>|uil;jln,Ji
Working Out Flan
Tlie local governments have taken
hold ol' lhe scheme wilh enlhusiusiu
uml lhe system uf cooperation between
(he federal and pruiineiul governinenl!
is regarded ts an admirable une. To
imiii, i tileii'l Iuc system of cooper*
disappear in recent years. Formerly
tii'sterii I'uiiii'la snipped grout numbers
of i ai tl.- to Kngluud; today the export
trade has dropped lu nothing, while
Ihere are nol even enough cattle raised
iu Ihe pruirie provinces in supply lhe
hume market! Recently n conference
wus held in Winnipeg winch wus attended by representatives of the rail
wuys, slock associations, puckers, etc
The guvernment alio lout ils mli ice ttml
assistance and a serious effort* will be
made by the guvernmenl lu restore
Ihis declining industry, su lliiil it uiii
nut unly supply lhe houie miirlu'l lml
again be un uu exporting basis.
(ionium iuuu Appointed
The lirsl itop bus beeu appointed by
lion ltoberl Rogers of u commiaiioii lu
investigate western Canudu and lu de
lermine whul luuds cuu be set usiijj
unly fur graiiug pur|.
ie set tisnbj an
reasuii fur Ihe disappearance ip recent
years uf western cuttle from lhe mar
ket has geen tin' unsatiifuetury cumli
tiou uf the grazing leases, Huiuhers
cuulil never lell when Ibey inigbl be
cruwded uut by liomesleuders und set
tiers. The new cummissiun will exam-
ine us lu whul lands ure unsuitable fur
agriculture. These will be aid aside
for stuck purpose! und more pcrtuuu
ency will be giien the lenses, This
move bus been demanded I'or some time
nnd il is believed will gu 11 Ioou wuy
lowunls reliving tiie ine slock indus
I rv in the wesl.
K. P. Hill, Moidiy, Oct. II
Tbii fuiuj'uuy ts Moxtiuji uii a tuur
ci WoIitii lanuilu uiul in nJiu\viiijj ul
Vicloriu ull  tln>  wi'ck.
K   tSluurt \Uuti-   (iroiuiaCH  u    IiijjIi
i Ihhh nitiTlainnii'iil full nf hujji.* iiimI
JJUii'l   pillffljjjf,   Ull'l   HlC   SCI'Oixl   llllll'   1)1*
llu' > ti- ii. tijiUK iii. if only on ucc uuu I
ul' lln' wiling, titiuLil'l a|)|H'ul iu Ibcolrc
•ii" i ilni' -iiiui^ ih it i urri'i'l view
■ ■i.-i ic cue un Mh1 Kfuni'r river atttyv
riftjl)* j>uiiili''| i\>t tbii j'inilui linn. Tli ia
ruuipuu)' cpmoi willi u bijf roj-ulutiun.
;->:ii- i l.i t ut U I- ■ i.>ii.i..«' Bloro.
. Wo art showing m excellent llm ol Sterling Bihar and Plated Ware,
nothing but tbe highest grade of Onntt.
Our low e»pon*e* euible ut to mark our prices much below those who
pay high rent*.   A eo»»*rl**n will prove tbli to you.  See our windows.
Th* Store of Quality
ui Jjow Price*.
i . ..an
aMawa   , »MW»
I'ubliibed Tuaidayi and frldeyi by North Shore Press, Limited.
 roornriroBiiBN, buttoh am kanaow.1 '"."
Hate* tt Bubaerlpttom-Ona y«r, $1.00, Bt* monthi, SOc. Three monthi, »5c.
United states and Foreign, 18.00 per year.
Advertising Batu WUI Be Quotid on Applir.atlun.
Tb* Expreu ie devoted to' tbe interests of tbe Nortb Bhore ol Burrard Inlet
exclusively. It constitute! an advertising medium of exceptional value for
reaching In a thorough and effective manner the population of North Vancouvei
Olty and Diitrict.  Bvery effort ii made tn give advertlien th* most latufaotory
All' cbangei In contract advertlieuienti ibould ba in tba prlnliri' han'di not
later than 10 a. in. Monday and IS p. m. Wedneiday to ensure iusertion in the
following Imui.
Seboul 1:10
North Vancouver, B, 0.., .,•
 ~mr. rt 1——	
The uuexpi'i'loil deluys whieh have
deielupniiiiil witli reipuct to lhe
entiiiiiiiiieiintenl of nclttal ruad construe
lion upun the part uf thu I'actlle (Ireul
Kuslern Iluilwuy is u multur of grave
concern to Hie entire luwer itiaiuluml
ami is ilolrimentiii lo tjie iuluresli of
lhe prevlnSS as a ithiiloX One uf the
mosl important purpuses which the
government hud iu viuw in arranging
for lhe liiiililing uf this railroad wus
that the trade of northern Hrilish Cul-
uinbiu, Including Ihu i'eare lliver
country, shuuld be preserved luf Ihis
province, The terms uf Iho ugruenieut
were sn arranged that il was lliuughi
mailers would proceed with Hie ut st
despatch, intuiil conslriiclioii wuuld be
slurlml nlinust Immediately and the
liiiu wuubl lie completed uud in opera-
lieu iu record lime.
The iiilunl results, however, have
thus fur been of u mosl disappointing
nature. The greuler purtiun uf a year
has elapsed since the cTiarter was grunt
ed nmi the agreement signed, liul us
yel nul uuly bus ground not been
broken uu the line bul the iuu I ler uf
the right uf wuy of the company is
slill iu a mosl unsettled stale ami un
certain!ic.-. huie developed oven with
respect lu llu- ruule which will be fol
M i ii ill nil.- the ileteliipnieiil of the nor
litem portiou of the proviuee hus been
proiet-'liug aptiie liirect connection
has been established between tidmoii
too ami Fort (leorge ami Iho former
cily, wilh commendable enterprise, is
already in the In-ld. forming cummer
 i..    und doing all that is possible
lo secure Iiu- valuable Irade uf that
whule cuunlry lor Ine prairie cily.
ll is uul necessary that we shuuld
enter iulu uu exhaustive examination or
tin- several dirlb-iilties which huie aril
en lo retard the progress of llu- I'aei
lie (Ireul l-iaslerii, lml il Is derilli'ijlv
in Hie piililn intereiti Hint attention
should be ■ ailed to lhe detriment*'
nature of tin- whole effect of Hi
lioni debit in tne ciiiislructiuii
inipiirlaiil line of ruilwuy. The gem ill
public is not primarily intereited in lhe
Issues belween llie raeifii lireiit Kust
eru mnl llu dislricl uf West Vancuu
hi. in In I ti.eii tlm! railway com pany
uml tin- Houe Hound uml Northern, but
Ihey ure desirous of seeing sume effec
lite steps luken lo adjust these differ
emu or In dispuse of 111 use lu.nl is
.■lies whit h ure working to the detriment
of the province. Inasmuch us Ihu
guterniiieiit is guaranteeing the bunds
uf the railway euuipuiiy, llie public i
ilileresU'd to a degree in any effort
thul muy be made lo keep Hie eusl uf
the right of wuy uud of rajlway con
slriuliuii dowu to a minimum, but ul
the same lime, if the suuug of u few
iiiiN.ii- one way or lhe other is going lo
Involve lhe loss of month* of valuable
liuie, it is safe lu say iImi lln- verdict
uf lh<- public woultl be Ihul time should
be considered the essetice uf llie con
Iiii.I and thai mutters should proceed
u i-urdingly,
It >s imperative, in the interests of
the province Ihut this railway be built
and thai il be completed within the
shortest possible lime, ii is, therefore
highly prejiidii'il lu Ihe interests of Ihe
prui iiuc Ihil pri emu. months iiln-J,
iiii never be caught up again should
be allowed lu follow one another, while
uhiolulc Inactivity prevails wilh refer
■ ini' to ruilwuy buildingi Vel another
unfortunate feature uf lhe situation
is Ihr fait'Ilml the unanticipated de
lay iu lhe eiimmciii'i'iui'iil of construe-
lion in accordance with,Ihe lermi of
the agreement lietween Ihe govern
muil uibl Ihe railway company may
mme lo cauie a spirit of skepticism
in llie public mniii wilh reference tu
Ihe rculi/iiliuii of tlitf elocution,
which have been created with refer
cnei' to the rapid construction of the
line Once It ii begun, as well a* with
respect to olher featurei of thc pre
ji-ei. In few words, this untoward de
lay ii undermining to a great client
lhal puldic confidentc wilh which this
enterpriie wai favored, hum il* |BMf
lion hod which ii io t ss.-iilinl'.|i, the
Ulliii of auy effort designed to de
velop (he lalent r.eiourci* of lue pro
■vliiee. . i
land    .
I'rui'iir,     11     a. m.i    Killlihl!
" ji. m.; hi von Ing Prayer, 7:80
i, in Holy < 'iiinm mi imi. ilmi und llilnl
nudum In monlli, at It u.m.; ueootul
uiidiiy |p inoplh. I a. ut.   Rev. Huiuii.-I
.October 1,1013.
is l eii
uf lh)s
lucks uiul will remuVe every exciiee
whieh is uuw madu fur failure upuu the
part nf the J'ueillc Ureal 1,'usturu tu
proceed ut nine wilb roud building, III
slriel accord wilh.the several terms
of the 11,-1. em. ni wilh lite government.
Tlie rut ili i It linn uf tim Iwo liiunet
by laws submitted lu the ratepayers
uf lhe ilislriet of North Vuiicuuver by
llie ilislriet council ou rhilurdu)' lust,
clearly Indicates that lhe ratepayer!
are adhering slcilfnstly In their acceptance uf a prugressivu md fntarprisiug
policy not alone in the mutter uf slreels
uiiil nt purks, but with reference tu
uil the distinguishing fuulures uf u
thoroughly modern munlflipllly-
The smull number uf votes pulled,
hm-,eter, suggests that the ratepayers
might'well suffer u wurd uf ciiiilion
in Ihis respect. II gncs without suy
ing Ihul llie small pull dues nut imii
elite nny lack uf inlerest upun Hie
purl ul lhe ratepayers iu the prugress
uf llie ilislriet. It limply Indicates
Ihul Hie greul body of the ratepayers
were ipiitc content witli lhe policy onl
lined uml accepted the ralilbuliuu ol
(he by luws us u .foregone coiiclusinu.
At the sume time il should not be for
gotten upon such occaiiom that a small
vule nu muney by laws alwayi pluys
directly into the huml uf Ibuse whu
muy fnr uuy reasuii be opposed lo the
by luw. lu such 'Use- tlie oppusiug
furies muy lie depended upun- to pull
their full vule un.l there is alwayi the
possibility Ihul indifference upon lhe
I'uii uf those wlto favur a muney liy
luw muy iiniiiii' ils opponents lu vule
sullbieiil strength to heud off u throe
hubs majurily.
The larger the tute, Hie mure un
ijUesliouulile the liul of Ihe rulepuyers
mid the less possibility by any mis
I'liuiiee uf ii rosull which tloes nul ie
preient the real will of the rulcpuyeis
ll is but jusl lliiil every pruperty
owner wliu is within convenient reach
ut llie polls should consider il his
duly lu register his lute when muney
by luws are 10 be voted upou. '
The courts nf ussi/.e which ure nuw
being liebl Ihruiighuut Hie pruviuce
reveal a record in lhe ibiejice ut crime
which is us remarkable us il is gratify
mg. The history of the Hrilish I'oiuui
luu i-uurls du lifil record the lime when
then- wus less crime in Hie pruviu
thun nl present.
Uf ten court! of assize Uted fur H
month, lime hun- been cancelled fur
the reason lliut Ihere are no rrirniual
canes lu be Irieil ul the pines desig
listed fur courl sessions, uud tin
mil t-uses were su 'cry lew Ihul Hu
attorney geuerul decided lliul Ihe ex
pcusc iif holding in ussi/ewus uiiuee
essary. At the in.- places al wlncl.
-    nm ■   will  be  held,  lhe .docket   in
each instance is en- lingly l.phi and
ul Ihe same lime practically all lue
• uses are fur minor offences.
When ull Ihe eiri-iilosUii.es ire cuu
ridcrcd, this is a notable showing
which rede. Is great credit nol only
mt lhe luw abiding disposition of the
1'ilir.ens bul likewise upon Ihe ropola
lion of the proiline for Upholding luw
ami order, la a frontier province such
•s Hrilish Columbia u lut of criminal
charges such as would be coniidered
heavy In elder provinces ii generally ae
.. pi.-.i ai a normal condition in  n
circle!, bul when il ii considered lliul
thii province is al present rcicnm- ■
very large influx uf population from ull
ipiarlers 0/ the globe, thll a great
deal of railroad construction is under
wuy, for whieh purpose many thousands
of men are congregated ju construction
camp! iu oul uf lhc way portioui of the
proviuee, taken altogether, Ihe prrsonl
low stale of crime ii a moit gratifying
matter. There is uo doubt lhat the
excellent showing ii due iu no "mull
degree, to the efficient (pilling of lbc
municipalities by local authorities and
of the outlying diitrirti by the previa
cial puliee, voder the control of lbe
attorney general '1 department.
„„'W'*  I>imM'ImI»» 'Pkurek.
uud--Burvleua: Morning. 11:00!
iill uiiuii mflis cjuft, 'nr
' i:80. Y. V. 8.0. E. Tubs
junduy Behind,
Bay, at I p. m.   I'ravir Miotlrijf, Win)-
neiiluj,   at   8   p. in.    Ilhnlr    Practice,
Friday, at S p. nf. ties. Rnpald Macleud,
Melkodlil Pkurek-Curner
id St. Qeurgi.   Sf
a. m. and 7:10 p. in.   „
Bible Clan, S180 pin.   Seiilur U'liujin
}0M0 cords of dry Or w'ftdd for (jHloh
.I., tain   Prion pa, odd mmi, <l.»i Bpn
-.  "I SUtli
undiiy Borvleei, 11:00
Similar Heliool olid
ami   I'lobo
Monday, 8 p.m.    I'ruyur
Snivleii,   wodnouluy,   ll   |i tn.
League,   I'liiiriday   uflcriiooii   ui   .i::m
Pallor, W. O. Buhlllchor.
■I Ann' Ckurek—Corner 'T#oirtli
ut.,   Beul.nenl,     Bliadtr     Uervtoet
m Me\
■alvatlua Arm) I.onsilule Avenue
Bunday lorvleiii. 11:00 u in., I p.m and
7:48 p 111. Torwluy. | p. m.i Tburida).
Chlldreu'i Servlei, Widneeilei
and  hi
11.uuu   CkHMk-Twelflh
il.-oige .'luiviui 11 at II n in und 7:3d
p. m Sunday Schuul und Utblu I'lix
ui 1:10 p.m. Prayer and Prulie Service.
We.Illllllllll-   III   I   p.m.      I'.i.-iliu.    Uuv     A
i'i ui— 1. 'i'e. 1 lun iiiiiI SI  (leorne.
I|, Juhu Ihi Uv«»»»ll«l, I'dnliili uud
Thirteenth. Huly Ooiniiiiiiilun, S ,*. in.
Murniug I'rayor, 11 u.m. liveiiltu
Prayer, 7:80 p. 111 On Ihe l|r*t Biiiidu.!
in the munth lliure will bo u second
..I.li in liim nf lliu Huly ('oiiiiiiiiiilon
at il a. m.   Hector, itev. Hugh Hooper
Nl.   llllll I's.   I uiiiiilii-   I l.iti. Ii.   Sixth
and Million Avonue. Sunday -IIIkIi
Man and Seruion, 10 11 111 Sumlu.'-
Schuul, 8:80   |i, m.    Ilosary aud   Hullo-
■ li. 1I..11   7:80 n iu.    i'i 1.1.,      I..,-   Mass.
S     a. Ul       I'il.-itOI,     Itev    ,1.    A.    to dnid
O. M. I.
Iii.lli.ii I •ttiolle Church ll kl I's of.
Maii, 1 ..in a in., .'inn-' I'.istur, Itev
(1. I'eytavln, O. M. '..
Mlll'lf  1,0*811*1 r,
Kl.    'I'h.iliilis    S nil    iillil     11:00    ani.
8:00 ullil 7:30 p.m.    P,  l'l. I'ell III.  MA
I'lleul In charge.
1'r.sli) lei luo     Ih n. .-n    i.'i, 11.1.1 II
u. in. and 7:30 p. in.   Buniliiy Heliool umi
ftilde i'liiss, 1:80 p in. Touchers' Trutn
ng i'liiss. Weiliii siliii. 7:30. IVuvui
M.. Uuii. w, .to. i..i.i . s p. m Iluys
i'lub, Thunday, 7:80 p.m I'bnlr lim
lice, Friday, I p.m. 11. Vun Miiiistn
M. A., pallor
r.eslillcilsn I biiri-U -Worahip, Sill.
dayi, li u.m und 7 p in Siinilii:
Schuul, Mu I' in. I'li.-i'u. Itev A Mae
llclliiidl.l Ckurek Worsblp. Holidays, II 11 in. ulld 7:00 p. in. 8illldi|i
Scbnol, M6 p m. I-....uu. llev ''
Fakeley. ,
g|. I l.liieiil's, liuu Villrj—Mullns
11 a.m. Sunduy Sebool 3.30 pm. 1'lveu-
lotiK 7 00 pm. Huly ('uininuiilon si-eom
Sunday In munth ul 11.00 um    bVrinoi
J.  Tbo nm un  In . Ii.i 11 ■
Nurth Hlmre Press Limited is
prepared iu entertain proposition!
for u loan to be ulili/.i.l '11 iho eon
strut lum uf a building fur noes
paper ami printing purpoiei, 11 be
erected ou lul III, block lii, ll. I,.
271, being llie north Wcsl corufr 111
First street uml linger..' aiunoe, Ihis
cily. Foil particular" may be ub
tallied by applying lu lhe tiiidci
clal quotation* fnr larger mwMMe. •
Out Wood, IS toPben, »3.(«uV H t»o»as
WM. C. O. D,
Office unil Ytii— Mth ond Umiduli
Phone |90.    P. O. Hpg 2432.
Lodge Weatern Boss, No. 980
Mootlngs nf this ludgo *fe bslfl III
lhe Kniglils of Pythias llall, curlier of
heiii,-iiield avenue ami {fourth itrnst,
nn tho first and third Fridays in each
iu,inili. at t o'clock p. m.
< '.iiuiuunit nli.nis ami applications for
lll.-llli-ei  .hip   til   llU   llddle uied   Ili   llliliild
Lues, lucruiary, P. O, box Sllll. 1(17 III
In ull Countries Alk fur our Inventor's Adviser. Minion A Marlon, Sll
University Street, corner St. Calherliie
Stroet,  Muiilieii!   Cunadu, ulld   Wash-
ii.i ton, n. p., v. s a.
Vancouver Busineu Directory
SPR0TT-SIIAW Buiineu Colle*
Mb llusllngs Sl. W.
Canada'a Qrsateal Weitom School
ll. J. Sprotl, (IA,, -   ll.ttiiip.ei
Jn pursuance nl in assignment deled
August 281b, llll:', lu Ihu undersigned,
parlies Indebted lu lbe W. II. Hlmiey
k Company ure hereby notified to puy
lbe amounts .lue at Hie oflice of Ihu us
lignee, Wilson k I'erry, suite II, llelluck
Building, .'1.18 Ilislingi street wesl.
Vaneouver, II. ('., i.l the earliest pus
slide iiiiiiiiiii. wlto,will issue receipt!
for same.
W. .1. WII-SON,
I'lione Seymour ll'il.
Ie  tlio Matur of The Leoui.dSsle
Company, Aaalgued
Thc rrcditori having given Imperative
instructions to collect all ouli'luudiiig
*!C0Uutl, parties indebted tu the ubuvc
"The Leonard Kale Company," arc re
ipicilcd lo till and settle their indebted
new forthwith. Thii rau be 'done by
either calling a! Hie itore, PU Lumdale
Avc.ue, North Vancouver, lo the man
in charge, or at the office of Wiliun k
Petty, Assignees, :i:nl flailing! Street
Wait, Vancouver.
W. }. WII/HON,
I.f. Assignee.
Yorkshire Guarantee & Securities
Corporation, Limited
44.0 Seymour Street
11   Kerr Iliiiilgate - - - Menugei
All Nurtb Vaneouvir people isl al
Killier Pluck illock or Hulling! Sl.,
uppoiile Iho new pint nRiee. I ■.-n.■.i.!
"fll« Iiii lea by Hie pound.
Vierfed from eveiy itaudpolnt,' Ibii
prolru. led delay il musl unfortunate
~m~tf lihitt Opluiou. TfiT acclaim auy
effective uieaiurei emanating from the
railway di<j>arlin*nl or other loureei
■uch o* will break th* wilting died
Bungalow, 6 room*, on car line, 10 „
minute* walk from fitly, facing Inlet
aud Stanley l'«rk. Be*lo*»blu reul to
careful tenant*. Apply I'. Q. Uoxi Hit)
Nortb Vaueouver. if
aeMeTwi* mmt%
ii. i'. nun el. muiii i
run   in 'Mini i
10,00   uin I'ul!)
2 00   p.m i'u'l.
li.H   inn Imll)
i-mi HMTTI.K
10 00   um         Hull)
11.00    p III     ..,- I'llll)
10 00   a III    ulld   I', .lu   pm    . . .   Ilull)
SiOO li III       'I'lun sdiiy uml S.il ui da.i
VUU     riiiMi       iu iu.in      ANII
11 nn   pm        S, liiiditis
I'HIM 1.    Ill l'l  III     AM/    I.IIIMIV
|0.00 inu     Weillli-nlul'M
I "li  il nun   HAV. IUH us im.i I
■ AHI) IlitlAH KALI.*
10:00 a in    i\ i dm uiin ii
mm      I I'll .11      I H IM II      III l I II
I. ui.    '.',,   iii,iii 1.1    1:00 um
Hon. Wed   and Krldu)
I.- in   ''iillli.'.." I,    7:00  um
Toes Thun. and Sul
I'llll i.lll' lel.ADU I'lUMS
7iO0 u in Tiieiiluy. for vlciorli. rull-
Ine ul u.'lliti"-. M.iii" Isl.unl Hone
Bay roll Wiisliliidliiii (|<ili|ies llui
Eor, SUlehioii Cove, Heaver I'olnt,
l-'uiliud and Sblney Island
Kur   rale*,   lescivullnni   und   oil
iniini   Information   upply   to   3
OK.   I'lty    I'iissiih-ii     An- nl     III
usllnni  SI.   or   ll    W.   UtiHlilti.
t| I'.A, Vincouver
100 Per Cent.
Pure Paint
WB OUABANTBB tb) Martln-Seiioiir 100 Per Quit, Pure Paint
(eicept a few dark shade* tint cannot he prepared from lead aud
line), te he made frnnt pure carbonate of lead, pure oxide of sine,
With coloring matter In proportionate iiiiiutltin nacaewry to milts
thair respective shades and tint*, with pure lipoid oil sud turpan
tine dryer, and tn hi entirely free from water, henslno, whiting
oud adulteration*, and aold subject te oiuniicui anslyili.
The Martln-Seiioiir Oo. Ltd.
Thl* I* tbe only Point eo guaranteed became It Is tbs only
i'uuu PAINT on ths market.
90 Lonidale Avenue      Next to P.O.
North Lonsdale Bargains
Slitiil each for cloared lota clou to St. (leorge's Avonue—Wo have tblr
teen of these- fib ft by 110 ft. -njd we will make thu terms eiiy,
11,-HIU for 60 ft. lot facing tbe Boulevard with south view   Builders'
terms to mil.
$(ii)ii each for loti facing th* Boulevard Pirk   Wo have a number of
these and they will form i paying Investment. Easy term*,
$1,(1(1!) ou e...'.y terms for eight room dwelling lioitao with large haw
ment and furnace In very Hue situation.
The Burrard Development Company United.
17 Lonsdsl* Avmui North Viucouver
Phoni 37
We Study Printing
We make a feature of prepar-
iiiK printing that is profitable lo
our patrons.
We study type faces and effects
to insure attractive arrangement,
and we iielieve you will appreciate
our handling of your work.
From a card to a huge poster
or an illustrated catalogue we will
give you a figure or our advice.
A Double Ender
50x 175 ft. on two graded roads, 17th St, and Yorkshire
Crescent, close to Fell Ave. carline, and all cleared and
nearly level. A snap at $2,000, Qw^iti cash, bal. 6 and 12 months
Oflc* Phon* 173.
Bwidenc* Pboa* 308
62 LONSDALE AVENUE ' ° *■ **"
11        '   '     ii ■        ■   i i »,    i ,
NORTH VANCOUVIR North Vancouver Business
and Prof agonal Cards
Underwood'i Barber Shop
frnm   9   mmmt^mffmwtwmy   ftifllluU
pairing, Hiniudellliia, Etc., Prompt-
Killmalei f urnllllod  h'rci
ui'ii.iiiMi  i iiMn*< run
Mco: lilcklnann A Son'i factory, fli;
pluiiuiie   Phune III.
HwWiitiet-Allili  llouil,  l.ynn. Valley.
A.M.I.E. k B.
Irrigation, drainage, |*v*la, plun.
•nd ip*cilo»tlinii. Septic tank* um)
houae drainage a i|Mcislly. V. 0.
Boi 344, Kit atra*t wtit ol B*wiok.
Ant) general Coiuraiaaion Morcbaiit, III
Lonidule Ave., Norlh Vancouver.
Phom tit
Oabluit Maker aud OarpiuUr
Will uhdirttke all km.Is of woud wurk,
repairi, ate.
Foui%i Strut ud Sutherland Avanuo
7  P. 0. Box 2008
Htudlo   ovir   Bank   V,. ti. A.
ImaAala aad Baptanade
High (Hm Ladle*' and Uinta' Tailoring
Repairing  and   Alteration!. Cleaning
aud Djrelni In ill its lirenchei. All
Work gwrmtiid.
Ill First Street WML        Phone 80J
(J. Una)
Lidln' and OinU' Olianlng,
FriMlug aud B*|iairlug
a Binclalty
180 Second Btrnt But
1  ■       —
N.V.Tunia| ft ShMtMttal Worki
Pint Stmt Beit of Louidtia
Lowest pricei and bait fork guirau
toed ou tiuuiug aad iheet natal work.
All klndi of lawi died aud lit oa ths
ihurtoit notice. Uwu muweri, kuivui,
beiige.ihurs ami iciuori iharpcned. All
wurk guaranteed, moderate pricei'
list Lonadale Aviuui Phone le
ii your Witch itopping or kropug
irregulir timet   if io, iee
I'loui'cr Jeweller, 00 Lousdale Avenue
<J'/7u' undersigned desires to announce to the residents
of North Vancouver that he has purchased tlie Hardware business formerly conducted by Messrs. Sutton
& Prince, and will carry a largely increased itoclf of
Builders' Hardware, Paints, Oils, Glau, Stoves,
Ranges and Household Articles.
IJ/)// classes of Furnace dnd Tinfoil) given prompt
nl In ilm n. All Wort) fully guaranteed.
iillil close prices, strict attention lo busineu and
courteous treatment we trust lo merit and enjoy a shure
of the Public patronage.    . WATOHOHBAW.
Sincerely youn,
77ie Satitfactory Hardware
lilh and Lonsdale
Phont 352
North Vancouver
How about a snap shot album (or those views you
have gathered of your holiday excursion!') We have
a large stock ol map-shot albums, varying in price dom
25c. to $2.50. Also cuihion topi, pipe rack*, tie
holder*, bags, coin purses, etc., at light prices.
J. E. Scouten's Book Store
(N. S. Book and Stationery Company).
38 Lonadal* Avinui PHONB till
If you want to succeed in business on the
/1 North tyore, ADVERTISE in the "Express"
Home Painting, Kabomining
and Paperhanging
IM   m\*J-mw9Tm*9   PV^Wty   "Mpt   fffWWWMF
V. 0. Vet **% --min Wl
The eldul daughter of Lord Wntmoriland, on, of this aeaion'e moat Interesting debuianlia. As the daughter pf a gnat beauty end the niece of
the duchni of Suthirland and Lady Angela Forbea aha naturally Inherit*
good look*, vivacity, wit end kainnait for outdoor aports. Sh* strongly
fivon thi Briklnai In eppeeranca,
i ■    ■  i	
'» TAifOtiess  T/tieaufi/i  rui tyost^my tv ^A^
TAKEN BY THE CAMERA An intirlitlng portrait of two
laughter* of tha cur has Juat bun lisuid. Thi Grind Ouchiu Olgi li
lhe eldest daughter of the csar and Is wiarlng the uniform of thi Third
regiment of Ellltblthgrad Hutiari, of which ibe li colonel. The younger
alllar, the Grand Duclien Iitlni, I* wearing th* uniform of th* Four-
tunth regiment of Lancers. Thi Mar's eldest diughter Is now 17, while
hir iliter It two yiars younger. The systsm of feeding through the nasi
Is adopted In English prisons owing to ••« suffragist prlsoneri adopting
Ih* "hunger strike," which they havi doni, not lo ncape Imprlionmmt,
bul to obtain the treatment previouily accorded to political prisoners.
"Woman Suffrage" Is undoubtedly a political movement.
Ol&J     A HO
Oitend Boati Criticised
Druaiel*. Newipupun ere demand-
Df lucreaiod life-saving faclllili'H uu
lhe Dovor-Oetcnd mall boats, Llnul-
(ifeotlon Is ciprciiod wltb the nlnic-
bent of tli* premier that tlie number
of ilfvboate la In accordance wllh tho
conditions Imposed by the board of
Fitting for Thirty Six Day*
Jondon —Cacco, lite fueling man,
(a attempting * thirty alx day's fail
at the New Lecture Hell, Bye lain.',
Packbam. He competed tho llllh
day yesterday, and Is eilatlng eololy
pn lemonade and toAy wator.
Qlpsi** Teeth flood
London—<Hpay children In Surrey,
according to the aonool medical of-
Seen, bin on deuoit, loundoet and
mead regular teeth  of  auy  In   the
Ban Pul on Women Due lo Feer of
Berlin—It haa beon agreed between
the Uei mmi und Auatraln cualon.s a
tii.n11i.n that ii new bridge spanning
Iho Khlnu at Lmlcnau, near J.ul.o
Constance, ahall ho uaed only by, men
Austria at flrat opposed tlie congtruo
tlon of the hridge lu any clrcuin-
iiaiicos, but finally agreed oa condition that only pen carrying agrlcul-
lunl Implomeiili should u*e tt
Women aro forbidden because ihey
are lhe most otflclent smugglers In
lhat region, aad Auatrla detlree to
relieve th* oiutomi often of the
necessity of searching female   mt-
OaplUl Paid Dn
Bmrvi and Undivided Pro«e
Vital Asset*
0»ir »1B,000,000
TO provide aga|nat a possible 'ijtalny
Pay li nut the only leeioii for
regular luvlng. A bank aocuuul
glvei yuu the feeling of Independence
and lecurliy thai keepi yuur mind free
from  worry—that  makes  you  heller
?bli to iii'iet tht world on an even
online ana to take advantage of ep-
iu,iiniiiii, ii that .-..in.' your way.
Open your account at Ihe Rank or
niiiiiiiiiiii.   where   eiiiii'I. ii,   etiti'teiii
banking Service li provided for Ihe deposit of ■mull, ai Well ui Iiiii:,', account!
l.ut iiii esplaln "ui' Safety Dopoalt Bus
Byilem. Rental nt'idurulu
p. o. itmavuN, *»tui,
North   Vincuuver
Beautiful Things
By Walt Mason
The hcuulifu! Ihiiigi aru Ibo things
ueuloi Mi" are uut tho thlugi we weir,
as we ihull Ilml when the juuruey'i
thruugh, and the rull call 'a road up
there. We're illuilruting the latest
stylos, with raiment that heals the
bund; bul the hcuulifu! thingi are Ihc
kindly smiles that gu with thu helping
liuml. Wc l■ iii.i.-ii "iii u lie, wltb
gleaming genu, 111*! neighbori may
stup ami alercj liut the beautiful
iluu;.. are thc iliadcmi uf alara lhal
the righteuui wear. There arc beautiful Uiiii;:. in the poor mini 'n rut,Ihuugh
empty thc licurlii and cubl, if love ami
servile arc iu each thought tliu! lion
liuml and wife may buld. There arc
bountiful ii.ii.," ■ in thc luweil iluin
whore wandering mn. anta grope, when
duwu lu ill doplhl thoy ice yuu come
wilh lucsslgu of help und hope, The,
beautiful iino|- ihul wo murlnln buy
uml Uiiuii in the crowded ilrccl, will all
be junk tt lou wo come lu die, ami
mureli tu the judgment scat. When
everything'» weighed on lliut lui uiul
doy, the lighlcid thing will be gubl.
There ure beautiful thinga witbiu rcui'h
luduy, but lint' Ore nul buiighl or
uuld.   I'unu .Lou nul
Bovine Tuberculous in
Relation to Public
Moro i'.ilei live Iitipcctlou of Milk ind
Menu Needed
Pure fooil ni a factor of lbc ulmunl
juipurtaucc in lbe maiiileuauce ot pub
lie iieiillli iieuce, iiu eoiiimoiiity ean
uiiui i to neglect tlie proper impaction
of the foudi. cuuiumcd by ila citiseoe.
I'i ilu i| lbe in uu I impurlanl funda frum
a puldic lieullli uluudpuiiil ure milk
■ ml meal. I'.ipcrieuco haa lerved lu
ullow lliul Huiii nn ouly be furuialicd
lo lily uiul (own dwcilera in u aulil
iu,luil condition where effective iu
•peel ion it . Him,..I In view of Ihc
fu'l thai it hun been cat*hliahcd beyond
.lnlli Ihul iulu. uin.i. may be cun
t ei cl ur Irunnfcrrod frum luimila lo
nun, alcpa ahuuld be luken lu prevent
llic nulc uml euutumptiuu uf tubcrculeui
null, uml un ul Milk from diacaaed
uinuiuin ia capctiuJIy dangcroua, al
I hough iliieUOil iiieuln arc, lou, a ier!
uun menace,
(If - uuiu' ilu in,mn mi loss Incident
upon prohibiting lbc alio uf diacaaed
nuiii uml uiiiin,ii miiilii lie ceniblerahlo,
1,'inler prclint ceuditioua thin would
undoubtedly fill hcavicat uu llic furm
er. But wby ahuuld thc cuunlry be
forced to maintain cilra tuberculosis
liiuiiiinii. when preventive methods
would be nul uuly more effective but
mure Immune f
Municipal Abattoir! Necessary
Al the |.i, ' oi lime all meat auhl iu
Canadian cities and luwtin except lhat
nlauglileri'd fur cipor! or iulerpruvin
eill Irade, il nut luhjcct lo impccliou
at   lbc  tunc  uf nlaughtcr,  ind  uny,
lliere!,,I,      be   i Oli-I'lered    lo   III'   nlliuull
tired iliiii'le-iiiiili The proper time
to limped mcali la at the time tl
nlmighler, when the mu eru il "in
iiiu," I'nlcw tbe inipeclieu li nude
then it is likely lo be of uo avail, When
il ii known lhat often lbc prioicit ini
unil may be daugerouily infected wilh
lul.er.uloi.in, the imporlim c of iuipcr
tiou al lhc lime of slaughter li readily
seen. It ii lurely high time Hut al
leant the larger centrci ihould imiii
un Ihc ' iiil.li.hou ui of properly rcgu-
inil'l  on pui abattoir!.   Thc dayi
of Ihc nhiiy, recking, and ill kepi
daughter houne ihould lurely be uum
bored in every lulelligeot community.
Tuborculoui MUk a Minaci
Agaiu, tliu problem of preventing the
nule uf litbereiiloiiii milk ii uf even
grcator impurtaucu.lhaii rcgtilulluti of
the meat imluatry. The dunger frum
tbo uae uf infected milk ii conuidor
ably greater than iu the caae uf incut.
It ii iiml.mi.imiii possible by uaing
care in luu production, uud by careful
inspection uf the herda lu obtain pure,
nholi '.oiiie milk. The trouble bun been,
aud ia, lu far luu greul un client, Iho
faull uf the eoniumor. (Vrlilled milk,
that ii, milk thai it an nearly genu
free an il ii poallblo lo oblain il, ia uu
iioi.oii'.'.o commodity lo uiu.it ueors.
I'.ven  where Ihu  vulue uf  olcunllncis
iu the dairy ia appreciated by ihc cuu
'i.iin i it ia nul uncommon to lind n
(otnl dinrcgurd uf tint danger uf UHiug
mill,  frum luiui, ulmi   cows,
I iuu, i iiiun ure luting mudo lo
alainp uul tuberculoma in man. Wuuld
il nut be lbc purl of winduiuju remove
lhe cnunc uf a greut den I ol tlte trouble
by ntiunpiug il uut in cuttle uml olher
ii in iiiiii )■. uaed tu produce nullum food I
Let the eotiiunier ileadily demand lbe
Certified product!, evon if lln' price in
higher, uml in u nlmrl lime diieaic und
dirt will be generally hauiibcd from
uur fuud supplici The reined,) renin
with the cqniuuicr.- Frnm I'ouneriu
The Wurd "aluve" ua upplied In n
heller for a room aeemn lu be of
aboul lhe name age on the article to
whieh lhe iiuiiii' ii nuw applied, lor,
wbilh lhc word un u name bad uu e.x
inlcine in early Kugliih, il wa> ine,I
in a different lume. Ilolb I.ui I Uu
cun and Wumlwanl une.I il im refer
ring lo a In,ne ur room arlilk:..!'y
warmed and particularly a hothouse
for pluntn. Union alau uncd lhe win I
ui u verb in the way ul keeping warm
in u houae nt room, an "lo aluve orange
Ireea ami niirlle-,' to quote frum lua
wrilingn. I'cpyi uied the verb in u
nautical neiine, an lieating fur the pur
pule uf mukiug piiable, na "aluve boll
ropea " Rut ull Ihcae deliuilionn are
obsolete now, iuch diaunc dating frum
Ihc lillle when I);. I'i.ml.In. madu
hii iliacuvenca ami application*. The
French wurd "cluvc," it may be udd
cd, deaenben a holbouac ur bulbing
iitoiii uuii hence in purullcl in moaning
wilh the early lingliah wurd.
aiNoraii ov coal, siim.m.
Coil mlninx rlahli ol I lie liomlnloii
In Munllobu. galkulclicwan and Allui
I. Iho Yukon Tun llm... ihe Norlh-Weil
I't uiiii I, ii uiul In ii j.i.iiii.n of the pro-
vlnoe of Brlllih ('o)uniblu. may be Icai-
fd for * term of Iwcnly one yean al
an annuil rental uf It an acre Nul
more lhan 1.110 acres will be leiied lo
one lopllcant
Ai'idicolton lor a lealo muit bo mude
by llie applicant In perion lo lbc Agcni
ur Hub-Agent uf lhe dlilrlcl In Which
lhe righli applied for ire iHuiled.
In lurvcjiil lerrllury Ihe land muil
bi ili'icilliod by lecilom. or lOgal lull-
divisions ef leclium, anil in umurvey
it lerrllury thi trict applied for Iliall
bl Hiked oul hy Ihi applicant bim
Rich application muil be accompiii
lee by a fee of II Which will btt refunded If the rlahli upplisd for ire hoi
•villible, bul nol olherwlie A roy-
illy ilull bl paid on On merchantable
output of lhe mlui it the rale of Ove
cenli per Ion.
The person epirollng Ihe mine ihnll
furnlih tin Agenl with iworn relurni
n. i,.inillnii for thl full uo.'"in ot
mcrchanlibli ceil mined Hid pay Ihe
royally thereon if the coal mining
rlghtl lie not being operated, iuch ri-
lurn* should be furiilihcd sl letei onci
The lev** will Include Ihc coal mining
rlghl* only, but Ihe leiice may be Per-
mllleO l> purcbue whilevcr avallible
lurfacc llghli miy be coniblereO nee
eiury for the working of Ihi mini ai
ihe rite if lio an icri
Kur fut) Information appllcallon
ihould be nude lo Ihe lecrelary of Ihe
Dipiriment of thl interior, Oldivn. or
'o any agent or Bub-Agent of Dominion
Deputy Hlnliler of lhe Inlerlor
N.  af   flniuihorliel  publication  of
thl*  idverllicment  Will  not  he  pile
Western Dominion Land & Investment Co.
With Which li IncorvoriUd
Bevan, Gore k Eliot, Limited
North Viucouver Branch: Kl Lonsdale Avenue, opposite Foet Office,
Representing Lynn Creek tim Mines limited.
ttlMTBIT   Tiilln** oi ^oaaJn Bmnarte.
^m m^at *^^^^^p»    me    mm^mrm^ ^^y^mfm,
W* h*ee Mowy fer Agreement* for tail.
me ii  mmmammmm
: I
iu rojtuarsal.
The i iiiiiineiieeinont uf No. 9 fire hull
will hu ili'ltiyed for a few days.   It in
ItlMWlbUltt till ililli dUiU.WltJw
Mr. A, Muinluy and Mr. Neibilt are
liiiililing oxlonsively lo Iheir liniiaun
on Honiierson avenuo.
The UOW reihlenee fur Mr- Hewitt oii
I'eler ruad li Hearing completion. Mob
ars-   Iiiiiiiu I.   uud   Mitchell  of  I'hoi'.-h
ruad uro ih; huiiilufs.
Tomorrow,  Wednesday,  biting (he
Hocoiid u,,ii„ „i.i   In the month, llm
Lynn -Vn|ley   llatepayors   will huld
Iheir regular monthly meeling.
The nieiiiliei... uf tbu l.ynn Vulloy
I'lioiluill toam are reminded of tbu
me,ding in the liintiliile Hull Wednua-
day evening nl 8 u'cluck prompt. All
Intere.ili'il in fuulbtill are requested to
Tlte choral mciuty meeti ne .1 Tltura
day evening in Ht. ('lemuut'i hull fur
the liml relieiirniil Ihia neunnn. Per-
anua wialiiug lu beeuuie lllcuiliern ure
requested   In  mecl   Ihu  secretary  al
Tlie Cheapest Buy on the
Av.nue is the S'/j| of l.ol 34,
Block 228, D. L 545. Price:
$i(MX) on very easy terms.
See our list of North Lonidale
213 Lonsdale Avenue
on Dempsey road as" first arruugod.
report   Is  eiretihili'il   lliul   the  eutincil
ia considering the purchase of a piece
of property Inoro eontral i'oi) tliia
Oil   .Sunday   morning   last   the   Ililil:
ilrun'i Sorvico wis he|i| iu Kim* clmreb
whon nil .-iiii.il.-ii took iii.ii pluciis.
These, willi Ihu adults preient made In
exceptionally good showing. Tho
church .wan prettily dccuraled for thu
orrusinn. The adiiretts was delivered
by Mr. Waglinrne.     ,
I Neil Suu,lm Die harvest festival
will be uheurved in Dii t.'lumont'e
church, services being arranged with
special preachers, morning and eveu
ing. At tbu evening aurvice the Arch
lu In,I will uiin inii' ami the choir will
be augmented frum the eliurul ao
dety and will purfiirin "Then Hound
Abuut Ihu Starry Throne." frum
lllilldel'n '' r-.iiii .nn
The lluv .Scout |novei|Hll| in duing
well in Lyuu Vulley. Nuw members
arii flocking in and "things uro looking
guud" generally. Valuable auggi's-
linii.'. have been minlo by aeveral mom
ber* lot Improving the troop funds
smi it is alio believed Ihul lhc obi
ichool house in going lu be secured ue
iieinbpiarteri fur Ihc :• 1 ■
(In Monday night twu membera of
the Beaver I'atrul were persuaded by
I'uniminaioiii'r Knglisli tn give an im
prumplti exlnliitioii iif boxing In Iill
in Ihe itblervul, while the crew uf trie
"/ei'iaudin" were preparing Ihcmsel
vet fn, llic concert. The performance
consisted of Ihree rounds ami wan
much appreciated by the audience.
Tlte excellency of Ihe drilling performed by the Senilis is rumafklhlc. lln
llie oeeaiiuiis when Seoulmaster Sharp,'
in unable lo attend, Ihe drilling in su
perinleiiiled in a1 very ellii'icul man
ini by I'alrol Leader Allium The
troop can now boant ot*lie nucleus ol
II Imiid, consisting of Iwo buglers ami u
(In u.ii.1.,1. afternoon lhe Beaver
I'iiiu,I had a moil exciting lime. They
were w«ni7i(Tt/ir the car when lomc
one riijieil up/ami luld Ihem thai 11
young linn belonging lo Mr. Hyilop
had eicaftgd from ita cage. Thc patrol
arrived ui"'.Mr. ilyalup's huuse at 'he
"double" iwarmefl uver the fence md
■ tiiiimei I  lo search  the garden  (or
the beur. They found tlie beuruniougnr
aome outhouses und endeavored to sur
round il imt Mr. Bruin was luu quick
lor Ihem. Ile nuw Ihem coming and
nin,le fur lhe gate. I'alrol Leader Ail
man  tried  tu head  hint  olf bu'  the
The Monarch Malleable
Everybody knows die Monarch. If you intend
purchasing a Range this fall, it will pay you to investigate the Monarch. It costs less, lasts longer and
Lm ti" less coal or wood than any other malleable range
sold in Norlh Vancouver.
Patterson & Goldie
Phone 66
105-7 Eiplanade Wesl
Four Roomed Modern House on Moody.
$250 cash and $30 a month.
. Apply 104 Esplanade, West
Local AgaaU let British Empire Horn Insurant*,Oo., London Aseuraaca
_._Jft will bl (baud to have llaUngi; alao beam fat tilt at not.
Pkmi sn .        v. o.Vft mu
purtiun Uf Mr- Hour's mint out v tippm-
until had no other effect thuu lo hustle liim up. lie slipped through the
gate ami beaded fur the bod of the
i'rttv' "ii (ftm''(iiyiiwif '\m |iifftf|
ncniiniiii',1 after him, falling into pud
dies, tripling over roots, mil ontoy-
lllg llienisiilieii goiicrully. ... .||St thl
bear hit a clearing where a si letiulli
was being put through the bush 'tnd
down this trail hu wont with tho "Heavers" pulling uml puting ufler niui,
Ho theu ..ii.l.ieiil.i inni,ui into tlm hush
IP did the patrol. After smashing
their way through logs anil hushes lit
a vain eniloiiyiir in liml him, Ihu gallant
-S-uut8 gave up ilie chase and repuirei|
hut and dimly to the neurits! creek,
All buys wishing to join this tr.nup
llllillll apply lu I'alrol Leader AlllllUli
''enlre  Hoad south.
 .\ . , _
Coal Shortage on
The North Shore
Al u joint ineeling on Friday after
noon, delegates from the locul Huurd
of Trade und the cily council of Nnrlh
Vuneuuver ninl the ilistricl of Ninth
Vuneniiver pussed uu emphatic rusttlii
tiou spropoi of lbe existing cuul sliurl
ugu uu the nurlh chore. This ultimo
lum hus been forwarded by Hie score
niry nf lite Hourd uf Trade Mr. ')
Wylin Ihiiiiihlsiin, in l'remier McHrido,
Hon. Minister uf Mines, to Ihc Hon.
Miuiaior of Trade und ('umnieree, 01
tn'.vn, tu the Minisler uf Labor, lit
laws, tu II. II. Hlevens, M.I'. and In
Ihe  Hun.   r   I,. Curler I'ullun,  M.P.I'
The rcsolitliun is us followa!
"That ivliercas Ihere is u eunslunlly
recurring shorlage and totally inadc
nulls supply uf coal obluinaliie lomc'l
lhe reipiireinciils ami ilcuiunds jif lhe
.-n 'imi'l ■ uf lhe nnrlh shore of Hurrard
Inlet nod Ihul .-ii.'li -uhtuinilig condi
lions become more unite in proportion
In thc rapidly increasing po|iuhilioii
resident thereat Utui nuw lululling HI,
tun! souls
Ami whereat the residents of the
aforemi'utiuiieil eity and municipality
huve perforce lo purchase Ihis coinmud
ily through ugenls in the cily of Van
cuuver in conscipiencc ut llic reported
information lhal there exist agreements
belween the colliery ownera and Hie
said agents iu the cily of Vancouver,
And whereas lhe commission imposed
by tint said ugenls iu Hie said city nf
rune iiiver has necessarily In be added
ami forms an union charge In lhe price
ami un injustice lo the consumers un
Ihc North snore.
And whereas it ia llie unalterable decision of tbia meeling thut the reai
dents uf lhe Nurlh NTtore shuuhl be
grunted every facility and Hie nghl
lo enable them tu purchase direct from
Ihe colleries.
Therefore be it resolved ami il is
hereby resolved Ihul the consideration
and intervention of the llomiuiou (lov
eminent of I'uiiudo, through our mem
Inr, Mr II. II. Stevens, M.I'., uud the
provincial government uf Hrilish (Jul
umbia, through our representative, Mr.
V. L. Carter I'ottou, 4|.l'l'., be re
sped fully invoked with a view uf nb
tuiniiig such relief fur us us the necel
aity uf the case demands,
And further, be il resolved and it
is hereby resolved, lhat a copy of this
resolution In- forwarded lo thc said
representatives and lu Honourable, lln
Minister of Trade uml Commerce, 01
tuwu, Honourable, Ine Minister of Jai
hour, iiiiun,i. ami Sir Richard Mc
Bride, lhe Honorable Minisler of Mines
of the province of It. (',"
important Bridge
i ■  i taw-mmmmWmmMmmnmme
BVBNW&-BIOHT o'dmob:
I .arson's Havilion wili he thl rendu/.
VOUB    It    eight    n'eloel.     OU    Til 11 I'l" I ill
night of. Ill wliu '■'"' interested itt top
welfare if the municijiuiities of the
north shure mnl who regard the by-
and Narrows bridge as essential tu thnt
welfare, fills lllg ineeling in utiililr
the auspices of the local hoard of trade,
invitations to Itlcnd und actively pur
ticipule in thc proceedings having boen
ostiinduil by thut body fo Iho nifyor
ami council,of the city, tint recces ninl
councils of the dislricta of Nurtii Vun
cuuver and West Vancouver, Muvoi
fiinllay of Vancouver, ileewi Weurt ol
Hiiruuliy, members uf the Vuncuuver
Huard nf Trado, muinbers uf lltu .Ship-
ii.o t.-I ■' .\u.ii, iniinu uf Vaiii'Oiivnr,
Messrs. I'M ward Malum, F„ W. Mac
Li'iiii, ,I>C. Keith uud ,1. V. MeNuught
Telephone Cable
The eity fathers held a sliurler scs
sion Ihun usual last evening when Mn
yur McNeish presided over gu assembly
of .aldermen   which   wus   iiutablc   fur
almost remarkable -for Hie absence
nf Aid. Dick.
On receipt uf letters of iniilnlimi
frum the respective secretaries, the
euiiuuil decided that aa muny us euuld
uirange wuubl ullcml the geuerul meet
ing of the h'.'ii.'i'iivei...' Assuciuliuu lu
morrow evening and lhe Huurd of Trude
Heeutnl Nurruws Hridge meeting in
Larson's Pavilion alsu un Thursday
In response In u loiter recently for
warded by Mr. I.. II.'da. asking for per
iiiinieiii curb and concrele sidewalk uu
Second street lhe cuuucil passed a rem
loiioii introduced hy Aid. Irwiu, that
Secoud streel be perinunenlly paved
eusl and weal of liunsdaic Aveuue,
fur a distance of uue bluck at au eatim
alcd eust of ; I.o'"' The city clerk waa
duelled to draw up a bylaw for tha
work uml have it advertised.
All Hiss thought by the time the
advertising bad lieen,done and the by
law |n, e.l through Ihe cooncil it
would be su near the time I or eleetiug
Ihc next cuuucil thai the work could
nul be completed by this une. He ipukc
inure frum the standpoint of a ijueatinu
uf precedent than frum auy perioual
objection lo lhe project, it being hit
belief that Second alreet deserved improvements jusl as much as any olher
thoroughfare iu the clly.
Intimation was received frum lhe'
secretary uf the il. I'. Tclcphune ('um
puny Ihul lhe new lelepliuiie cable lu
conned lhe Vuucuuver ami Ihc North
hhore exchanges lefl Kugland uu the
simmer Corsicen Sept. 26, and would be
raid immediately Jjpou ils arrival iu
Vincouver. A
Mr K I.. Kohl, the cily solicitor,
'wrote lo lbe effect lhal the agreement
Iv proprietors tu give lund for the pur
pose ol wiileiiing Knurl!, street bail been
rceeiveil aud the extra width of the
thoroughfare gar.cttfd by the passage
nf u by law. Ile advised lhal Ihe by
law be advertised aud llleil in tbe lund
registry ollice. Such proceeding would
protect the city against claims for cum
pen.nlioii from nny laml owuer on lhc
Work Boots
Tin seuoii Is uow approaching whan Uie wagi uruir muat
have dry faat. Mora alckuaaa li causal by wot feet Uian any otter thing
you can think of. Wa bava tha largest atocs of Man's Work Boots In B
0., ranging In blight from 6 tnchea te 10 Incbee mi In prlca from 1146
to tltM, made by tha foruuoat shot manufacturers of tha world, such aa:
Dayfoot, Cole, Ahraua.'^bsckls, Weston, Williams, Oberhooluir, Wator,
McOready, Etc., Bto., all of which mi OUAEANTEBD SOLID LEATHEB
throughout and FULLY WATSSi>B0OFB»
Corns in aud look them over,   ?>'.;» au 70 style* to select from.
Our Kapair Department la in full swing, floods left In tha morning
are Inlahad tlia iame day.
Everybody's Shoe Store
P.O. 1815       FIMT STREET EAST
Tel. 393
B§ prepared for
tlie cold and rais*
erable weather by
purchasing one of
our heaters
We have thirty
different styles for
both Wood and
coal and every one
is guaranteed
Give us a trial
paine & McMillan
Body of Man Found
in Gulch
The liml) of u mun was un Sunday
iliacuvercil wedged belween rucks in a
ileep iiuiiii un (iioii-e ni'iiinluiii aituat
eii ubuut I1.' nub-, abuve alusijuilo
intake The Iwo men whu muilc lhe
gruesome Iiu,I were iiilin llrunl uml
('urlton Weir, both of i'liii! Homer alreel,
They huil scald Ine unionism ami
were descending a precipitous1 gulch
ubout llllll feel .Ion ii when .(hey ilis
covered the hotly of u mun lying in
Ihe lieil uf the ravine. The corpse bore
lhe appearance of having been wassail
'loin, by Ihc recent  freshet
Mii iinini utnl Weir Immediately
descended lhe mountain ami hurried
lu lhe Ihou. uf Mr. Jack l.uulcl uu
('arisbruuk ruu.l, whirs intimation wns
forwarded lo lhe dislricl police by tele
phoue. Chief I oii,,i and , ■! li. r - cou
licet cl wilh Hie ilislriet department
ascended Hie same evening tu the aceuc
of lhe diicovery ami inapected the
Tlie man, whole ilealh aecnts likely
to remain a mystery, was nul clothed
fur mountaineering, hia outer garments
consisting ut a blue suil ami patent
leather boots, 'i'lie budy in thai of a
man live feel aix inches in height,
elderly, wilh linn ptuy huir. The style
uf his ilress wouhl seem lo indicate
lhal lhc man was an American,
I'p lo Ihe pi, ,i.t i" ulol the lily
nor the ilislriet police departments
have rceeiveil reports of anyone miaa
ci'iei I.ill,,i, ii of lhe opinion lhal
it will be necessary lo hobl an nn|Ueal
ou Ihe ipul wlnrc the budy wai found,
suing (bat it will be praclically im
possible lo |iil Ihe remains oul of the
gulch. This, followed by cremation,
will have tn lake place speedily owing
lu the ilccolupuscd slate of the holy.
Interesting Items
The II. I' Kleclric lias appuiuled Mr.
1. (I. Hilly lo Ihe poiitrou of Irulli.
iuipeclor al  Norlb  Vaueouver'.
Mrs Theodore I'iaylon Holl, mi oth
■ij-ci, wai at home lo hor frieudi to
day from i lo t o'clock nnd will receive
every second Tin.day from Ibii dile.
Mr. and Mri. It. W. Uibbi and rbild
of KdinoiilOB, and also niece, Miss
I,oven of lioliiih. arc the gucali of Mr
and Mra. W. I). Ilaskiu of Victoria
Mr. Olaf Oicr haa bought out Car
sob 'a bakery aud roofci'lioncry store
on lonidale avenue. Mr. Oser will con
tinuelo cater fo Ihe public with high
class fancy cakes and eundiei.
Mr. 0. T. JsM'ami of I'll' «lri'"l last
received lhe sad newi on Halurday thai
hii wife'i father was instantly killed
by being caught in a belt at his mill iu
Hivelwk, Niw Bruniwick, on Friday
Mr. Dobbin and family arrived io
North Vancouver yesterday, having
come here direct frmu Helfusl, Irulaud.
Mr. liul,I,in bus decided lu reside un
Ibis side uml bus taken a suite in Ihe
s.hiiipiicl Block.
Thc North Shore l.ilernry ami De
bating Society holds its initial session
this evening wheu the subject fur dis
cuasiun is "Homo llulc." The suciety
curdiully invites any lu olleinl whu
wish lu becume member!.
Taking advantage uf the hue day un
Suinluy last there were many visiluri
tu Ihe beauty spots uf Ihu North Shore.
Tbe alreel railway carried J0,00(1.
people which euuslilulea a record day
for au lale in Ihe season.
Thc Vancuuver Hiding «"lnl. came
uver lu Nurlh Vaueouver by ferry uu
Saturday evening ami luuk the ruule
lu Wesl Vaneouvir, So pleased were
Ihe ipieslrians wilb this ride it ia
-ore lo be popular lhruu|{huu! Ihc act
Mr Taylor, lule muuager uf the N.
V. brunch of lhe Hrilish ('uoadiuu Se
eurilics l.ld, has beeu prumuled to
Ihc head orb"' Mr. Win. II. Fairlie,
who waa Mr. Taylor's assistant, Ins
heeu placed in charge of lhe local uf
Kne campers Ibii inuruing appeared
before Magistrate llugglcs charged
wilh i on Ira von 11 on uf Ihe walerwurks
by law. In Ihree instance! a flue uf'
11!od aud costa uud payment of water
rate wai imposed, lhe rcinaiuiog caie
being withdrawn.
The 1 -il Field Ambulance I'hilhir
mouic Suciety is giving a concert Ibis
evening iu lhc Lonsdale theatre. The
mayur and council lusl nigbl milled
inula!min, lo mii int and as mauy mem
lo ru as possible will .noil themselves
of lhe opportunist'.
The deilb of Mrs M. Ilugg 0"or
red al Ibe IJeueril Huspilal, Van ou
ver, yealerday al - p.m. al She ripe
age of tu yeara. Mra. Hogg wai I r,
.ni,ni of Norlh Viucouver for over
7 year* and carried pn a grocery buii
uess on Kaplanidc weal. Thc funeral
will be Im'I.J tomorrow al 2 p.m. frum
Harrou ilrua. ou Und it reel east lo.'
Norlh Vaiieouter cemetery.
On Halurday Ihe dual stroke in lie J
ailing oul of lhe No. 1 ferry ilcainerj
wilh Ine aecond new buiier wai com'
pleled and lhe boat ii uuw in evety,
reaped cijuiI lo new.   it ii a mailer
for congratulations III round thai Ihr!
work wai cirried out iu all its enlirel.,
without lhc teasel being taken off lnl
lehciluled ruu and al a minimum of ij
convenience to Ihc vehicular irullic.
What   ii   knows  aa  tbe  "old  i
oak" ilanda close lo tbe intersect
of   Weill heller,   Hubert   and   Mo
1'ark avenues, in fhe llmm.    Jt i
tree of lue appearance, having a di
eler ol Ave feci at a diilincc of
feel above the ground.   There n
definite  history  of thi old  mon«J
bul tradition bai il that It was,
tree tfcm  which  spies  were  ba
during lbc Revolutionary war.   Ki
ars being made to prism* II.--
York Vnm.


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