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 79 1	
Wttlfly Circulation TWrty-Five Hun-'
drtd Ooplei
lab Printing Bxtcutod Promptly at
fill price*
NOBTH TAffOOtfTVAi, p.p.f PBIPAV, 8BJ»TBMBBB 87, 1818.
Right-of-Way Through
West Vancouver District
The iiljouriied hearing uf the appli-
eulnni   uf  the   Pacilic   Ureal   Kustcrn
Itailwuy (uOinpnny for lllc approval uf
their ruute map lliruugli Hie dislri.'t uf
Wcsl   Vuncuuver, luuk  place al   Vic
toria' yesterday   before   Mmi.-.ui   uf
Railways, liun. Thuinus Taylor.
The municipality was rupresenlcil by
Kecve Nelson uud I'uuncillurs Ma'her*
ami Hiiil/burgcr, with wnuiii wero as
sucialed district engineer W. B, Hir
ter, Mr. (!. V,. t'arlwright, civil ciigiu
eer, Messrs. W. W. I.ofoaitx ami II. (I.
Sclwuuil represenliug the waterfrout
properly owners uml Iheir solicitor. Mr.
.1, A. Harvey, K.l.'. The railway eopi
pany was represented by Mr. D'Arcy
Tale, Chief I'uunsel, Mr. Slewurl, on
gineer ami Mr. .1. 11. Tliiiinus, secrclurv.
. At llie bid heuring uf lhe Ipplicn
tiuu Ihe Mini'.iei uf Kuilways adjour'i
ed the matter with the iiiulerstuinliug
that Mr. F. 0, Uainblc, chief govoni
iinni engineer, wuuld go uver lhe
ground meantime and rcpurl. Mr. Hani
ble rcpurled lhal as a resull uf hii iu
spectiuu, the dislricl hud agreed lhal
their eugineer shoold re survey the
route ami bring in tin amended plan
This plan wus accordingly inlmiitted
• ml showed several modifications ur
compared vlilh lhe plun previously sub
mined The Iiuc was shown sume-
what nearer the waterfrout uul liberal
use uf Ihe eusl and west streets we*
alluw,ul. This plan, huwever, was ob
jeeled tu by Ihc i'lcilc Ureal (Stolen
uu several gruumls iiiiiucl), il wuuld
ncccssilulc a large number uf sir el
crossings which the I'uni winy would lie
compelled lu maintain, it wuuld colli
plicate the upcratiun uf the Inn-, il
would badly cut up a large number ul
loll and would malerially iiiereuse lhe
cult of the right of way as couip.iied
wilb Ihe roule surveyed |,y lhe cuiupiiuy
aluug Ihe"!.', it was SuuiPwhtl
longer than Ihc roule desired by Ihe
company, il would necessitate great IX
pense in purchasing rights uf wiy fur
spurs tu Ihc  .Miti rlr.mi
lu reply lo these objtctlons lhe dis
Iriet representatives pointed uul lhat
even if Ihe railway rau along Ihe lure
shore, itreet crossings would have to
be maintained, lhe property owucri
woold prefer lo have a portion cul olf
Ihe rear of Iheir lots, rather than tu
be cul utT from Ihe waler on the front
Ihc cost Of the ueccssary purchases of
properly would probably be less than
lbc damages fur luss of riparian rights
if tbe forcihure ruule were used ami
Ihe coil uf construction w.ould be much
less Iiiiii aloug Ihe fufciliorc, ai for
tpur Inns, ihesc woold have to bt built
anyway for industrial purpoiei II Hie
iniiuliur euuld uut be wed fur Ihe pur
pine tnd the problem of building tputt
if the foreiburc roule were Uted would
be t very eipcnsivc uue.
The roule proposed by lbe district
waa uul asstiied ai to ils feasibility
ll wtt reiugiii/ed Ihil the prupused
roole wu quite mjlablc iu tint re
The Miniiler uf Railways, after lit
tuning lo cxtciiilcil argument on both
sides, ilalcd that he regretted thtt
Ibere did uul tppeir lo be tny bupc of
in amicable agreement belween tbe
twu parlies i urn crnci. He bad hoped
Ibat it would be possible lo arrive al
an understanding mutually iitisfaclory
aod tbat hii decision .uuld hive been
giveu Ihlt dty. I'mler Ibe circum
slum iu, however, be did not ice Ihlt
tuy good end would be served by pro
luuging neguliitioni. Ile did not lecm
II necessary lu uk the rcprcicnltlivei
to tlleud igtiu for further diicuuion.
Hi would late Ihe miller In bii own
Iniida mil hind down 1 decision ai
early ti possible. In order to do Ibii,
however, he coniidered il necewary that
Ikt chief engineer ef Ibe government
-•ikr a report on thc engineering fen-
ci. ef the route. He further deiired
Ibat lbe reeve would forwtrd hln an
eifinillc  Of the eusl  of lbe  I'lir. base
of tbt properly fer tbe right of way
tlong Ikt route proposed by lbe district and alto thai ilr. Tate forwtrd
purpuses  along  llu'   willerfnilil. lie
recognized that the probable coiti for
'biiniipi-i by alienating of waterfront
privileges ai well ut lhe relativo cott
of conitructlon over the respective
routei would need tu he takeu into
consideration. It would be hii deiire
to protect the nilwiy company from
exorbitant costs as to right-of-way ou
the uno hund and to protect the inter
eati of tlie property owuers to the full
est poaiible exleut ou Ihu ulhur.
Holh Reeve Nelion and Mr. Tate
having agreed to forward thu infonna
linn desired, the Miuialer particularly
rcipiesicl tint the ume be provided
without deity, for the reaiun that he
wiihed tu dispose ef the whole matter
at thu earliest pusiible date, iu order
thai railway coustructiou might pro
Urges Immediate
Al a well anemicI aud iiiiuauully
lengthy meeting of llie Kourd of
Trade ou Tuesday eveuing, au cmphal
ic rcsululiun wai pissed urging llic
three councils of Ihc North Shore to
take inline-bale action tu remedy lhe
shorlage of coal which is seriously
threatening Ihc municipalities un Ihia
tide uf the Inlel prictictlly uu tbu
brink uf another winter. The view
waa in, uu uuu ii expressed that means
■ iinni.I be provided,if poiiihlc, where
by coll cm he shipped tu Nurlh Vm
couver direct  from Ihe miues
Mr, Alcxiinler I'lnlip, explaining the
ailualiuu, staled Uiul Ihc uiatler had
been taken up with Ihc provincial goi
eminent two years a, „ aud u eoniraii
siou had been prumiied the delegatus
to Inquire thoroughly inlo the altend
ani condltioni. All Ilul was uppur
cully neceitary, iu viow uf this, was
Uie appointment of smh a commit
According lo Mr. J. Wylie I i.uml.1
suu, the secretary uf Ihc board, it was
possible lo 'ibiain shipments of fuur or
the lout direct from Ihe miuci tt Nt
iiuimo, but larger eargues could only
be sound through agents iu Vancou
ver. He believed that it was Ihe fault
of the shippers rather linn tbi agenti.
If tbii wai iu, Ur. II. I.'. Wright
Ihuughl lhal there was here an exam
pie uf restraint of trade wlneb was pun
■ •.Iniiili' by law.
Mr. Alex. I'hilip argued lhal lhe
inunupuly uf Ihc coal supply by Iwo
Vancoover mer. hauls had been lulcrai
ed lung enough, lie advised Ibatsteps
should be lake,, without delay to put a
itop lo il.
Reeve Mty believed Ihil Ihe North
Shore wai now suljiclcnlly larue ami
suiln I'-nily popiililcd lu be independent
of Vaucuuver iu sucb lu important reaper I.
Hr. (I. II. Mordcu, however, pointed
uul Ihlt Ihc e.iul.lislnii, 11 of local de
pott in Norlb Vancouver by Vancou
ver men wuuld iiili leave lbc Nurlh
Shure dependent upon these same merchant!.
Mr. K. II. Bridgman then voiced nnd
formally moved the folluwiug motion:
"That wberets Norlb Vincouver illy
■N mi li Vtucouvtr diitrict aud Weil
Vancouver dislricl bave a pupulalion ef
about lu.'KKi. the line bai nuw arrived
wheu  it  il absolutely   right tU'i  IICC'I
■iry Ibat Ibe coal supply for tbe.Ninth
Shore ef Burrard Inlel ihould I.e ob
Iiiiiu.I direct frum Ihc uiinci iiutctd
of through Ihc Vancouver agerciei.
"And whereat tbii quoitlot wu
brought to Ihe attention of Ibe prov n-
cial government and temporary relief
"Therefore, be II retelved Ibal I hii
board co operate with Ibe rily and dii
trict council! in properly placing before
Ihe provincial governmeut tbe hard
ships under which we now labor, and
thai thc guvernmenl be atked to ear
neatly couiider tbe miller and lu ro
liev* ut from tbe aruatlifactery con
ditioui wbicb not! exiit, asd Hut t
copy of Ibii resolution be forwarded to
Ihe council! of Norlh Vancouver cily,
Norlb Viucouver dlttrirl ml Wesl
Viucouver diitrict, uking for Immediate juint cooperation.''
Government Has Issued
Cheque For City Hall Site
H.  H.   8TBVBN8,   M.P.   ADVIBBD
Hr.    II.    H.   Stevens,   MP.   recently
communicated witb tbe Department of
I'ublie Works at Ottawa with reforence
to the seeming delay in thu actual payment lo tbe city of the amount of
the purchase prico, for the city hall
proporty, In reply, Mr. Htevoni rectiv
ed a telegram yesterday advliing him
thtt iie.i i in i iuuu had been issued to the
Audit Department for the immediati
payment to the city uf North Vuncou
ver uf the amount duo on account of
tbo purchase liy the government of the
city hall site, it may, therefore, be
, un. lu.i,nl that the cheque will lie re
ceived hy the city treaturer in tho
r'ourie of a few days.
Entire Line of P. G. E.
Railway Under Contract
Interviewed al Victoria ycslcrilay
by ii representative uf lbc Kxpress, Mr.
D'Arcy Tate, chief I'uunsel uf the I'a
, mu Ureal Kaslem Railway cuinpany,
slated that his cuinpany was pulling
forth every clfurt tu hasten the cuu
ilrtictiuu uf their lines. Mr. P. Welch
hid recently resigned Ihe pusitiuu tf
vice president uf the Pacific Ureal
l u 111 ii and bad been awarded lhe con
Iracl for tbe construction of thc entire
line of the company frum Vuucuuver
lu Furt Ueurge. Mr. Widen wus under
coulruf! lo build uml to deliver the
railroad throughout ils entire length
complete ami in shape fnr operation.
It had been decided tu begin construe
liuu at l.ill"."'i and Mr Welch hod
departed un Tuesday willi his stair to
, I.,1,11"h  headquarters at  thai  point.
Men, supplies uud plant were nuw he
iug rushed in ami it \vus expected
tbat gruuud wuubl be hruken befure
muny days.
Asked as lu his imprestioui following
Ihe Iwo in-iiiin;:.-, fur application uf
their ruule mup which lunl been heard
by lhe Minisler uf Kuilways lliul after
nuuii, Mr. Tute asserted Ihul he had
not uiueli iu suy, ulher Ihun that
Uuce whu uppuscil lhe l'acillc Ureal
Kaslcrn applicatiun weru simply re
larding the tumifrucliun of Ihc rail
way. With reference to Wesl Van
couvcr, it might be iulimuled thul his
Cuinpany wus al present investigating
the possibility of procuring aitultier
mule iulu Nurlh Vuncuuver, His
Company was under agreement to build
to North Vancouver, hut there wus nu
pfiin-iuii compelling them lu build
lu West Vaucuuver and Ihc attitude uf
lhat municipality had led his cuinpany
lu investigate the feasibility of an
uther ruule.
With reference lu thc lluwe Suund
■nil Niirtherii Iluilwuy Company it
would be in urder to slale lhal his
cuinpany had mil been able lu arrive
al any istitfactory uiidcratandiug.
Railways Conflict Over
Their Location Plans
Tbit reiululion   wat   rtrried uuani
aa ettimate of Iht^coat for tbt mme mainly by tin Board.
Mr. Charles Nelion, reeve of the dis
Iriet uf Wesl Vancouver, in in inter
view ycsterdiy by an Kxpreu repre
sciilative, .iiiph.i'.i.cil (be itrluui efficl
«f the prolonged negoliltloui wilh lb"
I'a. ilic Ureat Kaslem Bailway wilh
reference tu Iheir ruule, upou Ihc gen
eral progreoi uf Ihe diitrict. The reeve
pointed uut Ihtl lhe tervicei nf lbe
eugineer bad *ccu required to so gnat
au client fur Ibe purpuie of lociling
•Itcrnative rtilwty routei iu trrord
lire witb Ibe requirement! of the de
ptrtmcu! thai neither Ihe engineer uvr
hit staff were able to devote a fraction
ef Ihe time required tu the ordinal v
work of tbe municipality aud the re
iul| Wai lhat work on tbe remit and
other matters had been greatly delayed
in a,billion to which Ibt diitrict had
been pul to considerable eipcnie Ihtl
olherwlie would not hive beeu incur
Speaking wilb reference lu the «| pli
cation of Ihe Facile Ureal Kislcru held
yesterday Beeve Nelion itated Ibat Ibe
diitrict council bad made every effort
lo meet tbe railway company half way
or a little bettor, But lbe company did
md ""'io disposed lo budge • pirlicle
from the plan Ibat tbey had originally
laid down. Tbey evidently muil hive
iheir own wty tbiolulely and were oot
willing to proceed on tbe principle of
"give tad Uk*." Tke dislricl bid it
flnt itood for a nilway route running
north of Marine Drive, but had than
doned lbat idea aod In the endeavor to
meet tbe railway company hid run i
lint adjacent to Ut foreihure between
Ibe wtlerfronl aod Marina Drive. Wbtn
lubmitted to Ike Department of Ball
wtyi tkli rouit bti not proven ac
ceptable to ihe railway company, whu
contended lhal the dislricl eoold nol
find a feasible roole in lhal vicinity.
After Ibe visil uf the chief engineer
uf the guvernmenl, llic dislricl bail
again amended their plau, They had
run a third line yel nearer lu the walei
frnnt in Ibe hopV lhal (he cum cssiuns
wigbl meet with u reiioliolile rciponao.
The Ilailway Compauy was ilill ub
durale, however. They had lo admit
lhal, the cuuucil had fuuml a ruute
lliul was feasible but Ihey objected lu
il upun specious gruumls ami appeared
lu be determined lu force Ihe issue iu
He shape of having their uwn way di-
spile llic u. imn uf lhe municipality
ami Ihc properly ownera,
The reeve btd noted the assertion
of Mr. D'Arcy Talc duriug lhe hearing
just i um lu.led lu the cilc i that hit
cuinpany wai uot compelled lo build
through West Vancuuver and Ibey
wuuld poiiibly Uud lume ulher ruute
fur i.-a. hmg North Viucouver. "1*1
litem du io, if they wjib lu," declared
Ibe reeve, and be innqudcd lu ob
icrvc Ihtl il wu puiiibleU lbc nil
wty lo demtnd iuch rumlitioiui iu cun
lidtrtliou uf patting Ihruugli Weal
Vincouvtr, tbtl the pruperty owners
nttjld prefer lo do without the railroad
rather tbtn concede lo uurcuontble
dcmaudt.     •     j,
The mljuiirueil hearing uf the appli
cation uf Ihc Pacific Ureat Kasteru
Iluilwuy Cunipuny fur lhe uppruvul ul
Ihuir roule map from N^w|iorl lo
Urccn Lake Summit, which was held
yestenluy, before Hon. Thuinus Tuylor
Minisler uf Railways at Victoria, call
ed furlh a viguruus protest upuu Hie
part of lhe Howe Mound uml Nurlberu
Ruilwuy with the result Ihul the Min
isier became convinced of tbe Impot-
aibility' of harmonizing lhe pusitiuu
uf the Iwu eunipunics uiul slat oil thai
further ncgoliulioiut wuuld be illSpeni
ed with ami lhal his department would
render a declsiou iu three or four duys
disponing of Ihe whole mailer.
The I'aeilie llnul Kuslern was repre
senled by Mr. D'Arcy Tale, chief cuun
sel, Mr. Stewart, engineer, uml Mr. .1.
U. Thumes, secretary. The lluwe
.''nun.i uiiii Norlbern wns repreieoted
by Mr, .lames C. Keith, presiilont, Mr.
K. Million, fiscal agenl, Mr. A. McKvuy,
ami Mr. .1. C Uill, directum, and Mr.
MacDumld, engineer. The ease for the
former was bundled by Mr. D'Arcy
Tale and Hir Ihe latter by Mr. A.
Engineer Htuwart, on behalf of the
Pacific iileal Kaslem, submitted u
plan of lhe proposed roule uf his cum
pany fur n distance uf 117 miles nurth ol
Nowporl ami upplied fur approval of
lhe same.
Mr. McKvoy objected lo the prupoi
cd ruute because il crossed and re
crossed lhe right uf wuy ul ins cum
ll was contended by the I'aeilie
Ureal Kaslem lhal lur a cerium pur
linn uf the distance the routes did uul
conflict, iu ulher purliuns Ihere wis
room fur Iwu linen, in yet other por
Huns the roule of lhe lluwe Humid
and Nurlberu wuuld have iu be re via
ed beiause uf lhe characteristics uf
Ihe cuunlry in which Initaueci no objection lu lhe plun euuld be luken ami
thai as fur ulher malum es the 'ubjee
Huns uf lhe lluwe Suuinl and Nurlberu
shuuld liul be enlerlained because Ihey
lune nul yel conitrueted Iheir line
lliruugli these puiuls,
Mr. Tale staled lhal la accordance
wilh Iho wishes of Ibe goveruuieul his
company had cuduavurcd lo arrive al
un ugreenienl willi lhe Howe Sound ami
Northern,,Railway Company uir lhe
pm. ha e uf their assets, bul Iheir ef
lari por i|ay from timber niduuiu,-,.
The iV'ilic Ureat Eastern, on the other
hiind, had not expended a dollar on
constructing uny railroad aud he wtt
further oi the opinion that they had
no money with whieh to proueoi| witb
construction. .
Mr. Tute here interposed, disputing
Mr. McKvuy's opinion as lo the llnuii-
cial slamling uf his cuinpany ami declared in u I-,." , to a question thai
the i'ueilie Ureal Kaslem hud sulli-
eii'iil lund:, iu the bunk lu keep one
tltuusuiiil nteii ul wurk fur six mutilhs
uml Hint lltcy had the practical ussiir
ume uf additional ainounli in Ihc im
ine,liuie future.
Mr. McKvoy proceeded lu object lu
llic piullle which wus lubmitted by Ihu
I'ueilie Ureal Kuslern. The profile did
uut shuw the grade uf the lines uf
Ihul cuinptiuy in rclaliun lu Ihu line uf
llic lluive Humid inul Northern. He
reud fruni Hm ruilwuy act In establish
hia contention Uiul the former com
putty must u prufile showing
each erussing uf Iheir line uver Ihc
line of Ins company, uml shuiving will"
I her Iheir lines crossed Ihose of lhe
Howe ,,,,,in.l uml Northern uu lhe level
ur ubuve ur beluw. Mr. Tate submit-
1 i-il Ihul he lunl never known a pru
lliu to be submitted lu uuy rnilwuy
buard shutting these particular!. Mr.
McKvuy opined il:.n lhal did nol
muke any difference Hie nil wus lliere
ami ils 11 nus mul be complied willi.
Aller further argument, lhe Minis
ler uf Railways observed Unit he saw
no pruspeel uf lhe parlies arriving
al au agreement, upun the puiuls ot
issue, us the wliule argument was uue
uf iibsciliun and counter nsserliun. He
wuuld therefore, uul trouble ihe pur
tics to uppeur before Inni again, but
wuubl luke Ihe matter under advisement nmi wuubl render a decision wilh
in Ihree ur luur dayi diipoaing uf the
questions involved. He realized Ilinl
Ihere were serious puiuls winch hud
been raised during Hie diicuaiion und
points upon whicii legal advice wuuld
be rcipiired. He wuubl cmlcuvur how
ever lu deal willi lbc matter us ex
I'l'ditiuiisly as the issues iuvolved would
permit iind hn, decision inighl  I	
peeled   Wlllllll   lhe  lillle  UUIIII'd.
Items of Interest
hi has gone un a Inp
Wuuds   bus   lefl   I'ur
where  he   will  spend
Mr 1 W Iv
tu Hardy Iluy
Mr P. 0. i
Knight's Inlet
fourteen diy*.
Miss Gwendolyn llaworlb lefl yes
ler diy on a few weeks' visil tu mends
in I'liilliwuek ami Sardis.
Mr. Win. laiwlur, formerly publicity
euininissiuiicr  fur  thii  city, Ins   been
fnrts hid been unavailing. I engaged   by   lhe   Vuiuuuver   Prugress
Mr. James C Keith here interposed ji;|ul' lo "'' u* superintendent uf exhib
with the assertion lhal no offer what j''" '" ""' ^'"i"'** 'lumbers
ever had at auy lime been received Mr. and Mm. Wm. Silverlhornc, uf
frum lhe l'acillc Ureal Kaslcru Cum Jarvis, Dnlanu, are viiiUog Aid. ami
pany fur lhe purchase uf lhe plunl, Mft. ti. V. Foreman at thoir bouie, lllh
i,din,;: sluek and .business uf the lluwe! slreei cast. Mr Hilvcrlburiic is lhe fa
Hound ami Nortfccru Railway. They' ther in law of tbo Hon. Thomas While,
had beeu approached, it,waa true, but the Dominion Miniiler of Fiutoce.
upon Ihe basis of tbe purrbtic o. retl j    Harry  Kioto, .a   Ruaiiiu,  was  Ihis
Tke loctl branch of Ike Knigkti of
Pylhitt will hold a mclil reunion, rull
call and banquet oo October lit io
cclebralioi, uf llic flftb anniversary of
Ike order. Many of Ibe leading men
of Ihe order, together wilh Ihose in
ilrumenlal in initituling tbe lodge will
be p/ciont.
At Ibe manse, {Ik Itreet eut, on
lbe Jfltk Int., Hev. Ronald Macleod
joined in marriage Mr. David Uoooelly
Hoyrc and Mlu l.ulu (,'tlhiriae Tingle
hots of Bl. Unil.   Mr. W  J. Jobniuu
«iai bttt nan Md Mlu Angci Tingle
on acted u bfldeemaid. Mr. and Mn.
Coonolly Boyct w|ll rtiidt io North
elate ulher Ihin upuu Ihc lusts of
lhe |>iir■ has,- uf t line uf railway us
a going concern
Mr. D'Arcy Tale lubmitted
thai 'inasmuch, u two years had
elapsed during which the Howe
Hound ami Norlbern had uot ion
ilrui'led iny line, tbe Miniiler shoold,
therefore, rule tbtt they hid lost the
exclusive right to the right ui wiy un
der dispute tnd cited instances in sup
port of hit "ml cn I um To this eon
lenliuu Mr. McKvoy replied llm the
lluwe Sound tnd Northern Railway
I'ompiny hid conitrucleil Iheir lines
under chtrtcr righli whlcb provided
tbtl ,,iiiiii expenditures were to be
mud,- wilhin t curiam period in con of which the comptuy wai to
have len years in whicii lo make cer
lain additional' cxpendilurei. The
Ciuiipaiiy hid complied witk all tke
condition! ind ouly Iwo years of the
ten had u yet elapaed. Hii comptuy
therefore, had veiled rigbti which
eoold nol be infringed upon and they
proposed tq iee thai Ibey were protect
ed In ibuse rlghtl. The Howe Bound
and Northern Railway Company wai
the only railway company tbtl ever
built t mile of rallrotd in tbii pro
vince without government usistinec.
They had recently completed leveral
milci of branch lines io Ihtl tbey now
bad in operation lixteeo milci of rail
rotd, becauie of facilitiet provided by
wbicb Ike government wis receiving an
income of practically one hundrtd Jul-
inuruing lined *•'' tud colli by Police
Magistrate Buggies for annulling Mr"
.1. W. Kvins, conlraclor In charge of
lhe c. ineiil wurk uuw in progress on
Lonsdale avenue beluw First street.
The Melhudisl Church members uu
Sunday iuleud holding u ipecially pre
pared rally day icrvlcc al ItU p. in
The piugraiu, Ihey say, will be a guud
une and a hearly iiivllaliun is cilcndcil
tu everybudy, especially Ine ptrenli,
lu be preient. i
At Tuesday night's inccliug uf lhe
Board of Trade M> I'. U. Dick uolilleil
Ihc board by Idler of hii wilb lo re
tire Oil ", "iiul of coufiuued absence
from the city. It was revived (bat
Mr Dlek ihould be offered honorary
life nieiiibcisliip in acknuwledgmeul uf
hii icrviecs in the pail.
Au announcement In Tuciday's iuue
thui Mn- B. i. McDowell of Hi.
Ucorge'• avenue had sunflowers iu her
garden mcaaurlirg II feet I inchci iu
height, bu elicited the information
thai Mr 3. 3. Miller .ulsn of HI lieu
rge'i tvenue, bit grown lhe siinc flow
en 11 /eet ll inches in height, Ihoi
beating Mn. McDowell's record by Ive
Sunday Hrhoo| tervicei in lhe SJclli-
O'iiit Church next Sunday afternoon at
2.80. A. ipecially prepared program
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Eitahliih.d 1817
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•  B
18.46  AJI.
18.16   AM.
• atnotM "Not on Bun4*jr."    Tint tabli lubjict to ehatu without
aotltt. Company not liabl| /or dila/i, accidental or otntrwlM.
—ma-nn l———— ——mmmm
(Continued from Laat Tuttday)
I tnlil hlm tint, uitiioiinii Hiere were
l'l.'Huml timet, luu thorn was not nil
1'liner and ialttlet."   'ipid yon ever
nmirif*1ltltTH™imii'T»p{w ptntf*' A
No, lie Inul nover heard of it, Whul
was it ull uliuul I W'lml kind uf plot
wos it) Anything like the gunpowder
plot, for instance!
1 told liim about tlie scone in the
gambling liouse, whore red pepper was
thrown into thu oyei of the hanker and
ono of Iiii patrom liy million, who
madu off with the coin.
"Dear mel dear mel" Bedford ci
cluiinod. "To llnul. Ihtt llieru are
such i.i.nh in Ihe imiiI.I! Bubber)
wuuld hu bad enuugh, but lo throw
pepper into the poor men's eyet—it
was horrible." lie shuddered us he
passed Ihc docuntcr ami *en(urkeil,
"This playing for money is a bad
business, i do uut mind a social game
nf whist ur poker, Imi uot fur money
■ not for money.   Do you pluyf' '
"No," I replied, "1 caunut play
.ui'l.. i.i least, nol well; uml 1 have
never pluycd for money ami never
"TliuI's u goml reiplve," lie said
quickly. "Slick lo il uml you'll come
uul ull right,"
The convenatiou here lugged uud us
I look my leuve 1 fancied thul his mun
ncr wus less conliul thuu formerly
When I mul him on lhe street next day
lie was retcrved, and I mude up my
iniini Ilml I shuuld nul visit liis ruum
uguin without u - j-.-.■ inL invitation,
which was never extended.
About a nuiiii li uiii'i my lust visil
lo Hu.llunl'» lu'iiu a rumor retched mc
lhal several business men hud been
lleccod al curds iu •■ building ou Yules
Btreet, the locality of which wts nol
sliiliul. Amongst llie losers wus said
lo lie my friend Jem Hurlis ll wui
uiul Ilul Ins wus oul Iwo llioutaud
dollars uml lliul two of his personal
frleudi im.i aiilited iu his deipolluionl.
I went ut once to his store uiul fouim
liim Iuukiug very dojectcd. 1 told him
whul 1 luul beard, uml lie u>linittc>l Ihul
lhe rumur wus correct. Ilul he icouted
Ihc idea ii.Inni"'.i by mc Ihut lie hud
been cheated. It wus jusl pure lurk
lie claimed, uml tomorrow the pen
.luiiun might swing iu his direction.
"Where do you play!" I usked.
Ile pointed wilh his huml ul lhe
ceiling, ami llien I understood Ihul llu
liumliling wenl  un  upstairs.
"In whoec roomt" I usked.
"In Bodford'i," he i in wer cd.
"Do you mean lu sty thul lliul
fonl ulluw.. gambling iti his room!" I
"Of euurse he does," Hurlis replied.
"Well, then," I exclaimed, "you'd
heller look uul for In in Less ihun u
montb ugu he louuilcd mc lu liml if 1
I'liii i'.i cardl, uml when he fuuml Ihul
I did uul he denounced curd playing
for money fu forcible terms. I don'l
like the luuk uf thii," 1 added, "aud
yuu'II liml lliul Redford is cither u
iu-. ul or a hypocrite."
.fein l.uui. Iiis heud uml the interview ended. Au huur ur two luler I
met Bedford, lie was slrolliug leisure
ly ulung, cigar iu niuulli and cane in
hand. He saluted me coldly and wai
passing on-wben loiuetbiug prumpteil
me tu address him. I furgel whit I
suid, but he stupped shurl ami Timing
uruuud remarked,
"Vuu have nut been tu sec mc
"No," I replied, "and if what I
hear abuut you is Irue I shun not
muil,I. you again."
"Whal do you mean!" be oikeil,
wilh Ihut smooth, even druwl which
was peculiar to bim and which I had
begun lo regard as assumed.
"1 mean, Mr. Bedford," I exclaimed,
"tbat I have a friend, a yuung inan
recently married. He has a wife and
child und i prosperous business and
it il tbe scandal of lbc day that he
has luun induced to gamble in your
rooms, and thai he has lost Ibousainls
of dullari there."
"I do not knew that il is tuy of
your buiineu to Paul I'ry into what
goei on in my roomi," Ifi remarked in
a dreamy sort of way.
"Perhaps nol, and I have nol pried;
but otberi have, and tbey told me. The
Inii time 1 wai iu your room you said
that you abhorred gaming for money.
And uow it would appear that you tolerate if you ile not shure in the profiti.
Fer an inttaiit the good naturcd, easy
demeanor of the man dctcrtcd him.
He raiicdjiit cane ami turned red ami
pale by turns, itccovcring liimielf
quickly bt uid, in bli left, purring
way, "You arc altogether wrong—you
do me an injustice. I have nulliing tu
du with thc gambling. If friends of
mine meet Ibere and iniiit upon play
Ing, how can Ijffcvcnt Hicmf' '
"E«ily," I replied. "Yoo mig¥
ai well lay tbat if a man intended to
fiSi&'I pother in your room tn.d ,
were aware of bit intention that you
would,be justified iu permitting tbe
crime to be perpctreted."
liy thit time I wai hot, for I wai
thinking of the victim'i lii lie family.
Bedford, who remained ai cool ai an
iceberg, i|id uut reply, but with a crisp
•'.iimAAty!!..moved uff, I watchful
liim as ho walked uh-ng, apparently unconcerned. And ihiii J fell into a curious l j ii i ■■ of tliougbt. Where hud I
teen the mun before! Burely we had
mot lonio where; perhapi in California,
or wes it iu Central America, or Mux-
icot. Could it Inve been at Yale! Tbe
instant Yalo occurred to me I folt a
■trango twitching in my oyelidi. ll
sooinod to mu tbut sumethliig which
■miii-ii-.l ami gave mc pain had fullcn
iuto my eyes. Then my inuntal vision
cleared ami—I taw plaiutlyl
unim two weeks later au oxeiting
sccnu was i-iiii. i'ul iu luul i nui' ruum.
Tlie slory, as it rcuchud the public, was
tu Iho effect thai the infituated {lurtis
sut iluwn une evening In a gume uf
poker. About a dozuu persons were
pr-sent. Four men were iu the gume
Huni'., Iiu.lnml ami Iwu uih.iu. "iu
being an intimate friend and partner
for the time being of the intended vie
tim. From the firat Burtis ioit heavily.
It wus evident that the card jiurlner of
Hurlis had entered into a conspiracy
with Bedford and the remaining gum
biers to muke a fiulsli of Hurlis lhal
nighl. He was tu bu stripped of all
his possessions and on the morrow
would  walk  the slreets a beggar!
The belting was heavy und as the
evening wure uu Ibe victim grew inure
uml mure excited and liul higher ami
higher. The Interest among Ihe by
■iiui'li'is was great and thuy crowded
around lhe lublc lo watch the game
All but Hurlis euuld sec that the uther
piayert hud euuspired tu destroy Inn,
Ile, poor innocent mun, continued In
bel Ou liumls which he held, while the
"iliei ■ met him every time. Some uf
the Inul,! i.. uu were indignant al lue
shameful way in which llm victim wus
lining ilcccc'l, but uui a voice was
raised ur u huml itrelcbcd uul lu save
him; uml if uny une remarked tu him
self ihul il was a wicked piece uf
business lie luuk cure Ilinl nu uue heunl
liim. A baud lunl been dealt fur the
liual slruke. Hurlis slaked his last
available dollar oil Ihree aces and Iwo
kings. Wiieii lhe shuw down came
Bedford produced four aces. Then Ihc
seules seemed lu full frum Hurlis' eyes,
uml he sprang lu his feet us Bedford
reached oul hia huml lu grusp lbc
"I'lieul! Swindler! Thief!" roared
Hurlis, ns he extended his lefl huml
so us lu cover the money. " Vuu stuck
ed the curds un mel"
Bclfurd, whu hud ulsu risen, mude
iiiuiiiin as if le   ium  u weapon, bul
Hurlis wus tuo quick for him.
"Throw up vuur hands," he shout
ed, as he leveled a revolver at Ihe
gumblur's head. "Higher! higher!
There! keep Ihem, up. If yuu luwer
tbem I 'II shuot you dead! I) yuu!"
The uther persuus present exhibited
Ihe uluinsl alarm. Hume ran to thc
door, bul found il lucked from lhe oul
side, uih,■! ■ made fur Ihe windowi,
but llie ilrup lu the street wus too
great. Btill otberi flattened lliem
selves uguinsl the wall in a vum
effort lo reduce their figures lu lhe
smallest cumpuss.
Hunis' cam |«rtncr ventured lu
reason willi him. He was lold wilh a
savage curse lo stand back, and all
Ihis lime lhe cocked revolver was lev
elled full ul Bedford's head. Of all
preient unly Bedford was apparenlly
unmoved. While tbe hearts ot sonic
stood nil ami their checks were
blanched Bedford was calm ami colled
cd. Without changing culor he do
"It im nn. that you arc an infernal
swindler; il menus that 1 have gul yuu
in tho dour and that I am going to
■ ipie.-.-e yuu until yuu disgorge the
money imi huie unfairly wun from
mc and ulhcrs. You t Uoutbcru gentle
iii.hi/ Yuu are t lowlived scoundrel
and ilmi''
Bedford, wilh bii eyet bent full on
Hurtis, was seen lo drop bii right bind
into tbe pocket of hit tack coat.
".stop lhat!" shunted Hurlis. "Take
your hand out of your pocket or 1 'II
shoot yeu dead. Up with your bands
again, yeu scoundrel. I'p! up! Hold
ihem over your bead I Hoi There,
that'll do; uow keep them there Iill I
tell you to let Ihem down," continued
Hurlis, ai be crammed the money en
tbe table iuto hit pockoti. "Nuw,"
be said, "I ara itill a loser through
yuu and your friends to the extent of
UfiM. You have corrupted men the
partner whom / have had nightly, and
yeu have bad a merry time diicuniag
my affairs aud predicting thut after
(hit night my ruin ai a business mm
would be complete."
"Phil it all Tommy rot," faltered
"yon may have it io if yoo HlVe, bul
if I give the word tbat door will fly
•diet, Hi sal'lSAM. wiiL lain m ia-
ebtfge. It wyi bo too lat.e to parley
"What do ytv mean—what an I ae
emed of!" exclaimed Bedford, wboie
fllllifforent uir uud culm i|einuuiiur hud
at list toil.   ' ir       i
fl| acunit you »f beiug tho priiicipul
in the cayenne popper robbery ftt Vnlo
four ye»n ngol" cried Hurtis.
Had Bedford been struck a heavy
blow iio could not have ihown greater
coniturnatioii. He tarneil a greuuiili
white, staggered back und seemed mi
tbe puiut of sinking 111 the floor.
"Tukel takel" he murmured, "»1| Hint
I huvu, but do not huml mn over to tlie
|,a||ci>|ti 1 —
Then tho key wns turned in tlie
lock mid the dunr wus I browu open
Uiii there glided iu lbe II.un: ul' u
young woman. She wuro a walei
proof over her dress," Ihe luiiul nf which
wus drawn over her lieml. tihe advanced into the middle of the room
and il wus Ihun seen thut sho was
lluili:,' deur little lions, huiii treasure.
tiwiflly crossing to where her liusliuml
■ imui. her eyes Itused lire us she laid
one huml ou bis pistol, and facing
Bedford und his puis like nu avenging
angel she pointed wilh lhe oilier huml
ut them. "Villiuns," she cried, "yuu
huve rubbed my puur Jem! Wuuld yuu
murder him, too!"
"My (lod, Hcssio, you here!" cried
Hurlis, us he lowered Ihc pistol.
"Yes, Jem, deur Jem," llii* ungel
replied, "and we musl button liuinc,
fur I lefl Ihc baby in Ihc crib asleep
wilh no one to look ufler her if the
shuuld awaken. Huve yuu gul ull the
money) Yosf Then conic, deur," she
said, us she led her buibaud lo the
door, "we inu»t liurrj."
The  two  passed   mil   of  the  ruum,
ulong the hull lo lhe sluirs und theu
out into the iiig hi    Nu iuuu ulleinpleil
to sluy Iheir prugress and Ihey rea "ii*d |
liumi> unmolested.
The next duy Bedford disappeared
and wus mil heunl uf uguin. Ilis furniture uml pictures were luken possession S
uf liy his victim uud sold. Mrs. Hurlis,!
il tfterwurdt lAuipired, hud gone lo
llie ruum iu search uf her husband uml
wnile listening outside lhe door ub
icrvcd Ihul lhe key was on lhe uutside.
Sho tnrnei) the key in the lock, 8bo
ufterwurds said alio nuver kuow why,
At the critical moment tug, unlocked
the iloor ui|d entered llie room iuJ rti-
euud her liusliuml. Hurtle tald be had
not told hit wife thnt he Wtt t loser,
uud had" no understanding witb the
police, and thai |)e o|||y mentiuiii'd the
ciiyi'iinu pepper plot to iiiiiiiiiii Bedford.
In the Hun i.-i rntiiigo there hung for
severul yean thu lieuillow photograph
of ii imui taken at full length. It had
been tlio portrait of tho false friend
whn acted ni Hurtil' parfnur'Tlbo
night uf tbo gambling adventure. Tbe
illleililiTrhVH'tilil,- .'iiiui   tlio inlieiiliii ,
eut the bead frpm the photograph, ami
when ipicslioiieil u to hii reason for
duiug su look kuoii duligbt in narrating
tho slory Uiat I have juit told.
„ THB END    '
Fill tho Home with Merry Laughter
of Your Children
Kuruiirugc yuur children to luugh.
This may be hard sometimes for children do giggle uml simper und shriek
with luughler when muny grownups
imi'l Ilml u single thing lu laugh ubuut
uml ninny uud muny u lime the luugh
ler ul' children is shrill uml hurd un
line's nerves if one ullows oneself tu
huve nerves; bul encuurugu the liltle
ones to laugh anyway.
. li.'.iui say lhal good huarty
luughler loosens up the nerve ten
sinus more i-ll'i'-'liicly and desirably
Ihun anything else in the wnrld;
If luughler is suppressed because, perchance, yuu dun'I sue anything lu
Inugli uliuul, lillle by lillle lhe nerves
grow tuul, uml lhe lillle fucei eor res
puudingly sel, und perhaps u lung Imui
uf nervous ills uml misery sel in,mo
I,el    lliem    luugh   -   muke    tbem
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Composition is I!) importunt und uu
uocuiiary to the production pt pielur
ini effect thai lap much stress cannot
lie laid ou tho fact that in order to
become anything like prolicieut iu picture making, tbe general rules at
leant ibould be thoroughly grasped,
und a proper understanding of thorn
be niiiiiiieii.  Failing tbii all attempt
pt pictorial expression can ouly result
iu disappointment and failure, Bvery-
oue does not understand tbe rules of
composition, tbere ii that about a
badly composed .picture which jars pn
tbe feelings ami quite uuconiciouily wc
foci there ia lometbing wroug witb our
picture. Avoid all regularity in tbe
picture. A good picture ibould have
unity, ono principal object or idea, one
motif ai it is termed aad it ahould he
ao produced ai to give tbii motif tin
clearest cxpiiuion. It ibould be tli
dominant note in tho picture and he
eiii|'li.-i i. '-'I iii iuch a manlier ua tu
leave uo doubt iu tbo mind of the lie
holder uu tu why tbe picture was taken
The central idea of the picture ahould
he maintained and all else lubordinut
cd lu thia oue object.. It ii only hy
concentration on tbii tbat tbe pleating
result deiired in tbe fiuiabed picture
edu lie obtained.
I'roper attention ibould lie giveu tu
Ihe arrangement uf linei and forma us
wull aa light and simile, the latter pluy
u highly important part iu composition
uud uniiu a aubject really tine owing
to the play of auuligbt aud ahuduu
wuuld lie very poor pietorially but fur
Ihia. A «midland glade for iuatauec,
un a dull day wuuld moit likely be flat
ami quite uniiitcrealing whilst uu u
.hum day il can he made delightfully
picturesque wilh Ihe patches of sun
light .lulled bere iud Ibere and Ihe
liriglil shall.-, of light sinking across
the picture. Here aud there thc aba
dow uf u tree trunk apreadiug itself
acrusa tbe picture aud breaking up
tbe olherwiac plain aud flat foreground.
Jual fur a moment let ui examiuc
the composition of a picture well kuown
lo ull lovers of art, tlie reproduction of
whieh may be purcbaicJ at auy art
iture fur u few cenls. "Windmill by
Ihu water,'' after tin' paiuliug by
luu diud Here we have perfect com-
position ami lighting ami any earnest
worker v...j! I do well to become )•••-• ■■■■
North Vancouver City
Price Lisl is now ready for Subdivision of
BLOCK 11 A,  - D.L. 550
on Qucensbury Avenue car line
Si/e of lols 50 fl. by 121 ft. all cleared
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,   Improvement Company
Limited Liability
Nortli Vancouver Agents for
Phone Seymour 6266 »
ed of a copy as au example of real
artiitic expreiiion.
It is 1)0,pre »"' ** I write uml tbe
more one examines Hi heuulil'ul composition the mqre one is convinced tbnt
it rightfully'occupies its place' as uue
qt llu- antaterpiocei iu landscape of tlio
llnlcll  school.
As tbi) name implies, the dominant
feature is the windmill wbicb at once
seizes the attention. Tbe picture is
lighted from ihe left ami here and
Ihere a bright patch of ligbt, not too
promineut, atrikea tho eye and helps to
give prominence to tbe motif. Tbo
liuw lead uuu'a eye gently out of the
pieturo in a must charming manner,
but arc averted iu the middle iliatunce
by lbc two ma.-.I.-, uf a bout hiu'l uauiull
iiuiiii': vessel still further behind. The
foreground ia hruken up by a few old
atumps which aliow alumni Iduek against
the light and serve to give distance
and help the perspective. Tbe rolling
■ imi'l ablfvc' ure introduced iu sucb
a in:iun. i us lu give perfect bulunee.
Tbu above will help lu indicate iu u
smull wuy whul is meant hy eumpusi
.lust imagine whut lhe subject would
he if tulicu by the average umuleur
phutugrupher. Flrat uf ull lhe sky
wuuld musl prububly be lusl by over
exposure uml uuthing wuuld be aeeu
hut u white pSIch. The wafer tuu,
wuuld suffer in lbe sume manner uml su
the whole elfcct be foiled simply
through lucli of knowledge.
ll must be unileraluod uf cuursc, thul
light uml Iiu.i. are uut under the cuu
trol of Ihe photographer, uml whul
the painter may du the phulugraphur,
uwing tu his lumi:.ium is nul ubic lu
du, hut he inuy choose bis poailiou or
so alter it us lu receive sume uuiuuul uf
euutrol. Choice ul' position and lime of
day or oven time of the yeur may ilu
much lu make the musl mailer uf fuel
suhject une which muy he u delight und
uu.'.i  iu nu.   pleasure.
Tbe best lighting is usually frum one
side, not exactly ut right angles lo the
camera, but either iu front or behind.
If directly behind the lighting will
prububly be liat witb very little sbud
ow, if directly in front there will be
nothing but shadow, That ia how
tbe "moonlight" pictures are luken
Tbey are really taken wilb Ibe sun
directly in froul uf Ihc camera, and
Ibougb Ihey may l,e effective ami hell
well they ure l,y uo means artiitic uiul
it is urlistie effect we un striving
i.i, not let il lie Ihuughl all has I.ecu
said on composition iu Ibesc ten suurl
arl idea, tbat can be sk.ii, far Irum il.
hul space forbids mure lhau io»..'u.g
upuu Ihe muin feutures ami tu indicate
the lines une shuuld fulluw. Nulliing lnl
constant and patient study will ser-.e
Tlie Canadian Bank
of Commerce
North Vancouver Branch Now Located at the
A General Banking Business Transacted-
Interest is allowed on all deposits of $1 and upwards.
I. A. FOESTEE    Manager.
A General Meeting of the Ratepayers'
Association will be held in the City
Hall, on the evening of Oct. 2nd, at 8
o'clock p.m. Issues of vital importance
to the ratepayers will be discussed.
A large attendance is requested.
Secretary, Ratepayers' Association
We are showing an excellent line of Sterling Silver uid Plated Ware,
imi limn but the highest grade of Goods.
Our low expenses enable us to mark our prices much below thote wbo
pay high rents.   A comparison will prove this to you.  Seo our windows.
Tbe Stoic of Quality
and Low Prices.
lo shuw lln- utility uf ul least un etc
uiciilury knowledge uf the sohjecl.
Now fur u little competition:
iu urder tu sliniulutc u lillle inieiesi
iu Ihe subject uf tbese lu, I Iwu url" les
J am enabled by ili'- kindneii of the
I'nited i'hutugraphie alures lu offer u
prize uf a Wilkins Bee Meter, u musl
useful little appliance fur giving cur
reel expusure, tu the uue wliu semis in
lbc licit picture. Twu priuls shuul I be
lent in, uue u straight print frum Ihe
ucgulive, the utiier u print from the
Mini.- negative trimmed duwu tu shuw
what yuu cunsiilcr lbe .tyci|. compose
tiun. I'niii'. may be either inounle'-l oi
uiiiiiuunlcil ami aliuuld lie addressed In
" Keflex '' care the Kxpress ufliee. 11
prints are required lo be returned
stumps must be enclosed to evver post
I.mli print iii'mi have written on
the bach Ibe name aud address ut the
competitor ur a nun de plume mny he
uaed. Auy subjeel u ay be ehoicii, lumi
•rape or figure. In addition priuls will
be . mn unl if deiired by competitors.
All print! ihould be iu nul luler lhan
October 7.
Vancouver lo Vancuuver ami ubuutthe
same ainuiint is collected frum uurcus-
icnners al Vuncouver fur culls lu us
whieh n,...'.-s a lulul of ilill per month
uf IVl'll per year ,' '" lbe face uf
Ibii lurge uuiuuul, I um iufurwi''! by
my i ii ii.inei' thai Ihey ufteu ha
give their business elsewhere ou uc
cuuut uf lhe delay in getliug us uu
lhe telephone. In Ihe busy purls of
the duy, we oflen huve tu scud u rush
messenger with our telephone lues
suges tu Vaucuuver ai it wuuld be fat
•I lu trust tu lbc telephone service
"We think Ihul lhe II. I'. Telephone
l'u .Iiniiiii either cul uul lhe Nurth
Vuucuuver lelepliuiie ur give us a service ul' some ose tu us. We alsu Ihink
lhat the In ceul charge fui each cal1
is excessive md nu business iu Nurtli
Vh'ui'utivcr cap aiTMd t-ujiy' tnis tux.
"We have no eumplaifflri(Wiwl»slii
Nurlh Vuucuuver manager or auy of
Ins -lull as we Ihiuk Ihey give us la
Board of Trade and
Telephone Conditions
Ou Ihc table at Tuesday nigbl Vmecl
ing of the Hoard of Trade lay a co|y
of thc litter recently iudited tu the
Kipress by Mr. A. Wallace of tbe Uul
lace Shipyard! Uil., touching upon Ihe
preient inadequate telephone
The letter wai aa followi:
"Home time ago wc were informed through lhe press lhat tbe ti. ('.
Telephone Company liml bought a new
cable to lay across the Inlet and tbe
only tbing wbicb prevented tbcm doing
■o wai permission from tho government
and wc understand tbat thii permission
waa granted lomc six or eight months
igu, yel uethlng bU been d.p.nj to
wardi thc laying of tbii cable.
"I Ihink that Ibii ii a matter for thc
city council to take up willstbc Bail
way Cuinmiuioncr and see if we cannot
get a cheaper and belter service acron
th« Inlet. My inn is paying .about
III par month fpr calls from  Nortli
wua fusl cuiniug when Ihesc tilings
.■.Iinni'! be bandied by the government.
Certainly sulisfudiuu was uul being
obtained frum Hie II. li. Telephone
i'pm pany.
A    commillee    wus    thereupon   up
Action Against N. V.
District Dismissed
■ Mr. Justice Murphy in Supreme
court this week dismissed au act iuu
brought by Hie parent! uf Douglas
Clayton'tt uguinsl lbe municipal
ily uf North Vaucuuver. Thc plaintiffs
were suing fur dainages eauaod by Ibe
cxplusiuu ot dynamite caps, which the
rtlVcluiniol he fuuml on iluskins llunl
Tbe municipality iu ils defence
claimed thai Ihere must nave been cou
good a lervice as Ibey cuu with Ibeir  iributory negligence, alleging ibal thc
prescnl ecjuipmciil.
cxplonves were all kepi iu a box iu a
"We huve no dould lhal there arc barn. The boy's huml was crippled by
ulher nun in Nurlh Vaucuuver whu lbe accident, uml llie fullier maintained
are in llic same pusitiuu ks ourselves  thai, is he was desiroua uf liecumlng i
us regards lhe lelepliuiie service lu Van
euuver and we would luggcsl lhal Ihe
business men ul Nurlh Vancouver bave
• meeting amlHIiicun lbc mailer wilh
the idea uf gelling better service and a
li eenl rale."
Several members uf tbe buard IX
pressed thciuselvca ai in accord wilh
lbc seutimenli conloiucd iu Ihil Idler.
The mystery aurrouudiug the where
ubout- of the cable whieb wai uildcr
stood lo bave becu ordered, shipped cud
received wai allu dlacuired Mr. Wai
luce, whu wai present it lbc inccliug,
believed Ibal il had been used for
some olber purpuse despile tbe fact
that government uuetiou had been
given some time ago for ill being Uid
across the Inlet fur the benefit of the
Nurlli Shore Mr. Wallace coniidered
lhat Iho 11. 0. Telephone Company
ihould have considered North Vancou
ver more than U had.%
Id lining to the long periods lhal
elapsed befure a call cuuid be put
through under preient condltioni, Mr.
I'hilip wondered whether in arrangement could be made whereby ionic pre
fcrcncc might be given In i oinnier, nl
calls over domestic onei.
Mr. W. J. Irwin did not couiider
thai It wu the function of the Hoard
to suggest remedies. He favored the
{ppoinlmcut of a committee to invaeli-
ate the matter.
In Mr. Wright 'i opinion fht tim
luii-i-iiinii imi rancher, the injury would
he a serums obsliele tp hii lucceu.
During Ihe (rial iff tbe action con
lideruble excitement was caused by a
witncis mined Frank Matnni thc puw
ijcr man fur tbe municipality, dropping
I box of dynamite cipi ou the door.
"I uk your lordship to have the mm
pot out of eourl il once," tried Mr.
Alexander Henderson, K.C, wbo witk
Mr. Tulk, appcircd fur Ihe plaintiffs.
"Tbii is a moat dangerous thing. We
might ill be blown iky bigb."
"The wiluesi certainly bad no buii
r?Wi to bring dangerous c.plosives into
tbii court," uid hii lordship. "Have
Ihem taken oul it once."
Maionl iwore Ihil Ibe powder, fuie
and capl were alwayi under lock unl
key, and lhal be wai tbe only man
who hid acrcii tu Ihem'
i. P. S. C. E.
The regular weekly meeting uf Ihc
V V 8, C. K. of 81. Andrew's J'rci
by tern n church wai beld on Tuesday'
list. Tbe topic uf the evening was
very a lity din ussnl by Mis. Melta
Hardy, and others joined in the general
debate which followed Mi" Hardy's
address. The socicly purposoa holding
a debate next Tuesday evening, \aml
Ike public are cordially invited to . .
present. The subjeel under discussion
il one of particular intereil.
. ,•
ptM ■
Published Tuesdays and Jtydays by Nor»b Shore Press, -Limitsd-
Kiln pf Bnnicriptloui-Oni jmt, UM. Bii mouths, 50c. Three months, Ate,
liulted States snd Foreign, (8.1)0 per yeur.
Advertising Bites Will Ba Quoted on ApplKstlon.
The Express is devoted t« ths interests nf Ibt North Shore pf Burrard Inlet
excluiivuly. It conititutes an advertising medium of exceptional value for
reaching in a thorough am) effective manner tbe population of North Vancouver
Olty nnd lilitriet. Every effort ii made to give advertisers the most iitlsfactory
Sirvlse. •
All changes in contract advartiaaments should be in tba printers' bands not
latey tban 10 a. p. Monday and 6 p. in. Wednesday to ensure insertion in the
following issue.
North Vancouver, B. 0,.
September 87, 1913
The unexpected ami continued deluy
Wllil'll     llUS     been     e -.pencil,, ,1      in     llll'
"iiiiineni'i'iiieiil of ciiiislriicl.iiu of Iho
lilies of thu i'ueilie Oreut Kasturu railway, baa been u source of groat disappointment In (he Norlh Shore public
and property owners Whep lhls Com
puny was Incorporated and entrusted
with the project uf the eonatrticliuii uf
a 1(110 of railway from North Vancou
ver lo Fort (leorgo, every feature of the
situation appeared lo fully juatify tin'
most optimistic view as to early ami
rupid construction. The hope was
shared in common liy tlm government,
the company uml Ihe geuerul public
lhat a record in prompt uml rupid nui
wuy construction woiibl be made The
result, however, has proven lu be ,i
forceful illustration nf the fact thai iu
undertaking! wboss execution invoices
u consideration of diversified inter
esta, conflict uf Interests is very likely
lo develop uml Ihul when sucli conflict makes its appearance the most
earnest uml persistent effort may not
avail lu accomplish an expeditious n<l
justiiiciit. II is certain Ihul nu one
in autliurily euuld have emleuvureu
more sincerely ami more industriously
lu dispose of vexatious impediments
Iban hus the Honorable Thomas Taylor, Minister of Hallways iu the provincial government, wiih reference tn lln
differences which have arisen lietween
lhe I'aeilie Ureal Custom Iluilwuy
Company ami Ihc Howe Sound ami
Northern Railway Cumpany un the oue
huml and belween lhe firsl tamed uin
pany uml the dislricl munlclpallly uf
West Vancuuver on lhe other. All ne
gotiations In dute, however, appear lu
have u.uii. unly in demonstrating
lhe fact Ihul au amicable uiljuslmeul
uf outstanding differences is nol pos
lible ami thai the principle of compromise cuiiiiol be brought tu bear up
nu llie hi tuul iuu. Huwever reluctant
he muy have been tu conclude ii.ui
such wus u. n.uin the ease, lhe Minisler
of Hallways has evidently become con
viuccil uf the  i.ui   ami  has at  once
eesinry to wisely discriminate iu select
iug thu strouli wbicb arc to be widen
ml. The oxaet words of the editorial
iu these particulars are as fullows:
"There is such a thing ua having a
street too vvidu. Tbo cost of making it,
when added tu lbe cost of upkee.i, may
be greater than the advantage. What
wc wuubl like property uwuora to con
aider is, if Ihey are iptile sure, iu ovory
case, thut it is either necessary ur du
siruble to hnve their streets mude any
wider Ihun Ihey are now. ft ia ipiite
true that some of lhe Older streets arc
absurdly narrow. The persons responsible fur them necin to have had in
iniini the wheelbarrow as the vehicle
of the future when they laid them out.
Such slreets should be modernised us
lo their ilimeiisiuns-j but Ihere may be
others which it is proposed'lo widen
which are, in point uf fact, quite as
wide as there is any need uf having
The aptness and Ise furee uf tbese
observations cannot be gainsaid. Al
Ihuugh the principle involved in tin
policy of spacious streels may be ne
eepted as suiinil, llie Iwu practical quss
linns which shuuld be very carefully
considered are, first, what streels ought
lo be wiileneilf ami second, huw wide
-Ingil.l lbe chosen slreets lie made)
The argument as to the additional
cost uf cnnitruction ami of uininleii
ance fill da its musl forceful application
in lbe can.' uf exclusively residential
slreets, which are used by unly a por
liuu uf lhe pupulaliuu ami upun which
lhe traffic is iighi holh as lo weight
uud quantity. In Ibese instances the
argument for exceptionally wide streels
is almost altogether of an aesthetic
n.ii.u.. ami frum Ihc practical view
puiut Ihe advisability uf the added
cost in view uf the reul advantages may
well he i|ueilioueil. ^.
With reference In the Mreetl in the
business section- of a city, huwever,
the conditions ure altogether different.
These streels exist fur ami are uied
by the enlir.e pupulaliuu uf the eily.
Tbey musl carry the maximum uf uu
ceasing truffle of every class.   Ti..
increase of mulnr vehicles. Aa u mutter
of faet, out of tliu 110 popple killed
lust year lliere wen only 188 fsstuli
H>i iniini by Iiuiiii I'HfU'lH, till) til
nt. inder boipg due to motor oiiinl-
buses, oloeiric iruiiiwuys, motor ears,
cubs, etc,
"Tlien, again, while 5,!?f| Occidents
Which did nut 9Dll totally wprp caused
by lionu vehicles, no fowur thun i),i|78
wore caused by motor und elect ricully
prop. Hud vehicles. Niuo years ago Ihorc
weru but thirteen motor omnibuses
raiwiiuf 111 the streets nf Louduu.. In
101)7 tbu nuinbur bod incrunsuil to
1,305, uml today additions aro being
mado to the number at the rutu nf lie
twoen furly and llfly u wuek. Nine
years, agp. I bore wns a solitary iiinlnr
CSh on the streets; today ||iimi uru
7,0110,-Electric tramway ears, ton, huve
increased eiiurmoiisly in numbers, frum
578 in lllllll In more thuu 8.800 iu lllli
"|t is this enurniniis increase in mo
tor vehicular lm Hi- whiili makes Hie.
streets pf [.oiulou •veriluble dentil
Imps. Tu mention uue purliculur cuse:
Aluug Wulvvurlh limiil, in ;in' Suulli
nf London, whicii in sew nil purls
very uurrnvv, seventy motor Olillllllli
ure running every hniir, iu addition lu
iiiiiuiiu ami uther general vehicles. Al
lhe Mansion llm. . uml Trafalgar
Si|uure peuple ore being knocked ibivvu
almost every duy, while in lhe suburbs
in places like Fulliiini uml 1'iilney
lhe iiiiligiiuliun uf the resident! bus
been uruiisol by llie fearful number uf
accidents which lake pluee every week
owing lo llu- congested slato of lhe
The ubove is u leaf from the lilac
n.u experience uf u gr'eul metropolis,
the sl reels uf which, wheu Ihey were
laid uut, were believed tu be uf quite
sufficient width for ull practical pur
puses, ami yel which, mil only because
of t|ie greal increase iu the
volume of sired traffic (which might
have been anticipated lu sume extent;,
but prububly mure cipoeiully beeuus
of the astonishing chuuge in the character uf lhe slreei traffic I which could
uut pussihly huve been anticipated/,
these streets because uf congested I nil'
lie ure today exacting a musl appalling
loll in the sucrilice of lum.nn life uml
Illllllllll sul'ety, ill lhe t'uee of VV'llicIl the
eily finds itself helpless In ii regret tu hi i
Ill view uf llic developments which
have luken place within tbe pusl twu
denudes Ihere ure lew whu wuubl have
the temerity lo attempt lu forecast Ihe
nolurc  uf  lhe  traffic   which   lhe  eily
streel  uf Hfly  or one hundred  years
Irum dule will be celled upuu lu ttceum
IllUilute.     Ill   | ■   the   slreels   uf
lhe muv cily nf today the fuel should
never be lost lu sight lhal iu ils curly
stages the duvelupmelil of the rityja,
being set   iu an unchangeable luuiini
Plans uiluptcil uuw must remain jure
tically    unchanged    ibruurft'd
N, V, WOODYARD    »   i»TiTi ii     "''■ j
10,000 curds pf dry Ar wpod fpr quick
sols. Price per odd cords, 11.75. Spe
clal quotations for larger quantities.
Out Wood, IB inches, UM. 13 inches
wW- C.O.D.
Office, and Y»|d~ Nth and Lomdale
Phone 190.    F>. 0. Boi 2432.
Lodge Western Boss, No. 888
Meetings of this ludgo are held in
tlm Knights of I'ylbius llall, corner of
Clieslorfiolil nveniiu and Fiiurtli atriiet,
uu lliu llrsl uml-third Fridays in eueli
iiiuiii h, at i o'c|nek p. in.
foiuiiiiiiiii'utiniis uml applicatiuua fur
membership tu bu addressed lo llarulil
l.ous, socrulury, I'. O. box 8311. 18 7-111
In all ''"unui.u Aik (or our Imui
lor'i Ailviner. Marlon k Murium 361
llnlvenlly Street, corner St. Catherine
Slreet, Munlreal. Cunuda, and Wash-
liiglun. n ft, U. 8. A.
Vancouver Business Directory
SPR0TT-SHAW Business College
JJ6 Hastings SL. W.
Canada's Qreatiat Weatern School
B, J. Sprott, II.A., - -Uiuiat-ei
Yorkshire Guarantee & Securities
Corporation, Limited
3,1,0 .Seymour Streel
K. Kerr Houljrate - - - Munugei
All Norlb Vancouver
pr»;i*"tii .t
tlini'ri   tO   "'Ullll'
llUTl'   IS,
ijiliUUt       It
uccepled Ihe logic uf lhe iituatluu, by | *       ■ ,   -J^.fc,,,, of the com
muniing without hesitancy, llw r.r..' *K?)2Pa'nd'Induilrial life of the cily.
jilWiiic!! of his position.                   i " 1v,   ,„0bl«ni   of  effectually  guarding
■J"   ^    ™* , .,  i i i, . I     tin ir     1 .... , i in i ii ii    , ., i   i, .i. I ..  I    iu    a
The iiiun,um em. nl thai lhe Minisler
will take under advisement ihe .ui
ferenrci between the l'anllc Ureal
Kuslern Hailway ami Ihc lluwe Bound
and Northern ilailway Company uml
without any further negotiations, will
give bii decision in tbree or four days
uml the further announcement that
immediately upuu being placed iu pus
s. .-slun of eitimatei us lo lhe probuble
cost of Ibe respective rights of way ap
proved by llie district ami by the
Company llirough Wesl Vuncuuver, he
will lulu' ihe matter intu couiidera-
tion ami render u decision wilhuut de
Hay, will be received witji geuerul sulis
faction. The fuel that the Minisler
has spccilleall.v requested thai every
i.v]>. 'hi iuu be exer, inul ill providing
him with lhe dale referred lu in thc
latter case, deuipmtratei Ihe fad Ihil
ihc government is quite as desirous as
is lhe public thai Ihe hindrances be
removed wilh despatch and that the
wuy be cleared for railway construction.
The task whicii the Minister uf Ball-
ways lias assumed iu deciding to shoulder Ihe full responsibility of breaking
tne ,,, k which has developed, is
uo light uue The situation is iuch
lhat no decision run possibly be ren
dered which will prove acceptable lo
lu'il' parties, iu cither dispute. There is
no duubl however lhat Ihe geuerul pub-
lie will fully appreciate tbe courage uf
the Minisler uf itailways iu deciding
lu esercise hii prerogatives in Ihe pub
lie Interests ami thai they will loyally
support bit decisions as being given iu
the i.ntl.i'i  of Ihose interest.
In a great many cities the problem of
the width uf the main itrcets wilhin
the corporation ii causing more or less
di*cuiiJou»axkda atrong sentiment sp
pears to ue silling iu in favor of a
nun h inure enterprising policy iu thii
respect tban bai hitherto obtained.
In dealing wilh this matter editorial
Jy in a recent isum, lhe yietorj* I'jlpa
isl made tome pertinent runrks *ilb
' rcfcroiio to Ihe -situation ia liis! city.
Tbe article voiced precautionary seuti
ment jlywe respects, first wllh re
. l£ibe tptt that increased width
is'' Ten involves increased coit of
/titmice, *#d second tbat it is ne
uguinsl their becoming congested is a
very vital one, in relation lu which the
ipie.tiuii of cost becomes ullugelher uf
a nn unitary nature, ami with respect In
which ihere is grave danger thai the
development! in street Iridic m the
future will shuw Ilml our must liberal
ideas were luu circuinicrihed.
I'pun the gruuud of lhe ustouisliiug
chuiigi-s whieh have luken pluee iu tbe
nature ut street Irutlic in our lurge
cities within the pusl twu decades there
exists a must pressing demand foi
slreels of whul ul Ihul time would
have been foundered exceptional til
uoi of ii j. i.i -i i !■:■ i.l.- ■ width. As a cun
viucing comment upun Ibis phase uf
Ihc subjeel the experience uf the cily
of Loudon with reference tu slrect ue
cideuls may be cited. Figures hesriug
upon this matter, which startle! ull
Kngluii'l, were recently given oul iu Ihe
liritish Commons, by means uf a repurl
from thc Home Office. The reporl in
purl proceeded as fullows:
"Iluring lasl year uu fewer than Ile
people met their death iu Ihc itrcets -
a number which is greater Iluu lhe
tolal killed ou lhe ruads and iu the
sii.ets pf twenty-four Knglisli coun
tics, representing a pupulaliuu ut 16,
i)i)il,i|il() while Ihe streel accidents re
purled by lhe puliee nul ending fatally
amounted lo 15,151. This makes a lulal
uf 15.5'il killed ami injured, which
worki out at tbe rate of practically
100 a week.
"I'erlups the most terrible feature
ol London'• itreet accldeuli li Ibat
abuut one third of the perioni killed in
lhe slre.ts by motor or bone vehicles
ire children under the age uf IS. In
live yean lllll children uuder seven
aud 2'lt belween tbe ages of seven sud
15 were killed iu the London slreels
a terrible deatbrpll of 660. Uaid Dr.
Waldo, the Houlhwark coroner, recent
ly, 'I mn quite tired of these inqUCsIs
ou little children run over by motors
and horse vehicles.'
"Year by year the total uumber of
killed and injured by vehicular traffic
in -London bai gene up. Savon yeurs
agp the tufa I number killed wai 17!
and injured 11,488, which mceiu tbat
Ibere are now nearly two and a half
limes as many people killed aud over
ifimi more injured every year.
"Undoubtedly the chief cause of this
fearful list of casualties is the. rapid
J —
fV" yiti>
' ii'lultun. for Hie slulemei.l lhal
ideal wilh respect tu the width ul' the
business slreels uf a rity which luday
may  be cunsiilercd liberal  In u  luull
will prove lu be mo restricted in lbc
face of the requirements which llie I'u
tire will reveal.
While  giving  ull  due  riinsi.lcrulioii
to economy the cities of ilnlish Cul
umbia will be wise lot make pruvisiun
for   wide  slreels,  ami   lur   plenty   of
Ihem, during  lhe  formative  yeurs  of
tbeir  existence,  thiotiuh   which   il   is
Iheir privilege lu  be  pussing  ul   the
preient  time, uml thus lo us greul  a
degree us pussiblc anticipate llu- needi
uf the future uml owns! in solving lb.
problems wilh winch posterity will be
lulled upon In deal in this  iiupurtuiil
Job Printers
Publishers of tlio "Espress'
Flnt Street East Phono 80
In  the   Matter  of  The   Leonard Sale
Company, Assigned
Thr creditors having given Imperative
nislrui lions lo collect ull uutslunding
accounts, parlies iudcblcd lu the above
"Thc Leonard Huie Company,'' are re
quelled to call and icllle Ibeir imlcbtud
neu fuilhwiili. Tbii can be dune by
cither calling at Ibe store. PU Lonadule
Avenue, North Vancouver, tu the mun
iu charge, or at the oflice of Wilson li
Perry, Auigucei, ll'lt Hastings .Slreei
Weil, Vancouvar.
t f Assignee.
•• YEA-
Timdi Maws
Corvniinrs Ae.
Iikslrliuid Sonilnllon wsy
r I'i'iiiiiiii lioo wlniilntf au
Either l-liui lllock ur iluslingi St.,
iippolile Ibo lew poit ollice. Leonunl
sella llil l.-n Uy the puund
II.   C.   I DIM'   tt.   SIIIVII In
I   "M     VI,   llllll  I
10:00   a ill Dally
2:00   inn Hull)
lllll   |' in         Dully
i "li   -i   v I II I
Uiin,   uin      Hull)
11:011   |, III        r I'ull.
I nil     \l\VIVIII
1(1.011  a in   inul   (.30  |, ill Dully
1:00 a III       l I.ui u.l.n- mul Nuliii'ilii)
KOH      I'HIM M      HI l'l .III       AMI
11:00   1 m .-•.uui.Inu
I'HIM l'l   in l-l in    AMI   i.immii
10.00 I'liii Wcilmsiljvs
lull mum   HAY, iiivi ns imii
AM)  hi I  v\   III I s
10:00 a m Wedliesiluys
I ull      l ITI ll      I ll IMII      HI VI ll
Leave i    1:00 u m
Mnn    Weil   und  Fllduy.
lu uv    i lulii.'..,. I.       7:00  uin
Toes. Thun. and Sul
I on   nur  isi nil   HUNTS
7:00 a.m .Tuesday, lur Vu uu i.e cull-
Inn ul n.iiiiiiiu   M,i.n.' ini.uul  llui...
Hay, Port vv u; nloiiion  Huni*.* 11,u
hor, Sulci,, on  I'uvc.   Ileuver  i'olnl.
Kulfurd uml Sidney Muud.
For   rales,   rcaervutluni  und  ull
I'lllli'l     ililiuin.ui.u,    upply    to    1.
MOB. i'ily I'usacngcr Agenl, Ut
lliiillnna SI. ur II W. liliniilR
111'A . Vancouver
imiii iwtmimmmmmmmmpmammmmmmm^
100 Per Cent.
Pure Paint
WE OUABANTEB tlio Mnriin Senour 100 Por Cent. Pure Paint
(except a fow dark shades that cannot bo prepurod from lead and
slue), tn bo mado from pure carbonate of lead, pure oxldo nf sine,
with eul'.iiiiiii matter iu proportionate iitisiitltios necessary to make
their i-uiipiM-iivii shades and tints, with pure Unseed oil and turpeu-
uue dryer, and to ho entirely froo from water, beusino, whiting
and adulterations, and sold subject to chemical analysis.
The Martin Seinim- Oo. Ltd.
This is ilm only Paint so guaranteed because it is the ouly
PUBE PAINT on the mar: et.
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O,
Ecgardiiijj tho sale of the '33 lots which were tlio Bite of the old Seymour
Mill on Sutherland Avenue.
For u payment of (200 cash and (in pot mouth you have a
chance of valiiahlc residence lota, close to the Grand Boulevard at a
vory low pries.
Wo havo also for sale ton lota in Block "O" of District Lot 786
ou St. George'« Bond where the Seymour factory la located at modorate
prices and on easy terms of payinoiit.
All these lotn are cleared and ready for occupation.
The Burrard 6tH*!^«ntlomoftM Limited.
Assignees of llic Beyuiour Lumber Oo., Ltd.'
17 Lonadale Avenue
North Vancouver
Phone 37
We Study Printing
Wc make a feature of preparing printing that is profitable to
nur patrons.
We study type faces and effects
I'i insure attractive arrangement,
and we believe you will appreciate
our handling of your work.
I min a card lo a huge poster
oi an illustrated catalogue we will
give you a ligure or our advice.
A Double Ender
50x175 (t. on two graded roads, 17th St. and Yorkshire
Crescent, close to Fetl Ave? carline, and all cleared anc
nearly level. A snap at $2,000, One-ihirdcatii,bai.6andi2month
Offlca Phont 173.
' 173, BeaUence
Bosldeuce Phone Ut
V- O. Vet l«|i.
\ r--'"- ""-"*•"»■
*,., riypiqiiiiMIPu'lHPinifl l?14
Begasdyourft.-M A. -Savinjf Bank Book as a sort of motor whieh records
plainly your progress towards prosperity. Tlipr. urn hundreds of these
BANK ftp 3BWSH NOBTH AMBBIOA hiiccush meters in lhe homes around
you.   Is thero pup in your hornet   If nut, wp will gladly provide une.
im     THE SANK OF     1013
British Noriti Ameiica
TB years In Biisinoss.  Capital aud Surplus Over $7,600,000.
Two Offices jn North Vancouver, Corner of Lomdale Avo
and Esplanade. Upper Lonsdale Avenue, near 14th Street
—————a —-
Electric Irons
10 Days' Free Trial
Solves tbe Summer Ironing Problem
For lnl:: we are offering a "Midpoint" uf lhe 01b sine, suiluhle for
goudral household use, for HSU. This iron is similar lo ull "Hotpoinls"
except thut Ihe upper surfuee is iinpuliiihcd.
"t     mmw*
Second Street Easl, Norlh Vancouver, B. C.
Possesses the finest roof garden on thc Pacific Coasl.
Band concert every Friday evening from 8 lo 10.
Hot and cold water in every room.
European Plan only $1.00 a day up.
Weekly Rales $3.00 up.
Meal Tickets $5.00.
L. REDA, Proprietor
Business OouUomon's Popular Lunch Place.
Breakfast 8.00 to Luucb 12.00 to 4X0
High Tea 6.00 till 7.30.   Afternoon Teas.
Short Orders specially attended to.
Ratepayers Recommend
bequest omr oouNon, to hbt in
Tlie executive of the Batepayors
Association met ou Wodiipsday night
tlio president, Mr. If. ft Wright, oecu
pying ilu- chair. After considerable
.liiieiin.'iiiiii, the following resolution was
moved, seconded and unanimously car
"Thai tho city council bo requested
to imihe,iih pass a resolutiou setting
in force thu compulsory audit clause
of Ihu Muuicipal Clauses Act and In
cuuu of tbeir refusal or failure to do
so Ihut the eiecutivo couucil bo author
lied to circulate the neceuary petitiou
uml present same to the Lieutenant-
A general roeetiug uf Ibo Awiociatiou
ut whieh a good attendance is urgent
ly desired, will take placo on tbo pveu
iug of Monday, Oct. Sud.
by fbe Wty Ferries Md. for ,liel«r?
threo years, previous t.i) R'lil, ll It. KM
for a abort time captain of oue of the
West Vancuuvur ferries. Mr. Child* won
one uf tliu most popular »iou ou the
Nortb Bbure, his amiable and obliging
disposition being appreciated alike by-
Ilia ferry colleagues ami tlie patrons of
thp service. About 40 years of ago, bo
wus the fullier of three children, tho
youngest of whom is unt quite live
iniini hs  pld.
Tbe sympstby uf tho city gpes nut
lu Mrs. t'hilds whole husband wuk lie
lieve.l tp lip ill pood lieullli In llie inu
ment Pf his death.
Tug Day To-morrow
What About Tbat Concert onOct. 19 ?
The music loving peuple of the North
Shore will lie wise iu their guiierutioo
if Ihey preserve the eveuing of Oeto
her imi' free from any engagement
other Ihun the concert in the Lonsdule
Theatre.' The fare on this occasion
■nil comprise a  progrum   of   populur
lie-n:. contributed hy three proven ur
listen—Madsine Nurmiutuii (contralto),
Mr. .1. II. A. Tripp (pianist), aud Mr
Holy-rood I'uu,. ^violinist). It is never
lu early lu awake to a good thing.
Tomorrow a number of the Indies
of thin eily will generously engage in
collecting subscriptions Inwards tbu
I'.'liildishnieiii of a districl nurse on
the North Shure under the auspices uf
Ibe Victorian Urder of Nurses. Tb
muu ■'■ ii: ul such a nurse bus been Iiuiu
and agaiu mentioned in these eulumus
aud has still inure frequently been de
uioustrjitcd in the uetuul life uf the
city. Tbis "lug duy" wus lu bave
taken place a lillle lime ugu hul had
te he |." iju.ii, .1 uu uccuuu! uf uupru
pltiuus weather couditious. Inis pust
jiuneineiit, huwever, muy prove lu huve
been advantageous, fur it hus afforded
a further opportunity fur Ihose whu
have uul always understood huw nee
essury is the pruvisiun of such a nurse.
lu luuk mure tliuruuglily iulu the inul
ler uud gleun fur themselves Ihe salient
fuels  upun  whieb   lu morrow's uctiv-
ities are based' It is earnestly hoped
that the response uf the cituous will
be iii proportion tp the worth pf tbe
A geuerul ineeling of the Hutepny
ers' Association will lie held in the
City Hall pu tbp evening pf the snd
of October at ii p.m. sharp, lu discuss
a rei iiinnieii'liilioii by tbu' executive
coimuitteu that tbo oity eouneil bo re
quested to forthwith puss a resolution
putting In force the Compulsory
I'liiin..'!' Act and in case pf tho|r
refuaul or failure tp dp sp that tbe
executive cQinniitteo bp authorized lo
circulate the necessary petiliuu and
present same to tlie Liout.-Qovcriior.
George Mackenzie, secretary ttotepuy
ers' Association.
mt*nt,t n* s
Sunday Schuul services In tho Holh-
udist Church uext Sunday afternoon it
li.lli),   A   specially  prepared  prugram
—everybudy welcome.
Norlb Shore Press limited is
prepared to eutertaiu propotilioiu
for a loan to be utilize.1 n lltu con
"Inniinn of a building for noes
paper ami printing purpuses, I) be
erected oil lot 16, block 167, I). I,
871, boing the north west coruor ci
First street and Kogers avenue, Ibis
city. Full particulars muy be ub-
laincd by applying tu the under
Sudden Death of Mr.
George Child.
Tbo death louk place very suddenly
on Wednesday evening of Mr. (ieorge
Cbilds, flrst mate ou the Norlh Vau
couver ferry number three, whose fniu
ily live ou First utreet easl. Child's
death euuie us a great shock to hit
inuny friends and acquaintances. He
was, il appears, ou duty until Iwo o'
clock in ihc aflernoou, afler which be
wenl houie aud attended lo a few
lieu- uliol'i duties. Shortly before nine
u'cluck he I'urupluincil lu Mrs. Child's
ot indigestion and uskeil her to give
him u drink of hoi water. This Mrs.
Child's did, ami was horrified to aee
her husband Jjftoi lhe trtt sip, sud
deiily become limp iu Ihe chair which
he wus occupying.
ilr. Murliu was summuiicil with all
possible busle bul despite all lhal euuld
he doue medically, Mr. I'hilds never
regained consciousness.
The deceased, wbo held maulers' pa    puny;   "Suiihuiliict   Sue
I" i", has beeu eugaged as hrst mate  Rich ami chorus; "i'ul'
-V -
R-»Bllpopi, p. p.-41incc Iho duels)-
ioi) was reached thai the Kuuiluops district shuuld be represented buth uttho
Letlibridge ami at the New Westminster fair, local farmers bavo swakeued
to the opportunity afforded for si-'ring
a record and nro inking active steps
tnward tbe collection of material. Now
that tho Kamloups centenary has boon
successfully terminated, tbe work pf
Collecting   material   for   the   exhil)il,s
bas boon gpjpg furward rspidly. Increasing atteutipn is boing given to
mixed furniiug and dairying iu this
section of tho province, Ihe conditions
being especially favoraidu for stock
breeding, dairying and murket gardening.
Tbe Panama Theatre
For thc Whole Family
Blurting Matinee Monduy, Sept. llllh
I Shows Nightly—1.1)9   and   It: IS
IDc, 25e, 86c,
Matiuoc Daily at .1—15c and SOc
Neil week ill lhe Panama the Frank
linii Company will ufler (hut whirl
wind show.
This bill is foil of snappy sn tgi., goo I
dances uiul hus u riot of fw running
thruugh it uml mulling auuli".vr gieut
big 'Inn',   al  lillle prices.
The musical program is'composed uf
tbe fulluwlng: Kchocs frmu the Operas,
Cannon, Chimes uf Nurinumly, II Tru
v,iluu   uiiil Faust, by tl,,- entire cumin   Murie
e*i Vuur Man
llie following articles will he sold hy
puhlle .eu  ut  ihe Palace  Hulel,
Norlh Vancouver, un Saturday, the
Sib duy uf October, llllll, ul throe
u'cluck in the aflernuuii. by Theodore
Howard, Auctioneer, namely:
Twu trunks containing persunul ef
feels. One inlise containing persunul
effects, tbe properly uf one Mrs. Mary
Dickson, wife uf Willium .1. Dickson,
ul one lime u guest in lhe suld I'uluee
Hulel, tu satisfy ihe claim uf lite undersigned uguinsl Ihc said Mury nick
-ou  amounting  lu  ♦.'UI.8I   fur board
iillil     1" i,.'u ;!
I'uled at Nurth Vain nuver llu--ulli
.lay of September, All., 11)12.
Proprietor uf Ihc I'uluee Hotel,
Iu pursuance ol tu assignment .inn.I
1UI1 lu lhe
dolin" by Tommy  Hums;  "Down iu
I'oliuluwn",  Durulby  Raymond    and!
I bonis;  "When Tou   Are in ToU'U,"
bv   Ilul   lleriiurd uud chorus;  "Whenj
Tummy Alkins Marries Dully Gray," *»«»•' mb, Hi-, m lhe undersigned,
l,i ibo Bernard Bisloru and the dancing\p*tl'** indebted lu lhe W. II. Stuney
girls; "My Ileru," u duel by Missi* Company ure lierehy notified lu pay
Raymond un.l Mr. Flehnug; "Now'a 'he amounts due at the office of lhe as
lbc Tilne," Messrs. Burton, Knrle and siguec, Wilson k I'erry, suite 9, DeBeck
sh Rag,    oy Miu Bulldiutf,  .CIO  Hastings  slrect   wesl,
Hums; ','Tiiul Spanish Hug,
Muiuleville uud "Huil lu lhe King."
Three sliuws daily al Ihree, seven
thirty uiul nine fifteen, except Satur
day nigbl when three complete perform
nines ure given the llrsl une roinnienc
ing at seven u'cluck.
Vuneuuier, ll. C, nl   ll urlicst pus
slide moment, who will issue receipts
fur same.
W. .1. WII.80N,
Pbune Seymuur Iill.
TO   HKNT- Kuoins
I.uu .lul,    PhoUO HI
FOR  HKNT   I .ruumed modern hou
ses, 6 minutes frum  ferry.  Reul  ♦lu
Kignih   ninl   per niunili,    Peers li lluull. Phuue Itt.
I.f- I.f.
FOR HKNT Twu 2 ruoui collages,
wilh wuler 4!f ami til. A. Smith k l'u.'
FOR HKNT 6 roomed Ilul near
ferry, 426 per inoulh. Apply Wurhuru
ilu Piano House. t.f.
TO HKNT lairgc fruni lied ruum,
furnished. Suil Iwu friemls. I'M -Isl
st. W. Phoue 361 aller 6 p.m.      31)9
FOR HKNT A huuse un lOlh slreei
and Uniilevni'i. ulsu shuck, suitable for
euuple. Apply P. Huulb, plumber,   t.f,
KOH SALK -Ducks, cheap, i'or. 2ltl
ami SI. Andrew's.
KOH    SAI.K     Apples,     Aslrocbuii,
Duchess," (Iravenslein. Keeue, lnlli HI
KOH SAI.K Mluvc ur furnace wood.
IS inch lo I feel. Apply '.'. A. Lindsay,
Phone 15.1. 8-10
FOK BKNT   Five''ruum cottage on
1st street, 129 per monlli. Furniture fur
sale cheap. Apply '.'ID Lousdale Avenue.
FOK RENT-Coluniul Apartments, I
roomed suite, unfurnished, inquire Dior
sseu, Mli alrcot and St. Andrew's, i'nuue
Bill. I.f.
FOH .SAI'K K, i .1,,... i l.usiness iu
good running urder. Appky l.:l Isf
streel wesl.   . 610
'O RKNT--6 repined niuilern liuuiie,
lllh street and Cheslerfield, 120
lontb. Apply Mrs. C. HnMley, next
east. t-10
■KNT—One of those beautiful
|Ws on 61b street west. No. 147,
October. Apply Mrs. McNvieh,
road west. Pbone SU 114.
KOH SAI.K Snap on Western Ave.
lut 36x161 for short lime only. 11,000
cash. Fur particulars apply ISO 1611
sired wesl. 1-10
WANTKD—Dining   ruum   girl   fur
American Cafe. 27-9
WANTKD-Route  boys   tu   deliver
the Express. Apply at tbis ollice.
WANTKD -Au experienced waitress
lluud wages, lnli'iiin Cafe, Ksplauade
WANTKD A uurse gj-rl fur after
iiooiis. A|iply Mrs. Lewin, 217 6tii
street eusl. 21 U
WANTKD -Four laborers for levee
work, fool of Hewickc. Engineer for
Dunu or Hrussher. M0
WANTKD-Auy kind of work fur
only murniug by yuung Japanese. Ap
ply .iupuuese Tea Gardens. M0
FOH SALK--Thoroughbred S. C W.
euekerels, ,U eucii. Apply T. C. Hue,
l)uceu'r street west, Third Building
from nurlh corner l.uusilale.       27-10
FOR SALK -Freun conicru, 6xi, lo
curry 60 films, wilh 10 carriers for
plnles. Kxtru good lense with porlrnit
allurhinents. Owner purchasing larger
camera. What cash uffersf !'• O. "ox
J, Lynn Creek,
—- 1 --^ly
TO HKNT- Furnished boiise^ sevco
rooms and bulb, bot ond cold water,
electric light throughout. Urge gruumls,
wood »nd coa| on thc premises. Apply
atJJOO Second etroat wost, North Vancouvar. • W-^ou thtsppt.
WANTKD-Wuuian wanted daily
from i a.m, lo 12 a.m' for light bouse
work four roomed cottage. Apply 0211
'(Micciisliiiry Avenue, cor. 6tb streel,
Lynn Valley car line.        i 110
Voung Judy wants position in bouse
or slorc.   Ilox 2247. 27 0
For fine wafch uml jewelry wurk gu
to Oeo. Somcrton, Ibe new jewelry slorc
ou 2nd street.
I .-imi Clearing aud Grading l.ul".
Polo Andruss, Qcuoral Contractor. So
wer connections a specialty, basemont
and other excavating work undertaken.
Kslinialcs free. ISO Idlh slreet west,
North Vancouvur, poet office box 2303
Short time louus un vacant or improved properly. Star Loan Company,
611 Hauling-', Vancouver. t.f.
M0NLY TO WAN—Money loaned
on diamonds, jewelry, furs. Star Loan
I'u, Oil Hustings, "Vancouver. If.
lul 518-618 is sold. Mrs. Angus Me
Lean,  16th slreet  west. I Hi
Luusdale Really Co, 6,'I5 Lonsdale
Agreements discounted at current rales.
Money wailiug. Listings solicited. If.
Bookkeeper wools wurk in spore
lime, wuuld keep set uf buuks, luuk
after accounts, general ulliee wurk, elc.
Apply K, 1'. 0. Box 2120, Nurlh Vau
WANTKD-Pieec of property to
rent, size about 30x00, located ou 18tb
streot between St. George's and Lons
dale Avenue, lo erect a factory on. Ap
ply Box 1076, Post Offlce, Nortb Vancouver, or Kxpress Office.
Miss Isabel M. Dunn, Licentiate uf
Hip Royal Academy of Music, London,
Kugland, teacher of piuuoforte, visits
North Vancouver every week. Address
1102 Demnuii street, Vancouver. Phone
W4M. Seymour. 610
Orders fur cnbiuot uml picture frame
mukiug proinplly executed. Furniture
ami ollice linings lo uuy design. Job wurk uml repuirs uf all kinds
specially attended lu. Kstimales free
■I. K. Iluyucs, 12.10 Luusdale Avenue,
Nurlh Vuncouver, Pbune LI47.
Applications will be received by Ine
indersigiieil up lu nuuu uu Ocluber 1st,
11112, for Ihe position of Assessor for
the nl me municipality. Applicants
tu stale experience and fee required for
lhe completion uf Ihc 1013 assessment
(Signed) O, II. I'KAKK,
27 0 C.M.C.
■A SNAP -To be sold cheap owing to
sickness) the owner is willing to sac
riflcc away below market value two
valuable lots adjoining Muhon I'urk at
tho bottom of llth street west. For
further particulars apply Armby House,
WST—Near Capilano swing brl'lgo,
Sept. ISth, lady's gold watch, sagrav-
cd "A, B,"'Pearl Ohattani Pin. Be-
wtrt-If returned. {88 Victoria fnrlr
cast pr Kxprcss Office. •
ao ii
Firsl class drewniaalng and Tailor
ing, 410 Keith road west. Fit guar
Whon needing coal or building sup
plies, call up pbone 188, Nortb Shore
Coal * Supply Co., Kickhams wbarf.
L. 8. Kulon, manager Note namo and
pbpno number.      ■ t.f.
B. 0. Livery and Board stables-
Light rigs and ladies' saddle horsos
fpr hire. Stabling for borsea. Gen
eral delivery and heavy teaming, il
Dumas, Uh street wost. Phone 847 t.f
Authorized agent -for Singe; Sew
Ing Macbino Compauy in Norlb Vau
couver. 1.1. McAleccc, Dry Goods and
Gents' Furnishings, corner First uml
Lonsdale Avenue. If.
Bungalow, 0 rooms, ou ear line, 10
minutes wulk from ferry, facing Inle
uml Stanley Park. Reasonable rent to
cureful tenants. Apply P, 0. Box 1810,
Norlb Vancouver. tf
The tenderers muni slate their own
terms fur 'payment, The plunl will be
open lu iiilemleij purchasers lot iuspce
tiou every aflernuuii between tbe hours
uf Iwo ami four.
P. 0. llui 8646,
4-10 Nurlh Vaucuuver.
TKNDKKS are hereby called for the
purchase of the Burrard Sash and Door
Factory, including the following: Lense,
buildings, machinery and stock of
doors, sosh, lumber and mouldings, all
complete as a going concern. Splendid
upeulng for business. All tenders must
be in no later Iban Monday, October
Iti). 1
111U. I I, A 111 I.V S
i.'nul mining rlglils of Iho Dominion
In Manitoba, fjaskitchcwun and Alhsr-
a. the Yukon Territory, tho North-west
Tefrliorlcs and In a perilon of the province of Brlllsb ''"iiui'M.i may be leased fur a term of twenty-one years at
an annual rental of fl an acre. Not
moro than 2,610 acret will be leased to
one applicant.
Application fur a leaee must be inadi
by fhe applicant In person lo Ihe Aircisj
or Sub-Agent of lha district In wnich
tho rights applied f"r aro situated.
In surveyed Icrrltiu. Ihe land must
be Described by scclluns, or „ '."I subdivisions of Sections, and In unsurve;
ed territory the tract applied for shall
he slaked out by the applicant himself. .
Kach application must be accompanied by a fee of IS which will be refunded If Ihe rlgliii applied for ere not
available, lllll mil nlherwlse A royalty thall be paid on tho merchantable
output of the mine al Ihe rale of five
cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent witn sworn returns
accounting for ihc rull quantity or
merchantable cool mined and nay the
royalty Ihereon. 1/ ths cosl mining
rights aro nol being operated, such returns should be furnished at least ones
The ieiee will Include the cosl mining
rights only, but the lessee may he par-
milled li purchase wholcvcr available
surface lights may be considered nee;
Msiry for mo wJrtifng or rue mms it
the rate >f 410 an acre.
For full Information application
ahould be made to the sec, Mary of the
Dibartment of the Interior. Ollawa. Or
-- agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion
W. iW. CORY,
fk.jn. <
Deputy Minister ♦fthe Interior.
... »-U-aantlioriMii publloaUon of
thit advertisement will 001 tn tM Money to Loan —
Oa Improved Property at
Eight Per Cent,
i       No good security turned down
, 11. i, i c=g= =s=s       '    i    aaaaggscs:
Phone 24.
P.O. Boi 1820
To Those Whom
it May Concern
To Iry lo do business without
advertising is like winking in the
dark, you know what you are
doing but no one else does.
1 o let the people know what
you are doing you must reach the
people effectively.
The Express circulates at almost every house on llie Norlh
Therefore to do business effectively on the North Shore you
musl advertise in The Express.
Local Corps of
Field Engineers
Orders bl Lieutenant N, B. Bohertson
Commanding, Sept, ffi)rd, 11113.
No. 53. Ooniiiiulid
Captain J. I.inleu Ward h.-nin;: re
turned from duly at I'ntuwuwu eiimp,
will resume cuiiiiiiaud nf Hie I'liinjuiii)
Oil  Hi'l'l'nilu'i   Uilli,   IIHL1.
No. 63. Enilsted-
The fttllowiutt men have been duly
attested, uru horuliy lalieu on lbe
strength of thu compuny:
No. t"i, Hopper Edward MopW)'
, Nu. SH, Kapper frank Joseph Airey.
No. til. Mapper Hulliliorl (lluilwin
No. 51. Duty-,
Tn be orderly ollicer, neck ending
October 'illi, 10101 Lieutenant .. Ward
To be orderly sergeuiil week ending
October iiili, I9|2i No. 1, Hergeunt W.
II. Kleiniug.
Next fur duly:  No. II .Sergeant  II.
('. Oiiguton.
No. 55. Parades
The compsny will parade ul lhe
ilrill hull, Nurlh Vancouver, on Mun
day and Friday evenings ut H o 'clock
p.m. Ilress: Ilrill urder wilh rilles and
side arms.
Ollicer commanding lllh Field i'um
pnny Oanadian  l-iugiueers.
Whist Drive and Social
at North Lonsdale
I'ellar Coul" from Master Jack  Wil
cos, wbo, in spite of bis tender years,
displays promise of p good singer:
In llie whist driyr lirst nud socoiid
ways meet with such profound uppruvul
no the part of his friends.
One hour sfter midnight the pleasant
nieiiiug ilreiv lu ii i-ln-in wlill llie \'li
lionul Aiitliuin and tlm gliosis after
wishing tho popular host uiul hostess
qsw (fnine, departed fur their curious
residences  In  Iheir  private ''Ill's.
lady's prize wont lo IliO Misses I. eur
ragh sipl hrst uml second gent'a prises
wero min by Master W. Seurriigh und ali happiness and prosperity in their
Mr. ,luine» McLaughlin. ¥
Tbe cards being oyer, tho company
sut down to a iluinly cold eullalion,
which, as Mr. Browe genially observed,
"iniihl ho understood and enjoyed by
Supper finished'with, un impromptu
ruiiecrl was huld comnieuciiig wilh u
pin unfurl u solo, soluetions from "The
Ciioi'iilule Soblitir" from Mr. Lnwis.
Mr. .lames McLaughlin (Jimmy) fu
Hired with Tostie's "(loodHyo" ami
Inter caused great merriment with his
imitations from Hurry Lauder. Mr.
I'limly gave "Wail Iill Ihu I'loiids Hull
by" and ss un encore " 'Arry 'Awk."
Mr. W. August llrowe (wbo is an
old timer up llm'Seymuur creek and
Viuicuiiver dislricl I recalled huw yeurs
ugu before the times uf our effective
ferry service u gunlleiniin being belated
in Vuncouver uud milium tu reach the
Nurlh I'l'.'i. thul night muile un inlre
pid Ihuugh unsuccessful ultciiipt lu
Mviui the lulet. Mr. Ilruwe ulsu sang
"Scuts Whu' Hoe" in a sweel leuur
voice, "The Soldier's ('horns'' wus
given by Sergs. Kiiins, Lieut. Brows,
Segt. iui!,lull ami Lain'. Corp. Heath,
ami enjoyed by all.
Ily special request Mr. I'urMitll in
vureil wilb u clever sketch uf uis own
production untitled "Iluu we cul Hie
lirsl sod of lhe Second Narrows
bridge,' 'which was voted a greul sue
An Informal whist drive uud sociiil
wus hel'l ut the house of Mr. mnl
Mrs. t'orkhill, Chesterfield uvenue, nn
Saturday lusl. As is well knuwn Mr.
' ..ii.inii hus resided summer nl iiis
charming bungalow uu llllli street, but
hus nun luken up his winter quarters
ut his new liumc uu I'licsterliel.l. Mr.
I'urkhill's upen house un.l huspitality
ciiriicl I'm Ins luinguliiii aiming In?
friends Hie pleasing uppclluliuu ul
"The i'luglislllliail 's lloliie." Ullil lu
iiiiii[. Hie sellling down iu lhe new
quariers Hie whist drive and sncial was
give's Among Hie guests were Mrs, llie Misses ScurriljMr, Muster
Willie Scurragh, Mr. W. August Ilruwe,
Ihc j .'i ..lui "iiu i i uf the- lund regis
try department, Mr. T. Kvuns (Tummyj
uf the i' Trunk, Mr. Kiu tli, the
well known athlete, Mr Fred, Smyth
uf liusliulnie, Mr. F. Kiel/, Mr Ja)
WilciK, Mrs. Maggie Wiicos, Muslei
Jack Wilcox, Mr. I.. II. I'audy, Master
Jack Candy, Mr. ami Mrs. Whcullicl.l,
Mr. ami Mrs. I'culuuly uiul Mr. .funics
Mi l-uiiglilm (Jimmy), letter* impress
ing regret  ut  inability  lo be pr nl
were read from Mr. Strung, .Scuttle.
Mr. I., iui. Kamloops, Mr. Mekado,
Mr. Jnu. Ilalclitlc. Hie well knuiMi Van
cuuver journalist ami Mr. Henry Ituiikc
uiul utliiuugli unable tu In- j<ic., nt.
hoped that everybody would huve u
guii'l  time.
While the guests were usscmhling
Mr. Frcl Smylh, llic lmal harilouc,
favored willi "Thc Trumpeler," ami
luler "The Buudolera." Mr. Lewis
guvc a maslerly purlruyul ul "Henry
V hefore the walls uf llarllcur," lu
Hn- greut ni.; i ' ul Kbukespearianspresent, while Master Jack I'a inly's
" llunlni(i Song" ami actions were wull
rectived Mr. F Keels obliged wilh u 8
cum ic skelcii ciilillc'l "Huw we moved
Ihu piano," followed by Ihc .sung "lu
Al  Hie I'uiiiii wus Mr. Lewis, wbosi
.iinini.I.   services in Ihis 'lite.linn ul
If you
wast lbs
paint  Um'
spreads easiest/
covers lbe mosl'
•urfacs snd stsnds all'
kliuliofwesrsnd wcalber,,
uli ihc dealer tp give you
(MA.PLI 11*1)
Whatever ll is tbst needs
painting, inside or sutslde
llie bouse, you'll find
M-L Pure Faints
lbs most economics! you i
un buy.
youi walls in
tbt up-to-date,
sanitary, artistic way
—using stencil designs,
If you like, bul surely with
lastly applied, over wall, paper,,
or burlap, or on  plaster.
Washable, duisblc,economical.  16 shades.
Made by Imperial i
Co., Lid., ;
Toronto ,
St. Agnes' Church
Tho spuciiil iinulum for Hip li«
services at Ht. Agnes' Church niui
Sunduy will lie Veil. Archdeacon I'eul
rcnlh, l>. Ih, Archdeacon nf I'ulitliiliiu,
at Ihu illuming service, and lliu llev.
Principal Vunce, M. A., Principal of
Latimer Hall, Vuneniiver, lit Iho even-
lug service, lu addition lu these sir
vices Ihere will iu Huly Cuniniiiiiiuii
at t a. in. mnl n cliililmu's service ul
Ml p. m. The church Is In be deeur
iiieil fpr Hie occasion with lhe fruits
of the year's btrvssl. Bt. Agm'
Church is ou tho corner of Twelfth and
Bouievurd.  -All  soats sre  free, aud
wurymii) u n\u .inu1.  ■ ■ ■'»
Harvest Social
. Final arrangements for lbs harvest
social In be held in St. Agnus' Church
hull on Octobor 1st woro mudo at a
meet ini: uf the Woman's Ausiliary
uii Wednesday last. A .rat-cliiss, programme has been drawn up anil refreshments will lie served during tbu
oviining, so that a good time is promised tu nil wlm attend. .
: .iiii.I.'". Sehnnl cun... in the Mulh
odisl Church iietl Sunduy uflnriiuon al
lllll.   A     i"'. mill    prepared   progrum
ovurybudy weleuniu. ,
S. E. BUELL  Vanlm
Daddy's Bedtime
The Butterfly
And Its Little
Green Babies
• m....a.	
"Isn't il prstt/l" es
claimed lick.
DADDT wu not pleased.   A horrid lillle green caterpillar bad Imu
gnawing al tbo leaves of bis forurllt radish plants   Jm k nnd Brolyu
watched sharply tn catch Ihem, but evory moruiug tbere were ourn to
ba mure caterpillars breakfasting ou the leu ies, nud tbeu Ibey would
bine l« got out tkeir Utile pails and brush Ibe incu caterpillars Inlu lliem
Ono 4a; as tbey wara at work daddy coma aluug A ulce while liutUrgy
tat down beside Ihem.
"ISO't II |il el I v I" elelullneil Jack.       >
"Look! Just Ilka an angel butterfly, duean't II. daddy)" said Rvtlyu
"Wbilo may bo tba color of Ibe sinless augels," daddy aucwered, "bul Hint
lllllt butterfly U far from an -angel. I suspect tbut ouuie uf Its nobles ma> lie
Ibt (try green caterpillars that havt beeu spoiling Ibt radishes."
Jack and Kvtlyu atared For t pretty white butterfly tn bare ugly linldts
llkt tbt grttn things on tht radish leasts surprised tbem
"Tbat Utile creaturt la tha cabbage butttrfly," daddy wont on "II lays us
tggs vn Ibt cabbagt, tbt turnip, tbt horseradish and similar pistils When
Ibt babies, wbicb art grttn caterpillars llkt Iht onto you hart teen, rume uut
of tba tggs (bay begin at onct to feed oo (bt leaves uf the plant, I can't Ull
/ou bow many Ilni vtgttnbita are destroyed by tb* llttlt wretches.
"Tbt caterpillars bava tntralei In tbt tret tops, bunvvtr, aud ever; uuw
(nd tbtn you will at* tb* bird* twoup down and pick at Ibt cabbugtt
"Boon stupid people think Ibal tbu birds an afttr tbe cabbages, but catch
any UUI* bird toting vegetables when ulet Juicy worms art plentiful!
"Tb* caterpillars tra not vtry well able lu get out of tbt way of Ibt birds.
and for that reason tbty wtar tbtlr gtvtu coati witb tbe dark stripes along
tbt back. Tbat make* tban luokjui/uiucb llkt tbt cabbagt plant tbat tb*
bird* bar* to look abarp tu spy IttSnout.
"Tht cnUrpllltrt grow vtry lusl I suppose tbat I* Ibe ration tbty Ml so
much (Jrowlug children tlwtya have beorly ipptlltct. Wbta tbty ban
rtaebed Iheir full tin tbey crawl down tbs slulks of tb* plant* Ibat bar* betu
tbtlr boat* and go bolu quiet plact*, such as betwttn tbt crack* in boards or
"Thar* tb«y hang tbtmttlves ap In NUI* bammocki. Thv.g* tba; make
witb allk wblcfe tb»; vnn spin out of tbtlr bodies )»st ss tb* spider spins It*
W*b. Tbtn tb* grttn cattrplllsr* curl op In tb* baioouock* aod go to sleep.
Tb»; alttp for about tltvto dtyt, and when ibt; awak* tba; ar* bsndoomt
wblt* botUrdlaa Uk* on* of tbttt you at*
"Tbtn tbt bnlUrgla* acorn tb* ctbbagt plant. Tbt; HI fron Sowar to
«*wtt (or food tod v* a* ga; u feetttrf its ibould bt."
Three new blocks of lots have jusl heen put on lhe
market. They arc situated one block from the Marine
Drive and three blocks from the sea, and measure 65x
122 feet to a lane, lhe finest views of lhe Gulf of
Crortjia can he had from these lols. Crowds of people
have visited and bought at DUNDARAVE this
summer, and lhe universal verdict is lhat il cannol be
I eaten as a residential dislricl.
PRICES From $650 to $900
TERMS- -A fifth cash and lhe balance uycr 2
years. Call us up and make an appointment to go oul-
iii our automobile and sec lhe properly. -
121 I.onsdale Avenue and corner Marine Drive and
Marr Road, Wesl Vancouver
Dittrict of North Vancouver
li Ilia i ID ul Turuniu, In llic piuvlncc
it Oiii.iiIii, ,.i ai in,, principal unlcc
.1   llic sulil  Hunk  in  in,. ('Hy „( M011
A  »,-!....  lo main,  ,ke l'tr»«illva   '"ft1.,'" 'ft ']'X'V\ ,"' '""'l'1','' „
of  llie  Dlalrlcl   ol   Nmll.   Vancouver ' ,,,,       ,"',   , '","      '     , •""    *.'!""    '"'
lo raise  hi   "a,   ol luan  Ikr sum  .,1       ',     ,;,,,'?   ""',' '>t l".l .111..I1   Ilul
WMNM  In,   Slice.   1'urlM.s.a. |   ,' ''L'1.'   ,,"f'»1,,,,."» '"»"  ""'  l"1  •''>
WIIKRKAH  li   l»  il'ini,,l  ,-M"'II.i,i ,     ,-,    ■■'      „,   ,i  i , .    ,
i ii lien- ahull I,, iuIhi'iI mnl i.vlcd
uiiiiilii Iv li.v apeelul ml,. „i, „1| ,uie
uiiii-   lumi   ni   Inipruvemenla  ur   real
I.,,    llie   i'uiiiii 11   ul   Hie   1,1,|,I,inlliui   ul
lllc    I'lull u I    nl    Nni III    VulieilUVcl     ll
lllc    limili.l   ul    cm ill    Viilicinnel    In   „,,„„.,,.    |„   ,,,       „.,;,,,       '    ■■■!
ralae by wuy „l luun llic aum uf I'U.OooI 1-Tr.c n    .,.,, '.I,'   "'.'  """I ,"'
l„ he   'upended  ll.  Hi.- cuhSlrucll I   f,,"-/, ,1 fJ'n.  T """!'"' ,"* , ,"lr'k
slreels lii  ll.e suld  lllslrlel, n, wl     ".iV","'"' "' tM "v,
ANH WHKHKAS  -unl  uf Hi.-    '. .""   "  Vi,tati      ,'!'"""•'  au''' ,*ni!
,1,1,1 which ihia 11., luw la iiii.n,l.,l i„      '  "   ","' »'■"•« ''"'   bo uaymen   of
create la llie aulil huiii uf i'..u '"l'l unit
llle ui'l" I fm which Hi, ui.l del,I la
i-l i'liii'.] la lln' eueli u, Hun ul slreets
ua ufurcajlil.
ANii WHKIIKAH ll uill In- ii" ".mii j
lu iui.- unnuull) I,., syi i lul mie the
lulul aum ur ftsis /..i lUti vein a r„i
the repayiiic-nl uf ^l" anld luun unu
Interesl ut 6 pel eenl na lul, Inullcl
ANii   WHKHKAS   llic   vulue   ul   lln
wholo lul'.'M. lulul Ul lllipluvellicldl
i,I    "ul    inupeily   III    III,-   sulil    I'thl 11, I
iii cui iiinii lu Ihc lual if vised Aaaeaa
ineiil   Hull  iiniuillila lu  IS.oS.I.;:iO
ANIl    WIII-'IIK AS    II KUlellllle    "I
the Debenlure I'clit ul  llic Monl,Ipul
Ity   Icscelil   fur   wurks  uf  IjhuI   Iiii
I'luvuliienl   uml   Kcliuul   |,ui|,"aeai   In'
eliiillim    Hie   Inuii   Ii.n l'»
.nm,mil,,  lu  liiSi,.UUO:
THRRKKiiltK Un He. ve uml i'uuu-
ell uf llie I'nlpulullull ul llu lilalil. I
nt Ninth Vuncuuvel lu Couni-IJ na
», llll'l,ul   ,vvlll,   llic  HHH. III   ul llic   Klei I
ma ot llic lllalilel ilul) -I'liilii.ul) ,l,i
lii-'eliy ciiuci  na  fulluwa:
I ll shull lie liiivful fm lln I'nuilcil
fui Ihe purposes ufun-aulil to hoirow
ui inlae liy wuy nf luun from nny per
ami or persons, liody ui  1 ■   eujpu
inle wlm may he wllllnn in udvanci
Hu same upon Ihc cieilll ol Ihc liebi-n
111" ■ Uf lliin luiiil,lilllnll III" llinfl,,
provided lui. .i aum or auina nl ninl,, y
nut excecillliK 111 the whule Die aum ul
ISO.000.  uml  lu cause  the  auluc  lu  he
l.l.i" ,1    III    Hie    liuilil    of    lluiiulluli    tu
llic credit nf the Corpuratlon for Hie
i-iii j■"...  aforeaald:
1.   iui.. iinm  iinini   uf Hu r.-i iiuiu
Hun  lu Hie uuiuuiil  uf IC0.OU0 In  Hie
Wliule inuy lie iuOUCd 111   Ihe lleeve uml
i'lerk ol Ihc Corporation in terms ot
the Municipal Act In auma us muy he
desired, hul nn single Debenture ahull
he ful ii klculej aum Ihull Otic Thuuaand I'"llui I'nn Ii nl Mllll lletl.-nlui'e
llulida sliull In- in i."l h) lln- lleeve
and 'l.ii. uiul ahfll In- scaled \vllli the
Peul   , i   llu- ■ ",,i I'.ll ull.iil
I     Tile  miI.I   lii In Iiiiiii   II Ir  Hhull
hear Inieresl nl n nil.- nut , lecc'lliiu
Ave Per eenl pel iiiiiiiiiii niiyiihln hull
yi'ini) un llu- jai day uf Mny uml Ihe
uch und
i oi it in y nf auli!
Ili'hclltuicH ul iiuv nl Ihi-lll 'I'llll)
uli ill    he   -nl I in Imi   ,ln    Hie    I" hei,lm, coupons 'ii.iuil h) Hie lleeve
nmi I'lerk for euch ulnl evil) |JU)lnciii
uf lulereHl Ihul ahull heciinie due. unil
such ii i. . .i. inuy he elllici written
lllliiiurui'lii 'I ni aluinia-'''
I The siild lli'lielilule Hut,,la uliuli
Dlslrlcl Munlclpul "in..
Nurlh Vuncuuver. H IV, Ol til Hie prln
clpul ollice of Ihc  Hunk  uf lliiinllluu
isl   iluy   id   November   li
ever, yem uu, ii.    the
is  tu prlnclpul  uiul  Inleicnl   In
ilde  uf Ihe
lhe lnl. ul llu- rule ufureauid lu
I,,-.,une due .ni audi Inluiiiurea Jurlus
tin- current) Hu-iiuf, uml ihul In u.f
'Iiiiun lu nil nihil i.ii.... t„ he I. v I...I
mid ell.-ilni In Hu. suld Dlalrlct dm
inn   Ihe   whole  currency   of  lhe  auld
llehi l|Hn,-»   „|    uny   „f   them
Thla Hy l-iw muy he died fur all
I'slT'S'" ""..'"n"' SH'-ela l.uun Hyluilv,
Thla II) liuw ahull culile Inlu effcel
nil   lhe   lai   duv   uf   NuVelnhel.   llll
I'liasi-d I,) the I',.null un lhe Itth
'Inv   uf September.   1911
llci.-lvcl tin- .,„!.,.nl  ,,f in,. Kleclori
Ul   llll   el,ell,,11   Ill-Id   Ull   llle
llll)    Uf |J| j
lie",inni, nd uii.i ilnully ,,,,.,, ,, ,i |„
the Puundi 1111,1 i i, ,,, ,i i,v th,' lleeve
.md l'l, ill uml aeulcd wllh lhe rid pui
.ile Smi i.n lhe
iluy  nf uu
Wl II   MAV,
KIKI Tllll.v   Of   Till.:   III-. I iiii  i
IHTH'K Ihul Ihc uhiive' la ,
Hue i up) of the I'lopuHc) Hy l.uw up
uu  which Ihc Vulu    I lhe Munlclpullly
will !u, |„||,.|| Kllliln ||„. f,,||,,nluu
|."Illlia aliillolia. vli : In llic Munlcf
pal Hull, l.i nn Vulley Houd, III Hie
i Inn di Hull ui eorner or Lunadulc
Av n uml Di,ecu's fluud, und ul Pun-
Hum, Huml Kii.. Hull, nil In ||,e nil-
lllcl uf Nurlh Vancouver, nuSiilorduy
Ihc (Ih .111) of Oelohei. IJI8, jielweeii
Ih,- houra ut '1 a cluck uin am] 7
u'cluck  p in
I'   M   ti   mid  HeiiiniliiK uiiiccr
I'l'UI'ir NDTIi'K la hereby ulycn
Ihul III,- vule ul Hie Kleclori of lhe
lllalilel of Noilh Voiicouvei will he
iiiiun mi Hie "Slrceli I."im Hy-Iiuw
Hill. No I." un Suluiduy. lllc Ml, day
of Oeli.!.,i. lilJ, between the hoursofV
ncloc'x iuu uml 7 u'cluck p.m wllhln
Hi. fullowlni. p.,Hina ploces, vli; In
lhe Municipal ilull. I .ni Vulley Huad
In tin i hm. i, Hull ul Hie cornti nf
I.i'PmJuIi'   Avenue   und   Queen's   Hund
i.i'liauiiie Avenue uuu Queens Hund
mid ill I'uplluno Ku.iil Klre Hull In tin
in m.i .1 Nurlh V.'iinni v, i, on) ii,„
John H I'.i" - , hua bi-,.|i uppulnled
Reliiinllip DIDi'i I lu lube lllc VolcS ur
audi I'liiiui i ulili lb,, usuul uu.vers
I .,1  lulu,If
liy ilubl of Ihc Council
iSlancil)       WM   II   MAV.
(Sinned)      JOHN H, KAHUIlil,
We haye some good, inside buys;
also good acreage listings Lynn
Valley. Sub-division,
fl Let us quote you ratet on Fire, Life and Accident
McMillan & reid
Phont 434.
I IH iim   iKliflilii Hft,Tl
rsf\ m—nm—mmn—n
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
Uunriinlcii llutiils
Auditor and Accmiuiunt
llll Lonsdalo Avouuo, l\ 0. llux »307.
Nurlh  VailCOUVOr.  I'lione 1117.
Studio  over   Dank  B, N. A.
I.omduls and lisnlaauds
Underwood's Barber Shop
at 6 WMfBRAIiB AVENUE    .
Iti'l'lllllllB.    llUlli'ilelllli,..     Kir.    I'l "|||l,l
)>'  ullelliled   lo
I'lSlluillles   (''llllllslleil   Ii'i."
lllllcu:   l'l. I.In:..i.  & tiim's  Factor)',  tit-
I'lllllll'li-    I'lione   Ut.
Ilesldellee;   .Vll.ui   llouil,   Lynn   Valley
P. 0. Uus  20,  Lynn Creek   1'hoili
A.M.IK. ii S.
Irrigation, dralnuue, levels, pluns
and specifications. Septic innl.s uud
limisii drainago u specially. I' 0.
Bai W, Iiiiii slreet weal ul lluwicko
Hillli Cluss Ladies' and (louts' Tailoring
Impairing   uud   Aitorutioits.  Cluuning
uud Dyeing lu all its branches. All
Wiirli guaranteed.
111 I'"" Hired W , l'l,,,,,,, jo;
('I.   I ..-uni
Ladles' and Ueuls' Dimming,
Frosslng and Kepairing
a Specialty
Vin Second Stroet Bast
N.V. Tinning & Sheet Metal Works
First Strset Bust of Lonsdslo
Lowest i'i".    uud best wurk guaruu
teed un tinning and sheet motal work.
Ami geuerul Commission Merchant, 111
I."" ..lul.   Ave., Nurth Vaucouvor.
Pboue HI
BUTTEB and Cm..;
We ure specialists iu  Ihesc lines.
VllA Lonsdalo Avouue
All kinds of saws iil'.l and set uu the
shortest notice. I .nun mowers, knives,
hedge slieurs and scissurs sharpened. All
work guaranteed, moderate prices.
liil Lousdale Avenue Phono go
I On lhe ear line. Hoarding, meals
good iLci'oiiitiiuiliiliuii for working men
i "iiinii lur- men hoarded. Ily. East
mil, I'roprielor.
Is your  Wuiiii  slopping ur keep ig
irregular lime!   If so, seu
Cabinet Maker and Carpenter       ,.j|llim .,,.„,.„,.,, (il) , ,„,„ Av„,„J0
Will undertake ull liimls of wood work,'	
repairs, elc NORTH   SHORE   PRESS   UMITED
Fourth Streot aud Sutherland Avouue Job  i uut,...
F. 0. Box 2006 Publishers of tbo "Express'
NOBTH VANCOUVEB t Fust Stroet East Phono 80
How about a snap shot album loi those viewi you
have gathered ol your -holiday excursions I We have
a large stork ol snap-shot albums, vaiying in price Irom
25c. lo $IM). Also cushion tops, pipe racks, lie
holders, bags, coin pluses, etc, al tight prices.
J. E. Scouten's Book Store
IN  B. Book aud Statloucry Company).
lit Lonsdalo Avenue PHONE I'll
Furnished House to Rent
Three adults, careful  Umauts, must he modorn. Furnace, fireplace, II
or '1 bedrooms. Fairly closo in. Apply Boi ALIO, Espross.
Coal, Brick, Lime, Gravel, Sand, Plaster,
Cement, Lath, Sewr Pipes, and
General Builders' Supplies
Office t 56 Lomdale Avsnu*.   Phona 19S
Wharf; Feot of St, Georgts's Avenue.      Phone 170
After listening to tlio remarks of
Mr. A. Wallace, of tlio Wallaco ship
yards Ltd., and beariug communications
read from tliu Boards of Trade of Victoria nmi Vuncouvur and Nuiiaimo, Ibe
locnl hoard un Tiie.'l.-u night decided
lu cooperate with lhe afureinenliuneil
bodies In uu effort to bring to the no-
lice of the government the iliDicullics
huiiilicupping thu shipbuilding Indus
try iu Western I'umidn wilh the idea
of securing us early as possible legisla
liun which will remedy lhe eslsliug
state uf affairs.
Mr. Wulluce slated thai it wus absu
Intel}- iinpussiblu fur western llrms tu
euiiipetu with obi country uml eastern
Canadian shipbuilders. "Wc ure cum
pellpg," the speaker said, "uguinst
what is culled a free country under lhe
itisuiliuiiluges uf a prelected tariff. The
goierntiient has usked western linns lu
ligure uu different kinds ul ships bul
lbe . ..niiii.-i-. in such eases huie been
so drawn up lhal It would be useless
for western firms lu compote." The
wages paid, suid Mr. Wallace, were
here 111 per cent, lo nil per eenl. higher,
lllc eust uf ull wus higher,
mnl duly hud lu be paid uu ull ma
leriul Ibul euine in from lbe old eoun
Iry. Recently his llrm was asked lu
ligure on Iwo cruisers for use ou lhe
I'ueilie eousl, ami the contract wus lo
provide thut coustrueiiou was lu be
completed in nine months' Imp'. li
wuuhl tulle almost ihut length of lime
lu gel Jhe neceuary material ou the
ground wiliioul counting lhe period for
As luliiparc'l wilb lhe extra eusl
whicii hud lo be eucuuiilercil by wenl
eru linns, Mr. Wulluce drew alleuliun
lu lhe fuel lhal u Hrilish liuill ies
sel can be liruuglil lu Hrilish I'uliini
bia uml sold here milium live cenis
north uf duly being paid un her. The
wages in the ubl cuunlry were very
ininli luwer, Ihe average lieiuu uliuul
four shillings a duy as couipuroil wilb
fuur dullurs a duy iu Ibis cuunlry, where
ihe government Insisted un lbe oufun-c
ment uf lbe fuir wuge clause.
Mr. Wulluce pointed uul lhal while
Ihere was iron and ulher materials used
lur Hie cunslrocllou uf ships uv ail
able iu lhe west there was nu means
nl prupcrly uml profitably ullliiing
lliem The speaker llioughl il was de
eidcilly lhe duly ui Ibe government lu
see Ihul lucul linns were mil su uujusll)
'lenil wilb uml lo ussist uml fosler Hie
industry in some elf eel ive way,
He advised the formation uf a cum
iiuiiii' uf juiui hoards uf irade i.
Iliomuglilv investigate lhe qucslie.ii
nmi approach the Huiiiiniuu govern
Mr. l-i II Bridgman i-uuuidcrcd ihul
Mr. Wallace'i remarks were abaolulely
In the point. He ugreed Ihul u com
millee shuuld be lum d with which
Mr. Wulluce might collaborate.
Mr. W, .1. Irwiu wus ulsu iu accord
wuh the previous speakers, expressing
Ihc \ lew Ihul il was unly compatible
with fuirucss Ihut cruisers uml vessel,
fur lhe I'ueilie coast shoold be I'lllll
by western shipbuilding firms.
A formal resolution nus I lien submit
led by Mr. Bridgman us fullows;
"Thai the bourd appoint a commit
leo uf three tu confer with the cum
millee appointed by Ihe Huurd uf Trade
uf Vuneuuier, Victoria, New Wesl
minster ami Naiiuiino wilh lhe object
of bringing down u report embodying
nuggi'stiuus lo be luid before the gov
eminent of Canada, in urder lo arrive
ul u proper basis uf eiicuurugeiueiil fur
shipbuilding  in  Cuuadu."
This was duly seconded by Mr. II
C Wriglil, uml curried unanimously.
The Canadian Flag
How One Mother Touches Patriotism
to Her Boy
Here is an excellent plan Inel by
une iiiui her fur leaching patriotism
and a high regard for bts country'•
flag, uml un "iniiili high regard 'fur
Irulli uml 'iuuu dealing lu her smull
sou. In . s buy's ruum a Canadian
Uug lump- eu uue wall, serving as llic
principal ilccurnlion uf Ihc room.
Ilul ,.,'in.■lime... Ibe flag does nul hung
in ils accustomed place now and then
the flag, conies down from Ibe wull
and is furled and nur mil inlo mother's
mom, fur, says Ibis muther lu her small
buy, "The cross of Sl. (leorgc is nol
In shield and protect and wave over
uny buMlm brave and Irue," Iberefuru,
when a buy strikes a biuuIIux boy, or
wbeh lie Tiiisrepresciils things or shields
himself at tbe unjus! expense uf ope of
his I'liiiniul'-B when boyish arguments
uml 'iuuiiui   arise, the flag conies duwu.
Nul very often is il away frum ils
im ii-.ii'iimil i.iin .■ on the wall of tho
buy's room, lbc occasions arc growing
more and more infrequent.
Humor and
The   Jiinlicuu  Indians  of   I'uruguuy
are skilled pollers.        .
Wr nu/tcAM M. SHIT*
qillK ■realm moment ol your lit*
*   is pot Ihe moment when
Tou stand erect elected by
Vour cheering fellow men.
Tin (reilcst moment, i oplmt—	
The one supremo, in truth,
Thst tops all olhei ones la wbea
The bit» cuts a tooth.
Not for ths hubr-oh, dear, nol
ll's little thai he carts,
Por whin admirers stand around
A weary look ht wean,
At though lu tay; "Why make a tustl
That's uuihli.ii much for ma
I'll btvt t duten pretty toon.
Jutt witch my pact and ita"
But It's tht Itllier who (rows wild
And wsnii lo eelchrtlt
And mirk It In hit llllli book.
Thll all Important dila
Pufftd tnd Impm luul tt a lud
Tin lather soei about
Ht lllll bll friend! tnd wants lo fluid
Btcioit thiy do not abuut.
01 count, bt Isn'i much surprised.
Becaoii. lo pul It mild,
Hi could expert moil anything
Knur such a wondrous child.
Bul stPI II li t great event.
* ilihil of note. In sooth,
And uno lo ht remimbertd long-
Tin tuioy'i cut a tooth.
A Common Notion.
"Ii be u uniii
ful iilillll"
"Well. I ."iniiiid
liiinlly go so for
us to cull him
"Tban yon
wouldn't toke bis
"from whot 1
bave observed be
seems lo nure a
notion lien ihe
inuii li made ol
India rubber.'
An Unsuccttilul Hint.
"Ho you li.-iiev.. In luce. Mist Mul
"Yci, Ilr Snitirll.   Do yuu?'
"No, I cunt soy Hint I du   Hul I am
willing tu bo "
"C'banulng:   Aro you really)"
"Dying lu be!"
"Then como right along wilb tne.
will Introduce yuu lo Miss Sliscusons.
She's lbs 'l.'inlil. i  persuader I tvol
beard mlk."
Chingid Hii Mind.
"Did you iiiiow a brick al thul dogT
exclaimed lbe belligerent little man
"I iii'i.' replied tbe equally uggrei
Siva straoger.
"Thais my dog."
"'iiii.I to bear IL Ho bit inc. and 1
am golnn lu me tbo owuer."
"Ob. well, I nover saw hlm liuforol
lie ti a strango dog ts mu Como uu.
Sportl" ,   .
Too Anxioui to Bt of 8n vm.
"I am s pcrfeel wreck.   Cou l you
do HMDtUlIng fut mc'/"
"Sure   Lei me gel lo (be telephone"
"Suy. whul yun going lu du)"
"Cull lot Hie wrecking crew lo come
snd mie yuu away "
Thit Ntidi to Bt Takin Into Account.
"Vou are alrlclly truthful, 1 sup
"Well. I bave uo extremely srilvi
Diitrict of North Vwwwsr
Simon Purt.
"He's t tgblet. all right"
"Uh; duct be ueed to light)"
"lie doeniL"
Room For Ont Mori.
0 si'itinlli) iisniiti Homing wlSt.
Computed, finished, flnt,
tot tvtry mil li now luilili
Krora north lo loulhtrn Hat,
And you cin ilty juit u you tit
llnlli Alufci wind a atari
II Is e sborl rood tbat tmsn't a f«w
chuck bulei for Ibo unwary
Krery parson can do somelhlng, bul
miuie of Ibe undesirable sort Nam to
chouse to do their frleuds.
There art permua wbo really know
mure tbtn It good for ibeir neighbors
A romantic fallurt inty tx mor*
pottle (bto itirctat, but It doesn't btlp
iiiuiii wltb tbt groctry bills.
II wt bsd til Ibt things wt win! wt
ibould bavo oo Unit for Ut tbiogt wt
When riches take wingi there ll no
food resaon to suppow Ibal tbey Join
Ibt angel bud.
A ats Isn't likely to bt quite it
ttroug it bit temper unlets indeed
tbert bipptut to bt t bigger uno
tround wbo dotto'l approve uf Uu diss
|Sty ol temper.
- «
If yqu riot in boss yonr nelntbur
lives on bis atiiry bt comforted   Ut
probably dotto'l Mt tow yon can lln
on yourt.
Ii It ttld (bit IdltDtti becomes palatal, bal yoo will btft to show ot.
Too rant ilwtyi^tll wbtfbtr I gill
Impt btr stockings dtrntd by tbt titf
tt ibot tbat sbe wurt.
,!v".l"*ft.'t *P*hlt |k< rurnoralron
of lhe Dlslrlcl of N    "
u. .Norlb Vancouver
to raise |i>  mi,  u( limn Ihc sum ur
in.oiiii fur ibe iiucpiisc at nnrokasliit
a park or pleasure 1:11,111,,l ii.lnu part
I5..1I teres ol llluek 114, Ilislriet I.iiIn
' om nud on;.
WHKHKAS a polltlon duted as to
each signature and signed 1,; thu own-
Ul'l Uf mole HlUII nn.   i' 111 li uf lllc ' .Uin-
ur lund in Hiu lllalilel or North Vaiicuuver, us shown by iiie lust revised
Assessment Hull hua l|coiiV|irosc|i(ed
i.i lhe luunell uf Ih said District. ie-
'I'leallnp, Ijlt'llll'i liili!i!llitu und puss
11 1). ..nil lu 11111I1111I11. lhi'1,1 lu borrow
Ihe sum of fs.oiio to tie expeii'le'l In
llle purchase ul 11 i'liii ir pleusui-o
1 i.'iiiiil In lit",., ll. ll. 1, COI mid mi;
ADD u'iikiii-: 1:1 Hm uniuunl uf tliu
Ilebl which lhls By-Law la Inlemled
lu ei'eiiiu Is the suld sum uf fs.Oiiu. umi
Ihe ..i'i" 1 Mr which lliu nulil ileiii Is
eri.'iilcil In Ihu tiureltuse of u purk or
l'1'.lUllle    J   I "Ullll.    llC'llIU    lull  I     l.iul   ,1,  I,  .-.
ur lllueli ill, lllslrlel Lola Clll ulld 007
un iifiiresiilil:
ANII WHKIIKAH It will be necessary
In 1.uui uuiu.,ili he • p.. i.,i rutc the
lulni sum uf lluil fur llfly yeurs lm
thu ru-puymenl uf llle. suhl luun unit
InlciiHl ul C per eenl. ns hereinafter
ANIl WIIKHKAB the Vulue Of Ihc
wliule ruleiible lund ur lui|iinvcnielils
ur reul properly uf llu, nulil dlalrlcl.
according lo the lust ,,:i..,,i Asacsu.
nmnl  Hull .un,.iiiun In IS.0S1.7II0;
anii wiiKHKAs iht aggregate uf
tlm Debenture Debt of the Municipality
lescepl fnr winks uf Lucul Improvement     Ullll     I" I I     I'll! I ..'■■,    :|     ill, lililm,
tin- luun hereby ,'iiliui I . .1 .un,.iiiii ii,
'I'lll'IIIKK'HlK llm lleeve uml Cuuncll nf llm Corporallon uf ihc lilsiilcl
1 Ninth Vulieuuvei- In I'uilucll usseli).
I'liii lullll llic uu .1,1 "l the Klecliiia
of llie lllslrlel iluly uliiulnedl do hero'
by enact as fnlluivs:
I ll shull he linvfiil fur llic Cuuncll
fur the purposo ufniTsulil to borrow
ui raise by wuy ut luun from uny persun or persnns. iiml> or hudles corporate win, muy he "illiui tu iiilvnnc.
llic sume unim llm cl.-illt. of Ihc Ili-lini-
liii-cs uf this Ci,i'|,iirnlloi) hereinafter
provided for, u sum or sums of mono)
nol excuedlng In Ihr wliule llic sum
uf IS.000 uml in cuuse llie siiuic lu be
placed  III  Hie  11 .ul.  uf 11 "i.iiiul   In  the
■ii-ilil 1 llic ''. 1 i • 1 .in.." fur llm 1,111-
iiniic ufureSold
1. I'ii".nun. liumls of'thu Corporutlon In llic amount uf IS.000 In llm
.ilinlc inii.i l,e l.isueil bl' lim Iteeve ullil
i'iiiii nr llie Corporation In terms uf
[he .Mum. Iflnl Aet In Hums ns ituiy he
iesiii',1. Imi im sIiikIi- Debenture slmll
lie fur 11 needier sum limn Dim Tbuuiand I- .ll 11      Kuril uf llie   ..i.l liel'iii
uie ii'iui sliiill he signed liy llic
lleeve uml Clerk  uml  sliull  he   ...,!■■ 1
villi Hie Seul iif ilm i'"il'"iiill"ii
.i 'The suhl lii'lii'iiliiie Bonds sli.itl
'■cm Interest ut u rule nut exceeding
live I'd- eenl   per iiiiiiiiiii puyable Imll
.-ni ly nn Hie Isl iluy if May und llm
1st (luy nf NiiVelnliet 111 eueli ulli]
•vciv iffu 'Iniini; tlm currency nf
.lll'l   I" lu lillllu." ul' lllll   -I   lllllll    'liun
I1..II he,.1 lu Hie I'ei" niui,.
lint),Is coupons slinmil l>y llm Reeve
uml Clcrli fm each mul every pniim-nt
"f   lllli H m   llllll   Sllllll   I""' llle   due. mul
such algnuiiiios may be either written, iltliugrauiuil or slumped.
at lhe niairle Uunlclnul lllllce, Norlh
Vuncuuvel', B, C, or ut the principal
office of Hie Hunk uf Ilumlllun In thu
ti Ily pf Toronto, In the province of
1 ililnilu. or nl lhe principal office ot
Ihe aald Dank In the Clly of Montreal
In thu i'li'i-iii" uf iiiietiec The said
principal sum shall bo nimlu payable
by the Curpurullon nol lain- ihun Dfly
years from Hiu 1st day of November,
6. Thero shall he raised aud levied
iiiiiiinill) hy apeelul rale uu all lhe
land or Improvomeiiis in- real proper'!'
in lhe lilsiilcl Hie uuin of |ti:i. for the
iuu pu. e iif i"i ininr. 11,; fund for
ilm payment uf sold ni.-lieiiliiieii wlie'n '
they liee.inie due. and llm sum of f400
for tho payment of Hie Interesl ut Ihe
miu iiti'ii'iuiiii tu beeume ouo un such
Heiieiiiuieii iiiirlnc. ihe currency ihereuf und thul In uddlllun fo nil other
rales lo hi) levied ami . In
Iho sold lilsiilcl diiilng Hie whole currency of Ihc '.mi Debentures ur ally
of Ihem.
Thla lly-Lnw may he ellod for all
piilpiiscs us 'The I'url' Loan lly-Low
Illi, ,No.  !!•
This Ily-I.uw shall conic Inlu offeel
on   Ihe  Isl  iluy  uf Nuveinhcr.   ISIS.
|-.i:. "I'Pi the Cuuncll nn llm ISth
illl)' of Keplemliel'.   11112.
li.,, n,il  lhe   1. ni ni  uf the Kleelurs
ul un eleellnti Imlil nn tlm
duy nf ISIS.
t;. ■ "ii. nli i'.i ninl Ilnully ndnpleil by
llic Cnuncll anil sliineil hy the lleeve
anil Clerk mul seilled Willi llle Cur-
1 "iui. Huiii on llm
ilny uf iSU.
iii.i;i-ru 11 >   lir  THK   IIISTHIIT   ui'
MIHTll Visnil VKII
TAKK iln'I'ICK lliul tne ubovu Is u
true cupy uf lhe pruiniscl upun   -'.lilill   llle   Vlllp    .1   tile   M Hi" llllllll'
Will he iui.mi wliiiln Hie following
I'ullii.i i.itiui, viz: In llm Munl-
cliuil Ilull. Lynn Volley lluini: In Hie
Cliuicli Hull at e.n nel uf l.ill.idnle
AVeiiue uml iluei-n's lluud. nnd nt Cap-
II. iu- Hund i-'n. Hull, all In llie CIs-
Irlcl of Nurlh Vancouver, "ii Knlur
dn). llu- Uli iluy uf Ocluber. 'till, lm-
Iweni llm hours ul' 11:1)0 o'clock u-in. und
7:00   o'clock   |i 111
.MUIN 1;   C'A 1:M1:1 -.
C. M. ti uml liciui'iiiiiK
PUBLIC NOTICK Is hcidi, given
lliul Hie vule uf llic lulu"'en uf llm
Dlslllcl nr Nurlh Vulle.iliv, r will lie
lullell mi "Thc I'uii' ll.v I..r.v,
1912. Nu 3," nn Kill ill iluy. llle Mli ilny
uf Ocluber, Iill. be ween Hie Iuiuih
uf 11:00 |.'elm I, 11 in nud 1 ii'i "'.I" ll
pill.      Wlllllll      llll'      I   11       1 1 "lui.
'luces,    vlx:    III    Hie    M'    Hill.
Lynn Vulley lluud, Iii ihe Church Hull
at llm curlier uf Lunsdiilc AVuuue and
iiiii'i'ii" Hund. uml ul i'u.>ll.nm 1E...x.l
Klie lliill III llie lilslilet ;t Nor
Vniieiiuvii ami Ihul John <) Kn'-i..
lias   been   uppulnli-il   reluinlny   "Hi
I"    lake    llm    lutes    uf     l'l   ll    elect'
Willi llle Uliuul powers III lll.ll
ih (im!. 1 i.r ilie Cuuncll.
iui, I,..1 WM    II    MAY
iHlnlieil)        JOHN  ll    I'.MIMK'I
ti   Sl
Western Dominion Land & Investment Co.
With Which bi Incorporated
Bevan, Gore & Eliot, Limited
North Vancouvei Branch; 07 LOnsdulo Avenuo. opposito Post Office.
il. ine.uiiii": Lyuu Oieck Zinc Milici Limited.
WANTKD   it ft   lot close III.
WANTED   I or .  roomed house for rent.
to figure out how much time your
Clerks waste each day in walking to and from the telephone?
An Extension Telephone
on the counter or desk will prevent it.
Only 5 Cents Per Day
for either a "Wall" or "Desk" set
Call up the Commercial Manager
British Columbia Telephone Co.,
House Painting, Kalsomining
and Paperhanging
Iff      '        m.    *?
V. 0, Box illl.
' m . , ,U UZ*. ..I'll .., I.M.. . . .    T .»...-.*-. . lull,   u. —, . >».">> . t-M>    .—■■■ ;~r ■
.     I
Lynn Valley Notes
BOBN-Ou Bopt, aath, tu Mr. »nd
Mrs. Ilong, Mngemiis aveuue, a sun.
Tho Metliodiut parsoiiagn is imuring
eninpleiion under the supervision uf
J, W. Baker, tbo contractor.
A line eiliiliii nf Lynn Valley vege-
tsbles ean tie span In K. L, 'I'homp-
son's window In thp Fromme blook.
Mr. A. Buckley, M.A., is visitiug
bore. He has disposed of Ills runelt at
Aliliutaforil and inlands residing on
thp North Hhore.
Mias Kihel riiiiipliell rclurnud yester-
duy fuml Abbotsford where shu has
l<i-nii spending u buliday with her sister, Mrs. W. J. Ward.
Tho iiliuiin." /enliiiiiliii troupe prior
lu ii-. u departure fur tho laud of the
I-,uu'u um will u 1..I11 one uf thuir varied ami interesting uiitortuiniiliuils iu
Ihu Institute Hull un -i.-iulu". livening
unit, Sept. 3lllh. An excepliunul pru
gram has been arranged.
Tonight ul 7:llii ti preparatory service will be held iu Kiml chunk al
which ihe minister, llev. A. MacAuloy,
wili preach, On, Sunday morning next
lhe Hucruineiil of the Lord's Supper
will I.e observed lu which all m 'inbers
of olher churches are curdlol'v iuvileil,
The ileiith uccurreil ou Tuesday of
Mr. i'liii" .Smith, photographer of Vuu
cuuver. Mr. Smith was well known in
the valley. He hud suffered ill heultb
for luiiul lis ami liml recently undergone
nu uperatlon iu the Ooncrnl Huspilal,
Vuneuuver. Much symputhy is fell I'ur
his liroiher, Mr. (leu. T. Smith, who is
a resident uf lhe Vulley.
A very interesting meeling of tho
Lynn Valley vuliiuteor tire brigade was
held lust Monday, Sept. 23rd, iu tho
anU-ioum p| We,'-Hln ■»»)>!»*■ giuttl
dual nf iiupurluiit business wss gonu
thruugh uml urrungeinouts made for
practices. Messrs. l'l. V. Stuart ami P.
Tarbpt were enrolled as members. The
brigade, is pot yet at full strength, «ud
all persnns desirous, of joining should
address their written appliealions tp
tho souretary, W. J. Bartlott, Lynn
Orpek P. 0, not latpr than Monday,
Sept. 30th, ana, The nest mooting of
the brigade will be held on Tuesday,
Oct. ls|, »t A. 15 p.m. in Np. 1 fire hall
whon all iimmhors ure requested to attend.
All interested iu football are ro-
quested to lio ou baud at Boulevard
Park ou Halurday aflernoon at threo
Thu West Vancouver council conven
ed   iu  special  session   nu   Wednesday.
morning fnr the purpuse of altuinliug
lo by luws affecting thu municipality.
Thu liy law recently ratified by tbo
ratepayers for raising tho sum of $100,-
000 for the purchase of shares in the
West Vancouver Ferries Ltd., was for
mully passed by the council.
Several applications for approval of
subdivision plans were euusidereil ami
disposed  uf.
The city police ure working on two
cases uf burglary which luuk pluee lusl
wevk. The genls' furnishing slure of
Bennett Urns, uu 2nd street eust was
entered duriug lhe night, admittance
having been gained lliruugli the buck
.lour. The burglars gol uwuy with
ipnle ii Imui of clothing, Messrs. Hen
jij-ll llrus. liuding Iheir stuck considerably reduced next muruinfig uml the
value of the goods stolen amounting
Yon can buy a 60-foot lot on Osborne Bosd, l'/„ blocks east of
Lonsdale Avenue, for ituiu.iii), on terms of one quartor cash, aud
the balance over IB months.
Eiiipilie about this wbilo One Dollar Shares are selling for Fifty
Cents.   CALL or WRITE for Prospectus.
Phoue 452
P. 0. Box 2397
The Monarch Malleable
hvcrybody knows llie Monarch, If you intend
ium basing 'i Range this fall, it will pay you to investigate the Monarch. Il costs less, lasts longer and
burni less coal or wood than any other malleable range
sold iii North Vancouver.
Patterson & Goldie
Phone 88
105-7 Esplanade West
North Lonsdale
Cbcatio. t homesite in North Vancouver, to ft. Jot wltiiln 2 blocks of
Lonsdalo Aveuue, only $375.00. Terms $115 caab, 6, VI mi lt
Local Aimle tat British Empire Horn Insurance Of, London Assurance
W* will bo pntmi te bare listings; elm beam tat till at root.
them M$ V. 0. IN* 9U
to quite ii figure. Six suits of clothes,
t'liUf   ritlil   l'unlet
throe suit cases
Titel,'n priieer.v store was enl ei ml oil
the I'lune nigbt and ubout $10 in cnsli
ami some cigarettes stolen. .
Mr. Win. Murilen returned frum thu
oust yesterday, un.l will leave for Los
Angeles tomorrow. Ho will return to
Nortli Vancouver next spring to reaiiis.
Reversionary Rights
Afler careful consideration of lhe
provincial government 'a recent pro-
nuuiii'uineiit us to its reversionary riglils
in respect nf criiWn grant ml lands in
the dislricl uf Nurth Vancouvor, the
local committee "ineh fur some time
has hud litis matter in hand, has resolved to ask the government the following pertinent questions:'
1. Will the uusubdividcil 1,1". i ■ in
District Lots i'.utlull' uiin" .i. he sub
ject lu uue quarter reversing when sub
2. Dues the decision releuse property
plans of which hud lieen presented tu
lhe registrar prior to March illi, but
were returned to the uwiier ami of
whieh lucre will lie no record in the
I.un.I llryjislry Officof
il. lias any provision been made by
lhe Qovorunienl for compemuiliou lor
information in the-case of lauds sub
Ject to this reversion!
I. What i.-. lo prevent Ihe govern
men! Issiwj . lot with a hnuse uu il,
thoy hav ing the first choice!
5. Where u ruud liuill umler the lu
cul iiiipruveiueut plan pusses through
uiiHiiliiliviili'il property wlm will pay
the taxes uu lhe lols whicii revert lu
(he guveriiiuent uu subdivision taking
H. Will the government consider giv
ing any purtiun uf Iheir quarter shure
lu municipalities which lune developed
lite prupcrly subdivided, particularly
in cases where the government huve iu
eurreil uu expenditure!
7. Whut is lo prevent Ihu govern
uie,it nulliing their quurler siiure uuiu
finitely thus hubliug hack lhe develop
ineni uf municipalities!
Indian Reserve Foreshore Rights
Cuuu. Ward, who, ufler several
weeks' absence, again luuk liis seul iu
the ilislriet cuuucil luu evening, re
purled iluring llu- susaiui, on his inter
view wilh Ihe Minister of In.unu Af
fairs iu Ottawa iu teput.l In lhe acipiir
ing by Ihc diatrict uf fureshore rights
in front of the ruad Ihruugli the iiuiu
her three Sijuuiuish  tudian reserve.
The cuuncillur stulcl thai he puinii-,1
uut lu lhe minister llie impossibility
uf lhe ilislriet purchasing the riplil al
the figureii ,.,"!' hy the department,
uml informed him Ihut ronsidering llie
purpose for wliieii il was required ami
the luil thai the Indians Ihelnsi'lves
woul'j al least for sume Iuue lo come
lie Hie most benefitted, thc council
Ihuughl Ibe foreshore fights, us fur ai
lhe road end was euiieerneil. should
In- considered as appurtenant lu llic
land. The deputy minisler luld ' uuu
Want  plainly  Ihul   Hie council  em.II
expect ||U assistance fruni the deport
purely from a commercial standpoint
and had no intention flf parting front
any rights tbat tbe Indians might pos
sess until tbey received full commercial vulue in return.
Subdivision Plans Bone
of Contention
Tliu district council lust night lis
toned far somo tlmo to thu cuiituutlons
of Mr. M. Murliii.iuii, who souglil tlie
uppruvul uf a plan for tbu sulnlivisiuii
uf a portion of block 2, I). L. HUH.
During tlio controversy it appcurud
t|iat the plans committee did nut favur
thu plan an tho grounds that tho uuly
fcusihlu road woiibl have a grade of 29
per cent. Mr. Martinson, in disputing
this, suggested that persunul prejudice
was enl. un," into tbo matter, which
sentiment wus at once refuted by Couu.
I.oulcl, who iiil'iirineil Mr. Marliusun
lhal, afler cunsideriug the plun and
arriving al lhe decision stated," Coun,
Ward, who had just ruturuud from Ottawa, inquired who wus Ihu owner of
the properly. Mr. Martinson persist
e>l, however, that the committee bad
recently approved plans similar lo his
own III reply lo which Coun. Loutot
enumerated several appliealinns which
Ihu committee had had lo turn down,
Houu' entailing grades iu places approx
mini ing nn per cent, uiul at some points
100 per cent. Mr. Martinson annuunc
cd his Intention of placing the mailer
before the government surveyor when
that gentleman visits lhe norlh siiure.
Appliealinns fur approval of subtli
vision pluns involving itupussililegrailes
do nol constitute the least uf Hie iron
Ides confronting the distriel council
lors. tine particularly outspoken appli
caul, with greul confidence in liis own
puwers uf urguitieul, hus declared lliul
lhe dislricl assembly will knuw I'uuu.
Loutet uu mure if his own plun is re
fused approval.
Magistrate Ruggles' Decision Upheld
Judge M.I lines on Wuilnesduy ufler
noou confirmed Hie convietiou uiudc by
Magistrate Buggies of Ihis city wliu
recenlly imposed a line of $100 ami
costs upon S. Santo fur selling liguor
without a license.
Santo, whu wus defended by Mr W.
II. II'Hell, claimed that the liquor hud
I,ecu purchased fur u picnic, which was
held near the liuliau reserve. Tiiere
were llll buttles discovered by Ibe
puliee in a room al lhe rear uf Suulo's
."lore on First slreei. Au ottcmpl In
explain tins was made by the stale
ineiil Ihut lhe def. miaul collected lull
lies from various littlo entertainments
in urder Ihut he might sell tbcm again.
Agaiusl Ilus was lbe testimony of
Chief of Police Davies ami two-cull
stables who ha-l assisted iu lhe raid,
Ihul many uf lhe hollies had the eu
doubted marks uf having heen lied
wilhin a few boors' previous lo the
policeman's visit. Auuthcr witness
named   Philip   Drama,   huwever,  said
I llUl    Ml   illlM'll   bottles   uf   CXport   I'.er
Iiiiii beeu procured fur Hie picnic.
"Uuw many pcrsous were present ai
lbe picnic I "aiilied Mr. W. II. II. l.ul
ncr, who appeared for the crown.
Afler a suiuewbat extended inalhe
unit nul calculation witness said Ihorc
were four men, Iwo women ami six
children.   As Ihe childrcu had partaken
Shoe Talks
The lime lu buy yuor Children's Shoes is NDW. *
We carry the Inrgcsl stock uf Caiidreii's Shucs in British Culumbiu.
We spe utli ie in children's Shucs end Iske lbc greatest tare iu titling
llie little unes' feel
W ear is the impurlanl feature.
0 ur Shoes are made for hard wear.
0 utslda and inside built fur comfort.
D Oa't lei yuur children gel wet feet. '
A Doctor's bill soon runs up.
N 0* is tbe time to prepare for wiuler.
D rop in ami rxauiiue our stock.
8 se'oiir new styles in Men's, Women's and Cbiidren'i Shoes.
0 ur Prices are Ilight.
N ew (Juods are un uur shelves, s
. n
Shoe Itcpairing by machinery on lbc sburteel. notice.
11   "
Everybody's Shoe Store
P. 0. Ill 5       FIRST STREET EAST Tel. 393
paine & McMillan
uuly Of lbe ice cream. Hie de,In, Iiiiii
wus iinniineul lliul Hie mli'ill iu u.l,.-r.>
"i lhe picnic parly lunl null ' .lusiuui'd
I'J   lllll I les.
Board of Trade and Shipmasters' Association
The Huurd ul Tuul' „,,
evening vuiee,l n ijiiiiiiiiuoii-. und oln
photic wish Hint a piildi' tni't'liiig
sliuiilil he called ul un e.ul'. 'lute for
discussion ol See,,i,-I .Narrow- lunlpe
Mr. Aleiumler I'lnlip lull".I"" I tin
topic Willi au outspoken refereiue in
a recent meeting uf llie Vunei,uver
Shipmasters Assueiutiun ul which the
members urged llu- iie.essily ul a -no
fool .-.puu. Mr. I'lnlip, considering pu-1
events, ehura, teri/e,| „l,jc< lion- ul tin-
kind as approaching llie uLrlru, l^v,-
if not Ihe frivolous. The -pe.-iki r
lljuughl the question shuuld he brought
lu lbc forefront so ihut settlement euuld     f
lie l.iilhile.l.
The president, Mr. Alexander Smith,
nm, therefore, ruquesled lu interview
llu- ilirei'lnrs uf the llurrurd lulet,
Tunnel uml llri'lge Cunipuny with a I
view lo attaining Ibeir cooperation]
uml uin niluiiee iii ii public meeting *
un Hie. lines suggested.
Tne Shipmasters' Assuciuliuu will
ulsu he usked tu iilleinl ns soon as the
'lule ..i  Hie ineeling is announced.
The general  meeling uf thc  Nortn
Vi inier bin-key club will he held tin
lm "Inv iii-tl, the l-l October, ol Sulil
I in nt "The Sliu.k" Mb street (op
I",uie M .1 .ilni'.h ,1'ureli) Members
uml others wishing lo pun are request
e>l Iu be present,
Tin nni' Iiiiiiiv ol the Seymour Lum .
ber Ciimjiuiiy, wliii-e mill  wus biirileil
nuiiii' months ugu, hus noen sold lo Ibe
rt n I keni Mu, Inner) t'u. of Vancouver
i'mr liim will prucecl immediately lu     ff f
iiun.|",r! il lo Vuucuuver. jf
Some Everyday
Drug Prices
EnoiSall  \ 75c
Zambuk   35c
Allwibury's Food   85c
Allenbury's Food,,No, 3 55c
Pink Pill. 35c
Peroxide, per Hi 65c
Cuticura Soap 25c
Baby's Own Soap 3 for 25c
Anti-Colic Nipple? 5c each
Absorbent Cotton '.,, ,55c lb.
We have ronslaiilly in stork a complete slock of
Bed Pans, Douche Pans, I lot Waler Bottles, Irrigators, Elailic Hosiery, Abdominal Belli, Batteries,
Kleclric Bells, Trusses, and, in fad, everything in tlie
sick room line nol usually slocked by smaller drug
Phone 311 and your order will be rushed to any
part of the cily,
North Shore Drug Co.
P.tS. THOMAS, Phm.B.
Druggist, 116 Esplanade Weit


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