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Full Text

The letter which is published here
with from tlte Chief Kngineer of the
Pacific Ureat Eastern Hailway Com
pany will explain clearly tlie reasons
why it wus fouml Impracticable to fol
low out the expressed desire of thc
company to hold the ceremony of turn
iug the lirsl sod ou the First of July,
aa requested hy lhe local celebration
committee. II was at firat thought
that the matter could be arranged Uud
tlie announcement vvus made accordingly, ami in fact considerable preliminary
work was uctuully done, but when the
with but a partial success Instead of
the conspicuous success which ahould
mark such au occurrence, and it was
therefore decided that it wuuld be
much better policy to postpone the
ei cut until a liuie which would ufford
ample lime to perfect arratigemuuls to
advantage in every detail iu order tu
make the occasiuu a lilting celebration
of "the greatest evcut iu the history
of the North Bhore."
The, letter from the company is ss
0. 11. Morden, Hsu...
Editor "Express,"
North Vancouver, B- (,'.
Juue it, 1»12.
Hear Sir:—
Heganling the ceremonies lu be held
ul North Vaueouver iu connection with
the turning of the first sod in tlte cou
.-im.-Hun of the I'aellle Qreat Eastern
Ilailway and the suggestion Ihut this
be carried out on duly 1st; owing lo
the niniinniiible absence from lhe Prov
iuee ou Dominion Duy uf our President
Mr. J. V¥. Btewart, and Vice-Presidents
Messrs.  P. Welch and   D'Arcy   Tat.
D. I- 872
I'ATUOl,  FOB   NOh...   Bll-.ii;   I
ui h. ii. 1 of the compauy undertook lu hluil ulso iu view of the limit cl tunc
work out the delutls the real dlfflcullto prepure fur this event -In,.it i it be
lies begun lo present ihiinselvcs, with,'carried out ou Ihe date mciiti'iiied, 1
the iinini Ihul il uu.- found thut lo ud beg to suggest thai this matter be pint
here lo Dominion Duy as the date poned to a later dute, so thai nil par
would place the compuny at a serious ties interested msy be advised ami be
disadvantage. It would be impossible present at this, which as His Worsliip
for them lo perfect their arrangements Mayor McNeish says, "will be the
upou the scale which il is their desire greatest event m thc history of North
to accomplish  iu  couiicctiou  with an   Vancuuver."
event of such oulslaudiug importance.     I may say laibor Day lias been mm
It v,i|,,l,i have necessitated the cliuiina Itioned as au appropriate time, and nul
tiuu of many features which are nut .fjciently iu a katicc, to permit of ample
only desirable bin  really necessary to.preparation and advice,
thc  success  of  such  a   function  audj Yours truly,
would have compelled lhe company and
lhe Norlh Shore public In be content
Chief   1.1.|iimel
-  -'.. ■ ■ '■—
•im •
£>   vtA v •
,% -fl*
p fi
fi i
: •■" i
A Full Account WU) ke found ou Page Three
Items of Interest
Mr. Hoiicvuiun bus purchased the
Carson 'uie at Oil Lonsdale Avenue
The ('arson L'ompunv arc opening a
new business ou I.onsilule between lit
and "ml street.
Hood am' Soutur have moved from
the Acer deen Hlock lo new premise
2V1 L.i sdalc avenue.
Cardinall A MucGregor will shortly
move from their temporary ofliccs iu
Ihe Bank of Hamilton Building I.i their
low charters ou lhe corner of Esplait
adc ami Lonsdale
Messrs, Uacin and Wynaul arc mov
ing their ramp lo the corner of Mahou
aud Bt, James, where Ihey have a eon
tract lo build au eight room modern
residence for Mr. ami Ml'   C. Itac.
Messrs. Patterson, (ioldie l Clark.
the reliable hardware merchants, havu
jH'ii'-l n brunch business at the coral of I.vnn Valley road and Centr
Boad under lhe linn uame uf w I'.
I lark A Co, Tbis hardware slure is an
emporium of builders' supplies, paints,
oi's, varnishes', kitchen furnishings, etc.
Inipe lion cor Belly in.it.d.
Thc wreck of the old tug "Albion,"
which has beon lying ror mauy monlbs
alongside the '.'. P. K, wharl in a semi
sunken comliliuu, has been purchased
by Mr. William Wallace, of tbe Wai
lace shipyards of tbis city. The
"Albion" will be brought to tbe yards
here and rebuilt. Mr. Wallace has in
' thc past bought several of the older
Vancouver vessels for the purpose uf
rebuilding them. The "Albion" was
one of the flrst vessels constructed oa
tks Wallace ways. ,
Mi aud Mrs. J. Dterascu, Beur, lefl
ou Monday for an extended trip
through Euiopc aud tbe I'nited Stales
Tbey will visit thc principal cities cn
rouie lo Ibe eastern coast ami will
spend several days in Minneapolis, tbe
home of Mrs J Diersseu, .lum . ami
several weeks in New York before sail
ing for Germany, where Ibey will
ravel extensively They also purpose
spending some time in England ami
Scotland, and will probably be ul.-. i.t
from ibis city about eight olenitis.
Mr. Andrew Wslker bai purchased
lie 'painting and papcrkauging 'uii
oeu of tbe Ueo. W. Harding 1 i'o,
md ,viH continue tbe buiineis al lb
ild address un 2nd Slreet Mr A'alkrr
bas beer a member uf ibe late 1*111
from iti inception a yrat and a ball
ago and ii well and favorably known
in the 'mih Vancouver diatrict. His
old country training and experience is
a in. "I guarantee that be understand
bis buniiris and will give besl alien
lion to ail work entrualcd to biir
Wedding Belli
The wedding look place last week
of Constable Shannon, of tbe Nortb
Vancuuver cily police, aud Miss
Holierl/   of   New   Westminster     Tbe
munis'.I,,  sut ilnled   to  tbe  Boyal
Cily for tbii matrimonial purpose, re
li mui,: therefrom a married man, dc
lighted lo preient Mrs. Shannon to bis
surprised frienda and comrades   This
Sily ia now averaging one surprise mar
isge per week.
Diner:   "Wbat do you call tblsl"
Walter:  "It's htm imp, tit'1
Diner:   "I dare aay; but wbal Uie
itatt It it an*!' '
The city council at lasl night's scs-
nioii decided that North Vancouver
ii null ii in line with tlie latest and
lest in the mutter ol citv rouds The
consideration ami, iuvestigatiuu of lhe
oiled roud in vihn h the 1 uii.cil bus I ecu
engaged i'o; some inne, culminated laat
night in a resolution instructing the eity
e'li'iiuter tn purchase uu oil sprinkler
with the least pussiblc delay. The
sprinkle; complete according lu the
<ity engineer's estimate will cost
|S22 ami delivery cau be had within a
few weeks.
Annexation of D. L. Hi
The 1 ly solicitor forwarded the net
."isary petition to the Lieutenant lluv
11 nor Ihul a poll be taken Ss provide'
in the iii|uicn of ilie property owners
n D. I. lii for the purpose of securiuu
iheir iii.thi'ii.-iiiiuii of lhe annexation
ol thnt district lot lo lhe city. A rato
li.iimi was paued unu,iiuioimly ewlurs
ing lue petitiou aud instructing thai il
be forwarded, in dliucitiug thit roso
lotion Aid Dwiti louk ou'U o< I
late lus positiou with reference to lbc
intension of tbe uiv boundaries. II'
wis 1 opt'imu thai it would be wile
In have ||.e bnuudrries i-Xl'Mided 1:1
cu..,, available il.rm li-m, but tne -in
of "curse 1 milu not lake Ilie iintiali'e,
I',ml uniil be dune iu each .linlaiue by
Ile pro|crty owners in the section in
Icrcsted. as in tbe case of II. I.. 212. lie
thought il  wo.ild be wise il  pihbcih
uid  1 '■ given  lo the in. 1   Ihil   lbe
ly i,,,n, 1 will consider favorably
uuy otertuies made along Ihis line
The nib .'mini was ably seconded by
Mayor nlcNcish win. 'suggested that
ne |ii"i-r coubl probably provide lb'
„o'ilml |-.il'l|i ly 111 eoi'iici lion with f
purls nt Ihe 'roceodmgi ol council
The couuc|i was maiuttslly a 1,0,1 in
suppoilitig the attitude outlined, wuh
lefereine lo boundary extensions.
Forest Fire Patrol
W.  ''   Gladwin, lupervisoi  of  Eire
Vfatd-.-   eiiQllllUllicBtcd Wltb till   couu
cil to the effect that the department of
forestry dcepicd il neceaaary lhat au
extra lire palrol be. provided for lite
district lying between lbe city and lhe
',,,iii. Arm bul considered lhal llu
municipalities concerned uughl lo bear
a portion of the eust. This was refer
red to lhe Waler committee.
tic. und Narrows Bridge
Bridge matters were again lo the lore
under Iwo headings. The lirsl was a
letter from Juhn U Farmer, clerk of
Ihe districl of Norlh Vancouver asking
lhal a date be set for a meeling of lbc
committee! appointed by tbe rcspec
live municipalities tu jointly consider
bridge mailers. The secoud was a re
solution by Aid. Eraser as follows:
"Whereas il 11 extremely urgent lhat
no unnecessary tunc be lost, 111 calling
for lenders for |be coustructiou of Sec
ond Narrows bridge aud whereas un
accountable delays and disappointments
in thia ui imu lion have already beeu
experienced, and whereas authentic in
formation with regard to lbc standing
of Buriurd I1.I11 Tunnel and Bridge
Company wilh reference to the agree
iiieul between Ike aaid company and
the V W. t V, By, Co, alio witb re
fereucs to the length of Ibe iplti uf
lbe bridge lo be cunilrucled, the pre
sent necessity for additional funds aud
other matteri canuot be obtained: Tbere
fore be il resolved Ibal tbii council,
together witb lbe councils of the dn
tricla of Nortb and Weit Van
cuuver meet together al u early a
dale as possible lo consider wayi and
means whereby tbe present director!
of Burrird Inlet Teunel and Bridge
Company may be relieved from duty al
as early a date ai ponikle and that dl
rectors reprcicnting Ibe different muni
cipaliliei inlerested be appuinted lo 811
their places"
In view of Ihe near approach of Ibe
joint meeting of the conimitlcci refer
red to above, Ibia resolution wai laid
over by content until lhal meeting shall
have been held, ll was later decided to
suggest Wednesday, June 26tb, at I p.
m, ai a convenient date for lhe meet
iug. ■
Letters were read by city olerk
Brown and disposed of ai followi:
From Ibe city solicitor defining Ibe
term "hawker" under Ibe act and giving tbe opinion that It did not apply
to Uu United Produce Ctrnptny lien
whom a lieen-e fee lunl rcccutly beeu
collected The qucstiou of refunding
the fee waa considered.
Mayor McNeish pointed out thut .1
wm, as well uot to he loo hasty in |he
matter ss the decision arrived ut might
have a far reaching effect. The tuutler
was ruferred to the police commission
ers for consideration.
A Idler from 11. N Davis, captain
uf the Canadian Cadet Corps about lu
luur Aii-iinliii, slitting Ihut North
Vuncouver would have two represents
lives uu lhe corps uud intimating thai
financial encouragement would lm up
predated was referred lo the liuiiiicc
From Dum nu uml Scrimgcour, solicitors, fur Jack I.oulei vs. North Vuncuu
ver stating Hint if arbitration is uoi
ninin,:■ 1 iiiiijieiliiilcly, a writ will -
From Palmer, Burmustcr and vun
fjraeveultx re water sen lev fur Tempe
Heights uud point iug oul lhe serious
loss which bud already accrued llirough
four 11,,u,il     delay
From City Solicitor Beid ugain re
questing Information and vuluea will,
respect lo the ilium of Lulni P. Jack
sou uguinsl llic eilv fur damage lo pro
perty ut the comer of ilrd slreei and
Sutherland avenue.
Frum M J Wakefield, wilb reference
lo the opening uf llm liun- through
block dii. I) L, 648.
From Solicitor Beid with reference
In lhe city 's interests re lbc proposed,
subway before the Bailway Coulmissiou
which will soon sit in Vancouvei
Frum Solicitor Beid, advising thai il
would be belter for Ibe city lo issue a
tub lease uf the ferry license lo Norlh
Vancouver City Ferries Limited rn
ther thun lu transfer lhe lease.
Frum A, F Muslon, re Ihe employ
inuii ut foreign labor, un cily work
and suggesting Ibul elderly men be
giveu wurk for whieb Iluu slreuglh
il  ,-ulli. 11 nl
From N. V. Cily Ferries advising lhal
.he outflow from lbc sewers al tin'
fool   on  Lonsdale  avenue   wan   mm
lbc foreshore IIinlel Ihe wbarf nn thai
lhe pontoons nliiiiujl'd ill  luw  tide
Fruni I'ily Treasurer llumphnc 1,
ijilesluig Ibitl u by law be passed dolm
ing the iliiln-s >>| ins office in relnlu.i,
In thul of the city clerk.
The above communications were re
ferred lo appropriate committees to I.e
dealt wilb as instructed iu caih   im-
I nder "Jut|uirics ' Aid Foreman
wished lo know what progress was
I euig made lu lbc crushed tu, >. uu
ii.n 1   what  llu   uiiiiriK 1   <:>ll-  inr to
nli  bow much has been delivered .1 ,1
!nhiit ii the shortage. Tin uiv m.-iii
1 er will tabulutc the information
, \hl McBae directed nlleiil,ui, tu ine
desirability uf thc cotislrueliun ni n,<r
low roads und trails in different .11
1 mt ions llirough  Muhon  park
i He suggested Ibul Delbriii k avenue
tic eiiiiul,,i fur some distance ainttliiil
pnlhs be  Ibence constructed  lo   I Hi
I avenue.
' Aid Foreman, chairman of lhe parks
, jiiiuiillec, slated thul the commillee
wus wailing for plaus  which lhe in
I gineer'1 office had been iuatrucled lu
p/uvldc,   The cily engineer will busli'ii
I ll.e plaus
A plan of subdivision of bluck., 29'
Iand 2H1, I) I. iiiil wos referred Innk
for  luaerlioii  of "contour slimmi;  ia
! '. 1I1C
,   Thc U. c Telephone i'u forwarded :.
I'l >n   showing   the   pole   line   llirough
lie lsi.es lu blocks II ami IV, '.) I, Ml
'snd block 117, D. L. ill     ' '
Luuunli as followi were ordered
(lul: Finance Committee fortxerkuols,
jttuU. llounl of Works 17280.111
Mayor McVelib aim, ni ,ii that .it
bad been found Impracticable to   ar
range llic lereiiiuiiy of luriniig lllc lirsl
sud uu Ibe I'm in, Ureal Iiu ■>• in Kail
way for duly Jsl, bul lhal He evcni
would be held ui the near future mil
later than the first week iu Scidrioh.'r
and Ibal il would be a much inure ilu
[borate funcliuti (bun bad been aulici
paled for Dominion Day.
II was decided lhal Ibe joint civic
committee arrange for the prospective
visit of llii Hoyul Iligluieia lbc Duke of
j Connaugbt lo convene al ihe sam' I imi'
ns tbe meeting to discun bridge ninl
j lers- *
! f'uunril proceeded lo consider by
Take Ume for eight hours of rcfrcjdt
ing aleep, eat simple food regularly,
balhc often, see Ibal the drinking
water is not contaminated, cultivate
stolid, and the doctor will have little
business witb you.
WANTED-Slnshiug and clearing by
cutitract. 0, A. Swanson, Lynn Creok.
V. 0. u.7
WANTKD-young iiiun I'or orders
uud delivery. Houll Bros., 2:ird uud
WANTED—Young woman lo assist
cooking. Hint ill Tea Humus, Esplanade
West. St'-t
Wauled ut once two large iruvidling
boxes. Must be cheap. Box A8u Express Ollieo. .'I li
WANTED-Young lady tu help in
store. Apply The Leonard Sale Co.,
Firsl tuul I.onsilule. 21-0
WANTED -Window uud ollieo clean
iug or liouse cleaning by young couple.
Apply Hox AS), Express Ollice.     II i
WANTED   A young competent gen
erul servant.   Must    lie    guud    cuok,
wages' $411.  Apply  Mrs.   11.  M.   Ellis,
tub ami Boulevard, Nurth  Vancouver.
26 li
WANTED- Prico lu grade buck und
grade and make ready fur sowing Nu.
lit und :ifi8, Sib street Eusl. Vi V.
Walk,leu, III Fairfield Buildiug, Van
couver. Pboue Seymuur 4l)Uti.       Hot!
WANTED-Drcsstnaking by the dnv
or would lake work iu. Ladies' tail
orcd suits, dresses uf every description
Blouse renovations, Hood ht ami work
guaranteed. Sixth street west, comer
Lon|dale.   P. 0. Box 18UI. 3110
FDU SALE—One heavy sel of work
harness. Apply VV. ii liobitisou, Bainbow Cafe, Boom 3. HSI)
FOB SALE- liouse uml lot, L'lsl and
SI. Andrew's. House partly finished
Apply .1. Garvie, above.
FOB SALE Marine gasoline engine,
complete, till; ur exchange fur station
ary.    I i.u i. Alice, Windsor road .wesl.
FOR SALE-Furniture in beautifully
furnished fiat, very reasonable if taken
al once.   Apply Apt. II. Eraser Block.
28 6
FOII SALE   Stationary gasoliue cu
guic. cost t.l,rii), sacrifice for ♦'Oii. Ap
ply F. A. Maude, Durau Koad. Easl of
Centre, l.ynn  Valley. Hill
FOB SALE-Soltitiga of Mammotb
Pekin Ducks. Prize strain. Phouo IOU.
FOB SALE-Sutliugs of Eggs and
day old chicks from prizo bred S. 0.
Whitu in-I,,,in. Partridge Wyanduttes
uud Huff Orpingtons, Mrs, ,1. E. Lue,
Lynn Valley Puultry Yurds, Dempsoy
Bund, Lyuu Vulley. Lcavn cat at Contra liuad. Puatnl address, Ilex 21M-
N. Vancuuvor. t.f,
BOOMS FOII  BENT-Housekoepiug
uud single.   218 2nd street cast.
FOH RENT   Furnished mom. break
Iimt  if desired.   Apply  SS.'I   Lousdale
A v eiiiie. 2.11)
FOH RENT—Five roomed house on
21st slrect eusl, IIS. Apply Hox A80,
Express Ollice. ::', (j
FOR HENT Six roomed modern
bouse, furnished. Apply Hii I tit ti SI,
Phone IOU, 2S ti
FOH RENT I luiimed modern houie,
S minutes from ferry. Peers ,v. Houll,
I'lione 188. ■ t.f.
Til RENT One furnished Ilul wilb
latest improvements. Apply Colomul
Apartments,       '   , I.f.
TO HKNT I (lurge) roomed modern
cottage, rent i'19 close lu Lousdale ami
2Sth   street. Owner,   Suiinysido,   lllh
slreet wcnl. 28-0
FOH HENT l.'iil'uruislic.l Hal, -I
rooms in modern liouse. Few minutes
frum car, ill per month Apply Mrs.
Knight, 4lli 7lli street uml liidgeway
Aveuue. I.f,
FOH RENT A slure in lhe new
Duncan illuek, curner Lunsdule aveuue
uud Second sljecl Apply II .1 Hun
cau, tsli llusllngs slreei ive-l, Van
couver. I f
TO LET .'mui.iii house, lul, hen
bulJitiioui. punlry and lull sired base
mciii. Ililli street, hull' block from laws
lililc elir.  liuilil  eOlldlllntl. rent   i'.n  pur
mouth.    Palmer,    Hurmester   ,v    vun
tirueveint/,   J.'.I   Lunsdule  Ave.      2S li
FOII SALE Nice Ihree ruum linm.
uu iVulrc Ruud, muderu, bulb, luilel
closef, etc., Sl.oiJ'!, easy terms. t-,,
ti. I. Thompson, corner Dorau uud ten
Ire   Roads,   Lynn   Valley 210
Fur line wat, h ami jewelry work go
; lo (Ico. Siiiiniluii. lhe new jewelry slure
juli 2ml street.
j flood board uml ruum at lin Second
iStreet Eusl. Hon,1 linine looking. T' ms
til per week 2 s li
FOR SALE House, sntip, bib slrect
and St. (leorge's Avenue, 0 rooms, content in-, nu nl. piped for luruace, lul
,'lilxlliil lu laue, fenced tu uud garden.
Nuw rented (22.SU per inolilh. Price,
tL'ufnj, sion eusli, balance $fiO mouth
at  1 per eenl. Owner, Bux J8IS, cily.
LOST Hold loekul, oval shape, 011
Lonsdule avenue. Reward-J. V., North
Shore Press.
LOST Hold brooch between Second
Slreet and SI. John's Parish Ilull. He
ward. Miss Vernou, e.o. Mr. Parkin,
JII Secoud Street.
LOST -Lady's Hack lace scarf, Lc
I Hem wbarl and 2nd alreel, Jf.apk.uudi
Bud SI. (leorge's. Finder will be re
v.urded by reluming same lu 17 l.oui
dule Avenue.
I.fJST Qn Weilnesd(iy CIO p.m. ou
car for Nortb Lonsdale, n purse om
turning llfly three dollars I wages uf
two working menj. Finder kindly re-
turn   to  Expreas ulliee.   Uewurd,  2.1 li
LOST-Dug answering to tbe name
of n.vp, wilb large and stnull bluck
■pots ou white, with leulber collar und
tag. Finder suitably rewarded. Apply
Uuylaud, Keith road, easl of St.
Andrewa. 28 0
Ice, leu Cream, Huttei'itiilk, .Milk,
Cream uud Duller, Purity Creamery, ISd
Second street wesl.
li iiiun
res ii
1   of
N.   V.
uc »•
' genera
1 ullll e
AT,  1
28 'i
If you huve nny property to sell und
want quick results, list il wilh Sborl,
Bolicrlsoii and Seymour. I.f.
If yoo have uny prupcrly to sell nul
want quick results, list i| wilh Short,
Robertsou aud Seymour. I.f
Firsl  class  gardener  vvunts engage
incuts by day  Hardens laid uul, lawns'
graded, elc.     Hux A711, Express Ollieo.
Authorized agenl for Singer Sew
iug Machine Company in Norlh Van
couver. .1. J Mi Alei'cc, Dry (loodsand
lien!.-' Furnishing", "inner lirsl uud
Lousdale Avenue. ,11
B. fl. Livery aud Buard slablcs -
Inghl rigs and ladies' aaddlo borsci
for biro. Stabling for Jiories. (Jon
eral delivery and heavy teaming. II
Dumat, 4th street west. Phone 347 If.
Land Clearing and Grading Lols,
Peto Andrusa, Genoral Contractor. Sc
wer connections 11 specialty, baiwmeul
and other excavating work uudcriakun
Eitimatei free 627 St. fieorge's Ave.,
Nortb Vancouver, post office boi 23U3.
Perhaps Ihu only person wbu really
lovea Bcginuing AgaJuJa tbe iucorri
gible failure, To bfpHRic recurring
momenta arc really sunny aud agreeable- e'"i lhe man who addressee bim
aelf wilh gusto to suult occupations as
Turning Over a New Leaf, Making a
Fresh Start, or Cleaning the Slate,
Beginning Again can bave no terre.s
It Is Ibo one moment iu lrbicb tbe man
who always fails has a bright visit',
of succeaa; be almost hastens through
tbe later stages. Of bis previous failure
almost welcomes disaster, so lhat he
may migdgV in tbe inapiring busineas
of Beginning Again. "Saturday Be
flaw." . ,
i For cabinet . malting, carpeuleriug,
picture framing, French polishing,
painting, glazing, general jobbing wurk
iind repairs, see or plume J, Ilayucs,
J2.'iti Luusdale avenue, Nurlh Vancou
vor. l'orsonal attention. Phouo LI47.
J have known men to pay llfly or
! sixty cents for a htinuner Incy eirpcci
\t/i use Iheinselvcs, nnd leu centi for
ibe one the women folks arc to ipte.
Nine out of leu uf those women'1
hummefs have the claw broken off lhe
first lime tbey are used. Say, hones1,
now. do you think that is jutt fair
lo the women folks!
"Prosperity Edition"!  Onlyafewleft
Bank of Montreal
'■mi    min ,    ,,, .      i    ■.
E.t.bli.bed 1817
Capital (paid up)
Reserve    •   ,  '.,
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouver Branch:
Mt. Crown Bldg., 1st Street
We have a nicely furnished 6 Room
House, centrally located. Can be had
on a day's notice. Rent $45.00 per
110 Esplanade.
Phone 227
Twelfth Street
Half Block from OBAND BOULEVARD aud Oar Hue. Oood
building lot 60 ft.uno ft. all cleared. Price $1,300 ou terms
of $uuo cash, balance 6, 12, IB aud '11 mouths.
Further iiartlculara of above may   be   had   at  tlio   oltlces of
We represent the London & Lancashire Insurance Co.     A
sound Board Company.   II you have anything to insure we can
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Time Ubl. aubject to change without
delays, accidental oi otherwlee.    » -
■  ,	
"Thua lot me tin, unseen, unknown,
Thua iiiilnmoutcd lei me tliej ,
ritual from the world, inul nut a
Tell where I lio."
It waa at the clime of a beautiful
lay iu tho month of July, 18.18, wheu,
having purtsjten of u miiii|iliinnn meal
uf purk uml i.i-iiii-, ami wushi'd it iluwn
with a cup of English brcukfusl ten
II. 1). Do.'a liraml, that I lip;hlcil it pipe
(I wua a heavy aiuukcr in ilu, , ilnynj
ami -ii,.ii.-.i iiiun;. ihe natural terra
ur banco thul overlooks Fraser Ilivcr
al Yale. Thc water, which lunl baafl
imu ii.ill- high, wun nuw subsiding, mul
the liar in front of lhe luun, where
liuiiilrciU of busy workers, when lhe
water wus ul luw stage, were engaged
in washing the gravel wilh rocker anil
sluice, in the hupe uf extracting the
liny specks uf guid that were beliovetl
lu.lie there, wus uguin coining iulu
view. I strolled ulung, enjoying lhe
dull evening breeze which .swept dowu
the mountain shin. The current was
swift, uml tu relieve the leilitim uf mv
lonely walk 1 licgnn to count the up
t mil ul mouarchs uf the forest as they
swept liy.   Next 1 ii l.i nf home uml
all of ils delights tuul  endearments
uln.li I, a mere lad, lunl lefl behind	
when I went tu California.   I recalled
Ihe friemls I liml mel ninl llic many
pleasant events which made life joyous
al   Sun   Francisco-lhe   theatres,   llic
halls, the parlies, ami the various e«
citing incidents thnt attached in "life
in u iiuariliiig house,'' uf which I had
more than uue man's share.   It wouhl
lie useless tu deny, as Ton) Moure wuulil
say, thai us fund mein'ry liruuglil tin-
light of other days aruinul me, u fed
iug of homesickuess swept   mer  me,
and I heartily   wished   myself -back
again   amidst   the   hright   scenes   uml
companions uf my youth.   My spirits
inni iiiuiii   lu   droop,   the    ineliiiichiili
roar uf llic river us it lapped lhe huge
boulders  inul  lhe  gulhcnug   <lurkiics.<
adding tu the sombre hue uf my miinl
ami  deepening  my   dejection.    Wbal
might have happened lunl tny thoughts
led ine further uu it  is impossible lu
siiy, hul when u il ry voice iu a rich
Irish brogue bruke the stillness with.
J "iinini evening, sin I hupe yuu nn-
iijnjiiig yuur walk," 111.' Hue I turn
,1 in the direlcion of llm voice must
ave borne u .stamp uf intense unhoppi
uess My interlocutor was a large, lull
bearded man of ubuut forty Ave veins
lie wus very neatly dressed in some
black stuff, wore u full gruwn beard,
mul wus very stunt. In his huml he
curried a heavy walking stick.
"Thank yuu.'' I replied, "bul I inn
nul enjuying inv wulk u bit. 1 waa jusl
wishing tnvself well out of the pluee "
"Tut, lul," replied the mun. ".hiu
ure suffering frum nostalgia funic
along with me, my lad, uml I'll give
yuu something Ihul'II drive dull care
Before I could ullcr a wunl of re
monstrance lie had linked an arm iu
une uf iiiiiii' uml lol nu- off lu u little
cabin or shuck thai stood mil far from
the trail un wlmh I mnl been pursu
ing my  wulk.    There, having lighted
a  i iniillc   he  produ 1   u   buttle   uf
braudy ami u  pit. lur nf  wuter, and
insisted uu tny joining in a glass.    He
suuu became very cpmmnnicutivc, and
after telling mo Ihul   Ins iinme  was
William Biley, a Trinity College man
ami a barrister, wliu had passed several
years iu Austruliu, und having been at
traded to Kroscr Hlver by Ihe reported
guid finds ou the burs, hud decided tu
try  his  fortune there.    He  lunl alsu
written u liouk inr Austruliuu guid mining adventures, which had been printed
in  London  Willi  lhe title uf "Seeing
ihe Elephant," the title I have adopted
fur the heading uf Ihis laic.   On the
uccasiiiti uf uur firsJ iatcrview-it did
nol strike me Ihul Mr. Kiley was of a
high urder of intellect, ami this opinion
Mas not changed ns our acquaintance
grew.   Hut he had a fund uf anecdote
and could tell a guud story, nf which
I was and still am passionately fund,
Uc knew a greal inuny priiiniueiit men
who had emigrated tu Australia, ami
wus a great admirer uf Bobert Lowe
("Hob Logic"), afterward l.urd SheV-
iiiuiii,'', who acquired  in  Aiislruliu a
vast fortune by Ilie practice uf law
aud laud inv est in en Is, and whu, having
relumed lu England aud secured u seul
iu Purliiiiucnl, was just Ilieu attracting'
wide  attention   by   his  able speeches
and hia logical Utterances,    He men
tiuued thc names of many other yuung
men in culonlal politics who afterwards
rose to great distinction. Home of these
men   he admired, others he  detested,
for it must be admitted that he was a
bit of a cynic, and while he praised
a few be was fierce in his denuueiatiou
of Ibe many. ,
"But," be said, "there is oue man
out there for whom 1 predict a great
future jf he have but a chance. Unfortunately be Is a younger sun, and,
atill more unfortunately, be bas quar
relied wltb his father ami liis elder
brother, so be has not the half a chaitce
necessary for success. Although he ia
the sun of a marquis, who has'vast entailed I'litiiteii and a heavy rental, he
hus cut loose from home influence, lives
in n cubiit ami worka a mining claim
itcur Hiilliiiui, He haa great ability.
An evening paaaed in his compauy is
a treat indeed. His days are devoted
to guid washiug, like any uther miner,
and his evenings lu the study of poll'
Ileal problems., For sume lime I did
not knuw his name or cnuuectiiins, but
when I fuuiul thctii uut I was inure
Iiiun surprised."
"What is his inline I" I asked,
"Lord Bobert Cecil," Biley replied,
"lie ia the second sun uf the Marquis
nf Salisbury. His brother, the heir tu
lhe litle uml estates, is Lord I run
tup found llio loud unusually heavy,
and one remarked to the other, "By
Jove, Murray must, be semling up a
bucketful of gold,"
Presently, when the "load" reached the top it proved to bu the dead
biulv of Murray. Ho hud reached bedrock, uml Uniting nothing there, placed
tbe end of Ih i orpe about his neck-awl
bis companions bad unwillingly
strangled him while hoisting what they
supposed lu be a bucketful of gold
frum the depths.
Hero I may incut inn uu extraordinary
tragedy, suiiiuwhat similar in its out
come, thut occurred in Vicloria less
than twenty years ago. Uue dark win
ter'B evening u cry of "Muit over-
boardl" rose front une nf Ihe wharves
uu Iho cily fruiil. Those whu hurried
tu tbe spot suw lhe dim outline uf a
man in the water clitiging tu unu of
the piles and lustily shiiuliiig fur uid.
A ladder wits suggested, but none wus
handy. Then a suilur csme with a
rope, mui, pulling u running ittiusc in
it, lowered il down lu the man, whu
slill held uu lu the pile and never
ceased lo uppcul fur help,
"I'ul the niiiise over yuur shoulders
inul under vuur arm," shnulcil the suil
I.illle did either Kiley or I imagin
ul Ihul moment lhal before many years orniait.
hud fled the elder brother wuuld huve      "Aye. live, sir,'' citine back  frum
died mul the younger son-the whilom  lhe wuter.
gubl   miiier   at   Hallnrat—would   he     "Are you ready)" was next usked.
summoned home to muke his peace with    . "All ready -pull uwuy," came buck
his father ami assume the title of l.qrd  Hie answer.
Cranborne, or that un the death of his     Willing hands grasped thc rope, uml
fullier he should lirst becume Marquis  tapes man wus quickly raised tn the sur-
nf Salisbury, and then (Ireat Britain's  lace; but Instead of a living being Iho
grentcsl  War Secretary, dying unly a  noose held it  corpse.    The mun  had
few mouths ago, full uf yeurs and hou   placed lhe rope about his neck instead
ore, after having devoted u third nf his of under his armpils.   Au cxamiuatiou
life tn lhe service of his sovereign uml  showed   thul   'ins   Adain's   upple   lunl
country.   Kiley was right.    His Aus   burst, and ho di.'d on the way between
iinlliiii friend justified his prediction,  the waler and lhe surface of the dock.
Before leaving my new fouml friend   If il was u mistake it wns it serious une,
lent me a copy uf his Australian wurk.   fur il eusl hint his life.   If it wus sni
I found it very interesting, but 1 can  eide the iiiiiii in Aiislruliu wns entitled
uuly recall une incident thul is worthy  tu the pul cut fur ungiuulily.
of nnrriilion here,   ll wus Ibe alary of      Afler uur lirnl  encuitiilot Mr. Kiley
u party uf young  Knglisli gentlemen uud I often luuk lung walks ulung Ihe
whu hud gune to llic Australian dig   bench uml  discussed   v'uriuus  mailers,
gings uml invested Iheir means iu u  mostly  pertaining   lu  the government
iiiiun     They  creeled a   windlass uml   uf lhe country, wlmh was then under
proceeded In sink u shaft lu bedrock.   Hudson's Uny rule    Kiley I found in
Duy ufler duv  tln-y  toiled  faithfully,  tensely radical, bul Ihuruugnly lujnl lu
lulling turns in guing dowu lhe sliull   (Jueeu uml cuiiiilry.    At uue lime, lie
and lu working Ihe windlass.  Due duy aaid, he fell iiicliue.l to juitt the Smith I'""'"•    Hia  name   was   Duraut,
il  came lhe turn of u yuung  fellow O'Brien   rebellion,   bul   guod  cuuusi'lsl l>a»nd. ur some auch name, and he
named Murray to descend.   Ile went  prevailed and he remuiued Irue to lhe  very  much   under   Ihe   influence
down  full uf hupe uud courage, and eruwu. liquor,
sent up bucket after bucket uf dirt to      Aboul Ibis lime Willium Hulluii. win, Continued on  pago  7,  col.  6
liis mules uu the surface.    The shaft j maintained   uu   express   hue   belween j ■,— "  =
was nuw dowu abuut uue liumlrcil feet, Vnluriu uml Vale., mm ml lim -uie in
uud iuue! suuu be "bottomed," Tu ! In my plun- uf busmen, uml I consent
wards evening the cuslumury signal lo cd tu aid us hm agent uni,I uther ui
hiiisl  away was giveu.    The men on'ruugomenta-ceuld be mude.    As thcri
was but an indifferent postal delivery,
nearly all tbe letters and all the tress- »
ure were carried by Bsllou. Que niorn-
ing a tall, dissipated looking woman,
very plainly draped, entered tlie placu
and enquired if tbere wero any letters
for Johanna Maguire.   The clerk examined tbe  "If" pigeonhole, and
handed her a lettor.   He told tne afterwards thnt it bore the Dublin'postmark. Sbe opeuod tbe letter, and, after
reading it, asked me if I could c'haitge
a £5 Bank of England note.  I referred
her to the Gold Cummissiuuor, and she
loft tho place.   Afler that, nearly every
week tbo woman applied at the office
for a lotter addressed as before. Sometimes sbo waa rewarded with a missive,
but iifietier there waa nuthiug for her.
However, tbo letters slie did receive
always contained a £6 note, which she
hurriedly exchanged at tlte Hold Commissioner's and hastened buck to her
Iiuiiii' ut the uppor end uf the village.
The   iiuiiiiiii   always  spuko   with   a
broad Irish secant, uud thero was nuth      I
iug iiiuiii her lauguagu and appearance
lu indicate that she belunged to other
Hum lhe peasant or uneducated cluss. »
Sometimes she would be iu u quarrelsome muud;  then she would  "swear
like u trooper" ou  the   street,   amk
there were stories told of her having
ou two occasions, iu thc midst of wild
orgies, worn out a chair oil thc heads
and bullies of sume miners whu lunl
misbehaved' themselves  while   in   her
huuse. She wus habitually profane, uml
il  seemed  lo llle that she must  haw
sprung  fruni   tbe  luwest  of  tht   low.
Hud 1 been asked In point uut a thut
uughly depraved and worthless person
I ahould huve indicated the Maguire
woman.    Such  characters  bub  up   u
every new mining cump, but before the
civilizing    influence'   of     respectable
women, families uml churches Ihey dis
appeur.    Kusslaud was full uf Ihem u
few years agu.
Ilr. Filer (whose sod falc I Inn,
referred lo in another sketch) uskcl
ine une evening to ucciiinpany Inin lu
u little cabin jusl buck uf tho town
lie suid Ihere was a girl uf abuut II
lliere wliu had been stricken wilh
piieumunia, uiul of whose recovery In-
was very doubtful. Wc went lu llu
shack.    Al the door we met (he girl'.-
buickly errore couoMa. cuaaa colds,
Residential Properties
bits I and 2, Block 36 7 $3,200
Uls 17 and 18, Block I4A  $1,300 each
lliil 19 and 20, Block I4A (double corner)  $3,200
Lots 9 and 10, Block 79 (double corner)  $2,500
Terms I -3 cash, B-alance 6, 12 and IH months.
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Improvement Company
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Norlli Vancouver Agents for
limited -      >
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Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
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Hastings and Granville Streels   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
New 7 room aud basement house, well located ou Seventeenth
Btreet. Price $1,000. Terms to arrange.
ti room Huuse and Basement oil Forbes Avenue, Price Sll,imu
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The Burrard Development Company United.
(Successors tu Klder Murruy I'umpauy Limited)
brokers 17 Lonsdale i'huue 117
Lynn View.
!&£& Lyrni View
Lots from $325 to $500 per lot.
Terms, $50.00 cash, $10.00 per month
<J These lols are one block Irom car line in Lynn Vallty and
nice and level and high.    	
•j Let us quote you rales on Fire, Life and Accident
McMillan & reid
Phono i'H.
Returned from Hire
to be Sold on Easy Payments
The above IustrumouU are luts good condition as when uew.
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Cement, Lath, Sewer Pipes, and
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Seattle and Vancouver Clubs Pay Visit
Tliu i.urr of llic automobile wua llic
predominant noise pf tlio Nortb .'Sun
uni.-i.iuv. lloracloss carriages of all
chapes cuil sizes, of every newer ami
color, uf every |itittcru uiul iiiukc, were
disenable ulong tin- highroads of ttie
c ly uml ilistricl of Nortb Vancouver,
uiul uluig llic inniii thoroughfare of tbu
new :uuiiici)iality of West Vuiicuuver.
Between tin- hours of twelve anil two
tlie surprised ferries ilisgorgcil a great
many mote uutomubilcs tlian ia tbeir
eiistouiliry lol, tiic ferry ilirectura Iiuv
inn. ijccrc'i.'il tbat for tl" ■ period utlmr
liullic nlniiild be sus|icnilc<l in favor ol
the Seattle visitors, This wus one of
ii number in liii.-piiiiliic concessions
iccordol lhe Scuttle ami Vai'ti'ivcr
. iiiiun,,I,ili- chilis ami former! merely a
unit of uue bin entente cordiale.
t'criiiiiily sucli "field Jays" us Dial
uf vislciiluy eu verj far imliieil tu
,rim-ni tlie friendly relations which il
in always ilesirublc almubl exist be
twecn Hie peoples nurlli ami suulli of
tlte J'line." Bucb occasions alsu serve
Mill, j iitcjilciilal aiul cquully useful
purposes. Tbey serve, fur iiislancc, lu
iliapro.t' llic prejuiliclal tbeory, ul ill
l ii, 11 in certain Britlab ami insular
circle., lliul ilu- American is incapable
ut appreciating lbe nuliirul beauties
ul ulher countries utui invariably iiiun
apex tu recall to liiinil sonic secliou of
bis own stale where Ue saute kiml uf
il,ui)i, unly vastly improve.! in ever;
respect, is iliacoverablc. yesterday
il in unjust tbeory wus must effectually
exploded. The Hcattlcitcs went Into
uurealraiiied ecstasies uver the nuliirul
attraetiuiia uf Capilauo, utui so far un
the writer was aide tu uvcrhcar, uul
uue visitor liuin across the line cum
mltti'-l the aforementioned terrible uf
fence ut reiiieitibcriiig splashes ul
American scenery infinitely liner. Au
other I'Lrpose winch U'icrvcil by such
i.iictim.'n in une winch sliould lie easily
writo ailci|tiutcly of such a setting, and
(loots uie not available tit short uotice,
Sufllco it for a prusy ami uninspired
ppn ti merely record thul thul parti
cular tract of nature which I'urms lite
l-iiiii,I Imi.lm;- of llic three municipul
itiea of Hie Nortb Hliure wus looking ils
very best.
Shortly after noun Hit siring of west
luiiiii-l automobiles commenced.to purr.
llnuii. chug, whiz, or glide tuvvurds the
I'upiliiuu suspension bridge, Here the
lirsl halt wus made—for u very excel
lent iciisun euld luncheon. Here one
was afforded uu opportunity of extiin
iiiing ll'c faces of tin cuinpany that
bad   accumulated.    Many   were   very
ii inter. I ood by anyone wlm u* suMciciil
Iv mu I, in nmi wise tu have a hiihhv
" he :i l',iiii,|,il,- Iiiu Ih, .airi.ru like
eiery progressive icietiic is il con
,irsaliuiial cruise ul oil When Iwu ui
ciiirc anient niuturtats meet and drill
into lechnical iliacussiuii. beueSl lu
euch uarliiipaling part) is bound in
in irue ll m highly, desirable, Ibere
hre. ilml opportunities fur a geuerul
interchange of ulcus un lins Ibcxbaus
I ilde    M.lije. I    should    be    .illwli  I    Us
ul 11*11 tin possible     Vcslcrday  wan un
ul  invasion     After  a  run  Ihruugli
lglono.1'    iccncn     caih    nuluiiinhili-l
.tipped   nil   Inn   car   doubly   cntliuseil
wilh unlomobiliitg us a  hobby ami a
pjall.n,'    Ile end red inlu converaalion
tli  -n uc perfect stranger whu 'iup
I cued i" I.c the I'liiiul proprietor ul n
uir .if runic iliflrrcit make. A great
ml'lii'; uf Iwu In ails followed, u greul
i ilu, about amtiiig lbc mysterious
intiuns uf ra. li  niachiiic, a conalder
; Me intercommunication nf thought" un
automobiles uejicrally, uu invilulluu in
"look mc up ul Scuttle" a reciprocal
entreaty, ft rcviail Vancuuver, itilni
, i,ilm ii lu lhe family and friemls of
each party, while all Ihr'lime the luu
cars stnoil ihri,l,l,iiig very knowingly,
perhapi Informing une aitnlher i'ii autu
iinini,' language tbut as a ran- they
are undoubtedly thc greatest friend
sbipU'likcrs ol tin period This kiml
of iin ii]cut tmilius the imaginative
I'lghln) was lhe urder of the day. ll
wu jusl a merry automobile pinuc
oigaiii'fd on a big scale, aud pcrfecled
by  lhe clerk  of the  wcalber,  v.i	
1" in i ■ di nt l, ronlttin- a warm ror
nr/ fur motorists.
This    said . dignilaiy—lit wil,    thc
weather  clerk—flooded  Ibr  whole  el
II e   ,\    I'll   Slime   ill  Iliiiili.liml   ' ue   Inn,
Though Hie newly sprinkled roads were
.irre«.unly drier and a trifle dustier in
conicuui'iirr the particular scenic tt
feds, which only obi Uoi can produce,
coilipcnnutcd the visitors ou all sides.
■"'In natural attractions ol Ihr Norll;
Shore ■ ...il.l not have been viewed un
der more propitious circumstances. Tbo
stirruumling mountain* stood oul clearly and i.obly, tbe streams twinkled like
caskets of jewels.  Only a post could
IniiiiHiir . There wus the Rene ul the
diatriot, rosy uml singling, uml well.
naturally proud of being lleeve of ihe
ilislriet. There wan lhe Mayur of Ihe
illy exlemliug lhe gin,I huml north
soulb, mnl uml wcsl. i'lu ciiuiii'ils of
lhe 'Iiiu municipalities were lavishly
represented, while those liul.Img ullminl
positions, frum muniiipui engineer
iii'WIiaards, were discrrnablr ill hull
'lay .ill.re. Vaucouvei friends wer"
also in conspicuous evidence, predom
niuiit itmong whuin was Mayor F'ml
lul, liis features rtimpletefrtiranrettrof
tl;|' Hurried expression wlmh ,111.111.
cisrloonist* love lu depict, Olher liml
ing iui',1 uf the sister city were .ilso
I'lliiieijiiitclv tiuliiciil.il. while every
lOticiivi.lilc profession uml Irndc nn
riljicr shore ul llic Inlel seeineil lu be
suitulii.   repretenleil.
Thr:-.' was no standing tipuu cere
iiioBy, Visitors uiul eiileilnuiern jlikc
iluilcr.'d in dialling  itruupn until  Hi -
I .'l|l,11.lllllll     W.ln    -IUI     lir I     tn    lllllll'
Inf   III.'   |i|rllirini|l 1    ll-U   liinllin   Ulnl   |'lll
lldkr of lun li. " Tin- rcpt.nl   vvim  iim-l
llllllll  1   Spread   uli    luld,      ul    . Ill vilifj
si/es, in unu,1 whn h uldtgiig vuung
ivailreises llllllll nil, 1,-nn; lu the
every in I'll ul 111 impii, 1 ilei,let influx
1,: iiiuitnln M ilie ilu..- 1.1 tin- mini
mi re .unl In nlii'li tin imi: wi.ul.l be
ugain iu rei|uisiliun    hriei   iiiiprumplii
npl'l'i'll.'.    Ill     llu-    ll.ipl   i-nl        l-iu     ivi li
1 imle 1 ml responded lu Initially, Mr
' li-xiiu'l, r  I'lnlip,  im  , I11111111:11  ul   Hi"
jnllll    il'lc    advilllMllg    uilli'inlee, e.V
I ii-.-I  the ilcligkl   ut   Iiiiii.,-II    I,,.I ll,
, I'llimiltre ut Iiuv ing ineiiilii r.n ul III
Iwu  elul'S   III   tlieir   llil'lnl
Mr. I'lnlip described ilu- .li.tr I
Nurlh   Vancouver   ic   um-   nl   1 \,-,y
lluuul   beauty   uml   pnn ling,   .iwi-ll
upun Hie exlraordiiiury muri h nl' \ •■>
gun. lhal lunl rharuclcri/cil 1 "Kii
leen years ago," lhe speaker ileclore-l
"in per cent of lbe citirens uf Vim
iiiiiver knew nulliing wluilrver 11 boi I
lhe nurlli shore uf lhe Inlel Tin .1 i<
gurded it tin being of nu itiipurtnm.e
whatever. There was null mi, tin mm
ul   cominunication  uml  Hint   wiis   'he
Henulur - nol  Ihe kind Hint   vim  in;	
Presidents uf   l.ul an uid coasting lug
Now, however, through lhe cnerg,.  I
enterprise of the cil) we have .1 M 1
class ferry service al Ihree erul. 11 lr.;i
instead uf 110 codls u Irip us iu lhe
Senator'1 tune The rfmill m Ihul
nuw as many as ten thousand penplr
ituss frum Vanrouver 111 u tingle .lity
Uur ferry compuny hus 11 revei'i .' "t
upproximalely Slll.tnui. n mouth
"The ilistricl," continued Mr I'hil
Ip, "was practically dormant fur a
lung linic, but since awaking lunl been
remarkable for ila immense uml rapid
glilWlll, The elnnl'li-lillil'lil uf belter
iiieuns of commtiiiii'iitinii hud afforded
an opportunity fur turning lu aero ut
its won,leiful resources. The future of
lhe district is universally bflieved 'n
be very great Indeed, lin scenic ul
tributes are all of exceeding greal inlerest and value. Thc speaker dwelt
humorously on the belief enlcrluincii
among the people uf euch section thai
their   particular canyon wus superior
 in, nil)  lo the ulher imiyuns, of the
North Shore. Willi so many canyons
ami scenic resorts Mr. I'lnlip declared
"we have attractions which are iocs
tuuiiIdy great. We have also the mmm
tiuu tops and tbe mngiiiuVciit views
obtainable tbcrcfrotju away lo lbe
south tbe valleys of lie Viatel, wbilo
cilcmling itllo tbe stale of Wasjiinglon
is a I-.-'uuu:'  uf great intereat. To lhe
nurth is a sea of mountains Hint have
in their valleys a ricb wealth of land,
capable of rulJivation^nud development," it> minimum Mr. I'lnlip reil
(rated bis welcome in the Seattle and
Vancouver visitors. ,'   ,
The Canadian Bank
of Commerce
BIB    EDMUND   WALKER, O.V.O. LL.# D.O.L. President
Asst. General Manager.' General Manager.
Capital $15,000,000   Rest $12,500,000
Temporary quarters  of  the North Vancouver Branch,
Esplanade West, near Lonsdale Ayenue.
A General Banking Business Transacted
Interest paid on Savings Bank Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards.   Withdrawals may be made at any time.
}. A. FORMER   Mauager.
Mayor McNeish wus in unison with
lbe terms of the previous speaker's
greeting, "While 1 um now just mil
side the I,uuinin iv line of my dumnln,"
suid His Wurship, "I believe lliul I miii
vuiiiin the boundaries uf Hie nexl lest
domain." Uu i" iui uf Hie ci|'/.cii* uf
llic city uf Nurlh Vuncuuver llic niiiynr
extended to the visitors u must curdinl
welcome, The speaker procee I 1 In
touch facetiously upun the topi; of
unrestricted Reciprocity, urous'n;; gen
erul uilaritv hy remarking lliul lie
owed lu thilViolicy the best burjuiii lie
hud ever ni'i'le iu his life, seeing Hint
he ulilin.eil Irn bitter half fru'i. N.i
ttie. T'.e t c.v-fjr- was in heart,,' lic-i'id
with everything Hint Mr. Philip liml
soul concerning lhe scenic grandeurs
of the norlh slmrif. "We arc delight
ed," lie added, "tu hnve vuu einue
mtiong us. uud we arc delighted tu have
uur sister city rcpresenled liy Muvoi
Kni'lluy. I inuy suy. his worship add
ed mischievously, "Uml I know uf nu
limn' ideal place fur holiday, makiuai
Ihun mu north shore except, uf course
tNiilll', I hnve n|iinI many pleasutil
duys nt Weallle." The muyur cuncluil
wl with the hope lliul llic visit would
be repealed uml held mil   Hie induce
it I  Ihul  next yeur the rouds wuuld
Le still belter.
Th" next speaker culled upun l.v Mr
linlip was Kecve Muy, whu tvelcuiueil
the guests un behalf uf tin- dislriel
uiiiuil uud llu people ul llic ilislriet
Touching   upun   the   friendly   reluliuim
I'l'lvvu'i,  the   penpl 11   cither  mile  uf
the "line", lleeve Mui euiilciulcd Ilml
ufler ull the said "line" wus uuly a
little marl, uu Hm map
The reeve dwell interestingly mi llm
llliji'i I ul luiiltrCnn, Un applied I" In i
ilislriet und lu menfolk generally.
" And   even   llle   wuineii   ure   mi   the
lliuri-ll,"   lie  ILI.I.'d,  "III   till'   pulls."   Ill'
reiterated lm- Imiirlmnl ul greetings In
ll.e Scuttle uml  Vancuuver guests
Mi , . ,,ip th, i, lulled upon Muyur
h'liulluy ul Vaueouver, wlm made n
brief and felieilous speech Hi"referred
In llm benefits which undoubtedly uc
iiiicil la lhe organisation uf automobile
■ lulls, lull us Hu- influence liruuglil lu
hear jpiui lhe lictli-ruii'iil uf rouds. In
the sijcukcr's opinion the formation of
imii clubs wus aiming tlie greulcsl
I lungs Ihul ever huppened. Tlm mu
vur's listeners were vanlly amusi'il at
Inn nllusiiiii lu u very line lutein pule
ivlileli was nuw uduruiug uue uf Sent
lie's splendid squares, but wbicb .hud
mii- hei ii Hrilish Columbian properly
Hm wurnhij' was pleased lu ubserv^1, ii,
uiv ,,| Ihis cuiilincuiimi, lliiil Hie grand
possessions of Hie nurlh shore were
nuinniv" lu lie inuviilile Uu behalf of
Vancouver's cuuucil uml citizens he
welcomed the visilurs mosl  wiifily
Aid   llaxlcr, llic liunurury pr lent
ni the Vuneuuvcr AutomotAle '.In!,
said Ilml he knew must uf the v'-ilur«
piesenl since tbey had made llicse :,s
iin in II. (.', regularly fur Ihrci' years,
tuul be imagined tbut cordial Vclconioi
must nuw mine In Ihem os i> intilter ul
course, lie uml.i truthfully declare
that Vancuiiver members alive, s pot
lbc same when Ihey visited .'•faille
Aid. Iinxlcr re/erred lo llu numbers
thai had lurned up uml trusied Him
mit  year the wcalber conditions   nl
Health' wuuld lie belier ul   ': I'ine,
This had doubtless caused a goudiy
number tu cancel the excursion
Mr. I.ecs ol the Vaueouver liunrd uf
lurk Cuniuiisioiicrs also mauT a shurl
impropriate udilress which-was follow
ed by uu ei|uully brief apeceli from
K iVI. I'lmnidl, president uf lhe Vancou,-
vel "lllli, I'rennli'iil I'lylllploll uf lhe
i-'eattle tuloniubile tllub, spoke uf llic
greul pletmure Ihul il ulforded llic
ineiiib'i'n lo conic lu Ihis purl  ul' tin
■iiiintty.   Tliei  'ilvvjiv-.i r i'cl su li u
iplrnlid 'veleiiin,' "The rumls here.'1
'i-mitri. d the presideul, "are u greul
iii'iuiri'ii'itt. We hupe lu receive n
ii'lirn visit Iruin vuu nl Suilile. I
cieuiiot Iliiiili," Mr. Husscll added "uf
lil,y place norlh of lhe line where the
coinlii'injis are mure desirable Inr un
muting of Ihis kind thun Ihi' little
spot, (-upiluno. The point wns well sc
l-i led un iiii objective pornl fur tins
Mr, I'relwell, the secretary of the
,-eiitil' -Vulu i'luli, promised to render
I'll tlm i.Bsistauce piissilile In I'ulurc vis
■ Ii,in tu Seniile linm this neighborhood
He nn lied ninli pursues lu be sure
ul louk • i: ii}' llm club's phone number.
Afler linmlmijii Hie gulhering dis
perse-l, phulugruphs mul suupshols Iiuv
ing lui ii dulv secured ul llm cnmpaii)
und ils lin uli uu iiiiijiiiiiiiiicnl ul' autu
mubiles ri|ghl seemi; in gluriuus nun
shine fin 111 ell Hie retiiitinder uf the uf
leriioun, certain ul tin- vimturn extcud
ing |!ii-,r juiiitmi intu tin- ueiV iiiunici
| jlily ..I' Went   V uiiiuil' ,1
Tin-   dn V 's   niu ,-,-nn   vvim   due   lu   llv
strenuous clfurli uf sundry indivi'lunl..
I n- eiii'iicnl umuiig win,m muv be iiiinied
I Mr. l.-iwli-r. thm eily 's publicil) nun
linsiunci'. He, lugelliei Willi tin Ineiil
burs nf lhe joint civic advertising nmi
millee, liud cuueeutrutcil careful ullcn
liun upun llic arruugemetil nt deluil.
mul in thm emlemur limy did mil
liul, public suppurl 'I'lm ferry miu
pi.nv • um inli'd u I wu liuui.n' suspelisiun
li.' Irulli" Hi liliul ul III" lllllnlllill'llen
ul III" luu < illl" llm i iiv uml districl
ci urn-Ms ugrced l" specially sprinkle
llm ruads fur tin- uinvinu'iitc nf lhe
III,vellers, wlnl, Mr- llebbeck provided
n lumbcnii .which uiiii" up tu the must
| nllliglll1 1    hnpl llll   i-vpei lllllulin       11
lliere   uie   olber   liuill llllllll-   lu    llllillll
mention is parln iilnrlv due uue iuu
unl)   feel  ninrv  .md  beg pardon.   I'm
III,   in . ll-iuli   III,"   venlerdliy 'n   vvlien   nu
iniiiiv    willing   Imu,I-   .in    llgur.ili.rly
ill    del*}) ll   in   illi|ii.n.lll"   lu  feel   nl   11
string nl pcrminul lluini. vnus I.'I Hi"
geliernl success nl llu dnv npe.ili fur
>i-nno paiiouc Jihai ■.'fin-1 nin.S
IT0P8 COUGHS j-gicE.» cknis
All kinds uf sows filed and set on the
sliurleat nolice. Lawn mowers, knives,
hedge shears and scisso/s sharpened, AH
wurk guaranteed, mbderale prices,
1234 Lonsdalo Avenue Pbono in
North Shore Locators
■■ ■ ■     - —.-.     —..- —,   .      	
Block 12a    D.L. 550
Cleared sLots fronting on trie carline—
and Grand Boulevard, $900'nip. v.
One-quarter cAJi, 6, 12, 18 mths.
T* 4
m- .
Published Tuesdays and Fridays by North Shore Press, Limited.
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United Status and Foreign, $3.1)0 per year.
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 T ■ 1 i-i	
Tbe Express is devoted to tbe Interests of tbe North Shore of Burrard Inlet
exclusively. It constitutes an advertising medium of exceptioua) value for
reaching tu a thorough and effective manner tbe population of North Vaneouver
Hfty and Ilislriet. Every effortis made to give advertisers tbe most satisfactory
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later than 10 a. m. Monday ami fi p. m. Wednesday to ensure iusertion iu the
following issue.
North Vencouiir, B. 0....
.June 35, 1012,
''Iiln,uu!   Ihu  puslpiiiiiitiieiil   uf   Hie
date for the ceremony of turning Hie
firat sod ou lhe I'ueilie Oreal Eastern
Ilailway will doubtless come as a dis
appointment, nevertheless lhe general
public will mil be slow tu grasp I nol sion iu uu uuulllcial way fnr an ex
fact thul under Hie circumstances Hun tended period. The propoaitinn hus ul
ultimate result will be bcucliciul. ' no lime mel with opposition from the
Tlm recognized importance of thai!l|ia,ri''1 ''uiiiieils, bul uu Ihe ruutrary
event, In the Nurlh .Shore is such lbat I-'1 a|i|ieare lu bo generally recognized
I' will readily be acknowledged that |t,iat m"h * movement ia to be expected
it is b-sirable Ihul when the eorouioiiy j *""m "r ll*M '" lll° "alural progress
ii observed  il  sliull  bu conducted  ,„'oi'events.   That there ore certain bene
uf the llldcriiicii tn pluee llicinni'l-,,',- uu
record us being u favor of n sitiilar
exlciisiiiii ut' I uimliirie* iu sCiir,,' pos
siblo direi iimt. In I'm I the etuir I was
iiiuiiiiin im in their opinion
A geuerul oxloiision iif the city'.
boundaries is tint by any means a new
project, but il  lius been under discus
We carry a full lino nf 1111111100'
supplies, Nortb Sboro ('uul * Supply
Up., Phouo m.
Vancouver Bunnell Directory
utiSlMisi 1 ni,i,i:iii',s.
SPROTT-SHAW Business Collage
336 Hastings St. VV.
Canadi'a Qreateet Waetern Sohool
ll. J. Sprott, H.A„ - -Uunauar
Hlltl, US't'VI'r..
Yorkshire Guarantee & Securities
Corporation, Limited
J,jo Seymour Ktieel
R. Ketr Houlgtate - - - Manugei
to larger premises uu blsplauada, so
Don't Forget
u iiiiiiiiiii boDttiug its 1111 [mirl 1111.
order  ll ut   this  tuny  be
I,,, llcinl results wliieii wuuld accrue alike
unbailed  '° ,Ml' L'''v ul"' '" ''"' 'errilury anno
il is necessary Hint the arrangements
sliull net be in any way hurried but
Hal ample lime lie allowed in urder
lhal preparations muv be curried fnr
ward wilh due deliberation uml In al
luw iho proper tu, m- of conditions lu
be brought uliuul In render Ihis un
1 ur til-be. ri'iiii'iiiln'iul event iu North
Hliore annals.
Tin unavoidable absence nl Ihr lead
iuu nl villa ol the I'ueilie lii-eal I'llnI
eru ifudivnv Company, the aiiorlucas of
lime Intervening between lins uml lhe
First .! duly, and Hie fail lliul mul
lers pertaining to the right uf wuy uf
the Company are nol as yel definitely
settled ull combine to demonstrate llic
lacl Hint huw willing soever llu- I'oiti
I unv might be to accommodate liiein
selves lo public advantages lu Ihismtils
ler, they could nut iu Hits instance
meet the dale stiggeslcd without
serious impairment nf Hie impressive
nt nn of Ilie proceedings such us woibl
greatly interfere willi Hie helpful iess
ol lhe occasion lu Hi use very pul lii
interests winch thev wish In serve.
The public unniiiiiii cinclil whieh lhe
Company has made, however wuh re
ferctiii lo tne arrangement* for lhe
ceremony of turning the lir-' snd will
be found more Ihun «ii'li. mil In mini
I, in, 1 any momentary fueling uf lis
appointment win h may be etperieiiei-'l
Irum Hie fuel Ilml the event will uul
murk lhe Hu'1.1,11 u Duv re'diriillou 111
this ci'v. Tin.1 | uUio arc assured Ilml
tin 1, niii is 1,„i, prniuii.eiill.' before
lull b. Hie l'r,iv:,ui,l Uu,, uiincnt un 1
lhe directors of the Pacific lireul Hast
1111 ilailway I'ompany uml lhal these
twu j,1,1,i.ui forcea will eombiite tu
evolve :i programme fur the occasion
which will be tu every way lilting the
great importance of Hie event and be
mining the iiilliieulinl interests winch
have .In Norlli Vancouver i'url tleorge
ami I'l'inc liner Kailwsy projeel in
Nulliing further need be said in urder
ie 1 um nice the discriminating publi
Uiul N■ nli Vuncuuver will be the uuii
11 In the postponement nf tiie event.
uml lunl Ijilmr Day llbe day nuw uu
luiiini.-dl will wilness au event upun
Him ki,i.' ul tin- Inlel which will runI-
nu uml tu iiii similar event whicii ban
iraiisiiiied in the Dominion uf Cauudu
uiul un event which will 'ilm, 1 great
nnd .< tld wide ullenlioii llirouglioul
ii.ilw.i . 1 oiniiicii nil, busiucss ami tu
muh ml .1 iii les Meantime inilicipntiun
mil nl.11 un Important pari iu the sil
niiliu11 uml will create u sustained in
liresl 'n Nurlli Whore affairs whieh will
liml 1 splendid culmination when the
i-i cut itself transpires.
Tli' iiiIiic Nmlli ejlinre public will
I 1.1 iijipie, inle Ilie .In, ■ and
cnerg, willi wlmh Mayur M-Nunh ap
p'led 'iniisclf lu the furtherance of
iheir interests in Hus inutlcr ami ulso
lhe 'pi,'mini cuiitrciy willi 'which lhe
I'm ill.' (Ireul Kasleru Ilailway Cum
pciiy met his overtures nnd endeavored
lu carry tbem inlo cffecl in the public
,ii,i, i- This on nil. lit beginning as
between llic local public ami lhe I'aci
il. Urcil hasten augurs well for lbe
reletioimbips which arc dealioad lb
1 i.luii, between these two iiti|iur'au'
i.u imn in Hie promotion of Hie common
nlercste of tlte Norlh .'-nm.
is frankly acknuwledginl, while at
Hie sume Iuue tne territory within Ibe
1I1.111id municipalities is su eilcnsivu,
sctllciiicnt is duatiiiud tu proceud su ra
pidly und value lo increase su greatly
lhal un detrimental efforts uf a serious
ur permanent nature need tu be nu
ticipulcd upon the part uf those muiiiei
publics us the result uf Ihe movement
ll is quite evident, huwever, thni
while lhe cily council is ready ami will
iug In give fuvurable eonsiileraliun lu
11 prupositioii lu luke within its boun
dunes any lerrilury lying couligiiuus
therelu, lhe council cauiiol uf itself
tuke llic initiative in uuv such iimler
taking. As iu lhe case uf II I, lii
ii will be neceaaary lliul the prnpertv
owners iu any given seel iuu, who muv
wish lu 11111I1' with lhe eily, themselves
sel lhe project 111 motion uml tin Icniir
uf lllc remurks made by llic members
uf the city cuuncll al last night's meet
tug leaves nu doubt Hint any such pru
position submitted to lhe cily will mcci
wilh u uiiiiilii reception ami favo n1'<"
consideration ul Hie hands ut tl 111
Due uf the musl iiupurliiiil ami help
I'ul 1.1.i,,i, in Hie progress uid pros
perily uf the entire Nurlh Shore will
be tiiiuel 111 liiiililing up 11 strong, mud
cm und prugressivc cil) centre on Ihi.
side of Hie Inlet uml Ilus cun In- 11.
cuinplislicil unly bv providing niilln nui
territory within the citv limit.. 1.1 pet
nut llic prusci-iiliuu ul nu eiilcrprising
pulley smh us will keep llie uiv lull
111 Hie forefront in Ibal gruup ul luw
er liilillilllnd cities, every member ul
whicii is ilcsliin'il lu muke plu-iuummil
prugress during lhe years lying in tin
iluiiiediule lutuie
Illln I II llllh
Ail North Vancuuver people tat al
I lilm I'I.u I. Hi... 1, or II,, in. St.,
uppnsile the new post ulliee. I.culianl
aeila hia lea by tb,- pound
Wo have a few cheap lols close
to Second Narrows liridgo, also
some of tlte Cheapest and I'm. .1
lota in West Vancouver, as thla
aectlou is moving rapidly, you will
bave to hurry to scenic ouo or more
of tin." l'liun luun llilii.iiti and
up.   Good tonus.
Georgia Real Estate
617 Ponder HI, VV    Phone 8cy uiul
ShM's Gun
euicaiy aropa couaMa. cunta coma.
maim tut THioar asu> umae. aa cinre
The resolution passed at, hist njglil 'a
ii-sninn of the eily council rci|Hesting
Hie   liieul. n ni iluu    to   cause   a
poll lo be taken of the property owners
iu I). I., ili upon the ipiesliou of an
in ..uni ibat aeetion to Iho city, ispra
liim,I- .-ud.-in e of tbe auereaiful pro
greaa ii negotiations and practically aa
aurca tbe "uiisumujeliOD of the Jir^jecl
within tbe elnHiett peseible |wri«d
der tbe atatutea. Tbe discussion which
accompanied tha paving of thu resulu
tion was sude tb* aeeasioa by wveral
(III   UK   MIHTll    vim 111 VI 11
8euled Teiiilvra in..ilu,I Teiul, 1' lm
Wiitei vv.nks Siii'ldl, n will I,, 1,uiv, '
ll.v llle I'll) I'lerk of. Hi. illi ul Nmlll
Yiiliiinlli I lie lu 6 oiliul, „ii Tiiistl.n
ll,,-   md  dill   uf  Juki Jill   loi   mill:
lim   uml   diiii.iiik. lm   itu    i'ii)   ut
Nuilli Vuliiuuvel   III,   lull,'villi,. ,l|,|,l„l
llllllll.'     ,,.,.1,11 i,(    Wot, , iviul.s    1ll|,
I UUU   1-1,1111.in   jiji,    illi,,,   i:i,,,|, 1
I.   lll'l   fill   ',   llllll   n-ilV    Ilull   |'l|,"
IS.See feet ', lmii iialv  Iron   lu
1.010 Icel   %  Hull cu,|i   1 ,,,-ks   Hull  In
I mm I* Inch slnp , 11. kn
1,000 "■ lmii , .Iv .l.i.i,.
iu" i» 111,1, lull Kiln
tins ■>. imii nuiv  ui,imii
All   Ilie   IllinVi,   lliul,.-! tills   In   lie   ilill
viieil    F    1)    U    I'm)    lu„l.    Nmll,
Vaneuuvei »
' Inin li  lumi, 1,1   musl   sun,   Hie  tlm,
when ilillvei) mu In i'liii lul
All icndeis must li,, made on forma
..ill'      I     >l)        lm     l-l, I    lull....
A cIlcu.ily.'Tul b>v| eenl "I llu
11111111111I ol/leiuli 1 inuil>nna)iJ'Nm>-trrr
uider of (lie I'll)  Tre^surssr-rrniai m
lUIUI'.lll)   i'lllll   It'llilll
The luwc-et 01 nil)' lelldu tint lleeve
sucli)  iicct-iileil
N       ANlll M SMITH
i'ily Knalneer
city I'lnalmri's niBce.
Nmlli   Vutiiuuvi-i
.'.'ml June   I'll!   • !S e
MIHTll   \ IM 1,1 li.H
I,     tuilmi.    I'i, nl.u. .luu    1 l,,u, 1,
Im nn  Itu,ul   .m, 1 vi. i-h   .Vliuiilii^   11 on
i-V.-lllli,. I.ln Ailllll Ililil, I'l.,,, 1: .in
SllluJu)  Sillmil. ;' It   V  I' M I' K, Tins
'1,1!     .11   S   I'   III       I'l.i.UI     M. . III,,.     VI ul
ms.lu) ul S |i in Tinui I',.,, il,,
C1I1I.11. ul » |. 111 II, v Ituii.it.I ,',!,,, I, ml
Mil.ini, I
lhal when you ilu papering litis
year that wo aru_slill here with a
fur better hue 111 much belter prices.
Ill Ksplauade West. l'hono Itu
I next to I'lilli'tniin, Qoldie Hi Clark)
Nll'lli'l-: Is llelel,) nlvni lliu. tin-
lliilllli      I   ValUUlOI'S   III   iilllslill'l    u.in.
fui   ivuili ucluull)   11.-1 funned and mu-
t.i Inls ,11 m.i Iii mum, Uuu willi the
uinnli u, ilmi „f it,,. Mldw.11 A V, 1 nun
ll.itlvv.i,   will tin III, 1  eullsldel  .ill mi. Ii
.I.iIiiis us lluv,, I n .till) lll.it iili.rvell
All)  claims wlilili Iiiih   mil uluudv
III ell si, II l.ul ulld V,lllllll li.l .nl.ilulmi
du l.ll,lllull ill nil,, 1 ills, HllOtllll Iii
lliul Willi llu- Ulliii I sllllli'il without de
Tin- Bum.I will ,mini,1,-1 1,11 elnlma
lm .11I11.1I |ili.,nluil wmi, performed
.mil koii.Is uml mnii-iluls sii|,iiiiiii  iu
, ullll,'"Ilull Willi llle slUVi'illlii. luu,un-
 I'l.llllllIC   nf   lllllll   nf   will    lielwiitl
liml, i'i..I. .nut Vermin
Muii'ini)   (or  Hi,,   1.,.,,1,1
V.ldl.n.n u„s  ,111 VI,mu.,   u   >'
I'.iupiirers cluss meets evory We,lues
uy evening at S pin  Klemeulary study
uml ipiestiiius,    Vuu ur irdiully invtl
I to attend    Kooin Hi, Aberdeen Inul"
iug.   Theiisophicai free library.       I -
Our Shipment of Proner
-:- Racquets is Here -:-
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
niitJBi; miivinh
I'liune Ka 1 nu 11111 Iiln, Slmpsoii Bros
building miners, Ilill Kiflh Ave Wen'.
Vuiuuuver, H C. Kinpiire Hnnpsoii. 1st
huuse easl ui I.mm.Inle, llllh slreet V:
11 luales free. 21 t
HrlkuJI.l   1 Uureh    I'mm 1    uf
slid SI   Itl-UI'MV.    Hlllnl.il  ti, 111,,
11   111   nlxl   '1  3U Jl   tu      Hllllll.l)   Hi Imu
Hllile   Cluss.   ! JU   y 111      Ki lilm   I .
Muliil.i).    t.    |i 111       I'i.nu    .uul    I
Beivlee.     V.e.lnisil.1)      t    |.  In       I
l.iilfc-ue.    Tlunsil.il    iiflutiuuli    .it
Paalor,  VV   C   cVUIIl, In 1
II in
I .11,,I
K. W. -'muit watchmaker, 180 l.ons
dale avenue, has Irauaferred his.busi
ness lu Charles Minims
Thanking Ilil! ciliiteiia of Nurlh Van
cuuver and district for their liberal
suppurt iu Hie past.
N. H All overdue repairi musl br
railed  for.
10,000 corda of try tt wood for quick
aale, Prlca par add corda, 14,76. Sat
clal quotations for larger quantities
Out Wood, 18 inches, I3.!lu. U Inches
MHO' C. O. D.
Offic* and Yaid   M1I1 and Lmudalc
Phoa* 190.    f. a Bo. UU. .
M It"!   *'        llllillll I    ullll, '|,l.   Ull,
iiiiiI     Boulevard      Humlji      n,,,,,,..
Mllllllllli       I'IIIIII 11       ,1   I,, .nun,1,,,
Si lnml 1 :iu |i iu . llv, mi,,. I'ni,, 1   ; ;iu
p   III      lllll)   I'ollUlllllllnll    llisi   ,11,,I   11,11,1
Siimliitis In month   ui  11 ., u. ,,i
Hun,I,iv  In uu,1,Hi   s 11 1,1     li. .   ,n.,,,,,,, 1
Vet    M   A      VI. ..I
Salvalloa Arm) l.unsd.il,- Avium-
Kiimlii) servlus II 111) 1 n, ,1 1. u. uul
1.Ifi |i 111 Tuesiluv S |, in Tbmsift'i
k |, III I'llll,In li n Kelvin Wull,, »,|,,i
I   |<   III 1,
Hapllsl     1U11..1.
Ill'UIKC      Hu ilun   ,1
I' 111     H11ml.1v  ij. iiu
ill 1 IS |i in   I'm)
ill.lllll .Uul ti
II .1 III llllll 1 .1
I uml  liiiil" rbii
iliil  I'l.iin,   Mm it,
VVeilnesdll)   III   S   ,,   III      I'lislu
I.   I'lussel,  Tw, lllll  ulnl  SI    li.
SI. Jnku Ur HtanarlUI. l-.lsInn .ml
Thirteenth H-1- Couiiininlou t .1 m
M,,1 nu,. Prater. II 'ii to llv, iuu 1
l're)Ai. 1 It y in    'ul llu  ilmi Siimlni
III    llle    llliilllll    lillle    Will    In     ,,    Suull.l
celebration   u(   the   llol)   ruiuiiiitiilon
ul IJ a in    Itci lm, n, v   Hut. Hoojirt
I have )I "iin mill und wn.11 lu buy
II   lulil,ling   nil,'   luull",I   il-   ilime   in   Un
I Id'     lur   III"   liiiiilii      but    lull.1    I..
"I   tut    ul   un,,,,   hi   Wliltll I'    11     Uoi
his, \„ith Vumouier
Don't Take Chances!
Business men snd business houses
are usually Judged by the printed mat
ter they send out.
11.111 you afford to take chances wltb
your printing when good work In this
Hue coeta little, If any, more.
We Do Good Work
First  .Sheet   Eaat,  North  Vancouver
W\t £tunbarfc
THE' STANDARD  Is  lhe  Na I tonal I
W..U)   n. wn|,.,|„ 1  ,,( n„,  Dominion
, 1 ' .u..,.li      li  is n.iiiuii.il In .ill Ha
' xpenalve cngrav*
pMoineifhs from
Palace Hotel
Second Street, North Vancouver, B. C.
RATES;    $2.00 per dui) up.    Special
talcs Iii families and lo i.yiilm hoarders.
SI. I SuiuuS'. I alkulle I lin, a Hull
nmi Malum Avefluc Bundu) II11.1
Maaa   ami  i-mimm    ie  n tu     Sumln
Si huni.   lilt   p III      Itusill)   .uul    Il.l,,
diction. T IU p in     Fi l.i.i v    luw  Mas.
I   a in     I'lisi.u     ll.v    I    A    ll,iluiil
o.al 1
lu.iiMi. tallollc I lurcl ol at. 1'iul'.
alaaa. 1 it a m   Sumluvs    I'lislni, II
1- ,11,1.,
r.'ji.ivin. 11 M 1
I lll.ll...      S.I, 1... "1. llllli, 11, >'
I'lmalnflcld   Avenue   ili.twien   l-'um
leenlli  lliul   Kill, llllli  nlifilni     Slfllils.
Ani,, ■ at II a in.    Tcsllinuiii  Mul
hia. Wednesday, ten i- n
11. iiuuis. s u 111. evert Bundav
'.." l-i Aral Bunday In muntli S 30
a. in. fire! Sniulu) In inuiilh 11 11 in
llatlna, Lliatiy unu Bermon, second nmi
/nurtli Suiiiluy Ilul) Cuminuliliui und
Bermon. flrat ami llilnl Huiulii)s Vlcur,
He».,T. R Howe.
rfcun-l   .'iui,,1.'1..     II
Sundav Bcliuul ulnl
ni  and 7.30 p ni
Hid.' Claaa. 2:30 |, m   ')'<;,itI.. it Ttuln
riaae.  Weitnrsdar.   Imt    Pfarer
cclllia. Wedliesda)' t |i III H"--"
Club. Tnuradav, 7:10 |i 111 I'liulr I'm.
tlce, Friday. I p ill. II. Van Mulislei.
IT A.. paalor
l,VSJK v 41 1 11
MrlloSI.I      llurel     V'uu.-lil,,       Ililli
daya. II a in. and 7:00 tun Bunday
School, lilt p ro. I'aSlor, Itev •'.
Fakeley. '
l'rf.U)t.il»» Ibattk-Worahip/. Bui.
daya, ll u 111 and 7 p in Buuda)
School. I:li P ni. I'aelor, ll. v A. Mac
Aulay. '.^.
■»  iallry—Uillnl
II. Vl»ei»»r», J.y»»  » ellrr—Hallnl,
I am    Sutiila)' Schuul 2 30 pm  Kvn.-
long 100 p in    Holy ''iiiiuii'iiiiiiii rw .uu.
"unday In month al 11001. in,   Normal'
Thonpao* In cl»era<
ll      I.MS     Ul.      III,.-
ItlllS    pliii ,11111)1   II
iill u,,r 11,,   wniiil
lin  ul n  ul>   • .11. lllll)   s.i,, led  Ulld |
lis   i4iiuri.il    pull,)    la   ilioruuglily)
lllll. lllllll. Ill % j
A    sulisi il|iii.,ii    1.1   Tbe   Standard'
iust. 11,00 pit year lu any uddrcaa Ifi
I'liiiiiitu ni  ilnel Iiiiini,
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Msntreel Standard Publishing Cm,
Limited, Publieher*.
in nil I'liiirnrh-a Aak for our Juv.-n-
lor's Adviser Mai Ion A Miulnii 3SI
Uulvtrally Blreel, corner at tfltiilu ilm-
Street. Munltcal I'miada. ntal Wush
Ing Ion. It. 1:, II a A
begs to .iiiiiuiiiii i- that lie will
At fyrminui oi Capilano Car Line
immediately.   I .el us have your listings of Capilauo properly.
Notary I'ublir, Real (.stale, Insurance and Conveyancing.
50 feet in Block 29, District Lot 273, near Ridgway,
for only, $2,850, 1-3 Cash; Balance, 6, 12, and
16 months.
62 LONSDALE AVENUE     mumim  mwm
1 '
(■'''iie^iivt iif!1 iiii
1836     TH*. &ANKOf™ Wit
Nortti America
78 Years In Business.   Capital and Bosorvo Over 17,500.000.
When vuur Havings Account reaches a reasonable amount the lutereat begiue
to. toll. One workman, wlto had u few hundred dollars on deposit, said that
tho Interest scciiiiid liko receiving an extra week's pay each year. Thoy all
had to start ouce. I,oso uo tiniejii ntukiiig yuur initial deposit. Ouo Dollar
iiturta uu account in THE BANK OF BRITISH NOBTH AMEEHJA.
i Two Office* in North Vancouver, Corner of Lonidale Ave
and Esplanade. Upper Lonidale Avenue, near Uth Street
Five roomed house, large rooms, modern,
and Iwo roomed cabin rented, standing on
double cornel', 100 feet by 140 feel, Jones
and Sixteenth Street, facing park. Price
$6,600;. rash   $1,800, balance   arrange.
Owner, Box 1788   North Vancouver
The New Jewelry Store
is Open for Business
You havu the advantage of our Experience   In   Watch   and   Jewelry
lir|i..niii,:    Our i-iii;i„,iiii. cannot lie beaten on tlio coast.
Watch nnd Jewelry  Work, Diamond Setting, lim/un
Jeweler and Optician
106 Second Street
iillord to liana uur sanitary aoda foiintalu.   Come In, and then
lake lionio one ul these   "coolers":
Muntnci'iiit Lune Juice 50c aud 75c
Stone's Lime Juice    bUc
Jamaica Lime Juice    50c
Welch's  Grape  Juice 00c
Randall's Urapc Jmcc 11,'".'
Wcdds' Fruit Salt Mc
N.iiliin u Fruit .S.iliuc    ' 60c
Eiio's  Fruit Salt  70c
Oui iiinllt)
I'mili). Qualill) and hcanutiVp.
aa yca'
|„,.nl,,,l In
IS    ll.    I.
mill, u
HIS.    N
II,.     l.lll.l
11 ill. J
Tills notice W.1S i.uslril nil Ilie aluiilij
mi  Hi,   ll.Hi Juv   uf Muv    1412   The  u|,
i-iiu.iiuii iv ill In- Hint in in,  nrlVie ui
Iiii-   Walei   I!, i mil, I   ul   N, iv   W. Hi mil.
nli I
TnADi Murine
Copviiuiine Ao.
Anronolending a .kmi-li .nil Spicilptlon Di«r
'inii .ir nu ui,'in our i-i'ii-i ii fui' wlmibor an
InTOiilliin ll pmSnll; inli'iiliil.ln   Cuinmunlcs
Uuin miiilii nun, ni IUNDD0M on Patrols
lontrrso. Olden siienrr rcfjweurtpi paUmte.
I'mcnH taken llu,men Wunn 1 i'u. rocslre
iptclnl ncillii, wit huut onsriro, lu tea
Sciciilif ic Hmciican
A tiAtsdtoiDolT llliiKliMrtJ yift..\j. liMti'U olr
(•UiUlen Pf W WttOntm i>iirn»l. Twini tM
fnii.il]>. i-::- a yeur, ixmIaip inep-Aii.  Row of
All in'vfitli al.-il-
Co <•■*«*»>• New Yut
trsuoii limet. bt t su vv«.iiiii«iuii, ne.
ulijeiiluns iiiii) >»' iii.ii null in. .".
Will, i   llnuiilir   or   willi   Hie   i'uiii
llull.l     uf     Will, I      llllllll.      I'lllll.llll.
Iliillilluiin   VI,lurlu   1)  I'
THK MI'NIi'H'Al.ri V  ul-'  VV KHT
I    lluiui.m   An. nl
vv v 11 ll Mini I.
For a I.let-asc Iii   Int..   aud  I ■
|     NOT!
i uiili
lll'l'.'     IS     llllll'..     |lll, II     Hull     Tin
111   uf   West   Vuluouvei     will
vv in II Mini i:
Hut n l.lrroae lo Take uml I
sr   vv  uu
NOTIOK  la  hereby  alveii   lliul
Muni. Iimlll)   uf  Wihj   Vaneunver  will
Up I.l,l Jul II Jlcelisi' In tulle ullll IISI
ISO iillile feel |>el su unit nf k.i lei uul
uf  .     ...  I'lcek   llllllll ItiiKH 111 a nuilli
weslerl)' direction lliiuugli I) L Hi
uiul .in|.iI.c Intu K,mli llm luu In
IJuWe Found Tlie wulei Will I'.' ill
Veiled Ileal  lllc llllulle ull J will be useil
for municipal purposes on llic luti'l
described us Tin- Miuilrliulll.i uf West
This iinilee waa I'lisicAun lhe around
un Ilie intli day of May. 1912.   Tlie ap
!•In.un I     Will   I'l-   lliul   III   the   nil'--,    uf
Hie Wuler .Recorder ul New IVealmln-
.  OW.-.llulia   mu)   J*   Ulld    Willi    Hn'
auld Water lleconJor ur wllh the Oonip-
(roller uf Wuin   Illjilitii.   Parliament
Bulliilnas,  Victoria. H   C.
ti. Jliuinun, Agenl
vv vnn tityll'F.
For  •  License lo Slorr or I'm  Mack
NO'J'Ji'K Is lierel))- nlvcti Ilml The
Munlclpullly of Weal Vuiicuuver will
apply fur u license tu stun- ur pen beck
Twelve Tliuuautid  acre-feel   of  wuler
froul   Creek, u stream llow--
ifiK Iii u ti. W. direction uiul emptying
into Howu Suund, near Katie llurbor.
The water will be stored In u reaer-
VOlr Of     '  e nil.Hi ■ CUt'U'H)   luiiil
 «f^o-l>e--lHi»rl-isl~U>l4i-JaJu. and wJJI lie.
uaed for Munlclpnl purpuses aa author-
laed by Water Record No  Waler
Llcenae tio  or under a notice of
application (or a llcenae to take and
(ul   il llu use lo tulle ninl
li ,1   |'i I   set-mill uf   il .iti I   uul   ul
I'liell   Willi ll ItuWa III U  Sinllli
i 1,1.1. I IV     Oil,, Hull    llu •  .,   I      11     ).      Ilill
N W I' and i iiuitl.h lull. Kaa-lc Hoi
lun In in,,u ,-.,,uml Tlie walei will I"
diverted iiiui tin- llllulle ulld will I"
used fur Muni, 11 ,i [uu, , oii I lii-
lund disnlliid ui Tin- Miinli'liiulli.i ul
Wist Vuncouvel
Thl lice nu i in- i.U iiii llle innuiul
un III.   Ulh du) of Mil). 19111     The n|i
lillciilliill   will   be   llle.l  In   Hie   ulliii   i.f
the Waler llecuidei ul New Wesliuin
Olijecllulll muy. lie Uied Willi the snld
Wuli i Ilecordel or wllh lhe Pomp
lliillcl nf Wuler lllglils. I'aillaineiii
Uiilldlnus. Vlclorlu, Il  ti
Alien     ,M, All   li I     A, , nl
Tho new residence for Mr. Win. Mor
risou, Frederick Road, ie about completed.
Mr. aud Mrs..aaueaJreitca werji visitors 10 IliO VulliWn Huntley, |iciii|l
guests of Mr. ami Mra^Parry. |
Mr. < 'ui iiinii. of Ihe Lousdale J Dairy,
haa moved to the car terminus (where
he wi|l ,i|."'i a refreshment iiiuiii.
There  is / soou  to  bo ajiuounceil  a
;:.'ii.len parly with a musical arourum
uiul -I' -i ii uiiiuil, uii a rather sipntunih
scale according to rumors eitanattv
from llic Ladies' Aid of hum church
Mr. .1.  darker lias been appointed
post master for Lynn Valley,       The
pOSi   OlIlcC   Inc.llu-.:.   \ll   bo   t|llli:,l .'I I nl
to the neiv Fromme muck ai tlm cur
ncr of Centre, eud Lyitn\yulley Hon
uu duly Isl
The Lynn Vulley cricket flub has a
copied the challenge uf the Missiuu
Ulty cricket club tu a match ou .Iuh
1st which- if the city of) Nurtli Van
cuuver grunls permission—twill be play
cd un lhe Huni. i.,1,i 1'ark.
flu Friday lusl the Kcv. ami Mrs
Jl, c. Tail of Wulluecburg, Oitlurio
were guests ul Mr .WagborUs'j on lioss
Huad. Mr. Tail was ut lbc Ueucrul
Assembly uf the I'crsbvlcrlun church
und Mrs. Tail wus delegate frum Wul
laceburg In lhe recent tuceliiigs of the
Women's Foreign Misisonary Society.
Mrs uud Miss MacAuley—wife and
daughter of the puslur uf Kuux church
arc expceled by Mn evening truiu
frum Toronto tomorrow. Mr. Mm An
luy is moving into thc ue., huuse lmill
by Mr. Fromme un Hllh slrect, Nurlh
Vuncuuver, temporarily, until lhe com
pletiuu uf the manse adjoining Knux
church which will lie sume three ur four
A i|Uiei wedding wus aulcmuiicd by
lir. Fruser al the Firsl Presbyterian
church, Vancouver, on TJrilrsduy. June
Ulllh, wheu Mri.F llytuin l.-un slure
keeper ul the , uf liriiiiuus, was ttiur
bfpf Noi
lied lu Miss linn-til- ,,i   North  Vancuu
ver.   Only a few friemls uf the couple
were present, Mr   uin! Mrs. ilcuilrn
suit  left  fur  Victoria aud Meal Ilr
a liuni-viiiuiiti trip,
'   8'j
o'clock   otic of lhe treats ul  tli
sun   m   ulfcrcil   ut   Ihe   Institute
wnei, tin- Luilies' Auxiliary ul f?
incut's church is ujilluig ou an
liiiumenl  uf exceptional merit.
nl  interesting tliiugs ure lu transpire
nnd -n,,-niii Ihem is an cvinl ol  si
prcinc  Importance lu lhe  vulley . Tins
icnl thui hus never befure hap
pencil since Ihe world began, and such
.   ils   iiupiii'iii'ie   that   it   ..in   in ver
appcu agaiu -" lung as thc world i.-i-
therefore any uue tutssiug il tins lum
nuver   under   uuy   circiiuislan- <
ilncss il kl ull.    And all litis lm .'-
refrcshuienla if vuu wish it.
IV   V  II   11   .Mllll  K
l I. hit   lo Store or  I'm  Mack
'I ,     Waler
tiili'lCF. i ■ hereby given Hint Tlie
Muiiii li'iillty of Weal Vancouver will
upply fur a llcenae lu slure nr lien
hack Hevciity-flvc acre-feet uf walei
from   Creek, a stream flowing In u aouth eualcrly dlrecllon'and
emptying Into Howe Sound neur Magic
Jlarbor, The waler will be stored In u
reservoir of 20,000.000 gnllotis caps-
clli. liuill or to be built al Ihla lake,
and will be uaed for municipal pur
noses as authorised by Waler llrcotd
No  Waler Llcenae No  ot
under a notice of nppllcuilun for a license to lake and use waler. poalid
herewith, on (he lund described as ll
1,  Ilil. New Westminster /
This notice was pealed.OV llic jjmund
on lhe Ulh day of Mu)7TI))2 The application** will be Uied In the nfflic uf
the Water Recorder al New vVestmln-
sler. -*
iit.ji-i tiiiii-i may be filed wllh the said
Waler Recorder or wllh Ibe Comptroller  of Water  Rights    Parliament
'>nll,lluC»,,yUJj}llf,   ■    I'
THK  MI'NIi'll'Al.lTV  nl'   V, •     I
Imi Ihul wurk will In- lu
llu- i uimtrui liun ut Hi
luspeusiuii bridge mer the Second cun
um ut l.v iiii Valley bv Mr .1 I' i'iuvv
turd The view frnm this proposed
bridge will be probably the luosl ei
trancing on lhe norlh shure The re,
uml intiyoii ut Lynn Valley is ul pre
nil   lull    little   lilnill ll   to   tuul'   i     un
pleasure seekers as hitherto nu puhlii it
has been given 10 11 "lung lu it. dai
gers Huwever, these obstacles tm,
liun umcuuic by llu- i uiistluiliuii uf
ii iiuliii).' ptilh. frum lhe j,ii uu- grounds
nf Lyuu I'urk lu a strongl) fenced in
tuck projection frum wbicb point tbree
-in i,-.., i e falls muv be .viewed The
pinks . uiiiiilii tii- has had rustic table.
mul -nil' buill ii.i ■,. I,,,1.1 the park
Ttie paths have beeu laid out under
tin iiiun lum uf J I'. Crawford ami
llu- natural beauty uf thc sccuerv ha.
I'l.ii preserved while the convenience
nl lhe ii.iliu has been cared for I'J
lhe selection of easy grades ami wlun
llie.e ure connected wilb the opposilc
Iniiili lii lhe suspension bridge au ei
ccllcnl circular walk will have been
ilivcr,.for tbat portiou nl akcciu Llui
loral District ■ extending from Prince
Hupert to Sltecita Crossing, from the
16tb day of Juue, Tift.
Frank 8. Pe Oroy, nf tho city of
New Westminster, to be a provincial
um:,inlili' and pruviitcjal iisbery over-
Bicbard Polly, of the City of Vaueouver, to lion provincial llshory ovor
aeejr. {■ .
Harry H. MacKepale, B. A., principal
of tbe Niippciinn Public ii, lnml, New
Westminster, and V. I.. Dcutou, B. A.,
principal uMhu Mount I'lu, um Silioul,
Vancouver, lo be inspectors of public
schools from lbc 1st duy of July, 11' I ti.
To lie Notaries Public-.lumes Hunter Hyley, of U,uecns Buy, solicitor, and
Hugh Ames Bigelow, of Tclkwu.
Walter Buply, vi ll., to be actiug
secretary uf the Provincial buard uf
lliultli, fur six nun,ilu uuin the 1st
day of July, 1013, duriug the absence
of c. F. l'u;■.!ii. M. B.
The IJiiuurublc tin.' Minister uf Miucs
to be iu t in j: secretary during the ah
si'iu'c frum lhe province uf lhe Honor
able Henry Ksbou Vuuug.
Certilii-nli-H uf incorporation have
been issued lu the following: Alberni
llyilru Klectric Power Co., l.ld.; Alcock
aud Downing, l.ld.; Beaver Club; B. C.
Colonization uml Tuwnsite Cu.. Ltd ;
blcouomic Heating A Manufacturing
i'u, Lid.; Eilen I.uml Co., l.ld.; Fair
iiiuiii club, Ltd.; Fraternal I'nily of
lbc World; (Ireen ,v Bunlick Cu., l.ld.;
Qrouudbog Coilcrics, Ltd.; .1. J. Friiu/
Cinislructioii l'u., l.ld; tjuutsitio ISucuil
I'luli; View .Slreei Laud Syndicate,
The fulliiwing bave beeu liceuacd as
extra provincial conipanies: Keiudeer,
l.ld.; Burden's Condensed Milk l'u,
Ltd.; Murilen Milk l'u.. Ltd.; .Sl.
Charles Cuuileiisiiig Cu. I.Jil ; Truro
Condensed Milk i'u., I.I.I.
O, M. Stewart .Sulphur in. Keystone
Type Foundry uf California, and lhe
Seattle Hardware Cu. huve beeu regis
lured, us  extra   provincial   eompauies.
The   ii.iy   Mctropolla   of   Cuba
Dallied a Big Reputation
for  it   is  tlieir  instinct  to  "take u
ft ope sits uiniuiil a cafe any leugtb
of, tiino—:tsud a large par/ of every
day is spent iu tbis way—one is cer
taiu to lu- invited to wituess a cock
ligbt. Cock lighting iu oue of the
comuioucst sports iu Cuba, ami while
it is agaiust tbo law, it ia rarely inter
I'lTuI with. Lurge auma change bauds
on tbese bloody exhibitions.
The iui'* are crowded, there is a
um ium stream of automobiles ami
curriages up .and down lbe boulevurds.
The sidewalks are filled witb people
liurryiug to the theatres. Tbey arc
helflj all dressed in lhe lllllglll i'ii
fashion. Ilavaua is oue of the richest
cities iu- tbe world. Its styles come
direct from Parts. The only cheap
things are tobacco and mutches,
i At tl o'clock performances begin iu
a dozen | hen I rea. In llic muv ing pic
lures uml variety theatres uue limls
reul wickedness. The "grizzly bear,"
"lhe bunny hug" ure modest compared
with tlie dunces shown uu tip' stages
uf lhe variety tbeatrea, wbere the pub
lie is admitted fur 115 uml 5tl cents.
The little i'liii ure beyutnl description,
und the actresses wear very scanty
At midnight Central I'urk,-which i.n
in llic heart uf the city, is us crowd
I ami filled with life us the Slraud
uml Piccadilly before the theatres
swallow up the crowds. Tne cafes
ure filled willi peuple who cut ice cream
mid sip suft drinks. There is icry
Utile drinking of a eubplic liquors iu
Of course, nil Havana dues mil gu
lu lhe theatre. Many uf the fusbiou
able sel neck tbe club, sume seek lhe
gum 1,1 ing pub'es aiul others nn, i.u
masque bulls, whieb arc given nightly
The guyest ulluirs urj' given nn
Sunday ingbls at lhe Theatre Naciuiinl
Tiicv begin abuut midnight ami lam
until s and li u'clock uu Miituluv
ii uriiing.
The New Mirumur is tin- Mecca ul
tourists If iuu- is well dressed uiul
luuks prusperuits In in a-ked it in
visiles tu play.
A Made-in-Canada
po not use Liquid Sulphur until
you road tlio booklet. Po not
accopt tbo bottlo without it contains tbo booklot and luedlclije
Scleral cities have been called the
iinkuli'nl  nli Iiiii,-     Net .    I'url
Suul, and lii.'-i i Siberiu. lur tustuuee.
Tbev uro wicked cities, but Ineir wul.
cjjli'aa is of a sordid vuriclv Ilavaua
Is wicked and gay.
In Pans tin- "n'lghl life " guy run
laurauta ami dances um lur the Kug
lish and American luurmin. in lluviiuu
Hie "gu;,  lite   ' i- Inr tin- nail v."     lis
VV like,III,nn   In   pllH   Ilf   ll-   Illi
Everything m Havana m m<l> open
And nl Un Iiili seven vunelics ul
wiekeducss lhe niildesl i.n gambling
Humbling house, in  lin.mm uie open
Iu   bulb   men   uud   wnlliei,       All   llllll   Is
esniry is u pu<ketful of bunk nolev
His Honor the l.ieulcftaul Hovcmur
in Council has been pleased tu make
the iiiUmm,g appointments,-
To be Justices of tbe Peace licorgc
Archibald llorlbwiek, of Louts ' reck;
Charles Arthur MrNaughluu, uf tbe
cily of Port Alberni; Thomas Alcxau
der Aim, uf Cedar Point; Harold
Frederick Dale Stephens, MB., of
Duncan; Owen Phillips Srbreibcr, of
South Pender Island.
Harold Frcdorick Dale Stephens,
MB,, of Duncan, to be a coroner for
tbe Province of British Columbia.
Mesirs. K. II, McMillan. B. E. Bene
diet, J. I ni"", H. K. Kul.ii, nn. and M
Ail. t. ini,- iiiiun gut lo be members of
tbo Fnrcsl floa/d.
Oeorge Hudson, of Merrill, to bs
secretary to tbe Nicola Collieries Board
of Minors' Examiners from the lib day
Of May. Iiii, iu lbe pis,.- of Ben
jaaiia HtoalJI .
Kuulette, tini, ha/ant, ami puker anal hand
Ci.'u   fur  Lotteries
Even   us   um-   sips   lim   , I ilul.    iu
die muniuig tin- iluilv iiiiunI lm. its
beginning     A  half ilu/i n  peddli r. ut
lotter) in mi- lulerriipl ll ul    Tin
lullery in I'ulu m run l.v ilu govern
incut fur ciionnuun uri.-. - Tin lunl
pn/e is tli|U,i|i|u
The   tickets  in     luuvki I   nluut   lhe
slret'ts  unl   sold  at   ilill   eurnel   -lull-
Bul the flu I lliul llu gnu luun nt um
duds il due. mil guuraiilee it" "being
uu lhe level " At a reeenl drawing Ilie
tilsl prize was nut awardeil lur lhe
rcusuti thul thul jiurli'nlnt In In t lm'
nut been sul'l Tin- public Inlu I lik.
it,  but   they   kepi   mi  buvnig   In kits.
Buck liuinc -wbal memories it brings
Whul viaions uf familiar tbiuga:
The ubl frame huuse. lhe paslurc.gri'i'ii
The wheat field, gulden in lhe sheen
ilf warm sunabiue; the barnyard, luu
And urcliard wbere sweel applies gri-iv
The old footpath with winding way
Through peaceful scenes In  where lb;
Of twilight touched tin' fur nil  hills
Pink   humcl     The   very   mention   fill'
The heart, uml inuken it   overflow
Willi memories nf lung agu.
II. il  .null   in Farm Journal
STOPS COUGHS rgjcE. is cams
A lecture uu lhe abmi' subject will
I... delivered in lhe K I' Hull uu
Fourth slrel'l uu Tliursduy. -illi -lune,
ul k i. iin. k The lecture will I"' il
lunirulcl bv nli.Kn from -genuine pie
lun-. showing Ihe cusloms and habits
nl   Hm   peuple     Weapons   ninl   curius
Will   In-   nlliilVli       A   ll Vlllll   Will   be   nuilg
iii llu Zulu language Tin ledurer
Iiii- liii'l iiii.fwurk,"! among these
peuple and will speak ul things us be
kiuiwn Iiiciii lo be Admission 26 cents
uml  In rents -5U
Bitlpbuo offers lu liquid form groat-
cst  harmless   germ   destroyer   known '
MOSt    lliilllli, 111,;    lellei.,    ri',,,    l,iil|l,-,l
tell of woudcifttl ones of Oockraui's
Btilpbtir iiuiupiiiiiiii
Poison Settlesin the
Weakest Part of
the System
That's why blood, skin,
rheumatism, and stomach
troubles develope. Sulphuo
is a form of nature's best
germicide and disinfectant,
and provides just proper
qualities for restoring perfect
liivlit   Ili Uill
Tin-  nm   l.i
I'liliipotiml  uf Mul-
pliur in  prm ce
ing i
lllllcll    nil   its  UWtl
record  ul   uin
n,    llll
1   Ibuse   win,   write
Idlers ul  pinl
u   lul
uMllphUll   lu   1.     V
1 ni l.lllln.    Nil|
>|,|illg-      lullugc.
K,lim,n i-   ll   i
.     HI
1  le glad,  imIced,
In   lull,   mill
lllll  I
whu nn- mil 1
uml   uiul,-   In
111      tin'       -l"|l        ul
tlli'lt    illlin
It     U     -111,      |U
■ui  1
nil   lm  li luull    mm
cut   deluge,|   i
ilh  -
i li ii  lluod iii ap
I'teilUtlle  ll'ltl
In   US
lum  been   reicivcl
Ul    llle   SlllpllUI
CS        llllll     11    nil,llll
friu-lum ut ilu
.' Illln
been glten  In Ihs
jiililti:    iiew-pn
it    n
'U'l-    lining    llllllll.'
1   ■ 11-.■ i■ i. i -    slum
Ui ll      trouble,
linen..,-,    diabetes,
giulrc   uml   nl
li    Ulllli ti.Uin    lune
llll'l..1   l.v   llu
1. i
Ircln     even    llllill
lUi'l.-    In lure
ll.       tin      nm,'    ul'
rlli'UIU.'ltlnlti     In'
ii    i.iu.iu     Iii   liml
ufler  riulphun
lunl    ll    il.llliu-   lu
permeule  tin
Tu   uliluill   Uie
desired    renull-
1 ml
 -I»nlinll-    Hie
bouklel   iu iuiii|
llll 1 II
p   .-mli    lllllll'   uf
Hulpbuu  mnl   1
llm Mire, lu,im  lu
Hie  l.lt.i
J).,inr Nature's
Owu Kcmcdy
Heymour tfraynor, M. il., to be real
Angus JjfcAlJetar, A««' j <unt   pbyeiclM   at   Terrace, Bkeena
Going Away
If you arc, you will proliably need a Suil ( ue oi
Trunk. •
Wc have Suit Casfs lo suit all pockets, from llic
iiiiil.iliiui li,iiiui rate at $17') to llic solid Icalher
al $20.00. •
In Trunks wc ran supply you will) any style, shape
or si/.c you may require, and prices are as low as
,Vancouver, and in many cases lower.
Shirli & Collan
llO^SecQiil St, fojrt.
uminoii niinl   i- in.   I usis of ."Sul
phuu's sun inn. lul it i- Ilium- Niltlirc'n
owu germicide unl li-iiili-iliiiil Mnl
plum   ili-iiiini'  iiii   -. iiiu  iii   impuri
lien and giu- tie I,Iiii,'I ll I hail, e III
bllll.l      Up     llliil      n -lull'     Hie     Illln lul
purls The piunuii iii yuur system,
due   iii  iill   pmbabilily    lu   iinpropci
scweruge.    lum   npri'Uil    tinuugliulil    the
body uml sclljt.il iii Iiii- weakest -i'url
nl' Ilie nIrii. Int.'
Ilul im minis fur tutisililis, coulin
uullv upset sluinuch, breiiknig uul ul
llm nkm in pimples, or inure senium
eruptiiiiis ami a niuitijdicily ut inlet
mil disorders. The buuklel will show
vuu why uud how it thorough cleans
ing must be given Ihe syslcm
Hulpbuu m hemming mure and mure
a necessity in every buuschnld
For Huie by All Druggists, J or. 60c,
lOos. $1.00. or Bend Direct to
blend  fur a Kreu Kooklel  Thai Tells
All   About   Cockrani'e   Hmintery
and Uow ami Wby ll linugs
Hack lloaJhh and Mln-nglli.
."nlnliiiu la nol ""lii I') •amis from
lease lo In,use. Ian be had at <lma
•lorra »»l>   or at HV I'rnJrr Slrrrl
vv. ,i
312 W.u7i|:, Vmwa
-" I  l
To Contractors
Tenders will be received up to 10
a.rn., Monday, Juue; 24th, fui cfearing-
part of District Lots 552 and 266,
North Vancouver, containing one hundred acres, more or less,
Full particulars and specifications to
be obtained on application at the Lonsdale Estate Office, 526 Winch Building, Vancouver, B. C,
Telephone Seymour 2835
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
Phone 222
P. 0. Box 1719.
We have a Large and Exclusive List
D.L. 265 and D.L. 273
Phone 24. , P.O. Boi 1820
We Study Printing
Wc make i feature of preparing printing that it profitable to
our palrons.%
We study type facet and elects
to insure attractive arrangement,
and we believe you will appreciate
our handling of your work.
Prom a card to a huge poster
or an illustrated catalogue we will
give you a figure or our advice.
We invite all thoie who intend building a new houie
to call and iee our display of doori which
we have on hand. We have a large
auortment of  the latest
patterns and solicit
a call from
Get a "Prosperity" Edition of the "Express"
France is Queen of
the Air
Tlie amazing progress mails by
France iu aviation lately anil tlie wave
at enthusiasm for thu conquest uf thu
air whioh has been sweeping over tliu
ouuntry are of Importance not only fur
the French nation but for Ihu world's
.-I' Hi. "inni.   While lu other countriua
Se in.1. .iii.iii is being rulanieii by
•pates over thu ownership uf patents,
fear of risking capital or luch uf con
liileare, Pruiico is slcailily Icuiling thi
' rest nf the wariii in Ihe sail
flight, by thu ingenuity ami unturprisu
of hur constructors, Ihu ustraunliuary
courage ami ability of her pilots ami
the fervent suppurt of Ihu ust iuu al
large, iu whose lives tne uew locomotion fills a place that um hunlly be
i,,"l> ul |,y those 'vhu iio not auuw thu
The French Nalinnal Acnul League
Is ilu immi powerful in llic wurlil, Its
members number 111,11110 uiul it has COU
mill-ruble fuiuls supplied from private
,',,,, imu,-ui,,I sources. The guv
eminent lius subsidised il uu three oe
I'uaiuus, the municipal council once, as
.veil as lhe federal council of the Seine
I'll ih eapilal lias enabled lhe league to
eslublisli prizes fur Ihe Mf.nl ionium,
best propellers ami ulher aeeessuries.
lu addition tu the aerial league, llic
French Auro I-Iuh is iu a flourishing
position, with L',111111 'members. On the
other hand, the govoruuieut has helped
ami fostered the movement iu every
pussiblc way. Several commissions ul'
military imperii were appointed tu in
vesligute and leal - linm ■ of ru.li new
inveutur. Kai-h siiggesliun, wnether
eoiuing from u bumble mechanic ur
from a ,skilled uml well kuown engiu
eer, wus looked iulu willi the same
The pruverbial red tape ul the
French administration was swept aside,
wheu aviators were kmivv.ii lo lie Ily
ing across country, raring ur record
breaking, Ihe telegraphic ulHcea, which
are usoully closed ul eiglil o'clock,
were kept open hours afler, ihul the
public uiiglil huve Hi" latest news, ami
Boldiers were mobilised ulung llu- prob
able route lu direct the aviatur by
signals uud help him iu caae ul break
inv,i, i,iii,I,mil-, were told ulf In I'ul
luw the lirsl aviators wliu dared In ul
tempt the Knglmu Channel ami su show
Kuglund lhal her duys ul aplendid iso
lut iuu were suuu tu be over, und Ihut
the power of her fleet might une day
he greatly weakened by another licet
as yet entirely unknown in Ureal
Britain- uf vessels puuy indeed, but
swifter Ihun the railway ami able tu
fly over sea and laml alike The
premier himself, lhe ministers uf war
ami the navy uml ulher members uf the
uiiiiilii expressed lhe guvernmenl 's
appruval ul each greal air race by be
iug present uniting the hangars ami
risking the dangers attending lhe slurl
iug uf aeroplaues.
Vi Iiiii aviation has dune lur Frame
i> incalculable, lu lhe dark dav. uf
Hie Agadir incident, when the sliaduw
ul war loumeil uver lhe eastern fruu
tier, one ul' the i-lnef causes ul Frame s
dignified allitu.le uml uf her cuulldeuce
in her uwn slreuglli was the knowledge
of her leading poailiuu in a .new branch
uf warfare. The slu.-k phrases, "The
Fifth Arm'' ami Frame (Jureu uf Ilie
Air," were suuu coined, Aviuliun
giuunds, with hungum ami everything
necessary for the housiug ami repairing
of aeroplanes, sprang np all over the
country, and jusl al lhe rigbl moment
the "Matin" upeucd a fund fur the
purehase of u< i,ij,In in. fur lhe army.
This was Ihe signal fur an astonishing
outburst uf patriotic fervor, which
manifested ilself in Ihe orguniialiun all
over the country uf local subscriptions,
greuls from the funds of towns, vil
lages, uiiiiiiiiiiu., lnl,u, mnuim, then
Ires and other sources At lhe mutuant
of writing, scarcely Iwu monthi afler
thia fund was 'opened, sume i.'iiu.iium
has been collected, and contributions
an siill pouring in. Apart from offer
iags of money, a large number uf area
planea are also being preaenl ed direct
to the guverimu'iii by wealthy imli
vuluals or societies. In parliament Ihe
proposal of a aum lo be sel aside for
aviation purpWi from Ihe war budget
was unanimously approved aud a bill
allotting millions of francs lu this pur
poae was paused in a single wiling
It waa ia Frame lhat legislation was
first paaaed fvr the regulation of Ihe
trade of tb* air. A complete sel of
rules has now beeu made ou| and will
toon coo)* inlo force; at the present
iiiuni.'iii it ia being hubinilled to Ihe
principal governments of Ihe wurld
lpt approval, and when all the points
llu agreed upou it will become the rcc
ogni/ed international aerial code.
Ju Fran.-., of today the popular idol
ll not tbt prominent politician, aa iu
America, or the actor, aa in Fngland,
but tie daring and successful avialur,
Wbo ia accorded a veneration more ap
propria** 19 a superhuman being and
regarded with Ihe pride reserved for
I great national institution.   But what
ot airmen, though less known abroad
ia the gigaatic advance tbat tbe Indus
THaT and te>fyfic'al"lT(Jei "oTTRT iuli
ject have beeu making recently. To
realise th* eaormou* activity Uat has
sprung up in this direction, it may be
mulilioniul that four uuroplaue con
tracfors, whu even su recently IS list
lull iimpluyinl but two hundred bauds
each1, now control between thein uver
ten |lmes that number of highly paid
and (uglily skilled workmun.
lu I France orders for foreign countries pe accepted only uu the distinct
understanding thut  tbey will not  bu
executed    Until    Ihusii   of   the    French
ui my ur private customers at home
havu heeu dealt with. An Important
11.-111111(1 llrm ruceutly approachud M,
rluguini ib" inventor uf the fumuus
iliiuiiiii: uiotor, whose lightness and re-
iluliu mure tu
ward ijiiuleriiig aviation prsclicablu
than airy nlher iiuproveineul, with a
view to ulitaiiiiug lue cuiiccssiun, bul
was at mice mut with a flat refusal.
It was following Ibis that the Kaiser
ulfercd hie (IU,0IIU pri/u fur a (lerinan
inoii.i   :iu:',vi-nii|:  all  rei|Uireiueuts.
As tu Italy, thu large orders nuw be
ing placeif in Franco by Ihe minister
uf war are the result uf the great sue
cess uf the llaliuu uiruicu iu Tripoli,
They wili lie used as carriers of pru
iiiiiiiiiii tu the. uiilposls situated in lhe
iesert, sume hundred miles frum Ic
base uf uperiliuns. Whereas a camel
with a Imi'l ur a hundred puunds lakes
fuur days tu make Ihe juurney, un
aeroplane can accomplish the ruuml
trip wilh doubts the weight in less than
tbree huurs. Thus it is calculated
thai a iiiiinii.-.1 machines are capable
uf feeding au army uf Uni.Diin men.
Tins ulunc is a sign uf the change lhal
will collie uver lhe face uf civilisatiuu
wilh Ihe increasing use uf aeroplaues,
After I'iiiii,", llussiu ami Italy come
tlnglauii and Germany; but bulb these
countries are at prescnl yeurs behind
Kllglsad uu accuunl uf thc apathy uf
the public, which is uuly uew beginning
lu realise the cuuruiuus importaucu ni
avialiun fur military purpuses, and
llermaiiy fur thu reason given abuve,
thai she has at present uu lirsl rute
A greal dual of the safety nuw
reached in avialiun is due lu the uu
Inn,I     -Hull       of    M.    Ilclllnill     'le    lu
Meurthe, the well knuwu spurlsuiuu, in
V. Iluu      ClpCrilUCUlul     llll|ul .11 "I . .     IC
ugiiised as tlie best in the world, all
new aeroplane devices are tested and
perfected. Hue ol the features of Hits
aboratory is a special chamber wherein
,,inn, ui currents uf various strengths
ure made lu play un large mudels lu
lest their stability tiy this method uf
experiment nig in advance up mudels in
slruug air currents, a greal many aeet
dents arc preveuted which might other
witu have fatal results
Highly satisfactory results have
been obtained in Ihe series nf open
mollis carried oul lu test several nielli
u.in of dropping bombs from aeroplanes
uuin a giveu aput Thuugh they are
far frum having reached perfection,
twu appliances have already given
great salisfactiuu tu army csperta He
tails <«l their mechanism ure, ot course,
kept secret, hut us regards uue uf Ihem
il is knuwn lhal Ihe mclhud empluyed
is thul of. lirst ot ail. busting tin-
target by ilruppmg a duiubiy huml'.
which uu eapluding spreads out a while
puvvd.-r easily visible In llu pilul This
Iiiiinii ume ilruppcd, the inaebiue is
lurued back, ami the pilul, kuuwing
his height by Ins burugiiiph and the
speed at which he is flying, .an by
means of an aiming apparatus ami tbu
ordinary principles uf gunnery locale
his licit shut lo a nicely The ulher
apparatus, much mure cumplicated, re
iiuircs lu he huudleil by au experienced
uilu 11 ami therefore cun unly i, cm
11,,-,,,I in Iwo seated aeroplaues, tarry
ing besides lbc pilul, a bomb dropping
Ulher important developments may
suuu he expected by the application of
wireless lu aeruplaui's Fxpcrts are al
wurk >u lins direr-Hun; Un- guveru
mint is Isaeking ihem, ami cxperimvols
arc   earned   uul   continuously     il   is
iupvd that It will suuu be pussiblc In
ave aeroplanes fitted as powerfol wire
less -iiiiinii- which wuuld keep au aimy
curps in direct, unbroken cumuiuiinu
Hon with Uie minister .of war from the
remotest |uirl ol llic country.
Tu sum up. While in America pre
nuns lime hu been lusl iu litigation
over patent rights, while Fuglaud was
fullowiug her usual pulley uf wailing
ililil     thu     lu I,-|,Inin      ,in|i,-li.       sbuUliI
have entered Ihe cuiiimcrcial stage,
France went ahead and pioneer .-on
im,i,u rapidly recuuped the large
sums whieb Ibey had lust in their lirsl
unsuccsafui attempts. Their slubburn
tenacity uvercame technical aud In
disl rial difhc uli ies and captured for
France almost thc iiionopuly uf tli
market* of Ihe world.
Thc facts related above give a fairly
good idea of the great advanc made
by the new acience and of thc proud
position as Ihe world's leader which
Frame has won for herself Hot if
the lirst experimental stage la now »
thing of the put, aviation la as yet
by   no  means   perfect.
The airman ia atill at tbe mercy of a
sudden gust of wind. The ingenious
coutrivancca inventid by the Fnacfa
man lluutrc and more receutly by Mar
is eveu more important than the foals, ,»u sre-a great step Toward the eslab
I'shmeut of tbtt security whirl) ulunc
v ill bring flying machines to the same
ucgr.'c of saf'-lv aud commercial prac
liftbillly at which th* ordinary auto-
mobile studs at pr*unt.   They, haw
Ueei Orfti*
Capital Paid Up 12,870,0m I
Reserve and Undivided Profits  3,600,000
Total Assets ,. 44,bW,QOO
JllHT as a successful merchant makes
every effort to give his customers oourteoua, eftkieui attention, ao do tha officer* or the Bank of
lliiinlliiiii endeavor to render to depositor* every service consistent with conservative banking practice.
No deposit Is too small to aSsur* th*
deuueltiu cunalderate treatment—the
savings accuunt* of thos* In moderate
circumstances are welcomed wltbcoui-
luav. and with lhal mus.uu. ul uinlu*
fmiiiullly which makes Imiihlna a cun-
venlence and a pleasure.
This   branch   la   now   equipped   with
Safely Deposit Boies
V. (1, IIHJAVKN, i.,.n
. Nurlk   Vancuuver
British Columbia Telephone Co.,
Choice I I'omesile Properly, close lo the Governinenl Koad, and overlooking the sea. Moit suitable lor subdivision.       D.L. 1082, N.W, 1-4
$1350 per Acre; 1-3 Cash
D.L. 1100, S.W, M
$800 per Acre; 14 Cash
AN Extension Telephone
once installed proves
its value, It earns its
way every day. With an
extension telephone upstairs
you do not have to go downstairs to answer when the
bell rings. If you are upstairs you do not have to go
downstairs to call someone.
The service costs only a
little over 3 cents a day,
with no charge for installation; Call COMMERCIAL
MANAGER, Phone 98.
West Vancouver
And Corner Marine Drive and Marr Rd., Dundarave
ver, bate uul)' a partial effect un tin
stability of tbe macula*, their influence
being confined lo the longitudinal axis
uf the aeroplane, It is the dream uf
aviators at present that another eta
blljwr, ailing in tbe lateral dinctiou
and ao placing lhe machine uuder al
most complete control, may be iuu'iitcl,
beforo long.
Who "an forecast what Ibe inventive
genius of man may yel have in store
lui Ihe aviatur I New discoveries mty
be made, new appliances contrived
thai may eveu revolutionize the piescni
Ideas on tiiehi. Hut whatever these
may be and from whatever quarter
Ihey msy come, France yt'll inevitably
be Ibe first rountry to benefit by them
and will for a considerable lime re
*mib as ate ,i now, tne-tyucru of "tirp
Air; for she possesses ao equipment
equalled by no other, of men, osperi-
■ in e, machinery and plant, ail of which
advantages the majority of the other
gieal powers still bave to aequrc, -
I   P. I:-,lull,, ,u Leslie'i Weekly.
Public, meeting of tht Nortb Van
euuver Horticultural Society on Wed
nesday, Juue ifitt, to rearrange tbo
pn/.e Hat for the esbibiiion and (lower
show. General public cordially in
vlt.d. ut
IU you want to sell your lott Ws
!*v* !*s§* waiting fay gssAMii: Ut**
us your bait grow prlci aod terms
'lauadleu Financiers, Bank of Hsmiltou
Building, ti.
J __* 1 L, f-1
, 11   li
NOTICE is hereby given that any person posting
up any Advertisement or Sign, or printing anything
on or otherwise injuring any of the poles or posts of
the BRITISH COLUMBIA ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO., LTD., is liable to a penally of $100
and costs, or one month's imprisonment, according
to the Company's Act of Incorporation, and will
be prosecuted accordingly.
B. C. Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
R. H. SPERLING, General Manager
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
insurance lliinriinli'e   Uuu,I-
All,hlm   uiul   A,,,,,ml;,j,l
101  liim-,lull- Avenue   I', tl   Ilus  'lull
Nuilli Vuncuuver. Hume  I IT.
1'iuy   S    lliiu.ii,l
illy    Ail.llliil-
II     -I     I'.llll
Win   lliinill, I'eler Nuud, I.vuu  v'ull,.)
Kllglmh    ill I ili. 111.-,    lullllllll,n    -Jul,
inn ens
Vllillluin     ninl     .% .-.'..II111 nuts.
ill r, 1,1,1
I'l  ^^;
Vuu. ..in
I'   ii   ll.
Ninth  V.in, iu
O, K. 11inn;i;n
Aiul   gCllClul   I Ullllllinniiili   M.1.1,11111,   Vi
Luu.uliile Ave, Nurtli Vuiuuuver.
Phuue '111 '
(J. A. Ciil,. BHS.A.
An lillr, I
Villi Olientcilicld Avenue.
Nurtli   Vaneuuvei'
Phouo BliiS
BUTTEB .mil KtlllH
Vie   uie.    I-mull I-    111   Iiii   .    Iiiii ,
I 'IA l.uluil.iii.' Avenue
III Mum -
North Vaueouver, B. (',.,
Slit June, lilt.
The editor,
lie Knipluyiiieiit uf Foreign Ubor.
pear Sln-
I write tu inquire through yuur
viilitcil paper if lhe foremen over road
wurk in Ibis city have aujSlawful rigbl
tu exclude any private eitucn whu pays
ruins uml times frum Iheir enipluy ami
favor nil l-iiut ■ uf tun 1,,-iu-i It does
ilul seen u right euurse of cuiuluet to
pursue.   Afler any one goes tu wurk,
.' '   ,. , , ,   .  -- •■»■■.»* ,  uuui  an,i- i„ mill*
■ipMi-lut-in-ymtrriframi puts a-hnuse- UuusvwMt; weekly pay uf i'iikiiii'Iiii'II.^.^^,^^^^.^,^^^,^,
Underwood'n Barber Shop       CAPILANO LAUNDRY
My   , lutlu■■'    iuu    ul    llu.-    ' iijuIiiiii,
1.,'liimll)      Uiul,      )„ul       uiighl      |„    bi
Kl.il    Hull,    Inr   ll.,    ii-iitn    do.'     Hough
■liy, I.  Hi. iii-l wash, il.  Hi      lii.i|'
i'EKlty WIlAKt' |., ,;,,,| .,,,,1 vu, H1|| ,„|| |-(J, |||UU1
___ I'   0, llui J22I1
lll.ll I.MIIIII.V
__ Pluiiibliigl     Plumbing
tiiiuennii  In   Wullu.-i-  A  .ilull    Third
\unel    Heneiiiliipinr    I. J.     |.     MURRAY
A    Wallace > ser,lies  lune  heel
1 iilillll, In nel .    ,n|     |ii,u|     ll|
mill   Jul.-  Iiefur.'  tm.  ii,  unit, mil   I ul
ligutcs.   .Inl.l.ilig  u,|, lull;,   nil, „,|,,,|   |i.
lint Mu-    i., Bluck West uf I .,   ,i. ..
li.llll. >   ,I,MI   M I'llll.I.llt.
liiiiiksellera and  Sluli,,u,is
fur. iiinsiiuio utui int.      riii.i-' mi
NIJHI'l)   VAM 01 VKl-i
1 11 n   I'.M.IM Ills
r1111n11.111 ru r 11
Studm   uui    liuiili   II.  N.  A.
I iiunJjilu nmi I   i i. ■.,,!„
- \\i\l\l 1 lu-a J..i.lii-   ' ilinl l.'l'l.ln' Tiillul lliJJ
■|* fj»:i irinjrj    iii"l    Alh ul nm-    1 k'Uiiiiijj
ninl  \iyvum  hi all  \\* Liiiii- Ih1-''   All
ANGUS J. CAMERON       w"rl' »''»»'."«■''■
AMJ.I-:   A ti, '" K,r"1 •""nl w''"' ''>"""' ''"'
Iriigaliiin,   ilruiiiugc, levels,     plnns '1   lumi
ami spcciliculiuns.    Septic tnnl.s    uml J.uiliu,   mul Ucnts' (llcaliuig,
louse dininnge   ,1   .peemlty,      I'   0 Pressing and Repairing
itox ill. Iiiih alnel  .v.m  ..I l'.unul.c
S venue. •' H",''""-v
- UD Sciuiul Bluet Eaat
1 us Hi vi lulls
flans I'lvei-uteil ,    Kslilnlile* linen
dentil' uiul Mill Road
Lynn Valley. B  (.'
11.11111:11s ,111 sn 1
TI-,Ai lll-:il UK I'lAMl inul TIIK'JIII
^pei'iolly: I'liililrcii's  Jii-niiiu-  ul   i.ivii
Inline,     Terms,  etc, apply  (Jcnorul
be  New  Hloek  nn   lunadnle  j\v.«ue
neur Ihu  Kerry   Appiuaeb
wu* built by N.V. I niiiiiiK & Sheet Metil Worki
General (:,,n,r,io,u„ ""* 8tro,t Ewt "' ^^
I I .invest  prires uiul beal  work guarun
NORTH   VAM'OliVKU tl,0,| „„ Unuing ami sheet metal wurk
[Hens iiiiii Kslinialcs furnished free. "~
(pairing,   remodeling,   els.,   pruinplly  LJtiti VAJ,I,Ey TEMPERANCE HO
J.  W.   BAKER ""  ," "'  hue   lluunllng,   meals,
BUILDING CONTRACTOR       ,'luuil naiommodolioti fur working mun
Lyuu Valloy, B.C. Jlontraclors'men boarded. |ly. KaetcbH,
I Allan Koad neur Weslovcr. P, <), Hn proprietor.
Ij, l.ynn I'reek, 1.1. (I.
.  "
j    All kinds nf suns flled ami set un Hie
Cabinot Maker and"Carpcntor       shorl'ost aolire,   Juihu mowers, knives,
^ili-uniJerlukc ull kinds uf Wood wurk,; j,^,. B|M„rH „„,) Kml,„ uhurpcui'il. All
repairs, jils. 1 1 ^wtttk-puaiauleail, moderate, prices.
lourtli Street, and Sutherland Avouuo ..   rji-vy/ip
p. 0. Box swoe 1 mi jMai),t 'AvoJ1U0 FllOUC 8li
Job Printing at the "Express"
uu the sume, uml mn • to live in il
mnl puy eily water rales and luxes, it
Steins suicidal to thu ilcvclopuicnl ami
I 1 uu ili ul' yuur 1 Illuming city lo deuy
him 11 chance lu cum money by bis
liilu-i lu pay his wuy and his laics, luo.
Mii iiv a man lliuliiig uut Ihu true
slate nf affairs wuuhl al the lirsl uppur
lunil) given him sell liis pruperty uml
iiiuie mil uf vuur nly altogether. Thus
yuur eily limen 11 valuable mini uml nli
/eu, nmi Uuiiili its gruwlh is binder
ml Vuu ure generally mure nnnum
iu uiiiiilii iinini married men us repul
nlile lili.'iiin Huiii tu l.lltil-: Hi nin The
ubov'e puliey, yuu will ubso/ve, ia de
uuii,uiul in yuur best interests us u
ginning mnl ainbitilius city.
.sul'TII Viini-iiiiver is making an
i'iiuii iu eliminutu the foreign clement
Iruin its inuii wurk, uml is llius setting
THIS i'ITV 11 guod csumple, This
lureigii clement m ii constant menace
1,1 AM nly. S ce the cunstaiil mur
.lei < uml tiltenipleil murders iu Van
uui,,) lity uiiiungsl the Italians nearly
ever)   Week,     il   is   till'  sUllie   with   llle
lliiln inns, el. 111 Winnipeg, "i ii this
ver) furelgll clement is encouraged
light ui uur mii|n| in Nurlh Vancuuver,
mid ilu' iiinii- inuii mul Britisher has lu
Nu| >lii I believe, allliuugh I bave
im 11 lul,I n„. tl„ii 1 im  liuliau here 1-
II ii-|.'uli ri I 1 mill,Imu 1 iiinii. Nur
l,„ - nil llu iiiuiii \ these aliens aiul
liireigiu-i' 'inii lun slay 111 uur Hum
iiiiun. lul 1 -ini right uul uf 1 una.la
Whul ;i iihilu man earns he spends
'.'.hull lu- lues ulnl helps lu belii'lil
ull,1 1     li.-nnl,,.   hiluill   ,11   Hie   ul>   ul
■ ...n.l 1 v  where he lives.   Owing lu the
hlgll   uml   III   llVlllg   he  I'UII   jllsl   Uliuul
nmi,'   .-inin 11 1   it  hv ,s careful and
Uiiiuil, inul lu Him end he needs In
llllllll' I'UII   iviul.ing  ilu)   iniilil   ll   pim
Besides ii guu'l mail) iif then.' fut
eigners ure siugii" nieu Why shuuhl
ilni he '.referred al wurk auy man
um iin In lun 11 ri'spe. table British
M Wlllllll nuikiiigiiiaii with a mf,
and Iiiiiniv ,|i-|ii-i,-Ii nl nn his earmiignf
ll    1 ium ti, In- the heiglit  uf ul,nm,I1I1
unl    liuuli   thul  sueh 11 nlnt.   ul
Hung.  1 un   I.e   luli-ruted   mul   nulliing
unl ni ilni,,- lu ti) mul remedy il
I'eriiup.  igiiuramv ul   Hn- stale ul
.lllllll   un Iiu i-inl nl Ihr general |,ill.lu
ul large m une ,-uuse nf ih.-ir apalh.-tu
111I1II1 1. in 1 un this si ure ll ro. it 1-
Imu .mli ignuraine he ili.pelle.l ami
-i.iiii .11 linn tiiki-ir lu nin.,I, tin -inii
,,| iiiiun in Hn. niiillu. n. ulreaili ul
In,lul lu ul,,,,1
1 um  iuu,1   uin Uu nt   servant,
AH I III ll P   Ml N8TH.N
li.'li; iu tbe Diiiled Kiiigiluiu, Sl.lin:
emdiiiling auppleinoiitury iilluwniiecs
negligibly affectiug the average, il wus
iu Prussia Hesse Hi rents, uml in Aus
inn mi cents. Tbe luwual paid railway
employee iu thu Uniled Stales, the ordinary trackman, receives u greater
compuiiaatiiiii tbau many uf the railway employees nf Kruuce, even Ibuse
of higher grades and with responsible
ilmi.",    The compensation uf ruilwuy
employees ia frum twu tn tli  limes
aa high iu the I'mleil Stutcs as iu
A recent report uf the Knglisli Buard
of Trade ou ruilwuy wuges shows liml
iu Ihu United Kiiigiluiu in I
til. 17; of lireiucn, .li.lli. In Ilie sum
year engluemeu uu American railways
received an averuge weekly eumpeiisu
liun uf iu in. euiiiiting sin duys tu
the Week, uml lireiueii J I.'i .'I lleeenl
returns muke 11 clenr Ilml 111 ini'l eu
gin. uuii ami Hr. 111.11 iu the United
Mnii ■ are I'Oiupeiisiili'il al rules uf pay
fur spei-illi- runs Ihul lire lun, Ihree
Ulnl fuur Hun's lis Ingli ns Hie enrres
piiiuliii^ rales uu representative Knglisli railways, The liiiiiiiiil eumpeiisu
Hun ul eugiui'llien 111 the I uiled Sillies
as reported by Iwu represeututive mil
uuy Companies, nuw ranges frum SI,luu
in switching scrviee tu uvei S-.siiti tu
passenger service, uml nl lirenn-ii frnm
liun iii swili lung service In uver SI.i'lu
ui pussciig.r service.
Fur I'uiitiiieiilul Kiirupe ulliuiul tc
turns iu requisite detnil ure niii mini
ubic fur a lulni year Ihun lima Th,
salaries au.l alluwumes uf Un- typical
eiigineiiiaii in Herman) uuiuuuled fm
that year lu liinifs, m Austria In
IST'l.hil; „f u tirciuiin in 1,1 iiiuiii) In
IVil lik, in Auslriu In ♦.VlL'u.l Tin
.■iliiiili uiliipeiinaliiiii uf engiiu'iiieu in-
twu uf ilie pnn.ipul ruilwav. ut Franc,
rung.,I ,u lliu'. luun sr.'i.'i.llil tn iiiui'ill
ami uf llll llu I,  llulil  |.ul.'I  |i, jnii.'uin
lii ilul) 1 ngiiii-in.-ii rceeiveil ,1, lliu.
salary mnl aliuwunces un ludeil. fmiti
S'isI IU H, IH'3.1'1 11 yeur; lin uu 1, Irum
l-i.ill.lu lu Ji;.', ll,', a year In these
' iilillln nlal iiiliiilrii- III. Inn viliiiini
eiilllpclinuliuli is reeiSvcil mil) iillil
luun)   years uf ret: uc
The average niinuul uiinp. imiiliiui I'l
i-iigineini 11 111 tin- I inii I M.il,', 11, I'jus,
1111 uii estimated basis nf .'ml days
servne, was |l,.ix'i. uf lit. n,rn. liul
In tin. ,-iiuiitry  llic rule ul  ■..mj.. nsi
I,un lu I hene ciii|i|ii)ic. dues nut .Iiluiiil mi length ul sir. 11 c
III    ilelglUIII    I'llglliclli.-li    re, 11   ml    11
llm; I1..111 ill III In l-iMl'i ,1 inunth,
tinim 1. luun Sii .17 lu i.l III a in.inIh
1,lulu   I.,1    unl   - til 111-1.   elllpl    Iluu
II.    -nl-   lu  un  1 mis  a   -lm      In   ll..
1,'lnli-l Mnl. .   ui  III.   ■    year,   I'-'"!,
KSlgllieillcl, lliclllgcl, nn tin I.l, 1. nl i'i
• lliyn' servile. ll"i '•'! II  lli'Uilli    firemen
I'i.t .'i'i  a   iiiiiiiIIi,   11,11,lu, lur-    1-nn   11
ilay.  .lulmn  empluv.vi'n  luun  11 ;■>  1
I'i "■' u .Inv
Tin   n ninl nf ;i  three in  J„ur renin
huuse  nl   Ilul   i-  .iluu.-I   in  I,,, I     I,   II, ,
lm, Paris. 11 Inn. nm a- 1 lim,,(.iiiuiii thr
lulled  Mules,  l.ul   11,   t-nglai I  1	
llu- I'uulilieiil il e.n. mil. n.i, in, m
Ilull)   ilullur.- In nn ' Iv   'lull.il    .1   uui
Its"      The   .|UUlilil,i   nl   I I   in, 1   1 n 1
islimalcd  hv   Hu   liimni  11   fm iu nl
Kiiglaud a- Hn   -lm   .111 - iii,-iiiu| 1	
ul u ly|„,'al uuik'iiginaii    i.uu I, ,,< 1
(Ooutlniied from page three)
"Hector," he bognn, "Alllo isdyin',
shure. There ain't no hbpo for lior,"
and ho began to soli.
"Nonsense," said the doctor, "aho'll
lie all right in a fow days. All you 'vc
got to do is .to leave her alone and not
bul her or frighten hor."
The man put his face in bin binds
nnd turned away. There wos ouly ono
room in lite house—that is, thorp was
a kitchen, or liviug room, divided iu
Iho middle by a pioce of unlilcuchcd
muslin that stretched from side to sidi
Stricken girl lay.
As Ihu good doctor was abuut lu
druw back the curtain his hand was
arrested by Ihu sutunl of n person pricing. In 11 soft, sweet woman's voice
the Lord's Pruyor was recited, and 0
feeble, stammering voice seemed lo re
spond. Then the woman's voice gently
suid: "Dearie, suy this after me: 'I
know lhal my lleileeinor livcth, uml
Ihul He nlmll stand in the lut i.t 'Iny
iipnu the earth.' "
Then there followed 11 sound us of
:i unman wveping, iu the midst of
uliuli Dr. Filer parted the muslin uml
" Ah, ilucliir, sure I'm giml ye've
'Uine, The pure child is very sick, in-
ihnle. Mure. I think she'll qui lie lung
unl us."   ll  was Johuiuio Muguiro
"Where's the uther woman whu was
here   llic   u an   wliu   prayed I    Till
me, .lulni 11 un, where is sin-1"
"Fiiilh." replied .liihunnii, fur she
it was, " she hopped uul uf lhe windej
an ye collie in,''
" Nuiisc!    Where  is slici"
"Hu liml hn." replied the nullum
wilh u savage oath, us she Hung past
tin- -lm Inr uml run frum the mum
The yirl   vvnn  1 erv. luu   itulceil;   bill
-uuu    ul    the    hnlien    lu, illiu     11,llll'l, .
111 her ami nursed lur back In Iniilil
Ulnl ill the course I,I' tun ur three weeks
sill'  WIIS llhle li, travel  ihiWII  llll'  mri
111 11 ilium- with her father, mul I nuw
her uu inuii'
.luliiiiiiia uinliiiiinl lur weekly tails
lur letters, mul mm Imlli ahusive uul
prufunc uheii she fuuinl iiune
Aboul Ihree weeks ufler the ile|uirl
uie uf the girl llilc) uiul I were Inking
uur 1 untuiiiury evening walk.   The '111),
huil   Imu   warm     There  nan a  sliglil
ri n the river, mul numeruus rluuling
trees began lb make Iheir appearance
The sun was jusl sinking bi'liuul llu
high hill< lunl, uf 'uie mul tin' 'lull
evening Price lunl 1 ume up nin 11 wi
lu unl   a   .1 ri mu    11   nuuiuii .   m ream.
an   il   llii   utli [<[   nun   ill   nn.lllll   tlgutl)
ur fear Wc tuiui'l uii'l sun .lufiniiiiu
Maguire riiniiiiig I'llmig the trail luniini
in AI eiery step she ullcn-l n vv ,1.1
shriek ami beat Hie air uml In 1 It.-ii.-i
alleriiately nilh In-r hands As she
•Hen nearer she puinled nilh uue huml
Inward lhe river ami screamed nil lur
Ihun spukc:
1 'There n 11 man alloa! mi a tn ••
Mi,1  nun'    n.l 11 lunil'   lnl 11 I "i'l
I Inul.ml luniinln the bulling, surpiig
stream, uiul sun a iiiiiii sculd mi the
trunk uf a hug.- tree, uuung In- arum
ami   apparently   shuuling   fur   aid      I
mill mil hear hm uuee abuve lbe lag
I Hu   nil I luin nl. I,ul I nun  Ins
N. V. Athletic Club
11    llle    I 1 1    Mill. -    lis    |'l    unl   j 'i'l.'
nni,   than  in  iniiuc m    11.  -n .. I l"U'l ami llic uppci  |.url  ul  Ins lunl),
ni  |rr ..nl    inure  lluui        1- , „i.     km iirnm waving in u fruulic uppeal fur
uml   Js   per   mil    luun    H     llu    imnmlmnc     Uill)   nan   llllll.   Inu     We
'flu- m,,iili   Vun.uuu-r Athletic ' lul,   1 ,,ili-,| Kiiigiluiu al   ran duuii In the liunh. nhuul
Ini'l   uu   nl   ils in, reasuigly successful      |i ,, w,,|| Milhui tin In.it 1, , ininii, ' mg the iiliirm us m   uenl    rlume men
I,uving luiiiiiiiini nt. un Frnluy evening j,„ u Pruail ami gimrnl wn.  n,.<i  ,v Int.-1 iniiiiiu ■! 11 l-nul ami put ulf lu nitcrcepl
.1 nl li
1.1 :> 1.1
Inni   I.
.iluu  llu   1I11I1  11,1,1,1.  at   ll,,- cullier  ul   i|
1 sf.iniiii.il   ui -I ami  I,mm,lulc liurl-un ,
>|   1 II)   mil   enthusiastic   audieuu-
llm i-iiin 1-iiI  luiiun   ui  the prugram  |„n,,|,ng emi.luv.i    1   il
un   ii'iiiiitint  luiuci'i,  Knk William.,'   un    1,1   un   tin   iiiiiiiini,1    1
ni  l.n il fame, aiul Mum Huml   ul  is,   i.tmsuljiiii u. .rug. • mn  in,.,
Ilu-I.i.gs    AIM,1,      1 Uul,      ll.iu-l    gut  j
the llu   uuu Ulli'l lhe liiiiilii luun I   H<
ii.iiii li I in iug pruv uli <| u ■ u| iu 1.
liihiliuii iii guud, lusl. 1 Iiiui spurt
An 1 in minli r lii-l u cu A I'su I smi
I 1 hu -dl. Imiii llu flounders, uml
In in nl iin lm ul i Iuh, resulted 111 a
unu, uiul. A llurper, N V A 1
l„ .11 I,,, I luiiun. uf Seattle fli thc sc
mul riuiinl .Inhume I.u,mint husc'l ,
.|>h iuh I   Iluu- round   . \I11l.1l 1..1,   uiil
I'm,.   All  II   A   1 , ami n '.
Mining. N    V    A   I'     Appro lalurs ul
tin    hmilil make a legible n ile
ul the fuel lliul lm. n is billed lu meet
Frank I'm -u m u match al Ike
IIiiiiiiiiiiiii Hull nu Friday evening ocsl,
while Vi, lu nn uu the same night 1.
Dppuinlcd lu twirl the tjuves nub
Ernie Harricau, The prugram 0' Ini
Friday's luurnamenl also«?r.mpr.scd un
excellent esh/bition malen bet syen
Mi I'uphagi'i 111. nr instructor, -Peler
Turlui, ami lnl Osburoc uf Nurlli
V a in uuv er
lm   in <      Ilul lhe nighl i luni (111. i.
111   llu   I mn I  Muir-   m  li -    11    till.    I.   ul   Villi,  111, in l.ii  us   it   n  li)   high
|..T u nl   highci than ll 1 .1 uuin  , iiiiuiiii.iin-. uml ilurl.ness iiiteriiTied I"
i   , lure    any    llill'liigclil    illull    i'unl'1    be
tuuili    Iii  sale   llic   mun,  ami   he    mu -I
ui   huve passed Irum earlh In • I irmly ul
the lirst rillli: bolow Yalo, for tree and
man had swept out of sight beforo tho
boat got well under way.
Johanna, who was still greatly excited, continued her lamentations, but
wbat struck us all as peculiar was lhat
in hor excitement she spoke tho must
perfect Knglisli. Tneru was not a trace
uT the brogue, ami her language gave
every evidence of good breeding. Aa
her excitement wore tiff she seemed to
recollect herself, ami presently ahe
lapsed iuto tbu brogue ami with nn
uutil ill coiiileiiiiiuliun uf the fruitless
i'iiiii 1 to live, she passed up Hie face
nf tile bench uml disappeared.
—"liiluy," suid I, aa-wu walked buniu,
"thut wuinun wears a musk. She is
mil whut she wiiuls us lo believu sbu
is." I told liim uf the incident ul the
sick 'girl's bedside uml the mysterious
woman's gentle voice frnnt llle inner
room Ibal recited lhe pray, r. lie
ugrced with me thill lliere wus 11 invn
lory iiiuiii Johanna Ilml needed au
Tliu summer passeil tiniiy, and win
ler nilh its frusl ami suuu uml shurt
duys settled down un lhe lillle lown,
M111111 afldr lhe dun 11 of lhe New Vein
(IHull) 1 liicf Justice lleglnc mnl suite
arrived to Iry the Hill's Hur rioters.
I Iiuv,. already luld nf hun ll  eases
were disposed of. Now,' if llilc) hod
applied fur Ilie position uf Chief Jus
Ine uml failed in gel il I never knew,
hut he lunl imliil,ul a must intense
dislike fnr tin- new judge lie seemed
lu maintain it regular eurrenpuiidiTieo
with sume uih, ml nt Hi.wiling Street,
nmi the uiii.iiint uf Imperial pnlilual
gunsi|i he retailed was* asluuinliug.
"Ilegliie." said Kelly une night,
"never  held  II   brief  ill   Ins  life,     lie
Ulln   II   ri'l'llllc'l'   Oil   ll lilin   'I'lllll- I,' '
ami 11 giiml inn', luu He lunl himself
mil In |ilc;nc llm Unl I'nain ellur In
repelling   all   his   do isiuns  uiul   cum
lll.-lil-. 'in ixlclmu' Ulnl nilh liceor
in; line iiii) lh.< lunl 1 lialiu-lhil link
ed, 'Wlm m ihe re|'urlei ivbu su I'uilli
fully dues my remarks!' He nan lull
Au in i|iiuiiiliiiiu- sprung up between
the tun. uml wheu llu   Hrilish t'uluui
Inn   li|.| illll.lil   mini-   un   the   'tapis'
Heghu'n   liamc   mm   pressed   Upon   lhe
|,,,|      I  hi,|,ulliii.  lliul- hi'     illlU   I   llll    Ihu
1 i.'i,,' 1 iiii'i on  1.1,1. ,,i
SIMII'lll HI'' I llll    1IIM.M.
Ul.i.i l.vinnss
I'uul   iniiili,,,   11 n.I.i.--  "I   llu    In,liiiiiiiiil
11. W.111II..I.u   Maskul. I„ -■- ml  AH" 1
l.i III,- Yukon T.llltui... ilu Nmlli u.sl
Ti-iilliiil.-s uml in 1, |. 111 1 11,,  |i"
Villi 1    "I  Ullllnli  I'nlilll.tll. .,    I-"  I.   i»
ul fill ll lilin nf lUi III) um ., 1 -ll " -'I
-ill jilllllll.I lellllll nf .: UU ,i< l'u .Nut
llluli- lllllll 'lilt lUliB Will In ii.mi >l In
ullu   llllllll. lllll
A|.|illi uliuli fm .1 li .nu must lu  1 l»
In Ih,- upl'll. lllll In |-i mnl. lu llu- As,. Ill
ul Sul. Agelll ul tin illslili I In W'lili ll
llm iIkIiIs ii|,illul |„, ,11, mlu,ilul
In sin wii il ni 1 Uur)- llu lulni must
|i,< <l< si Illicit l.i s< - Hum m h l.ul null
Jlvltiluli.n- nf Be. Hulls .nul 111 IIIISIJMi.l
ul n iiln,1 \ llu Inu I ullll, .1 fui slmll
Hi SI..I...I mil In ' llu' .il'I'll' uul lilm
roll I
luu Ii n|,|,|i, uliuli must In- in ' 11I11IUIII
ml In ,1 le. ill II. nlilili will he I.'
fullllell If III" iiiil,In ,,|.I1II11I lm un Imi
,,1,illlll,|,      lull    Ilul   iilli. 1 wis. .1    I".''
.ill!   Slmll   I..-   I'.llil  nil   llu-  I ll	
1.Ilt|.lll ul Ihi llillu ul llu l„li uf Ihu
,1 Ills   |n I    lull
'llic pelsiili n|'i inlini: Hm mine shall
furiili'li llic Anuu wllh swum ii'turin
.11 uiiiiiiiin;   fm   Uu   full  runili,       I
nul, lu,1,11,1,1 ,1   mil,,,I   liliil   I'll)    lli'i
i.,,ull,   1I111.1111     If   llu    I   an I >■ I iih
1 lB|,|n an H"I 1" lm. "11 niinl, sin li m-
lutns sliuul'l I.   fun. n li ul ..1 I, usl ..me
the I-uu  will tin lmii   Hie mill lullllllK
n,;lil.„ imii   Imi ll.e I, ss< 1  111.1.1  In   |i r
llllillll   I .   I "II   I -ISC   Whllli-Vi I   iiV.illlll.le
Burliiic HkIiI'i nui;.  In- 11'i.sl.ii 11 il 1111
1 snm 1   fur llu    Uull,lliu  ,f il '   mini   .il
II le    >f   III'  1	
Km-      full      lllfullllillliili      ..I llllillll.HI
nl IJ  I"   iii.mIi   lu llu   nu li I.U)   nf Hie
|..-|.ullll.. nl   nf Ih'-  ll'l. llm    "It,"'-	
Iii uio nu'-ul "I Su'1 Ap nl uf I'mnllilii!)
V.   VV  I'llll V
lici'Ulv Mlnlsli 1 ,.l Uir Inn um
,'. It I ll.lllllinll.ul Iilillll. llllill <>f
lilts    BdVCI lis, lllllll    Uill    lllll    In'    ILllil
fur 2: I
The Huiii., 1 of Ilailway Kconomiis
has rumplctol Ihe recond of Its com
mralivi' nlmlii's of railway luiulilieuil
in lhe I'nileil Stales lud Ibe principal
' i.iiinlrii'.n of Kurupe. This relates lo
lhe wages paid railway employe*! and
lhe cost of living, and ia baaed ou Ihe
lolcsl yeurs for wlneli comparative data
are available?"
The average daily rumpenaatioD of
jail nay employee* ut all claaa** lei
the year JiHU wis in tho United SUtes,
The Home Furnisher's^
This Week End SPECIALS
MA II ING MA IS 35c, values all! 5c
Do. 50c, values al AH,
l'u .inlliui   m   I J. un and   ' 1 ilm
Big Value ul $5 ; Ilus Week. $4
MATTING, Her yard
K. nmi,11 Value, I'll and hi, liun
Week. 20c and  10c per yard
Big Value ul 45c; tills Wick, 20c
.150 CUPS md SAUCERS to Clear al 5c each; Regular, 12 l-2c.
The** are Pretty Brown and Green Edge Border -
128 Lonidale Ave.  w™«»5«  North Viuicouver
BEAMID TWPB ou, tbo presorib'
ed forms and accompanied by certified
cheque or cash fpr 5 per' cent, of tho
amount of tender (which sum shall
ba held until the satisfactory comple-
tiou uf (ha works, according to plans
and iipiieiiieutinns) will lm received by
Mr. .Iuhii Q. farmer, Municipal Clerk,
mil il I! p.m. on Thursday, the 1th July,
Clearing, grubbing and grading roads
i« D. h, 617.
All iu accordance with plans and
specifications to lie had at this ollieo
uftur III a.m. uu Friduy, lllli June, llllll,
upon payment of (LUU for each, which
sum will ba returned upon receipt of
bona AA* tenders.
The lowest or any tender nut nocea-
sarily accepted.
*       District Engineer.
District Municipal Hall,
Cor. l.ynn Valley and I'rtimme Boads,
North Vancouver, B. C. 4-7
Some littlo time ago au Irishman was
being shown the enormous saving ho
could make if he used a certain kind
of stpve.
"Take tbis one," said the dealer,
"aud you will save'at least half your
"Iii'i;uiiii," .was the reply, "thoa
I'll take a couple ami save tbe loti"
Having purchased the business of Oeo. W. Harding Oo., In
which I was a partnor, I am uow prepared to furnish est!
mates and carry out any work, entrusted to um to the best of
my ability. Satisfaction guaranteed. Nothing hut the best ma
terlals and workmanship.
P. 0.' Box Htll
We solicit the trade of all builders who appreciate
High Grade Goods at a moderate price, and the
prompt and careful filling of orders, which our large
stock and long experience in business makes possible.
Burrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd.
l'OOT 01' ST. OiiOKtili Wi
One Acre In D. L. ■lull.   One block Irom carllno.   IS300.
One iiiiiiiini caab, balance 6, VI and IB inoutlia.
One Acre lu D, L 787 (behind Tempo Heights).   12600,   Terms esay
Two Acroa in D, L 166.   J1700,   Terms to arrange
We have choice buys in Olty and Diatriot.
Pboue 162
P. 0. Boi 11387
Hot Weather Necessities
Cataract  In. per foot
Bellanc. 12c per foot From I1.6U tu U..UU
Wlr* Bound  16c par foot Complete with one pair Spriug
Corrugated              18c per foot Hinges, Door Handle aud Catch.
NosslM  16c each
Sprinklers        »0c to $1.26 aacb 	
Every length of Dunlop Host SOBBBN WINDOWS
is fully guaranteed, auy detective
length will be replaced without "*"' »« <* Mu •* flt »»» wllldow
,,„. nmi up to mi nn lii's wide
In two designs, UM and 1176. Tha** Irons will heat mor* rsaddy
and evenly than any other Irou. Every lion Is guarantttd for Av*
Patterson & Goldie
Phone 88
105-7 Esplanade Wesl
Special (or a Few Dayi
TBIPLE OOBNBB ou  Wth Street.  Site  21U  feet  by   167.     Prici,
llsu'i 'J'cnns »n,I) rash, 6, Ji and 18 montba.
We have ouly a few lota now left io 781   a beautiful homesite within
two blocki of Lumdale Avenue for lilt. Terms )90 cue, t, li
and 18 monthi,
if you have a houae to Rent, or for Sale kindly give m t listing.
fhem m p. o. jjw au
SOver Mike of Pioneer
Father Bodard tba Bsclpient of Many
The silver jubilee of tho pastor of
St. Edmund's church, tbe Uuv. Father
Hciliinl, O.M.I., was celebrated viator
day under the pleasantogt allspices. Fa
ther iiciiui'ii'ii ureat popularity with
loth yuung and old wus,evidenced by
tlie two following utterances: "When
vour p.olilen jubilee comes may we ex
piess to you the same guud wishes
uud may we by then have proved nur
selves yuur worthy ami grateful children," und ..iuu,llu " lum ih (Inline
bin h.i i been blessed with many guud
|lies! i during the past silly yeurs inul
il is genuine salisfuetiuti in us thai
one nf ll.cic priests is imluv celebrating
his Julilee." The lirst espressinn
runic frum the lips uf little lluru Mc
Hugh, >vhu presented Hie Father with
uu address on liehiill ul the children nl
tending SI. Kiiiiiiiud's sciinnl. The sei
mnl 1,'utinni'iit i'iiiii nut ml Iruni Anlili.-li
up McNeil during special celebration in
Sl,  K,iiiiniiil'n church,
Thu church was crowded uhoii
thanksgiving muss was Ming, among
those assisting the :n- lilun|u,| whu oc
citpii'il llic archiopiseopal throne with
in the sanctuary being Very Rev, ,1
Welch, provincial uf the Oblate order,
Father Peytavil), Nuilli Vuncuuver; l'u
ihcr Salles, Mission Uiiv; Fullier All"
tin Bonner, SI. Patrick's church, Vm
couver, and 0'Boyle, New W'stu usim-
Al ihe close ul lhe high ii.hh n
lin iiiiinii wns given lu the arclibishup
priests, choir uiul ciiiiiiiiillef Tim lu
limn liu'inlemul SI. I'uul'a „, l|u ,1 a's
tendered the rdvereml Father Heir ecu
grutuluiiuns. Tl" ciui.rec.atiu i if III"
church  made  their contribution  ul  a
I n'l'l I'ijj   III   lllc   llllllll lllllltill   II, i"   ll   I
Epworth League
Tlie i-iti/riiriliiji . in j-rt rii.lt ni |ir>i
viilml an iiiIiti v-lui^ an.I itmlrui'lm
program Rio lu.il L'vuning at tlir l#iaa|iin
ineeling. Mr. H. Dirkiniou $g\ :.
.slmri jrujn r un the history uf tin- van
uuu |>ruviih't>H i'uul lu i>". k'i lin,: ii|<
lu ilie I'uiilVilt'raliui) ul tlir i.ruwiiiv-
mi lliul (Idle A fine Imiijo nolo v\h.i
theu (iivcu by Mi   A. (hriibur)' of Nr«
Wt'Klllillinltr KnMuUh.jj lhe |j|Y.'|Ui.-
hjaukir Mi K iJiikiiiHun v|tuki! dii tin
i'ltut'i'ili'ral nm ul i i< iiii'la whim .»a.
llic »iil.ti.i t.i (In- i vi'1.1iik IE.' v\
|>luiin -t ll.,; Unl i.-li Nurtli AmiTii'ii A<l
of   Isili   iii uuini' ilelail .iliuiiiniy  ihul
I  I'I'iT    I UUU.Ili,    IsUHil    * ,11.11 |U      Sui.l
bi'uha iiiiii ISaw  HruiinHii Iv urn     tli'.'
lirsl iiruviiii-m lu until'. Tin1 Doiii'in-ti
UiAtTlillii'llI    llnii   lulini'l   h'arr.i I      l.i
Hm'Ii' tin- rifiLi ul iiuliivii i.i\.iii.,i i is
I'onirul ul tin iniliiiu, Uu \,ii*\ iiiu i
llu' > iirrvin). (:«     Tht' t it nut. * \-t •■ .1
ilul   |ilirllUllit l<l>   hluiiixl   (lir   I;.. .     ul
ilirvii uialion, ii-. iiiiiiiii^iiM 1.1 ..I .
ni li un, the ruuirwl >'f ilu siii ..I ' , i"
via      Mr. Hi- kiiiftifi. sirvn m<1.1... - i.i
Ilk'     v.l.-l     Ulhlcrtllrvlltj/     ul     1..j,I.Iii.'     ii
ruilruuil   Im'Iui'i'1,   ih,    uiurihni.    j-ju
I litre*   llll'l   l^llrl,.,    u|    |)||.    hi,,,
hi sj t.. r   I   lli)s\   c\ fliluull)   Ilx    |'|i..llu
Bniit*li 1 uluinluu in. 1  il..   n-in, 1
Alberta      uiul      MinUt'.h-a.,,!
Uuuplif  iiitu ilu* uinuii, mul.)).1;
liiiniuu h Iiiiii run (if.1 iruin llu
In   lu lin' l'u. ilu
Mr A (Jji'iili'in U.nri I llu: .uin
I'ii in uill. ;i .-.uuii in,.I uY.jlli. r au'In
hull un llic ligliju TIm' ii.t.liiij; un-
uroij|fJi( lu u film- (Mill Un1 ii...   l.i 11'
Error in the Original
Evidence alleging a mixed survey
formed a feature of a ease beard be
fure Judge Grant last, week in whicii
a Mr. ''ni,lui.um sued Sir. Jackson for
performance nf u reul estate agree
ment, Mr. .laeksun bought from a
Nortli Vancouver linn 87 acres of lum,
ul llraekemliilc in thc Hi,uiimish Vul
ley, ami iutur suhl whut he believud
til be Ifi mires of this tract to Mr. All
ilursun, who uu meusuriiig up his purchase found tbat he had less thun ten
acres. This led to a re measurement
by Mr. Jackiun ol bis whole pruperty,
ami ho fuiiiul that iusteud uf il acres
be lind only If, Mr. Amlursuu lirutight
ml inn ugainst Mr. Jucksuu for the
performance uf his agreement tu sell
bl acres, but Mr, Jucksuu resisted on
the plea that if he sold this fraction
ut his prupcrly he wuuld nut hnve mil'
lii'ieiii left lu muke u respectable sizu.l
ranch lur himself. Judge (Irani ugrced
thul the inuii.i, arusc uut uf mi error
in the iiriginal survey, and advised the
parties and the lint vendor! lu pel
together uml sen if Ihey cuuld uut arrive ul sume settlement. Fur ,tlns
purpose he udjujiriicd the cuse fur ,i
A friendly uume wus played uu llu
lliiiileiui'l un Friday eveuing, the cm
li-liiiiln liclli(; HI. Jllllll'n llllll Sl. Al.
drew's buys, mul resulted iu u vin i;
fsvur uf the bitter by live ;.u.l- n
uue. What promises In he nn exeil
ing match, beiug lhe lirst rum >l i'.i
(he cup, is tu iui i. place uu llu Mini
leviird un Friday mil at T pm SI
Andrew's will line up with lbc fulluu
mu twelve:
dual, Newton Hteacy; puiut, Ferd
Hummcrville; Tuvcr putnt, Vu-lur Mi
Itae ii'ii|it.i„ Isl -li Inin.-. hm,nl,I M
Cull; L'ii.I defence, lluwar.l llu,I :ir
defeuce, Lee McMillan; renin Wu
i'lu.,i.   Ilrd   Iinme,   Freeman   I i.uu-
Und Iluuie, I'.i,, l llll, sun; I'l .um,
Kriiesl Clemens; uutside Iluuie. ' I'"-
M. I luun 1.1. inside Inline, l.euin  I I  i'h
An errur inadvertently m,uric,I hi
tne initials uf the illlllnil uf lhe cud
lent article ut, the vanuui system* nl
guvernment assistance in auTiciilliirul
settlers, selecliulis frum which were
published in a r.-icnt issue ul the
"Espress," This article wus ungiu
uiiv written bv Mr Aleiumler Lucas
ul A|tessu, ineinber uf lhe I'luvunnil
Lcgiilature fur tin- Kbclural Ilistricl
uf  iui,
One Extraordinary Beaolt of Oomple
Hun of Pauania t.'aiul
Aciurdiug lu llu- hsherv   .sj.itn ut
tin- iMiiilhsoniaii  liisliliiiiiin   vVashinji
nm   Hi. whu have just relumed (rum
n.Uhiiiu   u   survey   nf   Islhlullin   i.lilil-
iiiii-  mm I   result  uf  the  , ulli,>li lmii   ul
1   tin   I'aiiama  Canal  will  be  tin- inter
I   miking ul tin- hsh uf Hn- Atlantic ami
wr.   the I'm iiii      A second survey  mil be
»  l'u   takeu in inmi li v o In I .-ii jcurs' lime.
in urder lu vent. tin. prugiiu.liculiuii
It in much easier lu save inuucy In
luniia lur llic aiar-lcu luuls iInn, lu car
hum -    Iu   replace   Ibuse   that   gu   lu
pieces   frum   neglect      I'eler   Inula   il
easiei Ilill tu iiu neither
Ml. i u
Call snd tee our spleudii showing of Ojfordi aud Low
Outs for the siimmor hulldaj/s In tli* nswtat ebapea and stylet
Wt bav* a ijjlendld assortment -moiid to uont iu B (,'
and what can look ulcer on tb* foot of a lady or gintltniau
tbau a smart low /cut ahoe fron oui aplaadld stock?
Buhhci Buled Shits for tha Btasldt
Lacrosle Shoes    Saudalt to keep tht littla fett cool
Wt have tverytbiug for tht chUdrcii
j Winning Number Thii Week, 1862
Draw again neat Saturday
Wood-Paige Shoe Co.
fkmM Moint Crown Block, Opp. Citv Hall
Why be uncomfortable whan wltb little expsnsa you can
bavo your home fitted witb SOBBBN DOOBS AND WINDOWS?
Tills Is the time to place your order.
Don't wait uutil your house Is filled wltb tin.
Do lt now,
Our stock Is cuiiipieto lu every detail aud our prlctt art
paine & McMillan
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
u i ri.ii  Mini i:
Vie. 'lllc NeW|
Oil     lllllll
lun, l.liiiluil. n
Ul |-|
uii ii
iiiuiii   llic i'ulil
A l-l
)• ui
..Ilk.    ul   60S   i
< ul
Vuncuuvei.  11   i
C    11
1   ull
tin   .'iiih duy ul
vc  1
lu upply  lu  Hu
1   I
al  his  ulliee  In
1'      II
ti.   tor   U   ll.lll.n
1   III,
•   200
llll-ll      1, Cl     „t     »
sili.iniiuii   i'iiuii
nl 1 ii
liluu,, inu    Mi i.
The   ivstcr Is
lu   lu
1    ul
Sll,Ullll   ul    III,     III
.1,1 III
Is n
l,IS   ll'lmlll   ull,   n
III tl
l.n    In   I.u    ll.uil   .
II     In
mis. i
III    1
ui. ci
|nll |IIISCS
Null,,   uf  u|,|,
leu in
II   vv
t)    Ull
'Ullll   .     ull
In    1
u, 1
IIATKH   ul    V
17tti ilu.  ul'  lun
•.  191
iSKUI'illlT  Iihl
l<   A
l-i   1
21 -1                   V
r J
1  1
J.   A
H Vlllll ,\
We. Thu Newport Walei Coinuanj
l.liiilk-il. u Company Incuriiuiuieil umim
the I'umpunlea Act. with hcail ulllu ,,
tiOS Uiirlcrl'otton BulliHnc,, Vancuuvn
IJ ' ulve notice ihut un the- 2iith ,1,,.
■i Inly, 1911 we Intend lu ml ,
lhe Wuler t'ouiuilaaioner al his ulllu-
In New WcMliuliister, B C, fur a licim,
iu lulic ninl use nui cubic feet uf wuh i
in i iu iiiiini frum il,, :n,,.uuu.-, Hlm'ii,
New Weatmlnaler lilsiilcl
The water Is tu be luken frum in,
nil, nui nt ii null)! ubuut the i-i-nn t m
Timber l.linll -N s i J ubout 100 lui-
uliuvc ilde wuler, and la tu be usi-u
fm . ,i i i, ,| i -,i i ■ , , un luts im. Tilb
m. 912 and 1301). ili.ui; tine, tiew
Wustmlnatei  u.in, i
Notice   uf   Intention   in   upply   ::..
Imslcd    ull    lllc    , t. ul.,I    ull    lllc    ITll,
nf  Jllllc,   1912
IIATKH ul Vuncuuvei-, B C. this lin.
ilny  nf June.   1912
11-7 I'er J   H   Devey,  Akchi
Ul Second atreet NORTH VANCOUVEB Phouo 107
All New.       No Old Stock.
F ine assortment of Flower
and Garden Seeds in packages.
Sweet Peas by the oz.
TIhm'   coniB iii Bluck,   White,
Lavender, I'i uk uml Kni <>r mixed.
Special Lawn Grass, -  50 cti. Ib.
Selected White Clover, - 65 cti. Ib.
North Shore Drug Co.
P. S. THOMAS, Phm. B.
Druggist, 116 Esplanade West


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