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 "•Wf»W#fWTFWTT   "*p    99999       mfmwf mjma/maf ^
:;i #
m   MWTWO   A9   1MB   "M-
|M omoi.  vm m
, u'l*
oitV   bouoitob    ooVRbrbbp
. WOT council anp pbrby
.to -	
An Important financial conference
look' place in Ihe ulliee of the City Per
ries Ull., Mayor McNeish presiding
oyer an assembly comprising til* fullowlng representative!: Ulty council,
Aid. Irwin, Aid. Dick, Aid. Hiss, Aid.
Mcllue uii'l the city treasurer, Mr. s.
Humphreys; ferry bokfd, Mr. W. 0.
(lladwiu, Capt. Cates, Mr. II. 0, Wright,
Mr. W. I., llnuii, Mr. T. M. Heard, manager ami Mr. II. E. Kemp, sucrutary.
Tin' presence uf the cily ami ferry iuii-
eitor, Mr. I). I.. Hoid, K.C, bud been
secured liy thnse bodies jointly.
After e lengthy confabulation, Ihe
details of which it would not be ad
visalile in view of pending ueguliatiuns
te publish and after listening lu the
opiuion of Mr. Held uu the existing
iiiiiiniiiiii, the board authorized llie pre
sident and sccretaay of the company
lo make urrungemenls witli Hie Hank uf
JI nm ill mi if possible for a loan for the
construction of the new furry lmal.
Aid. Dick strongly advocated tbu
immediate repurchase uf I lie old bonds,
arguing thai I. wai upon tbii repre
Ki'iilaliuu that tha cincture were called
opon to vol" on tbe ferry bylaw paued recently.
The ratepayers had ordered the clly
council tn guarantee tbe ferry board'•
ni'wi'si debenture iuue, under tbe Impression that ih" $128,000 worth of
bunds   would   be  immediately   bought
back agaiu. He knew tbat maoy of
the voters would not have voted io favor of the bylaw. In build tbe new
steamer if tbey did nut think that tb*
lirst mortgage would be lifted from the
assets uf the company.
Mr. Held staled tbat the mortgage
bad in the Drsl place been put upun Ihe
Iiiui debentures in order to secure the
city, not for the benefit of tbe bond
holders. Thin precaution was taken lest
difficulties i-li'-ni-1 aria* iu ceuneetiun
with the ferry board. Together with
otber members of the meeting, My. Baid
disfavored the idea of forming a sub
siiiiary coni|iany for tbe purpose of
buildiug lbc new boat, regarding such
a course as uue winch would only in
vile 1 'ui'ih, 1 complications.
A nintioii lo Ihe above mentioned of
fee'! was eventually carried uneui-
' A. R. Steacv will Run
for School Trustee
Mr. A. K. Sleacy lias lieen approached by a large niimlilT of Iiiu eluclorate
wbo have asked Inin lo come forward
as a uiiuii.Iuii' for schoul trusteeship
Mr. Sleacy, interviewed tlim morning,
said that were it not fur lhe dculh of
bla brother Dr. Steacy some mouths ego
and ils necessitating his departure for
lbe easl where he would probably have
to remain somu mouths, he would "nave
come out before now. Mr, Steacy slat
ed, however, thai lie though! he would
' be able to make arrangements whereby
he could remain at bumc ami Ihis being
so be was very pleused to come furward
as a candidate as the work entailed «uiii labor uf love to In in. He liked lo
work fur lbe good of the children and
looked upon the schuul trusteeship as
being one uf lhe must bodered positions
a public man -could hold and oue in
which  lie  iiuiiii   work   fur llie  public
Items of Interest
Mr Win. Cuminiiigs, lhe Nurlh Vin
couver rietbing and gents' furnisher, is
visiting in Ashcrofl.
Mr. and Miss Miller of Liverpool,
Eug, are tbe guests of Mr. and Mrs
Wllsnn nf St'vi'iilh sited cast.
The Ureal Wesl Und and (Iravel
Company has just received a larg^run-
signmenl uf lump Wellington coal.
Mrs. J. In. !■■-' 11 jr., left lasl week
fur Minneapuiis, Minn., lo spend a
two months' holiday with relatives.
Aid. Eon iiiiiii left fur Vieluria nn
Tuesday evening when.' be has beeo
spending Christmas. He is expected
home Ssinrdsi-.
Mr. .1. II. English departed nn Tuei-
day for ScalUc, tbe chosen seal uf his
}   ,Christmas  revels.   Ho  will  returu  lu
Wth  Vancuuver Ibis week end.
In connection wilb the drawing or
ganited recently by the I'yliiian Sisters
W. P. Ellis of Vaueouver,has emerged
a* winner, hii number being im.
The district  council holds Its repp
lar meeting al the municipal hall, l.ynn
.  Valley un Monday evening ucxl.   Thc
Xion was postponed from last eveu
The tolal number nf names un the
Voters' list uf Ibe ciiy this year is
Only uue mortal imbibed tou freely
in the public limelight uu the Nortb
Shure this Christmas. This lonely Individual was takeu care uf by Ihc pu
lieu for .needing the liquor limit ami
speul Ilis Cllri.HtinaKti.il' iu Ibe ipiiel
euiiliiii'k of thr local gaol.
Un. I. Upytatket Lynn Valley waa
the winner of the brass bedstead and
mil I rem offered recently by the Home
Furnishers.   The/ number of the   win
>jng ticket way VM'i.
Tbe Number! One Kerry hei been on
lhe wayi undergoing certain miner re
pairs. The fuel oil tanks with Which
ehe is accommodated, have now arrived,
^W* installation will bo commenced iin
It. Andrew's Presbyterian church,
Sunday, December 2'llb, moruiug sub-
"Victory 0' Iioye"; evening subject, "Jesus Christ Uie iame yesterday,
teilay and forever.'' Bev. Honald Mar
ftod will preach.
At yesterday afternoon 'e mealing ef
Ihe ferry directorate Mayur McNeish
was appointed'a committee of ono to
interview Mr. II. II. Stevens, MI', and
endeavor lo press tbe application of the
board fnr Ihe approval of ils plaus
for an eilension of its wbarf.
Ted Baylis, tfae .kipper of lhc Nortb
Vancouver famkey team, is al present
laid up with 1 fractured ankle, Ifae re
suil of an accideut which occurred last
week. Tin,, circumstance is a cats
mn mi- une fur Ifae Nurth Vaueouver
hockey men who regard Mr. Baylis as
an indispensable member uf the local
Mr. and Mrs. A. U. Welle ef Chilli
lui.li arc the guests for the holidays of
tbeir daughter, Mrs. William Tuwnslcy,
Keith roaii west. Mr. and Mrs. Walls
are early piuneer residents ul the Chii
llwack Valley, where for half a cen
lury ihey have beeu among lbc mosl
prominent ami influential member, of
the community.
On Saturday nigbt Mias Dorothy
Marconi, Mr. Tern Diploek and Mr
ErunI. Anders crossed tbe lulel for tbe
purpose nf repealiug the comedietta
"llui and Cos" with which tbey do
lighted an audience in tbe St. Joan's
church parish hull recently. Saturday
night's occasion wu a social given by
lhe Vancouver uight schools, and, as
was only lu lie eipected, the Nortb
Vancouver Ihespians were accorded a
great reception
Christmas Wedding Bells
At the residence of ber siileri, the
Misses Kergun, iiiil ith street west, Mis.
.lobiisenc llergun was uniled in wedlock
lu Mr. (ieurge Oray yesterday after
nuiiii. Hev. Honald Macleod conducted
Ihe .v. ie cs in Ihe presence of a large
number of guests. Mr. Bears Stewart
acted as best mau for Mr. dray, and
tbe bride was attended by Miss Sophia
Patterson and Miss Agues Hare as
bridesmaids^ Tha bride looked well in
her bridal gown ef cream lustre aad
satin with fell and orange blossoms.
Afler the ceremony tfae guests partook
of a sumptuous wedding dinner. The
preeent* were numerous, valuable and
useful. Mr. and Mrs. Oray will reeide
in their horns 00 Keith road cast. .
At tbe Presbyterian manse yesterday af'erueoo Ihe Bav. Honald Macleod
united io holy matrimony Miaa Ague.
Burt of Iowa, aad Mr. William Brown
Iiu? of Norlh Vancouver. Tha groom
w»f attended by Mr. Hugh Wilson end
the! bride by Misa Ra* of Vancouver.
Mri and Mrs. Browulft will reside in
Nurfh Vencouver.
, The festival of Christmas was pele
lirkted happily aud merrily un 11)0
jNiirili Shore, all the cheery traditiooi
lielng very properly upheld. It wai
imagined on Tueiday night tbat the
resident! would awake un Christinas
morn and greet a whit* world. Thll
prospect appealed hugely to tbo younger generation and tbeir disappointment
was doubtless keen wbeu Christmas
Day dawned rather miserably, wilb a
gnat deal of unnecessary damp aruuml,
and an er ralie eujfece of suinctilillg
thai was niiiiiiure thaii an apolugy for
wet snow. Christum* Day, however,
Is an iiiKtiiiiiiiin wbicb can always he
run un tbe "never niiinl llic wesllier"
system. There are many counter ultruc
liuns such is mystoriuus packsges which
may at a Hied wonderful moment lie
upeneil by eicited fingers; sucli us ki'sv
liy Inten treat, crackers, candies (mure
tban at any other times) and heaps uf
other seasonable luxuries. IV", uul
least, if lastly, turkey figures pri'ieiii
enily in tfae Christmas agenda just as
il bas figured prumineiilly in Hulkun
warfare. With all these items of com
pensatiou the weather mau was dmibl
less forgiven for bis rather inappru
priale dispensation on Weiiuesday.
Had it been possible for a reprcsen
luiui' uf tbe Espress to peep ii|lu
every home, doubtless several columns
uf Ibis papur could be filled with prelty
incidents. (Juile a number uf families did indeed actually 'forget to lower
Iheir blinds ami Ibuse un Ibeir way lu
Christmas psrt ies gut occasional
glimpses of typically merry scenes—
jusl iniiiiiciilari glimpses, of 'cuurse, re
vealjug in/a flash nice lillle girls and
boys clad in parly attire, dancing snd
bopping around iu a kiml of impression
1st selling uf cheery adult smiles. If
it is permissible lo mention one very
everyday fact apropos of these rends
it niinlil lie tu the effect that despite
Ibe geueral eicitrmenl prevailing mnl
tbe lighting of fairy candles ami ulher
seasonable risks, no outbreak of llic
has incurred during Ibe Christmas let
tivitiea within tbe city'i liinils. The
chief of the department regards this
as a tribute In itself to the householder
nf Uie city, wbo evidiilly tnok every
prceiiiiiiiiii and eiercised the proper
11111111111I uf coiuinnnsi'iisi'.
Thu festal day, sn far aa general!
ties are concerned wai probably |pant
upuu Ibe same lilies as most Christmas
days lierulufure. At tlie churches special services wero held lu ibe morning end were attended by guod run-
griigaliiins. Then'in the afterunun a
cnnsiiieralile number uf the city's
youngsters availed themselves uf the
invitation of the meneger of the Qetn
I heal re ami assembled lu walcfa some
appropriately chosun mntiuu picturo
.-iuue.-. Apparently the festivities whicii
uccupicil lhc liulancc uf lbe day were
,111111,1111,1 by any mishap uf serious
. iuuu. iui since none hive been reporl
ed iu iiiln ml circles.. As will be nuleil
iu miutlier .1.11111111 (Ibis, by lhe way
way, has no relaliun to the subject of
accidents) two.happy couples chose tu
be e uuiiili,miii linked un Wednesday.
Ahother pleasing incident was the carol
singing liy Ifae choral society' members
iu   I.yun   Valley.
Yesterday uml loduy arc, of . nui...
days uf line Inni uiin Ij might Jim,,-!
be written Inaction. The cily is very
very ijuiet. The several lueal machines
clue li kepi, things uguing ami'which
were sliiwed duwn ur Hlupped inr Wed
ucsiluy's celebration, arc nut yut pru
perly runuiug again. The usual busi
uess meetings of the week have mostly
been postponed su ss not tu follow too
closely on the heels of YuTetide. In a
few days' lime affairs generally will
reach I heir normal plaue, the kiddies
will 1,me become familiar witb their
new pussessions, every one will have re
cm creel from lhat liat sort 01 feeling
which inevitably fulluws a period of
riotous celebration, ami good old Sanla
claus wili have become a kind uf bene
uilenl .lack-in a lint, shut down light
uutil not'Dec. ittb, when he will bu
allowed tn "escape again, a. good lml ur
ml ami as welcome a* ever.
Houie Boys'wanted tm tin Rapnee.
Apply thie oft*.
, I 'i i)
Forty Minutei
From Ha stings-St.
"Pollough Pugiie" contributes He
following interesting pan picture lu a
recent issue uf tbe "Province";
"A westerly wiud, wilh almost lbe
panlomine of a crone with Hupping
skirls und broom, had swept the
clouds oul of tbe sky. Tfae suu grin
ued down iu a kind apiril, ami thr
castellated rily wilh lhe shrmil of
smoke, cln.pi,ui uf civilisation, vs.
plain to bt seen from lhe Sipiuiuisn
village ou Ibe knees uf lhc mounlaioi
across Hurrard inlel. The Infirm ami
ancient village of which II might ui
musl be .uid lhal ii nlaiuls godmother
lo Vancuuver itself, seemed glad Ig
greet tbe sun. Tfae mountain tnuws
dashed electrically. Against its prudi
gieusly beautiful background Norlb
Vancuuver sent up its commercial ami
domestic smoke, anxious aud earnest
lo show Ibat il is uot a mere suburb
of Vancuuver.
"Where lbc Sijuamisfa canoes lay
in tbe mud uf the beach in front nl
Ihe little cbureb beside which Isir.l
thc weathered wooden statue of I'hrisl
on the Cross, a bark skinned nld pa
gan, lo whoui the sacred symliul hus eu
meaning, slauds chipping patiently at
a new log canoe with a mallei and s
chisel. Ilis ancestors fabm-alcl isn
ocs in lbc same way iu tlie Stone Age,
aud in bis own case, it ii a* if time
had stool still; be belongs tn tuu Sluuu
Age himself. He is obviously a very
old man, bul he is uldcr lhan yuu
would guess, Wbeu Oaslown burned,
and lie witnessed tfae spectacle friJ lhe
very spot on (be, bench on which be
stands now working el his mjw canuc,
be wis long peal middle age.
"When I came near the obi (1st
head looked up aud grinned. He did
oot say, "Klahowyahl" as the "si
wa*b" Indians always say in prim. I
am sorry, bnt hf merely aald "(loud
Day" fur speaking Hngjish is his habit.
I have known bim for three year* and
I never heari him speek iny language
but English. He may know a few
words of ihe Chinook of Artiou, but
he seems to prefer English. Ae for
myself, I said 'How ara ye, Joel' for
I am uot a linguist either. Tbe old
man wont ou with bis waif. He ii net
tha kind of old Indian wbo
come up immediately ligbl* bii pipe,
fits down and tulle you a story about
th good ubl times.   1 wisb lie were.
t"fh ean beat warm ont*e*)i»Mer«d
batch, uatll it f»)t like June, although
it wus the ■■mini of December. Oui
of tfay_£hurch dour came a mediaeval
muuk, an Oblate father wearing a
lui,- ni.111.nl i.i.i.ii,, girdled wilb a
rope. lies, rcpil Indian wuinen fubled
in blankets, silting uu lhc p..r. In> ol
Iheir tailored liuu.es, held up licit
rusty ubl faces tu (he sun, a. if il had
medicating virtues. On the .111,1
buard walk, the single street of Ibe
village, Hie brown children played and
■ i|uj|ild. 0 Twu puiiiii iiv wuinen whose
achievements iu life had been babici.
baskets and a lillle' housework, cm
barked in a sijualid canoe a. unsteady
as the lug il was carved frum wuubl
have been, ami started fur Vaucuuver.
The canuc leaked badly, bul Ihey were
used lu privaliulis of lhal kiml
The wooded Christ looked down from
his cross wilb Ifae frOtcu agony of all
llic Christ, of woud and plaster and
metal ami slouc everywhere before
which good Christians iu e pious world
utter their Ave Marias snd Paleruu.t
ers. Hut old Joe, the luugh old pagan,
was not at all sympathetic toward Him.
lie had an lusliiiclive ubjectiuu lu Him.
ft. H. BTBVBN8, li. V. OOTUMBB
Telephone Circular
" ' mr    y t
The II. *:. Telephune Company Limit
cd have issued from Ibeir presses, e cir
ruler to lueal telephone users, lo the
effect lhal Ihe old "long distance"
service, is sliil available if tbty' desire
lo use it. The circular reads as foi
luwa: "As there Minis to be seme
misunderstanding regarding the '.'Two
Number" service, we wish lo advisa
uur palruns lhal Ihey can sliii bave Ibe
wine "loug distance" service as for
mcrlyl When a particular peiu is
wauled, call "lung distance" and give
his name. Tbe operator will call yeu
when he is ready lo lalk ur advise you
tbat be cannot be reached in whieb
case pu charge will be made."
Poll OB Money Bylawi
Th* ratepayers of tlia diatrict of
North Vancouver wUl rot* tomorrow
on two monsy bylawi, on* for we
urworks purposes and one for achool
purpoeee. Polling booths will be lo
cated a* followi:
Th* Municipal Hall, Lynn Valley,
Oflco at Mt. T I. Bye, North
Th* Bchool Heu*, Baat Oaf llano.
TU houn of voting an (Mi I
O'clock a.m. until 7 o'clock pm.
II. II. Stevens, M.I'., arrived fron)
Ottawa early this wck fur thc Christmas i.unn liiiniiiiiinl by a repre-
senlelive of tbe Eapress. Mr. Stevens
stalcel that be bad been iu close touch
with the several i!c|iartmenls of tbe
goveruuieul in the endeavor to furtber lo the uliuusl possible eiteut thc
interests uf bis constituency. Tbe pru
poacd developments with reference to
Hurrard lulel had been under cuusid
milium and considerable progress had
been made. The plans of the government with rjfandcL' lu the port of Vancnuier "Were grenVWly, taking definite
shape ami they give eWfWrl'calion of
assuming very large proportions. As
an iuilial step it had lieen definitely
derided lu erect a large ggvcrnmeul
wharf and warehouses at Vancouver
aud el Nurtb Vaucuuver. Several
available sites upuu tbe North Shure
bad been under ruusidcratiuu and al
though the exact location was not as
yet assured lliere was nut much room
for duubt in tbe uiiuds of Ibuse iu pus
ses.iun uf Ifae facts ss tu the ultimate
result. The high prices at wbicb wa
terfruut property Close iu ou this side
of Ihe inlet is held lm.I rendered il
suiiii'what difficult In arrive al a satis-
factory conclusion iu the choice uf site
The metier wuuld require further cun
sideralioii before a decision was final
ly arrivcr al, but Mr. Stevens did uul
niinl. that any prnlrarlrd delay would
be    l)|ulle lie id
ll bad likewise beeu decided Ihul Ihi
coustructiou iif a largo .lry.lu.-k shuuhl
iiuiu pari uf llic guveruuienl srhcpic
fur llurranl lulel. The dock wbicb il
1 intended to buiid will he the larg
ol on tbe Pacific coasl and will ac
commodate the largest vessels. A suggests frum the Interviewer In ihe
effect that lhe eilcuside lie|ertals ou
(he Nurlli Shore offeree! ileal condi'
lions fur the coustructiou of such a dry
duck wss met by a genial sgiiic frum
Mr. Stcveus, whu uhserved Ibal the re
purls wbicb were before the govern
incut ilid uot overlook auy uf tbe many
ailvautagr. eujuyed by Ibe Nurth Shore
unil il was certain that this side of tbe
Inlet wuubl receive very careful cun
•ideration when the lime came fur Ihc
final 1 housing uf Ihe site.
Mr. Stevens wa. dot in pusitiou tu
uy very much wirh reference tu Bee-
Tonight's Boxing and
Wrestling Postponed
The busing and wrestling tournament
whieh was to bave taken place Ihis
eveuing ou the premises of lbc North
Vancouver Athletic Club haa becu iu
definitely postponed. This course hai
bad lo be adopted at tbe eleventh hour
owing to Ihe iujury which Frank Bar
rieeu recently sustained tu bis band,
aad wbicb would prevent his appear-
sine al luuiglil'» show. Tfae mauager
uf Ifae club feels Ibal as bis lop liner is
Ibua iii.npaciiaicil tfae tournament
should be called uff.
George W. Vance
May Contest Ward 1.
A Isrgely signed petilinn is in circu-
laliun lu be presented to Mr. Qeorge W.
v'sn. e requesting bim lo come forward
aa candidate for aldermanic honors iu
Ward I. at Ihe forthcoming elections.
Christmas at St. Agnes'
Christmas Day wae a vary happy one
in "Hi. Agnei' cbureb. Two services
were held.' Al t am. Ihe vicar, Hev.
Dr. Fea, wae assisted by th* Bev. Norman Thompson, incumbent of Lynn
Valley, and at which tbere wa* far th*
largest number of communic»nts:ln tk*
history of the parish, mor* thay treble
of Ibal on sny former occasion. At It
am. the full surpliced choir of men and
boyi war* present aod tb* service was
well rendered, th* congregation joining
end Narrowi bridgi. The outstanding
feature, had al| been decided upon hy.
tbe department aad tbe Hridge Company halt, beeu advised accordingly. He
understood tbat the Cumpany desired
to hsve j lii' decision witb regard tn *
tbe height of the bridge reviewed,
with a view to procuring the accept-
iiiieT nf a height of furln live instead
of fifty live feot. He had been in cuu-
lultation with tbe company's solicit- «
on et Ottawa with regard tn this fua
tur* and Ihuughl it probable that no
serious difficulty wuubl be encountered
iu procuring this amendment to th*
decision of Ibe department. He hoped
lo have an opportunity uf conferring
wilh thc Board of Directors of the
Bridge Company befure returning to
Ottawa wilh regard to the matter. In
bis opiniun il wuuld lie a good idea to
have a small influential deputation
composed of one representative uf tbe
Bridge compeny, nne for lhe.city of
Vaucuuver and uue for lhe Norlh Shore 1
go to OtUwa for the purpose of conferring with the minisler personally
with reforence tu this phase of tbo
bridge problem.
Discussing the movements uf the governmeut dredge Maslmlun, Mr. Stevens
slated that Ibe new watcrinaius fur fue
.-ily bf Vancouver hail now arrived
and it iinni.1 be possible lo resumu
opcraliuns ou Parthia shoal at an early
ilale. During the delay wbicb bad occurred uu .111 uunl of the. necessity ef
changing tin location of (lie water
mums across First Narrows, the dredge
had uuf been idle, Imi had been cu
ploy e.l tu good purpuse at Coal Harbor.
The work al thai point was now com-
pb'ie.l ami the dredge was now at Wallace Shipyards for minor repairs. Juit
ai suuu as (lie overhauling proceu was
completed the dredge wuubl begin work
again un Parthia shoal, lhe remainder
of which would be remuved in sii
weeks. Hy that time Ibe uew city water mains would probably be in place
and Ihc dredge would proceed without
Interruption on lhc work actually willi
in First Narrows.
Speaking of Ibe poat office si|e Su
thie ,(ily, Mr. Stevens said lhat tbe
supplementary estimates were nuw' 10
cuurse of preparation and they- would
make provisiou for lhe paymenl of the
balauce of the purchase price fur tba
city hall prupcrly. It was nut likely,
huwever, Hial au a|prorialion would
be included this year for a poit office
building. Mr. Stevens expressed him
self as desirous uf securiug a poet office building uf a superiur chancier for
this city ami io order to accomplish
lins it might be found advisable lu occupy tbe liiiililing now on the property
as a pusl ollice fur a short period of
lime. 1'
Mr. Stevene eipcela lo leave fo; 01
lawa on the iiih uf January. He auli
cipali'H Dial Iuc present sessiuni'iif lbe
Iluuie will endure untHiiasleykiid possibly longer. *"      /
le..niii-. iu the familiar Christmas
hymns and chants. The vicar preach
ed from St. Luke 11:10, tracing the
growth uf many of our Christmas cu.
inin- from Ibe Vulelld* uf uur pagan
Saiun inn lailni and pm ni ing uul
lliuse lhat specially belonged te tbe
christian festival of Christmas. The
congregation was especially large aud
Ifae collection was for lhe clergy, widows
and orphans' fund of Ibe diocese. Nest
Sunday evening a carol service of
song will be held instead of the usual
sermuu ur address.
Application for Uie of
Government Dredge
The board of terry directors at tbeir
meeting yesterday received a letter
from H. H. SKvins, M.P., slaling-thal
the dredge Mastodon could not, a* requested, be used for Ibe dredging uf
lbat section of lbe ferry -clip on tbe
Vancouver side used by tbo Weat Vancouver system owing to tbe dredge not
being able to get close enough into
tbe shore, the government cannot,
therefore accede to the application of
the board /or the use of tbe dredge
for four days. It was suggested tbat
the Pruhliug ur the King Kdward migbt
be aeked for.
Vencouver fee h.ockey team flpi Ip
Victoria tonight a scheduled gaffe in .
th* coait league.  Th* Terminal cily
club hop* to maintain their lead in the
rttt tm btmnn »*d th* P»tenou enp,
9 Bank of Montreal
uieWwiipik ussssom^mmmMmta^mmm'
fTw9mm*ii9w9w f99 ff f
C»plUl (puld wp) \-   116,000,000
Reaarve    .   .   . V   116,000,000
Savings Bank Department
North VtiWHlW Branch: F, A. MACRAE,
Mt. Crown Bldg., lit Stroet Mmwiw
The Fastest Oame In the World
I lllllll,   IIIH llllllill   urth
Pricse: e Butlr* QaUsry, 60 cenU. Beserved Seats; 11.00.
Ica Bkatlng 3 Beselou* Dally.
Ti i,  ii  i 	
N.V. Dock & Storage Co.
••s i        iin,iin
20 Lonsdale Avenue   Phone 568
We Have Some Good Buys
in D. L 273, 274,550.
See ui if you have a houie to rent, or if you want to get
i a houie.      ,
We have tome lovely homes for sale. ,
Listings wauled.
110 Eiplanade. Phone 227
Must be Sold
Am instructed by consignees to tell.immediately
40 tons Choice Highland Table Potatoei, very
low price in 5-sack tot's; 15 tons carrots, beels,
\     20 torn hay.   Apply R. W. Eaton, cn.
Nortn Shore Coal & Supply Co.
Phona 188
Una  v*iko*-«
•t.m AM.      IM  VM.
ll.it  VM.
IM        I
11.11  AM
Utte wJftlr Vaocouvar
1.10 P.M..
» iwntm "tm m BaMy,"     Ttaie t
aaUw. Oamams ml uawa tm ieleri,
f^^^^m      tmntpmiim     rmew    ~T*Tm-mf   F^mr      'tymtajiif
IM **'■
9 IM
* '^SJsjssr*u i'iiiii ******
wmettintrmmtmmm   trw   w*rwmm wmm-Wt
rnoiogr^puy iui nwtucurB
By Reflex
uiiii       —mmmmmm
To tb* g»n*ral W*» impreeeionlim,
either in painting or |iinitogra|iliy, ie
more or less fmldisin or tli* ereation of
a diseaeed' brain. It Is ''ertain tbat
tbe ordinary mind li not only ""'»■
liable Of appreciating p gouil impressionist |iictnr«, bnt' will pour all kinds
iif riiiiruio uiieii t|i* moit artistle effort. Tbia is really nnt as niuili ignorance as lark of training in arl 1st in matters, for tbe moit "ul ivated in otbor
iliruitiiiiis cannot iee any reason or
beauty in an impressionist picture
which they will deierihe as fgiiy or
not clear.
What tiie average person wants is a
straight elaar print taken on tbo most
bright and sunny day with every little
detail brought out. If ihey ran read
the lettering on a sign about a mil*
away with a tolerable amount nf clearness ihey will show tbeir print to all
and ni'i'ily ami will enlarge on the quality of their li'm. iuhMIii' excellence of
the camera. All of whieb may lie true
and i - iiv right, but there is another side to the picture.
Tlii-i.' is something to say for tho
impressionist, in fart a great deal. Qen-
i'l.ill.i he is the mere true artist ami
l.niii-.n '. lu'i he is after, even if he does
not always get It.
The   liil in'  between the improa,.
sionist and the uther fellow |a that one
sees an impression ami alms at getting
it, whilst the other sees every detail
ami wants all he can yio^uu his negative.
The two schools of thought have
ini'l many arguments on the subject,
cadi cluimiug tn be rigbl.
Tlie oue argues that on looking at a
Innil-i-ii|n' and focusing tbe eye upon it
iiiilv a certain very small portion can
be taken in, the rest being blurred to
the vision or impressionistic only. Hi
tries to secure a negative in Ibis man-
ni'f. Tu focus or briug iuto prouiin
ence one small portion of the picture
throwing the reniaiuder out of focus
uml thus securing an impression.
The other sebool will argue that
everything in nature is clear and iu
focus to the eye, though not to lie
taken iu all at ouca, it ia there, and
therefore the photograph sbould be
taken in the same manner, leaving the
eye In see esartly ill ihe finished phut
in- it iild nature Itself.
It is quits clear io everyone that the
iiiiiiiini eye is incapable of seeing oh
jecte at different planes ef distance.
That is, if the eye is looking at an oh
juet twenty yards away all in front ami
beyond is out of focus.
With the camera it is different, It
sees all al ouce ami by stopping down
everything can be brought into focus.
Holh these schools of photography are
riglit ami as a matter of fact both
sre wrong.
As there are two sides to every ques
lion, so there are to this. Tbere is uo
rule end none can be dogmatic.
All depenils upon the individual and
bis pariiruiar taste, bul from tbe ar
lisliu point of view tbe impressiouist
picture is the one tu be appreciated
must by lovers of arl.
It will generally be found that tbe
photographer who can Uke a good nn
|.n■■■:■lu'iii-in- picture ran easily take the
plain-straight picture. He bes .long
lioce toouc through the various phases
of progress in thc art and has only
arrived at the impressionistic stage by
sheer plodding and constant application.
lie knows lhe general public wili
nul appreciate his work, bul be alsu
knuws (ami is content with the know
ledge) thai he is far ahead in his work
anil this is his reward.
II is very amusing to walk through
un iiliilnlinn of photographs ami ,to
hear the remarks passed on the impressionist pictures. Puny types Huy are
often called and not iu a coinpiimcn
■im manner.
it will generally be noticed however
lhat tbey are well away the prize win
ners; and it must be understood that
the judges know Iheir business and do
not give prizn for nothing. .
Lei it not Iff thought tbat funy
types of any kind or Ibe nul of focus
picture will do. There ie eu arl in it
not eaay to follow by (be average
amateur. ,,/
lie must net think Iieeause bis pic
tura is fuzzy It is therefore artiitic.
tt may only be out of focua tnd bad.
A very old friend of tne writer's ami
a prominent ini'inbcr of I well known
club in his early photographic days
used to bring In print* for criticism. He
always bad tii own opinion of ble work
wbicb was a good one.
On* batch of prints he waa quit*
proud of tnd pointed witb glee to a
certain print saying "now tben that's
a good one, it's Inuy." fU got over
it in time and did good work.
in conclusion ena can ooly repeat the
edvjce frequently given. Keep on.
Slick to |t aod keep * record ef print*
to tempty* other* w|tb,
It will be seen tlw great difference
there ia between print* a year old aad
progress ran f*} noted.
/"   :   'lb
, Print front every uegatlvo union absolutely a spoiled pn* anil eompare re-
gnlarly nne with tbe other. Ily thl*
meana-tnanj: leuona ean be learned and
good wortiUwiMl to fellow,
New York Millinery
(or Mid-winter
l*rtt, small ant) medium bats
vie with each other , fori flnt
place, muck and white Ir featured   prominently,     Pl*ck   velvet
or plush bill) Wilb u profusive
trimming of paradise or ostrich, mako
a smart showing with tba vivid colour
iug of many nf tha evening gowns. A
omre elaborate use of ostrich in every
conceivable shad* and style Is a feature
of many pf lbe Ifcrgu and medium hate.
In inauy'vases the small fur hats wilh
paradise or oitrjeh trlmmiugs make a
smart contrast to the large mudels. The
large Hal fleorgette hat thin very early
in the season gave promise of beiug
the most iiiiii'icil style fer both streel
and evening wear has come iu almost
last in the race -llm fascinating tiny
1 hitpeiiu, similar to tbuse weru by the
Orltintais, being a later feature ef Pall
Thu small hat ie a popular type in
Paris. Velvet, plush or fur is equelly
es effective in the develupmeut of tnis
type nf hat as tho material is draped
over a soft frame and ills aimust snugly
lo the head. A spray of paradise plan'.I
directly in thu back of the model is all
lhat is uncujsary to complete a musl
fascinating piece uf headgear. A mudel
made uf tailless ermiiie shows a small
linn crown. The white paradise 1 ar
ranged iu a must unusual manner ut
Ibe back uf ihe hat. Twu small black
velvet hai. make excellent illustration,
of the small hat, Ihe trimming of which
. is comparatively simple. One shows u
iliapiiiji nf velvet aiid lhc other a
bunch uf clique at the hack. Many of
the new iiiojlels follow this outline, but
as this is a style not becoming lo thi
average person, a wider range of sales
in fur luun is nuied.
Hrima of fur wilh soft crowns of
I.iin a.led velvet and paradise Irimmiiig
are characteristic of many of the smart
fur hats for mid winter Tho elungaled
lino, aa well as round models with Ihe
rolling up turned brims and medium low
crown, is shown. Thu vogue for us
ing a bat band of tbe same fur on tbe
bat as is used on Ibe gown is popular
this season ami gives an escelleut op
portunity for diversity of styles. This
mode of trimming is especially atlrac
tive whon used iu Ihe larger models,
Ibal for formal indoor occasiuns is a
must attractive addition lo lhe cos
tuuie, i), in,1 is takiug particularly
well—those uf the ilefrisn ami curled
variety sharing equal honors. tim,,
the -I,ml,11,,in,,1, ui colourings in Illi*
merchandise is eitenaive, the milliner
has an excellent Held upuu which lo
work, ami there is no end to the .lit
ieiciii styles iu fancy uslrieh hand* ami
feather novelties.
Mark and white, taupe, lhe brown
shade with a bit uf lhe new HeMn.nl
mis showing here ami Ihere are in lhc
lend. Taupe seems to be quite a lino
rite (his seasuu owing lo Die popularity
of inoli■si.m, ami taupe plush is noted
worn with moleskin ami may l" had
to match perfectly in coloring. A deep
er shade of laupe is alio noted ami i.
preferred to lhe lighter shades.
Hilil'ini.n arc imi,iiii;,- Iheir own and
many of the smart streel hats show a
simple trimming ofjilaiu or picol edged
rjbhou The shades of French blue, gold
and black and white, with black ur
white edges are given lhc preference.
A clever idea in using ribbon is In
'■sii le it iu places around .the edge of
lbe hat and lini.li at the bsck wilh a
lat bow. A single small lower or
French bouquet at ona aide makes a
must attractive auil youthful model.
The vogue for wearing artificial How
ers wilb Ihc street costumes and even
ing gowns has accelerated busiues.
along this line, uyd lbc manufacturers
report t most satisfactory season. Or
cbids, gardenias,. lilies of Ihe valley,
roses aod tiny' French i,.,,n,,,,,,,,,,
made up of a Variety of very small flow
ere are among thoso favored, while
large gp|d ami silver ami black and
while roses ere shown tbe preference
for ose wilb evening gowns.—The Mil
linery Trade Beview.
Vtetatil la I'ur. k.„
A The Honourable Iba Mini.ler of Public Wurks will receive, up to IS o'clock
noon of Monday, Kb of January, illl
proposals fur Ibe purchase of the
Cowls laaollne engine and attachments
amoved from (he launch "H. J. Hkln-
The engine can be seen at Taylor A
ouna'e machine shape. Georgia streel,
Aal Harbour. Vancouver
fhe rlirht Is rcs^rvod tu reject the
ur any pro
publio Wo
Department of Public Worka", ,
Victoria, B ti., ilrd Dscerab
M.A3U11ADLL uina
Are rendered more acceptable from tbe faet that tint ara waft).
SEE our large llnei of HouaefnrnlaWnga UA Oooblag lft*»a|la In AJMP
Um »Wm4 an* Or»mt*W*r*i
Prom now until onrlaWwi wa WW «|v* FWB to *v«y p*r»on biijrtty
a atoyo, range or beetar for caab, their choice of any cooking utenell*
(u the store, to the valuo of in per ceut. of tbe price of itov* purchased,
provided the buyer bu la tb*lr poaaeiifon a copy of tbi* ad.
.' mi and Jnwtfale »0»TR VAPQUVBB Phon* 861
Short Lessons in Household Economy
"' Are you using carbon laupe for lighting? n-
Do you know that Tungsten lamps give tbree Untie tbe amount ef
light obtained from a carbon limy with the iame consumption of
Would It uot be advlaable for you to ucuri thla Improved form of
After you bave coniidered the above queries visit our aalaeroomi md oak
the limp counter clerk to demonstrate Ut* difference between the Tungiten
lamp and the ordinary carbon- lamp.
For the convenienceidf our cOsj.pnicrs we carry a full line of Tung
■teu lamps of au approved type In etoc>:
115 Esplanade West, North Vancouver.    .Phone 66
to arrange for buying your
New Year's Groceries at
DesBrisay .s. Our stock is
large, varied, carefully selected, always fresh. Customers
can rely on getting satisfaction
for their money at all limes.
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Tlmulby Hay (new)
Oiover Hay, (new)
Alfalfa Hay
Crushed Oati,
Llnaecd Heal
B. * K. Chicken Ohop,
Bit Hi ut. ii Food
B ii H Cracked Corn
Lee's Fig Maker
Lea'i Insect Powder
Bwlft'a Beef Bcfape
Brackman-Ker Milling Co.,Ltd.
Second tkm\ Eaat, North Vancouver, B. C.
Pouettei the fiwil roof garden on the Pacific Coaal.
Band concert every Friday, evening Irom 8 to JO.   -     '
Hot and cold water in ofery room.
Ratea:r- /        '
European Plan/only $1.00 a day up.
Meal Tkke<i $5.00.
L. REpA, Proprietor
—— I,
veweuery as uiro
In fht BIRKB Btora you com* fan* to face with tba f bal* jewellery
world, ita fiuhloni and it* fancies, Ita dalntlaa and it* lururlea. There
ti a coinplateneia about tbut department of our atore which Will be readily
noticed by every customer wbo enten our door*.
NECKLACES—Finely jewelled ind nandaomely deilgned,
BROOCHES - Iu every quality and fashion, aet witb tba flneit gem*
or wltb eeini-precloua itouea.
BRACELETS   In all the lataet fasbloua, either Jewelled or plain.
PINS—Banging front the elaborately Jewelled bar p|n to tba Simula,
dainty blouaa aud lace pin.
OAMEOB-In broodies and riati.   Beautifully tinted Oorali and Shells
from tb* abadow of MoSjtt Vaauvlua.
SIONET BINQS-Iu every known etyla, plain or engraved to suit tba
CUFF LINKS- iu iuch an assortment of atylaa that all may purcbaie
that which will pltaaa.
bOARF FINS—A icarf pin la a gift which a man alwayi appreclatM.
We have a atock of icarf pin* »howlng *v*ry degree of quillty,
.'    .'      ' ■•':'■''■
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George K. Trorey, Managing Director.
Haitingi and Granville Streets   -       Vancouver, B. C.
Those wishing to select Pot Plaut* eud Out Flowen fer OhrleUuae
gifts bad hotter come early and get their choice. We have a nice
selection of plants In flower, also Forna of all description,' Palme, etc. .
We have ulsu growing at our nurseries the liuost stock of Roses,
Shrubs etc. lu B. 0. Plant right now. Oall or villa fer our cats
Icgue. Out Flowers, Floral Designs, Wedding Boiii|tie\. etc, on ihort
Two block* last of Lomdalo Oar.       Oor, 17th and Bt. Audrew's Ave
Two block* weit of Boulevard Oar. Phone 836.
Candidate for Mayor
Alex. Smith Announces
Election Platform
Ur. Alexander Smith, wliu lusl wuek
consented to enter Ihu Ilebl for the
pending mayoral election, has furmu
ii'i iui a comprehensive "platform,"
which will be fouml below, embodied
in a letter addressed tu the city's ubic
To Ihe Electors ef tbe City of
North  Vancouver
i. i.tn'.. ami Gentleman1 "^
After ni ii fli pressure ami rcpcati'd
solicitation, of a very large number of
friemls, comprising ratepayers and citr
/ens, I have cuiiseulcil lo accept li oln ili
ation, ami beg to offer myself as rainli
ilale for the ufflce uf mayur. I respect
fully/ami earnestly ask yuur suppurl ul
ihe forthcoming election iu January,
M i|iinliiii iiiiinii. lur this high uiiii'''
are Known lu you all, ami I am lol
lu believe dial my lung resilience ami
experience uf the city'i needs, my bus!
uens connection with llie city ami my
record iluring the previous four uml
mn ii.iil years that I ronscieiitiou.lt
served you, lull;, i|uulify mc ami wu/
rant my candidature
Sewerage.—The ijuesliup of t coin
prehensile end efficient syslem uf low
crag( fer all lime is lo tny mind uf lbc
most 'vital importance. I really lie
lieve it is cent milt p*cei*ary Hint
wc eugage the services uf en eipert
engineer iu this special licpartmenl of
engineering to examine lbe present
system wilbuut further delay ami to
Waterfront Properties, District Lot 274
In Blocka 17tVl72.
Business Blocks on Lonidale Avenue
Lota 10 it 11, Blk. 165, D.L. 274.
South Half of LoU 1-4 inc. Blk. 166, D.L. 274
Modern Residences, Eitensive Groundi
On Ottawa Garden*, Corner Mahon Avenue.
On Grand Boulevard, Corner Keith Roed.
I'or Pricei, Termi and Further Particular!, apply to
The North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
Norlh Vancouver Agenti (or
'"• Phone Seymour 6266 ■
 :  f _
M*w   m9mj   wb mt    tt     i /    *^mtm    » tm tmt j    mvvv    "■   ""*
»...,.,,,,,,...,., .»>.., .a.,., „a--
wuulil save many limes the eapeuie in
ihu future. I am convinced ve should
lirulit by the mistakes made by the
■dty of Vancouver, which now, after
twenty years' experience and acting uii
the uilvice of numcruna engineers, finds
t imperali'vnly neceuary to rearrange
It*  system,    liuiisiduriug   tbe   future
iiealth nf tlie cltirens, aa well as the
sma|l cost liiiiiiicinily now, 1 am con-
lideni tlio expenditure wunli) be a wise
f Street*.—| um of th nplnion tbat
ifhi'i'i'ti-r possible streets i liiiiilii be
nuiiii- ui a permanent nature, lu Iho
main streets of Hie city I would adve
i-ui i' the lui-inn of cement - sidewalks
anil utilizing the plonk sidewalks al
present in usu fur the exteneinii of side
walks where needed In Ihe residential
parts of fee city.
Public Utilities. I am a Arm believer
in municipal owueriblp, espuclelly ai
regards ull undertakings of public util
ity, and it has pleased me to seo tbat
the prusent cuuncll has already turned
their i'lie iiiiun tu the termi of the
present lighting agreement, which er
pires shurlly.
Second Nsrrows Bridge.—I lune consistently worked In help forward in
every possible manner the speedy cun
slrucfiun uf ihe Second Narrows bridgi
uml shill continue lo use my best efforts
to line end.
Ol'vlc Centres— Tlio early establish
muni uf :i permanent civic centre fur
the cily is tu my miml uf llie highest
Importance) liul a. the present council
has this mailer nuw under ceuildera
Hull, I consider any further remarks
would lie ill iin.i i
Tramway Services. Tin' ropreienti
lion recently made hy lliu ilistricl ef
West Vanrouver seeking Ihc coopers
liuu uf lhe Huiii.I of Trade ami citiico*
of lhe Norlh tihme generally lo aid
them iu gelling Ihe ii. I'. Kleclric Kail
wuy Company lo extend their car ser
tice inlu Wcsl Vuncouver il of greul
Importance ami will receive my sup
purt, for iu my eploiou much beuefll
ninl business lo the merchants nf Ihis
city wuulil result.
Public Parks aud Open Placea. I
may stale thst il was al my suggeslion
lhal Malum Vm wa. purchased liy lhc
city iu lllll. In lhe past I have slroug
ly upheld .uch policy, sud did all I
peialbly .niiii lu Induce the cily tu
purchase lhc l<oimdulc liardcus in conjunction wilh lhe lerry syslem, bu| un
fortU*e)tely  wilhoul  success.
Mayor's Salary.- A. I interpret the
i,i.-iiui.".. nu provisiou is io,mi fur a
mayur'. salary, except in cities having
a pupulalion of .'ll.iinn I am far frum
desirous of pluring die responsibility
on lbc couucil ol toting mc any cmolu
menl by resolution, and if elected I
ceo promise lo eerie lhc electors lo lhc
I"' i of my ability wilhoul such un
provided remuneration.
Vour. faithfully,
Railways Must
Give Public Notice
New Amtudmeut* to Bailway Act Ba
quire Publicity In filing Plus
The acl lo siucii.l Ihe railwiy act.
uuw befure the Huuse al Ottawa, make,
impurlanl protrsiuus wilb reference lu
dcposiliug plan, by railway rianpeniei
l ii'l'i existing .e.i,,iiiiun. railway com
penies bate I ■ >ie able lo 6le plau. with
Ihe guteriiiyint or the railway iiuard
without uiJiug publir notice in any
way, ami Wiiin >lc I parlic. were lefl
lo discover wbal >!r|» were beiug taken
a. best tbey euuld I'nder the uew ar
rangcnicnl however Ihis transaction is
made subject lu siltrrli.ing regulatluui
similar to lliu.c ulher mailer, of.a like
order. V
The am,'iiiiun nl. which is in 'barge
uf Hun. Dr. I'a.gram. read, as fjlluWs.
.-.. ii.iii l.'.ii of lhe Ilailway Ati. chap
ter .17 uf Ihe revised stalu^n, n hire
by amended by adding tfieielo Ihe ful
lowing as subsections t, I ami 10 te
"I. The company shall drposi' lie
plan, pintle aud book of reference with
the Hoard for sanrlioo by Ibi /iosil
a. bereinatler provided, end .hell also
deposit, iu the ollice of Ihr registrar
of deeds for earb dislricl or rounly
through which lbc reiiwey Is lo pais, a
copy thereof certified by Ibe iniotary
of the company le br a true ropy, or a,
copy so cerllled of such pari, ihrnof
es relate to'loal dlslrirrl or county'.
"I. Tbe rompany iliall give nolice
of sucb deposit end of the dale at
which application will be made tf tba
Hoard for sanction of Ibe plan, profile
and book of reference
"U. Tbe nolle* >ueii bi given by
aelverli.i'iiienl for a period ef si leaa!
four weeks before tb) aald date  v
"(a) lo each isw* ef Ibe Canada Oa
wile during that period; and— '
"(b) In (*rb di.lrirl or roOaty
through wbicb Iba railway is lo paas,
in each Issue during lbat perujd of
some newspaper published in thai di*
trin l or country, or, if tbere bt ne eacb
newspaper, tliu ip Ike atrial geieUe
tf lot prfvlare; ftd-
' - ■ wl w    VtHMHIMIl    MfIMMIi ,
of Commerce
— i   i.
Capital $15,000,0011   Rest $12,500,000
Nortb Vancouver Branch Now Located at the
-—   Jv
A General Banking Buiineu TraptattraA
Interest is allowed on all deposits of $1 and upwards.
I. A. FOBSTJI*^ ' ^    Hunger.
 ;  'i
It ia cheaper to buy frames for your doors and windows
made by machinery tiuu to mike them by baud.
We are in a position to supply many nines from Block and
any ilie on tbe slioiiost possible uotlce.
Our outside frames Include blind itop and casing.
Oall and get our atock list.
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
iiiu I in Eiplauado Eaat
P. O. Box 1719. Phone 222
tetimatee Cheerfully Given Telephone 208
210 Lonidale Ave.      North Vancouver
l>.    II.    He,,     lllllll
North Vancouver Lumber Co. fe-Bsr
>en.    >|l||   I'll,,,,,      Wl
i iiiiiii,    uuii.    mn
li.-lii. ii..      aaa
'I t tl Kll II |(|.;
»l Min li -
Kill. I l.n in aad SI'HI I I
Mill HUM.a IIIII «i. I IM-II
MIIHK an* ilKKIil: ITITIM.lt
leiiieiiik Murk, ii.iiiii anil llauUNaitlna a .geelnlt)
SUNK   lll.Mlllllu   ui.,I   lllllllls    l'l'   HAI.K   I'llll K
.«>»  Mill ar.l  ll.ll..r eaieiaris, Kaglaaadr Cast
I'laalai  Mill auU  Kaclori
Eaplanade and St. George
III   ii-  Ilk tin    "li   '(-in   11 >j n 11 • im * -nli
"(i | When any such districl ur
counly i> iu lhe province of louche, or
in lhc prut nice uf Manitoba, the ii'i
terli.emenl susll be in both lln- Kng
ii.li and Preach languages."
Vancouver Briefs
A herd of elk sre nott being secured
in Wyoming for btralluoiia Pllk, the
ne* II I' Won.lerlaiid on Vaucouter
Tbr department of public tn.ii.' ha.
aulburired a su'riey of Seymour Nar
row. lu ascertain lhc feasibility of con
strutting a liridgr frum lhc mainland
lo Vancouver I.laml
Tbe Canadian .Nurlberu Ilailway list
|iioiin.i'el Ihc Vaiieouter city council
lo make Ihi. ill bowe puri^and lo es
labii.h a line uf sleam.hip. un Ihr I'a
rllc before lllllll.
The new iiinii ■tuny iiiiiiiu ami
liuti-l now under ronslruiliun al lbc
curner of I'ender ami Burrard slreels,
bl a total cost of nearly tl.i'i'e.'i'in. mil
be ready for occupancy on August I,
' A sile .o.lmg, ilo'i.i.in on lluiuer
((reel bas jusl bj^n liougbl by Ikt
Charles Kawicil'Co Ud., of Hackiitlr,
iN, H. stove manufacturers. A llitcc
slorey warehouse now standing un tbe
site will be u.cd temporarily
The (loteinmi'iil dredge, Mastodon,
bu beeo commissioned to remove Ibe
Parthia sboal iur/euicg lbe depLh sl
the entrance io Vaacouver harbor from
i'i iu 'i'i feel Tbis Improvement will
greatly benefit dwpiee eb|pping.
Tbe tt P. B bai juit sold a Heel
Of Itld ia the southern part of Van
router lo uu nni-iliiiili company for
a mini approiimalind tltnftlM). Hen
deuces lu the value uf i:',i|ilil.i)ilU (till
lee creeled iluring Iiii.I ami subsei|Ueul
Thai   Canada  uuu   occupies a  poni    f
lion ol preeminence a. li in l.i lor llie      >
profitable inie.lui.nl  of  Hrilish  eapi
lnl i. the   iuii 0..\ ut Mr. A  Iiiiiiiu, ii
prominent   1,1'ii'iuii  ffynunu    Mr,  (lul
lin. .ithu hu.   in.i  uniii-.I  in   Vancou     .-
ier frum Au.lralia, is making a lour
of I'ausela oo In. way home
That i .iiinii ui < al lie kings bate
Iheir eye. on llle i iiiiinliuu Wosl i» lhc
.lalcmcnl made in Vancouver today by
II li Morrisun of Nsn Francisco, who
is ou Ihe market lo iuu ure l'|il,i|iw acres . ' ',
ul pilling land Tin' trails will proli
ably In' lee, iiii .1  near Kilmuulon.
j  nmi uier|«'s New Oeech.
tlie King's; tirw Male coach, a
itialclilessipicii; >.'! Britisli woiinian-
«bii), Iiu hull lakeu i., Buchingliain
I'alece Irom Barker A Co.'i, in Suulli
Audley itie'el. Mu.iluir Thia is no
rival nf Die marsivc elided coach,
wliii-b appears vu vccaalon* ol fullest
stale, ll ii lighter niui !• -.- gorgeous
Tin body ii dark in color, hut Iho
panels are made splendid hy Ihc lull
rujul iiiiiii A finely carved Vail
•round llic lop ol the couch lake llic
Form of iiui'i thi-ili shamrock mnl
palm, ihc leller being eiiihlemiilic nf
lln empire. The mine deijirj Ikurs ,
In thc ipecially woven silk lahoOrcliti
iipliiil.il ry ol thr Interior. A mogul.
(Iceiil hluf and icorln hamimr clolh.
willi gold laaacls and bonier., coven m
Ihe driver's leal. Every hit ol Ih"
mail-rial is llnli.-li etcepl Uie panels
nl Honduras mshugiiny. The liemc
is of Brilleh iih and Irnm flril to.deat
the coach look l'l moulh.- lo build. It
lakes Hn'' place of ihe one thai wai
burned a year ago, and will doubtles.
be used at tlie coming )evc«. Hi
builders have been coedimakera for
U0 ve»n. . Publiibid Tnaideyi and Friday! by North Shore Praii, Limited.
MQ. H, MfiBDBN, KD1T0B AND MANAOBB,       __
Bates of 8nbierlptlooi-Oiii year, (LOO,  Six monthi, tie.  Three monthi, 26o.
United Btatei and Foreign, (8,00 per yepf.
Advertleing BaUa WW 9a QuoUd ou Application.
Tka Biproae le devoted to tba Intereata of tha North Shore of Hurrard Inlet
aioluatvaly. It conitltutee an advertleing medium of exceptional value for
reeahlng in a thorough and eSeetlve manner the population of Nortb Vancuuvor
City and Diitrict, Every effort le made to give advertleori tbe moit eatisfactory
All changes in contract advertisements sbould be in tbe printers' bauds not
later tban 10 a. m, Monday and 5 p. m. Wedneeday to eniure insertion In tlia
following Iuue.
Worth Vawtiwar, B. 0,.
.December 87, 1018.
Tbi ratepayers of the district of
North Vaneouver will vote upon iwo
luiiiiel hy laws tomorrow, ono to uu
iboii/e the burrowing of tho sum of
forty thousand dollan for ivaterwcrki
purpqses mid tbe other to uutiiori/oibu
linrruwiiig of ilxtytwo thousand dol
lui;. for school purposes   '
The iiniiiii under tbe lirst named hy-
luw is io In borrowed on the security
of Iho I.mn Valley water district and
lu he used in connection with lbat ays
li'iii The rapid deyulopment of the
diitrict served liy the I.ynu Valley system has rendered necessary improve
in.nin and extensions the demand for
whieb has liguu met thus far to a cer-
tain oitent out of general revenue, hut
it bus been fuuml iinpussible lo kbup
pace by Ihis means with the rapidly
Increasing demands which Ihu growth
of Lynn Valley and surrounding terri
lory has made upon the waler service
lu order lu make adequate provision
for the development uf the system, il
lias been fuuml necessary j^ilopt thu
method provided for 'oflB bylaw.
The nn,,i.ii,i which It is the intention
to borrow ((40,000) has been based
upon a vory careful estimate of the
requirements uf (be area served by the
Lynn Valley system. The debentures
will  constitute a  distinctively  water
works /loan     i  by the rales ami
charge, collected on the Lynn Valley
lystaib, the bonds being guaranteed by
lhe ilistricl.
The, bylaw fnr school purposes ia
submitted at the request of the Hoard
of School Trustees ami is designed to
make provision for the continually in
creasing demand, of tbe situation from
en mini.iiiui.nl point of view. The
trustees have given mature ron.idera
linii lo lhe requirements nf Ihe dis
Inii with the result thai it is consider
ered Imperative that al least Iwu addi
tioiial achool buildiug. be provided by
Ihe end of (lie summer vacation of
Iillil. With Ibis object In view, options
haic been taken, un carefully selected
■get, suitable for tlp> purpuse smi lhe
liy Isw i. submitted in order lo provid
llie necessary fuml. fur lbe purchase
of these pieces of property. It wua the
desire of Ihe llosnl lo have Ihis liy
law submitted iluring the present
uiiuii li for two reason., first because
ttie options un lbe properly involved
hsve been iu existence for some time
snd il was necessary (ha' act ion he
, IsU'n before theae options expired, ami
ii. the second place, because il ws.
fill thai all lbe available lime would
lm required in order to complete the
purelia.e, clear the school silos and
have tbe boilelings in readiness by the
dale of the closing of th. auminer lmii
The excellent pdrpoae. for which
Ihese twu by laws are submitted are
niiii as to commend Ihem to the fa
inrable consideration of all progress
lie ami enterprising ratepayer.. The
waterworks systems and the education
sl facilities denote two of the .tuple
ami mn.I necessary feature, of au up to
ilale ami well ordered community, and
.1 lieag are characteristics in which the
district of North Vancouver ha. al
way. .lood in the foremost rank aim up
the ilistricl municipalities of lhe* lower
of Mr White would eust Canuda eight
million' dollars more.
In actual operation the clause has
worked out as follows!
The iiiiiini Trunk Pacific bonds gave
mil brought very high prices on tbo
money market' 'At preseut they slaml
at 78. Bonds huve been issued for
£7,200,11011. ^Tbe government has had
to pay lhe difference between the sell
ing prico uml t pur to ihe company and
last year a chock for a cool Hvo'niilliiius
was paiil over lo the (I. T, I', It wus u
direct gift tu Hie company ami au ub
luilnie loss io the country,
There still remains lo lie issued wilh
in the next two or three years £11,1110,
llllll of these lioinla   After allowing for
'Commission, etc., these bonds would on
the basis nf the proem  market price
realize net about 74, Ihu. leaving    ll
points, lhe difference belween par uud
the     selling     prico    tn     be     made
up    by    the    government   amount iiig
tu (8,1)110,000.   Under lhc "Implement
ing"   clause in llic ugreenienl tin' gov
eminent would lune no alternative 'ml
i^ to pay over Ibis uniuuul lo the compuny
in cash na un absolute gift.    What Mi
White proposes to do is lo devote purt
of  the  surplus  tut pari basing   these
bonds gt pur ittliie uml in the ensuing
two or tbree years the remainder m,U
lie taken up.   Thus line liran.l Trunk
Pacilic   will  get   its  mouey  \iuylln
country, instead^if iuukiug u ii.-J u.i
of (8,01111,000 ill addition to lhe tlfi
Ullil already paid oier, will inveat its
aiirpiua and receive il per cent  on ita
money  with the assurance- of the re
I'm iif the people's mouey ut llie date.
ou wbicb llie loan uuder the debenture
issue of the railway company beiTMltei
TIC iJiuujf i iiiiun^
.A I
We make » feature of preparing printing thst i« profitable to
our pstrom.
W« study type faces ant) effects
to insure attractive arrangement,
and we believe you will appreciate
our handling of your work.
From a card to a huge poster
or an illustrated catalogue we will
give you a figure or our advice,
Burrard Inlet Tunnel &S0NS
Bridge Company
(rid. i
uu application will be muelu to llie i'ur
iiiiini nl uf Canada at the present session thereof by Hie Hurrard Inlet Tun
nel ami Bridge I'uinpuny for au oaten
sion of lime wilhin which lo commence
construction of ils milliorueel lines of
i,nlnu.  ami bridge uud tunnel
DATKI1 ul lhe City uf Vancniiver,
i'r.Vijiii'e of lirijisli Columbia, this 'Jiiiiel
'lay'i>f Noi ember, lllli!.
\        IH'H.NH 4. WAUEM,'
115  WiNeh  lluilding,  V'eucmlYnr, Jl
, solicitor) for Hie Applicant,
W, T. While, Minister of Pin
ame al Ottawa, Is proving bis
■ ity for the important post which he
Occupies by proposing a departure in
niiiniii.I Iiii.in iiig which is deslgued lo
save Canada at a single stroke, some
eight millions of dollari
Ile proposes lo devote pari of lhe
iiii.. ii or twenty million dollars lur
plus which he will he able to announce
in bis budget speech Ibis yeir to the
purchase of (Irand Trunk Paiiflc tbree
per reel, bonds guaranteed hyj tbe gov
And thereby htegs a story.
When tba agreement waa drawn up
between lbe dauriur government aud
Ihe (Irand Trunk,Pacilic a riause kuown
as the "implementing" riause wae in
se/ted. Tbis clause provided lbat Ibe
difference belween the selling price of
the company's bondi aod tbe par valfe
provided that tba telling price waa be
loir par, ibould be paid by tbe Doniiu
log government Tbie III advised clause
baa already toot tba country some Ave
Million dollars, ant* bat for tbe aetioa
Homebody who professes lo he in
poasessiou of inside information lias
undertaken lo enlighten Hie public Willi
reference In whul he claims is a popu
lar fallacy aneul the increasing da)
light, following lln winter solstice
The commonly accepted belief I. to
the crTcot Dial after December il.l lhc
sun rise, a lillle earlier ami sets n
little   later each ilay.     This wiseacre
oiilenils lioweier lbat such is not ae
inuii. Hie fact, uml he declares lhal u
aludy ot the lime of aunriac and of
sunscl for ,, few days following Decern
ber iilsl will eouvioce lhe most -1,'j
ll is stated that at u mailer of fad
Hie sun starts lo set luler each night,
as early as Ihe (Ir.t week in December
of  each  year,  bul   that   Hie suu  also
uiiiiiiucs io rise later eueli morning
That is to say, although the sun muy
set on December 20th, for instance, two
or three minutes later ihun il did ton
duys before that ilale, il likewise rises
on December 80th three minutes later
than il did leu days before. . Hence llle
ilay. continue lu show less <lbylighl
Lodge Western Boia, No. 386
Meeling. o.' this lodge are held in
the Knights of Pythias ll.nl. corner of
Chesterfield avenue uud Fourth slreei,
on Hie lirsl ami third Fridays in each
uiiuii li, al li u'cluck p. in
Coniiuiiiiirulluiis ami ;i|pli. iiliiim, fol
membership lo be addressed to iluruld
lu',.,. secretary, I' (1. bin lliiil.   Hi . i.
li... i ■   Duys
press Ollice.
eel.   Apply'at   Ks
Vancouver Buiineu Directory
SPROTT- SHAW Buiineu College
336 Haatlnga St. W.
Canada's Graal.sl Western Sohool
Et. J. Spruit, B.A., - -Uunagtt
suid Ibi. proporllon ceases -and* lie
evenings daily grow longer al a punt
er rate than lhe mornings grow shorter
Ki i'ii afler December -1st bowel er, lhe
sun continues lo rise later co/ii 'lay,
Me.mlv afler January Isl lhe sun rise.
al ils very lutc.l hour, then'slowly al
first, but luiei al a faster rale, the
mornings bwgiii lo grow ligbl at an ear
lier hour, lieforc the end of January,
the gain iu daylight is clearly percep
This new light 011 an ul.l subject is
of interest in view of,Ihe fad that il
.all. for a revision of the popularly uc
icpteel theory of lbe lengllieiiiiigdays.
Coal iuu.11.1 lights ot llle lloinlnloi.
In Manitoba, iliiska(cticwai) and Alli.r-
t. (lie Yukon Territory, tliu North-weal
Territories and In a [ioiilon of llic ino*
vin. •■ of Brlllsb e e,luiiiiel,1, may lie leased for a term of Iweiity-ouu years at
an unnoul rental of 11 an acre. Not
moru than 1.660 acree will be leased to
one applicant.
Application for a lease most bs mad.
liy the applicant In peraon 10 till Agent
nr Sub-Agent of the dislriot In which
Ihu rights applied for are elluated.
In surveyed terrKory (lis land must
lie described by sections, or legal sob-
illvlslons of sections, and in unsurvey-
ml territory- the tract applied for shall
lie slaked out  by  the applicant hlm
Each application muat ba accompanied liy a fe. of 16 which will he refunded If tlie rlglils applied for ure 1101
uv,ill.iiii.■ hut not otherwise. A royalty shall he nald on the merchantable
output of the mii" at the ra(e of five
cents tier lop.
The person operating Hie inlns shall
furnish Die Agenl with sworn returns
accounting for ths full ouunllty ot
merchantable coul mined and pay ths
royally thereon If the coal mining
el. iii ura not being operated, such it-
liirni should lie furnished al least ones
a ye
rlirr/t. ,.  .. „,
...li/. .1 11 purchase w liuie ver available
surface iteliis may be considered nee-
usaary fur Ihs working of the. mine al
ilie  rale if 110 all acre.
For    lull    Information    anpllcaijon
'. e'ui 'nu in ui .„« I,,,.,,.,   ......ra, ...
lo any agenl or Sub-Agent of Dominion  l0||, |1|f
W. W. COBV, ■
Deputy Mint.ler of (he Interior
N.   B—(Jnaulhorlaed   publication   ol      Copies of Hie 1'itpres. Christmas edi
Ihia  adverliasmenl   will   nol  hs   paid
for " '
All Nortb Vancouvsr people rat at
-   • 1, foi    u.n    ................      Either Flack Hlock or Hustings St.,
Ou December iiOth or 2lsl however iiysliouid be msde (0 (he seerelary of tbt ..    ,. ,    «.       ■ ,
lieiiariment of Hie. Interior, Ottawa, or opposite the nsw post office.   Leonard
S. E. White
Dolla Toy a tnd Xmaa Cards
now on viow,
26k Fint Street Eut
Yorkshire Guarantee & Securities
Corporation, Limited
440 Seymour Street
R. Kerr Houlgale - - - Mauagei
. leiae will Include Ihe coal mining
I only, boi Ihe lessee may be psr-
> bv (hs pound.
Il.'l   lion can be hail sl this oflice.
Bend your frlenda who are luUreeted
ln the North Bhore a copy of
"The Expreu"
It will keep them posted dii all
North Hhore News and wUl only co»V'
$1 per year
u I rriv i    11
"; 1
We have only a few
$2.50 to $15
Buy Now
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
20 per cent. Discount
PHONB ltl 38 38 Lousdale Avenue.   .
FOR XMAS—All kinds ol Fancy Cakei and Pastries.
Buy our Xmai Caket and Yule Cakei.   They        *
are pedeel in quality.
Job Printing at the "Expreu"
at Frank Colwell'i
1029 Granville Street Vincouver, B. C.
for   ;	
Ottawa Garden*
Corner of ObmUitelA Avenue and
Biilb Stroot, Nurtb Vancouver
A private whoul for lioyi of leveu
yearn al tgt end upward.. Katter
liirni lugini January 6H1, UU.
i'ro<j|>ec!ui lent on application.
>'. O, Addrcaa,
llux IOOU. Vancouver.
In North Lonsdale
An Opportunity
"' le      e        e        1     ,1 I PI  I
Clow to an open road. 50 ft. lots $275 eaefi, $23 caih $io monthly
Also half-acre lots from $500 to $650 each;   $50 caih $20 monthly
Reaidence Pbone tM
ill*. y Raaldeuc. PI
V. 0. Boi IN].
\ M)
Head Offlee
Capital Mih)    7,   ••   m ftNMw.
ReeervJ and Undivided Prellte    W,WO,00(t
Total Aeiete    ..   ..   ..   OTer Wb,000,000
* hem,"' 1' a\'aa^rn\h.f
thrifty. The people of France ere\x-
cepllunally ao—they begin to aaye In
their mulh. No matter now small (heir
Income, a portion ll regularly sel apart
for future peed. In old age tbey enjoy
the frulte of their thrift. Tbsy are a
liuiiiiy nation
The oiioiiliig of a savings account Is
ths but war to aequlro that habit of
saving without which no ability to
earn can Insure you ugulnsl possible
Rent a safety lieimslt Bos for the safekeeping ot your documents and other
D. C|- IHUVKN, Agent,
Nurlk   Vancouver
Stationery That
Excites Comment
is done by North Slpre Press, Limited
the firm that studies "Better Printing!'
To Succeed in Business YOU MUST Advertise
tb* r*|Hl*r meoling of the district
council has heen postponed till Won-
'lay availing neit, Dap. .'llllh.
Votiug takes place tomorrow, Saturday, on two bylaw advertiied \p tbe
Humus of tbli paper, waterworki UA,-
000, .school sites, etc., $03,000.
l*»t evening preparatory tervlce was
bald in liiiov church and wns conducted by Kcv. A. MacAulay. On Humlay
tbe Sacrament of the Lord's Slipper
Will he dispunied.
Ur. J, Haycock was the wiunor on
Toeiday of a brass lied, elc, given iu a
competition at tbe Home Furuisben,
North Vancouver, The1 successful number wai niui).
Tonight a dance will be bell in tbe
Inslilule Hell. Franklin's orchestra of
Vancouver will ho iu ettendauce ami a
good time li assured. Dancing from
8:30 to midnight.
All tbe young folks of the Vulley are
aminiisly wailing for Monday evening,
tbe time iiiiiionii.-i'il for the annual
Christmas entertainment. Keen could
ami resident is cordially invited to this
celebration which will commence at li
o'clock and continue until ll.illi p.m.
Tlie Lt un Valloy football team will
bold a general business meeting tonight
in the llall. Thoy will also select for
Saturday tbeir team which is lo play a
scratch team secured by Mr. A. Aruott,
Fromme road, The match will lake
place on the Boulevard 1'ark at 2:80
ger, principal of St. Mark's flail, vaneouver, will ba th celebrant at holy
communiop. The Bev. N. J. Tampion
Will preech in tb* evening.
Th* Purlin Ohlaf Wm P*w.rM Htm
' Whin Dolr- Tims.
An eiiiii.iing atory nl how a Papuan
chiel iimisled iiinm belli,' treated with
the ceremnpy que to hii rank even
in prison wae narrated in a report by
on* ol the reildent magistrate* in th*
Federal possession tbe ptber day.
It appear* tbat Toulu, the hoad
chiel In Papua, with seventeen wives,
and highly revered by the native*,
offended agaiuit th* canons ol law
and order, and was consequently sunt
to gaol.
"Toulu," says tba magistrate who
reported pn tb* affair, "goal in lor a
lot ot court cm 'minimal at Indue. Every
native approaching or paulng him
hai to bend dwhle. Tbet* were about
a doian otber prisoners in jell at tlio
time. I WU considerably Ittrpriied
on vliiting tin gang the morning nl
Tnulu'i arrival to And tbem all work
lllg in a liinlilleil-uii pusitiuu. He
ipan can uie a crowbar properly ly.
illg on hii stomach. I have more
than a shrewd luspicion tbsl tha prison warder waa bonding on the moment oi my approach. He, however.
professed to be looking for ninietliing
on the ground.
"I told Toulu iiiui ceremonial muit
he in abeyance until lie wm discharged. He laid nothing, but llie ixprei
lion ol hii lace ssid, It ii' you fault
(or putting me her*,' Tho otbtr prli-
onere itraightenod < themselves wltb
relief, bat, hall an hour later, oa
looking furtively round a corner, I
saw that they were all on their itona-
achi again. Tha jailer bad compromised with a Oibion Uirl band. I
bava an idea that any prlionaf showing a tendency to straighten himiell
got a glare from Toulu, and itraight-
way (all into hia crouching position
Tha Funpy Antloa *f
V*i»| An'mal* 9 999,
jmw*}ll\fW   *mt9§    **W    H*U
tlya movement wben n
Tb* author Of "Anlmale at Work aal
Play" aaye tba faculty of *muiemeot
coma* eerly to playful young creature*
lo tbe aoo the btar cab* tuaaie wltl
eacb other, and tba polar b**ra wrca-
tl* wblla Handing In tbtlr pool ibrm
feat deep or try to Mt bow loug onl
can bold another under the water. Tb*
graceful but grotnqua gnu lo perform-
Ing bit anflca cuu ap tbt grouad of bli
yard wltb bli iharp hoofs. Be rum
about bia lucloaiire with great rapidity,
turuing sharply and digging iba earth
at each quick turn aa ba wbeela about,
Monkeys are. Of courae, lbe uiaatel
playen at (be too. Bow lbe ostrich
dunces aboul wltb wlnga ipread and
head swinging In a laughable way il
shown m iba accompanying picture
There seems io be an Inborn desln
for it'll i't iimt i'mi'nl In moil crest urea
art both engaged, bflnga ttf both body
and mind gmfix benefit than cap W
ffW fWH "W frrrWr ffrfn W' rfrrWrWrft
Nature long ago taught bat bWnWtl
crtaturta thla, but wa bava baan alow
to Item tbt leeton-at. Nlcbole*.
The Oam* tf lun.
Tbt old game of bnu baa bean ah
moat forgotten, bnt It la wall worth recalling becautt of lb* fun. Tbt more
tbt playen tho gr**t*r tb* fan. Tbt
way to play It la aa followa: Tba player* alt bl * circle and begin to count lo
turn, but when tb* number 7 or tny
number In wbicb tb* Agnrt 1 or any
multiple of 7 la rtacbid tbty ear
"Boat," ImtMd of whatever tbe number nay be. For Inotanco, euppoalng
tbe player* bav* counted up to 18. th*
next player will aay "18," and the neal
yfeuia," boceuae 14 I* a multiple of 1
(twice 7|. Tbt neit player would then
aay "IB," and tbe neit "19." and tbt
neat would aay "Bo*'' becauae tht
Igor* 7 occora la tba number 17. If
oot of tbt playara forgeta to aaw
"Bun" at tht proper tftoo bt ta out
Tbe game tbeo atarta over again with
tbe remaining playen, and ao It con-
tlnuae until tbere la only one perion
remaining. If great can It taken tbi
numbari cen bt counted up to 10,
which, according to tht rulea btfon
mentioned, would bt called biu* Tba
number* would than be carried ou aa
bun I. biu* 2, ttc. op to 78, bat It la
ttldom Ibal tbia stage la reached.   '
Public Teste In Mualo
l.iiiuliin ,\n Indication of tha pub- '
lie taate In muaic hall programa It afforded by a .calculation mado at tht
I .iiniinii Palladium, which shows that
li lhat hnuse, 62 per cent of tbe money speul on turns goee to skotchet,
spares, etc., 23 per cent, to coined-
inns, 11 par cent lo vocallal* and 11
her ceut, to othor turns
The whole of our $30,000 itock of Furniture, Carpeli, Houiefurnishingi, Crockery, Etc., lo be praclically slaughtered.   Take ihii opportunity
/and purchate'for cash at wholesale pricei.
The Home Furnishers, m b*M*Avenue
In the Spot Light
On lhc mmgc of buunru lhc .pol
ligbl is on ihe msn who ddverti&cs
Our CLuihcd Wjiii A.L will
plscc yoo or your needs in the lune
light of public aftcnlion.
If you have not tried ihem, their
illuminating power will surprise you.
I'i lit KKNT -1 roomed modern hou
m, t minutes from ferry. Kent illi
per monlb.    I'ccrs k Koull. I'lione 188
KOH KENT-8 roomed new, modern
houses on Fell avenue, near rar line
Itt.   11. MacKcoxie, Plione Ut. iill I'.'
FOR RENT—Two furnace boated
bedrooms, boerd if deiired and use of
siding room wilb open fireplace, acar
rar line.   Box Wl. 2112
KOOMH FOR REN'T-Houiekecpiug
ami single. 214 2nd itreet eait.     t.f.
FOlt   SAI.K—Firai   growth   Mod,
(i.76 a cord. O. McDadc, 146 mli alreel
Cast.  I'll.lie.' 111. t.f.
FOK KENT-8 roomed bouse, next
lo drug slorc 'on 8th anil I.oiisdale,
(20. Apply H. II. Millard, 768 Uut,
dale aveuue. tf
TO LET—Coxy tve-roomed modern
bungalow, hlh street, close to Kidge
way scbool. i'lu, nice lawn and garden,
II. II   Millard, 768 Lonsdalv Ave. t.f.
FOR SAJ.B- Nearly new (600 Qer
herd HciuUmun l'iano, for (376. War
biirnil/ Piano liou.e, 113 I.ousilule Ave.
Norlh Vancouver. t.f
terms, modern 6 room house, lUlb slrect
block from Lonsdale, 33 fgatxIN. Pane-
cd and in garden. Rent (22.60. Apply
Wood * Son, Everybody's Shoo Store
JVANTKI)- (lirl for dining room. Ap
ply Al American Cafe, Ks|ilaiia<le W
ill lit
WANTKD-Woman wants work by
tbe day. Apply F. IJ, I'. 0. Boi 33,
l.yon Valley. 31 12
FOR HKNT-Modern aparlmeul.
furnished or unfurnished, disappear
iug beds; telephone and beal included,
Colonial Aparlmeul., htb street and
SI. Qeorge's aveuue. Enquire apart
monl t or phouo HJilfl. 4113
FOB BENT-4 roomed, flat, modern
improvements, loth and JJpulevard. Appl/ F. Booth, plumber. t.f.
FOB KENT 0 roomed lions" in front
of Palace Hotel. See B. S. Hanna, 301
Iloldcu Building, 1-9 Haitingi Slreet
***i, if-
FOB HALE -Kbodc Island Cockerel.
206 I2tb,street east. 20 I'J
FOB HALK Rhubarb roots, best imported English seed. IX' Holdawnrib,
Gordon avenae, Capilano. ^      If.
F'lK HALE -tlrainaphone, new, cost
(16. (tO will buy it. Apply .'07 Itll.
St.  i'lioi..'I.W. 84-11
FOB BALE- -Up-to-date chicken coop
(Corning syslem plan), 12 feet by 16
feet; relr 6 feet, front 7 feet; dropping
lioanl 6 by 16 feet. Balled ap Ive Iptt
Itom ground and can be easily loaded
00 wagon. Also tbree exceptionally
flue pnfe H. C. White foghorn males.
120 17th itreet. 8118
WANTED-Young girl, about 16
years old. for ligbl nouse work. Apply
161 Second Hired E. If
WANTEli Lot, wilbin leu uWulcs
of Lonadale theatre, must lie .mty
Box  AI71,  Express Ollice. 3 1
the oarlh yoo    have,
We will lake uli
Wallace Ship
Fer flue watch and jewelry work go
lo Oeo, Hniiieriiiii, Ihe now jewelry slorc
al   143  lum:,liuie Avenue.
'Short time loins on vacant er im
proved properly. Slar Loan Company,
812 Hastings, Vaucouvor. If
MONEY TO liOAN Money loaned
on diamonds, jewelry, furs. Slar Loan
Co., 812 Hastings, Vaueouver.       t.f.
FIKEWOOI) Fir ilovc wood (3 per
load, bark, (3 per load, flr cordwood
(1.60 per cord. Box 2806. Phone 306.
COD. Prompt delivery.
Free Competition
To children under 11 yeur. uf aee
ti   grand   prixes    No   culrance   fee.
Competition closes Dec. 31.1.
Make a. many words a. you ran from
lhc followiugi
B.   I'   Dan .un,   <
16th Street sod Lonsdale Avenue,
Nurlh Vaueouver,
Hul, Posl Ollice No. 1.
27 12
Geo. Love
Auctioneer and Furniture Dealer
100 Flnt Btreet Weat. Oppoalte Empire.
Wc buy, .ell or exchango second hand
furniture, and everything appertaining
tu housekeeping. A good assorluieul
to i'lione from. Aueliou sale, larefujljr
conducted. Fifteen years' experience.
Prompt settlements.
WANTED-A woman le do house
work every Saturday. Apply llllh SI.
Wesl, mornings before 10, or evenings
afler 7.   Madam Humphreys. tf
Modern healed apartments of 4 room
Everything rouveuieol, Colonial Apart
incuts, htb street casl. Enquire Apart
menl 8, pbone B4V8. l.f.
WANTED-Cordwood to cut on your
prcmisei, at (1.26 a single cord, two
cute, ipeclal price for lerger quauli-
lies. Alio a quantity of 18 Inch' wood
fer aale at (2.60 por load .Apply 1. il.
Footer, 181 Oth etreet eaat. i'lione *f\.
I/WT—Bunch ef keys, between poll
orSre and city ball. Kewerd. Box
A1S0, Express. f
B. O. Livery and Beard lUblee-
Light rige aod ladies' saddle horses
fer hire. Stabling fer honee. Oen
eral delivery and heavy teaming, fl.
Dumas, 4tb street weet. Pboee 147 tf.
Authorised agent for Singer. Bowing Machine Company la North Van
couver. I. J. Ut Alette, Dry Uoodeand
Moots' Furnishings, coroer Flnt aod
Lonsdale Avenue. l.f.
(And Clearing and Orading foil,
Pete Aadruie, General Contractor. St
wer connection! a ipecially, basement
and otber excavating work undertakes
Estimates fret, lit 181b street woeij
Nortb Vaacouver, poat oflct box 8IM
Railway and Wlrsleaa Concerns Short
of legmen to Traaamlt Maeiegee
Willi new federal laws In elect re
quiring reilways and shipi te be pro
vlded wilb more telegraph and wireless opereleri, there is a widespread
scarcity of men and women lo work
the keyi. Thc commercial telegraph
compaoiei are also fecliug tbo short
age. All seagoing vciacli ere now
required lo carry Iwo operators, wbere
one wai deemed auttcient before.
School, for telegraph operators are
finding it eslremely diOcult to meet
Ibo demaudi of all hraacbci of tbe
'fcrviee. Tbe Mono Telegraph Compsny, opposite the Orpbeu/n theatre,
Seattle, will gladly mail you, upon it
meet, t catalogue outlining ibe
I'coonei for men "and women. Thie ii
tbt largeit schawl of tht kind in tba
Nortbweel,      /
Bow does Huron Bernhardt lake bar
medicine?  lo cider (Inside ban.
Wby li a vary plain cblld a wonderful one? Hba la an extra ordinary per-
Why la ao orangt llkt t church
steeple? Becauae wa hare a pttl
from li.
Wby are weary peraons llkt auto
wbeele?  Hero use tbey are tired.
in wbat does e lawyer rateable t
woodcock?  In the length ot bla bill. •
Wbat word will. If you uke away
tbt flrat letter, mass /oo elck? Muaic.
Wby ibould t sblp'a ollicer never pul
bit chronometer under hll pillow? Becauae ht ibould never tleep opon bit
Clothing god Costume.
Tbt worda "clothing" asd "coalumt"
iboold not bt ottd u If thtir Dittoing
weri ttie tame. "Clothing" ll wbat II
used for, protection, and "costume" ia
tbt clothing or Ibt germeots worn tit
■Mat tw demands of feebloo or of in*.
clal ocMelooe. In other worda, "clothing'' le i general term, "caatuiua" a
Four leal olever lo the gnat,
Tall ms. to you bring lo paat
All Ihs wishes aood ml true
little children aak af gout -
Po rour magic leaflets boll
Becrsis fairies muat hava toKt
I bsvs wishes, one. iwo, three.
WW yeu arani (htm all to mil
I af aS I want te know
hire lha flrat spring lowers arow,
'"grim buds" lhat, pink ani shy,
I ewar when I paaa by.
Ttat eeme gayly I
Now my wishes far the rear
I bave toM you. elover teat.
flam to aranl lhan one aad aS
r'i "*V
Offlcai 66 Lonadala Avenue.,
Nortb Vancouver, B. 0.
Pbone 188.
Bunkera, Wbarf apd Warehouse,
Bt.   Oeorge   and  Esplauado.
Pbone 17§.
Keep Your Eye oo
Wu Imvu houses lu rent ut all pricei, und In iv.i i part of llie clly;
.iii.ii i:.i..ii business elands ut luw rentals.
Wa are sneclullsia In niaiiu„lin rental propei-tlee fur Ii.n li resident
uml mil ut town owners Ilur slulmiienls und i ,11,11 hm,, „ ure sent
lil'iinifiily  uvery  niunili end,  und  nu detail  uf  tide aimela)  eluas ot
: , I ll, ■     , n, ,i|,,   ,   OUr   ulli lllleell
.'M l.wMMdalr   \ii'imii-
HUM il. M'i;i 1 u.ivi's
Plione 125
Nurtb  Viiui'ouvcr
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
Repairing, liciiiudellliiu, I'lie. Promptly attended to
Kitlmatea  1 ui iiiuiu it  Free
Ollice: i-i, 1 ii,.-..i, & Hun's Factory, Es-
lilmiade.  Phone  iii.
Keanleiiee:  Allan   He.ml,  l.ynn   Valle)
1'.  11    Hu.   10,  I.)nu  i'i.. I.    I'iiuii.
for Firet class Work seo
131 Second Btreet, near Lonadale
P. 0. Box 8111
Building Contractor
.All classes uf houses ami start' liuild
logs, Dllie'i' fixtures, etc.
1116 12th -Heel P..
North Vancouver, II. (.
625 render ftl<* W.        I'hone Bay. 2662
A.M.I.E. 4 B.
Irrigation, drainage, levels, plans
and specifications. Septic tankl and
house drainage a socially. P. 0.
Hoi 'iti, Uiiii alrcot went ol llowicka
Studio   over   Hunk   !'.. N. A.
Lonadala and Kaidaaade
N.V. Tinning t Sheet Metal Worki
Candidate for Mayor
Pint Street But of Lonadale
Lowest prices and best work guaran
teed on tinuiug aud sheet metal work.
Cabinet Maker and Carpenter
Will undertake all kindl of wood work,
repalri, etc.
I'ourtli Street and Sutherland Aveuue
p. 0. Box aooo
All kindl of aaws fled aud aet on tliu
shortest notice.   Lawn mowers, knives,
hedge ihears and scissors sharpened. All
work j.'iiiiiiinii 1-1. uiiuii iuii pricei,
11131 Lonadala Avenue Phone tb
HiOl Lonadale Avenue, North
Cabinet  maker, picture flakier and
jiililiiiig wurk uie.I ri'palre uf all kinds
Designs iiikI estimate! submitted Kur
niturr i.e. 1-1,1. suld UI..I repaired, i'liune
A ini general Cui.imisslon Karclianl, lii
i uiiMlals Ave., Norlh Vancouver.
Phone 324
Is your Watch stopping or keep ig
irregular timet   If so, sea
1'ioneer Jeweller, 6U I.uu- lnl.' Avenue
l.ynn Valley Temperance Hotel
North Vaueouver
Ou lhc car line. Room ami hoard
llnuii accommodation for working men
Contractor's men taken. Mingle meal*.
1512 11. KA8TCOTT, Proprjotor,
Il will pay you to put a card in this column
Given Away Free
To eacb customer making a caab purcbaae of 16.00 or ever next
weak are will preaenl a large bottle of BUpben'i Pickles, which means
Uu baat tbing for your Imu dinner. Come here for your Xmas eup
plies, you will be aura ol getting the beet, and not be disappointed,
wltb your Xinae cooking by using old atock. The new stock coete no
more, we give full weight and (jiilck delivery.
Call and aee our lines of trau gooda, wa bave tbe agemlae of tba
beat ou tba market in Crystallised FrulU, Fruit Jellies, Xmas,xCake*
Raisins, Currants, Peela, Orangaa and Apples, the very baat grown; a
Ana assortment of Candles and Nute, Cranberries, Orapas, Oarr's and
MeViilun, Lang Engllih Biaculta, alao all kinds of meat sauces, Oliver
"Pack" Haricota and Ureen Peaa In glaaa, "Halm" Oooda and all
kinds of Preeervad and Canned Vegetables and Prnlta.
1Mb and Lonadala
Pbone W
To the Elector! oi the City oi
North Vancouver!
As a candidate fur tiie mayoralty,
it may not lie amiss to say thai my
record us a pioneer resilient of North
Vuncouvur should he uu earnest of my
iiuii.-i'ii'iiliuuu desire to serve my fellow
liliniiis in such niunner us inuy liesl
priiiiiulil tlieir interests.
I1I1 nl ilf mg myself willi Nurth Vuncuuver iu I imii, aiul showing lhe faith,
ulu eii lias never lagged, liy clearing
llireu acres us a home-site at a time
when even unliuury facilities uf roads
.nui eidewlaks were wanting, aiul having devoted nu inconsiderable time iu
the public Merest, I mu.Y claim sume
share in llie resulls achieved liy those
iulu,e- workers who have contributed
in iiiu upbuilding uf our cily.
II cannot lie gainsayeil thai Nurtli
Vuiuouver possesses superior altrac
(iiuis ami will im looked upon witli
increasing favor, uul only by lhe many
who care for a licauliful environment,
liul also by those who are seeking a
I'liiluniili lid.I 111 eligugc ill mn iniiili lur
iiig ami uther industries. Willi our na
1 ii nil advantage rupklity of settle
menl may lie safely estimated lu lie
in proportion In the means which are
lalieh tu provide the accessories of an
unto elate community. Confronted, bow
ever, with llic li -al limitations inci
dental lu a comparatively small pupu
luiiun, it is essenlinl that our revenues
sliuiilil he tiiisliumlcil in sucli a way
that the substantial ami continuous ile
veliipmi'iil uf lhe past few years shuuld
lie maintained, Nurtli Vancouver musl
keep pave with llie progressive suhur
liuu municipalities lu tbe soulh. There
musl he no altcmpt lo cry "Halt"—a
steady un.l <uiiscrvstive advance must
lie made in all tlu- <li'pariiiii-iiis uf
iiiiiiiu ipul wurk.
Willi llic gual uf progress un prudent
hues constantly in view, I will heartily
endorse uny measure designed to 11.1m
duct' more ecouumic umi ellii-ient ser
vice aii'l treatment iu any uf our civic
ilipiirlnii'iits. The above Indicating llic
general lines I wuulil follow, I will
now aeleiress myself as lirielly as pos
slide lu a consideration of the various
branches of muuicipal wurk.
The pulicy  respecting slreels, roads
in-!  sidewalks  inlruilu I on a scieu
I ilic und comprehensive plun liy llie
IUUU 10 couneils of whicii I was a mem
her, and whir|/ lias heen followed so
successfully by Ihe lull I- councils will
receive my endorsement. I'nder thai
pulny slreels are lieing cleared in re
gular urder willmui discrimination from
the waterfront (0 the furthest lioun
daries, und at Hie same time ample
pruvisiun has been made to meet lhe
wauls uf settlers wishing lu Iruild
In,lues in remote sectiuus,
1 am iu favor of permanent pave
Incuts 011 lu,. 1 nu streets, but do not
irilici/.e the present council for pulling
in um. 11.imu roads, such course of ac
tiou bsv iug beau dictated hy restricted
borrowing puwers ami (be necessity of
immediately providing heller means of
Whilst a member of the council I
;m 1 In i.ui ,|u(g proving il was more
economical for the city to produce its
own crushed ruck (ban to purchase
same and as a result of my invesliga
tiou, and uu my motion, the council
resolved lo purchase machinery for
road making
ileallb lieing lbe essential of all well
governed communities, the eileusiou of
sewerage to new /ones will receive my
cordial support ,
I am iu favor of a municipal gas
plaut being installed whenever the
means of the clly wili allow of a start
being made, the record of many other
cities showing that municipal gas
plants can be operated more economical
ly tban by private roinpanlee.
II sbould lie tbe pride as much as
the duty of everyone lo lend active
suppurl to our publir school system,
and it will be my aim as a native sou
ami public school boy of this province,
to do my best in eiding our school
board in bringing our schools to the
highest point of efficiency. Health
and sturdiiicss are neceaaary /or tba
battle of life, and our boys aud girls
should bave physical as (veil as menial
training.  Play groundi equipped with
the lint In Nortli Vancuuvar 1111 IIiii
f;o»ri) of Trade and ln.the,eoui«iUn
advo.-iate the purchase of entire blocks
for school purpoiei and I liave had tba
gratification of seeing my efforts eome
to fruition.
In uilililiun te' participating in tlie
promotion of inu eompauy that wae
organized to compete with tke old
furry company, ami .(be legal fight that
ensued tliercnii, as chairman of the 11 if-
uicipul transportation committee, I ile-
uei'el considerable time to the settlement of the terms upun which tlm ferry
franchise wes eerjuireil by the e\y,
and subsequently took part in lliulJi
■1 ■ uie'ii ami adoption ef tbe^nfeiuoriiii
lum and articles of association of the
present company, This was a furward
atop to which ean ba traced the major
part of our recent development. Any
dean attraction Unit may letpl to -.tup
ment Ihu revenuua of tlio furry will
receive niy support.
North Vencouver, including city and
sister, municipalities lo tbe east and
wost, : liiiiil.l be iiiuiii' the mecca uf all
tourists I 111,1 year, with the assist
iiiii'e of Mr. (lladwiu, I succeeded m
inducing the government, Ibrougb, ojr
inoinlier, Mr. Carler Colton, to cuutri
iuue' 'Limn to iho Improvement of tlm
1'.1111 In 1111 1 eeu,I ami ill the future, whether elected or nol, my services will
al all times be available lo Improve the
facilities uf communication to the muny
points of attraction ill our famed scenic
Fulluwiug my efforts iu the Board
of 'I'iiiiIi', 1 succeeded as a member of
the council iu inducing lbe 11. ('. Kleclric lu extend the boon of w bite tickets
lo lhe pulrous of our elcclric lines, ami
I further did my best iu advocating
safely appliances on cars and ferries.
uiul -ue p'e'dini in arousing public upin
ion to tiie necessity of providing fen
is and emergency brakes for cars
ami additional life boats ami rafts fur
(be ferrieB. The safely of the travel
ling public will continue lo he one of
my chief aims
I will use every effort lo expedite
Hie construction of the Second Narrows
i.n.Ig- uml will also urge that Hie I'.
tl V be compelled to build its road
according lo the terms of the agree
ment ^""
Kur the past fuur years 1 have, Iniln
privately ami publicly, adiocalcd the
cslahlishiueiil of a civic centre, ami no
more ideal sites can be presented for
municipal, provincial ami federal build
nigs than Ibe blinks surrounding Vic
toria 1'ark Mr. Hlevens, M.i'. lips given
the assurance that if the city takes
the initiative, lie will employ bis best
efforts to obtain an appropriation for
lhe purchase of a site for lhe federal
liiiililing constructed in harmony with
the civic centre idea. Having such
decided views as to the advantages of
a civic centre, I strongly favur tin
new .ily hall being built 011 one of ill
■ipiaii', facing Vi. le iiiii Park.
Desirous of rendering services on lhe
lines uiul ideas above expressed, I ibere
fore respectfully ask the vote an I in
fluence of the ratepayers in "y bo
B. I). W'M'liri.
We, the undersigned committee, en
dorse (be ubove views expressed by our
can.inline. Mr. Srbultl, and would ask
our fellow ralcpan-is to give Iheir val
ued assistance in securing liis elec
Committee—Alderman I', P. Pure
man, chairman; Ur. W. I). Bbakei
peare, vice chairmen; Mr. J. Field-
house, secretary; Aid. il. ti. Hiss, Ki
Aid. II. W. Young, Messrs, II Hen
saavv, ,1. A. McNair, fl. A. Mellaiu,
.1. Holland, A. .1. Hendry, B. l-i. Mai
naughlcn, A. M. Campbell, A. Nelson,
I). Ilenshaw, ('. 8, Arnold, .lus. Fanner,
Alex. Marshall, ('. K. Duncan, II I,
Rademacher, P. Tarn, V. 1. (lladwiu,
P. McDonald, lluss I'eert, A. 1. Tyson,
.1. II. Keusbaw, Carl W. Carlson, A. M
Bailey, W. Kllingsworth.
Kittens and ■
chubby end the Kit-      ""      ?.1 ,QM CtreuU
tens Ha Lavas.       , H"» V^»W»
JAOR and Bvelyn bad Jut finlined i glorlooe romp witk q*bpy and bar
.cute little kittaua.
Kllteoa tbat ar* wall oared /or are geeerally nice.
Jack and Bralyn thought Tabby'* klttane war* tb* ftnt*t tbay bad
aver known.
"Kitty, a Bt. Uut* cat, bll I caretaker for bar kittens," aald daddy, "tb*
soddatt In tba world for p cat, for Obubby, tb* pet foi terrier of tba f»pi#,-||'
Kitty'* clmii'o.
J  "Vn turrlere ara usually tb* deadly enemies of alrang* cata and can
•acarcely be made to liy* lo peact and quiet Wltb tboee ot Ibeir own family.
"■'IVIth Chubby and Kitty It la very different Tbty bar* been brought up
(ogotiiKjiiiii ba'* had oarer had «tpat worth mentioning.
"K|tty\la a handsome (oriole* ahall oat, and Oliuliby la a* handsome
if you will and anywhere. He baa alwaya beon plump; b*oc* bla mm
"Not long (go Mra. Kitty became th* mother of three dn* fit kltUna, tad
Chubby'* Interest In tbe bablea waa amusing.
< "He danced and whimpered about tba hoi In Which tb* little one* wer*
and abowed very plainly tbat be was pleased aa Punch. Kitty teemed tickled ■
Ibat b* ahould admire her darling* and allowtd hlm to kiss each of them/
wbicb he did iu hi* funny way by licking tbem wltb hi* rough touguo. Ww*
the kl|tene aqueuled, fpr tbey did not Ilka It t bit, Mother Kitty gently purrtd
to tbem that Chubby waa a very dear frlehd of ben eud ihey must p* polite
to hlm.
"Chubby and Kitty bad alwaya been In tb* habit of Uking their nap*
curled up together. It wea a great deal mor* convenient pow for Kitty to
ber* Chubby take bia nap wltb tbe kjllens when elie wished to take an airing. "
"Cote ara aomotlmea Jealous uiotben, but Kitty la not. Hhe will go tway
for houra, leaving Chubby to take care of tyr young onee und aeemlng to kiow
perfectly well that be will uot leava tbem mill she cornea beck.
"Ona day wblla tbey wtfre sllll quite young one of the kitten* climbed oot
of tb* boi ind, wandering dV, went to eleep by Ilself in some out of tbe wiy
corner. Ae eoon aa be mieaed If Chubby began to bunt for tbe runaway, whining pitifully for It to come out of Ita hiding place. When be found It great wa*
bia Joy, and very carefully be carried tbe aquealing aud kicking lillle creature
back to tbe otber kittles In tbe boi.
"Wheuever visitors come to tbe bouee Obubby fusses about until tba klttane ara abown to tbem, and then be looks up at tbem with eyee tbat tay a*
plainly aa words:
" 'Aren't tbay th* finest kill una ln tbe world?'"
Court Of Bevlalon ef Assessment Boll
NOTICK is hereby given Ibet lln
I'iiuiieil of lbe Ilistricl of North Van
couver have appointed Hatunlay, the 1st
day of February, lull, at tbe hour of
10:30 am. at the Munieipal Hall, cornet
of l.ynn Valley Koad aud Fromme lioaii
in said district, as Ibe lime and place
for hearing complaiuls against the
assessment for lhc year 11118 ai made
by the assessor and for revising end
correcting the Assessment Boll. .
Auy person complaining against the
assessment must give notira lu writing
to the Assessor ofvtbe ground of bis
complaint at least 10 dayi before Ihe
dul" of the drsl sitting of the Court ef
Kevision.. ,
Dated at North Vancouver, B ('.,
this i'iiiii day of December, 1013.
Publlabaia ef the "Bipraaa'
Job Prlnure ^
Flrat Mmt But Pkon* to
If you want to succeed in business on the
North Shore, ADVERTISE in the "Express"
THK .vn-l-iM 1.i.n uf parsons ilcslrlnir lo vole ul lbe r..m n. Municipal Ml.- inu, Is liereliy , uliiul tu ttie followliiH information; —
The registered Owner and lhe regislered Vendee under Auicemeiil for
Huie I,uin nave lbc right lo have llielr names appear on llie Volci-a' I.Isi hul
(be registered Owner alone shall buve die right to vole ut uny election unless
be ur ahe nn ur befure lbe day of Election by' writing under bla or her
bund Hied In the office uf lliu undersigned, wulvea ur reiiuuncea bis ur her
iiiilii (o vole, ln which , u.m il- Vendee shall be entitled to vule provided
be or she lias llie reijiilslle iiuallllcallu'iis uf a Voter.
According tu a speclul reaolutlon uf Nurlh Vancuuver Clly Ferriea Limited
llie jii.iliii, uilui,;i uf u Director ut ilu.i company are now die sume as (huse
of an Ahlciinan uf lhe i'ily uf Nuilli Vuncuuver. Candidates for Uiat pusl-
ii.ui n.ie.ni lie muk- Billlsh subjects uf ilie full age nl I wcnl y-une yeara, who
a-- nut eliMiii.iiiiii ii under any law und huve been for (lie paat sis niuntba
ium preceding the day uf numlnullun llie registered uwncrs In (he Land
Kcglslry Offlce uf lund or real properly In the i'lu uf Norlli Vancuuvur uf
lhe uasessed vulue In the lusl Jlnul.ii.il Assessment Ilull of i'lv. Hundred
116001 Dulluis ur more over and above nni registered Judgment ur chartcc
und who uie otherwise iiuallfled ua Muuliipu! Voters
The voting Ihia year Is by Wards, ul whieh llie fullowliia ure lhe buut-
Ward I    On lbe Kaal June! and Muhon Avenues, on Ills Houili. Norlli slid
Wesl (illy li,un,ii.<i i. .
Ward I -On the North Kellh Koud, on llie West Malum Avenue, on the Kaal
I.onsdale Aveuue, on llu- Buuth llie southern boundary uf Ihe Clly.
Wurd   t    nn the North Keith Hoad, un  llu   l-iual HI   Andrew'a Avenue, on
lhe suulli. lhe suulhern bounder) uf tlif I'lty, on Hie West Lunsdale
Ward I-On (he Nortli Kellli Koud. un Ihe suoili the aouthern boundary of
the City, un   lbc West  Sl   Andrew's  Avenue,  on  tbe   Kaal,  Clly
Ward S    On the Booth Kellli Houd  on lhe Wi-ai HI  (lemae's Avenue, nn Ibe
Nqrth und un the Kaal city bouudurles
Wunl I- on llie Nurlh Clly boundary, un Ihe suulli Kellh Houd  un the eust
81   (Jeoriie's Avenue, un the Wesl Junes Avenue
A     .iillduie fur lbe represeiitailuii uf u Wind need nul be a Voter In
ihul W. rd su luun ,ns lie possesses lhe ulhei iiuulineuiluns for an Alderman
of lhe Clly
Np Kii-ctor sliull be entitled lo vole In moru than one Wurd. A realdcnl
elector shull vote In (lit- Wurd In which hu nr she resides A nun-realdcnl
elector shall vole In the Wurd III whieh Ile or she owns the laraesl amount
uf properly    The vutlnn place for ail Wurds Is lhe clly Hull
The Court of Kevision of tbo Voters' Llsl will sil In Ihe Clly (fell.
Norlh Vancoover on the 101 h duy of Decimbtr, llll
City Clark.
(23 Haitingi St., Eait)
wish their customers
on the
North Shore
Happy and Prosperous
Naw Year
-   j
TB Years In Bualntn.  Capital and Surplus Qjtf f7,8M,POO.
t The Advantagea pf Rank Money Order*
tot trausniitting small sums of monay are four.  They art easy to procure -
easy fp pash-safo-inoapensiye. Wo Imub tbeni at iht following »tes:
It ny hMw—3c p to JO —Bo
♦IQ-MSO-lQe       .. 30 to   tO-Ue
Tbtse Money Ordere aro payable at pu It 101 Mtpppp pf any llbartered
£ 8*11^4* Canada (Vukop Ttr. cxcoptpil), iu the principal eitiea ef the United
-' 9 VAfttti and In koodoo, En^"1
Two Officea in North Vancouver, QqmtM of Lom«W« Ave
•net Eaplanade. Upper Lomdale Avenue, near Mth Street
TJ ^  .' ■■ ( '-	
Job Printing at the Express
The Scenic Highway
Acrun lhe CoMllornt
Through ticket* to all inula of llle
worlil nl lowest rules
Tliii popular roule lo the  .
(Utl i.'iiuu(r),
' 11 ii a l.n,
Cblna, auil
Japan. 4
The moat up-lo-iliilii train aervlcc
belween Vancouver anil (lie Musl.
For ratoa, reservations and all
further liifoi million apply to ,J
HOE.   Clly   I'liaaeiiger   Agenl.   131
ei   in     hi, or 11   w   tirtnnii.:,
Q.P,A„  Viinciiuvcl'.
(1.50 PBB OOBD
Steve weed, IB-in. 13.26 per load,
iiiln. $3.60. Prompt delivery.
Phone 66B, offlco and yard. Corner
ith aud Maiion Ava. t.f.
The special alluution of Klectora is-
drawn 1.. ti..- provisions oi secliou I ol
thu   " J(lillle l|'lll    KllH-liull.1   Alt    A1U.CII1I
incut   Au»,. IIIIL'.  which   reads as   f.l
'."In case Ihe registered holder of Ihu
fee and the registered vendee under an
Agreeineiit for Hale arcliolli owners (ag
ilcliin-.l ill this .V.i. of the same I.in.I
or real property, Ihey shall liotli I.r,vr
< tba right lo have iheir names entered |
ou lhe voters' l;nl, imi llio holder
alone shall have lln- right lo vol.' nl
any municipal clccljou, unless he, nu or
before lhe day of election, ''1' writing
Under his hand filed in thu office of the
cily clerk, waives or renounces his
iiiiii lo vote, in which case the vend.)
sha|l Iif entitled to vote, providm! he
hn.. all lhc requisite i|ualilicalions of a
Forms of waiver iu terms of tee
iiliiive provision may*lie obtained from
lln' iiinlersigneii.
City I'lerk.
i'ily llall,
Norlh Vancouver. - 11 1-13
in all countries. Ask for our INVENTOR'S Ai)Vial-:u,wlilch will ha sent fres.
SS4 University at,  Mondial.
flfWW-  WrffWfffr  wWct?W(J' ™   eym-ntfim   ■**
Valuable Market   .
That Sew PenlM^tf lfc*|| upon Brl
lisii Columbia ami (with tlm complc
tlan'jf til* Pjwhm'Canalj eastern
Canada for timber supplies to a greater extent aa year* go by, ii proved pi
the following t.\ipe\ of a r*|>»rt liy
the Nuw Zealand Umls |)epartmiint:
"Prow (he more accurate information that it pow available It will lie
Ittp that there is ample justification
fpr the diminished estimate nf otir tin-
her supply. xAii iuiprpssion prevails
that, owing to tbeS^ereased nig of sub
slit ut es for linilii'r lil.Jlic cunatrucliun
of buildings, th* fptnreNaiaand may
not be so great aa wai anticipate^
But, aa the population of the iioininnin
(New Zealand) is constantly inWeaaing
and there is a rapidly incretsW demand  fOf  timber  io  i'li'l)   lli.ii<'-li   of
industry, we roust realise tbat m timber resources sill be taied U Ihuir
utmost capacity iu * very fea'yean,
and the future generatioM-wttljbavo to
face a serious problem tha|, up lei now
bas not been regarded witb in ick tfpn
MM. . j-
"Out of the gross anieliiil of mil.iug
timber estimated to ciist at the present
time," the report continues, "it will
he noticed that nearly one-third is
composed of timber not commercially
nui'.1 to any extent, also a largo portiou
ia situated on laud loo difficult of ac
cess to he profitably worked fer mauy
years to come Tne ne) quantity likely
to he available far sswmilliog, wuulil,
therefore, -amount \u iii.iiiiii.iiiiii.iiiin su
perflcial feel."
The report goes on to stale that as
the iiv.-iii  output of timber ia over
li|ll,0i)0,00il lujierlicial feet, it is a fair
assumption (hat the average output for
tbo nett geuerautiun will he about 460,
111111,01111 superficial feet   If Ihe present
estimated   supply . is  divided  liy   tnis
I minium, it will be seen that Ibere is
! ouly sufficient tinilicf -to lasl the saw
I miller for aliuut .1.1 years, ami Ihis is
without taking into account Ihc iuevi
1 table   loss   tbat   periodically   occur
: through accidenlal Arci.
Duriug tbis period supplies of for
eigu timber might he expected to ar
rive, and so reduce lbs straiu oil lo
cal forests, hut as every couutry iu the
world would he feeling llic effects of
tbe universal dcrnauii, it was not ni-.i"-
expected that such timber could he pro
cured afler 10 or ill) years, save al much
higher prices than now are current, ami
iu gradually decreasing quantity
,-... IfHifWa Prakrit*
Kellli Houd-Scrvlcea: HO;
tvening, 7:10 Adult '[Utile Class, 3:10
Bunday Bchool, 1:10. V V 6. (i F,. Tuat-
Prayer Mea Ing. Wed
p. in Choir/ Practice
ro. Hav. Ronald Macleod
flay, at I p. 111
eeday,   at   I
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526 Hwtingi StrW W#t      Vwioww, B, C.
•ud as thii I* niAf nne'g,u»rt*r pt th*
jiosiihle uroiluctleui' the lister colony
will' he #b|e tp secure (.Imher 'nr many
yo*rs. Hilt ftritJah Columbia, woods
stand a tremendous fish Itntp Sr*; Only
through pAtnpttt lie pmt*ctlon will
ihis province lie title In hold her place
in the lumber world.
10,0<)fl (XWMMiry «r wn«4 fer pplcb
aale. Prlc* pw *M writ, 11.76. Special quotation* lm larger (luentitlee.
Out Wuud, 18 inchaa, Uat. If laches
wVri CO.D.    j
Jm tMS(Tljon*d«lc
Office ind Ya
Phon* 190.
naynienj ot Inieiesi tbtl sbsll becoint
due. und •uch signatures may he either
written. lithographed or Stamped.
I. The aald debenture bpnde ahall
aa to principal and Inlereal he payable
at tWDIStr cl Munlc pal OrV, North
Yanceufer, B. C.. or a)'lii principal
tftttm the Hank of Hamilton lu (he
city W ToronFe. In the province ot
Ontario, or ai tbo principal oice or
ibe aald bank In the Mty at Montreal
In tho province of Uutocc. The aald
principal aum aball heVintdo payable
by the Coriiorallon not later tbtn U
mit tttm the let day nf-Novenibar,
I.' The salil debenture pond, ahall
lie secured unon lbe renlala. rales and
ehargee enforceable iiml.-■ thu pruvla-
lons of Ih. befora-reclled l.ynn Valley
Wtterworki Regulation By-Uw, ttOI,
end l.ynn Valley Waterworki Regult-
tlon Amendment lly-l.aw. 1 »00. ana the
said bonds aball be and the aame un
hereby  ae  to  principal  and  Inttresl
iiuiiriini.'i-il   I'i    Un-   municipality   st
Melkntlal li»»r.k-Corper of Sixth
and 8t. ucorxe. Bunday Servlcei. II Od
a ru. ami 7:30 p. ni. Bunday Bcbool imi
Bible Class, 2:30 pin. Senior league.
Monday, I p m. Prayer tnd I'ralae
Service. Wedneiday, I p in junior
League, ihuriday If tcrnoon at 1:11
Paator, W. C. Schlltelier    '
at Af*c rtuick liuiiii-i Twelflb
oud Bouleva-d. Sunday Services:
Horning Prayer, ll a. mi Sunday
School Vie ji in . Evening Prayer, 7:10
B. ui. Holy Communion, Aral and inlnl
undaya In monlb, il ll ■ m. lecond
Sundiy In monlb. I i nu .< Hav. Samuel
Fea. Ill   Vicar
a.lvalloa   Artsy--I.misdale
Sunday services. 11:11 a uj.,*kiii uh
7:11 p.m.   Ti/«sday. I p. nr: Th(iada)
I p. in    lililldiVli's Sel vice, Wcdilrsda)
I p. m. r>7
ll.vll.l (fcu.ct Tw.lflh iii.ii St.
Usorge.   Services it 11 a m. i^nl 7:Si.
p. in Suinluy School and Bible LTaar
at 110 p. ni Prtyer uid Pralac Service.
Wedneaday it I p. ro.   Ptalor, Itev  A
I. Prosser, Twelfth and St. Oeorge.
SI. J.ka tk. Kvugcllal, Klghth onl
Thlrleenlb. Holy Communion, lam
Horning Prayer, 11 a.m. Kvenliu
Prayer, 7:11 p. m. On the Brit Sunday
In tbe month Ibere will b. a eeconJ
celebration of Ih. Holy Communlou
It 11 a in    Rector, Rev Hugh Hooper
SI. B*>h*>. laUollc ( karct, 81x11)
and Habon Avenut. Sunday lllgli
Mitt ind B ermon, 11 t. si. Sundiy
Scbool. Ml p.m. Kusui) ind ilene-
dlotlon, 7:11 p. in Friday—Low Muss,
I a.m. I'asloi, ll-v J A Bedard,
O. M t.
I.SI.n l alkollc I karck af SI. I'aal'i
Mass, 7:11 a m. Sundaya I'aslor, Rev
B. r. j inviii. 0 U. I.
I'krlallaa aelctcr H.ielrl)— KJS I'hcs-
iuii. I.l Avenue. Servicea: Sunduie. II
ii in,. Wednesdays, 100 p.m.: Suinlui
Si.ai.iu!   10:10 a.m.
SI. Tkotsaa—l.ae and 11:00 am.
1:00 and 7:10 pm    F  F.  Perrln. UA.
l'u. -,i In charge
l'trshyicrlaa (karck—Sundaya. II
a. m and 7:10 y m Sunday School uml
Bible Cltis, 1:10 p in Teuchcri' Trtln
Ing Clui. Wedneiday. 7:10. Prayer
Meeting. Wedneaday. I |e m Boys
Club. Tnursday, 7:10 p. m Choir I'ra
lice. Friday, I p I
U. A, paalor.
11.  Van  Miin.-ii i
i.i .v>  v Il.l I.l
l-rrubjlcilaa Ckurek -Worship, Son
dtyt,   II   a m. and   7   p m    Sunday
School, 1:11 P m.   Paator, Rev  A  Mac-
Melkedisl Cktrek—Worship Sundayi. 11 a in and 7:00 p.m Sundui
School. I ill cm Ptalor. Rev It r
SI. i lrmco(«, Ijoi. Valley—Julius.
11 a id Sunday School J JO y in Cv.-n-
eong 7.00 p.m. Holy Coiurounlon Seeniul
Sunday In moulh al 11 00 a.in Itu N
J  Thouipaun In charge.
Diatrict of North Vancouver
A UI-l.AW la aulfc.irlir Ik. I .iiui.-ll
of Ikr Coryeralluu uf Ikr Dlslrlcl of
Norlh Vatcvavrr lu burrow Ikr auas
uf Slli.ooo I. be arcurr* upon Ikr rri-
Ilia, rtlrt or rklrgra rtforrraklr
uuJrr Ikr I yuu Vallry U'alrmurks
Ilrgutallua lll-l.»<, IIHW, aa* Ihr
I .uu   V.II,,   Wai, in..il.   Ilry.iili.il,hi
Amradaaral Uy-I.in. IBO*.
WHKIIKAH under I lie. provisions ol
lhc l.ynn Valley Wulii woika Reaula-
Hon li, I.ui'. lm,. and lhc l.ynn Valley
Wulerworka Rrgultlion Amendmeiii
Dy l.uii. 1101, duly paaaed by Ibr council of lbc Corporudon of llie lllalrict
of Norlh Vancouver, certain renlala
rules or charges are cnforcable In the
l.ynn Valley WalcrWorkl Townillc
therein denned,
ANII WIIKRKAS Ibe amount of Ihc
debl which Ihia By-I.iw la lulendcd (o
.iuii- la lite aum of 1*0.000. and Ihe
object lor which the aame ll crcaled Is
the extension of Ihe aald Waterworks
mini in III Ihc Iild l.ynn Villcy Waler-
worka Townalle:
AND WIIKRKAS Ihc rslimalcd
uniiiuiii of ihc tald renlala. raid or
ibuiyris   iliulin-uble   tt    ufolesuld    for
Ib. yeu in; iu Ibe turn of li.too. mi
no ujnouul of mon.) It already chtrard
Hn i...ii      /
ANIl Wl/KRKAH Ihe debt la created
on Ih. seyUrlly of tb. .foresaid unlali
ratea or chirges,
ANIl WIIKRKAS It 1* ..lliiiui.il Ibat
Ih. laid reniali. rales or chargci will
be aulDclcnl lo make up lbc amount
of tbr annual Inleretl aud linking
fund upon Ibe debt bcr.by cuaicd and
that  there will b. no deficiency:
NoW.THKltKFOHK. (be Reeve and
I'ouncll of (be Corporation of the Dlslrlcl of North Vsncouver In council
aaacinbled (Wilb lbe aatoOt of Ibt
electort duly obtained) do hereby enact
u followi:
1.     tl   thill   lee-   liiwlol   for   tb.   e .nil,
ell, for tho purpoe. aforesaid lo borrow or ralae by way of loan from any
peraon Or perions. body or bodlei corporate who may- be willing tc advance
lbc lime upon the credit of (he debenlures of Inls Corporation hereinafter
provide* for. a turn or auma ef money
not exc.aolog in Ibr whole Ibe ium
of 110,000, and to caua. the lima 10
lio placed In (he Bank of Hamilton lo
(be credli Of Uj. Corporallon for the
I. "paattlun bonte et /Ji.Corporallon (o Ibe amount of I40.0M In ihe
whole miy be Iuue* by fbe Reeve and
Clerk of Ihe Corporallon In terms of
'. Muoiclriil Act Ig tumt u miv be
it With'tbi JBeei of lbe
ation In
tumt i
. debMturc thai
I Clerk md thai
I. Tbera ihall be let aalde annually
by the Tr.aaur.r ot the Corporation
out of Ihe auld renlala. ratal ind
charge*,, tnd in caae of a ilolldonci
then aa to auoh deficiency out of annual
revenue, tho aum of (ill. for the pur-
imsii of forming a linking fund ror Ihe
etymeni of said debeiilUrei when thoy
lecouie due tnd the turn of 12.000 for
the payment of Ihe Intereat at the rate
aforeaald lo become due on auch debenturei during Ihe currency thereof. The
tald renlala, ralea and ehargca shall
In- wlihdrawn from the annuu) revenue
of lbc munlclpullly and ihall bo nald
Into a ipeclal account In ibe Bunk of
Hamilton for the purpose of meeling
Ihe aforeaald alnking fund and Interest, provided always that any moneyi
Ihit may have to be advanced,. or
which may have lo be nald under the
aforeaald guarantee and any surplus
beyond lhc tumt nnnuully required tor
auch lntereit and linking fund iball
from lime lo time be Ironafcrred from
Ihe laid Ipeclal account and refunded
Ik- lhc amount of Ihc annual revenue
/Thla By-Law may he cited for ill
purpoaea aa "The Lynn Valloy Walerwurka Revenue Loan By-Law. ISH"
Thla By-Law shull come Into effect
on Ihc lilt diy of December.  1912.
I'usseil by Ibe council on the lllh
dav of December, llll.
Received Ihe aaaenl of llic Klectora
al an elecjlon held on the
■ l.n  of Itll
li. .■uii.'iiili i.ii and Anally adopted by
Hie Council and signed hy the Reeve
and i'le-i I, inul icaled with the Corporale Srn1 oil Ihe
day of        ^ 1112
l.i li iiiliu   OF. THR   iiiMini i    ur
NOBTH i im in tl li
TAKK NOTICK iii.ii the above il a
true copy of Hie proposed Ry-Lnw opon
which llie vole of (he Municipality
will be laken wllhln the fulljwlnn
polling alallona. vis : In Ibe Munlclpul
Hull. Linn Valley Road: In lhe
oflice of Mi T. 8 Nye at corner nf
Lonadule Avenue und St janiea' Road,
and al i'.ii-ll.mie Scboolbouic. ull In lbc
dlalrlcl of North Vancouver, on Sut-1
urday. Ihe 2Kb day of December. 1112.1
belween Hie hours of I o'clock am
ui'l 7 i.. I..1-I, p in.
JllllN 11   FARUKR.
C.II.C.   and  Relurnlng Otllcei
n in.1' NOTICK Is hereby liven!
dial (be vole of Ihe Klectora or tbe
Dlilrlcl of Norlb Vancouver will b,
laken on (he "Lynn Valley Walerwurka
Revenue Loan Ily-I.uw. Illl." on Saturday, lhe lllh day of Deceniber. 1012
In inu i n iin hours of I o'clock a in
and 7 o'clock p.m. within lbe follow-
lag polling lilacca. vli: In lha Municipal llall. Lynn Valley Road: lu lhc
office of Mr. T 8 Nye. al Ihe corner
of Lonadale Avenue and Si Jamel'
liee.iii and •( (he Ctpllanu Scboolhnuse I
in Ihc dlalrlct of Nurlli VancuOvi-r bml
Ihut John (1 Farmer has been ufrpolnl-
ed li. i in i.m, iiiliu > tc lake Ihe voles
of such Klectora with the usuul power.
In that behalf
Hy order%if the Cooncll.
• HI. null WM   II. MAV.
.xponded for (be pu
l. Debenture Bonji
Hon to the ainputlf
whole may by laaued by the
and Clerk oKlha Corporallon In lermi
of ibe Mumclnal Act In auma aa may
be dealrad, but nq tingle Debenlure
ahull be Tor u grouter luni-Jbiiii One
Thuuaand Dollars. Each PfWe tald
Debenture Uiinda ahull be signed by (be
Reeve and Clark and shall be sealed
with the Seal of'llio Corporallon.
i. The said Debenture Dcrida ahall
boar Iniereat it a rata not exceeding
S per nin per annum payuble half
yearly on the lit day of slay and ihc
lat day ot November In each and
every year during the currency or
auld Dehenluret or any of them. There
aball bir attached to the Dobenluro
Honda coupona signed by the Reeve
and Clerk for each and every payment
of Interest thai ahull become due, and
aucb tlgnaturea may be either written
lithographed or stumped.
( Tho said Debenturu Bonds ahall
ai to principal and Interest be payable ul the Dlalrlct Municipal Ollice.
North Vancouver, B. C or at the
i-i tm li'iii office of (ho Bunk of Hamilton In Ihc city of Toronto, In thc province of Ontario, or at the principal
office ot Hie said Bank In the city of
Montreal, In the province of Quebec.
The aald principal sum uhull be made
iniiiiidi' by the Corporutlon not later
than CO years frnm ihe Itt day of November, 1012.
S. There ahall be ralaed and levied
unnuully by speclul rate on ull rateable land or Improvements or roel
property In Iho dlilrlcl the sum Of
1107 for l)io purpose of forming u
linking fund for iho puyntcn! of said
debentures when they become due ami
the sum of IVI00 for Iho peyment of
(he Interest k! Hip rule uforeiiild to
liocomc due on such debenlurea during
the currency llienof. end that In addition to all oilier ratea lo tw levied and
collected In lhc suld dlslrlcl during
the whole currency of Ihu suld deben-
lur. ii in any of lln h.
No rebate shull be allowed on the
.--uiei aneclal rule In be levied under thla
By-Law.   .
This lly-l.aw muy be died fur all
purpoaea as "The Scbool Biles Loan
By-Law.  IOU." ,
Thla By-Law nli.ill cume Inlo effect
on  lhe list day of December,  lllli.
Paaaed by Ihe Council on (he 131 h
dav of December. 1912.
Received the uaselll of the eleclori
at an election held on lhe
day or 111
Ri'co'nslilered uud Ilnully adopted by
tbe Council uud uli.in .1 Ily Ibo Reeve
and Clerk  und  scaled   Willi  lhe  Corporuie  Seal  un   Ihe
day   of 111
« $!!j.„,/:,viS]i,,:T ^
i Sit li. .ll
Diatrict of North Vancouver
A III -MW io ea.klr Ikr I urpuralloa
af Ikr 111.irid uf Nurlk V.aruatrr
I* rtlar by nar .1 lata Ikr anas ol
loiooo lo arovltr for Ibr gurrhaar
ta* rlrtrl.g of Brfcuul lllra.
WIIKKKAS ou (he Hal day uf in m
bei. IIII. lhc Buard of Schuol Truateea fur the Dlalrlcl of Norlb Vancouver laid befure llie municipal Cuuncll
u dciul)cil railiiiule oef- lhe auma required by (be Board foi lbc purchuse
cleurlng and grading of school sites
la said dlalrlcl. umounllng lo 111.000.
the aald .Ilea being In Dlatild Lots
ill. 002. 717   711 and III respectively:
AND WIIKRKAS uii the Hat day of
ii'i'.i.i llll. the Municipal Council
ilnully iejected and disapproved aald
estimates uniil auch lime aa Ibe Kleclori ahould give their aaaenl lo a Bv-
luivv lur rulslng (he said turn of III.-
000. fur (he purpoiei tfurciald.
AND WIIKRKAS on Ihe 2nd day of
November. 10)1. the accietarv of aald
Board of School Trustees made a wrlllen requeit lo the Reeve of the Dlilrlcl for Ihc submission lo lhe Kleci
ors of • By-Law authorising the propoaed i Mninlliuic and for nilalng Ihc
moneys required lo defray the aam.
upon Ibe credli of Ihc Munlclpuflly
AM) WIIKRKAS lhe umount if the
debl which tbie bylaw la Inlendcd lo
create la (be aum of 1(2.000. and lbe
object for which Ihc aald debl Is
created is (be purchase and clearing of
school sllcs as aforeiald
AND WIIKRKAS by a Special Uniil
doled Hie >lal day ol November. 1112.
Ihc Council of Public Inilrucllon have
authorised the estension of Ihe loan
lo be raised under Ibis By-Iaiw over
i period of tO yeara from Ibe dale
when  ii'i" Hi l.uw takes effect:.
AND WHKIIKAH 11 will be iiiih.
sari lo nil"' annually by special rale
Ihc lot.11 sum of 11107 00 for 00 years
for Ihe i,-piiMiniii of Ihc aald loon and
lnlereit •! t per cent, per annum aa
berelnufie r provided:
AND WHKHKAS Ihe  value of    Ih.
whole int. utile lind or Improvement!
or retl property of lbe  Munlclpallly
according; (0 Ihc lail  n vised mess
menl roll amounts lo 11.011.71(1
ANI) WHEREAS lhe iggregkle of
Ihe Debenlure Debl of lhe hiunlclpal
TAKK NiiTH'K Hill Ihe above la a
Irue copy of Ihe proposed By-Law
upon which the vole of Hie Munlclpullly will be luken wllhln Ihe following polling stations, vis: In Ibe Munlclpul Hall. Lynn Valley Road: In
the office of Mr T. 8 Nye al corner of
LoiMilole Avenue und 81 Janiea Road,
und ul Capilano achoolhouse, til In Ihe
Diatrict of North Vancouver, on Saturday, lhe 21th day of December. IIII.
between the hour* ot I o'clock a.m and
7 o'clock pro
i: M. c. end Returning officer.
PUBLIC NOTICK la hereby given
lhal Iho vol. of (he Kleclori of the
Dlslrlcl of Norlb Vancouver will be
taken on Ihc "Bchool Sllei Loan ByUw, 1212.'' on Saturday, the llth day
of December, llll. between tho houra
of I '..I' .J. .i in and 7 o'eloek p.m.,
wllhln Ihr following pulling places,
vli: In the Municipal Ilull. Lynn Valley ituadi In Ihe office of Ur. T, H
Nye. at Hie corner uf Lonadalo Avonuo
und SI   Jamea', Hoad. und at Capilano
Se I limine   Is  lhe district  of Noilh
Vuncouver. and thai Jobn ti. I'm nn r
hua been appointed Relurnlng Ollicer
to lake the voice of auch Elcciora wllh
lbe iiuii.il powere In that behalf
Hy Order of the Council
ISIgned) Wiry!. MAY.
C. M. C.
IIIMHIIT   Ott   Mllllll    VAM'llI VkiH
NuTH'K Aiiqiiiluii is drawn to lha
provisions of thc "Munlclpul Election*
Acl Aiiieiidmeiii Acl. 1012 which provides us followa:
"In case Ihe reglilered holder of lhe
fee and the regillereil Vendee under
' an Agreement for Sale are bulb ownera
"tu defined In this Acf) of the sonic
land or real propel ly. they shall both
Iiuv,- lln llisfct lo have Hull' liuiin-s
eliliu-il oii The Voter*' I.Isl. bul (he
"holder alone thall have the rlgbt lo
vole at any Municipal Election un
"less be. on or before the duy of Election, by writing under bla hand Died
"In lbe office of Ihc Municipal Clerk,
"walvca or renounces bis right lo vole
"In which cuse Ihc vemtec shall be entitled lo vole, provided be haa all lhe
■requisite quullflcallons of a voter."
Resident Eleclors vole In lbc Ward
In which Ihey reside Nonrealdenl
eleclori vole In Ihe Wind In which Ihey
have die I.,. -1 amount of properly
In value according lo lhe Aaiessinciii
Nq peison It entitled lo have bit oilier iiiiun twice intend on Ihe Annual
Vuten List 11 u voter In the Mutilcl-
Hy (elcepl for workt of loctl Improwc
mini tnd a. Iisol puiposes) tmqunll U>
el| of Ibe Corporation tftsibi -flse
of Nor
i.l. .1 i
THEREFORE the Herri-jnf I'oun-
/ Ihe Corporallon m,'<t% .Jllsirlri
mih Vancouver in iliunfil aaarni
wltb the aaaenl Jf lha'Klertors
Are You Moving
Wc do inaiing of all kinds, (live us
e (rial. Wc also have heavy teams by
the day -express ami baggage, or wheu
yeu wm.t cumi. call ur phoue 07. Wc
have a large lloek of mill wood 18x10
inch lengths. Furnace wood a specially
Prompt eleliieries
18 Lonadale Avenue
Phon. 97. * Wo«4 O.O.D.
We have some good, inside buys;
also good acreage listings Lynn
Valley Sub-division.
f Ltt m quote you ratea on Fire, lie and Accident
McMillan & reid
Chela Ut
10 WN8DAI-K AVKNIJK tht ladles of Bt. Edmund's church
will entertain at a social In tha Hor
tleulmhtl rnll^Lonsdele avenue, at *
on Munday night. A splendid
programme hue bean arranged and a
large attendance la anticipated. Admit-
elan, g*nl\|l. Udies free. Tbe funds
will be .levoted to the church.'
St Agnei' Watch-
night Service
On Tueiday, Hwamber ,'llal, a walrli
uight nrvlra will lm held In Bl. Agues'
i'hurrli. Theeerftje will liagiu at lliU
p.m. and will oonsiat of evening prayer
with special hymns, rbanls, etc, 'fhe
Bev. Dr. tm will preach on "Tbe Les
sons of the Dying V«" and the ser
vise will cum linle witn a celebration of
the holy cninmunliiiijlinmcdlntaly *('•'<
miilnlitht. ■'■'y       '
One-half Block Olf Lonidale Ave.
U 41 x 132 Feet for
All Caih,,or $1150.00
on Termi of. One-third
Caih, Balan^ 6, 12
and 18 Monlhi.
Agreement! of Sale Purchaied
Phoue lot V. O. Box 1301
213 Lonidale Avenue
Tbaia |* * curlona blatory ragardlnl
an uiidulibad ehurrh 'whieb itauda tl
H»»aall, near Bandbacb, Bnglaud. A
formar r**ld*ut *t tb* looil hall, a Mr
lAwnda*. painfully eonacluua' of the
lark of provision for tb* eplrliuel wenl*
of III* poopl* In Ih* nalgbborhood. oV
tarnlned lu build a obpreb at tiia u*n
aipeiiM. Afler c*r»fully chmadlig a
alta ha gave instruction* tor tb* ereo
Hun of • atnnliire I* U* mndern alyle
capable of e*nilitffl lOOac »0 |»moua
Work on H wei bfrtuK,»p th* sum
mai of IM and *ea |i«lied on *l**rt
Ily iinlll tba day/nil which Quae" Victoria wa* crownM, by whtfli tlm* ihe
building waa /well advanced Tbe
eryple, *boui itu In number, btd been
put In, lb* walk and roof* war* com
plate, and th* aiWiinge for tb* door
wer* died liiilced;\p*rtly la coma-
*uanc* of Ib* nuilonal rejoicing* aod
partly to rtlehrai* im pfsfr*** which
btd hm innda, .Hi* Uilidlng waa
amuiberad tb dan'and dadoraUona and
wa* Ih* caiiler of local faAwtla*.
it day Mr l^ndn^ii* "
b aa lllneu which quickly pro1
I, au*,wiih bla paaslof all wo\
ou III* church ceased Though (l)a
gliding could have bjwti fnlahed/al
j cajniiaratlvaly small eoai. If%u abtln
doiiad, aod It bae nut hem 'need aiul'*,
eicenl by tourlala. wliose name* "bill-
low rod adorn It," aa Mark Twain aald
of lliiif. nn tb* ruin* of Ciiin'e.'altar,
bl tba thousand   Wide World Maga
Those Nat Fastened Tight et the Inste,.
Ceuea Foot Trouble,
Bar** peraon* out ol loo auffai ai
eruclatlng pain at ou tlm or eiwihei
with tbeir feet. A ilngi* corn n..
larger iban a grain of aeud can labs
ell tbe "snap and vitality rlgUI out
of you.
Two thirds of modorn tool troubles
aria du* to tn* tai-i tbat aiuioal *ierj
ouv-man, wuinun and child -waara bis
alio* too luuso Tlia sbo* Ilsell may be
correct ** to *lu and ■Impu, but it Is
nol laaieni'ii limn at tba only polul ot
fouirol-naineiy. Iba instep
Whan you wt your fool upon ibe
floor or pavement in tb* acl ol walk
log tbe ebue adheres, and It It hv
loosely fastened ovar tbe Instep llu
fool pushes duwn Inlo tba (ue ul tie
aboa At carlaiu ipoti oo Ihe fooi
llii* allpplog causae friction Theae
spnia ara tha soles of Iba tact, ibr
tu|ie, enda and Inner aide* ot the toe*
lb* great rod Mill* to* Joint* and oc
caelonally eveu lb* tack ol Ilia licet
Wben lb* frlctlun tbu* caused la coo
tluuad hour alter uour aod Uuy el ler
day ooa or mora uf tbee* apola ar* at
tuo*) aura tu become Inflamed and aom
A slight Iblckenlng, called a "calloua
It formed Aa tho IDctloo and preaaii
go on tb* reauliiug calloua may thick
ao up uoavanlyi tben It la called a
"corn."- Woman s Hum* liouipauioii.
Candidate for 1
$1.00 down, $1.00
per week
The Canada
A Malleable
Steel Range
In (he lasl year we have sold over one hundred of Ihesc stoves iu
Norlb Vancouver. This year we eipgft even a belter record. If you
need a tellable range, it will pay you lu lee Ibis ona befote deciding,
Wa guarantee absolule satisfaction on every rauge.
Patterson & Goldie
Phone 88
105-7 P.splanade Weil
We have untie ol the cheapest buys.   Good, location
adjoining the original Towriiflc   For full particulars su
Util Age.lt tm
i Hon* Ineurenca Oo., London Aeanrence
tt mil llttlapi alao taaaa* for eel* or rant.
P O. Im itu
To the Electors of tbe City
ol Nortli Vancouver :\
\Vour    vntcaMta-^iikeil   W.Mr.
Usui's,— . J
|,\Becauee b| i has  duipunstrateil   his
ability iin.i'.uiiiipriiv in handling
,    municipal work. ■ i.    .
2. Because he has made it p\udy ol
municipal law and cau save many
eusl I v iitista\koiL__^^
.1. Ili'i'iiiiM' as an engiueer be has a
strung ami intelligent interesl iu
the Hi. uiul Narrows Hridge, and
will advocate the early takiug over
of Ibis project by tho niiinieipali
tlOH   I nil. e llnul
I. Iieeause be will .In his utmost to
secure enforcements of all obligations to the North Hhore by Ibe
I', (I, ti, Railway.
ii. iii'Ause he is in nun uf extend
iug the sewer system where llie
lieullli of the city demands ii, and
equalising and facilitating the con
dilions upon whiili Individual cuu
nertlooa can lie made.
II. Iieeause lm is iii favor of opening
up slreets ami t'lMnnling wuoden
sidewalks for residents,
7. iieeause hu is In favor of paying
city workmen same rate of wages
as is paid in Vaiicuuver ami piling
preference to lhe\mployinenl of
re«ident« of Nurtli \alicouier on
muuicipal work
a. BoraOse be is in ftvitr/mr) III
rtJn'raliogNJti. own^eek ipiarry.
Because lie \biII advocate the
urdination of ri^ir ilepkrtiutiuis so
as lo avoiil the re opening ut enuC
plcteel   streets   for    laying
pipes, etc.
In. He.bum' he is iu lanil ol liuyillng
Up (he city clean and ;illi,i.in.- lu
Ibi' hot* class of lili/cnyfiy the im
pruvi'iiieut of tbe ferry'aervlee and
the enforcement of lbe law wilhoul
fear ur faior.
Having every confidence in Ilr.
ilanoa1 eapreaaad iiileuliuii lu adhere
iu lhe polii-y eiiiliiiilit'd ill llie abuic, III
fiiilersigued eaaeulive roininillee fur
the fiirlheruiiee of his randidalura lot
the mayoralty appeal lo Ibeir fellow
i'ilir.eiia for Ibeir active support at the
reining elections.
i'liiiu I'. Jackson, chairman of committee,
W I,, iiuiiii, vice chairman,i
VV. ll, .McFarland, seerelary,
I'lni.i.  II.  ('ales,
'I iiiiinii!. McEwen,
II. .1   Fuwiur,
A. ll. Anderson,
i(.  e  i,. In,., I,
H. I'iaton,
II,  Vnung, /
,1. I'blllippo,
I   i ■ ni,-1
einiliiillee   elected
liy the in I., i..I ('oiniiiitlee.
I'li'dginp 'myself   lo  a.Ibere   lo   lbc
abuve platform aa formulated  by my
 i.ii  committee,  I  respectfully  re
i|uesl yuur vote ami inlliieiicu in my fa
vor as Mayor of lbc city of Norlb Van
couver for the ensuing year.
Ham* tt Ihe Oallphi Hai Nat Yet
luccumbjfd t*Mh* Innovallans el
the   Wait - Bebbere- »nd /l»a*
,4hoy/d  and lb*  Foreign  lacllan
r 1M«er Mil th* Mail Inviting Part
'/''tj the Community.
To ilie readers ot the Arabian
Nights -and whn has not read tnetnf
Bagdad, tha clly ul Harounel-
llaaeliid, cuiijurea uo an incomparable
El' deliihtlaJLiyilioii^il atilely7paK
a, lov«ly/woi»kjJ. ajiaf'y court* (*iid /
1 lountinipir'eucIL *s dial in im
nlhir city (if tlu world. Many a lover
ol tha beiutiM "diss/laid duwn Ills/
buuk'iwlth! a/se/a, nl weariness ul
OociilenUI N^IV,.-bbllvloui (il the
laot that the Kajd seen thruugh tin
iiiagio ipootacles nl laity romance ie
pot tli* Kest of reality.
Bagdad haa a'charm all of iU own.
Por il la not only the largeat audi
beat-known clly ,<» Mesopotamia-til*
cradle id the wnrld- but it ia on* n|
tlia law remaining cities ilill unspoilt
by Western innovations. \
Moreover, the afivent nl the llegilid
Railway and Bir William Wilcuck's
irrigation iOImhii have aiven tha oity
nl tha Caliphs an iiiuiii prominence
ul lata, ana Kugland baa su larft a
stake in that portion nl the Turkish
Empire, that a briel description ol
what ia In lie eeeu end done in Uie
city ul e Tliuusend-and-One Nights
mey unt prove uninteresting tu that
large circle o( readers who ean epare
ix-itlu-i the lime nnr th* money to
undertake e journey necessitating sov.
eral weeks ul travel.
One can reach Bagdad either via
the Persian Gulf ur via llev mm
Aleppei. the lull, i being tlie must pii\;
turesqus route. From Aleppu south-'
wants one mutt either proceed all iio-
way liy native carriage ur go l/Wtet-
keiiuli and travel down the Euphrates
In I'eluja mi a "sliaktniir" -I veaiel
lomewhat like a child's Noun's Ark
borne downstream by the river oor
rent.    ~—
The treveler wlm hankers alter Pull-
iiian cars or upholstered seals had
Ii.i iei i i'i ui ii In.i in- once he reaches
AleppO,     f'et     IU-llllll..'     ,II<>H       II I |.  I   lllh ■! I
able can he "imagined than a journey
through the desert in t nativu carriage Forced to lit lull length Inr
twelve or fourteen hours at a stretch
daily, jolted linm mie tide In the uther
whilst tlie burning rays nl the sun
beat down upon one's head, one gtve-
a sigh id relief upon reaching a
"khan" just Iteinte aumiiiwii ill iii-l'-i
(u snatch a few hours' sleep-fleas
pei muting Mure ver, tlie ruads aro
ini,-1.1 with mhlicrs, so that it is ue- -
aeeiary In travel wllh an escort id
After sume twenty dav.- ui travel
oi e at last ep|ir acliet Bagdad, glad
it heart to know Hial in a space ul e
lew hours the xiiuinl nl Kngliih.
French and lieimsn will again greet
one/t^iie    Hence   when tin-   duv r
.'■ill- 'Vln.-balliili (jil.-a-e (ind), H.i'/
dad in tljaee hunts! uue cratirs ones
neck Hi igdei tn get an early view
ol the ine."|i"- ami mmm■ t 11 slury
aiul ■■.- cl
\\ illiin hall an hour nf Bagdad lbe
hnly city of Karimein, famnus fur its
niiisqua wilh dnmes ol solid gold, and
the lanaiii l-iu ul ita inhabitants,
standi nut against tlte clear blue sky
Annually thousands ol Hhla pilgrim.-
make tlieir way Irnm Persia In pray
al thia iliriue, and the Ottumau Uuv-
eminent reaps quite a rich harvest
Irum tbe duty it levies on cotpsea imported for Iniiuii aiumi, "I the salnl*
of Shit Mohammedanism.
No unbeliever is allowed within Ilia
pie. ii,.'i. ill this place of wutship. and
only a glance can be e.blamed mi
one's wey through the baiaar, ul lhe
splendid mueeks whifli cover tlie
laeade nf this ninsqu*
The natives Iraik eekence al evety
stranger enternig the city, and ■■"
fanatic are they that th* writer ol
this article wes unable In pm. leam a
drink ol water lest his li|» should
defile the bowl. From Kaiiinaiu In
Bagdad there is s vary old-lashloiied
system ol 'trainwawe, which passes
near the tomb nl Knliedirli, llaruun
Sl-HlSOllld'S     lb", ee I. el     VV if.-
Bagdad at laat! uul a liner light
eye never luoknd upon- frnm a distance. The stately palm tree, swaying to and Iro in the penile bneie.
the atrenge go'das plying upon Hie
river, the minarets, the bridge nl boats
with itt orowd ol passengers, made me
wondai whether my senses were eu-
ohanttd. Ichabod—whan I reached
the oity I discovered lhat il was dis-
tano* that lent enchantment to tlie
view, and that the glorias ol Bagdad
had Indeed departed I
If little can h aeld In favor of Uie
eights to be "•'" Ui* looial lite In
Bagdad amongit Euroutani has much
to recommend itetU. Everyone seems
good-tempered, notwithstanding that
tbo main temp*r*tur* in summer is
118 degrees Falir There is plenty ol
sport — tennis, badminton, polo
whilst *n oao*aion»l dance or garden
V#MUr .
1801 Lonadala Avenue, Horth
Cabinet maker, picture fretner and
jobbing work and repairs of all kinds.
Oasigus and eitiinetae submitted. Fur
uif ure bought, sold end repaired. I'honc
Too Late to Classify
WANTF.D-Nurae   girl   for   after
noons, one baby.   246 18th eaat. 31-18
FOH HAI.K -Unlimited   amount   of
card wood or itove wood. Tboopaon
■ JJ 1   OlwAgli     r9Q99w   ?•!  w99   A*"    thm
part/ doei a great deal lo dlepal thet
lael'ng ol hoin*sickn**s that over-
ciiuim tht best did worst o| ui.
Bigdtd boaita three clubi - tli*
Britiih, Oerinan and French. Ifm-
pltallty la written with * capital H
ovtr each, tnd anyone pitching Ilia
Unt in thla city will And a warm welcome eiterided hlm hy hie compa-
Each of tliese clubs sole a day apart
•van week or mouth lor the reception
of guests. Out then hears euch t
babel of tongues thtt ont might im-
tgin* on*'* tall In a llerlitr, Ichool.
Modaety precludes my saying anything about tb* British Club., I cannot conclude this article, how*ver,
.vltliout paying a trlfniU to Uie Uer
man colony in Bagdad. Not to have
been t« the fle/men club on Wediijs-
day alUrnooni ia to hav* miattJ a
toclal treat. Mmy t iioii-Oerm»n
will carry twty with him pleasant
memoriae ol our charming hoeta aad
bo*t*ae*i, io Indelitigabla io thtir
tlorii to make tluir guaiU *■ hippy
a* Djxitibl* "itb <ie*a4*cUn Unil."-
Now that thd Chriit-
in; is here wo
every one to
examine our stock uK
Christmas goods.
We have a stock of
le cutlery that will
bear anyone's inspection and our carying
sets are the best.
Don't forget our stock of kitchen ware
-, for the Christmas cooking; and baking.
■ Pfone 12.
If you want to succeed m business on tlie
North Shore, ADVEpiSEJin the "Express"
Don't Take Chances!
Business I miu aud bualnaaa bouaae
ere utniU)f Judged by tbe printed mat
tar tbay tend out.
Can you afford te take chaucaa with
yeur printing when good work iu tbia
Una coote little, if any, more.
We Do GW Work
Pint Street  But, North  Vaucouvor
Seasonable Suggestions
From the North Shore Drug Co.
■  ,   5.00
Sn Aulwtrop     -   -   •   5.00
afjfty Kazors Aibadrom $1.50 io fR.oo
  Yankw   ....   2.50
32ZZZI Ever-Ready   -   -   -   1.00
MILITARY BRUSHES in caae at $4.00 and $5.00 a (Mir
HAIR BRUSHES 50c. to $4.00 each
CAMERAS-Enti-gneUe 17.00
Carbinei   $15 to $20
PERFUMES from 25c. to $10 per Uk
Chocolates """ ,we""1  ''ne '" town> ^e our window.
 Price* (rom    -   -   ■    2.5c, to $5.00 • bo»
EBONY MIRRORS are alwayi nice (or the ladiei
$1.50 to,15,00
North Shore Drug Co.
P. I. THOMAS, Pb». I. CntttU
59 Lonsdale Ave. Phone 311


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