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Nqwb yamm, fi-Q;, Iwbm, Pmwrn B, 'IWI
NhwIw 4
Waterfront yiwtfb to be En^wrftged—
Difference Between Contractors andCpuncil
^b» »ltt;iH|l »' M»f» aouneil mi Tups'
n>y aveajM wm mtm Vy prompt
despatch of bwinPM apt! no lengthy
discussions took up tbe time.      The
sbusinoss transacted during tlm evening
[mii mainly of MiUne nature. Mayor
lit-Neish occupied Ihe chair and all
tke ajdprnwn wl|h tb« exception, of
Ah). Biss wore present.
'.,       Au in vital inn WIS ex I end eil by tbo
ffprflcpltural Society   to thp  mayor
api| tbe nieinliers pf Ihe council tp at
tend tbO opening of the horticultural
exhibition whicii will take place -. on
Friday evening. A letter addressed te
the cpnpcil |,y Mr. Perry wa* read
in which the latter asked'd8.r,D dam
ages doni! to his clothes caused liy a
fall pn liousilale Avenue on his way
to ibe ferry. 'I'l"' v'tltor stuiml that a,
though b» bad sustained injuries lo
his knob, he only wanted the cost of
hi* dollies  refunded.
Aid. Kittson moved tbat tho writer
be requested to produce the clothes m
order to estimate tbo damages. Tho mo-
ion, however, 'was lost ami the city-
clerk wa* instructed tp take the matter up with the insurance company,
Contractor H. V. Tucker, notified Ihe
council Uml owing tp bis not being
able tp get MflPeiepf taanw, bi» vwjr.
west   pf   Lonsdale   Avenue   htd   been
delayed but ibal be bad •uccoeded in
arranging for a whpoltarrow^g apd
that tho work would lio*cs«-ri*fl on at
pneo. *t.
A letter wtt rccciveuyfron, tbe provincial secretary's office in which * license was enclosed to erect ami main
tuin * powder house within thp limit*
pf the city.
The-matter of A. 11. Qlbson offering
le comply and release the city of
North Vancouver re tbeir contract on
lonidale Ave. from the city .vnarf to
tbo south side of upper Keith road
pud to settle with tb city pn a yarn
agp basis for work already done fpr
bt cenU per cubic yard was reform!
to lb* city engineer.
In couuecliou witb P request made
hy the district council to appoint a
roiuinittcc tp act together with the
delegate of the district in requesting
the B. C. Electric Bailway Op. to extend tbeir cur Une ou lepuidalo Ave.
, Aid, Smith, Henderson tnd McKpc
were chosen on tbe committee.
Upon » motion by Aid. Dick thp
city clerk wit instructed fo see tbe city
solicitor in connection with thp draft
ing of a bylaw tp encourage bpmo in
■luslries (long the wuterfronUgc tpd
report at tho next meeting.
Several matters came Up in connection with the financial slaudiug pf Ihe
different committees and it was moved
that this matter should be refitted to
tbe financial committee aud Will he
threshed out at a special meeting.
The building inspector's report was
submitted, showing that during the
past month 71 building permits b»i,
boon issued amounting to 476,960.0.0.
Tho fees collected during the 'month
of August were till.
Upon request by tbe council the cily
engineer submitted * report on th*
cost pf th* Third street bridge in the
Indian reserve,, which read u follows:
Wages, »7llJ»; lumber, lUUM;
t hardware, 111.50; rent of which «13.W,
toUl, *S1»0.W.
Tbe additional cost pf grading thp
road amounted to $640.
'. Aid. Henderson objected tbat this
expense should be charged up to lu.>
, Hoard of Work* fund and Aid. Dick
was of tbe same opinion aid proposed
Uiat psrt of thi >*' should be 'hav
od to frontage. The matter w*s finally referred to tbe finance coinuiillce
Wi* to settle,
The city onginoer submitted to tho
council the following recommendations
made by the Bosrd of Works: "That
* 12 foot sidewalk be canstructod o.i
the nortb side of Lsplunude from Lonsdale Ave. to St. latrick's kve. uodpr
'      local  improvement  on the initiative
Aid, Henderson favored the petition.
Aid. Klttspn op, used   bim   saying
that a six fppt sidewalk was sufficients
''lion a motion by    the Utter   this
'       matter "meaning extra expense" was
referred to tfce finance cominjit**.
Mf. A. B. Stevons, residing cprpor
of Second street and St. David'* Ave.,
who previously bud lurked the council
for HIDt damages caused by blasting
' and who had beep informed that tho
io»tr»clor wa* the rp*»on*ible Ope uplifted tho council ho would no* com-
muplcato with the cpntractpr ami tho
be w)I| bold tho city responsible for
the damages because tbp poptractor
m      ha* been ong*»ed by th* c)ty.  This
Once more Ufa**-. Bnmapp Pinto ft
tp, noiiiied tba ttwA that ip their
specification pf tbe contract re sewurs
on Tb|rd itreet and lane east nf I*ns-
dale Avp. nothing ■» itoiip) to the »pe-
■ ificiiiii.il pi |0 prohibitiug tunneling
and that if they woro itppped (n driving tuiincla ,for trenches tbey would
oxppct pxtr* pay.    -
Aid. nidi nlijei'ieil that this matter
wbicb had been up bofore the council
several times before shpuld lie discussed again pwing to ibo fact that this
mutter was entirely between tbp contractors and tbe pity engineer to be
TbP,.*ecrotary pf the se-'po) board in-,
formed ibf wwm.ii that he bad bad a
letter frpm ify, j, p. Fall in mom-
lion witb tilt purchase pf block 8, D.
J., 6r,2-fpr school purpose* in which the
later sUted that owing tp the fact
that the cpuncil at the present time
was not In a position to submit a bylaw tp the peopjo as to the purchase
of this block. b« would hold the property until next January wbon a fcy-
l»w cpulil bo submitted, Tbp matter
w*» alio referred tp tho finance cpm-
A lottpr.'frpm Mr. John Bird was
read uskiiig permission to connect
premises pp lot 7, block 186, D. {,. ili
Wfth the |ano sowpr. The council
granted this request under tbe condition that tbe writer would deposit *
cheque covering th i estimate made by
'be engineer. Mr. Bird was pr-seut at
the mooting and declared bis .villing
uess to do eo...
Tbe mailer of Mr. Watson who objected to grading portion* pp t|l* 17
foot strjp opposite bis property on corner of 23rd street and Lonsdale A<c.
which is required for the widening
of tho street came ty) before the coun
Til »pd it was moved and curried that
Ihis should bo .aid ovpi until hear
bitratirn prpco»dtpg» f bich wr,»'' Joder
way should bo settled
The following communication. Wire
read and referred, to the respective
ciininillcu:    from     A-     0.    Strung,
pp hll property, Ipt t which tre dam
gerous to pedestrian* from Mr- T. M.
ilenley. making application fn a ,id'
walk ou Keith road from Bidgeway
Ave. cut; from Vf t. W. S. Good-
hgdy, asking for * sidewalk on tb*
south sid* of it* at'..<b> '.iow Mph-n
Avon up.
Mr. Diploek sucmilu'd a new php
of tho proposed suhiivfsion o' loU 4,
e, 6, block 37 and It is I an'1 3, block
bl, D. L. bin, n |la- of ws.<cb bpd
Ipen siiiuiiiiied on 4one li but which
bpd not been approved by tbo City
engineer pp grou.-u 11 tat 'M.. street
should havo been ''s'-own iu rcntinit
ntion across spbd.vis'.in ',' 'rhe now
plan was reforred It- the city cughi.cr.
Before the council ...djo'iroi'd Al..'
Dick asked tp have the report pf the
Board of Works in the minutes of the
adjourned regular inserting of tbe council op August 30th re worded, fit staled that tbe delay of the work on
Lonsdale Ave. bad been caui.nl by
tbo waterworks committee and that tbe
Utter was to blame. Aid. Dick asked
tp bave tho reference to waterworks
in- tbo report olimjfatcd.
Aid. Henderson and Smith both slat
ed Ihul when this roport bad been
drawn ap none of tho board of work*
had said one word about tbo water
corks and lhal lothing di*. was
thought ot except to hive tbe street
in proper shape for traffic tbi-: winter. Aid. Henderson went so far a*
in move tbat tbp (fork thoult' be instructed to retail to tne min it*, that
lb* board of wpr*s bad nude no im-
puUtion against fir waterworks torn-
millee whatever ip drawing up this
report. This, howovtr, did pot suit
the in. un hers pf fbe water works com
9mim wm
A vary pjptty wkfag iM f\m
op WMnwIay itmwt, whan, w at-
tomA p\t\w ppA piprippr drug atom
mp99fn9»m> ¥«Pnwlli wa» mfc
od jn bply naMmwy to ¥la» Kva
Pr»oo Ban,, siatcr nl another piomtw,
tip well known ttatioimr, Hr. law
Bnl Halo.    The rrrarrisge took place
pt st, ilohn't phirrrt^ifcig pity,' tba
8»v. 9- 9. Boflppr, oioiating-
Tlio bridp was given awny by hot
ilfythar, Mr. J.- Halo, and Mix Es4yn
Sate, nieoo ol lbs brick, was brid s-
muTrl.     Mr, Scuttorty wus best map-
Alter tb* ceremony p reoaptiorj wat
hobl pi thje rosidoiice ol Ihu'liriuWs
mother and thp happy pair deptrUd
cm tne one o'clock bout for Victoria
and the Sound cities whoio tho bonoy
moon will be spent. On their return
tbe young oouplc will toko up their
romdenoo at tlppr liopw pn tbe ppf0
pf 8tb pnd 8t. Qworge.
Tbp bridp and groom were tbe reci-
pienU ol many valuable prouonts, and
evpryone wil) join in wishing tfapm all
bappipess snd prosperity.
Tha- WW RrH»r»iw P«rc»srfYi)Wy«
attopitMrn bsw a mi: mmM
iwotlng cm TpBStlay evpning  4 this
*tm.i to lha tooi po 9*tt toa4 mw
eo»ncii|pr.Tiiflwpa»it'ii tton,   TVm
waa a large aUendam* »nd tftfting
pAAtpamt yrm (Wiypred by Mr. 9- W-
ft»s|py ami ftlwr.iiphw. nlwsgly
coodunuiing tint 'Propoppd |t*oipiwwty
Bgroewent.    Another mooting fill *1»
laid m*V TwaaaVay nmm m J*V
same plar*. to .which th* ptrblip U tty
'viW'        , .
. ..>'■■'■-'■■ e.j_a-j
Urge Ampt $ hmm Itmrn^ at
Regular Mepring of Distri^ CphpiI ,, ,
A mpotiinj of ihoae intertshsd jn
lawn tennis was bdii in Mr. Uwiou's
office last wptk, and It was deoided to
form a West Vancouver Iawo Tennis
Club, which club is to u*e the three
court* laid out last spring, just near
thw Hollyburn wbarl. A membership
lap of ten dollar* wtt fixed tad a
.pedal raio of two dollar* was made
lor those who only wiibsjd to pUy
thia aeuon, while if wai alao arranged tlinl n ohorge should Im made per
hour lor those wishing to hire tb*
• j    ,  '■
Tbe regular meeting of th* policj fbe police wu s*ti*f*ctory.
commissioners  took  place    yesterday  ' The question than arose of acquir
iiioruing tbe mayor aud Conimiuio mt
Jackson and Henderson being present.
(hpinnissioncr    Jacksou    ss|s."'    an
early opportunity to corroi t * mislead-
ng statement wbjcb, according tp tbt
press, be had made at their but meet
ing. During the discussion of ih' la
diaii case bo WU reported to have
said that tbe police aiuat be protected
•yen if injustice were done. Me b*
licved tbat bis actual word* were
'tpvpn if if were hard on the •(lenders."
Mr. tireeu of the "World" supmi •
t*d that he bad Uk.en down * rerb*
tim report of Com. Jacksc'i if*
niprki *pd that th: term* ther -of weie
exactly as had appeared in tbo pre*.,
Commissioner Jackson oburved thtt
if »uch wero tp hp could ouly .Uto
that be had ui.-p.ut to imply no *ucn
thing. Such a meaning would be
emit* anomalous since they were then
to represent justice.
The police report sbpwed that dur
ing the month of August tbe following cites bave received atbentlou: As
stult fi, affray 9, druuk tnd disorderly
1, drunk ami Incapable t, discharging
firearms 1, liquor 11. possession (liiu.Jn
Act) 1, in sttte of intoxication (Indian
Act)l, threatening language 1, theft
l, vpgrancy 1, tptal 85. < .,♦
If wai remarked* that the Indian,
were now shewing a moro tractable
spirit and that th ir ottitule lowarii>
ing t pound wherein to cstfine wjudei
tag animals.    (1pm.    Mendert'ii 1%
geifed that tbe Chief'of I'olie be a
thprited to rent spue suiuble lot for
tbi* p'lipose Bcfnio ptxing a„) 10
tolotiou on tbe mtt'er, however, it
wu adviwble to f. intt tb* que»tion
pf finances and discover what .xpensi
tbo police were now abl* fo. baa*.
Tbe Chief of / ol.. 0 Uv.ug stal«d
hi* belief that theft would be   nougb
pound fee* tb cover rental, tbi turn
fit 1 month wtt n*W»d a> * 'uitab
Com. Meadeno* moved Ihereforc
tbat the Chief be »utboriicd U make
inquirie. and if possible to rent 4 Ip.
and that th* expense* be United to
it t month.
Com. Hender.on tbea used ,I.lt w",
permiwble for miuician. to play U tbe
public street and solicit money, lie
bad personally *tsn on tht evening
previou. an elderly woman pitying a*
accordion and two girl, of Under
years singing to her accompaniment
II wt* not *n tditying .pccUcle. He
w»s .orry to «oe a thing Ilk* tbat in
tbis western country.
The Chief pointed out lhat the po
lico woulij be jtutifisd la moving
such penou* oa if thsy were creating
an obstruction er cauiing a crowd ',■>
gather. He tlso addsd that ha had
loccived no more complaints relative
lo Spsday trading.
Ferry Director* Meet
appear next iatpc) r'cofcftd re:-jip^
:... tlhllfj.lt, J.sMur smeuts i'J,rui,ji,
monthly deprc:ittwn IfitU, leuvi-.g
net profit ovtr opcnling exptuses ol
4, eoMl,i)entbl» pile dJ-cWFefPflnd
once awaited the consideration of the
ilbttrict council lait pight when their
regular meeting was held at fbe municipal offices, Beeve McNangbt prs*jd
At tb* outset the fire Insurance connected witb fhp new municipal bail I.i
Lynn Valley came und, r di.ci sslon au
it WU unanimously agreed fp iucrcaso
ihe pplicy by MJWO, this bringipg the
total insurance fp |7,oOU.
The clerk then read * letter from
^e Seympur IrHfSbfr' Op- notifying
^e council that they were m»ving
their offices and. lumber yard tp ti}e
north half pf bloc|cs 1)8, district lot
npifi. ip y|ew pf tbi» they o*H ti«
cpuncil tp open up the street Immed.
ately opposite from Lonsdale to St
qeorge'* Ave. (m.i feet), 300 feet is
already opened from tho St. Qr-prg'
and, so tbat tbi* would only leave 600
feet to clear. Tbe company wu willing to supply sufficient, lumb*r to plank
this 80(1 feet free of charge.
I It wa. decided thai th* eity engineer
be instructed fo supply an estimate
and ''port on tbe realtor.
Mr. 8. F. Bicketts pf the Nprtb Arm
pt an
lone to bis bpuM occuloned by blading. 0; tb* agrement of council,
Cpun. AJian remarked tbut such
claims were becoming elmoit a woWkly
Messrs. John Alexander and Wm. J
Irwln p*ti|ion*d tor improvement! to
the dangerous portion of Keith a*.
.-jteudiug frW lb" *a*f 'Mo if th*
Capilano river U Hollyburn. Decision
:p tht matter was deferred, the rcovi
♦bwrving tbat ha had recently driven
over tbi* portion of tbe road in'an
iutomobile tpd tbat bs snd hi* friends
bad remarked pa III good cpudil,oii.
Ten taxpayers cxprpMcd a written
wilh that the grade be changed po
King street tb.t tbe boulevard on tha
m\V lld> of the stroot bo 18 inchis
Pr 8 fppt |pwer fhip pp tbo west sido,
g|v|ppf pp«ier acccs* to tho property ou
liotb sides pf fbe street .
It WU reported that tbit wu already ee*p to.
The council tcceedoil fp tbo roquest
from Mf- }■ Wpods'tpat the road
across to district lot tit be improved
tit- ytOOAi P0!s>r°d puf iii one case
that a property owner was expending
tt least <3,00ll in landscape gardening
and that aeveral possessed automobile*. Ho far there bad boon 110 means
of access fp* this kind pf vehicle.
On fbe motion of Coun. Word it
was then resolved that Coup. Loutet
be appointed fo att with a representative from the city with power to
puke arrangements with tbo owners
ef the hospital wboroby tbo city apd
d|*tr|ct council* will jointly bear
equally any los which may result from
tho running of the hospital ill * way
any arrangement* to bo entered into
With tbp owners of tho hospital to
bf) fit thP balance of fhe prcsont term
of the council.
The Hurrard Inlet Tnuol I UridgO
Co. wrotp saying that it wax r.jiolvpa
%'lSlmM f^a^ttlewpptl1''»»»JMetln([ of tb*ir board qf dircc-
1 amount for ID-M for damage I'0" (il" W«l>< wti,.g mayors
and reeve, of all tbe municipalities
who have sublcribed for stock in that
compapy (being duly qualified directors ip accordance wilh the Bailway
Act) receive notices pf pvery meeting
ot tbi* committee.
The clerk reported■ that the Keith
read wtaf local improvement loan t trillion was pow ful|y tigueii.
JM cpuncil accepted the fdluwiuc
Stwcx street, J. C, Brown, lump sum
ef $1,001); nnd from Keith tai' fp
'•lain itreet and soirtb side 01 blocks
l), K, V ami Q, diitrict lot f 13, II.
laa,, Iimt; rotd In block 5, district
IU 808TI, H. Temi, $1211.110; Bobson
toad and Harden Avoupe, J. W. 'lor
rauce $26.1.80.
Express Classified All.
WANTKD-A goo/% tot general
huuse work.    Apply pt onoo to Mu.
thu. Grou, cor.' I.t *ud ClwUrfterd
L06T-A $100 'iolc between wale.
front and Flr.1 strict. Finder | base
return to 1'ollce OCci, City Hall apd
receive  x»w*r-l.
Among the chihit* whlr.h tv-il b -
sees *t th* Horticultural sxaibition
which opens today wil' be thine to
de|* pf vessel, (two sailing \oMol*
tod a steamer) wbleh were *uue by
Ur. Alfred Wjl.Un s, »i. iiaj'at* ,f the
Old P»ople's 'fobs, Vaa*«$v*r Mi
'Villlarus I. only U years of »g», bat
lnc*p*bl* of work owb.g to su fUfdi
..Inch took piace pb*at sigl year-
.go in Vancouver, wkw ke fell »0
'cut from a buibii-.g bxtk.jg ii.cit
lioue* ia his left alWpUiw *'il wm,
which tre almost **•!«■ i«f. Ore*.
cm* wu Ukra ,1 ih* muvfaetoiev
Uie mnd«|, for wklek a g**' t/rlte i*
, xpectrd U b* receivtd.
mlttee and Aid. IjUck moved that tbo
leport should be reworded.
Aid. Uenderson m»de an amendment
lo tbe motion to tbo effect that top
report .houid go op, the minutos a*
road. Tha latter'* amendment was
carried. Thp meeting thep adjourned.
 p. —
Jnmee MWopold WM oVatgtd af
the city police court on Wednesday,
with bejpg drunk  end incepaW*  on
tin, pifpett fin prpyiou* ity> 9* m
loti win tpd mm ot too Anyi to
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Vmrner loft on
Sunday 'or Fepgland. Jt is u«dpf
If^offld tint fr. y««ier ha* gope fn
mmpii'm 9p% m lf»oam *%» of
At a meeting of the board of ferry
directors held this morning reference
wu made to the lotUr wflttoii to tbe
city council urging upon it tbe Immediate uuH'sil;, of r*|sinj( lui.li.;.-
fund* fpr the purchase of a third ferry boat, tbo sum required being
about IftOMO. The auditpr wt*
thit morning instructed to prepare a
bylaw relative to thl* matter.
The condition oi .liiaiis ben ecu .h
'St Goorge'and t). North Vancouver
ferries tlso cam* ap for dltcoufpn
snd a letter was read from Evans,
Coleman <i Kvtm proposing that
Capt. Qibb. who i. surveyor tp the
Hoaid of Hariic I nd-'iwiilcrs, Bcaf-
tie, be given power to decide which if
tbo two vessels WM at fau|t. This
propos.ii.op w*$ jTC-ui-led b, ;h' boaid.
Application had been prtviouily
made by tbe board to extend the entrance le»d. out to the harbor head
line and the deputy minister of marine pnawered thu special application
would bave tp b* made aod alto full
plans would hav* tp be furnished.
It wu announced that tendon bad
beep invited for the installing of p
boiler ia Np. t lerry. Tender. w*re
duly received from the Wallace  Shipyard* apd McDougal, Jenklps, Kngin-
con, I/td. and thi* morning another
cAmo to hand in an unsealed envelope from the   Mainland   Ironworks,
Vanco«ve*. There arose « PulnoMt of
rpiij-loo U to wu', r 0.' not Ihis |**t
lender was aecepUble.   Mr.  Will.tip'
favpred it* accepUncc but Mr. I-ar-
tpp pbftefnA, stat.cg ;,;» view fat', '!
ws* npf»lr fo th* other firms.      Tpe
ihalrwan Uppfly ondprud Mt.   I«r
■■on's viow   apd    the Wallace   Whip-
yardi WU awar.dwl tho work.  I win
aiiiiovnced that l*j*y undftimk k, to ^ ^dynp of klne^mntim eg, H u,   900$   <w4
tbe tame tm pn a n***^ h** m -y w onmM j^ ml'tj^ft $»# mty}
WIST-4)11 l*bor Dty, ncur atoond
jron brjcrgp up Spymour a»ek, Gent's
macksntoib. Finder returning ..me
fo Harriott It Fellows, 814 Hastings
street wait, will bt nw*r*rd.      U-V
Strictly fr**b Kggs, in cents per
down at tha Up to Date Urocory, 3C6
to IW Fint Street east.
FOB 8AI.E-Two bwUir* in   good
condition, cheap.    Apply KuuclieKil-
-hen. 16'J
FOB SAIeE-First growth dry wood
lor W-60 per oord, 4 It. 0. McDade,
I'bone 83. it* -•
Mild Cured Brcasfasl Bacon, ine
per lb. In half or whole sid-a at tho
Upto-Dato Orocory, itt First ot. E.
IeOST-Swaday, A#go*t IJIh, b*
twe»n St. Andirew'* phurcti and Ny.
*tr*et, a gold, bar Brooch with dome
pat with pearl*. FinoVer plea** Uave
at thi* o£o*. 18 9
r** *MM«
BOOMS  FOB BENT-Hou«k»eping
SI 8 2nd ettml »pat.   JM
fQ9 mi~fswr*»i im ™i»<-
nulled room*. Mr., Knight, 10, and
»r ¥*■ 1   \f*
Boom aad Board- M.80 per week
Apply, Mrs. II. (larvlc, over Hammond
{Pool Boom, Ut slrwt wut.
FOB SALE- Imperial Car Co. 4100
shore.. A low lor .ale at Ten Dollars
per tharo in lots ol two or not leu
than five share*. Georgt A. Kendall,
623 I'ender St., Vancouver. 11-9
FOB SALE Oak hall stand, bod-
loumfo, tobie, diair., etc. Apply Mr*.
Corkett, Htb and Cbnterfnrd.      B-'J
JKDfJCATfONAI^. V. Preparatory"
and 1 kindergarten. Ages 4 to 13. St.
John'a ball, juiiciiiin Wji and 13U>
.trout, wast.    Mis Gradwdl. V it-UI
WANTKIWI'cnutra lor clearing and
grading lot 19, block St, I). L, 21*,
North Vaprnuvrr. On ltd itreet.
Apply Box 47 Expresa Oflioc.        Ml
MlU-New and clean for ih-Uvaxy
north of Keith road. Eigtit cpurts
lor 000 dollar. Apply Colin F. Jaokt-
ton, lfith and St. Cieorgo'.. e>»
matter wu ttlprred to tfre e|ty tolfpi hw'lpfe tptimt tpd hopm to wrtorp'o
Uot, '*» <Hv ***1iy-
u, »6 pu etpf. ittipr, w. m mok,
<mto>ifl or for Vm m H ff,»»v-
ferry ffaU^ppf fpr IM m^fuk
|0 AfHoM f^pmeat at *.-.)>. mff
A great deaf of lwlo% I* noif ftp-
tog carried pp ia Ibi* vicinity, pap) fey
ton* of tin ffmnWm ar* o»»rly bo
i*h«d tim owners Mood living at
Weal Vauoouvpr I during Uu f oming
winter. Br. Inapt Ml erecUd * hoe
hoep* pa th* mttntftopt at Duniliuve
which ia now tmdy for ocpopoUoo,
m Ur. tlnmmm to'nmm >> mtgp
horn 00 tim Mia ftifc *a»>livi*lsn,
norbb of the tmti, road, wf»tob .or*
maud, a iMtutilul v»*w pf Fpulisb
bay «nd the Gulf of «*orgf*.
Mcmt. Irwin k Billing* ant pntiing
to p drainage ayftam to Mm 0» iba
Walter Irom th* low lyJM portion pf
•efap Inrip Park sirbdiviiwaa, mi mv-
»a»i    *jmttm*f  Uf ffrnwl'm imlAwf )Wffmi>   mmftmi
tl bavw already ba- Wvaitd 0» 4rP
tint tract.
nmmnmm ~ \\tm*
9fw nfWrm/ mtr f^ffl^W^rlff frr   l^^rW  ™'   Wfr   mrm   r^W?|r
".*      f WprffrrT,' *rTjyfrT%T     WFWWB'V    ^l^^mmmm\\\\\\\\\m\
rrWWWf r'^r^V ^'W^^^^.•      'JF^t/W't.' ItW* yWm fWWW
X^Lft 1 MmMmWmmm
nwaWf 1-v^fVPq1
I'rivate Mot* aaa board for y mag
me* $4-60 per ws.ek- Apply Mn.
Knight, 7th *rt«t ar*r St. flavf^g
FOB B*:NT-Tbr«s rooatesi roUsge.
•I"    apply W l*mdale. k9
' t'oloffUl Mtmtot jfmm, yfafolja
fori aad 8th *tr»it nnlt' "of "**•
fouraad Iv* room tuitu. AU modern oouwsjipnois. B-W
I, leoaUt an* Uorth l^nadal*
Opt it at leonaouplsi Pharmacy Phone 29
Nurse Oroen, wbo is op* pf th* first
nunc ip -Vancuvn, I* wUblithcl at
n Karri* ttrepf. 7»
Th* City f)y» Woykp hai csl-yliiV
od t; branch tnr: inhnde K.  and
Untdal*.  first com work at m-vir
FOB SAI-K-tiuantfty ol rouyh lum- [»t, rate*, cleaning,   dyeing, prcsing
jber, ail land., short IsogUu, tuiuW* M< repairing.
for inoing.   AI*o li s 10 very cheap
f-J#»; K*th road, wut  of
Joijei avpna*.
FOB BENT OK HklH-ftim tent,
Ff^' rT^rWm^mW   f^"*^^^*^i
14 J lay,     IfKf^wkpf frjww}*     *^
hm m it* KkoJ.    Pwr
jMwmtvjf 9m 9mw mf mW mtiwmw*
kjmty Hox «, ttntm om.       ti
ll, ll. Bayment, Cortumipr, 8th B*.
out, adioiniag w**t of Boulevard, H.
V»»copver tint clas* work oo'y, la
die*' #wa laaMali mad* up.
B. IO. Mvpry and hoard *t#Uo* -
light rig* m Inonw1 nM» Mom
totktn-. StpWipg for'hor***. Gem-
»af l#y,ary pnd fwavy teaming, ifl,
Psaaaf, iff, tUtei wut    Phone HI
9HIIP9k mtm--9*nmm,
uA (nxmttl foMtPAhi, Iti im
m imm-    l*W»«hoeing a tpe-
i-if) Ik
Clocks of Merit
A pliable -lime pi*** (n it* hooto ilw»y» $\m iwk «
assurance of domestic wnfwIlMnl that m titftm il -Wl"
duly io direct the ptiblif mind to our dock »f iit^riw
clocks which are real models of modern pwfMon, So
closely do We keep in touch with (he realms of production
lhat we can readily furnish any Article in thii line-
Every clock purchased from us is carefully tested and
regulated before leaving our 'tore, from where they are
delivered to (he purchaser's home hy competent men who
will explain the most intricate movement, •• i,,
There is s«fe|y in buying a clock nt "BJRKS,"
■    ... i —ii — ii—  -■■■■        —i—        'ii      ■-!■       . i    ■■—s-.i- HI-    ■'"■'!■
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Jeweller* and Silversmiths
Hastings anil Granville Streets   -   -   -   Vtncouver, B, C.
Half Acres in East Half 787. Th*
few remaining for sale at $500 and $550*
Terms 1 -4 cash, 6,12 and 18 months.
Apply to
522 Pender Street       -
. '
l.i'iivii Vancouver 8.30 a.m. aad
llicicnlii'i every 'ill iniiniliji until
7.00 p.m. Coanuaciag 7.90 |i.m.
every 30 minute, until 11.80 p.*s.
thereafter 1.1.15 tnd 1.00 am.
Uavt North Vancouver {.OO a.*.
aad tlumlUr iv«*y 90 miuuU* until' 7.00 p.m. ('onmmcing 7.80 p.
m. tvmy 80 minute* uutil 11.90 p.
tp. thirnfUr 11.18 aad 1116 a.m.
l4ave  Vancouvsr 7.40,  8.40 aad |
'J.ISI ilii'ii'iill.'i  same tl weekday*.
fewvs Nortb Vtnoouvir IM, 8.00
PASSENOUB BATB8 ' '  -     | '   j-fl
Hiuglo Ian Be, 6 lor Ota, 88 for |l, 70 lor 13.
I ruck*   **sl
A-Lumber  w*goas,
dray*, 71c return.
II  II liurso  esprsw tarriag** tad
lim-ks, We return.
O-l bom  ciprass  buggiaa  aad '
niilSis, 'lte return.
Tunc labia .ulijeot to change witk out notise.
''iiinpiny not liabta for delays, aocidintal or otherwiae,
AH 111* abov* rale* includ. driv-
er. Halm A pnd B a«b|oct 14 20
\m ant. diMout *a lot* ol 60.
FBEIOHT TABfffr    , .
Per lOOIbs. nU.Bo.
Minimum rata, fit.
W«m M,)
IWl Ciuwbjjr to ataa up Mtp apd tall
Mr atflnr"
Way told ft* aama faj«, '
Andrew* wis the officer on tba Ptt-
mo»t b*at.Caaal4y waa It Wurman,
Tbslr suspicion* bad bear, aroused tba
night bdfore by tbe merest pbaBSa-
tbe ssiUH.lighting Pf Mlaa Dunwnl'a
IM Illumination attracted th*|r
attention, and tbey'dlsUnotly eaw fba
man |» bar room aa be replaced bl*
mask aad leaped toward the light bull)
on the wall. Prior to that tbay bad
pot seen his fac*.    .  "
One of tbe nun Immediately moved
lo tba rear of the house, mounted to
tba extension roof, aud waa about to
enter the window af tba burglar, a
tall, wall built man, dashed put bin
Ud leaped to tbe ground. Tbey fired,
and ovldontly bit their pan, because
along tba line of obaae tbey discovered drops ot blood.'
U> their opinion they bad wounded
bim painfully, and perhaps vary sart-
Dusly.   And tben he bad disappeared.
Tbey bad done their beet-and   po
pun could do more. '
"Haw, took Mtt," aaked the ablef,
•■did thl* man look like etflrmet-
rou know tbA pw I mean."
, He scrutinised Iheir face* carefully:
ba waa not quite certain tbat tbe
oscape waa altogether unavoldr.lilo.
"Well, sir," aaid .indrawn, "As
tald, we didn't see his face. But to
tall tba truth, storms waa tba man
tbat wa were looking for-we bad an
eye oof for blty-and tta|s nuui'aeeai-
wi to pt to be about his build. Wa
thought, (ly, It wtt Stormo."
At thl* Juncture t man In plain
clothe* entered-* man wltb aanlwn
eye* aad weary frame. ,
It wa* Burke.  He bad not »|ep». for
thirty hours.  He sank In an exhausted way into a chair.
"Wbare bava you b**u, Bm**r In--
Quired tba chief,
Burke stepped wearily up to Ihe
front and stood befon the desk.
"I'm dog tired," be announced with
ft anile, "f'v* been followln' 11. Btau-
lelgh Btorme."
"What bave you found out?" inquired tba chief,        , *
Burke shook hi* bead,
"Nolhln'-Just nothln'," ha replied,
"Either we're away off or tlso he's
de«d on to ua and I* keepln' stralghL"
Tha chief turned * pair of suspicion* eye* upon tha detective.
''What tha mlscblef do you mean,
Burker he demanded. "Don't you
kftow that Storme robbed tba Dumont
bouse laat nightt"
Burke pfftrtad up aa though shot
s> "Wbatl" ba daaaadad.  "Wbat d'yt
Ruaaf   Bobbed tb* Dumont house I
"Do you mean to tall u*," *ald Ihe
chief, biting his finger, "that ha
wasn't tb* nan who did Itr
"Bar* ba ■wasn't," answered llurke.
''Of course ba wasn't."
"How do you know!" asked tbh
"Wail," replied Burke with a smile,
I ought to know, I saw Btorme go
Into the Iroquola at about midnight
1**1 night, saw bin take his plica In
tb* cartf room, and saw him sitting
Hero all night Ull bait past two ueit
morning, saw him go home; and I've
Juat now con* from the Oouvepieur
where ba lives/*
"Do you mean to fall me," demanded tba chief, "tbat you saw bla Ilea -
saw B(orm» hlm*olf-|p (he Iroquola
all night longr
Over tb« blue greei, Juluf,
In line witb tbi Trailer* run,   ■
Backed bv tbe Jfoatb-el&d Moiiiit»inn,
Prone m the p*tb pf the Bhb,
V7a»es * new-born pity.
But npw frum if* cradls leapt,
("ull of tbe blood which surges
Onward in path* clean swept,
Bard by bar Aom ara tha ibtpwiittbt*
Inside 1/sr gates aro *fij|s,
Tailing apd grinding fp give Her
Tb* Print* wbleh Destiny wills.
(.ppming. ahead is fhe guerdon,
This youngest pf Cities fUTrigm,
And fba nt* pf ber progrosri* such,
Thai the Vniverso rings witb bar
(lor beritigeUCol! of tbe Forests,
Tall of tho rfoop »t Hpr feej,
Tali whioh if bear* ou it'* bosom,
fell from it's depths without nlete.
Toll from tha men who have mado he,
- Paid/ without stint or rebate,       ,
Willingly remierod unto her     -
To further bar greater estate,
Tall from tht broad fertile arros
Hid iu the lilnterltad1* vsbis      ■
Bwuribg tba prid* pf be* future
Piliig her wharves high With bales.
.'»« ypp than well, youthful ';ity,
A nation i» bach of thy work
i'ako your place presently, knowing
None pf your children will shirk,
Tbe   Tbcosophicul Society   meet* in
North Vancouver in Boom 1, 67 I.OM-
dale Avenue (entrance pent Tip Wil-
o°9W garjqr) bvory f'.dnssday ovinjng
at 8 o'djock.' Attendance is entirely
Ire* and oarriss no obligations wbut-
•vsr. Von ate invited. 'I'boosopli'.cal
study and question*.
New W*stmjp*tsr Und Diitriot-l
net pf North Vsncouver.
WICE that we, 111 Gladwin.and ,
C. Gladwin ol North Viineuuver, ocon
put inn, retired, intend to apply for
permission to lease Ih* following da
scribed stream, known a* l,vnn t'n-c-U,
commencing at * post plunted at lbs
N. W. comer of ilie nhl wooden bridge
crossing said strsan, thence nortb,
lollowing b*d of stream to a po*t
planted. 1,000 (net- nortb of Keith
Boad, steel bridge, for tbe purpose ol
pbtairfing rock, gravel and land for
buildipg and other purposes.
Datad Aug. 7th, 1911. 810
Tba operator'* duties *rt to aniwer
«»ll* and naha connection* »• rapidly
a* possible. Conver*ation with you
would inevitably blook othar oall* just
a* urgent at yours.
Sq the operator it tr»ipsd to use
certain atf pl|ra»os relating strictly
fo her work- Any question, oul-
srido ol l»r function* must nscussar-
ily b* rolorred to psop|e having in
cliorge ipeciil classes ol "irro-
gp|»r" inquiries.
A minute's consideration will show
lhat unless th* operator's duty were
uniform-practically tb* samo ip every
call- she could not possibly give AM,
subscribers the *ervice tbey demand.
■ '
If you want yftir Doori
and Windows in a hurrj^
call, phon* or write
' .■   '       ->■■■-   ■■    ■ii-a«a*T UWH..I —lu -■■!■>»■  *- leM<m<.<'emm9tm ■■■  .
Phon* 222     P.O. Bo« 1719
Qmpbell Realty & Invcitmcnt Co*
. FOB UklM^toom Mm m OVa-
tetnii kve. Um, m-wOtmm, tm
t»fiM. tm irnm.
tuh mm, fjoum, imvimncn,
nummt} '«♦ >, 0, m hi
"I'll tall you," eiplilned Burba. "I
dldri't pt* his face a/tar ba went In,
but 1 eaw .It from hia ayabMwa up,
aad U wet Mam*'* boad all right, all
right; aod besides, tha doorkoeper
told n« half a doten Una* Uiat
Btorn- wm than. U* waa there all
right, aU right, tod, I'm sure Af
Ilu chief glanced uncertainly at
Uu» lua before bin, tnd U»en he ad-
dr****d Oaaaldy ooo more,
"Pld-ald roa aaa Mlaa Darnoat la
the roon, l**t plghfVM aafcad.
Cat*ldy nodded.    —'.        '
"W* did," |u relarned. "Tb»l'* th*
raaaon Andrew* climbed up. Ha waa
afrafd the fellow might offer some
Tha chief touchad a button. An official appotrtd.
"You get a cab," commanded the
to bava bar down. She's tha only on*
who aaa aolv* thl* mystery.
"I won't go up then, wbaf* ni u
anbarrataadr l'n' going to h»v* bar
down here. Tali bar that ibe needn't
ba afraid to con*, pit aaa fear in my
room. We'll Hstfca tt aa auy lor hay
aa w* aaa. Pat Ufa nu*t oom«-un-
derataad.   If* tor tha good of the
"*m^mmmmmmmtfwtmn    emwpenmn, ftntm   Wmsfm  mm ijtXAlrmy,
Half aa hour lator another nan an-
r, 'T' I'  tvTT rrmttt   rtmfnfr- wwfmft'wfwmwi   wmmwrnn  wmm
"DM Dunont fa bare," ha aanonn-
Fff^ mr^FW WrefTT W WWW ••« rmr? ft9
.'''D^tr WarwW rrf   rrPfff WHeff   -      tm   wWWIWm
Baifca i* haar and aa*
^o^v''twmWWt/Tt Www fmcf wrtrm ■ -• rmJW
annul tibtawud TU aUaf auuia-
rr^~TttI-T  '   "T rrtTrT-^TT,     " mmr  mwwnsji   mmmm/ammmam.
ti intJta tmnt wit ha had *_it
rrrT'T 3rWtlm Www  tmmmmf ^ffmmf mm ymrnf
Wat**   Wf*fWm/jmfmt j
mollal jtftiirt thit tuilaratrtffll aii
*\ 1'irwy wrwim.tTm' fWTTt^rtTTWmwf] trrwrn
(ComAnni 04* Ptfl |»V»)
TK1CT—District ol Hew Westminster.
Take notice tbat Eliot A. Baswell ol
Vancouvar, occupation, broker, inUnd.
to apply for peiniission to purchase
th* following described land*: About
300 teres commencing at s post planted pn tb* northeast corner of Lot
1674, thanes east US chains, tbence
north B0 chains, theuce west t chain*,
more or III* to short ol Hone Shoe
fetke, thence in a south and westerly,
courao around shore of lake to North
east corner of Lot 15711, thence south
tfO chains, mors or less, to point of
(Bad.)      ELIOT A. IIASWELL,
June 17th, 1011. ll-9
North Shore Cleaning and Dyeing Works
Ul Finl Sfrert W«t
Proprietor*—E. I^aubih, Tailor i F- Noruinton, late with tlia
B. p. Clesning anil Dyeing Co., Vancouver, ii. C,
Ladies' & Gentlemen's Garmenls
of all Description Cleaned,
Dyed or Pressed
We specialize in Repgjr Wofk
Hals Cleaned and Blocked
Feathers   Cleaned,   Dyed   of
 CurH    *
We give you Contracts (or Gents'
Suits and save you Money
Phone 207 we'll call and deliver i|iiit kly
Give us a trial and patronize the
North Shore
111 First Street West
Province ol llritish Columbia
NOTICF, i* herahy givan lhat all pub-
lie Highway* in unorganized diitrict*
snd all Main Trunk Hoad* in orgtnji-
*d District* ars tixty-ij* l*el widi,
snd bava a width pf tbirty-fbras (cat
on each side ol tbe mean .1 might csn-
tr» lino ol th* travelled road.
TflOMAS taylob,
Milliner of Public Works.
Department ol Publio Work*,
Victoria, B. C, July 7lh, l»ll,U-l»
NOTICE ia hereby givon Hint no application will be made under Part v.
of the "WaU- Act, I'JO'J," t., obtain a
licanse in ths North Vancouver divi*
ion of New Weatminiteor distrjw.
(a) Tbe   name   ol   applioant-The
"*«4 |0 up Uf Ml** Dumont**  <|ori>or«tion of the District of  Norlb
_.* hH>. h*. w..  r._ ..,..  Vancouver, B. C.
r hire. I m «oln«     «, w _^^ ( ffm %k_
eth Certiacate*. No. *
fp) Tlie nam* of Ibo luke, stream
or lourc* (il unnamed the description
is)—An unnumod slfeam running in a
southerly direction through Districl
Lot* 763 and hM, Group 1, Now West-
(master District.
(e) The point of divc'iim i* in
Block «, Ihstrict Lot 783 alorasaid,
about %!( chaTGi* north ol tbe sou
thorn boundary of aaid District Lot,
(d) The ijunntity of water applied
for (in cubjfl loot per .eoond) on*
miarler of * cubic foot per second.
(•) Tbe character of tbo propelled works-Shallow weir dam with
mAteblt u)toM
Iffji liJ'bV wad (dei«ril» sui^ief-
WttViOf North Vancouvor,
: <g/ The purpose* lor which lb* W#-
tot i* to bs iu*ed-MuBioip*( puiiwacn.
(h)  If  tor  irrig»Uon   cl.i«cr,lx>  tin
lipA inUndcd to be irrigatotji,   giyisg
(I) II litis water fs to ba vaod  (or
power or pdning purpo*** deacribif'w
flim mpnyp wm wgtm. n to ww*^
ed to some natural channel and Ihe
difference in altitude lietwcen point ol
diversion and point ol return	
(j) Are* ot Crown -Und intended to
be occupied by tb* propoaed work*
(k) Thi* notice wu poated on tho
llth day ol Augu*t, lllll, and application will be made to th* commie-
.inner on the IBlh day ol Heplsiuber,
(1) (live fbt name* and addrewe* ol
any riparian proprietor* 'or lic*n*eet
who or whoae lands *r* likoly to be
affected by the propoaed work*, either
abov* or below the outlet art; Arthur
Iv Pscey, Wpi- J. L. l'ocvy, Vbomt* In-
Mesiurier and Walter Finch Page, all
ol th* Cjty ol Vancouvor, and A. Dai-
Ion Nye, W. J. Irwin, Boniou Glail
win and Marv L. Archibald, all ol the
City of North Vancouvor.
(u) Th* boundaries and ara* of the
Dislriot ol North Vancouver ar* a*
set forth in tbs letter, patent of Incorporation datad JOtb Augu*t. IStl,
and published in tb* B. C. Uaiette,
but excepting lb* are* ot th* City ol
North Vuncouvor »peeifl*d in Scbadulc
B ol tha North Vaneouvir City Incor-
porntiou Act AnMnrbnent Act 1M7,
(r, Approximataly th* number of
inhabitant* ol tb* Diilriet at preient
i. 3,500,
(Saal) 0. M. 0.
Home Connections
Notice to Property Owner*
of North Vtncouver
premise* on wnicji Ihe -*■
Muted (describe surrvj-'ibo
Of ftorth Vi
TASK, NOTICE that ws inland to
apply to the Board, ol Lioenaing Com-
mi.sionen of th* City ol Norln Vancouver, llrjlieb Columbia, (or a retail
liipior or bottle lioeqa* lor the prom
ise* known as leols if end i'l, lllock
IM, District I ot 2U, Norlh Vancouver, at tho silting* of such Qoieomi.
sionors to be held on tbe lath day ol
(■..plemlier, A.I). 1«|1.
flkJVi) thi* M Jay nf August A
D; )»11.
,   V*t9
k couvm,
Q. Grant, lnm»\-
Take nolic*
ol Vancouver,
ng Imi. _io__r uid
m  rymmf  mn-rrttjt   -----
immmhi 119'
As tli* main drainage .yattm Is approaching completion wstxg to notily
propariy owner* that w* are poking
»rr»ngomejjts to uudertako the aewtr
connection, on tbo various private
properti** at * ra**oniblo cost to all
thoas who detira to avail thcmaalvoa
of early drainage facilities. Having
carried out the main drainage ey*tern
for the ofAy council and having th*
nacassary plant and skilled labor
available we are in ap exceptionally
lavorablo position to carry .ml. the
private bouse drainage at a moderat*
cost to property owner* and we shall
b* pleued to lurnish estimate* and
plan* if necessary to carrying out thin
most eutntlal work in accordance witli
the city regulation* and On moat up-
to-date principles of a*o4*rn sanila-
_      ./
tW*mmr*W)TiWt   fWff   tffrT^W     rTr*TT^Vrr  PtV™
fmm in
■ M
Mr. S, F. eHiissolwhite begs tp
bhuouhqh that hs Imp p»rRbw§4
the business »t ri lonsdaje Ava.,
formerly opiidptetl by Mr. S, H.
Wftltorwwlpr t|ie name of the
Pioneer liskpry,
Tlm bnamess. will be (jon4notpd
ill the siinio premises uiulor the
flume of TJlB Pioneer Confectionery,
and will continue to produce
haiid-|iiade and home-made bread
of tlio best tjuality qb well SB all
lines of high-dues 'pastry and
Mr. Musselwhite hopes by close
attention to tlio interests of his
customers, and by sustaining ut
the highest standard of excellence
the goods produced, to merit a
continuation of the patronage of
all former customers, snd to welcome many new ones,, for which
purpose tlie factpry and plant has
been greatly enlarged and improved. Careful attention will
be given to any special orders
from patrons.
Pioneer Confectionery
S. F. Musselwhite, Prop.      Phone 8
Hay, Flour & Feed
Owing to larger warehotue accomodation, we are now in a position to
curry a larger and more complete
stock of theae gooda and to supply .
our cuatomera at Vancouver price*.
All Order* Delivered Promptly.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
116 Esplanade Eait    •      *    Phone 4
I C-fWC *t.our Babies BILLY and
Why make two loads moving when One Van will take jt all.
Ring up 295, CRpAMER TRANSFER CO., (ot the
•Largest Padded Furniture and Piano Van in the City.
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS! $94,900,000
w 9 %
»   , Mo Agent
A|t.*rotoU »nd Contracts irewn       p. ...
oi ...ry de.cription PWrH,   13/
Mf, Fi.idino A.*.rt. T*.ay Wara U*
..mmmry k WwtywHy w»
msnt Bsous* Condition* W*r*
III Thirty YMf« i*i»!
Hr JOfftfTlKIW*
WW!* tba Unltail Btatai Seoratary
pf Bute and bl* cown,lMto|wr» wara
negotiating an aaraeiaertt, irMpr, waa
Introduced to Congress aa an Implement br which Canada could be prevented (rom dealing with Qreat Britain, tbey bad tbe aid of tarlll expert*,
wbo bad compiled voluminous report*
on every aspect pf tbo trado condition*
about tp bp affected, wbilo the Canadian MlnUter* woro 111 supplied with
Information about their own country,
Mr. Fielding, in tbe Houae of Common*, on April 6th, questioned by tba
opponents of reciprocity, *aid that tba
Information contained in ihe compart;
aont and prlco-llit* "for tbe purpos*
of tba Agreement were not necesiary
fn tba same speech Mr- FWdlm
aaid, "Tbe atreement I* In accordance
with tbe policy of Canada for forty
rear*. There I* no moro reason for
stitlatlcs and price lists May than
there waa when tbo Conservative
party brought In tbe National Policy."
Every time tbe Government apokea-
men In tho Hou»o of Common* bava
dUceU*»ed reciprocity they bave (named tbat (ber* I* no real difference between the (ltuatlon of tbe Canada ot
1911 and tba situation of Canada, fifty,
forty, thirty, twenty yean ago.
fba National Policy 1* forgotten)
tbe repeal nf tbe offer of Beclproclty
U forgotten, the British Preference 1*
torgotteni ibe Commercial policy of
tha National Transcontinental Ball-
war I* forgotten. There Is no need
to look at statistics to see how tbe**
thing* ar* working out. "Leave ata
tlltioa to tba United States) pass tb*
Agreement which baa been made ip
accordance with th* statistics compiled by tho United Statea," la tha
effect of tbe Government apologist.
And still, tho Prime MlnUter bad
deolared that tba main fundamental ol
tba Government'* commercial poller
wu tba British Preference.
Baa what happened to tbe Britlih
Preferences In Washington.
Hew th* Qovsrnment Spends Millions
to Keep Him Out and Then
Bring* Him In
Br JOHN v. uniiM..
Yearly Interest, at four per cent.,
on th* coil ot the National Transcontinental IlaHway will be |3,S00 per mile,
roughly, five and threo-quarter million
dollar* a year.
Having been tn business thirty yean
th* Canadian Paclfto Bailway. alter
meeting operating eipenac*, haa to
find $001 per mile tor fired charge*,
baton It can pay dividend*. On an
average of 66 per cent, ot ita earning*
are absorbed by operating expense*.
If the National Transcontinental can
begin with aa equally good proportion
of earning* to etpenae*; It will need
to earn, In order to pay Ita fixed
charge*, 116,000,000 » year, In an
empty country, which is being opened
up entirely to enlarge eaat and weal
trade and trade with Great Britain.
Thl* la exclusive of tbe earnings ot
the Grand Trunk Pacific beyond Winnipeg.
There are two dominant reason*
why the Government'* prediction*
about It* gnat railway should be rea-
liaed, botb ot wbleh make tho earning
capacity of tbe railway a matter of
extraordinary Importance to the Canadian people.
The fint Is tbat the peoplo muat
pay tha intsreat on tbe co*t, whether
Iho railway earn* it or not, and therefore, every taxpayer ba* a direct responsibility tor making tbo line profitable.
Tbe aeoond It tbat, li tbe Transcontinental cannot make both enda meet
out oi caruluas, and the public lm-
sury ha* 10 b* drawu on, Canadian
credit will be eerlouily prejudiced, because, tor the tint time In the Twentieth Century (wbicb Sir Wilfrid
Uwrler proclaimed to be Canada'*
C*ntury) a great new traniportatlon
undertaking In tbe Dominion Will foil
tp be lelt-tupporilng, with obvtou*
effect on tb* further supply of capital
for Canadian development.
Th* Prime Minister wa* alrald tbe
National Tranioontlhsntal might be
too Ut* agalaet ta* "evervlgllast
competitor to tba aoutb." Reciprocity
give* th* competitor * three year*'
start ot th* Transcontinental Kallwigf
wbicb waa to defeat bim.
Ws do** Sundays, lion* .'121. ,J.
H. Knglish, 0. K. (Iroetty, 13 ton*
dais Avenue.
§00 fctt tf Wit*
frontage wilh crown
Terma to auit purchaser.   Apply
Seymour St.
* my,mmipi—i ww mmmmMowtn §""§ mH frsiliVstfl^il
Capital P«id Up WMtm   itarn, M 12.652,333
2 Qtftew k Najft VmwwwH*
UPPER LQNSPALE AVENUE (near Fourteenth Street)
■..',',,.■      .   '"
Sayifig PeP9!>)ta pf If.pp.gnt) upwtfo feppived.
Interest allowed at current rates.  ,
banker's Money Orders issued,
both offices transact a general banking business
and are open ou Saturday night.
F, T. 8AWBURY, Manager.
any part of the City Qf Municipality, it will pay you to look
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Try Our Irish, French and Homemade Bread, 20 ounces to the loaf, Four loaves (or 25c.
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1&,yw., n!8
Sla months  t '      'ffi
Threw months   »      »        .»
U„lt#4 Btats* and frr»lgn,ll.Mp*ryair
T»i*st*NT Pus,,*! Anvaawsaiiaa---
10 csnts per inch aaeh insertion.
leona* Notiom, Rto.-|1,00 par iaoh par
l-i*n and Timbsu Notiom-80 days, H
80 il.y*. 17.80.
leWsie Apviawswo-First Insarilon, 10
••nt* per line; each subsequent inter-
tloo, So. per line.
itiiDiim Nonoa* ia leoo*,. Haw* Ooi
VHas—10 cents per line,e»oh jusertlon
OoNTasor AorasTisaaaars— Bat** arranged according to spscs taken,
All (jlisngiisiii i-iiutrsct advertisements
■iust b* in the hand* of the printer by
Wtdnesdsy evening to enture publication
In tha nest issue
thai mm ot-th* cHy in p mttmi
tha.* will proym for tin prawrt and
tha future need* ol tha traffic.
AHogsjtber, t|p reenH ol the application  mark* a  conspicuous   euocesa
lor North Vawtwvay. and Ini s fasti?
f)M the remark pt Mayor MoNetoh *o
tha effect tb«| H consulate* one ol
tim moat notable aoJimpltohroanl*
which h*a torn attained by tha dty
(or sometimB,   Now that, tb* way it
perteotly dear, it I* (0 be hoped that
iba project Will ba prosecuted with tb*
utmost energy to tb* completion ol
thu work at the MrHeH po***bd»i*.
Nortb Vancouvar
B»pt. I, UU
The successful application oi the
city of North Vuncouver batore the
H.iui-il nl llnilwiiy Commissioners, lor
nu order granting ths privilege of
constructing a subway unthimaath the
tracks ol the Canadian l'.icilio Bail-
way, (rom the entranoe to tbe ferry
landing to Aleunder stnwt, marks
the accomplishment of a purpose tbut
has long been recognised a* being 0'
the utmoet importance lo the eutjru
North .Shor*.
Tbe etiiU-mi'iit ol llm Chairman ol
the Board ol liailwuy Commissioners
made during the argument (or th* application, Hint Ihe municipality of the
city of North Vancouver wa* nspon-
i-ililn for ull accidents Ibat might 00-
.in on ibis-crowing, reveals in * very
strong manner tho exceedingly gravs
eitnntiun in which the city ha* bean
HliiMiliug under tlie prewut crude and
liiiugeious conditions and roakea tlie
const ruction of tho suirway a matter
uf thu nun.wl urgency, intMiiiucb as
a iriiigle serious uccidont at I lie crn**-
ing, in addition to thu regrettable
ulIuuU ii|iuii tho victim ol the same,
whoever he or she might Iw, might
cost llui cily a vory graat deal more
thun tho amount represented by the
intumet upon tlio city's slmro of tho
cost of constructing a subwuy, iu accordance witb the term* of tb* award
ol Iho ci.mmiseion.
Th.- fuel that tho Hoard of Bailway
< oininissinnt'rs ooosi.itTed the malts*
one of uniisuul niomeul, Irom lbs
«iaiui|»>inl of pulilic snl.-ly, wu ..vi-
denoed by the amount of tim* which
tho lloiird gave lo the matter, and
the oureliilnea* with which tbey n»-
(.1.1,-i.sl iill Hi* detail* in connection
tlurewilb. Wliile in other instance**,
matters of great importauo* were dis-
|,o •■•! ii by llm Hoard in a compari-
tivvly short time, this application occupied thiir full atleuition during tbr**
•ucouwivn ****ion* and led tli* members to make Uiree separate visit* to
ili.- I.,,ably in i|Ue*tion, for the pur-
pose >,l inquiring into dif*r*at pha**s
ol the mat in upon the ground.
'I I.,' nature ol th* award, when H
»iw inailc, together with tin cjrJully
weighed a ltd delilwrate utterances wjth
v. lm li III* iWlivsry of tb* dacuton WM
iiininipoiiied, upon III* part ol th*
ii Minimi, further im','S(><* th* l»cl
that the Hoard oontUarad tha m*ttsr
one of exceptional jmportwuaj, *v*o
among 1 In- israedingly imporUal ir
, *uca with which thi* Bo*rd b** constantly lo deal. It wm made per
(eotly rloar thtt etlhougfa til* Hoard
did not consider lb* oopwtrusUca si
the sul/w*y a. M all a permumt or
*ati«f*clory solution tl tin.proiim,
tn as oilier than a luiiporary .1pt.l1
wt lor raiitving the situation u U
•ii*U, yet, r»lher than brtjik any
further delay in obviating the pieeant
unwitisfactory conditions, tbey would
grant the a|>plicalion, If the oity ao
wiarwd, and thi* wu *Cordingly dons
IW Uss Board is AoUnmnnd, how-
evssr, that this work shall not ahoy
at half onatntm, wm cjeerly ahown
by timft MrikjMlotwptd isHtossatu.
to tin eity of Vaneonvtr, Out fat
oorpoftstton ami Ulet hold ol tbi*
proportion, evolve md mitt on*
enm comptabmvt end myum
ethmna lo* aoivfaf tits ptoiim of
public aeon* lo the wtAmitm, to
On* of tb* most sensing fsatuns
in connection witn th* intrmlection ot
tb* proposed recipro'itj pvl ,a tb.
manner in which th* Canadian minis
ten who want to Washington ru*h«l
into thi* arrangement, tha detail* pt
which had been carefully prepared by
th* most Mtut* politician* ot tin
United Bates alter Mbausive investigation and most mature consideration.
liven when it I* propoaad to r. vise
our own tariff solely from our ow.i
point of viaw, month* art consumed
in consulting witb representative lilt
ten* throughout Canada and the detail*
ate subject of long and careful deliberation. In tbi* InsUncs, however,
when tkt ni»tter in hand wu aot a
matter of adjustment of the interests
of Canadian snterprisss considered in
themselves but In which the repro
ssBtativs* of Canada and her interests
were negotiating with tba representative* Qf a country wheat record
shows that in all their relationships
witb the Dominion tbty have strictly
and resolutely consldsrtd only tbtir
own interests and have tvsr sought te
uss Canada for th* furtbtrtnea of
their owa purpose* all tha most or
ihuary precautions were thrown to tbe
winds. Tb* very fsct that tbe United Bt*t**, after persistently refusing
for a period of forty years Canada'*
overtures for reciprocity at length
came voluntarily forward wltb an ot
fer  of  such  t*  »rraugeinout  In  th*
i»cc of tb* fact that Bir Wilfrid Uu-
rier bad tim* ami again declared tbat
Canada wu no longer open to sucb
an agrsemenl, should have suggested
th* faet tbat tbe United Slates government bed soms ulterior purpose te.
serve and wished te mike use of Ceu
*d* for tk* furtherance of tbat pur
pose aud armed by tbis warning tbe
Caudian ministers should h*v* boon
sufficiently ututs to approach tbe
Blatter with eitreme caution, to cen
filler every feature of tb* proposltlo.l
which wu submitted in a mature
way tnd to decline to eater into any
speciflc understanding until tbey bail
returned lo Ottawa and laid tb* mat
Ur before tbe Canadiaa government.
Buck wu the coun* wbleh ordinary
inlslllgsure would indlcaU u wise
snd proper even lu national concerua
of minor importance, let »lone witb
respect U tn istus of such grave moment u tk* proposed reciprocity
It I* nothing short of .amazing,
how*v*r U not* tk* manner in which
Caaadla* minialsrs accepted the
scbMS that th* rl.var.st and most
f*r seeing Unil.d Steles politician*
had pr.p»red U sorvs their own tods,
r.ud furtksr that thou ministers tk*n
and tinte eitmi m agr**m**t upon
Iwhalf of Canada purporting U bind
Ihi* country U th* *aau and then
hurri.il back U Ottawa Witk a treaty
tkat tk* houu of ros******. waa in-
formtd mutt be ,*ti(i»d imatdikU*;
tnd a trtaty ia wkick abtoluUJy no
(hang. *v*s ef tb* meet trivial nature
wa* ti b* »iiow».;. GaaadaV rapn
senUtivM con*ull*d nobody, tb.y
took touniel witk non. of tk* great
C-awdiiB interest* wbou affairs were
iovolved, tbey sought no deUiUd in-
lonaatlon u to pW*eut l!*nadian conditions aad u U tk* actual bwinrss
atetip el th* prop***** pact. Tbe
UnlUd 8UU* totornmont had pre
parti tb* potion aad Canada'* representatives slseyly that tk.ir eyte and
gulped Ut wkok ihmg lown. *
Tkl Vinni State* repr***»tet,nss
Urea—uat tkl* wkatt mnvemnal had
anwmw^mmmnwww    nWTn    mtWWim    mmw f '■»•?■ n mm     mpwaw
km     mmmwwt    tMM|(U*4    M     mwm%n\nm%$    fffff
tt imtiin latetmtUia with  r**»Mt
U tk* laitram tMmttd by tkt twaty
mmrw   wmmfww    tm    pmmwwnwm      9W   9Wn%w    tWP
fountry but in relatioii to ti'siiada u
well. Tbey bad bjfofa.tlwm in tabulated fprm full inforwatinn as to tbt?
price of whaat in Winnipeg from IW
to 1810, also the wages Which farm
hands re«tiyo In tbt prairie ,p,ovlnc*b.
T>y knew nil the dejall* with-ref-
erence to o»r barley, oat* and hay.
They knew all alwnt our {ive stock,
what Wt'faed them and what it cont*
p.- Tbey were tully informed as to
Canadian condition!   touching   fruit
and vegetables. They were able to
discuss every- item ,tt that agreement
With tbe fullest knowledge, of the ef
feet both in iheir own country and
in Canada. Snob being  tbe ease ,10
sane person   will  question   the   fact
tbat tbe agreeiuen   wu prepared by
thin to serve the interests of-   to*
United State* aiii for that purpose
alone and yet.the Canadian ministers
obediently  adopted  the  whole  thing
and toted it off to Ottawa bent    on
rushing it through the hours* of common*.
The colossal ignorance which 1 re
vailed in government circles with re
sped to information which Ought to
have been ready to band, when fas
to face with such an issue is scarcely
conceivable until concrete intsauces
art adduced. A motion of the opposition wat carried <M'» alter tl, agree
ment wu Ubled ordering the department of trade and commerce to minimi a return showing trade prices,
especially on agricultural products in
Canada, th* United mates and the
various countrias falling under the
"favored nations'' clan**. The rep.y
that parliament received from the
government wu a statement that the
informal ion wu rot in tho department but anyone could collect it by
looking through the trade papers. It
wu only after a roost spirited attack
by tbe opositiou upon sucb neglect
ful methods that Sir Wilfrid Uurier
took tbe matter in hand aud promised
lo Me about it.
In view of tb* inconsiderate manner
In which this agreement was espous
ed by tbe negotiating miuisters and
by the government, it is not at all
utouishing that the (lose scrutiny to
which it wu subjected by tb* opposition in ths bouse of common*, developed unmistakeable evidsuce tbat the
pad would prove detrimental to
Canada and harmful to Canadian inter
est*, and it wu only what might bs
reasonably espectod that the more
closely it wu investigated the mors
objoctionable it should appear. Bbould
Iho , oiili.li'iil eipecUtlons of tha op
pononts of reciprocity, tbat the gov
''inni- ni is going down to defeat, he
realized, it will constitute a strictly
logical s.'.pi.'u.'.' of tho mannor iu
which that government bu conducted
itself relative lo this grave issue in
our national development.
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would render ajw; assistance In Mt
"PfcHiM m v>t, ** mor' sbs
sslrad-a Wl an*tous|y, It seemed.
Tha two mo ppaw nrad at one*.
- ''Ho," replied tha efe|af.
'*¥s*," aBswarad Burso.
Burke's fas tha butter anBwor pf
ths two- Ha vaa taking no chancaa,
nvon with Miss Dnmont. He was not
so sura hat that *V* ta* trying to
ihlold the burglar- Ths chiefs m-
war WSS a mistake, and the chief knew
It a* soon as bo had mado It. Burks,
however, saw tha necessity of reconciling ths two replies.
"We've got » man," b* responded
glibly, "hat aot the ram - although
somo of us think he Is tbs man."
Thero ws* an added expression of
Intorcst fo MISS Dumont's face.
"He's nothing but a tramp," continued Burke, "who had been Injured
fo I WW-"
Miss Dumont breathed a sigh, perhaps dire to oihaustion, perhaps to
"Now, Miss Dumoni," tald tbe chief
*'ta|l us all you know."
8ho told bin, all there wa* to foil,
Iron? foe time.foe burglar entered her
Window to tbe time that ibe saw bim
disappear fo the gloom With, Cassidy
and Andrews at bla heels, but she said
nothing about the appearance of foe
burglar. Burke took quick note of
"Just describe this man, will you
ml**," ho requestd.
Bhe dcacrlbod blnv-aald tbat be
waa Ull, well built, wore a , black
coat and a black hat, and In appearance waa gentlemanly.
"You saw bla facer* Inquired Burke
He wasn't sure she bad, but be waa
trying tbo experiment.
She hesitated Imperceptibly, and
tben answord,
"I did.' Hs wore * matk at first,
Ijiinr ho ramovtd It. I—I turned on
fo* light and taw bl* face, but only
for an Instant, for be sprung past me
and brob* Ibe bulb. Tben tbe police
came, and be sprung out of tb* window."
"What did you say to tbe policemen
at foal timet" asked Burke.
"I—I forget," replied Ml** Dumoni.
"I called out uomeliilng, and tben I
fainted." ' ,
"Vou taw the burglar well, tben, for
a abort time- Wbat did be look llkel*
"Hs hsd | black beard," she replied,
''and dark eyes"
Burke leaned octant tbo table and
looked per In Uie facc\j-
"Miss Dumont," be aaloWrnestly,
geslng Into ber yea, "do youNfoow H.
Stanlelgh Storme T" ,
The color rose to her face as she
replied i
"I do,"
"Waan't tbe man you saw In your
room last night too man 11. Stanlelgh
Storms!" Burke went on.
Tbe girl ruined her bead and looked
squarely at tbe man wbo aaked fo*
question. »
"It wa* not il. Stanlelgh Storme,"
she said.
"Tbat'* all," concluded Burke.
"Well," aaid the chief to Burko ton
minute* later a* tbey sat alone, "wbat
do you make of It?"
Burke ahook hia head.
*'I know tbat It wa* not Storms,"
be answered, "because I kept tab on
Storme all night. But for tbat," ho
added, "I shouldn't place much reliance upon tbe girl's denial."
The eblef looked qululcally at
Burke. "Do you know wbat I think,
llurke!" be aaked.
Burke (book Is heu.
"| tbfok," returned foe cblcf, wltb
an air of conviction, "I think the girl
Hod, foy the first lime In hor life,
she knows more then wo think."
An Entry by tbe front door, Inatet.l
of through tb* *lde window.
Ths servant* In tb* Dumont household had become timorous — the son-
suilon of tbe night before bad made
them so.
Tb* croaking of a stair or th*
whistling of the wind tent them into
temporary spasma. They ' walked
about the houae In tho broad daylight ,each one coating apprehensive
glance* ovor their shoulder, fearing
that somothlng might spring out of
the dark corners to pounce upon and
telte Ihem.
Tbi* fear waa Intensified is n|gbt
came ton, They went to foe front door
fo answer to rings of the bell fo solid
phalanx—none would go alona, and
nouo would »tay behind.
{HI** Dumout kept to her room. '
"She's foe only one that ain't
afraid," they said down below, "tnd
yet foey say the (aw the man, loo.
What d'ye think of that?"
"She'* feolln' pretty pad, though, all
fo* earn*," suggosfod the cook.
''Who wouldnt," Interposed tho
housemaid, "to lo*o all them Jewel*!
i would myse*|."
"kffi IMI PI I" efocalafod the cook.
iftom on Mtvjftat'e MF
|t was Mining Vat foe rfogfof o|
foe fropt door beii.
The «*alaajt - a regular totrfnffop
by thl* Um* — siarted for foe floor
above, The servant* peered forough
foe g!e»» door, un.war* of the faet
trWr WHJn)JH   H?H mWf (.rllWrW   WwM  f*t-
visible fo fowl fogy mf OMMty
visible fo fc»m.
Ha wpllad with pwwinmnpf, md
pressed foe hall egefo.  The melde
Jumped   snd   sbrtsN   and   finally
Ths map stsppsd .In, and mi*, Dumont's own maW stepped forward.
"Ph," ihs aiplajmad, "II te you, Mr-
Storme. Come fo. Wa Weren't sure.
We've been so much afraid since foe.
burglars broka In last night."
Storm* bad b*cn about fo hang pp
his coat, put at tb* girl's last word*
be (lopped ind looked her fo the feoe.
"The burglsrsi" be aaclalmed, "pfo
-did foaf act fo! I^aat nlgtMt"
Tha girl nodded.
"He got In," sba aaid, ''and ha gel
all Mlaa Dumont's Jewel*, too, worse
"Mlaa Dumontl" exdtlmsd Stormo
"Is sbo -that I*, waa anybody hhrlf
"Nobody her*, sir," returned tbe
glr|, "but Ihoy do say tbo man blm-
solf—whoevor ha might be-got shot,
I hope be did, for he deserve* fo"
Storm*, to cut short a oonsaras'lou
which threatened to be long and tlre-
some-lnqulrod If Miss Dumont were
She waa, and the maid said shs
Would announce hia presence She
went upstairs to do It-
Storme sauntered fob) fop llttl*
room Just off Ihe hall, where tha fireplace waa. H» waited aa h* always
waited, with bU eye* flxod on tb*
"Mis* Pamont aaye," announced tbs
maid, 'that aba la not wall toulg'it.
She prefer* not fo noma down stairs."
Storm* looked Intently pt tb* girl.
"Haa-b** Mia* Dumoni retired!**
come down |u*t for a moment or two.
ho aaked, fo a atralned role*.
"Would yon wind asking hai tl
The maid tald no, aba bad pot
| — I particularly want to **e ber!
Will you tell ber that!"
Tbe girl aaaenfod, and left tbe room-
Storm* waited one* more.
Finally she oaroe. Btorme hardly
knew bit, the saemad ao pal* and III.
Hho halted oo fo* vary threihold
snd looked ai him. Btorme had alerted forward oaoe again, but be checked
"Helen," he (aid boaraefy, "Helen,
what'* th* matter — lor boaven's
•eke, tell me what k Ihe matter!"
He bad never seen sucb an expression upon ber face before. Wbat could
It meant
"Helen,1' he repeated gently, aad
with a not* of pleading In bla tone,
"tell ma what'* foe matter."
She put ber band np to tbe throat
"Do you — do you aak mot" ebe
queried. "After laat nlgbtr
''Uet nlgbtr' exclaimed Stormo uncertainly.  "Uat nlgbtr
He acted tor all Um world like a
man wbo bad forgotten about Uat
"Wbat happened—laat night!" be
queried. "What waa It! Ob yo*. I was
called away. I bad to go. \ weul
somewhat too abruptly. I romomber
As be spoke be looked straight al
her. Tbe light flared up aod Illuminated hi* face, -ind when tb* girl
aaw tb* exprouion there ,»bo sprang
forward ajjd burled hers upon bl*
"Stanlelgh," she cried wildly, "then
you are safe-safe. Vou ars not hurt!
Tbey fold me you were shot, that—"
She broka Into a pterin of tumul-
luout aobblog.
"Vour'e safel Betel" she kept or
claiming. *»fti u
Storms watted' until *h« had calmed
down, ^|__
"I beg your pantos, Helen," 'be began; "I bad forgotfos about the her.
glary. It la Juat that and the train
of thought through which It carried
ma, about which I bad daalrail to
•peak. It Is that whioh bu unnerved
you. Poor little girl! I would thai
I bad been here to protect you."
The girl relied her head aad looked
at bim with wide open eye*.
"Henry" ah* aaolaimed. "Stanlelghl
No- don't look *t me while I talk
I can't aland It   Look at th* fire
Look anywber* but at me."
Ho obeyed hey. (foe went on, quiet!)
enough uow but with * ttrango In
tentness In her rolos.
"SI*nlol|b, tell, me, why Is thai
you hays been doing the** things'
Why do yon commit foeee crime*!"
"Do fops* fofog*!" oiclaJiuo<
Btorme, "What Iking*—fbat crimes'
Wbat do you mean. Helen!"
Miss Dumont did pot ppawer.
"Where w*r* yop" aha aa>ed I*
meaaured tone*, "at h#lf put two '-
night  this morning, latberr'
Storm* looked at ber In surprise
"Why," bo tatomii *•» m* lm
quels. I wu ther* antll three."
She nodded.
"I know foat", ahe returned, V,
MOT font yon were snppoaed to b,
there, but where war* TOO rmllyl P<
you know!"
Storme loked at her lo a pu**Je<
"I wu at fo. (AtiHMt'* 9W m
She copifopad fookfoi pt him toy i
um* m tm-mmi a 9omwim
Wwr&w rWaWWvff  TTkW " ^P ™ f^WW
Htm** 99 p*u»t imotm
Plans fobs riw wuh- tunt
Pfflt-Pest* fo b* DUtrlbutja
M*yor afcUeish, with foe 1% Sp-
lititor. pt pp * strenuous light before
tho railway commislnners on Monday
last for tbe purpose of securing an order allowing the city pt North Vancouvtr fo construct » passenger subway
under foe P. P, 9 track* from the
ferry landing to Aloiauder streot and
it wu only afttr three sessions aud
three vlilt* to th* loops In que by the
I'omuiissloners that an order w»s dually mad* luppertiag foe *Pi>lic»tiou.
Ur. ll. k. Hiichl*, on bshalf pf
Vancouvsr, submit*, tost fo* ■-roposn,:
cipiing would be a bmefit tu tat ti
F. H. ts it would diminith fo* risk ef
aecidsot, hut th* chairmen at onco
pointed opt tbat 'he No.-ih : anc-iuvor
municipality wa* for ropouub's p»ri>
'or ali accident) ry tbe ercisng.
Mertovor, ho ssul. ibo bp*rd were pot
cqncwntd with th' quwliei ot ox-
pens*, hut with th* matter ot protection to foe puhl'.e.
.Continuing, the chairn.au slpUdtbs
board couiidorod it wa* a waste pt
meaty fo build both in everbud
crossing and a tuuoel. Jn this connection it w»s mouti.inbd ly tt* eity so-
1'cilor, Mr. Hay, that iborj wu Mtly
16 feat' diSeronco hetwen the** two
proposd structures and th* chairman
suggested why not (avt fitMO by
shewing tbe public to uie tht overhtad
crossing. Ths beard, be Mid, wu
tir.'psreil if ncccss.iry .o give ar. eider
ler the subway, bit Ihey did net in
tend te uk tb* railway to c.ntr.
The order of tbe board wu:
"I.e*ve I* given the City of North
Vtncouver (1) to erect a foot subway
at the point ibowt. along tbe right-of-
way of tbe IM'II.. in the eity of Vin-
c ouver.
'Tbo city of North Vsicouvar (bail
within thirty days, bla detailed plans
hrd specif),aliens n'b tb* 'loard for
Ihe (ppreval of tbi ho»rd'< eiviuon
serving tt tbo same time, t copy -f
those plans tud sprcitlcitiou* upi.n
Itt railway company, if at aav tin.t
it ia shown to foe board tbat tbe up
trai'co to tbe subway, u sbcvu upen
tb* lauds of tbe tl. t. li. pint* * !u*i
damage or unisanco to tbo ailtvay
company, wr it it i* ihown thai the
i oil way company rehires t^-se l.'.-i.ls
tor railway purposes, tben, ed 4ppli
cation te tbo board, tbe city of Nuttb
Vincouver may be required io cou
pensato tbe railway company, or ma,-,
another and different entrance le tne
said subway.
'If at any tim* tb* P, P. B. tan
eels er terminates tbe wharf lease
held by tba city of Nortb Vtncouver
under assignment from tbe North Vau-
couver Ferry I'ompany the cost of
tbe structure of tbe uid subway or
part thereof, u mty be determined by
tho proper tribuual, may be taken into consideration in taxing tho compensation to be paid by tbe railway
company te the ci.y of North Vancouver.
"Tbe city of Nortb Vw/nvor
shall hear and pay tbo 'ixpento of constructing tbo sai.l subway, and shall
he repaid in per cent, ef tbe cost
tboraof, not to exceed tbo sum of S5,-
040. by the government out of tbe
railway grade crossing fund, and 60
per cent, ef tbe balance of tucb cost
shall lie paid by t'e city ef , •ncouver te the city ef Nortb Vancouvor
Jf si any future tt-n* any vm Is raid
.by tb* C. P. B. la the city of Nrrt-.
Vancouver under c'ause 4 hereof btlf
■il sucb smouut sat'i In ruuaid hy th1
(liy of Nor n Van"<uv t tn foil cily
,.f Vancouver,
ll Wtkfog' this #der llm ohsirwiil
Mprossed foe pnli'.on of fio iiiiunl
pa follows:
MIp miking foil qn|or wo cannot
refrain from »»ymg lha. wo lu'nk tl.a
refrain from saying that wo think
thpt it is only * patchwork jo'-. It
cerfoinly is only of a temporary character and will not—it seonis to us—
he (doimato for Iho tralllr that will ho
brought to Uiat spot iu a vory short
time, if, indeed, It will accommodate
tbe traffic that js now fosre. It
seems to us that it is tlio duty of tbp
city of Vaueouver tp formulate somo
general si-hemenol only to pro'ide fur
paisengor traffic, Imt »lso to provmo
fpr vehicular' traffic over or under tbo
lines of tbo CV.U. in ordor that the
people may enjoy the harbor and the
waterfront witboqt exposing iheir
llv*t to dangor in crossing those railway tracks ami if tho city of Vancou-
ter does not inaugurate a scliqmoaiu)
leal wltb this mattor the hourd il-
srlf will undertake to forlnulactmlih
stlf will unilortako lo formulate a
scheme aud make somuhody pay for it
lu conclusion tho chairraau stated that
the citizen, had to !-o proioc.eu and
if tbe city did not rccqgulzc its duties
then tho board would start to work
and ordor ils own engineer to ileal
with' tbe matter.
It being assumed that the cost is to
be (25,000, tbe proportions of cost
aie divided as follows: (5,000 by tbo
government out pf tho railway grad i
crossing fund and (10,0110 by Vancouver city.  If tho O. 1'. ll. at any
time pay any amount to Nortb V « -
ver in rogard to Ihe affair, half ot
tbo amount is to como lo this city.
Tbo Q.T.P. overhead crossing which
is also iu connection with tho ferry,
wu also approved
Mayor McNoisb of Norlb Vanrou-
vet considered the proposition sut:T-
factory and tbo city soliiilor, .Mr.
Hay, affirmed the williugnus of tlio
city to contribute.
Amongst others present were Oily
I.ni-1 ii.vi Hancs, Hoove Me Naught representing tbe municipality ami
Mr. Alex. 1'hilip representing Ihu
Board of Trade.
Mayor McNeish staled afterwards
lhat be considered Ihis was une of the
best hits of business fur Norlh Vaueouver that bad liven dune for somo time
AU new houses should be piped for gas in order to aave thu
heavy expenditure for thia con-
renlerice at a later data.
•• VIA"
Tbsdx MaftKi
CopvmoMit Ac.
tuuittif t iiMcli ml SciciljSlon mt,
(if ic American
UluitniM w»Ur. Iff*r* ofr-
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THAT the Gvic Information and Labor Bureau is now
open for (he Convenience of Employers and Employees.
Employers ara requested to take advantage of (he Office
when requiring help.
W. H. HOOD, Secretary,
14 Lonsdale Avenue,
Phone 321        , North Vancouver.
120 Second Street E*»t.
Telephone 20$
GwMJmce to North Vancouver MerchaaU
hrfaYssrOtnTsn Yaw Mtimt MUM
I We Can
Teach The Americans
CM yen taaph row (irawlmotber to
suck egg*! Sometimes j lor Iran*
mothers aren't always olavar,
"Pro very sorry, Mr, Bhittt," Hl4 an
eminent Judge to a mVIt Who bad
argued with him Instead ol arguing
before him, "lrot I DM** tW* WB WW
"That Is so, m lord." drrlr replied
the laww, and sat down.
The AnwrioaBs are mora wWlM to
bt taught than we suppose. They
h»ve mora to learn then they suppose,
Not many of thero thins; U»ay can warn
anything from Canada or Canadians.
To them tha Idea of learning Irom us
I* about as sensible aa ths Idea ot an
elephant taaeWn* I »raa*hpppar to
a while ago a party 9I United
States editor* waa travailing to Winnipeg from GhloagQ. Tba talk turned
to Canadian affaire and presently to
elections.  Said one from Kansas.
"But they don't have election* In
Canada. Their publio officials are
appointed from England, aren't tbey?"
The Kan*** editor'* Ide* was a little
too typical. Hls-wnntryrnw regarded
ui, 1 waa going te sar, as a poor relation, but wa ware scaroely In that
class. Tba notion waa pretty well expressed sU months ago by the Washington Star, wbleh said, '"The native
Canadian , . , la merely a dlsplsed
colonist, a spade* ol political outcast,
like th* roan without a oountry."
This kind of talk represents a traditional habit of desplaing the slate of
Canada, and of eipsQitng that the
country would coma to tha United
Status like a pile of filings te a mag.-
net. Our neighbors could not understand how any white people could
want to remain outside their political
fence. At first when we doclinud to
Join thorn tbey were amused, then they
were amawd. Then tbey were displeased, and they put up a tariff wall
that was Intended to starve ua Into a
political marriage with then).
That was when Canada of tbe Bt
Uwrence valley had no winter access
to Europe uicept through American
ports; and when only a law man of
Uie long vision *aw a prosperous, populated Canada; the acknowledged
leailur of the younger commonwealth*
of the British Umpire.
Tbey thought we iiiubi come In. I
have often been asked, In the United
Slates, before tbe present revival of
Beclproclty was put on tbe bosrds,
whether I didn't think Canada was
bound in come Into the Union.
And now that Beclproclty baa come
to serve th* very policy tot which tb*
United Stale* denied It In the year*
■go—I mean the aggrandisement of
tba United Stales -It Is taken for
granted by our neighbor* that union
I* bound to follow. The new pbraa*
among the foreign diplomat* at Wellington I* truthfully reported to be,
Prom the Pole to Panama."
Now, what Is th* answer ol our
r%erlooka to thl* dominant temper
In lbs United males? It Is tbit If
itbey want union, we don't. The fool
tbat rocks the boat always forget*
thit there Is a great deal more water
than boat The little fellow wbo la
told (bit h* must choose whether'he
will (rival hi* own way, or with the
big fellow who personally did all be
could to thwart hi* business ambitions; and who chooie* the big fellow
In lha belief that ha I* .serving bla own
permanent Interest*—w*ll; It doesn't
•eem much u*« telling bim be I* at
th* parting,of the ways.
The American says, "Train wltb me.
Come my way. Never mind tbe plan*
you have been making for yourwlf."
Wbat will you reply? Can you
li'Si'h him anything? You can. If you
wara Canada'! spokesman tbla la
|thout what you would aay:
"Permit me te offer you tbe lesson
••ou taught m*. When I wu a national
Infant I thought I needed your help,
lind that without It I oould not attain
flie stature of a man. I wanted to sell
|ny gooda to yeu. You turned your
back on me. You did It many time*,
Vou abowed me bow te rely on myself
h»d my kinsmen acroa* (he seaa. I
did not know wbat I could do till I
"The laat time I tent my repreten
lailve to you he cam* back with tea
\,iy of your own hardness, and with
Iti new* of tb* sure foundation on
wllch my prosperity could red.   HI*
ame waa Uurler, ind ha Informed
ou, ha Informed tke mt ot the world,
sit I bad turned my back 00 tb*
opt* that bad centred In you; and
sil turned my fact te Hrilish butl-
csa, and wa* building railway* to
ake *«cure and permanent teat ssms
Tb* dlfler*nc* between what I
though! I n*eded, a long time ago, and
what 1 now know I can do without, fa
ibe difference between a poor, timid
fanner looking for i loan and tbat
lim* farmer turned bank director.
'I admlra you. Your bullae** ibll-
llgr Is marvellou*. You h»ve a perfect
gsnlu* (or obtaining control,
"1 bava dltcoverad teat linked with
th* mere buying and aelllng aero** a
counter, and with tea hauling of wheat
In a box-car, (bar* ar* deep and itrong
tides of national Ufa. You don't he*l-
Ute to tell mn yeu wast to control nr
trade. I don't Inland to bava tt con-
(rolled. You bad your chance whan I
waa young and green. I'v* got a
oountry that haan't all tee advantage*
of climate aod variety of r**ouroe*
that your* ka*. But It te on* of a
world-wide clu*t»r Of eountrtsi IMI
hare te* gr**t**t poMlble part to
play In the world'* butory. It reaches
out to th* Old World from IU Batters
•ourta, H toucbe* all tea w**jth of
A*U and (h* Island* of th* Mi, from
|U *uor*» on tea H*cjflc   I have aa
Orient teat you cannot hop* to *»u-
ui*. I bar* a 4**Uny. which a
touru, wraUerad bf mtnnglinmnti
f Wrrr m*tW* ww wrwffiW tmWWwfww*
ift^w  9Wrr   ttrnw  tnw*mK  f   mmmm  mfm  imam) ftmm*W*w
■   tito. mttymtmny;
Fort George Railway
Delegate* horn Vancouver to
Address Public Meeting.
President A, E. CihhIIsm ind h.*-
Prathteit W. II, Welkin, of th* V>«-
pouver Roflinl of 'I'milo, wil' adrtiw
* inmiing ol PiUson* et thn oity Wl
M-yrnhteadn-r- omApi wxi, with m-
(orenpe to the movement iwpnlly in-
ii'iTHiuceil hy th»t iiwwd, id i»r»ciiM
tret curly construction »!,» line of
railway (rom llurranl Inlet to Port
Qeorge. I The tnoetjlig is culled by tho
local (ward of t»do, the general puli-
lie beiniT invited to ntt<md, arid a*
tbis is a matter of vital importance
to North Vancouvor, it ia anticipated
that there will loo a lurga iitlmi'liiiuv.
8.30 to 13 ; 1.30 to a
Best Kinilorgurtuii ihi-IIki.Im.     l<'ur
eigu languages culru.
Qxfrod Unlvsrsity, Women's cortiii
atea (Moilsm llist'ofy ami leungna
l.'r's)  Otmbriilgo Teaching Diploma.
Car* Mrs. H. tl. Wright, I5tli strut,
two aud a half hlecks oast tjf Bo'ilo-
vard, 10
Mciiiliciii of tlie nli.ii•■ Club ar.) re
i|uested to pay in their sul>sr.riptieiis
to the Bank of II. N. A. (Upper l.oiis
<l»)e brand)), There will hi a reiluc-
lion of GO cents on sulisrri.i.ioiis paid
before Sopt Hii'i. The first ilancii wil
lake place on Wednes.lay, Oil. llt|i,
at 8.30 p, in. in the Ilnrlicultural Hail,
Applicaliuns wil I he rocoiva.l hy
Ilie umlersigiicil up to li p.m. September llth, for the pii.siimii of Firo
Chief for Hie Cily of North Viiii.iiuui
Salary $100 per month ami resilience.
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nothing cheap about these gramophones but the price,
<J We have also in stock a quantity ol English double disc
records, price 85c each.   These records are the finest we
have heard and can only be obtained at
The Warburnitz Piano House, Ltd*
443 Lomdale Ave. Phone 114
North Vancouver City
CLEARED LOTS 50 ft x 147 ft.
In BLOCKS 15, 15a, 16 and 16a. D.L. 550,
 i "'gsaea
PRICES: $7 50 to $ 1000 according to location.
TERMS: M Cash, Bal. 6, 12 and 18 months.
ACREAGE in DUtrict LoU 546 and 550
In Blocks of from One to Four or more acres.
. PRICES; from $2000 to $3250 per acre
TERMS: M Cash, Bal 6,12,18 & 24 months
 mil  i   ii   sin ■  ■  "      — M s.i     i   ii
The Grand Boulevard extends through thii property
The North Yancouver Land and
Improvement Company, !St
I 1__
-   MSMP—s*
Price Sale
In oiifcr lo mPs^emp|fltp obm-m of nil wiwner liwi
and tows make roomli5Nii^««t*-M«H^^ *
wvoW, W» will ie|l for Mi price th« uptlermeiilione4
$5.00 U<W Wwh Mil, white id colon, «j» $2.50
17.50 Ls4iM' Wash Suit!, white nnd goks, w|u $3.75
Sizes 34,36 nnd 38 only,
Boy's awl Girl's &mm§r H»i», regular prjee JJ5p to
$1001..ale ,v_, ,-HAlJWWl
Udw'Uwn W»isl!l, sUglitly soiled i * large variety 0(
panerwj ,.. ,....'.. , ,..;,«Pta
Ladies" and. Girl's Parasols, ranging from 25p in Girl's and
•JIQ0 in Ladies' sale....;.,: .HALT fRICl
Boy's Wash Suits, sale • TRIM OFF
Gem's Straw H*i, ..--HAHWCI
GenlV Summer Vests     ; ...HAH PRICE
91-95 WJiSPM AVENUE      PHONE 93
■ '■
|500 on terpw, Ftot peposii get* it,
313 Lonsdale Ave. Tel. 47
for. NM St. Tel. 67
Vancouver Business Directory
W. T. 6TEIN & CO.
|I9 Pander alreet, Vancouver
Norlb Vancouver
.Ktiltelhc's Bath
Corner Homer and I'ender .Sis.
Business College
6jj noymw il„ Vawotivet'
Pay school open all the year
/quod. Night achool comfftenc-
ea September 8th. ,
Groceriep end Provisiona
Whok'sule apd Retail
116 Hastings St, (downslaira)
Delivery Tuesdayn and Fridays
The only up-lo-flale aud reliable bath houae in Hrilish Columbia.
We cure where others jail-
Satisfaction guarantied or no
pay. Plain hatha, electric baths,
shower baths, massage (or body, m 111p and face ; electro therapeutic baths a specially.
Graduate ol Ilerliu, German)
Business Institute
336 Hastings §t. W.
■TeneSs's Grsslssi Wsstern School
R. J,.Sprott, H.A., - -Manual
Read   (bt   Eiprese
Ni,ii:illl!ll ItM KTiiiira
Sign and Price Marks'*
10 Fairfield Bid.      Fone R3J79
Voii»liirfl (JuaraulM &
kyritiw iJorporalioii Lid
440 Seymour Street
B. Kerr Houlgats - - - Manager
4|| Nortlj Vsuwuvm ptopl* **l at
KiCUr Mack Bloc* or Hasting. St.,
opposite* tk* wis pott 00c*. Uoatrd
ettlt bis tat by tli* iwyud. j
lift have a few splendid building lots, each 49ilW (act,
within 5 minutes (rom the Car terminm arid School.
Two splendid roads lo the proparly, and near the Capjlano
River. Prtw $500 *uxh, Corntra $Wg, 0«-ihirtJ uni),
6 and 12 months. These arc excellent residential lots, and a
good inveslmcBl.
John Alexander & Co.
ilWlrrflM Ol eeytrnmsnt's Ooflwrva-
■  Wan Pawnlwltt la * Paramost
It need not be supposed that Canada
should iippf bar Supplies ot pulp
woofl, any mojfp than that SBS should
throw tben, at tba Repnblic, aa a
means nl saving the Republic Irom tba
Wful WSPt that will tollow Ita own
wilful wast*.
Two policies are worblnsr tor tba
general advantage ot Canada In this
tatter, neither of which must be sac
flced lo tba natural desires ot Wssb
ie first la tbat of stimulating tha
conversion of natural product* Into
finished manufacture*, as near l0
their piano ol origin as natural conditions and far-seeing enterprise will
penult-a potior which explains the
Increase of pulp and paper mills In
the highlands of Quebec, and tbe crea'
tun of such flourishing towns a*
jrsnd Mere snd Shawlnlgan Falla.
Dolled Slates papermekera, of course,
would rather bring Canadian net
material to tbeir mills than to taku*
the mills to Canada. Ontario and Que,
beo and New Brunswick have decided
that lb* pulpwood on Crown Und*
shall bo manufactured at home—hence
tha disappointment of Secretary Knoa
and pis colleagues to ba content "'»<
tbs present'' wltb conditional arrange*
Tb* second policy is represented bt
:be Conservation Commlsaluu, which
J* Intended primarily to preserve tin)
forests from precisely tbe kind of de
•traction wbicb It Is bound to accompany their rutlness Invasion by aliens
whose Interest I* confined to whet
tbay cap lake away. ,
The Government of Sir Wllfrlq
Uurlor In establishing the Commilj
don appointed as Chairman tbe Hun,
Clifford Hilton, who, from mini 1st
[iti, waa Minister of tbe Interior.;
Nr. Slfton If one of tbe strongest
ppponanta of tbs lleclproellj Agree1
ment. .
Congress Ways and Means Commute*
Points th* Way to Three Fold
|||r JOHN V. WHIM'..
It does not matter where you touck
tlu broad policy of tba Unit* dSiaiee
which dictated Ibo Reciprocity Agreement, you come acroa* tbo Intention
to control—a natural Incentive to a
nation ol ninety flvo million people
wbicb propose* to deal wilb a nation
ol let* tbtn eight millions.
In tbi* cue there la a treble ob-
(I) Tb* control of Canadian raw
(8) The control of Canadian ox-
port* by restricting Ilrlllsb
aiporla to Canada.
If) Tba control of tbo whole eiport
1  trade of North America.
Nothing like tbe cool, matter-of-fact
way In which the nun of Waablngton
have gone about the disclosure ot
tbeir Ideals Is furnished In the annals
of *tate*man*blp.
Tb* Reciprocity Bill waa suit to tke
Houso of Representatives hy Ibe Way*
and Mean* Commillee. In lb* lata
Hotuo, tke Way* and Means Committee, of wbicb Mr. Mi-Call, ot Now York,
who Introduced th* Agreement to
Congress, wa* tho ipokeamau, was a
Republican body. Tbo preaent Way*
and Means Commlltae I* a Democratic
body; and In aendlng Iho bill to the
new Houae m*ke* no bone* about It
being but th* opening wedge of unro
•trlctsd trade relations:
Tbs bll) lakes a lose step toward*
otstulillsliln* tor Die continent ot North
America * policy ot unrestricted Utile
Ui commerce, recognising natural
Condition* that havo been too long labored.
Tb* notion of using a club on Canada In the ahape of a threat to withdraw Reciprocity If Canada should
propose closer relation* wltb Oreat
Britain could not be mor* delightfully announced-
It la ao odd tear ot pre»erv|ag tka
fiscal Indopendenc* of Canada.
Pair OWi—''My father  made bla
fortune when ba waa a young won.
Would you Ilka to know bow be did
ur ;
0»llwit ?outit-''Noi particularly;
but I would Ukj lo know It ho still bit
w.   .
Stella:—"I'm engsged to a struggling young lawyer.''
BeHa:-'*Dea* me; la ha trying thf
fcerd to got ewajt"
9um Pfwiofl-
Notice is hereby glvi»P {bjlt an an-
plication will bs niaa* imdsr Part y.
of thu "Water Act, Wil," to obtaiu
If licence iu th* NWfb VejWWVer P|-
visioi, at New Wmtmiastsr Plstrlet,
(a) The name, address and occupa-
tim ot to' ajipiiiisaMnrparatlPii af
tbe City pf North VaUFonysr.
(It far milling purposes) i'res Minor's OertibVit* «..,,,..	
(b) The nam* 0' tba b**, stream or
jourc* (It unnamed, tbs dssprlptlpa is)
Uke at tb* upp*r and it |*nn Or*«k,
op right hand branch going up stream
(elov. S4B0 /.et »bove Burrard Inlst).
(*) The  point   of  dirarsloa-^t
Falls at mouth pt Uke. ,
(d) Th* nueptitr Pt water applied
for (in eabj* tm par s»cond)-T-|»|»r-
age purposes.
(e) The character nf proposed forks
-fiuiidipg » dam and raising level
of laks during rainy season.
(f)'Tbe premi*s*   an   nVl'V the
water to be used  (describe sauio)—
City of North Vancouver.
(g) The purpusc for wbicb tbs
water is to be usod—Demostic ind
(b) If far irrigation describe the
Isud intended to be irrigated, giving
(i) if th* water is t* bs u*»d ipf
power or mining purposes describo ths
place where Ibe water is to> bo returned to some natural chauuol, and
the difference in altitude between
point of diversion and point of return
(j) Area of Crown land intended to
lie occupied by tbe proposed works—
l—ii.l Hooded by construction of dam.
(k) Tbis notice wt* poslsd *n the
llllh day of August, Ull, *ud
application to lie made ' to the
Commissioner on tbo 88tb day of Hop
I cm ber, IBII.
(I) Olve tbe name* and »dilrossce of
any riparian proprietor* or licensees
Who or wboso lands nf* likely 11) be
afected by tbe proposed works, either
above or below the outlet Hsstiugs
Shingle Manufacturing Co., District pf
North Vancouvtr.
Comineiiciiig tt t point In Burrard
Intel, distant M"" leet At* aoutii
from tbo south-west corner post of
Lot 866; tbesco due nortb S,3U0 feet,
to raid south west corner post of said
Lot "iiii; thence -\ti4ii feet, moro or
I***, to tbe north-wejt corner sf raid
leot Uliii; tbence northerly through l.ol
iti, Ifili) leet mor* or lata, lo tbe
south-west coraer post of Ut Nt;
llieuce easterly (long lbs north boun
lary of Ut (68, 8,640 leet, man or
less, to tbe north-east corner post of
Ut 668; tbence northerly along the
wc*| boundary of Ut 641, 1,714 feet,
more or loss, to th* north-west corner
oost of Ut 644; tbenca easterly along
ths nana boundary pt ut WrW
test, mn ar lass, fa* tha aartb-aasl
corner post of Ut 646, thence easterly
along tha north baundw of ut Ma,
•1,1*411 -feet, more sr law, tn th* northeast comer post-flf Ut tHUj theiipe
aastarly "long tha north boundary of
the uortb-most portiou -flf Ut 619.
tllli) feet, more or le**, to the nprth-oa*t
wnsr nf said parttan af M III, om
to»h mn 01N la ihi aartlcaast m-
usr of said partlonj Ihsncs ssntbsriy
along C10 east bouiidary of ssid north-
most portion of ut m, tpw tm,
«or» or !»*», tp tbs laafh-wast eo*a»r
pf Ut 8,085; theuce easterly slong the
north boundary of thp south-most portion of Lot 616, 8,870 feet, mart pr loss
ta tbs Bflrtb-**st enrnar of "aid *outb-
mast portion of Ut III; thence southerly along the east boundary of Lot
6ia, a,aio fool, mor* nr Is**, ta tb*
south-east corner -post of Ut 616,
thanes westerly along the south boundary of Lot oto, a,:ioo foot, more or
loss, tS the south-wost corner post nf
fept 616, thence southerly, along the
west boundary of Ut r'r''J, 8,640 fept,'
more or less, to the south-west corner
of Ut rif,;l; thonco easterly, (long the
sonth boundary af Ut 653, 660 feet,
mere or less, to tbp north-east corner,
post pf Lot 876; thence southerly along
tho east boundary of Ut 879, a distance of 1,».'18.6 foet, to tho north
boundary pf tbat part pf said Ut S^i
the property pf John Hendry; tbence
westerly along the north boundary of
the property of the said Hendry to
the east boundary af Ul *"*; thoucc
soutborly along tha said teat bouudsry
- ot Lot 274 to the high wslor mark in
Burrard Inlet; thane* in the **n>* lin*
southerly 600 feel, apd tbeuce westerly
in a straight lin* to tbo point of com
meuceroent th* Skid tract of land com
prising th* following lots, namely:—
166, 871, 87.4, 178, except tbe portiou
thereof belonging to John Hendry, Ibo
easterly portion of LotflfS, and Lots
647, 548, 648, KM, 64<P»6, Mf, and
(lt|, and fba Mission IndUn Reserve
sll situated in Oroup On*, New West
minster District, together with the
foreshore in front on tbe north shore
of Burrard falsi as comprised within
tbe said boundirles of the Oity of
Nort|l Vancouver; th* ssid tract pf
land being shown on t map or plan of
ths ssid City of North Vancouvtr dc
posited in the Und Begistry OSes *t
lb* City pf Vancouver.
(r) Approximately th* number of
liihabitaiits-Bii Thousand (6,000).
(1) Th* place of tb* prppoied reser
voir for storage -Uke at upper end ef
right band breach "' I')'"11 '-reek (elevation 8,480 feet pl*iW Burrard Inlet.
(t) Tbo meant by,wbicb it 1* pro
posed ta, store tb* water Natural slur
ago by u»p of 'tyks »nd D*m,
(u) Tb* area of,tbe rcsorvoir lite
or sites tt each fppt in depth (hove
1 foot above outlet I um
« feet    „       „    7 itrtJ
» M   n      ii    « apr*|
« tlti    „       „   ....,.....* *cres
S tm- H    „ ■!,...j;.;'Jfj auras
• ifasl    „       „   ••; ,11  acre*
i tm  n    n  IK aws
S ,mt   i,      n  »•!,••!•(» IPrc*
f faet   „ s   „   14 acres
io tm -. „  ...w aw
II fart i, ,i  IB asms
1» tt*} n ,.  17 acres
III fee| „ „  |8 acres
M fSrt „ „ 18 acres
« fast   i,     „ , «« n°re»
16 feet    „        „   ..,....,.86  acres
17 tm   „     „ :,.,.,...,«0 aerss
|B feet    „      „   ...,....,80 teres.
IB fept    ii    ' „    8| totes
W fept    „      ,,   ........,8| acres
8} fast   .1     ii ■. -si acrp*
88  foot    „       „   .......,,!« acres
8B fart    *      „    83 a«es
14 fart  „     „ f,'n„r,tU »cr»s
8B   fes|    ti       I,   •••rr--i-85  aW
86 f**t „ „ .-.,.....»« »cr«s
8? feet „ ,, .........87 acre*
88 foot „ „  88 acres
88 fast ii ii  8° acres
9) fart ,, a  »0 acre*
|I48 seres
(v) How it i» propoaed to acquire
tbe land necessary for tbp purpose—
Hy purebase.
(w) Approximately  tbp  number of
aero foot intended to be impounded
(648 acn foet.
(») Whether it is proposed to lower
the water in any natural lake or standing body pf water, tud if to, then- ■
(1) Tbs anti,-ipuled cxteut of tbe
low«ring—No. '
(8) Tbe melius proposed to ha adopted to lower tud relit.
(Tl) The ntture ami charactor, in
detail of thp works proposed to be con
structod lo provide for the discharge
and panning back of Iho water—Construction uf ii dam.
(Signature)   THOMAS  tSIII.I'IIKRIi,
City Clerk.
(P.O.   Address,   City   Hall,
Norlh  Yiiiii-iiiivit.
TAKU NDT1CI-; Ihtl the dal* lor
expiry ol rebate on luxes bus lieen extended lo SEPTEUIIEU Huh, I'JII.
All penoo* who pay tho annual taxes
|tvi*d on lends on or beluro bopt^**-
btr IBIh next will lie entitled lo * dis-
coupt   ol  one sixth   ol   tb*  general
ra>- •
THOMAS Sllr.i'Hl-'.iiii,
Cily Clerk.       ' ,
North Vancouver Business Cards
i.-  A	
Percy S. Howard H. 3, Pento
City Auditor.
Auditors and Acoounlanl*
oil  I'ender SI.  W. P. 0. Uul Mil
Phone 81-37 Phono IN.
Vancouver      Norlb Venoouvet
Finest table* aad ou*e ia tb* City
Pioneer HortoboM - Oatriag* Works
Bookasllsr* »nd BUtioatn
Car. Untdele end I*.       Phoa. 143
Tb* New Block oa lonadale Avenue
near tb* Perry Approach
wtt belli by
General Coalraotors
Contractor* lor roinloroed *onor*l*
riiiisliucliiin. Sewering la til it*
branches, hoUM connootion* ■ tp*
cially. KjlimsUs luruislitsl. Office
30 Lonsdale Av*. Phoa* 886.
Pressed Brick Mantles a Spc-
c|e»lty.     I'lione Liu
F. U. Sharp, 8tud. 0. I., Stud
|ntt. Bun. Bag. Bu., Axekl and Civil
Engineer. Pita*, slmtions atetioa*.
rstjwrts, speciisttlons, a*t«ataie*, etc.
lor all classes ol work, Tradoge, Bin*
Print*, Map Mounting. 197 I/iwer
Ksilb Boad. Bast, N. ?aa*««var. H
Prompt    S*i^«»-4l?d*r»la Pbaagsa
9 mm f WMm) ^^9\mfm'*w*mw9^wmw
BUliss-ryj^C^saWtMe-,^ (Wm,
Botl })rilmU, fQaa%miwm% W}W*t fttTmW^
W_ISW frWnt^^/ ft^rr
% o. iuooBMim * m
Unniiiaamdnh PkomiH
lluilding Contrtetors
Blick aud concrete wprk. Houses,
Bungtlows, etc. a specially. Plans
sebajtUd, wtiuates. ml la>ns.laio.
Box No. 11884.
Angus J.
k 8.
aralnagt, Uvsb, pita*
catione. Septic, taak* *M
housi'drsintg* a specialty. P. O.
Box 341, I «lb *tre*t w**t ol Btwicke
Piatt .nd 8taok*d WM
live and Dr**s*d Poultry
VryatsM** IWivsry twic* daily
PbcsM aio        . mtln* Bksat
jowl m co.
W\9^9W"mW HrrW flryWr" tft 1
bav vm 99* mt*
"ty\*t^rWw twm Ws^TmWWwWmTtW fwT f^tWWfM
Studio   over   Peak   B. N. A.
leonadals and Eaplaaad*
Saw Pilar and Uriuder. All kinda ol
band, cross cut and buck saws sel
and filed at ahnrlwl nolic*. II I .on*
dale Avenuo, Norlb Vancouver.
High de*t Lad,**' tad Q*nt'( T*|loriag
'   Phoa* mi
Naslara Tailors aad ReBovatary
201 |joa*d*l* Avssrus
Cleaning,  Pnewsg,  DgifaSg,   Alt-niaji
W*   UM   lb*   Preach   Dry   CltonlaV
Proosss Phone HU
M. H. RAYMOT   4
8th Strset E. (adjoining west of lip*
l*v*rd)  Norlh Vincouver
first class   work only.    letdies' ow,i
nitlerltfs mads up. Hone
8p«i«lly: ObBdrsB'* l-SB*oBt at own
boast. T*rn«, »U., »pply 0*n«»l
I* your walm *topp«i*g or goty lw
tl* Norib faiaw's* B«psrt
sad ftonm iewwmt
tfW j*Wft^t\Wf9w "mtmw rn'i '
for|t m ito Wunslriiotioii q| tlw>
|{p||yl«,rn wlmrf is now wall in hatat,
awl itp to, tba'prwaiit atmut MM
piltM haw fw> wiffwalolly Jiiwii to
p mfp p| ttn, fast, ' Oyer JiXI |«iN
sm tp Iw drivw. Woro tlio >iWW<>
is finished ami tb* spaoe hotwm is
to ba DM in wilb brush mid ruck.
i'pspaifftlions ara also Wag ma^la l.or
armoring ol ths floatipj wbarl al
Diiiidaravw, whioh' at prasont is in
Vunponvur and pn pompl*tion will to
towed 01* to West Vanopiivw' and
pimhcrfwi oil tho shore at Diatriot. 1 ol
Thr. school inspector paid W*«t Vancouver a visit Ihis w«sk in order to
IIikI .mi tlm numtier ol chlldr«n Row
living in this dislriot, *o that «
school might be oponid *r*ihl ''|e
rwpiirod iiumbor be obtained. It »*
hoped that a school will b» etptlod
shortly in this vicinity, as a groator
niiininr ot people would lie living horn
now but lor Iho lact that they do pot
lik.i their children having to go «o
lm- ti, school coob day.
JM following is a list ol tb*.gilts
pwmtul tin Mr, and Mrs, Tud, wbiwa
niarriag* *»i-*^qqni»d last sme to
tiph polnrpns:
riot ol Um and si|v*r t«a N»<mi,
Mr..and Mr*. Smyth*.
China plat*, Mrs. Warrro-
Half dosen silver t*a siwtw, Mrs,
a,«l Mr- Brsithwaik
Oarving set, Mr, W, 8, Watspp,
(told ipeat fort, Mr. and Mrs. B,
Hut ol fish servers, Mr. and Mr*. A-
Sold lined silvsr sugar spoop, M:s,
ami Mr. M»nn-
Silver Irnit stand, Mr, W- 8, McCartney.       '   »
Silver *oup ladl«, Mi** 9. Benson-
.Silver berry spoon, Mr. B- Craig.
riolil lined silver sinjar spoon, Mi**,
Forno Warpe.
Cut glass berry bow, apd knitted
tAipoan, Mr. gndMrs. Buti*T,
llai|f-4losii,i da*er| knims, Mr. and
9|lvw nobOtt*} OtV MSPHft i*r.¥rs.
,1. II. -Smith.
Viiwgar bowl, Mr- and Mrs- BrpdV-
Silver wntmtad twltw dish, Mr. W,
9mm,   '
Ctrrpft eaWnat, 9t, and Mrs. h- Jl-
pivf, o'clock la* clotb, Mrs, Mi)M<
Flower vase, Mr, I, fl, Watson.
(ipt glai* fruit dish, Mr- and Mrs-
Angus Qalbrpith-
Html wrgraving. »r. F. W, fi\,
Pirlor pictiir*, Mr. Bojar McNeil, r
Five o'clock tot clolb, Mm, Q«w>
Out glass bam* but I,. Ml** >l- Mc-
bon*|d and Mr- .1. Bddisfffl,
Silvar pickle dish, Mr, and Mr*. H.
q. pprnmipgs-
Doylio and chair/ Fpsts. Mr- and Mrs
noairtiful hmpA form mn tabic
Mr. .laaso William*,
Out glass »w sat and bed spread,
Mr. and Mr*, J. m%\to,
Silver tea ppt, Mr. .1, fl. M#*il.
K\ We have just received a large new stock of Carpet
Squarw and Rugs imported direct, which we will sell
at prices that cannot be beat.
fl We 'especially invite the public to visit our Pwlor
Furniture and Carpet Department upstairs.
..'.'■sy.'.L '        i1    ■  ,.i iii'iju.'i'.   ''.'• Mi' i==
The Home Furnishers
128 Lomdale Ave. North Vancouver
Fear Trusts Will Control Farmers
President of National Farmers' Union in United States
Sounds Warning
Shawns*, Okl*., Sept. 6. -Tlnit tbe
fanners of Atn.-rimi will Ik owned aod
controlled by thu trusls in th* next
thirty years flMboy do pat co-optratu
and cunMfve their rights, wa* the
warning iastrad by President Brooks,
ol Tennessee, in his response to the
addressee of welcome at the opening
usvion of tho National FurnuSs'
Mr. Brooks spoke ot leaglh on hia
scheme ol oovptration. He daclarod
lhat the farmer* muH cb»ng* their
liusinuss methods sod usist one another nt they will soon be the playthings of the rotereal*. H* pointed
opt lhat the farmers aro losing » billion dollars annually on their hog*
while Ihe trusts, op Ibe other hand,
ar* gaining a lik* sum.
"Daily Urovinoe."
-       .
Trie above is the situation in the United Stales, acco(ding lo the President of tbe
Natioanal Fanners' Union, who certainly ought lo know what he is talking
MR. VOTER, are you willing to deliver ihe Canadian Funwr up to the same
trusts? Under Reciprocity these trusts will be placed io a position to treat the
Canadian Farmer in like manner, and the benefit of the cultivation of the soil on
Canadian Territory will go into ihe maws of Trusts, Svho have no conscience save
dollars and cents.
Your opportunity to declare against tbis policy is NOW*
Do your duty fearlessly in this matter, and whether
Conservative or Liberal
Be Britjih-Canidifln and Vote (or
ing During August
'Fbe number of building permit* it:
tpvA lo* tne month pi kpgptt mtili
»nd tba Wtal value of inw *7fi.<W,.
xew I.UMRPH mm
■ Ut. J|. C. Wright of ibis .city bar
pcoopted tiia: \pfipl agapcy- lor Ih*
11,-jtisli Canadian l,umber fe, p{ Van-
(wivor, Mr, I Wright has b«m n »">-
.lent pf'Nsrth Vfewpwvnr for tb* r»|.»t
nine y*pr*, dnrint tha whols »f wwdi
time ha hw ba-:n closjoiy popiwplml
adth tba. lumber bH»i,i«* apd Iw Is
ponawpipntly pqawssed of *n iptim'^s
kiiowhsigo of tba re.juirpmtfW-t** ol Ih*
local market wbiA will l» ol (jroat
aasitrtanw to Mm and'ol wai bi'i'sftt
to hi* cuirtonrors. Mr. Wrinht bns
wepred p|t)r» room in the rcal'=*tiit«
pfripa o| Mowrs- Campbell k {IVcpsop,
loptApto AvPppa.
Moaert.. .lobnslon ll Kulslmry lumi
aepurod tho local agency for the Mar-
tip and Seypwpr IW) per icn;, V>\ll
Paint ppd olso lor the Interpational
Vprpish Company'* varpishM, ,Nps
siwl enaineU, tlw former for outsiJe
work and tho lalitbr for ir.iido work}.
'Iliisn. paints not only ulvo the ,pnsl
plpasing results, but I heir H.i.wror
la»tsng i»miitics couplid *itb tm\f.
iiiihI.tiiI" first coat, piokos ilu m p|
spooial nwrit from the usor's »tfirfd-
point. M<jssrs. .lohwtop k Balsl.pry
are w»w making, op clttsborats mpAow
display of thtso goods mid c.j'dlully
invito tho public to o*)l  nmi   scn.ro
information »s to color*, (jpality i'wd
V09 BENT-Larg* ba|l, |epn*daU
Ave. (pear 1st ttrcat) formerly known
a* M. P. Ball) *uit»ble fpr Iqdge room,
society purposot, or *uito oi otlicos.
Alterations to suit responsibls ionant,
privilege o| »uW»ttipg, Apply Irf In
k Billing* Co. I;td., 601 I.onsdalo Avo.
Telephone |IS. if
Pursuant to <ui ogrocm(*)t dated
May IW, 1SII, tho'inWorsigned bus
purchased and tpken over the lie-ally
and Inveatpient business, and napios
ol same, lieretofurc carrinl op as
Henry live* k Co., uml the Nortli
Vaneouver . Ileal Estate Exchange
(reg'd) at and in Iho premisee known
*s 61 aril tl) Ijonsdole A vum.., aud
will opsrato *pd continue the same
in said promise* under the num.) or
till,- hereunder.
ii- .1 Estate,
67 and 69 |.onsdo)o Aw*.,
tforth Vancouver.
Vit solid! the tw.in«» of Utnutl
BuRlnctissiiii otters who to Hie Ibe silnsaUl
liy ul luvUur Itielr Hleat business Uinucted
byBipertt. Prtlliolosn, advice lice, durgei
uiodcist*. OurJjiveolw's AivllerKiil upon re-
auest. Msrtou iStaibiu, Jte*-.!., New Vork Ufe
&<; Uoel.rsl. sud Wsshlnwlin. DC UOI-
NH'I'lt'l-: is horeby given tbat an
applicatiou will lie iparle umli-r l'urt
V. ot tbo "Water Act, 1909,'.' to obtain a liceuso in tho Now Wcstraiiistor
division ot Mow Westminster Ills
(».) The name, address and occupation of tho applicant—Ernest Townsley, Ileal Male Hroker, 628 i'euder
Street, Vancouver, B. 0.
(If for mining purposes) Fro* Kin
er's. Certificate   No.
(h.)   The name of tbo lake, stream
Or    eillin-e    (if    llllllllllieil,    Hie    de:irli|l-
lion is) Cyprus Creet.
(c) Tbo point of p*i*er»i»n—Two
(2) miles up stream from mouth on
Oistrict I,,.i  91S.
(d.) The i|u.-nility of water spiilied
for (in cnliic feet per socond)-Hl (11
miner'* ischct).
(e.) The character ol the proposed
(I.) Tbe premises on which ilu
water is to ho used (describe eeine)-
Distrht l-oi 12*1..
(g.) Tbe purpnye* for which' the
water is to he usid- llcmestu'.
(li.) if for Irrigation lUwribo lb.-
land intended to be irrigated, giving
(j.) I,! the w*>r 1* to be a»ed far
power or mining purposo* descrih* tbo
place whore the water J* te ba ratWpctl
to some natural channel, and lb* difference in altitude between point of
diversion and poiut of return.     j
(j.)   kttp ol Crown land intended
to be occupied by the proposed worto
(k.) This uotlco was posted pp tin
2'itd day ot August, 191), and apple
Cation will he niade to the Cppfiis
siene* on tbs «8rd day ol Reptenrbtr,
(|.) (Jivo the names aad a<Mr,es»ei
nt'MT riparian pfopri»taw pt lieen-
npt wbo or whose land? are likely to
In tlteled by the prep*****  m'/ytki,
titbet »b»v* pt blip* im mttoi,
kgepf hr (ErpMt fmmloy
(V..0. mm) F-P.- 9M &■
tiOJfi-ffnt e#bi« Hoot per »*e»»d
is ei-juivalcpt to 36.7) mtoot't iltM*
(Higrmtte) 99991 990919,    '
ypnpnmypt, 9i ft
Anything wp rolifhi wy *\ml l\im Range*-
would be superllom. TW »re loo well
known |p need boosting.   OUR TERMS:
$10 down . $10 per month
We me »ole ngsmM I
paine & McMillan
Corner First Street and Lonsdale Ave.
North Vwiwwypr,        • Phone 12
ini i '       i.i
mm u
[■■■ ^
I,.;" ■ •
135 Lonidale Ave.
, i tsmum-
w\ If ypu we»Criminating buyer you
will hnve no diflifculty in proving our
q Wedding Cake* a Specialty.
Q The Delivery Wagon of the Pioneer
Bakery, 8th Street Ea*t, will take order*
and deliver promptly any Quantity desired.
ice & Co.
WIS"—■——■mmmmnvm*—mn—p. iii i
Drug Store Snaps
iu.an ,.
Tsngfofopt Fly Paper, 2 double sheets
for 5c, or 60c per oof
MM Soap «0c bo*
Modified Milk, large sips 76# Un
Alleubury's Food, half down.. 14.90
„     ,     „    Idoaeo  |9.(M)
;,        No. 3 Food 56« «ach
,,   j.       |6.26 dozen
Preston'i'Kidnay Cure 76c bpUle
PoptoniMdWineof Beei «fe Iron $1.00
Marguerite, 26 in bo* $1,60
'fpfcstt'8 Club -Special  $175
King editor and C#rbo'Magnetio
ftiwors $2.60
Gillette »b4 A«toa*wp Safaty
Bawra ,.,..$5,00
dew junior »nd Ey»r B^ady
Safety flavors  $1.00
Strops irom ,.Wa to $2.00 each
mwrnm wmmWwwmTUw frm^Mmmmmimmmmmm^mmfm/ \4WMimS mfiffMrmmMl
tWrT9ryVWw    B^tW9WmfMmW   r}9    fTvt79   UtfMV*Worn9nff J
North Shore Drag Co,
P. I, THOMAS, \\~. I., \mtiM


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