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 H\]t txptm
VOLDstfl IJ,
A function of outstanding interest,
•ignillcant uf tbu v.eii iiiini,i, ,1 optimism with which the future of tbo North
-,'<*''dime is ununiiuously regarded, took
pbii e on Wednesday evening in tbe
runins of tlie publicity bureau. The
event referred to wus u smokiug concert arranged under tlte auspices of the
North Vancouver Civic Advertising
Committee und purposed to iutroduce
Mr William Lawlcr, tho city's publicity commissioner, to those whom he
had nut already met. Thu evening in
its entirety was one of the most successful of its kind ever organized un
this side of the inlet.
Proceedings buving been opened
with u pianoforte selection liy Mr. W
Wunl, the cbuirmuii, Mr. Alexander
Philip, briefly outlined the evening's
progrum, ami Htutetl that thu commit
teo hail received $2,500 already and
expected tu raise the amuuut to (0,01)11
' towards the efficient carrying out of
the year's work.
A summary of the progress, en
deevor* uml acbievonienti of the joint
civic advertising committee since its
' inception iu lllllll aak, supplied by Mr
A. U. Perry. She program for ihis
year, sni,I Mr/rcrry, was a departure
from forincJ'yeurs, work on a brooder
scale being contemplated, lie earnestly ap|iealeil to the busiucss men ol
the city for financial assistance in this
new venture.
Tho publicity eiuiiiiii:,. ,iiiiii-i-, Mr.
I.owler, dwelt upon the necessity of
embracing opportunities as they occurred, und detailed tile means be cun
teniplulcd using us media for bringing
North Vancouver prominently befure
the public. With this essential pur
' pose in view, illustrated and descrip
live matter would be sent broadcast,
and descriptive articles witb views
could bo published in several period
, icals. Tbere Was, he believed, a great
ib miinil for information on this part
of the country. The kind of icttier
was an important factor in the upbuild
iug uf the place, Quality rather than
quantity was desirable. Many people
came here lo get all they could for
nothing. It was not wise, he believed
to give out too glowing uccounts of the
district, Many disappointments .
penetl ou account of this. Many would
belittle the tourist trallic, character
uing it aa transient and nut permun
■Wit. This might be Ihe ease taking tho
visilurs as individuals, but collectively
the luurist traffic wus permanent audi"11' subjeel
every means should be adopted, .to Jims
cut the Utlvantages uf North Vancou
ver. "At the present time," said Mr.
I,nclet-, "I am negotiating wilh twu
industrial liauis contemplating cstab
liKliiucnl in North Vancouver. Ouo of
these will employ ubout liul) men. Tho
main tiling lhat the cily wunls, bow-
ever, for the encouragement uf indus
tries is railway facilities."
Mr. Idwler urged the people of
Nurlh Vancouver lo patronise their
own city'i business establishments,
und so enable the firms to build up to
lhe requirements of the people. In
conclusion hu advised tbem not to become "linm I.en.," not io much be
cause of,the harm Ihey did, but be
cause' of thc amount uf good they did
i       not do.
f 0 lit. lluwe, who, ai a witty poit
prandial speaker and epigrammatic expounder of iiiiiiiiiiiii sense, is no Strang
or to tbe Nurth Hhore, delivered an ml
ilress of -ii iiniied interest. The inter
est! of Norlh Vancouver wero, be ssid.
Ln ii I" ni with thu intereita of Vancouvor, What was injury for oue was injury to the other, and tho same in respect to development. That wai tho
,- idea of tho Progreu (Hub of Vsncouver. While being representative of
Creator Vsncouver now the aim wai
to expand snd bo able to furaiib jn
foriiinlion of all parts of lirilisli I'ul
"inlii.'t. The iniiuediiiie activity uf the
club wai-tbe encouragement of indus
trlei throughout Greater Vsncouver.
Tbe Progress I'Jtil,, ho explained, WSa
!. md. a debating society, neither did it
interest itsclfjiu arguinuntative mat
tcrs.   its aim1 was to build up.   Bpcak-
ing of publicity, tbe doctor declared
it wss criminal to give out false in-
•' formation,    The   ill   effect   of   this
„would fnll most directly on the com'
munity1 Itself.   To sivejtise tbst in-
|, ,   <lutftrj.es would prosper when aa a mat
•  jt tor of fact thoy would not, wsa the
worat adyertjiement for the commun
f ity sending out stwh jnstter.   Rsther
ststistici ihould be compiled end available |n tho eoiiimiisiniier's office, io
that wben sn inquiry csme iu it would
bo possible to refer to the office files
smi stste aucb facta si to tbe consumption of sny given product or sny other
facta which would bear on tbe psrticu-
Isr ease. There ought to be some way
to givo out information regarding laud,
how much cau bo grown to tho acre,
t.'oniparing one small man wltb one
small axu witb his talk of clearing
uut a home In British Columbia's vast
forests, the spuaker declared that it
was a criiuiual wastu fur the laud tu
-llnul idle as it is fur the want uf clear
ing. It was a fact that with properly
nlle,l land mure cuuld be produced to
the .,.imu, foot iu British Columbia
than in auy other part of thu world.
"We are getting after the govern
ment," he stated, "to doviso some
means whereby it can be made easier
for the settler to till the soil." In
other countries the settlers were aided
by the guvernmeuts with luuns, It
wus just us inipurlant tu eneouraugu
tho tilling uf the suil as tu uneuurags
Great things were cx|iectetl upun
the upeuiug uf the Panama canal. Some
cities would be disappointed, perhaps,
and if Vancouver was one of the dis
api'iiitiii-.l ones, lir. Howe considered
site wuulil liave unly herielf tu blame
"if this purt is as impurtaiit as we
think it is," the speaker declared
"the Dominion shuuld spare no money
In making it a great harbor,' ' For
some time past the II. P. K. were slow
to give au ear tu the repeated requests
fur coiisideratiuu uf the western purt
for the lurge grain shipments from tin-
Middle West. They were now submitting tu the inevitable. "It is nut
enough thut we have great natural
productions; we must have shipping,
und tu bave cargucs coming iu we must
have cargoes guing uut. If a ship can
get a cargu uul uf this purt it will car
ry a cargu in. There is every reasun,"
declared Dr. Bowe, "to believe that
there will be sbippiug fur every fuul
uf waterfruutage aruuud Burrard Inlet." Vancuuver shuuld likewise be
interested iu thc prumutiuu uf shippiug
facilities uu the Kraser immediately
tu Ihe suuth, aa uu Hurrard Inlet im
mediately tu the north, iu this respect,
Vancouver, North Vancouver ami Wesl
iiniisii-i ahould work iu harmony,
Speaking of the object! uf thc Prugress
i i.ii. in Vancuuver, lie slated tbat
quarter! bad beeu leased iu which to
show exhibits of every lection in
Hiiii-li Columbia ami detailed iufurm
atiuu fur each.
The club was huldiug noonday
lunches every twu weeks. At these
business matters were discussed. On
Juue 6 the tuur uf the cadets cuuld lie
'fhe speaker cuitsidercd
that yuung people uf widely sctll
countries should become familiar willi
escb other.
Ilr. Howe paid a tribute to the pro
gross buing made by Ibe club uf North
Vancouver, lu closing he gave North
Vancouver a pressing imitation to
joiu in tbe progress work of (Ircuter
Tbe remainder of an exceptionally
pleasant evening was spent in smoke,
speech  aud suug.
Jt is a certainty that thc publicity
commissioner could not have desired
a better medium of introduction to bis
many now friends of Ihe North Shore.
B. C. E. R. Employees
Thank Citizens
Benefit  Concert  Gratifying  Success
Relief Fund Reschss Handsome
The committee of the local employees
of the B. (.'. Klectric Bailway Com
j'lmj ili-uie to thsnk tbe public for
lhe cordisl snd generous respunse with
which they bsve been met in their ap
poal for contributions to a relief fund
for tbe widow of Conductor Bolting
The net proceedi of tho concert enter
talumont in Lonidale Theatre were 1112
snd in this connection the commillee
wiih to tbsnk the firm of Pslinor, Bur
mester snd von Grseyeoltx, owncri uf
the tbestre, Mr. Cole, manager, aud
tbo entertainers who so kindly assist
ed in the programme. The general pub-
Uc met the sppesl in the most kindly
spirit snd showed their sympathy both
by cash subscriptions snd by pstrooi/.
ing tho entertsinmoat in the most lib
eral manner, thus enabling the commit
tee to sccompllslf such grstifying te
suits;    The entile fund will total about
Peeve Msy presided over the regular
meeting of tbe district council iu the
munlclpsl null last night, a full quar-
titte of councillors being iu attend
ance.     ,
Amuiig the correspondence wus a
letter from the ilepurtment uf liuliau
affuirs at Ottawa giving consent tuthe
 ■ 11 ii- -I ii in  of  the roatl  tiiruugh   In
liun reserve number tbree.
Coun. Ward ruse and remarked Ihut
this was u very sulisfactury terrains
tiuu tu n question wbicb hud lasted a
considerable time, llu also moved
that the couucil should forthwith
build uml grade a ill-foot highway ex
lending from Keith road to thc wu
teiiiiiiii east of Lynn crook, thus unit
ing two sectiuus of tbu ilistricl be
twecn which IntercummunicsUoV hus
in the past unly been pussiblc by water ur tiiruugh the cities of Vuneuuvcr
and North Vaueouver. The department further informed the council
thut ruad alluwunce woultl be granted
through the Capilano reserve. This
communication wus ordered to be for
warded lo the West Vancouver cuuncll.
The Seymuur and Nurth Ann Bute
payers' Assueiatiun wrote to the eoun
cil seekiug infurmatiun regarding dis
trict taxes, revenue ami expenditure,
past ami future.
(luun. Bridgman, chairman of tbe
nmi', committee, moved that the
lerk be autburized to semi us much
of the required information os pussild
but in,-i tinned that while the couucil
was wishful tu supply all pussiblc in
fiiriiuiiiiiii tu ratepayer*, lie thuugbl
ii-'i, iniiniiii nli,mid uut unduly iiiun
date tbe couucil with qucsliuus of
tbis kiud. The association, m tit
same letter, embodied the following
resolution:: "Tbat in view uf the fuel
that the ferry service tu points eust
uf the Seymuur is nuw iu operatiou
the diatrict council be asked lu eon
tinue the ruad (duwn tu Mr. Taylor'i
house In I). I, 230) to the water
front,«4o make a smull floating slip
wuy al that point, and to give per
missiou lo the ferry syndicate to use
To this request Coun. Bxidgmuu re
plied that it wai the business uf tbe
cuuucil tu build ruads rather than
wharves. When the assueiatiun start
eii, Ihe ■ ,.:u - ill"i added, the promoters
offered to arrange for the building
uf ships themselves, but individual
owneri were seeking slips ull alung
the v.,iieiliiiiii The council would
agree lo build a ccrtaiu uuiuber but
they wuuld like lu knuw- where the
mutter wus guing tu end, The dis
Iriet engineer slated that the n't
sun fur the delay un the construction
of Inr whurf was that all Ihe owners
lo benefit by the building of I he slip
were t- ,t ss yet v: ng to gru*i I'te
necessary   v-.t.-'r-   age'.
A resolution and a icriei of rout
pi.in.l- emanated frum the Norlli l.ons
dale Halepayers' Asaociatiuu. The
communication forwarded by the As
sedation's secretary, read as follows:
"The Norlh Lonsdale Halepayers'
Association have cmloncd Ihe follow
iug specific charges and are willing lo
appniiii a committee to confer with
the council ur cumuiittcu uf same and
go over the ground covered by these
und   nninni them.
"(1) Twu hundred feel uf culvert
uu Queen's Hoad east, for which tbere
is no call whatever, lid feet of it al
ready being turn oul.
"li) Plume on Lonsdule Aveuue be
ing laid one block ami then torn up
and i, l.n I Wc coniider Ibe Hume
ilaugcruus and nol tbe proper thing lo
put there.
"(3) Sidewalk un King's ruad easl
laid aud within a short time torn up
aud relaid.
"ii. Crushed rock put on road
laken up again and roatl regraded.
Since being informed that grades ou
King's road aud Queen's road were
rigbl, there have beeu cuts and fills
"(6)   When culverts were pul in on
the Board of Works for the purpoie
of a roport.
On the motion of Couu. Loutot, It
wss decided to purchase lot 1, result-
division 1 and 2, block 1, D. L. 785,
for the sum of 88,5011, tbo necessury
negotiations to be entered iuto witb
Mr. G. A. si, limn.
The district buard of school trustees furwardud a resulutiuu to the
council sucking the submission of u
bylaw fur thu sum of $0(1,000 for tbe
pi.i, na in;: of school sites and for the
eleuriiig uf sume. Tho questiuii wus
referred summarily tu committee uf
tho whule.
The North Lunsdule Kutepuyers' As-
sueiulmn wrote Humiliating Mr, A, 1),
Fleming us lire chief for that section
and the council ugrced, according to
its promise, to huve a telephone Installed in Mr. Fleming's bouse.
Messrs. Bums a Wulkem notified the
council thut uu nppnil is being enter
od in the fuse of .luy vs. Nortli Vancouver.
The Indemnity Bylaw, allowing tbe
reeve I'llll) a year ami the members
of his council SHOO for their attend
unee ut council meetings wus given
u lirst uud iccond reading. The coun
cil passed the liual reading uf the Tela
porary Loun Bylsw, culling for the
raising of 875.000.
WANTED—Cordwood or atovewood.
Wsghorno, Bobs Boad, Lynn Valley.
Two young ladies roqulre bed room
with or without board. Apply Box
A73, Express Office.    ~'*^''       315
Young loan wijihus offlce work. Bank
iug exporiuiii" Local references
Speaks German. Ajiply Box Wl, Express Office. Ill
First class gardener wants engage
meuts by duy. Gardens laid out, lawns
graded, etc.    Box Aid, Express Oflice.
WANTED—Dressmaking by tbe day
or would tuke work in. Ladies' tail-
ureil suits, drosses of every description,
Blouse renovations, (loud fit uml work
guaranteed. Sixth street west, corner
Lonidale.' P. 0. Box 1881. 300
FOB i SALE—Laying bens, young
chicks with heus. Wyandottes, good
breed. Phone 122. 31-5
FOBr SALE—l-rooin  shingled   Cot
tago, furnished. Apply 338  1st street
Construction Will
Begin In June
Premier McRride Makei Announce
ment re Pacific Great Eastern Rail
way—Financial Arrangements Com
pletcd ln London—Work W111 Begin
in Vicinity of This Olty—Army of
Workmen Will Re Employed.
Premier McBride arrived iu Vancouver yesterday uu his return frum
London, Euglaud, where he nad under
negotiation many mutters of import tu
lirilisli Columbia.
The Premier in an interview mude
un announcement which will be re
em e,I with Ihe greutesl gratification
by the North Shore ami ull who are
interested therelu. Ile itated thut twu
daya before bis departure from l.umluu
be liud an interview with Mr. J, W.
Stewurt, managing director fur the
firm uf Foley, .Welch a Stewart and
president of the Pacific Great Eastern
Company, who, together with Mr.
D'A'rcy Tate, chief counsel fur Ihe
i'ueilie Greul Eastern, bus been in Luu
dun for some lime fnr the purpuse of
negotiating u sule of the bonds of tiic
company, which are guuruntee.l by tbe
government to the amount uf • 15,1)00
per mile, fur the railway frum Norlh
Vancouver lo Fort George, via Howe
tii'ini'l, Peiubertuu Mcudows aud the
l.'pper Fruser, u disluuce of approximately J5D miles. Mr. Stewart informed
liim. affirmed the l'remier, Ibul be hud
already completed the sule uf the bonds
of Ihe Pacific Ureal Eaateru Baijway
Company at u very satisfactory price
uud that actual construction work
would commence near this city before
July 1st. Mr. Stewart further declared
thai before next Full his linn would be
employing one of Ihe lurgest forces uf
men ever assembled un a railway con
trail in British Columbia. Mr. Stew
art, whose heuith was somewhat im
paired, lias greatly benefitted by bii
sojourn in California followed by the
trip to England, ami he Is now almost
completely reslored to health, ile will
sail from England about Juue inn.
for the purpoie of directing the affairs
of bis company in tbe matter uf rail
way  i i.tiinii ium.
Premier McBride could scarcely have
hruught a more gratifying mcissge to
the Nortli Shore. One of the develop
monts most earnestly Desired by all
tl," i- who arc interested iu this sule
uf the inlet is tbe actual commencement of railway conitructioo. Tbii
cili murk tin. ushering iu of a new ers
for the North Shore and will place the
community in au entirely different relationship Wilh tllC linn in ml, 111,lunl in,I
uml investing world. Jt will doubtless
exert a tim-t helpful influence upon the
-illinium relative to the early construction of the Second Narrows bridge
and will in ovcry way cxtrt a quickening and strengthening influence upon
thc Nortb Shore with all iti interests
ami undertaking!.
FOB SALE—Large size leather bound
fibre trunk, nearly new, cbcup. 238
2nd Street east. 31-.,
FQR SALE—100-cgg Incubator uml
brooder. $8.00 for both. First huuse
east of Lonsdule on Fifth. .'U.'i
H." t»l»y.l.o,l»scb the children
the vslue of money by giving escb one
SS allowance.
,,,    , , „„  , , .i „ i   T,H'    snnouncement    tbat    Messrs
King', road sud Win .or road there|V^  W(.fh # ^^ j
were no msnbole. provided thc wsl« I ,,,,„,„ CWJStructlojl „ th. utmMt -rf
being sliowod to run ovar the top.and ,M- gW)jtj. ., $ ^^ ^^ ^
new life snd energy will be infuiod
which was the cause of tbo washout
on Lonidsle svenuc.
"(fi) Wben mile walks were first
laid in Nortb Lonsdale the planks were
laid about an inch apart, consequently
during the dry weather they shrunk
so i'»diy that tbey bed to be to)o
up and relaid."
Ths whole msitor wss referred   to
into all pbssea of North Sboro sctivl-
lies and North Shore interests.
Premier McBride snd psrty went
down >o Victoria on the Prjncesa Victoria yeptordsy morning.
Aa you go slong to brcakfait, take
in sn urinful of wood.
FOB SALE—Oth itreet E, lot i,
block 90, I). L. 55H. Lovely 5-roomcd
buugalow just being completed. Has
every modern convenience, splendidly
finished off. Built for the ocTTer. Close
to Bidgeway achool. Fine view of In
let, Bay and Mountains. Price $4,000.
♦ 1,001) cash, mortgage (2,200. Bulane
0, 12 ami 18. Apply II. II. Millard, cor,
8th and Lonsdale. Pboue 111. 21 -6
FOR SALE-Vegetable and flowering
plants, all hardy, coo! grown pluuts,
ready for transplanting April 25th, cab
bagc, savoys, curly greens, spruuls, It
loz. 15 cent., cauliflower, celery, 2 do/
.'•' ccuts, tomato plants, early flower
iug chrysanthemums, calceolarias, etc.,
etc, open for busiucss after 5.30 eveu
ings, Saturday after 1 p.m. Note ad
ircss, I.r. ng-ii,iic, opposite No. 2 FiN
Hall, 13th street. 4 1!
BOOMS FOB KENT Housekeeping
and single.   218 2nd streot oast.
FOR RENT—4-rooiuod modern home,
6 minutes from ferry. Peers A Boult,
Phone 188. tf.
FOB HENT-2 roopiod shack With
water and cook slove. Apply Mrs.
Knight, 7th uml Kitlgeway Avenue. 7-8
HOUSE FOR BENT-Furiiiture for
sale, uu Ilrd street. Suup $300. Box
A72,  Express  Office. 4(1
TO LET—New housekeeping rooms,
two uud three ruom suites, $1 und $4.30
per ruum. 308 Secoud Street west 100
FOB RENT-Lurge store aud four
room flat, complete with bath room.
Fine I",: inni, on corner of Centre Hoad
and cur line. Apply McrchuutB Trust
& Trading Co., 1)44 Pender "Iruet »'"»t.
or Lyuu   Valley  branch  office     t.f.
FOK SALE-Sottiugs of Mammoth
Pokin Ducks. Prise strain. Phono lit.
FOH SALE-Seltiugs uf Eggs and
day old chicks from prize bred ti. O.
White Leghorn, 1'urlridge Wyandottes
uud Buff Orpingtons. Mrs. ,1. E. Leo,
Lynn Vulley Poultry Yards, Dempsey
Hoad, Lynn Valley. Leave cur at Con-
tre Itoad. Postal uddress, Uox 2114,
N. Vaueouver. t.f.
Got it at Lonsdule l'bnrmaoy I'bone IN
Ice, Ice Cream, lluitermilk, Milk,
Cream und Butter, Purity Creamery, 150
Second slreet west.
If yuu buve uuy property lo sell ami
want quick results, list it witb Sliurl.
Koburtsou uml Seymour. t.f.
Lee Tick & Co., geuerul merchandise.
171 Secund Street Wesl, Norlli Vancuu
ver, B. C.   Employment Ollice.
If you have uny property to sell am'
want quick results, list it with Short,
Kobertson and Seymour. t.f.
West Vancouver Voting
The meeting of West Vancouver
ratepayers last nigbt passed resolutions
commending tbe uetiuus of the West
Vancuuver council anil endorsing Ihe
money bylaws which arc to be voted
upon tomorrow.
Kecve Nelson made a brief speech
expressing appreciation of the couti
deuce reposed in the West Vancouver
Polling takes place at Hollylmru
Schuul House, tbe clerk, Mr. G. II.
I'cuke, being returning officer,
Superiur board und residence in pri
vale family; near ferry, Mudcratc
terms.    Hux At., Express Oflice.    t.l.
Of Interest Locally
Mrs. J. ('. Morrison will not roeoive
again  Ihis season.
Mr. J. II English has conscuted to
tuke charge of the flrat Lousdale troop
of Boy Scouts and would, like all de
'ium" of joining to tee bim at bis
store on Monday next. Mr. H. I'.,
Sharp, scout master, is forming a Lyuu
Valley troop,
Thc Rev. A. d. I'rosser pit returned
to thii city greatly recuperated after
an exlendod tour covering over 10,000
milci of Canadian and American uuii.
Hii wandcringi have been of a devial
ing character and have embraced tho
most interesting cities of the continent.
Mr. Prosier will preach st both ier
vices on Sundsy at tbe Fint Baptist
church. .
The Nortb Vancouver baicballcri
played their initial game of tbe Vancouver city league scrici of matcbci on
Tuesday evening, when, meeting tbe
Midwayi oo tbe boulevard ground,
thoy vanquished their opponents 3 runs
to 2: Tho first ball waa pitched by
Msyor McNeish, wbo also delivered a
brief, speech of tribute to the enterprise. Today the local team meeti tbo
Vancouver V. M. C. A. •
Mr. T. S. Brown, iccrcUry manager
of tbo Dominion Dsy celobrstiona, ie
circulating s general appeal to tbe public for funds to support the duly lit
sctivitios. Tbo letter, which ia com
mondsble fo; Jts brevity—for brevity
is the soul of effect ivcnciB sa woll ss
cil. points out thst s good fund is
ciientisl if the event is to be csrricd
to s successful issue. Worth- Vancouver's populsce will not be slow in re
cognising this truth in s Unglble form.
Nurse Ifnggerly has removed to
Eighth street cast (second house off
Lonadalej. Changed phone No. Liil...
3,0 i I
Ludies 'uml Children's dressmaking
moderate charges. Mrs. Lambert, l.tn
sou Hoad or Ilox 1800, Nortb Vancou
ver. 21 I!
fux terrier pup 1 months , i, male, all
white body, brown heud and ears, lu
II Smith, corner 171 n and Chester
field. 4 I!
I. Uayncs,  1230   Luusdale Avenue,
Norlli Vuncouver, cabinet maker, tar
penler, painter, glazier, elc, general re
pairs mel jobbiug work a specially.
Pcrsoual attention. 31 5
Do you want to soil your lutf We
havo clients wailing to buy if your
prico is right. Lilt with us and to us.
Groon A Walsh, 104 2nd itreet E. )7(i
NOTICE- Carpenters leaving saws at
1234 Lousdale Avenuo ul night will be
ready for use the fullowiug morning,
Howie, practical saw filet and grinder.
B.  C.  Livery and  lluard  itablci
Light rigi and  Indies' saddle hones
for hire.  Stabling for honee.    Gen-
oral delivory and heavy teaming.    11.
Iiuinii!', lib itreet weit. Phone 347 t.f.
Land Clearing and Grading Lots,
Pete Anilriiss, Goneral Contractor. Sc
wor connection! a ipecially, bssoment
and othor ena val ing work undertaken.
Estimstoi free. 527 Bt. George's Ave.,
Nortb Vsncouver, post office box 2303.
Clothes cleaned and prei.ed free,
weekly competition, first suit or cos
lume brought in every Monday moru
ing will bo cleaned and pressed fro
of charge. Vienna Dyeing and Tailor
log, 18 l.tiundale  Phono No. 484. 31-5
J?OB SALE—Best viow corner lot on
tbo -Grand Boulevard with now strictly
modern 10-room louse, $8,000. $.1000
cash, balance over 3 yesrr Terms to
suit. Houso 37x44 over all. JO rooms
alio bstb, psntry snd trunk rooms, two
Ire plsces, basement witb hot sir fur
nnce, hot snd cold water in bed
rooms, tbrco verandahs. P. 0. Box
2223, North Vancouver. Pbone LjM.
I: i
We invite all those who intend building a new house
i       to call and see our display of doori which    ,
we have on hand. We have a large
assortment  of  the  latest
. patterns and solicit
, ft call from
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
P. 0. Bpx 1719. Phone 222
We have a Large and Exclusive List
D.L. 265 and D.L. 273
Phone 24. - P.O. Box 1820
Dundwave Ratejwqrera
Seek Permanent Wharf
'NoiiclcitB ef Flue Seaport Town,"
Says Bosidant—Ootiiieillor Mathers
Bases His Opinion on Experience of
North Vsncouver.
the wharf might lio constructod according .to Mr. Irwin's suggestion—on a
loan liy-lsw.
"It is not s questioi!," objected Mr.
Irwin, ''of liuiltiliig a wlisjf al overt'
The following petition was roceivoil [ little bay, ss fJouucillpr Mathers Bug-
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
.11 I ill VI AVIS.
Insurance Uuurantce Bonis
Auditor ami Accountant
lul I,,,;,  tnl,- Avenuo. 1'. 0. Hus 2307,
North Vuncouver. I'lione Hi
IVrcy   8    tl,,,-,,it,t
t.'lly   Auditor.
II.   J.   Perrln
If you  want your garden  fixed  or
l.-t.ti;.- laid oul, sou
Peter lloatl, I.ynu Valley
Hi- will givo you u goo.l jolt at a rcas
onalile rate,   Nothing too largo or too
small.   Estimates  given.
Auditors   and   AcciiuaUuls
lii   T.,.,i.,    til
i'bone sssi
P.   0.   Bos   2235
Phone 183
Nnrlh Vancouver
I'luiis uml Kslimatea furuiahorl free.
ilcjisiriug,  ronioiicling, ots,, promptly
sttentiod lo
Lynn Valley, B. 0.
Allun Koati neur Westover. 1'. 0. Hox
1 '.'tl, Lynn Creek, B. C.
0. A. Cal.., B.O.S.A.
1736 OhesUrfield Avouiie,
North   Vancouver
Phone Hl.-iS
i.mn i.n.i
Ami general Commisslen Merchant, ill
Lonadalo Ave, North Vancouver.
Phone 321
liy lha \-Vcst. Vancouver council on
Tuesday afternoon, whon ils regular
mooting took jilaco in the ichool house
at llnlli Innn: "Wo, the iiinlorsigiici
ratopnyiirs, lieg to minimi your honor
aide hotly of tho urgont necessity for
a substantial whurf at tliu foot uf
'iluu road, liiiiitliiravo, lo aeconiiuo-
tlato forry uml other vessels requiring
a lidding nt Ihut point. The dcslrm-
lion of the temporary wharf rucenlly
iiislnlleil shows ilm necessity for u
iiiunt of much iiiorti stiiltlu design ami
material, us for Instance concrete, rein
imi mi concrete, or itpno, which would
permanently withstand nil kinds ni
weather uml afford protection for Unmooring of si-own, Imiiih uml yachts on
the leu side of stit-lt ivliurf. Your pe
titloucrs, therefore, respectfully ro
quasi ilml iiniitciliiile steps lie luken
Ity ygur Itonorulilc liody lo have lhe re
quisite engiiieoriiig plnns und sperili
cations prepared for the suiil whurf.
ami if necessary for financing sunn,
thul a bylaw lie submitted to the dec
tors accordingly." The petition wis
ligned by ubout sixty ratepayers.
Mr. W. ,1. Irwiu addressed th,, council us one of a delegation prescnl I'o:
lite purpose of backing up this diu-it
ineiil. "We are,'1 suid Mr. Irwiu.
"requesting something which ii- very
necessury. Wo ure not seeking a lux
ury ll is admitted thul such u uliur,
is essential, mil only in connection wilh
the proposed ferry service, which, it is
hoped, will i m I it J/ I hi n,Inni ii- bin In
afford anchorage to bouts nmi scows
wlncll bring building uml olttur mn
teriul and have lo bo unloaded. The
ilniiiiiii: whurf hus been found inadc
/|uatc. We wouhl sak this council to
give the matter most serious considers
tion. If the scheme is beyond the pres
cut financial powers of the municipal
ity a bylaw miglil be subinitl
cover at nnv rate the lirsl unit.'
'gesls.     It  is  nut   very   long  since   lhe
election took jdapp, mi.I part pf Hpi
I '.'i'i to which tbo mouthers of the
council plotlgot| tin-in .il,,., was tlm
manor of s concrele wharf nt Pun-
ilaravo. All Iho members spuku of pro
vitling aecommoilutioli at lluudiiriini
as well aa st jlnllyburii. Those sre
the two contrcs pi population, uml such
stii|is ns those must lio tiiknn if you
tleiire to attract snttlgrs." A burst
of upplniiso i'ii in ti from Ihu /lelegutio.i
nt this point
"I tio not change my position n
particle," doclarod Councillor Mathers,
"uml never iu my election pledges tli,I
I sny anything lihoiil a whurf at IIiii;
dnriivo. I tin not think il a policy
for Iho municipality to go into lhe
business of wharf-building. Personally, 1 woultl like to see the miiniripulilv
provided with one good landing place
for Ilie ferries at spmc convenient
point, and after thai railway fucllitloi
lu other points oi the municipality
Norlh Vaneouver has learned Unit the
only fessiblo |ilan is for the ferries lo
como to one centre, I um taking that
as the basis of my opinion. I have ox-
pressed the Hiino view out of tiic couu
il, und wuuld like it thoroughly understood thul what I sny out of the eoun
il I maintain iu the eouueil. I um
milling to give the ratepayers of liun
luravo everything thai can be con-
sislcntly .given tn thcnit"
I'lie question wus thereupon accorded
the treatment suggested iu tlouncillor
(iinl/biirger's motion,
that   mountain   Mount
Facts About Montreal
The site of Montreal was llrsl visit
by Jacques t'nrlier  in   1538.    lit
t-i Ininli'd upon the island and followed un
1 Indian pathway.    "And we
"I can speak for a number of people!1'11' 'a*
already resident ami for a number nf .possible
prospective residents," suid Mr. An
drew lire. "We have in llunilarawc
llic nucleus of quite a good seaport
lown. Willi n proper pier there, it
would do a great deal to develop Ihis
western coast, All lhal is required is
proper transportation ami n pier."
Another   resident,   Mr.   Hulchiiiion,
suul  he  hud  signed  u  pililion  for it
being on
, found il as beaten us il wns
lo see, in the most beautiful
soil uml the fairesl plains; mii. ■ us fair
as Micro ure tu uuy forests of Prance,
under which hll the ground wus covered with acorns. . • . Ami sbot.l
it league llii'ine, wc commenced to Iiu,I
tin- land tilled, ami fair large fields full
oi lhe corn of their lunds, whim is
like Hrax.il rice, as large, nr mure ihun
pt-us,   whereof  Ihey   lite  lis   tve  do   ou
others "I"'"1
Underwood's Barber Shop
lll.ll   I. -VIIIII.V
riuieeaaor  in  Wallace ll Scott, Third
Street.   General n.pair work.
A. Wallace's services nave been re
iiiiiii. I   AMI STATIOAEBV.
l(,„,!.', llii- and  Stnti,,ii,t«
Cor. I.i,n«ltile mid 1st.        I'lmi-i U.'I
III Mlllll 1
My clothes are at the Capilano
l.uiiiidry where ' yours ought to be.
Kin I work for 11,1 cents dor. Bough
dry, 4c lb., wet wush, 3c Ib, Drop us
a card and wo will call for Ilium.
1'. 0. Box li'l'l
l'|- In dute   Millii.i ry
Minliiliie Kates
Keith Block    93 Lonsdale Ave.
nniHii.ii inn ii
Studio   ovor   Bonk   B. N.
l.unsilule and Ksjiloaadi
lllll   I m.im i in
i hi nn«.
A.M.I.E. A S.
Irrigation, drainage, levels, plam
and specifications. Septic tanks and
house drainage a ipcciully. p. 0.
Hox 'HI, Iiiih aticut west ol Bewicks
Avenue.   .
Plans Executed       :   Estimates Given
Centre and Mill Boad
. - Lynn Valley, B. 0.
Tbs Naw Block oo  Lonadale Avonue
near tne Ferry Approach
was built by
Gworal Contractors
High ''lass tallies' and dents' Tailoring
ttajieiring   smi   Alterations.  (leaning
and Dyeing iu all its branches. All
Work guaranteed.
Ill First direct Weit. I'hone 207
ii   ii  III  Its    .Ul-I.   ,
Specially: Child/en's Lcmoni st  owu
home.     Terms, etc., apply General
N.V. Tinning & Sheet Metal Works
First Btrest Bast of Lonadale
Lowest prices and best work guaranteed on tinning-and sheet metal work.
j On thc car line. Boarding, meals?
Good accommodation for working man.
Contractors' men boarded, Hy. Kostcol',
. Craib       i W. Crsib
Jas Concrete, Brick and Wood.
  ■    ..■■
First class dressmaking alterations,
ladies own materials made up, lit guar
suited. Address Bewick, eorner of HHh
V. 0. North Vsncouver.
wharf Iwo years ngo, us many
ltd.    He  felt  that   linn.Inline htnl  :.
lunil in this respect,
"Thc present position of llic whurf
wuulil be the mosl suitable," uildel
Mr. Irwin, "unless there is some eu
ginceriug difficulty in lhe wuy. Marr
roud is a nice easy grade front Hie
■ Mr. Thompson having corroborated
the,remarks of the previous speaker.',
the lleeve asked for the opinion of the
council. "I believe," he said, "thai
the claim is one which is thoroughly
deserving of lhe careful ullenlioii of
this council."
"I do not think," contended1 Coun
t'illor Mathers, "that in justice to tin
reat of the municipality we should on
ler tai u such u thing al the preseir
time. Until some more feasible schciite
than any I have heard yel is presented,
I shoulil not feel inclined In expend j
niiiiiicipai money in iuch a tonne. Inn
al prescpt. if it could be done for a
ii:isni,iil|le amount of money tne
schema would havt-my support If the
inuiiifi|ialily starls when it is so young
to build whurves iu every little buy
along Ihe coast we shall have do/eu.
of applications."
"We muit," said Councillor Oinlr
burger, "at sonic lime have more than
one wharf in the municipality, ami wc
must have wharves iu the centre of
present developments, Whether it Is
u project to be advisably undertaken
at this time is a mailer tu be carefully
gone into. Buck a wharf as is pro
posed will be au expeuiive proposition
an engineering friend of mine untold me ao. I conildcr, and would
move, that tbe petition should be turn
eii over to tho Board of Works and cn
gineer for the purpose of. obtaining a
provisional estimate."   lie agreed thai
And   it,
is  situated  i
of ilochelaga
iug u Mountain whieh
horbood,   well   tilled
fertile;  therefrom out
d  inv
near i
the midst    of   tlii-.e
the  sni.I
ind adjoin
the ni-igh
i  very   lur
The noxt European lo visit (lie'.spot
was Bumuol tio Chnmpluin in 1611, lie
landed at a place which ho called
Pisco Boyalo, a namp It atill besrs. Ho
iiiinnl "in the middle of tlio river in:
island iiliniit three-quarters pf a league
in circuit, fit for tbo building of a
gooil ami strong town, ami 1 named it
the Islu pf Bsintn lloleinp. Tho rapids
come ilowii into a Sort of lake, whore
there ate two or Ihree islands ami lim
inoadowTnnipi." By t||ia. time all
trace of., Ilochelaga liml, vanished,
leuviug only obscure logi'ints of a
Huron Helen mid of the evil which linn
been wrought' by hor.
The founding- of tbo present city
littles from Iillil, nnd it was marked by
voices ami visions ami drciihis ami
signs. Ils iiieeplitin is inisliromlcd iu
mysticism; litem wus llniivcrsiere, who
whipped ..himself with n scourge oi
small Cha!lllj there wus Oliver, whn
iiflerwards founded tlm Buljilcisil Bent
iuury, to v. linin canto u revolution ai
tho choir wsa i-iiantltig Lumen ml rev
itiulioncii gentium. 'These two men
were mlrscujoujly brtnigln together In
lhe church of Noire Duinc tie I'tiri.',
uml lo Ihem ni an ecslacy the Virgin
appeared. All Ihese things are sel
forth iu lhe Revelations des Jesuits.
The proposal was In found tit Mon
In-ill Ihree communities, one of ' so
eiilm priests, to direct tin- colonists
uml convert the Indium; one of nuns
lo nurse tite sick; ami one to loath tin
Faith to children; while nmi red alike
This was a lime when, from Ihe nin
ilitlon of Indian warfare, ii wns like
entering a kennel of wolves. Th i
soldier captain of the expedition oi
forty men was I'uul de Chomody Bieur
de Muissunoui'c, u vslisnl ami sober
nimt of grave demesnes; ami full oi
I'ourugf. Accompanying the expedition
was the devoid Joanne Msncc. Aiming ut Quebec they encountered on
Iv jealousy ami distrust, ll wus then
lite leader cried: "I huve not come to
li'libertitc but lo ucl; il is my duty ami
my honor lo fouml u colony al Mom
trt-iil, uml I woiibl go if every tree were
ttn Iroijiiois." rpou lhe 17th of May,
HUS, this nni.;-,- expedition arrived
ul the /uot of Bt. Mary's currcn'.
Miiisotineuvc sprung ashore on tin- spot
where the Customs House now stands.
In the words of tho officiating priest,
I'cre Vinionl, "tents were pitched,
camp tires were lighted, evening fell
and muss wns celebrated, Fire Ilies
eiiughl uml imprisoned in u plttiil upun
the ultur served ns lights." Au ultur
mis raised, ami kneeling togetuer, lit,-
adventurers heard the voice of the
priest: "You are a grain of mustard
seed Ihut shall rise and grow Iill it-
branches overshadow the earth. Vnn
uri" few bul your work is tbe work uf
Hod. His smile is upon you uml yuur
children will fill Ihu laml," To tun
lite trials uml growth of the colony
wuuld be to write the romance oi Chris
tiuu chivalry.
Vancouver Business Directory
IIHNINUb'S Illll.l.lSiil-'.S.'
SPROTT-SHAW Business College
336 Hastfpga St. W.
Canada's Greatest Woatorn School
tt. j. Sprott, B.A., - ^Manager
Hi: VI, lOSTATl",.
Yorkshire Guarantee ft Securities
Corporation, Limited
440 Seymour Street t
il. Kerr Hniiluate Manager
ItllM'll HANTS.
All Ninth Vancouver people tat al
Either Flack lllock or Hustings St.,
opposite the new post" ofjico. I.nnniiiil
10II1 his ten by tho pound.
Lynn View.
k!»yj- Lynn View
Lots from $325 to $500 per lot.
Terms, $50.00 cash, $10.00 per month
i\ These lols are one block Irom car line in Lynn Valley and
nice and level and high. '
<J Let us quote you rates on Fire, Lilc and Accident
McMillan & red
I'bone  131.
n%t sStanbark
THE STANDARD Is the National
Weekly Newspaper of tlio Dominion
uf t'litiiiila. li la national In all Its
aims, t
It uses the must expensive engrav-
Ings, procuring the plmtogrnplia from
ull over the world.
lis urlicles are carefully selected and
Ils editorial policy Is thoroughly
A subscription to Tlio Standard
costs $2.00 per year to uny uddftjia In
Canada or Ureat lirlluln.
TRY IT FOR 19121
Montreal Standard Publishing Cn.,
Limited, Publishers.
'.e solicit mc business of Manufacture!.,;
itni-iiii-i-nnltil olhcH wbo rcolizr Iheoilvlsatiil-
ilj- if )it|i-lug llielr I'lilenl biniitcss tniuioclcd
lylixpctli. rrclltiilimty advice Inc. CJurgo
inislinile. Our luientor'i Advlicrscntupntt rt-.
Q-tcsl. SJnitotifkMttrlou, ticp'd.. New York I.Ue
Sale UoalirslisiiaW"wilnsloa UC bail.
Vogue MUiiucry Parlor hu moved to
Mi6 Lonsdale between Oth and fith,at.
81 li
10,000 cords of dry fir wood for o,ulck
salo. Prico per odd corda, $1.70. Spe
dul quotations for larger quantities.
Cut Wood, 10 inches, 16116. 12 Inches
W"M" C. 0. D.
Office and Yard
-I4lli and I.onsdale
P. 0. Boi 2432.
tttSU) THS Twiosr SSiO WHOM, m emit
Wuttblngl     PlumUngl     Plumbing
Contractors. Owners gel Died up
with jobi beforo riao in material, (lut
flguros. Jobbing carefully atlcudcd to
21st Street, >/, Block West of Lensdsle
All kinds of saws «led aud set on the
shortest notice.   I/awn mowers, knives,
hedge shears and scissorf sharpened. All
work guaranteed, moderate prices.
123* Lonsdsls Avanus Phone 86
The Home Furnisher*!
■ ti *
Beautiful   in
This Week End SPECIALS
35c, values at 25c
50c, values al 40c
Design and  Colon
Big Value al $5; this Week, 14
TNG, I'cr Yard
Regular Value, 25c snd 15c; lliu
Week, 20c and 10c per yard
Big Value al 45c; this Week, 20c
150 CUPS and SAUCERS to Clear at 5ceach; Regular, 12 l-2c.
 These are Pretty Brown and Green Edge Border	
128 Lonsdale Ave. w»« ^  North Vancouver
■ '
Elt.bli.lled 1817
Capital (paid up)   •   $15,413,000
Reierve    -   -   -  -   $15,000,000
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouver Branch:
Mt. Crown Bldg., 1st Street
F. A.
We have a nicely fumjied 6 Room
House, centrally located. Can be had
on a day's notice. Rent $45.00 per
110 Esplanade. Phone 227
Twenty-Seventh Street
lilock from I.oninlale Avenue, 33 fl. lot  I'm ion soulh.   I'rice
for a t|tiiclt sale fjtlillU.tn cash,
D. L. 204
IScviTiil yooil loth l'Iobc to wuterfroiil.   I'rit'e only ♦ 750.00 each,
on ttTjuM ol' ^iie-ijuartcr cash, balance 0, IJ and  18 inontlm.
We represent ilie London & Lancashire insurance Co. A
sound Board Company. II you have anything lo insure we can
do it Iq- you.
15 Lonsdale Ave.
.O.Box 1816
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Our Prices are right, and deliveries prompt
Telephone iill).
P. O. Box ItlM
Nortb Shore Coal 6 Teed
All Telephone Coal Orders Promptly Delivered
Wharf: Mahon Avo,, Esplauado Wost. HARRY MITCHELL,
Offlce: Now Block, 3 doors from Lonsdale Eiplanade W. Manajcr
1    '       ■       — ■■ ■       iif   ■      ■  ,  -L        ..
Premium rates are Invited by Uie Board of Directors for tho in
aurance of employew for a period of twelve months from noon on tho
17th dsy of June, ;»12, to noon on tlw I7tb day of June, 1913.
Eetimatod compensation for period of policy, 110,000,00.
Limits of Liability
One accident    $10,000.00
Ono  employee       tfiwM
.Policy to cover outside liability, and also collision naiard.
EatlmsUd traffic receipts for period of policy, $100,000.00.
Limits of Liability -
One accident
°M »mm»    8,600.00
under sealed and marked cover, to be received by tho under
signed uot lator Uuu 12 noon Thursday, lain 8th, lllli,
Meeting of Ferry Directors
Tribute ita til* Work qf Manager T. M.
The forry tllrcctorsto hold thoir regular weekly meeting st (ho comiiuiiy's
iilllcos yestortlsy afternoon, Mayor
McNeish presiding ovor a full attend-
auco of tlio lioanl. •
Mr. William Lawlor, tho city's publicity commissioner, was granted a pass
ou the ferries.
A coniniittco coiujiriiiing Uupl. dates
ami Mr. W, tl. illinium was ii|i|ioiuloil
tO       ileleillllne       ulllll |>l e, n III 11111:11 \
measures tlio lioanl hIioiiIiI uilo|it in
viow of a |iii--il'le outlircalt of lire
Iiirougli uutoinoliilc gumilino engine.i,
Mr. Autlcrsoii . Ilewar, architect,
ni,nm i, ,i for the lioiiril'it considers-
tion plnns for tin- erection of wslting
rooms, stores uml uremic nt llic en
trance to the Vancouver whurf. Mr.
Iicwur wus coroplimciitotl on the conception   llllll   CJOI'lllioil   III'    IliO    I'llll,  ,
which were luiil over i'or tho lime being-
(,'apt, I'ntes mul Mr. W. I. lloull
reromniciitleil Hint tenders should lie
called for, with a view lo letting a
contract tor tlte handling ol' ull freight
consigned to the North Vancouver City
Perries, Ltd., subject to certain outlined conditions, II wua decided that
each member of the hourd should be
supplied with u coj.j- of the committee's report for careful consideration.
Tho ir,-inugor, Mr. T. M. Hoard, ro
ported that he was able lo obtain llio
consent of the steamboat inspector Io  lieen   maintained   mi.let   existing
Hie ;n nm;:, ineiil whicii he proposed ul  tlitions.
the la»t moefiag of ths t)PStf|, ip regard to the old boiler of No, 8. The
ttld boiler wss now connoctod up to
supply steam to the auxiliary uir
pump, firciilnling pump, electric ligbt
engine,  Slid  SllO  li   t'lirlher  eiinneelinn
to supply s portion of tho stesm of
ilie Jj, p. cylimlor of tbo main ougiue,
Undor those conditions it would bo
jiossiblo to maintain tbo twentymiu-
uto service with No. 2. The manager
now purposed to proceed witli the repairs ou No. 1. This roport was received and a|i|irovetl by tho board.
Mr. Heard wai incidentally tbo re
cipient of en, ii uuiiili., from the tlirec-
toruto us a body, (iajit. (latea men-
Honed t lm i last week tbe socrotary aud
his assistant had been accorded an inereaso in salary. Tho Captain considered Mr. Heard wus deserviug of
like treatment, it wus agreed by all
members of the lioanl that the malinger Iiiui saved the city a very considerable amount of money by undertaking uml executing work which was
not tlie usual work of a manager,
tine director spoke of having seen Mr.
Heard at eleven o'clock at nigbl
emerging, clad in overalls ami "looking like a nigger," from I lie engine
room of one of the ferries. The opin-
.ion wus expressed thut u more cupublc
mun Iiiun Mr. II,.ud for bundling the
reins of management was not to be
found in a year's march. Hud it not
been for his thorough uud untiring
! work iluring the lust few weeks, the
I unity minute service could not have
West Vancouver Council
Tender Accepted for Buildiug of Muui
clpal Hall
Tlie attention of the West Vaueouver
council wus ou Tuesday druwu in Ilr
n I of u special  polite constable, i>
little petty thieving having been re
ported front I'nulllchis, lite culprit but
ing secured lbe Ley of Hie bouse iu
t|uestion, apparently for further uae.
Mr. P. II. Kettle was appointed liy the
council us special constable, Councillor
(lint/.burger, however, observing, "rju
long us we don't huve saloons bere I
don't think wc shull require many po
lice officers."
Mr. II. A. .Stone, secretary of Iho
t'uiilliebls residents' committee, wrote
expressing tin- hope thut lite proposed
ferry sen iee would include ut len-t
two culls u duy ul t'uullields. Mt. Wil
iium Ituih-y ulso wrole on llic same
lopie, complaining ni Intt tug been
"marooned" at t'uullields through
liul, ul udfipiiilf transportation facili
tics. The rjucstiou wus referreil to the
transportation committee.
Hn tbe motion of I'iiuiieillni Mullier-
tl wus decided to send the following
'gram to Mr. II II tjteiens, M. I' :
"investigate  why   we   huve   not   re
ted ffi.uilil passed in tlie estimates
fur ti wharf al  Hollyburn, and win i
e may expect  appropriation to com
lele lulni amount expended out
Tlte lender of Mr. Reynold Huml was
npti-il for llic construction of the
municipal lmii, providing llic necessary
Iinini is signed and Mr. Huml is pre
purcd lo slur! work ut once.
tin tin- suggestion oi Ctjitin tllnr
Mathers il was resolved lliut lbc licet >
..liuitlil appoint ii standing committee
In go into the mutter ni tlte luiineliiij
nf lbe First Narrows uml devise way!
 I  means nl' couslruclion, uml  thai
lite  Wesl   VuilfOUHT  lllllepliytTs' Usso
mt nm •liuiibl appoint u similar com
uiillee lo uil in conjunction wilb till.
lommltU'c. t'ouncillors Mathers, Hut.
uiei liiutrburgcr wen- appointed V<
.eric nn this eiiiniiiittcc.
Mr W J Irwin addressed tbe coui:
nl on Ilx- subjeel of oiled rouds, tic
lulling linn Btlvanlagci, as be did re
rcnily in lin- eily council chamber.
Tin- I hunks of Ilie , ouncil were accord
ed' Mr Irwin for bis advice in lbc
mailer, ' ounitllor llinl/burgcr remark
ing lbat if there were more publit
ipiriled men dike Mr. Irwin councils
would be able lu accomplish more.
Fifty Years Of Science
J hnve been usked what science Inii
lone for buinun progress iu lbc las!
flfly years, writes Hir Oliver Lodge.
Well, let us glance round and see
what answer inn reasonably be given
to such a .(ini,tinn tui,ing tlie sub
jeeta in nny order in whlcb Ihey happen to occur,
fill) years ago llurwiu's evolution
theory was born in deed, bul was puss
ing through u tempestuous childhood.
II wus opposed nol so much on scien-
lifie grounds, bul because il ran counter to natural prejudices ninl contra
dieted some niisltikcn religious lunch
One fo the null of the last fifty
yeurs lias undoubtedly been a clearing
away of a great mnss of superstition.'
growths which clung to and defaced
fhe fair edifice of religion. -
, The   broadening and  cleansing of
man's outlook on the universe, tb?
realization of his place iu the scheme
of tilings, uud of the help wbicb is ex
peeled from liis conscioos co-operation
toward progress nnd enlightenment, nr"
perhaps the greatest of ull the results
nl' the lust lifty years.
Fifty years ogo the nature of ilis
case wis unknown, and fcruicnlulioii
und many oilier organic processes wer:
treated us purely rbomical, instead of
us mainly biological. It is not'too much
In say tbut I'ustcur's discovery of the
nature of disease is in the set of ret
tilulitiiii/iiig medicine; it throws light
ulso upon lhe activity of soil in agriculture, tlie purification of rivers, tlte
In'iilincnl of sewage, und u quantity of
olher problems of great  importance
■   While us I'or surgery, lhe genu Hi
ory us uppiicd uin] enforced by Lister
lu the treatment    und    infliction    oi
wounds bus enabled Ilie surgeon to per
form dpefs,lions with"ssfpty which be-
foro were quite impossible, snd the
ffffy effects, on tbe patient are oat pf
ull comparison less painful snd distressing than Ibey wero ty tlte days
wheu suppuration was regarded as a
iioiiniil aod inevitable consoquonce, -
In geographical exploration the opening up of Africa snd other purls of tba
earth tbat bas occurred during tbo past
half century haa bad results some of
wbicb still iimiit need reform, though
in the long run tbey must bo bouell
cisl. Hero again discoveries in modi-
clue are of profound importance ,Tbu
dotcction of tbo carrying power of insects, ami energetic measures takeu for
tho oxtirpatiou of insect posts, bid
fair to opoa up great tropical belts'of
the en rib to human habitation; ami
thus, iu due lime, regions wbicb solar
power can make fertile beyond any
thing known in temperate latitude*
will grow a rich harvest for men it
tho future.
Iu astronomy how much has been
accomplished! The motion iif stars in
the line of sight, the photography of
the heavens, the penetrating further
nmi further iuto the depths of space
by gigantic telescopes, the application
of tbo spectroscope to determine the
iininie of nebulae, anil tbu vast ideas
of stellar evolution urn! of the infinite
liuiini of the heuvens which is being
ployed before our eyes—all this, though
in i,ilm ,i by a few men of genius ul
u date precoding our era, has now penetrated to, and is beginning to influence the thoughts of the mon in the
Electrical applications—lbc electric
furnace, the extraction of nitrogen
from the uir for tbe purposo of ugri
culture, the transmission of powor, the
utilization of water power by electrical
means of locomotion und for many oth
or purposes-arc a|l practically tbo outcome of this period.
Tbo Wpcoveilflj pf ?-riiys, of radio
activity, and of tho prflbsjilo electrics!
constitution of msttyr, still belong tp
tin perlqd of quite woot history,
Tbe greatest discovery in chemistry
boo boor) tbst of tin rolatiqpabiji
mining tbo atoms, associated with tint
noma of Momlelev, wbcroby all tbo olc'
monts aro exhibited as u group of fnui-
ilios  bavin;:   piolinIde i elnliiiiinllip   wilh
each other, Bomo of tbem rolstod as
ancostors anil descendants. Tbo prediction of uow olemonta thus rendorod
possible, before tbeir experimental discovery was made, marks tbis as a tttf-
class achievement. Aud (bo striking
discovery of argon anil the othor inert
constituteuts of tlie atmosphere has
served ta justify the foresight of sucli
a chemist of genius as Julius Thomson
in u remarkable way.
Many great chemical im limine, have
sprung up through Parkin's discovery
ef aniline dyes, uml much progress bus
been mude in lhe invention und manufacture of high explosives. The rccog
nitiou of hypnotism, ulso, uml of telepathy, is not to be ignored; ami though
mere technical advance is no sure aud
certain guaruutcc of human progress,
yet wben,mankind bus learned wisdom
enough tu. utilize its cnbunced powers
und improved methods, not for sellisb
aggrandisement uud greed, still less for
competition nmi slaughter, but for tbo
good of the whole liumun ruce, then
undoubtedly these discoveries, liko
ull others, must contribute to our well
Atld a liul,- sugar, ubuut u teaspoon-
lul to a quurl of wuter, wljen boiling
young peus. This improves the. flavor,
particularly if tbey ure not entirely
We aro authorized to offer tbe following splcudid homo
sites on Flfteentb Streot—tbo coming thoroughfare of Nortli
Corner Fifteenth Btreet and Bt. Andrew's 157x120 with
stono wall around and highly Improved—only sv.iiim — VI
caah, balance to arrange
Corner Fifteenth Street and Bidgeway 157 ft. by 120 ft.
Only 13,500—V,   Cash balance to arrange
Ou Tblrd Btreet eaat A beautiful rcsidonco lot 50 feet wide
ouly 12,100. Terms easy.
Also four 26 ft. lots ln block 113. Cheap uid good terms,
The Burrard Development Company Limited.
(Successors to Kldcr Murray Compaay Limited;
17 Lonsdalo I'lione
Residential Properties
Lols I and 2, Block 36.....' $3,200
Us 17 and 18, Block I4A  $1,300 each
Lot 19 and 20, Block I4A (double corner)  $3,200
Lols 9 and 10, Block 79 (double corner)  $2,500
Terms 1-3 cash, Balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Eor prices and terms apply to
The  North   Vancouver Land  and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
North Vancouver Agents for
Phone Seymour 6286
■ ■hs
Why bs uncomfortable when with little eipense you csn
have yonr home fitted with SOBEEN DOOB8 AND WIN
This is tbe time to place your order.
Dou't wSlt until your bouse is filled with Diss.
Do it now.
Our stock Is complete in every detsll aud our prices are
paine & McMillan
Phone 12.
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
July 1st 'Celebration Arrangements
Forging Ahead
Onsen snd Chairmen of Committees
We solicit the trade of all builders who appreciate
High Grade Goods at a' moderate price, and the
prompt and careful filling of orders, which our large
slock and long experience in business makes possible.
Burrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd.
We Have Two Lots
D. L. '.Mli, facing south, oidy $2,260, each, Terms
Iu Block 4,
Sixty-Seven Foot Corner
One block from Lunailale il.ltm. Terms Woo cub, balance 6,
VI aud 18 montlu.
Boom 29. m Lonidajj Avenue. Nortb Vancouver,
(above Post Ollice)
Post Offlce Boi No, 8397. Telephone No. 462,
$1 down, $1 per week
Malleable Steel Range
llu llic .'ii.-; paymeul plan uf One   hi,luu
week wo nit- offering une nf luu best   Mail
i.'itt.n-inii. market.
tiuwii  nmi  One  Dtillur per
-ttl,It-  Steel   I,,,, , ,     un   il,,
Made uf licit ti ,..■ .nn Ifltieil Hi ci-1 euld rivet ted un malleable sled frume
—it is absolutely iudcitructible. impossible lu wurji ur crack and nu
stuvc. i ..it. in Ilie joints lu I.-'I ...it ol any lime.
Hupplied  wilh  waterfruul  or high elevated copper reservoir,
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
Plione 68
107 Esplanade West
Msyor MuNelab pu Tuesday iilglit
presided over a representative gathering communed in tlie oity hall tn
appoiut officers ami ctiniinillties to luke
charge of the July 1st celebration arrangements. Thu meeting was an eu
tiruly harmoniuus ami productive one,
everyune present being uiianliiiaui uu
the une Important point that the thing
mint lie, wull ami worthily dune. Tho
Mayur was acclaimed presitlitnt, with
lleuve May and Kuuve Nulinn us llrsl
snd secnntl vice-presidents. It was ilu
.-Iiinii that thu mauling should elect on
ly ihu chairmen of the necessary com
iniii.-i-.,   ami   that   these   gentlemen
:■ liiiiild themselves suluct members to
serve on thoir committees, Tho fnlluwlng woru thoroupoi! appointed!
Chairman of Ananas, ML A. tl. Perryi
ehnirmnii uf athletic sports, Mr. P. T.
(Salisburyi chairman of aquatic spurts.
Mr. .1. N. ,1, lit,in ti, .liiiiinii.il uf i'liii
droit's spurts, Principal .1. 11. Bennett;
chairman uf printing and advertising,
Mr. (1. ,1. Phillipo; chairman uf decor
iiiuiii, Mr. ,1. 0, Bsblnj chairman uf
fireworks, Mr. I' 0, .limes; chairman
uf music, Hm,,iii„. .i,, K. ('banco; chair
man of Buy rlcnuts, Mr. .1. li. liiiglisli
Mr. T. B Brown was again ittiniiiintiiis
ly i-hnson as manngor and sucrolarv,
with Mr. A. 11. Perry as treasurer. The
altiivu ciiairmou will select their respective committees ami report at another meeting nn Tuesday nigbl. The
cily i-iiiimil nnd thu councils uf tlio
district uml Wost Vuncuuver will cun
inuii a reception ami entertainmeul
t'liitiniitlee. -
It was resulted tu make a goaeral
appeal tu the pooplu fur the fuudi lie
, i .-.nun  to the i rli-l.iiiiinii scheme.
A communication was road fruni llio
socrulary uf the St. Andrews I'aleilun
iait society requesting that the sporting
events of tlio day should as much as
puisible lie confined In this locality.
The lotter claimed that previously lite
majority uf the prizes hail boen carried
tiff by mil ,i,t, prufossitinals. Thc sec
reiurv wus ii.i.ini,ir,I by lite meeting
tu reply tu the society, puintiiig uut the
fact that the spurting events were al
ways under the control uf lhe lirilisli
f'ulumliia Athletic Aasociatiun, and
that, secondly, professionals wero do
barred from participation j ami, tlm,it.
lhat us ,.,.;.i, mi.i. suppurt for the
fund was derived from uutsido the ma
jurily uf the events muil iu ull fair
lioss lie upon tu all comers.
it was further resolved In requeit llic
council to enforce us strictly us poi-
agor was also iuuiiucied lu draft a
telegram to bo suat tu Mr, 11. II Way-
mis, M.P., urgiug him tu ttmi mury uu
ili'itiur tu havo the shiu brought to
North Vancouver ua that dsy rather
tbau ta viciiii'iii, liuctt that oity had
ouly just ohaugotl the dute uf its civic
i'1'ii'iiiitiiiiiiii frum May 84th to duly
1st and purposed making au ciViiri to
sttcliro the pre .ence ul tint lliiiiilitin.
Mr. rJulislinry, who lias tlepartinl fur
tiettitie. was ;iiiiliuii,,',I to take thu
nucossiiry stops fur slso securing tint
proseuco uf an Atnurlcau warship uu
the etciiii'ul tlate.
it was decided tu hold a weekly
mooting tnerj'i I'm:.,im iiiuiii for llm
making uf further arrangements in this
At tho In, t,i.ne match at Mocroatiiiu
Park tomorrow tho strongest teams pus
.tide will take the Beld. This biting Ihu
llrsl gaum uf lun soiisuii uu tho Van
couver ground, n recant crowd is al
most certain.
Tho city council have awarded Ihu
following , mii t.i, i, fnr wurk:
Buck crushing machine, Laiiiuliau
Kami Oo. Ltd., tliBUO.
Waturwtirks. supplies, Nnrlh Shorn
I run Wurks.
Construction uf Uhestorflohl Pock,
W. Oreenloes, (1,(1110.
inn.uur nf HI. Ileorgu's avouue frum
(tlh slreet to lilh stroot, Tulttsuv nnd
Varr, »8,llllll. „  l-.. *J*
.1. il. tti,,,'.ui,u ti npjupnuiiiiiinihlliml
liriiiiiug nf athletic groutitl, Mahou
Park, .1. L. llruwn, I'lfilt).
Orading uf Lllli street frbm Keith
mini tu HI. Andrew's, Thompson A
.Slewurl, 111,778.
in.,.in.; nf I'tllt'street from Forbes
lo IjUOOnsllUTy Avenue, Thompson nnd
Stewart, 16116.
Du Muy lllllll, In Mr. uud Mrs.
Irwin, Llth street oast, a sun
W  .1
Tho Pythian Sisters are hustling tu
make tho sucinl ovening whicn they
purpuse holding iu the K. I', hull uu
■lune i >n. un immense success, Tlie
sisterhood, oulv recently niuliili/ed, ami
Ihorofore doubly Bailout to shine, is
expending much time ami energy un
ihe arrangement uf tin attractive pru
grunt uf music, curds, contests, draw
ings, etc., while the evening will wind
up wilh iiu impromptu dance. A|>|>ur
cully Ibis is an event Worth null ng on
vuur tm in,.iiiii.ti.in tablet.
J?OR BALE—House, snap, 16th stroot
and 8t. Ooorgn's Avenue, fl rooms, ce-
iiietit basement, piped (or furnace, lot
lilKlfui lu luun, fenced iq slid garden.
Now rented ♦88.60 psr mouth, Price,
*ii,ii.iu, (titiii cash, balance (GO month
at 7 pur cunt. Oivuor, Bos 1815, oity.
eHiAliblli TblNliKHH on the preocrib
ml forms tuul accompanied by oortilied
uhuquo ar cash fur fi pur cunt, of tha
amount of tender (whicii sum sliull bo
held until satisfactory completion of
thu works uncording to plaus uml spe-
i'illi'iilnin) will Itu rticuivod liy Mr. .Itiliu
(1. funnel, Mitiiicipiil t'Lirk, until fi
p.m. uu Thursday, tltli .Iuue, llllll.
I. Lniiitriit'ting   Pirn   Hliuil,   I mu
iuu, ulc, at Lupilunu cur turHiiuiis.
8. (Illllirillg, i'liii,hm uml gruiliiig
til. .latum' run11 botween Ul. Ueurge's
Avouuo nmi til. Androw's avouue.
II. (Hearing, griilibing mul grmling
minis in 11. L. (117.
4. Littering, grubbing it ml grmling
roads lu li, L. tun.
li. (taring, grabbing mul grutliug
mad lo lut ifi, iiinik li, ii. l. mm.
All iu iii'ciirilmico willt plana und spe
cilii'iitiuits tu be lunl ul Ihis ulliee niter
10 a.m. un Mmniiiv. Ilrd .Iuue, IHLI, upon pnynieul uf (I.iiii fur each, which
sunt will he returned upon receipt uf
Iniilil Iiili' lenders.
The luwosl nr uuy temler nut ueces
sarily accepted.
Ilistricl Kngineer.
ilistricl Miiiiii'piil Hall,
for Lynn Valley uml Promina Hoods,
Nnrlh .Vimt^er, II. (I. "
>'   4 0
Pur interitir wurk tu complete Upper
Pltitir flints riiiims, ele. in I,nns,liilr
fi,in.i mul specifications obtainable
uu application lo lue undersigned, with
whom am scaled tendera lo be lodged
nut later I liun Tuesday, dune lllh, nt
fi o'clock p.m.
A cheque fur fi per cent, of contract
milium! musl accompany each tender.
The loweil ur uuy tondor mil neees
snrily accepted,
fity Hoard of School Trustees, Nurth
Vuncouver, H. (1. 4 li
NOTIOP  is  hereby given  that sll
monies due pn lumber shipped liy tbs
Heyiiiiiui'    Lumber    fiiuipiiny    Limited
from February 1st, 1B18, must bp paid
to   tbe   iiinlcriiini.'d   at   tilll-   ollli-n,   187
OOMPANyl t.f.
Appllcstlona will bo received by thu
undersigned up till 6 o'clock p.m. on
Thursday, thu Sixth ilay of dune, 11)13,
for tbe position of City Clerk of tint
City of Nortb Vancouver.
Applicants to statu qualillcaliuus ami
Salary ufforcd (|8fi per inoitlli.
City Clerk.
Btnployers' Liability Assurance
Premium rutes uro invited by tbo
Ilunrd uf Directors fur the insurance
of employees for a period of twelve
months from iiuuii uu the 17th day uf
June, lilt, to noun tin lllc 17th day uf
June, IIILI.
Estimated  compensation  fur period
of policy    (-10,0011
Limits uf Liability;
duo Accident    (I0,IHI'I
One Employee     l,Wld
Policy ulso tu cover outside liability:
histimstod Iruflic receipts fur period
uf policy    (I00,0ilt;
One Accident   (lu,0ll'l
Ouo Person      SJUMI
Kates undor seulcd ami marked cover
to be received by tho undersigned uot
lulor thun it! noon nu Thursday, Juue
Oiii. 1018.
4-6   ' 11. E. KKMP, Soc. Trees.
Phono Fairmont 1810, Simpson Bros
liiiililing movers, IAD Fifth Ave. Weit,
Vsncouvor, 11. C. Enquire Simpson, 1st
huuse casl uf Lonidale, Lllh street. Estimates free. HI 'I
■illle flic Iruusicnl traders bylaw, Mi
Aleiander' Phillip   being  appointed   n SONS OF BNOLAND
committee   tu   interview   landowners        Lodge Western Boss No. 1108
mid ask llioui lo refrain frum leasing     AuiAial church parade Sunday, .lm
iheir grounds for refreshment  booths. 2i il,  to St. John's church.    Members
The ineeling alsu decided that only will  meet  visiting  brethren al   ferry
persons donating (10 or more tu the, wharf ul ,1 p. in   prompt.    A full ul
■ubicription fund ami paying the usual I tendance uf membera is requested.
iisplay rale should have Hie privilege! II-5 II. LEK8,« Secretary,
if   featuring   un   the    fireworks    pro
Special for a Few Dayi
TBDPLB OOBNBB on  J'.ul. Street.  Hire  210  feel   by   157.     Price,
(1660, Terms (660 cash, 6, 12 aud 18 months.
We bavo only a few lots now loft in 784—a beautiful homesite within
two blocks of lionsdalv Avenue for (376. Terma (IW coin, t, 12
and 18 months.
Jf you bave a house to Kent, ur for Sale kindly give ui a lilting,
Pbons 863 V. 0, Uat UM
1     i ,
I'lie dccoralng uf (ho cily wus u unit
tor which received considerable altea
tiuu. Mr. Salisbury favured lhe pre
lentatiou uf Jiriaei to business ''mes
f.l,,i,., premises wero the best decorated, llii niii i uf a cup in Ihis cou
nirlion was gratefully accepted by the
fieri feasible effurl will be made tu
secure the presence ou July Isl of
H.M.C.S. liainbow, tu the commander
of which au official invitation will bo
sent by  tbe city council.    The mun
Y. P. B. 0. E.
After the usual opening, Miss Hardy
read a paper nu the* topic frum Miss
I,in,Inn Brown, wlm was unable to bo
Ail yuung people are given u hourly
invitation lo meel in Sl. Andrew'i
Presbyterian church every Tuesday
evening nl S o'clock.
TO KLNT-At once, live roomed
i ti in,-1,..] house uu 17th slreei, bluck
and half cast uf Lonsdule Every con
veuieiice uud   large garden. I 'i
Now Then, Boy*!
Ws bsve Just received one of tbe Ccssst shipments of boys' bouts,
from tbs markets of Uu Bast, tbat bave sver come to British Columbia
Corns early and get your pick for tbe summer months.
We sre showing ln our eaat window a magnificent assortment ofi
Oentlemen's Oxfords, In Tan, Black, Patent, Oiace, Box Calf, etc., etc.
/    Our EaeUru shipment bai Just arrived and ws sre uow allowing the
pick of tbe markets lo Orson, Orey, Ten snd Block, at all prices.
Wood-Paige Shoe Co.
Pbone 393 Mount Crown Block, Opp. City Hall
111 Second itreot NOBTH VANCOUVEB Phone 467
All New.       No Old Stock.
Fine assortment of Flower
and Garden Seeds in packages.
Sweet Peas by the oz.
These   come in  Hlack,   White,
l,:ivt'inliT, I'iiik and Red or mixed.
Special Lawn Grass, -   $0 cti. lb.
Selected White Clover, - 65 cti. lb.
North Shore Drug Co.
P. S. THOMAS, Phm. B.
Druggist, 116 Esplanade Weit
The Canadian Bank
of Commerce
BIB    EDMUND   WALKEB, O.V.O. LL.D. D.O.L. Presidont
Asat. Oonoral Manager. General Manager,
Capital $15,000,000
Rett $12,500,000
Temporary quarters of  the North Vancouver Branch,
Esplanade West, near Lonsdale Avenue.
A General Banking Business Transacted
Interest paid on Savings Bank Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards.   Withdrawals may be made at any lime.
J. A. FOBam    Manager.
West Vancouver
Choice Homesite Properly, close to the Government Road, and overlooking the sea.   Mosl suitable for subdivision!      D.L. 1082, N.W, 1-4
$1350 pert Acre; 1-3 Cash
D.L, 1100, S.W., 1-4
$800 per Acre; 14 Cash
And Corner Marine Drive ad MarrRd., Dundarave
Noble Response—
to Benefit Fund
Over 81000 Bcallzod liy Comradea' of
I,sts A. B. Betting.
The benefit fuml organized lasl week
nn lioliiilf af tile widow anil fumily of
tlie late Mr. A. ti. Batting mut with
an iiiiiiieilinii- ami hearty ruspanso.
Miiiiii'ini'ii ami eiiiiiineiiiii, in tlio urn-
ploy   Uf  thu     11.   (I.   Uivllie      lillilwiiy
(loiiipsiiy furineil tlininsclvea into a
collecting cymmittue uuii aru tutluy in
a position to hum! over lo their lute
comrnilu's family approximately $1,111111
iu cash. Qn Moinluy evening a beiiu-
lit entertainment wus provided ut the
litiitsilalo Theatre whicii wus the venue
of u (fathering larger than uny since
thu t ium ie'. opening night. The Nurth
Vancouver city huml, under Hie Itutiiii
of iiiiiiiliniister ll. i'iiiiini*, contributed
ii number of seloctlous, while the
lltilileii l,e I'nigu slock coinpiiity up
peurctl in une of the licst productions
of their repertoire The proceeds uf
tin ulltortaiumont, according fo the
statement of Mr. A. fl. Hole, manager
uf llic Lonsdale, tutul UVl.'lt. Since
flic management nf lhe theatre gouor-
mul; offered tn forego' uny churgc
whatever fnr the use uf thc theatre un
Monday night, the entire amount thus
roslisotl will lm presented to Mrs, Bolting lilting wilh the subscribed sum
Ajtiillier prominent donor tu the t'n ini
is Mr. ,1. P. I.'rawford, who bus pro
tilled the family with n pleasant lol
in I,yuu Valloy whereon u suitable
Iiiuiii- will nuw be luull fur thorn.
N. V. City Band Concert
To-morrow Evening
An attractive baud concert has been
iirruiigcd lo luke plact.' uu Saturday
evening nl eight u'cluck id larrsuu1
grounds, Esplanade west. Thc follow
ing priigrutninc will be rendered by
lite Nnrlh Vancouver ('ity Hand Under
the leadership ul Bandmaster (lliance:
March, "Medinalt Temple," Kirtlaiid;
Uavutle, "l.lille -Marie," Bciinejt;
Dance, "lu the tibaduws," Piucltj
Wull/, "Tlie llnrbur of l.ovc,", Blake
Schuiidi Mureli, " Hup Time Violin,"
Berlin; Mureli, "llottou Time," Dun
ids; Wall/, (concert) "Olivette,"
Myers; overture, "Operatic Kchoei,"
Luwrcinlcuii; selection, "Tlie Glow
Worm," Liinle, March, "King i.'buu
Contractors, Builders, Storekeepers, and Employers
need only to pboue 381 lu have ail .uiuici filled. NO OHAROE
to BMPLOYBB or EMPLOYEE tbiMmUbcic ii absolutely no nc
cessity lu olilizu cmpluyinciil Agunail Vancuuvur, as a complete
list   of all  classes  of  workers il acjjt it |bu
. I
14 I .-iif-Lie Avenue.
HOOD, Secretary.
He Kept the Tip
[ouuaiight   Brought   llic   Wine   and
Pocketed tho Perquisites
Mini) good storiei ure luld uf tin
llukc of (louiiuught'i democratic luun
ncr uud sense uf humor. Here is uin
that is well known iu Oltunu about t
. , i,11, ■ j who is u colunel and hull-
from HI. Joliu, N. B : /
In IWJi lhe Senator, whu wus Ihet
lieutenant colonel, wus lelecteti by ti|r
Wilfrid I.auricr lu gu tu London tu ut
lend the diamond jubilee of the laic
ijiicon Victoria, whicii lbc gullunl of
liier did in a brand new uniform, cur
rytng with liim u Uur.-,! wiiich in fu
mini.- from llu- Sl. laurcnce lu lhe
Vukon river.
One of lhe royal funcliuiis lu whit-It
llic coloinul.-i were invited wu« u gar
den party ul Buckingham l'alacc,
which louk pluic un u very hot aller
neon ut the beginning uf July. The
colonel Kindled ubout Ilie grounds ulnl
discovered gurgcuun criinsnn lent?",
tilled nilh smull InlilSa^u ttlmn tin
mosl fuuiuiis leas from i'liinu"-«j(d An
nam were brewing, uiul alsu IcniuiiaNi
lups uml delirious strawberry ice,
hut there was nu sign of lhe cup Ilml
th, and lhe bruw of the officer
grew sud uml hit. lutiguc dry u» lie
Ihought uf the ice clinking nguiinl
Ihu glum in liis fur off home llii
iuu- mc. were Interrupted by un ull;.
cml in icnrlel aud guid locod uniform,
wliu came up ami asked;
"Is lliere anylhing I tun gel fur
you, colonel I"
'!Vuu liel there is," replied llic Cun
adian.   "I am jusl dying for a g
honest drink uf reul liquor."
The officer uniled and said Ihul h
wuuld gel a buttle uf I'huuipugnc uu
some cracked ice if Ihul would du
Then he wcnl SWSy and shortly re
iiiiin.I, inline,id by a crimson an
gold laced fuolinau bridging the wine
uud a large gublcl.    This plcuscd lite
Lot 7, re-subdivision of lots 1, 2, 3, Block
7, D.L. 549, between 20th and 21st Sts.,
size 33 x 145 feet, cleared.
\PR1CE ONLY $4500
Terms one-fourth cash, balance 6, 12, 18
colonel so much that bo gsvu the
ullicial who ordurud ilia drink half a
crown ft drink bis health witb, which
tho fqripor pockotod after tkaiikin;;
ilm. "
Utnr un in the afternoon some offl
WS  Iff the  Life  lllllltilii   wore   litll.iii"
to thu Canadian uud buwailcd tho fact
iimt they had not beeu able tu get a
Irink a|l afternoon, "Bay, hoys, yo;i
staad liy mo, apd I'll got you a cold
hott|o of tiio best llzz wuter you over
tasted," uoid the colonel.
Just thou tho same official (tossed
by that bud suppliml the tiuttlu , «f
wine, and thu colonel called: "Ssy,
my friend, raise another buttle of tlio
nun' stuff you nmi' mo before, ami
there'll bo another half crown for
The olliciul smiled ami replied that
he wuulil ouly be too plcuscd tu order
,'iu.iliei buttle of wine, or us many
moru as the colonel wished. When
llic olliciul wulkcd away tlio officers,
tt lm  Inni  slcppcd  buck   iluring   the
tricf conversation, turned to the colonel frum tit. .Inlu uml uskcil if that
wuu the man he Inul given the money
lu, uiul when the colonel replied thai
it was they said:
Why iiiiiii, that's the Duko nf dur
naught,  the Queen's son."
'Well, ull I know," suiil the colonel, ruefully, "is thul he kept my
hull' crown."
I'tior mu set out lo rest a spell.
And  said:   "Nutv,   children,   i|uict
down |
I 'tl like tu read u word or two,
And Ilinl what's doing iu tlie town.
Baby's asleep at  lusl, uud so
Vint dearies mustn't make a noise, -
.lusl pluy wilh dulls nnd picture -books,
Anil leave alum' yuur ulher luys."
Ami st, we promised quick, because
Mu lius lu work m hnrd fur us;
Ami mt' uml Susie slipped away
Ami never made a word of fuss.
Boi soon lhe dour bell rung, uud Ihere
Au agenl stood to sell something;
And then Ihe baby tried, nnd' mu
tike hud tu put his buck und sing.
Then ull wus still aguiu. Iill tils,
In reaching fur u hollyhock,
(lot uwful slung by a Iiig lice —
And so ma hud to sit uud rock
Her quite a while; uml thou Miss Lit
i'ium  in ti, ntuke u little cull;
Ami  llii-n   'twas •upper-time, uml  m'l
lind uu nice roiling spell ut ull!
Llllillll  A. Llllll'   ill   I'iiuii .luttrillll
1 .  ' "' „
1 " '
Beauty and ito Wort
On sll sides, in every laud, the hand of Nature has been
lavish la putting before us beauty In Its fairest garb. By
tbis beauty qui minds sre lilted to hlglior pianos bl pure,
ennoblUig thoughts. From lt comes toe inspiration of tbe artist, whoso mind snd baud nut reflect tbst wbicb be sees
In Nature's loveliness.
"Haw boautlfull" exclaimed s lady tbs otber day as sbo
entered our OUT GLASS BOOM. It Is like a chapter from
fairy land." Sbe was a woman wbo appreciated real beauty
and real worth, and in s moment of time recognised ln our
display of Out Glass ths mister baud of tbo workman—tbe
reflection of the true artist's mind.
There Is a. magic in our Out Qlaaa wbicb attracts all. It
Is the msglc pf quality snd good taste,
I As s wedding present s piece of our Out Olsss stands as
a lesder, being highly appreciated by the brido whose dream is
—A Homo Beautiful.
Do not fail to visit our Olass Boom. Its beauty will ro
psy you for your trouble.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
It is better to go to bed with Hr
chickens Ibuu wilh flic owls.
"Iiiii'.-.  gcnlly, winds uf June!    Each
downy ucsf
Is full of unsung sungi ami uuapteotl
. wings
That will respond tu patient coverings;
tiuft   rockiugs   suit   the  rustic   cradle
best.'   '
Sealed tenders, marked "Tender lur
Grading," will be received by the Lily
1,'lcrk uf the t.'ity of North Vuneuuver
up to 6. u'cluck ou  Monduy, tile Mill
day of .lune, llllll, for grading Keith
liV.' i from Lunsdule iivi-uue lu (Jjucens-
bury avcuue.    Estimated   uut .LUGO
cubic   yards.    Estimated   fills   12,110(1
tuliii- viirds.
rf i
tiuid grading tu be done according to
pinl,:'. profiles, cross sectiuns und spe-
cillcations prepared by the t.'ity Engineer.
All tenders fur llic above mentioned
work must he made on I units supplied
by the t.'ity Engineer.
A certified cheque for 6C,\ of the
iinini,1.1 of the temler, made piiynblu
lu the Ijty Treasurer, must ueeom
pauy euch oml every tonder,
A bund fur In'., uf lite liinnuiit of the
(loutrucl  will be required,      I
The lowest or uiiy tender not ueces
surily accepted.
City Engineer's Ollice,   t'ilj  Engineer.
Nurlli Vuneuuier.
Ilillli May, IUU.
Irwin & Billings Co., Ltd.
Corner 5th and Lonidale Pbone 15   North Vancouver, B.C. ; '•■*
yAafCOTfs/ro ,,, BWflflH OOJiWBJa
I'ublUU.d liuwrlaya suil filQavs py ynnB Bftgte VM,' Ub\M7
i of Bubsorlp»ioni-O»s year, 11.00. Six pentbs, 60o. Three month, 85e
United States anil Fnraigu, $3.00 per year,
Advertising Bates WW Be Quoted Pb Application,
Tbs Eipreao is devoted to tbe interests of tbe Nortb Sboro of Burrard Inlet
exclusively. It constitutes sn advertising medium of exceptional value (or
reaching in a thorough and effective manner tha population of North Vancouver
(lity ana District. Every effort la mado to give advertisers the most satisfactory
All changes in contract advertisements should bo in tbe printers' bands uot
later than Iff a. m. Monday and 6 p. m. Wednesday to ensure insertion jn (be
lollowing issue.
Nortb Vsncouvsr, B. 0	
..,,.,i,,,,'...;...Msy 31, 1019.
"If iii the building up of a country,
lt is souiitl policy tu assist the c
slrtictiiiit of railways, then 1 say lhat
it is also mii,,I policy to assist tint till
age of the Boil."
The aliovo is one of the many force
fui statements which were voiced liy
Ilr. Elliott S. Howe in tltiulitig with tho
agricultural possibilities of lit,, prov-
ince, during his notable utlilress in this
city on Wednesday eveoipg,
Theoretically tbe desirability of extending every possible ussisluiicc to
lionn-fiilc settlers who will bring uuy
portion of tin.' present wiltl lamls uf
the province under cultivation will bo
ncceptcti by nil thinking citizens. There
in mi doubt, likewise, thul uu poreons
are more fully conversant wilh present
conditions in this reguni, mul with tho
urgent need thai every fcasililc expedient ehtitilil lie tried.iq the mi i tu
hasten tlte settlement of our agricul
lunil lamls, il.iitt tint those upon whom
Ihu people have placed tlte respous!
Ittlity uf admiuiataring the affairs uf
the province iu litis respect.
The principle uf extending financial
assistance lu bona lide tillers uf the suil
waa iinul\cl in Hie recommendations
made in the report of the Commission
uu Taxation, in that clause which refers to thti exemption of agriculturists
linm taxation, according them a spe
etui exemption uf 11600 mure than tu
other classes nf citizen. This srrsnge.
ii.int, however, us lias lieen previously
pointed uut in these columns, woultl
ussiat the agriculturist wbo is least in
need of governmental assistance, name
ly, not Ihe une who is iin.;:; in,;  along
in tbe i l.i i tu redeem u home frum
the wilderness, Imt the une whu has ul
rcu.ly ul I ui nt .1 a position of opulence,
upun the suil, a provision whose ail
usability is Ity no means su clear as
is lhat uf ssaisting lite piouoer,
It is frequently tiic case thai, how
ever admirable sny theory ttiBy be con-
m,i.ml in the nl .ti.n i. uu attempt lu
rciluco that theory to concrete form
by working uut sume practicable plan
fur its application, is found lu In- Inset with difficulties which were uut
previously uppurcnl. When au import
nnt ,i,|,,ii.... sucli os this is in view,
it is not desirable lhal thu country ut
Inin'' be luiinuitteii tu uuy scheme until
il lius been carefully considered iu all
ils l.i'iii.i.j;i. ami closely thought tint in
all ita phases ami relationships, Ooc
of (lie must effective means of arriving
at a disciissiun of proposed new enact
incuts limn every angle, und iu the
i,i-i,i uf all interests whiili may be lu
any degree involved, is thai such pro
posit ions should be taken under uil
viscinciil by Ihe public ami semi public I
btnlies ami debated by them.       ,
While the assertions made by Or.
Howe were positive as to the Ihcore
■™* !-*i	
lical soundness of thu proposition to
extend financial assistance upon tho
part of the (lovernmoiit, to thu burnt
fltle suttlur upon hitherto uiioccupiod
public lands, time tlid nut permit that
he should submit iu detail any definite
scheme which he may have iu miiitl,
which wuuld designate the probable
lines ulung whicii, iu hjs opinion the
theory might safely lie reduced to
The drafting by some public body
ur somo Individual uf recognized in-
llutiitcu of some definite clauses as u
suggested linn lilting which lhe necessary legislation might lie framed, in
urder Ilml something nf a concrete nature might bo placed befure tlie verb
utis public bodies fur discussion, would
doubtless accomplish n great deal .toward enabling public thought tu arrive
ul definite cuncliisiuus with rus|iect to
the feasibility-nf Ihe proposition lis
well as sume appruxiiuate basis uf
agreement us in file lines ulung which
an effort might be mude to give effect
tu lite idea.
The company nf one hundred ur
more citizena wlto wero fortunate
enough tu hear the address delivered
I,. Ilr. Elliott S. lluwe at tho meet
iug hibl in lhe hull uf the Imal I'uii
licity tti,i,in, un Wednesday evening,
listened to a masterly presentation o|
lhe problem uf Community Publicity
in its relation to (ireuter Vancuuver,
uml lirilisli Columbia, whose educative
vulue wus uf lhe very highest order.
Ilf till the ilipuble suns wlllllll tiic
Lust has given the Wesl, there are few
indeed whose capabilities etjtial lints.'
which ure evidenced by the persuiiultty
uml wurk of Dr. Bowe.
ilr. Bowe is particularly ul homo iu
the field which Ih uhTunlcd his mental
capacity und his forceful energies, liy
the work iu which he is engaged. The
Statute u|' Liberty woultl appear cu
lircly uut uf pluee in u cily sipiurc lie
cuuse uf lack uf perspective, but sit
uated as il is al ilu entrance uf New
Vurk harbor, ils colossal proportions
harmonize with the immense <hack
gruiind uf illy and hurhor and il is
seen lu cxccllunl advantage. After the
same manner, une can scarcely picture
lir. Bowo uniting lhe minor details uud
I'ii ■ concerns whiili gu lu make up
lhe purview uf many lives. His is that
splendid type uf mentality which hursts
ull narrow hounds uml seines' with
avidity upun a mighty sweep uf vision
wjiuse circumference encircles trenten
ilu'in pruhlcius uml great issues, with
whicii he i'i;: i.t tu contend. IIia
powers nf foresight are iuch that he
sees fur intu the future, his puwers uf
,i .,,"l,i ure uf u currcspumliug calibre
uud he pcnotrutci lu its deepest dcplhs
flic problem   upun   winch  his  thought
is directed.' His powers of analysis aru
Of the most searching order reducing
tba subject fn its rudimentary priu
ciples, but ha Atnt not atop thorn, fut
his ininil is ossimtiully constructive and
out of tbe elements at hand be immediately proceeds to build somothlug bet
ter, if possible than that which he has
analyzed. He revels in grappling with
tremendous problems, he thinks great
thoughts, enunciates great principles,
perceives great possibilities, plans great
tbiugs, to all of which the work he has
in hand offers the largest scope ami
for these reasons tlio personality of tho
man finds itself in a most appropriate
setting, in tlie important office which
he occupios with such conspicuous ability.      .
Thero aro fow of (lunaila'a sons in
titled, whose career promises to exert
such gruut und permanent influence for
guod upon this or any othor province, ai
does that of Dr, Elliott S. lluwe upon
not only tin-ni,-i Va mvur but on the
proviuee as woll.
Whilti fhe swing shelves aru the nearest empty, look well tu thu nails thin
llulil them up. It isn't much fun to
have a shelf coiuu down with u nice
lot of canned fruit on it.
ouicau stops couqks, cunts colds,
HIAU THS thuoat snd UNAS, aa CUT* I
North Vancouver
Property Owners
If yuu ure anxious to sell yuur I'ily
nr Districl inls al nr below market,
cull immediately ami see
Hutchison, Compiton & Co.
62 Lonsdale Avenue
Their selling plun  will  dispusu uf
yuur pruperty by .'Kith June, 1918.
SI.     Iniln us     I',. «!,, Ii iii.ii     I I,,,,,.I,,
Kellh Huml--Services: Murnlnia 1100.
cvniliiK, 7:30 Atliill Bible i'liiss. 12.30
Humbly School, 2:30. V I' S ti l-l. Tuna-
luv. ul 8 |i in. Prayer Uectlnjr. Wail-
nesiluy. nt S u.m. Choir Practice,
Krlduy, ul 8 p in Itev. liunuld Mticleud,
n,im..ii»i i inn.i,Corner uf Sixth
uml SI. ii'.ii ■ Siimluy Services. 11:00
ii in uml 7.30 |, in Suittliiy Schuul uml
luliii Cluss, 2:30 p.m. Sclilur League
Mundiiy, 8 |i in Pruyer uml Pralai
Service. Wednesday, S |i in Juiilui
League. Thuisduy ,,n, 11,,,, i. ul 3:30
Paaior, W  P  Sclilltcher
Sl. Asnea rfaureb -Corner Twelfth
uml  Boulevurd     Horning  ul   II  uut
evening lit 7:30 i tt, li.l;. I',,minimi,ili
flril Sunday In monlli, ut 8 a nt, llrsl
uml third Sun,I,i>:, ut it it m Sunday-
School ul 3:00 pill Itev Thniiiiis l-l
Rowe, Vicar
Salvallua   Sims—Lonadale    Avenue
:..uuin'.   .-"i'.i,,.    11:00 u III. 3  ,   III uml
V.tiip in Tuesiluy S p: in : Thursda).
S i in Cltlldi ins Set vie. Wednesday,
I p. in
Palace Hotel
Second Street, North Vancouver, B. C.
RATES:— $2.00 per day up.    Special
rales to families and to regular boarders.
i    »
Sl. J.ihu Itr I ,,,„t,ll.i 1,111. unl
Thirteenth ifufy Communion, 8 u nt
Murniug Prayer, II u in Kv-i-nlnu
Prayer, liJO i- in On the lirst Humlu.t
In Die luiiinli there will In.- tt s.mnJ
celebration ut Ilie fl.il> I'uuiniunlun
ul 11 u in    Rector, ll.v  lluili Hooper
M. i..i,i.i..,ii'« (allelic i im.. I. Mlxili
und Muhun Avenue Biindu) Hiirti
Muss und S crniuii. 10 u in Sunday
Schuul. 2.30 |< in Hoaary nmi Uriic-
dlcllnn, 7.3(1 |i in Krltlui Luw Muss.
8 ,i in I',,nlmi Itev I A It, ,l,n,l
0. if I
imll.,, Calkolle 1'kurrk ul SI. Piol'l,
Muss, 7:30 ,t in, Hundu>s f'uutui. Itev
K   I'eytavln, ll M I.
rbrlallau     Bclrarr "Kllllllt-rle) '
i'ii,-i-i, ni. I.l Avenue i lie I ween Kour-
i.. mii und Mli. 'mi hii ii imi Sunday
Services at II u in Tesllniull) Meeting,  Wettllesduy,  7.30 |i lu
SI. 'I'buojas 8 u in ever, Sundai
except flril Sunduy lu munlli 8.30
u.in. inul Sunduy tn month II u in.
Matins, Llluny und Sermon, second und
fuurlh Sunduy fluly Coinmunlun and-
Sermon, flril und third Htimluys Vlcur,
Hev. T. B. Howe
i'i..ii.i.,i.ii i i.iii.i, Sundayi. II
a in 'uiul 7:30 |< in Sunduy S. tioul und
Illlile f'luaa, liO |t III Ti.H hut. Tinln
Ing ''Ian. Wi-dneidiiy, 7:30 I'myci
Mccllnn, Wedncltliiy, 8 |i lu Uuy*'
Cluli, Tliuriday. 7:30 n in I'liolr Practice. Friday. I |i in II Vun Mtinslei.
M A„ iiuafur
MrlfcuSI.I     I bureb    Wumlilf,.     Sun
dayi,  II a in. und 7:00 y ut     Hunduv
,'-,:-, ,,l      MS    |illl       I'llll ul     Rev    ti
I'mbyltrlsa (kurek- Worship. Sunday!,   ll   -im   und   7   p in   .Sunday
Hi llunl   IIS p III     Punt'il, lluv   A   Mac
SI, i irurai'i Uisllcaal Huly t'uni-
iiiiinii,in fine* Sunduy In inoiiih, II
ii in Inv. i.ii.n Prayer, every Sunday,
7 p. in. Ohulr Practice, W(|l;ieiduy,
ft p m    Kev   Arthur In   Uiure, Vlcur
50 feJ^t in Block 29, District Lot 273, near Ridgway,
for only, $2,850, 1-3 Cash;  Balance, 6, 12, and
18 months.
<,:,*, "?••?
62 LONSDALE AVENUE     po.bmusi  vimem     NORTH VANCOUVER
Our Shipment of Prosser
, . 'i i ——      ————
-:■ Racquets is Here •:-
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
to largor premises on Kaiilsnsila, io
Don't Forget
NOTICE is hereby given that any person posting
up any Advertisement or Sign, or printing anything
on or otherwise injuring any of the poles or posts of
the BRITISH COLUMBIA ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO., LTD., is liable to a penalty of $100
and costs, or one month's imprisonment, according
to the Company's Act of Incorporation, and will
be prosecuted accordingly.
B. C. Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
R. H. SPERLING, General Manager
Ilinl   whsn r*you*tlo  t'ttl>»ff>it( *^fifMS*^^
year tilll we uro ut>Jl hero Willi a
far liottor line at ranch better|ifcoj.
W. H. Stoney ft Co.
Ill li'ujilanailo Weat. Plione 119
(ncul tu i'nn, i., hi. Ut Mi   & (Jlurkj
Em,,I i-ltiarOre will do wull tu ul uin
urvtuligatt) new practical gasoline iluu
i.e.   in liiuku medium uud niuuII juIm
Powerful, I'Ubily moved, cheap lo up
• uk. Alr*u useful Sm grading, pil>-
dm iug; etc. Heaaouuble price uul
21'lti Yukon Blreel,
I'liune Kuirlnonl Viiiilt.      Vancuuver.
Phone 335
Owners—Palmer, Burmeiter & von Graevenitz, Ltd.
Week Commencing May 27
Tinnigan's Fortune'
ices, 15c. and 25c. ,: A cm, tim,,,
• I Ilf
UMHI\ ur
Capital Paiw Up ™ .,,...
I Day Is nol fhe on y reason fur
* regular aavlng: A bask aucouni
S ven you ||,o foellKu „f InXm dX
and security Hist k^pa yourli l,t.
from U'oi'iy-llial rankM you belle"?
uhl' lo meet Ilie world on an eve,
fooling and lo lake advantage of oii.
J.oituimKa ihu, c„„,e you, Ja>*     P
lli!i'nn'i„n'0UL,ace"u"1 at   " Bunl1 »'
iiuinillon,   when,   courteous,   efffol.nl
bankliiK service Is iti'.n'ldci) "or lite tk
Bt,%, """"'• "  We"  M  rWP
1*1 us exiduin our Safely pepoilf Uoi
H>aleiii. Ilenlul inoderalc.
li li. IIKAVliN, As.al,
•\orlb   Vancuuver
BtATwuw fWttjH VANCOUVER, B. C. FRIDAY, fMAY 31.19fj,
Timely Message From
Nqrth Vancouver's
Popular Publicity
Commissioner* .
AN Extension Telephone
once installed proves
its value. It earns its
way every day. With an
extension telephone upstairs
you do not have to go downstairs to answer when the
bell rings. If you are upstairs you do not have to go
downstairs to call someone.
The service costs only a
little over 3 cents a day,
with no charge for installation. Call COMMERCIAL
MANAGER, Phone 98.
British Columbia Telephone Co.,
Legs lo announce iLal he wili
At Terminus of Capilano Car Uae
immediately.    I-el ui have your bugs ot Capilano properly.
Notary Public, Real Estate, liuviuue and Conveyancing.
NO COMMUNITY can be truly
prosperous that has net confidence in
ilself and ils local institutions: Thc very wont advertisement
lhat a cily can have is the fact lhat its people have to go elie-
where to have their wants supplied. When we see a place in
which the ordinary commodities dial should rightly be supplied
by their own merchants and manufacturers are obtained elsewhere,
lhe inference is naturally drawn lhat there must be something
radically wrong.
At this stage of her development Norlh Vancouver cannot
afford lo have the impression go abroad lhal our commercial interests rest on anything but the most solid foundation, and it behooves us all who have the welfare, of this community at heart—
and I am convinced lhal this will include everyone within our
borders—lo assist in every manner possible lhe building up and
strengthening of our local commercial institutions, and this end
can be best accomplished by lhe patronizing of our merchants
and manufacturers, by the citizens generally.
Of course the fault may not be always on the one side only,
and those who supply our needs must do their part, as wc cannot
expect die public lo sacrifice their interests in the matter, at
least if we do expect il we are bound to be disappointed as long
as human nature is constituted as it now is, bul this I am very
sure will nol apply lo Norlh Vancouver as wc can rest assured
that lhe men who are al the head of thc business affairs of this
cily are worthy of our utmost confidence. They have shown
their faith in the future of the Norlh Shore in the strongest possible manner by investing iheir capilal and by assuming thc burdens
of citizenship which owing to their extensive interests always rest
more heavily on iheir shoulders lhan on lhe shoulders of the rest
of a community generally.
( This being the case, il is only natural that all things being
ti|ii.ii, they should look for our patronage, nol in any charitable
sense, bul simply as a mailer of good business pnnciplc.
This has a farther reaching effect lhan mosl of us realize; it
is not only llic merchant personally who is benefitted bul directly/
or indirectly ;1 effects practically lhe whole community, for instance, as the merchant's or manufacturer's business increases they
musl employ more help, who musl have houses to live in, clothes
to wear, food to eat, and the many other necessities and comforts
of life, nilii i people will be required to supply these needs, and
so lhe thing goes on indefinitely in a sort of endless chain. And
ibis is only one of lhe many ways in which thc increased prosperity
of our business men will help the city at large.
Wc musl nol carry this loo far. however, we musl maintain
an intercourse wilh our neighbors and the world in general in a
business as well as in a social way; we musl exchange thc commodities which we produce, for those which we do nol produce;
we musl nol say lhat we are su/ficient unto ourselves, lhal wc
must nol even in a small way lake thc position that the
Chinese nation did in olden limes when they said, "We are
much more advanced in civilization lhan the rest of the world and so
much superior in every way dial we do nol care to associate with
them, we will build a wall, both figuratively and literally around our
country to dial ihey cannot enter." We know how they carried!
out ihejf intention and when some dipusands of years later they
awoke to what was taking place in die rest of lhe, world, they
lound lhal ihey weie hopelessly distanced by thai part of the
human race lhal had earned on intercourse with one another and a
general interchange of ideas and commodities.
Meeting of Creditors--President A. B.;
Diploek Submits Encouraging Fuian '
cial Sutement - Creditors Should
Receive full Piynient
* >
We Study Printing
We make a feature of preparing printing that u profitable to
our palroni
W< study i) \it lua and effect*
to insure attractive arrangement,
and we belieyc you will appreciate
our handling of your work.
From a caid to a huge poster
or an illustrated catalogue we will
give you a figure or our advice.
o f,        ipi.f,.  ai  lit   ino.!  imfiortiiiit  meet
deymour Lumber to. j ,„„ „(, ,,,„„.,, ,.i hen* yet ben .*
Wc.Mi. ' uui'li.   The principal infer
cl   of   ili'   uiectiL"  will   be   lbe  tli,
iintoi. ol coclifioiii antj oppotluuiticn
incly   lo   lc   lirotlillit   al,oul   by   the
ofiii 111 ol lbe I'iii'iijiiii 'anal,       7'iit
ojiiiioti ti becoming pencrtl thst long
ircjilor. of Heymu, l.ui.btt cuala.uy u/if),  |(|   ^^ ^ ^ ^  ^
Imoltd.  heltl   ,„   Vamouver  ot.   lion |,    ,.   „   »,„ Uu imUe Uu]lti iu
diy a resolution nu, ui.amn.ou>!)- -.4 t,MlJ ,,„„, „,„„„„ |(| ,1(, pwiJ( (M|(
opted exliinlmy Hi, ,;,,Mi.ti,,   ol   He „ ,J(,ul„., „.,, „(. lJm<jy Ul(J ,lm
irclitort to fhe Bosnl of lit., :..,■ ;,. •: Uk( ^^ ,Q ^^ lU mn u
ill,  PhiLifhoi'Jcri m llu ita./ u..»for L^,
tunc whieh U-fi-J Ihe ' on.tuit,,,   u lhe
Intent ile  alttcb consumed  !;, i  : in
ber iLil mill on .Mai lllh.
1're.itlcM A U 114-101 i iea4 a detail
td It.I of trclilort"logciher witb tic
SttiOUIiU  OSTing   by  the. lollikUt,!'   Tl, r
Tsjks Woods
HTlS general run of people tie torn-
sJsys coming tp realize tbst tlio «uc-
cess of s hunting party is not to be
judged entirely by tbo amount of game
killed. A few years bsck tbo inevil-
able question ssked of s man returning
from tbe woods wss: " How many deer
did you klllf" Now, it moro frequently ia: "Did you bsve s good limo,"
k msn doesn't go tbrougb bsrdabips
innumerable snd spend s montb'a salary just to get s few score pounda of
mest. He csn buy bit meat st home.
He goes into tbe woods not merely lo
kill, bul to get some enjoyment oul of
life, aod Ibst enjoyment comes wheth
er be kills spytbing or not. Tbere is
fus in tbe cbsse ,but tbe average
aportunsn feels tbat bis lime haa been
well invested whether he gets a shot
at game or not. Tbere is nothing like
s week or two io the pine forests tc.
lone s msn up anil give him an sppo
mi- for footl smi sleep, it offers n
complete change and relaxation ami is
worth whatever price is paid for it
Huch a trip will do more for a man
S Iifl tm
shape and put. him In a position mI
bo csn sit around sll dsy wltb fi
thoroughly soaked, snd not feel,!
slightest pf ill-effects. There must' of
necessity be tome sMrsction in the
wsy of deer ami moose or other bfjf
game, to draw men iuto tlio wilds, smi
it will be s shame snd s blow tp thc
health pf the nation when tbp hunting
is s tbing of the past, for then tho outdoor life nf the average city man will
be confined to summer resorts, snd life
st sucb a place generally Is ss much
or more of s drag on a person 'a health
than the IiubIIu of tho city. There isn't
sucb a .Iminl- there for complete (oat.
Fishing is also a mighty good tbing
because of the. way it gets men into
the wilderness, but it isn't to be cow
pared witb hunting in Ibis respect, fm
it takes comparatively tew away from
civilization entirely, the way bunting'
does. Thc fishing resorts, too, com
iiiuiily have good hotel accommodations
and all thst sort of thing.
9  '
V     Tt-
DENSE  . |"
Nolico is hereby given that at Ibo
next meeting of the Board of liicense
than any amount of money spent in i''wnmiiiaiouera for the District of North
doctors' bills. Of course, ibere ar..-1 Vancouver, I will apply for a license to
some tenderfeet wbo catch bad colds "•'" intosicsling litjuors in premises sit-
and have ao unpleasant time on hunt !us'°'" "'strict ''"l p'gBI Hundred and
ing trips, but this just shows that *\9itty-laui tttl) District of North Van-
little more forest life is just what they couvl!r'
need.  Jf tbey lived long enough m tbo W' '''• KENNEDY,
woods ami inououine they would gel i iK> "fls|l«(t8 SL East,
over their tcmlerness altogether. 8u<h ' Vancouver.
'May .'Ith,  lul.'. JO-fJ
1 1. likely fo tax the resources
of railways ami Canadian steamship
luu. ,plying between Vancouver ami
Liverpool via ihe ranaJ io lake the
irra.n nop! out of thc country cseh
i-oiled spot* 00 msttrcMCs or pillows
im At lemove.) by covering them wilh
•'.ifi, mixcij 10 a paste with water
anj Laying thorn to the son. Bepcsi,
I etc entry.
•tali-mint <U.M'i 1U1 l.y tsrefuJ haii-J
lip the a-.'ii,- of lhe toui|*ny might
rcarouably be t-jpe It J to rctlitc t.l,
1 ii-ni lo pay ali tcjatum m full ami po-
.ilily to leave s surplus The lialiililies
aici.jt.i to approiiiiaicy IlltfM/) and
lhe a.H-ti run from illo.'M lo UV),
The BurrarJ Dcclopnu-ol ('ompsny
of this city will an ar asi.goee* 10
winding up thr rompeay Meiun
Taylor, Hulme sud Innes were appoint
rd solicitors for Ihr creditors.
 ^_   ' Enquirers class meets every \Jtdnei
CONVENTION       OF       WE8TEEN ,l4/""ting SI (< pjn. Wcmentary study
UQAMDi OP TBADS *"'J nteiUom.   Vou are cordially invil
rtl lo attend.   Boom 10, Aberdeen buili'
Concsrted Action Sought tn Visw of Lug.   Thcosophicsl fief libtuy.     11
Opening of Panama Csnsl—stsstaug ■ —— .
st Oslgsxy is ;tu>' PEOPERTT WAWTaW)
inlgiiy, /lit, May 30, J»l!.-The.'   h" f" wkLt t0 '«" K"" >«f    Wt
■TsUM rsMifm "**'■» rutintil
gathering of rcprmnUtiic. of We»t ' ^^'""^ "'^8 for goeJ buys. Oive
ern boards of trade in Ciiguy during!"' >'m *"* frou t''t* *** t«rau
f>e ixh.b.loo  week  in  iuly  is   re j'***Hm tinmeien, Bank of Hsmil
, Building,
Psintexs, Pspertsuagers aad Decorators
Hsj-oIwcxhJ : Finjshing : a : Specisuky
.souse Adiress:   21s< AND ST. Afif>R£WS AVENUE
totl OUict, (atnaral DeUvtry
PmtiMmmtiCbtwfv-lyPmrm   ad
•     l)i I 11
from $20.00 to $180.00
Warburnitz Piano House, Ltd.
Coal & Supply Co.
Coal, Brick, Lime, Gravel, Sand, Plaster,
Cement, Lath, Sewer Pipes, and
General Builders' Supplies
Wharf: Foot of St. George's Ave.   Phone
Office: 56 Lonsdale Avenue.   Phone 196.
' ill'
11 ••
The undersigned Coal Merchants of North Vancouve/
hexefcy beg lo give notice that .on and after June 1st, 1912.
all coal supplied will be sold fo; cash only, either on or befofe
I   ■
While we do not winS our customers to think that we
doubt iheir credit, it has been found that the cost of collectug
to many small accounts is prohibitive.    ■
We, therefore, ask all our customers to accept this notice
io order to avoid inconvenience to therntelvct and to us.
F. M. Bretsey, President.
H. Mstchdl, Manager
.Jfpa, two
. air fur-
ffiitt. V
i T~m^mm*mt
IU*     THE BANK OF     1912
., North America
II T**M i» Buslnsss.  fJsjlim and Bs serve Cyst W.WOJHip,
Two Membon of a Family
lisrtloitlsrly It thsy )(?» fsr frop town, frequently find it convenient to t»|fs
advsqtsge of our Joint Account ulsu.
Either make deposits or withdraw cash on his or ber own aigunturo alone.
Thus either osn do the banking wit eii In town, as suits their convenience.
11.00 opens a Savings Account, iiint or ordinary. Interest added half
* yasrly.   Money may be witlulruwu jit any tiniii.
H£    Two Officer in North Var/couver, Comer of Lonidale Ave
WL    and Eiplanade. Upper Lonidale Avenue, near Uth Street
h*fi\, mm -Hi pi*?
Thoroughgoing Policy pf Minister pf
Lands—Forestry Department
Now tn Charge
All the printing we do is proof of our
ability. Ws speclsliie ln the little
things which are so Important, and
which add excellence to your work.
Our plant and staff, combined witli the
study we give to the trade, enables
us to give satisfaction. We will give
estimates, make up dummies or advise
you ou any work you want dene.
Publishers     of     "The   Bzprsss,"
Printers of Pins Job Work.
North Vancouvsr, B. 0,      Phone 80.
r *  *"
Recently, Hou. William It. Ross,
Minister of Lands, discussed with enthusiasm the organization of the forest
branch, which has just taken place, nu I
lhe plans for immediate work Ihut
Hayo been tlocided upon wuru oiitliuuil
to a Colonist representative.
Since he hrst took up Ilie duties of
his office eighteen months ago, Mr.
IIiii-h, realizing' the urgent need for
forest conservation in British Columbia
baa been studying every uspect of th'i
problem and working steudily toward*
the establishment of n fnresl service
for the province which will eiiHiire fit'
perpetuation of its magnificent forests
sud the permanency of its important
lumber iinltiBtry. Ths creation of thc
forest liruni'lt embodies the fruition of
his labors, uml entitles Mr. Rosa iu n
very real sense to recognition as the
father of forestry in Hritisb Columbia,
A brief review of flic important stages
which have led up In the taking of this
upniiii.i step in advance by the Min
ister of Lamls will be of particular in
tercel at this moment.
Orowth of Forest Policy
I'ulil llic coming into puwer of llic
Hon. Richard McBride in 1003, little
attention liml been devoted lo foresl
matters. The important purl lliul lim,
Iter wealth coulil piny in the develop'
iiii-nl nf tiic provided, lhe need fnr its
protection from lire, ami the necessity
of encouraging u wholesome growth of
the lumber industry hud not up In llmt
time received proper recognition by
provincial governments, As a result,
the province was suffering enormous
liiiiiiiiil loss frnm forest fires, ami the
return bnlh in public revenue uml in
commercial prosperity from the foreal
capilal wus very low.
Mr. Mcllride was the firsl of tbe pro
vinco's statesmen  lo realize that  the
greatest asset of lirilisli Columbia lies
in her forests, und to institute a vig
orous policy both for their conservation
a,nl for the development nf their full
est usefulness to the people    The re
suit was the forest legislation of 1000,
whicii at one stroke, by producing u
revenue of two uud a half million del
lure, placed  Hie province on a sound
financial basis, enabled lhe government
to   enter   upon    ils   far sighted    pro
gramme for opening up new regions for
settlement by means of mails, surveyi
ami oilier public works, attracted dip
ilal, and led directly I'o thai campaign
of investment ami il.ni influx ul' popti
lafioit which have placed British Co.1
umbia iu the proud   and   prosperous
position she occupies today.
Poreatry Commission
The next step in Ihe government'»
11,,;-i.ii,,iii,   was llic appointment of
for. t-f rv  commission  to study  Hie n-l
utiiimtrative ijucstious involved in llic
practical   application   of   the    modern
conservation theory to lhe   forests of
litis province.   The commission, il will
be  remembered,  submitted   its 'report
at the end of 1910, within a week nr
two of the acceptance of tho portfoliu
of mioister of lands by Mr. Rosa.   The
new minister was naturally desirous ol
giving the  fulleKt   possible  considers
tion   to  the   forestry   problem   before
faking action, and  as llic aossion  of
luy followed close upon his reception
of the commission's reporl, if was ilr
cidcil to devote the rest of thul year
to the maturing of propoaed legislation
ami lo confine Immediate work in Hie
field lo the enlargement ami more care
tul organization of tire patrol.
Assistance from II. S.
In  dealing   with   Ihoso mailers  tin'
minister  of   lamls   placed   himself   it.
touch  wilh  the chief officials of  Hn
United States forest service, a service
whose conspicuous efficiency has cam
ed for il lhe jusl reputation of being
one of the best organized sdminialra
live bodies lhal   Hie world can snow
To the Hon (iilTord I'nn liul and lo the
well known forestry expert, Mr. Out
ton Price, belong the credit of creating
this great organization,, and it was Ilie
lullir  gentleman   whom  Mr   Ross lit
vited last autumn to assist him In the
task of framing plaus and securing the
best  expert  personnel   for  the  foroal
service of British Columbia.   The foe
est. of the province are Vital to its
prosperity, ami the firm determination
of the minister of lands wus to endow
Ihem and safeguard them with a fori »t
service second to none.
The opening of the present year suw
the Introduction of the comprehensive
Forest Act, which is recognized on all
hands as tbe last word in forest legis
lationj.ils clean-cut provisions with re
gard to fire protection receiving in pur
tictilar the trjbule of goneral opprobu
tion. Tbe act passed, Mr. Ross at one)
faced the question of organisation, am!
since the arrival of Mr. Price to tske
up. his duties in the province, pluus for
tbe new forest service have been fully
worked out, ao thst it can outer at
once upon its duties'
Organisation of Forest Branch
Tho branch will consist of four main
offices, between  which a logical   and
effective distribution of work has beeu
mailo. Tho offlco of operation will be
charged with tho protection of forests
from Are. Most Important work confronts this oi'ti'i' in improving methods
of lire patrol throughout the province
It is proposed tu follow the example of
the United Status forest service, uml of
the voluntary associations of timber
owners iu the Western States, iu increasing tho efficiency of patrolmen by
covering the forest districts by u net
work of trails, which ure no less neons
sary to efficient lire patrol ut reason-
able expense than tho patrolmen them
selves. Field Telephone Hues uml look
out stations will be bui|l ns rupiilly
us possible so that men can bo summoned i|ini i.u to the ilm,,-, i points in
the lire season.
The duty of huinlliiig lugging slush
ill the besl iuteresta of the forests,
which has been placed upon lhe foresl
protection fund liy the legislation of
lust session, will lie met by uu annual
-•umpiiipn for the disposal of slash ul
suitable seastins and by lhe enforce
ment uf the provisions of lhe acl lo re
move litis menace lo the safety of lhe
forests. It is peculiarly gratifying to
the minister iu this connection Hint the
Dominion railway commission has re
contly drafted regulations for the cun
Iroi of railway operations in lhe prov
nice, ami Mr, Clyde I.euvitl, the t'oresl
'Xpert who hue just been appointed
thief fire inspector for Hie commission
is due to arrive in Victoria tomorrow
The commission will shortly appoint .
special lire inspector fur this provim,'.
whose duty it will be lu establish and
supervise putrol on ull railway rights
of way.
Extensive Duties
The ollice of forest management in
Ihe new branch will be Ln - ■ will,
all timber matters. This is vitally iui
j-.muni work, since il involves uul unly
the supervision uf scaling and timber
inspection, bul also lhe duty of pru
viiiittg iigaiusl the exhaustion of our
forest resources by unneccajiary tie
structiou and waste in harvesting tin
present mature crop. The lime will in
evifably initio iu British Columbia, us
it has already iu the Uniled Stales,
when reafforestation will be necessury
in man)' localities iu urder to restore
forest growth upon denuded areas
This tjucstion also will bo studied In
the ollice of forest management ,\
further study, whioh will be of particti
lur inlerest to tbe lomber industry,
will bo aimed ui discovering profitable
ways for u more complete utilization
of foresl malorial Ihruugli lin- develop
ment of commercial by products.
One uf Ihe gretit tasks whieh oun
Irunl the forest branch is lo acquit:
tis rapidly us pussiblc sound working
knowledge of Ihe extent, character«ml
condition of all foresl areas in lirilisli
Columbia. This will be dune through
the office of forest surveys, uml |dnu-
arc already drawn for begiuiiiug tin-
, on u lurge scale during the pre.-
tut season, lis results will bo of Hi1
utmost importance, nul only tu tin.
province, bul tu lbc whole ul' Canada,
They will have even a still wider sig
uificancc, siitie Hrilish Columbia .
one of the few countries of tin- wurlil
which sllll vuiilnius u vast unlooched
reserve uf commercial timber
The ollice of records will provide Unessential office machinery needed to
supporl the field wurk of lhe branch
and will alsu undertake Iho coinptlutiuii
of all available dalu eoniu'cled Willi
furcsls ur bearing on lbc forest polio)
Through Ibis oflice useful reports inul
bulletins will
world us well
ish <'olumbia
formed upon
be issued, su Hint llu
us the citizens ol lin'
may be kepi fully in
nvery phase of Hie han
ilu-,: of foresl resources. Special al
I cut ion will be paid lo enlisting Iho
co operation of lbe public iu thc mai
r of fire protection-
Personnel of the Branch
While resembling fo sume extent llm
system of orgsnisslion developed in
the United Stales forest sen ice, tho
plaus for lhe forest branch have beet
worked oul wilh particular referent i
to local needs 1111+ conditions, Tli
sucoesa of lhe branch is still further
assured by the quality uf the men who
have been selected by Hie minister, und
entrusted w'lth fhe administration uf
its iiiiini The chief of operation, Mr.
R. I Benedict, has had more than fen
years' practical experience in western
forestry. As a general Inspector in
Ibo United States forest service, Mr
Benedict has played a prominent par'
in organizing the national . forests,
which now comprise a total area of
nearly two bumlrod million ucrea. In
matters of fire organization, Mr. Bene
dirt is not only a specialist, but his
capacity to handle the practical prob
loins which confront British Columbia
in tbis connection has been folly.dom
oitslraled by his remarkable success in
■ inline- wilh similar conditions in the
■ituies immediately t,o the aoolh.
Mr, John I<ufoii, also a profession!!1
forester, bas been placed in charge of
Ibe office of forest management. Hctc
also is a man of high attainments',
whoso training and long'experience peculiarly fit -iiiin to handle in a practical
manner timber matteri in the province.
Mr. Ufou is both forester ami lumber
man,-having worketl for a number of
years iu the lumber business, and ho
oillii on lun 1 from one of tho largest tan-
corns 011 the continent.
As 1 linn of the offico of records, Mr.
M. Allordule Uraiugor will direct the
business affairs of the branch, will
edit its publications, aud will supervise Its ulliee machinery. Mr. Grain-
gor, through his iiiliiuutu Knowledge of
forest conditions uml problems in Brit
ish Columbiu, und through his prutici
pillion ami distinguished achievement
iu the forest movement which hus 111
suited iu Iho 1,•minium of tho brunch,
is eminently qiiulillod for the import
ant administrative duties which he as
■ inni .. As secretary of the royul cum
mission 011 forestry, Mr. (Iriiiuger shur
ed prtimiiioiitly iu the prupurutiuii ol
Iho report, which luil to the limiting
of the Forest Act. While uwuiliug his
appointment to the forest brunch, his
services huvu buun utilized iluring Iho
pust yeur iu cbllllootlo.il with nun,;
forest matters doniaudlng luimuillofi
attention Mr. Qralngor'i namo will be
familiar to many renders us the authttl
of "Wooilsnion of the Wesl," 11 bunk
which Mr. tlillord i'iucliul, during his
recent visit to Victoria, described cn
thusiasticully us "lhe besl woods sloij
I have ever road." Mr. Grainger is a
wrangler of Cambridge university.
Mr. II. K. Rubiuson will bavo charge
of Hie offico of foresl surveys. Mr
Robinson, ufler receiving 11 thorough
training iu forestry at Cooper's Uill
college uml iu lloriiiiiny, culcfod the
111,1 inu forest service in IW. He rose
rapidly, us tbe result of iinusuul merit,
tu the position of deputy couservutor
in lhe province uf Bengal, from which
position he fesignod after several years
uf must efficient service. It would
havu been difficult tu obtain anothor
man su specially qualified to diretl
the foresl recounoisaiicu us is Mr. Ilul,
iusuu. The 1110I lm,Is which be will es
tablish in the execution ot' this mosl
important study of forest resources
will ensure results uf the highest prac
iiiiii vulue uml usefulness,
t.'lnoi I'liieni.i from Ottawa.
.Mr. Ross' capacity fur wise selection
is evidenced not only by his choice 0,
llic administrative officers above mot
Honed but further by his appointment
uf Mr. II. R. Mai liuliau lu fill lhe posi
Hun of chief lureslcr. Ml Miicinilhin
is llic f'ureijiust I'uundiun forester ai
the prescnl lime. Bom iu Ontario, ue
received his training in forestry at
Vule University under Professor Henry
8. Graves, who is nuw the chiel ui tin
Inilcd Stales foresl service It it
stated uulhorilalitely Ihul All Urate-
considers Mr. Macmillan one ol Ih ■
most brilliant graduates 111 forestry
from Vale. After graduating he enter
cd lhe forestry branch of the depart
ment ul lhe interior ut (ftluwu, wheM
ho has established un enviable reputation for ability, energy und adminis
Irative rapacity. Ilis name is familiar
lo the public uml lhe lumber industry
us the author of many excellent- re
purls on forestry und lumbermen whim
huve remliTed hun u reiogiii.ed uu
Ihurtly 111 lus prule.-siun In selecting
Mr. Mm inillaii. Mr. Ross ha- secured
a mun thoroughly familiar with 'forest
conditions in British Columbia, since
Mr. Min luilluu'a duties in the llumii-
ioo service occasioned frequent ami c.v
tended tisifs lu tins provime The ue*
chiel' uf the foresl branch will ussunti
his iliilio.-, here 111 lhe miu luture, li
llic meantime Mr. tlruu.pit has been
designated by lhe mini.!. 1 uf lands tu
lake charge.
Consulting Forester
Mr. Uor I on Price, wlm ts here ud
tug us consultant to tin government 11
forestry matters, is a well known 1 >
perl un Hu utlii r side ul the line Mr
I'rice gul his forestry Iraming in Cn r
many, attending the I'liivorsity of
Munnh for 11 periotl ol Ihree year-
I In relurnlng to America he begun hn
practical work tu lhe wouds and lumber
camps, lu IMIII he out.red lhe I tt
forestry service and displaced such
marked ability thul 111 the following
year he was promoted in assistant chit f
of Hie department. In that capacity
be remained for a period of ten jeers.
Or to be exact, until June 1, l-'l".
when, owing to lhe Bellinger rpisodi
he retired frum the public service und
accepted lhe pusl of vicepreaidenl of
the National 1 onsorcation association
under Mr. (Jifford I'inchol,
Now that Mf. I'rice lius t'ompiolei!
lhe lirsl singe of bis work as consul!
unl to the provincial govcrunienl In
is returning lo Washington, V. ''. On
his way eusl he will meet Mi Mac
unllun nl Ottawa and confer wilh him
concerning lhe plan of work   lo   be
1 nn  I    for .iii'-ieuiali"i'   "1   Hie
branch of. which the latter is to be flu
official head.   Mr, Price will return to
Hrilish Columbia in August to resume
his  work,  whet, after attending the
Canadian convention to be held ut ilni
limo iu lhe niy of Victoria be will go
inlo the field for several months Ig
study lhe |.i,-v-ailiiig condition*.. ■
Province's Opportunity
Mr. Boss is convinced that liters i<
no country is which so greul sn op
portunily exists for wise foresl con
sorvation pr in jlritish Columbia,   He(
points lo tho fact thst fn olber coiin
tries, as fur ossmple in the   United
Stales,, forest, destruction has gone to
appalling lengths befors it was check
ed by tbe conservation movement. In
British Columbia, ss the minister In-
icatos, thoro iq an opportunity to'
profit iy tho disastrous ospprieuce of
otjior countries beforo tbo forest resources havo boon seriously impaled.
Conservation, as Mr- Ross expresses it,
nioitiin not tbo locking up of natural re
sources against legitimate use, but tho
businesslike development of nil natural
resources, under methods which provide
ngaiust their exhaustion.
The province will bo congratulated
botli upon tliu creation of tbu forest
branch and upon the policies which
will direct uud control its otforls. Tho
koynoto of Mr. Boss' reconstruction
nf the tlopurtuient uf binds t ■ business
efficiency. To Uis end bo bus not only
iihtnlned coniujKont expert, ucjvico blithe hus ulso himself devoted intromit
ling 'iluu und study. Tho new forest
liiani h murks un impurlaut step iu Iho
currying uut of the miniator's wise and
progressive programme for developing
his department, in nil iis branches,
lilting' Hit.' must ii|i lu dull! uml ellicient
Slaml u liew tooth-brush in tifiiin
bier nl' willin wuler over night Isiiiiv
using; I llisi will make llio brush ■le.-
ami the In tl.    will stuy in bel|
) =
If you
want tbe
'paint  thst '
' spreads easiiit,^
covers Ibe most '
' suriace and stands sll'
' ItiuJsofwc.und wcatbci, 1
' ask tbe dealer to give yoii
M| (MAIU l lb AF)
Whatever it il that needs |
painting, Inside or outalde
' l tbe bouse, you'll find
M-L Pure Paints
tbe most economical you i
can li uy. A
'your walla In '
' the up-to-date,
f sanitary, artistic wsy ^
-using stencil designs,'
If you like, but surely with '
-L Hit W.II Colon
k Btsily applied, over wall-paper, ,
i or burlap, or on  planer. Mem
'L Wsibatl.,«urablc,cco- *
Domical.   16 shades.
i Made by Imperial t
\Vsrsisb4 Color/
Co., Ltd., i
i Toronto ,
District of North Vancouver.
Take Notice Ilml in future all own
its of property fronting upun uu upeii
ruud who clear uml grade tin- bouie
turd adjoining Iheir properly lu lhe
satisfaction of fhe District Kngineer,
will bo reimbursed lo an uin mm I ul'
live cenls per stpiurc yard in respeel of
Ihe boulevard so cleared uml graded.
Hy order of lllc Council,
JOHN fj. VAllHPM, I'll <:.
m .Mii'M.s IIV i nu  HJNIMJ
flint.I I.ATIII.VS
('mil mining rights ,, n,„ dominion
In Manllobu. StisKalchewaii ,,t,,l Alberta, the Vuliun Territory, llic Norlb-wesl
T.rillorlca end lit a porlloii uf ibe plo-
vlnce uf Urlllab Columbia, muy be loused for u term of Iwolily-uiio yeara ul
an annual rental of |l un aero Nol
more Ihun 2.CC0 acres will be leased lo
om- upnllcuiif
A(i|il(oiillon foi ii lease iiiuiii bu made
by Ibe uppllcunl In person io ibe Agenl
ur Hub-Agenl of lbe lllslrlel In which t
the rlglils u|i|illot) fur ure situated.
In surveyed territory the fund muni
be described by sections, or legul sub-
dlvlsloiia of section,!, uml In unsurvcy-
cd territory Ibe tract applied for shall
be slaked out by lbe u|i|illcanl Mn
Knoll n|,|,||, utli,u I,,,,, i bo ,,,,,,i,ij..,i,
led by o fee of (6 wbicb will be refunded ff Ihe rlgbls applied for ure nut
available, bul nul otherwise A royally shull bo paid on lhe nicrcliuiilable
oolput of tbo mlno at the rato of five
cents per Ion.
The person operating the mine shall
rornlsh the Agenl wllh sworn rolurns
accounting for lhe full guuntlly . of
locrclinnloble coal mined anil pov Ibe
royally Ihereon. If Ihe coal mining
rights are not being operated, such re-
turns should be furnished ul least once
a year . a '  s
The lelso will Include Ihe cool mining
rlgpls only, but the lessee may be per-
milled li purchase whatever uvullnble '
surface lights may bo considered necessary tfr the working of the mlno ol
the rate It (id an acre,
For full Information duplication
should be madd to tho secretory of the
[icpuriment of the Inferior, Ottawa, or
to any agont or Sub-Agent of Dominion
Jiepuly Minister tt tho Interior,
nil'   B-Dnauthorlred  publication   of.
(Oil  advorllaeinont  will not  be  paid


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