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,ii ii
t txptm
North Arm Bridie
and Railway Scheme
North Vancouver Vitally Intareited-
Importaut fletsiou of Board of Trade
It la believed tnd hoped that Wed
iiesday night's mooting uf the North
Vancouver Board of Trade sounded a
reipiiem to the apathy which haa been
prevalent among members of lato . At
any rate, Mr Donaldson waa addressed
!iy a. quondam delinquent in the follow
iip, li'iiii: "I haven't been at a Board
Of Trade meeting for months. Mr.
Secretary, but 1 'ye spent such an interesting evening tonight and so many
questions of vital interest have been
discussed that I mean to attend regularly in future."
'I'11o.',i' members who are genuinely
iiiieui upon tho welfare ami develop
I'li-ni of North Vaueouver should muiio
tbia a popular resolution. No opinion
jl too humble to be voiced. As for
tho recent apathy—requieseut in pace!
Matters, of paramount importance
came up for discussion on Wednesday
night when the president, Aid. Smith,
presided ovor an excellent assembly.
Prior to the actual business, however,
|bo secretary read a letter from Aid.
Hi-nder.Miii regretting bis ability to attend, ami withdrawing his name from
tho executive because of many business
affairs which would 'necessitate his absence from Iho meetings. A motion
was carried expressing regret at Aid.
Heiuierson's  withdrawal.
Mr. Donaldson then read a communication from Mr. W. H. Langley, barrister of Victoria, roprcaenting "a
company applying for an act to incorporate tho North Arm Bridge and Kail-
way Company" which act was to be
■ubmittcd at this session of the Dominion parliament.
"It is tbe Intention," wrote Mr.
Langlcy, "of those at the back of tbis
enterprise, should this bill become law,
to at once take the necessary steps to
carry out the construction of the works
comprised, more particularly with reaped to tha bridgt aud the railway."
It appeared that Mr H. H. Stcvons
.had been interviewed anil that ho bad
announces! himself to be heart ily in
accord with the project ami the petition for the bill itself was to be placed
in bis hands to be presented in the
House. Ai the contemplated works
would so very materially affect the iu-
tcrcsti of North Vancouver, Mr. l-ang
Icy felt that if the Hoard of Trade
would pass a strongly-worded resolution supporting the project, il would be
very helpful. The possibility of the
iclicmo was beyond all doubt, tbo
greatest pains having been taken in
its formation
Mr Donaldshn forthwith read the
numerous clauses of lb'' Act enclosed
by    Mr  ljuigley      Briefly    the    bill;
louglil lo iii'-orporiil on puny under|
the  name  ul   lin   Murtb   Arm   Bridge
ami Hallway a.,,,,.., .. v.ill. power '■:
construct  n  bridg.   • ■■'■  ■  lbc    North
Arm   of   liarraitl   Iui   I    u   Turtle
Head I'i a point
district lot Slii. s
islam! known lis
bridge is in be
carriages, itroel
oi, Hi.   m  i shun- ni
I,I-,,lis    lilfflll   sll    is
While Uml' Ti
for fool pn-"i ' ■
nii.I railway pur
pose.. The company further desire in
operate a line of railway from same
point on lol 28H at the end of the ti.
V. It. Company's line from I'orl Moody
and following tlie north shore to a
point in tip; city of North Vancouvtr
or to construct wilh any railway that
il or may be couslruclesl on Ihe north
Tbe head offlce is purposed to be in
Vaueouver and tho company will command a capital of t2,l)lin,nnn The work
must be commenced upou within three
years of Ihe |ias*iiig of the aet, and
tbo bill will become void If the bridge
aud railway are not completed within
levun years
This was the pioposilion wkieh hail
previously come before Hie Board of
Trade executive, the members of whicii
bad directed Ihe secretary to write to
Mr. Stevens doprecating his promised
lupporl Indite bill without consultation
with representative bodies on the North
Shorn. They respectfully requested
that he withhold bis support in* Hie
House of Commons until fhese bodies
had been eousulle<l.
Mr, A. '>:. Kealy intimated Ibat ot
tbis meeting the executive Had ruedu no
rccomineii'liiiion liul bad left tin mti
ter ovor to Ihe general mooting.
Mr. Alexander Philip feared that
this proposition would come into
collision villi Ilie Hurrard Inlet T ii.ji.-1
and Hridge Company'l i-'l"im'. li'
though! Ilml leriom cokfuaioh would
.'nd ilml iin 'h 'bey
le, I    i i   i ...   ,   I •   il   oi,  would  be  Imiii
ilr. W. J. Invii   ss.n iderod that as
ciii/.e„i of   tlie   North,   Stow 0)1]
■boulil   be -desirous  of  supporting  tht
prupisiiiiiu in ii general way.    Nortb|
Vancouver ihould welcome all railroads
that dosired tp come io. All transportation facilitiet would bp to tbe benefit
of tbe city, whether they be introduced
by the 0. P. H., tbe Qreat Northern
the Drunk Trunk or any other railway company- The only point witb
which Mr. Irwin was at variance wai
the duration of time which this company nuked for the commencing and
completing M the work. Ho thougbt
tbat a commencement would be mado
withiu ono year, and that thoy should
be given either two or three years to
complete the work. He moved tkat
they should formally cmlorse the action
of the Board.
ilr. Kealy said that Mr. Irwin 'I
point was very essential. He considered also that some arrangement should
bo made belween thia company and the
llurrurd inlet Bridge aud Tunnel I'o.
before tbe charter was obtained, with
reference to the ten miles for railway
along the north shore, lie further
wondered whether it was Ihe company's
intention to charge a toll for crossing
the bridge. If so it was nol Ihe .kind
which they would desire tbe government to subsidize. Mr. Kealy urged
tbat a conference should take place between the promoters ami representatives of the city and district, so that
they might ascertain something more
concerning tbe 'scheme.
Mr. Mm,leu thought that Mr. Lang-
loy should be requested to attend
At tbis point the chairman remarked
that Mayor McNeish while iu Victoria
was intending to call upon Mr Langley
in Ihis connection
Mr. Murden. resuming, proposed that
the secretary should write lo Mr. Lang
ley, saying tbat the Board finds itself
in doubt in regard to certain phases
of the bill, firstly, the length of the
time allowed for the commencement
ami completion of the work; secondly,
tbey would like lo be advised whether
the bridge would be free or wbelbor
tolls would bo levied; ami thirdly, ilm
relationship of this railway project to
that of the Burrard Inlet, Tunnel and
Bridge Company required to be very
carefully considered The speaker con
si.brc,I that it was only fair that Mr.
Langley receive intimation thai these
points wuuld  be raised,
On the suggestion of Mr. Philip, il
was resolved that a business meeting
be held in the aflernoon attended by
repjcjentalivcs 'of the various bodies
lin the Nortb Hhore, and that a public
mooting be arranged to follow iu the
evening in (.arson's hall, Mr. Ijingl.-y
10 be asked to attend both gathering!,
11 was decided thai Aid! Smith, Mr.
Walls Honey and Mr. VV. .1. Irwln
should represent the Hoard at the afternoon session.
Mr. Donaldson was nt this junction
called upon io, read a memorial forwarded lo ihe Uovcriuii General ly the
Nortli Shun- Joint ir.it llnrbnr committee. This menu.rial is published
■..'rl.iitim    lu  ni,ulhii   ..I.mu   oi   this
lie. Hie i/inlion of Mr Irwin tl ■ .-i
iuu endorsed the memorial ml ih.vikc<|
Mr, Philip for its prepar.ilion
A  resolution  of ilie cm. uti-.e  '..i-
ih. ii lead lii li '   hi. ' i  Ihe f.rr>
t.i lor- In- r> qui 'led lo .villibol I fur
llier iicgolinli'.ii' on tin llrninl Trunk
Hallway Company a- lu Ihe proposed
o,eili.a.I bridge from iho ferry wharf
ul \ aiis ouM-r In Ali'Miinler slreil wilb
propii..'! pii-senper approach lo Main
ilreel until the various bodies roprer
■ciiting ihe public of Norlh Vancniiver
bad hail on' opportunity of discussing
(Continued on Page Elgbt.)
. The last finishing touches are now
being added lo Ihe new brick block
built by Messrs. I,'. A. Lett and Son on
First street cast. This building is one
of Iho largest yet constructed in the
cily ami reflects great credit upon the
enterprise of its owners. The main
floor is occupied by two largo ami thoroughly up-to-date stores, each of which
is provided with a spacious basement.
In addition to these store basements,
the lower floor of the Inul.Imp contains
Iwo largo warehouses with entrance
from the lane and Ibo janitor's quar-
aers. The remaining floor space on
the ground floor, the first ami
second storeys arc occupied by
eighteen        modern       and        ultra.
of these suites contain four rooms uml
the remainder contain three rooms each.
Hy means of slisappearing furniture,
however, each suite contains apartments which arc convertible, thus increasing the accommodation liy the addition of oue or two rooms, for prnc-
li'ul purposes. Kacb suite is fitted
with a built-in snlebuurd ami a built-
in secretary. A house telephone is
likewise installed in each suite, by
means of which the janitor may be
called at any time ,tho wires also being in readiness for the installation of
the long distance phone. The block is
excellently designed to answer the actual requirements of the community
uml should prove a profitable invest-
tive light housekeeping suites.      Six went for its owners,
Local Liberal Oouiervttivci Inaugurate
New Departure
The formal opening of the newly es
luhlishcil quarters of Norlh Viineouver
Conservative Club, wbicb was held on
Tuesday evening, was the occasion of
tin- gathering together of a large nuiu
ber of locnl friends,ami siippporters of
Remarkablo Accident on N. Vancouvor
An extraordinary calamity occurred
in Norlh Vuncouver on Wednesday
evening about a quarter lo six. An
express man named Joseph IjU Beekv,
of -lllll Seventh Avcuue, Vancouver.
Inni his dray and liis lionet ou l.'lth
The diicovcry of certain aurvoy
stakes along tho foreshore of tbo Indian reserve marked "Oreor k Co
gave rise to considerable ipeculation
locally this weok aa to what fur-lier
ilivuigeiiccs were about to transpire
with reference to that valuable waterfrontage. Diligont inquiries however,
have elicited the information that
Messrs. Greer, Coylo k C'o. I.td, of
Vuncouver, who operate a largo freight
ami lowing business, in which several
tugs aro employed and a largo amount
pf towing logs is dune, havo keen
granted lbc privilege of using the portion of tlio iide ilm. not Included in
the McAllister lease, as a boomiug
ground, It ii understood that this
concession .Iocs not carry with it any
j ir ii.; i othor tban that of ticing up
logs on the tidcflats and lhat strictly
at the pleasure of tho department.
Ihe Liberal Conservative party.     The ami Bidgeway Avonue, ami wus load
r ii- ore tastefully furnished uml are ing with blankets and weights   when
excellently   adapted   for   I lin   purpose.'the  hor-os  suddenly  took, friglil  and
The si cam heating add. greatly to Ihe  bulled    It   i.  mid  that   they  did  nol
comfort of tin- several uplirlmenls of bolt nl
wbi.li I here lire line, nnmi'lv Ilu- ex lovered
.'. ni.,..   I-.im.  lin-  remimp   mom   nnd pidity
nnv   excer i>  rale,   but,   uid)'
III.- ground Willi sufficient ru
lo iiiililislni.i'i   Cn   Hi-,;..-.  i'ho :
Owing to Mayor McNeish being in
Victoria, tho Board of Ferry Directors
did not Imi.I their regular meeting yesterday.    .
A mechanic named Al. Jioihl bad
Ilis lingers smasheil in Wallace's machine  shop  on   Wednesday.
Christmas presents ami plain work at
the great Doll Show of the seasou in
tit. John's 1'arish Hall, November
28tb. 1711
Mrs. P. Y, Merrick, S38 tth street
cast will receive on Tuesday, Nov 21»t,
and on the thirst Tuesday of each month
Ihroughout the seaion.
Mr. John Ellis, jr., engineer from
Leeds, England, has been hero on a
visit lo Mr. ,1. li. English. He is returning lo the old cpnntry via New
Vork by the HS. Luiitania.
Mr. .1. 11. Keller, principal of Ilu'
high school, is desirous of having a
list of those who are prepared to lak-i
high school pupils as boarders in thii
Tbe Sacrament of the Lord's Supper
will be observed in the Methodist
church next Sunday in urn ing after the
regular service. All members are requested to accept this announcement
as an invitation to be present.
Messrs. ''.'. Brain, ,). Luton and son,
f I'rimo and N. Amscold returned
yesterday from a bunting expedition
up Jen is Intel, taking iu Thunder
Hay nmi Secrol Cine. The parly ivus
cniiipeiisiili'il for severs' weather with
a sloul bag, including eight deer an I
oi i- bear.
FOpND-Ono Diking dory.  W. 0.
Thompion, Hollyburn P. 0.       1-13
lout Hold Filled Watch. Waltbam.
Medium site, opeu face,, somewhere be-
i ween Chesterfield ichool and ferry
landing or near Hotel North Vaueouver. Kindly return to Tom. Stephen!,
Hotel North Vancouver, and receive
roward. 21-U
ROOMS FOB   ULNT     Ibiliiiol.oepin;:.
218 2nd Street east.
BOOMS TO LET-Wlth or without
liiinr.l. Apply Misi Minion, lllll—lib
atroet weit. t.f.
TO BENT-Nico fi-roomed flat. Apply Lonsdale Supply Stores, llll Lonsdale   Avenue. t.f,
TO RENT—Furnished small house,
18th street west. Apply Mr. Higgin-
hiiimiin, cor. 17th and Mahon.    2111
Good room ami liourd for il or 4 men
at Mrs. Tioruoy's fith street, first bouse
cast of Boulevard. 21-11
Furnishes! rooms, single and two
double with stove, good and warm,
suitable for three or four friends. 182
East ,'lrsl street. 1U-1S
FOB RENT—Four-roomed houie, 6tb
street eaat, one block frum car line;
enclosed poultry run. Apply Eves k
Co., real cstato, I/onsilale Avo.    17-11
TO LET-Furniahed room. Apply
,.'iiu Second street west. Entrance temporary off Third  streot. 10-11
TO RENT—Choice modern suites on
3rd street, Apply Alex. Smith k Co.,
Nortb Vancouver. t.f.
FOR RENT—Rooms with or without board. Apply 436-2nd street E.
Ono minute from car. 1711
FOB BENT—Five-roomed buugalow,
modern, 8tb street eaat, near Victoria.
I'ark.   .lohn Dicrsseu, Colonial  A pari
ini'iii House, Mb street, phono 21(1. tf
J. Loutet and Nortb Lonadale
Get it at I.onedalo Pharmaoy Phono 311
Agreements for Sale discounted.
Money waiting. Lonadale Bealty Co.,
8118 Lonsdale Avenue. I'bone 317.   t.f.
North Vancouver Fish uml Produce
Co. Fresh aud smoked Fish u specialty.
I3| First street wesl. 2-111
FOR SALE—Fresh mushrooms slnily
nl Ilie Orotto. 3 18
i i
■  ., :,t '
vh '
Iui ;ii i
,    "i    ilu
nl'      , ...     T.■   ii
':-.., iin- i nurse of ihe
l: : I    | . Ull     ■'.
\   pb'l'llful     Up
1, r..*■:-. ills i'Ic
lor the cull','
.!   good   .
Illlll.edl.-llely   set   l.ll
unfortunate nun . lm
ij     e his propi-ri •
li|| ed   due  II
.1.1   .'.111
llll  illli'l'
rond'TO'l  ."ii-> i
in. ui Hie impromptu speeches, rei-i/n
li lli-lrilllll'llllll lUld   '.   ..'ill   -ei.
tinns, Mr. Moore of Vancouver, tlw
well kf'uuii I'liropiilgn musician was on
houd uml ((really enlivened iIn pin
ion-,  III
i was iu,iiu.l ropmlod tl ruei
Der   ijliei"  ll-.-   Iui iron  I'M;   i-
onio l.'iii-.i.'il'   1'. nu.-
m.i, The
. did mil re
ih.  iuu bur
L.ll.    -lie. '
ll    .Slii    -ireil
Express Classified Ads.
st. llii union i. in' ini ol
Join's. Avi
17 II
Tl nn I,,.i .is- unusually . lour s • ■
lii.tli. and Ihe rupuivtys with Ilie dray
jolting biliiiisl theiii, rallied down nu
i bei i.cI a- I'm a.- l-i -ir.-cl v.lien they
suddenly iiiereus.'il lln-ir spool Pud
dashed towards tho ferry wharl'.    The
cn slings  bv  In* musical  sel,,..
,. ,   , .,,,.„ lunlcs were iiiiiii ami il has been said
which lie was ably assisted I'-   Mr. II. , •».. ,,   ,   ,,       ,
B. Carbull of Ibis citv.     The eluli
FOB SALK-Fir Wood, il.hn per
cord. Apply Jolin Campbell, '-'27 fith
street wesl or plu.»e lllll, 12 12
II. ti. Livery uml Board stables—
Light rig. ,n,'„l ladies' saddle horses
for biro, Stabling fur horses. Hon-
oral mi;.cry und Inin v I,'.-lining. II,
Dumas, lib sired weit. l'bono .'117 t.f.
V}i) cl.ue Blindly . Phone B2i, J.
JH. English, ll. K, '..., .-.-, 13 l.ui.v
[dale. A venae,
Ihu pluml.iup. , lilting lind I'uu-
miling  sic P. H.  Ili'ilnun, c'li'di-rick
Is',si' I,  I,' I n   Vulll'I, llll,lie   If I.    I.f.
M. If. Hayuieut for first class droll-
making. Sceoud bouse, 8th slreei E.,
iuljiiiiiing west of Honlcsnrsl and enr
line. tf
now open every day nnd evening and
ull frlendi -of Liberal Conservative!
tre urge.l to make free u-e of tbe
rooms nn.I thus justify tin' purport
for which the club wus formed.
A mooting of the east Ciipiluiio
Kats posers' Association was lu-bl nu
Wednesday evening about twenty-five
being present.
Considerable discussion took place
oa to the police protection of the district, it being contended thai the pre !
sent arrangements were very unsalis
factory. Tbe*attention of the A-o
■ ii.tii.ii was called to Ihe manner in
which the new steel water [dpi was
being laid, Ilu- pipe having been covered up before being tested.
Several residents complnii>;<l of the
muddy condition of Ibe roads. The
matter of the widening of thek'opilann
uio,I \.a- gune into, bin owini Di thiol Hie hour '.'.ii'. Iifl I .1 i„
Hu- i,I'M in., ling ..is'Is will bo Add 00
Nov. '.'iiih .        I
MI'SHHOOMS fresh  daily   at
Gro|to, ''^
A most siiiTi'ssfiil bull look pltcc in
the Horlicullurai bull >«l nigbl under
Ibe auspices of the Order of III.' Lu-I
ern War. Thegiiilieriiiu has been estimated nl about seventy couples and
for the entertainment of llio-e who are
noli dm-, ers a whist slrivc was organized ami thoroughly enjoyed. Dancing—
with en intermission for refreshments-'-
was s'l'.laiiii'il until two o'clock when
a lali sorylcc of mrs was iu nlleiid
ance. Mr. fHiince's orchestra proyisV
ed eioollonl music and troin beginning
lo end the film lino v,a- a |i/iiiiiuncei|
by ill   eye wilness   Hint  Ihe,-horses     FOB SALE-  First growth dry wood
imild not bine more accurately guuged for il.1t per cord, I tt.   0. McDnilc.
tke rigbl  haml rig approach if Ihey I'bone 82. t.f.
had boon ilrivon by the reins.   They
galloped blindly onto Ilie wharf   amis
Ilu- following moment  a  great  splash
FOB SALE-Three 8b foot lols   on
l/us'cn street, five minutes' weik from
was audible- und both horses and Ijgl&rMI*   Terms.  Apply  Iv,  Express
vanished into tlie .lurk water. It was '""''e'
lotiiiiiiii.  al tin- lii if the iTilniuily
neither of the ferric- were berthed hi
Hie wharf, otherwise loss rjf human
life iniplii cusily buve resiilloil.
I'Olf SALE Fir Wood, tt a cord.
Mill Wood, HI ins-Is's-cdur, fl a load.
C. (). 11. I,eove orders ot barn, .lb inul
Hidgewny. 21-11
Diver ''link de-siTided Into the depths
of Ihe Inlet about 8 o'clock the same
.•veiling.   He liud a gruesome slorv lol'"""'' """'
tell about the two 'lead horses frlilili *''
Minn' I In lie staring glassily nl
FOII   IIKNT   House ou   IMtla  slreei
Just off Lonsdale. Kent
Nortli Van
hlin ll'oiiver Coal and Supply Co. t.f.
In his Roping -cur.'li he put his liaml
Into Ihe month of one of the drowned
brulcs. A low lino was subucijuently
llitcbcdto Ihe rig ami il ami the horses
have been towed oul of the course nf
Iho  ferric-.
Lo Booke, ii "a- suid. wai dependent
upon bi" lost properly for o livcli|iipQ,d,
St. Anrl.iw's 0. E
I   Andrew's I
wilh I lair in:, r.  II. Hi I
taiiaon n■   i Ml   Miiili  I,
■   I ssli lie topi    sslliill H
" War ou'Ike solooni,"   .viHi  a   fi
speikers-foil amitg.
f.     -j No .,1/ili   it. Andrew's and Caledonian Society sTOBice.
Monday, Nov. 20fli f 'ity Council, B o'clock.
Mondty. Nov. Uptli plub Dante. Hi.tli'iliiral lfe!J.
WcdncBdiy, Nov.  22nd-Mooting oi West Capiluno B.'siopay.uu, Mn-'
nk'lpel Holl, s p.m.
Wcdi.caday, Nov. 'lind. -Otoderollt Olulj Dance, Horticltiir.il Hall.
Jliuiniay, No.-. 2Jrd.Mcot.lug of Municipal Council, IM o'clock,
FOB IklH Two lots, block and a
half wesl of Lonsdale on -'2nd street,
tlhn Inr both. Terms. Apply owner, 42
J,oiimIuIo Avcuue. 20-il
It,i' roomed collage uml clearer] lol
.-Mini in Lynn Valley ftw yards from
iiirliiu.'. *I7IW. Tern,-. I'libn.-r (Lit.'
Wur'l) Jturiii«sler|aiid um Hmeveuilz.
ltl Loiifsliil.- AviTiui.-, Phono 71.     t.f,
"TofTliKNT^ninll  I'lirinsht'd    col-
laps-. Ids,, li and ii hull' from c.-ir.      K
i.-ll.T t    ;' w.     Mo children.       rteul
|*I5.   A. I,'. K, CO. Druwer Iill, v„n
;.mi.IT. J71I
I'ii ir riionieil   bungalow,   ppt),   i,nlli
■:d   fel.esl
1,2280.  trm et
Palmer fjntc Ward) i | vun
Hracvenilr,   187   Lonsdalo Avenue,    Fob
7L t.f. at Ihe Orollo.
The Troth students class will meet
every Tueaday evening at 8 o'clock at
thy resiih'uce of Mrs. (Jnllagher, Keilh
niinl, near Hidgewny, Students desiring higher spiritual unfoblmcnt aro
cordially invited lo attend. tf
Thp City Dye Worki, on comes Eiplanade East and Lonsdale are enabled
by virtue of Ibeir largo plant in Ihe
cily lo not only clean the cloth but
the lining, pockets, etc. of every suit
they dry .clean at the same moderato
prices Uiey have always charged, t.f.
Imported tailoring, (lent's suits to
measure from $12. freight and duly
paid, hundreds of samples. A post
card will bring Ihem lo your door.
Holicrl Smith, 2J10 I'lurk Drive, Vancouver.   I'bone Fairmont 1002H. 1012
WANTED -By experienced woman
l»y work. Apply A8, Expn- nils.'.
'     i   . 1711
11, ','*■
and grading bl 0, block  IS., r|
. irughos. V. (1. I
WANTED   Tenders     fur
d gra
lot    ,Mi.     li
WANTED   Ily  i<
children, bdWi  "i1 lw» pi
furjiisb'.'d or uiil'urnirlied.  I
■   li per month.   II
in nl or nciir Ihe car Ihut.    Appl;
i-llf I
mmm north
flalf Price Sale
Is order to make a complete clean-up of all summer
lines and thus make room for the new fall orders already
invoiced, we will sell for half price the undermentioned
. $5.00 Ladies' Wash Suits, white and colors, uie $2.50
$7,50 Ladies' Wath Suits, white and colon, tale  $3.75
Sizes 34,36 md 38 only.
Boy's and Girl's Summer Hats, regular price 25c to
Ladies' Lawn Waists, slightly soiled;  a large variety of
petterwi HAH PRICE
Ladies' and Girl's Parasols, ranging from 25c in Girl't and
$|0Q in Ladies'  .ale „ HALF PRICE
Boy'. WwhSuiu, uie THIRD OFF
Gent's Strew Hit. HALF PRICE
Gent't Summer Vests .HALF PRICE
Jt %)•   lVICr\LJuILiV/ILi
«»•»••• ^»#P
A EBWABD of IS will be paid by
ut for inch Information at will ltad to
tba conviction of the person or perions
who htrt been diillgiirlng tnd displacing some of thl "For Sill" notices
placed on propertlee la tne Oity of
Nortb Vancouver, for wbicb wt trt
thi agents.
121 Lonsdale Avi.
Nortb Vincouvtr.
Palace Hotel
Second Street, North Vancouver, B. C.
Rates:—$2.00 per day up.   Special
rates to families and lo regular boarders.
Concluded front .W*4»|f'|l tnut
Tlm .following Important mntten
■tare debited to a late bour at the
session of tbe city council on Monday
A. |>lan of the proppiert tuMlyMifa
of lot U, block 7, p. h. 816, prevJpiiely
approvpd of by tbe city engineer WM.
couiidered by the council. Aid. Henderson moved tbat the approval of the
liluu be wltbheld tnd the owner be
liked to give 211 feet alley instead of
10 fppt. Tbp motion was>pcon<|ed by
Aid. Sinlth ami agreed to.
A plan of subdivision pf part pf
block 61, D. I. MB previomly approv-'
ed of by tbe city engineer was on motion of Aid. Henderson and Dick, palled by tbe council,
Tbe chiirmen of the reipective pom-
mittees submitted tbe following report!
on due account! which wore passed
for payment:
Finanoe t761.119
Police         Bfl.00
Health         611.85
School     .',    821.40
School  1436.00
School  (Smith Bros)     8000.00
Board of Worki    24B6.7H
Local Improvement   1216.76
Waterworks      2iiM.llI
Fire ami light      606.18
I'ork.i and cemetery    H4B.86
The report of the Board of Works
committee was read and adopted.
The city engineer was instructed not
to go beyoud tbe limit of tbe commit
tee's expenditure in carrying out the
works of the department during the re
maimier of the year.
The report of the limine.- committee
was read and continued by the council.
Aid. Hiss moved that the council loan
to the North Vancouver Horticultural
Society the sum of 112,000 from out of
the sinking fund account upon first
mortgage security over Ibe lands and
buildings owned by the society. Tbe
motion was seconded by Aid. Homier
son ami on being put to the meeting
was declared defeated.
Aid. Smith moved that a commillee
lie appointed to interview the directors
of the society with a view to the pro
perty being turned over to the city
and the society being given a long
lease of the land and buildings fit to
render inch other assistance as may lie
practicable. Aid. Smith, Dick uiul
Bias were appointed tne committee.
The Arc committee recommended lhat
iin- ilisuiesl hose reels lie otTcrcsl to
the districts of ('hilliwnck ami North
Vancouver, oue al £111 ami the olber al
lin This was agreed lo by the coun-
Aid. Kitlson |btn moved that the
ouncil ou Ibeir own initiative carry
out the following works of local Improvement under suli section 22 of sec
tion '.'."iii of Ihe Municipal Clauses Ait:
1. Thai Lonsdale avenue be paved
from Ihe waterfront lo lbc north side
of llr.l street with material considered
moil suitable by the city engineer.
2. Thai the Biplintde, Isl, 2nd and
3rd -ii.-.i bo paved with wood blocks
one block east and west of Lonsdale
il. That- cement sidewalk be laid
ou Lonsdalo avenue from the water
front to Uth street aud ou 1st street
Irom. St, Oeorgc'i tvenue lo Otjatter-
fiold avenue from curb to building Una.
4( Th(if cement ililnwalka ill feat
wide be laid on 3ml and 8rd itreete
from St, Oeorge'e Ave. to tlbeiterfeid
6. That Unl itreet be maeademiied
from itt iiitericction with Keith road
pp weit to Qneenibnry Ave. on eaat,
tnd thtt Qneenebnry avenue be une-
adamiied from tlA itreet connecting
With the Lynn Valley road.
Tbe motion wai leconded by   Aid.
PI"*.   .
Aid. lleinlcrsou moved in amendment tbat the matter be deferred until
the engineer haa bail opportunity! nf
submitting estimate of tbe coet of the
worke to the council.
Aid. Kittion give eitimatei of tka
propoaed worki, in detail, amounting in
the aggregate to t2l«,620.
Aid. Henderson then moved in
amendment tbat the matter of proceeding with these worke oa tke initiative
principle ihould be deferred until nett
year'i council comei into office.
Tbe motion wai seconded by Aid.
Bin.   .
On t division there voted for tkt
tmendment—Aid. Henderson, Bite tad
For the motion—Aid. Kittion, Dick
and Smith.
Tbe mayor did not give a calling
vote but stated tbat at nett meeting
of tbe council he would submit bii
views regarding the motion and propoo
ed improvement!.
Aid. Smith wai appointed acting-
mayor during tbe absence of tke mayor
in Victoria attending tbe annual eon
ventioii of B. ('. municipalitiei.
The building of the new Lonsdale
theatre located on Lonadale avenue
above 8th street, ia now nearing com
plot Ion and it ia expecte4 tbat tbe
opening will take place early in December The interior arrangement of
flic building ii su. h as to afford a ipa-
clous auditorium capable of seating
one thousand people while tbe appointments throughout will lie .-u.li that
North Vancouver play gocri will enjoy
ail the comforts and advantages of
one of the most attractive and modern
theatres in the entire province.
Messrs. Palmer, Hurmesler and von
Grtevenltl are the leasees of lbc build
ing and Mr. Iv A. dole, wbo has bad
extensive theatrical experience in
Kiiglaml, will be manager. A superior
line of moving pi. um ■ from carefully
selected topics will be run from time
lo time and this will probably, be var
ied by tbe Introduction of drama or
even opera for which Ihe building il
a.mumbly adapted ami equipped.
MI'SHHOOMS  fresh  daily   al   Ihe
Urotto. 312
Sewer connection! done by ci|icrt
pipe layers. Work guaranteed lo 1**1
cily engineer's office impcclion. Only
flrst class Scotch pipe and prime Fort-
land cement used. Eitimatei furnish
ed. Apply K. If Faykull at office of
Norlb Vancouver 4'oal and Supply L'o.,
Ltd. 112
The Trail to Economy in Buying Good Clothes
Leads straight to this establishment. We are determined to build up the biggest and most
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and Overcoats at the smallest possible margin of profit. The fabrics are the good, honest
English stuffs—Tweeds, Worsteds. Bannockburns, and, for some of the Overcoats, fine
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style and fit that will please you, no matter now fastidious. When you try on one of our
suits or overcoats, and see how excellent it is in all respects, and then learn the price, you
will be astonished.
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many establishments  (or (15.00,  and
wuh].i .satisfy a man at un uu
Fine English Worsteds
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Blue Suits, Indigo Dyed
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Suits arc $10.76, $15,00 uud $22.50.
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Best English Tweeds, Worsteds
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at from (25.00 to J35.00, and have all
the real ipiality that can he put into t suit
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$8,70, $10.75, $12.50, *W,7* and $18.50, These are big.
essentially warm and comfortable coats that look fine and
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Men's Umbrellas, a Beautiful Assortment Just
Received at $1,
•2.00, $3.00, $4.00 and $6.00, English coverings with
Paragon frames and the newest American handles.
[ftHlWftNN   RIP,   7   131 HASTINGS ST West
tft/ltUWVn  U      lallU      ll      At Ik, SW sf tk. UNION MCK.      Lrskhrkl
Job Printin
Extensive Additions to
our Plant, place us in
position to execute any
and all kinds of printing
at reasonable prices and
prompdy. Phone your
next order to Eight-OlO
PrittlMJily is the keynote of this jewellery i|pre,
second only to values and variety, if indeed ils practicality may not be said lo consist pf these two
important elements. In the matter of Watches it
is generally admitted that nowhere else in die great
West can such a collection of practical, guaranteed
timepieces be seen.
(rt Silverware, both in plated and sterling, our
leadership must be admitted. In Jewellery of every
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Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Jewelers and Silverimilhs
George Ef Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
tlio electric coffoo percolator!
tho diic oa which tho
electric current will dp
your cooking*
1       '
tho   irnmcralon   boator
for boiling water quick
Electric Iron, tho imlir
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ironing ilayt
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All Are Operated hy Connection With
an  Ordinary  Electric  Light  Socket.
B. C. ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO., LTD.      Phone 66
Memorial on behalf pf the Oouncili of
thi Oity and Piitrict pt Wort* Vai).
Mitw md (M Urni «l 5rt4i of
Hortlf VlflCOHTM
HU Boyil Hlghuiii tin Duki of Don-
naught, aovinior-Qniiral of the
Dominion of Canada In Council
Thi organlutlon and development pf
the Barbour of Vancouvar
Yqu incniorialiiti submit herewith a
map allowing the htrbqr of Vancouver,
tnd they ili'iiini reapectfully to direct
attention to tho groat extent of fore-
ahore within that harbor fronting on
thp city mil diitrict pf North Vincouver, tnd to tba troa pf about 1,000
acres of Tide Flan there available
and mitablo fpr tj|e conitruction of
docbi and other harbor worki.
Your memoriiliita roipoetfully lay bolero Your Royal Highnon in Council
tho following isiiiii'iiii'iii of rcaaom
which move thorn to acok the early
appointment of a comraiaaion of expert*
to report on eiiiting harbor condition! here anil to mlviac aa to the beat
nieaua that can be adopted to organize
ami develop thii harbor ami particularly to in ih. .■ ils.- iai>l North Shore and
Tide Plata for harbor purpoiei:
1. The harbor of Vancouver haa entering it the largeat tonnage of vcaicli
in the Dominion of Oanada. Till lately that poiiliou waa held by the harbor
of Montreal, but for the year ending
Uiat March, 11)10, the tonnage entering
and leaving tho harbzor of Vancouver
waa aa followa: ,
Hcagoing vcaacla, inwirdi, 1,560,018
Inns.; icagoing veaiela, outward*, 1,-
460,868 tona; coasting trade, inwards,
i.ii.ii..;..;' ton*; toasting imle, outward!, 1,706,600 tona; grand total, ii.
166,838 torn.
Ami for the year ending March, 1011
the groia tonnage waa aa followa:
Ueagoing veiaela, inwanli, l.hDD.Uh
tona; icagoing vesaela, outwardi, 1,
010,658 tona; coaating trade, inwanla,
1,908,063; i-ouitiiig trade, outwardi, 2,
621,647; graud tolal, 6/138,013 tona.
Thia iplcndiil roault in shipping ton
nagc bai been ublaincd with only two
tiaii:.. oniiii.uiul railways connecting
with lhat harbor on the aouth aido only
and tlie larger part of that harbor ia
absolutely controlled by one of these
railway companies.
I, Attention ia now being given by
Ihe Oreat Northern railway which haa
B, C
a lino Into Vancouver gpi by tfcfi OtooH
fttt} fwli* Mllftpy, will,)) Vi* «wpi
•Htmllg V»H, P»vor harbor tp pbfa|B:
Ing dockage in tbe harbor lmlepeiidoiit
pf tbt l;anadlaii Pacific railway, and It
a believed to bo tbo iiitpntlpn pf |b«
Canadian Northern railway tp seek
ilockago facililtioi ai soon' ai poiaiblo
on Burrard Inlet Boiidei thcio railways, other railway charters bive been
issued and m»ii pf these projects aro
likely tp materialize, .and every railway built to Vanvouvor will with ae-
cm to tbe sea board tt Burrird Inlet.
8. Burrird Inlet ii, without doubt,
thp finest natural harbor in tbo world,
ami wben tbo Flrat Ntrrowi are widened, ai it ii propoied, tbo cbinucl of
ingren will bo a very safe one. A
largo ptrt of the south aboro of tbis Inlet li occupied by tbo Canadian Pacific
railway linen and docki, aud tho docks
pf their tenants, and thcio docks are
mpautiinc used for receiving the shipping tonnage mentioned. Tbo North
Shore of Burrard Inlet is meantime unimpeded by any railway systems; it is
of incalculable value as a sito for harbor worka on a largo scale as there ia
an extensive mileage of foreshore, ami
there aro about 1000 acres of Tide
Flata now owncsl by the Dominion government ami partly under lease
The North Shore is soon to be con-'
ncctcil with the aouth shore and the
ity of Vaueouver by means of a combined railway and traffic bridge across
tho Second Narrows, both to be eon-
Mm. led by a municipally owned company kflown as Iho llurranl Inlet Tun-
md and Bridge Company,
4. Ih Inn,I tho North foreshore theae
is a great area available for a large
city ami suitable fur railway terminal
works of all kinds, and there arc several
excellent streams uf the finest waler
available fur largo industries and
manufactories. There an- several large
saw mills ami Iwo shipbuilding and
engineering yards now on the North
Shore; authority has been given Inr
the erection of u Healing dock of lo,
DIM tona capacity under a guarantee
from the Dominion government; uml
tin.' aayangeiiiciils arc well advanced for
lbc establishment of a large shipbuilding yard and steel works, near iiuelie
Point. Within a few miles of Ihe
North Shore excellent copper ami iron
leposils have been discovered, and to
somo extent developed, ami they give
assurance of enormous output of these
ores ,und a poiaibility of Hum being
concentrated and manufactured on the
Nortb Shore.
li. These and many olher natural
advantages, ami the presence nn Ibe
North Shore of a population of over
0,000, bive aasuraiico that some of the
Continued on page icvcii
Vancouver Bmlnm Directory
,f. f, g&or 9 Cp.
319 Pender itreet, Vancouver
Nortb Vancouver
336 HMtingi St. Wt-
6M'90'* fl.ll»»« W"«tm 8ohool
9. J. Sptptt, B,A.l--ll<M»g»r
Corutr Homer and-Pender Sts.
The oily up-to-date and reliable bath home in British Columbia.
We cure where others fail.
Satisfaction guaranteed or no
pay. Plain baths, electric baths,
shower baths, massage for body, scalp and face; electro therapeutic baths a specialty.
Oraduate of Berlin, Germany
All Nortb Vancouver ptopli itt at
Either Flack Block or Hailing! St.,
oppoiilo tbo sew poit olfico. Leonard
Holla bia tea bv tbo pound.
63? Seymour St., Vancouver
Day school open all the year
round. Night school commences September fith.
LoaDi,   Inveatmenfa   tud   Iniurance.
Boom 307, 639 Granville St., Vanoouver, B. C. Pbone 8809.   Und ltagii-
try work a ipocinlty.
Yorkshire Guarantee tl Securities
Corporation, United
440 Seymour Street
R. Kerr HoulgUte — Manager
Sewer Connections
PUBLIC NOTICE ia hereby given
Mint ull ownera of reul property fronting or abutting upon a itreot or lane
in which or undor which a main or
ciiiiinieu aewer ia laid are hereby re
quiroil tu connect any building or pre-
miaou upon .such property wilh audi
ma in or iiinmim aewer.
Permits may be ontaliieil from tho
Plumbing Inspector at hia office ut Ihe
1 ily Hall betweeu Ibo limn ■ of I) a.
ni. ami 10 o.m. and 1 p.m. ami II p.m.
The following rcgululioua govern Ibo
.-11ir.i111.i11.il or houae or bumling con-
Dictions witb new era:
No li..its' aewer pipe ahall have a
leaa fall than I to 111, unleaa apecial
permiaaion il granted in writing by
the Council.   Sin.I  pipci between  the
iron pipe, to the cuiincctiou of tbp
public aewer lo lie uf Iho beat quality
slumlord till glazed vilridcil clay it-
wer pipe, und ahull havo a diameter of
nnt Icai than -I inchca. All plpca iball
be lound aud well burned throughout
their Hiii'l.nc.-o, impcrvioui to moisture, with a clear ring, imooth audi
well glazed 011 interior aud oxterior
■■uifiiii-.-. free from tluwa, cracki, blii-
lers, lire checka or other imperfection!.
Tho pipci muit bo ao laid in tho
trench thai after the lower ii compict
ed, the interior aurfacc thereof, iball
be to u true and even grade.
In making lbc Joints, a gaikot of
oakum or bemp, u. I.l', dipped in ce-
ment grout, must in 1 bo uaod and
packed iuto place. The joints ibal)
aftcrwurdi be lightly packed full and
bevelled oil wilh mortar, composed of
one part by volume of approved Portland earnest to one part by volume of
approved saml.
All jointi .'lmii nc made water tight.
ao thai they will aland a head of 10
feet of water, wheu teated by tbs
Plumbing Inspector ot the owner'!,
plumber a or contractor'! oipouie.
. By order of Ihe Couucil:
Clly Olork. ,.tr
It Doesn't Cost You Anything to See Hastings Grove
(From "World," Oct, 88)
Otrllni to Fort Moody Projected, Witb
Motor But Una For Immediate Sir
vice Over Btouo Boad to 0. L. Two
Huudred and Blgbt.
Hcaidonti of thu diatrict tributary lo
Haitingi itreet cast will have tram-
portalion facilities of the beat character in tho near future, according to
plaui now under cooiideralion.
At tbe meeting laat ovening of tbe
Burnaby Oity Council; the offer.of Mr
Oeorge Winona, a capitaliit of Haitingi
Towmlte, wu taken under comidera-
tion aud tbe matter rcforrod to tbe city
loliciton, tnd In caie tbe loliciton ad
viae tbat tbe city baa tha right to
grant tbo franchise- it will bo further
Mr. tilinon'i proportion li to build
a lino from the preient tcrminui of
tbe itreot railway out through I). I.
itt tnd 809 ind on lo Port Moody.
Meantime a .'.n minute motor cab icr-
vico will bo pui on, beginning not
later thin Mtrcb It and running from
Haitingi Um.i' iu 1), I., 29t to tho
pn oni car line torminui.
Tho contract for Ihe itonc-pavod
road on Hait Hastings itreot ii well
along and will be completed ai far ai
the Pole Mae road by December 31,
adding very greatly to tho facilitiei
for reaching tbii rapidly growing icel
tion of tbe city.
We Urge You to see HASTINGS GROVE
11        .        iin,. .1    ". j   .
——.——■■ 1 11 1 1     .1 11
It Loolts Better Than Anything We Can Tell You.   Lots on or Close
to Hastings Street East, D. L. 208
• • ■ *
$90 Cash, Bal. one and two Years, or
$40 Cash, Bal. 6,12,18 and 24 months, or
$10 Cash and $5 a month, Bal. in 2 Years
Ono,of tbo best features about investing in Hastings Urine is lhat it il
rigbl lien- at borne. Vou can go out
willi us and pick your lut, uml KNOW
etactly what you ure buying, Vou
know what the eity uf Vancouver il—
what it haa done iu Ihe paat live u in I
—and it doei not require much failh
lo ace Ihe future of thia progrcaaive
city. Properly all over Vain-outer will
i.iiiiiiulh ml .am ,. in price for years to
come, the outiido properly much more
rapidly than that cioie In. ui it dooi
in ovcry growing city. Vou owe it
to yourself aud family lo buy oue or
more of tbcio Iota, if ouly ai an In-
vestment. Tbere are many thing! wo
ihould like to tell you about tbii tract.
Drop iu today or tbia eveuing.
Come at 1: 15 in the Afternoon, Rain or Shine, and Go Out With Us.
Interest 7 per cent. Payable Annually
S. F. MUNSON, Broker, 333 Pender St W.
THR  EXPRESS       ,
WOWH ViMfoowro ; jwjtibh oowmbia
PuWiilwrJ Tuesdays tnd ft\Apya by ttptfh Sbpra Preit, Wwited.
Bttei pt Bubwrlptipni-One year, *JjOO. Bit fpmtin, Wo, Three months, 85c,
United St#tei and Foreign, 12.00 per yeftr,
Advertlelng Batai Will Bt Quoted on Application.
The Btpreu It devoted ta tht interesta of tbe North Shore nl Burrird Inlet
ateluiively. Jt constitutes tn advertising medium of exceptional value for
retelling in a thorough and effective manner the population of North Vancouver
dty tnd Diitrict.  Every effort ii made to give advortieers the moit satisfactory
All change* in contract tdvertiiementi ihould be in the printers' bands not
liter than 10 t. m. Monday and 5 p. in. Wednesday to tniure insertion in the
tallowing isalle.
0. T. P. AS 70 FBBBY AP-
Iteeent development! with reference
to tbe ferry approaehei on the Vancouvar side bave brought.iuto the limelight
a proposition which promises to create
intense interest upon the part of the
ratepayers and to give rite to decided
differences of opiuion.
This particular scheme appears to
have emanated from tbe officials of the
Hrniid Trunk Pacific Bailway company
whose chief object is to procure advantageous means of access to Aleiander
street across the C. P. It. tracks from
their new wharf, immediately to the
east of the ferry landing. It is explained that tbe 0, T. P. Company
owns the property between the end of
their wharves and Aleiauder street aud
jt is likewise understood that the pro
peril carries with it tbe right to cross
tbe ('. P. II tracks, hence, by utilizing
tbe necessary portion of tbeir property
thin company could possess its own
roadway across tbe 0. P. B. tracka aud
tut to Alexander street across ils own
property. This company could likewise
find    another means of ingress   and
to this were to'be added tbe very large
vehicular traffic which is certain to
develop from tbe warehouses of a transcontinental railway such aa the Q. J.
P., there seems uo room for any conclusion other tban that the traffic at
the crossing must become hopelessly
Al for tbe access which would be
afforded from the Ferry landing to
Gore Avenue by means of the thirty
foot roadway, its practical value to
the Ferry Company and to ferry patrons is sn exceedingly Blight as to be
scarcely appreciable.
Tbe advautages of the proposed
scheme to tbe Orand Trunk Pacific are
not difficult to discover, but with respect to the Ferry Company quite the
opposite is tbe case.
egress for its vehicular freight
truili, via Gore Avenue, a little lo the
east of their wbarf. Tbe 0. T, P. i'o.
however evidently wishes if possible
to procure an outlet over the 0 P. H
tracks and out to Alexander street liy
tbo route whicii ii at present in use for
ferry purposes, in preference to either
of the above ami with tbis end in view
has submitted a proposition to the
Board of Ferry Directors. Tiiis pro
position is that a road allowance thirty
feot in width lie cut off the ferry
property end the 0. T. P. properly par
iill.l to ami bordering on the C. P. It.
right-of-way ami that this roadway lie
continued eastward to Gore avenue,
thus giving the (I. T. P. access to ami
the use of the present ferry roadivay
oul lo Alexander slreei. The .nnseiil
of tbe C. P. K. has been aouulit uud
haa been given this ulienie upon roii'li-
tion tbat tbe G. T. P. will agree not
to iron the C. P. II. tracks I etween tbe
.   ferry roadway and Gore A vent e
In consideration nf these nrivjlegei
whit), they seek ut the bamla of the
Ferry Company, tbe G T. P. offers tojaf
allow the latter to use ils overhead
Malinger roadway for fcrr purposes
This passenger roaslway, when eon-
strutted, will run" from the 11. 7. P.
wbarf uernss Ihe C. P. H. tracks thencr-
tcrow the G. T. P. property on the
louth side uf the im. I. ■. ami will reach
flic strt-c' level by means of an invllne,
terminal ing af the eorner of Vain and
Pow.ll street!.
As etplained abovo this scheme would
likewise give the Kerry Company an
outlet on Gore avenune, alou i ibe now
Hinis foot roadway.
When this whole proposition ia Ure-
fully analyzed, il liecomea iliffii-ull to
nee wherein it offers any distinct bene-
Dl or advantage from the •standpoint
of tlie pulilic who patronize Ihe lerry
»cnice. It is u.limited tint the present
level crosaiug user the CL P. ll tracks
il both inconvenient and diugerous for
ferry traffic, hut Ihe real value of the
fl. T. P. overhead roadwav as a mcani
Of overcoming this difficulty la prob- '" ,I|C """l,'r "< l"',ll,l> Mbeyealqfti
lemalical. Nol onlv will it nciciaiUte '» lMt"»{ '" '"' ""' •"***•' ,M "f
» steep elimblo gel up to Ihe level ofj""' Il"li»" '•''*• V'v ,li8il'u"i<,» »f
thai roaslway from the fern' wh»rf,l»"'ki"K I'"*""' '" '<""l""'i"« t»!>
but further than tbat, this ptwtfa *»« ** """"f ""' "|,|l'r OnmVm of
roa-Vav will be in round numbers ttO "" "il"'- *" ,'u,lil"-"1' '"" Vi means
(,.it in length, according to the plain °' ,n( ''''""lu<''<>'' •' » ■**' hMk on
uml'would land the ferry passenger i "W'*"1' in the Indian school* in wbi. I.
'one long block farther away from the!"1' '"'"".'"""vl several chapters .leal-
bpil i centre of Vancouver than the I'"I' »!"»"% *'"> tuberculosis, il  ia
point from whicii it itarted ll is safe ""'"f1'1 "!•' (WW**" loiMOm will
to sav that the old level crossing with' »• >"* ul> W'V will protect tbe youth
its dangers but wilh its direct Meetl thllt gradually eliminating the inala.ly.
to the i (litre of Vanvouver, would be in *'""" ">• ''"I"*!"*1 ataii.l|,oiiit, sla
much greater demand than the 0, T.\ti,iitl 9* '" *how ,ll»' ""' '•*•"«''
P, roadwav with its atlenualcl Icnglll '»llc» "' "»' ,,"li"" '" ,hi* W*
and its icry roundabout route, \fthwi*" "mh "">"> entoutayinp, than is
it is further considered, however, th»t' fluently deplctf.l. The following
Ihe construction of the passenger sub-1 <»1'1*  wil1  mtf t» "how  ""'  MVM»I
The commonly accepted opinion tbat
the Indian population of Canada is
steadily decreasing is shown to be altogether erroneous, by statistica pro-
I liv ilu- department of Indian Affairs The annua! rtpomof this department for the year 1910 to lllll, which
is just to hand, is optimistic throughout
and reveals conditions which will afford
gratification to all well wishers of the
ahorigiual population.
I'ractiially all the Indians of the
Dominion are now under direct supervision, the latest additions to agencies
of the department having been made
.luring the year ill northern Alberta, at
Fort .'-until oil slim- .Lake ami at Fort
^wip! "ii oii Mackenzie river.
Discussing the problem of population
the report states "The prevalent notion that the Indian is gradually dis
appearing, is not sustained by tun
lies and ill any luealily where Ihe Indians have passed through the period
of exhaustion, thai musl be met by any
aboriginal race in contact with civilisation, >l is fouml thai the population
is either stable, or upou Ihe increase."
Taking the Six Nation Indians as an il
lustration of the remarkable recuperative power of the race, tbe statistics
show that for the thirty years from
ISSil to 1610, the population of these
tribal imreust'd from i,20l in l.ilt'i, at
over one-third. The total Indian population of Canada is shown to be HITS,
The net increase of births over
f deaths for the year was ,'156. The following talde of the distribution of
population ibowi Ihul Hrilish Columbiu
has Ilie largest number of Indians of
any province in Camilla:
Alberta      8,fl»8
Hrilish Columbia  84,1541
Manitoba    t,lnl
Nova Hcotia       l))2t
Sew Brunswick       1,8113
' I'rinrc Kdward Island         203
Ontario'  22,m
(juebee   ,.-   11,461
Saskatchewan      0,480
.Northwest   Territories      13,830
I'ngava     >.     1,340
Vukon       .1,800
matters pertaining to education. There
wat a total pf 884 schools ii) operation
di)f|ng'tbe y&*r, namely 351 d»y schools
ti hoarding schools apd 10 industrial
schools. The total enrollment for tbo
year was 11,000 pupils j 6,607 ibpys Ml}
5,583 girls, an Increase of 565 over the
precluding year. The utteudannec was
distributed as follows: 7,348 pupils in
dty schools, 0,368 in hoarding aehools
tnd 1,678 in industrial schools. Special care is exercised in selecting those
children whp are best fftted for the
training givan in these respective
schools, while a careful supervision of
ex-pupili ii likewise maintained, by
which meaui it ii hoped to lit them
to occupy spheres of usefulness.
With reference to the local Indian
population, the report divides then)
into six lunula ai follows: Hurrard Inlet No. 3, Capilano, Squamlih (Howe
Sound) Seymour Creek, Mission (Burrard Inlet) and False Creek. They occupy reserves with a total of 6,806
acres ami the population of the six
bands is 380.
The Thopsopbical Society meets in
Nortb Vancouver in Boom 16, Aberdeen
Block (over the post office) evory Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock Attendance is entirely free and carries no
obligations whatever. You are invited.
Theosophictl study and questions,    tf
Pipe Fitting and Connecting Promptly
and Correctly Hone.   Prices right,
North Voncouver. B.C. ond Lynn Valley
Phono 184
10,000 cordi of dry fir wood for quick
tale. Price per odd cordi, f 4.50.
Special quotations for larger quan-
litiei. Cut Wood, 16 inches. $3.25.
I2inchei,$3.50.. CO. D.
Office and Yard— 1 -4th and Lomdale
Phone 190.    P. 0. Boi 2432.
ti Bi Ci
Hskiinos     4,600
Tolal    IU8.36I
way beneath the 0. P. It. traeka which
will lie completed in due course, will
afford absolute safety to passengers,
tbe vsefulness of the ti. T. P. route ie
reduced well nigh to Ibe vanishing
As for tho freight traffic, the quei
tion is well raised whether the preaeut
railway crossing al |be ferry properly
wouhl prove etp»We of accommodating tbr heavy teaming traffic that would
l„- . reeled by He combined require
menu of the terry and the 0. T. P.
Tlm vehicular traffic in connection with
tlte terry is developing rery rapidly and
•there are times when tht efeuipt Jf
lines in which tbcv Ond employment,
together with Ihe results accruing:
Agriculture    tl,450,O63.48
Beef        336,75:1.36
Wages     J,|-iP).')3I.H)
Fishipg-,-,     tUlfliiM
llunliugand trapping .,    810,434.36
Various induces       868,044.63
The importance which ia attached lo
education as a strong factor in the awe
rewfgl solution of the Indian problem,
Jl evident from tke large appropria
tioni placed ti the disposal of tbi de
partmenf, for tbii purpose tnd the par
plte tom'mmgh otm m, ** It ^ular attention which it given eU
Extrtct   from   Provincial   and   Oity
Health Bylawi.
"Whenever any lionst-huhlcr knows
that any person within bis family or
household has smallpox, diphtheria,
scarlet fever, cholera, typhoid, whooping cough, measles, mumps, glamlen,
or any other contagious or infeclioui
disease, he shall (lubjeel in rate of re
fusal or ncglett to the penallies provided), within eighteen hours, give
notice in writing to the Medical Health
Officer and no member of any household
shall nttemi school until a certificate
lias been obtained from the Medical
II.'iiiiii nils.i that no Infection any
longer exists in the bouse, elotbing
and other effete hate been disinfected
lo his satisfaction, ami until such ter
tilicate shall have been obtained il shall
be Ihe duty of every member of the
household, and of Ihe Teacher, to use
all reasonable effort* to pi- - m the
association of memberi of the said
household wilb other children.
3. The matron of a public or private
lluspilal. the keeper of every Hoarding or Lodging House, every Inn-keep
er or Hotel Keeper, shall, within six
hours, report in writing lo the Medical Iloiilili Officer, or any person being
at one of the aforesaid houici
or hoteli and attacked with or impeded of having any contagious or infeclioui disease mentioned iu the Bylaw;" under the penalties provided
for by such bylaw.
t.f.    -   Secretary Hoard of Health.
'.t aolldl Ibe biusflcla of Vanufadumi,
l-.niiliicciaaud olhtra win, ic-lllc Iheadvlubll.
ily if liuyfu| lliclr Talcul basilicas'Iranaaclcd
lylipcrta. F.cliioliiary advise (itt. cliaicc.
moderate. OarlnvMliir'l Alvlacr :al t.|«,n is.
i al. Marlon'tUiiloa.sllei'd.^'.'wVorLIJIi
IV"  v..nl,r.i   >i>,I !V«.l,l„.Mn  DC   lie*
mmm  trewmanmymyammjity'mrjtMr
$000 Caah
balance ffty easy handles f \\etv tiMl mAllll hpiwe on
I fith street near Jjoiwdaje, lof has 88 ]«t\ frontage, price
Phone 37, North Vancouver, B. C,
90 Lonidale Avenue      Next to P.O,
53 feet facing South, graded road, sidewalk, waler and
light. Small shack on property. Price $850 on terms of Vi
cash, balance, 6, 12 and 18 months.
For Further Particulars of Above and for Business and Residential Properties see;
Phone 70. P.O. Box 1816
Why go to Vancouver when you can get at same price for
Cash and Free Delivery:
Kresb Stlinon, half or whole, per lb 10c
Frtsb Halibut, " " '      10c
Freib Smells, 3 lbs. lor Jfje
Speeial Scotch Kipperi, (ter lb 10c
Blatter!, 3 Ibi. lor 26c
l-'iniisii lliublie, |ier Ib Wc
iMnoked Salmon,   "      ]f>c
North Vancouver Fiib & Produce Co. F,S£F
Beeidee offering an iacentive to
save, a savinni uirount attor-la a
eafe and convenient method ol keeping the accumulating dolleri. •
Sa(« cuitody ii ol paramount im-
l"siinii.'. I'lili.i lor Ine bard-aarnad
saving! ol lbs worker or lor trual
Tbo Bank of Hamilton invilei your
•avjngi account, wbetber large or
I. th III* IKK, licit,
Ksrlt   Vhiwii
Lynn Valley Lots
09 VWF JMI? 999m
t bave atill several Iota in block 1,
of D. I.. 8003 near JYbimib laeA tef
aale at |300 to *360. Terme lit cuk,
balance by tea balf yearly IniUlmenta.
Alto one lot in D. U 2038 near (Centre road for $ii0. Tamil IN caih,
balance in lit half ytarly initaluiente,
anil leveral Sue lota on Hoakim road
at very loir prices and on tame that
Will mit.       x
I have alio a choice iclection of
acreage loti ud city lota in North Vaneouver pn which bandaome proltt can
bt mule.
Alexander Philip
Insurance Broker,
Club Block, BeBliaida        Fhont 10
Telephone 276
Expert on Fireplace* aod All Claiiei
of Brickwork. All Work
Corner Fifteenth St. ud Mahon Ave.
North Vancouver Coal &
Supply Co., Ltd.
Wbarf: Cor. Bt. Oeorgc'i and
Kiplanade.     Office, 06 tanidaic
Wbarf Pbone 128.     '
Office Pbone 188.
We can deliver at once in large
or unall quantitiea.
Oet your winter tupply.
Prompt deliver}' a ipecialty.
Paper the World
from our itock of naw Wall Pasan
ao it aeene. Kvery day aome naw
daaign arrival to fill tbe taeenef
of thoae doatd oat.
HamUogw Will frnm
ua beta in endleee vaitaty. Juat
tall our eeleoeu for what room
you wut the paper and he will
ehow you juat lha villain you an
looking for.
I   To  choose iron our atook it a plea-
I aure, to pay our prior it amy.
1117 I,onadala iveoua 'itirn IW
50 x 132 ft. facing south on City Boundary, east of Lonfr-
•dale Ave,, within easy walking distance of car line.
Only $600, tern* m I'-4 cash, 6, 12,18 and 24 months.
62 UWSDALE AVRNUE     )Tfl.BwiMi inm m     ^Qffjit VANCOVVIi
ni\ 71ClfW (W M\ TKIIPID AIITV Notice ol Sa"ctio,, Carriei1 by &■*-*«■■
Ul V lOll/lY   Ur    luUnivirALI I   I    Capilano Ratepayer, to Hold Public Meeting
A special session of tlio ilinlrirl
council took placo yesterday evening,
Councillor  T.  A.  Allan  preiiding  in
tllO   :'Ii:.i-iii s-   pt   llee\e    Mi-sN'lllljilll.
Tlie meeting wai culloil in onler te
aililren a conimittce of tbe Went Capilano ratepayers OII tbi; subject of tbe
diriiiou of tbe municipality.
The clerk at tbe outlet, rpail a let-
tor from Messrs, Burni ainl Walkom,
pointing out tint iiinli-r tbe municipal
powers ucl, auction 12, tbey coulil not
proceed to any coiisipnination In the
matter, sceiug tbat tbia coulil ojily lie
done by act of legiilaturc. They could
however, iu the meantime, meet tbe
ili-li'gates ami ua n council give their
aunction, aud urranngc details na to
aaaeta and lieihilitiea.
Without any further udo Councillor
Ward moved u long technical rcaolu-
tion to tbe effect tbut the council of
the district municipality of North Vancouver by the formation of a new municipality in Weat Capilano, provided
thit an equitable division waa made
of tbe aaaeta of the present municipality and tbet the liomli, debentures uml
other indebtednesses of the prcseut mil'
nicipality were assumed and paid in
equitable proportions, and provided
tbat a satisfactory agreement was arrived at with regard lo Ihe upkeep of
the Capilano road.
This resolution was carried unanimously by the council.
ll was then deciilol Ihut the West
Cupiluno ratepayers, choosing their owu
time and plocc, cull u meeting at an
early date fair further discussion of
Tbe exact boundaries of the propoied uew municipality us described in
Ihe petition to the council are us follows: Commencing ut u point where the
eust boundary of I>. Ij. 874 intersects
the is.ills boundary at the municipality
of Nortli Vancouver; theuce wesl along
the said north boundary to u point in
Howe Ss.nn.i on the line of the said
north boundary produced distant 1,0110
feet west from the Utterly shore of
suid Howe Si,nn,I; thence southerly
parallel to, nmi following tbe meander-
iugs of tbe said shore lo u poiut of intersection with the line 1,000 feet distant south from tbe uorth shore of
Burronl Inlet; theuce easterly purellol
to, and following flic incuudcrings of
the aaid shore lo a poiut of Intense-
(inn i^fli) fte| disimii ffppi tb« smto-
weit cnfpef p. JJ. 804 und in line witb
the weit boundary ef aaid I), h. 264
produced; thence unit li em Icily und
northerly along the weit linnilury of
said li.l.. ail tq tbo N. W. corner
thereof; thence continuing northerly
along tbe west boundary of said I). Ij, >
821! to tbe N, W, corner thereof, suid
corner being on tbe smith boundary
I). I,. 784 to the 8.W. comer 704, thence
westerly uloiig tho said snulh boundary I). I.. 704 to tbe 8.W. eorner 704;
tbonco north along the weit boundary
of aaid D. I.. 704 to tbe N.w. corner
thereof; tbence eaiterly along tbe
norlb boundary D.I.. 704 tp tbo S. E.
corner 1). I. Iti; llicucu nortb along
tbe cast boundaries of II. I. Iti, 701,
003, and 605 to tbo N. E. comer of O.
1.. 60S; tbence west ulong tbo nortb
boundary of aaid I). I.. 005 to tbe 8.E.
coruor of I'. I. 875; thence uorth along
east boundary of saisl I). I. 875 to
point of commencement.
Tbe nccompunyiug map will enable
uur readers to trace the boundaries of
the uew West Cupiluno Municipality.
Volume 1, number 1, of tbo School
Magazine of British Columbia is juat
to huinl. The lirst isauo contains twenty pages printed ou super caleuileroil
urt paper with u cover sleaigu of wbicb
lbc central piece is the coat of nuns
of the province. The niaguitin'o ia an
attractive specimen of the printer's art
while the subject mutter of the letter
press is splendidly selected for the inculcation of high islculs und genuine
patriotism in tbe iniiuls of tbe inemberi
of its constituency, tlie school boys
uud Ihe school girls of Hrilish Columbia. The School Magu/iue owes its origin to the example of Now Zealand
The scheme hus been adopted iu tbii
province at the suggestion of His Excellency Kary drey, It is published
under instructions from Hou. Dr.
Vooug, minister of cduciilion, uud lias
for its editor Mr. I 'live Wooley, whole
literary ability in both poetry und
prose is widely recognized. All friendi
au.l wellwishers of the boys uml tbe
girls of tho province will wish for the
School Muguzine a long, illustrious and
useful  career.
Successful Social
The social ami concert' arranged by
the Indies' Aid of Knox church last
eveuing wus eminently mccCMful despite the ineloinoucy of the weather.
The arrangements wore iu the hands
of the I.u,lie-' Aid uuder the presidency
of Mrs. Van Muuster, wilb Mn. Mc
iTsss is as secretary, and everything was
carried through satiafactorily. I'akei
wero made by the members nnd friends
of tbo aid In every conceivable ahupc,
color and flavor ami wilh tee wis acre
ed free to everyone, no limit being
placed oo anyone's capacity. The concert purl nl the entertainment was left
entirely lo the mechuuical dcpurtmoul
of tbe Express I'rinling office and
judging from the applause.luughterund
favorable comment, must have neon
fairly well received. The fact tbut the
response lo the call for Hire; elieera
failed to evoke response .the ilii.'f lube
ai an excellent compliment, feeling
that tho emotions of tbe nudjonco were
so deeply touched liy the expresiive
rendering of Ibeir exclusive repertoire
that anything us vulgar us cheers would
bave been unseemly. The excellnt
hurmonis of the Expresi (.Ice Parly,
tbe perfect balance of tone und their
discriminating choice of songs can only
be likened to real phi fashioned rough
music, although tbo concensus of opinion, subsequent to the concert, expressed by those competent trj judgo,
was tbat thoy agreed with Ibe chairman when he said "I ba,ve beown for
some limo that tbey were excellent
pripferi, bu| ilia npt knew uutil tp
nigb| tbtt they were such excellent
Mr, K, A. Morden wai bittrtily encored for fell excellent rendering of "A
Soldier's Pardon" and favored tbe audience ul u later stage of the proceed-
I ings with another rocilafion.
| Owing to the lea nol being brewed
jibe interval was taken after tbo pro-
'gram, iuslcuil of half way, Stoker
| Fromme wus culled into requisition and
■hou had the kettle bailing and ovory-
I oue driven bfek. It seeded heroic
efforts on Ihe part of tbe ladies to get
near enough the stove t. make tea.
The chair was ubfy titb-.i  by Mr.
J. T. Mn. Noill ul abort nntico II fellow student of Mr. It. Van Muuster,
.Mr. MacNcill is a master of arti of
Mi'iiill university, tbe held man of bit
year in Westminster Hal), and tbe editor in 'chief of "Woitminiior Hall
Magazine." He conducted tbe dutlei
of chairman admirably and carried
oul fully bis own description of a
chuirman's duties, that of keeping a
smiling face right through fo the ond.
lu making a mistake in announcing tbe
name of one of the artistes, bo did
wbat is usuul under Iho circumstances,
"blame Ihe prinlef."
The item "Chairman's addroaa" wai
wisely delivered i)i short comments be-
tweep the items, thereby adding interest to tbe program aud good humor
lo Ibe audience. Jt was tbe first visit .
of ,Mr. MucNoill to tbe Vulley, but lint
impressions woro good and we bopetit i
invitation will be extended on »0m*
similar gceaiiOn. Op the whole the
evening was a success and the Itiliei
are fo be congratulated on giving lueb
excellent opportunities for getting
everyone acquainted and jt my be
well to annoupce Hull tbe ,)K»preis Olep
fitly ire ppen to engagements, but
owing tp such a demand on |b«|r tbsn/i
—tht demand is a rcqueit lo «|»f If
North I^ns'lalo-tbey bave been cap-
pclleil te advance Ibeir fees 100 fit
'i s
The Bank qf British North America
CupilitliPdM Up, ipfftfitt.' RwrwFuwJ, $2,652,333
2 Oflif s« in North Vancouver-4-?
UPPER LONSDALE AVE. (near Fourteenth Street)
—ii'niaaia ■       mi ■    ■ '
Saving Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received.
Interest 'allowed at current ratet.
Banker's Money Orders iuued.
BUREAU is now open for the convenience of employers and employees. Employers are requested to take
advantage of the office wheq requiring help.
Phone 321.
W. B, HOOD, Secretary.
14 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver.
Western Decorating & PlumbingCo.
Manilla Hade to Specification.  All Estimates Furniihed Prte.
Wt Can and Will Save You from io to 20 per cent, on All Painti, Oils,
Viruiibes, etc.
P, 0. Box 1987. Ttlepbone 366
$10 Cash
and $5.00 monthly
buys a cleared level lot at Red Deer, Alta.
Price $ 100 each   Double Corners $225
—^^—————   -^—————————-
NINE BAILBOADS ire now under contraction from Red Deer, The
town has water, sewers, electric light, telephones, tie department,
churches, schools, mills, factories magnidceut land, unlimited supply of
. .ml uml limber, Your money will grow rapidly. Get full (.articular!
ojjfely Writ
Save for my dally range
AmniiK the pleuiant Iliiiili of Holy Writ
I rnlirht denialr. —Tennyiofl.
T|l| InUrnttlonil Sundty School Lei-
mp.  Fourth  Quartir.  Lesson  VIII.
. Bin 8:21-32. Nov. IB, 1811.
Bira'i Journsy to Jerusalem
Kara was a savior of Jerusalem.
It was a crisis jn tbe national Ufa.
Seventy years had passed since the re
turn from the captivity. Zerubabel,
tbe prince of Judah, bad left tbe little
colony In Jerusalem) bad gone bach to
Babylon, bis birthplace, to end hi.
days. The defences of the city were
still unfinished, There was a sort of
creeping paralysis of indifference in tbe
church and state. There was no en
thusiaim, no sturdy faith. Tbere was
a wnlening gap between nobles and
ruitica. i'aganiani was making subtle
inroads. The days of the Hebrew
state ami religion were numbered. . .
Then appeared the "second Moses,"
Tbe nobility of Ezra's pefsousl char,
.'isiiir and bii worth to the nation can
hardly be overestimated. He put an
imprint upon bis church which it bears
to this day. And as Christianity is
evolved from Judaism, Christianity itself may be said to bear to some extent
tbe marks of the "good scribe." . •
The character and achievements of
Ultra would furnish material for a
shining ami patriotic lyric. lie was
such stuff ai reformers are mmI.- .if.
"lie bad prepared bis heart to seek the
law of the Lord ami to do it ami to
teach in Israel itatutes ami judgments''
He was a man who could bring tilings
to pan iu spite of most unfavorable
conditions, Ho that a heathen monarch
put a carte lilancbe order min'lii.-. hands
for tuih mpplies ami money as might
be necessary to the success of his en
terprise. Kzra's splendid faith and
courage shine oul in tbe very inception
of his delicate ami dangerous enterprise. His path grows brighter as he
crosses albousaml miles of bedouin-infested desert. It reaches ils full
splendor es he enters the Holy rity ami
discharges his duty with unswerving
ami noble patriotism. Ezra's discretion is shown in his^tbree days' pause
at the river Aliava, aud his careful
inspection of bis company, ami bis reinforcing it with representatives of tlio
priesthood before starling on 'lie
inanli. His declining tbe armed cavalcade supplied by lbc king to guard
the caravan was a triumph of faith ami
prayer. Tlie dangers were real nnd
great. The fact that the company was
treasure-laden was matter of common
report, and there were rubber liandi in
the way. Hut the journey was essentially a religious one. i-'zra believed
that the educational power of the movement would be discounted if ho leaned
upon flic arm uf flesh. He ha.l an assurance of safety before he -i.-m.-l.
How modest tin- record! "So we fastest
and besought our Hud for this, ami He
was entreated of us."
Tbe Teacher's Lantern
There are seventy silent years between  the completion  of  the  temple
tnd Me enterprise of 9m,'' tin siripe
•» IP tmfomit lin* in \V% ttim..
ai \ttton- Vtm th* tmA* WW
clerk, keeping t|lly of goods, <tr soldiers tnd prisnnera. there wis an ad-
vanco to tlie royal iioretary, and flntl-
)y tbo recorder of the sayings of the
prophets. Tho object of Kara'e journey was twofold: To embellish tbe
temple, tint chiefly to reaunouuee aud
enforce tbe Hebrew law. The weighing Of the silver and gold fas po unusual custom. Ai there wai little or
no coining of money in those dtys,
commercial transactions were performed by means of scales in which Ingots
of gold and silver were weighed, Tn
tbis instance upwards of »;iil,iiilil.llin).
The simplicity of tbis account ie illustrated by tbe fact tbat four words de-
icrlbe tbe journey: "We came to .ler
Young   People's   Dsvotiontl  Service,
November 18, 1811.  Acta'18: 13-30,
South America is a far and inviting
Held for missions. It has twice as
much inhabitable lend ei North Anier
ica. Sucb a tide of emigration has set
in that the population of the southeastern section, for example, is increasing
at the unparallelod rate of 'wo per
cent, a year, 'And the vast, rich continent is our next-door neighbor. These
are some of tbo reasons for a ijuiuk
ami wide propaganda.
District of North Vancouver.
Notice to Contractors—Marine Drive
HEALED TENDEHS on the pre-
scribal) forms and accompanied by cash
or certified cheijue for $3,0110 (which
sum or satisfactory bonds shall be re-
nuncI uutil tbe completion of tbe
works according to plans and specifications) will be .received until 5.00 p.m.
on Thursday, 33rd November, 1811,
by Mr. J. 0. Farmer, Muiiii-ij.nl Clerk,
for the following:
Marine Drive west, through portion
D. L. 554, I). L. 658, D. L. 658, and
D, L. 657, a distance of 1% miles more
or less.
Grading—Excavating some 35,500 cubic yards and  forming einbanknieuts.
Pile Trestle—26il feet long, comprising some 7.1,1100 f. b.
Concrete   culverts—and   eoutingeut
All in accordance with plana and spc-
ideations which may be bad at tbis
niii. ■' after B.Hi) a.m. on Mouday, 30th
November, lllll, on payment of »•'
which  will  be  returned upon  receipt
of a bona fide tender.
The lowest or any tender not neces
iiiils   accepted.
Tenders for portiou of Ihe work only
will not be considered.
District Engineer
The District Municipal Ollic,
Cor. Lynn Valley ami Fromme lloads,
North Vancouver, B. C.
P. O. Box 1780
wili   November,   lllll.       II 11
North Vancouver Business & Professional Cards
I'l.-rey  S   Howard
City   Auditor.
Audllura   lit    ti-euualula
SU Pender 81. W.     P. O. Box tiil
I'lione 1817 Phono US
Vancouver       Norlh Vancouver
193 6th Street Eait Nortb V«nco»v«
Phone 973
rnmef 11
I II VMM.   lllll-
The Naw  Block on Lonadali Am
near the Ferry Approach
wu built by
General Contractor!
Pioneer Horieihocr - CnAiage Worke
iiimiu. .in si i iniM-in.
BookeeUer/aiui Stationere
Cor. Lonadale end let.       Pbone 143
Posl Graduate Chicago University
fnomt I and K), new Poet 0*c* Woek
a-A/A mwfm
1 .'1,11,1' i.n- for reinforced concrete
iiJiisiriu imi, Sewering is all iti
branches: house connection a ape-
cialty.    Estimates   furniihed.
Offlce: 20 Lonidale Ave.       Phone 285
Preised Brick Mantles a Hpccielty.
Phone L1J3
i. Creib W. Craib
In Concrele, Brick and Wood.
Office: 117 flRST STREET EAST
Up-to-date Millinery
Modarlae Ratea
Keith Block    83 Lonidali Avt.
rii.iTni.il-.rni ii
Studio  over  Bank  B. N. A.
Lonadile and Eeplaaa<|a
Haw Filer and Grinder. All kindi of
hand, cron rut and buck sawi set
end filed at shortest notice. 146 3rd
itreet elst, North Vancouver.
nm, k-.Miixy.t-.Hs.
A.M.I.E. ti S.
Irrigation, drainage, lavaji, plana
and epeoificationa. Septic tanki and
houae drainage I a ipeeUlty. P. O.
Box 144, 16th itreot treat of Bewicke
BUI I ITI<>»l,ll,
North  Vancouver  Butineaa
Cotteg. nnli Copying Offe.
Spedal reduction »f It ptr cent, en
I auoolna' course In Sbortbanl ul
tyee-wrfUDc If naaae la (free before
mctmbtr toff, lift, lliea (I. k. If.
Uunltre, Bank ef Umlltui Buiiem*.
North Ymtevrtr.
HighclaaiLadies' andGeut'eTailoring
Phone 207
Specialty: Children-! LteeoW at own
hone. Term, etc., apply Oanetal
U your watch etoppbag or gojtg btri
gnlarfjrf iN ,
A. I HO0
The Nortli yemoevt'et Exp*
fmfwm   ^Wm*mmm    mjm/wmmmmt
• LoD^ftla* /'ktmum
NOTICE ia hereby iriveii tbat au application will be made under Part V.
of the "Water Act, 1808," to obtain
a licence in Ihe North Vancouver Hi
virion of New Westminster Diitrict.
(a). The name of applicant in full
—The Corporation of the Diitrict of
North Vancouver.
(If for mining purpoiei) Free Miner '.- Certificate No. ..	
(b) Tbe name of the leke, itream
or lource (if unnamed, tbo deicription
is)—Unnamed itream commencing at
or about the loutbeast corner of Dii-
rict Lot 624 and (lowing thence through
Diitrict Ut 471 and 64,1 to the North
Arm of Burrard Inlet. '
(c) The point of diversion li on
the Keitli road at or about the aouth-
eait corner of Diitrict Ul 824.
-(d) The ijuentity of water applied
for (in cubic' feet per lecond) .03 cubic feet.
(e) Tbe character of the propoied
worki—tJmall tank intake fed liy wing
dllchei, with overflow into creek.
(f) Tho premiiee on whicii the water
ia to be uied (deicribe iame)—The
Diitrict  of  North  Vancouver.
igl The purpoiei for which tbe water li lo be uied—Municipal purpoiei.
'I.i If for irrigation deicribe the
land intended to be irrigated, giving
acreage—Not for irrigation.
(I) If the water is to be used for
power or mining purpose! describe tbe
piece where fbe wafer ii to be returned
lo some natural channel, and tbe difference in allitudo .between point of
ii'.iti.,n and point of return—Not for
power or mining.
(jl Area or crown lend intended
lo be occupied by lbc propoied worki—
(k) Tbii notice wai potted on tbe
24th day of October, 1811, end application will be made to tbe Commir
lioner on the 28tb day of November,
1911, at 11 a.m.
(1) Give tho names and addresses
of any riparian proprietor! or lieen-
leei who or whose landi ire likely to
be effected by tke propoied works, either above or below toe outlet- .I. G.
Keith, of Vancouver.
dl) Tbo bcindariei end area of tbe
District u, North Vencouver are anet
forth -'i the letter! patent of Incorporating dated 10th August, ,1891, and
I'uMishi'.l in the B, C. Gazette, but ex-
t pting the area of the City of Nortk
Vincouver specified in schedule, "B"
of the North Vtnvceuver City Incorporation Act Amendment Ati 1907.
(r) Approximately the number of
inhabitant! of the Diitrict at preeent
' WW
Loti in Block 235, D.L. 546
will be on sale shortly.
■      ■   , r ]	
For ternu ant) price* apply to
Palmer, Burmeiter & yon Graevenitz
457 Lonsdile Ave.    -     411 Pender St., Vancouver
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
Will take deed of good building lot
it caih payment op a 10-room boon;
new; all modirn. Buy ttrmi ou
P. O. BOX 114
We tolicit the trade of all builders who appreciate
High Grade Goods at a moderate price, and the
prompt and careful filling of orders, which our large
stock and long experience in business makes possible.
Burrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd.
A Little Friendly Talk on Doors
We have one of the largest and best designed stock of
Front Doors that can be secured anywhere iu li. C. We have
about to different designs to choose from which range in
price from 13,73 to I25.00. We make a specialty of the
"Pasidina Doua," a handsome, massive piece of work,
one which is especially suited to bungalows, and the modern
style of architecture. If you are interested call and let us
show you our display. We can also supply you with Interior
Doors in fir or cedar in 1,2,3, 4, 5 or 6 pane) or in the craftsman designs.  Call and ask to see them for yourself.
P.O. Box 1719
Phone 332
Hay, Flour & Feed
Owing to larger warehouse accommodation, we are now in a position to carry a
larger and more complete slock of these
goods and lo supply our customers at
Vancouver prices.
All Orders Delivered Promptly.
The Brackman-KerMilling Co., Ltd.
116 ESPUNADE EAST       ~      -       Phone 4
Imagine a big store with so few doors that customers line
up for a block waiting for admission. That is precisely
the situation of a house which does not provide adequate
telephone service for its business and the accommodation
of its customers—for the telephone is a door to your
Is one telephone sufficient) There are about
12,000 telephones in the cily and you may be
called from any one of them; or you may be
called by long distance from several thousand
other telephones throughout the country.
The needs—The growing needs of your business must
determine the number of telephone lines you require.
Your business il hampered by inadequate telephone
facilities. Before the rush comes, you should decide
how mmy lines you need.
Bt Ce Telephone Co., Limited wmmmmmmmmmmamimammaimmmmmmmommmmimmmmmmwpm
'tjimi'i. *■■'»-,.
For paly $1 rJojrp, tti>4 ll
weekly you can buy the
CANADA'S PRIDE MALLEABLE .8ANOB, reservoir or waterfront complete lined up. See tbe
ranoe. Tbey lust a
Prompt Dilivery.. jl      I
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
Phone 88. aSPLANADE WpgT.
receive! the aame glad welcome here
as he man who cornea to buy, our
primary object at thia time being to
acquaint the men of North Vancouver
with the advantages in quality, service
and price, to be exclusively obtained
at this store.
We don't expect to sell you goodi
before you know "». our goods and
our business methods, so we invite
you to call; "Snoop around" a bit
and get acqainted.
Pioneer Confectionery
Highest Quality Handmade Bread
Delivery to all parti ot   tbt city.
Special attention given all orders from patroni.
Pioneer Confectionery \LT"Z
U Your Furniture Insured?
18 Lonidile Ave.     NOTARY PUBLIC     Phone 157
Sole Agent: Commercial Union Aajurance Co.,
Ltd., of London, Eng.   -   AweU $111,000,000
Leave Vaacouver 6.30 a.m. aad
thereafter every 20 minutee until
7.00 p.m. Commencing 7.30 p-m.
•very )0 minutei uutil 11.30 p.m.
tkettalUr 12.16 and 1.00 a.m.    -
Leave Nortb Vaacouver 6.00 a.m.
and thereafter every 20 minutei until 7.00 p.m. ('ommencinu 7.30 p,
in. every 30 minutei until 1140 p.
m. thereafter 11.46 end 12.46 a.m.
Uava Vancouver 7.40, 8.30 aad
9.00 thereafter aame aa weekday!.
Leave Nortb Vancouver 7.30/8.00
aad 8.40, thereafter inmi el weekday!.
Single (are 6c, 6 lor 26c, TO for fi, 70 for 12,
railways now aee'<ing ncceaa to Burrsn
Inlet lor shopping purpiiaos will wish
to locate pp fit Nortli Shore, particularly if itepi »ro immediately token to
<jeyp|op the harbor on Minna! liana
tpd make it easy of access for rail
ways and ships alike. Etc)) of tbe raj
ways comipg will bring traffic, and tbey
will come seeking to obtain trullic.
Competjpg lines of railway wi|l ineap
competing shipping and a rapid in-
crease in tbe business of tbe harbor.
Tbe opening of the Panama Cape! will be a most important factor
in increasing tbe shipping trade to
Burrard Inlet, and it ii of the upmost
Importance to tbo Dominiou of Canada
1 that tbis uiagnillcciit barber be prepared to receive and handle in tbe beat
possible manner, all this increase of
business. To do so will mean tbe construction of many new decks and wire
bouses and equipping them with the
beet possible appliances for loading
mul unloading tbe ships and cars It
will mean also tbe coming to tbii
harbor of vast quantities of grain and
other products from Alberta and Sai-
katcbewan ,iind from northern Itritiab
Columbia, and tbe need for well equipped olevators of large capacity and
warehouses and cold storage.
7, This great development can only
be satisfactorily carried out under
some sucb corporation as was organized
for the care and development of the
harbor of Montreal, where uuder the
management of a National Commission a vast businesi ii being done in
the beit poiiblc manner at a minimum
of exponie.
8 Tbe preient dockage facilitiei in
tbe harbor are altogether inadequate
for tbe business uow being done, and
tbe warehouse accommodation is insufficient. There is no suitable equipment to meet modern requirements for
loadiug and unloadiug vessels. On
several occasious ships have bad to be
moved out to anchorage, partly ilis
charged, to allow others to berth at
the wharves tbey were occupying, and
vcaieli have often to load and unload
at anchorage. Tbeio incidents cause
heavy expenses and aflcu large demurrage dues, all tending to tbo prejudices of the harbor, and iudicate tbe
urgent need for complete organization
aud development of tbe harbor.
II. Your memorialists consider the
|*k>it a moat opportune time for action, aa lbc sssils eoustructiou of the
Second Narrows bridgo will give railways a mcani of getting to the Nortji
Shore, ami it would not be advisable
to allow any railway company to place
uny barrier in tbe way of 'a complete
and systematic utilization of lbc Nortb
Sborewaterfrout for harbor and indui-
trial purposes.
10. Your memorialists respectfully
urge that uo action lie taken or authorized, peuding the investigation and report ef the coinuiisaion desired, that
would increase the expense or create
mli, nli.   iu  the  way of a  complete
aclieme of harbor development  undor
authority of the government.
11. Ai the comtruction of lbc Second Narrowi bridge is a moit important
factor towards harbor development,
Your Memorialist! strongly commend
it lo Ihe nltcntion and most liberal
support of Your Koyel Highness in
Council, to secure Ibe sunn,- out of
lhat undertaking without dolly.
Mill Ml   I \M III Il.ll.
Mctkodlal . liu.i-h im 1,, i o( Ith and
Hi (iconic Sunday Services. II OS n in
and 7 JO i, in Sunday School and Mllilc
Clan. 110 i' in Senior 1*iguc. Non-
day. I p.m. Prayer and Prillc Scrvlca,
Wi-iinnilii... I inn Junior League,
Tiiutailny iilt.-i-n.ion at 3.10. Tailor,
fir. C. Schlllcher
II.    talrm'a    I'rral.jlrrlla    I kurrt,
Kellli Itoad -Service!: Morning 11 00:
evening. 7.10 Adult Wide I'laaa, 1110
Sunday School. Mt. I'.PSC.K. Tuei-
ilay. at I p. in Prayer Meeting. Wednesday, al I |, m choir i'i... 11nt-.
£s l.l.i.v at I i- in Itev li,,n.il'l Mucelod.
inliier    .
II.     »»!>"
Kv.-naong, 710 pm.
Boulevard    and    lilb —
.   Holy Communion.
1100 am. lecond Sunday   of   every
Salvalloa   lm,.   l.uiiidale   Avonue.
100 a.m..
Ill p.m.    Tueiday. I pm:  Tliuraday,
Sunduy   i s vis •
1 is in   and
A-Iiuniber wagoni, truoki and
drayi, 76c return.
B—2 borM eipreai carriagei aad
backi, Me return.
C—) horee aipreei buggioi aod
auto*, 26o return.
Timetable iiibjeot to caaaza witaout notice.
Company not liable lor delayi, accidental or othirwiae.
All tbe above ratea inolude driver. Haiti A md B aubject to 20
per capt. diicount ia loti of W.
Pit 100 Ibi. rate, 6c
Winimua) raU, 10c.
I pni i:lilWren'i Service. Wtdneiday,
4 p.m.
Hapilil t'karrk, — Filth and St
Oeorge Service! at 11 am. ond lit
pm Sunday School and Bllile Clan at
1116 pm Prayer and Pralie lervlce.
Wnliii aslus at I i' in Pastor, lli-v A.
3. Primer, lllh and St  George.
II. John Ikr Kvaairllal. 1th and lllh.
Holy Communion. I a in Morning
Prayer. II am. Evening Prayer, lit
pm On the flrat Sunday In the monlb
there will he a lecond celebration of
ihr Holy Communion at 11 am Rector,
Itev. Hugh Hooper.
II, ITdrouul'a lilbnllc l kurek, Million
Avenue Sundays—sMaii. t n in Sunday School. 2.10 p in Itoaury Benediction ond Sermon. 710 p.m.
laillaa lalkolir I kurek „l II. I'ul'i.
Mala. 7 30 am. Sundlys. Paalor. Bet.
B. Peylavln. o.U.r
miu I ll I.UNSDjW.K.
II, Tkonaaa. -I am every Sunday
Ixeepl Uiat Sunday lb nionlb tit am.
ftrai Bunday In month 11 am. iMottni.
I.ilaby and aermon. aei-uml nnd fourth
Sunday. Holy Cofrmunlnii ond aermon,
Itiat and third Sundayi Vicar. Ret.
I   K  ROW*.
I'teiorterUu, ikgrek. -Worihlp. Sun-
Oevi. 730 pro Sunday School nbd
JBhltJJlila 110 pus Tenelieia' 'framing daat, Wednesday 130 Prayer
Meeting. Wedneiday I fm Boyi'
Club jhurldey 7.10 fm Choir practice. #alday. I b.U    R. Van Munal'-r,
MA, ptstor.
Bruce, Incumbeni
7 6'efo
Tftflon Sunday
Ml pjii. Pn'cr rnfilnc f'urfday l
M. Teacher!' 7'rulnlng ciaaa Friday
Jt pta.   R Van tfuniler, MA, pUWr.
IT ii lo yopt own
inieresl to purchase
goods in your own cily
couver metchanli Irom
5 to 10 per cent.
These are Factt
No  Fake Price*
When going down hill STOP and purchate your Furniture, Linoleum, Carpets,
Etc., at a Reliable Houie.
THE BEST is none too good. One-third pi your life is spent in bed, and a
comfortable MATTRESS you should have. Then, buy pur No. 1 RESTMORE at
$15.00—no more, no less.   Money back if not satisfactory.
128 Lonsdale Ave. North Vancouver
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
I I 11   » I I llll    ■ IB
CLEARED 50 ft. Lots in Blocks 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000     14 cash, 6,12,18 months.
50 ft. LoU in Blocks 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $800 14 cash, 6, 12 and 18 months
6286 -   - 543 Pender Street, Vancouver
North Vancouver City
CLEARED LOTS 50 ft. x 147 ft.
In BLOCKS 15,15a, 16 and 16a. D.L. 550.
. °   PRICES: $750 to $ 1000 according to location.
TERMS: 1-4 Cash, Bal. 6„ 12 and 18 months.
ACREAGE in District Lota 546 and 550
In Blocks of from One to Four or more acres.
PRICES: from $2000 to $3250 per acre
TERMS: 1-4 Cash, Bal. 6,12,18 & 24 months
The Grand Boulevard extend* through this property ,
" 'im
* *
The North Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company, m,
North Arm Bridge
and Railway Scheme
(Owtlntml Tm P«a 9m.)
A letter had been receive.! from tbp
itOntoiy to the ferry company with
reference to the joint' deputation
which hod attended their recent meetings.
for the elnci.lalinn pf the gathering
p bine print waa hung, in the city ball
ttitd U,. A. I1!. Kealy iyan ileputed to
dwcribe the various feature! of the
It appearoil (hat the proposal of tbe
firry director! was to enter into an
agreement with.the 0. P. R. and the G.
'I'. I', for an overhead croaiing over
the letter1! property on certain con-
<|ftions, namely the granting of a 30-
foot right of way along the southern
boundary of tba fhwry company's property. The Board of Trade executive
hail formally eupwssesl their disapproval of the scheme on several points ami
had instructed the transportation committee, whose chairman is Mr. Ij. Watts
[fouey, to meet tbo directors st their
next meeting ami ask tbut before negotiations proceoileil any further, the
■ sn •'■us- be consulted. The map, wbicb
Mr. Kealy graphically described, wes
exhibited through the courtesy of Mr.
Pbilip, wbo hud secured it from the
G. T. P. offlce at the time of thu railway commissioners' session in Vancouver.
Mr. Kealy pointed out tbat Nortb
Vuncouver had uow u fairly open way
of eiit after years of controversy.
This to a certain extent, would be sacrificed if an overhead bridgu above
G. T. P. property woro adopted. The
0. P. II. trains would not, he believed,
he broken ns at present for the convenience nf North Vaueouver traffic,
because of the existence of an alternate
passage way. This passage way was
planned to lead lo an exit ou Main
street, quite a distance from the dock
and clear over Alexandria street. In
Mr. Kealy's opinion considerable
trouble would be experienced in getting permission for Ibis construction
on Main street, us he understood that
tbe property owners strongly objected
to it. As to the .tu iTss,i right-of-way
the chances were that on account of
the great amount of traffic from the
G. T. P. wharf it would be congested
to a very undesirable extent.
Mr. Alexander Philip pronouueed the
proposal to bo altogether unsatisfactory. He bad bad a talk with Mr.
Wright, president of the Ratepayers'
Association, who was said to have recorded his endorsement of the scheme.
Mr. Wright emphatically denied Ihis.
Mr. Watts Honey had stated thai on
behalf of Ihe Board of Trade and as
their representative in a delega
tion which waited upon tbe ferry directors, he hud in no way taken part in
the arrangements. Mr. Pbilip said be
could not possibly understand why the
««I>W»7 BRuld not be ft*' aacompliahed
fact in p short time. In sequence to
tha order of the railway s'oniiuiiMiiiniirs
the plans had boen filed a month after
its session in Vancouver ami now three
months had elapsed and nothing had
boon done, And noV theft uroso this
o|d proposition of on overhead bridge,
"Tbore js surely," said Mr. Philip,
"something behind the whole affair
that 1 cannot understand."
A motion of disapproval was then
carried by the meeting.
The reports of the various committees were then received from their respective chairmen and adopted. Certain amendments to the constitutional
bylaws were ulso discussed.
There being no further business for
pressing consideration, a very successful meeting terminated.
Lynn Valley Notes
Mr. T. Thompson is making extensive
additions to bis homo ou I'entro road.
Miss ('. Magennis is improviui;
slowly from the effects of her accident.
Mrs. J. M. Fromme is confined to the
house through a slight attack of measles.
Mesdames K. A. Morilen, P. Kellas
and .1. Veitch wero the guests of Mrs.
Waghortie yesterday.
Mr. 0. H. I.- Thompson's new Residence on Ihe corner of Koran ami Centre r.ta.l is well nigh completed. It is
very attractive ami adds- greatly to
tlte appeurance of that vicinity.
Mr. W. Hugilcn reports that owing
to the comlitinns of the weather the
erection of the proposed Methodist
church will probably not take place
uutil  early   next  spring.
Extensive clearing ami grading is
buing carried out on the corner of Allan and Hynn Valley roads. It is ru-
tnoruil tbat a threo story brick block
is to be erected here by the Dominion
Bond and Trust Corporation of Vancouver.
Residents along the east car line
this city were disturbed last evening
by a rowdy crowd on the car .caving
tbe eastern ii-imiiiu. at HI o'clock. It
is understood, however, that all the
blame should not attach to the Express
Glee Party.
All conservatives arc invited to attend a meeting on Wednesday, '12nd
November,, at t p.m. at the Institute
Hall, with the object of forming a
Omeovative Association. tjpeakers
from Nortb Vancouver 0. A. will assist. Everyone interested are earnestly
requested to be tbere. Don't let the
weather stop you.
At the home of tbe bride's parents,
in Lynn Valley on Tuesday, Nov. 15th,
Miss Florence Maud Huxtalde and Mr.
George Edward Pattinsou were united
iu the holy bonds of matrimony by
the Hev. W. 0. Bchlichtcr. The happy
couple will reside in Lynn Valley.
100 FEET on 2nd STREET
We have several Houses to Rent
Phone USS p. o. Box 2:110
We are making a specialty ol Houses. We shall be pleased
lo list any you have for sale or rent.
Local New Jotting*
The Weat Oapi|»no ratepayers will
bold a meeting in connection with the
division of the municipality in the district hall In lypn Valley on Wednesday
next at .1 o'clock.
Mr. F. T. Balsbury has wired to Mayor McNeish from Portland, whero he
is attending tbe convention of the Arctic Brotherhood, saying thst he hi*
been successful in securing the Brotherhood's convention for 11113 for
North Vancouver.
The St. Andrew's and Caledonian
Ladies' Society are having their second
annual dance on St. Andrew's night,
Thursday, 30th November, to be held in
the Horticultural Hall commencing at
S.Iii p.m. uutil '2 a.m. Late cars. Tbe
proceeds of this dance are used for
charitable purposes, aud many have
been tbe demands. It is hoped tbe
all friemls of tbe society will participate in tbe frolic and thereby help on
the good work.
Suuslay, Nov. 10th, being last Sunday of "rod" and "blue" contest, deferred from last Sunday because of
weather conditions, tho captain and
lieutenants of tbe blue Bide will bo
pleased, to sec every holder of a blue
coupon or button present.
Blue sunp.iii. can bo exchanged for
buttons at the west end of library
All  cordially  invited.     Special  class
for young meu.
Montreal—Tbe silent approach o/
winter has caught, to.use a vulgar expression, tbe inland navigation by the
short hair, ami this through no fault
of tbeir own. Tbe season has been a
dry one and the water has been low,
so low in fact, that this autumn has
seen the fleets entering the canal wilh
greatly reduced cargoes and at unus
ually low speed. The result is tbat tons
of freight wbicb should have reached
tidewater long ere this ure still on the
docks at the lake ports waiting trans
portatiou. Now, it will cilhet have to
come by rail, a very expensive proced
ure, or lie up for the balmy spring of
1012. Thousands upon thousands of
sloliars bave been lost as a resolt, and,
unfortunatetly, the loss burns doubly
in for it might have been prevented.
It is said that unfavorable winds
ami the dry summer are responsible for
the low deptb of water. Tbis, to a eer
tain extent, is true. There is another
reeson, however, in the various power
developments which have sprung up
along the river. Tbese companies becoming greedier and greedier as the
years go by, drain tbe waters from Iho
St. Lawrence to turn their wheels and
it has now become apparent that Ihey
are taking so much that tbe levels of
tho channel ure becoming affected.
And not content wltb what tbey already have nunc of the promoters of
these power ii-liomc> ure asking the!Ltd
government to be elloucd to divert —
more. ',
The old gin ■.inns, nl »ns- uhnu-t reck-'
lets in giving nwuy these concessions,
but with tbe arrival of lbc Hon, F.
D. Monk :i- bea.I of the public worki
department a change is nboul lo ink.
place. Wbjle in opposition .Mr. Monk
struugl,* ilonouncesl tbis ts-"iiis^ of
power development to the deiritnenl of
navigation uml now thai be sits nl the
trisvjn r himself it i- evident Ibat tb"
old policy ii about to be blown to
Miiitliereens much to the advantage of
lbc   Dominion,    Navigation   interests
Of* WWmoHDt 90 tht % Uwftpet, pi
•ays, and navigation interest wj|l havo
top call first last and ill the timfht
is at the helm,
M. Home Ip Jail
The man who is probably tbe conn-
try's most confirmed jail dweller hit
just compicicii here his thirty-fifth
year of continuous imprisonment mudo
up of .ono hundred separate committments varying from que year to u few
Weeks In every case Michael Murphy,
is this strange old c)i|ractor is named,
appearoil against himself, nnd In spite
of his name and bis long residence in
this country he can speak only German: Having spent so long a time in
jail, Murphy considers it bis home. He
doesn't .uiul to bo locked ont over
night attiT whenever bis term expires
he loses no time in appearing before,
the nearest magistrate and making a,
compluint of vagrancy against himself,
asking the committing magistrate to
make the term as long as the law permits. He is a bandy man around the
jail. His latest sentence expired tbis
week and after getting bis breakfast
in tlte juil, be went to the police court
and mude the usual complaint of vagrancy against himself. It was a busy
day in court, and he asked tbe interpreter to hurry bis ease as be wanted to
get back to the jail ami after having
bis .usual pu.ligreo taken be got busy
on Ilis customary round.
Pennies are Popular
While Ibe banks of this, city regard
the shipment of currency tit western
points as a regular feature of their
business at this season of the year
when the crops begin to move, there is
one phase of this annual westward
movement that is new and surprising
to the bankers. That is the demand
for pennies that has come from many
Western points where copper coin heretofore has been regarded with disfavor ami has been practically unused.
More than 10(1,000,(1110 pennies have
been started on westward (ravels within the past few weeks and it is said
that the demand continues uuabate<l.
The generally accepted explanation of
this development among the bankers
here is that tbe rising cost of living
is causing many families to scrutinize
the outgo of small coins moro carefully
than formerly and that the extension of
department stores witb their odd figure
prices has alio contributed to tbe wider
use of the small coin. Montreal is said
to be the greatest user of pennies in
the country and to require about 100,-
000,000 of those coins for ordinary use.
The number iu circulation is greatest
around the holiilay season and low ebb
is reached in miilsummer when millions
of pennies are slacken up in the
banks and sub treasuries.
MI'SHKOOMS fresh  daily
ut   the
Sewer connections done hy expert
pipe-layers. Work guaranteed to pass
city engineer's offlce Inspection. Only
first doss Scotch pipe oml prime Port-
laud cement used. Estimates furniihed. Apply K. II. Paykull al office of
North Vuiicuuver ('oul and Supply (V,
PKACTlf'AL  pibeplace
I'rcHud Brick Mnntlej a s, inlty.
■  I'bone 1,112
A. (.'ruib W. (.'rail'
In Concrele, limb ami Wood.
60 x 132 cleared and fenced and only a few feet from Lonsdale Ave. A1 AAA
on Queen.   $250 Cash; balance in 6, 12 and 18 months -   - **y * l/UU
66 feet on St. James.   Well below market.   $260 Cash; balance
in 6, 12 and 18 months -,
99 foot Corner on Nye, facing South; East side.   $250 Cash; d»   QCfi
balance in 6, 12 and 18 ninths       -      -      -   ,   -      - «P   ^^
Tel. 47.
Mountain Goat,
Deer, Bear,
and other big game
Our itock at WIN0HE8TBB, 8AV-
otber Biflaa haa baen cuttully aalactad
and wa bava tba calibra MN wltad
to your particular requirement Evory
thing needed by tba practical hunter.
Phone 12.
Wholesale and Retail Hardware*
(or expect one)
It tells how much baby should weigh Jach month, how many
inches and how fast it should grow, when baby should get its
first tooth, and each of the other thirty-one.
It shows the difference between human and cow's milk
how to make the latter like the former, just how often and how
much food baby needs, from the first week to the eighteenth
"The New Baby" tells the expectant mother about her
diet, proper exercise and clothing, how to prepare for her ac-
couchment, just the things she needs in advance.
It is written by doctors who are recognized authorities
on their various subjects and all this is told in the fewest words,
in the plainest language, intended for the busy women.
"The New Baby" is illustrated by 433 beautiful half-tone
reproductions of all the newest inventions for baby, for instance, it shows a crib lhat goes over a bed without touching
it, allowing a mother to tend her babe without arising.
A bath-tub without a hard surface, that folds in a two-
inch space in one movement, a hot water bag lhat needs no wa"
ter and will stay hot for a week, etc.
"The New Baby" is NEW; you need it; every woman
needs it who is interested in a baby.   It gives the information
a mother wants every day.   We will deliver it to your home,
an advanced copy, on receipt of 25 cents.
SATIRE: 1358 Broadway, New York City.
at the Cut Rate Drug Store
Fellow's Syrup $1,00 bottle
Allenlmry's Food „ 85c. tin
 •.  $9.60. doz.
Hot Water Bottles, guaranteed
fur one year $1.76
Hot Water Bottles, guaranteed
for two years $2.50
Wincarnis, $1.25 and $2.00 bottle
Antipon, large size $1.76
We have now on sale a new slock of
Safety Razors similar to Gillette*
from  $1.50 to $8.00 each
111   -    '-■--   ■■"'-''
North Shore Drug Co.
. P. S. THOMAS, Plmi. B., Druggist
116 ESPLANADE WEST.  Phone 311


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