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0mmW   .*/ fHW/ASf |»
Vollllllt!    II
Noiith Vancouvkb, Ji.C, Fhiday, March 31, 1911
Number 7
I''-'   I
Cily  Council   at   Adjiiiirntd   Station
Disciiiiea the Project. Public Mcet-
-    jng Cttllod lor Suturduy Evening.
The adjourned meeting of Iho cily
council Isat ovening dealt particularly
witb lho proponed "While I'ily" to bo
i dilnln .I in I nn d.,In lliirdciii' provided lho cloiing nf the F.spluuudo
llirniigb Ibo propci ly for fivo yean il
Tbe rutepnyei,■■' .<.,,, mii,nt wrote
11 |iti'iiin,' th,i in, action lie taken until tile mil-pay els Iuid lu'elt In,ud fl'lllll
lit   u   public  tin .'tint
A. Crnssmun wrote ua owner ol lot.
'-' uud 3, block liil, II. I.. 374 itrnngly
priileating nguinst Ibe closing nl tlie
Messrs. Iloult and Phillip,< were
In aid    Oil   ll.'lial!    of   llie      Hal i tpu) , l .'
Messrs. Mcllougull uml -Icnkiua were
heard ua tn tliuir objection! to lln
closing of llie Kapbiusilo.
Ht. Hemphill stilled lltnl the Me
lloiigull-.lenkiiis 1'u. bud oxprcssod
their willingneii to wilbdraw object-
lions provided a roadway wai allow-
ml ilii.ntnli Iliu gardens uud mude t.
ncciimiiioilute heavy traffic, Ibo roal!
lo be opened when required by the
All the aldermen present together
with the Muyor expressed their opinion thut it would lw well to bold u
public meeting to lw followed by a
vole by ballot upon the purl of Iliu
ratepayers, us to the closing of llie
Esplanade. It wu. accordingly decided that iin. ineeling lie held in I.m
aon'a pavilion on Saturday evening ot
eight o'clock.
Alderman Henderson called Ihe ul
Iciition of thu council lo the fuel thai
Ibo B. C Telephone Co. is preparing
to plain additional poles mi thc
■truuli without previously having con-
lulled the council. The cily clerk
waa inatruclod lo write Iho Company
directing their attention to thii infringement of their charter rights nnd
insisting that the work be discontinued until the council bat been cm
lulled; olio intimating thut the city
doiirci tosarrivt nl an agreement for
placing the poles jn the luiiei in.lciid
ol on the .-lie, i.
Aldermnh Smith, chairman of Ihe
fire and In.-hi committee, reported thc
rccomoicndulion of ihe oommittce,
thul Artliur Turner, nisialutit fire chief
ut Calgary, be appointed fire chief for
lho city. Tho .recommendation wu«
udoptcd und the opjioiiitmcut made.,
I'oil'' | il, ine .
l'Volll  Mi.,.  I linen White,  nuking 'iliaI
llotnl bo opened in lota owned by her
in block 2, I). I,. |tl;,!l, West Cupilano
whero iho il building two houiet.   fie-
letiiil to engineer to report.
From -I. I).  M,.liny uakiug Hint oh-
Itriiotioill   and   tin ti| nn i net   Im.. Im  IC
moved from tbo proximity of bis
liouso on lot 11, block 1, E I, 1). I,.
787. ltelerrod to engineer wilb power
to act.
From l.ynn Vulloy Hutcpuyora' At-
s'iciiiliiiii uakitig council to consider
four items, via. t
1. Necessity fur sidewalk on Centre
Houd us same is impassable lor ped-
■ -11 in.. Helen,,I to II, of Works
2. He securing Central Park rceroa-
ti.'n situ. \.-iin,- Hove Allan and
Cliuirnuin of the 11. of Works wore do-
pitted to report  on thii matter.
■'I Asking for water in high ground
in I.vini Vulley. The secretm; of ilic
Ho,nd win inslruelud to actpiuini the
n ."i.iiton with regurd lo low water
premirc which barely nifiicoil for pre.-
(tin ncedi.
1. The piiHliiiuslei ft.'tn,-..i thul
iiee.-n. to the post ollice would be
gained liv opening roud.
'Ibe ,.t'l.iiv wui n-1.id to find
'Ilium. Iv   when Ibil would lie done.
From F. A. Ostler aiking that lire
road being opened ut Woodlands Is-
commenced south oi lot 10, plan of
part of district lots 9511, 11"i and
Sills, li.I.N.W.I)., Norlli Arm of Burrard inlet, from llienoe due norlli for
three hundred feel lo lid fool road,
ulong '.nil, to meet road whicli wns
opened by council lust yeur, a total
of llh feet of road, two itntill bridges
would be required lor this und times
liiimlol coil of lire whole work would
be about il Jfo
Thii was left in hands of the coun
eilloi  ol wm.I 6 fur u report.
A petition for u sidewalk lor Fred
crick Boad, l.ynn Vulley, win received
with seven .ignutuio. ettucbod. He
i'H'.l to B. of tt.nl.- with power I >
From Pel or Weil over, ttcrotsry
l.ynn Vulley Inaliliile conveying
ih o'i.'. on In indi ol Ihe In iit'tie for
cheijuca :l. ii.-1,-.1 liy tire llonnl lol
I vim Valley Building Fund.
From Fred Fletcher n ilulcbient foi
clearing road ullownnct ut corner on
''lieu ilroot, lot* II, IS, in lilock A3,
I). I.. 781, one hundred and eighty,
four feel st eight cents per loot,
fei.M.   Hclcired tu ongincer to report
About lins stage of the proceeding.
confusion reigned fur auliin niinutci liy
Ihe lighti going oul. hiinunc w.o
repositioned uud 'the meeting as.tiint.l
the uspeel ol i-s'u or ihcrciiboulH.
The engineer reported ihat lir.- up
I illume, in l.ynn Vulley were uccriinry
fur   the   infoly   uf   tlust  community.
The editor is in receipt of u letter
Iruin a correspondent  signing himwll
"A QUEST" witb reference tu   who
lie   eimsnli'ied   lack   ui   courtelj Irom
uno ul the assembly Inward Mr. John ; „
„     ,   ,   , '      , . Ilydrunli nccilijil tn lw installed   uml
lluvul during Ihe ipocch of the bill i ■ -,    . , „,,, ,__,    , . ■    ,
,." ' uliout I.IHSI feci nf Iiohc were rouiitrcd
in rcaponding to tin: lou«l   "The Em-1   ,. „ . ■ ,   i   ,i   ,
.   „'        , I   I nun. Hridgmiin   suggested   that  m
pu.-     ut   the buinpicl   iu.sduy even
ing. We cun only reiterate our stale
ment thst leilcri lor publication muit
by    signed    by   thc   writer   in    each
cu.c   ol   fire buic   could lw   procured
frum the cily ui in times pail.   Hits
wai upproved nf by the Hum.I
The   colilrart    uf   clearing   right-ol
inilaiiee.    Thii rule npplici wilh strict
, ,. „ wuy fur itdrwalk at l.ynn vulley wn«
linpurliubly to all corrcipnndciili. . , ,     ,,,.,„      , ._   ,
uwiirdcd lu .1. I . Hi,,wu ut a price uf
Two contract! for guiding rosdi in
l.ynn Valley Were nwnrdod lo Pulncr
llroi. uud Homing al the respective
pricei uf 111)1:1.71 and II'M
ll wa.   iliiid.sl   Ihut   Ihe    ixp	
of the rood over McCartney ('reek
should lw burnt by Um dial rid, wanl
6 uud ward fi euch Iwuring one-third
entire cult, nbuut IS.'lOl).
The inuM.r nf tlie Ifuche I'ninl   Wa-
Michael Boyle waa broughl before
Muyor McNeill) and 1. .1. Wood., I
P., iliiiign-il with pointing, and attempt ing lo diicbargc * loaded firearm at lire periou uf Bichurd f. Put
tor, an employ cc of Macdonuell, flmw
ski k I'u., lor the purpoK uf gutting
Poller to execute a choquc fur ti I'i
Boyle haa juat Iwen released frum I It
Wcsliniiislei gaol where be wui icrv
iug   u  term   of   thirty   daya lor   tbc
'nine    lilinliee
Mr. Hugglci, luwyer lor Ihe defence,
Banquet to Hon.
Richard McBride
Premier Gives Masterful Review of Measures
Adopted to Further Progress Throughout
the Province.
The large company nf guests, totalling nbuut one hundred, which 'grouted
Premier McHridc when lie took his
plan) ut Ihe lininpielling board ul
Hotel North Vancouver nn Tucsdny
overling consisted naturally in thi'
m.mi of supporters of litmsclf und his
administration, hut there wus nevertheless, a large number likewise nl
Iriink admirers-.nf the premier and liis
ptlltly, outside the ranks uf his tinltm
of geography. Canada wus dear tu
Englishman as a country in whicli
each could feel himself something of nn
empire builder uud in which Ire would
liinl liis itlinnst hopes realized. Ho considered that the present period of
prosperity developed dangers in many
ways antl particularly with reaped
lo lire imperial pride ol the youth nf
Canada and to Iho national character
because of Ilic present reciprocity pro
diiilc party    Hn ..ii.nn  in.ms fur tin
bunipici  were complete in every pu'
 I. and declared that every   citlm
ii ild  use  hi,  influence  lo enable  ut
'■It    i biiles Tiadnll, M. I,. A.,   re-
n    I I,   Ibe lu.ist.   He referred in
,|,pi. .naive terms lu lire many marks
. t pi'igicss which lie noted ul    North
1st supply waa lull iu tire hand, nf
Cniincilhii Wanl and Engineer with
power lu act. ■
Conn. Hud, in.'ui'. million lu ihe offset Ihul Ihe Hnnrd nl Works meet the
courtcou. a1.1 na11.
Mi. MdQuurrie, for the prosecution,
prcenlcd some remurkublc arguments
carriod   on the  caae  in   un able and ^ ,,„„,„•, 1)n tf()I1(jay mubt with the
object of adjuiling water difficiilliciiii
I.yini Valley wui curried.
Secretary Farmer presented the mat
among which he ilulod the luct Hint !,,,r „| w„|| „„»■ d„ing time in Word
he hud acted a. pruacculing slloraey Limlor fur wif. beating! Whciinrresl-
many limes before snd wai entitled to Lj Wn|| nld „,„,, sj.fn j„ c„.|, ,,„ Id.
grootor coii.idersli.ui than hia learned ;,„,„„„, ni, WM ^vm ^ w; ^i, ,„
brolhor, H. alao informed tbc ma- |ie)p ,u|,|)or| hor during bi. term 'ol
yor uud oilier goullemon prmcnl thul iBprj,unmcnl. Mrt. Wsll it now in
tbey knew nothing about Ibe   present
coa. which only he thoroughly   under
uood of financial aid and n« Hie cily
owe. Woll 117.50 for worli Mr. Former
u.kcd that thii amount be pnid tu
Tho hearing was adjuuriicd till Uu. Mr,. Wall. Tlie Board approved .d the
iintHiiiig ut 9.'ill o'clock sud a. Mr. |,U(rgM,;0„
Mofjuarric faifod to ap|wur the Mayor dismissed Boyle wilb a severe >c-
culm  and worked mil pcifectly In the  t    retain all that we liuld m, dear
lust detail.   The d "i w - ,.   .     I
Leo.   II.   Mnio.-u.   | ,..	
V. Conacrvulivo Aiiuciiilion, nnd    •!
W.     ('.   Illuilwill    III led    11.     lull   <. I     i
ceremonies.     Ilic prciniei   .v.     t
the ferrt  landing by   local   	
livut attended b) tb.- cii.v i.ti,,! ,,
wm ciili'li.sl by null.mulum t,, He h
lei, fulluw.s] l,j. tlm p,o,i .smie
The menu and the seivicc iv.re lutl
up lo Ihul high class lot which   V
Host   I.arson is faiumis.
Ilic chairman cirlbd Im Hie lu.i.t I
the King ami wul duly I u.ii d.   -m
cuinpiiiiied In   ll.e linginj  of lln- Nt
liontil Anthem.
Alderman A. J.  11, u.l.-i.- -n pmpo .
he IohhI "Ihe llriliih Kinpn." l"
iug mine iuluresting slullsln
inpire eoinpriiei   eleven and
billiun M'piarc miles nl  iciut
i mil upon tbo occasion of tho opening
of the now steel bridge over Seymour
river, staling that at thut lime Mr.
Percy King, lecrotury ol tho N. V.
Conservative Association, hud extended lo him upon behalf of lho association, an invitation to attend a banquet, and to  in  u date ut which it
would bo cunvcnienl, but not until
tho present had his duties permitted
him to arrange tire matter, Ho expressed his gratification at lire satis-
fudury political record of Norlh Vancouvor und his high appreciation- ol
.tho loyalty anil efforts of the locul
workers, whoso willing service! hud of-
fedod audi excellent results. Ho do-
dared Ihut the reul stimulus behind
eonservulism was country. He bo-
liovod thut u purly ua a whole wus
atrong onough and loyal enough io
put country first nnil parly second.
Tho satisfactory condition of ' affairs
in Norlh Vancouver was but an indication of the conditions Hiroiighout
lire whole province. He wished tn om-
phusim the fuel Ihul all tboto who
had .' net. ii, d themselves with him in
Ihis way had not labored in vain.
Tho work in whicli thoy bad joined
wus more than provincial mid hud
brought ad urns of whicli uny country might well be proud. Ureal
growth, development und industrial
progress were evident upon every
hand and upon u substmilial und
businesslike busis. Sometimes il
might bo felt that more might lw uc-
cotnpliilied l In.i was actually llie
case but tho fuel would be recognized Hull proper patience might to lw
exorcised, due satisfaction would be
felt for the advancement made and the
foundationa should he well looked nl-
Icr, that they were strongly laid and
deep. All were prone, perhapi, to
wish lo outrival up-lo-dato developments, but care should lw exorcised,
mil to overdo things, bul rather lo
wait patiently that lire results, when
attained, might lie complete in every
way. Because thc government was
conscious of iti responsibility it
preferred to move along cautiously
while proceeding expeditiously.
ileferring tu progress on Ihe North
Shore ho buliovcd that il waa aub
ilantial und Ihe result uf good' bust
noli nnd sound management.. Ho wai
impressed with lire conviction that
North Vancouver had une of the
most energetic municipal government!
in llie province.   Nothing hum, hi this
in.a cr sintc he «us here Inst und j',"""-' l0 bin more forcibly than    Hi.
I a well deserved tribute in N. V,   fact    thol  the   council   wua   lutilfiod
cily band, lie recalled the fact that
a dcli-guliuti had recently Waited upon
the government nt Victoria with reference to Ibe grunting uf railway churl
ers, particularly in connection with
llie (.rouse Mountain railway. 'Ihe
rnjiicaii nl Ihut delegation hud been
incuipniat.d iu Ibe charier which h ...
been grunted and it cuuld be tul.cn
us assured that I lie government would
endeavor   lu prevent   valuublo   pule
n (rmichisci nnd privilege! bum bilin.
t       liud   up   us had Im n tin.   eule  oi tu
halt wnlerlroiilugc nn the south shore.
it I'uiiiidu wa- a country lo I e proud
populutiuu ia UH million people   mil  uf frum aviry ilundpuint and   .njoy.d
Hi annual'income ii Ww.wss    I1
lev eloped   the thought   of the huidm
ol cinpiic jn n striking munnci  rcl.i
ring to lho unuuul I'mii roiled by th
British taxpayer us W|li,0w,0i:«.   Tl
minion of the British I mpii.   i     I
uphold a civjli/ulion n„ I  is the In
upon the glnbe, thai  stuntls   foi    all
that ii highest iu prugrrai, gi-rjerutily
und liuinuiiily ami Hits empire will en-
duin   fui'". 11
The fir.t to respond lu Ibis ton i
waa Mr. John M. Iluvnl, wbole spieelt
shown!   him   In be  mi   adept   at or
a high rcpiiiuiioti lliioucliouljbe entile civilized world. He cmphiisi/-
nl the iieceisilv of in,rvilig udmi.lion
in the cuuiilry for only carefully
selected immigrant. All no want in
Canada ii good men', m n ol good
phyiiipic, willing tu work, tbit to
im tie round und our nnlurul resources will do the real."
The limit lo ' Briliib Cnluulila"
wui prupuwd by Mr. S. D. Scnulia,
win, prefaced bia remark! by laying
that  hia theme wua aullii-i.nl tb    in-
pu.  the Imagination ol the poet oi
rungciiicnl ol bis sibjn I mailer, ready I lie lay of Ibe minstrel. Ho paid a
oi word and lluonl uf speult as in glowing tribute lu the pionien of tb
well r..ui,d«l iciiIi'iuts he dealt wild j province, llioic wko hud blazed thc
thc lubject ai "The Britiih Fuipirc. truil and opened lho doorway lo
il. origin, il. hiilory, its million und the plmnuinunul progress which tin
its destiny." i province bud iiltaimd aud wus   today
Mr. II. II Watson. M.I,.A, alio enjoying After a passing referenct to
ipokt to the lumo I on.I und pm.Cavil and properly riglili in the pro-
some very fliiltering complimcnli to vine, he pastel lo un upprrciution of
North Vancouver upon lur rapid i'i" the common ichool lyilcm of I). C
Kiwi and her eiilerpriiing spirit dc A native of the province himiolf, be
i'lniing hia conviction that the fo'u: was proud to be able lo sny that he
Imlil very groat tilings in store for < hud passed tliruugh ovcry gradoolthe
norlh lido ol Burrmd Inlet, lie i provincial public icliooli and for
furred in eulogistic terins to hit lender    thut rciuffm fell that it was becoming
The new building which i. being
eroded on Lonsdale Avenue hy Smith
Brntliers, contractors, lor Mr. ■), W.
Home, il progressiug rapidly. The
addition   of  another  itory   10    tbe
A public meeting for tbe diicui
lion of Ibe While City pmpoiitinn will prtmiio. will incur larger openditure
be bold in (.arum's pavilion on Sat jlfaan wa. first Inlendod, bul will be a
urdaj- evening. All residonla of decidod imprpvunont front'the public
North Vsneouver arc invited lo st- a. well a* tbe contractor'a point ol
tend. view.
Promier Mi-Bride, declaring his embus
iaalic support ol the policy of the
government. Hi dish Columbia has
the natural products and Ihe policy'
of the premier wai Hint those who
winded tu avail |bcmiolve! slmfihl
tome to Ihii province to manufacture ibem.   Willi ihis proviso   il   did
upon hii pari to express an opinion
upon lire'ichool ly.lern. He considered Hie present lyilcm eminently filled
lo serve tho purpoici ol ordinary education and inferior to nono ut hone
or abroad, lur wbich Ire cuuaidored
ihui tho government waa worthy the
grcaloft   credit.    Ho   retjucited   tbo
not matter to what degree. Icgilimulr  guosti vjo join   him in  drinking   tbc
competition wui developed. j toast   to   Hie   province   uud   to   ill
"Canada" wai propositi by Mi prime miniiter who bad brought
Colin P. ilsokioii, who relcrrcd in i tliuto proipcrily, honor and progreti.
lormi ol high opprisii.linn to tlmpri'i-J In rising In reipond lo thelotit
wit proipcrily enjoyed by British '',,1 Hon. Richard McBride, premier ol
'nubia a. a lesuli of the sound policy { Hrilisb Columbia, received an ovation
of Ibe guveritini-iil Cuniida, dedaroil j culminating in throe rousing choori,
Mr. dacluon. wt. not a mere mailer He began by referring lo bu previous
wlili nothing abort uf ihe Iwst steel
lit nines thut could lw built. So great
ly pleased bud he uud the minister ol
public works found ihemiolvc* with
the policy of North Vanci/uver in
building permanent liigitwuyi with
bridges uf concrete mid steel thai
lItal bridge had shaped the policy uf
his government inasmuch as it had
been decided m.it the luine pulicy
ihould be followed throughout provincial operations The prcini • here
gave a concise review ol the history of
lire Norlli Shore declaring that upon
the busit of o.oiio residents nt present
he considered Hint the population
within Ilic next four year, ihould
roach Jonou He enlarged upon the
Ihe certainly of llie coming ol n series of lurge grain elevulois togethel
with i.i veinl lriill.coiililmiil.il railway
lines. I In vurioui notiibililiot lying
before Vancouver were ull available to
North Vancouver aud the meuture lo
which the benefits would accrue lu
'inch wai but u matter ul proportion
The incoming ol railway. eonJOqUenl
upon the building of Second Narrow,
bridge and other dovolnpnicul. would
mean oven greater benefit lo Unpeople on Ihii tide ol the Inlet Ihiin
had accrued lo Vancouver cilireni
from similai hiiih'i'S, The pcoplo ol
tho Norlh Shore were buildiug well
und cniiliouily and us one who believed in and loved hia country  he was
sure   Ihut   I In   i-   Intnl..si    lev, I,,inn. nl
wore '|utin i nl,. jn the hundi of Unpeople who wero ill charge of them
Wilb reference to Hie ussiolanco which
hii government had promised toward
Second Norrowa bridge, ho wu8 plena
eriiineiil nl the province. Ho commended Mr. Cotton's zeal for hfs constituency, uu member of lho house being pn Imp. so successful us lho member for liicliiiiond in procuring the desired grunts uud concessions in favor
of Ids constituency from limo to time.
Turning to British Columbia at
largo the tillitudu oi tho pcoplo
would indicate Ihut they uro lulllliod
with the local government. The government huvo emle.no,,,l. ullor the
light'of Ihe , hei nu, hud pusacd to
forgot thut tho odminiotrutioii is- u-
conservative ono, but to aot upon lit,
theory Ihut they uro a government
for till tho pcoplo oi linn I Columbia. In ull mailers uf exjwuditure, ap-
poiutmeiils, . etc., they hud kept in
mind lite fuel Ihut I boy were a government for ull tho people und nut
fur any particular section. All sec-
lions might real nsaurcd thut by th.
menus they had received honest, t
right, British (nil play.
Financially, eight years ago the
province hud nu credit whatever, but
today lite minister of I'mauco informed .
llion) iii I bo cuuld draw a cheque
stillicieiilly large lo pay ulf Ibe whole
provincial debt. Ihe province hud
today eight ur nine minimis uf dullurs
iu lho bank. Hrilisb Culiiinbiu enjoys
a crodil today, second tu none und
llie eyes uf the money centres of the
world are turned toward this province. At the same time tint govorn-
llleiil wus conscious uf added respun-
aibilily. It was imperative ihut by
melius of eutuful legislation, by cau-
tjoua alteiitiuti tu every item of de-
i.nl uf legislation, they should wurk
lo retain Hie enviable reputation
which Uie province enjoyed. What wui
guod fur It. I was gund fur Cuniida
and fur Um elliptic in this respect. Tho
budget eighi yours ago iiiudc provision
for less than one half of a nullum dollars for public works, while the Inlesl
budget appropriated six million dullurs foi 11,.ni department
lu the matter of provincial lands il
was essential in opening up u new
country thul they have men wilh lire
means lu .buy bind as well at .eltlen
without mens. liny mill huvo
men und mciini nn well, olln rnjic pro-
t.-i. li would be extremely slow. Many,
il was tine, bad bought large trad a
uf land frum the guv eminent, bul they
had pn id a In tr price lur tlnm ll
should he ieiiiilaininl thul once indi-
idiials became pussessed uf these
lands I he;, inu-l pay wild land lux-
ts in lung thai il was nol u profit-
ible prupusition lu Imlil luigu Iraett
fur ii long lime uiisubdivtiled. These
sales mid these luxe, have ui.iited
very materially in providing money
for public wi.il.s. Willi regard to lire
criticisms pulsed upon llie government
land policy, he ventured to say thul
reference lo the lists in lho laud registry ,dimes would slum Ihat fully
lifly or sixty per cent, of Uie purchua-
ei. of crown lands were l.ibcrali poli-
Have wu overlooked the piccinplor '/
, l...'l the premier. Ily nu moiuis.
There wus no pi mince in Cunadu
whore the government tukei such cure
uf ibe settler as duet lho government
of British Columbia, i.o.nl. and
trail, had been pi milled geiicxouily.
School, were likewise pimidod upon a
most libel al basts Th,. d.puitmuul
nl agriculture,, ibo public burruu ol in-
(ml lll.it lull, the di pttl I nu nl nl the At-
lurney-tieni'ial and the government a.
u Hhulo eXeiciied a duly paternal
eine uf Ibe stiller. Jn (hii way, he
who Wai mo.I entitled to consider-
nlion, vi/.. tli^ iifiuid leltbr, wai ibe
Hist lu receive ll. Thole tedious of
the pro.ina. ulreudy ptnvidcd wilh
loadi huve over !*l,(SS),fSll acre! ol
land on rull Ihii year. Ai lurveyi
art cumplclod lurge rcicrvations'-arc
mude fur Ihe s.it In und iu future
year, lire province would have In ite
ci edit u rsOOnj ul which il miglil well
be proud.
Turning lo the timber interests of
lho province lire prciniu declared that
il wai Hie plain pulicy ui tho government Ihat the holder ol limber should
lw obliged lo iimmil.nl in   it in this
ed lo be given to underitand'that c"""lr>'* 'I'boro had been n gignnric
there wa. good pro.pccl of a talis- "><*•»*• '" ""' »mounl uf limlwr to
fadpry adju.lmcut of 9||<^Mul^tfbsl)BT;™»W»*V*u*'od- «■""» *udiitigl„n, 1).
mollora wilb tbo Dominion govern- C'' il '"^ bmo »'li'"',l''<) tkttt il lho
ment and that' waa good ground to lfv'M»«'«i< "I lho province Would al-
coocludc that tho occasion ol bit next |,ttW >mtl' vwd ia *" "S1 Wyi *'"n'
visit might be in order lo tolitt in' Kmm"> considorntion would Im re-
some way at Ibe turning of Ihe Brat!'"""*'■ ,,,J wi""lcd ^ dofiiu'lcly lo
sod lor Ibe conttruollon of tbat Im- '""J*Jlu" *"• govcrnmont would keep
porturrl. pubHo work, In djlcutting the ' *'." ''"'l' ""^ 'or ^ ^^ "' U'°
upbuilding ol Britirii Columbia, h, ."lonufaduring interttti ol Ihit oaup-
could not but refer to tb* name' (r>' (eiuM'l Mv> 'urtl"r """ "•• **v'
ol Hon. F. I.. Carter-Cotton. There \mmml wouW "oi ",Im «" h^t'»
wa. no man iu lb* province who ^. ,»"»<>* >" ">'• "V^ (renewed
ler bit .(uiot unObUutibe but effective c,H,or,>' Tbt largwt limber roservst
fashion bad done nwro lor Ibe up•.'" ,l,° w"rl'1 M"^ei l0 mM' lv>
building of Britith Columbia Iban had mi"n' Thett grcsl retcrvrt would
Mr. Carter-Cotton. Thc lirdct. *c- U' w,,rl11 ,,,i)li"'"' '" llu' l"i'"f '**(*
tion of Mr. f'olton underlay to „ j "eat bave been alienuttlj but the pro-
Isrge extent tbe activity ol the gov-' (CoaliftiMtl on psgi 7) THE EXPRESS. NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
fis French Foulards
Theie Silks are all double width ami
the designs are new antl exclusive.
The collection ie the largest tbat we
have ever shown.
At $1.50 ajfard—Navy and black
foundation with white designs, polka
dot, link, ki.y, shallow check, rostIuid
and I mi rli nr stripes.
At $1,75 a yard—Foulard silks in pale
blue, old rosu, prunelle, white, black,
reseda, kings' blue, etc., in a wide range
of new patterns.
At $2.00 to $2.50 a yard-Foulard
Silks in individual dress lengths, bond-'
Borne colors and newest designs.
At $2.75 and $4,50 a yard—bordered
Foulard Silks in an exceptionally good
range, among which one may easily find
a choice in color uml design. They are
in exclusive dress lengths.
Gordon Drysdale, Limited
575 Granville Street. Phone 3541
Pleasant Fields
of_Holy Writ
Ssva lor my daily range
among   tbe   pleaaant   fields ol Holy
'In tbt morning it thine* like
ipphiru, in the evening lite un
emerald. Out Jordan it only a muddy atream. It ii to Nuamiin'i aver-
luiiiini! honor that'he returned to ,tivn
thank*. Ha is brother to thu Huinur-
itan ol .li'.'iin.' lime.  The iuoidunt it a,
I might dsepsir.
Second Quarter.  I-esaon I j 2 Kinga,
l-U. April!., 1011.
Vancouver Business Directory
f CHAttTKHUl).	
|iy Pander street, Vancouver
North Vancouver
Mllethe's Bath
jCorutr Homer und Pender Sts.
Every Isdy long, to have savybsir.
It ii now within th. nsch of .vsry-
oot. For loms y.tr. cut bsir bss lisis
jwrnianently waved, but th. proem it
mid to undargo wai too savtr. lor ii
to lw applied to hair on tha bead,
bul now i.iience bs. discovend a au-
thud by which th. hsir can bt waved
without injury t» hair or ualp. Th.
wnvc will not wash out and damp
weather will not Btint il. lb. pro
ccis leu.. . ti,,- huir ...fi anil wavy. It
bus become lb. rage io I'm., I nn
dun and ull ih. lurge cities oi tb.
Slate.. Special rstet lor on. musib
Any inlui nnil mn regarding th. work
will lie gladly g-iven lu any ladies wko
will call or write tu
HADAHI-:  III SII'lllll.iS,
733 I'. ml.. Slrtat.
t Tht only up in tl.itc and relt
•bit bath house in llritish Co
*, Wa turt while others fail.
fatiifariinii guaranteed or no
pay Plain hatha, electric bath:.
stiown baths, massage for bo-
r, hh1|i and face ; electro thcr
ittiii'  baths a specially,
Gradual,  of lb i Im. Germain
Groceries and Provision!
Wholesale and Retail
Ii6 Hastings St. (downstairs)
Delivery Tuesdays and Fridays
Business Institute
336 Hustings St. W.
I Canada a Grt.tut Ws.t.rn School
|f. J. Sprott, 11.A., - -Managcr
sip,miu mm mm
Sign and Price Markers
10 Fairfield Hid.      Font Hjtp
Business Colleqe
633 Seymour St., Vancouver
Ipiny school open all   the  year
ground.   Night school tommem-
|ff Beptenibi-r Uth.
Read   the   Express
on  the  Last Page
NortH VaNcoUVei*,
gsrUactUd Surgical, M.dia.l .nd
Maternity Kami
M.-.-m a—. flu* as AasSSatlavfl
fvtssltytasj   9*ssn   wt   tatsj   n^fstaStnsTVssp
for ttrsii apply at tbt Hespittl
1Mb strict East.
MOW ••
Yorksliir** tiuaritttee k
Swiirilii's i:«r|ior.iliuii Lid
440 Seymour Street
R. Kerr Houlgate - -« Manager
Ki.lSHA   HEA1.3   NAAsUN   TBE
Happy the government that hat at
ita  diapoial  an  officer  of skill,   u»
periancs snd integrity.    He may   repay bis country in a single hour  hii
•upport  in  all   tbe piping  yean  ol
pesee.     Three   thousand   yean    ago
there wai  iuch  un uHicur in the employ of the Syrian Empire.    II. was
the incarnation of bonhomie, fait Very
nam. signifying "good fellow."      He
wss chief prop of tbe throne and vtry
rich.  But there sre four worda that
ditoount the .iluation.  "He waa s le
I"  A little .lave girl act. well her
part in the stirring .cone.     Her   ten
and aervitude might hsve encuicd her,
but ibe carried her religion wilb  bor
into  ber   new   and   enforced environment.    She dropped  a  wed ol hope
in tbe  hurt   where  it would   root,
saying to ber miitre.., "Would   God
my lord were with the prophet in tin-
maris I"      Tfae  king   acted  promptly in behalf ol hi. officer, but did nol
riae to a conception of thu propbut'i
character or function, looking on him
a.   a  mere  court   magiciun.    "Sinking time, are praying time. I"   When
■Ichoram wu in adversity he resorted
lo the pinphei, bul nuw he hud   for-
gotten even that  there wai a    tder
Kliiha   relieved    the   kinu'e    (our "f
trouble with the Syriun monarch, my
ing "let   him enme to me I"      An}
one   who  imacinc   ihut   Kliiha   wm
grumpy  with   Naamaa   mimes    tbe
ipirit ul the incident     ihe I.per   h,nl
(u lie   di.puMM-i.aud nf heiith.-n   id.-ui.
Su the man whu had come with gilti
10  induce   Ibe   pruphct   lo   work tbc
cure muit be cmpti.tl nl hiicrud* notions and nn 11,1  11.mi.si 11 ii 111 a   gilt
Tfae   great  general's   greute.l victory
wai hii victory over himicll.    Bu   ht
buried hii pride wilh hii leproui   in
.in-i.iinm- deep is the Wuleri ul the
"A mighty man —-bul I" That
"bul" il the vvull nute de.-tiuunu Ihe
I. .mi.nn The    meanest     Kullion
would   nut   have   etchangod   cuticle.
with   Naauian I     I'rivate   war,   file mi, n on land, pirucy un ua  i.   al
an end   Thai i. une gage nil lie pro.
ureal ul civiliiatiuii.     Such wan    .<
that in whicli th. little maid wai Ial.
1. are no longer loltrttod.   She  did
out   1.1. j,.   nver   her   bit, but ihuwe.1
.1.1. Hut und lielpliil ditpuiilimi. lln
riinlribuliun »ui caught up and woven into ihe pr.iiidence   which    mukes
Hod known (.1 mun.   Help nilen come!
Iruin unelpected  .piarteri. It   wm nut
ihe   in-i   nor   llie   lull   lime    when
a wurtl ul wul,..in wai un lipollltva.
And when nker.it> ii levero   nn   advice ii ■ 1.1,in, 1 it,I.     The i.'.n. n Eli
■ha 1.1,-..! '.., innn's gift w.s hi. un
willingnci 1.. , ,1 himi.ll on the plana
with heathen magi.     "hai.er*i licsr.l"
cam. lo he knuwn a. u imt cause
bu w.r. A wuterbiicket w.i once
caiui lielb btttrtsa Iwo Italian .ili.i
No Woadsr lleiihadad teemed lo lw
picking a .pnirrel    N.,t lurpriiing Nu
nllnlli      .lln.1..I   Hie   Wulcl.   lA  fall   OWn
country.    Allans mean. "golden llnw
liartble of tin aiul wlvatioii. Uiu la »■
morbid coiulitiou ol the murul nut inc
reaultnnt upon an evil choice. It oan
only be corrected when the will ii en-
lightonad und itrenglhened In make
the good choice. There, cut he ro
true sociology which ignores Ihii condition. 'Ifaerii ii a current prulurenco
for the ilruumi of oducution und culture to the river of lalvution. Trulh
in human nature nooda Abulia, l'hat-
pur and .Ionian I All the riven, , tin
cation, culture and reliuion.
April 3, IUII.  -1.1.11111. I: J II.
(Conaecrution Meclin.;)
flood blood couraod in lo.iluni'i
veina. He waa a direct deiuindnnt
Irom doaeph, hud been a iluva in I', v
pt, hui icon the miruclc. uf 'lii.nl.11,
wai Muses' adjutant, waa privileged
to go part way up Sbjai nnl had
learned the urt uf war.    No   novice
ie|)|n.l to fore in liruel'i crisis, bul
u greut, detcrminud, luclfiil und in-
.pirational leader. Ha wus 'i duy
five years old when invested with Ihe
uutbority he wielded to well thut ('un-
■inn wai ..■ 11 ■,■.-1.■ 1 lur liruel. II,,n
cepted leuderihip wilh the i|uiet dignity born ol conscinuincss ul udspiuU
reiouroea for wliut wui Involved.
72 in. Full Bleached, Heavy Imported Sheeting, price 25c
I2jc Roller Toweling, strong and heavy, per yd, 10c
36 in. Bleached Cambric, extra value, per yd. , 10c
White Curtain Muslins, in dots and stripes, per yd 10c
I2jc Flannelette, 32 in,, all colors, per yd 10c
Buttona Cev.red from yeur own material   all ilsii
Brand saw Sewing Machine, slw.yi on lala at reduced price, and muck
lower than quoted by canvaiiing ag.nti.
Keith Block Lonidale Block
Phono 93 l'hon. 163
(Continued from but inue)
All North Vaocowvsr pwjpU est st
Either  Flack Block or Hastings street,  opposite the  new,
Post Office.   Iftonard sells his
tea by the pound
300 Fee* of Watt*
frontage with crown
grant, known M
Wallace Shipyards.
Terms to suit purchaser.   Apply
Seymour St
Vancouver ,    ,
—j j»*w nouses should be pip-
I (or fas 1» order to save th*
tiptnditure (or this conies at a later data,
v, y. mm, nut *
fow m co., mnmt
n. c HMJiii
Expert on FircnUcM and all
clatsM of Brickwork,
^^fft^tlp     .■ SWatttttntrstss    Sarvs    Sattssss   sssssssntwtl   ess.*ss.
The North
Have now a good
slock of
HI I UNO    '
Bt BottOII)  I'l'iri'H.
I'rompt Del i vary.
Esplanade. Eait
•"■■WW^IB'^a^a.aj.aBaaaa^r^B^^af ■ BBBBBBBeS^.aW/ Wf
Al.l link aaid that be would like
lu aee Iliu work nf ihe cuiilrucluia
whu were laying the aewera tu pro-
yrcii miiii. ..I...i in me rt|iidl). Aid.
Henderion, chnirman ul the iluurd ul
Wurki, reported that ul :io,ooO leal of
aewera lo lw laid only 1,71X1 feet we/e
Aid. Henderson-C'ontraolora encii
ul in sii.ni and .ewer work have
made a|i|dicatiun lielnre (he buurd lur
lie    telll|„,l.il\       el..sill,.'     ul     I iills.lille
Illock by bl.1.1, lo ulluw wurk tu pru-
lire., fatter und iu the prueeu of
•hilling, eicavaled oarlh twice would
imt be neccuilalcd. Belerred In city
engineer fur report.
ihe final reading ul hy law. recently |'.i   -.I were in."ie
Ibe i. injiiii.il) luan by-luw fur $76,-
000, which the council hud power lu
pa.i wilhin i In m.nl., s wai uliu pan
Alderman llcudcnun .puke ul iccur
ing nL.|.i ..i ».iy lur ilurin newer on
Muhon Avenue In empty into thc Inlet. Tbe firm ol Muhon, McKiirlund I
Procter merely rex|Uirrd a pro|K-r ap
plication for ,right-of-way and il
would he granted.
Ihe .pieatioii of Hemphill   ilmlhen
t iiii.1 tfae Whit, 'ily came up. Mr.
Kiilph   Hemphill  i|Hike  re  tin agr.e-
1 uml,i which he deemed very inliifiir
lory with tin esceplion of item minin
um e>|inii.|iiuii which he wuuld like
ruluc.il   Iruin   t-aVI.IKHi   tu   t'HH.im.
i Thii wai dune
I Aid. Smith called llie allenliun ul
ih. Hoard lo ihe I... i ihut icweri and
water maim muit be laid through Ihe
grmindi to lie uccupiui liy thc   Whit.
' City. Hemphill llrm. ngrud tu ulluw
Ihii In Im done .Seyerul ulher in.it
ins regsnling th. while C|lt and nl
ii.t.ii.i. ol citiieni whidi the mayor
puinlui .mi iinist nut Ik' lacrifioad
in Im finally ►■■nl.-1 al a ipscial
ni.vt ing »f th. cuuncil on Thursday
llie applicalinlii fur the pmillon ol
fire chief uf which |!) had been reeciv
ul wire lurnul nver lu Ihe fire and
light committal fur cun.ideralion.
The Bank of British North America
Capital Paid Up $4,866,666.    Reserve Fund $2,530,666
2 Offices in North Vancouver—2
UPPER LONSDALE AVENUE.inear Fourteenth Street)
■ ■> .-.in,; Deposits uf Si ■ ii and upwards iitciivoil.
Internal allowed at current rates.
banker's Money Orders issued.
Unlit offices transact a genetal banking business
ami arc open on Saturday niuhi.
F. T. SALSBURY, Manager.
Breadi   Breads
Union Made.   Home Industry.
Bigger Loafa   Better   Bread.
Don'l forget our lulfbt Home Made Loaf.
Stores: 71 Lonsdale Ave. Cor. Lonsdale & 6th St.
(Continued on page nine)
132 x 119 on LONSDALE AVE.
Corner St. James     Lane one side    All cleared
Only $1000 Caih
Balance Ka.y —
$6,000 r$10?oa,h
sou Auum
213 Lonsdale Avenue      -      Tel. 47
Corner Nye        •       ■ - Tel. 87
BURRARD SASH & DOOR IACI0MY, foot of St. Georg*
We a.ilicit a trial bid on your Ordcri iiuall or largo
Fifth Street
Upper KeithRoad
Near Lonadala Ave.     One Quarter Cash
121 Lonidale Ave, North Vancouver, and Hollyburn, Keith Road
Ontario's forest Firei
Gnat, Conflagrationi That. Have Otoat
tba Provinea Many Million!
(Part o| a paper road before ihe
Aatociation of Ontario Land Survey
uii by JiP: Whitlow, p.L.O.,-at iiigir
tittoeiith annual moating.)
The moit valuable ol our liiirilwnml
tiuibor wua burnal by tbt tarty lot-
tlart whan elearing off their laird, or
wai mod at fuel and today tboro are
no hardwood foroitt to compare in
araa or quality witb tbe original I. r-
mt. of tbe Indian ptninmla lUiuct
County), the Huron tract or the uldei
part ol Ontario bordering on l.ukei
Kiin and Ontario, at burdwood ii
found only in imall icctjoiti nurth mil
woit of Lake Huron; nor can wa
compart our preient pino fnrcili with
I It nun that havo been out ur burned
over in tbe lait fifty yean.
Trent und Ottawa Vull.ya
It it to bo regretted that curuleii
operation! in tbt puat by luinbarmcn
have done much to Icaaeu tbt iupply
of timber jn the provinea. On cart-
fttlly otamining tba reports of itprveyi
and exploration, made prior tn IWifi,
I find that marly-all al lbs Hanwi-
commBncod at tbt mouth pf tbt Bon-
nochoro river and burned over   wbut
wat  locally known at tht Big   P'»o
I country.     The  Rrsj originated   Irom
I the biirniiig paper of a rnuiket fired by
la river-driver.   In I860 tha   lliiiett'i
Creek country, from tbe Ottawa rivpr
j to Ltke Travern, on tbt Petawuwa,
and Ottawa territory, including tbo
districts ol Muikoka, Hiiliburlon and
Parry Sound and tht countim pf Ad
dington, Halting! and Kcnfrew wura
practically a forett of mittd timber, pine predominating, will) only
parta ol a lew townihipt burned over.
Prior to IBM a virgin forest covered the 'territory op tbt upper
branches of thc Trent watari. In that
year, howovor, a fire broke out on the
Burned river, in tht towmhipi of
Snowdon tnd Olamorgan, hi Ballbur-
ton, cauiwl by a trapptr't imudge.
In 1851 tho lint Art ol any   magnitude   to viiit   the  Ottawa  valley
wat Jevaited", ami in" ft70 tbe
Skead limits on the Opoongo.I n 1879
tht country from tbt Petawuwa to tbe
lloiinocliero mat tba aumo fate, tbe fire
having srited through tbt carelcunou
of I liver-driver.
In then fire, alone tbt province loat
aoveral billion leet of ita lineit wbilu
and red pint. Today you will toarco
ly find a townibip'in tbt white aji'
red pint country tbst baa not \>:r
burned over in wbola or In part, an
in many inttanosi tbs first bave tw
over them lovtral limei.
North Shore ol Lake Huron
A. P. Salter, who between 1856 and
Blocks 226, 227 and 230.    Subdivided into
Lots 50x114 feet.
For Plans, Price List and Particulars, apply to
Phone 6286. Corner Pender and Seymour Street, Vancouver, B.C.
1857 outlined tho north ffawtf !•*>•
Sunn from La> Nipjtajng to Sault
Sic. Marie, and apjored ift'Oountry
to a diatanco ol about forty milca inland, dwpribet the country ai a vait
foratt pi grooii tinjbtr. 8puroo)y a
burned area wat met with- 'lho coun-
try wtt not t| heavily Umbered wilh
^nr^P rr-i-ir r> » r       r
I     J. \s. *.,!.... 1 r
|i Homeseeker or Investor —on   7th  Street,
ii just west of Queensbury carline, only $1200
ii Third cash, balance easy.     Good View.   Good Soil.
Martinson & Co.
Phont 113, P. 0. flc-x 7i
&MM<\HA>U\MMM>\\\\ H-H MW-H-W-l-M-W-l 11 H WI 'H"l 111 H I HI 1114
The Canadian Financiers
120 feet on Mahon Avenue
Car Line at $62 a foot
<J Lots 33 and 34, Block 112a, D. L. 271, 120 feet by
100 feet deep, only $7500,1-3 cash, balance 6, 12 and
18 months,
m QrasvUU Strut     VANCOUVEK, J). 0., Authoriad  Capital    12,1)00,000.
-   Baal Ratals.    Inturaace.      Monty to Loan.
TaltpboM 816.
14 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver.
I«csl Manager.
U 18, Block 35, D. L. 550, $1160.   Cash $450, balance 6 and  12 months
LoU 54 aad 55, Block 166, D. L. 274, $13,000. Terms to arrange.   Near Lonsdale
tbt above lots art among tbt bait buy. in North Vsncouvsr, aid intending investor! will serve their own
interest, by invcligating. Wt hava tht txclutivt lalt and alto a large list of other lots in the City, It ii
ia your own intsrstt lo call aad Impact our li.t btfort deciding.
Rim) Estate Agents.      Financial Brokers
Head Office; 405 Hastings St. W., Vancouver, B. C.
Privjsh Columbia Branch Officaat
4 Lonadale Ave., North Vancouver
fill Oovemrnent St., Victoria
Branch Offices io Europe:
Berlin, Germany
I,ondon, England
Farja, Fr*nc.e
pint aa tbo Ottawa. v.l(.y; there were,
Ipiwovor, largo arcoa ol oxcollont
|iino and other mixed linibara. Since
that data a isrici of fires hai reduced
the pine area north of Lake Huron by
olmoit one-hall.
Tbt Drat began in ISM. Tba Uro
of 1864 waa tba first dattrucfivt Ire
to devatttti tbt north shore. It bo
gin on tht Otttrtail I.ako near tho
Thoaaaion river, snd worked ill way
wait into tbt old culling uround
Uruco Minei, and oait to Wing river,
wboro it reached tome old law-log
cutting nitido by a Froncb-Canadian
named Salvoil, Continuing oait
along the ahore it reached the mouth
of tho Serpent, whore it doitroyed a
local mill owned by I.auzon. Ben it
mot froih fuel in tbo old cutting! and
continued eatt to tbe Sponitb and up
that itream (or many miles, almost
the entire aoutbern ilope of tba Kil-
luriicy mountain being awept over
Irom White Fiib weit to Collin'i In-
While thii fire wai burning, a fiercer
lire wai, in August of tho ionic year,
working iti way weit Irom the weit
arm of I.ako Nipiujng, and tbo two
finally met lomewhero in tho valley of
tho Wanapitoi.
Thii wtf^howover, but a .mull fire
compared with tho one which lolluwod
it in 1871. Tho fire of 1861 followed
Ibo dry, moa.-covcred rbcki and imall
pino ridgua, but when it struck a deep
awamp or inuikcg it atopped or unol-
dcred until it wai rovived by high
winds ur lound fresh fuel in iomo of
lho old timber cutting. During tho
following hi.v veins winda aud storms
lovollcd tho dead timber and pile-1
windfnlli around the skirls uliWampi
and iniislti'i.is.
The summer of 1871 wai exceedingly
dry   and   hot, und hence very favor-
til'!.' lw If ■ lir™, nnd al mm    I dl '
'"     '' ,v,   'i '•    " c :'    :
i. .-.,..        -,   il.
nu i-vaiii,. hair it in.i ...i.e. 1
pineries nx yours before. I'h.uda o.
siniike lippuil wilh ii fringe of flume,
awopt from one hill lop to another.
I.tikes, ir.ci.. ami streams formed no
I'.unit or protection. - Towtiiliip niter townahip lo the aoulh of thu
trench waa awept over and millions
ol pino doitroyed. Tho fire iwept up
tlio French, along tho weal tboro ol
.ako Nipiieing and up the Sturgeon ;
then, awinging around weilcrly, il
crossed lho Wanapitoi ami continued
lo lho head watcra of the Spanish, up
Ihe Vermilion and west to tho bead-
watcra ol tho Miaaiasugi and down
thai i.iieiiiit for over fifty miles This
fire .wept wilh fierco energy over an
area of over 2,000 Kjuaro milci, leaving lilt..ii it..I and giant pinci lo be a
reminder lor over hulf a century ol
the immense .1, .linen.ui there ond
then etui' e.l, when u virgin forcll win
converted into a barren and deiolnlc
During tbo aamo auinuwr many
•mailer firm broke out in different
parti along the north ahore ol Lake
Superior, around Port Arthur and
pointo oait. Exploration lurvoyi
woro then licinc made 'or tlio Coaodi
un I'aoifio Kailway, and many fires
wore ilarl^jd through curoletsnoti on
tbo part ol tbe men employed. An
axeman on Mr. David Bcntty'i explo-
Wby psy 1380.00 lor rough uncleared Lots when wu .an loll you
tbt vary Mat cleared Loti with out a atone on tbem, lovol in a ttbli
and into gran. Been cultivated (or ten years, situated on Centre
Boad, being tbe bett Boad on the North Shore and ono block Iron)
tbt Car Lino, School, Church and Store; faavt city wttor, tltetrjt
' tight and telephone.  ■    . ■	
Fries 1860 to $100 each. Ttrm. 1100 cath, balance 6, 13 and 11
monlbi. Thus lots will bring at least in our eitimaiion 100 ptr
cent, profit on tbt amount invested within lit nioulbi. Buy quick,
they art going fast. I
P. 0. Box 172
North Vancouver
Elegant New Styles in
>     •<■
(Continutd on Fsgt 8.)
Itiia>l.«tX'."ir' .Ji. '.   .   .i: ..   ..J.i.^1,
See'ihem and you will want
lo see how you look in them.
Try them on-then you'll want
to own one. They are extraordinary values, as you'll realize
when you see them.
113-115 Lonsdale Avenue.
TAKK NOTICE tbat Mr. Fugler bat
been sppoisted Building, Plumbing
snd Sanitary Inspector for the City
of North Vancouvor witb dutiet commencing March 20tb, IUII.
Tbi Builderi, Contractor!, Pltuabcri
and Owneri are hereby notified 16 com-
ply with tht rci|iiiiciiieiiii nf tha City
Building By-law, tbe Plumbing and
Drainage By-Law, tbo Septic Tank By-
Law and The Sanitary Regulation!.
Tbe office bouri of th. laid Inspect
or will bt from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. and
from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m., .Saturday after-
noom oxceptod, and Mr. Fugler can bt
intorviowod at my office during then
All application! lor permiti under
tht above-mentioned By-lawt may bt
madt during the taid office bouri.
Owntri wiehing garbtge removed
from tht alleys st the rear ol thiir
premiici sholl make application lo
tht Sanitary Inipoctor for tht removal of .am..
City J^ginser.
City Enginetr*! Office,
North Vaneouvtr,
March 2L.I, m. Drl
North Vancouver City Ferries, Limited
itivi Vticaavtt      Um SoiUi Via. Latvi Nartti Van.     Ua»a Vancouvar
•li 21) a m '6.46 a.m. 'O.aO a.m. "'i.16 a.m.
730 " 7.60 " '720 " '8.00 "
830 " 8.60 " '8.30 " "BW "
916  " !).«  " 8.20  " 9.46 "
10.16 " 10.46 " 10.16 " 10.45 "
11.16 » 11.46 " H.l« " M
13.16 p.s>. 13.46 p.m. 1316 pm. 12. 6 p.m.
1 16 " 1.46 " 118 l*t
j'lj •< 2.46 " 3.1» " 8-« "
3.16 " 8.46 " 8.16 " 3.46 "
4 »'» 4.40 " 4.16 " 4.40 "
6.00 " 5.20 " 8-00 " 8.20 "
{40 " 6.00 "'. 5.40 it 8.00 "
0JO  " 6.48  " 6.30  " 046 "
726 " 7.46 " 7.26 " 7.46 "
816 II 8.46 " 815 a 8.48 "
hi " 0.45 " »I5 " 0.45 "
10.16 " 10.45 " 1018 " 10-48 II
ll.M " ll.ifi 1 1115 " 18-I5 a.m.
13.45 a.m. 1.00 a.m.   .
' Denotci sol on Sunday.
Thit Timt Tsble tubjtct to change without notict.
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "West Vancouver," Captain Fiiidlay
Licensed lor 35 passengers
I,,..,,., l.navt'. Viinii.tnci
ll.il/liura Wb.rl —-,. Cll/ Ferrle.' wh.rl
• very Bag t.vctpl Sunday
7. jo a.m. 8.00 a.in.
9.00 s.m. 11 .DD u.in.
11.00 a.m. 12.00 a.m.
fj.it p.m.          uoo p.m.
ij.pop.m. 16.00 p.m.
17.00 p.m. 18.no pm
19.00 p.m  Ssluri-ay. Soly • «-Oo p.m.
yjoa.ui tsinSt) ftcbedule 10.00 a.m.
Ij.»5p,m...,  II .... .14.00p.m.
J7.wp-m         " •••■•I7-45PP'.
i8.jop.rn..: „     '     jj.oop.m.
 m» hfp m   tf0 «*»»** )■»>__	
Quickest route Irom North Vancouver to tbe district beyond
Capilano River. Launch. "W.-at Vancouver" inakca^cpaneo-
tiont, without fail, wjtlj the ktty ttetmera Irom North Vancouver, as per above tclicdule-
mmmmmammmmwmnmatafiap.: fOUal
H'i p
ifi -i it	
North Vancouver
Published Tuesdays and Fridays by
North Shore Press, Limited
RtTRt or atlllBCIIIlTION
Ons year, 11.00 Sit monthi, 60c. • Tbran montbi, Mc-
United States and Foreign, |1.60 per year
Advertising Hales will be quoted on application.
The Express ii devoted to tbe intereit! qf the north Shore of Burrard In el
delusively. It constitutes an advertiiing medium of exceptional value lor
reaching iu a thorough and effective manner the population ol North Vancouver
Oity ana District. Every, effort is made lo give advertisers the moit utliftctory
All changes In contract advertisements ihould lie In the printers' lunula not
latar than IU a.iii. Monday and 6 p.m. Wednesday to ensure insertion In the
following iisua. .	
North Vancouver,   B, C.
Marmh 31, 1911
Thin week tho North Shore bus
again been favored with a visit from
the honored heud of the government
and premier of Iho province of British Columbia, lion. Richard McBride.
In thii instance the visit wui under
different auspices from that of two
years ago, inasmuch us on tbo former
ocoasion he wui tlie guest of tbe municipality at large, while on Tuesday
ol this week bo was the guest of honor at a ">iii|iIiid. ui,11 >. banquet given
by tho local Conservative Association
thereby according the oHiiant
an opportunity to become, acquainted with the premier in
another us|xict of his versatile per-
aonality. Two years ago ho showed
himself perfectly al homo in moving
amongst tlie cituens us the in.u citizen of his native province and ono
having deeply ut heart the potentialities, Ihe development and the welfare
of lititt.ii Columbia from (be standpoint of intelligent and loyul citizen-
ship, irrespective ol cluas, sect, party
or any other artificial claudication.
On Tuesday evening he wua unmiatake-
nbly the mun of alfuira, nut merely
the periouilicatiun of thoughtful, enlightened citueuihip viewing in u general way aud on broad principle! the
intorciti of thu province, but thu true
type oi militunt, aggix-asivo citiien-
ihip addressing himself with vigor to
discovering uud properly appreciating
the vast reiourcei uud poasiuilitiei ol
the propiuco whose progress he directs
unflinchingly confronting its difficulties, facing its issues, attacking ils
problems uml confidently ihuping iti
destiny. He wus u leader ol men with
a message to his iellows, with u plan
to submit, with u policy to outline,
wilh a record to defend, with un ml
,1111111.11 tit mn to champion and woll
and ably did lie respond lo every requirement of the situation,
Thc strong und compreheueivo speech
with which Premier Mcllride luvorod
bi. hearers iu responding to ttia
load "llnil h Columbia" wua roiii-
priaod by u well orderud aucccsiion ul
maalerlul ml,mines upon a series nf
public iuue, every one u live muc,
and ovary one of great moment lo tbt
people uml llie province of which bv
ii tbe prime minister. Throughout
Ihe eiiliie uddrou there wui never lor
sn initsnca tin slightest .uipicion ol
hesitancy. The ippakar wua not on-
daavoriug lo frunio a diplomat 1. da
liveiaa.e which H piii..1 ut every turn
tbat ho should tread circuinipcclly and
choose hi. termi with delicate precii-
ion. He d.all wilh momentous mat-
tsrt iu an mil spoken and ilrnigh I forward manner ibut imprest^ upon ins
Ileum's tbe lact iluit he wul Ihe leader ol a government whicli had taken
ths mcuiure pi lho talk liefore it,
wbicb, after intelligent consideration
sod due deliberation bad decided
wbal wus to In done, how it waa lo
bs done and why it was to be done
sad which waa prepared lo proceed
with lb. almost confidence to carry
into sfleet the general policy whicli
had besn adopted at belt suited to
•slayusrd sll interest, involved aud to
accomplish lho ond. desired.
Ths round after round oi hearty ap-
plsutt which greeted tbt premier'! ul-
tsrsnee* Iron time to lime through-
0*4 bhi tpeech, gsv. etprattiou to U>.
hasrty accord sod the admiration ol
bit bftW, but alter all that wnMi
most strongly appaalad to bit o*ii-
sacs wss sol Uu cogency of hit. trgu-
asnti nor th* potency o. bit ipooob,
MS ths msghstitm of Ut ptrsowbty,
but just tbat oharacteriatia of tha
man which wim approbation for him
oven among those who may be inclined to differ from bim on some matteri
of public moment, namely his transparent sincerity, bit unmiil.ikouble
lovt for bit native province and his
whole souled devotion to the interests
of British Columbia. It ii Ihis which
convince! every loyal British Columbian that Richard McBride, one ol
British Columbia's native sons who
lias been promoted by his fellow-citi-
teni to tbe higlieat poiition of trust
and of responsibility within their
power to bestow is eminently worthy
their unreserved confidence end that
the controlling motive which will actuate ull his conclusions und undertakings in the discharge ol lho duties ol his high position will invariably be the sincere desire lo serve und
to promote that which he conscientiously believes to lie tho highest wol-
faro of the magnificent province whole
interests ure eiilruiled to his cure.
Indian Catholic Chuteta ol St.
Haul's. Man, 7.311 a.m. Sundays. Pastor, Rev. E. Poytavip,-v|).M,I.
St. Edmund't Catholic Churoh, Ms-
boa Avenue; Sundaya-Maia 10,80 a.
m., Sunday aoboq| J.80 p.m., Bowy
Benediction and Strmon 7.80 p.m.
St. Agnet 0hur«)r, Hqulevtra-Vioar,
Bev; T. E. Bowa, 'I.BO P.m. ivamong
every Sunday: 11 a.m. Boly Communion, 2nd Sunday o| every month.
St. Clem'ent'a, Lynn Valley—Viosri
Bav. T. E. Rowe. Assistant Hricot,
Bev. B. B- Huslani, B.A, 7,30 p.m.,
avaniong, every Sunday: 11 a.m.
boly communion, lit Sunduy ol every
St. Thomna, North l.omdele-Vicar,
BtV. T. E. Bowo. 8 a.m., ovsry Sunday except lit Sunday in month ; 8.80
a.m., lat Sunday in month j 11 a.m.
Matin Litany and sermon, 2nd and 4th
Sunday; 11 a.m., Holy Communion
and sermon, lit and 3rd Sundays.
Tho   Salvation  Army-S. A.   Hall,
Lonsdale Avenuo:
Sunday—11 u.m., holiness meeting ;
I) p.m., ohihlren'i ineeling | 7.46 p.m.,
salvation mooting; Tuesday, 8 p.m.,
holiness rheeling ; Wednesday, 4 p.m.,
children'! meeting I Thursday, 8 p.m.,
salvation meeting. Cupluin Douglas
will visit any who uru sick or in dii
tress at any timo.
Tho number ol deaths resulting from
tuberculosis, typhoid lever, acarlet
fever and many otbor diaoasea ure
carefully recorded aud tubulated by
ihis authorities. But of the number
ol deaths directly traceable to worry
no auch uccount ia kept, yet ull ph>
aiciana know that these are by no
menus small. One constunt source of
worry and anxiety lor Ibe wage-earner
or man ol amall means is, how ho
may make provision lor old age whm
hia earning, are but little more than
sufficient to provide the daily need..
To iuch a one the Canadian Government Am.min. scheme n. indeed a
blesaing. In no other way can he get
audi wonderfully good roturna for
that "little more" he may have to in-
veat, lor it will when hia annuity be-
gini enable him to spend the principal
ua woll aa the intareat thereon with
out   hii  incline   It....min,.   i m.di. t    no
mail.a how long be may live.
Further purliculara on tliu auhjcci
muy lw obtained from application lo
your po'.imusic, or to tho Superintendent of Government Annuities, Ottawa, to whom ull lotion go frot of
Peachland Home and
Orchard for Sale
Six and a bull acres ol bearing Orchard near the town ol Peuchlund,
with four-room cottage, phone und
electric light availab.lt. 500 peach, fill
Apple, 70 Cherry and 20 plum trees.
MoBtly over 1 years old. I'lnco in
good condition. Price only 83,600, of
which 11,000 is in a mortgage, Apply
l'inuncial Agents,
CLUB   BLOCK -  Norlli   Vancouvor
OHico Phone 10 liouso I'houo SH7
122 6th Street East North Vancou.i)
Phone 273
St. Andrew'! Prcbyttritn church,
ritb street: Services at 11 s.m. ami
7.110 p m Sunday school 2.30 p.m.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday at 8 o'clock.
Lynn Vulloy Prcibylcrian Church -
W'oi ship, Sundays, 11 s.m., linioii
Sunday School,   2.30 p.m.    It    Van
Mull-Im, M.A.,  pastor.
Lynn Valloy tlelhodiat Church-Sir-
vi''e every Sunday evening in Institute Hall st 7 o'clock. Chae, Faks-
ley, potior in charge.
Baptist Church—Cor. 6th and St.
George. Servicst, 11.00 a.m. and 7.30
p.m. Bible ichool at 12 noon. Bev.
C. R. Blunden.
North Lonadale Presbyterian Church
-Worship, Sundayi, 7.30 int., Sun
day School, 2.30 p.m. , B. Van Uum-
iter, M.A., pastor.
St. Jobs ths Evangelist, 8th sud
13lh atreet.: Holy communion, 8 ttt.
morning prayer, 11 s.m.; ovening prayer, 7.80 p.m. On the fir.t Sunday in
the month tnsrs will be a Mcond celebration of tht holy communion at
11 a.m.  Rector, Bav, Hugh Hoortr.
Xethodiit Church, corner of.Sjxtb
.treat snd Bt. George'. Avenue-
Sundsy preaching service, at 11,00 t.
m. and 7.80 p.m., Sunday Schoef an"
Biblo Cl.ii st 2.30 p.m., SaniorXU*
gut on Monday ovening st 6.00 p^
prayer and praise wrvice on Wednei
day evwina at 8.00, Junior Uiaiit
wrvica on Thursday altsrnoos oT «\80.
A cordial welcome it titenosd to til
lo sUcod thtse isrvictt. Pattor, W.
C. Sohlichlsr, leaidrtjc*, comsr fctith
Boad and St. AndrtVi.
Notary Public
I "tins.   Investment!    and    Insuranoo
Room 207, rV» Oranvllli St., Vsncou
vor, B. C. -Phono WOO.   Loud Regit-
try work a specially.
The Royal Bank oi Canada
Capital 86,200,000.
Rcicrves, 17,200,000.
Total AiieU 196,000,000.
A gcneinl hanking buiinesi
Inn.nn I'd Saving! accounts a
ap. lialiy.    Accounla   ol   lirma
a '•"   '
snd individual! lolicilsd.       —
North Vancouver Brunch.
Bank Office in N. V. Club Block
A. Campbell Hope
C. A. ' Al
358 1st Street Eatt
Phona B112
(inn i-.il Contracting
EXCAVATING,   CLEARING.   GRADING, Etc. Eitimttti Given.
MaeLennan I* Andrim
Keith Road, eatt ol St. Georgia Avt-
niie, or P. 0. Dot 134
Free delivery to all parta ot
Lynn Valloy at cily pin. s
No order too imall to fill
^ Frederick Road
Lonidale Avenue
Tbe cheapest bouse buy today
Compare it with surrounding values
4-nioni Bungalow, hot and cold naler
bath,   utc, feinted.   86/36 cash,
bulunco arrange. Price 82500.
On and alter April lit, 1911, we shall be located in the
New Keith Block on Lonsdale Avenue.
Having secured a central snd convenient office in thit up-to-
date building, we (hall render our many clients even better
service than heretofore.
Pierce & Hall
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co.. Ltd.
ASSETS: $94,900,000
bole Agent
Ajneminl. and Contract! drawn        ,,, . r -, General
of tvtry dei.rlpliun moiie   I Jl        Conveyancing
One block from car line, 50 leet facing south f600.   Third
cash, balance six and twelve months.
50 feet Facing South for 1350.   $100 cash, balance six and
twelve months.   Adjoining lol just sold for $450.
Phone 70—P. O. liox 97
The Merchants Trust & Trading Co.
PAID UP CAPITAL 1100.000.00          R. THOMPSON T1NN, Maaada. Dlraclu
 BRANCH OFFICE i M OU Bro.a St.. Utitt, Eastaad.	
Building Lots at Snap Pricea
In Block 90, D. L 550 lor $950.   $350 Cash;
Balance 6, 12 and 16 months.
In Block 82, D. L. 550 for $1000.   $350 Cash;
Balance 6, 12 and 16 months.
Also a block in Upper Lonsdale for $5250.   One
Quarter Caah; Balance 6, 12 and 18 monthi
Already subdivided into 24 loti.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. V
North Vancouver Trust Co., Ltd.
(Us lolutsr A Ward)
210 Lonadale Avenue. Phona 44
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
VW SAJ.K-Dwner muit sell. large
roomy linear, all modern, cement foundation, Isnc, finplace, fMv cash.
f'losa lo ear lint.
The Cash
Staple and Fancy Groceries
Fresh and Smoked Meat*
10 lb. sack -7JC
Large Tins  25c
1'b  2 tins for 15o
2's 2 tins for 25o
3's 1 tin for 15c
New Zealand Butter
3 lbs. for    $1.00
Sago,5 lbs      - 26c
Split Peas, 5 lbs     -      25c
Tomatoes, large size, 2 for 25c
3 lbs. Lonsdale Blend
of Tea    -..-   $1.00
3 lbs. Best Empress
Coffee    -   -   -   -   $1.00
Russet Apples, per box $1.65
Pure Castile Soap, per
bar    ------     25c
Oliver's Fruit in Syrup
from.      35c
You can depend upon the '
quality anil priceof our Meat .
Rolled Oats. 7llie. for    25r.
Ayrshire Hose Cieuniery
Butter,  -   -  3 lbs. $100
Lemon's, per do/..   -   -   20c
Miiggis Soups, 5c. per tuulit
Phone 40
1111 Lonsdale Ave
LOW SEA, Proprietor
11 a in. to6 p m.
First-class Meals ajc.
Commutation Tickets, n meals
li..i.nf- lor limit at moderate rates
I. O. ()   F.
North Vancouver Lodge, No. 66,
nn,ii every Tburidny ovening, corner
Lonadale Avenuo and Firat .treat, at
S o'clook. Visiting brolliren cordially
invited to attend. A. T. Kennedy,
N.G.; Tboa. S. Nyo, roc.-a»c.; J. H.
1'illing, I'.O., linv-ioe.; final. Nyl, J\
<;., traaa.
ki;ai. estate, loans, insurance.
Tft|,Bl'HUNE 89. V. O. IK,* nt,
Fully Equipped
to plod over ths dewrt or luffer tun-
gu ui tklrat la Mr. Camel. Ws'ra
not built tb.t way. What we want li
Ik. rial liiag.    -
You Get Real Paint
When Buying Here
It will .land the. blading tun of tn.
fjabsra or tic Want* „f CocVi Norti
coLoiw-Buy dm*.
117 Lonadale
The Place Where Everybody Goes
Gem Theatre
-E1RST ST. WBfciT,
KrGood Pictures Good Singing
m:vt :::  Good Music  ::: :::
Programme changed Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Adults 10c p^ftK^ Children 5c
King's Physician
to visit Canada
Will Address Canada Medical Aasoas-
linn- Hoy Scouts'to Coronation—
An Ocean Province lor lbs Domin
The Commonwealth
First Complete Showing of New
Spring Goods.
W.DICK, Prop.
The A. Farro
126 2nd St. Weit
When you deal at llie A. Farro Grocery you got exactly what you ink lur
at right price.
Special Attention!
Wc carry  a  complete lino ol Gro-
«"«' ! Office: Lonidale, near City Wharf
Hnniiury k Evans Bread 22 for si w Warehouse:      Forman'i Wharf
Phone    198
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co.
Dealen in Coal, Brick,
Sand,   Gravel,   Lime,
Cement   and   General
BiiiMi i.-' Supplies.
All   Orders   Promptly
Filled and Satisfaction
i ui.ii.iiit. J     Prices on
(From our own correaooudent)
Montreal, March 37-Grent interest
ia being eliosn in ths coming.ineeling
ol Ihe Canada Medical Associstion
which ia to be held in Montreal on
dune 7lli to 9tb next under tbe presidency of Dr. Geo. E. Armstrong pf
Montreal. This meeting lollosi imme-
diatsly after tho opening oi Ibe n.»
medical buildin, of McGill I'niversiiy
by Hi. Excellency' Earl Grey when
there will be a reunion oi Ihe many
graduatea ol McGill.
Tho meeting of the Canada Medical
Aaaocialion promise, to be oneoi lb.
uioit successful in tbe history oi that
Society. Many physicians snd inr-
geoni of world-wide reputation have
signified tbeir inlcntion oi being prw-
ent. Sir iliomai Barr, physician lo
the. late King i. to resd Ihe openbrg
addrea. in medicine. Prof. Alexander
Priuiroio oi Toronto i* lo ddiver ibe
addreii in mrgcry. Ike celebrated Dr.
Wm. Mayo ol Rochester hs. srrsnged
to be preient and i. expected to tske
a prominent part in ihe diaciuuioni.
Amongit the aubjecla oi great importance lo Cunadiani al large which
will be discussed ia a proposed campaign againai typhoid fever. Tbe experience ol Toronto, of Monlresl in
lUIH and prewntly that of Ottawa
have made it essential that untied action ihould be considered lo allay Um
tcrrori ol thii dread snd yd preventable dilenle. .
Boy Scout. Iron. Ibe Overicss Dom-
iuion. will have official .landing in
tho Coronation procewion, although
proviaion bad nol st tir.i been insde
lor tbem. How detachment! sre lo
get to thc old country' snd who i. to
pay tbe cipenie. oi ibe trip ii another
question. The Canadian Ceslury of
Montreal i> lending a *|Uad oi twenty,
the boy. lu be drawn Iron sll psrt.
ol Canada and it ia not unlikely thai
Colonel Sherwood snd Ihe Dominion Council will srrsage lo snd s second »|uad. The Century psriy will
Mil on Ihe Kmpreea ol Irelai.d wilh
Ibe Canadian Coronation cuniingoil
ol Canada', official delegation and will
('. (I. S. Dunoon of the City of Vancouver, broker, haa been appointed attorney of iho nbovi'-inontionid Company iu tlio place nnd sloud ol W.
Harry Wilion.
Dated ut Victoria, II. <'., ibil n nl
day of March, IVII.
I). Willi F.SIDK,
Rcgialrar Joint Slock I uinpuiiicl.
NOTICE ii hereby given tli.it at thc
next lilting of tlio Board ol l.iconiing
Coininiuioiicr. for the City of   Norlh
Vuneouver, wc, the undersigned, intend
to apply for a hotel liivnic for premise, situate ou loti il and 'i», block
IMi, district lol 271, Firil itreet, in
the laid City of North  Vancouver.
Dated at Vsncouvsr, March llth, 1811
the parlncrihip licret.J.irl msiing br
Iwcon ua, the undersigned, ai rrsl w-
lute agenti in tbe ' ily id North Van
couver, in Ihe province oi Hut. t Oul-
umliia, hai thii day been dissolved by
mutual cuuMil. All dsbt. ..mtn. I"
tlie laid pailiii-iitiip sr. lo be paid
lo Henry Valeoline Smith si tbeCiiy
ol North Vancouver, and all claim,
againit the .aid partnerabip aleloU
presented lo llie aaid II,i r. Winiiin.
Smith try whi.m ihe um will be settled
Dated thi. J7tb day ui Maicb. A.D.
(Signed)  THUS. A. MARTIN
I'larjg, Specification*, Estimate*
P. 0. Boi 27. Nortli Vancouver
travel liks real soldiers under   tram-
port oi wave condition!.
According to cables, newipaiiera and
private  lettcra   received here  during
the past few day., the Bahama   Ih-
Isnd. a part ol Britain'! poaaeiriona
128 Lonsdale Avenue
Spring will soon be
here when you will j
require new Linoleum
for your kitchen, etc.,
a new Carpet for
some other room. A
good assortment of
patterns to select from.
Prices a little lower
than elsewhere. Q
Note our Prices:
Kitchen Tablet $1.75
Kilche. Chairs        5fcuJfSc
" " 75cui Um
Diaiaf Chairs ..... 75c ■
Iron fiedsirads iroai
$3.75 ip to $35jN
Maltresses, fall sue, trasi $3 ip
Spri*njs, full sue, fraa $2.25 ay
Dressers will W.dW mnrnt
$t Jt tsy to $45jM
Estimates Gladly Furnished.
Lace Curtains    Curtain Net
Maddrass Muslins for Curtains
in (b» West Indie, aro anxious to bo;
rome s part of tbe Dominion of Canada, snd a large delegation of politicians and prominent men will abort-
ly leave Natiau to place ' the
view, of tbs ialander. before tho Governor-General at Ottawa. Canadian
who know the Bofaamaa any Ihat the
iilandi would prove a moat agreeablo
acquisition to Canadu'a family. Mr.
T. II. Macauley, ol Huntrcal, who lins
ipenl many wintcn at Nassau, dca
. rib,., them aa the "future ^Florida of
Canada." He alio declare, thut tbem
ure fine business opportunities Offering and that Canadians who hav. invented money there up lo tlie preient
bave been mora than successful.
Sir I In.inns R. Price, acuior commissioner for the South African government railwaya and hnrbora ia undertaking sn extensive tour in Canada
and the United State, for the pur
poae of making a thorough examination of the ayalcm of grain handling
and exportation on thii continent.
South Alrica, he laid, in un interview, ii admirably adapted for growing n...nun..- quantities of corn, nnd
during Ihe past four ycura Ihe government and the railway, have been
experimenting in the cx|.irtulioii ' of
corn lo Europe. Uilbcrto the custom ha. been lollowed of handling the
corn in ucka, bul Sir Thuniue ii con-
■ ■■■. ',1 ibal tbc Canadian lyalem of
handling in bulk ia the beat ayalcm,
and he i. about to visit Fort William
Minneapolis, Chicago, Duliilh and other i'i.n. - to look into thii lyalem und
decide whether it is adaptable to Ihe
South African trade.
Tbe rigidity with which the liiitud
State, custom, official, examine pus
scnger. lauding Irom ocean linen ut
New York hai turned thc wilea ol the
•muggier lo Canada. Thc profession-
al "smug" ai thc detcclivci cull tbem.
lake, passage lo Si. John or Halifax
snd then waita hia chance lo cms. the
border wilh hii coiilruhand. Realizing Ibil lbs Ii. S. government bus
stationed reinforcement, at all ports
ui entry on tbe boundary and the liar
veal lo ihe trea.ury i. daily becoming
richer. An inspector from Washington
who wss here thc other day aaid that
Montreal wai the baae from which
Ihe smugglers worked and that ionic-
limes guilds, either checked id trunks
or ahippvd by express, travelled lor
miles up and down tfae boundary before ibey were able toXcscupc the vigilance of Ida men aud V transported
across. I
Tenders Wanted
Far North Vancouver Property
lie   following   properlie.' belonging
lo ihe estate of the late George Hut-
i.'ii sre offered lor isle by lender.
Comprieee Lot 'ii. iu Block If,.- Subdivision oi District  1 nt  '371, North
Vsneouver,   being a 60foot lot   on
ibe Esplanade al tlie N   E  corner of
Si. Andrew'i Street.   Ou ihii   pro-
- pert)' there are lu bouse, and oul
building, at present rented for   til
per moui(i.   No lcn.es
Comprises   one lot hai iug   60   fist
froulsge   on   Eleventh   Street,   and
knows .i Lot II, Block 811, Subdivision hWt,   Nortli Vancouver.     On
talis lol is erected a frame collage at
present lentcd fui 69 per uionlb. No
Comprises three splendid loll lucb
lur.in,- s fi"i'in..' of Ml (eet on
l.„lb .-in. i, .mil are practically nil
dialed snd ,i..de I, of winch one lot
is Ibe S. W comer ol Tenth Street
sod St. Andrew'i, slid known aa
loll p. 9 and 10, in Muck 91, Sub
ili\i.i.,ii oi District I,nl. numbered
274 snd MD, North Vancouver.
Tenderer! csn tender 'or any ol
■base lots a,ugly rir for tbo llirec
lots together '
ComprisM a fractional lot in Block
''i. sod bang approximately 17 leet
wide by 100 fui deep, facing Eighth
Street, snd ii. more |.nt ti.-ufarly
known sod described a. Lol I of the
resubdiviiii.il of Lot. 2 lo II Block
91, District LoU (411 and 274, Map
1833, North Vancouver.
Cosaprise. two lot., snd are ,1. scribed ai Lol. 23 and 24, Block IB, Sub-
diviiion 169 Noilb Vancouver.
These two lot. sre each 60 by 122
lest snd (orm s double corner. Tltey
lit dose lo Ibe proposed new Second
Narroma bridge snd to tbe waterfront.
Tender, may be put In for 'ho
whole or any portion of each uf tlio
sbov. parcel..
Sealed tender, marked "Tender! for
Hut loo Fatal. Properly*' will Im re-
ceiied by Percy f. Cbarlssun, od-
minisUalor oi Inc est sit, up lo snd
loduding April lit, 1911.
Tarn, oi purchase on all properties lo bs one-third cash, I .lanes
payable in (, 12 and J8 month.; in-
tsrest twrtn psr cant.
Taw Ugliest or say lender nol "<?
esssril/ sreeplsi. Address leaders
t» Pesdsr 84. W., Vancouver. II. C.
you want Bread,
Scones, Oatcakes
and general Confectionery equal to
135 Lonsdale Avt
Next door to Everybody'» Shot Store)
Scotch Shortbread
and Pies
Bruce & Co.
TENDEHs; ivill bo received by lho undesigned up to Ity Mud duy ol
April, IVII, at h p.m. (or Iho purchase
of Illock 27, Subdivision.of f.ol No.
fill, Croup I, New Weilniimtcr District, ailualed in llie f'ilj of Vancouver, und being die site of the obl Pro
vincinl Court House. Each lendci
must be enclosed in u rcgiatorod letter and must be addressed to the un
deraigne.1 and plainly marked "Teudci
for old Vuneouver Court Hun e lite,"
and must bo accompanied by un oc-
ccplcd cheque for ten per cent, of the
lirst payment of llie purchaio money.
Payment for tluj property will be oc-
copied in initaluiciils of uiic-quartor of
tho purchase money. The firni of sucli
iiisi.iliniiiiit to bo paid within thirty
dnys after lho accept nine uf the Ion-
dor, and lho oilier three i initially
thereafter, wilh interest ul lho raloo'l
li per ccnl., per annum, In llie event
ol the person'whole lender ii accepted failing lo complete the lirst instalment within thirty duvs ol the notice
of audi acceptance tlie side to him
will bo cancelled and his ten per cent
dopoait lui-foilod. 'lho cheque, of tin-
lucceisful tandcreri will be returned.
Tbo highest or any lender will not
necessarily be accepted, No cotninis-
•ioui of uny kind will bo ullowod.
'     WILLIAM 11. ROSS,
Minister of Lands.
Department of Lundi,
Victoria, II. C,
March  ilh, 1'Jll.
Mot Msnxs
Anroni l.ndlnl a .Wi-li anil IriMlnllon M.J
loioslr sirflrtaiTl flur npitilcii liaawfn-thor aa
tnteiilliin tl ptfbatiir p.tp''
Uoni.llloUlfnii«ll«iillal. 1
.1 lill.lflc-.. It«n»il:tnl
•ivl«/r«. cittiittis
" "ac/ictituretiH-
Plana prepared uud Estimates given.
Office :< 1107 Dominion Trust llldg.'
Phone 2497
Residence, 153 Eighth Ave. 15.
Norlli Vancouver.    •
Why Pay
Excessive Prices
Can Supply you with
and all
Household Requisites
at a Lower Price than elsewhere.
'Small Profit, and Quick Return."
Phone 184
and Corner Granville and Smyth.
Specials for
This Week at
Tea, all standard brauda    26, n"e lb.
Coffee,   rousted   or   giound   to
order   2o Lo 10c por lb.
Cfaccae, ail inukea    200 up
Corn, Deans and Cream per can    lOo
Tomatoes and I'cus, lurge sitio '
Cah>    ,   l.'c
(■loss or Corn Stun.ii, | lb. pck. ...he
Ifeiitl/ I'ork and lleuus, per can .. 1%
l'inoiipplo in largo Iin    16e
Imported    and   local    dams,
•lellici, per jar  ICc
I), k K. linllod Data, a inck  ...USe
Koyal   Standard   Flour,   lU-lb.
Suck 1 .nl.6H and tilt
Kggs, locaj, now laid, atrivo
weekly     2 dor. ilic
Ititiei,   Star   Creamery,   ll-lb.
Boi      ' »i.!W
Maple Syrup in 6-lb. Tlnl  Wc
I illy ^Ihito Syrup, 10-lb. tin  56c
Kai.ina, choice seeded, 3 peks 86c
Sugar, B. C. bait, per sad    II.IK)
'J'ublo Apj'lii  il.lhjici boi
lliinsna. per doz '. ,,'...,.; 86o
Oranges, largo Nuveli ... tfc rer dor.
Figs, Sal. Now dried  I lbs 26c
Honey jn comb,  20c
Cream Soda Biscuits per lb  10c
Cold Leaf Lard 10-lb. pail  SI .60
Fresh every day—
Milk,   Cream,   Bulterniilk,    Ibcnd,
Cakes, I'irs.
"Vegetables    as   lettuce,   cauliflower,
cabbage,   carrot,   turnip   at    'owest ,
standard prion,
Anhcroft potatoei $2 purnak
King up Td. 126 and we will quota
prices on Swl/l,'. Hams and Bacon etc.
Coupons  givon Im o» svery $2.60
order  to got a obsaci oiy rcidanlJeJ
lot is ftrt Anylm..
4 ■BIX
Nearly all gone, and perhaps you didn't buy.
We have a dozen left, and the first twelve
investors who get to our office with a deposit
get them.
You never had an opportunity to purchase property on a carline exteniion before at the price
we are offering lots in "Capilano Park" at,
and you never will have again.
Carline assured before June, 1912. ,
Price $150—$15 caih and the balance monthly.
Half-acres $500 to $575. 10 per cent, caih and
balance over two yean.
Phone 1956     134 Hastings St., W
North Vancouver City
Lots in Blocks 9, 9a, 15, 15a, 16 and
16a; District Lot 550; now on sale;
Acreage  in  District Lots 546 and
550; subdivided into blocks of from
to 22 acres.
The Grand Boulevard Extends
Through Thii Property.
For Plans, Price List and Particulars, apply to
The North Vancouver Land
Improvement Co. w. i*.
arewPeruW^Seynwu, Streets. OFFICIAL AGENTS.
Vaftcwver, B.C Phone 6286
Louis Joseph Vance
Copyright, 1908, by tht Bobbs-Msrrlll Co.
Tliers wss only lbs brfsfest ol
pauses, during which -she analysed
Ibis, then quickly, "Uut you hope tor
sbe snapped.
lie felt that tlie only sdoquute retort'
to tills would lie it shrug of his shoulders, doubled Ills tflilllly to curry ons
off mid lit-.iiti look i et ia, in silence.
The wotuiiii abandoned a second plan
of siege with u readiness that did credit to ber Knowledge nf mankind. Blto
thought out Ihe next very carefully
liefore opeuliig wilh a masked battery.
"Mr. Klrkwood, can't we be friends?"
"Nothing could please me more, Mrs.
"I'm sorry If I've annoyed you"-
"Att.l I, too, have been rude."
"l.iittt night, when you cut away so
suddenly, you prevented uty making
you a proposal, a sort of business proposition"- '
"Yesl"     ,
"To come over lo our side"—
"I ihought so Thst wus why I
"Yes; I understood. Hut this morning, when you've had time lo think ll
"I bars no choice In the mutter, Mrs
The green eyes durketteil ominously.
"You mi'itii-l tun to understand, (lien,
that you're ug'iilusl us. tli.it you prefer
to side with swindlers anil si'oiltiilrels,
nil because of n"-
Sltc discovered hi in eying her w|llt a
smile of stteh litsi rnliilile nml sardonic
Intelligence Unit the words died on her
lips, and she crimsoned treasonably In
herself, for lie saw It, and the belief
It. Intel conceived while attending to
her tissue of fuhrirutliin curlier tint
morning wus strengthened lo lite point
of convli'iloti thul If anything Iuid been
•■tui. n by tinvlteil) Mrs lltilltitn uml
her son owned li us little us t'lileridiir
As for the wnniuti. site,leIt site littd
sleuillly lost rather than gained ground
"So." she said ilowly niter a silent
time, "you nre not for IJtteetisborougli!
Tbe corollary of Hist admission. Mr
Klrkwood. is ttins you sre for Sheer
n ess."
"1 believe," be replied wearily, "thul
there ure no oilier stations on tills line
after Newlnglon.'
"It follows, ili. ii. Ihul—Hint I follow." And lu ini.--w.-r to Ills perturbed
glair e i.lte added; "Oh. I'll grunt Hint
Intuition Is sometimes s poor guide
Hut If you meet .(JeVgc Calendar so
shall I. Nothing can prarenl that
You can't hinder me."
num.i- the brief balance of tbe Journey Mrs Hit Hit tn presumably had food
for thought, sim frowned, pursed her
lips and with one daintily gloved fore
linger followed a Besm of ber (allured
skirl, while Klrkwood sat watching
•■md wondering how to rid himself of
Iter If she proved really ss troublesome
ns she threatened to he; also be won
dered continually what It was all
al,,,hi Why dltl Mrs. Ilsllum suspect
him of designing lo meet Cnleiuliir al
Queensboroilgli? Hud she any fungible
ground for believing Hint Calendar
I'ould lie found lit IJuccnshnroiigli'i'
I'n■■.it,, ,i i, site hnd, since she wus
avowedly In pursuit of thul gentleman
nnd. Kirk wood Inferred, hud booked
for (liici'hsliornugh Wns he. then
running a wit)  from Calendar anil Ills
»m mm it I f hiwh ii m h >m * hh . mm w > m m i h i i hi. m \. nm
Hi liectirnt atnui Uutt Ut miliary am
fmnlon wit a woman.
daughter to cbsse a will-o'-the-wisp of
bis credulous fancy off Sbaeruess
Iilii orbing reflection. He scowled
ever II, then considered tbe other side
of tbe face. 1'resuinlng Mrs. Hallam
to bave had reasonably dependable assurance thai Csleudar would slop In
QueeiislKiroiigli. would she so readily
bsve abandoned her design lo culch
him (here on Iheynere supposition (list,
Klrkwood might lie looking for hltn Jo
Bbssrness? Thai did not teem likely
10 one who esteemed Mrs. Ifslltm's
tdimen ss highly ss Klrkwood Old. II.
brlgbieued lip, forgot ibst bis wss t
fools' errand oml begsu sgsln to pro-
|.'t strategic plans Into t nrublenjaUe
a sudden Jolt Interrupted this pus-
lime, and the wuriilng screech'of ths
brakes Informed him Ihat he bad no
limn to scheme, hut had bust continue
on tbe plun of action that had brouglit
blm thus far-lhat Is, trust to lib) star
und accept what should befall without
He rose, opened tbe door and, bold
Ing It so, turned.
"I regret, Mrs Hallam," he announced, smiling his crooked smile,
"tbat a pressing engagement la about
10 prohibit my squiring you through
the ticket galea. You understand. I'm
Ills Irrepressible humor proved Infectious, and Mrs Hallam's spirit run
as high ss his own. Sbe was smiling
cheerfully when she, too, rose.
"i also am In some haste," sbe
averred demurely, gathering up bei
hand bug nnd umbrella.
A raised platform shut In beside tbe
carriage, and the speed was so sens!-
lily moderated thut tbe train seemed
lo be creeping rather than running.
Klrkwood flung (be door wide open ,
and lowered himself to the running
hoard The end of Ibe track was In
sight, and it man who Iiob been trained
to bourd San Francisco cable cars
fesrs lo slight from no moving vo>'
bide. He swung off, got his balance
snd ran swiftly down Ihe platform.
A cry from a bystander caused blm
to glance over Ills shoulder. Mrs. Ua|.
hini was then In the act of alighting
As he looked tbe Hurry of skirls sub
sided, and she fell Into stride, pun n '
SI.KICn  sin. i iti-ss miisl have been
Scandalised Ihul duy uml Hugo* '
|  sips huve acquired ground foi
'   ninny un uiicliiirlliible Burtnlse
Klrkwood. however, waa so fortunate as lo i .nn the wicket befure lite
employee there uwuke lo the sllUiillon
Otherwise, stub Is Ihe temper of Itrit
Islt petit; itllh hiltltini, he might have
detained the fugitive. As II Was,
KIII;u.i. il surrendered bis ticket snd I
ran out Into llie street witb his luck
.'■tin a domlnunl factor In the race,
for. looking hnck, he saw thutllrs llnl
lain hud hum held up at the gule, an i
other victim of Hrilisb red tape lici
ticket rend fur Queeiislwrough, she
'was attempting to alight one station
farther down Hie line. ond. while undoubtedly she wu. anxious to psy the
excess fun1, beared alone knew when
she would succeed hi allaying the sus
plrlnns nnil resentment of the ticket
"1 ii.it .• good lor ten minutes' start!'
Klrkwood crowed "Aud It never oc
curied lo rue!"
liefore Hie sliitlon be found twi
Im, I- - In vtulllug. with little to cboosi
between Ihetn Neither wus of a lypt
ihul did imt seem lu advertise Ils pre
Viet,hi.in   la tunning,   uud   lo  Iteitliel
was ii.n I un unlinul that deservet
anything   hut  the  epithet  of screw
Klrkwood look the nearest for no otli
er reason  I bun  because  it  was tin
neureat uml ull bul slurlled lite drivel
off Ills boi liy offering double fure lot
u brisk pine uml a simple service at
the end of Hie ride,   Succinctly be net
for Ih tils wants. Jumped Iuto the anil |
qtiuli il four wheeler und threw blmsell
down upon musty, dusty cushions ii j
bug himself over Iho joke and bleu
what, i, i l.tigilsli board of ruilwuy dl j
rectors li wua ihut tit.-i ordained thut
tickets should he taken up et lite end
lie ti ...| of the otiuct of a Journey.
II wus promptly made manifest thin 1
bu hinl further cause for grutttlu
lion. The cubby, recovering from In.
BtntUliieiil, win plying an indefitllgn
ble whip und thereby eliciting it degrei
of ipoeil Irom bis superannuated nut
Ihat lila fine bud by no ineuiis hopeo
lor. mm li lea. mill' Ipul..1
III u perl.nl of lime surprisingly shot
Klrkwood new, floui Heeling glltnpaei
of the lechery to be oblalried througt
the reeling windows, tbst tbey wen
threading thu outskirts of tbe town
Synehroiioualy, whether by design er
through actual Inability to uialutuln it
tbe speed wss moderated, and lu tin
course of o few more miuutcs (be csl
stopped deflullcly.
Klrkwood .lumbered painfully out
shook him. .-if together aud Hie brulsei
out of his bones and looked back.
Aside from a slowly settling cloud ol
dual, Ihe road ran clear aa far as hi
could i..- in the point, In fact, when
the town cloud In about lb
He hsd won, si all events Insomuch
ss to win mesnt eluding lbs persever
lug Mrs. Hsllsm.   But to wbst end?   '
Abstractedly he tendered bit lonely
sovereign to tbe driver tad without
tven looking st It crammed Uw heavy
weight uf cbsnge Into bit pocket, in
.oversight whlcb not only won blm the
a west imk ml mini I Ion of tbt cabby,
but entailed consequences (It msy bej
'bt lllllv apprehended, It wat wilb ss
abteiilinltided nod that bs acquiesced
Is lb. man's announcement tbat be
might arrange shout Um boat for him.
Accordingly tlie cabby disappeared,
and Klrkwood condoned to stare about
him esgerly. hopefully.
He stood on (be brink of Uw Thames
Miliary, there t possible five milts
from sbore Is short, from but feet
almost a broad shingle beach aloped
gently to ibe water.
Oa out baud a dilapidated picket
man'B cottage, or, better, hovel—If It
need be accurately doscrlbed-al-the
door of which tlie cubby was knocking.
Some little distance, offshore a Hub
Ing bout, cat rigged uud not more than
twenty feet over ull, awung bobbing
ct her maiirlng. keeu uose searching
Into Hie wind, st sight of whlcb Klrkwood gave thanks, for his adveutltloui
guide bad served him wall, If that boal
were to be hired by any manner nf
Hut It waa to tba farther reaches ol
the estuary tbat be gave mora prolonged and most anxious beed, scanning
narrowly what shipping wss there to
he seen Far out a liner wu ridlaf
the wiives with serene contempt, making for Ibe river's mouth aud Tilbury
duck. Uut a single sailing vessel of
suy notuhle tonnage was in sight, and
when be ssw ber Klrkwood's beart became buoyant witb hope, and be began
to tremble with nervous eagerness, for
be believed her to be tbe Aletbea.
There's no mistaking a ship brigan-
ilntt rigged for any other style of craft
that sails the Bess.
Voices approaching brought blm
back to shore. /Ie turned, resuming
bis mask of sanity, tbe better to confer witb tbe owner of the cottage and
bouts, a heavy, keen eyed fellow, ungracious and truculent of habit and
chary of his words, aa be promptly
"I'll hire your boat," Klrkwood told
him, "tn put me aboard tbat brigan-
Hue off to leoward. Wa ought to start
at once."
Tba fisherman shifted but quid of
tobacco from cheek to cheek, grunted
Inarticulately and awung deliberately
on bia heel, displaying a ball neck
above a pair of heavy shoulders.
"Dirty weather," be croaked, facing
back from bia survey of Uie eastern
skies befors tbs Amerlcsn found out
whether or not be should resent bit
"How much?" Klrkwood demanded
curtly, annoyed.
Tbe man hesitated, scowling blackly
at tbe heeling veaael momentarily Increasing her dlatance from tba abort.
Then, with a crafty smile, "Two pun,"
he ih'• ■hired.
Tbe Amerlcsn nodded. "Very well,"
he sgreed simply. "Oat out you
The fisherman turned swsy to sbsm-
hie noisily over tba shingle, bugs
booted heela crunching, toward one ot
the dorlea. To Ibis be aet bis shoulder, shoving It steadily down tbt
besch until only tbe Btern wit dry.
Klrkwood looked back for the last
lime, up Ihe road to Sbeerneas. Nothing moved upon It He wat rid of
Mrs. nullum. If fees to face witb a
sterner problem. Hs bad a few penes
nver 10 shillings In bis pocket and hsd
promised lo puy the man four times at
nun It He would hsve sgreed to ten
times Ihe sum demanded, for tbe boat
lie must and would bave. But he bad
uegleclcd to conclude bia bargain, to
, "nu- lo an uuderetandlng aa to ths
method of payment, and be felt mors
than a little dubious aa to tbe reception the fisherman would give bit
proposition, sound aa be (Klrkwood)
knew It lo be.
In the background Uie cabby loitered, gnawed by Insatiable curiosity.
The fisherman turned, calling over
Ills shoulder, "If ye'd cotcb yon vessel, cornel"
Willi one final twinge of doubt-tbt
tusk of plucutlng tbit surly dogjjwes
anything but Invlllng-lbc American
strode lo the boat and climbed In, taking Iho stern Beat Tbe fisherman
shoved off.
In tin" the dory lay alongside tbs
, iitlii.iii (he fisherman witb a gnarled
baud grasping the letter's gunwale U
hold thu two togclber. With some difficulty Klrkwood transshipped himself,
lending usprswl In Uw cockpit amid a
iuii.de of cordage slippery with scslea
The skipper followed, with clumsy el-
pi nn.- ■ bringing Uw dory's pslutei
with blm and bitching It to a ringbolt
a i aft I he. rudder bead. Then, pu using
nn Instant to stare Into Uie essl with
somber eyea, he shipped tbe tiller end
behl to the hiilynrds. At tbe-tell rub
lied up, flapping wildly, Klrkwood
marked with relief, for It meant tc
much lime ssved, Ihat It was sirred;
dose reefed.
Uut wben at but tbe boom was
thrashing overhead and tbe bslyardi
hud been made fast lo tbelr deals tin
llalterman again stood erect, peering
distrustfully at tbs dbil.nl wall of
Then, lo two breaths, "Can't do It"
be it., hied  "not at tbe price."
"Why?" 'Klrkwood stsred despairingly affer tbe brlgsntlne, that was already drawn fur ahead.
"Hanger," growled ths fellow-
Al a loss completely, Klrkwood found
no words He dropped hia bend, cm
"Nol at tbs price," Hw tulles voles
Iterated, snd be looked up to dud Uu
running gaze upou blm.
"How much, Ihcn'i"
"live pun I'll have, no lest, foi
rlskln' my life this day."
"Impossible.   I haven't got It"
Is alienee tba win unsblpped lbs till
or aud uioved toward Uw clsats.
"Hold on l minute,"
(To bs continued)
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Richard McBridi
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viimo nt ill retuius vory large interest!
even in the alienated portions snd the
entire ownership ol what is still unsold. A. development proceed, ihe
government must protect the people
and yet deal fairly wilh Ihe lumbrr
indiislriea. (Cheers). The government
had never lost sight ol ths trust reposal in thorn by the people.
The timber commissioners' report
was now in the hands of th. government and waa a splendid report. The
sosaiim of 1913 would »■•>: introduced p
comprehensive law re timber inter
rata. A law that would give British
Columbia the last snd beat word in
timber Icgi.lstinn.
In the department of agriculture ei-
cellent work was being done for the
cncniirugemciit of this fundamental industry ua was evident from the eihib-
itioiiB which had been made. Splendid results were being attained in
growing fruits, roots and cereals. British Columbia fruit hail captured Iii..t
prize in competition witli tbe product,
of thu world.
The public work, department bad
built up a splendid system of roads
which would be a credit, under similar cundiliniiB, to any Country in f-'.ur
"|te. The minister of public works hn.
iu cmiii,,. ill preparation plani for a
great trunk ruad running from euil In
weal throughout the province, ullini
ately to form pari ol a through tral
lie roud lo Winui|wg und iieyond. Thi.
road' would lie i|uite eipiul in import
unce und efficiency to railway com
municulion. Work had only just
■ i.iti,,I on tlie great problem of road
construction and it was necessary It
sue I Imt  Ihe start was mado right.
Ill Ilic mailer ol education a pail oi
llie education of the nation was tl..
building of schools, ife did nol tiesi
late lo lay Ihat Until, i'oliimbiu bs.
everything considered, tlie Ikii .dm.,
ii'Jii.il system in Ihe world. "Wci|iend
money freely in ichools because wc be-
lievu wu cannot spend llie |icople's
item, ■. iii anything heller than
■iImlil■■ " A ayalem ol niglit school,
has been ctabliahod which waa proving a great boon to thoae who nmded
audi I.i. iii11.-.. It was propnacd to
introduce technical training a. a part
ol Ihe public achnol syitcm. Thc nc-
tion ol tho government in placing ru-
ral achuola on tha aam. ban. u city
achoola in purely domcitic affair., had
met witb .omc opposition at tint, but
had proven a molt excellent departure by increasing thc local interest
in educational affairs and elevating
Ihe lime ol local sentiment with refer
onoe lo school matters. Cumin** In
the provincial university, this w.i-
in fact ns well as in name a very re-
sponsible tusk, ll was the intention
thul ihia institution should .(and
lido by lide with the very licit beneath the British ling. Tha loca-
lion had lieen decidnl upon, the lit.
i'.t'l lieen .dec-tci and appropriate,
large tracts of I uml had been set
mi.Ie lor endowment purposes wbidi
would eventually iniike the inslilulion
fabulously wealthy und il wa. now
proposed to arrange for th. inlimii-
'•I'ln of competitive plum from arcfai
t.-. in for the university buildings. 11
wui intended thai when (be provincial univcriity ilarted, it ihould go
off on the riglil fool and Ibat when
a boy or girl was graduated wilb a
| diploma Irom the university it would
be recognized ui a diploma ai good
ai thai ol Toronto or Montreal or
even better.
Throughout hii addreu Ibe premier
gave great credit lo Ihe respective
headi nl the departmcnti of hii gov
eminent oi lion. Nr. It.- . Him.
Tho. Taylor, Hon. I'rice Klliion and
in concluding be made honorable
iiii'iiiinii of liii Iriend and colleague.
Hon. V> I. Howier, Attorney General.
In Ihe allornoygciieral I lie province
bad u Kin,nf. honorable and efficient
son who lo In in "-II I thc premltr', ws.
an honored and valued colleague.
Thii department carried wilh it es.-
tremely heavy responsibilities .mid
all ul which the attorney-general ws.
ever fearless' and energetic. Aa for lb*
policy witb reference to ihe hurried nn
nsialion of South Vancouver be lorn
•ell wa. per.onally re.pon.rbl. thsre-
for and he did not wiah to shirk ths
•ami'. He wai lure that a little nor.
coniidcration ol tbe matter could do
no liSini. Th. plan, re laniUtion
wero as yet vary crude. By means
of patience the problem would be wived on Ihe best ban. and in tbs ad
Uw result would be greatly beneficial
tq greater Vsncouvsr.
The eoiidiiiinn of the prime mini.
Icr'i forceful, comprdionaive snd con-
vindng address wai marked by prolonged applause, several lime. r«-
Tbe tonal "Ridtmond Hiding'' wu
proposed by Mr. Percy King, secretory ot the Kidiniond t'onssrvsiiv.
Association. He oulHnod ths boan-
dariea of tbe riding and fay vivid illustration brought out Ut van; Isrss
ars..    Tbs  population tA tha riding
wu UM ur grata Ihu llnl til
Victuris, but Victoria bsd five mem
fasrs sod Uichmoud only one in the
house. Hs begged la sagged that
sons re-srrsngesncnl of Ibe rcpreteti-
tstion migbl bt nude lo sdvoiilagc.
As it stknd* Kicbiuond ii I he moit im
porl.nt riding in Ibe province outside oi lbs alias. Ue arrayed a very
effective dupLy ol' tbs various lea-
tuns of greatness in Ibe riding and
io semi-buBwrou. vein enlarged upon
its importance from vsrious standpoint*.
Hon. f. I., farter Cotton, member
lor tbs riding, in responding lo tbe
loa.l msde s derided fail by tieulm,:
bimsell ss Ike personification ol hi.
conilituency snd importuning tbe iym-
palbies ol bis bearer, because of Ih
severe bermveSKuK which be hud ol
Isle been called upon lo .u.ljin I).
I.. 301 bsd been laid away, Huilingi
towmrile bsd aim paaacl over lo tho
grest majority oi -lopulali.in, and How
South Vsneouver iu evidently about
lo depart. Amid all bis bervavunenls
of this nalure, hoa.i.r. he wai sun
tbst North Vsneouver would reiniiin
with Ium frum which fact be fouu.l
ground for consolation. Ueierring In
Second Narrows bridge Mr. Cotton
recalled ibe fact lb..l when he .al
wilb Dr. Pugsley, Minister ol Public
Works si s bsm|uet in ibe nunc runiii
in which he now -I.....I. Dr. Pugsiry-
bad followed. Mr. ("ullon'i sanrsnou
of provincial suislanci by ihe unc-
.piivocal dedaraliou lli.il llie Domill
ion government would duplicate any
u»eiitsncc ibal ibe province uiigbl
give snd probably do even more Hi.hi
thai. He hoped il,.i.f.,ie. Ibal lln
Dominion guverumenl would not fui
1 l.r delay ibe cmmenccmenl id cm
-11111I1..11. bul ibal ,1,.1.11,1:1.1 asri.t
.111*. would be shortly forlfaoomfalg.
'flit lutt.i "Muttk .Ymuiuuvtii". gag.,,
proposed by ox-Huyoi' W, H, May who
gave a conciio ruviow of the eity uud
the district und depicted jn glowing-
terma tho doveloinnenla which the future holds iu nt ore aud pf which nil
that baa thus liir been accomplished'
ia but a siiggoation.
In reaponditig Muyur UcNoish- cu- ;
lurged upon lho important develop-
in.'nt:. thul ure at preiii'iit under way
iu thu city and district stilting Unit
one million dollars will bo expend-,,
ul upon civic works during tbe present year,
Mr. .1 iimus P. Pell dealt wilh bridge
matters gruccfully acknowledging Iliu
great us.island: '.it had been nn
dercil the project hy Ihe provincial
government nnd indicating that tlio
procuring of a Pominion suluidy is
now contingent upon Burrard, Inlet
Tunnel uud Bridge Company arriving
ul u basis of Bgronmool with tthe V.
W. a; V. Iliiilwuy.
Mr. dames I'. Keith dwell upon Iho
steadily increasing industrial ml, renin
of the Norlh .Shore, with ninny nf
which ho Was personally connected.
He sspcessed tlie opinion Ihut the
building nl .Second Niiiinivs bridge is
now assured iu (he near future whe/
lltcr tin- Dominion subsidy is or ia not
forthcoming 1.iti,in 11 short lime.
Premier McBride courteously proposed ihe health of lite liiiiirmun which
was duly ' acknowledged nnd tiller a
few words of ankiuiwlodgeinont by Mr.
Mordcn us president of the locul Conservative Association, in which ho ox-
pressed the greut pleasure thut it hud
nlfordul lho association lo entertain
the premier ns well u» Ihe hope Ihat
the Norlh Shorn would sunn lie hut-
orod wilh another visit from Jiiuit lho
N. 11 j..n.it A in In in was sung nnd Ihe
guests dispersed.
Business Property Snap
Ward. Burmester & von Graevenitz
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IIMllTUY RED (|,()VI-;u
ItVt fillASS        AI.FAI.PA
Seed Potatoes
All   our •■•«i» are  ip.ct.illy scli.cti.il  and  lulled   lo comply   witb
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We bave juil received a ibipnienl of these high grudo instrument 1,
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These inslrumciili an of ibohighcil order of workmanship and'pos-
st*. tbe following tfialincli-.<- features':
Kory lory., cupper bau .Iringi'which give u much belter lime fhsii
iron ilring. . olvci-plalcd tuning pins will nol rust and cause strings
lo break; bran flanges which do not swell in dump weather nnd
cause nolei to nick. Special pion-s ol crowning sounding board
which make* tbe lone biting and prevents the piano going out iA
tune 'juicily     Ilic*.' instrument, can only be obtained from
Warburnitz Piano House. Limited
443 Ixmsdal* Avenue Phone 114
BANK OF Hliiiii
One Dollsr deposited in tho Bank ol
Hamilton might mess the fir.t .top
toward Ibe accumulation of s fortune.
Ths ansa who sconu the isgacioui
mvaitmenl oi his aavingi ha. yet to
Issn tha true principle, of frugality
sad thrift.
Deposit ons dollar lodiy-bcgin to
provide again-! old sg. and financial
C. C. HEAVEN, Agent,
North Vanillin"i.
You experience a satisfaction in shopping
Al Birks', where a range of choice And
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Every tjepaitntent from our diamond
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Hastings & Granville Sis.
Geo. E. Trorey,
,,        Managing Director '
Rahs :   $1.00   per   and   up.   Special rains to families
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finest Roof Garden on Pacific Coast
Second Strut.   -   -   •  -  NORTH  VANCOUVEK. U: C.
We operate the only pap-
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moving van in the city. . .
N. V. Cartage Co.
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*fl   Special attention paid to prescriptions and family
tJ   We carry a complete line of Stationery and Drug
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Parkdale Finest Alberta Butter 30c. lb.
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120 JteftMl Sfmt Eait Telephone 206
Cowsfuene* to North Viacouver MercUnU
§* is Y«W OwaTsws, Your 0,it,t ivUdui
(Continued Irom paga 8)
ration party started a lira by liuriiinjr
out a wasp's nest on thu line east of
lied Book, ou tbe Nlpison rivsr wbi°b
Mr. Beatty was unable to quench. He
and bis party were forced to flea for
their Uvea and take-rofugo in a stream
but unfortunately sis of his puckers
were overtaken and periahed in tbo
rndmlily a more e.tenaivo lire lli.iu
that of 1871 was Ihs fire of (pronao-
|y) 1868, whioh was startad by an Indian on l.ndj- Evelyn lake, while burning over a blueberry patch. This lire
burned easterly to tha shores of I.ako
Timiskamlng, up the Montreal river
to its source, and westerly ulong tits
height of laud for over two nun
dred miles to near Michipicolitn, on
Lake Superior.
Surveyors Salter, Gilmour and Sin
i.'lnir, in their reports (1867) of lbs
baseline Irom Hicbipicoten to the Montreal river, describe vast arena ol
burned-over territory, and from the
trunks of trees then standing tbey
were able to state tbat the country ut
one time contained a heavy growth of
pine. I can do nothing better thou
quote Salter*a own words I 'Almost
the whole ol this district appears* lo
have been devastated by Urea at different times and at periods more or
less remote, whicli awopt awuy the
original forest, somo remains of which
are still to be aceu in the shape of
huge trunks ol pine, liluckenod and
charred by tho fire. The country to
tho nortli of my lino, along the height
ol land, hue boon swept over by lira,
and now ii for un area of 2,0tW
square miles, u 'desolate wilderness.
Judging from remains at ill funding
it was formerly covered with pine and
other timber.'
Vaat urooB WOSt" ol l.uko Superior,
along the southern boundary ol tho
province as far oa liuiny I.ako, which
at one time contained im ..■.• quantities
ol pine, wero destroyed prior to 11)67,
probably about tin- year 1MB. These
lire burned over thousands of squitre
miles, both iu Ontario und MiiinisT.n.
Prom Ilia top of a high uiouiil'iin ou
Hunter's island no less than 1,000
aquuro mile of juat iuch country can
be seen, aslonding ui lar ai ths i-ye
cuu carry in almost every direction.
Coming down to more rcoont dates,
I might mention lho lues ol 1877,
whicli burned over oxteniive arcai in
l'arry Sound j tho lire ol 1881, which
swept along tho Canadian i'scific
railway for nearly sixty miles from
1'oganiusing Station to uuur Woman
river, and u more recent one which in
1806 burned over lira .umo territory
and the entire shores ol Uiscotas-
ing and Itumsuy Lakes, and Irom thc
headwater, ol tho Spanish and Mini*
isgi riven lo near Flying l'oat, nortli
of tho huighl oi Intel, n diatunco ol
over seventy miles. These two fires
alone devastatod over a million and a
pjarler acre.. Doing an uye-witlieaa ul
Ihia fire, 1 am able to form some idi u
ol whut a forest Iin- in a |>incry in u
dry season js, and how .utterly impin-
sible it is to check it.
i might alio mention the liroa of
1801, which iwcpt over Northern Min
ite.oiii destroying over 110 lives; this
firs no ...I liuiny itivor inlo tho
Rainy River Valley, burning over sev-
oral ol tho newly acallerod townships,
and destroying tlie live, of .in member, of a family named tiaincshy.
To tin i oitii.ii tot., of North \ mn ,,ii
ver, 11. C, i
I'losso take notice thai on and alter April 10, 1911, the U. B. of Car-
pouters, Local 1438, N. Vancouver, B.
('., will demand u minumum rale of
wagca of tVij ccnla an hour.
P, it. Mcl.EAN,
Rec.-Hcc. Local HS5.
North Vancouver, B. 0.
March M, 19/1. 7-4
(July 1st, 1910)
Province of British Columbia.
No. 384A (1910)
This is to r.'itiiy tbat "THE
authorized snd liconaed to csrry on
business within the Province of British Columbia, and to carry out or affect sll or any ol th. object, of tbs
Company to which the legialative authority of the l.cejisliittiro ol British
Columbia aitend.,
Ths bead office of Ih. Compsny ia
situate in tha City of Montreal, province of Quebec.
Tba head office of the Company in
thia Province J. situate st th. City of
Vsneouver, sod William Ernut Burns,
whoa, address is Vsneouver aforesaid,
is ths attorney (or th. Compsny.
, Th. smouol of th. cspital ot th.
Compsny is Fifty Thousand Dollar.,
divided into On. thousand shares.
GIVEN under my hand snd
Ssal of Office st Victor!.,
(li. S.) Provinc. of British Coluoi-
' bia, this ninth dsy of February, on. thousand nine hundred sad eleven.
Jssgistrsr of Joist Stock Cosnpsnios.
Ws objects lor sliah this Compsny
has been sstsbliibod and licensed ars i
(I) To asport to lbs Dominion ol
Canada the manufactured products ul
fireclay and other like mineral nib-
atancos, and in particular furnnco lining, gas retorts, oolia ovou klnulis,
brinks, tiles, pities, baths, sanitary appliances, vnn'iiliiiiiuf appliances, and
other like artiolos.
It) To carry on business within lift
sa|4 Dominion aa general builders and
contractors, decorators, and nmnulao-
lurora of or dealers, iu all and building requisites and in all such products
aud articles as are mentioned in paragraph 1,
(il) To curry on any other liuaineaa-
ss whether manufacturing or other-
wise, which may aesm to tbo Company
capable ot being conveniently carried
on' in itoitiicittioii with any ol the
above ipecifiad object., or calculated directly or indirectly, to enhance
ths mine of or r.ndur profitable, any
of the ('iiinpnny'a property or rights.
(4) To apply (or, purchase, or otherwise acquire any patents, brsvet.
d'invsntion, licenses, concessions and
tha like conferring, an exclusive oi
ii.in e.velii.'iiwt or limited right to vs.
or any secret or other information as
to any invention which may seem capable ol being use.I for any of ths pin-
poses of tha Company or the acquisition of which may seem calculated di
ractly or indirectly to bonoAt thii
Compuny, and to uie, eserciae, develop or grant liceneoe in respect of, ot
otherwiio turn to uccount tlio propel-
ty right and information ao acquired
(6) To piirchuae or otherwiae acquire and undertake all or any part
ol tho buiineii property and liabilitioi
of any 'ponon or Company carrying
nn any buiineii which thia Compuny
ia until.it i.i 'I lo curry ou or pusses*,
od ol propeity auitublo (or tlio purposes of the Company
(6) To enter into any arrangement
with any governments or authorities,
.. ii j >t • in. -. municipal, local or otherwise
and to oil tu in from any inch government or unlit.ml) all right!, coucci-
sions and privileges thut may leeni
conducive lo the I'ompuny'i objects
or uny oi litem.
li) To enter into partnership, oi
mi" uny arrangement for alluring pro-
lita, union nf iutereata, co-operation,
joint adventure, reciprocal cniicciaion,
or otherwiio with uny ponon or Company currying on or engaged in or
uliout to curry on or ungaue in uny
buiincea or transaction wbich thlt
Company ia nullum/..1 to carry on or
engage in, or any buaineaa or linns
action capable ol being conducted ao
as directly or indirectly lo bonefil thii
Cumpany, and to luke, or otherwiio
acquire, ahurca or slock in, or accuri
tie. ol, and lo aubaidi/e or olhorwia.
aui.t any audi Compuny, and to sell,
hold, nt issue With or without guarantee or otherwiac deal with audi ahurca
atock or aoouritics.
(8) (ienorally to purcliase, tak. or
leaau in otchange, hire, or otherwiss
aciiuiro any roalor peraoiial property,
and any righla or privilege, which the
Company may think necessary oroon-
v.in>-ii) with i,In,'iic to any of the
objects or callable ol being profitably
dealt with iu connection with any ol
the Company'a prnporly or rights lor
the tints being, ana in particular any
land, buildings, easements, licen.es,
patents, plants, mucin uny, ships,
barvoe, rolling-stock, ond itock in
(9) To acll the undertaking ol tha
Company or any part thereol lor nn It
conaidorution aa ihe Company may
think fit, and in particular lor shares
or del in, tui.'., debenture stock or other securitic ol any other Company
having object, altogether or In part
■ iiuiliii  lo those of Ihii Compuny,
(10) To proniol. any Company or
companies lor the purpose ol acquiring all or any of the properly right,
and liabiiilie. ol tho ' ompany or loi
any olhor purpoie which may .com
direct ly or indirectly calculated to
benefit thi. Company.
(II) To invest and deal wilh thi
moneys ol th. ('ompany not imniadi
ntaly required in audi manner aa ma)
irom timo to lime lie dotermined.
(12) To I, tui money to euch peraoti.
und on audi terma aa may aecm cspi-
ilienl, and in particular to cu.lomera
ol and periom having dcalingi with
the Company, and to give any guur-
satss or Indemnity aa may seam ai-
(13) To rail, or borrow, or ascura
th. payment ol moiioy in audi manner snd on euch terma oa may itsni
expedient, and in particular by tbcia-
aus ol ilelieiitiiii. or debentur. stock
windier perpetual or nth.'!win and
charged or nol charuod upon tbs
whofs or any |i.rl ol the pro|wty and
right, ol In. Compuny both prtMot
and futuro, including it. uncalled cap-
its!, snd lo redeem, purchase, or pay
of! any iuch awuritias.
(14) To draw, a...-pi, jndors., discount, siscuU snd inns bill, of aa-
change, promissory notN.dsbraturM,
bills of lading, warrants and other
nsgotlsbl. or transfsrsbl. in.trum.nt.
or locuritie..
(16) To romunsr.U any partis, for
service, rsndsrsd or to lis randsred in
pladng or sssisting to plan* any
sh.ru in ths Company's capital or
any dabsnturas, dsbsntur. it nek, or
ulnar Mcuritiss of th. Company or in
or about th. formation or piomolion
of th. Company or th. conduut of ils
(16) To do sll or any of th. alxiv.
thing, in any part of th. world aad
either a. principal., audita, titmice*,
contractor, or otherwu*, and cither
iliuii.' or in conjunction wilh otbera,
and cither by or through agents, subcontractors, trtutoo. or otnsrwiss.
117) To sail, improve, manage, develop, exchangt, enfranchise, lraw,
mortg.g., ilnijoso of, turn to account,
or otherwiac deal with all or any part
ol the propeily or righla of ih. Company.
(18) To do all nidi other tilings ss
art iiiciiientiil or conduoivs u> ths attainment of the abov. objscl. and ao
thst lbs word "Company" ia this
CIsum ihall bs dumsd lo include sny
partnership or other body ol psrwas
whtllier jncoruorafsd or not i'lnirpor-
alsd, and wbthar domiciled in th.
United Kingdom or elMwhere, .ni >o
that th. objects spsdfisd in ..icb ot
Uu) fir.t two paragraph! of this'
Clsuie .ball unapt wben olbwwis. m-
prsssad in .ueh paragraph bs in no
wiw limited or rcslricTsci by rsfsr.no.
to or udsrsnes from tbs terms of any
otiisr DsxssrsoB. or **>» nsms Of uu.
Wp wwit your bmineiw, and M y»>i|.
will five ui a trial will ihow you
thM we have the goods, the pricei
and the best service in Nortli Vancouver
Nails, Building Paper and Finiihed
Houie Hardware delivered on the
job in ihort notice.
Patterson, Goldin & Clark
North Shore Locators
Wo aro placing on the market a block of 17 lots, on ths
Grand Bouluvnrd extension. These lota uro high and dry, with
an unaurpuaaed view, two blocks from tho present car lins, size
10x136, partly cleared. Prices Irom $650 to $800. Tcrms-1-5
caah, balance, il, li, 0, ID, Iii, 18, "1  and 94 months.
Come iu and let ua show you over thia property.
No. 8 Lonsdale Ave.
Phone 123
Garner Lonsdale and Second.
Phone 255
WE have received a large consignment of Ladies Shirt WaiiU, in
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value iuch an assortment hai never
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convince you we can defy all dr 1
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office, 50 Lonidale Aveme
The Gumey-Oxford Steel Top Range
means a marked aaving in
fuel and better baking results.
only does its woik I4ETTER
but AT LEbS COST than
other Kangi".
We can demonstrate to you
(lie whole Superior Chan-
'-•'•Nor principal ol economy
sudifficiency in ten minutes.
Is it nol worth (hat much
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The J, D, Fraser Hardware Co.
1* thr umm, mum umom% b, &
I'MI'I"   ,' I     .'  '       'I II    ",!.'■■ I 111
Successors to
'   WV   ■
Johnson Kerfoot Co.
tit   1 It
125*127     ?
Hastings Street West
"' i ■■
Christies - $2.50, $3.00, $3.50
Stetsons   i,      -      -      $4.00
These hats speak (or  themselves being the
standard in quality and finish.
ranging in price from 95c to $3.00
Light Underwear a Specialty
High grade clothes with style and snap for particular people built by
expert tailors and guaranteed to hold their style and appearance
Clothes that will retain their shape to the last thread
Vancouver's Home of "Silver Brand" Collars and PeabodyV Union Made Overalls
Lonsdale Estate
50 foot Lots (cleared) for sale in
District Lots   265   and   553
At the Terminus of the Capilano
Carline   in   District   Lot    607
One Acre Lots for sale in District Lots
132 and 129
For Price Lists, Terms, «nrj Particulars apply
526 Winch Building, Vancouver, B.'£       Phone 2635
it .'iniimcd frum page '.')
Tbo i'l'i'it of tbo Ottawa ropro-
■dilutive, waa then read aa fulluwa:
. To tbe ('ity Council,
]    Norlh  Vancouvor, 1). ('.:
I   (.rotlemon,—Wc,   tbo   delegate,   ap-
! puintod by your Hoiiorubly Uody for
< llie purpoie of ii|'|nnil11: before the
Minister, of tlio lloiniiiiou I'ariiuuicnl
,it Ottawa iu auppurt ul the upplicu-
! lion ul tbe V..muni Inlet Tunnel k
llridgo Co. for a lubsidy uf three bun
drod thouiand dollari luwuidi tlio
building uf tbo bridge ucr.m lho Sec-
■ 6ud Narrow, of flurriirij Jnlol, nnd
ten lrn.ii.niid dollara per mile fur tbi
nccoary connect iny railway, and al
•0 tho vim.ins other matters of mu
in, if.,I iiii.-i. -ji . Ih-c Iu report as foi
lows :
On February 113rd laal our dolcgu
lion Mi heie on route for Ottawa at
wbich plaos wo arrived ou March 1st,
and during tbs ensuing week on every
poiliblo occaiion wo interviewed thc
various mini.In. and members wbo
Would bs ot Biu.laiice in lurlbenii(i
tbo aovoril projocli horviualter infer
rod to, sod ws bsve much pleasure in
reporting tbst tho potilions and arguments presented received linir 1m.1t
eourtsou. conaidoratiun and careful
As you sre aware provifjon. had
been made at former lenauW al tbe
Dominion parliament for a prsot ur
eubsidy ol two hundred thousand dul
lars in tbs name of tiro V, W. k V
Hallway Co. luwardi a cunilruclion
of a railway bridgo at thc point.abovo
"Ws ars of tbe opinion that the au
thorilie. al Ottawa arc fully couvinc-
ed ss lo the neoosnly ol a railway
aad general traffic bridgo al lb. Second Nsrrowi ol Ibe Burrard Jnlol and
further, tbat tbey aro desiroui of doing everything in Hreir power to ran-
dor Uw nsosseary government asaiel-
asm towards ths project, providing,
however, that the principles of the
Burrsrjl Tunnel k Bridga Co. and the
V. W, * Y. Railway Co. can got to-
gsthsr and on an equitable and practicable basis come lo an amiosbls sr-
rsngsmsnl in connection with Ihe
building of the aaid bridge, in which
esse we fssl confident the government
auhsrdy will be immediately availsbis.
Wi trust that in Ihs interest of* tbt
ttuaiitipalitisa effected and Ih. diHer-
sot psrtiss ooncerned, tbst no time
will bs lost In Ihs sllempt 00 com*
lo s sslisfaotory sgresmsnt sod sst-
OsbudI ol the points st issue.    Aad
wc believe tbat tbe above mentioned
companies will meet together (or tbo
purpose of ,li.. 1 in,- a settlement in tbe
very near future.
Wo aro pleased to report that thc
Cual arrangements have beeu mude
wilh tho dopartmcut uf Indian affairs
ut Ottawa fur Ibo cuiitinuulion of
Third atroot through the Indian Mi
slot, und we dtpcel that the patent
will be furthcoming iu a few dayi.
We aJiu report Ihut we have entered
in negotiations with thc department
ul Indian Affairs and Murine and Fisheries for the purpose of acquiring u
right-of way, for the Continuation ol
the I'lplanude on the loreihore in
Iroul. of ihe Squam'iili' Indian'.Kkgffiyc
and lho 'departments ulorciaiJ buVe
instructed us bow to proceed wilh
our part of the negotiations. With
reference to a pusl office site in Norlh
Vancouver, Mr. 1'ugsley of the depart
ineiil of Public Works bas siguiiicd bis
willingness lo do lomulhing in this
connection and it represented only a
question of how much money will Is-
available for this purpoic. At the
prison! limo wo are in correspondence
with the department on thii lubject
and witb reference to sub-port of 01
Mr. I'otlerion, thc Minister ol '"us-
luiui, assured u. that bo would affoid
us every pufsible facility fur the transaction of buiiucu under bit department, and that with the postal department •ecurinj a aile snd building,
there i. no question bul that bis de-
paromonl would join wilb tbem and c.
tabliib hero tho sub-port as requested.
All ol which is respectfully submitted
A motion by Mr. Kittson that tbe
delegate, be tha.okod lot their offorts,
was seconded by Aid. Henderson and
approved by the meeting.
A motion (0 tho offoct that tbe de
legation itand ai a delegation wai
alio carried.
The various committees reported   ss
A request of SUlor Msry Amy to
liove li-iiich oonnoclion with main on
Keith Boad for fire protection purposed st St. Paul's school. Commit
lee decided to recommend tbat ssmi
be grantrd providing Sister Mary
Amy give sn undertaking Ihat the
water wilD be used only for firs pro
be recossnwndatioD ol oily engineer
thst nsjtsr be placed on the supply
pipe to ths Seymour Lumber Co'..
mill.. Committoc sujAoruod thai thia
be dome.
Tho oity angiosst .sported thai the
work o< constructing  Ihs new aereen
iug tank would be finiahed in abuut
two weeks. The new main Id-inch,
would be tilled wilh wuler about Friday or .-.iiiit.i.iy. .-.cii.'i.ii of the
main Iuid been empty for tho past
Iwo ur three rnuutlis. A few mouths
lieu the) euuinieiiccd lu lost tbc new
main witb the partial head o! water
aud would bv able tu give the full
bead of water in a few dayi. It
would be necessary lo repair about
W or Is) ieuks uluiig the main |>i|iu
line. When these were mude the
main would Ihi in fairly good euudi-
1 nut
The ongincer submitted a tabular
stati'iiiciit of tlie tenders received for
waterworks specials. Cummit/tee
wmtuiumtail that the contract fur tecs aud erusaea bv awarded
to I etui! k liurpee at a price of $1,-
Ibo, the contract for gute valve, tu
Hubert ton, i.iiil.'tnii, J.Id., al a pirn
of il-t't -'I, and liv.it.it.1 lo Puine
k   McMillan   at   a   total    price   ol
Tbe meeting ibun went into commit'
B.  nqile.l   ol   Unlit     I HI lie   to   have
0th street opened up betwouu St. David's and St. Andrew1! Avenues. Committee decided lo go over ibo ground.
Bo petition limn Uouao.1 Gladwin
aud olhcri io have Jouo opened in the
rear ol Ibe bouse un Uth street l.„
1 wen Si. I.eorgo's and St. Andrew's
Avenuei to drain thc effluent from Sep
tic lank at au climated Colt of foU
ihe property owuers bad agreed to
have work carried oul by oity. Thc
engineer waa instructed to construe'
a drain and charge iamo to properly. Fjigineor recommended two locations as suitable .ite. lor yard, ol tbe
waterworks and Board of Works departments, ris., lot t, blook 136, 11
I.. 271, lot A, Blook 76, D. L. MO.
Other sites were suggested including a
sits in tbt pork ores, ll. I,. 517. Coin
mission decided to view several suggested aits..
Mr. T. C. Tiroman applied (or a
sidewalk conneotiun lo hia office
building^ recently removed lo a position un tbe Fiplanade jail behind ihe
B. C. K. B. office Committee rocom-
msndsd thst the work be done.
Tbe engineer waa in.lructed to obtain price, (or a luitaWo angina lo
drive th« rook crusher.
The committee decided lo meet
at fib .tree! OB Saturday morning
tli o'clock lo deal with Ihe rtaasat
Iron the sewer contractors to etnas
portion oi thoroughfare during pro-
osss of constructing mwst connection
lo proosrty lias. xm
Express Want Ada.
WANTNP-TWo lots in 784 on vary
easy terms,  tlwnura only. HI-II
WANTED I-Chambermaid.      Palace
Hotel 31-8
WANTEP - Man to out firewood.
Wiigboi-iio, Boss Boad l.ynu Valley
or Espress Office.
Gentleman wishes nice room in private family close in, with or without
bosrd. Apply giving terms to No. S6,
Espress Office. 81-3
FPK KENT - Furnished house***?-
jfig-ranma,- Sld-ilnd-alrestresstK— jB-4
LOST-Bunoh ol keys, one boariag
iiiiinbiti- ol 1805. Hewiml. (!apt films.
Cotes, 4th atreet, North Vancouver 7-4
LOST-Bluok and white Solfer Pup,
(bitch) ut car terminus Cypilano Sunday afternoon. Owner 314, Hastings
slroet. Phone 1077: 10-4
Fresh   I ■■ .-■  for   Su|o.    C.   E.
Keouu, 15th street.
FOB SAI.E-Gnod milcli Cow. Apply
phono 11511, s'urlli Vancniiver.
Flret class Cook Htovf for sulo. Apply at 1*7 Lonsdale Ave. 5-1
J. Lsutet and North Lonsdale
Elder Murray Co. firs insurance.
Mra. It'll,,.Id, dressmaker, bus returned to North Vancouvor uud ia
i,|icii lor engagement. Terms $1 per
dav, U to 6. bl-3
FOB SALE—Booming house and furniture, tihi). One Illock from car.
dohn Alexander, I'JI Lonsdale Avenuo
Nortli Vancouver. 31-3
FOB SAI.E - Young strawberry
I'I.mi |. 50c. per hundred. First prize
slock Maguoii. Apply W. ilolds-
worth, 14th street k Forties Avenue
west, North Vancouver. 44
Miss Eva llobden is prepared tu
luko " or 3 more pupils into her uf-
teriioon preparatory school. For
terms apply Host 310, Norlli Vancouver. 84-4
FOB SAI.E-A fine .lorsey-Diii-hiini
Cow, calving middle ol April. Apply-
to Mrs. Dougnll, corner fills und St,
Oeorge, Norlli Vancouver,
I.OT-One block from Lonsdale oar,
$175. Easy lerms. Mrs. Mcllwaine,
162 Third street east, lilt house from
Lonsdale. " 8-1-4
EOlt SALE—Cow • manure lor the
gulden. One dollar per loud, Colin
F. Jackson, Fifteenth street, telephone
105.   ' 31
We will buy or exchange your stovss,
rung.'i and household goods (or spot
cash.. Turner's, 70 Lonsdale Avenue.
Phone 184.    '. X Bos 313.
FOB S ALE ---One block from Lonsdale car, Boulevard Lot, 50 leet frontage, price 8'llKI, easy terms. Mrs. Mcllwaine, Im! Third street eait, lib
house from Lonsdule Ave. 14-1
are now ready to fill all orders
for coal They will
oarry a full line of building supplies. Oat the best. They have it.
A trial order will convince you of
ibat. Oat your coal before the
rainy season sets in. Read-
quarters on corner of Esplanade
and St. Oeorge, North Vancouver.
Phone 259       •       Terms Caah
Booms 10 and 11, Pender Chambers,
r,'21 Pend.r Street W.        Phone 3451
ll,■ iii,i:.,■    cor.   Lonsdals   Ave    snd
Wnd street, Noilh Vancouver.
TKNDEHS WANTED lur alterations
to the basement ol the two roomed
sclioolhpiisc on King street, North
Vancouver, for tlie school trustees of
tho district inunicipulity of Nortli
The lowest or any lender nol nrccs-
surily accepted.
I'liiiis uud specifications may be seen
at this office or with Mr, 'i'bonini Nye,
North Vancouver.
Sealed lenders to lw lodged with th
..,.-i.i.. .-i not luter than noon on April
'   IL M. 1IABKEH,
86 Hutchinson Illock,
31-3 Pender St., Vancouver.
At il)a meeting of fhe ferry directors
on Thursday afternoon the following
mallei's ware brought Wore thu
A communication from tbe Wallace
Shipyard, wu. roud stating thai tlio
pew ferry was «"« completed and
ready (pr service. By the torms of
the agreement all that remains to be
doitii before tlie bout is put in service
is (or the directors to pity Mr. Wallace the 35 per cent, ol the contract
prim as' aisled in agreement and the
hill  fur,.!', t ni ii, tbe latter amounting
to  iqipriivim.ilely  44,000.
Tlie Board decided to eonaiilor the
mailer in committee. >
Tlie sum of $3 ouch was votud lo
the ladies who hud taken elnirgo of tlio
refreshments on No, 3 ut tho triul
Accounts for the month of February
lotuilod *T6,000.
The iliu,-i,it-.; then went into committee ol the whole.
II,Hutu V. linker of Nurth Vuneouver wus brought liefore Magistrate
Edmonds of New Westminster on u
charge of .-. H ■ ■ .. ( violation irflhc mur-
riugc ucl, by marrying bis deceased
brother's widow. I'rovinciul Cnnslu-
ble Wilkic uf New Westminster made
Ilic cliurge acting under instructions
Irom Victoria. Wilkic claims that
by Baker swearing that lie knew ol no
impediment to liis m.irriuge ho com-
initial perjury.
Tbo ease was remitted lu a higher
court' lo decide the legal point in
Mr. Patrick Allan returned on
Satunluy night from u four months'
sojourn in the southern portion of the
United States und Mexico. During his
trip Mr. Allan visited the cities of
San Francisco, Los Angeles, San
Diego and others.
SEALED TENDEHS on lho prc-
scriliul forms and accoinpunied by casdi
or certified cheque for live per cent, of
Ihe ,,iti,,'ml ol tender will be received
by the undersigned until 5 p.m, on
Thursday. 6th April, I'.HI lor clearing, grubbing and grudinD portion of
II'   Lu    Koad, Lynn Valley,
The lowest ur uny tender not ncccs-
ssrily accepted.
District Engineer.
District Muni' ip.il Office
North Vancouver, B. C.,
26th March, I DLL 4-4
Wuler will be shut uff thc city   between llie hours uf 10 p.m. and I a.
in.    on    Friday  evening,  Murch  31st.
IUII,   llir   llie   purpose  uf pulling iu
two ID-inch gate valves in Ihe main.
City Engineer.   •
Cily Engineer's Office,        ,
Nortli Vancouver,
Murch SOth, 1911. 31
SEALED TENDEHS ofl the prescribed forms und nccompuiiied iiy certified
cheque ur cash for five per cent, of the
amount of lender will be received by
Ihe undersigned until 5 p.m. uu Thursday, fith April, I'JI I, for:
1. Clearing and grubbing Weslover
Koad, Lynn Vulley, from Allun Bond
to Duval Boad.
2. Chairing nnd grubbing Queen
atreet, North Lonadale, for two
blocks west ul Lunsdnle Avenue in accordance wilh plans und spccilicutions
tu be seen at  this ollice.
The lowest or uny tender nut necessarily accepted.
.(. II. C08GBQVE,
District  Engineer.
District  Muuicipul Office,
Norlli Vuncuiiver,
31st  March, ID!I. II
NOTICE is hsrojiy given Hint the
partnership heretofore existing between I., I wo, Dickinson uml John
Scott us sash und .lour manufacturers
ul Nurth Vancouver haa this duy
be,a ill...i,I'...I by mutual consent tlie
•uid John Scott retiring.
The laid Edwin Dickinson ai|umcs
ull llie liabilities of tho late firm aud
tu whom all accounts are payable.
IJuiud this 31st day of March, I'JI I.
SEALED TENDEHS on lho prescribed forms and accompanied by ceruli- ,1
cheque ur cash lor five per cent, of the
amount uf tender will be revival bv
thc un'i, i -it it" 1 until 5 p.m. un
Thursday, 13th April, I'JI I, iir tb.
clearing,' grubbing. und gruding uf
I Frederick Koad from Fromme Kind
!eastwards to Centre Boad, l.yni Valley, in accordance with- plans and ipe
eificuliuns tu be seen at Ihis offiij).
The lowest or any tender not necessarily uccepted.
J, 11. COSCfiOVE,
District Ejgii..i:-.
District Muuicipul Office,
Norlh Vancouver,
8th March, lull. 114
The preliminary bearing pf Thomas
A, Martin, n prominent Norlh Vancouver real estate broker, ,on a charge
of forgery yesterday morning reeiiltud
in. bis being sent up (or trial to a
higher court. ,
Martin' reserved bis defence on the
advice qf Ids lawyer-
Mr, W, N. McKiu conducted the case
nn behalf of tho orowii while Mr. S,
11, Schult* roprosontod tbo accused.
Three soparuto chuiges uro recorded
Uguillst   Martin.
Of knowingly forging s certain document to wit, s .led of laud, lute
12 and 13, block 126, 1). Jj, 274, on
December 28th, 1010, between Thomas
W. CoolllS ol   I'm,min and   I In una.. A.
Martin ; by obtaining by false pre-
iciicc.i a sum of money for snid laud ;
und did utter und use deal with act
upon auid forgery.
Tho first witness brought by Mr. Mc-
Ivir was D.ilion. a clerk in tho registry office llnii...i teitiiiicl to knowledge nl certain documents prcionted
in court in connection with hia work,
also lo thc ni amp on a certain envel
ope whicli cntiianail lho deer! of agreement in question as false, not huvin
Im-n put I here in the registry office.
Percy Wanl, roal estate broker, was
nest witness. He tesliliei Ihat tho
lole in question, hud been bought by
him from Mr. Martin, the moiioy due
un said lots he liiul paid Mr. Murlin
personally ol his agents Murgeaon
llnilliuis. Total uimiiint puid on suid
lots $2,500. •
Wm. 3. Putter, litinnciul secretary uf
ihe Salvation Army for Canada wns
thru hcurd. Poller knew Mr. Thoinus-
f'ooiiia, he being so unwell that it was
impossible, for him lo attend, also
gave evidence throwing light on hiiiid-
writing oi Mr. Counts. Ilibb,it Rest,
ciipluiu nf tlie Salvation Army, Vancouver, hud bundled considerable communication of Mr. ('minis and ulso
iuid personal knowledge ul handwriting, He testified lo the genuineness of
certain sigiiuliircs on some of thc papers showli in court us Counts' wilh
the exception of the deed in question
which he did not th nl, win Coomi'
Afler llie adjournment for lunch Mr.
McKie culled a handwriting expert
wboae evidence went lo show that the
aignuliiru on the false document wu.
iu the handwriting uf tlie prisoner.
Murlin plouded mil guilty lo till
ui tlie chnrgce but reserved hia defense. It is understood that ho will
upjdy lor speedy triul.
Editor Express :
Sir,—You will no doubt bo grulifled
tu learn thut the llund concert given
recently wus a linuneial succcae.
The llund fully upprcciutcd the gen
eruiia suppurt given Iheni by the cil
iticiis ut Nnrth Vancouver on thul oc
ciision. I wish to sincerely tltunk
Mn. lim ui, i, i und Miss Kirklund for
iheir sn '.ii,-.- which woro given gratia
Alao thc kindness ol the North Vancouvor School ol Music lor llie piano
Messrs. Simpson it Wight for flowers
und - plants. Tbo valuable services
rendered the Bund by the Norlh Van
couver "Express" iu advertising und
printing wus a greut laolur iu thc sue
cess uf Ihe cunccrl ai was ulsu the ail
vortisement thrown on the canvat
iiiuhlly by Munuger Vonnor of the Hen
(beat re. . •
Thanking you, iir, on lieliulf of tin
Norlh Vancouver City Bond'uud my
self, I 4m
Yours respectfully,
, Bandmuater.
West Vancouver Acreage
  4sin     tit      i. ■ f  i..iiiij
sONC VIQIT t0 West Vancouver will convince
SEEKER and the SHREWD INVESTOR that this is the
.Coming District,
H   For Large and Exclusive lists of Lots and Acreage, see
121 Lonsdale Avenue
HOLLYBURN W fciftw«y.^
Mr.' II. I),mains. Dm.ui Boud, mel
wilh a painful accident on Tuesday
morning when ho cut hi. hund and
fir. Vomer had to put three stitches in.
M. Thompson, North Vancouver, ii
clearing hii lot, Corner of Centre, and
Doran Boadi.
Thc new electric lights are greatly
appreciated by tbe residents ol tlie
Valloy who hope that mure will follow
Very shortly.
A now refreshment stand haa been
opened at thc end of (he oc car fare
by Messrs, Uuttic >*. Peursun. Wo
wish Hun) all eucccss in their venture.
A baby girl has arrived at lho homo
of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Archibald.   '
Mr. Pierce's new residence on
Frtfrnwltrnld is flooring' completion.™
Tho Methodist Ladies' Aid will mod
at   the home of Mr. Iir own,   Kilmer
Koad    Tuesday    illicit,,,,,n,   April   Ill-
All liulies in Ihe Valley ore Welcome.
The fiiiiniliiii.Hi for Mr. Burrows'
now bouso on Fromme Boad ha.bv.ii
Uid.   »
Don't forget ths dale of opening ol
tbe new Prcsbyforian church, April
Hub. A hearty welcome i. extended
to #11.
Mr. Warren Archibald bu. the
foundation alartod for hi. new residence on Dorap Bond,
Mr, Anderson's new house on PeUr
itoad ia under construction.
Quito a change has taken pjaca in
the vicinity of Hoikini flood by the
We are in a position to
look after your requirements in this line. We sell
Stumping Powder,
Fuse and Caps, We can
quote you at a minutes
nolice prices by the pound,
box or car; f.o.b. this city.
paine & McMillan
The II .i-dv.-nre Spoidaliiti. Phone 12
McMillan'.* Tea
I* Good
3 lbs. for $1.00
j. \. i. m. McMillan
removal ol all the standing limlier on
t|. W. Sugden'i and tico. I.rtih's property by ,1. M. Fromme,
Dame rumor rip.its several weddings arc to lake place in llie Valley
ill thc near future.
Mr. f.uml) is liuil.iiiia u new bouse,
corner Frederick und Fromme Bond,
The partnership hcreloforg oul ing
lietwcen .luhn li, Kressoy, Ldauid
I'i-1 and Waller I.. Boull. .,11 oi
North Vancouver, is this day d's-i Iv-
ed by mutual consent und the nul estate mid insurance liroker, m liu>tii,-s
ol Bressey, J'eera k Boull will in fu
lure bo conducted by Edward F.or.
and Walter L. Boull under tin; firm
name of l'cen k Boull.
Mr. Bressey, who is leiv n: for nn
extended trip to l'cacc Itiver corly in
April, hopes Ihul his in.mis will con-
ikid.' iheii business connection with
thc firm during his ulisence.
March 31st, 1911. 4-4
ull persons having claims against
the estate of Murtha II. Holt, decotis-
e.1, lute of the City of North Vuneouver. are required to sent by post, prepaid, or deliver to Schult! k Arnold,
solicitors for Ihe executor uf thc suid
deceased, their names and addresaci.
ami lull, particulars-in writing of their
claimi and Ihe nature of tho iccurily,
il any, hold by thefn.
AM) TAKE NOTICE that after the
lit ol Muy, Jill I, the, exocutor will
proceed lo distribute the assets of the
deceased, having regard only to the
claims of whicli he then ahull have
had notice.
ihut all parties indebted to tho suid
estate are required to pay , Iho
amount ul their indebtesncii lo the
■ i,|,i : i.ci  forthwith.-
Dated Ibis 2'.nli duy ol March, 1911.
Solicitors lor thc Executor.
lOll-l 6 Crown Building, 615 Fonder
Street, Vancouvor, 11. C. 2-6
Larson s Pavilion
Re the establishment of "WHITE CITY" Amuae-
ment Park in Lonadale Garden*
By Order of the Council,
'    *


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