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 ownra is
Mayor McNeish Sells City
Debenturei at Good Price
Grand Total for Public
Works, 1912, $1,000,000
Financial intricacies evidently agree
With Mayor McNeish. Looking extremely woll—one might say almost ro
juyenated—ho presided over tho city
council laat nigh! for the st time
■ince returning from hii debenture trip
to the eu'sl, and in the course of the
session presented, iii conjunction with
tbe city clerk an aedpunt uf their negotiations, both in Qttawa aud Toronto.
Thu, result is a sum approximating
(760,01)11 is available for civic public
works Ihis year outside lhe amounts
which may bo voted m| uf general
revenue. Tbe latter will Swell t !>•■ ng
grogate civic expenditure for IMS to,
public works tu a round million dol
Tbe following are the sali/nt\featurei
of the report as read to/ the\ council
lest night!
"Your delegates arrived in Ottawa
On the ilh of February und that after
noon inni. up with the Deputy Minis
ler of Public Wurks the right of the
clly tu construct sanitary sewer out
let sluug tbe westerly boundary of Mi
lion avenue stroet end produced am
the protest being made by Indiana in
connection with thc( same. We learned
upun the correspondence relating to
the matter being referred to tbat the
depnujiieni'i engineer had reported
that he aaw no reason why an order
should got issue consenting tu lhe work
if the pim iMoin. of chapter 115 were
compiled wilb in reipect to advertiiing
and |ilmp of piaus.
"Your   delegates   interviewed    tbe.
llonurablc Mr.
itia and informed him thai tbe electors of tbe city had authorised tbe disposal to the crown of a portion of Mu
hoa al'rk compriiing about four acres
in al) for drill half and armory site.
lir. Hughes hsd nothing but compli-
mentsry romarks to |iii upon the pet
riotism snd public e/irileduess of tin
citiiens of North Vincouver, ami gav
instructions to have a grant included
in the suppleinuntary estimates for the
construction /ft a drill hall in Nortl
" Youj/dolegstes discussed with Mr.
HtovejiC, M.P. tbe question of the city
ng tho lirst right to purchase tho
Reserve and  upon  bis advice
ddreued a letter to the department of
Indian Affaire making applicatiun for
the flrst right to purchase the Squa-
iiiii'li  Million!  Indian  reserve    when
same ia open for sale.   In tbia connection your delegates were possessed of
certain information regarding the future use reserve might be put to but
which must of necessity be treated as
confidential meantime
"Hearing of tbe C. P. B. application
took place before tbe Hon. Mr. Cocb
rune, Minister of Railways, at his officios Friday the Uth, in tbe presence of
your delegate!, Reeve May of the dis
trict, II. 11. Stevens, M.P., W. McNeill
of the V W. k Y. snd Clivo Cringle
appearing on behalf of the Burrard In
let Tunnel and Bridge Co
\ "After hearing all tbe arguments ad
diced by tbe parties present for and
against tbe spplication, particularly in
reepeet to harbor developments, run
ning rights of other rsilwsys, time for
tho commencement, completion snd operation of the road, connection with
both ends of tbe Becond Narrows
bridge,'control of transportation fscil
g».V0 i; I I   I   .  I I    .. .   .1 sii.       , *■    . *
Hughes, Minister of Mil' »'«• ]>y a diitributing system of rail-
ways on Ihe nurth ihoro, also rights
of the Burrard Inlet Tunnel 4. Bridge
Co. and tbe V. W. k Y. and other matters, the minister intimated that bo
would grant spprovsi of the route msji
(Oontmuid on rage Bight)
Msyor Oity Olerk
Who  successfully  concluded  financial Wboss pressne sad advlca greatly as-
arrangements upon behalf of tlie city slated In tbs uicceisful financial neat Toronto. gotlttlons st Toronto.
Bridge Plant.Ready in April
Two Leaf^Sucule—Tenders Will
Pacific Great Eastern Railway to
Absorb Howe Sound P. & N. Rly.
Present Line and Equipment With Charter
Rights to Be Purchased by New Company.
In tbe courie of hii ipecch in moving the lecond rcediug uf tbe bill pro
viding for a line of railway from
North Vaueouver to Fort Oeorge, Pre
mier McBride made the following
statement as to the rclationi of the
Pacific and Oreat Eastern Railway
Company witb the Howe Souud, Pemberton and Northern Bailway:
"Tbere ie an item I muat mention
before moving the lecond reading of
tbii bill. It occurs in connection witb
none or ten miles of standard gauge
•     JAMBS 0. KEITH
Preeldent Hows Bound, PemberUu and
Northern BaUwey Oo.
railway built from Howe Bound towards ths Pemberton Valley by tht
Howe Bound and Pemberton Meadowe
Eilway Compauy, of which Mr. /. G,
ith, an SatlmabU eititen of British
Columbia, is preiident, From my Information Mr. Keltb undertook tht
construction of this lins from the town
of Newport it the head of Howe Bound
Pemberton Valley and further on to
Fort Oeorge. Tbe Pacific and Oreat
Eaitorn Bailway, as I bsve slready do
scrlbsd, will traverse the ssme icctiou
of country as is already traversed by
this nine miles uf road. I would like
to inform tbe legislature this after
noon tbat in tbe working out of tbe
details in connection witb tbe consfruc
tion of tbis line, It ii expected that
tbe new company will be enabled ou
fair and reasonable terms to take over
tbs trsckage of ths Howe Sound sad
Pemberton Valley road, so tbat tbo la
veatment for which It stands will.And
fair and ample protection. If tbe gov
eminent'can conduce towards s settle
uiciil of this sort I assure you we sliull
spare no effort in tbit direction. Mr.
Keith la an old resident of tbis coun
try, snd has shown grsat faith in this
provincs, and is one for whom I bsve
great reepeet, aad to me it would be
yery latiifactory if those Interests could
be fund, and ths invsstments of Ur.
Keith should aot bs affected."
Inquiry at the head offices of ths
Howe Sound, Pemberton snd Northern
Railway Company elicited the information tbat negotiation! are now proceeding between tht repreeeotatlves of
the two companies with a vlsw to tbe
trsuifer, but that the Jatalls of the
purchsse hive aot yet been complet
ed. There is no doubt, however but
tbat ths ultimate outcome will be set-
Isfsctory to both .parties. Ths si
sets trsniferred will iacluds ths charter rights of ths Hows Bound, Pemberton ind Northers Railway, together
wltb the line aad equipment it present ia operation. It will-not include
any of tbe real estate or similar assets of tbe company. As Intimated in
tha remarks of Premier McBride tbe
purchase is made it tbe suggaitlon of
the government in protection at tbe
rights of tbe H B, p. k N. Railway
Compfny In view of tbs faet that tbat
company  bad  bun  pioneer  nilway
It ii staled that by thu end of Apri
tbe plans fur lhe Hccopd Narrows
bridge will have been completed. Am
when they are finally approved by tin
railway commissioners at Ottawa, i
meeting uf lbe directors uf Ihe bridgi
compauy will be culled and lender,
invited. A few weeki later the con
tract will be let and work will be
started on the construction of the
bridge, ll is the opinion of Ei Reeve
McNaught Ibat littlo lime will be loll
iu pushing lhe wurks
Sir Juhn Wolfe Harry's engineers ure
working on the plans now. As soon
as Ihey can gel some uf them completed
they will be forwarded tu Otdiwa tu
the cotumls'iiomn there. Aid ivctiui
by sectiuu, the plans will be submiiicd
to the ■ oi. em.'i !:■ for Ibeir apprA
al.   In III!.: way a great deal of lime
will be nve'1.
Tbe men important feslure in which
the plans will be altered as compared
with the recommendation of Mr. P..
Crutwell will be with respect to the
lift which will ><e of Iho Musculo type
with two leaves instead of one. This
change is necessitated becauae of the
requirement uf the engineering depart
ment of the Dominion gin eminent in
the effect Ihel llic span be '.'.VI feel
lung instead uf 11011 feel as intended.
The Hoard of Directum of llurrurd
Inlet Tunnel and Bridge ('uinpunj held
a meeting yesterday at the request of
tbe bridge committee uf Vuncouver
eity council,, at which all lbe details
of the compsny were carefully explain
ed to lhe committee to Iheir complete
•atiifecliou. Mayur Kindley ul' Van
couvcr and Mayur McNeish uml Reeve
May of Nurlh Vancouver, together will,
olher municipal representatives were
present and results were accomplished
which are expected tu promote lhe
cooperation of the municipalities in
providing tbe additional fiuaucial as
liitancc, which will be required in or
der lo mecl the increased cost of "in
Mines On Seymour Creek
Arraugemsnts Msds for Active Qevel
opment of Valuable Properties oo
North Bhors.
It il uut generally recognised thai
within a few inilcs of Burrsnl Inlel
on the North Shore are lo be found a
series of mining claims which have
been declared by mining men of wurld
wide rcpulatiiiu tu contain ure deposits
thai rank among the grcatcil on the
continent fur magnitude. As a sum
pie of the site uf these uro deposits
there is on one claim named tbo Roosc
veil, a ledge which has been uncovered
for a width of .'cm acres across the
fine aud which is clearly traceable a
distance uf Ilium feel in length. There
arc several claims iu the group .sll of
which arc owned by the Imperial Car,
(Shipbuilding and Dry Duck Corpora
lion and lhe claims are estimated un
.Seymuur creek wltbln lhe boundaries
uf  Nurth  Vancuuver  diitrict.
While considerable development wurk
hai been done un the properties frum
time to lime, uo effort has hitherto
been made to develop Ihem on au extensive basis, li is now reported from
private sources that the owners have
entered into au agreement with une of
the slrong.'M milling corporations in
Europe for tbo'development of Ibe pro
perlies on a comprebenilvc scale and
thai active up. ruiions may be expected
lo begin in Ihe near future. The work
ing uf these mines together with the
stabliibing of thu related industries
will nn an Ihe building up of a pu\ rull
uf large proportions und will confer
large benefits upun   North   Vancouver.
Two cases of which tbo preliminaries were heard pt the city ball this
rooriilnji, woro adjourned until tomorrow owing in ibe absence of essential
witnesses. One esse involved a church
squsbble, wrapped up and doliverod ss
in assault charge. Mr. ¥,. V. Stewart
la tbo defendant and Mr. it. 0. P.
Brooke the complainant, Mr Arnold.representing the latter. The dlslrlcl
chief of police ii still required to di
late on the circumstances. Tho second
csso entails a charge of stealing water
from Iho cily waterworks.
A third case wss satisfactorily ilis
posed of, two Italians having appro
prialod a buck saw. As the evidence
pointed lo tin- probability of there
having been suinu misunderstanding,
Ihe defendants were merely invited tu
•hare the custs of the proceedings with
which invitation they expressed themselves quite satisfied.
WANTED— A guod strong girl to us
sist in kltc|ien. Apply Scotch Tea
Rooms, Ksplauade Wost.
POB BAIiE-Furnlture in 7-roomed
bungalow at once, bungalow tp rent.
Box kit. Express. 3T-S
FOB BALE-Beo bivos, $7 each, also
brooder, garden bose aud lawn mower.
Apply Hox'MM, North Vancouver. 1-8
FOR SALE-Heavy copper iank 83x
81 inches. Mako good restaurant sink.
♦H.   Apply Box A41, Expross Office. 1-3
SPKCIAIj—Two'closa In modorn tlx
room In.,, ,.., fur sale at current prices
ou terms of (got) cash oacb, balance as
ront,   Irwin & Billings Co. Ud.
FOR ■•' i.i iMm.i double corner on
Potor Road, l.ynn Va|ley. A good
buy at (8511. Easy tonus. Apply
uwuor, llux 1773, Expreu Office.
FOR SALE-Will sell lot 7, IL 1.
lllll, one block eaat of Boulovard on
17th street. Price ♦mill. Easy terras.
Owner, .1. II. English, O.K. Orocsr.
Phone 321. t.f.
WANTED-Nurse Oirl fur after
noous. Mrs. Arnold, 12th and quceus-
bury. 87-8
WANTED-flood capable washcrwu
man. Apply firsl house Eighlh street
west of Hi.in.i Boulevard, I.yuu Vul
ley car. I 1
WANTEH-IJuiet, elderly woman to
act as nurse sewing maid (good house
keeper kepi) Small wages, good house.
Apply ''Halldcne" liih street west. t.f.
WANTED Small gasoline engine
complete. Cash. Address Frank V. Alice, Red Caravan, Nurth Vancouver.
P. 0.
Mr. B. Stewart of Carbcrry, Maui
tuba, is visiting at the home of Mr.
and Mra, D. II. McColl, Lonidale Ave.
for a few dayi
Mr. W. R. Smith of Chicago bas pur
cbaied an intereil in Dickenson A Sons
lid. nib sod door fsctory on Kiplan
ads eut. Tbe firm Intends to consid
•ralily enlarge ils prssenl plant at an
early date.
Tbe familiar ligure of City Clerk
Shepherd once again adorni the civic
edifice at tbe corner of Fint and J.oni
dale. Mf. Shepherd declines to conform >to tbe formalities of a press interview, but slates Ibat tbe important
buiiuose wbicb look Ihe msyor and
himself (tat bas been satisfactorily
transacted. He enjoyed tbe trip very
much, thank you.
A trio comprising Messrs. i. ProtM,
W. Front and J. H. Hall deported ou
Slturday morning on a gasoline excor
sion westward. Having shot, witb lit
tie result, fished unsuccessfully and
generally disported themaelves in
elegant weather, tbey returned on Bunday evening with many "remarkably
near things" to relate. Tbey touched
Islands with oupronouocsbls names
md hid never seen the mountains so
scenicslly glorious is oa latur«iy.
WANTED-Wouian lo clean five
room Aat once a fortnight. Apply
7.311 p.m. U'Ouard Sale Book Slore, cor.
16th aud Ixinsdale. 1-8
Room   and   part   board   in prl vale
family wanted for gcntlemau in inne
for 7 o'clock  morning ferry. Bos
Alt, Express Oflce. 83-2
FOR SALE-By u'wncr, ♦16,0011 worth
uf clnse in North Vancouver rcsidonco
prupcrly, below cost ou good terras;
must sell. Address P. 0. Box 2223. or
I'lione 1.125   Norlli Vancouvor.     80-8
(FOR SALE CHEAP)-By ownor,
nno burse (about 1,5011 lbs.), une 3 inch
tire wagun, alinust new; one and one
half sots heavy harness; also 22 fset
motor luiinch in guod order. Apply P.
0. Box 2223, or phono 1.185, North
Vsncuuver. , 20-8
FOR SALE—Six-roomed houae, mud-
cm ,un llth street east nf Buuievard,
60ft, lot,   I'rice #4,800. Eaay terms;
ulso une live roomed house uml one four
roomed bungalow for 16,500. Apply
owner, .1. II, English, O.K Orucor.
Pbone I'll. t.f.
Wright Lumber Co., u Lonsdalo Avenue,
can give you prices on ull material
whon yuu are building. See thorn, t.f.
FOR SALE-6H shuros in Imperial
Car anil Hrydock Corporation for MOO
cash. Projected line uf C. P. B. runs
right through Iho "Imperial Towmite.'1
Apply Imperial,  Express Office,     tf
WANTKD-Lol in 273, Gib street pre
ferred. Apply P. 0. Box 11180, North
Vancuuver, ur tall fith and Bt. Da
vid'i. )■:•.
Agreement! ror Sale discounted.
Money wailing. Loiisdalo Really Co..
636 Lonidsle Avenue. Pbone 817.   t.f.
F'lH RENT   Urge furnished ruum
Suit  Iwo. 221 2nd slrect east
FOR RENT -Modem 8 rouiued buuie
Apply corner of Ulh and Chesterfield
Avenue. 27 2
FOR BALE-One lut uf grocery
shelving and counter in Lynn Valley.
Now in store lately occupied by A. B.
Fletcher. Can be acen by applying to
W. J. Wilson, Assignee. l,f;
FOR SALE—Five room bungalow,
ail modorn, i& bluck frum l.uusdsle
Avenue, HMO—HOO csab, balance 820
per month, Including prlnlcpal and in
lorest. Apply Harris Street Brokerage
200 Harris Street. 6 3
let it at Lonadale Pbarmaoy Pbons 38
UWf-Qn hilly Ten Dollar bill.
B#ward at Espress 0*ci.
Tnll, nl out llrrodlng Herod or Oul
Lonsdaliag Lonsdale! Thia week cer
taliily promlies to be s huge one up
the hill.
rUjIly Young mel' with au enthusiastic
reception; be deserved it. He is ori
giual.   He is good.   He ii high class.
Flynn snd Howard are very funny.
The real Irish brogue ie delighlful. The
wil ii llii- mum of Ibe rale owld lorrt.
Miss Pearl Oilman .who bu already
excited very considerable eurioalty,
Was rhsrmlng in ber doligblful aongi.
Bul ,of curiosity, ihe band ruff king,
has set everyone wondering and truly
It ii wonderful. Whether it be Hindu,
or Chinese ur anything else, one thing
li certain, it ii wonderful. The Hindu
wonder will continue Tuesday and
Wednesday and then, for Ibe rest of
tho week, Ibe bend ruffs, si present
chained to ths front of the theatre, will
bo called into play. The management
uf thi theatre are inviting all the police authorities to go and investigate
thoroughly lo see If Ibey can find out
bow tbe band cuff king worka. Per
tonally ws think he ie a very danger
oui man to. be at large.
All North Vancouver .all Lonadale,
al| lyuf Valley, all Capilano and III..
..PeLt Biver will go to Loasdals thee
Ire tblsjfeek or they won't know bow
this is
And tfle^Qtures are magnificent lbe
beet wsttavs ever teen. A beautiful,
if slightly ssd, rustic drum entitled
"Tbs Lie" quite different to that
which North Vancouver Is used to. All
North .Shore man ehould go aad sae the
"Washing Hay." It li imtruclive and
amusing. We trust the LouadaJs Theatre will klip Up Iht sxcelleol standard
of pictures. Ws havs atvsr seen better.
FOR RENT-Comfortable ruums, Ire
land, Foreman  bluck, 1st strset  well
"'10M8 TO LET With or without
is's.ii.i Bath, etc. Apply 436, 2nd St.
E. of St. Patrick's, one minute from
<ar.   ♦ 872
ROOilB FOR BENT-Housekeeping
218 2nd Street oast.
TO BENT- -choice modem suites
3rd street.   Apply Alex. Smith k Co.,
Norlh Vsscouvsr.     Bssts 117.60. t.f
POB SALE-Sellings  of Mannuulh
Pckin Dud.. I'ri/o strain. I'lione Kit-
FOB SALE Pure bred While Leg
horn Eggs. 11.60 psr setting, slso four
cockerels. Tbis stock is guaranteed.
Apply F. Jejnci, cor. Centre road and
Mill strsst, Lynn Valley. I-I
8. C. White Ugborn sud White
Wyandotte Eggs from my best layers,
11.60 psr setting. 100 for 17.60. Hay
old cblcki 117.60 per hundred. Piatt
Melrose Poultry Ranch, Yeuuadon,
Haney, li. 0, t.f,
FOH SEBVICE-A good young atock
boll. Comer 19th and Mahon Weil.
W. H. Wilkins. 87 2
lb I'. Livery and Buard itablei—
Light rigs and ladies' saddle bones
for hire. Melding fur horses. Don-
era! delivery and heavy learning. II
Dumas, Ith street weit. Phone 3<7 t.f.
Frank Pochnl, Ocncral Contractor,
2ilh street between St. Oeorgo and
81. Andrew's Ave., land clearing, grading, excavating. Foundations, i cement
work a specialty. Alf work guaras
teed. Estimates furnished Jret. Oivo
mo e cell. P. 0. Bpx 8386, North Vancouver, B. C. ip.j
lend Clearing and Grading Loti,
Pole Andruie, General Contractor. Be
wer conucctione a spscislty, basement
snd other oxcavating work undertaken.
Eitimatei free, til Bt. George's Ave.,
Nortb Vancouver, ppst office box 8883.
POB SALE—A few pens tt prill
stock, Columbian Wyandottee, Coltun-
bill flocks, Pirtridgs WyindotUs, Buff
Orpingtons, 8. C. Whits Leghorns. Now
booking orders for eggs and day old
chicks. Mri. 1. E. Lee, Lynn Vsllcy
Poultry Ysrds, Dempsey Bold, Box
(IH, Nortb Vancouver. (8
LflST-Oeld md purl brooch.
ward. Apply B«x UM, Nortb Vanw
T« V. 0. j.g
you desirs to sell your buslnsss or proporty of any kind call or writs us,
we bave clients for cloie in acreage
for eubdivielon. We can get retulti.
Mcllwaine k Dotber, 0 lone, Building,
107 Haatinga Bt. W., Vancouver, B.C.
Tbe North Vancouver' Dye Works
It Lonidal'o Avenue, gusrantes to do
as good work at cheaper prices thin
you can possibly get in Vaneouver.
Give us a trial, tbe result will spsak
for iiseii    Phono 107. ti.
Ths Truth students Disss will mset
svsry Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock at
tbe rcsidonco of Mrs. Gallagher, Keith
roid, near Bidgeway. Students desiring hlgbsr spiritual unfuldmsnt, are
cordially Invited lo ittend. t.f.
Bewfi connections by experienced
workmen. Good grids pstrbled pipe.
Work fully up to til* requirements of
till intpeetien   bjr-Jiw,     Btttmstse.
Sim- /■ yinmt, Omml ptUttn,
orth Vineonver. Hg
i ■
We are Agents for over 5.0 lots in
This High Class
Residential District
These Lots are Mostly Cleared and at FIRST Cost
For Full Particulars, Plans and Price Lists,
Irwin & Billings Co., Ltd.
Corner 5th and Lonsdale
North Vancouver, B. C.
North Vancouver Business & Professional Cards
All III N'lAyi'S.'
riiyi'HAI TIIHS.
I   II   Mill 11  -
I'ere)    .      il. ......i
11    J.    I.iin,
i'li>   Audlior.
Auditor,   .im!   Accoual.ut.
ii.'S   I'i mill   HI.   W        1'.   0    Hot   2216
I'lione till Phon. ill
Vancouver        Norlb Vancouver
1 his  Now  lllock un  I iiiiiiiiiln  Avenue
neur  tbu Perry  Approach
v.,m built by
lu'lli'liil   I'l.nlliii'liin
I'll 6lb Mioet East Norlb Voncouvir
I'bone 273
|Contracture for reinforced concrete
construction. Sewering in sll ils
i ..■!   is.     houie connections  a  spe-
i    riulty.     Kelimalcs   furniihed.
Office; SO Lonidale Ave.        I'lione itt
My iloilii.si are al the 1'upiiuno
Laundry where yours ouj<ht to be.
Flet work for 35 cents, do/. Hough
dry, 4c lb., wot wash, 3c Ib. Drop us
a turd end we will call for Ihem,
P. 0. Box 22!!!
Mil IIM 111
Up-to-date Millinery
Modertae Bate.
Keith Block
Lonsdalo Ave.
Practical Meehaulci. All work yun
anleod.   V. (I. Uox llll.
I'ioneer llorieihoer - Carriage Works
! A. fraib W. Craib
In Concrete, Brick sud Wood.
Successor tn  Wallace  & Biol I, Tbifd
Street.   (Jeneral i. |.mr work.
A. Wellace's lervicoi navo been re
CIVII,   I.M.IM 1 lis
liiwkeellera and Statlonere
Cor. LouaHala and let.        Pbone 143
Post Graduate Chicago University
Boobs t md In, nsw Post Offlce block
A.M.I.E. k S.
' Irrigation, ttralneeo, levels, plane
end ipccificatione. Septic t.uuki and
houie drainage a specialty. P. 0.
Boi 244, 16th atroet west ol llewicke
0. S. OBOOEB    '
And general Commission Merchant, 13
Lonsdale Ave., Nortb Vancouver.
Pbone 324
Lynn Valley Tetopeiwe Hottl
Nortb Vuioiuvsr
On tbe sir Uae. Hoarding meals.
Good accopmodation tor working men.
Contractors' men boarded. Hy. Kaitcott,
riinriii.ii M'lii.ii
Studio   over   Book   B. N. A.
Lonsdale end Eiplanade
Nortb Shors Cleaning k Dyeing Works
High Clan Indies' and Coots' Tailoring
Repairing   and   Alterations.  Cleaning
and Dyeing in all ill branches. All
Work guaranteed.
111 First Street Went. Phono 207
I.mil.is' work a ipeclalty All kinds
of repairing, altering, remodelling,
cleaning and prceilng. (.'bargee moderate, work uni'i.'iiii i -1 Cor. .Loilsdulc
and ii.ili atroet, North Vancouver. H 0
I'lione J7».
Specialty! Children's Lesions at own
boms.    Terms    etc., apply General
Beginners given ipeclal ,'illi'iilion.
Lessons given It homes of pupils.
Tonus: Voice, $1; piano, 76c. Address
General Delivery, North Vancouver.
Ne«t inonth, prophesies ''Telephone
Talfr,"   North   Vaqcnmiar  nt&y hu
counted upon to -iuom . large in increased percentngo in-thu company'n
statoniont o( development, as during
January no less lliun 311 now orders
were installed and many more will bu
filled during ffiu present month. All
the cable work of the company in this
hustling ftity on thu northern shore nf
llurranl inlet bus npw been uprniilpti;.)
im.I it is now possible to fill all tho
held orders in tin) central districts.
During the yeur lllll no less thun )18
telephones "■•■••■ installed iu North
Vancouvur, the tulul nuiiihor in use on
.latuaty 1, 1012, boing 308.
It ia conceded nu ull bunds thul
Nurth Vancouver's groukst growing
time will lie manifested iluring the
ncrt tbree yearn tbau during lbe
• ■ninI- history.of the cily uml district
to 'Ini''. There in overy,reason lo lm
liove that within u very sllbrt lime
all arrangements will bun: linqji emu
ploted for the slurt of conduction
of tbe bridge over the Sci'iiml Narrows
—itho structure which will liuli the
northern uml southern shores of I lie
iulet—and wilh ils complotion will
I'liiiiinrin i' an era uf advancement and
prosperity such ns the north shore bul
not yot experienccil. even Inking Into
consideration llii! remarkable progress
it hss already achieved.
Publications    of    tho    International
Agricultural Institute
Tbo January number of Ihu Canadian Bulletin "The Publications nl
lhe' intcrnutinnai Agricultural In
slilulc," bas jusl Wen issued.
In un nrliele uu "Kuriil I,ninl Credit
in Argentina" u pretty complete ac
count is given of agricultural conditions iu thai country, i Thr uvorage
price of farm lands is 72 cents per
acre. There uro three Inrge official
mortgage institutions in Argentina
from whieh loans on murtguge ure pro
cured by issue uf nolo.-, of liuinl pay
able iu in ii.ii.i. i.i There ure ulsn
a number uf private institutions, most
of whieh have Iheir hcudijunrtcrs iu
The "Milk Supply in the Large
German Towns" is the till, of uu
other article. Since Ilu health of lhe
whole pupulaliun, especially of ilu
children is conceriied, tbe lonsuuier is
justified iu demanding u giiuraiiloe oi
lhe i|iinlily of lbe milk, or even the
supervision uf the null, iiniuslry by
lbe Slute or the municipalilies. in the
i|ueslion of price, lhe must iiupiirtunl
factor is the guin uf lbe middlemen
In some Gorman towns the problem
lias been solved in the large e.-iublisl,
men Is where large trade uud iinmeiliiitc
coiituet wit^i producers permil of ibeir
selling at reasoiiiible prims, while
guaranteeing lbe purity and geniiiio
iiess nf the nrliele.
"lirim Alfalfa, a fold n.-i.-ling I.u
cerne' 'is deseribed. Tbo rebalance of
Ibis iiliiiiin to nilil is due In n selected
acclimatization. There are eni.es on
reeurd where il has withstood tempei
alures us low us     .'18 deg. Kali.
lu un art i.li- ou "Hangers ami
Drawbacks of Milk oblalned from
lows Fed on Factory II.-si.lues" il i-
il.oviii thnt milk from cows so led
causes digestive troubles iu children.
The factory wastes which, should not
be used include stole mull hu.-l.s from
breweries, pulp Irom lhe •lislilloric
and sugur refineries unless dried
An account is given of lbe' "Kru/en
Ment Trade in Win." There lm. hcvn
li rapid change of opinion in utmost
ull European countries in feouh ol
granting greater facilities for lbc im
porlution of fro/en meal. In muke up
for the scarcity und the high price ol
foods in lllli) Ihe imports of Iro/oii
and iMiillfil meals into Creut llrilniu
omounle lo 'ilu.Oiil Ions. Tin i ure
5.1 refrigerating establishments iu
An iiiilin uud II in Soulh Am-i   a
A strange monument of modern bur
I'm,-in still survives st Kisb, iu South
cast Scrvia. During Ibe war of inde
pcuilenee in HUM the Servian garrison
here explode! u powder mugu/ine uud
perished therein rulher than fall into
the bunds of Ibe Turks.
A battle had previously taken place,
and the Turks commemorated Iheir
victory by erecting a rude tower, ornamented wilb lbe heads of Iheir
enemies. Old people will lell you thul
there Were once 1200 heads, but si the
tower was never more than twenty-
five /eet high, this is probably au ex
I.iiiiiniiini' and olber travellers re
late that tbey raw hair -nil clinging
to the skulls, which must have formed
a gruesome spectacle. During many
years visitors were jo the habit ui
carrying "oil skulls os souvenirs, J.ii
when Niih became Servian the re
iiniiii'li r were takeu sway for deeenI
burial, all save a few Ibal were loo
deeply embedded. Becenlly Ibe ic-
mains of the lower have bovu cover&l
over wilh a roof • to protect Ihem
against the elements, snd they are regarded as a pious object of patriotic
pilgrimage- -Wide World  Magazine.
tunny irora couohi. cuase coloi,
" '     •
For only tl dowu md $1
wookly you can buy the
CANADA'S PBIOB MALLEABLE .BANOB, reservoir or waterfront complete fitted up. See tbe
BAHfOE. Thoy last a
Prompt Delivery.
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
Phone 88.
The Kelvin Plumbing' and
Heating' Co.
Keith Road West
Will supply you with llui cheapest estimates for suy hind of I'luinb-
ing und Heating Wurk, Sanitary Engineering, Sewer ami Septic Tank
connections, furnace installations, etc. .lobbing work ami small contracts receive prompt attention.
ilne iis tbo job to fin up yuur new home ami wu will guaranteu to
fix nil your pipes in u way thut will save yuur whiter wurriea.
Nu job lun   i..nil   Nune Ino large.
Our services arc ul yuur disposal night or day.
We'vo sevcrod pur connection witb
"Tbo Light Brigade"
The "Wild Charge" Ibey made
Postal Address:
Box No.
Nortb Vsncouver
Post ODlcs.
Get Your Bread
Pioneer Bakery
VAN CALLS DAILY to all parti of the City
North Yancouver Coal & Supply Co. Ltd.    '
Li..     ...          ,   =
Dealers in Coal, Brit k. Ume, Gravel, Sand, Cemenl, Platter,
Lalli, Sewer Pipes and General Builders' Supplies.
Wharf? Fool of Si. George's Ave.    Phone 178.
Office: 56 Lonsdale Avenue.   Phone 198.
Western Plumbing Co.
Plumbing,   Plumbing  Buppllos,  Sower
limine, lions,   Hot  Water  aud  Stceui
Heating,   Bbeet   Metal   aud Tlunors'
Furuacs Work.   EeUmatoe furnished.
W.-iciioiiise and Oillic: Uor. Esplanade aud St. Oeorge, Pboue 386.
3. U. OODDABD, Msusgsr
Palace Hotel
Second $lrecl, Norlh Vancouver, B. C.
RATES:—$2.00 pet day up.    Special
rates to families and to tegular boarders.
Snaps ih Homes
Sroomed Bungalow on 81st streot ,aew, all modern, facing south,
llito.  Terms way.
(roomed Houae on llllh strcol, 2 bloclie east ol Lonidale. All modern
fireplace ,elc. #230<1,- #800 cash, balance easy.
I roomed house on 12lb street cost  of  Uoulovard,  new.   (1800,  #600
cash, balance ♦IS per month.
Campbell Realty & Investment Co*
Five Minutei W»|k (rpm Ferry
Conveniently-lifted FOUR-ROOMED HOUSES.  For
(ull particulars apply Iq the agents—
Bunk of Hamilton Building.
These comfortable , well plapned houses are now ready for occupation and provided with many conveniences such as window Bhades,
kitchen cabinets, clothes lines, garbage cans, electric fittings, enamelled baths, W- O'l,, cement walks, etc.        ,
Will Change that Old Store Front
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
P. 0. Box 1719.
Phone 222
District of North Vancouver.
8EA1.KI) TENDEHS eu tho prescribed forms uud accompanied by certified
cboquc or cash for 6'/, of lhe amuuiit
of Tender (which sum shall be held
until the :■!:■ i.i. im;. cumpletiuu of
the work according to plain and sped-
cations) will be received by Mr. John
il. Fanner, Municipal Clerk, until li
p.m. uu Thursday, 7th March, 1918, fnr
thu fullowing work:
1. Grading ruadbed and building of
culverts, rosd from Keith road tu Mum
street, 1). I. nil and 1). L. 804.
(Word  fi).
1. ('louring and grubbing Keith
rosd eust from 11. L. 080 lu North Arm
of Burrard lulet.   (Ward C).
3, Clearing and grubbing ruad al
lowance in I). L. fit!) frnm llcop Cove
road lo 1). I.. 076.   (Ward II),
4. Clearing, grubbing and grading
rosd to i'ii.'. S.'i I from ilice Lake lteud.
(Ward I)..
6. Grading, building of culverts and
contingent work of Dudley road iu D.
L. 598 and D. L. C99 (local improve
nicul) (ward .1).
6. Clearing, grubbiug and grading
roads in l.ynn Valley, Delupsey road,
Evelyn itreet, etc.   (Ward 4).
7. Clearing, uruhbiug and grading
roads I). L. 1060 and D. L. 10*1. (Ward
tt. Grading (emulating of fill aud
cribwork) portiou of Rice Lake roud
from Lyuu Valley road to Lyun Can
you bridge.     (Ward I).
All in accordance witb plans und
specifications to be had at this office
after 9 a.m. on Wednesday, 28th inst.,
upon payment of tl for each, which
will be returned upun tho receipt uf
buna fide tenders.
The lowest or any tender not necea
aarily accepted.
District  Engineer.
District Muuicipal Hall,
Cor. I.jnii Valley aud Krumiue Kd.,
Nurlh   Vaueouver, ti. C.
lliul Feb., 1912. 0 3
HEALED TENDERS will be received
by the Cily Clerk of Ibe lily of Norlh
Vancouvor up tu 12 o'clock noon on
Monday, the Ith day of March, 1912,
for supplying crushed rock to lhe City
of North Vancouver, according to spe
cificatioiis prepared by the City Eu
Forms of lender snd specifications
may bo obtained from tho City Engineer's Office, and sll tenders must be
made on said forms.
The successful tenderer will bo required to outer into a contract witb
the City of North Vancouver fur Ibe
faithful carrying out of said work.
Jbe contractor will be required to
i    furniib a bond for 8G per cent, of the
value of the lender.
*      A certified cheque for 6 per cont. of
""    tbe amount of tbo loader muat accompany |.a,|, jnci overy tender.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
City Knginecr.
City Engineers' Offico,
North Vancouver,
February 20, 1912. 29-2
TAKK NOTICK llisi Ulot Alexander
Heewell of Vencouver. W. C, occupation, broker. Intend* to apply for permission to purchase tne lollowing described I noils ''mn in em Inn al a post
planted about It ebalm south of the
norlb o»»i corner of Lot Si, uid al
tils corner south of tbe itortiali corner, Ihence norlb SO cbalne, more or
less to corner of T. >< 11161, thence
east 10 chain*, theilce muni CO chains,
thence west SO Cbalne to point of nun
msnceineiil containing 100 acre* more
Itt January, IHS.
Printed copies of tbo City's ji nun
ciul stutcment fur tbe year 1911 can
nuw be uionimil free of- charge by
applying at tbis office.
27-2 dity Treasurer.
Tenders will lie received by the un
dersigued up lo Eriduy, March 1st,
1912, for the supplying uf nine euitr
of uniforms and enlru punts for the
I nine     di'p:i 11 llielil      Of     IllO    City       of
North   Vancuuver.   Samples   of   cloth
must accompany tender.
The luwest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
27-2 '  Chief of Police.
lOlh  January.   ISIS
TAKK NOTICK tbut llolicrl Dul»
Klninoiid, of Vuncouvei', ll. c. occupation, broker, Intends to apply for permission lo pureliuae Ihe following
described lands: roinmencinu ul u posl
i.l.ininl ul Hie ebulh-weiM corner of
Lol numbered 11. Ihence north SO
cbuins. Ibence w-eat GO chuins. Ihence
south i!0 chuins to water's eUue. Ihence
eust lollowing water's edge lo nolnt ol
commencement, containing ISO acres
more or lese.
lOili January. 1912.
TAKK NOTICK that Peter Hoy Craln
of Vuncuuver. B. 6.. occupation, lumberman, inn ii'iii Jo apply for Permission to purchase the following described lands: Commencing ut a past plant
eO at lhe water's edge, al the north-
weal corner of pre-emption 2111; thence
norlh 10 chains: thence west 10 chuins.
thence soulh 10 chalna: more or less
lo wuter'e edge, thence east following
shore line to point of commencement,
enniiiinliig 120 acrei more or less.
llth January, ISI2
TAKK NOTICK thai Cora King, of
Vancouver, B. ft, occupation, spinster
Intends to apply for permission In purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a poal planted about IJ
chains east' of the point of commencement of T h. 10021, and alongside a
surveyor's poet bearing number III:
Ihence norlh SO chalna. tbence eait
10 chains, ihence south 10 chaim
thence west 10 chains, to point of commencement, containing I2S acres more
or leee.
1Kb January, llll.
1'ilAST HANOK ONK LAND l.'JN'J'lilrj'
TAKK NOTICK that George Verdler
of Vancouver, B. (.'., occupation, timber
cruller, ini.sii.i'i to apply for perm/a-
elon to I'liieiiiine lhe following described lands: Commencing at a pint planted
It) elmiiis loulh of lhe nortb eaat corner of 7.1- llttl: ibence east II chiilns
tbence north 10 chalna ibence west 10
chains, thence louth 40 chains. Ihence
ensl (0 elmiiis. thence louth 40 I'IiuIiih
to point of commencement, containing
410 acrei more or less.
Ith January, ml. »
Weokly Letter from Out Special Press
Gallery Representative
Vlotprla, Feb. !M The panl week lias
been railway week, budget week and
week nf many sittlugH rolled into one.
But chiefly |n llm h|efpry of ilm prp-
viqce it wjll bu ri'ini'inlii'ie.l ss railway
week, for did it not witness tlio unfolding of tbe policy by which Premier Mc-
Brido intends tp drive hie- stool somo
800 miles further into tlio wilderness
of British Columbia, and so make nil
tributary to tbs great main arteries
of its .■nnini.Tco. fn this policy po
place has.a more direct interest tban
North Vaueouver. whieh will thus become the meeting placo of tho Qrsml
Trunk Pacific coining dowu from the
nortli and tbo G'anadiuu Pucific from
tbe south. For while tho Pacilic Great
Eastern is to be built from North Vancouver to Fort George by Mount*. Fo
loy, Wolch & Stewart, it is over this
|ino that tbe trains of the Grand Trunk
Pacific will run to the south, ami ss
the lailer bss the first option of pur
chase it socma inevitable that sooner
or lator tho line will be absorbed by
tho largor corporation. In the incan
time with the provision that construe
tion ob the lino must be started with
in the next three months at u distance
not greater than ten miles from the
city of Vancouver, it Is certain "IU|
Nurlh Vancouver will become n centre
of great railway building activity Inr
ing the coming summer. ' v
The Kettle Valley bargain also bus
its interest for Norlb Vancouver, bo
cause it follows directly ou the C. P
R. announcement of its plans in regard
tu that Inn;' As thut corporation
brings ofer its subsidiary line the
wealth of Kootcuay tu the Pacific
coast, it also will cry out fur mure
shore room and terminal facilities. Fullowing this comes the announcement
in budget and eslimutcs that the government grant fur the Second Narrows
liridgo had beeu increased frum |3!J0
000 to $400,000. The grant ia of
loiirne cuiiilitionul, but it spells sub
stantial aid ull the sume and is ilea
lined to hasten thai Incoming uf rail
ways from the south which latest de
velopments have rendered inevitable
With all these announcements following
each olher with breathless rapidity it
must be agreed Ibat the pasl week has
been big witb destiny fur the city1 ami
district un the north shores of llurrurd
In conjunction wilh all those circumstances is lbe budget annoucemel that
tbe i■"■.•■nn. M will, duriug Ihe coming
yeur spend over |IO,ill|0,llilU iu lbe pro
vincc liind of this sum rather mure thun
one half ia lu be devoted to public
works. As the country aruund llurranl
Inlet is tbe rocognixod commercial can-
tre of the province, the greater number
of tbese dollars must inevitably roll
into it. Placing the populaliuu uf the
province for the coming year ul the
liberal estimate of 400,000, this eipon
diturc means nn average of tin n bead
fur every man, woiuuii and child in ud
ditiun to the large amounts lhat musl
be spent by tbe rullway . companies
themselves. All this, combined wilh
lhe great income from lbe natural re
lourecu of Ibe province, must mean con
tinued expansion aud prosperity.
The speech delivered by Premier McBride ou Tuesday lasl, uu moving lhe
second reading uf bis railway bills,
was one'of the best tbut hus ever ful
leu from his lips in the legislature
Probably it should be spuken uf us u
series uf speeches rather than a speech
but Ibey were so closely connected as
lo wear an air of uniformity. Per
baps owing to the mass of important
matter with whiili be hud lo deal, he
stuck mure closely tu bis text than us
ual, and lhe frills that he did weave
here and Ihere were all quite pertinent
to the subject. He certainly showed a
I,non ledge of the province and ite needs
that was not bom of book lore, but
rather hai beeu imbibed by au ubser
uml mind during Ihe residence of a
lifetime in which he has travelled aud
seen much. Nur did he hesilale when
occasion arose to,reproach men so high
in the railway world as Hir Thomas
Shaughneuy and Mr. J. 1. Hill fur
their neglect of British /'olumbia. Of
both men he bad much lo say In per
tonal praiie, and he admitted lhat the
Canadian Pacific'railway uow showed
signs of a kconor interest in the pro
nine than it had dono for mmc years
past, but there were few icavoi on Ibe
■wilcb ho wielded when speaking of
Ihe Great Northorn.
The only serious attempt to criti
cisc Ihe premier's policy was msde by
Mr. Brewater, but it was evidently the
labored effort of an overworked man
Mr. Browster is at all timet coneclen
tioui, and be considered it his duty to
the country to pick out any flaws in
the government's policy tbat he may
see, but whon he has lo load the order
paper with questions, io draft reiolu
lions and amendment* aud to discuss s
multitude of varying subjects, it is.
quite evident tlist, he cannot do jus
tice tq tbem all. In his criticism of
the railway policy ho was between the
Upper and the nether millstone, for no
sooner had he finished liis roply to Ihe
premies than Attorney-General flowesr
• v.:
fpso tn roply to bim. Tbo attorney gun
era| went at it iu characteristic faali-
ion and by tbe |ime bo got through
l{r. flrsffstor'r^aduliilly'Tiuiir argn
lunula looked badly wrecked and lorn.
Mr. Parker Williams essayed boiiio criticism mindly pn 'Tie bargain fpr vu.
|i|'iipn:.i'il iinrllii'in OXtOUSlOll pt l»e «•
i|uimalt k Nauaimo railway, hut lie
dealt w|tb matteri) pf detail rather tban
general ppllcy and VlA littlo to say of
the i.eiieiiie us a w bole. All considered
tho hills passed third reading stage with
remarkable case and uuauimity.
Hon. Price Ellison's second budget
dolivprod on Friday last, was a com-
prohonsive sebemo and thoughtfully
wprdod document. Perhaps nut many
may caro |o read through the fifteen
printed columns that it makes, bul
tboso who do will find in it much |bat
is instructive ai to tbo linaneial standing and imlnstriul (irogruss of the pro
vince. Probably thero was nothing in
it more ."isjiiinnni than the statement
that on the Loudon market today liri
tish Columbia three*per cent, slocks
stand three points higher than thuse
of aiiy other proviuco In the Dominion reckoned on u similar basis. The
fuel that the progressive railway policy
inaugurated by the McHride govern-
ment three yeurs ugo has bud this
effect, muy have hud uut a little tu du
witb encuiiruging them lu brunch uul
still further on this occasion. While
tbo budget itself wus Interesting the
del.aie upon if pruved rather tamo. The
one bit of spice was given tu il by Mr.
Purkcr WilliuuiB, whose quuiut sense
of huuiur wus never displayed tu hotter
udvuiitage. Mr. Brewster spuke in u
rather dejected strain, us Ihut uf a
man who tried to do his duly but look
od only to being rewarded witb defeat. Mr. M.i....van uud Mr. Hay-
ward injected u few original ideas into
the discussion, bul generally speaking
tbo speeches uf the government sup
purlers were platitudinous und uniiiliy
During the week the West Vancouver bill wus reported complete by the
private bills committee, Exemption
from the It. C. Electric franchise was
refused, bul it wus ugrced thut the new
municipality might huve tbe suu'e priv
eges in dealing with the contract us
Ibul formerly enjoyed by the muiiiei
plily  of  North   Vuneuuver.
During the letter purl of lhe week
the house sal far iuto the nigbl. The
railway bills were given third rending,
(with two exceptnn , the budget and
eitimatei were completed in Iwu days
and general business bus beciPgallup
iug Ihrnugh. All Ihingi point to pro
rogaliou curly Ibii week und lo disio
lotion and u general election shortly
Au expert in fish culture who lie
lievei that fish have inciporics gave u
novel exhibition tu support bis theory
In one of the enclosed pools ul the
hatchery under lbc charge there was
a large tuml which always came for
ward lu see und be sivn when visllon
appeared. II wae the expert'1 cm
torn, after directing puriiculur mien
tion to that point, to raise bis cauc
quickly and bold it uver the water
The performance would have no cfferl
upou tbe Irnui
Then Ibe expert wuuld produce a
light truut rud and appear with it ul
the side of the pool. Instantly Ibal
trout would turn and ter. hide ilsell
at Ibe far cud of the enclosure, and
remain Ihere so loug us lbe rod nu-
u tugbl.
This is the cxplnnalion of the sud
den change in Ihe trout's demeanour
Oue day, early in the career of Ihe
fish, the expert, to try u barhlcsa hunk
he hud devised, cast with one in that
pool, and this Iroot s.'i/ed it. The
houk penetrated and passed Ihruugli
ils upper jaw, sud by the time it na-
released frum lbe book il bal under
gone sn experience that made a lasl
ng impression upon it.
Tho expert dlicovered soon afler
Ihe booking of the trout that wben
ever he approached the pool wilh his
rod the* truut would instantly daih
to a place of biding, ulihuiigh il paid
no nit.'iiinm lo a cane or ulher ilirk
beld over the waler. The trout lived
for yean iu Ibal pool, and never
failed to ibow ill fear of a troul rod.
Ilf PI CMMHH rules, u com
Nortli Lonadala
Bar. T. E. Bowe, Principal
Girls unde/B years old, H per month
Oirla over 8 yrs. old, H pel month
Special termi when two of more are
sept from Ihe same family.
Arrangement! are* being made to
ererl.a budding by lbe spring to ac
commodate V) or 40 boardere besidci
day scholars. t.f.
oohomkh iMcnuMTi
FOB BBNT One suite, furnished,
alao one unfuralshW. Uteat Improve
meuts, wltb heat mi telephone    t.f.
■   .
of Commerce
New Branch of the Bank located on the
Esplanade, near Lonsdale Avenue, in the
premises formerly occupied by Patterson,
Goldie & Clark.
Interest paid on Savings Bank Deposits of
One Dollar and upwards. Withdrawals
may be made at any time. Small deposits
Capital $11,000,000       Rest $9,000,000
J. A.- FOR8TEB, Manager North Vancouvor Branch
AN Extension Telephone
once installed proves
its value. It earns its
way every day. With an
extension telephone upstairs
you do not have to go downstairs to answer when the
bell rings. If you are upstairs you do not have to go
downstairs to call someone.
The service costs only a
little over 3 cents a day,
with no charge for installation. Call COMMERCIAL
MANAGER, Phone 98.
British Columbia Telephone Co..
We Study Printing
Wc.make a feature of preparing printing that is profitable to
our palroni.
Wc study type faces and effects
to insure attractive arrangement,
and we believe you will appreciate
our handling of your work.
From a card to a huge poster'
or an illustrated catalogue we will
give you a figure or our advice.
" wmmmmmjfji
itobth VAWttrm bbitish oounau
Published Tuesdays and Fridays by Nortli Mora Prsss, Limited.
»l   •#!   -Vfl     f 1
,7J s-ltmttl ■■Vl.-A VJJi klM.Tgm
be occupied by the proposed works. ..
ilil   Tbie notliro was posted on. the
80th iluv nr .liiiiuuiy
Hon will be in
er on the llth lay
IBIS, ami applies-
to the I'liiniiilis.linn
> of March, Jill.
Rates 'af Bubserlptloui-One year, #1,00.  Hit months, Me.  Three months, 36c,
.    , United States and foreign, fD.UU por year,
Advertising Rata* Will Ut Quoted on Application.
The Ksprous Is devoted to tha intereets of the Nortb Shore of Burrard Inlet
exclusively, It constitutes an advertising medium of exceptional valuo /or
reaching In a thorough and effective manner Ilia population pt Nortb Vancouver
City and Diatrict, Every effort Is mado tu givo kdyertlsers tbe most satisfactory
All I'haniee In contract advertisements should be in tbe printers' liBiids not
later than 111 a. m. Monday and f> p. sit. Wudnesday to I'umiro lussrtlon lu the
following iseue.
North Vsucouvsr, B. 0.	
 Fsbmsry ll, v.ivi.
As ium lo lie iiiiliiipiil.'.l, thu rocunl
.i. 'i'ii im ni'. which havu truimpired
wllh ruferunce to thu Nnrlh Hliure
Imu' " .niinl in very grual increase
iif uttuntinn tn this locality upon
thu part uf in ' ■ im • Tlm annouiii'o
uii'iit of Ihu railway policy nl llui pru
viiu'iul piivi'riiini'iil would have boen
.-nun i.'ni uf H 'tl lu create u very
strong movement in tlm- particular, Imi
to this major event is lu hu added lliu
Influence ol Hie fuel Dial llm Canadian
Pacific miir.in Is i iij.'iij'i i in active
pri'i'unitioiitj for ruilwny construction
ulung the North Hhora, Including llic
I'li'ii-ii,;' iif Hie nurlli unu nt' lliirruril
Intel uml likewise tlm fact thut the
LuiiB'lule K.itute, iiiidcr llm energetic
ami enterprising management of Mr.
Jsiiies P. Pull hss already begun np
n.i'"' s.| "ii lltu construction uf un
extensive vvhurfupi' scheme in I'roul nl
IV. I.. 11115, which 'Inns' when cum
plelc'l. »ill represent un expenditure of
nut less il. iii one milliuii ilullsrs.
I)i'!i'lnpini'iit.i siii'h as the fnri'iiuing
inske it sn evident thul none een pos
slhl.y iiiidersland uml only the etrougly
prejudiced »ill eipruss u doubt that
Ibefuture nf North Vancouver unfolds
a civic prrslness secniiu lu Hint of uu
centre ut population in Hie province
uml ut Hie '.um Iuue the focus of cun
hti'iin iu iii'.nr of the Nurth Bhore
is sin li thul priiwlli of population, de
velopmenl nf industrial, shipping uml
commercial impurluuci1, uml geuerul in
' reuse of wealth uml prosperity is dm
lined tu proceed with reference to
North Vancuuver ut a puce hitherto
unprecedented in lliu history ul cilj
There is one feature of Ilie siluututii
which may be said In he sbfuilulely
unitpie iu lhe annuls of I he. ores I iuu
nf greal ludiistrial centres, namely, Ihut
the coiiilru/tion of Hie linen uf railway
now assured upon lhe Nurlli Hhore,
means mil merely lhe incoming of Hie
Canadian Pscilic railway uml Hie in
coming nl a railway from llic Peace
liner  mu, hut H means Uml  wilh
from thut source may lm safely tukon
as granted.
Tho future of Nnrlh  Vancouver as
miu uf thu i'u.ii- i commercial   and
industrial ueupnrl cities iu Hrilish Col
uinbla is assured uml il is therefore
impnsslhlu to etsggerutu the Importance
of laying down condition) ul Ihu very
oiiteul fur governing railway construe
lion uf such a nature thut nu undue
rest rid inns can lie imposed hy uny rail
wuy corporation upon the development
nf rnilwuy business frum ull available
sources upon this side uf Durrani Inlel
but Ihut ,nn the plher liuinl every pus
siblo encouragement will he offered
every railway In participate iu Nurlh
Bhore transportation.
i II) Ulna the naiiie , ,,
of any riparian proprietors or licensees
Who nr Whose lands are likely tu he
affected by the propoaed works, either
iilinvn  or  below 'the  outlet—das.   ■!
West dbore „
Llll.,  Viiiii'iiiiiii
Harbor, B, 0,
111 limner street Vancouvor
an3 Nu'rVhern 'l"and
it Niiluiin
. Oo.,
0.    Address)
'   THOMAS   Slllll'll
,         Noilh
ancouver, B..C.
%   »»»
llm roiislru. lion of thesu lines, .Nnrth
Vancouver is ut unco ruiiiiected will
sume sir greal trunk mil menial rull
wuy sysleini The sigm tics lice of lliu
In I will nol he losl upon ull who gin
intelligent sludy to Ihe local situation
ami   lhe   mure   cs| lull)'   because   ai
a necessary ami sufficient > uiiipleinem
llm.in the limber fu<l is indent
namely, lhat in the thirty, miles of su
perb 'hiI' sin walerfruiilage which lhe
'•'mill hhoru affords, there rtis'l Hi
Iheir mosl .. siiilnlili- form, those very
iiimlitioiii wlm h are required in urdei
lir.I In attract these great railway tyt
leu.I In a. luu participation in hamll
ing tralli. on the .Nurth flmte and si''
i-i llv in provide all necessary scroll)
imnlsliiiii lor Hiem, once l|icir energies
aie Imi,. I in this direction
H i> jusl in this connection thai tin
utmost importance allaehus to Ilu mn
iliimil upon which lhe llrsl ii.ii.miv
i 'in.I in,;. In Iny down rails alnng Norlh
Vai is  waterfront   is allowed lo
huiSI.   'lluv  should be accorded  that
privilege, ni ly upon sin h terms es will
prevent   iii.i   ruilwa>   or any   railway
from obtaining exilusive rigli's iu any
sense nr in any degree over that right
of way     ll !.. lo Hie highest 'legree im
I'isi.'i, in the |.ul,In- intcrcsls  that
all laiUn,' I.e enabled lo do business
tlong lhe North Hhore Waterfront upon
an erpiel basis and in order to ac.com
'-   pllsh tins llic railway first ronalruotlng
, a line ulung that   waterfront  or eny
portion  thereof should  be allowed  to
do  to  only   upon   condition   that   all
other  railwayi    have   miming  righls
over that line, upon a basis nf reniuii
rralion  to  the  constructing  .uuipanv
that will not haodhap other compen
las irom Hie competitive alandpolnl. In
this regard, it Is et/eedingly fortuoJU
Ibal at Hie present juncture the North
Hhore has, lo tbe person of II   II  Hie
yens, M.P. a friend at court, who is
thoroughly alive  lo  the  requirements
of the Imal situation and who is leav
lug no mllm-iilo untried, tn ensure  Ilu
fact thai any ftpllafk granted by lhe
Dominion government! will  be tetatf
■panted by sucb protective clauses as
will adequately care /or lhe interests
of Ihe public in this matter.
Thi sympathetic attitude of Hie pru
vine!*! (overoroent toward Hie proper
protection of Ihe public, interest* rela
The present session uf Ihu provincial
government has seen the enactment uf
measures which carry >with them re
suits in favor of lhe Nurth Hliure.
whose i.iiii'iii ■ i nun.ii be overeslimsied
foremost auioiig these, of course, stands
the government policy uf ihe immodialt
coiislruclinn of lbe I'm ili ■ and Ureal
Kasturh   lluiwuy  hue  lu Kurt   (liuirgi!,
Illlt   lllis   illldi lllil.Hi;!.   J'ls.il   US   Us   llll
piirtauce indisputably is, slinuhl nut
cause the community tu lull In appro
elate uther lieuclits which have lieen
conferred uud which lire in themselves
of i'u .il  llllpurl  In Hll' ' II.  lllld Ilu   din
Through the uffurls ut' Hon. V. I.
Carter.Colton, who, as representative
fur Ilu liiiiuiid ruling bus lit ull limes
manifested the greatest inieresl iiillns
portion of his constituency, the priivln
eial government subsidy fur Second
Narrows bridge hus lieen increased
Irnm $2,111,111)11 lo *l')ll,U'lll. Tins vol
uiitary step upon Hie purl of lhe guv
eminent will prove uf great assistance
In llurranl Inlet Tunnel uml Hridge
I'liiiipauy in prueuriug frum olhei
sources, Hie. increased uiiiuiinls whicii
mil bu ui'i'deil in view uf llm I.n." i
iimnuiil reipiirod uver lhe original es
Minutes, lo construct the type of bridge
railed fur by Hie Kngiiieering depart
muni uf the llouiiniuii giivernmeiit.
In uilililiuu to this increased subsidy
lor Hie bridge tlm member fur tins cou
itiluoncy hus secured a vole frnm Hie
government of the sum uf So'l.ii'W tn
assist the districl in the construct iuu
ul' lhe marine drive, which is a pari
uf the scheme nt impruvouients now
being made on Keith ruud wesl.
II is further umliTslniid Ihul the dif
fereiices hitherto existing between the
government and Ihu owners of Mood)
ville townsite, with reference lo lbe
change of the location nl the govern
meiil road through lliul property, have
been amicably adjusted ami lhat the
construction of the delayed government
im1.1 along lhe ruuln surveyed, in order
In avoid the lii'dvy hill which at pres
cut murks Keith road east, will he
proceeded wilh al orne. The romple
lion of Ibis new ruad will give access
lo ull sections lying -on lower l.ynn
''reek and lower Heymour creek, along
an excellent thoroughfare, marked by
a minimum grade throughout.
These items will prove to be tin tun
of great helpfulness in lhe rapid de
velopmeiils wlii' li are now in sight for
Ihe North Hliure ami carry Hie aasur
anee tbet not ouly It the member for
Ihis    ' "is in     alive   sud   alerl
where Ihs interest! of North Vancou
ver are roneorned l.ul farther Ibal
the provincial government is prepared
to give favorable consideration to bis
representations at lo tho I■.-.-.I needs.
HCAI.Kl) TKNIlKliB wili be received
by tho cily clork up lu ItWi'cluck noun
on Mumluy, thu Illi day ul linn li, llllli,
for clearing ami grubbing ahnut 11,7
acres iu Million I'm I., hiilween lllh und
Iiili slreei, from Junes avenue wesl-
ward lu Ihu huumlury nf lhe military
Specifications may bu obtained utthc
ly engineer'a uflice, .
A cheque for li'/, of the uiiiniint of
llm ' lender must uccoiiipany vSch
The successful tenderer will bu ro
quired tu furnish a bond uf 2fi';( uf
Hie iiiiiuiini uf lliu contract.
The lowest or uny lender not nee
essurily accepted.
I'ily Engineer.
Oity Boglner'e llllice,
Norlh  Vaneouver,
Feb. H.'lrd, IHIS. |8
Take Notice thai Hie Council of the
Corporation nf the i'ily of Nurlh Vun
cuuver Intends lu cniislrnel as a wurk
ul' Imal Impruvemenl u sanitary sewer
iin'thc west side uf I.onsdale Avenue
friini lhe waterfront connecting with
the sewer laid uu the suulli side ul
First street, under section Un uf lliu
Municipal A-l ain| inlands lu ussess
Hie uunl eust thereof upun the real pru
perty fronting ur uliiitting thereun,
d In In iiinelilled thereby, and Ihul
statement sjinwing tho hinds liable
lu pay Hie said ussessinent u'ml the
names uf lhe owner's Ihereuf, su fur us
nu be ascertained frnm lhe hist revis
ml Assessment Hull is now un file in
Ihe office nf the I'lerk uf the Munid
pality, uud is open for inspeetiuu dur
mt ulli"' huurs.
'I'lie estimated iust nf the wurk is
(ll,tlliiilil ,ul' which ♦1,6(15.1111 is lu he
provided uut nf Ihe general funds nf
ihe Municipality,
I'ily   clerk.
Nnrlh  Vaiicuuver, II. I'.
February il'lh, 11112. 6-8
8T0P8 G0UQH8 ""*'9 rHE 'UNC'
Competition for New University Build
lugs to he Erected at Point Grey
Nesr Vancouver, British Columbia.
The Ooveriimeiil of Hrilish Columbia
invite Competitive J'bins for the gener-
ul scheme uud design for Hie proposed
new University, together with mure de-
tailed Plans fn, lhe buildings iu be
erected firsl ul un estimated eust of
Prises uf |IU,iJllO will be given fur
the mosl successful designs submitted.
Particulars of Hie competition and
plan of sile may be obtained un request
frtilii the undersigned.
The designs lo be sent in by July,
81st,  IU12, addressed  l»
Parliament Buildings,
Victoria,  Hrilish  Columbia.
inn ii   Mini i,
NOTICK Ii hereby given lliaJ an application will be made under 1'ert V
of Ihe "Waler Acl, llii," tobblaln » II-
"iii'i! In the *   Division
of      , MhOI. I
' la) The name, address and occupation of the .i|i|I|i nil '',ii|i.njii|iiii of
th.   illy of North  Vancuuver.
Ut Inr mining purposes) trie Miners Certificate NO,   ,	
lb) The name of lbe Hike, stream nt
source Ilf unnamed, lbe description le)
If you went the best
Do^'t travel—Beat,
Vou need not roam
Just bug at home.
109 Lonadala-Ave
All kinds of fresh, suioksd and
salt ub.   Delivered dally,
Pbone 370,
NEW CABINS on First Street
East; near Lonsdale. Avenue
Phone 37, North Vancouver, B. C.
Close-In Loti Wanted
111 consequence uf railway develop-
..  I
30 Day Trial Offer
*' ■ —
, If you have never tried a
and would like to do so
Now is Your Chance
The Auto Strop Razor
is the Best made
.  'mul   ■      , 1 ",.'
Try one for a Month, if vou
don't find it so, return to us
and get your money back
iirgir-i-i 7-i --aifw inriisr,
lunula 1 have a |0tid many entjulrfw
fur wull liu'iili'.l cily lots nnil'l will tie
glad tn liiivn Hiiiliililn listings early,
I liave for kuIo oicoliont Bu ft. Iui
on third s|rout wllh cottage yielding
115 rniilul a lisrgalu. Ueo mo as In
this and |l<o as to hsautlful homoilte
-IBdilllH fsot-noar Hallway and
i'ii|iiliinii road for sslu ou favorable
Alexander Philip    *
financial Broker
iinice I'll.mu 10        Hun,-.' I'bone it'i
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
Close to C. P. R. Route
We can offer for a few  dayi  only,  tome  choice
loti at the price of $500 each,  on  termi of one
third caih and the balance in 6 and 12 monthi.
For further particulars o( ilu above and oilier business and
residential properties see
Phone 70' 15 Lonsdale Ave. P.O.Box 1616
TAKK iwrii't; that at the neat
ilttlng of the Hoard of Licensing i'wu
mi .nni.'!.. of the Ulty uf Nurth Van
uuvur, I, Henry Ursun, intend to a|i
i'ii fur a retail liquor ur liuttlo llcensu
for the iiriimltu, kiiutvn and ileicrihAI
ss Niipiber Oue Hundred and four (I
i:."l'liuiiiili' West in lliu Cily nt No.
Vancouver, 11. fl,
Dulod at North Vancouver ihi» L'.lr.l
day of .l.'iiiuiiii, llllli.
Nulice la hereby glUu Ihut tho undersigned mil-nib. lo n| i'l. at the neit
atatiitury ailliiig of the Board of Li-
'oiising I'liuiiiii'sMsiiii I- uf the Ulty of
North Vancuuvir fur the iaaue to him
of a retail butllu licuimo fur and iu re-
I" I lo |.iniii:.i ■ to bo ei.'.'i.'.l ami
■ituate ou lot 7, block Itt, District
Lot 211, iu said ('ily of Norlli Vuncouver.
I iiii iui   this  (3rd   ilny   or  January,
NOTICE ia hereby given Ibul ut Iho
eest meeting nf the Hoard nf l.icons
iug Coinmissiousrs for Iho cily nf North
Vaiicuuver I ahull s|i|ily fur a Imttlu li
coniu un lul alreet caul, lol 7, block
lllll, D. I,. 111.
Hated at North Vancouver the Idth
day of January, llllli.
Contractors, Builders, Store-
keepers, and Employers
need only lo phona 821 lu have all vacancies filled. NO OHABOE
to EMPLOYES or EMPLOYEE therefore there is absolutely no no
cueeity to utilise employment Agencies iu Vancouver, ss a complete
list  of all  classes uf  wurkers is l.c|it at the
Phone 321,     14 Lonsdale Avenue.
W. B. HOOD, Secretary.
NOTICE in hereby given Hint llic
undersigned iuteods tu uj'|ily lm a re
tail liuiili' license ul the not nicclinu
uf tbu Jluaril uf Licensing f'oiiimisaiun
ers fur the I'ily uf Nnrlh Vancouver,
I'remisqs nu - being ereclcd on lull. A.
1) and C, subdivision uf lute Id, 17, 16
and 111, bluck 199, lllelricl l.ul 874,
Norlh .Vancouver.
listed this lllh day uf February, IUI.'
s  t
Pa[>er the World
Feed Grain
and Ground
.As we have now in operalion in our new
warehouse in North Vancouver a thoroughly
up lo dull' feed grinding plant, we are in a
position to supply our Norlh Shore patrons
wilh the best quality of these goods at juices
ai low as can he obtained anywhere in Vancouver,
Prompt deliveries our specialty.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co.,Ltd.
(mm oiir eliick of now Woll 1'apeis
eo it eeome. ICvery duy oome new
deeign irrivee lo till tke vncanoy
«l llmae . l.iM-,1 out.
Handiome Wall Paperi
are hero iu endlcoe vorloly. Just
tell our salesman lor what room
yuu want |.|I( pI(wr and be will
show yuu jusl lbe petlern you sre
To  chouse Irom our elock is a pleasure, lo pey our price ie eaey.
117 I.onedale Avenue rb.,ne HU
>VCft •• VCA-
...   -  pel •—»«»,—inr,
nl   'I'lie character of Die liruposi.il
'lids   Hiiiull Uuin at outlet nl Lake.
lc| the point 'of^lverelon—Ootlel
nl Dlok Lake,
id) The u'liiniliy of wnler applleil
lur tin cubic feel tier locnnd)   Four.
v.w..     rj.„.„   .......   H,    Ulllli  I    II,    I.IIIH
Ifi   The premise* on which Ihe wt
i.i la to be uH'l (deacrlbe same)—CU
uf Uorlb Vancouver.
<H   The purposes for which the wa
r Is lu bs used -'Domestic and Muni
clpel Purposes
(h)   V  '
land In
,.,,   Jf' for  Irrigation  describe  lbe
land Intended to tie lirlirsled,'Hiving
iff If Uie water' Is lo be used lur
"      ~ "#s*crlli.   Ilu'
r.m—  .j.... na ....- i. hi pt 'i I'ii u
td^ln mine iiaiuinj channel, and-Ihe
... .. ,,'v na-xi in ,0 ue uaeu
power or mining Purpuses descrllu
place where Ilie water Is lo
. _i   i   '"I  i'i »"»'" iiaiunil .banner and'
live to any similar privileges  winch fl/ferince |„ «|||iu,i„ between point
my lie accorded aay railway ttmpmy "XTJW^'UlraLo
..ii'i'iii and point of return '	
(J)   Area of rown land Intended to
isTsasncr lur J«iifui»ii«ieiiU,
Si'ltlUISo "louriil.   fSS &'
Itu, imues |u»i»is. tout hy
——SS—I—ISMS—mmman I
A Corner, 157 feet frontage on Nye Street East by
132 eet deep for $1500. Third cash, balance
6 and 12 months.
62 WN8DAW AVENUE    m.*uim vtm m     NORTH VANCOUVER
'■■ "■» ■■"■ pi i     i ■ ■
The New Municipality
Quarter Acres on MARINE DRIVE
at $1000 each, fifth cash
Two acre blocks close to waterfront at
per acre
Five acre blocks overlooking English Bay
from $500 per acre
And Corner Marine Drive and Marr Rd., Dundaraye
THE PATf PNOftTER WW-• CqntlftlKUt
iltrwl i
br Bai, Mai annmnt gte-
hit unl miitaijuiui'iu IWlTOh Mmiolt
and Mlie Fluette; but It soon became
apparent, both from bia manner and
tier growing vexation, pretty preol»o-
Ir wiiiii the relations between thom
really were. The Jury learned that
tbe yuung man's (iiisel ot the I'ater-
hosier ruby had not lumu undertaken
without Ibo nil undue of a very warm-
hearted dovotlon.
Malllol waa loll alttlni In tba wli-
neis-chalr while a new vtrdlot was
made oul. It lormally charged the
young man with lha murdtr 'of bla
Capital Paid Up ,...U,870,00O
llcecrve and Undivided Profits..  8,l50O,onn
Tolal Assets  II,mm,mm
Wills,    01 fislii'M,     i.i, uuin .       in.nl
piper, jewelry and valuable papers,
■ I...ni i lc carefully protected against
lime liy carelessness, lire or Hull. Our
inii i. deposit boxes, vilm Ii may ho obtained at uunl. mil. rental, provide ah
solute security for euch property.
Insinuation of thoae hoxei in our
Vumouver premises is a distiiu'l addition lo our facilities for rendering
every service cuusiilenl with conserve-
live hanking practice.
I1..H  llllic
10,000 cordi of <liy br wood for tiuick
•ale. Pint per odd cordi, $4.51)
Special i|ii.,i..inn,.', -for larger quan-
titles. ('ul Wood, I6incliei. $3.25.
12 indies. $3.50.  C.-O.D.
Office and Yard 14lli and Lonidale
Phone 190.     P. 0. Uoi 2432.
Mill I II   llsMIIIII.il
SI.     *ii.Iiih'«    I'rralDlrjIau    I liunli
Morning 1100
Kellli  Hum!  -Services
i vi-nii., 7 30 Ailiill Hll'l.s I'luss. 18 8(1
, SufjiJuy School, 2 36 yi'SI'K. Tues
''lur. nl ( y  in    I'lnyer Mecllng, Wed-
nesduy.   ul   8   |i    io      I'liolr   Pru illsc
IUI .., . KCV l.'..|s..|.| s'.l.l.,      IMS   I
»i.-iiiiiiii»i i buret Corner ol 6Ui uiul
61 lii mi;.' BiiiiiIiiv Services. II 00 aril
uml 7 3(1 i.in Sunday School uml IHI I.
('loss, 310 inn Senior League, Monduy, ll imii    Prayer und Praise Service.
V. s iiln j.sl.i;. I y lu Junior I-. HKUi
Tliuisdny uflcniooli ut 3 30 I'aslui
W   ft. Sclllllchcl
• I. Aggra I liureh — Corner lllli
mul Boulevard Morning ul 11 am.
evcnliiK ul 7 30 vm Hnly communion,
lliul R ii.si,-    In un.mli ul 8 u in . Unu
sil'l   lllllil  sSilliilu.il  III   11   .un.   Sunday
School ul 3 0U iuu Hev Tliomts K
Howe  Vlmr
Salvail.in Arm), I.onsdulo Avenue
S'linl. services, 1100 u in , 3 p.in um)
r 46 pm Tuesday. I inn, Tnursduy
I pm I'lillilren's Service, Wednesday.
I i'in
Uipllul I buret.—Twelfth nnd ill
Oeorge Servlcoe ul II em. and 7 30
Biiiuliii School und Dllile Clues al
pm. Prayer anil praise service
Wednesday ut 8 p.m. rafter, Rev. A
J   i ...   .1   Ulli and HI   'i. mi ■
II. loot Ike i...i.».H»i, tin and lllli
Holy i'i.ii.iiiiiiiioii. 8 -i in Morulriu
Prayer. II u m Evening Pruyer, 710
I' in On il" Ural Bunday In llic monlli
il" 11 will lie a ... ■ "ml < .is i' 1.ill" 11 ol
Die Holy '"is is. 11 ii.n ul 11 am Rector
Hev. Hugh Hooper. _    ,
SI. 1 .I1..1111.11. 1 iiii.i.ii. 1 i.u,.1..   1  1 • 1
•1 JO
Buii'liijH   Muss, J u in    Bun
Rosary Bcnedlc-
... _ crmon, 7 JO p m.
I11.II1.1.  I nlliolle  I limek Of SI. Paul'.
Mass, 7 80 u in . Sunday/   Pester, Rev
, K. Peylovln. OMJ
duy s. 1...11I. 180 p in
Hon and Set
m    SI.   11 "»    -   s" in    avrry
*r except nrsl Sunday In
ret Bunday In month    ll a
8 10 a in
a ro. Matins,
lliui.i und sermon, securii) and fourth
l""ii'. Holy Communion und scrnion.
el and Ihlid Sundays. Vleer, Rev.
R lluwe.
Presbyterian I bureb—-Sunduys, 11 a
Ei'ii'i 780 urn Sunday School end
lile Class 2 30 I'ui 'li'iielieiu' Tin III
g   I'lass.   Wedni'uiliiy   7.10      Prayer
llll'elluu.      Wednesday     g     js id      llnyi
■lul, Thursday 7.80 pin. choir prec-
Frlduy. 8 p m. H Van Munefir.
I.TNN  V * I.l.I V.
Mrlbodlsl f'kvrck.       Seivlcef every
Sunday evening In Ihe new church, al
7 o'clock.
I'rraliileilnii i buieb. vv,.,ulilp. Bun
{eye. ll iii union Sunday School.
x.M p.m. Pruyer meeting. Tuesday 8
pm Teui liei.n1 Training (.'laae Friday
7.10 p.m. R Vim MiiiiniiT. MA puHioi
(I. ' Irmrnl's, l Anglican—Holy coin-
niiinlun, )il Sunduy In monlli. II a.m.;
evening pruyer. every BU/iday, 7.00 p.
Wl ill"din '.'.    I 00
ur H. P. oi I.   vi. in
J. W. linker has lieen awarded Hi
contract for extending lliu preecn1
I.milling of Dickinson & Hon. Ltd, Mr
A very enjoyable evening wes spon'
on Wednesday lasl ul a wliisl drive n
Ilie Institute Hall, a large company In.'
ing present.
Mr. W. J. i'liiiiell has accepted the
position of hook keeper for Thompsoi
i Btewart, who have recently •• i;.1 I ■!■
un "lliij in lbc liauk of llainillon
cliaiiibcra.  \
Mr. J. ' nJii-ii lu" I of Dovorcourl Kd
ill open ll/is week a real estate offico
on the corner of Allen and l.ynn Vu]
ley rntdi.
Plans are being prepered Inr a Iwo
storey brick lilock on Ilie corner of
Ii_vi.ii Valley end Westover roads. It in
rumored tbat the Uunl. ul British
North America wil) open a branch
on completion of tho building
Mr. J. W. liul.'i has completed four
of ii number of houses being built by
Iiiui for the Mrrchauls Trust .'■ Trad
ing (-0, Ltd. It is imii' ipolcil Ihut 40
suel, hungalows will he huill for Ibis
firm during the season. Thoy are jmi
on Hie market at very easy terms..
A general meeting of the Conserve
live Association of l.ynn Valley is
ullcl for Monday next 'at 6 p.m. in
Ihe n iiinii Hall, i, imporlanl buai
Hi's.- will come up for discussion all
members and thoso interested arc cui
oestly invited to be present.
iiiiunin up -. k-  ■ .' " i ■
stared at me istoupded, find In tb| 1ml out who wag fleeing from me In
nnt, as comnMhspslon dawned, mail sucb baste—maddening to bo rewarded. It ts hard to tiy which of her twi «d wllh uo moro than a procession of
attltudea was tba mora Impresslvoi idoslng dours.
tbo flaming sugar provoked by tbi "Tbo chase continued on up lbe re«r
sight ol the unconscious girl lo mi stllre, to Hie landing between the bath
arms, or tb* tenderly sweet muiiuoi room and thu small room at thu back;
Wllh whlob Sba piwwntly turned 0 tint* for lbe llrsl time I felt a uila-
mlnlslor to bir. Tho voloa ydilch bad) 8|vlll8' ll1111 ' 'bcsllalod. I waa out ol
ma leave Oansvlav* to bar cars wsi V">Hh, my boaft waa pounding until
actually gentle. Very reluctantly, I '■Wl «•''» ioaroil| everything else waa
withdraw with Btodgor Into tbo b»U »« dfl»t ily still. ^
Ilcfore I closed ths door, howsver, 1 'A t\moe told ma that Uio rear
tersely charged Miss Hello to give nil "WW *»« *mplt ol kny living pres-
as soon as possible tho explanation pi *>>°« t'liulloiiely I pushed open lhe
tba mystery.   ** l»alU room door; but It wu loo dark
Tbe door closed, I turned upon mj torn Inside."
unoffending assnolate rather angrily ' Was tho door Into tbs ball shut?"
I'm ashamed to say; but Slodger'i ' Intorruptod tiulckly, remeniberlnng
good-nature was Imperturbable. Hi Ont Btodgor believed 4t to be open,
could lull ma absolutely nothing thai "yM' ' entered' a bit timidly; all
threw light upon whatever terrlfylni W tssurwice had somehow evapora
etperlenoe Miss Cooper bad 'under ,«' Than-llien, before I bad lima
ions. '"  Ml"ku snolhur move, two  liundu
He had remained at Ihe apot when •'J»e,i «••
I had lul seen him, be aald; a ijnsltlor     . WM lhrow» violently against tbs
he had assumed purpoeoly,  Imcausi w*". al11' °no of Ibo hands tried lo]
from tbere he had a view of praklcallj I**!1 W IVfoM   I wu flgbilng as
tbs entlrs second floor.  He had, open llgr'1 •" • ""MWI l"il-I "•» belploss.
ed all ths doors so lhat the sllghlcsi     71,""1 ' a'-'ffml   ' Put 91 W»l«
sound or movsmont In any   of tbi f"11 lnl" ";  Everything slipped away
chambers could not fall to attract hll Lm mc'    ^",ew Mftftl more iinlll
attention.   Immediately behind lilm ?•"" »'«s lioldlng ine In hor arms and
by simply turning bla head, he coul< "•" bor dabbing my faos wllh water,
see through Iho bath room, acroes tin t. '  „ gV *lr|. ,f011' 'o01* >° lr'»lci
landing al the lop of the rear stairs   ■",',?",V8, "":'      ,
and Into tlie small sewing-room bo ™ a Qenelvo bung close at my aids.
yond.    To right and left-east an< '»•. WMti »»M unlll I had »earcb-ld) .- « ■■-• ■-~r
west-tbe corridor uxlsniled tlm wldll ed "10 ^lu,e ,rom cellar to garret.  Hut I""f"" °, »ng»rs«  ong enougn
wesi   ine tornnor oxionuea ino win mvaterlouo In-  ,u ff°l W* ovcr curlouitr.
of Uie bouse, and au Intruder couH Kd,r did I Aid    Wh/n iTLSi     "«"'»''•   100t   namsT"   I   bluntly
have gained access lo any of tie roomi gW" ,"',    '""• ,™ I became   .        , ,
only by passing Iho watcher. '[me'\ U,H} '0'""' f"-'1' m*A* l"     "Mm- Haiiiuel 11 Urlgge"
Tbsjuddei, piercing scream, Bted PH» ■ "^ ""■'"vlovo to f.scrlboj   o^Wm M9M*f'
gor prolosied, had eiartled and ulon    ".,■„,..,, ,      „ .   , . if  you
ished bim as much as It bad anybody, hJ.*lllaff*1,,„  ,m!''   ,"'" „re'a,wA Lrs t
He wheeled rounnd lo And ibo ball ft la jgf'    ' ^ «* ■ lightning j'uuro
room deor so marly closed llikt I- "'! ft'". " '     , '    ." VtT.
wu impossible to glimpse who! lai m,'.\[ *"»•" '"f"' '"" »™
beyond until lie had again opened It  "'"'".T,T   U', lof?,r """ w"'
<yhlcb bo hud done nFomntly. ho do ^°ei. "3 a..8llnr,• airlln«' Bl,,r»6'
NOTIOB) Ijktieby K|ven thtt
iillmiuu ■Ji'lrm?'ilill'
to Obtain
- lliv JU iflaM llDdtT'llgl1^
ut tbe ''Water Act, HOB,''
a lis'siii-i   ip  ii,,-
lilvlulun of ' District
,, <») TM name, aildrcts aid oneuua-
lon of the, kji illcunl-floi-poratlon ot
be Oity of phith  Vuncouvor
I afterward learned, by questioning
Ihs noli iiiipiiiiuni foreman, that tbs
first verdict had been an open one.
Thu demand lor Miss Cooper's testimony bad been prompted hy iln'"illwr-
iiimi" i am using bla own word—sho
had ni'i'iml'iiH'il when sbo loll the
room, and afterward throw the proceedings Into wild disorder by ber
scream. Tbo Interrupted verdict had
fallud In hold Maillot only by Iho narrowest nun iiln, Mlgs Conner's adventure had ' i I'd to turn tho scslo
against him.
"I mil. hero." I demanded warmly,
'don't you believe wbal sbo aald 1"
He smiled with an air of such mi
porlor knowledge ihul I very nearly
cuffed hie cars.
"Oh, I doii'i illume thu young lady I
-dear inc. nol" he said, wilh a smirk.
l.mnlii   yuu know.   What do you
think ol 117'
I hail turned to move /way, much
really   want  io
ii.n. in d niiiii,"
(If for mlnliiK "puriiuiio"sT'Blfie M!»-
s Oerlllloalo No 77...
lb)   The name of tho luke, stream
ill' lliiliree   Ilf  llllllllllleil,  Ilie  iluuci'lptlol
IS)—llloli Lok.3, elevation ot 1100 fee
iimvi   Howe .'iiiiiii'i
to) Tbe point of dlvorelou—At outlet pt I.uku.
(d) Tbu iiuiinllty of water ap-
plleil for (In cubic foot per eecohd) ....
(e) Tbo . Iiiiiii.'Ii-i- uf the nropoeed
wurhu- -Huni lo bu coOStruoteil across
outlet uf lulte.
If) Tbo piemluus un which the water'le to bo used (ilescilbo same)-'
Oity of Norlb Vuncouvor.
im The purpueea fur which
wiilcr Is to be used Domestic
Municipal PiirpoHiiN.   ,
nn If for Irrigation describe the
luiiil inii'iiileil to be Irrigated, giving
ucreiigo '.,..., •	
II) If Iho waler lu in be ueed for
power or mining purposes describe the
i'l.■■ ■ where Ihu wator la lu be returned
Iu i."im' ii.inn,ii channel, and tbe difference  |n      III i.l     Isi In, i.ii   point  of 'II
vi'isluu .md pulm of return	
Ill Men ul I'luivn Hand llllendeil lo
b| iiecnpled by lliu prupused worke—
100 acres
lli| This ii' Us was i'1'iinii on the
30th duy of iliinuury. Ion, and appll-
cullon will be mude lo Iho Opmmle-
'.li'iii i oii lbe mli duy of March, ltlt.
(I) (live Ibe ii.mi. ■■ uml aildressee
of any ilpuilun |>rupilcturH or llcoti-
uccs who or Whose lunda ure likely to
lio affected by the proposed wurks,
- Iiii. i ubuve or below tbo uullet—Jas.
.1 Mulhiill. 132 Homer Slreei. Vancouver; Wesl .'limn A .'.ii Hi. in Hand Co.
I,lii. Vuncouver; Annus! Nelson, Regie
Harbor,  II. C.
lUii'.niiiuiei    THOMAS SllEPHEltn,
Oity Olerk.
Illy   Hull,   Norlh   Vuncuuver.
. cuvereo wiin a eii
which bo hud done promptly, he do u^ |)Cttrd;  Ihe
clarcil, in li.Imlil only Miss Cooper H)ln H,,,njl(.,'|   )1M
BhS WSS lyllia Oil  llui flnnr In . /Ion'
 ,    joopei
Bhs wss lying on lbe floor In a deal
Miss Belle called lo mc, alter a inin
uie or two of anxious waiting, snd i
butened Into lhe balh room. Gene
vleva wu so far recovered thai sin
wu able lo look wondorlugly up a
eyes wore like"—
a simile-"liko a
i ii/.l'l i.li XVII.
Prison Doors
she searched
Thai's graphic enough," I ' said;
"but the description die no oounten-
anco ihul 1 i im nuv. call te mind."
"What   can   ll mean?" she uk>d
Mllllll       Ills,       I'
_ —. mamrnvmnii "u o "ji megim," | grimly replied, "lhat
hsr cousin.   Her face was while an< i gue,Mrt right: tho ruby Is In Ibis
drawn.    Her  cousin was upon one j,ouge   Alld j-,,, „„!„„ to |lgv, , time
knee, supporllng bor upon'the ollici keeping II here, loo, until I lind It
and holding her llghlly. myself."
I knelt upon Ihe other side, laklnt The one mlslake of Hie Intruder,
ond of the HHIo hands In mine.   Al whoever be mlgbi bo. had boeu In
most st once I was gladdened ami puplng between Ibo alcove curlalnu;
relieved by seeing the sweet face hreoli of course he bad been reconnoitring
Inte one of lis lovely smiles. only;  bul u person who could mine
"Wbat was It?" I asked, anxlouslj through   Hie   bouse   so   noiselessly
enough.   "Have you been burl?" might easily havu accomplished, wllh
"No, no," replied she, quickly, "mil out    discovery,     whotover    errsml
hiirtr-not In Ilia leaei; only frightened bronghi lilm there.
wllhln an Inch of my lite." Bhe Blind The Idea was poalllvsly   uncanny
dared, and made u If to rise. ■"■' '*■ '
"I/el me up, Belle;   I'm
wu positively
ami lar Irom pleasunl In dwell upon,
up, Belle;   I'm  all   right Biodgi'i's bearing may not buve been
now—Just a wee bll trembly from till remarkably acute, bul if my life de-
Shock, maybe, but I can uland." pcmleil upon ebulllng lbc door so close
Bhe triad lo laugh and lo make llghl bshind lilm and not aiiractlhg bla
of ths matter, hut lhe pale lips and altentlon, why, I should have lasl
quivering muscles belled lhe attempt luted long before essaying lbe per
I lifted her lo ber feel. Her cousin formance, To havo ihe ruby lifted
remained close lo her, keeping u sup 'rom under I lio very noses of Iho
porting arm around hor walsi anil valchors *blle Ihey were wide
watching the whtye countenance v.lil iwake, loo would lu all Irulh be a
a puslonste solicitude thai made mi "">' ending of our search lor It.
glance curiously at tier. tot the nonce,,however, ibe mys
Every action, almost every word, ol 'srious lace Introduced only an ad-
this vivid, high-spirited girl seemed It dlilonal problem; ono upon which I
be an echo of her Impeluous. WBy '""I but little lime, Jusl si present,
ward temper. Kveu a concern aa nat- '" llt,8|o» tliougbt. The drama In Hie
ural u thai oxclted by her coucln'1 '"""'t ll1"1 l"'"11 Interrupted' ai Us
present plight, wu charged with an m< vr",M 6la("'' " »'•* all-inipoit
intensity which made me wonder whsl M lllfll " l"llil "llu Pbsse of lhe cue
the effect might ho If her feellngi uo-brouglil te a tcrnilnalloii. however
were ever ruthlessly stirred. While insailsfurlory lhal termination mn i
ber affections wero stamped wilb un be bofore anything idso should bo
Immoderate fervor, one mlgbi readily undertaken.
enough fancy her resentment. Hied by A"or explanations bad been msdo
a word perhaps, sinking with a blind '""i oti*' rmlom, lbe foreman did
vehemence Ibal reeked nol ul ull ol "'" PWesd, aa mlgbi bave been st
consequences. Her emotions, apjiai l,l'''ll'd' ''> reading Ihe verdict. In-
intly, knew uo happy, tranquil, stead "l''"1 b« >';''M '''i lll-,ad sldewsys
lasl medluin l"W1"11 Mls« (;o»P«
As we sicpped Into lbs ball. Hen. ",Mr Coroner" be aeld, "we'd like
ileve was saying; "I'll go with you li '" a8k "'e J"""1* l,,|)r»"""-' 'lucsilons.
ie library I merely gol whin | de '> "** » """r "M»c -men, that fine
lerved, I suppose, for presuming n man; one ol your Utile, officious,
think Ibat-1 migbt accomplish some '""'dllng busy bodies, as aggravating
thing aingle -handed. liul oh. II *a. M ,',''• biiulng of a perslslcnl fly.
dreadful'" • "  'hey are  perllmjiil  lo Ibo  In-
"Wbal'   wu?"   bluntly   damalideii 1»\'»'" »M ''r' '"•' "^"i "" '• ""'
Mies Relic.   "Wbal silly notion svei »'^ Oromt, bul your du y   lo   ask
made you Jump up and sail oul of ihi T   I be young lady will be sworn,
room lhal way?" •   *'   "1|*   nnoipected   demand   sli"
Oenevleve lurned lo mo will.-a ,,!,„ larled a slarili.d glamo from the for*-
|mH mail Id Dr, Pe Bi'iji'ii, and then looked
"The face al ihe curlal.ia," said she  Mme-as I    Joyfully   fancied,   lor
"Kacel" echoed  Mlsa   Hell*, inanl  *u donee and support,
fsstly believing that hor cousin's nilne    I nodded ialio  eoiildn I  avoid  Iho
As I recall lbc scene lhat brilliant,
winter morning In the Pago library,
one dclull sunids oul so much mini
prominently iban all iho reel, lhat iho
i eu I ly im pi ii i a ii i aapeets uro quite overshadowed In my memory, sud notwithstanding 'be surprising uuliiro uf Al
(red llm in i. deportment. I am obliged
lo produce a reuonably correct pur
Irayal ol wbgl actually transpired,
liul line's memory Is apt to play
strange and unaccountable tricks, and
mine Is no exception, The best mental Image I can recall Is (listened, all
out of drawing, u lhe artists say; I
can aee only Hollo Kluolte.
Aflur lbe nccusallon full Irom Hie
foreman's Hpa. 1 quite suddenly be
iame aware of lliv fad that she waa
elendliig rigidly erccl, one baud
i.niiiiiiil to her hoeom, tho olber
clenched llghlly agaluat ber i heck.
Every vestige of color had Down from
her laic, leaving II u while u
liul ber eycal It Is bor eyes lhal
sill liuiini mi'. Thoy burned with a
light of dlspalr w profound Uiat uo
im i" human nolo could even feobly
yield a blni ul H, and behind Ihe dee
pair, plucking and tearing al Iht
bead airings, lay a misery unuHcr
able. Hbu alone bad remained soruno
ly i.oiifldciii of the outcome, and now,
being lhe huel prepaud for II, Iba
shock to her high strung suscepllhlll-
il"S waa more keenly poignant Iban
human desb could .'luliii. Bhe pre
siiiled llic "I i" ui un. ■- of oue s'uu
ncd, of one beaten and buffeied lo
stupefaction, yet through It all still
sensible of an ungiilsh lhal wreuched
her very soul.
There was no outcry, uo spoken
word, bui In a moment a tremor ran
over lici si cn ile i lorm. ber kneet gave
way, and wllh one ln-i deeporalo effort she tried lo reach Malllol Uvea
us she turned to lilm, belore a move
could be made io enslalu her. sbo
tottered snd fell prune upon her face.
Duo extended baud cluiched One > at
lbe young man's foot, 'llien relaxed
und grew silll. II wu ss If her lul
conscious Ihougbi had been governed
by a IIIHIng Impulse lo seek lbc sup
port of even so mean an assurwee
ill Ills pll H II. .'.
lu s Hash Ibo lover was kneeling at
bla sfcclhcail's side, pressing bar
while fsco lo bit bosom In s wild om-
In aee He called lo her franllcaily.
■ niiH'd her wllh endearments, wholly
oblivious of his allocked suillcnoo.
lie assured her In choked, Incoherent
pliiescs lhal all wu well with lilm;
imi be apoke lo deaf cars.
Hr  Ho Hi" n  direct and practical
wu^nirp'.'"i*o7ioodw^ *m ^f1^? •»'•hnwot'to i^iiowleil VrnjUUm to bl. NBM wlib a shwp
Genevieve, *bal do you mean?
Uut tho girl coiillnueil in
monl of the oalh, which tho doclor
Sealed Tcoders aro asked for Hie altering and extending of Hie nortb
l/iinudiile Presbyterian church. I'lune
and specifications may be seen at Ihe
manse al Ibe rear of the church, how
est or toy tender pot necessarily ac
All lenders to he delivered to Ibe
Mante, Nortb I/oosdalo Presbyterian
Church, on or bofore March Illi, et 6
m. ' £9 8
"You dli)n'l see It?"
We had paused ai the bead of Iht
sialrs, Iwo of us nonplussed and very
curloua.  I shook my head.
"When you loll lbc room.'' said I
"I waa loo occupied uiui-lu lo bt
heeding Hie rqrlalned elcove. I won
dered, though, what audden Impulse
moved you wby you should have gom
Into the alcove ai all."
"I knew Ibal you could not' leave Ibi
room rlghl' teen," she explained, lbs
addiosi r,ll,.e'1 oil m If It were all one long
And Jusl hero I am unable to it
train from pointing oul bow small an
Incident will aomcilmce   afford   Ibe
Malllol reluctantly yielded llellc to
llenevlove and the doctor. Not for a
iiii/ii"'i,i did e though! of bis own
trouble enter hie bead, I am sure, and
be did nol remove bis tense louk of
'I'br UuuiSarlts m Area ol Ike llu-
i.iiiiuiiii, i
Honinieiicliig ui u polnl in Burrard
lnl. i .Ii.ii ii,l .' .Um feel due inmill from
llic souih-wesl curner liual ol Hot
iU. thenee due norlb 8800 feet lo said
■ iiiiii weiii corner puul of suld l.ul 'llii;
Ihence it,It feci, more ur less, lo the
""iiii mm corner of ssiu i,m M,
Ihence northerly through l.ul I.i'..:, tut
feci iiioi'c or less, to the soulh-weel
coiner imal of Hot 689, ihence easterly
.iiinii Hie norlh boundary of I.ol 6(>.
sum feel, more or less, lo Ibo 11011)1-
eusl cuiuer post of Hoi 162. tbelico nor-
ihiily ulong lbe weal boundary of lot
SU, nil feet inure or less tu thenortli-
nisi corner posl of I.ol (II; Ibence
ei.i'ii'ily ulong Ibe norlh boundury of
dol Dili. 8(10 feel mofe or less, lo lhe
niiih-cnsl corner post of Hot Me.
tbence easterly ulong the north boun-
dmv of l,ol I.l'. 3810 feel more or less,
lo Hie north-cos! corner post of Hot
'ili: thence easterly ulong the north
uiiiliiiy uf lbe linribinosl portion ol
il Gl(. 000 feel more or less to Iht
mu Hi "uut curner of sulil port Ion of hu
UK. null feet mure ur less lo 'he liorth.
ensl i ui iui uf suhl portion, ii.n.
southeily ulung the ensl boundary ot
Hill.) i .I ii mi.hi portion of Hot 618.
11)1111 It'll iimre or leas, to lhe soulh
uml ."in. i nf Hu! 'HIU. Ibence eualerly
si"!'.. Hu unite boundary of the south
most I'oiiloii of l.ul 616. 2970 feel more
ur less, lo lbe um Hi mi,s! corner of said
eoutb-mosl pig-tlon uf l.ul 616. Ihence
■iiiuiliil. ulung the ensl boundary 01
l.ul ci'. 8810 fid more or less lo the
i/iiiiIIi i nut corner post uf Hot 616.
ibence westerly iiImik llu* soulh buun-
dinj uf I.ol 616. 8.160 Hii more or less,
lo lbe suulli w.sl curlier pust of I.ol
nli. ili. ii.. souibeil.v ulong the
west boiinilnry uf l.ul 668. 8610 feel
mure or less lu Ibe smiili wcsl corner
of Hut ("',.1, Hi.lice ciislcily ulung the
rfiiiilb boundary of l.ul 668. 660 feel
more oi less   lu lb" iioillj-eusl curner
t    l.ul    .'if'      llll III"    I  "llll..   I I  .   "Is.l.,|
Hie i.isl  boundary uf I.ol  271   u ills
inii" uf I'ei'i 6 feel, tu lbe unite boun
of Mini  purl  of sulil  I.ol  278.  lhe
properly of lohn Hendry, tbence wesl
eily ulong lbe norlli boundary of lb'
properly of the snbl Hendry lo lbc cusi
i isiiiiii.il.. nt I.ol 271, Ihence southerly
ulung  lhe snbl ensl  boundary  of f.ot
271. In Hie ninli  wnln  murk  In Hur
nnd   Inlel.   Ihence  In   lhe  same  line
southerly 600 feel, uml Ibence westerly
In n Kir.'ilahl line lu lbc piiliit of comment i mi-nl, the suld tract of lund comprising Hie following lols iiiiiii. ly. 266.
871. Sil. 278. u.i'iil the portion there
ul lil.-euliiB lo luliii Hendry, lbc ensl
nh p.irllun of l.ul 6(2. and l.uls (17.
M8  lllll  (60 611. 616. 616 and 616  mid
llu   Ml uls.n luilliiu Deserve, all sllusi
"I   In   'Iruup   Dlle.   New   Weslmliisl.i
Nlslilel.   together  wllh  lbe  foreshore
In  (i  i '   un lhe nurlli shurc of Bur
tun)  Inlel. ns comprised   within     the
.niii liiiiindnilrs uf Ihe rily uf North
Vancouver: Hie snbl Inul of land belm.'
shiiwn on ii.niup ur pliin of (hi' sold
rilv of Norlh vencouver. deposited In
Hu Und lleglslry u   nl Hie ''Ily of
HI Apiuuxlmulely lbe number of In
liul'llunls   glx   llioiisuiid   16.0001
is) The i luce of lhe proposed resn
vuli fm slmlnu    I'leli l.nkc
III Tli mi oris by which II Is proposed tu stele lhe wnlei Nn Iur ul Storage
1    use of luke und dum
iu) TH. in cd nf lbe reservoir site
.1 iiltrs .il mi b (""I In deplb' above
I    fuel    ii I... v <     "illlil     	
!   " " "      	
lurnlng-point for a momentous crisis;   *"lie'r ,r"m llcr ,tr-e w»'H I'r. Do
iuch an Illustration la presenUy te fol
When Interrupted by Genevieve's
Hub k of terror the foremen bsd
sosn In ibo very mldsi of pronounc
log tbe concluding phrsu or the ver-
ji' i Had It not been (or ths strange
face,  bad   Iho   venturesome girl  not
llreeu convincingly declared Ibal sbo
wu only In a awoon.
"Best thing for her, Just now." sold
be,' Hi.pl>. '"sbo can'l Ihlnk. Further
more, Sbe needs a sedative to k'cp
her from thinking for a while." Then
lo bor luilu i
"Here, you, you lite bar home on
color coming quickly   back   In   her '^"^A Uio face's owner, who could   ".l0   double-quick.     Have   In   your
obcek; "I remembered our pacl, and
I ihougbi I saw an opportunity of he
Ing i eu Hy of assistance. It Is nm t ;
bs wondered at thai nobody else saw
what I did.   It all happened so slwftly
my llbw dlfferenUy ov'onte might not
have turned out?   For I know no*
lhat Uie Arst verdict wu quite different from Iho one dually read.
Tbe catechism which Uonevlovo vu
ar u^a&**t «*««j gjw«4'^^*. '^SSE fe^^S^^'
evening prayer,
rn:t choir  prect
pm."  IteV. Arlbu
■ m i     i | s
One of HCplugiies of our lime is i
Sliding,  seJ^omplacoiicy  wbicb   pute
" felt orflffl doory and -windows te thut
out tbe ventilation of comuioniense.—
!! Bill Hill
Applications will be received by the
undersigned up to noon oo Monday,
Match 41b, llllli, tot the position of
working gsrdofer and caretaker for
Nortb Vancouver Horticultural Society,
Salary »Uo per month witb residence.
All spplications should bp, marked
"Ouilme,iL-irid atWystaed- to W, I,.
Keene,   President,   P. O.   Oot   Wt'l,
ibo alcove, and al thai very Instant the
curtains parted sulHclchUy for me u
sse a face."  Again she shuddered.
"Mr. Bwlft, ll wu the most hldei us
(ace | ever looked upon. Had I ben
alone In tbe library doubtless it would
bave terrified me ovon then. Hut lu
siiiiiily it illsiip/i.'iiiiil, and without u
"Clara Oenovlovc Cooper."
"How old ut you?"
"I wu Iweiily ono In Deoombar."
„Wo Would like to know, Miss
Ooopsr, Whsl relation. If any, yon bear
to (ha wilness MaJllotr
"Rarely lhat of a friend
physician. 1^1 hor cousin get ber In
/ It Is Illi l> tbst Alfred Fluette hsd
not been addressed lor many a day
wllh auch lavaller hiusi|ii"iii'se. and
overpowering Indeed* inual have been
his emotions now thai he did noi
notice lbs Duetnr's abrupt manner
Even bis daughter's condition sOemed
te produce only a momentary linpres
sion upon him. lor by the time Mall
lol and Dr. lie Uraon' bail conveyed
Ibo limp girl te a divan, when
Heuevlovo continued te   minister   lo
"How aboul bim and   tba   olber h"' h* "** excitedly striving to calch
-new aooui mm ana   lha   otbat ",'•*' "V'/"i!'*'!''
thought of being afraid, I butened to. imuif ^f'-ln InterrogaUon which "'* Aoctort aileullon.
Investigate.                                   • |MtaaUy mads Miss Belie flush and "Ideten te me. sir," I
As I got to tho conservatory I saw >|>>rldls.    Bul  the wlte— — '""- k" ""'"" '—"'— "-
the door at tbe farther, end /ust olos- (gUsl lo tho occulon
Ing.   It didn't slam-thero wun't s,   "J wouldn't undorlal
Total 608 1 acre (ret
uiouc capaclly 816.(0... ,	
Iv)   now II le i^i. i.... .i fo iieiju.
 r .   . _y. wm,   be commanded
Baw bridle.    Bul  ihe wltaasa wu (ully bis volco Irembllng, "you srs the one
' In auihorlly liars:   this   young man
.  . .   , .       .....      -,     f .-,.,-.». undertake to speak tor must not bo remanded te Jail."
sound-but simply closed quickly be Ihem," sbs replied ootoposodfy. Dr. tit Brsan stopped   short   snd
(ore my eyas. Never (or a moment did j   Tho succeedlrfg questions brought "ted bim  wltb a look of
It ocour to me that I ought to be tm- tut tha relationship between On two
bad cloud It.
"Weil, whan
I opened
And I wm not p littlo surprised myself.   Knowing bow bltleny ouposid
. ......i „ j .    l— -—'. • I* hii barn to Mallloi's attenitene to
t sensation prevailed In ths Jury-boi  miss Bella, wbat wu I to think f  Did
.- ...   mn ,^,.'..n,w,„v   ,/o.wveu   uio  cwo
i; that closing door only made me girls,   aod   also   established   Miss
lbe tutor te learn who or what Fluelte's Identity.   Hoini'lblng akin to
eintai II
WfffSA^ =££*»*£ smtattsiaB
^T,a^-,,,,em,llL Vmmi so»e gen.lomao with tbTwriTe Ulr foIX" em Ui at , I '
from ils own.volUw ibt.mma thing snd dark beard wu no olher ula'thii LTol^rtltomZnl 'ttl it ill
Jff'SA^* "*• «W *»Dln« rbro^tbnier-wbm lipgl JhaiTmrn- Zfito «tt A tmutw h*p.
ttrHafimeaamtm  .  t.  .  .     .    W toward bis nUice ondefwsnt a sud- lib, cowu
i-k1.11.?*$lBi to,b* W,0 *r i"» trmtlormilhip; their attlto^e hs- i nronoT
■    ..^,\\\\Wli iii*1" '"* ,tuUofi <*m mro reeptisttnl. \ ,,„„„
«• taoondftW Timtmw mw\  WBT'Pooper   wu   dismissed, and i»opi
Maillot wm recailad. Hs denied toy m
oould noi bava been more
If Uis young fellow bid
own fon plated In similar
Of,-Mi Ptm mm »l pre-
.   , proposed lo acquire
llu.' lund necessary for lhe purport   By
pin chase
fw) Approximately llic number of
acre feel Intended to be Impounded-
108 t acre feel
i.i w iiiiii. i It It proposed to tow
er the waler In any luilurtl lake or
elumllng body of water and If Bo
ll)   The anticipated extent of Iho
lowering    Vis
(I)   The means propotsd lo be adopted lo lower and refill   By con
Sinn liny, e small lunnel
ill   Tl"   nniiiie  In  character In
ih lull of lhe v.'i'i lis Proposed to be
"jnsiiuiiiil lo provide tor Ihe Hi-
ehorge ami nennliiK bsck of (be ws
in   I'obslrucllon of a dam.
i '**
UJ ' JiVti • '   (ii
I J ■
Our Opti«d-Newr
i.  i' ' i' . m i in.    .iii
If you woar glassui you have an idea of what satisfaction
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secure the benefit of practical experience.
See Our Showing of
Optical Goods
Field Glasses of superior magnifying power. Prism Hi-
uoculara and Opera Glasses, llcodiiig Glasses, in nickel,
bruss and ubony frames. Magnifying Glasses and Micros-
eopos for all purpuses. >^
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
Unable to Agree V\m 4WtWfl|
Tt his .asvei beea   hiddss   from
boxes for rent.    you must aa quickly
Is Your Furniture Insured?
18 Lonsdale Ave.     NOTARY PUBLIC     Phone 157
Sole Agent: Commercial Union Assurance Co.,
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LL TOSTO may be connected with
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Turn on the current and in an instant
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lgfei7gm& Prlce ■ HOO
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Call al our office, 50 Lonsdale Avenue, and see this appliance
B. C. ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO.. LTD.      Phone 66
L'.HI   P.M.
1 to
r, go
11 iO
8 JO
., 11.00
1 N
12.16   AM
* denotes
on Sunday."
notice. ' siiii|in .
not liable for
Leave Nmili Vaueouver
e oo
UD P.M..
8 20
*4.40   '
1 i.n
i W
12.46   AM.
Time table sobjoct to change witbout
delays, accidental or olberwiee.
If You are Going to Build
let us b.'l|. you to design auy work wbicb
/ou are contemplating oo. W« guarantee to give you satisfaction ou a
modem, artlstir, las appearing building at a low margin. Plans and
f|n'iiti.»iiiiii« fumiibed free if our tender it suitable to you. It yap
bave your plans Ut us give yeu our prico befure building.
Jl   UlLlXJOLli,  jr.    ami Q.mi\ Cwtrtdw
ColMbiApirtMiU, Mi and St. George.   Phone 210
people will) eyes tbat womoii think tho
ways of mtp absurd.. Iu bor heart of
huarts, tl)0 most adoring wife uon-
uiduru bar husband as much of a
bungler ia argument and business and
bit. Other proper activities as be would
bo if ho trM to seiy on bis.OVI) Imt
tons. To the thoroughly fepijnine mini)
tbe masculine method of negotiation,
or debate, or deliberation seems designed to produce delay, and confusion,
and fiasco. If it does not, it is obviously because tho intelligence of men
is adapted to these mini.nun, illogical,
unreasonable devices. Tlley bavo not
the clarity of intelligouco to see how
absurd they are. They havo not suf
lii'ii'nl quickness and keenness to make
any belter system work. You might
as well eipect a' horse witb infinite
labour, to haul a muderatu luud, and
it is no use trying to toach him to do
anything more.
But if yuu insist in using the hurse'it
methods yuursclf, instead uf standing
by tbu throttle of the steam engine,
yuu will merely demonstrate how
clumsy arc tbu metbuds of tbo hortui,
how far uut of date is a system of
transport by the energies of flesh ami
blood. Home ladies in America, clearly
descrying this great truth, havu sot
themselves to exhibit thu absurdity uf
the admiiiistraliun uf justice as ar
ranged by men. Kveryliody knew, uf
course, that wumen regard the slow
ami tedious motlinds uf a Hourt uf Law
as hupulessly unintelligent. Its con
I'epliou of justice uppeurs to Ibeir
lucid minds preposterous uml bewilder
iug. Bu In America, always in tbi
van uf lhe movement uf" Intellect,
they set themselves to apply tu thai
ciirnerstuuu of AngloSaxou jurisprudence, the jury system, tlie solvent
uf a reduction ad absurdum.
Why should there lie a jury I if s
man is guilty, if a litigant Is in the
wrung, lie is mil mure guilty, he is
not. more wrong because twelve people
say su instead of uue. Of course, as
soon us you have heard the eVidcuee
ami very often before, you know per
fcctly well. If a male judge cannot
make up his mind without twelve other
men lu help bim that ouly shows tbat
men uugbt uot to be judges. The thing
is prepusterous—as preposterous us Ilie
ancient tbeurics that yuu have twelve
uu a jury because "tbe prophets were
twelve to foretell the truth, the
apostles twelve tu preach the truth,
tbe iliseuverers Iwclvo sent intu
i nu.mi. Ii! seek and reporl Die truth,
ami the stones twelve that the heavenly   lin i....linn  is built  nn."
So "tbe first jury composed exclusively of womeir'J when it "assembled tu try a case ut l.os Angeles''
lhe other day proceeded swiftly to
display the fully of the trial by jury.
"The, case was," we read, "whether
a youth had exceeded the speed limit
on bis motorcycle in defiauce of the
law." Not, you observe, the kind of
case which lung delays au Mnglieh
bench of magistrates, li ut "such was
the divergence of opinion as lo the
case tbat the women were unable I)
agree upon anything, not even wliWe
Ibey should luueh. The bailiff had tu
choose the luncheon place, ae severe!
jurors were anxious to go shopping."
You may wonder what would have
happened if tbe old brutal ways of inducing iiiiiiuimily were iu force in l.os
Angeles. For once upon a time juries
who could uot agree were liable, nol
merely to be kept without fooil and
drink till Ihey did, but "lo lie put in
a cart and drawn afler Ihe justices to
ilu- border of the county und llicnup
set into the ijitcb." Hut, of course,
America is much too civilised for anything uf this kind, and' so it was not
the woun ii but the jury system that
was "upset Iuto the ditch." There is
a rumor, indeed, lhat "thu rase »f|l
bo retried before a male jury.'.' Km
we decline to believe it. Uuuly these
noble twelve, destined t<]^4<ci'ome
historic, bave sufficiently demonstrated
Ibe folly of keeping a number of
people wbo might bave beeu shopping
or at somo oilier of tbe really iin
portent occupations of life bothering
about a caae tbat one could have de
■ idi'd It tbey have, tbey will have
earned Ihe gratitude of men as well
as women. But we always knew that
social institutions would never be
thoroughly reformed till wonicu began
to i iiiiirnll them.—Telegraph.
Nothing can prevent Canada from
becoming—if they keep their politics
clean and Iheir judiciary pure—not
only the granary, but tbo heart,' tbe
soul, and tbe rodder of the Britisb
Empire.-Urd Qrey.
None but a cultivated mind can understand tbat if the whule human race
could be turned loose, to eat and drink
and play like thoughtless children, life
would bcconlti meaningless; that •
paradise, in wbicb work should uot bo
necessary would become wearisome.
"i  ■■ 'i
\hm MMm tk Procter, Ltd.
i   CLEARED 50 ft. Ub in Blocks 23W and 227j
$000 nnd $1000     M ca«h( 6,12,18 monthi.
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50 ft. Uti in Blocks 230 and 232a; $650, $700
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um. GetYoiirli
And you cortainly do when yuu buy furniture hero. (juulily und vari
ety are'tho strong features of Ibis store. Nowhere else will you find
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and Crocks.      ==       All Sises
128 Lonsdale Ave.
North Vancouver
Contrary to die usual practice lhe Assessment Notices for
1912 have been s^nt to lhe registered owners of property
according to the Land Registry records,       t
Up to lbe present, purchasers have been in lhe habit of
notifying the cily authorities tbat the properly had changed bands
so that notices of assessment and taxation should not go astray.
This form of registration of owners has heretofore been deemed
sufficient for city purposes, but owing to a recent decision tbe
city council is advised by ils solicitors to recognise these owners
only who appear on the records of the Land Registry Oflice.
Unfortunately a great many never register iheir deeds or agreements.
The North Vancouver Land and Improvement Company
has received numerous assessment notices for 1912 for property
which il has sold and which has since changed hands two or three
limes.    ' |
The Company, therefore, desires to notify persons who have
purchased from it that the/ should take steps to ensure notices
of assessment and taxation being sent tp them so that they may be
come aware of lbe value at which tbey are being assessed and
pay taxes as (Key fall due.
The North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
IM Utility
I'bone 6269
':■ '"^"'t^'^'M.Hlr^rfi1
yym, Pr \~-, t
Phone 335 Owners--Palmer, Burmegter & yon Graevenitz, Ltd.
Commencing February 26
The Latest Photographic News of the World
The Best of Photo Pictures
One Performance Nightly. Doori open 8 o'clock, Commence 8:30
Matinee Saturday, 2:30.       Box Office open 10 to 12 a.m. and 6 to 7 p.m.
PRICES~l5c. aqd 25C.„ E. A. COLE, Manger
St John's College Grounds
Have been sub-divided and will be placed on the Market
On Monday Morning
This Fine Residential Section is all to be Cleared and will
Overlook the Grand Boulevard
Lots are High and Dry
Cars pass one comer of the block.
Water and Light can be had immmediately.
Terms over two years.
See nt for Price Lists and All Particular!
 .' > , ,.
The North Vancouver Trust Company
219 Lonsdale Avenue.     .Ul*-d
Iknster, Ward & Co. Ltd., 546 Pender Street.
u|iauAr, rtww/wy fl, t»|
Jr. Qytlitim UhAm, the Norwegian
polar explorer, who in aubliilizoil by
llu' ((ing and tbe Qnoon as woll aa tbu
Govoromont pf Norway, waa last
woek in Montreal, wbore bo told at
lli.'l   rOOOUt   i inii;;    (p    tbp    Alllllhascil
l.uko country aud bio intorviowa witli
tbe various Canadian Indian .tribes, as
woll aa bia cqntomplatod throe years'
resoarcb beginning iu June next
I'liimi," i tbo Esquimau around tbo
Arctic circle and Nortb Woat pass
ago. Speaking of bis mission and bis
Kiiropi'iin associates in similar re-
aoarehoa, Mr. Lodeu slatod tbat nl
though many visits had boeu paid to
Mexico and tho southern Indiuns lew
know.anytbiug about tho North American Indians, am) capociajly tbe Canadian Esquimaux, consequently, little
is knowu about their probable or possible origin. Prom bis intercourse
with both peoples he is convinced
that tbey woro originally one race,
und that they are Asiatics, oilber
coming iuto North America from
Mexico or by the Bchriug Straits,
Orainopbono Records
Iluring lbc past yeur Mr. I.cdcn
•studied very closely lbe cusloms of
icvoral groups of Esquimaux and ob'
tained a good many gramophone
records of Iheir language, songs, ami
their uppcnls lo departed souls, all
of which will he studied in order, if
possible/ to establish the correctness
or error of lhe theories which he
and others bave formed as to tbe
origin  of these people.
Mr. I.e.luu said he hud hud many
interviews with Capt. Amuudsen, who
went through Northwest passage in
1B08, and ■ although Ibe latter bad
seen many Esquimaux groups be wai
too busily engaged upon his voyage
of discovery lo pay much attention
lo lbc huliils and lore of tbe tribes
ulong those fro/cn wastes. However
Mr. I.cdcn obtained considerable data
from Amundsen which will bo very
useful lo him .during the next three
As lo lhe possililc length of lime
which Ihe Esquimaux havo inhabited
northern Canada .Mr l.ciicu said Ihul
Ihe flreeiilaiiders bud no doubl come
over from lbc Cauadian side und they
had been in North (Ircculand probably
1,500 years, while Ibey had beeu iu
Boulh (ircculand 1,01)0 years. When
Ihe VikiugH Drsl visited the country
they brought back uo records of any
living kings, said Mr. Union, and il
was only when South Greenland was
visited 700 years later Mini liny
brought back Ibe story of men being
seen there.
Kindly disposed
Thu Esquimaux mel wilh by Mr.
I.cdcn during the Jiasl year were a
very kindly disposed people, when
once Ibey found Ibal be was friendly
towards then). They believed iu a
bettor slule hereafter, and huil no
conception of hell or nn evil spirit.
Whether Ihey looked forward lo plenty
of ull aud profitable hunting cxpedi
thins us u future state being on a pur
wilb Ilie happy bunliug grouuds of Ihe
Norlh American Indian. Mr. I,clou
was nol sulbcienlly advanced in lhe
sttidy to say, but his great bopc was
to visit the Esquimaux of the Artie
tirclo and study their languages and
customs and thus jntke comparisons
with Ihe Indians of lhe soulh He
intends lo lake a geologist along as
well as a couple of southern Es
quimuux as interpreters and thinks
lhat it will take at leasl three years
before Ihey will return lo civilization.
"Hid you lind the Esquimaux a
moral people!" was asked
"I found that where Ihe Esquimaux
were kept reniolc from ihe whiles
Ihey were a moral people, bul 1 regrel
lo say Ibat couduel wilh whiles did
nol by auy means eonduie lo bettering
their moral slalus."
Asked what he thought of lbc
Cook-Peary controversy, Mr. tades
said lhal be bad been wilh Cook
three weeks al a time, and be socmcil
lu be all rigbl. lo fail, he went so
far as lo say thai Cook was sincere.
He thought Cook got lo tbe I'ole all
rigbl, but Ihe fad lhal only Ksqul
maux ai-couipauieil him was against
Iho pretention. The ignorant people,
ho added, know thai Ihey went ahead
so many nights and so many days
ami Hint was all tIn y could aay. Aa
for 1'cary, Mr. I.cdcn believed be also
reached tbe Norlh Hole.
Mr. I.edcn ia connected also witb tbe
Elbnograpbie puecuni in Berlin, Oor
many, which 'country be stalca takes
I great intereat iu the atudlca and
researches be ia about ho make amongst
tbo Nortb American Indiana and Ks
■ '    ■■
Support Home Industry
and Build up North Vancouver
Seymour Lumber G).
Have their mill operating in the mountain and can give
of all kinds of Rough, Dimension and Kiln Dried Lumber
Moulding and Finishing Lumber.   Second to none.
Office; Corner Sutherland Avenue and 17th street.
Take Queensbury Car (Yellow Label).
Tho etory of Ooldllocke and . Tbe
Threo Wars ia familiar lo every man,
woman and child. II ia an oxccllcn:
production witb much quaint humor,
aud will prove * hit with adults and
ihildreii alike; alao "tbe Voice of a
chill," tu exceedingly touching
drama. Those will bo leading features
al. Uio Com theatre Friday and Sat-
TAKE NOTICE lhal Ibo Council of lhe Corporation of tbe City of
Norlli Vaneouver Intends to carry oul the following works of local improvement under section OS of lbe Muuiripal Arl aud ioteiids lo osscsa tbo final
iobI thereof upon Ihe reul properly fronting or abutting thereon, and to bo
lienelilicd thereby, and lhat a statement showing the lands liable to pay
lhe said assessment uud Ibo names of lbc ownera thereof, so far aa ran bo
ascertained from lbc last revised assessment roll is uow on Die iu lhe offico
of the Clerk of the Municipality and is open for inspection during offico
■   Estimated Cily'a
Blreel Work Cost Sbaro
SI.   llavid's  from  Crescent   Slreei   lo
Third  Slrect    macadamizing      ) 1800 1800
SI. Patrick's from waterfront lo 3rd. " 1800 800
SI. Andrew's from waterfront to 3rd " 1800 200
81. Qeorge's from wulcrfront to ltd. " 1800 200
lingers Ave. from Esplunade lo 1st .. " 300 20
Chcslerllelil A\e. from wuterfroiil lo ,'lid " 1500 1100
Mahon Ave. from Esplanade lo 3rd . " 1500 300
Esplanade  uml   domett   street   from
St. (Icorgc's lo SI.  Im-. id'.-.   .... " 4500 840
Esplanade from   Forbes   lo   Lonsdale
Avenue    " 8700 250
First street from Forbes to St. llavid's
Avcuue   " 108011 1680
Second Street  from Forbes Au'iiuc (o      ^*
Si.  David's  Avcuue     " 8100 810
Third Slreei from Ijucensbury lo Uew
icke Avcuue   " moo 5000
I.onsdale Ave. from loth atreel lu clly
limits       " ' 5100 080
l.ousdule from waterfront lo llllh SI. " .'.'..'.nn 0400
l.ynn Vulley roud an.I (Queensbury Ave.
from 3rd atreel to city limils " 13500 5200
Norlli Vancouver, II. r.\, J, TALBOT 1IAS1.AM,
February 23, IUI2. Aclmg City Clerk.
K.  P.  HALL
(Cornel of 4lh and Chesterfield)
Monday, the 4th of March, at 8.15 p.m.
Mil. (ilAlil.ES GOOD
Mr. Holroyd Paull
Tbe Eminent Violin Virtuoso
From lbe Queen's Hall concerts,London, England.   Under lbe auapicea
uf the St. Andrew's uml Caledonian Society.
Supported by
MISS MAE GEORGE, The Canadian Soprano.
MR. HERBERT J. CAVE, The Vancouver Tenor.
MR. CHARLIE GOOD, Scodand't Premier Humorist.
TH'KET8.~Uookcd Seals al Ward's, 70c; Heeervcd, 80c; and tinreeerv-
ed :'"'
The Up-to-date Grocery
Mr. A. An.ind, the Manager, will be pleated lo see all Iiii old
cuitoracri and alto to welcome muy new ono, and awurea fern aU that
no eloii will be apartd upon hit part lo pieale bis paUoni.
* TOWN for Civic
Public Works
(Oapttmtad Prom Bags Opi.)
. and mpOIA aaa that the interests ot tbe
muuii'ipuliiioa concerned wero amply
pwteeted. This verbal approval not
being apecilic In its tenor your dele
galea deemed it udvisable to plaop an
record llm interests which tbay wished
tp sat! protected and after consultation
Witb Mr. Stevens and Beevo May
drafted a letter, copy of wbicb has al
ready beau before the eonucil, ami
placed it in the hands of the minister
of railways  lliul  ufler hi.      A I'lipy
was alao addressed to tho Board of
Railway Commissioners. Your dole
gates have since been informed that in
. any ordor which may be issued by tbe
Minister tbo interests mentioned in the
above letter will be amply protected
so far aa same may be within reason.
"Your delegates' arrived in Toronto
lato iu tho afternoon of Saturday Ibo
llllh, and early on Monday morning
inturvioweil Mr .Jellet of Messrs, Aom
Hiu.'. dun in ft Co., wilh regard tn lhe
isauo and sale of 1441,250, 50 year gen
oral debenture! authorised uml $15(1,
000 more or less, 80 year local im
provomont debentures about to bu au
thorucil and after a long consultation
during which wo were apprised of tho
present decline in Die municipal bond
..mil., i and depression in prices, this
fact was brought forcibly home to ub
by many instances cited, aucb us Victoria laat yoar got mi'i, Ibis yoar Il5'/j
and ill per cent tif a one ami three
quarter million loan was left in the
liiin.Is of the underwriters. Hamilton
last year 91%, this year 00.115, Calgary,
laat year HUH, Ihis year 101 Vi, To
rqnto lasl year 100, tbis year 0U and 07,
I'.'ii Arthur 07, this year 06.
"The public appetite for Canudian
municipul issues had been appeased
and besides Ibo public generally wore
looking fur a higher return for ibeir
money. With these facts before us
prospects did uot look at all promising
and we decided lo eoinmuniculc with
Messrs. Brown, Shipley & Co., London,
by cable und ascertain what prico tbey
were willing lo oiler for the(di!bouluros.
On Tuesday afternoon the fulluwing
cubic was received front M.i. Brown,
Shipley k Co.   .
"t'lly of Norlli Vancuuvar in our
opinion il would be bad (nr the • "'lit "'
tba city if tbe $440,000, 1001 debenlures wore issued now or during Ibe
next si* months, but we will bid nine
ty four for lbc $150,000 1031 deben
lures as on March 1st, lllll Cn
stamped bonds London deliver."
"Afler runner consultation with Hie
members of lhe lirm of Messrs. Aemilius
Jarvis Si t'o. wc decided to Iry and
place the debenlures in New York and
Instructed Mr. Joltct tn go lo New
Vurk ami-offer lhe bonds for sale on a
i%',l bteia. Mr. Jellot lefl for New
York lhat  night.
"Ou Tliurs'lay ifricriiouii Messrs.
Sniuson A i'u. submitted a proposition
undertaking tu repurchase lbe 1118,0011
ferry dobcniurcs at 105 and accrued
inieresl und lo undertake lhe handling
of lbe .oiiMilldaled Issues of $118,000
uud $11)0,000 al par and accrued interest, fl", bonds net lo Ibe cily. These
debenlurea to bo guaranteed by lbc
.ity only and uo charge against   the
Htimaoi) t, L'«'a, ouor wee rongmy a
4.83 basis tlie offer was accepted by
the mayor.
"In accepting tbii bid it is to be
noted thnt tlte difference between Messrs. Stimaon 4 Oil's, bid and that of
AmuliiiB .Turns* k Op. is"abTiie~|13il)0ir
and besides wo would not have to pay
On hilt year's interest falling d«"
on the general debentures op March lit,
amounting to about $10,000 apd.ua u
premium an tbe dobenturea we will ro
eeivo about throe months' accrued ill
torest amounting to sir or leven thousand dollara. If tbo debentures bud
been aold at tlio game price aa laat year
wo would bave got about five thousand
leal tban tbat offered by Messrs Stimuli k On.
'fin cloning we beg to tender our
thanks to Moaira, Aeiuilitia Jarvis i
Co.. Htiiiison k Co.. ami Wood, Gundy
.V Cn. (or the kind and hospitable, way
with wbicb wo were entertained by
them during our atay in Toronto and
for Iho liberal education in mituiclpal
financing wo received at their lunula."
The mayor added a pronouncement of
his strong conviction that it was always lo tho city'a advantage to bavo
representative iu Toronto whon tbe
lime cumu for selling Iho city's debentures. By doing so tbey bad probably
on Ibis occasion saved about $20,0110.
Aid. Irwiu moved that the report
be received anil udopled and that Ibo
mayor and clerk bo thanked for lhe
trip they bad underlaken.
Uther matters involved iu the roporl
will be discussed ou Thursday evening.
anout mu rent on tne eispianaiio oppo
aite Nelion'» tapt factory.
That the engineer bring In in «H'
mute for p permanent pavement »n
Lonsdale avenue from th" wharf ta
tbe north aide of the Esplanade.
~TWn)ir#bglllMlf *t|M k Weal tfoi'
provement report en tba widening of
ISth atroet between Mahon   and St.
Andrew's avenues.
Tbit I mil he conatructod on tlio
north tide of tbe Ksplauade from Loni
dale Hardens to St. Patrick's avenue
from St. I'atriek'a to St. David t An-
and on the south tide of Cresci"", atreet
. The fire and light committee'a reen
mmondation that the fire hole tander
of tho lliinlop Rubber Co. be accopted
waa roceived by tbo council uml ad
BeconiinoudiJIona ef Committees
Tbe municipal fathers' notified tbo
city council by letter last night Ibal
Friday night would suit tbcm perfectly for a moating of Ibe delegates of
the joint conimittoo on B. 0, Electri
railway matters. That evening is ihere
fore cboseu for tbe event.
The joint committee of the Norlb
Vancouver branch of the Brotherhood
of Carpenters and Joiners uml the Civic
and Municipul Employees' Union etc.,
ulimiltcd for lhe council's considera-
lion the following wage scale fur the
ensuing year: That lhe men receiving
36c per hour be paid 'M'.o- per hour;
that all oilier employees receive l'..,-
inereaso per hour; lhal blacksmiths re
calve 50c per hour, and Ibat all mu
nicipal improvements be carried out by-
lay labor usieu.l of by contract. This
matter will be considered with the es
The mayor and clerk were authorized
In sign lhe preliminary agreement with
Mr. J. I'. Kelt as asked by the city solicitor in relutiou lo the filling in of
Ml and Bewicks avenues, the clerk
being instructed lo prepare a bylaw lo
submit lo lbc people, .
The department of Indian Affairs iu
reference lo tho council's making ap
plication for lhe foreshore opposite the
Indian reserve intimated that it was
mil in a position al present lo give
favorable consideration to the .iisposi
lion of tbis foreshore.
The following minutes of a previous
Iscssioii were formally adopted:
Aid. Foreman, Dick and Frascr reported Ibal tbe 11. C ¥.. H. intended
running their curs down lainsdale Ave.
Dunlop Bubber Oo. the flucceaaful Tenderer!
Tho city council bai established a
now system of purchasing city supplies
which if earrietl out Ip all the dopar)J
mollis, should mean a considerable laving Ito tbo I'oiiimuuily aa well aa securing for tho municipality tbe very beat
ipmlily of material.
Tondora were Invited aomo littlo time
ago for tbe purchaae of fifteen hundred
feot of firo hose for tho local depart
On the bids being oponed it was
fouml that each company had bid ou
eeveral lines uf boae at different pricea,
but as each company bad hose quoted
at 1.10 por foot, it was decided to purchase fifty feet from each Company,
and make a thorough teat of each, with
a view to, ascertaining which company gave the beat valuu for the money. ,
The teat took placo last Wednesday
on Wallaco's dock when it was found
that Ihe hoae aold by tbe Dunlop Tire
and Kubber Ododa Oo. Ltd. won first
placo in overy count save weight wben
it lost to "key-atone0 by ic. Iba, beating "Paragon" by i'.i Iba
Accordingly tbo council at tbeir
meeting on Monday evening confirmed
Hie recommendation of the fire commit
Ico that tho contract be awarded to
ihe ii..,:l..p Tire ami Kubber Qooda Co.
Mr. D. If. Dick, the representative of
Ihis company, who watched tbe interests of his firm at tbo tests is to bo
congratulated ou aecuriog the city'a
businesa absolutely on tbe morits of
The Dunlop Bubber Co's. gooda.
JO VNJnWiffl WjWWi-
Hniulry Court to ht W* to -Worth
Mf. w. a, MaePoueld, 9.0., who |i
commliiioner by appointment o> the
Provincial government to investigate
bow far registration haa been affected
ao f$r M subdivisions in North Vancouver and Now Westminster aro coucoru-
od„ since the pasaing nf the' Land Act
Amendment Aet of 18B6, has not yet
designated the date pf hii first session.
There will be one or mor$ lessions In
Vancouver and for convenience sake,
one pr more on thii ilde of the Inlet.
Queationa have arisen ai to what
itanding the government haa regarding
reversionary right! under crown grants
wherl land hH been aubdividod. Tbe
investigation which Mr. MacDonald
wil) cniuliict will embrace property recorded in both the Vancouver and New
Weitmimtar regiitry unices, but the
major portion of hii time will'"' devoted to Nortb Vancouver which il regis-
tared in Vincouver.
Mr. MacDonald ii empowered to in
quire wbat laud is compriaed iu aub
divisions how much of each baa bepn
recoil vu veil to the crown; bow and in
what manner tho said lamia are held'
by the ownori and what right the government poaacaiee regarding the enforc
ing of the location of public thorough
The Canadian Bank of Commerce on
Esplanade weat has opened ita portals
to North Vancouver and did good Iiubp
noaa yeaterday and today. The manager, Mr. J. A. Foriter, who was for
merly in San Francisco, - pVonowWs
himself already in lovo with thia city.
Tbo present bank premises are only
temporary and an inereaso in the itaff
is already imminent.
"Wednesday   and   Thursday   passed!'" ""' cAPe •>! the wharf,
end as Mr. Jellet bad nol reported any j    Moved  by  Aid.  Foroman, aecoudod
satisfactory   progress or definite pros   by  Aid. Frascr thul  the planking of
poita we deemed il best lo ask Meimrs'C ud  of   Lonsdale  avenuo  to   the
Stimaon * Co. and Messrs. Wood, dun | wharf be gone ou with pending future
dy k Co. lo submit bids for Ibe eity changes
debenlures. Mr. Jellet relumed ou Sal I Cuiiimunienlioii was read from J. F
urday morning unsuccessful in his ef j Arn'islrong, acting chiel water*commit
forli ao far aa he had gone and wclaiouor slating Ihul lhe waler commie
aaked Messrs. Aemilius Jarvia A Co., j sinner ul New Westminster would for
10 lubniil u bid for the debi'tilurcs., wurd a license granting the cily the
'IVy'could not sue Iheir way however I right lo lake ami use one cubic fool
•Ig bid more than lhal offered by Mea-lof water per second from Bice lake
srs. Brown, Shipley *. Co, vl<i, 04 for
the !10 year debenlures and relative
interest I ss sis for Ibo 50 year debenlurea being HU'i or I hereabouts
"Messrs. Wood, (iundy k Co. could
no| iw Ibeir Buy uuder present market
conditions lo submit a bid but were pre
pared lo bold lhe "V'lionturi i and aell
ihun when ij,.y saw lit oii a half per
"lit. commission basil.
"Messrs. Munson A Co. submitted a
bid of 04.0.1 and intereat lor lbe entire
block of debentures and aa last year's
debentures were aold al mi in lot tin
61) yeara aud 05 for Ibe 'JO yeara lhe
"ll yoar debenture* predominating or
a 4.110 basis (yield to tbe investor) and
subject lo the rights of holdera of prior
records ou Seymour Creek and advis
ing Ibal Ibe pipe be put in which would
p. iii.ii Ihe cily to deliver lo Ihem the
waler lhat they are entitled lo liao
advising Ihe city lo make application
for a license to store water in Bice
Int. and enclosing tbo necessary form
for posting on the grounds and for
publication in fbe papers. Beferred
to the waler committee and engineer.
Tbe following recoinmciidatione of
Ibe Board of Works were also adopted:
Tbat 1Mb atreel be graded aud aide'
walk laid to Ibe bouse east of Si. An
drew'a avenue.
That (he boa   drain   be   eitcndcd
M'i. Palmer, Burmesler and von
ilia, v.'iiii.-'s faith in the futuro of
North Vancouver has beon again demonstrate.I iu their purchase On Nat
unlay of the Chesterfield school properly ou Hie corner of 14th and Lonsdale. The deal approiimatci $60,000
and waa negotiated by Messrs Irwin
k Billings. The property had a front
ago of 120 feet en Lonsdale aud 300
feat on 14th. The goodwill of the
school vvhi.ii has been succeaafuliy
carried on by Mr. A. H. Scriven, haa
been secured by a company of which
Mr. Scriven, Bev. T. E. Kowc and Mr.
T. S. Nye aro directors. New achool
prcmiaes will bo erected Ihis summer
on tbe corner of Lonadale and Carls-
brook to. accommodate 200 scholars
(100 boardera) by September, Mr.
Scriven and bia present staff of teachers will continue lo be in charge. T'hc
Bev. T. E. Bowe lias also organized a
church of Kugland girls' school wbicb
will be an entirely,separate institution
from Die one previously mentioned. Its
situation will be about half a mile
soulh of tbe boys' school..
Locals and Vancouver May Have to
Play for Premier Place
In consequence of tbeir victory over
tbe Britiah isles Public Scboola team at
Brockton Point en Saturday Vancou
ver'a grass hockey eleven will at least
he entitled to a play off with Norlh
Vacouver for the provincial chum
pionibip. Tbo local team's poaitiou
accinod stable enough a few wceka ago,
but Iheir recent defeat at tbe hands
of Vancouver furnished the outlook
with another complexion, Norlh Vancouver now bave two more games to
play—one with Victoria aud the olher
with tbe 72nd Highlanders—both on
counter! from wbicb Ihey should
emerge triumphantly. Vancouver have
only "one more river to croaa1'—Victoria. At preaent tbey bead the league by two poiuta, having played one
more game than the Nortb Vaneouver
aggregation. The alanding of the lea
gue ia now thua:
W,   L.   Dn.
Vancouver       6      1      0
N. Vancouver  6      1      0
Victoria 2      3      1
British isles  2      4      1
Highlanders    0     6     0
We are Exclusive Agents
in thit Territory for
VABNI8HE8,    *
i   i    ' 'n.i  m    '
Bach of time llnei ara conceded to
be tbe ataudard of the country. Ou:
itock li all bought from representative
flnni. Some of than Unu we are
compelled to aak a little moro for because It coita money to manufacture a
high grade article.
paine & McMillan
Phone 12.
Wholesale and Retail Hardwltf
Mr. A. E. Foreman, son ol Aid. and
Mri. C F. Foreman, arrived in tbia city
on Saturday accompanied by hia wife
and family. Mr. Foroman departed
again* yesterday to take up a further
appointment in Victoria. Mrs. A. E.
Foreman and children aro making a
more prolonged visit.
Pricet are advancing rapidly in 265. We have tome exclusive
listing* here, including two double corners, Prices and particular! on application.
Don't Forget 204
Pboae m V. 0. Bex 23tf
< Agenti (or London Assurance Co.
I.l     11   IS I  ■ in       ■ I   *)l
We have a good aeieclioo of Mouses for Sale of Rent
Mt. Crown Blk.   1st St. East   Neit Bank of Montreal Opp. City Hall
Mr. and MrB. Herbert Kitchen and
family wbo havo been visiting in England for .ieveral mouths, will sail from
Liverpool ou thoVltth of March on
tbeir rotu«n"Jiurijj)L*i|d will take.,up
th'clr residence at tleN»MUI.»f lath
street and Mahon avenue about tbo
laat of tbat month.
Nortb Vancouver ia reaching malur
ity. She ia about to dun long dresses
with num.! Heal estate mcii have
been busily occupied tbii week handling deals of significant character many
of which point obviously to the prom
incut position the city has assumed in
tho public eye since recent developments. The difficulty lliul is being
experienced is not in handling lbc
stuff, but in securing Ihe stuff lo ban
Tbo anuiveraary service! of Ihe First
Mclhodiat church, North Vancouver,
will be held ou Sunday and Monday
next, Bev. F. W. Ijngford of Central
Motbodiat church, Vaneouver, will
deliver lhe anniversary sermons al the
morning and evening tfumlay services
special inline will be provided by the
choir aasiatcd by other talent at both
services. Ou Monday, March .Ilh, the
Bev. B. Newton Powell of Kilsilano
Methodist church, will deliver a lecture
cut uied "The Greatest Combination in
the World—the Englishman, Scotchman
and Irishman." Approprale songs
and music will be rendered.
Possible Erection of Terminal Grain
A conijiuny of czperli from Iho Manitoba Grain Exchange will probably
visit the eity during the course of tbo
next few days, Iheir purpose being to
formulate a report for presentation to
Ibe exchange on Iho fcaaibility of
erecting terminal grain elevators hero.
Business, men who know how many
fifiium make five arc very sanguine aa
lo the character of lhe report vtpicb
the inspection will oyoko.
Sium'ia one Iho few countries which
boasts of a corps of women police.
Tbo members of tbis Amazon Guard
arc Sll old and ugly. They wear uniform, though Ihey are uoi armed. Their
. I. i.i duly is to acl as galckcepen of
the Inner of Women's l'alacc at Bang-
kek. They follow any stranger who
enters the I'uliyc ami remain wilb bim
until be lakes bis departure. They
ic clkerc is uot mischief piade and tbat
uo one makes love to tbo royal wives
and coucubiiiea.
Men wbo have liuaineu iualde the
Palace-doctors, architects, carpenters,
electric light filters, etc., enter lhe
Palace freely, bul are always accum-
paiiied by some of lbc Amaxoo Guard.
The Palace has some dillieully iu recruiting these guards, as Ihe wurk la
hard ami lbe pay poor, and the ijUalil-
i at nm    iiiicuniplimeatury.
Lots in Blk. 1, D.L. 597
Oue-llftb Oath, balance t, 18, 18 and 84 months.
Tbu propoaed iroprovomcifti to Capilauo Hoad wili greally increase tbe
- •■•
Have Your
Filled by the
North Shore Drug o.
P. S. THOMAS, PI,,,,. B.
Druggist, 116 Esplanade Weit .


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