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 STly> Ixprggg
Volume 10
Nqjt'TH Vawouvbb, B.O., Pripay,, February 17, 1911
Number 50
The adjourned and retiiilar nirulfnp
of the board of Ferry Directors  uas
held in tlm company's office yu«ti rrlii'y
iiflernniiii.   The lull board »'t|H f result
..   witb .Mayor McNeish in I ho rhnir.
The question ol launching tin new
(erry was taken up in .louaoipn; ioo al
an intimation Irom Wr. Wallaoo tlmt
on account of tho high tide on Ihn
imn uini; ol February :17th it vaa
deemed advisable to taku iidvinltugo
ol it lor launching thc boat. I'-in lull
board adjourned aftor tho inciting to
tho new lorry lor tho purpoae ol making an inflection.
A    ll'llll ■!' I a ■■■■ iaill    a ,!    tiie    I la a I I ' I a'I I, ,11 ol
lhe board wan laid against one ol tho
ticket i.i'lli'ia, on thc Vancouvor sido
with tlio roault that atrong ropreson-
tationa will bo made to all tho employees that disregard to tho board's
instructions will load to immediate
The euse in question was where a
stranger had purchased three return
tickets to this side ol tlie Inlet, Be
Was charged 30 cents against cJefinili:
written instructions thul in a case ol
this kind tlie purchaser should be in
lormed of the cheaper rate, 3T> cents
Ior six tickets,
Mr. King representing the Commercial Union Assuruncc made applica-
tian to the board by letier and in
peraon lor the placing ol the insurance
01) tlic new lerry steamer No. 3. He
guaranteed that ins rate would he no
higher than any other quotation.
A letter wus rend from McDougoll-
alenkins, engineers, udvisiug that it
was ut jaia' ant unsafe lo haul boilers
, ovor the lioul on the Vancouver side
of the Inlet und us it curtuilcd llie
profits to provide oilier meolis ol
transportation they nuked that ' the
buard help thom.
Tne secretary was Instructed to inform the writers thul n new whnrl
was in contemplation on the Vancnuver side and when completed would bc
so constructed us in accommodate the
ta.itlia to tin' Ninth Shore of the Inlet.
Wind, Hiiinn'sti'i' imir Von (li'in'vi'ii-
i(z wrple muking a bid of u monthly
rental of S7ii lor the advertising space
on the Ierry liuatB.
This mutter waa lell wilh the manager to arrange ut lust meeting in
lieu ol un niii'i nl fill per cent, of the
proceeds. Mr. Hoard saiil Ihnt he hull
•■lln irii an agreement with another
person   whereby   the company    could
aillla'a'l    thl'    I'Dll I I'lll'I     ill     IlllV     lillll'      till
per cent, was leas than S7ii n niiinlh.
Tliia action waa confirmed,
1), ('. Walker sluleil in u lominiini
niiiiaii that he intended lo liuild an
office fronting on the east siile ol (lie
wharf. Ile asked lhat a means ol
communication be provided on In Ihe
ivliinl. The bourd felt thut liny
• "nial not grunt audi u request,
W. H. Way acting Inr E. W. McI/eon
tt Co. submitted an offer of SJ per
cent, lor the tfNi.uisi Insurance in bo
placed on tho new Ferry No. 3. Nothing definite was arranged bul i ii tin >
.'iiii.n ■ will lie mude that Ihe board
expect bids on Ihe whole umount nl
aWO,000 rather lliun on porlion* olit.
As a result of representations made
through the Butepayers' Association u
'20 iiiiniiii' schidule will li.- udoptcd Is-j
tween the hours nl I uh R o'clock in
(he lilli I II'lull. i a an 11| |i.| 11 | |l j |;,.\|
Thia will Is; introduced because ol
the extra traffic ut .this particular
iimi' ol duy between  the two cities.
I'hilip, Cameron Co. representing H.
"Hull Irving wrote pinking nn oiler of
'2 J  |H>r i en I. Inr fil.fiOO on Ihe   now
lerry insurant, Iwing purl nl llie full
amount, fgO,00U.
I'iiI-iiii'' Iron Wurks advised Ibut
the mmi nm'ii in.l, i lur tail slmll
lor the HS. St. (jeorge wuuld lie nm-
Mii'li"'! immediately.
Aecounta (or January aggr'guling
»76B8.4H were passad lor payment.
TlfC diroctot. then adjourned lo Ihe
now lorry.
liiniey In tho owners th..iuselves. Ill
liou ol these conditions jt would seem
that now is an opportune lium for
somo enterprising individual or syndicate to purchase proporty and oroot a
lew houses of the olase that would
rent from i'lli to $110 a month. Undoubtedly thero would be Iinie risk in
the investment from tbo facts ns already elated and the consequent incroaso in land values which is pructi-
enlly assured on tho North Shore At
tlio corner ol Chesterfield Aw. and 8th
strcot tho initial move has been made
towurds tho introduction ol the u-
I'." mi' in house in tho eity. It is a
five storey structure and will be sq
designed with interior fittings and furnishings as to meet the needs ol a
modern establishment lor lamily
homes. This venturers looked upon
as u money maker, but thero is su
muth vu'iiiit property in tbc cily yel
that the conditions of population arc
not pressing for a 2nd, 3rd or 4th
The followiug cliunges have letn
mnde in tlie ufteiiinon schedule ol the
lerry steamora;
The Btcnniers will ii'nve Norlh Vancouver at -MO, (1.00, UO, .".ti.. (i.OO
uml ii 'Jn uml Vnn oiivei ut Ilm Sann
time, thus giving u twenty ii'inulc
service during thut period, These
changes are made in older to uccum-
inndale the greatly increased IraHic
whloh Ims developed at this time each
duy due portly to the minimi |liwill
of travel uml |iiillly to (ue *'!••,• largo
numlier of workmen :it preseut employed   on this  aide of lhc Ililli'.,
Driver Iteid for thc Peters ami Doyle
Iniul wholesaleproducu mcrcluMita bud
u narrow escape Irom injuyy yesterday
afternoon when his Imrse becume
(lightened ul an mijfi coming down
l.olisdulii und liin/iuiiy. He Waa
thrown "'ii iirKkyi'-iniiieil a sprained
fool and severalrlifuly bruisi-s while
the rig wna 1111,1a  ot less sluualicd up.
Mr. lla nl ii.n.illeil the auto to slow
up knowing thai he wus driving a
strange horse nnd likely to bave trouble; but the autoist is alleged to
have disregarded lhe request nltogo
ther. I ie Lily the number of llu' mu-
'line wns laken and it is understood
ihul legal j.j -ilm---- will be Instituted uguinsl lhe offender, Mr. lliiil
wus able to bc ubuul this in.,n. n
bul wus exhibiting a'very porriptiblr
One Aspect of the Proposed
w Reciprocity" Agreement
y........'.. .
••'•'.   ; ' •-'.i'\
-!-■■-■ n'.'■'.'";
•■.• ;"
.' I c_
V    ■'      ?r*
;>.•■•■ •M'-'j
__* ill
K    ' ~
■' .''■''*..■ ■ '■-..■ '•'..' _
■k&r.>'•'■ a' .liat.'-^'VBa
i__r ■■}■' i
/' Mw
ttA-   AAW
/*• AmW
I s Ay   /
™ ~ ^
"In voin in the sight ol the Bird
Is the net ol the Fowler displayed.'
Applications for New Roads
Feature of District Council
Tho lormer wiib accepted on the
condition thut the work is to be cony
pliitcd by the 30lh April. '
Tho engineer reported that he-iind
received .up responses from his Advertisement for lenders for sidewalk materials. /
It awus resolved to iall for/ tenders
lor tho const ruction ol a sidtwalk oil
18th street in 11. 1., filial, tli/i district
to supply the muteriul.
'I'lie tondoncy for fpoculation in vacant proporty on Ihis tide ol the inlet ia either to a large extent Ir dm
ing (he investment ip home ouiloing
lor ron lal purposes or tiie advent ol
now settlers ii far in excos. of lhe
buildings ('reeled. ' It ia readily acknowledged lhat dwelling houses are
being built throughout tbe cily at a
rata which il labulotod, would surprise many, bul thc (act remains prominent Ibat there is scarcely « house
ol any nte lo be secured. This i.
vory evident with tbc real oleic broken who tra continually on the outlook lor houses to rent Ior thc muy
inquiries. A great deal ol the present
house building  is intended  lor  occtl-
Lioul. D.t.'.O.lL .l/Fades Wurd,
DUnejNor lor wurll^il/district nl North
Vancouver, left iml.iy l..i work 1'oiiil
Barracks, Victoria, where he will enter upon u three weeks' course nl
training in lhe lloyul Military school
of thai pliii'e.
A lirsl class ronctrt ol olctplional
merit is lieing arranged by Hamlinus-
ler Chance of Ihe Nortb Vancouvei
Hi n s I'mil lor thi' evening ol Match
Iiiii in the Horticultural hall. He-
sides an cMcNeill bund program Iwn
61 Voneouver'. premier vocalists will
lie engaged lor the iiin'erl.
F.x-Couneillor T. 8. Nye woarthovii-
tim ol a ?>ty painful Hidden/ on Wed
na da.', aa Ihe n Mi "I a Iif of about
111 loot Imm u seiiffyliliiig aii which til
we. working  on I InNplduioa  lu  hi.
rcaidewr    at     the    a.aiiii'i   ol   I	
iliil Ave. uud O'lcn slreel. lbi' ex
linl of bis injuriea wire a Irncturcd
bone in his right ankle aud a severe
slinking up wbicb will necessitate bis
■niiiiiiiii ni in tho bouse lor about
Inm week*. La-l ev ei .ing he wa. reported to bo progressing favorably.
Chief Duvirai j. n»\Jhe proud po.
■ ia-...i ol a brand newf typewriter for
the use nl Ihe deparlinent. While nol
so proficient u an expert yet lhe
Chiel is, iievcillii'lisB, a promising pu-
ph.   v
The hearing of the application-lore
fOominion aubaidy in connoAloi) with
the Second Narrow, bridge will come
up befoio the railway' rommillee in
Ollnwa about Ihe ist of Mirih. The
Norlh Vancouver delegate, will leave
'or lho east thc beginning ol next
wo«k. They are Muyor McNeish, Kecv.
McNaUghl, Aid. Dick and ox-Alderman
Reeve McNniighl and lho lull council wore present ut lust evening's
regular meeting when un unuiiuuily
lurge number ol applications were received lor new roads. Tbe sidewalk
question' wus ulso to tbe loru iu no
uncertain muiiner.
Correspondence was reud us follows:
from John Kuy, usking lo hive u
drain opened to prevent the Mitel
from bucking upon thia proparty, Referred to the engineer.
From .Innn Al."..in 1.1 asking Ihul
(he roud ul llie corner oi llie vhuf
.iei Keith Roud, Hollyburn, where a
new building hud been conaln'i .'twi, be
graded. Referred lo lhe engineer with
power to act.
Kroin I'l. C. l'erry, aakiug thu council to open up u road to hia properly
lol 4MMDI-7 to enable him to take
in liuililiii,' material.     Metier   under
11    I'la I,'lla   |
From I'. Westover and other. Liking loi a sidewalk along Fa-da rick
llimd (uini lunii lo the Lynn Valley
'Hie clerk saiil a signed petition Inui
been requested from those residents loi
the work. He wos instructed tn write
the applicants asking them wlmt steps
hud Ini'ii laken in connection will,
lhe locul improvement petition.
From Wilson and alenkins 'ir llieir
a lia nls, owners ol D. I. 1016, lo the
aolicitor asking llml llie conline. of
Ihe rood ul the city's waterworks in
lake be defined. This was in connection wiih the rily's Intention lo construct u screening dink on the raid
allowance, It was referred lu iha
clerk lo supply ile information.
From T. S. Nye. suggi'sling llinl the
couvcj nni es lia ininla' oul ol lhe pro
I" n> (road allowances) in block 111-
'il, D.I,. .".'ia between the diatrict and
himsell, also that lhe fences be built
a. per agreement and payment be
made lo him for Hie cleared pmtion
at M00 per acre, ll wus resolved to
ask tbo Sei iiinni Lumber Co. lo build
theso hn ' al once us fair ogre*
From A. L, Cripps making applica
liou lor o water connection to his re
sideuce on lot 3, blo>k Si, I), j.. M3.
Hi-forrod lo lhc inuimsi lo report.
From A. I'. I'rawlaiid, staling ihnt
he hud let the contract lor lhe dialing of bis tyin acres in blinks I and
A, I). I, rlii'.l and llie contra1 lor Ind
agreed to char the load allowance ik-
tween In- piaa|» it>   and   Lynn   I'ork
llie   pllae   (NT   BlfC   WO.   |3Wl.      II     HlC
diatrict Would huve the road iqan-
ed he ogrccd to give a poilion oil his
|in.|i'iiy lo make il wider, ll wan ie-
lerred lo lhe engineer lo report   on.
From W. liu"11. making applicalion
lor a road and water connections tn
his property, lots 10-11, block 40, D.
L. 20K7. Relerred lo the engineer lo
est imn l e the cost.
From W, Archibald, asking lor the
extension id Dm nn Road lo lols
• Ud 7, block iV, |). L. im and ibe
removal ol .omclree. and .lump, lu
safeguard his propositi residence. He
lerred to Ihe engineer with power to
Krom Uie wrretary ol the V.B.C.M.
asking for annua) .ubscripllon and enclosing ropiaepluninutcs and amended
constitution.  F'iled. .
Krom lhc Lynn Valley Ratepayer.'
Association asking council to ace that
ia the vaccination ol patient, thai lho
government seal wus nol broken until ready for use.   Filed.
,1.   P,  Crawford  &   Co.  lor  thoir
clients, 11. (i. Watts, asking ihal dangerous trees in the vicinity of his property in Ibo N i of lol IQ45dUn be
removed. Tho chrk was instructed to
notify the owners of the property on
which the trees were situated to have
lliem removed.
From Mrs. A; Snelleiiberg, making
application for water connections to
lier property, lot lio, N J block 5, ll,
I.. 'Jii'.M , also (or the removal of din
genius trees in tho vicinity. Referred
to waterworks committee nnd engineer.
Prom II. F. Sharp, asking council
to provide better means nl icu'ss to
his properly through Mr. I'nderwnod's
luml. The writers thoughl thc lime
opportune uow that the rond uas lieing opened up on llic south side ol
blink 61 and 53, D. I.. 868-3.
Referred to Coun. Allan to s'C   Mr.
From Mrs. Kate Hepburn nskiuj i.u
ii ruud to lots 17 and l.\ blink 11,1).
L. 600.
Matter under consideration puiding
he upprovul of other owners fn: a
road allowunie through Iheir properties.
From Ihe secretary ol the s hool
board n'-l.inu to be allowed the services ol the engineer in connection
with the North I . n <i 1. sihool. Kofi i'red to the reeve nnd Coun. law-
son. |
Correspondence wus nud between Ihe
. iiuineei nnd II, C. Klectric liy. Co.
ie the cost of transportation o( nick
from Lynn Valley quarry to Norlli
I.on dale. Mr. (ilover, nasi, minager
t.atul thnl the coal of extending Hnii
Iini' would be too expensive loi tho
revenue derived.   Filed.
Correspondence wa- also read between Mr. Cosgrove mid the Vancouver wulerwolks for supplying wuler lo
F.nst Capilano.
The water commillee and tho engineer was uppoinK'd a commit lee to interview the Vuneouver waterworks
An in""ini ul f.u1. I- wns received
Irmn lhe H. <'. l-lnlii.- Ily., C0. lor
a I" tii, light supplied ul North lonsdale. It wos relerred to the roevo aw)
Coun.   Hi iiic.mini
I'oun. Loulel snid he understood tl*
II. C. Telephone Co had reliind lo
in inl u telephone' ut the coiner ul
Nye .Ireet nnd Chi»ierfieli). i'lie matter will be token up witb tin. company
[by the reeve and 'nun. Loutet,
Tho engineer rcpurlcd tlmt Ihere
was siillnnnl water uvailiible in the
rreoks near Deep Cove and Roibe
l'oint lo meet the demands in Ihnt
locality. This was reported upon in
connection with the application ol the
Imperial Car Co. for woter.
The lollowing pinna were passed i
block 6; J). L. VHW. lols 1, J, 3, I,
bloik « ond », I). L. 'Ui'll. block 38
in the subdivision of the N. (, D. I
mi, luls fi and 6, bluck 11, cast bail
II. L, 787, block I, I). L. 'Hm and
blook. I and I, I). L. '2003.
A  plan ol  Uie  west part of D. I
SM * ns referred back.'
Tenders were opened lor -lhe moiinc
drivoway, West Capilano. Guinea b
Uwronre, |!1,1I6«, .J. C. Hrown .$660,
per acre and J. Thompson and Wm.
HaflWond at approximately |3,<KM.
Mrs. A. Cunipbi'll Hope will bo "At
Homo" at suite 3, liiitl Firit street
on Wednesday, Feliriiuiy 'i'liii^ nnd tho
lillnil of months following.    \
Mr. und Mrs. A. II. I'hilip (||Vj Ferguson) arrived in the city Iuss Monday evening uud are residing on St.
George's Avenue.
Thu and news was received this week
by Mr. B. li. Bfprelon ol the deulli ol
his lather, .1. Wv llrerelun of Kcliorn,
Out, The deccused wus in' his "Bth
Mrs. I'. S. Thomas enljli'iiiii.'il ^0
girls uml boys ul a Vail.'iiiine |i.,itj
ul her home, Upper Keith; in ai 1 • rn-
dule ou Tiicsduy evening iu luuioi ol
Muster.Ficeinuu'a birthday)
Mr. uud Mrs. A. Campbell liopcrii-
ia;iinmed at ilie Japanese Gd^'deus ou
the alternoon uml evening of S|. Valentino's day. Aiiiuseiiunls uud ghmos
were provided for tho children iu the.
afternoon und iu (he evening lhe old-
ei peoplo were socially cniertuincd,
Mr. ti'.. Mi'Millnn, ol llie iiim ul
I'aina iV M. Mill.hi. lelt for his formoi
home in NoVa Seotin yesterday inconsequence ol nn ink ii'i' thnt Ids motliei
wna very ill. Mr. MoMillnu hus nol
visited llie sieiiea ol his childhood ioi
many yeurs.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Hum, recent arrivals
in Canada from lluirow-inFurni'ss,
I'.iiglund, ure the guests ol Mr. und
Mrs. Stoney of this city. Mis. Hum
is Mr. Sidney's sister. The visit ore
ure so i.il.i'n willi lhe plcusonl sin
rounding, und the prospects oi Norih
Vancouvor ihnt ihey have uboul innd<
up iheir mind. In become periiinneni
Representations were mude by Mr.
A. Wullnbo ol tho Wallace Shipyards
Ltd. to an Express representative yos-
toiday ilmi tho "Hi'ml launching fll
tho North Vancouver Forry No. 3.
would lake place about 6 u.ni. on
Hoiiduy, February 37th, wbsn tbero
is ueurly a 13-foot tide.
Thu lorry directors woro desirous pl
celebrating tho event somo oltirnoon
Imt tho condition ol tlio tides will not
permit of this ullhough it would hu
the means of nttriicling hundreds ol
sighlora from thc adjoining.cities.
However, Mr. Wullacc in conjunction
with tho aiin'. tans, is contemplating
some kind ol u celebration tbat will
filling])' murk the occasion,
iliu Uourd ol Trade hus also beep
interesting itsell in tlie matter with a
view to aiding und udvortising tbo
project in overy wuy possible.
ihe M. 1'. Cotton Co. have now tho
lii'inh for the largo .I.onsdule Avenuo
storm sewer dug lo u point* approaching Third street, with the pipe layipg
umi refilling I,.■.■pin,: up uu equal pace
of progress. Work on the lower end
of the avenue has been unavoidably
slow on account of the uuiiiiy of large
-liiin: put in by a previous districf
eoilncil u.s u solid Ind (or tlie street.
When this stone bed is passed qver
the work will be forced uheud at a
muih greater speed.
residents of ihis city,
The apparent advent Iffino weather
is bavbig a demoralising ellect ou the
boon keeping llie mcdicnl profession
liHsily cngugod for the pnst month or
so. Now thut the sninllptix scare is
pasl renewed iind rcinlorccd confidence
is felt in llie wholesome North Shore
The president ol ilu- Board ol Trade
hus just learned Iinli) the military department ut Victoria tlmt lhe deparlmenl ol militia ul 0|lnun hud signified ila acquiescence yiih llie formation of n. local field engineer cumpany
and the eommunding officer de-Ires lhe
names of gentlemen wiih some experience who ure likely lo be available as
officers ol ihe I'omptifly.
Mr. I'hilip has replied ihul Mi Doii-
uld Cameron, l'.i''.., lute captain of the
Devon nnd Somerset Fnjilieers ul Fxc
ter, I ia I.-iaai hnd agreed to lake
command ol lhe company and lliiil
ii number of llioso who hnd signified
their willingness to join llic Company
were men ol experience and tie llmughi
it beller In allow lhe Compnny nfle
enrolments were named,lo iclccl lh
other officers for the consideration of
the department, Step, will now bi
ini.. n Without delay lo bring the men
logclkcr und complete the organi'a
Iiun uf the Conipuny.
In u letier lo lhe local liberal cxe>
riitive ol North Vancouver Hon. Wm.
l'atcrson, Minister ol Customs, Ol
I awe, advises lhat lie is n receipt ol
..■ii' i'.'i..l'in., relative lo lho ostab-
li-limcnt ol a bonded wurcbousc on
the North Shore mid llic naming of
Cuius' warehouse as a suitable loco-
lion. Uo slates llinl instructions havo .
been issued to thu inspector ol the
I'oi i of Vancouver to inspocl thu pre- /
mi a- i ,i aiiiiiia nil, ii und lepoi i on their
suitabiljty. ihe letter states Innlni
Ihal for lhe present the warehouse ou
this side ul lho inlet will only be lor
thc   storing   and delivery   ol   Iroight
.■i  a, ia. al to and Irom Ibis place.
The matter bus been under advise-
in.'i t for some time and tbi. information seems to point to somo action
being taken.
Tho "North Vuncuuver delegation In
Ottawa in a uniiei lion wilh llu- Domin
ion sub-idy iu jiid ol tb" copl ruction
of lhe Second Narrows bridge o.vpcil
lo lenve |p| lhe casl on or aboui the
72nd ad this munth,
AI a meeting ol 1I..II;, lean (ilium,
on Monday evening lust il was resolved to urgunlaU. an Aihlolie Association
lor the yiaiin,..a i members of the We-i
Cupilano community.
iiie officers who will guide the tl-
fnii • ut the young association through
lhe first stage, of its career were appointed us (ollows: l'ie ideiil, ('oyn
alio/ .(ohn Lawson; vice-pre«idtnt(
Frank J.cFuux : serrelnry-lreas./ Arthur I el'inix, uud |'liy ind instructor,
W. A. Dnvis. The dub will In? divided
inlo Iwo divisions, junior o^d .senior,
The new building eroded ' on ^oiUl
road by I'oun. Lawson wi^l be placed
at the disposal of Ihe new* olhlclic '
_ ,—j
Wnt eh lor Mr. Eugene Bailey', uuc-
tipn Wednesday next, SMS UH), street.
east, MoCuoig, auctioneer. SI-SI
/in Tne d.iy iilteiiiooii the district
court ul ii vi. mn sat, Hnve McNaught
presiding and I'oun. Law.on, Thompson, Allau aud Loutet presenl.
'Micro wore 36 appeal:, on the docket
uml ul these S wero dismissed either
through the non-oppeurunce ol lh.
appellants or aflor consideration by
(he court. Mr. Bond appeared in the
mailer ol D. L. '2021 and Ulin ou br
hulf of Mis. Waakely, ii Bodie and others, ihe appeals woro sustained and
lhe lots in Ml woro asscseed ut 1100
fur iniala lots und ll'll, lot cornor and
iu :tin• the inside lot. wero put at
•I.1" and (or coiner. |IG0.
The appeal ol Mown. Lonmlole and
Fell wus euatajucd a. regards clock.
'UTi and 36 ol UM by a reduction ol
till off each lol. Several rases auost-
id in lot. were restored to acreage in
respect ol maps nol having been in'
I.reil nnd three untitled areaa were
added to tho rolT^tikr notice to Iho
owner.. The cyurt l^jouri.cd till
[jhe SI3pi Inst at 7 P-W.
In a communication received
government from Mesiri. Gowaa.l
Donald and Parkcs, solicitors
Grouse Mountain Scenic Railway i
fication i. given Ihal they ^ave J
drawn their application |or ,
tion.     Thii  leoves Meters. ftfejJH
Miles end MoGuigon, promoU
]-a(jrou»o Mounlaui Scenic Ind
I ■"	
third scagfin   pos.eae)iojp
he iatltfSai^e Cunte^t mm it
Gold and Gem Set
Ibis is a lim which interests all—a line in which all
piiindbasecs insist on perfection in both quality and
design |D the matter of gold and gem-set jewellery
we oiler the public a world-wide opportunity to secure
the'Guesl quality, in tlie latest and most fasllimiulile
«lf>igM, manufactured by the leading producers of
TEuiope and America.
Bracelet.! in plain designs, set will) any desirable gem.
Neck Chaina in every design, in weights to please any
Brooches and Pendants, perfectly beautiful in design-
-ui exquisitely sel with gems that harmonize.
Necklaces in .'.Iinli fashion, neatness and worth are
11'   ilia    I   Ji lllll'll.
Dainty Rings in all designs and values suitable for
*U ill   A',   dii  lllll. L I '
Jewellers and Silversmiths
" ''• TZ^ug birertur      Hasting. & Granville St..
_   Wben you deal at. (lie Lonsdale Pharmacy you
grf enactly what you ask (or at the right price.
*J   5'jari .-J attention paid to prescriptions and lamily
IWJjX*. - -	
We . any a complete line ol Stationery and Drug
Sundries. -       -       -       -       •       -
Itkpittt L 2)
A. J. TYSON, Prim.
Cor. Lonidale & 8th
Parkdale finest Alberta Butter 30c lb.
May Flower, Spring Brook or Ayrshire Rote 3 lbi. $1.00
5 Bia. ol good Tea        -        -        .... 1.50
5 It*, of U« Tea   ...... j.75
5 Iba. Jl the best Tea     -       -       -       .'     . 2.00
Comer First Street and St. George
120 Second Street Eut Telephone 206
Convwiience to North Vancouver Merchant.
t-, im Vmi Ova Town. Your O   en Solicil.il
The Place Where Everybody Goes
Gem Theatre
i si   WEST,
ins Good Pictures  Good Singing
*   Good Music
•«• ••*
•••     ita
eee     eee
Programme changed Monday,  Wednesday and  Friday,
Adults Ik^'g^Z*** ChOdren 5c
A. Campbell Hope
6 A. CAL
• -     358 lit Street Ea*t
General Contracting
ftr——*"ti CUmttat Geaiimt, tc
full Crnm.
Phone    198
North Vancouver
Coal ani Supply Co,
Dealer, in Coal, Brick,
Send,  Gravel,   Ume,
Cement   and   General
Builder.' Supplies.
All Orders  Promptly
Filled and Satisfaction
Guaranted.   Fricea on
Oftc*:Lon«We, near City Wharf
f-mimm:     Fomst'i WhaH
Pleasant Fields
ofHoly Writ
Have lor my daily range
Among  tbo pleasant M4« nl   llnly
I might daspalr. -T»nny»on.
First Qilarlor.  Lesson VIII; February
II), l'Jll: 1 Kings ivll;41| iia;
St   -
One ol the most eigniHcant acts of
Elijah's life is. related in a linglu
verse, "He ran before Ahab to the entrance ol Jeireel." He bad rebuked
the king, but now lie throws the lull
weight of his personal and official
character on his side by anting as bis
herald. The queen, Irom her lattice,
saw the uhai'iut • coming, aud Elijah
running belore. Though she knew
what that generous and patriotic deed
signified, it failed to solten her heart.
Jezebel gave Elijah bis cboiee of elile
or death. It dawned upon tbs prophet's miiul that a i umi can not be
reformed in a day. The scene on Oar
mel had lia'i'ii grand, but it was an incident merely in tbe reformation. The
trend of three generations of idolatry
could nnt be rhangsd simply liy the
people vocilerating, "Tho Lord, He is
Ood I" Savonarola had to learn the
same lesson twenty-five centuries later
in I'lm ''ii'i'. It was human lor Elijah
to bo a.h.i. Lul by Ihe disc6very ol the
in. aiiiiiila.il. character ol his reformation. The cowardly thing lor him lo
have iinin., hiiwever, would havo been
to lm'..' remained and died. He did
the courageous thing when ho put himself beyond tho rearh ol the murderous
i|iiivii. ' ' ' At length, Elijah stood
where Hoses had stood sis centuries
before, and like him, witnessed in tlie
mount of Ood tho majesty of Jehovah.
Nature, in her/ various features, forces
aad moods, is both nurse and medicine for the mind distressed. In thu
tumult of the storm Elijah rogeinod
his equilibrium. Hut these phenomena
were not a sedative merely. They
were an allegory also. Wind, earthquake and lire are, alter all, not the
beet symbols oi Ood. It has lieen well
said : "Tlie esqiiisite rendering ol the
margin reminds us that no voica'was
yel heard. Ihe servant knew, by long
communion, when his I'inl passed by.
lie waited, and ho learned that force
■ "• li as seemed triumphant in apostate Israel was doomed to laii, for it
was nol of Ood. And in the whis|>er,
whose vivid contrast typified tho seeming impotence of right in the strife
wilh might, he knew tbst his iimi
was near." Ily this allegory Elijah
was luugbt lhat his further work Was
to Ik gradual. Alter thai liary muni-
la I,'i i ia,ia uin, I, mude < in mil tliu rival
ol   Sinai,   there   was to be a   silent,
ontinuous, and powerful o|»ralioo,
tbe final and aggregate n -ulti- ol
whiih would Ir grrulcr and mors enduring lliun lliose nl any moral cataclysm.
Wo view Elijah from a new angle.
Sight is not so pleasing or eshilaral-
iug, Imt may he profitable. It muy
teach us how to dejxirl ourselves in
deleat. how lo make driest serviceable in Ihe evolution of character.   '
' " Had Elijah -1..... t the ihock nl
Uu disci,vpry thai his refnrmatiou was
incomplete,  we shuuld be im Iiie.I   lo
laall''...      III. I,'»l,||      l.p||a|,     I |, fl 1        |,
was an angel incarnate, not a man.
His despondency proves the genuineness of his Immunity He was, as
Kt. James calls him, "a man ol our
own nolure." ' ' ' Thara is a lore-
gleam line ol Jesus' way ol dealing
wilh mniili distressed, lla first mad*
men a 'iml'ii Inble in tluir Itodias, So
lhe Lord gave Elijah lood and sleep.
Our ••una inl.-d 1'hsritio* and olher
humane societies ars pbiloso|ibii ally
correct in their methods. ' ' ' To
look up a Colorado canon may be as
religious as tn go to • prayir-Dasling
Nature is Ood's servant to sooth*
end elevate. No ssjiensivs Journey
|>"'I Im (alien ti, avail uurself of her
officas. Look up, and th* heavens will
Ull you lbs glory of Ood. • • • Ws
discover a dsfaet in Elijah. Hut
Ooorge Eliot says wall, "Tb* blessed
work ol helping th* world forward,
happily do** not wait lo b* dnm by
peifact nun." • • • To suih a*
think there musl always bs th* wind,
earthquake and fire, or ther* Is no religion, this ihapter is conun*nd*d,
"Th* kingdom of h*av*n ia * l**vi»."
It coa»* not with such demons!rslion
a* to oaks itaall obsarvad.
Ptbruary   l»,  lllll t Joh   »iv;l, 37,
Th* rest which .lum givss la  not
thfl of tha rocking chair.    Jt is not
oar* repose, not atmptionttom trial
I sails <h«\a*t«*t«4
possossiono-eolf-possesBbm. It is
tiquipnso, equilibrium. It Is different
(rom and nolilor than stoicism. It
does not Ignor* or deny ths illmil
Ills, but In lull vlo» ol ihem it ye\
preserves its patience and has,thB|»i-
foot peace of one whose mind Is stayed on God, *
The customs figures for January
show lor the ton months nl thu
fiscal year now completed, an in ironan
ol 110,000,184 over tba corresponding
period lasl yeai'. For tha month of
.laiiunry alone collections were tn,-
M,m, an increase of »l;Ji;i,Hilil.
Similar jncreaeus lor the months
nl February and Munii will make a
total, increasii for Ihu fiscal yepr ol
considerably over $13,IKHI,IK|D,
According to a return ol tho post-
office ila'in,ilinen!, Canadians during
the past ysar Bent to Croat Britain
and its possessions and other European count rles 710,000 money orders, representing upwards of 113,000,000, or
an incroaso of DA por cent, over the,
previous ysar. Money to the United
States and South America goes direct
from .sender to receiver so no official
record ol the amount is kspt.
Arrangemsnts are about complete lor
the organization ol a pips hand lor
this cily. While being n distinct body
Irom tho present bond it will
lie an added altraction in the
parks. The new band will bo
niiineil the St. Andrew's and Caledonian Pipers Hand and will lie under thu
direction nl I'iper Lister, Ists nl "E"
company II.L.L, lilasgow and the 6th
II.II.U.ll. A number ol recruits havo
alrsady been enlisted and there is
room fnr mure,
Thsir first public performance will
lm on Thursday evening, April 6th,
when the residents of Nortii Vunoaiu-
vsr will be ablo to judge of their ability, p-i
It is sinii.I that the Squamish Indians occupying lho reserve within
Iho city limits and forming u barrier
tu tho free communication Iietween thc
lower .-i" iiim... ol the city east and
west have signified Ibcir pleasure at
the prospect nl the deal between
themselves and the city lieing consummated by the upprovul of (lie lla,min
inn authorities. Tin1 lluluic of Iheir
pleasure is tliat they will Iw provided
wilh u free supply of Lynn creek wa-
ler in perpetuity aud nl which tlity are
sorely in net—. Hie lurge creek on
ulii'ii ilea were ah;.. ii hm lol' their
water is gradually liecnming unfit liy
domestic   uses   as   the   population   uf
thl!    alia lalll     fill Ilia  I      l||l     III     llll      .  Hi     ht>-
.imn ■■ greater.
NOTICE is hereby given thut thirty
days after thu dale hercol we the mi
ilersigncd intend to apply as co-partners tn ths iiniini of i.iieiiw Connie*
sionors lur the city ul Noftli Vsinuu-
v*r lor a retail bottle license lor premises situate on a Inn in.mil part ul
lot ilmi..ii (13) block une hundred
and lilly ...van (IM) II. I.. Hint, in
Ihs cjty ol North Vaniouver on the
principle nl lho Norwegian system of
no profit to the sellers).
(.Signed)     II. E. MACNAIJH'I'EN.
(Signed)     P. HOCJiUSSEN.
Dated at Norlb Vancouver, ||. (',,
February 7lb, IVII,
NOTICE is lici.'by given that at lb*
licit silling of lab* Hoard ..I I n.n mn
I'oiiiiiiissioiieis for Ibe City of Norlh
Vancouver,'I mi'mi lo apply lor a
hotel license lor premises situate ua
lols 21, 'tl, 33 and 'ii, bluck 140, I).
L. '/It, Second street west, in Ids said
city nf North Vancouvtr.
Ilat'd at North Vanvouver, February
7th, IUII. h:i
The A. Farro
126 2nd St. Weat
What you deal at the A. Fain,
Grocery jtxi get eucdy whal
you ask lor at right price, :
Special Attention!
We cany a complete line ol
ttmmvy Jl laam Bread 22 In tW
At Vancouver Price.,      Sole Agent, ior Nortli Vancouver.
Corner Lonsdale and Second.
Phone 295
We are overstocked in Ca.hmereltes, Wrapperette., etc.,
in a variety of designs, regular values up to 15c     Q1
Our price O2C
Special line of 36-in. White Cotton, sold every-    1 A
whereat 15c.   Our price   IvC
N.B.—We are direct importers of Staple Good*
from the English Manufacturers. See our valuea
before buying elsewhere.
Hot Points
For the Man
Llaia':. ,1 chalice 10 I'll sse llic
Qrder at mice a  hjih "HOI
Ten days liiai, lift- fur a.-king.
Ola ,IMU.    Sllll   COIIlllJll    Ull    llllll'
'ing day.
Qnly iron on  market guaranteed for two years.
|:.a.: 1 now, il  will please hn
|\|eal,  clean and  economical,
"fry one now anil lie convinced.
B. C. Electric Railway Company, Ltd.
* 50 Lonwlale Avenue.
The Gurney-Oxford Steel Top Range
means a marked saving in
luel and lietter baking results.
only does its work HETTER.
but AT LESS COST than
oiliei Ranges..
We can demonstrate to you
(lie wliuli' Superior Chancellor principal ol economy
aud efficiency in ten minutea.
I. it imi worth that much
of your lime right now ?
The J. D. Fraser Hardware Co.
Phone 58. 133 Unsdale Avenue
The Kimball
Warburnitz Piano House, Limited
■ w
443 Lwwdale AvjMiue
thm 114
, Autumn pud Winter Suits fur women in
a groat rango of stylos in both plain untl
novelty fabrics, intiliuling sjsses from 32 to
56. Specially attractive snowing for women
of average figures at $20.00, $25.00, $26.00
and $32.00.
Important offering of I oats for women;
styles particularly suitable to coast climate.
The offering represents a remarkable coni-
filete range in wanted fabrics and shades,
)eoidedIy smart models are shown at $12.50,
$15.00, $18.50 and $22.50.
Choice collection of F«ib of every desirable kind. A particularly notewortliv
offering in small Mink Stoles at $17.50,
$21.50, $36.50 to $47.50. Higher priced
pieces in splendid assortments.
Gdrdon Drysdale, Limited
i     575 Granville Street. P(»ne 3541
* turn *»,w m costs
Wn). JKoWnlty banana entangled In
the snares pf |Mnri»t|q|» la»t Tuesday
ond woh up tp tbo ro»li«ntton that
be was in North Vancouvor instiwd
in Vancouvor. Tho ppllcoman t?
whom h Wade tho query could imt
answer nnd it lay wlt|l Mayor McNeill) tp "4a«ro" tho truth upnn him
by imposing n Ana nl 13-W and coats
lor a first offence. William tried to
oaplain but justlco waa unremitting.
Tba Canadian halibut fleet is pro-
paring tp resume fishing, k lew vessels bavo already been tn ihe hanks
Irom Vimrnuvi!,' uml rut in neil with fair
catches, and with the' moderation ol
the stormy weather, lishing will bu resumed in earnest. Tbo SS. iiiiiiiiiii, ol
tbo Ba C, Packers' Hoot, which hai
ln'i'ii Med up at the Columbia Colt)
Storage, plant tt Now Westminnlvr
since fishing waa suspended, is again
being prepared fnr wurk and tvill
la'iivc (nr the Hsbiug banks shortly.
al yards h' a|in boon decided upon.
SV. -Qourlay, who ii in charge pf a party q| 15 men, hae' sneua-d u Itnfutiou
through Ihu bench lund.i on ilm cum
ilil ql the tnwn and lum 'obtained
HUfficibqt right-of-way tp bo in a poiition tp talk pricei to tba properly
If. li. Ilropki i» in Ityiticlon *>"'"
largo party and haa commenced tlm
Work ol linking the (luurluy Ipcatjfln
witb tbo lino Iroin Merrill. Tho Drat
few days will bo spent in looking ovor
tho country botweon l'.-nii.-ion and
Trout Crook, which ii three miles
souih pl iSiininiei'laud. Mr. Drunks reports thu work ki be proceeding very
satisfactorily from tho Midway nmi.
Stool laying has now been completed
over between IB und 'JO miles ol road
and cunstiuctiun has been curried 15
miles lurther,
Vancouver Business Directory
)I9 Pander street, Vancouver
North Vancouver
Wiethe's Bath
Corner Homer and Pender Sts.
The only up-to-date and reliable bath houae io Britiah Columbia.
Wa ture where others fail.
Satisfaction guaranteed or no
pay. Plain bathi, electric Imih.
ahower baths, massage for bo
dy, scalp and face ; electro therapeutic baths a specialty.
Graduate of Berlin, German)
Business Institute
336 Hastings St. W.
CmiSii Oreatsat Weetarn School
1. J, Sprott, B.A., - -Manage!
luftlncft* College
63a Seymour at., Vancouver
Day aehool open all  the   year
round.  Night school commenc-
ei September Sth.
Canadian Detective Bureau :—
Offices everywhere
Vsnooutsr OSes: IN Kllpiru Block
601 Hastings st. weat. Plume Hie
Every lady lungs In have wnvy bair.
Il ii now within the reach ol everyone. For sums yean cut hair bas baaa
permanently waved, bul thl process it
had to undergo wus loo severe lor it
to be applied to hair ou the head,
but now science hai discovered a au-
thod by which the hair can bi wavid
williout injury to hair or scalp. Thi
wavo will not wash out and damp
weather will not affect it. Tbe process loaves the bair solt and wavy, lt
has become tlu rage in 1'niis, I nn-
don and all tlia largo cities oi tla
Slates. Special rstss lor one month.
Any information regarding llie work
will ie gladly given l'i any ladiuwbo
will call or write (o
733 I'ender Street.
Tbe Delta ichool board bai been advised by tba superintendent ol education at Victoria that thoy had united a grant ol 11,500 for tbo |ur|.oso
of installing an up-lodato watercon-
iii'dinii in tho schools ol l)slt.i. ".lo..
grant comes as a result ol tho efforts
ol tho deputation which laid tho
claims of the district hcloro the (,'ov-
eininent a month ago. While 14/100
wus aikcd for by the board, gem ral
sutisfac'tinn is felt with the aljiln
Groceries and Provisione
Wholesale and Retail
116 Hastings St. (downstairs)
Delivery Tuesdays and Fridays
m!PF,miiR ki ttithit mm
Sign aud Price Markers
io Fairfield Bid.      Fone Milt
Yorkshire (iiiiininlcr k
tallies Corporation l,id
440 Seymour Street
H. Kerr Houlgate — Manager
All Nortb Vancouver paople sat tt
Either Flack Block or Hast
ings street, opposite tlie new
Post Othce,    Leonard sells
General Superintendent tea by the pound.
Ws solicit s trial bid on your Orders mull or large
ft    1*1     * ■      a   »     •   -
We operate the only padded furniture and piano
moving van in the cjty. . .
Ns Ye Cartage Co.
PtltM ■        . 141
Tlio provisional > inn,,1, for tho
current yeur hnve lieen brought down
by the inumil nnd iirnvidi'il for un expenditure ol H.-i'.'.iNi.'iil, hut ul this
there is u sum sullicient consisting ol
an earn nl taxes, book delits, money
in hank, etc., etc, to cul tbc
amount required Inr lliis year down
m s:i;i,i:Iii.:i;i. Toking tliis amount required as a liiifii. fnr the tax rate ol
the year il should viiluully bring the
ralo to inmewhere Iietween twenty-
iluii' and twenty-lour milk as one
mill on practically every 11403 ol Ibe
estimates is levied. Thc council,
hnwovur, in order to be on tlio sale
iiie, and considering it better lo bo
sale than sorry, decided that tlic tux
rate on city properly shull lie Ifi
mills ou Ihe dollur, the suine as last
yeur und Iho lax rule on property
outside the city Inr ichooll ■ I'.'H be
i.m miles. This i» pruclicully decided
aa the rate I..1   lull
Methodist church, enrner iiih street
und St. (Jeorge's Avenue '■ Hcrvicos at
II a.m. und 7.30 11.In. .Sundny icbooj
und llibli' Class 'J.IHI p.m. Class meeting 111 u.m. Sunduy. 1'iuyer uieeting
fl p.m. Wednesday. Moodyville Bunday School 11 .a.m.
Hit Andrew's l'resbytcriun church.
I)lh street: Services ut II iT.in. und
'hm p.m. Sunduy silinnl 'I'M li.m.
1'i'oVer meeting on Wednesday ul 8 0'-
l.ynn Vulley Presbyterian f'hureb—
Wnrship, Sunduys, II u.m., llninn
Siiiuluy Sclmol, 2.110 p.m. II. Vun
Minister, M.A., puslur.
I.yun Vulley Molbodisl I'liiirch-Sei-
viee every Sunday evening in lusti-
lute Hull ut 7 o'clock, ('[iub. Fiiko-
Icy, jiustor in-thargc.
Baptist Church—I'or. fil|| ind St.
Uenrge. Services, J I.IK) nin. ami 7..'U)
n.m, Uible i.iiiaail in IJ iiuon, ltev,
0. II. Illuudcn.
North Lonsdale I'resliyleiiun Clnircl)
—Worship, Sundays, 7.IIII |..in., Sundny School, a.ini p.iii. it. Vnn M1111H-
slcr, M.A., pastor.
anuRunood tliat it was tUp.ftHMl Pf!-
joy iil (.ho government tfl huve Ihu
vw(icl^i pluiiiia il for tho 'now Canadian
Davy ImiH ip I'linudu, and that ihu
shipyards of thia c«ui(t W(^ul(|1lo given the sium; opporlunity ua other pun-
I'lliiiii ynril.i In i-ninpi'lia lor llie build
ing ol tho Pacific Hoot
Tho plops fl| the navul department* workman, probably about lour
uo announced, provide  lor   the  con-1 sand or ropre.
struction' o| two fast scout  cruisers
ni iho Bristnl type end thivc initpy-
ore o' the Hiver class. Probably ol hi
construction will lullow.
Tl|p building til Warships ol t|iis
typo would invqlvo big ineroiisos in thu
sliipbullding plant and would remit
in iho employment ol n small army ol
The Ka nl. Vulley railroad surveyors
huve nmv a ompla laal the location nl
the line through I'mlii Inn and it
Is inula 1 ■ 1 1 Ihe site ol ih- ili'-i i"n
Plans, Spei iln iitiuns, Estimates
P. O. Box 37, North Vancouver
General Contractor
I mnl Clearing, Slump and Kuck
Blasting. Kifrs can; noar houses.
All ilamsgei mule good.
KM l'l.'l V M SNT      AUKNCY
•Ild Bl., Wa»( Of l.uuxlal*
P  I Box 11
The North
Have now a good
stock of
at flottom I'ricee.
Prompt Delivery.
1 ii'
Esplanade, Ea»t
evening prnyer, 7.3ll p.m. tlu the lirst Sunday in
St. ,|nhn the Kvuiigelint, btli und
I8H1 sti-eels: Holy cninmunion, fl u.in.
mniuiiin prnyer, II a.m.
Ihe monlh (here will be u seeoml ce-
lein nl inn ol the holy comniiininii ut
11 u.m.  Hector, ltev. liugb Hooper,
Inli.ni I'ulllolie (iiurch nl St.
Paul's. Moss, 7.311 um. Sundays, Pastor, ltev. E.. Oeytavin, O.M.I.V.U.
Sl. Ed)pU|d'i Culholic Church, Mu
liou Avenue. Sunduya: Mush III. 15 11,
in., Sumluy S<hnnl, H.ln p.m.; Hos-
ory und hencdictinn, Hh p.m.
St. Agnes Church, Poiilcvurd Vicur,
Hcv, I I limv, 7.ill) p.m. gviniong
every Sundny ; II n.m. Holy Cniiiiniiii-
inn, '2nd .Sundny of every month
St. Clumenl's, l.ynn Valley—Vicur,
ltev. T. Pa. Howe. Assistunl Prioit,
ltev. II. II. ilnsluiii, H.A. 7.:«l p.m.,
evensong, evury Suiiduy; 1) u.ni.
hnly communion, 1st Suiiduy ol every
St. Thomas, Norlh (.onsdole—Vicar,
Hov, T. E. Howe, fl um., every Sunday except l»l Sundny in month ; fl.3"
a.m., lit Suiiduy in month ; 11 a.m.
Mui iu I itaiiv nml sermon, 'Ind and llli
Sunday; 11 a.m., Holy Communjnn
ond sermon, Is! nnd Sra Sundays.
WE have MONEY to invest for
English clients in dose in pro-
ssssb perties in  North Vancouver,
_ We shall certainly do business with
anyone  whose  offers  are  reasonable.
The Merchants Trust & Trading Co,
 BRANCH OFFICE I 34 Old Bro.d SI., Londoii, Enilmnl.	
North Lonsdale
213 Lonsdale Avenue       -       Tel. 47
Corner Nye       -      ■ • Tel. 87
Bread!   Bread
Union Made.   Home Industry.
Bigger Loaf.   Better   Bread.
Don't forget our luttitit Home Made Loaf,    fio.louf.
.Stores: 71 Lonsdale Ave. Cor. Lonsdale & Ath St.
Wnrk will lie xlurli'd ul iineu on llic
iiilinlriii'linn nl o lorjie drydock nt
l'.-.a|iiiiuull McbWs. W. 1'. llullen and
II. V. llullen, Iunds ul tjtf P. <;-
Murine ruilway cnn)pnny ol Est|vim-
olt have lle-n in (Itluwn in eonueeliuii
witlran u|i|ilieulion lur llie Dominion
subsidy lur llie construollon nl n dry
dock wliirli will lie built in eniinidern-
lion nl llie future rcquirement'i ul llie
I'acilii naval Htulion. Details will
Iw   aiinounicd lutor.     Mcimrs.   llullen
Shipyards, Ltd.
Boilermakers.    .   .
Miirint... anil  Suiiuniiry Ell-
gin'c ami'Iiiiilu Woik promptly executed,
Telephone mj
North Vancouver
tl. F. HttlJIil It
Expert on Fireplaces and all
classes of Brickwork.
All Work l)UurnntiH:d
Corner Fifteenth Sl. aud Nation Avt.
All new houses should he'piped lor gas in order to save the
heavy expenditure for thia convenience at a later date.
NoflTH VaNcoUVeh
'cimm i nn nr
Tlllil IHl,iHl',S DA WWIS
I'eilifli'sle'l Mn|ii. j!. Msdical anal
Mutuimiy Nursss
Hani tsal Out sn AiipMcation
For lumi' n|a|ii..  ut  m-i' H"i|'iiiii
)3lli Street Ks»l'.
D. L. 555, West Vancouver.
There are still a few specially fine lots for sale in this sub-division, most of theni
65x133 feet, some larger. Thc anost westerly part of the property recently put on thc
market includes lb waterfront lots with a waterfrontage of 59 feet aim un average
depth of ill) feet. The lots have a pleasant slope to a gravelly beach, uud there are
ninny fine old trees which udd greatly to their beauty, wc have the verdict nf many
who bave bought tjiere Ihul nowhere on the whole I'ni ific Coast jg there a more beautiful spot than "l)UNI)AKAVE" mid most people who look over the property buy
' some of it. There are several summer houses already built on the beach lota, and others will be built in the spring. •
Call in mul get a price fist mnl make an appointment with us to take you out and
show you the property.   You will enjoy a vjsit to "DUNDARAVE".
The prica»are from $325 to$825 per lot, and the terms are nty, one-fifth ca»h,
and tlie balance over two years.   The waterfront loU ate $4,50*
121 Lonsdale Avenue
NORTH VANCOUVER ▼ ————      mt~~~ ftWaWrcrwi
th \a kxpbkbb
, NtiK'in Vahcquvm, ? C
lUna of KiiiiaoBiiTin!.:
' One yi'iir .    f L.00
Sli moutlis .60
Tin. a- ii.iaiillm     ■ - .25
Ulifted Shitett find Koruiuii.^l .50 pur year
PiiAiisi^Ni' Diai'uv  AnvwmagMHKTa—
; ■ §11 i'iiiH8 imi' muli mildl lilHerllon.
Kpoa Hm uiai., I'Vro,—$1.00 pur Inch pur
aJiAsi) anu I i>imen NiiTii-KU-30 iluys, (S|
iiii days, thou.
f.'tau*!. Aiiviii'iiMVu-  Kirst insertion, 10
Etiieiits per Iimi; wioli subsequent inner-
tiuu.fii' pur line.
(tlUfM.i Nui'iciw in l.oc'Ai, Nbwb Ooi.
ifmku—lili'iiiils p(irlino,eai:|iinatirt1pn
IOontiiaiu' AiiviaiaiisBiiBNTs— Ratea ar-
El      l.'l.,'a 'I   „, a  .   I.lll,;.    hi I |,;|ri:  llllal'll,
All I'liiniiic.i iii contract advertlBunienti
pn.-i lie in iliu lunula of the printer by
- Wiiiliiiiailiivi-iriiiii|/iiii.'iimirii publication
in the next issue.
North V.iM'oifvER, Feii. 17, 1911
The present state ol pruvinoial al-
. fairs, us revealed liy the uttcruncoa ol
lhc Minister oi Finance in hit. budget
ipeofb this «eek, is ol a highly gruii-
lying thui'uetei'. The leiuuikuble pio-
gce.s nf pniiliietiuu in ull lines is in-
diiiited Iroin tlic fuel thut tbe aygro-
gulti vuliit of llie products ol the p.'o-
vinre for tlio past year is estimated ut
jlU0,74Jl,IS!)5, in eouneetiiiii with which
thu minister iiiude llie sitjnilicunt
atiiteiiieiit tlmt Hritish I'oluuibiu enjoys the highest per cupilii production
in the world. When it is considciel
ilmi those inugnifieent results huve
lieen attuined at u stage in the development of llit province ut which the
population is in the neighborhood of
only tli.ie hundred ihouaand, aome
alight u.klinn muy be gained of lue
siiiji.nduiai potentialities which are
Waiting to lie developed with lhe
opening np oi llie newer portions of
tlie proving, (he incoming of population und'ihe iiivi-stiiient of additional
The province is shown to occupy 11
most enviable position us to financial
standing.' Tin' leeord since I'.ml hus
.Ii'in uu unbroken succession of sir-
plusses the grand totul of which to
March IUIU uus 17,100,1)00. The surplus for the yeur 1010 lo 1011 is not
iiiiIiiiIkI in lliut sum, for the reason
thut tliu linal year does not close uu-
til .M,n< h .Ills! and the oxuel amount
will imt be Lu 1,mi until that dute,
hut thut the ic-iill will be suiisfuitory
is foreshadowed by .the minister1!
statement lhat if such u course wore
decimal.advisable the government hus
suliu imt lipiid assets to write u
chixpie fan mi amount sufficient lo Day
oil ibe cniirc provincial bonded debt
amounting lo <,J,iilli,.'IU0. The status
of pim 'in i.il credit in thc money mar-
1,. 1 ol the world is consequently' of
ihi' voi'j best, British Columbia sub-
scribed -lank standing relatively higher iu Loudon (us the (inunie minister
daja Ui'il)   ihmi   ony   olher   colonial
'iiie i.limulia.1 levenue lor the coming yiiir is !8,lt)l,101j un iimounl
which, barring uny unexpei ted reverses ol u serious mil ure, is believed tobu
Willi   uvailuble   liiiuuiiul resources of
the proportion* thus described il will
b* agreed that Ibe government is fully
justiliid in embarking upou a dcidud-
ly liberal polity with reference to  ex-
pondituiel lor public purposes. Infii't,
it wight a011 -i.sl«ntly be held lliul the
gov. iiaia. 1,1  would he remiss    in    1
dul;   Wn.   uny other course   pursued
ul ih.' |....Miit juncture.   Such 11 iplen-.
did it.-. 1 ••   ...f linuniial strength iiiup
lad  aaijli  lie piosont widespread   und
pom 1 fnl iiiovcincnl making for gencr-
.il   ilevelopmuit,   which   is    manifest
l^roughoit the provinie, .I'oustitulcsa
Iw 11   .if a..nts whiah presents a rare
opportunity   for trt'meiidous  advouce-
ment everywhere und ulong all lines,
failure   lo lake advantage   of   which
would be Unjustifiable.
The proposition i^thc Kinuine Min-
a la ihul the sum of II 1,030,7'JObc expanded     (or     provincial     purposes
throughout the ensuing year is based
'  upon   -o'lnfl   buiiness   prin-iple*  and
1 givi 1 us,uiruii''cs thut the  government
illy olive to the importance ol the
pri ent jum ture und to the interests
'  of the province.    M.ore thon one-hall
'of thli sum namely $5,W7,»S0, If   to
i,.  etpenAad upon public works of  a
0 mnl   nature, closely related   to
the opening up of all purl*   of   the
province und rendering all ports ol il
ible, u fact whiib is of the
uini.  1   Importance il development  ii
'  to   keep   nine   with the   powibiliUes
wbi>h me ut hand.  Among th* itewi
Apt smaller proportion* the apfropri»-
_ tion of lho ium of IIW/KX1 (a* oo»-
jjitred wilh »7(S,000 la*t year) for for-
a,( pi a.i. non, li worthy ol •porialwi-
K« ninl ia to he mmmnih- TViub-
sidy vote ol fWOiMO lor the wnitnic-
tion of a bridge ti teooni Narrows in
renewed, subject to the contribution
pf a similar WW fFOn) the Dominion
In (arming and agriculture the increase Inr tbo year was very large, nti
though it is to be regretM that tbe
imports 0! lorm products' are still in
once" ol th» total nmount wised 'or
10 consumption. The totul value
ol farm produce raised in the provinco
for 1010 was «,M0,<WI while that ol
tho pivii'iii fiiaaul year will totnl
114,390,030, an inorsase of practically
seventy-Uvu pur cent. Wliile these results indicate thp rapid strides that
are being made and the effectiveness
ad the means that are being adopted,
it is nevertheless, evident that the sit-*
nation is one in which material
improvement is ardently tn be
desired. Tbo total imports of farm
produce for the year wore 114,062,904,
that is, the province did not supply
one-half ol the produce ol this nature
which wai consumed during ihe year.
Tho situation ia nnt without via encouraging features however, inasmuch
11 the iiei a'u.'c in home products waa
llfty pur i-eiil. greater than tho in
erenso in the imports in tho
aiinie clttBB witb the result
thut thu total from local sources
well nigh overhauled the total Irom
outside the prqvince. The old idea
that the nruhle areas pl the province
wero too restricted to entertain the
hopi' that sufficient home produce
a miiil be raised to supply the lucal
market is now altogether exploded
and it is recognized that ita agricultural posaihilitiea nre eaaily aulhciont
to render tho province self contained
in lliis respect if they ore developed in
an udcipiute manner.
in view ol these fuele it is ul interest to note that the government is
putting forth special effort to promote
the agricultural interests of the province. The Department of Agriculture
hus been re-organized mul its efficiency
greatly increased. Tho number ol farmers' institutes hus been greatly increased und are doing effective work
The same muy bc suid of the Stock'
breeders and of the Poultry Members'
Aasuciations, and the II. C, Fruit
Orowere' Association, ol which last
iiuiued the provincial Horticulturist is
secretary. All ol these associations
are now under the direct supervision
of the agricultural department. Two
important developments took place
during Ihe year relative to the fruit
growing industry in tlie establishment
of government demonstration orchards
and the institution ol government
packing schools.
in addition to the promotion ol organisation and education amongst tlic
farming' population of the proviuce
the government curries on au extensive advertising campaign through tbc
generul distribution of pamphlets u
in.mi .1.nl of effective work in tbii
particular und lor tho promotion   of
inim in..11 in general ia being  done
through Ihe immigrution office in London,   I Ha'l.n.'l.
Theae expedients, in conjunction with
a liberal land policy, extensive surveying operations, the progressive opening up of the country hy means ol the
construction of ruilwuys und of 1 mid ■
upon 11 large scale, ull combine to
ihon ilmi lhe government appreciates
the true worth ol the agricultural resources of the province and is endeavoring to udopt such measures us will
pop uini.' the lund. There is eiu'our
.■•: mi. ni iu lhe fuel that lhc volume
of home grown produce is increasing
in a'i'.ii. 1 ratio that Ihe volume iil
produce imported, hut the order thul
it is desirable to establish in the in
lereatf of the province is that the vol
ume ol local produce should increase
to un extent sufficient to supply tbe
ever us n.i una demand and also to
hold iu check or to decrease th* pro
portionute volume ol importation! of
produce. In conuei'liou wilh this problem tbe Minister of Finance has rolled
attention to> the fact that the Dominion government stunds in close rela-
sion thereto, inasmuch as il owns
some 11.UH),HDD acrea of land in Brit
ish Columbia.
tion set aside lor bridges throughout
the province, whicn comas to a total
nf |88B,B00„ and a total of WW*
appropriated for roads,'streets, bridge! and wharves in the mpplomsntary
est inm les, making a. grand total to lm
Bpont on roads in tlm province pl
14,1011,400. Of this total, un in shown,
Vancouvor Island hns secured ' probably upwards of half a million dollan.
Among the work! to |» onrried out
on iho Island during tho forthcoming
fiscal year will be the roads extending
Irom Aihernito Olayoi|uot, via Udue-
lot, from Nootka Sound to Campbell
Hiver, and Irom Alberni to Strathcona
Perk. Tho .lordun river" expenditure
will lorm part pl the scheme lor the
building ol a Weat Coust trunk road
extending* Iran, Victoria to flarkley
Sound, Tho appropriation ol tho Van-
louve'r Island trunk road is to complete thn Mill Bay project, while the
olher districts ul tho Island where »ot-
ilciiienii. are springing up will Iw pro-
vidwl wjth melius ul transportation.
Tbe Royal Bank oi Canada
Capital 16,300,000.
Reserves, 17,300,000.
Total Assets 108,000,000.
A general hanking business
transacted. Saving! account^ a
ipocialty. Account* ol firmi
and individuals suliejted.
North Vancouver Branch.
Bonk Office in N. V. Club Block
Thc IoJjiI amount to he spent lie-
tween nta and March 31st, 1913, on
roads 01/Voncouver Island i* tt'D),
'i'i'i. und this amount ie exclusive of
bridgce to lio bujll, which, il included,
wuuld probably mean a total expenditure ol over half a million dollara.
Tho Vaniouver Island appropriations lor thc coming fiscal yoar are *»
follows: Alberni, 178,000; ComQx,
•Wi/WO; Cowichan, W00; Eiquim-
alt, 168,000; Nanaimo City, 113,000;
Newcastle, 938,000; .Sanniit, 110,000;
The Islands, 130,000; Jordan Kiver
road, tUM*); Vancouver Island
Trunk Road, $30,000. In addition
to the foregoing thc supplementary estimate* lor work ending Mordb 3Iit
of th* present year include; Alberni,
$4,000; Cowidiao, $3/000, and Eaquiny
alt, $11,000. I
Th* total amount, to bt apent/on
road* in the province ia $3,«4«>K).
Added to- this must U the appabpria-
Friday and Saturday, Feb. 17 & 18
Leg of Million  ISc per lh
Shoulders Mutton     Ific per   lb.
•Sirloin aSteak   Itl to 30c por Ib.
Sirloin Boost    30c per Ib.
Cork Loin Boost ,„,  90c pef   lb.
I'ork Shoulder     16c per   Ih.
I'uro I.urd, govornnient
impeded   3 lb. pails 50c
I'uro Lard, government
inspected   6 Ib. pails 80c
Finnan Iloddie, the belt ...10c per ib.
Small Winchester Hams  33c peril).
Phone 16
Free delivery lo all parts of the city,
Dwelling Houses for Sale
$6011 Cash-Bulonce on lermi lor two
sloroy house, j^ood basement fur-
nncc und all modern conveniences—
Lot Mil I lb leel, situated 011 lfith
street.  1'ric* $3600.
$700 I iish Huliiuc nn term* for Four
Boom Cottage near Lonsdale A>c,
Lot NgllP lout.  Price $3100.
$838 Cosh - Ilniin' on lermi lor
Three-Room Cottage, Qmanibury
Heights. Lot 60«I47. House con
lie cnlorgisd at lilli* expense. I'lie*
Choice building lol* on Boulevard al
different points.   Also cheap loll   uear
Second Narrows Bridg*.
Philip, Cameron & to.
Financial and Iniuranc* Agent*,
' ——-——**—*2—»
For Sale
Salmon River Valley
Land, close to Fort
40 acre tracks, ft 1 per acre
$50 caih and $10 per month
Enquire or write
216 Second free* E«f
Choice Third Street Properlv
\tim\t MUBBAV CO. has the esrfu-
sjvo sale. l>rji'o $1II,BH0--| cash
2nd Street, near St, Georges, 50 (t  13000
6th Street, near St. Andrews, 2 lots, each .11700
llth Street, near Moody, map 11050
14th Street, Block 17, Uie Corner v. f 1350
Keith Road, near St. Andrews $1600
Pierce & Hall
Neit to Palace Hotel
Phone 110
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS: $94,900,000
Sulc Agent
Af r**m*nti and Contract* drawn        q, . ,-, General
of a»*nr deicription rnone   I ll       Conveyancing
I 6th Street   Block and half from cariine, 40 ft.
all cleared.    Price $850.     $350 cash, balance 6
and 12 months.
Eleventh Street  Block and half from Lonsdale,
50 ft. facing south.   Price $1400,    $400 cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
l'lione 70---I'. O. Uox 97
North Shore Locators
WE are now offering 40-ft. Iota in Bk. 205,
on 21 at atreet, one block weat of Lonidale Avenue Car Line. Price $500 to $700.
Caah to auit purchaaer, balance quarterly for
two yeara. Make your (election early.
No. 8 Lonsdale Ave.
Phone 123
50 ft. Lot facing New Municipal Hall.   Price, $500;
Cash, $200.
50 ll. U, 17th Slreel, near Boulevard..Price, $600;
Caih, $200.
Double Comer, Queembury I leighli.   Price, $ 1500;
Gaih, $500.
North Yancouver Trust Co., Ud.
(Ut* Inlut.i k Ward)
219 Unadale Avenue. Phone 44
Snap on a 6 roomed Bungalow,
do** ia. All modern, fireplace,
furnace, ate. $600 caih, bal.
to arrange.
The Cash
Staple and Fancy Groceriea
Freah and Smoked Meati
for Saturday Only
Campbell Realty k Investment Co.
Bound Steak - - 15c.
Sirloin Steak - 18c, A 20o.
Mutton Chops- 15c. dfc 20o.
Our Mtal ll Specially Selected
Chi vers Marmalade in 1
lb. glass jars, eacli   -   15c.
Ayrshire Hose Creamery
Butter,' -   •  3 lbs. $| 00
Gold Buckle Oranges, llie
fines! in the market, OA
per doz. - - wUC.
Lemons, per doz.   -   -   15c.
Oatmeal Soap. 10 bars 25c
Our Lonsilule Blend of
Tea, -      - Slim, for $1.00
Nothing finer
Pure Castile Soap,
per bar    •
Phone 40
llll Lonsdale Ave
LOW SEAJ>roprietor
6 a.m. to U p m.
First-class Mealp 25c.
Commutation Tickets, 31 meals
Hooms lur Kent at moderate ratea
N. V, Artistic Cabinet Maker,
Upholsterer and Decorator
Mftouftclurer ot
■ llkloala ol  Mi..n.i. anal  Alalia,,1,.   Kiiuillur*
Han, OHIO*. Bul «nJ Il.i riilum. Kviuli
l„t lii all In UraBcbtf.
Picture framing.     Furniture Storage.
Mill. OKIIKHH (liaall ,,„„„„, ,lt„Mm
For Outiide Work
you require a hardier point than lor
indoor*. Bjnn and otjicr large building* connume puint in considerable
■luiuiiitien. H mum, therefore, be cheap
nn well a* good.
at lowest powiblc price* can \K ^_
here. Our spring *upply i» u, v»»wd
it mcot* all renulrejnentn. Buy paint
ol tu and *ave dollar*,
117 J.on«dait Phone 149 **♦«   tiftrtrnmwwi  teen at ten
you want Bread,
Scones, Oatcakes
md general Confectionery equal to
135 Lonsdale Ave
(Next door to Everybody's Shoe Store)
Scotch Shortbread
and Pies
Bruce & Co.
r,t solicit tlic builncu of Mauufacturcri,
Rngtucersaud other* wlm lenlirc llic aJvtsalill
ily ol liavlng tlieir Talent l.u-incss tunneled
lay Ji J|'CI IB.    1'IC lilialllal! >■ 11.1 vi a a f ,«.    I I... I, a a
moaJcrale. Om Inventor's AaJ\ I.... a anl u-pon re*
qaicat. Marlon k Marlon, Hcg'il., New Vork Uic
rial]. Uoiilreal'uii Waaalilnirloo i,c.u«j
00   YEARS'
i InmrtlM VesMj. lAstemt ttt-
at MsoUilo lounut. Termi tor
±r**t, toetat* flaU.  aoki br
i. J» r BJ, WaaUiilrtoo. I
1513 6th .Street Rout North Vancouvtr
Phono 373
Specials for
Thi* Week at
Toa, Braid's Ceylon  Mo |fe.
CoSee,   roasted   or   ground   lu
order  .., 36c Ib.
Cheese, Canada Cream 17|o lb.
Corn, Beans and Cream per esn    10c
Tomatoes and Peas, large sue
Cons     13Jo
Gloss or Corn Starch, 1 Ib. pek, ...Be
lleiniz. Pork end Beans, par can .a.l2Jc
Pinoopplo in largo tin    15a
Imported   and   local   .Tarns,
.lellieu,' per jar  lie
B, k C. Boiled Oats, a sack 36c
Royal   Standard   Flour,   49-lb.
Sack 11.78
Eggs (every egg guaranteed)
per dozen  36c
Butter,   Star   Creamery,    ll-lh.
Box     K.30
Muiii.. Syrup in <> Hi. Tins  30c
l/illy Wliile Syrup, 10-lb. tin  68c
Raisins, i'hoico seeded, 3 poke .'Hk
Sugar, B. C. best, por tack 91.00
Apples, cooking, per box  11.30
Bananas per doz 36c
Oranges, sweet Navels  10 lor 10c
Figs, Sal. New dried  4 lbs 36c
Honey in comb  • 30c
Cream Soda Biscuits per Ib  lOu
Gold Leal 1 m.l 10-lb. pail  11.60
Fresh overy day-
Milk,   Cream,   Buttermilk,    Bread,
I 'like.■ ,    PicS.
Vcgotahloi an letturo, cauliflower,
cabbage, carrot, turnip at lowest
standard prices.
Local nuw laid eggs, 46c pur Aui.
Ring up Tel. 136 and wc will rjuoto
prices on Swill's Hams aud Bacon etc.
Coupons given Iree on ovory $3.60
order to get a dianco on residential
lot In Port Angeles.
Predicted TJ»»t fte four W»Vam Provinces Will Havt Ton Million Poo-
pis ' Before }630.  ;    '
Horseshoeing tti Blacksmilbinf'
Kerr & Wallace
Ai Alts. Gihion'i OM Sltnd
hti —i Eipreu Classified
Column or the Back Page
I, O. O   P,
North Vanoouver Lodge, No. 86,
moots every Thursday evening, corner
Lonsdale Avcnuo and First street, at
8 o'olook. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend. *. f. Kennedy,
N.<J,.; Thos. S, IJye, rec.-sao.; 3. H.
Pilling, P.O., fin.-eac.; Chaa. Nyt, I'.
9„ um- i
THE 1IATTEH ol U.e Water Aet
and Aiui'iiding Act and
IN THE MATTER ol Uctutt No. 43
grouted to the Corporation al tht
lli in. i ol North Vancouver lor
300 inches ol water to be taken
Irom Lyun Creek, dated tht 80th
August, 1904.
N0T1QE it la.ieiiy glvsu that tht
City ol North Vancouver being tbt
owner and liceutct under tht taid li-
eeime by virtue ol tin Nortii Vancouvor,('ity liii-nipoiaiiuu Act, 1V06, will
apply to S. A. Fletcher, Esq., Water
Commissioner lor Ntw Westminster,
B. Il, on Wedneiday tho first day ol
March, 1311, at Uie hour ol eleven
o'clock iu tin ho. no.an ur so soon
tlwcnllcr as counsel can be heard lor
ao order amending the said license by
substituting tbtrein as licensee thr
name ol tlie City ol Nortii Vancouvtr
in place ol tbe ('orporation ol tht Dii
trict ol Norlli Vuneouver, end lor
adding to tht words defining Uie point
ol diversion tht words ''and at ' a
point .on Lynn Creak either on Lot
m, Group 1, Ntw WeatoinsUr Diatrict or Lot 1363, Group 1, New Westminster District at or near Uu boundary between the taid Lolt" or, in
tlie altcrnaUva, (or an order amending the Ucenae originally granted apportioning the water to be taken Irom
Lynn Creok under aaid licenM No. 43
between Ihe point ol diversion at set
out in the original license and a poin
ol diversion ol Lynn Creek eilher on
Lot 333, Group 1, New Weatmipsttr
District or Lot 1368, Group I, New
Westminster District, al of near Uie
boundary betwoen said I-ota or to it
sue two or more licenses lor Uia wa-
lo make audi oUitr order is the pr.
atsitu as may be just and equitable.
PA TBI) tiii 34lh day ol December,
»H«.     ,
B. L. EF.ID,
Solioltor lo/ said   City   ol North
VasAowar. tl-i
Ua .,
(From th,e Now VoA Commercial)
Bolore 1030 tba (OUr provinces ql
Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Albortn and
Ilrjtisb Columbia will hpve a population oi at leaii IQuMOOfl. Having
persqnolly visited tbo most important
districts of these provinces and carefully studied the changed and developments that pn in progress I make
this |na'llietinii boldly. It is not a vagary ol on optimjst, but is based upon astonishing (acts that confront the
investigator wherever ho turns. It'is
impossible to consider tbo everyday
occurrences in this region without
reaching the conviction, logically and
practically, that this prediction is entirely within tho range of attainment,
What are some ol the (acts that justify this prophecy i Up to the present time ono railroad, the Canadian
Pacific, between tin- Great Lakes and
the Pacific coast, haa been the sole
dopondonce of Western Csnada in
bringing in and locating tha settlers,
moving tbe eVops and supplying tbe
business needs. How well that railroad has performed its service as a
courier (of progress is shown by its
matchless record and thc almost un
purullcd growth that has followed its
cuiisse; in iiiiii Manitoba had a population ol 366,311 and in 1309, 466,-
268—at thc sumo ratio and without
any additional facilities it would
have more than 1,600,000 in 1920—
Winnipeg will haw nearly half tbat
'number; in 1301 Saskatchewan had a
population ol 'lDD.DWl and Jii llnlll,
341,631—the same1 measllft uf growth
without any added stimulus would
givo it mare than 1,000,000 in 1330;
in llllll Alberta had ,, population ol
160,000, uud in 1309, 90(1,000—the same
multiplication would mako nearly
u million ip 1<J3J>; in 19U9 British Columbia had a population ol 386,000-
without a single fresh advantage
this would exceed 1,000,000 In fore
1930. Vancouver will have hall '.but
number. But, mind you, the means
and inibi, ii..'i ul growth Ibut have
produced these figures were primitive
and abortive compared to tnose at
work today and that wil) iocrcuKO lhe
growth a hundrcdlold in the next
The present population has followed
thc operations of one transcontinental
ruilroud : it curried the formers out tu
the plains and into Ihe valleys and
showed them the way to independence and piai'-pi'iiiy ; it staked out the
ii'v.ie ii. that are now tlie bristling
cities ; it showed the settlers how to
farm successfully on llie dry prairies,
it gave them irrigation in some districts and all with such effect that in
1901 thc average value ol larm crops
iu Western Canuda was $10.33 per
acre us uguinsl 19.41 in thc United
ln less than five years Irom now
there will be two additional railroads
spanning thc contiueul across Canada
to la.aiaa the burdens and the responsibilities to development with the
Canadian Pacilie. The completion ol
Uic Grand Trunk Pacific will be followed in the first year by the distribution of a milliou settlers along the
line from Winnipeg to Prince Rupert
and two years of operation will sec
three millions moro located and prospering on its main lino and branches.
Proportionately similar results will
follow thc completion ol the Canadian
Northern'and the trunk line to Hudson Bay will create a channel of pro
digious traffic to and Irom Europo by
a now, shorter and reliable route.
Thc Hudson Bay railroad will also
open an immense fertile region in
Greater Muniloha und adjoining, thai
will some day bc peopled by hundreds of thousands of hardy settlers
and contribute on enormous additional sum to commence every year.
North and south railroads will in less
than five years traverse tbc western
province* adding greotly to population and production. The Northern
Pacific, Greal Northern'and Chicago,
Milwaukee aud Sl. Paul will soon
be up to Winnipeg and all have nin
bilious plant lor extensions Irom this
point.. Those tame railroads are
planning to crou the internaUonal
border and enter Saskatchewan and
Alberta at dcairable points. On tht
wett Uie Southern Pacific, Hill and
Harriman tytlemi are working thoir
way into Vancouvor, British Columbia, and will permeate the rich min; j
ing, timber and Iruit districts,
I hav« reliable inlormation Uiai
instead ol disposing of any ol bis lines
in western Canada, as has been rumored, .lames .1. Hill will extend, them
into northern Manitoba and into Saskatchewan and Alberta. Soon we will
see also the matcrioli/ation ol bit proposed Canadian line from British Columbia to Winnipeg. Mr. Hill recognises the importance of the Hudson
bay route to Europe and he will lose
no Ume In ejecting a connection
with Uu government line Irom Uia
Saskatchewan river to Uie Hudson
Tha Canadian transcontinental rail
Tgierwwt.tgmi mi  m
pond* havp arranged iflaMpM imw
djately in tha weslafn provinces
•600,000,000 apd thia jt a d»nwn»tfa-
tion ol faith jn the future that puts
to rout all anient innn ql doubt as tq
tho rapid progress tp be ninde upon
the land, in tha inclairic: and works,
in irpfa and commerce and transportation, lor I bene mil,muli; aro tbo most
conservatively managed in America.
Tho tact that, tho astonishingly largo
pet earnings ol the Canadian l'acilic
tho previous year approximately 131,-
000,000, wero increased by over 111,-
000,000 in tbe last fiscal year is some
oyidonce ol thp railroad energy ol the
Canadian west, as it was largely tho
pvcrland traffic that produced this
The  income  of  tho  ('anadian wesl
for 1909 was (330,000.  This   year  it
exceeds   this amount  by (HH),.0PO,IIO0.
The   building   operations   nl    twelve
prairie  cities in Ihe pnst thtep years
lu.ie   ...... .Inl   }6(l,t)00,IIOU.     Uuring
1909 there was laid in western Canada
liy Ihe three ruilroadl u niileugo of
1,067 miles, representing an oxpendi
ture of (80,000,1)00. Thoro pre now
11,473 miles of railroad in the four
Twenty-live years ago Milwuultco
wus tho leading wheat mnrket of the
world ; then, as thc grain arena extended farther west and north, Minneapolis took tbe lead, und in the present year, owing to thc marpellouu advancement ol wheat growing ih tho
prairie provinces, Winnipeg wrested
the pennant from her Minnesota rival,
and will hold it lor a long time. Tire
ligures lur tbc pasl year uro Winnipeg, 88,260,330 bushels; Minneapolis.
Bl,111,410 bushels. Winnipeg made
tire startling increase iu tlie yenr ol
UO-flerwit, ond now exceeds Minneapolis hyim^00) -iitiAteU.
The grain crop recently hurveslcd
after a season of drought that induced thu pessimists to predict leu
than hull a erup, yielded over 300,000,:
HOO buaheli in Munilobu, Saskatchewan and Alberta und gave Ihe   I	
ii i:Ii..'i.i,uu,ii..ii in cash. The rush of
formers from over the border and
Irom Europonn countries continues,
nnd 31,0110,000 additional acres ol fertile lund have just lieen opened to
settlers in Munituhu uud Saskalcoe.
wan. In the next five yenrs 100,-
000,000 acres will be available lor
new. aunei.... Hon Sydney Fisher,
minister ol agriculture, says thai iu
another ten years the lour provinces
ol Ciinodu west will product 1,000,00(1,-
1100 bushels of wheal annually or one
for and »ix against. The FPn^fPga-
tiqns pl. tho Congpogational Union
havo voted Btrongly in lavor ol union.
and a hall tlm»a more than tj»"p whole
United States produced in 1909, Tbi*
js thu prediction of u man who knows,
and anofhpr 1,000,01)0,000 bushels may
bu added Ipr q»ts, barley, flax and
maize. Tbe grain area ql the prairie
province is greater than the seven
states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, tlie
twp Pnkqtas, Jqwa, Nebraska and
The queation ol church union is
taking very delinite shape in tho west.
Of twenty-eight presbyteries in tlio
four western synods, but four have
voted, two in favor, and two against.
Brandon 1ms voted in favor 31 tq 7;
High River also in favor, II to 6.
In Vermillion thc vole wus 3 to 4 a-
gainst, and iif Westminster 13 to 13
against, ln Wesliuinster presbytery
the inllurnce of Principal McKay of
Westminster college, li'iiiier of the antiunion lorccs, wus expected to secure
a lurge majority against. In the synod of Saskatchewan no vole haa been
taken. The totul vole east l„ date 1 tended. Tbc council meets twice a
stands thus: Tweuty-lour presbyteries   monlh.
Steps preparatory to tbo establishment of a number of additional public
parks in various parts ql the oity qf
Victoria,"at. an expenditure estimated
in tho neighborhood qf a quarter ql a
milliou dollars was taken at a recent
mooting ol the cfty council when thu
bourd unanimously adopted a lengthy
report presented by the chairman of
tbe parks committee, Ahl. Humber.
Rossland cily council has passed a
bylaw empowering it to borrow tho
sum of. 810,000 at a rato ol interest
not oxuicding 7 per cent Iqr tho many
expenses that havo to bo mot boloro
tho' tuxes uro payable by'tbo ratepayers. The council has also decided to
put the mayor's .salary nt WOO per
annum und the rcniunerotion ol older-
men ut tl for each council meeting nt-
30 and 331 per cent.
This lhe lasl week of our Winter Clearing Sale we wilf throw
out a numher of winter lines at much below regular prices.
All wu havo left in Mii|k Marmot, Tllilibet, and in Stoles
.■   and Throws, alsu Muds, 'discount    -     -     33)3 pr. ct.
Evening Wear Waists in cream ami wliito allovcr net
silk, prices hum $3.75 tn $<>•So, special disci,  30 pr. ct.
Keith Block
' Rhone 93
Lonsdale Block
COR. 15th aud I.ONSDAI.15
rh..iv 203
128 Lonsdale Ave.
Cash   Discounts
ave just recen
a new line
tlv added
Maddrau Muslim and
in Oriental effects.
ome pretty curtain Muslins
a   the latest out for
Window Drapes & Curtains
Bedding of All
You'll find it hard lo beat our
prices, we carry a good assorted
stock, in all tones and patterns.
A Big Discount
Off Dinner Sets
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Japanese Rugs and
They look well and wear
well and make a good serviceable   carpet   for   office,
library or den.
 1 a    ■ 	
Now is die time to choose the
pattern lor kitchen, dining
room or bedroom.
Wc lay Linoleum Free. THR BX1TO8, NORTH VAtffeQtJW, ll, 0/
TOWA wants onsisyATOBY
fc the regular roeotlng ol tha Null History'Snclflty held recently a
ifpnuniHiio was appointed to invim-
■tlgttta the olairoa ol Vlctorio to thu
establishment ol an obotrvatory in or
tnr tabs city aa a station lor resuarch
'thn Holds of astronomy, seismology
[ meteorology. Tbe lommlUeo
Will ruport in thu society at a future
Meeting with ihu objeot.nl taking action to bring tlie mutter to thu attention nl tlm Dominion guvmnmeiit.
Tills year thu   eity   council  ol  Vic;
toria on tliu in.iiiiiiiiriiiliiiinii ul   thu
mayor, has determined to buy all cor- ■ Jit the animal treating ol the Nelson
poration supplies in h\k »h in this Street Itnilway Compnny Limited the
way it ie hnped that a considerable retiring president in lhe course ol an
saving to the oi|y will be effected, analysis ol the flnvwl report, i»di-
Ciintriicts   for  goods  aggregating   in  cuted that it Would be iiuaiBwiiy, jn
value over f 180,000 will shortly b« order to pay outstanding liabilities
J. Pi'McArthur. the railway cm-
tractor who built 400 miles pl the Na-
tionol Transcontinental railway east
at Winnipeg Ipr the Dominion govem-
irnd tn thoroughly equip tho system
' for operation, to raise an ndditiuiud
Gold to an average yield ol tfi Per
ment, has secured the contract to ex-' ton |ius licon found in porphyry dikos
tmid Algorta Central & Hudson Bay in the pew mining field named Steam-
railway to. Hudson Boy ut a cost o| boat Mountain. Heretofore qnly tha
jk,iKHI,000. Ono million dullars will be higher-grade norrow veins wore invee-
spoilt this year snd 67 miles will bojtjgntcd, but now t)»o porphyry is al
euinpleled. so receiving attention.
I.!. '.     .'.
You'll Make Money Here 11
Anyone who will give this investment opportunity seriuus consideration lor a low minutes will readily
eee quick and large prolits accruing to
the purchaser ol
Boulevard College
Extension Lots
' Lot I  ,...1678.00
Lots 3, 3 and 4 each  676.00
Lot 6    700.00
Lots 6 and 7 t both   1,060.00
Lots 8 and 0  each    876.110
Lots 10 and 11  ,  Sold
Lots 13 and 18     Both Suld
Lot 14   060110
Lots 16, 16 and 17  each   876.110
Lot 18  Suld
Nnle the length nf these luts, some
uf them lu'iii:' 116 feet lo a lium.
Thc advantage! of tlniw lots for business OS residence purposes ure apparent on the plnn uttiuM hereto,
lt is the closest car line properly lu lhe nnrth nl the tirund Boulevard (wh|('h is exclusively lur high class residences). It nlsn lules St. .Iiilm's College iiiid grounds and (or these reasons alnne il will bo a centra ul sume
Importance, floule^ard extension Inta nre within the cily limits end huve ull lhe advantages and innvenicncei nl
uthor i ity property. To close out every Int in record time we have undorpriced them, su tliat ynu will huve tu
turry to got any. Consider also the terms whiih are much easier than usuul : 16 cash, buluiu» in fl, |3, 18,
und '11 ma.nlli- ul li per cent, per unuum,
IN (liuiivillu Street
Telephone 218,
Autliurittil  Capital    13,1100,000.
Insurance.   p  Mnney to Loan.
14 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver.'
Ileal Estate.
Local Munuger.
Lot 18, Block 35, D. L. 550, $1125. Cash $425, balance 6 and 12 monthi
LoU 54 and 55, Block 166, D, L. 274, $13,000. Terms to arrange.  Near Lonsdale
the above lots are among thu beet buys in North Vancouver, and intending investors will serve tlieir own
uu. !.■ i liy investigating. We have the exclusive sale and also a large list ol other lots iu tho Cily. It ie
in your own interest tu cull und inspect uur lisi Ufure deciding.
Real Estate Agents.      Financial Brokers
Head Office: 405 Hastings St. W., Vancouver, B. C.
llritisli Columbia Branch offices:
4 Lonsdftla Avo., NortH Vancouver
llll Government St., Victoria
Iir,'iii<'li 'Ml'iiT:. iii Kurope:
Berlin, Uerniiiny
London, Kngland
l'aris, France
j 50 FEET in fubtswck FOURTH STREET
WITH COTTAGE for only $3200;   Cadi 1200, balance reasonable.
_M        _.• A    /V 0'J LONSDALE  AVENUE
Martinson & to. sf'*wK
Prices Reduced for Lots in
Capilano Gardens
Subdivision ot Portion ot District LoU 801 and 607, Nortb Vancouver
Municipality.    At Terminus of B. C. Electric Cariine.
tat Uma, Pitta
IM, * lamolm
mm la
Phone 6216, Comer Finder tai Seymour Streets, Vancouver. •
oity pboi'qbajiS - mim
anqby - mm   WTWSW
(Pram onr own cnrres|iondont)
Monti-mil, feb. Wlm industrial und
I'linnniirciiil world lii-m liml ample tiinii
iu digest tlm reciprocity iiiiiioiiiico-
ni.'iil, and it is iinidi cusiur now to
get ii iii'iii- ond concisu viewLIrom
i lunii: yitally interested in the wuy thu
ii llai rn uf the i'liini try ure shaping,
than it waa directly aftor tho propoied agreement had been made known.
Much tn the surprise ul muny, Montreal, the centre of manufacturing In
the Dominion, ie not ae heavily hit an
might have been expected.
The milium aru angry, at leaet must
of them are, and are preparing lor
battle. They declare that the propoied furilitins for shipping Canadian
wheat to American mills will bave a
detrimental elect nn the milling industry which will result ie substantial
lose to the Dominion.
The lish trade is delighted with tbo
prospect ol the lice bundling ol lish
laaal-,'a ii tliis country und the United
•States, which, it is declared, will bee
boon to I'liniaiiini'iii and lisbcrmen
Tho esbestus interests, wbu wore %
apprehensive as nnybiidy because
iiiiiiiiiii turns uin uver eighty per
cent, of thu asbestos of tbo world,,
ure bruathing sighs ul relief. Mr.
Ilwniiis Mi-lliiiigull, .president uf thu
Aniulgamuted Asbustns Corporation
suys: "I do not Hnd uny ground lor
a'ompluint. 'Ibo l>nited Hlates has
ii vii and never will bo nlil*- to com-
pcle with us in asbestos. Asbestos is
ul nun e lhan usuul interest these days
.'.■ an to tho iiiiii,.nn.. iii. iii tliat
Amalgamated Asbestos has   punially
la'alll'IIIH.a.l    UII'I    111 >] >■ 1111 ■ • 'I    Mr.    al.    D.
Siiiii pr, luto mine munugai' of the
Pittsburg Coal Cumpany where be bad
charge ul tt mines in which over 7,-
MK) men wore employed In the general
managership ul the iNir|i.ii'ulinn. .Since
tha albeitoi merger wus effected, it
has lieen lelt thai tho full saving in
operating ensls has nut Immu attain-
i.il, but plans are already under way
whereby at least $40,000 a yeur in ml
unin.imli.an expends iiimi'' will ba
Although opinions dilfer amungst
the IuiiiIh i men, the Iceling aeiins tu
lie Ibai I'nniulii is nut giving away
anything wbicb will hurt h.r altliouyli
(ear ll eipreilsod thai Americans may
build so many mills un this side ol
tho border that uverpruduclioa will
Local iiiiiiiiiln. imi'i:. are not affected
tu uny gi .'ui extent, although Mr.
licorge 1'!. Drummund says lhat il the
liniiiii].-s on iiul niiii. are withdrawn
on naa aaaiiii nf reciprocity or on any
ulher ii"nnui. the results will Iw dis-
ustrous tu the industry.
The confident'* ol I'uiiip.' in Canada's growth, ber natural reaounW,
her dovelupments and her activities in
many spheree is becoming stronger
every day, and it is iiluily Ibai this
spring the influx ul lorcign money, ol
loreign investors nnd ol lurelgn set-
tiers to this country will surpass all
records. Montreal i*|iitnliil* aro justly proud ol ibis i.apmuli.,ia and arc
vory anxious to havo it kept absolutely spotless. Tu this end a group
uf well kiinwn business null have put
a plan inlo n|ieratioii which, with tbe
■ a. up. iiiiiiiii ol tin. |-.-j.l.. shuuld
prove of immense udvuntage lo tlia
country in continuing la oblain the
apital '• 'piii'il to iinilm.■ new industries and undertakings. Briefly il is
to be a statistical bureau, oporatud by
Corporation Agencies Limiled, whole
duty il will lm lu inlloit an urate sta-
tlatira concerning all lm.ni. ml institutions. In this way a man who has
money to invett, but wbo does not
l«rionally bave the knuwlodge imw
sary to disi riminate, may get all Ihl
expert information ke requires belore
pulling willi his money. It ji a nitty valve un promoters aad will luep
Canada'a name clean.
Hl'lKH AT ijl I HI ''
Sllailllll       Lllliall)'*      apla.|l,,|l      in      Hi"
Senate concerning American epiea at
(jiubac" during the Taron Unary hai
caused on and ol talk, especially in
military circles. . It haa also recalled
Uu lacl that Canada, with tlu al'
ception ol bar corpa ol Guide*, baa no
•aorat aorvica ol any account. The Dominion police, of courae, ia times of
peace, do all the government eleulb
lag, but Ibey ars not numerically
.trong enough, hav* nol liu linMatnd
tfl toi proparty trained to obtain
miUtary InUlligsnc*. It 1* inlwwtjng
to not* that, in Ihii taepael, during
th* Herman wit «•*/., which beeeme
ee aeut* in IW7-08, offieori al Ike
Ootfi ei Oeiin ramival inslnieUons
Inm haadquertwi at OM*wa to lu>*p
tktir eym open lor Germans wbo
ulgbt ba nosing around trying to get
Information about lh* Dominion, ki
lar aa een be mailed only one man
w»* under tutvitint, eai h turned
out to bt an agaal lor • patent electric lamp. ,
lu I I ^1 ^     T f*tl|ailaaHii 1
.    Why n»y WM.DQ lor rough wiplssred Jfioti whiin w m sUl'm
the vary best olourod Loti without a stone on thop, level *i a table
and Into grass. Houn cultivate! lor tin yours, situated on Psntn
Bc^d, lielns the best Boad on ill" North Snore th one block fro*
tba Cur Wna, School, (mih nh Store; hvp city water, ilartrii
light and telephone.
Price MW) to M00 each. Terms |100 call), balance «, 19 and 11
monthi. Than loti will bring at leant in our estimation 10Q dm
cant, profit on tb* amount invested within lit months. Buy quick,
they are going fait.
M. Ita 172 North Vnncouver
The Commonwealth
First Complete Showing of New
Spring Good,.
W, DICK, Prop.
47 & 49-HA5TINGS STREET, EAST-47 &49
Raiks :   ii""  pet  and  up,   Special rates to families
and   to regular   luiurderti	
Fine-st Roof Garden on Paci/ie Coaat
SKLiiNU'SiKm.   ....   NOKTH   VANCOUVKII. li. C.
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
I.iiiiiu li "West Vancouver," Captain Findlay
Licensed lor 33 passengers
Uaui VueeuTii
Bltr terrW Wb.ti
ll.iil)l.iini Wlm
1 very tea ttetpl hiinily
7.30 a.m.
8.00 a.m.
'V-iiii a.m.
if.00 a.m.
11.00 a.m.
ii.on a.m.
1315 P.'"-
u.oo p.m.
,               i'i mi p.m,
13.00 p.m.
It.00 p.m.
19.00 p.m..
9.30 a.m..
13.13 p.m..
17.00 p.m..
iijii..         "           aa.oop.m.
Waft* tsn lh.      Two TidUtf tto..
Quickest route Irom Norlh Vancouver to the district boyond
Capilano River. Launch "West Vancoiiver" makei coniiec-
lioni, without laii, wilh the ferry steamers from North Vancouver, ai per aliove schedule.
Ntt Itt VANCtlJVI u
l.mv* Vtt.     Leave N. Vu.
'i.45 *">•
'6ao am
7Jfl   "
8.J0 "
9. IS "
10.15 "
11.15 "
u.ll pm
1.19 J'
M5 "
J.15 "
lewri N. Vm.
*6.2o a.m.
•j.to  "
9-48 "
10.45 '
«M8 "
114J f'B'
I4S "
149 "
MJ "
441 "
fu "
I On Suod*;i
' Hot nftpwtmt.
•8.W "
9.ao "
io.ij "
u.ij "
1115 p.M.
i.15 "
•   8.15
Utva Vu.
*6.45 a.M.
•8.00 "
'8.}Q   "
>-45  "
10.45 »
«!■«  "
"■45 *•»•
•"'48 "
TUm T*W* mitti ot to okaag* »lthe»l ao
A ■'■'■'   ''-;
ERQHIE Hey nan Duffy, min' whar ye pit yer matoh. I hae jist
been readin1 in the paper that therea been a wheen o'
firea in oor oity, an* whit wid I dae were na bit hoosie
tae hae a bleeze?
Dae whit I hae dane-Inaure against a1 risks wi1 THE
I'll'dae it
Ye ken nan Erohie theres a wheen o' truth in "Procrastination is the thief o' tine," an' nony fouk pit aff
insurin1 till they hae a bleeze, so ye gang awa doon an1
get parteeoulars frae th' Sole Agent.
18 Lx)
nsdale Avenue   -     NORTH VANCOUVER, B.O
H-1..H*}t'l"H-ll'H-4-H"l-H-t--H>l-H-l-H-t-l"l-l"l"l"l"l"I"l"l"H-H-l 1AMMHMM-HMM-IMM'
,,    I
North Vancouver City
Lots in Blocks 9, 9a, 15, 15a, 16 and
16a; District Lot 550; now on sale;
Acreage in District Lots 544, 545,
546 and 550; subdivided into blocks
of from I to 22 acres.
The Grand Boulevard Extendi
Through Thii Property.
■. i
For Plant, Price Uil and Particulars, apply to
The North Vancouver Land
Improvement Co. wuy.
Comet Pender and Seymour St/cdi.
v, B.C.
Phone 6286
f H+W H'MWH'W |)t,tnn VWb¥nh\t HM IIHIIK HHM, t lb
Tbi accents of ona epenkor urr.
Daw la bli bearing, atom, crlap. quid
Wltb tbe Mili'H ut authority whi.-ii mil
wall's tbat moat suatero and dlgniilci
limb of tbe law to be encountered lln
World over, a London boliliy.
"Now, tben, my man, what do yoi
wanl theru? Come, now; speak u|
and step out Into tbe light where I cm
ae* you."
The iv:.imn a,, came In the snlllllui.
enorl of the London ne'er-do-well, iin
uncui|iloyuhle rogue whose chief nc
CU|iullon aecnis lo be to inarch lu lhi
rniil.M of the unemployed on Ihe occu
alou of lis annual dcmouslrallous.
"I-e' in,' alone, eurnteber? Ab'm do
lu' uo 'arm, olllcer."
"Didn't you bear mel Step out here
ib, that's better. No harm, cb? I'er,
baps you'll explain bow there's m
barm brcnklu' lulo unoccupied 'ouscs!
"Hanlil!my, >ow waa I lo know'
'Ere'? a toff 'ends rae sli|icuce fei
bopenlu' 'Is caji door todye, an', sezev
'Ily man,' 'e soz, 'ye've got a 'onesi
fyce. W'y doucher work?' sezee
"6w can 17'eez 1. "Ere'm I lioul ol
a Job these six months, lookln' foi
Wurk every dye an' cani't Und It.
Sezee, 'Come an' see- uie this hevenln
ai me 'ume, nolne, Fruguall slryte,' 'i
acz. an' "-
"That'll do for now. You borrow t
pencil and paper and write It dowu
aud I'll read It when I've got mon
time. I never heard thc like of li
This ■.•in... hasn't been lived lu lliem
two'tears. Mdvo on, and don't let uu
find you rouud 'ere ngnln. Uarch, 1 say!'
'J'hcro was more of lt-uioro whlnlni
explanations artfully tinctured witl
abuse, more terse command* to de
pari. Ihe whole concluding wltb acrap
lug footsteps, diminuendo, and an
other perfunctory rattle of tha knot
aa the bobby, having aboocd thc pula
live evildoer off. assured himself thai
uo damage had actually been done
Tben be, too, departed, eatlsfled anil
till righteous, leaving a badly fright
sinii but very grateful amateur crlm
Inal to pursue his self appointed cartel
of crime.
He had no choice other than to con
Mima: lu point of fact. It had beti
lueunlly Just then to back out and rui
the risk of apprehension at the buudi
of that niiiiiiiii.ans bobby, who, for ul
he knew, might be lurking not a dozer
yards distant, watchful fur Jusi tucl
a sequel, lillll, Klrkwood lieslialec
with the best of excuses. Hcu*aurlu>
as br had found iho sentinel's extern
porlzcd yarn, proof positive thai lhi
fellow bod had no more right to pro
bllill a trespass, than Klrkwood li
commii one, at the same lime he fount!
himself pordonahly a prey lo emotioni
of tbe utmost consternation and alarm
If bc feared to leave thc bouse he hai!
no warrant whatever to easume thai
be woultl be permitted to remain man}
minutes unharmed wllbln Its walls ol
Tbe alienee of II discomfited bin be
yond measure. It waa, In a word, un
Before him os bo lingered at lhi
door, vaguely disclosed by a wan 11
lumlnallon penetrating a dusty ant
begrimed    fanlight,    a    broad    hai
stretched indefinitely toward Ihr rear
of lhc building, losing llself In black
ncaa beyond Hie lool of a lllghi ul
•lairs, aSiiM- for a few articles of fur
nlinn -| hull table, un umbrella stand,
a tall, iliiinb elmk Hanked by blub
backed chairs ll wos imply Other
than Klrkwood's own restrained res
plrallon nol n sound Ibrooglioul Hit
houae advcrllsril Ils luhobllallon. not
a board creaked beneath the pressure
of a fool, not a mouse rustled in the
wainscoting or beneath lhc doors, not
a brentb of air sllrred sighing In tbc
And yet n tremendous racket bad
boon raised al lhc front door wilhin
the slxly'scconds pasl. Aud yel wilhin twenty inlnules two persons al
li'iisi had prciiilcd Klrkwood Into Ibe
building Hud Ibey not heard? Thc
speculation seemed ridiculous. Or hud
Ihey heard and. ulurmed, bcou too effectually bobbleil by Ibe colls of Ihelr
nefarious designs lo dare reveal Ihem
selves, lo luycsllgsle Ibe cause of Hint
iliuiiil"i.ni- iilliniums! Or were they,
perhaps,  aware  of   Klrkwood's  en
I ranee and lying hidden lo some dark
corner lo mnbush blm as he passed?
True, ihot wus hardly like lhe girl
True, on Ibe olber hand, II was possl
hie Ihal she bad atolen away while
Kirkwi)is) was hanging In Irrcsolulion
by tbe passage lo Quadrant mewi.
Again, lhe space of lime between Kirk
wood's dismissal and his return bud
been exceedingly brief. Whatever he
errand, she could hardly bave fuidllei
II and escaped. At tbat moment aljr
might be In lhe power and at the n_\,r
ty of blm wbo bud' followed her.
vlded lie were uot friendly, Anl h
Hui case what torment end what Fcr|l
might uot be bcrsl
Spurred by solicitude, U» your A ,,,„,,
put personal apprehensions In b/„ pw.|,.
el aud forgot lbcro,i«aullously tU,.),\ng
tilt way through Ihe gloom to Jlbl, f,,,,,
ut lhc stairs. Slowly be beg./,, ,0 u
tend, a band following tbe lfD|altrr,
-tbe other with bl* cane eipl«Jrto(( ihe
obscurity before blm. On tbt ,u,p, „
carpet, thick apd heavy, mu^gi __
foul/alls. He moved oolaeleiL,, To-
jrunl the toff ibo stress* ca^tf, au<]
fy Louis Joseph Vance
Copyright. IBM, by the Bubbs-Mcrrlll Co.
pr.- ■■uti.  a font  ihal groped fur o
higher level lulled to Iind IL   Again be
balled, acutely dlslruatful.
.  Nothing luippcmil.
lie went nn. guided by the kilns
triule, passing I lime doors, all oia'ii
ilu.mj li which the undcllued proper
Huns of a dlliwlng room aud Imuiluir
were imi.-ly suggeateil In a ghostly
dusk By each he paused, listening.
lien ring nothing.
His foul struck e.uh a il.-.ul.:.. .11liml
uguinsl lhe bottom slep of the second
lllghi. and his pulses llullcrcd wildly
for a moment. Two minutes three-
he waiter) hi suspense. From Sjwvc
camo uo sound lie went on, us be
fore, save Ihnt twice a slep yielded
complaining, lo his weight.
Again Ihe raised foot found no level , wo„u mmi ',„, _m  wMmt mmi,
• I ...    il. ...   Itu   i.ii..... II..     .......   ,a   I   . .. .   .     .
higher lhan ils fellows. He slopped
mul held Ills breath, oppressed by u
eouvlclinn lhat some one wns ueui
him. i oniiimain.!. .,1 this • .im. slur
inn. p. .hi eerie Whisper In the nighl
so close to him that ba fancied be
euulil feel llie disturbed air funning
his luce.
"Is ll you. Keeles?"
Ile bail uo answer rcudy. Tho voice
wus masculine, it he analyzed It cor
i.. Hi Iiunii, mid stupid, he slnod
pi.lsail upon ibe poinl of panic.
"Eccles. lii it you?"
The whisper w.i:. boil, shrill and
slinl.; As ll censed Klrkwood wus
hull blind.il l>) a Hash of light sink
Ing bam sipniri'l) In the eyes   Involiiii
Hmi..I licitlllii niinii Iiiiii i.m. aliiiiucciini
fr/ru uml pulsion
lmil;. he shrunk hack a pace, lo lhc
Oral step from lhe Uip Inataniaue-
aaii I;, the light was eclipsed.
"Half or or I lire!"
By uow bo realized that be Imd been.
Scrutinized by the aid of ui .leclrlc
bund lamp, The 'tremulous whisper
lold him something else Ibat the
speaker suffered inm, nerves as high
strung us his own. Thc knowledge
gave hliu in. pn..ii.aii. He cried al a
venture, iu a guarded voice. "Hands
upi" and struck out smartly wilh bia
slick, lis ferrule Impinged upon something soft, hut heavy. Sun uli. m... u :|y
he heard a low, frightened cry. lhc
cane wus swept aside, a blow landed
glriiii liigly oil his shoulder, and he was
carried fairly off bis feel by Ibe weight
of a mau hurled b ..jii_. upon blm wllb
staggering force and paaslon Heeling,
be wu borne back and down o step or
two and then, choking on an onlh.
flopped Ma cane and wilh one hand
tbe bslusien, while lhc Other
(In lm continued
Why fay
Excessive Prices
wkfen =
tor* Ineffectually al wrist* of hands
tbat clutched hi* tbroat So, for a
apace, tho two huug. panting and
Tben, endea \ orlng lo swing his ebony
dcrs over again*! Iho wall, 1-ni.-.jf. a
released hi* grip on tlic baud n/f ,u A
stumbled on lhe stairs, lliistCui; i
antagonist out of tiul.uuLfn, i.ui.i
plunged downward. Vroggiiig Klrl.
wood wltb him. /|aWlng. kicking.
grappling, they w/„i i„ me hollow
JoUcd violently iJf ot.), ,ie„. |,ut long
liefore {be la#OWus reached Klrkwood's
"troat waa free.
Throwing himself off, hc got lo Ids
feet and grasped Ibe railing for support, then waited, printing, trying to
get bli bearing*. Himself painfully
shaken and bruised, bc shrewdly »ur-
mlaed tbat bl* assailant bad fared as
Ul, tf not worse. And, In point of fact,
Iho nan lay, wllb neither move nor
moan, atlil a* death, at tbo American's
tai once more allence'bod folded It*
wings over No. 8 Progoail slreel.
Moro conscious of tbat terrifying,
motionless presence beneath blm Uian
able to distinguish it by power of vision, b* epdllred Interminable minutes
of IremMliijf Bwror, in s willesa da**,
before he thought of bis matchbox.
Immediately be fount) It and struck a
light. As tbe wood caught and Hi*
bright small flame leaped In th* pent'I
air be leased'forward over the'body, '„
I, ii'hI i i -      -ma
Can Supply you'wilh
and all
,    Houichold Requisites
at a,Lower Price than else-,
, my Mor io:
"Sm*JI Profit* and Quick Return*"
Phone 164
and Corner Gratnville and Snrlli*
.HI'      . '    ..'.''ii'l.'..1   '' ■
hrc.llhll'ssl)'   dreading   Wllllt   l|0   niii.n
Ttie ninn lay iiniii, head upon tlio
lloor, legs and hips on lbi: stalls, duo
arm ,bud fallen nver his face, biding
tlie upper half. The Iimid gleamed
while and delicate as a woman's Ills
chlu wus smooth uml riuiiiil, his lips
thin mul pi'lulmil llenealli his topcoat evoking dress cloihed u shnll'mul
slender ii,:nte " Nothing whatever of
his a|i|ieurnncL. suggested, the burly
rulll.in, llie midnight inn rainier llo
seemed lillle mure I linn u boy old
■ i.a ii b tu dress fur dinner'. In his nl-
llluile there wns smoothing pitifully
suggestive of u beaten child ihrnvvii
into u comer. .
Conscience smitten ami amazed Kirk-
lug. lhe match lllikcred mid went out.
Then, itrglgblcnlng up wilh nn es-
clntnallon nt once of annoyance nnd
couccrn. he rattled the bor. ll maile
no sound-was empty, hi disgust lm
swore ll wus Ihe devil's own hick Hint
be Should run out of vestas in a tlmo
so critical. He could not even say
whether the fellow wus dead, Ullcoii
■•iini.. oi simply shamming,   lie lmil
linle Men of liiai looks, nlu) lu he nl Ig
lo Identify him mighl save a deal of
trouble ul some luture lime since lie,
Klrkwood. setineil so lillle able to ills-
.engage himself lruin lhe club In ■ uf
Ihls insane nikcuiuru!   And Hie gin
whut hail baa.une nt lur J   How could
he continue io search for her, williout,
lights or guide, through ull Ihosi silent
rooms,  whose  walls might Inclose n   -
hundred hidden dangers in Ihul house
of mystery '<
But he debated only briefly III.,
nl. a al wus young, and It wus hot. It
wus quite plain la him Ilnn lie pnllitj
not withdraw und retain his self i,:
sped If tlie girl wus Ihere n> lm
found, most assuredly lie musl Und
her. The hnnd lump llml hau d«7led
him al the lii'.-iil uf Hi., sbili" should
he his aid now that he llioughl nl It -
{ and provided In- wii* able lo llml n
lu the sera inble oil the glairs be hud
lost bis but. bui he remembered lhat
Ihu coin's shuii lived lighl had ills-
coveted lbi" on lhc lloor Imy. mi ihe
man's body Can fully steppingiirrpas
the bitter, he recovered liis 'headgear
uml then, kncnllng. listened wlih irn
cut close to tbc fellow's fucc. A softly
regular benl of breathing reassure^
him. liull rising, be caught llie'body
beneath iho armpits, lifting nnd dragging ll off the staircase, and knelt*,
again, lo frel of each pocket In llio
| man's clothing, partly ns uu obvious
| precaution, to relievo iiim of his nd-
ionised revolver against un untimely
wakening, i>nii|y lo see If be had Iho
lamp abuul blm
The search proved fruitless Klrkwood suspected Ibut lhe weapon, Ilka
his own, hud existed only In his victim's ready linuglnullou. As f.n ihe
lump. In Iho act of rising he struck It
with bill fool mid picked II up
' II fell like a mi'lal lube n cuiii'le of
Inches lu diameter, a fool oi .so lo
length, passably heuvy He leiijl.lcd
whir ll Impullclltly. "II"... ii i ihe
dickens" hc wondered audibly, "tbei
the Infernal machine vtottif Aa n
hapjieiiHl, the llilng wurknl wiili , Is
concerting abrupincea as Ids untrained
lingers fell hapi banes nn Us    prlill ^THE EXPRESS
Hte pr iii
tar tur por I
l«r Hue jmt .jmmriioi
A doil of Watt ('a|iiliiiu> watorfrnnt-
aga involving M amount jn the aggregate ahool $I(I,IKK) woa put
lluoilyh in tup liaiiHuitioim within
tk lut aivek by Mr. John Lawson
nailing lor tho vendors. This- ia nne of
the Uigeil properly trunsferv thai hun
boa reoordod thin winter.
ISfWl-J pnl aunt lb i.uot  lor
..Uuu.aaw.ml. i'i,.*- vs.        17-2
JBXVMl-JliMiiauliM  to lean*   iron
•"J^'iaa...      '■. .a a.   1 .taoiadalt; -ifcanaai?,
ami lauia^rii,.. Hi
me  Lu U.L.tor
nawtmn. Ajfrfy IU,
MiUui; . /
-aiull  it,   M-autit.     A|ayily
ii..  i  aia-^Liie 'and rvminrl
W '••■•■ IIUIU  Inui, aMwna 16 uui la
iw   emu   LaiiMiH   ia«ii>:ia1U    iu«iul
Hwikil    i    aliutnri        Mhi     iV«.<i
1 17 J
•  ^V;:j:-    Jill    ...      IA    ,,,.—    La.UM'      ta,
sum;   iwnia...»i   nn^r.-rl    ."Maid fuutiaalorg
Is. muriJL'iji.. iBfti i'lll. ti tl        It 2
S ..'i L ri la■ i ,gi> lur halohin^.   A|i|<ly
Vial* asi. :.e .nir^j j.wuiwl, •... i.aai I.., fca-
pa.eu nS'tm
Iiiilu ta   luuae m   Lily  j.l on
Ll He   i.t   LA.    c ning
i   ',. lUkiMlikS,
,   al.. .   ll.aaH.   oauOTt    aflf
•.Satin     ia.    a    :   ,.i .iiii'in.      II   you
n   -  . lm ap uid emt io tm, lir-t
Jll    e *a«l la-     I.       a'i..
I   it    HAU..
' , . i ... Vtmym H"i<L
KaflZB  i-i   tti NS-<«ugt- oi
L 1.11   ail   fuuinliaad,
'...!     ja.aaaaJu,   ,o    Boi
*li,   .'k.ll.lfl.    I I.L.     ..'.II.
Mr.   J. L.  (Lillagbn-, tri  Lonsdale
la. mi.  h.i. .Iimi.. (or S anil 6 rooiiieil
L .hi .-..  Parlies having name in hand
Iihi  al nillie.-l  iilliwlliill'a'.
miAitii of i ii .mi': i.i'.i'niii':
lnliiwt ia im-reasing in the prospect
ol luiarihg Mr. W. II. I'uwer, wHretaiy
uf lha Transportation Hates Hui can
ki Vancouver aildreas tba local hoard
of liaid.a at ils general nuwliugnoxt
I a. .I.u evening. Mr. I'ower is nn
aiAborily on tbe suhjeM of transportation and his remarks will Iw especially iuti-resling to the liusiiieHS fraternity ol Norlb Vaacouver.
Ibe wn sudden de<|lh inciirrtiJ this
ue.nunc at thc Canyon View hotel ol
Mrs. Vatsoo, wile ol 'Charles Watson,
manager of tbe hulel. Deceased (ln«
bna ailing for some lime bul not
seriously and she made her appear
ani* at lile breakfast table apparent-
ly   in  ber  usual health.       Suddenly
tabout the slightest warning she
-ai.l. down in her 'hair. Death wss
.ii.... i instantaneous. Thu late Data.
Mat*on was in her 63rd year nnd
leaves a family of grown up children
and a husband lo mourn her loss.
It is repnrW thnt Mr, I. S, Won
manager pl (he Nnrlh Vinieouvoi' Pmil
(lompnny, has plans tinder cpniiilar^
tion for lhe opiistniellpn al a suitable wharf an.l nnil nml cn in I hunkers
nn thoir leased wnterfrmit property
iinnicdiutoly past of tho ferry wharf.
Tliera is at present an old wharf
nut from the property but tins ii
found inadequate tp the Increased do"
inaiiiilai nf Iho business.
Main or shine there will lie n practice hockey una I. b nn, the llnnl.ivui'<l
Park grounds tomorrow, Saturday,
i yu-_i\
1   ..  LaShed   hOUwittjlUIJ
. ■   ...l Mine oaA          US
inr,   KE.VI-for
, Mk**   lea
1 anHk.ll hol         MuMB
'...a., tt.i.,,,. ifr* n.
|  .1    "I
'   lil Acl A,,
«ij»  ULE
.  ■* ui'oi, u,d laii,
.' I uid Kid..wi,y.
n    ,
.  lii.-> e. i.ued u
- .    L.l  .1      llimU^a   Ult-      '     41-1
- ia        Aj'jll.1   Ln*am- *i
ul-ftiUl     *.«t,      laTi-l
■ ■i eutmt, Ur. Loiik    wmt
'i'ii-     h   Kaiiude, pmr*   !*»
it -i
- .an* oaoef  lult   li
SSS, iaas_- ihi .and
,. i.   »ifiO.   < usli
t"      '■'      '-    li   tS aud  le -ui'e-tls
UsIaI Suiii Vattain
|t»i -    i  ^nd hi turn. In'i
»*(.«    '-.
t                         I'm   aitb   a
J              0   n    id-acid   for
/              ■■'.•;.            ili
t~ r1	
f m-ttit-^i.UObiim
J.  l—ktjt a   L,„    x. ii I 'Wrirta
tlmu tun,, «   l.« uamaoe.
i.'ai.Uiaj| }«W sl..v«,
ia nil .jomia for  ^a>t
1 -a—'a, 70 ImmkrAa Avenue.
imi.    th Boa ill.
---, \	
le.   i.a,|,.i.ui.,. meeting at tli.   (!em
i....ia. 'on Sunday afternoon al 4
.a.I.,.t will be i-paially interesting.
Mr. P. It...hu-i-.li will s|ieak in lavor
of tbe granting of a Imttle lieense on
tbe disinterested management plan
and Mr. C. N. Haney, barrister, from
Vaneouver, will speak ngain-t it.
Kv.ty1>ody welrome. Come early.
I. 0. 0. K.
OlltLS W. A. "AT HOMB"
Tho Oirls W. A. of St. .lohii'ii
ehiireh held a most sun«sslul "At
Home" in the parisli hall bu Tuesday
evenin;. The occasion of Valentine's
night was very much in priiniineiiee by
way nl tho picturesque manner in
whieh tho girls had Ihe hail decorated
with large and small nil hearts and
Chinese lanterns. A number nl candy
stalls prettily decorated together with
lhe charm ol some of the fruit laden
tables put a inn. le .1 .IV.. i on the
whole interior appearance.
The girls were amply accorded due
appreciation by the large attendance
and the praise which was given their
undertaking. The affair was informal
and to a degree the cordiality extend
ed to the patrons was marked uml
duly acknowledged. liofresbnionts
were passed through the assembly, followed by ieo cream and candy. A
program of songs nnd instrumental
music  was  rendered throughout   the
| ala I,,   a   allll..     . I I       ,  a 11 , :. i a. I a  I I     q|     tllU       llll"
'.iv.im. : Pianoforte solo, II. Ualhews;
duet, Mr. Seovell and Iriend , song,
Miss Iini Fieldhouse; trio, Misses
Hoss and Freeman und Mr. Knntsuy ;
pianoforte soli;, Miss Krminie Verner;
song, Mis Itmh Freeman, cornel
solo; pianoforte duct, Miss E. Verner
and Mr. 11. Mathews; song, Mr. Seovell ; general song, Miss Until Five-
man pianoforto solo, Hiss Kuthleen
Koss; song, Miss Hiilh Freeman ; Hod
Save the King.
Valentino's nighl was Iho occasion
(pr a ([Wi mnsf|WJrade b»ll »t the
Uorlipulturol hair under tho auspices
ol the Maple Lenl P-W>|ll|f 0|l|bi The
ball wns a laieiviui ip overy pm lieiilnr
and iipeeiiieaiiy so in the many end
varied designs ol eiisttunes lifyt Woro
pi'iisi liinl    when    IllO    grand    mnrch
This was Ihu first mhsqueriide dunce
ul the now club and us the re .nil ol
pri'i'iiuli'nun.v nii'iinn being ndopled
tbo assembly was vory select. A three
piece nii'b. im supplied un excellent
progrum of music, {imminent amongst
the lii.lv   ium..) -inli.),.   was   Mis- T.
Hoard in nm i li eostumn. Nurses
wuru in prinniiieiiiii us Were ulso alap-
ainiBe attires. Many ol tliu Indies were
limi'l ..nii'l'. en" n.'.i which lenl
u liiseiiiuiing' effect to ihu wholu
bi'i'ihi. . Amongst the num Mr.
Donald Peers as the chink was easily
superior to any ol the other ra.prown-
tationi, although that is presuming
quite a loi ln'i'iileae ,,l Ihe number of
good "inl.e oils" on olher eharueters.
Mr. Peers' sueeess wus uttrihulod to
his eondiii't ns he managed to siisluiu
his pari williout overdoing il. The
coon, as usuul, was lo bn seen everywhere displaying etcatid wil. Mr.
Young as lhe judge effected a deportment becoming the origiuul and
Mr. ltoy Stoney as tho ludy was un
ruoognuirblu even to his closest
friends. His dainty feet wero Uio feature ol his muko up.
Ahuut l'J o'clock jn the luncers,
"masks oil" wus proclaimed and ex-
■ liiniaii.iii.-. of surprise showed that a
large percentage of th'.- inasqucraders
hud cleverly effected tlieir disguise.
Coffee was supplied in the interval af
ler which dancing was resumed till u-
boul '-'.llu when late curs were al hand
to convoy tho merry makers lo their
the   standordiiiotion    q(  eggs   along
similar linns to the stnndurduiitinn of
upples and other form pro4ne),«.' t%e
annual value of the poultry nh «(g
business o| ths country approximated
»I8,IIIKI,I1IIH.  Surely a Imsiness of this
_________________       sii18 ththi h limited n'ter by the gnv-
oggs every month, is mi importer n''ornmeiit, its quality mniptaincd, th.
when sho should have u larg   in this case improved." As a prelim-
while (bey pn Imb gets littfe or no
credit for his trouble, since the country storekeeper   is    Indifferent    bpw
long the eggs wwin in his store or
undor what conditions iliey hn allowed to remnill there. Ah » remit
Oenttdn, which prpdueos millions
and  prolji»bl»   e»pnrt   business  in
The remedy, Mr: (lunn snys,  is  in
At the request of the Oram! Master*!
•f U. C. N.nili Vamouver lodge No.
rA, Innl was favored with an of-
Iiiial visit from W. A. .lohnslone,
'.ainl Warden on Thursday evening.
IL- wa-- ii.-'aiiipaiii'd hy al. Carver, II.
il'.Al., and olber grand lodge nlli
•t-rs. In the course of his remarks tin
Vi. drew the attention of the lie
'iwii lo several matters wbiih are
.,i.-id.,..I iiiipiiiinnt as I,,Milling tlic
-.ii..i.- ol Ihe order in B. C, und at
tbe aaaiue time ainiij,liniiiii,il the bn-
tbr.n of the North Shore upon the
steady (rogress being made hy them
in lodge matters.
' li -l Ht_
tm uei !>• uiator
rt ia .   Court House,   Vancouver
NOTICE   is hereby given   thai   (he
lime for ruueiving tenders lor "Wing,
' . .ii Ii.n-.'. Vamouver," is extended
up lo and im hiding Tuesday, the'.'l.-l
day of February, IUII.
Public Works Engineer.
il.pailiii.nt ol Public Works,
Victoria, B. C, 31st .January, I9H.
ai -u
OI.-.-'il.l.'lloN   OF   PABTNEBSHIP
NOTICE  is   hereby  given   that Ibe
th, iaiT-_t tomi I Pfr*"ef'liip baretofora eliatiig lstwt«n
* a .   .. ^wi^hj.    st*u 'f*.   tka underngaed,  as Hickman   It
IV—t   tm     uk.,,,  L,—Aim—it.
JU--I, in the City of' North Vaniouver
It.m Maw UoliA   baft ba— tbu day dissolved hy mutual
.   Aji»iiU«t
t* ami II, r_i.,■Ct-tkime.
MfPrntaa  -:,,,t a 1-UmUL,
ttad ««,
tm. lamateia Av*
Sa_\_ \t_cua,_.
ft w i-ty u tt ail n	
¥*."+,'__ ■   - n*f w-
t-ij a tm%1mn tt m-tnt aaa
_____ *« rear ntt Utm tha
mtuuta aa
All dW* owing to said partnership
an to be|MH t° *• B. Hood at the
'ily of NoifflL Vu" "uvef aforesaid,
aad all liaina atglUP'1 ""■' |,»''' I""1"
utr.hiu are to lit pre^f "'*' to """"'''
». B. Hooo by wbom%* MDle wi" ,X)
•eftlad. A
OaUd at lha City of No*IVV"!^u,
vtt laia HM day of January, 1811
(Signed)    C. H. HICJSMAN,
f.Signad)     W. B. HOOD.
A( the i<i|aia i of several patrons the
proprietor of iln Gem theufre, Mr.
Veruier, lius secured and will show lor
two nights only, Wednesday uml
Thuraday nexl the two greul sub-
jeels entitled respectively "The Lillle
Station Agent," this being ,, railroad
story of the Cunudinn Idnkies, and
"lhe innni of Niugnru Falls," u slu-
pcndmis Inihuii depletion ol the old
legend of the fulls. Not u pule law
iu the liim.
The lllll a aii nam of (his indispensable collection of rom'retc, crisp
Canadian I'mts, edited hy Frank
Yeigh, of Toronto, the well known
lecturer and writer, nnd author ol the
new book, "Through Ihe lleurl ol
i .ui.nl.i," has b.-a n I—mil ani'l i- ml. 1
will, (ii'ili dale of a mosl interesting
and illuminating character. It is a
marvel of condensation, presenting in
small space striking figures i.lnin.
to every phase and department ol
Canada's resources, Irudc end national
Its popiilarily nnd wide sule niu
easily lie understood, in l,e i, ll Is, aa
has li..n snid "worth its weight in
Coball silver or Yukon gold." Tbe
hooklot may Is' hud from Ihs leading
newsdealers, or for 2ft cents from .the
I'liiiiiiliuii Fa'ts Publishing Co., 607
•Spadinu Avenue, Toronto.
Auction nt Mrs. Eugene Bailey's,
'.I'lU Imli street eust, Wednesday, J p.
m.. Hell Piano and In i. class fill id-
ture.   MeCunig,  um linneei'. Jill
-net _
•art* fa
M.    S.   Middli.li.il.    li.--ii.liii,I , |il an ill
• iul horlieirlliiralisl for the Kootenay
dislriel, .1. F. Cnr|ienlrr, anslslnnl
luirli. iillnralisl stulioiuid jii Victoria
nnd 11. llo), ie i lani Iioin, nliaiinli'.i
for Ihu (Ikunugan distriit, are stalling on a tour delivering short com se
hetnri's on Iruil growing. From Cns-
ton (hey will proreod lo Kaslo where
they will liialiire on Feb. Ift and IA ;
on Feb. 17 und IH Ihey lecture at
Proctor; on Feb. 90 and 'il al Wun
eta | Feb. 31 and 'tl at Fruitvala and
on Feb. 'il and 'l'i in Nelson. Thc
place ol (he latter lecturoi will be the
j ily hall.
"During l'JHI something like 17,000,-
000 dii/i'ir eggs were allowed to spoil,
mind you, in this counlry because ul
carelessness und irregular melhods of
nnui.iinii' while at Ihe same time
Ihe prices ol reasonably fresh eggs
were cllimhiiig steadily up und even
at the highest prices Monlreuiers
found it ibili. nli to get u proper supply"
Mr. -Inlin A. Iiunii, head ol the
important wholesale i-i' .in . linn of
'inini   I,angiitis k Co., und president
01 the Montreal Produce Menhunls'
Association, has mude a poitinilar
study of the egg und poultry industry of this country anil has several
plans for the In Hum. m ol (bal
trade. In un interview he made Ihe
above amu/ing statement, uml declared thut he hud gleumd Ihe hguies
from his own p. mm A investigations
ulso expressing lhe conviction thai
tbey were more ponservaUvi tbun
"As Ihu uverage price of eggs is
iw.niv ..in u iln/.ri, this works oul
ut H.PSI.IHKI lost lo lhe counlry,
through the slipshod methods whiih
ure ul presenl in operation."
The egg production ol Cunuda lor
the yenr, Hr. (lunn showed, was
something like i-.'h.issi.imsi d.,/en. Of
this nii/nk'i the avoidable loss was
nl least 17 |Kr rent.
"Tho trouble Is principally wilh lhc
prnduosr and the eounlry denier,"
said Mr. Cunn. "As things are now,
so long us the ,ln II is oti. most anything is nn egg. ,' The jnrmer whai
lukes the trouble Ihjnaikel bis   eggs
inary Mr. 'llllill wants to make it a
criminal offence to knowingly market
bad eggs.
We are in a position to.
look after yout requirements in this line\ We sell
Stumping Powder,
Fuse and Caps. We can
quote you at a minutes
notice prices by the pound,
box or car; f.o.b. this city.
paine & McMillan
The Hardware Spacialiits. Phone 12
TKVDEB8 will be received by the
isadersigoed up lill 6 p.m. on Monday
lie 87la inal. for five policemen's uni-
/ mm m Mod «, utt \kmmt.    Saopka of doth lo bf ^ub
ft. I. MK   F.# take amty hf tank j asittad with tawW.
tn* if t* md Fori, k Cm. Worm THOMAS SHKI'HKHI),
114117-9 Oil, CUrk.
j^fa ording to lhc,. rejnirt pi. nei
"r. Marry T. Dovjnt ol Vancou-
ho was retained in New West-
to make a reassessment of the
assossed values in New West-
it the present time, exiiusive
of all exLoml"i'""' '• tliWI-Tt). The
assessmiX' "' iD,l'">vemM"* ^a. not
yet been Jtfml'le,<!<i '»ul '' i( «l««,t«d
thnt this tA '' an"'UDt to nonrly as muih
more, miliiC ">0 total Mmimfnl
nl the city it " Mh >°" MwMB ,12'
'     I  fir. turn im.\     TL.   a-i-1 ._
by 1
city, t
mm ah\fwm,m' Th«u'1*l»"
laaU »
that the  aa
this  year
will   nearly
year was $7,i:W,:M, so
wssment on land alone
elusive ol improvements
equal Ihe lotal ol laat
I'lANO  AM) lllllll I'MBB  PI ilM
At 328 10th Street East
On Wedneiday Next
-'-Ii'l       IH   ■!      ■      1      P.m.
Inder inslrurlions fiom Mrs. Ilugnia
llailey, wc will sell lhe eoiilents ol her
beautifully furnished home imluriing
upright iliuiid Hell i'iano, elegantly
hand carved, eost |!*IH, elegant ft piece
Purlin .Set jn muhoguliy, velvet Carpels,. Curtains, I'ietures, llockors, < cn-
tia- Tabic, 1'oilieis, J'lanli, Hugs, tlf
dincrcs, .Stuffed .Swan and (lull, Unas-
ive Oak .Sideboard and It..nn.l Ouk
Kxli'iision Table lo nia I eh. Diniug
Chairs, Hooks, Cro'kcry anl t)lass-
ware, China, Cutlery, Stair Carpet, IS
bedrooms fully furnish d with aolld
brass Hid, Iron and Hrass Hods wiib
best springs and Mallrcaws, Hoekeis,
Carpels, ele., .lewell S(h'| Baagc, al
mosl new, cost tht, Kili-hin loroforl
.•inking utensils, lierlect pantry, gnr
•I'll tools, ek. (loods on view on
Tuoadday altetntmn. Kuryihing as
good as new,
McMillan'* Tea
b Good
S lbs. for $1.00
j. a. £> ht. McMillan
R   in |^# CEBEAL FOOD*
liull..I Oils
I    I ,11   la.   al    \".   Ill   ,,|
Koll. .1 Wheal
Wliolo Whoat Flour
liuckwheal Flour
'•iii.an Flour
■ Kicc Klour
Pearl liarley
Spill   l'i a.s
Canadian Wheal Flakes
A»k your Grocer Inr ft, _\ H, Brand, ""' Standard of Quality
Wholesale from
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
• LONSDALE AVI-NUE:        Ai Ferry Landing.
Tin; largest Hsaorliwtiit of Mmi'n Working Shirts, in-
•iluijiiig nil (lie PMl wi in mr iniiti i ui Is jn a||    / r
if tlios
siy.es, prices u|> to $1,06, now . •
Heolch Knit All-wool I'liiiirwt'iir. Tliit isa fine line
for the outdoor worker as it is heavy and    "7 C
warm, regular |J,/K) value for 7fic per suit   / JC
Men's Kail ami Winter Knits, only a few left of those
splendid hnrgain suits, they were as high
us $30, now  	
A very fine assortment of Men's Four-iji-hand O C
Ties, reversible, regular 60c values, now   iLJC
R     '    mXee'ekm' Ifl K""«at variety, from size 22 up to
DOy 8 011118 34 in short pants (fc O Cfj
ninl 32 up in long panU,prices from yLtJyj Up
/^ .     To clear out the few that are left
vyVciGOalS   they are going at two-thirds their
original cost.
113-115 Lonidtle Av*.
North Vincouver


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