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The Express 1912-08-16

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(fli)* txvtm
The fifth surveying party to be sent
out by tho Pacific Oreat Eastern rail
way lias been diipatehed by chief Eu
giuoer i 'ullnluui. Tho new party, which
consisted of eighteen men, waa iu
Jjrarge of Mr. P. tl. Ashe, wbo is well
known as au experienced operator on
localiou work iu tbe mountain country.
The purty proceeded by O.P. B. to
I-ytton, from where tbey will go hy
stago to l.illuuet, where pack trains are
to be secured. Tbo party will work
|n a southwesterly direction to connect
up with tbe location parties which are
uow working in from the bead ol Howe
Bound. The country lo be coverol by
Mr. Asbe is said to be oue of the roup.ii-
ost districts covered by tho projecten
railway aud a great deal uf iliffli uli;■
is expected in locating the line. It is
said that the amount of rock work that
will have lo bo encountered ii very
great. Tbe Pacilic Ureat Eastern has
a location party working near West
Vaueouver ami three others ut .lilfcreul
poiuts between Newport ami Greou
North Shore Resources to be Demonstrated
in Progress Club in Yancouver City
A meeting uf'the .luiiil Civic Alitor
Using Committee was beld on Tuesday
eveuing, Mr. A. U. Perry presiding iu
the absence of the chairuiau, Mr. Alei
under Philip. There wero present Aid.
Irwin, Aid. I'ei. iuuu. Mr. Chaprnau, ami
lhe publicity cutumiaaiouer, Mr. Win.
A mutter relating tu magaiiue advertising wus laid over uutil i subse
I1-, ui meeting.
Mr. I -uwlcr reported tbat he bad uu
der wuy the compiling iu tabulated form
yt statistics of the growth of the
city ami ilistricl aa well aa general in-
ii.iiuniiuV alsu thai following out the
instructions uf tbe committee bo bad
completed arraugeuieuta for space iu
the new >|uarters of tbe Progress Club
iu Vuneuuver for permanent eibibits
if Um resources of tbe Nortb Bbore.
The cumiiiissiuner reeorniucmlcl tbat
fu 11,ni,li i be issued descriptive of tbe
nurtli shure, giving' particular alien
liuu to statiatical informal ion. Ou  Ibe
iiiiiiiini uf Aid. Irwin, seconded by Aid.
!■'.,iuiinii. Mi. I uuiu was cmpuwcrcil
in go ahead witb tbe book ami lu sub
iiiiihu particulars tu tbe licit
fgttm9jml*hi committee whicii will be
uu Tuesday nett.
Tbe cummittee decided tu apprupriute
uue hundred dullurs fur lhe purpuse of
placiug :i districl exhibit at tbe New
Westminster exhibition acting iu cou
junction with the iiuiu,, iiu:,- sul
eaty and Uiat lbe eummissiuner assist
in tbe arrangements for this exhibit.
The commissioner's recommendation
lhat lhe delegates to llle railway ticket
agent's couveuliun tu be held iu Van
cuuver in Beptember, be invited tu the
Nurth Mime was adupled uud he wis
inatruclcTl tu make arrangements tu
tbia eud.
The mailer uf llie convention uf the
Arctic Brotherhood in tbis city iu No
leather neit was laid before the cum
millee by Mr. Balabury, wbo addressed
the committee uu Ihe ijucstiou uf en
lerlaiiiing these delegates while lure
and Mr. Balabury and the eummissiuner
wero appoiuted a committee to uul liat
a plan aud aubmil it tu the committee
Alfred Nelson Codringloii King, B.A.,
whoso selection us Hhodcs Scholar from
liritish Columbia, llllli, has beeu previously noted, Is tbe sou of Mr, Alfred
N. C. King, ut one time paymaster iu
Iho navy of her lute mujesty tjueeu
Victoria, who retired from lbc nuvy,
ami coming to British Columbia, accepted the po-,it mn of bookkeeper or the
Miiii.lt t ill.. Saw Mill Compauy, a post
which he Occupied with greul accept
abilily I'ur fifteen yeurs. Mr. King, Br.,
is well remembered by Mr. P. A. Allan,
uf this cily, und uther remaining cm
ployeea of the Mouilyville company
His sou wus liuru ut Muudyville un
March Isl, 18811, and lived iu that burg
until liis pareuts removed tu Vuucuuver
literary attaiunionts. 2. Fouduesa for
aud success lu athletic sports. 3. Tbo
dualities of niuuhood as truth, courage
aud dot oi inn to duty. 4. Sympathy
for ami protection ot thc weak, kindness, un 'Tii Tm." ■, ami fellowship, n.
Thc exhibition during scbool days of
moral force of character, instincts to
lead, to take au inlerest iu his schoolmates, etc.  '
It will thus he seen that tho ouo who
coptures the selection as ninnies scholar
is the recipient of signal honors which
are won ou the basis of merit and because of Hie possession of eiceptional
qualities, such as give tbe greatest assurance that the privileges conferred
will resolt iu giving suciety a member
of exceptional quuiu,cs uml of high
iiiiiiiiiii, ni:., nh,,-.e career gives prumise
ui Budding materially tu the sum of
human  niinliiin.'i.I.
Nurth Vuucuuver is liunurcd in liuviug
been the birth place of a native nuu uf
British i i,I,union tvbusc career hus already proven one uf eicepliuuul success
and wbicb gives such bright promise of
future usefulness.
Recent Work of
Advertising Committee
District Council
District Kugincoi Carter bas completed the plan of a railway route ruuning through the municipality betwecu
Mariue Drive and Ibe I'm,shore Thc
plans were laid on tbe table at tbe
mcetiug of Ihe district council ou Turn-
lay but did uot come beforo tbe couu-
■■il for consideration. Hecvo Nelaun
stated that a second survey party uuder
Colonel Davis was engaged in running
au alternative lino through tho dis
trict iu a location north of Marino
Rrive. Tbo roovo furtber staled that
Colonel Davis would have bis plaus
completed about thc last of tbo week-
The probability is, therefore, tbat both
sets of plaus will bo considered by tbo
couucil at tbo regular meeting on
Tuesday ucxl. I After the plaus have
been approved by tho council another
conference will be held at Victoria,
when it is expected that the Ituilway
Department will filially dispose of tbo
Action of Public Bodies
Surprises Joint Civic
Advertising Board
TORY.   BAYS   MB.    A.   0.
Thc altitude adopted by Ibe ilislriet
cuuucil uud ibe Buard of Ferry Direr
'Ws towards the report recently sub
nutted by Mr. William Uwler, publi
lily commissioner I which will be found
iu uiiutlier culumn) is evidently iucoui
prcbcusiblc to members of the Joint
Civic Advertising committee.   Mr. A,
'II I'erry, interviewed by au Kxpress re
prcscnlutive Ibis morning, declared
himself vory much surprised at the actum takeu by Ihuse twu public bodies,
"particularly iu view uf the fact," Mr.
Perry added "tbat uu representatives
uf either budy were present at the lasl
ineeling uf tbe committee wbicb wu
held un Tuesday. Tho work of tho
committee this year, as in recent years,
nun fallen uu a few willing members.
I conalder," concluded Mr. Perry,
"lhat the work of Mr. lawler, taking
ad things iulu consideration, bu been
highly satisfactory."
Thc ehuirrnuu of Ihe committee, Mr.
Aleiander I'hilip, when questioned in
this connection, called attention to lbe
lad thai the next meeting of the com
millee lakes place on Tuesday next al
five o'clock and at this meeting tbe
mutter will be taken up and dilated
upon.   Mr. Pbilip, however, alio voiced
t his surprise tbat exception ihould lie
taken Jo tbe report of Mr. Unlet by
Individual i wbo bad not attended the
meetings of  tbe committee.   '
Ml::,  Coily  Of   Won,1st,,eh.  Out., UrCIV
ed yesterday uu a few weeks' visit
with Mr. ami Mrs Vance, uf Eleventh
Tbe buttling tuuriiameut advertised
to lake place iu connection witb tbe
Horticultural shuw uu Sept. li and i,
has beeu withdrawn,
The BB. Cily uf Nanaimo has gone en
the ways of the Wallace Bhipjards
iiiui, ihe will uudergu ex I ensue re
pairs before proceeding on iier new
The Bt. An,lie!',':. Christian Kudos
tor garden parly appointed fur lasl
evening un Mr U. A. McBaln s lawn.
has been pustponcd uutil Tuesday licit
onuig tu weather conditions.
Thos. M. Feirgricve, of J. 11. Kug
lmii'" siore. secured two prizes at lbc
Hm, -eis' spuria ut Ihc exhibition
grounds on Wcducsduy lasl. Mi. Puir
grieve bas the miking uf a guud utlilelc
Mra. Aleiander Philip aud ber
daughter in law, Mrs. A. D. Pbilip, re
turned uu Tuesday frum a sujouru
of a fortnight at Kildouiun, Allierni,
wilb her daughter and family at lhat
A small fire which broke oul 'in
Husun's Ida, l. mil I shop .uu llic Ks
planadc ou Tuesday evening was ex
tinguiihi'd befure much damage was
occuioncd by lire brigades number uue
and number Iwu.
Items ojjatereit
Mr. Enoi Beach is moving to bii new
house, Lyon Place.
Mr. II. P. Dyke, architect, 'aaa moved
to his new home Weatern avenue.
Mrs. Hogg of Ksplauade, aa old time
resident of thll city, ia loriouily ill.
Mr. J. J. Kggeneton ot Vancouver ii
taking up rcsidonco at iti K.tb itreet
. weit.
Mr. 0. A. Oliver la Uking up ru'
dencc in a lulte la bia block, 3rd atreet
f**t' i
lit. Oeorge Uruut watcrwurks super
inieiiiieiii of North Vaueouver, Mis,
Grant, Mri. Nelaun and Mr Harry
Brott returned ou Wednesday cvoning
from a must enjoyable aud successful
Ashing trip at Vancouver Hay, Jervis
Mr. aud Mrs. W. J. Barclay and Mr.
and Mrs K. Morden of Souris, Maui
toba, wbo for the lasl few weeks have
been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. T
Hutchison of Keith road, departed for
tbeir prairie home this week after a
pleasant and profitable sojourn in Ibis
in October, 18117.   The boy attend
tlie   old    Moodyville   ■ ■ I I.   then   iu
charge of Mrs. Colheck, which wus
maintained uniil the cumpletiou uf llic
llulgnat schuul iu Ihis cily, when il
was discontinued The youthful slmlcut
continued bis education ul Ihi' West
I'.iol I uuw the I inu nun schuul iu Van
cuuver, which he attended until Ihc
death uf his father in IW. Willi bis
Mother, Mr. King removed tu Victoria
the fulluwiug year, in whicii cily his
bumc bus lieen luculcd since luul lime.
In thc capital city be attended the
Iluys' Central schuul uml lhe high
school. He early manifested u spirit
uf manly independence, which led tu de
lermiiicil eii,uin tu make his owu wuy
in ills cliuseu career. At lhe age of
twelve years he begun delivering llic
| olmiet. the morning daily iu Victoria,
aud oue year later took ou tne Times
tllie evening paper) us well, uiul con
iiiiued this occupation until bis uni
versity career necessitated his departure frum thc city.
His record in Ibe public and high
icbuuls uf lbe cupilul wus une of conspicuous success, in Hie high schuul
iiiui,,i grade exaniiiiuliuus Mr King
lunl lirst nut unly iu his uwn schuul
but for Ibe eulire province. He wun
three oul of live print's -namely, Latin,
iMulhcmulics and Canadian History
and tied with liis competitor for the
fourth- French. At Ihe Mcliill Main
i libitum exaniiiiuliuus be stood at the
head of the list of British Culumbiu
students ami captured llunl place for
lbe entire Dominium At tbis exniiim
iiiiou be won the governor's silver
medal and also a silver medal for
French. The following year as a student
al Mi ilill University Mr. King wun u
scholarship of oue hundred and llfly
dollari for two years as an award fur
competitive exauiiualious. In Iris lirst
two years he carried away lirst class
honors (over li per ceut,) while iu Ihe
third and fuOrfh years he look the
honors course in Classics and was gradu
atcd iu l"H with.lirst class hunors. lie
lii.ecise captured the Henry Chaprnau
medal, wbicb reflected signal bunor up
ou his native province.
Upon bis return to Victoria Mr. King
wu appointed to the leaching stuff of
bis home' city at the lloya' Central
school, where be became a valued and
lucccssful member of Iho staff,
Mr. King has beeu aclitjp iu oul of
door sports, devoting bis energies main
ly lo running, bis affiliations iu this re
pacta being witb tho V. M. 0. A., ot*
which he is a iuonibor._ Ho ii likewise
The rulumlity of-tbe district mail
bag was lusl evening caused, more or
less, by uu influx uf lutters from rale
payors uiul householders notifying the
council of further hlnstiug mishaps
causing very considerable damage ami
incun lenience. Tile council decided to
adopt strict measures to prevent carelessness ou the part of employees of
the municipality. The district eugiu
eer, Mr, (,'usgruve, was instructed to In*
quire intu each uf these cases and tu
inform the several foremen .„ charge uf
municipal wurk that discovery oi similar carelessness iu lue future will be
immediately followed by dismissal.
A letter emanated from the ollice uf
the provnm secretary to the effect
Ihut an urder in cuuncll had been pass
cd endorsing 'lie Hurrufd luld Tunnel
ami ''.ridge Aid liy law recently voted
upuu by the district ratepayers.
Al the instance ul ('oun. Luutel the
council resulted 10 uiu.uti'ui the Noilh
Vancuuter geuerul huspilul until the
cud of the curreut year. A report was
leccived showing the expenditure for
luly to be IttO and llic receipts to be
tilt. Taking inlu cunsideratiun the
provincial grant of ;M the deficit for
lhe inmull nppii,innate., -no
Tlie Western Dominion Land and Investment Co. uguin wrote urging llic
construction ul' a ruad lu their proper!;
m Hie zinc mining -region, puijiliu/;
uul '.hat | l.'isiii bad been spent lucre
during the last eleven months. DiBcus-
siou of the iiiuttir was deferred uniil
an answer had come lu hand tu tbe dis
trict clerk's last -t ■ wbicb lbc
company wuh asked what bond it was
prepared to put up to guarantee thc
coustructiou of a road as desired
A resolution, moved by Couu. Bridgman, was last night passed by thc diatrict couucil tu Ibe folluwiug effect:
"Thut lbe in.uunl 'uf tbe diitrict be
transferred to (he Hank of Hamilton
and that Ihe reeve and in usurer be an
thomed lo sign cheques aud to lit tbo
seal uf the corporation thereto." Tbo
financial account of the municipality
has until now been placed witb tbe
Bunk of liritish Nortb America.
Steady progress is beiug made ou
the conitructlon of a roller skating
rink opposite thc Hotel Nortb Vancou
vet on Ktplanade wcsl. The structure
will bave a tent roof, while tbe floor,
t |bo most important feature of tbe
building, ia to be one of maple bald
wood. The rink wil) be opened In a
feV weeks' time,
member uf fHI* Fifffi regiment, and
was iu ramp .at Macuulay Point, with
the tcacliers' corps, at tbo time of his
selection as Bhodoi scholar.
The requirVinelrtil of a Rhodes scholar,
i laid down by the late Cecil Rhodes,
rover a wide rango and touch tbo de
cvlopuicnt of manhood at mauy puiw>.
They are as'oliows: 1. Scholastic and
Beceptlon Committee Requests Co-
Thc Reception Committee in charge
of :>rrnnpenieiil i /or the visit of tboir
Royal Highnesses tbe Duke and thc
Duchess of Connaugbt, on .Beptember not li specially request merchants,
property ownera and occupants par
ticularly between tbo forry landing
and Victoria Park to assist tho de-
"ui'l i ng committee by dec mi ing
tbeir premises in an appropriate
luanuer for the occuion. Tbe cum
mit iee adviie early' action ia tho
procuring of the neceuary material
for decorative purposes, u it la
itated that tbs available supply ii
limited. VS
The following is a report of the
work of the Joint Civic Advertising
Committee for three mouths eliding
July Hist, mil!, as submitted by Mr.
William i n-.'.ii i. publicity commissioner, lo the public bodies oi this city:
"The work tbat bas beeu done so
far, iu tbe way of publicity for tbe
North Shore bus, I believe, beeu very
satisfactory, all things considered.
"It is loo soon yet to expect very
many results, iu fuct, it is hard at auy
time, to trace direct results, but I am
convinced thul the work we bate al
ready accomplished will lie of consider
able l.eneiit to our community.
"The entertainment iu a public way
of the i mule Auto Club and of the
small party of Ihe British Mauufac
turers will, I believe, du a great deal in
bringing uur city and districts tu Hie
notice of the outside world. I may
say tbat I knuw persuually uf several
parlies thai have visited the '.mil
Bbure as a direct result uf the visit uf
the Seattle Auto Clulr lu Ibo"mutter
of the liritish Manufacturers, it is uu
fortunate that mure uf this party did
not visit us, and in this connection, J
must suy that the peuple wbu were in
charge uf the purty rendered mc very
little, if uuy, assistance iu gelling the
number uver thut ttc did, though they
pionii -ml tu arrange the parly fur us,
iu fuct thc few that we were able tu
bate visit us I gut myself. Those who
did make the trip, however, went away
very eulhusiastic regarding the Nurth
Bbure ami its possibilities uud I am sure
thut as the result of their visit wc mil
ublaiu good results,
,"The literature that wc have dis
nil,uied up lo Hie present lias already
begun to bear fruit, and I hate ob
tame,I several enquiries frum uutside
points that arc directly traceable lu
this mii,','. though it is really too soou
lu expect returns from these booklets.
In regard lo thc distribution of these
pamphlets, 1 umi say thai 1 have sent
a large number uf tbis literature for
distribution to a great many points
holh in l-TiTuo Cauada and the United
States, as well as to Oreat Britain,
Australia, Honolulu, New Zealand, etc.
I ulso made arrangements with lbc
managers of the tour of thc Vaueouver
cadets lo distribute our literature iu
Australia and furnished them with one
ihuusiiiol uf our two small folders, 1 and
.', as well as a quautlly of the old fold
ers coulaining maps and one hundred
copies of tbe special edition of, the
"Kxpress." I consider Ibat the disfri-
I,ulmi we will obtain through this
channel will be very beneficial as Ihe
members of tbo corps will be billeted in
tbe private homes of the people wherever they visit, so that our literature
will be placed in good hands.
"1 have supplied material tu different publications in part as follows!
Article aud photos to "Hrilish Columbia," au extensive book ou tbe province tbat is being issued iu London;
article and photos to ")'.. 0. Horns
Ha/el te", a new publication that it
heiug issued in Vancouver; article and
photos to tbe "Canadian Mail," lion
doo; data and photos tp "Exhibition
illustrated," Toronto; data aud photos
to "Souvenir to British Manufacturers, Vancouver; data and photos to
"ii. C. Klectric for .hw Guide Book;
data and photos to "Ha1 unlay Sunset"
Vancouver, In this connection 1 may
say tbat I have, whenever possible,
called at tbe holds In Vancuuver and
in thia way have been able to got intn
touch with quite a large number of people wbo, I have, to quite an extent,
Interested in the North Shore, among
tbese aave boon a number of joprcscnta
Uvea of different papers sucb as tine
Toronto "Mail uud Empire", "Canadian Muil," "Glasgow Herald,"
"Manchester Guardian," '"Sbelllold
Telegraph," "The Graphic," etc. This,
I consider, good publicity.
"One mailer of importance that I
was able to arrange for was the taking
uf a number uf muting pictures of tbe
Norlli Shore. These were token by a
purty under Mr. Hcury Hibbcrt of
lirudl'uril, England, who in addiliou tu
being a lecturer, is head uf u large pbo
tugruphic concern, who mako tuoviug
pictures for sale, us well as control!
ing some twenty theatre-, throughout
Euglnud, the publicity of which wc will
ublaiu llirough this source will be very
"I hove also interested myself iu
the muting possibilities of the country
iidjii, ut tu us and Ibe greal need of
having im-, territory opened up. In
connection with this, I am eudeavoriug
lo have a display of the minerals from
Ihc different claims placed uu exhib
iinm in our udice und hupe lu have a
comprehensive exhibit gathered luge
"I have been endeavoring lo get tbe
Vancouver papers lo run mure news of
the Norlh Shore, aud I have been successful lo sume extent. The Wurld bas
fur tbe lasl Ihree weeks ruu a Nortb
Vancouver page evory Friday, this I
hope to eventually gel tin m tu ruu
ilunjft and 1 have beeu cuutributiug
from ftalf,a culumn tu a column uf copy
to Ibis \'Bch issue. Tbe "Saturday
Sunset''' have agreed tu ruu tbree slur-
ies frum me in their special edition tu
lie issued shortly. These will ruu frum
one In,,;,uml lite hundred lu twu tlinn
saml wurds each uml will be aecom
panicd liy photographs.
"I have been able tu gel a large
number uf uew scenic views of tbe
Nurlli Shore, Ihuugh the pictures of the
business centres 1 um not having liken
until I wunl them on account of the
amount of luiprui, iu. nt.- that are being
carried out.
"I hate given whul help I could lo
the different nli.ui that have been
curried out iu the city. I tuok au ac
live part in thc first of July colebra
liun uud I um ulsu giving what assistance I can to tbe cclebruliou that is to
be held ul l.yuu Valley ou ijibur Day.
"The number uf cullers at the ufllco
has increased and quite a lol of euquir
ies ure being received. This alsu Bp
plica tu Ihc enquiries from. outside
points, which arc daily becoming moic
... ..... *'.Ai
Yours truly,
Publicity     Cnliilulesiolii'l.
Professional Lacrosse
Tomorrow's Miuto Cup fixture at lie
real ion park, Vaueouver, may be relied upon to briog out tbe very best
brand uf lacrosse of which each team is
capable. The Vancouver all star aggregation is, compelled to win tbe game
iu order to jrcmaiu in tbe running for
the trophy, but io order to turn the
trick it will be pccciaary for tbem lo
extend themselves to the utmost, and.
even at that it remains to be seen wjio
tber tboy cau take their redoubtable
opponents into camp. Tbe Wcsliuin
stem are coming strong and confident.
Tbey are proverbally, as Coo Jones bas
stated "a bard team to beat." They
bave lost on the Held ouly two. games
out of teu tbia season and wilb tbe
Miuto cup practically witbiu tbeir
grasp tbey will play with a spirit and
determination that will make Ihem
more formidable than undor ordinary
ciiiiiliiiuns. All of which moani tbat it
ought to bo a great game for tbe sppc
I. H. English bai received a letter
taym tho secretary of tbo Vancouver
1% Scouts accepting an invitation to
tako part in tbe opening of Lynn Valley Park and will turn out in foil
strength with tho Soymour Bugle
. i
l the express north Vancouver, b. c, fripay, augue
Bank of Montreal
Establishad 1817
Capital (paid up)   .   |1M»,<KX)
Reaerve    ....   $15,000,000
Savings Bank Department
Norlh Vancouvar Branch t F, A. MACRAE,
 Mt. Crown Bldg., lit Street Manager
Wc Have Some Good Buys
in D. L 273, 274,550.
See us if you have a house to rent, or if you want to get
a house.
We have some lovely homes for sale.
Listings wanted.
UO Eiplanade.        Phone 227
"The Dundarave Door"
A new design of Ciafslman Fionl Doois. We arc (lie
unly firm in Canada making llieie doori. Come and iee
linm.    i'lices are reasonable.
Dickinson & Son. Ltd.
P. 0. Box 1719.
Phone 222
During the Months of JULY and
AUGUST, this store will close
at I p.m. on SATURDAYS
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ud.
Coal   Coal   Coal
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
We have on hand a full supply of ill Building
Material.   Get quotations before placing order.
L S. EAJON, Manager.
Kickham's Wharf     Esplanade West     Phone 466
•ii.n   AM
18.80 P.M.
l mi
Vancourar     ^v
I'BOT MARCH lat, 1918.
lease Nortk Vauaufw
8.40 I'M,                       '(.00 AM.   '   8 80  VM.
tM y                         *tM 8.40
180 '               '0.40 1.00
140 '7.00 1.80
4.00 7.80 1.44)
4.80 '7.40 4 nu
4.40 1.00 4.80
6.00 'tM 4.40
680 IM 6.00
6.40 ».00 •   6.80
«j00 pm 6.40
680 8.40 e.00    '
(.40 1040 (.80
IM 10.80 (.40
7*0 ,     10.40 IM    .
7.40 11.00 m
tM 11.(0 7.4i|
189 11.40 (.00
(.00 -               18.00 (.10
IM 18.80 til (.00
1040 18.40 8.(0
10.80 t                       1«0 )0M
UM l.M 10.(0
IliO un U40
18.16 AH.                         IM 11.40
IM 1(44  kM.
*9W ^^9^*r9*w9i tm^m^   mm*Jtmw   t**mm,fm99   mam   ^^^9m9   W#sK>s^^8Sl
mnryf    Infama/mm    twt   * ttmwwjwa   Wmwiwmmnmm   ^*M   WmwkT*JWI^m.
uusio IN OANADA"
An "mil I" be inili'il ill Iiig legible
letters on lha memorandum tablets of
sl| who are iu any way interested in
musical affairs is lliu festival lo he buld
iu l.ynn Valley, no Wednesday mut.
The occasion Is a notable nne from
several stan>l|ioiuls, ami is euii»oi|ueully
one of tbe eurreut topics of tlie hour.
Certain well-moaning authorities cou-
linii that tbe si'heiiie is loo umliitious.
Others argue tbat nntbiug is loo ant
bitious for l.yuu Valley, lbat un>tiin(j
tbat is worth undertaking is worth tin
iug well, ami su ou, an( so on. Tho
majority, buwevur, hear iu nun.I cerluin
salient ami indisputable facts: firstly,
that where real musii' is.concerned tbu
North tijinri' bas, in the |>ast, been
lagging like a lame duck all Ihu
way"; secondly, lbat this is liy no
means ilue to any lurk of lmal lulnil,
but ralber tu a lm I. of siiinu ii|,|,in, iniiin
outlet; tlm,IK, that lituru aru iilhur
things fur a city ami ilistricl lo strivu
fur hesiilus hriilgus ami ruilruiuls, ami
oue of tbu must iin|iurlnnt of Ikssu other
class Tl, whieh involvei a sight reading
test, ami ia open to all British Coluin
Iiiun choirs not exceeding 48 voices. A
sini|ilu cliurus or |iart soug will ba
provided ky tliu ailjuilicator, and the
chuirs will be required la slag thia
ilubl ineilala await tke best male
quartette iu class V, tke teat piece
being H. <l Tboio|*in'a "Bung nf the
Silent Uml." Class II. is for
soprano soloists, who will reader
Am in Ni'uilham's "Fairy I.u.iahy aud
unu chosen piece. The test piece far taaoi
suluists, I'lass K, ii Mascberoui'a "For
All F.loruity," which nay he iQilowed
by a piece of tbe competitor's own
cliiiiuu. Class I, is for baritone or baas
soloists, and the test piecos are llau
.lnl':. "Honour and Arms," anotber
Sum n,uuin extract, or Btauford's
'Father O'Flynn." la connection
with each of the laat four classes, a
gulil medal will he awarded tbe snerrss
ful vocalists.
After tbe coin|ietition in the after-
iiiiun Ihe ladies of the several churches
are urraugiug for supper iu tbe Bt.
Clement's Mission Hall at popular
prices fullowiug which a rehearsal of
the massed chuirs for chorus and part
sung fur the eveuiug concert will be
hclil in Ihc Festival hall.   It ia in. um
Institute Hall, Lyuu Valley, Whan Festival U to ba Held
things is nmI.iiniiiii snine kiml nf an hunt un all thc choirs lo lake part iu
artistic reputation. Nobody seeks fur ibis, accunliug to lbe cuiupalitiou rules,
a mn,nm lu overlook Un ulilily uf The eveuiug concert is certain to sur
railroads. Shortly, it is eirti iTpeled, pes» anylbiug of ils kiml ever held uu
Nurlh Vancuuver will be eu.lowed with the Nurlh Hbure. A choir- Iraiucd fur
ils share of liulh ami will prosper ac   cuupetition iu Ihc pieces lbat are lu
l,e rendered of imi \uiccs will lie uo a
Ape. mil', I,mli ami eulargi'd Stage, aud
the i'liii' winners in Ihc male quartette
soprano Milu, tenor milu, ami baas solo
uill under their prise soogs, while
M>..> M-i.i.i. Seruby, A.B.C.M., I.K A
M , a , ml,,n, illi.i, uf ciieptioual abtl
it)  has been engaged , lliaa Scrub)' is
Highly recommended hy  „ ut uiusi
clans and as Ihis is Ihc lir.i lime lhat
a 'cello baa been used as solo iu»tru
mem iu the viclaily, tbis aluut shuuld
attract a record allemlauce. bliss
illadys Kirklaud, a youug local artists
uf ei.elli'ul repute, will assist aud lir
Noel Hninn-,,ii, not uukuowa lo l.yuu
Valley residents, hu promised—by spe
ml require) -lo rccide "Ju.l Browning's
account uf I....i Ituli,Unl. in played Ihc
piauner." Ur T. Vi Ward is the od
ml acrompaaisl ami Ilr Harper lbc
adjudicator al lhe afleruuuu rumpcli
lum will present Ihe priivs lu Ihs sue
lui luuleslauts Thc idea iu Ihc
minds oi the Festival Committee is te
make ihis au annual affair and fur Ibis
l, nmii aluue it should nol be dittruit
tu get a record crows). I) is uoi a
money making scheme bul—lu quote
Ihe piugraiume is promalcd "iu Ibe
n.i,.. i   ul Heller (Ju.i, iu Cauada."
curding!) Hul surely the Ninth Shure
will be uie.I ,.l i,,a,i us n kiml uf freak
settlement, uu altogether malpropor
tioned cily ami district, if, with ull its
niudeiii advantages uml inspiring
viruiiiueiils, il allows itself tu still lax
like a lame duck iu music, art and
rim.'inii-, Iiuiu.' Iii wbiiiii the gods
have giveu au appreciation uf music,
lImi..- uiin understand uml admit ill
unle iiiHuence uf lbe mi- nowadays,
should take ,.u Ibeir hats tu l.yuu
Valley, the luilhplace ul u ier; ei
iclient Idea hIn. Ii, it is Imped, will
I,I.,--..iii in Ihe nu1.1 promising fashion
Ull    rt. Tm -I.l)    lll'l!
In i.Tiiimu iu Ibis event n general
pruspectus has, fur tome lime, In mi in
circulation, detailing llie names of llmae
pailicularl) ioleiested in Ihe leulurr
Tbe Iluu F I, Carter Cul luu - presi
deal, while lhe fulluwing are um
premleuls: The Riglit A. I . de Fancier,
III), Ihe Bav. .lulni .T.i^.ii, III';
Mayor McNeish, Beeve May, Aid Irum,
Couu. Iliidgiuan, Coun. Weslovcr,
Messrs. I.. Walts Ponoy, ,1 Balfour Ker,
J. M, Fromme ami Jobn  I' i    The
services of Ilr. K. I Harper, a doctor
of music uf Trinity College, llubliu,
hM been secured fur Ibis year's ad
judicaling Ilr Harper is highly esteem
ed iu the musical world, and iteueral
satisfaction Is fell concirulag his
piomiscd presenre al ueit wrek a
festival, Tbe musical director is Mr.
A. Ferlc Wagborue, whuse duties iu
elude rehearfiug uf ihuirs ful lhe pur
pose of maiming al the evening con
ceil. Mr. Wagbiiriie is alsu i Unman
of thc festival I'liiniiiiiln, niiuprisiug
Messrs. J. M. Frutumc, II. I1.1'urdie aud
(J P. ti. limb. Mr T. W. Ward is
official accompanist, while the secre
tsnal duliei are iu the bauds of Mr
F. V. Hluart and Mr. F. M. I. Marker.
The syllabus cunluins eleven rom
|,i'iiiu. rlaases, il.n. of Which are
witlnlra'wu owing In meagre entries
flaw A is for small choirs of
from 18 lo 84 voices wbo will
reuder two lesl pieces, I'iiisuli's "In
this hour of softened spb'lldor," pit
Harnb)•', ''Hil.ni Nlglil,'' and one
ekoaea  piece,    Class  H  is  fur  large
Interlude at Council
Councillor Leuut Certain that Aaaoda
Hon WUI Not Uphold Present's
ttli.it may lie accurately l.-nl,.,l
as an uupieceileuleil interlude occurred
luring lasl uigbl'.- mealing of Ibe dis
in. t couucil.
Mr. T A. Allan sought permission
lo address Ihe meeling, aad hia request
lieiug formally graated, informed the
rei'ii' aud inuuiillors that ha appeared
as president of Ibe l.yaa Valley Bate
layers Aeaocialiou. This body had'lieen
invited by Ihc couucil to lie present,ur
lo be represented al lbat evening's
choirs at Irum 84 lo « voices.   Tbeir ling, and since   ihe  aaaocialioa'i
prevluusly meiiliunrd work uf I'insulrs
ia one of the test pines, the oilier tiring
Macferrcu's "You Stole My nOve,"
(Haas • la open 10 all rhuiis in Hrilish
Columbia not csrccdlng if witn, tin
teat piece being en.ejcctpl from Han
del'i "Hamsun, ' "Tbcu Hound Aboul
Ibe Starry Throne," A silver nip Is
offered In coaneclion wilh each of these
claaaea, Ibat, relating lo rlaai ti, bt
coming Ibe property of tbe choir wiaa
ing II three limes. A band
some challenge cop, offered under
Ilka conditions, Is lu be cootesled la
secretary, Mr. I'ordie, wu "uuder Ihe
weather," Mr. Allan appeared in ale
sleud, and as Ihe aasoriatiea.'s president
asked tin' council what was the purpose
of ila request.
"I ask Ibis now,'' aaid Mr. Allan,
because I iot 'I feel inclined lo ait
here uutil yoo arc through wilk a lat
of olber buaiaeta."
The Itttt requested Mr. Allan -to
await tka Irauaaciioi sf a little bylaw
boaineee, afler which Ike council would
go inlo committee and would ba glad
to confer witk adaa.   "9m aaattee lo
ba talked over," added tho reevo, ('js
uue very vitally important lo tlm din
Mr. Allan, however, expressed tin
willingness to wait. Whereupon tlio
district clerk, -Mr. Farmer, reminded
hisss that the tlma fUai) (ui~ihe ptoT
posed cuuferouce was half past oillii.
Mr. Allan, nevertheless, dec|ii|oi| mn
pbatically to wait.
"Very *ell," alghsd the reeva, and
the president of the I.ynu Valley Hate-
payers' Association; immediately left
the couucil chamber.
After bis departure Councillor I.mil el
rote and uuggmJod that u. letter aliuuld
br: addressed lu tbo association, pointing
i.m tbat tbe question which the council
wished tu discuss with ils representatives wu one of great iinportaueo. "I
perfectly certain," Cuuncillur
l.imliT added, "lhat thu iissiu'iulioii
would uut fur unu miiiulu tiphnld tbu
action of its proniduut Ibis uvutiiug."
It is nioli'i •iu.nl ihul, iu viow of lltu
fact tbat tbu ussuciation lius uskud fur
the accomplishment uf very considerable
work in tbe district, the ■council ducmed
it advisable lu cunfer witli the nssu-
iatiuii aud gu thiiruiigbly intu lbe pros
aud cuns uf lhe said propused wurk,
Fur tbis purpuse an im ilul inn was of
llcinlly mint to tho secretary of the
iiiiiiiiciiil ion. Thu I'oiiucil resolved un-
nuiinoiiiily that iiiliiiiiilinii of t|(
Allan's ud inn he fnrwurdud to 111" asso^1* j
ciutioii, as suggeiied by flnuiicillor
Latitat.      -
I'MH MVIilAiil.i: ,v .villus I'BQTPP-
Ni itt HIT Is hereby given, pursuant
to llie provlslops pf Chapter 1(6 of the
II.uvIbi.uI tiliitiiiim uf Cniiiiilii ilml the
North Vuncouver Liind apd iraiii-uvo-
on in i'.,iii|inii., I,liiiiimi Liability, an
im,,i|,i,i.,in,i iTiinnnin having Its heud
■ uu, at ihu City uf Vancuuver, In lhe
ITovluci.' of Hrilish Columbia, hul
Itlcii with thu Hlnisiei' of Puhlle Wurks-
i"i ihu Dominion uf Canada a plun of
nui min bulkheads and wharves prupua-
ed in be constructed by the Company
unu u iim, liiiiimi ni the site fur ths
lii-uposeil liniu ovi'inunis which alto Is
liiiialli't to tlm l'lsulutiudo. Nurlh Vancouver c|ly. British Columbia, botwemn
Million und i•liiHl.irlrlil Avenues nni
pm 'll' I lu the i'ui|,)nnn,in. North Vuncuuver, British Coluniblu, botweun Bog-
-, ~     mm"     mmnr,nm,tae-i      n ■   ■   i. ...   .,        i ■. ., n      mi . ,     •
i.iTiu: on the North Shure uf Buvturd
ml' i und Ihul Ihu auld Cumpuny has
ulso llled ii copy of the aald plan and
iliHi'iTplloti wllh the u.n.I.mm of
Deeds ill Vuncuuver, British Columbia:-
uml thai thu snld Company will upply
to tliu Hncmmu Hniminl In Cuuncll fur
uppruvul of Ihu suld plun and the con-
: hu, Ilull    Ilf    lllU    SU'ld    I,llll.Ilml,lu     in. I
WlllllVUS. w
DATKD lhls 83nd day of July, AD,
1818, ul iiiini'..!  Ont.
l>lllN()l,h, A llUTHItlK
2-9    T"ii, limn fur tho suld Cumiuiuy
Special ull ini inn in puid lo the selection of this article. Buying
uuly Ihe bust grades suitable lo Ihu water uf the district, wu arc in n
pusitiuu tu ultur Teas equal in qualily uml price to any uu lhe market,
it cents per pound is lust liecunililg u popular price fur Tea. Uur
' blend ut thul price is n good useful Tuu. 115 cents pur pound, II lbs. for
SHHI. lu better qualities ue huvu u liuu Tea al -in ceuls ami a ape
cially hue blend nl 5U cenls per Hi.
Fur Ibuse wlm prefer I'ackel Toqs, we carry Braid's Best al 69
cents, Nabob at IU uml fill cenls, Blue Itibboti ul HI cenls, Saladu ut nu
■ cult. Telle) s al   ml'uml  till  cents   per  lb.    'I'dley's  '1  lb.   tins li
♦ I'J.r. each.
tlur Coffees arc always frushlj rousted und iiroiimi as required,
I'rieus  Hue, 4Uc, llic uml lillc per lb,
Braid's Hesl Nabnb ami Seal Hrumls in une pound tins.
B. C. Su|jur (I.Ili per IS Ib. wn I,
We carry a mosl compli'le slock of grureriaa, uml uur prlcej will
be fuuml as lou lis pussililc cuusistciil with liist cIuhs quality.
All orders entrusted lu us uill lm promptly ami carefully ul
Icuded to.
Fbous pi.
We are showing u vtty attractive line of Neglige
Shirts, Cottars detached, will) or without the French
double i ull. made in the mat style of course and besl
of all, they fit. Before restocking your shirt supply
see the range wc are offering al prices from $1.00 lo
110 Second St., East.
The North Vancouver home of "Campbell Clothing"
Painting and
,1 tHCKAPr
Ssa tba bargains wa ara offering In Souvsnlrs and Novelties.
Wa ban a choice selection at Oorsl, Amber and Jet
Choice lines ia Ladlsa' Oombs and Hair Ornaments have
]ust arrlvsd.
Wa ara closlug out a nice Una of Ash Receivers at Hv. and
tan cents escb.     '	
Our lines of Fancy Buaniol Plus will Interest you.
Wa ara introducing a naw and pretty lins of Bnaniel La
Wa can give tba purchaser an excellent choice In Inexpensive
Long Chains In Starling Silver, Quid Filled and Bead.
Should you want something fashionable in a Sterling
Silver Bracelet wa can submit a pratty selection to your choice.
Ouniuotal Mash Bags ara quite faablonable aud we are
■bowing a vary neat selection of tha leading styles.
Our Leather floods Department wu nover batter stocked
than it ia at tbs prsaent tims. Hsrs ara shown tha newest
fashions in Ladles' Handbags, Travelling Oases and Suit Cues.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
I tastings and Granville Streels   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
To Rent
We have soma modem haussa,   furnished  aud   unfurnished   at
moderate rents,
BxceUant four room suites, Frsssr Block, Third Btroet East.
None better.
ReuU 117.60 and $23.60.   BBE THEM
Pboa 24. P.O. Boi 1820
Photography for Amateurs
By Refle*
Job Printing at the "Express"
hi '
Instead nt tbe usual weekly article
qn inline method of printing qr other
subject akin tn it, suppose we take a
short survey of our work bo far Indicated and apply flarselves lo the understanding'at any mistakes we havo
Tbo   beginner  Is  surruumled   ou  all
|liands with difficulties ami mistakes are
-•iiiiiiiiiii to aH<   As the old saying bus
it, tbo man wbo never made mistakes
never made anything."
Tlie writer is coustautly meeting,
peuple who aru iu photographic dilli
uiin'.. ami ufteu a word or two will
put matters right, The must Important
Ihing Is tu umlersiunil the camera yuu
ure using. Many peuple wbu buy a
utiiora expuct to take perfect pictures
the first inu, tbey expose. They aim
ply press the button und leave every
lliiug else to cbaiico and llm man wlm
develops Ibe tilms.
It not ini i. i j ii .-ii 11 \ happens that lie
is I,liiinr,I fur tbe null-success, but iic
Liu.un wbere the niisluku is ami if lie
i.i a wise man will puiut il uul ami guide
the amateur right.
These articles are written fur the lie
ginncr, the umuteur wliu hus never
before used a cumcru uml dues mil know
llic first thing uliuul it.
A case iu puiut cuinc under ulntcrvu
lion a few days agu where llic ama
teur had been expusing roll after rull
of liliiu, ull v.iiiiniii results. Upun ex
:iininn11mi the camera was luun,I lu be
Used fur lime expusure. Of course it is
impussilde tu get snap shuts under sucli
conditional ami lbe movements uf lbe
camera were explaiuoi witb the result
that Ibe next roll uf liluis turned uut
Tbis unly goes tu show tbut time ami
trouble, us well as disappointment could
bave heeu avoided by a little advice
from jlm dealer whu suld Die cumcru,
uud also a little practice ami Iboiijihl
on llic purl uf llic pliutugruplicr.
Anotber very cummun error is in Ihe
use uf tbe slups. Sume tbere are wliu
never alter the size uf the slup fruni
wbal it was when the camera was
drsl purchased, The result is ufteu nn
der expusure ur out of fucus prints.
Stups are fur the regulatiuu uf light
ami by a judiciuua use are guu > things
but tbey waul understanding ami lbc
ligbt cuuditiuus must be studied as well
if successful results arc to be obtained
An.,n,i r linm uf mistake is tbut uf
North Vancouver City
PRICE $4750
The North  Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
North Vincouver Agenti (or
Phone Seymour 6286
using bromide paper for priiitiug iu
gaslight. This should never be attempted us it will only land tp failure apd,
disappointment, liromide paper la for
priutiug in tbe dark room only. It is
highly secretive and fogs very rapidly
outside tbo dark room.
Ou the othor band gaslight paper
cannot be used for enlarging, though
many huve attempted It under'the'mistaken idea that a lung oipusnrp is nil
that is iioedod. It cannot be done.
lu tuliitig phutugrapbs sCc that everything is in y.) iT'.'i urder before exposing. If Hi in:, are used be sure tbe
previous exposed lilm has beeu railed
up und so prevent thut very common
mistake uf twu expusures ou ouu lilm.
If plates are used see that the dark
slide is opened before making tbe exposure ami also that the shutter is pro-
par|y set. There is nothing more exasperating tbau lu Ilmi uu developing
lbe i'inlo nun une has failed tu upon
the slide, All these are very com
mun mistakes uml a lillle thought will
prevent any of them.
A word Io lbe holiday maker now.
When you have eujuyed a huliduy with
your camera uml have probably come
across many a pretty little tit bit,
iiimli' ull the more charming by Ihe Introduction of a suitable ligure, yuu
liave very likely promised tlie owner of
the ligure yuu wuuld send liim ur her
a copy uf the liiiishcd picture. You
huve luken duwu their name ami ad
dress, have develuped ami printed ami
■ I i;nghi um  i "i,mu i m  yuur piuiiunn
Vuu havu eujuyed a sailing tlip uud
have met a set of jolly guud felluws
who bave helped lu make yuur holiday
ull llic more enjoyable. You buve snap
lmii,,I tbem iu all kinds uf pusitiuus
ami have promised lo let tbem have
prints. Again yuu have failed lu keep
yuur prumise, uml we feel uf cuursc,
but yuu have failed.
We all du il, llie wriler Included.
Well, nuw let us mul,, up uur minds
uul tu do this uny more unless we in
tend tu keep uur wurd.
It is such a pleasure lo peuple who
musl like lu receive the phulograph we
buve taken thai it is a pity lo neglect
it. Tbey will lull, over the guod times
which Ihc photograph recalls and will
live Ihe huh,in; over agaiu, A little
lime ami truublo uu uur part is all lhat
is needed and the plcusurc given is out
uf ull pinp.,iin,n to the truublo taken.
Su fur the future we will make a suluuiu
vow nover, tu promise prints uuluss wc
inliil the promise,
This is a mini,lm;; kiml uf article
this week but su any ijuestiuus bavo
been ashed hcuring un it Ihul pussilily
the duinugc will lie appreciated.
Will those wbu have phulugrupuic
difficulties please write Ihem down uml
send tbcm in to the "Kxpress' OHicc instead uf personally asking the wrilerl
Not Ihul they know he is tbe writer
but he huppi im to know tbey need tbis
weekly article. It is written lo help
the novice and prints will be relumed
with |,Inn-urn Never mind how I,ml yuur
lirsl is scud it ulung. A wunl may pul
yuu un llie right truck.
Automobile Highway to
Deep Cove
Contract Awarded for Connection of
Two Sections of Keith Road
.     i,
The Canadian Bank
of Commerce
SIB   EDMUND   WALKER, O.V.O. LL.D. D.O.L. President
Ant. General Manager. pw. Oanaral Manager.
Capital $15,000,0(111   Best $12,500,000
Temporary quarters  of  lhe North Vancouver Branch,
Eiplanade Wed, near Lonidale Avenue.
A General Banking Business Transacted
lntereit paid on Savingi Bank Depoiiti of One Dollar and
upwards.   Withdrawal! may be made at any time.
J. A. FOB8TBB   Manager.
Representative of
British Capital
Wishes to get in touch with
anyone having undeveloped natural
resources to offer.
Coal, Copper, Asphalt or Gypsum propositions preferred.
Ground floor deals only. Real
Estate not wanted.
Mail full particulari to
P. 0. Drawer 2030, North Vaacouver
Duriug lunl night's session of llie
diatrict council loutrnctu were uwunlcd
fur work ujiuii Ino sections of tbe
Keith i>.ii-i caul, foriiiiug jmrt of llic
Murine Drive, which it waa tire fuml
hope   of   the   uid   council   to   inlinlrUiT
from Deep rove i■■ II■>■ - ■•.] Huy, The
wIhc policy waa adopted of "cuttiug
llielr cloth lo suit their puree," or, iu
oilier words, doing small pieces of tbe
work aa money wan available. About
u luilc wan accomplished uear Deep
(.'ova, tbcu approximately a mile from
tbe city boundary caul ward acroaa Lyuu
and Seymour creeks, and now tbe couu
cil have lei contractu for to connect
theae aeclioiil by in, aim of a good Iruuk
roud along tbe old Ityitb road location,
mukiug .leviuIioii.i where tbe old gradei
are prohibitive A steel bridge acroaa
Ihe McCartney creek is iu eontenipla
liun, so lhat wheu lbc wholo work ie
completed a very due automobile high
way will be available from tbe city,
ferry lauding to Deep Cove. The sue
cessful tenderer in each case ia Mr. J
0, Ilrown, of this rity, whose tender
approximated 119/199. Thc contract
time is limited, with a severe penalty
io the event of delay in tho completion
of this very important work.
We aro showing an excellent line of Sterling Silver aud Plated Ware,
nothing but tbe highest grado of Goods.
Our low expenses enable us to mark our prices much below thoso wbo
pay high rents.   A comparison will prove thin to you.   Soo our windows.
The Stoic of Quality
and Low Prices.
uliuul on Tuesday evening four leu
dors were opeued for Ibe provision of
lire escapes I'or the liousdale scjool.
The successful temler wua thul of the
Dominion Uluiiup uml I'uuatruiTion
Company, who proposed to supply two
escapes for 1616.
The chairuiau, Mr. M. 8, McDowell,
ami Mr. A ,Q. I'erry. were appointed lo
attend, aa the bourd'a delegates, Ihe
11. (I. Trustee's Association's conveii'
lion, which is to be held in Kurnloups
on .s-piniiilii'i 21th und :.T>ih
Auotber question taken up wua Ihul
of letting the conlract for Ihe erection]
of Hug polea ul the Bidgway and Lous
■ li.l,- achoula. JI was decided, however,
lo empower Mr. I'erry and the secretary,
Mr. Campbell, lo luke action iu this
lu I. lm mi. tu the provision of school '■
iug facilities for children residing iuj
D. L. m ibe secretary was instructed
by Iho board lo write lo Ibe district!
scbool board asking for Ibe arrangement
of a coufereuce bctweeu thc two boards
for thc purpose of a full diacosaion of
this   i|Ui nlmii
The trustees extended their cougralu
latious to Principal lleiinct and tu Prln
cipal Kcllar and staff ou the highly
gratifying results of the recent examinations.  The returua iu both mi	
lunl beeu exceptionally good and ro
iim ini the greatest possible credit on
ilie*-boiejKnii'i teachers alike.
Schooling Facilities for
Children of D.L. 553
At a mealing of tbe. I
school trustees held at
IM board of
tbt Ridgway
Theft of Electric Light
Al Woilncoluy ninriiiiij/'s session of
tbe local police court Magistrate Rug
gles had before him one Thomas Hen<
field of 10th street and St. Andrew's
avenuo, who on remand pleaded guilty
to a charge of having stolen electric
current from the U, ,(1, Klectric Railway
tipttpiat- TW(i MffMny wos repre
sented hy Mr. R. D, McMwricb, ol tho
lirm of Phillips ami vr I.. while Mr.
C. S.  Arnold waa  I for Ihe de
fiynluul, The proaeculiou pwluuittcd
Ihut licnfield hud couuoctcd under loops
wilh his own lamps uml fuses. Mr. Ar
nold, howocV pul in u strong plcu for
leniemy, lo which Mr, MeMurrich re
plied Ihul he «iini,,| it understood
tbut in the ei mil uf similar eases ails
ing in Ihc fulure lbc same leniency
need nol be expected The police ma
gislriile made this perfectly plain iu
giving his decision, calling attention
to lhe fact thul an offence such as
tbe one in question wus very heavily
punishable, lieiilleld wua liberated on
suspended sentence,
Scaled Tender; on Ihe prescribed
forms ami accompanied by certified
cheque or caah for .*i per cent, of Ihc
nniniinl of lender (which sum shall be
beid uutil thc satisfactory completion
of Ihe works oceorilrhg lo Iho plans aud
specifications) will bo received by Mr.
■lulni IV V i. Municipal Clerk, uniil
t [i.iii. ou Thursday, tlso 'liud August,
I. Clearing, grubbing aud gradiug
rimilii in D. L. 787, KM,, 786 aud Ml.
il.   Clearing, grubbing ami  grading
road* lo lot A, D. L. 2991.
■ .'!.   Clearing, grubbing and  grading
road lo lot ii, block 117, D. L. ttl, Ad
ilerley Street.
All in accordance wltb plans and spe
i ih, ni mm, to i.e hmi at this oflice afler
10 a.Bi. >n Friday,  llllh August, lil'l,
upon payment of IIM'eieb, which sum <
will bo i'Tniuul ii)i,iii receipt of I mn
Hill    In ni, |
The lowest or any lender not notes
sarily occupied,
Dlalrlct Kugraeer.
District Municipal Hail,
■ Cor. Lynn Valloy and Fromme Koad,
 ItaHl YffWWfc—   ....-J»L
^^^^^^^^^^^ THE EXMCT NQfcTH VANCOUVER, B. C, FRIDAY, AUGUST. 16,1912.
Published Tuesdays and -Fridays bl North Shore Press, Limited.
Bates ef Snbaoriptloni-O»e year, IIM.  Bl* months, Me.  Three mouths, Ue,
United States aad Foreign, (18.110 pa» year.
Advertising Bates WW V* *»t#4 an AftWltbm.
Tba Kipress ii devoted to tba iuterests af tha Nortk Hhore af Burrard lulet
duly,  Yi constitutes an advertising medium of exceptional value far
exclusively.   .
reaching in a thorough and effective manner tbe population at Nortb Vancouver
Olty and District. Every a«for| is made ta give ailvartiiara tie most •atlsfaotory
All changes in contract advertisements should ba in tba printers' bands aat
later tban Ida. n. Monday and li p. m. Wedneeday to ensure insertion in tba
following issue.
Nortb Vsncouver, I, 0	
.August 10, 1918.
North  Vaueouver haa been greatly
honored  ill  liuillg  accorded  a place ill
the itinerary of the Dubs aud the
Duchess of Cuntiaught upou the occa
sion of Iheir approachiug visit to this
province. This gracious act upou the
part of their Royal Highnesses will be
highly appreciated by all citiaeus of
'   the North Shore.
Tito visit wili constitute the must
notable event which has as yet trans
pired al North Vaueouver and it gues
wilbuut saying that uu effort will be
spured in mm,i,I a most cordial welcome
lo the royal visitors, ami tu characterise
ihe occasion liy the most enthusiastic
expressions of loyalty.
The imui committee appointed liy the
respective public bodies already lieye
,'iiimiu, in,mis well 11111101- way. Tbe pro
gramme will necessarily be short auil
will lie designed to maiie the very beat
use of every moment from the arrival
to the departure of the royal party.
The ' .uiiiiilii.',- will, without doubt, receive the must zealous co operation upon
the part of the citiaeus iu tbe matter
of deeoiaiioiis, and in every possible
I ..in, nlai iii order tu enhance to the ut
most the success of the occasion.
Although the conference committal of
the senate ami congress of the United
Stales have formulated a repurt which
modifies the bill passed by the seuate
menacing the equal rights of all nations
in using Panama caual, it ia at the aame
Iuue reported that the rejiurt will meet
wiih opposition ami it is, therefore, yet
doubtful whether eveu thc single amend
iiieul made in this particular will pic
There is probably no periodical published in the i nu,,i States whose im
llucuce is more potent with thut portion
ol Ihe public which wisheslo be fully
informed und whicii thinks closely upon
public questions than the Scieutilic
American, uud lhe opinion of Dial jour-
nul upon the situatiou will therefore
I.e reud with interest.
lu the issue of August lmii. a ml ei
the caption " A (Question of International (loud faith," the Scientific American
hus the following lo say editorially with
reference lo lbe action of lbc seuate
in passing u bill discriminating in favor
of I'nited States vessels in the matter
nl i anal lolls:
" ' Article ll. Tbe United States adopts
"us tlie basis uf tbe neutralization of
"sueh -hip . ii nul the following rules,
"substantially embodied iu the Con
"vetitiou of Constantinople, signed the
"Until of October, J888, for Ihe fm
"navigation of the Suez Caual, that ia
"I'o auy: I. The cunal shall be free
"uml open lo the vossels of commerce
"und of wur uf all uations observing
"Ihcae rules, on lerms of entire equal
"ity, so that Ihere shall be uo discrim
"inatiou against auy sueh nation, ui
"ils citizens or subjects, in respect of
"the conditions or charges of traffic or
"The abuve quotation is from a
"treaty concluded in Ilml between tbe
"United simes aud Great Britain,
"known as thu 'Hay Pauucefote
"Treaty,' iu which, in consideration of
"certain .on,-, ion- made by Ureal
"Britain ,Hie United Slates agreed
"among other tilings, to operate Ihe
"canal under similar conditions aa re-
"gai,in the ships of all uations making
"use of the canal,
"There ia uow before Congress a bill
"which proposes tu remit the tolls ou
"thijt Hying tbo dag of this couutry.
"A dues not take a legally lrain.nl
"mind to aee tbat such exemption
"would be a distinct breach of faith
"on the |>n11 of our government, The
"questiuu is one of simple, every day
"morality. Questions of moral right
"are universal iu their application, end
"the code at honor ii as strict in ita
"obligations on a powerful guvernment
"like our own ae it is upou the in
"dividual eitiien. Is it not indeed-in
"finitely mi* binding! A breach of
"faith on tbe part "' an individual
"concerns limsatf only, whereas a
"breath of faitlrou the part of the
"United States government renecls up
"on everyoue of tbe ninety live mil
"lions uf people who live beneath ils
"thl peril of the present invitation
"to a breach of goad faith Ilea ia tha
"faet that the issue is being clouded by
"sophistry. Specious catchwords and
"misleading phraseology may easily
"divert the minds of a busy people
"from the real points at issue in a can
"trpversy of thii kind."
Afler dealing specifically with some
of the specious argumeuts referred to,
tbe editorial concludes as fuilows:
"The coustructiou of tbe Panama
"Caual must rank as the greatest
"achievement of a physical character
"that has over been undertaken and
"successfully put through by the
"United States. We bave gained an
"enviable reputation thereby, ami iu
"this particular field our prestige as
"a great engineering .people has been
"immeasurably increased.   It would be
"a   la llielll aide   I'.llllllii iin-nl    uf   lhe
"operation of the canal if wo were tu
"cloud this greal project by following
"a course whiiTi would tiring down the
" eon,leninar nm   of  tile   v.lioln   . mli. ml
"world."     -
In these sauu counsels the great body
of interested oulookers outside the hor
ders of the United States will readily
believe that the Scieutific American haa
voiced ihe seuliments of the right-
thinking citizens of tbat uatiou and
they will entertain the hope that liiml
legislation will eryetalizo those seuti
merits iii a form such as will cuustitute
an honorable observance of the solemn
undertaking entered into by tbat na
tion with Ureal Hrllaiti in tbe Hay
Peuiicufoto treaty,
iW School, lilt. f. P. 8, 0. B., Tues-
.. Prayer Meeting, Wed
lesday, at I p. in. Choir Practice,
Friday, at I p. in. Rev. Huuuld Macloud,
MeSkMUst CkMrek-Cornsr of SUlh
and St. Qeorge. Sunday Servicea, 11:00
a. rn. end 7:811 p. i,t. Sunday Heliool anil
Bible, Class, 8:88 p.m. Senior Uague,
Mondiy, 8 p.in. Prayer and I'rnlso
Service, Wednesday, I p. in. Junior
League, I'huraday afternoon at 1:10
Paator, W. 0. Sohlltchtr.
Ante'   rkorck   curner   Twelfth
iTiiilleviird.      Bunday      Services:
in.l    Uutlilrl)
Prayer, 7i8t
Morning   Prayer,
Scbool lilt
UvenltiL .
omiiiiiiilnn, rlral und llilrd
monlli. 8 a. m,   ReV. Suinuol
ii in   Holy communion, I
Sundays In month, al ll a in
Sunday In "
Pea, M.A.
Siliellim   Aim, —Lonsdale
, 11:00 e.l
Why Not 7
Do It Now ♦
18.16     THE BANK OP
Sunday aervlcta, 11:00 am., 8 p. in and
m.   Tuesday, I p, in.; Thursday,
Children's Service, Wudnusduy
Ua.llsl    Ukurek   Twelfth    and    Bl
George.   Services al II a.m. aud 1:30
p. nr.   Bunday Bchool and Bible > Tusa
fill p. I
I P.m.
I p. ni.
1:80 |
Prayer and I'ralae Service
Wednesday at I p. in.   Patlur, Hev. A
3. I'rosser, Twelfth and St. George.
II. Joku ikt iTv.uartl.i, lilghlh and
Thirteenth    Huly Communion, "
Mm nlnu
8 n in
II     n  in       I'll emu i
nn tbe first Bunday
uf   the   Holy  Communion
Rectur, Hev. Hugh llouper
Prayer, 7:38 p. in
in tht month Ihere will be
at 11 u m.
at. Maenad's Cetkullc morel.
Mahon    Avenue.     Hiimlai
and Mahon Avenue Sunday—High
Uaae and Sermon, 10 am Bunday
School, 1:30 |i. in Kiisury uud Hene
diction, 7:30 p.m Friday Low Uaas,
I a. in Pastor, Hev I A lleilurd.
0. M I.
Ilium r.ikolte Ckurek ul II. Paul's.
Mass. 7:80 u.in., Bundaya. Pastor, Kev
ti. Paytavln. 0. II. I.
Ckrlallsa keltiee — "Khuborloy."
Chtalerlleld Avenue Ihelween Fuur-
Ittnth and Fifteenth etreols) Bunduy
Services at 11 ani. Testimony Meeting, Wednesday, 3:00 p. in
Mill III    l.llYMMl.t:
il. Tkowu—I a. in., ovcry Bundui
except first Bunday In monlli. 8:30
a in first Sunday In month 11 u.m.
Matins, l.iianj and Bermon. second ami
fourth Bunday. Holy Communion und
Sermon, Aral and third Sundays. Vlour,
Rev. T. it  Rowe.
Ckurek—Sundays,    II
Sunday Sen,,, I uu
In the Matter of The Leonard Sals
Compsny, Assigned
The creditors haviug given imperative
instructiuua to collect all outstanding
accounts, parties indebted to the above
"The Leonard-Sale Company," arc re
quested to call and settle thair indebtedness forthwith. This cau be doue by
either nailing al tbe sture, US Lonsdale
Avenue, North Vaueouver, to the mau
in charge, or at the office of Wilsou k
Perry, Assignees, 11,16 Hustings Street
West, Vancouver.
W. .1. WII.SON,
If. Assignee.
In the Matter of  the  Leonard Sale
The assignee has been instructed hy
Ihe inspectors of the estate to put ou an
Assignee's Sale at UU liousdale Avenue.
The store will be closed uutil Monday
morning, August 1:11b, al 111 o'clock
for. the purpose ot stocktaking and remarking goods which are to be sold re
gardless. Tbis will be a good oppor
tuuity for ladies and others tu bay
Xmas. presents, crockery, ehiuawua,
faney guods aud stationery. IM
a in and 7:80 p
Bible Class, 8:30 p in Teachers' Train
Ing Claw, Wedneeday, 7:30. Prayer
Meeting, Wednesday, 8 p in Buys'
Club, Thursday, 7:80 p.m. Choir Pruc
il.-.-. Friday, I p.m. II. Van Muusici.
M A., paalor.
1,1 NN   HI.I.l.I
I'mhilirlia ckarck—Worship. Bun
daya,  li   a.m.  uml   7   pm    Sunday
Heliool, 2:11, p. in Pastor, Itev A Hue-
days, Ham
School,    3:16
Ckurek—Worship     Bun-
, and 7:00 i  m     Suudui
p. in.     Puslur,   llev,   •'.
Come iu ami see us.   Wu will be uuly
IliO   pleased   III   allllW   >Oll   nur   alllllplen
W. H. Stoney & Co.
Ill Csplauade West. Phone 140
(next to Pattorson, (loldie A Clark)
10,000 corda of dry fir wood far quick
■ales Price par add cords, 11.76. Special quotation far larger quantities.
Out Wood, 16 inches, U.'ib. IS ladiea
♦3M' C. 0. D.
Office and Yard -I4lh and Lonidale
Phone 190.    P. 0. Box Z432.
78 Years In Builniai.  Capital and Bwryi Ovir 17,600.000.
Indnitry aluno will no| make you independent.  Tbe Industry that Saves Is
tbi Industry that wins,
Opanlng a Savings Account iu tho Bank of British North America ia often the
lirst stop towards siicifcss.
Two Offices in North Vancouver, Corner of Lomdale Ave
and Esplanade, Upper Lonidale Avenue, near Uth Street
ll. tltmtift, l.tua lellrj—Mullna
11 a in Sunday School 3 30 pm Evensong 7,00 ij tii Holy Communion second
Bunday In munth ai II 08 nm.   Normal
3.  Tlm nlianll   in   elnUl.■
Vancouver Business Directory
SPROTT-SHAW Buiineu College
3j6 Haitiugs St. W.
Cinada'a Greatest Weatern School
m   J. Sprott, H.A., - -Uanagar
Sealed Tenders, marked "Tender far
Concrete Curb and flutter" will ba received by tbe (Mty Clark of tbe City
of Norlb Vancouver up to t 0'clack
on Monday, llttb August, for construct-
Hit feet approximately of concrete
curb ami gutter on liousdale avenue
from First street to Eleventh street.
tit'l feet approximately of concrete
curb and gutter on First itreet tfem
Muhon aveuue to St. Andrew's avenue.
Forms of teller and' speclfcaticae
may be obtained al tbe City Engineers's ofdee. Marked cheque for t par
ceut. of amount of tender, made payable to the order of thi City Treasurer
must accompany each tender
Tbe lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
City Engineer.
Ladies' and Gent's Hati
Crinolines,   Heir   liraida,   Sirups,
Beavers aud Felts
Panamas Cleaned, Blocked ami Trim
incil eipiiil tu new.   Positively
no acids used
9tlt Laboi Temple, Vancouver, B. O.
YaHutirc Gametic k Scatritin
Corporation, United
440 Seymour Street
Kerr Houlgate — Manager
u in 11  mi-iii I:
I'or a  I lerll.r   III Takr all   I «■•   Waler
NOTICB' Is i.ui, 1.1 given lhat New
purt Hii. I. and Ti|e iHimualiy Limited,
vuncouver. will apply fur a llcensu 10
uke and uae 100 cubic fuel per aecond
of water oul of Shannon Creek, which
Itowa In a northwesterly direction
1 In01111I1 Lnl 801, (roup 1. New Weslnilnsler Dlslrlcl, and empties Inlo
Howe Bound neur Ihu head thereof.
The wuler will be diverted at the heud
of the falla and will be uaed for power
purposes un the land described as Lol
808, ilroup I, New Westminster District.
This Nutlce waa posted un thu
around on the !8!h day of July, 1818
The uppllcallon will be filed In the
ollice of Ihe Water Recorder al  New
V, , ..In,In:.I. 1    '
objections may be Died with the suid
Wuler llecordcr or wllh the Complrol
ler nf vv.it, i- Rlplils, I'urllamciil Build
hill.  Victoria.  11   C.
1 1 • 1111:1 ■
3  II. Devey. Agent
Weather is
Mighty Hot Work
"    • ■   ' ■        -   — —    ' '        —        -
But some Ranges radiate LESS heal than others.
The NEW CHANCELLOR, lilted with the
Guerney Economizer, insures a delightfully cool kitchen, a perfectly even healed oven,'and the smallest
possible fuel bill.
Call and lei us demonstrate ihis to you.
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
H III  II   Mill. I
For a llrc»«. lu Take and lie Water
NDTTrl, ts lierehy given lhal Newport Wuler Company Limited uf Van
will apply lor a liceuau lu lake
two hundred cubic feet per aee<
liml use   ..
ond of wuler uul uf Bluamus Creek.
uh!, li Hows lu a southwesterly dlrecllon ilu.mull Blaamua Valley, and em
liilea Intu Howe Bound near the hem
The waler will be diverted al lbe
1 ulni of Intersection wllh the noilhcil)
lumi of T. I. 388(1 uml will be ueed for
Municipal purpuses on the land ,1,., nl,
ed us l.ut 188, Uroup I. New Weslinln
sler Dlslrlcl
This nutlce wee posted on the ground
11 the 26th iluy of Julv. 1112
The upplleulloli will he tiled III the
oltlee uf the Wuter Recorder ul New
111,In, in,n.„ muy he llled wllh the said
Wuler   llecurder  or   wllh   Ihe   I'omp-
I, ullrl    nf   Walei    llliililH.    I'm limn,TH
IH II,lim      Vl, lnl In   B  C.
T. F   Uurrln, Ageiil
Palace Hotel
Second Slreet, North Vancouver, B. C.
RATES:—$2.00 per rfuji up.    Special
rales lo families and lo regular boarders.
Ali Norlir ftntotvK people eat at
Either Flank Blook or Hastings St.,
opposite tha saw post offioe. I -oonetd
sails bis Ue by tie pound.
It tin Mattar at tht Lsouard sals
Iluriug lbe Assignee's Bale of Ihc
Leonard Bale Company stock, tbe store
will be open each mating at lb o'clock
and close at t o'clock In order lo give
the tales people aa opportunity to get
tha staik ready for the following day.
All goods positively aald, no reserve,
u IT I II   MII II I .
i'..i a Meeaae lu Take end Use Wales
NOTICK ts hereby given lhal New
purl Wuler Co, Llnllcd uf Vaneouver.
will apply for a license lu take and
use 808 cubic feet per Second of wat
uul uf aleniiiuaur i'reek. which flows In
a southwesterly, direction through lbs
Hamquam Valley und empties Inlu east
branch Siiuumlth lliver nelr lluwe
Thu wuler will  bs diverted al   the
head of the flrst falls below Ifout I'reek
and will be used fur power purposes
the land descrlticd as Lot III
New Weslnilnsler District
fl. ftruup
on the land ilescrlteil as I
I. New Weslnilnsler Disl
This notice waa posted on HichiooiiiI
on Ihe ttlh day uf July, 111!
Tbe application will be lUcd In lln
,,111,. of tbo Waler Recorder al New
oLJeiTliiim muy be lliul with the nulil
Waler ftecunUr ur wllh the I'nmniiol
lei of Water ltlahts. r.nll.imi nl Build
Iiirs. Victoria. B C
J H. Devey, Agent.
The Commercial Union Assurance
Co., Ltd. 1ST       PAID $4,250,000
Quickly aud promptly ou account of the Ban Frmclaco earthi|uake and lire.
How many Companies could do this?
He assets amount to $116,000,000
A postal will bring our representative
Resident Agent,
18 Lonadala Avenue and Capilauo Oar Terminus
Phoues: Lonsdale 167.
Capiluno llil.
We solicit the Irade of all builders who appreciate
High Grade Goods at a moderate price, and the
prompt und careful filling of orden, which our large
slock and long experience in buiineu makes possible
Burrard Saih & Door Factory, Ltd.'
A Double Ender
50x 175 ft. on two graded roads, 17th St. and Yorkshire
Crescent, close to Fell Ave. carline, and all cleared and
nearly level.   A Snap at $2,000, One-third cath, b»l. 6 and 12 months
Office Pbone 173.
ResUeuco Pbone 3'Jii
V, O. Box 1831.
Vn Sivm Boom Bam an Bewnteintb Strut, mar Boulevard,
all inodiro conveniences, Lot BQxlfi7 feot, only 14,600, on iwy
. terms.
New flve-rooin Bungalows wltb largi basements on Wutern
Ayenue, lota 86x160 feet. Prlcu moderate and termi suy.
New live-room bungalow on Tempo Holghta wltb modern con-
vsnliucas. large lot, splendid location, price right; tlso
A number sf good houses of dlffireut sizes and iu dlllerent
pirti tt tha city and In Lynn Valley at moderate rents.
"m      <H PDsiu^stwiiswmisiwiiaiJiJinin'w—iij n    ■      m.i    . nn..    ■
Beal Batata Listings-Be rudy for tbi good Hum which
The Burrard Development Company Limited.
(Successors to Elder Murray Company Limited)
Brokers 17 Lonidale Phono 87
1   '     ■   »
Adjourned Meeting
Of Diitrict Council
Office Supplies
i ' 'i i        	
J. E. Scouten's Book Store
IN. 8. Book aud Stationery Company).
38 Lousdale Avsuue PHONB 181
Electric Iron
10 Days' Free Trial
Solves Uie Summer Ironing Problem
Fur llllli wo are offering a "Holpoiut" of the 81b site, suitable for
general household use, for IIM. This iron is similar lu all "iiolpoiole"
except lhat the upper surface is uupoiiibed.
180,000, FB0P08ED
tt    '
A Good
Band your friends who are interested
In tbe North Shore a copy of
"The Express"
It will keep them posted on all
Nortb Shore Newt aud will only cost
$1 per year
At tlte adjourned mooting of the
district council, Tuosduy ufturtioon, ton-
durs wero opened for tho construction
of the second soctiou of Marino Drive,
which includes the soctiou running
through llnlli Iniin Hix teudcra wore
submitted from tho following; llruco li
Ford, Iiimlborg * I.uml. North Vancouvor Coustructiou Company, A. IT. Ilea-
solloff, 1'ri-"■oil k Uuinan, and tl. ti.
Webster. The louden were referred
lo the, district engineer, lo tabulate and
tn report.
New Ferry By-Law
Councillor Merrick introduced a bylaw to authorize tho raising by loau
uf Iho sum of 1120,11110 for Ihe purpose
of purchasing additional shares iu the
West Vancouver Ferry Cunipuny, Limit
ed. The by law was read a first time.
Fire Anns By-Law
A by law to' regulate the liriug of
Iiniinii:, iii the ilislriet, aud kindred
matters was introduced aud reud u
Ilrd time, An extended discussion
arusc with respect to Ihe carelessness of
huntsmen during lhe hunting seasuu,
mure parliculaNA- with respect to the
uso uf "high power" rides. Councillor
Mat bets was strongly iu favor of pro
hibiliug Ihe liriug of any ride which
would carry mure than fiOO yards, a
sentiment which evidently mel wilh
the approval of Ihc entire couucil.
Proposed Oouvalescont Home
Uiss 1'earsou from Brooklyn, whu is
now conducting a similar Institution in
lhat city, interviewed the cooucil with
referenee to a roadway to give access
tu Dl, 1098, where it is her intention
to erect a home for couvalcsceuts. Miss
Pearson owns twenty acrea of laud iu
that location, Ave acres of which have
beeu cleared aud upou which consider
able money has beeu speot. It is her
lesirc lo erect a chalet to cost nut less
tban >"u.iiiiii. in wbicb lu establish a
convalescent home. She was desiroos
of having the iustilutiou ready to opeu,
uul later lhan Juue of neat year.
lleeve Nelsou atated that Iho engineer
had Ihc matter of a road lu-this site in
luiiul. Tbere was diOlcully in procuring
u route which would provide a feasible
grade, and us suou as such euuld be
tiiund. the couucil was inclined to
favorably cousider Ihc construction of
a road for the accommodation of a cou
sidcrable uumber uf owners whu were
•cekiug the same. Thc engineer would
be in position lo report al lbc nest
meeting of the couucil.
Corrcspoudeuie was read aud disposed
of as follows:
From Moon k Silvcrlou, applying fur
appointment aa consulting engineers
uu wharf and water wurks couslruclluu.
Ferry Company,
From T (I. Mu. Iiniuii,1 asking lhal
Mathers road be extended lu lul 7.
block 8, I). I.. IHtU.   Hoard of WorVs.
From   F.   W.  I'uulfcild  giving  data
with reference lo upper Cypress creek.
Water Commissioners.
From the-Trustee Company of Vancouver, applying tot ipipmee ou Municipal bill. Finance Committee.
From Mrs. H. Dixon re caretaker of
municipal hall.   Board of Works.
From 0. B. Arcbibnld asking when old
-Keith roud wil| be closed between kfarr
am| Pi(t roads,'as be wishes tp use the
property.  Board of Works.
Frnm N. Vu Horticultural Society
asking for donation to prize list. J»|ff.
unee Committee.
From the municipal engiueer recom-
mending that tho topographical maps
of tbe district  be  prepired  in  the
engineer';! ulliee.
From thp municipal engiueer recom
mending tbut IIU Inne:   be Opened Until
the demand bas been met to a greater
degree thut at present. Both recom
rin-iiiiiitiuu:! woro adoptod.
Councillor Mathers moved that all
work done on roads since the passing
of by law number four, be chargod to
the by-luw.   Carried.
On mut inn of Councillor Qintzburger,
thu liy luw tu regulate Wasting was
reud u third time aud referred to tbe
.■.oln nm., fur llnul amuudniont,
Tho reevo aud councillor Mathers
wore appointed mombora of tho joint
Norlh Shore Committee for arranging
the programme for tbe recoptroo of thc
Doko of I'onnaiiglil, ou bis approaching
Large Lake Located in
Weit Vancouver
Through Ibe courtesy of Mr. W. L.
Keene, of this city, wbo furnished thc
West Vancouver Uiuuiiipal engineering
department with data personally aecured by him, a large lake baa been
located neur the Bluck Mountain iu thc
municipality of West Vancouver. Tbe
I'ypress creek hud ils soorce ju this
lake, ami frout lbc creek a private
water supply bas beeu im lulled by Mr.
Emu i. W. i 'uiiliiel,!. for the service of
lhat select wateriug place kuown as
Caulilclds. There are trails leadiug
from the waterfront at Caulficlds up to
the Cypress canyon, so that a visit to
this picturesque vicinity is a very pleas
uut experience.
News Items
Among the recent uew arrivals are
Mr. H. V, Bell aud family of Vaueouver,
who took up lueir residence at Holly
burn this week
The new uiuuicipu! hall is uow practi
cully ready for occupatiou and Ihe
municipal headquarters will shortly be
e.iiouied iu Iheir attractive aud convenient borne.
The handsome uew residence now
being creeled for Mr. Salter, ou Keith
road, is uow Hearing completion. Mr,
Salter expects to lake up bis residence
iu Ihc boose witbiu a few days.
Mr. Arthur W. I.ear of llford, Essex,
Kuglund, who has recently arrived at
She euust, has taken tbe position of
bookkeeper wilh tbo Wesl Vancouver
Stores uml Trading Compauy, at Holly
. The school board has appointed Miss
Lillian L. Smith as teacher nf thp
Hollyburn school. Miss Smith is a
graduate of |be University of Hew
Brunswick and is sn experienced
teacher, having until m*ttil been engaged on the teaching stiff of the
Bilinuulun public schools.
Athletic Club Concert
and Dance
The illuchuu refreshment rooma, Duu
darave, were on Wednesday uight the
scene of a successful concert and dance
given under tbo auspices of the West
Vancouver Athletic Olub.
Mr. W. A. Davis was chairuiau and
opened tho eveuiug witb a brief but
interesting history of tbe Athletic
Club. He stated that tho membership
had grown from four or five wheu tbe
club waa first authorised two yean ago
to it. This, be thought, was a splendid
record in view of tbo fact tbat tbo district of West Vancouver bad only come
iuto prominence during this summer. He
invited any youug men prcseut to join
tbo physical training claasos which will
be carried ou during the winter mouths.
Tlte subsequent cutortainment'was a.
great success, over 100 persons being
present.' The various items of tbo musical program which followed, wore greeted with much applause uud tho dauciug
was entered iuto with a hearty spirit.
Tbe entertiiinnieni committee had arranged to servo refreshments out ou
tbe grounds, but owing to the rain they
had lo change their plans and serve
it within doors. The committee wish
to thauk all who were kind enough
either to contribute on the programme
or to provide some of Ihe refreshmcnls,
A ferry which derives its motive
power directly; from the slreuin in
which it operates is employed at Clarks
vllle, T'eiin, where tbe Cumberland
river llows north with a broad curve to
the west ami thus throws the main
current uear the cast bauk, uu which
thc city is situated. Thc ferry boat is
fastened by a wire cable 1,000 feet
long, to the west abutment of thc Louis
ville ami Nashville Railroad bridge,
which spaus tbe river above tho town.
Thc ferryboat is a liat bottomed barge
18 feet wide by Cl feet loug and will
carry five teams. Ou the upstream side
ii a movable vauc or Iceboard, aboul
.'I feel deep, which may be lowered so
as to give thc current a greater bear
iug against thc side of Iho boat The
vane is in nin die. I by one of a puir uf
bandwbeels. About the axle of Iho
other wheel four or five torus in the
middle of a I Mi inch rope are taken,
tbe ends beiug carried over sheaves
near the opposite ouds uf the boat to
connect with the steel cable at a point
30 feet or 40 feel upstream. By turn
ing oue of lbc wheels the ferryman
cau throw oue eud of the barge up
stream, causiug Ihc current tu strike
against the side of thc boat ami lu
propel il across thc stream iu the arc
of a circle iu which il ia held by  the
stool cube. The ferry |i OPUItlA »t #||
stages of the river up to lii feet. The
river is from 600 feot to 7(P foot wide,
according to tbe tide. Although the
cost of operation as a free ferry by
the county, including interest on the investment, salary of the ferryman, do
proclatiou and repairs on boats apd ap-
prouehes, is about 11,(00 g year, it is
much cheeper than a bridge, wbicb
wpuld coif at nut IWMO. Tho life
ef the beat is about six years.Ffom
"The Times'
New York's attitude towards Philadelphia is loss savage tban that of St,
Paul towards Minuoupolis, but scarcely
less ii nl. in.l in ita coi|te|npt,
lui en Brooklyn is hardly more do-
pied! by tbe Now Yorker than tho
(Junker City; and to the samo wit are
ascribed "In tho midst of life wo aro
iu Brooklyn" and "Mr. Hoaud-Bu "uu
throe daughters—two alive, aud ouo In
New York school boys speak of Philadelphia as "Iho place the chostuuts go
to wheu they die."
A New York anecdote tells how a
I'lnl:..|el|.In.ii. cuinpluined to Ilia doctor
uf iiisuniniu. The doctor prescribed,
und told the patient to see him agsiu
if he did uot get better nights. "You
mistake, doctor," said the sufferer; "I
sleep all right at night -it's iu the daytime I  can't sleep.
Icebergs arc said to occasionally last
for 200 years.
' >   Architect and Builder   ..
Craftsman Houses and Buugalows.
Homes of Individuality. 1 Fairfield
Buildiug, Vamuuvcr uud North Lons
dale P. 0. Soymour 8481.
Oysters, Olama and Shellfish ln Bsaaou
Ice Supplied at Bnortcst Notice ud
Bight Price
Prompt Doll ver Ice! 10:30 and 3:30
Telephone 370
200 Lonsdale Ave., North Vaneouvir
Lodge Weatern Boil, No. 880
Meetings of this lodge are held iu
tbe Knights of i'ythias Hall, comer of
iTies!.'iiiild avenue uud Fourth street,
ou the lirst and third Fridays iu each
munth, at 8 u'cluck p. in.
Communications ami applications for
membership lu be addressed to Harold
Lees, secretary, P. 0. box 8811. 167-13
The Scotch Tea Rooms
Business Gentlemen's Popular Lunch Placo.
Breakfast 8.00 to 10.00. Lunch 18.00 to 2.00
High Tea 0.00 Ull 7.30.   Afternoon Teas.
Short Orders' specially attended to.
BOOMS FOH   HKNT    Housekeeping
and single.   814 2nd street east.
FOH HKNT   4 roomed Cottage, Beul
tlii per inunlh, 112 I8lb slreet weet.
FOB  BKNT-Small  2 room cottage,
furnished or unfurnished   Apply  No,
.113, Hll. street eut of 81. Andrew's.
16 8
FOK RENT--Colonial Apartments, 4
roomed suite, unfurnished. Inquire Dler
sscu, 81b street and St. Andrew's. Phone
Kill. "
FOK SALE   Hens aud youug eirks j
Apply Bowler, -Tni and Cbonlorfleld.   j
|3 8i
KOH SALK   Tent door and "/alls, Vlx
Ux'l'/i  Apply Hox Aio, Express Office.
FOK MAI*: Youug ducks It for
market. Apply Mis. ('lark, iiul street
west uf 'i.ili'in 83 8
FOK BALE- A few choice White
Wyandotte Cockerels sl llm) ticb. Oth
street, Firat houae east. 80 8
~T0   LET-Tou   roomed   furnished     FOB HA LK- At a wtiiAet, furniture
, liouse ou Keith road, car line IUM I ol fl roomed modern bouse. 8. E. cor
month. Apply owner, English Kltabeu. ner 101b aud St. George. (House for
Phono 8)4. 888 j rent).      »•»
FOB SALK-English baby carriage,
♦8.00; small cook stove, nearly new,
IfM; stationary gasoline engine in good
order. Apply F. A. Maude, Doran Road)
Lynn Valley.
FOK BENT- Modern Iroomed liuu
galow, half block from Lousdale car.
ij'.'u per month; lease, Apply Box 1887,
North Vancouver. }*-*
FOH BENT-Urge roomy, well
lighted store wltb stable and (roomed
Itul over storo, corner Lynn Valloy aud
Centre Boads. Apply Merchants Trust
A Trading Co. Ltd., 84* Fender St. W.,
Vuncouvor, B. 0. !&•
FOK BENT-Furnlebed bungalow, 4
rooms, modern, 1 block from Iionsdjde
car lermious, fit monthly to cartful
tenant. Apply Box 1818, P. 0. Na/th
Vancouvar.     ■   ** *
FOK 8ALE~Lol ou itUtb sired- -
snap—two blocks from lonsdile. All
cleared, 3 roomed shack facing south,
sacrifice for I860 if sold immediately.
Apply P. 0. Box 1818, Nortb Vancou
Lot on Western avenue, afisl(4, let
IIM tub, or 1800 on terms. For particulars apply Box AIW Kipress Office
«fc»C '	
liOST Parcel of valuable linen
l.yuu Valley ou tjuccusbufy Koad. Ke
turu to II. 1'igut, cor. SI. Patrick's and
1st street. Reward. 10
liOST-Will the persou who picked
up Ibe bill fold roptuiniog I'lom aud
owner's name and addrca* in (he Bank
of Hamilton Saturday morning p'.eue
return same and receive reward.
WANTKD - Nice unfurnished 4
roomed cottage, ll'l lo 114. Express,
Box AIM. .   Il-I
WANTED--Listings from owners pf
property in I). L. til, West Vancouver.
Box 118, Express Oice.
WANTED A general servant. Ap
ply Mrs. A. K Evans, cor. 13th and
Stjeorge. .        1(8
WANTED Au experienced mater
nity .nurse, North Vancouver. Apply
Box A108, Express. 118
WANTED—Nett iroomed collage
Igarden allowance preferred) IA nr ft
rent.   Apply Box A10B, Kxpress Oflee.
WANTED-A boy aboot. 17 or 18,
used lo horses. Apply Acme Fish Mar
ket, 808 Luusdale Aveuue, North Vancouver.
WANTED-Udies  to call at  Hair
Dressing Parlors for au up to date hair
dressing,   shampooing,   massage   and
manicuring, Kcilb Block, department 7.
Young lady desires positioo Js office
help. Fair knowledge of stenography.
Phone IH. '  80 8
If you have any proporty to sell and
want quick results, list it with Short,
Robertson and Soymour. t.f.
When needing coal or boilding sup
plies, call up phouo 488, Nortb Shore
Coal k Supply.Co., Kickkama wharf
L. S. Ealon, manager. Note name and
plione uumber. t.f.
WANTKD Dressmaking and ladles'
tailoring, loug summer coats, etc. Oood
It and stylo guaranteed. Prices rea
suusble. Also ao apprentice (Oood
training giveu). Apply evening Sixth
street west, corner l/onadale.        18 8
Oood youug stock bull kept, corner
Kobinson and Capilauo Toads. W. H.
Wilkihs. 68
For Ine watch and jewelry work go
to Oeo, Bomorton, the new jewelry atore
oo 2ml itreet.
Ice, Ice Cream, Buttermilk,   Milk,
ream and Butter, Purity Creamery, 1(0
Second street weit.
ANTED A good English Woman,
twfc or three mornings a weak tor gener
a/ work. Write Un. ft. L. ICdwards,
ttreet. Ml
ll you have any property to sell and
want quick results, list it witb Short,
Robertson and Seymour. 1/
Short time loans on vacant or Improved property.  Star Lous Company,
919  **M*JUgfj   JmVryUT9f, ^ 14.
MONEY TO l/IAN Money loaned
on diamonds, jewelry, furs. ^Jar Loan
Co., 814 Hastings, Vanrouver. I.f.
Real Estate Brokers take notice that
lot 7, Block 81, D. L. (60 is off tbe
market. Mrs. Angus McLcau.        18 it
Simpson Bros-, building movers and
contractors,    Enquire Irst house east
of Lonsdale, inii street.   Phppe Lio;.
Young English girl wants dally po
siiion to take charge of one or two
cbilddcn. Some kindergarten trkiuing,
one year's experience, Holliday, 680
Keith road west.   ' 80 8
Threo furnished bedrooms with pri
vute sitting room, witb or without
board, suitable for tbree bachelors.
Also furnished housekeeping apartment.
Apply 1840 Chesterfield.
For cabinet making, carpentering,
picture framing, French polishing,
painting, glaxing, general jobbing work
and furniture repairs, see pr phone !■
Hayoee, 1231 Jionsdelo avenue, Nortli
Vmeouver. Persona) attaatlon. Phone
L147. tf.
Authorized agout for Singer Sewing Machine Company iu North Van
eoufcr. J. J. McA!ccco,'Dry Ooodsaud
Gents' Furnishings, curner First and
Lonsdalo Avenue. t.f.
B. '■'. Uvery and Board stables-
Light rigs and ladies' saddle horses
for hire. Stabling for horses. General delivery and heavy teaming. U.
Dumas, 4tb atreet west. Pbone 347 t.f.
Land Clearing ud Orading Lots,
Bete Andruss, Oeneral Contractor. Se
wer connections a specialty, basement
and other excavating work undertaken.
Estimates tm. til St. George's Ave.,
North Vamouver, poit ollice boa 8383,
Five acres and Irst class 7 room cottage, part cleared aod under cultivation
Maple Bldgc, best location anywhere
near Vancouver. Exchange houso snd
lot, North Vancouver. U. B., Box 37,
Hammond, B. 0 t.f.
Caable educated English woman de
sires work, somo hours daily. Oood
needle woman, make or mend children's
garments. Would piicnd mother witb
young infant or make herself useful in
sick room. Halliday, (20 Kellh Boad
West. 1      Ml
Jill. ■!'   .      I .**mmaai3mmmamm^Lil 11 , !■ I I1L..U. L—  -.'.-LUI „.L!BBB—
Rooming Houie or Offices
On tba Upper Floor of tba
KNIGHT BLOCK, E.pluudc Weit
Wido Entrance and wall lighted Hallway ,
For particulars apply to
London & Britiih North America Company, Limited
(Mahon, McFarland it Proctor, Ltd.)
.'■   fits Fender Strut Watt
(Phoue Soymour 6986, Bental Department)
We Are Selling Lots
in D.L-613, immediately norlh ol D.L 204, at pricei
(rom $650 to $775.    Terms one-sixth caih, balance
spread over two and a hall yean, with no interest.
'j Now is the time to buy, belore railway development.
Safety Deposit Boxes to Rent
ii n   ———li ———mmm———
North Shore Locators
Coal, Brick, Lime, Gravel, Sand, Plastif,
Cement, Lath, Sewer Pipes, and
General Builders' Supplies
Office; 56 Lomdale Avenue.   Phone 198
Wharf: Foot of St. Georges's Avenue.      Phone 178
We have some good, inside buys;
also good acreage listings Lynn
Valley Sub-division.
Q Lei us quote you rates on Fire, Life and Accident
McMillan & reid
IT    IT
Of lntereit To
Mr. aud Mr*. V. McArtbur entertain-
en in automobile party from Vancou
vor Qq Huiiilny laat.
Mm. li. fi. Thompson jh expecting
her sister Irom Spokane on Saturday
for an indefinite visit.
Tlio .li. mut ii.n i'ini|iiiiliiY for Lynn
Valloy ilay report good progress l"1'
the Utli of September, tltr Nelson
Mllliufni'turiuu Dotupifliy Iiiii mu nihil',I
tn loun Mil:, ami bunting fur the day.
The liiml roheuraal of Iho Lyuu Vul
Icy i'Iinini Society previous to tho com
petition on Wuilncmlay uott will bo
on Motnlay ovouiug at 6 o'clock iu the
Institute Hall, whon ali members nro
requested to bo preseu. o secure tlieir
places for Wednesday.
The members of tlm Lyuu Valley
llulepayera' Assueiatiun met iu the
ii, niui, Hall on Woiiucsiluy eveuiug.
Oiiiii;: to tbo iiln. of the secretary,
Ur. II P. I'unliu, thero was no cor
rott|ioui|euce brought forwar.l, im«
quonlly there wae no business truiiB-
adeil lieyouil tho discussing' of ■• lew
minor matters.
The ilelegutcs nomiiiBtcil to it ler
view Premier McHriile regarding llie
quarter aectiou government reversion ut
a public meeting iu the hiHtitutc Ilull
ou July "'.nli, will meet ou Tuesday
eveuiug next ut 8 o'ejoek iu thc office
of thc Publicity Oomtnissioner, Us
|,Iiiun.Ir west, tu .In.,u:,i, way* ami
means of u quick settieiueut with the
pm uuii't.i I'T I'lu leutulivi . of tlte N.
V. Iluiiiil of Trade, city uml ilistriet
cnuueils, ami ulher public bodies will
lie present.
Delay in Construction
of New Ferry
Borne  decisive  icmutkii  win  mailc
luring yesterday's sessiou uf thc ferry
Tm, iinni,  concerning tlie general fen
Tit,, i of the public of this city lo hub!
the ferry buunl responsible for the ile
lay iu forlhering the construction uf u
fourth boat,   it wus pretty well under
stood, the authorities imugined, that
i the  furtherance  of   this  project   now
'awaited  Ihe purchasing buck'uf city
I bonds.   The opiuion was expressed liy
j certain of the directors yesterday that
'the city council  might, if it  wished,
' make   pruvisional   arrangements   with
its bankers so that tlie construction of
the liual ■imi'l be proceeded with
accordance with the bylaw which was
passed sume considerable time ago, uu
til the necessary dealings relative to
I tbe civic bonds were consummated.
!    ■ "Tlie fact  of the matter is," ob
\served Mr. Boult, "it seems thnt the
city doesn't seem to care u lliiug " Mr.
iiuiiii pronounced himself siikeued to
■ i• ..it. wilb the delay, ami us near as
a minute put forwurd a ii'tulutiun ecu
suiiug  the council  for uputhy  in  the
mailer.   Attention wss generally railed
i" it, fad that the cuuucil hint appar
cully 'Imu' nothing reccutly in regard
lu Ihc question.    The I,nui,I, however,
exonerated the mayor from blame, tincu
he hud  pcrsunaily   been crussing uud
recrossing the iulcl ull ulong iu Ihis
connect inn.   Ilis wurship explained that
he could nut possibly umlctlakc lo carry
legal messages lo the board frum Tlie
cily solicitor, and suggested lhal since
tbore wore many legal poiuts to consider a coniffilttM might be appointed
to interview Mr. Beid and git a com
preheiisivo grasp of the technicalities
Hunk mmbet pt fhi bwd was, however, sn plainly Hgsr to personally further tho projeft that, despite a tear
on Oapt, Cates' part that the solicitor's
ulliee might tie overcrowded, the entire
directorate wus formed by the mayor
into a committee to ''oufcr with Mr.
Tbjl matter being disposed of, Mr. A.
il. Perry loomed before tbe meeting
as a delegato in connection witb tbe
pending royal visit.   Mr. Perry sum-
nin ri. ed tlie deliberations of tbe meeting of the previous nigbt in tbli con
ueciion, particularly with regard tq
tliu ducoratiotii,   Tbs ferry board was
asked to supply the Rags and bunting
fur an arch which tho decoration committee proposed to erect on the foiry
wharf.   Mr. Perry deplored tbe fact
that tlte board was uot- represented at
tho  previoos  evening's   mooting,   to
which Mr. Wright retorted tbat no in
ii 'ium bad beeu accorded tho directors,   lu reply to tbis Mt.-.Perry men-
oued  that  other  public  bodies  had
offered to co operate immediately without being formally invited.  "It's more
or less a case of 'Ooiuu iu; the water's
lovely,' " Mr. Perry added facetiously.
The question was deferred temporarily,
Mr. llludwin mentioning that tho boanl
might have to concentrate its attention
on thu decoration of the bout  which
wuubl have to carry thc royal party
across the inlet     The directors, however,  |,i,in.nm,v,I   themselves  aa  emphatically prepared to contribute their
utmost towards the decorative eud of
tho business, realising the supreme importance of the occasion from a civic
A three mouths' report sobmitted by
Mr. Liwb-r, the city's publicity commissioner lo the Joiut Oivlc Advertisiug
committee was read lo tbe directors.
The secretary was instructed to write
to ihe committee voiciug the board's
li ■■ iii.i:,, i  with curtain features of
the repurt, and intimatiug that the
direeturs would temporarily withhold
u further litiaiteial contribution.
O. M. SLOAN, Manager.
P. LABBON, Proprietor.
Unequalled Ruort for Holiday, long or short.
Family Roomi en suite with special ratet.
Modern appointments throughout, spacious groundi, high claw tervice at moderate rales.
E»y trail to top of Grouse Mountain, altitude 3,000 feet.
Orders—By Lieutenant 1. B. Ooegrovs,
Commanding, August Utn,
No. Ii'i.   Leave-
Extract frum District Order No. 133,
dated at  Victoria Wth July, IUD!, is
hereby promulgated:
Leave uf absence ia grauled tu Lieu
tenant   ti.   II.   Koberlsoii, Hixth   Field
Cuinpany, f. B,, frum the 16th lust, to
Beptember tud nest.
No. U. Unlisted
Thc following men, having been duly
attested,   are   hereby   taken   ou   the
slreuglh of tbu compauy:
NO,  78.     Clipper H. J.  Ke.il
No. 7g.   Sapper A. K. llraham.
No. U.   Duty
To be orderly sergeant for week end
iug tilth August, llllli:
No. i.  Bergeaul Henry Holland
Neat for Duty—
No. 1.  .vigeuiit W. J. Elder.
No. 'It,.   Parades
Tho compauy will parade at tbo drill
hall, North Vaucoover, ou every Tuee
.Iny and Friday evenings, at It o'clock,
until further ordered.
Ilress: Ilrill order, wilh rides and
Acliug Adjulaut.
of this permanent demonstration ol
power sends a thrill ot j»l<)» HW||b.
tbi be»rt of every patri«ti" Primp.
Plvidid by two Assures into three
sections-Wolfi Crag, Signal Hill,
Sugar lioaf Hill, the lofty ridge has
the appearance suggesting tlte austere
profile of a dead body, aud gives rise
to tbe Spanish title, Oorpo di Muerte,
and Darpp dl Muertu it is to those who
would try its slreuglh.
fba Oalleriee.
Several hundred feet abovo the lev
el of tbe sea, and extending for about
two and a half miles, aro those mys
terious labyrinths hewn out nf tbi
solid rock—"Ihe galleries." At intervals of about a doxen yurds is uu embrasure, behind whicii is mounted u
powerful gun. Tbo hurliour aud bay
below and tho Spanish mainland up
posito can bo swept at will liy Ihoso
without danger to tlte artillery ttieu of
the Bock.
At thc eud uf one of the galleries
is a chamber 511 foot by lit feet, also
hewn out of Ihe rock, ami known us
St.'Qeorge's Hall, and ull along the gal
lerios are stored immense quantities of
ammunitiou and water iu extensive
tanks. The extent of the famous gal
lories may lie estimated from tlie fact
that there arc over it) miles, uf tunnols
cut iu tbe solid rock of Gibraltar.
From thu opening ou the nurth face
uf the Hock a splendid viow   of  the
Spanish maiulaud is nl.tr -.1.   uml a
few years ago many uf llio guns were
romovod from Die gulleries and larger
ordinance postod uu the summit of the
ridge. Abuut hull' wuy up the ridge
is Ut. Michael's Cave, whicii bus only
been explored for half a mile further
exploration being impossible, for a
sheer drop of tint) feet Into the wuler
bars thu way. Erected uu the vury
highest point of llie rock arc two per
foctly equipped signal stations proudly
Hauntiug Britain'a Hag of ownership,
and which, by day und by uight, un
ceasiugly sweep the seas around to a
distance of 10 miles un a clear day, in
stautly reporting the coming uud going
of each vessel.
The regular moolhly meeting of SI.
Andrew's aud Caledoulau Soeiely was
held iu Ihe Horticultural Hall ou Wed
ncsday evening, T. Y. Tullis, vice-president, occupying tbe cbalr. It wu de
nd.',l to form a football club under
tbe auspices of the society, and alao
lo hold Ihe annual picnic at Hollyburn
uu labor Day for members aud friends
A strong committee wu appoiuted to
arrange aame. '
The Truth About Tke
Strength of the Rock
of Gibraltar
At a tic when Britain's command of
Ihe sea is being so' lerlously discuss
cd, the following article will prove of
mure than ususl inleretl to all Standard
"An enemy's fleet could be tent to
the bottom in ten minutes before get
ling witbiu ive miles of Gibraltar, nnt
even a torpedo boat could succeed iu
entering tbo bay unobserved on lbe
idu. kl  t  niglil."
One of the roost eminent naval ex-
peril of today hu thus expreued himself as to the impregnability of tbi
world's greatest fortress, the Bock uf
iTibrii'le'r. snya the Hain'lUsUl Tllllll.11 U|p yffTl
Towering to the ikies ud rielng
abruptly on the nortb, or Spanish side,
ti * height of I,i00 feet, the famous
stronghold is indeed i striking repre-
Mutative of Britain's might; in time
of peace a sleeping giant, Tbe majestic grey rock, scarred and loopavl-
ed, witb guns bursting to evety paint
ottbe coraplM, and the grand old Union
Jack waving proudly over all, Is i sight
never to be forgotten,  Tka grandeur
A Sleepless Sentinel
Thc guns lbat protect the Bock, huwever, arc uut all contained in Ihc gal
lories.     Modem "needle'' guns,   Ihe
nne t  iu Kurupc, arc- mounted in bal
leries that  hnve  been  conslruteed  in
places where one would never expect
tbem, Thoy are unreachable from tlie
su, even as  tbey  are' undisccruuble,
owing to the skill with whieh Ihey are
painted and draped lu match tho sur
rouudiug     vegetation,    whilst    huge
screens drop auluinulieully befure them
as each  shell  is Iired. They  have
range of lo miles, uml euuld drop shells
on Ccuta, in Africa opposite, quite com
forlalilel One gun weighs llll tuns, ttml
is capable of throwing ti shell weighing
three quarters of a Um. lu thut mar
nl   of  engineering  under, greut   dilll
cullies, the galleries, are concealed guns
for every day iu the eyar.
The linn;: is the most mathematical-
ly perfect imaginable. The surrounding
waters are mapped intu squares, upou
whieh certain guns are kept ready
limned During practice, targets arc
owed across Ihe liay, thc object beiug
o bii Ihe water a few yards in ad
vunce ot them
iiil.inliiii never sleeps.     It is ready
for  war  io  lime  of  peace.  The gar
rison is always un llic qui vivc, and in
a   surprisingly   shurt   time after   an
alarm is prepared tu meet the foe. The
troops tuke up tbe quarters detailed to
them   iu   time   uf wur,   the   town, is
cleared, thc gates of llic furlress lucked,
the  bastiuDs manhed, uud  the  boom*
protecting the harbor I brown out.
Famous Bicges
As overybudy is aware, Gibraltar has
been tbe scene of many a thrilling light.
It was taken fruni the Moors by tbe
Spaniards iu 1402, and from tho Span-
iards by Ihe British, uuiier Sir Ucorge
Booke, in 1701, after a aiege of ouly
three days, aud it was secured to liri
tain by tbo Treaty of Utrecht in 1713
Nunc lhat time it has remained con
tiuuously io possession of Britain.
Besieged ou iio less tbau fourteen
dlferent occasions, the most celebrated
was the greal siege in 1 iib ti, when the
combined forces of France and Spain
made a tremendous effort to recover
It; but It was maguilici'iilly defended
for uearly foor yeSrs liy General
Klliott. The floating batteries lhat
could, so tbe besiegers said, neither be
burnt, sunk, uor taken, wete all either
burnt, sunk or takon.
During tbe siege there were somo
wonderful escapes. A shell blew an
old woman out of a window, but sbe
un.hniiu.I no Inni i.e;.un.I a few bruises. Auotber shell, bursting, fractured a soldier's head, broke au arm iu
two places, one of his legs and a Auger; but he bad so good i constitution
tbat in eleven weeka he recovered,
Scurvy caused many more deaths
tban the enemy 'i Ore.     Fortunately
nor said "NoWi my friind, give ma your
muskot, and I will fpUovb ypu; go u\n]_
have ypur wounds dreamed."
Stories pf tin Blags
During the destruction of tbi Sp*. .
ish batteries the same genera' 'n.tnd a
captain of tljo Spanish artillery dreadfully wounded. He ordered liim to be
removed to a Place nf safety; but tb"
Spaniard exclaimed, "Nniir—nni l°avo
mo, and lut me perish umi.I the runis
of my post I" In a few minutes he
died. It was afterwards found that he
had commuiidoil tbe guard of uue of
the batteries, and. thit when his men
tied ho rushed forward intn tho attacking column, exclaiming "At least ope
Spaniard shall die honorably."
Many traditions and traces of tbis
lusl uud greatest singe rciuiin, Aftor
it was ended the Spanish cmitt'oiider-
in-chief visited the fortress and sniii
tu somo British artillery officers who
wero presented to llllll, "Gentlemen, I
would rather seo you boro us friends
thuu on your batteries as ebonies,
where you never spared mo."
Whdti he wus condueto.i through ouo
of tho gallorios, he exclaimed. "Their
works ure worthy of thu Romans."
One buttery so unuoyod thu Spanish
that they called it L'euga del Diabln,
and this name of Devil's Tougile is
still givon to a pluee nt the end of the
Old Molo, The guns un eveu tho
highest poiut of the Bock wuru frequently di: iuuu ut e.l by tho enemy's
lire during the siege.
In Spain King Charles asked every
morning, "Is it takeu!' and lo thu negative he uei er failed to reply, "It
will soou be ours." We ull kuow tho
legend of Iho Queen' of Spaiu guying
that she would uot leave thc muuu'tuiii
overlooking Uibrullar until the fortress
wus taken and of Ihe Governor allow
ing the (.punish Hag to be hoisted for
a few minutes su lhat she could leave
her uncomfortable watch-tower with
A Smuggler'! Paradise
lu time of peace Gibraltar is the
parudiae uf Ihc smuggler, fur uu tbe
uther side of Ihe neutral gruuud lies
the Spanish town of Liuea de la Concep
nmi, iu which dwell the bricklayers,
masons, navvies, laborers, aud even
the domestic servants employed on the
Rock. Thero is one roud ouly bul
ing frum Gibrullur tu Lineu, with
nun th ground ou either side. This
is the neutral territory. On the British iiues uro British soldiers occupy
ing sentry boxes every few Iiundred
yards. Spanish soldiers having corres
ponding sentry boxes ou tbu otber side
of the zone, which is about a mile iu
width. Across Ihis neutral ground the
Spunish smugglers ruu the gauntlet, uut
by themselves, but by means of trained
dugs, which curry prohibited guuds under u false euut of hair.
Every murniug at daybreak a few
iluu, and peuple—men, women und
children—travel uver this uarrow ruud
to cam their living on thc Bock, uml ,
be puid by the lirilisli guvernment.
Tbese ure uut allowed lo live iu the
town uf Gibrullur, for no alien is permit led, and, further, uo Increase uf
population is desired for sauitaiy rea
Locking tlie Gatea
iTiL.ij the favorite sight of Gibraltar is thc daily processiou at »un
dowu fur the luckiug of Ihe towu gules.
The keeper ol Ihc keys, looking very
like u prisoner despite bis uniform,
marches thruugh Iho towu in the centre of a military guard, proceeded by
u regimental bund, whieh |,luys Ihspir
iug uud familiar tunes. The keys, uf
enormous sile, ure borne uluft before
bim as un "iniiin,I and visible emblem
ol the vigilance treasure.
On arming ut the gates Ihe guard
salutes, Ihc murtial strains strike up
with a redoubled peau of triumph,
while thc great doors slowly swing tu,
and arc suletnuly lucked for thc night.
Theu right ubuut turn, aud Ibe pru
anion marches back to headquarters
lo deposit thc keys iu the Goveruor's
keeping, conveying by its passage uu
assurance to Ihe people aud garrison
Ibat they may rest iu peace.
Once thc gates arc abut, it were cas
ier fur a camel lo pass through the
eye of a needle tbau for auy uuaulhor
uei person lu go into Gibraltar. Kven
a Rclutcil ollicer relum from pig sticking bcyoud the liucs would beacon
fronted by su many formalities ami
tbe uecessily of iucouvenicucing su
many high personages that he woufll
probably prefer tu encounter thc discomforts of a Spanish iuu without.
Tbe civic popolatiou of Gibraltar at
tho lasl census was 110,366, aud the ac
luul strength of the troops at proscnl
ou the Rock is between six aud seveu
llmu inni   Tbe Governor of tbe Bock
oranges. These were given to the sick
and moat of tbem regained health
General Klliott, who was governor
of the Bock during the siege, when go
Ing around one day uid to a sentry:
"Do you know mc; aud if »o, wby.do
you not present arms!" "Because,"
wu tbe reply, "witbiu the lut few
* "
miuutes two of tbe Augers of my riglR
band nave been shot off, and I un uu
able to Md my musket," The govcr
exercises ali the functions both of gov-    (
eminent aud legislation, there being n»
executive or legislative council.
Gibraltar as a naval base and pos-
tion of great strategic importance has
irgfly iurinud in strength md	
stability. A deop harbour of 800 acres
has been formed. And for the new
dockyard somo 60 acres of foreshore .
havo beeo reclaimed. As reconstructed,
the harbour suffices for all the wants
of the Atlantic fleet, of wbicb it is tbo
principal base, adding immensely to
tin' ever increasing eqoi-puieul of Gib
raltar, and enhancing ita utility either
for war or for the piping timei of
peaee.-We Standard.      ___ m--mmm*wmmmmtmmm9mqmmmmmmmmmwmimmm.
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cprds
the mmm nqrth Vancouver
Insurance Ouarautoo Bonds
Auditor and Accutintniit
nil Lonadale Avenue. P. 0. Box 8307.
Nortb Vancouver. Phouo 437.
0. A. Oil.., B.O.S.A.
1786 Chesterfield Avenue,
North Vancouver
Phone B168
Bakers, Confectioners and
143 Lomdale Aveuue
Underwood's Barber Shop
Uuccossor to Wallace A Bcott, Third
street.   (Jotieral repair work.
A. Walla.i's services nave been re
Booksellers aud Stationers
Cor. Lonadale and 1st.        Phot* 143
Plans Executed    : :   Estimates Qiveu
Centre and MUI Boad
Lynn Valley, B, 0.
Plans und Estimates furnished free,
iiepairlug, remodeling, ets., promptly
attouded lo*
Lynn Valley, B. 0.
Allan liuud near Weslovcr. P. 0. Box
20, Lyon Creek, B. C.
"   W. NIELD
Cabinet Maker and Carpenter
Will undertake all kinds of wood work,
ropaira, etc.
Fourth Btreet aod Sutherland Avenue
P. 0. Box stooa
A.M.I.E. 81 B.
cmi bwwwit.
Irrigation, <?rn|nege, levels, plwf
and specifications. Septic tonka nnd
bouse drainago a specialty. P. Q.
Boa 1114, Uiiii itreet weet ol liowieko
Ain| general Commission Merchant, 13
Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver.
Phone 394
Wo arc specialists in these lines.
llilA Lonsdale Avenuo
riiiiTiu.il iriiiiu
Studio   over   Bank   B. N. k.
I.onsdale and Etlileaade
High Clasa Ladies' and Ueula' Tailoriug
Itepairiug   aud   Alteratiuus.   Cleaning
ami Dyeing iu ull ils brunches. All
Work guaranteod.
Ill First .sueei West. l'hono SOT
(.1. l-nux)
Ladles' aud Dents' Oleauiug,
Pressing aud Repairing
a Specialty
180 Second Streot Bast
N.V. Tinning k Sheet Metal Worki
First Street But of Lonadale
Lowest pn. ea uud host work guaran
teed on tiuuiug and sheet metal work.
All kinds of saws filed aud sul ou Ihc
shortest notice.  Lawn mowers, knives,
bodge shears and scissors sharpcticd. All
work guaranteed, moderate prices.
1234 Lonsdale Avenue Phone 8b
: Ou lhe ear line, iluurdiig, meals,
lioud accommodation for working men.
Contractors' men boarded, Ily, Lust
colt, Proprietor.
■    Is your Wnlch stopping or keep ig
I irregular timet   If sn, ue
'Pioneer Jeweller, liO Lonsdale Avenuo.
It will pay you to put a card in this column
Cates' Cup to b
Raced for
Local VspW piuh fivmt to Take Plate
op August tilth
It has been decided by the North
Vaueouver Yacht U|ub that the handsome cup, presented by ..L'upt.. Cates,
sliull be meed for ou August 241)1,
which has to I"' wou three times (uot
ne,-e. ;,ai ill    e. illl   llle Willie lllllll, Ulld   Ilul
uucessarily in succession) boforo becoming tbo ubsoluto property uf a member.
Capt. Pat1'11 ll:l' presented u fine Din
nacie aud Compass to go to the winner
uf this year's race.
Tho handicap will bo ou the actual
performance test, whieh has proved the
most popular form uf handicapping this
seusoh, uud should muke a lino race.
Tliu course is uuu that will mean u in
milu run tor thu bunts, which should
keep them on tbo go from 11.00 iu the
morning, wheu tho first boat will got
off, till li p.m., when the bouts sliuiilil
all bo in sight of the winning llug off
Ibe i'lub house. During the long run
the hunts will make np us fur us liuliuu
I; uii. j ■-■ ni iiiu,.- down Ihe Nurtli Arm
ua fur iih Ill.lu li Point, then up the Inlet
tu I'url Muody, returnjng struigltt duwu
lu the Club houso.   (_
It is u open question whu will win
this year's evelit. Lusl yeur Ilie lulel
Ijulm.'ii, when the pruperty uf Vice Com
nuniore, 11. C. V. Ilull, curried off Ine
. Auiung the entries aret
"llif" Cupt. Mn. K.-iiun-
"desu" Capt. Barclay
"Eleanor" csComuiodore .1. J. Woods
"Wiu.-lnw" Cupt Hurris
"Kim" Bear Commodore II. V. pyke
"Winuil'red" Commodore 1. it. I'uiuc
"Idler" Capl. II. V. Hughes
"Oladys" Capt. W. & Newcombe
"Maripusu" Capt .1. P. Crawford
B.C., FRIDAY, AUGUST 16,1912.
"Kitwiuiiiar"Capt. p. MacMHIaH
■ Cruisers frum the Hoyal VatytfUiVPF
Yacb;t Club will outer tor tWi r»,e,
among tile anticipated entries being
Ctiinniuiloro Kuox tyfalkem's "Pull
Moon," winner pt this year's p.I.P.
B.A. long distance race, C»pt. E. B.
Dean's "Ueyoy Jones," Capl. William-
ill's   '' Kuril
This will prove to be the keenest race,
of |ho aoasou, the result depending on
de one day's ruu, and a keenly contested finish is assured.   .
A popular preacher lolls a good story
of u young clergyman who launched
out on ;i sfrottg temperance surmou.
When he hud finished u deacon suid to
"I am ufruid you have made u u.m
luku. Mr. .limes, who pays the highest
pew-rent, whu pruclicully supports the
;.iiinlai schuul, uud whu is ever ready
wilh u cuntributiuii when usked, is a
distiller.   Ile is bound to be augry."
"I um sorry," suid tho tniuister. "I
will gu and explain it tu' Mr. Jonos
uml remove any unfavorablo impression, uud tell him I did nut mean him."
Accordingly he waited upon Mr.
Jones, whu, iu udditiun to the profession of distilling ulsu curried ou a
guud many uther branches uf trude,
uml indulged in u guud many amusements ul' curious kinds.
The pastor expressed Ilis deep regret
to Mr. Jones for anything he might
huve suid in thu sermon which could
hurt his feeliugs. He wus extremely
aorry indeed; ho did not mean any
thing by il, uud Imped Mr, Jones would
uut feel hurt,
lie was ium v, hm relieved when,
with a jovial air, the other suij|^—
"Oh, bless yuu, dou't mind that ut
all. It muat lie a mighty pour sermun
thut don't bit me somewhere.""—
Weekly Telegraph.
Daddy's Bedtime
A Small Girl it the
The Story of
Little Skipping
Rope Mary
think I will tell you a Utile story about
DADDT began wllh a sigh, one of those loud make believe sighs tbat
made Jack aod Evelyn sit up uud tuke notice.  A slgb like that meant
that daddy hud some sly hint for ono or Ibe otber of tbem In bis ttory.
"It h skipping ropo time now, Isn't It?" daddy began, wltb n glanco
at Bvclyu.
It surely wai skipping rope lime, aa tho soles of Evelyn's shoes ind ber
well worn rope would bave shown daddy.
"Very well," daddy went ou. "I think
Skipping Hope Mary.
"Mary could skip tbe rope forward nod backward, witb ber arms crossed or
beld lu many otber queer ways. Mury could skip ou one foot or on two feet,
eud tbo persons wbo watched her often wondered wby Mary needed auy feet
at ill, her toea were so seldom on lbe ground.
"Wben other Utile girls turned (be rope Mary wos almost always tbe skipper.  Tbe rule of lbc game Is. ns you know, Ibat one may skip until sbo misses.
"So Mory could seldom get two little girls willing to stand and turn Ibe
cuds of Ibe rope till sbe got tired. Mury noinellincs could get ono very smull
girl to tm ii au end of tbo rope, uud abe would tie tbo other to tbe fence.
"Mary's mother did not like ber little girl to skip tbe rope too much. Tba
doctor bad aald tbut too inttcb uf it was bad (pr tbo health Besides, Mary'a
shoes wore out to rupldly tbat sbe seldom bad a neat looking pair on ber feet.
"Bo one duy after talking It over wltb grandma Mary's mother aald:
"'Now, Mury, a new pair of shoes every week la too much to ask of me.
Vou must wear your shoes for a monlli nt least Not ofleoer tban that can
you have them If your shoes wear out before you must aland tbe consequences.'
"Countqueue** Is • big word, but Mary learned wbat It meant wben ln
about a week sbe bad skipped ihc soles loose end knocked tbe toes out of ber
nice new shoes .
"Motber simply wouldn't buy Mury uuotber pair till the montb was'up, uud
ihc Utile girl hud to go lo achool und cbureb witb ber toes out and ber soles
Hupping.   Mary didn't like Hint.
"Besides, you ran't Jump ao well with Hupping soles, and so Mary bad to
cut out some of ber nklpplug. When she did get the new shoes she look boiler
cure of tbem. and, while Mary uow Isu't known among tbo littlo girla of tier
in i|iiiiliiiam e ns the besl rope skipper In the block, Ihey know ber feet are
unit neatly shod uud older folks do uot sny. 'Whut nbabby shoes Ibat little girl
luslaulaucous phutugrapby bas prov
cd that a hurse at full trot has ils four
feet off Ihc ground at once at oue sec
lion of its stride.
Are the right kind of thinga whan they sail ths gooda. It Is the ficta shout
the quality of our gooda la tha way of FUBNHTUBS, CAEPETS aud
OEOOKEEV, and the facts about Ue low prices and the ipeclal prices on
these goods that wis favor among our customers.
Hen ara some facta for you to profit by:
CHILDREN'S POSH OABTS, special prlca r. 13.00
A large shipment Juat received.  AU the rage
MEAT SAFBS, large sue:.   UM
BOYAL OAK DBESSBM, with beveUed plate mirror UM
Complete for |7M
MATTINO MATS, 2i6.. ,25c
MATTINO MATS, 3x8..,40c
a limited nuabor only, UM
our Crockery Department
BLBKS, per doi 60c
OUP8 and 8AUOBM per
Ini    Mc
128 Lomdale Ave. "■«•>» Nortb Vancouver
in i.i illness
llnul uiininu i In Iiis of lhe Dominion
In Manitoba, Haifa
. the Yukon Territory, Ihe North-west
ui. Iii wiin and All,, i
i, i i|i.,i 1.1 and In a portion or lhe pro*
vlncc of Brltlah Columbia, may be leased for a term uf twenty-one rears al
nn annual rental of (t an acre. Not
mure than 1,688 acres will be leased 10
one applicant
Application fur a lease mual be made
Uj llle applicant In person to tbe Agent
ur Hub-Agent of the dlslrlcl In whlcb
the rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
lie described by sections, or legal subdivisions uf auctions, and In unaurvey-
i-il territory tbe trod applied for shall
li, slaked oul by Ihe applicant himself.
Bach application must be accouipan-
led by a fee of |l which will be refunded If Ibe rlgbta applied for are not
available, but not otherwise. A royally shall be paid on ihe merchantable
output of ihe mine at the rale of Ive
cents per ton.
Thc person operating lbe mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn return!
accounting for Ihe full quantity of
men turntable coal mined and pay the
royalty Ihereon If ihe coal mining
rights are not being operated, such returns should be famished at least once
a year.
The loise will Include Ibe coal mining
' inly, hut the lessee may be permitted i-i purchase whatever available
rights may be considered necessary for lhe working of the mine at
rights on
i lights may he considered
for the working of the ml
te if 111 an acre.
full    information    anpllc
be made lo the secretary e
._ jBsrlt or lbe interior. Ot/awa. ._
to any agent Or Sob-Agent of Dominion
W, W. CpHT,
Deputy Minister ef the Interior.
N.  » -flneotborlud  puNlcAtlOn  of
£» advertisement win not he jjJj
Sash   and   Bow   Effects Are the Thing.
At Moairrnio union Iill.
One ot the quaintest effects of summer fashion Is tho revival of tho fa.
miliar bow atld iim.li Idea, a mode lbat
has como Into being at tbe some time
ue the iiuniiicr. As u matter of fuct,
not always one susb bow, but two are
to bo Been In souie ot tbe besl sush
A curious modlOcatton of the sash Is
tba "ladder" treatment, which Is particularly modish Just now and corre-
epondlngly hard to make.
Bucli a sasb Is seen In tbo cub It Is
fasbloued from very broad, soft, sntlu
ribbon run wilb little pin tucks Its
entire length and edged wltb a quilling
Ot clllll'ull.
Tbo new pannier sasb boohs snugly
around tbe waist, tbree pink roses
concealing Ibo fastening. Tbe sash
ends are nltacbed to eicb ilde of tbe
belt it tbe back In almost tbe full
width ot tbe ribbon, but at tbe knee
those wide ends uro caught together
with a stiff little rosette ot pink rosea
Something Which Counts For a Good
Dsal In Europe In a Social Way.
Yea, the American woman bas
"bloom," which means lhe bat charm
tnd something besldes-tbo talon* for
being Interesting, the gift of being
companionable, not or.ly wltb otber
women, but with mon. This Is the
more remarkable because tbe companionship between women and men in
America la not nearly so constant and
consistent as It should bo. An American man bustles away to bis ollice at 8
o'clock Id tbe morning and only comes
bick at 8 o'clock In tbe evening or later. During all tbosa boun bis wife
bas to occupy borself as best sbo cdn,
snd often sbo bas not even tbe household duties wbicb give an Englishwoman somelhlng lo do, because sho lives
In an apartment bouse or in a hotel
wbere every domestic service bj run
dcred to ber as part of the machine,
says Ihe London Graphic.
Wben he does come borne (he American husband Is probably dead tired
snd only able to go to bed. oud, therefore, os nice American women often
say wben tbey visit bere, It Is i do
ligbt to meet leisurely men sneb as
they meet in blnglaud and lo lalk over,
tn n leisurely way, tbo things which
Intercut both mon nnd women Afler
sll. Providence so ordained things lbat
men and women aro Deeded to make
up a complete world, and It Is pretty
obvious that tho tort of segregation
lietween tbem domestically which ci
Isle la America u not a good thing
The tired husband, tbe uutircupled
wire—tt Ib not. surely, tbe best sort of
nrrniigcineul. Less labor, less wealth
snd more companionship aro belter.
The Wldsnlng Skirt.
One ot tbe ugliest ideas over exploited la certainly Ibst of a skirt considerably shorter st tbe front than at Ibe
bock, a reversing of lbe true order tbat
makes tbe ligure absolutely grotesque
lu apiiearauce.
Keen the scarfs tbat are now draped
round iris ligure do not Impede tbe
uioHnu in any way. Vor tbe preaenl Ibeao ure quite meaningless end to
be nvolded, though in eicepllon migbt
possibly lie made In favor of one of tba
new draperies, tbe luck up or ilsinvlfo
folds, which era not altogether unattractive. Tbese art accompanied usually by a plaited underskirt, but plaits
sre not yet showing lo I'uris. though
Amdrlcan dressmakers seemingly bav*
determined that plolta will be a featur*
of spring novelty costumes.
A Useful Furniture Hint
Thll la an excellent and Inexpensive
remedy (or removing white marks
ceased by standing anything hot or
wet opon polished furniture. Wish th*
marks wltb soap end water, then apply emery powder and rub well In
wltb a piece of wet tlsanel and tear*
It to dry. Nut wash off tin powder
wltb sosp and water, dry thoroughly
ind polish with a good furnll ure polish.
Tlie Fashionable Color.
8b*-Tb» fashionable color tat Ibt
summer wBI b* called meawDger boy
He-Wby tbit nam*?
Bh*-B*caoM It'a guaranteod aot to
Humor and
TTFON a desert Island east,
kl Without a friendly ship In sight,
Without a boat, without * coat,
Without a pad on wbleh lo writ*,
Without a stick ot lire wood,
Wltboul a slsler, child or wit*
To III up space about tbo place-
Ob. that would be th* simple Ubl
When I arose at early morn
Dr later If my whim II eerved
There wouldn't be on land or sea
A single form to be observed.
No pall ot eshes lo remove,
No errand list to cbarg* my mind
And not a care from anywhere
Or a suggestion of tb* kind.
I wouldn't bave lo make a fuss
Because I found my breakfast lat*
Or kick because of minor laws
In what was loaded ou my plat*
No, 1 would simply grab a root
And chaw on that wltb all my might.
Nor would a bill be ssnt to kill
Uy simple animal delight.
No politicians and no pulls,
No chance lo earn or pay a grudge.
No cullers who were overdue
To go and wouldn't even budge,
No pay day tlther-Wnk of thall
Seo how It almplltles the case.
No nionny In, no money out
1 wonder Is there such t place
A Woman's Reason.
"Un. Brown is going to get a di
"kin. Brownl Mercy mol What
reason has sbe to be disssOsOedJ"
"Nod* at all."
"T'hcn Why It ebe going to apply for
a divorcer
"Well, ibe tayi ibe knows ibe will
bo entirely dlssatlsOed by tbo time sue
geti one, so sbe might as well begin
tight away."
Nothing to Grab.
"You don't seem to get along ss you
"I meet eo many obstacles lo tin
"Wben you Ood a trying situation
you should grub thc bull by tbo horns '
"It would be Just my luck lo Ood lite
bull bad been dehorned.'1
Less Work.
"Yes, deir."
"I'll bet pa can get ready for break
imii i|uiei;ri'n node Pete can"
"Think ao, dcnrl   Why'/"
"'t'liuso pa ulu't got no hair to
bruBb." i
His On* Fault
"There Is nulliing lbe mailer with
that mulo you wont to sell mel"
"Yen aad do. Uo has ono fault tbst
I wouldn't conceal from you."
"Whut Is tbut!"
"lie Is u mule."
Able Asslstsnoe.
"I try lo live witbiu my means"
"l)o you succeed!"
"tea, In a way. Tb* hard beartod
grocer on tbe corner encourage* ui* in
It all bo can."
All On* Thing.
Ill married hei for w*a! or wo*,
Uut when Ibe weal was coming slow
And there WSs Woe oo every side
Us lumped lhe Job and let bar alld*
Some people act ss IT tbey feared It
Ibey wer* puilt* twice a day thay
might be accused of overdoing courtesy.
Many a rich msn seem* to think thai
about Ove of th* Ms beat sellers an
bis win* cellar.
Bveu i *elf mtlt nan la better than
no man at alh
Misfortune ss a general thing cant
make too much headway anieu yoo
help btr ont a bll yourself.
Moat of oi don't Ilk* to be fooled un
leaa w« do it oumlfm
It li Mid tbst Ut* la blind, to we
an curious to know wby h* and th*
roi* colored glssiea
Thl onl thing thit tb* nun wbo
knows It ill doesn't know li thit bt ll
a nuisance.
Apparently th* more physical eufer-
tog t gnat moral Immd entail* th*
more tffectlT* it I*. *
■opt DttHir* great sololit*. always
Mngkg ot thtir own gnat irbltva
No Danger.
"Yes, ma."
"1 don't want you playing wltb the
kids In the back alley."
"Why not?"
"Tbey are rude children."
"1 am afraid they might get to fight
"DoD't worry.   I've licked every one
of them, so there won't be any rough-
bouse wheu 1 am uruuud." THE EXPRESS NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C„ FRIDAY, AUGUST 16,1918,
i i •
That np feasible effort will be spired
to render the «0th ot September a day
ot days in the annals of tbis city was
made unmistakably manifest at a meeting in the eity bill on Wednesday evening, When preliminaries were discussed
in cuiineclinn witli the forthcoming
royal visit and committees appointed
to superintend the sundry arrangements
liecoBsary to t|io complete success of
tht occasion.
Tho meeting was presided oyer liy
Mayor McNeish ami wus attended by
representatives from tho city and dislriot councils, schuul board, board of
Irudo aud other gentlemen, including
ul leeve ilyme, representing tho Indiutt
chiefs of tho proviu'ce.
After considerable diseussiutt, it was
decided that Vicloriu park shuuld bu the
scene of tho royal reception Tlio mi
,lic.u,rn of welcome will be presented
iu Iho liutiilstatul, und every ouo wili,
us fur us humanly possible, bo afforded
u good viow uf thus* interesting proceedings.
Mr. Byrne stated that about IUUU In
iliuus frum all ovor British Columbia
were wishful lo take part and present
nu illuminated address of thoir owu.
Tho ti,-. IhTi band, he slated, had lately
will escort the procession  up to tbt
Under the anperintoinleuoe of Mr, J.
ii. uuiiili, elaborate decorations will be
placed all along the route, and included
iu   thii   Will   bl  two  Ant   evergreen
arches, one at tbe wharf and tbt utbur
at the entrance to tbt pirk.
Tbe compiling of the address was
left In the bands of tbe reception emu
iiiiiiiu!, un.l will be in the form nf an
album, With the address dime in Ilium
iuuteil lettering pud several landscape
views of Norlli Vancouver's beauty
A suggestion wan put ' irward iu tbe
furm of an offer fr'Te ' ue school board,
represented by Mr. A. 0. Perry, tbat
tho reception be held at tbe Bidgway
SOhOPl. lie thought that tbe children
might bo eruwded out from seelug Tboir
llightiossos in tbe band stand in Vic
torll park, but to insure tbt children
having u fair show a square iu front
of tlte stand will bu reserved and eu
elused liy a guard of soldiers.
Mr, Perry said tbat thero would bo
between OUU and 700 childreu preseut.
The programme for tbo children in the
reception proceedings has been referred
to tlie school boards of tbe city and
districts of North and West Vancouver
jointly. The music was uot decided
upon, but in auy case the Nortb Van-
The ueat meeting of the general «o.v
inittee |t dated for the eveulug of 1'ri
day, August 23rd.
The finance committee of tbe city
council last evening voted linii towards
the imlertiiiiiinenl of their Hoyul Highnesses tho Duke and Pueltess of (lap
naught UU Hopl. 20th. Por the same
purpose the district council •."led tbu
sum of 115(1.
provided themselves with a now sot of couver city baud and tbo Sechelt In
indiuio, oi . for  the occasion,  costing
A reception committee, comprising
lhe tnuyor of tliu city, lleeve May,
lleeve Nelson, President A. Hinilh of
lhe bourd ul' trade, chairman ut' llie
bourd uf schuul trustees Mclluwell und
Mr. Ilyme, were appoiuted, whose duty
it will lie lu attend tu uil matters per
tuining tu the reeeptiou of the distinguished guests. The Duke and
Duchess uud their following will probably travel in their own autos, but ihe
committee will arrange fur the No. 8
ferry to curry the purty across, and on
Ihis side a guard uf huiior of tiie Ulli
Ifeglmout, Canadian  Field  Engineers,
liun bund will play a pruminunt part.
Ileproseuttug the Hechelt Indiuns at
lhe meeting lusl evening was Chief
Jiiliuu, lhe ■ ■|.u,iiii i. tribe, chief Harry
uml Capilano Chief Malhias.
A purliculur request which the Duko
ul' Coiiuaugbl reception rommitteo made
lust eveuljpg was that thu merchants
and residents on Lonsdalo avenue, between Iho wharf uud Victoria pail.,
decorate their premises as lavlably as
possible on September 20. The city
wil| do its share iu the best way pos-
nihil, ami with the buildings eu ruute
Iruped uul iu Hags ami buuting alsu,
ihe effect will be most chaimiug and
will rise very shortly ln D. L. 305, and NOW is thi time to buy to
advantage. Wt have the following for (ale, whlcb are much below
present value:
One lot Ui Block 6, facing aouth, $2,350 on easy terma.
One lot lu Block 12, facing aouth, 13,150, on easy tonus.
EBPLANADB—One  Lot Ui  the  secoud  block  ssst  for
18,600.00 on very easy terms.
The Not tit Vancouver Olllue of "Tlie Btreet Oar Indicator Company
J.iiiiiiiid."  Oet lu ou this while dollar shares ars selling
for iin cents.   Call and get prospectus.
Phone 152
V. 0. Box 2397
Very rapid progress is being mude
upon thu improvements lo tbo Million
Park nu iciniiiii gruumls. These grounds
which comprise a lilllu morn titan
Ihroo acres, havu already been cleared
and guided and ehpuhl bo iu capital
ondition by post year, wliert thoy will
undoubtedly lie a popular spurts run
deavous. Tho maiu trail through the
park from Dtlbrouk uvenue along the
sidu of Iho ravine has been completed
to tho miii u,ti,,u of 15th streel,uud
from that point a trail will follow up
each uf tho raviuos, uno nn thu west
side uf tbo park uud tho other Ihrnugh
the centre, while iitiulhor trail will ex
tend lo the uuin i of Forbes avenue
and luih street ul which polnl Ihe main
i ntii'i .,■ lu lhe purk is siluatud. Ilpim
tho completion uf these trails uud u
lavish distribution of rustic chairs,
tables ami uther appropriate convene
dices this eity will have to its credit
a really lirsl class recreation park,
Nm Itemi
Mr. Wm, }, franco uf Vancouver is
moving Into bis-now house uu Windsor
Boad Cast.   ,
Kindly twenty years ago the road
to Lynn Oreek waa blocked np fnr
tome time on uecuuut of smallpox in
that locality. An announcement up
puarud iu the Vancouver Daily Adver-
liser of Aug Uth,  18112 |o the effect
that the "road" or rather "trail" for
it does uot deserve any 'other appellation, was opeit again, so thst pie-
nicker., can go to that favorite spql."
' '
Thu V. P. ti. C. V,. at Ul. Andrew's
it, In ii iii.ii i lunch nie^ oii Tuesday
evening laat at tho residence of Dr.
Howell, North Vancouver. The topic
"dud's Beautiful Outdoor:,, What It
Teaches Mo," waa considered in a must
mien ■.img and appropriate manner,
The society desires lo tImui. Dr. and
Mrs. Iluwell fur Iheir courtesy in thus
opening  their home to tholll..
Tlm little 18 mouths old daughter uf
Mr. ami Mrs. Porgusuti of Bewicke
uvenue is huliovod to hold the resord
litis .-■canon us the youngest mountain
nor to reach tho summit of tlrousu
Mountain. The climb was mado by
Mr. I'eiguniin, llaby Pergusuu and un
8 year ubl son, tho yiiungest member nf
the purly boing the object of much
hern wurship uu Ihu moi|utaiu tup where
u crowd of muuiiluineers had mustered.
A mi,uuin Ii.n:... was captured nn
Ihu Vuneuuver waterworks wharf at
the pjouth uf thu Heymour river ou
Wednesday eveuiug, just al the brink
of Ihe Inlet. The hurse would seem lo
havo left the rig behind him ao-iii-whcre
lietween Nortb Vancouver and lhe tiey
tiiotir Valley as he only liml his Imiiett
with a shaft attached. Mr. II. A. Ilel
mure captured Ihe annual, which is a
t over
I tu the Hotel Seymour,     The hurse hus
The Sunday uiurniiig service will bo
held al the usual hour, II u'cluck. The
pastor, llev. A. .1. i'russer, will preach,
the''.subject   being   The second " He
ware" of Christ.      At   Ihe eveuiug
sorvico al 7.30 o'clock, 'lhe   speaker
will be Mrs. West, lute uf South Africa,, „
, ,,„,.      .    ,'i Ihuruughlircd bay uud tunic
her   uddress   being   un   "Ihc   Lusl1
,, ,       ,, i I,cn luken lo lhe pound tins iiiuruiug
II be held
No Iron Can Do Your
Ironing Quite so Well as
Lit us show you why
The II. Y. I'. I', meeling will
as usuul un Muiuiay evening, Aug. llllh,1
at 8 u'cluck.   Thc speaker wili lie the
llev. Mr.  I -tai,inni., wlm will give u'
lull, on Home Mission Work in II. ('.
Everybody welcome.
where it will remain until his owner is
Mr. Thus. ll. .no reported lu the ferry
directorate yestenluy that the work uf
creeling the new buiier iu Kerry Num
her Twu was pnClediug apace uud lliul
meanwhile tne vessels were keeping
Up a fairly guud schedule, lu uuswer
tu u ipleetlou, ue stilted Ihul the fact
tbat according lo Ihe buurd's contract
she cnuld unly oil up nl ulmul une
u'clock wus a reason fur her fulling
behind her time during the afternoons,
He was authorised tu arrange with lue
Imperial Oil Company fur the reception
ul fuel ul eight u'cluck iu the eveuiug
iiiTc.iT uf at noon
' J
Two styles, $4.50 and $4.75
Economical and hai the manufacturer!' five year guarantee.
Patterson & Goldie
Phone 66
105-7 Esplanade Weit
Iu conjunction with the macadainii
ing uf lhe principal streets uf llic eily,
which is nuw proceeding, the II. C
Klectric ilailway Cuinpany is making
extensive improvement* lo iis roadbed,
A new line is being laid from i.unsdulc
avenue wesl to th irner of Third and
Muhon, ill which sixty puund rails will
be used, capublc uf bearing llic heat
iest Irulli. Sixly puund mils are alsn.
being substituted for the lurly pound
rails liiihuiii iu use frmu Lonsdale
au'iiue east tu thu corner of SI. llu
vid's ami IT,mih
■•■, uI..I Tender* ndiliessi-il lu the un
ilerslgnuU, uml endorsed "Tender lor
the Conitructlon of u Breukwult-'i In
Victoria Harbour, B. r", will be received ul this ulliee lllllll I 00 lilll ou
Thursday. Benltmber 8. 1118. for the
construction of u Breukwalor ut Vlclorlu Harbour, Vlcturiu, B. C
I'Ihus. apeelAcatlona uml form of
contract cun be seen uml fonns of lender obtained ut this I '■ imi nu, i,i und
ul tiic iillliu-s ul VV. ilenilursun, Resident
Architect. Vlclurla. II i!.; C. 0. Wore-
folil. Ksi|. lilstrlct iiu, iu,, i New
Weslinliisler, B. C: 3 il Sing. Esq.,
Iitsnlci (engineer, TmOniu. (int., J I,
Ml, liiiud Ksi|, lilsiilct Knuliieer, Mnn
lual. (lue; A. lie ini)' Ksu, Dlslrlcl
Co tlm i-i i ,n. i„, Que , and un a|i|ill-
callun lo llic I'ostinasici ut Vancouver.
B 0. ,
I'ei sons l.'inlel Inn ure llulitled lhal
lenders will not hi* considered unless
mude iiii the printed fonns supplied,
and stalled willi their uclual slgnulures
sIuiIiik thoir iiccuiiutluns uml plums of
leslilellCe 111 llie cusv of linns llic uclual  slguiilule,   the   nul,ii     uf  Iho  uc
, ii I,., 11 < 'I,      Ullll     |T,i, >      Of     I i. i.ii I. Ii, "      ol
each member of the Unu must he
Much lender must be accuiniiuulud by
an accepted cheiiue on u chartered bunk
payable lo tlie order uf lliv Honourable
Hn- Minister nt I'ulillc Works, mual to
ten per cent.  (10 pel of llie amount
ol the lender,  which will he '  rl	
i the person leniierlnu decline tu enter .Into u ."Mi.i, i when culled upon
to do su. or full to complete the wurk
contracted for. If the lender be nul
uccepled the cheque will be returned
Thc iu in,i iu.. i,i does not bind Ilsell
io accent the lowest or any lender
By urder.
department ol 1'ubllc Works.
iiiiawii   August 8. 1912
Newspapers will not he puld for Hits
adv. i Hn. in.ni  II Ihey Insert It   without uothoiiiy from the Department
paine & McMillan
Phone 12.
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
New Municipality
West Vancouver
Huy u liiiji' lot at a small price; easy
terms, Slashed uud liUrnl. Imts, Wi
feel by oTl feel, for ♦BUM. Jlest viow in
the wliule dislricl. del busy befure
Ihey all go.
Apply Owner, ll. 1., HUB, Tuylur
ruad. Ill'
Too Late to Classify
'i'i lit 12x11 and ll youug
luying   huus.
Apply   fiW   Keith   Koad
Aak fuc uor Jlivcn-
Huilun It
lu all .-.-.iniii...
tor's A,lii.„t Marlon It Maiion. 881
i i.e. i.u. :-'■■■■ i. corner 8t Catherine
Btreet, Montreal Cunudu, and Wash
Illlllnil. I'. 0„ II. II. A.
Found ByUw  Vill
Tradi M*RK*
CopYriir,n ru Ae.
AnroceienoTni a sketch mnl Or .cileUon uut
quickly ucerluln nur 0|4nltm lieu ulnTlmr sn
UiTiiitliin li |)r„tiil,lr i,.iioiii„i,I.i IT ii.iiiunlri
uoaiililcilicaiSJenil.,!. PAIIUBDIIR mi I'sioala
IMI free. Oldest isonor fur itvimcir cutouts.
Tlinll UlSU llmmull Much A ' i. nmll*
afimmiaula, »ntuiui clarue. lu the
III th,
11 OUT
Scientific Mean.
A hsnitttuelr lllmlislfl wrrlly.   Unim nr-
reunion of tu, i iiiiiiiu' rum!j    iiti„i lor
('fUda, tlii s Jim. pomtlv ptcytli.   Sold by
gruel (Vac.. tU b m. Wuiunstiiii. II. C.
Try un  A,I   iu Hie l..i|irc--      The
linii|f results
Tuke   notice   Ihul   Ihere   is
Ilislriet   Pound,   Iaiiii   Valley
Nurlh   Vuneuuier,  one  alalliou,
buy, loii|! tail uud menu.
I'iiIi'sb the sumu is previously
ol and ull proper costs, charges ali
expenses puid the suid slulliun will be
.old by public auction on Huluida,
lln iHh Aiiiiii-l, 1'11L', ul 3 pin nl
lln Liuu Vulley liolid, curner ol I'o.
kins Itoud nnd Lynn Vulley itus-1.
Noilh Vancouver
I'oundki'i'i" i
Shoe Talk
Tb* price of leather, aa evirybody whu reads tlie newspapers knowa,
i advanced ill per cent. In tli* lut VI months, and la still going higher.
Cardinall & MacGregor
Al* returning to their old prtmlaea,  108 Esplauado Bat, where tint
will carry on Beal Estate and Financial"bualueee- aa heretofore.   .
Vbwe IN *. 0. In m
For the ladle* who ar* looking for a
Shoe wltb a distinctive appearance Til*
Celebrated Bngllah "K" BooU and
Shoes wUl All tb* bill. We are sole
agtnta for the Ladle* "K" In black* or
tuu at th* old price* . $4.60 and 16.60
Wo have th* largeet variety of Ohll
drill* SCHOOL SHOES in B. 0.
Wood-Paige Shoe Co.
Nmm m        Mouit Crowi Block, Opp. City Hall
— —      ' • -     -—— ~— 9     _
Some Everyday
Drug Prices
Enos Salt ...,    75c
Zambuk  35c
Allenbury's Food  85c
Allenbury's Food, No. 3 55c
Pink Pills 35c
Peroxide, per Ib 65c
.Culirura Soap , 25c
Baby's Own Soap , 3 for 25c
Anti-Colic Nipples 5c each
Absodient Colton 35c Ib.
We liave constantly in itock a complete itock of
Bed Pans, Douche Paw, Hot Water Bottlei, Irrigators, Elaitic Hosiery, Abdominal Bells, Batteries,
Electric Bells, Trusses, and, in fad, everything in the
sick room line nol usually slocked by smaller drug
Plione 3|| and your order will be rtuhed lo any
part of the city.
North Shore Drug Co*
P. S. THOMAS, Phm. B.
Druggist, 116 Esplanade W«t
ii   i


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