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 VOIiUHB 14.
Thu  ubove  photugruph  sliuws  tho
■ slrnnglh of Hie eily nf  North Van-
i inner'a   law  n,limned nil nni   for   llllli.
chief i .■.iiiiiiiu- ml .-.I the oppuintutent nf
twu other men and as a result Mr. V
Brutnlce wus appointed clerk and pull l»
court clork qu February 1st ami un
February fith Georgu Pollock was Itkuu
on the patrol force.
i'T ■■■ in," the work of the depart
ment from .Iuuu to Deccmbor iu 1807
tbero wure IIU police court cases from
which t'iti.ta in Hues were collected.
Prominent umongsl the cases brought
up iluring that periud waa Hoger Vin
set    ■  ■
f    n
—                        —$
*t ''  f ■    -W       **)
if     \<     v/       f
M       %f* #     9   *\   *
1       mrm  ,         i«
Back Bow, standing, reading from left to right - Com. Geo. Pollock; Cons.
Wm. Weir; Cons. Geo, Prime; Cons. Geo. Gould.
Socond Bow Com. Leslie Graves; Cons. Walter Grahame; Fol lea Court
Olerk Vincent Bromley; Chief Arthur Divlca; Ssrgt. P. Stewart; Cow, A,
Frout Bow—Olty Olerk Austin Brown, Police Oominiaalouer 0. F. Foreman; Police Magistrate H. D. Rugglea; Mayor Wm. McNotsh; Police Oommla-
liouer 3. B. Paluo.
Iu the foreground—"Bobs"
Nnrlh Vaucuuver can well be pruud
uf her police system uf tuday which,
under the luporvlilou uf Chief Arthur
Davies, has gruwn ami expanded tu
currcspuml with the phcuonicual dovol
ojiiniTit uf the Nortb Shure.
The polieiug uf the city during these
pioneering days is a suincwhal intricate
duty yet for a seu purl, tbis place con
claim us much freedom from criuie und
perhaps mure thuu any tuwu uf ils
sire ou the Pacific cuuat.
Arihur Davlei, tu whom Hie citizens owe u greut deal uf credit, has
served IO years uu police wurk. He
was a member of Ihe Vancuuver police
force for seven years, the latter part
uf which time he occupied Ihc position
uf Station Sergeant.
.Mi.! he lei'i. charge iu Nurlh Vuu
cuuver bis rccuiuuiemialiuns each year
have bruught abuut many commendable
changes uuii lu his up tu dute mcthuds
the city enn be tInu,Uul fur the pretcc
liuu afforded nuw.
lu the lusl fuur years the force has
grown from a chiel ami uue i-unslablc
lu a chief, sargeaul, clurk and seven
1'utn'l men. The cily is policed cITcc
lively iu every section day and night
The latest ucipnsiliiiu lu the depart
ineiil is "Hubs" a tliiinniglil.ii.I Aire
dale with a pedigree of large dimen
lions, "lluini" is especially useful in
night work in ferrettiug out "clues"
down durk alleys ami secluded places
where uuly his acute nose pcuetratci.
Ile was presented lu the department by
Mr. I). P. Ames.
A hislury of the department ilncc
thc appuinlmcul of Chief Arihur Devlcs
in May, IW, is very interesting aud
caught in a reminiscent muud by a
local scribe, Ihu popular head of the
Auibitiuui City's police detailed lume
inin.-ting notes of the work of tho
department from thul lime up lo the
preient. In doing tin.-, he referred with
pride to thc photograph above shown
as a result of bis labors for the past
alx yean.
' Tn,. .'.".tli Vancouver police force
was inaugurated by the appuiiilineut uf
Arthur Davies uu the 81st duy of May,
1807. .When thc eity wai incorporated
a slmrl while later, Mr. Danes wu
appointed rbicf wilb one constable,
Mr. llulil. Tarn, now a well known
motorlit of tbii rity. Whin Tarn re
ligned, Mr. I'eler Stewart wu appoint
ed iu his place, Dec. 14, Uml.
In i'""! two addiliunal men wtie en
gaged, Mr. Ju. Blake and Mr Oeorge
Prime. Only one man, Mf, Wm. Weir,
wu added in 1618, but in 1811 thc
city bad made auch il rides ami io
much foreign labor wu being uied in
the city that three coaalablei were
added. They were Mr. L. Qreavta, A.
1. Shannon and W. (Inhume. The latter
if now pound keeper. On the rceigoi
Moo of J, Mako an tbe III ul imt
try tbii year, Mr. Oeorge Gould wu
placed on Ihe force. Hcing still short of
Instituting a proper patrol lyiten.the
ettc, a negro, charged with the daslard
ly murder of lillle  Nuhu girl ou thc
waterfront iu Nurth Vancouver. The
accused was scut up fur trlul but wus
ueijuilted un account, of lack uf cn
deuce. Noted alsu uu the recunli was
thc theft uf the cash bux of the Norlh
Vuucuuver Improvement Co., of which
Mr. Turrculs w is manager. Thc Imi
and iuliinlile papers wure recovered but
Ihe money was mude off wilh.
lu bii recommendations fur 11108.
Chief Davies stated iu his repurt thut
the present lockup was iuadccjuuliv
Thu cell was constructed uf wood ami
there wu a e'uiiataut danger frum fire
The erection uf a fence at thc reur uf
the rily hull lu constitute a juil yard
was re. eiiiiinTided at a cost of 119 ami
this was afterwards acted upun. The
Chief alsu tuld tbe puiicc committee
tbat a telephone wu very necessary in
the statiuu as it was Inconvenient dies
ini! into thc cily clerk's ollice tu use
Ins nl.| In,ne
In imi," thc guver.iiuenl appoiuted a
police cuiumissiuu lo control the u'lnin
of tbe puiicc. Tbe hrst buard uf polico
uinmiisiuiicrs wu composed uf CUn
man Mayur A. E. Kealy, Messrs. A E.
Criekmay ami Isaac Waldcu.
There were tin cases heanl in the
puiicc court iluring lhat yeur, musl ui
which were minor offences. The lulni
fines collected for Ihe year was Inlo.
Il was al this tunc lhat Hie famous
in-,T'ull invasion wus made in Nurlh
Vancouver. Mr. A. J. I'iciun WiiiIbw
rau Ihe Uadniiiitun club am! made au
endeavor lo inlrodore Sunday baicball
Mayor May and mauy of thc prumlumt
citizens luuk the matter up aud yjlh
Ibe consent of Ibe atturney general
tbe police slopped the game which uutil
very receutly drew Ihe laigeit criwd
of ui.it.,i in one day to North Van
' inni t on record.
The Badminton club wai burpluriz
cd ami in tbe chief's report ipcc.al^
mention was made of tbe smart delerti
wurk uf Constable Prime in his tltriei
handling of the delicate thread* which
led up lo the recovery of the articles
and thc "man."
Jn 1808 there were 111 cuci beard
iu police court ou which Unci to lbc a
mount of llitt were Imposed and of
which amount lltttt was roilccted.
Many of tho prisoners served their
terms of lenience and tbe city wu tbe
loser in actual cash. , a
In bit rccuinmeuilatiuui for ISM'l the
chief urged tbe eitabliihnienl uf a
scavenger system for the city,
'la 1810 there wero ISO polico court
cues. Finci to tbe amount of 41410.40
were imposed and out of that amount
llHljili wu collected. ,
During tbe twelve montbi property
to tbe value of 14844.86 wu reported
toil, or Mia tni. o/ tbis. jasuD wu
recuvercH. Twenty sit enquiries were
made for mining perioni, and In all
181 arraala wara pads, many of whlcb
A further conference was held this
week butwoon the couuci) of Wust
Vancouyer aud Mr. D'Arcy Tato, counsel geuerul of the Pacific Qreat Eastern
Railway relative to tho routo to bu followed by the railway through the dis
trict. Considerable progress appears tn
puvo been mude which gives oucourag
ing indications of a satisfactory adjust
ment uf ull difficulties.
TTieie uru uuii. niioiii! uf a growing
sentitiienl within Hie cuuucil hi fuvur uf
arriving at un agreement with us little
'Tm as pussiblc In iliscussiug lln1 sit
uutiou with a representative uf Hie Express, Councillor J. B. Mathers stared
thut it wua a very dillieult and at times
an impossible matter lu satisfy till parties iu the matter uf thu locutiuu uf
ruilwuy rightsuf wuy, aud thut so far
us his ubservatiun hud gune, it. hail led
him to the  lu.- om thut  the rail-
wuys usually secured results (hut could
not be considered unsulisfaclury frum
thoir puiut uf view. As fur Ihc situa
tiuu hetwecu Ihc district uml Hie I'm i
tc Great Eastern, there was uo desire
upuu Ihc purt uf the council tu pluee
unneccssury ohsluclcs in Ihe way. The
fuct that the railway was bound tu
come was fully recognized, but the
members uf thc council naturally deilred tu accomplish all that they euuld iu
the interests uf thf prupcrly uwncrs
and the public, as Ihey uudersluud those
interests, lie was inclined tu thiuk that
u .'..ininoi uf thu ipie.ium might be
found iu Ihu Pacific Great Eastern con
scntiug to move their right uf way in
laud une ur twu hundred feet generally
and alsu tu alter thu ruute su us to
relieve the situatiuu iu ccrluiu specific
Instances such as l.'aulfield's which wus
affected to thu great disadvantage of
ine owner by the prcseut railway location.
Councillor GinUburger, in au interview emphasized the fact tbat it would
bu wull for properly owners to accept
thc logic of thc situation. Thc railway
wus bound to como and its coming
imiilil affect to a considerable degree
tbo wutnrfruut holdings. Under sucb con
iliiiunn it remained uuly tu endeavor to
lueatc the line where it would bu most
beneficial mutually tu citizens and tu
Hie company. Ilu was of opiniou that
ihe best sulutiuu iiiiuld Iw fur the rail
ways to run practicully parallel with tbe
."Inni' line ut a uniform distance of
about 291) feet frum high water mark.
This would protect all riparian rights
aud would give opportunity fur spur
connections un buth sides uf the truck.
Thc uflicials of the Pacific Great
Eastern have taken nu further action
as yet relative tu the situatiuu. Thc
ugrcement roiichcd was to the offset
thut the district cuuucil would bava
their engineer run a line showing a
route which would be acceptable tu the
ouiiiil uml lhat the plan would be submitted tu the cunipuny. This line is uuw
beiug ruu aud a further conference
will  be held  at  Victoria   within   ten
lays when it is hoped that a llnul adjustment will be made.
By recent action of thc dupartmeul
uf railways at Victoria tbe location
plan of the Pacific Great Euslcrn is
now apprcved all ll.e wiy frum the
north cud of the site uf Second Nar
rowH bridge tu Ureeu take with Hie
single exception uf that sectiun lying
witbiu Ihe cuntincs uf the district uf
West Vancouver. It is, therefore, improbable Ihut uuy prolonged delay will
bu experienced in arriving ut au under
standing which will be mutually satis
factory aud will permit of the approval
uf thc location map thruugh the dis
trict by common cunscut.
The Board uf Direclurs uf Burrard
luld Tunnel and Bridge Compauy mot
Wednesday afternoon.
Tho recent approval of the 800 foot
span by the Hourd uf Railway Cummis
niiiiiem wus takeu under consideration
and it was decided that the way is now
clear for proceeding with thu plans
showing a lilill fuot span.
Advices received frum the llrm uf Sir
.lohn Wolfe-Barry uud Partners, London, stuled Ihut the detailed plan uf
the I,, ei;:, were completed with thc ex
■ i'l d i n ii of the draw spun which hud
been held back uwuitiug instructions as
tu iis width.
Ou motion it was rcsulvcd as ful
lows; "Thi(4 Sir .luhti Wolfe-Barry uud
Partners be instructed tu huve plans
and specjliiiniiuii, fur thu Sceuud Nur-
rows bridge, with an openiug span of
8011 feot in iii'i'iinliiiici' with tbe ordor
of tho Bourd of Railway Commission
ers prepared us speedily as possible."
Tbe resident onginoers, Messrs. (.'leva.-
land aud Cameron, have a diver at
work at present carefully examining
tho bail uf the harbor ou tho sit*
which tho bridge will occupy. Thoro
is a great deal of prelimiuury work tu
do, howovor, before tenders for construe"
tiou cau actually be called for. Tbu
first move will bo to Bccure the com
I'li-i..I plans und lo submit them tu thu
proper department uf thu Dominion
Govornmuut for approval. According to
thc decision of the Board of Railway
Cii.iiiiii.'.'.iiineri, coustructiou must be
eunitucuccd witbiu thirty days alter
the official uppruvul uf thu detailed
The Hoard uf Directors made a de-
purturo from tlieir former procedure
by deciding upun motion uf Reeve Muy,
seconded by Mayor McNeish, thut iu fu
ture thc representatives of the press
will be admitted tu all meetings of Hie
Rhodes Scholar from North Vancouver
were fur uutsido municipalities. Dur
ing the year kill inculs were, served tu
The chief uguin recommended a icav-
i'u; ei system which was iuaugurulcd tliu
iniiuii ug year.
lu lllll the police court cuscs were
887. Fiues ii.uiiiiuluig lu $8188.86 were
imposed uml (1778.86 wus collected.
Over 1 fil JU men, amuug wliulu were
mauy foreigners uf various nationalities,
were employed un civic euutructs in the
city, and as u protection three mure men
•tore udded tu the force, ll is moit
creditable lu mention lbat wilh the
null's ol open trenches lliroug.iout the
city uuly Iwu accident! were reported
as being due lu thcui. The puiicc kept
up a steady vigilance aud practically
uc niii in i ■ were committed. Sume pal
try tliiuviug lou ce in thc rcsi
,i,i,in.l section uf the city but was
mm put a stop to. Iii IUH prupcrly
valued ul 46,019.61 wus reported lost
or stulen ami uf tbis uinounl 48,710.111
was recovered.
In the recommendations for thc ensuing yeur Hie chief asked for Iwu mure
palrul men which were later appointed.
A new site for police slaliyn ami
jail was recommended iu the lull re
port. The prescnl quarters were found
lu be iuuili'ipiiiie ami cramped and uu
ruly characters continually interrupted
meetings of the couucil chamber adja
'jut Tbii matter ia being euusidereil by
Ihis year's commissioners, in accord
ance wilb another recommendatiou 4.100
appropriated for a police signal system
and thii bu ilncc been installed ami is
daily pnn mg iti efficiency.
In Juue tbli year Hie appointment uf
II I), buggies us polico magistrate
brought Ihi police regulation! to a
higher plane. Iluring bii tenure of of
dee a uumber of important and intricate
caics bave been heard. In the minor
cuci chief Daviei conduct! Ihe prose
cution while the u/urc iiuporlu.it ones
aro giveu in charge of Oity Solicitor
'Bu' firsl successful opium raid was
made by Ibe police this year aud quau
titlei of paraphernalia were taken and
ordered destroy cd by tbe cViurt. Tbe of
fenderi admitted Iheir guilt by forfeit
Ing a large ball. Coupled wltb blare
 iii.'iiiiiiiiini lot new poiii!■ (purlers,
better kept tu slumlord than iu a gym.
Dr. Thomson, the city medical health
officer, is abuut lu slart a class fur first
aid to the injured and all thu men will
luke a 'inline,!!! thul. Thc chid ulreudy
has bis diploma in the St, Juliu's Am
Iniiuii. i Corps.
lu conclusion frum Ihe prugress mude
ami Ibe protection which is offered there
is mulling tuo goud lu be said fur tea
N. V. polico department.
tbt> chiefhae a fond deaire lo establish
a gymnasium In cunnei Imu for Hie re
creation and exercise of the men. Box
iug, the manly art, and other exercises
are necessary adjunct! to a'well organized police lurcc. Constable Shannon's
ihowing at the Bcoilleh iporti ia Nortli
Vancouver aud thc police sporls in
Vancouver receoUy are conctuiivo of
Fromme ruad is being opened suulli
from Lyuu Valley road.
Mr. W. l.luyd has completed hii uew
residence uu Huskiiis ruad, suuth uf
Peter road
The telephone service thruugh the
Vulley will be completed uboul the end
uf next week.
Miss Esther Wall has returned heme
after two Weeks' holiday wilh relatives
iu Vancouver.
(laud progress is being made un Ihe
onstruction of Mr. P. McArlhur s uew
residence on Centre ruad.
The nmiii Id;, ihut mg of thc I mn '
Aid uf the Methodist deuumiualiun was
held in thc church ou Tuesday last.
The Lynn Valley Athletic club ii
hulding a special general meeling in
tbo institute Hall at 6 u'clock lo
Thc monthly meeting of the I.ynu
Valley Ratepayers' Association is call
ed for Wedneiday oveniug next in thc
Institute hall.
A minitrcl troop il being formed in
Ihc Valley and has about thirty mem
bcrs at preient. Any one wiibiug to
join may do io by handiug in their
name lo Mr. J. Barker,
Sjiu V. Dixon, B.Sc, London, Kng.,
is al preient slaying with Mr. and
Mn. Wagborne, Rusi Bold. Mlu Dixon
hu taken the 13)99 mile trip for ber
summer vacation aid cxpecti to stay
about OUO monlli
ilr R A. Maude met witb an acrl
dent on Tuesday by falling from a bor
rowed wagon which he wu returning
to the N, V. Coal and Supply Co'i.
yardi on St, George'i and waterfront.
While replacing Ibe borrowed wagon
be accidentally fell Inlo a wagon eloie
by. A man on the dock saw Mr. Maude
fail in bul look little notice until an
hour afterwards lie,noticed the horses
uearing tbe water without a driver. Being alarmed at Iho movement of fbe
team be made it hit business to lavas-
tigate and to hii lurprhw he found
Mr. Maude unconscious ia the wagon
lied. Afler supplying water freely to
no unfortunate man'i /ace he regained
Mr. .\cl:mi King, a native suu uf
Nurlh Vaucuuver, who bu uf Inn- beeu
cinpluycd as one uf Ibo teachers iu
Central schuul, Victoria, has beeu chus
cn as this year's llbudes .scholar frum
British Culumbiu.
The selection committee was rumpus
cd uf Chief Justice Hunter, Mr. George
iiniuii'nn (uf m.niii University, Van
couvcr), Mr. J. S. Willis (principal uf
Mitiiii university, Victoria), aud Dr.
Alexander Rubinsuu (superintendent of
clui atii.ii iu British' Columbia), Twu
caiuli.lutes presented ll.euiselves fur thc
Uipch,coveted honor iu Ihe persons uf
Mr. W. E. G. Murruy, a graduulc uf
Mcliill university, Vancouver, and Mr,
Nelson King, u gruduate uf Mcliill,
Victoria, Afler a careful cxuininu
liun uf the candidates' credentials uml
cuudidulcs themselves, the committee
niiiuiiiunin.lv selected Mr. King us the
lilii'dc." I" Imliii for lirilisli Culumbiu fur
Mr. King is a native suu of Hie Nurth
Shure, having been burn ut 'Moudyville
March Isl, 18118, uml having received
his elementary educatiun ul lhat pluee.
tbo school building in winch Mr. King
bogau bis education is still standing
but ii uo longer in use us a schuul
bouse, thc crcctiuu uf the new Ridgeway schuul having removed the' nocei-
ilty uf u schuul ut Moodyville.
NurlU Vancouver appreciates the
distinction involved in Hie fuct Ibat I
native son uf the Nurlli Shore bus been
■elected .bodes scliulur ami extends lu
Mr. King silicon' euugratululiuiis upon
thus attainiug Ibe pupulur honor.
Taking Soundings For
Ojc calibre of tin Nortb  Vancouver I roniciouiuew. HoweVer, he itutaiaed •
Preliminary work for tbe super
structiou of Hie Sceuud Narrows bridge
were commenced Ibis week by Bur
rani lulet Tunnel and Bridge Co's.
engineers, Messrs Clcwdaud and Cam
'■ruin wheu a diver was engaged tu
take suuudmgs at the bridge site iu
thc Second Narrows.
At a meeting held this week a resu
tion was passed, moved by Reevo May
aud v. un,led by Mayur McNeiih, Ibat
l|creafler the press will be admitted lu
all meetings
Thc telegram which wus furwanlcd
tu Messrs. Crutsncll and Co., I.onduo,
ITigliiuT re thc. immediate preparation
of thc bridge plain with a 200 foul
spun came up fur confirmation ami wai
Considers Cancelling
The city council in commillee lasl
evening decided lo lomider tbe nuviia
bilily of cancelling tbeir Employers'
Liability Insurance u loon u Ihc prci
ent policiei expire.
Thc council bad under couiidcratiori
the claimi of four of thc workmen
agaiuit tbe city for injuries and lomc
of thcie claims hid beeu slan ing for
■orne time.
A representative of the Insurance Co,
was preient and elated tbeir lide tl
tin cue and their reasons why tne
claima had not been met ao far
Aid. Dick declared that the council
wished tbe mon to be prolecleJ in
evety way and Aid. Irwln brought up
tho queitlon of cancelling llii' kind of
iniuranco. It wu a matter which the
council did not want to bo troubled with
yel these claimi had not beon settled
and Iho council wu of neerto'ly being
drawn into the adjnitmeut of them.
Asked how much the cil; wu paying
iu premiums per year on Employers'
Liability policies rily treuurer Hum
pbnyi leied 16.000 UU year. Ia laat
caae it mu a mailer which
thtt    f'ly    should     take  . up    wilh
view do providing lomc other
tneaui for protecting (he men without
them having io much dbtcully in col
prcseiilulive advised thc city taking
uut a collective protective policy wht.h
guaranteed the mural as well us Ihe le
gal pnT'' imu tu thc Workmen, It ivas
decided to take Hie question up ii the
uear fulurc.
'Cellist to Play at Feetlval Concert lu
Lyuu Valley
Miss Maude Scruby, All I' M , LII.
A.M., ex cuumil eshibitlouer Royal ' i.l
lege of Music, England, au urlisle of
exceptional ability, lius been enguged
by tbe committee uf tlie Lyuu Valley
Musical Festival fur the evening con
cert on Wednesday, August 81st. Tbii
affair, under the patronage of tbe Bish
op of thc Diocese of Weslnilnsler, Dr.
Mackay of Westminster Hall, tbe ma
yor and reeve of North Vancouver and
many ulher public men, promisee lo be
a treat of exceptional urder, for be
■idei the above named lady, all tbe
prize winners in the classes will ling
their prire longs and Ihc massed choirs
(over 100 voices) will ling two or three
part songs, and Mr Robertson, not uu
known lo tbe norlb shore, wt|l contri
bulo rccitatiuus lo lbc program. By
request he will give ".lud llmu mug's
account of tyw Rubcoileiu played Ihc
planner." Tickets arc now on uie at
tbo local book itores add ai these ire
limited lo thjo tiie of the Inititule
hall, Ihc preient indications are tbat
tbeee will all bo told before Ihc dale uf
tbe feitival.
policemen and tbli quality cannot be naity icralcb oa thi not* aad face,     letting their claimi. The Iniurance re  lhe moon from ful) to new
Op Auguit tth, to Mr. and Mrs. Wul
tin, l.luyd avenue, Capilano, a 'laugh
On Auguit 8th, to Mr. and Mrs. Sam
ucl Willace, a ion.
 w        ,   „
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jobmtono led
family of Seattle arc thpfuosls of Mr.
aad  Mri. I. W.  Witch, 80th street
"■'  '■ ' ' '     a '	
Accordiag to ao old superstition, all
thing! that grow out of tbe ground,
such u corn, pem and tbe like, muit
be planted in the inereaso of the moon,
froo now to full; all things that fna-
lurc"ln Uc ground, Ilka potatoes, must
ba planted In the decrease or wuti of
'I 2
Bank of Montreal
1 =
E.t.bli.h.d 1817
.    Capital (paid up)   -   $15,413,000 '
Reierv $15,000,000
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouvar Brunch: F. A. MACRAE,
Mt. Crown Bldg., lat Street Manager
We Have Some Good Buys
in D. L 273, 274, 550.
See us if you have a house to rent, or if you want to get
a house.
We have some lovely homes for sale.
Listings wanted.
UO Esplanade.        Phone 227
"The Dundarave Door"
A ntw design o( Cradtman Front Doors. We are llie
only fum in Canada making llieie doors. Come and see
il,. in    Pricei are reasonable.
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
P. O. Box 1719. Phone 222
During the Months of JULY and
' AUGUST, this store will close
at 1 p.m. on SATURDAYS
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Coal   Coal   Coal
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
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North Vancouvar
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8.40  r.M.
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•no   .
8.00 '
4.40     -
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' 11.80
18.80  P.M.
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'        18.40
H   ■
kit AM.
18.48  AM.
• ieno-n "Met
.-   notice, tienpmy
an tuniey."
aet liable (or
Tieae (abl. tebjeet (a clang, without
delays, ateliaatal or eta.rWli.,	
The Fight For The Standard
(Oontiiiiioii from Laat tueaday)
"Don't be alarmeil," hu >:oplieil,
"I .In not iui i'uii to kill myself uutil 1,
slmll huvu iinini miinii tiling to redeem
my character in roy owa eyasi if not
in that nf my country. When I shall
have iinm' that 1 ahall crush the little
lilm'l ami all will lio over with me."
I relireil to ray room completely disenchanted, fhe gentleman whu hail
iiiiiiiiiii,',! my senses until he seemed
to lie the very |ierfei'tion of munhond
ami goodness hail .in,I. ,, low in my
eyes Ihut I full if I should nuver see
him again I wouhl shell uu leurs ami
uxpross no regrets.
Hoveral weeks elapsed without my
iiiiiiiiiii across Wolfe. I liegau to think
ami I.i-i that ho hail left town, when
an event took place Which Iliuiiglit hint
v|v!d!y hank In my mini), ill the Hlur
ami darter Hut ul ten or twelve youug
mun eugugeil on a certain Hatunlay
evening in the month of November,
hii:', in thruwing ilice for ilrinks. From
Iiiui,,, they go lo throwing fur ipiar
ters, ami then for $5 gulil pieces, This
high playing, which look place iu the
open i,nl,nm, nlnu,!,',I a crowd of spec
tutors, who mil,Tn,I wifli interested
eyes the varying success uf Ihc pluy
era, one of whom, I regret lo suy, I
was. About two u'cluck iu Hie morn
ing thu throwing ccuseil, umi I left
the luIiiiiii for my home on the .lames
Bay able somewhat poorer than when
I entered the place. The night was
dark ami stormy j a keen wiml swept
across the little town ami the creaking
signs ami rattling weutherhuunls nf
the slightly built shacks that Hoed
Oovernment street kept up a ileafon-
ing ilin. I hail left the til. Nichulas
ami roomed with a family uaineil Uur-
corner-atone ef the new ball witb much
pump and ceremony tba same year. Not
more (ban two or throe wbo tool, part
in that ci cut are now alive. Men tben
in tboir primo have lung since died or
grown old and lost all Intereat in
worldly affairs. It is a nicbin huly
reflection, hm il ia the mpy ni the
world. It la allotted to all men ouce
tu die; ami sometimes I think tbat
tlteso who have crossed to tbe other
sile ami know all about the future are
more to be envied than pitied, Burely
there can be no greater hell than aome
whu aro mill with ua carry about in
their breaeta—remembrance of duties
lillllllllllr.l, of  v.ii 1,1',li :l   illllllllll,',!  for,
of unkind acts unforglven,
The Confederate flag continued |o
flaunt its bright hues in the face of the
Unionists ami the tlonfodorato iuloon
t'tinl inued to onjoy an enormoiiH pn-
Iiiiiiiiiii'. nhnpurd wined fat and sleek
ami grew more defiant' than before.
The Union sentiment was outraged by
the success of the secession movement,
and when the news of Btoneweli Jack
son's untimely death came and tbo
(Southerners went about the streets with
crape on their arms aud the flag over
lhe saloon drooped sadly at half mast,
the Northerners held a u,u|ict little
meeting and decided that something
energetic shuuld be dune to get rid of
the rebel standard.
A frequent visitor to Victoria was
one Tom titration, a unlive of ouo if
the Kastertt Htates and an outspoken
Unionist. His homo wus at l'ort An
gcles. titration was the possessor nf
a jut-black glossy heard of great length,
of which he waa juatly proud, and
which he passed much of hia leisure
lime iu atrnking ami something with
his hands.   Tom was a daredevil, ami
tis, who owned and occupied a smu
in,. ,i,nn   cutlage  on   the   curner   nf, being glib of tunguo he frequently in
Birdcage Walk ami Belleville street.
This cottage was roniuvcd somo years
ago ami the flagstaff uu Ihe Government Hipiarc nuw occupies its former
sito. At thai time, ami for many yeurs
afterward, llu block uu which Roation
lime,   have   erected  a   brick   building
was uul aidewalked, and the wayfarer
uu arriving at the corner of Courtney
nnd tint eminent streets wus cuuipclleil
11 turn inlu the ruad, uml su pursue
his course tu lluuiliuldt street and thc
ijiiaiul liili, bridge Unit then spanned
Hie sheet uf wuler which was dignified
liy lhe iiuinu uf .Inn,, ■ Bay, liul which
is now llie site of the Kinpross Hulel.
Uiin I tiniied inlu Ihc ruud a', four
Icuay street the darkness was su iu
tense il.ui I was forced to pick my
way slowly  over Ihc loose macadam.
ui I moved caul utisly along I i ime
i,,wii    that  ul  least one oilier person
besides  myself   was    g   his   way
uver the broken ruck. I paused and
then I was certain Uat twu persons
wi re upprnuehing me, fur 1 euuld see
Imu forms diiul) emerging, as il were,
(loin (lie Meekness, lu an instant 1
was ou Ihc alert and lie Ihoighl flushed ui'ioss iny iniini iiiui them ii.'in had
Seen mc wilh money ut the gaming
table and had followed with the object
of i'.u..nn,]' ami rubbing mc. They
were ulnm-i upun mc when I threw
luck my Inverness cape and made u
motion us if lo draw a weapon. I was
unarmed. I bad passed all Ihruugli
the pcnlous vigilance committee limes
at Hun Francisco- when decent men
were robbed and shot duwu like dogs,
uml when culprits were hanged in the
streets by mobs ami never carried
knife or pistol. When I slurted for
the IT,I,i Biver mines In 18.08 I
bought a Toll's five shouting revolver,
fur which I paid SIS. At Yale it proved
an ciicuinhruni'c In me and I "swap
ped" il wilh a crafty miner fnr au
uid silver walchi The watch wouldn't
go ami I offered lo sell it for $8. No
one would buy and I threw it away in
disgust, so when I was "approached"
i,. lhe garotters ou the dismal evening
referred lo I possessed neither watch
nor pistol. However, althoogh seared
and nervous, I was resourceful, and as
I swung my arm round 1 shuuted:
"Htup, or I'll flrcl" The men foil
back intn the darkness and I sprang
Inward the bridge un a kijcn jump. I
don't i.elicve that the men ' ,11...-..-1
nie, but I leached tbe bridge and cruised it with tbo speed of an antelope,
bounded up lbe steps of the littlo cot
(age, burst into the front dool and was
soon within the four corners of my
bachelor apartment—breathless, perspiring and trembling with fear and
excitement, liut safe. A strange feeing took control of me as 1 thought over
the incident. I became impressed with
the belief that one of the forma I had
seen approaching ine out of the dark
inns was that of Wolfo or Fiiilayson.
I could not have sworn to his identity,
but some hypnotic orlelepathic' influence told rpe that ono of the figures was
his. I i mild prove nothing, but J nevor
spoke to bim afterwards, although I
met biro on several occasions. The nest
day a brief paragraph in the paper
mentioned the attempted hold-up and
the incident aoon faded from my mind.
Tbe old Btar and darter waa torn
dowa ia 1885, and tba Masons laid ths
dulgcd in a wordy clash with the
Southern residents. To him tho flag
v.as a source of great annoyance, and
he sometimes made threats as to what
he would do wilh it if he ever got a
i.iaui'e. One da) he told Hhapanl thai
if he could i.t i ii I the flag he would die
" Voa," said Hhapanl, "if you should
steal that Hag you will die, but whether
happy or not 1 can't say. At any rate,
thc Hag when you steal it shull be your
•'"iiiiiiiu, mude uu reply, hul siruked
his beard ami walked olf.
Kearly one aflernuuii live or six
yuung men, strangers, entered lhe dun
federate. They wero professedly Houtli
urners and boisterously cheered for Jell'
Davis and thu Southern cause. All
were possessed of much cash and (real
cd Ihc laiidliird and all in the huuse
lu liberal pulatiuns uf champagne at tu
u bottle, A puker game was in pro
gress at one of tbo tables, aud the
strangers slaked heavily ami lual wtih
a guud grace. Bvery time a fresh buttle
was' opened Hhapanl was invited to
"have another," and it was nut lung
befure lie showed lhe effects of the
frequent draughts in speech and guit.
The treating continued and when the
lluur arrived fur lowenpg the standard
Hbapard was unmistakably intoxicated.
Whenever ho made a movement tu gu
outside for the flag one of the youug
fellows woold invite him te "have anotber," and al last lie sank dowu at
one of llic tables and fell asleep.
Inii' iii the eveuing Hhapanl awoke,
and  remembering his flag, walked  to
Hie staff to lower it, when to'his con
stcrnatioii and grief be found that the
emblem of secession  had disappeared,
ami with il had gone lhe gay youug
struiigefs who had been so liberal with
money and wine. The excitement among
the Houtherners was great and a heavy
reward was uffereil for the recovery of
lhe flag, bul it  was never found.    It
was delivered to the American iTim.ul
by tbe caplnrs and by him sunt to
Home weeks after the disappearance
of the flag Hhapanl entered Bingo's
Hotel (now the Angel) on Ungley
street. Heated at one of lhe tables
was Tom Hlratton, sleek and hand
soma and carefully grooming his long
black beard. The niomont Hhapanl's
eyes fell upou Htrattou he took fire.
lie advanced to the table aud poured
forth a volume of ugly wordt. Htrattou laughed iu bis face. Hhapard con
tinned his abuse.
. "Vou stoio my flag," he foamed.
"Well, what of itt" asked Hlratton,
as he rote to his foot. *
"That's what of it," .creamed Shap-
an), as he dealt hit hated antagonist
a blow full in the face.
Hlriillnn retorted witb a blow and
then tbe two men clinched. Both wore
strong and in the full vigor of life, and
as tbey struggled and pounded aod tore
each otber wltb their hands and teeth
their anger found vout in savage growls
and" yells tbat resembled more the
snarls of wild beasts tban tbo voices
of men. Over one of tho tablet Htrat
too was forced and went to the floor
with a trash. Ia an instant Hbapard
waa upon him, hit knees on hia cheat
apd his tbumbt /oread late his neck.
Htrattou's eyas and tongue protruded,
hat Will) a herculean effort ho eon
trived to throw Hhapanl off and forcing
him to the floor made liim tha "uuder
dog ia tha "niii-" iiuih worn by tbia
time covered with blood and tboir
coatt aad shirts hung in tatters. Htrat-
ton's glorious heard had boun plucked
from Its roots and Shaiiard bold jt like
a plume in his loft hand, w|iile with
his right lie pummeled thopi^r aud
face nf his antagonist, who returned
the punishment with interest.
Tho light continued for soma ten
minutes, Tablea and chain were overturned and Innl.eii, crockery swashed
and food and dishes scattered al) over
the placo. The two men were most deplorable spectacles. At last Hhapard
yielded and Htrattou claimed the victory. But it cost him dear. Ho never
was a well man again. Ilia beard never
grew again un I in a few years he died
on the i ion ml i dm | ni id'., business tell
off after the war and he went ••• California, after whieh 1 heard uf hint nu
It transpired thai Hlrattun, assisted
liy Wolfe, iiul. the Hug while the
young strangers, who were well sup
plied with ' American government
money, got the landlord sn drunk that
ho forgot to lower tho emblem before
Home two yoara afterwards I road iu
tho Sail Francisco Bulletin that a mail
liiiiiiiiil Wolfo bad poisoned himself
With nriisaic aeld at the American lit-
iiiiiiiiiii in that c|ty. J have uo reason
ta dniilil that thu brilliant rascal who
for a iinm captivated iny senses was
tbe victim.
MttMAVtCkiU! WAT11148 PHOTUt:-
NOTIOB Is lienTn given, pursuant
to tho provisions of Chapter lis of the
Itevlauu Statutes uf Cunuda ihul tbe
Ninth Vaneouver tuml and Improvo-
01. in Company, Limited Liability, un
I iniiuii ,1 iT.iiii,.,,,'.   ii.n in,   Its head
• mli. at ilu City nl Vancuuvor, lu the
it.,iim. uf British i',,inu,I'l.i. haa
filed with the Minister of I'ulillc Worka
fui- the liniiilnliiii of Canada a plan of
curtain bulkheads and wharves proposed tu hu constructed by the Cmnpuii)'
und u dcBcrlptlun ut th. alte fur llle
in miii.',,',I Improvements which allu Is
jiui'iillul tu the Ksiilsiiade, Nurlli Vancouvei-. ell)-, British i'iiiiiiiiiii.i. between
• i.iiniii uiid i'ii, ul iilm An on,'ii end •
|,,ii,illi I lu Ihu l,.'i|ilniiiiili', Nurth Vuncuuvor, Britlab iTiliiiiililn. between liun
era und i.nnadiil. Avunuea, both altes
Ill-Inn on the North Shore of Burrard
Inlel, und thai lhe said Cunitiaiiy haa
ulsu filed a copy uf tho suld iT.hi und
,1,■]„ linii.,n with the lie,.I.m.u of
riecds al Vancuuver. British Columbia,
nnd lbat the euld Comunny will uniily
lu the Uuvi i nm il in ml In Cuuncll for
approval of the suld plan and Ihe construction of the aula bulkheads and
n \T'i:ii this .tt,,] day uf July, A I),
1818, ut Ottawa, Ont.
PHINaiibl it UUTHHlB,,
8-8    Solicitors fur Iho until Company.
Hpecial attention ia paid to Ihu selection uf thia article. Buying
unly tbu best grades suitable tn lhe water uf lhe district, we are III a
pusitiuu tu uiiii Teas equal in ipinlity und price lo any ou the market.
35  i.h per puund ia fust liecumiiig a pupular price for Tea. Our
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Our Coffees arc always freshly roasted ami ground as required,
Prices   ,'ific, 4llc, llie and fillc per lb.
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We carry a mosl complete stock of groceries ami nur prices will
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All orders entrusted tu us will be promptly and carefully al
I ended 111-
i'l.  297,
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Photography for Amateurs
By Reflex
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. 'l'mrey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
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Phone 24. P.O. Boi 1820
Job Printing at the "Express"
PRINTING (Continued)
A near relative to gaslight paper is
hromldo, which wben finished, ean
scarcely be distinguished from the
otber and mora easily worked gas
light paper. Tbu greul difference lies
in tbe fact that broinldle priuting
muit be done,in tbe dark room. Ex
posuro to daylight, or any kind of ur
(iflcial light is fata|. Oareful handling
li neceiBary and tbo paper must uut be
opened except iu p ruby light.
Iu priuting, thp action ia much
quicker than gaslight papor. Thu frame
must hu filled in the dark room uud
exposure can tben bo madu by urtill
clal or by daylight. According to tbo
ptrotigth of tho light bo must the exposure bu regulatod. As in gaslight
priuting it is hotter tu mako a trial
exposure before procooding with the
uctual printing, ami lliu method explained iu last weuk's article shuuld
bu  ITilluni'il,
Thu iliin ii'iu'i lining thut u few seconds only urn required fur Iho exposure.
Bromidu printing hus othor advaii-
luges over other papers hesides rapidity
in printing. It is usually Usod fur thu
making of enlargements and is also
thu medium used fur thc oil and bro-
moll processes.
it is madu iu many grades and sur
faces, uach suitablu for ila own parti-
uiin work. For bruad offects usu thu
ruugh paper, for prints wliiuli require
detail usu thu finer surfaces ur glossy.
A great deal ilupends upun Individual
taato, hut the more artistic effects ure
produced by tbe use of ruugh paper.
In printing bromide it must be un
dorstoud that it is quite as sensitive
to light as a plate ur lilm. Fur usu iu u
daylight eulargur it must be placed in
pusitiuu in thu durk ruum. ».....ii, i,;
papur will uut du fur enlarging.
A guud iii.'lliu< 1 for priuting bromide
is to mul,.' a mul'' uf say two feci with
a iliding piece upuu which the print
iug frame can bu attached uml which
can bu muved cither wuy. At uuu
end uf the scale Ihu light is fixed und
thu printing in done by tliu aid uf a
candle or uil lamp. The printing frame
shuuld bu abuut eighteen inches dis
taut frum tbo light, and according lo
thu density of the negative the exposure
shuuld be given. This can only bu cs
iiiiinii',I by practice ur by a triul ex
pusure,  Once  the  right  exposure  uud
distance is ascertained, a record shuuld
bu kept for future priuting. This will
suvu further experimenting should moro
prints be required,
The development of bromide prints ii
exactly the game as fpr gaslight papers,.
except that it must bp carried uut iu
thc dark room. Thu same developer
wi)l do. For soft effects usu u weak
dovuloper. This especially so for enlargement!.
Ono thing beginners'uru usually Iron-
liliul uliuul' is huw tu Ilml out which ia
thu positive side uf tho paper.
It will usually bu noticed thut thu
pupor curls when taken uut of tbo
packet. Thu uidu which,curls inwards is
thu right uuu, but if uny doubt is felt
hito thu papur ut unu comer, Thu sun
sitivu side will stick tu the teeth.
Bromide papur is mure liable tushow
while spuls in ilcvulupmunt caused by
the formation nf uir bubbles. Tu uvuid
these, immerse thu print in wuler fur
ubuut liul. a iniiiutii befuru developing.
This hus the effect uf thuruughly souk-
iug the puper uud cuuscs Ihu dcvelnpur
tu flow mora evenly over tho surface.
If prupcrly exposed thu itnugu shuuld
uppcur with u iiiiiiiini developer in
ubuut frum Ifi lu m secumls. Print u
shade darker thuu required and lix in
li\'jii) just us fur guslight. Wash iu run
ning wuter fur au huur and dry. Fur
rapid wurk hrumidu iu uuuully used.
Where time is nu object gaslight is
belter uml easier to manipulate,
North Vancouver City
PRICE $4750
The North  Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
North Vancouver Agents for *
I'bone Seymour 6286
JUNO—Vour print is from un umler
exposed negative. I'rububly yuu urn
using tuu smull u stup. Try Fil und
givu uliuul u .'-Tli uf u second exposure.
l.KNS A:,I,m what is a guud photograph I A tall urdur lu answer und
rcipiiring far mure thuu n purugrapn.
Uu much depends upun individual teste
thut what uue may cumidur guud, an
uther may cuiulcnin. Suverul euluinna
miiilii he written in reply. Mpace fur
PUZZLED—Pyro smln will uot do fur
lovclopiag papor. It is uuly fur plat us or
films M. <| will do fur cither but is
slower in action than Pyro.
J. (.'.—The specks iu yuur leus ure
probably liny blisters. They iu nu wuy
interfere with the expnsure uml yuur
lens is uu wane un uccuunl of the up
parent defect.
VEBA—Vuu have moved in Inking
Ihc picture us is evideneod  by  Ihu
iTniii'T image. Vuu uru also using luu
smull a   itop fur siiapshuls
Building Activities
tin.' liiiililing permits taken uul dur
ing the' lusl week and a half indicate
a busy full, lluilding Inspector Fuglcr,
who m,iiiil lu be a guud judge uf this
uuiu ipul. :■ considerable activity iu lbe
building line ami shuuld thu expected
ruilwuy uml bridge developments commence shortly an impetus will be giveu
Ihe building o( business plucks
This summer the building has been
confined principally tu residences uud
the result Is that the cily has spread
out wonderfully in the last twelve
During tilv lusl few duys jrnuils
huvu beon luken out fur the following!
A, Null a cutlage uu William Ave;
11. Humus, livery) stablu un Fuurlh
street j Thus, Athinsuu, Third slrect
eusl, cottage; 1'. Andruss, dwelling uir
Ittln street; 11. L. Kdwards, residence
ou mih itreet to cost $2,800; 1, L.
lm l.iiiiiii, dwclllug on Ilrd atreet eait,
W. Bingloton, dwclliug on lllh strict
west to cost $1,600; M. If. Jowitl, re
sidctice uu I.Tili street valued at $I,80U;
twu sturcy residence fur II. Bambury,
un L'lth street lo coit $3,200, and Alf,
Hewitt, a cutlage on 21th street .
le Canadian Bank
of Commerce
Aast. Qeueral Manager. Oeneral Manager.
Capital $15,000,000   Best $12,500,060
Temporary quarters of  tbe North Vancouver Branch,
Esplanade West, near Lonsdale Avenue.
A General Banking Business Transacted
Interest paid on Savings Bank Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards.   Withdrawals may be made at any time.
J. A. FOBSTBB   Manager.
Representative of
British Capital
Wishes to get in touch with
anyone having undeveloped natural
resources to offer.
Coal, Copper, Asphalt or Gypsum propositions preferred.
Ground floor deals only. Real
Estate not wanted.
Mail (ull particulars to
P. 0. Drawer 2030, North Vancouver
TAKE NOTICB Ihul ll.e Couucil uf
the Corporation uf the City ul Nurlh
Vuiuuuver intendi tu curry uut tm u
wurk uf lucul Improvement Ihc cuu
Htructiun ut u cuuerete sidewalk, rurlm
uml gutter uml ornamental light* uu
l.unsilule Avenue un bulb sides front tlie
waterfront lu the nurlh able uf First
slreet, undor l'arl II, I'iviiiuu Ci) uf
llie Muui, ipul Acl ami Intend) lu an
Hem the liual cuati thcrcuf upuu thc
reul property fronting ur abutting there
un ur tu be benefitted thereby, ami thai
a utiiti'iiii'iii ihowlng Ihc lamia liable
tu |iuy the sin,I asicaimcnt and lbc
names uf ll.e owners Ihereuf, au far
ua cuu be aecorlained from Ihc laat re
viicd nascssincut lull, la uuw uu Iiiu in
Ihe ollice uf the i'ily Clerk ami ia open
fur inipcction duriug ufficc buura.
that the Cuuucil will proceed with the
auid wurk ur iuiiiruvcuicnt aa afure
suiil utilcaa u majurity uf Ihc ownen
uf the laid lumla ur real property iu
lu be ii'--,.'.. i .I ur charged in rcuiccl uf
■iuh wurk ur Improvement petition the
council uguinat such uaaeaamont within
fifteen llu) daya after Ihc lira! pub
lication nf tliia notice.
City Clerk.
Secretary Jumci I.awlcr of tbe Canadian Forestry Auocialioi. ii rapidly
completing detail! uf Ihu fourteenth
annual convention of thc aaiociation,
which convene! in Victoria uu Seplim
ber Ilh. The program will include ud
drciaee of a practical character Iif
icadori fn foreitry and lumbering in
Canada and tbe United Statea. P,emie.f\
McBride and Hon. U. W. Boil will he
among the ipeaken. A grand banijucl
will bo beld on the evening of Friday
Beptember 8th. Bpecial ratal are an
nouucod on all boats and traini ami
it ii eipected that the convention vi!l
be the occaiion of tbo gathering logo
ther pf very many of tbe forcmoit fig
area in foreitry and lumbering in Ihe
Dominion. Msmberibip ia tbe Asiocia-
tipa la opso to all (.'anadiau citisens
On ths payment of a wall fas.
TAKK NOTICK Ihul the Council uf
the Corporation uf the CHy uf Nurlli
Vuiuuuver Intendi lu carry uut aa u
""ii. uf Lucul Improvumcnt the grail
tug uf Third alreet tu u pci.naneut
grade frum lhe weal line uf Milium
Avenuo lu thc rim Hue uf Forbea
Avenue under I'url II Diviiiun i-1 ul
lhe Municipal Ail uml inleudi to si
aeaa the Iinni colli Ihereuf upuu thu
real property fronting ur nliutliug
thereun of lu be benefitted thereby,
uml Ihut a ilalooiont shutting the Iiu,Is
liable tu pay the said assessment uiul
the namei uf the ownofe thereof, su fur
tt rin be aaccrtaincd frum the last
reviaed aiicsinicut mlj, ti nuw uu lile
iu the uiini' uf the i'ily I'lerk uml is
iij.iti fur inspection iluring oflice buura.
Ihut tbu I'uuni il will prococd .Mill llie
suul wurk or improvcmonl ua ufurcauul
uiili'.'S a luujuiity uf llie uwuert ot tins
sulil lamia ur reul prupcrly tu lu be
aaieaicd ur charged in reipci t ut au.-li
murk ot Improvement pclitiou lhe
Cuuucil uguinsl sniii laaeai'iucnl Willi
in fifteen (Hi) daya after the in i
p il.li, ui'i'ii   uf  Ihia notice.
Cily Clerk.
TAKK NOTICB lhat Ihc Council of
the Corpurutiun of lhe City uf Nurth
Vaucuuver iulcnda to carry oot ai I
wurk of local improvement tbo con
niiiuTii.ii uf a concrete curb and gutter
both lidos uf Firit itreet from the
well mie of Milium Avenue tu the call
aide of St. Andrew'i Avcuue under
I'art II pulsion il, uf Iho Municipal
Acl, ami intoiidi to anew tho final
coiti thcrcuf upon lhe real property
fruntiug or abutting Ihereon Or to be
benefitted thereby ami lhat a ilalomenl
miming the landi liable to pay the
■aid aasciuncul aud tho names of tbe
ownen thereof, io fir as can bo aecor
taincd from tho laat rcviieil aisesimcnt
roll, li now un fill in tbu offlce of lbe
City Clerk ami ii open for inspection
during office houn,
thai the Cuuncll will proceed wilh Ihe
■aid work or improvement ai aforeiaid
unleu a majority of lbe owners of tbe
auhl landi or real properly so to be ao
■cued or charged in roipoct of iuch
work or improvement petition tbe conn
'' agaiuit auch 'inoMinc.it Within fif
teen (It)'deiyt after the Irit public?
tion of tbli notice.
(My (Unl.
TAKK NOTICK Ibal Ihc Council of
tho Corporation of Ihe City of Norlh
Vancouver intends lo carry out ai ■
work of I,mai Improvement tbo coo
ilrurlion of concrete curbs ami gutter
ou both sidei of liuiinlalc Avenue fruni
the north side of First street to Ihe
nurlh tide of Klevrnlh alreet under
I'art 11 limaion (t) at tbe Municipal
Act, and inlenila tu aucu tbo final
colli thereof upuu the real properly
fronting or abutling Iberc'uu or to be
Inin iti, I l Iiii.I,, . aud that a ilalcmenl
•bowing the Ittiiia liable lo pay tbe
said aesoiiment ami lhe names of tbe
owners thereof, io far aa cm be aire'
laincd from Ibe Imt reviled anrs)
ment roll, li nuw un Ale in Ihu office of
Iho City clefk and ii open fur Impaction iluring ollice houn.
thit Ihe Council will proceed witb tho
•aid work or improvement ai (foresaid
unless a majority of the ownen of
tba aaid lands af real piopeity io lu
be aueucd ur charged in relpect of
Such work ur iinprovcim.nl petition tbo
Council against such isoastueaj wltbln
aflaes ffh) days after the tm pub
licatlon of this aotlre.
City Clark, the; express north Vancouver, b.c.,friday,auqu$T9,I9I2.
Published Tneidayi and Friday! by'Nortb Shore Press, liimltod.
Bates of Subeerlptloas-One year, IIM. Bla months, 500.  Tbwo montba, tlfie.
United Btatei and Foreign, $8.1)0 per year.
'   Advertising Bates WUI Ba Quoted on Application.
Tba Expresi is devoted to tba intereiti of tha North Shore of Burrard Inlet
exclusively. It constitutes aa advertising medium of exceptional value for
reaching in a thorough and effective manner the population ot North Vaneouver
Olty and District, Every effort is made to give advertisers tba most satisfactory
All changes in contract advertisements should be in the printers' hands not
Inter than 10 a. m. Honday and 6 p. m. Wedneiday to amura iniertlon in tbe
following issue.
North Vancouvar, B, 0...
.August 0, 1018.
It wai a wise aud courteoue act upon
thc part of the provincial government
lo invito the Canadian Forestry Aaao-
■ i.iiiiiu to hold their fourteenth annual
convention lUlll iu tbe city of Victoria.
11 is particularly appropriate that a
convuntion of this naturo ihould he
hold in thu capilal city of tbe pro
vi tu o which i.i.-iii.ii. far in advance of
uny other province in tho Dominion in
tho extent and valuo of iti forest
weullh. There havo boon many eitim-
uti'H iuu,!,' of the extent of tho forest
weullh uf thu Dominion and of the pro
portion of that of Britiib Columbia
thereto, hut the moit reliable ii doubtless that of the uflicials of the limn
iiiiun Foroit Service which places the
area uf Canada'i merchantable foreati
ut frum llllll million to 480 million acrei
whlcb would place that uf this proviuee
ut somewhat fits thai, lllll milium
'acrei. Accurding to tbu report of thu
lirilisli Culuinhia Forestry Commission
huwever, this province has fifteen mil
Imu acres uf merchantable timber repre
Milling lllli iiilliuii feet, buard measure
tu wbleh muit be added prubably an
ulher fill I,Tli,m feel ill thc Dominion
ruilwuy belt within the pruviuce. Thc
I'uiniuissiiiucrs i "iinii,I, that with a tn
lul uf lilll Miiiin, feet uf atandiug mer
• i..,i.i.il'ir iiii,Iti Uritiah Culuinhia pint
scascs unu half of thu foreit wealth uf
Aa fur tho lumber imluilry, tbe
amount of capital at preient iuvestcd
therein in this province is estimated
ut 1100 million dullan. Thu tutal out
put uf the industry for 1UIII was 1,04(8,
i in-uuu feet, the value uf which was
a 17,1(10,000.
These slalislici make il evident thai
i.rilish  Culuinhia standi iu  thu  vary
in 'front uf tliuse provinces which are
interested in forestry ami its problems
..ml it is therefore lu every way ap
,-rupriule that au institution such ua the
.,!,,, uuu Furcatry Assueiatiun shuubl
lini'l within the lunliii.'s uf tins iiiiinuir
fur llie iliacussiou uf mutters pertaining
tu the forest wealth ut the Dominion,
The i niui,lum Furcstry Assueiatiun ia
u iiuliunul urganiiatiun, in. puipusu of
whieh is lu atudy prubleuia relating tn
the preservation and utilisation uf our
forest Intereiti, In cilucatu public think
ing uiiuii; iiiiiii ami prugrcsiive lines
uml lliruugli public n nlnu, ui to alir the
goveniiiiitila up tu legislative u, lum iu
liiiriniiuy with thu needs ot the lilua
lion na Ihey may frum time fo'limo de
vclbp. Thu nieiiilicrihip ia composed uf
nil Cauadian cltlaeas who aru suAliicnt
ly interested iu our foreiti ami their
problems to pay a iiuall membership
ITe. The Assnrialion hai douo a great
deal lime it wua inaugurated in Ihe
year lll'UI ami ia nuw carrying uu a
widespread eainpuign uf education
Ihiough conventions, ile annual repurt,
ils periodical, "The Canadian Foreatry
Journal," and by meaiii uf illuilrat
cd lectures uml uther cxpeilicnte fur dii
■eminatiag Ihc moit reliable informs
tion relative lu the intercili witb which
the Asauciatiuu deals.
While thu appruaihiug convention at
Vi.loria will be national in iu char
inter and will embrace every part of
Canada iu its scope, It is nevertheless
reasonable lo cipeel that tha holding
uf the cunvciiliuu iu Victoria at tbe iu
uliiliuii of thc provincial government
will havu the .11.. i of iccuriug ipeclal
euiisiileration for matteri pertaining
mure particularly to the foreiti of Brit
ish Culuinhia apd problems relating
Iherclo. in poiut of fact tbli ii fore
shadowed from Iho fact tbat i'remior
Sir Kiriiard Hcliride and Hon. W. B.
Hush, Minister of lunula, will deliver
iiiWri'sHi's during tbe convention oa
Ihil, ono of tbe greatest natural easels
uf Hrilish Columbia.
. Tho fact ii now receiving definite re
"ignition aiming thoie wbo ipeciallra
in iuch iiialteri, tlia) tha conilruction
of city atraole'involves consideration!
which are ve,y cloudy related lo tbo
general health of the eltlieoi.
la a recent article published in "Hygiene" and reproduced lo part ia Hie
"Hiienlifie Auierifin," Dr. ttaaicr
drawa attention to .the cumidirabli
■lunge; connected with llnet dint, the
action of whieb on Ue bouiau urgain
of respiration la reapoaaiMa to a great
exteat for tha origin of tuberculoili
and ainilar diseases of tba laags aad
windpipe. But apart from this kiml of
trouble, dangerous chronic iiiiln.niuu
Iinni of tho oye should lie put down
to the action uf street dust. Iu fact,
an increase iu the frequency of catorrhs
haa been obierved with continued dry
weather ami a roductiuu on thu occurrence of tbo firat rain. Under these
comlitioni ruad engineering, upurl from
its technical tank, has primarily tu
fulfil a sanitary task, Aa the production
of dust deponds on thc fixing of roads, a
pavement complying with all hygienical requirement should be loukuil for
The effect of long eoutinueil dry weather upon tho prevalence of certain
forms of illness such as la grippe, coldi,
ete., ii a niuiiiT of overyday comment,
How often ilu we hear it remarked
locally that the rains appear tu be the
right thing fur public health ami well
being in this cuuntry. Well nigh every
budy hai at sometiiuu ubscrvcil thut
long continued bright, dry weuthcr,
howuver cnjuyublc il may bu, dues nut
seen. In be conducive to the geuerul
health inasmuch us il appears invtiri
ably tu develop a mild epidemic of the
catarrhal uffections lo which Dr. Kasu
er refers
The article quoted procecili in .lis
cun different forma uf pavement siuh
us asphalt, caoutchouc, etc., uml ulau
thc sprinkling uf rnmla with prejiuru
iiuiu, such as sails ami tur, or a sulu
lion of sulphite pilch in water, the
latter of which ii highly commonded
What is knuwn as ll.e "oiled ruad"
dues nut tunic under tbu notice of the
article, but thuau whn havu cluacly uli
sen uil Ihu results uf this expedient uru
very pronounced iu Ibeir commendation
of its effei tivunesa iu allaying the ilus!
nuisance. Thu oiled mail has the ud
vuulegcs uf involving the minimum of
coat ami the maximum of durability
uf effects In relation to dust. If the
road i> properly constructed we are
lubl that the uil therein dues not call
fur renewing ut intervals but ia practically uf a permanent nature. Sueb
being the caae the oiled mud among
its many merits wuulil uppcur tu uffer
mual ilcairahlc a.haulages as uu clfc
the eipodlcut fur use iu macadaniiiud
ruads fur lhe accomplishing uf results
lhat are uf greal sanitary importance
and usu,iiul li, ibe proinolion uf the
uuiiili uf the general public.
veiling, V mu.   ,
I'reibilerlett CkHrPk,
u.vlcei; Morning, 11 :Q0;
Adult llllile Cluss, 13:30.
111 Uie MatUr of The Leonard Sale
During thu Assignee's Sale uf the
Leonard Sale Cuinpany slink, the slure
will bb upuu each inuining at 10 o'clock
and .cluse al 0 o'clock iu urder tu give
the sales peuple an uppurtuuity to yet
tho stork ready fm the folluwiug ilay.
All guuili positively suhl, uo reserve.
13 8
In tba MatUr of Tha Leonard Balo
Company, Assigned
T)u creditor! haviug given imperative
Instructions to collect all ouUlamliiig
accouuti, paitiei Indebted to the above
'The Leonaid Sale Compauy," aru ru-
quetled lo call and icltle Iheir indebted
nen forthwith. Tins can be done by
either rilling at the slure, IIU Lunnlalc
Aveuue, Norlh Vancouver, lo the man
lu charge, ur at the office of Wjliou k
Perry, Aiilgncea, 1130 Haitingi Hi reel,
Weil, Vancouvor.
W. 1. WJIiSON,
t.f. Assignee.
In thi MatUr   of   tha   Leonard Bali
Tho auignee hit been initrucled by
tbe inspei tun of tbe citato to put ou an
Auignee'i Sale at 110 Lonidale Avenue.
The aloro will be rluied until Mumlay
morning, Auguit llllh, at HI o'clock
for the purpuie of stocktaking and re
narking goodi whlcb are to be sold re
gardlen. Tbli will be a good op|wr
tuniiy for ledire and others to liny
Xmas. presents, crockery, cbinawarc,
fancy goodi and ataliouary. 18 8
A general meeling of tbe North Van
(ouver Horticultural Society will be
bald on Friday, Auguit Oth at I p.m.
ia the Horticultural Hall to diecun
the leasing of the N, V. Athletic
groundi, M
eve; ..„
Sunday School, l.ii v.i'. S. c K. Tims
day, at 8 p. in. Prayer Moulin,., Wed-
esday, at 8 mm. Choir Practice,
T'lduy, ut 8 p. in. Rev, Ronald Miiulcud,
iieiuoiiiai camea-Oornor of Sixth
and til. Qeorge. Sunday Servlcee, li;0il
a. m. and vnin p. m. Sunday School and
Bible Claaa, 2:80 ii.m. Senlur League,
Monday, 8 p. m. Prayer and Prajao
Service. Wedneiday, 8 |i. m. Junior
League, I'hurnlay afternoon at 8:30
Paator, W, O, 8cl|lltoher,
at ■tauea' Ckurek—Comer Twelfth
and Boulevard. Sunday Servicea:
Morning Prayer, 11 a. m.i Sunday
School 8:80 p. in.: Kvunlnn Prayer, 7:80
p. m. Holy Communion, nret and third
Sundaya In monlli, at tl u, m.i lecond
Sunday In month, 8 a. m. Rev. Samuel
Fea, MA, Vicar.
' Salvalluu Army—Lonidale Avenue
Sunday lervlcui, 11:00 a.m., 3 p.m and
7:16 p.m. Tuesday, 8 p. 111.; Tburiday,
8 p. in.   Children'! Service, Wedneiday,
I p.m.
Baptist Ckurek—Twelfth and St.
Oeorge. Servicea al 11 u.m. and 7:311
p.m. Sunday School and Blblu Clan
at 8:30 p.in. l'ruyur und it,Mae Service,
Wedneiday ut 8 p. m. I'uatur, Rev.' A.
J. Prosier, Twelfth und St, Qeui-ge.
81. Jobn Hi.- I'.niiiu.-ilsi, I'Tiilnli and
Thirteenth. Holy Communion, 8 u. in.
Morning Prayer, 11 u. in. Evening
Prayer, 7:30 p.m. On tho Aral Sunduy
In the month there will be a icconj
celebration - of thp Holy Communion
at 11 a. in    Ractor, Rev. Hugh Huuper.
81. iTiiiiiiiiii'.H i uil,.Ti, Ckurek, Sixth
and Muhun Avenuo. Sunduy—High
Man unil S ei num. 10 a.m. Sunday
School, 3:30 p. in. it,m.u v and Benediction, 7:30 p. in. Friday—Low Mais,
8 a. in. i.i i.i. Hev. J. A. Bedaid,
O. M. I.
iiniiiii. Catholic Ckurek ul 81. Paul'a.
Mass, 7:30 u.m., Sundays. Pustor, Rev.
B. Pcytavln, O.M.I.
Ckrlilliu    Science   —   "Klmbcrley."
'Ti, ..I, i li, it Avenuo (hutweun Fourteenth nnd Fifteenth streets). Sunday
Services ut 11 u.m. Testimony Meeting, Wednciduy, 8:00 p. in.
61, Tkomai—8 u. in., every Sunduv
except flnt Sunduy In month. 8:30
a. in. flnt Sunduy In monlli. 11 a.m..
Slutlns. I.ltnuy und Set-mun, second und
fourth Sunduy. Huly Communion und
it nu,uu first und third Sundnys. Vlcur,
Rev. T. 13. Ruwe.
l'l, sii, I. liun       I Iiiii,Tl     Tuu,i.;. ;;       11
u. ill. und 7:30 ii in, Sunduy Sclinul und
Bible Cluss, 3:30 p.m. Tuuclie.s' Train •
Ing Claaa, Wediiesiluy. 7:80. Pruyer
Sleeting, Wediiesiluy, 8 |i. m lluyi'
Cluli, Tliursduy. 7:30 p.m. Choir Prac-
Ike, Friday, 8 p. m. It. Vuli Munstui,
M. A., puulor.
I'lisi.,iiiiiiii ckurek -Worahip, tiuu
days, ll a. iu. und 7 p.m. Sunduy
Schuul, 3ilC p.m. lu. im. Kev. A. Mu,'
,M.Tin.iii«i i nm, I, -Worahip Sunday!,   11  u III.  ulld  7:00  p.m     Sunduv
...I I      S.'iS    p. III.      i'.nili.l.    llev.    ti.
81.  Clement's,  l,yuu   Vallry—Mitll.iti.
II a.m. Sunduy Schuul 3 30 tun, Bvcii-
eunK 7.00 p m, Hnly Communion second
Sunduy In iininih ut 11.00 nin. Normal1
J   Thonpson In chargr,
Why Not 0
Do It Now
Come itt ami see us.   We will be ouly
loo pleased to show you our suntplcs.
Ill Ksplauade West. Pbone 119
(next to Patteraou, Goldie k Clark)
Vancouver Business Directory
SPROTT-SHAW Business College
336 Hastings St. W.
Canada'! Gruatcsi Weatern School
It   J. Sprott, HA., - -Uanager
Ladies' and Gent's Hats
< ri null nin,   Hair    Iti m.i .   Htnnvs,
Heavers and  Felts
I'm,un,u.n  Cleaned, Blocked uml Trim
naul equal tu uuw.   Poaitlvely
no acids used
Next Labor Temple, Vancouvsr, B. O.
Yorkshire Guarantee k Securities
Corporation, limited
•I.u Seymour Street
R. Kerr Houlgale - - - Manager
All North Vancouver people eat at
Either Flaoit Block or Haitingi St.,
oppmile the nail poit office. l«onard
selli bii Ue by tie pound.
Lodge WaaUrn Boss, Ho. 298
Meetings 0/ thii lodge arc held in
lbe Kniglils of I'ylliies Hail, corner of
iTiifii'ifield avenue and Fourth street,
on the flnt and third Friday! iu each
month, at i o'clock p. m.
Communication! and applicallona for
mambenblp to be addressed to Harold
Laos, eecretary, P. O. boa MU. lllli
10,000 cords of dry fir wood for quick
■ale. Price per odd cords, |1.76. Special quotations for larger quauUtloi.
Out Wood, 16 Inches, UM. 11 laches
t«-60. C. 0. D.
Office and Yard—-14th and Lonidale
Phone 190.     P. 0. Box 2432.
IT,1 a Mceaee lu Take aad llie Water
NOTICB Is liereliy given that New-
iiutt Urlek uud Tile Company Limited,
Vancouver, will unnh fur u llcunsu tu
lulie und use 100 culile feut tier accunil
uf wulel' uul uf iTi.,1,1,,,1, i'reek, which
Hows In 11 nu 1 Hn-., .11, ily direction
lliroutfh Cut 806, Ki'oup I. Nuw Westminster District, und empties Inlu
ii"'.'-, Hound neur the bend Ibereof
Tlie wuter will be diverted ut tliu lluud
of llie fulls uml will tie used for |mwor
liutpoHes un tile,lund deselllied us Lot
608, .Iiuiiii I. New Westmlnsler District.
Tills Nolice wns posted on lliu
mound ou llle 261 li duy uf July, 1112.
Tlie ,,i 1 11,.,ii"i, will Iiu tiled 111 llle
ullloc of the Wuter Recorder ut New
nl,u' iiuuu muy I-, it, T witli tbe suld
Wute. llecurder or Willi llie Comntrol*
ler uf Wuler III,T.i. I',,ill.nu, 1.1 Hull,!
Inu,  Vlclurla, ti   ti.
J. II   llevey, Agent.
u in.11   viiiii 11
Fur a I,Iiinm' lu Take and Use Water
h ncreuy Kiveii 11
i"ii Wuler Compuny l.lniliud uf Vuncouver, will uppl) fur 11 license tu tuke
uiid uae twn Iiundred cubic feel tier sec-
urn) uf wuter nut uf st,niunili Creek,
wlilili ilu'.'.. In 11 suiitliweHleily direction Iluuuuii Hiu,unu., Vulley, und empties lulu lluwe Suund lluur tliu lleuil
The wuler will lie diverted at llle
luiiul of lm, iu,,t|,,ii will, llie 11,,nh, il,
lllllll of T I. 8E25I ond will lie used fur
Milliicliinl puipiiucs un llie land u ... ill
ed us 1,1,1 186, llnuii, 1. New Westminster lilstrlct.
Tills nuilce was pusted on the ;. 1 nl
oil llle 30111 duy of July. 1912
The implication will lie llled In tin.
ollice of the Wulei Recorder ul New
UM,, Hum, may lie tiled with the said
Waler Iteconlcr ur wllh Ihe Cunni-
tl'iilli-r nf Wuler Hlghls. I'.u linn, in
li,iii,in.1 .- Vlclorla, B. C,
T. F. Morrln, Agent,
Per a License lu Take aa* lye Water
NOTICK Is hereby given Ihul Newport Wuter CO, Citified of Vuncouver,
will upply for a llconse to luke uml
use 200 cubic feet per lecond of wuler
oul of M.muin,-in Creek, which Oowi In
a ;."mi.','.,'■1. il. direction through the
M.,11.,in.uu Vulley and einpllei Inlo call
brunch 8u.uuinliu Rlvir near lluwe
The wuter will be diverted al the
head uf the flrat fulls below (loat Creek
and will be uied for power liuipuiua
on Ihe lunil described ai Lot'lSS. group
I, New Weitmlniter  lilsfilet
This nutlce wai pmicil on Ihe ground
on lbc 2Slh doy 0/ July. 1812
The application will be filed In lhe
Oflice of the Water Recorder al New
Olileclluni muy be filed with Iho laid
Waler Recorder or with IhS Comptroller of Wuter Rlghli, Porlluincnt Buililingi. Victoria, tl  C.
J. II   Devey, Agent.
1836     THE BANK OP     1913
i   W ¥MR U motto**' Pwttal aW Besam Oyer *f,tMm.
A Complete Banking Service
Collections made \o any part of Canada. Negotiable
paper discounted' Money advanced at reasonable terms to
finance your lumiiiess. Local and foreign Drafts bought ahd
sold. Money transmitted by Money Order or Telegntph
Transfer. Letters of. credit issued payable in all the leading
cities of the world.
Wn invil.i yum iuttiiiiiI.
Two Office* in North Vmicowvw, Corner of Lonidale Ave
nnd Eiplanade, Upper Lonidale Avenue, near 14th Street
Cooking this
Weather is
Mighty Hot Work
But some Ranges radiate LESS heat than others.
The NEW CHANCELLOR, fitted with the
Guerney Economizer, insures a delightfully cool kitchen, a perfectly even heated oven, and the smallest
possible fuel bill.
Call and lei us demonstrate this to you.
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
Palace Hotel
Second Street, North Vancouver, B. C.
RATES:—$2.00 per day up.    Special
rales to families and to regular boardtn.
The Commercial Union Assurance
Co., Ltd.
of Loudon,
PAID $4,250,000
Quickly and promptly on account of ths Ban Frauciaco oarthuuake and lire
How many Oompanlaa could do tbia?
Ita asaata amount ta 1116,000,000
A postal will bring our rsprasantative
Bealdsnt Ageut
18 Lonadalo Avsnus and Oapllaao Oar Tsnainus
Fbonasi Lomdale 167. Oapilauo 464.
We solicit the trade of ill builders who appreciate
High Grade Goods at t moderate price, and the
prompt and careful filling of orders, which our Urge
stock and Jong experience in business makes possible.
Burrard Sa«h A Door Factory, Ltd.
A Double Ender
* .
50x 175 ft. on two graded roads, 17th St. and Yorkshire
Crescent, close to Fell Ave. carline, and all cleared and
neayrlyleveT A Snap at $2,000, One-thirdcash.baUind !2montIu
Offlc* Pbons 173.
Rasldance Phona 394
jV. q. Vox mi.
i    ii        i    ■■
' liuw
"j'i V      •    ■
New Seven Boom House on Seventeenth Strset, near Boulevard,
all modem conveniences, Lot 60x167 feet, only 14,500, on assy
Now flvo-room Bungalows with largo basements on Western
Avenue, lota 36x160 feat. Priees modorate and terms easy.
New IIvo-room bungalow on Temps Height* wlUi modern conveniences, large lot, splondld location, price right; also
A number of good houses of different sixes and In dtlloront
parte of the city and in Lynn Valley at moderate rente.
Beal Batata Listings—Be ready for tba good tims which it
The Burrard Development Company Limited.
(Successors to Eldor Hurray Company Limited)
liml.em 17 Lonsdalo Pbone 37
Office Supplies
00 TO
J. E. Scouten's Book Store
(N. 8. Book ani Stationery Company).
38 Lonsdale Avenue PHONB Ul
Electric Irons
10 Days' Free Trial
Bolves tha Summer Ironing Problem
Fur IIIIL' wc arc ulfering a "Hotpoint" of the 0 lb size, suitable for
general household use, fur {4.G0. This irun is similar lo all "llolpoints"
except that llie upper surface is unpolished.
Bend your friends who ara Interested
ln tho Nortb Bhore a copy of
"The Express"
It will keep them potted on all
Nortb Shore News and will only cost
$1 per year
Coundl in Session
In the absence of Reeve Nelson,
wbo was iu attendance at Iho l'bar-
mui eiiiiiul emuI'lilion, Councillor .). B.
Mathers presided at the regular meet
ing of the West Vaueouver council on
Tuesday, Councillors Hay, Uiutzl uigcr
ami Merrick being present.
Joint Peers wroto applying fur ii
road to lots 33 aud 34, 1). L. lllllll.
Board of Works) D. 0. McDonald to
tbo same effect to lots 1 to 0 block
i, N.W. quarter I), L. 1031, Board of
Worka; au invitation from the council
of South Vancouver to be represented
at a coufereuce to be held by muni
cipalities interested in the recent decision of tbe Privy Council with reference
to tax sale titles, was accejitcd uiul lhe
reeve and Coun. Ointzburger were appointed to represent West Vancouver,
A P. Cartwright, secretary uf the
Buard uf Ilailway commissioners wrote
advising council that no railway route
but Ihul of the V. W. k Y. hod as yet
been approved through the municipal
ity by the Board. Filed; the dupartment
of railways acknowledged receipt of
letter requesting that railway routes
crossing Mariue Drive ao so with either
au over or uuder crossing that the railway route bu lueated north of Marine
Drive and that all railways use a single
niliii nl v.m through the municipality,
Filed; With reference te a request Unit
the ferry bouts make the Qreat Nor
liiein cauuery a regular port of cull.
Councillor Merrick slated that this had
already been arranged. Mr. (Ico. King,
owuer of D. 1, 780, Known us King's
Island, uear the mouth uf Capilauo river, wrote offering a road allowance
across the island provided the council
woold build u bridge across the stream
at each side. Board of Works ami on
gineer; the munieipal solicitors wrote
advising thai if cuuucil required tram
lilies ou auy streets they could notify
the Vaucuuver I'uwer Company under
the franchise and if the request were
nut complied with within uue year the
municipality euuld huil.il uud operate
the Hues aud the Power Company were
under agreement to provide the power ut
a Iim,I charge. Transportation commit
tee to see that demand is formally
made for tramline from the present ter
minus of the 1 'upiluno line tu liully
burn. The Hank of B.N.A. wratea.lt is-
ini'ilmi thc request fur un advance of
; In.i.uuu un debenture luuus already uu
Ihorized bad been forwarded to the
head ulliee with u recommciidatiun thai
it be granted. Acting Beeve Mathers
explained lhat the money market is
su puur ut present that the council did
uoi wish tu force tbe sule of the debentures and they had therefore decided
tu i'i,-, in. an advance from Ihe bank,
pending uu improvemenl iu the market,
A,, onnl" as fulluws were submitted
and ordered paid: Cuuncillur Merrick,
accuunls totalling $31176.119, $080.35 ami
$2084.35; Cuuncillur Giutzburger $81158
anil Couu. Iluy $510.
Councillor liny rccihnmeuilcd I'uul
Asquith street be extended 2110 feel.
on niiiiiiui uf Cuuu. Giutzbirgcr ll.e
bylaw   tu   eontrul   blasting   upcratiuns
was read a secoud time and referred
hack to the solicitprs tni amonduiuuts,
The matter pf a life boat at Hollyburn whurf waa discussed and the clerk
was  inul met cd   In  write  the   llumlniun
government requesting that life saving
Blasting Fatality at
Coroner Jelfs of Vuncouver presided
ut the inquest held on Saturday lust to
beur particulars of the death of Alex.
Swanson. The deceased was injured on
■linn- iiiih and died iu tho Vaucuuver
general huspital uu August lat. Tho
jury consisted nf William lues, A. .1.
Harvey, Harry Head, S. A. MeKcuwn,
and H. II, Allen. The witnesses called
were Charles Tucker and 0. Weld,
M. I).
It appeared that the deceased had
been engaged in blasting stumps uu a
lot which he owned iu D. I.. 237, West
Vancouver and had been discovered
by Mr. Tucker lying in an injured cuu
dition evidently ii number of hours
ofler the accident occurred.
The jury brought in a verdict to thc
effect that the deceased died at Van
couvcr general hospital on August 1st
by being injured by blasting opera
tioua ot West Vancouver on June Uth,
titvunson 's wife died only a few
months befure Ihc fulul accident lo
himself und the double fatality leu
three lillle children as orphans. A
subscription wus takeu up at Wenl
Vancouver and a sum amuuiiting tu
ubuut une liumlrcil dollars was rained
lo provide for the immediate wauls nf
the children whu arc being cared fur
ut Hollyburn.,
Prospects atWhite Cliff
Under Ihc guidance of Colonel
Whyte llie members of "Cliff Assembly
Limited" visited While Cliff lust week
and after going carcfurly ovpr the
tuwnsite, si'li'i tni a sulfa.),'1' site fur an
assembly hall, the plans fur which arc
now.in cuursc of preparation, A committee appointed by the company is now In
correspondence with a number of the
best educationists in different countries
with a view lu arranging a prugram of
summer lectures such as will establish
at White Cliff an institutiuti similur
tu Ihc famous I'hutuuqua  Assembly.
terprisiiig and energetic polifiy-wliioli is
yielding excellent results both front the
standpoint of tbo travelling public aud
the ferry company.
Development of Lumber
The McNnir Timber ami Lumber Compauy have inaugurated a radical change
iu their method of working their timber limits at Wost Vancouvor. Formerly
they brought the logs down from the
limits and towed them iu rafts to the
city mills, now, however, a sawmill has
been installed ut the limits aud tbe
sawn lumber is brought down ami shipped tu market. This change has necessitated some improvements to tlie terminal arrangements of their threo mile
ruilwuy, ut the waterfront and ulsu the
addition of two new flat cars for the
transportation  of  the  lumbor.
Cement Sidewalks
l.'iv.'.iin avenuo is tu be the lirst
street in West Vuucuuver metropolis
to boast of i em en I sidewulks. Mr
John Lawson, owner of thu tuwnsite
has decided to put in a permanent improvement uf Unit nature uu each side
of the street frum the whurf tu Keith
ruud. 11 is likewise prububle that the
width nf lhe street will be Increased lu
lllll feet.
If yun have u brand new piauu and
spend live huurs a day practising upun
it, it iH uut necessury tu mention the
fuel lu Ihc wuinun with a sick Iiu by
whu lakes iu washing fur u living.
•TABS PflllPIIS ""' s T,IE ",NCS
Tunnel MOO Feet
The Bice Lake tuuuel fa now, in 400
feet and good progress is beiug made
In tho absence of wator and the l'r,:
seuco of rock aud gravel, the superintendent is of the opiniuii that tbe
work can bo carried thrpgb uow at
about 50 por cent, ot tbe onglnoor»
estimate which was $20 por foot.
Tbo faco of the tuuuel is underground about 125 feet whilo tho extreme height overhead wben tho tunnel is nm .hod is given at 150 foot.
With the cuntiuuunco uf Hue weather both tint trench betweeu Kico
Luke and the new intake and tbo intake itself will soou bo completed.
North Vancouver New
Business Block
Nurlh Vancuuver citizens are showing great interest in the modern new
Stures upeued by Messrs. DesHrisay
un nh and .Lonsdalo, as pel the must
up-to-date un the north shure. lu tbo
hardware department, while handling
thu |T.„in,i. uf leading matiufaplurers,
Ihey are showing a preference fur Mri
tish and "made iu Cunndu" goods.
Kuglish cutlery being well represented,
They have been must fortunate in securing the agency for the new Domiu-
iou malleable sleel range, also tbo
agency for Messrs. Karquhar li Dili,
Aberdeen, Scotland. Scotia. Brand Paint
whieh hnve been awarded guid medals
at leading exhibitions ntul come well
endorsed by Mr. Arthur Seymuur Jon-
uiugs, cousultiug examiner iu paints and
Iccoralur's work lu the city and guilds
uf Loudon, Eugluud. Cuulractors und
iilcuding home builders will pruflt by
securing quotations ou their builders'
Increase in Ferry Traffic
The growing popularity uf Wcsl
Vancouver with the general public is
forcefully indicated by thc great in
crease iu Ihc ferry truflie lo that grow
ing ilislriet. The new service tu the
Ureal Northern Cannery uml Caulflold's
morning and evening is proving of
very greal convenience to residents of
thut section. Thc regular freight ser
vice is Iilling u great public need and
thc freiglit trallic is developing cunsidcr
I utile proportious. The hourly trips of
the fust new ferry steamer Doncella to
Hollyburn, arc marked by large bsls
of passengers which at limes tux the
registered currying capacity ill the
vessel. Manager Merrick and his board
uf Directors ure following a most cn
Oysters, Clams and Shellfish lu Beaaon
Ice Supplied at Shortest Notice and
Bight Frlco
Prompt Deliveries, 10:30 and 8:80
TT'i. I'Li'lle   370
209 Louidalo Ave, Nortb  Vancouver
Teams Wanted
Wanted to Bout or Buy- Two to
ten te.uiii; Apply Camp ou Koltb
Boad and St. David's or 110 Empire
Building, Vancouver. Unburn k
School Board Meeting
A special nft'cling of lhe North Van
couver School Hoard was held in the
city hall Tuesday evening for the purpose of considering tenders lur lhe railing uf flag pules iu lhe Uldgeway end
l.uusilale schuul grounds.
Owing tu the small attendance, huwever, the louder* were laid uver till
the next regular meeting whicii will
lake place un Tuesday evening noxt.
Thc dute for the regular monthly
meeting nest week was changed frum
Wednesday In Tuesday evening tu al
low the trustees to attend the joint
meeting lo be held iu the eily hull ou
lhe former dute fur the purpuse uf
furmulaliiig a prugram fur lhe rccep
tiuu uf the liiike and Duchess uf Connaught un Hipl. -Till
Sume deluil business in cunuection
with l.unsdale school wns transacted
sfter whieh the meeting adjourned.
AT THE ...    '
NotH .■ to Property Owuors
Notice is hereby given that in ae
I'urduui'f with the terms of thc "Muni
upal Ael,'1 as uuw amended, llic names
uf bulders uf unregistered Agreements
fur Sule iuliuul be inserted upuu the
Assessment Hull ur Voters' Lisl uf
the Municlpalily for 1813,
All holders uf Agreements fur Hulo
in respect of properly in Ihis ilislriet
are therefore notified lo register same
■ef'iM'Iiiul lU'^liWJfljee in Vau
couver. ^*^Q<C*>«U, „
.I, 0. FA IIM till,
I3 8 (!, M, ti.
BOOMS FOH BENT-Houaokocping
und single.   IIU Und street east.
FOB HKNT -Furnished room, H9
First Street Eaat. lit
TO HKNT—Well furnished room wilh
nr without buard. Auply 203 2i,ti, tt.
Kait. It
FOB BKNT Three living ruums
above Iho Boyai Hauk. Apply at tho
Hank. 0-9
FOH ItENT-ftnell  2 room cottage,
furnished  or  unfurnished.  Apply  No.
3I3, itth slrect east of St. Audrew's.
IB 8
FOB BKNT-Colouial Apartments, I
roomed suite, unfurnished. Inquire Dior
*«cn, 8lh street aud HI. Andrew's. I'bone
B41L „ '■'•
• FOB ' HKNT -largo roomy, well
lighted Store with stable and {-roomed
lua over store, comer Lynn Valley and
Cl'ulrc Boads. Apply Merchants Truat
* Trading Co. Ltd., 944 Poitdor St. W.',
Vancouver, JR TtlS
FOH SALK -Iroomed modern col
lage with bathroom, in Lynn Valley.
Half block from car. $200 cash and
iin per month. Apply Boi B20, Ei
press office.
FOH SALK—t room houso, modern,
witb eii.in.- light, water, rooms papered. I.ol cleared. Corner eity boundary
aud Lyuu Valley road. On good terms
{3,000 or spot cash I'lim Apply Boi
2176, North Vancouver. n b
LOST Hold chain and locket, E. J.
V. Would tho finder please call or
notify Mr. Cbaddock, I6tb avenuo and
Mahon. 98
WANTED-Oirl lo wait on table. Ap
ply Bainbow Cafe.
WANTKD - Nlco unfurnished 4
roomed cottage, lit to {14. Eiprosi,
Boa Ainu. J3-8
FOB SALK-ilcns aud young cickt.
Apply BowleY, 23rd and Chesterfield-
WANTKD Listings from owners of
property in D. L. ill, West Vancouver.
Hot B2, Kipress Office.
WANTED- Hofined young girl as
mother's help. English or Bsotcb pre
/erred. W9 Keith Boad W. tl 8
I  -■
WANTED—Daily housework or Invalid nursing. Lessons on Ihe piano 10
cents. North Lou,',lai.- Uoi 10,1, Ei
press. 08
v, am i:u   lunl,,,.  to call at  Hair
Dressing I'arlors for au up lu date hair
dressing,   shampooing,   massage   and
manicuring, Keith Block, department 7.
WANTED-Stouugrapber for secretarial work. Short hours, must bo rapid
and havo perfect spelling and punctu
ation. Apply P.' 0. Drawer 20.10, Nortb
Vancouver. 9/2
WANTED—A tenor and an alto who
bave voices nf good quality, range aud
power, also a good accompanist. Tbe
above aro wanted to complete a quar
totte whose aim it will be to sing the
very boat aelections ouly, and also lo
render the tame perfectly. Jt is intend
ed that the querlcttc will bo open for
public engagements during tbo coming
winter. Practices three times a wck.
Voices will be tried by appointment.
Kipress Box AIDS.
WANTKD Dressmaking ud la<%s
tailoring, long summer coals, etc, 0
It and style guaranteed. Prices rea
lonablo. Alto aa apprentice (Oood
training given). Apply evening Siitb
itreet weat, earner Lonadale.        16 8
Hood youug stock bull kept, corner
li'il'iii-ini and Capilauo roads. W. II.
Wilkins. {-9
For fine watch aud jewelry work go
to Ueo. Somertou, tbe uow jeweliy sturo
on 2nd street.
Ico, Ice Cream,  Buttermilk,    Milk,
roam and Hotter, Purity Creamory, 100
Second street west.
If you havo any property to toll and
want quick results, Hit it with Short,
Bobcrtaon. and Seymour. tf.
Short time leans on vacant or improved proporty. Star Loan Company,
611 Hastings, Vancouver. ti.
If you bavo any property to sell aud
want quick results, Hit it with Short,
Bobcrtaon and Soymour. if
MONEV TO WAN—Money loaned
on diamonds, jewelry, furs. Star Loan
Co., OH Hastings, Vancouver. t.f.
lullding movers and
contractors,   Enquire tint home eait
of Lonidale, 13th itreet.  Phone L497.
When needing coal or building sup
plies, call up pboue 488, Nortb Shore
Coal ii Supply Co., Kickbama wharf
I. S. Kuloii, manager. Nolo name and
pboue number. t.f.
Authorized agent for Singer Sewing Machine Company lu North Van
couvcr. J. 1. McAlcccc, Dry Goods and
ileiils' Furnishing*, corner First and
Lonsdalo iYnue. tf.
B. 0. Livery and Board stables—
Light rigi aod ladies' saddle honee
for hire. Stabling /or hones. Oen
eral doll very and heavy teaming. JI.
Dumas, Sth street west. Phona (47 t.f.
150 corda of first class cord wood,
all piled closo in, good road, will ac
cept note for 60 dayi with good endorse
ment. {2.00 per cord, Nortb Vancou
vor. W. II., P. 0.,Boi 1174, Vancouver.
Land Clearing and Grading Loti,
Pete Andruss, fioiicrel Contractor. 8e
wer connectioni a spocialty, baiomeot
aod other eicavating work undertaken.
Eitimatei free. 527 Bt. Goorgo'i Ave,,
Vancouvor, poit offlce bot J393.
r cabinet making, carpentering,
lure framing, French' pollihing,
painting, glazing, general jobbing work
and furniture repairi, teo or pbone <f.
Haynes, 1236 Lonsdalo avenue, North
Vancouver. Personal attention. Phone
LJ47. tf.
Five acres and firsl class 7 room cot
lage, pari cleared and under cultivation
Maple Bulge, besl liual ion anywhere
near Vancuuver. Eschange huuse and
lul, Nurlh Vancuuver. II. ll., Hoi 37,
Hammond,   li   0. I.f.
Architect and BuUder
Craftsman    Houses   and    Bungalows.
Homes   of   Individuality.   1   l-'mrlield  l»
Building, Vancouver and North Lons
dale P. tt Seymour 8481.
3Ve Are Plotting
mmm9m%mmmmJmmm  '■"i"■ i■ lV"V'immmaAwammammmmmmmm isii
to gat your business. Our naw subdivision In Hollyburn la vail worth
your consideration tf you want GOOD VALUE AT SMALL COST.
Ideally situated on the Government Boad. OALL IN AND WB WILL
Provincial Land & Financial Corp.
We Are Selling Lots
in D.L. 613, immediately north ol D.L. 204, at prices
(rom $650 to $775.   Terms one-sixth cash, balance
spread over two and a hall years, with no interest.
Q Now is (he time to buy, before railway development.
Salety Deposit Boxes to Rent
NortK Shore Locators
Coal, Brick, Lime, Gravel, Sand, Plaster,
Cement, Lath, Sewer Pipes, and
General Builders' Supplies
Office: 56 Lonidale Avenue.   Phone 198
Wharf: Foot of St. Georges'* Avenue.      Phone 178
K. P, Picnic Great
At lnml HOO Knights of I'yiliiim ami
their friend* celebrated at tho annual
liienic to Bowen Islam! un Wedneiday.
The perfect weather, luvoly boat ride
and au Interesting program of events
ami amusements all went to make the
affair a splendid outing am) suceoss.
The sporls iueludoii baseball, tugof-
wnr, ladies', gentlemen and children's
raees, and at the conclusion of the
athletic events a dance was inaugurated
Iho music for whieh was supplied by
members of tiro Nortli Vancouver city
Iminl.   The   in ji.. in.iii.l  waa   kept
iu action almost continuously and not
only by tint rising generation, uf which
ilni.  was a goad, representation.
While almost everybody tuok Iheir
lunches, the committee looked to it that
a goml'supply of grub was ou tap for
any who might have overlooked this
most necessary adjunct to picnicking,
The Noilh Vnncouver city band Blip
plliul the molodlcs for lhe iluy uml the
campers on Ihc Islaml were traatsd lo
a most agreeable change from the mechanical gramophone.
The North Vuncouverites were groat
ly in the majority, although Vancouver
friemls responded liberally to the invi
talious sent out.
The locals left Nortli Vaueouver on
the 8.10 ferry ami caught the Hii. Bar
auilia which left Hvaus, Coleman and
Kvuns' wharf lit 11.15. They arrived at
Ihc landing at Bowen Isluud about 11
o'clock and immediately repaired to the
uniil grounds.
The free use of the resort wus secured
anil the picnicers lllled lhe park from
ine cove lo the oilier. When the lunch
liaakots were repacked the sports begun
und tin.' following were the results:
Baseball, married Vs. single men, won
by the latter by a score of 1,1 runs lo
b; Utpot war, married men vs. single
wmi by the former, aided uo doubt, by
the weight of household cares on their
(boulders; UIO yurds dash, open, 1st,
I'erry Booth, 2nd I',. Huy; UIO yards
lash, members only, 1st I'. Booth, Hud,
I, Iluy; liulf mile nne, 1st, Iv Iluy, liml,
,1. Benson; youug ludy'a race, Isl Mis*
li. Hunter, 2nd, Miss A. Heard; mar
ried lady's race, Isl Mrs Bunting, 2ml
Mrs. Melville; members' wives, 1st,
Mrs. .1. It. Badger, 2ml Mrs. Erstwhile
A length) prugruin uf children's
sports was also run olf
On Ihr return home trip Ihc Bur
tiiuliu bit Howell Island about 0 o'clock
und culled iu al ('ales' wharf at 7.110
where thc North Vancuuver pussci gurs
disembarked, iiii approaching the dork
Ihc baud slruck up a lively ail end
their uppriiiuh wus heralded mih
11 is by lln' populace.
We have some good, inside buys;
also good acreage listings Lynn
Valley Sub-division.
•j L-l usi|uotc you raits un I' tre, Ijfr and Atciunnl
McMillan & red
I'lione llll.
Y. P. 8. C. E.
Th,  \ V.S.C.F.. nt Bl. Andrew's 1'res
bylcrian church, Nurtli Vancouver, met
on Tuesday   evening  with a good ut
tvmlun t   members.   A   paper   on
"Temperance" was given by Mus II.
I,uii,Irn Brown, nnd this subject wus
also lliuruiiglily discussed by others pre
sent. Great preparations arc being made
ful thr lawn social lo be held on Tucs
duy culling not, August loth, ut the
residence of Mr, tl. A. Mellaiu, comer
rilh slreei uud Lousdale avenue. There
will be a conicrt, refreshments also
,uud) and lluwcr stalls. Admission is
I'ice ami all are cordially invited tu
uiiii,,I uml Iii enjoy u j.l. ii Mini even
Thrashing un old dispute is as pro
ml,-, us thrashing old straw.
...   •   m.">\,    '   .1    •• ,   .
I .,.    ,|   .|\M.I Tl V
m     -/
\m.l   '■     ,       ! > '.
Unequalled Retort for Holiday, long orTtiort,
Family Rooms en suite with special rates.
Modern appointments throughout, spacious grounds, high class service at moderate rates.
Easy trail to top of Grouse Mountain, altitude 3,000 feet.
SEASON 1512 ,
Good Progress Made In
Engineering Dept.
The past woek has witnessed considerable progress Ip tba engineering department of the city which Is kept
running smoothly and successfully by
Kngineer Smith, assistant engineer West
and their force pt men.
Wurk has beon started at the new
intake and the trench for the lUim-h
wood pipo la almost completed from
Hico hike to that point. Tbis will be
llnished in about a week.
A uew 8-iuoli eaat iron pipe is being
laid on HHth and View street and will
lie the moans of providing better water
facilities to residents in Harbor View
tract and P. L. 544.
Oood progress is boing made with
the uuw 4 inch cast iron maiu on 10th
street. Twu gungs are wurking ou the
eust side of Lonsdalo and the under
taking will be an accomplished fact in
a very short whilo.
The grading of Furbcs it uuw nearly
completed to about 6lh street. Kith and
loth street grading is likewise well
under way and will be completed in
the course of a couplo of weeks.
The grading of Keith road west from
I-Tleem.lillrv   is  lllso  OII   llle   way   lllll   US
this is a considerable work tho pro
gross will not be very appareut for somu
little timo.
Midi-null,... are being laid OII iT'th
street east of tit. Qeorge's aveuoe and
an urder has been issued for the clearing out of all the lanes iu I). L. Uiii.
This work comprises a whole district
lot aud will be a big job. A start has
been made on il already.
IJucenshury avenue and the Lynn
Vulley road are being put in shape for
rocking uml macadamizing. The need
for this improvement is very apparent
te the residonts of Lyuu Valley and
the merchants of the city who bave
to muke delivery out through that sec
Thc board of works bas commenced
thc gruding of roads on Tempo Heights
I ith uud Bewicke avenue ami Muhun
ami 127th streels.
T'Iicku three works are very ueces
sary and will facilitate greatly vein
calar traffic through these purls.
I'repurutioiis huve been started for
the macadamising of Ilrd slreet from
Lonsdalo avenue to Bewicke. The whole
of this section of roud has been graded
with the exception of a small piece bo-
tween Forbes ami Mahon, this has
already been authorized uud will prub
ably be under way iu a very short time
Uooil progress is being recorded daily
un the coustructiou of trails through
Malum park. (
British Columbia and
Her Imperial Outlook
American Ownership of B. O. Natural
Hesourccs   Dangers of Oriental
Hr. Vroouiau, editor of the "British
ilolumbia Magazine," recently read a
foreefol essay before the (lulouial Institute in I.mi,tun on lhe topic "Brit
ish Ilolumbia and Hor Imperial Uut
look." Thc paper is a masterful pre
sentatiuu of the value of British Columbia tu Ihc Umpire on tho uue hand
and the dangers which beset this province un Ihc uther, and has been publish
cd in full by Thc British News uf
I'unada.    The paper is as fulluws:
linn i, Ilolumbia is the key to the
problem of Ihc New Pacific, which is
a problem of race conflict,
The greatest achievement of mind
and will in thu world has beeu too do-
\ eh,|,i,.enl uf so many uf Ihe conlinen
lul areas ot the temperate zone by the
Anglo Union race, and the establishment uf ils racial rout ideas and ideals.
But 1.1.lay uut only is our supremacy
challenged but uur tery race fibre is
Huuted when even the question is raited
as tu whether wc have the teuse to keep
what nur forbears had tbe nerve to get.
Tbe cutting of the 1'anaina Canal
and Ihc awakening of Asia, 1 heard
1'rufesaor llerbertton say, will exercise
a prufounder inUueiice upuu the dot lb
nies uf mankind than the discovery of
America by Columbus. The cutting of
lhe canal is bound lo hasteu tbe ulher
aud greater movement, probably to
speedy wurld catastruphe.
There Is no part of the world which
will be Influenced mors profoundly by
the new movements on the Pacific
Ocean than British Columbia, and Can
ada aud tbe Umpire through British
Must of tbo good harbors on the
North Ami-riean roast are in British
Columbia, Tbey aro inuuuiorablo aud
Indeed, practically tho whule 7,000-
milc coast of the mainland, excepting
possibly 100 miles, ll ono vast laud
locked harbor, and the itlandi will
furnish more wlujn wanted. And every
mile of this coaat line ia rebut cd to the
Panama Canal, New Alia and tho New
Give* Oreat Advantage       «
Tbe canal is turning attention to our
harbon aa outlet! tot the Increasing
output of grain /torn the western half
Rooming Howie or Office*
Pq tha Uppor Floor of tha
KNIGHT BLOCK, Eiplanade Weit
rtXtfVI WMI |
.     Wide Entrance and will lighted Hallway
For particulars apply to
London & British North America Company, Limited
(Mahon, McFarland k Procter, LU.)
643 Faadat Street Wait
(Phouo Seymour 8886, Mental Department)
of tlie Canadian prairies, it is said
that it will practically halve the pros
out freight rato botween Vancouvor
ami the ports of tho British isles. We
can now consider Vancouver as an outlet toward Europe and the Atlantic
coast for Alberta wheat, liven now,
with the present excessive rutes over
the Itockies, wheat may be shipped in
winter from Calgury tu Liverpuol more
cheaply than by tbe all rail ruute to
Bt. John, Now Brunswick. The winter
rates to Llvorpool are four tenths of
a ceut per bushel in favor qf Vancouver
from Calgary. Tbe Eastern route is
blocked by ice live months iu the yoar.
The British Columbia route is open
tweh'e months iu the year. The Panama Canal will givo the decided ad
vantage to Vancouver ull the year
From Calgary to the head of navigation un Luke Superior (Fort Willium) is 1,2110 miles. From Calgary
to tho I'nrt of Vancouver is till miles.
It is now generally believed iu the
West by Ibe shipping people that Van
couver will be the shipping port for
Ihc wheat of Alberta and western Mas
kalcbewaii destined for F.uropu uud
the southern i-i.u,.,
New markets will be found ou tbe
Atlantic for British Columbia lumbor
ami paper. This new large demand will
increase the price. But the saving uf
freight is an enormous item.
Tbu present freight rates froin
Vaueouver to Liverpool ure sixteen
dollars per 1,1100 feot. Thu canal will
give British Culumbiu a rate uf uboul
eight dollars per 1,000 feet. This dii
fcreuce per 1,000 will udd lo the value
of British Columbia timber destined
fur Europe. The illimitable resources
of the Province will be upeued up, de
velopod und ut-Jued ut home ur ship
ped abroad. The value uf every tuwu
lol ami uf every acre uf laud of the
:i!)(i|iiut) square miles of Ihe Province
will be grcully enhanced; town sites
will be hewed out of the forests, und
the forests themaelves—evory stick uf
wood of their 182,0011,000 acres of foresl
and woodland-will bu increased in
alue directly by reason of cheaper
sbippiug aloue tu the extent of several
lollars per 1,1100 feet; and in the items
uf lumber and wuod pulp aloue the
I'm,an,a Canal will make as a free
gift lo British Columbia considerably
mure thuu the United States is spend
ing un the whule canal,
Tho mines, uf British Culumbiu,
whicii have already produced uver
£70,01111,1100, will leap forward with re
uewed prosperity. Her lisberies,
which have produced £111,000,0110, will
be more extensively developed und, let
us hope, be made again a British
asset—siuce they are wholly iu the
hands of the Japanese, wliu uut ouly
send tlieir earnings home tu Japan
but aru criminally wasteful iu tbeir
methods. The coal depusils uf thc
Pruviuce, which promise tu be thc
must uitensive iu the world, will, with
immense deposits of iron, be opened
to Ihc world's markets.
It ii said that the coal fields of one
small district iu the Kuuleuay are
capable uf yielding 10,000,000 tons uf
oal a year for uver 7,000 years, and a
new diatrict has been discovered with
in a twelve month which the provincial iniuurulugiat tuld me on Christ
mas Kve was llie most important oeo
iiomic discovery ever made in Britiih
Culuinhia, where there are known tu
be 1,000 sijuare miles ot tbe besl of
anthracite and which is probably the
richest known authracile district in
Iho New Wurld west uf Pennsylvania.
The country is niouaced in twu
Jircctious. Anglo tfuxuns have been
loo comfortably enacouod iu Ibe luxu
riei of the slut us ijuo. British Col-
umbia is threatened by Auioricau
ownership and Asiatic overfluw.
British Columbia ii a vast neglected opportunity. You bave nu idea uf
tbe wealth which is being alieuated to
tbe moro alert aud appreciative Yankee. Ile, nt least, is alive to tho op
portuujlies of the New Wurld. It
doei not matter io much that you are
willing to sit bere waiting for 4 per
cent.—if you liko tbat sort of tbing—
and where your money ia doiug nothing particularly toward the building of
Empire. If it doei not interest you
that io many American! are doubling
their money in a year—two yoars—in
British Columbia, there ia a political
aspect of this matter which iomo day
will im en-si yon.    '
You, no doubt, have been congratulating yourselves upon a narrow escape
frpm Americanization in a recent vote
on reciprocity. Tbu dangers of the
Anierieiini.Titiiiu of Canada do not Iiu
so much in a freer trade betwoon north
und south of tho American Contiueut
as in tho matter of who uwna Can
ada. Thu peril does not lio in trade
but in ownership, tor you may rest
assured that the peoplo who own a
country will rule it.
The Yankee is not the ouly une
whu has discovered British Columbia,
but Ureat Britain is abouj tlio only
country which has not. Alas, even
the Asiatic has found us out. And
this means that wo aro face to face
with a now poril of uo uncurtain
The one all absorbing muvumeiit of
the world today] is Asia redivivus,
the iluuie,hai,, issues of which aru involved in the Japanese programme.
Let no ono think that it will bu less
al.ua,ii,,: when China has found hor
programme. But that is another ipies
tiou for uunl Ii.i duy.
The vital world-issue of today, now
especially on the Pacilic, is thu Japan
ese programme of Asiatic Imperialism:
Asia ami the American Hemisphere
ami the Pacilic Ocean fur the Japan
ese. It is becausu the Chinese ami
Japanese are so great that wu uo
longer dure consider them negligible.
Wlm hus nol beeu moved'to BOUiothiug
moro Ihun admiration by Hie lofly pu
triolism of Ihu Tapani.-, I Aud whu
has nut felt the ache ol sorrow thut
we Anglo Saxons do not seem to be
able to ciuuluto tbcm!
1 um for iny uwti race ami kiu ami
the ideals and institutions of my own
nice ami kiu; and I am uut Inclined
lu apologize fur it—but fur thusu who
In the greul world issues of the twou
imii century, the fundamental ami
unchanging dividing line lies between
thu peoples uf the Last ami tliu puu
pies of tho West.
It is uur profound desire in British
Columbia to live in peace and eoucord
wilh uur tieighbnrs ucruss the Pacilic.
But this result must surely may lie
brought ubuut if we refraiu from uuy
attempt lo colonize Japan, and if Japan
refrains from any further encroach
incut on the American llcuii.tdwre.
Every self goveruiug colouy outer
nun, the reasonable desire lhat its
immigrant! shuuld lie such as cau be
welded iulu a boiuogcucous political
ami economic and, abuve all, sucial uni,
11 bus the right tu deny access lu an
alien ami uuussimilablu race.
One of thu numbers iu tbu new Jap
am'.-.■ world programme is tho uccopa
tion of British Columbia. Our prov
nice ia becoming Orientalised, and one
of uur important ijuestiuns is whether
it is to remain a British province or
become au Orieutal colouy—for we
have three races demaudiug souls iu
oor drawing room as wull as plates al
our bourd -the Jajiancac, Chinese and
Must Indian.
According lo tbe Assessment Com
missiouer several years ago nearly an
eighth of the jiopulatiou uf Vancouver
was Oriental, with that of the New
Westminster district larger. But tbo
Orientals are practically all male adults.
If they had their families wilh them
their iiuinl,ers would have beeu abuut
live tiiuei aa great, ami thii wuuld rep
resent permanent population; and this
wuold huie given uver half the popula
tion of Vancouver aa Oriental, whilo
giving one Orieutal male adult to overy
threo aud a half whites of tho male
adult population of tbo province. Ten
years agu tbe fisheries of British Columbia wero iu tbe hands uf about 10,000
native Canadian! uf Brilisb Columbia.
Nuw tbere are 10,000 Japanese and
loudly a white man in the trade.
Thu fifty dollar prito offered by tho
Grand Trunk Pacific for tho first child
born io I'riuce Bupert baa beeu given
to a Japanese.
It is imposaible to ovor estimate the
mumentoui.nature of tbii iuue—fint,
to Britiih Columbia to whom, it il io
immediately a vital iuue; iccond, to
Canada -whicii .lupun ii cooly occupying unbidden and unwelcome—('anada,
a prey to tbo disloyalty of a few un
patriotic manufacturers and corpora
lions, which will have cheap labor at
tho price of Canadian homob(uoity;
third, to Croat Britain—which haa
given away without recompense her
poiition aad prestige in the Pacific
and the twentieth century—it giving
away her commerce aod shipping In
China and allowing the loyalty pt lu
dla tc be undermined—giving away the
Continued on page 7, co|. 3
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It will pay you to put a card io this column
Fae|no gateways of Canada pf which
she and Canada will spnio 'day need,
whoso key she ia just now handing
over to Japan.
•Iniiuii has decided that white compel iiiun sball bo driven out of Asia
and off the Pacific, but alio had already driven the yo)|ow wedge jn many
places into the Atnoricau Hemisphere
from Alaska to Cape Horn. She denies u|l for, ignors the rights of laud
tenure iu Japan and yet ihe demands
the right of tbe Japanese to own lund
pp (lip North American Continent.
Japan will not allow a foreigner tu
own or even work a iniiie in Japan,
but slip unreasonably demands for tho
Tapan, ,c tlie right to work iu the mines
nnd tu -own and exploit the mines uf
Canada and the United States—one
smull syndicate uf coolies liaviug now
pn",c,mua of a copper initio iu British
Columbia worth nearly u million
If Japan wunts something on the
American Continent, Canuda und thu
United Slates must give it, If Canada
and the United States want something
in .lupun, Korea or Manchuria, it is
inimicalilu to the interests of dapun
and thuy cannot have it.
Lo, and behold, peoples uf the Brit
ish stock—to Japan belongs thu ex
elusive policy of exclusiuul
Soriously, is it not time we stopped
this iiiiin.cn.Tef Really, it is quite
uureasuuuble, und it is not a fair pru
pusitiuu. But il will nut be stupped
liy Natal Acts, nor by the patriotic
selflessness of I.undoii liiiau.ciers, or
British Columbian Corporation! willing
tu sell Ihc Kmpire of the future for
the cheaper lubor uf today. There is
u remedial measure which hus bccil
entirely overlooked. Let the Anglo-
Saxon peoples adopt the whole Japan
ese policy of exclusion. Let' Canada
ami Australasia aud the United Statos
as regards Ihc disabilities uf foreigners,
re enact the laws of Japan,
Wc must llll up the empty areas of
AngloSuxuu  preemption.
Wc must i mn um ii-1 once mure the
Pacilic Ocean.' That means we musl
have once more u world uavy,
It seems imperative that these two
measures be uduptcd ut uuce as nun
partisan, patriotic measures of Imperial
politics. Filling au empire us well as
defending uu empire is the duty uud
should he the p.nljcy of empire.
An imperial policy of migration is
the next duties uf Westminster because
it is uuu uf the must urgent needs uf
the British race. The'nlt-or miss moth
ods we have been pursuing arc wholly
inailci|uule lu meet tbe crisis al hand
A real imperialism means, if anything,
a planning uml ruling mind. If you do
nut Illi up yuur colonies und yourself
ilevclup their resources they arc lust,
and if Ihey aro lust yuu are lost. You
cannol Iill up these colonics by telling
the helpless individuals win, belong tu
our race uml blood, and who su deeply
ni'ed what we have lu ulfer Ihem, tu
pull themselves up by their bunt straps.
An imperial policy must rccuguizu the
obvious sulutiuu uf Iwu greul problems,
the une ut home uml the other ubruud,
liy relieving thc congestion ol human
ity here lo occupy uml utilize the kiisI
lug opportunity yonder.
Fur some yeurs I have beep making
a study uf Canada, north and wcsl,
with its resources, and especially its
economic geography—which means, of
cuursc, a study uf Ihc lunil with rcf
creuce to its human interest. I am
trying lu lind uut whul this country
may mean lo our race in its future development.
Canada, north und wcsl, coutalus uu
urea of 'arable land, reckoned ou a
wheal growing basis, with a wheat
climate, whieh will fall not far under
Are the right kind of thlngi whon they sell tha gooda. It la tha facta about
tbe quality of our gooda in the way of FUBNIITUBE, OAEPETS and
OBOOKESY, and the facta about the low prices and the ipcclal prices on
theie goodi that win favor among our cuatomera.
Hero are some facta for you to profit by:
OHILDBEN'B PUSH 0ABT8, special prlca 13.00
A large shipment Juat received.  All the rage
MEAT SAFES .' $8.00
MBAT SAFB8, large else '. 13.64
BOYAL OAK DBE88ER8, witb bevelled plate mirror I8J50
Complete for IIM
MATTING MATS, 8x6...86c
MATTINO MATS, 3x6...40c
a limited number only, g8.no
In our Crockery Department
TUMBLEBS, per dOS 60c
dos 60c
128 -Lonsdale Ave. PhoM,M North Vancouver
an area twice as large us that which
furnishes all |be wheat grown iu the
world tpday.
Ouu fundamental principle mind remain, as fhe basis of overy political
arrangement—the people pf auy part
of the pmpiro will have tu settle who
shull and wlto shall uot bo admitted
to share the riches and blessings of
tboir homo domain on the baaia »of the
indisputable right of self dofenso.
These peoplo must decido what races
shall ho admitted withiu tboir gates
who have got tp live with thorn.
We iu British Culumbiu huvu determined thut so far as we can accomplish
it the Pacilic Ocean muat be a white
man's ocuuii. Tho Western Hemisphere
niust.be a white man's hemisphere.
We must commund Puce more the
l'acillc seas, and if we do this we musl
bavo nn. i- mure u Pacilic navy. If
Westminster declines to rehabilitate
our liuvul buses un the I'ueilie Ocean—
uud ut least ouu of these must be in
British Culumbiu—and if we leave the
police patrol of Pacilic waters, with
its new trade routes, ils new harbors
ami its new commerce, iu the nuvy of
un alien race we aro making u mortul
There is unly ouo thing which is
keeping Canada from being overrun
by Asiatics is tho prestige of Ureal
Britain. The unly thing which is hold;
ing up thc prestige of Croat Britain is
the liritish Navy. Arc sume uf uur
"Kittle Kuglund" friends talking of u
ruliu uf three tu twul Wc shall du
mighty well, with all wu have in baud,
if we gel un with less thun three tu
The time hus come for the whule
Kmpire tu eu upcratc in uu imperial
naval programme. Wc in Canada arc-
not duiug uur share. Su far uur i.dforts
have been a travesty, and some of us
ure ashamed. Vou can't have u big
nation withput sume little peuple. Such
ure not Kmpire builders. They ure
The must uf us want tu do our pari
iu Canada, If uut, ut leust a lirilisli
trail which is willing tu take sellish
and uufair udvuutuge uf Imperial necessity and its back ami suy lu the
cuunlry which lius mothered us with
su much line uud cunsidcrutiuu:. "Wc
won't do anything further because you
can't do anything else," If we in
Canada ure worthy of being the nation
wo talk su much abuut we will respond tu the instinct of tiublesse ub
lige, We will decide ut ouce whether
wu arc dependent uu the Empire ur u
partner in the Kmpire. We want a
British nuiy un the l'acillc euust uf
North America, un imperial navy ami'
not a colonial nuvy. The lime hus
conic fur I'umidu to shoulder her I,in
dens and assume the tusks ul' wurld ,
empire or do less talking about being
a nutiou. Our strength and usefulness
in the future uml uur iulliicucc upon
tin' world will depend upon nor liein^
ii self supporting, sell' depi'iiiliuii, self
del'eiidiiig purl of thai greal unit
the world empire ul' lhe l.ntish race.
British t'ulumbia is the index linger!
ul' Ihc lirilisli Empire    But lliut is the
linger which is being pinched between|
the dour aud the jamb.    The situatiuu I
tuduy is nut hopeful.    Vuu huie ulian {
dulled uue ul  Ihe best hurliur defenses
in the Kuipirc al  Esquimau, und yuu
haie   withdrawn  your  licet   from   uur,
hemisphere.    Vou  lune lefl  os lu Ihc
lender mercies ul yuur ultruistic ally,I
imir little browu brother, whu has al i
ready learned to crowd British citizens
ull' our uwn sidewalks  with  impunity
iulu British mud.
Shuuld ypu got inlu triiublo over
hero, and if Japan becomes aggressive
pvpr there und sho is far tpp uggros
livo oven while yen aro hath sitting
iimiciibly under tlm umbrella pf your
ill-filled  nllilllice    then-  is  lull  Opp  re
cuursc—fpr British Cp|umbia tp look
to Wall street fpr protection (I have
not forgotten tbat Wasblugtpn was
ence tbo capital of tbo Unitod States),
ami sometimes wo niay huvo to say to
the great Americau Syndicate: "Came
pvpr inlu Macedonia and help us."
We in British Columbia aro thp British Empire ou the northern New Pacific.
With nothing but salt water and u
fortnight between their purls uud uurs,
we, in uur urcu uf neurly 400,111111 square
miles, aud with u pupulutiun not much
larger thun the city of Seattle, are
faco to face with as many people-
more Ihun bulf of the humnii ruce—
us live ou the whule American Cuntiii
cut nurlh uf the Biu llrumle. These
countless hordes ure Icurning thc use
uf the, Western equipment, Thu must
ef Ihem ure willing lu work, uml work
uver huurs, fur something like sixpence
a day. They are thrifty, Imitative,
ii.n,I-,, disciplined uml ellicient,
With their present pupulutiun, ami on
the basis uf the Herman conscription,
Ihey euuld put u lighting furcc uf 811,
000,000 men upun the Held ef war, Ami
when |hcy ure no longer coolies, but
skilled laborers, which is the Inevitable
dealing uf Ihc Asiatic, they will organize U Illllllllll,lliu,m, husl uf indus
triul wurkurs whicii, by sheer weight
uf numbers ami cheapness, will over
bear und breok down the while man's
standard of living and bring ruin upon
Western Industry.
I bring you tidings from the watch-
towers of yuur imperial uutpust uu lhe
Nurth I'ueilie. There ure red lights uu
the seu where the suu sets.
M ,\Ill-sin OP COM. Jll.M.M.
lllllll I.ATKINS
(luul million rights ol tile Dominion
In Munltubu, Suskatchcwun und Albor-
a. llio Yukon Territory, Ihc Norlti-wcil
Territorial und In u portion ot the province uf liritish Culumbiu, may bo leased fur a term uf twenty-one yoan at
an annual rental of |1 un ucre. Not
more Ihun 2,880 acres will be leased to
one iipi'li' .mi
Application for a lease moil hu mado
by the applicant In person lo the Agent
ur Sob-Agent of the district In which
thc rights applied tor aro situated
tn aui-vcyed territory tho land must
he described by scctluns. or legal lub-
dlvlslons of 1','iTii'i" und In unsurvey-
.1 territory the truct applied for ihall
be siulmI uut Py thu uppllcant lilin-
ll.uil application must he uccumpan-
Icii by a lev ot ft, which will bo refunded If the iIniiin uppilcd for uro not
avallalilti, bul nol uttiorwlio. A roy-
ulty ali.Tl be paid uu the merchantubU
output uf the mlno ut the rute of Ave
cents tier tun
The person opcrulliiu Ihu mine shall
furnish llu Agent wllh sworn  returns
un "' i,   fur   thu  full  >|ii.iiiliv    of
 , i .,::hit'   cuul mined unil pay the
ruyutty thereun If Ihc cuul mining
tights ure not being unciulcd. such returns should be fui in; I" T ut leust uncc
u yeur
The lose will Include the cuul mining
rights unl), but Hie lessee muy bo permitted ti purchale whatever available
sin face lights may be considered necessary fur the working of lhe mine al
lhe rule  if ll" un acre.
For full lnl,'i iiuiil"!, nppllcallun
should be maiie lu the secretary ef Iho
Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or
to uny an,nl oi Sub-Agent uf Dominion
w. w. cony,   ,
In I'm, Minister of thc Interior.
N    H    i i... 11111 ■■ 11... I   publication   of
this   advertisement   will   not   bo   puld
for, 88-1
Delightful   Costumt   ef
White Lac. Qvir Blank.
In ull i '"miii, Ash fur uor Inventor's Adviser. Maiion & M ii Ion. 884
University Street, curner Ht. Catherine
Btreet, Aluntreul. (.'unudu, ahd Washington, ii. a, u.». a.
Daddy's Bedtime
The Little Fruit
People and Their
Qyeer Parade
Daddy Hid a Dull
ALL the pretty greet leaves wero out on tbe trees, and mauy of lbc earlier
(lowers were In full bloom, delighting those little folks who, like Jack
L and Evelyn, lived near enough to the wuods to gu out every day to
pick them.
"Tho lowers ure no doubt charming, but Ibcro arc olher thinga a coming,"
chanted daddy ua be climbed tbo slain with tbe children. "If you ire very,
rery good tonight I'll tell you what 1 dreamed.
"Well, I wus Just abutting my eyes for forty wlnka. I had been reading a
hook, and perhaps It wos u tilde dull.
"And suddenly I found myself lu tbe mldat of a road, a charming road,
wllh fresh green gran giuwlnv un each ilde of It and wltb Jolly flower facet
peeping over tbe tups of rustic fences.
"Wbat waa my emprise lu hear u band of music, snd is 1 turned a corner
I inw a procession coming toward me.
"At the bend of It waa quite the funniest band I bare ever seen. Thc drum
major waa a big fat crow, und behind bim wltb trumpets and drums and til
tho other Inatrumcnta which a brass band abould bave cams a company of
birds. There wai tbe bluebird and the robin aod Ibe thruib and the catbird,
the blackbird, thc vireo, the (onager, (be checwlnk and many olber feathered
frlenda of the garden and Iho Uelda. Tbey looked so funny puffing away ai
tbe horns that I stood at tbe side uf the road nnd ilnred.
"After tbe brass bend bud strutted by n company of tht Jollleit little cherries I ever hope to aee came hupping along .On their items. They wore-funny
cocked bate mode of cherry leaves, >
"After (hem come a regiment of applea and tben ona of peacbee til another of peara.
"The procession dwindled away to little fellows Ilka blackberries, and Ihere
seemed to be an endless number of these. When tho blackberries were poat
the raspberries awept by, and then tbere were huckleberries, and when the
elderberries cuuie bobbing by I exclaimed!
" 'Id the name of common tense, wbo nnd what ara they?1
" 'Why. dou't you know)' a little buttercup replied, primly pushing her bead
over the fence. 'They are nice new fruit fo, jack and Bvelyn harrying to their
placei pn the trees In tbr orchard.'
"And (ben I suppose I shouldn't bave done It, for It spoils the atory, bat I
iiugbed rlgbt uut loud, and tbe pretty road and tbe procession and ererytblug
vanished away, und I waa back In (he ilttlng room with n dull book on my lap
Bul, nave; you mind, I think tbot/rult ta on Ita way to ua, and aome morning
wo may waka up and find it on (he treat." '
___ , 1—«	
cluht Ltoa ind nuoi onirrott uodel.
Real cluny luce over black cblffoa
makea un effective contrast wltb tbe
black chiffon bodice over wbltc, nnd
tbe halt tones thuu produced are nol
too sharp for barmouy.
Sucb u .loco aud cblffoa bodice accompanies tbe delightful cout and skirt
suit Illustrated ul black cbarioeuse.
Black satin buttoned boula ure tbe
nutty foutwear woru.
Lighting thl Summir Cettigi.
In the iiinii'-. ol lighting It la only
tbo cutnpurutlvel; rich country boms
that li equipped with electricity, and
■o oven tbe most civilized of inhabit
ants will fall buck upou candles aud
oil lamps One of tbo very guod Ideas
of Uie year Is n lump, for eltber oil or
electricity, In wicker to match tbo furniture, nnd every slzo and shape may
be fbund Any model, too, amy be Imitated In tbo particular color-gray,
green, bruwn. bluu of wbat nut ul
your reed cbalra and tables.
Tbcu tbere Is n eupital fad at tht
present moment (or utilizing vnsca aa
lumps Either a rase sbuped lump
may be bought, or a Uuu specimen of a
Cblnese Jug mar be ordered iitiiiu
im un il. or some vase of which you sni
especially foud, but for which you have
no particular use, muy be given a new
lease of life by inning a lamp ottscb-
ment adjusted fur a email amount
Tbe ibadc lu this case la uiunlly ot
wicker or a light material, lined wllh
silk or cretonne to correspond wilb tba
colur aciietiiu of Ibo room. Tho lumps
aro very aid and uttractlvo nnd quite
novel, It Is the custum to huve the
cretonne wltb which a room Is decorated mude up lm ' lamp and candlt
ibedci fur lbe country borne.
Simple Gown In One Picci Effect
Striped lawn Is the material uaed lu
Ihia charmingly simple summer moru
la sTBirtu law».
tag gown which Is trlpiuied wilb blah
lace In long Unci, Bodice and skirt
trt Joined and the dress la eaay to slip
an and off.
8foitid Muslin Popular.
Than la a iiiin-c In tbt auoitntr toilet
ytar after ytar fur aputted moillm
litre wt havt a fabric Ihut baa never
Men so peat a tarorlte among women
that It becamo commonplace In their
estimation. Modest and demure It la,
bat withal very charming
Thtrt trt dainty while mutllna with
colored rostbudi and green leavea ecat-
tered over tht nirfejce. and thtrt art
ethers' spotted with white that art
glytn colored borders in tbt delicate
summer afaadet tbat are siwtyl de-
agbt/ul, tht pale blot, (ire clear pink,
UU soft mauve and grttn etudes
.  ■
Items of Interest
■Mr. A, Cavius is making his home
d58 ISth street west.
Mr, J. Jr- Yackel is taking up bis residence at 883 Keith Koad east.
Mr. A. 0. Kirliiiesii is moving into
his new home, 831 17tb stroet east.
Miss M. llitlel returned to Everett,
Wash,, ufter spending a very pleasant
vacation on tbe north shore.
tiles In mickm'sn uu tlio part qf Ills soil
us the euiisu of bla oarly return hoinc.
Tlte death occurred tbis week of Mrs
11, Cllioti of Capilano. Deceased was a
iiiiiii;; woman ami leaves a husband
in iiiniirn her loss.
Capl, James V. Martin ami Miss Lily
Irvine will .liTiiiiiii.tmio the use uf thu
latest type of Hying machine tomorrow
iilTcrnooii al Minimi i'urk.
Mr. and Mrs. II. M. l'ruiilt ami fain
ily  left  on   Wednesday   ou  a    three
niuiillis' visit with i,inii,,',, uml friumls
in Winnipeg and Toronto.
The Rev. Principal Mackay pf Westminster Hall will take the mnriiing
service noil Sunday at 11 o'clock In
St. Andrew's 1'reibyterlan church. The
minister, Rev. Ronald Macleod, will
preach In the evening.
The Union Steamship Company's boat
"iiiHvichun" will leave the Wallace
ways this ovening, having lunl new
nil burners installed. The "Comox"
owned by tlio same company will go on
the ways to be generally overhauled
gml painted. The SS. "Venture" win
alsu uuilorgo a like treatment.
Mill Cordelia Oryils, a I,on,Ion singer
and teacher, well known iu Vancouver,
and Victoria, is aponiiiiig a week or twu
ul the North Vaiicuuver hotel to visit
some of the beauty sputs of tbe nor
Ihem side. Hbo is so delighted with the
scenery to lie found within easy reach
uf the iiiinui.n ear-lines lbat ibe is
thinking uf Inciting un this side iu the
full and opening a vucul stuiliu here.
The lire brigade frnm No. 3 flr'u hall
were called opt' tu extinguish a built
Ait in the vicinity pf 3lst and Laraon
Road yesterday. Fortunately there were
po liuuses near uml after au hour's
work the firo was put under fantral.
About 1100 feet pf hoso.wore run mil,
v\ bile the powdei ti .nne stood iu tbu
most danger ilu,i mi a positMlitj' pt
ijiu i.re jpfead-nl lu winch a number
pf houses would havt come within the
danger sons.
Thu Nurlh Vuncouver city band, de
spilu Iheir strenuous labor all day al
Iho K, I'. 1'icnic ut Uowc'ii Island, gave
uu excellent concert in Victoria 1'ark'
thai evening, Wednesday.
Mr. J.C. Wood, of lhe Jrui of Woud
I'uige Shoe Co., is the proud possessor
ut' it luiliy daughter. The little stranger
arrived un August 6th. Mutbcr ami
child uru .i.ni.f splendidly.
Mr. uud Mrs. W. Hrookes, who, dur
ing the lasl fortnight bave been the
puesls of Mr. and Mrs. A. I. Anders,
nih street west, returned ou Tucsdey
night tu Iheir home in Auburn, Wash.
('apt. Chas. Cates ami sun, Charles,
returned yesterday from a short trip
lo Mull Lake City. The captain all rib
illevcti tenders were upeued ut lasl
evening's mealing uf the district mini
cil for the grading of section 1 and
section 3 of the Keith Hoad blast. They
were laid over fur consideration.
, , 9 ■
Heun tmuiHi;
Tho not weekend cruise of the
Nurth Vancouver Vaelil Club will take
place on August lilh when u large turn
out of the-club's bouts ure expected.
The run will be lo Snug Cove and ilu
wen Island,
Owing lu the fact of not having a
permit entitling bur to teach iu Nurlh
Vuncuuver, tbe school board this week
rceeiveil lhe resignation uf Miss liar
iii-on nnd ' iiiiiiiiiii.I the appoint incut ul
Miss  ..iioTlioii.no to take her place.
Mr. V. T. Salsbury, witli tlio other
iiiiiiiiiii.. of the committee on arrange-
monts are already getting thipgs under
way looking to tlio annual convention uf the Hioiheihiiiiil which will be
held in iin- city some time in November.
The committee will bold its lirst mooting un Tuesday next.
Do You Want to WORK lor Your Money, or
Do You Want Your MONEY to Work (or You?
The fullowlng are moneymakers
Lousdale Avenue  (Weat Bide -Inside city limits.   3b feet, at 13,000.00.
Out third caah.
Lousdale Aveuue (But Bide) —W feet, at 11,660.00.   U60.no cash, bal
ance 6, 13 and 18 mouths.   '
Ottawa Oardsua—One lot for 13,000.00.   One third caah.
We reipictfully solicit listing! of your property.
Phone 463 V. 0. Box 1397
Messrs. .1. 1'. Crawford aud II. Hum
ncr arrived in tuwu this murniug ufter
a must exciting trip duwu from Totodu
Inland It seems thul iu passing tiiruugh
it narrow pluee lhe current swept the
craft'under ■> reef uf rucks which .lam
ap, .1 the deck rather budly. When Ihey
gut her off the rucks ami wpre preparing to start her engines Iho gasoline
cuugll! lire und Ihey had a haul lime
lo extinguish the ihun,'.
A pretty wedding luuk plueu ill this
city nn August lilh when two of Norlh
Vancouver'! pupulur yuung peuple were
united in the huly bunds uf matrimony,
Thu contracting parties were Miss But-
ma Iiiiiiiiiii Ilrown, duughler of Mrs. i
I,iiiiiiiu Ilrown nl   llllh street, ami Ih
late   I).  C.  1 .iiu.iiii Ilrown,  (TK,  and
Mr. Morton I,. Ranoy.
The ceremony wus performed by the
llev. .1. K. I'nsworth iu lhe presence of
a few of the iiilnnule friends of the
youug couple. Mr. uud Mrs. Huney Intend mukiug their home iu Nurth Vuu
cuuver after onJoying u shurl honey
moon I rip.
Following is' the iiiiiiilhly statement
f  trallic   receipts  fur  tin-  mouth   uf
July 11113, fur the N. V. Cily Ferries
Limited: *   *
Single ur return tickets ....     $3040.00
6 for 86c     41135.1111
llil for ll.OD      600.(10
80 fur UM      3130.00
Monthly  passes           .10.00
Vehicle   tickets        16113.50
Freight receipts        367.50
Cash  fares, enmisissiuns   ....        10.35
Rents, advertising receipts etc      431.06
11110, gl0263.ini.
11111, ♦I5IIHII.H6.
No Iron Can Do Your
Ironing Quite so Well as
Ia us show you why
Two styles, $4.50 and $4.75
I .< onomicil and has llie manufacturers' five year guarantee.
Patterson & Goldie
Phone 88
105-7 Esplanade Wesl
Special for a Few Days
TBIPLB OOBNBB on lath.Street. Site 810 feet by  167.     Price,
♦ 1660. Terms two caab, t, II aad 18 month.
We bave only a few lote*now left ia 784-e beautiful boouite witbiu
two blocka of Lonsdale Avenue for 8>3TO. Termi »V0 raja, 6, 13
aad 18 montbi. •*
If you have a houie to Bent, er /or Sale kindly give ui a liming
10* MPLAJf ADB (OUD VOWt 017101)
nm m v.o.nt mu
A desperate liglil fnr supremacy i'uul
liiein cl Wedneiday ut I p.m. and lasted
cuiilinuuuil) until 4 u'cluck lhe ful
Inning (Thunday) between ihe lire
brigade frum Nu. ll (ire hall uml a rug
iug linii lire which originated near the
corner uf If If I and Muud) avenue and
c.Miiiili'd uver iu llu- vicinity ul tin
eily ipiarry where uver a hall Inn uf
puwilcr is ilored fur use there.
Owing In Ihe distance from uny hy
ii.mi uver 1500 feel uf hose lind li be
strung uul and uf a cuii."ci|Uelire the
piessure wus not gnul enough. A
waguii und I cum nus hint hand) lu
the supply uf puwder durmp Hi" whole
nf Ihc twelve huurs in ease uf need.
The lire men huwever, succeeded in
getting the upper nil"' at au early
ti - .ii r und wer,- able lo return tu Ihe
hall al 4 iu Ihc muni'i. leaving the
die well ellingulibeit
The diitrict council meeting last
evening was devoid of apy very particular business.- The reeve presided with
the fu|l board present With the excepting of Coun, Ward. Under the bead
of correspondence the fnllpwing was
read t
In reply tu a notification from the
city clerk of a couforence at tbe city
bgll noxt Wednesday to consider a pro
i'ttiii Ifor the roceptlou of the Duke apd
llucliosa of Ciinnaught lleuve May aud
Couu. iti,i,'uuin wore appuiutod.
Mr. S. Humphrey submitted an ac
count of $l.mi for repairing wltidow
broken by a stunu blasted at the ipiarry.
it was referro tu the onginoer with
power to act.
Mr. J. A. Oiler of Woodlands suggested to the couucil that a water ru
cord bo placed oui Allan creek which
runs highur llirough Woodlands. The
writer slated that there were numbers
of bouses , "ii ti inTi',1 ut that place recently and inure were in cuntemplutiuti.
It was.referred to tho water committee.
Win, Peres ut Capilano mado application for the pusitiuu uf caretaker uf
tliu new Hro ball there. It was referred
lu the lire committee,
Martin I.. Miller asked the diatrict
tu use its influence with tbo city to
repair the sidewalk leading frnm SI
.Inhti 's college lu the Lynn Valley ltd
The lotter will be forwarded to tho
Mr. D. i i mc ""ne a district puwder
iuuu, nsked that his wages be increased
lu $11.60 a day. This was referred tu the
engineer, also au application from T.
Thompson, engiueer of the steam wagon
at thu ipiarry fur an inereaso.
Thc Lynn Valley Athletic assueiatiun
made a strung appeal to the council
tu get busy on the recreation grounds
!n I.mu   Valley.
Tne ii..,n iiiiinii has nuw reached lhat
stage uf perfection when u place uf
recreation is urgently needed. The mat
ler wus referred lo the purks committee
fur immediate uttention.
A collective cumulative bylaw lu
consolidate certain locul improvemenl
debentures was introduced and passed
three readings.
S, & W. THAN
BY     •
paine & McMillan
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
Too Late to Classify
A  guod  route  buy  wauled   fur Ihc
Kxprcss. Apply ul this ulliee.
According to a resolution pussed at
the ilislriet council meeting last evening
the financial cud of the North Vuncuu
ver geuerul hospilui will frum uuw on
be carried by the district cuuucil
uml Mr. Hnili.,',, the treasurer, will acl
uh bookkeeper of lhat institution un
behalf of lhe council.
Inlil recently Ihc financing uf Ihe
liuapital was llurnc eipially by the cily
and ilislriet cuuucili, bul when tbe city
withdrew its aid the district fuund it
impossible lu cut away iu tne same
way and accurdiugly mads an investiga-
tiuu inlu the ulfairs uf the buspital
with a view to continuing ils suppuil.
The gratifying reperl relurued by llic
hospital committee resulted in a recom
men.luiiun tu the cuuucil that it take
ou the iin.ii i ml end frum nuw uu aud
until uther arrangements aro made.
Having so mauy man working thu coun
cil find,, it next tu cumpulsury lu have
sume place tu lake the injured ami by
interesting itself in Ihe huspilal a place
is always ready fur the reception uf
these patients.
liOST—1'arcijl of valuublu linen,
I .vnn Vulley uu Queuusbury (load, lie
turn to 11. I'igut, eor. St. Patrick's uiul
1st slreet. lteward. - 16 fi
Ileal ITTiiic Brokers lake notice that
lot 7, Slock Ul, I). I.. 6611 is ufa* the
market. Mrs. Angus McLean. Hill
In cut
ply Wagliurne,
ley, or Kxpress
ouicrly atope couohi. cuaaa cou>a,
Mlata THt THaoar tuo whom, aa cunt
Geo. Somerton
Some Everyday
Drug Prices
i ■ •
% «
Wood-Paige Shoe Co.
PUe M3 Mount Crown Block, Opp. City Hall
EnosSalt  75c
Zambuk 35c
Allenbury's Food  -, 85c
Allenbury's Food, No. 3 ,....55c
Pink Pills ;...,..35c
Peroxide, per Ib 65c
Cbticura Soap 25c
Baby's Own Soap 3 for 25c
Anti-Colic Nipples 5c each
Absoihenl Cotton , 35c |b.
We have constantly in stock a complete stock of
Bed Pans, Douche Pans, Hot Water Bottles, Irrigators, Elastic Hosiery, Abdominal Belts, Batteries,
Electric Belts, Trusses, and, in fact, everything in the
sick room line not usually stocked by smaller drug
Phone 311 and your order will be rushed ta any
part of the cily.
 . I  •
North Shore Drug Co.
f  P, & THOMAS, Phm.B.
Druggist, 116 Esplanade Weit
■  <


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