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Formal Apprdval Not Yet Given-Reeve May
: Interviews Mr. C. W. Peter*-No Definite
News As Yet From Ottawa.
On Wednesday Reovo May arranged
» consultation with Mr. 0. W. Poiers
for tho purposo of discussing tho present situation relative to tho applicn
tion by the 0. P. H. for the approval
of their route roup along the Nurlli
Shore by the minister of railways.
Interviewed by a rcprescntativ/i of
the Express, Reovo May stated in effect
as follows: I outlined to Mr. Peters all
the steps that had been luken ofliciollv
by tbo district of Nortb Vancouver relative to tbis matter citing the fact
that our positiou ua set out by myself
before the Minister of Railways it ()t-
tawu wns to the effect that tbo points
that no wished to bave safeguarded
were as follows: 1—The C. P. R. to
' begin construction within six months
and to have line iu continuous operation within two years; 2—the C, P 11.
to connect their lilies with the nurlh
and the soulh ends of Second Narrows
bridge us soon as sume is completed;<l -
other lines to be grunted running rights
over II. P. 11. trucks on the North Shore.
I further elated tbut the Minister bad
declared ilelinitely that ho "would ap
prove lbe route mop in writing upon
Ihe conditions specified. Upon 'this deliverance from Ilie Minister I lefl Ot
tana satllflcd Hint tbe whole mutter
\ was settled und hud so reported to my
' council. It was a mutter of greut
surprise to me to leurn thut allhuugli
several weeks have elnpsed Hie prom
ised ,'i,s| is ,. ot' the Minister has nol
yet beeu delivered in writing. I assured Mr. Peters thai llic ratepayers of the
district of Nortb Vuncouver want llu
('. P. R. to come into Hie district and
uik ouly a fair and ei|uiiublc buaineu
Mr. Peters iu reply acquietccd in tho
several pruvisucs which hud been mud
the ovldcnt desire upon tbo ptrt of tbe
member for this constituency to stcurt
certain cooceaaiona relative to tbe por
Bible creation of a Board of Harbor
Commissioners for tbis report. Iu tbis
conection Mr. Petert elated that he did
not aeo any good reason in tbat connection wby the route map ibould not be
approved. In the firsl place be observed tbat tbo report of Mr. Swan will
uot be in readiness until tbe last of thit
month at tbe earlictt, which means that
no definite action can be taken upon it
tbis Bcssion. If tbis report ii lo control the situation, it would appear tbat
nothing whatever could be done for a
year or more. Mr. Petera inquired,
proceeded the reeve, if it would not luit
Ibo wishes of the district to bave tueh
au indefinite postponement of operations and .1 replied emphatically tbat
it would not, but that we desired ac
tual construction to begin at'tbe earliest possible date. Mr. Peters stated
tbat such wus also the wisb of bis
compauy. Proceeding, he observed,
further tbat tbo map under considora
tiou was ouly tho route map and tbat
ai such it waa a matter of seconder;
importance, iaaaniucb ai it waa wilh
reference to tbe approval of the loca
tion plan which musl be submitted later
by the ('. P. R. tu tho railway couiuiis
sion, that all existing differences would
have to bo adjusted. As for the route
map a reference to the C. P. H. chart
ur would show tbat the company has the
right to deviate from tho route therein
shown, a distance of one mile in cither
direction. When tbo location plau is
submitted however, it must »how the
prcciso locntiou of every yard of the
rinbt of way from beginning to cud
When the approval of the location plan
was under consideration by the railway
ommietion any objections that exist
upon the North Shore on  a batia of
iii. j—ii —i.i. .ii tt.. i... .. i
Five Additional Oars Will Accommodate Visitors to Nortli Shore
In consequence at tbe copious influx
of visitors to Nortb Vancouyer wbicb
baa characterized each of tbe last few
Bundays, tbe B. C. Electric Bailway Co.
baa decidod to run Ave additional cara
on that day. In all probability tbree
of these will run to Lynn Valley, and
two '""li on tbo Capilauo and Lonsdale
routes. Eighteen csn wil) theroforo,
bo iu requisition ou Nortb Vancouver's
"at home" day.
high comedy "The Marriage" adapted
tituatiou in which the adequate pro
taction of tbo interests of Ihe public
called for further delay in tbe approval
of the routo map.
Following the abovo interview, Kecve
from tbo French. This company haa a
ropertoiro of exceptionally ttrong
plays and the caetu includes tho following well known artists: Fanny Milton,
Msy at onco got in communication witb I Hazel Stono, Martha Goblcu, George
Ottawa, urging through tbo member for' Warcham, Lou Nadin, Herbert Milton,
tbii constituency tbjt tho routo map ! Herbert Kcnucy aud Barrow LcPaige.
be given tbo written approval of the These artists cannot fail to draw no-
Minister of Railways as agreed before prsciatlvs audiences tu the Lousdale
tbe civic delegation! left Ottawa. No ami will bs Mother valuublc asset to
advice ai to definite results, however, a city tbat ii rapidly comiug to tbe
bat aa yet come to baud. front.
slated   above   with   reference   to cd might be submitted aud the approval
running rights for olher lines obscr
"1 suppose lleeve May, that your dis
trict aro uot uskiug tbat we give run
uiug rights to other lines on tbut por
would doubtless be postponed from time
to time by the commission until these
objections were satisfactorily disposed
of.    Further, with reference to a pi
tion of our line from  North  Arm  lo »ible  board  of  harbor  commissioners,
Porl Moody." I replied, slated tin
reeve, that lhat section was not iu
eluded in our request hut  lhat  I  wa
Ihere need be uo anxiety or delay upon
tbo ground of the relationship of the
C. P. H. lines on the Nortli bhore witb
of opinion that it  would be sufficient   lhat project, for tbe rcasou Ibat there
were very large powers veiled in the
Hoard of Railway Commissioners with
respect to sucb mutters tnd it would be
quite within their powers to direct tbtl
lhe harbor boaid be empowered lo uie
Ibo lines of the I'. 1'. 11. in connection
if running rights were granted    fri
Second Narrows bridge wcsl word. Mr.
Peters replied that    with thai  under
sundiiig,   the   whole arrangement   was
quite acceptable to his compauy.
Willi reference to the delay in tin
formal approval of tbe route map, Mr. wilh a system of harbor railway should
Peters expressed the opinion that this
bad not  been forthcoming because of
such be desired.
The ('. P. R, was desirous of entering
Provincial Nominations
Two Ministers and Six Oovernment Supporters Elected by Acclamation--To
tai of Eighteen Liberal* Nominated
—Seventeen Socialists
Eight governmeut supporters, Indud
ing two ministers, namely Hou 11. E.
Young and Hon. Thomas Taylor, were
returned by acclamation al tbe nomination throughout the province yester
do$i There is a regularly endorsed
Conservative candidate in ivory one of
tbo remaining constituencies and in a
few Ihere arc otber candidates running
as Conservatives. Out of thirty four
constituencies in the province having
forty Iwo members in all, tbe Liberals
have eighteen candidates in thirteen
constituencies having a total roprcscnta
tion of twenty members. The Socialist
have seventeen candidates in thirteen
constituencies, having a total roproscu
tatiou of twenty members, In five con
atitueucics both Liberals and Social
ists have candidates in Ihe field. Tbe
list iu detail is as follows:
Dr. II. Esson Young. Cons. (Acclama
Alberni >
Mr. J.,0. C. Wood, Com. (Acclama
Cariboo (two members)—
Mr. I'.'illiliiin Cons.
Major Fraser Com.
8. A. Cawlcy, Com. (acclamation).
II. H. Parsons, Com.
Harold Foster,.Coos.Iud.
M. Manson, Cons.
y. W. Lefcaux, See.
H. Hayward, Cons.
Alex. Herd, Lib.
Thos. Cavon, Cons, (rclamation).
F. ]. McKenzie. Conn.
Jolin Oliver, Lin.
W, /. Manson, Cons.
Mr. McNiece, Lib.
John .(online, Cons.
H. D. llolnu'ken, Con.
.». H. Pooley; Cons.
M. It. Jack™,, Ub.
0, Oliver, Soc.
Hon. W. R. Ross, Cons.
W. Davidson, Soe. **
/. R. Jackson, Cmt..
Oeorge H/oetiorton, Soc. •
Grand Forks—
Erneat Miller, Com, (acclamation).
A. E. McPhillips, Cons'.
P. Wiucb, Ind.
J. P. Shaw, Com.
N. F. Mackay, Com. (acclamation)
Mark Kagleioa,, Cons.
William R. Mi,. I , 11   Com.
H. Wright, Ind.
Arthur Harrod, Soc.
A. E. Planta, Com.
Aid. II  Shepherd, Lib.
J. Place, Soc.
N.wcastle— n
R. 6. Dicr, Com.
P.   V. ill...hiss    SOC.
New Wettminattr-
Thoi. Oifford, Com.
George Kennedy, Lib.
Hou. Price Ellison, Com.
Q. F, Stirlin, Soc.
Hoo. Tboi. Taylor, Com. (Acclama
F. I. Carter Cotton, Com.
Reevo Weart. Lib.
Straight party Contest In Tbis Riding
-Both Candidates Well Known to
Returning Officer J. W. Soxemitb presided at tbe Humiliations for Richmond
Riding at Vancouvor on Thursday, nominations boiug received as follows:
Hon. F. L. Carter-Cotton, proposed
by F. Bowter, seconded by William Mc
Noish and supported by Meisrs. H. D.
Scbultt, B. A. Cunlifl'e, P. King, W. II.
May, B. Hodgson and P. S. Faulkner.
Witness S. G. Churchill.
J. W. Weart, proposed by Alexander
Philip, soconded by Thomas Dickie and
supported by Messrs. W. F. Slewurl,
A. McAllister, J. A.'McAllister, M. II.
Martinson, C. Catbrow, W. Moir. W.
L. Boult, J. P.. Scoutou, W. .1. in. I.
Witness, T. 8. Brown.
At a mooting of the Conservative
Association held iu Hollyburn school
houso last evouing, a lariio number of
members were present, showing Ihe in
tcrcst taken in tho uffuirs of lhe province in tbis district
Among other important mat lei taken
up was the changing of the name of
tho :i" "'■i.-'imii from West Capiluno
Conservative Association to West Van
couver Conservative Association.
After the business meeting was ad
jourued a cumpuigu meeting was culled
to order when several of our locnl men
gave short addresses ou the satisfactory
way iu which Mr. Carter-Cotton lias
worked for the interests of his riding
in his lust term at Victoria.
FOR SALE (Miscellaneous)
POB 8ALE-8(|, loads of cow manure.
Apply W. H. Wilkins, corner of 19th
and Muhon. 22-3
FOB SALE-Good milk cow. Apply
12th atreet, first house wost qf Lousdale. 26 3
FOB BALE-Opon grato coal boat-
or,  cheap, good condition. .     Apply,
Newman, cor. Kith and St. Andrew's.
(FOB SALE CHEAP)-By owaor,
ono horse (about 1,600 lbs.), one 3 inch
tire wagou, almost new; unu and ono
half sell, heavy! harness; also 22 foet
motor launch in good order. Apply P.
0. Box 2223, or phono L126, Nortb
Vancouver. 20-3
WANTKD—Hoarders in private lum
ily, near car. Apply lit—2nd street
East. Ill
WANTED—A junior clerk. Apply
C. 0. Heaven, manager Hank of Hum
WANTED—Imiueilialtdy, single fur
nished room iu private family, with
partial board, (live full particulars into terms aud location. Apply Bux
FOR SALE-Onc lot of grocery
shelving ami counter in Lynn Valley.
Now in storo lately occupied by A. B.
Fletcher. Cau bo aceu by applying to
W. J. Wilson, Assignee. t.f.
FOR   SALE- Settings  of   Mammoth
I'i'kiii Ducks. Prize strain. Pboue 166.
8. C; White Leghorn and White
Wyandotto Eggs from my best layers,
(1.60 por setting, 100 for (7.50. Day
old chicks (17.60 per hundred. Piatt
Melrose Poultry Hnueh, Youuadon,
Haney, B. C. ti.
FOR SALE—A few pcus of prize
stock, Columbian Wyandottes, Columbian Hocks, Partridge Wyundottcs, Buff
Orpingtous, 8. C. White Leghorns. Now
booking orders for eggs und day old
chicks. Mrs. J. E. Lee, Lynn Valley
Poultry Yards, Dempsey Hoad, Box
2114, Nortb Vancouver.
BOOMS FOR HENT- Housekeeping
and single.   21S 2nd street eust.
Whose Return to Power by an Overwhelming
Majority is Indicated by the Result of Yesterday's Nominations.
Interviewed at Nelson wilh reference
to the results of the nominations. Ihe
Premier declared that he was greatly
pleated. "The latest returns," he
uid, "ibow that Alberni. Atlin, ''ran
brook, Grand Forks, Kaslo, fievclstoke
should jweop the province ai never be
lore. Indeed it would not surprise mc
lo see a solidly Conservative legislature
tbis time. If lhat happens, it will be
lhe lirst time, ho far as I kuow, iu the
history of Ibe Hritisb Empire when a
and Bimilkamccu, eight seals in    all.i parliament bas been elected without a
have gone by acclamation." single  opponent  of  lbc    government.
"In other words, about half the got Even as it stands, it is a very gratify
Moment and practically one fifth of the ing  eudorsalion  of the governmeut's
members of tbe legislature have, been policy for  Ibo past  nine years, - and
returned without a coulcst.    J question ebovrn  coucluiively  that  Ihe  railway
whether tbli bai a precedent iu the Ins program   baa   the   approval   of    the
tory of Canada.   It looki ai if   we people."
WANTED Hoy to learn plumbing
Apply 11. 8. Jones, 1211 2nd Avcuue
Next dour to Palace hotel, between J
and II a.m. and .'■ and 6 p.m.
WANTED—Junior saleslady for dr;
goods store. Apply The Curry Co., Hi
Lonsdale  Avenue. ' 1-5-3
WANTKD—(Juiot, elderly wotuuii lo
act as nurse sewing maid (good house
keeper kepi) Small wages, good house
Apply "llalldeuc" 5th street west. t.f.
Agreements for Sale discounted.
Money waiting. Lonsdale Realty Co.
.136 Lonsdale Aveuue. Phone 317.   t.f
WANTED —By experienced man.
house cleaning, window cleaning uud
all kinds of janitor work. Can be well
recommended. Apply .1. Searl, Brook
dale I.onsdale Gardens, Norlh Vuncou
ver. 15 3
LOST-Pockct book between fith
street aud ferry or in Post ollice, Mr.
T. W. BrookB, 16tb west of Chester-
field. 15-3
I.08T—From the Wallace Shipyards
Ltd. two tticki of timber 8x1(1x110 feci,
fir. Finder will please notify tbe
abovo aud receive reward. t.f
L08T-riuilson Ba; sable muff with
tr.mmings (tails and claws-1 ou No. I
forry'Cpm. Wednesday or on Lonsdale
ear meeting boat. Reward, Mrs. J.
Prout, Fifth Btreet wcbI. ISI-3
L. A. Campbell, Cons.
L. D. Taylor, Lib.
G. B. Catey, Soc.
Hon. D. M. Ebertt, Cent-
W. Noble, Ub.    '
L. W. Shatford, Com. (acclamation).
Mr. Wm. Mamon, Cent.
Aid. W. H. Montgomery, Ub.
Alex. Mamon, Lib.
Dr. Clayton, Ind.
Wm. Hunter, Com.
Anthony Shilland, Soc.
Hoo. W. J. Bowser, Con.
A  II. 'i. MacOowan, Com.
G. A. Ms unite, Cons.
H. H. Waaon, Cons.
C. P.. JiiAiu, Cons.
Ralph Smith, Ub.
J. N, Kllii, Lib.
Aid. Kniigi.t, Lib.     .
Aid. Cameron, Ub.
Maxwell Win ilh, Lib.
W. Bcn?iott, Soc.
/. Held, Soc.
W. A. Pritchard, Soc.
/. V. Lord, Soc.
1. McDonald, Soc.
3. McDonald. 8oc.    , /
8. Oreer. Ind. / I
Icterla (I mtmbtn) '
Hon. B. Mcllride, Cons
'1. ti. Thomson, Com.
nd. Davey, Cooa.
(. V. InnPn, Cow.
H. C. Ilrewsler, Lib.
K. T. Elliott, Lib.
V. Midgolcy, Soc '
B. I. fury, led.
k. Lucas, Cons.
J. P. Mci ii.in.-ii, Lib.
;. H. Bcbodeld, Com.
H P. Pettiplece, Soc.
March !2th when W. H. Wilkin, of
Nortb Vancouver Dairy was united to
Mils Olive May Newman, Capilano
Mrs. Newman supported lbc bride, Mr,
Newman tbo groom. Rev. Hooper officiated. Mr. and Mra Wilkins will
rciide at c orncr 19tb and Mahon.
Solomon   Harris, expressman,  wboie
i boric  in. em ly  bolted  down  Lonidale
I Avenue, wai on  Wednesday morning
lined fl and costs for not having tbe
,,„-,„„,, ' animal iccurely fastened.   Tbe mayor
Mr. and Mrt. D..G. Dick returned (n,plli,,l0(J th, ,wiouincii of the of-
today aftor an extended holiday sped  ,        wlli(lll   u fWim„\t bjr ,  fM
at Long Beach, California. aot cxccojing jiff,
Mr. I. C. Williams returned thii
week from Ut Angeles, rtdianl in
health and aniritt. He ii already talking of shooting and fishing excursion!
On Tuesday evening the joint civic
lit. rhi.ing committee considered thir
eight applicationi for Iho position
Publicity Commissioner for this city.
Ilx applicants were chosen to meet the
' committee in person, after which a do
Oriw at Eagle, held their mon klyitW(H1 wi„ ^ miti Wo committee
mating in tbe Kmgkti of Pybias Hall. J T ^ „, ht w„ iU McRm
on Wednesday evening, Brother Mor- fmiiiagf Aia"nifk Mj Mei,„. H.
phy preaiding.       . tf Wrieht, ''
The Nortli Vancouver branch ef !»'^mt^ftee in perJen, after which, ie-
e, sum will be made.   Tho committee
pn Tuesday    night    wai Aid. McRao
preaiding), Aid. Dick, and Messrs. H.
I I Wright, Aleunder Philip, andXJL
U  ""IT*
i - *   i __-__   >
Thtrt aro terptlchorcan revcli in the
Horticultural ball tonight under Iho If
amplest of tht St. Andrew'i and Calc- ■, Alto, tbt 13-year-old sop of Mr. Alto
donlen Society. Enjoyable dancing to Abbott of Lynn Valley, is at the Norlh
■Ine music is anticipated. < Vancouver hospital In a precarious con-
  . ditiuii at a result of an accident yes
t. Olsen  has  been  awarded  (lioo. lonlay afternoon.    He had, it appears
;tt in compensation /or the loss ticked up an unexplodcd cartridge,ana
M flugeri through injuries iust   holding It In bit bind ignited it.    Two
wbilS working   on the ileum of tho fingers ol ono hand were blown
FOR BENT—Furniihed rooms, housekeeping or single. IIU Esplanade Wesl
FDR RKNT-IJppcr three large unfurnished   rooms,   (18   monthly,   1548
''hcsterlield Au'htic.
TO KENT Furnished six roomed
house for six mouths from 1st of April.
Apply 246—oth street cast. t.f.
TO HENT—New shop on 1st eusl
near Lonsdale, suituble for carpenter or
iniintcr ur if required for»storo purpoae*
owner will alter to suit tenant, Elder
Murray Co. Ltd.
TO BENT—Choice modern suites on
3rd slroet. Apply Alex. Smith & Co.,
Norlli  Vancouver.     Hoots (lisCi). t.f.
FOR IiENT-Wurenousc, First street
E., Mt. Crown Block. 80x59, lane en
trance ou lease at (25 per month. Ap
ply to Lett & Perowne, JIO Richards
St. 29 3
Ucl it ot Lonsdalo Pbarmnoy Pboue 311
If you want to buy ur sell proper! v
list or inquire ut our ollice. John Hull,
Bunk of Hamilton Building, 1st slreei
North Vancouver.
Fire wood, Capiluno Woodyard,   tho
old Capilauo terminus, Keith road. Coil
wood und stove wood, 14 aud IC inches
full measure, prompt dulivery. P. 0.
Box 2306, Phone 232. 12-4
FOR SALE -Chatham Incubator and
Brooder, 120 egg capacity, (10. Frank
Alloc, WiudsoT Road Weit, North Lous
dale. 193
FOR HALE linaiiiiful viow lol,
cleared level and iu gruis, Idth street
cloie to Lomdalo, (BOO, Vi tub. See
Mri. Haggarly, 533 Lomdalo Ave, 5 4
FOR /JALK-Vlew lot, Keith road,
No. 15, block 24 563 (KW Id cash,
60 ft, frontage. Apply P. 0. Box 66,
Vancouvsr. 29 3
FOB SALE—Double corner 6tb and
Chesterfield. Price (6,000, good terms,
Apply owner, P, 0. Box 1822.
FOB SALE—Two iplendid lots on
18th street, 100x126 to lane. i'A blocks
from Boulevard and cat. (1,500, Mi
cash-4, 12.  Box 1773, Express OlEco.
hovel In tbis cKy last September.
A w.ddlng took plact if St. John
QMtim,   m   HtlH,   on  Vmiiy,
wnpletcly off, two wero badly bruised
kd tht thumb wat split. His eyei alto
tfttted and it is believed that ht may
»vt sustains a«i»M laUraaJ injuritt.
FOR 8ALE-By owner, (16,000 worth
of close in Nortb Vancouver residence
property, below cott on good termi;
mutt tell. Addrest P. 0. Box 2223, or
Pbone L186, North Vancouver.    80-8
POB SALE—U wholt or In part.
1,000 fully paid up ihares fp Burrard
Cigar Company Limited for $760 (par
value (1/100). No other stock can ht
purchased. Terms to arrange. Gilt
tdge  Qto. ,C. Walker k Co., North
mmCOUVai. VI,
B.   C.  Livery and  Hoard  stables
Light rigs and  ladies' saddle borsei
for bire.   Stabling for boriea.     Gtn-
oral delivery and heavy teaming.    H.
Dumas, 4th street west. Pbone 347 t.f.
you desire to sell your business or pro
perty of any kind call or writo ut,
we bave 'clients for cloiein acreage
for subdivision. Wo can get results.
Mcllwaine k Delbar, 0 Junes Building,
407 Haitingi Ht. W., Vancouver, B. C.
Und Clearing and Grading Lots,
Pete Andruii, General Contractor. 8c
wor connections a specialty, basement
and other excavating work undertaken.
Estimates freo. 527 St. Georgo'a Ave.,
North Vancouvor, post offlce box 2393.
The Nortb Vancouver Dye Worki
41 Lonsdale Avenue, guarantee to do
as good work at cheaper pricei than
you can possibly get in Vancouver.
Givo us a trial, the result will speak
for Itself   I Phono 107, ti.
Frank PochnI, General Contractor,
87th stroet botween St. George and
St. Androw'i Ave., land clearing, gftd-
ing, excavating. Foundation!, cement
work a ipecially. All work guaran
teed. Estimates furniihed free. Give
me a call. f. Q. pot 8*W, Norti Va»-
team, 9. C Wl
' I 1
The New Municipality
Quarter Acres on MARINE DRIVE
at $1000 each, Wth cash
Two acre blocks close to waterfront at
$2500 per acre
Five acre blocks overlooking English Bay
from $500 per acre
And Corner Marine Drive andMarrM, Dundarave
lidxlllS cleared lot,- St. Andrew's uud L'tjtli faciug wutb, (1830. One-
third, 6, 12 and 18.
OislH cleared lot 25th (Boulevard; tnd St. George's, (2301). One
third, 6, 12 and 18.
100x114 cleared lot, 25th (Boulevard) tnd St. Andrew't, (1760. One
quarter, 6, 12 ami 18.
11x161, cleared, few yards from Lomdalo avenue car, (1,900, One
third, ti, 12 and 18.
Palmer, Burmester & von Graevenitz, Ld.
PHONES 71 ami :id.
ESPLANADE Five Minutes Walk dom Ferry
Conveniently situated FOUR-ROOMED HOUSES.   For
full particulars apply to the agents—
Bank of Hamilton Building.
Then comfortable , well fanned houses aro now read; for occupation aud provided wilb many convenience! tucb at wludow ihadet,
kitchen cabinttt, clothes lines, garbage cans, electric linings, tnamel-
led bulbs, W. C's., cement  walks, etc.
Will Change that OH Store Front
IU— mamaaanam . .... II.      —,
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
P. 0. Box 1719.
Phone 222
«n f Ski felinnUl   **^ ""'J *""* toU to»tiM)' "&
Ol vliy DCnOOIS will be closed from west boundary of
D. I.. 565 westwards during the con
nlruction of trestle in P. L. Iiiiii until
!fur|ber notice.
District Engineer.
New Building Will be Completed In
Two Weeks
Tbe regular monthly conclave of
trustees took place on Wednesday night
In tbe 'hoard room at Central school
Mr. M. S- McDowell presided over a
full attendance of trustees,
It was decided during the evening
that two sanitary drinking fountains
shall bo placed oulside each city school.
These will bo constructed on a concrete
base and will eject perpendicularly an
increasing stroam of water for bucIi
periods as required. It is tbo inton
linn of the trustees to bavo tbeso fountains placed in the play grounds.
The board also planmrd certain im
provoments to the Bidgeway school'
property, the building I'omniittoo being empowered to clear the grounds
The council will bo requested to gradp
the streets bordering on the school
Mr. Campbell, tbe clerk of the works,
reported that the construction nf, the
now school lind been slightly delay od
and Hint tho building would not be
ready for occupancy for two weeks.
Mr. James Hay, reporting on behalf
of the building  nt too, stated that
(88,500 had been paid towards the cost
of the building. The eighth payment
of (3,IS00 had just been made.
It was announced that Inspector Oor
don's report on the schools was satis
factory in every respect.
Dr. Dyer, medical officer of health
provoked an informal discussion un t he
fresh air question. Tbe doctor eon
tended that it was folly to expect pupils to work iu stuffy class rooms. Con
sideration was alsn given to the prob
lein of handling infectious ailments.
TAKE NOTICE that tbe Council of the Corporation of the City of
North Vancouver intends lo curry out the fdjowing works of local improvement under section 66 ol lbc Municipal Act and intends to aescet tbo Dual,
cost Ihcreof upou tbe real pruperty fronting or abutting thereon, and to be
.i.iii.i thereby, ami lbat. a statement showing tbo lands liable to pay
the said assessment ami the names of the owners thereof, to far at can be
ascertained from tbo lasl revised assessment roll is uow on Ale in tbe office
of Ibe Clerk of tbe Muuioipality and is  open   for  inspection  during  office
Street Work
St.  David's  from  Crescent Street   to
Third  Street   i macadamizing
St. l'atrick't from waterfront to 3rd. "
Mt, Andrew'i from wu< rfront to 3rd "
Mt. (leorge't from waterfront to 3rd.
Rogers Ave. from Esplanade to Itt
Chesterfield Ave. from waterfront to 3rd
Mabon Ave. from Esplanade to 3rd..
Esplanade  and   Crescent   itreet  from
St.. (jeorgo's to St. David's  .... .
Ksplauade from   Forbes  to ' Lonsdalo
, Avenue 	
Fust itreet from Forbei to St. David's
A veil »'■   ,	
Setoud Mtreet from Forbei Avtnue to
Btr llmtiA*! Avmm
bill kaieetiram tjaJMnifeiiry-tofliK-
ickt Avenue 	
Lonidale Ave. front 18th ttreet to city
loudAte from waterfront to IDtb St.
hypayility road and Qutentbury Avt.
from M ttrtet to city Units ....
North VM(ouver, B, O.,
ttoiuui», wit.
( 1800
I 800
13500      ,     8800
AstUg City Cltrk.
arch by Local Composer
A ■is'end appreciative gathering
occupied the auditorium of the Knights
of I'ythias concert hall on Wednesday
night, when lhc*iorth Vancouver Oity
Hun.I. assisted by Madam Phillips ami
Mr. Leonard Auty, rendered u program
of excellent and varied muaic.      The
concert opened with an interpretation
of Hughes' majestic work "O Canuda.'
The band bere sustained a Hue stnhii
Ity of lone and general uniformity in
time and treatment.   A capilal selection also was'Mhe "Operatic Echoes''
of Uurendeell, concluding with a for
tisimo fragment of tbe Soldiers' Chorus
from "Fuust."   Myer's concert jail/
"Olivette" wae a broad dignified composition terminating with u writs of
ffectivo staccato blasts after* rolterat
ed melody of Ihe conventional kind. The
band's treatment of Knglcinnii's "Mel
ody of Love" was dainty uud graceful,
f a little slow.    A superior tone qtt'al
ily was achieved, however, in Archer's
intermer.ro "U Hose" and in I.incko't
masterly "Glow Worm" overture. Tli ■
bend's items also included two marche-
by Sousa and HcbulU respectively. The
former's    "El    Capital"  is    widely
known"and  the  hitter's  "('barge  al
Dawn" promises to become sn.     Mr
ti. I). Schultz is a proniliicul fig""' '"
rally, being one of North Vancouver's
most venatile residents.    His march,
whicii was written in commemoration
of I'aardcberg, is punctuated    by   s
number of impired passages, and sus
tains  almost  throughout,  a, viuoroui
suggestion  of warfare—death,  defeat
courage, and  triumph all  seeming  lo
find   representation   in   Mr.   MebulU'i
composition.     While a critical finger
could doubtless point t" technical weak
neisei in the score, tbt general effect
of the march and Ibo ambitious pre
■filiation of a difficult theme ibould be
sufficient to move Nortb Vancouver to
a  feeling  of  pride.   A  growing  city
should seek fame in departments other
than prosperity and industry only. It
should pay to the world its mile of
musicians, artists and litterateurs. Mr
Brhulli is therefore, lo be thanked and
encouraged.   His ''Charge ul   Dawn
was comparable with any of Ihe slan
dard items on the program.
No petty mention is due to Hand
master R. Chance, who has worked In
defatigably to render Ibe band a frt
dit to Ibis city By a comprehensive
method of conducting, devoid of pyro
technics, h o bus extracted the licit
from each individual member, The
soloists, Mr. Jan. Varnes I bassoon | uud
Mr Carl Tossell (cornet, did admirable
uriug "Silver
Threads Among the Gold" aud ihe let
ter "The Rosary."
Several vocal items found a place on
tho program. Mr. Leonard Aulv, s
Vancouvor t,cnor, wboie voice was pltai
in g but lacked power, treated three
songs with careful taste, while Madame
Phillip* turned her nivalin lonei to
excellent account and was warmly ap
plauded. Hearty encores awaited the
North Vancouver Mole Quartette, who
supplied interesting harmonics, ranging
from tbo foliue to tho amorout.
Tboie who bad not before heard tbt
City Band are uow its well wishers.
Wednoiday nigbt'i com ert proved lhal
the baton it in tbe right hand, thai the
right men arc in Ihe bund, and that thl
band'i progross is lo tbe right direction
iii:rwimi,\T oi   i.isiis
Water liighi. Hrtiick
ln the mailer of the Hoard of Invca-
llgutlon iie.ii.ii by l'urt III. of the
"tVoU'i- Aet" fnr the determination of
wuler rlithls existing un the ISth day
of M..i, I, linm .m.i In the in..ii. i of Mn
following creeks lu lhe New Westminster wattr District:
Big Creek.
Hum.ib.   Lake.
Burnaby Creek
Bill lain i'reck
Bucklln Creek
lis.ul,', i Creuk
Canyon Creek.
Ccdui' Creok.
Cypress Creek
Ciuiu Creek.
Copper Creek.
I'ls'V. Il.ilil    l..il..
Clowliuni Hlver.
Cotes Creek.
Deserted River
Iindil Lake ,
Deer l.uKe
Deer Creek.
Douglas Creek
Ellis Lake.
Eight  River
Forbes Creek.
Fire Lake
Fhe Creek  •      •
False Creek
Fields Nprlng
Fileilu Lake.
Fairy Falls.
Hunt Luke
Qordon Puslia I.uliei
niaeler Lake.
Glacier Creok.
Binder Creek. West Brunch
Ilntseshoii Luke.
Ilasluni I .....
Hot Springs Creek
II..in > ::  l.ilbe.
Iluriltiill Lake. Little
High Fulls Creek
Inland Lake.
John Cowan Creek
Kirk Lake.
KevlB Creek.
I ill. ■. i   Lake.
1 1.1..1...1. Creek
McNiib Creek.
Mill Creek.
Mellon Creek
Oveleltc   Creek
Howell Lake.
Howell  River
Hollaeli Creek
IMII River.
Hilt   River.   Upper.
Pine Creek
Hrlesl  Luke
Hrlesl Creek,
nillllelle  Creek
Ruby Creek
lliilny  Creek
Hubert  Creek
Slater Creek.
Btoney Creok
M.iilsss, hake
Spring Creek
Salmon Creek
Spectacle l... 1.•
is,s.i ,).. .■■  Lake
Sloi|ue,.-t  Creok
Slump Luke.
Sum .'.i .  River
Seven Mile Criek
Tsooulldlc  River
Tuioiiie River
Tweiilv-llve-nille f.-ret-k
Twulltj-three-mile Creek
Vancouver Creek
Wests Creek
Small stream llowlHK Inin Howe
numl through Lot 1611. Oronn
. iBowen li l.ii.'Ii
Small    slrenm    on    Bowen    Island
inptylnir Intu Howe Sound
Unnamed   slrenm   running   lliimign
Lol   1917.   Uoweu  Island
I'niinnieil elrcain. being outlet ul
Trout L.ik.   Bowen lilanii
I'nnumed stream running Ihr mail
Lot 17 llllo llui n.il.'.  Luke
Sii..uu running Inin Burn.i'i)' Luke
nn Lul TS
I'miumed slreuin running Into Burnaby Uke. ihruugli Dlslrlcl Lois it
and »7
I'nii.iii,. il sin mn lluwlnu In un rat-
icriy dlrecllon Ihruugli Tlmbe.- Lease
No   111209
Slrenm lluwlng ihruugli Lott ll'i unu
Ul. druuii I.
Creek Oowltu uut nf a luke nn penln
siiln uii east able of II.'it.,iiii Sound
Creek draining eastern slope "f Ml
H.liihlnsiuiie and emi'iylng Into Howe
Lake on Ion uf iienlnaula mai slue
nf Mul Iiiiiii  Sound
Creek running through Lol lllli.
flrnilii  I
Unnamed Htreiiin crossing Holnl 'Ire
lis....I ami running through Lol II
Hb.el. il Subdivision A nf lilslll, I l.ul
192. Group 1.
Stream luisslug ihiough Lnl 192.
Uroiin 1
Slreuin   running   ihruigh   Lol    III
Group I
Luke  on   toi. ul  peninsula   between
ounil uud ie
Early Rose, Burbank, Sunn's Reliance, etc., also
All Kinds of Grass and Clover Seeds.
B. & K. LAWN GRASS (fancy mixture) is the best
for the lawp.
All our seeds are selected and tested to comply with the
Seed Control Act.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
Hay, Flour and Feed Merchants
Contractors, Builders, Storekeepers, and Employers
need only In phouo I'll to have all vacancies filled. NO (1HAKUE
to EMPLOYER or EMPLOYEE therefore there is absolutely no necessity to utiluo employment Agencies In Vancouver, us a complete
list of all  classes  of   workers is kept at the
Phone 321.     14 Lonsdale* Avenue.
W. B. HOOD, Secretary.
TAKE NOTICE that Ihe Council of the Corporation of Iho City of North
Vancouver intends lo construct the several works of locul improvement uu
thu streets end avenues set forth in lhe schedule appearing below between
the pniuls therein set uul under section tits nf lhe Municipul Ad und intends
In assess lbe iii.nl eust Ihereuf upun the real properly fronting or abutting •
thereun, and to be benefitted thereby, and thai a stitteiucnt showing lbe lunds
liuble to pay Ibe suid assessment ami the names uf the owners thereof, so
far as cun be ascertained from lhe lasl revised Assessment Hull is now un tile
in the oflice of the clerk uf the Municipality and is open for inspection during
ollice boun.
1 1
IVIS   llllcl
miming   Ihtuugli
Competition for New Univertlty Build
ingi to bt Brtcttd at Point Ony
Nttr Vancouvtr, Britlab Columbia.
Tbt Government of llritiih Columbit
invite Competitive Plant for tbt gencr
al scheme and design for the propoaed
new Unlvcriity, together witb more do:
tailed Plant for tbo buildings lo be
erected flnt at ao estimated coit of
Particulars of tbe competition ud
plan of alte may be obtained oo rcijuoat
from tbt undersigned.
Tbt detignt to bt tent in by July,
Slit. ISIS, addreiied  In
Parliament Buildings,
Victoria, British Columbia.
'''■MS et tlQiW Hl]l be gjven foi |
iba jjuiiljuUCfft'ul sOctlgni tuTiuiillcd. ''t'nl
ol mainland implying Into'llowe Sound
II.  li ....     Hi
Unnamed  slreuin
l.ul  .11. I luiiil-  I
A tunning itream In Hlm k 6 l.ul lit
A slreuin tunning ihruugli lefts 111
llllli    iii     linilll'    I
Sin.ill minimis .1 stream running In a
soulb. iisleily direction ttiruugh onslrr-
tv  nm Hun ul l.ul 111
Sn..ill sn..nu lloulng lluuugh siilull
vision of Lol  I2CA
f'eriiiln siniili) lunnliig through w«si
III feel  of I.ol   111. Un.or  I
Three  spllug* oil   west   pari   nl Lol
Si. Group J
Unnamed slreuin rising In Is"' Hi
ijroun I. und (lowing on lo Lnl ltl
I'niianied siieam running Ihruugli A
liuriluii nf Lola 1ST. 161 and III
Unnamed Lake lllllg about 100 yuids
from noiiheuil coiner Dlilrlcl Lol
I6»"   llr.'ii'   I
Unnamed creok running Into fnun-i
rlvar Ihiough suhdlvliloii No 1. Lol
mu Jl onniimed luhe or anrlna about
Ihree mil's In a ni.rili-eiisicily dlrvc-
Hun  frum S.'ls.li   lii'llsin  Village
risinnii.il sir. nm running llllu Ihr
i,..uis i ni i shore ol liedu.ll Ba) near
Lul II. Hi '.ui' I
ii.ii.iin.d ttream running lain the
loulli-eoal  tliore of Bedwell   Ba>
I -i'i... M-. .1 slreuin running Inlo Ihe
suulli »ho|e of Bedwell Buy
I'm.,nn.'I tlrruiii under Brldae No
7. Norlh Arm Itoad, on Lol  ISI, Uur-
mby „ ..     „
I'nnnmed   llrruln   under   Bridge   No
I. Norlb Arm Itoad. on l-ol  ISI. Burnaby ...     .   „ .,
. t'nnameil  Itream  at   No   I  Bridge.
North Arm Itoad
t'nnameil alream running Ihrougli
Lol »09. Oruuii )
riiiiiini.il slrenm running In a northerly dlrecllon throdgh nitlrlcl Lut
DtO  firoup I .    j
Itnnamcil ilrenm running own
uioiiiiialii ihrnugh "Vancouver. Vlc-
lorlt." and "Dtrnley" Mineral Clalmt
CnnameO stream flowing ihrough
wettern  porllon  uf  Block   ISI.
I'lilumicd   Hlrealn    sllualeil    on   Lul
SU, 'llls'lll l.
I'll Is.) II" ll       "Us lllll
Lol   171  and  «inpt«Jng
't'liiunied stream flowlni' ttiruugh
Let IS, aubdiviiion Loll li ..n.i 71.
I'nnamed ilream which crotsei Ih"
eulerly lint of Dfilrlet Lol IS. Oroup
. .lOT...,.
Ditlrict Lot SS.
I nm......I sii"-.ii. on the well short
mainland emptying Into Howe gnu
t'nnamed ditch conilrucled br B  C.
i.isveiiniieiii running through Humphrey sin ei. In Ditlrict Loi 111.
unnamed itream ililng near well-
Imiiniliry of l-ol IIS
on nc. .
(jrnup I. near Skldwty Hon)
Forbei Avenue
Illi Btrtel
Bt.   (leorge's
Keith itoad
J.'lth  Mr.'. I
15th btreet
Mirailamwing frum Esplanade t
Slreei   ...
Mm ii.i.inii.ii.(.' frum Million Avenue lu
St.  Andrew's  .
Macadamizing from Mb tn Hub Nmi
Mils illlllli.l.ll;,.'   from    i.nli.-l.llc    Avenue
to Ouecnsbu'ry  Avenue    	
Uaradami/iiig frum Keith Hoad tu :-i
Andrew 's Avenue.	
Maiadiiini/ing frum Eurbes lu Queens
bury Avenue        .  .
Hi, Mmi    (trading tu permanent grade frum Ma
huu to St. Andrew's Avenuo    ...
Uth Street  . liruding   tu   periuauenl    grade   frum
Keith ruud tu St. Andrew's Ave
16th Street     llreding    tu   permanent    itrii.de    frum
Purlins Avimic lu t/uec'l.sbiiry  Ave.
Bt George's Avenuo.Grading lo pcrmauenl grade from tsih
lu Huh street 	
Forbei  Avenue   ....Grading   from  perini ul  grade   from
3rd   to   I fill)  Street
Keith Road  (iradiug   tu   pcrmauci.t   grade   frum
I.uiiKilule lo IJueciisbury  Avenue
H David't Avenue Storm sewtr from Murrur.l Inlet lo
Kellh  ruud
IiOuldala Avt Sanitary sewer frmn welerfrunl tu Isi
SI reel ........
S iiinii      ,- iiiiii
Nurth Vancouver, B. C,
Starch 6th, IUI'.'
.    . MHO
City Clork.
running   Ibrougn
ng   Inlo   linn.'"I
Avenue and Kind street.  Burnabv
Unnamed sinlllg sliuiile un lllnih It
suI'.IIvIhIi.ii   lilslll.I   Lul   l,
Unnamed slreuin which pust. s
Ihruugli Loi   II,   Hiss, i,   167.  Group  I
Unnamed ilream (luwlna un bit ,,,l
)■ lining uli lioilhwcel side  uf l.ul bs.!
Unnamed stream Duwlng nniiii
through lol   III
Unnamed alream lluwlng nurlli
Ihruugli l.ul llll
Unnamed  ilream  Duwlng   Iniu  Hut
ran!   Inlet   lluuugh   lilsirlei   Luis  711
and 111
Unnamed siuaiu tunning ihiuugls
Lul  IDS
l in .in.,il  itt,,.in  (towing  Inlo    llui
rard  Inlel  near  norih-eaal   cornel   ul
District Lul  III
i nn.in.i .i creek Mowing In aapulltcr-
ly dlrecllon Ihiough Lul  dl   '" ■ n   1
i i.i .mi.. .1 sii. .hi lluwlng DllUllgll
Lot 107
Unnamud ilream etossliiu '' I' II
'i.u I. east of n.n I., i ul i'nl'.,ii No
Unnamed sin,iii. (lowing llorllwusl
erly In wcaieily pari of Lnl 212. Group
Siniili su.inn running lluuugh District l.-i  ISI. Gruup I.
.  Unnamed  alream    running   lluuugh
Section II. Tuwnshlp I
him all    'ii,ii.nm <l    si ili,i.'       in i.u'i
creeks, ponds, aulchei and lakei Irlli-'tnd   ililemls  lo  asscsi   Iho  final  coit
ulary In or In Ihe vicinity uf lbe above    ,.       , ...
named aircama Ihereuf upon tbe real properly fronting
T»i>c nullca Dial each una every per- or abut ling thereon, und to be boncOt'
ion, purlnerablp. company  ur  miinlcl- ...      ,
nalliy who nn Iht said   i.u,  day uf ^''1  thereby,   nnd   Ibat   a   statement
March. 1101, hud waler rights on any .i,,,,.,.
TAKE NDTICK lhal the Cpuncil of
Ibe Corporation nf the City of North
Vancouver intends to construct as a
work of local improvemenl Ihe cxtcud
ing nr prolonging by filling in, of tho
foreshore in front of and on Ihe line
uf Bewiekc Avenue end Eel) Avenue in '
front uf a portion of District Lot 266,
and lhe construction of bulk beads or
retaining walls ut tho cuds uf the fills
opposite the end uf liewicke Avenuo •
and Fell Avenue aforesaid, under see
tion 6D of Ibo Municipul Clauses Act
of Vl,.. .bovi-mintioned ofanii."it "«'• l»"""»(!Mt« 'audi liable to pay    the
reeled  lo  forward  on  or  before   thi said assessment aud lbc namci of the
llltl... ..1   A..»ll     < .    I. ih.   .*..._... »-)|, I
„i .owners I hereof, to far at can bo asccr
I7lh day of April, llll. luihe ('uinptru)l.
cr of Water Blglili at the r.u il 11
TeiiX: l"n   wrl't'ii"' a". "tei'yu'lteVZ'Mm* '""" {be '"' MVM 4WM^
leellon 21 uf lhe laid Aet at ameiuls ,1   Roll n now on file in tbo Oflice of tbe
I'i In uu   fuiiiiH  tut   sin li   ttiainuiiuiduui   ,,,..l .. ..      ..     t_.    ,.,. ,  .
iPurm Nu   III can be obinlmd from ' '*** "' *"' Municipality and ii open
{"wince'1"        " 'l""rde" '"  "''forimpectlou during office houn.
Tht tald Board of'lnvettlgatlon Willi    ""' "•"""'•'''I coil of tbo work il
""lhr:'"" '"atK^ffiiiit^yiSffflfc.,1'4"'^' •» »M *•<«• <• .*. b. pro-
by D-k Board nolice will be given of -vlded out  ,f tbe general funds of the
prjngt on nortn tnd  of Lot  IS
roup I. n«»r Skldway Hottl    .
Unnamed aprlng, comtr ot tm
the    >kii and daya un which evldi in
■ nu ui  will be iiemd tt i,n.il
Vlelurla  thll  Slh  day  of
tht Board of Invettlga-
piilioftn of W»fir Wibtt.
, ■     City Cltrk.
North Vancouvar, B. (.'.,
Mtrcl IU, Ull. bkl&^L^kU-MlsftiU^^^
■ {. r
You May Always Depend
Upon the Accuracy of the
Watches You Buy at BMto
' Wo carry a watch stork Ilml is nn
surpnsse.l by any in tbo world. Vfo employ no subtorfuge in selling watches.
Each watch is sold on its individual
merits at a moderate price aod must
measure up lo the assertions made hy
our salesmen. Wo cap aupply anything thut is made in high grade Swiss
or American movements, In either Indies' or gentlemen's sizes. Our watch
repairing department is efficient in each
detail. No matter bow intricate tho
mu' eiiieiii s.iii.nulls-,i to our exports,
tbey will repair it satisfactorily.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George E. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
begs to announce that he will
At Terminus of Capilano Car Line
immediately.   Let us have your listings of Capilano properly.
Notary Public, Real Estate, Insurance and Conveyancing.
Make Your Morning Toast at Your
Breakfast Table!	
EL TOSTO may be connected wilh
any ordinary lighting socket
Turn on the current and in an instant
the coils are glowing
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be served direct from the toaster to
your plate.
-Call al our office, 50 Eonsdale Avenue, and see this appliance
B. C. ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO.. LTD.       Phone 66
If You are Going to Build
ltl us help you lo design any work which you are contemplating on.
We guarantee lo give you satisfaction on a modern, ailittic, line appearing building al a low margin.    Plant and specifications furnished
free if our tender is suitable lo you.    If you have your plans Ifi Tis"
give you our price before building.
Colonial Apartments, 8th and St. George.   Phone 210
Bungalow Designer, Builder
ad General Cratractor
hum  Jfaucouver
•6.B0 Ail.
im    .
Not on Sunday.'
Ltavp Horti Vancouvsr
2.20  PM.
12.20 VM.
> WM
l In
j | .00
it'll am.
unties. Company not liable loi
Jimt -Me weAfM to ebipffl milhtuf
delays, aocidasuTor otitrwlii.
m IrlJ^fXVAnOMAh tmoA\i
SOHOOI, WJBBON. First ftuart«r.
JdWW Wi Mil* 9'-m, Marcli 17,
-ttjft ........ '	
ic I
Thp Paralytic Fprgtvau aud Haaled
Once whon Jumis, in tlm very limine
Whero he «u» seeking rqinw', wuh Iiii
Sieged liy an amlioiico thut completely
.■imi i'.i |ip the courtyard aud tho vory
approach to it, a stiffing inriili'iit po-
currml. Pour mon, ono pr more ol
whom may have had » personal and
happy experience pi Jesus' power to
ln'iil, picked up mi afflicted Iripd as
he lay upon his mat, and brought biro
jiij'iiimlyvninl confidently in tbe great
Hoalor, Tbey woro not dashed whon
thoy lound tho ordinary approach helplessly blocked. Tbey did not lay tbo
sufferer down in tho streot, or even
return with him to bia dwelling. They
woro tbo kind wbo take tbe Kingdom
of hoavon by storm. Thoy carried the
paralytic up tbe outside staircatc to
tho flat roof. Thoy dug up the hard,
sun-dried, earthen roof, onnugh to ad
mit of their lowering their friend iuto
tho room bolow. Tboro were helping
liamla reached up from tho aituuiihcd
auditor! bolow, anil the sufferer was
gently and eafcly landeil at Jcupa' feet
A muto, but poworful appeal that! Je
nun' iiiui wordawcro indescribably comforting, "8on, bo of good cheer." But
tbore ia a surprising change in tho fur
inula* It is not a rebuke to disease.
II in a categorical, authoritative remission of sin. The startling words
could not escape the notico of tbe in
i|iiis.iiiin,'il coterie uf scribes and l'bar
isees. It was not intended that tbey
shuuld. It waa Jesus' guuntlot at tbeir
feet. Tbey picked it up, but not i
audible words of dissent. Onininccuc
unveiled their unspuken words as Jesus
said :"i)inni|'iiii'iiit knowH nuthing uf
degrees. One thing is nut easier or
harder to it tban another. It is equal
ly as easy to furgiVo aa tu beal, and
rice versa. But tbat you'may know
that I have authority and power to
do both, 1 wili also say lu this utterly
powerless person, 'Arise'. He spskc
and it was done. No wonder the poople
said, as tbe audience dispersed: "We
have been strange things today. Our
eyes nover beheld anything to uialrli
this ■■•'i'ii" We never saw it on this
Tha Teacher's Lantern
An admirable example, this, of
strung aud practical human sympathy.
This gathering up of thoae wbo bave
becu felled to earth by advertiiy, dis
caae and sin; tbia carrying Ihem In
the arma of a strung faith to Him who
is mighty lo navel I'uwer uf combine
lion—see Ibat, too, iu tbis stirring
word-picture. Vo une of these four
believers could aloae have carried his
friend lo Jesus. The fuur together did
it with ease. The children uf th"
world are wiser in thia respect, tt ir
the age of combination in every sphere.
Much spiritual force is frittered away
in  sporadic  effort.     Ut    Christiana
/" .-I 'together" for lbc accomplishment
definite ends. Pcuistcnco ia finely
Illustrated here. N.i um' ul tbe four
got weary in well doing, or lot go bis
corner of the maltreat. Faint hearts
would have failed at sight of aucb ob.
siacles. Bul these believers were not
made of sucb stuff. They did not louk
once back. Thay ran tbeir furrow to
tbe end of tbe field. Tbit is tbe quel
ity thai wiaa in every sphere; in reli
gion no lets tbau in art, literature, com-
mer. e, exploration and all. Convention
al rules were brokeu and set at naught
that day. Tbo sermon wan interrupted
Platter came rattling down un the
heads of lbc auditors. Property was
injured. Bul wbal of lhat, so a sinner
was tavedt Welcome any mode tbat
really brings the unsaved lo the golden
inercytcat. Public woribip it a meant
lo an end, nol an cad in ll#elf ll is
a laddor to convey ut to the treasury
of grace. Bare rltualitm grows very
dexterous in gliding up and down lhe
ladder; bul It never takes one any
Moatlc from Commentaries
Victor Hugo, in "Let Mitcrables,"
tells of "a tempest in a brain—a sight
grander lhan ocean." Tbe palsied man
bad it Hit pbytiral disease wu emblem of bit moral ditorder. It woull
bave been folly lo have cured the leu
sr and lefl Ibe greater unhealed. The
Ood Physician probed tbe tecrel wound
—tha aching aanaa of mloigivta sin.
and aald, "Bon, I read llu ttory of.
Iby Hie. i bear fbe Inward rry, I
accept the penitence "
Bteps to lorgiveneat—aelf examina
tion, Repentance, ronletaiou, amendment, rettoration. Tbe ouctlloa ii not
which la easier, to forgive tins or lo
raits a slrk man." Bul which it ratlir
to claim I ih i« (tower or Ihall The nnr
acle lhal followed waa the signature of
Ood lo Jaaua' nature and million. The
uniniaiiil to lake un bit bed wu teil
aad proof of Ibe man's faitb.
Aiiaiyttt usl Kty
A stirring and linking Incident.
Palsied nun and hia four friends
Thair expedient: Ibeir novel approach.
Jetut' categorical romittloo of tin.
The l'barncei' challenge.
jeiui' reply, no degree in omnlpo
One tbing u auy u another.
Forgiving and healing equally eaty.
Provet its change b]
llmg  equal)
young People's D avoUonal lanrU*-
March lii 1918.   Denial IMII.
iuccaet Worth Haying and Not Wort*
' Having
NeburhednciJar waa very human fer
all he lived to long ago tai wu I
king. Some men walk over their plants
ml etlatot, aome wane* review thair
tociety calendar!, and II you liiten you
will hear lomclbing very Iiln, "li not
'ilt groat Babylon that I have built t"
they only knew ll, lhe mis powoa
tioa In Iba la»l spalytli Is telf ponce
ale Ui* It tin Au.', leuai-ap Aom
not eouiat Is tbs abundance of 'he
thlngi DottesMd, bul tbt quality pf the
A..nmf.r inttlnmt
m^m.amwrr    mmrmmrmmw
Liberal Candidate
For Richmond
Will Oppose Hon. F. I,. Darter-Oottpp
/, ff. Weart of Burnaby wns
on Monday night nominated as liberal
candidate to oppose tho Hon. f. I.
Carter-Cotton in tho Bichmond district.
The ure':,mn nts a conventipu ol Bichmond Uberilj. hold In O'Brien Pall,
Vancouyer. Bppreaoutativos were presort Irom North Vancouver, South
Vancouver, Burnaby, Point Grey, Lulu
Island and Sea Island.
Hoove Weart was himscll absent
frpm tpe mooting, hut bis namo was
prupused by Mr. Aleunder Pbilip, sec
ondeil by Capt. Stewart, and oildoriiod
by tbe convention. The roovo's con-
sent tp iioininiilinii bad been previously
The lollowing were chosen tn act
with the candidate aa a campaign cum
millee: Cnnt. Hlewurl, Messrs. Tlioinus
Dickie, A. McAllister, Alexumier Philip,
Eugene Olovolsnd, Johu J. Cushion, W.
E. Buckingham and T. S. Brown.
ouickuv arops couohb, cunia coisa,
Vancouver Business Directory
BUilNKSS ioii.ki.iis.
SPROTT-SHAW Business College
336 Hastings St. W.
Canada'a Graataal Weetern School
R. J. Sprott, B.A., - -Manager
III. lis KSTATrv.
Yorkshire Guarantee & Securities
Corporation, Limited
440 Seymour Slreei
R. Kerr Houlgatc - - - Manager
All Nortb Vancouver .people tat at
Either Flack lllock or llnttingt St.,
oppotito tbe uew putt oflice. I.conurd
idlt bit tea by tbo pound
The Canadian Bank
of Commerce
New Branch of the Bank located Pl> the
Esplanade, near Lonsdale Avenue, in the
premises formerly occupied by Patterson,
Goldie fit Clark.
Interest paid on Savings Bank Deposits of
One Dollar and upwards. Withdrawals
may be made at any time. Small deposits
Capital $11,000,000      Rest $9,000,000
3. A. FOBBTEB, Manager North Vancouver Branch
, ■
Lots in Blk. 1, D.L. 597
40 x 132
une i,iih Cash, balance tt, 12, 18 and 21 months.
The proposed improvements to I'npilano ilniii] will greatly iucreaao tbs
1,1 *¥]•        CKam««h,
ntx A tyndw*
T«t 87
Contrary to lbc usual practice lbc Assessment Notices for
1912 have been sent lo the registered owners of property
according lo lbc Land Registry records.
Up to the present, purchasers bave been in the habit of
notifying the cily authorities that lbc property bad changed hands
so lbat notices of assessment and taxation should not go astray.
This form of registration of owners bas heretofore been deemed
sufficient for cily purposes, but owing lo a recent decision lbc
cily council is advised by its solicitors lo recognise these owners
only who appear on the records of lhe Land Registry Office.
Unfortunately a great many never register their deeds or agreements.
lhe North Vancouver Land and Improvement Company
hu received numerous assessment notices for 1912 for property
which il has told and which has since changed hands Iwo or three
The Company, therefore, desires lo notify persons who have
purchased from il that they should lake steps to ensure notices
of assessment and taxation being sent lo them so that they may be
come aware of the value at which they arc being assessed and
pay taxes as they fall due.
The  North   Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
Phone 6268
, B. C.
\_^m 4.
~nmvtn >A»u»iiyB8,-
.veilingfSO., Adult BibleJyl> ]».»»•
TflW School, S.fft. Jfcp.B.Cf.ll.  <*""■
imi'. i
Ilmsler. iwmm^^^^
MrikuUlai c*i,rrt—Corner nl Sth and
Ut. Gnome. Sunday Harvlcna, 11.90 a in
and t90 ii.ni. Sunday Schnul
Olaet, 8.10 li.pl. Snnlor J.e»»u»i •>"
day, I p.m. Prayer and l'rulao BorvUo,
Weill.'iuluy, S p.m. .lllliliic League,
Tliuraday allomoon at 3.80. Pastor,
W. 0. Schlltcher.
at. Ante C|iv«h i- Corner Uth
and Bouluvaid. Morning at 11 a.m.,
evening ht 7.30 p.m. Holy ciiiiiinunluii.
Ilml Bunday In month at S u.in.; flrat
and third Sundaya at ll am.; Bunday
Bcliiinl at 1.00 p.m.   Rev. Thomaa Is
Bw gpTinmUNIt has pp ffUIro on Pis-
town ▼Mrooom.
Wiahad Tuesdays and Fridays by Nortb More Press, Limited.
Botai of B»b.oript|on.-0». year, HM. Six monthi, SOe.  Tm months, Mi.
United States and Foreign, $8.(ty per year,
Adyartlslm fatal WU1 »• o)iattl on A||)llti*tton,
w''U'o'oirm xfmiV mi-
day, at t n. ni.   Prayer Moating, Wed-
BfflWjH ' Pi*  mi- Ronald Macoloil!
Tbi Express it devoted to tba Interatts of tbe Nortb Hhore pf Burrard Inlet
exclusively. It conitltutea an advertising medium of exceptional value fpr
reaching in a thorough and effective manner the population pf North Vincouver
City and District, Evory effort ii made to give advertisers the most satisfactory
AM change! In contract advertisements should be in tbe printers' bands net.
liter than 10 i. m. Monday and 6 p. m. Wednesday to ensure Insertion in tbe
following issue, .
■lumi and i'li.l.-
.nagge, Hon
Nortb Vancouver
ht, O../.	
. March 18, 1013
The Liberal candidates for the city
of Vancouver in their public min
uiiei'H are persistently declaring that
the party is confining Its efforts and
expectations atrictly to the croatiou of
au opposition in tho provincial houso.
At their campaign meeting lu Fair-
view Wednesday ovening each of the
candidates voiced this appeal in Ills
own way and ono of them declared
that he was satisfied that :.' Icust two
I,ilu mis wuuld lie returned from Vancouver.
It is .mi;. Ji lo understand just how
the opponent! of the government have
worked this prulilcin nut In a satisfae
tory solution frum a public point uf
view. They are sayinu to lhe country
in effect "wo acknowledge that thorn
is no prospect of uur being alilu to carry
the country, hut wu liupu that a sufli
clanl number of voters whu really favur
tbe government, will abandon thu gov
eminent ami vote fur our candidates
iu order lu enable us In elect a capable
opposition in lhe Hnuse."
Taking the cily uf Vancuuver as an
example, huw is the unsophisticated
Conservative voter who wishes lo ac-
commodate Hie Liberals in their forlorn
state, to tell which Conservative candidates lu reject and which Liberal
s iiii.ii.i.ii. ■ tu favor iu ordor to work
Ibis bright scheme of the government
opponent! Iliruugh uu a basis that
will afford uiiqueetiinable control uf
lbe precise number of candidate!wbicb
il is 11 "lii that each side sbuubl bave!
To be explicit, suppose tlyiso vory ac
s minim.luting voters iu the Conservative
ruuki were to favur tbu election of
tbree Couiervative members and twu
Liberal members fur Vancouver, what
assurance could Ihey possibly have thut
Ibey wuulil uut succeed as a result of
their split bulbil in reversing the dosir-
l"i    -.ills, sl.si Ili
The same features must present
tbenitelies with regard to tbo respective
conatituenciei thruiigliuut' tbe province.
Upon wliul lsii;si- is the matter tu be so
arranged, tbat lbe Couiervative voters
in one eutistituency whu decide to ob
ligu their Liberal friends by deliberately defeating lhe nominee of their own
party muy be absulutely poiitive that
the Conservative! of ulher conititucn
cies, will nol prove similarly susceptible
tu tbe persuasive influence of the op-
puiients uf lhe government, with the
reiult lhat Hie wliule effect may bo to
return un opposition somewhat stronger
numerically tbau was anticipated, even
tu lbe extent of a pussiblu change uf
places between the uew opposition ami
lbe present govcrnlncgli Of court*, nu
une wuuld presume tu m .inni.(.- tliat
any such ulterior motive lurks in the
mn,.Is uf the Liberal campaigners, in
ie1..nn. .i.y this jpecloui plea for a cap
able oppoiition, bul Ibere js nu very
latiefaetory ground nevertheloit, fnr
concluding lhat they wuuld decline to
accept the advantages of the situation
were iuch tu result.
Everything coniidered, il is probable
tbat tlte proUilatleni uf the Liberal
candidate! lu this particular woull
bave been Kuiuewhat mure convincing to
the ordinary mind had Ihey deinunitrat
ed the exactness of their statement' by
placing iu the field, the precise number of cauilidulcs  which  Ihey  would
cea, but also, despite the moit strnnu<
ous efforts that the government sup
porters cau put forth, to elect the larg
est I'"";.tbie number of Iheir own cau
ilnliii.'s everywhere throughout tbi
Rowe, Vicar.
lalvailna   Arwy.-Lnuidala   Avenue
Bunday servicea, 11.00 a.m.. S p.m. and
!.45 p.m. Tueaday, I inn i Thursday,
p.m. Children'! Service, Wednesday,
It.nil.I     -      -     ~- L    "™   "'
Qeorgt,    owi vi.iiii.  m   .. j»   ......   ....
u.in.   Bunday School apd Bllila Clan al
2.80. Ml.   Pt
ln placing Hon. F. L. Carter-Cotton
again in the field as their candidate for
the provincial legislature, the Comer
minI- party is presenting to the elect
ure of Hicbmnnd Killing an opportunity
to retain ai a representative
at Victoria, a member whoso proa-
tige in the House Is not excelled by
that of any supporter of the govern
ment, and that is equalled by very few.
Mr. Cotton is one of tbe oldest remaining member! of the provincial leg-
iilaturo, having held a aoat In tbe
Mouse continuously for approximately
twenty five yuan. During that time be
has passed through all the gradation!
of ollice frum private member to leader
of tho government, having been bead
of the I'oiioii lo'inliii iisiiiiiins.il.'ii.sn in
ItUIH. During sll the frequent changes
whicii took place through that period
of iti hiitory wheu British Columbia
waa unfortunately noted for iti unstable governmental condition!, Mr.
Cotton was ut all times one of the fore
most figures in tlie hnuse and his ripe
experience and acknowledged ability
itood tbe province in goud itead under
thuse trying condition!. Since the Inauguration uf parly guvernment in lllll.'l
Mr. Cotton has beeu a prumiuent and
i ml nni i ml member uf the McBride administration, having held cabinet posi-
tion until a shurt time ago when he vol
untarily resigned the position of preiident of the council, in urder to facilitate reorganization. Although nut at
the present time a member nf the cab-
iuet, Mr. Cotton stands high in the
counsel! of the government and he ii
at the saute time recognized ai one of
the ablcBt and moit influential membera
of Ihe legislature.
Mr. Cotton has represented Bichmond
riding at Victoria ever since that cou
itituency wai created as at present
■ -HI..-.I ii in .--I and inasmuch ai the cull-
stituency will duuhtless be divided lie
fure auuther election, hii election ou the
HHIIi iust will confer upon bim the dia
Unction uf having held the number
ship for the riding during the entire
course of ils existence.
Mr. Cotton ii a member who at all
I lilies   exercises   U III, III'III   Hire   OM'l   tlie
requirement! of hii conititucucy aud
who hai proven mcceiiful to an ex-
optional degree in securing favorable
action upou the part uf the guvernment
wilh reference tu thoae requests for
"i. i-i' iniiini which he hai made from
im'e'To tffctysml'.jhel/'O^ljii conilil-
Hem.". In thii regard it may bu men-
lionml thai tliruugh Mr. Cotton'a inii ruinentnlity the guvernment, at the
lust session iucreaseil tho subsidy for
Second Narurwi bridge to ♦400,000 aud
made a grant of $5H,llOU to assist tbe
district in the cunitruclioii uf the new
marine drive aud has in addition
given iissiirutice... that the construction
of' the uew low l.-\ ■ 1 road through
Muodyville eastward will be carrier! forward to completion at an early date.
Mr. i'oil mi's i|iiulitii nt noils ai repre
leutative for thia riding are iuch ai in
theinielvei to afford cuueluiive reason
Cfcarok.—Twelfth   and   Bt
Service! at ll a.m. and 7.10
om.   nu.iday School and Bllila Clan a
2.80 p.m.   Prayer and praise  Service
Woilnunlay at S p.m.   Paator, Rev. A.
Pronar, llth and Bt. Qtoraja
St. John tke UvaugelUI, Sth uil.l ISth
Holy Communion, I a.m. Mornliii
l'rainc. 11 a.m. Evening Prayer, l.ll
i.|n. no the iii .-.I Sunday In the month
.here will be a aocond celebration of
the Holy Communion at 11 a.m. Rector.
Rev. Hugh Hooper.
It. I'liliuuuil't (alkollc Ckurek, Malum
Avenue. Sundaya -Man, S a.m. Sunday School, 1.30 pin. Rnaary Benedlc
linn and Sermon, T.80 p.m.
liiJI.u t alkullo Ckurek of II. Paul's.
Stan, 7 80 a in., Sundays. Pallor, Rev
E. Peytavln, O.M.I
II. 'I'kuuiaa. « a in evil j Bunday
except tint Bunday In month. 8.30 a.m
flrat Bunday In month. 11 am, Mai lut.
I.Unity and aermon, lecond and fourth
Bunday. Holy Communion and lermon
flrat nnd third Sundayi. Vicar, Kev.
T. E, Rowe.
l'reakylerlan Ckurek—Sunday!, 11 a
m. and 7.80 u.in. Sunday Bchool and
Bible Claaa 3.30 p.m 'lea. inns' Training Claaa, Wedneiday 7.30. Pruyei
meeting, Wednesday 8 pm. Boys'
Thursday 7,30 p.m.   choir prac-
  R. Van Munater.
MA, paitor ' ,
1,1 \* mi,ii.
Methodist Ckurek. — Inrvlcel ever)
Bunday evening In lhe new church, al
7 o'clock.
I'reslii lerlaa Ckurek.    Worship, Bun
daya,  ll a.m.     Tlnlun Bunday School
1.30 pin.    Prater meeting. Tueaday 8
ui.   Teach, i..' Training Claia Friday
r.30 p.m.    R. Van Munaler. M.A.. paator
It, I'lrucnl'a, l.tuglleaul—Holy cum-
iniii.iisii   Itt Bunday lu month. 11 am
evening prayer, every Sunday, 7 00 ,
;   choir   practice,   Wedneeday,   8 00
I.   Rav. Arthur E. Bruce. Vicar
Paper the World
Irom our itock ol uew Wall Papen
•o it lei'tiiN. I'vciy day loun new
daaign arrival to fill thi vacancy
ol ihun cloied out.
Hantliome Wall Paper*
an here in endlew variety. Jutl
tell our mli iniiiii (br wbat room
you want tha paper and be will
•Imw you jutt the pattern yuu an
looking lor.
To  chooae Irom our ti... I  it a plea
•ura, to pay our price n eaty.
W. H. ST0NEY & CO.
117 Lonidale Avenue Phone 11'.'
.... •• VIA-
Tmm Minna
.... CWIMHTI lt«.
Anrooi tttilltif t BkBtrfa an! !«cili.ll..n m.,
lulcliy Motoalf our uiJiiM free »liiiim.an
,   i for tbe anertiou tbat he will be roturn
lonsnler a satisfactory oppusiliun.  If,I   , . ,.    „„,,   , ,,
,,     ,   ;    "    , "l as member on the 28th inat. by tbe
largeat majority be hai yet polled in
fur instance, Ihey had arrived ut lbc
^—conclusion that Vaueouver eity ought
m to contribute two member! to suib un
oppoiltiou, their ease would unduubt
edly bave been greully sirenglliencl
had they placed ouly Iwo candidate*
in tbe field. Conservative voters who
might prove more ur leu luiceplibie tu
Ibia plaintive appeal to tbeir muguati
unity, would then have been the more
likely to succumb thereto, inasmuch as
tbey Would know assuredly tbat they
could indulge that exalted trait with
out any p'sssiliilily of mischance in the
manufacture of tbie mucbtobedesired
Under the exiiting condition! how
oyer, it ii eatlly possible tbat those
Miagnaninioui Couiervative voteri may
s .in' lii.I" that tbe contemplation of a
■flit vote ii dangerouely akin lo fool-
■  '   'tig with Ibt buiiaiit aad ut a hornet
tbii comtltuency.
stops coocisiiKi'RS:
Mr. W. H. Orant, manager of construction east of Pert Artbur for tbe
Canadian Northern Railway, atates tbat
by the irst of July noxt ten thouiand
men will be at work on tbe couitruction
of tho company'! main line from '''"'
Artbur to Hudbury and altogether over
15,000 men will be at work ruiblug to
completion the eaitern end of the com-
pony's tronicontinental line from Mon
qulol'lf 11
and ai there ii no evidence to show
tbit they would particularly enjoy be'
lug stung, the inevitable ronrluiion up-
pmn to be tbat tha J.iberala will And
it neetmry te content themaelves with
*o efpm9toa whoae ranki include jutt
tbat number tt amben tint tiny em
iiiecoei „ electing, not only without
toy mAMMta (ten ««irv*tl»,« aour-
treal to tbo Pacilic coait. Tbe wbolc
of tbii main line, it 1* hoped, will be
completed by tbe end ,uf .18)3. Between
'iflOO and 4,000 mea have beon at work
on the eastern tec tion all winter.
To be truited is a greater compll
aunt tban te ke love-f—Uioigt Mat
Aeitld. . i
eii'ul. MlDSOOS oureieuia
itlftc HmtrkajL
rtL»UtSffl Vril. ,'nR.fi
LiTa imt, pmUsi mttaiA sets by
©ke SMark
THE STANDARD lu the National
Weekly Newspaper of the Iioiiiliilon
of Canada. It li national In all Ita
It uaea the moit expenalva cngrav-
Ingt, procuring Ihe photographa from
'all over tbe world,
Ita article! are carefully aelectcd aad
Its   editorial 'policy   it   thoroughly
A   auvwriptlon   to   The   Standard
cotla HM per year to any addreii Is
Canada or Oreat Ilrltaln.
TRY IT FOR 1912!
Montreal Standard PubliiblnB C*,
muMLi-   mlftitei, Publlthara.
W«t of Power Houw,    •    $4700
Ono-thlrd owb. A wio and iane bwy
Phone 37, North Vancouver, B. C,
30 Day Trial Offer
If you have never tried a
and would like to do so
Now is Your Chance
The Auto Strop Razor
is the Best made
Try one for a Month, if you
don't find it so, return to us
and get your money back
90 Lonsdale Avenue     Next to P.O.
Close to C. P. R. Route
We can offer for a few dayi only, tome choice
loti at the price of $500 each, on termi of one
third caih and the balance in 6 and 12 monthi.
For further particulars ol lhe above ami other Imiincsti and
retidential properties tee
Phone 70
15 Unsdale Ave.
O.Box 1816
Support Home  Industry
and Build up North Vancouver
Seymour Lumber Co.
* . LTD
Have their mill operalinu in ilie mountain and can give
of all kinds of Rough, Dimension and Kiln Dried I .unilicr
Moulding and Finishing Lumber.   Second to none.
Office; Corner Sutherland Avenue and I7lli street.
Take Queensbury Car (Yellow Label).
trlcf lm WW in ty»n V»llpy, ya» I •
.uu sol) the whole section, ovw pi
aural tit H1,9A9 on euy terms.
I h»vo also 16 torn "" Nortli lioun-
.lulu I'liia MRI Bold for 11,800 pet
«cre sultihlo (or subdivision ami (rsa
from Oflvirnnunt Dlilw.
Alexander Philip
Financial Broker
niii'i' Plioue 10        Houae Plioue 261
FOB BENT- One lulte, furnished,
alao one iinfurulalied. Latejt improve
menu, Wltb but ind telephone     t.f,|
10,000 cords of dry fir wood for quick
aale. Price pir odd cordi, 11.75. apt
clal i|iiut.'iimini for larger quantltleu.
Out Wood, 10 incbea, |3.26. VI Inchon
1360. C. 0. D.
. -f
Office and Yard—I4lh and Lonidale
Phone 190.     P. 0. Box 2432.
TAKE NllTII'K Ihul 1'Ull'ii Aloxamli'i
It...".'.. II   ut   VlllK'ilUVL'l',   B.   II,   octuiiu-
H"l       I !.■!..  I      llsl. In!..   10   ,s|s|  I.    fur   |H'l-
llllKHlilll   In   I'lll. li.l ..■   ttlt   tollOWlUK   'I''
..ills, si i.. i., i.i Commauclng ul a punt'
fl.ii ini iiiiinii !0 chalna mint li of tli.
n.si ili ,.,;.! corner ot l.ul 2S. uiul ai
thu curlier aouth ol Uir uluiiunlil cot
ncr, ili.ii.i' noiih SO chalim. niore at
lvH9 to corner ol T I.. 382E1. 11..-1.. ■
mill 80 i'IiuIiih. Ill, no: mmtti SO chulinc
thonca wi>al SO chilni to iiolnl of cum
lllcltccltlcllt   . .1.1. Ii.ii.i     100   ac'l'l'H   lllol'i
111   U'HH
OEOltllK   VEItlililll.
mli January.  ISIS
TAKE NOTICK thul I'elci' Hoy I'l.iln
of Vancouver. II  Cl., occupailon. lum
liciniaii. Intt.'iiilH to uiiply lor iicrinlii
Mon to purchaae the roiiowin,c dtiacrlli
ml lumla. ''iioiiiii'NJiih ut a iniat iilum
ol al lhe waler'a clue, ul the norlh
weat corner of prc'umbllon SHI, Ihoiio
ninth SO chalna. Ihence weal 10 chalim
thence aouth 80 chalna. more or leas
lo waler'a eilyc. thence euat following
aliorc Hue to Iiolnl of coiiiinenceinctit
i iinlalnlnu .1.11 ucrea more ur leua
lllli Juiiiijiy. lllli
TAKE NOTICE Ihul Oeorire Vi-i.ll. i
uf YlMUmyxt, B. C, occii|iailun. ilinlii i
'iiliaii, Inlenila lo uij|ily r.u linllillis
alon lo , .ns I;., the following dcacrlh
eii luliila: I'.'iiiii-s i , lur ul u |iuat plunluil
10 eliulna autilh ot the nortli eaal col
ir of T I, 38251; Ihence euat 10 cliuliw
thence norlli 80 cliaiua. Ihence weal 84
eliulna. thence south 10 eliulna. lliciu.
dial 10 eliulna. the/ice aoulh 10 chalna
to iiolnl of commencement, contulnlng
till ...I,., mure or leaa.
Uth Junuury. ISIS
TAKE NOTICK lhal Alice Pearce Has
well, uf Vuncouver, H C, niarrleil woman. Inlenila lu uuply for |s.s|ii,ls ; is.
to iiurehuae (he following dcscrlhci!
luliila. Coniineliclng ul a Iioal ,iluii'> I
ul the aoulh-euat corner of T. I. Ni.
30861. Ihence weal SO ehalita, Ihence
i".mli 80 chalna, ihence eust 10 •»...11..
theme inn IH 10 eliulna. Ihence eual In
eliulna, tu wuler^l eilge. Ihence' lluilli,
40 I.sin. ulong ahoie to I'olnl of coin
mencemcnl, conlulnlim 480 acres moic
or leas
ISlh   January.   ISI!.
TAKE NOTICK Ihul Hohert Hull
Kliimonil, of Vuncuuver, U, C. occuou
Hon. broker, Inti-mla lo apply for I'l'i-
tnlaalon lo innchuse lhe following
ileacrlhnl lumla: ('uniine.ii.ing ut u t"iat
uluiileil al the aoiilh-weat corner or
I.ol nuinhercil SI. Ibence norlli 1.0
chalna. Ihence weal 60 cnain". Ihem'1'
ninth ii) eliulna tu wuiera edge.'thence
iumI lullowlng wuler'a eilge to. polnl "'
ifinineuceiuenl, coiiliilnlng 360 acrea
more or leaa.
UKORUK VKiirill-.lt
"ii   i  i i.u .   ISIS
TAKE NOTICE Ihul Cora King. "'
Vuiicoiiver, fi C, occupailon, snlnaiei.
Iiilemla lu upnly for iicriiilealon lo I'Ui
chuae Iho following ilescrlhei) lui»l»
Commencing at a I'Osl nlunicil iboui ll
. is,sii, eual uf lhe polnl of commence
menl of T. h SOSiS. mi aloiigahlf '•
surveyor's noal bearing number sis.
Ihence north io ehulna. 'hence eusl
40 chuins. ihence aoulh 10 chains
Ihence weal 10 chalna, lo polnl of com
I mencemcnl, containing ill acres more
or leaa
CORA KINO       ,„„
lllh January, ISIS.
Good Buys on Keith Road
Subdivision of Lot 7, Block 12^ District Lot 764
Lots in an Ideal Location on the Keith Road
(or only $550, I -4 cash, 6, 12 and 18 months.
^^ IRC tyvriMW nunin vnmwfvM>i h. ^.» rwwnii
Wm.   There wen no retreating lm-1
prosses to Indicate that either hid da- id it every umiiusl sound, Md trim-
I UpUnA to to*, front door ind tumid tbi knob. The door did not yield.
Then fnr tin flrat time I'recalled Ihe
n'lndow which our housebreakers bid
orcid the nigbt before; unless tbi
itch had been repaired during the
day, It would be in my matter ta
-Wirdirriiig-ttiB-whBii timi ihnit-hr
thi Caplsln'e big essy-cbslr.
At the md of tbi allotted hslf-hour
—I wttin't very particular ovir tbi
number Of minutes- Mrs. Pluette's In-
oreislng nervouimis and Impatience
moved me to rap upon the private-
roinii   door.     Belle   emorged,    her
gain access lo the dining-room wbtoh 0MB„ Wh|te Ma wr eyei swollen
was located In thl western wing.
Now It wis the eiBtorn wing or
gable whioh iheltered tbi library, tbi
conservatory, and Mr. Piga'i bedroom, and (t Wu ihiiih (be second
man's (oot-prlnti led. I followed tbem
round tbe corner of the home. -
From their appearance It wu euy
lo tnci ill the myiterloui Intruder'!
movements. Evidently after the dour
hid closed behind the flrst arrival,
Number Two had itood (or some timo
St the eut end of the porch. Then he
ad moved toward the nine end of
the houie, pausing it every window
and trying the tub to licertaln
'whether II wu fastened, Turning at
the corner, he had procoeded slpng
the ilde of the house, still testing the
windows ind bestowing particular st-
,('|tentlon upon tho glass conservatory.
This wbs true of every window is Isr
PI the bedroom, at leant; beyond thut
.' did not explore. Just ss I drew op
.niiilie the lirst of tho bedroom win-
lowe I nunc ti) an abrupt halt.
There was a light In. the room.
Nor was this all. Some person was
In tbe room, loo, sud by the silhouette
on tbe bllml I could see that he wu
Industriously applying hlniBelf to some
task, tho nailice of which I could not
determine. Tlio longer I watched the
BliadoW on lhe blind, the' more pus-
■• lnl I grew. I could Imagine no occupation thul would account for such
singular actions.
The shsdow was a msn's; I could
distinguish Ihut much, llu uppiared
to be bending over aoinclhlng, while
bis hands (Jew hit hor uiul llilllicr, as
If they were performing u quick-step
upon l piano. Hut no Bound of ihubIc
■ nun' from the lighted room.
It would be Impossible to siy how
long I itood there, tho snow nesrly to
my knees, fascinated by the remarkable antics of that shadow. Then of
l ludden the hands ceased flying, The
nun atnlgjiloned aud became motion-
less, sb If startled by some uuetpect-
id sound.
Well, perhaps within tbe noxt
lecond he knew .whit hid alarmed
hlm; I'm aure that I did not, Tbe
ihuilww flushed away the bllml. Then
my sculp tingled and lhe blood seem-
id to freeze In my veins.
From wllhln Iho room thorc came
t most unearthly cry. It waa weird,
terrifying, utterly unlike anything I
bad ever heard—aave once. Por It
wu a repltltlon of tbe wild, Inhuman
note tbat had thrilled me when I first
dashed open Ihe bath ronm door tbo
previous nigh I.
Tbe terrible cry wu not immediately repeated, but for a while tbe utmost
confusion prevailed wltbln. I could
bear furniture knocked end slammed
about, u tumult of stamping scraping tut, and mice for tbo briefest
moment' another shadow was pro
Jected upon lhe blind.
It wu a hideous, squat, dwarfleh
Ibadow. Two long gorilla-like arms
wire upraised In sn abandonment of
fury. Then came tbat awful, bloodcurdling   sn i 'u iii    agsln,   and    the
with weeping. The poor girl pressed
my bind when I helped ber into tba
carriage- -clung to It despairingly, to
be euot—and the tears again rushed
to her eyes.
"Thii Ii killing mil" ibe moaned.
"Oh, It III It Ul I can't Hand tt
much longer," '
"Courage, Mlu Fluitti," I under
toned isiuulvely. "Everything li
working for the best, believe me."
Ah, but wu it? J could not uy
the wordi with muoh assurance. Tbey
drove away, two ud, harassed women.
Touching again upon Wednesday
afternoon, I waa pretty euro tbit tin
Fluette carrlige would mut Genevlev*
it the station—very likely wltb Hello,
Or possibly Mn. Fluette. In anticipation of Ihe request tbat ibe And an
eicuse lo meet me it tbe earliest poi-
slhlo moment, for I wu ill Impitlence
to heir her report.
But Qenevleve hid anticipated alio.
Sbe arrived armed wltb a commission
from Die Ohio cousin, tbe performance
of which would brook no delay. Bo
I bad a mlnule alone wltb ber downtown. Bhe had beeu thoughtful
enough to record a detailed statement
of her Investigations; It llu before mi
now u I write; and 1 shell condenie
from It those portion! lhat ire essential to advancing tbli chronicle.
In Ihe early Wi Olira Cooper wu
the belle of tbe village of Merton.
Wooers were many, but favors were
few ind grudgingly bestowed; end In
time all suitors withdrew, leaving the
Aeld clear lo Alfred Fluette and Fells
The I'onpera and tbe Kindles represented the wealth and aristocracy
of the community, while Fells Page
waa a poor, struggling young man
whose only advantagos and proapecti
for the future lay In bli Indomitable
pluck and I resolution tint was ready
to rldo roughshod over all opposition.
And Clara favored tbe poor- young
man. He went forth from Merton resolved o wrest a fortune from the
world wid lay It at bis swecthesrt'a
(eel. Sbe promised to well lor hlm
uutil be returned wllh the lullllmont
of Ills lunblliiiiia alms.
Alas, though, for the fiery Felix;
she wss not of a very resolute character, being easily Influenced by ber
sterner parents, whose pstrlcau eyes
looked askance upon the presumptuous lover's claims. Besides, Felix wss
ubsent-supposedly engsged In bis
laudable enterprise of wresting u fortune from the world—wnlle Alfred,
handsome, polished of manner, patient
and perslslenily attentive, was ever at
be elbow.
Then, too, there wu Mlsi Clara's
family, to the last one of tbem espousing Alfred's cause. Iu the end
Ihe girl cil"'.'., o herself to drifl wltb
ilie curronl. Felix would bsve accomplished more lo bis purpose had
ho remained at home and married
Clara, ind then goni afler thi fortune.
At any rate, after one or two letters
from Felix, which glowed with bops
iadow'i owner seemed   to   plunge | Md   (^j,,,   ^ ibo ceM(.d to
bear from lilm. Doubtleu be bad
come to realize tbat the wresting
operation demanded all bli powers,
but bis silence wss easily mado to
appear of more significance than It
deserved    II was eanatriied   for Miss
myitirloui predecessor.
I soon found put tbit hi hid In-
ratlitrt -hlmielf TrtttrnfrrbMr tot
Merton who could give bim a scrip
of Information, md thst hll Inquiries
wire ill directed to one end; namily,
thi family histories of the Pigei, tbi
Coopers, ind tbi Fluettes.
Then, from ill tbi people I could
find who bit) um aad talked to tbli
mm, I obtained t dscriptlon ol bll
ippesrsnce and (where they win remembered bli perioni! peculiarities.
Om description photographed hlm for
"A- till. Um, lanky feller-real
imdy—bslr, eyas, lyelubu, eyebrows
—no, bi didn't have no eyebrowi; but
all till rut was tbi same light yillir
color. Hi wu pale and sickly lookln'
—poor mini—md you couldn't Ull
Whit bl 'U i-lookln' at <vnm bl
talked to I body. Any kin o' ynurn?"
Who wu my tyiUrlou predecu-
•or Id tbo Held, If be win not Alex-
indsr Burkit
Wbo, Indeed I
Weit Vmmw Notei
Mr. Ross Is building t Am bungalow
im die jnwttmii iirv'sM P»r«
Lumber Ins been delivered for the
now shlowilk from Hollyburn wharf to
Another crash lollowed.   The llghl
wu suddenly blotted out.  The alienee .
wai once moro absolute.
Ashes of Old Romance.
It wu Friday aflernoon when
Qenevleve started on her mlaaton; the
following Wednesday morning I received a telegram from ber announcing that she would be borne that
ume aftcruoou. Tbe Interim wu sO
uneventful that my notebook men
tlons only two Incidents ll being
worthy of preacrvstlon.
Late Friday night Iho welcome news
came to headquarters tbat Alexander
Burke had been lound. He sppcarcd
si bis lodgings shortly before mid
night, looking wrelcbedly III and ex
b: miied ' Saturday morning a physl
clan was called lu, and the whilom
I,' i' nn y wus not able lo appear upon
tho streets oy,ulii until Tuesday. Then
It waa observid thai a cliango had
come over Ibe man. His Impssslvliy
bad beeu penetrated al Inn. It could
no longer hide u nervoiisncaB snd ap
prehension which kepi hia head per
peluully pivoting In backward glances
across his shoulder.
I smiled wllh satisfaction when Fan
Ihawc told i>«' this.
"Slay with hlm," I said; "It maker
no dlfferome whether or not ht
knows lhal you are always close he
Ii'ihI bim. lu fn'. I wont bim to know
||- I want to break lhal man, aud I
The nlliei' Incident referred lo wor
I meoling I succeeded In securing belween s.li'iis i end Miss Hello mem
iniibb' for mi us being the flrst Occi
lien upon which 1 wis favored wllh
I i'ii mn, i  of Mrs. Fluette.
Sunday afternoon mothor and
daughter drove up to hcadquarteri in
Uie family currlagc. Allbougb the
girl had been tactful enough to ei
chew a heavy veil end sombre upparcl,
It wu plain to be seen that the event
was ilmoBt too greal an ordeal for
iven ber proud and dauntless spirit.
Belle descended from lhe carriage
hesitantly, snd theu stood looking
about with an air of such bclplew
■terror that I approached—I bad previously resolved io keep myself effaced during Ihe visit—and conducted
her Into the Captalu'i private ollice
Clara, not by her aa Indlpulable evidence of forgetfulneu. within the
yesr sho married Alfred Fluette.
Six years pused. Alfred Fluette
hid migrated wltb bis bride to tm
city. Then Felix Page returned
triumphant to Merton . Hit triumph,
however, wis short-lived. He was
well on thu road, even tben, to hll
aubsequent commerclel success; I
good dell of tho wresting bad been
accomplished; but tba girl be bad
alcadfaatly loved, whom he bad never
for an Instant put out of bU thoughts,
bad* married bis rival.
To get together most of her report
Qenevleve had been obliged to labor
patiently an J painstakingly; whon It
came to tho evenU uioclatcd with
Felix Pige's return to bis birthplace,
her. task wss suddenly transformed
from one of gleaulug to another equally arduous, of selecting from tbe plethora of material at her disposal.
One .gathers tbe ldu, afler reading
It all, tbat his rage was tbat of a
cavo-mu who returns from tbo dsy'l
bunt to And tbat bli borne In tbe hillside cliff has been despoiled. One
thing stands out clear md unmistakable: from tbat hour hU life wu embittered, bis character warped with
tbe sheltering of bli ideal*. Hi registered I solemn vow of vendues
against Alfred Fluette, then dlssp-
So much for thii [lortlon of tm it-
Burki Unboiomi.
Eight o'clock Thunday morning: m
hour before, Fimbiwe had beard with
a ilgb of relief tbat I would take bli
plice tbit morning. I bad since bun
kicking my bocli oppoilto the rooming houso where Alexundcr Burke bad
bli lodgings.
- At tbe hour mentioned Burke up
peered. 1 retreated Into I sheltering
doorway, uid watched him.
lie stood for i moment upon tbi
top step, darting quick glmcel up ind
down the Elrcet, ind Intently scanning lhe few pedestrians who were
abrosd st the lime. Then, he came
rapidly down the stops, ind turned
toward tho city.
The snow muffled my tread, snd he
didn't beur my approach didn't know
of my presence until I tapped him
upon the shoulder.
"Mr. Burke," said I, "I want you."
With a quick Intake of breath,
which Bounded like the bin of I snike.
he slewed round ind Axed mi with
bli expressionless eyes. Also—to
complete the simile—bU hud rured
hack, like a snake'l wben It Is about
to itrlke. 1 don't believe tbit I ivir
before found sucb I keen pleasure In
irreitlng a mm.
"Want mil" bi guped. "Whit fort"
"Yes, you." I could not entirely
hide my satisfaction. "And because
you hive reiched tho end of your
rope. I don'l intend to itand here ind
■rgue iboul ll, cither.
In i momeni the mm wu calm-
ill eicept bla gloved bind. A man's
hands will, nine times out of ten, betray bim In i i'ii. of blmsell Burke'l
Angers were twitching, folding md
unfolding without ceillUon.
"Swift," ho whispered vindictively,
■you'll regret this—so help mo (tod,
you will. Curse you I Wby do you
penecuto tne? I'll go with you—of
coune I shall, how csn I help myself
wben I'm it thi mercy of a bruli of
l glint, like youf"
"Then shut up, and come ni.nig.
I'll Just keop a hand under your ens
until we gel lo headquarters. .
Never mind!" ss he made a movi to
unbutton his overcost. "It'i cold
enough to keep covered." 1 had
struck down the stealthy hand wltb
considerable vigor, snd be winced
wllh pain. The pile eyes Aubed s
malignant look at me, and straightway
became  luacrutable  again
Not another word wu ssid until wc
stood before the clerk it the Central
OAlce. The mitteroffict wiy In
whlcb he picked up I pen and poised
It over the police docket, tbe csllous
Indifference with which he Inquired
Ihe prisoner's name and the nature
of thl chirge. made Burke flinch for
ibo Irst lime.
"Will, Johnson!" I said suddenly to
the clerk, ss If on second thougbt.
"I don'l believe I'll docket this mm
yet; I want to keep the plncb quiet
lor a while."
The game wu familiar lo Johnson;
he laid aside Ihe pen u Indifferently
u he had taken It up, and returned lo
bis Interrupted perusal of the morning paper.
"You come with me," I said to
I conducted hlm to the Hiilo room
behind lhe Captain's private office—
scene of many a heart-to heart conference aud pushed bim toward om
of the two chairs which constituted
the room's sole furnishing. It wu
l dim, silent, disheartening place, and
I wu resolved to hive no mercy upou
Ihe miu whom it lut I bad succeeded
In getting Into i position where I oould
bandlo bim.
"Burke," I begm, "I'm mt going
to mince matteri or stand (or uy
quibbling or lying. I bare you rlgbt
when I win) you, and whatever
leniency you miy receive will depend
entirely upou your frankness. This
la your chince—Ihe lut om."
' No doubl my expression md manner win grim; I must Ihem to be
'Inn mail.
A purty ef surveyors Is stiking out
the line for the p.p.B. from (forth Van
couver to D.L. 056. .
Large crowds coming tp Wilt Vancniiver oyery diy. Almost every boat
is crowded with liomcieekerB,
Tho Misses Stovensoni' lei rooms st
tho foet ef Marr road en tbe water,
front aro Hearing completion and will
lie opinio 'ilortly. Tbli "meins
greet convenience for travellers u up
to the present there has mt been any
public eating bouse In this district.
The national passion for symbolism
and love of tbe mysterious Is expressed
in thu new ilsg of tbe Chinese Bopublic
It is interesting to dissect the compost
tion of the latest of nitlou! emblotns
which hss all but bein accepted by
several of the civilized nitlons ss tbe
New Standard of Old Cbim.
In the new Chinese Oil there ire
five rulors, blue, 'yellow, no, black and
ilcogruphically, blue iu Cbinose
"tsin'' means Ibo cut, yellow, er
"liuung" is the coutre, red, or "tcbe"
is the south, white, or "pal" is the
wesl while black or "be" is tbe
Figuratively speaking therefore tbe
new flag is a symbolical map of the
uew republic.
The second peculiarity shout tbe now
flag which Inn already beeu flown In
Montreal is tbat it represents tbe Ave
elements of honor iu Chinese pbil
White for iustaiico moms metal, blue
is wood, black ii wator, red is Are,
while yellow represents the earth.
Rank of Monl
umin   wl   AT* win
Established 1817
Capitol (paid pp)
Reierve     -   -   -
Savings Bank Department
i i i i
North Vancouver Branch:
Mt. Crown Bldg., lit Street
NOT UK is hereby given that P. I.
Carter Cotton, candidate for election st
the provincial elections on the 28th
inst., ss representative for itichnioml
Hiding, has appointed 8 Churchill,
.vliosc post ollice nMresa is
Kburue Unties, ti. C, as his
agent under the Election Act
for the purpose! ef Ibe Hid election.
apd Ilml .1. W. Weart, who is a camli
date for election aa renreseutative for
Ihe said Itichinuud Killing at the ssid
cleclioii, lies appointed T. S. ilrown,
whose address la 1012 Harwood itreet
Vancuuter, aa bis agent, uuder tin
Elections Act for Ihe purposes of the
Mil election.
.Signed. I   T. ;-, i iiulli.
Kelurniiig Ollicer for Richmond Hiding
NOTICK is hereby given that polling
beetha for tbe uae of votera at the
provincial elections on the Until inst.,
ii'"' been cstshliahcil at tlie following
places throughout Richmond Biding:
North Vancouver, Larson's Pavilion.
Lynn Valley, lustitute Hall.
Nortb Lonsdale,  Church  Hall.
11 lb  ")' '."   I 'I loll 1.)'
Koberta' Creek.
Cenlral Turk.
Ilurnaby Municipal Hall.
Burnaby l.ul..       >
Cedar Cottage
South Vaueouver Municipal Hall.
Nortli Arm, cor. Eraser and Biver Hoaii.
City Heights, South Vancouver.
West Point Urcy.
Kichinomi Municipal Hall.
Woodward Landing
(Signed) •'■ T. Kcxsniiih,
Iteturiiing Ollicer for Hicliinonil Hiding
ouiCKtY btopo COUQHI, cunts COLDI,
V.'« solldl the busliitM of Manufacturers,
Hngitirtiiaiiil oltlcts wliti rri'llrr lit .nhli.ilnl
ily of having tlirlr Patent l.'i.i:i"i lianuclcil
isy KspcrU.   riitileluaiy nilvt, i Inc.   I'luugi.
moderate. Our Inventor's Advlserscnt upon it-
until. MnlooAMarl sn, Xt|['(l., New Voik I.llc
I'J.'l Mnulical' «nJ Wi.lil.,s.i(in UO. lint.
SEALED TENDERS marked "Tender for St. David's storm sewer'' will
iie received by the clly clork of Norlli
Vancouver up to 12 o'clock noon on
Mondiy the ISth duy of March, 11112,
for supplying .ill the materials and
constructing uml completing u storm
sewer will*, catch busiu connections'ou
Bl. David's Avenuo, from lhe water
front to Keith roud.
All the above mentioned work to bs
carried oul according to plnns, proliles,
cross sections Binl specilicaliotis pro
pond by the city engineer. /■>
All lenders for tho work must he
made ou the forms of tender supplied
by Hi.e cily engineer.
A cheipie fur t per cent of the amount
of the tender musl accompany _ each
and every lender.
A bond of 16 per cent, of the ainounl
of the contrail  will be required.
in,',  lender iiiil neeei'
City Kngiuecr's Oth'
Norlh Vuncouver,
Feb. ilith, Hll-
port.   Nothing In the subsequent re- and (hire wu no doubt that my ob
1 ., I I       r\§      I lir.       Ii,   .,       .......        ......        ......       . .1 . 1 n   k a . . .        "       *
latlons of tbe two men wu now ob-
And bere, too, wi an given a now
light upon Aleiander Burke, oiling
door-blngei that hi night (he better
ipy uppn hii employer, patiently
working out the combination of the
bidden safe -and running to Alfred
Fluette wltb tbe old love-lettori aud
mementos for a price, of course
playing the vlndlcllveneii of the one
sgalnel tbe hatred and tear of the
other, ind scrupling not to gain profit
vloui i niilldi'iii o In my poalllnu lm
pressed tbi ex leeretary; fer thl On
gin grew mon iglle, ind he licked
bli dry lips agsln ud sgalu.
"Wbat am I chargid wilh?" bi denuded, In a shaking voice.
"Nothing u yel," I returned cheer
fully. "Vou doubtless noticed Jbsl I
dispensed wltb that little formality.
Do you know wbat tbat means? Jusl
tbis: no oue knows you an hen;
there li a certain unail ceil below
•lain, dark m Kgypt, provided eiprcss
might. ;
But It is proverbial   that  womu
Invariably reserves Uie most Interut-
where Maillot was waiting. She gave ,„_ M(j |mportut Item tor the poit
 mim.m.m.m. rn.rn.ml I I , 1 I 1  ! I   11 . ' ll . I . m. . I.l .3
me u eintii'i im id, beseeching glsnce,
ud murmured a barely- - audible
"Thank you." No more wil iild.
She filtered sn Instant on the Hires
bold, then, lobbing, ruibed In. 1 made
bute to cloie the door ud rejoin Mn.
VUUVI,   mm.   ...*f.»|    —■»-    mm    p-"~    j..v>.<-      *<■>>»,   w V   m.   .-m* W-' . - ~ • ■- - —   -f.g.W.W
(or himself whenever ud wherever be ly tor recalcitrant Individuals . You
could Hi thin tor a year, ud nobody
be a whit (hi wiser. I, for oni,
wouldn't care how long you Keyed."
"Swift," the fellow stammered, "tbli
- -Ihli ll outrsgeous."
"Perhaps," agreed I, carelenly,
surveying, bim Wltb I narrowed look.
"I'm not ken to nouie police methods; they're not very genOe, I'll admit; bat whin we dial wllh erooki
>'n obliged to hud ihem Ihe only
script. And It. wu so With dene-
vlnve's report I quote the concluding
paragraph! In toto.
On the very flrat day of my arrival,
and from the very flnt prion to
whom 1 collided (he nature of my
errud, I received the surprising la-
Great Clearance Sale
Roses, Shrubs
Trees, Plants
APRIL I st, we offer the following for CASH
ONLY.   COME EARLY and get your choice
6,000 Roses, mlMd Mrtl 91M per doseu
L000 WilUowir 60cperdosen
8,000 Hollyhock  M ud 78 cints per doiou
600 Sweet William  76 M"1* t*t Aaten
6,000 Privet Hedge (OHifornii ud Bngllsb)   'MM mi HM por 100
100 Holly Tn*, Oold, Mvir ud Oiocu  $1*0 to HM licit
6*00 Brirgrun Shrubs, assorted Mc to IIM oscb
100 Boi Item  Mc "> *m wc"
60 Bhododmdroni, mind colon  <■» "»u ***
600 Asslu, mixed color. » 99*9 *m*
180 Bngllsb YiW, lm lot beige, 2 to 3/iethlgh ,.»1.00csch
Blooms (rom sbovi rom took Ut priii U Vwcouvir'i whlbltton lut year..
-•Tbli lady wu ilight and trail. wUb tallJgence that I wu not (hi flrK to treatment thiy'n imenable to
' minui   ilmllar   Intjulrloi In Merton. "Burki, you ou't exolU one bit of
Slid my Intormut: "Wby, then wu pity or lympatby In me to' Jou, tor I
a mu here Iwo of three wub ago, snow yon to bi a cold-Wooded, (reach-
trying to <nd out all hi could about erovi looundn), ud   wniUver   you
the Paget ud the Cooperi and the have coming to you ti only what you
Kluettei.  Hu wme one of Ihem dlid duirri.  I'm died to put you through
ud left a lot of moneyf u » prtnolpal In tbi murder of Pigi-
| did not think w muoh of It the »lt «*w»r »thundered at him, tor hi
grit Ume but whu my bcond victim hid lUrtod to riie from bll uat.  Hi
»onoiyll«Mes-uiu#y TO^CfnZToZ,75?M«3 <*>H ** {W*'   ■*« *»" m
with tar eyei avoiding mine.   Bta g^,"^?^   Then I tttetx-f'» G»«#.  l»0t tbmi U oemlhf
looked H me, whe» at aS, ibylj, Mitt, j 9f»l.SmT til £""»r?r
bilr m while u snow, ud about her
tbere bung in Intangible somelhlng
which gave me Ihe Impression tbat
fhe wu a woman who had suffered
much. Although I ilrovi to speak
cheerfully of the prospects of Hall-
tot's early release, her manner wu
quite discouraging to all my overtures.
When the ipoke at all It wu only In
tin    faintest    inouosyllebleB--uiually
Note New
FLORISTS, Comer 17th Street and St. Andrew'i
cut ry>*«w mm* dmhhw oAMoyaii *ai» out \n owwaot o* day ?jwnb««
"i<*M &
**& GetYourl
Thie Month
And you certainly do when you buy furniture hore. Quality ind viri-
ety ire the strong features of tbie store'. Nowhere elia will you find
as extensive a showing of really good furniture ahd carpets at such nominal prices as wa charge. Each article la representative of the best of its
kind and our wonderful assortment insures our suiting every taste and
every purae.
You can »sve money in
making your purchases now
Extension Tables, $6.30,
$9.50, $12, $15 up.
Pining Sets of 5 small and
I arm (rom $14.00 per
let up.
Bedstead, Spring ud Mattress, complete lor $8.50 up
Dressers tl cut pricei, $8.50, $9.50, $12,00, $15.00
ud up to $75.00.
In our Crockery Depl. mt ui juil optn-
ing up a largo shipment of Flower Poll
and Crocks.       f      All Slue
128 Lonsdale Ave.
North Vancouver
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.
CLEARED 50 ft. Lots in Blocks 226 and 227;
$900 and $1000      14 cash, 6,12,18 months.
50 ft. LoU in Blocks 230 and 232a; $650, $700
and $800 1-4 cash, 6, 12 and 18 months
Phone 6286
543 Pender Street, Vancouver
Phone 335 Owners-Palmer, Burmeiter & von Graevenitz, Ltd.
Commencing March 18th
The Golden - LePaige Co.
In Grace George's Noted Success—
The Latest Photographic News of the World
The Best of Photo Pictures
One Performance Nightly. Doori open 8 o'clock, Commence &30
Matinee Saturday, 2:30.       Box Office open 10 to 12 a.m. and 6 to 7 p.m.
PRICES-15c and 25c.
E. A. COUE, mmfrnfll
North LoQidnla
A woll ittoiKloil meeting of Nprlli
l.oiwlele Conservatives was lieli! on
■l'ui'.'nl.'i.y evening it Iho Cliuri'li Hall.
Loiimlule Avenuo, for the purpose Of
1'HtiililinliiiiK tlio North l.oiisilalu (Vm
HFyitjVI Af.'uii'ialiun
After | formaj motion to organize,
inul the mlil|il inn 01 I i'iiiii.I il ill inn, tllO
election of offieem wus pron-oili'il wil h
which rosultoil ae followa:
President—Thoa. 8. Nyo.
VicePreilrieiit—Joek I.outel.
Soc rotary-Treamirer—H.Blefkadilcr.
Bxocutivo—Moanre. B. 4- Conilel), I..
8. Baton, C. 11. Hickmin mul W. .1.
Mr- Thomas S, Nyo wsa anpolntoil
ilelcgete to Biehmoud Central Conserve-
live Association uml to Ihe Central
Csmiialgn Committee.
After uililri'imi'i. hail been giveu by
tlio preaiili'm ami others, tho mectiug
closed with a vote of thanks to the
secretary of the Richmond Centra) (.on
serv|tive Association, Mr. i'urcy King,
for his uii'inlmi.'i' and his assistance.
The executive afterwards mot and
among othor mattors, appointed ■■< cam
psign .'11111111111.'.' whicii will meet on
rriaiy evening.
Scenic Incline Bailway Company Com
pletee Final Surveys
Oil 1  'twas un imniaginuble sighll
I'liunl.-, mists, .sir. mu'., watery rocks and
emerald turf,
i'luu.Is of ull amiture, rucks in3, sap'
iiliire sky,
Confused,   cemminglcd,   luiiluiilly   in
Mnlii'ii together uud coui]iosing thus,
I'n.li   lost  iu  each,   thut   inarvellout
Of temple, palace, citadel uml huge
Fantastic pomp of structure  without
In fleecy fulds voluminous, inwrapp'd.
tin sang the rastoral Bard of Bug
land as lie gsu'il upon the mountain
peaks of the I.:.!.•■ couutry iu lhe north,
and were lie still living, and were his
vision transported lo the North Shorn
uf Burrard Inlet, in lhat gluriuua range
uf   hills,    lull..in;     SO   n., j.    H.     II    I lis is
iiis,ni.si tu the prosperous uml growing
city of Norlli Viiniuuver, his muse
would huve conjured tu his mind nurds
as pootic and ilescHutipve uf the vas>
uess ond grandeur uf lhe scenery whicii
is one uf the city's greatest asseti.
Thus eudowed by ualure with so many
charms, llic people uf the Nurlh Hliure
fully realize the Importance ul' bring
iug within reach of tourist ami citizen
that vust ruiige of vision afforded one
from lhe summit uf the mountains
Perilled upon the topmost peak, and
bewildered by the beauty spread uut
uu every side, man is bruught lu the
realization of his insignificance, cum
pared with Ihe glories of the domain
of Nature, and willing or uul made tu
feci what a unit iu Ihis earth's make u.
be is. It it I good thing fur une tu
feel the mastering hand uf Nature, u
God lhal ijiiiuw aluiie cau call Fickle
Few cities have been endowed wilh such
natural beauty us the twin cities of
Vancouver and Norlh Vancouver, and
it behoves all faithful citizens lu lake
arc lhat Ihis natural luveliness is nut
marred or defaced. II is u heritage
the land has given us uml lei us prove
uur gratefulness li'y appreciating lhe
ll is nul within the bounds nf all.
inder ordinary renditions, tu cujuy uu
lilted, the view thai is alfurded to the
ipprecialivo eye, frum lhe summit ol
this majestic range uf hills, therefore
man's Ingenuity has been ,allal iu
cousullaliuu lu cvolvi a scheme In af
ford one ami all ihe privilege ef so
tne a retrospect. One essential point
lias had tu be reckoned wilh iu Ihis
respect and that is the object in view
must be allaiucl wiifauul sacrificing
tbe beauties suuglil tu bring within
uur reach. With end in view a cum
pany has been formed lu build a
Scenic Incline Ilailway lo carry us in
..'ini.nl lu. llic summit uf lhe hills,
whereby both 'luring lhe journey and
at our destination a feast uf scenery
will be spread uul for our partaking.
This company known as tlie Uruusc
sMouutuiu Sceiiu Incline Ilailway I'uin
pany has been formed through the
commendable enterprise uf two of
Vancouver's prominent citizens in the
persons of Mr l.euuard (.'. Miles and
Mr William J. Mcfiuigaii, whose faith
lo the project i> uubuunded. Tbe
services nf lhe well known engineering
llrin of Waddell and llarringluu have
been secure! fur Ibe surveying of the
most practicable ruute, and uuder the
personal supervision of Or. J. A. I.
Widdell Ihe final survey bis beeu
made This survey will very materially
letieu the cost uf the projected rail
Wiy, apart from lbc iddcd scenic
beauty nf the route. Wheu completed
it will be one ef the longest direct
Incline Hallways In the world. Plans
ef tbe tuel survey are nuw being filed
with the Department of Itailways and
It ia hoped, llmi beforo long, lbc run
slim ium of lhe line will be resumed.
Aa lo the ultimate success of the pro
leet there can be no doubt. It will
bring the mountains within the reach
ef ill and few there are who could net
avail themaelves of ao glorious an op
purtuniiy of viewing the surrounding
country from tbe crest of (Jrouse
Mountain. (Irouse Mountain is as
valuable an easel to tbe Oity ef North
Vancouver u Stanley Park is to the
City of Vancouver, ud wilh such in
enterprise as tbe Scenic Kiilway the
North Shore city will soon become
a world famed resdrt for belli tlte
tourist snd the plessurc seeker.
im     THE BANK OF     1013      t
It Tiki \p Business.  Oapitsl mi Beserve Over §7,600.000.
A Complete Banking Service
Collections iimilu in any part of Can»4». Negotiable
piper discounted. Money advanced a( reasonable tefnos to
finance your business. Local ind foreign Pr*f*» bought ifld
sold. Money transmitted by Money Order or Telegraph
'l i.in.'.li'i. Letters of credit issued payable in all the leading
citiui of tlie world.
We invite your account.
Two Offices in North Vancouver, Corner pf Lomdale Ay#,
and Eiplanade. Upper Lonidale Avenue, near Uth Street
A sick Ucutchnisii walked languidly
into s doctor's inle room to seek mcdl
Ifill lid.   On Ihe will he resd s neat
eard which said; "First consultation,
H; subtequeit consultations, tl.
When the doctor came in he found t
beaming individual, who rushed for
ward with hand outstretched.
"Well, doctor," he exclaimed, "here
I un igsln."
John Aspell & Co.
Rents collected and repairs, renovations and connecting
of drains superintended.
Listings solicited for houses, stores, flats, offices or other
property for sale or to let.
Bank of Hamilton Chambers,
P.O. Box2153.
North Vancouver
Phone 438.
82 x 135 ft. on 21st and Moody
$400 Cail., 6,12,18, 24
110 Eiplanade. Phone 227
Telephone 329.
V. O. Box 8181
All Telephone Coal Orders Promptly Delivered
Wharf: Mshou Avs., Bsplsoads Wsst. HABBY MITCHELL,
Offico: Nsw Block, 9 doors from Lousdale, Esplanade W. Msnsger
Snaps in Homes
4 roomi!) Buagslow eo 81st slrset  ,nsw,  sll  modern,  fating  toutb,
116(0.  Terms city
(roomed House on 19tli strset, 1 blocks sast of Leetdste. All modem
ireplete ,stc. »SJ00. *800 cstb, billed isij
I roomed bouss ou Itu strset' est!  ef  Boulsvsrd,  mm.   (1100,  (100
casb, bslsnce 115 psr tnoutb.
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
P. O. Jlrswsr 80(0
Palace Hotel
Second Street, North Vancouver, B. C.
Rates:—$2.00 per day up.   Special
ralei io families and to regular boarden.
We solicit' the trade of all builders who appreciate
High Grade Goods at a moderate price, and the
prompt and careful filling of orders, which our large
•to<|t and long experience in business makes possible.
Burrard Sash & Door Factory, Ltd.
The Bev. A. E. Bruce has resigned
sb vjcir of 81. Oleniont's church, Lynn
Mr. J. 0. Brown will shortly oruct a
store on Lynn Villoy road, near church
for a hardwire busiuoaa.
Mr. B. Wbipps has left the employ
of tbe municipality,—lie .has fur auuiu
linn' been foreman ef tho water works
At the ratepayers' association regular
meeting on tycilucsilay the preew'ont
Mr. T, A. Allan presided sud fhe prln
ul|l8l business wis liumliiB rupurts of
the I'liininii i lir formed tp look into
various vexed questions. The timi was
tlio result of (be interview with tbe
B. II. 6. B. miiiiagor to the effect tbit
ua mion aa it became poasihle through
the repair of extra cars, a more efficient
sorvico iluring the busy early evening
hours would ho instituted. The secoud
- report-was a lengthy one from the
sumo committee ou tre protection inul
wuh to the offset tbat tbe association
should ipproicb tbi council is to tbi
advisability of instilling mere hydrants
snd i quantity of hois on reels in four
separate lotisttoiSf-lH tbttea oa-elasl
ated positions so u to be easily run
when needed. The hies of I chemical
engine wu not upheld 'eicept that it
was recommended that public buildings
sliould iujlull i small system of their
own. The rstopsyers' ssaociatiou to
sso to lowing l voluutcor firo brigade
if tbo council supplies tbe boss. Tbu
report on tbe playground investigation
was simply one of progress, .detsils not
having gone far enough to divulge Iocs-
We are Agents for over 50 lots in
This High Class
Residential District
These Lots are Mostly Cleared and at FIRST Cost
tion, etc. -Sundry small matters were
gone into, corresponileuse resd, receipts given OUt and the meeting ad
Hriie.il. *
For Full Particulars, Plans and Price Lists,
Irwin & Billings Co., Ltd.
Corner 5th and Lonsdale
North Vancouver, B. C.
North Vancouver Business & Professional Cards
IliMU.Ul' ■.'
(iiinniiii'T  liujiit-
Auditor and  Aceouulaul
101 Lonsdale Avouuo. V. 0. Ilox UD1
North Vaueouver. Pboue I'll.
Percy   S    Howard
II    J     I'diIn
Clly   AuUlior.
Auditor,   .nl    \............. i«
SiS  I'ender  : II    W.      1'   0   Uox   IIIS
l'hono 1117 l'hono lt'1
Vancouver        North Vancouver
11 A1IIIIMI ll
li'l 6th .Street Kast North Tancoiivu
Phone 373
Pima Executed Kstiinaici Qicou
Centre aud Mill Boad
l.yim Valloy, B. C.
The Now  Block on  Lonadale Aveouo
near Iho Ferry  Approach
Wua built by
General Contractors
Jill I IM ltl
Up-to-date Millinery
llederUs Katca
Kslth Block    83 Lonsdale Ati.
mmm.h inn h
Studio   over   Bank   B. N. A.
l.onidele aad Luilaaade
I'rsrlicul Mechanics. All nork guar
aiiteed.   1'. 0. Box £8711.
A. Craib
W, Craib
Pionoer Horsoshoar — Carrisgo Works
In (,'oucrelo, Brick ind Wood.
i    Office: J17 FIRST BTREET EAST
Successor 9r Wallace k Scott, Third
Street.   Uenoral n.pair work.
A. Wallace's services save been retained.
nouns AND viA'iiiiM.in.
Booksellers and Stattoaors
Cor. Lonidsle and 1st.        Phono 143
North Shors analog * Dytlug Werlu
High '.'las. ladles' and Oenta' Tailoring
Repairing   and   Alterations.  Clesniug
snd Dyeing in ill ill branches. All
Work guaranteed.
Ill First Street West. Phone 207
 '                         »i      .   ■
  _ ' A.M.J.E, Is A
Irrigation, drainage, level., plnnn
aod specifications. Septio tanks and
house droinaee a »(»ccinlly. P. 0.
Boi 244, 16th streot west ol Bewicks
.0. E. (IBOOEB
Aud genoril Commission Merchant, 13
Lonidale Ave., North Vancouvsr.
Phone 184
l.«ille.' wora s (penalty    All kil>'l'
ol  i.'i'uii ti'K.    altering    remodelllt "■
cleaning and urelllog Charge, model
ate, work guaranteed.     Cor  Unidalp
snd 1 Slh atreel, North Vancouver. II C
Phone I7S..
Settlement of Water
Dispute Between
,    Cityand District
Oity ud Muulcipai Councils In Ami
cable Oouforouco
Tbit the city and diBtrict councili
aro capable of deliberating amicably
In joint committee wib exemplified on
Tuesday uight wben I meeting tool.
place iii the city hall for Ihe purpose
pt settling the district wster dispute.
This municipal awerd of Ilamoclea hud
been banging in mid air for some time.
On Thursday ovening it wss tactfully
■nd poscoably lowoicil in I maimer
which eeomoil entirely Satisfactory to
both councils. Tho diatrict wai repm
aentcil by ('oue. Bridgman, Coun. Wed
over and Diatrict Engineer Cosgrove.
Mayor McNeish presided.
After general eiprcssiona of hope
that all grievances to be aired would
bo icttlci) in a friendly fashion, the
Msyor outlined the situation ho far n.i
the water problem wna concerne I. Ths
crux of tho question lay jn the fact that
the motors ut the junction of lhe initios
ami the branch lines that supplied the
district had not heeu iu working order
for I considerable period. Tho cily
bad seul iu au account for <l.''i", this
boing cstimitci) us rather less lhan
tbe 11110011) that would he owing to the
city had the meters been in proper
Uuder the circumstances, however,
the Mayor suggested that the inunn ipsl
ity should be asked lo pay 50 per cent.
of the amount 'due uud asked by the
Aid.  Dick  thereupon   voiced u  ino
tion to the effect tbut the city amended
ita hill as rendered tu tbo district, mill
p the amount $1,000 insteud of 41,-
Reove May enquired as tu tbe pro
gram for Ihe future.
Aid. Hick considered ii advisable to
put in a different class of a meter, lie
recommended that the uieteis i.e lm,
or, that they he properly protected,
and tbat there he only four of them.
Aid. Dick further suggested that the
ity iu future cburgc the district on a
tint rule basis ou a percentage ol' their
wsto(, connection*, uud that tbe.water
thus supplied should lie under'the cou
trol of the city waterworks byluw.
Reeve Muy waa in accord with thi.
Aid. Dick's original motion tvu* then
formally seconded and curried. Tin.'
urruugeiuciil menus that the municipal
ty will charge its residents lhe rute lor
waler thul the cily does, uboul ♦ I.Sfl
for one lap, and ll.ln fnr two laps,
aud tbe cily which sells the water lo
tbe districl will receive hull' that rale
For the purpose of uu equal division of
the uiuouu! received from municipal
residents, the city sliull have the nyhl
to Inspect the hooks of the district iu
regard lo the Lynn Vulley waterireuts
The cily .hall keep lhe main iu repair,
aud the districl the brunches in repair
The cburgc lor wutor hydrauls shull
be leu dollars, half the former rale
Tbe meeting then faced the problem
of the ''aunuul washout" on Lousdale
Ave., the question being to make sonic
equitable arrangement us to bow the
cost of repairs should he met bv lhe
city ami dlslrlcl. City Engineer (lanes
estimated Ibe cqsl of the work ul between KiUU iind 4700.
Mayor McNeish thereupon proposed
tbit tbe damage caused bv the wash
out be repaired by cily workmen and
that the district and Ibe city shure the
coal equally. This suggestion wus ac
cordingly adopted iu the form of u mo
tion, voiced liy t'ouu. Bridgman, who
incidentally mentioned Ibe desirability
of meetings between the two councils
in preference to interchange of Idlers
Y. P. B. C. E
After Ihe usual opening, Mr. Houston
delivered an excellent address on the
topic of tbe evening, fullotle.' by a
solo by Mr. Hardy.
The cor. secretary reed au answer In
in iuvitatioti forwarded lo llic (tu
lenti of Westminster Hall asking them
lo visit at the regular meeting iui llu
llllh inst., stating Iheir inability In
accept the same owing to cvaiiiinu
lions. The society will hold a socio
on lhe lust Tuesday in luis mouth
All young people si. .jr.■ of gell.ng
acquainted Willi the society ure iuMleo
lo attend
ITOrO COUGHS micE. is cuius
TKACHBBS .man |.
Teicber er pianoforte snd theory, rerti
(led London and Glasgow Corner lltu
aud Chesterfield, North Vancouver.
BjiocliHy: Children s Lessens at own
home., , (Tir|M He., ippljr Oensrsl
In the MatUr of A. B. Fletcher
The Royal Bank of I'unads hating
handed the books and bills receivable
in Ihr above matter over to W. 3
Wilson, Assignee, al parlies indebted
to the above Estate pre requested to
settle their account witb tbe said
Assignee forthwith, the creditors hav
ing given imperative Inetructium te
collect all outstanding accounts forth
wilb. All payments arc to be paid
direct to the Assignee wbo will Issue
receipts fer same
W. J. W1I*0N,
8.16 Hastings Bt. West. Ill
l.tl Mlllll -
My clotJ.es aro at tbo Capilano
Uundry wS*,n> yours ought te be
Flat work for <"> cinta do/. Rough
dry, 4o lb., wet ifi'b, te lb. Drop ui
a card aid we will f«ll 'or I him.
P. 0. Box »««
Lyon VsJIejr Imptrvtr* Hotel
NorUi Vancmver    .
On the car line. Hoarding meals.
Oood accommodation tot wotkiti men.
Contractors' men boarded. Hy, Eas'cetl,
for only 11 down ud 41
weekly you cun buy the
LB ABLE RANOB, reservoir er witerfront complete fitted up. Bu tbi
RANGE. They list I
Prompt Delivery.
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
Phone 68.
We have a Large and Exclusive List
D.L. 265 and D.L 273
Phone 24. P.O. Box 1820
The Kelvin Plumbing' and
Heating Co.
Keith Road West
Will supply you with the cheupeat eatimstes for sny kind uf Plumbing and Heating Work, Sanitary Kngiueeriug, better aud Septic Tank
connections, furnace Installations, etc. Jobbing work ami small contracts relcive prompt uttonlion.
(Jive ua the job to- fix up your new home and tve will guarantee to
fix all your pipes iu a way that mil save your winter worrier
Nu job too small. None too large.
Our services arc ut your disposal night or day.
Ws'rs severed our connection with
"The Light Brigade"
The "Wild  Charge" tbey mads
Postal Add iiii:
Box No.
North Vancouver
Poit Dill.'e.
North Yancouver Coal & Supply Co. Ltd.
*fs**^*mmm»i    .    , . '    ' '     mass
Dealers in Coal, Brick, Lime, Gravel, Sand, Cemenl, Plaster,
Lath, Sewer Pipts and Genual Builders' Supplies.
Wharf: Fool of St. George's Ave.' Phone I7fi.
Office: 56 Lonsdale Avenue>   Phone 198.
Western Plumbing Co.
Plumbing, Pluinblug Supplies, Sswsr
Connections, Hot Water and Steam
Heating, Shoot Metal and Tinusrs'
Furnace Work. Eatlinatoi furnished.
Warehouse sud Office: Cor. Lspl.in.ido sud Bt. Uooigc, Pboue 366,
3. H. QODDARD, Mauagor
Seven roomed house. Hie place, stone
, basement, full size lot. All lu lawn snd
garden, ouo block weat of Grand Boulevard on Croat ef tho Mil. Facing south
with splendid viow of harbor. Price
H.'lDii tl.nnn casb, balance to suit pur
chaser. Apply Box ins, Nortb Van
North Shore Locators
Block 12a   P. L. 550
Cleared Lots fronting on the carline
and Grand Boulevard, $900 up.
One-quarter cash, 6, 12, 18 mths.
m mm
People to Express
VltWi on UquOr
Licence Question
Hearing Adjourned Until April 31th
The Board of Licensing Commission
ejs, comprising Mayor McNeish (pre
siding), Aid Biss and Mr. B. Macjionsie
met in tho eity hall on Wednesday
iii'toriioon, Two applications were msde
(or buttling licenses, the applicants
luring Tom Booth, whose premises would
be eituated on lot 7, block 1(8, I), h
ill, md J. B. Teevens, whose venue
of business would be 1st street east,
lot 7, block 168, I), h. tli. Mr. Teeveus
was represented by Mr. 11. I), liuggles.
aud Mr. Booth by Mr. 8. 1). BcliulU,
while Mr. 0. N. Harvey sppeared in
tbe prohibitionist inlerest.
Prior to the hearing of the applies
linns eity clerk Shepherd resd u letter
from Professor B. E. Maeiisghten stating that in the opinion of a number of
citizens the i|uestion in hand was one
v. in.'li .ni."In to be submitted to tbe
ratepayers. Mr. Maenaghten persou
ally understood that t number ef rale
payers were anxious that the Norwegian system should be given a trial
in North Vaneouver. The writer was
thereforo willing to pay the costs nf
a plebiscite worded as follows: "In
the event of a bottle licence granted in
North Vancouver would you prefer (1)
tbet it shoulil be grunted te u |'ompaiiy
devoting all profits (above 6 per cent,
for interest in thir capital investment)
to objects of public utility not supported by the rales."
It was fouml, on proceeding with the
applications, that Mr. Booth's fell short
of technical accuracy ou u number of
points. He hail not secured for in
stance the required number of signut
ures. Mr. Teeverj'l application was ue
cording to the clerk, similarly imperfect, there being a doubt ubuut cerium
property ownership.
These differences however, were not
fully gone into when Aid. Biss stated
Iiis emphatic opinion Ibat, since the
time was ripe and the city had reached
Ihe necessary stage of development, the
ratepayers themselves should shoulder
Ihe responsibility. He favored the
submission of a plebiscite to the people
during the next lew weeks for the pul
pose of getting uu expression of opili
iuu us lo whether Ihey wished a bottle
liquor licence, if grunted ul all, should
be controlled by an individual or rui
by u compauy according to the Gothenburg ur Norwegian system as suggested
by Professor ILNaghteu.
Mr. ,M. Ki'ii/ic was iu accord with thu
view of Aid. Biss.
Ou a motion, duly seconded, aud ear
ned, therefore, it wus decided to ud
jouru the session until April lUtb, a
plebiscite un the question to be taken
in the interim.
Mori putting through any mesaure fpr
largo oipomlituro.
District Council Session
At the regular meeting of the muni
cipsl fsihers' lust night, lleeve Muy
touched upon Burrurd Inlet Tunnel uud
Bridge I'o. affairs, reporting that, to
his knowledge, everything bad been gu
ing ahead favorably. There were nu
obstacles lo hinder the progress of lhe
bridge other than financial obstacles,
li was the board's wish that the councils and municipslities interested in
Ihis question should submit a bylaw to n,
the people fur an extra subsidy in order, ,ar
Mint the company may be enabled if
necessary, tu nave funher funds inline
diately al hand
The reeve suggested thut the council
sliou)d allow their minds to .Iwell upun
lite absolute necessity of this course.
i'oun. Bridgmuii wus of the opinion
that the district should see that it was
placed ou record that they had done
iheir share in this connection. lie
tendered a motion favoring lhe sub
mission uf a bylaw to raise the add)
tional sum of 1150,000 as Iheir propor
tion of the extra sum needed to carry
mil of work of building the Hee'oud
Nurrows bridge. The motion included
ii suggestion thai the liiiuuoal stand
ing of the company be investigated
ais'i reported upon a' the next meeting.
luun. Loutet, the motion's seconder,
ineiitioiie.l ihut a number of compluints
hud been made that certain niouey wus
not   being spent  advantageously.
t'uun. Nelson questioned the wisdom
of taking action in this way until the
division of the municipality had been
cniisomiiiiiti d.
' uu>>. Bridgman explained that the
new council when formed would bear its
shiire of the sum mentioned. The md
tion was formal)' carried.
A   resolution    introduced   by   f'oun.
Nelson and s mded by Coun. Idwsoii
for the purchase of four lots in the
soiiiliwtrt corner of I). I,. 1UII4 at a
cost of HOO each, gave rise to some
discussion on the moral aide of the
I'ii- sago of such a resolution. t'oun.
loutet slated that a promise had beeu
given to the Wcsl Vancouver Incorporation committee that any expenditure
over .-I.u"1 would be submitted to the
members uf that committee- 'Un- earn
millet had been olllcislly reeogui/.ed
by the provincial government when lie
gotiutious for incorporation w|irc going
ou, sud the members bsd requested
the municipality, iu consideration-of the
early date at which the rights of seces-
i ."ii would be granted, to commit them
Com, Brldguimi rumintid thrWei
having te consult committees outside
the council before passing measures.
Tbey were tbere to represent the people
and ehould he free topurchase proporty
Without the uilvico of ratepayers is-
soclstions. Coun. Bridgman described
the situation ss ponseneicsl.
Coup. Loutet sail) thit l promise
had keen given md ho thought thit it
should be kept. , ■.
Conn. Nelson slid thst. Conn. Loutot
wss wrong, that tbe Incorporation coin-
mil tee hsd asked snd be bad moved as
a member of tbat committee, tbat so
"work" should be dene easting over
$1,(100 without first consulting them.
This, however, was not work, but wss a
measure to buy outright certain proper-
The reeve intervened st tbis point,
and on the question being formally submitted, Coun. Nelson's originsl motion
was carried. Tbere wss uo seconder
to Couu. Loutet's smendmeut, which
waa to the effect that the property
should be purchased subject to tbe sp-
provsl of the West Vancouver Incorporation commillee .
The minutes of the proceedings whieh
gave birth to whet Coun. Loutet termed
the "morel obligation" are dated Dec.
.10th, lllll, and read ss follows: "Upon
motion of Mr. Nelson,..it wsa resolved
that auy expenditure of revenue in
West Vancouver amounting to (1,000 or
over be only authorized by the council
after being recommended by the committee now representing the ratepayers
of West Vancouver.
Messrs. J. M. Fromme, A. K. Wag
home and I V. Btusrt, wrote stating
that they had been appoiuted st s
meeting of the Lynn Valley Halepayers'
■■• ■"■ iatiou, a committee to iuvestigste
all the possible sites on the market at
present which wouhl be suitable for
parks. The committee wished to meet
the council und report the result of
their investigations, and were allowed
to do so when the council went iuto
Engineer Cosgrove recommended the
establishment of permanent bench
marks in order that the relative elevations of all work iu tbe district may
be found ami duly connected one with
Ihe olher. He believed that this would
result in su enormous saving of time.
The question was left over to be discussed in committee. It was decided
lhat the engineer should call for tenders
for the construction of a Heating pier
at the foot of Alexander rosd.
The owners of property abutting on
Lonsdale Park were, by resolution of
the council, given the privilege of plaut
ing trees in the park under the super
vision of the park committee.
The council decided to purchase three
seres of land in the Hquamish Indian
reserve fur the purpose of rosd building'
8everal matters of minor importance
were considered. The usual number of
letters were handed over to the Board
of Works.
Thfre were petitions for the opening
up of tlie following roads: I). L. 2023,
Boyal avenue through block 7, 11. I.
7117, and ''oniiaught avenue between
King street and Hi. dames.
Bmulng Yesr—New Bolt to be Com
mencsd by June 1st.
The municipal concil have duly and
carefully considered a large number of
applications for the position of district chief of police recently vacated
by Major Tofft. An announcement
was made al last uighls' meeting of
cuuncil that tbe application of Oh
Lifluii had been accepted. The
newly-appointed chief has been en
gaged in the district constabulary fur
a little over a vear during which period he has proven himself lo he the
possessor of jnany excellent qualities
which will doubtless enable him to ful
hi the duties of chief constable in a
manner creditable to himself and tbe
municipality. He bas been giveu a
worthy henchmen in the person of Constable Iicrinyn whom the council bas ap
Appointed constable for Lynn Valley
Employers' Liability Assurance
Premium rates ere invited by the
City Council for the insurance of wster
works and Board of Works employees
for period of twelve mouths from Jst
April, 1»|^ to 1st April,-19)3.
I ■ im.ni..i compensation for period of
"'uterworks    130,000
Board of Works (nol including
seWeri) JSO/lUC
Limits  of Liability: ,
One  accident    ;.. $10,000
One   employee    HMO
Policy also te cover outside liability
Ratea to be received by the under
signed not later then l:' noon Thursday,
March IMh, 1212.
City Clerk.
in :i
\ met, as cents
The (<irry directorate met in the
liosrd room of the ferry offices vestor-
dsy sftemoon, the regular weekly WS-
sion being presided over by Mayor Mc
Neish. a
Tbe full board was present.
Mr. B. L. Beld acknowledged by letter nil appointment as solicitor for the
ferry company.
Tha question ef the lease of Lonsdale ivenue street eud wss raised
briefly, tbe mayor intimating that the
lease had been signed tbat morning.
Capt. Chas Milne of the llth llngi
ment of the Duke of Conuaugbt 'a Owe
i.'iilo", uotified the board that ssveral
officere intended next Buudsy, the 17th.
to march out s company of 50 to 100
men eu a route march. Tbey favored
North Vancouvor for this march and
sought free transportation across the
Inlet. The board waa unanimous iu
granting this.
Msnsger Heard submitted his estimates on the cost of a uew steamer end
improvements to be undertaken during
the ensuing year. The new steamer
was intimsted at $130,000, construction
to commence by June 1st, 1912, and to
be completed by May 1st, 1013. Sundry
improvements ou the wharvea ss out
liued at previous meetiiigs, brought the
estimates to S Intu! of $158,800.
The Bosrd adopted these estimates.
Tbese improvements include a wait'
ing room for the east side of the Vancouver wbarf ((1,400), additions to east
side ($2,500), extension to west side
($2,400), and steel hridge and plat
forms ($2,000).
Tbe wharf extensi#n on the Vaucoii'
ver city aide bas already been under
construction for some time and action
will st once be tsken ill regard to
other improvements on that side of the
Inlet. In order to carry out the ex
tension schedule on this side Ihe Dom
inion government will be requested to
grant the city of Nortli Vancouver another 100 feet of water rights. The
pier- at present extends out into tbe
water s distsneo of 500 feel, which is
the full length at present allowed by the.
department of marine and fisheries.
Both of these schemes will be sub
milted to the city council for approval.
A new tariff of passenger and vehicular Vatcs wss submitted, the board
blending certain suggestions of the sec
retary with the committee's previously
proposed schedule.
The revised tariff, which .will be pub
lishod in full at a later dale, and which
will take effect on April Isl, renders
it posisble to purchase 80 tickets for
$2, which is equivalent lo 5c per re
turn ticket. Several alterations were
made in the vehicular rates, but after
much discussion the bourd decided not
to alter the charges for automobile
traffic. The uew schedule was formally
The North Arm Steamship Compsny
wrote in complaint of the water rate-
charge*) by the ferry company for the
N. A. A. 8. t'o's. vessels berthed at tbe
ferry wharf. The Board denied not
to alter the rates unless the Steamship
Compauy installed a meter al their own
The board adjourned into committee
of the whole for discussion of iusur
snee msttcrs and the installation of
oil burners.
Ei Reeve McNaught Hopes   to Hsve
Mitten Adjusted Speedily
According to informs! ion received
by Mr. .1. Y. McNsugh! from Premier
McBride, until the Burrard lulet Tun
nel and Bridge Company come to u
definite agreement with the Pacilic
Qreat Eastern Bailway in regard to
traffic rights on the Second Narrows
bridge for tbe proposed railway, the
Provincial Oovernment will not release
the subsidy for the bridge. Hr. Mc
Naught stated on Wednesday, that he
bad not beeu able lo come to an agree
ment with the railway, which has a
charter right to enter into a traffic
agreement with the owners of any
bridge crossing the Inlet, because one
of tie principals of the railway had
been ill. He hoped to have the matter
sstlafsctoriiy adjusted iu a few days
Interesting   Arguments    Surrounding
North Vincouvir Propirty
During tbs Lauds snd Titles Inquiry
within tne nest few days Commissioner
W. A, Miii'itoniild K. C. will listen to
srguments, Ihu bunis of which involves
proporty in North Vsncouver eompris
ing South African land grant titles,
valued at uearly a million dollars. On
Wednesday afternoon discussion IS to
tbe government's reversionary rights
In D. L. 8004 md D. L. 2044 in North
Vsncouver wis introduced. Before
mmy witnesses hsd been examined it
wis found thit I Isrge proportion of
the subdivisions in these sections origin
Ited in South Africsn grants am) it
was st once apparent to Commissioner
MacDonald that in important principle
wss involved upou which there would
ho considerable argument pro ami con.
It was, therefore, decided lo adjourn
the presentations of the case both for
the landowners und the crowu for the
time beiug.
Mr. C. J. White and Mr. Hart Mc
Harp will deliver the argument for the
properly owucrs invigved, who new
number, it is slated, overlOO.
It appears that the doeda received
hy the original owners wore drawn up
u the same way as tho usual doods of
rowngrsnted property, end it msy be
urged thst this gives tbo government
title to the one quarter interest.
The lend in North Vsncouver donated by the government lo South Africsn veterans comprises about 1,000
acres. .
Mr. II. A. Shaw whom' wife is the
owner of blocks 8,7, i, I) and 10, stated
at Ihe morning session that he did not
think the property was in North Van
couver at all, at least as far as the
title of purchase was concerned. It
had been purchased from an Indian in
Aid; Biss, who had purehused blocks
1, 2, 3, and 4, in I). L. 2003, said In
did not know at the time of tbi
purchase that the crown had a rovers
ionary interest in the property on sub
divisions. He thought it a hardship
that he should give up a quarter uf
the luts now.
Mr. II. K. Marsh, the owner of blocks
in D. L. 900, had purchased from Mr.
James S. Chester in 1907. He bed
overlooked the crown grant iu obtain
ing title.
Mr. Vernon B. Cross, owner of block
15 in District Lot 2003, said he boughl
lhe block from au Indian in Scptcmjicr
1910 under sn agreement which gave
him the right lu subdivide. Ilis plans
for Subdivision ha.l not, however, been
Ou March, 7th, lo Mr. and Mrs
Chambers, of 4lh St. West, a boy,
On March, 9th. to Mr. and Mrs P
Benson, at the Harbour View Ssnit
annul, a  boy.
Baboo Singh, a Hindu real estate bro
ker, msnsger of the Singh Reality I'oni
pany, with officer al li'ih avenue nln'l
Hastings street cast, Vaneouver, came
before Messrs. Keane .1.1'. and Pommels
J.P., yesterdsy morning oh a charge
of inducing Mr. li .1. Fowler, a real
estate broker in North Vincouver, lo
deliver a deed lo Baboo Singh liy folic
pretences by means of an alleged worth
less cheque tqt $319. Baboo Singh ask
ed for a summary trial of the case, and
the evidence showed that the cheque 'n
question was the last payment on a
$900 property purchased by Baboo Sin:»b
ami was handed over in exchange for
tbe deeds upon representation thul the
llllo taxes were paid. After turning
the cheque over Baboo Singh d'sener-d
that the 1910 taxes were m.i paid, and
miiiediately stopjied iiaymcut of the
'Deque. Singh was subsequent I v arrest-
id. I'pou the conclusion of the evi
is'iis. Ihe magistrates dismissed Hi"
barge.     Mr   II   D. Buggies ippea[i
as prosecutor and Mr.
the defence.
W, E. Bun s for
Keith road west (old location; road
will be closed from west bouudary of
D. L. 555 westwards during tbe con
structiou of trestle in D. L. 558 uutil
further notice.
District Engineer.
We have tbe exclusive sale of 24 lott ta block 2, D. L. 784. Till
lets mi 40 root by 113 feet sod on the following termi mi Uu but
buy la North Lonsdale today: Price $360, Terms $90 cash, balance la
6 12, mi W months.
Pilous 283
P. 0. Box 2346
Agents (or London Assurance Co.
Wc have a good selection of Houses (or Sale or Rent
——————i i    i mmmmmmm      n '     i
Now Showing
All the Neweit Styles io
Ladies' and Gentlemen's
)     '
The Leading Manufacture™ 0f Canada and Great
Britain are repreaenteO in ouy itock.
Our windowi are repute with a fine feait pf the
lateit and molt stylish il>«Pei.
»»»»«'»'»»»*»'V ,»%%■»%■«■»»» /v*^v»»»»»'»»»%'»»»»%»s
Wood-Paige Shoe Co.
M««CrewiBUdi.      Nut Bank of Unheal     Opp. City Hall
in this Territory for
Bach of these'Hues are conceded to
be tbe standard of tbe country. Ou;
stock <ii sll bought from representstlvo
linns. Borne of these lines we are
compelled to ask a little more for be
cause It costs money to manufacture a
bigb gradi article.
paine & McMillan
Phone 12.
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
In couaequeucc of very greatly increased business, the
B. O. Livery Sale Stables have Imported from Seattle last
Saturday s number of nice sud thoroughly wull broken
unlet horses for livery purposes. Also severs! now vehicles, including s well appointed covorod bsck in the latest
Mr. Dunw, tho proprietor, begs to inform bis custom
srs that he csn supply tbsir requirements at any hour of
the dsy or ulglit to their entire satiat'actiou. Phono 317.
4th STREET, wm
I'AHK V1KW lies rigbl on lbc famous southwestern slope of Nortli
Vancouver, where the wealthiest ami mort promlnrnt citizens of North
Vincouver arc buying bowoeitea. It baa a glorious unobstructed viow
of the (Jiilf of (leorgia uml Vancouver; King opposite one of our larg
est parks ,where an armor)' au.l  lull hall will be built.
PARK VIEW it only a few minutes' walk up two of our most pro'
mines! streets, slightly, over half a mile from Iho ferry wharf. Every
lot ia uow cleared ami in grass. Passing right by PARK VIEW will be
the lloulevanl licit Line Car. /
Bee us al once for prices ami terms, ai we aspect thia properly to
be : i uyy, ■'. uy by eager buyers.
McMillan & reid
Pboue 434. lu WNSDALE AVENUE
P.S.—For a few ilays, view lots can be hail from $760 up.
Have Your
Filled by the
North Shore Drug Co.
P. S. THOMAS, Pki». B.
Druggist, Ut Esplanade W«t


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