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 Volume 10
North VANcoyylBi 8,0,, Friday, Makuh 3, 101J
Number 63
Engineer to Prepare Plarig of Bridge Over TrMk
The Pity council, with the exception
of thi two iilison|uo», tho Mayor and
Aid. Dick who are in the ciml, wen nil
areiint at' Tuesday avsning'l ad-
jnurned meeting-, listing Meyur Mo-
*>• prsslding.
An abundance uf correspondents in-
eluding many upplicutioni for street
opening ind reports Irom ths engineer
kspt ths city lathers vary busy till a
lot. hour, the bslonco ol the meeting
being in committee ol the whole, Tendon for the city's ♦141,000 debenture
jssus wsr. opened and shows! that tho
city's credit was still above par in
tbs syss of tho financial world or it
lust in thi opinion ol opt ol the heat
known Canadian firms in the out.
This was Ameliui Jarvis A- Co. whoso
bid wu at tbs rato ol 8100.03 on the
|100. Olhsr bidi wore Irom ths Ou-
tsrio Securities Co. of 1140,307 snd
interest; C. II. Burgess b Co. ♦1311,-
008, Alloway snd Champion ♦140,1116
uml .1. O. Mcintosh and Co. on ♦36,-
000, ♦34,600, and interest. Thoy weru
referred to the finance committee lor
I report.
.  At l late hour a delegation  from
tbt rstspsy.rs' aisociution waited up-
iHi'tho council snd lubmitlsd two rs-
solulioni which had been passed at an
executive nl tho association that evening ind which had regard to taking
steps for the erection of a temporary
bridge over the t'.l'.ll. tracks at the
Vancouver   spprosch   to   the    lerry
wb.rf and soliciting co-operation   ol
the  council  and  lerry board  in this
(1> action  and alio a resolution petitioning the counoil to comlder tbe es-
' labliehmonl ol a suitable hospital lor
the   housing  nl   patients   with   inlec-
.'tiuui di.eo.es    Thii latter resolution
wss rslerred to the board of hsslth.
.       At to the first matter Aid. Hinder-
V son moved that Ihe onginoer be   instructed to prepare plans for Ml overhead bridge Hid that copies   ol    Ihe
plain bt'sent to tho Vancouver-city
council, tho C.I'.H. ind tht  Railway
Commission. ' Aid.  Million  toooodod
• the   motion   which   liter   discussion
Aid. Hiss end Smith took s diger.nl
view of the uselulnoss of an overhoad
bridge to that- ol the other memoori
of the council. Thoy considered that
low would use ths top pesiagewuy,
ths great majority prsfsring to Inks
I chenoo ol criming the truck, and
lays the walk up ind down Iho itjps'.
Aid. Henderson said tho council hod
certainly a duty to porlorm in |uo-
viding a lofor uieum of criming than
that al pieieiit provided and il thu
people did not choose to travel by tho
bridge it wss their own risk- An argument (list ths bridge would tug'
mont againit a damage mil ugainil
the C.I'.H. in cato there wai ono in-
•tit ut i.i at any lime wai put up
agijntt the bridge building.
Pree. Bcovo ol the eiiocialion pre
seated the resolutions.
There was only one lender for the
clearing of Mahon Perk. It wos
Iron Messrs. McLennan and Andrews
for |460 an aero and wot referred lo
Ihe perks committee.
Tondsrs were opened for the supplying ol covers lor sewer man holes.
Without consideration they were re-
(erred Lo the Hosrd ol Work.. As
reed out by the clerk thoy were |
Columbia Foundry Co, ♦1604.13; Lotion ind Burpee, 81981.76; Vuneouver
Kugineering Works, 813461 Stanley .1.
' Crocker, ♦1883.13; Ross snd Howard,
♦1848.60. Ths tender oi the Terminal
City Iron Workt wet not accompanied by the necessary cash deposit snd
wu disqu.lifiod.
4 petition wss received from Hie
resident! in tht vicinity of the comer
of ,/onet Avt. and Keith Moid where
tht erection ol I Chinese laundry is
,   AW, jKJttten queetionod il lascuiuv
, ell could Interfere with the rights  ol
tat Chinese.    It wu, however, refer-
(red to the medics) health i-fBrer
through   whoso  medium   it   wilj  be
sought to control the situation. The
' petitioners emph.iizod the fact tbst
. it w.i undentood (hit the "ftiarse
. had i di.trkt of their own hick of
the Indi.n reserve and they strongly
{ objected to having such an etl.bli.h-
numl in the midst of i most reput-
tble residential section,
j Correspondence wit read es follows:
From W. H, May correcting a slulc-
ment el|egod to hive been Wade el
list week't council meeting ioOio ef-
(sot that he hid received WOO »•
penis, for bit trip to Ottawa last
\ Ftbrutry. Tht snjount wag *W uv
\^f ■    MfQQr  ■ •WffrWvwrr!r"ftWrrfvrrT*     rffWrrrTv*
_oWgi»g nssijr* of wvasjf's rostfutwo
re their proposal to establish ■ foundry in ibis oify,  Filed.
From Edward Diisette, asking Hint
l lidowulk be laid on the south sido
of 8th street from Queensbury Avonus
to bit property, lot 6, block 16, ILL.
378. Belerred to Board pi Works.
Prom H. 0. V. Ball, taking lor the
construct inn ol' s .idswalk ,on the
north tide of 6th street between Chesterfield ind Mibon Ave. Belerred to
the Board ol Works. *
From H. (J. Wright, culling attention to the bad condition ol 16th
street euit ol the boulevard. A. Deeming, who it proposing -to erect un 8-
roomed dwelling on lots 10 ind 11,
block 7, ILL. 616, wrote to tbe same
effect. It wis rslsrrsd to ths engineer with power to act.
From J. O. Parmer, O.M.C., forwarding resolution pssssd at their
last mooting in connection with moving immediately loword providing
temporary means of crossing the C.P'
It. tracks to safeguard the public The
resolution made reference to the recent
fatality ol K. T. I'ollok.
Aid. K|ttson sliilod that the Transportation committee had passed a resolution to this effect. It wus reiolv-
ed to forward this to tbo district
From Engineer Danes pawing Mr.
F. 'Tuck's accuunl lor 836 for removal of slump in lane back ol Second
street, Tbo engineer also passed un
account in favor of the district council (or 8366 lor repairs made on the
l.illooct  trail.
From Solicitor Boid advising that
in piirsuunco ol tho inuyoi's instructions hs hsd wired the Indian department at Otlawa milling the authorities to draw up a contract giving the
city officials right to go on the Indian reserve lo fix the water.
The answer was "Forward 83000
whon grant oi street will be made lo
North Vancouver conveying Indian
interests and embodying conditions in
surrender at to furnishing water to
Indians. Cannot include csvoneni ol
non-interference by Indians with wa-
tor pipe"
Mr. Boid said this hud been forwarded lo Mayor McNoiih in Ottawa who
could take it up personally with the
From Engineer Hanoi recommending
tho comtruction ol ilorm lowers on
Muhon, Chi'ilerfield, St. Ocorgo's, St.
Androw's and St. Patrick's Avenuoi.
The recommendation was adopted,
In another communication Iho cngin
eor udviiod thut tho additional lundi
required in HI.. 865 lor iho protection o! !'"" I'uko reiurvojr and we-
ti'iihiil and for tho ncccii.ry road al-
Inwunce. con.iiting ol lots 3, 4, 6, li,
II, 33, 33, 36, 37, and 38. Il wus taken up in committee of the whole.
From B. Ibbetion, making applicu
lion lor poiition ol cily uiulilo
From the secretory ol the CD.CM.
enclosing in ii vilution Irom (ho Copartnership Ten.'its Ltd. to visil
them in England I'uring the coronation celebrations.       '">,,
From Ihe engineer itating thai he
did not think that tho lanes jn the
rear of the property facing on Lonsdale Avenue Irom 8tb street (o the waterfront could be charged under local
improvement for tbe rouon that ul
lundi on either side ol the proposed
lunes wsre not benefitted, lie was ol
tho opinion that tho city should pay
lor the lane and alloy through block
109, 110, 113, 114 and Victoria Park,
also lot 48, D. I,. 166. It was referred to tbe Board ol Works.
From I. E. Peers, asking lor the
opening of the alloy between 3rd end
4tb streets.|n block 134, D. I,. 371 on
| the rear of lot 11-134-371. Tbit wm
listed to be included in a general
From C. A. Lett and son afkingtot
tho rsmoval of stumps in tht lone al
the rear ol lots 6 and 6, block 116,
I). I. 'ill. Keforred to the Board
of Worn.
From H Hay asking lor the opening of |8tb street between Jones and
Mohon Avenue, Keforred to the
Board of Works.
From H. Snow, making application
(or the improvement of 16th street
ce.t of the boulevard, to his propsrty
lot its, blpc|c*ll, 11. I. 616. Pefoad
to the Board ol Works. ■■■* --
From the facil CoiuksT of-"fo%-j(
of Vancouver aiking council lo sp-
prove of tht^f project (or ttjsj ciinb-
lishraept of some home lir erring
girls. The council agreed io give ill
-moral support &o fJneir undortufuug.
MRS. JOHN BULL—"Now I wonder what that young man's intentions are."
Ferry Board Arrange Far
Final Settlement on Wharf
Acting Mayor McButMvai ' in thu
chair and ell the directors wore preii
out st yesterday's lorry board nice!-
jng. Communication! wore read from
the city ongincor and M. P. Cotton (t
Company re the final payment on iho
whurl. Tho engincor udviicd he wai
in receipt ol a letter Irom Mr. Cotton
uiking that the final estimate on the
* Inn i be pusiod ui the work wai c. ni-
ploted. As tho bourd wui doiiroui ol
impacting Iho structure' und considering somo extras which had been charged for tearing off tbc timbers Irom Ilic
piers it was thought udviiuble lo
write Mr. Cotton aiking him to nieel
Iho diroclori, the nianuger und the onginoer when the lido wui out next
Monday aftornoon at 4.46 o'clock
whon a thorough inspection would bu
made end u settlement effected.
Mr. liruhum, representing tlie M. P.
Cotton intoroiti wai present iu support of the lotion aiking for linui
payment. The extras amount ton-
bout 8171.33.
Waghorn, (Iwynn it Co. iubin',led
rulei for iniiiring the new ferry, 'line
wore put on file with pie other bids
already in.
In regard to tho bridging o! the C
P.It. trucks at the Vancouver mlrnncc
to the N.V. ferry dock the fallowing
resolution wus received from the city-
council l
"itesolvad, Ihul having icg.-ird to Iho
great danger incurred by poswnnxn
lo und from Norlli Vancouver tury
in crossing Ihe railway trucks lying
between the ferry lumling uml Alexander struct the city engineer be instructed to prepare the plan of u.suitable Overhead bridge for forry pedestrian truffle und afford a safe means
of communication between (..o lerry
landing and a suitable point on the
lidowulk on tho north lido of Alexander itrcul and that a Copy il the
plan when jirepurcd und this resolution be hn wm.Inl to the city council
ol Vancouver, Iho lerry directorate,
the C.I'.H. i m I v. a; and Iho chair-
mun ol the railway commisiion wilh
Ihe view ol prompt action being taken
by ull Ihe uulhorilioi concerned, Ihe
bridge to be ol a Uim|iorary chui'uc
tor und used pending tho comlructioi)
ol the proposed lubway by tho' C.P.
B. the present ncod lor which ii daily
dom.iiislruled   by   tho   over-increasing
traffic and the reconl fatality at   the/01"' ma'" >'""r w"'" u" " wi" '"
I'roilwuy croning."
In answer to this it was moved niJl
sccondod thai the secretary write U>
the cily council stating that ai h/">"
us Supt. Buslcod ol tlie C.P.tt. aKriv-
od bock from the eait they would notify the council of tbe fact wplh "
view to jojnt action. Commissioneri
Larson and Williams, Manager 'Heard
and tho cily engineer woro ajipolnlcd
ou ihe lorry committee.
Tho (rial trip of the North tfsncou-
vor Ferry No, 3 will take placolon the
llth of Morch, according to a | communication received by the ferry ^commissioners at their meeting Tliiujsduy
afternoon, ft bu been arranged dhjl
invitations *j|| be sent out by Jlho
board. \
I lliMMI Mi  \ I HiN
Kdilor Express:
In relerencc to, the conlruel lor iliu
now  Municipal  Hull. I  alii djrecti.il 10
Jvisc you Ihut ut the meeting ollln
council held ou the 3ml Inst, the following resolution wus passed '■
Thut an open letter bu wlillai lo
tho Noilli Vancouver Express uud lln
Vancouver     daily       pap. I:.      HlUl '   IIS
through a misunderstanding Mr. 11.
W. Young, contract or ol the City of
North Vancouver, vvns'nwnided Ihe
contract on the 37th February lof
building the Municipal Mull in Ihe Ilia
Irict of North Vuneouver, his   tender
being  803  higher   lliiin   Ihut   of Mr.
fay—ul it win understood that    the
lullor wus mil   ii  resident   of   ths
North Shoro; upon finding Mr.    lay
wus a resident oi tho diilricl theipius-
lion   wus reopened -mid the  contracl
wui uwui-iled to Mr. <luy, und tho lie
lion ol Ibis council does nol iu   on)
way reflect upon Mr. Young."
Vouis faithlully,
Acting CMC
Wallace Shipyards Awarded
Large Contractor Steel Tug
The Wallace Ship/frds have received
a e.iijii.iiTS^.in the Dominion govern
in en I lor ilii-\oii.siiiiciii.n ol t |arge
sletl lug li/coiKJiotweuii 870,000 ami
♦80,000. It ii iiu.hVionil Dial it is to
be operulud ut tho First Njirj2iwj__oi
llui run! Li'i
Mr. .1. C WillinillS ol Lonsdale
Ave. und 4th street is ul present u
pillion! ul (he Hurrnrd Sanitarium.
Vancouver, suffering Irom n severe attack ol our trouble.
The fine cement liljucs rcein
Willi/iuJIK^el  jfiv   eoin.r
k resilience of >f.
I llh
tlrecl nnil fncnWon Liinsdnle Aventie,
wus sold to n ffiiuhoi. (Int., man yes
lerduy. It is understood it will be
held lor Speculation.
■I. 0, Farmer bus been Inking nj..
vantage of Ihe two weeks'-holiday
granted him by tlie council in lieu ol
the siren .ol work during the past
month or so. liis place in the council
chnmbcr is being liiheu by Mr. P. N.
A grand concert will be given by Ilic
Winnipeg Silver Hand on Tuesday nexi
ul 8 pin. in Larson's Pavilion, Esplanade. Tins Hand consists ol 36
pieces and is considered one of the
best in Canada. They ure making a
tour through Ihe Dominion und il   ii
ITL/'lo Jho cili/eni ol this city to make
/ii meeting u success    price   ol  ad-
jjnrsiioii 36 centi only.     Come  curly
groat treat. Nuke no mistake nunc
early and a big night's en],'innnl i-
in storo.
Bev. N. A. Davis will be the speak
or at the temperance meeting in I In
Hem theatre on Sunday aflernoon nl
4 o'clock. Mr. Davis held n poiition
in New Zealand similar to Ihul held
by Ijr. Spencer in B. C He ii un uble
platform iputkor und dobatcr and
well versed on every phuic ol Ihe li
ipior ijuciljon. There ought tr, be a
large attendance.
Mr. C. i/inaregadasu, B.A., ol Coy
Ion, who ii widely known in u popular lecturer on thooiophieul subjects,
will deliver u lecture in Iiurion'i Pavilion, North Vanosuvor, on the livening ol Wednesday, Maroh 8th nl 8 o'-
cfiick.-Thc tubject will be "Tho inner
teaching of Christ. All cultured
people will |ie anxious to hear
Through luck of s)>uoe 'the report W this talenled speaker. Wu ho.pcak
tho dlslrjst council rneefino; lull evwi^ for him o largo audience and ahcsrly
IContjnuad on psge 3) 'issue.
ing wi|i wit appear uptil T«side/s] rtptpiion.
In /ircicnliug Iliu estimates lor the
current year to thu council but Tuoi-
day evening Aid. liciidcrson laid thoy
were bused on the uiioiimcnt ol land
lor school purposes as 83,187,380 and
general c'\I.\I,Ini The loriner wai
uu jucreaio of 83,318,166 or 66 per
cunt, over 1810 and tho tatter 13,607,'
i.'ii' or 63 per cunt, over 1810. Tbe
net in. ici.nl amount to be raised
I his year lor anient expenditure over
run is 868,860 or 66 per cent. It will
be noted Ihul while the increase ii 66
per cenI. the general niscismont   bus
nly been increased 63 per cent. The
nn leases in the oiliinalci under the
Several headings were explained iu Ihe
following wuy. In the loan rate there
is uu in.i.me ol 816,670 or 38pel
cunt, which ii due, ol cuunc, 10 Ihe
extra uniouiils that havo lo be paid
oul (or Interest and linking fund en
account of the incrcuicd uinoJIit 11 in-
dchludncss. Thu incrcsie of 813,670 or
l"'i per cciil in Iho ichool ciliiu'iloi
is due to the luct (but tho interest
uud linking fund on ichool d"' onUroi
are bumg colluded lor the lint lime
through thu school rule initead ol Ihe
I".in rale. Tho doubling ol tho police Ultimate! over loll yctr il ou sc-
coiinl ol ihe increaied force ol men
and ulso Iho introduction ol up-lo-
date until...I- The maintenance (stimuli.' ol the wulorworki department ii
si.in ut over lull yoar owiug'to Uie increased length of pipe l.cce.saiy lo
maintain (he system and olio ycirby
year Iho mains ulready laid coit more
in proportion lo keep thuui in gocd
repair. Much more money ii alio required lo keep up Ihe permanent Inr
brigade and alio to burn street lights
nil night instead ol Until II o'llock.
Tho bourd ol health require! sddiliiu-
ul funds lo tho amount <,l 83.000 lor
the puiili.ise end operation of s scavenging system. Tbs Intmie estimates huvo been increased (o civtr ex-
punsei, Ihe ■ ■-iiii.ni.-s for I'.'lo being
insufficient. Entirely new np|iiopiit-
liolii aro required tbit year for mulu-
mining tho city parks mil boulevards. Now iippioptiiilio ii aro t'so
rciuiri.il for Iho irquisiiijn snd
opening up ol lines in the city.
Police Commissioners
Tht police commission mat yesterday morning jn the police station
with Acting Mayor Mcllnc iu tlm
chair, ind Aid- Htndorton und Com.
missioner Jackson present,
The chiol's report lor the month ol
Februory wui pused as follows :
complaints received and attended lo
33, reports ol constables 63, places nl
business lound open alter hours 18,
unianitary plocci reported by the
medical besltb officer 3, street lights
found not burning 8, sick |iorsoni attended to 4, articles lound uud relumed to owneri 6, warrant! executed 3,
fires ittsnded to by police 3, summon
ses ssrvod 8, inquiries lor mining per-
10m 4, Itrcony reports 6.
Only 4 animals woro impounded by
the poundkoeper during the month.
Nineteen cases wore hoard in the polios court and a noticeable luuluro of
this roport wss thai only Iwo case.
of intoxication wero heard duriug iho
whole month.
A communication from (ho ratepayers' association uikod llie commission
to provide an efficient police pal ml ol
the leiiies in order that thu frequent
disturbances might be m fur in jios-
nihil; eliminated. It wus iho opinion
ol tbo board that this wus a multur
which rested entirely with the lorry
diroctors snd it wus loll with Acting
Mayor McBao to bring up nl the ferry commissioners meeting iu the idler-
A number of tundun were received
(or supplying unilorun uud mciooals
to ths force. Tbe lender for uniforms
from E. Lmiiiii ut 830 n suit wus uc-
copied. Il was decided to ink llie
Chief to Hy and obtain lemleis foi
wulcrprool overcoats. Cpmmissionor
-lackion aikoil thu lergunnl when the
police were appriied id the do.ilh of
Iho late Iv T. I'ollok. The answer
wai Ihut Iho nllicinl noliliciilion Irom
the Vancouver authorities win not
rocoivod until Ihe alteriioun uf tho
next day. Tho accident occurred at
11.10 ou tho night previous. Sergciinl
Stewart slulod further Ihut Iho first
intimation the local police hud of tho
fatality was in the newspaper'reports
Iho next morning.
In compliance wilh a request Irom
,1)10 ichool hoard continued in u lot-
lor to tho cily council on Tuesday
evening the council "have instructed
Clerk Shepherd to prepare a liyiuw to
bo submitted lo the rulupayurs for
846,000 to covor the* extra -ordinary
expenses lor lllll as 816,000 and Ihe
council left Iho matter iu abeyance in-
(cling that lliore win not uvuilubjc
fundi to meet thu amount required.
Tho trustees, howevn, feel thai it is
(heir duly lo presi lor the provision
ul tins amount iu Ihe ml crisis of Ih"
taxpayers and accordingly wish the
eiliiem to,settle tbo qiiciliou. The
amount ol ♦46,0'IO ii mudo up ol ♦760
for grading, coinlruclion ol lidcwulks
and lenniig at tbo North Lonsdale,
school, 8360 for moving Ihe junilur't
houio and expenses iu connection end
♦46,1X10 for tho erection ol an eight-
rooraod firo-proof sdiool building un
block 100, 11. I.. 660.
AIlVEtt'lTslNU CM y AM) »IBTKI'./T
Our .Hi/ens and particularly our
merchants and real estate agenti are
invited lo meet in tbe cily hall on
Tuesday next at 8 o'clock p.m. *hen
Dr. Howe of Vancouver Tourist Also-
elation will give an address on sdvor
tiling work and a diicussion of ths
best met hods to odopt lor the current
year will follow when suggestions will
be freely invited.
The work of tbe Joint Civic Cow-
millee iu Iho put hu borne tscellent
result, end it it their desire he carry
forward Ihe work during the current
y.ni villi the utmost energy, ft ji
their with to hivs ripretontstivct in
the comnutlee of the liufrohinls ind
rial estate taeutt.
On Wedneeday niiirning before dus-
licet of the Pence Woods and Fore
man, T. Molcalfe wui elmrgei] by S.
liny witb having used abusive and
threatening languagt. The ncl wai
alleged (o havo Iwen commuted in a
room on Fint slice!, dray was talk
ing lo another porioii and mid he
wu interrupted by Molculfu und Jul
words ensued. Oray went Io t'le loom
and Ihe other man stood outside Ihe
door end used Iho bad language for
which he wit chargod alio ho looked
Urey in the room and Ihe hitler was
obliged to crawl oul through Ihe window. Mstcslle .swore ho was nol llu
man with whom Gray hud Ihe conversation and as there wai no other evidence lo lupport the riiarge the cam
wu dismissed. Tbo following day
Molcalfe wu fined 86 and coils for
being drunk.
At tht Institute Hell at II o'clock
on Sunday morning IL Van M muter
will prsaeb I spociiil sermon on a
topical subject st which every i
will he welcomed. It is espniiil a
specie! singer will be present of this
'f'ht  control
grading .of Uie Boll.
Im. been ♦warded to
Cuiobin lot HMD.
like many of the fine arts which has
come to ui from the past, cut glass has
been improved by the touch of modem
genius and modern facilities for cutting.
In this beautiful ware there it a magic
which attract* all. To see cut glass At
its best you should visit our crystal room
which contains a display of glass chosen
from the best factories In  existence,
Henry Birks & Sons. Ltd.
Diamond Merchants and Jewelers
Hastings & Granville Sis.
Geo. K. Trurey,
Managing Director
»J|   When you deal at the Lonsdale Pharmacy you
get exactly what you ask (or at the right price.
"11    S|)i i i.i! attention paid to prescriptions and family
, recipet.      •       ,.'...,
*j|   We carry a complete line ol Stationer/ and Drug
Sundries.     •       •      -      -      -      -    —
Telephone L 29 -     A.. TyS()Ni ,.,„„.      Cor. Lontdsle k 8tb
Parkdale Finest Alberta Butter 30c. lb,
May Flower, Spring Brook or Ayrshire Rote 3 lbs. $1.00
5 lbs. of good Tea       - ,     -       .    \      - 1.50
5 lbs. ol better Tea   -       •       »       -       -       - 1.75
5 lbs. of the best Tea    -      -      '-      -    , • 2.00
Corner First Street snd St, George
120 Second Street East. Telephone 206
Convenience to North Vancouver Merchants
Buy i» Your Owe Tews.
YsvrO   en Solicit..
The Place Where Everybody Goes
Gem Theatre
r? Good Pictures  Good Singing
^;s: ::: GoodMuiic ::: ;:;
Prograrnma changed Monday,  Westoaaday and  Fridty.
Adulti 10c CmmwVSSa^m OsiMrw 5c
B.JRKAHI, *m * WMW FACTORY, foot Of St. <**«•
Wt solicit s trial Md ob roer Order, emsll w Israe
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Prom Geo, Campbell, secretary e| ids
sehool board requesting on bthull o|
the board tbt construction ul t, typod
sidewalk on Bldgewsy Ave. from ins
north side oi Hth street io the south
side ol 10th street, it wis referred to
the Hoard ol Works,
,l.i. McWIiinniu, one of a deputation
from the Plumbers' Union, Vancouver,
raids a rei|ueit that' a qualified plumber'be selected ind examined to fill
the poiition til plumbing inspector oi
the Pity. Aid. KilUon said bs
thought the counoil would lavurabiy
consider bit request.
Kr. P, Larson aiked council what
was its intention! as to the improvement of the Esplsnads along in front
of bis property. Hb hid some trees
and shrubs on the boulevard which
should bs attended to now.
On the tuggsstion oi Aid. Henderson
tbe bosrd ol works and engineer will
go over the ground with Mr. Larson
and ssplain the details of the work.
Ths following recommendations were
passed ;
Tbe committee considered tbe audit-
ore' report snd financial statements
for the year 1010, arid decided to recommend that the following action be
iiiken thereon:
I. That no accounts be paid Until
they are properly entered upon ihe
committee'e report form and signed by
the proposer and seconder and by ibe
3. That a copy of clause li ol the
auditors' report for the year 191(1 be
communicated to the local manager pi
tho Dank ol I). N. A.
S. That thu alienor lor r.HU attach a certificate lo the roll certify-
ing on outh that the assessment roll
let ui in-.I by him is a correct roll prepared by him in accordance witb tbe
proviiiom   ol   the   Municipal Clausen
I. Thut t'ity Clerk lie Instructed to
make proper entries in the cemetery
ft. That matter of nonpayment ol
rent by United Wireless Telegraph 'Jn.
be referred to city lolicitor.
S. Tljat 4th itreot iin- hall be valued by city engineer and covered by
lire insurance to the fullest extent.
7. That city treasurer'! bond be in-
united to $10,000 and the bond deposited witb the Hank ol R. V A.
8. That auditors' report be adopted.
9.'That   auditor  be paid   account
sent in lor $60 lor financial statement*
and report.
10. That auditor's reiignation lie
accepted with regret and that belie
advised accordingly.
11. Thai city clerk call application!
lor tbo poiition ol auditor ol the city
lor the year 1911 and that chairman
draw up a ichedule ol duties to be
13. That balance of $100 due city
alienor for 1911 be paid.
13. That auditor1! financial atalo-
menli for the year 1910 lw printed in
the local press.
II 'I Inii chairman be roqueiled to
hand skeleton copy ol proposed annual report to city clerk lo be type
written aad submitted lo commiUce
at rust meeting.
16. That treuaurer be authorized (o
purcbaw typewriter.'
It. That tax rale lor 1911 be .truck
at W 1-3 mills, being 20 mills net,
made up a. follow. : Loan rale 6 1-3
mill., ichool rale 2 mills, general
rale M imlli; 22 1-3 mills groil.
Tbe committee recommend that
Walter Thome, representing tbo Maple U-af Lscroise (Tub ol Vancouver,
be adviied Ibat the cily council hev«
no objection to tbelr entering luiy
leegu. i. a learn from tbe city of
North Vancouver.
The Committee coaiidered variout
metleri referred to (hem end derided
to recommond (bet (be following lotion be Inkia thereon :
1. In, petition Irom W. II. May and
others lor ths .lashing end openin,/ ur
of Ibe wigon road lo lake la luml
to   build on  Bewick  'Avenue     aim'
west iide 0I blosk "A" from   l.nno
Hold to IVtb street.     Thai clerk in
quire ol petitionees what   lots   building operations   ire to be commenced
on end prohibit coit of building.,
2. Be petition from Messrs. Broisoy,
Peers « Boult for iccess.to noasda/le
Ave. snd the construction of a new or
repeirs to esistiag bridge. 'Ihul in-
gineer proper. ..limit, ol coil of new
bridge and that 23rd itree| benpuir-
ed from l/>wffale Ave. to Larson Bd.
». Be petition from Edgar Sieve,,-
sob lor , a road to lie opened i.p to
lot la block MA, I). 1, 6it for build-
ing purposes. Clerk to inquln wl.tl
lot he intend, to build on ind tbt value of tbe bouts to lw ereetadi
i. He petition Irom Ansa Hmana
to have drainage effected oa I lib St.
also bfoek 41, also street grided.
That e roidwey be constructed o»
lath street Iron Loiudile Avi. t, St.
Oeorgyt Ave. witb ditch oa itch side.
Tbe cosunjllce roconwund tbst
ttogcri Ave. be graded bom lit street
north about 100 let aad Out sol
bleok eertb be removed.
Hp petition Irom James Marti...
and oiW residents in P, L, Ml RPrtb
ol Wtb street lor fiirtber mesas oIsp-
;-cess to' tbe eity, PstitiPBtrs to bs |n-
formep; tbit the floirlj of Work" will
repair 2Hrd street Irom Lartpii Bpsd
to Lonsdsle Avmue and' that tstim-
a|es are to be submitted to the council ol fbe cost pi a now bridge on
Lirspn fload.
Ho request ol Mr. McKcniio, com.
mitteo reeoininend that lis.bo inlonnci'
that the council cannot imdortako to
divert surface drainage from, its natural course. The committee suggsst
that Mr. MoKoiuie'e complaint be
overcome by his constructing a bn*V
drain through the lot iu question on
east'or west side,
Be request ol A, A. MoCall (o b»vi
'-'3rd street opened up Irom ¥ahon
Avenue to lot 23, block 2J1, p. },.
644 the committee recommend that the
pressnt condition ol 23rd street be iin
proved from Lonsdale'Artful 40 liii
son Boad.
1 He request to haee ,,*, two-
plank walk eons|ructed on .lonei
Avenue from 16th to I Dili itreot, the
committee recommend that a lour looi
sidewalk be constructed,
Be request of tjia Jf,.^. rjeycrolt,
tenant ol cp,tagtr'''a«, lot "A" hlofcl
63, I). L. (MBi asking to* a crossing
across l-lih street. Tho Omimittee ro-
oommend that Miss Heycrnlt be Informed that the council cannot undertake tp put in crossings of this description.
He request.ol (i. W. Vance to hsvr
16th street cleared from the west side
of lot 14 to the west side of lot 19,
block 43, I). L. 647, additions of 'ion
feel .        The   eiiliililillee    | I'll IIII 11 I I'I l< I  lll.ll
(his -work be done.
Re request of Mrs. M. 'Harris to
huvo Ian.' nt rear .,( properly jn block
20, p. L. 648 npi'iinl up. Committee
recommend that Mrs. Harris be adviied that il is not the policy ol llie
Hoard of Works to open up lanei. The
tunds at the ciltuinittee'i diipoinl will
not permit ol such being done.
He reqiieit of Alex. Grunt jr. lor s
sidewalk on'8th street Irom Boulevard
west to lots 16 and 16, block 101, II.
I,, 660. Mr. (Irani to lie ndviied thai
work already lunclioned.
On motion of Aid. Smith, lecondod
by Aid. McBae, commitleo decided lo
recommend that Ihe city engineer be
authorized to purchase two dumpinu,
Wagona lor use on works ol local im
provement and thai coil be charged
(n local improvement equipment account and a porlion againit the various works ol local improvement.
The city engineer was instructed to
prepare a plan for the information ol
the committee showing to what extonl
street! cleared from |he wuterfront to
Keith Boad and Irom Forbea to Hsn-
ry -Avenue. Ths committee decided to
recommend that the contractors lor
tho sewori be inlormod that the iuuii-
cil object to their employees being engaged on Sunday mperviiing Ihe
work ol sewer Construction and that
council views with disfavor the con-
hi > nit ion work on Sunday.
The committee decided to recommend
that a one-horse lawn mower bo pur-
cbaied by the chairman ol tbe  parks
The committee decided to recommend (hat an upright board lenco nol
..„ than 6 feet high bo orccted on (be
leal side ol tbo fire hall site on 4th
The committee deeidod to recommend
to tbe council that the engineer be in-
itructed lo engage a special gang to
proceed witb the clearing and rough
grading ol all lane, throe blocks cast
and weil ol J-onsdalc Avenue as far
norlh ai appropriation ol $6,000 will
allow, starting from tho waterfront.,/
Tbit in view of tlie (act of tho 1^,'j,
fatalities tbst have occurred ■yj, lno
approich to the Nort1' y.neouyor lorry whirl the CVfiri* communicated
*>tn »»jls»JlJtt'itrongly urged to im-
"""'listely comtruct some ssle meam
"i 'access, snd that the chairman o'
jfVbe railway commi«ioii bs eommuni
cited witb in similar terms and that
tht cily lolicitor be instructed to take
tbe matter up it ths next sitting ol
|bs rlilway commission at Vuneouver.
Afler coniultilion wilb tbt city ou-
trineer Alderman Billion moved tbit
"to committee recommend to Ibe
^Vneil that Mettrt. Evans, Celemin
At Vancouver Prices,      Sole Agents for North Vsncouvsr.
■i ni sin, hUi.u i. j i.i iim.n..i i. . ..iiini.   ..i..i.   .mi jiiki
WW—W"1 r . J^W.!".'!1!1."!'! |ti". . If'V^mill '.I'JL'llU .Will'I  ' "I" »■■»»■   ■   "  ■■
Corner Lonsdale and Second. Phono ?55
We are overstocked in Cathmerettei, Wrapperelles, etc.,
in a variety of designs, regular values.up to 19c     o 1
Our price....:   O2C
Special )ine of 36-in. White Cotton, wld every-   1 A _
whereat 15c.   Our price .,    J-l/C
N.B.- We are direct importers of Staple Goods
from the English Manufacturers. See our' values
before buying elsewhere. ,
t jEvint bt iottrucled to bavs ship-
P*»,overM a/m 'eelo' It \9-
incbl pip,, )600 feel of «0 lO-jneb oip*.
»»4176,000 feet of 8-inefa pipe.
C»4rs*ral Contractor
I Clewing, Stump and Back
Kstrs care near beusss.
us made good,
will be op exhibition daily
from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the
B. C. Electric Railway Co.'s
office, 50 Lonidale Avenue
The Gumey-Oxford Steel Top Range
metns a marked laving in
fuel and !i.<■H',i Inking results.
only doet its* work BETTER
but AT LESS COST ihso
other Ranges..
We can deinqnttrtts to you
(be whole Superior Clisq-
cellor principal of economy
snd efficiency in ttu minutes.
is il net worth that much
-i-^ of your lima right now ?
The J. D. Fraaer Hardware Co.
Phone $8, 133 Lonsdale Avenue
.»S •!., W^l at K,».«l.l.
Plana, Specifications, BstimaUs
f. Q, Boi W, North V»sw>«r«r
The Kimball
sou) onvv »v m
449 Lonsdale Avenue
Phone 114
' as
TrfR wnm NORTH
I •;      i^utions ■
m . '   ~r     : „
At a moiiliiig ol the North Vuneouver Batepuyors'   Assnciuliiin   held   in
the Pavilion Tuesday evening st which
there was I lair nl tendance of the executive officers with President Hoove
presiding, two resolutions wore passed
In pursuance of the purpose for which
the meeting was culled. The ono wus
ju regard to safeguarding passenger
traffic while crossing the C I'll. I rucks
at the Vancouver approach to the ferry wharf ind is soll-cxplanatriry > I
"Wherein it is provided Ihul negotiations wilh ths C.I'.H. hn' a subway or nysrhoad bridge at the railway crossing at the outran"! lo  the
ferry whorf ure peenpyjng » piiiejnVr-
Able period of time -anil wlwioui the
recent lamentable accident  which    re
suited in the deaib, q|< Mr, F,. T. Ppl-
lok emphasises fhe nopossity of iinroe?
diuto action ii| the mutter, Iho oxccii:
tivO    comuiillei.'    pf    this     ll'I'I'ii'iuli'Ml
would reiipecilully urge the city Cf.un-
ell und the hoard of ferry dirciiors to
take iuiinciliiilii steps to |irovidn a
temporary overhead loot bridge in
servo the purpose until the said negotiations are brought to a successful issuo." |
Tho second resolution was as follows :
"The recent case ol supposed smallpox has broiighs to our notice the
pressing need  of a suitable building
|nr the proper tFeetment ol ilioatoi
of infectious diseases, therefore the executive of the ratepayers' commit-
tee respeptfully revest the city coun-
pil'te take Immwiete steps tp pro:
vide mich building in riuulinc'iii lor
any puses that may occur."
A luncheon wus given on Tuesday by
the Misses Bjekuby of lllh street (or
Miss Morgarot Bickaby of Victoria.
Tbptt invited, were the Misses Vivien
fipd Henoviovo HendoiNon, Florcnco
and llulou Hiidolph, Lois Small, Helen Futon, "llobina Martin, Mrs. Walter Thornton, Mrt- flooper, Mrs. Harold ('ocitiill. The evening wet takon
up with gsmm snd "wuslc s
Blocks 226, 227 and 730,    Subdivided into
Lots 50x114 feet.
For Plans, Price List and Particulars, apply to
Phone 6286. Cpmer Pender and Seymour Street, Vancouver, B,C
A GOOD PROPOSITION  for either the I;
Homeseeker or Invertpr —on   7th  Street, ii
| just west of Queensbury carline, only $1200 j;
: -Third cash, balance easy.    Good View.   Good Soil.
V Martinson & Co.
Phantfji. P^O.Roxp
il I'M II 1»1 H 1111H I 'III t fe4--l"l"l"t"t"t"t"I"I"l--C"I-l"l"l"I"t"l"I"l"l"l"l"I"I"l"l"t"I"M "H M"H>H I 'I'I i'i
You'll Make Money Here! 1
J/'f  Stfincr.
Anyone who will ujvo this invest-
iiniK opportunity serious erne idem
tion for a few minute, will rcudily
ice i|imI. and large profits accruing to
Iho pin. Inn el  ol
.Boulevard College
Extension Lots
Lot I  ; 1876.00
Loli 2, 3 und I  each  o"o,00
Lot li     700.IKI
Lots 6 and 7  .....bolb   l,W0.00
J-ol 8 ,.    876.00
Lots SI, |o und || s„|d
Loli 13 uud 13    Both Sold
Lot 14    , U50.ISJ
l,Ols 16, 16 and 17  each   876.00
Lot 18 Sold
NotO   (lie   lelll'lll   Of   il"'  e    |ul   ,      nine
oi them being 146 feel lo a lano.
The advantage! of llieic loli lor buiinoi! or rciideucc purpoici arc apparent on tho plan attached boroto.
it is the doteat cer line properly lo the north ol the lirund lloulovaid (which ii exclusively lor high clam residence.). Il elio linen Si. John'i College and grounds and lor Uianc reasons alone it will be a centre ol some
imporlence. Boulevard eitcniion lot. ire within the city limits and huvo all Ihe advantage, and convenience! ol
other cily properly. To cloio out every lot iu record lime wc hove unoVrpricud them, io that you will havo to
hurry lo gal my. Consider alio the lerms which aro much easier than uiuul; I ft cash, bulunce in 6, 12, 16,
and 21 month, st 6 per cent, per annum.
«S2 (iranvill. Street
TlleahM. 218.
Heal   I- tale        lie in ion e
Authorised Capital   13,000,000.
Mniiey (o I.nun
14 Lonsdai. Avenue, North Vancouver.     '   /^jjjjp,.
Ut 10, Block 38, D. L. 550, $1125. Cash $425, balance b and 12 months
LoU 54 and 55, Block 166, D. L. 274, $13,000. Terms io arrange!  Near Lonsdale
the above lots ert among the hist buys in North Vancouver, und intending investors will icrvo their own
totera.li by Investigating. Wo bavo Iho oxclusive safe and olio a large lilt of other louj\n tho City, It it
in your own interest to, call and imped our list before deciding.
Real Estate Agents.      Financial Brokers
Head Office: 405 H«ti|.gi St. W., Vancouver, & C,
Drilinl) H/olumbia Brunei) Offices:
4 Lonsdale Ave., North Vftiict/uyer
1111 (j«y*rnm8i)t St., Victoria
|lrj»Df!h Ofl^eg iD IJurppe:
Berlin, Germany
London, England
I'aris, trance
Reciprocity Controversy in Full Swinff
Sending    nl - Canadian    Abroad
Prftfejied..    '
v   (Ffnm our own correspondent)
Montreal, Fob- ailtb—T|»c rnciprocily
controversy is now in lull swing
through the land. From thu Atlantic
to tbe I'miiie it js tho chief topic of
discuHiion, not only to the north but
to thu south of the international
border, and the tjucslion hoi even invaded tho legiilulivc India ol firent
Brituin. No doubt Iho storm will
continue to rsge around this bono ol
contention for Koine weeks yet, and
not until the mutter is decided by tho
Canadian 1'aiiinincnl and the American Congress one way or the olhor
will it lot up. Depletions uru heading to Ottawa to oppose the agree
mint while tboiu who agriiu uru very
little hoard from.
Ono of 'the weightiest pronouncements uguinit thu agreement was
niii.lt' by (be Monti e.-il Board of Trade,
un organization which gcncrujly give.
thu cue lo similar bodies, ut lea ■ i in
eastern Cunndii. While Monlreul is
the king pin ol the proleclcd mine t .
und : lioiit., the loudest when vested
intercuts aro in danger, there ure yet
many able men wbo do nol ice eye
to eye wilh their Im m brethren
and do not hesitate to say io.
A greut 'leal ol intercut centres
around thu aclion of the government
in connection with the ileel industry.
Steel rods ure placed on' the free lint
by tbc agreement und (ho bounty
which was given lo help create it expire! in Juuo. The Dominion Steel
Corporation whicli iu the chief Industry    alle. led,    i hum      lllllt.   Wilh    thin
chum of (heir product expoM.il to Am-
erii'iin und other foreign competition,
und no bounty, it will be wiped mil
ompleU'ly. They want Ihe bounty extended lo enable litem to get on u
better fooling. -It was thought pretty
sure thut wilh the eastern political
ore me which win. brought to b.in
Mr. Fielding would agree (o Ihe pro-
|m ,il   but   the matter him been   do-,
idcdly coniplientiil by the sheet steel
people ul Morii.ilnirg who Wool lo Ol-
luwu wilh u big dopulatiun und prut
tiddly demanded thai if the Dominion
Jlecl people were given a continuance
,1 the homily thoy wanted a bounty,
too. Mr. Fielding'*, reply »u» nol a
very cheering one, but llie mailer i»
still under adviiopjont.
While Canada in necking In-.-l, nip!
tul abroad and is gelling it in large
quantities Irom t-'nglniid uml Franco,
Canadian linuk" und linuneieru arc
liu'king heavily trm-tinn, power mil
other oiilerprises 'in foreign countric,
more particularly Ifotlco mid South
American republics, to my nothing ol
Ihe concern! in the United States
which ure using a lot ol Canadian
capital. Mr. Uiidnlphc Forget, til'.,
thinks ii" i« all wrong und he voice,
hii lontinicnlt in the course ol rontons why allot her bunk would lie a
jiiud thing in Canada, lie think.
there ure loll ol good propositions ol
home and thut Canadians ihould bavi
'nilli enough in (heir own country t<
out their money in ihem instead ofe.v
uccling outsiders lo do il while they
■jo oil to some oilier place with their
The bunk Mr. Forget in oiguni/iiiu
in Ihe Bonquo lleiiernle du Conodo,
but Ihe word "Ucneralo" will bo drop
[led il a charier con be secured Im
one-designated Ihe Hunk of Canada.
Hi capital will be yio.nOO.OOO uud of
Mn umiiiini the promoter slr.lcs H'.'1
French capitalists ure willing lo pul
■n sv.iiiiii.iiiin und Cunadioni the In I
■inc. Ut. Forget leads (he publi< to
believe thai hi* now bunk will set the
other bunks u good example uud thul
ai a result liloro will not be sueh an
outcry aboul Ihe light uioucy uurkci
in (utun
NOTICE i. hereby given Ihul thirly
days alter tho dale hereol we Ibe un-
deriigncd intend to apply ai co-part-
ners to tho Itooid ol License ('onimii-
sioners lor (he cily ol Norlh Vancouver for a rclail botllo licouso for pre-
initios situate on a Iin.-tumid purl ol
lot thirteen (13) block ouu hundred
and fifty inviii (167) D. L. 971-274, In
l«l city ol North Vancouver on tho
principle of tho Norwcgiou system ol
00 profit to the eollcrij.
(Signed)     K. F.. MAINAtHIIKN.
(Signod)    P. KOCIU'SSEN.
Dated at North Vancouver, H. C,
February 7lh, 11111.
NOTICE is hereby given that at the
next silting ol Ihe Bosrd ol Licensing
Commissioneri for Iho City of Norlh
Vtneouvor, I intend to apply lor u
hotel license for prcmiiei situate on
lots 21, 32, 23 and.24, block 140, I).
1. Sill, Second street west, In ths said
city ol Norlh Vancouver.
Paled el Norl* y.nvouver, Fobruery
7th, Jvll. M
Wu are clearing out all our Ladies' and Children's Footwear, and in order to do ao in thu
shortest possible time have piade prices -lower
than the cost of manufacture, as follows:    '' '
Ladies' Patent-Iilucher, gun metal topg, r^gplar
$4.60 lines, now  $2-85
Ladies' Patent Oxiords, gun metal tops, regular
$4.25, now  :..|j|.65
All lines of tan, ox-blood and chocolate, regular*
up to 1-1.00, now  $1,85
Dull finish Kid Oxfords, blucher cut, regular
13.75, now :   $2.45
\ ' ;.     "
113-115 Lonsdale Ave. Nprth Vancouver
The Commonwealth
First Complete Showing of New
Spring Goods.
W. DICK, Prop.
47 & 49-HASTINGS STREET, EAST-47 & 49
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "W<.si Vancouver,'1 Captain Findlay
I.icciihi'd ler 35 passengers
Il..„,I.i.in w	
/.jn :i in.
'/ im a.m.
H.on t.m.
13.15 l"».
15,00 p.m.
17.00 p.m.
Ixirci V.uiuuvii
I'll,    leilli -'    V.ln.ll
(vtry U'U 1 <r.ipl ftiind.>
8.00 a.m.
11 .mi a.m.
12.00 a.m.
14.00 p.m.
10.00 p.m..
it).00 p.m
Single Fart lie.       Two Tickatt sac.
(Quickest route from North Vancouver to the district beyond
Capilano River.    Launch "Wutt Vancouver" tatket connections,  without fail, with the ferry sictmcrt iron North Vancouver, at per shove iclivdulu.
North Vancouver City Ferries, Limited
1 ssvs istctinw      lu*. lartt Vis.
'lw'" II  111
7.W "
8.80 "
11.16 "
10.16 "
11.16 II ■
1116 j. in.
1.16 '"
8)6 "
ill "
I.H "
6.00 "
m "
6.90 "
?.» "
,16 "
'$.46 s.m.
Us»s asrOi Vss.     Usys issuers
' Dtnoltt sot on S.uniey
TW. Tims TsWt suhiset lo efaaaaa wilhout mUm.
I 'ItssssssssssisesBssstssa
North Vaucpuvb^ PC*
HtTSB OS r-W|8u«|PT|Oti:
One year fi.Ofl
BU mouths .       .      .60
■ Thru-months    i        • M
'United States ami Karuj)in,ll-bO per year
Tbsxsisiit I>i8P(,*v AuvaarissatsTs—
50 runts per ineb.eaeh Insertion.
Lewis Nonets, Etc.—ll.Oj) per inoh per
> L»»w sap Tinbib Noticis^-80 days, |6i
110 days, »7.fiU.
(,10.1. AnvsBTisiNu—First Insertion, 10
cents por line; esch subsequent insertion, lir. per lit iu.
lUiiiiNu Notioss in l.oosi, News Cot
IIICi.1    'lUCUIItS |H'I lilli^i'lieh ill.il'rl'illll
O.iirrsii.T AnvsKTissutNTs—Rates ir
ranged sceording In Bpiice tsken,    -
All change. i» ooni met advertisements
must be in tlie bunds ol the printer by
IV ednesday evening toeiisuru publication
|n the neii issue.
■i '    '•>      , . =:
Norm VaMniiu.it, Mak. 3, 1911
One ol the most striking developments which have rtkeii place in advertising practice of late years is tbs
' innugui ai mu uud growth ol "community publicity." 'Ihe unergutio ami
widespread campaigns which have been
conducted by large cities in this leaped, (ogediur with the highly bench-
11 al 1 .Milis which have accrued therefrom Im-e ..innl ('emi.ii comment of
a favorable nut uru. The leheme hui
shown itself reiolily uduptable lo thi
intureiti of a community, a proviucc
or ul uu entire country. Id ptissibil-
niei. ure recognized 111 tremoudou.,
teaching to the currying ou ol greut
coloni'iilioii irliemei, contcmpluting
wbut realty coiuliiules 1 world movo-
nient ol population. The luteet project of 1 Id.-, nut uru lo muku ii.iuppe.ir-
anee in thut of the Union 1'ucilio and
Southern I'ueilic Jliiilroud ol thu United States. Thii company hut jut
lot ai'iile the huge eum ol one uud one'
ipiiuii-i   11nlli1.il 1I.1II1111 for publioity.
''Tllil   Mini,"     M.J.l   our   Scuttle    lii'Wii
letter, "ii tu be used iu peopling 1'ie
west, to lill u|> (bu fertile lauds nl
Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, duliforuiu,
Nevadu, Iduho, Oregon and Washington, it is '''.■ greatest duvclopmunt ol
the   11 nn' 1   III  i.iilniiiiini|!    llie  eic.il
ing ol trallio." ' ' 'iliu major purl
ol the advertising is to be dnus
through uewipupers. lu uddition lo
exploiting land opportunities, lie development of iiuliiitriei end cuinniiini-
/ lies will bu loitered." The dl-wiivo-
I neii ol u grout cuiiipaigu lueh ai the
' above report oullinei, il 1 loregous
cuucluiioii. The diiieinilialion ol Information mmnie.nl millions ol peopl.,
concerning the territory described,
together with iucIi inducemeiiti .11 may
bu olleieil 11, . i ..i.ii.ir. inimigriti-in,
will doiibllem remit in e trend ol
new population, itroug, ileudy and
mituincd and in (he course ol a few
your, thut \uit .mi, at present but
ipariely populutod uud pruclicully undeveloped, will contain numerous centres ol population wilh proiperuui'uv
diulrici uud alio u large agricultural
population, the trullie Iroin which will
luiii'l-iii.iij reeoup Iho railway for
thii greut initial outlay hy providing
u lurgu uud jieiiiiiineiit aource of iirn-
, Tlie   oiieiiliul   feature,   ol this   big
icheuie aro the .urns ai lliuee which
have le i n i .mini out on ■ imsller
.enle sud in iiimlilieil liiiin but with
proiiouneul lucceis by many lirgt cit-
iu. a. well ui unaller ceulret. I hi
commercial tulue ol community publicity it no longer open to question, it
hui provuu its worth to a domoiutra-
Y (ion und hai lecured lor itsell a   per
V inanent   place   among (he   method, ol
t  Ihow centre, which >ro adopting   sn-
terpriiiug luetic, lo etlrect population, cepitul and all IIiom elcuuuiti
which go to make any community
larger and more prosperous.
North Vuucouvci hui Iieen operating
llong thi. line for the two put years
through Ihe medium ol the local Joint
Civic Advertiiing Committee, but   in
'inasmuch   u. the   fundi avails!,),   have
been   very   limited,   the   avenues    el
command huve been greedy retirteted.
There ii evory roeeou lo conclude that
in energetic end enterpriiiug   advertiiing campaign upon tbc pert of ihe
L^. city and tlie district could lie   mule
i' to accomplish excellent remits, North
Vancouver i. aitusted et very greet
advantage in lln. reipeci inasmuch al
|t is not necessary to go f.r olield in
■Uer Lojlnd I splendid inker, (or el-
ffteliv. advertising,    The city ol Van-
fisavtr   enjoys   excellent   advantage.
&##h respect to world advertising end
' eoutuienlal advertiiing in the net results ol which North ViMoavsr it
privileged to psrtieipiU by tlie siaspls
etpadient of esploiting tbt MU
afforded by the oity of Viwwuvtt and
neighboring eentret,
11(1 Joint CIvio Advertising Cpm-
mittee .bus now- under consideration
the formation of plant (or tbt approaching sesion, lor the promotion
of which i public meeting ol merchants, real eetate sgents and all
business men it to ha held in tbt eity
hall on Tuttday evening nstt. Tbit
meeting will be favored witb an id-
dress on tbt subject ol Oivio Publicity
by Elliott B. Bows, manager ol the
Vancouver Information and Publicity
Bureau. Dr. Bows is a specialist in
tbt lint which he proposes to discuss
and tbs dot tbit hi it tbs speaker,
issurss tbe ludlenos tbit they will
liiten to subject matter of a high order wall worth ths eloss attention and
serious comideration ol every mm of
affairs who withes to keep abreasl of
modern oivio business methods.
This is I decidedly timely movement
upon ths pert ol ths Joint Civic Advertising Committee ind should meet
with universal co-operation from the
Ths Impression  which  some people
have that the Canadian Government
Annuities leheni Is available only to
porioiu over the age ol 86 is quits erroneous, an impression arising,  probably, Irom tbe fiet that 6S is tbe oar
lieat age,'except lor invalidity ordii-
ablement,   at  which an annuity   cm
begin,    Niturilly,   the youngor tbe
person is wben the purchase is begun,
the smaller will be the payments which
he or she will have to make to aecure
the nine annuity, and smaller will be
tho apparent cost.     But any person
uver the age ol 6 may purchuse un
Annuity.   An account of the mil ending of an old gentleman who hud un
til recently lived all his life in a Canadian proviuce, but upon whom   lor-
tuns lor some reuion hsd not imiled
wui communicated a lew days ago in
a despatch   Irom  a U. 8.  eity.  He
had gone  to  Michigan  to stay with
a son lor tbs remainder ol his days,
but shortly alter his arrival  ibe son
died leaving no means, and ihs lalhor
who preferred deetb retber tbun   llie
poor home, to which lie wae to have
Wen  sent the lollowing day, terminated   hit   life.      II   the   old   gentleman had been provident in hi. younger days and had laid a.ide but   10
cents a week the amount accumulated
at   3   per   cent,   compound   interest
which he would bsvs bad it bis disposal ul HO would hsv. purchased lor
bim an annuity of Hot) a year, an income  lufhcienl to have enabled    him
to hav. provided (or himself (or  th.
remainder     ol   bis   days.     Had    he
had ths opportunity it 30, a. ill resident, ol Canada hav. today, ol paying   into   ths Government   Aniiuitici
fund s sum ol 10 cents a week, h
income at 80 would hav. been   over
|M6 imieud ol |180, and bad b. die
at any lim. be/ore attaining the ag.
ol 80  his hein   would have   received
•very cant that ha had paid in  with
3 per cent, compound intereel up lo
the date ol his death.  As Ihs old gen
tleman roHocted upon (ha pad,   it no
doubt seemed but yesterday when   ho
was a boy.  Still, young men end women aro disposed to ipurn Ihe thought
that old age it inevitable, that   the
day  will  come when  thoy tbeniitivei
will be old, ind that the poor house
muit Im their ultimiti dettiny if Ibey
hive not made provision egain.t luch
a contingency.  But it will be Impoi-
sibls for  them to dodge ths   issue,
end tht lyilem ol ssving which    the
Annuitiw  Act  iffordt them it  positively  the  only   menu  evaiiible by
which  th.y can make this  provision
with absolute oerteinty, end wilb Mitt
•mellest outlay.    Esplanalory liter..
tur. may be obtained at the post ol-
See or will be supplied on application
to   the   Superintendent   o( Annuiliw,
Ottewe, U, whom Inters mty lie sent
'res of,postage.
"Wo sailed wherever ships oquld sail
• ■ ft founded winy a mighty st»ta,
Pny God our greatness mty npt fail
Through oravep fear of being great,"
Ths rules are as follows •   ■
To help one another.
To insist on tbt vital i» the Empire
of British supremacy on the set.
To urge on every able bodied man
the necessity of being able to beer
To draw together in the bond ol
comradeship, tbe peoples now living
Under tht (olds- of the British litg.
An illuminated card ol membership
printed in several colon will be eoht
to every British oitisen making application addressed to Over-Huns Club,
Carmelite House, London, E. C. uud
badges In the (orm ol a pendant,
brooch, tie pin or button may be hud
for i nominal sum. A correspondence
club is about to be started and it Is
hoped in the near lUture to establish
headquarters in London lor visiting
members. There are already srtual
members at North Vancouver ai'
though no local organisation has been
effected ss yst.
VANCOUVER B, C,       ■
The Royal Bank of Canada
Capital 16,300,000-
Reserves, 17,300,000.
Total Assets $85,000,000.
A general bunking buiinoss
triiuiiicii d. Savings eccounti a
ipecinlty. Account! ol firms
and individuals solicited.
Norlh Vuneouver Uruiieh.
Dank Office in N. V. Club Illock
Specials for
Friday and Saturday,
MAUCH 3 and 4, lull
Kolled Prime liihi. bonele.1 30c lb,
Sirloin Steak 30o lb.
Porterhouse iioasl  33o III.
Pork Loim, whole or hull 30c lb.
Pork Shoulders, whole Iftc lb.
Pork Shoulders, sliced    16c lb.
Loin Pork Chops  *& lb.
Leg Mutton  18o lb.
Hhouldcri Mutton Iftc Ih.
Small Winchester lismi  30c ll>
Empire Bacon by the piece  34c lb.
Finnan Haddie, the licit  10c   lb.
Guaranteed fresh Eggs  30c dot.
The quulity of these incut i will give
you every lutisfaclion und save you
money every lime.
Phone 16
Free delivery to ill pirti ol the city.
of    ths
A significant indication
•Irenglh ol imperial ,
throughout tht British Dominions it
wen In the remarkibli development ol
the Over-Sen Club. Tbit orgiaisi-
tion wu itirUd on August 37li,
1W0, by the Ovir-fitai Mill, ind tl-
though cllowed to develop .Imosl entirely "of iU own volition," a» to
speak, there er. ilrtidy formed 1,660
briuohee, toUlllag 14,047 member,
wbil. each issue of tht Over-Sees M.il
records lerge addition..
Hi. MrauW Crttd i. M (oiiow,t
"Believing tht British Empir. to
•Led lor justice, freedom, order tad
good government, wt pledge ourselve.
is allien, of tht grwteet unpin \B
tbt world, to maintain Uu heritage
handed down to u. by our l.theri."
Tbt rules and objeet. of Uu dub an
prsUetd  by Teonyton't  well  known
For Sale
Salmon River Valley
Land, close to Fort
40 acre tracks, $11 per acre
$50 cash snd $10 per month
Enquire or write
216 Second Street East
' . ""
The A. Farro
126 2nd St West
When you desj at the A. Farro
Grocery you get eaactly what
you ssk for at right price. |
Special Attention!
We carry a complete line of
Htabsry * tVans Brats) M (« f IM
si Splendid Lots
Three Blocks Irom Lonsdale Ave,
Pries to ensure quick sale oily
W00 estb-easy terms
Wanted immediately* for a
client, one acre in D,L. 616
List your property in this district with us for quick results.
Pierce & Hall
Next to Palace Hotel
Phone U0
FIRE!   FIRE!!   FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS'. $94,900,000
Bole Agent
Agreement, ind Contract, drawn        ,,. . r 7 Gen.nl
of every description rtione   | J J       CeoveyasxiBl
Here Are Two Really
Good Buys
1 OjlL Of I7'1*1 block from Lonsdale Avenue, 60 feet
1 £111 tJle (all cleared) for $2000, one quarter cash,
balance in 6, 12'and 18 months.
1 AiL Of I'cw yards from carline. High position, all
* will Ol. cleared.   This is a fine lot and a map st
$ 1250,   One third cath, balance in 6 and 12 months.
C. E. L4H SON & CO.
Phone 70—P. 0. Box 97
North Shore Locators
WE are now offering 40-ft. lots in Bk. 205,
on 21st street, one block west of Lonsdale Avenue Car Line. Price (500 to $700.
Cash to suit purchaser, balance quarterly for
two years. Make your selection early.
No. 8 Lonsdale Ave.       ,   Phone 123
50 ft. Lot facing New Municipal Hall.   Price, $500;
Cath, $200.
50 ft. Lot, 17th Street, near Boulevard. Price, $600;
Cash, $200.
Double Corner, Queensbury Heights.   Price, $ 1500;
-   Cash, $500.
North Vancouver Trust Co., Ltd.
, (Ut. Isksler st Werd)
219 Lorlidele Avenue. Phone 44
Qmpbell Realty & Investment Co.
Snap on a 6 roomed Bungalow,
dose in. Ail modern, fireplace,
furnace, etc. (600 cath, bal-
to arrange.
The Cash
Staple and Fancy Groceries
Fresh and Smoked Meats
For One Week
laf     of our
Lonsdale Blend Tea
This Tea in second tu none
and wo can strongly recommend it.
Rolled Oats. 7lbs. fur    25c,
Olivers Murmalude in 1
lb. glaes jars, each -   15c.
Ayrshire Rose Creamery
Butter, -  •  3 lbs. $100
Qold Buckle Orangi-s, the
linos! in Ihciiinrki'i, on
per doz. Imp',
Lemons, per dog.
Oatmeal Soap. 10 lines 25c
Maggie Soups, 5c. per tablvt
Shoulder Mutton, 12!,c. pr.lb
Phone 40
1111 Lonsdale Ave
LOW SEaVLProprietor
8i.m. I., ii |i in.
First-class Meals ajc.
Commutation Ticked, i\ meili
Rooms for Rent at moderns rates
I. O. ()   F.
North Vancouver I<odgo, No. 56,
inoi'tt every Thuriday evening, eomst
l.onsdule Avenue and First .trot, it
8 o'doeki Visiting brethren cordi.lly
invited to it tend, A. T. Kennedy,
N.Q. j Thot. S. Nyt, rec.-ste.; J. H.
Pilling, P.O., fin.-sse.; Chit. Nyt, F.
G., triat.
EPHONE 89.   '    '       P. O. BOX Hi
Fully Equipped
to plod over the desert or sufsr hrui-
ger and tairtt it Mr. Camel. We're
not built that way. Wait wt wast it
the reel thing.
You Get Real Paint
When Buying Here
It will .lead ihe bluing sua oi tat
Sshari or tit bl.iU ol Cook'i North
117 Lonsdsle Pbonii4e fm mmm, mm vanco-over, % c
A ropreiontotivo roeelinu pi the
members of. ths Lynn Valley Ratepayers' AiiQoiutiini was hold in the Insti-
tutt Rail on Wednesday evening.
.1. Neat, president, wss in the chair.
In response to en appeal Irom the
chair a number ql new members wero
Two communication! were received.
Irom the district counoil in respect to
vaccination and telephones. In ru
gsrd to the former advice was given
that when occasion arises tbo counoil
would toko steps to meet tbo difficulty
as expediently as pusiible.
The counoil askod the asmcialion to
take the matter of telephone installation through tho valley up ut an oarly
ilnlu, It being understood thut tbe
new North Vancouver manager was
desirous ol mooting roprcsontatlons
Irom the Valley. A vory live discussion snsued over the sidewulh question. The chairman remarked it wus
up to ths association to get buiy ind
advtnce tbeir clsjms before all tbo appropriation! woro used up in other
Mr. Roberts ol Doran Road intimat
es] that tht Doris Boid claimi iroui-
ed to be overshadowed by application,
from Dcmpsoy in) Rosa Rood. ■)■ U.
Fromme said it was not the intention
ol tbe Dempicy Road residents lo advance their claims for sidewalks to tbe
disadvantage of any other road. All
thoy were advocating for was lobave
the road repaired so that grocers' end
morchanti' rigs could get in ind oul
convenient ly.
Mr. Fromme advanced a luggcstion
that met with general approval and
il was that all applications for tide-
walks should be presented lo the council in llui form of a petition approved
ol and recommended by tbe uesocia-
Mr. .1. P. Crawford said be and bit
associate; bid i petition into ths
council' for a lidew.lk on the Pint
Line lloail from Hostins Bold to th.
end of the ctr line. He wit tun that
it would hive added weight with tbe
council if it hid.the approval of the
aiiocinliou. A resolution wu paued
io adopt this plan and petitions at
now being sent to ths council including those from the Pipe Line Boad,
Doran, Dempsey snd other roads, will
be supported.
A letter Irom the North Lonsdale
ratepayer,  offered  their co-operation
■tain nny way- It wit agreed to co-operate with the N. Lonsdale Association along the lines suggested in their
It was resolved to include in the
name of the association Ward 4. The
question arose at |o the association's
future attitude toward tbe council.
This wss settled in.a comprehensive
wuy tq uilmit llie member, ql tlm
council and officials as honorary mem-
ben of the association.
The flume question came under heavy
firo especially Irom Mr. Robert, who
slid on Doran Boad he had to orosi
three bridge! in 300 feet. Ho wanted
to know how long it was going to be
a menace to tbe Valley. Other opinions were expressed lo tbe effect that
while the flume bid been i great facto, iu tbe upbuilding of tbo Vulley,
tlie lime bid come when the eoiiilruc-
tion of roidt wis such as to require
its removal.
J. M. Fromme contidercd that too
hasty action wu not tdviiiblo. The
flume bid been the meant ol building Lynn Valley. In aniwer to an
enquiry be thought that the Hail inns
Shingle Mill Co's. lease for the flume
did not expire for ibout I yean in
D. L. 9023 and 3169. He bad, now-
evcr, in conversation with one of tho
officials ql the company, been given to
iiiulnr.itami that it wus not tho inlen
tiop to operate in'tbo Valley 1-u .■.•
limn thi' present year as their supply
ql timbor'wot becoming small.
Secretary Stewart said it bad been
suggested by tin executive Unit h1i|i.i
be tiil.i'ii to acquire a park centrally
lorated in ihe Valley for recreation
purposes. Speedy action was advised
while the (and could be bought en
block and at reasonable prices. Pretty soon nil the land would bo iiihdi-
videil and thoro would bo no oilier
place left except the ruvinei ind prices
would bo out of tight.
J. P. Crawford iuid thut mmc lime
Igo he bad submitted a plot of
ground ol about A ucrci to ihe unui
oil for in oiler. Hit compuuy had
paid |7,H0Q lor il mid hud placed
their agreements of isle on the coun-
cil table and simply asked the cn.n-
eil to make thorn an offer rather than
ssk any definite figure. This vvu in
contradiction lo a statement vlicl,
had been in circulation lbs. limy
had uiked tho council tl8,000 1.1- iho
lund. Ho bad, however, dispoul ol
tho land lincc fur that mm. It Ml
agreed lo appoint a committee lo investigate whet lands were available nl
tbo  present   timo  and to vest Ih.in
.'. '        i —■—»»-       i
To-morrow, Saturday, March 4th, 1011, of the
Palatial Clothing Store, exclusively for men,
Cor. HASTINGS and ABBOTT STS., Vancouver
IJ In announcing this memorial day in our House
of Quality, we make our bow to the people of
North Vancouver, first by stating that it ever will
be our aim to show the finest exclusive stock of
men's ready-to-wear clothing ever carried in
British Columbia, and while our exhibit will contain all the newest productions of the markets,
embracing the latest styles that art and past-masters
of fashion craft can suggest, we assure the public
our constant endeavor and watchword will
always be "HONEST VALUES."   *   *
1§ Trusting to be favoured with a call, we
await your criticisms, and remain
Yours very
K. GRANT, Man. Dir.
Three Entrance*
to our store
with power to make a recommendation to tbe cquncil. J. P. Ciuwlord,
.1. M. Froiume and P. Woetaver wire
appointed tq tot ou the coinmiilce.
4 deputation was appointed to wail
qn Inspector Greenfield to ico r-'hut
could bo done regarding bettor facilities for gelling mail diicunion Showing that tho hours wero not satisfactory.
Another deputation was uppoinled
lo, interview the H.i'i. 11. regarding
tbe imlallutiun of electric light in re-
lidcncc and ai to whether the two
lure elnii.-,- to Ihe terminus could nol
be repealed.
r.leetiie ligbti arc the subject of t
le |'li'  I   II,   Ihe  OOUncil,  llie llllilneilllioli
vviibin:: lo nee arc lamps along the
ii.ini line ut the junction ol tho im
p.ai.ini cross streets.
The meeting adjourned soon altoi
Ion o'clock having accompliibod a
largo amount ol business.
ichouli - paid
Alt'! ksTIC   UlNlilNfi   AMI   VOICE
(Celebrated  Scottish  Voculiit)
I'upil ol :-i, imi Kdourdo Gulli ol
Milan. Diploma!, Hoyul Academy and
IJiiynl Cilllegc ol Muiic, London, England. Will take pupil, in North Vancouver two day.1 |>cr week.
1016 Granville Street,
Vancouver, 11. C.
Notary Public
Loans,   Investments   mid   Iinruranoc.
Hnoin 307, .Vi.' Granville til.. Vancouver,  11. 0,   Phono .--ii'i.   Laud Itegu-
Iry work u specially.
A. Campbell Hope
358 1st Street East
Phone BU.
General Contracting
Eicaviiini, Cleerios Grading, sic
l.i.iii.i.. Qhn.
KoUi    Road, rail of Si- Ctorft'l At«du»,   or
P.O. Soi 134
Phone    196
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co.
Dealers in Coal, Brick,
Sand,   Gravel,   Lime,
Cement   and   General
Builders' Supplies.
All  Orders   Promptly
Pilkil ami Satisfaction
Guarantors'.    Prices on
Office: Lonsdale, near Gly Whatf
Warehouse:    , Forman't Wharf
you want Bread,
Scones, Oatcakes
and general Confectionery equal to
135 Lonsdale Ave
(Nexl door lo Eveiybody's Shoe Slore)
Scotch Shortbread
and Pies'
Bruce & Co.
7« Klldl thr bulnra of M
Knjlutrr. >nd other, wlm rwll
fly tl hirJai llitlr r.lclt I
1; Kipfrls.   Ptcliuiliifliynil'
inuJ.rile. Oarlivcilor'l AJvi
end. u.itouatr.rloo,Vfjil
Mii'j lloalml. .i:J U'mMn. ■
• I.i -I".
n|.. .  1  I    I'll
Il !     i
I   .    I I   • . .
n  in    ii ■
hv\l\   [1 l.iK-
i l..    :. .1
overt ss via -
... .
TniDt Ma.iss
CopyniSMTe 4c.
Anrom imdlni i .kdi-n ind dc.-rii ihtt in.,
qalrhlr MCWIlln pur .Tin'' a tl - I i-'iiit in
Inrcnllen (. prnH.l'lr |-*rp,.le'... i -e elr-i
Uonenrlcli.conndMillHl H/WUrU* <n I'lleats
ml/rie, (Jid« t^wfJeTJenHnsje'   "
is. In (in.
...JM.nri fyr...'
I'U.nLl lUm tiniuiti Nunn 4 l.j. rovollS
IfiruUMlIrt, .lilimilcli.t
UiimrUrt wtrkir.   I
- plmflflr Joom.1.   Ivnn. for
jut, ptnutt (.rrtuiil. lolil by
, SSIBruiMr,
tS f It, WhIiIIiiI
Why pay 1160.00 lor rougb uncleared Lots whin we sin sell yon
the very best cleared Jots without s stons on item, level oi a table
and into uran. Keen cultivated lor ten yean, situated on I'entri
Hood, brine; the beet Boad on the Norlh Shore and qnc' block from
the far line, School, Church aad Store i hav. city water, tin trii
light and telephone-
Pric. |3M lo |100 each. Terms |100 cub, btlsnct t. 12 and II
month.'. These lot. will bring it Itait in our eilimatlon 100 iiir
cent, pi.,At on the amount Inrttted within sis months. Buy ijufok,
tiey are going last.
riorlf. Vfucouver
1 w
to nmm, north vanqqpvj?&, b, &
128 Lonsdale Ave.
Cash  Discounts
We have just recently added
a new line ol
Maddrass Muslins and
in Oriental effects.
ome pretty curtain Muslins
the latest out lor
Window Drapes & Curtains
Bedding of All
You'll find it hard to beat our
prices, we carry a good assorted
stock, in all tones and patterns.
A Big Discount
Od Dinner Sets
This Month'
Japanese Rugs and
They look well and wear
well and make a good serviceable   carpet   lor office,
library or den.
Now it the time to choose the
pattern lor kitchen, dining
room or bedroom,
We lay Linoleum Free.
4-l'H-l III H M HIIHHI HI 11 IH H >H1 H 111111 WH'WI l-1-l-l-M-t" 1-H-H-l "H 'H
North Vancouver City
Lots in Blocks 9, 9a, 15,15a, 16 and
16a; District Lot 550; now on sale;
Acreage in District Lots 544, 545,
546 and 550; subdivided into blocks
of from 1 to 22 acres.
The Grand Boulevard Extends
Through This Property.
For Plans, Price List and Psittculari, apply to
The North Vancouver Land and
Improvement Co. wi*
Comer Pender and jfcvmour Streets,
Vancouver, B. C
Phone 6266
Louis Joseph Vance
tonvrl#bt, 1908, by th. Bobbt-M.rrlll Co.
"My dear sir, 1 csu lisvs no Wind to
change until a plain proposition It laid
before me."        ,,.
"H-inl" Calendar puffed rigorously until It occurred to blm to change
the subject. "You won't wind telling mo
what happened to you snd Dorothy?"
•'Certainly noL"
Cslendsr drew nearer, ind Klrkwood, lowering bis voice, narrated
lirlolly tbe events since bt bad left tbe
I 'less In Dorotby'l company.
Her fslber followed blm Intently, Interrupting now and again witb sn ex-
cliiinifion or pertinent question-as,
hail Klrkwood been able to tie tbt
fart of tbe msn In No. 0 Frognall
street? Tbe negative tntwer seemed
lo disconcert him.
"Youngster, you-sty? Blain' If I csn
lay my mind to blml Now, If that
"It would bave been Impossible for
Mulreedy-wboever be Is-to recover
and get to Craven street before we
did," Klrkwood pointed out
"Well, go on." But wben tbe tale
wgs told "It's tbst scoundrel Mill-
ruinlyI" tbe man affirmed with beat.
"It's bis band. I know htm. I might
hsve had sense enough to see he'd lake
"What In /iinreus nam*, Calendar**
the first chance to band me the double
cross. Well, this does for aim, ill
right I" Cilendtr lowered viciously it
tht river. "You've been blsmed useful," be told Klrkwood assertively. "If
It hadn't been for you I don't know
when I'd be now-nor Dorotby, either"
-sn obvious sftertbougbL "There's
no particular way I csn show my appreciation, I suppose? Money"-
"I've got enough to lilt me till I
rcscb New York, thank you."
"Well. If (be time ever comes Jutt
tlioiit for George B. I won't be want-
log. I only wish you were witb us,
but (list's oul of lbs question."
"No two wsys about It. I bet any-
thing you've got a conscience concealed tbout your penon. Wbitl You'rt
an bonest msn, eh?"
"I don't want to sound Immodest,"
returbtd Klrkwood, tmused.
"You don't need to worry ibout tbst.
Hut sn honest man's got no business
hi my line." He glanced igtln It all
nnii'h. "D Unit Mulrcidyl I won-
'  i If be wai cute enough to i.kc en-
.'i.i way? Or did li. ihlnk-tbi
f. .11"
lie cut off abruptly, seeming depressed by (be thought that ho might have
been outwitted, snd, clatplug binds
behind bit luck, .hewed ssvsgely on
bis clgsr, wstcblng tbe river. Klrkwood found himself somewbit wes-
rled. Tbe usclcssucee of hit presents
there .truck him witb idded fores.
He bethought him of nit midnight
bolt trsln, scheduled to leave i tuition
Mill.* distant lu an hour tad I half.
If bs missed It be would bt slrsuded
lu I foreign land, penniless and practically without friends, lircutwlck being twiy and til Ihe rest of bit cutis
of acquaintances on toe other side of
tbe channel. Yet be lingered In poor
company, daring fits tbit be Wight
set tbe end"of Ibetffilr.  Why?
There wu only one bonest tntwer
to tbst quettlon. Ut stayed on because of bit Interest Is t girl whom
be bid known tor i nutter of torts
hours it most. It wis Insensate folly
on hit part, ridiculous from sny point
of vltw, but be audi no move to go,
TUB slow minute, lengthened monotonously.
There ctme,s, sound from tbs
street level.   Cslendsr held up
1 bind of wtruiug.  "Here they come)
gteidyl" he ssld tensely.
Car ndir turned to ibe boat
"Sheer off," he ordered.   "Drop oat
Of stjgbt.    I'll whittle whip I want
■'Ays, sya, Hr." ,
Tba boat slipped noltelettly twty
Witb tbt current end in in Instant was
lost to sight Oslsndtr plucked st
Klrkwood's sleeve, drawing blm Into
the shadow of tbt steps. "B-easy," In
Whispered. "And, I sty, lend me t
band, Will you, If Mulresdy turnt
"Ob, yes," assented Klrkwood, witb
a nonchalance not entirely unassuined.
Tbt racket drew neirer snd ceased
The bulb tbst fill thereafter teemed
only accentuated by tbs purling of tbt
river. It was ended by footstepi echoing In tbe cqvered passsgewsy. Calendar craned his thick neck round tbs
shoulder of Stone, reconnoltcrlng tbt
lending snd stairway.
"Thank God!" be ssld under his
breath. "I wm flint, after sill"
A man's deep tones broke out shove.
"This way. Mind tbs stent. They're s
lilt slippery, Miss Dorotby."
"But my father?" carat the girl's
voice, ittuned to doubt.
"Ob, he'll lie along-lf be Isn't waiting now in tbe boat"
They descended; tho msn leading.
At the foot, without l glance to right
or left, he advanced to tbe edge of ths
stage, leaning out over tbe rill as If
einleavnrlng to locate tbe rowboit
"But. Mr. Mulreidy"-
Tlie girl's words were drowned by t
prolonged blast on tbe boatswain's
whistle at ber companion's lips. Tbe
thorter one followed In due course.
"But what aball we do If my father
Isn't here-walt?"
"No; best not to-best to.get on the
Alcihen ss soon ss possible, Miss Cslendsr.  We can tepd tbe best back."
ii 'Once aboard tbe lugger tbe girl It
nine.' eh. Mulrcady, to sty nothing of
the loot!"
If Cajendor's words were Jocular lilt
tone conveyed I different Impression
entirely. Both man and girl wheeled
right about to ftct blm, tbe one with
a strangled ostb, tbe other with a low
"Tbe devil!" exclaimed this Mr. Mulresdy.
"Ob, my fatberl" tbe girl voiced ber
recognition of blm.
"Not precisely one end the same person," commented Cslendsr suavely,
"but- cr- thanks, Just u much. You
see, Mulresdy, when I mike in tp-
polnlment 1 keep IL"
"We'd begun to get i bit inxiout
about yon"- Mulresdy begin defensively.
"Bo 1 surmised from wait Mrt. Hal,
Ism ind Mr. Klrkwood told ms.
Tbe rain found no ready intwer. Hi
fell back i pace to tbe rilling, hit features working witb bit deep chagrin.
The murky Dire of tbt gai lamp overhead fell serosa t fsce bindsomc beyond the ordinary, but mirred by I
sullen humor ind teamed with Indulgence-! fice that seemed biuntlngly
familiar until Klrkwood In i dub of
visual memory reconstructed tbe portrait of i msn wbo lingered over i
dining table witb two empty chain
for company. Tbit, then, wu bt
whom Mn. Hallam bid lift It tht
H.ss-a tail, throng man, very heavy
■bout tbe chest ind shoulders.
"Why, my dear friend," Cilindst
wit lanntlng blm, "you don't teem
overjoyed to see mi for ill your wild
imletyl Ton my word, you ict it If
you hadn't expected me—ind our engagement to clearly understood st
that. Why, you tool"-new Uu
onik of irony wu cut-"dld you
think for s moment I'd let myself be
nibbed by tbit yip from Scotlind
Ysrd?, Wen you banking on that? I
give yon my faith I smbttd out under
bis vary nose I Dorotby, my desr,"
turning Impatiently from Muirtsdy,
"where"! tint bag T
The girl withdrew i punted gut
from Mulrtidy'l far* (It wu apparent
to Klrkwood tbit tbit phut of tat si-
fsir wu no men inlgmitk to aim
Usui to bar) tad dnw tsMi l corner
if bar cloak, disclosing the gladtUwt
sag securely grupsd is ou gloved
got Into tbe four WBMler, saying yon     _.
bad tent blm to take your place and
Would loin us on tbt Alethoa."
"Bool  Bow about It, Mulresdy?"
The mm swung hack slowly. "Wbst
you clmoso to tblnk," bt Hid after t
deliberate psuse.
"Well, oarer mlndl We'll go over
tbe mutter it our leisure on tbs Ale-
There wu In tbt adventurer1! tout
t menace, bitter and not to bs Ignored,
Wblcb Mulreudy saw lit to challenge.
j   "I tblnk not," be declared.  "I tblnk
not.   I'm weary of your tddle paled
suspicions.   It'd be plain to sny one
bqt t fool tbst I acted (or tbt best
Interettt of all concerned In this mat-
| ter   If you're not content to sn It In
' that light I'm 'lone."
"Ob, If you want to put it that was
I'm not content, Mr. Mulresdy," re,
torted Calendar dangerously.
■Tlease yourself. I bid you good
evening ind-goodby." Tbs msn took
l step toward tbe stairs.
Calendar dropped bit right hand Into
hit topcoat pocket, "lust l minute,'*
be said sweetly, and Mulresdy stopped.
Abruptly tbe fat adventurer*! smoldering resentment leaped In dime. "Tbst
•will be about all. Mr. Mulrcady! Tout
fece, you hound, and get Into that
boat! D'you tblnk I'll temporise with ,„
you Mil doomsday? Then forget It.
You're wrong, dead wrong. Your
bluff's called, and" with an evil chuckle-"! bold a full bouse. Mulrcidy-
every chamber taken." He lifted
meaningly the bond In tbe cost pocket
"Now, In with youl"
With s grip snd i twsggsr of purs
bruvudo Mulrcady turned sud obeyed-
Unnoticed of tuy tsve perhapt Calendar himself the boot bid drawu In if
tbe stage s moment earlier. Mulretdy
dropped Into It nud threw himself sullenly upon Ihe mldshjps lliwort.
"Now, Dorothy, lu you go, my dear,"
combined Culeudur, with t self sitb>
fled wag of bis head.
Hslf dated, to all seeming, tbt mot-
id toward the boat   Wilb clumsy ind    /"
assertive gallantry ber father stepped f
before ber, offering bit band-bit hinp    '
wblcb ibe did mu touch, for In Ibe act
of descending  ihe  remembered  ind
twung Impulsively back tu Klrkwood.
"Good night. Mr. Klrkwood Doit
i.lghi    I slian'l forget." .
(To lw continued!
-1 ■        ■ r
•   s
i. ti. it.
Will uny member ul th.' above Internal society communicate with B-
K. lluwe, D.C.H., post office North
"1 bin tt, thanks to Mr. Klrkwood,"
tat said quitUy.
Klrkwood chose that moment to id-
viae, from tbt shadow.   Molrttdy
started tad Died blm with a troubled
and usMsadly stars. Tbt girl greeted
Wm wtth i not* of stacsn pinion la
bar surprise.
"Way, Mr. Klrkwood! But I left yoo
st Mn. BillirasT
Klrkwood bowed, smiling openly al
Uutready'i discommon,
"»y yior'fsther'i grace I rime wilb
tta," at slid. "You ran twiy without
ssyiag satd night, you know, tod I'm
I Jessess creditor."
Mm leagued excitedly., tnrniag to
Messier. 'Bat you win to matt mt
It Mn. Hsiism't?''
"tJaaudj wu good enough to try
k) tart aw th. troubtt, my detr. He's
la uasssssa soul. Mulresdy. Portu-
eateh- It toppened tbit 1 csmt Hong
tat Svi sttBBte. .fur bed carried you
at.  How wu that, Uorotby?"
Hergiiaca wivered unetsily between
lb* ta^tfatfptfy md her father. The
tcrnw,,shrugging to declare bit ladlf-
terence, turned bit back squarely upon
them. Ms* frowned.
"He cane o«t of Mra- Wtiltart »*'.
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Among  tho  pleasant fields  pf Holy
I might despair- -Tennyson;
school i.Ksao.N
first  Pastier. Lesson X: March 5,
IQ,p; 3 Pngf
There is 1 moral grandeur in tht
oloso ol Elijah's career, which oan not
(til ol recognition. The end is uni'iuo
nnil litliiiK. The coming event cast no
shadow, but 1 ray ol glory before,
which even the "sum of the prophoti"
could recognize. The prophet made a
stately promenade from Gilgal to Bethel, from Bethel to Jericho, from -lor-
idlo to the point beyond Jordan,
where be wss to mike connection with
tlie chariot of Are. Perhaps Elijah entertained tome misgiving as to tbe legitimacy to Elisha's successorship. II
so, it arose from the opposite temperament aqd method of the latter. It
is to hard to learn tbst God may
hive other wayt than the one in
which we may have been called t.o
work. But Elithi proves tho might
and preseverance ol his gentleness in
his thrice repeated asseveration, "I
will not leave thee." Tbe question ol
successorship settled, Elijah, who to
tbe worldly viow had nothing but hii
mantle to bequeath, inked bis companion to designate what portion ol
hit estute he would select. Eliiha
again gives evidence that he is "in
tho line" by tbo choice be makes. It
ii that he may have an elder 1 in'«
portion ol tho Spirit which moved I'.h
jah. Not that ho muy rcicm'ulo
his spiritual father in personal appearance, temperament, or deed, but
that tbe same Spirit that operated in
Elijah may work in him also and
twice as powerfully ai in any other
"ion ol tho prophcti," not ai sometimes interpreted twice as much n
I'iijuli had. Tho thing asked wai
"hard," becauio it wai beyond
the prophcl'i jurisdiction. He could
only lay that il, in tho "hour and article" ol his translation, now 10 im
niiiicnt, Elishs could with eye ol seer
penetrate to and behold his entrance
to the spirit world, then ho would be
ol such character as to receive the
•ame Spirit that had illuminated Elijah himself. * ' No itudicd phrase
could havo been 10 appropriate ai
Elisbn'i unpremeditated aicription lo
the aicending prophet. It signified
that be was greater than any chariot
which even heaven itaell could ufiord
him, and, in addition, that be. wai
both chariot and charioteer, the nation's itrongcit delcnco. • • • Immediately, and by an indubitable lo-
kon, be wai recognized and lalutcd as
the successor ol the translated Mo-
Tbo same Spirit may operate
through men ol unlike temperament,
without destroying their individual
dissimilarity. It is the lame ile.nn
that operate! the different machines
in tho factory. That fact, bowour,
doei not make u lathe a law, or vice
verm. Each does iti own work.. So
ol mon. * * ' Tbo young men ol
Bethel failed to apprehend this truth.
They thought Eliiba po propbot because be did not look and act liko
Elijah; bccuuic, in fact, he wore bii
bajr short/. Paul asserts that while
there oro diversities, tbe Spirit may be
the same. ' ' ' Education was ops
ol the silent^ but mighty forces |n the
reformation ol Israel now in progress.
There were several well-attended theological seminaries in existence. • * '
It is well said that Elijah's lust 'Inly
(the dividing of Jordan) was a test ol
bis spiritual strength. Ho was I"
build for himself, by an apt ql laid,
tho path to hi* glorious end, und 10
■impress indelibly upon the hearts ol
his followers that no other wuy than
faith in God's promises leads 10 Ihe
inheritance of light.
t. e.' 1
March 6, 1811: Exodus iii: 1-11
Lessons from Great Lives.- III. Moses.
If Abraham was tbc progenitor ol u
race, Moses was the founder of a
state, When the descenduuti of iho
Patriarch wore fused in the furnace
of nlliiclion, it was the Deliverer who
opened the sluice to let the human
man flow out. lie put the chuunel for
it and directed its course until he ut
length gave it a permanent constitutional shape. All the while he believed himself tbo veriest servant of a
wonder-working providence und bis
meekness bui passed into u proverb.
The North
Have now a good
stock of
at Bottom Prices.
Prompt Delivery.
FiWlanafi*?. Eait
SsaasaaTjB'Beasa^asBBSB'^Ba^a'j aBasssBBBBBiraj*
St. Andrew's Presbyterian church,
6th street: Services ut 11 a.m. und
7.30 p.m. Suuduy school 2.30 p.in.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday at b 0'-
lock. ..     .
Lynn Valley Preibylcrian Church—
Worship, Sundiyi, 11 a.m., Lnioii
Sunday School, 2.30 p.m. It. Vuu
Munsler, M.A., pastor.
Lynn Vulley Meihodis't Church-Service every Sunday evening iu institute II.ill it 7 o'clock. 1 Im Fake-
ley, pastor in charge.
Buplist Church-tor. filb und St.
deorge. Service!, 11.0U a.m. uud 7.311
p.m. Bible school ul 12 noon. Rev.
C. R. Bluuden.
North Lonsdale Presbyterian Church
—Worship, Sundays, 7.30 p.m., Suuduy School, 2.30 p.m. R. Van Uujis-
iter, M.A., pastor.
St. John the Evangelist, bib and
13th streets: Holy communion, b a.m.
morning prayer, II a.m. ; evening pru-
yer, 7.30 p.m. On tlie first Sunday iu
the mouth ill.-,,- will be u second celebration ol the holy communion ut
11 a.m.   Rector, Rev.  lln. I, Hooior.
Methodist Church, corner ol Sixth
street and St. George's Avenue—
Sunday preucbing eerviccs ut 11.00 a.
m. and 7.30 p.m., Sunday School an
Bible Class at 2.30 p.m., Senior league on Monday evening al 8.00 p.m.,
prayer und praise service ou Wednesday evening at 6.00, Junior league
service on Thursday afternoon ut 3.30..
A cordial welcomo is extended to all j
lo attend these services. Pastor, W.
C. Schlicbter, residence, corner keifb
Road and St. Andrew's.
Indian Catholic ■ Inn. I, ol St.
Paul's. Mail, 7.311 a.m. Sunduys. Pal-
tor, Bov. E. Oeytnvin, O.M.I.V.G.
St. Edmund'i Catholic Church, Malum A-.emie. Sundays : Muss 10.iii a.-
m., Sunday School, 3.Ju p.m.; Rosary and benediction, II.'. p.m,
St. Ague. Church, Boulevaid—Vicar,
Rev. T. E. Howe. 7.30 p.ui. tvtniona
every Sunday ; 11 a.m. Holy Communion, 2nd Sunday ol every montb
St. Clement's, Lynn Vulley—Vicar,
Bev. T. E. Bowo. Assistunt Priest,
Bev. H. B. nashim. DA. 7.30 p.m.,
ovensong, ovcry Sunday: 11 *m.
holy communion, l.t Sunday ol overy
St. Thomas, North l.oiis'dule-V'icur,
Bev. T. E. Bowe. 8 u.m., every Sunday except 1st Sunday in month : 8.30
a.m., lit Sunrluy in month; II a.m.
Matin Litany and sermon, 2nd und 1th
Sunday; 11 a.m., Holy Communion
and sermon, 1st and 3id Sunday*.
Wednesday, March 8th, at 8 p.m.
SUBJECT: 'The Inner Twcbing of Christ." -
Do not mill thii Intellectual Treat. Admission: 25c. and 10c.
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Corner Nye - Tel. 87
D. L. $55, West Vancouver.
There are still a few specially fine lots for sale in this sub-division, most of than
65x132 feet, some larger. The most westerly part of the property recently put on the
market includes 16 waterfrunt lots with a waterfrontage of 59 feet and an average
depth of 220 feet. The lots have a pleasant slope to a gravelly beach, aad there art
many fine old trees which udd greatly lo their beauty. We have the verdict of many
who have bought there that nowhere on the whole Pacific Coast is there a more beau
tiful spot than "DUNDAKAVE" und most people who look over the property buy
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Call in and get a price list and make an appointment with us to take you out and
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The prices are from *3H u $825 per lot, and the terms axe easy, one-fifth cash,'
and the balance over two years.   The waterfront lots are $4,500
121 Lonsdale Avenue
• I Burnt
lotus the wants snd the nuttings o.'
SHrrenl local advertising,
Single Insert. Itio per lins i
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buyers, Soiiirdiu Tuvesliiiont Co., suite
7, illII Pender W. H-3
The diitriot counoil have isknow-
lunged with thanks a resolution pasted by the Vancouver city oounoil at a
recent masting at follows i
"llnsolviil, (hat tht Canadian Pacific
Hy. Co. bt urged to pVoosad with th
proposal work ol construction of l
subway under their trucks oonnsotlng
Cqlurabii Ave, with the North Yin-
oouver lerry wharl."
WANTEP-Tenders lor tho |i,rolinie
ol lot 61, block \ I). I,.' MU. Douhl,
cniiier ul I'.hli street A Hi. Andrew's.
H<>t li eush and easy payments. .1.
Kirklnnd, Lynn Volley. J!
WANTED—Listings Irom owners ol
North Vancouver properties. II you
bave a bargain mid want lo sell, list
witb us.  We have the buyers,
l'lEKl'E 4 H»|.I„ f
7-3 Next to 1'alaee  Hotel.
.^— ' r~    ~~
FOR HKNT-l'iiriiished lionsekeeping
rooms, 318 '2nd street east. 11 3
TO LEASE—Sevan rooms, (urnislicil
April 1st, 133 6th street, Norlh Vuneouver, plume 3-1.1. 7-3
TO LET—Punished room without
board iu private Inline. Hood iiK.it ion
and close to car line. X. Y'. /., Express Dllirc. if
I'OH BALE -Manure. Apply lo V
V. Transfer und Livery Co., Lonsdal.
Avenue. JM
EOlt BALE—Cow rniiuiire lor the
garden. Hue dollar per load. Colin
F. Jackson, Fifteenth street, telephone
MS. '    3-4
liili ' SALE -A second luinil vegetable Wagon, good for farm und grocery uud nil kinds ol business. Apply
New York Cats, Esplanade Welt, N.
Vuneouver. 3-3
EOlt SALE- Denuine sale ol high-
gruile Wade ,\ Butcher iloiibl. concave
razori, (1.3.1 at the lied I'liinvun, also caravan fur sale for $150. Make
Bplendiil refreshment stund. Esplanade
West. 3-3
FOR .SAI.E-lluuble corner lots 111-
30, block 3, II. L. 853, corner Ellhand
(iladitone, lacing loulh, $1800. Call)
16110, balance, li, 13 uml 18 moutlii.
Apply L, Wilke, Hotel North Vancouver, between li and 10 p.m'. 10-3
out interests of eastern client, I will
sell S. W. double corner Sutherland
anil Eighth. North Vancouver (II and
13; 103, 580) 'J I feel by 164; block
from car , cleared. Eight hundrud eush
balance li, 13, 18 niouthi, 7 per cent.
While nut binding myiell to accept
uny lender thai looks reasonable to
me. Make oiler. ('. F. Campbell, barrister, 111 Seymour it reel, Vancouver.
i 8-:
J. Leuttt and North Loasdale
Elder Murray Co. firs insurance.
We will buy or exchange your stovei,
rangu and household gupdi lor .pot
cub. Turner's, 70 Lomdils Avinui.
I'hon. 184.    J 'J. Box 313.
Room. 10 and 11, Fender Chambtrt,
633 Fonder Street W.        i'bone 3411
Reeidence,  cor.  Lonsdale  Avt   end
33ud street, North Vancouvtr.
art now ready to All ill ordira
for coal. . . , . , They will
carry i full lint of building supplies. Get the best. Theyhiviit.
A trial order will convince yos of
that. Oct your coil before tht
rainy season set* in. Head-
< quarters on corner of Btplanad*
ind St. Osorge, North Vsncouvsr.
Phone m Terms Cash
L Applications will be received by tint,
TJtyMJu signed up till { p.m. on Monday,
JJWi of Hindi for the portion of Auditor of (lie Cily'of North Vancouver,
City Clerk,      10-3
It is proposed to make a miniature
art gallery on the new ferry No. 3,
and Director Larson has been delegut
od Ironi the board ol ferry directors
lo have two fins oil paintings In prominent places on each end of ths boat.
Thoy will be representative ol someol
the beauty spots of ths North Shore
and ths lour paintings will lie taken
Irom ths different sections ol the district,
Hall-Paoke-r-N. Montgomery, R, B,
Beylis, S, Humphreys,
Porwsrds-H- L..MoPhersqn, p. J.
H, Cardinal), R, Wm|ng|on, Have
Ctmaron, P, N. Baylis.
The aervices in St. Andrew's church
ou Sunday will be taken by Rev. II,
It. Grant of Fernie, II. C. Tbe communion services will be held in the
morning and the preparatory services
ibis evening. Tbs letter will be conducted by Rev. J. 0. Ibid ol New
In the police court thii morning
Joseph Nioholich, a lormer rusnleiit of
thii city, wss charged with having ob-
luiuul money under false pretend to
wit I In. t eerluiii moneys on uccount
of u lease contract Irom .lolni Sic-
Ewnn when be had previously lobl hii
inii-i•-.-.!-h iu the premise! which are
■ iiii,.i.,I on 3rd it rest near Cher
lertield Avenue. Ha pleaded "guilty
uud not guilty." Nioholich, who has
boon nbionl from Ihe city lor mine
lime wui located in liellinghuin not
long ago and Chief Haviea went over
yeeterduy morning and brought the
priioiier buck on Ih. afternoon Iruin.
In Hcllinghutn tbe accused wui conducting u grocery ilora ami when arrested had only two bouri to muke
preparations to leave which bo did
without the slightest bit ol trouble.
The case wui remanded to Monday on
Ihe joint abdication ol prosecution
uud defence.
Tomorrow alternoon al 3.1.1 o'clock
in the Boulevard Park, North Vancouver, tlie Aral ol the two final tits
beUe.ii Vancouver end North Vancouver will be played. North Vancouver have tied Vancouver in the II.
championship league end alio in u ipe-
eiul series for the Dick cup. Tomorrow will decide once and lor all who
i. to have permanent poiscssion of the
latter trophy. Owing to the abulia
of Aid. W. J. Dick, ths donor of ths
cup. Councillor E. II. Jlridguinn, tbe
president ol th. hockey league, will
make the presentation to the winner,
directly .Iter ths nmt. h Handmuler
Chaiice has intimated that he intendi
having the city band out .hould Ihe
weather lie at all propitious end they
will render selection! More thi mulch
und at hail lime. A collection will lu
made to defray expenses snd in view
ol tin lact that admission Co the
ground is (ree snd also that the club
are supplying light refreshmenti lor
ludiei, it ii hoped lor a gonorous
response from the specteton, Til. club
hopee that everybody able to do ■■
will ai ien.1 on Saturday and luppoii
lli. home team a. tbe effect ol s little encouragement from th. .id. lines
wa. very noticeable in tho last match.
Th. t.am will lins out u follow! :
Goal—II.  Mariden.
BsaW-G,   Green-Armytegs,   0.   N.
Mr. Balfour Kur addressed the cily
council. Monday evening in connect ion
with the Land Registry Act which is
now before th* local honse, It provide* il It' goet into lore*, that land
can not be subdivided into blocks .under 6 torsi until * certificate of ^ops-
feasible title lias been obtained Irom
the registrar. Mr. Ker submitted tho
following petitioo, stiting that it was
not purposed to object to the Vat Icing pissed but to ash ths government
to delay enloroing it until they were
in i position to give out tbs certificates ol title. In case this was not
provided for it was certiio (hit there |
would be a great hardship on account
ol dslays through a surplus of work
becoming piled up at the registry office upon holders under agreements oi
sule. The petition read :
To the Honorable the Speaker and
Members of the Legislative Assembly ol B. P,:
This petition humbly sheweth that
whereas the Land Begistry Act now
More Parliament il made law would
prohibit subdivisions ol acreage Mow
five-acre blocks unless title to such
land be registered in Begistor ol Indefensible fees anil whereas much
acreage is owned and held under ordinary certificates ol absoluts fee with
the seal ol the province thereon, and
whereas such certificate has hitherto
been recognised as carrying the r.'gl
by law and usage to subdivide; air
whereas   the  act  of   parliament   above
referred to would if made law cancel,
such right to subdivide below 'five
acres mid would thereby materially
depreciate the value ol acreage property owned by the population of
North Vancuuver cily and neigbhot-
lio.nl; und whereas much acreage has
been bought on lima terms with a
view lo aubdiviaion under law and ui-
uge hitherto existing und whereas il
the right to immediate or eurly subdivision be taken away much unbar-
assmeiil and even distress und Ion
will be thereby caused to the population ol iIii.-. city und -neighborhood
and wherem il has proved impossible
to gel indefeasible title without great
delay ;
Therefore your petitioner! pray thul
operation! of the uforementioiiod Act
may bo deluyed lor a lufiicient time
alter passage thereof to admit ol in.
defeasible certificate being procured for
titlee lodged iu regiitry office immediately after aforementioned act mr.y
or shall have been paued."
The city's signature* were authorized
on motion ol Aid. Smith and Header
son. Aid. Kittson voted nay because
he had not had time to consider (lie
purport ol petition.
The wage bills were passed alter
which the meeting adjourned till the
following evening.
Speoislly interesting tsrvlst it North
Lonsdale Prssbytsrisn phiirsb (in Sunday evening. Mr. B- Van Mwnsttr will
prunel), touching on S subject ul vital
Importance t,q the city it tht press1
"  "       ..   ■ M.  II.'
Free delivery In all parts of
Lynn VslUy si city prices
No order too small to fill
*™ Frederick Road
Apple .'lions will be received by the
undersigned up till 6 p.m. on Monday,
I3ib March, 1911, for the poiition ol
Building, Plumbing and Sanitary Inspector ol the Cily ol North Vancouver to perform duties defined in By-
l.nwi of the City and Provincial
Health Act and Sanitary Rcgulalioni.
Salary |100 per month.
Hi 3 Cily Clerk.
Dwelling Houses for Sale
Six Rooms and Ilasemenl with Furnace and ull modern conveniences
—near Grand Houluvard, new, 60
foot.  Lot—Cheap and good tsrms.
Six Dooms and corner lot in west end
Price only I320U—oai) lerms.
Five id,.mi Bungalow wilh large concrete Im ''.'ucl.i   and  Piirnace— near
Lonsdale     Avenue.     Price—xMiOO.
Cash 9800, in.,i,ilineal.... ossy.
Special eucoiirugemeiit   for   builders
ou i In i e excellent residence lots.
i, Cameron & Co.
l-'i..j.i.-'ir.l sud I............,. A..... t...
Specials for
This Week at
Grocery •
Tsi, Bruid'i Ceylon
Coffee,   routed   or
„ 26o lb.
ground | to
..26c lb.
. 17,0 lb.
Cheese, Canada Cream
Corn, Bean, and Cream per can    10c
Toinutoei and I'cai, large lire
Cans    '.  12,c
Gloss or Corn Starch, 1 lb. pek, ...6c
Heinti Pork and Beans, per can ...13Jo
Pineapple iu large tin    16c
Imported   and   local   Jams,
.lollies, per jar ..
■'      1   . 1
TAKE NOTICE tbit Ihe Countil of ihe Corporation of Ihe City of North
Vancouver intend! to comtrucl ths following work, ol Local Improvement
under sub-section (32) Section 266 ol tbe Municipal ( lenses Act, and intendi
to assess the final cost thereof upon the real property fronting or abutting
thereon, sod to be benofitled thereby, end thel i itulemenl Showing the
lend, liable to pay Ibe laid awessment ond tbe names of (he owners I hereof, io for at can be aicertuiurd from tbe last revised Assessment
now on file ih the office ol th. Clerk of
•poclion during office hours.
Roll   is
io Municipality and ii open for in-
Mehon Avenue Irom Burrerd Inlet to
3rd .treat  ttorm driinige newer
Chesterfield Ave. from   Burrard Inlet
W 3rd street ttorm drsinigt sswor
St. George*. Avt, Iron Burrerd Inlet
to 3rd street storm drainage sewer
Andrew's Avs. Irom Burrard Inlet
to »rd strati „.    ,Cl)tm driljntg, MWW
PetxioVt eve, (ros) Burr.nj Inlet
to 3rd it-rut „,,, jitorm drajesg. sewer
North Vancouver, B.C.,
Mar* taa, WI,
City Cfsrk 14-3
B. k C. Boiled Oats, a sack 26c
Royal   Standard   Flour,   49-lb.
Sack  11,76
Eggs (every egg guaranteed)
ptr dozen  36c
Butter,   Star'
Bos     ...
Creamery,   14-lb.
Maple Syrup in 6-lb. Tins  80s
Lilly While Syrup, 10-lb. tin  ,66c
Raisins, choice seeded, 3 peks 26c
Sugar, B. C. best, per sick 11.00
Apples, cooking, per bos  11.20
Bsnans* per dot ..........96c
Oranges, tweet Niveli 10 for 10c
Eigi, Sal. Ntw dried 4 Ibt 26c
Honey in comb  2flc
Crsam Soda Biscuits per lb  10c
Gold Leo! Lard 10-lb. pail  11.60
Prssb syiry day-
Milk,   Cream,   Buttermilk,    Bread,
like., Pie*.
Vegetable, as lettuce, csulUowsr,
cabbage, carrot, turnip at lowest
.laniard price..
.Ring up Tel. 126 tad we will quote
price* on Swift'* Hams ind Bison etc,
Coupon, given fret oa every 12.(0
order  ti get . chine on r*sidentisl
'   1
We are in a position to
look after your requirements in this line, We sell
Stumping Powder,
Fuse and Caps, We can
quote you at a minutes
notice prices by the pound,
box or car; f.o.b. this city.
«. «
paine & McMillan
Ths Hardware Sp.cialiiti. Phon. II
I* Good
i lbs. for $1.
j. a. & m. McMillan
• |mt i'   .'   .    i . .ii11 .ni tap
Rolled Osts Whole Wheat Flour , Rice F|our
Oatmeal Buckwheat Flour        Petri Barley
Cracked Wheat Graham Flour Split Peas
Rolled Wheat Rye Hour Canadian Wheal Flakes'
Ask your Grocer lor ft. & H. Brand. Ths Slmdard of Quality
Wholesale frorq
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co,, Ltd.
L.ONSIJAL.E AVENUE,        At Perry Landing.
'   I
» I
E have MONEY to invest for
English clients in close in pro-
—-s= Pert'es  in  North Vancouver,
1i We shall certainly do business with
anyone  whose offers  are  reasonable.
The Merchants Trust & Trading Co.
PAID UP CAPITA). 1100.000.00 K. WiOMPSON TINN, Uu.|., Dk-lm
 *r BRANCH OPflCEi M OU SrisSSl., Uasw, SVusei*.
Raiis:   $1.00 per  and  up.   Specjal rates to ftmiliet
snd   to regular   botrdert.   .   .   .   ,	
finest Roof Garden on Pacific Coatt
Sfc.Nr, Sinner.   ....  WURTH  VANCpyy^R. jj. ft
W* operate ihe ofljy p*4,
ded furniture  sod ptSW
, moving van in the city. . .
N. V. C-rUne C«t


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