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 Volume U
North Vahpquvbjj, B.C., Fbioay, May 12, 1911
Nmnlw 19
Mr. Wm. McNeill Confirm* Report of Final Adjustment;
Bridge Company To Own
Hr. William McNeill, parliamentary
representative ol the V. W. k Y.
Ruilwuy Compuny, urrived in Vancuuver this' - funlin. Irom Ottawa. Interviewee |iy an Express representative with reference tu Ihe reported settlement oi Si .'und Narrows Bridge
matters, Ur. McNeill confirmed in th
main the details already publiebu.1,
namely, the subsidy In be awarded llie
V. W. it Y. Builwuy Company und tu
be conveyed by Iheni tu Ihe muuicipul
. unipi.m fur the pin p...-.- ul ci nstruci-
ing the bridge ; the bridge to i.e built
upon the location regialerod by tbe V.
W. li Y. Bailwuy Company by tl.
municipulilies represented in   Burrard
Inlet Tuiuiel and Bridge Company ; tlie
'.,iuu ■ line lines ul ruilwuy tu In- limit
by lho V. W. k V. Bailwuy I'uuipuiiy.
With reference tu tlie approach:, to
the bridge Mr. McNeill contradicted
the statement thut these were to be
built und controlled by lho V. IV. k
V. Bailwuy Company insleud of Ihe
liriili'.' ('oiiipuny. Thu uppmiichcs uru
tu be '" I and cuntrullcd by the
I'uinpiim building.the bridge und tbi
V. W. k Y. Ruilwuy Compuny to receive almres in Ihe bridge cuinpuny lu
the a in a i ii n t nf thu coal ul id n,I nn I
ing the nppi......1..■.. Mr. MucNuill further stated that construction woulr
begin on thu bridge structure ul tin
curly duto.
Council Takes Action
Mayor and Aldermen Forward Rem-
luliuii I'i,,t, i n \ ,, ia i Decisiuii
ul I'ruviiiciul liiivcrnminl and Do-
niuiiding fily's  Rights.
Al lusl uigiil's uilja.iii iia-.l in.vim j ol
Ihe city cuuncil a reaulnli. n lube lur-
wurded lu llie pruvinciul government
wus pueaud pruli'Sting aguinal the re-
ueiit tlccieion ul (he government with
' tijuiil lu Ihe Rice Luko I. nl,. Tbs
^ ..I.nnni is couched in ium i,ui cour
i.-oiis lunguage thai inokea ils pur-
|n,su uninistakable. It was ibe opin-
ion   ul suuie ul Ihe ulderiuen thul   a
little  ,.ii..II;...   .In 111.||   v.,mill     nut    lw
umies. Al.l. hiti. uu Iwing strongly iu
l.n..I  ul .' p'oii-liiniiii  or   the
.'pin ilei.t.
After discussiun uriaing frum tlie in
' a alp. Il lit loll     all     Sulne   . ,1     till'     SUggOSt -
ions brought up by lite Cuuncil ill llie
11 '..Im lam the in.ii nm wus made und
curried  unuiiiniuualy.
The resol.iliuii rend as lolluvs :
"Where.,, the decision uf iIn* executive cuuncil ul Ihe I'ruviuce uf Dri
n.-li Columbia in reference lu (ho
claim nl Ihe cily ul Nurlh Vmicfjuvor
un certain lands Imniering un Mice
Luke, I.. nil, 1). I. •auii. 857, i li Kt
ile- provision, ul Ilic Norlh Vi.n-i.ii
ver Cily Incorporation Act, i'.ssl, is
iuunduil un Iwo ... diinpii,.ii.. ul lucl :
i,,i Thai prior to the passing ol Ihr
sufil An die guieruiiieul hud agreed
ihul ll>c suid lands shuiild be conveyed lu the Kriiish Columbia Kleetric
Ity. Cu. Mil. iu o.n'idrr.iti'u ol ihul
compuny Construi-ling its line of rail
i".id lu ur in llie I'liui.aliiite neigh
lniiliii.,.1 i,l ihe said lands, ami
(b) It is later lound ihul Ibe 'said
laud's welt' a nleoBMty in cuiiui'i-liuii
willi Iho wuler syateni ul Ihe cily ol
Nurlh Vuncuiiver, neither ul whicli
iissiiiupliuiia are correct. And whereas
it wua lound prior lo Ibe p.. .ma- ol
Iho snid ucl thai Ihe suid lands were
a iiecesaity in connection with ibe water system ul lhal dialrirl, then a por
lion nl die municipality which is now
die cily of Norlh Vancouver ,-
And whereas <hu .aid lands wore re:
served lur the said cily ol Nurlh V'un
cooler olid Ihe said act was pnsscd
und ls--.-i.lne law More any n| plicu-
> lion win made lur the said district
lots by Ihe said II. C. I'i. H. Lid. .
And whereas llie terma fixed liy llie
said dcciaiuii under wbicb the city may
procure the cuiivcyunco lu tbem ol Ibe
said iiiii'i.i ure in the opinion ol this
council ... -nli. >i jusl or vpiitublc on Iho
two facts i.i the cuse.
Therefore, lie it resulvud (hat Ihe
council iA Ihe City of North Vancuuver do herrj-jiy reepoclfully re.|Ucel the
executive Council ol the province of
Hrilisb Columbia lu reconsider their
decision in this matter and tu gimlu
the eity of So.ili Vancuuver thai ic
. dress to wbiiih the eaid city is onl'll-
sd on Ihe true facts of tha case and
give elect to tfae Act of I'arliamcnl ol
the incorporation ol ibe City ol No' in
Vancouver in respect to all the rights
and privileges conneeled with .'l'<o
Lake lands for which tbc city has,.I-
ready tendered the government llie un-
ginal purchase price as scbadulsd in
In agreement bptwoen the governnent
and tbe district municipality dated
February, 1907."
 1—-—| .
. ..I
Tbe boy preach;r McAlllaler will (|)
V.) speak again .Sunday night, Ha,
Min, at 7.30 O'diyck in ibe Oein i!ka-
In. Tht matt an, Int. Subject,  Da
vid and lioliuth, I. Sum., 17. lkncsl
skeptics ure uguin invited to see how
lieuiili'ully David the shepherd Ind,
iu conquering Ihe enemy ul Pi d a
|ii-"pl.-. is u type ul Ciui-it, ll'e uul
Deliverer whu by ilia death Co. p.i ei
him who hud the pi.w.-r ,,f deulh a'd
nuw us u reaiill men neid nol i nut
into iiidginont. Why .lo men cunt in-
ue to aleep in the presence ul elornity
when the book ihut proved itself tube
oi I loll mukes pluin Ihe ileum cf il-e
cureless negleclurs and I' loko-i-
ura as well as Ihe eloroil h.ippincss
ul him who grusps thu nller ulini.e. I
Tho speaker will uspeeuilly .—..-• I -
lo niiike pi.-0, thut ihero is salvolioii
lor ull.   Come.
On Sulurduy, die I3lh insl. ul the
home ol A. L. (ieininls, corner
llllli uml Ridgvway, there will lie a reunion ol the children of Mr. mil Mi
diiseph Ogle, cunsisliug ol i»o sues
and sin daughters lu CeMirnlo.
parents' gulden wodd'ng, Fifiy years
ugu un the -".nli .,( April, Mr. und
Mrs. Ogle were married in llie I'uiish
tiiurch nl ICcclcsfield, i'oikaliire, I m-
land. Forty-five yenra ago ou l|io
same .l.t    Ihcy  land..I  nu    American
soil  In mail. <   three .'Inldi.'n   villi 11 llll.
ITheir eldest sun, V.. W. 'Ig'ii, iskuuWii
III llie earliest settlers of Yuni'unvci
"us one ul the pioneer goat's clothing
uud furnishing merchants licing healed nn llie curlier ol i'uwell anil C.iii'nil*
streets at die lime ui die giem lire of
18811. •
I   Mr. un.I Mrs. Ogle spent  -i   uuin' tr
ul years   in the Sim .-..,   Int In   l.-'.M
.joined ibeir sun as ulio.e und dnUgh-
,len, Mrs. A. L. Clenicnl and Mis. W,
ill.  I.yue nl   Nuw  Wrslininul;r.       sir.
I Ogle wui cugugud in niribuiu|ise   '< r
|n  ,, oul.■ a   i,i years al  Sunlit,    tei.r
(iiilliwack, finally m.-il.iii..  ilis.r home
it."-,  years ugu wilh Ibeir   daugbi i,
Mrs. A. L. Clements.     Of i In i: large
family of eiglit children   .'o.irgo Y>, C.
I'll, sliii inn agenl ul I'm I ILumiiuiid
und Mrs. A.  L. Clements,  Mrs.  Vi   11.
l.yne,   d.   II. Suurt ami M   W. ' to-
menls ure residents ill it. (',     li. M.
lives al Toronto uud Mrs.  Mil'I'lum
and Mrs. Schlil/ live   n ill.' Sli.lii.
This reiiiiioii is the lirst ni'-eliij ul
the entire family since 18867 All al'
murriud uud there ims iml :ecn n
break in fhe family for forty w'ais.
Mr. and Mrs. Ogle ure si ill eheetiul
und active and i-njoy lo llie lull lb"
ealeem and love ol (heir 8 cfaildruu, 23
grandchildren and 3 greatgrandchildren,  It ia 60 yean since Mr    Ogle
liceiillle    U    uieinlii'i-    of  tbo    Melllo'lisl
liiiiuii uf which' he is still un
active member. He is an Oddlcilow ul
61 years' si ending and h n been a life
long total abstainer mul hia help meet
has always slood with him in bis
eliurrh and social relations.
—1 '
All nii/.-ns who arc interested in
the success of the Second Annual
Horse Show al North Vancouver, are
Cordially invited lu ntleiid a general
meeting of the society to lie hold in
the Horticultural hall, on Wednesday
evening next at eight o'clock.
Arruugomtints lur the show are progressing in a most encouraging man
ner and every indication | oinls to a
show which will lie a grout credit lo
Nurlh Vancouver upd which will scire
success in every way. There Is ample
opportunity for assistance upon lire
part of any who may be disposed to
liki bold and help Ibe show along.
New Lett Block on First Street East
•Dn.-m>wil!miu(-lv,i\tv. " -5=:.
The ibove cut represents Ihe iriinl
elevutinn uf lho ntw buiiness block in
course uf crecliiin lur Messrs. C. A.
Loll k Sun, un their properly, First
street oust, ihe building will be ul
cement, cimcrcte und steel, three librae! high and basement, wilh ground
Boor pluit AU x 121) feel.
TilC       I l.l. a I        Will        a a.III a-II        Ul.
warehuiises ur garages, premises ui
caretaker, furnace und heliling mom,
and Iwu cellars lur Hie stoles above.
Tiiu gI..und Hour will be divided in
lu Iwo stores, ouch measuring 21 x ti"
loci, lillul wilh every mndcra oonyelii
once, und ulso two suites ol living 11
aartmentl ul four ruuniB each.
Tlie .'""iiil and   third   sluries   wi
contain eight suites in ull, uf   frum
due.' lu five rooms each, each   suilt
lu   lie   fitted   wilii   two   disuppeuriiig
beds of llie lutes! design.
The building will be healed through
uul by liul water wilh a radiator m
ouch apartment, uiil in thi corridors
A freight elcvulor mid a dumb wuilei
will likewise be installed. The lotal
cusl is animated al approximately
New East End School
Competitive Designs
The largo number ul aixtecn cumpc
lilive deaigns lor Ilic prupuaed new
school die eslimated cost of whicli
will lw in the neighborhood ul Oa.
ii't'i and which will lw erected in iilo.-l.
100, ILL. 880, were cunsidcrcd al (h
meeting ul thu sehuul bosrd held in
Ihe Chesterfield school on Wednesday
ovening.   Owin/ lo the large number
f plans decisiuii nf acceptiiuee
was nol i'.' "I up,.11 (ban, liul wus
reserved for a lew days.
School reports fur die month,, uf
April showed the average al tendance
per day lur Ihe munlli ul April lu Ie
I'.ni pupils.
in the mill lei uf die necessity fur an
assist mil for Mr. Keller lo help to
lake cure ui Ihe increased attendance
ut Ihe high sehuul Mr. Keller W,ii print and urged thu necceiity uf run
ing another leather, lie pointed mil
Ihul a class,4 filly pupils was   not
ally so 'difficult lo leach us two ur
lluee classes uf five each as in Ilic latter install"' su many mure subjects
Would lw embraced thul ,, proportionate nmuiiiil uf limo wuuld bu reputed. Mr. Im Hui- referred to Ihe ra| i
ly increasing attendance oa a Had
ing iudiciiliuii ol Ihe growth ul the
city. Ile said (but did Ilic buurd
decide uu the wl\ inability nl ibe nd-
diliiiiial help lie Cuuld highly recommend a ludy teacher, nuw lho principal 0' a young ladies cullegc in u nui-
giiiiuring municipality us thu must
siiiluble assistant pmcurublc, tho sal-
y ii'.piii..l would lw 112" a month.
Consideration ul an early date wss
protniaod in this matter by I he board.
tlio million nui) to have a hole put in
hie new bungalow, due tp tbe cureless
blasting oi a gang ol men engaged in
clearing lho road allowance.
At tho last meeting ol iho Ladies'
Aid ul the Methodist diurch it wai
decided lo inaugurate a scries ol
house si.i-inlii one evening 11 week. A
charge uf leu amis for refreshments.
Funds frum thia will go towards the
church work. Notice ol tbc lirst soci-
ul will uppenr luter.
i'.mn. Allan is utile lo bo out again
looking niter the interests ol Ward
4 ullcr a fow days' illness whicli confined him tu hie huuso. Very little
w,,rk was doiie in the Valloy lusl week
by the road gangs, the ruiu kept
tliem ull al homo, (loud chunco lor
Ihe bachelors lu culch up with their
North Vancouver vs.
Ferry Directors Meet
I'ltdcr Ihe head ol comoiunici Huns
a petition from the mutes employed on
tbo lorry steamers calling ale .li .11 to
thc schedule of wages paid the o'ficiri
and men uf the Noel. Captains get
1130 per munlli, mates 188 and deck
hands $70, ropiesling Ihul their puy
lie raieed. Alter sumc discussion it
was decided by motion of Di reel 01
Larson Ihul the mates' pay be railed
to W5 a month.
Mr. <;. (i. Palmer „l Vancouver in
a letter to tho Hound denounced the
ticket culled or 6n the Vancouver ride
as having "grossly insulted" him
hi Ibe presence of the public and
ladies on Saturday evening last, (rouble arising from I discussion re opening lho gate to allow th* passengers
lu go down to the boat. It was decided to bring Ibe tick* collector before Ihe Hoard il possible, witb wit-
nessw to disprove this.    Tbs waiter
will   >',,i,a.-   up again   ai   next  I Inn.
day's meeting.
thi) wns voted a donation lo the
hone shuw, which is flic eniiie ua ihul
given iu previous yours.
Manager Hoard was instructed lu
huve thc rupiired number ul piles ]
driven under llie Vancouver whurl lie-
lure llie now' tup was pill uu the
wharf. Tho work wus directed tu be
dune ul night.
On recoininiinliil 11,11 of Muiiugei
Hi aid il was decided to coal ihe licet
on this side uf night as mure cun
An upplicutiun lur cafe rights un tin
ferries was filed us die consideration
was mil ii.i.ii, lu sufficient.
Sumc slight ulleraliuus will take
place shurlly lu Ihe slocring gear of
No. 3.
sU. -' -^fc^.-
Lacrosse   Mutch   Tumurruw.    N.   V.
Cily   llund.  Splendid l'rugruin
Nurlh Vancouver will have right-of-
way in the realm ui ulhlutic spuria ol
Vuncuiiver tomorrow when Ihe Norlli
Vuneouver professional lacrosse 1 .-aim
will eiiler die arena against Iho Now
Westminster team, holder, ol the Min-
lu Cup and champions of lho world,
Klahoraic arrangements have iwou
made lu give die greatest pussi'jlo
prominence to the occasion and lu
procure die greutest aniuiint ul publicity fur il uud through il.
Norlh Vancouver City Bund, f„iiy
pieces strung, under the leadership ol
Bnndmiistur Robert Chance 'ill parade lho streets ol Vancouver und «ill
play during the mutch. Those whu
ure tu lake purl in the pruccssinn will
assemble ut the ('ily Hull, Vancouver,
ut one o'clock preparatory lu a
Iriuiilpliiil procession ulong Ihe main
slreels lu thc grounds.
Lynn Valley Notes
(Express Speeiul Crrcspuiidoiili,
Mrs. Henry Brown, l.uiigley, wui
011 u short visit to her muOier-in-liiw.
Mr. and Mrs. I'ciillmid nl Ml. Fleas-
"iu visilud friends in Lynn Valley
this week.
Two new Iii.a a. un Kiimor Road
1.pp..-.I.- Mr. Browni have been slarl
Mr. l'romeruy und family are arid
ud in their lent bouse un ibe Par line
near Ruis II.....I .
Mr. Fierce, Nurlh Vancouvor, Is now
residing 011 Fromme Koad iu his new
Inline, Lynn Vullo).
Mr. Fork ul Nurlh Viiucuiivur has
muvud lu the Valley inlo his new
house im Kilmer Ruud.
Mr. Ili-iil, die ex road nip ri»ieuil"iit,
bus ijuile regain"! his h.-ulil. t-lbr 0
.hurl illness.
Mr. (J. W. Siigdeii has been cunfined
to his lion..' lur ..'-..-niI duys with a
bud attack ol gripjw.
Mr. Mitchell has slarled the iounda
liun of his now house on Campbell
Avenue, assialcd by Mr. Uro. Smith.
Fi>eird« ol Miss 'iludys un
pleased to know that she lias recover
od Irom her slight attack 4 lickncis.
Last week nne of Mrs. Sugdrn's
gocso hud a aail down the llunic ... Im
as Boss Rood where it mniiugod tu
scramble uut and walk hums.
Mr. I/cwis and Mr. McCluro loll laat
week on a prospecting trip up north.
Ihoy oxjwcl lo be away for sums
Mr. Diiniij. Lynn Valley, bus bought
Mr. Sugdcn's faithful horse, Culnnel,
who helped carry Hie mail in tbe
early days.
A number of friends iu ihe Vulloy o|
the Inle Ur. Robson attended Up memorial service held in Ml- Feasant Motbodist churoh on Tuesday afternoon.
Mr. Freeman, Frederic* Mood,   bad
Ihe Exprcas mile, wilh plcasuro the
fuel thnt Mr. and Mra. doacph Ogio ol
Twellth alnsj/t are celebrating Ibeir
gulden wedding tomorrow. Wc extend
lo Mr. and Mrs. Ogle our heartiest
"■11 ...i'.l .ii." ■ upon .1" allalomcnt
uf lifly yours 4 married life aud sincerely hupe ihut there may jot nui n.
fur I hem 11 "a ny years 4 happieosi
aud usefulness.
Muyur Taylor ul Vuncuiiver and Mayor MciNeisli ul Nurlh Vuneouver vill
occupy places in thc pruccssinn which
will inukc u short stop ut Ibe ollleu
ol eacli uf the daily newspapers where
V V. City Bund will render nice,
lions. The procession will Ih.n dike
ils wuy vi,, Granville Ureal lu Reciou-
111.11 I'oi'k. making . lew Hups :.t pin-
inineiil puiiils along the route. Al
Ihrw o'clock Mayor Taylor all Mayor McNeish will iiiiei the Iwo leumi
on Ibe campus and a'lcr prcliiuinuioa
IiiHij been disposed ui Muyur MeNeish
I face ull die bull in lho most up.
proved style, thus securing lur f.'oilh
Vancouver the honor ul inuugumtng
the lacrosse seusun lur 1211.
Tlie entire program will lw cinicd
uul rain ur ahiiui und ihero should be
a big representation ul Nurlh \nn-
c.iuver 'i'i.-ii- iu grand -land and
bleachers ready ul all limes lu make
die welkin ring with encouraging dc-
niuiisl rut ions iu luvor ul Iho Irnm
wbich bears Ihe punt and wears lho
colors ol Norlh VonOuUVer. The occa
sion , a rare oppurtunily ul Ihe
lu 1 kind l„ b"" 1  Nurlh Vanculver.
Building Permits
Tlio building permits issued within thc past week by Mr. Fugler have
not been many, chiefly owing to tho
unkindnosi ol the clrmrnll. Nest week
p« mi is however will be swelled by
those whiot-JJic rain prevented Irom
being 6fnd lbi\   '
I'crmils issucal are ae lollowl. J.
Iladgar, dwelling on 8th street, 1140;
Hoyal Bank ol Canada, alterations
cor. 2nd and Lonsdale, E. I)|-<
sun, 19th and Williams Ave., dwelllag
1600. i'ormite fur four camps on Itfrd
street of IIOO'a|iie6e have been fibd.
Mr. .1. Campliell, stables, IliO, Mich'
del, 1*51 li slreot snd Bewick Avwue,
Hurry Diskiu of the Million found *
lisliing Iwat adrift near Second Nor
r/uwi qp Tuesday. The o*H« puy
procure Ibe same by applying firit
door west ol ihe cbuicf, al tbe V*
Local News Items
Mrs. P. S. Thonius, 796 Lonidale
Avenue, will not receive Tuesday May
liiih, nor again until lurther .ulice,
Mr. William Morden, who has been
in California lor somo months, returned to North Vancouver recently for a
Mrs. (J, Wick ol Nelson, B. C, is
spending a lew days as tbe gueet ol
Mr. and Mrs. licrr Burgeii on tbe IV
pilaiiu Road.
Consigiiniails ol steel water innini
havo arrived in the city. In ail
$30,0(10 worth' ol these pipes have Iioin
Undor tho direction ol tbe city engineer tests ol portions ol ine' riiy'a
seworugo system take place alenei
every day, and so lar have ben Most
A poiition Irom 16 school boys was
1eeei1.1l asking thai lho windows on
(he south side ol tho Chesterfield
school be protected Irom Ibe danger
of hrcukago Irom Dying lacrosse aud
buso balls. This was referred to tfae
buildiug cuiiimillec.
A public meeling ol residents ol tbc
city and district will be hold in the
City Hall on Wudnceday, tbo 17th insl.
ul 8 p.m. for die uppiiiulmcut .,1 cm
mil lees lu mako arrangemrote lor Dominion and 1.11.million Day celebrations.
Tlio Salvation Army, Nurlh Vancuu-
er, Sunday, Muy 1 Ith, in lho Larson
Puvilinn, Major Morris, assisted by Ibe
Vancouver No. 1 silver band, will
conduct eiwciul service including the
.■nn.Im. in ol mldieri and commission-
ing ol local officers. A hearty invitation is ex I ended lo all.
Mr. .lohn Dier.aen, formerly proprietor ul lho Welcome Parlor, has guns
lo Fort Angeles to look alter extensive property interests which he holds
in dial cily. Ho expects to be away
lur some months, „ purtjun ul which
will lw i|wm st iho Mineral Springs
udjucunt lo Fort Angeles.
Mr. Waller Owen ol this city, wbo
hn. held (lie pusiliun ul Chief Const able ul A din District, has beon pru-
11...1..1 lu thc pusiliun ul 1 I.i.-l "I I'i"
uncial police lor Alliu, Skueua and
I'riuco Rupert districts, with head-
■ puntI'll at I'inic Iliipeii, to whioh
cily Ire has removed,wilh his loniily,
The recent rains, whidi though ui
inconvenience lo some, bsve pi.,-id
die truth ul the old -« 'It's un ill
wind ili.ii l.l..v.- iinbi'.ly good," lor
Ihe moiilure bus effectively extinguish
ed Ihe bush firos wbich hove Injun 1 aging lately in the Seymour and Capilano diitriots tu the danger ol people
and propoity.
Thc North Vancouver Yacht Club
hold the lit.1 lucv of Ihe eoason on
Sutuiduy next when a race open only
lo motor Is.nt. will lake place over
Ihe inside course of tfae harbor stmt
ing frum the Club bouae at Uie loot of
Si. 1 lunge's up lu Ihe North
Ann und around lug Island aad return. I'i net icily ull the boat otVn-
ws who am inoinbors of the (Tubbave
their several craft entered in tfas wteoi
and a very successful race Is looked
lorwaid lu. The start will be made
■I 3.30 o'clock ebarp.
ibe apii,ilcrl> inlly 4 tha C. a. 8n-
duties was bald in Ihe nsw t'mutti
Mission Building laat M mslaj evoohaVg,
in which the societiee Iron tbit lade
4 tha inlet hiJd >|uilae a prominsot position. The Christian BaWaavor uf Si-
Andrew's is lu be conftaiulaled upnn
Ihis second eueeeee ol eeeuring the al-
lendance banner. This eodsty bos
Iji.ii growing very rapidly ol late and
the winning of Ibe banner denote! lbs
forward movements 4 ibil worfa, A
very mucb appreciated item at Ibis
meeting wai the orchestra music by
Ihe Osborne lamBy of this city, who
are a diltinclly eble company 4 in-
It is undarslood thai invitations
have been issued to the Mayor, Aldermen aud City Kngiueer to participate
in a certain pubbc arssst of s private
nature to taies piim hi Ibe near Ie-
lure. ReprewstaUvie oi tbe pre"
wars invited last evsauing by AW. Pick
to roiilribulsi monetarily lowdl •
•ujubis I4un lot tba tmuiq*. Ur-
Keanc, of tin "Dally Previa*.' objected, however, up lb* fpo**m mt*
taxation witbiwl rapnumaMm Wat
not trnmwaabti. tiiwpt im be takm
ta lb* sat* oaanea la maul thi it-
at m. my m*. n *w wtm* "w ^ • ■','  ' • >>'■.-
fe French Foulards
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' ths designs are new and exclusive, l
The collection is the largest that we
baye ewshown,
At $1.50 a yard—Navy and black
foundation with white designs, polka
dot, link, key, shadow oheok, rosebud
and hairline stripes,
At $1,75 u yard—Foulard silks in pale
blue, old rose, prunelle, white, black,
reseda, kings' blue, etc., in a wide range
of new patterns.
At $2,00 to $2.50 a yard-Foulard
Bilks in individual drees lengths, handsome colors and newest designs.
At $2.75 nnd $4.50 a yard—Bordered
Foulard Silks in an exceptionally good
range, among which ono may easily find
a choice in color and design. Tbey are
in exclusive dress longths,
Gordon Drysdale, Limited
575 Granville Street.
Phone 3541
Vancouver Business Directory
119 Pender street, Vancouver
North Vancouver
kallethe's Bath
Corner Homer and Pender Sts.
Tk* only up-to-date and reli-
tbti bath home in British Columbia.
W. lure where others fail.
Satisfaction guaranteed or no
pay. I'luiii baths, electric baths,
ifcower baths, massage for bo-
4y, scalp and face ; eleclro therapeutic baths a specialty.
Graduaic of ilm im. German)
Business Institute
336 Hastings St. W.
Canada's Greatest W..tern School
E. J. Sprott, p.A, - -Manager
Buftlne** College '\
(31 Seymour st,, Vancouver
Day school open all the year
round. Night school commeuc-
U Repteniber 8th.
Read   the- Expresi
Evory Iinly longs tu bave wavy hail.
It ie now within tlie rsadi ol evsry-
on*. For soma yoars cut hair hu beet
permanently waved, liul ths procass it
had to undergo was too invars for it
to lis applied to hair on ths hsad,
but now seisins lias discovered a Method by which the hair can be wavsd
without injury to hair or scalp. Ths
wnvi' will nol waah out and damp
weather will not artel it. Ths process IsaVes tlie hair aolt and wavy. It
hua li.-. .»ii.' the rage in Paris, I on
ilon and all tlie largs citiss ol the
States. Special rates lor one rannlh.
Any inn regarding the work
will lie gladly given lo any ladies who
will call or writs to
723 Pender Street.
Groceries arid Provisions
Wholesale and Retail
116 Hastings St. (downstairs)
Delivery Tuesdays and Fridays
Si I'HIKlll 111 RKKK SIM'S
Sign and Price
io Kairfield nid.      Fone R-3«7>
Yorkshire Guarantee &
Securities Corporation Md
440 Seymour Street
R. Kerr Houlgate - - - Manager
All North Vancouver people est at
Either Flack Illock or Hastings W.„
oppoiitc lho new post office. |«amsrd
sells his lea by ths pound,
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Certificated Surgical, Madiaal sad
Maternity Nurses
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uttf u*m*iiUit* ht thi* urn-
tmimtt »t A HUt 4aU.
v, v, MPtT, nw *
300 Feet of Water-
frontage with crown
grant, known aa
Wallace Shipyards.
Terms to suit purchaser.   Apply
Seymour St.
Successful Opening of Lynn
Valley Presbyterian Church
.. njij.1iiu1._1u.
The services in connection with (lie
opening ol Lynn Vulley Presbyterian
church commenced Iset Friday evening in the Institute Ball when l|e>'.
Mr. I.iiiiklinrl ol lliindiH Street 1'r.n-
byterian Church, Vancouver, conduct-
ed a preparatory service and
nine pew members to the church rull.
The right hand ol fellowship was
given by ths soesion ol Si. Andrew's,
Dr. Unwell nnd Mr, 'IVII, nil I nun., lho
representatives.    Ur, Luckhni-i prcacb-
spoiiding to thii toast, tuld of vh.'l
the laymen wore doing and uppealrM tn
t|ie laymen presipt 10 dit'liesto Ihe.r
time, their wealth and theje 1 ul.uin to
the work nl the church und Ihe spread
of the gospel Die wide world over.
"The Church" was proposed liy Mr.
E. Sykes, very briefly, lho spiiiki-r de
olaring thai he meant not ui'ly i.m'
branoh nl thnt church, but thuilniixli
universal. Dr. Taylor ol Woitmliiilor
Hall made n stirring roipnnso to this
Genera) Contmetlnp
Wael errnan £* Andruu
Km* woai, aut
am, otf,
ed a most appropriate sormnn on
Sunduy morning Dr. Pidgeon received Iwu more memiicrs, milking n total
nl eleven nnd conducted the dediontory
Bervice uml dispensed Ihe coniiniin on
lo fifty cominiinicants.      The   uu	
ul Iho new memiicrs are Mr. mul Mrs
I'urdy, Ur. and Mm. Tluunim, Mr. nin!
Urs. Il.'i'l, Ur. niui Urs. Ui'Kwci), Mri
l.i'wia. Mrs. HiiiuiiiMi'll nnd Mr...
1..,nl,I The iin,. 1 i,| Dr. I'i.l:'.-. n's
discourse v.,,. ' 11. - Love ul Hud," uml
wns bundled u.i i.nly one with 11 lurge
loving heart ami wide exptijinue cuiiil
bundle it. Imiuudiutoly u'lur the sermon Mr. Hui'.-.l.l ('uniplicll' nn up-
piupriote solo very effectively. Tlie
session wus represented liy Dr. Howell
and Mr. Ales. Philip. The church waa
fuirly well lillud, which, ^..n-nli'iiii.
Ihe Im.I slate oi Ihe weullier, wue
very satisluclury.
Mr. C. Kukcley hud charge ol ills ul
Icrnonii service, witli Mr. W. Kn iwlci
ut the organ aud Mr. W. II. Nwise
clioir leader ol Mt.  1'leusnnt  1'r.a 11,111 aI, rendering .. very  clleu-
live solo.   Mr. Kukcley held the nil a
liun of the children murvellniisly, a
liculing lo Ihein llir.iiigb un   origin
fable,     afterwatila    druwinu,     i. --..11 ■
In the evening llie church waa well
I'll Ind In hear I'riucipal McKay uf
Vi, .iiiiiii-.i,i Hull preach nn lho char-
acler nl liod-Wideom, I'owcr nnl
Holiness. The solnial was Miss Kind-
ley, who sang "0 Kent in the l.nrtl."
The .-..ll.-. 11.,iia. during the duy win.
M;-ia., being under lite oxperlniioiisol
Ihe wurkcrs ol the church, iml almve
what might have In-. 11 oxpcclid considering the 1 in-1, un 111 went her.
Such a duy's services) as Inst Sun
duy'sgu lur 1..»,u.I ilii'liiiililn.; ii|, .,1
a amull church mul the niip.-iu gain
ed frum three ao good discourses nn
one day will novsr be loft, and '
church in l.ynn Valley will ever )m'
Ihe richer in wiwlnm, power and lioli-
noss baoauie nl optmini; day, Uuy 7lh,
Tho bnui|tiet provided by the Ladies'
Aid .... Hundny evening wus aa successful ns everything else arranged liy
il. The only drawback, tu the evonin
was Ihe inclement weather. Not once
during Ihe whnlc duy did the rain lei
up nnd liul lur this fact tlie officers pi
(he church cuuld never have accommodated all Ihe viiitore ae it wis the
souling room was lasod and the
church comfortably filled. 'Ihe tallica -
iTfw" mid strung, only Ihat day ni.idc
by Ihat energetic helper, W. Davison-
were literally slraiaed by ths abundance of good things. Nor wus tbire
any stinl, rather n prodigality of
overylliing—roast lieef, thicken ami
seal, ham, tinidii.', piae, tarts, Iniii,
aalads, pickles, Ua, cofloc, ele ,n iu«ii
fur nil that wers oipected, ense ,111111-
ly ih. 1.' was nm. h left over, but Ihe
enterprising ladies sold a largs puit nl
The speedno were o>|ual Is the sup
per in every respect, ia lacl, nsver 1.
Ihe hietory of the Valley nm'c su
many esesllanl speechee beei hiunl.ii
one lime. Mr. B. V»s Munlter, th
missionary in charge, ippsarad for tin
first lime in, pulilic after his oivj.-e i'i
nsee, and despite his weakn.sss, mud.'
an wedlsut cbairmiifl. welcoming everyone to ths new cl.-ir.h,
especially those of other d.nimiia
lions, It* gavs onyine wlseis* lo *.ilc
a cheque lo help meet the Wu1! dtbt
remaining, a stance to do so tnd then
called op the Bev. A. •!■ I'trurr tu
propose Uu lout 4 tbi I aymes ol
the ehiueb. Mr. Proaasr spok«. 4 Uie
work Um tdniltry had »oooiiiplisba<) la
Uw past and dedartd this w.s Its (ge
ol Uh laymu.   ''Ur. Oibaoa, i.   te
lousl, explaining (be goodly lieriLiuo
ol the < Im 1 .'li iinivcrsiil, ml more pur-
culurly ihs Presbyterian ch'iri.'|i. Cuming dnwn tn Ihe opening oi the 1 ,.un
Vulley I'liun-li he usked whul usi fii
so grand 11 heritage if we do not nnil"'
use nf the present ? Ue spnho nl ih
li'... 1 sumc |..-..|.l.' make ul 11 I. nj
line nl noble iiiiceslry mul declureil
Ihut he wuuhl bu .. I..:..i..l nl so \uin
a iinnsl cniiaiilering tho misuse lli.y
were making uf tin- present.
Ur. K. Wnglinrne, In prn|inaing Ihe
1...1.1 "Wiwlniiiniter Hull," eallid ul-
It-iilinn lu thu lacl llmt the mud oi llie
limes wus men who knew Utewaslvti,
wlin knew llieir work, uml i.lioi'e
ull whu knew their Uml. Wimlniinaler
Hull, he cnuliniied, wua un taiucaliuii-
nl inelulioa thut iralnsd men for Ihe
urcuteaat wurk in thu wnrld iu thul ne-
cessury kimwluilge, Kev. .1. 1). Oil-
lam, 11 tutor in Ihe ■-. .11.-...- iu replying, gave interesting information concerning lho history mn! work ,,( Wi'St
minster Hall, declaring Ihut mnoial
ed wilh lite cnllege were men nl sler-
ling worth und iihuraclur uml men sec-
uud lu noiiu in all ('mnula, especially
mentioning tin- name, nl Principal Mc-
Kny nnd Professors Piilgvon and Taylor. In thu uliseiire of liev. (i. A. Wilson, superintendent ol missions "Local
Church Wurk" wus proposed liy Bev.
II. McLcod ul St, Atulrew's church,
Norlh Vancouver, in 11 liery spet'i-h, (le-
cluriiiii wliat llie church sluuil (ur uml
Ihul lho rliiiii-li would fuil ill its .,
].-.-i if il lowered ils slnndurds ul ul.
Itev. T. V.. Howe, ,.n.- ol llie speaker,
10 Ihis tousl wus so il devol-
«l nn Hr. ('. K. PokoJoy, ilm Methodic inissintiary in Lynn Vulley, to re-
■pond and  ii: hi   well il was dipo. ill
11 splendidly humorous . 11.1111 he held
llie nudiince attentive, instructinj and
mniisiiin. them, usiin/ iiluslration, wit
uud banter 1.. :.,„.l effect. Ho culled
attention lo the fuel ihul two ol the
loiisls hud Itexn |ii,.|... ial |,y . > '.I.-Hi
■■lists. He eujogited Hr. W. Davis,
Iliu late I'h-Iai.-ii.ui missionary,"uini' ill,,1 Lynn Vulley loduy wus
free from u liipior licinsebecuiiseof liis
efforts. In enncliiding ho thuiikuil tin1
muiingers for the nffer of Ihe use ul
lho new church lur llieir evening services nnd declureil timt liefure summer
wus over I hey would have llieir uwn
building, Imviiii/ secured the Inst site
in Iho sol t lenient, nut except inj Ih
sile ul the new Pi-esliyiei-ian church.
Mr. lieu. II. M.11.I.11, editor of the
Kxpress, proposed "Lynn Vujloy," oui-
ogi/ing tbc lienutics ihul Bilure liml
provided and siniuu furtlier that
what the place wui to bocoiue depend-
ed not un nut ure but un the inhabitants, '"llie Pacific const," ceolinucd
the speaker, "was desiined lo have
luiui'i- cities than Ihe Atlantic const,
and Iliu travel acruss llie Pacific was
alsu 1I1 •iih.-.1 t„ lii-.-uin,. greater than
ever the Atlantic had boon. Mr. ,fobn
Duval, in his idistoiiiiiiy ll.,,ii,.lillii!
style, respundod and appeolid io the
lieople ol Lynn Valloy to put into
everyday practice tha thought convoyed in these words "liod is Itovo,"
Then ihe Valley would liocome so radiant with love and good feeling that
even casual tourists and travelers
would lie cainslreinid lu reside there.
"Thc Ladies' Aid" was pugislicslly
proposed by Mr. T. Butler, who chum
piunad "Women's rights" in no uncertain si rain. The usual votee ol
thinks to chairman und building committee and ibe singing ol tlie Nation
al Anthem brought to en end one ol
Ihe memorable svsata in the history
of Lynn Valley.
Tin musical items were ol a high order, adding to the success of the evening is no small way and were heartily
appreciated by ell. Messrs. Nsasei)
aad Hicks song a duel "In llie Cross
4 Cfcri* I glory." Mr. A. li. tenant
UBNUINp; SOOTOfJ OINQHAlJS,  our own importation tn   Plain
Shambraye ond Cheeks, ipeeiul per yard j I*0-
82-jnoh PRINTS, good heavy quality,  light  and dark colors, spoeiol
per yard 1 • l"0'
III1KSS MUSLINS, plitin antl luitoy   lliiuily   slripos,   also   dots   and
crossbars, prico  ;     11" and lfic.
A lai'gs ussoi-liiieiit ol Viotoria Lawns, Indian Linens, P tsiun Lawns,
Niiiiioolui, Organdies, oto,
Iliittnns cuvered Irom your own material—all sines. -
Keith Block
Phone 93
l.iili-.ilnl.:  Block
COB. 16th and LONSDALE
Phone 263
The two lots advertised last week  were
the day belore the advertisement appeared.   Cheap subdivision properly is at a discount at present, but high
grade residential is selling well.    We offer
45x130 feet CORNER LANE, 50 yards from
Lonsdale, on King Street East
An exceptional buy at J750 j J250 cash, 6-ia-iH intinllis.
213 Lonsdale Avenue       -       Tel. 47
Corner Nye       -       - - Tel. 87
BURRARD SASH & 000R FACTORY, foot of St. George
We solicit ,i trial bill nn yuur Ordure smuli or huge
UU in D.L. 621, BAYVIEW; $300
to $325 per lot; $20 cash and $15
per month; or $50 cash and $10 per
month; or $100 cash, 6,12,18 mths.
.   S. F. MUNSON
BROKER      333 Pender St. W.       Phone 5654
North Vancouver
The Knnll, hii li uud dry luts wilh
splendid view iu Nurth Lonsdule, two
blocks Irom cur linu. Price 1660 and
1676, | cash. ImIiiiicc over eiuhtieu
monlhs. These lots ure u sound investment.
Apply J. MclLWAINE
1.52 Third Street East, or
438 Granville St, Vancouver     Phone 8755L
sung "Nu/urelli"   and   Mrs. Simpson  men, their work lining done cunscieii-
sung "Tlie Plight ol Ages." j liously und well, every ulietacle heini
The wurk ol the building ol theniw |overcome courageously until al pres-
church was entrusted lo a large <9'n- i «»d the buildimr ihuwn herewith
miltee oompoiod ol iiAabitant. ol the stands a monument to tDieur tpergy,
Valloy, and like all auch committieai |a credit to the communily and a de-
the work was left to iho wiling low. icluration of lho pcoploV conation
Kurlunatcly thoso few were competent |to tlio eorvice of the living (jffld.
men and the result is satisfactory li, A resolution or sympathy was or-
'u degree. Early in the erection the dered to lie forwarded to Mra. (Dr.)
workers wero T. Allen, W. Dnviamunl Uobsmi irom this nwelisig on account
,1. M. Vti/mme,  with  W.  D.vie    as of the death ol her hwiband who was
chairman, I). II. Miof'oll secretary and
D. McAuley arobitect. Later on Mr.
Van Munster took the place of W.
Davis and Mr. W. Sykes Was added to
llie committee, 'lime and labor were
given liberally by &» above mentioned
Ihe pioneer preacher ol L>nn Valley.
Many eulogies wero given expression
lo by Ibe s|ieakors aad a committee
oi Ibree, Meesni. .1. Duval, <". Vakuley
and K. van MunsUr man anUtiiiiiai
lo send it.
'    / Me-
ll 1 l|l!
To tbe women of the prwent age a
handbag is an indispensable acquisition. II ie hur daily companion, so-
cumpunying her on her shopping ox-
patlilions or whon sho pays her rounds
of sociul calls, So much ii the h. ml
bag lii'foi-i! the world thut dime lui-
liiini is paying particulur attention to
il, as the seasons come and go. 'ihis
spring wo havo ninny sbipmtntl ol
bags, ull ol which bear the eSccti nl
tho Inii'si touch ol fashion's hind.
Thoy uro ol fine quality, slrt.njly con-
liiriicicd and Mini mil n I tu stand tl.e
ruugliest weiir tn whiih a hiiiil l:n;
muy lie subjccled.
1   '   .
■*' ''i -1
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Jewelers and Silversmiths
Geo. E. Tmrey,
Managing Director
Hastings & Granville Sts.
Comer Lonsdale and Second.
WE have received a large consignment of Ladies Shirt Waists, in
all sizes and styles, and claim that for
value such an assortment has never
been shown in North Vancouver. A
leading feature amongst these is our
special DOLLAR waist, both in white
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convince you we can defy all d»j
competition. All sizes to 42 inch.   *P *■
:»if Good Pictures  Gad Singing
^ •  Good Music
eee     eee
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eee     ee.
Phone 255
The Place Where Everybody Goes
Gem Theatre
Programme ul at 'ted  Montloy,  W. .Ineiday and  Friday.
Adults 10c ^SK'**1 ChUdren 5c
..latin.-.:   every   Sulurday l.'in o'clock
Hails:   $i.m>  put   and   up.   Special rat'-s lo families
ami   to regular   hoarders    ,   ,   ,
finest Roof Garden on Pari/ir Coasl
Ssconi) Smssi.   ■   •   r   .   NORTH   VANCOUVEK. li. C.
Thc Gurney-Oxford Stieel Top Range
means a marked saving in
fuel and better halting results.
only docs ils work BETTER
but AT LESS COST than
oi liei Ranges..
We can demonsliate to you
Die whole Superior Chancellor principal of economy
and efficiency in ten minutes.
■ Is it not worth that much
of your 'im* right now ?
The J, De/rafter Hardware Co.
Phone 58.    / |33 Uwdaj* Ay«xi«
By Louis Joseph Vsnc.
C,„ri|H. 19.1. b, Uu leUa-Harrill Co.
|oo«»'»itv|o.J     '-jj
t|ie|r arrl'Sl, whe^er by ses In the
lirlganlln'e or by (and, taking tlie direct
rouie via Brussels and Ulle. 11 inch
proved \o be |be cas* |t were scarcely
eemlble tq count upon tbe arch adventurer contenting himself wltb .
walling role like liobbs'.
Wltb such unhappy apprehension!
for a stimulant, between tbem tb*
nan and tbs girl contrived s makeshift counter stratagem, or It were
nor. accurst, to say tbat Klrkwood
pronotHd It, while Dorotby rejected,
disputed and at length accepted It, albeit vvltb sad misgivings, for It Involved s separation that might not
pro?, temporary.
Together tbey could never Heaps the
surveillance of Ur. Bobbs; parted be
would be obliged to follow one or tba
other. The task of misleading tb. Ale-
thea's mate Klrkwood undertook, delegating to Iho girl tbi duty of escaping wben b. could provide bar tb. opportunity, of keeping under cover until tbe hour of sailing and tben proceeding to England wltb tb. gludstone
bag alone If Klrkwood waa unable or
thought It luadvlsable to join ber on
lho boat.
In furtherance pf this design a majority of tbe girl's belongings were
transferred from bar traveling bag to
Klrkwood's, tbe gladatone taking tbelr
place, and tbe young man provided ber
With voluminous Instructions, a revolver, which she did not know bow to
handle and declared ibe would never
use for any consideration and enough
money to pay for her accommodatlou
at the Terminus hotel, near tbe pier,
and for two passages to London. It
was agreed that she should secure tbo
■learner booking lest Klrkwood be delayed until tbe last moment
These arrangement, concluded, tbe
pair of blessed Idiots sat steeped In
melancholy silence, avoiding eacb other's eyes, until tbe train drew lo at
tbe Gare Centrale, Calais.
In profound silence, too, tbey left
tbelr compartment and passed tbrougb
the station Into tbe quiet, auo drenched
atrcets of the seaport, Bobba hovering
solicitously in tbe oiling.
Without comment or visible relief
of mind tbey were aware tbat their
fears bad been without apparent
foundation. Tbey asw no sign of Calendar, Blryker or Mulready. The circumstance, however, counted for nothing. One or all of the' adventurers
might arrive In Calais at auy uilnuto.
Momentarily more misuruuic as me
time of parting drew nearer, dumb
with unbapplncei, they turned aside
from the main thoroughfare, of the
city, leaving the business section, and
gabled tbe sleepier side street, bordered by the residences of the prole-
! lariat, wbcre for blocks none but cbll-
I dren were to be teen, and of tbem but
I few-quaint, sober little bodies play-
I big almost noiselessly la tbelr door-
At length Klrkwood .poke.
"Let'a make It ths corner," be uid
without looking at the girl. "It's s
•hort block to tbo next itreet. you
hurry to the Terminus and lock yourself In your room. Have the management took both passages. Dou't run
the risk of going tb tbe pier yourself.
I'll make things Interesting for Mr.
Hobbs and join yon as soon as 1 can,
If I can."
"You muat," replied tbe girl. "I
shan't go without you."
"But, Dor-Miss Calendar!" be exclaimed, aghast
"I don't care-I know I agreed," she
declared mutinously. "But I w'on't-I
can't. Bemembor 1 ahall wait for you."
"But- but perbapa"-
"If you bave to stay It will be because there's danger, won't tt? And
what would you think of me If 1 deserted you then at-aftcr all y-you've
done? Please don't waate time arguing. Whether you come at 1 today,
tomorrow or a week from tomorrow I
shull be waiting. Sou may be sure.
They bad turned the corner, walking
slowly side by skle. Hobbs, tor the
lirst time caught off his guard, bad
dropped behind more than half a long
block. But now Klrkwood's quick
sidelong glance discovered the mate lo
the act' of taking alarm aud quicken
Ing bis pace.  None tbe leaa the A irier
Kiukwood'8 heart sank with
III* hopelessness qf It all. If
the railway directorates of Europe conspired against tbem,
what chance bsd tbey? If tbe nlgbt
boat iruin from Ostend bad only bad
Ihe decency to be tweiity-uve miuutei
late, Instead of arriving-promptly qn
Ibe minute qf 4:40, tbey two might
have escaped by tbe 6:00 for Dun-
kerque and Calais. .*,
"Miss Calendar," said Klrkwood
from his heart, "Just tt soon ss I get
ynu home lafa and sound I am going
to take a day off, bunt np tbst little
villain and day bin) alive. In the
meantime I forgot to dloe last nlgbt
and am reminded tbat we bad bettor
forage for breakfast"
Hobbi dogged tbem st a safe distance while they sallied forth and In
a neighboring street discovered an early bird bakery. Here they were able
to purchase rolls steaming from the
oven, fresh pats ot golden butter wrapped in clean lettuce leaves and milk lu
twin bottles, all of wblcb tbey prosaically carried wltb them back to the station, lacking leisure as tbey did to partake of tbe food before train time.
Without attempting concealment
(Hobbs, he knew, waa eavesdropping
round tbe corner ot tbe door) Klrkwood purchased at tbe ticket window
passages on tbe Dunkerque train. Mr.'
Bobbs promptly flattered him by Ont-;
liiilon, and so jealous of bli luck was
Klrkwood Jiy tlilajlmo grown tbrougb '
continual dliappolutmept that be did
sot even let tbe girl Into bli plans unlit tbey were aboard tbe 6:08 in e compartment all Ie themselves. Tbeo, having with his own eyea seen Mr. Holilii
dodge Into the third compartment lu
tbe rear of the same carriage, Klrkwood astonished tbe girl by requesting
ber to follow blm, and together tbey
left by the door opposite tbat by wblcb
tbey bad entered.
Tbe engine was running np and
down a scale of staccato snorts In
preparation for tbe race aud the cars
were on the edge of moving, couplings clunking, wheels a-grouu, ere Mr.
Hobbs condescended tq.Jolo tbem between the tracks.
Wearily, disheartened, Klrkwood reopened the door, flung the bags In and
helped the girl back Iuto tbelr despised
compertmeot. The quicker route to
Eogisnd via Ostend wss now out of
tbe question. As for himself, he waited for a brack of seconds, eying wickedly the ubiquitous Hobbs, who bad
popped back Into bis compertmeot but
stood ready to peg out agalo ou tha
leait encouragement. Iu the meantime
he was pleased to shake a friendly foot
at Mr. Klrkwood, thrusting that member out tbrougb the half open door.
Only the timely departure of the
train, compelling blm to rejoin Dorothy at once If at all, prevented the
American from adding murder to tbe
already uoteworthy catalogue of his
blgb crimes and misdemeanors.
Tbelr simple meal, consumed to tbe
ultimate drop and crumb wbile the
Dunkerque train meandered serenely
through a sunny, smiling Flemish
countryside, somewhat revived tbelr
Jaded spirits.
Cor a lime they laughed and chattered, pretending tbat tbe present held
no caret or troubles, but soon the girl,
neilllng ber bead lu a corner of tbe
dingy cusliluiik, waa smiling ever more j )cgn mu tj,e Umo barely conscious
drowsily on Klrkwood. And presently
•be slept In good earnest, the warm
blond ebbing and flowing beneath the
exquisite texture of ber cheeks, the
gboit of an unconscious smile quivering about tbe aensltiv. scsrlet mouth,
the brcexe tbrougb the open window
st ber side wsntonlng it .will In tbe
sunlit witchery of ber bsir. And. Klrkwood, worn wltb .leeplcss watching,
dwelt In longing soon the dear, Innocent allure of ber until the ache lu
bis bearl) bad grown well nlgb Insupportable, then Inetlnctively turned bis
gaze' upwsM, starching ' bis heart,
resdlng tbe faith sad dealro of It, so
tbat at length knowledge and under-
Handing cam. to blm of his weakness
and strength and th* clean lov. tbat
be bore for ber, and, gladdened, be Ht
dreaming lu waking the ssme clear
dreams that modeled ber unconscious
lips lecretly for laughter snd Uie Joy
nf living.
When Dunkerquo halted their progress tbey Were obliged to alight aud
change can, Bobb. a discreetly alula-
tor shadow at Ihe end of the platform.
By schedule they were to arrive to
Calais about th. middle of tbe forenoon, wltb a wait of three hours to be
bridged before the departure of the
Dover packet That would be so anxious time. Tbe prospect of It rendered
both Dorotby and Klrkwood doubly
anxloui throughout this final stage of
their flight. In three hours anything
could happen or be brought about.
Neither could forget tbat It was quite
within tlie bounds of possibilities for
Calm., in be awaiting tbem to Calais | j .-suinliig Unit Hobbs bed been
scute epougb <o gueaa their plan* snd
advise his employer by telegraph, the
mutf could readily have .nticlpaUsJ
of anything other than a wholly unexpected furtive pressure of tlio girl's
gloved Sogers on bli own.
"Ooodby," sbe whispered.
Ue caught at her baud, protesting.
"Ooodby,'' she reputed breathlessly,
wilb a queer little catch to ber vole*.
"Ood be wltb yon, Philip, and-and
send you safely back to me."
And ibe was running swsy.
DIIMaVOOMDKD wltb dismay,
seeing to a 1Mb how all bis
plana might be set st naught
by Dorothy'! unforeseen Insubordination, Klrkwood took a step oi
iwo after her, but she was fleet of foot,
and, remembering Bobba, ho halted.
By this lime tiu> mate, too, wu running. Klrkwood could bear the heavy
pounding of his clumsy feet Already
Dorothy bad almost gained the farther
corner. Aa she whisked round it wltb
e flutter ol skirls Klrkwood dodged
hastily behind a gatepost A thought
'luier ffobtis appeared, bead down,
chart out, eye* straining for light of
hia quarry, pelting along for dear life.
As, rounding tbe corner, be stretched out In swifter stride Klrkwood wu
inspired to put a spoke to bis wheel,
and s foot thrust suddenly out from
behind Uie gatepost accomplWied bit
purpose wltb mora success (ban be
bed dared anticipate. Stuabltog. tbe
mate plunged headlong, stuu) and legi
a-sprawl, and tbe momentuflj Of bis
pace, though checked, csnfid blm
along tbe sidewalk, face 4f>yin§iff, t
full yard an be could sUy blmmtt
B**rwi>odl .topped out of UW
w.y ind .haered off u Bobb.
HO    m^mmthlnm   wMCfi
jiftrf vtjTTtT^Ttftiff  ifirnsn
ffiqajmrni o» page fi)
mmmr ft mm wa*twm mma*
"—.   i.
Cor. 8th and
Phone 40.
63 Lonsdale   rW&23?
I'll-.' delivery to all part* ol the oity.
3 Hi. Lonsdale blend Tea, reg. ID.-
3 lbs. lor .". tl
3 Hi. I.nn.'idiile blend I'..lice, rog.
4llc, 3 lbs. lor II
18 Hi. Suck II. D. Sugar, reg. 11.10
lor ,-", II
Uin" I ..1" I Ketchup, reg. 85c. lur 25c
iV..icc.;ici Sauce, reg. 10c, ...3 (or 35c
P, ic I). l'ickles, rog. 35c SOc
English riiil.-i, largo sizo, reg.   .
36o 35c
l.ylc'ii Golden "Syrup, 2 lb. tins,
reg. 30o,  „ 15c
Swan Soap, reg. 5c labiate ...7 for Site
Pels Naphtha Soap, rog. 3 for 35c
4 (or 1  35c
(lid llulcli Cleanser, rog. 10c 3 lur 36c
Km I an ■:!,. .Ium, uuy flavor, 6 lb. tins
reg. 76c, our price  45c
Climax 'lam, any flavor, 5 lb. tin
reg. 50c, our price  .". 45c
Chiven' Jam, I lb. jar, rog. 35c
our price  SOc
Chivora' .lain, 4 lb  tins, reg. 66c
our price
('divers' Marmalade, 4 lb. tins, reg.
60c, our price  t 60c
Keller's Hurmaliide, 4 ill. line.
reg. 60c, ouf prico  Mo.
Duiu ...'ii I'I.nn •. reg. 15c  3 lor  35c
Wc curry a lull lino ol fresh smoked
incuts und hall.
Asparagus, reg. 3 lor 35c  10c lb.
lilidla.ii la, rog, 4 lor 35c ...6 lb. lor 35c
Fresh Tomatoes, Cucumbers, LoUuee
itudiali, i.ic.-n Onions, Bniiunus  and
new. Potatoes.
New Zealand,, Ayrshire,
I'ure Creamery Duller  3 lb. lur $1
"Tho Knoll, high view loll, two
blucks Irom Lonsdale cur, belt view
in North Lonsdale, only 1576, easy
payments. Tbcso arc selling, so get
busy il you want to secure one. Apply, J. Mcllwsino, 163, 3niTt» North
Vancouver. 33-6
Hu' undersigned takes pleasure ia
thanking his friends and customers ul
Norlh Vancouver lor their highly Valued su|i|iot l and patronage during tho
but six months. He regret, to lay
that ho has to close his jewelry business temporarily, luring called tu Il.o
old country, both by duty and on
business. Ho, however, il nothing unforeseen occurs, will be back ogato
this laii or next spring when he will
engage in the jewelry and watch io
pairing business in North Vancouver
permanently and bo moro Ibun evei
ready to uudortakc any job in bis
line howover bad it may be. Until
lie goos, whidi will bo to about e
niiuiili'i. lime, ho will be glad to ire
bis friends at bis residence, JUth atreot
second house casl of St. Qeorge's Ave.
and where he still continues to du repair work, as his time is too short tu
sock another location in (lie busincii
part ol ihs cily. Jowolry or wat. I...
for repairs can bo loft at tbe Fair
confectionery store, 61b block, Lonidale, in care ol Mrs. Ducommun and
Sincerely yours,
19-6 '       C. H. 8TAUFFKB.
The Tfaeoio|illical Society moetl is
North Vancouver in Boom I, 67 Lonsdale Avenue (entrance next to Welcome Parlor) evory Wednesday evening
at 8 o'clock. Al tendance is entirely
free and carries no obligations whatever. You are invited, iiicoiopuioel
study and questions.
NOTICE Is hereby given Ihpi at '.h.
next sitting ol tb. Board of I intra
Commissioners lor the »jLstr.ot 'of
North Vancouver, I, Um aaittntinai,
intend W apply for a hotel licenis
(or premises situate on lo> 6, Woek 31,
D.L. 656 (Dundoravc) in Uut said District ol Nor* Vancouver
mmm mmd.
Dated at Norlh Veaoopvsn-,
May Wh, WI, «
The At Fwro
126 2nd St. West
When you deal ut tbe A. Farro Gro-
cory you get exactly what you ask lor
st right pries.
poniploto tin. oi Groceries.
Banbury k Evani
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co,
Dealers in Coal, Brick,
Sand,   Gravel,   Lime,
Cement  and   General
Builder*' Supplies.
All   Orders   Promptly
Filled and Satisfaction
(niaii.niii'il     Prices .oil
Ollice: Lonidale, near Gty Whatf
Warehouie:      Forman'i Wbarl
n. i. kuioiu
Expert on Fireplaces and all
classes ol Brickwork
All Work Guaranteed
Corner Filleanth St. and Mahon Ave.
NOTICE     ,
I'i HI.I'' NOTICE Is hereby givw
tbst.'i tfao authority contained
in sis-linn 131 ol the "Land Act," s
regulation has bean approved by tbe
Lieutonanl-Governor in Council fixing
tho minimum salo prices ol firsl ana
second-class lauds al 111) and |5 per
acre, respectively.
This regulation further provides that
ibe prices fixed therein snail apply to
all lands wilb reaped lo whicfa lho application to purchase is given lavour-
ablo consideration oiler this data, notwithstanding the'dato ol such application or any delay ibat may nave
occurred in tlie consideration ol thi.
Further notico ia hereby given that
all persons wku have pending applications to purchase lands under tho provisions oi sections 34 or 86 ol the
"Land Act" and who are not willing
to complete sucb purchases under tfai
pricei fixed by tbo sloreauid rcgulgtion
shall be at liberty tp withdraw such
applications and receive refund ol the
moneys dopositod on account ol such
Minister ol Lands.
Department ol Lands,
Victoria, B. C, April 3rd. I Ull.   /•«
Tho  qualifying   examinations    lor
t lu nl .-bis. Clerks, Junior clerks and
Stenographers will be held at ibe billowing places, commencing on Monday, Ike 3rd July next:—Armstrong,
Cbilliwaok, Cumberland, Golden,
Grand Forks, Kamluops, Kaelo, Kel-
ovvna, Ladyainilfa, Nimuiino, NellOO,
New Westminster, North Vancouver,
Peachland, BcvelstoVe, Bosslsnd, Salmon Ann, Summerland, Vancouver,
Vernon and Victoria.
Candidates must he British subjects
between the agee ol 31 and 30, (I lor
Third-class Clerks ; and between 16 Hid
21, il lor Junior Clerks or Stenographers.
Apphoations wHI not be aooepUd V
received later than the 16th ol Juno
Further inlornialion, '9gwnv Wm
application forma, may be obtained
from tbe underlipnod.
V. iAum,
Bejiislrar, Pubjlio Service.
Victoria. B. C, 37tb April, WH.lM
Will Open Wednesday, May 10
Meals 16c, 25c and up.
Supplies lor panquels and
Picnic parties.
Salads,    Hmmfl* ftes,
Cake and. Bresi &jk
it. ntfwti*, prop.
MLMdilf A?tml
mmmm •'
' ,	
North VancoiA'»r, B C
KlTlia oniUnsiiHIrTUIN:
One year (100
Bia mouths  .        .'       r      .50
Thrw months   »      .        .m
United Btates and Forelgn,»l.60per year
60 cents per iuc)i oacii liisertioii.
Lonas Noticss, Etc.—f 1.00 per indi per
.   month. ■
Li.n a>0 Tiua.a Noticm-SO dayi, IS;
IO days, |
Lion. AnvaarisiNu- First insertion, 10
eenU per lino; each subsequent inter.
lion, 6c per line,
R.imsii N'lrniKs m l,oc*l. Nlfl Cm.
nana -Id cunts per linn/urli insertion
OosrasoT Auvkhtisbuk.nts—Rates ar<
ranged according to space taken,
All changesiii contract advertisements
mint be in llie bauds ol the printer by
Wsilnsiilay evenlngto ensure publication
In tbe next Issue.
having been in sny wsy party there
to, The o|ty council, therefore, 'ail'
ta see why the city should either li
expected to contribute to re-imburse
the Bailway Company nr why thB privilege al exercising its right lo purchase should be wit held from    the
eity pending iucIi re iinliuiiieini'iil.
Ai tha time ol writing the communication from tfae provincial executive
has not been dealt with hy tlie distriot council.
'J'lie decisiuii Imwever, suggests Iho
possibility ul tho two councils arriving ut an adjustinciii at the ro-imliur-
eemenl elatiso acoeptulilu to bollf.
Now that tho ownership ol the righl
lo piui-li.i:. lho properly is disposeil
of, good   a .nli ■ niighl iiccrue from no-
I'.lli.'lliollai      Ili-IV.iall    tllO    tWO      idlllll.lla.
ir I',- ilil' Iruin luillior repreeenln-
iuiis jointly upon their purl to the
North Vanihuver, May u, 1911
PURCHASE OF I). I.. 856 nnd 85;
The decision given by the executive
ol the provincial government with reined lo the right to piircliuiio distriot lots 856 und 857 definitely
uwurds thut lignl to the cily I.m
.•,ii:,p.-i..l- Ihe exercise of llnil right
until un uiljustmenl hue .been arrivnl
ut between the city ami the district
councils with referi'iieo lo certain
riglils whieb were purported to lie Conveyed to the II. C Electric Ruilwuy
Company relative to tlm proirriy in
question, iu consideration of llloil
liml.Inc und operating the l.ynn Vulley hum line. Tha railway cump my
has performed ils pint of llie con
trad, which wus enteral into between
them nnd Ihe district council, tfae
provincial government ussenlinj, lu.
the al.'i-ioii now given renders ll impossible for the district council lo fulfil llieir port ul the contract, buouuM
ul this fuel the decision oi llie'.v.cii-
live is that the D. C. Electric ltuilwuy Cunipuny should lie given s.,me
cuiisidcrntion in lieu ol that which the
cuntracl calls lur and the comid'-ii-
(n.ii which the executive names is
Ihul the ruilwuy company shall '.ie I c
iiiiliursud "lor its outlay in the <oii
slriiclion ol ihe suid line oi ruilwiy."
I'p lo this point there does uot appear to lie anything in i hi .leciaioo ol
the executive to whidi exception Ims
been tuken by lho cily coundl, all (he
opposition thul hus developed liiivin..
ban created by whul follows.
With reference to this reiiis)>urscir.ciil
ol llie ruilway company tbc decision
directs that Ihe cily und district shall
contribute relatively or as may be
agreed upon lielWeen lliem (or Ihii
purpose und when Ihis has been done
the city inuy exercise ils right ol pur
chase in llie lunda in question.
The .pi.'.ii.aii is II.,» much should
tlie district contribute uml how much
should (he cily contribute ol this
money to recoup the Railway Company fall ia just here ihul the nil!
council has tnken exception lo the de-
cision and disclaims uny obligation. II
il point.d out thul the derision ol the
executive in tins regard is liasftl upon
a complete misconception ul the tarts
The text of lhal derision slntes "by
IIJIMaial- i-nl '11.-      I.   ..'I.I ile     Coll.'Ill    WUS
given lo llie iigreemoiil whidi in ils
terms purpurtud lo assure lo llii'.iti
ol Norlli Vancuuver ihe hinds in ipies-
tion when it would appear thnt prior
thereto the government boil agreed
thai Ihe lands should lie conveyed to
the II. C E). By. Co." The -lenim
advanced for muiullisg the above nnd
giving tlio city the right lo porch is
ia then appeiul.-.l "in thai it hud later
baen lound Ihat (he said lunds are n
neoessity for the water system of tin
City of North Vancouver and il conveyed to Ulo Railway Company would
b^vc lo lie expropriated by lho cily."
The position of tbe dty r„und) is
tbat tbe statement made above as li
tha priority ol rigbt to purchase a.
between Un dty and the railway com
pony ia an exact reversal ol the facts.
(flat the rigbt to purchase these lands
waa first conveyad to Ihe dty by the
dietrict, (be government asesotiag,
and thsst Ihe name au parti 4   tin
'- laoirporatioa Ant 4 the dty aud
alwul tfcree y««re later aiseul was
|dva»i to an agreement which purport-
sd to cofvoy Uw right to purttVaee, fo
j ,fcfi li. Ul. lify to, the my   p I
The i.ih.,i.i eh.1.1.1.. of Toronto
liml at their credit nn (ho Idt!) hi
Miii.-I. lust in ihe Penny SuviAg. Bank
illi l ,:i" l.■-•:"); ul whidi amouul is is
suid one liuy 'I. p. ■ ii . .I the i sum
oi $600. This splendidly illusl rates
the iiaK.uufcee ol a convenient means
of 'I'fioi^Pfc hiiuiII uiiioiiaiis. Rut
whul is ul greater impurt'ince to our
young people and to older pe.ipli olsn
is thai they shuiihl have somo plan ol
investment for their savings thut may
lie of permanent uilvuulnge tu '/hem,
a plan thul, when old ago arrive, und
llieir earning days are over, will fur-
uisli un income thul .will enable ibem
i.i live in comfort, happiness and dignity lor the remainder ol their lives.
Such a plan is provided by the c,.n ,
iliuii Government hy its Annuities
Art. II, lor example, (he lud rclerred
lo, wlio we will iissiiine for the purpose of illustration, is 16 years ol age,
will avail himself ol thia plan, and
will deposit with the government one-
hull of llie .uu.dual which be bee 'already Saved, nr $25n, he will receive
ut 60 un unnuity ol II64.H6, and il
hs will udd to his HaV) flu a year
(rum 16 tn 60, he will receive a lurther sum of $216.70, ur a tolal income ol $400.56 a year lor life, pay-
iible in ijUurleiiy instalment! II I
should die liefore 60 all bis payments
would lie retail mil lo his eotute with
3 |ier runt, compound interest though
the smile p.,\ni'-ui. would secure lor
him u larger unnuity il he did not
wish to provide (or lliia return.
If the pennies of the rhildren had
not Ie-. i. deposited in the aavlngs
bunk there is little doubt lhal in the
majority of cases I hoy would have
ban spool ou trillcB, liul while Ihe
custodian of llieir savings is the Savings llnnlt, the temptation to withdraw will con.iuiiik recur. II deposit-
ad wilh the ",-,.d inn.-nt lor thc purchase ol un annuity they cannot lie
withdrawn, lur il tlury could lie tbs
object aimed al would probably in 99
ruses out of a hundred never be attained. The advice ol Sir Waller Raleigh ; "Cue thy youth so (hat thou
innyest huve comlort to remember it
when it hall) forsaki* (lice, and nol
-i!'l. uud grieve al tfae accaiunl there
of; uee it as the springtime which
soon 'I.piniell. and wherein thou
uughlist to plum and sow all provision for a lung uud Imppy life," is
good advise still, though given over
throe hundred years ago, und you Can
How plnnl and sow where thc faurvesl
villi lw sure iiii'l nlj.ii.dnni, lor Ihe annuities pl.ui is positively Ihe only
plan .'|'-di lu you tbat will enable yuu
lo upend y„ur principal and interetil
without your income becoming smaller, no matter how long you may live.
In youtfa liie 'Seems limitless and
boundlcae, but before middle age i
readied the shoileiiing process becomes
daily more real. There is no time
lu suw "wild oats." Statistics show
thai at 46, 97 |ier cent. >,l nun mevl
with reverses and lose ibeir entire accumulations ; ihat ■< 60, 115 are dependent upon (heir daily earnings or
on I heir children (or support; aod
that of (hose who fail at 46 only 2
Iter cast, ever recover thsir financial
standing, ibe edvanlagee, therefore,
wbicb Ihe annuities system presenti
*s a means ol making provision (or
old age should be apparent to .very
on*. In en intsrview a Uw day. ego
with on old lady of Ml, who Is an in
mate of a poorbouee, she aaid ihe Ip*
ipumtly cries lor hours at a time at
the thought of having to end hs» day.
in such a place, Rut no nnpVfwbse
piiroliuaad a Canadian government- annuity need ever he afraid ol ending his
or her life there ae no process nl law
can deprive him or bar ol it. Th.
woll will never rplor their dour.      '
Anyone of the age nl five nr over
who is domiciled in Canada may begin and may receive the annuity at
65 or any age thereafter ; and any perr
son now n' the ago ol 55 or over may
I Ii.i-i' nn immediate annuity.    Foi
a small addition io tho ordinary rut
an annuity may bo continued tor a
certain number ol yours (hough dab
occurs holuro Iho number nl yeare expires.
Liloraliii'e uxplaining all about this
most provident system may be obtained nl tho post office or on application to S. T.'Dustedo, superintendent ul annuities, Ollnwu, (o whom
letters gn.lroo of postage. Ile will
be glad lu give you ull information il
ynu will write lu him.
TAKE NOTICE thai the Vancouver
Timbor k Trading Company, Limited,
intends tn apply lor permission to
purchase the des ri' el lands:
Commencing at n post pluliled nt tho
Northwest corner ol Lot 533, thence
running south jll chains, ili.n e well
80 chains, thence north 23.09 ohms,
thence east N> chains, thence t'lll'th
8.00 diains lo place ul eoiiiniencein'nt.
I Mi CO. LTD.,
W. II. \ At till AN, Agoul.
Dated April Kith,  1011.
For pick of listing!, see
TAKE NOTICE that W. D.'Viiugh-
un, (Superintendent, intend, in npply
lor permission lo purchaee lho t. II w-
iug dcacribul I.m.Is : Commencing nl n
p.a-i pi,.ni..I 80 chains wisi til ihe
Northeast corner of Lot 739, thence'JO
chains woel, ihunee '> nil chains a i'lll
thence --ii diuins cual, ih-uce 1.1.DO
cbains South to place uf c.ininioM,'-
Dated April 10th, IUII.
Angus J. Cimeron
A.U.I.K. k 8.
Irrigation, drainage, leveli, plans
and spec. I.e. i... ns. Septic t.ii.U and
houss drainage a specialty. P. 0.
Box 344, 16th itreet west ol llswicks
Plum, Specifications, Estimates
P. 0. Dot il. North Vancouver
Plans prepared and Estimates given.
Office: 1407 Dominion Trual  llldg.
Phona 2497
Residence, 153 Eighth Ave. E.
North Vancouver.
123 6th Street East North Vancouver
Phons 378
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS! $94,900,000
Sol. Agent
Agroamaats and Contracts drawn
4 tttry description
Phone 157
North Vancouver Red Eitttc
DOUBLE CORNER-2lst and Mahon
Size 90x120.   Price $ 187 5, quarter cash.
Thii will be good business property.
219 Lonsdale Avenue Telephone 44
120 Second Street East. Telephone 206
Convenience to North Vancouver Merchants
Bujr in Your Own Town. Your Orderi Solicited
Campbell Really & Investment Co.
LOW SEA, Proprietor
lia in  to 8 |i in.
First i less Meals 35c.
Commutation Tickets, ;i meals
KooitJaji-foi Rent at moderate rst.s
U iaeh-W per load
IS ind.-43.86 per load
Cordwood-eS per oord
Office aissl Yard i
Phone m t. 0. Bos IM
FDR SAI.P.-50 ll. lot ou 9th ilrcl
north side, Si.250, lerms; 50 ft. lol
<,a iili etreet, 11,300, III cash, lul-.n- ■■
A. Campbell Hope
Paper the World
A General Auction Sale of
llmil Kbtiitii will be held in
Alexander Philip's Real Estate Ex-
phangeRoom, D|l}b Block, Esplanade, North Vancouver
On Saturday, 27lh of May, 1911
,     AT TWO O'CLOCK P. M.
A number ol vnliiulilo |in|>iirliii
have ,.li.-...i\ l.a-.'ii >ii 1.1..I iai 1 in.'
milii on terms that uin mid itti'iii'l |iuir
ohasors. further entrice will Im rircii-
i-.l for iliiii aula U|) to liilli Uny.
Owimrs nr ngiinls tntiuinj |iio|-ir|ii)l
lor snle muat do so on liirms lp le liy Ur. l'hilip und nlnlo n-
st'ive price, il uny, nnd termsolpny-
nii-iii iip.l iil.'iii (fivo nil 11 'I'n.snry in-
loi'inuliiin ns to tlm lilies of ihijir properties.
Ur. I'I..Iif will lie Kind to i.'r.nie
wilh agent, win huve |ii'i|).i liod Uttid
whieh they Clio piece 1 u iho snlo ll-t,
Alter llie llie num..lint.. .ijlllilii.'il..
will lie relidcretI lor ull Siles effect d.
II Iliu property jg not .n'd m, feel
will lw chsiwd.
Por lurther 1 iiiliiiiiliir. e.nd 0 .try
lorma, apply at Ur. I'hiiiii's ulli.'J,
('lull lilucit, North Vuneouver.
603 Hastings .Sirod West, Vuneouver,
B. ('. Plume 6928
Residence: Tireim.n Block  158 1st Si.
Pint, North Vsneouver.  I'I.. n.   1(112.
Cowhwht. An.
ItaSLbar it,
from our slock ol now Wall Papers
so it seems. Kvery duy some new
design arrives to nil lbs vucuucy
ol those closed out.
Notice is lii-ii.'by givpn Ihut the
Howe Sound and Norlhurn Ruilwuy
('oiiipuny (u eoinpiiuy incor|Kiiat'id by
the I.-, i-.liiinir ol Ihu Provinco ul Bn-
tish I olumliiii; will upply el Ihii present session of puiiiuiiii'iit of Canada
for an Acl (I) decluring thut thu
wnika und undertaking ol the Company are woika lor the gonerul
luge! ol I'ii'i.-'la . (2) lo .-di.-ii.l the
lines pi ruilwuy which Ihe ('oiiipuny ia
now ui/lhori/nd (0 conslritct und op-
erule ua foljowa : Irom u |ioint ut or
Hour Lillooet, thence noi'lherly along
the valley ol the 1'ruser river lo the
town ol Port 1 ,.-,.i,-.', ihunee northerly
to lho vulloy ol tlie I'm. nisi River und
ulong the vulloy of the 1'ursnip river
lo a point ut or near ils junction with
the I'euce river, thouce easterly ulonu
tho Pence river lo Pcuce River blading ; with power to luy oul, construct,
operutu uud nminluin a brunch
Irom Newport ut the lioud ol Howe
S, 1111111 lo tho cities ol Norlh Vancouvor and Vuneouver ; (3) to empower
tho Company lo own, develop uml op-
erule wuler powers for the purposes ol
ils undertaking ; (If to construct und
operate tcicplinuo and lelenruph linos
und lo rlmii'.' lolls for Ihe use thereof j 15) In own, build, punhuie or
otherwise obtain und operule »(eam
und other veataels; (6) lo build and
operate elevutors, wtmrfs, warehouses,
etc., und to carry on the business ol
geiii'iul wurchouscim.i, und lor such
other powers und privileges as may Ik
incidental or iicceasury lo Ihe above.
DA I Ml ut Olluwu Ihii 6th day   ol
April, 1911.
I'iii/en Building,
.Solicitors for Ihu npplicunL.       22-6
NOTK'K is hereby given thut al Ihe
next silling ol the Hoard of   Licoise
Commissioners   lor   Iho  Hist rid   ol
North Vuneouver, 1, lho undoiii ,n.»l,
Intend   lo   apply 'or a hoi.'l    liC'iSie
lor   premises siluulo an  llealley    Is
bind,   Knglc Hnrliour, I). ,'.. "74,   in
Ihe snid lli-in.-i  ol Norlh Vaucn'ivtr.
Duti'd ut North Vuncouvsr,
April 27th, I'JII. t'
Handsome Wall Papers)
ra'eeoHcU tu I
lnuiaeaa lituaaottal
irlaliu. Chores
«-"—arot Bpu 11
ars hero in endloei variety, .lust
1 ell our salesman lor what, room
you want the paper and he will
show you just the pattern you ore
looking (or.
To  choose Irom our stock is a pleasure, to pay our price is easy.
W. Hs ST0NEY & CO,
117 l«nadal» Aveous (Miom U9
Now Westminster Land District-
Distriot ol Now Westminster. TAKK
notice that Itoiiarl Duff Kimond ol
Vancouver, B. C. oeoupatioo, broker,
intends to apply lor iierniinion to purchase the following aeacribod lands :
Commencing at a poet planted on the
west side ol a small bay on lho Norlb
line ol Lol 26'HI, thence west 20 chains
mors or lees to the northwest corner
ol Lot 2621); thence south 33.70 chains
lo the norlheaat corner ol Lot 3613 ;
thence west 21.72 chains to the south
east corner ol Lot 568; thenoe north
80 chaini more or leas to the southwest corner of Lot 1238; thence east
33.78 cbains more or lees lo shors 0'
lake; thence in a southerly direction
along shore ol lake to point ol commencement.
Uth Uarch, 1811. U
Telephone 276
The History of D.L 856 & 857
In view of tho situation wbiih bs.
arisen relative to the efforts ol the
city lo purchaee Irom the provincial
government district lots 866 nnd 867
nl Rice Lake for waterworks purposes the property owners in thc city nnd
the dietrict will be interested in a
statement, willimit comment, ol ibl
facts in this mul ter from He inception.
Early in 1906 Ihe dislrict council
made application lor a water ive.iid
(in the waters ol Rico I ake and in
Connection wilh lho water record   il
Waa  id.lliii.l.-li.l   I..K |i .llll,-   ill jt    Cillllr.ll
ol tho watershed be likewise obtained.
The .li.-.iiiii council therefore upplied
lo the department to huve ,. ivs.rve
ploced upon I). I.. 856 ui:d 3,7, to
which Ihe replied on ian-
naiiy 13th, 19116 us follows :
"I um directed by the II. n lln
Chief Commission r of lunda und
Works, In n.'l.ii'.uI il:.- lln ncaipt of
your letter of tlie tlh in I. itiling
that tho municipal council ol Ninth
Vuneouver is muking uppiicu inn 11
ihe water commissiu r for u .v.i.r
record Irom Rice Lake, ail d on
tat 866, Croup duo (I) New   West
minster Dialrict und that Iho council
desires (his lot and lot 857 to he reserved Iron) iiliiiiilinii or settlement. '
Ip reply I beg to state thit ihe
Chief t'liiiiiiiissioiiei- dove not connd.r
it advisable to place a reserve upon
the lots in question but the ie>|Uost of
your counoil has been noted against
tho records and no disposition will be
made ol them until audi lime as your
council will be enabled to determine
whether (hoy desire to purehase the
lots or not."
(in .lummy 16th, 1906, the lit -1 ict
council wrote us follows: ''The council desires mo to ascertain 'it what
price (he government is willing to sell
i lie.:.' lots to them. They are not agricultural lunda and the limber is now
practically all cut off them under ihe
Hustings Uill lease."
To the above the dopurtinint repKti
on Junuury 35lh to tho clfe-t thai it
wua contrary to their practice to sell
lands covered by .. timber louse unless
tho consent ol Iho holders ol that
lease was liml olHuiued.
Here ihu matter up|ieurs lo h.ive
been allowed to lie in aheymce fur
some months und on December   l.ili,
1806, the district council. wrote the
Cbial Commissioner oi I-aula . nd
Work, as follows: "My couasil wishes lo ban th* favor al a nyty lo
their' inquiries a. to Uu prioe you put
upon the waterahed Ian la in aud 86i,
1363 and 1413 in lb a district.
After baring reiesml ibe ostler to
(the (hid Timber Inspector, tbe lie
I part ment of Load, and Vorita lepliid
to tbe above Utter on February 1Kb,
j 1907, riling lb* several timber Icaies
i whieb covered tbeee dietrict lot. and
concluding : "If your corporation can
make uy arrangemanie wilb ibe pic-
i sent occupants oi lot. ISVi and boi
I and 1363, ibe govrnuntnl are piep ,r
ed to sell al Ibe following terms i
! Lola 866 tnd 81)7 al 110 per acre, lo i
! 1363 and 1113 at V per acre.
! Following this tbe dietrict council
: look tbe matter up by correapondesioe
witb tbe Baatinga Sbngle U ndactur
ing Co. Ltd., wbo bad eccuradoll the
, leases and received ibcir written c. n-
sent to tbe sale of Ihe lands to the
dialrict by tbe govern mail,
their righla under ibeir leasee wp\-
I In Hay 1907, however, Ibe palenl
wu iuued inrorpejratiOg tbe city i n 1
the city as a muniapelity cainc into
poauaai. n oi tbe righla and privilege*.
conferred by Ibe Act oi Incorporatio
Look at the Clothes question
m^mmmmm ^mmmm^^mmmmmmmmmm^^mmmmmwmm
from a common sense point of view
M\'Waive aside all
^J sentiment and prejudice that stand in
the way of good judgment
on this question. Judge
whether or not it's going to
be of greater advantage to
you to buy clothes that give
all the style, wear and fit
of custom or special order
clothes at a materml saving
in price.
Regular $20.00 SuiU to go at $15.95 Regular $27.50 SuiU to go at $21.95
•    $22.50      "      "      $17.95  • "     $26\50      "     "     $.22.75
"    $25.00      "      "      $19.95 "     $30.00      ■     "     $23.75
Men's Pants
Prices    $1.50,    $2.00,
$3.00, $4.00 to $7.50
Boys' Bloomer Suits
Pricei   $4,   15.50,   17,
$10, $12.50 to $15
A Full Line  of  all the Utest
in SteUons and Christie*
New and Up-to-date Novelties in
Shirts, Collars, Tit* and Neckwear
J. N. Harvey limited
125-127 Halting! St.      Vsneouver, B. C.
Clause 8 ol the Aot ol Incorpnrulin
confers upon the pity lbs power to
execute an agreement with the district
municipality as follows: "It th ill be
lawful for the corporuliun uf the district of Nqrth Vsneouver to enter into and execute the deed of arri.nge-
ment eel out in Schedule "A" hereto, as to certain property rights, n
terests and benefits find apporti niu;
the same, appertaining lo tho aaid
tract ol land, and alter the grant ol
letters patent under Ibjs Acl it shall
be lawful lor tbe eity of North Vim
couver to enter into end execute thi
uid deed and to curry tbe earnc nl
effect; and when executed the said
deed shall, to all intents und lor all
purposes, be valid and 'binding up,,.
ibe parties therein."
Tbc clause of Schedule "A" lo whicli
reference is made in the nliove which
has reference to Ihe lands under discussion, ia clause 7 ol Ihe agreement
between tbc diitrict and the cily whidi
reads as follows: "Now iliu agreement witneascth, that for tho ci.n d Iii-ii-iii, end in pursitunce oi
the aaid agreement, the Said Corporation ol Iho District ol Norlli Vancouver doth hereby grant and Cinvey to
the parlies ol the secmd purt nli
City) and their successor*, llie following property and assets, namely : I lu
water record of 360 inches Irom l.jnn
Creek and any record ol wnler that
may be obtained from Ilic i.uke mil
the whole ol the Norlh Vancouver
TowiiMte Water System end ull rights
of way, pipe line, intuke, and ull
lands owned by, reserved by ihe government for, and the tills und inter-
est in ull lands upplied lor by said
municipality jn connection with Ihe
aaid water aystcm."
After dirrcspondcnce covering sever,
al month.) Ihe district council purchased district lots 13113 and 1113,uul
ou Dec. Hind, 1808, Ihe dcpartni. nt
wrote the district council us follows:
"1 have lu acknowledge your lei Urol
thc 23rd insl. touch'ng the ?ule tu
your c.ip..i.ili. n ol lots 131:3 und 1113
group one (I) New Wcslmin.itur ds
ttict and enclosing consent ol Ilic
Hastings Shingle Manufacturing Co..
Ihe holders ol the timber license cm'-
cring \a,1 1363, i.. u s,,lc ol Ihe said
lot lo tbc corporation. Herewilli I
send you certificate ol number 625U and 621)1, Ihe (minor lir
1631, 1st instalment .n lot 1363, mil
the I.hi.-i (or i-iti'.l. Iii, i insl iluiciil on
lot  1113."
Ihstrii i loll .-o'i und >hl nunin ue -
runic urtajvc in April, I'.iu'i on llu'lllh
of which nionlh the districl council forwunlod the depurtimiit ol I i..l
a copy 4 a resolution (mm '.i.e miu
ules of the council with a Covering l.l
lei ua follows : "I huve Ihe lienor lo
-■ia.I you herewith copy ol rritdiilion
of my council regarding these lands
(D. I.. 866 and 867;. liy ..ccecd ng lo
I heir the govenim.ul mil enable thc council lo conclude nir.i.igc-
nil-Hi. for the immediate extension 11
Ihe tramline to give accees lo 'lie I ynn
Valley und its timber uud mines.
There is uow a lurge uul giowing
population in the Valley lo lie served
and they are ulmosl entirely th p nd. nt
on lho lumber industry."
The resolution mentioned wus en-
dosed as follows: "Excerpt Irom
minutes oi meeting oi the council ol
Ihe diilricl ol North Vancouver b.'ld
on the' jMi.1 duy ol April, llsi'.l. inter
alia. The reeve gave report ol interview had by him uud Mr. Mover, representing Ihe II. C. I'.lee. Ilv. wilh
utomabori ol Ihe provinciul government
regarding obtain ng district loll c66
•nd 867 for the ruilwuy compuny. ll
was unanimously resolved ua follows,
inuna ly : "Whereus the provincial government offered to sell lo this council
Ibe said dislrict lots "66 und 867 lor
Ihe price of III) pi/ acre, and whorcus
il is now Ihe desire ol lho council u
event of the 11. C El Uy. Co. undertaking forthwith lo build uud opcrnlc
Ibeir tramline from nineteen!li slreel
out to the west lioiiiidmy oi these dis
um Iota, thul Ilic government I run.
frr lln- council's right ol piirdiusc 4
aaid lands lo the suid Company un
Ibe understanding lhal the said luiids
be used in pari (or public park and lineal ion purposes. Therefore, be il resolved that (he provincial government
be anted lo transfer ibe said right to
purchase thc said dialrict lots lo the
said Railway Company accordingly."
On August I7lb, i'JO'.l Ihe dty Cuuncil wrote the Department of l.ania a'
follows with reference to tbia matter:
"1,010 directed by tfae Council ol Ihi'
city to notify you that (he right I
purchase granted lo the corporation
of tbe dialriot of Norlb Vancouver by
Ibe government on Ihe 131 li of February, 1907, in reaped to ihe above
lands (D. 1. 866 and 867) wm trim-
fen i'i   lo  tbe ci 11 poll. I ion   of  tfao dty
oi* North Vancouvor by lho North
Vanoouver Oily Incorporation Art,
WM, Clause 7, Schedule "A", alio
any intend whicfa tfae distriot council might have obtained to any re
aerv«liou placed upon (facte lands by
tbe government for Ibe said districl
lie decision 4 Uw eity coundl to
nuke uie isl Bice Lake as a reiervoir
for wetcrworiis purpose led to Ijbe dictation l„ avail itself of its right end.*
tbe Act of Inrorporition to purcfaeoe
I). L. 666 and 857, whsnupon matters
were brought to • focus and • series
of negotiations were carried on witb
the government for tbe purpose of
finding a solution of tbe difficulties
whicfa bad developed. Alter tbe matter bsd beta argued upon two occasions belore the provincial executive,
tbe government reserved ite derision
recommending tbst all portion eon-
oerneil get together and arrive at an
amicable adjustment of differences.
This, however, wae not accomplished
and the government baa now rend, rod
its decision which has already- b e i
published, but which is again produced lor tbe convenience of property
holders aa follows:
'The executive council after tbe
most careful consid.retiin of tbe
question relative to tbe position of
matters between the cily oi North
Vencouver and tbe llritish Columbia
Electric Railway Company limited in
connection with certain crown Inn I.
which are daimed by tbe city of
North Vancouver under Ibe pioiisiui
of an act to acoderate ibe incorporation ol the dly oi North Vancouver,
the agreement being schedule A therein and especially paragraph 7 of il.e
auid agreement finds that by misadventure arising by reason .1 ni .u.r-
known to the municipalities concerned
legislative assent was given 'o tbe
agreement which in its lerms purported to unsure lo the dty of North
Vancouver ibe lunds in question wba-u
il would appear that prior ifacial,,
the lioveinnieni had agreed tbc
said lands ahould be conveyed- to the
ll.CI-i.ll>. Co. in eon-id I..H. u ,f U...I
company constructing ils line id railways in tbe immediate neigh'joib.oJ
of tbc said inuda which at Ibe li'.ie
were represented to be a mailer oi
grunt municipal advantage and en undertaking io tne public uu,...; and
that the line oi railwaya waa hi eon
sliucl,al und now is in opcrilonond
in that it had later been fo'iuii «l.,.t
thc aaid lands ure a neccasily lor Ibe
water system for the dty of North
Vancouver and il conveyed lo Ibe
railway company wuuhl !..■■.- lo be
expropriated by the dly. Ihe dii •
ion is thai ihe corpornlioo oftbrdi-
i i.-i id Norlh Vancouver and tl, - city
of North Vancouver ihould cich ton-
tribute relatively or as may be
agreed upon between them n rom-
|H'i..uliiig the 11. C. Electric bailway
Co lor ils outlay in Ine conelrui-ii.i.i
oi the said line of railway, loci is
ing done ibe said land, will be c ai
veyed to the dty of Norlh Vancouver.
The (.route Mountain Seme !i.- i
way i ..iiij.-.n. ii issuing a .o.uv-i <>i
ter to business firms mill ui nine :•<
Ihe iiii|ii.riiinee oi I'n-u inlni-.liii.-,
from the viewpoint ol pi.,i u v.Ijcj
mid oilier public in reals. llie Liter sets oul facts .ili.l inl, im i'i ,i ol
interest lo all. ' ..ii.f-.jt iwo work
the* letter stales will Ik il.iried on i
holme .luiie Isl oi ll,ii vie*, aid i,
will probably '.e conipi>'ci I. i i. a.*,
other twelve nioolli. 1 ,ic p.uuR<J.
The road will ne ..ppi... in .i.-l. Iii,
miles long and will lw "i- i..t.-l Oolu
winter und tamwrt. I' will pass a
long the most pict i:j»,i.' rutle ol
assent lo toe too, where .-. I. 1.1. -: >re
und ollijr ouildingi ifa.i.ud I i sm-
in.-r and winter icer-,.i'.,. will !>' ire.
led. The is jf'pioiiir'iii.
42>1<) leet high, -o-l I, railway >■ i J
have a grade 'I "irluo p -n :i« !f0
67 |icr cauil., the stsionn n<nc ou .In
American .-on' i.jl, o < it ■•.-■' o b-i,
and without an/ n.'i'li n be I u. i
iuilinc in Ihe >..,ul. ij-i'g d.-'u-r. al
ly 7^l») feet Iot/.
In 1910, 90/m | ■ pie vf* i.-l V mi.i
I .owe by menu .1 lie tannic :. • In.
Tin;  majority   of these were lourials.
II llil'li-foll.   I'll.    ..ill.!,        ..(    ti.l'.t'
were willing In n.u n. < i i Ic V'.
I.owe. which .. oi. Si tm% Ittm in
Angeles, it ia eiil're.y ri.'i.i:>l-j :l,..l
s greater numtyr w,j|| . ,n Ik Val
couver for Ibe ■ .'•■- ■■( \t ni'ng il*
lirouse Nounli'n. ihi h ,s '.-.. t..,i,
7 miles Irom lb? illy, cioedjlly vben
they learn thit 'I...'  con Jo ro  lu
less  Ilia.I.  .all. ball   A   I..- r*,t    I   '.,.1
lo make Ihe iucc-iv of Ihe famoui
Culifornion mo in ..'n
The people of Suiin V».i'*irr nod
no perauasion u nun to c c. .rt
I hem thai this rn.l* ,\ it :.i u.d iMk
ing fraught with b n.-ili 4 lb- lltat-
eat magnitude to 'v.- N ,rlo inhale.
They are highly ....»..-•• J lo lam
Ibal the charter Ins l.illa into capable bands and lhal no d-l,.y will be
experienced in carrying the project lo
completion. The comiii.y may nst
asaured tbat in Norlb Vancouver i;H
reus Ihoy bave a solid army of asx
thousand strong who will boost all
Ibe time and assisl Ibe good work in
every way within Ibeir power.
On Saturday afleraoon next a I
Suite 7, Keith Block, comer of First
street and I/onsdale, Kenan. Ward.
Ilurmsater A von 'iraeveniU, tbe aur
tionsars, aeil a very aim aasa>rlm.ft:
of Housstoid Furiatm and Klseta
Tits <|uality of Uw goode if axeaflant
and everything praclicaUy new. The
eale starU ai t» pm.
(Continued from page 8)
ralbrr stoerly, ss If In s daw, without
coiuprrbetvloo of tbe cause of Ills
inlsfortuae. And tor s moment be
stood pulling bis wits togetber ind
swaying as though on tbe point of resuming his rudely interrupted chase,
wben ibe noise ot Klrkwood's heels
brought blm about (ses.
"Ow, It'a yoa, ebl" bs snarled In a
lemper as vicious ss bis countenance.
"Myself," admitted Klrkwood fairly,
sod iben, in a gleam ol bumor,
"Weren't yon looking lor mer
ills rage seemed to take tbe Illlle
cockney snd sbsks blm by tbs throat
Hs trembled from betd to toot, bli
(set abocklugly congealed, snd spit
ont dust and fragments of lurid blasphemy like tn Infuriated cat
Of t eudden "W'ere'e tbs geir be
sputtered thickly tl hit quick shifting
eyes far tbt list time noted Dorothy's
"Hist Calendar bu other buslneii-
oone wltb yon. I'rt taken tbs liberty
of slopping yon because I htve t word
or two"-
"Ow. you '»te, 'sn youl. I've I
word for you tool 'And over tbst bag
-end look nippy or I'll myke you pye
for w'st you've dons to nt. I'll myke
you pye!'' be iterated hoarsely, edging
cloter.  "'And It over or"-
"l'ou've got another guess"- Klrkwood began, but ssved bis brcsth ta
deference to so Imperative demand on
him for tasttnt defensive sctlon, tor s
six Inch blade of tarnished etcel WSS
winging toward Klrkwood's Ihrost wltb
ibe speed of light
Instinctively be stepped bsck, as in-
siiuctirely be gutrded wltb bis rigbt
furetrm, lifting tbe bind tbtt held tbt
satchel. The knife, cstchlng ta his
sleeve, tcrtlihed tbt inn beneath
painfully and simultaneously WIS
twitted from Ibe mile's grasp, wbilt
ta bis surprise Klrkwood's grip on tbs
bag handle relaxed. It wtl torn forcibly from bli lingers Just u be received t heavy blow on his chest from
tbe mite's tit  Ue staggered bsck.
By tbe time be bad recovered from
tbe tbock Hobbs wu t score of tut
twiy, tbe uicbei tucked under hit
inn, bis body bent almost doubts, running like t jtck rabbit Kro Klrkwood
could get under way ta pursuit tht
mile bid dodged out ot tight round
tbe corner. Wben tbt Amerlcsn caught
slgbl of him again ht WU far down
tbe block and bettering his ptct With
every Jump.
He wu tpprotchtag, tlto, tome six
or eight good cliiient ot Ctltit, meu
Of tbe laboring class, it t guess. Tbelr
attention ittrtcttd by bit frtntk light
they Mopped to wonder. One or two
moved u though to intercept him, tod
he doubled out into the middle of tht
itreet with the qulckncft ot thought
An Instant later fat shot tround toother corner tnd disappeared, the Dl-
lives ftretmtag tttir ta hot cbtte,
electrified by tht Inspiring strains of
"8t..p thief I" or its Frsncb equivalent
Tbe mob straggled round yet toother
corner tod wu gone. Its clamor diminished oo tha still spring air, ind
Klrkwood, recovering, tbtndoncd Ur.
Hobbs to tto Justice ot tht high gods
tnd tht French tyitem ot Jurisprudence. At least bt hoped tht Utter
would tike tn Interest ta the cut If
biply Bobbs wtrt laid by tbe heels
tnd went bit wsy rejoicing.
At for tht scratch oo bit ins. It wu
nothing, u be presently drnionttrstcd
to hie complete utisfactlon ta tht sedation of s chance sent llscre. Klrkwood, commissioning It to drive him to
tbe Amerlcsn consulate, made his dl-
tgnotls en route, wound t handkerchief round tht negligibli wound,
roiled dowo ids sleeve ud forgot It
titogetber ta tht Joys ot picturing ta
himself Hobbe ta the ict ot optolrg
tht ulchel ta erpectsrton ot finding
therein tht glidltoM bag-
Al the consulate door ht pttd of tht
driver tad disunited Un. Tht fiacre
hid served his purpoie, ud bt could
Ind his wiy to tht Terminus hotel It
InlDlldy lets txptots. Bl hid I considerably hsrdcr talk before blui ss
he locended tbt slept to tht conssiir
doorwsy, knocked tad made koowo
Ibe nature of hit errand.
No maUdoua dttttay could  hire
lined tht hour of bit call mort tppo-
aiie.y. Tbt consul wu it home tnd it
tht dlspottl of hie tallow cIUmui
within boundl.
Ia tht course ot thirty ntautos or to
Klrkwood tmcrged with dignity from
tht conaulate. his tics crimson to the
bsir, his aoul smarting witb aba mt tod
humiliation, and left to tunned offl
dii rtprattotitivi tt his country's
govsnuDSjU with thi lmprettlon of .'
the BxyRgwf, north vancquvbr; % c,
"  '" ■'■'        ■ -
We wish to notify the general
public timt on and after June 1st
w still occupy the front offices on
H» first floor in the new BANK OF
first Street and Lonsdale Avenue,
Loti 9, 10, 11, 12, Block 10, D. L. 273.   200x137 ft.
on corner.   $6200, 1-3 caah, 6, 12, 18 monthi.
flwe an big profits lo bo made iu soiling Iht'su tola separately.    It will
p»y yoa to investigate this,
Canadian Financiers, Limited
Phone 215
Local Manager.
"In the lend ol the Howe Bird," ths
story pi a trip eleven hundred miles
hy oanna »»d portago from the upper
north shore of Ink* Superior to Hudson's Boy, vja the Albany river, forma
Mm nl I nnil iyii feature ol the Nay issue
ol Bod and Ann in Canada, published
by W, J. Toylor, laimitod, Woodstock,
Ontario. The.narrator jt Mr. W, ,1
Hnlone, Pne ol the many visitors from
the Statee who lode in the wilds of
Canada, advantages, Irom a holiday
point of view, impossible to obtain
elsewhere. Mr. Malime'B writing ia
lull .it life anil vigor aw) bis nnmi-
limi ia lirigbkii si by aeoounts ol in-
.-i.l.i.i ■ by no mi' usual even ill exploration trips I iik. ii so lar afield.
The route I nki-n whm one lew white
men, apart Irom Hudson's Boy employees, hnye followed, and the story
is the more interesting o„ that no
count. Accounts ol western hunts aro
also good und ahould internet hunters
in oaslern nnd t'enlral Canada.
lor everybody.
Carpet Squares
and Rugs.
We have just
received a
complete line
of Imported
Prices right.
Special Attention given to
Window Shades,
Curtain Rods, etc.
128 Lonidale Avenue
your curfalivj
*ftd draperies by \ulntf
Carpet Jwccper
Buffets, Sideboards
and Dressers
Try our
II you intend making your home
in Norlh Vancouver see us.
We also carry a full
line of Crockery.
128 Lonidale Avenue
Lot 18, Block 35, D. L. 550, $1150. Cash $450, balance 6 and 12 monthi
LoU 54 and 55, Block 166, D. L. 274, $13,000. Terms to arrange.  Near Lonsdale
the above lute are among tbs belt buy. iu North Vancouver, and intending investors will serve their own
iateratt* by investigating. We bave ths eiclusivs sale end also * largs list ol othsr lots in the City. It is
ia your own intersst to csll and ins|>sct our list belore deciding.
Real Estate Agents.      Financial Broker*
Head Office: 405 Hastings St. W., Vancouver, B. C.
British Columbia Branch (Xlices:
4 LoiibiIuIo Av«., Norlli Vuneouver
llll Government St., Victoria
Branch Offices in Europe:
Berlin, Germany
I/Ondon, England
Paris, France
QUARTER ACRE BLOCKS on Keith Road (the new Marine
Driveway) 80 feet wide, and one block from the sea. Splendid
soil and magnificient view. One. P-/-A tQAA aaaI*
Fifth cash, balance over 2 years. rHCe JWU eaCIl
121 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver
Pleaiant Fields
of Holy Writ
Save lor my daily range   "•
Among   the  pleasant   fields of Uoly
I might despair, -Teonyion.
(Home Missionary Lesson)
We know leee about Isaiah than wu
do evpn ol John the lla|>linl. }(etoo
il a "voice" moit impersonal ol tbi
prophets. It soonis designed that we
shall not be diveltod from hii
messagM by the minutae dl hii
life. Yet hii bunk is tho mirror of
himself. Wo know the kind ol man it
took to produce it. We feel acquaint-
ed with him in s|iite ol the soantin es
ot biographical fuels. We i|uiokly
lose our hearts to this lofty and influential .|iii ii who of all the prophets
projects liiins.'lf lurtheet not merely
llirougli Israel's history, but abidce s
living force in Christianity today, lie
line uniipio inlrodiiotion to ollice.
Once while in tho tomplo rapt in
thought and devotion tb,. 1'ersnn ol
Ood was so impressed upon his con-
soiousnoes that it became as it wore
objective to his senses—an ujiolyctily-
plic panorama. The picture took the
l.iiiii of royal state wijh which the
prophet was (ninilim, an eialtod
throne—vestments of light winged and
wierd figures of arabesque-seraphim,
brilliant ones soemed to people the air
and make it vocal wilh untiplmnal
ascriptions, whilo to the overtaxed
eyes ol lho prophet even tho moroeo-
lid parts ol the temple swung in
ryhthm In Ihe angolic un^hem and iho
wholo temple-court wus clouded end
incensed wilh heavenly perfume. Tbo
prophet's first impression ia ol personal unwortbiness. Thin und there as
everywhere and always sin and holiness proved mutually repellent. Isuiah
makes his humble and eincero conlcs-
sion. Ileliel comes instantly. Quick
ua thought the interior cleansing already (accomplished ia Indicated by Ihe
ni".i significant sign^lhe sppliuati.ii
ol Ihe purest and most purifying olr
ma ni of i,..I an,- lint tbe scene is not
merely sensutionul and spectacular. It
is not just overwhelming in its majestic sublimity. Il has immediate results and Ihey are practical, valuable
and iwrmanenl. li it bourne in upon Ilic consciousness aa if by an audj-
ble voice tbat the Lord has need ol a
messenger—great uml imperative nejd
lur a loperlttlve emergency. This con-
sciuiisnese ia mulched by a s.nsc oj
i.-..iIiii.'- 'in turn wbich .1.1.1. . the
prophet lo cry joyously "Here am I !
Send me I"
Isaiah evidently intended tho phrase
"in the year that Kiii|< I'lriah iliod" as
a chronological mile. As such, however, it it not very satisfactory to us,
however it may havo been ot the time
il was used. Hut now it serves ....
other purpose. Tho kite; dead is in
antithesis I.. (he king who never die*.
Hod lives in spils ol tho inulalions ul
terrestrial things. Kings an.l king;
doms have diod, but he is iho lame.
Ile ehaiiKOtb nut. find is lovereigs.
Ho ia tolbrotled. He doeth bis pleasure in heaven and in carlh. Ho is
worthy ol adoration. Men and uneela
do well lo cry "Holy, Holy, Holy !"
If holy unguis cover Ibeir laces boi.,re
divine Holiness whul ahull ainlu! man
du 1 lia'|iaaji|iU|.-|. js philosophical ami
nalural in the loll degree. I'he repentance and humility of the .m.-'la ia
not content with a merely negative
und passive slate. There ii ly.pck
rurolalion ol grace by whi.'h »..ll-
abasing worship is transmuted itVo oc-
livs eorvior. J'rcceution ol tbe huli-
lioce ol liod is invariably ullet lil by
discovery ol ono't own unviorlhinrss.
I'uiifi'i.iun is llie liul ural cunsu<|Uince.
Cleansing it lho divine roepinae r.nd
is thu«|»iu.iilile i..|.iiaii,, f,,: hi
vioe. Wo may il wo will, li»vo lo ull
ml.i.i. und purposes IsaiittW g'oiious
vision ol God. According to our sphere
f'u.a id... and opportunity u import-
snl and lur retching in rosulis.
tien.ii-.; May 14, Hill,   l'ssimI.XI
6-8.  The Universal Duty ol   Making Pledgee.
IWora going on a campaign it was
tlie custom ot the Roman eoldicr to
go into tbs temple and lake Kolomu
oalh 4 fealty to hii commanding officer., The oath was called Ins sacra-
nwntuw.    The Ciiri.lieu. adupfai the
name tad applied it to the rile oi the
Loin". Supper, calling it the Sacra-
ment,    ll is  essentially   t    ■vlcah
pledge 4 loyalty end obedience I o I he
epiriteeJ   .Cajmnander.     It <t     Ihe
pledge  indiielve  ol all-ground    ond
reason 4 olkin.
Plant, Specifications, Rttiinsita
|f, p. Imt i], Vert* VumwH
For clearing about Forty-five Acre* in
District tot 552,   North Vancouver.
S26 Winch Building,
Phona 2835 Vanoouver, B. C.
Warburnitz Piano House, Limited
Decker & Son PIANO
in perfect condition,
Price $ 100, easy terms.
443 Lonsdale Avenue
Phone 114
Bread!    Bread!
Union Made.   Home Industry.
Bigger Loaf*   Better   Bread.
Don't forget our latest Home Made l.ouf.
Stores: 71 Lonsdiile Ave. Cor. Lonsdale & ttili St.
A lew yardi oil LONSDALE AVENUE. Only
two lots lcl|, each 50 It. by 167 (l. Price only $500
each, I -3 cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Block and hall Irom car line, a cleared 50 It. lot (or
$1050, 1-3 cash, balance 6 and 12 months.
Phone 70---P. O: lioi 07
l.'-iivn Vancouver 6.20 u.ui. and
il..'11'iifiu every in minutee unlil
7.1X1 p.m. ( ommeneing l.'.V) ji.m.
ovary UU   ininulos uiilil  11.Ull p.m.
ll..drull.-i   llll) and l.uu u.m.
I ..'.in- Nurlh Vancouver 6.0V uin.
nnd il.- every 'Ml minutes until lit) p.m. Commencing 7.30 p.
m. every :)0 minutes unlil 11.00 p.
in. ili.-i.'.ili.r 11.46 ami 1116 t.m.
l.i'iiw    VollcoUVtll    7.40,   8.30 nn'1
U.i"! thereafter same tie wlxiduys.
l-cnvc Norlb Vancouver 1.20, 8.<»
and .-in, il..i.;.li'i tame ae weekdays.
Singlo lure 6c, 6 lor 16c, 30 lor II, 70 lor 12.
A—Lumber wagons, Irueks and
drayi, 76c relurn.
II- -al Imimi etprvas corriegeo tnd
hacks, 60s return.
C—1 boras espress buggies and
nui..., lie return.
All lbs alme miu include driver. Bntoe A and II subject to 1W
l>. i wul. discount m lute 4 60.
1'er lOOIbs. raU, He.
Minimum rate, 10c.
Timo-toMe subject to cbango without m>tioe.
Company not lieblo lur delay., accidental or otherwise.
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "West Vancouver," Captsiu Findlay
Licensed lor $j passengers
laeavee Vancouver
(Selurduye Only)
Taeave Wset Vancouver
22.20 '
Biflajie Fare 16c.
Two Ticks* 26e.
Quickest route Irom North Vancouver to the district beyond
Cipilsno Rjver. Launch "West yansonver" makes connections, without Isil, with the terry sfemers from North Vancouver, ss per above sched#. TUB MUM, NORTH VANeQUygft, .ii. c.
Brighten Up!!
Bapco Pure Paints  Baplac Varnishes
Shingle Stains        lapalac Varnishes
Enamel Paints        W hte Lead
. Oils, Brushes, etc,
Hardware Stoves  Furnishings
Patterson, Goldie & Clark
North Vancouver Hardware Store
mn  i
Parkdale Finest Alberta Butter 30c. lb.
1,11    ■
May Flower, Spring Brook or Ayrshire Roie 3 lbs. $1.00
5 lbs. of good Tea       -        -                -       • 1.50
5 lbs. of better Tea   -      -      .... 1.75
5 lbs. ol the belt Tea    ....      . 2.00
Corner First Street and St. George
will be on exhibition daily
from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the
8. C. Electric Railway Co.'s
office, 50 Lonsdale Avenue
rx        Elegant New Styles in
rmg Suits
Priced to save dollars for
you and build trade for us.
$10 to $35
See them and you will want
to see how you look in them.
Try them on-then you'll want
to own one. They are extraordinary values, as you'll realize
when you see them.
113-115 Lonsdale Avenue.
Price 25 cents
Per Box.
We have just received tlf« following :
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., ltd.
LONSDALE AVENUE.        At ferry Lending
WIPE ii hereby given tbs} ha application will be mem under part V,
(It tbe "Water Act, lOOB/' tp Main
a lioonso in tbe District pl North Vnii-
oppver, QrP»P I, New IVeslminslor,
(lluw Viiiicuuvov diatriot).
(ii) The name, address end ncpune,-
timi ol the ui)|ilii:uiit—The l'.ii|iiiio-
timi pf tb; llislriut ol Nm-lli \ iimii.u-
(II fur ininiuti purposes) Free Miner's
Certificate No,
(b) Tl"' iiiiin.i nl the lake, stream
or source (il unnamed, tlm deeeription
ii)-Mc(!art»oy Creek.
(0) The point pf divorsiiiii-Aliiml
800 leet epijth pf tbe northern limm-
ilm-v el Dislrict tot 21175.
(il) The i|iiiuiiily of wafer tpplied
Ipr (in cubic leet per second)--!) cubic
(epl per second.
(oj The character ol the propeicd
forks Wooden dam and intake.
(1) Tbo prcmisee on which tbo water is to ho used (describe ennui)—'I'ho
District of North Vancouver.
(f) Tho purposes lor whii-h tho «o-
ter is to be used—Munipipal purpuses.
(li) II for irrigation describe tbe
land inlendod to be irrigated, pvipi
ocroogo-Not lor irrigation.
(i) II the water Ie to be uicd lor
putt-iT or mining purposes e)eecribe tbe
pliiuii where tho water is to be return
ed to some natural channel aud th
difference in altitude betwoen point o
diversion and point o| return—Nol lor
power or mining purposes.
(j) Area ol crown land intended to
bo occupied by tbo proposed woiks-
Nono. '
(I.) This notice was posted on th
'i'.llli dav ol April, 1911, and applioa
lion will be made lo tho commiliion
er on the second day ol June, 19)1.
(1) Givo the names and addresses o
any riparian proprietors Pr licensed
who or whose lande tre likely to be
effected by the proposed works, either
above or Mow tne outlet —Thomas
Ailkon, Harold Brontou. Conrad end
Henry Hewitt, all ol Nanainio, and
jf, H.' Hepburn, Fanny E. McCartney
anil I'I. W. Muc!,ean, ull ol Vancouver.
Note—Ono cubic loot per soeond is
equivalent to 35.71 minors' inches.
(<l) Tho boundaries and urea ol Ihe
municipality are as follows:
All that picco ol land commencing at
u poat marked G. P. B. aituuto on tho
westerly shore ol the North Arm ol
llurrard Inlot, being tbe iioriheust
corner ol lot numbered Dili in tho District ol Now W. .ii.iiii i ai ; thence i.eet
along lho norlli boundary ol mid lot
numbered 873 lo tbe north-well cor
ner thereof; thonco in a westerly direction to il>,' j...iHi i-ii.ii corner ol lot
niiiiiliri .-.I 956; thence west along tbe
norlb boundary pi said lot numlicied
956 to tho iioiili enal corner .1 lot
numbered 985 situated on .Seymour
Crook ; thence wdt along tlio north
lii.uiiiliiry ol said lot numbered 9(6 to
tho uorlh-wcst corner ol suid lot;
tlionco in a westerly direction lo the
north-oast corner ol lot numbered 875;
tlionco west along Iho north Ion mini
ici ol lots numbered 876 and 174 end
a lino produced lo Iho iiiloraec.ion ol
lho colist lino on Howe tiuimi . lln lire
southerly along tho coast lino t, point
Atkinson ; tlionco caet along ibe
lino and north shore ol Burrard Inlet
lo a point in llie south-went corner ol
lot numbered 273 ;• thenco in rib i.long
the woat boundary ol a:nd lot io the
north-weal corner ; thence CMI along
Hie north boundary ol aaid lot numbered ITI and l..i numbered 272 lu the
ii.d i li." i corner ol auid lot i timber-
od 272 ; tlionco south along Iho oust
boundary of said lot to '.ho interne-
lion ol Ihe ahore line; thenco easterly
ulong the aaid ahoro lino lo Roche
Point; thence northerly along the
weal ahoro ol Ibe North Arm ol Burrerd Inlet oluresoid to point ol commencement, and containing ono hundred square mild, moro or lens ;
(r) Approximately the numoa of inhabitants is 1500.
0. M. C.    806
NOTICE is hereby given tbutnnup-
plication will be mudo under 1'arl V.
of lho "Water Act', 1909," to oblsin
u In .'...-.■ in Ibe Dislrict ol North Vancouver, Group I, New Wont minster,
(now Vancouver) district,
(a) The name, address and occupation of tho applicant—The Coipore-
tion ol Ihe District of North Vuneouver.
(II lor mining purposes) Eroo Minor's i '■-. iiin ni.' No.
(b) Tho niiiiii- ol tbo lake, stream or
source (il unnanwe, tbe doscrinlioo is)
1'nrk running through Distriot Lot
622 and orossing h'eilb Roud about 10
chains wost ol east boundary of taid
District I "i
(c) The point of diversion-In Diitrict Lot 622 tt or about 10 chuina
north ol the Keith Hood.
(d) Tho quantity ol water applied
lor (iu cubic feet per second) 2 cubic
feel por eecond.
(el Tho cbtrteler of (bo proposed
works—Woodeo dan tnd-intake.
(I) The promliee on which tho water is to In used (describe same) -The
Dislrict ol North Vancouver.
(g) Tho purposes for which the water is to be usod—Municipal purposei.
(li) If for irrigation describe the
land intended to be irrigated, giving
acreage—Not for irrigation.
(1) II lho water is lo be used lor
power or mining purposes ddcribc the
place whore lho waler is to be relumed to some natural channel, and the
difference in altitude between point ol
diversion and point ol return—Not lor
power or mining purposes.
(j) Area ol Crown land intended lo
be pociipied tjy tbe proposed wqrkt-
(k) This notice was posted on Ihe
29lh d»v ol April, 1911, and application will be made to Uw commissioner
on the Sooond day of June, 1911.
(1) 'iive tht names end addresses of
any riparian proprietors „ llcemoes
who qt whole lands are likely to be
elected by Iht propoeed works, Met
abovi or Wdrwe outiet-^. 0. Wick-
endeo, of VxAcouvw. The balance |i
Sqeejyirb laoian reeervf.
BsTfiBr-Qne onbie loot per lecond ii
equivalent to 35.7| winjiri' ibPbe|.
(q) The boundaries and area of Ibe
luunjoipalily pre «s UApyfi i
4)1 that piece ol land commencing
at a post marked G< F. II. situate on
the westerly shore of tbe Norlh Arm
ol Burrard Inlet, being tbo nortb-eslt
i:..i ii.t of lot numbered 8?2 in the Distriot pf Now Williiniiidiin ; thenco west
along the north' boundary ot said lot
numbered 873 to the norln-west corner
thereol; tlionco in a westerly direction
to the luirtli-eiml corner ol lot numbered 966 ; i In nee west elon*- (ho north
boundary of said lot numbered.956 to
the north-east corner of lol numbered
985 lituulud on Seymour Creek I
Ihonce weet along the north boundary
ol mid lot numbered 985 to the northwest corner ol said lot ; thence <n a
wostorly  direction  to the north-east
I 'I'I" . j       HI
(.inner ol lot numbered 876; thenco
weet along tne north boundaries pi loti
numbered 876 m 874 ond a lino prp-
lend in the intersootion ol the const
in mi Howe Hound; thonco suutber-
v along tbo coast line to Point Atkinson ; I'lienee oast along the ei mil
line mul north sbpre ol Burrard Inlet
io a point in tlie ioii|b'W0rt oornor
of lol iiuiiilieid'il 273; llii'iicc noi'lh
llloiia the west liiiiimlnry ol laid lot
to lln' lini I li w.'iil eorn.'i-; Ihunee east
along tho north boundary ol said I'd
nniiibi'i-i'd 273 and lot numbered 372
to tho north-east corner ol suid lot
numbered 372 ; thenoe south along the
oust boundary of said lot to tbe intersection ol t)ie shore line; ilu-nce
easterly along the said shore line to
Bocho 1'oillt; llieiicn northerly uloliK
the wost shore ol tho North Arm pi
Pnrrard. Inlot; slnVewid. tp pflint ol
conimonponiont, end  Wiiv»iw>II  W.
hundred tawfo mm, man fff Iff;
ft) AppMmatoly the number r| In-
Notary Publio
Loam,   Investments   and   Imursnoo.
Boom 307, 633 Granville St., Vancouvor, 11. 0.  Phono 8309.  Land Registry wprk a ipeoiilty.
Mahon, McFariand & Proctor, Ltd.
.      ■■V^a^aaaaaaaaa^^tMatHattaWWWWaaaea^^
50 ft. lota at terminus in D.L 601 & &07
52 foot lota in Block 27, D. L. 599
Phone 6286 -   - 543 Pender Street, Vancouver
Real Estate and Fire Insurance Agents
Agreements for Sale Bought and Sold
Loans Negotiated, Rent* Collected
Choice Properties for Sale in All Parti of the City
Phone 173
62 Lonsdale Ave.
P. O. Boi 72
North Vancouver City
LARGE LOTS, 50 ft. x 147 ft
== Cleared, Ready for Building
In Blocks 15,  15a, 16 and 16a. D.L. 550.
Prices: Inside Lots, $750 to $1000 according to
-      Double corners,  $1900  to  $2200.     '
In Blocks 9 and 9a.   Prices: Inside Lots, $600.
•   Double Corners, $1500.
Terms: 1-4 Cash, Balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
ACREAGE in D. L 546 and 550
subdivided into blocks of from 1 to 4 or m-ore.
acres.    Prices per acre, from $2000 to $3250
Terms: 1A Cash, Balance 6,12,18 & 24 months
The Grand Boulevard extendi through thii property
The North Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company, mt
MS mmt
Express Classified Columns
Single Insert, 10a per lini
Ou Wets, Ha fat lint w iniertiuu
tut Month, ne per line per Iniwtlon
WANTEp—To exchange u fi piisson-
jer R.M.P. niiloiiioliili', now lust year
■present value H,IW0, lor North Van-
oouvnr properly, Owner going one!.
Apply, Bo» |(1W, Exprusa Oflieo.
WANTED—Ti) excliniigo n live jonni-
e4 new modern house ..n Htmilin Drive
one minute Irom o»r, nnl ing lor Wl
uml nan oliluin $66. Price, H,!«KI with
. 11,90(1 equity, INK) in ii months, Iml-
alios on mortgage, lor close in property in North Vanoouver. Would pur-
chase up to <Vl,0Ol). Apply, .lohn
Alexander k Co., 121 i.onadulu Ave.
BllOOV Ellll SAUH'riee til. Apply 1'. ti. Iluller, iior.' 8th and til.
Oeqrge. ""
Will. lot on lloiili'i iii'l, North Loiih-
ilnle, |80l); :i:t fl. lot one block from
oar line, 1161). .Sue ,1. Mi'llwnipe, 152
lini street, Norlh Vanoouver.       211-6
Pure   Bilk   und   Cream  delivered,
I inn Vulley Dairy, mi l.onailule.   Ill :i
Mill HAI.K—(liiu comliimd Book-
'.'iis.i nn.I Writing Desk, one Wilton rug
■■■ ■ In. eliuup, apply 215 I Ith itreet
wast. 125
Ileal nice business in North Vun uu
ver for immediute sale, uliout 85,1X111
required. Apply, ,1. Mcllwuine, 152
ilrd street, North Vancouver.        511-5
Hrewe/e XI, llreud, fie per luuf, lull
weighl, to' lie la,,.I only I'd .in Kilobit,
the Up-to-date Qrocnr, 1156 Kind street
' FOH SALE-Lnt In in block I, III..
Mil, three blocks fr„iu lloiilovurd [using south, 511x117 loel. Price MO. tVO
176 every three inuulln. A| |.l> owner,
21(6 1st  west. fid
Fruil und candy store und ice cream
parlor, real nice business lor lady,
raih required, 1600. See ,). Mcllwnine
162 3rd itreet, North Vancouver. 2116
FOB HUNT-Shnok, $6 on 7th near
HI, David's, White, 140 l»th wett. 12-fi
Large (foiif room with or without
hoard,   Suite 4 "Doxonliel" sih itreet
llllll   I'll,-.- leiliel.l. Hi I,
J. Louui tnd North Lpisdale
Elder Murray Co, fin inturanea.
(Jet it. at the Lnnsdiils Pbarmaey,
corner 8th und Lonsdils. PhnM 90. tl
United llrntlicrbond ol I'urpinlers
mid .luiuers ol America. Local No.
1131). Headquarters (or both workmen seeking employment nn.l contractors needing men, at Cuminings' Store,
l.onsilulo Avimiie. 'Itiiaineas tgont's
lioiiiH s nu In 8.30 a.m. and 6 lo fi.30
p.m.  ,1. II. Tliain, business agunt. tl
Freah    Lettuce   lor    riule.     C,    I'I.
Keeno, 16th atreet.
Booms 10 snd 11, Pender Ohtmbtrt,
632 Psndsr Street W.       l'boni 3461
Besiilsnes,  cor.  Lonsdilt Avt   awl
32nd atrstt, North Vanoouver.
New Harness Shop
Vancouver Harness Co.
District ol North Vsneouver
Sniurl   Hoy Wiintud, able tu   write
shorthand   and accuitomtj to .ohVc
Work. Opportunity lor nijin.-im |.u
fil Apply Dislrict Engineer1! Ollice,
Eiplauade, North .Vancouvor.
trt« Unm, N9*T» VANCQVVg*, 8, C,
Resolutions for
Investigations Passed
listepnyeri' Aseucialiqn Asks |n« Auditing  ol the Perry f'qmiwiMy'i
About sixty ratepayers mil cili,:iiH
were present nt tbe nii'uiiu ol 11)1
Hiilcpnyurs' Assoninl'mi on Tmsd'y
niglii wliieli was held lor ilm pnipine
of voting an Ilia (wo important ruso-
liiliou-i ro lurry mat tori wbich neru
briiiighl up nt n rooinl ninel ing nf He
Mr. II. W. Beeves, the riiuiimun nl
Ilia Assooiiilioll who haa Ikvu uln-ent
Iruin ihis pusiliun lor some lime nn
nciioiinl ol hiuknosa, rrniiiiinl the choir,
und opemal lho meeting with u luw
appropriate remarks vuieiug bit plea-
suro at being back. Mr. Hooves was
■■oi n lliiil the nn ei in i was not nl
litrgor proportions ami imoournge I
tliusu presimt who were not niomliers
uf llie Association to join. In isgnid
lo Ihu rusoliitions Mr. Beeves said
Ihat only those who weru taxpayers in
Ihs city und district ol North Van-
■"oiiver might vole.
lie Iuid mil been preaunl at Ihe ter
.dill cnnlroversy ro lorry matters, but
he iinilci'stixxi lhal ihe Ferry Co. had
paid Ihe ratepayers' asaneintion Ihs
eiiniplinienl ol lorwnnling a copy ol
lh« minutes ul each mooting to Ihs
The lira) reaulullon look Ibe form nl
a petition to tha council not tq vote
in.uiies towaiil thu building of a new
bout until the Alleged lost coulidcncr
in llie ferry directorate bad been re
The Seconal I'csoluliou asked lor an iiml llie examination ol
witnesses under oath re lerry mailers
ns publishes! in a recent edition of the
Alter considerable discussion ill
win di ninny members ul Ibe A.sociu-
lion apuke, the resolution wero pawed iiiiiininiiiusly.
Another resolution with regard In
Ihe decisiuii ul the provincial govern
iiii-iii re the Hi.-.- I.unds wrs passed
by llie meeting.   It n-.ul ns follows :
Wlii'ieiis the recent derision ol the
provincial government in lho in ail -i
ol llie Lynn Valley Park which with
liulils Irom thc oity ol North Vuiicm
ver certain rights of lands grunlel lithe act ol incorporation ul the said
city until eer lain nionoy is | uul    the
II, 0, Eleotrio Railway by ih lity,
fl, the llalepayors' Association nl Ihu
fify ol Iforth VinoflMw wish to ex-
press ouroplire iHseatisluetimi will)
(he ssid deeisiun am) to assura ih'
pity counoil ol our support in   n»,'
stepl they may take to nlilain Ihu
oaiioelletion ol lame,    ,
One of the new things with which
MF..Thnmoi ul The North Shore Drug
Co. hai ai|ilipH hiinsull is a nuw
typewriter with whioh he writes all his
IiiIsiIh. Thii il another safely device
(ur the sick one ss there is n» 'ear of
mistaking Ihe directionii on a buttle
nl maliciuu when wriltin thus logilily.
A piihlie meeting ol the citizens   nl
the cily and district   ol North Vuneouver, will be hold in Ilia City Hull,
North Vanoouver, on Wednesday,   the
17th inst. al,rl o'clock p ll). to appoint
delegatus to tho committee   to   muse
uiiuii ..'inenis for these celehrutions.
1 T. A. ALLAN,
Acting-Huove.      16-6
North Vancouver Business and Professional Cards
• ' '
A. S. W. Mtckiy    J. M. Mickiy
A,..,.  M.ln.l  I  F.
Anbilocts nnd Civil Engineers
Hulloiir-Ker  Block - •  ■  •  Esplunudo
Finest tobies and cues in the Cily
Pioiieer Horsethorr — Carriage Works
Wholesalers and Htlailers ol Pure Ice
Ire lur laiuily  use
.Studio   over   Bank   B. N. A.
Lonadale and I'lsplunudi'
■i—     ———
SEALED TENDEHS. marked "renders for clearing Ihe South esstiil,.
portion ol Muhon Park" will lis received by the City Clerk up I.) i'i
o'clock noon ou Monduy, Muy loth,
Hill, for clearing Ihe fallen timber,
culling in ui ii the ileud (r.ei iuid
burning Hie sumo, on u portion ol
Muhon Park, consinting uf about HI
acres ur less, at (he suu.h easier,y
turner ul said Park.
S|ieeiiie,iiii us mid Conditions may lie
received ut the cily engineer's office.
A marked eliapie payable lo the oilier ul Ihe City Treasurer lur lho uin
of 6 per .-in of llie value ol tho tender must accompany ouch nnl ivory
The lowest „r any lender not norei*
-suaiI>  ncrcplod.
Tile oontractor will lie ro j iir. ii lu
furnish u bond upml tu '26 per cent,
of the ami,uui ol the cootrucl price
(or the faithful pcrfoiinunuo of said
w„rk, ,u i online lu Ibe spccilicutii n.
and lenni ul Ihu cmilraol.
City   in .iiii-d
Muy Ulh, 1811.
H| The name "Im-
•j) perial" stamped
on Garden Hose is a
guarantee of Quality,
We are »ole agents
for Norlh Vancouver,
for this brand of Hoie,
have handled tame for
years, and guarantee
every foot.
When buying Hose,
insist on getting the
best. Lawn Sprinklers, Nozzlesand
Keels of the best
quality always in stock
Paine & McMillan
The Hardware Specialists Phone 12
First Street and Lonsdale Avenue
McMillan's for money savers
Sugar, granulated, Hi lb. sack ...|l.DUICiuincd Fruits', dolteluiu California
'leu, McMillan's il lb. lor  cl.nn
Puking Powder, Coledyke Hi und—
full 16 oi. Iin    Die.
Coffee--whole roust  ulld freshly
ground, per Ih 86c.
Hum, fuiicy  sugar curod pur Ili....'at0c
Pours,   Pouches,   Apricots   und
Kuspbcrrii's, per Iin     Sue,
l'ickles, linu English ploklus, por
bottle  Me.
Duller, freali made, New Zealand
II lbs 11.111
j. a. & m. McMillan
 Phone 20	
i  Booksellers and Slationers
Cor. Lonsdale und 1st.        Phono UH
The New llloek on  Lonsdule Avenue
ileal   llie Petty  Approach -
was built by
<;.,,....,I Cnlruutors "
—tsmaaammmmemB= i\ i        i   ii  ir
Th* Palm Confectionery
Stationery, Confectionery, Ire Cresm,
Soft Drinks, Fountain Drinks, Tobacco
Light. Lunch.*, Fruit
Jxusdale add 6th l'boni 818
t ",..'■■     ■ ' ail
Freeb mi SavAoed Fish   •
Live md Onttai poultry
Vamiabim Wivtry twice daily
Ptcajoe 240 Ul First Street
Iligli class l.ndi.-s' and Cent's Tuihirinj-
Modern Tsilori ind Renovstory
'Afi I,.,li*l.ile Avitiue
Cieuiiing,   Pruwing,  Dyuine,   AU i nj
We   uie   the   I'i.i.el.   Dry    I Icmn..
Frocsaa Phone 111
l .uin-.' und i.-ni'. Suils lo Order
from Klo.Hl and t26i») n«|>ectively
I'lioue -m isinsdule Car, IMI, st.
Specialty : Children's IsMons tl own
home.   Tsrins, etc., apply Owsrsl
,   Delivery.
Is your watch going rirrogulir f     Hue
The Norlb Vaacouvtr Eipert
Fifteen years' tiperieaoi
40 laontdtlt' Avenue
Mmm m the imtM
Keith Illock, corner Isl .■ I,■ ■ I   und
l.iiii-ilnle Ave., .Sulurduy noil  IIDlii
insl.) l.'.ll) p.ui.
I'..i.,r,al wilh insl ructions tve will
sell ul Ihe above uddress Iliu following : Fine Ouurler Cut Oak Pvdeslul
Dining Esl.'iision Table, 6 Solid Ouk
I'Iiiiiis, very fine if Hurler Cut Ouk
Morris (huir, ilockors, Solid (p.i.rier
I'm Ouk Dresser, Ouk f/heffonier, li.'uu-
I if >i I ull liine" doiililu Isd -oiupl "ie
(Sulin I'iiihIi uml n high guide b,di,
brats and iron Itui comph'te, ll , ....
1 ta|ieelry t'ai|»-t-, I velvet (Impel,
rugs, Is'uiiiiful Ton and Dinner Services IAI iJUlllty), kildien uleniiU,
l'ai|i.'i  Sw.«-|u-i, etc. DtC.
NOTE These good* ore ull practically now ami only recently purchased, owner iiii.'ii.lin.' to Incite bire
and no* huving bean eiillud uw,iy. 'I In
ipiulity is first class.
Auctioneer and Appruiscr (or,
Huruwetur 4, voo Grueveoit*.
Between Bridge and Imperial Car Worb
on open roads, bm $350 up
We Specialize in North Vancouver, East of Seymour Geek
Ths qualifying examinations for
I bird-class Clarke, Junior Clarke and
Stenographer! will bo bdd at the following placos, commencing on Mon-
dny, the 3rd duly nest:-Armstrong,
Obilliwack, (luielierland, Ooldon,
Grand Forki, Kuiloops, Kailo, Ktt-
ownn, latdysnitb, Nunaiino, Nelson,
New ffeetniinttnr, North Vaacouvsr,
Fsachland, RevelstoVs, fiostlaad, Salmon Arm, Sunnnerland, Vancouver,
Vernon and Viotoria.
Candidalea must be British suliieeti
between tbe agee ol 'il and 30, II lor
Tbixd-alass Clerks ■ uid between 16 snd
til, it lor Junior Clerks or Stanogra-
Applieations will lot bt accepted if
received later tban tbt ltd) ol June
Further inforuUon, logelber with
■Million forms, may bt oiitained
itdm Uw undersiuned.
RtgitUir, FuUic Service.
VIoLwit. B. C, 37t* Apfu, IW1.I64
A Few Money
Savers at the
New Drug Store
Eno's Sails, per buttle lx'jy.
SUlicuru Snap ijc
Welsh's (inpuj nice.. 351: and Ojc
Kemp's Invalid I'nrl  ..90c
Castile Snip, ■!>/, II), liar 25c
Baliy's Own Soap, box .25c
Toilet Taper (Ci'.K. Special)
 4 lor 25c
Hydrogen Peroxide 75c
Snap, llie gnat band cleaner.. 15c
These are only a lew 0/ the   many *
things you can save on at our store,
 .»._.. — ... ,. 	
Our Prescription Department js one ol llie
Pineal on thu Coast. Have your doctor phone
your prescription to us, il you can'l call. We
deliver to yum house.
North Shore Drug Co.
P, S. THOMAS, Phm.B. "St
I'bone 311 Houie I'hone 224   '
■ a. llllll | 	
< 1


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