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The Express 1912-08-02

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 1   Lla-l smmm
NOBTH VA»P01TF|I8, «rPi WfWAV. ATOPW 8, 18|8.
9mm 9
► Iu pursuance of the understanding
arrived at, aB a result of tbe coufereuce
nu Wednesday between tbo West Vancouvor council ami the representatives
of tlio Pacific Qreat Eastern Railway
Cuinpany, Mr. Carter, district engineer
ami his stuff are now at work runuiug
u trial line fur a railway route thruugh
the  iiiuiii.i|,uhii   along the line pro-
posed by fhe council to the railway
In ofder that uo time may be lost
iu bringing negotiations to a cun,
elusion, it Is tbe iutentlou of have ihe
plans in readiness for the regular meet
iug uf the couucil on Tuesday next. If
it ie necessary in urder to accomplish
this while carrying ou all the otber
municipal work which tho onglnouj'ii
department at present haa iu band, a
special staff of railway engineers will
be oinployed. Immediately after the
plans have been approved by the council auuther coufereuce will be beld with
the representatives of tbe railway company.
Mr. John Callaghan, chief engineer
of the I'aellle Great Eastern Ilailway
Company, has a staff at work oil tho
preparation of plans showing the pro
perty wbicb it will be necessury tu
purchase from registered, ownors for ihe
purpose of railway right of-way    for
Items of Interest
Mr. Ami. Lloyd of Chesterfield school
is moving to 1211 Kidgoway avenue.
Mr. S. A. Uwrcuce of Vancouver is
moving iulu his new huuse, 25th street
Mr. Henry Millard aud family of
Vuneuuvcr will, make tbeir home on
llitli ami Mahon avenue.
Mr. W. Meviiii'l. i of Vancouver has
iui" n u suite of louiu:. in tbe Bcbupucll
bluck un Lonsdale avenue.
M. Millan und Ilcid are puttiug On
Hie market a new subdivision situate nn
Frniiinie roud near the municipal hall.
Miss Alberta Steacy, daugbtor of Mr.
uml  Mrs. A.  U   Steacy, is recovering
V  frum u dangerous attack of eppendi-
cil.' ' -.-
Mr. J. E. McMillun/fiiis city's post
muster uud ftiniiyyare uow paying a
visit lu MuuvibWAIIierta, aud are tbe
guesls of Mr. McMillan's mother.
Mrs. J. a Williams and Mrs. W. J.
Hay luft the city yesterday morning
for the eusl, the former bound for To-
ronlu and the latter for Winnipeg.
Mr. ti. M. Iiuiu..nii'i. of the firm of
Messrs. Palmer, Hurmcstcr si vou
Grucvi-nilz, will shortly lake up residence in his new buusc, 621 I lilh street
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Barclay and Mr.
uml Mrs. H. Morden of Souris, Maui
itobl, are Ibe gnosis uf Mr. ami Mrs.
Hutchison and Mr. J. Barclay, of 13tb
street and Keith road.
At  Ihe  city
evening '.Iiii"
Irwin were t\
iu muke urrung
uiiiiug visit of
11 jrJeeting  last
d 'l.i. .i iu,
lbe forth
'ilr and Mrs (I. Hi,;, luun l'almor ami
Miss Lpwjs of fith slroet loft ou Thurs
day uu a visit to Dr. Bedpatb at Vicloriu uud ou their return will take up
residence at their newly acquired borne
uu i i'iiuii street, Vancouver.
A bush fire broke out ou Wednesday
eveuing aud threatened tbe neighbor
huud un 21st end Bidgoway aveuue. Nothing uf a serious nature resulted, how
ever, thc number Iwo fire brigade
.pm Uy getting tbo Are under control.
The North Vancouver baseball nine
will meet tho Mainlands of Vancouver iu su ■ 'iiiiiiiini game on tbe Boulevard ground on Halurday neit. The
eueuunler is promised to be I kien one
aud should attract a goodly crowd of
Wc were erroneously informed tbat
Mr. B. W, Berry bad moved bis store
from lud street and Lonsdale to 16tb
streot and Lousdale. Mr. Berry's grocery store is still located aa hitherto.
The confusion apparently arose through
Mr. Berry recently making bis home
on the, corner of I fith and Lonidale.
The guv eminent dredge Frublin left
on Wednesday morning for the Fraier
to resumo work there after having uu
dergoue an overhauling at the Wallaci
Shipyards. The Canadian Western
Lumber Compauy'i tug "TerriWe bas
been docked on the Wallace ways where
she will undergo I thorough overhaul
__.OtptT-nI._B. WatrMai -Want. Bate*-
Ward leave tbe city on Tuesday for
I'etawaws, Ont., where tboy intend undergoing lit Wttfl' military training,
Liout. Cosgrove will he in charge of
the local corps of engineers until tho
returu of Lieut, Robertson. At present
the local corps is beiug drilled by tbe
guv-eminent inspecliir Sergeant Codiu.
The local K. of P. iuteud hulding
their auuual picnic to Bowen Island
on Wednesday next the 7tb inst. Thoy
will travel by the Baramba, sailing at
li.lu a.m. and will be attended by thc
North Vancouver City Baud. The day
will be spent iu recreation, including
baseball match, races, etc., aud the
boat wili cltl at North Vaueouver on
thc returu journey. The public may
join this uutitig at the fare of |1 re
nun children 0)e.
Mt. Robert Frascr of Ottawa, a bro
ther of Aid. Fraser, is a,t present visit
ing this city being a guest al the al
lerman's homo on llth streot. Mr.
Fraser is genuinely surprised at thc
propurtious of tho city of North Van
couver. When he lunl visited this re
gion seven years ago tbere were nu
sigus of anything resembling a city
on tbe north shore of the lulet. Mr.
Fraser was a resident of Vaueouver f2
years ago when the city's populaliun
was 20 ODD. He is finding hit western
visit an extremely pleasant unu.
sterday at
lafi Loutet on
of  Mr.   Iiiiun
Jack Loutet
e Loutet. The
ed.  After a
The wedding
tbe reiidence of M
Curisbriiul. road
Adamson, of the lir,
ami Co.. and Miss
Bev. J. I). Gills,
short honeymoon, Mr, iud Mrs. Adam
sou will make their homo ou tbu Cap
iiiuiu road.
On July 25th, lo Ml. and Mrs. Mill
ipiii'i, Keith  Ituud, ,i daughter.
July   2
Aiiuil'-. a
Mrs   Mc
ml Mrs Fred,
'aud Mrs. Norman
a daughter,
r. and Mrs. J. W.
aud Mrs. Bruce,
annul, a daugh
On Auguet lit, to lir. aud Mra f
ijlidwiu, at Harbor Vidw Sanatorium
a daughter. \
To Mr, and Mn. Hector Mackentie
Bt. Ueurge's Avenue, -Nortb Vancou
vor, a son."  .
Coun. Bridgman Reports
Upon P.G.E. Hearing
Coun. Bridgman last nigbt reported
fo Ibe diitrict council upon tbe attend
nice of tbe Bieve, Coun. iioutot and
himself u tbe council's delegates at
tbt bearing uf llic pacific Qreat East
tip Bailway Company's'application for
approval of ill location map. Coun
Bridgman itated tbat from tbe dis
trict's point of view tbere wtt nothing
It tbt piau to be objected to provided.
Ibi ttrttt crossings were properly pro
letted. Assurance was given tbem
tbtt til street crossings would be tbor
oughly well protected, it being understood in tbe rail way company's chart
er tbtt it ibould lake cart of tbe pub-
lie interests in that respeet.
It wai thereupon meved, sttfinded
tnd resolved, tbat tbe district council
endorse tbe action of the delegatea in
tbt abovt connection.
tho Hues of his company along the
Nurth Bhore.
As soou as this work is completed, Ihe
■ iiiiipauy wiU bo prepared to enter iuto
geuerul negotiations wltb property owners for the transfer of the required
lands to the company.
The purchasing agent of tbo company has already opened uegotiatious
with several uf tho uwncrs of large
tracts of land along the right'ofway
ami it is eipected that business will
result on a basis satisfactory to both
Busy Meeting Of The
District Council
No ipic.niiiui uf great moment aim'
during the deliberations of the dis
trict council last uight, Ihuugh miscellaneous business uf a miner character
was last sud furious. The municipal mail
bag was also of quite a considerable
site, the contents, however, being, dis
posed of in this council's customary
brisk manner.
Mr. J. I'. Crawford wrote upuu the
subject uf uunl'' paper recepticals
which he suggested shuuld adurn Lynn
Valley perk. Sueb inexpensive insti
tutiuus, Ibe letter implied, wuuld gu
very far towards keeping lhe park
A teller emanated frum the provincial department uf Indian affairs un
the question uf the foreshore upplied
fur by Ibe diitrict. This question is receiving altentiuu aud the district was
recoiiimeuded to get intu communication with Mr. A. M 'I'.v,-nn the Inipec
tur of Indian Affairs.
Several ratepayers petitioned for a
belter sopply of waler ou Chun n street
as at present a half inch pipe uuly
supplies 12 laps, and sometimes waler
cnnnnl be obtained, The mutter was
left iu tbe bands uf Ifvp waterworks
The Granite Quarries Ltd. wrute iu
connection wilh the council's price of
fi cents a yard for rock which Ihey
were to move from the roadway lead
ing down lu Ihe quarries. The company
fell lhat mis ligure was exorbitant.
Tho cuuucil decided to accept a 'ump
sum of 121)0 for the rock in qeostloo.
A loiter wsa read from Messrs. W.
iud K Trythall seeking reiniliurseineni
it the rate of llifi per acre for toe
lands which Iho couucil etpropriuled
in 11. I'. 1311 uu Musipulu Creek fur
waterworks purposes. This was to in
elude the waler rights which Ihe writ
srs claimed they possessed on Ihe creek.
Couu. Ilridgman pointed oot that the
arbitration price of Hit per acre was
ill that the council could pay and as
Ibey were uot cognisant of any waler
rights belonging to the writers uolb
jug could be allowed. The clerk was
instructed to notify them that the coun
cil wn prepared lo pay Ihc arbitrated
figure per acre.
Au application imm Ihe Horticultural Society for a donation to Ihc prise
list in connection with the society's
fall show wu temporarily laid over.
Mr. Albert Stabler wrole cuuiplsin
ing of Mailing al tbe quarry on Wind
•or road. Tho report-, thc letter slat
id, Wirt terrific, and Mrs, Stabler had
been troubled wilb temporary dcafneu
In consequence.
Coun. Loutet staled tbat be bad kept
a watchful eye on tbe proceedings iu
tbe region complained of, aud had seen
ur beard nothing tbat could be rcas
onably made a aubject for complaint.
He thought, however, Ibat the mailer
migbt be referred to the engiueer wbo
could invMtigate tbe matter.
On tbe motion of Chun. Loutet, tbt
engineer wat empowered to attend to
the roundiug of all roadi In tbe dis
trict btfort tbe rtiny period comei.
ft wai tben decided, n'n tbe motion
of Ibe time councillor, tbat tbe follow
ing roadi ibould bt oiled: Lynn Valley
rotd from Fromme road to Centre road;
Lousdale avenue from King's road lo
tbe city boundary; -Keith, road aud
Woods Drive from tbe Capilano car ter
- Teniera men ordered to be tailed
ltl Ibt opening of I *i toot toad to
I'eanon from lloiklai road westward.
Tenders tri list to bt wiled for tbe
opeuing  of  Adilerley  itreot,  U  feet
wide, frum Keith road iuto 11. L. lmii
The engineer wus also given power
lu act in tho construction of a baud
roil on Covecliffe wharf.
The salaries of Mrs. Harlldtt, tho dis
Iriet   clerk's   stenographer,   and   Mr,
Douglas, caretaker of the municipal hall
were increuted to |7U ami $65 respe
On the motion of Couu. Westover, thc
engineer was empowered to put the
boulevards iu repair on Weslovcr rood
tu meet existing circumstances.
in connection with the eleariug aud
grudiiig of u ruad iu I). L. 2Ue7 787, thc
temler of Jobs II.. Gordon, |5UU, was
Juhn Swu'nsiin 'a temler of tibiliiu for
ilm erection uf a masonry wall for Ihc
municipal hall was accepted.
For tho ' uiinirii' liun ef a fire shed,
the council accepted the lender of
Bullock and Mitchell, 1269.
In cuiiseijuuuco of thu Invasion of the
Valley by Chinese, Ibe clerk was in
slrucled at the instance uf Coun. West
over, to prepare a bylaw for tbe regu
iniiuii of laundries.
The cuuucil auiliiiii.'i'd the cunstruc
tion of a I foot sidewalk no the casl
sido of Lloyd aveuue frum 22ud street
to 21 lb street.
New Orchestra For
Thai new piumising orcheitril iggre
gallon, lo wit, lhe ilewicke Siring Baud,
su called because the present hand
rooms are iiuiiii.ii on Heun I,,' avenu
holds ils first nh' ninl louigbt. In au
incredibly short lime au orchestra of
eighl players has beeu formed, and
this enthusiastic little bunch will wcl
cuiiic euiupeteut rciufuurccmeuti.
Should Ihis iiiiiiiiiiii.iiiiciiI reach the
eye uf a lucul boss fiddle artist, will he
please luck his big implement uuder
his arm aud report to Ihu secretary,
Mr. J, W. Hope, whusu postal address
is P. (I. Hox .'iiln, Norlh Vancouver.
"Players of Ibe bass fiddle are la
ineiilalily scarce," said Mr. Hope to a
representative of thit paper "We
shuuld only be tuo gild to bear of
someone wbo plays one. Everybqdy
seems to liko solo instruments."
'(im, iinm-. I at lo Ibe particular class
of music Ibe orchestra would tackle al
ihe outset, Mr. Hope said Ibat Ihey
would ■ .iii.iii.-i.. i- with dance and cou-
cert music. "When, we get inure pmii
ninl wc shall probably aspire lo tbe
clauical," be added hopefully. "Tbe
baud ii being organised wilb Ibe object of cultivating intereil iu orebu
tial music in Nortb Vancouver. Mr
B, W. s.nil, wbo is a well kuown vio
liniai, hu promised tu direct the band
and if sufficient number of players can
be found ou lbe norlb shore to take
an interest in tbe thiug, North Van
couvcr will have motber musical as
eel. More pieces are required to bring
the baud to full strength and gentle
men playcri of tbe violin aod otber or
' beitril instruments arc invited to COO
iiiuiu.ni,' wilb me." ■
Mr. Hope tdded two little opinions
of his own wbicb are doubtless well
fiiuidi'd namely, tbat tbere is a lot of
bidden musical talent in Nortb Vancouver,'Ind secondly lbat tben il a de-
plorablt absence of Sundty music in
tbit cjiyr
The building permits for Ibi montb
of July show a decided increue ovtr
tbe return! of tbe montb of Juue; Of
Ibe forty one penniti iuued tbi pro
poaml aiteiiou wae fa etah iulaaee a
dwelling, Ibe total (Mt amounting to
tttfll Tbe permit! for June amount
ed to Ht,m.
The differences existing between tho
ilistric| couucil oi West Vancouver und
the Pacific Great Eastern railway havu
delayed for the, preseut thc approval
"i a portion of the location plan of tbo
right of way of that railway ou tbe
North Shore. The location plan frum
thu north eud of Beeoml Nurruws to
the city limits lum been approved as
has also that thruugh the eity itself.
The portion, therefore, which still ro
mains to be negotiated is that extouil
ing from tbe west bouudary of tbe
city to a poiut near Caulfield's.
When thu proposed location plan was
first submitted to the district council,,
Ihut budy by resulutlon instructed that
a letter be seut tu the Miuister of Uuii
ways at Victoria, protesting agaiust
tito proposed route of the P. G. I-:
railway through West Vancouver -municipality as shown un the map sub-
mil ted by thc railway compauy and
pointing out to the Miuister that such
a Hue us lueated wuuld not be of beuclll
to the municipality ami would bu of
great detriment lo the owners of tore
shore properties.       ,
As the hearing uf the application fur
the approval of the plans at Victoria,
the mup was approved as fur the por
tinus noted shove and the application
wus postponed with refercpee to tiial
portion of the runic lying within the
i........ inn. of West Vancouver iu urder to give the parties an opportunity
tu confer, will) a view te the adjust
ineiil iif their differences.
At u meeting uf uwncrs uf foresbore
properties called for consullatiou with
thu cuucnil of West Vancouver a reso
Intiiin was passed ss fulluws Thai llie
action of the Wcsl Vancoover council
bo commended, iu uut agreeing to the
prupused plun uf the Pacilic Great East
em Iiu iiv, ii;. Company aloug the fore
shure uf Ihe district uf West Vaucou
ver aud lhal they bu requested to
. iiuii;:.- lhe localiou of lhe 'imposed
line from where it enters D, I. 'I'll to
north of the Murine Drive, thence
thruugh the ilislriet, keeping north of
the Mariue drive, along Ihu route as
suggested by the cuuucil.
Al a subsequent specisl meeting tl
the district cuuucil it was decided tint
the altitude uf thc council ihould be
luid slung the fiilluwing lines: Tu object lu the lu.nlnu of lbc ..ul.'..'-. line
on lbc n.i. I..i.e. to suugest Hun Un
line be ruu from D. L. 217, northwest
north of the Marine Drive as per plan
suggested; the railway tu Bgril thai
tho riparian rights of 'lie owucrs of
nm Imu tbould be undisturbed; tbe
rights of the muui':pulily tu all cruss
ings , "ii. im' imi or to bo couslrucled.
to be protected. All crossings, v.i.e
ther uver, under or level, to lie cuu
slrucled and maintained by the railway
compauy iu proportion of one for every
60U feel; lhat slaloms be built aud
niaiutaiued at D. L. 837, D. L. DoC, aod
D. L. d.Tli; all crossings ou Mariue
drive to be uuder or overhead, tbe
coit ef constructing and maintaining
the same to be borne by tbe railway
company; personal claims, riparian
rigti, etc. to be protected,
lu accordance wilb the understand
ing with the Miniiler of Bailwayi, a
conference wu held oo Wednesday be
tweeu the Weit Vaueouver council and
Ibe repreientalivei of tbe Pacilic Great
Eastern at wbleh Ibe whole matter wu
diseuiied in til iti pluses tnd it wu
decided to tdjuurn in order to permit
Ibe diitriit council to preptre a plan
of tbe route wbicb tbey would iug
gest tbat Ibe railway follow. This plan
will be prepared u expeditiously u
possible aod wben it ii ready anotber
meeting will bo beld. ..
In discussing tbe situation witb a re
proscntalive of tbe Kxprcss, Mr. Jobn
Callegban, Chief Kngineer for tbe Pacific Qreat Eulern Bailway Company,
wu of opisloo tbat tbe proposed routo
woold not be satisfactory for tbt railway company apd Ibat If would aot
worb to tbt ad vaa tagt of tbt property
owjiere of tbe district. He stated tbat
la ruuning tke line along tbt waterfront
between bjgb ud low tide, Ml com
pany would bt utilising proptrty tbat
wtt not latl^lJanrtviblt.  Tbt right
of-way in this location would cost' tbe
railway company leas in tho first instance that wuuld ouu further nortb,
but on tho other band the cost of construction would be much greater luun
much us tho track would require to bo
bridged practically all tho way, and
the whule right-of-way would have to
bo filled in afterward, in order to
reach the level which was proposed
by thc council, tbo route would have
to be ultered for a considerable dis
tancc cast of thu district boundary and
the cost of tbo right of way to tho rail
way cunipuny wuuld be uiiormuusly in
creasud. If the railway lines were run
where tho council proposed, it would
mean that there would be vury frequent
crossings of streets sume ut right nn
gles ami some at uthur angles, all of
which wuuld very materially increase
thc iinm nin. . of railway uporution. By
runuiug the line ulong the foreshore,
however, this dilllculty wuuld bu reduc,
ed to a minimum for not only would
the streets tu be crusscd be comparu
lively few in number but the street
ends would be utilised for purposes that
would uul hamper railway opcrutiuu tu
anything like the sume degree as would
be the cuse buck iu u busiucss or residential section. Wilh respect to industries un the waterfront, the ouly
pructicablc inethud of giving railway
service lo such would be by ruuuiug
thu lines ulong the wuterfroiil. Willi
the railway Hues placed us the compauy proposes it would be u very easy
matter to give a pruperty owner a side
track to the wbarf uulsidc the railway
tracks ur tu a wurchooec inside the
tracks. .If, however the ruilwuy line
wore run on the north side uf Ihc Mu
riue drive, it would be practically iui
pussiblc for owners uf waterfrout properties tu got .- nil un. 1. tu their pru
perlies fur the reasuu iu lhe first pluee
that iu i.iiuie Ionian.,'.-. u feasible grade
coulil uut be had ami iu uther instances
the cost would be prohibitive inasmuch
as it would be necessary to run the side
track at an acute angle frum thu maiu
line duwu lo the waterfrout, a prhcess
that wuuld cut through a very large
number of high priced iuts, In each
instance, piling lhe eust uf right uf way
up su high Hist prupcrly uwucrs wishing a railway spur for industrial pur
poses would liml the eusl uf that spur
prohibitive, lu addition tu the ubove,
tbe construction and maintenance uf
crossings un titu Marine Drive, which
would be necessary iu each instance lu
whicii a "put wus put iu, uniilil be very
heavy, finally, Mr. Callugbpu directed attention to llie fuel that thu l'u
cite Great Eastern will be the first
railway to uclually build aud operate
a line along Ihc Nurth Shure uud -if
they were compelled lu lucutc their Hue
back frum llic wuterfroiil, sume other
railway line uperating pussibly under u
lioiiiiiui.il charter might, ul some future
dale procure llic right of way aluug the
foroshurc lu Hie great detriment of thc
Pacific Great Eastern, lu all fair
ncsa, he thought that the choice of
rights uf way shuuld bo accorded , the
railway which first provided railway fa
cilitics for the territory through which
ita linen mty ruu,
Waterworki Activities
The material! for tbe ifi-iocb ittel
main on 17th street wbicb wu author
ited by tbe city council tbree weeks
ago, ii now upou tbe ground and cqn
itruction hu been commonccd. Tbe
main extendi from Lonsdile avenue to
(joeensbury avenue and tben follows tbe
latter for two block/ to Jlltb itreet
wbero it eonnecti witb jtbe It inch
wood main from tbe intake.
The completion of tbe laying of now
supply pipes on Lonsdale avenue from
tbe waterfront to tbe city'i limits is
alio being expeditiously attended to.
Tbii work will probably be finished tomorrow.
A new four incb cut iron main ii being laid .on iiiih itreet from Forbei
avenue to tjuoontbury avenue, alio ou
181b ttreet from Mabbu avenue to
Bidgeway avenue. Work wu commene
ed yeiterday upon tbe laying of half a
mill of finch wood main on ¥811) itreet
to supply tbe increasing lottleraent ki
that icction.
Tbe g'iaeb supply main on Forbei
avenue beUvorn tbe Eiplanade ind Ird
ttrttt, tbeact along iti itiewtitrtngb
tbt Indian reiervo to connect witb tbt
Keitb rotd ratio pi tiewicke avenue bai ,
bow bten completed.
• Bank of Montreal
E.t.bli.h.d 1817
Capital (paid up)   -    $15,413,000
Reierve    ....    $15,000,000
Savings Bank Department
North Vancouver Branch t F, A. MACRAE,
Mt. Crown Bldg,, lit Street Manager
Wc Have Some Good Buys
in D. L 273, 274, 550.
See us if you have a house to rent, or if you want to get
a house.
We have some lovely homes for sale.
Listings wanted.
110 Eiplanade, Phone 227
"The Dundarave Door"
A new design of Crafslman Front Doors. Wc are llie
only firm in Canada making these doois. Come and see
(hem.    Pricei are reasonable.
Dickinson & Son, Ltd.
P. O. Box 1719.
Phone 222
During the Months of JULY and
AUGUST, this store will close
at 1 p.m. on SATURDAYS
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
(Oniitliined tram Lut Tuesday)
Coal   Coal   Coal
North Shore Coal & Supply Co.
■ =F
We have on hand a full supply of all Building
Material,   Get quotationi before placing order.
L. S. EATON, Manager.
Km liliiiiii's Wharf     Esplanade Weit    Phone 466
Leavi Nortb Vmcoutw
•6.00 AM.       S.iO VM..
•imam "Hoi an I
natitt. Qurnvtnf ttf
mammmmmmm^^i , '■*** Mf
time UMi lubjwt te change without
Aaliya, attideutal er otWwIie.
Anil then s strange thing happened;
I.iko a flub tbe muxxte of tlm pistol
wee etmck upward anil thj ball iu-
tended for lleynolde lodged in the coiling. The neit iimlunt I nuw O'Neil
in tlio grasji of u nun, He 'itruggled
tn reluase.himself, nmi a volley ot uathi
pouroil from hia wicked mouth, Tho
two fell to tho floor at in a death grep
pin, tho mi niiiiir I,, im i,iI, O'Nuil, «Imi'l'
liii.inl had fallen to the floor, roached
fnr hie liowio knife, but beforo ho
could draw it from iti ehuath the un
dur man turned him ovor and pintnnl
liim to tbo floor, lu auotlior iiiuiiiuiit
O'Noil wae roliovuil uf his bowle knifo
(bin pistol In", in;, been takou pusses-
siuu uf liy ono of tho byalandori), ami
wun allowed lo i'lie. ranting fnr breath
lm mini, intu a chair.
Then I eaw tbat tbo Victor wae Old
,ii" 1...1111! He bad interfored iu time
to aave Kuyiiobl'i life and disarm tbo
Koyiiobla left the rivor tlie next day
ami 'I'iiiu O'Neil upiilugucd to Old
Tii'T.nuii and 1'..nm.' one of hia boat
friends. Hut the taint of ruffianism waa
loo deep in Tom'a ayatom to bo entirely
eradicated by one Tm, "iiiuiu,," olreura-
etaui'o, aa tbu following Incident will
Iii'i'- waa a little negro barber at
Yalu wbo waa known aa "ikey." He
waa a saucy and preautnptuous creature, with a miscliii'f milking tongue in
Iiis lini'l. liilo Ikey'a abop oue day
uiitoied Tom O'Neil.
" liml" i." tpioth lm, "I want yer to
shave me."
'' Vet li, sub," aaid Ikey, "taku a
"Ami, barber," c oiitiuucd Tom,
drawing a revolver ami placing it
mini,:. Ilia kneua, "if yer draw au littlu
as One drop of blood 1'lb about yer,'1
Tlie barber, fortunatuly, did not cut
the vugabnnil, ami su escaped witb bia
life. In narrating the incident lkuy
■aid: "|f I'd a cut tiiat man over
ao littlo 1 inadu up my miii'l that I 'A
iut bia Ihruat from year In year. It
would ha' been my life or nil's, ami
I was shore it wooldu't a been mine."
One uiTri 1.111,11 about two yeara subse
tpient tu tbe occurruucua 1 have nur
ruled nl""". I nli"II'T slunl> along
Yules atreet in Victoria. About tbu
last peraon I eipected to meet waa Old
•In, loun. and yet aa I nuareil tint coiner
of Uoverniiient atreet I alinuat run
ugainst him.
"1 was looking for you," hu ru
marked, "all day yealenlay. I got
down the day befure from Vila ami
wanted to see you badly."
"What's the matteri" I asked.
" I'll toll you," bo replied. " I've
aold my pack-train ami Intend to gu
lu California, 1 waa too late tu catch
the ateamer ami ahall huve tu wait
three weeka befuru another chance will
u for gotting away. I am vory ill
today. My lefl aidu fuela aa if there
wua a lump of icu insiile of inc. I went
lu Ilr llelmcken thia murniug and he
luld me I muat gu tu bud ami atay
there; thut I am threatened wilii puuu
in on in "
Together we walked lo Iho Hulel de
IT.i   and   went   to  bia   room.    Ho
breullied heavily ami waa very weak
"I feel tbat 1 ahull never gul ovor
Ihia Iruulilu," he aaid. "I don't think
that 1 iball live long. I have aome
property and I want you In get me
lawyer an that I may make my will."
I Hiiiiiiiiiiicil (Jeurgo l'earkea, and af
ter two or tluue inlerviowa the termi
uf tho will woru arranged and the
lawyer took the paper away aud do
poiited it in a life.
From tbat day Old Jackann nevor loft
hii bod, and tbe doctor aaid tbat bii
trouble was quick ceniumptlen.
Ooo day, about a mouth after tbe
will WU drawn, Jackson barnled me I
letter and wkod me to poit It. I gated
at tbe auponcripttou carelewly, and
aaw tbat tt waa arlilroiaoil to "Tboina*
O'Neil, Yale, British Columbia."
lln muit bave dotected a look ef
mrpriio In my faee, for hu remarked in
en explanatory manner:
"Tom'a net such t bad follow, after
all. After you left the river we be
caino good frioodi and 1 got te like
bim. Thia letter tells him to eome right
dowu, fer I want te lee bim before 1
The lettor wai mailed about the 10th
ef December, and two dayi before
Chriatmai Tom O'Neil walked Into tho
betel. He bad changed but little. If
aqytbing, be wai more villelnoui look
lug than bofore, and be had tbe aame
iwaggerinfl, dovilmeyrere ill tbat I
had ubiorvi'd when 1 firat law bim In
Harry'a ealoon at Yale. He wu ihown
te the lick room. In the evesiag I aaw
him at dinner. Hii manner wu quiet
er uml more lubriued, and I thought
enl)/ thought, mind you—that bli eyaa
mlft ted u If frrrm frying, ffg ggj
Alf ml were told, thai Jaekion wu
•Inking aud might go ef at aay mo
went. O'Neil wu couitautly at tbe
ii. k mau'i bidilde, and in a rough but
kindly way did all he could tu relieve
the distress of hit friend.   But tbe end
i|rew rapidly mil, aad jwt beipn daylight ea Christmas morning I waa sum
inoiied from my room by a menage that
Old Jackson wai dying and wiibed to
eay itood bye to me. 1 responded at
O'Neil itoud ni tbe bead of tbe bed
looking down ou tbe faee of tba
sufferer. Hia eyea were suffused
with team aud hie whole frame abouk
with emotion, wbicb be found il difficult
tO 'Ulillol      1 COUlll UOt llllil.'lnlllll.l   Inn
agitation. Wai it aaaumed or real!
Could it bo possible lhat tliia desperado
-liiis murderor at heart, if not in
deud—thii social outcaat, at tbe men
tion of whoao uamo women ibuddered
ami the clteoka of atrong men blanched
—waa it puaiible that hia wicked mlud
waa open to goueroua impulses and emotional Mentally I roapondud, "No; he
ia humbugging the friend about whom
ho haa woven a alrangu spell tbat death
alone can break." 1 wai icareely civil
to O'Neil. Ho looked out of placo
in a death chamber, at least lu a death
chamber that he bad not himself by oue
of his murderous acts created.
"He's goiii' fast," O'Neil whisper
ed as I entered.
The sick man opennl hia oyea ami
guzed long and fixedly at Tom. Theu
bu i mni-.l bia bead feebly tu mo aud
aaid in a low voice. "Be kiml to bim
when I am gune.''
1 wua startled. Tberu waa louietbiug
ao extraordinary iu the requeit, coming
aa it did from a man whom 1 had
learuod to reaped for hii goodness of
buart and bravery in staying tho band
uf thu uiiiiilii for whom he uow pleaded.
"Yea," Tn, I,miu ceutiuuud, "bu guud
to bim. Hu nover bad a chauce. llm
mother died when he waa a small hoy
and he rau away ami camo Weal to
escape1 a crUul itop mother. It WU
not his fault if he grew up bad. lie
uei er meant tu do half that he threatened te do.   If hu haa doue wrong he
Iiiih   Hllllerml   for   it.     I   lllll'   iurglli'll
bim ami if the reit will forgive bim
he'l) do better."
O'Neil in • paroxysm of iulu flung
himself from the room.
"Will you promiio mul" urged tbe
dying mau.
"Yci," 1 aaid, moit reluctantly, "I
will do what I cau,"
A smila stole acrun bii faco. lie
tried to extend bia hand, but it fell
inu I' ou Ihu counterpane,
"The will," he aaid, "it will ex
plain all."
 1 IW? tuiinir
waiting tp guide bia footsteps to tho
feet al the Throne.
The neit day Old Jackson wu placed
iu tbe cemetery. After leaving the
cemetery we repaired to tbe hotel,
wbere air. l'earkea read the will,   it
ran something like tbii:
i'l give and bequeath  to,my
brother,   Oeorge   Jaekion,   sumo-
times kuown u  Tbomai O'Neil,
all my property, real and personal,
that 1 die poneiied at, tin only
atipulatiuue  being  that   be  shall
erect a auitablo  etone  over  my   ,
grave, recording thereon my name,
age and birthplace, and try aud
reform. "dames Jackson."
Tbe property amounted tn between
$7,000 and (8,000 in gold, all of which
tbe bank paid over lo O'Neil tbe fol
lowing day.   He returned tu tbo Main
laud and returned   bii   evil   cuunei.
Three yean later, at the digging! un
tha Big Boud of Columbia Kivur, he
had become so reduced by iuteni|ierauce
tbat uo ono feared bim, liiat/hr wu
voted  a  dangeroui  nuiaauce  by  the
minors.   A mule waa procured, a rope
pasted around tbu animal'a body, tq
which tho desperado 'a legi were tied,
and he wu aeut out of the camp witb
initructieni nover to return ou pain
nr imart.  su ttf iipvur iwra uf'
again, liy ma at least- Perhaps be per-
iihcd in an attempt, to reach civilian
Tbe uther day I visited tho cemetery.
The desperado did not erect a atone
to tbo memory of bie brother, ant) the
grave it uuraarked and indialinguisb-
NOT1CB Ii hereby given, nurautint
lo lhe iiiovlsloiai or (Jliiiitcr lit of the
d Statutes ot Oanada ibnl   tin
Vancouver {.nnd uud Imntuvo-
ui'iii  Company,  Limited MalilHtv, an
in^„l..nl.0lXri««m..anv   l.uvlii,.   tin   |„.,„|
„ .,._        iapler 1¥
Rev aid Statutes ot Oanada ibnl
North X--J?r       ' -"    -' l- -
pent  !.....„,.,.      ,   .
Incorporated I'ciiiiiniiiy having Ita I
oflice .it tlm I'll,- ot Vancouver, In Ibe,
Province of Britlab Onlumliia. lu.n
tiled willi tbe Hlnialur ut I'ulillc Wurka
for the liomlnliiii at t'unuda a i'lun of
Certain bulkheuda and wharves proposed to be conitrueted by the Compunv
und a ili.iici iiiiinii ot the elie for tbe
propoaed   Impi uveiiieiitii   wlllllll   lite   ll
lu lhe Ksiiluiiiule,     	
Brlllih Columbia, between
couver city, -.,..
M.limo and i 'h. st i-i il.-lil Avenues miii
parallel to lln- klaplanade, North Vancouver. Hi If ImIj Columbia, between {toil-
era and l.nua.i'ili- avi-iiu.-.'i, bulb sites
being on tbe North Bhore of Burrard
Inlet, and Ihut thu laid Ountpany bus
alio iil-'l a copy of Ihu aald plun and
.I. i" ili.il"ii with thu ii.■iiiun,ii ot
ii.-e.ln ul Vancouver, Brlllsb Oulumblu.
and lhat the aald I'ompany will apply
to Ihe iiuv. niui i., ii, ml In i',mn, ll tor
approval of Ibe aald plun und the con-
..im. tion of the laid bulkhcuili nmi
IIATKH thll 2:11.1 duy ot July, All,
111], at Ottawa. Opt.
l-l    Mull. Hum for Ihe 1111110011111011)
At Ihu lime of which I writu a nar
row puaMigu or alleyway extended from
the uorthuru aide uf the llui.I de
I'iiiii. " uu inn 1 mm,1,1 ittuet to Broad
■treut. The While House uuw standi
where lhat alley rau, aud Ibe bulol
ami the i'ulonial Theatre theu occupied
the 1 im ,'iuiii,1,1 atreet fruut uuw cuvered
by tiy, un r'n store. At the Broad itreet
.uml of the alley there itood a itory
ami a half frame building occupied liy
nuns who were attached tu Ibe Catbolii
diocoae, then presided over by Bilbop
Demurs, a courtly and godly wan of
gentle demeanor ami blaiueleai life
Iiulil a few daya ago I au uuder Ibe
iinpreasiuu lhat tbu nuns' buildiug bad
disappeared bofore the march of im
provement, but a visit lu lhe roar of
the old Masonic ball ami a careful ux
amiiiatioii uf a dilapidated frame itruc
ture that stands then revealed Ibe fart
that the building occupied by Ibe ubiii
forty three yean ago ii .till ttaurliug.
It li nld and rickety, and 'muit iouu
nne mull lo the ravagci of time, but itt
value ai an historic mouiuto il nn
' In a miniature tower on the rtnf
of tbo nuns' home there swung a tiuy
bell, which wu te remind eunimunt
cant, of thair dutiai aud to euniuiou
thi faithful to prayer. The (ret glum
qf dawn en that 1 Tiriilmii morning wu
welcomed by tbe glad ringing ef tha
Utile boll. The idund fill oa the car
of Old Jaekion ai bu lay dying on bli
bed. Ile half raised himself and theu
fill luck on the pillow,
"Ueurga," he feebly moaned, "do
yuu heart it'i our eld achool bell
ringing.   II'1 time to go home."
He pawed for a moment and then
went on: "I'd choking for air. Ohl
Oive mi a ehaun. Open- pleue open
that window and let i» the air."
Bomsqne railed tti window and than
Ihere wu borni in en the early breen
Ihe sound of volcu tinging. Th. Holy
Ultterhood ou that lovely Cbriitjlu
morning were chanting tba morning
prayer beginning, " Glory tq (led in
the highest an>i an earth peace among
Ai the voice rote and Ml ia 10ft
and gentle eadenu the lick man raiud
himself OB bt* elbow, the bitUr lo lit
tea. Whin the volcu ceawd t^i ball
relumed Hi call.
"Vm, OSorgi," uid Old Itmtm.
• • IM't get our beuki aud jo heme
Dm7 mother will be waiting." Be
turned aa bii side aad faced tbi wall.
When the bell eeaaed to ring OU Jaek
ion bid iodotd "gen. »*«.."   Ut aa
Flirni, a ih. tim    .<  .8 for 86c
Feat*, t lb. tuu    8 for 36c
Bad Obirriu, 8 lb. Una, each  30c
Fin. Apple, apeclal each   16c
Blui BerrlM, 'I lb. tin*    16c
DelmouU Peach**, '!>/, lb. tlm etch  30c
DaunonU Apricot*, each     30c
Baiflni, 3 lb. for     86c
Current.        10c
Dried Fruau, 3 lbs. for  26c
Bvaponted Applet, 8 for     86c
Bviponted Fiicbu, 8 for     86c
Evaporated Apricot*, per lb  16c
Bvaponud Flgi, 3 lb*, for ,....   86c
Tomato*, *V, lb. Una, 8 for  86c
DesBrisay Jobbing Co.
Pboui 2»7.
who want' something a "utile ditWnl" we are showing a beauliful range ol silk hose with ties to match.
The ties are made ol solid knitted silk and will not
crush or wrinkle as lhe ordinary tie will do. The
hose are the well-known "Onyx" brand, seamless
and last colors.
We  have  jusl  openad   a large  shipment  of
negligee shirts and we will be pleased to show ihis
as well u olher lines.
110 Second St., East.
Tb* North Vancouver home of "Campbell Clothing'*
Painting and
1 "       "
9 W*m9lf
184 »BOOH» tnUOrT, Hear WH8DALB
t. 0. m mi
] A Successful North
Shore Business
Notablo Development of Builuau of
 Pioneer Bakery
A notable example of tbe fad that
the North Shore rewards enterprising
business methods witb conspicuous success is furnished by the record of tbe
I'iuiiiier Hukury of this city. This huii-
hubs as its name indicates, wai tbe flrst
bakery aud cqnfeetlouery business to
bo established at Nortb Vancouver. It
wua purchqsod by tbo present owuor,
Ur. ti. P. Musselwhite, from Kx Alilur
mun Kiiiiiiiu Iciiii thun one year ago.
The development which hai beeu ex
pnrioncod msy lie guaged from tbe fact
Ihut iluring tbat time „ deliver/ which
rui|uircd threo boriei uow require!
seven. This, of courso, indicate! tbat a
much larger imido and outiide stuff Is
employed. This nue business is nuw
supporting a duxun familiei, is dispoui-
jug a payroll uf cuuiideralde proper-
I,una, und consequently ii tbe means of
circulating large sunn of money among
thu nni' liiiiiin, tradesmen, inccbauics
uml olher residents of the Nortli shore.
I f Tnl.in;! ilicnc matters into consideration
it will lie recognized as only reasonable
upun the purt uf the owners of tbe
business lhat they should consider that
thuy aru fairly entitled to the most
liberal I'.Ti.uin;, frnm tho residents uf
the Nurth Blwru.
The premises and plunl of tbo business huve recently undergone extensive
alterations uiul Ihu proprietors are ex
erlfng themselves tu lliu utmost tn prove
Iheiiiselves worthy tho confidence uf the
public und their ability iu pruducc a
steady mul suflicieut supply uf high
cluss guuds, tu at ull times respund tu
llic demands ul' the lucul ni.nl.i-i. The
bakery has recently beeu tburuugbly
rem,Tilled and enlarged. The old
oven lius been replaced by one of tbe
i.iii i type, su urrunged lhat all the tiring is dune from "iii .iTi the bakery,
llius rendering it absulutely impossible
Ilml uuy dust Iruin the furuuee shuuld
liud its way inlu the hake sbup. The
liven is ul' Ihe continuous type, such us
cuu In' used day uud night ,|i,,ul,| llie
necessity urisc.
A Iiniinii bakery has just beeu established ul l.ynn'Valley iu urder that
i business may becume eluscly ac-
ipllllii, ' .'Villi the griming needs ul I ml
papular lei .mu and iu Ihu besl pussible
posilioii tu supply ull the ueeds lliut
mny arise.
The general public is curdially inul
ed lu visit the premises and te iuspect
the bakery and plant aud to become
con vim ed by thii means that tbe
bread purchased frum Ibis establishment
is iu.n.i.i.', i.n, i under the must clean
ly roinlilioni. The proprietors believe
thai by employing experienced worknicu
by using unly the best materials, by
manufacturing Iheir product by Ibe
lulesl scientific methods and uudur Ihc
mast biglmk.imuilitiun8,,the» ara pm
dueing goodi that are aecond to none qn
tbe'market and they therefore confidently appeal tni ibe continued and
increaied patronage qf the local pub
l|e. Bread, cakes and pastry ef tho
bee| quality and which aro already
widely known for their excellence, can
be delivered at tbe shortest nut ice to
any part of tbe eity. Tbe motto qf the
proprioton may be expreued in the
words "(live us your support and we
will respond by giving yuu the beit
attention possible."
International Egg
Laying Contest
International Egg Laying Oonteit
beld under the joint auiplces qf the
British Columbia Poultry Association
Vamouver Exhibition Board and the
Provincial Government.
Total eggs laid up to the eud of thc
uiuth month, July HOtfa, 1011
Ulau I.
Pen No. Egjjs Uid
2-Wbite  l,i'giioruii    731
9-  " •"  661
14-   "       ' " 	
I    ii ii
10-   " " 	
10- " " 	
6- " " 	
83—   " " 	
18-   " " 	
18-   " " 	
22-Buff Leghorn!  102
20-Whlte Legborni  :... .477
I-   " "  174
8-   " "     451
7- " "  444
6—Browu I ,c|:hi'i ii■,  407
13^Wbito  l.i'gh.iii,,  308
18-   " "  391
21    Miililcil Aueouas  380
17-While  Legborni  308
16-   " " ....' 327
11- " "  306
Class II.
38-Wbilo  Wyandottes    8110
33-Kbude  Inland   Bedi   602
31-   " " "    .' 645
20- Barred Bucks  OUO
illl   Buff Orpingtuus 608
34    While Wyandottes   607
ill    Burred   Bucks    492
32-Bbude Maud Beds   ...481
35—Birred Buckt  428
th   limi  Bucks' 418
26-Buff Orpiugtoui  376
.iii   l'u im,Igc Wyandottei  368
iiO-Wbito Wyandottes  363
■41*—-Silver Ueed Wyandottes 330
88—1,'ulumbiau Wyandottes  301
21   Silver Pencilled Wyaudotlot.. .895
Average price of eggs, 38 cents per
doxeu. Pen temperatures, highest 04
degrees, loweit 48 degrees, average
mean 60.8 degreet t these ate abide tern
peraturcs). Baiu fell uu eight days, and
a severe tburulersturui occurred uu June
20th. Twenty two dayi were bright,
aod une dull day recorded during Ibe
Por the first time during tbu cum
petitiuu (uo blast mg bas occurred uear
Ihc pens during the muiitb, although Ihe
i'anailian Pacific Bailway have done
considerable dynamiting abuut a half
mile away.
The absence of slump . tearing opera
lines has had a beneficial effect upon the
month's egg production generally
In i In- une, pen 2 still increases ils
spleudid lead, pruduciug H9 eggs dur
ing tbu iii'iiiih. (In three days running
they laid tjx eggs diily, theu missed
one day entirely, and then laid six
eggs ou Ihc foilowiug day.  Although
aalju roatHawailrai) towls. Him   liana
by fir the largest combs qf any uf the
couteslautH iq either class. Other pen*
deserving ipeciul mention am 1, ? uud
18 (112 eggs eaaii), 0 (lllll), IH (l'lll),
8 (86), 16 uud 83 (06' each I. 29 |l>2),
4'(HI), 81 (88), apd 10 (86).'
|(|t Will bO IIP|ICW| thai pen 10 il 8t|l|
climbing up neur In the pin.il:uin w hii h
qualify for a prize. Pen 16. for tbe
flrst tlmet bas wl bqttew position.
The following pens laid six egg, on
qne or mere duys; Pen 8 (t), 18 13),
1 and 8) (8), 7, 10 aqd 83 (once).
Brnodloa-Pou 80 (3)„7, 8, It, 17 (8
each), I, 0 10, 28 (I eouh)| Folliiwlug
pen iiiultiii;- .'I, 6, 7, 1, 11, |n If, ill,
ami 80.
The birds iceiii tn have hnetmio used
lu the warm weather, and tho ogg yiot.li
have uot diminished during the :'poll uf
but weather. In class two, an exciting racu has again taken placo lie
twoen puns 33 and 38. The latter still
holds proniier position, but 33 did a
little Ii.i I ii this mouth. It appears as
if these two pens uru oxtruniul) well
mulched ami the race between tlio iwu
breodi of American fowls will be ul'
great iuterest to breeders purl iui to
these breeds.
The star performers for this monlli
arp: Pens 37 (102 eggs), 33,(07), 38
(93), 32 (80), 30, 3i (83 each), 20 (81).
Pens laying six eggs un um ur more
days: 28 (2), 33 (1), and 311 (I).
Following pens molting: 28 (heuv
ily), 20 ami 30.
Bruudius-Puut, 30 (8 birds), 30 (7),
31 (0), 30 (6), 26, 311 (6 eueli), 27, 28
(4), 33, 34, 36 (2 each), 20, 32, 37 (I
Qrecu clover clippings ure provided
daily, and the yurds huve been spaded
over during the month.
Although a considerable number ui
persons have visited the pens daily
since the coutest started, the uumber
hu been greatly augmented during the
past uuin III Frum one thousand tu flf
teen Iiundred peuple visited tin: cuu
test un Saturdays and Sundays during
June und July.
W. II. Slruyan,
Superintendent of i Tiniest.
.1. II. Terry,
Oyston, Clams and SbellUih tn 8euou
Ice Supplied at Sborteet Notlci and
Bight Price
Prompt Dellvcrlei, 10:30 and 2:30
Telephone 370
800 Lonidale Ave., Nortb Vancouver
Notice to Property Owners
Notice is hereby given thul in ac
cordaiicu wilb the terms of lhe "Muni
cipol Act,'' as nuw amended, lhe names
of holders of unregistered Agreements
fur Bale cannot be inserted upon the
Assessment Hull or Voters' List of
the Municipality for lOI.'l.
All holders of Agreements fur Sule
in respect of property in this dislricl
are therefore notified lo register same
al the lund Begistry Ollice in Van
■I. tl. FAKMKK,
138 I). M. ii.
Convention of
' A convention wbieb promises to be
oue ot fhe biggest this yoar will sit
in Vancouver iluring eiiiibltlou weuk,
iiainely the convention of the Phar
inuceuiicul Auociation,
Already a large uumber of oaatoru
delegatus uro on thoir way lo atteud
ami tlieir special cars are expected to
arrive iu Vancouver on Bunday moru-
It is expected that thoro will be
abuut lllll frum the east of tbo Boeky
Minimum!, und the same number frnm
the province uf British Columbia. Tbere
will also be a few visitors from 111.■
itiljniiiiiig American stales. The Can-
ii'liaii delegates will represent every
province in the llumiiiiou,
This will be Ihe fifth annual cou-
volition of the Canadian pharmacists
mid will be the first time il has been
held in this city, leist year it was
held in Monlreul and strung pressure
in which Bir llu Iniini McBride and ex
Muyur Tuylur joined, induced them tu
coine tu the I'ueilie coasl Ihis year.
One of lite most gratifyiug features
uf Ihis cuiivcutiun is einbiuliud iu Ibe
fuel thul Mr. Charles Nelsun, Beeve of
lhe municipality uf West Vaueouver,
is lhe president uf the aisociitiqu. The
urraugeinents iu the city are beiug
energetically attended lo by Mr. J. W.
Browne uf Brown* k Bealuu, tbe sec
retary of Ihe B (), Pharmaceutical As
lociation, Mr. Nelson, Mr. Bruwue, Mr.
i. ,. Kuuwlloii ami Mr. Frank Mac
kensle, M.P.P., will cumpose b commit'
lee Ihut will uie nut to Mc  to wel
come the incoming delegutes, Bir
H i. lm r.i McBride Is lo be the guest uf
honor ul a banquet tu be hclil by lhe
association at lhe Hotel Vancouver
next Friday night.
Tl.e ill in t;n .ii llie' nni. iiiiun will be
held iu lhe Aberdeen school, corner of
llurrurd aud Barclay streels, wbere a
preliminary assembly will bu beld uu
'd"inlu;. morning, but tbe cuiivcutiun
pn'pei will begin with a provincial aud
civic reception al 8.30 p.m. that day.
Mr. II. II. Watauu, M.P.P, himself a
druggist, is tu extend the welcome for
the province, and Mayor Fiinllay will
welcome Ihe visitors to the city. A
business session will follow aud iu the
evening a geueral journey across the
Inlet will be mude for the purpuse uf
holding u ladies' reception und tinnn.l
dance iu uue uf Nurlh \aneouvcr's
piipular hulls -lhat of lhe Kniglils of
lu connection with Ihc latter event
il may be slated Ihul u number uf the
delegates' wives ami daughters are cum
ing with Ihem and Ihe ladies uf tbe
cily have planned au elaborate prugram
of tbeir own for their entertainment.
Au aflernuuii wil lalsu be ipcul iu
mul annuel lhe municipality uf Wesl
mmmmm-tmmh ed bis Iiii *>d liaibiag
swept to rw-ind you that bo- did qqt
found a religion, uud thut in bis teaching ho largely avoided speaking ou
religious subjects. What is called
"Confiiciunlsui," if it bas auy cqu-
miction wltb Confucius, ii the iame sys
l«m qf morality ami worship which
Confucius believed in, and refers for its
authority to certain anoient books, for
the preservation and transmission qf
which Confucius ii thought tq have
beeu responsible. ConlTiciuu mcuiiii
''K'niig the Master."  Tbe philosophy
ill'   Confucius   iB  llndi'lnliiiid   tq   lie   llie
ruling force in tbo cbaractora of tbe
educated and liigblydplaced Uhine.se.
Hit grave lies (with Ibuse of his son,
graiidsou, aud immediate descendant!)
in an euclosure iuside tbe K'uugi
(about half a mile square), which ii
nearly a mile uorth of tho clt/Sf
chi'i'u. A ttalely aveuue of ancient
juniper trees leads from tho north gate
qf the city to the south gute of tbe
cemetery. Tlie mouud, or part of it, is
uo doubt tbu original gravu, but tbu
stone tablet und altar table dato only
from Ihe fifteenth century. The inscription down the middle of tho tablet
iiiiTiin. something liko "(grave of) tho
great, complete, most holy, accomplish
ed, uin'.'. -ii prince." Tbo Chinese
have a way of conferring titles on
people long after tbeir death.—Bunday
ut Hume.
The great Chinese sage, Confucius,
wus born nl u place Ibirly ur forty
miles south of T'ai un, iu the year 11 0.
Onl (or 55il), and died iu 478.   We must
Of Interest To
Lynn Valley
Ilr. McMane of North Vancouver has
secured offices iu lhe Fromme block.
A specimen cut of l.yuu Valley tim-
ber is now being hauled tu the muui.
cipul hall. It is a magnificent lug
me" .iiiiiii,. uver 8 feet iu diameter.
Ou Bunday Mr. and Mrs. Wall, Du
vul Houd, entertained a large parly uf
relatives ami frieuds, whu had spent
the greatest portiun of the duy at l.yuu
I'urk uiul iTin,ui
The l.yuu Valley Melbodist Sunday
schuul picuic was beld iu tho park ou
Tuesday afteruuott, the usual games,
etc., were much appreciated by the
scholars. Buppcr was served at 0 p.
in., the homeward journey being made
about 8 o'clock. Both teachers and
scholars had a very .enjoyable time.
Much credit is due the district coon .
cil for the manner in which Ihey are
carrying uul the improvements or I.ynu
Park. Hundreds uf people daily, dur
ing Ibe fine weather, are taking ad
iiininge uf the new rustic seals. Tables,
zig nag walks, elc. The general public
claims that Lyon Valley will iu the
near future have one of lhe finest na
iiiiiii parks un the cuait.
Arrangements uie being made for a
great day uf spurts, etc. ou September
2nd. This will be I.ynu Valley day. The
olliciul opening of l.yuu Park and tbu
.'". i i-n-ii.ii bridge will lake place
Bvery resident of the Nurth Bhore will
do well lo keep Ihis dale in uiiml. The
I.ynu Valley Day committee expects
15,i|ilil peuple lu villi the purl, and can
yuu.. uu the uliie.e dale.
All the uiiii- . and slures on Ihc
,:i...ii,T lluur ui lhe new Fromme block
are occupied by truileaiiieu a- follows:
II t'lialc, electrician! The l.ynn Vulley
Lumber Co. Ltd; W. B. Clark * Co.,
hardware; Bluer! k Barker, Pioneer
grocery; l.yuu Creek P. O.j F. Mussel
white,  branch   Pioneer  Bakery;   Her
•mt 'dUHnrlwi plumber.. The flnt
Story Ii being fitted for officei and
The illuminated fete and daqce orgau-
ixed by tba Tennis C|nb on W^hMday
evening last wai highly succoisful. A
huge amount of work bad been put ia
by the illumination committee and the
grounds and approaches were transformed into a fairy lund. flames and
dancing into which every une entered
heartily took up must of tbe time from
7.3.0 to 18 o'clock, but a break wai
made occasionally for a musical number. Tbe choral eocioty sang twice.
Un. Roberts sang "Tho Carnival,"
Messrs. Hardy and Wagberne gave a
duet and Mr. Ilobiusou gave two humorous recitations wbicb called for op-'
cures. Befresbments wero sold and the
wholo was successful from every itand-
point. Financially the cummitteu are
lu be congratulated also for a goodly
aum will thereby bo added to tliu tenuie
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Allan, lluss road,
Monday night gave a gurden und bouse
party to meet Mr. Allan's two auuts
from Now York. Aiming the guests
wero Mr. '.I. Y. McNaught in full High
laud garb; Majur Tofft; Bcuut Master
j. II. English; Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Buse, Mrs. I). Campbell, Mrs. W. II.
Kluke, Mr. and Mrs. Kealy, Mr and
Mra J. I). Allan, Mr. and Mrs. T. Allan,
Dr. Blake, Misses Maud and Betty
.Allan, Misses B. und A. Dodd uml Mr
Mr. J. P. lienii. Vaueouver. After the
garden party, the guests were treated
lu a moving picture display by Dr.
W. li. Blake, the traveller aud scion-
tiat who accompanied the ttniiford
I'luiiii expedition to New (luinea in
IOIII), Bt the behest of Ihc government
of New (louth Wales. Among the pictures shown by lhe doctor was that of
" ITT,uuu, .lack," the famed pilot llsh
which is said lo have acted as guide
lo busts going through Peloruus Souud.
lu the pictures the fish is distinctly
seen swimming iu front uf the Lout,
Dr. ci.'i.' ulsu preeented excellent pic
lures uf Mauri scenes, illustrating ccs
mines atld dunces. Perhaps the must
interesting ium were those depicting
the Kiluiieu volcano, which wine taken
under conditions of considerable dun
per. The cost of the films was more
than 415,111111.
Ouce u puel, wrote a sonnet
All abuut u pretty bonnet,
And a critic sat upou il.
(On fhe sound
Not the I,"in.Mi
Nothing loulh.
And as if it were high treasuti
He said, "Neither rhyme uur reuson
Hus it. And it's oul of season!"
Whicii 1   The   sonnet
Or  the  bonnet I
Muy be liotli.
" 'Tis a feeble imitatiuu
ill' a wortbior creation
Au aesthetic inuovalionl"
Of a sonnet
Or a bunuett
This was bard.
I'.iii  were put  together neatly
Haruiuuixiug very sweetly,
Ilul the critics crushed completely
Nnt the bonnol
Or the sonnet;
Ilul Ihe Bard.
Fullier (sternly: "Your recklesstiess
must Luvu a check."
Som "(Hud you mentioned il. I was
just guing to ask yuu fur one."
BOOMS FOB  HKNT   Housekeeping
oud single,   tli 2nd itreet eait.
FOB  BKNT--Furniihed   room,  UD
Firsl Street lilt. !«•»
TO BKNT  Stable ou Fourth itreet
ft Apply llux A101, Kxpreai Offlce.   78
TO BKNT Well furniihed room witb
or without board. Apply iht 80tb' it.
Kaet. »'»
FOB SALK- Kipc greenhouse Tomu
Iocs.   Keene, Uilli itreet. 80
FOB SALK   Build  oak leather up
bolstered  davmporl  practically  new;
alio 155 rang* cb*ap. Bos 07, Kxprrii.
FOII   BKNT    Furniihed    bedroom,
wilb use uf sittiug room. Apply Box
FOB HAI,K Two bamboo verandah
screens, quite new, length* 10 feet and
t fiet. P.O. Box S471, North Van
couver. 88
A10L>, Kxpreu Ofllco.
2 6
'FOB BKNT--Houie, furniture for
tale. I'heap, inquire at old Baptiit
church, 01b ami SI. Ueorge. ti
FOB BKNT-Modern iix roomed
limine, eorner llth itreet and Obeiter
field! blent Ut-OO. Apply Mn. ti.
Hartley, llth itreot weit. 807
FOB BKNT-Four roomed modern
callage on 15th itreot, cloie to Inn*
d»le. I'll) -per'month. Apply I. N,
Kiuincily * Co., Second itreet weet. ! 8
FOB BKNT-Urg* roomy, mitt
■lighted tlore with liable aad fl-roomed
|u)t over iter*, corner Lyan Valley *uJ
Centre Besdi. Apply Merchant* Trust
k Trading «»• M; '** p<"dw 9- wr
Vancouver, B. O. •    tV-
FOB HA.LK Or to rent, furniihed
•ii roomed heme, 13th itreet. One and
» half,block eait of Boulevard. Apply
at boose. ft.
FOB BALK Dirk criruiqu reversible
rug, )0 /*«t by 18 fqet, second hand.
Very cheap. V.O. Boa 8«1, N»r»*
Vancouvsr. H
FOB BALK On I'eler Boad 2 loll
33x137 cleared, HOO each. |I0U caih,
Double corner tixVH), 1100, 1100
tub. Apply B,ui ti'lD, Kxpreii Of
lee.   '
FOB SALK- I room bouse, modern,
wltb electric ligbt, witer, rooms piper
UTEflreteira*: Cwa*rrdtr~lHwiery
and Lynn Valley road. On good termi
lipta or ipot cub um. Apply Box
Bin, mart* Timtm . M
FOB SAI.K- Leaving for Australia.
cheap. 0 ruomud buugaluw, wilb .upon
fireplace Price film), ♦tuu cash and
balance as rout Dick mam liovereourl
ruad, uear Fruinine road. DO
FOB BALK Huuse, map, loth street
and Bt. Ueurge's A nn ne. g rooms, ce
ment bailment, piped fur furnace, let
83xl5T) to lane, fenced in and gardoo.
Now rented $88.00 per month. Price,
|8,«W, UtO caih,[balance $00 montb
at 7 par cent. Owner, Box 1810, city.
WANTED -Cook ilovi, goer) order.
Apply P. O. Bqa 8300. It
WANTED—0!rl to do general houso
wurk.   Apply 180 Third street east.
WANTKD A reliable man tu drive
laundry wagon. Apply N, V. Steam
laundry. 88
WANTKD Liitiugs from owners of
property in I). I, ii.'i?, Weit Viucouver.
Box Bi, Kxpreu Ollieo.
WANTKD Udics to call lud inspect our Hair Droning Parlors. Ajiarl
ment 7, Keith Block.    .
WANTED-Finl cleat washerwoman.
Apply Plgott, lai houie weit of Hoo
levird oa 81b itreet. ' it
WANTED-flH aboul 18 yean, for
homework. Oue wltb heme preferred.
Appijr fiit Cbestorfeld. I-I
WANTKD Young Inly fur Ollice.
Sume experience preferred. Peers k
Houll, Hank of Hamilton Building. 08
WANTKD Ul about fibxlOn. Olvi
cash 11,000 or uear, or wuuld aaauiuc
payments. Jiunlifc, 303 lit itreet. 30 7
WANTED-Boom and board for
young Englishman, private family pre
ferred.   II.   Boalcl,  Post Oflice,  North
Vancouver. 8 8
WANTED -fellies  to call  at  Hair
Dressing Parlori fur an op to date hair
dressing,    shampooing,    massage    and
manicuring, Keith Bluck, department 7.
WANTED-Stcuugrapber for secretarial work. Short boors, must be rapid
aud havo perfect' spelling aud puuctu
ation. Apply P. O. Drawer 8030, Nortb
Vancouver. 018
WANTED-Droiimakiniiand ladlei'
tailoring, long summer coals, etc. Good
flt and style guaranteed. Pricei rea-
tunable. Alio an apprentice (flood
training given). Apply evening With
•treel weit, corner Lonsdale. 1(8
Middle aged man wants ligbt employ
moot. P. O. Box 8887, Nortb Vejiou
t*r. '«8
flood young a|ock boll kept, corner
Hoblnion ud Capilano roadi. W. H.
Wilkin*. -   H
BOOM ANI) liDAKH fur meu al rea
suitable rales. 105 lib street east, near
Lunsdule. 2 8
Fur Iluu watch and jowelry wurk gu
tu Oeu. Buruerluu, Ihe new jewelry store
on :ThI itreet.
Ice, Ice Cream, Buttermilk,   Milk,
ream and Butter, Purity Creamery, l.'w
Sccuod itreet weit.
If you bave any property lo sell aud
want quick results, Hit it-with Short,
Bobortion and Seymour. if
Short time loaus on vacant or improved property. Star feau Company,
814 Haitingi, Vancouver, ti.
MONEY TO I/)AN-Monoy loaned
ou diamonds, jewelry, fun. Btar Loau
Co., tfl Ilislingi, Vancouvar.        If.
Simpson Bros., building movon aod
contractors.   Enquire grit home eaat
of Lonsdale, 131b itreet.    Plume 1,497.
Fur cabinet making, carpentering,
picture framing, French polishing,
painting, glaxing, general jobbing work
and furniture repairi, iee or phone I.
Haynei, 1838 fensdale avenue. North
Vancouver. Personal attentiou. Pboa*
hill tf.
It yen hare aay property to sell and
wast quick remit*, Hit It with Short,
■JstVwhwb ana mymeui. u.
Aulburixed agenl for Siugor Sowing Machine Compauy iu Nortb Van
couver. J. .1. McAleecc, Dry Qoodaanil
Qonti' Furnishings, corner Fint und
Lonsdale Avenue. t.f.
B. C. Livery and Board liable*-
Light rigi and' lidici' saddle honee
fer biro. Stabling fer burses. Hon
enl delivery ud heavy teaming. II
Duma*, 4th itreet weit. Pbon* 147 t.f.
fend Clearing and Orading Loti,
Pete Andruit, Ocuoral Contractor. Sewer connection* a ipecially, baiemont
and other excavating work undertaken.
Kttlro»toi free 687 St. Ocorgo'i Ave.,
North Vancouver, poat oflice box 8803.
Advertiaer would like to meet party
ef menu, not looking for immediate
return, willing lq invest at au initial
expense up tp 10,000. Object to build
and operate a- trading post oo a well
lituated barber on tbe mainland within
M0 railei qf Vancouver. Harbor ii well
•locked witb natural resources, and betides operating the trading pqat ad
vertiser wiilei to obtain by leate or
purcbaae pr preemption any available
ludt suitably located for townsite or
olMii purpoiiii. Will prove a gilt edge
rnvcitm'ent within I yean. Fuller particular! to bona la>.  P. 0| Boa |«M,
North Vaneauver.
We Are Plotting
ti) gal y«ur buslnesB. Qui naw subdivision In Hollyburn ta well worth
your consideration 1/ you want OOOD VALUE AT SMALL OOBT.
Ideally situated on tha fJoveroinoiit Boad. OALL IN AND WB WILL
Provincial Land & Financial Corp.
Office Supplies
(10 TO
J. E. Scouten's Book Store
|N  8. Book aud Stationery Company).
311 Lonadale Avenue
Coal, Brick, Lime, Gravel, Sand, Plaster,
Cement, Lath, Sewer Pipes, and
General Builders' Supplies
Office: 56 Lonadale Avenue.   Phone 198
Wharf: Foot of St. Georgea'i Avenue.      Phone 178
Rooming House or Offices
Ou th* Upper Floor of tbe
KNIGHT BLOCK, Eiplanade Weit       ,
Will Butranc* tud will lighted Hallway
For particular* apply to
London & British North America Company, United
(Mahon, McFsrland fc ProcUr, Ltd.)
619 Pender Btreet Weit
(Plioue Seyiiimir liMHI, Beutal Department)
Lyan View,
Lynn View.
Lynn View
Lots from $325 to $500 per lot. '"
Terma, 150.00 caih, $10.00 per month
4 These lots are one block Irom car line in l.ynn Valley and
nice and level and high.   _____^
4 Let Ul quote you rates on Fire, Life and Accident
McMillan & reek
We Are Selling Lots   •
in D.L, 613, immediately north of D.L. 204, at prices
(rom $650 to $775.   Terms one-sixth cash, balance
spread over two and a hall years, with no interest.
i\ Now is the lime to buy, belore railway development.
Salety Deposit Boxes to Rent
1,1 '    1 1
North Shore Locators
I RichraowhCimnsftcir!
servative Association
Annual Meeting
Tbo annual meeting of tho Bicbiutitid
Central tjomtorvetive - Association wae
hold at the Vancouver Oonserv»|ivo
dull op Tuesday evening last, wben
dulugates from all parts of tho constituency attended.
After the approval of minutes ninl
the reception and disposition nf ohl-
ws1 reports, etc., the secretary reported that several districts were nun
\Mpe lur locul associations and one would
Tm formed ul Hipiuiiiish within thu nus I
fow days.
TIlU     elm ll,HI    Of    lliin el.1,   I ll.ll     lll.ll.
place, resulting in the  mil 1-  gnu
tlnniuii being ulentei|: ProsiiTcil, 11. (!.
11.i.li'.mi, South Vancouver; victtpre
uhluiit, Mayor W. McNoiebi second vice-
president, II. (1, Walker, Jl'., Kiiruuby;
Ireositrcr, ,1. H. Falknor, .1.1'., Htovoi-
tuu; secretary, Persy King, Nortli Van
couvur; executive, tt. Churchill, Kliurim;
V. V. Harmer, Central I'urk; II! San
i'i.,"ii Kburnii; ,1. T. Huistnitli, llich
uniii'i Central W, II. llrott, Colling
wuod; .1. .1. Wilson, Htuvestoii; M. V.
Miller, Ebiirne| 0, K. tiaeturbroobo,
klliurne; ,1. 0, McArthur, J.I'., South
Votes of I lm ii I. f were attended to
the retiring presiilent, Mr. ti. ITiureli
ill, ami also to the secretary, Mr Perey
King, for bis four years' lervieei as
secretary nf the Itii'liuuinil Assoc ntiou
Organisation matters then caute u nlor
cousiilcralion ami a plan uf campaign
for the coming year outlined, tuo ile
tails of which were referre.l .to tin'
oiecutive fur action.
After the adjournment of the meet
ing, Ibo ''."mu.' met ami dlicusieil
various inatlurs uiul decided to bold
their meetings ou the second Tlrtrs
ilay in ouch month at the Vancou .'ci
1'oniu'rvnlivo i'lub.
The most pompous man iu lbc com
tniitiily is Mr. ' Kmiwitall, while lltu
mosl desirable citisen is Mr. Merit.
To tlm itatopayen of North Vuncouver
Dear Hir, I willi In bring In public
llllenlliili ii letter vt.lili li I sllbinitieil In
llle I'iiiiiii il ul tbeir requeit, expressing
tny objections to the engineer's charges
preferred against my supervision of lhe
work at the i|uarry.
In answer tu my letter, "the council
fell Ibul if they were lo make lite I'iu
gineer responsible to them for the com
dur) of lbe work of lbe district, Ibey
musl givu liim iliserclioiiury powers as
In llie liiinle iu which the work wus to
be done." II is well lliut be should
have "ilisi-ri'iioiiury powers" to carry
nnt the work, lull I Htrniigly resent the
engineer's action in shifting hia re
sponiibililiei on In my idiooiilers and
milking the office of superintendent a
loop Imlc nf escape frum tbe udverse
erilicisin ul the liuuds of tlm public
by semi annually sacrificing ils bidder
regai il,   • nf hit ability ur reputation.
Neither did I oliUin tuiliaftictiun
from lbe council nr frum Ibeir reply lu
my written statement. The only re
rouree now is in a letter to the press.
The   appended   letters   arc   self en
plaint I ory;
July Sllb,  IIIIH.
Mr. Jolin McLean,
North Vuneniiver, ll. (!.
Hear .Sir, I am instructed by the
Oouncll in advise yuu mat, having tak
en   into  conaidoration   yuur  Idler  uf
I'd. Unl in reference to yuur change
uf position from road superintendent
lo foreman, and hearing ilic engineer's
reply thereto, Ihey huve decided lhal
Ihey musl uphold the engineer ill the
position luken up by him. The couucil
feel Ihul if they are to muke llieengin
er responsible tu tbem  for thu con
net of llie wurk nf the dislricl, Ihey
must give bim discretionary power, as
lo Hie mode iu which the v.... 1. is lu be
arried out.
Yuurs faithfully,
.lohn II. Fanner.
July ilni, Uli.
Mr.   lleeve   and   Gentlemen   of   the
Cuuucil, North Vancouver, II. I,',:
I have been rcijucalcd by councillor!
lu bund in a written statement of my
grievances relative lo my change of
position as outlined  iu commillee.
I mint aay that I was surprised at
Ihe change of altitude taken by you
after that meeting. I diiHuclly re
member that you twice aaid that I wai
lo go oii as I had been doing. Thll
slaletneut was Hrst made afler I bad
liuished eiplainiug my position, and I
was again ensured on retiring. ilr.
lleeve and Councillor Ilridgman were
vety pronounced in Ibis mutter, I ran
not understand how any olher inlerpre
lation ""il'l be placed upon
what you aald then that I waa
to arl ns I alwaya bad done;
namely in the capacity of superintend
cut under orders from thc engineer I
piade it ijuitu clear to you when refer
ring to tbo note from Iho engiueer re my
change of position and wages thai I
would nol accept a lower position and
leal salary, io tbat you roold nol have
forgotten su quickly. I have already
verbally given sound reasons why tbe
charges made by the engineer agaiusl
uie were entirely groundless and un
just, but, sine.' it Ti your requeit to
have them in writing, I will relftrate
them a* Aarly ai pwtible,
In the beginning, after reading Mr.
Coegrove'i note. 1 asked bim if il eon
iaiiied a specific ur a general charge,
lie declined to answer, Mr. loutet, in
iinswi'iiiig for bim, aaid tbat It' wa* a
specific charge in regard lo the quarry,
and iiml (here were too many men
iiiployi'd at llie quarry aad ** * result
some of ilicrn were loitering. Tbii, I
successfully refuted snd proved to bt
without fee«d»tion, for tneie reueatt
I'lrit, not ouly waa tbere enough work
for tk* qo»rry gang, but alao for iii
nin fron Foreaa* laam' gang, wbo
wara  removing  the  earth  ami  debria
from the (op of tbe ruck in tbe quarry,
Tliia covering was from two tu sd feet
in thickness'ami extended the full width
uf llm road allowance. To have tbe
work properly carried on so ai to allow
the quarrying of rock to proceed ns rapidly as wis called for, we ibould bave
| iind about fifteen extra men and livi'n
then Ibere would have beeu plenty of
work for all bauds. In this connection
I was told by Mr. Jsniiesoii, the water
superintendent, and alsn by the quarry
iTiiTTuun, that the engineer had let a
contract for the removal of the above-
mentioned, i'urlh covering. Tlii' egain
shows tbat tbore wae abundance and
tint too many mon In tbe quarry as
stated by tbe engineer.
Secondly, if there were too many mun
lu the ipiurry, and somu were loitering,
us Mr. l.iiiitci alleged, how could thu
engiueer, acting in the internets of the
peoplo, eoo Ot to ml'.-'nee the quarry
fureinau'l salary TUN lllll.l.AIIH (SUD
pur month when such alleged laiity prevailed, iin tho faee or tho charge
whicii he laid against the quarry would
it then be consistent for the engineer
lo ruisu tho foreman's aalaryl Ily thii
ouu act tliu engineer demonstrated In.-
yoinl the bi"i." nf a doubt that the
quarry was giving bim satisfaction,
Althuugh there was plenty of work for
Ihe men to do, yut had the engineer
given us levels through thu quarry which
wuru asked fur a mouth .previously,
we  "iiibi   have carried   on   Ihu  work
\nim ■ iiuUllwjaritl,-, ami. umuli time aud
mouey would bave been saved. When
asked witb reference to ihc grade on
tbis portion Of Windsor Huml, the Oil-
gineer li i in ml i, pointing to a white
reek in tbo cent re of tlie road said:
"The grade eterte from tiieru and runs
dowu tnis way. Tbere will bo about
tbree foet te Hll in through heru."
Tbii haphazard guess work wae in relation to tbat part of tho road running
directly through the quarry, Vuu cau
plaiuiy see that this kind of thing did
nut etpedite tbo working of tliB quarry.
Fm l Inu imu e, there weru uo other orders giveu to have anything done In
tho quarry than what was usual frum
one duy to the othor as tbo work pro
I bad no power lo taku any initiative in putting forward this nr any
other work unlum ordered by tliu
engineer. When I did auything which
wai obviously to au uili'uutugu without
III order, I wae reprimanded, and wllilll
1 ditl nut carry out what *wus ordered
tu a disadvantage I was persistently
asked fur roasuiu why it wus not duiiu.
l.ut mu elto particular cases!
In regard to the former Instance, a
windmill ueeurred un Wiiulsnr lluud
near liousilalo, and uu my uwn iitiulive
I had somo crushed ruck placed iu lbe
cm,Iiuiu to enable the sleuin wagon to
get up I "inn,Inle with ils Inad.' This
was imperative, as otherwise the engine
could not go up I.onsilule. I wasques-
United by the engineer us lu who put
ilml there, and when Informed tbat I
gave tlm inslrtieliiina to have it dons,
ho stated that 1 ahould not havo put It
there and felt quite indignant about it.
Hegarding the second Instance, T hud
un iinlnr to take gravel fpr Kolth road
from Histur Orook. The engiueer, as usual, iipcciiied Iiiii method I should pursue
ip carrying ou the work. 1 was ordered lu use an iron bucket iu raising
thu gravel from tho bed ef the creek.
This wus a very expensive proceaa and
llllt at all necessury. 1 was getting
gravel frum thu gravol pit at about one
third the cost, and tried to evade thu
"I'lei, but was cuul iniiuii v asked why I
did nut taku gravel from t1Jo crook.
I finally bad to fall in with bis order*
auil after taking half a yard of gravel
from the crock, abaiiiluued this method
us altogether too slow.
lieiiileini'ii, tbu fuels uru before you,
which I am prepared ut any limo tn
,ub ii'iiiii'ie Vuu can reud ily see thul
anything I did was strictly iu cum
I'bi'ii" with ordure ami this upplied
io the quarry as I have already point
mi out.
1 want you tn let mo know of yuur
iin.iin," in i.-i yeur cnnslilcrutiun uf Ibis
i i. im ni. and to stato whether yuu
Ihink   Ihut   the  eluiruy  laid  against
me in regard In the quarry is jusliliud.
Yuurs respectfully,
Ii!th Ht. West.
July iilllli, MIL'.
Subdivision of North West quarter of Diitrict Lot 1067
Corner Roiebery Road and Fulton Road
i    I '
I    i I
..J     L i__
1 S
I a
1        (
mttt        ' '4
Sr   "CAP   H
Unulile ( inner! I anil 2, I I and
12. I I autl 14, ami 23 and
14, mli pair $1250
I Tils ), 4, 5. fl, 9, 10, 15,
16. 17, 20, 21 and 22,
cad,  $540
Ul.    6,     7,     IN    and     19,
each $510
lentil 13 (uiii, balance liy
Iwo in iiiiiii.nin ,ii 2 and 3
years. Inieresl 7 pci cent, pay
•iM' Imll yearly.
 j     'il!^moji^**^qJsV__
I lie uliove niilulni.-iuii ii one
nl the choiceil olfcringi lor Itonie-
ulci nuw qii llic market, ll i
.I, i.,i,i Iwo ii.m!, ul a mile fiom
lbc v.,il. iinini, al lhe corner ol
iwf) roads liuill liy llic Provincial Government, ami in llic can-
Ire nl lliul large ,in ,i nl nni.ill
holding* laid uul liy llic Gov-
West Vancouvei u lo become Vatnouvci'i unil Nmlli Vancouvci'i gn.ii.nl
iiiliuili and llic vigoioui mruiurei ul ill (nil ( nunill will gicully luilliei lliu.
The piuci ol lhe I .nli now offered aie iliully modcrale. and llic Iciim
aie very favoralile. IIkm pine may lie allcicd in the I Jill may lie willidiawn luun
the market al any lime wilhoul nolice.
The Burrard Development Company Ltd.
I 7 I Jinnlalr Avenue, Nuilli Vainouvei I
o.u.»inA9ii*m*i.   CAPILANO, NORTH VANCOUVER   p LAMQ* f"»'uu"'
09*, ^99
Unequalled Reaort lor Holiday, long or short.
<    J'amily Rooms en suite wilh special rates.
Modern appointments throughout, spacious grounds, high clan service al moderate rate*.
.     Easy trail lo top oi Grouse: Mountain, altitude 3,000 feat
Birk$' Watches
command tba atuutlun of those wbo Insist on accuracy lu
th* watclies tbey carry, becauie accuracy la really lha all Important quality in a watch. Now to obtain accuracy, every
wheel, pinion, jewel and spring must ba put together by
watchmakers possessing a thorough knowledge of their pro
It la our Inttmata knowledge of watch** and watchmaksrs
that control* our buyers and suahles them to place befor*
our large patronage an article of real maris—a timepiece to
be proud of. Those whn cannot communicate with u* personally may do ao through tb* medium of our Ulmtratid catalogue and our Mall Order System. Tbli catalogu* will be iim y- ,
frst to any addre** upon riqueit.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
George I:'.. Trorey, Managing Director
Hastings and Granville Streets   -   -   Vancouver, B. C.
To Rent
We have iomt modern houses,   furnlslwd   iud   unfurnished   it
moderate rents.
Excellent four room suites, Fraier Block, Third Street flust
None bettor.
Bents (17.60 and 188.60.   8BB THBH.
Phone 24. P.O. Boi 1820
Photography for Amateurs
By Reflex
E*   Stmrmramnnmnnmn^m^nnannann,^^n.mn^m^mm~maam
Job Printing at the "Express"
• Gas light ininliui: il uot the luist
interesting uf the priiitiug processes,
and nn ini; to its ease nf manipulation
is undoubtedly mure w|doly used than
uuy othiir method.
Its greatest advantage lies In tbo
fact that It can bu UBud in thu drawing
ronm (that ii, if tho wife {a willing)
apd needs no dark room, (las liglil
must uut be mistaken for lirnmide
printing, which is au entirely dilfercnl
paper, requiring also different treatment.
Uas light paper Is a paper fur print
tng*ANI) IlKVKLOI'INU by artificial
light, tliu nhide piiircn being curried
uut iu full view uf the operator.
There are many kinds of paper,
tuiislly tpuul if backed by the iiamu uf
a guud firm, and it may be had in
uuiiili.' grades tu suit each purliculur
negative. Hard and sul't, satin, glossy,
matt; in fact, in all grades lu suit any
bind of negative except Ibuse mil
wurlh priiitiug frum.
' The paper should mil be opened in ur
exposed to daylight. It shuuld lie
upeneil in subdued light iu an ordin
ury ruum wilh the Luuk turned tu the
.•.mii" uf light, ''-''ii" papers are sluw
er ill actlou thuu 111110111, but if lhe
Instructions given willi euch packet ure
,nn lull-, fulluwed llie results shuuld
wurk uut satisfactorily. I'luce the
paper iu contact with the lilm or plate
just as for I'. 0. P.' and expose to the
light, lilac I r ic light being uuly avail
able in North Vaueouver il musl be
Inline iu iiiiiiil that Ihe action is quick
er than gas ami the cipusiirc given ac
cordingly. II is a guud |iIiiii lu make
a trial expusure lirsl by Hie following
met hud.'i—
Uuld the printing frame aboul cighl
inches frum the liglil und cover iij> Iwo
thirds uf Ihe negative willi 11 piece uf
card. Hxpnse fur say leu sucuiidi, Ihun
slide Ihe card down a further third uf
tin; negative, giving ten 10'oudi mure,
Aiially Inking tbo curd away altogether,
giving u further lull seconds. Then
will limn I,,. Ihree exposures on the one
paper of leu, twenty uud thirty ace
mid-. Develop uud mile which of lhe
three is the desired tone and act ac
This will give " ulundiird in work
from for all similar negatives und uill
suve many u watted pupcr in future
North Vancouver City
Corners on Boulevard Extension
U I, Block 217A, D. L 546 (67x 114 feel)   . $ 1,800
Uu 4 and 5, Block 2I3A, D. L's. 544 and 545 $2,100
District Lot 265
Ua 17, 16 and 25, Block 12, eith $2,500 nel
For terms, Maps, etc., apply to
The North  Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company
Limited Liability
Norlli Vancouver Agenti for
Phone Seymour 6286
A groat deal dopeuda upon thu depth
ul' the negative as |o the time pf bx-
poauro, but If tho above rulu ie adopted
ono soou gets iii'i-iiiiiiiini'il to tho kuaek
ut judging tliu right oxputure.
lust as there are many papera eo
alio are thero mauy developers, but
niiitol 'iniiuii or M. bj., at it ii usually
called, will be fuuml aa good us any
and is always reliable. It can be pur-
chasm! iu packets at li cunts each ami
each packet euiitains enuugh tu make
'-inlil tu |en iiiun -en of developer.
Fur soft effects mui a weak sulutiuu',
taking i-uri'"tii add a few drups uf 111
pur cent solution of bromide. This will
relurd ilevelupment a little, but it has
Ihu effect of keeping down tbu gray
tunes and helping the high lights.
Iiiiinii) exposed lhe print, taku it out
of the frame and fur a shurt inn. iiu
inert,!! the paper in u dish uf o'cun
water. This will prevent air bubbles
forming ind cuitsing while spuls uu
Ihu prlllt,
Tuke mil of lhe waler and immerse
in the developer, rocking the dish to
und fro, just as if developing u plate.
As sunn as develiipnienl is complete
iiin.e in clean water uud place in lix
iug biith fur leu minutes, ufterwurds
washing in running wator fur au hour.
If instructions uru followed carefully
lliere should he lillle difficulty expert
uncoil in mukiug good prints. Use
plenty of developer uml let it How
quickly and evenly uu the paper, lu
Axing keep the prints tiiuviug or stains
ure likely In occur uwitig lu them slick
iug togelhor und causing uneven linn
ili ' mid fumy borders cuu be iu
Uu.Iiinii according tu fancy. These
cuu either be made at Iinme or pur
chased from .. dealer, Tbe abuve ap
|ilies lo Mruighl priming from the negu
live, bul Ihere tire many wuys uf prlul
iuu |Ti.tii,:i.i|,|, , Iruin several negatives,
generally   called combination  prill I iug
ITlese    uill    Ih;     I,.ill     witli    III    11    llll'l
If satisfactory results uru lo be ob
lamed cleanliness Is imperative, llu
not use dirty or stale developer or
hypo, lio not use dishes lhal ale nut
I'-uii. uml in handling piper be careful
Ihere is nu hypu un the lingers. Certain
papers ure apt lu give streaky murks
it nul pruporly worked. To amid these
the paper musl be soaked in water, un
explained above', previous lu del clop
■I T The spccki ur spuls in yuul
negatives ure caused by dust uu the
lilm or In un I,ul,I,I.-, forming. Tu
in md lhe latter use plenty uf developer
mnl run the lilins rapidly Ihiough lor
ii sborl time.
THOI HI,Kl) The marks ou your
negative are eauacil by uneven develop
lucul. The developer shuuld be i|ui<kli
anil evenly ruu un the plate. Ilulest
Ihis is dune dry patrbci lie left, which
will mil develup al lhe silne rate as lhe
I'urin of the plat,: Hial immersed.
NT'll' Much dcpendi upun the time
ul duy and Ihe light us tu lhe sire uf
nli*|i unci Al iiiiiIiIh) willi a slop P Ili,
and al this lime of the yeur, au ex
puiuro uf ..'Hi of a inn ulnl shuuld give
guud resullH. Kur eiery alup the ex
posurc in doubled. Thus, if llie normal
espoiure ul P t is half a second, al
F li it would lie one second, I III
Iwo seconds, uud su un I'ur purtruilurc
use upcu upi time, bj- wbicb j nun li
■ufler effect „ ubiiineil.
Allegd Theft of (20
From Grocery Store
1'iiln i- Magisliale llugglcs un Wed
ncsday murniiig decided lhal Ibere was
mlllii'iilil evidence igiiutt Walauu
."iniwilrii lo wairaul the submission uf
lbc cue lu • higher cuurl A prelim
tuny bearing waa Ihe choice nf Ibe
prisoner wbu wai given in uppurtuu
ily uf hiving Ihe use beard summer
ily at Ibe local court
Tbe charge agaiusl Suowderi alleges
the theft uf I'" frum the Iill io Wm.
In in j n grocery ilore al WiH lib nl root
'lu Wi-dni'.-daj nun mug I on llewcy,
daughter uf Wm Dewey, tbe proprielor
uf lbe slorc, staled lhat ou tbe .'nil.
of July she wu iu charge uf lbe slure
There waa thllim iu lulls *ud c»ab iu
Ibe Iill, Hhe particularly remembered
tbst Ibere were Iwu ten ilulltr liilli,
One of which *'•» y»""W Tbo wil
uest also ruufeaaed lu taking cider He
'really sho bad occasiou to leave the
■tore and on returning found tbe prl
miner uulside, ojucilioncd by lbc chief
of police thc wilness silled tbit Snow
den cotxed her lo take more rider. Kni
* joke lbc wllneti pretended lu lie in
toxin! cd.
Mr. Ilowey bore uul Ibis evidence
ind inenliuiird aiming olber thing*
tbat Hiiuwdeii and bl* wife lived (lone
above Ibe itori lu ipmllon.
Hulin.i|iiciilly  thl amount allied   in
Ihi charge wa* missed fron Uie till.
The Canadian Bank
of Commerce
BIB   EDMUND   WALHBB, O.V.O. LL.D. D.O.I,. Preildont
Aast. Goneral Manager, Ooiiorel Manager.
Capital $15,000.000   test $12,500,000
Temporary quarters  of  the North Vancouver Branch,
Esplanade West, near I .wisilalc Avciiih:.
A General Banking Business Transacted
•   Interest paid on Savings Bank Deposits of One Dollar and
upwards.   Withdrawals may be made at any time.
J. A. FOBSTBB  Manager.
Representative of
British Capital
Wishes to get in touch with
anyone having undeveloped natural
resources to offer.
Goal, Copper, Asphalt or Gypsum propositions preferred.
Ground floor deals only. Real
Estate not wanted.
Mail lull particulars lo
P. 0. Drawer 2030, North Vancouyer
Mrn Biiowdt'U, lhe prisoner'* wife,
referred lu u couveraaliuu ihc hud witb
her I,., im.i ua In eerliiiu money he
liud iii hia pueki-t, nuuieli a yellow
ten diillar lull mnl ii green une lie
luld Inr Ihul he hud itu I il frum Ihc
Mil und mild iiiniclhiiig abuul gelling
niinl future muney he wanted frum lhe
nllllie plun'     The willll'MI Uul pliaacaalull
iif uue ul lhe bill" referred lu, which
alatctnciil wun currulmrati'd by Hcrgl
.lulni I'ru.elti, bartender ul lhe til.
Alice Hold, ipukc Ua lu Ihe primmer,
tendering hun a leu dullui bill iu puy
nienl fur ilriuea. I). Hullia gave evi
ileine uf n .sun iIn r character
llm ailed .'di. Snowdtu did uul think
lnl lu,. I... I had been in wurk fur miitte
lime. Kur a luuaiderable period he hud
itncii bet vci) lillle liinnev
tjiiuwdeii, ihiuughuut lhe preliminary
bearing, aaked uu qucaliuua uf any ut
lhe wilncStci, At the uiilael he iu
fiiriucd Iiih wurship lhal uu ur range
llielll had been lliiid'e whereby Mr. ■ I'
.-Imll. wua lu defend him. Mr
shull/, huwever, did mil appear, and
llic ii,.i-i ■imi. fell cuiiatraiued lu pu
nu with the came. He euuld mil have
lhe hearing adjuurned day afler day
became cuuuii'l fur the ulher aide fail
il iu nul iu au appearance.
I'initially charged, Suuwdcu aaid thai
he had iiulbtug tu aay Mi Hugglra
Iheieupuii euuiinilleil lhe priauuel fur
trial iu a higher courl.
Minister of Public Works
May Visit Nortb
Al a ineeling of Ifae necullv* of
Ihe local Hoard uf Trade uo Wednei
ilty night it w*i decided Ihil au at
tempt ahoold be made lo have Ibe Iluu.
N. I). Muuk sddrtt* Ibe board duriug
fall villi lo Ibe eutat. The preiidcot
Mr, Aleunder Brnitb, wai ailed tu
iccurc Ihe iiccciatry infuriniliuu regard
log Ifae miniiler'* ilinertry sod en
T.iiii.r lu ni.il..' arrtogcrncnt* for *
un i iiiin wilfa the Hoard of Trade, tbe
gallicring lo lake lbe lorm of a lunch
eun, 'bainiuel or public Hireling Dm
al the rpioiliuui uf villi ifnporttoci lo
be coniidered by Mr. Muuk duriug bli
viiil ja lb*t of Ihc i re, inni of S new
puil uflire and government building on
lbe pn "eut tile of tbo city ball, Ibe
purehaio of iame having juit beop ron
aninmateil by the department of public,
worki. It wu decided lo invite Mr.
II. II. Steven*, MR to etimt lie e»a-
leiiiplaled   fm..liuu.
Be/ereece wa* road* to th* /act thai
board had beta Inlttmti tbroogb the
prcia Ihul the Duke uud llucben uf
iTiniiniighl ure lu uml lhe nurth ahure
uu Sept -Tllli. The buunl decided In
expreaa ita regret lliul nu ulh. lai in
Iniiiiliiiii hud been furwiirded lu il by
llie eily lulhuriliea in regard lu llio
reply received frum Ilia liuvul High
ncaa.. The meuibera fell liml ua u ;iub
In budy Ihey ihuuld Hike mime part lit
preparing lur Ihia impurlanl uait, pur
liculirly nun i- it waa nt the iiiatanee
nf the buard Ihul audi uu Invitalinn
ivua furwiirded lu Hie liuierniir lliu
i'reaidiTil Mini li reported upuu lua
attendance un delegate uf Ihc liuurd ul
lhe conference uf weatern buurda uf
Irade m t'algary recently. A uumber
of ptpera, auid the preaidenl, uu null
alllijeila u.n I llllinj'iillul lull, liud lhe'
iluring uf grain, freight rulea and
ulher impurlanl laauea connected Willi
the upiTiiijg ul ihc r.u,iinni caunl wire
read und diacuaaed. The preaidenl cuu
Kiilercd Ihul en client reiulli were like
ly lu accrue lu llieie uniiiiul cuuf'reucei
ut weateru liuurda uf Irude.
The fulluwing lennliiliiiii wua theu
curried; "Thul lhe executive nl lhe
Huard uf Trade mah lu record Iheir U|i
plena I iuu and I imu an In itecvi: Muy
fur hia In i ilill iuu lu Ihc buard lu acini
reprcaiTiluliiea lu meet Ibe Hon.
Iinni. I'ocbraue, Munaler uf Hlilwiji,
uu hia recent viait lu the nnrlh ahure
Mr. J W. DuiiuIiIhuii, Ihe scrclaiy,
wua imlrucled lu lend u cupy uf thii
rcioluliuii lu the reeve.
The luniuiillee alan roiolvcd lo eu
'lume lhe aiTiuli uf lhe ferry buard ill
urging the lluiuiuiun IJuverurncul lu
lake ulcpa luwarda lhe remuval uf drill
wuud debria in Huriunl Inlet uuw cn -
langering lbe paiiage uf Ihc feiriea
nud ulher vcalrli.
Mr. Ji. Walla Honey, chairmen uf Ihc
lianapurlatiuu cumniiltec, mniitiuned Hi
liiiiml "iiiiiliun i uniiiiii ice, ( meiil iuued
lbat bo waa in etlciiilajce at the re
ceut icaaiuu of the railway couiiuiaaiun
en, Mr. Huuey apuke highly uf the
way iu wbicb Ibe hearing wai conduct'
ed arid dwelt upuu Ibo juilice v.Imb
waa duue lu lhe nurlli ahore.
Mr. A. II. I'erry, at chairman uf lbc
touriit ami ictllen' committee, ito.cd
tbat people were coming tu tbo nnrlh
ibore iu large numheri. Thero wai
every indication of a big influx uf If"-'
lien during Iho coming /all. i
 •-  -
Udy (to newicrvaulii •Wfef i|Uile .
understand, Bridget, lhal  I shall unl?
be 'at bumc' every Wednesday lion'
three to fivel"
Hrnlgilt " Vnm, mum. fTben to her
tail) i Bridget, mo iw»(c queen, 1/ iver
* wouian bad * hiviuly lilivalion, aure
IS-'* ywwW hat got il. Wii Uu mil
tre** taly at bumc /or two hjDire ivory
write, pliwil • ruariu' Uiiuii Oi'U hev
av ltl"
*     '
. 4
l'ubliihed Tuesdays and Fridays by Nortb Shore Frees, Limited.
Rates of Bulncriptloni-Oiia year, 11.99.  Bix montbi, 60c.   tbree inontbs, 26c.
United States aud Foreign, $8.00 per year.
AdvertUing Bate* Will Be Quoted on Application.
The Hiprss* If tjavoted to the Intereiti ot the North Shore at Burrard Inlet
exclusively. It eonitftufee in advertising medium nl exceptional. value lor
reaching in a thorough and effective manner the population of North Vaneouver
Oity and lliatrict. Bvery effort is made to give advertisers the most satisfactory
All change* In contract advartisementi ibould be iq the printers' hands not
later tbau 10 a. ra. Monday and 5 p. ni. Wednesday to ensure insertion in the
following lieu*.
North* Vancouver, 8, 0...
..August 2,  1012,
The universal hope will be enter-
tainml that the matters uuder negotiation between tho district of West Van
couver und tho l'ociflc Ureat Eastern
Bailway Company relative to the I'l"
1 posed ruute of the lines of tho latter
lliruugli the municipality, will not re
still in any lengthened delay of the
cniiiniiTiceiiieut uf the construction uf
the lines of the railway compauy on
the North Shore. To outer upon u discission editorially, of. tbe relative merits ul lliu position occupied liy the two
parties, at the present juncture wuuld
lie altogether out of place. The 1'uri
lie (Ireat Kaateru Ilailway Company,
since the incorporation uf the Gonipany
a few inuii il" ago, bave certainly created a new record iu tlie rapid and sue
cennfiil handling uf the preliminaries lu
railway conitructlon. They have giveu
every evidence of good faith in ull re
epeeti and have manifested a pijn-
iiiiiinccil desire lu treal with fairness
Niiiery interest which may lie arTccted
In their i.i. i. ii ium' These facte have
elevated Ihut ruiu^any tu a position of
high appreciation upon the part of the
puldic at large and especially upun the
|url uf that particular section uf the
puldic whicii is directly Interested in
lhe development of the Norlli Hhore.
1 'nI.ln opinion upon this side of the
Inlet Iiiih lieen gradually liut certainly
turning to the I'ueilie Ureal rin.nl. m us
ll.e muni reliable source to which to
liml. fur lliuse tangilile railway develop
tm nl>, which wuuld place North Hhore
interests upou a substantia! rummer
< ul baais. The prospects of auy pro
longed delay relative to the commence
ineiil of the conilruction of their lines
"nulil give rise lu the deepest regret ll
it lid not call forth vigorous protest
upon llic purt of lhe puldic. Ou the
ulher luiiul the council uf the district
nf West Vuncuuver have laid down
cerium precepts whieh Ihey believe to
I.e iu lhe puldic iuleresls relative to the
building of railway lines through the
iiiuiii. iiniiiii. They have already sub
in.iiul iinir position to the Dominion
Miinnlir of Itailways while he was
upon lhe ground, ami have met with au
em uuragiiig response. A meeting of the
iinenlinre property uwncrs bas passed a
r. ni.liitioii favoring the position of the
• iiiiim il. The Minister uf Itailways for
Ih.' province hus deferred to their wish
et in Ilic'mVler by postponing his own
.iniiuii iu Hn- premises iu the hope that
by conference the two parlies may be
nidi to arrive at an adjustment inu
I mill} satisfactory,
Meanwhile the roule of the I'acifi,
'irejit Ka.tcrn has been approved ns
Inr Ili.l section running llirough the
ilislriet „f North Vuncouver and thut
w* lum miming llirough the city of
Norlli Vancouver, and Ihe company is
proceeding lo arrange matters with re
n|c'i in im. purchase of properly along
lhe right of way.
The I'li.iliuii of matter, al present is
sucb that a delay uf a few weeks is
ineiliable, but should Ihe resumption
of negotiation! when thc diitrict coun
cil submit* Ihe roule imp, which they
tin now preparing, develop no promise
ol a .proily seltlymeut,^ is lo be hoped
Unit llic lli'pBriment of Kailwivs will
relieve the situation by deciding Ihe
mallei oue way or tbe other, as necel
wiry iu Ihe Intereiti of the public of
the entire Nurlh til,,,,,
The Department of Trade and Comperes ii rapidly bi'ioiiiing. u it ihould
be, oue of the most jmporluil auil iu
Um ulmi department! of the Dutniuion
government. It* increasing influence
WM foreshadowed wheu l'remier Hor
den placed the portfolio for that department in tbe bends of one of (lie
most able and esparleuccd, ai well as
oue of Um- vetarm uieiulien of Ihe
Houie al Ottawa, Hinei be iwunied of
in i' Hon Ueo. K. Poster ba. proven in
dnfsligabl* la bii effort* to promote
llui important I'uundiuu interests, com
milled to bl* nn. Tbe trade treaty
ulii.il he ha* concluded with the Weit
Dulles il * noUbl* adianic In Can
ada'" trade relation* and not mi list un.l
ing Ibe tttemljttd di*p*r*g«nwU of his
politic*! oppounti, il designed to con
Itt distinct and viluabll advantages
upon lbe DuuiBion. Altaeugb the re
suit* of tin wfotra at tin Minister, at
Trad* aad ('lemmeree la Kagland bav*
M a* yet trnsa tufa public, ta* wane
reception whicii he received from Igo
Hritisb public demonstrates tlte fact
that bo is recognized bt one of the
leading Imperial statesmen from tbe
overseas Dominions und emphusueathe
belief that his administration will re
suit iu mailing as strong aa possible
and .lmv.in;: as closo us possible those
commercial ties which are; perhaps,
more puwerl'ul than any uther iu binding tho Kmpire into a solidarity. It
is probable that his mission iu England hus furthered iu no smull degree
the uiniertuking upon which it is stut
ml tlie Minister m now cugugcil, namely
the formulation of a treaty of reciprocal trade between Canada nud Austru
Iiu. The fuel Unit pressure uf governmeut business has ruuscd the pustpune
ment nf Ihc prupused visit uf the Min
isler of Trade uud Commerce to Aim
Iruliu will doubtless mil be allowed to
... ii.uini. interfere with his ncgoliu
tiotts. It hus long been recognized
Ihut such u treaty, if il could lie made
fur better trade relations with thai
"inliiieiil, wuulil redound very greatly
to Hit- beiiclil of I'ulil Dominions. There
arc recognised difficulties in lhe wuy,
une of which is lhe fuel Ihul Cunudu
already admit* duly free, the prlncl
pul imports from the sisler stute such
us wool, moats und dairy produce. The
Cuinnlijin produels upon which lower
tariff charges would probably be sought
would be paper, lumber, fish, bouts und
shoes' und agricultural implements, in
the lirst three uf which British Cul
iimbiii is closely interested.
The volume of trade between thu two
countries bus already assumed consider
able proportions, the import* of Canuda lunl year frum Auntruliu huviitg
totalled ♦612,01111 ami llie exports to
lhat country tu t'ifi'liflon, ligurca'which
.Imv. thut there ure excellent possibil
ilies for building up a very lurge mar
Itol fur Canadian products, uml which
serve lu demonstrate iu ihut respect
the importance of the project which
the Miuister nf Trade uml Commerce
has taken in buiid.
evenliiB, VII Adult lllblo Class, 12:30.
Bunday School, a!30. f. P. B. ti. 13., Tuesday, at > p.m. Prayer Moetlnsr, Wed-
neiilay, at i p.m. Choir Practice,
Friday, at S p. m. Rav. Ronald Nucleoli,
Sfelhudlsi Pfcma-eorner of Blxlli
and St. Qoorgo. Sunday Services, 11:00
a. in. and 7:80 p. m. Sunday School and
Bible Claaa, 8:80 p.m. Senior League.
Holiday, S p. m. Prayer and Pralae
Service, Weilnoadiiy, 8 p. in. Junior
League, Thursday afternoon at 8:80
Paator, W. O. Sohlltcher.
at   Agues'   Ckurek    Col nur   Twelfth
and Boulevard. Bunday Services:
Horning Prayer, 11 a.m.; Bunday
Schuul 1:80 p.m.; Evening Prayer, 7:80
p. in. Holy Communion, llrat and third
Sundaya In month,.at 11 am.; aecond
Sunday in month, 8 a. m. Rev. Samuel
Faa, HA, Vlear.
Salvation Army—Lonidale Avenue
Sunday services, 11:00 am., 8 p.m and
7:48 p. m. Tuesday, S p.m.; Tliuriduy,
8 p. m.   Children'* Service, Wsdnesda),
I p.'m.
Baptist Ckurek -Twelfth, and St.
Qeorge. Ssrvlcel at 11 u.m. and 7:80
p. iu Sunday School and Bible Cluss
at 8:80 p. m. Prayer and Praise Service,
Wednesday at 8 p. in. Pastor, Kev. A,
1. Prosser, Twelfth and St. Qeorge.
at. Juku tke I'lvauucllsi, Eighth und
iiiiii .-.ii t ti Holy Communion, 8 a m.
Horning Prayer, II a. in. Evening
Prayer, 7:30 p. m. On llm first Sunday
In the month there will be a aecund
celebration of the Holy Communlun
at 11 a. in.   Roctor, Rev. Hugh Hooper
81. Kdmuud'a Cslkollc Ckurek, Sixth
and Muhun Avenue. Sunday—High
Hues and Sermon, 10 a.m. Sunday
School, 8:80 p. m. Rosary and Benediction. 7:30 p. in. Friday—Low Mass.
8 a. m. Pastor, Rev. J. A. Bediiid,
O. M. I.
Indian Calkelle Ckurek or Bl. I'aul'i.
Haas, 7:30 a. in,, Suiiduys. I'uslor, Rev
E. Peytavln, O. M. I.
(fertilise    Science  —   "pymlierley."
iTlelllelllelii      .Welille       lliclV.e, ll       I'T'III
teentli aud Fifteenth streets). 8unday
Services ut 11 a.m. Testltiiuny Heeling,  V,, ,lu, .nin;    8:00 p.m.
81. Tkotnss—8 a. in, every Suinim
except lirst Sunday in month. 8:80
n in first Sunduy In ipontb 11 a in,
Mullen. 1.Iinni and Sermon, second und
fourth Sunday. Holy Comniuniun uml
.iei uuin, ilmi und third Sunduys Vlcur,
Rev. T. E. Rowe.
Freak) Itrlaa Ckurek--8undays. II
a. m. and 7:30 p. in. Buuduy School und
Bible Class, 8.30 p.m. Teachers' Training Class. Wedneeday, 7:30. Prayer
Heeling, Wednesday, 8 p. m. Buys'
Club, Thursday, 7:30 p, m. Chulr Practice, Friday, 8 p.m. lt. Van Hunslei,
U. A., pustor.
I'rtsli) lerlan Ckurek—Wurship. Sun
duys.   II   a. ni.  and   7   p. in     Sunday
Scbool, 8:16 p, m.   Pustor, Itev, A. Mac-
MtlkiiST.I Ckurek -Woishlp Sundays, II a.m. und 7:00 p.m. Sunduv
Seboul, 8:18 p.m. Pallor, Rev. '.'
si.- n.-in.-ui'.,  I,)i.u  Vallty—Mutlns,
II u.m. Sunduy Schuul 2.30 pm. Even-
song 7.00 p.m Holy Communlun secnnii
Sunday In monlli ul 11.00 i. in.   Iwrmai
3   'i lu, in" uu In .hi. in.
Why Not 7
Do It Now •
Como in and see us.   We wili
too pleased to show you our
bo ouly
Ill i' 11In-uide West. Phone UU
(uext to Patterson, lloldiu k Clark)
10,000 cords of dry Dr wood fer quick
sale. Price per odd cords, 11.76. Spe
clal quotation* for larger quantities.
Out Wood, 16 tuchei, 13.36. 12 tucb**
*3M. C. O. D.
Office and Yard— 14lli and Lonidale
Phone 190.    P.O. Bos 2432.
A ;.. i.i i.i! Hireling of llu1 Nurllj Vuu
rouver llurtirultural Soviuty will l>.
Iit'lil qii Kri'l1!)', a ..|M. i :m1i ul b \i.in.
in llie ll-iiin .iii in,^ Hull lo .I,-,.,-
tlie Icuviiif/ of Ilie N- V. AthiVtir
jsjrouutli, li 8
85 VM"1
. Mark*
our > i'H-1'
K \$ ptutiMf it
Any oat wading t tktich uid i*ttctl\*tot\ w*7
ulokif ucwtflln nur (^uidii tm* wUih«r *ui
'  rpsv   '
quIotHr uwUIn
■II.   ft    I:
mui BBS J6mlK£!A H
lloniitj-lcJlj cuiiflJimllsJ.
fi r .e, ui urn
'i Mmm Al
«lul tuUti, vlibout ofejjaa, la la*
Scientific American,
UlutnU4 mttkij. Urgttt sir-
„t i,ii-iJliv j..um»i. Iiinii for
n jwt, imu<* iiitLmi-i. tm by
Nottci to OonUactors
Hesled tenders ou the prcscribeil
forms and accoiu|iaiilril by cerlitied
beque ur cash fur 6 per cent of tbe
hiiioiiiii of lender (which sum sbali ba
held until the laliafaclory completion
of the works, according to plans and
specifications** will bo received by Mr.
John U. i .ni"' i. Municipal Clerk, until
6 p. m. ou Thursday, lhe Mli August,
lllll!, for the following work:—
1. Keith Itoad Kast Improvement,
Hcclion No. 1. l-engili, 6,160 lin.
feet; cut, 8,500 cubic yards, more
or leu.   Culvert*, tie.
2. Keith Road Kast Improvement.
Bcclion No. i. length, 6,300 lin.
feel; rut, IjUV) eubie yards, ilftre
or less,   Culverts, Kl*.
All in accordance with tin I'lum. and
Specifications to be had at this office,
upon payment of 11.00 for each, wbicb
sum will lie relumed upun receipt of
a lion* fide lender.
The lowep-l or any lender uot acrei-
eerily accepted.
Ilislriet Kngineer.
District Muuicipai 11*11,
cor. l.ynn Valley aud Kromnie fid*.,
Nortb VWvuver, ti. O,
Vancouver Business Directory
SPROTT SHAW  Business College
336 Haatlnga St. W.
Canada'* Qr**t**l Wests™ School
U. J. Sprott, B.A., • -Manage!
Ladies' and Gent't Hats
Crinuliiii's,   Huir   Braids,   Siniwn,
Heavers and  Kelts
l'u iiiiinii. Cleaned, lllockcd and Trim
med ei|iinl lu new.   i'osilively
no acids used
Next Labor Touiplo, Vaacouver, B. 0.
Yorkshire Guarantee k Securities
Corporation, Limited
410 Seymour Street
R. Kei/ Houlgate Manage!
All Nortb Vancouvar p*<ipls **1 si
* ' .. 1
Kitbw Flack Block or Hastings St.,
oppoiit* lb* ntw po»t office. I*iusrd
•ell* bi* U* by ib* pound.
Lodge Waetarn Bo**, No. 206
Meetings of tbis lodge are beld in
tl* Knights of T'ythias Hall, corner of
Chesterfield avenue and Fourth street,
on the first aod third Fridays io each
mouth, at t o'clock p. m.
Communication* and application* for
membership to be *ddre»*cd to Harold
Intt, lecreltry, V. O. bet Ull. 18-7-13
vi 111:11 Mini 1: .
Vat a License lo Tske sd* t »r Water
NOTICK la hereby alven that New-
nort Hii, I. und Tile ' mui,. my limit. T
vuncouver, will utility lor a |icenae lu
luke uud uae 100 cubic /eel uf waler
oul of ni,.,nm.h Creek, which llowa In
n inirlliweaterly dlrecllon thruufih l^il
808. iiniiiii I, New Weilmlnslir lilstrlct,
und empties Intu Howe Sound nesr the
head thereof. The water will he diverted ut the heud of lhe fulls Slid will
he used for power nunioses on lhe lund
described us Lot S08, iiniuii I, Nsw
Westminster Dlslrlcl.
This Nuilce wus posted un the
,.i"iin.i un the 8SII1 day uf July, 1818
The ,|.|.|i,.,n,.ii c. Ill be tiled In lhe
ollice of the Wuter llecurder at New
nl.I.-, iii.oi. may be nl. ■! wllh the ssid
Wuler lie.null 1 or wllh lhe Comtilrol-
ler of W'uler III, bin I'.u llui". nl flulld
inn.   Vi. luil.1    If  ti.
3. li. Devey, Agenl
Pur a l.lcrkse Is Tsks tut 11< H'alsr
NUTICK la hereby alvcn thai New-
port Water I'onipuny l.lmlted of Vaneouver, will apply for a license lo tuke
uml use twu hundred cubic feel of water oul of Siuumus Creek, which llowa
In u southwesterly dlrecllun llirou*h
Siuiiiiiiia Vulley. und empties Inlu ilowe
Sound neur the heud thereof
The waler will be diverted al lhe
pulnl nf inn in.. ib.ii with the northerly
ilinll of T 1, 18881 and will be used for
Municipal purpose* on the land described as Lol I8S, Hi ."ii' I. New Wcslmln-
sler it ui. 1
This nolice wus polled un Ihe gruuud
on the SfGIti duy of July. 1818.
The .,, 1 li iinm will be filed In lhe
ulliee uf lbe Waler Recurder at New
'HT" iiiun' may be llled wilb Ihc aald
Waler Recorder or wllh Ihe f'ump-
Irniier of Waler Rlghtl, Parliament
Hullillniis. Vlclorla. tl. C,
NKWItlllT   WA'l'KH  CualRANY,
T. V  Mm 1 in. Agenl
IllTHI   Mill' 1.
far • License lo Takr ■** Us* Walrr
NuTICH Is hereby given lhal New
port Wuler Co I.lrrflcd uf Vancouvsr.
will iippli fur a ll.ense lu >sk* and
use Ilf cubic feel of water uut of
Muiii'iiiiiin Creek, wbleh Sows In u
southwesterly dlrecllon Ihruugh llic
Muiii'inuiii Vulley and empties Inlo Vssi
blulieli    Hoiiiiinlsh    River    mat    )!..».
The  waler  will  be dlvsrlsS *t  the
bead of lbc firsl falla below Dual Crcsk
and will be used for powsr uurposes
on tlm' lnnd described as Lot ISI. gmup
I   New  Weslmlnslir Dlslrlcl.
Thll notice ws* posted on lhe grouse
on lhe 8llh day of July. 1818
The application will be Plea In Ihc
..Illi.   Of  lbe   Wul. 1    R.mulct   ill   Nsw
Objection* may be tiled wllh Ills said
Waler Recorder or wllh Ihs Comulroller of Waler Rights. I'urllsmenl Buildings, Vlclorla, It  ti.
3. H. Devey, A*eni.
Cooking thit
Weather is
Mighty Hot Work
But some Ranges radiate LESS heat than others.
The NEW CHANCELLOR, fitted with the
Guerney Economizer, insures a delightfully cool kitchen, a perfectly even heated oven, and the smallest
possible fuel bill.
CaJI and let us demonstrate this to you.
90 Lonsdale Avenue      Next to P.O.
Buy From the People Who Know Values
60x117.   Oliarad aud cloie to car.   Pi ice 11,060 cull.
D. L. 204
Lot* In Block 36 at $760 tub, OU tcuus of V, cub, balance
6, 12 and 18 mouthi.
W* ripro»eut tbo London ft Laacublre Insurauce Oo.   A sound
Board Oompauy.   If you bavo anything to limine wo can do It for you.
Phono 70. 16 Loudtl* Av*. P. 0. Box 11116
Palace Hotel
Second Street, North Vancouver, B. C
RATES:—$2.00 per day up.   Special
rales to families and to regular boarders.
The Commercial Union Assurance
Co., Ltd.
of Loudon,
PAID $4,250,000
Qplckly and prompUy ou account of tlia Bui FraucUco outhqiuUc tnd Ure.
How many Compaulc* could do tbli?
It* assets amount to $116,000,000
A posul will bring our rspresouUUvo
Batidiut Agtut
11 Loaidal* Avsnus tud C'tpUwo Oar Tirmluu*
Pbon**: Loutdsis 167. Capilauo 161.
We solicit the Irade of all builders who appreciate
High Grade Goods al 1 moderate price, and the
prompt and careful filling of orders, which our large
stock and long experience in business makes possible.
Burrard Saih A Door Factory, Ltd.
foot or ST, geoi«;e si.       noktii vancouve*
50 feet in Block 29, District Lot 273, near Ridgway,
(or only, $2,860, 1-3 Cash; Balance, 6, 12, and
16 months*
«2 LONSDALE AyENUE     vn.vntmi vitmni     NORTH VANCOUVER
^■immmmmnamn *
1836     THE BANK OF     1912
British North America
78 YDS* |n Business.   Capital an* Btserri Pitt ♦7,5M.00<!.
Bogard j-iiur ti. N. A. Sayings Bank Hook ss ii Bort of roster which records
plainly your progress towards prosperity. There aro hundreds pf these
BANS OF BRITISH NOBTH AMERICA success-meters iu the homos around
you,  1» there uno in your hpmef  If uot, we will gladly provide win.
Twp Offices in North Vancouver, Corner of Lonidale Ave
and Eiplanade. Upper Lonidale Avenue, near 14th Street
Electric Irons
10 Days' Free Trial
Solves tht Suminer Ironing Problem
.   i     I
For Iill- wo are offering a "liotpoint" of the 0 Hi size, suitable for
general household uae, for $4.60, This iron is aimilur lo uli "llolpointi"
except lliul Hie upper surface.It unpuliihed.
Tt        ^t
North Vancouver Business
and Professional Cards
'llll,   InM.IMIMII.I.
liiniiiiiu.i' (iuarauteo Buudi
Auililur uiul Accountant
i H." Lonsdalo Avenue. 1'. 0. Bux 2307.
Nort.. ,•"-.• ncouver. l'hono 437.
0. A. Oil.., B.O.S.A.
1726 Ohosterfleld Avenut,
North   Vancouver
Phone R168
Bakon, Confectioners and
113 Lonadalo Avenue
A.M.I.K. li S.
Irrigation, drainage, level*, plun.
and ipecilicaliuui. Septic tank* and
huuio drainage a ipecially. P. 0.
Boi 314, 16th itrett wttt ol Bawicke
Aud k'ti.tiiI iTiiiiiiiinniwi Merchant, 13
I mucin I,- Ave., North Vancouvor.
Phon* til
Underwood's Barber Shop
i-unity WHABF
Successor tn  Wallace k Bcutt, Third
street.   Uoiiorul rripair wurk.
A. Wulluce'• lervicci Uv* liceu re
Book**ll*r* apd Stationer*
Cor. l.on*d*li tad l*t.       PhoT* 143
lilM'HAi IUH*.
Plant Executod    : :   Ultimata Givon
Centre mi Mill Boad
l.yuu Valley, B. 0.
Plana nnd Eitimatei furniihed free.
Repairing,  remodeling,  cti.,  promptly
l« attended to
Lynn Valley, B. 0.
Allan Road near Wettovor. P. 0. Uoi
£0, Lynn Creek, it. 0.
Cabinet Maker and Oarp*nUr
Will undorUko all kinds of wood work,
xopairi, otc.
Fourth Btreet asd Sutherland ATtuut
V. 0. BOX 8008
Wc arc ipecltllitl in those liucs.
121A Lomdalo Avenuo
riniT.ii.il \i-jli n
Studio   over   Bonk   B. N. A.
I.iiunlnlii and Esplanade
i a n.im.i.
High Clan Ijnlici'aud Gent*' Tailoring
Kopairiug   aud   Allorutioiia.  Cleaning
and Dyoiug in all ita lirauchcti. All
Work guaranteed.
Ill Pint Street Went. I'lione 207
(J. Uui)
Ladle*' and OonU' Oltanlng,
Prouiiig tnd Repairing
a Specialty
120 Second Stroot But
N.V. Tinning & Sbeet Mel.l Works
First Street But of Lonidale
Loweit prices lud bcit work guaranteed on tinning and iheet metal work.
All kind* of uw* Hod and tet on tho
ibortoit notice. Ijiivh niowtrt, knives,
hedge iheari and iciuori sharpened. Ali
work guaranteed, moderate price*
USS Lonadal* Aveuue Phono 8o
On i the car lino. Boarding, mcali,
good accommodation for working mon.
Contractor!' men hoarded, liy. But-
colt, Proprietor.
Publlther* of til* Bxprew
Fin* lob Printing of All Kind*
118 Flnt Strut B, North Vi*cout.i
Frlid Chiekin.
fried tprlng chicken Is u fnvurlto
treat Po not peglect tho grgvy, which
to ninny la Iho best feature ot llM- en
lira dish. To fry the chicken cut *
Hiniiii chicken In four or sis pieces, dip
each piece bnstljy In cold water, men
sprinkle w|l|l sslt and pepper «i"l roll
the pieces In'plenty of (hmr Huve
some sweet lunl heated very hnt In a
frying pun nnd fry tbe chicken unlll
uucli piece I* ur a rlcb brown hue on
huth tides. Take up, drulu well nnd
arrange the pieces on a wunu pintirr.
setting the dl»h lu a bot place to keep
tbe meat from cooling while lbc gruvy
I* being mude. I'our out of tho pun
ill but a lublespoonful uf lbe fai mul
stir Into Ibo pun uue cupful ot milk
Wben tbe liquid in net and woll stirred
thlckcu to a rich cream wltb oue ta
blespoouful of Hour rubbed lu umuoib
and one tablespoonful of butter. Hull
two or three uiluiiten, silrrlug con
ttantly. Season with unit mid pepper,
A little chopped parsley Is often added
to tbe gravy. Butter It buro uued In
place of lard It dlUlcult to immune, at
It burnt *o easily.
Chun Pittltt.
This mate* a good luncheon dlsb
.-.lii-ii meat Is not served. Cut out
■orne rounds of bread about two Inches
lu iiiiil.ii.-i.n and wltb a buiuII cutter
take out tbe middle, making a little
tartlike case. Fry lu fat both tho c*dse
and tbe piece removed (which Is to
form tbe lltlt until a golden browu
and drain oo paper, or brusb the cases
wltb melted butter and brown In the
oven. At serving time OII tbo cases
wltb tbe following rnlituro: Hull bait
■ cupful of water and two teaspoon-
ful* nf butter together and add to It
four ounces of grated cheese, and sea
ton wltb ii pinch of cayenne pepper.
Stand the intiecpao lo boiling water
tnd tlir In tbe beaten yolk of au egg
ind balf a cupful of line breadcrumb*
Itcbeot and fill the bread cases aud
servo pot
Stiwid Rhubarb'With Lemon-,
Jboosc tender sulks ot rbnbarb,
trim and remove any tough portions ot
ikln. Do not tcrupo away tbo dell-
cat* red. at It addt to tbe appcatnuco
of tho finished iiinii. Cut tbe (talk*
Into piece* en inch long, cover wltb
water and itew until tender wltb a
couplo of slices of lemon. Add lugar
to taste, beat to tbo boiling point and
clilll before serving. Some prefer to
add * few lecded sflslns wltb tbo
slices of lemon, nnd for those wbo like
tbi* fruit tbo combination can be recommended. Rhubarb 1* really a spring
medicine aud Is Invaluable at this Beaton of tho yetr.
Scalloped Pirtnlpt.
Scrape four large parsnip* tnd boll
uniil tender, then cut Into cube*; make
t uuce with a cup ot milk, a level
lubii'iipuiiiiiui of butter aud uuie ol
Hour; season to taste with hour ami
mil and dash of cayenne or nutmeg;
turn tbe pannlp* Into tho sauce, theu
put a layer Into * buttered baking dlsb
oo lop ot a layer of bread crumb*; add
■ apriokllng of minced onlou ond purs
ley, then moro crumb), puranlpi, etc,
uutil Ua- dlsb Is full, bavlug tbe lop
covered wllh uuce aud buttered
crumbs; bake for balf au hour and
servu bot wllh boiled Hull,
Dandelion Salad.
Rub a sulud bowl with a cut piece
of garlic, then a leek cut Into thin
ring* aud teaton with ult, pepper aud
a daib of imisluid and ml* with a lu
iiii'.'ipiuiirfiii of vinegar. Neit blend
with olive oil, cut a bard cooked egg
Iuto rings and add to tbo dressing
I'ut tb* dandelion' leavu, previouily
washed mil drained, wltb the ibove
and lou together with fork ind *poou.
It I* uid that uo otber ulad bu more
medicinal value tbau tbt*. It If a Uue
tunic for the blood In the iprlng.
Humor and
*V VVJ.CAM I*. Sflf TH I \
QUi'in |s tbo |lttle puty bee that
suiiiL'tlines stings during couftsblr,
and I* very likely to tilt away after tbs
Wben a man begins to get old bs
let* grumpy, but wben a woman begins to get old sbe act* young.
t man may uot care so much for i
wife wbo Is economical end btlpful,
but an eiiruvuguut wife Is dear to any
Ambition Is n glorious cheat, ns tbs
poet snld. because It I* tbe tblug thai
you don't buve ufter tb* struggle ts
Wheu selecting a wife a man should
ilm..'-i- a i ""ii mauager, becauso no
mau Is ivm in much wbo Isn't well
Happiness I* often u matter of comparatives. Suiuellmc* It Is simply s
i iiuiiiiiuii of uot having toothache.
[gaming lo Hvo wltbln your Incumc
1* often as liurd ui to get tbe Income.
Consistency may be a jewel, but
uuin- of tho girls woyld gladly trade
It for a solllulru.
No man, no matter wbat bla muke,
color or model, Is I lie least bit improved
by a streak of yellow.
nn example. '
"llu you know how to live for less
"Cut duwu eipense*, you meuui"
"No; loll me bow."
"Just let your bo*a cut your salary."
Matter ol Luck.   •
"Whut ure yuu doing for a living?"
"Inventing perpetual motlou."
"Is It u paying proposition 7"
"Some yeurs the suckers are bettei
lhan others."
By Automobile
Westminster Mali Plaus to Pathflud
Canadian Highway tipm Halifax te
Now Westminster, B. 0., July 31—An
attempt to traverse Canada from Hull
fax to Vaueouver Is to l>u made this
full by Mr. Herbert Qilloy of New
Westminster, who is making this trip
in the interest of tbe Canadian High
way Association, Hying tho pennant of
that organization on his Cunadiun-built
inn i li i ii o.
it is Mr. liiil.-v '■. inteutiou to niuke
Iiiiiiiu- liis 'iniiin;: point, ultlmugli li
in u resident of the I'ueilie coast. II
is nuw ,on his way to his old Iiiiiiiu in
llhnrlulle Ciiunty, Nuw Brunswick,
whero he will cumplelo his preparation
In-miu uh possible, it is his intent ion
In luiiun the outlined route of tlio Ilmi
luiiun Highway fur the entire ilistauce
U iiiiinii    I.ml,I   llic lllOHl  ,lilli, ,ill   tri|
fur an autuniuliilc in ull liritish Col
nn in:     iH   UVCr   till'   HlipC   Mountains,   li
journey which lins never beon attempt
ed. A ruud is lining built over thii
ipetlou ut the preient time, uml it is
i-i- ii ii that a temporary wuy may
lie uiiiilc I'or un uutiiiMfeilu hut it in u
foregone coucluiion Unit by the lime
uny machine has travelled over the
Hope iMiiiiiiiiiinn it' will be lit unly fur
the scrap heap ur fur exhibition pur
Valuable data is lo lie collected dur
ing linn trip und Inter embodied in the
archives of Hie Canadian Highway As
sociation, which is to he Hie custodian
of llic log of Ihis cross l.'unuiiu tour.
Oood Idea.
"He Is full of but air."
"Why doesn't be realize ou III
"Rent   himself  out  ••  (  huliug
Atptrtgui Tip* 8*l*d.
Twelve tender eeperngui tip* (canoed may be utedi, one llrm tomato, one
pimento, one beid of Itttuce.
Tt* asparagus In bundle* of tbree
snd cook lo boiling *ulted water untu
tender. ll*mov« tb* airing and ar
range on crl*p lettuce oo Individual
plate*. Cut tbe tomato imu four ring*
and illp a bundle of tne cooked upuro
gu* through ucb ring, place oo lettuce
ind sprinkle bit* of llncly chopped pi
mento over ibe whole. Ben* wltb
French dreaelng.
One pint milk, bug*; two ens, oue
cup of sugar, small; on* tealpooufui
vanilla, oue-bair cup of butter, two
ublupoonrul* cornstarch. DUuolvethe
cornstarch lu * little ot tb* milk; beat
tho rut of the milk; wben boiling add
tb* sugar, cornstarch and beaten eggs,
stirring briskly; add tbe butter, »nr till
dissolved, Osvor and spread oo the
cake* while bot Tbt* cau be uied ni s
pudding by pouring over each piece a
spoonful of tbe custard that 1* left
Qlaiid Sweet Potitoee.
Vour tweet polatou, on* quart boiling witer, vli cupful sugar aod a half
cupful water will be needed for thl*
recipe. Woab tlie met potttou tnd
cook ten minute* Is baling water,
inin, air* and cut lb lengtbwl**
•lice*. Place u> * botteipd baking
Suvjb, cover wltb drop mad* bf boiling
nigtvr uid water togotber.   Cover tbe
haSin. 4l.li and rmlta 1111,11 Under.
*^^P mnm ■""■ pmm^ mm^. ■
Fittld Nicely.
"I bare been nunc lo Amerlcaulze
IU lnui.il h Julie"
"WlnU do yuu i.,.il.e nf 117"
"A high gull ulilluury."
A Good Om.
"I call never get nbeod it ull"
"Of course you can't.    You ueed I
in n.i to get Uin .T "
Thl Queition.
"Ile Is a man ul cool Judgment"
"Ice dealer or husband of ao bclr
lie liked lo lllnc on pie* ond ctki.
Hul nin ii ho uoi Um .'.ii'ui.u li iche
Iio llTslin] Ili'TI |ui..od ihtm up for |uei
A llu ot walet uud * crult.
Forestry Convention in
Ottawa, Aug. I.- The unuuul convcii
tiuu uf the Canadian Forestry Association, fur the lirst lime since lllUli, is
tu be held tliia year uu tlie I'acili,1
l.'oojl, ili place being Victoria, and tlie
dates being Sept. I, 6 and li. Mr.
'lames Lanier, of Ottawa, secretary of
llie Association, lius just returned frum
the coast where arrangements arc now
well under wuy for Iho mooting, In
in I' Iiiih i u number of prominent men
interested iu forest eonservutiuu in the
east, liulii lumbermen uud ethers, have
signilieil their intention uf beiug pres
cut. Tlio railways huve grnutod ipe
liaily low rales to delegates, und us llie
subjects disi'usscil mil l>c of import
ance lo ull puis ut Cunuda, il is ex
pected Ibere will lie u large attendance.
A-iiumlicr of well known forest engiu
eers und lumbermen from the United
Stales will ulso uin ini
(■'lower making und Hie use of uuluiul
and artificial Bowers im decorative pur
puses is an art of great unliijuily. Ju
the K.gypliuii lulni'. dried gurlinuls uf
Hi.w. in have heeu fuuml, and uuii
■ im,nm., have learned from Hie ull
Coptic books lliut (lower* were used for
decorating hamjuct chambers, Tlie
lireeke huve left IndllpuUblo cviilence
lliul llie uil of Uuwer decuraliuu wus
practised by III cm
While Hie power of Home wus at its
tenith, Hie ciliicn of lliul empire was
nul coniidered dressed unless wreathed
lu i gurlaml ul sweet smelling blussoiui,
Kieu ut ihc amphitheatre, Hm siudiu
and the boxes were gorgeously de
orated with rich silks uud Huwcrs,
while un gala days the streels were a
luunn of Sicilian lilooms uud greenery.
Al Ibeil banquets au uluburule system
uf  (lower decoration   was  one  of  llio
thlpt points of interest, and Seneca
tolls ua that at Nero's wonderful floating raft banquet flowers woro used In
the ornamentation of too raft. With
the decline of tho Rinnan Umpire, history does not give many details as to
tho flower decorative ait.
Mi'diiiiviil chroniclers tell ui that tho
decoration of churches aud shrines on
feast days used to astound tbe populsco
witb Hi magnificence and beauty, aud
flowers played a largo part in various
religious processions. A new usugo
cropt in existence, that of using
flowers in nuptial mid prpnuptiul banquets and feasts, and flually invaded
tho precincts of tho church whenever a
uiurriago waa celebrated, though for.
centuries past it had boon tlio custom
for garlands to ho showered on tho
luippy brido mid brldugroom returning
from the temple.
After ull the big buttles of tho
Middle Ages it wus the custom for the
v ii nu ium. iiiii iiiii to decorate tho streets
and churches in lienor uf tlio victory,
lu Ihu Eastern world, Hie Chinese and
dupuueso huvo for tlioiisunds of years
been i i,,ii, i, .ii in the Howonlccorativo
art, und ils tenets liuvu been bunded
lloWII to   Illln   duy   IliroUgll   llle CCIltllrieS
without nny rudicni chungu from tbut
I'i.i, iim-,l by their forefathers. 'Japanese uud Chinese urt has 11 niclio by
itself in the bull of fame, and tlieir
methods ure quite different from those
of the decorators uf the western hull' of
tlio world. All the ingenuity arid won
.i.Ti'ul patience which gained funic for
Ihem in other brunches of urt have been
brought intu play in the use uf iluwcrs
for decorative purpuses.-New Vork
Enquirers cIubs meets every Wcdiics-
lay evening at 8 p.m. Elementary study
ami questions. You ore curdially invited to nllend. Hiniiii Hi, Aberdeen building.   Tli, eu.11 uul free library.      4-8
•-I Mir.nl.'. IIV I I, II.  MINIM.
Coul miiiin,. inil.iii ,,( Uio Dominion
In M,miinii,* ii.iiii,.ii, I,, imui und ah,,•!
tu. the Yukon Territory, Ihe North-west
Ti i; iiiu ii.- und In u porllon ot lhe province of Hi ninh Columbia, mu)' be leased for u term of Ivvcnty-ono yean il
an aunuul rcnlnl of |1 un ucre. Not
more Iiiun 2.CS0 ucrcs will be leuicd to
one iipnllcunt.
,v it lie. ill, ,n for u leusu must bu mado
by tlio applicant In person lo lbc Audit
or .'i ii. An. ni uf llic dlslrlcl In which
the i liT'i" applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land musl
be described by seetluna. or leiinl subdivisions of : •■! iiiu::. and In unsurvcy-
eii territory lbe Irnci npidled for slmll
be slaked out by tlie u|i|>lleunt himself
Rich .ii'i'll, .,ij,'ii must l'u u,. un,j,.hi
.() by u fee of t„ which will bo ro-
fuiitlcd If the rlglils applied for uro nol
u\.ill.,Me. bul nol ,,in,'i wine A royalty shull bo paid on the merchantable
ouiput of the mine ul llio rate of flvo
cents per ton.
The person operallng the mine sliull
i.uuii,ii lhe Agciil Willi sworn returns
a. it.iiuiiii,:   for   the   full   'in,iiillli     of
 liiiiiiniTi   coal mined and pay tho
royalty thereon Jf the coal mining
ilfthls are nol bi-iiiK operated, such returns should be furnished al least/once
a year.
the 1''" will iiniuii" lhe coul milling
rights only, but the lessee may bo permitted ti pure-huso whulcvcr avuliablc
niui' lights may be considered neceuary fur the worlilnn of tlie mlno at
the rate if tie un ncre
For full Iuforinalion uppll, uIImii
should be imi'l" to Ihc sccrelary of the
Depuriinent of llie Inlerlor, Ottawa, or
to any uscnl or Dub-Ancnl 9! Ilonilnlon
V! W. COltV,    .
Iiepuly Minister uf the Interler.
N II -Unauthorised publication uf
Uill .-I:. 1 Mi ■ in. ui will not bo paid
tor. "-•
lu all iTnii.nl. n Ask fur our Inventor'* Adviser. Mullen A Marlon. 381
Unlverslly Slrcftl. corner Bt Catherine
Blreel. Montreal, Cunudu, and Washington, P. C, II. B. A.
Are She right kind of thlngi when tbey sell th* good*. It U tho fact* (bout
the quailty of our good* In tb* way of FURNIITURE, CARPETS tod
CROCKERY, ud tb* fact* tbout tbt low pricei tnd tbt ipcclal prices on
tbe** good* tbat win (aver among our cuitoinon.
Hir* are iouio factt for you te profit by;—
CHILDREN'S PUSH 0ART8, apeclal price   13.00
A largo tblpmcnt Jutt received.   All tb* rige
MEAT SAFES, largo lUe	
ROYAI, OAX DRESSERS, with bevolled plat* mirror.
. UM
Complete for 17.60
MATTINO MATS, 3x6...«0c
1 limited number only, $2.00
In our Crockery Department
TUMBLERS, ptr dot 60c
des ~„60c
128 Lonsdale Ave.  »«•«•  North Vancouver
Improvements in
Eait Capilano
BWBaTOBfl'       \
Imprpvemonts In tlie seotion of Ku.ii
I'apilano uro lining forwarded by the
dislricl fathera in an uiimiitakoably
.1. i i,i,iii,,i fashion.
This pleasant faet was r/Vltloucoil at
last ni. hi 'a mission of tlio council when
sundry ineitsiires woru passed favorably
uffeelltig litis region. Onu resolution au-
iiiiiri.-cl llic Improvuiuunt uf tlio up
I'i "inii to tlio Capilano bridge, which,
however, eunnot unfortunately hu Bit'
Icrcil ns iiiiicli us the eouueil would like
owing to the fail that the city of
Viuuiniver'n «|ilcr pipr.i! Iiu uillini
three feet uf the surface of the road.
At the i, iiliuiin, of lite Capilaitu ear
line, lite road from lhat point to the
corner nf Woods Drive on the Capilano
road in to lie treated with crude oil, a
ii 'inuii ni which will .n.Tic to effectual
ly "iiiuiciii.T the duit iiui -aii. •■ in thit
The couucil has also au|horiaud the
Iniini! of a sidewalk ou Lloyd avenue
to ,i.'"iniiin.Inii the residents in thul
miction, this lining the first sidewalk lo
l>e Lud mi tbst plateau.
An illinium approximating $1,1100 is
I'diin espeudeil ou wiileiiing and gen
crully improving the Capilano road uixl
il is hoped that Ihis thorouglifure will
lie in drsl class shape in shout u
month n time.
further, a deposit has been puid on
a purk site situate at thu top of the
hill immediately north of the ear ter
minus. Tlii* sile comprises u lillle
over rive acres uf gruuud admirably
suited tu park purposes and negotiations
uru uuder way to secure a small additional piece of land to the south so
Iimt the prupused park will include lhe
whole of the knoll.
An connection hud also been ordered
from Llojil avenue on '■'■'.'■nd atreet ta
Mackay aveuue.
Tlio tiro shod, pay station and publio
convenience at the terminal inn of llui
Capilano ear lino are now sccomplilUT
ed facts.
Those astray fads tjeinonatrato, in
tbeir entirety, that the council lias iti
paternal eye on the welfare of Eaat
Driftwood Again
That a gnvorniiieiit patrol boat is
very urguiilly needed ou llurranl Inlet
lu keep Ihe hurliur free from driftwood
debris was uguin forcibly dciiiouslrutuil
uu Titcsiiiiy iifluriiiinii, when,' during a
short session uf tho ferry directorate,
Manager Heard ruptirted upon a mishap of the previous night. II up
peured from the munagur's statement
thai |ke I'erry number three had struck
some llnul ing debris uud had sustained
injuries lo one uf her propeller blades.
Mr, Heard also mentioned that nun uf
number two's propeller liludes was loose
und needed repairing, having been damaged iu the sume wuy. A letter was
Incidentally mid in this oonnectlpn
from the city coiiucii formully eudurs
ing the lerry company's petition t" the
governinenl seeking Ihu provision of
some moans of obviating loss thus uc
casioiieil, lo shipping I'oiiipunicH uperat
ing around Hurrard Inlet.
The suggestion emanated frmu Mr
W. C. niii'lum lhat if the mills wore
compelled lo take cure uf their waste a
considerable umount of the mil would
be eliminated. Mr. II. 0. Wrigbt, however, did not think so. The evil, be
believed, might lie alleviated but certainly not eliminated.
Tlie bourd over which Muyor McNeish
presided and from which I'upl. Cates
was the only absentee, authorised Manager Heard tu proceed ut once wltb the
installation of the new boilers in ferry
number twu at an estimated coat of
$6,000. v,
t .
International Dry Firming Congress
LetWulge, Alberta, Jul, 26th
Special Bites for Exhibitors
Out Way First Class Pars tn tb* Ontt
Dry Fanning Exposition
Do You Want to WORK lor Your Money, or
Do You Want Your MONEY to Work (or You?
Tht following are moneymakers
Lonsdale Avenue  (Wilt Bide—Inside city limits.   36 feet, at $3,000.00.
Oue third cub.
Lonidilo Avenut (But Bide)-11 feet, at $1,660.00.   $160.00 cash, balance 6, 13 ud 18 montb*.
Ottawa Oardent—One lot for $3,000.00.   Oue tblrd cub.
We respectfully solicit lutings of your property.
Pbone 463
P. 0. Box 3397
No Iron Can Do Your
Ironing Quite so Well as
je\ us show you why
Two styles, $4.50 and $4.75
Economical and has the manufacturers' five year guarantee.
Patterson & Goldie
Phone 88
105-7 Esplanade West
The growing interest in tbo Inter-
liatluital Hry I'liriin-.l I'rniliictii Kaposi
tion ut I.ethhriilge, Alta., noxt October,
assures the largest exhibit mn of grains,
grasses and runt crops, farm machinery
and implements ever held iu Western
iTininlii, uiiii probably the largest uf its
kind rv ci held ou the American rmilin
unl. ', i■ i■ 11■ : i'111. for entry fiirms huve
been received liy Chuirntuii McNieul uf
the exposition coinmitteu frum nearly
every quarter of the glubu, ami udvlces
Ihrnugh diplomatic sources are to thu
ulTuct   lhat  nearly  all of the   South
.'mn-in nu ."iiiil llm   Allnlllillli, llllupui v.
Turkey, llussiu and the Huncd States
will send federal exhibits, n is stated
that the United Slates exhibit will
eclipse uuylhiiig that has ever beeu
undertaken by ihe department of agriculture, while the lliiiiiiiiiiin of Canada
will collect aud stage an eniiriiiitiis sued
exhibit of the products of the soil frum
the experimental farms ami the fuirs,
M.ii.n.,1... Haskutchevvuti uml Albertu
will have exceptionally large and in
t ei ci in," displays. .
Thiniiglioul Alberts ami Saskulche
wan great interest is being manifested
ami in many sections the farmers have
arranged for and carriud uut this spring
uud summer a system uf plots, by which
euch man raises something different
than his neighbor on une square rod,
and pays purliculur attention to* the
product with a view to having the vary
best possilde lo be grown. In Susk
ul'Tievviin the dcpurtmeiit uf agriculture
has been very active in uucuurugiug
the i.,iiii, i to make au cxtruonliuary
provincial exhibit as well as district
' .lulni and the Saskatchewan rummis-
sinner, I'rof. lt. N. Thompson, has applied for 111,111111 sipiarc feet of space
and served notice thul his requirements
will without doubt exceed this in view
of the large Dumber of farmers who are
preparing Individual exhibits.
Multiloba is not behind to any ex
tent, for there are scores of grain grow
rs iu that province who urn looking
with wistful eyes at the premium list
ud making plans to capture the vulu
ble farm machinery ami implements
offered. British Columbia is collecting
the largest and finest exhibit it has
ever planned to stage, and while it will
not compete in muny of tlie classes,
being desirous uf. showing that coitr
lev to exhibiting slates uud nations,
it will put before the eyes of the delegates a sight long to be remembered in
its display uf fruil, uud the decorative
work of its booths llirough the use of
nuliirul woods and minerals for which
tint country is famous.
Tm exposition opens on Saturday
morning, Oct. IDth, and every exhibit
will have been judged ami ull prize
winners announced liy thul lime. Exhibit! must be in place ready for judg
ing ou the evening of Thursday, Octo
ber lilll. Ill view of Ihis sellling
ahead of the dales, so that the distill
guisbed foreign visitors muy sue tbe
vviile uwuke, hustlinn methods of the
' .mn.Iinim mnl may curry Ironic with
liiein the most interesting reports aboul
the progressive spirit of the people and
the wonderful resources of the country,
it is desired that ull exhibitors propuri
to be nu tbe spot as early as possible.
To facilitate the exhibitors the Canadian i'ueilie Haailway has arranged for a
special rate for ti»»» undor condition*
tbat aro exceedingly plain to under
stand. They cap purchase tickets at
any station ill thp province pf Manitoba, Huskatchnwun, Alberta and British Culujiihia good f«r the round Irip,
at the one way flrst class lure ou Ocln
ber 10 to IS, upon presentation of a
curtltleate from the secretary of tho
Dry-Fanning Congress. Tbli certificate
will lio issued by the secretary ami for
warded upou request but the applicant
muit lu milking ilm requeit send in hii
entry bin ui properly fllled out in order
that a number may bu assigned to hlm.
The nilieini premium list is ready for
distribution anil together with the ulli
rial mil rv bluiik, will be, lent to any
dinner ur intending exhibitor Upou ru
quest tu .lohn T. Hums, auerutary, liulii
bridge, Alberta.
lm. ii.iiii," e\liiluiui' iu eastern Canada should write to the leeretary fur
special information as to rates for from
east of Manitoba ami tho earlier these
requests are received the better iu viuw
if the making of arraugciuuiita for suitable train service ami accmnmudutious
us well as the careful handling of Ihu
Districts contemplating exhibiting
un oliiiiio their ulluiineiil of space upon
application  to  Chairman  1.  W.  Mc
NilTli Of till) ExpUSitillll I illllllllllee III let
August lm ii. and they will be privileged lu begin tl|e arranging nf their exhibit any time after Oct. I. -
Ever siueu the pruviuce of Quebec
furbado tho export uf pulpwoud cut
from crown lands, cutisiibirable interest
has beeu taken iu tlte qiieatiou as to
huw the price of pulpwuud would be nf
fected. A leading paper trade peribdi-
cul i.thii.ii..I that the price of pulp
wood bad advanced one dollar per cord.
This is corroborated by the bulletin
un pulpwood lately compiled by the
iTnet,, brunch of the Department uf
the Interior. According to tbis bulle
tin, the average prico uf pulpwoud in
Quebec pruviuce during lllll was higlur
by ninety seven cents than duriug ll'IO.
In Ontario the price acluallyWell twen
ty cents per cur'l, while in Nova Iriitin
and New Brunswick increases of Iwcnly nine and twenty two cents rttptct-
i'ly are announced.
A questiuu that it just beginning tu
come intu notice in the Domiuion is the
utilization of miu null waste as mulcriul
fur pulpiiiakiug. A very siuail qunutity
of such waste is so utilized lij three
linns which uwn both sawmills and
Too Late to Classify
FOUND—Near Ferry Wharf, ou Bat
unlay eveuing laat, a gent's watch
Owner cuu have same on proving prop
erty ami paying fur ad.   Express Ollice
FOK BALE—t roomed modern cot
ta'ge with bathroom, iu l.ynn Valley.
Half block from car. i'lnu cash and
SIC per moulh. Apply Box nm. V.i
press "ih"'
WATKD- Hirl Io wait un table. Ap
ply Itainbow Cafe.
When needing cuul nr building tup
plies, call up phoiie 488, North Bhoro
''mil k Supply Cu., Kii'kkama wbarf
Ii. B. Eaton, manager. Note 'name and
phone ii,,mlu i. t.f,
Special for a Few Days
TBIPUS OOBHBB on llllh Btreet. Bir*  210  feet  by  157,     Price,
11550. Termi 1050 cash, t, 12 aud It months.
Wa bava oily a few lot* now left la 784—a beautiful bomeiite witbiu
two block* of Loasdala Avenut for lilt. Termi I'M eu'o, t, 13
aad 18 monthi.
If yon hav* a bout* to Bent, or for Sale kindly glva u* a lilting.
Massa tw P. O, In eu
kunm von mituh impish hokm ihsubahob
The Last Day
Unprecedented Bargains
Shoes for Everybody
Buy your Children's Shoes Now
Shoe the Whole Family
Our tables are Loaded with Bargains
All Summer Shoes at or Below Cost
They Must Qo'To-morrow
Wood-Paige Shoe Co.
Pbw393 Mount Crown Block, Opp. City Hall
paine & McMillan
Wholesale and Retail Hardware
A Good
Solid your friend* who ar* Inttrtstsd
in tins Nortli Shore t copy ol
"The Express"
It will keop them poittd on ill
North Slior* Niwi tnd will ouly cott
$1 per year
Enos Sail   75c
Zambuk  '..,., 35c
Allenbury's Food  85c
Allenbury's Food, No. 3 55c
Pink Pills 35c
Peroxide, per Ib 65c
Culirura Soap 25c
, Baby's Own Soap 3 for 25c
. Anti-Colic Nipples 5C each
Absorbent Colton 35c Ib.
We have constantly in stock a complete stock of
Bed Pans, Douche Pans, Hot Water Bottles, Irri-
( gators, Elastic Hosiery, Abdominal Bells, Balleries,
Electric Belts, Trusses, and, in fact, everything in the
sick room line not usually stocked by smaller drug
Phone 311 and your ordtr will be rushed lo any
part of the cily.
North Shore Drug Co.
P. S, THOMAS, Phm. B.
Druggist, 116 Efflanade Weit


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