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Nohth Vancouver, B.C., Ju.vb 14, 1910
Number 12
City Council Discusses Street Grades
Tlu- qiii-stion ol grades occupied i prominent part in the proceedings ol last evening's cona-
til meeting. While the matter
was hv no means settled,   the
seeds   nl   the suggestion   of   a
compromise were sown and on
motion tin- mayor was empowered io call a pablk meeting
when s committee of six rale-
pavers will be appointed to coaler wilh tin- council looking lu
the final settlement of this mo-
menteoas question, His Worship named Thursday evening at
N o'clock in Larson's Pavilion
as the date alld place.
Alter tin- motion was pawed
unanimously ilu- large audience
o[ ratepayers and citizens filed
out of the llall satisfied that a
movement had lieen started
which would ultimately result
in a settlement of ihe matter,
His Worship was in the chair
and all the aldermen were present.
Grades commenced with a report   fruin   the uty   engineer
statin-; that should he adhere
in tin- report of 1407 mtheee-
tililislniu-iit of a grade at the
corner of 15th streei and I.ousdale Ave. it would leave l.ons-
dale Ave four or live feet lower mi oui- side, at ilu- Intersection of 1.sih street, than on the
Aid Bchalti moved that it lit
referred to the eoltuiiittee of the
Aid McNeish : "It is it pity
lo spoil   Lonsdale   Ave."      He
thought tlu- matte could be
discussed and a decision arriv
ed at in open meeting,
Aid Fowler said lie wuuld
like lo go into the matter   in
Mavor     "Is   lhat the   grade
recommended by the engineer ?"
Engineer :  "it is in accord
a iht with report ol 140;. It is
not what I Intended lo do."
Aid. Howler iiiulli mil see
till! there wollld lie I cut in
I.ntisilale Ave.
Aid.   McNeish explained tha)
the ciuitcur of the- land at thai
point sloped to the west and in
putting a straight grade 'on
15th street it would of MC-
cssilv take a cut on the wist
side of Lonsdale Ave. where   it
craned the Ate.
Aid. McKae said he had his
111 iiic] made up long ago lo ob-
jeet  to this committee of the
whole The speaker supposed
that there had lieen soincbodv
appointed who would know
more .ilii.nl the inalli r lhan did
would lie three per cent. If
there Won no car lines the report stipulated two per  cent.
His   Worship :    "I   will   not
insider any more matters pertaining to grades in committee."
Aid. Schultz felt that theft
were two phases lo lie considered in the report of 140; as
pointed out by the engineer.
A letter was read from R.
II.   Sperling,   general manager
of the B, C, Electric Ry., em- majority has been the class
phalically protesting on In-half house thai is very much in de*
of his company re lhe grading mead al the present time for
of certain streets in North the inanv new residents who
Vancouver as per his former visit the north shore with the
letter and that of Engineer idea of locating permanently
Moffat. Be said the protest here. I-'rom May itSth lo a-
WM not actuated liy a desire on bout June 5U1 the' total build-
the part of the company lo a- jug construction is valued at
void anv cost of re-construction $28,600.
as that cost would have  to be ^_^_^^_^_____^^^_
Building in North Vancouver has been carried on at a
steady pace since the early-
spring and although the realty
move of a few monthi back was
thought by some to he taking
the attention of the investor
from the occupation of house
building, still the figures which
have been obtained for the valuation of buildings slarted in
construction since the thih ui
Mav clearly shows that thii
part ol the ciiv's progress h,s
not been neglected to anv ex
tent. A few of the buildingi
have been blocks while the grmi
Local and Personal       Races Called Off
Kent- McNaught of the district o| Nortii Vancouver lell
yesterday for Victoria where he
will attend the adjourned heal
ing of lhe "Idyle W'yld" appeal
before lhe executive council as
the district's reprcsentatiye to-1 Keith block,
dav.   The case was heard before 1
the same Iriliun.il two weeks W. II. Foster has inovnl into
ago tote] when argument for' OM half of the large double
both sides was submitted,   bill   tOOtS on hlh slreet east
.Mrs. W, J. Irwin will not ie
eeive again until fall.
Mr.    Russell  Prentice,  C lv
has moved into a suite in   th
111 order to give both parties an
opportunity of arriving at an
amicable settlement on their
own account it   was adjourned
for a fortnight, ii is Merit 1   that a  meeting  of  the
council and the representative!
of the subdivision wa.s held but
lllal no division or settlement
was arrived at.
Mr. R. D. Clarke, C, P, R.
train despatcher of Nelson, H.
Ca, have taken a residence on
4th street west of Lonsdale Ave.
borne by the citv, but it was
actuated bv a desire lo provide
the citizens ol North Vancouver with I safe tramway sir
vice. He said his company had
gone to great expense in order
to keep grades down to IS1., pei
cent. In North Vancouver on
Lonsdale Ave. the maximum
grade exceeded X per cent, and
one or two regrettable accidents had occurred and in order
to eliminate this danger he appealed for due consideration ol
any further increase. He un
derstood that benching would
increase lhe grade oil Lonsdale
Ave to 12 per cent, and he
contended thai 1 street car
could not be unrated over that
no matte what safety appliances were used except at a risk
trhich the coinpanv neither
conld nor would be justified in
asking the public to incur.
Mr Sperling pointed out that
the operation of trainwavs was
subject to the Provincial Tramway Inspection Ait and it is
within the power of the itispci
tor under that Act to prevent
the company from operating
lay portion of its system i
which in the opinion of the Inspector could not safely be operated, Mr. Sperling felt reasonably satisfied that looking to
the public salety the inspector
would not sanction the operation over a grade as proposed.
Aid. McNeish: "There is   no , _
information  before the  council
that the grade would be 12 pi-r his character
Aid McRae : "Mr. Sperling
mentioned "proposed" grade.
I thought the matter had been
settled     lie nillsidcl'iil  thai no
rettled a house on 14th Street
east of I.uiisdale Ave., which he
will occupy shortly.
Mr. H. C. Guthridge h.is nnt
ed   the   llat   in   the I-Tat   Iron
block, corner Kth and Lonsdale
A surprise box was in itore
for the ollicials ol the Nortli
Vancouver Yacht Club wlnn after taking ailliii.il measurements
of the dinghies now holding regular weekly races every Saturday afternoon it was found
that  three ol  the I oats wen
sailing with all excess of sail
and that their mt mis in order
tn qualify wiih the ntlts and
I,aiie of Vancouver has regulations under which the
races hate been run must reduce
llieir sail area, This they have
decided to do. "Jumbo was
I..und to be considerably undei
measurement and she will be n--
canvaaied to tome up to the
area allotted. The races so far
this season have been called oil
on iccount "f the above reeaoa.
North     Vancouver     lacrosse  An ollicial race was run ou S.il-
boys lost in an exhibition game 11rd.1v between the "Ethel" and
played with the Heaver A.C. on
.1. P. Keene has rented the residence lately occupied by Mr
M. B. Martinson on First street
B \i Hunt of Vancoaver has
taken a house at 2,13 ird street
where he and his family will be
domiciled for some time.
Ml Ransom and family of
Vancouver have moved to
Nortii Vancouver and are now
living at thc comer of 2nd
street and Mahon Ave.
A. R McDonald and (aiiiilt oi
Vancouver have rented a house
on fith street east of Lonsdale
Ave alld have moved in I lew
flats ago.
Mr. P. .1. S. Cole has in
course ol erection a fine Iwo
storey residence on 4th street,
just cast of the Grand Boult
vard to cost about 19,000.
the "Jamba" but no official
Cognisance was taken ol the
event. The "We Two" was to
have competed but was dismasted 1 short while previou
to the ran- and ill iotisci|Uctlie
was hors de combat.
M Neitlurland has stalled
ah. ii,iti.in of a small house on
171I1 slreet cast  of Chesterfield
.Magistrate Kealv s court was
taken up with two bad CUM of
inebriation yesterday morning.
One was a remand case and the
accused wai lined Jio andcosis
and 1 warning. The oilier case
was a pitifl] one alld the accused could hardly navigate a-
crnss tin* inun ti.i'in lloor. lie
was ordered detained until
Thursda] when it is thought he
will have been sufficiently 1'iCov-
ered to appear    in the meantime ilu- iindiial health officer
will he I'.nsiilted 111 regard   to
the case
Front elevation of ihe mausoleum to ie erected in memory
of Chief Joe Capilano, ,,n lite burial gTOttadl of the Capilam.
Indian tribe. The width of tbe tomb will be twelve feet, the
height eleven feel and the depth ten feel A det.iil.d desi up
tion appeared in the Kxpnss 1.1 Mav :;ih last.
lie wil
occupy  the  premises
when   the   building   is
lhe   ti.until and he wanted    to  man had any tight to send in a
know  il such was not the ease
when it would be.
A Id.   Schultz   said   lie   made
the motion so thai the matte
conld be gone into quietly.
His Worship wanted to know
if it was not 1 fact thai a flame
had been started in lhe minds
of   lhe   people   on   the maltcr.
letter like that. "The B. C,
Blectric has got to consent to
the decision of thc council,"
contended Aid. McRae.
On motion of Aid. Kowler and
Irwin, the letter was filed.
The clerk reported that JJ
names had been added to the petition   presented   al lasl   M011-
Ilc said the mayor  at   last   Monday evening
uieeting    urged   Aid.   MiNcish
"to go to it."
Asked if he had heard the
Mayor say that Aid M. N'.isli
made all eliiphatii denial. One
or two thrusts were made be
twi-i-n the Mavor and Alderman Schultz before the subject
was closed.
Mr.   King said  that   at    tin
Rltve Mt Naught returned 1*11
Saturday from a private busi
tu-ss  trip  into   the   K1n.lei1.1t
lie raporti that tin- fruit pros
pet Is in the interior are eXtel
lent .mil every one is looking
forward to I biiin|H-r imp Ihis
(Continued   on Page I)
lure ; Paine nnd McMillan,
hardware ; P. Thomas, The
1,0tisdale     Pllariu.it t,     drugs ;
Hickman and Co., groceries;
W I \ Son,   shoes ;   Fuller a1*
I'In,lur,  groceries;  Braekman  '
I Kn, Hour  and feed ;   Piatt,
shoes ;     Campbell     ,>.    Miller,
builders ;   Smith   Bros ,   build
t-rs ; Tuck I Brewer, builders;
MiDougall.lenkins,   engineers ;     F   T. Condgon, MP. (or the
Wallace Shipyards Co., ship| Yukon, who was in the ,itt
adding; The Burrard Sash last Wotk visiting his brother-
uul Door Factory ; North Van-! in-law,   Bens,,11  Gladwin,   loth
The Monthly meeting ol St
Andrew's   and   Caledonian   So
ilelt    lakes   plaee this   evening
in the liorii.ultur.il hall,     The
in   the
form of a social evening and
ilan.e and a large attendance is
A new stone font to cost
Si (J will sli.utlt be pland in
position in thc church of St
lohn the Evangelist. The foni
will be the gift "f the children
belonging to the Junior Girla'
l.i.uuh ol the Women's Auxili-
.111 iniiueeleil wltll the clltlich.
There .lie about ii members
whose ages range (loin j lo 11
tuts The children have a-
botil S'ia. on hand.   They expect
to secure thi balance oi the a-
niount required al na entertainment they purpusc giving on
Thuisdat niniiig ill the Horticultural hall The program will
Ih- given entirely bv the children
who have been working dili-
gctitlt I'.r sunn* time past.
There had been all indignation day evening's meeting which
kindled and it was impossible ivas then signed bv iit, sign.i-
to i|lieiith the outburst of leel- Hires, calling Ior the resign 1-
ing. "If von gentktten |speak tion oi the aldermen and that
ing to the COUndl) will step in he found {MTU were )> names
and help me I will lollow toil. h,. cooM not much (or and thai
He declared that should he have one name appeared twin
ordered some of the ratepayers j On motion of Aid. Fowler
who were clamoring loudly at and Irwin, the clerk's reporl
last Aluti.l.it .telling's meeting, 'was filed.
mil ol the hall there would have I Mr King asked the clerk il
luen 1 iii'i the lineament roll was up  to
Aid   Bclmltl :   "I am elected date,
lo serve the people   as well   as |    Clerk:    "It   is   up   to    last
vuli  are  Vour Worship.      The vear."
A movement is on foot to
have   a   combined merchaati'
and manufacturers' lloat in the
parade to be held on Dominion
Day in connection with tin- oo
leblatioti A muting Will In-
held in the store of Rfood |
Son on Tuesdat IVMiag next
at I o'clock lo disitiss and form
a   committal   to tut)   this
itcediiigs    at    lasl    Mondav,'  Mr.   King:   "I submit   that   scheme through.      The follow
evening's   meeting   were   (lis- tjie 42 names are still bona fide
graceful    and   I   am   surprised ratepayers   inasmuch   as    thev
that   vou did not   keep   order, are still properly holders."
the     responsibility    rests    on Referring to the discipline  of
imr  Lumber Ci
nioiir l.iuiiiier Co.
The  Sev-
street   east,   was    verv    niinii
Miss I,iU   Fitzmaiiriu  .unt
ed in the city this week   upon
an .-.tended tisil to her sister,
Mis   Pent  Ward. Fifth   street
The Board ..| l.iirnse Commissi!, tiers (or this citj met 111 the
ittt tlerk's office last evening
at H o'clock. A number oi
Items   of   business   were   slated
for the muling, but on account
pleased at the rapid growth "I ,,f „,, mVOidable absence oi
North Vancouver since his last t„llllmssl,,mr suatv th, meet-
visit and prophesies a gtc.it ,„,, -u ,„|,,1„rn,,i ____ \v„|.
future for this city. no(llv    lm„   |jth   ,,,,,,.   l)l(.
minutes title read    Ills \\ ■ 'Tsllip
Mr Henry Cough wishes to Mayor Mat presided wnh Com-
thank Ins v,*rv m.inv luen.Is im  u,iuiouer   SchulU (Alderman)
iimt  sympathy  towards him   present
east       Miss     Filzinaliritc   has   „,|| and family ill their sad be
corns limit   from Bloi-iiilciin   reavement in the loss oi i i-c
tain.  Soiilli   Altii.1, where   the  l"U-d wile and mother and also
desires to express his heartfelt
ihatlks   to   the   local   K   I  P
brethren "tt iccoaal "f their important pari in the ohsaqaiei,
last Monday evening's meeting,
Mr, Bird considered that Aid.
Schultz's action in making ref-
erettie to His Worship as Ile had
ilotie at thai meetini called for
I cither an explanation ot an   a-
totir shoulders."
The   Mavor :    "Aid.    Schultl
asks nn- to quench the fire that
In has kindled. Were his actuals not a disgrace lo the
Moth' '"
Tin* Mayor  contended   thatipoiogy,
when the council could not de-j   Aid. Schultz.  "The occasion
cidi they should let the people j does not call for one and I tun
'I" uh       Was it not responsible  not going to make any."
government,   for and by   thej   Hr. Bird : "A gentleman will
people'" always   make all apologt,   ami
Tin  engineer then reported re-  one who will not is imt one "
garding a grade (or the  corner
It li street and Chesterfield
\i 1 "tiling to the 1407 report,
under which he ttas insl tin ted
to act, il CM lines were at sonic
Iiii lire lilne placed on (th stint
and     Chesterlield     ihe    grade
His Worship said lie WSS like
the man who was kicked   bt   1
ing merchaati and maaufecttu
ers have signified iheir willing
tu-ss to participate in this em
section, viz. :  A. R    Bteacy,
groceries ; The Curry Co., drv
goodi ; Fraser Co.,   hardware ;
Stoney & Co.,   paint . Cum
ining. gents' liirinshings ; Burns
.St Co., butchers ; The Leonard
Sale Co., stationery ; J, J,
McAleece, drv goods ; W. Bailey, barber ; The Kandie Kit
sheti, confectionery ; .1.  \   .mai
M Mr.Mil.ali, gi,,uiics, Lull
imr aSr Co , hardware ; Morrison ft Co., sign writing ; N. V
Harness Co., harness ; Walkn
Press,   printing ;   The   North
horse, be considered whence it shore press Ltd., printen in<
tame. publishers ;, Campbell   and  Mil
Aid    Scliullz said he did   lint villi*,   barbers;    North Vallum
consider either the Mayor 01 vei Coal and Buppli Co., coal
lamily   has resided     for   some
vears     During  the   leaf  war
their lather,   Mr   Fitzmaini,*
was commandeered by the Bocn
but he   escaped   to Kitnbcrli   ,
where he enlisted with the P.i it
ish   lories     Both   Mrs.     W.nd
and  Miss  Fitzin.iuricc  end,ned
the rigors of the siege of Kim
berley. during which th    lattel
ttas hit bv living debus In.in a
Boer  shell.     Mr.   IVrcv   Watd
served  throughout   the war  in
the Sixlv First  of foot, gene:
ally   known    as   the Glusiei
regiment,     The  distinguishing
emblem ol this tegiineitt ,   thai
iht * weai a badge both la Irani
.md belling on then helmets
Tin historic origin ..I this h
lates to an Incident In one ul
tht "i 1 lier Knglish wars In
whiih this regimen! was beset
both ui Irani ami rear bj de
tichmenti ..i thr enemy, when
upon two portions ,,| the regi
"un1 «<'" formed bach to bach
"pulsing   their    assailants    III
Con   s    Hviler, ex-finance
niinist.i   ..I the   Martin a.Imm
Istratfofl   paid  a   visit   to    this
'utt  resteda)  and his ,ip|*.*,ir
sacs i.a.ilbd to tin* muds ol
thus, hi tins iitv acqsaiatcd
with : *■•■ aiiitni-nl matters dm
ing his labitiet-iiiinistiislup
mam amusing un uli-nts which
occurred during his tenure .,( ill
A large black beat is reported
la.    hate been    sei 11  ti'.ilnlli
luiiu through the upper pari   ol
Nnrth    I.ousdale    .,11     Suiulat
Tin     party    Who    unwillingly
.am.   iu   dote contact   with
1,nun in the brush avits  that
was .,111  of llie few linns when
he tta*. no) ..invlag .1 gun.
Vciv li tt   iipaaits have   come
ill     ..I     belts    In-ill;-   Seen   tills
spun"  and 11 is quite possible
that tint will not be so |dtnli
fill     as   llllllll      the     past    Iw
Mr   Bird privileged to pass  on N.   V.    Furnishers   Co., fnim- both insi.in.is
A t'M   ipiiet  Wedding   took
placi   Sl the   residence    of  Mr
and  Uts   Georgi Heather
Hastings   street   east,   Vain*.11
v.r, .ai tin uth inst , wlnn tlnir
daughter.   Mlirelta   Amelia, tta
joined in the holy bonds ol snd
[ock tn  Hi   Benjamin Brnesl lm the church   A length) pro
'i Worth Vaacoavei gram "i racal md instrumental
Rn    David   Lolg,   past,a   nl siilns has bun irranged and  1
Ciui*!' 11 vt Baptist church,   ol verj   successful   and enjoyable
■ d evening is anticipated
A grand "ii" 11 will be held
111 St Clement's hall, Lvnn
Valley, tomorrow evening for
the puipcs. nl |'i"vidin)'   fun Is rwo
Summary of Nortii Vancouver City Council
Proceedings in Relation to Street Grades
Ai the council meeting of Ap ol Mnrch, which gradea Imd
ril jut li tin* [ollowing petition been used bv their architect in
of ratepavers was presented making plans lor the propoied
and read building at the corner ol  l-'irst
"To the  Mayor and Aldermen street and Lonsdale Ave.
ol the Cit) aai North Vancou     From Citv   Engineer  Hanea,
vei requesting   that  be be granted
Gentlemen, Ws, lhe undersign permission to consult K. Il
nl ratepavers nl ilu* Citv ol Thomson, citv engineer ol
North Vancouver hereby peti Seattle, Aid. Irwin moved
ti,,n v.'iu honorable bod) t" that the communications bc
have .1 committee "I engineers laid on the table until the grade
appointed in the lollowing wai question is gone into more lul
in settle iln existing grade h The motion was - seconded
question once and lor all, and
,it tin e.nIiest possible date, as
lhe   chair.      Aid*   Smith   was
voted   to  Un- chair, and put
Hie mot ion  which   was  carried
on the lollowing diviiion :
Km the motion
Aid. Irwin,
Aid. Fowler,
Aid. .Schult/.
Against the motion—
Mayor May,
Aid. McNeish.
Tin* Mayoi resumed the chair
.nnl the following resolution
nu,veil hv Aid. SchulU and seconded liv Aid MiNcish, was
passed without .1 dissenting
"That Citv Engineer Clement
ni Vancouver, ami Ciiy  Kngin-
we  believe   tin   existing   trou
Hie is a great detriment to ihe
I'ltl      aa)     \a,|  ill     \ ' , I I |< * all V , 1 .
That  the illv   (lainuil ap|iaainl
i,lie man ;  that  "in  cit)  engin       Vet
eel  a, I  as tin   second III,111 : ami ;    Cent leliielt,
hv Aid. Sihult- and agreed to. 'eel Thompson "I Seattle, be in
There was also presented  the vited  i" mi -A'Ai'i.  with   tie
[idinning  petition  "I rati pav
eitv engineer ol North Vancou
vet   tn lix  lhe |H lln.Hunt "lades
nl all   in,rlli ami south   streets
nl the Citv .,[ Nuiih Vancou   lroui tin aalerlront in  Eighth
aiul nl all casl and wesl streets
We understand Irom   Forbes   tn .Si.  David's
To the   Uavot   ami A 1,1,11 tun
ihat the third man be appoint   that a resolution has been pass- Avenues in accordance with th
ni In a committee "I three, tin
municipality is situate and no
bylaw shall take ellect or com*-'
into lorce until such Inlaw is
so registered, and not then, il a,
subsequent dale is set mil in
lhe by-law.
By-laws under section 50, S.
S. ii-', referring to roadimust
also be published in llie B, C,
Gazette and in a newspaper
published in tin- municipal-
It) .md a certified copy filed in
the land registry ollice for the
All by-laws under seciion 50,
suli-scciion 1 |h, ior establishing a general grade must be
registered in the office nl' the
registrar nf the county court at
Vaiuuuver, otherwise they are
nut in force.
1 wonld advise alsu thai anv
such by-laws be published   and
liled in the laml registry office
as provided bv sab section 11-
1 section 511, Imt this letter  is
much an extra precaution.
I have made a search in titl
ed Kv your council changing tin recommendations ol tli
grades uti all nortli aud  south ntt' report ol 14117 "
engin office ol   the registrar oi the
county court.   1 find that bystreets from a bench grade to 1     The  Mayor asked the alder-'law 26 is liled in the county
straight grade, and we wish ii   men present il they wonld abide!court but I dn nut iind amongst
pa,mt    cut    llii*   fact    that    thi   bv   the decision ut  the lotnmis- the records there either bv-law
grade  thai   w.is adopted  am1 sion, and willi the exception ol
p.issi,1 hv bvlavv un Third Aid. Irwin thev signified their
street was a bench grade and willingness in abide bv said de
that is what we want ami an -vision. Then lhe following re-
satisiuil with, and ii the almv
~.ini committee to be held on
Tmsd.iv, April jiiih.  iqin."
At the  (.iiunii meeting  held
un tin .'nd day ol M.iv, ciisiil
a ration ol the grade t-uestii n
was   taki n   up ami corresp nil
eine   in  1 nniii( 11* ai   therewith
was read as lolluWS
Prom    His  Worship    Mayoi
Hay, t" the (iini lollowing       mentioned resolution is adoptei
As it is mv iliuv in cause tin we will oppose anv such changi
law   foi   the improvement    nl to the grades on Third street."
-lu* utv iu lu* dulv executed and    And   ilu following   petition
put in lorce, .md to recommend from ratepayers recommending
iai* ilu  consideration   nl   the adherence to the engineers'  re
council  stub measures as  in. \ port   ol   1907  was  alsu   pre
uini i" improve the 1 ii\,  .nul si mid
being guided h\ publii   opinio!  "Tu ihe  Uavoi  .uul Aldermen
as expressed at a publii   mei     "i North Vancnuver
in;;  Iiiiii  recently  ami  sni.se     We. tin* undersigned ratepai
quenl   developments, 1 conxidi   ers "i ilu iitv ui North   Van
that it devolves upon me lo iui   couver,   would urge "ii   vein
press   upon   tins council   tlu council  thai iln-  recommenda*
stern   necessiti   (or inimediati lions ul Messrs. Clements, Cle
.uiiaaii wiih a view tu the  sii   vd.uul  and  Dawson am regard
tleiiiiiit "I tlu grade question. I to gradea) contained in their'   Citj Clerk,
would,   therefore,   recommend report of October itth, 1907, be       North Vancouver, B. C.
thai   v..II pass tonight  a  l'i suit,    sttiitlv   ailluleil    In     We wclllil      Dear   Sir,- I beg   tn   .liklU'W
ti,an granting  your city engin   submit   that  an)   attempt  t" ledge  receipt  ul  vmirs nf ilu
solution, moved by Aid. Smith
and seconded by Aid. Irwin,
was adopted without dissent .
"Ues'ilved ihat Uu* engineei
"I lhe lt, C. Electric Railwav
Company be consulted in tin
mailer uf slieel grades."
The cit) solicitor being requested in advise luiuieil respecting registration nl bylaws,
eli , and lhe city's position in
connection with tin- grade ques
linn, lhe following leller was
tei lived :
P, 0. Box vjs,
Vancouver, It. C
Tims. Shepherd, Esq.,
"i authorit) in give all  thoi
contemplating  tlu  erection , I
buildings, .1 permanent grade
alsu authorize him to procei
with   the  installation ol   thi
sewerage  svstem,  and   liiluuj
this, 1 would recommend  tha
vuu submit  thc ^rade queslio
i" a plebiscite  nl the ratepai
its without  ihl.iv, and in   tin
event uti v.alii  de, uilli- upon lhe
reopen the i|iicstiun is aiiil .'nib inst. to mv linn asking
should lu regarded bv vein opinion on the following mat-
council .is a bii .ia li .at a salis lers :
factorv .md equitable settle The council haa power under
ment " sn tion 55 u( the Muniiipal Act
The following resolution «.*• tn make, alter ur repeal Inlaw-.
iii"V,.l i,\   vid, Irwin and  sn ior    establishing   a    general
iitided bv  A1,1   I-'uwlii , grade (or the streets and roads
"Resolved  that   ibis  council in tbe municipality and (ur es
adopt  and  strictly   adhere t" taMiahing,    opening,   ni.ikiiiu,
ih.   recommendations    ul   tin preserving,     altering,       etc
latter,   I would lurther recom  joint conlerence ol engineers as streets,    The council mav   .*
mend that   yuu instruct  youri contained in their report dated tabliah a new grade.    If  this
iitv  engineei   i.a prepan  una October 14th, 1   ;. relative lu coatee   was   taken   and   thc
scale, profiles showing  a the   general   principle   which people have built on a grade as
straight   grade;  a lull bench should  be adopted in  comic   lixed by the city and their pro
grade,      and      a     modified tion wilh grading the streets ol perty is injured by reason of the
bench grade, and that smh pro I the  'itv   ol   North Vancouver change ol grade, inv opinion is
files he hun;: In a publu   p,ace, and signed W   A. Clements, li   lhat the city would be compel-
"peii t" the view ui tin- publii A.  Cleveland and G, 11. Daw   led to make compensation  (ur
to guide iluin in arriving al a s,,n. and that lhe dty clork in  *m\ smh Ions or damage under
decision upon this all import   scribe a copj nl said report and the provisions oi section 2=,) ol
ant matter. recommendations  on the   min   ihe Muniiipal Ait.    All Inlaws
From I-.  Ruchan, agent, It.uik utes  ol  this council meeting, in order  lo  come  into   lorce
a.i  Hamilton, referring to n   and that this council as soon as must  under section tt ol  the
putt   app,.nm;'   iii   newspapei possible take all steps that maj  Act be re-considered not   less
that council had decided on  a be deemed adviaabli and necea  than une da) alter Ihe original
system   "i   p.mi.illv    benched s.m in giving proper effect  t" passage thereof, he adopted by
grade:    and   asking   whether lhe   recommendations  In    thc the council, signed bv the Ma
ilui.   would be am  change in said reporl contained." yor nr Keeve and registered iu
n i" tlu   ltaiik    The Mayor refused to pui tin- the ollue ol llu  Registrar oi
ul Hamilton, about the middle motion and was voted ont of ithe county court in which  the
an or 41. Neither is it
shown in the index to by-laws
kept In that office.     H   my
search has been complete and
by-law    .'7   has   Dot been   liled
with the registrar of the county
court it is not and never has
been ill force, but all three bylaws cm be broughl inin force
at anv time bv Sling them
1 Iind bv law YI and the pin
lib- thereto attached in the land
re^istrv office, The plan attached thereto is marked "Pro.
lib- nl the lt. C, Klectrh   Rail
wav Track."   Tin- bv law  Itsell
savs   that    it   is   tin-   geuer.il j
grade on Umadale Ave., hence I
l would iniil thai the genera1
grade on I.ousdale  Ave.   is tin-
profile n[ tin- B,  C.  Electric
Railway Track.
These by-laws never having
been   in tOrce, il   vvullld appear
to me ihni the wliule natter
should be very canfully considered and in order lo avoid
litigation    ihat     adjustment
should be between llie It. C.
Electric Railwav Co, and llie
cm and a bv-law passed, tiled
published and registered establishing a general grade on Lone
dale Ave. satisfactory to .ill
patties,   as   1 have    no   ilntibt
that the B. C. Eleclrii railway
is as anxious (or ibe Improvement ol tin- streei as anyone.
It there is any (utilin inform
ation in llit- matin  that I can!
give miu, kindly advise me.
(Sgd.) K  I. REID,
tin Mav thtli, min, the following letter from K. II. Sperling, genera] manager "( tin- it.
C, Electric Railwav Co., was
lead :
Vancouver, B, C,
Vdli April, iqKi.
His Worship the  Mayor and
Council, North Vaiiiuiiver :
(.cntliiiien,—Mv attention lias
been drawn   tn   the   fact     lhat
there is a movement on loot in
iii'in iitiied on page 3)
m   w vaniatiMn
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aooounl iflordi,
In other wonls, ymi nuuel
Imr,, tn an,— ainl this valuable   li—un   i-   best   li'iirtnd
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Thl process is litnpU, ami
thlh«bil soon becomes fixed.
Call to-day al the nearest
brant-It of the Bank 01 Hamilton.
Even if you only deposit
mn* dollar, to start with, it is
worth vour wliile.
C. G. Heaven, Agent
North Vancouver
He»d Office, HAMILTON
Ckpil.1 I^H-up        -       • 11,300,000
■time tr.j Utdititlfat Pi-or.li 1,(00,000
Tout Av.,i,       .      -      -        ot.i Sl.000.000
119 First Street, E.
Phont 80
The Express
$1.00 per year
Foreign $1.50
Fine Printing
119 First Street, E
Phone 80
(Continued from page 2)
your city to establish bench
grades at street intersections
OU Lonsdale Ave. As it wollld
be impossible lo establish these
grades without increasing at
several points our present
grade line on that slreel, 1 beg
to suggest that as the present
grade on Lonsdale Avenue is
very steep, any alteration in
grade which would make the
operation even in a small degree more hazardous than it
now is, would not be fair to either the public or my Compaay,
I, therefore, beg to request that
before taking any action in the
direction named, you will give
this matter vour verv serious
consideration and I trust the result of vour deliberations and
investigations will convince you
that in the interests of all concerned the present conditions
should not be altered for
the worse.     Yours truly,
iSgd.i     R. II, SPERLING,
General Manager.
Thereupon the council passed
the following resolution :
"Resolved that Mr. Sperling's
communication be received and
a copy forwarded to Messrs.
Thompson, Clement and Hanes
with a recommendation  from
the council that same be given
their verv careful consideration
and that Mr. Sperling be advised that such is lieing done."
On farther motion of Aid. Irwin, seconded bv Aid. McNeish,
Resolved that the clerk acknowledge receipt of the letter received from Mr. Sperling, and notify him lhat il was the Intention of the council that their
engineer sliould confer with llic
commission of engineers engaged to report on the matter of
grades, bul that owing to llic
shortness of llieir stay  in   the
city thin arrangement could noi
be made, bul thai the council
wuuld be pleased to receive I
report from their engineer as lo
the relation of car lines on
street grades lo lorward to the
engineers who are considering
the Ilia tier
At meeting of council May
|i)lo, the following letter
G.   W.   E.   Mollatt   was
Vancouver, B. C,
mth Mav, mio.
Tims Shepherd, Baq.,
Cilv Clerk,
1'. 0. Box 4S,
Nortli Vancouver, B. C. i
Bear Sir,—I hnve a copy ol a
letter written by vou to o'.ir
general manager on the r 7til
inst regarding question ol
grades    in the   cilv of    North
Your engineer, Mr. Unites,
tailed yesterday regarding this
matter and I Went over the
matter with him frankly, dis
itissing the grades on various
slreets, and have advised him
lhat the B C E. K. Co, is only
too glad lo see anv improvement made in North Vancouver
the onlv i|iu-stioti being in this
particular case that in any rearrangement of grades you
make we would nol want to sec
the grades increased, for, as
vmir council no doitbi knows
and appreciates, lo increase the
grades on any of the norlh and
south streets will simply mean
added risk in operation, and
something, 1 am sure, you
would not eare to have any
more lhan wc would care to.
This Company is Irving to
hold its stillest grades (or iiiy
vvurk, wherever possible, lo below t,'. per cent, and in (act, has
and is spending large sums of
moMV t" keep grades down to
this limit.
The presenl maximum grade
on Lonsdale Ave is something
over H jut cent., and we nave
been advised thai the airange
men! suggested will mean over
a to per cent, grade. The only
(|ticstion that the B. C. E. Ry.
Co. wishes to call your attention to is the (|iiestion of saletv
to the public bv this arrangement, and one, ive feel sure,
that is of as iniich interest to
you as it is to us.
1 will be onlv too glad to
ineei vour Council and give the
Computus reasons lor objecting to anv inerease ol grade and
also distiiss the ipiestii.n wilh
ten in anv wav vou mav wish,
to lome to a solution of the
problem before you
Very rcspei tftlllv  touts,
ISgd.i   0. W. E. MOFFAT,
Consulting   Engineer
On .'une 2nd, tutu, Mr. Mollatt, consulting engineer of the
B. C. Electric Kailway Co,
was present and stated III pall
that his company was not so
much Interested in tin- system
ol gtades which the eity mighl
adopt so long as the gradients
on which street car lines are at
present being operated ait* not
steepened. It was a matter of
safety in operation which his
company wished the council to
consider and he intimated that
if the report of the commission
of engineers were to be adopted
by lhe council such would seriously affect the operation of
the tramline on Lonsdale Ave.,
and his company would seriously consider the advisability of
discontinuing lhe operation of
a street car line on that Ave.
The report of commission
(consisting of Engineers Thomson, Clement and Hanes) was
read and discussed, after which
Aid. McNeish moved and Aid.
McKae seconded that "the recommendation of the engineers
be adopted in their entirety."
The motion was defeated on
the following division :
For—Aldermen McNeish and
Against — Aldermen    Irwin,
Scliullz, Smith and Fowler.
Vancouver, B. C,
June bth, 1410.
Thos. Shepherd, Esip,
City Clerk,
Nortli Vancouver, B. C. :
Dear  Sir,—I  am  forwarding
herewith  a letter lo your  city
council    enclosing   a   Cony   of
a letter to  Aid. S. I). Schultz,
with   reference   to   the    grade
question in North Vancouver.
Yours truly,
Vancouver, B. C,
.lune Mh, 1410.
To His Worship the Mavor and
Members of the Council of the
Citv of North Vancouver :
Gentlemen,—Whili discussing
the Nortii Vancouver grade
problem with one ol vour members, Mr. S. 1). Bchalti on Saturday afternoon, he asked me
to outline in a letter lo him
how far I am adhering strictly
to the benching system in cs-
tablishing grades in the City of
Vancouver, and where I am departing from same, and my reason! for doing so.
1 have written'tO Mr. Schultz.
and am em losing a copy of the
letter herewith so that all of
your members may be in possession ol the same reports and
information. As a much better idea can bc obtained of the
ellect of adopting anv particular
system of street grading In
viewing the finished work on
the ground, I shall, if vour
memberi and vour engineer are
sufficiently Interested, be verv
pleased to show and explain to
ton how the problem is being
worked out in this citv.
Yours respectfully,
Vancouver, B. C,
June Mh,  1910.
S  I). Schultz, Esq.,
ms Pender St.,
D.ar Sir—,In compliance -ii'li
vour request during our 1 111-
versatioii on Saturday Concerning the grade question in N .rlli
Vancoaver, and the last clause
iii my report, in which I recommended 'he adoption   of   the
benching   system   in    grading
streets, but pointed out that il
ttas   not impossible   to    grade1
fairly   steep   streets    without
benching, 1 shall   now ratline,!
how far I am adhering to the
benching system in establishing
permanent grades in lhe City M
Vancouver, and where I am departing from same.
Iu establishing grades on all
new streets, that is streets on
which there are no permanent
improvements, such as pavements and sidewalks, I am adopting the benching system, il
the rate of grade exceeds i per!
Cent., and im making the ratlin' grade aiross the benched   or
Battened portion at intersections I1., per cent. ; this gives a
fall of one foot across a M> foot
In establishing grades on the.
wide main thoroughfares, such
as Westminster Ave. and Gran- a
villi- street, where the grades
arc steep and the distance between intersecting streets short
I have disregarded the benching
principle and made the grades
as straight as possible and am
Continuing to do so. My reason
(or adopting this COUTH is because I am of opinion that in
lhe case of main thoroughfares
or arteries of travel with stu-p
grades such as Westminster
Avenue alld Granville slreet in
Vancouver, where vears of use
has led property owners to mn
sider the grade as established,
ii is justifiable to sacrifice the
intersecting side streets   for   1
short  distance (abonl   100   or
ISO   feet 1   tather   than  ilu reuse
llie grade of the main .street.
Benching has been adopted lit
all cilies of importance in this
country, and is considered to Inin line with the best engineering
practice, but occasions will a-
rise in the carrying out of all
rules and systems where advantages can be gained by adopting
certain modifications,
1 am enclosing copies of letters from Tacoma, Portland,
Oakland and I.os Angeles with
reference to operating electric
cars on steep grades as thev
mav be of interest to yon,
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Cor. Iinli Street A Sl, Andrew'i Are
Board of Trade
Nortk Vancouver Board oi
Trade meeti the third Tuesday
of each month, at 8 o'clock p.
m., in the board room, City
Hall. Executive meeti the firit
Tuesday oi each month. W. J.
Irwin, president; J. G. Farmer,
Methodist church, corner 6th
street and St. George's avenue:
I Services at 11 a.m. and 7.30
'p.m. Sunday School and bible
class 2.30 p.m! Class meeting
! 10 a.m. Sunda)'. Prayer meetini- 8 p.m. Wednesday. Moodyville Sunday school 11 a.m.
Lynn Valley Institute Hall-
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and 13th streets:—
Holy communion, 8 a.m.;
morning prayer 11 a.m evening prayer, 7.30 p.m.   On the
I lirst Sunday in the month there
will be a second celebration ol
the holy communion at 11 a.m.
Rector: Rev. Hugh Hooper.
Services at St. Clement's ball
Lynn Valley: Morning prayer
II a.m.; evening prayer 7 p.m.
1'nest-in-charge: Rev. H. II
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Till*;   EXPRESS
Norn n   Y INI OUVI i;
B. C.
Published Iuesdays snd Fridays bj
Noiiui SiinKi* Prbis, LlUtTID
mil s Dl   It Utt RtPTIOH
llneveiir, |1.0ll Six niniillii,, ,rilli'. ThWS m«Btl», ttt,
United SUM ninl Foreign, |1.50 |'ir year
tVdverlittng K.it.-s will bs quoted mi application,
IhsBsprtwilidti I tothi lalerettt ul Ihs sorth Show id Burrard Inlet
txcluiively. It coniiltuim su w1vbHiiIi.ii median ol aaceotlonul nine Ior
reaching lu ■ tlinmiiK'i nud pltertlve nisntiw tlie papulation "i Na.n1, Vancouver
t'ily innl lllltrii I. hverjf 11»• rt il in, ill In ui\>' ailverlisers llie nm-l -;iti*-fni'l*,ry
wry ice. ,
All change* in contract idvertiaemeuti ihoukl Ih- In the priuturi  liandl not
Inter iiimi m.i iii Mondsj ind ■ p.m, \v,*aina*-.i,i. to snare Inwrtloa Is the
lollowing Inui.
Nostm Vami OUVIE,    I!. C
The probabilities .is lo lhi el
lul that the .ippro.li. lun; I H
mis ui 1011 will have upon tin
representation oi the rountn
Iving wesi nl the great laki■ In
the Dominion house ia receiving
conaiderable attention In inter
ested circles ill  llii   wesl   at  tile
piesint nine, .unl forecasts "I
results are being somewhat Iree
ly in.ule The estimate rewntl;
published bj the Kelson News is
one of the most comprehensive
in appear as vet, This forecast
estimates the population ol thc
western provinces at lhe  time
ol the ullslts ;is [olloWS I
British  Columbia        US,'*""
Allien,i    300,000
S.isk.iuliiw.ui [00,000
Manitoba |J5,ono
Total   1,500,000
On tin* hasis oi one member
lor everj 15,000 "f the population this would jive representation .is lollows in rediatrihu-
lion :
British Columbia       ,..,    1 )
Allicrta     II
Saskatchewan 16
Manitoba in
Tin- number ol members [rom
each ill these provim,s in the
present  llnllse is as follows :
British Columbia 7
Alberta   7
Saskatchewan           10
Manitoba lo
Total M
Tin* total number "I members
in tin bouse .is st present i""
slitntid is  231,  lhe leprcscltia
tiun tin rein enjoyed by the
west being i6 per cent ni this
lotal, leaving Bj per cent lo the
iinin 01 iiii* inure raster!) pro
The number oi msmberi at
present allotted to each pro
Mine, together with tin* presenl
population *i em h .is twarh as
11 ,,in in* arrived at 1 is ,is [ol
Pop,       Mem.
Alberts ;uo,ou<i 7
B  Columbia 100,000 7
\'a'.i Scotia 170,000
Manitoba |25,oou
\  Brunswick 140,000
Juki 14, 191a
ii is quite ei .dent lhat tin re is
' danger, upon the presenl
lusis ni representation and in
view of our rapidl} increasing
population, that lhe house will
outgrow reason,ilde proportions
it will become unwieldy and
unduly expensive to maintain,
Should the representation
from ilie provinces eaat oi the
great lakes remain stationary,
however (or practicall) so 1 and
the western provinces be given
the sixty memberi estimated a«
bove, those western provinces
would then have list) members
in .1 house ol .'17, or practically
twenty-live per cent, ol the
w hole.
when the east territory in
the west as thus defined is given due consideration and whin
the ureni .md varied interests
Involved, together with the rapid development ol the countri
.ind iis practically unlimited
possibilities are allowed due
weight, it is difficult to understand how that ,1 redistribution
bill, li.isnl upon a sense of
common justice, could allot lo
ihe wist ,m\ mh,illef proportion
th.in twiiin five pir cent, ol
iln   newly  constituted   house.
The  necessity   lli.il  this   should
be the case is all the more nrg
ent irmn ihe standpoint ol
western interest* and welfare,
lor tin reason ihait s period ul
ten y 1.ns will 1 i ipse I dure an
othei census is taken and in all
probability, therefore, belor,
.my iiinliiT readjustment can be
iiiiiied. Meantime the popn
Iation of tin west will be pro
ceeding at a tremendous pace,
.md ihe development of the
counlry will make phenomenal
progress,   Unless some arrange
lllctlt cm he made w hereby tile
representation ul the wesl cm
be adjusted in the interim Iietween census lakinga, due al
low.mn [or tins rapid prospet
live growth ihould be made in
the redistribution ol 1911.
Double Corner 4th and St. George
I'riee |7,600,   Termi! 1-8 eash, Iial. 8 and 12 months.
Third  Street
Lol il, Block 187, D.L. 274.   I'riee $210(1.    Terms:
1.8 Mlh, balance li ami 12 months.
These prices ore far htllW the market aiul only for a very short time.
I'h,nn* I) Noi lli Vmi' tat I'li'HK* NM ViaewYO"
liiini. Hour- ii ai*in-1" Iall i in*   Opm Kvealngi >>>• appointment
Aller ullicii liiiiim, plume Llll
Pierce &
Surra-son I"
THACKER ,v TllnltNTON 00.
iit. aires in l.ynn Valley,
on Center Road, near cariine,
Special lor short time $3000;
small pay ment,  easy  terms.
Level and partly cleared.
Third Street Butt, second
hlock   from   Lonsdale,   lot
50 x 1211 : only $15*10 cash required.    Price   $1,100,  loilR
Double Cornel' 15th and
Mahon Ave,, $3000, 'a (,ish
halance six and twelve inns.,
close to car, ideal homesitc.
Snap 011 Keith Koad. near
Boulevard, cleared. Pries
141 2nd St.
Lonsdale  Avenue.
at Ferry Landing
iii 1 n
We also handle the Mlo-tiug in
H. ,ti K.Chick Pood.
II. ,y K. t'liiiken Chop,
s» ins' Heef Lferaps,
Mver'- Pooltrjr Bptsa
Ems' Utt Killer.
wheat in two grata,
Snld ill anv 'imilltilii'l.
Tin Ucst Sun *r Sprny
mi the iniirkel.
Nelson Manfg Co.
KSI'I.ANADK,   Kam   01
N. vii 11111:11 Co.v Miu
N. NELSON. Proprietor
Phone    198
North V encouver
Coal and Supply Co.
Dealers in Coal, Brick,
Sand,   Gravel,   Lime,
Cement   and   General
Builders' Supplies.
All  Ordan   Pronpth
Filled and Satisfaction
(iiiaranted.    Prices on
Office: Lonsdale, near City Wharl
Warehouse:       Forman's Wharl
1. (). C)  F.
North Vancouver Lodge, No.
55, meets every Thursday evening, corner Lonsdale avenue nnd
Kirst street, at H o'clock. Visit-
in); brethren cordially invited to
attend. J. Kelly, NO; A. T.
Kennedy, Rcc.-sec; .1. II. l'il-
Ung, Kin.-sec.
Mt A. I'hilip, Engineer A.
Cameron, Consulting Kngineer
Cameron, Chas, Nil on and
siitne Iriends took ,1 run ont on
Tuesda] alternoon  to   Inspect
lhe nny  p,uk yyliiih the dist I iit
h.is recentl) M-cured .1 leaae on
ii"in the govirnment  The pai
is situated around Caullield's
landing and abntta up against
the li^hi house reserve ,11
l'oint Atkinson Bn route the
part) yy.is joined hy Count ill"'
Lawson, While llie luspei non
-I the park yy.is ilu* main mission of the distiiit rapreten
latives, the engineers watt de
sitiitts cl inspeiim; the tcrri-
t"ty through which it is pro
posed to change the route oi
ihe Keilh road, Air. I'hilip
wot nlso .him atis 10 ascertain
iln extent ul the building in
connection wilh his u isesament
Prince Ivl  Is.   105,000
lllllllll 1,100,000
s.isknii Iii wan   .|o,iKMi
\ iikoti
lpi.ll    tills    h.lsls  tin   populs
tion iii the Dominion at present
IS    ;i ,a„„i    ,||ld     t III'     .'.'!        lllllll
luts iii tin house givi "in men
iafl     I a a T     I all ll      \ 1 ,0 1     llll'       fOf"
While  .ill  iii.ii llllllll   I"  the '!
int    th.ii   ilu    representation
sh.ill  in   constituted upon  the duties,     in regard to lhe park
basis ol "in ii,iiuiul- [ora giv- M]   l'lnlll' mated that at   Utt
,„  Dumbet   "i  inhabitants,  is tntM.time the only wn)   to
., reach the park Is bi water as
MtWnctorj   loi  general  gnld- ,ljs |Mrlv Wi.m ,,,, in ttamd|
ance, at the iam< lime then but this difficult) rould bl re
.in othei Factors which enter medied tu noon is the new
into the problem lor iln dm   Keith Road was opened np. He
consideration ol which Intitud.  ,1"1:"'''1  '1|" "   * "' ■'" lde»'
.    ...     .,      , p.nk lor pi.nn parties .md a ri-
sl"',ll'M" •'llnu«l1 y.il in.hisiis,,:.! br Stanlo
The  representation of guebei   Park    W course the park  was
is fixed hy   tin   Confederation in tbi rough *    * I bul lie lu
,\,t .ii ».,, .m'l an) .itiempt to ll'""1 ll|.|t Councillor Lawson
wonld bring iia* matter  before
the distri,t "aim, ,1 tt[th ,i vicyv
i" appropriatini  * <> m   $yio
donbtleas  I with strenuous [or ii„. ,,,„,ni!     „,, (l) nuM
opposition    Al llu  saim    time  tl.iils.
Her thai  figure, except  pet
haps,   lo  Increase  it,   would
A neyy  manufacturing Indus
try is .ilioiit to Iii* started on
the Ki.tsei rivet yyliiih will In
welcomed hy ilu patrons in
this  province.     The Nations
Paper   Mills   yyith In.id   offices
in Vancouver are proposing   tu
etect .1 plant that will unit the
demand ol the provinci oi
liriiish Columbia and the prair
ie provinces, k.iyy maUri il .it
,i   low   cost,   yy.itii    Lu ilu n*s,
low transportation charges, a
suitable site, cheap Fuel, readi
mnrket, efficient management
ure essentials which the new
concern,already has In its possession and the ultimate sinus;,
of the new undertaking  seems
A site has hccii located iiii
the Kraser riyei opposite the
new town ol Port Mann and the
lacilities then* offered [or that
particular branch of commcr c
are exceedingh difficult lu
equal, Must nl the pulp »*ood
required for the manufacture "(
ih, paper, it is expected, will he
obtained Irmn the Fraser River
Lubber Co,
Mr. Charles J, Ka) "1 Vancouver has lieen engaj i tl .is
manager ol the ne* i mcern
and Mr, Sylvester Cropper,
who h.is had m years' i upcri-
iim* in the busines!, has k i u
appointed general superintend
,-tit Messrs. Smith ll, ii1„,ii
nnd Wright ol Wat. i u,, ,
Vancouver, are acting inr tin
new i ompany.
F. k. Bcnnel,     OJ Lonsdale
■ II am*I- a*' -Ma..].an .nal  uu,.|ii" f-'airmlnr.
-i,,-*,*,iiiii,,  lunk mi*l ii.i Km    Rat* i
■ UK ill .11 ll- laf.ll' I" -
Picture Framing.      Kiiriiiiii'* Mi I Lf
yi *u. in nasi Kii'ii i-i a.,, pi nn i'i"ii
Pianoforte      Mrs. W. 8. Buriiiester A.R.A.M.
Organ       Mr. T. W. Ward
Violin       Mr. L. Duvies, L.V.B.M.
Sin^irio   Mr. l'aul Ivdmoiids
Violin Cello       Mrs. Grace Harding Pratt
Comet        Mr. L. Davies, L.V.H.M.
Flute          Mr. I, Davies, L.V.B.M.
Wc ate Lute tii establish I First class School of Music
and have, regardless of expense, obtained the service ol
musicians who have the highest diplomas for tcachini* on
the Pndfic Coast.
Call at our establishment at | |,l Lousdale Ave., inter-
vieyv our teachers and judge lot yourself.
North Vancouver Piano Co.
onu 111.
413 Lonsdale Avenue.
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
Nurlli Vancouver mnl Vaneouyer
City and Siiliurhan Prn|.i'rty.
Aliens Suli-lhV-iioni.
Kitntf* nonaged, Renti colleetnl
r,ii-iii,*M Chanrca
iamttnm o' tilas Etnsttwi
Foot ol Lonsdale Ave., Notth Vancouvei, B. C.
TELEPHONE % ''■ & BOX 114
North Vancouver
Block iy, D.L. 273; FIVE 50 ft. LOTS, HIGH AND
DRY ai |i,aoo i'liii. Terms: 'a cash, balance 6, ta snd
A 1 INK TRIPLE CORNER, cleared and graded, 150 It.
hy 147 It, high ekrstioa and close to BOULEVARD. I'riee
$2,500; st,non cash, fi, 1: and tS mouths
A 50 it. LOT on FIFTH STREET, mst Wock tnst Iron.
Lonsdale, at fosjo. Terms | cash, balance d, 11 and 18
montha.   THIS IS A SNAP.
Chas C. Lawson & Co.
1, s, -llH'liilin C. 1  uwsos
Real Estate Spai ialiats       15 Lonsdale Ave. Phone 70
Hot Points
For the Man
U, u's .1 ili.nne to please the
Qrder at once a 1910 " HOT
Ten days trial, Ircr lor askin-*.
Dl. .isiire and comfort on iron-
in-; day.
Qnly iron on market ((iiaran-
1.1 d lor two years.
|nvest now, it  will please her
N'at   ' I''."1 ■""'  economical*
Trv one now and he oonviactd.
B. C. Electric Railway Company, Ltd.
50 Lonsdale Aven-le-
First Stmt lots in first bind Ensl »i i*""v
dale.   An excellent investment.
$6000 each.    Good terms.
Fourth Street, nest Mahon ; 50 It. loi, owner
sosions i" sell.
$2800.   (moal terms,
Sixth Street, in block 70, D, L* 271 50 ft. lot
[nu* lm ilmii. Rood vieyv ol I'.uir.ird Inlet,
$1500.    ..im
Third Street, just East "l Loosdsla, lirst blk,
$6300.   Good terms,
Fourth Street, hlock l.t, D* L. 273.
$1800,   Rsatonsbls Teiins.
Third Siren, him k tt, D. L. 273.
$llKM).   ' iash. balaoost-it months,
What is the use ol payini; rent, ltuy a lot
in mn in yy subdivision in Lynn Valley, jusi
.1 I, w minutes liom tin car. Good soil, fine
rite*, I.Mgt lots, size 57x150 leet. Present
prices raa|i Irum $250 to $300.   Tains as
lOU .is I |J iliiyvii and Mo pel iiaonth 1 la j
will not lasl lon| at these priu s
PHONE 215  ii
Head Office 632 Granville Street, Vancouver, B.C
To close up an estate we have been appointed Sole Agents to sell
Ten Modern Close In
at such prices and terms that will make quick sales.
{J If you are in the market to buy a home, or to make an investment
in a good income property, it will be to your interest to get full
particulars and make an inspection as soon as possible.
(Incorporated A.D. 1906, under the Companies' Act 1897 and Amending Acts, with chiel place ol business in North Vaniouver, B.C.)
Cor. Lonsdale Avenue and 5th Street, North Vancouver, B.C. P. O. Box 42. Telephone 15
4444444444444444444444444444444444 4444444444444444444444444444444444 4444444444449440444444044444444444444444444444444444444444444444444
The loUowing report on  tin- [
marketing of fruit in the north
•vest   province   has   lieen   coin-1
pleted hv Commissioner   .1. C.
Medealfe for lhe provincial   department of agriculture :
Moose .law, Sask.,
Hay uuh, 1410.
W   B   Scott, Ksi|.,
Dip, Minister of Agriculture,
Victoria, It. C.
Dear Sir,—I have the honor
to report as (ollows : On arrival at   Calgary  and after inlet
viewing wholesalers and retail
ers, the general concensus of opinion yvas lhat the crop ol various kinds ol (mil in lhe American MMal states would he .1
very heavy one this season and
from lln* present reports prices
wollld rule low. At the present
time, Wen.itcliie vallev is re
ported to have JOO car loads ul
fruit for sale. The Mcl'herson
Fruit Co. have heen ollered 100
enn of mixed fruit mt consign
iiunl hv fruit organizations in
that vallev, Indicating lhe a-
liiindatit crop.
Hurries from California earlier than lhe 1 Stli Mav, costing
jobbers there Si.25 pai 10 lb.
box, express 7c per Hi., duty ]
cents per lh,, lotal, fl.IS, sell
inn to the retail trade, 52.ho.
Strawberries from Tennessee,
Missouri and Hood Kiver have
been ciiiiiinji in and siipplyin
markets here, hut other Oregon
berries are in now. Hy express
Hood River berries were cost
inj; jobbers at Kdmonton pat
case $4.25. Missouri berries at
Edmonton S.I. 15. The Missouri
berries were brought in by
freight via Winnipeg and Saskatoon to Kdmonton, but at
the present time strawh*.tries
are nulling in from Milton and
Knewntet, Oregon, by (night
costing laid down at Calvary,
f2.]5, They are then distrihul
ed from there, selling let.iih",-
at Calgary 5.S per tase Country iiistoiners S4.75 per case
The varieties are : Oregon, Gibson, Clark Seedling, Mngoon
nnd Dollar. Arrive generally
in good condition, a fine show
ing mould, the baskets (uii and
well pasked
Mr. Morgan, manager of the
lK1.1t Hrown Kiuil Cotnp ,nv ol
Edmonton, informed mc that
Mr Griffin, represent ing the A-
uierican houses, had bought • I,e
output ol strawberries on Vas-
hou Islands, paving f.o.h. thole
Sl.50 pet .as,-.
The last reporl of the output
of the Island I have had placed
it at 75,000 eases. Salem, Oregon, ate ollering strawberries,
Sl S" pel case, lob.  there, hut
cost ol transportation is higher Irom there, making it almost prohibitive to bring them
ill at the present time.   A   lew
strawberries Eton Mission,
Il.ti/ii, and Hammond, ll.C,
hnve arrived at some points
this date, >Ntli Mav. Arrived
in good condition, but some
yyh.it green and not graded as
lo si/e.    1 mav state that   cu
lo,nls oi strawberries are coining through from Spokane to
Calgary bv freight in (our days
Freight rate Si per loo lbs
Duty |8c, icing 10c.
Local grown let tin e on market here HOW. hut not in .sullicient i|Hanlities to supply the
demand sold hv jobbers to retailers  at   |o cents per   do/ it
selling imported lettuce nt tin
same price. The B. C. vegc
table growers must get then
products oil these markets eat
lv if tliey are to obtai" pmfil
able returns. I would advt;..
fruit growers and shipVcts ol
H. C. to perfect their shipp n
facilities and marketing atran
geineiits and give the grcitcs
1 are to all the details ilt put
ting up their fruits this siason
From the present reported
heavy crop the good and finish
ed product will sell while tin
poor aiid unfinished may fl
■'•'KJliiU' 'or sale. Peaches are
likely from recent reports lo le
an exceptionally large imp
everywhere. This with the en
crgclic eilorts being put forth
on the part of American groyc
ers alld shippers to sell tIn i'
products in these markets wil'
have the tendency to rediiie tin
price. 1 WonU also advisi
growers and shipped to get
quotation! into the hands ol
whole-ale anil retail dealer-
with estimate of crop, and v.i
rieties (or sale ns soon as crop
is assured.
There i.s a verv determined el
fort on the part of jobbers
everywhere here operating
through their Hoards of Trade
to get the present tariff on
fruit lednied Iroin the Am, 11
can side. These eflmts and
agitation along this line unlikely  to be continued.    Any
action  In   ihe  Dominion  government tu ilus direction should
he   opposed   by   fruit   flOKSfS
east .md yvesl mosl energetical
ly.   Yours truly,
iSgd.i   .1. C. MKTCAI.FK.
On Wednesday morning I.i'VV
Farnltalii pleaded guili, I efofi
Magistrate Kcah Ml ill.- I"'It"
eourt ol lieing drunk tn' m
Capable and was lined the Hsll it
Si and costs or to lav., in sol
A Positive Cure
For Indigestion
If you have indigestion, your
(ood hr—tl in the stomach
and boyvels. lt docs more ; it
dn ays, and the nutritious mat
ler which should go lo make
lieyy blood decays yiith it, atul
lllis lends to all unpovensiled
Condition ol the blood, to net
voiisncss, bilioti**!', s, d nstip.i
•ton, si.k Inadaihe, had t r. .itt.
yyliiih disgusts your Iticmls
and other dlsagteeablc .unl un
pleasant conditions.
And .ill tins ti.aiihle is ..iitsul
by the (ood that doesll t digest
hilt   lertuelils alld ollillieS   rots
in the stom.u h.
And   fermentation   is   cnMsd
by    the   stomach    not    11
strong   enough   and    cturgeit.
enough to thoroughly mix   the
(nod yulli the digestiie |ums
M-l-0 N A   is responsible   lor^
tens of thousands of nircs,   In!
fact, il is smh a positive  cure'
for Indigestion and all stoinaih
troubles   lhat  it is guaranteed
by the   I.oiisdalc I'liarm.u y    to
cure or money buck.   The pm.
of a large box of M-1-0 na tab
lets   is y> cents, and they    Utt
sure   lo   promptly   relirvr   the
worst    casr   of indigestion    "'
g.isttitis    Try   thnn
Cures Dyspepsia.
Yo-if mon-y back ll It don'l, Givo Immediate reli-l from bfirtburn, lou* Mom
tch, it--mtch iltlttu ind tick h-*di-ht.
SO ctnti 1 la*|t boi sl
The Lonsdale I'haimscy.
Cleared Lots
50 Feet Wide
in Blocks Adjoining
Disliiel Lol 550
Till   1.S1M1   Hi" I 1 V *,K11
[;ot Pncri and Particulars. Apply to
I.m. l.n.
Comer Pender snd Srvtnoui Streeti Official Agent, SIX
■HHHH11 III111M111111IIIHH HI lllllll llllll 11 Mill 1111 H-l 1111 I'M
M   [.WWMI
The Express has completed arrangements
(or the publication of a stirring story by
the first instalment of which will appear
ly in July.
•ii      •.•       iai      ill      ail
• ae       •••       Mi      at*      • a •
milium i ni i
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Tin* current lame "i thi I'm
t-.li Colombia Gawtti to band
contain tin lollowin*! .i*,*i">ini
Alfred Cam, nl  Prince  Kn
p.ri,  i.i In   police  magistrate Trn.il l'u.,  Hoflmciater Broa.,
lor  ili,   Citv nt I'rinee Rupert,  W lie and Shore    Meal  Co.,
Arilnti   intliiuit, "i  I'rinee Northern Consulidnted  Mining
kupert, to be .. clert in lhc "l  -11"1 Development Co., Portland
an.,,miu agent *,i Canal Trust Company,   Port
I'uii,,   kupert ; diatrict regie  l-""1  Dreadnaught Mining Co
Certificate! a.i incorporation
have lum granted t" tlie inl
lowing . Barkle} Sound Powei
Co.. Hi-; i aain Hitting Co.,
Hull Kiver Klectrii I'nwer Cu.,
Canadian Press Asaocintion,
i .ui.ult,in Nor Un rn Land   and
II,il   III  till   Nlplillli- l i'llll   .lllll
regiatrai "t tin count) conrt .u
tin* s.ml ,lt\
Alfred W'""l !.'<' ..i uii.
in in- acting  i.viiiiiiniii *i nu
l'i in.i*    kUDert     Sheet     Mel.il
\\ nrlvs Co.,   .mil   Sunset    Hltn
Print i"
\"ii"   is ghren id tin- witli
ilrawal "i W, *'  Cavanagh Irom
,,t  Aslnta.it 'liuin;: tie atmenci  ll"' lini1 »■ *'■ ■'■ Cnvanagh \
i.i   Harold P   Chriatie,  s \i .
■ I llllll III   .i: illl
I., in- provim i.il conalablea
Tli'.s ('.. Hi.ii '*i Phoenii    H
It   Beits, ,a| l.ill*
Pot  K.iinl""|i** i lector il
nni   ,;  n.ums appeal *'
|la,lntl,S      taa        l.l       , I ,| 111111 *, . I • '111 * I S
lor taking ..iiul.imis   lm Chilli
ii.nk   .iistii.t,   J    i-    Boyd
and lm   Miietni electoral  dia
i. Crash ol Alberni
'lli. ,u\ ut i'ini" Rupert   i
ni   a watei rei ird •'!
.... unin*.  Iiii municipal  put
T, mii is .ii,   being i all d  i"i
tin* conatruction   I a lut - ont
r-•■ .in nchool houw .it S ui,nni"
\\,  .:     Barnard and Rol erl
sun, Victoria,  l'. i     mlicitors when  It   «*>    transmitted   to
lot iln application, givi nntiie Contractu!  Halt   I!  Martinson
i.. i.i Vancouver,
Winding around and  around
..nil up iill ,i \m.nunss creeps
lip iinin tin* .uiklis t" lln s|iitie
llnlll tin   ' 11 "I I  is the   seliSallinll
ult in undertahing n ,limh np
tlie spiral -.Luis, ilu latest [ea
un. Introduced ,it ilu Japanew
Tea  ll -i'ini ■ "ii   ial str-,1 I   la
' lus ill i       Nol Mine Rei    K.i
liuragi, tit- iii.uii; 'i. announced
inti iiH"ti "i ' onstrncting i
winding ilaircaae up one "I the
largest tins in ih. *i"iituls .nul
.ii tlu lop la have i rei ted .1
look mit houm nl about 16 Ieet
h m.is .1 .11,: 1 ti,,-| .,1 iginaling
in lus own mind and took [oim
i,uh n( iln* inin corner rapports
which   tlll-nisehes   UC  Listened
,,ne ii)  ilie ntlui   arotad  tin
tree.    Bach itep  is ami edded
ill ,1 notch CUt ill till- tree,   ull
this icction  nl  llie slriutllle  i
absolute})1 ule, The tree is
over ,i wt through ,it the base
,uul varies ver) Utile Inr .1 con
shliT.ilile distance np sn th.ii
danger Irom swai ing is, thir«
[ore, almost entirely eliiuin.it
eii. The Iir is approximately
2JJ leet high anil when the lool
nni house is completed thc
stairway tn tin- rool will reach
.iimiit hall way. A magniliccnt
.unl widespread 1 len i.m he had
ol the country tn the south in
eluding Vancouver Inland, tin
Cull atul N. Vancouver, Oil lu
llu* east through llu lii am Ins
"[ the neighboring trees Mt
Baker looms up in her spotles*
iu.utile nl white, li is expected
1l1.1i wlnn this novel work
is completed .1 vien i.u sm
passing ,ui\ in the cit) can lie
taken Iiiiiii this elevation aid
nn a clear night with tin
iTeittn lights in Vancouvei .unl
this    iitv     atul   pussil.lv     New
Westlllitistel  it will In  siipell'.
that  al  the in M  -ittiii    "I  iln win. took tin wrk 111
legislature 'lm intend i" appl) is tint yel completed
III!       Iltl       .lit        I"       ilU'aa||.    I.lll * It.UIU'    -Lalll      all'l    stl|IS    \ ,\l\)S       '»
cmnpan* i"t lh< purpose ol con-[place, ilu railing .unl  house 01
strutting and   >perating anil top yet ' led   However,
«.,- [rom ' ull "i sunn u is iia.u   ii'i.'.'iiiK   table to
othei  convenient  placi on  tin permil    *i .1 climb, which was
Portland ranal lo tin head wa enjoyed bi mntii visitors lotne
1 ilu \,i.i   rivei and al n Gardens List Stind.ii       Prom
power to limi'l a branch  line the ground In tin lloor ol tlu-
down t"  Kiisinn   Kaliiin rivet house   sl   the lop ■      fl   Inl
In connect with lhi 0, T. P, There  sri :    averaging!
Tin-      Victoril    I,llllllll     a'li'l .ilmtll     .111       null    use The 1
\li.:   Cu   .in   making applies    tincture, even  Iron   1  casual
tion for a forcshon grant in thi tiispiiiia,n is considered  tn be
shoreline Including  Horseshis sale enoii**h I    ucoiiiinodate a>
Ii.n many  pervii a ,n cnnvenl
'l 1,,   i',,nl.nul  i .mul   Munii. niilv  in*i * in .,1   one
Cfimpani   in   making applicii Iimi     Thi   ut   It -A 1 hi   ipii
tiun i,.r .1 wati 1 t""''! "ii Oli al "i   laii   I    i| ported ii\
,,ek Ir.iitu    u.ia.       1,1,a, iul    [ruin
J nne J—Ftlrview V, Heaver
.lum* s Orandvien ,it Mt. 1'.
.lune 1 I  -Ml. P, v. Fairview
.lune l.s   N. Van. v. Gnmdvii-w
.lune :2—Heaver \. Mt. 1'
.1 mn.* :,**,—Fairview v. N. Van.
,'lltie 27—Beaver v. Gr.itiilview
lune 2t--X.'Vnn. v. Mt. 1'.
July j" Brand, i. Pairview
Jul; fi-Hi-aver v. X. V.in
Julv 12—Beaver v. Fairview
July 11   Mt   P   .it C.riiii'hiew
Iiih  .'"   l-'iiirviiw v. M. P,
.lull 22- -Grnndview v. X  Vai
.inly 2;- Mi. r. v. Beaver
An-;. 1  Orandview » Beaver
An-ir -  ■N'* Van, v* I'-iir^.w
An-,'. 12   AI. IV v. X. V.in
An-;. 17   Fairview v. Brand
Aug, i'i x v.ui v r„ .1  1
The games to In- played nu
the groundi "I tin- I.ist 11.iineil
,lul, An official board "I rcl-
erees wus alsu appointed
Dr. Gordon (Ralph Connor)
in ,ui appreciation which has
been published broadcast in lhc
press, payi tribute to the memory nf the late Prol. Goldwln
Smith, Thus another great
link with tin- mid-Victorian age
is removed Irom our midst.
l'erh.ips one nf Qoldwin
Siniili's Iiest known works is
his Hie ol Cowper in "English
Men ill Letters."
lt   has heen   su-u-ly reinarkeil
thai tlu- enemy ol Samuel
Pepy's Esq., P.R.S., secretarj
tu the admiralty m ihe reiun
nl Charles II. was the Samuel
Pepyi wlm iliitiii); tin- years
1 is,si» <>'i wrote a diary in cipher,
liiih* dreaming that mu- da)
tin- kev bring found his inner
tniisi thoughts should in- open
ami revealed,
How inanv ul us haven't  at
sunn- liiue nr other kept a
diary, imt lur the moat part it
resolves itsell intu a [rigid IC
count ut the hours ul rising,
eating, working atul sleep-
in-;, something like this 1 A
woke b.Jo a.in., breakfast, 7-Jo
lerrv 7.511,   wurk   B.JO.,    lunch
t2.,10, aiul sn un ml infinitum,
It   is   sale to sav   that none
smh a ilailv account ol pomp
and circumstance as did Pepys
and ihis doubtless due to  an
idea that Untie uthel eve lillt
his own sliuiild ever sean the
July ist, 1660; "Infinite ol
business, my heart and head
(till, met with purser Wasliin,*
imi, wiih whom and a lady, 1
iiiiiiiI nl his. I dined al the Hell
tavern in Kin-; street, Imt the
rogue had tin ninn- manners Inu
tu   invite  nu- und then lu   I'-l
nu- pay mv dub. This morning
1,une Inline mv line eatnlet
eluuk, with gold liiilliitts, and ,1
silk suit, und I prav God to
make tne aide tn pav Im il. In
the alternoon tn the abbe)
where a good sermon by a
stranger, imt no common pr.i-
\er yet."
One is pleased In note llnl
by and liv PepVI was aide tn
p.n  [or his eluuk and suit.
lie had lieen a great round
head as a Imv and aller tin It
iteration he had an une.isv
feeling thai sniue ol his sayings might   Ik-  resurtii ud   lo
his    11111111111);    sn   we   UOtC     nil
N'uv ist, thhn, at Sir tt Hal
lens     Here dined wilh Us   twn
ur three country gentlemen a
inoug theni Hr, Christinas, tin
uld si Iiunl (elluw wltll whom I
had iiiiiili talk, lie did reiuein
her that I was ,1 great tuiind
head wlnn a In,- , ud I WU
much air.lid that he wuld have
remembered the words that   I
said the da) lhe kill;* was lie-
he.liled thai ll I weie tu pn.uli
upon him iny text should In
"The   memory uf Un- wicked
shall ml," but 1 (ntilld after-
w.nil thai he did go away .rmii
school before that time)
The official lacroasc icfaedule
(ur   the   se.i snn     nun   lietMnn
Vancouver and New Weatmin
ster is given as [ollOWl :
.lune 1 Vanc'i at Westminster
.lune 11   ttestni'r .it Vum'r
.lune 18 Vanc'r at Westm'r—
July 1 -Westminster ,it Vaac't
.lilly Ui Willi r at Westlllitistel
An.;, ii Westminster at Vatn'i
An;;. 11 - Westminster at V.inc'i
Ang. Jo—Vanc'r nl Westmin
An-;. 27  Vanc'i at Weatmin.
Sept 5 -Westmin at Vanc'r
Sept. in—Vanc'r at Westmin
It is app.ir-nt lhat while
Nortii Vancouver is in the
thrues nl Conflict nver the slreet
gratle iplesti"ti Inr sister cily lu
the south is tint washed clean
nl similar difficulties and lesi
the frietulh critics ol the hit
ter litv ihould become lOO elated relative tu tlnn  11111,irks nil
Nurth Vancouver's grade prob
lem it llli);ht he Well In puint
mil tu theni the lollowing p.n
.i-.;r.iph   whiih   appi .md in   the
News Advertiser under date oj
.lime 'ith and whiih was   sup
plied  tu Ils liv nur good  llienii,
j, tt  Balmain 1
Dislike Ven.iUes Grade
"Residents on Venablei strut
arc reported to be np in armi
ami' the new benching grade ad
npted there on the recommends
tiun nf the uiv engineer, .unl
intend lodging a protest al lhe
next meeting nf the Board ol
Pioneer Dry Goods
Corner Second and Lonsdale.     Phone 53
To demonstiate to the shoppers of N. V. and district that we
can supply dry goods and gents' furnishings at prices as low
as Vancouver, we are having an Introductory Sale to commence Saturday, June 18th, reductions regardless of cost.
One lot on Nrr ntrei-1, 100x131 li-i-t, lur WHO,  Him owner nni.t have
minify.   Wi, luu,, the idjolalni l"l Iinteil at HOO,
One lot mi hns "treei,  UXlilM 1,-et, tt  f,400
ttt lune .ill fi'i't mi Keith ro«il, liulf a block Irom c»r, for  11:100
"'ll (eel mi Tliirlei'iill'ilrei't, i'li-;ir,,l, oiie lili.'k from c»r, it ..  .   f'JO
It vmi vihiiI hii\ "I the above iu-i i|iiiekly.
i,   »   Vnn,
AV. Mitklt
im* Mh ,\ IniiMbili-   Phone 176       Branch Office-lynn Valley
Peers & Boult
Notary Public
Leave Vsu.
•'*.-" a.m.
7-30  "
8.30   "
9.15 "
10.15 "
1115 "
u.15 p.m.
1.15 "
a.15 "
3.15 "
4-15 "
5->5 "
0.15 "
7-J5 "
8.15 "
9-«5  "
10.15   "
•11.15  "
Leave N. Van.    Leave N. Van.      Leave Van.
•6.45 a.m.
7-50   "
8.50   "
9-45 "
10.45 "
i'.45 "
12.45 p.m.
'•45 "
J-45 "
3-45 "
445 "
5 45 "
6-45 "
7-45 "
8-45 "
945 '
10.45 "
•11.45   "
• Nol on
Time Table subject to
V. jo a.m.
•7.20 "
•8.20 "
10.15 "
11.15 "
12.15 p.m.
1.15 "
2.15 "
3-15 "
4-15 "
6.15 "
7-25 "
8.15 "
9-15 "
10.15 "
11.15 "
H.45  "
elmnge without
•8.00 "
•8.50 "
9-45 "
10.45 "
u.45 "
12.45 P*"1
1.45 "
2.45 "
3-45 "
4-45 "
545 "
6-45 "
/•45 "
8-45 "
9-45 '
10-45 "
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "West Vancouver," Captain Findlay
Licensed lor 35 passeiiRers
Hull)Innn Wharf
I very Oa,, I v. r|jt "wmla,
7.30 a.m.
9.00 a.m.
11.00 a.m.
13.00 p.tu.
15.00 p.m.
17.00 p 111.
19.00 pill Salurda-* Onl,    *  >
9.30 S. in  ttnmday (Schedule
17.00 p.m  " 	
I   "    ' v ,.*,
Cllr Furl*.' Wh.rl
8.00 a.m.
10.00 a.m.
13.00 a.m.
14.00 p.m.
ib.00 p.m
18.00 p 111
22.01) p.m.
.14.00 p.m.
.21.00 p.m.
Single Tsre 15c.       Two Ticketa 25c.
Qnkkast route Iroin North Vancouver lo the district bevond
Capilano River. Launch "West Vancouver" makei connections, williout laili with the lerry steamers Irom North Vaneouver, as per above sclieilulr
\\.,iks    It is --.iiii Hi.it tin'   old
grade ol eersn pei cent, iw adoption "I tin' brtchlni plan, hns
inin changed t" .1 grade ol ele*
mii per lent."
c.   s   llelinoie hai almost
completed the conttmction ol
,1 -.in.ill lioiiM* 011 his propert)
oil      l-Mll     stleet    Mist    i.f    tile
Grand Bonlevard. THE EXFKESS, JNUKiti  VANCOUVER, li. U.
still attracts the attention of fashion, and this season will be much in evidence as an adornment
among young and old.
Our stock of this jewellery which has won such
universal favor, consists of a well chusen assortment
of the best "WHITBY " which we are placing on
the market at most reasonable prices.
The genius of art which once made Italy famous throughout the world, still lingers in the cameos which are imported yearly from that sunny
Many masterpieces ol this work may be seen
in our new stock of brooches and rings, in shell,
coral and cornelean.
Upon these the artist has employed infinite care,
every line and feature being shown as clearly as
though it had been moulded by the hand of nature.
We have a large stock of these cameos in assorted sizes unset, which we can mount in any design of setting on short notice. They make most
baadsotM birthday gids lor mothers, sisters, wives
or sweethearts.
Jewellers and Silversmiths
lien. K. Trorev, a . _ r
Maaajpas. Direetor Vancouver, a. L.
ANI) D. L. 265
We have exclusive sale of the best properties in the
above.    Call and inquire.
11 Lonsdale A venue
Phones—Office 24       House 22       P.O. Box 50
Fresh and
Salt Fish
P. BURNS h CO. has installed a Fish
department, seperate from their Meat department, and are prepared to fill all orders
for Fresh and Salt Fish promptly.
Phone 11
TAKK NOTICK that thaIWOfk in Twenty-Four Thousand
Council nl the Corporation of Three Hundred and Ninety
the Citv ol North Vancouver (524,,W>) dollars, of which fe,-
Intends to construct as a work1'*.ViS is to be provided out of
of Local Improvement the grad- the general funds of the Mitm-
Ing   (to  permanent  gradei   of tipality.
Lonsdale Ave. from the south
line of Thirteenth Street to the
North line of Eighteenth street
and to construct a macadam
roadway with suitable curb,
and a h-fool concrete sidewalk
M each side of said avenue between the points above mentioned ; I'ndcr sub-section (22)
Section 25b of the Municipal
Clauses Ail and intends to assess the Imal cost thereof upon
the real property fronting or
nhntting   thereon and to   be
benefitted thereby, and that a
statement showing lhe lands
liable to pay the said assessment and the names ol the owners thereof, so far as can be ascertained from the last Revised
Assessment Koll is now on lib
in the ollice of the Clerk of the
.Municipality and is open for inspection during ollice hours.
The   estimated   cost  of    the
City Clerk.
North Vancouver, I!. C.
May iXth, I9IO.
There is set forth in the following lool note the names of
the owners or occupiers who
have- not signed the requisition
presented to the Council calling
upon theni to construct the
work ot Local Improvement tr
bove mentioned and upon
whom a notice similar lo the
above advertised notice has
been served bv mailing the
same by prepaid registered
mail to thc last known place of
abode of such owners or occupiers, with the estimated cost
of thc work and the proportion
thereof propoied to be assessed
against each of such owners or
occupiers whose properly affected is as undernrited :
Owner or (lecunier'i
Name anil Aildrem
Property Affected
t>.L   Block    l/it
Mr.. CiiinmiiigB,
1071 Barclay Street,
(liu. Tuvlor,
W, Ciml-ie Streei,
Jan. t, Kail
4 0
careof (iuint7.t)iir|-er,
V ani-oiiver.
F. J. lluni.
1 are of Daily I'rovinee,
Mi.. Minnie Logan,
4211 IHI
l21(M.P,,r*.i-i Stn»t,
420 on
Councillor Bridgman presided
at last week's special tneet.nj(
of the district council in the ab-
unce of the reeve.   Councillor
Allan and Lawson wire present.
A letter wus received from the
Hoard of Trade recommending
thnt the city and district councils appoint a Joint civic committee to consider the question
of the establishment of ,i public hospital tor Nortii Vancouver. Mr. Philip intimated that
two of tbc- city physicians had
spoken in favor of a movement
in this direction as the present
institution was Inadequate,
Tlu- letter further stated that
the Board  of Trade had   appointed a committee couipnaed
posed of Dr. Newcombe, V,. H.
Mi.rileli and   .1. K. 0. C. Wood
to  acl   as  delegates  irom  lllc
Hoard of Trade.   It was stated
that Misses Dawson were   contemplating building I new Ims
pita] on l Jth street and it was
thought advisable lo make  representations to them that pub
lie   support   would    be    with
drawn   from   their   institution
should     the    public    hospita
scheme be carried through.
On motion of Coun. I.awson
and Allan, it wa.s resolved that
a couiniittee composed of Colin.
Bridgman and Allan and the
medical health officer be appointed to act along with the
Board of Trade delegates in
connection with the hospital
The Nortii I.onsdale Katcpav
ers' Association mote pressing
for the arrangement of an early meeting with the B. C. Klectric Kv. Co. relative to the extension ot the I.oiisdali Ave
car line farther north
It was resolved to reply llial
as soon as the reeve returned
the matter would be arranged.
,1. M. Shaver, the owner oi
lots ,12 and J3, block j, D. I..
M>3, wrote stating that he contemplated building and made a
reipiest for road from Kroiiuue
road past his propertv. lt was
referred lo the engineer to report.
The    lollowing   plans    WOtl
passed : Part of 1). L. Mo ■ part
ol D. L. J7J ; souih half of
block m, 1). I,. J9J, subjected lo
satisfactory grades ; block 4h,
I). I„ 216-j ; block 144-5, D- L
:ii>4, conditionally ; lots ,i;-s,
D. I,. 2ihM ; conditionally ; ami
blmk I lo 4 I). L. f,22. " Those
relerred back were part of D.L.
imt, relerred to the clerk ; Gibson's plan of part of I). I,. 2o:h
relerred lo the solicitor ; N. I.
quarter ot 1). L nm referred
back (or grades ; lot "A" block
1, I). I,. 1102, laid over ; lots
.". and 24, hlock tl, 1). I.. 001,
and pari of D. 1,. 1441s.
The Dudley road local improvement Inlaw was read and
linallv passed.
The I.vnn Valley road widening Inlaw to provide for the
widening of the Lvnn Valley
road to a miUorm width nl H
feel fi*• tin the cilv limits to
Hastings Creek bridge was read
and linallv paaaed,
The west Capilattii Keith road
local improvement bylaw was
read and linallv passed,
Mr. A. ('.. Perrv, treasurer
of the isl of duly celebration
committee, made apt-rsonal request lor I grant this vear. lie
outlined that a program far excelling last vear would be put
on, also that an endeavor
would be made to get two ot
the gun boats from Kst|itimult
to spend the dav in lhc  city.
Conn   Allan     "Ue will compromise   with    Mm*     We   will
give  mil  fjOO  il  loll  gel    that
Lonsdale Ave. extension assm
Mr. Pern : "I am not repii
seining the company at pres
Ailing   Keeve Bridgman    .id-
vised   that the regular IttCCtUI
of the council would he held one
week hence and that llll   mil
ter would receive due -.oisili'
ation then,
Mr. Perry also omtUacd sever
al other features, Including
horse racing and the unhi-uiil
parade which was mtfciputtd
wuuld be a mile long. Ott
lirm alone deilai :l i'mi tho
vi t-ld   requi.e  ,100 iVct 111   the
We have a good list in 265.   A House and Lot on
17th for $2000.    Good Buys in 273 and 274.
A Good Lot on 4th Street for $3100.
64 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver
MAIN   OFFICE:—264 Hastings St.  E.,  near Empress  Iheatre
Car Line
TAKE NOTICE that a large
majority of all that land situate in
District Eot 532, bounded by
Bewick, Twenty-second Avenues and South to Robson
Will Be Offered
For Sale Very
For further information apply to
Real Estate Department,
first street West
Entire Change of Programme Monday, Wednesday
and Friday
We cater to ladies and children, ami SIIUl*) onr patrons
that nothing offensive or olijectionalih* will be ibown,
Performances at 7.30 and 8.45 p.m.
Saturday    Matinee   sl    2.30   p.m.
Admission 10c
Children Sc
Rath :
$2.00  per   and
Special rales to (an
dies and   to regular
Second Street.
Successors to
I llll 8 IL Ll
HK-i CUM liratUKM
Phone 170 P 0. Boi 16
North Vancouver
We supply ST0VEW00D any
length required.
16 inch length, $2.73. per load
Cordwood, $4.50 per cord
Prompt Delivery
Phone 190 P.O. Box 13d
A Modern Range at a Modest Price
ll is iiiadi* 011 tin  most up-to-
date plaoi a ith ipi 1 ial laa-
tnre points, one ill uliu Ii is
DIVIDED   CLUE si lill'
whii li nidki s baking a real
ph sspre,
This feature pn renti Iba
possibility ol ths hai k of
the   own   bang   hotter
than   nearer   the   door,
wlinli ii tin cast wiih
most ranges.
Let us ihow \on tins little
wrinkle.    It  ,Inn t  1 os|  you
any   more   in   cash,  hut   is
worth miicli in result*-
The J. D. Fraser Hardware Co.
Phone 58.
133 Lonsdale Avenue
Lot iH, Block 2, I'   L ms*. I'riee J175.  li ims J;* cash,
halance Jt 15 quarterly. *
Lot 26, block 14, IJ. L. IOSJ, Piles J375, 1*50 cash, balancs
Si ' per month
Lots Handy, Block ia, D.L 104.   I'riee I7001 terms |j*j
cash, balance 6 and 12 months
Lot 4, Block 167, D.I.   17+     Trio  .15,000.   |
halance 6,  12 and ll months,
_MAY &ftlRNS~
Ri 1] 1   : id md Finan* ial Aii nts
'i"iTrn*n mT
The B. C, (tii/ette contains
approximately    Ifao    applies
timis to ptiiiiiase land in tUIIef
ent sections of the province in
its last week's issue
If this, win nil I'oiiii Mt
settlers no doubt eoltld possible
he   elitiit.innil  ,is  tO  Ull   i,nl
settlement ol B, C.
Capilano Gardens
601  AND 607
For Plans, Price Lists and Particulars, apply
Mahon, McFarland & Procter, Ltd.,    Bonthrone, Lennard & Co.
Oot. Paofa iod Seymour 8U   I'l 8286     KM Winch Bltlg
•   It!   * ■->-!■1t,l,t,tMt-|,f,..ti*tMTatiif   T -T-I-M-r RIGHT
locus tin*  yyants ami   tin* a-llnni::-
of current local idvertiiing.
-ni;|.* In-'i*:.   IOC |"*r line
nn.* Week    7'..i'   "     i..-t- Iniertlon
line Month       ■''■	
(Continued Ironi page t)
Talking to the Point
Our CIMlKWa- Wan, ».,. (tl
rljM <*•»■*, IS tM polnl at IMU..
If ,aal aa-nt •omrthlni .at. M In
a I.a. wall . -ve.on •»•.!,. Thaa
lntalll|snl raatfar llkaa that kind
of •rtraigtit-ft-om-tha-thoulda.-
lalk and tkat ll ana roa.on why
oond.nl.Ml Want Ma. ara ao pra>
ductiva of tha baat bind of
-Multi. Whotkar buying or Mil-
Inf thty Kill kalp you.
WANTED  tii'"'l strong  bo)
to learn boat builtlini .   Wallace
Shipyards, Ltd. ut
uill cover more surface than
twice tin   s.une quantity  ol
ilu*  cheap imitations,     The
coal will lisi longer, too.
u\i P.
you km,w yyli.il we say is
tun* 11 ymi have not, let the
experience ol others be a
warning, Be yyise and buy
your paints where onlv tlu
-rood kind are sold. Men who
knoyy alwavs come here f"i
their paints.     Take lhe hint f
Stoney <& Co.
WANTKD   \ reliable woman
for i,in* "i children, afternoon*
a'f daih    Apph. Mrs  B. Spilt
Mm, Rightl. Si   \\. I.M
117 Lonsdah*
l'lione   1 HI
WANTED   Voung mi I )" as
sist yyith general In.Use yyol'k
Apply to Mrs 1) A Smith,
corner im streei and Uahon 1 it
WANTKD Plain sewing bj
the day Miss Laiiioiu, uv
koow :i. I'.il.ui Hotel,        IJ
POUND     nn   l.ytin    Vallej
road 11. ir the hotel, a pair ol
gold hrilllllletl special hs. (hyn
er may procure Mine at Ks
press olbce by p.n in:: lm' till.
advt. 1
liiK SALK Choice dnubh
corner i.nin^ south .it 19th and
st Oeorge Oww r must sacri
iu, $1,575 i"i quick -.ile : S575
,ash handles P Morgan Bos
.'0, \  Vancouvei Ul
POR SALK Double corner,
mh aiu1   Mahon, looxi lo Pet
S*,va  I.ish,   la.il.m.I .     '
nul i.1 months. Owner, Bos
141. m
Notice is hereby given that
all persons indebted to the es
tate of the late W. 1'. Peacey,
yylio died on the thirteenth day
of March, mm, at the city ol
Ninth Vancoaver, II. C, .ue re
quired to pav the amounts
owed bv them respectively, to
the undersigned on or befon
Wednesday, lune 15th, 1910,
Dated at   Nortli   Vancouver
tins   thirty first   day   of    May
Furnished  Rooms to Lit   In
all modern houae, *utuated  on
..u Inn- Apph. a..inn <hmtis
bury .md Sixth street, North
Vancouver 151
WANTED To rent, three or
1 • .ist room Inns. 'I. Express
Offict i.'t
I d  VoUtii;  bull  lol    seiyin
i *iinr K,ith Ri nl and Lill t
Mul   lu* tl. i  Cowan,
1,uk 1,,,uiei and N   l.onsil.ih
Klder Murra) 1..  lire iiistirnmc
11   V    lull. 1  .nnl A   I'.   Phi
chei havin id ;i.y hall
uu.list   m  ihe   firm  oi  11
bullet   .V  I •• ,   1   In*:  I" .llllla'llll'l
llial    hay 111;1.    1 ni"l   ill , A'H"
It..11   yyith   llu    firm,   all   obll
lis yytll he mi t by  th,   pm
chasers snd all moneys dui   the
ttt ill paid l" theln
A pill il:* muling y\il| Ik- held
in 1 tftott'l Pavilion on Ihursday
evening, June I (ilii, al B o thick,
(or the putpai e "I appointing I
commiltre n it ratepayer! to eon
ler witb the (ity CoOBcfl with a
yu vv lo I  sellleni'iil   IN   llie  grade
The rxccutlvi id lhi Board ol
'I Mill    meets   this   .1llell11aa.il      :.
'In   ' Ily    llall  al    J  0 I lock    lo
11 uh 1  imp..11.oil  lillsiiuss
last meeting ol the council Aid,
I'nyyler said that the 1907 re*
port was sii ambiguous that
they had to get ,1 loiiiniissioii ol
three engineers to interpret it,
imyy they are working undei' it
When the report oi the engineers was given iii the council
rejected and refused to believe
Us lindiiigs. The speaker
thought that lhat yy*is *i tunny
slate ol allairs.
Mr, A, J, Henderson I'loughl
the mily feasible \\.1 \ to settle
the tii.liter amicably waa by   ,
1 aaliiliiittee .is suggested b,   llll'
lie believed lhat .1 conctlulori
arrangement could lie arrived
at ii both parties would give
.nnl lake in the matter, IL (<It
-.uie ihat the ratepavers would
only he too gl ul to,
Aid L'.yyli 1 »*as much .truck
yyith Mi. IL-nderson s <ug est
Ions snd be ihought thai ii 1 lie
l.iu payers appoint .1 committee
of six lo conler yy ith the coun
a 1! 1 settlement could l-e amy
id at, "Nobody yy.is nunc ,111-
Uaalis t" settle the 111,liter than
yy.is ihe council," he declared,
Aid, Irwin saul he hi ll I
ih concurred yy ith the app' int
ment  oi  a committee ol   six
talepayel's lo confer   yyith   the
Mr. Geo, Hartley said he w.i ■
in favor "I bench grades, hot'
uteri) when the commission ol
engineers were called in to fix
the glades he yy.is then in lavor ol Iheir report, bnt suddenly it had been changed again
lie in.w thought that Mr*
Thompson was a thoroughly
competent man to set the
grades in the i it) and be con
side-red that a gie.it deal ol confidence should be placed in  Kn
; ninl llalles, but their fecolll-
iiii-iiil.il ii uis had uol I mi accep
I, al .mil the 1111 >li. y la I .ill lln
public works ill the aity yyas lv
ni;. idle pending a settlement,
Aid, Fowler moved that the
mayor call a public meeting  at
the earliest possible tllollli 111,
the idea being that six latep.iy
ers should P. appointed al lhat
muling to confer yyilh the
,a,iiin il yy ith 1 y ii yy to settling
tin* grade question, The mo
1 imi yy.is seconded by Aid. li
yy in and carried unanimonal)
Tin ratepayers' petition was
in.night up Iati 1 and on mo
iion "i Aid Kowler and Irwin
yy.is iiiui
Aid Smith asked lha engin
ni -ilui Iniiih Kiiuld be placed
al the corner ol hirst street
and i."iisd,ili An according to
his recommendations,
Kngineer tboul the sami
is the B.C K.R. li.uks now and
iu [ront of Paine \* McMillan's
store there will he about a two
loot   lilt
Aid, Schult/ asked permission	
to consider tit  Sperling's let
in in connection with  tbc nea ears' report yyas moved by Aid
Tramways Inspection Act.   He McNeish .md seconded by AW,
thought  that   oine movement McRae and \y.is lost bv 1 lo 1
should be made to ascertain tin ilnn von vetoed a negative   re-
grades which would be allowed nolution."
in this city aa otherwise   tin    Tbe Mayor: "The report was
council   and   the    ratepayers rejected by a votnol 1 to 2 and
might s,*tiie i,n a certain grade i vetoed the rejection."
and afterwards find   onl that    Aid  Powkr: "Yon vetoed a
tin*   Inspector   ol   Tramways negative "
wonld not allow it and thc cit)     The   Mayor:    "I  will  veto
would  be placed In .1   pccnliat yyh.it yon have done then yyith
p'.sitii'ii again. in to days."
He moved  accordingly  thai    The following monthly sVati
Inspector ni  Tramways  Mc- Wents were read and passed
kn   h, requested  lo come  to Finance, SHh,88; police, Ii98.>7|
North Vancouvei lo inspect thi Board ol Works, fooo.
grades and Inform lhe council    The   finance   committee   re-
what perrealagi ol gradi would ported thnl tbe bank wu pre
in* allowed "    The motion yy.is pared to ellon thi cily .'.  per
semii'lul   Pi    \|d   Smith    .iii'l cenl  on deposits .md  chai
passed per ullt  "II all irt'l idr.ilts. TTlcY
Aid  liyyin aaked tl lhe engin recommended   lhat   the   iind
a, had any reporl to make , u mnnkatii-n n thi n  \    It;
his visil t.. Victoria m referenci hand asking lor s monthi*   it
to his plans for sewerage   The '•'•■■>'r   |,,r ,lu" ,Mni1   "
iimt   said  ihal    in ilu ab Mr. K   Chance, ol S55, b«     H
an,. ,.1 iu, Vounj lu had been '""y |,,r l""h" conni-H-mlion
1, lured to tin  engineer   "I tbc Aid. Schult/ said that    ,11 11
department "i health who  had yy.is no provision made in   the
approved ol his plans (or a se Municipal Clause.   \m  |or  .mh
p.i'*,ti    system   itonn   yy.itei .1 gram except b) bylaw,
and house  wwers yyith but len His Worship emphkstiel   the
minor niodifii itioni and that Importance ol aiding thin   de-
on Dr Vonng's return the conn serving     organisation   which
.il  would ri rivi   .Hi.ul tiotiii yia.iild gioyy up to bc a credit
cation ol "■ department's ap and advertisement for the cit)
proval \|,*  stoney. representing  tin*
Tin   iluk v      Instructed    to band    b"\s,    said   lli.it      Mr.
yynti i.. ih. department urging I Chance wna willing to give np
ih.it the oiiui,i| notice be   lor his engagements  in Vancouver
yy.mla                   dati lo al In the evenings to practise thc
h.yy  aeweragi »*i 1       Is   pro band even il his remuneration
reeded gras less than he w.is netting
Ud    S, Imll/   ,1,1 the   Ma noyy,       Also   New West minster
■I what lu uu.on by vetoing nnd   Vernon   employed   1 luit-
iln reaolution .is in* did not un   band masters at a monthi; sal-
Have You Iricd Our
Wc haiva 11 ipei inl which we
know you will ipprei late,
per Ib. 30 cts.
(iive this a trial with youi
'nst order,
Ir. sh even dai at righl prii 1
c r. mmm
Grocer and Butt her
Phone 40     M' .it I'h..ne iij
111 Lonsdsle Avenue
Tlie 1 fie inin
I< >llll<l     it     Illlt      ll'
tin,ler N,*\v y|;in;i*-riiii*iil.
Tlie i*lieii|n*-l nml best pfam in liny 11
tor nil kinds "I fresh uml niimkeil li.li,
poultry, tfgt, ngtUUti uml Iruit.
WE Sl-.I.I. ICE,
131 l-'IKsi STREI 1. WEST,
civn. i*:\i.i.\kkh
l'i,.inlii, surveyi.r mul Archil. 11
you want to sell your Property, fill in blank space and
Mail to
l.ol BLOCK  I'L
li1 land ih.i ,1 iisolution
bull  passed
The   Mayoi A   resolution
yy.is p.i   nl  .an,; von  voted on
it "
Aid   SchulU "Tin   notion
i"i tin adoption I tin   engin
,m ol 11"  I' was lain »i ct in
the   meantime   to   j;iyc    ihe
council an opportunity ol    . 1
coming the difficult)
The Bonrd ol Works rn*. rted
the completion "i .1 uiniii, 1 o|
itreet Improvement work
The waler coiimiiltcc up..it
id in regard to tbe applicatioa
ul eight campen near  11 h
ville lor a water service thnt ll
w 1111LI inst tin city Si H to make
that connection and wonld re
commend that the connection
be made provided the campers
paid Ss" and the regulal si pn
month       The   reporl yy.is   .ul
The health committee iiioin
mended   ihat   some   arrangi
lliellls he made (of the ileum,
out  ol the ditches throughout
the   iiti        ll   yyas    suggested
thai iin im brigade undcriaki
the    win k   lot   pt.utile.      Alter
consider a Iiii discussion it yy.is
referred  jointlj   to  the chaii
man nl l!i board o( works, yi.i
liny, r s ,md health commit■
tees in arrange,
The auditors' report yyas to
hand .nnl ih, ilnk was in
strilcteil to have s, yetal topics
strtuk "ll -* that each alder
man could havi .1 copj.
A communication yy.is reeslt
nl ii"in sm' lan Davidaoa of
lhc I'niyiisii \ l'niniuissioii   ad
y Islttg lli.it   thl   . Ipi uses   ol lllc
commission had been li s-" and
that North \ am ■ -ti\ 11 s share,
citv and district, had bun puu
•il at  liffi,    ll  yy.is 1, (, 11,,]  t,,
the finance committci
\n application was mule lor
the opening ol uin block on
...ith streei to ^iye thi uyyiui .. 1
lots 1, I, - I Mh access to his
property,     Referred   to   the
ROtrd "I Works yyith p,,y\ir   |n
Eight applications w < r, rted
Mil lol   tile position "I assiss ,1
for the current veal \ii Jack
Lotitii received the appoint
The revenue  1 • \ 1.1 \\ and   tlu
ollsdah     \ye    seyyu  loiisliin
I,,an   l.y lan    I" tyyeeli   1 ith and
1 Kth   stteets were read Hun
Utiles and passed
I lave yi 11 a hammock loi thai verandah of yours ?—If not
you had better see our stock.
paine & McMillan
lhe Pioneer Hardware - NorthVancouver
\\ 1' m nto uenli hew        ,_\'\^
Tl ly   iiiaiiiiilmluii'r
Hint |.l.n..aiiy-li liii-rioil..*
it the,' il"  Hut  lliisl   1 \|" , *
Try .1 pail
Ami Iw i-.,i,\lnr.-il
IV«l««|y'.   i;,iilr..«.l   Kiliu
trn s.u 1.,
Gent's Clothing,       Furnishings,       Men's,   Ladin', and
( hlldien's Boots and Slim a
LooK Here!
\\. have jusi reenved 1 large
,„„!( nmi I. SI 111 riOM oi
snd I VPESTRU >*
I ha pm 1 s in ssci sdiagl) hoy
Lace Curtains
in sn iss .oui Nottinghsit
PORTIERES WM ( rn i ll
COVERS   L.m.ii, ni Values
126 lonvlolr Ave.
Dur bn*in*'    1   now pructiialh  on a cash ha-        aa
ms.   This 111,ibli s us lo i;iv'' o,lr MtlWUri the
saiiic high class goods we have ulv-nys hauill..!
at vetv inucli better pi ices than ian he obtained
fiom stores doing a credit trade.
Tn  an oi'ht 'ind compare quality atul pirn
J. A. & M. McMULAN
, , , .
^.|^-H^-1 f44^44f4fft4ft4HHH4


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