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The Express 1910-09-30

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Sljf ixpma
0(^7 3  1910   '
\ tiklllli
North Vakoouvm, B.O., Friday, Sbptimbeb 30, 1910
Number 3d
Extension of Third St.
Ud, ttm, MeNeish had nothing I'lil
the ninii -iiti-fiiai.ny Information to
imparl wben he returned on Tuesday
evening fr<'in Victoria whare l"' unin    cnfe,.*,,*.*   11 I   il    th|   cabinet    mini-
on- ii) relation tu the relinpTahmtnl
to the li..imm,ni government "f the
provincial rsversionerj rights in that
Portion    of    the   \,,nli    Viunniii   r   In
ibnti reserve required by the tttj ot
Ninth Vancouver to Mttisd Third
street, one ol lhi i itj'- principal thoroughfares through 'ba' Mi*—ion. tot
sons iinie the settlement ..(tha deei,
iibeiuli completed -,, lm a- the In
(linn* an concerned, hinged aan the n
limpli-hnn lit   ..f   the  lelel-inluTl  righti
aai the Domlnloi and provincial   gova
ellllnellt-      aft. r    North      1 am
* r ..miai lake possession, her principle consideration U'inL't" supply the
Indian*, milt tha- null It Seeded waler,
l.i' h government, bowsvsr,   a-k.d ri
llll.pll-lllllelll     t'la'lll    ilia*    .lllll'i     lil-t        Ul
til    ree, mil    the   ll* tu ni.n,   ailth,,nlin-
wroti definitely thm the) wonld  sol
<<an-nla>r ih,* mutter until the provincial government had made over to
t Iii-iii and not to the municipality any
reversioner! righl the] might conaid,
.ii th i bad in lha lands m question.
ttnh ihi- information Aid. UcNeish
mi- wil i" the provincial euttio
a-   n delegate from the city   a,, t*i il
'**  make a   linal elfoil   to set life ti ion
■ . --n.n 111 tlu- partii uiai- oas *.
He   noted    eierl     p.iin'    'II   the      ;.-*
when   presenting   argument   to    the
minister,   ami leatured   tl.e last slin
■he Imli,ui- ii li in iiei.l nl iiii-
i.I ii mi- pi nu* a'li tlieir mil-
salvation m the mission, Ile waa
t,,ld a- iiii- nn- a particular I Ml
surrounded   bj  exceptionally   i "■• uliai
* ,1*11111-1 111*' -    the   gOVt I,all,. II Iinllhl
m.t consider tlm  liml   established   ai
*.' ml   principle   in   acquiescing   to
Nurth  \ ancouver'l  wi-li. ■,
Ai.l. M* Sei-h im- told llllll ii llll.ul lhe m.iiiil* aliil cit) mail,'' I formal application the relinquishment "i
•in. provincial nven'onrry right* I.* granted.
 Iltl.ui   ilnn   a   nmil   ii,i-   op lle.l
up immediately north of blocks " and
The   plan   ua-   a"a pli'l.
Representatives   from the
Sews Id
n  i —J M../aiL~     os  ilm "ii- auiiJ given ■
Ratepayers Meeting  ,„,,.,,,,,,„„,•  ,„.„, ,,,,„
lei ill    phll
pui* base
vsrtiser appeared befon tlm council in
connection   with   special   Sdnrtising,  allowanoM nt pre
Tlui iiei.. referred to die Joint CivicIA. St. He.,. Bammertlcy in 1). L
Idvertiiing Committee, u,*tl.   ihoroughly   mamai   it    tlm
I'oun. Tlioinp-on moved that a wharf netting ni ratepayen held at lhe city
be built  at   the foot  of  Man* road  inl ball  Tu.-ibiv eieninii.
the Dundaravt -uii«livi>i..t,. ,   •■„,.,„. -|„  ,,,„| ,, |,,*,r, ,•,,,,„  __
A long discussion ensued alter whiah 01}  solicitor living detailed -tenia-
*i   mie «„.  taken.   It   itood  *J  t,, 2    l|n„   „n,|   f„,t)i,.|    sititeil     that     Mr.
tht   "■"''   tin"1   ■"-   Meting rati a    lb, nolj    hmi   niri-ci-d    with   lhi
k'nin^l   'aall- li.m   111   llll-   lime.laini     g--j   council   lo  lie.epl   the   -lull Of lit,
int.'  tlmt   il   tins  not   trial   lo   pn il   ono  (,„■   all   lane   all.m am ,-.   bj   1)    I.
llllh   Ihe  erenlioll  of   number   uhlllf   in   *\\   ,,,   ,„*,.-,.,,,    ,,,   |,i-   p,,-.,*--|,,|i    „inl
tin- council propoeed t,, pr,,,,*,*,! with
Th,* full council na- presenl    "i'l'
Rem   M Naughl at ti*'*   -po in1 meet
inf    n|     tile    ill-Ill* I     ...Ull. II     ll. Ill I.ISI
The   business   was  routine as I   il
sittinti    ».i-    :iti   exceptional.)    long
one.     I ,,ii,-p,,inleii.e   was  read     as
l'l"tn      llie    IlllelU lliotllll        Ml'1-aall'lle
k Bond i ie advistsg tlmt they would
tnke   legal   pro..,.lint-   against    the
ili-tiii i   fnr   the   IVrgpr nml    Carter
Company', ac .."in ol WW,
io ili licitor.
that   locality   uiml   it   uns   definite-
li knowi lmu llollvlniin wharf would
withstand th,. weather ntnl sea Ihen.
A resolution ua- passed Intimating
llml   the  Council   iiuiilil   faioliilili eon
iiim*  ii petition undue local Improvi
ment.   tin*  OWnen   to   pay   n   -uli-lun
mil proportion of the
The arrangement with tin* dty ii
n'i' ml io lowering the city'i 1" in. h
imnn    along    the  l.ynn   Valley   road
when the district im- local Improving
the itreel anal aba lo ntn 'l»- mut
i.'i- ol the dty'i Itiitiih mum   aroet
illL'   the   Haitingi   ClSeh   bridge   to tin*
engineen "f both corporation, un
\    pi,,p..-llimi    lllll    l».  mail*    to    the
iitv    thai   tin*   liistriet    mil   blmi   all
the  stumps   "ii   lb uh   -i'le of   tin
l.ynn Valley rosd neat* tlic tun inn ■
which the * in la digg ng lol i's 10
imli water mail if iln* .in uill ink,
,,f   llie  inn tt,    lhi-   i-   thl imht   aiilii-
able at ihi- time ae it will surel) la.l
to complications at a latei .1 .-.* whm
tin* districi wishes t<. Upton    lh n
-nle ,,f the toad. In a a-.* u I. ti
■Tet ai -tump un- Iiunii the pipe
would suffer.
In connection with the lupunsj—il
..I the remoter) road it ua- raeolvcd
to oiler I,, th,* owners In D. I.. IU the
,.l,l I ill i nml I'm,,ii.'li iheir block
if thei   would pm   half of tin* ...-I  ..-'
a  inm   af   a   mu    t"  'I   eloag lln*
eastern boundary "f the dbtrlrl   1..'.
In   lli.   event   .,f  tlnir  nol   ngr,eini! to
thi. tin- old trail will he mpalnd li
conjunction wnh ilu, i Ity,
Hie ,imt rn, t for the cill-ttll, tiaill of
,1 -llnl I portion "f l I'-ek \ leu Aliil i- let tii .1. Turner In BO,
V   M, I ure   ua-
irn. I fm* the clearing ,,( Road
la tt. Hute   Ihii.   (,,.  HJO,
M *..   A-k.u   I   Kennedy's   mm
plctcil  tract os   Lonsdale   I
north was accepted -ubjert io man
nni,"! details required by lha n ia
see '., be arranged.
\   leu,*,   ui-   resd  (ram lhi   M
Alpine I i.ii-tnii im.ii Co, in nf i
l:,f,i,„l the  I'hilip   lie. contract.   M
ni nnl dedal
i   thorough
irs     we.*
^H drawing tin* mil shaft, mu propellm
s "f -In- proposed iiln| lli(, |m|k h[|i(*_ liim(,- -wthl
ty   of   all the    lane   Th,.  tm0A   ,*,,*.ordine   10  BOSltlSCt    un-
in owned  by   Kr, Iniehed  in  two  days,  s'tat uiu h.i
Miiopatlog ol painl wai pul os     lluse
other boats will Ik- takm on lhi » )
nt  an enli  date,     Thei   ure lbs ' No.
tn li inn*', the "A'L'uiii" ii* w King
in  the  stream ol  Korth   \ am .a iv, i
nmi     the   "I h.-lake"   the   new       i ill   n
Steamship Co'-,   boat  which  wn- de
-i.*, *i by A. .1. i. Bobarti s, 4 M
Iu-i. \ I—.—, I.K.H, of tbi- .in.
The S'otn Hon" laiieli arrived Irom
Europe ui'h i ,ergo . f * ment, .ti-
i- to he fitted mit   at   the    tti,IIi,
Ship) acl-  a-  ;t  i:rn li  a nil  r.   II  t '  ,r
uo will I.* secured al lhe found
pons,   ih,* g, g, a.-ma will ba a'
ell oii   tlie nays  as  KKM  Si   l»T  | re:
.-nt cargo is unloaded. Mm ml il
-,, b,. fitted ap fm- the gr, la ■ r lee
n  aargb sow  being  in n 111
her at Tii"inm.    The "OMaho" w 1
lie   "11   tile  uiil.   fa.f   -"Ule   I Hi'*   '"'  lb''
purp..... ,,( having th* mperetinclun
built.     She  is  at   present   only   Imi':
iln-li with tlia deck.
ala--. Mr. Veinier sees Hnd und**r*
-Innd. these eoitditiolis and is iioin*.'
In.  Utmost   n,  nin'I   the  iei|lliicnient..
in ,'spe* iall-, enjoyable progrn, a lit
tie out of the ordinary will lie inim-
alined  thi imnj:   week   beginning lo
night. The Hem- ms be sitm in the
theatre wsouscitwM   which ippean
nn   iiiii it li.'i*   page,   The   |irif"itnan e.
opes at T.:in nmi all wishing to enjoy
tlicmsclies  aim   Iniiiili   linpiane ot*.  the
il..i  had started wok in tin* be t ••!
I'nin  Iiinni  1 ....I.,   .tiii.ii-,'   Ihnt   he       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ .igned the plam- and blue  prints teilk    not   knowing   Ihal   aft r i'ii
Mial.l    hei    I.,11     1. *. |,l. ,1     thai    ll*.*
 ^^ _idnn   to   be    mil-rliilly
llatl       ill I'       ll	
ti .1 blue   prints
l.l.*     tl. 11   I    Kl 'i'i*l**i  a   mis*
iptelieil-lnll.        ll    ll.l-    ll.-C-a-.l      t.,    Ill      I'1""*     •*•     l*"'i
u   Mi    1 ,,,,ke in withdraw, I	
I laain   Pan     | tt 1 k. in asking   for     li   ii|q»'ii
in   connection with   I -uul "~
* .iimt  regarding lh * lun Vallej  wa
lar in ni* * 1 *     1 !*•    I* 'I. was instrue
ted to Forward -ai	
li, 1,1V,      \),,l      il l-k, ll    fnl     ill,
Ing of a -tump ileal bis house
u ,imi is, 111  ansa
■ te board of worhi,
,,ii I"i-
Retened  to
hail    .tailed    Work    I"
llii.   ua.   "tl   the   plan,   pt, p.n. *l   bi
1 uneron,     I'.n jn,, 1    1
L'love, th w appointee, ilio mi .1
gme  uiih   the  ipeeificatioiu   "f   Mr.
'   aineiim    nn.l    a-k. .1      ,. ' in    -*n||       tl
make new   plan-,    Iii   ih,   m, ,n   *
^     * haul     -I illi'il      Uml.      ami
I mm iln* Ilmi. ttm   I'.ie-lei    tating .iiii,i,.,l   iimi   iba;   wen  not
thai la,* lml unnli pleanun   m recom ntflcieatl)   ul   lhe   rhaoga until the)
mending imt pa) f HMt os the bad d 000 wori  i
Hollyburn wharf   11 P-'  the ispoft ol rr,L.i,,,*.*,   t ,,.L.r,,i,.    I,i*i,,|   Ihal   k
le-ulellt    eiiL'in.S'l     k''''f"C    W hell lie    Ul       ||1(|    f,, 11.     ,aj| |    aj ,.*,,,   In,        ,,|
supplied   with   ii    "I '    "f   ''". the .Inin-,* .,f ih.   , linnip. is thc pl.n.
llhillf    l,aL.ell,.|    llllh    Uie    appinil.ll    be      ,|lL,        ,,„,,       |,,„|       ,,,„ ,.,,|      ,       ___
ing niuile ..iei ti. 'he , mun                Uli,. |„ ((siting ,v,,,k befon  tigsiag
lb   ttttb   wid   Ihe   approach was  ■] ,„, „,    -q,   i;,,i„.,,.,,„   -ho-igbi
a   publii   hnjlaiiai   mi'i   ll"'  uhait'l  u a-   ,,   vl,,.   ,,,,).,,   . I, ,,,,  ,,,,,, t,,,, \_  uiu I,
alii eb **n gowmsMrt land, ,i„. njpmt npUad h mldend tht
The   aleik    Iial-    lll-tl'lal'il    •„   f,,riiai*l     .}..„v    |l|;,   ,„,,    |m,|    !„,.„    ,,„    ,(„,    |i|M
■ .(iiit  .Inim 'led  I" Ottawa, ,,f  ,) ,     bj    -tnr,,,,-   „,„k
lintn  .1. W.  linker, lorSroad   In'i",.'   -is'iutiL'    III ii'ta I. lh*
iii lot 7 nf the subdivision nl lols90 change   in   the plnn. effected tin*   "■
the purchaat lot tins .um oii the Inal  iiii|itoi|.|iii*ut  plan.
'I'ln* ih.,*ti.sion which followed ihow
eii  ilnn th,*  ratepayen  wm ananl-
mou. in the opinion that n at onli
tlin-e lane ulh au aln*.*. nutiasl hi Mt*.
Hummer.Icy,   but   |1*0  all  .lllllbn*  par
*i'l-   owned   by   Imllikhiil   propatrt)
nill|.*l-   sholllil  be pro.Hied  by   lhc dl)
upon the best mailable terms,
\ i'l'l tll.lll    Smith  enipha-l/e.l   tile  ale
-nubility ,,f proceeding with  the pro-
curing of th,- whiile matter simultam-
"iisly if such ti method wa- at nil
feasible, In otim to avoid delay, sd
lllllntliil    expeli.e    llllll    pos.lble   aoinpli*
cations, further diecuelos developed
tin- fact, however, tlmt tnsamooh  n-
tnatiy   monthi   mu-t  ehip.e  In-ioi.    ,*\
pt*"piiiiti"ii proondingi  1*1 11   on
piet.**l,  when  -a* h pi,,u*ai m*
snd the option uhnh Mr. II1111111..-
cly    Imd    gives   * ou*red   only     three
month. Irom geptetahtw Ith, It would
imt   In.   poeelbll   t"   curry llie   whole
mattei ihrosgh at the mm time,
ilileiiiinii Iiiiiii gan d.-i iii- ,,f ths
proposition with res|H,'t t,, Mr, II un
marsle)'i boUlsga,    11>* ,* wan NMsd
ill lifti^*ll dilTel.-Ill blocki 'lll'l uere
COOtigWOUi to -ollle m alllleielll loll
Tile   pill' Ilili.'  of   the  lane,   ilt   the  pii e
-tipiil.iicil iiouhl menu undei- a twin
tv year l,,nn tin ISMsl taatamUt OS
I'll, ll     laal    llltele.lHl   ,,f   fAAil   nn'l    Ull
ler a   forty year  iaa,in  an  nsseeesMnt
a.l   two dollnrs  fu-r yenr.
Rome <li * us to tin* al
I***  il *.u   .,i II i   lln* lane., opm
ion bring divided ,- to whether 'he
...-I -Iinllhl l». paid by lhe omier. .1
propert)   in  the  ulu.le  bio k  m
. a-.*   iii    bv   the   nw ne, -   of   "llli    tin,-,'
hn- abutting  on th,. parti alai   I ■ ,n, ,*.   I,,  I.*  pin* l,a- ,1.      h    u, -
■ ,,ii-iiiet,sl. however, ih il ihi- u  .   ,
matter tbal -1 I.I he left with   'h-
-nt  ...nmil l,,i  arrangement,        i
i.e  ,,f  lh,,-*   lots  ll.lllktm   n  i„-i      i
lowance • a- i *,,.ni ,,l  n    dii
aall-ldel  i'mil     illd   it    WIS   tll-'lljllt   till
a    of   rcli-1 I.I   I ik.    tll -   *-
Well     SJ     Othei    detail,    lllld.I
menl   ill  older   t,, iitine  ill   iiii
iaid.* irraikgameat,
A n'sobltlnll 111,11,d bl -liln,*- I' ad
... k ami .**..ii.I..I In H land r Philip  w.*|.   |iii--hI   Io   tl licit   that    tli.
Ill     . "llll. ll    a
a    e      Willi    the     pill, llll I     Ml
llainiiiei-l,i'. koldiags Ilt the |ll.
and   up,.ti  lhe  plan  oiiilmed   In    il*
• olllleil.
I h. following ratepayen i.-.k   pat i
ni the di-.ii--inn during th>-  '!■
Mala.I     M .1 .    \,'l  lie. I,    lien*.    I
Ninth and,.. Me--,* ',. \. M
Rain,   i an.'-- I'm korh, 0, J   I'lil ii"*.
|        I       I.Ollei.,     I'll lip,    tt,tl
Ma.l'l,   li        lllll     '
Ferry Directors
Than vtl vi-rv lilllr btttJMl ii ■
K>m|>li*hed ut tlif fi'iiy diitetors'
BMttlng   Ln  iln-    \ um mix11    iilli.fs   uf
ill'-   t ulll|. il,',     \,  -Irlil.'iy    uflfillNiiN. A
largi   baU li   ol   ■ orra«| 1 n i    wai
ii'l ii h 'M nl iiini' wu ii lafgai at-
!■ 'i i in .- nf id,' boaid iiu nil*!'.--.
\n ■ itimati "f |NQ x\:i- |ii-nl in
fin,,, ,,( M,-,,.  Tuck k It, wer.coa   ,„,„, p|nvh„„Ht. n, ttUm t„ „„.
t l.l   ',,!-.    ("I    the   | nil    olluv     Iniil I 	
It     Un-     I.'-nlled     lhat     ll,,      whole
board should  ipoai at * otnsdttai to
go "ie,   'n \ ancouver nail    M la)
■ .iling   (,*,   ih..   purj"-.■ "I iii-i*' i
illL'     -  \ .1 111     el*'.llie     Sign)     lh te       ili
aaldel       llllll       taktt*        M.lll'l      'I"   111*'     "11 lb'   I
lle-t   kind   tu   ill-llll   ill    tl,.*   Vnn**."I****
approarh i" the North 1 eno in.i f.i
n wharf .
The dim Ion a"- io .< pi Ip! ol twt
nten la.r thc work raSgi in il
neighborhood "f %ljm.
I In* i'n-i regular mi.-tin*: ..f tin* Cal
•   I! cl Companj  e is held   ou
I'll, -dai      Ulll     ;i     fan     alt,tnl,111 e    of
.lllltell'ililel-   pie-eilt.
III.*     fa,11.ill.Hi:     din*. In* -      Wen    alp
pointed :  A.   Philip .haiiiniiili,   li.   B,
>l|,*|llela|.    .1.    ||.    .1.     Milll  ,1.    tt.   Iilil-
inim and It. -i. I'mil' r .,** ntary,
\    lli-a l|-.,,itl    UU-    e,ltet,,l
the    U'.l    "I   tii in
iiibialile propert* os Mh ureal,
\    -a laellle   llll   II   laTgl   ■*   ll,    U is   -ll_'
l' I bm **ii amount "f Ita estrs-dvi
lie--   It   lln-   laid   nlel   f.. I*    a   f* u   *l;ii
fof   fllttl.a I    * 'i'      iiei  it.On.
It     I-     llnil  l-lo, ll    ll. Ill '    I
ill.uh*  fulili.   it -liml   time a ..  thai ll
i. pui| I i" * n* t  i Larg   li .11 with
i ii,-* * I a-. g*rmsaaii*m  n .* sm
hat   will  ptiulii**,* s  r,*i mil   in ind,,,,,
lltlllelii.   ill   thia   eitl .
Mayor Taylor1! attitude ton u I lhi
I.. ,, h    -i-|. in   in    \ uiu.'llier   ntnl   his
'luu,mull     eonll, 11, II111 ia ,11     nl   tillll      CIV
*■  but   ill   ulll li   In   li I
nol l»"'u upheld by th* majority   "l
al.  i.  most  Intending   t**
11   ..   ll  l   lone
* ii    ,   in   in I    llie   I. u   -.- em "I I ''tic,
grading is bandy itarted In this city,
uhen ii,. \a.ith  >li.,ie a Itj  wa. in the
tkroea ,'f , ..nlli, i ovei the   *
'l"i|l,le   atlal    the    le.iilt    wu.    tl,,    MMM
and    the   prcvdeiit    aal    lan I,   ur.idillt
lm. lieen e-taibii-li,ii bi  'In* rtgbtrs
tion ul  the     it  i- nppnrcul
ll     at,    ,,|.*,1    ,jlU*-!i"ll    I' 1     Jlli n*. el     th.
.oiititii  if mu wiih the majority   ..!
lie* ,l,.'ili,H*r- then with th launei
a- In whi.h is the beet -l-temti, ad f..r „ young .ity situated a-
Na.iih Vnncouver i«. Time will p,..
nbly lell and po-tei*iiy will r. nh the
re.ult- und Isuielit- ol t.nlal'. a.
NEW lili.M
llie  North   lonsdale   Supply  Stores
I,United     ,-    tlle   lle-lt'llltloll    ahnseiiby
;t aompiiny of North Shorn n-iilcnl.
reoentlj in orporated for the purpo.,*
aaf Mtablishiag a msreantlle aotwers
ut North I.otisdnle.   lhe Dompssy   i.
iipltiill/ed    sl    S-.1l.I'lln    ill   -hate-     of
lour dailbns each, Mr. Ewart Adsm*
-,,n i- seetetiyy of the compiiiiy and
iln* lli.aid of Directon i» inmpneedid
Me--i..    I.   8,   Nye,   ink   loutet,    t,
'I Lm-, 11. *l. t ornish, I. A Ibn*
and William Turner. The charter
etnpou.'i. tlie .onipsny to Mny .m
lui-ine-. along all mtiatid lines, mer-
aiintilc nml linamial. An opt on h .
ban -.-. ui*..I on a site -unable (or
lail-liie-- purpose- upon which it i-
prop.i.eil to procs-tl with th.* ensti..,,
of n building  to '"-1  in tin' neitihb",
I I *af sit.ism. nnd lo bagis buin. .
operatioM at an early dale.
I lie    llllllll    llo.h.1    find    a-.-llla .1     f"l
building In law   ,.  now   undei   u
lhc . ill   lliill  and  will  I.,  mil.eI
...nil. II   at   illl  .inli   al ile.       I l   m    lh,
sins of the document it will pro'abl-
niel    fie,I    p..II,I    1,1 tia,|l   will,
a, im.  il rk >li,*i*
held   I*. I!   the  |., il,  ipal  a it
U-   ill   ill,'   |U,,lit, '■   f,,l*   ml,all,la,In,II   II
long ilu- bn- and lm a copj ol tlxii
building I" I iws,      I be adoption   "I
lllis   |l\  law   Will   Ili-.'-indl    i.'pnr    tlaa*
sppoinlmeal of an m.|         I ln-
liill.i   i,..|ii'-ilion   lo   tin.   .il-i'
erning lorn ,-   ■ ... ik ,,    Ik .'
'     i   a'    tlli-   tilIM-   wlnn there
i-   -,,   linn li  buildin. n I tin*
fi.uiuImi ( ihe.iti' Laid   a
mil be -een Irom ll la th.
*.f buildingi ib 11 la
"I in tin- la-l  i. n  ,*t    ...     1 ke ini'**
dut tion of ,i I.milling I.i I .u    a
on.*     |.    a ...    ii ,.
with th,, pliunMng bj law a- Ihepw
the   tno   Work    111   , I..'ll    tO
■.■.ili.*,    ii ih,* proper upbuilding  of
i.nine .ni
IM-I l -l
lhe     ,n,|UI-l     on     lh.    lMadl     ol   .lnhl,
Prank   AadefW,   the   thi-s.  months'
..Id   bal,i    who   dull   in   tin-  .iti    ..,,
Sundaj   11 '  i n- held in il mlei
■ iking perdu  ,,f M,--i-. rTarroi
I' lm aftei, n.    The linl.* • lul'l'-
W  |-    ,1, rS     liL'lll    1„    lh''  II''
rage Home la \ ■... ner wha   Both
• i   mai u ami fat lui aisuit
two   wis-1,-. \fter   that   the    gTSSd
fall,,-.      Bade       i" ni   ,■ment.   Inr      lhe
luiiu being   brought   to North   Vnn
llele   I I,.ll.ali'a     '   .      pi If
la."ll  II       .11.1    -Ult   lUe    l|a,l|ll-||ll,,*l,l   ,1*11
IU llll      brOUghl      "I,     'll-'Ut   ll       wl, a la
i'iiiiiIIi  nesltad in Iti death,    li   i
 lentood   ih it  tl,.* d," i"t in    nt
lendiii,, raised some objet tion I
*,..*   th.   a I.*, i'h     ,-, l:li. .lie   and
resulted,     I "ran
,*i "Hi, latsd aii th.
i.i. li then we nm wit
rn. lu.Iin.- th,,s   medical
' M I..1..-I           Ibe  Jim   aflr  ll   -hurt   de
I L'ln    ,'*    ii   i.idn'    "I
death   dm i" nml nutrition   with ,
ml. i added thai the pm keartilj   • ■ t.
I il,,- larmiag 'am *.( U ti
lhe   |iiu                  *     ,1   **f  \. tt,
'.   IL I',,,,. i
tt.,I...t, i    M.  Km-■!,.  II. J
llnrton nnd '■   *   l»heph#rd,
i\|)I''.I'i:mii:\t   OHDEB 01 ''.non
\  MMting l"r  the  puip>  *     !  ,     i
.'in,-in*.'   \",ili   Vain ouiei   "Ambitim,
I odge"   ,.f   'In*   iibaaie   -o iety,  will  lie
l„|a|     a,II     tt,alln*.|,*|\*     ele,lit,.'    ,if\t      iu
Orange Hall, ibove the II. r. Meat
Mark.'!, I.on.dnle kUmWt, The mee:*
Mg uill liefin nt T. 1.1 p in. and will
Is* ii,lab*,*--,*,I by ,,ITiifis from ths,,*! lodgS, Mu-i'iil iiiimlwis will
bl ".ntribuieil by local nml by Van
.iii.t lalcit. All mrmlici. ..I tin*
order a- ucll ;,-, thoee interested in
lln pintnotnui nl the . mw .,f t'*m|ier
■iiic  ate .or.lially Invited  to nt'end.
mw lodge Mi.i'.riv:
II*.    „e\,   lllfflinc   "f   th.*   or*
gaalaed  ladepeadeal Onler of OihUd
bw M ni h.-lei I inn lodt'e will hr
bcld    in     the    K.    I'.    hnll    on   Moliil.ll
■■M-niiiL-    8    fnimiition il ha.   l-een
found iimt th,,,* in 'i'ii',* n number
of old folllltri metnl.*,- ,1, tin. eity
who nre uniil,le lo sflUatS in lhe
limiienn   organisalaOl   and tttje iiinn*
garatios   of   Ihs   Kasckostcr   I'slty
nhn h i. one of tin* .t,.*n...-t loal*,'...
in ib,- woil,I today will lie n welfatiif
aim. .un. ,'iiia-nt   lo in my niemlnr. here.
111.*     . |e. tion    oil     the   1111,1111    SCSfr
In law,   ulmh   nnu.unt   is lhe   *
proportl Miller    linal    iinpioiement
' ik,-  pi, i  tomorrow.     The   im|mrt
,'   a airiin*.'  tl-i-  wmk  on  with*
■ .111 delay oagal to Ik* a itMag ,""„a
tn.-mliinin to the raiapajrew io  Mm
a.ut   in fn,.*,* nt   lln   pill-  (..morrow
\   \    till', Mll.llMi
The Indie' baakatball 'Iub I
meant ,.. iking  ." tag, m. su for  lhi
.In -    un,*l,<    tla. II    in,llnl    trill   With   tl.e
nei. aiid ilthoagk th,ir eib.rt. wan
aol > roamed with lhi it wn.
lu,|.*d lor ii wm the incentive for fs<
ih.i eadeavoar,   It wn< found,   h,.w
i'mi, " * ■
healthful etsnlM nnd Is thli ,
'    lie*   wmk   I li'll    .at tat,,*,
I Mill --   II'I'IHSII II
man al   ol   earth   which   acrntdlng ln\ __________________
h     -her,*   I'1"""!.' Ua well  repast,     A   nunlm
f  inw    piny,*,-   haw*   ligailld a wil
ami   'Jl,   blo.k*  '."J.IH.   .'"ST
led   to   the the lilt, -t   plali-  w.ullil   lili'lll t
l'r,,in ib. .1, a, I., iinupbeli lahhm Ul1"1,1 '"' "'""■ ll11* '" Mskithaneat    	
,(  al*-,,,, ,*    and    that    u,,,,!,|    mean    ,on-td .nbl,*   I""-1"""1 '" ",k" " H""' »n l1
kauliag.     Mt.  Uoliert-oi  nmdr *.p,a,*,","m   "ncl   ,h"»   •"*""   "ttie   doubt
poiition   n.   'nke   ih.*  earth   i
id    flulll    tin    nil     aid
ili 1 ia auul liUil .mr  In-  original t nler
nt      Si""* llll.      U.l-       llllllll       ilL'lel
Al nn i-i,   ni-*.   SMOtlng  ..f  'I '
■ i  ib.  North   lm net 	
«       i,|,.,|l,l      ,-I.U Nalth      1  llll-'llal        1,1  ll-'- Ill,   a
loraad in l.m. wm made,    li   will  ti
. u i.  d bal  I"  •ublliil   ih'-tn  to ii  mu I   ll*   ll"'1 '"I
*  ! * i *i i tad ml wi„, wili I. -up
I.*    held    "I*    II   '       l.'ll,    Wlnll    tllel     Ull     (,!.* '•*    lillle
I.*  I**im,illl     nl'.pled   nflel    nnl     .,' I      ill   d* In ind-    «■
thoaght mlu
t  dmu.-i.,i,  t'.ok  plan nt i i      -.iii'ii'.
",   th,*   itneiini    lurBiahillgl     ,i*l   ,.     11      H M       Ml'.". Mi*.   • .*!• i,
■ uinl.r   "f    Ml   II       Bardy,    li      ' ■"
■    •   will   add   mai IV        Mnl.le",     bl  .
illll     to   the     ip|«*alnll  e    nml     a    • '    "b    l«     Ba   hei •   .
It  will probabl)   I'        Mi-, Devi'*,  Mr.. Gallaghar,  Mi-    I
Mr.    Donald     M',   c.nttn. "„,
hi-  tl,   a.mtmet  for  the ■ lenriii*.- nnd
(,,r   lh»    I
i lifl lowuite, "'im i    Sn
i1 ■   It ,i    Mi, M*Un
nnu lm. n lnre> i:nn*; nt w,,ik and lm.
thr  , lenruik* "I  tl"*  whole nr-n prciti
Well   uui. i   I ,\   at   tll.' |ir, •ant   tllee
-IU II 11
but   that   llie . lull will  Ik»   ible lo | I ,*,
full.  A MMting  io arrange   the  di
lad-   wn-  hah)  nt   the  lum,.   ol  M
i**|l   on   a,
num  of contra engnirenieni. the   a'
I'.lt'iM. I'lini'ldl.tlli
lor  a  nine month'-  leave
It appeared '., I** tin* general   opin*
Ion ihal ile* ,f*p,f-i wa   fm loo long
n   period   and   lluit   il   wm.Id   line    1..
I.* considered a. a nalgnation,
I',..,,, In   Thompson, making appli
ration   fm   iln* position   of   statical
In nllh   ..111..-,    f.u    ,1,.*   .1,   ,, i. I, 'lln*
appli* iilnm   un-   ii". pi..I.
The   nne     nul   tile,.*   un-      i*k,,es. i„
I.inn   \ allay   ihni    bul   mn   btel  re
poi led     ..111, inllv     ainl    n    Wl    lOO   en
OM    to    n'.ellook.
'I'lie uteri  wn.  in.trua ted i" bring
ilii- earn la ilm ,"'  a.f ,)„■ hculth
nlli"*!, H	
I   Irttfl    ■        **i lnss li   M   ihii i ofi hep It     ind   hms lbi Inauguration id   the
N      ravish        l,lllllitlinL'    11     pllli,     **f    I'laaal. „ ,  , e    eli,*,  I , a |     I |,a*     f * ,   |, all | I,        111,,11111;   al  he       \ ■ 't t ll       M I*
lhe    Walla .      -lupi |ld V. A.      ').■     I, ,     I.. ,,   .
In, It     the    )-'    ,,f    NoVSMaWl     llfn"     '
■nil   bl   Ii ll'K    foi   '..    np   n   |
i ud ii,,   Newcombe.
.1 M   llll Mill
i.i.i iMiiiiiiia n.m
Ml mamb**n   * . i   ,,
**   *i
 I ■ f   ti*
,, A   | | ■   bl. . *
leiidnm-e did  IOI  WSAMSl  i I'  II     "nX  el  11.   S    \    jean   I     I      - I.   popuUritJ   "f  lh
iirrnngementa.     Another m   '■ being preeento-d hi   Ihl   |,
(In   the   elelallif    "I   'he   Mill   ..I    II*
tnliei   ther,*  will  be  a  .11 inl   evening
ipi   ■ -     aal     thl
n'i    111  ll \hibiiion hull,     lb-ing
'lie     III -I       of      -. il   .   n       gs   I
i- ■ ia', U   I ■ i ■
'   I'll, .     (,"|11     \      n Wlll
i-   pt. t .rumit
.'or in h*,nd
iii ii him, i ii i Min\
1.. .iillcl -In,nli  when lhe
I lace,
Tin* B, B,   North Vam mi*
a  |og  on   lhc   ml    "   lail   nip    I"
North   Viiluome,   OS   ttisl,,.- 1   i   ,*ien
ing    la-l   and   uli.n   llie   eti.'il, -    u.i. 	
■evened  ,   ihe t, I   kte\ si    if      ""   W'H'"*  Bhlpysrdi i> M
Ilm   broke nnd put   "tic  nl  lhe  lirm«  ll  llic     ' '
lm  M   -llll'l Ulll- I'.I -1
•     '"     -mplf.f   nn
r   hill   ami  01   '•
S    MfK-IA.
:i. i. B, ji. H, tl, M, tl and *',.', D
i      *.' uud ..",:i,
11 *   inn, i   agreed lo dedl, ale   len
ia |,-    In    *l„*   dl-lli. t    us   |   pub!
boal a lochia K I »k tht   ,,, iheii yank
nn    alternalbig wiih thi ,-   -    -        On   tt,.|,,,-,lni   evening
|   Inl.
I   \ i lot  ,
nun i inui- iin nn i;'
Hi"        I' a
,.   *   '''"I      I | \       *
',,       |
*li   line   to   <>
up ol tii.  -   -   \,„,|| Vaa   *
I'.    i ihm  ,,(   i ,iu.ii.,ii
• Imiiri_•  tin* month "I  Met'
I nt ap
prieior. Hi   A   .    l-nm-r.   Tbe   pro-1 proliswUly ' tM^U,       IV    '
Irom   In-t   month   i.   due   to the ****■
lata : 'iv boar's
A |*l, ,
,*  il,a- I,n.n • ks n- n
.iltil    lln     *l,*   -    dill,
tl   . i.f hoan who
■ i**n .if
i hold
,*•n    li*
The regula, mnathly n*.
,'*l|    Is*    llf|a|
iii On* hoard ■ hool
■ ■■ie   i
■ ill,.I   fu   ll * |ty
l, .11 TWO
WmV«V^V«V«Wi^WiW^V»W^i^VkV^ West Vancouver News
f~\ I R Autumn slock o( silver jewelery contains many fine productions o( the jeweler's
art in designs exceedingly pretty and attractive.
Silver jewelery is always fashionable, and in
some countries exceeds gold jewelery in the ap-
aprecialion ol ladies. For street wear it is always appropriate, and the coming season will
sen much o( it worn. On ihis account we have
taken great care to provide the besl (or the
ladies ol \ incomer,    ......*.-
Diamond Meiclunti and |ewellers
M.uu.j ■ liireetor Hastings -5c Granville Sts.
Gem Theatre
A Specially obtained "COMIC PROGRAMME" for
I,  i i lit   i  aa    11,1.,; ,i ,nni i       i.  Wonderful Fluid (I omit i
2     ' MW.   lln   in   I I'l ,-t'       It a,n   I .",.    I . *.'-    \n    liilln   |l on,I* I
:t,   ll,.* i   ■ .' on ii.  Dlrk'i Unl (t'osiir)
llluairatrd St I "Mj Dieam ol the I ,*-,\." In  Ire, \
Continued Performance Starting at 7.30 sharp.
10c-5c     GOOD MUSIC AND SONGS     10c-5c
(||y    *    aa-*  I ".111     | HUH 1,'tl I )
llnl I Vlll RN
There i.n- no t i.ideiable activity
in r,*al a-iii*** iii il'i- section during
the pasl month, lhe pleasing leaturr
,,i uh,, ia ii la ii mosl of ilm buyen
in buving wiili ihs intention ol weel-
liu  h,,ni,-  fm   iln in-, Ivi's.    tlread)
than    ii veral    residenees   undei
imi and a -I'-'i i'i*'"\ l°r which plans
mi. being prepared.    Kr, John lim
son i- |ir,*|i.inn- i<> Imlil ii handsome
maiden I   ,in, rele anil stone oa thr
ii in ifmiii, ii,,* -i  having been In
i ported Irom See Zealand mnl the
in ■ .hipirn ni "' «lii' I, arrived al
llaill,lm,,. fi  1 ni".uva-r in t wrek,
Mi, -m.l,hi li,i- ii i n rontraol lor
il„. building on the sratet Ironl ..I ■
line *i|, d, me and has jusi iln
i-li,*,l unloading  , si-oa Load "f  build
Ing     ai* il      Ml      11.    Vl.    InlnltllV      i-
|n,*|,.inn       I'ln*      Inr    a,     ,'***, 'la-ii It
Iii- propert) and lhe building nl   tm
mil   , annua*!,     i*n   -In.itli.      Am* i
tin.-.*   r.'-nl.*,,"*-    waling  romph'l	
are ilt"-'' ol Counrilliir Thompeon and
Mi   u, i . Iin*,n|a-i,,i.   i'liini. Thomp
-on', iv-iilatnv, iilinli ii llllill nil ll,
Mm Koad aboui Imll a mil.* Irum tin
ll llli'll'n.lli,     i-    laa   i'l' lililll     lllli-lll'll    tlllil
Iiii- :t magnifiavn: ii,*« ,,f Rnglish
Raj. ike Hull "f lienrgia and the l'i a
-,*r River. Mr. 11. V, Thompeon'i
houes on the vaterlronl Ims n r*ry
rommanding position arith a be intitnl
linll,   Imllt i„   ntnl   oul of    tin'   liiiilini
This    residence,   tli*   mel   of    erhii-h
is iiiinui sn.iKin. i- mi..l,tn iu   everj
llr. riiiirl'-- Nelson has i eery piel
li    -llllllll.',*    home   on   ilm   llninlfion,
ii.-i ,,f III,llilii,in. il,,' house l*.-i,iL- .af
:i bnngaloa t)*pe, He has laid out
ilm grounds verj In.trlull). baring I
splendid ti'iini. ."iin -ii -mt iliil ili ii
•nifnl viei ,,,ii 11 obtained ..I
Knglish Bay and Point (ir y, lltog"-
iiu-i- jreal itridei have bei a, ma le till
v.u*   in   lliii   -,', lion.
li nmv be here itated ihal th
en-meal srharl has *n ■•■•■' ; b,",,    **
Hollyburn  [x-opl,',  mvoral ^^^^
of material having been unloaded li  U
Hinl quite nn amount "f cord   Wi o I Q
and shingle bolts I  shlpp d.    li ie
I nnil*;   inn   nut,i'i*,*tlili',   howeve .
judging frotn tliia *     ,n'    n iliu'. llnl
Iho wharl  sl   enlarging, ll   -I,* u 'I
be r-arried hurthi-r oui into the ictp
imi'',', ilm "I." mads lurgar and ia
order to make il perman *ni the wholi
sliouli' I,,, rased in ronrrste. Thl
building of ihi- ul, tri hai empha I, id
lhe fini tlnn it i- i*n -ili'n io lm.Id ii
break water oul intu lh * aatars ,,f
Knglish Uny iildal, will stand anj ul
tin* storms lo iiliial, ii n,,i ba -nl,
Salmon 'lishing  has been  much  In
,*i i,lim,*i.  ilm in..*   the  past f.*ii    'I a,
and on Busdays .cores a.f boats ,, ti\
be   WW    fa.I     ill.*   allll* I, nl    kill l<
..( ii li iiim I, iiiii,ilm all. -. waters, I be
1 .1   .no ll   fill   "llf   I o. t   -,,   fill llil-
-i-ii-.ui has I iia*|,*i,ii -uinniii havingll
iu average weight ol len pounds.
Residee talmon ,*, i s/ietj "I ulh r fish
alll'   'IUIL'1,1    Ut    lliltllliiu-.    II,lllll'll
Roek  Cod,   Plaice,   Kole,   l*'l,.iiii,l.,..
Whiting,   HI,I '  Co I,   ,*l,*.,   , ,„*  ,*,,|, la lllll*
|D|   tn..  Innn-'  I,-I,inn ,,f  ilu-     , , ,.
at ting to iliin ii-i. I'.'tli ic-
ili, ■ ni,, besl plan - lor - Im rawl
' int' nfi' ui il,,- mouth ni ili,. Capilano
and ni ii [mini quarter of a milewiet
aai llnllil.iirn wharf, iln- In-ii*, i la, i
being the belter nl lhe two.
Trunin* !  II 1   Read'  :        ii  Halt-- .'iii*l I liill rtUft ol
Ostrich snd Fsncj Festhen, Felt ind Beiwr Hits, Rib-
Velvet* snd Veilings, Stimped l.i tn ti Centres, Tea
Cloths, Pin Cuihiom snd  Fsncy  Bsgi Inr fall trade.
21 5 Lonsdale Avenue
North Vancouver
One acre close to City Boundary.
Price $1100. Terms $575 cash
Bal. $7 5 every 3 mos. at 6 per ct.
11 Isonsdtle Avenue
Phones—Office 24      House 22      P.O. Box 60
i i:i i- imu   un ii i.i\i\i, i r
lini'l',  HII'  iv\>  a RED   nl'
lUMllil IT
Afia-i- lending thii htlonrard
-i i'liini' *ai Ire, lh nl ith l . l
i* i on, a' Hi n -lama.*, |'nM (JO lO
I lia* I onodale I'liiii inn, *. pi a I ii j'
bottle "f r,oi-i,,ii > ,'L... f..i ..nly .*hi
..'nt-. mi'i if ii don'l do lor imt what
it <l,,l fo, Hn,  \n,l,, on, wt w II  Ive
ion yi'in  ne- bei It,   'u i iml tli i
letter, it- n»,itli j*c***l uliili*:
"I linal given ip hope nl evet I*. In
* ■nnil ,,f , In, nh nit. ul., n I pun-hue I ,
bottle ,.i Perkins Rage,   It  I
tiii'lv mnoved thi dandrnl, .in.l lu-
-i,ni*.l ai -n."il, ol nee heir, nml ul
tliia   lift,*!     la |l |Sg    I»1H    I I'  llll'. al   f".   |!
I rheerfelly re meineeil Perl
, oi ttnge."
I'.ui* i.*oi   Rage    it      'I,".Iniil,   liii     gltl    right    llaaWll    llll.l    till-
*■( tin* hair  in.l kill- tin*   lluni
-lll'l-   ,,(   I" llal   loll.   ,| ihil.'lll   gl 11,1
-,„,.*   il,,*   Intrude, tion "f Perieian
Rage Into Pined I, il li u bees in th
lllllllll    III     ill-.11- 111,I-    of    ll|> I,)   I a
* let) ii,iiiii'ii. I'mi i aii Rage "ill turn
li.ii-li. loati 11,■--. ill looking Imir tela  bright,  l„\„,i;,iii   Imir in t,  l.n
* l.ii. -.   It   i*.  :i  ,l,'lii*lili,il   uml   mii.",
nnteim so dyi   m
kt fnl Ingredient   mi'i kt noi    lick)
! I..   . nl   willi   tin*   Inli'iin
Imu  ..n ever)  pari
iin H.'.lti.-.liiv even un tin* dlil I t
mn luu iii,*. wen i'ln-,il ilia*. ,ii In
dian   ui   il„*   Capil ino   Mi--i* i   wat
reeling ■ dii nrbma.*, being the
avorae "f liquor, I'onetable Peen
look ■ Irip out mul lound thei thi
trouble mi- roming l,"iii ui "l.l . '
t.n.l.*,   uho obtain,  il,.* iii.ii I',*, ,,*
gulali)   ,,, :i ,,,i-i ,- niinii,".     II,*
ii i- lound in In   nm, -li ia', mi,I lair
li  quieted down arben il lli,i   ol
iln, Imi arrived and aai *ob	
1*. ..\ pr.— lii- indignation ;,t thii in
|| H'a III a,* ;|||,| ,*,,|,-|.|,*| ,| ||„|l | HI ll'll Al\-   wete   being   ent ra u bed   upon
ni,.i, I, ild nui dag ii Imli* oi l'i
own houae,
■INTO i i p i;u ill-is
Minio i'u|i -an,-, vii Veetmin.ter
- \ ,11**1*..; I rei ime, n eipl .
K."..'.ii|.wi. atlandas i 11,01111 ta. i.'.ki,,
■ nnd  game,  rnviptu, g3,i7fi.lA,  at
ti 'minii ■• 1,1111 I., T.iii1" ; total t ,|.i-
aii.l.iu .    h.oi.i   to   10,
,«»'.    N,ii   Ke, in i   ra.   Mol
i.lull I   I'ii-i    game,    i,   ipi    *
pml .lioinliiii t 11.''■"    a |  game,
total, receipt sl:.'»'.'. paid itteed
.■in.i' ::<:- M9,tiu,
|a llal       llll llll  III    i       |g   '   |J
lli,<   above II at
lotal t,..,|,i   i..,
In,  uilh  ill*  Vi   * ■
ii i.i   i.'.i..i  I.
mth   Monti* il,     I In*  h j *l,tl**,,*„ ,. ,-
, led loi  i
.i-i,,- ii i- rha
.  io tin. Iii. ihl
f..i  the Hi ii real
. I,.     In   no  event  'I*-   v-.      Ha
noti 1.*   I * I the II   A
ailaal    I      Ro. I' 'I    lllll   '*i* la    i*   * n.
sl.nKi ii    iheii     I I   ili*    M *
I'llll    .,1 l.-
'l la,* Sailonal     a ■   R,im
I iln* If.  \. nol I, -..* i. ti lm the
Ivto   Mint"   Pup   uml lirttr '--lii'
Warburnitz Piano House, Limited
Commencing al 8 p.m. on Monday, the VI oi October, a seties
ol weekly classc in
will he Ud m 443 Loud* Aie Teach* Mr. T. W. WARD
Chergei $2.50 in advance per tenion of 3 monthi.
1 ■ .\a-r- **l n.n-,'*, memberi nl rlinire ind othen «In* Imu* n..t hid lbi
"tiun ..i l'-ar it a..,* •■ilui,*.- of tin* lir-t essential in motdcsl knew.
leilgi • end  'i-i thi n rv thug ino.i
•    , -i-t tliem.
11,.- Bank ..( i nein m ,*  i*
l„ nt, li   ii   ~k a  ■■'.ii.   \l.,-l.i,
Mu l it,,I..ti-. At ,n I,.*   long   ua,■-
been   grown   seei   lei *.    I*       m
mrpiir irrvrsi/  ft i pr i  18.001  bn
NLW YUKR LArt     '    ' ^   '
ilflltn i.
LOW SEA, Proprietor
Pirn ' Iim McsIi
Comroutstion Tickets, ll meals
Rooms lul lia tit nl ;   * -i'l.iti   ult s
'inin in. ..I.■...ii*i ii'    .
K"ll,-       ll,       ||"l||-l.'tL',t       -l,,|'|>'l       III"
rarioadi ,,f pi
\ -li,-,-| li li,   l,-i        i
"It    llll'    I f    ill,     I),      I.     ft    a.  II a
di.tanie weel nl lymonton,
Semi-ready Tailoring
71,e Clothes of Distinction
The Rest cutting. The Best modclinj*. The
Best tailoring. In (act, the Just Right and the
ONLY Right Kind ol Clothes at the Right Price.
Sold in Vancouv'.i al the same price as in Montreal.
We have your Iall  suit ready (or you to try on.
Sales  Depot  for Semi-Ready  Tailoring
519 Granville olreet
Nr.l Door to Old Poal tllfic.
Buy at the
And Save Money
We [wsitivelv guaiantee all our groceries lo be the highest
in quality and lowest in price.
You may do wcil el .i-.viu u hut you will do better by buying
a larger loal ol Delta bread h'oni us.
Also by buying
at our parlor
carry a large supply of all kinds at the lowest prices.
Best J. i\ tVL Coffee, huh roasted and ground, 3 lbs. $1.00
also a guide at 25 cents.
Indian and Ct Ion [tt, Hbs. $1.00, also all standard giades.
lv sl Cieanieiv DUttef, 'i lbs. $1.00, also cheaper grade.
Fancy Apples.
ill UH (ron .'0c. up to JOc |it-i do/., guaranteed
imi touched I'-. l:"-t, and iwed and juicy,
large mortaeal al Ebbwi Caudiei importfd antl domestic
Irom 15c. i;. in JOc
\. w lml I ' | ''nlv, 40c and 5()c |x-r do/en.
Fiesh Biscuits, large ussortmont, 10c. to 23c. |ier pound.
I'lti i   Phiukv
•ix. '«i^,-f
CORNER, l')7xl M OPEN ROAD. $850.
175 rash, balance 6 and 12 months.
Owner must sell at once.
Tel. 87. Tel. 47.
CLAVERIE  St   ARCAND have jtut opened on First
Street, East, an Up-ttXUtt
whtn lhe public will be sure to fintl a good and Iresh assort-
„„iil aa| (,[,., nn* MM PrcnuiotW, ItuiIs and Vegetables in
i.t ,.ii.   i" Mr. Arcand was wilh  I.  1 ilion of Vancouver
(or thc List tight years.
1. O. O   K.
N<>ith   Vaiti a i.\,i    I oip,   Nn.   lift,
■ a,   I la ind ij . * nli g, turn
l.nn-ilnli' Aii'iiii,    iii'l   I  i  ■
•a ii', lord.   \ i Iling bnthm        I
iliviliil    I..   Ill   * I'll
0, | Ba tt.  |l* '.:'■' .  ..       *      ;   .1.   II.
PWm, I''-. l
I'AIM. k M.l
Money to Lend on Mortgages
Agreements of Sale Purchased
liinrt uu-i' quoUtioni from Ntw York Utook Bxebiogi ind
Cliieagu Board of Twdi.   All ordtnpromptly•iteuttd.
Branch Ollice: 4 Lonsdale
■CT AN assemblage ol these garments here that
*_ will intetesl every mother who seeks a new coat
of any desirable kind. The offering embraces models
in both the long and reefer styles in all the most popular cloths and shodings.     ::::::.:
Dainty little cream co.its in Cashmere, Serg;, Coat-
Silk, lii'ar Cloth, Cordsroy Whet ami Broadcloths
arc- shown in a gie it raum- ol pretty sti les for ajjes l
to 4 years.
Smart Reefers in Navy, Rod, Blink and White
Shepherd Check ami tun in attractive coaling mat-
t-ri;ils litre in a {real vanity lol all SgH from i to 16
Cbildrem' ami Mines' long costs in Cheviots, Si-r
fat, I'lui-ils, (mil'mv Vilv.*ts, Cirocsl, Flannels,
lllankt-t Clothes antl Biosdclothl are ollered in tiimi-
srous itylei ind colors (or all igt i
Handsome novelty m.i Is lor sm nl kh ilil ten are shown
in line qmllity -ilk ami ciibiueri in cream and oiln-r
pastel sh^iU s,
Gordon Drysdale, Limited
575 Granville Street. Phone 3541
Yeiterday and Today in the Haunts of the Poets Among
the English Lakes—By David McFall.
Ila.* ,* iiitii'len ureoritfiiiil, iwittni   mi  tin*   pound   llml   th«>y (U
nrriiiti uml l>y rt|H-ii»l imsgnnnt its ooatrlbstid fn.iit th,. oslkmlo
the  Kx|irem<  wil limit   [ii-.-vi.ius loreitjii |illblli iitiim.
llll'   ■ lla„,l   HI*,*   |||-   initiill-.   ,   Ulul   In
liinisi-lf ,n* l,\   .1,1110 iinliin    (nt-    Iiiiii.
I-1if "i.'i   :i ii'lltlliy  MMtadiSg   Inlllll-
I    Imi.' DOCltpiad liis ,,l,l MSt, ll.lll :i
mrlu-ry   I'.v    Wiml-iintlli   un.l   htewit iii-|.| liy   tin*  lun	
Iriend  'Tktlilngtir  Nurtli."  '""' '"* "ll1 hnua bsl not, imrorw
"iiil'li,   iiitlt tin' sunn- I'lh'il.
'llu- isunadiati lurroundingi ol llu*
kiln-mi, though imi s.i ptctttrafcai ■
.iimi' ul tin. i,tit,.!* |i..iii..ti.   ,,|  tin,,* lii-in,i, Kan ii |a..,,ilnn in.*,
•-t   in   llml    iln*i, uml  tin,   loin
Hllll*.   llllll   I'lla li,si*i|    |iis   nulla av.       t|.*-,,
MN Ilia   fl'lll   -alu,.,|.       |*'u|*  iiiiii   nail
iit tii- in,i-t   imprawionbbla  .<*...■   I i-
Siitiniliiy   nml    linliiliii    ,*\|a| iral inu
lllii'la*   lain   iiiiiiiii ||   iiiiii   ,*i,.*^     ii i   I
iii Ink,' mul iiaiiiinimn eeetaty,      Ii.n'
till   pllll-l*   aaf   ll.*,lllll     ,--,.|j.,',|    1,1,1,   |*   >
|inri'tit   fiinii   tli,,  MMdJvi  tllui . n.
• In-
Teacher of
Artistic Pianoforte
North Vancouver,   Saturdays
Studio Address, 939 Davie St.
Phone R.5732.
In tlti'se taapttt llie iiii|in*--iii!i run
v,'veil liy Tin '-  a utivria wus i*niplln
si/i'il   In* n   tniiiiili'   utmli-i-   nf   Ink
hy   hin
Id'li'i iini! 1" ti ptWlionkf vii'iv of Wis
al,'lini'l,* mul  its snrriiuiiiliiiL'-.  Indnd
lag Siufi'll in the ili»iuii,*!*,   Ckriato-
plii't-   \nrth   ntft I    "ll pUMStl   llif
glSSlSatt   llilltll   III   WIltlT   llllll   till'   tll,l-t
iiiiiltniliri'tit Iini ku'iMitnil nl nintiiitiiiiis
it the wurld." This ininliisinn win
tin- result "f n i''>iri|>mi-on with tlie
1 i i a. - - f known iiia.iiniiiiii nnd Inki* luml
MafSSa Tlie M*,*tu. lie s|iuk,. ,,l ihtiit*.
thc WUm, mid ihl mi li.l n'fu-i'i to bi>-
lii've thnt tin- lieiyltts mul ili-t.ti* *
me mil vastly greater tlnm they real
ly are.
Ill „l| thos,, who have thrown alil-,'" n,u""' *•< ■■*''•'>»•■'••''• <"■'"
i-tiuy eUtma over iliin hind   of   the   !'"''n1*-
—abm \Uee, fssdsworti li iii.hit    IS|" "' "">' mtmtu   Is   » ti
He kneii  nnil loved every font ol it,   "'"'i1'- f""t*i"l'* tl StlS nui-'.   )>■
from Us il.e|i,-t rnvine to Its high- j »« imUUm, In ihis lillle li.tian li»
est peak. A tinle-s milker, his tall, "I"'"1 *«) ""•' >""" "I hi" smvonUal
spare    figure,    his   heavy    hobnailed
ck, navy and brown Underskirts, in moreen,
bloom and satteen, $1.25 each and up.
Ladies Morning Waists, dark colors, in cashmerette, wiap-
perttte, etc., $1.25, $1.35, $1.45 and $1.50.
Ladies Warm Wrappers, stripes and dots, $1.25 and up.
Ki-iili  Bl * a*,   I
N* nh Vint ouver
boots anil eommon rloth nip Ml n-
fnniihiir to the dwellers in the mountains a> were the trees and broo ;s
an,nnd them. De Quituey, adei
an ingenious ealiiilation, deelared
that   Wordsworth   hnd   walkil
I nu
life.   Bering that parted In
lour    eottages    at     mkwa
—"Ttiwn-nd",   "Alli.n   Bank",   lur   ti I
fen ma,mii- tin Psraosafe, isd I nlv I
"Ulilall   Mullllt".
"T.aii I..'inl".   ttaiiv   kn twB   Rl "ll ii
C.,tliiL;a*",  lias  U'l'n  piila It i ;.*d  l.y  th
Vancouver Business Directory
W. T. vSTKlN & CO.
,114 l'endi-r street, Vancouver
North Vancouver
413 Granville Street
kallethe's Bath
Corner Ilonn-r tti Pender Sts
The only vi]i-t<i-ilate and reliable bath house in Hritish Columbia.
We line   when-   others    fail.
Satisfaction   uu.irattUetl   or BO
pay. Plain baths, electric bath
shower baths, massage for body, scalp alld face ; electro Uur
aptotic baths I specially.
10S. KAI.I.ETHE, l'ROl' ,
GradiiiUe of talis. Ciiriiian.
l' link   loifa to hnfl wavy hair
lt is now within the >Mck 0I   every
"ne. tot earn yean i-m hairkssbM
IH'lliliiiieutly   llllieil,  Illlt   lhe  ptOOMal It
liinl to ttndmo una to een fat 11
to lie ii|i|ilieil to hnir on th.- henil,
lint noiv -a ien* e lui- ili-n.iered n method by whi.h the hun * | le wttat
without Injury to hair or s.iilp. Th,*
wine will mil wn.h out nml iltinip
Weather will imi ntle. t it. 'I In. pro
BM leiivi- the Iiiiii -.i-'i ainl uaiy. It
liu- Ire*..ine the *S|I in I'ini-, I.nn
doll llllll illl the hiii;,* iiti,-- ,,f the
Mut,*-. S|... iiii rule- f.u one tnuiitlt.
Any inloritiiition ngaldisg tip work
will lie gladly givas la .my l.uheswho
will enii or write in
T-.':l  I'.niler Strirt.
9)0,0110    milei    around    Wijd'rin-rr,   of   lhi*   |io,*t   and I SI bSM
OrsN-SN and the tUttkttl I reitloivil   us  neuiiy   M pofalbla to lu
The poet's mnnnerisins, his roituh ! early n|i|i.'iiriiine. It Is OCCapM II
attire, his iinenmmon inertly in utriil S Wordsworth museum, und is ofSS 1"
iiti; met* the mountain paths, nnd his ibe publii' Ireely.
uiirnmmnit ItftSM in lyin*.' hi th. Atlrn.i,,! Islgskjl b) In- |K*r-onaliiy,
hour under n tree looking tit a lav- j a. well as by lhe bssntf ot the a-nitn
"Uiite pros|H'it over Hydal Water or try. I .iiierie of tin- lii-t miters In
'nii-ii'iTe, his strange mullet lints nml hjjisi ttwd and worked in th,
HHaMsfS, nnd his emphuti,* shnk^B'.' Inke Hi-triet during Wonlsiinrih'-
of the head as a line or image that : min lifetime. t.,!,,ial.a. lie tjuiiic*
enme to him was approved or rejeet* i ey, Arnold of Itu^'i y, bil p et -i 11
e<i, catisetl some ol the honest eoun Mm tli. w \rn..|.l, ami Ilirriat Maris
trynien to doubt his sanity. Hut of : enn were tin- i hief tfun m tin- di-
all the I'.nulish poets W'ordnworth's I liiiijiiishi'il li-l. I'.m h i*,,iitriliiite.| t..
lile was the most even, the most sane Kut'li-h liternture works whieh
nntl the most happy, liil rontnet • not die. At no other one plan, in tie
with the living world outside of his : world hu- so muih la-l nj liter ilii'-,*
own land ol hike and mountain wa-. b**cn pin.luied by -n mnny psopb St
.ui.ini'ly   slinht.     Hii   daily    inter    onetime.
Groceries and Provisions
Whiilisali' and Retail
116 Hastiii-js St. (downstairs)
Delivery Twtdufi and Fridtrs
eouise wa. with the rock, and |n*uk-
the Inkes and tnrns, the potn and
(orest .ide.. And he interpreti-al them
as they had never been interpreted ba'
lore. Their mnjeslii- slreltnth. 1, p.-.*,
nml -elf-umeinuni'ss im-nme the veil
lihre ol hi< verse, "The huiv, -t ol n
iptiet eye."
So innity relies ol Wonl-wniih   111:11
still ba' Mi in the Ink,* l)is:ri*t  that
it   is   often   referred   to   ns    Words
worth's country.    Anv intelligent in
tll other |s*r-,,n- di-i nun -!, I in let
ters who w.te ItUSdtsd to lhe 'i.l
tint by 11- lii'iiiity iiiiiI
were many whose Inlitlinnrl s -t I .,
mnin. At OnHSMN "Nnb t'ottag
iinin,sliitteli f.u in*.' (In- turn inal Ic
twi.'n ihnt vilhi(-e nnd  Itylu1   IV t 1,
-lutld-   11-   11   lll.-llla-lllal   nf   11   -II.*..-- a nal
iiik-.-li.    'lhe Inn... low ...ti i:>. - b
statiliiil but plum in the VlCgl ti l|
line--,  wu- fnr  -mu,*  time j..,m 1   ...
Business Institute
.116 Hastings St. W,
Canada'a Qreatait Waitern School
R. J. Sprott, B.A., - -Manager
ftu»ine»» College
6,U Seymour st., Vancouver
Day sihool open all   the   year
round.   N'i^'ht school comnuiK-
is St-pteiiihcr Sth.
MTiiai. 1:1 mm mm
Sij;ii and I'riee Markers
m HaiiTii'ld Hid.      Fonc R.U72
habitant of lhe enitnlry nhout , 111>i.-.I In
itieii. and IVind,-imere nin poinl SSI Colnidgl,
the paths and Mttl that Hill mark
his favorite walks. I.oughrigg Ter
ran, a deliithtlul nutmnl hank tnnte
dnitely oieilnokini! IiiiiiiI Water MS
liriisnieiT, was lhe mie nia'-t fii'*|iii ni*
ly alinsell. und for the toil'i-t w I*,
-,*>*k-   iiispitiiti..n   by walking   in tlie
pOSt'l  |,„il-le|'-   i-   the lll"-l   eu  ill   I
The best spot, however, from 'ihi'l.
Yorkshire tarntff &
Sit-iiriOs riiriitiiMliuii Ltd
440 Seymour Street
R. Kerr Houljate - - - Manager
All Norlh Vaneouver people eat «t
Canadian Detective Bureau :—
Ollices everywhere
Viim-i'iiier Offlie:    ■ I'Tnpire lihu-k,    Bitlut   Flack Block qr Hast
i.nn llii-iimr- -t "■■*-•. Ph«MtM|l|||g   strtet,   opposite the   tic»
W. ff, WELSH Pott Oflice,    Leonard sells  his
General Superintendent tea by the pound.
BURRARD SiSH & DOOR FACTORY, foot of St. George
We .lain h it Innl lml 011 your tinier, mnnll or lut*.-'-
Iai ph I telieiiil vi,m nl the wh,ile
distriit in whili H'uil-W'iitli ■**-*■!
the t'feliter putt of liis life i* on lh'*
niiiin rond fiom KlMrfak, At '""'
|minl-al Dunmiiil liaise, where 11
|fW| heiip ol .lone. Mltl the iW
l,,| p| ne    nl   the    I.i-t   nl   lhe    lulnlvl
Iiiii.I Iiini;-- the fond remhes nn alil
lllile    nf   ll.lll lv    light     huiullisl      I.e'.
Here it beKins n inpiil but ensi 'le
-ainl. nn.l Sl a bend „ hull mile fat
I hef  ..11   the   whnle  of   the   nil.  Ill 1.1
in, 11 inn -t- into view, tl,r,s* nn|.*s
nwnv. ninl  -iv liuniln-il Iih t Ih-Iow .
The   -.em*   1-   ..11.    "I   'he   lovelie-t   -
II buiii ol hivelin.iis. The gnen ol llu
Vnle ..I i.iai-ineie. lei ule beyond all
tl ther inlley.  in  the   OstsM Sad
,„    \t..Illii.lelllllil   IH. .Illlt lllll- .   ll-    lllle'l
-ilieil |s'ulis tlmt ah,-ily ni niiipn*-
11 imiiiil ubniit. The lireiit Huhl. I)
.Inl I'ell, Ilemn I'ik", l.m,I I'mi:, Sii
ver How, I.ntiKilnle Pikes nnd III" In
stnnd nut from the ti'mti tttp ihr
lent!ues them tSfstfair. (Iwinif I"
their nsSIBSH, they ,,'1- IMS 111*
higher ivnlis In-hind them, ntel ll"H
elearly Ummti aotitour i» the I*"1"
ihiry beyoni! whieh nothintf antl be
seen. It is n. ihout-h the blfcsM«
luul inttie to the eml ol the wnlM
He ninhl thnt it weie -". H Id
tUng   beuuiil   thnl   Imiii'i  H   ■*'
mine Inir.
The imlividunl relies of \V.,i.Uw..i■ 1,
aia rteri'il nil over the I .iW Dm
Iri.t. In th,* mnin -Inet nt CflSHI
mouth the houw in whiah he S 1 BsTS
nn old Tudor mnnsion, i- -'ill I '""
•piiiioit. objeit. alt Bswk"ssa,
iniilwny l»*tiiis*n ffUMSSM " ' ' ""
iston-nml the i|iu*er.-t llttll 'i11*1*'
in the world, n hot,h |m'.|i ol BSrta,
narrow turiiinL'-. gsW*, "'I n.''1-*
ii  huihler's  ilelirnim   mm     tilllr *'T"
lhe  "1,1 fllSSMII   S.hna.l  nt   iihli    he
r |ll*'l    111-   .all lv     tiW n'i"" '     ''"
hH*[l****|   he   ii" ll| 'la a I.       Ill   I   '     I     '"
De yu 1 *,, j 11 al lliirllei
Hi le Hi. l'u 11 ev pi ititla'al
t\n<l UMStStl -nme of hi- m,,-t luii
AMI wnii. \\ I.ili. |,,.,i lliinley (nler
id-.T, n pntbeii, emli,,,|iniiiit ,,f "im
pnlelll    1,-,,li,."    -nil ml    hit
lul niinii tn he efawtti out bj IniMS
p-atiam,      "The   Knoll"   ill   Aliibl.-i'l,
wns    lm   snme   yenr-    the   ra
nf 11 .-in ia-1  Mniiii.eiiu, who-,* iion wil
itiul briir.nnt  mind ttmre thin  SIS I
for   the   ini|.sliiii,iii-   ..f nn iie iifnb',
ah'.ilm*-- nnil .ilui,,-t i*,.|tsl;iltt illn.s,
\t lliin-ti'll, nenr W'noil, n mil
.li-i.ini  Inun   linlilesiil.*. "II    Kid
tm foi u -imit |.*i*'mii tin- bom 0
Mrs.   Ilein.ns,   mnl   ut K-iii'K    Hnll
Iilllle   Uved   ntial   imrkeil.
The   -.11-itiviiii I  li'i"ii'v     men
ll.s*.   llnl   nftetl   to Imi'   ni   II   l,i
lellow-hip   In   lhe   plli-uit   nf   ihi'ir -nil
tli-    1 full.       Ill    lllis    le-|»s I   the  llitll
It.'pulili*   ,,(  l.eiteis  in the I,ile   Ilia
tfi' I Wil- nil I'MVpIlnn lO 'he tide
I'll ulliil     lel.itinti*'     eli-lii.t:     Is*
iw,..!.    Wiu'l-wnith,   Colaridfi    ami
>ii.|thi*v  nil. well  known  nii'l    he    en
m- ,,l ,-n, h .hin,-. thr,,111th lie- worko
It iale.
|l|-'lll.'i||-hi,l   Jill*  t-   Wele    I I   Ml ll)
iiii*!,* wel,nine tii the brnthetionil if
On nne oin-inn V,., I,
worth, Snillhi-v. BaWtt, 1 ii* ".* 1
I'rof. Wilson ("Chri-toplnr North"i
wet,* .-iii. 1111 in. il nt Item Pari, at
ih,. Ume "t WindaWaMn, bj  >  >u
roll   of  I.-t til -      I   I 1th   temple
end ol n iuii-,n,'iy now mirl-- ih*
.pot, one ol the nia. 1 I •* nn f ll
illmind  tViiiilellnele.      At   h -   h  *
OlSts   Hull,    Ki-.wie| .
ul the   I ml I
Ing   o|"Tii'i,,tK   iniiiii-'lii' * I)   1 oui ii
etltellllillisl     with     illal      '
pitulitv  eieiintie  whn  luiel    lell'*'-*
All new houses shoui! In IT
ril lor pas in order to s^1 ""
heavy expenditure for thii ""
venieme at n la'.-i tlstl
N. V. LIGHT, Hl'.Al »
l'OWl'K CO., UMI
li SH llllll s
ipi uf tpiality
Llodern methods ol construction combining
Artistic dt-corsiivt Itsturei with lo*s cost
P' lull in 1 ".
That inali-- 1
In llie bouse lhat im- build.
W ill iu| is iiiuilU'd.    Our plans
Vltotv iviri thin*-m-a 1 lor the completion
(\l tlm itore reiidence, etc., that m build.
Waiiu* ill thi- otijectioosbls extras, and
people  lur  niinii  we 1
show tin-it ippreciitaon
i*iu   built in North  \ am nm er
t>v iilvising iln- intsndiaf home
to come and hm us.    Don't accept the statement ol another that tin v can give you the same results, il you
want thf bssl consult
Homo Block, Lonsdale Avj.       Phone 173      P. 0. Box 72
t'ome to lis fur tin- money isd repay il
tti Sllll   Vlllll'M'lf
121 Lonsdale Avenue
nil Mil & IIIM IR, Proprietors
Try onr XXX brown Bread, Daily dslivtr) t"all parti of city
PI ni.f I antl 54
Stores: 71 Lonsdale Aie. Cor. Lonsdale & Ath St.
For  onion
Iiest quality.
d potato  sells  also  flower   seeds   o(
Cor. St. Georjc's 4 8th Street
Nm;iii \' ini ouvia, II C
have   every   a—inain*.    ol   lhe    hearty
rapport nf ih-- ,-i11ii.- Iiaaili ail ratcpaj
,*r- in nil effort, ilmi nmi I"* MMI
-my in lollowing nul nn energetic pol-
i.y lo ihi- eiel.
The lime would -'''-in lu have urrii
,*a| at niii, I, the location uf ships inward ut- outward bound, whidi stay
anchor fur  th.*  tiun*  being ol!   the
North   si,,,,,*   -I I.I   In*   gins    at
ii'in ion   In   iln* Board uf Trade   ot
-ume other laa, ,1 l*.**li.   In -ei.rail in
-tana.'- nf lain* -Iii|'- hi'.* h'l   '-" ""'"
,i>. -hi a* "it- |,.*r lini'.iMi'li in-, rlion    an ■■Inn-    in  I |ia,-iii"ii   \\ Iii'ii allow.
, i   Ai,in,ii-nn\is     Kates   ar-    |L,        rf,    , ,,.,,.,;„   .,,..„„.  ,,|   ,|,,,
.* I according In ipace taken,
inl** i*.  -uiii^   round lo  ■ i t ai
*   ' "',:,-,in-ill.,, I a.lverns,* llll      ^   ^ , ,.„,. M
tun.I I., in the hau.I-. I the prin-er by
i * *in*-al.i, a*n* ntui'iiMire pulilii'tiiioii   ni.*- ..I interfering with the landing o
the lerry  boata.    In  broad daylighl
ll 111 S  aal*  *l  ll-l ItPliOl ■■
line yeai |1.00
*IX   IliaalllllS      - - - .50
llir.*.* tnolltlll      - • .'ifi
U.iiini siaile- ttnd I ureitfii,H..">il|ierycar
l',,i\sii:\i hisi'i.iv \mi laiisfiiKNTs—
i.i * .-nl- |i.*r un*li melt in-ertiiiii.
I I Num Ks, Kn* - II on per ineli per
I.asn imi Tini'i'ii Ni'i'HKs—llll days, fft;
on dayi, I7.8U.
I a,,ii \,...-, i;i!-i\,, l:r-t Iniertlon, 111
, .-nts per lm. , eaeli lubsetjawl mser-
ti flic per line.
.  .    N'alM.    IN     I...I  11      NKlVS   COI
Expert on Fireplaces and al
classes of Brickwork
Ml Work fluaranteed
Corner Filteenth St, and Malion Ave
and on a inlin .hu ii li aalni.iii- that
lli,*-v   do   li"l   *l|'pl> .    I>SI
NlTltTM     V.lS,ai,*l,K.Nll*l.   j...    Htlil     """ii -   !"'"   '""    l,ltt:^   "'   ,l'i-   "
_ tine ami hia-iini'h ai there lino lack
aai       a*!    1 1.    tlll'IV    ll,..'-    [IOI      l|l|„'.ir    lu
I., aiii j iod le whi -I'ip mattiai
ihould di-play a landency in en.rna.h
upon the .lir.-et  highway nl travel li,*
tlleeil   tile   lllll   lilies.
IWI S  l\  II. I
ipproving the pnipo.iiinn ol th
111   ,'ultneil   to  pur la a <    all''   llaimtnel
-lev   interests   in   he lane allowance
in   I).  I..  974,   ihl        ■ nn;    a,f ratapai
ei-   iiii Tin'-al a    evening t-leared   Ilv The aim- and object, nl lhe Provin
ai n lor the a.*aiii|ali-hm*iit ill a pur dai Poultrj  Aaaodation, a* publiahed
I*  wIii.ii i- imperative tn the inter* in   tin*   Expraaa   of Tueadayi   ihould
,*-t- a.f ail  rned and >>f lhe cily prove ol Intend to many loeal pad
it large, denti who take an Inlenet Ln poallr-
The itralghteninn nnl a.f the  entire beeping.  A few dayi previoai t"  the
nutter will poi.ibl; prove i."lion-and rtesptlon   of the Information  relerred
will    iniuKe    muir    or    h-s    nl to   fii.m   the department,   a   Htiaen
trouble. I,*tail.   but perteverance wbo had beet  rannected  with a moal
will without dintlii carry the   under-   -uccemttil Poultrj  A iation in  one
laikiiiL' i" -aiaae-.iail   ... iininiaiioii iii of ihe iniui- iii the Interior, ...
the diatinct advanln ■ nl lhe citj lor cailon lo diartua   wnh Ihe editoi- tin*
all iinie. na,  iiuiiii,*. ui fnitiiiii.. a ilmilar m
Investigation al   !**-.* range hai de-   nriation an  Sorth Vai iver,   Ihen
reloped the (acl that the ownerahipol nre, doubtlem mnny bird lancieo   In
il  lane aUowann   i> in i a..nil.; iha .in  and di-ni*' who wonld   I,
lllile    tnllL'le.        A   portion   of   lll'l"    i- plea-'d   t"    as.n, i lli*   |h lll-elle-    with
still ..wiled liy ih.* original vendor uf -n.h  nn organisation were ■   nave
H.  1. 174, although iperiflc Inlorma mem set „ti f,,"i to form one.    Nm
tion a- t,, the exact parcel* -nil   ao ,,niv would ihe railing nf poultrj' in
untied  Iia-  imt i.i   beta    iiiiintteil, ., lyitNaMtii   wav and according   ti.
iiih.i- i imi- ar.- owned lay the   re ientlRi  methndi prove   l   warn  o!
■ptctive  uuilei-  nf   tl...  luts  nliititiii. pleaiUre and i.f pn,fit   lu   thus,,   nh
..n thf lam.* allowance, len leel nf ihe participated l.ut it srutdd Hkes
twentj   i*ani  lane Ihii.' *.un**d by  ll ,   per)   Ifteal   itii|«*iii-  In  the    annual
OWnet* ho  f.e in.' ..tie way  nnd poultry  -Imu   in-iitnied  liy  lln-   llnr
th.- othet lea leel bj 'I wneroltlv tlcullural fori***)  ihi- year srhBe the
I."    fa* in*.-    in   tl pp.,-ile direction. -Iimi   would   in   turn   i't'eally    etiauni
In     Othet     ii.     ai   • ■  .     n'i.*     •!*<    I'H- aL*e   the   null   nf   the   p.nlltlT   ,
hai.   been  wld   md  re-.,1.1.  the   eon ||on,     The   ElpNM   -mulil   In* |*la*i
uf tl nli                 on   ..f rd   lo give   publicity tu am
ih,* lane hi- l.s.n DVerlookid •" ihal   ti   whidi any   who ate latereeled
inhn might .I,.,!,, t,, mat,, ilmg lhi- line,
dual  mile  nl-l   llul   lillle -Hip nl lan.* 	
'I1""""" -" '"" b          fret, In Ihe S—  ,*,,,  ,|ir ,[„„i,-utu „(
"f   the   I ,,lilinlil i   aitmel   ill'     i-
-.•Iil.-l.   it  i- ta, br hopsd thai   the
.an,111111,111     will     plu.ied    uilli     '*    I*
ipedition iu make ihe nniver in  il
heart   nf  a   - It)   blot I.   in   i'l   "lll'l   in
a,WII.  I  -     aaf     ll,l-     1"'       f '    l|||
i    i, i\   ..wn-   the  .111il-   tn."li   f.-i.t
I  ,1.        ill*all   III,*     11 *.
I    l|1'llllll        Ill   ITII- till-       lllll"    I       >■> ll
ad *l„  owner ol the lol lacing   Ihe     h-  ,„  „,,,,- ,-,,,,    i>.,,,i. 1,t,.      *,,,, _\
"'her «a whatever tn    ,„„ „ ,, |i|im |Ul.ll,, m ,*„.    ,„,,
 ii"ti i,f nnh an Inititution and iha
llllia* I 'l*i alllla*.- ||,,i n.n (it* dis
llllll when a in,lile mii n ul ,,ln* alios
ul -ll'l lun will .el,nn lhe newli
lli Ird -in -nu, nu*,. nl-l h uill In
I *   ilil..-   ',,  ih,* prol ii md I,,
.   I        |,al/|||,,l,.   Ill", ||     III   I*.
lllllllll'*   wilh   lhe   lllllll•! l|l] . It      III
in.*   am.  *. I dnl ili.u
,n I,,* done in   la,* letapnrary abnem*
nl buildingi.     lh,*
• ui*,*. 'lh,* tl
• l,.. rightful ownenhlp to Ihem in mi
lane   fi .i.ii„*i i  .    iil*il*    * nl   a   * *
ta-l, mil " ible   a-
111..Ut"       Ul'      'illla'.
I |„.      * a,      |,|...      I,,,1,1      l|,e    "II
1, em,.* . ■   ,,.!ii.\iln ttell :ti,s  Iiii     will
'   ' I,'
I, .If   nf   lie    !      i"  i      in   ll    I      tU
Kiel    ll ' ■ '■'■ "
I, III  ,111-      I,a     >'.    ll      With     lllllll I'lllll     aaWII
Elder Murray Co.
Cheap full size 50-ft. lots
in the city, facing south,
for $400.00.    Easy terms
Phone 37, Sorlh Vancouver phone 34M, V'ani»u-rar
inli,*,. ilaain- ti a.m, lu SJO p.m.        Open Kienint- by Appolalmenl
\fter ulli,,. hovri, |iiiiine  UU
Nelson Manfg Co.
N. \ A i mu n   tu '- .M hi.
N. NELSON ProurieUr
S I (J■ N
Keith Block      1st Street W.
The North
H«ve now ■ good
stock of
si dim;
nt Bottom Price*.
Prompt Delivery.
Esplanade, East
John Swanson
Stone Foundations
Chimney Building
Hotel North Vancouver
66 Lonsdale Avenue
tHaMnaaw.rna   tmtmWt
Nova Scoli* Firf
Sun Fire ' Frisian !)
Dominion of CtMM Guarantee
Plate Glaaa   Royal
Rriliih F.mrirt' Live Stock
Telephone 53
Wrbt.ra Ciu.ra
I     .'.     II   CIll.lFllC.
tntif,*, li„i,,*,i
r'tuit   Prodm.
" Buiy Butireii People"
On Keith Road, ii- nr Tram Lint
ami School and Watei Si rvit ■
Five clioin lots lor fftti aaaaa
midaao oa oor.   Puii^fafaUU
oni-lmiiili caahi lul i" in ' -.'
m immm
mm »»„
Lonidllf  A'in tie,
nt l-'.in  Landing
F09 )li:iI(lllVIS
IV,. ul.,, Imu,ll,. ih.. |nllu-rlii| in
B 4 K Chirk K.--I.
II. k  K. Cllia'kl'tt t'l>..|.
Htritta' )'■■■ i
Mjrir'i r*.iiitn S|
I—a'* Kilter
Wheal In t«/i petim
S'il'1 ilt HIM' .|ltlllil  '
I'ln- Bt M atM iiiit  -|ar,n*
nil tin' lli,III"!,
•\LL K'Nds OF
NORTH LONSDALE   '.- btoch irom Lontdali Ave. in I * »
lut,,     I) (eet x tji (ret |6oo, fioo caih, bal 5;ll-l8 monthi
QUEENSBURY HEIGHTS   nil 1140(1., all cleared, one
block iinin cit line $6j 18 montbtv
i'i, icrt in Citj Limit*,   No ravinea, good (01 lubdiviiion,
Price fil 18 monthi.
Sortl   Yltliriallivr l:   a    I ll Iti
r'iii.uu'ini ,111*1 ] ii -iir.ii I*, llniknri IS Lm    lie Ave.—Phone TO
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
FOR SALE -Choice Reiidential
Loti, cloie to car line, Lynn
Valley ; $75 caih, balance
$20 per month.
;i'llnM P. 0, l'.(>\ 1 1
Philip, Cameron & Co. ur., Aff n.
nLLlUii   ;;
117 Fir-.t Street Eaat.
. ii.i tit in ,'i.' in . ii ii.ii ii
"'-       hM        III'' 1      * l|        "'      'I'"     "'I'"      I""' ,,|       ,:1,,        |„ ,|„,       ,,;„„,„..       ,.|       ,       ,|,„|,*,,
ill.*    I...a,I'l ,,'llal    I I. li' llll.l.      lln'
, III,, t     lllll
duubtl "! ,l"'"
*       ta,      |l„.     I illll I*.. .,(   K.11...   ninl.   othei    ■■■■'ll " "I
I-    i||v .lllllll     lllll      111      1
■i'inli** *  :
m.n    l«*   M'* ■
ninii- i.ii  111 mn   ■ iW ul
,.     111    ai ,, I
prolonfinti the utvla-Tiakini lot   ma*
Ingtfa ol tim,
I    1       i.inii raaalliil Iroai   il»'
din..       * i*i..|a|,*tn nt   ■
*lll|l|.**      *'
, a  nhl Ii 11 par* Iri
hut thi-M Wtl   I ■ 1 "'I'I
*   '
„|,*H*       »|||    l„     :,     a   'll       ll'
I    It il I.
llll    |i|ii|h*|"i     a,ll'.*
I I,.*     Iltl m. ' '      I   tk
*.,n|ii   iiimi. »i<i I
wort   *'    .il" -■ i"t*'*ii"*i  n |ar.if.*-
 ll.l    Iw     |,|*„.a,|*i|      «illl     llllll
ulliil    al. .Ill >l 1. -1    '
,        Ulll    llllllll     I.llll'l     I..    (..Ml   '.
■till*.!       llial        ala-j I .*.*-
Mf  ,,(   tin. una-
1     mn   rate    in    rwrtaln
I*       J    p ill. a
I illl.     Hi    ill,*    Hit* .**
il.Hllal       lint       "till
11  iiitli tl.'   tppro' il n( ili.- .tii"*"
,'lv   i.-i-t   in
Itiiti-lt   t'..Iiimlii 1    lui
riitliiful    I'll*    iiiiniiL'-t     lh"'  |"*
*,i       llaa      ll *       lit    .        ,m|"*|-|'H
Ktl     U '   Rl *ll'*     allU'll
L'lIlL'   lO   I *,.'**       ll,,"-   .
1    ' * ' *   ■ .     I. . 1*      nt      llll-"'
Ill'll ll ,,
BOI! rl  I'l,*       II,  I       ll'l'       *|,„    ,1*
|.a ,|       ||,|     Jlill
Im    k..
lh, Ki
1 Vaibf} ll''1'    '■■-
.*.,*     *,,,,    txpm
ll*                                   H|     Of        llll al         I   a    I    a*.
II,.,,,,,*  1
'"   I    ' 'I'"-*' ..I    I,,     • ,     ,„.,vin.*
I ,11  1 nl      Hi.   .ili    '"'" il
Prunes    Prunes
70c a crate
Pears, $1 to $1.75
per box
Apples from $1.00
ptr box upwards.
Hickman & Hood
i i
Mi-at I'' pt, i   |**Gi
Cor. lonMliilo *>r\ ,\ sth St.
I'n,I, r Nl 'i  M rn i • nl
I'ln' . lit.i|*,-l ar  : b -'
(a.r rill l,iii.|. nl [mil rn.'!
|»itillrv. i'i;*.'*.. i. ;• I ai'l. ■ .nnl fruit.
JOHN   »Irl UN
ni I IRS1 STRI i r. Wl
Hot Points
For the Man
Lia   n'|   II    I  ll,Hill'    la'    I'l'  IM    llll
/V,|i r .it ii i  iii" " 110 I
•T*. it .It*,*, tn ii, lia • [oi ukinn
pi< nun .tml ' Bmforl
ing day.
Quit   inin mi   ip nl' t
It, ,| [ot twn \< .uv
Inn -t now, ii will pleaie In 1
^. it,  i ii.iii and <'oi
"j" *   a    |a,aU   UK)   I"'   ' 'IHIIIH I'll
B. C. Electric Railway Company, Ltd.
SO I i.ii*(l.ili- .Wnup.
;;    | j Loi to Ljrao Valley cariine, high end dry.   Prica Ull each, auy termi,     ..
;;    ,i,* ,:,.u. Ikmwitii i->ili Sti., cleared $600 nth, % cash, bd. 6-im8 mMi    J
One lot on First St., second blk East of Lonsdale,
Price $4500, third cash, balance 6 and 12 months.
, tt. .hi mihSi , clean I I Pi ' $700,  | ■ '■'■ ball monthi
'•    Sui'aial Strevt, (olietin Ncond block aaal ol Looadale,   Prict $5250, Utms
North VanC()(|Vlr?r   •    ' '■'' B.dLonadalaljo«aowlaw   li ■ $10,000. ]',
We supply STOVEWO0B nn
length reqtiir"].
16 inch Im^lli. 19.If pn load
Cordwood, S3.00 po cord
( uh
lluni'  160 |
!!    Nortii Vancouver Oflice: 14 LONSDALE AVE. IfH imU Ollice: END OF CARLINE
Authorizcl Capital, $2,000,000 • •'• D- CRAWFORD, Local Mgr    J
rt-M II H-H-H-M-M-H-lH-l-H-H H-H-l I 11*IMHII*Mltlllllll+t* Mllllllllll THE EXPRESS, NORTII VANCOUVER, B. C,
Intelligent Citizenship Demands
Polling on By-Law
No. 130
will take place on
Saturday, October 1st,
Will  You Be There?
That every property owner in the city of North Vancouver inform himself or herself on the latest and most
scientific methods of disposing of the city's sewerage.
fl Pot laieguardinf tin- health ol the community GLAZED CEMENT SEWEi PIPEai
jl ii is litadi' right here In Vancouver by tht Dominion Glued Cement Pipe Co Ltd, under patanti .anted only laat December, is thi nli material north} oi conaideration.
fl t* 111il mir iii-\v process oi making cement pipe waa Introduced Into British Colombia,
a tin' liiiis nl tlif provinci aren forced u> build their uwen oi claj pipe, which deter-
inr,tits with aga. Concrete made by oar pfoceaa growi stronger ever) daj nntil 11 is
denser altnoat than uuk Itaelf,
fl One of thc aecreta oi thc itreugtk oi mir nine Ilea in tha wonderful machine controlled
j by our patenti which tamps the materia] harder andlaater than ten nun conld do it
by hand. Every blow la delivered with just the sann* amount of force. One i f theae machine! can turn out hundreda of perfect pipe In a day,
|T Another tecret is lhe Hearing oi thc proper material! and mixing them just exactly
tI rtgkt Wc have an unlimited repply oi thc ln-st '.mut-*, aaad and cement that can
bc bought, This is -aggregated at our own plain and mixed by experta. Nothing i*. Left
to chance, Everything ia waighed, meaaand, waahed and mixed with exquiaite care.
.Tust (or example thk temperature and atmoapherit condition! ari- found to make one
dav's raqnlremanta different from another.  Hut tbc remit justifies thc pain*.   Wc lu in
thai \u'  are proilui'iiij; sotni-lliin-; on which you can saftlv stake the health and comlort
of your precious families.
fl Tin- City "f Vancoiivi'i-, recognizing ihe value of our mw diacoveriea, has awarded ■..-• a
™ HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLAR CONTRACT to build its big new trunk eewer, A
Hcondary contract for smaller pipe is now pending. Deapite the fact that arc had on
hand no pipe mfficiently aged to oiler for the tests Impoaed at the raggeation • i i ur ci m-
petitora, the ihowing made bv our "green" pipes equalled aad la wane points very much
outran thai ol the clay product! for which the City oi Vancouver his been ipending its
good money.  With due allowance fur this point the outcome of the contract ii not open
tO ilmilit.
fl With llu si- few ttmarfcl WC will cloac and give vou a chance to digeat some oi the
al fails coiilainid therein,   A little laler we intend to tell you some lurther   Ifltereating
tilings about Concrete in general aad Dominion Glased Concreti Pipe in particular.
I I","III    i     Wlllltll    lll'l    Ixiaall |
North Vincouver,
J.n, 14th, 1910.
Dominion Glazrd Cement
I'.ll.* Co., Lid.
Vancouver, B. C.
Gentlemen — 1 think thtt
machir.e-n-.ade concrete lewer pipe n an
excellent m»teri«l for lewer purpoiei.
1 > |. i 11 i "* tendl to ihow that well-made
concrete pipe hai an idefinite life, and
become, harder and  ilronger with age.
Yours re.pectfully,
City Engineer.
The Dominion Glazed Cement Pipe Company, Ltd.
Factories: False Creek, Peachland, B.C.
1207 Dominion Trust Building, Vancouver
I'.V I \«  Ml.  I'ln
\ l'.\ I Ml providing br tin' npeoA
lug In ilu, Corporation nf ilu* -um
..f Port)   ll -in.l laHMBOJ  Dol
llll-,   ,,1    -ah ||   ,,|||*>,    .ll,,,   ,,,   ill,    Mil
in* ipalit) -Imll li ii** ,*ti li nnl II..IH
tli,* proceedi ,,f il.,* -nl,* ,,| Deben
tuna i - - ii*-. I uml.*! id.. authority ..1
Hi   I .mi     No,   71     ilia 11..     i   Rl   I .1*.
tO   I'l'l "I*    lot    ll  IMIIIi llutl   i.i
ii Hun Hawt< In lha i Itj ,■( Nortk
\ un nm. i    .nnl    to   iilili"ii."'    111.*
I     l|.*l..*lllll.   |    all     ill.*     -   ll'l   I    it)
tO   tin*    llll,llllll    ill   I'm il     I Imu-.illil
I-"!"."!"'!    Il.llllir-     (aal     l'„       1
railing iln* -nin i.*.|ini"l i.. pay
iln* .ity'i portion tbcraofl lm tin*
purl f paying   'in iiinni'ipal
in' propoi na.,, ,,i *h , ..-i nl nin
■traction ..( tin. full,mnn.' worki ..I
I.,I, III     llll|a|i,llllll lit       I-     ,I, I..lllllll   "I
nr ti. i.. il, t,-Imin,ii 1,1 Um
Council,     ii/.      Tin'    ".ii-iiii**
turn       ..I       lm       ii ■■iii.'il
mnin nml common taent ..ii Pm
I.       Iinin.*   lruin  tin' mii'i  fnun
tu      ,-|\l||
nlong Biitk   in ' lo IorlM kae
i ,   ilii'iin*   tiutiliiiK    ai.iiii*.'   lli.*
... innni i'un, ol   I "il"*     Vi.*ti*ii.    l*.
I if ■. .uu li  Itmt .   llllll .*  * al-l.ili   a,
lulll.'     I'lfli'llill     -lu
li.-l.l      \l'*lll|.'       'I ..    |     101 'lirlll     I
long Cheatarield   Un  i" Mm*
lii'lltll    -tl,*,' - ,*ili     n
long \iii''tri*nili itrw i lo 1 on 'I iU
AlillH.' , I     KM 'I..-tll*     tloBg
I   ii II    'I  ll.'     \\ *  ll'l*      li.     I  11.*.*'
itrnt   tna.h   Tiuiiii iluul   -ii.imi
nml   llll   n  .uuilmiti   - vi..|   ..'i    tin
I I III 111' IrOa l*l*|l„ | ll,*l,ll** I"
tl I-l      -llll       "I      Bl 'I*   I'l.' I      ■
nin>, mi l'it-1  ltl*Ml   (tuin   I ."I'.
Ai.iiii.'   in   tin-   i'n-1  -iii'   "I   >i
Patrick'    la. mi. , ..ii >,.. ..n'i .tr.i-t
(nam l*',,ilii..  Ai nulla* lu | point M
f,*,*l     ,11-1     Dl    Rt, a V.   -a      ll.lll.*
ntnl mi Tliiul  -li..t  (rami    Kurl,.*-
\v,mi,' iu the t Bt An
ilr.'ii'-   \i..|ii|.'.
WHKRKAS   uaa.l.l    I'.a   I mi    \u.   71   u(
tla*        lluni, i|,iillll II,..'.*        Illl-lltlUIII'il
Illllilli    rr*'iliil    ll*i*    IM II'    "(   II •'*    I I
acton   uii tli,* IMih .lm  oi January,
1910, nml im., Anally adopted by Dm
I uiitn il  ,,n  lln*  I7ili ilny ,,(  .Intiumi
iniui iln* Mu**,  unl i iu Clark mm
nullliiti "I    I'm     ll..*    purp -. -    'In li'll
ln,*n;iuiii*il,  l*.  botTDl   ,,|   m-<* b} ■ l)
nf Iiiiiii ii|nni lln* imlil uf tlii' IVI i'n
ul tin* Corporation lhan in m.n
ti..Ill'll.   II   -Ulll   "I   III  UIU     la  it    • *,     "I  I
uiml,. tl,,. -um  a.l  Port*
*.   I    ||       ' *     ill.'   |'H|"  *>*
.1 1.1. ihl' ilu- 'in '. I'urii'.n   "f   tli,.   .*f tin*
f Vm il, \ at
WII    lllll   llll-   .l.l.nmi.      .1     111*
I    III lu     lln*       III ll        "'      l'i  I*        I  llu'l
,<in,n«ii 11..11,a    ,,,,,  rht
Ul 'I     I'lll   ll ilil     I"       "*l    I'l   I ll"      auul
ml   n *  ii   u'il   ami
i,  ptooaadi ol lhi nh thnel   an*
mm in tli.   i and    aaf ||„* Mil
Iai*   |a.lliil .
.Wli MlllltlAS iha r, il  il.-tn
it iiiiila'-iinlili* ta, expand laid tasoa*
'"I    Hn*    |'Ui| *   na. Ii a i il     in     -ni'i
Hi I.ui No, 71 nn.l .Iiini it atpedital
mnl   in lli* iiil.r,*-!- ul tlu* Mit' l* Ipal
Hi   tint .m.l tni.n.i- -Imll In* ik .1 (ui
'In*  pulp I I'inli*.'  ll"-  i i i|"il
tu'- proportion aa 'I laaaiaad tiy tli,'
' "Ull' il  ..(   tl -t   I.f  tl,.*  ...,,.im.
tiun  uf  tli.*   li.i liefore   Mationad
Hulk*     aaf     |  , a,    ||     |||||,|ul, IIU'l.l. lill'll-
(,,!■' iln   Mum* Ipal i unin il u( ili.* i ,,i
I'.u.ii ( tli,. I'm  ..( Korth   inn
outre* muli 11,.  naaaal ol tli*
a,I-    uf     III,'    -.11,1    I  lt\     llllll     ullt    ,ll*ll|
.- (..Iluii..:
I. It   -lull   I.,  f,,r  tin.  1 . r
poration to upend tli in uf Port)
i in* i nni imo.uoo) iiuii a,
iiiIi.t -uin m tin*  Municipality   -lill
Imu' uu lm,nl (iui,, ti,,* | ,*,l. ,f ihe
-nl,.   ..( Debenture! lamed nmi.r   tl.*   .,f Hi I.nn   Su. 71,    .1, ■
tm ut, f,,i   t|„. patfajooa ,,f ,,,1 ,1
il„. Municipality'• proportion ,,f   th,.
'nn Mun   i.i   lln*   nulla    uf
I ... ul   Iinp.i..\ ,-m. nt   luutuf ti  thi.
I'.i I iiii imu* rained ol i"
I*,* determined In  lhe council.
■J.   Tin- Hi I ii  -li,,ll men int" el
leel mt tl„*   I,,iutii   ilu  nf ti,tnl,,,,
'l    I In.   IU I in  in ,i  ha a iia ,1   i..i
.ill   |.ut|n.-,.-   a-   I I,.    S-ll.i   Votfci   I "
.nl   Improvement   tppropriatioa    Hi
I'm.  Ittt,
I     I' i  -,*.|    lu     il..*    I '.un il   un    lhi
I'.Mli iiiii u| Kept-amber, mo,
II, ■■'■'   il..     a    . u'   ul   llir   ,*|,.. luu
"f   'I''*   I  I'l    "I   Va.ltli   V,| llll'l   nl llll
election Iw tin. pwpo I tli.'
■Ill    ul I'M"
II a-nIrn.I   In   tin*  I uu,i, il   iiiiiI   tu,
ally   adopted,   ligned In   il„.   Mmm
'i  rink.  iiiiiI  mui  with   III"
I'm un the
ilui   "f I'lln.
\HIH I   in I II I nnis
I kKI  MUI' I   llinl   llu. nl*""**  i     i
li "|'i  uf tin' |iii.|.u-,*,l 111  Inn, u|i
ull   lllllll    till,   lut,'   nf    ill,.    II
ili.* Mi i|,nliti nl the (iti nf Nortk
\ ancouvtr   will   lie   tnkon uilliin   tin*
div llaill. Sorth Vancouver, H '.. on
-ii'iul.u   ila.  in t iiiii   i.f ii* tonr,
1 ll, 1910, between I 9 a'
11... k  n tit,  nmi 7 n'i lu. 1.  |i in.
I'iii   I Ink  mnl  ll,*i ii.   M
PI I'.I II     \n||( I Utah}     L'lven
thnt   lit". v..t.. ,,(   tin*   I I,   ni-   n(   lhi*
rm ,.( Nortk Vmi,,.in,i mil i»
mi th,* i-i i!>«v ,,| (I* I*.I., i. 1918,  bi
tween lhe limn, ol ■ nd
7  "'* I"* k  I'.in.   un   'I In*   I i"
Wank   luul iii,i,,.,i,ii„ni   tppropria
imi,  l'.i li,«,  lulu," nn*l  iimt   within
lln*    I Hi    Hull.    Ninth   \ u  *•'     R
r .   mul   iiiiii   Tkonti    Shepl ••"! ha.
i pointed   ll* 'iiniiii.'  ni'i ■
tuki' ili* mn* ,,( * . '   ll     "-   wilh
tlie  ll.llnl   l-inuTa   in   llml   Ii'iiil!.
I'.* I    i.l   lli.    I UUIU ll.
Hn.   II    MW
lllulM-   -III I'lll HH.
I ity I Ink.
' iiii r i iiii: vaRDI \    BEPOW
i lml lii.* W.H.l.n Vi. i . Gladwin'i
report f.u tin. immtli 1.1  teaeal   haa
ll-t    kill   i--u.,|    auul   lili'lll.   i'l,'   III  I
tiun   lm* iini   tm,nth approximate!)
110,000 mi-  -peal  in  li-ht lit' lira-   ill
'In*     |,inun.,..     (If   lli .  nlu..unt     I'"*
L'uiniiitimt paid mfiMM in ii- *!..
i7.'   ,*ni|,l,,i  !■-,   ulul,*   -ll-.V.IJ.'l*!     VM
'■■■I in Ii ,i,. I.i>ii  apr-al I.    	
|.aill <*-.
Ml     Ll llllllll   ul.-i'tli.    *l, ,|    ,U   tl        .
-iill    uf   tin-   .-vin-ii'1 i 1 nr.*   th ■*
Lan     in .1   i  \ i i   num nt   ..f  tntl'.i
uml   prii u'"'   prop i :    ten
. ol MtUert' ': ■. i*
■levee   I I'.'      nnrill-   mul   tli**u
luafaar, ItjmjMt fat "I nil left ""
-ki'liin-  mul  timlvr limit-  latiltMted
 iiuiiii       ;'>i',i»»i     I.-t       uf
■tanding tlaber,   fiovernntaal
nnil  bridfUl  ii'i,*  |arut'*. Inl  un.l    nun
mc propert) rarrNalully guai led.
Th"'   ti illiMi.l.,1    In   illllilli*-
nl kIiiIi Mai wan tintt'lliil  In tba In.
ii n.l.ti.  uitlni.ii   |,,..,    I be  t*. iniiinin.
■ li,,*-, mnn-  In  In  IU   mu.'-.
mmi <<ii,tml nml 'Inl n  laege iiniiaiiiii
..f iliniij,. bal  tlmi  ii,**,- . ut nil.
i,a .,  ^.|i,.n a. full,m.
1 aknown, I'Ki. I'gh'niag. N . I P
l(   I mi'i**-.  r* u **i
il,*,.,   ,i',   ,l,,i,k,i  ,*ii*.-iti'
pa i"i-.  -.  'if   V   luuiniiiiii,.. 7.
*   I link right ul mn .  .'
2    a,!,I  i,,, .,  j     |:   t     | i;
Otap  a'   '   ■     i ''a       "'U-*        Ull   I'
| ii.nnil  Irum  tin    '
IV  It.  nml I..   \    I;    I      a„
U}  t'liL'im'-* I*'" |"* '* '     ati'l  ,aiui|.i-
Th..  a tn.-f  tin*  iniul.'.i   .* 'n.i i'..I    tin*
mine   nf   tillll.. i   .|,*-ti,ni .1   a,l   i-JI.1'7,
llll'l    iln|'ii,i'*in,ii'-    .l.^tiuia.l
Iii   ,i|.liii..ii  tlm,*  «,,.*   ii.n*
I |»*nt   llllll.  nil,' llnlll.  fm,.
•.Hu*  nnl'  1* * I
ilnn nml fiti'i-, hull ri  mil,* ***
7,'.'iiii f,.*t  ,,f *|„it,*.  „t„I  |,„lf   »   mil"'
uf    f,*ll    .
Hm  inui mi. killnl In   ,i Inlliii'; tree
nml   two   mnn   Imilli    Injured    ehila
Iiunii*.. tin'   munii    JS,
Wtn Ini'l muli r tin* I'.iuli  I
"Iin li 11 ut     *
'.ii peatitaf,    ii.*
llll.l    .ulll*   I,*,I    *,,*       III..*.!      a      -
ilnunl'i    tli.'   ,li,.f   « ltd i   lm-    ii "'
"'lull-     ful        111,   l- I*
\ i i" mate ic La \ u
ilu* mi  In  »n,*k«, nml f"      h '
Will   In.   ll.-.ll ,|   in    \,»    W.  inailKM.
i.a dayi nfi* r 'i*  i.      i'n '"
'i nnil., nl m,  i""
int uin*i, tit,)- em
Beautiful Homesite, fix e minutes walk from car line, 75 x 2^0 feet*   Grand
View of the Inlet a d Gulf*   Only $650, cash $250.   Come with us and
see this Property.
II Martinson & Co.
I'ini,,, i; ;. P.O   Puf*
Sitoik] Blix-k from Lmsdalo Avenue
$4500~C.ish $1500
.. i, ii i:: n
134 Firit Street VV. North Vancouver
ihl'  i nii-iil. I..I  .Inn..
pre id frul "ill. "'
■ I   hi
iln imlil.i. iiiii, aan tim hmi,
ll,*  in'i,
ban-ad *nn at T1 ..Mm „*,.
1**1    nu. ,,f ulmh Ini'l baal
nii'l.   Imt   ilm  rnnaiiiulii   ■
l||l    Wilh    -■    a,ml    Ulaalitll
"Iii i on Iuch .    'I   "'
ll'll   lll'lp  Illlt   111' III llll   llll*    I
inituliil |iui'li* iplril ."- ii
meaty paopk li th li la  *
|aleh   in J, >,i,    *.*', i
I  nt  Intnl.   ll
In  lim «.ii.ln,.   to    "II       *'i
«Ii..ii iha mu*! ■
III.Ill ill III.    '
,*l    '
vihnt  iinL*l*'    havi
■nli  ,i f.u   *
*,f tin*, latter,   II	
I  ,-   '   ll„,    ii'l   mi   ||
innil     Iiuiilil    |,,n     'la   in
iba* would do l| i li
I Ul*.       *.|
I*     ,11      I      ,
ind appl)  lot  i	
• ititinii'   diai-ward,
^   iai m lan 'ii in IJ
*.i,< tail In * ii* *     * *u pen,  1
lea   ..f   tin-*,  diil .1 .in ...   ai .1   warn
..-miI ui  ii large etpen •.   the
|| I    wan   'll- ul. u.l    all    Unn*   In
iln*   in,*   warden     and   Htiafn ik
,.,l „i*a lag w*    i i   iimt
■ •■ moil ilitli lit   to
deal 'n'i' ni |iuiii-Ihiil: lhi uafeoden,
:. it mi
.       * '     I llaill   "
-I i i kim, I MIIBITIOS lllll RIAI
I'ulili   • iif.   II    M'l
Hade   ||   ii-uum   th,.    .
i*. * |i u d in
• i ■ ihibiton n. adi bi ofl
■ nd   *,   rk a   |o obtain ng  itit
il lot tin* i
. iliiiiii-.  nlu *   be I   prep nin.'
' .'lul    "I   'li'    niurl.      ilm    *
1     *l*a      a 111,    'a
Ulll I,    ' lllilllt.       Kt  I        l»*
-    r     ui iiinn.ipoli
*   l  * . bington    nml
i| ■ i tat
* .... I. ,1,   i„ .
..I  hi. n i ,,l  .1   ■* "I,iiinn.
■North Vancouver
.. \i*i i nn nr
r* rtiiiiuvl Uprgii il, Medical mnl
Maternity NaraM
Nuisii Suit Out on Application
Iaar iiTin- apply  nt the lliepital
I'.'tl, Slii-i't Ki.t.
PHONE   64
nam 11 in u raai at m
Phone 170 P.O. Box 166
Shipyards, Ltd.
l.iiilrrnii'tki-rs.    .   .
i Si iti  Ba-
md Boili i Wi tn protnpt-
Iv en * it  I
I i"3
Norlh Vancouver SIX
Dry  Goods  and
Gen Is Furnishing
Corner Lonsdale and Second.
l'lione 255
I  Our stock ol I n'M Goods ia now complete, tll ihndt'i
nml eolora from
35 cents to $1.75
N.p.   Knrdn mnukingdepartment lilncliargtol Mn*. Curry.   Place    |
tirtie1 * earlv,
K'M ks:
*. .uul   in regular
'<"'' ai"' "i1    ' 11   *^-i«i»     <tnn------rBH» ??H'
-,* .Mliali'S to lam-    > ' K-T/^^Wl   '
SacoKD StaaaT.   ■   -   -   -   NORTH   VANCOUVER. B. C
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
'   Lauach "Weit Vancouver," Captaia Findlay
I    iiMii im is paaeengan
I.* «v>*- i aneoavar
ll,   |    ti,,.i my li'irk'**' Whirl
I nl i Dull I vi I |)l Sunday
7,3,1.1111 8.00 a.m.
c-.ooa.tu. lo.uo a.m.
Il.oo ,i ut. i2.oo a.m.
13.00 p.m. 14.00 p.m
15.00 p.m. iu.00 p.111
i7.cop.10, 18.00 pin
i'.'n viiiu.l.iis Only  22.00 I'*111
y. 30 a. 111   iMiiul.ii Schedule '4■"" !""■
DO p.m  "  22.oo p.m.
Single Fare 13c.       Two Tickets 25c.
Quickest route Irmn N irth Vancouvei to tbe itisttict lui mnl
Cipilauo Rivei Launch "Weit Vancouver" makei connec-
tiom, without liil, with the lerry iteamen Irom North Vaa*
coover, as pei aboi
Leave N.     Leave N. Van.      Leave Vau.
a.m. *6.2o a.m.        '6.45 a.m.
Leave Van.
*6.2o a.m.
7-3" "
8.30 "
9.15 "
10.15 "
11.15 "
12.15 p.m.
1.15 "
2.15   "
3.15 "
4-15 "
5*15 "
6.15 "
7-25 "
8.15 "
9 IS " "
•11.15 "
• Sol ■
10. is
I is
lu. is
•7.20 "
•8.20 "
10.15 "
11.15 "
12.15 p.m.
1.15 "
2.15 "
3'5 "
4-'5 "
b.15 "
7-25 "
S.15 "
9.15 "
10.15 "
11.13 "
H-45  "
•8.50 "
9-45 "
iu-45 "
n-45 "
12.45 P-m
1-45 "
2.45 "
3-45 "
4 45 "
5-45 "
b.45 "
5-45 "
6-45 "
945 '
10.43 "
I mn*  Till',*    ill.j.'.l   In  .li nnj>*   iilllu'ill   lu'li"-.
The Home Furnishers 128 Lo"sdalt Avenue
The Port
of Missing
Author "i "Thi House oi
Thousand Candles."
(Continued Ironi lasl issiu-i
"nmv do .vmi clioltj tw, plcnse-
ivilli I'l-li'tuls nr ua.iiiailnlntiOPS?"
Hi- liniitlii'tl; tlii'ii ilii'iinvll.v of what
■hi ii,in iluii-; changed his tout.
"I 'im John armltage, Thai Li ill
ymi ilium*, uini ni mn bawd your
ltd in mini nu. thul I uin In dancer'.'"
"If   I'lll    I'lllllil    jaalirii'ir   .lllllll   Slllilll
1 should iiu .'x.-n-tty iia.* Mme thlag, it
inui.'*. imi tin, iiigbtoal difference to
iim iiim ur iihitt imi nro."
"Ymi nre explicit!" bl ItUfhSt    "I
iiimi hesitate to tell ymi that I value
iinir lifo tn in * 11 higher thu you ilo."
"Tiun is quite mu mry, II mny
•muss ynu to know that, ns 1 an I
person "f lilt lo curiosity, I ntn not tho
inal concerned In tlio sulntloti nf-of-
ivlinl might lie -ailed the Armitnge
■uii, rm ■ I'liiiiio. nm ir
"Nul In 1110, I ussiiii' yuu! Ymi aro
mill the object of Man wrt enmity,
•Tlmi 1- lhi   1 in'    I'll"
Busang"*, ">">' In lhe -"'-I laSWU'l
litliiils, uill 1111 Iiiit *'n' '   :in* Iliin 11 so
VPri'  slineli      I'OO   » a'l   'I"   Well   I"   gO  Iai
boil. 1 ahall iui,'' :i nrsllt befon 1 turn
-Vmi sinnii,1 imi go out ilene."
"Ileal trouble nl 1 tne  1 ibin'l go
fnr. 1 thiol we tn ntt until two gn
tinmen hire mel in Washington, ills
ensued their iffaln sn 1 ttmt 'i"v]<
Into ibo mnnotshu again The large
hnito iir rsnghi the other nighl is nn
iloiihtcill.i n inui lay. Imt lio Is
hiirniloss (inly 11 fen ilnys moro ami
ire shall perfona 1 real serviee la the
iv.u-M mrgonnl 1 feel it hi my boms,"
llo took liis inu from a beach b} tin-
dour nml iioin iiiit npon ths vsntntti
Tin- moon had ilreadj slipped imt
behind the mountains, bal the Han
troopnl brlghtlj icrosi thl hoavotts
Uo drank deep breaths of ths cool air
nf llio iniiiiiiliiin Olghl iiiiiI fi-lt the
(lark wooing hint iviih ils oiiltu ami
iK'ii'-o lie fflunii'il tot liis olinil; ami
IVSlksd Into tho wood, He followed
Iho rond to tho gate Ud thon turtn-il
toward ths Pari at Mhotai Um  Bs
had formed qulto dolinltc I'lans of
what be should do In oertaln emergencies, and he felt a MS strength in
li I a confidence
that he sliould
succeed In iho
business that
had brought liim
Inlo the bills.
At tlio ala.m
tinned bridgi lm
throw     liiinsi'll
doWII tlllil gal/isl
off through 11
narrow cut that
afforded a
glimpse   of   the
atiitngi   witori'
the   electric
light*  pmut
m  one  la in p
Shirley ("111-
He gmcil nf Htrouf-b  ^ „.,„ „„,,,.
aaanweat     ln  „„,  . „„„
mil ho smiled with tbe though! of hor,
for sooii-porhnps In a few hours he
would lie free to go to her, bis work
done, ami no mystery or dangerous
task would henceforth lie between
tbem Ile walked qulto to the brink
of the chasm and laid his hand Ipoe
the Iron cahle from which Israel ""'
"1 (ball soon bc free," bo snld, willi
a deep sigh, nnd looked across tbe star-
lighted hills.
Then ibe eaMa under his hand vl-
bested slightly.  At tlrst he theaght it
the night wind stealing through Ibo
vale and swaying Ihe bridge alioio Um
sheer depth. Hut still be lelt the
tingle of the Iron rope In his clasp, and
Ills bold tightened and be In-tit forward
to listen The whole bridge now audi*
lily ihook uilh tbe pulsation of 11 Up
-a soft, furtive step, as of olio cautious
l.v groping a mii over the ouaabataa
llal llisiring Then through Hie Hai
light he distinguished 11 ii'inain- ||
lire tinil drew tuck. A h.ise plank ill Ibe
bridge lloor rullleil. and as slie passed
ll lived ilsell. aiml H helllil II -till."
tlu* nicks faititli far Ik'Ioh. lull the
ligure stole IWlftl)  DO,  Ud  hi I wilt
furiiarii. nlili i el) ef wiralag sa ins
lips. iiiiiI Mill hsd aivai llie light liar*
ri.inl.* lhat I" "'ll liailed   .. ran tin*
IVheii he kMksd Bp In- WOrtl "f re
lillk.-. llllll haul llalllnl mil,', I'll III.'
Mil]'.II   S sii mill, llll'll  am   !,i
"Siiiiiii" iaa* ertsd and put lorlh
both liainls ami Itftad tier I" linn
A lillle sigh of relief lll'ike ri*  her
'iiu*  brtdia  itui   iwajnd   fr   her
weight    ! llu* 1 .lilies Iiiii .1 like
the    lutes   ..I    I    ll lip       .Seat     ll    III ll.l
the  iiiiletfall  IniiiMi'd ihitin  11 *
tho mistn ui Itarllgbt
"i iiiii imi iin,ii thai .it* , nail]
' atti.' tine ks id. mi'i an IWI III
bis mice tlial lln* passing (HI lelt
She In-tan abruptly, nol b * dii | iiiii
"Vou musl cu auay at ..1     I , ante
in tell ymi ibai laau cannol its* ben"
"llnl It Is iiiiiiiii I,, a a i*|*i 1 rt j warn*
Ing from y.'ii     l**'i ar** Inn geneMiin,
Iimi kind*   If l«*l IS
"It    IS   ll"l    1 •'     * ** i    i|    , |,ut
tills ilani'i llllll I -a      I tl au
eiil  Ihll .'    "  '1 il   Iiiii  yuu
here     It   Is      libit  l'i ;   --in li  a
tblng mii bi 1    inun ■    nm you
nnisi  gn     V 11 1  *.      tbs Inw'i
"1I..U du imi 1111 « 1 danl"
•■| il.ui I  I, I'"*   1
••I Lu**" Untl ft 11 gau*
and Ihni I Lm* '
siie turned qui I Ihebrtfga
us tbough i" mi
•I .iti'l lie palil I ,,,rv
sliglH. son I.e bi I  i|r  .rM,j.
tnt-e    11 ymi knee
-ll I tl.ire iblni. ni *, |M,,,_
••Ymi Will dare 1 Mn^
Mr   Armiiiii:!,*' ,
will  tell yu  thai!   I *         out ot a,r.
(Ilnnri I'hi'lsili Tha n,.,
nf frtsadi, "f
.itiei's. betel im   li
(toll hills doei DOl 1
II,   Aai,■<-iiii'iii 11 .1 irumim'" /fourc nml
SYi 11* Imck.
nml  lh. re-  s othing nhout murder
thai Is Hint Isn't eiaitly nlcel It'l
pmltlvely iimiesthellc."
She Iiii.I bSfUB seriously, Iiiit Inu.-liiil
at tlie nlisiir.llti of her last h.'i.Is.
"laau are iiiiot/.iiigiv Itupsiaonal Von
iiuiilil save a man's life without caring
III the least iiltal manner of man he
mny ls>."
"Tea put ll rattier llally. Imt that's
aliuii the Irulll of lhe matter. Do you
know', I tun almost afrald"-
■N"l "f tne. I haipo"-
•(', rlalnl.i Mt Uul II has is-euriMl
In me thai Jolt may have the conci'lt
ni jour "im mystery, that roe taa]
ther tee neck phaaaia in m;-
 pie as 10 ran identity."
■Tlmi Is unkind -that Is unkind"
an.I ho ipokl ullliiiut li'senttuenl. but
softly, wllb ii falling cniletii-o. Ile slid-
iineiv doivn the hat ho had held
hi Ids hand, .-inal emended his arms lo
nat.I her
"Ton are mil unkind or unlust. Von
1 right I" know who I nui ninl
uhal I am doing here. It seems an
Impertinence 10 thrust my affairs iipaui
vmi. lml If ynu will listen I slimilil like
to lell iiiit It will Hike but 11 moment
11I11 and iilinl"-
'T'lea-e tin lml! As I t..lal ynu. I
lune im .nth.--iti Iii lhe itialler. I CUl
all,uv ymi to tell inc. 1 really ihui't 1,1!"
"I am  Willing that every one should
I.umi   iieinirrnw-or the day  iftSI
not later"
iei her head, ns though with
the earnestness uf somo lieu thought.
"The dai nfter may lie too late.
Whal" ,-r il Is that yon hnvo ilotic"-
"I h ne il.ui Uhlug In Is' tsasSMd
uf   I IWSar I haie not!"
"Whatever 11 is. ud 1 tkat core
wlinl It is." she snld dclll-crate,**-, "It
is MDOtblag quite serious, Mr. Artnl
Inge    My l,i,.ther"-
Slie li,-si,it,a| |a,r n moment, then
■poke lapldly.
"Hi In* liter hn. Iieou detailed to
help ill the search for you. llo Is at
SI,,1*111 Splinus nmi* "
"itui heihu'sni mihrstiafl"
• Mi l.ii.lher Is I suldler. nnd It Is
tml 11 ntt} for hint to iiiuler-lntnl "
"Ainl foe have done Ihis \.,11 have
como In warn me"
"ll look pretty had." she sai.l,
D| her I  nnd laaghteg a III*
t . T'.ut tuy lirolher and I-we nl*
ill is   ien   ililTelenl   id. Is   almllt
v a ,*    Pt bold hews
for dirtiienl -.ii], *s ,,f the case."
"lib.   I'm  a  ense.  am   IV"    And  lie
II]    ||    the    Sllglte-lioll    Of
lightness In Iter tatM   "Hut fi really
like t.. 1,11a.11 uhal he has lo tin with
mi ll
■ it »;il have (o ask blm."
• I., I,* mi Hut H«' government
can hanlli 1 i CSptate I'lal*
1...1 tn-  It)  * pa duty  nt  M   I'liauie
in is reqnsal   I iwsaf la you that I'm
ns nun It in llie dark II om are"
"I'm i|iiile sun- an nilieor nf the lln»
iiuiilil imli bl '.'lain from bis dntlei
ami senl Inlo the country on niii fin
ol,,us errand I'.nl perhaps an nnilias*
unin I groat pouer made the request   perhaps,  for example,  It  was
Berne roe Mirhof."
"t; 1 1...i.i!"
Aniillnui' laughed aloud.
"I In'i: youi patdon! I really beg
yunr pain!' 11! Bal Is the ambassador
looking for ine'.'"
"I dniiT know. Mr. Armltage. Vou
forget that I'm only a traitor and nnt
"Vou are tin- nolilcst unman In tho
worhi."  In* -ami  laaiMly. and  his heart
I in him. and be spok  Willi a
b 1  le      "Vou   have   lllll'i"-
li ,*s for bm ihii no nam ivn mada
liefore lor I mail-for a man she did
not know And my life, whatever It Is
north, e'eiy hour and second of It, I
In (laiiiti liifire yon. auul It Is yours
tn keep or throw away, I followed
llfWIJ mad tlio world, and I
■hsll fallow i"ii aualti ami as lung as
I live Ami tomorrow or lln* dty alter
I shall  lusllfy these gnal liinlnesses.
. ..tiiiii.-ii.i-. but might 1
tm* .1 ti"*i, io da,"
,t» ih ,1 • 1 1 on the icrge of the iil
llle hy the bridge that swung out from
tho cliff like a fairy structure they
baaid far ind faint the whistle nnd
: low riitnlalc of [hs night train south-
Iiiinui Irum Washington, and to both
of theni lhc soiitul urged Ihe very real
ami practical world from which for a
little tiun- Ibe) had stolen nway.
"I  musl pi back," snld Shirley and
tamed to um bridga aad put imr hand
! on lis slight Iron trams, but he seized
her wrists and held Ihem tight.
"Vou have risked much for me, but
you shall not risk yunr life again In
my cnuse. Vou cannot venture across
thai bridgi attain."
She yielded without further parley,
nml he droppad her wrists nt once.
"Please say tin mure. Vou must not
mikl me saury I came. I must go. I
should have gnu,* hack Instantly."
"Dul imt aernss Hint spider's well.
Vou must || hy the \„nK road. 1 will
five um n horse nnd ride with you
Into the valley."
"lt Is iiuiiii nearer by the bridge, and
I hate 1111 bOCN nter there."
"We shall get the horse without trou
Ide." he said, nml she walked ln-sldc
him through the siarllghtcd wood. As
Hie) 'ia,sse,l the open tract site said:
"Tills is the I'ort of Missing Men"
"Ves here lite Inst legion mnde lis
alst slain.l There llo llie graves of
some of Ihein    It's a pretty story.   1
kape saune daj la know men of it
fr  '"'lie inch authority as i.ulrsclf "
"I   used lo I'lile  here on  nty  pony
niinii  1   uas 1  little girl and dream
1 alioul lhe gray soldiers who would not
surrender    II  was as bCSUttfUl lis till
I nhl ballad     I'll  wnll htm.    Ketch the
hots,.," she said, "and hurry, please."
"If there are i'\[ilaia*iilnnstoinake"-
ha" began, looking at her gravely.
"I nm not I person who miikes explanations. Mr. Arnillago. Vou may
111. a■ t me ll the gale."
As he ran Inward Hie house he met
linear, uh,, had l>m>mo nlnrinod nt Ills
11.-.v•• ami uas sotting forth In
search of hltn.
"t'niiii': saddle IkiIIi the horses, Osenr," Arinlla*.-.' 1 aiiiiinaiided.
The) tienl together lo the lutrti and
qiiuLli brought out tho horses.
' Vmi are not to come with me, Oscar."
"A captain docs not go alone. It
should lie lhe sergeant who Is sent-
"It Is not an affair of war, Oscar,
but quite another mutter There Is a
su.lilli-il htm hll'heil I" '.lie oilier side
of our uhaililoni-il bridge, tiet II ntnl
ride It In Judge -.'InllHirno's stnhles
Slid ask and niisuer no questions."
A moment later he was riding toward lhe gate, the Itsl horse;
Ile llilng himself ilouli, adjusting the
stirrups, and gave ber a band Into the
saddle Tlie) turned slleully Into lhe
 iiiil.iln road.
■'The bridge wuuld have boon simpler
und qui, ker." snld Shirley. "As it ll, I
sliall Is' late to the Imll."
"1 ntn contrite eiiimgh, but you dou't
I .il.i* I'lpian.ilia'iis "
"No; I ilnn 1 evplaiii. nnd you ire lo
1.une lack as snou ns wo strike the
valley I aliiaiys send gentlemen back
at thai point." slie add uent
ahead of liim Into tite tiarr.m md
Slie guided the sirangc horse with Ihf
e.i-e of loin.- praclh-o, skillfully teslin*,-
In- |*s. and uhen they came to a
stri'leli of smooth mad soul him Hying
nt a gallop 10,1 the trail, lie had given lur his own horse, a hunter of fatuous Mnte, and sho at once defined
nml mlatstesd a distance liotuoon
them that made Inlk Impossible.
ller short emeu riding coal. l>iitt"Hod
cl.-se, marked clearly In lhe starlight
tier eiisl ligure Light wisps of loos-
HMd hnlr broke free under her soil
fell bal, and when she turned her head
lhe Hind CSUghl the lirlin and pmSSd
il back from her fuce, giving a new
chirm pi in 1 proiiie.
lie ealliil nfler hor once or twice nt
lhe siari, bul she did not pause or re-
|!i. and he eaald not kmnv what nio'.l
I * . -,*l her or lhat on. e lu Highl.
lu the s,*, niiii the bun gave her, she
uas f.u the lirst lime afraid of hint
II,* In.I ile.lariil Ills hue for her alld
liad olTeied '," l.n il, iloun llie 1, il of
i, that made hint a slrauge and
perpleiing ligure Ills affairs, what-
tri! Ihelr naliiie. were now at a crisis,
he llll'l -aid: quite |kWs|I,Iv s|i,. should
I. i.i -■*,* liim again nfter this ride
I, In* u iit. al at the gate she hnd
knows a moment uf contrition nml
tlnulil ns to uhal she had done. It
wns not fair P. her brother thm lo
giie trial his -...-r.-t In Ihe etteiny, hut
as tin* laa. ,* ti,u |(aff| the rough road
Bargains in
and Stoves
t • • dl  •  ■  0
70 Lonsdale Avenue
and 900 Granville St.
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co.
Dealers in Coal, Brick,
Sand,   Gravel,   Lime,
Cement   and   Geneial
Builders' Supplies.
All  Ordan   Promptly
Filled .nnl >.ui-i 1. ii"n
(llMlulitial        I'm , s  llll
Office: Lonsdale, neat City Whaif
Warehouse :        l orinaii's Wharf
I'lill'T, Hi.tiiat nl \iw Hr-tmin"trr :
I ika* inline 1I1.1I Hubert Dull Kin-
tn,nid ot Vain oilier, It. I'., IliClipi-
tinn, In,,ker, int.-ti.lii to npi'ly Inr per*
mii nan  to 1'iuih.asi! tlic lollowing ile
iil»*il Innl- : Aliiiul Wl a. tei com-
men, ing at 11 post planted nn tbe
-OUtheSSt ' "i lier ill Int IM) tlienee
ue-' MTV-, .liaiiis iii I'n-t Imuiidnr-' ol
Inl MS, titttm smiili -II ihiiinn 10
in,ilh liniinihity nf Lot MM Ihcme
Mil  21.71 rlmiiis to mst boundary ol
lat mt, iiii'ii i- mth MM rhiiti",
'I. n.e ea-i III elinins to nortlien.t
...1 tier nt l.ol MB, tlienci' mirtliltly
il.atig -lun,. nl Bgntwlm I.aks to
poinl ..I tmowmtuUS,
UnlllliT IIH'K KINMtlM)
■lulv Bid, I'.'IO.
ami I ut
212! Hiitinfi
riu.ii,. Ml
lliiils,  iiiiiinals and dis'i h. nds n I
11. It
"// I/nit .tri ncctitfl (Ant man /trmltou*-"
her I'IohI leaped wltll the sense of nd-
venluie and her pulse gnnff wltll the
joi of Hlght Her thoughts were frea*.
I i 1 filngs, nud she exulted In the
Cieat starry vnult and the cool heights
01 er u hlch she rule. Who wai John tU did not know or core
mm that she hnd perfonned for him
her lasl service. Quite likely he wonld
fade auay on Ihe morrow like n moun-
ti,In .ha,hnv K'fore the sun, and thn
a her henrt lonlcht was not lore
or   lulling nkln to It, but only the Joy
Where lhc road grew dlfflesilt ss It
(To be continued)
M.niil.iliirpr i,|
«llklinl- i.l lli.-l > 'nn.pi'  liiniliiir-
ati,i.*.lMlii*i*. II., 11k .ml Il.i Kliluri'..   Ki'l'.lr-
(III tll .11 11- l.'iou In-
Picton Pruning,     Paraltaia stnnge.
Milt. 01111KKK iiii'ii I'liiini'i mii'iiiiiin
I'lans, Spciiliiations, lvstiinati-s
l'. 0. llox 27, Nortii Vancouver
General Contrnctor
I.ami Cleiring, Stump ind Hnrk
llln.ting. Kxtra nre near houses.
All damage, made |nod.
i*  M I' Y M BNT     AlJRNCY
mnl l-at., Went uf LnaiMtal*
Lot 7, Blk. 91, D. L. 550.    Price $1050
An upturn nl jn dayi for tt., is cleared ind Ironting on lane.
I vnn  Viilov  '-*' '"ot Cornel on cariine, claarad and
Lynn vaney ;i|ili.(l m llir (vntii. o( Lynn Vtlleyi
line location.
Lot 18, Blk 2, D.L. 2087 --m«* *■ "•*■
Price $175, J'J" cash, balance Si5 quarterly,
Krai Eitate .mil Financial Agents
Peers & Boult
in e
Notary Public
Hosp.t&l Ticket! for mie $15 per year, thii include!
hoipital. medicine and medical advice.
Apply  6th   Street  West  (Behind Catholic Church)
Miss HORNBY, sti'T.
Graduate Birmingham General Hospital, England,
Promi I. 214
maani ,1 marked wring 111
lml aiul liettir liakiiin results.
I till ilm s ils milk BET I BR
but AT LESS COST thin
f     Ranga*..
Wa can damonatrats to you
tin- whole Superior   Chan
II lm principal ol economy
ami. tink inv in ten minutea.
ll it mil umlli linull
til \mir nine right now ?
The J. D. Fraser Hardware Co.
133 Lonsdale Avenue
CprpI Al     TRIPLE COR, Centre Street aad 15th
Si. ftioo, ' * caih, ti 1.- months
LOT ON OTTAWA GARDENS lacing uoth   Sjuki, Jtooo
caah, 11.1 l.i ik 1 i' 12 months.
l.ol 16, BLK. 1 j, D.L. 17300 I llliil> SI.   SniKi, '. caah,
balant a 6 i.' 18 monthi,
l.ul .-. BLK  8, U.l. i7Jon SEVENTH si    Jiooo, $300
1 uh, balance 6 and 11 monthi
Rt ,ii Batata ind laanraai 1 Broki ra,
120 Second Street I .isl.
Let us have your listings ol  North Vancouver Real
Estate.   Wc handle Real Estate, Insutancc, ele,
SOLE AM VI    Commercial Union Aiaurinci
Co., I ltd . London, l.m; . Am ti ftu, ,*
(Ill, Hll.tllS A SUCCESS
Th,.   tuts   ol   «ii   qtrlakllag   fat
Inline;  tlie 'Iu-i   am  tlie mail-    ulmh
the   lltiiiiiiliy   mania ipality    lui-   1 11
making lor some time are proving ■
thorough -iiiii'-, looordlag i.. r»-
porU from iln* engineering department
.if  llial district.   Sii lar tlie iiurk hits
In    il< 111.-  from   laltniitiil-    la.   limul
(Ink, atul lln- 11a- -ei.*r.*li le-l.*il iiiiiiiii; tin- lieaw Irnnic I" mi'1 lini'l lln'
tliat laiin—e Rallies* fur tlie Miatn
Cil|i. hundreds '.f rigS ami alll'Uliiliile-i
pW*llg lletiiei'll Vail.'Oliver anil \i*»
Westminster tor  lli"-'' events.   . lu- re-
a-ult inawi ilie oil lo l»e ttolag gund
mirk*, ainl lln- llutiiiiliy CoSBI il ksVI
(leaded U) lailllilliie ill** process ilh.iii,
the Yulltouier road its till* tl. Celllrttl
l'ink, tlie lioiiinlarv ul the municipal
I'li.-ii-.nnt- an* reported nunc pleat!
fill this -eii-1,11 in Surrey and tin* 11,1
in than nt anv nine in -ears |'a-i
Tlie .hoiiiintr nl lln-e liiral- l-, Inm
pier, wholly prohibited on lhe pi-nvin
iini m .11 ti 1: 111.1 .
i" build uin* ihi- iiiniet* :.t a cot *t company m ilie world,
I'ort George now hu- a temporary
nailer  ili-liilintioll  and  lil ■  prole i o:
Tl,,. Harqttarl  ranoh in tin-   '....!i     ^ i.-1...11.-. 1 important   d'eeovery   of iyitam, water bslag pumped Iiinn Sit
iill,*,   .*,,„„, imu - , ■, hai ie,*, ;'"1'1'" "i,IL' 'i'1"1" i""1 Uluvlal gold rhaco and dlitrlbutid liy pavhatloa,
io William   Thompeon   i,l (li-etvt
I'all-, (,,,  SJI, I.
\i ilunoau, Alaiki.   ila*   *
Co.  i-  installing  '-' 0  non     ami -
This will malts l,HHi Itampi   in   up
Million,   the   largSit   tiniiili.r ol    aah*
lia- Inin minii. on a .i'.*la n.itli ..:' \ ptnnassnl -y-leui i- prmiileil for in
I'ort  George, In   a  |ir..-|ia* I a*   lln*  nopiisilioli ol the maniiilici ill  ui-
M, K,n/te. At prueal aaly lhe moat tarposrw -iie near Willow Unci
meagre .I,tail- tn lorthcomlng.Mthe »lii.h i- Intended to Isrnlah lacilitiee
locator uill L'iie mit no information i for a complete nml nioilern system ol
until  In*  r iie-   tlie  tSStllt   of  Iii-  ui I «,item ink*.,     seiiein-e    and     ele in
Tlmt tl,   tuitions lost silver   mi I
(nllii- creek which hn- niinii
scutched for for npwni'ds of 90 nan
haa Isi'li iliscoieied In the well known
miner, .1, Vi. Mnlholliind, thnt Mnlhul
Innd'- -nee— leiikitte; out in I limited
circle ., small fold stutn|icde to that
locality en-ni'd nnd thnt the -ample
demon-Irate      lllal      lhe     lein-     MS
•qui to lajrtUag jrst illswiiisd it
llll'l*  ill   Shii'P  I l. ck   or   III   the   llalotl
lie,   is the -latemeni of VI, 11.    l'"ol,
iniiiniL-ci   "f  lhc NuggSt mine nt Slurp
. nth,    Ml     Pool   liiilllieil   I   icu     il a.i
IgO from  lli a-l  lo \il-oii and nn
mediately   w.-ttt   out    to   Sleep (nek
1 Mr. Pool i- HulholUad't partner,
Acre Blocks ih D.
'-T—ZZ__.~_-;'T__1__m    Lie   U 1 O    OI1     1 I til   tJle
Waterfront Lots, Block 171, D. L 274
Lot 17, Block 157, District Lot 271
Subdiviiion ol Bloa-.hs 303 "A", 104, j ■ ■ --A", ji3, it6"A", 2^0 and 241 in District Lou
j-1 ami 5.15. City ol Not tli Vancouvar,
For Pri.c
t-iata at, I'ntlu ul.r.
Apply To
Phone 6286 Cor. Pender & Seymour Sts., Vancouver
.miXa* UY"__ZA.S_it-i,i - ffljIMBTOMMaM
A    drag    -lore    ha- Isi'li    i.|*cneil   ill
I'.d.   r.iildcn   hn-    -tinted   u  ehlufk
null in MoUoti.
.It lUitiiniore   the   ilnily   output   of
1.11- k- i- mm.
The Surpi'i-e mine ha- opi 1 un of
Ul in  BsS   llenicr.
Hiram t'oolcy   will   open n .katitiL'
rink  at   lla/elioti  thi- winter.
The Gurney-Oxford Steel Top Range
I    in the Yukon .onl hn- In*-n d -.,,1
mm   ent   in   the   Wat-oli   Valley.
j    Win ien  .1.  Hill,-k i- ,i|»'tiing 11 »tn
tioncii   -tote  in  Pari  QfQfgl,
\.*\t   leu   .1   -I,'tll  nil*,'I   *   *
lie operated ,,n Nleots lake.
Tallin-' 11 in,'I t,, iiic YakoavaalsM
iln- -iiunii, 1 ih in nasal,
I In  Ureal  \,,rlli, in inili-n.l   i» Imild
lllL.   . ,nil   Inillkel-   all    MarvUH,
It   ltu--liiii,l   two   new    vein,     lune
l*.*,*ii -tniik on the linn Mn-k mine.
\     inniill  with  a    apaitv of    I".
t««l („*l i- to In' liuill nl r.infor.l.
Ill   S|i,,kallie   llien*   are   £1"   la I ,il    ll
i|il,,|   lleii-c     i  -ned   al   HjOOQ |  I' a
Saliva  .lallliellie-    lie   tOt)   plena, Ul
anmini Wlm.- Bans, Yukon.
\    I'lin.,.ton arc hsiag na   I
laa   liaac    a    -ni.llcl    h.   it.-d    III     lh '
\ ... i ,i , 'nl. i- boing Mg oi* "I "'
South ten li.oiir,*.    llu-  ha
, nili/atioli   i.   -plciidin*.-   ill  lhe  n 'li'i
,      i-aT'
■ '■■_^k,  ars  so Hisnh boil I   ..
Nun.mi. Iiiii ihs la-tbodteti sapsctlj
Weak Kidneys Make
Weak Bodies
mum i  DISI \si; ni Bl - HAI i
nn i onion \< in i \mi in *
up \  VANCOl VER I'l ni'i I
\    aan,, wcnlt link weaken, a   ilnin.
weaken   the   whol"
lia.dv   nnd  Imateit   lhe tinnl   lirraking
tliciwork, .train., enlil.   and
injure the kidnci-,   nnd   »l     nelivily   in    le-cllcd   tin     whole
liodv  .uftei.  from  lln* iv.*-- of   un*
|n.i-i.n iitiulated  in   the liloml.
,    Ache,   nnil pnin. nnd   IntiL'U"'    ;''"'
miliary   ill.   come, 'and   lhan
cici in* ien«ini{   tendeii'V   UUttt   tt
atul latal Hrii;ht'ii i
Thm i» no rent help lor the -
"v*cpt kidney help.
r.a.a.ih- Kidney IMI- a. t dtlSctl)
nn Ihe kidney, and 'an, .*,.i. Ulney
ill cure, arc the piM,
I    Krank San'lcraon. of lloitleau. Sn-k ,
-ny.:   "I   had    Idsrsble   i'" iaai
nitli a i.iv Inm,* lm, k fan  -""" '"■"'
Aflcr Moopinn of Idling anitl '
, pnin. becntne very  -eietc   ""   I"""
Lag nl   ll.inlli'.  Kidn.y  I
■lllllll,     I     |l|aa.|||,i|     »      l'"V
•nnl     allel     11     -lii' ''	
pain,  and   lh,*  I o, . ■ ■
and   my   Link Wl  bttlta* a"'
*i     I  am  i
Booth'i   Kelt,, i    I'ill     *     a,   i*i.    Iin.*
1*111.  a I. |..| ,|.       ill      Korth      I
tfi i      ||      | |„      |    10       | ,     Ph illl a,   j
Y *   ■'      ^   *\ 'i
llll   III UN   llllll IVllli,
Soliril   VAM (lllll:
This properly has been subdivided into acreage blocks,
with street allowance taken
off, and is now ready for
sale. For prices and particulars apply to
The North Vancouver Land & Improvement Co.
Ln.. i.n.
Corner Pender and Seymour Streets OlTicial Agents
i H1111111 H4*»H4»Ht»fM'WH»M"H
Canyon View Hotel
Extt-nsive Gro Higb-claaa wrvict al nodanti ratm
I | -mtr Willi l| 1 i.iii I      II" . ■ Id' Iti) iMilarK' 'I
i |     t, ij| ■ : oi   (uiniii  Uouotaio,   Utittids (ooo (t11.
Scenic Delights     I'ishing      Hunting    Mountain Climbing
Unequalled for Holiday, Long or Short
:;   f. CANCKU.OH
M   ;
f 1111111 n 1111111111111111 n 11 n 111 n m 11 n n 11111111111 ri 11 n RIGHT
loottl   lln*  mini-  aiiil   ll Ih'i an*       i
elll'lent   local  mlua
l!\ll   *
single Iniert, III* per line
line Week, 7'    per Inu* per insei lion
tin.. M.uiili. *'*a* |,,*r Inn* per iniertlon
Needless Waste
Of inm-  jnil t'litrp   i.iii  dc .i.iinlr.l
hy iht mr nf our Cbntfid Want
Adi. Time itid i-ticrgy rrprocnt
gtMitl iliilljrs in thi> jf*r. Do no! cu-
(uu-t iht tn in an Jimlci Mich foi
((•HiJ hilp. Uh: ttur VS .int Atk and
thr help will MM to you.
..-*,-■-' -a, • « ■**-,«,
.1.   liiui.u   ami   \.ulh   l.on-ilale
I'l.I.*i   lliinili   lii.  lire  insurumr.
I'lii-Li'i   ll.i'i al   v per lb.  in   lliul.
min  A   II,nnl*,   I'riilay  atul  Snluiilai.
I'.    \.   |lall*al(,   uin,   Ini-   levntly    ie
turned Iross  il 'lh, has rented   i
li* ial,una*   ..(i    -  .   Ccune's    lie
LOCAL AND  PERSONAL        «* Nl3.S48.SS, rents] nf baihorihsdi
1101, 'iim, iiaitli,  deparlmenl, iwilchlug
M    ('.   Ie*"l   lm- '.'ion   a -niie  nl cin, a*i,.   x|ui,_'i',i',.i:i, grain oltvstoi
mint- In iln* Keilh block. .-Ha.'a.'.isTi'.in, flontiii-i  i-rone 18,309.110.
l-'iin, i   I'r.ib   Ipplei
llaiii.l..   I   lb.,   lur  -.Tie.
lln Lilian It
Mi   I'. ,\.  Ilai-imll li.i- moved   inli
lal-    liln*    nrll     li'-lil.un ,*    nn    tl|,.     Iii (n
Vou are nir* in gei quality romii
ii'iil  wnh priu' at  llu i'i   II,ani*.
II.  Mi lui oi Vancouvrr lm- rented
.In*     Isillulli.'i      |g|    in   lhe     I."ll'l.lie Harden, fan* ilu* wintir nihi.
(..,*,.i» He
llial    lha*
il   lli.'in.ii
,1 II
1- l**r   .il
I'l nlil
ainl  Sarin
II,     II,     I'.I..ill.I. I   Wall.oilier    llll-
e.l-i'il   a   In.u-i*  i.ii  illi    ir.i'l   which  lie
up)   -linril).
al.      llillilllllSoll
I   a   hnll ll
ai     \    Ilia, allll*
"-I.   I'tilric','.
H kaN'TKD  S , i  ■   ,,.| rook -mv,
heap.   "II. V. I      F.xprew Hlli.e. JO
W   Willi       \      * a, |    foi        a*     I
IliaU-eWauk. \M IM     Ulll        -llll'l
e.'l-l. it
ll WII H   ■  A    limited   number   aal
* • .'ihl.'   belie-   in    nmpli Ic  d        i
I'liiii* all   il. nil ,1...* \    lull     colli-.*
im linia ing,   ti ai'i'l ua' ing
hair dyeing uml bit tip treat-
ni'lit-.    fa* ial    mu-   *:>    nat     removing
utinkli-, hill-kin* ul- an l hlemiih I
iln*   -kin,   mania inin:'   .nnl  children'"
hair   cutting,   ni.*   i anal    bin
work  iu ail it- h      Hood   p *-i
tl"i.     .11,*   eal-ill     Ili il   111    gl'iuluuli -
fnun   lhi-  in liege.   I mu  ,    ,,|*oll-    II. In
In'i   Iiih    lull p.uii,ul .it. mt applicn
ti',11   t"   llie   --e.iel.lll .   Mi-.    I.lll   I'llll
ell, ('anadian Colli** I Hertnntolog),
733 IVmler St., \, i\-w, it. ('.
I.iiVI    \  I.ii kl..  li md painted, tun nm.  I'inl.*!* 1*1* i ..* leave it
tin- i.tlie.
In-l   im    «..,!**. .1,* ,   Sepl    21
-mull    green   parrot,     Howard,   Mi
I nlill-ll.   \l,*   Slllll    I". Hi
ln-i   l; *   I   Hi irt i ult oral   Ho let)
>ilier    llml il.  , ngraved  on   i
Xorlh   im ouvei   lb.ilimliai al -,, i
et).  Real  ' ollertion Fruit, Vt  ■   Aie
.'lllll    I'lnlle,   .    I'll".    Sl u  ,1*1.        f,
I   ,    K. . ..   .    li'll      Uml. .1"
I'll REST  linden •' I .'
wilh hiiphi.,. ;,u,l*.    Ipplt, HIT
I In*.n*i Iii'iii,
Ml -IlkniiV-   |rullh H .li        fr.-h
■. .i   >i ng, limited   upply, Phone
I'uii  - \l I   i I firavei  :• ii   Ap
pUl     , leap,       \|a|a|a*       Mi'i     | ,an l.l
lv * l„ ,    li
lm;   -\l I        Raddle   nr    Drivini
Ila. ■», harm I hu ' ■ ip,   tp
|,|-   .1. I'. Dnbherly, ' lv lerBeW  1 *
li.ln,,il   ITll,    llel   l-lh     11* <■' . >
lal-*      I,,       SI.i"H        I   ll      IH'I   Ul   la
, .   '. * nl. niial   I**'   I;
mg   Hiuiiii,* i, *n  -nuill   nt   K.iil,
l;,„i,l,  , .      .*i   M       *     l   ■      a" I    ll'-l
\„a|.,.*.- \      * Ill
nl.ll  . I    Ml* I'lll
I,   •
I III,        11.. i      I,..nil       I a.      Ill
I *.ii ilil,*. so
V V. I'rep.ini in    nnl he
-t   Joha'i I'lcii'i   ll.dl, i
MI-s \   Q, I   ORADWI I I
M      l.M Donald, la ( '1"   I"
 i ttorj  •*'
■     ,*|M*     ptlpill      I'l     I'l
I   .    , ,   I'll :tl.l -I
will be ready to (111 your ordin on
or before October 1st. They will
carry s full line of building sup-
pliea. Get the best. They have it.
A trial order will convince yon of
that. Get your coal before thc
rainy Reason sets in. Head
(|ii,'irters on corner of Esplanade
and St. George, North Vancouver.
Phone 259 Terms Cash
li. Rooil Ul.* pee lh  lor rash  s
lln lainain  ,v   Ili-mls  Friday  and  Satur
*i. rimerie nnd lamil)  line moved
into  llu* -nit.-  iu  the  Allan block   nt
the corner ,,f I'h-i itreel and St  i,.,,
Ige'-    Al.'UUe.
Haiti i:\ll.\TS    nl*    Sill*'.    I'lll
CHASED    m\ I him,   i I.i is I'.    IN
.MOUTH   \ wnii Vlll   PROPERTY
•lohn    I'.    Ilmiila-    Iiii-  Marled    the
Predion   nf   a   liillilL-e   nil   '.'.illl   street
a-a-t anil another ,,n Mth street east,
Mr.   and  Mr-.  It.   II.   Parkin  nf   '.linl
-He,*!    lell    fnl'   \ ielnrial   ve-ti'lil-iy     tn
attend   the   Victoria exhibition.
Mi.    11.   II.  Hraim    i-    Diking    arrangement! for the tall hum   la  I ""
.11   riier.    II..  i-  looking   up   _'" "I
in. pi. ' ■   in  iln* u iv of liiini. tra.
I. *_■.*   II.   I    all,ill.   M.l'.    i-    i*\|le. t,*,|
to   Im'   nil,*   ni    llll*   prim i | alll   -|w.ik,'l - it
the Hoard a.f I nul.*'- lir-i .iiitiiiitl liaii
a|il.*t   Iii be held  lure Ofl  lb"   Ith  nf 11'
Ml.     11.     Philip     i-    ,*\|»*a  IC'I     IO     I* ti*'
in,III lln* li.alili this wetk. Hi- lia* lul-
,1, In inn in Haul for hint and it i-
|u,il,,li|e    llial   he    uill       	
I.lllal   nf   a      llljil i -a-   llilell    lie   ||t"liv ■*».
Ile    i   .     lml*   .1.    Brewer    have    hen
iu.inled  the rontrorl  tot* lit,* BoBnlr*
i imi    ,,f    ii   re-idriee    nil    l'u**' (i-li'iri
II* a In   ti,. Mi. I'. T.ipp.n nl Vancou
M    th n    lull   in-t    Ih'Iwis*II   -.'lell   1111,1
eii'lii thouaand dollat
\,    \      \l in Ul.     bal-   BWVSd  inl"   In-
new lum-,' i...mii  couplet .1 (ui   -iIi
.*ti,i*i.    The I >' which In* I*
mpied mi 13th -n.ei up io the Ibsj
of hi- removal will I.e leased bv bb
-mi 11,*.,|,ji. ami fatnili.
\1,* uill  1,11V  iu   eJchOngl  null' sl.aVes,
nul In Imlil goada Inr   "|«>i
caih, Turner's, Tu lun-dilc Avenue.
I'linlli*  I-l.     I'.U.  Il.iv  IIS.
Ud.  Ma Sei-li.   "lm iin- ali-i'lit  Irmn
aim nu   ,.n .iii.* Iill-illi-s  tn  the nap
iini,   returned  mi  Tuesday  ivenlng,
M,-. Fugler .af Piril itrsel uill   re
reive   mii  Monday and   even    lir-t    nf   iln*   ISOnth   flll'iuiil! [,
Mr-.  II. Hordes aiml   dseghter
lively ii,   lull  ye-ieidiiy   (or     1 ia In*, i,
where   ilmi    mil   -|iiuiil   a   feu*   dai*   ,
mn governmeni.
lliiil     fl inllil-. I I ,     ,     I ' • ,     ,       |        ,,
I he   Iniul   ntiuinin   o.   I* -., I- to |,ci ll
In*   ll. ther mil ..i'iii')' llr. t'nnip   '"    Hontraal dorki during  lhi   ien
hell'-    nil l.r    M.     S     11*11,11,11'.    »S      ll.Ml,   will,   all   ntfgregutl      1"H
Tin-   total ili-lui, lenient I  Irom   rev
 ie ii.-i,* 1085,7111.73, ami the iiinminl
c\|"ii,li..l    ,,a    |.api| J    ;, uniiti'     wns
1878,710,73 for   tollowinj   purpom
lieu   stiud   iliedl,   li.tli ■ a I   iln|ilii\eltl(.|lts,
elevntnt*   miniim-,   groin   slsvator,
floating crane, liunmotive*, ei.*.
The  debelilure   debt   of   lhe   corpora
nmi ai 11. *•, * i.i i.. i :il ii i it ilil.nlij.iiiin
"I ulmh 111,1911,  i-   in llie  I'liinTi
drug    -lore   all, l* Hit.   Ist   until
Campbell ii'iuin- from l-'rnnee.
UUL''* nf 9,1167.1*17. I ll** I'lll'ln "liis li'i' ii ili um* a- f.'Inu-: !t"l tram
■iilauiii*   vemeli   nil'   nn    nggr.iate
i uu'e of   l,i:ti;,'ii.:i.   JVQ  m mi nn
pmvitva vmeh willi a "ial ninii ge
"I   174,430    ami   II.1'ilil    nl,,ml   i, -el*
mth n total Man agu of :l.I It',.I'.'l.
I In*  repoi i   ,ln ule- tin* harbor  a*
nniiiinililnin intu IWO ,1 '-•'*, ill** Hi
*.ml .las- i|i*-ii_*n ilillL' Inw letel uli.ii
les   williout   ih .1-   or i* |'i | nl     nnil
ilie lir-t Hon rompri- .1 11 high le\el
protlctsd    wllin.i    mth   ale,|,     Uil.u.
l.-rtnaii* nl -hmi . lailua, n nius i n
grain -liipiiiiin ,',i.iini..., paved up
I"".i*■li,-. eti. 'Hie popularity nf the
lirst ilns- iccommodation wilh '-lii''
moiten i- evidenced Irom tin* - ■ I
iiii-iii- iti.'ide mi the ■ llii ih *t befon
these lir-t  clill lacl'i i - w.r.* uie h 1
,>in| .hipping companii -   wo il
mil   ii,*,*,*|i|   nny   nther  and   al the  date
*,l ilm report the rammtmiotwn had
ippliretloai (ruin renponilble ihlpping
mmponiw  lor  over   twsat] Ivs   per
* nui. mm,*   in -i .I:,-*, |i. ommoditioi
tlian   ill t   li  il   .ii liiahle.    The'i,
producing power <>f ihs Iwo k n'- ol
n * .luiinoilntioll i- eii ii nun',* .inpli a'
ieally in lavor of he '*i-i * In s final
in,- a- lhe t,*i,*iiiie fi,,,n
llii-   -ion-,,'.  |i*r   lineal  fool   ,,f    ,|iiay   ua- ovsr thru i ■ -   thai o1
ila,•    --■* nllil     . |,l   -     .,* ■ nl, III,niltl,,11,    IU,I
uilh-taiullll^   lhe  lad   that   'li"   I   li**
liael    lln*'l a'     ami      iSgSI
I he toll] uriitl .hi itor ■ aipaa ill of
the  poll   i-   l.lll'.l'l'   Man-.
I lie    liail.'U    antllini   - nil   r-    lllll'll* IUC
I   appll. a'n.n    to   tin*   llotniin,
"'inelil   for   ll \l  u-i."     ai     . .
bound in f ih,- harbor nadir theit
control to im hid'* both Mn "I   tht
river    'loWII     I"     llll'    t""t     aaf     'Ila |
III      Ma,llilell    alll'l    llll.lllll    M,    1*1    ll       -'
M,    Li-Roan ind daugh n ..i i hllli 'l"'' "'ark.    The total leagth ••(   Ih
ua.k    ami   ilau-hlei     WHS   in   ill"'  * ill | In" l'*u ,  in, ■i-uied  lion)   lli    *eHi,*
,,n Tliiii.,lay  * ailing . n Irl ndi.    M
\ meetini ol thi local broach of Iht
Bible   Sn. lull    I-   In   lie   held    till-   el ill
ihl' ai the renidenoj nl Mr. ami M,-
i„*,,. \. Ml1, mi bv, I..lm Knoi
(fright, prmincinl necietoty  al lhi **
. iell,   uill   Is*   pmwnl    ulul   will   L'ile all
The , .iiu-iii tnundationi ihii an 11
inn pul in fnr tin' Keilh mul Bank ,.l
Hamilton block* ut Ihe comer of Kirei
-ll.e!     imi     I on-.Illlt*     Ale,   iri       s   ,*|a
ihai ilmi would I"* a credit to ' vsn
the largeil buildingi In \ iBoonvsr,
Mr. ninl Mi-. I'lenuin ,,l Sdmonton,
nre   the   L'ile-1-   tm   a   -Iimt   vi-it    nf
Mrs. tiill ,,f ISth itreet,    Durln   lhi
ilmk ll(,-te— and 'jll,-'- are -|H'la,lill:
a (ew  iliiv-  at   lhe . ipllll,   Mr-.  Cleg
uin i- a iliter nf Hn, iiill.
Mr.   I..   I',.   llnalLV.  ul...  In-  hehl ''**
pi.-iiinn a.l I...,,! minager "f ths I'.
i , let,ph ine Compan) lm* ■ tamidet
able tint,., Imt whole tei .nat Cn take
i'ini e tomorrow, i- mov'ng to Van
Him,.f ihortly where Jn' - going  hi"
liu-ine-s   lm   him- If.
Mi-- Muriel Pugler returned the hi
ginning nl the wmk looking much  t*
tre-hiil      11-      ll     M-ull     nf     h'*l       tllli-
iit,iiith-' vacation.    IVhile   away   -he
s|»'ltl inn-l iif her tun.* in Sal.iii. Si a
side, Seattle ami I'mI'timl. Hie tiip
wss ma.-1 enjoyable ihrnugl i.
The    tien.ll    (or    ill*    , ill'-    |i   in li
iniui ilong tba* liim 1 aii")  rood   i-
 I'leteil    "ill    a-    lar   a-     II..-km'*
imnl.       Pipi     l,.l ilt;     laa-     . on III is!
from tile (ill end ami l- I IS uilliin
alioul half a mile uf the I um  \ all.
i'llllll    -Inli*.
^l ou can make ili i vacation tlic one
o( your wholi 1 Ir if you come to us (or
GUNS and
Our stock is complete und reliable,
and will pyc jn It*. I s;tt sf.niion.
paine & McMillan
I Ik- nonet t I larawan
NORTH VANCOUVER      ■       B. C.
nf th,* * kinnal i   sun In.'.'l mile
I eli'nnv inu* I* iei a 1.'. a le ranch   HI
tin*  \ alley inuluai   li ti,,,'ii   llnlnii li ..
and  l|,i-e,lale a les   nm ith-  ,,..,,   ami
Hub   i  mu   i"  i-i I iin'*;  a  nmi
|u,li,*li-iie   -. heme   ..I   I,ails.I . \teti-nui
- U * 11   a-    WOUld    |'l ."     Mo' In'   I ll 1.(1   1
ii i- ilu. Intention la ntlvel) lOjig ..( the loraa*o*l i    ol  lhe   world,
iu tartaiag awl Iruil i *' sg.      fh t ihe   i*m* el.-m   and lh  ,'nt Wirineei
in verj much pi..' with Chl iwai-k u i.* .1 .   *. n  n i.- i i....
a- a home   io*  in.l u   Imu |,|.i ,* i ,,i   I peon   porti   ind   ai.,*i    with
but a -hmt ah   oa    ii  in ibe -iiiiei the  i. ult   I, ai  a    h*i I improve
isl line ..f ih* I jiiieli n Sort hern the wmd* Ut  hen sdoprid which i-   in
|iii..|«..i-   .in*   bright   ie   nnilli   dim l,*|ii|,ll   In  l«*    allliil   nlil   uilliin     tl„
lion.    Mi.  and  M--.   I ,11,,'H   le-nli-l mi Mil   'uelie  mat-,   -n, li    ,-   will      *'*.
ISth  -tie t  |,M'in.ii    in moving   lo ii»* nul.* ,,i *l„ port f.i
Chilliwack. pMiod,    TU  tkU  chirorted
* *.-    Siwhigh
HpmALnmirRH ';;•'      !;v ;:;''"T„
'J I    Ill    le   -I-   il' ll   llnlll   I""    Ma -I"
Ila,-.,..,   |l,,,n,".7ii,      Wil  I.*   held hn    is   lem.,1,   giving    au    a
.*„   s,.   .i„i„,'. aiun.i,  „,i   - In tnmlap ..I  IM«« I brtj    ssi
,1 ,,,(|    „,,!, I"ii  lei .-I 'i'iii-. i i.ii.',' ."..-mi   leet;
The  church w,ll  li,.
letahle. in  len    stn A"'-    "'" '" "    H e"'
mu   ii,,l   wilh H""i   n'i "' I.ii*1'.
MlllTII    V Willi \ lit   (IIU III SIH \
Mu i.    -ii|i|ili'*il   tnr   ilnitie-,   ""
etc,   |'. n. Boa -Jl.   ITi"ii" IMI".    II
I liam e,  violinist   nnd  lender.
I  1-1   \|n\l \   full MM   !
\l    ma*   1...I.U   if   mil   kia.oi    am
me  who   want-   a   HlngM   Howll      v
lune.     I   lllll   |,,ll    inu   16, I'l'l"
, ,i  I,       II     I. P., I  *|*i.
Il.iu.-I-,   luul-    .'Hill
or  "f   tb i-ion   ai"l   |.** i *l   *i
ii *- uill hi bel.l by Ihs dnr, Rsv, '""   'i'1"" »* I   ts '
Hooper, ni the  ling sad ir,   I". ""'' ""»" ""   ' ''""■    ;'
K. Row. is t -wring. '""*   -'""'•'""'  l"1"        "
|* 1,1   i nlu  .
Tlie  da'l'lll   nl   Wai el    m   lb,111,, || ll n
-I '"'"   Ol    'I"'   -""tli.I'lM" !„„.   ,,„!,..    ,,,,,„    ,|,„,v     ,,,    ,|,„
" ' las Kna.i.nn Central Is  pn ,ivl , Ullv ,,, ,,„.       ,,, w.„
,ee.lii,i: .,|',,.e. and Port   Uinta I   ra y,,,^,,,,,, ,|,,.,.   ,„ \„,,,,,\,.,
""i"-   ' I    '" ■ I1"""'* ,,,,.„. _ \v, | ,,| ,.„|, ,,*„.
Ila.     la.u  I      Male. ■*...*.a.^.....*....^«.^a»«^..*a»—aw.a...««a..««
■ih i reek hn hm |.l.*i.d    sad
i   , I    iii*i*i ■ *     ihe im. Bgkllng In
ihll,       ol    ll*   , lU    nt    Itelel-I.lke.
\\<  m -uli- igi nt- in ii'l lit1    only    BftMfl
(Imt    |'l.i i-
.tiiUf   if   tlii \   do   I I
Try r pair   '
\n.| bi   .''.\ n ■ il
I'.- ibo*!) '■  Ratlra •! Imu
li.l S,.k l„
Gi nts Clothing,        I'liinkl i'
a I- ami Sinn v
Ladii i', innl
Chii Ir
I hr "Merrill Hi   ihl    intei   i   h ivi
latl'll    11',|U1M>,|    1,1     , II        Ink 	
|*iI,I       U llll      111, ■'   il a,,   , |, ||    III,.
1 i.titili "OHITION
i   u   lar  li ul le    onliilnui.  yoatki 111".      ■ a.. I... I. I.-.
I*', ill ( a ,   -[    n  .       Ilfidga"
,,,*       HaM        ,,'  I,        la-    ,'   i  I        'la  I,,    .  *..  |     I  ,-
I       IV,i* I.e.    p|um>     Hid     i|*|i|i-      III"'
ilie -uniil oil ufering.  "f  lhi diitricl
iai.I ladle in ih. Hold ial "Wiist " ot
railwa* telegraph'/, Binm lhi * hout
las berame laTertive snd lisn lhi
Win-leu   a,,in|iiini,-   ire    ■ lablishing
i i'i.*a   throughoui i'i ntrj than
i i i.'i..;,i -luu, a.. ..( ttlegrsphsri.
I'., ition   i'.n beginnen Iran   I"'1  ("
sm per nu.nth. with good .hun I
id' .i, .iinin    Tl..   Nil ail   leliurul'li a Cnntord
InititUtl    o|..ra!.-    -i\    ofli inl    ItUtl'
1 new   -aw,iiill iiiiii   , ,I.nia   , ,,|,.,. m
,(    lll.lltNl   I,*,*I     ,ii.I   llll ,    i I. ii,     ,,   i      I-     I"     ha     • I,*   *,*!     t*.,l|iwit||     III
Coldyke Brtklnq Powder
[wo 16 oz. Tins for 35c
J. A. & M. McNjLLAN
ind  Esplanade
i   i
,1     llilell   .1.     a,(liii I        ll|li*rl|*li"tl lit
It. It, aiul Wlrelni "III* ml- aiul pUoH
all *.., aihial,*. Into |a'i-ili"li. It will
pi) inu M. unl,* ihein lot I'lll d tubal Dsvsnpoi ■ 11. i un iii iii, ii., Pact
land, (ii,*. "i Hemphiii Ta Ml.
Tenders will he received up to
nix o'clock p.m., on Monday, Oct.
3rd. ln10, for the comtruction of a
business hlock at the south west
corner of Lonidale Avontte and
Sixth stree> Plans and specifications may be seen at the
grorcry store of A. R. Steacy,
Lou alaia   Avenue.
The luwi'st or any tender, not
necessarily accepted.
SANITARY   IV-l-li luu
Mi   I . Hm  '     ia  •    ppointsd
unitary   ttwpai ioi ip ,i
It) of **>i,uili 1 in nuvn I ni nl
Sllll   II    III "Hln       I li'"     a* a   'uell
lv ipptirinU liil   'I..   I*,.
i riilenllal-  iiain -    in .1 In   .*\|»ri*,
CANADA'S i.m \ii -i i*t,in
'lhe    atliiiliil     mi
Hoards    "f    Bsrhi
throughout   il"' Dot n,    Silt,    IW, !     Old     i«
ill  |iiii'lieular  Inti rt
(net.  whu h   il   	
to   llie  halb'U   "I   Mi.HM* il
Th,. total   tsvei
hoard   Iai   ll  ;j 16,
dlitributod ii lolloi     II
Covering the Ground
Oui Iini' nf niii   hum al   paints
is till' llln-l  US' lul 10 lltlllsi'liiilil-
, r- bat ntw ii  i ran mora sur-
i o. ami const qui nil) |oas lur-
llnr than olln i ami ll H i. lilbla
All the Popular Shades
in general use arc ban , ami we
Hiiaiantia    im 11   tan In Contain
null tii" baal {round, whiti It 11
ami linaaad oil paint.
117 Lim I'l*"" 119
I7lh Slri-rl -Hall hltn k nil I .tuistliili' Ave.
lacing souih, <■(> x l4rV. Ictt, prm- $1800,
I -4 cash, balance (>, 12, 18 and 24 months.
li' a, Bttati. I lOani, Iniurioi ■
219 Lonsdale Avenue       - North Vancouver
Wc operate the only padded furniture and piano
moving van in the city. . .
N. V. Cartage Co.
11 nn-dile Ive.
I'lltlNI - . Ill


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