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Same prices, and in some cases
cheaper than city.
$\\t IxpWHB
H. A. SiUW
Real Estate and Insurance
Vou fill And It ir-.ily to rour .alv.ui.n. lo
■I. ti,. Mori ,'lfiiliit .nr deal,
On the shores of the great
Pacific ocean, Canada's natal day
will be celebrated in tlie entbyro
ambitions city of North Vancouver in such a way as will do
proud to an empire whose power
and might and majesty are the
Wonders of storied centuries.
Children of this great dominion,
we glory in the tradition and
history of that proud guard of
human progress, we send a
message of love across a broad
continent and wide sea to tbe old
folks at home, with the assurance
that we glory iu the prowess and
courage and proudly boast ourselves, daughters iu our mother's
house, if mistress iu our own.
It is fitting then, that the vast
industrial progress made, the
civilization that characterizes
Hiitisli institutions, the ever increasing movement towards philanthropic .Unit and religious upbuilding, lli.it we on this fringe oi
the continent duly celebrate the
Iniili ul a dominion long mu of its
swaddling clothes and just entering upon « magnificent destiny.
1'r m i ai we are ol the old land,
piiiai'i siili are we that undo)
Canadian'ski.« ii was futcd that. day.
lil    A! lis shi'iilld li.lVi-  iir-   lirgillll-j     ,- -   ,      _,    ,     ,    .
6      I    ureal interest is being   mam
iug, and lie were an infinite and , .,  , >    .-,      . ,      ,
tested in tbe   motor   boat   rati
liuwurtiiv of liis 1,niiii iiiui,  whu ...i,   , . i   , . i. ,i     ■>■„ ,
a . wli.ch takes place on tlie 1'irst o
.iiii u.ii glory iu llie magnificent 11,
pii'ii'.a which liis native laud  is
tests with some years ago will be
used on Monday on First street
Tlie teams competing are: Cedar
Cove, Steveston, Indian Mission,
Vancouver old-timers and North
Several bets are already up on
thc horse races.
A large number will take in the
dance iu tbe Pavilion in the evening.
Tlie ferries will ply between here
and the city every fifteen minutes
on Monday.
The music committee saw to i)
that there would be plenty ol
bands ou band.
All that now remains is for thi
sub-committees to carry out th.
details to ensure success.
The sports committee have dr
termined that only three minute:
will elapse between events.
Get Cuduey & May, thc locai
sign artists, to paint you ,i>
artistic sign tor the First of July
The deviation committee wil
Iress the lown second lo  none  ii
I iis holiday attire  for   Douiihior
making uudui the wise counsel and
capable administration of bis
majesty's councillors,
On this occassion; as ever, the
oceans join hands ami sing the
sweet song.uf freedom, justice and
"The Sorrows of Salan" won':
be in it compared with tin
celebration committee's sorrow il
it rains on the First."
A young lady, not many blocks
away from this ollice, will be one
stranger within   its  gates,   and
ensures a delightful holiday to all
liberty,   - Noilb Vancouver joins ink1 <■"- contestants in thc ladies'
the glad procession, welcomes the} r»wlag race o£ a mile.
The K. of P. excursion, from
Bellingbam, per steamer City of
Whatcom, will arrive here at
UO00.   About t*oo are expected.
Vancouver City held an official
Dominion day celebration annual I \
for  2o years.    North   Vancouver
sliould hold it the same number«
those who participate with us in
what cannot help being a joyous
Occasion. Our gates are open,
the latcli-'string'rfnly needs to be
touched, and there will follow one
<jf the most memorable days of
(un and frolic lhat will ivsound to
the credit of this new city and give
joy to those privileged te share in
"lie festivities,
The tast.s of everyone have
been catered for. Nortli Vancouver will put ils best  (out   fop-
iiinsi and promises to do that. A
biiliiatit success is herewith
It's up to the weather.
Prepare ai Dominion day.
Everybody ihould decorate.
Who said it-would rain on the
1 be Vancouver couocill is coming.   Welcome.
Buy an official celebration badge)
on the First ol July.
Don't let anything come between
you and a good time.
North Vancouver's first annual
Dominion day celebration.
Make     tbe     Dominion      dy
celebration outshine all others.
Five first-class brass bands will
dispense music on the coining gala
The committee is especially
pleased wilh the programme it
will lie enabled to run off for th
iimisi incut and benefit of our
guests, our visitors and our
The local hose team is very
speedy, At practice the other
evening, Chief Dick tried to lead
the pace on a bicycle, but was dis
lanced, Hy Monday thc team will
fairly fly.
The whole aim and motto ol the
Committee lias  been:    "The  best
celebration yet held in H. C.; the
entertainment, sports aud attractions, and the most Successful
Dominion day to date."
The celebration committee arc
doing great work, among the
faithful is to lie found the Uarhcr,
Bert Campbell. Common usage
the past week back has established
a custom of when you want a
Tahave'first go ana find lhe barber.
Ile will doubtless be found in the
back room of P. Hums & Com-
^^^ pany's butcher shop, with an air of
Have.a good time on the First pJO-foana.wj|uOBIl contdmplatlng «
and l,elp..'V,',y„ne else to  do  tile  ,„,„„<,,,,,, ,„ly of   „fi||r(,s    amt
h'""' ■ : other data, bearing on programmes
"Eat, Drink and He Merry On I mid sports,   By makinir a mental
ihoFirsl foi the Next Day You note ol this you will   probably
U iy Uie." A save yourself time,   should   vou
llii-  laitu   liiisi  ieel that   ilielwish a shave   before   Dominion
Vancouver team won al) ila con- d»y.
Following are the committee
who arranged for tbe lirst annual
Dominion day celebration at North
General committee—R. Chance,
Geo. Bartley, A. It. Steacy, C.
MacKenzie, J. G. Phillippo, J. A.
McMillan, Birt Campbell, J. C.
Williams, Dr. Dyer, H. R. Heffell,
J. E. Jorgenson, Chief Joe
Capilano, C. Mee, II. M. Kansay,
J. A. Fullerton.
J. G. Pbillippo, chairman; Geo.
Bartley, secretary; H. R. Heffell,
The following sub-committees
were struck:
Reception—Reeve and council,
J. C. Keith, A. St. G. Hamerslej
unl Alex. Smith.
Finance committee—-R, Steacy.
\. Gibson, J. A, McMillan, C.
McKenzie. J. C. Kerlli, A, Ii
Kealy, W. J. Irwin, W. Morden,
A Larson.
Music and dancing- B. Camp
. ell, R. Chance and  Dan   Martin
Transportation—J. G. Phillippo,
Gen Bartley, A. St. G.Haitt-jrslu-
A. R. Steacy and II. R. Heffell.
Decoration—W. J. Irwin, V
..arson, J. J. Woods uud Ale.-.
Field sports—C. McKenzie, Dr
iJyer, B. Campbell, t.. II. Did,
Alex. Gibson, R. Chance and G.
Aquatic sports—Roy Wheeler
C. E. Durston, Dr. Dyer, Captain
Gosse, Dan Martin, J. J. Woods,
J. N. J. Brown, G. E. Jorgenson.
Printing—Geo. Bartley and J.
G. Pbillippo.
io  A.M.   AQUATIC   SPC.S -ES
I. Open Anialiirc l.apstreak Outrigger Skiff: i MiKs with Turn.
i. Tub Race,   jo Varils
,). Ladies Single Skull with Coxswain; I Mile with Turn.
4. Four Oared Gig; i Mile,
j. Greasy Pole
ringer; i Miles with Turn.
fi. Double    Skull    l.apsircak    Oul
7 Boys' Double Skull Lapstrcak
JOutrigge, under u> .v.'.irs; i  M
with Turn '
X Ladies' Double Skull Row Boats
with Coxswain; I Mile wilh Turn.
<i. Double Canoe Race; i Mile wlih
in   lour   Olltd   l.ap-trcak   Fresh-
men's Crew; Two Miles with Turn.
ii. Amateur Single Skull fm ite-
5. icj Yards Dash, Amateurs,
6. J20 Vards Run, Amateurs.
7. \\ Mile Run, Amateurs.
8. Vi Mile Run. Amateurs,
0. Kkk Race for Ladies. J5 Yards,
to. Blindfold Race with Coach, 50
..11. Hoot Race, 50 Yards.
12. Three-legged Race, 100 Yards.
1 J. Military '-Relay for J-'natermiJ
14. Hall Relay for  Hoys.
15. Married l.dies' Race, 50 Yrds.
Golden West Sop Race
16. Single Indies' Race, 50 Yards.
17. Wheel Barrow Race, 100 Yards.
18. Obstacle Race   too Yards.
19. Hose Race fnr Firemen.
a to 4 P.M., Children's Sports on
Green, Esplanade.
I. Ilnys' Ra(je. Under 10 Years. 50
.'. Girls' Race. Under to Years, 50
J, Hoys' Three-legged  Race.
4. Hop, Step ami Jump,
5. Broad Jump,
fi. Girls' PotalOC Race.
-. Runt Race  Ilnys.
8. Root Race, Girls.
.1. I...vers' Race.
tn, Roys' Potato.' Rare.
3 to 4 P. M., Caledonian Sports.
1. ton Yards Dash.
!. ion Yard*  Run.
,). Running Long Jump.
3, Running Long Jump..
4, Pole Vault.
5, Running High Jump,
fi. P-.ttl.ig the Shot.
7. Tossing the Caber.
8. Swnrd  Dance.
0. Highland Fling,
10. Scotch Hornpipe.
Hon* Rica!.
i. Gentlemen's   riding  race—
Cup, value $50.
1. Hill-mile race, open-Prize,
thc ferry company's capacity to
handle the big crowd such as we
hope may result next Monday.
What is tbe reason tbe wharf on
this side is left to take care of
itself, and after dark it is a
menance to public safety? There
used to be a few lights, but now
there is only one. Yours truly,
Noam Vancouvkk.
North Vancouver, B. C, June
28, I906.
Liquor Question.
To the Editor of Tn-iKiPaiaa:
Sir,—I have been instructed Ly
the committee of householders appointed by tbe public meeting of
April 27th, to ask you to be so
good as to publish the following
report: "Tbc committee felt it
their duty to ascertain the wishes
ol the people with regard to the
proposed hotel license. A largely signed petition has been presented to tbe commissioners and
supported by counsel. The commissioners have consequently
postponed the issue of a license,
and the question cannot be
brought up again until their next
Meeting in September, in the
meantime the committee propose
to learn Hie wishes of- North Vancouver With regard to the sale of
"liquor" 00 Sunday aud ils consequences. We (eel that a great
step forward is made when those
in authority are given the opportunity of bearing both sides of a
question."   Faith lolly yours,
Ricii'kii M.iri'iv.
North Vancouver, li. C, June
6, 11/06.
Church Notices.
3. Ha'f.mile     pony     race, _ «4JsT. AHDMff'S PRKSnYmiANCHURCH,
hands, best two beats in 3- Prize, j sixr,i strkit.
*5o; entrance fee, »J, I    Servicc „„ S|ln(Uy „ „,„.. „
4. Cowboy race, half-mile dash,;,, a. „,, an,l 7:30 ,,. „,. Morning
horse used for cow purposes— subject, "The Early Christian
Prize. U5: entrance, ii.yt. I Church"; in the eveninn,  "God's
5. Half-mile dash, Indian pony Seal."
race -Prize, $25. Sunday school at i;jo p, m.
OFFICERS. Moodyville school at 7:30 p. m.
,  ,        ,, e. 11 ,i'    Lynn valley school at 7:30 p. m.
Judges—Messrs.  Steacy,  Dyer  ami        ' ' ' '  •
Time   Keepers.—Messrs,
Christian Endeavor on Wednei-
fjjp.,,11, day at 7:30 p. m. iu the church.
Choir practice ou Saturday at
8 p. 111. in the church.
Strangers Welcomed to ill these
Paston R.v. J. D.Gillam,M.A.
Raffcl and McMillan
Referee, -C McKenile.
Starter.—Mr, Bothwcll.
Clerk of Course,—S   Campbell
Scorer,  Gen. Dartley,
Announcer.- G, 1    Walker
Chief Marshall.-.), G, Dick,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ i    .1 ■   -     ' 'lilted mul must there
idcnts ol Nortli Vancouver, Special lore be made ai oui.e
Pri«   presented   by   Mr,   J. N. J.    \t0, yMr, m,„i v ,pp|, ,„ rjamp
Brown. r|IC||'S Harder Shop or P, Dunn & CoJ   Third Sunday alter Trinity, Julv
ij. Motor Dual Race.
ij, Indian Canoe Race, 11 Paddle
14 In,hm i.og killing Contest    ■ str
15. Indaiu   Ilnys'   CaUOc   Race,   ill
john'j church,  cormrr
IKVRNTH asi. utiattlNlll
si ruts.
Meat  Market, North Vancouver, "r.ist   • Hot.v   Communion   (plain),
nt Vancouvei Athletic Club, Vancou- K a. m.
Re Ferry.
Evensong and pic
paration (or Hol.V Communion, H
p. m.
Friday   Evensong aud practice
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       8(7:40 I 111.
Sir,-There arc two things that!    Next Sunday, July  Nth   Hntv
may spoil our local Dominion day Communion 'sung) it 11:30 a. m.
celebration: the first is a wet day,;   Every Sunday -Mattins, even*
which we devoutly pray may not song and sermon, 7:30 p m
be; the other   is   in   lhe   town     Pirst   Friday   of the   month--
l'i. Indian Tub Race. 50  Yard
1 10 a, P.M. INDIAN SPORTS, Bs.|To the Editor oi Tin: Exrai ss
1 joo Yards, Dash
.'. 100 Yards Uasn.
3, Old Man'-. Race
4- Hoys' Race. Under Ifi Years. 100
Yards. H	
j, I authorities'powor to see does not I Guild   devotional   seivicc, 430
.happen,  and that   is   llie   ferry p. m.
I company.    At present it  looks as      Tbc Hoi v COMMUNION on Sun
I if the transport service on that day , day, July 1st, will be offered as a
I will be in an awful tangle.   There special Act ol Thanksgiving to Al
has been so many changes made i mighty Gon for tbe privileges He
lately, none Of which has been to has bestowed upon us as citizens
the public's advantage (with thc of this great Dominion, and of In-
solitary exception  of  the  half-tersession for His aid in the carry-
hourly vi'i, *     that we   cannot ing out ol out great rcsponsiluli-
jhel|* expressing guv doubts » to tics.
5. Hoys' Race, I'n.lcr Ifi Year
5 to 6 P.M., Victoria Tark.
Inili.in Lacrosse Match
Band Concert in the Evening,
3 to Jljo P.M., Field Sparta, First
1   Sark Rare
■ Pniam* Rice loi Girls
.1    ,       ' a "I     "'   I     I "
•  100 Vard   I».. li  1 Ipen
Mrs. J. Bowe, Alkali Lake, is
visiting friends here.
Capt. Cates dug new potatoes in
bis garden on Monday.
Miss Kirkpatrick, Ashcroft, will
spend the summer here.
John Elwood, Belliagham, paid
thc town a Hying visit on Sunday.
Arthur G. Smith barrister, has
opened offices in lhe Thompson
Miss R. Pclon, sister to Mrs.
Groise, First street, is ill aad un*
der the doctor's care.
J. Davies, of North Vancouver,
returned from a trip to California
this week.
A young Nitnrod, from Vancouver, caught a youog deer in
North Vancouver on Tuesday.
Miss Gladys Peaccy entertained
a large number ol her Vancouvei
and North Vancouver young
Iriends last Monday afternoon in
honor of her birthday. All enjoyed themselves to the fullest. Miss
Peacty proved to be an admirable
J. N. J. Drown lias put up a
silver medal for the one mile
single-scull race on Dominion
There arc extraordinary fine
specimens of roses now at Coronci
A. IJ. Diplock's residence.
The While Smith gooseberries,
grown by II. Williams, are the
finest we have seen this year.
They are as large as pigeon eggs.
John V. Black, photographer,
Vancouver, will take several celebration pictures on Monday.
S. Martin, ol the Western Corporation, broke bis leg on Monday while log rolling. Dr. Dyer
set the injured limb.
Lady Evelyn Montfort, London,
was a guest ai the Hotel North
Vancouvei >,u Tuesday.
Mr. U. T. Chapman, C. P. R.
train dispatcher at Brandon, wife
and child arc guests ol Mrs. Geo.
|. Phillippo of this city this week.
Mrs. J. J. Godfrey has returned
to North Vancouver alter a prolonged visit lo Fisher Main, 11. L
Geo. A. Binney and family, of
Tacoma, arc guc tl at the Hotel
North Vancouver.
B. J. Mitchell, of Pincher Creek,
Alberta, was in town this week.
He reports business good in the
prairie country.
Is is said a man dies but once
and lives again. We're thinking
thai some men in order to get a
J1 ink in thc nest world, after (lying lo pull tbe cork nut of a bottle
nf spirits with their teeth, will die
Thf E\ms-' as not it present
on its oili. iai st 1 a mariae architect: but if our "butter in" knows
anything about timber as being
evidence of Strength, the tug now
building 111 Wallace's shipyard,
North Vani'im , should be able
to withstand the cms rug strain nl
the ice floes !a tin ..... We are
pleased to ...ity- * luney on the
pirt of tbacititeni ol North Vancouver, both iii public and private
life, to Ho permanent work, and
I Weakly Newspaper,   i
eription  ■       Quo Dollar per fear
Man a. in; li
a ii! i:i; liliiliOXS
Adl'l'l     a  >II1U    II
We would linger long on tne aummi I    BRITISH LEAVE CANADA,
to drink in all tho glories ot (hn sur-J 	
rounding landsoape, but- a oold pone-, Garrison Soldiers Depart From Halifax
H rj,   tratlng wind forbade moro than a.com-,   ,nd Esquimau—Canada's Defenders
paratlvel) short stay.   Jl.-.viun secured:
I Weekly Newspaper,   i   Published by   a tew ph ;.    ind once aMJp.tali^1      -The Last Quebec Garrison.
Ing In the panorama wiii.-h lay all A milestone on Canada's road from a
a: iund us, ive retraced our steps, and pl.jneer colony to a great n.i,lam Is the
as quickly aa possible descended this departure of tho lust British Boldlers
highest slope,  Striking tho III r line from these sh.on a. In March tho groat
, ■."   it'around u'frlendly Are, and flocks   and   fortifications   al   Halifax
tor ' I  i lunch      onl;  untah rs were handed over by tho regulars to the
can enjoy It    Here wo reslcd nnd took  Canadian Government, and now Esqul.
» ten more phol igraphs, malt Is evacuated, Canada Is now re-
l    Then    iccurred   the   most  exciting sponslblo tor her  awn defence.   Inn
—  part if the day's oullng whon after ths military sens    -' ■ has a f ago,
11 of the lady In tho oropj-r ust
nmi., '-ai- may ffr .-nire mey tv-ni'-nTcsTet.
back attain as fast as transports will
carry tliem. In the meantime It is our
duty to Seriously consider the problems
of defence lliat must now be faced.
, -.1011 o, Canadian Alpine u'UD-
• Anstock In tlie Descent—Lady
Describes the Trip.
'.     M   I. a;', in.
■   . ■   ti I   ipire,
"   i:   ' '     .;.    ;   late ol
. •■! ih ml mountain
has ', ; a in ie '.he or-
in if Hi    i 'ia tli  ' ■ Club
a;: ■;,'  i       S ,   lllll,'ll   E0
■ mei iberi
I the pleasures and
'a a 'i climb In April,
1 .    did   ilt for anya'iio wilh
a ' ine with N Hun  I i n list
.■a:    ,:. iilno and Ihe i xhllar-
itmo ph ■•"   if Banff.   So when
. J   aui elve    ii this   bi .uiilfa.il
'.;'::■!     by a    ,,a  I
: a
oi in- aipentnocK mnt-n . i in,- aratttni
«      covered  by  gill lading d iwn  me
Wo w, i ■ ri mind, d of the day*
l\   . ,,i v '■■"" a- wo
: [ both feet I
. -, v. 'i"  .      ■     :. lo -1 '.*n tho sn iw
i' , with i'ho   ■ n
a.hi .- that of skiing on .i
i    s.v I'-Mock f lun i us again at tho villa—a little nd fool  ire, but well
■"<:  ;■, ii ".| tho de-
: a .    ir Cana II m R c-
kia-s.  a 'ia ulphur basin
made us I hai our muscles
li.il lie, n a Im iiia'.l      In la eal, soma
men      <   [the   party  were   already
■ [ ■ m ■   'a Ills tii conquer. Hut
I to leave until July 9th,
■  n in my h ipe to become "original
uia mln rs" >r ih" Canadian Alpine Club,
by gradu itlng at the oniclal climb of
"Tho Vic, -ii' :11' nt," which is to ba
rip, to be
held ai in" summit of the Ya,!lj Pass,
The a'ii ing , howi v r, Is external, Tho
Incident will strlk future hlslnrlana
an.I llml pari of lhe world nl large
Ih il Is Interest,... In , is, nil ils nothing
is alii ri'!. Th ■ . ' dll ice Is lhat
the a xp ii " ' 1 ■■ ' :, lining lhc garrl-
■ -a al llnlll : mil thai al I! qiiimalt
will I,,, b ii .. •■ by Canadians,
Canada's Defenders.
Since 1855, i\        the foundatlni
iur mllllla i ■ i r   laid,  , 'ana.11
In* be, n bulldl i] : '■ naive f ,r, a
"f h' r own quite distinct fi'aam the
troops that the Imperial authorities
thought necessary to stall >n In re Before that ilnia- nil nui- oftlcei's were
British, paid by tho Cr iwn, whllo ih
a. ||a rs wero Can idlan yeoman, The
growth ''f this country and that of the
i".-ii- I Stati ' w ■■■ card i il ed attention to "ur trem nd ius (r uitlor, to de-
tend which would r- ihii an Immense
standing army. Tho malm nance of
such ii force was clearly an Imp issl-
l> llty, s.i that more and more dependence was placed upon a volunteer
rvlci', and less and hns  upon   '.'.in
■ .: th .' Ml   D ll ' rig II i
at mil udlesa
■   i a.   to ' ia.   .a view fi'aun
i   ,' on April 1.1 a party,
■  ig   if .,  I a Ij  and five gentlo-
nibi rs of    e club, was t,i be
:,.'   the   Hiiiil   flew Villa,
rlt ol conqu ring glee
I   i '   battle   with
liery    snow
i 'if ih" party was
,      ai an loo-
A    a    llll    laa SUC-
Two ruck ■ id . well-
rloty of good ihings lo
, a I ipe in 'i ie of ■ iner-
'.'   a".   '  l  pUl   "la    a ■  WC  lla'ir-
. immll, iv !■" carried by differ-
nbers   r lhe parly      After a
ilk   !   .-a lhe bridle   path.
■ * for liort dial in 'o through
t.  '   '.)   r pine ind bals un, we arrived
I the mountain.   Vet some
ibci iii Is made through a
■"• ' Klod dislriel, imi gradually
i ol th i. mora
al the height .af 2.000 feet
■ ■ -. .:: ,- of ih I: i v RIvel
-.-o encounters vory Bteep, r.,,-it>*
.•all's. At this Btngo iu om expedition
*,.e restcl  frequently,  being r fn   led
intents   il the ru I ka and
: by  thc wi ll-told     rlea    i
iall-, fir our
i a f iir n pr, ■ i   il m if i uch
• countrli .  will h  have given
is so mat    ■ ■       [wli    nd humor,
king north n 'iur first
ice, we were in      hnpres id
evci   vlndii.; H '., II . r, thread-
In*) tl* silver)     irso In and ,n|
In    the    I.' , I
' ' an' iln, Iftoklng I.i. ■ ,,    ecplni
. i Mount Uourffcau wore con-
. i,
ently peak Bfter peak ar ie u
. . ■    : .a illli'd with
■    III . In   l'i ■   1 ,r  .1 .-
•  •   .   M lunl    ,\    a, ■    . :
I lavIng
,1 '     i mber dis-
.... .a .        a
Missing Stntuary.
"Excuse me," said tho old lady with British regulars   The Trent affair and
yegln    ilntl ■ ir      li y, "buthave- the American threat   if Invasion  hnd
ivas not   n'i you got nny m re flgt-ars in mar- swellod lhe latter : rco to ami" A I
I'll''.' These are all, madam," replied mon,  Im:  thenceforward iho number
tho polite attend   I   "1  thi re inj par-  was Bteadlly reduced.
The  Last Quebec Garrison
In 1ST1 Hi
The Strenuous Life In Toronto,
The young main or woman living In
tho average country M*vn lungs for the
oily Ufa'. It is nail so much the desire
fnr improvement in their position, as
the desire to revel in tlie glamor of
exciting and pleasurable sights, Stay
home, youngster! You are a thousand
times better off. Tha- writer has had
twinty-llvo years of Toronto, ami nfler
ten niaaiitlis of country life and a return iai thi- oily fur Hie lust Iwo weeks
I would ii"' ''"in.' back ngnln for a
klngd in. The awful struggles for
place, and t,i ko, p up appearances is
driving Into bankruptcy anal Insanity,
I notl io hundre Is of pale, wan girl
faces, in 111.■ offices, on ihe streets,
everywhere, Every nerve and muscle
or in.' young main, or wntnan, is sir,,in-
ed ■' 'ii,, utmost in order to keep pace
with ihe fasi city life. Stay where you
ni'.', y iihk man and young woman. City
life Is .i ni' re bauble, a doluslon, and a
snare.—Southampton Beacon.
"That ninn is so iiono.it lie wouldn't
steal n pin," suld ilia admiring frlond.
"1 novor though! much A tho pin
lost," answered Miss Cayenne, "Try
hlni wit li an umbrella." Washington
I ■ i see lhc -' Hue of limitations
my im.;> mi was telling »b.iut."
Canadian Capital In Mexico.
'''    f I     i: ■    le f'' turea A pn s-
■ ■ ■        ■ in Mexico la thc heavy
: ' '' ■ :; i' a;;::it In this
Canadl .-i colony hi re 'a.
',   • Imperial battalion to
garrison Quel —the c.oih Royal Rl
flcs—embnrki.!. and from that date on
wards .,!: :h" mil tary property, save
t'n:  ot Halifax i ml that afterwards
created a: iCsquim ill, B, C, waas pass-
i I ovi r ■ , , • ni i,|,. Ii was during 1870
.         ...         ,, mil 1871 thai the fortifications and the
up In i                  it thoy lack munitions of war belonging to A.* Im-
I                               -. mosl wel ■ 'u-l Pirlol ■; 'Vernmen! pass ai to the care
p.,pula.|0( Cm i i   ii    Thi New Porl a- Toron-
'                  : ,- ,od s ns,-, to '-'■          Aral place 11 !"• given up.
[t Is oer- T!l'' ■'   • !■'   "1 "ver am July 15, l*7r..
....                              . ,,.y The "1,1 Fort was tr n ti rred on Sept,
. ;           haul i   l"i -'■• l!l" samo vsar. Tho K ngston for-
'     I                    .    '   a;-,.;. ■' ,|;. I  li   HI                       Inl I  "'!"   1              I 'II   ill
i    in Ci ha    III   d   .1 •   r,,   n < tho s 'P'1';" '■ |,;"'  tho Montr nl works
I Mn        !• I-. however, well In" tuber of thnt year, and lhe greal
i'. ore, p. r rap- < 'fiu ,;i ,;1   ' ■ '-'; I)      " Dec. :. 1871,
■ buyer  of foreign pr..- The Imperial nuthoi-ltl i retained con-
,rld.     Then lr"' "f tho vnsl   ind Impregnnblo for-
■I :■ iiis,., vr It h IWcatlons at   I! i! ;.,x   and   thos i   of
T musl ■ -plain,
1    '    ir .'io !'-•■.' nnil their p"--
■ untry   ib inndlng In re-
a.'n   ex-
i'   ■:,    I   '      II   la ,',,' ll i ,' .    „|
. ih  -A v   in ii raid
Made Him Exclaim.
Snalnu Mniinrn.
Tho quosl on us to wln'ilier Niagara
Bhould I"' ';■ 'I Bolelj ns ii smine of
ni". liaiiioiil power or l,e presorted as
a beautiful mul wonderful natural Stature ', is' '■:,'' ui' in our do j forperma-
■'. retarded u   very   ne ,t ,i a   Aa ro aro samo. minds
■  ' -   ■•   tlmt have di    led foi then elves In f.i-
*. vor or tlio I lion, but thoy
p.' iii torlunately to la.' In n minority
Esquimau,   as   they  wero  Important
"ii tii.a checkerboard of   tha
nal ai |. ,licy,
The Influence of the Regulars.
Fortunately f>r tho enemy, it has
nevi r   I, . n   iv ,'. s. ,.-y   io   prove   lhe
military worth of the British iroaps
imp -   g cither   t thesi    g trrlsons.
"v   .    ■   '" i.   es    ■. :. "Mo-e is Never) .        their Influence im, been
nn    i '  , "ii. ll '- got ' s ■: ni.i: ry an Important factor In tho life about
m, mil .rn the h il ,ry of   British
' I   ii ' ■ ■    r'''a:'oi- Columbia Is dee) y engraven thi char-
be'ter-lnfnrmed aeter of some ol I       and men
"   1 man   "d    ivurd  ', xcanutory'  who were lenl  thero by tii" Brltlah
War nilla'e. Th,- military occupation of
"V.-s. sir.   1 .■   .. :i does," quickly the province dates fria) l*.".*. when a
ther, in a lone .af de- body   of   Roya     i iglnecri   reach -l
Just -.ih ,t i: qulmalt hv way ..f Panama,    Thau "f thell   ' a .;■ I> known even
llnil. 'Mm Onl,
iv Style—Cotros gets his ohauflcurs
vin I'i'.iih'i'. Win'ru do you got yours
. iiinliiistii—From  tho Btntlon house
II lee.
Rico is improved by inuny washings
1 'o cooking. Tho moro ii is washed
tlie better, as tho loose Btareli Is thus
removed ami oiu-li grain becomes mora
distinct, li should ho washed until the
Inst water is absolutely ;'leur tu be ut
ilS I a,'St.
THE success of pastry'
depends upon the'
flour. Bread and pastry
must be more than merely appetising; they must
be wholesome, digestible,
The flour depends
upon the wheat and tlie
way it is milled.
Royal Household Flour
is made from spring
wheut only. It is milled
by the newest and best
machinery. It is purified
by electricity.
Use it and you get
bread not only light, crisp
and appetising, hut also
wholesome,diges tible and
1 nourishing.
You will better your
baking by buying Ogil-1
vie's Royal Household
Flour from your grocer.
Ogilvie Floor Mills Co., Lid.
"Osilvle's Hook for n Conk,"
cnniains l:io pages of excellent
recipes, some never published he-
fore. Vuur L-rm-iT can led you
bow lo got it l'TtKli
llllll  '1     Ha
ildi'd cnvl ■    I dal
I • tr iublt) Is -de nun Jt*»i y- lli all da I ■.
I a •
' .
.   .     both  in * .iiiiulai nnd  In llie t nlii'd
'    ■'   ....      v.,..,,, is i„ i„. nresorved minster should be the name ot tho oily
r p'.lnt of .1 ,      -      *    iuagora i- m ui   pn icrveu
:   r •."■,;. .      v.   had   both In what liavo I n called Its "lit-    " ,." J .,".'     ,     „    .
The  Building  of a  Province.
: "l iy a ; S ;■: ■ rl iwn,  After the rn-
a■:,     I, idy "f carpenters and
tiie main body of th" ir■■ -i-s.    \.nr
B a;; " ''.'.ia -ii r  was a hamlet known
Queensborough,   a   name   which
caused somo pain to ihe English otlle.-r
ivli' obji a'.'i that ,i H iy»)
i: -o.   ii 'niii be given to the sell    i nl
1.1.it was li i Imp a" ml lhan
f lis nolghbors    Ho conferred with
ii,» colonial authorities, lain ■   -.   :
nol ■ hare his i enslllvcni is, and iln iiiy the in i" •   .      iini    , Q
, decreed Ihal New West-
but   tie I '   I   in  II* grandeurs '"• ouuaing  oi  a  r-rovmce.
„ mile Aim    a :  "pi   •   I."  II As nlion      v" '■'■' ' A'-   ,:' church in New
Bapp rl •'.*:-.
1 'I
a   t
■  ■   ! ] ■   tha
II ■ ■    .    :.
. !
'        .      a   .  .
' ' I
I    '
f M,mil iliind
'     I
■   -
.       . ,, V Insl
,,..., ... ,, .".mi' •! an I built by   ho
.: has a    -A  Niagara to ho    ,     „„ „ ,
I   i' d,   Put  American
I   '  ■!   I*   ll!'. - -
lllld /        ' I'lll lllelll   Ims
.I. 'lured in i *"i ol Niagara as Nlag'
I „Hi-..|i„it  I'tin-a III  llimlrenl.
. ■ io.- Una faro on
■ .
I   '".   Wllll'll
1   nd laid oul V; I .rl a, li a;,.
i        :. •  . .   I' 'i        I,       ■    c
i i. • : -I ii-
nd wot nt, and Qov-
prlnl '       ■.   \
ti oul    I
' .   lir.-i newspaper for Hi        '    . Oi       I
■ ■ I ires
i.i' r, nnd i I th   mini nnd .,--
01     a!,s-
.    ' IIS  I      I      I      a    I
mit-t llO.ll -   ' ■'..'.;. la,.. , .
ti British i
I    ,   .   ,
• ■ Full ui 11
i 'i
i   ■ Wli.-n
.' i be re
. ' ■ '
i ■
1   "
i     .       lhe lead.-)
nnd In >;
.      ■ • i
I npl :
irgely I
'i lllcci    an I men
,   ■ i
Our Defence a Problim.
f iha ties
■      ' a's to this
v     ' .  .       :: j-  to see
bul        llal r-t         ' ., 1 m
At   All   Ages  Tliey   Need   the   Rica,,
Red Blood That  Dr. Williams'
Pink  Pills .actually Make-
\ woman needs medicine more
iiinn n ninn. I lor organism is more
complex, Iiit system more tli llealo.
Her health Is dlstttrhod regularly in
i! onrse of nntiiro,    II tiiiylhmg
ii ippens in Interfere with thnl natural I'liiirso -..a' goes through unspenk-
able Buttering. In fact llio health nf
every function 1110! the health nf every moment 111 0 rfomnn's llfu depend upon the richness ninl regular-
liy ol her blood supply. Thai is the
simple si'i,'iiniii' reason why Dr,
\\ iliintns' l'ink l'ills are worth their
»'iiiii In gold in women of nil nges
Irom early girlhood up—they actually
ma!,,' the rich red blood all women
.Mrs. Iviwin Ward, Brookadnle,
imi , says "For years I Buffered
irom Hinse nllmonts thai mnke lhe
livos 111 bo many of my so\ mis
uiilo. 1 would lake wenk spalls mid
become bo nervous Hun 1 could imt
go  nliiinl.    My  sun 'h   was mil   of
order, and I frequently vomited tho
luml I look. Headaches uml back
iiolii's nllllcted tno nearly all iho
iiino 'ilia n 1 innil a Bevcre I'olal
which Bottled on iny iiinus. nnd 1
uvut iii ,,n hospital lor treatment,
1 hnd iho liesl ot ear,', Imi llie ,1,,,-
ims gnve me little Im] f recovery,
M, :. iv aiiil liinlis bccillllo BWolloll
aiol ini system racked with a harsh
airy i.iiiuh. As iho tlnelora did imi
im,1, hopefully upon nn cu 1 I di eld.
.-I 11, try Dr, Wllllums' I'inl, l'ills.
By iiii- time I hnd laken hull 11 dozen
liosi - in. n wits a i'i""' chtingo (or
Ho- lirii, r.   I siill conllnued In tnku
llio pills 111111I 1 hud   used   thlr 11
hoxi.-. .nul I nm now mi .nn ina period health. I have no In Bltiillon In
Buying iimt I hellevu Hr Wllllums'
l'ink l'ills saved my iii'.
Hr. WilljaiiiA I'inli Tills cured
. Irs V urd b) ai'iiiiilly mil ting 'i.'
new blond her system needed, Thnl
is  ,     in- willlnnis' l'ink I1
lalll     Iha  V    all,    il     «',  ||        Til,')'   l|l,ll'l    l„'l
,,i> llio bowels, Thoy don'l bother
win, mere symptoms, They :n
Btrnlghl in tho rool ,,f tho irouhlo
in ip. blood,   Thai 11 wli) ila' ■  cun
 nl , in! 111 rvo trnubli - llko am
.a. mln, pm.ai"   ni' gtihirlllos,   ludlg-
ila um ill-ill,    In ii'liiil'i's ami
, lea, 10 .lam, pmsli'ii-
llnii ami Si. Vims iliiiu-o. Sulisiliiiia-s
■ ',"ii   imni   cure,   purging
laaa aln ilia 1 mill    milko    vim     ""
1 1    ■' ih ir. in
'ii mm mn ii.iio.' "Hr. Wllllama' I'inl; l'ills for Tula- I'enplo" mi
11,!■ w rnppi 1 uruiind evel | box, Sold
i.i- aii nn- in no iloalor*',, b) mull ;,i
in con .   "    .■■ 0...    im |2 .0
imiii ii.' in. Wllllama' Mi tllcluo Co.,
IA..1,11,;.. Onl
C" 000 fctWARD "nil
: ■   ••-    ir.^t
'  !     ip
""■ '
....    (
I I ,
■ iter,
If you 1    ' ipintheSunli
ynu need nol boil I II get I
!• ' .A than with boili       I hardrul      in the old-fash i   I
As Sunlight Soap contains n i   ri    :hemicalsandis|
• , ilie mosi d    il  I        -ind dainty silks anJ laces a
I -..      ll th   lli |l'   ' iiiiury.
levnf n.oth.r. iimiitd, Toronto
 ——-- I.V.' -        a..,,  _
Your money refunded
■ -1 wham yau buy
:  5.-»p if you find iny
C.ul* If a
Tlie   Hi una l.-ras.
Ilnnr.v 1. of England was lurnamed
llo.iiiili rk II- was uio' of the row
kings .a ins tlmo who could nad and
The Hyacinth.
Th.. hynclnlli i- Indicative of Jealousy,   In ih- Greek legend the plant
Sprung  from   Iho  blood  u*  011,'   who
diod for love, The name was derived
from that ol Ilyai lulhus, u boy beloved
by Apollo.
Tl.r V li'lnr.' ."run nn,
The Greeks gave a crown of laurel lo
the Victor in Hi" I'yihiiin gnmes, but
tin- vh tur In ii," Olympian games had
n crown "f wiiii olives, iho * Ictor In
11,0 Ncnii'iin gnmes a erowu of groon I
pnrsle) nud the victor In llio Isthmian
games n crown of dry parsley or green
pluo leavos,
Korea Is taking moro to beer drinking Hum either Japan or China,
There aro caught annually on the
Gorman const 10,000,000 pounds of
Blu'ltnps, most of Trliiih nro netted nt
depths of thirty or forty feet.
In order to put n stop to the practice
of liimling women's feet the Cklttoso
board of oducnilou has Issued an order
prohibiting tlio snlo of small shoes,
lluugry tulturos havo attacked mon
mul women In the valley of Couchs,
canton of Vnlais, A bull wits so sori-
oiisly injured In a tight with thmu that
ii hud lu be killed,
Exactly n hundred lives wore lost In
tiros which occurred In London lust
your. Forty-six of the victims were
under oiiAt yoms of ago, iiiiii fourteen
were over slily. In almost every 111-
sttinco the lire was due to carelessness
uml th" lack of ordinary precautious,
A British train's unionist has sued
for un Injunction to prevent tho labor
organisation to wlibli he belongs from
levying assessments upon blm under
pain of expulsion from the union lo
pay tho salary voted n labor member
of parliament who belongs to n parly
hostile to that of the Injunction seeker.
A bo) s nntr grows one-halt Blower
than a girl's. In hoys the average
rnio of growth Is 3 foot " Inches in six
yours, being an average ol .01S Inches
per dny. During his twenty-first and
iwellty-fourlh yours 11 man's hnlr
grows quicker thnn 111 any othor period, 11 iiii.os an eye-lush twenty
woolis in reach 11 length of .ia Inch,
nml then lis life 'is from 100 to 150
days, ity moans of n enmera . the
wink nl an eyelid has boon measured,
ninl ii was found thnl twenty winks
oaii he made in four seconds,
When lying Edward was Prlnre of
Wales ho wns known in familiar circles as "Teddy Wales."
King Leopold of Belgium delights In
a collection of ancient timepieces, one
of tho most valuable lining 11 masterpiece, which belonged to Mario Au-
The lale Czar Alexander 111. of Bus-
sin was onoo considerably embarrassed
by 11 circus of performing fleas, sent
him by Prince Henry of Rcuss as u
birthday present,
The young king of Spain Is an expert
In Iho use of tha sword, Whon n child
li" practiced wilh woodon swords with
th,' young nobles of his caurt Ills
marvelous ability was even then no-
ii,ruble, uml he '.: now considered ono
of the mosl export of tbo royal fen,ION
of Europe,
What is undoubtedly Hie largest col-
lection of pietinv postal cards In the
world Is the properly Of the I'rlnoe of
Walos' eldest s" 1. The collection Includes cards fro 111 vory country in iho
world mnl Is now growing almost loo
bulky for conveulenl bundling, there
bolug moro (ban 10,000 enrds.
Ur, .1. n Kollogg's Dysentery Cord-
11,1 is a Bpeedy cure for dysentery,
dim: 1 'i"i, cholera, Biminior complaint, son sioi.io'ss ami complaints
incidental to children teething, It
niios inun,'iliatc relief to ilmsa' silt-
lerlng from the effects of ludlBcretlon
iu onilng unripe fruit, cucumbers,
etc. li nets with wonderful ropl llty
an.1 never fulls to conquer the dis-
onso. No one need fear cholera if
thoy have a bottle ol this medicine
'Iho suit, ss of iho exhibition ol Hoi-
iiniii Hunt's picture, "The Light of tha
World," in Australia, has been unpre-
cedenli d In the history ,,: art In the
old world, 1102,183 persons passing
through iho turnstiles nl Sydnej in
twenty-live dnys,
I was enroll of Bronchitis ami As-
Lot 5, IMA.
I was cured of a severe attack nf
U,."iiinai.siii by MINARD'S 1-I.NI-
.Malum,' Bay.       JOHN MADER
I was cured nf n severely Bprnlned
Large bodies of excellent Bondstone
•uve im n i oi in the banks of tho
Snsltiilehownn sauna' bIxIj lull - ah ive
A   * l|..-r  mill   1,   niMl.r.
I'niion Trlslnin, Iha distinguished
English ornithologist, who died recently, kepi nuioug his treusuros an ordl
nary sinlii water boltlo that mu'e sorv-
.■.I him in uood stead, according to tin*
Buffalo t'oimnerclol, One his rrav-
.A he seised upon what ho (bought was
a llsard lu iho sand, imt which proved
11 1,,. n deadly horned viper, ills
Greek boatman, seared ulmost to
death, oltored no asslstni  Suddenly
spying 1111 einl'ty sinlii wulor In,III", the
,iiiion. with great prosonco nf mind,
forced llio hend of llio reptile down ihe
1 k ami slowly uncoiled tbo remain.
dir of Its anatomy from bis imud
.)niuini-Hi> Oysters.
Oysters aro so plentiful In the is.
land sen of Japan lhat they nre snld
In tha restaurants of that country for
r, cents PIT .dozen,
(lur Ihal  a-iiunr.
TIli'AlA   I IglH   Hi.I'llll.i.'llil'a'al   111 HllS
coll ii-.i wi ■■ muds in Now Orleans in
For blllouinoi • hi llio morning boforo breakfast drink tho Julco of a
lemon lu 11 glass of eold wntcr without sugar nnd chew n tenspoonful of
ttbolo Daxsccd half an hour 1 efora
oa, 1, ni""1
^ kidney!
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator has the largi sl snlo 01 :,nv simi-
lar preparation sold in Canada, It
always gives satisfaction by restoring health to iho little folks,
Jerome K. Jeromo has tho middle
name of Kliipka.
Kipling was ehrlntened Budynrd be-
Catua his father proposed ta his mother
on the lake of that name,
II. (!. Wells In his youth often wrote
8,0(10 words a day, but now lis confines himself to 1,001) words-300,000
words 11 year-two books.
Mark Twain Is very fond of collecting odd obituary poetry and has a
s.'i'iiplioolt, whli'h he prizes very highly,
containing ll.OUU Bpcciincns,
Tho memoirs of General Kuropatkln,
a work covering tho llusso-Japaness
war, am being published In Moscow
under Iho direction of tho author.
The most remarkuble tiling about tha
career of Justin McCarthy Is Iho tremendous amount of work he bns been
able to accomplish. Novelist, Journalist, historian, politician and party leader, he has found tlmo lo travel widely
and to cultlvato delightful social relations with most of tho leading literary,
artistic uud political 1 pie of bis time.
Firm iimkIIkI, tVntdiM.
The first EngllBb wutcboB had weights
and woro used as pocket clocks. Tbey
had only one hand and required to bo
wound up twice n day. The dials were
of silver and brass, and.the cases were
utiglnzed, hut opened at the hack nnd
front, nnd were four or five Inches In
diameter, about the size of a common
dessert plate.
Slri.iT  llnl..
Straw lints wore lirst hoard of In
England during llio rolgn of Queen
Kliziilielh.   Thoro  Is n record which
shows iimt during llio rclgu of Jamos
I  Lord Willi  Howard paid lhe thou
largo sum of $18 fur tWO straw hills.
■Bluest  Blood" and  the  Longest  Descents  In  England Are Among the
Great Middle Class—A Planlagenet
I    Who Was Engaged  In Cobbling—A
\    Butcher and a Toll-Gatherer Entitled to Quarter tho Royal Arms,
It ts a fact Wl 11 known to all students
of family history, said a genealogical
export tu a writer for London Ttt-Btts,
thai, if you want i■, Und the ''bluest
blood" and th" longost desoenta, you
milSt   h'O,   Halt   Pl   ilia'   pa,'l';l(;i',   bill!   Ul   lllll
trout middle classes, and oven lower,
and that many a proud wearer of a
duke's or an oarl's coronet to-day has
a pedlgroo which will n,,t compare for
distinction wiili ilnn oi soi f liis
tradesmen or tenants, Yes, I know this
is a surprising statement, but it Is u
sober stati-moiil of tho truth.
Th.ru arr very few of aaiir present
peers who can trace ""'ir descent from
thn great nobles ot tho days of chivalry
or earlier. The founder "f one line of
marquesses was an Innkeopon of a line
of carls a crazier, nnd su on, and many
of the greatest aristocrats of our llmo
owe their rank and wealth to the enterprise and lunk ot olty apprentices,
To quota llurko:
"1-et lis look bank only as far as tho
year IH37, and we shall Ond lhe great*
grandson of Uargarot Plantagsnot, herself tho daughter and belroas of Ueorire,
Puke of Clarence, following the cob-
tier's craft at Newport, a HtUe town In
Shropshire. Nor Is this tho only tinmen,
from the tree of royally that bail dwarfed and withered,
"ft wo wero closely to lnv, st'sate tho
fortunes of tho many luhoiitora of tho
myal arms, It would soon be shown
that 'the aspiring blood of Lancaster1
flows through V.V humble veins.
AmoiiiT Iho lineal descendants of Kd-
*aed of Wavxlstock. Earl o( Kent, sixth
eon of Edward I, King of Riu-lanu, entitled to quarter the royal arms, occur
a butehor and a toll-gaiherer—the first
a Mr. Joseph Smart of Halesowen, tho
latter a Mr. Ueorge Wllmot, keeper of
the turnplko guto at Cooper's Bank,
•  near Dudley,
"Then again, among the descendants
•f Thomas l'hirttagonot, Duke ot Glou.
cosier, fifth son ot Edward ILL, wo discover Mr. .Stephen James Tinny, the
late sexton of St. Qeorge'8, Hanover
tSfltiivre— a strange descent from the
eword and sceptre to lhe spako and
The, last head of the grent Scottish
hoilM of Lindsay and, de Jure Earl of
Crawford, died In nil In the capacity
of ostler In an Inn at Kink wall In tho
Orkneys, and In four generations tbe
descendants of Sir Richard Kmlghtleyot
Fawsley (the head of one of Uie oldest
and most distinguished families lu England) and his wit'', daughter of the
Teat Protector Somerset, ended as ob-
cure l/itidon tnulesinon—drapers and
oll men outside tho city (tales.
Sir Thomas Con vers, Die head ef a
family which had hckl vast (-states,
owned castles and enjoyed bigti rank
In the north of England almost from
the days of tha Conquest, died a pauper
In a I-Wrbem workhouse, A grandson
ef Oliver Cromwell and a kinsman of
Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex, served t.-liind tlie counter In a Snow Hill
shop, whllo one of his nieces ended her
days in a workhouse, and of his grtsat-
itleces ono married a butcna*f's ton and
tho other a Cainbrldg-'shlru shoemaker.
Among peasants and laborem, farmers and small tradesmen are many descendants of the great feudal houses
of Scrape and Crovstnke, Neville, and
D'Arcy, and many another ncablo stock
-who can claim kinship with our bluest
blooded peers and royal descents galore, while In the pedigree of tlio Duke
ot Northumberland figure fanners and
hetoerdashora, husbandmen aud paper-
'Gardening In America.
Gardening In America has reached
what one might call the "awkward
nge." Neither a man nor a country
goes n-gardenlug In early youth. "Men
come to build stately sooner thnn to
garden finely," us Bacon once said, anil
as every garden writing body has repeated until Sir Francis In Elysium
must regret he ever made the remark,
which none tlio less Is true. Gardening
Is essentially a middle aged enjoyment,
and America being, as nations go, still
young, her garden craft has the faults
of youth, it has its Incongruities, in
liimnouies, and it often mistakes size
and expenditure for excellence.—Con-
Tlie Three Onl Piece.
The silver three cent piece was authorized by act of congross March 'A,
is,*,l, and Its coinage wus begun tho
same year. Its colunga was discontinued Fob, 12, 1873,
Lather's nil.ie,
A museum lu licrlln has Luther's III-
hlo which ho used In his slinly. Its
mnrglna are covered with notes In tho
reformer's handwriting, It was print-
isl in Basel lu ir,tiu and Is iu uu excel-
loiit state of preservation.
Church WnM ller KiIiihc.
One stormy Sunday nu,ruing the pastor of n church In a siniill Ohio town
wns much gratified to observe In his
congregation a woman who lived some
distance away.
At the conclusion of the service the
pastor congratulated the faithful one,
saying, "1 must commend your bravery
In coming such a distance through this
terrible storm."
Much to his chagrin the wnmnn replied: "Well, pastor, It's this way: My
husband won't go to church, nnil he's
that cross on Sunday morning after
breakfast that i Just naturally have to
go somewhere to escape him."—l'ltts-
burg Post
Sunlight Simp is holier than other
soaps, but is host when used in llio
Sunlight way.        Buy Sunlight Soap
uud follow directions,
Tn the Same ll.mi.
The Duke of Leeds before succeeding to Ills title was active In polities.
Once when canvassing he cniiie upon
an English shoemaker, whoso vote ho
Solicited, "Sorry," said the shoemaker, "but I'm not going to vote for any
liiootuln' aristocrat. I can't afford It.
I've got four children to bring up."
"That's nothing," replied the duke,
"I've got live, and they are nil girls,"
The shoemaker eiimn up and touched
him on the arm, "All riajit, old chap,"
ho said. "You shall have my vole. It
seems to mo we nro both lu the same
bout, uud we'd bettor slick together,"
llaai'lair.   mill   *I.'illah,,',
When a doctor does mil have much
faith in medicino It Is a sign that he is
ll gnnil doctor, The host doctors lire
those who give good mlvlce rallier than
medicine; ndvlco thnt is simple and
has common sense  Ilmk  of It.    Tno
many people Imnglno thoy can abuse  bite, while tbe bluellsh only bit)
Ihciiiselves ninl hire ll doctor t.i make.
thom us well as over for $'.'. Nothing
ill it. i
A Bailie In Die Sen.
Did you ever see bluellsh charge a
Bchool of menhaden ut sea? That Is
something worth seeing. Tbe hlueflsh
throw their lines forward until Uiey almost Biirrotind the menhaden, and they
attack them flank aud rear. The menhaden fairly make the water boll In
tlieir efforts to escape, while all nrouud
the enemy la nt them tearing relentlessly, into all this commotion comes
a great Shark, It's a picnic for the
shark, n school of menhaden all herded
up for Its benefit, It swims leisurely
Into llie midst of them, ojiens its mouth
and takes in half n dozen menhaden at
n gulp, it swims around aud biles out
half a dozen moro from tho school, lt
gorges itself without effort. Hut the
menhaden nre not nearly as much disturbed by the presence of the monster
swimming about among them us they
nre by the charging bluellsh. Ihe shark
takes half a dozen lish or more at a
■s a
This is the paramount feature of
Free from dust, dirt, and all  foreign substances.
Lead    Packets   Only,   40c,   50c,    and   60c   per   Ib,     At   all   grocers.
Ills, III,I, -I'-la, a, ,1,
Formor—Whoro have you been nil
this time? And whore's the old chestnut mare? Didn't you have her shod,
ns I told you? Jnrgo-Shodl Law, no,
master! I bin a-lnu-yln' she. Didn't I
think thee said "shot?"—London tilobe.
piece out of a single lish, but there Is
only one shark, while there may  be
thousands of bluellsh plunging nml
tearing Incessantly nnd killing nud
maiming at every stroke. The shark's
n brute, but under such circumstances
the menhaden have less of fear than
tliey have of contempt for him.
Ai the Fair nf nil Nations at Nla
a  Falls, Lady  l.anrlei'. In u  draw,
cured tho handsome silk petticoat
nn the Irish booth,
A Soothing Oil,—To throw nil upon the troubled waters moans to subdue to ealniniss iho must boisterous
sou.  To apply Dr. Thomas Dielectric
OU to the troubled body when il is
rocked with pain means speedy subjugation of the mosl refractory elements' ll cures pnln, bonis bruises,
takes tho Are from burns, and as a
general household medicine Is useful
in many ailments,   lt Is worth much,
Miss I'm in run' iioniiossy. aged over
T'i, alter ">:) years continuous service
Iii the M.melon public schools, Bent
her resignation to tho school board,
An nvernee walking pace of n
heallby man or woman Is said to be
seventy-live steps n minute.
Sheet Anchor.
The "sheet uuclior." the name given
to the largest anchor carried by a vessel, Is really "shote anchor," and so
called because of Ils great weight,
which makes It easy to shoot out lu
ease of emergency.
I'll.enl   III III, (a.
Every patent contains 0 grant to the
patentee,  his heirs  or assigns, of a
right lo manufacture the article spoil-
Bed during Ihe term of seventeen ycurtt
I* Hilton,
Milton wns plain In his eating, ns in
"rrorytblng else, fill breakfast was n
lilt of bread nml cheese or a chop uud
a III 'S uf ....I...
We offer One Hundred Hollsrs Reward
mr nny ease of Calurrli Unit cannot l»
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
P. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0.
Wn, th» undersigned, have known !•'. J,
CTonoy faar iii,. last 15 years, and believe
him porfectly honorable In nil business
transactions, end financially able to .any
out uny obligations made hy his Brm,
Welding, Kinnan & Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 0.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally
nelllii; directly upon lhe Mood ana lime-
ous surfaces of thn system Testimonials sent free. Price, 70c. per bottle.
Bold by nil limira.-I-.iK
Take Hull's Family pm, for Constlpmton
Aii agitation to Introduce motor
busses Into Calgary has been Instituted In that city ami is exciting favorable comment,
minard's Liniment used by physicians
Now Westminster peoplo are up In
arms on the question of the local
(JWInese and their plural wives.
"I hnve nothing bill somi words to
say for Baby's Own Tablets," says
Mrs, A. Dupuls, i.f Comber, Out., and
she adds; "Slue I began using the
tablets my ,....,- boy bus not had an
hour nf sickness, and now at the ago
of eight, months he weighs twenty-■
three pounds, I feel safe now with
Baby's Own Tablets In the ho.-se,|
for I know that i have a medicine
thai will promptly cure all tlie minor!
ills nmi which babies Butter,
would advise all mothers and nurse-
os to use Baby's Own Tablets for
their little ones." Those are Btrong
words, bin thousands of other mothers spent; jusi as Btrongly in favor ot
this medicine. Snld by all medicine
dealers or by moll at 25 cents a box
by addressing The Dr, Williams
Medicine Co., Brockvlllo, Ont
Conlroller Ward Is of the opinion
thai Instead ot buying the portraits of
mayors of recent years, Toronto
Bhould try to got those of iho mayors
of long ago.
A I'lnilemni'lil,' WnrnlnR,
The following story of n young lady
living In the country who came to
London to be photographed Is told by
M. A. T. and vouched for by a well
known London photographer. After
some days the lady, Miss B., was
Informed tbe photograph was not a
success, and another sitting was suggested. This slw agreed to, hut again
was Informed thai the photograph was
a failure There wus a third sitting.
In two days' time she received nu
urgent letter from the photographer
asking her to come up to his studio
1' nnd to bring a friend with her. Miss
'J | B. weut, accompanied by her mother,
and was shown tbe amazing results ot
the three sittings. The pictures of tbo
girl herself were quite good, but In
each plate Uiere was lo be seen standing behind her the figure of a man
holding a dagger In his uplifted hand.
The features, though faint, were clearly discernible, nml Miss B. recognized
them as those of her fiancee, an olllcer
In the Indian army. The effect of this
experience was so great that after a
few days she wrote out to India, break-
lug off tlie engagement,
Only,   40c,   50c,    and
Highest Award St.
60c   per   Ib,
Louis 1904.
Croat Things from Little Causes
Grow—It lakes very little to derange
the stomach. The cause may be
slight, n cold, something eaten or
drunk, anxiety, worry, or somo other
simple cause. Hut if precautions bo
not taken, this simple cause may have
mosl serious consequences, Many u
chronically debilitated constitution
to-day owes Us destruction to simple
causes not dealt with In lime. Keep
ihe uigesttve apparatus in healthy
condition nnd all will be well. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are better
than uny othor tor the purpose,
The Ant'. Month.
Tlie ant's mouth consists of a pair of
powerful mandibles, In the case of
warrior ants, which do the fighting of
an ant community, the mandibles ore
tbe most prominent feature of the Insect Tbey nre so strong that when
fixed In the flesh of nn enemy Uie nnt's
head may be pulled off before tha
mandibles will lose tlieir bold.
Wanted at Once—Reliable and energetic men In all purts of .Manitoba,
aud North West, to sell reliable Nursery stuck.
Exclusive rights to sell Hardy Hy-
lui.i Apples, originated by Dr. win.
Samplers uf Ontario  Experimental
Farm, Ottawa, and .successfully tried
and fruited at Brandon uud 'Indian
Head Experimental Farms.
Complete canvassing outfit nnd liberal terms to the right persons.
Apply at once to E. D. SMITH,
Helderlelgh Nurseries,   Winona, Out
Established over a Quarter of a
The university of Sofia Is about lo
mid instruct inn in English speech and
literature to lis curriculum, uml thi
professor bus to be chosen nfter com
petltlve examinations,
Minard's Liniment lumberman's friend
A  Kicking   Horse.
A kicking horse may be cured by tying one of his fore lejjs with a rope to
thc bind leg on the utlier side. Theu,
ns soon ns be commences lo kick, lie
Jerks bis front leg oft the ground aud
goes down In a heap, Two or three
doses of that kind will euro lhe worst
case possible.
A Pleasant Medicine,—There are
somo pills which have no other purpose evidently thnn to beget painful
Internal disturbances In the patient,
andlng tu his troubles nnu perplexities rather Hint' diminishing them.
ono might as well swallow Borne
corrosive material, Parmelee's
Vegetablo Pills have nol this disagreeable am) Injurious proporty.
'nicy nre easy to take, aro not un-
pletisani in iho tasie, ami their action
Is iiiiiii iiii.i Boothlng, A trial of them
will prnvi' this, Thoy oiler peace tu
tlio dyspeptic,
li is reported Him the fleslon-Wo
soley line will bo upon for Irnfllo o
Oct. 1
There are four verses. Verse
1. Ayer's Hair Vigor makes
the hair grow. Verse 2. Ayer's
Hair Vigor stops falling hair.
Verse 3. Ayer's Hair Vigor
cures dandruff. Verse 4.
Ayer's Hair Vigor always restores color to gray hair. The
chorus Is sung by millions.
Keep Minard's Liniment in the House
A ll,ik nnd n Telephone.
An up lu dale dog Is one that answers the Iclophone. The senior partner of nu Influential London Ilnn has
taught his dog not only to guard the
ollice during his nbsonce, but nlso lo
report "All's well" during Hie tlmo flio
promises are closed at week ends. One
of tin. old fashioned telephones, which
din's not nl*iutrt' that tbo receiver
should lie taken off Its holder, Is fixed
up lu the olflec, nnd under this the
dog stands, Ills master rings up thc
ollice nnd then culls until Hie attention
of the dog Is aroused, when the canine
caretaker barks loudly lo show that nil
Is well with him und with the ollice.
Spiders always euinc out of tlieir
holes shortly before n rain, being advised by their Instinct that Insects Hum
liy low and are most easily taken.
The Hunt'. Month,
Tlie gnat's mouth consists of a small
lancet for piercing the skin. Thin Instrument Is inclosed la a delicate
sheath, and bonenlh'lt there Is a pumping apparatus for drawing out the
blood of tho victim, Tho trnut Is so
small that the red corpuscles of tbo
blood would bo too large for its system, and It sinks only Hie swuau
It Is ont} necessary lo road the
testimonials lo 1»' convinced thai
Hoiloway's Corn Cure is unequalled
for the removal ol cuius, warts, etc.
It is a complete extinguisher,
The human hair forms n profltabli
crop. Five puis nro annually Import
ed by the merchants of London. Thi
Parisian harvest Is upward of 200,000
pounds, equal In value to |4t)0,	
Ask tor Minard's and take no other.
Melalng n Felt lint.
A felt bat is ma.le by u pneumatic
process. ... conical cup perforated with
holes is provided, The air bcuouth is
exhausted and by a curious device the
felt Is forced evenly to all purls of the
outside of the receiver, and thus by
tho strong pressure iiiiiI rush nf the nir
Is thrown upon tbo (ran nd distributed, thus funning the basis for the
To praise once sign
to write
prose i
other tl
au In v
and n
man n
ns one
who pr
sl to
Ids  111
us In
,r Ul
1 form.
Tlie Golden Eagle,
The average golden eagle weighs
twelve pounds, Is three feet from the
tip of his bill to tin' tip Of the tall and
has wings of aoven teot spread^
And by  Increasing   Nerve   Force Restores
Vitality to Every Organ of the Body
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
Thsl snd lllilleiile Were III. Weapons of 11 it a -,. -»■ nnd  li.-r.-i..,-.
Wit and ridicule were Lincoln's
Weapons of offense and defense, nnd
ho probably laughed mora Jury eases
out of court than any other muu who
practiced at the bar.
"I once beard Mr, Lincoln defend a
man In Bloomlngton against a charge
of passim; counterfeit money," Ylco
President Stevenson told the writer.
'"Ihere was n pretty clear ease nuiilnst
the accused, but when the chief witness for Ibe people tool; (he Bland ho
elated that his name was J. Parker
Green, and Lincoln reverted to this
the moment be rose to cross examine.
'Why J. Parker Qreon? What did llio
J. Bland for*,' John? Well, why didn't
the Witness call himself John 1'. (ireeti?
That was his name, wasn't It? Well,
what was the reason In did not wish
l» be known by bis right tiiimeV Hid J.
I'arker lireoii liave anything to conceal, and, If not, why did ,1. Parker
UrccD part bis name In that way?
And so uu. of courso tho whole examination was farcical." Mr. StOVODSOn
said, "bill there was something irresistibly funny lu the varying tones ami
Inflections of Mr. Lincoln's voice as be
rang tlic Changes upon tbo man
name, aud at the recess the very hoys
In the street took It up as a slogan and
shouted 'J. I'arker lircen!' all over Iho
town. Moreover, there wild siinielhlnii
In Lincoln's way of Intoning his qUOS
tions which made ms suspicious of the
Witness, and to this day I haw never
been ablo lo rid tuy mind of the absurd
Impression that there was something
cot quits right about J. i'arker Qreoa
lt was all Donwnie, of course; but ths
Jury must ha*c been affected us 1 was,
fnr tin-en was discredited and the defendant went free" Frederick Trevor
Uill iu A'l.i ut
Teunessee H the Volunteer stiite.
the inline being acquired during the
Seminole war, when a largo number of
voluuteers went forward from Tennessee to Inks part In the struggle
Attached to sny finrmont Is ■
Guarantee  ol
anil Good Wearing QualltlM
When Buying OVERALLS,
See  Unit  ono.li artlole besrs s
label Mke sbovs
Insist on Celling
"King of the Road" Brand
And Take, no Other
flufm* nulnt Aypr'i TI*1r Ttrrrr 1 h_i —Tt
_., hair rr _'
1 hiu uiM it off nnd on for
thta atiil^WT Poor hnlr   llutjl continued to
iu* tin, vtjtor until my hair
Id «»nry wtf.  I BtP ""   '
th* i'»*. ten Mkn."<
:i*nly Imprti
It off »nd on a _
,.e mannfaoUrara of
9_   BAWtfi
"  HUA
cuekiv ncnttL
Voyage wns (ortnorly any Journey,
whether by sea ur laud It did not matter.
Great Milllnry Engineer.
Vauban, the ureal engineer, Iiiiii oon-
dueled several lieges at twenty-five,
was maroi'hiil-ileiiiii'.p at forty-three
ami cotnmlssnlre general of formica-
lious of Franco nl forty Ave,
Shrewd onco sign fled evil ur wicked,
Thomas Puller use* Iho oxprosslon "n
shrewd follow," meaning u wicked
Suicide, Insanity, frilling sickness,
.analysis; Tin so uro sum,' ol the n-
suns of wornout norves, No one
would nogelocl n disease su dreadful
in its results t)a nervous exhaui lion
If tho danger wore only realized with
the lirsi symptoms.
Tlm time tu bogln tho restoration
of the nerves by the use ol Dr
Chase's Nervo Pood is when ynu (Ind
yourself unable to sloop at nights,
BUfforlug Ann headaches or neural-
!3ie imins, Indigestion or weal; hearl
hiss of flesh and weight, growing
weakness and debility, n tend, ncy lo
neglecl tho duties of tho day. gloomy
forebodings For the future, are on.a r
Indications o( depleted nerves,
Ynu   cannot   liken   Dr,   Ch
Nervo Pood to   any  medicine  ever
used,   H Is a   nervo   vitalize*   ami
tissue.hiiii.ior uf ' sci ptlonnl   power.
Naturally and gradually ll roklndh
Hi" in iiir nervo ''"lis and forms new
red corpuscles in tho blood   the only
wny io thoroughly cure m rvou   ill
Mi , W It 9 ithorland, st And-
drows, Man., wrlb
"Is Pobruary, IfJO.I, 1 was Btrlcken
wlih paralysis (ell helplessly on the
Door mil liml i" ba' carried in
i he doctor pronounci i II i bail
as I had nn |iower lit my Ion n I
li ft log I remained In tl i n
iiiiinn [or six months wlthoul obtain
Ing ben' in iiniii the doetoi . prei'
cni'tli,n- or other i llclnes.
".My husband advised mo lo   try
Ur. i'h.i'" .- Nerve Pood a n I by lhe
use nf this trentn-cnl all syn
the disease ha i l    l cam
now talk pl»lnly, my leg Is i 111
and I can dn my iintiso wn k, l am
grateful to bo cun I h)    i ful
a remedy,"
.Mrs.    Ocorgo    Puller,    Lakeland,
Mnn. writes:
"I am vi ry gl  i lo be able to state
''  ' l li ai-     !   ■■ ■ .'    benefit
from iin n ii iai Dr Clio io's N. rve
Pood, 'i lias ci • il Un "• m rvous
i < .a Inche iiaaiu which I used
■ ■ i . ■ i sin no longer
troubled will) twitching of tho nerves
in " e iai ii :■!. a thai used lo
hnvo its soon as I wenl lo bed. I mn
grateful tor this cure and shall ul-
recommend Dr, Chnse's Nerve
Pood I i\ii|i<        fl      ' I   Iiii.   "
nr ci,        Nerv,   r -     50 ci tits,
nt all i i Bates j
in, Toi     i,
A Costly Vmi,
One of tbo mosl extravagant of woman's fads on record was that of a
frenchwoman, the Marqnlso de ia
Roche-Fontaine, who. It Is i ild, had her
lied il ruled  with orchids.    These
were changed three times a week st h
weekly oust of nocrlv Slmil.
Three tand-ed t
Sold by sll Druggist* snd Oeoenl Htong
snd by naill.
When Remitting by Poet, uss
Dominion Express Money Orders
and Foreign Cheques
The Beet and Cheapest
System   of   Sending   Money   to   sny
HUM in the World.
Absolutely Safe
Purchaser is given a receipt and if
order  or   cheque   Is L08T or IMC*
ikiiH'ii, ihe amount will he promptly iiKi'TMiiri).    No nd tap*,  For
Iiiii   Information   and   rates call oa
Local luieiiu.
Iluae II Iver.
"flrcK jeliotno Clara tins fur making peoplo think she Is studying mull,', Isn't It';"
"What Is It?"
"Carries her lunch in n music roll,"—
Milwaukee Sentinel,
Modern Version,
Diinner-If hens be 'Xtlnct wo
nm m, longer say n man is henpecked.
Ouyer No; I sii|.|>oao then wo will
have A say li" is Incubator pocked.-
Chicago N'ws,
Slimellllie.    Hin.a.aal
Mr, V.' ii I ou ' ami Judge a mnn llll
you i. r hmi talk,
Mrs Wlso At I, un.' or out lu com-
pany? Detroit Fro Pre*
Something   New   snd   Is   Delighted.
Feels Like a Boy.
Mr. MN. Dafoe,
t.i Colborne St,
Toronto, says:
"I hnve been s
sufferer from dys-
I- pi ia fur years. I
hnve been treated
by doctors anal Imvs
laken inuny modi-
i iiies With only
lomporary relief.
Bltrco using Dr.
laoonhardt's Ann-
I'lll I can eat any-
thing the same ai
Mr. M. N. Dafoe when u buy. 1 Unl
iiny regulate bmh
stomach and bowels, My old time
vigor has returned, so thai my saints
nre I yam and temper normal, I glvs
all ci.'iiii to this wonderful remedy-"
iir. Loonhardt'i Antl-PIll."
All dealers nr Tho Wilson 1'ylo Co,
Limited, Niagara Pulls, Uiit. Col
Insanity Is
cording in aa i lu,
Week,   In Hongirl In IU U
"   ni »■
■   i .     Enj iioi.
W    N    U    No.   090 THE  EXPRESS, NOl.TII VANCOUVER, B.C.
Real Estate
We have enquiries for good
r.ii-iu'S" ninl Heslileutlnl
property, List vours with
us. We do the business,
Coi -uli   us  before  buying,
Junction Block
.North Vancouver,
W f A V
)AY. JULY 2,'06
Rolled Oats
Hay and Teed
ihe Brack ma iy Ker
Millinq Co.
I iitiili-il,
Harry Mitchell, local manager,
Lonsdale Avenue.
Fine,   hcaltliy  Tomai        :
Cauliflower I     il       ,\vn froti
'   ■ •" ' lis, ,.ltt,l\s Ull lldllll
Will I'l paid for the detection nnd conviction nf parties who are drstroying my
advcrlisiwi  sians   in   North    Vancouver.
The   North   Vancouver Specialist
11)1 Cordova Street.
■ports, I to 2 p. ill
Field Sports,
Children's Sports
'm sports, &
Horse [Races, 3:30
UTi !\ $> h
L7-- Ni,L
Cf at NEtfnHT
my—ml——-r——~i—T-r:i -."rr
Western Corporation, Ltd.
Having in ojioration » sawmill in North
Vancouver \vt* nre |ii'C|)nri'tl lo deliver nil kintln of
Vancouver City L'rices, Call nnd set) l.-r your*
412 Hastings Strecl West. Vancouver, B.C.
Siveet ami Delicious,    Try Thi'iil and 1
ALL .'KICKS,   At      ...      .
.■ Convinced,
McDowell's Drug
♦ ,■*+*•)♦+*+♦<« ii--if!-«-i-4ii*i-:* «-:«i>''i-*i-*i-*-ry>-i'<>+'.
-^ Ik
Rainier Beer
> Is n  a 'fan. - li vi i'i"-!'- (|tit'iieliiiig mid
> M.li.-i; ii.;.'.    i.. i'i. Ii l)i-r  ti . 1.7  in.   nllii r
> ' j   Al   11-  A*'HI ' — ilia- A   I.;,   LAtlil J.'    il    IIIH.'!',
I'.'iial    II.
nill   la,- .  '.,a    1   HV*    III        '   '
,i i ruin  a   r n ■ i,'i, ;
/'•i*0      "•.■■'   •• '   i    '   j. a "i 'ran,   11 . !'• llll I' (• liml
id m   '■ '.    ' ,   ..'    ' ■ ,,    ' . i     a •    (• i\-,,i i    I..ii-.. I   a.; nn,'   in lli,< K,ii| i in- ,
_\   Lj'      ,'.'. (  j ,,!!., . ,-  " *'"''     ^ "ll ll„l.'"!l .1
mux \_t
Norlh Vancouvei
* varied Iiii ol Sports
i< being prepared h*
ih.- Committee having
ihn mailer in humi
Monday, July 2
UO   ll-HIIM, Soircliir,
loPnilnrti) Owners
DWM'IA WISIII <c«   ro
DI si'OSK Ul   I•" I Si
1,1.1  I.    K"      Ml.,'       \l    ; ',!
AKli    Rliyt'l    I'l
I'l Al I      S
-,.' ii Iii iIuti ir.'in I,, -iiiivii
II  it Uie Vim   :'." I'1"" f1.1' '..''>' ']"' '""'r '   ",l,,l">!
  I'uwit I' 'iii|    .    imi	
lllllll la,''',
II llll ll, , III   ,1
|V      .--.'. ', -a |,|„ '"       ' '.'"■■'      ■'"      '
\ ■      '. | .a, .Inii'iiuy,
|s'... I,,,   I lll
ll   '■ I'a'll-.llirti.l'l  a   I   I    ■. 1 |l    Uilli
I-I' ,,■'     Ill     .,.  ,|     I,   '
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I'l-tl'l. I foils,
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> w*-w.—\— arum
Irwin if* Bi'.iingft
C.'iii. i I
/ I/i   A i'.'1/.V
SMOKE fHE             -
/, / , a ii/ im;;/    -
t It, l/A    ,'' ■/■' I' ' I
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iTANI I  V   '' ". '■''
IM". I"' '   .    . ■     . I , ,    mi    ,
,1          "'!   '   "' <  ' ' lia,;.; .Inl.
...1.1     *         " ' "-Ila,-,".,,
imi, Im .•    fi-rn,    ..  *""" Il1"   "
K.l.liti..i, tu i .n.vi "■' n"rk-; "V'f"™ "  '",l   ''   :
bv ih. Li. ' iii i..rn     ■;''"'"" . ""'" '      '"'l ''-V'1"'
",.. .,,1", tin  . '"".'' ':-    '
ii.,   Ian i. im   mm"
In- liinln'i ' i"    i",. ■'■"■'•"''    "    '     II"
tl..,.,ll|.U a       a |/„,,,,„,„    ,,       »    '"'   •'" ' '".".'
Lllal .ill, I i ' '        '       '       ""l"-'A'l'"ll"-a,ll
itrti,,.r.ii,.,ri,iki.,aai,.|»,,rkl,i, )., I„.
...i tha   A" ! ;'l'f'-A*"*"i"l."i!.-1". '
liiiiuiri-il   mnl   iiln.>t..|iii
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.    .'Ha,-'.,,.',   ! "   Wmii'ia    1   I'tni
mi tny m iv - llit* Cll   nf '   '     '''",    ,,[', l"„     "'  "      '
 ' Muni   !" nfil„.|W,.r l„i„|,,ui-
•     11)1   rl minii .'tirriMin ,'nrr, Imi
I .,,      .,..:•'""' fiarill   ,.,
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Ytmoouver, i i. C. 1
»•• c i-«-m ia.' : e :*«)•<   v .<• ■*»•!• >•:•<}■ i-J>:0 '■■> :-♦ i-*-!-*'-!at-i-c-i-aiX
1'. I.nrsoii, 1 'nip.
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  Xk tJiid &\mi\
li,r Royal Brewing i.... I Id.
iii   ,' i
1                                           ■    ■            ■■
r,\M.  OK lilMTNl   NOKTII
All till CA
CAPITA!   «(                      i.iMi   I   ■    ; | ,
Head i llfn   in i anadii, M   nn il
II '-aikivi',, (iciivral .MaiiKgui   |  lii.MM.v,5ii|)l ol Hrnnchua
Itfiini hi s  in  l'i '       Colnllll                   ft,  (il
ll.-'li'  .la          la       md,     | raj|     >||||   A,
Vii tii,,i  la,            1 11 m un, v |
Sa I"." I'"|'.niiii' in   1,. posil ■ ti a ■ i-.a i| [roin A tip.
011m*-, Cor.Loiiiilali **e. and Esplanndo, North Vancouver,II i.
1—    —                   -                                            —
I'lll."I llal- A , llll      ,| M :.    I'lllll.
* CAJII'lll I I ill liiill-:,
'•' .•    ■ I    .('.,.,..'
11,11     :
! '   I
I I a '
. ,
N.irlh Vn Ii I     * in vi i
I'imi r I'm ;•..,.■    I.ii
liy I ,nr| Uill'    I
...  I ....  a
r "  i ■        ■     i.i
ll lllll im null-".i
I'li.l'l I        : ■ ,       a-   ,
'   '      ll.laaa'-'l,     ||     ||
'        '     " ' ll*  .1      Ma      ,.     ..S     ■!     ,      |     ,,    |,  ;.     |,
II lllll' -ill.'*..'  ll   '. a I  ll   •  : ,,   IV   ll,,i'-:i    a    i
i' liy tin- i     H,.('|i(|SSU  SHUT 17 .f* HUM I'll
III Iln. .  ,,N|'«"'A'M'. SWIUilli  .V   II llll III
i ' r.
nver ai
■ i    ,
■ ■
Oectric Light
(amaaiu-WB, aa.a'i.i.m. aai.iwaii.aa j.tvi - aw a-awaiawaa
1 I      '       fit    I    ■    tli llHI   III "11   '-I    I.I' lllll
Hon i      ■      .it    in,i'  ,i11■ i ing ut  o ,i
I        :      I i ' |" a ii,i     i ii i is     nre
i    i n mi' -la .1     to     hie      Iln ir
nppli iti      Inr Iiii ilm   l.mlit as Muni as
i thai M" i oi -ii... nmi ..I ih, au
l,n   -   Ha,i     A    lal.i n    in    hand    nt    tin.'r.
in- |" rli.Hii.l
hi ■   ' niia'ii
la a
iBritish Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
ll)      III''       Aaarll,        *      ,      ' |H,      ___ _,..,..       .., ,,      ...   .         ._..
imr|»,rall(ni ,\ei
*lrr. Wli
'1    :.\
<Ma.,\rn  H   .'.
fjolary Public, General Aur.tinn<»e
lo? inn,mn Sreet,  Vancouver, ti. C
r prlvatu Iioiim-,,r lulls'nntriiilil ail
Iii miI-.ii r.„,i
- ol laiaii.-t'li'ilil jtootla ur In.jikrii|ai Block, lor 1'a.li
II" ha- -"in,' ni tin111 iiu-l lin-ini'-s ami Hitii'rlrmii pro|ierty in Nnrih
Vancouver,  !*•.•« Iilnnil mice II yon think of plckinn up pni|*arty In
till. H'ciinii.   I.' wi-,', I. IV Mill, uml \aa,i «iil in,,1,,. 1111,11,').   ::  II
il'nllll'ios, l!lr
(IIIII.K   II. N    *    Hull.llll     V.ll.nUVl
'   a     I, i, 11:    i     .       ,   l.l, , ..a,a
The World-renowned Biscuits made by Clff & Co.,
Carlisle, only 25c  Pcr Pound.
J. A. McMILLAN, foe E.s|)lanade


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