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The Express 1911-01-20

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Kl ■
Miy jExprgaa
Volume to
Nppth Vaumvvbh, B.Q!( JPwpav, January so. JWi
Numbar 4«
Boird tf_ Trade
Tbt giiuurul mealing pl tho   North
VnncoMvcr Hp»rd pf Trodc tm bid. in
llio fitly hull on Tw>*d»)' ovtiiiiug nml
fll) (lcqpK(|t ,,l th,. uiljiiiniiiiiiaiil p| thu
lout giiiii.'iiil meeting there wun onnaid-
ei'iihle ItiiHinuHH on Ilm docket.
While tlm number pf iii.'inlii'i,. pro-
ipnt  wim hardly l||i to tlm stnnd..rd.
iiiii niii" n<w iipiilii'mhiiii nrivfi imd
ac i'iiunl  lor ii. he.Hilip h1 owed that
Ilia t.purd wiih pipgno ing favorably.
Up itpeiiini! ihe m eilnr ('midgut
I'hilip taid lie wim gratified at Ibo re-
null pi (ho ilimit I'lcilionn and (ill
mui' ilmi t|io city and district would
lie well nipriiaeiitud in IUII. He wan
i'K|t'iiiilly pii'tined wilh lho return ul
Major MrNcinli and Uoovo HeNaiight.
Tha vole of tho nol|ihlipriiig oity al
Vancouver authoriiing tint lubucrip-
tion Pl MHl,iKKI in tho He.iind Nur-
kiwh bridge project wat an iui|«:tus tp
Nprtb Vancouver. The in)i><rrtnno* pl
tho wmk could hardly hc cilimntod as
it wai essential that tho adjoining cilia* and iniinii'ipiiliiieii hIiouIiI bo inaccord win, the BfPBfWli Vancpuvor'i
approval had tborcloro boon a decided
mavo in the right direotion. Nr. I'hilip
uiidemiood that it wan necoiinry that
a delagation ihould go ta Ottawa in
ardor tp promote tho city's intercut in
."■' in ini: tho Dominion grant. He iug-
i.'esii'd thnt an the Hoard hau in many
ways ol upending ils fundi to odvnn-
laue Ihnt Bomn./ithor mcnni of pro-
ii line the nciiwHury oxpenaea nf Ihe
dclognCon ho udopieil. llo reported
Ihal ho along wilh Aid. IlendciHon
nnd I'liini. Hiiil|!iiinii were unuhlc In
make nn appointment with lhc Vancouver uuthorilicH wilh regard to Ihe
pulrolliiin ol Ciihimliia Ave. and tile
cxproia itmida in the vicinity af the
H, V. furry binding. The mailer wan,, it, 1, iinl |o the new council.
Hr. I'hilip aaid Ihul in b abort
lime the now ferry would he launched
mill he iiiiilcistuiil Ihul llr. Wut ine
wan making twno pnipuratipiii to
honor the event. Ilu luggeatiid thnl
Hie riiopiion and eulerluinmenl commillee m-i jointly with Mi. W.illii. e in
arranging mime kind ol a cclchratinn.
In iia-p.'.'l Ip lhe iil luted vi' il to
Ihe II.H.C.S. Bainbow, Hr. Philip explained lhat a delegalion composed of
Hiiyor Hay, Aid. Smiili ond him-nl
bad sim (ml put from the North Shore
in a gaaolinn launch lur Iboibip bul
Iho angiuo refused to work alter leaving tbo abort about a half mile. Sa
inslend ol visiting the ship they hji.h1
the afternoon in the launch.
Another matter which wai loud' ■
upon wut the two nppliiurinns Inr
scenic railway cliurleis up Hmuac
mouiuuin. Thia mailer wan di"c
lit ul a np'eling of Hie exiinlivr null
it wus pointed oul Hint both m hi'ii'd"*
weie (pi; very ihprl railway! uud each
(('mil iiiued on page 6)
District Council
The lir-t ri"(iil:ir purling ol llie dis
lii t  council luii eveiiinii.
In the ali'ii'e of Heeve MoNuugh.
who in iu Victoria on lhe I'.' II. ('. H.
di'li'ifnlinii Coun illm Allan was up
pointid to Ihe ihair. Thoae presenl
were ('iiiiniilliira |,awaon, Wnrd,
Thompson anil l.iuilel.
Ciiiie-|i„iii|i.„,,. waa rend as lollowa:
Vtun ('. .J. Fajaii, loeroliiry of lhe
Anti Tiiln'iiulosia Society oikisg
council In make ila annual .nli mp
iion and wnd a repreienlative lo the
.ainmnl iniilinn l'i bc held in Victoria
on PHduy, February Hub, Kcferrod
In tho clork.
I'Vom Hui iih 4 Wiilkeni, aluiing thul
ibey won mini,lc |U aee lhe attorney-
gaaeral re lhe Keilh Hoad weal local
improvi mini
Tbt ilerk ailvind Ihal all daln had
Iwo given lo Coun. llrldgman,
Vim k. fl. H'lniiws, milking uppli
ciliiii   for   payment  lm  clcnrinsl   IM
'i-t ol I onli'vind )n I). I,, -iim. lie'
hrrid ip eiiuiiiii'i. _/
from ,,(, H. Kuiin, uakiug for » nWMJ
ll b|a pr.npcrty in |). (,. |»ty. Hei
eryti to th" clerk and engineer.
(tyffl K. T. lldxlin making appl''"
till' ht a l   ail and wnlel  ci, iiacli, ii
to tote »7 ^d 18, Woi* Mr ft-
Kcfcrrcd to engineer.
from Vf. j,, s^wort eletio* ib»l be
bod modi' an trior I? M» calculation!
*b*n enbmiitlrif bit timiet nt WH
lor e'tptint ■ NW»  Hoed  eni   |b»
mwi *** immm>i- \H *»• • tr
anM.pot to timi bit deposit.
Tb» jrlark teport*4 j» refcrpico h a
former remit pit Ibe opening of
flowpwy |p»d to R9*iw Horn in
bUs, fl, {,, m, tiun mm 4 tin
i.-iii..I Irom lhe hi.mi ol ci-
via |,,nn. |.i." tu the
recent elccliolis, ultcr u pi i md of seventeen yenra in munii ipul office, ia a
native of lhe parish of I'orrnn /.ab-
Imi*, near Truro, county Cornwall,
Unglond, Hr. Hay came lo the i'mi-
he "ai. .1 iii the year 1877 ond linully
.eiileil in lhe city ol Vancouver in llu'
year 1886, where he wai enguged for
many yeara aa a meal merchant. In
l'.«M ho buill hii present residence nl
North Vaneouver and with hia lumily
look up hia I'.'siiliiiu.' Iherein.
Hr, Hny beenme a properly!• owner
nl North Vuneouver in ISH", lhc your
after his arrival in Vancouver. The
properly whidi he punlm-cd wns none
other lliun Ihul which contained tin'
now Second Canyon ou Capil
una i' Apr, hia nnd ruin uu lor n mih'
nlong llic hooka ol the river nnd for n
nin-i lilul'lc diamine to lhe cuslwuiil.
I'r.'V'iou. lo lhe limit puiriinacul th"
properly, in company wilh Nrs. Hay,
he mnde n Irip ol inspection lo Iho
spol. Thai wna iu lho monlh of Feb
runiy in llio year 188ft His. Huy lie-
ini; ihe first while Woman lo onler
Capilano Canyon.
In IMH Noi III Vancouver municipal
ily waa iiii'orpiuj''il''il oii'l tlio ""nnil
ol llinl year flouled di'lienlurra lo the
amount of WI.HO0 for Ihe purpoae ol
ronatructing Lillooel nuul, Koilh
loud and i .iiiiliiiio mad. In lhc nu
Innni of IW Hr. Hoy lirsl proiuinenl'
ly pa,i.' ipn ii.i iii municipul aimii .
by culling a mc ling of Norlh Vancou.
ver iiii.jni>11- in Vancouvor mid o\
plaining lo Ihem where in hia opinion
Ihe bylawi were not being carriiil i
to i-ffi'i'l. As a coii-ispieme he wna
ii'iiiiinil aa a nn mis i of lhe disliiel
council in lunuury, loVI. That year
tbo bui ding ol Cap Inim road wna ear-
riid li, completion ua well in the l'i
public idinif al Ibe foal nl   Lnni-'r.',
Avenue, the laller lieing Hindi' n pm
of oii'l by lhe Senulor, the then feny
alcnincr. Tho fnro nuron the.lnlcl ,.,
thai lime una Iwi.iilj-livi; eeiila. ll
llie yenr I .—'.iii a hy-lnw waa auliin li
lo the i'la1''Ion aud upptou'il, for '
purpose ol railing tho ium of l|8,l
lo build Ha'l ferry aleumcr Nnrlh Van
couver. Thi' nl t iiun 11< cost ail the vessel was SIo.oini uml win ii linally coin-
plelid nnil placed in commisaion aome
of lhe knowing ones ilea Imnl Ihul n
I., ii. i lioul would mil be reipiind lm
Iwenl.v yenra. Tho double eiider feny
aliumer SI, lloorge hns now lain in
commission for live years however,
u larger and beller boni of lhc same
type will lie pliniil in aininiission in
March and already lho need is recog
niiett Inr the nlim,-I immcilialc ion
sli'ui iion of vol I'irlliiT ndditioiia lo
iho (Iwi. The oimiplelimi nl lhc
alonmor Norlh Vuneouver marlied llio of lho iimncipiil ferry
sy-liin licluciii lhe mai .la mul souih
shores of lki> Inli'i.'
The I n in inl dopioaa on uhi<n pvoi
-pii'inl I iiiind i ami iho I'nile'l S|nlci
during |8Ufl nnd succeeding years luul
a serious I'fla.l upon lhc Iiinni- in I nl
(iiira of lhi' it-lrici of Norlh Vancou-
Ver. 'llli' l| ilidcblclllle-s of lln
dislriel wus bearing inleiesl at llu
rule of icven and,tight per nnl. nnd
lilies  wore  ilillinlll   ||,  ''illicit. lhc
I'inl declined lo nc cpl niuui' ipul pnper and lhi' munii Ipnlily una in financial diHi. nllica. ll waa al this jijin
lute Hint Mr. Hay eoiirngeoiisly num
In Ihe rdii'f of llu; municipality by
giving hia personal miles In carry lhe
di im i ihiough lho liniiiii iul crisis.
In IVIIa'l Hr. Hay waa olecliil roevo o|
the disliiel mul during his lit'st lorm
in Ihul aiipii'ily he aunwliil   in eon-
■ Inl.aio i llii< debt ol the muniiipal-
ily llirougli the Hunk of II. N. A., re-
ilm ing the iiili'n-1 on the total
amouDl al IHHUXK) lo live per cenl.,
Ilicieliy ifleiling nn iiniiiial suving ol
In Hie year I'.HIV lho .ily of   NorJh
Vancouver was incorporated and during the yenr I'JiiH Mr. May occupied
the dual position of reeve of lho ilia-
ind und member of lhc cily council.
In IIHW he was returned us muyor of
lho oily nnd waa elected for a aciond
lerm in alunuury inm. Ho withdraw
from lho conical in lho civic elccliolis
just completed iillei having aerved in
municipul olliii' on lho Norlh .Shore
for seventeen yours in all. Hilling his
I iiniii' ol ollice in lhe city important
dovilaijiincnls transpired, one ol tho
mosl notable ol which was lho purchase of the- Ierry system from Ihn
private eorpornlioii inlo whose possea-
sinu il hnd passed, an invcalmcul
whiah ia universally ncknowli'ilged i.s
lieing one of lhe most foi'lunnte Ihul
the iiiy could pn *il,ly havo mude. Aa
mayor of lhe oily Mr. May .became
riiuiimun of tho Hoard of lliii'i-tors of
lho lorry company, and during' llio
eighteen mon His of civic control many
iillcriilioua und improvements tyuvc
lieen made iu connection with the lorry senico. Thc liulamo slnel alumni
uli excess p/ gross enriiiligs over opor-
nling expenses ol WHHI. Hilling lia
Insl your in llie i ivie chair plans \ ere
adopled for a ciiy sewerage tyitoiii,
Hie i-iili I iinl was a win dnl and lhc
work   of   conslrucljou   i- imi,y    pro
In one ol hia n ri ill public sp-'dus
Mr. Muy declared "I left Hie "II--. ...I
lid ler than I found il," Uld prm nilnl lo poinl out thai cily delmnlurea
were now soling nbovo pnr, wi il" Ihu
oily ia in. a clean condition firm n
moral alnndpoinl, and in d ,.i|ucnl
pliniaes impreaaing an the ..ti/..'in the
piiiiiliii'iinl imporlaiii'o in livie toieoi-
innil of aulegumding lho homoa in
overy i"a   il.l.   wny.
Mr. Huy'a aeveiileon years municipal
service nn the North Shore, oiilnnnni.
iug in hia vnliiiiluiy rctirctti'iil from
liniiiii- nlluira conalilulea n lecord
which ao fur na ia known nl preaonl.
cannol he dupliinicd in Hi iii h (ol-
r.j'!ii "i
■""■ n  j ij
ippliciiul. hii actually alailol lo
'•in Id   'Ibe |llit on wai ideired lo il e
nin or.
Hi. Vi. ,1. I,wli> wai prt'cil et a
te tn lallva ij lb* Board ol Trido
>i cownxi;iai) wiih acini ng a driega-
t a» Ip Ottawa in lupporl ,J nn np
Alcetitin lor   Dominion   l.'.i low.nidi
be ci n truclion ol lhe 9»cp'id Nof-
ttiwe brWg»- '''be Imporlane ol lhe
Project wai fully rccogmicd, be. tain,
end an acepunt of riio poapl ol
Trade'i (undi being ilmi iid il win
tboYgbt odvJiabMp apply It (iin clly
ond diitrict counrili to bwr h''/ tie
enpenaee tusk.
of the roove'a and Coun. i'ri Igmnu's
absenco. ll w*. however, (..voiubly
lh"Hl In  of.
Hr. Crawford, pf lhe Cnnuriiuii I'm-
on ien Company, maile ,oi 'iff'',- of „
plot uf lund about I ucrca in iM>i.>.
nl lh,'   amiier  of  (Innili  and   I tnn
Vn'ley loads lo III" ni'i'icil ii: i In mi
ripal hall lllc or olher corporale pm
poiei. llo mbmillod Iheir agre.'in'nt
ol inle and »«ked |lio diitrict lo woke
an oJer. ^
Coun. Allan wai in favor ol cpnatd-
Ing (be propo»i!ion (or tho fptpte.
ncodi of lie mgnidpafity.
Coun. I^uiet cpmidowd to*1 th
tilhtt parti y( Ike diatrict abould   bo
niii'iidi'inl if-Ibe municipal iHe'fUci-
lion was lo be reopened, JI wai fin-
uHy laid over lo ucxt Tbunday'i
|l win resolved to dear the right
of wny for a sidewalk through the
oust half of block 12, fl. I. 3068 on
the uiidoisimidjiig Ibat tbo applicants,
The Canadian |''inani'icii, built the
wulk al llieir owu cxponw.     ,
It wni resolved bereoltor <o djvide
any Vancouver adverijaing ftiare wa|
ia ba, dtone c<|ually between Ibe (bree
papei,' published in ilmi city.
Thc regular mnntldy ilol«Wontt of
Ike board ol wotbi, watorworlu, |B»-
anco. commlttooa and tkl acbooi  tie-
count were read und on motion   ud
Tlie lullowjng p)um wer.e paaaed:
Ml amid :i, block )I,D. 1, IWI, lot
33, block H, D- I,, ml, Ipi IW, .b.lmk
H,l). ),. (Sl, lol I, block ia. |i. I,
161), southwest seven a'Tei fl. I, IMf,
iiouiii part »/-d, i„ vm, int* ii, u,
II, block i.l). ],. m.   Tha-o   llial
were laid over were lot I, block 8, fl.
i,,<m, «tpM>>- h-mmt
lot i block fl. a. i. m.
'fbe lewfwrary law wai read and
finally paueil.
Coun. J-awipp and Wurd wpte ap-
poinlwi ddegatea pp W ^vie advor-
doing conunittae,
km y_hf Mw
(Kxpremi npeeiul coircHpiinduilt)
Frpwmo't mill ll again in ppeft-
Hr. day ia back tm hit irk) m,
Hr. K»b|. ttton \ti*l n flw wild
pup lint Tiii'iiiluy.
Miii'i Mildred Hoiiglas in on o week*!
visit in Hn. ¥uCi|rlby'», South V4»"
■neii   "
No more skating, till t||o noif (Kl)J
npell. Cnok'i pond ii not into ipHr.
Cppk inyl.
The snow in lho valley went at
iptlckly no it entpp. Oply tbu WW
liiini ^rc coveri'd.
Hr. Win. liardincr, w|p, hai bei'n tbe
gucat af Hr. Bpbt, Brpwn,  lonveilpr
hia hoiui' in lltli'i' next week.
Mrs. Unlit. Brown and Mm. %
Douglaa leave for Langley next Wed-
uesday on n week's visit to Iriondi.
Dining thc cold weather last week
lho men in camp an Centre Hood
found it a hard took tp keep warm.
Hr.  Ihii  McArlhur ii having   bit
loti on Centra Hood denied up liefdro ■
building operations commence lor hli
now houae.
Hr. • Ki'huw ia a Innil to commence
building al the comer uf Huron am)
Centre Hond. l'lnm are in abeyance
for one or Iwo liouici.
l-'ricnda ol Hr- and Hn. Hnltiewill
tie pleased tu know lhat their baby
boy  i»  recovering Irom a icvoro   §(•
llll'll    III    plan la a  pll<' II ill. >ll ill.
Hot everybody bear in mind the dat*
of   lho moving  picture  social   to  bt.
held in   lhc Institute Hall, Tueiday,
Jlth.  Don't laii to bo there or  you
will |niaa lho laugh of your lile,
Thi' Canadian Finunccri Co. iccrntly
bought Hi. llai-vey'i four anii on
Church Hoad. Thoy contemplate bav-
Ing this line piece pf bind cleared and
building a big department atore pn
one corner.
Sewer Construction
The long wiihed for hai began to r#-
solve id II in the roaliitic in Ibe na-
lure of Norlh Vancouver1! lower lyr
lein. HcDunuld, (JwwoM fc Co., tot
succenful icndcioii wbo wire award*)
lho ,1'vi'ii coutracli (or a ium aggre-
guliug H'JOII.IHKI, i iiuimonced work OH
lho loulhcrn portion of tbe main on
Korbca Avenue Ihe flril of tba week.
Thero are in ull abuul 8 milei ol tew-
cri lo be laid under tbo contract and
from the manner in wbicb tbe cofl-
(melon uic getting down to buiineii
the work will bc handled mail eiptd-
itlouily, May oi HcNi'iah, wbo boa in-
-pnled the commcnccmont ol opera-
lions, declared that il mado bin w
good lo see iuch a gang nl men ft
work and such a plant of looli ai
wai diiplaycd alung tbo mute ol tbe
I'mlii.w main on Holiday morning.
Tbo work will probably be flniabtd
by Hie lal ol ,|une and daring Ihal In-
lorveiiiiig period from 340 to 800 men
will bo employed continually an tlu
work. To Inm"■ a portion ol tbi*
town of incn Iwo large buildingi tt
thc curnur ol and itreet and Habon
have been ren led and aro now being
lilted up wiib bunki. '
ft wai intimated at Tueeday't Bleating ol lhc Board ol Trade whan tba
rpipalioii of water cpuwrvaliun wai being diacuaaed Ibat ihcic waa a fapan-
osi< logging euiii|i on l.ynn Creek above
lho inlnbi' where il waa alleged wall*
mnl ler wai allowed to eecape into titp
creek' The aeriouinefi of thii coee
naturally called fur immidiale iunnU-
gaiion and it wat agreed to i.k Hi*
medical boaltb officer to inipect Ike
prcmiici in queiUon at an early data.
Dr. 'Champion, howevar, want up tin
next in oii i iug an bit ovn initiative
and although bo penunally cavtrtd
Ibo ground und madt many l&tftlriti
there were no Jap* lound. fll
wai (old thai ibey bad ibut tkl cam
severnl monlh, ago.
scflwii Mtmw
Houn. flugh filion and Hr. Um-
bun, coniradon ol Venetlovet, who
ware recently appoteiad by tbe icbpol
board to make » iJiorougb Inip^ibm
of ibe Nprib Jmeitle pttoot hm
Ing in connection wiib Um oonMrac-
Hmi of wbicb onrtaili aJltgttioiiJ havi
been made, made llieir (wpeoUob yia-
'tptipf, lfll» report w»l be of » orb*
v»to nat^o until H <^kw Mw m*
board alDcially wbicb wtt probaWy l,
at their pent meeting. mmm
itch our CLASSIHED AD. Columns
I hmi, 10a p«r Iin*
Mt 7}o par lina per insertion
[o»Pl, Ba per fine per innerlimi
MTltD-Stimpgrnpher. ta|mlitu   ol
' T'lUg  bpoko.    Apply  in (mrson  io
ompsop Bl'W„.jl8 J.owdale Ave.
Itenogiaphor, oxporienicil, would
ud olBuse day or evening. Trens-
itinni and copyitig done at home-
irgsrot llaycraft, llth Sl„ W.
WANTPD-We have numeroui inn,uir-
tw fpr Nurth Vancouver properly. Ai
Wl bava decided to give Nortb Va»-
pouvor ■ apodal attention list your property with ut and get rmulla. Britiih
American Trust Co. I.ld., Carter Cot-
ton Building.
WANTKfl-An onergclic agcnl to r»-
present Thu Canadian lluilway Ani
dont Inoiiniiioo Company in North
Vnncouvur. Liberal cnnimiasioiia nml
mile ngumy given lo agcnl who eta
bring business. )■'. A. Hurt k Co. I lal
provincial Aguiils, New W«,lminali-r.
Accountant wilh highlit reference*
and practical experienca diaina several lelt of booki in Norlb Vancouver.
Special attention given to lyilemuing
and taking off Btutemenli. Balance
aheeta and prolit and' Ion uoount.
Oolleotioni of any ilesiriplion ban
died. Apply Hon .1. J., F.iprow
Office. IM;H
Funiiiheil   hoiibckeeping   muni, 21S
2nd itreul I'.uat.
TO llliNT-l'inuislual shii'l, Keith
Hoad, $fi n month. Apply, Warliurii-
ll» Piano Housi', llil l.iili.-dulc   Ave.
Newly (iiini-lia.l rooms to rent from
f'i pur week und up, alio hoard il
desired or meali without rooms. Apply  Mrs.  Cornish, 'HM First Slreet.
BAM.    FOB   BKNT-For   private
daii'i's iu aliipantee Tea llardena,
North Vancouver. Sleum heatnl.
Apply, Hen. I'lnllip , I'uii sl. east.
J. Latitat and North Loudala
Elder Hurray Co, fira mauroaice.
Saw Filing and (leneral (irinding.
The Bed Curavmi Workikop, F.iplu»-
■#da,     ' "'-'
Anyone wanting ronlwwal. Apply,
John (Imnpliell, i.'nd ilreot Wesl neat
Cbciterheld Avo. 20-1
TYI'EWIII'IIMi All rlaaara ol work
tiicutisl willi unuriiiy, uoatoasi awl
daipateh.   Qarrow  k Campbell,   2nd
Itli'lt Mil. 1 •
Wa will buy or eicliangi your elovet,
riofi'i ami houiehold goodi lor apot
caih. Turner'i, 7H l.onsdiiU Avenue.
Phane 181.    I'd. Boi 213.
Boom. HI nnd II, I'ender Chamberi,
Wl Hinder Street Vi.        J'kona MAI
lleridoii'i',  ior.  I.onadala Ava   n»l
92nd sli i.'i, Noitb Vancouvor.
wa now ready to AU all ordara
for coal. They will
owry a full line of building tap
pilot. Oet tbe bolt. They bava It
A trial order will confine* yon of
tui Oat your coal befora tka
rainy ooauon tett in. Head
qurteri on comer af Eaplanade
Md Bt. Oeorge, North Vancoavar.
Fhona 260 Term* Caah
NOTICE   ii hereby  given that  Ih*
Council ol tlu Cily ii North Vaacou-
', en bava appointed Thuieday tha imi
day of l/ebreaty, IIHI, at tha hour of
9 o'eloik in th* alternoon at itiealy
i |kall, North Vancouvar, B. C, a*  tt*
time *nd )Aaot Inr hearing nm^temt-,
'againit  th* qimiawit (or lh*  ymi
IVJ J a* mad* by th* aieaaaor.
Any peraon complaining agaiatt th*
ailonmif't mut girt nolle* in wrttl»x
10 Uu timaor of th* ground of hi<
somplalnt at l***t lm keys baimtlla.
-1.4 Ike bei elttlna ot tk* Court
«f tavirioa-
0*l«d »t  North Voacosvir, B.C.,
____mki i*io.
QUr CUrb.
m *' mt    m—w~r~w
Cooking Apples. .SO ponod* for 11 .Wl
to dear.  C. K. Keane, 18th   street.
FOB BALB-Four loot wood, $4.5(1
per cold. I'hon* UO olBoe or 212 houae
Ouiu— orj tama. •   M
FOB 8ALE-Sn»p ia fruit and poultry ranch, two mile* Irom Ungley,
nin* acre* partly cleared aad planted
to fruit, good houae, barn aad chicken
home*. B .1. Smyih, Ungley, B. C
For dealing and rough grading live
aa-r.ii, being Mock 44, D. I, 27I-A47.
To b* bamhal in In Ward, llurmeetar
ami Vnn (tnuvoailf, 411 I'. ml. i '.Street
or 1'rn-y Von) at Muiic itore, l.nns-
dale. -tH
NOTICK ir la.i.b. uiv,n that the
pailncisl.ip hilheilu Milling between
Simon 0. Krlb and ibn uiulcn-ignnl,
uniler lhe uk and alyle "Norlh
Vaacouver Wooilyaid" haa b*en die-
Kilviil. All m.uiii-i due tbe iaid lirm
ar* payable lo the underijgned.
(Kigwd) , II   HII M.l C».
NOTICK ii hereby given Ibat the
p.iili.i-i.-hip herelolore aubiiiliug between iu, lhe undenigacd, as Turk
und Brewer, in Ibe city ol Ninth Van
couver hoi bo u thii day diunlved by
mutual cuiutal.
All debti owing to lhe said partner-
■hip are lo be paid lo Km! Tuck at
n.. City oi North Vancouver aloresaid
apd all rlaiau againit tbe iaid pari-
iaa i-hip are lo be pi. - nl. .1 f i the oaid
Fred 'lut by «l.,,i„ Ihe wme will lie
•el lied.
Dated al lhe City oi Norlb Vancouver ihi- Illh day ol -laimai.), IUII.
(Higuadj    C1IABI.KS T. lllll HKII,
(Signed)    FKKD TICK.
NOTICE ii herelij gives that Ihe
Court id Kivi-iaui oi Dielrii't Amcm
neat Boll will iue.1 iu th* Diatrict
Uuiiiiipal 019.1', North Vancouver, ou
Tueiday, lh* Illh day oi February,
1911 al 3 o'rloark p.m. »b.n all com-
plainla and «|1*«I. again.! aiseu-
ne nis will be • „ii-i,l. ml.
/inlin oi ■'■oipliints and appaail-
nni>l br gil-ea lo lhe A-«■-...r at
l.-a-l In dayi befort (be oaid dale,
and   sU'b notio  mul   eel lorth   llu
ti.ninal oi aomplainl
'iivea under my hand Ihii Alb
day of January, 1211.
',    SAIllniH kXCAI'K
Joha ,i> i. ill. i> ll„
■leblor lo "Vein" kinav.ii a.
llw Mnodyxille h.Iwi.,, for an
...i Ihal My ta\,tt Mi.
HiHi. nm hia lile on Vadawia)
laal. Mr, William, waa awiv«i/i<l in
-mie work oa lhe old wharl of llie
mill juil in d»nl ,,l llie .Ion- whin
-.«» ,i the il>. ayi.l plants gave away
aad ah* lell -- -• • .1 Inl inlo tin ,l,«.p
uml n> waten oi lb*, lnhl. i'.i..
ba|i|aw.l along in Ihe nl liim;
and mbsl ihr lUbrnKgitl mun up.
Whii* ii|Nii.ti,ing lhe mi|iliasaiit"i'ss
•i lh* ...Id dip Mr. Hill,,,,,,- is lml,
lhe wnf„* lor lh* Ulh.
TAKFi M lllll M \  IM.
Mr. Iho*. Il.ii.l,,..,,, ..I h-nl, II....I
weajtkm euddealy ill yolrrdiy wilh
a imn allaik oi plwriiy. llii nsi
diiloa waa mm that owdiial aid was
i|ukfcly loauwaud whw reliel wan
(irwi. Thia anraug ha -ie taid lo be
aiuch iaprov*d.
Hperial anaivenary *ervi*»i will be
held oa Buaday aad Monday, 21.1 and
2Bad January, llw. Mr. Powell will
apeak, na Sunday morning and Bev
IV. Oidrboul ia the efiajag. Oa Mon
day oveoiag ltev. C. ff. Browa, New
VwlniniUr will apeak. Spiral muiii
ia atramfai lot both Mrrktt.
It hM ham Mn**t*d by ao km *"
aulkority lhan a promiiual tarry director tkat Ikaaaau of tk* WW ta~f
tkoiii be "St. F*tri<h" mi lhat the
Aemmiaf Uk* plai. oa la. )7lb ,i
team. Bi. fgtmVa knTT^
Fnr flvo lurms reovo nl lhe tliilrid
and for Iwo terma Mayor of tho city
iiniii' aad ItHIH) who mudii nn oxcnl-
lout run lor lhc Mayniiilly during tho
nieiil civic cl'- iiiui.': fuiling of elmdion
by IH vnloa,
Mr. A. I'',. Keuly wishes In thnnk
those cliicliirs who liniiuied him with
tlieir votea in thu rm out mayoralty
elections anil also the ulectura generally for Iheir uniform courluoy to him
during his candidacy,
Mr. .li'.--'' Williams wishes to thank
lhe elector! of Iho city for their u>-
p.,' -ion of ciiulidouie in ia iiiinui!' him
again In Ihu It.mnl of llirmlori ol
Norlh Vancouver Kerry llirceloi'i lor
Ihu year IUII.
To lhc I'io. tins of Norih Vancouver :
I .'ala and lieiilluineu,-1 wish lo
ili.uil. you kindly lor tho s>i|iport you
uave me at tlie rca-ul election for
School Trustee und In stale lhat al-
ihouuli I was mil elected, I iipprcciiile
llie  conlideine  \ou   plnccil  in   me by
polling   llll   Vllta'l.
Youri faithfully,
lil'.MtV 11. WATiSDNI
Tomorrow nlternonn lhe mosl uxcil-
inu ninl. It of lhe year tukes pliu'u oll
the 11.,nlev anl Park nt '1 o'clock wheu
Vancouver und North Vancouver nnei
in the limil of ihe II. c. championihip
Humes. Should lhe lm nls win tliey
uill la liasl willi Viineoiiier lor lirsl
pliue and an additional game will be
ni;nssiiiy. A loss to n. V. will give
tin' (mi.inimnl piii-sc.-.-iiin ol lhe Prior
nip lo lhe Vimiouver team, us a re-
tall nl ihn* siici't'ssivu wim. lloll,
learns will lie al their slioiigesl and
ii uical game is assiirnl. Thc lollowing will icpresi'iii Norlh Vancouver:
lloul-ll. Walker.
Iluiks (I.  (ji'i'rii-Annylugii   mid   II
II   ll llll/i'l Clllllelon,   P. Mlllll
L,i,ineiy, S.  Iluiiiplireys. ,
Formiids- II. I. M'cl'hei.-oii, B.
Macnaghten, I S, lluylli, II. Biming-a
lou, P. H   Buy lis.
The memberi of lhc Norih Vancouver I lull ure i.nnon- thai as main us po-siblc alii nil lhe
game uml hint their moral Hup|nirl to
lhe Inline tiulii. Theie is nothing like
eQlhuiilim aaii Ilm l.iu.'li line Ii, spur
players on lo their Insl ■ il->ii Ad
mission lo lhe gniunds will be fne
Mis II. II. Dick will receive lor lhe
lirsl lime oir Hailw-duy, Jan. 2filh at
her In.i,n. .iiiini ol 1st tlmi ami SI.
Mr. .A. Cullender (of Now York Mil
lual I id- fli-uiinn•' Co.; lately fiom
Ohio, will ls> lla.1 spanker al  (he leu,-
pal.Oc.      II.. .Hi i||    the    laa-m       ll,..|ll.
on Bunday ifbtrniHio ul 1 o'clock. The
iwel of tin' progrum will In in charge
of lhe I. II. li. T. lodge-.
I upi I'ale.' pile driver ami u gauu
of man have Imm ciiguoid lor ill.. In-l
day or io in dining the piling lor lhe
wwl itu-L Inhlge on Ihu new buy
dink. •
A ali-inni ihowing lm- lain nuuli-
ou lha ii. inlliiiioii ol llu, I hi, al.,!.
Ave. .-liuin .ewer Ihll week when in
lual laying of lhe pi|»'i and filling in
hai nearly been completed belwiin
Ihe wharl and lli* Kiplanadt,
Aller February ftlh lhe Norlh  Van
louver,., ,,|„, . ,,/ il,   |l, (!, Tele-
pllOlie   I'll.   Will   IW   Illia'Vid   of   lie-llllll
die oil their phoni's and lhe unpl.«
•nines, of lui ning the crank In draw
"central'*" attention will be a tbing
ol Ihe past. The reason (or tin- i-
Ihal lhc Norlh Shoie will be npiip|s'l
with lhe nuloiiiulie system and al lliul
InsUnl will rightly lake il* plai. ni
a '|ilioiia' ineliopolis in lhe eyei of Ibe
l*l*|ihiai« world. Indeed her potrn
lialilii. will not (all shod of .ml, cil
iw u Niw Yoik In (bil way. The
Hew "cmlral" office on llth itreet
il tipected t., be ready (or occupancy
"bout th* 6lh il neil monlh. Vjjun
th* Iranifrr ii hosg-midi' '|Ju,ne men
rtll lllBTib initallalion of the auio
IMtiee ia tlu •ubacriheri' reiidemwi,
An in|en»ting spiirrlBg ol words at
the lust, mooting ol tbe terry dlreot'or*
ciiiisod some umusnmont for the time
being. Thoy were di»nn»lng the nnw
ing of tho ipiw Iwiy md on tiiu (loiH.
ojnii to adopt tbo ''Saint" iinme Mr-
I'uino wiih a mony twinkle in bit
eye iljipi'tud lowtii'da Mijjliiironn «Mg-
giiitwl "at, rutin", ,./Tnnldn't tlmt
give ypu a '.'i'ujnu" ijuickly aniworod
Cupt. Kicklmmi  Htii|iViiir "kickin"
iii9|iondii|l Mr, I'aine in neurit.    Thl
autl nin .li'oppi il at lllis stage.
The North
11 a vi! now 11 good
stock of
ut Bottom I'rices.
Prompt Delivery.
Esplanade, East
1) lias \f lorn 01 11,.in
ll nn   01 I'cus or Toiniilocs
I imk of Koyal l'lnm, l'J lln.
I sack Potatoes
I sack HH. 'I (laii
H tin. new I'al. ilind Kins
'■I lbs. ('iiiiiii Cheese
I sack Suuur, IN lbs.
t:i Ib. tin I,.um S.nln-
I tin Miifi/ii' llakiii)( Powder
Lurge Iwllle ol C. ll 11. l'i. kl.-
.' li.i,'   jnii of  M.. 1 dally   or
■l plans, ill lal"-.- or Com Slareh
A Hi. pail ol Maple .Syrup
:i Hi. lia ol Ceylon Tea
'1 lb. fresh roait 'a.n..
I Ish of Iiest (invning Apple!
.'! llu. While Mm  llul ler
AH the above for
Five coupons for
building lot in Port
Angeles, Wash,,
given with above.
65 Lonidale Ave;
thou IM        . Iroa DeHrery
- 135 l.<ni--iliilf Avi'iiuc.
Our Hread, Scones, Cakesjuid
t unici iijqi_m« m«iJ«"o(ili«
bnrsl malHrials. Give ua a (rial
onn door
We have just received the
above direct from the man«
ufacturer. They come in
many different designs and
sizes, and we balieve that
you will agree with us
when we say that a better
stock to choose from can
' not be found-50c to $3
paine & McMillan
The Hardware Specialists
100 feet nn Mi Street, Due nml half
blocks from Lonsdale ure,, wilh three
houses and hum. Will rent for. $7H
per month. I'me pnOO. I ash fH500
Terms to arraiuje
North Yancouver Trust Co., Ltd.
Ua Inkiler A Ward
"trvrtrr \lVlrtrV^mmrtm\r
McMillan'* Tea
fo Good
3 lbs. for $1.00
..,—..      ,.        ■ — - m        —*.—-.   -—    a     ...       ..   .nm.m.m   .   i   a        ■■-■■ 'aa-' ■»—~ -
j. a. t> m. McMillan
■  ___m____J
Breadi    Bread:
Union Made.   Home Industry,
iqqer Loaf*   Better   Bread.
I'un'l forget our Ifilent Home Made l.unf.    be loaf.
Slort's l 711 onsddli; Ave. Cor. I onsdale §, Ath St.
Mn. F. S. Burmester, A.R.A.M.
TERMS:--$100 Per Uuon.
Warburnitz Piano House, Limited
443 Lonid.le Av«nue Phww 114
lie E. HIL0ER
Exptrt oo FlriplMM and all
- clauca ci Brlclnyork
411 Work OuaranUed
Coraar fitmnlh Bt. ani Malwn Ave.
I'Uo*, 0pKlSc»tlM|a, Bitlmate*
p, 0. tot $1, Korth V#MO«vtf
amnvcTaii ar
CarMcaM Surgical, MWMmM
M»t*rnily Nuraee
Ihf IM twt iM M _^_\t_M_m
srsn ~w n^^t^mWw
for Urmi appl)' a* tin HoapiUl
Ulli Utrett Km-
"^     tnttt tm
-.-» " I- iris,     pn;rnr;|7gl    TTl?TTTirr     y-TtTteeatrV I ttm,     -ft!     *tf,
AutHmnttiid WintaurSiiitt* for women in
»grunt rmige of stylus in Imtli |iUin.nnd
novelty fnlirip*, iiioludliiir sinus from 32 to
fid. .S|iiiuiu|ly rtttraotivisjiiiwiiig hv women
of avemge figures at |2fl.00, $26.U0, $2H.(/0
•ml WW*.
Jmportiint offering bf' osisfor women;
styles purtieulHily uujlulilp to const climate.
The offering represents a remarkable complete range in wanted fabrics and eludm.
Ueojdedly smart inoiiils aru showi| 0IJI12.50,
flfi.OO, 1*18.50 and tflfiO. i**'
Choice mil Ird imi of Fuih wifevery de-
. sirahlu kiml,    A narticularljlj'noteworthy
offering in hiiiiiII Mink HtolJ) at $17.50,
fit.fin. $30.50 to $47.50.    HTgher priced
pieces in splendid assort ments.
Gordon Drysdale,, Limited
575 Granvill* Street. Phone 3541
Vancouver, Business Directory
J19 Pender street, Vancouver
Nortb Vancouver
Kallethe's Bath
Comer Homer and Pender Sts.
Thc only up-to-date aud reliable bath houic in British Columbia.
We cure where others fail
Satisfaction guaranteed or in
pey. Plain hatha, electric Imih
shower baths, massage for bo
dy, scalp and face; eleclro therapeutic hatha a specially,
Graduate of Berlin, Geriuam
Business Institute
336 Hastings St. W.
CinwU'S Qraataat Waatarn School
R. J. Sprott, H.A., - -Manager
Business College
63] Seymour St., Vancouver
Day school open all   tbe  year
round.   Night school commences September Hth.
Canadian Detective Bureau ;—
Officii everywhere
Vancouver OUcei    Si Empire Hluck
tm HaaiiNf. al.»eai, phoai mi
W. W. W8I<SH
I'aiiy laily luDga to bava wavy bair.
It ia now within tba reach ol avary-
on.. For aoma yaan cut bair bu bnn
parmauently wavod, but tba pro-sen it
had lo nnal.ti.'ii waa lou twvara lor ll
lO    Iw   ;i|i|   to   hair OU   thc  hrnil.
but now m-ii'inv ha. iliicovercd a mt
ibod by which tlm hair can In waved
without injury lo bair or acolp. 'Ibe
»11 via will not wiiaali out and damp
weal bur uill not affect it. 'Iba pro
ct>.» li'nvi'H tbe bair toll and wayy. It
baa lm mui! lha ragu in 1'aria, London fend all Iho large ci tie* ol tht
riiBiim. Spoainl iiiii'ii lor nne monlb.
Any regarding tlia work
will he gladly iini'ti I', uny ludietwku
will call or write In
733 I'ender Street.
Groceries and Provisions
Wholesale and Retail
116 Hastings St. (downstairs)
Delivery Tuesdays and Fridays
sir. 111 hi 11 r111ii.11 mm
Sign and Price Markers
10 Fairfield Did.      Fonc R337]
YorWiire liiiiirimlci' &
Si'i'iiriliVs riii'iiiiriiliuii Lid
440 Seymour Street
R. Kerr Houlgate — Manage)
ill Norlli Vancouvar paopla aat at
Either Flack Block or Hast
ings street, opposite the nea
Post Oflice.    I.i.iii.inl M II,',  bin
General Superintendent ua by the pound.
BURRARD SASH « DOOR I AC I OK Y, foot pf Sl. feorp
Vie nihil a trial bid on your Order, .null »r \„p.
We operate lhe only padded furniture and piano
moving van in lhe cily. . ,
M. V, Carlaijf Co.
J I an^tlt Av*,
mw    -    -    m
Swv» MimglK M»g # wwbsr »|
lho Uw Mop bl f- P.
Mtinii'ipnlitieu yi\l\ have this *!*% (or
VHnrfa whorp bn will fain wiin tin
Mibor mombprii nl thp wwiUyi Ip pif
aonting |n tlw gpywiiBimt iho resn-
hlUnna niimted, pt the conference pf
Ihn IMI.CM. hold in .Snlnnm Ann this
fall,1 IHhm dtlqiBtM in the tminliliiii'
ing 'ilii'" and munioipulitieii who will
altond alio aro Mayor |.co, New Wc»t-
mipiter; A'd, Pnwright, Vinoppwr;
Wayar Wapla, Nanaimp | ¥»ypr Rob-
inipn, lf»pilpp|t«; ox-Raove Byrne,
Hnriiaby, nml e»-J(i)ovo Bone, Surrey.
Annum iiiiiii', 1 Sui'iii'it Indian, was
up before Magiotrttie Kenly on Wedncaday innrning charged with boing
drunk, lln pleaded guilty to drinking
Innr buiilm pf eider in yancouver,
The mugialrato remarked that il waa
"■Irony Ktiiff"' uh ha impoecd a ien-
l.'in'r ol llll and i'iibIh.
Ira liniiiiiiiiiii, who, upon tho'infur-
inatiiin ul I'liii'Miiiii Armatrnng o| tbc
Wa'la.i' Shipyard, waa chargod with
iiniiliiii; a dynamo, atoraga ballcriex
und ai iL'HHiiricH to an engine Irom'the
nmpany'a limm-li waa up belore Magistrate Kealy on Tuesday morning.
Hi. plea nl nnt guilty wa. entered at
Monday's hearing. Iliu defence wa.
in ibarge of Ur. Long of Ogilvie and
Brown, Vancouver, and the prosecution wus by Mr. lliiil Ironi
Ihe oflirc of Dowser, llml and Wall-
bridge, Vani'oiiviir.
Evidence was submitted by witness
I'age thnt ihe urcuaed brought   some
if Ihe goods (0 hia house and llio dynamo wa. liniiiii al Iloldiman's shack
when he was arivsletl.      TIichc   were
n exhibition. Ur. Armstrong, the
nccuair, could not slnlo il.-linii.-ly Ihal
lhe purls un exhibition belonged In
Ur. Wallaie's boal. He could nut
»wi'iir 1'iilia'i tbat lliildjmau wus icon
around lhc boal aller hc had left Ihe
mpoy of the shipyards about thc l.l
Ul    Oi ' a lllla.l        111    III'.    a,U||    ilrll'lli'i-      ill'
aicliser tienicd thul hn hud taken anything to I'age'. housi'. Il>- declared
lhat Iho dynamo exhibited to the
niiri wu. Ibe properly ol .1. II. I'aine
whu had given il lu him lo repair.
Ur. I'aine was ml't'il and recognized llie dynamo. lln mrrulaii'nlcd
lli.liliiniiii'i. .taU'roi'nls.
Ur. lla nl, fur the prowiulioii, .aid
lie hud a witness in thn I mini States
whu niiilil swear pusitivcly that lhe
machinery was taken frum tbe Inunrh
under Hul'liniiiu's in.lruitiuns. Hc
withdrew tin' rase and took uul a
Irish wai runt.
m M'l.1 l.U¥ ham im; CLUB
A new darning ilub hus been ui'gan-
1- al in the city under lhe namo ol Ibe
Uaple leal Darning Dub. A. villbe
mi'ii hum Ihe invjlaliuna wlii.-h pn
bow being .ent oul an cxcolent 1:11m
iifi'iiia'iii ul yuung ladie. and joutle-
man i. al tliu head of affairs and the
.unci, ol lhc undertaking is b'.vund
il,,nbl The lirsl dance will bc licld in
he Horticultural ball on Friday of
this week, and Uk lolluwing null*
have been arranged for Ihe icisun'.
dance. : February 3 and 'illh, Uarch
imli and llth, April 7th and ll.l,
Hay filh and I'Jlli.
1    - 	
hilt"! Kiprc.s '■
1 am pari uf lhc .tune Ihal mila
ntnl galher. no mum. Tbi. is my third
Irip ma'- la.l lune inlo Ihe inlctiur
pari, ul our great pioviuce, beside,
three journeys lo Seattle during the
summer. I have yel a full weei'a
trump Ihruugh lhc wuud. and prairie,
re I wend my way homeward, Wa
never know lhc i-umfurts of home lill
.li .il'I'iHiiiiii'iii- and 'lilt"' "lii''' «'ii
hhiiiiI uur path. I have often
thoughl Ihal when I nestled on tlie
brea.l of Ihe coming "Oakland uf
1 iiii.nlii" that climatic condilions were
loo damp. I rut Ihe llioughl. Ihal
prompted my idea., .luul think at
loll Mil. iloiia^-yesterday I .Ion Mllh)
il waa 36 degree. Wow zero. Today
I .luii. ,11) 13 degree, below ; at IM
Uiie lla.ii..' 48 below, al i|ui-in-l (3,
al Karkersville Ul, at Aohrroft 38. To
make mailer, more gloomy a gale nt
wind ha. .wepl over the entire country ulii'ii ha. causiil heavy drill.,
making lhe roads almost impassable.
Y'csicidiiy'. mall coach look six hour,
lo go IV mile, which over ordinary
road, would lake a lillle over Iwo
hour.. Way up in BaHtor.villc matter. Were ttill worse thc .now king
eight feel in depth. It took ihemnil
singe 31 hour. 1o accomplish 17
mile*. F'our ii Miking here ot II a
uii of Ml pound.. Huts 11 iciin a
pound, hay at <lue.nel i. 8$ a Ion,
grajfl cannol be bought.
Your, faithfully,
.1. N. .(. HKO*N.
VM.-Jfbit i. Ifce lilli, oi below jero
lbi. morning a»| o0 at ('Union. Hay
at Fort fleorge |3H6a ton and nono
to ba bod at Iklt. Wqw l|3 a bui?-
ini-i. m. .1.
Annivorsary aervjcop will ba bold on.
Sundny nnd Uondsy, 33pD snd 33rU.
Hpneiul aptiukora arc being arrangi.'d
IOT tit l»ko bolh tmme and special
music w\\\ bo ronderid.   Tbo Mppdny
ovwiing aoryfpp wj|| be jn tho (prm fll
a rally pl tbo cbnrcb PWWhoM   ond
Iriondo,—Bi'|Jiirn,rtgaidli)|nln.' |if»'
grc.H ol tho varjpila depurtmenta will
bo glysn. Doflnito nnnflwncemcnt will
bo given jn Pridrfy'o ioono pf tho
sponkcra lor bntll servlcea.
Owing to tbo ubaonco ol 11 regular
pasl or at St. Andrew's church tho sor-
vice, wero ..undertaken lust Sunday
morning by Rev. Macanley, coast mii-
sionary, with heathpiarlera at Van
Andii, and Hm. Hirscb, secretary ol
We.tmln.ter Hall, in the evening.
llurin' Supper (Haggi»)-3fitb January, 111), Horticultural Ball.
The Gumey^Oxford Steel Top R»ng§
lL.|T-^....         '      '       ' ..      . ' .... \ ■- -a' V-  '" ■
means »\nii»rtonii»vipg in
file) and heller baking results.
only doe? its lyprh BgTTPB
other Ranges..
We cap demonstrate to you
the yuhole Superior C\ltti\-
cellor principal oi economy
and efficiency in ten minutes.
19 it not forth tlltt much
of your time right now ?
The J. D. Fraser Hardware Co,
Phone 58. 133 Lonidale Avenue
D. U 555, West Vancouver.
There are stjll a few specially fine lots for sale in this sub-division; most of them
65x132 feet, some larger. The most westerly part of the property recently put on the
market includes 16 waterfront lots with a waierfrontage 'ol 59 feet and an average
depth of 230 feet. The lots have a pleasant slope to a gravelly beach, and there are
many fine old trees which add greatly to their beauty. Wc have the verdict ol many
who have bought there that nowhere tin the whole Pacific Coast is there a more beautiful spot than "DirNDAHAVE" and most people who look over the property buy
some of it. There are several summer houses already built on tbe beach lots, and others will he built in the spring.
Call in and get a price list and make an appointment wilh us to take you out and
show you the property.   You-will enjoy a visit to "DUNDARAVE".
The prices are from $325 to $6i3 per lol, and the terms are easy, one-fifth cash,
and the balance over two years.   The waterfront lots are 14,500.
121 Lonsdale Avenue
11   1
128 Lonsdale
Cash   Discounts
.We hive just recently added
t new line oi
Maddraas Muslim and
in Oriental effects.
Some pretty curtain Muslins
lhe latest out for
Window Drapes & Curtains
Bedding of All
You'll Iind it hard lo beat our
prices, we carry a good assorted
stock, in all tones and patterni.
A Big Discount
Off .Dinner Sets
This Month
Japanese Rugi and
They look well and wear
well and make a good serviceable "carpet   for  office,
library or den.
Now ii the time to choose lhe
pattern for kitchen, dining
room or bedroom.
We Ity Linoleum Free
Wl Carry 11
i litirtki ii THK Kj&RKrf!
NmiTH VAUrhyviE. JV (J
• One year f I IHI
W*(nHiiiln •   ■ •      •    . .Iw ■
1\tet- mimtlis    »     , i M
Uitiiail fl|(itu» mnl l''oruiiin,f LUPpunVir
AlWltPlSINtl  UW
...yiuijamwi Uhhuv lAinnwnaiiaNTii
SU ('(UlH ||.'l' mull .'al.'ll III: aall lull
J/iliiiB NoTtcim, Etc.—$1.1)0 pur inch per
|,t»ii ten 'I'iuhur NoTiemt—30 ilnys, (6 j
Lao.ii. Adviibtiiiimq—First iitsiirllon, 10
•antl per line; eueli subsequent inner-
tion. fin. per line, ^
Rutin-*'* Nuriosa in l.uoJkp Cot
■ aitt—in uuiim |iuriiiiu|UueTini»ert1oii
Qbtttlkm   AltVKItTIDKUENTtl— KllU'S   Uf
rangcil iiironliiiK lo Hpiici' inl.i'ii,
All cluiniieeiii coinriiclttilverlisenienU
mint ho In the IiuiuIh uf tlui priiiiur by
Weilncfiliiyevi'iiiuelai .'ii: ui.'I'uliliciilii.i:
In tba neit imuie.
NoaTH Vamoiivek, Jan. 20,1911
.     y ,       =
initend »| upon the musters nl % m
ry steamf h. It b»e Inui Wn flwind
ol compliiiiit upon the part nl the of-
lieors ol the lerry boats ifiat mnny »l
those otMitfttlnp these miinll boats tahe
nl' nulla of i|iiiiii'e» in ernai-Wg thp
li'iv.n pl thu steamers in (liwl violation ol every diPtete nl cpmrnftn mirc
or  ol the  recounted  ''riles   nf   the
'  lA-NflTAIil.E ('Mm'R ■
The voluntary retirement of Mr. VI.
H. Mny Irom public .officii niter u continuous rai.'i'viai- of seventeen yenrs in
municipul life In North Vancouver city
end district minis an evc|it which is
Worthy ol speeinl notice in the annuls
ol the North aShorc Mr. Muj» became
11 properly owner ut Norlh Vancouver
before uny municipul oi'jjuni/iilion existed on the ninth side of lliiii'a(d Inlet anil was lirst ulpcted to lho muni-
eipal council two years niter incorporation. Eighteen yeurs huve passed since thul ilmi daring which period
Mr. May wus uliscnl from the council board for only one year. For scv-
cnlccu yeurs he hus lully jusliliul the confidence reposed in iiim by
his (ellow citi/ens, by serving thiili'
muniiipal Interests with unwuvei
ing fiiitiituincss us well as with ability nnd siiccuss in the cupacity of
member of the district council, reeve
of the dislriel, member ol Ihe city
council, mayor of llie cily and chair-
man of the HouVd ol Directors ol
North Vancouvor Cily Ferries Limiled. Through Ihe lean yeurs und the
fat years both as a properly owner
and us u municipul ollice holder he
has Imn intimately- connected with
those inner iiiHitences und those outer
events which havu marked the development of tho North .Shore. Throughput its entire municipul history he has
watched North Vum'ouver grow and
hus ever stood its Iriend. Wilh a
deep seuled confidence in the resources
and the possibilities of North Vancou
ver whidi no adverse conditions could
shake und with 11 buoyant optimism
with relerence to its future whiah no
■ iraiimstanies however depri'ssing,
could siilslne, li.' held stedfustly lo
his ronviitions and hus enjoyed the
gratification ol «wlng the North Shore
inunii'ipiilitii's emerge triumphantly
from   all   Iheir   difficulties   and .tuke
their pim*  in the  foremost  rank  of; (wry  KU'omcrs  arc small  ond   easil
British'CAlunibiu iiiunU'ipalitii's in lhe  handled.    They.carry very (ew prop'
rond" in navigation. Dy dint ol m-
trpme cnutinn »nd »t m'mh innnyeni-
once iiiiii annoyance, i|iu captain*, ol
tho lerry steamers hnvo Btweedcd in
avoiding nvon the slightest mishap until Satinduy last when jii the endeavor to avoid running down a launch
which suddonly loomed out of the log
tturosB tho bows ol the Bt. Ooorge,
tho two lerry boats lound themselves
in a position in which a collision was
absolutely unavoidable. Iimt tho
steamers escaped with but slight damage wns due to the prssencenl miml
and the prompt action nl their respective captains. It is asserted that
the gasoline launch was running
through the fog without any adequate
means of apprising othor craft iT its
proximity and that the lirst knowledge thc master of the Bt. Ooorge
Imd of its presence was when his eye
caught sight of the launch proceeding
across his bows but a lew yards ahead
of the steamer. The presence of the
launch in that position is all the unn.
unjustifiable from the fact that the
whistles ol both ferry steamers wer
sounding at short and regular intervals.
It is a condition as outrageous as
it is unnecessary that the master of a
stciimiT who is charged lor the time
wilh the safety of hundri'ds ol lives
should lw hurtled into a position in
which he must choose us il by instinct
(because of tbe uttet absence of time
for ilelilii'iulion) between hu/uiding
disaster to two or three personi in 0
smull launch or to the hundreds ol hu
mun beings on his own vessel, and
thut he should be assailed by lhe further consciousness lhat uftor liavliv.
passid through a harrowing experience
ol Ihal kind and done the best Ihul a
mortal could do under such I'irrum
stances, he is liable to bc culled to
account should nny serious result* occur.
In all fairness il should bc staled
that there are many navjgalois of
gusolinc launches wbo have been care
ful to fully inform themselves as l<
the rules and regulations governing
navigation and who scrupulously con
form lo the same in sailing their rrafI.
Needless to say that there is no dun
ger of mishap under such circumstances. On the other band there is
pressing need of strict regulations lo
control lhc actions ol those who Nan
lo ihink Ihal Ihey are "a law unto
themselves" and that llioy muy Ignore
ull rules and lakes all sorts of liU't-
ties wilh impunity when nuvigating
the waters of Ihe Inlet.
The launches as compared with   th<
City nl North Vmpqww Wm tha
nwnor and Unpen under iha said ll-
wise by vir|u« nl th» North Vawwii-
ver (% Insnrporttion ket., iw<l, will
apply in S, k, Fletdher, J2«q., Water
Commissioner lor New Weatminater,
ll. p., on 'Wi*lne«l»y % tr*t> day ol
March, JWl, si tho hour ol eleven
o'eloek in tha fflrwinop nr tn anon
theroulier aa www! pan ba heard Inr
au oi-dia- npuanding tite' ijujil |jiense hy
substituting   therein   a|   licensee    the
noma pl tha Oily of North Vmiupw
in plaeo ol tha Porporatton nl *h» P>»-
trict pl Nprlb Vaneouver, and for
adding to lhc words defining the poinl
of diversion the words "and at a
point on l.ynn Creek either on Lot
Mill, Group 1, New Westminster Diatrict or Lot 13W, Group J, Now Westminster District at or near the boundary Iietween tha iaid I,ota"- ar, in
the alternative, lor an ordpr amend
ing the license originally granted apportioning the water tn ba taken Iron1
l.ynn Greek under aaid lleenae No. 4
between lhe point nl diversion aa sel
mil in the original license and a p"in
of diversion of l.ynn Greek either ni
l,ot llll!), Group 1, New WestminBloi
District or Lot 1363, Group 1, Na»
Westminster District, at or near tb
boundary between iaid lots or to is
sun two or mora licensee lor tha wa
to make iuch othar order in th' 11
mises as may be just and* e<|iiilulle
DATED this 24th day of Dacemls
1910. '
B. I-. BE1D,
Solicitor  for  laid   Oily   of Noftl
The Royal Bank of Canada
Capital «,200,«00.
Heserves, $7,200,000.
Totul Assets 180,000,000.
A general bunking business
Iriiiisiictid. Saving., accounts a
speciully. Accounts ul firms
und individuals solicited.
North Vuneouver Branch.
Dunk Office in N. V. Club Hlock
mailer ol presenj prosperity nml   assured  fll 1 H| .'     I. "Ilia
fn vq'imtiii'ily retiring from public
office Mi. May carries wilh him inlo
private lile in undiminished dignity,
all th'ise honors which his fellow iit
izens throughout litis long tern
years huve been pleased lo conler up-
comparatively and do not run 111
schedule time. The lerry steamers on
the olher hand ure of a type of murine architecture which renders lluni
somewhat difficult to handle, Ihey
carry large numbers ol people and
! are running on a half hourly or mora-
.,..    , .,. , frequent schedule nineteen hours   oul
i/'-ii    throughout    litis   long   term   ol,     ■
j of eery   twenty-four.    I'm ilm      llu
course travelled by Iho ferry sl'eanic.
on blm. There lollows him from the j, ,,ra,.ti,,a||y fi,„d, jt is well known
arena of pul.In life the sincercst re-. und docs not vary uppreciubly from
mual and tin. high, si nviuil from ull  &W  '»  "V  ot  Irom year  to year.
classes of ,iti,i,is alike, whether Huy' ,l '" "»'>' f™*"1"1''1" *• <'"»«    ""
1  1 launches should be required to accom-
have al all limes I ifilh him or
module ilii'iiN.'lvi'" lo Ihe safely   nn
al times have disugnul Itnm  him ta [fc copy,^^ 0| the travelling pub
tu matters ol   public   udministriition.   He |>y   in cording iight„l way   at   all
The unanimous mid hearty wish arises Hm* to the lerry steamers ami thai
WANTS you to
know that they
aell the Fineit
Quality Meata at strict-
ly Vancouver Pricei.
Free Delivery to ell
parti of the city, and
every article ii tent put
in the belt poaaible
atyle. We guarantee
to give you entire latii-
faction. A trial order
will .convince you. V
229 Lonsdale Avenue
Phone 16
from uil sources Ihul abiding Iti'ultli
and increasing pros|>crjty may mark
his fuluN! yenrs uud lhat he ituiy long
remain u well known figure in lhe dn
HyW'ii ttie Norlh Shore und one of
tite ittt ritiwns of Norlli Vancouver.
The fCxpriss is pleoswl to give pub-
lie expression lo these "entimelils und
to mnke them mailer ol permanent
Wdord. ,
1     1     .
liifi  conditions   wbicli
MKAHI^KMS   Al'Xjl IUl'1)
caused    the
tpirkep   1"   the   ferry   steamers    St.
IJawge   and   North   Vancouver   lust
ytWb call tor loud und vigorous   pro-
U*l swli os will result if possjlal.. in
itt* |W'H«ulgalioii ii i-egulalio;iH   that
will plane tbe oWig»t»9 '« avoiding
collisions upon tlw navitilere otgaao-
Hats launches und kindred small croll,
in case a.l accident the burden ol pnuif
should rest upon the master of Ihe
gasoline launch in fixing responsibility.
This matter is ol a particularly
grave nature and one In which aj,
ounce of prevention is worth snj/eral
Ions of cure. There is no ru'n'n wli.
uulhorities in chj.-je 0' nmigi.tion
within Ibo harbor ■A}.,''l Aln uiiion
until a serious auidm't rouses them to
n sense ,i the situ«.i.>i. l'i. (nets
ure already sufficiently pi'rn n, call
for piompt and deisivs n.ii'in in \bg
interests ijf puWic snlely.
I, O. ()  K.
North Vancouver Lodge, No. M,
naeta every Thuraday availing, eorner
Lonidale Avenue and Firat alnat, al
S o'clock. Visiting brelhrsn oordlally
invitad to attend. Ira K. Paan, N.
0.; B. ft. Donsldioo, rar. Hi. | II IL
Pilling, P.O., Pin.-aac.
|N  THK MATIKK ol (be Water iot
and Amending Act ani
IN TBE MAHKB ot iimnm No. A3
granted U> tin Corporation al tin
District ol Norlb Vancouver lor
300 inches «< water to be t*k*p
from Lynn Crash, dated tba Mth
August, 1804.
NOTM  ia  hereby givan that   th.
Shipyards, Ltd,
£MNfcEks *
Mafine  and Stationary Engine and Boiler Work prompt-
lv executed.
■nm ■    1
Telepliona 103
North Vancoaver
(1Q $30 SUITS
«PW     FOR
ij To clear oii the remainder of our fancy
worsted and tweed winter suits we will
give you your choice of any in the store
for $19.00
Thit it a remarkable opportunity (or securing a high-class tuit
at a very mpderate rale ai the original pricei p( ihese mn as
high as $30.00.     -
By buying one o( these suits now you have more than half
the winlw beWe you in which to wear it.
Buy Early Before the Beit are Picked Out,
Sale Starta Saturday
113-115 Lonidale Ave.
North Vancouver
I'hone 70— P. O. Box 97
North Shore Locators
When buying in NorthVancouver call
and inspect our list of moderate
priced properties.
No. 8 Lonidale Ave.
Phone 123
The Place Where Everybody Goes
Gem Theatre
Good Pictures  Good Singing
Good Muiic ::: :::
... ...
... ...
Programme changed  Mondav,  Wtdnciday and  Friday.
Adults 10c WjBgff Children 5c
Queensbury Heights
Twu ur ila..' l'.i Ii'il liereilimo tu Ki'itli Hold (rum flAn.oudi, over 16 munllm. Hai i tlm ilnu|iii<t liuyinii in Nurth Von-
Thirteenth Street
A now) VMuul lul lacing noiilli, Irw >»ri|» Irum I.QNSDAI.K AVE-
NTK.  l'riri.. tii.C'1-  I .1 canli, batancc 6 und l'i muiilh..
Western Avenue
.Sliiiii'V throw (rum Avtnuc Car Tenaiaiu, IIA d liy 15'i
leel,   practically   a Iiun J    I'riee, WW—1-3 rt.-li, baUp.e li end IJ mon.
Gimpbell Realty & Investment Co.
near Lonidale.
Tawma arrange.
The Cash Stores
Staple and Fancy Groceriei
Fresh and Smoked Meat*
Homo Mnde Pork riaimago,
Cunud l«eef -   - pur lli ICc.
ilnpiiii Rico   •   • 6 Ihu. 25c.
Chived Mn nn a lai In in J"*"
lh. (ilus* jars, cuch  -   15c.
\\ luiiu Hums,   per Ih. 20c
liucuii   Midi-,    pur   Hi. 26c
Imiiii'.v ( ii'iiiiii'iv Butter in
14 lh'. boxes    -' -   -   $4 25
Moni.'V r tiiriiiil il mil ratinHed
Ayi'dllirt1 Iluse ('ienniriy
Butter,    -   -    3  Ihs. $1 00
<Mu-e.-'o—Fiiietit Uiilnrjn,
-2 Ihs. 35c
(iriinc's (iolih'ii Apph's,
8 Ihs. fur   ....   25c.
Iiuinons, per dor,    -   -   20c.
Oulnn'ul Hiiiip. 10 hars 25c
Choice Mixnl I'eel. per Ih.
New Union I'eel, 2 Ihs. 25c.
New Orange I'eel, 2 lie. 25c
Hold I,(iif l.imUlb. i'inl,75c
Klfglifdi Worcester Sauce,
per bottle   •  -,,.i   - 10c.
I'ost Toas^ies, per pkge.   10c.
No. 1 Wheat, per sack, $2.25
Northern  Hpy Apples,  per
box   -    -   -    -    -    $125
fui'1 Cooking and Kaling
Applea,   -   -   per box $1 25
Quaker Oats, largo plus   3Uc
Our Special Bland of Bulk
Tea, 3 Ibe. for $14)0
1'ure Cautile Soap,
\>'l bar       •        ■       25c
Fancy Uai sins (clu|ters)
B.C. Sugar, 181b. sacks, $1,00
We Save You Money
Hickman &
Wmt      IIHLwUtA...
'■irr>. S^afrty^»(l)j)l{s}ll{4^^
North Vancouver City
\i %
Lots in Blocks 9, 9a, 15,15a, 16 and
16a; District Lot 550; now on sale;
Acreage in District Lots 544, 545,
546 and 550; subdivided into blocks
of (rom I to 22 acres.
The Grand Boulevard Extendi
Through Thii Property.
For Plans, IW List and Particulars, apply to
The North Vancouver Land and
Improvement Co.
Comer Pender and Seymour Streeti. OFFICIAL AGENTS.
Vancouver, B. C, Phone 6266
H-B-H"|"HH"M"I"H 111111 M 1111 111 11111 III 11111 Hi 11111111111-11111111
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS: $94,900,000
Suli) Agent
Agretmcnli and Contract* drawn
of ercrj dticriplicn
Phone 157
■m*mm~f '
Our gigantic January clearance sale com-
Money Savers in Every Line
, tt
The Clothing Man
33 Hastings U, U
Why Pay
Excessive Prices
when =
Cm Supply you «qth
and all
Household Requisites
at a Lowar Price (ban elie-
'Small Prolil. and Quick Rt tqrni"
Phone IM
aad Carnal Granrilla and Smjllia
Siwnd Annwl SHi^?      !>»«» fin ¥'■ tim- "ow nw
x holder*' Meeting "m*** * cw<wM, * I ¥»*
___ i w r0y, |p)|qi«re(J by "Qui Save Piff fiw
ml aiinmil ahanil)q%a mce^ ?iW ftips''; '%rn»' fowprtaM»<)n>-
ttry" I'lRPHSPil by Hojovo jjjdfau^iit.
'Iliiit-Hfiist .will be 'IfHPk jkroding in
Hihcc. A siiiii fey MipfM. FinilUy
wjll jntwyonp. '^B(inn^rot|iio(| nut
Ifafjva Hoatb," lufpscd by Alex,
•Smith iiiiii |-u»|wi|U()(). tp   by   aim.
1'llllip; wituUffil \y   I).   (!.    Dick:
'gair Caeniai nutVllppM lltiffl!,*
ing pl tb« North Vorxpl|Vair f.j)} Fof
fifti |4d. won huhl in Ilui tlntynnpy't
qttjuo Wi.ilmmjuy altcniuiin. V.: V/
P. t/lay presided upi) there hw/i pi>
ent  piwtpiB   |,urnon, Wllli'llflH    "Mil
Tho minute* ol Uio iwiouH i dorp-
huliluu meeting  weie lead—iitxl ■ ne}
Thp lniiiHliirin(! ol Mr. Hay's share
Ip Mayor M''Ni:i»h apd .1. A. Mi'Nuir'
(ill 11IV   tO   al.    II.    I'lli III'     Iall luu I'll     w Ill'll
tku nnw direi'tow with Mayor HiiNeiah
AH   lllllillilllll   tpult   thl'lr   |llll'Vai.
On (notion ol DirKtii|n Larson and
Wil|ianiH thu nnw flirei'tofa oppoiptod
worn: |lri.'»iili'iit, Mayor Wm. MrNoinh;
via.'|iri',.iili'iu, .l.'.a.iai' Williams; directors! J, H. I'l'ii"'. '>■ i-l lumi and Larson.
T. '.I. Heard and H. E. Kemp woro
ru-appointod  munnger  nutl  secrolur;
treasurer rmpcilively.
T.  W.  Thorausmin  *
od uh auditor.
A loiter was rmviii'il l/.in
llinli'i ill tin.' SS. St. f/nrgi
ini'. Ihi) Iiiinui that uu >Ainuu
un In- wuy to Vaui'ouvoK in
log ho i'liini' upun a gasVbne
broken down. Uo at onio p||t the
whii'l tu ■ imliu,ml aud iiin|
tho DDglnp*. A moment luli'r tlio SS
Nortii Vancouver ilnl ahead. This
wan nn a>.vi ..I with three whistles and
orders wero given lor full speed
..ii'in. The Norlh Vonniuver however, bowed up crossing tin- buWN ul
Ilui SS. St. Ii'rorge and ton close to
avoid io Union. The reiull wus thu
eriwjllng in ol the ulli'r ayiljiii ol the
SS. Nurtli Vancouver mm sundry
dunuigi'H to the St. Ooorge, After the
..■iiiui i Capl. Ilutler said he kept his
lioul close up lo the North Vuneouver
uniil lie was ussurcd thut it was nul
seriously duniuged.
The limiiil divided to have the two
i'ii|ilnius, the engineers and the mules
al llie nexl regular meeling when llio
IUH0  W'ill   bl>   l!Ha' allUilli al"'! Ili'.'inl suggested llial the
attention ol the minister of marine
ni I liflii'iicH, (llluwu, be brought to
tlic loo frequent occurrence of am.all
>ialt ii.n. i nn: the waters ol the
Inlei inadequately equipped wilh pro-
par horns or whistles.
A quotation ol Kit) for u tnil shall
was received Irum Poison Irun Works,
Toronto, Onl.
Tliis was ii.'-i pii al and lhe manager
waa lurther instrurtcil to gel prices
on a crunk shaft.
proponed 1/ (Inpt. TV A. Vnrlin and
respondedAo by Maylr l|cNcji<|) i fpiiff
by ft. Brtptm; "*. Andrew's and
aledqnian Spcjoty,'1 proposed by Dr.
Morrison uud i'espoi|dod\to. by VI' it
Irwin. Another feature ql the program will be lho dancing pf, lhe Highland Hing by the Misses Ornhumc.
"Aiilii Scg(j*I«-t8SFt wnri
Whene'er ttiut_Ji^tWitnh
That guvajjlitTworld her (leasunt boy
IffliaWtal Robbie Hums."
Mr. Hoy Wheeler, I'.p.H. Relieving
ogiuil und u sun ul F. Wheeler of 2nd
street, this/Tlty, left on Wednesday
niurning for Morrill where he expects
lu bo permanently us the
cumpany's agent ut lliul place.
•-Wiat will be-lhe name ul tlifcyncw
lerry now Hearing   cumpleliun   at
Wallace   Shipyards   ia   the  vital
pressing  qqeslion at present interesting tbc now board ol ferry direclort.
The   tnutlor mine up ul Wednesday's
regular Doelng  wben il  wus decided i who
lo lollow oul  Ihe "Sl." name   oiler   affect
the SS. Sl. Ileorgc.   Willi Ihis in view
three name* wore submitted, St; J)a-
vid's, Sl. Piilrjit-aiiil frj   _*Blifl*» e j -j
Manggft'Tleard was inslTHl'lud lo Iwuk -ff
up   Lloyd's   uud   siv   il   those   three
numes were tvallab't.    After tliat  ia s=
a-' i'i iniui .I il is probable that the final seli'i'lion will lie mude by popular
vole iu some way.
|! ICE ia horebuB
te under Part V.
p| tho "Water Act, IBO!)." lo obtain
a licence in the Municipality ol Norlli
Vancouver, in New Woatminsler (now
Vancouver) district.
(a) Tbe name, address and occupation of tlm applicant-Harvey Hudden,
Vuneouver, capitalist.
(II I'or mining purposes) Free Miner's
Certifiaiile No.
(b) The namo ol lhe lake, stream
or source (il unnamed, the ilosa'tiption
is) The stream travelling tho wester
ly houiidury ol District Lot "63 (be
tween survey pegs 26 and 37) approximately 1100 Icct Irum lhe northwest
corner poat of said Int.
(c) Tlio point of diversion—A point
ut or near Iliu wcslerly liniimlui v o
D. L-763. V
id)  Thc quunlity ol waler   applle I
lor (in cubic fed tier second)-0ne ou-
I Iiic foot per second.
I   ie| The character, of iu   proposed
worts-Pipes to be laid lar Ihe  pur-
I pose of carrying water lo tbe  appli
i I'uni'i.   Iiiiiii.i'   and   to   other   points
riiroughout said lut 762.
(f) The premises on which Ibe wa
ter is to be used (describe sanie)-
Throughout said I). L. 762.
(g) Tha purposes lor which lhe water, is to ba used—Domestic and agricultural.
lb) II for irrigation describe the
land to be irrigated, giving acreage—
(i) II the water ii lo bo used for
power or mining purposes describe tbc
place where tlie water is to be returned to '.iiiiiii natural channel, and the
iliiiu i in i' in nlliimlc between point of
diversion and point ol return—
(j)   Area of Crown land intended to
be occupied by tbe propoied works—
(k)  This notico was posied on thc
Ith day ol December, 1910 and uppli-
ution will be made lo the' Commie-
on the 20th day ul January,
Oivc the names and addressci of
any \fiparian  proprietors   or licensees
ii  whose lands are likely to bc
by the proposed works, either
above bt below the oullct—None.
North Vancouver
Coal mi Supply Co,
Peslpri m Cpftl, Brit*,
Sand, (Wl, LJHW|
Cement  and   Qpffiefjll
i Bub
■ PHJHfft BhpbIjmi
All Orders pfpwpiiy
Filled and Satis!»ciiQ!i
Gitaranteil.   Prices pn
,   .'
Oflice: Locale, flew Cto V/y
Warehpme:      Fpnnw'lff/M
N. V. Artistic Cabinet Maker,
Upholsterer anil Decorator
>n sml Antique furnliuij
siid ll»r rislntsi. bttiit-
.mm »ll Uf litsucliei.
tup» E^ifiiiing.     Furnlliiro Ptora)(e.
alll klll.1.1   111   Nl
Storu, Ollice. Bj
MAM, OHOKKri ilven promet itteulloo
LOW SEA, Proprietor
■e Davis, Marshall, MacNcill k
ddress) Vancouver, it. C.
jE is hereby given that an up
liiutiiiii will be mude under l'art V.
■I ihe "Wuler Acl, 1W9," to  obtain
a licence in tlio Municipality of Nurth
Vancouver,   New   Westminster   (now
. ..  Vancouver) diitricl,
In   the   polne   court   un   Ihuwluy ^   (a)   Tho nume, addrons and oocupa-
iiiuriiing M. ll'i'l was mud |J) lor a*-
laulting .limiph Tlniriw.  A minunder-
"liiniliiii.' uii"i' Ihruugh lhc tullccling
uf a nule by Mr. itcid lur IV-Idih nnd
l)oy|e. Tlie iin-uned ilniimil that llo
|.ia■ .niiii the nolo lu TIliiljH', while
the lulli-r aKHcrled llial he did nol.
Each in iii-iil (lie ulher wilh Irilling
will) lhe liulli in iiu uin i'i (nin terms,
und it ia■ uli'-.I in a Duvid ml,
ia . which Nr. llinl cui u puke in
"fun!" MU||og Mr. Thurpo lu iiioiihuio
bin l.n-ila on llio sidewalk. The ma-
gislrole ii.ii'.idiriil il wns an unbusinesslike method lo adopl in collecting
a nolo and nnrnlir«)»- nlanrl lhe fine.
lion ol the applicant-Harxey liinhl.n.
Vancouver, D. C, capitalist.
(II   for mining purpoaen) Free Min
'■I 'aa   I Vl lil'n
lining |
ato No
All new faouMi abould bt piped for gai in order to iave tbt
heavy expenditure /pr thii convenience at a latter data.
Ge na ral CorMtfftCtor
Und (Hearing, Blufpp and Bosk
ffiaitlnf. Kitra cart near Iioomi.
All da&icei madt good.
WUrPnV¥WHat    tfSWHWW
*m th wM> mi ifnttmut
p» Waa ti
• V
B. A. Wifdman, a Swede, was seriously bruised Mni'"lih the coving in of
a 11 om-li in which he was working un
Malum Ave. un Wednesday. He was
laken lo llio Norlh Vuncuuver huspital whore his injuries were ultcndcij*)''
by Dr. Newiomb«'.
= '	
'llo    third    luaji'i'il
memory ol Bobbie
under   tbc  ouspinn
dfow's and Caledonia
Horticultural bail on
'26th.   'ftm proceiding]
yeara will be followed
tbe  "piping"  will
ible year now Iba
have Iheir own pipj
groat I'hiefiniii o'
be piped In by •).
Ibe brawny ebooliefe ot Jock 8»M:
son. A "Spe|l Tne a Haggis" will
lie gives by like chairman at liis juncture. Alter lb> supper the  following
in  tbe
i".dny, ./an.
exa i'i i tbat
Cured   more
haggis, the
rnce will
ijnd. feorpie on
(li)' I'he namo ol the tako, stream
ur source (if unnamed, Iho description
is)—The stream Iruvorsing Ibo westir
ly boundary ol said disliiel lot 762
botween survey pegs (20 ond ill) approximately 22o0 fa ci from tlio nurth
west comer post of said lot.  -
(c) Thc point ol diversion—A point
al or near tho wcslerly boundary of
said lot, >
(d) Tbe quantity of waler applied
lor (in cubic feet per second)-t0ne cubic loot per sei ond.
(0) The ilnai iu-i a r ol lhe proposed
works-Pipes lu be hod Iur the purpose of carrying wal' r (o tbo appli
caul's house and to other 'points
throughout aaid district lul 762.
(1) The premises on which the   wn-
' i  to  be  uied (describe  same)
ighout taid Diatrict Lot 702.
Tho purposei lor whlit the water Is lo be Used-Domeilic and agriculture.
If  lor inigatiau - describe   the
intended to bt irrigated,  giving
(I) If the water l« to be used lor
power ot mining purposes describe tbe
place where tlu waler is to be returned to some natural channel, and ine
difference in altitude belwien puint ol
diveriion and point ol return,      —
(j) Area ol Crown land intended to
be occupied by tiie propoeed workt-
(k) Thit notice was polled on tlic
12tb duy ul December, 1919, and application wlll be made to the Commit-
sioiior  on  Ure *)tb day ot January,
IVllli) 'live tbt namci aad addressee ol
any  riparian proprietori or licensees
who or whose lands are' likely  lo be
affected by tiie proposed worki, either
above or below lie outfitr-None.*
(Signature)    HABVEY HADDEN,
(Sin  Davit,   Harebell,  lUeNjaill
<P ff. AddrtMl Ywooutor. fcfl
"pvW "mM $,*?*' U
equivalent to «,7f fojatr/ mtl- „
Ua.m. to 8 p m.
First-class Meal; s^c.
Commutation Tickets, 21 meals
*4-75 •   •
Ivimnis for Hunt at moderate i.iiri;
For Sale
Salmon River Valley
Land, close to Fort
40 acre tracks, $11 per acre
$50 cash and $10 per month
Enquire or write
216 Second Street Eait
The A. Farro
12^ 2nd St Weit
When you deal at the A. Farro
Grocery you get exactly what
you ask (or al right price..: :
Special Attention!
Wc carry a complete line oi
Hanbury ft Evans Braad 22 lor »100
We Could
Paper the World
irom our slock ol new wall
papers, so il. seems. Every flay
aomc new designs arrives, to
till tlic vacancy of those closed
Handsome Wall Papen
are here in endless variety, just
tell our salesman lor whal room
you want the piper, and he
will show you just the pattern
you arc looking lor.
To choose Irom our .stock it
a pleasure, to pay ouf price it
in hopsislp PfcWftt .of trade
Unued Irom page 1)
ne tryni to plunk tho plum (tbatol
ing thn top 0! the mountain),
>irsf, HeW MnNaiigbt.lliniigbt thnt
j* WPHld 1» wnll i| Ihn intnrnsts nl tile
whole North Shorn aceliin nesols be
kapfclin viorm dealing   with   any
^gnhobiu oi this natiifo to the disemir-
a'agomeiit nl any email proposition.. It
was (he opinion nl tha executive tbat
the government should be nsM tn defer legle!at|nn until a largor nnd more
cqmprehonelvo snheme Woe brought up
belore tho railway oomniitiee,
Mr, Salisbury aniioiinenil that the
Bainbow was axpeelod bank in ubout
a month and on lho strength nl this
the prosident wu* appointed n deliigute
to not with delugutos from i'lie city
and district enimnile in extending an
invitation lo the rnminaudei' and nlli
nn to honor tbo p|ty with their pres-
erm on Ihn ist ol July.
Correspondence tins} rend (is follows ;
, from Wm, Skene, secretary nl the
Vaneouver Hnnrd ol Trndsi Vnneotiver,
pnolosing » eirculRr whi«b wn* to in
Iorwarded to tbe minister of thn interior'at Ottawa and to Premier MB'
Bride, it had regard tri a morn emir-
gutie policy |)[ Ilm n|«ni(ng—np   n|
roiuls through the agricultural land*
in the province lor th» ein'onragomont
nl settlement. The petition to the
Dominion government Imd relation tq
the Dominion lands ih the prnvinco
and the Rnilwuys belt. Explanatory
maps and the est nlil iehmeiii nl infnr-
mniion buroniiB Wus reipiested.
Thu Ini'iil Iiiinui wn* asked to add
its endnrentinn tn the petition,'.
On mntinn nf Mr. ,1. P. 0. 0. Wnnd
anil Mr. W. .1. Irwin, the proposition
was linn lila
From Hon. f, Tn Carter-CnHoi) staling that be bad already brought ths
matter ol a road through Mnortyv I
tp tlio attention of the government.
Negotiating had also been entered in
tn with thn owners.
The president' said that snme difficulty , wds experienced . with t|ie»u
owners but it wu$ thoughl thorpict-
tjon va* lining nbly liundlul on an "I--
ternativn propoBition by O1" gnvWIj'
Prom F'  P>  P'iw wishing tin
llonril the i)pmplinioi)ts of ibo wei n.
Prom Thos, Shepherd, enclosing n
ropy'of a proposal nmdo by A- Hi
Knppale uml nisoeinles for the uin-
sliui'lion nl a dam nt' tho Hanniid Nnr-
I'OWS uf HuiTiiril. Inlet.
The in-i'siileni said in effiivcrxiition
wilh Mr- Knppele he was assured il
would in nn way bo a detriment tn the
bridge cmiHlriii'tion,
|! Canadian Financiers, Ltd.;
■ i    "■   ■'
LARGE LOTS     50 x 193
Gentle slope, light clearing, sidewalk in
/front of each lot.  Three blocks from
Lynn Valley car line.
14 Lonidale Avenue: J. P. CRAWFORD, Local Mgr.   j j
Telephone 215
,   '      , .        ( End of Lynn Valley Cariine     ','.
„ . . .. 632 Granville St. Vancouver
Foreign Office;   Glasgow, Scotland.
mmmHnnmrmmr Ififstsv^nnmmnmrmrt^m tm
', i    Branch Office
• '    Main Office:
■l"M"I ■l-H-H' l"l»l-M"l"I-l'l-l-M"l-t-l"H»l"l"M-l-l' I .|'.WH"1"I"I"I"I"I"1"M" W"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l"l" Vm 1' VA
50 ft, lot near Lonsdale Ave.   Price $2100
Cash $800.       :-:        Balance reasonable.
02 WmilAI.H   AVIi'AVK
SOUTH VAi\COlll'l<;il,H.C.
l'hont l j j. P. O. Ilcix Jt
Martinson & Co.
Prices Reduced for Lots in
Capilano Gardens
Subdivision of Portion of Diitrict Lots 601 Uld 607, North Vancouver
Municipality.     At Terminus of B. C. Electric Cariine.
lit. * Hulk aal..I
Applr T»
Phone 6266, Corner Pender end Seymour Street*, Vancouver.
i  '
LOT 18, BLOCK 35, D. L. 550
Adjoining Boulevard, facing South, Cleared and Dry. Splendid view.
Priu, $1125, Term., |400 caah; balance 6 and 12 month.. Thii ii
below preient market value and will bear alricteat investigation.
" Real Eitate Agenti.      financial Broker.
Head Office: 405 Hastings St W„ Vancouver, B. C.
British Columbia }\rtmb Offices: Branch Offices in Kurope:
4 Loi)?4»le A-Vti; Sorth Vawouvar Berlin, Oermmiy
Ml Government St., Vi«tori» f-ondoii. Kngland
Parji, Yrm
I It w»« tmoUei in reply thi *!■
Bonrd dirt not me to take nny dell-
'ntte action until \be praspnt Mrig?
scjiains was consumwi|to4.
Fl'pm Mr. (',. O. Vlllsqi), |?.i|g|uiul, n
t(ii8i!tinj Information rpgardinK Invpsi
mint o|i|iiiriii|iiiipB in thin iiinni). The
I'li'i'k ilimlt. With the |'ei|iinsl.
J,' Plutiflior, eU|iei'lntenih!i|t nl liffi1
grnli|is; Vnnrniivni', mlvjjfiil   thnt    hr
hmi Mils siTi>n|{iinii>iit« Inr night mus-
»ii(jin ImiiiK pliiinfiil Irom tln» tily to
Vuiiriiiivi.|- iiiiii ili.'H|mli'l)o(l (rom there.
Tlm (nllowini ipp)!i'<iHfl|is lor mem'
honliip wcln ilnly rut'iiveil mnl uniipl-
cci i a. iluii, Wm. Pl#n«»n; H, "•
I'liliimr, W. ('. <!lui|»in, T. k, Allnn
.1. ('. Morrison, A. 0, Hope, J|, f
Thompson mnl A. H' I'leltlier.
Tlm li'iiiimirnr reported n hiilnnre m
hand.of s:il.i7.
Hr. 11,'nvi'ii, [or I'oininerie nnd in
iluslrii's rommillHo, ruporlnd tho »<■■
Hon of the nili'iinyiTii on tin- Wullm ■
Aid liylaw. lln ioiihiiIiinl tlmi Ihen
.~ln,nlil lm n publii' v.,a||.|iin,. gtale in
tlm tily nnd moved thnt the eity nun
nil lm nuked lo Inke Ihu matter up.
The unit imi wns mii'iimleil by Mi
Wood nnd
Mr. Hnrgent. I'liuirmnn ol ngritulturu
Ullll    lllillilll   .       -iial      llll'll'     WIIH     lillll'       ol
inttireHl transpiring in thut lino
of lute.
A innller spoken ol by him was the
best nmniiH ol hiiiiih.' llie wulor supply, ill Ihis und utlii'r muiiii'ipalilics.
This woiilil naiii'Hsilnlii tlm presorvn-
lion of Ihe tiiuhor.
An import ol u resolution formulat-
ml by lho iiiiiiluitlwa wus ilii'lnlod by
llit pieoilenl Imv ing iiagnril lo n.i|uir-
iii|> lln1 limbiT luiiiii. mul removing thi
cmisos wlibli wert ri';|niii»il)lf for lha
l|||'a<s|        lil'I'S,        II   'III' I'.       llll), ll'l II    I
from loi;giii,{ opi'inlions. llr. Irwin
ii'piii'liil llml u joint nimmillit' lmil
.liull willi lln' iniitlui Insl year.
Muyor Tn; lur of Vuui'iiuvor liml liiini
u piomiiii'iil ii:nia in llii'se lfllgq|iS'
lions i' a'aii'liiu' Ibo I'onscrvnliiaii of tin
liiiilii'i' lor tbo presi'ivuliiin of tho
Wutur cii|i|ily.
Mr. Ssrgonl saiil llinl Mr. W. ('.
< j 1 ml vv in muiii (pjys vuluulili'   inlorinn
lil.II US III  IllO I'.vlout of  llll) I'Ula liaaaa
Mr. I'i'l ry an.l thul We hai n
duly lo llio future uoniiulions. II.
reforroil lo ri'forosloring lhe lumls
wlnn liny worn lougcil'ofl. Consorvn
lion is nn imporliinl mnilor llml ti
ulfirting Ibo who o I'oiinlry, slnliil
Alil. Il"iiili'isiiii, nmi bo iiiiisiiloii'il tl
mul ler .-I lil lio ii'li'iiiil lo tbo oily
■ oiinoil. In iiiiniy oases InggioK 'ump
wero ■■'h lml on slroums Irom
whiih wetfif wus bring oliluini'd fm
living purposi'*. ll wns imporlnnl
Ihcioforo,   lliiil llioso   wnlt'is Iw   pro
,A niiillor nt u l',i.'L'iiii! rump on lhe
I a nn Crook wus In ■»■ iu lit up nud rotor
ted lo Ihu executive.
Tlio president brouubl up Iheques
lion of n i>o I'mi subwuy <jndi'iiionll
llio ll'll. Irnoks ul Ihe onlrnnro lo
lho (any doik.   llo snid il hud   boon
Vl'ly      |  a laa I.. Ill        lll,,UL'lll       llllll     II    Ull.l
'biilln» pussugo wuy should    Im   ion
■ una inl for |itssi'ngori,
Mr. Ilindorsoi) wmilid lo know il
llio lilun- woro preliminary or other-
wis,' mnl if imimiliuli' in linn wns railed tor us to tbo turgor sulmny.
Mr. I'liHiy-njiswored llinl ho under'
stood ihul llio iiinn- woro laid out in
aceordunoc wiib prSvJsious mado by
lho railway riimraissiuii.
Mr. lliinli'isun moved tbul' rspiMMf
imn' (roll) Ibo prominent organisations in lho i ily lie rujuuitcd lo mnl
l'i"|"■ 'il lo the ('. I*. It. wiih ro
■|n" i lo n |i.i aiia.a.'i liiiniol. Tbo motion wn- ndopled.
ll was -ini..I Ibll Hl.iSHi i,| tIn.
now loldoiia 1,11 llio oily would In' out
lllis week.
Mr. Moinbury said bo bad a j . t,i. -. n
litur fiom llic No»„ Aiin m-i ni to
sue him roiiiinling subsiripliun. lit
l,,inia.I oul to ibe solicitor tlial Iht
Vnn'aim 11 pUNTS should tllow Norlli
Vunn,iivoi more news .pace. Mr. Sals*
bury iln."uiii Ibis muller shniild bo
iniui up by  lhc bonui
llo n-|i.iii.-.| Ihal bo wus 111I..1111.1I
thut Ihoro were a couple ol rttortt
Is'iiiu bmli lii the Mollougall .leak-
inu oiiiyiiia.<ir nnd il wus iui|s,»-iblr to
uel Ihem ins|».iii<d om..|i| by having
tu in.|Kiloi -aaiin from Nuw Wi-im^i
The I'l'-nloi.i, AM. Iloiidoison and
Messis. A. >'•■ l'erry und W. I, Irwin
wen ii|i|»iiiii<'d a commii Ite to interview llio taditom ol (lie Viiiniinioi |in-
IS'ib urging Uiom to devoir more
•pace lo Norlh Van'ouvai
In ni|». 1 to Ibo iiin|ioilion of nm
oliiinry, il wa* resolved lo droll 0 resolution for submission la, ikatOAtnt1
'lln' |aia'«iiloiil mid an urgent innl
(er wan the rcgislralinn ol liiillis,
marriages awl doullis on Ihis side of
ho Inlei. He 1 a suiii an
office should Im oslublisfand here. A
rcsobilioii nn suygoslnl by Ihe presi
dwil was ptM'd<
A dim ussion arose at lo purchasing
post office sij|i|ily at Ihe local post ol-
fice It won pointed out tbat it Nori|>'
Vancouver ever MMetcd |>i I,
post office attsbiiwad fori ll wn/t
ban to rbow tlu r*)uir»d ravanue.
The preat WM aakmd to call Die urg-
wny ol tim matter in llu reridant*.
f--~~-< ■■....■.n^i —,———
'■ '■■
TOWER, gr^ce, victory, epn«Uncy .and fidelity «re
symbolized by lliis gem. so popular in the month o( January. RqipMi Jews, Grptks and Arabiaw reepgnired
it as the birth stone of this month, long before the Anglo-
Saxon race stepped into the history of the world) Although not a costly gem the nquitite beauty of its deep
red glow makes it extremely popular with nil pI»M«».
<J 'We carry a splendid selection of these gems in all
manner of settings suitable for young and old.
1     ■ *"■   ' TM»nsging Dirodor      HajtingV\& Granville &s.
_   When you deal at the Lonsdale Pharmacy you
get exactly what you ask for at the right price.
"J   Special attention paid lo prescriptions and family
recipes. -
_   We carry a complete line of Stationery and Drug
Sundries.     -	
Telephone L 29      A. >. moN, tm.      Cor. Lonidale k Sth
■»»*»»■»■»■•■ -mmm.mmmm'mmem^
North Vancouver is Moving
We have just received some listings on
First St., dose to Lonsdale ave., which
will yield quick and substantial profits
Phone 24   ' P.O. Box 50
Parkdale Finest Alberta Butter 30c. lb.
May Flower, Spring Brook or Ayrshire Rose 3 lbs. $1.00
5 lbs. of good Tea 1.50
5 lbs. of beller Tea -1.75
5 lbs. of the best Tea 2.00
Corner First Street and St. George
120 Second Street Eut. Telephone 20*
Convenience to North Vancouver Merchants
Bujr la Your Owl Town.
YourO   ...SotidtW
Wanted at Once
Listings of Boulevard lots in D. L,
550 direct from owners. Immediate results if rightly pried.   :::   :::
Pierce & Hall
Nert to Palace


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