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Is the world laughing with yon
or at you?
W. li. Riley, of Montreal, was
in town this week.
II. S. Markham, of Hong Kong,
was here this week.
John McCoah, afti'i [pending a
few days at Naniamo, has returned
to lhe city.
Leopold Nugent, of Victoria,
spent a couple ol hours here ou
Il may pe possible to love two
women at the same time, bul not
il they know it.
Kay McKay and Mrs. Kay McKay, ol Seattle, paitl lhe lown a
flying visit this week.
K. Mills and R. Taylor, o( Vancouver, went up Seymour creek
on Friday for a couple of days
J. Baker, the popular wharfinger,
has resigned his position with the
lerry company. Everyone had a
good word for Baker.
Ou Monday the telephone connection with Vancouver was completed. A loll of io cents will be
charged patrons for using it.
Alex. Smith is the local manager,
Mr, and Mrs. W, T. Cooksley,
of New Westminster, were guests
at the Hotel North Vancouver
this week. Mr. Cooksley says
business is fair at lhe Royal City.
The Japanese, who are making
oars, at their camp at the tippci
end of Twenty-first street, brought
down another wagon-load and sent
them across on the ferry on Monthly.
It was reported around Van
couver ou Wednesday that ten
hydrants in North Vancouver had
I n blown nut when a severe teat
wns being made. There \v,is absolutely no truth in the statement.
ii. L, Mean has been appointed
I ii il manage! foi C. A, Lett &
Cuinpauy, the well-known it.ia
estate brokers, The office on
First street has beeu opened. Mr,
Munii will take up his residence
Through the action of the
sup irilllendent of education, al
Victoria, in sending the school
teacher ot Moodyville to the North
Vancouver treasurer, she has been
kept out ol her salary for two
The socialists o( the coast will
foregather here in large numbers
tomorrow to carry out tlieir Mav
day celebration, Speeches will be
delivered by prominent speakers,
in the evening a dance will be
held iu the Pavilion.
S. A. G. Finch, managing director of the Victoria ll'eei. paid Tut
Express a call on Wednesday,
He reports business at the Capitol City as being very quiet, One
reason given is that the soldiers at
Esquimalt have been removed.
Wanted,—Tenders for clcarine,
and logging about 23 chains ol
road, iu North Vancouver, neat
Capilano creek, and close to Keith
road. For| art culars apply Hope,
Graveley & Company, limited, 322
C.imliie street, Vancouver.
The school board met in the
municipal hall on Saturday evening
and passed lhe current accounts.
An assistant teacher is ueedi d
now, but iu view of lhe [act thai
incorporation mailers hnve not
been settled as yet action is deferred.
Iir.issey & Quinn, contractors,
hav entered into a  Contract  with
the llritisli Columbia Eloctrii
Railway Company to furnish poles
140 feet long  for the high  tension
wires in North Vancouver. They
are being taken off lot 550. Thesi
toothpicks can only be procured
within the municipality.
Police court was held on
Wednesday morning by His Worship Reeve Kealy, to deal with the
case of a disorderly by ihe name
ol Rogers. He had gone to Vancouver and inbibed 11 little too
much, On returning he got obstreperous and for so doing was
assi ssed by the' .nli the sum 0! $10
and costs.
The Schools.
During the month of April 72
pupils attended the North Vancouver school- 37 boys and 35
girls. The greatest number
present, any our day, was a, and
the least 53. The highe il registi 1
number in use to date is 97.
Promoted to lust reader -
Minnie Miller, Amy Martin, Alice
Kirkpatrick, Walter Gibson,
Second class—Donald McColl,
Alve Walker,
First class- Newton Steacy,
Alma Martin.
Second primer—Rudolf Larson,
Ira Williams.
First primer--Charlie Cates,
Nellie Stephenson.
lt is customary among some
schools ol the province to engage
part of, or all, the time ol Friday
afternoons at something other than
regular routine of work, which, if;
not varied occassionally, must
necessarily become monotonous
mil .1 drag upon the mind uf any J
pupil. The sav ng "All \t 01k and
no play makes Jack a dull boy,"
is only too well verified, To make 1
the school work spicy is one object we have i.i organizing our
chool debating socieiy, besides,
.here is 11 idling .utter to broaden
lhe child's mind and set bun on
in- way to public speaking. Since
organizing the club a lew weeks
ago, il can be truly saiil that the
interest ami enthusiasm exhibited
it ihe outset have mil} dci pened
ami intensified, and tin- debati s
in- entered mln with the zeal ninl
.-ii ilialeiice th.it says: "We must
win." Deft at 1. not attend* d with
liscouraguinent, I'he last subj cl
(ir discussion was: * *. \. -.-... i
i 11 ti .',i-., .ii.' better in .ill n cts
than giils" Thu ■ ni each upheld their own set:, an I ro- :
Ine liglll .tatli :ili   possible   p f.is-
teni v, .uial * belt, i thai "' li 1 le
fi 1-.       1     , .:     iters' n 1
worthy ol a Huh protui len 1. .1 id
tlies .11.' M 1 ti 1 .' ■■ . 11 ni nnd
Miss Nellie Phillips. I'll' te were
considered as making thc -tar
speeches,   The manner in which
.1 til • other debaters acq utte 1
themsclv s is nlso worthy of vary
1 if,:' tble commi nt,   Altho igh the
iscussion was awarded in favor of
the girls with not a large majority
of points, \. 1 the hots went away
quite contend tl aud happy looking,
Imt still ol the same miud, thinking "We are the people still."
Baynes, C. A. Scott nnd wife, R,
Swanson and wife, Kay McKay
and wife, Win. Fitzpatrick,
Eugene Deatterage, Wm. C,
Shaw, W. T, Cooksley and wife,
Geo, C, Dyke, M, C, Smith, H. S,
Markham, VV, D, Overill, K, Hat-
pur, J. J. Maitland, W. Blair, R.
P. Trtieman, W. I.. McNaughton,
W. E; Riley, 0, Wetzell, J. N,
Johnson, John Rose, C, 1''.
O'Neil, F. Greer, J. Sholes and
wife, Harold Lindsay, Peter Miller,
W. II. A. Paikes.
The Concert.
On Monday night the Pavilion
was well filled with a delighted
audience who were taken back to
ye olden tymes hv dainty lu.ii'leiis
ol a previous century, hy squires
and knights whoso prowess in -one
look the place ol more martial
lame. Au old grandmother, whose
cracked voice sounded strangely
iweet, formed a Bplendid counterpart to a stripping grandchild
whose tale of "Long Ago" Bhowed
exceptional dramatic insight, A
coquettish old maid won well-
merited attention ami   applause;
'mil it was invidious lo  single  ont
hn spi eial mention any, where all
deserved -in h pi lisc, Fom
stalwart knights song wi it to
gethor 1:1 tune .unl liim to the
evident delight "I .'ill, though the
climax waa reai heal when ::.■ old
maid sang as an encore "Coining
Through tli.- lit.."
The accompaniments wen in
tin- able hands of Mi -. Uanfii Id
and Mr. Smith who beal thc
choruses oui ol the company with
a willow wand. Aii artistic,
antique and wholly delightful
an', rtainment came to :i 11 10 all
tun booh, and tin ferry bore a
ma lay, musical company into the
Hotel North Vancouver.
Tin'   following   .ne   tie-    gllCStl
registi Mil nt the   liiila-l   thi-   v.ea-k:
Walti 1 Chapnia 1.   V Uix 11,   (
Gardini 1 |ohn ion, Gi u,  VV< tint, 1,
\V. M. Harrison, II. A    t'on
Mi    Dawson, Sadie II      er, J. J
1 Ihssi tit,  wife  niiii  a I11A.   I.   11
Church Notices.
si.  John's church,   corner   a 1
Feast of St. John's before the
Latin date (Sunday, May 6th)—
11**1 V COMMUNION, 8 o'clock.
Fourth Sunday alter Easter
(May 13th)—Holy communion,
Morning prayer, 11 o'clock:
' vensoug,  7:30; Sunday   school,
10 o'clock.
Sunday, May 6th, is tbe old
festival commemorating the legend
ol the deliverance of our Saint
John from the cauldron of boiling
0:1, into which he was thrown near
lhe Latin gate of Rome. The
day itself is not one of the "feasts
that are to he observed," but only
one of the "black-letter"   days,
11 seems, however, peculiarly ap-
propriate to us lure to keep :t
(with the bishop's permission) as
tin "Feast of the Title," that is to
say, the special commemoration of
the person or event in whose
honor the church and parish are
dedicated t.i Almighty God, The
story is another instance of the
comforting promise of support in
al tng 1. given to all who believe,
a ke t.i.it ol St. Pan; a,id lhe viper:
mi.I, lik - i; also, of the coining of
: 'ml out ol appaii' iu evil. Foi
tne Emperor 0 imitian was so
ingry al the Apostle's .1 iliverani --.
which he :isi r lied to magic, tli.it
he banished him  hi tin.- desolate
■ e: I A Patmos, wha'ie(if we may
'. 1, A . .'.,tt waiting to
:'. . I. .1 ation which has
an oa-al .011 eiicournued so in my,
ami "l whii h we Bt ill understand
so luii'-. It behooves us then nl
this season every year to thank
ti ,d lor the ex impie "i his constancy, and patience in adversity,
and (or the glorious futuie which
awaited him. Wo should pray,
too, for that loving insight into
lhe bright light of truth, which
made him so dear to our Loi'1,
and ol which his eagle  should  be
our constant reminder, It is
hoped tn begin ihe Festival on
Sal unlay afternoon when all who
take an interest in the services of
the church arc invited to St.
John's school at 3:45.
Oil Wednesday evening the
synod nl British Columbia and
Alberta was constituted in St.
Andrew's church, Vancouvi 1.
I'ln- 1 "nsjsis ui nil the Presbyterian ministers in these two vast
pint inn's with a corresponding
number of elders and laymen.
We shall have the pleasure of
listening to two of these clergymen on Sunday,
It is expi 1 ted that the sermon
nt 11 a. ni. will he conducted hv
Rev. J. S. Ross, ol Denman island,
The evening congregation will
li'- addresscdal j-.\n p. 111 by Iv *.
Mr. i-Aii" .all mi Sri    itchewan,
Sunday si I I al 1130 p. m,:
Christian Eudeavoi mi Wednes-
tl 1 al • p. 111.: 1 hmi pt.n tn. .111
Saturday .it B p. ui.
Much business ol an interesting
nature has boi n transact) d during
iln meeting of the synod; but
What  1 ■ti'ii. ins  Ninth   V 1 1
1 .. tin appointment bj
Presbytery 'I a studi nt to under-
taki iin- work waiting to he done
on this ' nh ol the inlet.
I hiring the lirsl days ol in Kl
week a summer school ol theology
will he held in Vancouvi 1, lot lie
ali-i ussion "I ihe vital questions ol
iln- a|,i\ (iiriln ehiin h .'ind student
In:. 11 -.nn" addresses and papers
Inr ilisi 11- i"n have he. n providi 1
Tin- ne etings .ne lie" i" u
:m   held m  .'I.   Allah ■".      a    11
Pastoi  Iv v, li. (,ill.u.i.  M. A
of tht muuicij
on Wednesday night.
hi.   Kealy  presided.
it.-   .a-     A.
Allen, Cornish, Morden ami May
were present,
T. Bowneset ah, petitioned to
hate the pipe line road and Hos-
kin's street, north from pipe line,
opened up. Refeared 1.0 hoard ol
Rout Norris wrote asking thai
Forbes avenue, Irom the Keith
road to Fifteenth street, be opened
up.    Referred lo board  of works.
A. F, Beasley et ah, petitioned
to have a four-fool sidewalk laid
on the North side of Fifteenth
si"eet, from Lonsdale avenue to
Wulffsohn avenue, the present
sidewalk being very dangerous for
baby buggies and loot passengers,
Estelle Kves el al., petitioned to
have Second street, from Mahon
avenue to Forbes avenue, opened
up and a sidewalk put thereon.
Referred to hoard of works.
Henry Yates et ah, petitioned
that Fifteenth street be opened up,
from Bewick avenue to Dclbruck
Street, a distance of 700 feet. It
was resolved to call for tenders for
1;. L. Radermacker wrote asking
(or an extension of the water
svsteni above Twenty-first street.
1'". 11. Hummer et ah. petitioned
to have Seventeenth street opened
up, from l.iuis.l ih: avenue to
Wulffsohn avenue, anil that water
pipe In' hnd on same. Referred to
board of works.
Constable Dick reported that
l6l mad tax receipts were issued
during April; : !"■."! 1. stock impounded ami :. ,J ■ 0 in ted li en
same. Onil.n . ,A ■ 1 [ul le. tl and
,S(,75 incidentals. K p in n -  ivi tl,
W, C. Eiaciimau sciu in his
resign tli 111 a.- ' n .. tint of lhe
waterwork • ituak 1. Ai cepti al and
Mr.  Kay  n • ived  lhe  appoint-
:  .■-,:.
The Nurih Vancoi ver Land and
linprovoui :it i aa: 1..'. wrote
seii'.ling plan ei bio' i< '7, district
lots 271 and 5.1A im count ii's approval.
Letters wen- received front the
muni ip tlitii s "I So Uli Van "'it'-".
Vancouver cut and Hum thy, con-
1 ir: 11,i. j arrangements math at last
Friday's couli rence, re u-lohIs 01
the water on Seymour creek.
Filed. South Vancouver will
h.at 1 , a 1 im lies, Yam ouver 1400,
Burnaby 230, Richmond 250 and
North Vani ouvi 1 s- 0.
Taylor, liradbtirn tV I lines wrote
re the action and lis pendens,
by the An,a ban Hank ol Commerce, in ca nnection with lot 50/5.
J. vV. Keller wrote stating that
he was desirous to get on the
waterfront, lour or five ai n -.
on which to place bis pottery
which would cost $40,000 to he-
gin with, ami eventually (70,000.
\ bonus ol ■'   s asked for,
Millai . V01111 ■    . the k.11
Beach Amu,t ment and Enterprise
Company, wrote  asking  lor   permission to conduct an  amuseiiu nt
park ai Lonsdale gardi ns.   Laid
A letter was read from   Alex,
Robinson,     supcrinti ndi nl     ol
e Iiii ation, to C. A.   Ml -,  M lanly-
tating   that   Miss   Catss
and Power Company, limited,
wrote saying that the company
I were quite willing to change the
time; if so, thcto:5o a. 111. sailing
from Vancouver would be altered
to 6:45 a,"l 'he sailing from
Moodyville to 7:05 11. in., the ferry
mil start prompt on time,
Ou   motion   the   request   wns
A delegation, consisting of
Messrs. Bell, McBain and Smith,
waited on the council, and ihe
following resolution, passed at the
mass meeting on Friday night,
was read:
"That tbe municipal council be
respectfully requested to pass bylaws similiar to those of the City
of Vancouver for the regulation of
hotels, restaurants, etc., in order
to prevent abuses in connection
Ex-Councillor Bell spoke in
support of the resolution, and
asked the council to pass a by-law
to prevent abuses that might arise
from the liquor traffic.
Mr. Pain wanted a by-law such
as they have in Vancouver to regulate the traffic.
Councillor May said that be had
heard no complaint of things as
they were at present. Everything
seemed to be carried on quite
The reeve said he had heard no
complaint officially.
Mr. Alex. Smith said thero bad
been a good deal of complaint that
people came over to North Vancouver to get drink because they
could not get it in Vancouver.
Councillor Cornish thought thai
the time had arrived to make a bylaw dealing wilh the matter. He
moved, seconded by Councillor
Allen, that the police and lire committee be asked to prepare a bylaw,
Mr. Larson, who was present,
strenuously objected to statements
made that people got drunk al his
place, saying it was evident that
hey were trying lo step on his
:orns. The people who were seen
bunk in North Vancouver got the
drink in the city before coming
over, The council utight to keep
police to keep these people from
,:< ining here as they were not
i,. m ition of Councillor
Cornish was finally passed and the
matter refi rred to the iin- and
■ iiii' ■ mmittec to bring in a set
ol by-laws.
The school bonrd sent iu the
following estimates:
North Vancouver school—One
teacher, first division, *J6o per
month, J720; one teacher, second
division, S50 per month, $600.
Lynn Valley -One teacher, $45 a
month, S540. Incidental expenses
North Vancouver school—Janitor's
salary, ,s5 ;t month, Jfio; 12 cords of
wood and cutting same, $4 a cord,
(48; ink, chalk aud stationer*.
sundries, $15; cleaning outhouses,
ele., $?y, desks, $120.
Incidental expenses, Lynn
valley school—Firewood, $20;
stationery sundries, $10; janitor,
etc. t' ■ Secretary's salary, $25,
Lynn valley school site, $150.
Total, $2357.
The reeve reported re records of
miners' inches on Seymour tie. k,
I'he following resolution was
" Thai the council approve "i
the arrangement   regarding   tin
should apply 10 North Vancouver|water r"""ls "' '"' obtained on
hu h, 1 March salary,   The cier|- Seymour creek, namely; that North
Victoria on tho 'an ver ahallhave a record ol
iHoo miners' inches; thai   South
The council promised to take the
matter up later on.
Councillor May asked how long
has a pi ison to redeem property
alter being sold for taxes. He
was informed that it was one year.
The Fxpress Printing Company
tt. re voted .*A5 towards defraying
expenses in connection with the
cms used m th a, strated booklet now being completed setting
lorth ihe advantages of the City of
North Vancouver,
It was resolved that a burial bylaw he prepared by the finance
The temporary loan bylaw,
number 2, passed its third reading.
■cut  ,1 htl. 1   to
matter and rei oived lhe
1 ablcgram:
"Moodyville si hool distri
lol   . " md 273 a1''
municipality, undei
the   si hool   ai 1
1,11,1:11   committee,
to I
si I 11
ll was nii'V 1 ihal the :u tion
ill the board 11 works in rough
grading Fifteenth slrcei In con
firmed. Ait-1 Bonn disi 11 • ion
this was . irricd ' umcillors
Mav. Cornish and Allen voting
aye, and Count illor Mordcn nay.
I, W. Pn [In 'i al. petitioned
tnh.it' till: [i'ir]    ell (III 1      II Igi tl,
.'i   ill il    1; 1
I - Of    7:30
II M      Ramsay, utai
liiHiiaga    Noi      .   icouvel   An
"Wlllg ,   l—_^^
Vancouver shall have a record ol
300 miners' nn hi 1; thai  Burnab)
and Iin llinond shall have  oai 11  .1
n 0 ,,[ 1, a iiiii of 250 miners' nn lies, an l
(elerred to I'18'Vancouver city shall have a
record ol t, paai miners' nu Ins; and
lhat these records when grant**,!
shall he secured to eai h distrii 1 by
a suitable m 1 at the nexl icisii 1111
ihe provincial legislature."
Mi   Larson  wished   to  know
■.that ihi 1 "mi' il intended 1 1
11. ard i" Ri gers avi nu-. win n
'.li Marshall had heen jiven per.
mii -i'ln in cut down thi trei i, and
he declared that since llu 11 tl
p| 1 iki 'i i.ii it had siill ni il
1 San 1' 1.nn 1 -1 o 1 iiilnpi ike
Hi* ''-'I   In   know    v. hai    lhe
■    would do loward
'in   I,tiiell    lla I ,    llnl    hale
stumps   looked   very   unsightly,
The Mass Meeting.
On Friday last a huge and i. ore-
sentative meeting of rate] ers
was held, in the muuicipal hall, to
discuss the present conditAn of
the license question,
Reevi Kealy mat1 n impartial
and excellent chairman. Rev.
Marsden spoke of the purpos lor
which the meeting had been
called, urging the ni s.„ty of
taking some immediate Aid con
. 1 iteil action to preserve thc
terests of our growing city. It
was not to be expected that wc
should see eye to eye nn all
matters; hut on what so intimately
anl seriously affected the life of
the community he believed it was
possible to create a policy, at once
possible and praiseworthy.
Rev, K. J. Wilson, ol St.
Andrew's, Vancouver, claimed the
right of a ratepayer to speak on
the subject, and, in the course of
a spirited and appreciative address,
pointed out the necessity of taku:.',
a (inn stand for righteousness and
sobriety in lhe beginning of our
civic life. Ih' urged that steps
he taken to put an end to the sale
of spirits on Sunday,
Rev. Mr. Banton spoke on behalf ol those whose lives are
wrecked by the ravages of drink,
ami appealed for lhe helpless, that
:i" inure temptation be placed ill
their erratic, course. He then
sang an appropriate solo with the
refrain "Will It Pay?"
Rev. Mr. Gillam dealt with objections urged against the motive
ol th.' m.iting, and wished it distinctly understood that there ' is
n ' >|a .in- io fight lor or againit
anyone   a principle was at stake,
the good llama- and   ^ood   conduct
i-i North Vani ouver. He sought
by appeal to the municipal act to
show that the character ol a place
depend' d on the residents, and
that no individual or inierests could
prevail against the express wishes
of a community, There and then
was tin- express time to explain
their wishes.
Mr. II. C, Wright and F. W.
Templet spoke to a resolution,
which was unanimously passed,
that a committee nl supervision be
appointed whose duty it shall be
in 1 xaniinc any new requests for
licenses, in order to prevent signatures being seemed with imperfect
knowli dgc, to warn and coutnel
tin- community regarding any
action towards obtaining new
licenses; and, in general, to keep
a watchful eye On lhe best interest,
ni tin community
A committee was a] p tinted,
composed of Mesus. II. C. WrightJ
l\ W. Teniph r, Ah-x. Smith, J.
S. Pain. S. A. McDowell and Rev.
J.I). Gillam, with power to add
to tin 11 niiiiii" is.
Mi. h. P.. II brought lorward a
motion lh.it lhe council be re-
'lii' si, il tn hung lorward a l*y-
i law hu iln- prevention nf abusi s
linn lion with the sale of
liquor, .unl especially for its
,aii. lion  on   the    laud's   day,
li   I  A   Mi Pain seconded, and
"■ia     a : ii:,  an,1 animated
di on, in which J   S.  Bain,
S A Ma Dowell and Mr. McBain
I look pan, ihi   in.'imu  was imani-
rried,   A   committi a
a  Ull,a   a,.    1     aal      \],    ,-.|  ,.      |j, l|,        Mc-
, linn md S   lb was appoii .ed to
a|'l"   ' < 111'    till'  !||.Ill    I.
I      1 iie't,' 11 10 ,ial|iinin w e; put   in
11' 1 i" .' 1 tin   committee meet,
I whom WC ' \pt a 1 tn In at  inure
I ine.
llu. brought   lo   a   il    «n
Ila' I   Ig,  ll'"   lirsl  ol
isl    I in North Vani ouvi r, at
-   :•   I   tta-  made
ijnsi   ' ui In ni   : all ms which
lion ni   iln-   com.
luplori    .md which
ei k A all lav. Inl means
NORTH VANCOUVER   -  -   ■   11. C,
A Weekiv Newspaper,   :   Published by |
Subscription One Dollar per Vear
Man:!::ii',' Editor
,1. lll'lll; (11BBOXS,
AdvertiuiBB Maaascr.
Editor of tiie Volkszeilung, Winnipeg
Nn better indication ol the dosir
ability ol tho Herman ns a citizen ol
"Western Cniuidn, nml ol tho hu|)ortQiit
factor   tlinl     lie   i-     becoming   in
Western   Canadian     lite   i Id   bo
given iiinn a sketch ol tlio career ol II. II. Ni-uii-lil, mnl ni tho progress iai the '"-11111111 weekly newspaper
which lie edits and publishes in tho
city   ui Winnipeg  tin- Volksieitiing,
Born in Europo on March 18, 1870,
Mr. Neitfoltl came uilli bis parents to
America in 18SU and early in lifo ne-
quired, nn a farm   which Ins   father
i-.tii'-'l near Mountain    I.  in   tlio
State oi Minnesota, those habits ol
persistent industry ami self-reliance
which litis matli ■ ading member
nl his race in tlie Province "i Manitoba mul in tbo l West, When
nnnlilt' in bi ■ : ol the advantages a,i  selioa     I '■   studied   in    lib
leisure I rs uml practised his oxer
a .as tthil.' nail.ii _: attei the plough
going for tin  cons, mowing, raking
mid during the iloiton and  icupa-
tlons ni a boy on a lul in. I'or throe
iiiuiiiiis during each ol those winters
ha' attended the public id I ol Mountain hake, having ul the siinio time
charge of fourteen liorses and twenty
or ni'iri' cattle which he hod to Feed
and attend to morning and ovi ning.
musical   tn ■••■- in   a
marked degree, Mr. Nnufeld   took n
coitrso in tan-;,!   music uml   practiced
ever* yeoi with the ( hiirch "I
• ■■ Bn tl run. Having n Iii o lirsl
ti'inn roico, hi male i lionises
nml choi ile ipiartettes
and .....            in   many pari   ol
• .     I ,        s.    ■
In A'.'i Mr, V  i.i':.   J'oilng, am-
tulip ■ i.a-1 man Am-
. A i'     est e r, N. Y.,
... ...
While in II     -  '     Ml   Si
gnu '       t Tin
al Seminary of that
tbo S II pii ' Tlii-ia-
1 . I ■     K t..
... .  ■    ■
. oi tribiitiiig in a
i.. .    jiapi
Mi    Ni ro   I. ii-   in
of sliidenl
Boutin      llaptisl    I' i -.   n-nl Si'ini
Culled fl      I            '■ Iir llu1 lasl ill-
i,.                  ■ ■         i had n
to N        I)                   er her di
tta- llilnil) n-ii - I" I'
ll...ei in Nortli 1)     In til ere he tauglil
tm.' , tion   •'■  .'  '"1
lllllll    tt a ' I. it     1.1  .'     pllpl
I o obvi initio* im ii German      liev  [iiipei      in    'iie    |'i"t i	
ol  Mai ' uttrai '"I  bun
ie thi time ami - t* to the city ol
Winnipeg Ih- iia-_.ni the publication
ni   tin-    Hi .,   paper   nn
:■  |ili     llu    '      '    Kin-
i Sn   uv S, 1 1 paper, uud
\ A, i.i in..n,    ■ ■
I -.  \ ■.     . .     iiudeil so miieh
oi tin ol Mr. Ni-iilt-l'l
tllat   111 ll       till Ila llllaa |.'a A
'. allll   i|i*vo "I
tlio oilii
l . , A      ■ ll -    .   lltioll   t' ...
■      ,1     I.a'  ''-I     I.'     ' "U.ll.
I> ol  till' (ii'l
i.i ii vYoai
pro . ...
In ,Inin
M    "...
a '    '
a . ,        -,
Its tilth ,
: -    It HI III
Its |
a hltlitllllfl
,    .    ■
la   ■ 'a.-:. .     ,.        Ill    '   '     . il':.'
I : .
I ■   ■   ,      ',        . ......
extoi ia..    ' - tin I   '
Vt.  I   e,  (iertl all  .'"I    I
Jail,-| tllOl
taial,'. p^l .      ■      ■
llll'l   ln-a I       a- ,,i   1 ' .    :  ,   '    |       '.   .
r a -       ■
I llll o i ■  mil     be
In coi ni ■ ■    paper
» is also a I itioniiiy
i iiiiini
i . ■
I-'- nryl wil
- \
.'.a'. t, it||    llll'    I'lll
nf the editor am -     Mr. Nfii-
l"l  ci
ih   In
of Gem
person who prove thnt
*iunli|irit Snap inituin. may
iuiuriou- .hrmir.ala ur -any
ta I .1   lit .u'.nila I ..1..-U
is a perfect cleaner and will
not injure anything.
Best for all household purposes, Sunlight Soap's super-1
ioriiy is most conspicuous in
ihe washing of clothes.
Common soaps destroy
the painted or varnished
surfaces of woodwork and
take the color out of clothes.
Even the daintiest linen
or lace, or the most delicate
colors may be safely washed
with Sunlight Soap in the
Sunlight way (follow directions).
Equally good with hard
or soft water.
Ycur money refunded by the dealer
from whom yoo buy Sunlight Sep it' ).u
fmj any cause for complaint.
I.rvcr Brittle,' LinilteJ. Tcrcnto
His Case was More Serious than he
Thoucilit. but Thanks to Dodd's Kidney Pills he is Well and Strong Now,
bt, l.aaalin. Iliu. Cn.. X. H-. April l'i—
I'jIii a lal.1—.Mr,  I'airi'-I;  Dowi i.m
tills v,    Is   n young man    unit'
it's ii".  years A ngo, Inn Borne time
agn Idilm . illsi a-.- Inui liim lirinly in
I Its grip :ei I liml li in" I n for Dodd's
' Kidney  i a       .   .- -'iia| probably nm
have in' ii . .ite in-,lay,
"I  iiniii:  'In- cnuse nf my trouble
wns "t rem , '  sins  Mr.   Downing,
in with a heavy drag-
': ::i niy bnclt an I nci'088 nit
I' Ins.     ilia-ii I u.as subjecl in head-
acnes, crump In Mi"   munch -:.   dizzy
■ . :.: tt- ,,;.'i... -iii i fell lit for
nothing.   Bill ilie worst symptom n<
my case v.is when I noticed thnl my
urine wns streaked with lil"" l. then
I liin'tv hint my Itiiliii'vs were nffectetl,
Hearing of Dodd's Kidney l'ills I sent
li i' sum" mnl I mn plensed to say lhe
pains have all gone Blnce using them
mul I nm m 11 mid Btrong ns "ter 1
Tin' flrsi trees to ii" shipped from
'lie fin-' si ry (anil ni Indlnn Head were
ser.t in Lethbrldgo.
Minard's    Liniment   Cures   Dandruff
Bi Stori:. lhe American am-
bnsstulnr to Vienna, wns received in
audience by b.niperi r Frnncls .his' pii.
la*,   llrlliml   and   Inn   Will   llrrntly
l.lichl,.,! Vt.nr tabor,
Method should im used in dusting a
room, nnd ln-faaiv starting thi' daily or
wookljr dusting all tlie brushes ami
clotlu should bo in rendlnesa. First
the largest picn|i of furniture ihould
havo tin. dust wiped oil' carefully, and
for tbe soft carved parts a soft hair
brush should ho used, Then all tlio
lodges and rims nf iho chairs should
be dusted, beginning at llie top and
working downward. I 'nil a corner of
tli" duster through any small spaces,
A feather brush is desirable for the
tops of pictures, nlso for the tops and
bin ks of books, ami the class of pictures mny bo riihbnil with ni'rt'spnpnr,
li -no paper or a ."ft old duster. An
old silk handkerchief Is convenient for
dusting llio ornaments from tlio man-
tell o. which should bo placed ten).
pomrily ou llio table to admit of tlio
thorough dusting of the overmantel
uml mantelpiece, after which tho ornaments uro replaced, Lastly wipe the
wooden niopboard t-.-iiii a damp rubber
uml thon uilli a dry duster, The careful housewife 'la.es not ncglei i to dust
lhe li.- ol tv les, a,l lodges, tv ndowi,
,. ; board.,
■ of :'i 'door when open and
.' ... i llio grate,
Tl'l-ll, .if II,r sin  Wolf,
.■as ih ii were [urnn rl.v pass.
cl fra.in hand l" hm il - - In ng '' a'
i-a : iniul III ll d bend i [ tho t id
wore fossil ti'i'lh nf the sou wolf.
For Thin,
Poor Blood
You can trust i medicine
tested 60 years I Sixty years
of experience, think of that t
Experience with Aycr's Sar-
saparllU; the original Sarsi-
I'm ilia; the strongest Sarsapa-
rilla; the Sarsiparilla the doctors endorse for thli blood,
weak nerves, general debility,
Tit ■M*n thl» pinrl r»M mMti-ln-1* "•mint in
\u Wtt wr»rk if tb* liter li i*.-.. nt» tn4 Ih*
riowtli twjii'tirM'd P«r tlif l»m i-rtttl.*!' r»
niltl, ""i Ihniild Mk* -1 •' ■«" ' " > Bj Awn
t'llli whllnUkms tli* Par<t|.arllli   Tli* !.t«|
«'     'J ■" »'T I",   ■■"!   in l 10*111 f • '.i -".I
IUat.t.rJ.0 j, T«r r^ . I...W-1U Haas.
Al.. a..n. .'.  1   i.a , of
f   mn vmot,
HPTQ.  Aai'BClMt.
U\/l O CfltMV -KT01AL
Vlce-A Inilrnl Cervi ra lias l n appointed ^i i nlsli naval commander nl
i' rrol on the n.i.'.' A Betnnzos.
Churchill and Victoria.
Whon i.oni Randolph Churchill was
lender nf the house nf commons li
wns a somewhat unconventional occu
pant of ilnn exalted post, according
in a sinry in Hie biography by his son
"l mn commanded hy the Queen,"
Bald Lord Iddcslelgh, writing lo Lord
Randolph from Balmoral, "to say thnl
her Mnjesty was grently amused by
tin contents of your despatch imx lasl
r lit, I suppose you won'l under
stand this messnge wlthoul Borne ex
plnnntlon—there was a liberal siirlnli
ling of tobacoii in ill"
■ is the Farmer's Friend.—The far
will liml in Hv. Thomns' Ecleotrh
I'liieni remedy fur wounds nr
ns in the body nr fnr nffectlons nf
rosplrntory organs and fnr house
i-i onernlly,   ila' will also ilm
i convenient friend in treating In
'd horses, cattle, etc, or relieving
111 when attacked hy eiilals, coilghi
nn;  kindred   ailments   tn   which
y arc subject.
The Ross Rifle,
ia. conducting  experiments with
new   cnrirldge   adapted in ilm Rnss
riiio sum.' remarkable   results  have
lie. n obtained.   A muzzle velocity nf
A  ■ feel per second was oblnlnei
,.   ■ ompnretl with a velocity nf 2,01
lei i per Becond riven lay the presenl
s' rvlee nmnnililtlon,    Tbe tremend'
mi- ndvnnlnge ihis cartridge will give
.   is provided with ll is sn great
A. ■ II is dlfftctlll I'nr lhe lay mind tn
grasp,   li makes ll imssililn fnr a fixed
si.,1   i.i In' used up In a 700 yd ran;;'
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
Two hundred and   fifty  mutineers
■ ' si.-'l as a result nf a mutiny
nn board a cruiser at Lisbon,
- .ma Consumptive Syrup
n- ■ is nn recommendation, Tn all
\t,,i. nre familiar with lt, ii speaks for
it-.-it. Years nf use in the treatment
n: a iai- aiiil coughs ami all affections
ol ll" thronl lias unquestionably esl
. t| i;s place among tho very besl
■ 111 - im' such diseases. If ymi
in. ll a :iia! ynu will nni regrel n
imi will lliiil Ii 25 en's well Invested
A 4,000 Barrel Flcur Mill Just Completed at St. Boniface,
Tho West 'rn Canada Flour   Mills
i'".. i. I  justly proud ef their
inamiiiie nt plant   now rapidly   an*
completion,   Tli"   Initial
-   ' till   lie   I, a  bills.,        :
provision hns heen made for
ing to a 1   go exten  ns their  husi-
ness tx;aaiii|s.    'I'ln'  iniil    ami ware-
liaa'is..   nro ol   brick   anl   concrete
while nil Interior work Is et -
Dlvlito'n- ol Time,
Tin' Greeks und Romans had no
weeks until they borrowed ihis division
of tlmo friini the cast. The Greeks
divided the month Into three equal
periods; tlm Romnus into throo very
unequal lhe kalends, ides and nones,
Ct-rt nn'c. int,I   IIN  Vi'lfr.
Cervantes drew a plcturo of bis own
wife in tbo "Mistress Housekeeper for
die Devil," whom Sancho Panta abused so bitterly.
 ^i^^^UMlaJ     '**SJ(.
W  'tj0A
f MILK i       limited
mill construction of Iho
nnd ihi-   fact coi     :   i
Uro protection service, nol excelled hi Amerii a, will give the com-
pi ny Hi" beni Hi ol the low,
-a;i" Instirai      The storage i • i
aior is ' f cement lank con
and to • ihi r with tin
will hat. ol ■" "" bush
els which is Hltely to be doubled nt
;■; nn i nrly ill b
is equlppe I with ' ■ possible
tn mnke It tin       [complete and up-|
ia .date milling elevatoi In '1 mn-
> ..   Power for tho   entire        - m
I.,.- ilu
Bonnetl    Power Co
hotiso bi ii
month whlli
ii --.-  the em
curly date,
Winnipeg, Manitoba
lanMinn'. Greatest Fire.
London's greatest Uro began Sept.
22, IC00, Eighty-nine churches, 13,200
dwellings and -vn strccta wero do-
Tlif Arniptilnn I'.rrl.
"Tho Ariniiiian era" began Tuesday. July 0, A. D, 552, when Iho council of tbo Armenians formally separated from the church of the Greeks, thus
definitely establishing a separate co-
Caoslastlcal organisation,
r-.ii, Mange. Pr.nric S:ra;-'iei, Cuban Itch on Human or animals cured m
1* minutes by Wolfoid's Sanitary Lo-
I on.  It never falls, Al  til druggists.
mi tn the Cotmlt silver r*
s   light Soap i
I wlii'ii
liny "j S»ni
lolli it diri
The honeymoon was over, nml tlif
i iisb md, return i - from busim
grieved to find Ida little wlfi i
bitterly,   "Oh, George," ihe sobbed,
"such a dreadful thing has I. ppem
l had uimlo j-■ ,ii a beautiful p -
self, ninl Fldowonl and ale ill' "Well,
never mini], my dear," ho i  tl chew
fully, "we can easily buy anothi r dug."
Snct-.'..  In   Iln.In,-.a.
Tho path of nf
■ tlie path "f a'lmii;
iall thai        :
Is," thc     i ' - il ''
la i       ■■       lafe 1* nol ii, ■
aci Idem   H f
Ureal In II.
■■Hi. seems to t aide of
"lie ' n'i In :■' It, lie's an nmnteui
\\ i   a f'ur.
su,er Colnaita-a
The flrsi deposit 'af silver bullion to
im coined ua- by ihe Bank "f Maryland. .Inly  18,  K'.'l.  Unit  lii.stlliili.ui
seudlng lu 9SU.T15.T3S in French coins,
I  ' ■ 'lwill's'  l IXIMEXT
'Ic I1E8T I.IXIMBXT in i ■
         ■'      '
■   ' Ml'. M1HS  I.IM
MK.N   I '. l!ll   I        11        «.!   -     US     Ila   ,'
- Very irnlf.
A niii:
Hi" hu.
■ a'  ll
nl   ibe convention nt
a Springs, Ark.
CeyBon Natural Green Tea, and you will be
convinced that it has the same delicious
quality that has made "Salada" Black
Tea famous.
40c, 50c and EOc per Ib.
Highest Award at St, Louis 1904.
At All Qrocers.
Every School Boyanil Girl in M.-initoba, Saskatchewan anti Alberta, to write  us  for our
booklet containing Views of Winnipeg
and  Farm  Scenes.
Imperial   Maple Syrup
Alwayt.   Satlafaotory
Aik your ilnnlur for Imperlsl MapU Syrup, Do not allow him te sabitltult
an Interior artlole beoauaa It la ohuapar.
Cause of
H' f < acnes, oiuousncss, nausea, ayspcpi
^-,J_,_t»__ Ayer's Pills ire icnuine liver pills.
•V- M- Va* 4.A Wf ||»U jjj jjnyjlj al all Wl atlllil.aa. 1,-w.ll, M
You must look well after lhe condition
of your liver and bowels. Unless there
Is daily action of the bowels, poisonous
products are absorbed, ciusing headaches, biliousness, nausea, dyspepsia.
Stolen Pleasure
The children will show you
ihe mcriis of Mooney's biscuits
if you give them the chance.
Mooney's Perfection
Cream Sodas
have made themselves famous
all over Canada in a very short
t*mc. Crisp, inviting, tasty.
Different from any other cracker
you .have ever eaten.
Say •^Mooney's" to your grocer.
When you buy
you want
and long
These tarn! many
other good points
,,l ■' a aallilnil'il In
You c 0.1*1 afford      '.
1,. las nny other     /,
...» ta—f .- CO u.      jra-^y-'
.     |,.,;„ ,-.   ala-liy   llllll    tl'Tllllltll
Ihi  rni'a-'l Btntes
Hon with Hn' Hnguo iienco
■ nee.
Mmard'a Liniment for s.ilc everywhere
i hi i.H'iii-ii ' iii"ii-'-iii.-iii nf bureau,
■I- t.-iii' .I ,i tiiv "iit-iin
I,   Mi" bonier boiweon Swit/.-i
I ii.i nmi (Inrmany in help oxtlugul ill
Ire In n Ucrman town,
T.o Many P-ople Daily With Cilarrh.
--It ttrlkii ont, Ilk* a thunderclap, da-
vt'lnp- with a rarlillty ihnt no oth-r (111-
.ate does. Dr. ■,. ■ . . Catarrhal Pow-
d.r la tha radtral. qui -k. aafa and pi.slant cura that tha dl.pn.a demands. Use
ih. mrana, prevent It. deep-ieatlns and
yeara of dleirena. Dnn't dully with catarrh. Agnen'i fttea relief In tan minutes.   10 oinli."—17
.'inuiM-iit- Powder,
Tim sn called "inngnctle powdot" of
iln' inlilill.' :"•"< wns iiiinli' from skulls
nmi other iti'w- ,• materials, it woe
nover nppllcd ta ai wound, imt to tin
wenpou which had mado tlm wound,
AT 35, 40 4 60c per tt
Ask    your    Grocer    for
Over a Quarter of a Century
WO hnvo Biiccoaafiilly (routed nervous
dlHvimo- caused by Drink nml Drugs.
6(iU,l)iin cures In our record. Wi
■sneak truly anil »ny Unit failure to
obtain a euro by Ilm Keeley Treat-
ment In n failure of the mull aud not
our method"-   Send for facts.
Atldrcus Iir conlldouco
133 Osborne St., Winnipeg.
Easy to
M.VJ. .If    Ha*?
oajl only  |tfa*J ■
la.l  li lliaaala .1"!
but m.kfl home
^^^^^^^^    djrlnf aatfe, sure,
l'1-aa.ol   ee^.    No rneu or Irotible.
tei t <•»! •/ wr    with
Hut wiin .".I im     _ .
«*.»—«»■       Maypole
loo fof Colon, ijcfor       Cnon
Black.  Alldi-aUi. 3UBP
or VX. nsi*Bmc-r *i Co.,MonlreaL
lira nf a I..- Mnri'nlirr..
•II,,. "crn "   llio Unci nl -" '"'l-':111
i: r. ].;'■,. when .Imi    Mnccnbncui n
mined tin' lendor-hl|i of tin' Jowl, who
imi iii'ii'inn i to tiirmv i.ft tii" yoke
,,r Antloclmi Kiilplintic*. Th" wvoll
WM mcconKftil, nml Hi" Aitnoncnn
kinu". ruled Judiicn until ii* c
li) iii.■ li .in-   ii ■ Jewi ilj'led i
-,i,,, i ..   a ■.      era ol kin.-"
Pr. U'l'iilinrdt's Hcm-Rold will cure
nnv ciisn of piles.
Ttrll stntnnient Is made without nnr
ll Is In th*» form of n tablet.
It Is Iho only pllo remedy used In-
It Is Impossible to euro nn est.ib-
IIMmd CUM of Ilh'9 »'l"* nlnlntenn,
lupnoiltorloi, Inleitlons or outward
nppllnneei. ,
A $1.1*00 guarantee with every pack-
in of llr  l.eonlinnlt's Hom-KOld,
|1 nn   nil   dealers, nr Tli" Wlli'in-
Kviu Co., Limited, Nltgara Kails, Ont.
BuildiiigB, Tuxedo Park, Winnipeg, (Looking South)
District Around New Agricultural
College to be Called Tuxedo Park.
Many facta nre dally bringing to our
notice Hit' advancement ol Canatln's
Western metropolis—the City of
Winnipeg—nml nol least among these
Indications of ndvnncemeni is the establishment by the Government of
Manitoba nf an agricultural collage,
nn Institution that has long been de-
■sired uml anxiously awaited by a large
number oi progressive Western farmers,
In the yenr 1900 tho necessity for nn
institution to be devoted to the practical teaching of agricultural Bcience
had become so evident that the Legislature of Manitoba appointed a commission to Investigate and report upon the wisdom and advisability of establishing ami maintaining such an institution ami also upon the most improved ami modern method of conducting It, as well as the probable cost.
After careful consideration of tin*
results of the Investigation, the commission reported unanimously in tav-
or of such an agricultural college,
emphasising the advantage of the
knowledge to be derived from scientific, theoretical and practical Instruction and lis power to make farming
moro successful.
The Ultimate outcome nf this report
was the passing of a bill In the session which followed Its reception, the
lirst part of which rends as follows:
"There shall be established In the
Provinco nf Manitoba, at such place
as the Lleutenant-Qovernor-ln-Councll
may decide, a school to be called
'Tho Agricultural College of Manitoba,' for Instruction In tho theory
nnd practice of agriculture, lioni-
culture, forestry, etc."
The bill also called fnr the expend!'
turo oi upwards of two hundred and
Main Building—Manitoba Agricultural College.
'Old Time Subjects'
Buffalo nt Winnipeg's new City Turk.
forelock and purchased three liim-
(Irctl acres In this part of tho city,
which the parks board Is laying out in
botanical and zoological gardens, having already transferred the buffalo,
11 oose and deer there.
The growth of the new suburbs around the Western metropolis Is very
rapid, and iimiiiigst the most attractive of tlit'se will be Tuxedo Park,
which Is situated on the south bank
rn iii" Assinibolns River, on property
considered by both the city and provincial authorities, in making their
selections, as most suitable for park
slie and college grounds. When completed this suburb will bo to Winnipeg what Parkdals Is to Toronto and
Westmount' Is to Montreal, and the
broad boulevards, extensive lawn and
shade trees, athletic grounds, golf
links, wide diagonal streets and river
frontage will remind one of Washington, D.C., L'.s. A., a city far-famed for
its verdant beauty, An entirely new
departure Will be the speedway, which
will provide 111 regular roadway! (2)
bridle path; tm horse speedway; (t)
automobile .speedway, as well as walks
and boulevards,
While on the western boundary is
Blluated the City Park, the eastern
side of Tuxedo Park has for Its boundary the new Hudson's Hay line of the
Canadian Northern Railway and also
the Canadian Pacific Railway, and
both these companies will build stations and establish a suburban service Immediately the truffle warrant
it This, with the advantage of the
trolley lines, practically bringing thc
city right to Its door; its river front-
age and the proximity of the new City
Park, promise to make Tuxedo Park
oti' of the most popular suburbs of
\\ innipeg. Willi the careful fullll-
ment or the plans of the company it
will truly become "The Suburb Beautiful," and will be an admirable addition In what the city nnd provincial
authorities are doing in this district
In their new city park aud agricultural
Twenty-five years ago it was difficult to
tell spring wheat flour for pastry at any price.
People didn't want it—they were using
Boft, winter wheat Hour, and saw no reason.
for changing.
But hard wheat flour was persistently
pushed and prejudice has been overcome.
The women tried it, succeeded with it and
appreciated it.—To-day hard wheat flour is
the favorite for pastry as well as for bread.
The flour that is doing the most for
the reputation of hard wheat flour is the
brand known as
Ogilvie's Royal Household
It is hard wheat flour at its beat—milled
by modern methods, retaining all of the
good of the wheat and none of the bad—
it is without an equal for evory kind of
baking in which flour is used.
Talk to your grocer about it — if he
isn't enthusiastic it's only because he isn't
Ogilvie Flour Mills Co., ui**,
"Ogilvte'e Hook for a Conk," contain. ,*o
pages ef excellent recipe-, .om- nev.r befoie
publish!'.! Your grocer cnu '.cl jou bow lo
gn it FREE, 4
nny thousnnd dollars on buildings
alone, The Bite thai has been Belec-
i-i , iprlsea approximately nne bundled and thirty acres ot high nnd dry
property 1u the centro of Winnipeg's
newest suburb—"Tuxedo Park"—lying
eastward from the new City Park,
which is of some three hundred acres
m extent and situated on the western
boundary of the new suburb.
The buildings now in course of erection are: .Main building, principal's
residence, science, dairy and live
stock auditoriums, horse ami cattle
barns and power house; these, Including campus and arbltrus, will cover
nn area "f twenty acres, while the
balance—one hundred and seventeen
aci—will i"' devoted to experiment
nl work in determining the value of
nil new varieties of grains, grasses
mots, etc.. also to a demonstration of
tii" possibilities ami to th" testing of
: .  anal small   fruits,   ns   well   as
siruiis. ornamental plums and fores!
trees peculiar 1" the climate.
The courses thai will be taught In
the differeni departments are as fob
lows; Theory and practice of ngrl
culture, horticulture nnd forestry;
the characteristics, care, breeding and
management of farm nnlmnls; butter
and cheese mnklng; domestic science
■' i. tructlon nn I use of buildings,
fences, drainage systems, machinery,
tools, etc., requisite on a farm, also
ns much English and mathematics
ai are necessary la iiicci iful farm-
ing, The depnrtmoni of domestic
icii nee is entirely b new Idea In con-
n.'ciion with an agricultural c
Tl a re will be a building wholly Sevan ' i.i thli work where farmers'
dnughti is nmi others will be thoroughly Instructed in this iclenoe, under
tn.■ able direction ol exports from
ni" Macdonald Institute of Qui Iph,
'llie  ]lieilt1llll  nf the  College  'till lie
admirable, dlret I coma cation be.
ing made with Hm city via the River
a." and Portage nve, lines ol the
Winnipeg Electric Btrwi Railway,
plana for the extension of which, from
tm i"  presenl  terminals to the new
City Park, have i n approved, The
former will continue west on the
-I'i'ii imiii; ot Hi" Anlnlbolne, the
latter crossing tho river via the
bridge to b" constructed for railway
nmi general traffic, for the building
ol which the Manitoba  government
Ins made a grnlil  of forty thousand
dollars, These extensions ar*' tn
im - Tuvalu Park entrance, ond in
.- • doing win puss tii" Agricultural
College 11 Manitoba,
This new city park ■ hei
evi i an-.- in' w, Btern progri
patislon, Tii" very rapid growth ol
'i 'i im- receni yi i; - at ■
i. : iii" Inhabitants realise thnt in
ni" near future the questh n nf securing public recreation grounds will, ow-
i ig i'i the continually im n
pension or the city, i •■ neither an
■ - v nor nn Inexpensive matter, mi
thi it i ii im., taki., tlmi
S. A: A--  ""-   -'   .A
Assiniboine Drive.
When on tlie pave you chance to fall
With utter lank el grace
And turn yunr ankle ns you Bprswl
And, maybe, bruise your face,
"VtTia,ji angry tears sprint,- to your eye
And you nre mad as a.*i,
Oh. why tines itaiy i;issa iby
Utahold you with a grin?
When foolish wtcera ynu havo paid
with natural regret,
When resolutions boldly made
All weakly you forget,
When pinna go wrong and you are
When you had linpeat to win-
In pity's name, where Is the Joke
And why do people grit ?
-Washington Star.
'The Lunch Hour'
Feeding tho moose nt Um Zoo in Winnipeg's new City Pork,
The Very  l'lnce.
Open Doer to Manchuria,
Owing  to  th"  fact thai the withdrawal m i'n- ni" ps from ■   in iimi.t
nm   having   Biifneicntlj
ihe   Jnpancso   Governn I
pus nelthoi permitted en i n an I ves-
stie ni fori gn '' "imi' -   ' ■'.- r ihe
porta and regions ol Manchuria, nor
allowed fori Ign com nl i I l to
their pusis iiii nm. i on ilderablo
progress, howevi r, finvlng now I" m
iniul" in ibis respect, the Japanese
tiovernroenl has decided, in accord-
ance with the principles i
door and equal opportunltj evi i advocated by thom, io perinii ci'A n- nml
Vi SSt'ls  ill   but Ign   ■ am li T i A      I"  "liter
1111111 May l Antutig Hslnng . n, a-
■ ing Kao, and to allow fc
'ii procei d in their posts 11 Antung
ii -inin.'. From June 1 forel rn consuls
simii be allowed tn proi i i i" tieir
poets ni Mukden, nml travi lilng of
nera In the interim- a Manchuria will be permittcil in s-t far ns
military exigencies do nut pi ivenl It
i' I i- turthei ill-en dei I il ihat the
lai'i.n.'S" (iovcrnmenl wm open Dal-
A Story with a Moral.
An English :. an il ictur .   if 11 li ry
Is iii" subject of o Jok thi
Liverpool Post,    While on .       In
I'liiui   tour   ii"   pui  -     i
vase   for   smii" hundn :
and brougbl ll home mosl
limiting   ilnn   ill"   i"!' mi 'i 'i his
works iiii.-iii gather somo him from
i'i..' design hi i- ill I that gi
in   ami   slimvi'il   him   liis   In
"Mow do ymi like It?" li.' asked, Tho
foreman took the vase In  I
turned It over mid returned It with
ni" brlel reply, "I don't think thnl I
can learn much from A"  "Why nni."'
asked ihe manufacturer.  "I don't like
telling vim. ynu, sir." "Cl in-     I.' " :A
It "    "Well,  I
seir. ii is n foreign Imitation of our
own wink, and is worth X'j at the
by Iocs) applications, a." they ciinnot
reach lhe dlieuod portion of the ear.
There 1* only one wny to run- deafn,-sa,
niitl that is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness Is caused bv nn Inflama-i con-
dltlun of the mueoul lining of the Enst
_ Man Tube. When this tube l» inllnmed ' "A ITallcn Wanl to ih" commerce nf
liillninuiallon can bo taken nut and thli ■ Hi" world in as near A .
hearing, and when it I* entirely closed,' in,,
I'aiifna-a  Is the  remit,  ana]  utile., the
Young Lawyer-Were you stubbed in
the parlor?
Witness—No, sir.
Voung Lawyer-Were you stabbed in
tlic hull'/
Witness-No, sir. I was stabbed In
tliu back.- Roston Globe,
Retake or llnrournKement,
"lie kissed heron the forehead. Tlio
proud beauty drew herself up to her
full height"
"And then?"
"II" couldn't reach any higher thnn
her lips, of course."— Louisville Courier Journal.
tnHnmmfitliaii can tie taken rail and this
lube reitored lo Its normal cndltlon,
hearing will he destroyed forever; nine
case, out of ten are earned by Catarrh,
which li nothing but an Inflamed condition of the mucous surface..
We will give One lliinlre,! Dollar, for
env case of Denfnesairruilcd t.y f'utnrrh)
that cannot be cured lay Hall. Catarrh
Cure.   Send for clrriilara free.
P. J. CHENEY * CO., Toledo, 0.
Pnlil bv  Druggists. 18c.
Take Hall's Family Tills for constipation
Encouraging Prospects.
"Wlim are your pn pacta for mnl;
Ing a living for both ol . a afti r we
me married?" lien; M ir lock  pi
a  brown-eyed  wl low In Eldi rndo
asking a big fm widower, wl .• -
'.■.Mm': that they be n
I'll    «'  '-. .|   '||,.   tt|.|aa,t.-|.      j   '
si-n, in,'   nf   munnglni
sight. I'lint is in soy,"
I mn l'i nil," in washlug ' '
us'."   "Thai  Is liiini;' 'In- A.- "i  :'
ii" answered, ns he took I
arms—ami they were I indi ■
Domestic Science Department— lamtoba Agricultural College,
The Poor  ll.alal.
She looked a lilli.a sillily around thi
i 'aa rs bleak, bare attic.
A nice enough room," she said, "but
how do yen heal It?"
"Well, when It vets too cold," snld he,
"I light n match."- Now Orleans Times-
lie there a ..ill Wisdom r i
wny.—Tin. sick mmi pines par ri lief,
but he dislikes sending for tl ■
which means bottles nt dri
conaums .  lie hai nm the ■
tn ,'ad i.i' itomaih *.-• s■;,
which  smell   villainously   an I insto
Wills".        Iliil   il   ll"   lur."   -1 ,
iii'iii himself niiii tin> Bllmont, wisdom
wm .in.-ci ins attention to i'
Vegetable I'll!*, which  as ,i -.p..-iln-
for Indigestion and ilisoi A-   i ".•■
digestive I,: i, , have it- i-i'inl.
Judging in.in ihe presenl condition
; ■ • in" iii'i ni Mam Inn i, i i* im-
1 le i"' nn- Jnpaoe      i '."li'i-'s
ei ;imini lucii foreign i .
.. ■■ protei lion nml fm II n ; mis.
,lug nnd mini motti i". Tl oi i, there-
I •■ who enter lhe int of Manchuria do ■'! entirely al thi it own
.md Hie JnpancBc Govi rnmonl
in nei in.'I He iiisilti s i- - onslblo
Inr nny in, nt n da ■,:•
llllll'       BUlU'l        I'llll       l-illla.
; mnrau li i
A. E Mumford tells hew Psychine
cured him after the [lectors
gave him up
A Fine Bird.
'I h'T"   Is   n ninn in Bangkok who
keeps a i"  "      ■ I        II" has
trained Hi" bird lo Imitate n motor
cor hooter wl ver n Btroni -.   -
proachi b,     So n
feathered hlstrlon enter in'"  -
thai It bus i n arrested on
occaslona (or exi ling the i
it.—New Vork Tribune,
"Mil twelve yean since Psychine cured
me of g.llt'ping coanimptiofa," The
■piskir wss Mr, A. E. M ord, tii teei
tail, ind looking j'j-l tthst lie i. a husks
healthy farmer. Ile tvoiks liis ottn fern
nr.ir Magnetawan, Onl.
" 1 caught my told woakn..; as a firemen
on Ihe C.P.R." he cofltlnucda "I had
night sweat., chill, and fi versnd freouenta
ly coughed up places of thy luagi,  1 was
linking fail and Iho doctors '.'d tline
wa. iiii hope for me. Two months treatment ef Psychine put me liglil eu n.y feel
and I have had no return of lung trouble
If Mr. Mumfnul had llarted to take
Psychine when lie first a ;..l cold lu
would live laved himself a ! t nf ansicty
nnd suffering, Psychine cures all lung
irt'iiblea by killing the germs—Ihl route Ol
the ifiseaie.
A   Itaaimilii.
"How would yi •! like f"r mo to bo
your big brother?" asked tlio kid's lister's suitor,
"Aw, g'wnn!" snld tho kid. "If ynu
ain't gut the nerto In ask 'er I'll do It
for yo for a quartorV'-ludlonennli'
Itching  Piles—Dr.   Aimetv'i    ninltr.eM
fpioot against the toini' ms j
lies, Ti.'.uininii of leillmonlali of
lures effected by Its use. No >. „e* toai
It'Kiiiviillng or I'.o long slaii-ling par It
to aoottie, comfort and cuts. It puril In
from 3 lo 0 nlglili.   35 cents—it
A  Speaking Silence.
"Whnl ii think ihi • i-1
Mm la in lot   ''
"I una in 'in- in \i poo   ■
i I overheard oi     I
tPfjn.-uni.J I. km)
50c. Per Bottle
Lfirftr ■!■•■  it «n<l 11   n'i   '     i »lit*
T, A, SL00.JM. Lirfileil. Toronto-
W    N    ll    NO,    08I n-IK   EXPRESS
Real Estate
We hnvo enquiries for good
Hiisini'ss and Residential
property. List your- ivitli
us. \Ve iln lhe business,
Commit  us  before buying,
I Leod?
Rolled Oats
Hai) and Feed
TheBrackman -Ker
Milling Co.
Harry Mitchell, local manager.
Lunsd.de. Avenue,
Sole A[inits for
Sutton & Sims'
I villus t sin iin
/ have hern instructed lo sell a few
pieces of 'J and 3 acres al ]irices which
will insure good profits by subdividing.   These pints air all within 17th SI.
The  North Vancouver Specialist
Hil Cordova Street.
Sweet nnd Delicious.   Try Them and He Convinced.
McDowell's Drug Store.
, Kerr Houlgafe, Manager
villc Street, Vancouver, IB*, C«
Western Corporation, Ltd.
Accountants, Auditors,     Plumbing noil tinsmith-     Hey, Cuttle end Odettes
Real Estate Agents. Ing. Teed
Lumber and all kinds of 111111111111* Material, Contractors and Valuators.
He hove tin Immense amount o( Cordtvood.on hand.   Place your orders with
us for Ihi winter.
4!2 Jl.isliiHjs Street Wcsl, Vancouver, B.C.
I Rainier Beer.^> |
1? :i glorious hovcrnge—quencliing ami
.-;;!'; ;'■ iuA   Iiinn nibcr thi re's no otliur
"just as gooil''—insist on getting R.iinier.
-* „ 1. „. £ k.\ -a. _ft.IL '• Irom the h iiii 1 mi Ai have resulti ti
net ot Worth
Formal and Landscape
Gaadcning, General
Draughting and
Blue Printing.
10 Pender Giambi rs
■M-W^..       ■   ■.. — ■   "■■■ B " —   "
To Pro|>ertl| Owners
PLAI i:    SAME     Wl'l II
lil All'    N'OTlt'K    IS    III.Ill-HY
I   || ■    ■ 1   irl nl  1'- ■
il In l'i-lria-i nil inti-i in the Mnuici|...
*inrlli Vancouver, on Mnnds.v, llio
... ol May, II  ni  I i30 |i. in.
Any 1 LTi"i 11 li   Imti*u   ;  aim or it|i|mal
t" iniiki- a: .1   I ii"'  \--' -
iiinul Liivi* 1111 notici' 111 tvril
tin prnuwl "i coni|ilaiut, nol ii        111
1-1, 'i.-ti- la-la. n- the Haiti 'lull'.
Ai 1 ,. Philip,
Irwin e. Billings d^ „r M\} ymm
Corni r Lonsdale and 5th St,,
Nortli Vancouver
SMOKE THE    ~. -
wrote of mum.
Vii'l'lt'l. I III.RI.I1Y GIVES I'll AT
*'   Ii Is ii 1    iniil n|i|ilyi" ilie
of l.il'i'l      ('ninl     ■ -I ' r- "I Iln1
lii-lrici "I Arili Vancouver, nl lliolr
1 iin-.'.    in    Inin'     11. v,    for   nn
hotel llrenai* lor llie nn nu—. li ■ li tl
nu lol So, I:1, n -nl tliviui n nl district
lot A::, .11 tin r. Ai. it I lowinltn iai
Cii|illnno, i     • "i IV. K1.1.1 -.
-. 1 AM.I-.v   I'A I'l
Same prices, and in some cases     Alt ;1DG cjlOUT
cheapt r lhan city,
11. A. SHAW
Real Fstute and Insurance
Va 1 will una! it vi- 11
advantage to sec mc holm
any 'I' 'il
In MuttlOM   It, .   a nnil  I
Ih- Boijnl Brewing Co., I Id.
ii-.i   t'.i
Summ r Term begins Wednesday, April 25th Duy boys, lhors-
u.iy. 26th, nl iiii m.
CAPITAL, <■.,. ■'-''.'"- RESERVE, 8s,  :
lll'alll    Alia   a     HI    ( A I 11 ^ ■ 1 i 1.     M ' '! I t I '   .ll.
H, SiiKaMatN, (H-iia ral Manager; J. E...M i.v.Stipl nlBrniiclms
Branches in British Ciiliuiil ia    \ In roll, I ,■ -   ,vou I,
lli'illiit, Kasl ', K'"- luml,   i:,     -a   iii - ■ i
Vii loria, I linn iiih,       Ii :   , . V.'l
Savin ;s Depart      I     i       •   i-. ■ i.     liom ■
Dili..-, (or. loiisiiiiln K\r. nnd I s|il,in,iilc, Will Vancouver, it I.
Tin  llritisli Col mil ia  I
Uailw it  . ompanj  hn .i   laid   the
:    loi  tin   ti -
IVI lllll'.
Unity   Mitchell,   nl   Hr.H km,iii-
I.- '      I' A . .'•   ;,   i all
ovei lhe now ti li |ihnn    ti  ti rday
' ' ■ hale of
Iin;     \\ In ii In      ki i  '.'..    iln *
..' re lor.  In was lol i ihal  the)
re "for the horsi       I'll
I his (oi   tin j
tvere in   -     ' a'crt'tl,
Oii M i   ■
Dixie i     will
ippi ,n hi n , in tl -I lei
lhe i i i 'i    "i thi . ■ loei
im-   brigade.   'I hi y    n    wi II
rccoiiimnnded     II.    |.     M
gi in ral sei ri lory, nf tlie Y M AA.
of San I'inl' isi ". -.r     -'I   i. itlt-
enjoyed i ■    .'    :     of Will mis'
Difil     |   I !
i*ai      unl i In ''iln nl
in a rful e.> plosion, The ferry
;> . p ■ tlid not In - ome cognizant
ol tli I.ii t till the in \t day, and
ii tttirall)  were surprised   at   the
"i nil.nice.
Wanted. A sti ady boy to tie-
livei Tin I'A.Ki ss. Apply al this
It is announced thnt Councilloi
Mai lias sold some 20 ai res, at
iln ■: 11 .in ' to tin 111- canyon, on
llir Capilano, adjoining the British
ia Eli 1 trie Railway Com-
p my' ■ property, It is to I"' im
proved and known as the Carroll
There is considerable dissatisfaction among the working men,
travelling to and from the city, on
tli- early ferryboat, For instance,
tin re are a large number "I men
engaged at sirei 1 work *'Im come
Iiniii the ciiy; who are ratepayi 1 -,
in start work at 8 a. 111., but the
I'l'.u does not arrive till 8:15, and
consequently thi y nre docked in
their pay Inr lost time.   Again,
tin i'  .1 niiinlia r who go across
in the city and depend on the 7:45
-in -I' ar i" reach their work, but
cannot cntch   it, ninl  they, too,
a. , (hi 11 nun . II the si In illinium nl iln ferry wi re ri ta rsi d,
.-. e. tli- \'iiia ouvi 1 imi'' changed
in that nl North Vancouvi r, the
trouble would cease, The ferry
company hns agreed lo make ihe
desired change,
$ Vancouver, B, C.
**+<• !•*■!•«•-I»•!-.>■,■*■-I->-i <J- lO-!-«>H-<>-l-*-i-*-l-*-l-*-i-*+*'-P* + '»-l-<*>+«2
\ f. 1 :- ■  ■■
ller, 1 ' 'I
1   ■ I Hn
\    pafk
Landing Wanted.
To th.' I! liim ul I'm Expri isi
Sir, ('imlil not the proprietors
ol iln lam aim k, nt North Van-
1 inui 1 pa 1 k, be iiiiliii 1 il iii pro*.nl-
1 nl n lauding for sm.ill
l'".n.. 1. lhat visitors io North
Ann until',  who  hue   row   bunts,
1 ti., could make a  landing   lor
tin msi >a , Ai present it is
i'i,11 tii ,i It iii'i'n lible in land, the
wain along tin shin.' being so
shallow and the walking so muddy,
\ I lops could be let into lhe
i -■ 11!, nl small expense, nml
lhe pii. ih  ■    I Ihis beautiful park
would In      '   ' li   1 -hi*  who
im I' 1 i" 1 t'   there rather   lhan
walk,   (".in ta.;     ■     ;  ,1 mi,in.
10 til '    '  '      '1     '1!      '1
I'tui   I- t'-iii ;t -
\ am ouvi i. ll A. Ma\ 11, 1   ■
I\ Larson, Prop.
11)1 bUiLdijsIg be sUre aNd H/\Ve j\\£
pLa.ce Wired so as to be ready to
coNNect 0 1 oiIr Wire Next spring
■■■111 n       ir--*..t j**r■**■—,\i mmmrmmmt    • mmu~~M—mr-m-mmwmM
B.C. Electric Railway Co. Ltd.
NoMry Public. General Auctionec
" 107  torduvii   S.'eet,   Vancouver,   11.   C
Iln sells nl r is or private house or buys outright nil
a..t —■ s ni hniiM hold modi'"' bankrupt Btocki fur cash.
He Inis saiinia nf the Hlli'St business iiiiiI ivnlerfront property in North
Vancouver.  Hen liliii nt once 11 you think of picking up property In
tills -a-a-iiiaii.   Ilitti-,', 111 V MilV, nml vmi ttill niiike iiuiniiy. :: f:
A Chance to get Good Tea for a Small Price
Three Pound* for ©ne Dollar
This is a High-Grade Ceylon Tea, and is sold in many
places at 50c per pound
J. A. McMILLAN, the Esplanade


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