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Is that which goes into peoples'
homes. To reach the people of
North   Vancouver  advertise in
Phone 80
Executed in a style lhat pleases
■amtUT prtttt lhat are right al
nJ'   'fhtfi ^xpreas
V -1008
^'Cmm-v Hfg^
Alderman May, Wheeler, Crickmay and Smiili were in attendance
at the session of the city council
held on Thursday evening. Mayor
Kealy presided.
A series of communications was
received from the hoard of trade,
through the aecrrtary, J. R. J.
Murray, as follows: Asking that the
council appoint two members on
the delegation to proceed to Victoria to present to tiie government
the petition for a subsidy for the
traffic liridge at the Second Narrows, and also that a committee be
appointed to confer with Mayor
Bethune, of Vancouver, as to arrangement ol details. Mayor Kealy
was requested to comply with the
terms of (he letter. Asking that
the council pass a peddler's bylaw
for the city; referred to the finance
committee. Forwarding a motion
of the hoard to the eflect that
the city take over Lonsdale avenue wharf and fit it for the use
of the general puhlic, referred to
the ferry committee. Enclosing
statement of out-of-pocket expenses upon Indiall ol the special
audit commuter, to the amount ol
$10; referred to the finance committee.
City Clerk Shepherd reported
that the crown grant for the Ches-
icrlicM ..venue school site had
come to hand.
Mayor Kea'y read a letter Irom
the provincial secretary, with reference to the petition lor a laud
registry office in this city. The
matter had been carefully considered hy the apartment of the at
turnev general, and it had been decided that as the expense in connection with opening such an ollice is very great, and the citizens
of this city are in such close proximity In Lie land registry office at
Vancouver ; the circumstances
would nol justify the expenditure
at present. A copy of this letter
was ordered forwatded to the district council.
An application for a gas franchise for this city was received
from W. Thomas, of Vancouver.
In support of his application, Mr.
Thomas stated that he is prepared
to proceed at once with organization and construction, aa he has
the necessary capital available, and
is only waiting for the franchise.
Tbe company would be known as
the North Vancouver Light, Heat
and Gas Company, and prices
would he the same as in Vancouver. Relerred to a committee
composed of Aldermen Wheeler,
Crickmay and May.
William Mordcn appeared on
behali ol the North Vancouver
Horticultural Association and Farmers' Institute, and requested that
the council submit to the ratepayers a bylaw to authorize a loan to
the association of $6ooo, repayment to be distributed over a term
oi years, interest at five per cent,
secured by a mortgage on the
property at the corner of Lonsdale
avenue and list street. Referred
to the finance committee to arrange the bylaw.
Aldermen Smith and Wheeler
were appointed a court oi revision
on the voters' lilt.
Benson Gladwin made application lor a street crossing on 10th
itreet east; board of works to act.
Fourteenth street, Irom Lonsdale avenue to St. George'i avenue,
is to be cleared and a pipeline laid.
Change in Managership
W. B. Bunbury, who recently
resigned his position aa local manager of the B. C. Electric Railway
Co., handed over the office on
Tuesday to his mcceisor, Albert
G. Parry.
Mr. Bunbury entered the service
of the company as motorman, in
the year 190a, and because of his
efficient services experienced rapid
promotion,being appointed cashier
at the Westminster avenue office;
then assistant traffic manager, and
later manager at North Vancouver,
upon the installation of the system
Assistant manager,F.R. Glover,
interviewed at the head offices of
the company, freely expressed the
company's sincere regret at tbe
severance of Mr. Bunbury'i con
nection. The latter had nandled
the railway and commercial business in this city to the entire satia-
faction of the company. His personal qualities render him worthy
any position of trust which the
company might have to bestow.
The company realizes that its own
interests and the interests of the
public are mutual, and Mr. Bunbury had at all times made every
endeavor to conserve the interests
of both. When Mr. Bunbury de
cided to retire from the managership in North Vancouver.the company would have been pleased to
<>ff' r him a position iu another
brunch of the service, but his resignation had made this impracticable. It was still hoped that at
some luture time tbe company
might be able to offer Mr. Bunbury
such inducements as will again secure to them his valued services.
Mr.Bunbury has connected himself with the North Vancouver Motor Transportation Co.,and intends
making his home in this city.
In appointing Albert G. Parry to
the position of local manager, the
company has given well deserved
promotion to one who has always
proven himself a capable and efficient official in other capacities.
Mr. Parry came from London,
to Canada, twenty years ago, ten
of which was spent in Manitoba,
chiefly in Winnipeg, and ten in
Vancouver. He has always been
prominent in labor circles, having
been for two terms secretary oi the
trades and labor council; three
times labor candidate (or alder-
manic honors in Vancouver; and
twice, in 1903 and 1907, labor candidate for the local legislature.
He entered tbe service oi the B.
C. Electric Railway Co. nine and
one half years ago, aa niotorman,
and a year and a half ago was promoted to the managership of the
company's stores on Westminster
avenue. The present promotion
came to him as an unsought expression of the confidence which
his employers repose in him.
Assistant Manager Glover commends Mr. Parry as one of the
oldest employees al present in the
service. He at all times proved
himself an able and efficient operative on the cars, and on several
occasions did excellent work as assistant traffic superintendent,previous to his appointment at the
stores. In all -jositions he has
filled, his work has proven so thoroughly satisfactory thit when the
vacancy occurred in the local managership, the company availed itself of the opportunity to express
their appreciation of Mr. Parry's
He has risen from the ranks by
dint of ability and close attention
to duty, and is considered one of
the most promising men on the
staff. His personal qualities arc
peculiarly fitting ior the post to
which he has been appointed. The
company has every confidence that
as local manager, Mr. Parry will
prove acceptable alike to themselves and to the public, to the
benefit of mutual interesti.
District Council
The regular seision of the district council was held on Thursday,
instead of on Friday evening.
There were present Councillors
McNaught, Nye, Davidson and
Robson. ln the absence of Reeve
May, at the meeting of the city
council, Councillor Robson was
appointed chairman. Reeve May,
arriving later, presided during the
latter part of tbe session.
A letter was read Irom J. R. J.
Murray, secretary of the board of
trade, suggesting that the board
has on hand a quantity of Year
Books, which they wonld be pleased to deliver to the committee lor
distribution at thc Alaska-Yukon-
Pacific exposition.
Another letter Irom Mr. Murray,
requesting the council to appoint
two members on the delegation, to
proceed to Victoria, to present the
petition to the government for a
subsidy for a traffic bridge at and
Narrows. Councillors Kobson and
McNaught were appointed.
A letter was received from the
lecretary of the union oi B.C. mu
nicipalities, requesting the district
council to appoint delegates to attend the convention of the union
to be held at Vernon, on January
6th next. The reeve and Councillor McNaught were appointed.
Tbe deputy commissioner of
lands and works advised the council that the purchase price oi district lots 1363 and 1413,group one,
New Westminster district, would
be accepted by the department,
provided the consent could be obtained of the owners oi timber
license 35935, covering D.L. 1363,
In this connection a letter was
read from the Hastings shingle
manufacturing company, giving
consent to the purchase, but reserving the right to take off the
timber over the property.
City Clerk Shepherd wrote, advising the council that the city
council is prepared to co-operate
in the matter of an exhibit at tbe
Alaska-Yukon-Pacific exposition.
Geo. Wagg submitted an offer
in writing, to give the necessary
land for the widening of the street
along the north boundary of D.L.
801, and also for extending Chesterfield and Durham avenues through D.L. 801. Referred to the
The following applications for
street extensions were received and
referred to the engineer: David
Holdsworth, for the extension of
Hope street, a distance of 370 feet, j
to lots 7 and 8, block 50, D. L. 764;
from William Alsop, lor a road to,
the S.W. one quarter of D.L. 1049;
from M. Filion, for a road to lots
ia and 13, block 15, D.L. 617;
from H. Peers, for a road extension of 150 feet from the Pipe Line
road to lots 47 and 48, block 13,
D. L. 601; from G. Marr, for a road
to lots 8 to 15, D. L. 555; from E.
S. Earle, for a road 1300 feet long,
to lots 78 to 80 D.L. 3169; from J.
Ward, for a road iaoo feet to lot
81, D.L. 3169.
Accounts as follows were order
ed paid: Finance committee, total
$553*73; board of works, total,
$1717.45; waterworks committee,
A grant of fity dollars was voted
for the purpose of gathering an exhibit and information for the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific exposition.
Tenders were ordered to be called for for road machinery, as per
specifications, tenders to be received not later than January 18th
A new road was ordered opened
to property of W. H. May, owing
to the closing ol the old road on
account of an old error in the survey, recently discovered.
The proposed road from Keith
road to Deep Cove was laid over
ior further details.
Specifications for the extension
of tbe east end of Keith road were
submitted by the engineer. The
roadway is to Ix- ch ared of trees,
brush, and ston**s to D.L. 634; the
bridge over the creek in D L. 580,
measuring 16x48 feet, to be thoroughly overhauled aud repaired; a
bridge to be constructed over McCartney creek, said bridge to measure 15x100 feet, and the bridge
over the creek in D. L. 6a 1 to be
pu* in a condition of repair; adopted.
On motion, the clerk was instructed to write the attorney general, requesting the appointment
of a number of justices of the
peace throughout thedistriet. The
following were recommended for
appointment: J. M. Fromme, P.
Westover, W. Itwin, and John
New Ferry Service
A very important deuclopment
in ferry matters took place this
week, in the putting on of a motor
ferry service, for passengers only,
by the North Vancouver Motor
Boat Transportation Company, ol
which Messrs. W. B. Bunbury and
W. H. Braim are the controllers.
According to the promoters, the
initial purpose in inaugurating this
service was to fill in the gap left by
the reduction of the permanent
ferry service to an hourly one,both
the city council and large numbers
ol residents having repeatedly declared that an hourly service was
not adequate to the needs of this
side of thc Inlet.
The patronage extended since
the service started, on Tuesday
morning, is declared by the owners
to be very gratifying. • To the present time  an average of  350 paid
fares have been carried per day
and about 100 monthly tickets
bave been sold. The total earnings the pasttwodays were $148.05.
The flotilla comprises two large
gasoline boats, one of which will
be replaced, within a few days, by
the K'ii.a 111,1. a large double decked gasoline boat owned by Messrs.
Simpson Bros., of English Bay,
and said to be the largest and fast
est boat of ber type in B.C. waters.
In discussing the schedule, the
management emphasizes the fact
that they wish to operate the service with a view solely to public
convenience. In carrying out this
desire they have put on a boat
from North Vancouver at 7.40
I.m., for the accommodation of
high school students, and a late
boat from Vancouver at 11.40 p.m.
for theatre goers and late callers.
They have likewise inaugurated 1
straight five cent fare both ways,
in the interest of the travelling
public. The new slip just west of
the Lonsdale avenue wharf ..us
used for the first on Thursday and
for the present Vancouver terminus
will be located at Cook's slip. The
schedule calls for half hourly service up to 8. to p.m., and an hourly service from that till 11.40 p.m.
Ferry Developments
A preliminary meeting was held
last evening, to discuss the formation of a new ferry company, to
be owned and operated on this side
of the Inlet. The meeting com
prised about ten prominent citizens
and considerable progress was
mide. It was decided to proceed
at once with tbe incorporation of a
company, to be capitalized for
about $75,000, in shares of $10
each. 'I he scheme is yet in its
formative -.tages, but the promoters state that the probability is
that three fits! class, Urge gasoline
launches, capable of carry ing about
135 passengers each, will be built
and be placed upon the run at the
earliest possible date. These
launches will he of the most modern type, with attractive appointments in all respects. The engines will be so located that the
passengers will not be brought in
contact with them in any way, and
there will be no odor of burning
gasoline. They will make the trip
across the Inlet in about ten minutes and will at first sustain a
twenty-minute service.
Three boats were considered
sufficient for the present, but as
traffic increases, units in the form
of additional boats,will be increased, and the boats will likewise be
built on a larger scale, while the
service will be increased to a fifteen minute one. The originators
of the scheme propose to confine
the business to passengers only for
a time, but attention will be given
freight traffic at a later stage. The
shares will be placed at ten dollars
each, in order to place them within
the reach of all, and the promoters confideutally expect that residents on the north side of the Inlet and all non-resident property
owners may be induced to purchase shares in thc company. A
committee was appointed to proceed at once with the arrangements
ol details and the securing of the
charter for the company.
Local Pythian Doing?
At their meeting held on Tuesday evening, Nov. 33, North Vancouver lodge, K. of I'., elected the
following officers for the ensuing
C.C., W. C. Eisenman
V.C..W. F. Haig
Pnl., H. Hutchison
M.W., A. E. Kesly
M.F., A. N. Giffin
ME, A. Davies
KR.S., H. C. Reid
M.A., T. L. Kennedy
I.G., A. J. Stillman
O.G., C. E. Lawson.
On the 1 .oii of January it is the
purpose of No. 40 to hold a public
installation of officers, A. H. Ferguson, D.G.C., of New Westminster, being in charge of the ceremonies. The ceremony will be held
in Larson's pavilion and every effort will be made to make it the
•*oi ul event nl the season. One of
the attractions will be an exhibition drill by the famous drill team
of Mt. Pleasant lodge No. 11. A
musical programme and refreshments will alio be provided.
Subscribe to The ExrRt*.s\ $i
per year.
G. A. McBain is recovering from
1 severe attack of grip.
Court of revision on the assessment roll of the city will be held on
January 4th.
Next Wednesday evening the
Sons of Scotland will elect their
officers for the ensuing term.
D. G. Dick went down to Seattle, Tuesday night, to attend the
session of the Myitic Shrine of that
The local football team was defeated on the home grounds Saturday by the Nationals, by a score
of a goals to 1.
The building record this year
has been the best in the history ol
the city. It promises to be even
better next year.
The last issue ol the B.C. Gat
ette contains a proclamation, con*
vening the legislature on Thursday
January aist, next.
Manager A. G. Parry, of the B
C. Electric Railway local office,
expects to move his family to this
city early next week.
The wireless telegraph station is
to be removed to Vancouver next
week, finding lodgment on the top
of the new Dunsmuir hotel.
Mayor Kealy was in Victoria a
few days thii week, ittending a
meeting of the executive of the union of the B. C. municipalities.
Lost.— On Thursday evening,
between Lonsdale Gardens and the
postoffice,a large porcelain broach.
Finder please leave at The Ex
press office.
The local Ilnn of W. H. Stoney
& Company finished their contract
this week for painting the new fae
tory of the Grandview Bakery Company, Vancouver.
Mrs. Fred Tarn, who underwent
a serious operation at Vancouver
general hospital this week, has
rallied excellently and is making
satisfactory progress.
Run your eye through the advertising columns this week. Dollars
saved are dollars earned and you
can effect material livings by buying at the right place.
The firm of Templer St Hickman, grocers, has dissolved partnership. The business will be continued by Mr. Hickman, at the
present stand, Lonsdale ave and
8th street.
The C.P.R. steamer Charmer
collided with a coal barge, yesterday afternoon, opposite Brockton
point, while en route to Victoria.
She had to be beached on this side
of the Inlet to prevent her sinking.
Miss A. L. A. Murcutt, the well
known lecturer in the interest of
the temperance movement, will de-
iver a lecture in the Methodist
church, corner 4th street ind St.
George'i avenue, on Mondiy evening next.
The local Orange Society is holding an open session next Friday
night. J. W. Whiteley, provincial grand organizer, will deliver
•n address, and 1 committee is
working to irrange other features
of the programme.
The B.C. Electric Railway Company is tearing up the present rails
on Mission and First street bridges
and replacing them with heavy
metal. The new bridge over Mosquito creek was completed this
week and it now in use.
Lonsdale hive of the Lady Maccabees held their annual social
dance in the Eagles' hall, on Friday evening last, and they scored
a distinct succesr A satisfactory
crowd was present and a thorough
Iy enjoyable time spent.
Messrs. Skene and Hermann of
this city, building contractors,have
completed the large concrete store
building on which they were engaged it Eburne, and have taken
the contract fot installing the store
fittings throughout the building.
A basket social and musical
evening will be held in the public
hall, Lynn  valley, on Thursday
evening, Dec. 10, under the auspices of the local branch of the
Auglican Ladies' Aid. The proceeds will go towards the erection
of a new church hall.
Magistrates W. L. Keene and
J.J. Woods sat on the case of H.
Duplessis, who appeared for preliminary hearing yesterday, on a
charge of attempted rape. The
case was tried behind closed doors
and the accused was sent up for
trial at the next assizes.
Preparations are about completed for thc sale of work to be held
by the ladies of the Roman Catholic congregation in the Larson-
McMillan building, adjoining the
postoffice, on Thursday, Dec. 10th.
It bas been decided to serve a cold
tea in connection with the sale.
The N. V. Boating Club will
hold a social dance in the Horticultural hall, Lonsdale avenue, on
Tuesday evening, Dec. 15, the
proceeds of which will go towards
strengthening the financial position of the organization. Gent's
tickets are placed at $1 and lady'a
at 50 cents.
On the 9th and 10th of December the N. V. Dramatic Society
will present A Naval Engagement
and Turn Him Out, at Larson's
Pavilion. Both productions will
be splendidly staged and will provide excellent entertainment. The
performers are made up of the
best talent in the city.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coulson,
who have been residing on the Esplanade for the past six months,
suffered a sad bereavement on Friday last, in the death of their infant son Charles Stanley,ten weeki
old. Tha (oneral took place from
tbe undertaking establishment ol
Greene St Simpson on Saturday
afternoon,to Mountain View cemetery, Vancouver.
The following are the names ol
those who will endeavor to establish the supremacy of North Vancouver ovi r Vancouver in a game
of hockey, to be played at Vancouver tomorrow: A. E. Kealy, A. E.
Crickmay, H. McPherson, W. J.
Butler, Jack Loutet, James Loutet, S. Humphreys, E. J. H. Car-
dinall, W. Swain, J. McCombie
and Miss Hazel Cameron.
Owing to illness Miss Ross has
been compelled to resign her position as operator in the local telephone exchange. Miss Ross will
be greatly missed by all users of
the telephone, her promptness in
the despatch of her duties earning
for her well merited commendation
from all. She is now under Dr.
Verner's care and it is hoped her
recovery will be speedy.
Alfred J. C. Robertson, naval
a.xhitect and marine engineer, hai
taken up his residence in this city
and has opened an office with A.
Smith Mr. Robertson hails originally from the Old Country and ii
well endowed with referencei and
testimonials. He has been four
years in America, three of which
were spent in Montreal. The past
year he has spent with Moran Urns.
of Seattle, as naval architect.
At a meeting held in St. Andrew's Presbyterian church on
Monday evening, to take action
with reference to the application for
a liquor shop on the bill, a resolution was passed, requesting the
license commissioners not to grant
the license. It was also resolved
to hold a public meeting at a near
date to lorm a local option league.
Messrs. Martinson, Knowles and
Rich were appointed a committee
to complete arrangements.
The woman's auxiliary of St.
John's church held a most successful bazaar last Thursday week.
The many useful and fancy articlea
found a ready sale,while the afternoon tea and supper will be largely patronized. The total net proceeds amounted to $za6. The
hearty thanks of Ihe guild members are extended to Messrs. Kil-
roy, Morgan & Co., The Express,
B. C. Electric Co., N. V. Transfer, Friser, McNah & Co., and the
many others who, by their gratuitous help, made the bazaar the success it was. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
North V in* oi ver, 11. C.
C 1
-    IIII 1
.. II.
•l.lil \.
inesi Mgr,
i -i ii-* i.n ii<
■a* a :'
ml Kon
per year
TlANIII     I      I" ■    a,      A.'M llll-l MK'.I*
I uti ** ir "   * tch lumirtlun,
I Etc.—fl 00 i" r Inch pi i
l.,\ii iM, 11 N 'lii*. |5;
l.ia.M   \*. I  * ll   in-.Tliiin, lu
,*, 111. 1.1 ■ I    'I'l* 1,1  ll*' I
RlAMftU   A" -  I**   I '" It  s'n- Col*
i «s. rnii'*,.*aili illlertloll,
i ,s 11. \. i  A ■  * -    Ra
linn '" •i""'' laken,
Mll'll.lll.    - *   I* I       la     I'l*'  Ilia      tl
111*1-1     ... Illdl *a|   tht  I'rlll.'T  I'l
W'edn **1 ivevei    (toemurepublicatii n
ill  Ilia*   Hi   ||
'***   ..,.,■*''
ISIIKI  II      \    IM   "I   '.  I   R,      I'l   a   . |.
.1 \0! ill-.k R.III.ROAP
Inli'i mation was givi n Tm Ex-
prkii thii »'■' k, thai a icheme ii
li* mt; ,u lively promoted thai will
eveiit'iaiu* iii *i railroad, with term-
inali al North Vancouver, In ing
conitructi al ,ii in i .uK dat<. Thi
preliminary 'Irt,nls are all arranged
and ihe papi n have !"•' ii made
out lor application to parliament
for tl * i\ authi iiiy  to mi
ll' it.'I * il* work. I be men back
ol tlie si heme mean buaini n and
lot i battel mongering
purpo I ■ j n • in tobuild the
hm I, and T hi Express venttirei
tin* itatemeni thai the proposed
hue will i"' utilized by a It ading
tranicontim ntal railwaj in onler
to tap iln rapidtj nn ri aaing buaini -' * nit* al on Burrard Inli t,
Tin raili ; i" l" I'nilt will ex
t- in! north through the Seymoul
in*, k i niiiitn, with importanl iub*
suli.iu Iai.nu liea, ind will ba* thi
ni'-ans ol opening up ■ very rich
country, with provi n i, -nana. ■ m
agricultural, mineral ami limber
lands.     The wholi countrj to tht
nOrth   llir   lllllllll!  ll**  a  I   ill   '  S   Will   llf
made tributary to tin* nurtli shore
of Burrard Inlet, ami in iln < xploi-
Iation "I that i inintn  N*aith  Y.in-
cottvet i itixeni will find tin ii op
portunitiei to develop i u im u and
ainas*. wealth,    Tin- terminal * ol
tin* propOSi al   road Will   mean  eX-
tensivi harves and simp*.
In i'.   with  tin* employment 'of
nun, and all tli* s* tilings .Haiti contemplation by tin- promoters,
Moi   iver,   ihould  tin*   net ■ -it'
i utilizing ■ !■ i trii powi i lot
the line, thu company  havi pose-
-I  exteniive watat rights
within eai) diitam i 11 Ihe propoa
Willi   a  pOWl I     -llllaa Iilil   to
I  I
a       ||   |   llutl       * 1   IO
ir.cnl ' :
ii not  confined to  the region of
I low i* Sound, but extendi throughout tin* whole i ountry between that
li di of watei and Hurrard Inlet.
As proof of this, note the  inarvel-
ou*. diicoveriei at Copper mountain, at the bead ol Sej mourcreek;
aa alio tha depoaita in tbt Lynn
a i i I, ,i i iiiiii. Aiiil further, within ,i la w miles of thc city, are the
unl promiiing deposits, just
l.n .id d on li'wei Sa*vnioiir creek,
particulars "I   wlm I ■ niven  in
II othei  i I'liiniii.    Tlie various de-
|a >,in mentioned anoi tha copper.
Ha,lil i li.n.n tn nl ore, and (hey
n cr I" ni provi ii to bi* extensive
an.l profitable t*> work. Mining
a xpi Us ..I ability and standing
have ■ laminad lhaae deposits and
Imu* i lilted  tin in as  exceptional
i*..I aiaured "i .* gnat Intuit.
c ipital is ta .i.lilv forthcoming
lan tin wanking of these properties,
,i . I the i' suits are certain to de-
\a lop into ureal mines. Next
ipring the hills will lie thronged
wilh prospectors and many more
rich discoveries will eventuate. As
development proceeds, means of
transportation will improve and
imi It' is will be established, the
whole combining to make a very
important mining camp, with all
ils attendant bustle, excitement
.ind wealth.
North Vancouver should be ful-
I, alive to this and endeavor to
C litre tin* trade and business of
the luture milling camp right here.
Mineral wealth is one of the many
rei lurctaavailable for this city and
diitrict, and it   promises to be the
most important "Faraway fieldi
l ok green," bul the lialdi at home
ue everj Int as verdant, and in the
. loi wealth om people should
■ i il overlook whal nature has placed so easily within their reach.
ensure the return of any councillor
for ar.other year, under the existing system, and if lie is not such,
the quicker he is retired the better.
The question has been before the
electorate for a number of years
and has even found its way within
parliamentary walls, but thus far
has received but little favor from
Church Notices
MINi'/,A I. Rl -t'i Rt
Sei ecu pai I in
il.i , ol the
re ol Burrard lab i to tin
tin  distrii t
tl *
i hai thi i' inighl be min*
iround cm u, .1 but
little inti rest, and -< an e ■ thoi ghl
was given lo the idi ■ that posii*
bilit) a ould be turni d into ceri tin-
ly, and i   'i exploitation wou
noutrate thai at the verj ihn sh
old "i iln* < it*, ni North Vi	
ma in aai n   vaulti ol nature un
turpi i     ■ nni ol
Bril ' ilumbii, Vat, inch is
the a aai. and il I * hoovei the pi o
•a a a,I fns cilv and diltrii I to
awaken to Iheii opportunitiei and
the advwtagi   plai i d within
till  If  Ul   a
Mineral i xiati in Iai
in thi lulls. Ihi   whole
■i\ being i mbraced in a   an,
thai hi   evi ice ol in ing
both md na i,    Pi
tors during ihi  j*
trati I that tin mini ral area
[Tut municipal councillors be
elected Ior two yaara, half of tht
i 'iini il it tiring annually," is one
ol the questions which was consid-
. red bj the exei utive committee
ol the B.C Union of Munii ipali*
ties this week. 1 his is a svstcin
tiut has many warm advocates ami
which has been widely discussed.
It is in vogue in the city of Cilas-
*.Inn* it is uid to give good
natiifai tion, Ii is also utilized in
the election of school trustees in
lliis province ami wotks well.
Whether it would prove anim-
prOVl ment   on tin  present method
of electing councillors, under con-
ditioni as found in the west, is the
qui Ition tt issue, lt is contended
in its favor thai civic government
iii not yet bean reduced to a satis-
l.i, l"i\ basis, and that uncertainty
ii to tenure of office is to a considerable extent accountable therefor; lhat continuity ol office for a
reasonable period is essential to
tha beat nsultt; that it would
derabll     advantage   for   the
orate to Itnon di finitely what
members ol tbc count .1 ol tht i lot.
ing yeai Will assuredly he found al
tl, i iiiiiii ii Iiii.ii*! lli,* sin( eedtiig
)■■ ,ii; thai the personnel ol the rate-
pi), is who wollld .n i apt i ivie olil. • would in improved by tha etc
taint] ol a lengthened term, that
idminiitration would not be
in danger ol falling into inaxperi-
. in' .1 bands through precipitate
* hinge; that tha polo yand schemes
inaugurated by one   sldtrmank
: would not be so likely to be
ml. trnpted or   disarranged by the
incoming  board, to tha disiidvan-
tage "I iln i oniiniinity.
As against tha change, it  is li-
' i,it. 'I that statistics ihow that over
fifty p* i i nt of the outgoing mem*
■ is ,ii linarily returned under
po "lit i oiiditions; that the cer-
l.niilv ol a lengthened term would
li lien llu sense iif accountability,
and would encourage unconstituti-
■nal and quattiontbls  practicei;
th a then would  he danger thai
an. nib. is  who  wire not reining would constitute a coterie of
,'   I partii * to unduly inllii
ii *    lh*  ii sub  ol   the  i lei lions.
ihat efficiency and faitbiulnaat will
si John's iiik kva>(;ki.ist, skveniii
Holy Communion, H a. tn.
Morning prayer, ti
Evening prayer, 7.30
On the first Sunday iu themonlli
iinie will bt a second celebration
ol tin* I ini) Communion at 11 am
Rector ; Kev.  Hugh Hooper.
Services will be conducted as
usual on Sunday  by the pastor.
Sunday school, 2:30 p. 111.
Service at Moodyville school al
7:30 p. m.
I'rayer meeting on Wednesday
rt o'clock.
All are welcome.
I'astor: Kev. J. D. Gillam, H.A.
Morning service, 11 a. m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p. ni'; evening
service, 7:30 p.m.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday
evening at 7:30 o'clock.
Preaching in Lynn valley on
alternate Sunday alternoons.
Sunday school at Moodyville at
11 a. m.
Rev. B. H. Balderston, B. A.
Sunday Services — Mass al 9
.1 in., Sunday school at 2:30 p.,11.,
Benediction at 3 p. m.
Pastor: Kev. E. Pcytavin, O.
M. I. V. G.
Sunday school at 2 o'clock pin.
Service at 3 o'clock p.m.
Pastor :    Kev. David Lang.
All are welcome.
North Vancouver Mails
Mails close (or despatch as follows: I jr Vancouver and all
points 8 a. m , 11:15 •' ■*! 545
p. m.; for Lynn creek, 11:15 a. in.
Mails arrive: Vancouver and all
points, ij: 10 a. 111., 12:45 111., 5:45
p. m.; from Lynn creek 2 p. m.
Outgoing mails for Lynn creek
after 11:15 a. tn. should be delivered at the wicket.
Grisham B. Williams, teller at
lhe local branch of B.N. A., has returned from a holiday of several
weeks, spent at Siinias prarie. Mr.
Williams secured some large bags
of ducks; pheasants, etc.
TANK imiiie tliHt nt iln' next neetlng
' nl the H.nir.l ni l.iivii-'* Ciiiiiliiissiiiii
er. (nr the Cilv "( Nurtli  Viiurouver, 1
Inland to make application (orabottlaj
licenM (nr iln* wile nf spiritnniiH, fermented nr other liquors, lor the pram!-
si* nitiuttcil on Int H, block lia.i, D.L
2*1 snd 274, Vsncouver Diitrict,
Dated thii 1Kb day nl  N"),-iiiI',t. inns.
The 15 EST in
Ask yoc*tr6BocftK for
For Furniture,
House Fiiniisliiiin'N iimi
at Keasonable  Prices,  go to
The North Vancouver
Home Furnishers
II   US'K lU.OI'K               l.l'NSIltl.E A'E
At WOOD & SON Sh'ii' Store, who are the Relithle
ami Practical Siioenien n( tliiai'ity and meddle with
nn nther trades.
$10,000 Stocks to Select from
Ml A|itni.(..r Tin* Li'iki,. Ili.it.. Tie'Here.liinl.  Hlu Cintdt,   *bON*atVi  The Wllllm**
Sli,hi,.,   The K   Hon,,   ami 01,1 Cnnn ry Sli, a.    A lrr.li .hl|,iiii>nl lull In.
ADDRESS      "Will  C»  cHIN       Hi-liable Mioc More
Neil di or to Steacey'i Ur. eery Slore
Repairing—Boat of leather and workmanship.    COR. Lonsdale & an<j
Christmas Fruits, etc.
Only the reiy lest should satisfy you
joi toutChrislmai Cuke and Puddings.
ll'e know good gnods and won't handle
low grade stuff.	
Our prices are right, and you are sure
to be pleased if vou huv at	
Pioneer Bakery
S. H. Walker, •   Proprietor
Fresh Bread daily delivered
to all parts of the city.
20 loaves for ti
5C. per loaf.
MOM I        71 Lonsdale Ave
\annum', llimlwiiri'
lniii|iiili\. Md.
.1. w. jicKsiiN     -     Kaaaaar
F00101MM k.
When you intcinl building
EI llii II
FM!   '17,   North Vanou'vbr
MM, Vtmmtm
A i'ooiI buy ior a few days.
I 1-4 acre Block
in the city
/or $630.  On terms.
Call on tit ur write for lull particular!.
Bulbs   t'i.lli'ili  (nun .Ml cent-Inl''
all vtrielie., mixed.
totes- Iti'.l ml lei Iimi in B.C, frmn M
Is .Mi aaatsaaaha
frull Irt'tt-Ciilleetiiiti. (ruin H t.i ||u
in.* *i *"rl - only.
Kxpari praalaf, ■prajrtaf, plaaliag,
Qardena laid mu.
N'lirscrvini'ii ami l.nmliiiiiiie  (itrdeiierii.
Ci.r. :".'nil and lonsdale Ave,
Na art I, Viiiii'niiver.
j. i mm, min
.Ml I.ON-II.U.K Avk
Hrancli tltftcc, I...untitle Ait.,I'llil. I'hmie
WmiOfmnti MR /•*»» Ceetk. it. 0
Eor Boot and Shoe Repairing
and Custom Work   .   .   .
go to THOS. O. MILLS
Pioneer Kesident Hoot Maker
Lonsdale Ave., above jnd Street
at the A. M. Koss Shoe Store.
Plant   nnd   S|H*iiiiiainiii.   Prepared.
IVIieu lliinkinit "( liuildini! let  UN give
an c'timate.
IIOltNK, Ill.tlCK,     l.t)NSH\I.K AVK
Or I'll. H.,1 1!.   Si.nli V. nt
North Vancouver
Cartnuc Removals,
Parcel Delivery,
l-MICt:  LONSBALI H. Illii M
ielephone 70. Night Calls 13.
.itiilcler.s and
P. LARSON is  prepared to
I imr, Brick,
8and- Cement
Ami nil kinds uf Building
Material in «|iiatitities to suit
mul nt NMOubtt prices.
TKI.r'.l'I.OSK No. 2.
yutntiij' Surveyor tnd Architect
hUaU  STHttT, ' 'nllSKK  I.IINHI1A1.R Am
General Contractor
Und C'eiiritiK, Stump nml Rock
llla.iiiitf. Kxtra care near huutet.
All damages made good.
K M I' I. "' Y M K N T     AUtNCT
•md (At.   WmI ol Liinid ,1.
P.O. 11.,< 11
mmm mmm
IH'HI.IC NOTICK is hereby niven tint
'  in tecordtnee with the proviiioni ol
IM l'ntilic lletlth llylaiw, of the City
I  Nortli  Vincouver,  the   Municipal
,,uni'il luive cniitnctrd with the Medial! n,<niili iiiiicert.ititenil it the City
llall. Nurth Vtnci uver,  un  the l'ir-t
M,ni,Inv ul etch mnnth, it the hour ot
II o'clock in the lorennon, lur lhe pur-
iiiseol vtccinitinit it the expense ol
the rity, nh poor pen*mis;ind all othen
Sl their own eipente.
The father, mother, or person having
the care, nurture, or custody ol every
child burn in the city, thill, witjiiii
iimi* niontht titer the birth of tuch
child, tnke or cause to bettken, the
child, tu the Medical 1'ractilioner, in tt-
liiiiliiucc tl the abnve appointed tiltce
f,,r the |nir|«isi' nl lieitiK vaccintted; unlets Ihe child hat lieen previmuly vtcci-
ntted by tmme legilly qualilied Practitioner, and the vtccination duly
City Clerk.
Nortli Vancouver, B.C.,
9th July,1908. 21-11
ntnl' iiuiiii i-miiTum
about 1330 ijard.s lonq and 346 feet wide, \s
now bein^ planted
Lots in Six Blocks Facing on the Boulevard
'  I'l Kll Ihnt  ill  cane, nl  iiifectiont,
intitni-iiiii- or I'liidetiiii' dlssaas, nl a
character danfetwu to public htaltli
nm.i in* itportad in the Hedleel iicnlili
I HUM is slIKI'lllltli.
(ilv Ilerk
Citv Hull. North Vaiiu'"n.*r, ll.C
July llth, 190H. 21-tl
No Buiili'Viinl iii nnv City 90 this continent ig as wide as
Nmili Vaiicoiivrr's chief rei»id*t*nce Avi'iiuc
Thii llnuli'varil wil) signalize North Vancouver over the
whole Dominion. .
Resiliences on this Boulevard will have a situation of coveted distinction.
Prict» ond full Porticular» con be hod from
Mahon, McEarland & Mahon
Cor. Seymour if Pender St*., Vancouver (to
The masterful summing up of
the many and diversified elements,
whose combined significance assures to the centre of population
growing up on the shores of Burrard Inlet a future of unparalleled
possibilities, which was delivered
by Elliot S. Rowe, manager of the
Vancouver tourist and information
bureau, before the board of trade
onl uesday evening, constituted
an address ol highest excellence,
ind was listened to with rapt in
teres! by the audience.
"We (the retidents ou Hurrard
Inlet) ire engaged in two parts ol
the tame great civic undertaking,"
declared the speaker, "one of the
gteatett, I believe,as to ils results,
ev.r essayed by Canadian people,
lor when that portion of the task
allotted to this generation is completed, there will be on the shores
of Burrard Inlet the most prospet-
ous and progressive Hritish community on the Pacific ocean."
The statement of Lord Grey, to
the effect that ou this harbor is to
be located the first and most important port in all the world, was
declared to be quite justified, when
all the advantages and possibilities
of the situation were considered.
Thc advaulagas possessed by Burrard In., t, when carefully enumerated, tally to a remarkable degree
wilh those elements which are ne-
cesiary io the making, of one of
the world's greatest seaports.
The Boat notable of these advantages is probably lhe fact that
this harbor is, geographically, the
nearest possible harbor to thr
greatest wheat belt in all the world.
Burrard Iulet was shown to be no
aides nearer Edmonton than is
Prince Kupert, aud when the C.P.
R. builds through the Yellowhead
pisi and down the Thompson river, that distance will be lessened
by about forty miles, with an easy
grade, which, after reaching 4000
feet, gives a long gravitation to the
Inlet. The exaad figures are ai
follow* Prom Edmonton to Prince
Rupert, 954 miles; Irom Edmonton to Vancouver via Calgary, 834
miles: from Edmonton to Vancouver, via Yellowhead pass. 730 miles.
This advantage is momentous, not
only because of trade with the Ot-
ient, but also in view 0,' access 10
old world ports through the Panama canal.
It may be accepted as certiin
that the G.T.P. will seek connection with this harbor at the earliest
opportunity lt is characteristic
of ttansinull.icni.ils that Ihey seek
several ocean terminals, so as to
touch as many points as possible.
This has been conspicuously true
with respect to the roads to the
south, and it will likewise hold
good with regard to northern lines.
Fort George is 30 miles nearer
Prince Rupert than Vancouver, a
very insignificant item, while the
country from the Inlet to Fort
George possesses very extensive
areible areas, not to mention iti
wealth in mineral, timber, etc.
The trend of (hit immeme tnffic,
which must develop, will be this
way, because here ire the centres
of population. Here will be the
natural city for those who live between this and Fort George.
The building of the British Columbia section of the C.N.Railway
ii likewise 1 probability of the near
future. He would not be surprised to see construction begun within two yesrt. Thii line will divide the distance between the C.P.
R. and G.T.P. lines, and will
therefore all the more surely develop a country tribituary to Burrard Inlet. There will be a natural focus to thii port of the entire
development thit miy transpire in
the northern country weit of Ihe
Rocky mountains.
Further, our relations to the
southern interior of the province is
capable of being made equally satisfactory. Immediate and penis-
tent steps ihould be taken to secure a ihare of the trade of the
Okanagan,Similkameen,and Kootenay valleys. The distance from
Vincouver to Princeton by the
ihorteit feasible route isi 58 milei,
but at present one must travel a circuitous route of 700 miles to reach
that point. The public have been
tubjected to insincere treatment
with regard to communication with
this fertile country, but it is reasonable to expect thit within a
short term of years direct commit*
nication will be established.
When the All Red Route materi
alizes, this will be their Pacific
port, in which case, practically 1
of the Oriental traffic will find its
most commodious and convenient
port on Burrard Inlet.
Because of our proximity to extensive deposit! of raw   material,
our unexcelled shipping facilities,
our incalculable adjacent water-
power, our proximity to the teeming population that will find homes
in the North West provinces, the
prospects of building up a great
manufacturing centre amount to a
practical certainty. The development of our agricultural resources
will be imperative to lessen the
cost of the necessities, in order that
the wage scale may be such as to
enable our manufacturers to compete with eastern concerns.
Our position is such, declared
the speaker, that it must levy toll
on aii the prosperity of our common country.
The concluding portion of the
address made relerence to the de-
siribility of paying special attention to t'.iutiht travel,to advertising
extentively and wisely, and to the
advisibility of taking energetic and
liberal measures to reap the larg
est possible benefit from the ap*
proiching Alaska-Yukon exposi
tion at Seattle.
Board id Trade
The regular meeting ol the board
of trade was held 011 Tuesday evening. President D G. Dick presided.
The president reported that there
were 1200 signatures at present 011
the petition to the provincial government for a subsidy (01 a traffic
bridge at the Second Narrows.and
that signatures were being received
very freely. It was the intention
to presenl this petition 10 the government through a delegation about
the middle of December, in order
that an appropriation for thc purpose roght be included in the first
The transportation committee reported hiving looked into the matter of tram fares, by comparing
rates with similar localities on the
other side of lhe Inlet with the result that they were of opinion thit
present rales are excessive. On
motion of T. Nye, it wis resolved
lhat the B.C. Electric Railway
Compiny be requested to issue
white tickets in thii city, ind to
gnnt transfers from North Vincouver on one line in Vincouver
ind vice versa.
Ferry matters were briefly discussed, and it was resolved that,
in the opinion of this board, the
time is opportune for the city council to take over the Lonsdale ivenue fern whirl from the N.V.
Ferry Power Company, Limited,
under their igreement, ind to put
it into proper condition for a public whirl, ind to make it available,
under suitable regulations for the
use of ill comers, including ferry
W. B. Bunbury wis the recipient of 1 very ippropriite expression of the universal esteem in which
he is held by the local employees
of the B.C. Electric Railway,when
on Monday, they assembled it the
office on Lonsdale ivenue and presented him with an address, accompanied byi leather valise, snd
1 bather collar box. Mr. Bunburv
made an ippropriale reply, expres-
sitig his high ipprecntion of the
esteem of the men.
The address was read by A. N.
luiiiii and was ai follows: "Deir
Mr. Bunbury: During the years of
our mociition ai manager and
employeesof the BC, Electric Ry.,
ltd., North Vancover, B.C. our re-
lationi hive been most pleaiant,
ind we greatly appreciate the
courtesy you have always extended
to ui. We one ind ill regret thit
you hive decided to leive the service, but we wish you every success
in every undertiking in which you
may embark. Ai a slight token
of our esteem, the undersigned ttk
you to iccept theie gifti, hoping
the use of them will give you 11
much pleaiure 11 the tendering if*
fordi ni P. Aiiei, J. B. Brown,
J. H. Bidger, John Bird, C. Iliad
ley, K. R. Brereton,C. V. Bentley,
P. Booth, H. B Campbell, C. M.
Clnslett, J. T. Device, John Device, R. Fawcett, F. G. Glidwin,
A. N. Giffin, W. IliigJ. C. Holt,
W. D. Jones, J. G. Kelly, W. H.
Parkin, H. E. Reid, Robert Ritchie, T. Spence, J. D. Turnbull, W.
J. Widdowson.
Bowling and Tennis Club
The North Vincouver bowling
ind tennii club was formal Iv organized, it a meeting held on
Mondiy evening. Provitionil of-
luers were ippointed it follows:
President, A. B. Stevenson;secre
tary, Jack Loutet; executive committee, A. E. Crickmay, Alexander Smith, D. W. Elder, A. F.
Beuley, W. H. Butler, E. J. II
Cardinall,William Morden, and G
W. Curtit.    These appointees will
THE  A.   M.  ROSS  CO.
North Vancouver's Leading
Men's and Boys' Shoe Store,
Men's Furnishings and»
Waterproof Goods».*»»
One Week From Saturday is
the End of Our Special
Two Weeks' Sale
You Never Bought Reliable and High-Grade Goods
at These Prices Before
hold office until the membership
list has been filled up and preliminary matters arranged, when permanent officers will be elected at a
general meeting of the members.
Several propositions to grounds
were discussed, notablv the horticultural grounds; a portion of the
B.C. Electric Railway Company's
park adjacent to the athletic
grounds, md 1 location on 10th
street, eist o( Lonsdale. It was
estimated that about {500 will be
required to clear the ground and to
construct a proper bowling green
ind tennis court. The initiil
membership fee was not fixed, but
it was intimited that it would pro-
bibly be five dollars, after which a
nominal monthly lee will be charg-
ed. The committee will cmvass
for members and look into the sev-
eril propositions is to grounds,ind
report at a meeting to be announced liter.
It wis thought that the city
would this vear be entitled to six
school trustees instead of three.but
upon making the statutory computation it was found that the attendance fell short ol the required total
by one-filth of one per cent. Consequently there is but one trustee
to be elected at the approaching
civic elections.
S. W. Thacker and C. C. Thornton returned early this week Irom
Tacoma, where they celebrated
thanksgiving with friends.
<nuinr 1 li wthuni
We solicit Ihr (itiMii-M of Minufictuirn,
Fnjnnff ri ind others who mtitc Ihe idviabil*
ry ' t having their Patent bu .:■,<->.» IrtnMCted
I y l.xperU, pTelirHnsryidvirefrre. Charge*
1 odtrate. Our Inventor'* Adviser wnt upon |»
rrt. lUrionffcMari'in, V>~g'd., N w Yuri-. Ue
M't- MotU"«1   «ud WMhinvina OC.UAi*
NortH Vancouver
(.Vrtiti.'nted Sup-iral, Medieal ind
Maternity Niirwn
Num Suit Out wi Application
For  t'Tin. apply  at the ll*.**|.itil
Cor. 15th Street It St. Andrew'- Ave.
8,     I
lllll Id
roa tan pl»ntino
Catalogue Fnr
3010 Wntraintta Roid
NKW WKI.l.lNGTON ('.ml
alinrt (mm the tuiiiim.
I'l,ler yunr nrdi'M now and
wi ure ynir niuler'.mpply.
Large .liiinnentii uill arrive
in ii lew dm-. Prion rtaht
Larire am nl WOOD
11I mi v. uti hand    ....
Hotel Norlh VtUOOttW 1
Telephone No. 2.
The Plumbing and
Sanitary Work
for the
Lynn Valley Hotel
is being done by the
well known   .
If.  KNI0I1T,
of Lonsdale Avenue
Rolled Oats
Hai| and Teed
All orders
Fine, healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower Plants, grown from
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand
ihe Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
Lonsdile Avenue,
it Ferry Landing
Harry Mitchell, local manager.
Diplock Wright
Lumber Co.
I7th Street, Nortli Vancouver
We are now prepared to
take orders for MILL KIR
WOOD, cut to 10 in. lengths
already for the stove. A load
contains uhout half a cord.
I'riee $2 per load on or before
delivery. Positively no wood
delivered without cash, as we
cannot afford to pay a collector at this price. All orders
will receive prompt attention
mtmmmuitiuimun suuttiusttr^   I
What would be nicer to buy your wife for a        _y     \
Christmas %
than one of our beautiful
McClary's Kootenay
without a doubt  the  very best Canadian Rang*
$2o down and $lo |>er month
Paine& McMillan
_        Corner Lonsdale Ave. and First St. Phone 12
wmmmm^mmmm mmmmmmi
virtu mmm mil * power co., uii., tin: iiiiii; ims
lIavim vancoivre
«8.00 A.M.
««.«   "
8.00  "
8.40   "
9.30   "
10.15 "
11.16 "
12.15 P.M.
1.15 "
2.11. "
3.15 "
4.15 "
5.15 •'
6.15 "
7.25 "
815 "
9.15   "
10.16   "
•0.20 A.M.
•7.20 "
8.20 "
9.00 "
9.46 "
10.45 "
11.45 "
12.45 P.M.
1.45 "
2.45 "
3.45 "
4.46 "
5.45 "
6.45 "
7.45 "
8.45 "
9.45 "
10.45 "
•11.46 "
•Not on Sundav
MM rilllNIMIt* rtotti  ON IM C«AM
Katm: fl.r-t) PER
SpMial Rain lo Families and Ritiilar Boarders
Half-hour (erry connection to and Irom Vancouver. Hut and cold
water in every room. Return call belli in every room, barber
shop in connection.
Skconu jtreet,   ....   NORTH  VANCOUVER, B. C.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cers leave the Ferry Landing (or Queensbury Avenue, Twenty-first
street and Lonsdale, Winch street and Keith Koad as lollows i 6:15
a.m., 6:45 a. in., 7:13 a. m., 7:45 a. m., ,s 15 a. 111., 9 a. in. 0:40 a. m.,
10:10 a.m., Alter 10:35 a. m, cars will leave Queensbury avenue,
Twenty-first and Lonsdale avenue, and Winch strei 1 and Keith Koad
at five minutes to thc hour and twenty-five minutes past the hour.
Cars leave Nineteenth street and (Juecusbury avenue, Twenty-first
street and Lonsdale avenue, Winch street and Keith Koad as lollows:
fia. 111., 6:55 a. in., 7:10 a.m., 8:05 a. in., 11:45 ». in.,9:30 a.m.
Alter 9:30 a. m. cars leave the Ferry Landing at ten minutes past the
hour and twenty minutes to the hour.
'Xjfif   All boats are met by the cars.
The Seymour Hotel
JOHN MclNNlS. tap
Located on f-ci-mour PII*   line,
quarter-mile (rom »h«i |.
This is a first-class hotel,
and is now OM to llf
general public. Good
accommodation and
service guaranteed
Koad connections (rom North
\ 1 ■ ■   uver for Vehicles.
60   YEARS'
Tmm M«ms
^^^^^^_      CoPVRWMTe 4c.
An-mn. Mfi'lnf i .krtrti anal *.a>rrlp(l/m my
tnlrklr wt-WLIn oar ei'inluo pat wnMlia*** bo
lo..ntV»n lipr,.*,.!*'. |'*u**rubl(l ('"
ll.*'..a"*<Uj...i.b.i...alU MaDMOl "i I'M
MM fr-* OM.it immei fur «N*unnr 1*1».'..
P-ataWU Ittn tbrouli Wunn A I,a. no-art
(■WaalMttM, »HIii iut cl..-.*.. lu 11.•
Scientific American,
A baftdft>Tn-il7 UhiPtMlnl wfcklr Unfit air-
ilfcUof. t-f onj ori#Mitv Jin-nut Torwm fir
imiU, laift i fMr* (MwUft pr«i>M.V H4 It
[■frifa— ^^^^^^^^^^
[Will I ilm,
I r wu WuhibiF.*
New York
New Advertisements
Sli.ics-Wmial k Boa
Xuiiiv- Ciiy council
I'rttlltaTH— Stanley & V".
Xma. pods—J, J. MiAleeee
laalarn prleee—Uirka & Sons
HalllllTsll'V IlltH—S. (iilltzlllirKIT
DlMolutlon—Tmpla-> S) Hickman
ChrtatnUI prcscntH- Paine ,V  McMil*
A rich mineral discovery basbcen
made right nt tlie doors o( North
Vincouver iod, though the spot
lus been known to hundreds lor
\e.us, u*l it is only now that the
I.il, nl wealth there contained has
btCOtlia known
I Line weeks ago, Joe Saulter,
he who located tbe Hank ol Vancouver poop on Seymour creek,
ami who is one of the most experi
need ind sncceMfvl prospectors
in tin* province accompanied by
Dr. Poole ami J. Sbupe, of Vancouver, located a group ol live
claims on Seymour creek. Thc
location ol the claims is on the
west side oi the creek, just three
miles from the end of the Vancou
ver waterworks wagon road. The
discovery was made on the huge
red colored bluff that overlooks
the creek, lhe color being the oxidisation of the mineral beneath.
Tbe discovery, though having
the walls of a well-defined ledge, is
so extensive as to amount practically to a mountain of ore. The
capping is of iron, being very similar to that of the Kossland camp.
The ore is a regular pyrrhotite,
carrying copper pyrites right to
the surface. Assays from the surface give 1'; per cent copper, with
traces of gold and silver. Several
shots have been put into tbe surface and where this has been done,
iniicli better ore has been exposed.
Beneath the capping, the presence
of copper is much more pronounced, the assays showing 3 per cent
copper, and pay values in gold an,'
Location was made under difti
culties, as the bill slopes away at
an almost bo percent grade. Fivt
claims were located, tbe grou]
bring known as the Canadian Cou
soliilaled, the locations being named 1, 2. 3, 4 and 5. The old Lil
looet trail runs below the location
about a mile distant, a connecting
trail having been made from this
to the group. The property will
be easiiv worked, as the slope will
give easv access by means ol tun
nels. Then* is an unlimited de
posit of the ore in sight and every
where tested it proves to be sell-
Discovery had hardly been made
before the lucky owners had been
offereJ a high figure for the group,
under tbe terms uf a working bond,
but this was declined. However,
the owners stated this week that
they are now negotiating a deal,
whereby a substantial sum of money will be paid down,and a system
of development carried on on an
extensive scale.
Since the discovery of tbe Canadian Consolidated, other parties
bave located extensions, one of tbe
claims being known as Old Inland
and another Star of Hope. Hoth
of these hive fine showings ol ore.
The sites ol these discoveries can
be 'reached   in  a return   journey
from North Y.n iverol less than
six hours.
the momei.t was uot considered
opportune for such negotiations.
The present debt of the city is
1327,000, and the statutory loaning power is $000,000. The committee had decided to recommend
that the city and the district purchase the ferry by forming a new
company, and investing J35,ooo
each, but in view of recent developments, it was considered unwise
that the city should take the initiative, because it was thought
probable that it would not be long
under present conditions until tbe
ferry company would approach the
city council, with a view to selling,
in which case a much better purchase could be made.
The opinion was expressed that
the association should pass a vote
of thanks to Messrs. lltinbiiry and
Brain for putting on a second
ferry service and that the citizens
should all support them in their
venture. Mr. Ilunbiiry considered
competition the proper treatment
o( the ferry problem, and if it develops that neither company can
handle it satisfactorily, then another company should be interest-
d which could.
Nominations for civic offices
were called for and resulted as fol-
ows: For mayor, \V. H. May; for
alderman, I). \V. Young, K. C
Uliss, W. A. Gibson, Alexander
Philip, William McNeish, 1*. W.
Fowler, W. C. Gladwin, W. D.
Reeves, S. D. Schultz,C, P. Jackson, Aldermen F. Wheeler, W. H.
Hraim, and A. K. Crickmay; lor
school trustee, H. E. Reid and W.
P. Peacey.
The secretary will forward copies
of the resolutions to the respective
nominees, and notify them that
each will be given five minutes on
Tuesday evening next in which to
address the association, previous
to final selection.
Upon motion of Alexander Philip, it was resolved that no nominee be put lorward as a candidate
who has not received a majority of
tbe total vote of the Association,
and that the method of ballot be
referred to the executive.
On motion of P. Rochussen, it
was resolved that as far as possible all public works be carried
out by day labor, lhat employment
be given thereon as far as possible
to residents of the citv, and that
no Orientals b" employed upon llie
same on any condition, either directly or indirectly.
Xmas Goods
in Large Variety
for salo in tlie
LM08T every day for tlie past week we
Motiving shipments of Fancy Good* for
have been
the Xmas
in this
I we have almost everything imagina-
At our store you will find articles of the newest and
most exclusive designs in Cushion Tups,Cushion Cords
Embroider? Silks, Laundry Hags, Handkerchiefs. Ladies'Collars, Belts, (Hoves. Necklaces,Krillings, Conihs,
Infants' Bootees, Unibre*llas, etc.
Appropriate and useful Presents in great variety
at Prices that will astonish you.      Sit W.NDOW.
J. J.
l|i|ilii'alimi fur Slin|i Lifi'iiKf
VOTICE in hereby given that at the
■'    next meet iiiit "I UM   lluanl ol Li-
eanm OoasnilaawMri for the City ol
Nurth Vancnuver, I nhall apply for a retail liquor or bottle lireime, lor the pre-
mines situate on imrlliiTii 'Kirtinii "I UH
I. Block IW, D. L. l'7t, in the said City
.af .North Vancouver. B.C.
November L'Ttli. 1U0-S.
^^^^    & IVIIlWliin
Real I >lal< Brokers
1 irt and MM ism nv 1
n.i ,1 ,.11*1* in.
I.aaam- 1.rami."1   lor I ."lie nr Short
Herii.ln at S'» |h*t cent.
181 Lonsdale Avenue
Tenders Invited
Mlc., 111   the liillimiin:
IS, or
We especially recommend
Lots 4C», -17,48, block 166,
Loti 82,28,29,3d, block 167,
Lots 3, 4, f>, 6, 9, 10,11,12,
at $1750 each
at $1250 each
at $1500 each
18, 14, 15, 16, block 169,
TERMS—One-quarter cash; balance spread over
11 period of three years, at 7 per cent.
163 Cordova Street, Vancouver,
1\ 0. BOX 380.
B. C.
Cilv of North Vancouver
Ratepayers' Association
New Factory Completed
Messrs. McDonald and lioulter.
ol the Burrard mod working lac
tory, Esplanade east, have completed the erection ol then W I
building. A complete plant, comprising ten or inure pieces ol machinery, will he installed. The
machinery is all on hand and it is
' oped to lu gin operations in tin
new premises in about a week
I h* lirm will manufacture sash,
doors, mouldings, inside and out
side finish, specialties such us
mission furniture, and household
articles, such as ironing and bread
boards, tables, etc
Solos are to be given in the
Methodist church Monday night
by Mrs. Rich and Mr Waghorne.
and a recitation l>\ Miss llall. Thi
chair will be taken at H o'clock In
James McNair.
TIIK ('Hv ('iiiiiiiii invite application.
'   fnr MMM of I ity Kiigiuecr.
\|,|iii,*.uit« tn "inti* I'lUililiintinii" nml
.iilary ei|*i'i'teil. ami t" Wtot applim*
lions and copy uf testimonial* witli llu*
iimli'rtiguiil nnt Inter limn .'■ |> m mi
MuniUv. IHIi IVcciiiIht, 1H0H.
City Owk,
I'ilv llall. Snrlli Vancouver.
l:ul  N.iwiiiI.t, lUM,
The pt'i" adiaga .it tha Ratepajr*
ers'    A*-,111 lllllllll.   am     Weclnesilav
•■vi mug. wen* ut an iHtcK sling na
lure, comprising the discussion of
lerry   matters and the   choite  ol
I ivia  candidates.
The lollowing new members
were added \V. (' (iladwin, Hen
son Gladwin, S. (iint/.burgrr, C.
M   Kilts'in,   J   K. J. Murray.   W
II foster, I. Kickman, \Y. C
l.isennian, and A. Wild, making
eighty members to date
The following resolution te the
lerry was adopted: "That the city
council be requested to terminate
the lease ol the Lonsdale avenur
landing to the N.V. Ferry & Power Company, and that the city proceed to buy the wharf in accordance with the agreement between
the city and the company. Fur
llu r, lhat the wharf be placed in
proper condition, and suitable
buildingi erected thereon, and de
dared a public landing place
The association further suggests
that the municipality bt asked to
III iiperaii* ut this nutter. It was
thought by some members that
some action should I" taken look
ing toward iiiunn ipal purchase of
the (erry, but Percy King reported
lor the committee that that matter
Wallpapers,    Paints,    Varnishes
etc., etc., etc.
117 Lonsdale Avenue
Dissolution of Partners.!.!
VOTICK in harebv given Unit the pari
*" nemliip lierctiifiirc c»i«ting l-»t»i	
t, W. Templet ami ('. Ii. Hickman
(>*"i'cr«, ill tin* city nf Nurtli Vain MM 1
liar thin day been dissolved hy mutual
\l| parties liniinir accountn with tbt
Ann uf Templer aV Hickman are requested til settle thai "iinie within tt) 'lays.aml
all creditors of the -aiil tirin are herein
notiHeil that nn claim will lie considered
miles, a detailed statement "I tha HIM
1- .li'liver.'.l to ('. K. Hickman, within 90
ilaya Inun the date lnT,"i
li.ileil  at   North Vriciiiur this   |.|
.hu ..1 DaaaatMr, Ml*
-igned.  t W   II MI'I 11;
VOTICK 1. hereby Kiienthat the Kint
11 Sitlin**"' Ihc't'iiiirt "I K,'ii«i"ii l"
revine the A-essinent Roll al prepared
hv the A.ae-iaiir nl the t'ily ol Nnrlh
Vancouver Inr the utr litUH. will In- held
in llie Citv llall. Nnrlh Vnn.-oincr. B.C
M Monday, the till day "I January,IHOH
at'.' "Mi. k p.m.
Hated at   Nnrlh Vancouver this Wtli
lav "I N,.ven,her, 190K.
City Ilerk
TKNUEHSare  invilcd   Inr l'locks nf
'    I ami of tint less than one aero, suit
able fur School   	
1. One iu north part of ll.l.
in the win lh part ol li.L 550.
2. Aim mii* central in  H I.. 5IS and
D.L. 5411. M
3. Also one klatk in I). I.. M,
These plotn  of   groiiiul   shinil.l  have
I streets all urouml, or at leant mi three
-cl.*-. nud should he at mime altitude.
No telnler lli'Cssurilv nccepli'il
1    Tenders niunt Iw iu  hv HKCKMItKl!
I11TH next, t"
N. V. Sdiisu llman
Pianos .
at Bargain*
Some at hall real value.
We are taking ni,inv good
pianos in exchange In' the
thegi' .il. st mechanical pl.iv 1
on earth
Some of these us. .1 pianos
are as good as the day ihey
lelt tin   l.i. I"i\
To rediue tins slock wibavi
selected a number of bargains,
beautilul uptight pianos (or
$200   $225   $230
warranted t" he good as 11, w
$6, $7, $0 |>«t month
1 niiTKH
Htatingi Street
Messrs. Teippler ,v. Hickman desire to
thank their iiuinernii. cu.loniarn for the
aamfoui patnoagi vllk tblttk Um**
have been lavnreilin the nasi, ainl I.. n*
'|i|enl a a"iiliniiatiiiii "f the >nni, In the
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ hunineiin under   the  ownership "I Mr
had been carefully considered and I Hickman.
The reasonable prices ol the HIUKSS ittMMoi lb* Ball
an* a (ealure ol the Vancnuver I'Stablishnient That's tin *,,, ,, t
ol our popularity.
Our shelves ire laden wilh an abundant MMftmMl ol
Christmas noveltits and nicknacks at all prices a lit l"t i*v, ry
Some nni' -it-, or individual irtiolti for tbc mi
who sinnkes. such || ush tiuvs. tobtMOO jars, oigar cutters, and smokers' souvenir BOVtltil - Qood value.all
of tlieiu.
Gold and Silversmith*
All Cars stop nlllirk-' KlMfiU Wn«(0f
Smart Clothes
For Young' Men
Trust theni for making the absolute correct
If you're a "fellow" of judgment and good
titstc in dressing yourself, you'll liave a great
chance to give tlifse i|iialities in yourself the
fullest exercise this MMM.
Kit-Keform garments are the best produced
to-day—that's the candid opinion of people
who know it's so when they say it's bo—
The new browns and greens nudge us to say
they are here in all their aristocratic styles
aiiiieolni-. M t ;it the most coaxing prices you
can imagine
Here's n chance to lie lucky. Huy one of
mir Special Suits at
worth double tbe money.
333 Hastings St.        Vancouver
l,,,l   |.,a.~-   ...SI
mm tstn
aat Swrnnr
ii.ii*..iv Ilh.If*. w.t,*r rntffn K.iim.lea,
■•'■ I'.l.n. I ' ..ii'iniitl.in, M.|,a, Town*
a.iia. viininn Clalm.M liiiiii„n.,«U'
■ll II..1111(1 Sl. ».,
V IMi'lVKK. H. C.
 ii *-?""•
all kimln of Miagion snd Antique Kurni-
Inre, Sinre, Offlre, Bank and Bar Fii-
tiiri****    Kcpairing in all its brain-hea.
171 Third SI W . Bel. ilic.lcitlf M nii'l Ixinnrlal*
ll|'|a,a.|||.   gchOnl
M.AII.OKI'KHS given prompt attention


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