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2 t
Volume 10
§\\t ixpma
s-' S
North Vancouver, B.C., Friday, Biptucbir 16, 1910
Number 28
A    special    meet ill*,'   ol    lllc     Scll.iol
llouril was Iu-i,! Wednesday evening, lu
ih,, nil-en.,. ,,f Chairman k, K* stem
ey,  TrustiK.   McDowell   occupied    the
aliaiir.      Tliii li  seven   n|i|ilii*!ttioiis  were
receivvii f,n* tl>,. peaitlon ol teacher at
Upper l.oti-iliil,., mul M - \. M. Rum
K.I.I-    llus   ;i|a|a.ainl,*il I'llnil lllllll   Slell
IV   llllll   Trustee   . llllll, a   Ilny   were   lip
pointed ii building cominiiiec   to   it
lellil ll, llll mutters iiiisini; willl lc
spect   lo   lllc   Ilia,   llaW   Khool    buildings
now ill course iif ,•reeliiiii. On llie
ri'couiineiiibttioii of Principal lleunctt
it wn- decided lliul two windows li**
pluceil in llie in,nli wnll ill ellcll toolti
ill   the   new  ml   elul   school.   'I hr   ten
.ler ol ilu. Korth Vauoouvar 'oil uu*!
Supply Conpany for nml wns ncn-pt
id, It wns ,I,aaiil,*,I thut one of the
new -ior,- belonging to \. II. st.• \.,,
soil ,111 Upper l.ollsllllle Ale,ill,* lie li'llt
ell   ntnl   lilted   up   Its   telnporurv   sclu o
quartan,       I'lie building    loininittiv
wns   ,.|npi,weri*il to  miliar  nny    m'nnr
ullet'iltiolls    thnt Rlight    he    required
nnil  lo  hailc  tin* premises  in  lell,line -
Monday nornfau tui,
Ml. \. I'hilip mo.lesl'y relriiills from
Inking uny pafaoMl credit lor the re
mmkillilc slut,, of tlie lilinlic s ill lhe
Nortii l.onsiliili, Ave. church uml to n
rcprrscntntivr a,l the I -,
plained the inner Wofktngl ol the
luisiii,*ss ttuiisii, iion whi,It ennnot
but   relict  ju-t  ir.ilit  ,,n  the respon
slllll'  pllltie-.
Tlie pie-lo Iciy naked Mr. Philip I"
ladi out f'.r ii locution lor a church
near the boalavaid in tbe vicinity    oi
hlock HT, North Lotndale,    lb-   la
ten i.*«,,I Mi—is. Mnli.iii, Ma Kni'land
nmi Procter nml wus told thnl tley
had no blocks -iilMliiuhsl iu thai locality.       Ihel.   lloW.Vel,   nlicled      hint
the entire block VIA for a ei-rtaiii 'is'
uie.   Mi.   I'hilip  ,.,ii-,,l I  that    pro
position  and  took   Mr.  R.  .1.   Kowler
inlo    his   lOllliilellae .       The    result     ill
their deliberations was that lhe deal
«n- a.iii-iiinmiicd ninl the piopcrt*'divided into '.li lot-. Tliri*c I"ls were
•liven over lo tlk* chut h free of
thllgl nml the balance twenty three
ili-posed   nl   In   individual   owners.   The
ptataaia ai the tala o4 the tun ».>-
i lei,, id to the clean in*: i-l the laml
lor the . hm. li mul the em Om ol the
Iniildinaj. The orcan ,,l lhe church
was donated by Mr. Hiss and the interior furiii-hiiuis wet*,* luili pn;d (or
by   a   subscription   of  Wl   Irom If,
I;.-.>. A. M. liuin and lli ill'-olione nl
the   o|«.|iing   seme*-   villi, ll   unioiititisl
lo about  *U>.
The    church,   land   mid   fumi-lniii:-
-lutid ft,., to the congregation today
and while Mr. Philip snys he i« plens
cd that he Wn able to as-iinie. along
with Ml. Kowler, the n-p.,ii-iliilitv to
a Inrge cMcnt nl this state of affair-,
he wi-lie- no undue credit lo hini-elf
n- he i- mil one cent the w„i«e oil.
II,* will |m) well rcpnid il hi. in I .on.
will In- the iiicciisioii t,. effort In oth'-i
mw oongrifatlaaM,
Tlf  reception  to  Pi-hop de  Pen. iei
on  Vhtaaeiay evening at It
a Inn. h hall was well attended and a
plea-ami  evening  ma -|«-ut     A   fOtal
mu.i'nl ptegran »»- ptenVai kg tit
North \aii..iiiei Hia- Siii.j.is uiilci
tU    leader.hip    of   Mr.    Per.)     * iro.
with sol,,- by laaan. K. n. twtwm,
I. II. ri.nl,,i, Geo, \iiii-tioiiL' aid
Mt. Pate} ii.nai   Mi. I. 0, Vi ai I  ol
lie   \,,i t ll   \ IHI II11 I'll    .*>, hool ol   M.isil*
mis ac. ainipani-i The Iiishop gave
n most iiiieii'-tiuu ami Inspiring ml
ilre- leleiiuiL' lo lh. ltd that Imu
new   Anglican piin-he- IiiiiI ball   oi
gUlli'llI    ill     tile    lll.t     -IV     W.I'U     111    llllll
aboui   Vaiiaouver.      lie  ci.ngriilulnied
the  |H'o|,l,.  ol   Sl.   Al'IIis  oil   the  Weill
ning thev hnd niuile mul called ol all
.hiirchnieii lo do their slim,* in b'aal'l
ing up ii strong church in thi- rapid
K     glOWlllg    -,*' -111111    of    tha'    l*i|V.
Applia ution was niuile this morning
Mon the , ,nititv cuil nidge ill Vnn*
couver for a "Hal..a- I oipus" .,n lie
hull of II. .1. t'nmpWII by his solicit
aai , M,s-i., Hums k W'ulkrm. The
lelen-e was glnlitcd nnd in cxpclcd I a
U> over this alld noon when Iff,
Campbell   will   lie   rcleus|.<|   |ieillllllll   lip
plication for nn appatl.
Mnple    llidgc   ratepayers   will     innn
vote ,,n a bv I uv Iii ratal ?I.Ml,non lor
the  inipi.ncin, nt  ,,(  iheii   rnad>.
All  " \jax"   lite  engine  hn*.  been  pill
by  the municipality ,,l  Helta,
mnl  JaVI even   ■ali-fai* lion  m  ii    M*
••nl  ollicinl lint.
Reeve KcNaUghl presillisl a I the regular semi in,inllily meeting ,,f the
district eoiuiail Inst evening. All the
councillors were present und ilielin-i
ness was  routine,
The lollowing coininuniaiiiii.iis weie
lend : l'i,,in ft/met Carter Company,
em losing an account for ti'-"*' for mn
chiiieiv. Tliey thoughl the distri. I
took an arbitrary stand ii. the art!
ile which was mi-sing in the a-tluny
,,iillil iin- lost in \ nn,,,uv,*i* nud unshipped  liv   ihem  in  lhe  uvular wav.
The clerk wn- in-lnii led to e\pl.ini
to the Iturgei Culler Coiupniiy lhat
ihey ttm lo *'-l the inn* hiiiei v up
nmpWtl at  lhe quart) .
ll. Turner asked lor a rond to  Ua
property  bl   Hi IT JUJT.     Rcferr.d   to
the   Board   Ol   Works   iiilh   povur     to
1",.ntt   P.    II.   |m    IIT'.',   Vancouver,
anting lor •  noi to lot  184-3043.
Referred  t„  th,. Hoard of Works with
power to  act.
Kroin   Vi    II.   S* fiber   n-kiliL'  I    en
Illitl    fill,     removing     -lllliap-     llolli
the boulevard in front of lol. 13, II,
IS, block 19, 11. I.. SOW,  Wed.
A   petition  was  receivtsl  fiotit   ,*i_ht
l.l llll    V  llleV       Icidelll-     bl    laM     tft i
ing up ol  lltdpli and  I nd *n,o ..I \v,
Kfolll   Vi.    II.   Havisoll,   lelll,'    ||    Ui
re-iuiiatiioii  us niail sii|M.riiiteinleiit.
Kroin   Thos,   Shepit"! I.   ,ilv   .|, ,k
ll-kllaL'   |.'l|llis-iaa|i   faaf   111 a -      it'     to   allf
iy   il-   II inch  wilier  main   Bitot     oi
uini..,  the BaWtiaga Creok bridga  on
the l.v lill \ allev Hond. 1 nun. Al
bin Wggmlad ihnt |..rtni-sio|i U*
I'la.lll      li.      II.      K.llis,        aallipl.lilllll'        O.l
bahall ol   others  al Uaaiing   oj a-a
lion- iMinc iiiiriisl on at the Ik-cp
Cove  ,plain   on  Militia's
The clerk wus instriiclcil In write
tin* ipiinrv people ti.kiiiif them to dis-
continiie this piacti.e.
tint Iho-. Shepheid, ,ity clerk,
u-kine foi  i grade on the l.ynn \al
lev    kid.     I uid   over
(BatttWI i" relatinn to the l.ynn
Valley water main Were taken up in
camel al.
Kmm  llic iii.iiiiiL'i-nieiit of  lhe N. \
K.ngli-h .lunch  asking for flic.leiTu.l.l
\ve    Hid   St.   .laillle-   Ave    tn   lie open
eii up In their new church site. Re
(erred lo the Board nl Works.
Kroin T S. Nve. iidii-iiiLi thnl ha
would  allow   work  to proceed nn  St.
flearge'i Ave. ihro****h blocks :il «nd
Xi,    North    l.onsilale,   if   the   distnal
would ran) a* Ike loaatitlnae apead
upon in ,01111,,'tion with lhc IWatl'tM
linn   ill   fences   and   ill   res|ns*t   tn    lhe
taeeatiaa  ol deadi lot the laml  in
■ I tion.     The   pro|msnl wn- na a, pi
A loial iinprnvcmeiil lal tin'*'*
Was  all.,wed   T.   S.   Nv,*.
Kroin K. Mahon. askitn; vlnt m
behM don,* in cotinis lion willl the
toad to the ea-t ol l,|a„ks IM and
HCI lor which the prnviu.*; il gOWW
ment allowed K'J.IHKl. Knuiu- -i I i If
Kfolll    T.    W.    1  ailllield.    illbisilg tll.lt
the -omae oi t a pm. i i.-a-k was en-
r la-al by n heavy lotv-t  wh.. It held
the   wnler supply   llie  venr   mound.
There were tmiln-r limits staked  theie
and  in  tlu* event  ol it  bttag   Uypi
ofl he hand it would pttaetteaQy 'ut
the   -upplv    nil   llolli   the   .nek. I'e
nskisl the .ouiiail to tnnke a Mel "'
tin-  ingioitant  Imt.
Ktolll    .1.    I.     I npl".    Il-kiug     if     the
.onu il wantisl In sell a ccruin HmnP
plot of land ni 1,1... k tt, II I M,
taahl ,,ii keilh Hond. H,-o|veil lo
II,allll    the   Wlitel   that   ll   did   not   lae
loin;   to   the  di-iii.t.      It   wns    nl-..
noted  thai   lhe district   wa.  not  eell-
Lag any -iiiiiii parcels nl ils lands.
Mr.   I lurk   of Vaiianuvei    egpeaffed
Man   lhe   eoiuiail   ill   the   ilttel*
llnllyburn   lleitdil-.       lb-   a-ViA    f"i
In.Ill       ,01,II,..llllll-        tO     1,1,1,  k      -\     H.       I*
|(M and IHO, wh.ie building tptt
tiolis   wel.    soon   lo  nitllllleliie.
The m«l evplaimsl the binhline
iruaialit,.. rcipiit.vl from pto.|H*. live
biiilileis   ii'.piesling   ronds, Ihe  ap*
plirant  look the form wilh him.
A  tvpoii   wn-  r ivcl  Iioin    W I
Vllial llllll niillOl* thefts VCie llaUllg
aaaniliiitt.sl    at     llltlt    plan.. TW
lellts  there llski.l lor lhe app. *i"i *"c"i
,,|   ;,    .pe, Illl   eoli-tabh*.
The clerk was iiislni.tcd lo write
the   pBrlie.   asking   theni  ta    NM*
The above picture wis taken upon the ,„,.i-ioti ,,l tha beeptina   ■( lhe   ttnal   letter   boi lyettin in   ilu-
.ilv.    Mar...1    |a]     in   the   lell    and   Ahl, i III in   W.   J,   Irwin.  Iliniiniali  of   lh,   Hoard   nf   Triule — in    the    litht    at.
-lloVlll   ,lepositillk,   tlie   lil-|    two   lellel- in   the   fll-l   llo\.     I he-e   Here   letlel-   oi   appl a a iation   alldrc-sell   to   (he   P.   0,
Department  nt OtUWa.   P. 0,  ln-|iec|oi (lieciilicld i- Ma -landm*.' ul the rfght  band of Maynr Maiy,  Pn-tntasiei    Ighn an npportunity
I.   I,   M.Millall  -lands  al   lhe  Maynr'- lell   hand   and  ln-iil.   him  0,   Vi.   Suitdetl, mall  *olleitoi.
At the riL-ht hmiil of Inapactof Qreeofield is Alderman 0, w. lelae, rhahnaa el Ike baaee neuaittaa, aad
lieside  him   Mr.   Kean,  local  rcpre-eiitaiive nf the  I'mv iti* **.
The po-tal courier -tiinds 1-ehiiul Alderman  Irwin, i..||ovi,il  b)   Vi. C.   QtMB,    loeal    teptcsciitiiine   ol    The
World, ami nam ,slit,,r ,,( ihe Expren, The well known Iota ol Alderman IcNeiih,  ehainaai oi the  Poor I ol
Works,  enmplet's  lhe  picture.
The Nanili Vancnuver St. Andrew's
and Caledonian Society met in their
room-   Insi  Tuesday  evening   with   n
■.'nml ntteiulaii if nenbata* Mr. Philip,  the president,  was  in  the chair.
A letter wa. Md botn the St. An-
drew'i Society in Victoria sugc;e»liiig
ihat -tap. he taken to affiliate the
different noletieo in the provide for
Lhe puipo-e of iiiiiiiii! Iienclit and coop,*,.ninn and holding occasional joint
meetingi both lot Iriendly diaeaa*daM
uul lor s|vuts. The loenl mcmlieria
■xpre-sed ih. tn-, I*.,*- in the most
friendly wny in lavor of th.. pro**oeal
mul a resolution was adoptlil tn com
iniiiiicaie willi the Victoria .nriety
iilimatitiL- llu- fis-liiiL-s nl the Nnrth
1 an.,uvei body iiiiiI offeiintt to send
delegate! at any time to nny joint
meeting that might bl nnveii.d by the
Victoria   soeiely,
\ launnuinieation wus al-., tec, ived
from the Scottish ladies' aociaty of
Vancouver eapnealBg   I deaireto fra*
letlii.e vi ith the ladie-' s.cieti OH the
North Shore ami In n.riin.'e lor joint
meeting! ol tha boal naiaty, It wa«
rpaolved to aetatmrledge n. *ipt ,,| the
. oininuiii.iilioii e\pre--iti*. pleu-ure nt
the propoaal nnd adviaing ihnt tl.eir
letter would be cotniniiiiicutcd to the
St. Andrew's society uf thi- place whn
vvniilil take such u. tion ns they deem
-a) htnt,
A   repnrt was   made us In thc iub
siription in the Caledonian Hnll Cum
pany and arrangements were mad*,   lo
to nil willing   to
inn   hiiil   nol completed his   conlraat
for blowiin.' llic stumps on lhe   Lynn
.Uuk .iiul considerable dilliaiilti
'\|s*ii,*ii.,*il   in  relea-in*.  theni.
w.i-  nighl thi. week.   "Then I iv 11 **t
Tha'     lhe   doe-   „„   yoll,"   ,\ llllllll.*il   his   Wol
Viilley toad,     ll wa! referiad  to   h nt OMtWtery nf all plaOM is  thought WOr    -hip when  mi  res|.,ui-e was fnithom
lo effect  a settlement. thy ,,f snme consideration mul i-   u-    in-.    Ihis  coiivei-aiion  took    da •• Is-
Mr. Phil. Mi-Arthur offered the coun iinlly n pln-v often vi-it,d t t   only j tw,*,*ii th,* eitv's elnel magiilrate   and
il  J'' aenls  a  ronl for (alien    titnliei hv   relatives  of  ilecea*,d's  Irieiiils but   Utm  dirk  objects  silhniiilul  |   nn-i
Peter   mceet  and Westover   mad   bj lisilors to the city, t.» ii a
I In* oiler was accepted.
The engineer wa. iiistiiiited to re
pair the road at the nuner of Kn-d
rick road and the Pipi I .uie Road.
The monthly statetneiiu of the Iin
ance, board of works and water coin
mittee- were  lend and |iiissed.
The   follnwing;   plans were   |a a
Hlock \  ll.l . t',-"; bloaks '.".I nnd IC
f.    J    I).    I..   T'.e-.l   aolldlti.alllllv,   bM   »     H
D. I., tltt, part of II. I. V.I, block
.1 11. I.. M conditinimlly, blo,k XI
I). I.. HH *a,iiditionally, bl,„k WO B,
I.. MM and bin. k H ll. I.. Wt,      TU
following  plans   were  lefelled   bit'!.      I
j  lot  Ti.  II I .  TsT. lot   144.71a, bl*. k
l'J II. I.. tM, putt  II. I.. M iiii.I ttt,
I).  I..  Hill.  I).  I..  COO, part  of  11.   I*.
Ml and  '.li-T  and  poftiM ol  H.    I
The l'tl*:illis't te|,o|lea| on tile cotllli
lion nf the local iinpr.n I neill ol
l.onsdaie   Ave.   nonh   on  which   cm
Inal    Mes-!-.    \AUa    Hid   k-ll-lell,*   ale
alaimiti'j conpanaation (or attoi inn*
eeiving the grade.  It was agnedthal
the hoard  nl works and cli.iiicer  and
\|. i       \-k'iv   aiid  Ki'liiicdv   in, .1    on
lhe pood   Hell   Saturday.      IttftUM
lag Mi    Good ill -  application f..t   vm
ter   eOtllieclioll-    the   aleik    WU- ilislriicl
isl    to    advi-e    ihal   the   con Iimi
would I.. nii'l.* il the applicant agreed
to    JUIV     lell    pel    .elal*    M    tile     null t]
until su. li time as lhe in,..iniriL' -d
.],, I,, kt tha I M down In nor
mon occurrence in the old utablilhed
pbti-es in the en.t. The mail .pte-
tion lo the cetllelerv is not a n.w la
pic nml it is kapad thai when I hud
-tr,.*! itt o|.,n,*d out that step- will be
inaugurated la have the ratan |mr
tion of the road put in a lil itatl In
Maioi Taylor, Aid. Earlghl and
liohi. Mal'hai-aiii ol Vnncouver were
in lhe ■ ity ve-i. id.iv and .niaived nn
auto lule n- lie* faeUt of R..ve Ma*
Naught, Coun.  Allan   nul  l.aw son   of
the   ,li-tiict   council.     \-     t i'.ll   In  the
I!,.*!,* th,* Vanconver repmantatlvai
wet., entirely   Ignoraal   nl the N.utii
>llole   . I* le],,|,l|ielll-,   llllll   a   wide   -Co|».
ol t.riitoiv was in-|.*a t,-il by the vi-
ilnrs   whn   Were   e\,*,ss|iii*.,|y    delighted
witli even tUag  tIny had s,*i*n.
The part] bal Hailed I pm  I  'I |
where the evletision ,,( the l.ynn Vai
l,y ani line was a niark.d leitur.* all
the mad out nnd a Mriking enainpl.
,,f the ih velopnietils thnt hnve taken
idi •■ .'mil ii.- in program.    I,,*
to    the   * iti     the    lllal. hille    wa.   lie ailc.I
for Capilano and at lha Canyon Vim
holel   |   I ll   ivas   taken.       \   few     llf
l.l dill.el      -|.sihe-     wete    indul*.*ed     ill
ami    iu   tl oui-,*    of    I,
MllVol      I ailloi     ;,   .,1,,|    the   ,ll   111   I    te
ll   wa    n   olved  lo n|ie|i up   ttm
, „   „ .. a.      i„*,|    I'l, • clli alive-    thut     I Ilex     I,        llllll
road i . Wellington lime ami in build ' ■ '
I    of   I I   I. all-    ||    the!.' Wa"   llo
lliing   ill   tl iillvil.g   ill-Hi  I    "i \   tl
• OllVel    I pill    (belli.        He     ,*niUlelil
■■d  luvoiablv  oll  the  ph-.it'   |i
• af ih.* North Bl   iiei IhIh-x.iI th it
,1   no  dl  I.nil   dale   n   pt III ,   I
ret  will   have   loin I tnl'h
ing Inun  lh,   I
then imnl- of the iiiiiiiI*ipiii.v      i
lllis    a*,,llll,** t mil    he    |.feH* a|    |.
aontieatiiii; link, joiniti lbi
in bv Iiinn,I alcl lu*.I | lo lhe
"Ulll   -hole.        He   evpa I
tccord with the pi..|..   I indei
11 * i i'ii*.I thai
.,     I   to   lot    I,   block   |   I).    I..   TM,
lll-llil   lioll-    Were    i-.Heal    fill     the    II
I   t■ a. iii   loll  tii   l«. prepared   ll,
.he loth mul ihe :il-t of ii, lobar uud I
r, t 111 llall   lo   the   elelk   lolnplele   l,V    ill
11|  ..f He,duller lhi« v,*ni.
lhe   aleik    reported   llllll    at      ••
real i.ix -ah- lhan had Ik*,*h  '* i
-old    oil    llacolltil     a,f      la*llll |H**lal      lal"
which ngiiregntnl HtM,
III   refeletl.c   lo   the  , itv s   I'.jII
a gratle on  the I vnn \ a,II v toad lor
their   pi|». line it  wn- il,„ i,l, ri ti
lhe  lop ol the I.C.I,  Ily.  I
the tai- ,,( the moon iu the br.inches
nf one of the former's bent apnle
treat. The scene was staged in Ma
vor Mai'- orchard and Ihe tUL-ht was
brightened by the lisinj. moon lhat
front    it.   distant    habitude   reflected
every dark objeet vividly agaimt it.
join in the undertaking. It wni arranged that the next monthly meet
ing nn the second Tuesday in Oito-
lier should lie an o|ien meeting and
the businen proceedingi should he
followed by a concert and social
laii.c A Inrge committee wns appointed to make suitable arrangements for an enjoyable gathering. At
the meeting also a pa|»-r will be rend
I iv the president on tome character
i-tias of tho Seottiih race and whal
lliev have meant for Scotland.
The meting of lhe Hoar.I "I License
Commissioners which wns lo have
been held in lhe city hall nn Wcdinl-
Ihe lir-t net to the liltle drama | day afternoon wai not convened nn
that nighl have never In.n recorded account ol lhe two application! for
had not his Worship hnd a (winkle iu retail bottle bien.es being withdrawn
In- ,v, ii- a heal representative nl „in| theie not being any other busi-
the I vpr.-s approached him the other ne.« on hand. The mayor wu the
mot ning in .|u,-t of d,.|ie for admin ,,nly member present and he arranged
i-t rut ion lo the general public, 'W.H ' |p hold nn adjourned meeting next
he  -nl,  "I   will  tell ynu  how  1  got   Wednesday when it is underitood that
the Imurd will be approached in   re
in*, n.w hat but don't even whia|s-r
it." The new.pa|s*r mnn hai not even
vvhi-|»'i.sl it yet. but just snt down
nt hi. midline nfler returning t., th,*
and |„,iiiiile,| out the facta ai
t'aaiiiiiiiilug the Mayor .aid he   was
inin/ home late one nighl thii week
inal aliei he got into hi< own yard
and *!,,-,,I the gale and gaxe a (racial
lv put lo the two -liatrgy haired
fiieiul- which uainboleil oul lo meet
him hi. aitention wa. drawn lo an
nmi-u.ii *oiiimotioii in ,.n.   of his ap
II,   i_Ut  -al'-nilv around!'""  guarmilee  ihey  were   willing   t
and ther,. Iielndd w   ilo.e ,| ,rk "h
gnnl to the establishment ol another
hotel in the cily.
tpplh ation was maile to the dis
tut ■ mini il last evening by Mesiri.
I. W. Warden and (lark of Vancou.
ver for a loniierting road to their
|.i..|»ity at Hollyburn Heighti in
bh. k sp TA. |„ |0U9,
When   aaked   what   sort   ol   build
linging  to lhe limb,  lhat .era.
ionnlly    fave lhe hniighi a   rlgotot
numbers ,,f I,,- *
ip|a|, ■   to   ih*   _o.,iii,,l,       ||„ had   no
alilhaiilty  in  r. .'Ltni/in*;  that the   in
traaV i   wan let inw and |tw
i.. l.-ate-l
I   to   mole   the  d,,rk    ob
i,    il.til   he   I.f. II,,I     lo    ll,
doga,    Then wa. a mlden tmnbli
.'laalllid   . lli-    V l-it,,l.    Wele    |l,,t    V ITV
well a, ,|iiaiiil.il wilh  the aai. hard   Inr
I    i a-h  rit.d a >' rnini *
I    thai    lh* 1    had    lllll    llllll* k   iif
lhe   .hnkell    Wile   I.II..*. | lie     *.
..I.llll, li.i,|    ,lii
lid     of    the    doff,    ihe
*. !.■  ibll  tii 'lear  th,* f
'"    I I    lillle. ||| tl.
'*■   W.t   kip   tnok   ll     l...k   a
,,, und   In   *,-,'   11 xtent   of   lh     .1 M
metnl    I   |K'i»nn   am
I    the
nun, il
would  make  the appoiiiliiienl
The  Hoard nf Work- M tSfOOtt-
,|    |„ ,„||   f,„* tender,   d.r   the con
am* non  ol  a  toad  M "ng  Keilh
mad  wilh  Ik-ep Cove.
The   clerk   read   a  letter   which  he
had written to the li. I      I reetli   Iff.
f„       i„     lefeieii.e    la,    lllell    *a'll'a
leaving   tlebris   on the   l.iiu     \ nll.-x
I,, a.l       I l,i    | ,   'lone M per a i|Uery
(mm Coun   Ulan,
SS tm put „„ |jn,i( t„ ,|„. L,,, •      ,,„| „l,il.  i|„mk' .„ ,*ani"
\fl'l          ial.lii,;       ll.e     ae i ,     '       ll      (!,,•    -hole      of    llllniiid    Illlel     Ml *   I    MO    Ul    lllll    ll illf
    iii  liv  ii.    r bal the* had ii*.. tradi *' *»" kn  where the n.i
watei   iiiiiii  eiihii   niuler ...  "■. " ,nd the Orient u Ten    ■ ll     i   baratM   a bMriMmd ihat   !„•
iHaitlagi C k btidfi ll wm  Ca 'v iar  bavbtg  I myoii   t ■' tin pr f lbi ip*-n pari ol
igned to   tioiily  the  cit}  Ihal   •' itllng pie,* «„. :,i  Bollybnri
diitricl    aol I    iOll-llleii.1    thai      ' ,,„ |    |he   lieamll.       ,,(   We*    a
tMaetorj  arrangemenl cotiW benad   „,,,,, ,,,.)M..,,.{.      u,,, |,,,*
'aa    tile    .||V     |a|le    ,,1    ||„ |
the   \
*        St,      ge     i.
eh*   of   lhe   Inlet.
Mi    Clark   staled   It waa thei'
intentun lo enst a summer hotel al
that plan, ll is intended lobe especially adapted a. a .ummer home fm
famille. It will lie a nnti lirrnaid re
ill   this   le  p* I a
HAH Bl VII. nl    i I Ml II ll\
It  is  nn  undenicd Iai t  that ifcl'" "'
In   Ihe Nnrth    Vatwonvet   ■ .r.i- ler]
in a deploiulala    late of re|
rhanda*   ait   tht luneral  **'   k» tob
Hi. . loDooough, nn iini'i
Cuun. Allan   ro|>orto*l that Mr. Nol    with   a t, ami   ol hm
IHiW   llll    MlMHI '.nl     II
"l  "tile    lIllVVII    ,,l|{     of     ll     ft
youi laa      enei la; ui  II
1  I' lllll    his    holla-
I  il     left     It     Isllilld
M      M .       lid    li**   would   willingly
'".    f I 'III    'a,   ,.,,t    if
im.    in    od   | k,,|   du   it,    bill
bja -..I la an tik it
■     I*     O ,|lp|ea     Jl|sl     for       tile
".* of n faw.   He i. m,w hol,Iini'
!..    as ii r who i.
I a deal     ill   nigral  in
1 nm i 'li i> Is not lika
*,i   cm   f-l
I    lhat    he   del    l.ol      nine   ofl     l|
I ' ,i  aller all.
The long lell want ol a t.-nnia ilub
in Nonh Vaneouver has been proven
In th.. gnat mi,.re-1 -hnwn by fifty
player, having taken part in the ihree
i. mn toainiiinieiits h.|,l on Mr. Crick
inn's com I. l.'ith .tri-'t, where, too,
the j,nlili mteie.t has been shown by
■'. iei.in .. during the Inst two
weeks, Thia Sal unlay the finals ol
Ihe ladu-' double, and also sen.i final, ami final, in the nun's single!will
lake plaie on the nboie court. Spend preparation, aie being maile lot
a large niinibct   ■( nd   it
i. lo I*. lio|«v|  that many will avail
lies nl  the np|s,itunity  of ne-
'. 111. I aa
Cup. will Ite pre-eiiinl la lhe win
tiers imniislialely after the gamei an
over wlnn tea will be served. Saturday's   play ,olii| .. I unl.,   I S'liea'
liminl"., Nisi M. At< Inl.ahl and Misi
P. Draper play Mrs. 0. I). Curlii and
Mis. Ilny roll.
lemen'. Sini-le., handicap, aemi-
final., K .1. II. Cardlnall tt, playe .1.
II    'impkins IS.
I | Rayli.. I.V |.ln> wlnm-rofF.
Wall I.'i, v.. *laak 1 '.'it-' .IS.
Final., Saiind.xv .' p.n.
•harp. TWO
Each season as it comes, brings with it something
new in gold jewellery into the field of fashion. 1 o keep
abreast of the times, in this respect, the jeweller must
keep in touch wilh the great fashion centres of Europe
and America in order to give to his patrons a perfect and
satisfying service. This is one situation of which we are
absolute masters, owing to our business connection with
European houses and our personal visits to those cities,
world renowned, as thc homes ol the dictators of lashion.
This is why "Birks" Gold Jewellery for men and
women is especially altraclive. lt is always of the newest designs, which, combined with the very highest quality, places it as the standard of perfection in Canada.
Diamond Merchants and |ewellers
Hastings & Granville Sts.
.J        i. K, Trorey,
"=n Managing Director
Gem Theatre
This Theatre is now opened after EXTENSIVE
patrons may rest assured of enjoying FIRST-
CLASS ENTERTAINMENTS with every comfort
Continued Performance Stalling at 7.30 sharp.
10c   5c     GOOD MUSIC AND SONGS     10c-5c
Trimmed anil Keady-to-wetu Huts ami n lull range of
Ostrich and Fancj Feathers, Pelt and Bearer Hate, Ribbona, Velvets ami Veilings, Stuped Linen Centres. Tea
Cloths, l'in Cushions anil Fancy Bag! lur fall traile.
213 Lonsdale Avenue
Norlh Vancouver
An Exceptional Chance
A lot measuring 100x132 ft.,
on the city boundary, for $368
1-3 cash, halance 6 and 12 months.
11  I.ousdale Avenue
Phonti  OfficeH     lions.- 28      P.O.Box60
Singer Pianos
Sold only by the
Warbumitz Piano House, Ltd.
10 years guarantee (ma with each instrument
443 Lonsdale Ave. Phone 114
CLAVERIE  f<   ARCAND have just opened on Firit
Street, East, an up-to-date
where the public will be sure lo find a good and Iresh assortment of Groceries and Provisions, Fruits and Vegetables in
season, fl Mr. Arcand was with F. Filion ol Vancouver
lor the lasl eight years.
Hr, ll. i. Campbell, »-ho wai eharg-
nl by Willtvd '.i'."" with eonvartlng
HO paid ia. lum I" tru»i "" » lot In-
longing to Hr, E. Peen, to hli mt
tua, wee ranUnced lo nine monthi1
Imnl liiiim* hy Maicin.ii.* Kt'iilv v,-
terday morning*
In giving ■ im* il in -inia'il
tlmt In- liml given I'Vi'ij leniency and
tllkl'll       i        a.lll-ialal   li'll      till'        H'tUftl
iif tin* HO, Mi. I! I * Maitlaad, n
presenting Hi i * Hunt nnd Walkem,
lor ilu- ili'Viiac, gave notici ol appaal,
Tl viilciiac waa Inker oe  Tueiday
morning with Hr, Hum   appearing (air
thfl    *l *.ll cl     illaal     Hi       K   l|a|'.'l||.    1**1*   ill,*
pro ition,     Mr,   Burnt,   lot    Mr.
I'uiii|iIh'II.   I    "   Ii iv,-   ill,'   MaH
triad In   Hagi It ile Ka* ilj.     Accuaed
|,|,..,.l...l mil guilt- tn iln* rhttrgi wln'ii
Ml     Wlllanl    II    lli.    |  i|'ll   nil
ii,..-.  tealiAed Ihal nn lhe l->tli Not
elllliel     I.a   I    In     |   ii'i**l    la,    |,||lcli:i   a
lot   uli   Hr.   I     I'" I     ll "I   IMM  Ii.   la.
MB) through Hr, I'ampball, the
price ,,l the Iaai wai- KWl nml In* paid
ilnvin Wl mi lhe agreement. Ir,
Campbell  had  promM lo hatra   the
.■ien*, in-   ready   "» lhe   lollowing
On the latter date he qu Honed Hr,
I' llllplaa II,    llllll    .lli,I    111'    ll.lll    till    Illlitl'
;ieia*,*m,*lll   fi.llii*.   Iiiit   nnilM   gel     llla*ln
-,„,n. liter ili ii Hr, Grata had i
Ited Mr. Campbell level J limn eaeh
tiun. ri'civiiie protaleee, tboul Da
cinlici i-t Mi. linen wai lold by Hr.
Campbell that iln* latter wai hard ap
.■uul liml u-i'il the money bnl expe ted
tn gel -inn,' in ■  .hortly and would
■traightan «i' oe It mber lit,    Hr,
ili,an arai given .1 r ipi lor lh»nd
dition "ii the lot, in li.m ■ tti in nil.
the iu-i payment.
Un .laiiiinrv Jl-t the ac. ii .1 owed
Mi. Green IIM ne ■■■ "I arWeh
*.V,.i.', erea Hilled in nt h, Hr. Often
Mid   that  he ilnn   i. lived   anothei
r Ipi lor KO, matin   in  a I 1138 on
account ol lhe Iota
Mr.   Hum-   a| lia,ii,,I   viiMia*-   il   he
IiiiiI ever Baked Hr, Ctunpball lot lhi
money.   Hr, Green   aid he had   not.
Inn aaked lor lhe agree m.
Mi r. iv,, we * a 1111 a I te the land
.uul -niii In* w.i approached bj Hr.
Camphell in reeperl to iln* lol la tjna«
inui.  Tin* icini   I. nl baaa qn *' i ,e
af.'le-aiil.      Hi*   ili'l    BOl    km.u    li"'"
Rr, ''uvu Unwell lhat hi wai ili"
tunali.i-i'i* lill   \|.ii 1.     He -ml   Mi.
I   allll|alH.||      l.llll    lailll        HH.*    I clMI'.ll
.l.iiiai.iiv iiiiiI April thai he had ■ .1--
|,,,.ii ,,ii tlic lot,    He did aol know
lli,* |,,irli,illnr linn,ill.     Hit  lln-  I-l Ol
\i„il ii,* had lold Hi I "n.LH Ihe
il,<iil ana off.
Mr. K:t|i|H*ll. aaked Hr, hm 1 hi
-ni,l i,i Mr. Rtvea hi would go altei
Mr. Campbell II lhe tn.m,.v wai aol
tamed uver. Hr, Peeti eeeM ""! re
Wiin,--   laid  llnil   he viai-   t ml. i..I
m I"- tl -An i" Harrk bg Hr. Oreee
,,n  llir I"l  which In* ili'I  i'"l   ;|.e|'t.
Mr.    lllll'll.   H-kaa|    |0|    al       II 1 ll||   till*
1:1,,nnil. ili.u  Mr. ' .ini|'iell mt- att
HlL'     1-    aiL-elll    llll'l    llll-   lll.illl'V    Wai      tiai|
ilic propert) ol Hr, linen, bal 11
longed i" Mi. Peere, II,. -iiiinuite.l
thai tin* deal aai * otta) I. la between
Mi. r,*,*i- aad Mi. i aiapbaU. md tli■
lminci li.nl * lothed the I inn wiih tl"'
ninii,ai uv of nn aajant,
Ml.    ('||I1I|I lii'll.   ill''     la II.  il,    Wil- a ,|'|
ad t" the -taiii.l iiiiiI nrwa thai   ha
.Kl ai portloa "( ih.* l**i in i*i
inm  tn  Mi. i.i.>*n'- partner.     Hr,
Ill'll.II   lliul   -lailaal   llml    lie   llllllll"!   llie
other part. ih.. deal wai agntld ap
"ll lml   Ml. Iir,*ell ...nlil  mil   mile   ill**
lii-1    |i:it incut   in (nil  ,,( |7S,   n*
laaivlin III   "ii  :i ilil  HO  in te id.    'Ill *
llllll,•l-talli,llllL'   VI I-   llien   licit    tllc   lelt
.'line  .,(   tile  III..11. V    tta     I I llll al
Wa§n     "Well     Ml.     l,l,,|i     lav      Hi      '
Campbell ,\ Ml.* .,( (kiet* Hr, Caair
l.'ll   «,i- ai partner,     Hi    i ampl 11
aid     ill'll     I'"*     IJ     W   .       a,. ,, ,     l,,e
red fti'tn the inin bet*,'i • thej nan
li inl ap, bnl I"  Baked   everal   i 	
f"l    It        I In*   111 a   I   '"I     ..(       lllll'.
■tenters, Mi. il I ii.n i Hi Mil ,
ii>,|   Unwed,   ll i   lnhl
Mi. i.ieen thn * i   baaa
paid '"ei i" Mi   Pn i , i.in nplal i
tlie poaltloa "I tl.,-    .in lit   ,  mill  in
a.llitl,'. llllll    Willi    'laa     a|. In      ,,,       ,
"iii the iftaamenl nl   Jt, Mr, linen,
li.       ml.    i   li-,*,I   I"   In     w I   e     ,|*l*|, mu
"ii aiiiniiii "( iln* i*lymenli to lha
lot, V*. n cl laid Ih ii lie had told
Mr. Llll'll wlien the I tttei   * v|*i    * .1
i Iaai iimt l'**,*i   would  rn* ap
with tha l"t tint la. (Hr, t ampbelll
in.nhl pay il"- additi * .1 ... 1 rathei
thiin   iu-i-  lhc I'm I
Mr    Kn|i|»'ll * .'•■■!   lh il    Mi.
Campbell  »:'   1 -' Mt   r nl
Phere had been 1 nl  an*
lllllll    III    Wlitlng   iH'talaa 1.    \|,       I',, ,n  I
Green.   Mr. Pet 1    hnd tht   pt
Mi*, r itni'l'* II had tht * 1 Hi
1,1.11    1, nl   ,
lie   .uill   lllell*   w 1 * ,,
calving "I unmet I.a ii., , ,| fn,,,,
Mr. QnM »hen  11  ut
llllVC     llllllVVII    ll a||,I    ,„,,     „a
anlin   Ilil. 11'
propert) and  w        it '■ Hi Kap
|K'lle,    Imt    I"
le .a   I      i"      III''      pm** a ' ,,|*|    . Ml
iv,*,   ii,,«* being 111 ili ; ii il   ** 1 1
Mi   1 unpbell    '"I thai Mi   1,id
liml   never  Uhad  l.aiaa  1
Hr, 1,1 cen hn.l offered later m bl
mora iiniii- apply oa tha property,
Imi ha hmi refuted il M thl pound.
tlmt lie could tint gel the othei WS
I'laaln   llie   lirm,    A-1,,.,1   liv   tin*    tllnui-
Irate if he bad ev* 1 offered the money
t" Mr. I'eer-. Mr. c impbell admitted
thnt In- Innl in.i,
at nu*: niiTi'.i.s
Hotel North Vancoaver
s. ninnies, Harriion Hilli
•I.   K.   Weill,   Kevel-I.al,,*
Mr. .mil Mi-.   \, I. Hopkiaa,   Wm
• I.  \el-,,ll, \ iiiiii,nver
tt. (lodlrey
\. I Iiiinui-
r, uw
Ull-     Ma   I  eail
Un    SvviitiMin
II. Scott
.1.  I'lllllllallll
tt.   Ilia,.!,
Mi    V Thompeon
1;. A. KeDoaald
ll,  \. ilurgau
I. S. Ariii-leinl
QeO,   I'.avvell
• lilin -   ManKintii-li
\.   I'.   Materl.lllv
f r, \i u
I'llla ,.   II,,lei
Mi. and Mr-. Duma, Toronto
Mi. and Mr-, andrem, Dnneani
Mi, nnl Mr-. 1;. I'iii tai Hontrtal
Will     llailalie,   I'allL'ail'V
II, -leiiani, Tama, wi/..ii-i
Ml ll.lll,!!*— VllllCaallVI'l*
M.   II Ill-ell
.1. Quintan
.1.    |.lll-a,|l
\.     I ll"|«
li, Horrii
('. Vi. Harvey
I  ,    \lllil   lain
T   I'eii-.m
1(,  \\.   Al 'I
1111 - imiv   Mnn i.niM. ir
HOPE,   -III    WAS   1 I I.TH   nl'
H Wllllt I'l-'
liter  reading   tin-   itruighllonrard
-lillclllellt    "t     Ml-.     I li/nU'lh    I .    1.
■ I* 1   *., ol  Mc Ii um -burg,  l'u.. no 1,1
I In* I ..I -al J,' I'liiii 111,1* 1 , L'nt *'l la".'
Ila.lll.     ..(    P.ill-i.lll    S.i*.',*   (,.1     "llll*     .'ill
erod, mnl il ii don'l al.. lot yon "Inn
it ilnl i'.n Mi . \laal. 1 im, in wall cive
Jiiii v.nii  ill.,n..\  beak.   .In-t  i.iiil tail
Viler,   it's   WOrth   Viilll    wliile :
"I Innl given ap hope "f .vet being
cured *,( dandrnff, whoa I pnrrhaaed a
In,tile ,il I'tirininn Sane, ll haa en
ineli moved the dandraf, and h u
-nil leil a L.|,,w III ,,( new hair, nnl ..ll
lliis aliet   having liii-ii troubled l"i I".
vear-,     I all,-,.ifnllv   t min. n.i  Tan*
ian  Sat;,.."
I'lii-iaiii   Hage  .ni'-  dandruff,   l»'
■ ni-.-  ii   gala  right inn  mt"  tin*
t.i,,!- ,i( lln* laain ami kill- the tlnm
aallnl-  aaf  |.an ni, i,,u-   llinili nil  Refill-.
sin.,*   tl,,.  Introduction nl ParUaa
Sage inl,, (ana.la, it lia- baM ill .lilllilllll liv th.iii-ainla ,,i np i" 'In.' -,,
ciety  w,,men.     I'ail-i.in   ^iilc "ill turn
h.n ti, In-t,il,—, ill looking hair in
I,, Illicit.  Inxnriaal  hair in a few
.liv-.   It   ia  a deligktlal  nnil   invij.,1 *
iiniL'   diaaalngi tontaini ti" d]	
Iniiinfiil initreilieiiis iiiiiI i« ii,,| itioky
,,l   L'leasv.   Tlie  girl   with   the   A ill III I r,
Iinir on cen  pa phage.
On Keith Road, na ai 11  I.nn
anil Si luml .nnl Wan i Service.
I- tvi* i I,. it * Int. la-i :;iu il Ani)AA
ri'sideiii, utt mr. Prii'-^LfaUU
oiiL--ltniillt i uhi lml tn arrange.
Philip, Cameron & Co.
117 Pint Stmt. Bait
Joeeph Kartden, Eiq., <-<.ita>n man
iifacturer,  Bolton, lln*.'., accompanied
liv    Mrs.    \l:u-iini  ami tlieir sim   Mr.
Harold li. Marsden, |i„i,| u hurried
visit tii Mr. mul Mrs. Philip, Second
■treat,    this   week.      I'lmn hen   tiny
went ii, Victoria thenee i» S.m Fran
cisci  in return   home through   Uie
Stales.      Tlieir iiiltrnev* lias lieen ll sn,
ce-iini nf siirpiises tn iinin nml they
inv greatly delighted with the l'acilic
aiiiisi. Thev wen. dWppo'nted it nm
having arranged f»r a longer stay !,,
Ih' nlile t" see tll,,re ol nur scenery anal
lesinilces, Illlt tliey lire 111 illVe.l lll'l,'
nnil they will leii-it the ioust that
lliev   mat   kn,.w   it   heller,   Mr.   Mnt's
ilen'- atteatioa wa- tailed i" tht open
ing    (il'esi'llleil    here    ful*   cull,,11      ami
woollen fiictiiries iiiiii lurther lalbrma
t ia an will in* Iorwarded f..i hi- . oe iid
The adjourned district   tax snlc was
hehl in the miiiiia*i|inl nflici' un the Kit
planade  "ti  Tueiday  altenoee lam
with .1. 11. Farmer wleldlag lha hum*
nii'i. aboui '.'ii ims were iiispiiseii uf
ni approthnately IW,      lhc e\act
Bgttrei   hnve  mil   lieen  imnle up   yet,
Inn  il  is iinilerstiiiiil ihnt  the prm Is
Irom tl ntlie sale amonntad to lm-
1 w.,ti si\  nml si'vi'ii thouaand   *1..1-
Inquiry i- being audi in the nortli
fur a Hibernian neat-ad HaLeod,  who
Iki-  in,"  liiini niissint; lm* itpwarils nl
a month,
Tin* marriage uf a Canadian girl nml
a young Japaneee has ju-t ban mt
in nnl iii Fernl»,    i h,*  li mated cnu
pie  canu*  fl..lit   Mallitiillll.
-»%%%••»*%%»%%%-»%%%■» •»%»%>«"»>>.»•%>*.**.»» ■%»•»»-*.**."*."*.»**■»»**
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And Save Money
We positively guarantee all our groceries to be the highest
in quality aiid lowest in price.
a larger loaf ol better bread (rom us.
Also by buying
at our parlor
carry a large supply of all kinds at the loweit prices.
Best J. ■?■< M. Coffee, fresh roasted and ground, 3 lbs. $1.00
also a grade at 25 cent.*;.
Indian and Ceylon Tea, 3 lbs. $1.00, also all standard grades.
B<st Creamery Butter, 5 lbs. $1.00, also cheaper grade.
Fancy Apples,
Oranges all si/.es from 20c. up to 50c. per doz., guaranteed
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Large assortment of English Candies imported and domestic
(rom 15c. up to 50c.
New Laid Eggs daily, 40c and 50c per dozen.
Fresh Biscuits, large assortment, 10c. to 25c. per pound.
l'liitNi  n6 Pill DlLOTH
a.* »»»»»» »»»»»»»»»»»»»■%•«»»»•.
nml Kin*
2125 Ha-itlnii
Street Eait.
Phoae Ml
Minis,  atiimnlii nnd ilwi In ml- imiiinleil
shim AND min h
Phone 170 PO. Box 166
Wli must leave these premises liy September 15.   To clear
out the majority ol our stock before that date is our
|TtMtt endetrar.    II mmi want furnishings of any description
you can save much money by purchasing now.
Iron Beds
All sizes—very low prices
Kinking chain, oak, f) nf
with arms. Irom L.LtJ
Dressers, with bevel a ftp
plate mirror, from..  J.uO
Intension tables
Dining chairs
A bin lUfl °f baby carriages and foKlini" (jo-carts
at prices that assure your purchasing and subse-
(|in nt satisfaction with your purchase.
Everything in the store reduced
D. A. Smith, Ltd.
Cor. Granville & Dunsmuir St. Vancouver THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
tram line, between General Store and Hotel.
Sidewalk and tine water service on street; close
to Church, School, Hall, Butcher Shop and Mill.
Some lots cleared ready to build on. We firmly
believe with the construction of the Second
Narrows llridge this property sliould double
in value in one year,
Keal Estate and Financial Agents
Peers & Boult
Notary Public
Hoipital Ticket, for tele $15 per year, thii include,
hoipital. medicine and medical advice.
Apply  6th  Street  Weit  (Behind Catholic Church)
Graduate Birmingham General Hospital, England.
PlIOSK L j 14
The Gurney-Oxford Steel Top Range
Jhone 58
means a marked saving in
(iu-i and better baking results,
llie "CHANCELLOR" not
only docs its work BETTER
but AT LESS COST than
..ilii'i Ranges..
Wi* can demonstrate to you
the whole Superior Chancellor principal of economy
and efficiency in ten minutes.
Is it not worth that much
ol your time right now ?
raser Hardware Co.
133 Lonsdale Avenue
Beside Proposed
Imperial Car Works
on Keith Roid
Lots 50 and 60 ft. wide, easy clearing.   Guaranteed
good soil, level and free from rock and gullies
All Roads Cleared and Graded
Prices $300 to $500 each
Terms: one-filth cash, balance over two years.     Come with
us anil see what they are like
340 l'ENDKR ST. W.
I'HONE 2191
Let us have your listings ol North Vancouver  Real
Estate.   We handle Real Estate, Insuiance, etc,
SOLE AGBNTl   Commercial Union Assurance
Co., Ltd., London, Eng., Assets fi^.ijoo.ooo.
Editor Express:
Sir,—If it in not too lute I should
like lo oiler a few suggestions as to
the alteration ol the upper il,*,*k of the
St. (leorge.
Instead ol enclosing the whole width
deek why not have a central saloon
alioul ii leet wide, letting I spare of
iiliniit 111 Iwt running tll round 1 This
laloon could be made to sent 211(1 passengers, the seals being arranged so
as to obtain a view outwards instead
ot face to fuce as proposed. Encircl*
ing this saloon outside ihere might
be a seat facing outwards and at intervals of, say, every 12 feet a glass
wind si'tii'tt projecting some 'A feet I
inches from the wall of the saloon.
Theso seats would be most popular
the year round. At least half the
seats would lie sheltered whichever
way the wind was blowing and in the
winter would be appreciated by those,
and their number is considerable, who
preier the ii|H'ti air when slicllcrcil
from draughts to the very much overheated saloons. Even in summer
there are many mornings and evenings
when it is quite chilly on the water
and when one would find the advantage of the wind protected seats.
This seat would accommodatt 120
passengers. All along the outside
edge of the boot there should be seals
with reversible barks, tram car type,
to seat two each, placed at right angles lo the rail, to enable passengers
to get lhe full benefit ol the view.
These would seat about 15fi. The presenl liench which runs all round is
MM unsuitable as ran be noticed any
day, passengers twisting round in
their endeavor to obtain a glimpse of
the water and mountains. Make these
p,*,,ple comfortable and they will go
home with pleasant recollections of
the trip, and some will decide that
the ferry crossing is not so bad after
all and may come and live over here.
This arrangement of the deck would
seat altogether aboui 476 passengers
ns against 3S0 with the company's
The windows should lie of lhe most
up-to-date type, l'late glass with no
sash, running in grooved uprights, allow of a whole side being glassed in
with only narrow strips of woodwork
in between each glass, not exceeding
:i inches each. These windows can be
raised and lowered with the greatest
By all means let us have tbe best
arrangement of the deck possible to
suit lhe many. Nine out ol ten pre
fer reversible bncks, then why have
hack to back seats? Most people
preier to get near the outside edge,
Ihen why have here only 12 seats
when 19 reversible back seats could lie
placed with comfort? With 3 ft. "
in. space between the seats as -it presenl proposed, it will be found on lhe
crowded summer trips that child-u
will crowd to the windnws to th"
great inconvenience ul those occipviig
these seats. A popular lerry means
everything to the progress nnl P os
perity ol Norlh Vancouvei and any
money now spent on making the W
(ieorge a really attractive boat will
never be regretted by the ratepnvcr-
1 have dralted a sketch embodying
the (eatures outlined in this letter
which I will gladly show the ferry
ninimissioners if desired. Yours, etc.,
siiiitim; NBWB
Tlie Etta White wus hauled up on
lhe Wallace ways Tuesday to ttBtaWgO
ii general overhauling und t" lie
eipiippul with | new propcllm*. A
NOON was made lor ilespntih in
hauling up, repairing and disi liu n*
a li.uit lust week. The I'limuv WaVI
hauled up at 12 o'clock mum, senile
Insl down, given n coal of  ami foul-
anal   a   cult    llf   nnti ■ I. < ,-.,(■■    auul
placed in the water again al 8 o'clock
the -111111. ilny, only thr,*,* houn being
I..*upitd during thi afhota ol the op-
•rationt,    A Inrge enii Is expected te
Ik' broUghl up mi the wall- all the clad
ut   the \l...*k.
111-.     Ma -Mpilte     bei   iiUIIUICIlaall     tllH
aTavlioli   ul  ii   six in..lllell   ri'-i'leli.e  on
Iiiiii itr-at Mat,
lio Aim OF  I It Mil
Korth Vancouver
raatti the third 'I
in,uitli, at * o'clock
l.i.illl,   City   Hull*
the Int  TiicmIiiV  ,,i
,1.  irnin,  pmideni
sci -relit ry.
Board ol Trail
Uesday    of    eu. li
p.m., in iln* board
lAealllive      Itlei-l ■
eaeh month.    W,
.1. t\.  I'ini ,
Money to Lend on Mortgages
Agreements of Sale Purchased
Direct wire quotation? from New York Stuck Exchange ind
Chicago Bonn! of Trade.    All orders promptly exeeuted.
Branch Office: 4 Lonsdale
Editor  Express:
We notice in your pa|ier dated Sept.
\ thut the lerry dirntors hud called
lor tenders for alterations required 'in
the S. S. Sl. licorge und that the
,,,„i|,iiny found lhe loial lirms' tender., were too high tti they de.iil.il
in do the work by lhe day.
As mie of the tenderer* we would
like to draw the attention of lhc ili-
,,., t,,M nnd ids,, the ratepayers of
Norlh Vaniouver lo some ol the ■
mmm we ure up against lo do Urn
ne.- mi this side ol the Inlet. Our
inv,* lm lhe year amount to ll,-
Mil, our telephone bill runs Irom
$47.1 to $1175 per year, fire insurance
mtes W, freight costs us from $1.50
,„ H |.'r ton lo get it deliver, d in
Nurth Vancouver. Another scnmi-
diiinliit, k is to get men lor rush wotk.
Ititsinesses ol our si/e and capacity in
Vancouver are paying less lhan one-
half ol the taxes that we pay. Telephone costs about $60 per annum and
then freight delivered Iree. To me,-l
Vancouver compel ition we hnve tt do
our business wilh considerable hs-
profit. The reason for moving our
plant here was to get reasonable iu\
ation and we must say that we fm
it "in the neck."
ti. T. 1\ HOTEL
At a cost ol $291,000 the —tti
Trunk Pacific Railway Company has
n.iptired over two acres ol pi
fronting on Hovrrnment, Belleville nnd
Elliott streets, Victoria, on which will
lie erected u first class tip-to date ho
tei us part ol the trans.nii'ineiit il
inn Th,* ileal jit-l eompW
ed Ihrough the agency ol nn* GrlBtk
ompany is om* of the lutge-l WM
actions in inside really in 19 U
tory of thc ciiy.
— tf"'
This property has been subdivided into acreage blocks,
with street allowance taken
off, and is now ready for
sale. For prices and particulars apply to
The North Vancouver Land & Improvement Co.
Lin* I.n.
Comer Pender and Seymour Streets
Official Agents
Canyon View Motel
Extensive droutuk Iligli-class m m< ■   ,it  nuuli rati   t
Family Roomi en tuite with special rates.    I Ims. Greatly Enlarged
Easy trail 1" lummil of   Grouse Mountain,    altitude 3000 |a, t
Scenic Delights     Fishing      Hunting     Mountain Climbing
Unequalled for Holiday, Long or Short
P. LAR80N.
Nokih Vancouvii, 11 C
li am or Sl I'MHii'iHiN :
I In.'venr |1.00
NX inniillis   • • .50
Tliru. mouths     - ■ itt
Unitfd l*latei ami hir*ii|(n,|l.,Viper year
I'imn-iini  Diirui ABTaaTiaamaTs
.'rn cut*, per nidi each I rlion.
Liiiim Noticaa, Ere,—11.00 per lash per
Uid iin Tim nm Koticas—SO days, |5j
todays, 1740,
LdiAi. AiivKRrisiMi—Firat iitttertioii, 111
(Mil per line; cncli -iiliscpietil Intel*.
tion.fic per line,
R .uuv. Nun M in  l.'uu. NaWS I'm
tuvit—III cent, pcrliiii'.cacli Insertion
faultier  Ai.vkhtihkmknth— Kuti-  nr*
ranged according to space taken,
All cliniii!! uiu contract iiilvcrlim'iiutitH
nm.t in* iii the liiiinl" nl tlie printer In
H'c.lii..*<diiv,.ven itiu lii ensure puliliciitii.il
in tlic next untie.
tiun Orchard ii t,. bt Httbllthed la
each diitrict, the int property' own*
.1- in idvln the government ol Us da
■In in ucepi iheir oiler, will doubt
lid   NOUN   till'   -nil*   i'llil,Vlllflll   ul    (111*
nm llatl banedti iherefrom upon tlm
Sorth Shore.
iii'.nt i'iii:
North Vancouver,Smt. t6, hjio
h i-. io Ire Impel ilm  om,- propel
l) iiivner mt th,* \,,,ili >li,,t*,' uill |
i i'l himself ,,f tin* .v.II.nl oll.r cm*
rqnd iu ik,* ;,,|,i a,i Hob, t, 1*
riirler-l'iitliin nl ihe Inrnal   opening
aaf   the    liortia'iiliaiiiil   exhibition    on
Friday avrtatag laat, with regard to a
ilelltollslriiliiin   ,ii* I |,     I h.     i. II pllli
fortiiiilntisl by the provi d govern
111,'llt    laa   jiV«   ,*|    l,*l    LIV.I', t   illl|M*|lls t,,
lit,, fruit {rowing imlu ''■* ihrough
„ut the provim aad lo iford pri
in al :i-i-i:inr.* to fi aii gmren Le
••*,*i\ diitrict, in th, ii'-'i,"initi'j "I
id,,-c .1 ilii. itt I i.-- tli il preient theni
-a'lic-a uilh ivs|ii*ct iii ili** orchard, It
i*.   held   ill   llllirilll   Circle,   llllll      tl	
in-lnii*,- ill  Britiih I ..luminal in nl.ili
-forte nt fruit growing bava nat with
only purl inl meoeN li.iie lie, tt due in
the luiiu to Iini aal knowledge or to
tni-iiladi method, upmi the pail of
th,. grower, Thi tlemonalratlon or
Ii.n,I i-, ili.*i,*f,,iv, deiigned lo alecd
iill trait groweri la mv]| diatfi I aa
pa<it instillation ilong practical line
With   al   lien   In   lelicmi,   the   imllKIll
ol th,* dliadfintngri 'lan* to hx .1 * oa
lllll.*ll*    Ul     lU    l.lak    ,*f    I Ap,  IHll*,*.
I in*   plull    i-   »,'ll   l|,*-ltl',*,|     In       * ",,'
Ul    pllipia-''   ait     lilli' ll   it   llllll-.     If    tl
proptrty owatw in aay dbtrh t wtt
sgtss i" "A eiide live ttetm  fat  the
piiipai.,, the govt innniil will ilenrlhe
lund,  mil providi a  full cnnipl,•mnn
of   s,*|,*,t,,|    tl,..-   nf   l.illulls     kind*-     of
ftuit, will plant the ..i.luii.l ntnl   mil
al.fi.n iill ,*\|».ii-.- f.u lie prop** ■ ul
timtimi, uin mid above  lh"    ili'-'Uni*
ilaain    thr   ft III 1.   fin    I   |»*rni,|     Ol     I'll,'
'I lie ,,r, l.anls mil l»* iiiiilii lli,
p— m il -up' unt.ti'i.'ii*.* ajf am npert
Iruit eiilturisl  WaMM Ntn i .-■   «ill   In*
uvuiialil,' vntliuiit iu-i i.. iiir owner*
At ill, I ..( the live year   period,
the  lice-   uud    ,11   ItnpCOVl lai.'iit-   in.nir
to the property l>\ tin* gov-ntaenl be
...in., th.. property ,,l lha o*mm of ths
ground,    lln- prlvtUft a*i h,alditu;   nn,
!• I'll'*   pt I    .i1,In,III,   tn   I'l'   gitW   ill    till'
,,i.iiunl i i.tuiii.-d i,> the govern
nn nt.
I'.n    tn un     ** I MH    it   is    il,- iialil..
that  otic ol  Oi.-'   Ili'iiion-triitinn   Ol
' li u.l- Ik- -i" i I lur ilm Nortii 31 on.
1 li.. .i.k i,i i *    i*. i ning to the pro
l»riy holder an of ■ *.
ai.l.i   tnd thee   hoeld b  ■ wt}   pro
..uini.  lot ill) who uu'ii'l   i..
,   ha,     ,, i*
lm a period uf in,* inn- (a,i tin i in
I in  North Shore, I.* an .
eiiulht'ili   *|.*|.* git ln| llu* full.-t  l»	
lit-   lll'lll    Ila,*    llll       aaf   til.        Ul,
iif it-   boing  cotnpletil) shellered   on
ih.* north fi..in i..1.1 mui.i ,i"
it.    lllllpl.*    UMI    ul    lli.'ll     llll'l llaal    lOI
othei * ii Ideal lot il  loi
Inui   growing ninl il di    'ihi'h
llaaa,M |, lal,' f|*a||| l||a | |, , a ,a , ,( <*,
|),*l I    H Vi"ll     Hi. lllllll      I'llllllI III
ph-li wondan in ntahliahlng nn envi
nlile in .1 i \tcndwl i,|iiiliiii..ii fur ll..
Nortli — li..i<• in thia Ngsrd,    11
cuttle   it|l|ilii,*e   uf      i  li    ,**    ■* * I   ,..| In
,,    iiii.I  I    iiuiilil   iiuiilil .
lell   llllllll   tu p|u! in    coll
Mrt ion  iiith  llnaa iia.uld
Willi'!* .il|U|t,     tl,,*   - llll,'     *'*
long   -* l.lltlli*    llll,*-       Ill,    llll, -,
* li*||H   , I   iii     line       |i     *•   I    11,,'ll.l    I     |     I
|)    |a|lliL*   llie    Nnilli    .-ll,,|C   |u  ilia*   ir,,|,t
II ittetl    pellllillilii;    III    hnltiillllll-.'
Illlal   11,.nlil    I'llll   li.   I'lllll   fnl    |h
tllUlilll    I   I t   ale-llllllll*   repill  I'n'II    ' ■
llii* hun f fruit  iiiiiI  ll..". i
Illlitl III lllll* ll tll ' ■'■" till
I, , Ila, 11.    la,     ,*1*|    1,|    a,all     |.|' .-|N| it V .
ll   I   in l !i     .. II1.*.       **' *        II* Ha
The general public i« repidly becont'
Ing .-iliuiti.-il tu th,* t-xin in.■ Import
im ,,1 ilu* prevention uf the devaa
l.li llli; fole-| III*, llll. ll lllllllllllll
lllaike     | la ll   ll llul*   of   \ llllllll *|i*     I'milil'l
tfii.i-, pairiiiiiliuli throughoul lhi
i\,.-ii*tii p.uii.rn- iif ili.. Dominion,
lli,. iiiiincn-i. Ion ua'1 ruing Irom thiN
ronfltgretiom cotm bttu «ith
itortling iiiiilne-s nh,n it
thai ll cms* rVltlvi c-limali' slum,
lliit the iiinonnl of litn'm r ntmitally
denlroyed liy lire amount, loaixtlmu
llu* -nn,nun maul.* iul,, lumlaei. Tin*
country e. thereton, Impoveriilwd not
aim,* lii   the lutuiil vidua* uf llii* lim
Ler ns rim material, but nl-,> l>> tbe
in■,.In. live puncr repreeented  by   tbi
.-.uiier-Inn iif this nm m ,aa*iial into
lllc lllaliulaii luted altl. I., ule liter it
la- hnu-,-, furnitllt'i' or uliiit el*-c. The
problem is i  of -upi* in.* imp..liana..
llul   alune fi..in   llie    t iti'lpaulit  uf our
natural  neoUaTu,  Imt likewiN  from
the -lllllilpiiilll uf tile illalll-ll'i.'ll illl 'I
e-ls   uf   till'   Illlt I. >I1.
Tlic   -t-i.■muli,*   operation    which
bava  been   Inaugurated   r miy   foi
lhe prevention of foreet lirrr have di
vulged the fn t th ii their orlgla i-
ilue matnl* t,> nm h-o-m, n imvly, lo
lire- lighted bj roving parties ol r-unp.
ers nr touriiti .'ind m -pall- Irun
the In*ami..iiv,- ..f railway train, A-
lor the latter caii-c there ap|H'ari In
l»' a itrong probability lhat   ii  can
an.l that ii uill ha i.-ai' bad l» appro
priute legislation,    The RMaatiNa   re
*,<riIIIIt lldeil   III    ill,'   Coll-Clllllioll   ('"in
mis-ion as publiihed iu anotbtw "I
iiiiiii of thi- i-siie providi ii penalt)
fm nil fnti-i Iin- start int; front mil
way itiiin- and pleas the onu*- of
proof upnn tin railwaj compaay with
regard   t>>   all   smh  roaAagratloni.
lailm-    po-ltile    prnnf    thill   the    III,
stin ml lium -uiu,> aim ther lhan n
lueolnotlle,    the   ...Iitelllpl.lt..I     l»'l*-i.lll
iion inal.,- it obligatory apoa the
railway coapaaj   tn -hun smh vm
not th,* ,.*i-,* iiiid fm liter thul the
la-l uppliatl.i- In preient spail-
fnilll   lilin*.'   (lulll   llie   Ini ulll,, lii*
iii  use,  that   its eiiiplous's  wtm   nut
guilty .,1 negligee iderivi in the
Iiie and licit lli.* ompani hn- in tin*
field  iiu adept.He aiiil pi,a|»*il,   cpiip
Jhsl folae of 111,* fightaWl, Hie I'lie, I
.if sll. ll .Illla 11,1. III - Molllll .lolllitla -- l„*
ill,* pi,lellil,Ul .if 11 M'lV lillle p|0|.o|
tion   of   those   fole.t    tiles   Villi, ll   hale
lulheiiai iiii.i ii liom thit muse.
The    olher    I t    sll, ll   Iin-     1-
iiiiiah in,,ie difflcult with whieh to deal
elle, lilell.      ll,    illdil illllllls   or    p»r*
tie- Mil,, I • '.llll thrtMgh llll' fnie-t
1 a'l.l      lllll mc    llie   -llllllllel   s.ll-utl    ale
Uiually s.iiie imm ani nlli, ml -nr
i*ill,ot,c.     In   perhapa iln*   graaM
ml»*i    uf  in lain,-,   tl„*>   lli>ln 'i'
.* Ig am  .,( llie du,   ,,  nl:    | I,   i,
ii.llaiii   ilnn   mui  iiirch'-siiesa,  Imt   in
 ie-   in  which   thei   .I'll,at    fatOel     IU'-    lillle   I C."l     I.1'  tRM
,,f theit  negligi err, tin-,  hate on j lo
keep   their   klloill. al.e   111   til   li
a.l,       la.   . ■*   .1       .1. ',a lion         III,* *lu'*f
I, ll ill   a      fa.       Hi"       "I, I* OaUtlg    ' i '.'li.l.Ila.al  iiiii i  u* placed rn ,i
The -Mature preient in vogw
for overcoming lhi" Bery taanaca i„
national wealth nre proving ebatlvt
tn a gratllyini  tl [ree, but ihe move
nieiil is vel in iti infancy and will
nquln ta be improved and eileeded
fey   I'M'iy   ran- innble   ni.-nns  in    milei-
that illis iremi'inloiii annual taeriflei
of propert] mai be eliminated te lha
l:i-t  poaaible degree,
Oawford'i mill tl Ki lowna bat been
omplelolj il.-iin)e.i le Bn,
Helta has lormed a gl lul.   Whi li
i il,-*    ii    I'm I   public  appearance    it*
 *el'l   nil   tin* Dtlth   H'-l.
John Swanson
Stone Foundations
Chimney BuiHing
Adtlrtaa :
Hotel North Vancouver
Special on   Lonsdale  Avenue
Car Line
For a few days only, Quarter Acre Lot,
between 22nd and 23rd Street, $2200.
$800 cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Ke.tl Estate iimi Insurance Brokers,
120 aVriiiiil Street I .isl.
Covering the Ground
Our Una "I n ii Ij mixed pain!-
is tin iiMsi useful lo household-
en liet'llUSl   It   IUM is    Hilar.-    IUI
l.iu* .uui consequent!} ^oes fur-
tin r than otln-r ami l> ss relisbli
All the Popular Shades
m pellet.tl its.   ate  line, a,ill wc
luarantee even eu to contain
mih tin* Iiest pound, white lead
ami linseeil oil paint.
117 l.iei Phoat i pi
Nelson Manf'g Co.
B8PLARADK,  Bah or
N.   \ .1,1  lllal 11     laa  's   M|| |
N. NELSON. Pronrietor
Cheap (ull size 50-ft. lots
in the city facing south for
$400.00     Easy terms.
I'lnaiie B Siartli V.tli'.nivrr i'l,,,,,,. Wtt V.niein,*,
Ollue lliuirsiin.tii. in*i.;Ki pui.   Open leenlBfiin ippelntweol
After nlliee liiiurs, pliiine 1,111'
1. (). O  I".
tank   Vm net*  Lodge,   Ho,  •"■*.
IlllS'ts   .ten     llllll.lllll    eletlila*.'.   enl 11*1
Inn-.lule  Aicii'i" ninl  I'lnl  Hll-Cft, III
i ,,', I,„ k.  Yai.tiog l'i,tin*ii ranUell)
inviiiMl 10 nttetnl.    lm I', teen, K.
Q, ;   K.   K,   Hull ll.l .Ui     se,    ;   .1.   II.
I'illillL',    P.O.,    I ■
iilt! NUdlMI
Lonadak Aveaua,
at l'erry Landinf
LOW SEA, Proprietor
l-'itst i lass Metis 25c.
Commutation Tickets, 21 meals
Rooms lm Ri ni *ii in j*l rati rati s
iv,* .iis,, ii.in.i;,* ti,,, tnHoerlntl in
It ,v K. Chick Pood.
ft, tt K. i'ln.'ken i'ln,|,,
Hi all-' l;**i*l ^a r.i|,.
Mier'. Poultry S|>t, .*
I*as  I.tc* Killer.
Wheal in t»ai er i,i,—
Sulil Iii niiv iiuuiiiiiic".
Tl'e lM'.t Siinniier Sprin
nil thl lliairLet,
ALL KiNds of
FOrLaWN aNdga^deS
56leet by im [eet each, IN TIIK CITY. We liave a lew
el these Idi al $275 and $300 each. ',, caah, balance (>, is
ami ii*- months,   These nre cheap anil money nukirs.
We have a large list of business and residential
properties, also acreage, that we ihould like to
ihow you. CALL AND SEE US.
Nortli Viiiiciuner ll, ul l.sl.ite Spwllltltl
I■'iiiniici.il iiiiil Insurance I'.r.iUi-r*. II l.eiisilulc Ave.--I>luiiic 711
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
FOR SALE 100 feet, Upper
Lonsdale. Small house on
property. A Snap. Easy
ill,      1 llll
le     11 1    In    .1    .ii*.   ul    ll \ir*.in.
iravit)  ul ile nn al. un.,!  ul wiii.li
llu*   .un*   is   guilt]   *ko  .'ill. I   a If' il" 1
Ulell     I,I     till" a ' I       lifl
III    lllaal    ll,*.llnl-    I ill ll,|l ,|,*    |,ru|S|IV     l»*
lotflBg   lu 'ele 1-     II' I*   1-  1111 ilulli'l
llell     1*1      llli-     llll   III-     ill,     l||    I
raiting In.in iiu*   **u in gradaal
ll*    Ih>    r.slil.aal    |aa    :|    |||i||| III 11 111. It       I-
-ille    In       ,1     ||| ||    lla'l* ||   L'|,.||le|*   i Iin' I-
nterind todaj i,     impel . i '• * iku
uus  i,'.i.i*,*l ,i   i.ia   yaen itttt,   mnl
«illl     la ll      Km I,    alia*       ill-     Illlt        tllCIC
ts n gIMl  'I* il ul  In I.. i mplisli
isl  in  iln    i.. u.l.    U*      il.    uiniu-t
is m-ompli iu-i In iln* in*ul* iii*.ii nf
i -ii.iln in iii..-.* nli..
fie,|iient   .i.. i ,i. *     then uill,   "I
 i " 1,1*1 nn i   mill proportion trifl
»ill    IH'I     | '     1*1*      In    |»,r.tlll»*
ile   niellluil*.   1111,1  (a.l*   -mil   figid   elllict*
hoald  l». pi i ..I  . ii tlic  ntn*
" lit."   booki    .lll'l     tin* a*     Iniiiili    I"'     en
f... .<l  i**  thl * 0 illicit nn}'
al ill f tie
Prunes    Prunes
70c a crate
Pears, $1 to $1.75
per box
Apples irom $1.00
per box upwards.
Hickman & Hood
Meat Dl |'l I lies  |0-
for. lon-iili-lc- tvp, » Sth St.
The people nav-i
lintnil il out at
Umler New Miiiiii;etiit'iil.
Tlie ebeapeal and i»>i placi Lb loatn
Inr nil kinds nl Ir.'sla nn.l NBOked lisle
|«utltrv, ,'fff, • ivctuMes ntnl Iruit.
Hot Points
For the Man
Litre's a chance to please the
Qriler at once a lyio " HOT
"Ti 11 ilays trial, (ree (or askine,.
pleasure antl comlort on ironing day.
Qnly iron on market guaranteed lor two years.
Invest now, it will please lier.
N';l1'  •■'•an ail,l  economical.
Ttx one now and lie convinced.
B. C. Electric Railway Company, Ltd.
50 Lonsdale Avenue.
Ml 11111IIH111111111111111111111II
North Vancoaver
We supply SI OVI WOOD any
lenglh required.
16 inch length, S,1.00 pet load
Cordwood. $3.00 in*! cord
Cash 0  1
When you see the above heading in
the daily papers immediately your attention i< arrested Why? Thousandsare attracted in like manner! Everyone knows
that the moment the actual work is
started on the biidge North Vancouver
will experence one of the greatest booms
in the history of the real estate world,
We are offering a limited number of
cleared and partly cleared lots in block
19 (seven lots from Lonsdale Ave.) on
18th and 19th streets and Chesterfield
Avenue at prices which speak for them-
sclvcs—$500—$700—J-4 cash balance
6, 12 and 18 months.
Our LYNN VALLEY listings are of the very best to be
had. Lots on the car line, car passing property front,
from $350 up, your own terms. Our branch office at
the end of Lynn Valley line is open every day.
1    14 Lonsdale Avenue 3. P CRAWFORD, Loeal Manager
Main Office 612 Granville M>, Vancouver
l'lione 190
1'. i) box 136 4+| 111 ■14-H-WWf H-H 1111 "l-MH -H-l-H-H-l H Mil 1111 \H\ Hlllll-IHHW THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
The North
Have now a good
stock of
CR] 1,1 NO (V Joint)
nt Bottom l'rices.
l'roiiitit Dt'livery.
Esplanade, East
All new houses should be piped for gas in order to save the
lu-avy expenditure I'or this convenience at a later date.
Keith Block     Ist Street W.
HortH Vancouver
COKDl(*r«l) Bt
l>rtiuV"te,| Siirniciil, Mnlii-al mnl
Mulcrtiily IntSSS
Dutmi Suit Out on ApoHc-tlon
Kor ternn ap-ily at the Hoipital
IM Street Kilt.
Expert on Fireplaces and all
classes of Brickwork
All Wmk t.um iinteil
Curlier 1'illivnth St. mnl Milium  Ua,
Shipyards, Ltd.
Boilermakers.    ,
Marine   ud Stationary Engine anil Doili-r Work promptly executed.
Telephone 103
North Vancouver
General Contractor
Und Clearing, Stump ami Ruck
Bliiting. Extra ten neir home..
All damage! made good.
IMPtOYMINT     A,. I'M.-,
and nt., \v*»i .,1 i.,,,,»t, ir
»».O.Bi»i 11
l'lans, Specifications, Kstiniatcs
P. 0. Bo* 27, North Vancouver
l'tiltl'.ST I'lliKs a NATIONAL
Iiiiiiiii; tile past siitniiii't' Imcst lies
Lutes lice" davtmdag the ptnrth ol em
tmies with nthlsss rtipiicity. North-
iiru (Inlm in, Miinitiihii nml British Cul*
iiinliiai liuvi* it-fend most. Vino trtictK
nl iiici'i hiitilnlili' timber imrih mil-
liuna nl dollan Imve BSSB destroyed,
square mile upnn siptnti mile of
ynuni* Kimvlli intuitu} on tu supply
the ili'iniiiiils of the liitiir,* h.is been
in|icil mil  ill ciisti'ii,*,*.     I,,  \,>,tlu-t 11
Ontario, *hap but 1 thia luy,*r of ft-
•.'cliililc uiiiiiiil eoTSn lhe r.'cU, the
«olt, on/y forest Hour, tin, gai} h"|ic
ul vi*t;ctiiiiiiii uml i.ipiiilil,' slicum
llow   has   hii'ii lonipletely  ili-stim,.,!.
baring 11 ihi'i'ili'ss took} vasts bi
tfelleruliiuis     tu    .nlli,*.       Kvctt    if    no
lholl(hl hs irivcn tu the number ul
hna lusi, it must !„. nilinitled thnl
111,* hiss ,1,1 iisi.nu',1  this ynu* liy fm
wi lires ims baaa nothing ihort ,4 u
('un notUng lie il.uic. lhan, in pea-
vent this lnss 'I Tin. answer is thnl
iiuiali inn lie iinin.. The subitum
nf   (he   problem   is luili, <i|,*,|   it,   tn,,
llaalll-     plllllla*       SCllt itlll'll |. Till'       tlla,
priiicipul ciiuscs ul Inrcst lires Wl
'■iini|M'is mul railways, mill public o-
pininit must lie hroigkl  In Iwnr upmi
these. Tin. WmwUmmm imt nni m
nil  rculi/c tha   cMcnt  a,( the tiaaMSJB
J whieh his iiii,'Vtiii*,Miishcd enmp fire
tuny iln. I.iuis mjnlnst hiiviiu; Hasp
linti barntng an slnady mt lha stn
111 ta* hooka, hut it is quite evitl.nl
that their nheefVSUH le-ts miiinly
wilh Ihe Inurist himself. lie nnist
lie iinpri'ssisl with the very serious undue nf his iiffetice. If n mam sets fire
In 11 boildlag, he i a ninii t,*il nf iirsmi.
and  sent  tn pri...it ns 11 (ilnn, but if
his  mtaitiiagnlahed nap Ut   burns
down millimis nf dollan nnilli nl
tfanbat   mul   piihnps il,*,tuns  human
life us Hell, he is, nl lie.t, m;„|,* |,,
ptty It slmill tine. VHieu {iiililie npin
ia,ll lieii*. this eiiielesstiess nl the
:iltl|"'l*  ll   ai   ■ lilllill.il   aet   aillil    fmwtls
upnn    him    Bi-eortliii|*ly,    eoiisiileinlih*
peagnai »ill hun* baaa wail m im
niog th,* tinmlsr nf finest lires Irutn
this cnuse.
Hut il is the railways that sprend
the m,,st destruction, Travcrsini*. us
they dn. the civiil hute stretches .if
iiiiinhiihitisl timber turns, lhc tfttAt
frotn their Incomolives sturt tinnier
mis (ires that gata (freat headway be-
la,re    bSStg    deteeted.      Tnn   nlten     the
riitht-nl way, piled thick with infltim*
iiiiiii,* rnliliisli. Iiirni-he-  |  tinder li*>\
Inr   these   ,,illlllli;liitiniis lhe   nwner
,,( ileslrnved property uiniii; the 1 tie
has luund it nltnnst impnssilile uuilei
the pi.-ent laws to gal ilamni,'es from
the railway company, so difficult is it
to  liv   the rr-pnii-ilulity,  and so ex-
a ,af litigation. In
order tu lessen the itumlicr ot fires due
tn tin- SMaSj the cnmmitlee on lorests
nf   lhe   ('i.iiiniissinii   ol   ('nn-erviitinn
litis   p|a,p,,-e,l   taa   lllalkl'   till"   ttlllWltlS |V
aiiniiinly  responsible.     It has   re.oni
tllell'lisl    thul    theie   bl   auldisl     tn     the
Unilwnv A.t n .laiiise BtaUag theni
lialile lo a fine of 11,11111, re ni.tulil.*
hy siitiimiitv prosecution More n lli
paoiliani ntagiitrata or two jnatSNiol
the |.'iuc, for every lire sinned hy
sparks from their |i,cntnnlives. ll
tnnkes tt,, differ,'itae whether the fire
btghta niitside Ihe riiflit of wuy ni
spteud- t herefrom to ndjninitt); land.
The railways are exempt Irom this fine
il tliey call show thai they line the
Iiest inoilerti appliances on their loSQ
in,,tiles to prevent the emissimi of
sparks, thai! their employees have nut
-luiiiii tH'L;ll*:eii, e in .,,ii,hi,int; In the
sl nrl ink' ol the lire, and that tli.y
have maintained nn efficient and 1""
|at'riy equipped staff ol fire runlet - In
other wonls,   the committee  pofoem
t.i laaass the nsbsi nf tires  inu-...i
by sparks from locomotivei by hav*
ine; lhe railways fitted for the tlnm
ate they do, unless they take even
po.-lhle pliiiilltii.il to preient iuch
dtUSaaja. Ihis i. obviously a (uii i'
.ainiineiidatinn as ret'i-i'l. both the
railways and the public, and lhe ell,,it
In hnve il maile law is wmtliy nl pah
lie siippmt. Kury raiiiidian i- ilea p
Iv illlcresteil ill the prutei tion ol nut
fn1,-1- ; fail all. ll f. .1 a* t lite llleiin-
lltat   he   llll.l   III-   ehlldrell   will   llBVe   lo
pay highel prices (m eieiy loot ol
lillllb,.i they Use. Su. li it tneilsiiri.. fm
the pie.eii.itinii nf nur (uresis, ni that
tea i.innieiiileil by lite Cnmntilteo nn
Foresls ol lhe Commission of OoS B
villain .hiuiiii, therefnre, commend ii
self to every publii -spoiled , ili/eli
and newspaper in funa*! a.
Sunset district, is as good as any iai
the state and better than mmi.
"Hit; wells are nil nroilnd. The Consolidated Midway, immediately to (he
iinrili, nnd on tho same geological
trend, is one ol the biggest in the
\\a,ilil. ll is as big us tha I.ttkciiaw
and is in lid ler shape tlnm tin* Luke-
view fnr this reason : It is under control and can Im- turned nn nr nil, with
a gate-valve, like a audi, fountain.
Mr. Wiltsc, vice-president of this cumpaiiy, told me in the Palace Hotel,
San Francisco, lhat he regarded this
well worth 8111,111111,111.11. It is bighgn
vity oil and contracted for In the
Standard Oil.
"I dnn't nieaii to turn loOM the ini
pressinn     that    the   Canadian Sunset
will get a l.iikevicw or a Coaaolidst
cd Midway, bul I do suy there is nothing to prevent it. We tire OS thl
suine 'lead' as it were, in the snme
district, /ntn* ninl formation. It iB
the uncertainly us In the quantity of
oil yon get that adds iplce and /csl
lo  the giinie.   It  is a pretty   ganil'le
thai is making nu y for pcnplc that
haie the cnurnge and the backbone to
tackle it.
"Kverything is in lip-top shnpr with
the CiinadiiiiiSunset Co. We have
pu—ed through nver IHO feet of water, nil autl gas santl and any day
nnw we shniild strike the big nil smid.
Williout basanfing ton mu.h ol a
L'liess, I predict we will get lhe big
oil -and inside the next M feet nntl
wlnn ne do, look out ! (Ild time
drillers in the field tell mc we will
have one of (he biggest wells.
l'.i,*n thill*.' coii-idercd, I would not
Uade my stock in Canndinn-Sunsel for
shans in any olher company in the
field. This is a big statement, but 1
know what I am talking about."
The nlli, iuls iif the lncal brunch   ul
ihe Bank of U.S.A. ban an niolclag
mer  the latest   addition tO  their   nl
liae   labor saving deviees.    It   i-   aai I
"f tha iiti* i up,* of ndiiing machinai
nml ils preseii.e murks wilh iiiiapuili
lied siuiiiiiniiiic tha gsowing buainaai
aninliiioii. in the eity which lUtdoubt
ly can be band on the ptognai nf tl***
local banking cmicerni.
A i,ii|ien|ei* |iy the name oi Mull
nhn iii- working on the N. V. ("ith
building on tha Lsplaiindc was .truck
by a heain ,„„. ,|,,v 11,is wa'ck and nil
tained a tli-a'p gash on the forehead.
File slit.lies Here requited to iln-i
the Wiilllid.
Whut api la to ba snnic-.ihere n-m
a record in . lenring logged oil land lm
Cultivation is described by a Seattle
man whn cleared two hundred aires
nf    iiierage   stump    Innd  in Clallam
hiuiiii   I*,i   18,638.14, an average  ol
gttJK an line. The niiideru ini'lhud-
nf land ilearing nre rapidly   wurkin*;
toward  a nttlaas*ait   of  the fertile
Inggcilnlf Iunds ot the country and
in, nther fnrm nf develnpment can OS
inure Inr the northwest. The sample
nf clearing meniimied has been dc
a i ilia al in dclail In an article written
by ('. F. Whaley ol Seattle for Pacific Northwest laiinmerii'. He gives
the following ai the distribution ol
the stnjaM nf clearing tho '200 ncie
tract : Labor, J5,287.77 ; powder, i'i,-
Wl II ; fuse, S8S.77 ; cape, »S.'.lO; le-
pairs and supplies, f.ipj.8!) ; incidcitl
ills, Sffl.111; tntnl, IMHJi
Aid. Ilepliiiin's lils'l iharu'i's tiL-ainsl
Mr. A. M. I'.eatlie nf Vainniiver ner..
disini-sfil at the secniiil trial iihi.li
was held baton Chiel JlUtln  Hiuiiii
ill   Vltnenllll'l*   nn   Tllesilny.       Tile    IIH
iirose nut nf aii agitation ia leal M
lata mullet's iii whieh Ninth Vnnenii
ver Was  111.ire or le-s  ill the lillleliellt
On Miiiali ITU. Mr. A. kt, IWatti,
look up the einlu'cls und In u letter to
the Neu- Ailietti-er ilated lamp. 17th
mnde reference to the aliliitnau's con
llcition willi the Wilid-or hotel on
liraiiiilla' itnat. The rhargM well*
bused on the statement of Mr. BeSttia
in'rcs|»'c| lo imagitiery Imlels whisk
Aid. Ilcpliiirii made refeieine tn at a
council meeting, when ha 1M1*. HeiiV
lie) asked whether ihey were any
worse lhan   the   present   holel   oi'i'l
Iai    \li.    Ilepblllli.
Satisfuctory progress is being tuitale
mi lie* iiui-ti'uctinn of the genatal "'
lice buildingi on the N. V. City Ferric- whail St lhc foot of Lonsdale
Ave, The opinion was pri'Vlllenl thai
these buildings would be il
and take up minii valuable -pa*,* am
the wharf, bul us they rise into shafie
and nhen they an* cmnpleli'il, painted
and decorated it is very probable thnt
llieir appesMMat will not be so nlliti
-in*  after  all  evceplini;   as   1   view nli
-Illla llaili.
1.1. Iiic Mil iei |
iisim iii Dm
Manutacturtr of
k11.vI1.iI- o( Mlniilou Kiitl AMtMH   Kiirnilnri-
Wore, OIIlci'. HhiiIi mnl Uur Fixtiirex.  Keptlr-
lug In Kit iii- branchei.
Pit'ture KriumiiK.     Furniture StorBxo.
TRICT, llislriil ol New Westminster:
Take inaiiie thnt lloliet't Dull Kin*
mond of Vaiunuicr, 11. C, occupation, broker, intends tn apply lur per-
niissiiin to piiivhiise the fatllntiin- al,*
e ribed laml- ; Ma,mi -_">0 in res cum*
mencing nt n poet planted nn the
sniitliensi eniner ul lot ISBt, thence
«i'-i 117.7s ahaitH in ca-t biiundaryol
I.nl Ml| Iheiiae south SO chtiini to
nmth liniin.laiy of l.ol ItEt, then,*.*
et-t 'it.i'i chains to west boundary of
Lot MB, lhan north 311.7(1 chains,
thenee cast II) ihitins to northca-t
, uilier of l.ol MM, tlii'iiee nnrthetly
ul.itilt shnre of llorseshiti' Lake to
puint  nf commencement.
July 23rd, 1910. 3-9-10
MAU, i*i:i.hits iineii i*i„iii|*t attention
60  VEARi"
1 Manas
CoevnioHTs 4c.
A ninn. ..nding it al.trh wid dMertrtlon mat
1„1. ai. M.'iTtiiiii our ,.|*iniiaa frM wbaHhir —,
in,,*,alien liprcb.tal-eklat-iut-ll*. ConinanieaV
li..ii..uiclljf..iitl,l,'i,!l,J, ItAHOBOOt en I'Uwai
Milt tie*. OlalMt »*.'..*., for ..PUrtHI DaUWtL
I'.teiitl lUon tlir.aush Muna t Co, lllllll
atrial notld, without otinrta*. In tb*
Scientific American
V httKlMiniflly Uli -
iiuti.ni uf any •
»i.n.1a.|...TS 9 ft
tll newkde^en.
AhMrtwiuBiy UlmtntM wf«ittf. IWfMt ttt-
mlitiuQ ot 9tij iclentino juanuL   Ttrtui for
'|-*i.it.1k.|.l.T&BfMr,pi*Ucupmi«U.    -MMtn
lU nuw hi it air ri.
lt. Codeeodo is building a email
house on 2nd street east.
Methodist ihunh, corner fith itreet
and St. (leorjje's Avenue: Berrien SI
11 a.m. and 7.3(1 p.m. Sunday school
and Uible Class 2.3U p.m. Clasi meeting 10 a.m. Sunday. I'rayer meeting
8 p.m. Wednesday. Moodyville Sun-
duy sa luml 11 a.m.
Linn Vnlley Institute Hull—Sen iaai a*i\   .-inula)   morning  at 11 o'eloik,
nntl evening at 7.30 o'clock.
St. .Inhn the Evangelist, Mh and
13th streets'. Holy a,minimum, s a.m.
tin.iini*j prayer, 11 a.m. ; evening prayer, 7.30 p.m. On the lirst Sunday in
the month ihere will lie a second celebration of the holy communion at
11 a.m.   Rector,  Rev.   Hugh Hooper.
Norlh Vancouver Catholic Indian
Mi Iod—Sunday Services: Mail at ll
ai in ,   Sunday   school   at  '2 311   p.m.;
lieneili. linn   at   I   p.m.   Fast .r,   l„v.
I I'eitavin, O.M.l.V.C.
Ilnptist   (liiii.h   Cor,   Mh   and   St.
Gtotga, s,na,, , ii.nn am. nnd VM
p.m.   Uible sah.I..I  at   kl nnuii.     Uev.
C  lt.  Illllllilell.
St.   Andteii'     I'u'-liiteiinn   ihiiih.
litll   -lleel       Selll.es   Bl    II    n .III.    Mil
7.30 p.m.     Minilay   s. hnol   2.30 p.m
l'i. ii. i  in. .iin.   ,,i> Wnliie-iliu   at Hn'-
cinr'k.  Paator, tm, J. D. QUUss, MX
Korth  Ion-dale I'l-i'shylerian ilm I
loin, i  ITth  -licet  and  Lonsdale Ave.
■     .'..iv   Sabbath,  loiiiiiooll al
II ii'. lo, k.     eleliing    lit   7.:«|   o'al.aak,
lahbath  Nhool  and   Ilible Class,   af
teriiimti  nl 2.30 o'clock.
Weak Kidneys Make
Weak Bodies
int: COMMON achfs ami ills
(H- N. VANClll•vi--.li PEOPLE
As one weak link weakens a chain,
sn weak kidneys weaken the wUim
bndy   and hasten   tbo final   breaking
Overwork, strains, colds and nther
causes injure the kidneys, nnd when
their nctivily is lessened the whole
body suffers from the excess nf uric
poison circulated in the blood.
Aches nnd paina and ItHglM mnl
urinary ills come, 'and there ii nn
ever increasing tendency tnwnrdi diabetes and fatal Bright's disea-e.
There ii no real help tor the iiilTeter:
eva'cpt kidney help.
Booth's   Kidney   Pills   a.-t   Um tt}
on the kidneys and cure every  kidney i
ill.   Rouleau cures arc the proof.
Frank Sanderson, ol Rouleau, Sask.,
-ay-: "I had considerable trouble
aritk ii very lame back lor some time
After stooping of lilting anything llic
pains ht'i'nnie very severe, (In learn
ing ol Booth's Kidn.y l'ills through
nn advertisement, I prnrured a box.
nnd after a short treatment tl"-,
pains and the lameness havo lelt Ine.
and my back fi*cls Iietter and much
stronger. 1 nnt pleased lo recommend
Booth's Kidney l'ills ns a very fine
remedy. For tttt in Nnrth TstMOat1
ver at The Lonsdale l'hurmacy.
Semi-ready Tailoring
The Clothes of Distinction
The Best cutting. The Best modeling. The
Best tailoring. In fact, the Just Righl and the
ONLY Right Kind of Clothes at the Right Price.
Sold in Vancouvei at the same price as in Montreal.
We have your fall suit ready for you to try on.
Sales  Depot (or Semi-Ready  Tailoring
519 Granville Street
N.il Doer lo Old I-...I Offic.
Come to us for the money ami rc*|»ay it
to suit yourself
ui Lonsdale Avenue
lay sella M
St.    Aflles    I'llllleh,   Ninth    V,
1,1.   Utll   stn*i*|   ti,.,,,*   llniilnuMl
II. II. (lillies, vicar.   Sund,
11 a.tn., morning prayer and icriiimi;
"llll p.m. I'lenin*. prnver und   iiinmi
IJO p.m.  Sundav School ; llolv I OB
munion,  l.t and  3rd Sunday, at 11
"IIIC WF.l.l.S Al.i, ABOUT
Canadian Sunset Oil Man Ua.k   From
the (iililaitniii Fi.lds Say. This
I 'nmpatiy Will Qet  M| "md
"I'lie nil llll.illes. I. liOiimilll!  in Fill*
ilorniu," "uid F. I*. Howard  ul  the
('anadian Sunset   (lil   Conipain.   wlm
hau jil.t returned Imm n three week.'
trip In (he nil Held.,
"\l..ie partii uliirly  iilxnil  lhe I IBS
llaa Siiii-.t Companj." aostinad Mr.
Ilniianl,  "he* an I  this  i.  a enrpm'i
Hail      HI     tllliall     ||l||l*|l,.|        III     |IOIipll      ll|
thi. city haie nm c (a,r imio'.i'ula
nmi (m this musl he. mm i I i^ cur
imiiilinn.   lln land, ce|H'i'ial|y   io   lhe
McDOKOCOB The   death  as mai
nl St, GeMgs'l hospital ut nn early
hniir un Wediiesdny morning "I "i"-
Hi,una* Ma Ili.niiiiL'h, u piutieci '"-i
del I nl (hi. eity whn has lm MM
time MOBBlSat a «mnll NUaSJI SB
Iu-i    !t.*et   nenr   tin*  BsBISSI nlli*.',
Ili*ii'ii«e,|   was  a    iiuliio ol   en-ta'tn
I'liiindn.   Ile im« BJ yenr. nl
*v»» a n-emlier «i (he KasonS   ttit
nf illis ri(v.  li,. na« poaaat-aatl sl n
valuahle   pie.r irl   pmperiy   * "   I '
"treei  and the i|i.|.mnl ,,1   I
looked   alter liy   lhc   Order  wlii.li   i«
eiialeaifiininix (,i gei  in imtrh «nh bh
teiatiies il U liae any Ln thh ooos
FOR   ^ AI F Acre Blocks in D.
TKJ1\ DFLlmLm L gl6 on 1?th St
Waterfront Uts, Block 171, D. L. 274
Lot 17, Block 157, District Lot 271
Subdivision ol Blocki so) "A" 204, 204 "A", 213, no "A", 240 and 241m District Lots
544 ami 545. City of Nortii Vancouver.
For Plana, Pric#
I nli A  feirti. ul«rs
Apply To
Phone 6286 Cor. Pender & Seymour Sts., Vancouver
llllllllllllltlHIIIIIIIIIH •
Beautiful Homesite, live minutes walk (rom car line, 75 x 290 feet.   Grand
View of the Inlet and Gulf.   Only $650, cash $250.   Come with us and
see this Property.
Martinson & Co.
I'ltnne l~,. P.O. AM fl SIX
Dry Goods  and
Gents Furnishings
Corner Lonsdale and Second.
Phone 255
A full range of English Flannelette, vm-   1 "71
heavy, 82 inches, all choice patterni     I / 2***
A splendid selection of heavy Shirting Flan-   1 C
nelette, neat patterns, (ull SO inches wide    ' aPu
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "W'isi Vanconver," Captain Findlay
l.n onscil lor 35 paSSMfBTI
I, av,*. Le.Vi'i Vi,llri*int'r
Holljieini Wharl nty hriiw1 nimrt
tv, ia n.ni I a, i pi Sunday
7.30,t. 111. 8.00 a.m.
5.00 ,1.111. 10.00 a.111.
11.uo a.m. 12.00 a.m.
13.00 p 111 14.00 p. in
15.00 p.in. 16.00 p. 111
17.00 p.m. 18.00 p 111
[9.OO p.m Saturdays Orl>   II00 p.IB.
9.30 a. m Sunda) Schedule IfOO p.m.
17.00 p.Ill  "  lt.0Op.IB.
Single Fare 15c.        Two Tickets 25c.
Quickest routi num Nortii Vancouver to ths diitrict beyond
Capilano River. Launch "West Vanconver" Bakes connections, without l.ul, willi tba ferry stBfcBISTI Irom North Van-
coin cr, as pt t sl ovi schedule,
The Port
of Missing
Aiitliui- ul "The Ilutisc oi 1
Thousand Candles."
(Continued Irom last ' -sue)
I.cavr Van.       Leave N. Van.
*b.2u a.m.
7-3" "
8.3" "
9'5 "
iu.15 "
11.15 "
12.15 tm
1.15 "
MS "
3'5 "
4-15 "
5'5 "
6.15 "
7-25 "
8.15 "
9-"5 "
10.15 "
•11.15   "
• \a,t ,,n Ba
•b.45 tm,
7-5" "
8.50 "
9 45 "
10.45 "
n.45 "
12.45 P"1'
1-45 "
2 45 "
3-45 "
4 15 "
545 "
M5 "
7-45 "
8*45 "
9-45 '
10.45 "
•11.45 "
I nne Tab 1   ih|
Leave N. Van.
*6.2o a.m.
•7.20   "
•8.20   "
10.15   "
11.15   "
12.15 P•"'
'■'5   '
2.15   "
3.15 "
4.15 "
6.15 "
7-25 "
8.15 "
9-15   "
10.15   "
11.IS  "
n-45   "
t   tn   a ll inn   a
Leave Van.
•b.45 am*
•8.00   "
•8.50   "
9-45 "
10.45   "
H.45 "
12.45 N"
1.45 "
2-45 "
3-45 "
4-45 "
5-45 "
6-45 "
/■45 "
6-45 "
945 '
1^45 "
ll,..lit   nntii*.
J1.00 per and up.
sp. 1 ial rati 1 to lam-
th. 1 ami tii ragulai
lioardct*,*    .    .    .   .
finest Roor Garden on coesi
Bacons Stbbbt.   ■ NORTH  vani OUVH
   ;   ) ;
I'd -^few
IL; -
B  1
The Home Furnishers m lmM<a™™
•TM the i-lin*. *l lad secretive lla.ssi,. .
a"Bt*easador, rrw rsd longer or utort'
t-rypik* eiilile.     .1 iilt tin- Mieli ' iliu i*
si..11- . I   lile H|irlnp ttllll  till- llei*|.,sily
(nr making 1 show nf baring * ti „
gliiinatc online*-!  In  Amotion    lala*
t'lllllllelli'l    a I-   I'leltJ*    Well   ll('l*l|;ill'l|,
ntnl mm   ll'i' presence nf John  Artnl
t:iL"* ill Virginia mlili'il In his Inin;, 111
lie ril lireil .1111 |.er|i|e\i*il, mnl It
mis uitii iiiniffi'iteii ploaanta ttin in1
rode mil i.f SB "Lm tin. hill putlt lata 11
lilt of open mod overhanging n etui
mis defile ninl mnn' upon Shirley t''lll
Tht' nil was Nft :<.ii>l Ills horse enr
rlod liim t)a!ta nenr before she he.trtl
1111ri   a broad ansa) st Bator Lta>>d
tinivti tbs fartiii'i' siile nf iiie narrow
pasa seinliiii; up ii pretty spurt nf
spray where-er It struck tlio Jn;i",.-
roek. As Slilrlt-y turned tnwnrtl liln:
ho urged his Imrso ovor tho sprln ;'
"A pity to illsltirh tho picture, Vll.--1
Clalbornal  a tttwsiril ptwlsnsl  um
I really wished l" seo whether Iho l|
ure could como out of the 0:1111s
Now that I havo ilarod to make th
tost, pray do not send me away."
Hit   horse   turned   restlessly   at''
brought Iter faec to face with eli 11
"Steady, Faunyl Don't cotne near
her, please"- tills last to ClBBTSBSl.
who had leaped ilaiiui ami put out hi*
liand to Iter horse's lirlille. She ha,|
thc Iruc horsewoman's pride In onrlni!
for herself, nml her eyes Hashed angrl
ly for n inoniont nt Cham enet's prof*
. ferod aid. A man might o|ion a BM
fnr hor or pick up hor handkerchief.
hut to tottoh Iter Imrso was nn alto
gothcr dlfforeut business. The pretty,
graceful marc was calm In a mottiotil
nud arched her nock conteiileilly umlor
•hc stroke of Shlrley'i hand.
"Ueaittlful! Tbc picture Is evi
more |>erfeot, mademoiselle!"
"I'atiny Is Iiest In action .1 ml splendid whon sho nuts iway. she hasn't
ruu away loday, but 1 thlnl. sh • li
likely to before 1 get bene."
1 She was thinking of tho long rl*l*
which a' ni no intention of taki":
In Chr ..tot's company. He Hond uncovered liesldo hor, holding his horse.
"But the danger, mademoiselle! Vou
ihould not hazard your life with a tm
away horse 011 those roods. It Is not
fair to your friends."
"You are n conservative, monsieur
I should be ashamed to have a run*
away In a clly park, hut what does
one come to the country for?"
"Whal. Iii,l,i*d. hut for eicltcmcnl"'
You are not of those tame young art
men across tbc sea who come out lu'ti
the world fnun a convent, frighten.,!
at all Ihey SSS and whisper 'Yes, sister,' 'No, sister,' to everything tho}
"Tei; ts Americans are dclklint ,u
ihynoss and humility, I have ofleu
heard ll   .marked, M. Cham em I "
"Xo, uol You misunderstand! Those
doll, ieiieles, as you lorm them. SI
llgl-tfiil. Tbey nre what gin- « •
charm In the American woman. I hope
you would nnt liolleve me SB| lUa "'
BJSShtog In disparagement, madeum;
collo.   Ymt must know"—
The »nler titiublcil down the roi'i
Into lhe vale; lhe soft air wns swe"
with s.viit  nf pines.    An eagu
enn * 1   high  ngulust  the  blue ovor
heel    Mini, i s li md li.-lili'iii'd 111 the
rein, and funny  llflisl her head *S>
I'li.uiMiiei wont on rapidly In French:
"Taa niii.l know why I am here-
why I have i-romcl thc ion to seek
vnn In '"iir nwn home I have loved
foe, ni.'iiliiii"i-eiu., Boil lln- B0SSSBI '.
first saw )nu In I'li.ieii.o. Hero, witl
Ohll the 111'.ill.tilllis. III.* ski. the W.H.I.
I  MM WBl     Ymi  iim-l  boar, you
IlllUt  l.-llele   Ihal  I  Inlo y„u!    1 Illlel
a..11  11.1   life   mi   patt .ittillllllll'llU."
"Mniisieitr. )..ii iln mo 1 ureut hoiior.
hul I <.iiiiinl listen    Wl.it you as,   Is
lapaaaMa   qtstta   tattpaaaMs    iiui
II. r en*, la. 1.1 1 laa n|...ii a 1 lii- k.-t
behind hltn wh. re BBBMthtog bal
Htlrri'il    Hhc IhSBgM  ||   in 1  thai   It
nil.nil   < I   Hnllie   .nrt.   lllll   ulll
saw BM ipi i,   |n< lij .1 id a
lij   fell   li.lt   llnl   1 * e   BuWlj   II ahl   llie
U'ttniid Un nf Ita nvrai na ills
• lilWtl
■'Moaisli'itr.'    I SM: 1, j   in 11  1,   •
tune. "In, k Ih'IiIi ,| you nnd |„* enref 11
Hhat  ymi  «ll)   nl  do      l.enc  Iho' an.Ill
111 ine
I'liii    enel  lilllael 1111 I l.i  nl ;, „ „w|.
lag  "'i*i "i I.   I 11 rule and
drew  it In sh -h       ' 1   1 . .
thn '1  '".I  1 ■ - 1  then, to
bis thighs in il
•'Whn   Is   li [allow   my
•tM l>   mv PHI ■ he mid
III Knglish
"llo "nnis n     1  the 1 things."
said Milrlei    ni. |
slops Inn ird lie I'                ,|||
people in I '■ ■'■■•■ tt I, it *,in w|
dn fnr 1 I
"Villi      inllll      'I'a
drawled 11 IB     tj
I wnnl to nee llu. Hi*
lillle  lillsllli'S.  Hllh  him
"lie h   1  I *,n» unit
of our liingiiiite    ti    alll 1
let me slay,' dm -
She bail not lbs remolest lilen of
what the man wanled, hut she had
known the 11 italn folk from childhood nnd well understood that familiarity Willi thoir wais and tacl wore necessary in ttoallni with thom.
"Miss, 1 bars seen you hofo', nnd I
rat kirn wc- ain't |0t BS cnuse for trouble wilh you. but this little fella' nln't
tin business up hyVh. Thom botsl pat>
plo has their nun places IS Ms ami
drive, and It's all right for you. miss,
lml what's yo' Men' rldln' lhe hills
fnr nt Blgbtl He's lonl.lu' f»r some
tin, nnd 1 reckon ns bow that some
un nir me!"
ile spnkc drawling!/, wiih ■ lass
load humor In his lames, .-tin! Shirley's
wits took advantage of his dellhora
lion   in  (-snakier  (BS  situation   from
several points of view.   Chasvensl
sinoil linking from Shirley t" 'he mnn
and back again,   llo vas liy t'„ iiiein.s
a coward, aad ba did not in the least
relish thc thought of evlt g his safety
hi a Iran a, But the luulldonce with
which •dilrlcy mhlressed the man and
'u-i- app. rent familiarity with tbe |"J
te Grilles of the mo.uittilnoors lm*
preeasd bias Bs spots 10 her rapidly
in Preach,
"Assure Ibe man that 1 novor heard
of Iiiiii lK.fi.ro iii uiy llfe-that the Idea
nf seeking liim never occurred to mc."
The rille, a repeater of the newest
lypo, went lo the man's shoulder In it
Hash nml the b'ue barrel pointed nt
I'liaii'.oni't's head.
"None 0' thnt! I reckon the .vmorl*
i.in language air good euoirli for t! a* •
'en negotiations."
CbSBTSBSt shrugged his .'toiildois,
but bo gazed Into thc 11111 SU < f the
rule BBBlneblafty,
"Tbc gen,Ionian was merely explain
htg thul you  are mistake,  tha.  he
' %f '
"l"a ,ilr a llnr, tchf
1. t, w ion an.l never heard of
ia," baron, an.l that ba has not bssa
: foe .mu I'i 1.1 mountains or
.'li llllere  else."
.' s Shirley spoke Ihose words ver;
>,vvly and distinct!}- she questioned
tor tbs flrst time OktWBBSfB |m>»ltlou.
IVrh.' |is, nfter all. Ine 11 SBBtal MSf Ut
I real cause of grlcvtince. H seemed
uiillki'li, hut while she listened
to tbe t ins repl** ibe weighed the
matter Ju.ilchil!}. Tliey wore In nu uu*
'-"panted part of the mountains,
I ,iiih intliigirs nud hotel |BMtS WW
'..■  eiplon>d.   Thc  mountal.,, •:  was
uiniii folks nir slow, nnd we
It -''t 1. ni I'l'tch, but n slranmr „ t
ide ihroi v't the.-" bills more thau oin-e
or tli. , ien. Tbs second tltuo he's
got tu ,.'I why, mil the (bird tlnn- -
well, in -, inu k 11 .',1 -he little fella'
that lhe-o ain't 110 third lime."
L'l'au euit flushed, ni.. BS cjacrlated
be I:
'I bine in cr lieen here before In
ie • life
The man dropped the rifle Into hli
nrn* without taking his eyea from
l .tainoiiit. He suld biirclnclly, but
still vith his iir.- .I:
' V, it air n llai, sohl"
Cliiu-oiiot took a step forward, look-
',, again Inlo Iho rille barrel and slop
. ,*,! shaft I*'*'iny, bored by the pro-
' pad in'ir i'«. I.'itt ber neck nnd
nlbhloil nl a weed.
Tli'-. g 'itlenian has Iweu In Amerlci
1 nt .1 f'-..- mi'ks. Y01 um certainly
inlMnki'tt. friend." said :''.|',ov uldly.
T I.iii ths SaSIC flashed In'r her face as
IB ovi'lanntli n of thc mouut .'"•r'l ,,1
terest ni a siiunger riding tbo (din c.
fUITo'1 to her.
v rrviul," ibe said, "I am to....
CIiIIkipic. You may know my falber'i
ht ■ down In iho valley. We have
'1 ion 1 • *.!■,*{ hero as far back ai I can
The mountaineer listened to ber
grave':, and at her Isst words be un*
t-oneclniisiy nodded 1,1s bead. Shirley,
leelng that bc was Interested, seliod
l»* •
I li no reason foi inldeadlng
., •". I'lil- gentleman Is not a revenue
lie prohabl} never hearl of S-
-.1111. do you tall ll? In bis life." And
• he smiled LtpOS l.im sueelly. "Hut If
you ulll let blm go I promise to litis-
fy you entirely In lhc matter."
Chniivenel stall,d to s|ieak. but hh.'
ley arreslod blm with 11 gesture it, 1
ipiike spin to the niiiunlalnoer In hj.
mosl ong..ging tone:
'Wo are hn li niniiiilaltioors, yon ind
I. nnd wc ilo.i't wnnl any of our |ieo-
.' tn l«. carioil "(I to Jail. Isn't (hat
.1 Vi'r In this geiillotnaii ride sway,
nn', . shall Wt} here until I have quite
laSBBJal (tN that you ore mistaken
a,mill hltn"
She .Igniiloil Chniivctiot to mount,
bohlliig the mystified and rolutinnt
niounlnlneer with Iter eye. Hor heart
wni thumping fast, nntl hor hand
shook 0 little ns she tightened tier
grisp on the rein. She addressed Than-
1, ie' In Knglish ns a mark of good
ft Mb to their ciptnr.
"Hide on, monsieur. Do not wait for
"Rnt It Is growing dark. I cannot
leave ynu alone, mademoiselle. You
have rendered mo a great service,
when It Is I who should bave extricated gou"-
"Prny do not mention Itt It Is a
more chance that I am able to help. I
sliall lie perfectly safe with this gentleman."
Thc mountaineer took oft his hat
"Thnnk ye, miss," he said, and then
to Chnuvenet, "Get out!"
"Don't trouble about me In the least,
M. Chauvenet," nnd Shirley nfflnned
the last word with a nod as Chauvenet
Jumped Into Ids saddle and rode off.
When the swift gallop of his horse had
carried him out of sight and sound
down the rond, Shirley faced thc mountaineer.
"What Is your name?"
"Tom Selfrldge."
■ "Whom did you take that mnn to bo,
Mr. Selfrldge?" asked Shirley, nutl in
her eagerness she Itent down above the
mountaineer's band tangle of tow.
"The name you called him ain't It
It's a queer namo I never hcercd toll
011 befo'-lt's-lt's llko the n'uiy"-
"Is lt Armltage?" asked Shirley
"That's It, miss! The postmaster over
at I.atmir lold me to look out for Tm.
He's moved up by'eh, and It ain't for
uo good. The word's out thnt a clly
man's looking for something or somebody In those bills. And the man's
slai in' "—
"At the bunlln' club where folks
don't BS no more. 1 ain't seen hltn,
bul tit' word's passed. He's n clly
man ami a stranger ami gut a little
felln' that's been a soldier Into th'
army slayln' wlllt Tin. 1 thought yo'
ftirrinor wns blm. miss, honest to God
I did."
The Incident amused Shirley, and she
laughed atiSBtt She had undoubtedly
gained Information that Chauvenet hud
gmio forth to seek; she hail—ami Hunting was funny-served Chauvenei
well In evplaiiiini: away his pSSSSBH
*ti thS iiiaiiiiitains and gelling li I III out
of the clutches of  lhe   11 iilaliieer.
ulillo at Ihe same time she was learn
Ing for herself lhe fact of Armltage's
• all—tB and Looping ll from Chnu-
iiii.t. It was a curious adventure,
and she i;avo hor hand smilingly to the
mystilied nnd sllll doubting niotintnln*
"I give you my word of honor thnt
neither man ls a government oflicer
and neither one lias the slightest Interest In you.   Will you believe me?"
"1 reckon I got to, Miss."
"Good, nnd now, Mr. Selfrhlge, It Is
growing dark, and I want you to walk
down litis (rail with mc until we come
t.i the Storm Springs roatl."
"I'll do It gladly, Miss."
"Thank you.   Now let us be off."
She made him (urn back when they
reached a point from which they could
look upon tbe electric lights of Ihe
Springs colony and whore tbo big hotel nud its BSBBBSa shone like n steamship at night. A moment later Chauvenet, who had waited Impatiently, Joined her, and thoy rode down together.
She referred nt once to the nffalr wilh
the mountaineer ln ber most frivolous
"They ure an odd snd suspicious
people, but they're as loyal as Iho
stnrs. And please let us never MBdSB
the matter agaln-not to any one, If
you please, monsieur."
RULED TENDERS, superscribed
"Tender for Mono Souud .Sehool
Building," will be reieived by the Honourable  the   Minister ,,|  Public Works
up to snd liilluiiing Monday,ths-(Hh
day of Sapteiiiiier, nnti, ior the erection iiiiiI iiinipletiiin iif n two-room
salioiil building at Rows Bound, Gib-
sun's l.tinilinn;, in th,. lii* hnnan.1  Kl,.,-
torsi Dtitrlet.
l'lnns, .;|K'.iliellliiins, enntlilet, Allll
I*',,nils nl ioiiiler nmv be seen aan .nnl
niter the 7llt day of Seplenil,,*,, I'llll,
nt   the olliies  of  .liis.   liet,her,    Knq.,
Lil,.,.u's Landing, ilerk ol Ihe School
Board! the I'l-mineinl Timber laopet-
tor, Vaacoavei ; ami lln- Uepmiment
ol Publii* Works.   Iial,nia.
Lie h proposal must lie iiei'iimpniiieil
In an accepted blink , he,pte or icrti
liaaie of deposit on n chartered hank
of Caaada, math payable 10 the II'
.iiuiilil,, the Minister ill l'llblic Wnrks,
fm the siiiii nl tm, which shall be
faiifciieil il the party tendering ili'.line
to   enter   |at0   1,'lllllla t   lllll'll   .,lllell Up*
011 tii ilo sii, or if he fail to complete
lhe work contift*ted lor.   Tho cheques
nr   eel iiii,ates   uf   depnsit   111   UllSllaC'SS
fill le'idcrers uill Iw 1,■linn,*,1 to them
upon the I'M'iiitiiui of the contract.
Tenders uill n,,t Im* aoiisidered unl,*.-
maile nut on the (onus inppllad, sign*
,sl by the a,innl llgutafl nllh'len
,Icier, nml enclosed in the envelope,
Tbe lowest or nny tender not Ba*BN
-arily   incept,sl.
l'llblic Work. Engineer,
Public Winks Departniont,
Victoria, B, C, :'ttal Septetnlicr, iflio.
Chapter XVI
UK Judgo and Mrs. CUL
home were dining with
some old friends In the
valley, and Shirley, left
11I0110, carried to the ta*
. ble several   letters that
bad come In the late mall The oionts
uf the afternoon lilled Iter mind, nnd
she was uot sorry to bc alone. It occurred (0 Iter that she was building up
a foruiidalile lower of strange accrete,
1 ,d iho wotnlerisl whether, having bc-
„un by keep mg her own counsel ni to
tho attempts she had witnessed against
.lohn Arinitago'i life, she ought now to
unfold nil she knew to ber father or to
hick, lu lhc Iwcntlcdi contury homicide was not a common practice ninong
men iho knew or wai likely to know,
and (lie feeling of culpability for her
I "ia* 1 crossed lances wilh a ttSSpBBlag
sympathy (or Armltage. 8he bad
l.n'tied where be wu hiding, nnd she
v.tlcd at the recollection of Ihe trilling
bat of strategy she had practiced upon
• hauveneL
.he hud kept DM.1 letter Ull lh,
-1- L lie a "'ite ofler and In the key of
I . tulk. She dropped a lump of augar
lulo her coffee cup and read bis bur
r'al scrawl:
"What do you think bas happened
iiii'.'   i   haw gM worth of teligra 11
fnun Senator Sanderaou wiring from
S" in* God forsaken hole ln Montani
tl. I It's nil rot about Armltage being
that fake Huron von Kissel. The newspaper am tints of Ihe vipose at my
supp'.T  1*.nty   bad  Just reached  him,
untl lie says Armltnge was on hli (Ar-
1 'rge'sl  ranch ull lhat summer the
able baron was devastating our north-
r    cucnast.   Where, may I ask, does
* this lenve me? And what cad gave
'lint story to thc papers? Antl where
nntl who Is .lohn Armilage?  Keep this
; mum for the pri-setil, even from tbe
k'.ieiiior. If Sanderson Is right, ArmL
ta -e wlll undoubtedly turn up agnln-
b • has a weakness for turning up ln
} >ur neighborhood and sooner or Inter
he's iHiund to Bottle account! with
1 * ■ .'in'i. Now (hat I think of It,
,1 lm In (he devil Is hc? And why didn't
Armilage cnll blm down there it tho
As I think over the whole bush
1 ,tess my mind growi addled, and I feel
as iho.igh I had been kicked by a
Wdrley laughed softly, keeping the
lien liefore her nnd referring to It
 singly ns she stirred her coffee. Sho
timid not nnswer any of Dlck'i qucs-
linns, hut her Inlorest In the contest
ImIwoou Armltnge nnd Cbnivcnct wns
j Intensified by thli latest turn In the
Bargins in
and Stoves
* 1 * dl  • • •
70 Lonsdale Avenue
and 900 Granville St.
Phone    198
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co.
Dealers in Coal, Brick,
Sand, Gravel, Lime,
Cement and General
Builders' Supplies.
All   Orders   Promptly
Filled and Satisfaction
(iiiaranted.    Prices on
Office: Lonsdale, near City What!
Warehouse:       Fotman's Wharl
affair She rend for an hour In the
library, but the llr wis clow, and she
threw aside her book, drew on a light
coat and went out upon the veranda
A storm wai stealing down from the
hllll, and the fitful wind tasted of
rain. She walked the length of the
veranda several limes, then paused at
lhc farther end of It, where steps led
out Inlo (he pergola There was still s
mist of starlight, and she looked out
upon Ihe vague outlines of the garden
with thoughts of Its needs nnd the
gardencr'i work for the morrow Then
■he wai iware of a light step fnr out
In thc pergoln and listened cnrelossly
lo mark It. thinking It one of the house
servant! returning from n neighbor'!,
hut Ihe sound «as furtive; nnd as she
wnlted It censed abruptly She was
nlmut tn turn Inlo Ihe house In snm-
moii help when she heard a stir In thc
tf]T AN assemblage of these garments here that
~J will interest every mother who seeks a new coat
ol any desirable kind. The offering embraces models
in both the long and reeler styles in all the most popular cloths and shodings.     ::::::::
Dainty little cream coats in Cashmere, Scrg5, Coat-
Silk, Hoar Cloth, Conleroy Velvet and Broadcloths
art- shown in a great range of pretty styles for ages i
to 4 years.
Smart .victors in Navy, Red, black anil White
Shepherd Check and tan in attractive coaling materials ban iii a groat variety for all ages from I to 16
Cliililrons' and Misses' long coats in Cheviots, Serges. Tweeds, Conleroy Velvets, Csrocal, Flannels,
Blanket Clothes snd Broadcloths are offered in numerous stylos and colors for all ages
Handsome novelty coats for small children are shown
in line iptallily silk atul ca*hnierc in cream and other
pastel shades.
Gordon Drysdale, Limited
575 Granville Street.
Phone 3541
Teacher of
Artistic Pianoforte
North Vancouvtr,   Saturdays
Studio Address, 9.19 Davie St.
Phone B.5732.
Vancouver Business Directory
lim Imli loagatahavc we->■ Imir.
314 Paste street, Vancouver
North Vancouver
nno.   Kur snme youri out Imir Int. Ixvn
i*,'ini.iii,*iitli iiuiiii, imt tin* paoaassH
nml tu iiniloiv,) uaw lu,, ISVSBS l"r it
In   lio ii|i|ilii*<l  in   hnir on  tli.* beat,
bail   itnw  .,11*11*,' Ims ilisi-tivortil ti me-
tli,„l l,i   11I111I1  ih,* Iiiiii  nui 1m* vuiiiil
ml limit injury In Innr nr nib,     Tho
UUV,,    will    tint     lln.li    nut     mill   al.i|ii|i
ii.ithi'i   mil nm ulf,*,! it.   ih,.  an
1,'ini's  thr luiii   sitft  allil win 1 .   ll
Int. bsSOSSS   lhi'  riiL'''  ill   I'ltrts,    lun
ilnn   iiiiiI   iill   tlio   \itp   illli's    nl    llio
Stall,-.   Sjh-. ial  niii*. lm  mii' munth.
Any  information  rsgndiag the work
413 Granville Street
will lie eliully elvm t.. am hdhswea
Will   ,1,11   111   Wilt"   In
MUitMi: 111 KPBRBY8,
T'JII I'l'tulor Street.
kallethe's Bath
Corner Homer and Pender Sts.
The mill  tip-tn-datc and reliable bath house in British Columbia.
Groceries and Provisions
Wholesale aiid Retail
1I6 Hastings St. (downstairs)
Delivery Tuesdays and Fridays
We nne   where   others    tail.
Satisfaction   guaranteed   or no
pay. Plain baths, electric baths.
shower baths, massage (or body, scalp and face ; clcciro therapeutic baths a specialty.
Graduate of Berlin, Germany
\imunii 111 mn mn
Sign and Price Markers
10 Fairfield Bid.      Fone R3272
Business Institute
3J6 Hastings Sl. W.
CeneSe'e Greeteet Weitern School
R. J. Sprott, B.A., - -Manager
Yorkshire Guarantee &
Securities Corporation Ltd
440 Seymour Street
R. Keir Houljate - - - Manager
Business Colleqe
63J Seymour st,, Vancouver
Dav sihool upon all   thc   year
round.   Night school coniiiiiiu
is September Sth.
All Nortli Vnnriiuver people rat nt
Canadian Detective Bureau r—
Olltccs everywhere
Vnnonnvor Offlce:     '.".1 Kn,|iire Muck
MRasNap »t* nst        thom BH
w. w. wei,sh
General Supciintitident
Either   Flack Block or Hastings   streei,   opposite the   new
l'osi Offics,    Leonard sells  his
tea by the pound.
Vie .ninii 11 trial lml mt yunr Order**nmll nr largo
Thi'si' nrtirloB lire ori){initl, writti'ii un 1 lie ground tkat *'"'> M
snilio nnil by HJieeial arrnnjieiiioiit nro rntitriluiieil (rom the iiUtlior tu
tho KxprcsB without previom pitbhoation.
Of  the West  ol   Irt'lnnil  Sir   Wnltor
Saaalt    stlill   tllllt    ill   OtlO   OOtllllV     llllllll'
llii'io wits moro rnmnntii- lti«tuiy In
lio found (hut in all Scotland; but
brUnBSB hnvo .ilwi-yn lieoti nii'ti ol no-
linn rather thnn ol letters, anil
"l*'nll|;|i|   mill   snili'll   Ill'll   lllll'll    nnil
Aiiil livotl nml mntle our wurhl,"
triisiitii; to thi' itiotnutii's nl llu* |mst
baiag saahctBsd in tho Basils "f Uis
I i'h'. Imt ,iiniiiiit(iii|* low to paper,
Some nuiv lio fiimilittr now lustntn
Iter*, who nre told how 0*DoBSgfca"*s,
the \tnni) anil prolit, rides his white
stis',1 our Killnriii'v Lake, nnd gives
the hest of link to llioso Inrtnniiti'
I'liniiL'h lo «' liim. O'Sullivan's ekass
ol tho Mtt-iis Stag, too, ntny lie ro*
Intoil nl the luii'lv wat'ilnll snid to
have sprung Irom the rook lo refresh
tlio Imlil hunter, llul very few hnvo
heard nf the wiiiulerfiil and rnmmitir
adventures of (Iriinia, lhe valiant,
lii'iiut iiul prim-ess, who fought »o
lirnvelv, aided by her true knight
Diarmid, and lived happily with hint
in a woodland bower at Caragh Lake,
«oven uf the "ipi'n'ken" or hawthorn
Twn utlnr heroines are Inrgoit'ti,
Jot Ih'vorgilln, the violet-eyed and the
fair-haired young Kva, are iioliJ in
Irish history as tho women for win so
lieiuli lii'laiid was lust und won. ll*
vmiiilla, the laavelii'St woman ol her
time, lelt her Rough warrior liuslta'id,
Prisa Tierimn, lor a more lonrlly
lever, Kin*: Moragh, and aa had tn
In'i:   Eagllak   help   when   liernai pie
therej   up ininhty tones   1.1    1 BgC
his  wiungs.
Slroni:lm«, always rejoicing in a
light, caine over and dema'idol the
hand ol Kva, King Morngh'* il-ii.gh
ler, as his roeomponse. She loved
Halliinnil |e (Irns, but was .Mien lo
Strongbow, and lhat wily Wel nmuii,
having burnt his ships, pvoaasdai lo
annex rich lands and much spoil, and
established all his follower*. "Thus
rattle the Knglish lo Ireland, and remained there." Pevorgilla died in a
roni,mt where she was apparently put
by her lover, and forgotten. Kva mar-
mil Uaiiiiuiid nt  Strniigbow's death.
Craee O'Malley, of Cunnemnra, was
another fearless rhieftaines* and beauty. To S|Kanser. the poet's fair Irish
bride, he wrote charming ver»e», and
"I'nmela" is a lair, tragic figure ol
more recent dale, known Irom the descriptive letters o| her devoted husband, Lord I'.dward 1-it/gernld, who
died so young "in the troubled
times." Ireland's daiiL'htcrs have always held the palm lor their attnu
live grai-e and courage, but their
lieauty is not oi the kind which can
lie seen al a glanie. Irish charm ol
all sorts is elusive and variable. A
vie* nne day may be unutlraolive tn
a .(ranger, and on the n,vt it i-
traiisfnrmod. The mountain* stand
out on the amethystine lints peculiar
(o Ireland, the lake or sea varies Irom
sapphire to silver, lhe green nl tra-e-
nntl meadows is vivid nnd intense, ntnl
broad slns'ls ol gorse are as a very
heM nl the t loth ol Hold againsl
some tlark rock. The same may
chaini' wilh a girl's face, which at
first seems not remarkable, but when
Iks eyes elcitn with mi*"liiof nnd sullen suddenly under the lung lashes
with  a  iirnvoi   tliuiiglil, and  IBS   roil
lips .-uii with Isagktar nr theaf th
murely and ISNSt, SBBO) tfSSsksa will,
I dainty tuiiah nl brogue, follow in
quick succession, "Iinie a Volts, Illon
■bar," lhe ihiiiL'cr may I* greater
than you fan' ioi.
The it.ual description ol an Irish
beauty is invariably black-haired and
llu,■ci„d, bul iii the west there is a
very ililleretit type; while skinned,
wilh glorious hair, pure rod or rich
est copper colour, nnd large long
lashed dark eyes of a deep, wm in
shade nl brown. Then again, ll"'"'
nt,, mam wilh the sen bill,* ev.solll,,
Danes, and others have the Spani-li
olive-linteal, clearly 0111 leMnres, anal
black hair nnd eyes—a Mined ohni'c
Who can define benuly or describe it '
trick girls have "a way with ihein" ;
tliey attract. Mary Qbssb "f leel *
for whom men died, rrjnicinu that she
had nnliii'd Ihem, oven slightly, w.i
a great etn hatilrpss. vel  her portrait
a,la*    Mill     llailll|r,ll|s|y    IllVl'lv. SIlC,   I""
hnd a wny wilh her.
The courteous manners .,( tlie It'll
as a nation are also , luu mui.', "ll I
a fine day, l'nl." "It's thnt SaBH i
ways, ghuy tn (iod, sillie unl tnlltc
Miiirsell, ma'am, to bring lhe stir-
shine." A ruiigh laburer looked " ■
a girl's shoulder as she skoi'l"-''
"(Iod lave you the Use of -nur pn IJ
head and hands," «n« hi" '"iei auni
nielli.   In their nun homo., ni'i, ''''V
Irishwoman, in the poofset i laHna,
greets 11 StlBBgBI with siniplc psHsot
cniirtesi. and niters lhe be*' ikal I"
has frankly and iptietli.
Many ■ legend ur ipiaint hue on
can tho old woman loll, iciiinrUI'la*
Hough to make the forliiiii* of a ila*
ver writer. Hut the younger daUgh
ters of Krin me atiiueied l.y the pm*
gross umi reeUeeeoees oi this  gantra
li.ill. ailaal lit*,* Imt I" 'ise, I'illlel III
the  lllll   WorM  nl   the   Nell.       llllali* ai
is an ine-iihle magnet lo girls, wh,,
hear of wonderful IIIOCSM iiiid a gav.
asdtiag life.   They gn ulll  ill huinlr. d-
■    .iiiiis',1  inaria'llnilsli, I ut  otWl
return Iik** sluiin iliilen liinl-. thank
llll to reach the old home Sgalo.
The   lieauiilnl    [risk   soiniy    0111-
nm,h to iis iiiried mnl varying -kie-.
which all 111 lists declare tu ba mmi
Itlled.   They a halige su ipliikli   and the
landaoaps  beneath   Ikaai  altaci toe,
each chaiige uf tint seeming mon at
tractive lluni lhe last, and llm-e ule,
call spine n little lillle In rellli-e lllc
true ehmin ol Irelainl ar,* neiei* 'lis
appointed. Ihey ntny have s,en
higher lllnillltnins, lirnaid. r iim"s.
more   rugged   dills,   but,  a- a    well
known  aiitisi  said: "In  the   whole
win Id I haie nevei MB anything to
surpass  Irish coloring."
Siiine uf the beet and InM'liest Irish
scenery mav be visited in Kerry,  Kil
larney n Is in, description, but tkere
alsu arc laragh Dcrriinnl, CoOBiatS-
harn, and Wateriille lake-. Dingle
Hay, lining lhe Allainli* . \ail,naia.
"lhe nasi parish to \m, i'n a." with
ils great dills and liannlsoiiie lislur*
luen and gills, and the Knaglit a.f kei
u's gardens where fin h-ia- emu  intu
f if  ines.   There, anmng-the    muni
islands are thc Skelligs, and BB one
the gallant BStaBSS eetasUlehed
"Christ's iic-tern lurin-s." where
they prayed and luiight like Ini.,,-
lo    saie tho    shipwrecked men,    lor
inanv   a   guaill   ship Was   l,,s|   nn     thuSO
aliiel ro'ls. Their quaint little hutB
and called Stations ol the Cross siill
remain. A fine wild pass is , a
BStweea Valencia and 1'ietly I'arkna*
silla, nestling in ita wilderness of
flowering shrubs, up one of lhe most
beautiful fjords. Farther on yet i-
Koninaro, on ils broad river, and ofl
ngain mer BBS of lhe beat made lot
v,eiiery in Ireland, (lletignril! is reach
ed, on ils grand bay. QoflgBBS Baits
is near Glengarill, lhe lake on which 1
most ourious leti'tnuny is he'd ofl Bt.
Finbar's Day, mass lieing sung i"
hitntlreds who row out to the iiiy
isht, iciiiaitiing in llieir bunts tu h,"
(Tarnish, I.nnl Hiinraien's iharinin^
Island, near I'aiknasilla, is a wnn,l* 1
lul place, whore foxgloves flower S
niotlg New /.ealall.l leins, Bfl eve diu-
iee nre shatled by aloes and bananas,
and boa S thi'ket of palms and btM
l„,n-   a   wild  lllaaa.llalld  is  reachid, 1 111
ph with hciiiliei, iiiiii ksBsatk ll   tie
gieat seal- play and splash in the
a*af blue wnler. and th.n* i. an en
liaming view nf gieat inuiritniii-
aaius. the fl'.i'l. -tiv'ih"',' nway In
the Atlantic
1 have -1'iak.m —bt] in KcSIJi bul
Cniinty (lure has iis min niair. tefn
beauty "f ,■uriuiisU mined giey in.iuti
tains, which nt sunset aro dyed ie StW
culnr, ri'-einbling the l'ink BtSpSi
long th'stnunl in New /eiilainl ; and
Cuiineniaia's wihl luuliness almn-l
eipials that uf Kerry. I I' iho lordly
Shannuii. loo, BM many line lake-. In
ihese thus Iks u-it"i ic"! WA »*n
,|is,,,nifult. Th, re are pl'tili "I t"a,al
1,,,1,-ls ami laiilia.inls il SS SasgB "' lb
bealea track, sal I Ikiak ka will hs
wiser nnl t.> asfBBSS lb wilds il he
likes his al.aillll mliirls !
TAH NOTKK that th" Council ul
ihe Corporation d i'"1 ''ily "I Kflrtk
I ni a,met* intends to cotnlru't as I
wurk of local  ini|ii,,veineiil | eeBUBOO
sewer on Lonsdale Avenue Ironi   2i'r,l
 '  nnilli lo City limits und r sub
a*   liOB     t'J-'|    SCallllll    M   q|    tha*    MlIM
eipal Clauses An   ami  int.
sess  the  filial cost  thereol  up, ti    tk
1. il   pruptBlf    fronting or    abutllnj
aliaienti, nnd to lie beflCttUed ilacicl'v
ami   that    a   statenietit   sln.win*:    tie
lands    liable   lo   pay    the   said
mi.-iit    and   the names ol  iln*   OWSB
ilnieol, so fnr n* can Its BSCBrtaln,
f I ■ ai.l   the   lll-l   leli-i al    \
a-      HOW      I.II      lile      ||,      t||,,     nll'laa*
,lerk nf the Miiniaipalily nntl is   "I"1
lor ins|ioctiun during ofTt'e hntirs
I'he estimnted ,■,,.,   ,,(  t|„.  i,
*|fl,.ri(KI nl whieh 170(1 i* la !»' P
ti   "nt  *al  the general funds
iiinMAs sill.rill l;l'
Cily f'l.-i.
North   \ annum, r,   ll,   ('.,
Sr|itctnl>or Uk,  lUlll.
Black, navy and brown Underskirts, in mureen, heatherbloom and satteen, $1.25 each and up.
Ladies Morning Waists, dark colors, in cashmerette, wrap-
perette, etc., $1.25, $1.35, $1.45 and $1.50.
Ladies Warm Wrappers, stripes and dots, $1.25 and up.
Koitlt lilitck, Looadale kit.
North Vancouver
Modern methods ol construction combining
Artistic decorative features with low cost
Desalt in cozy lionie-likt- resiliences
Thai nake tba standard ol i|tiality
In the liouse tliat Wt I'llild.
hi ulliing, is omitted.   Our plans
Qhow everything necessary lor the completion
Al tba store residence, etc., that we build.
Wmie ol the objectionable extras, and
people for whom we have built in North Vancouver
show tlieir appreciation by advising the intending home
to come and see us. Don't accept the statement ol sn-
other that they can give you the same results, il you
waul the best consult
Home Block, Lonsdale Ave.       Phone 173      P. 0. Box 72
WALKIR & HI MIR, Proprietors
Try our XXX Brown Bread. Daily delivery tn sll parts oleity
Phone 8 and 54
Stores: 71 Lonsdale Ave. Cor. Lonsdale & Ath St.
For  onion  and potato setts also flower   seeds  ol
best quality.
Cor. St. tteurge s k 8th Street
CORNER, 157x132, OPEN ROAD, $850.
$375 cash, balance () and 12 months.
Owner mu<t sell at once.
Tel. 87. Tel. 47. EIGHT
i I 18811 Il.li All. ('i)l.l'MNS
luen-* the waiiiN nml tlie iilToringa   o
current local edvertlelng,
Single [neert, lOo per line
One Week, Tlo per line per Iniertlon
duo Month, .v per Line jut Insertion
Dollar Doublers
Our  ClAMlfotf  Wul   Ada    9T9
rt»»l d«ll«r doubUrt. In Ihoi
IsMthtr tnd  netrvoui   onottty  that;
will bpvb you many tlmo th»lr
•m«M (utt by bringing 10 your
doer what you  r*qulr»,  wh«th«r
11 b« tfflcl*nt   h«lp,
•   tJulrabl*
borrower for lurptut
a 00-
anion or tt domoitlc.
A moot convincing and
Otntlvo proof would
bo to
tnr •
WAnt M.
'm-*m--m ■. •  •  m
W IMIll  Ti
Ih-  in  good
Kxpreei inli *.
in, ,*i llano,
aall.      \pply.
A. ll
ll INTI   II      In      ll'll II       III,.HI
d.*!"" peek,   Particular, nml i.'tri*.*,   s.
Ta, Espreee OtBoe,
v. \\ 11 ll  Sin ii.am.  I t'diea tn 1 1
I'lcia- ah.* in prai 'i il dermatology.
Gradual aeil)     t u»    poeillnna,
higheal   u.iue*.,      ' ulll -'    ili'lllil,*-    li 111
al..—,i.wr. dyeing and blenching ; Iai lal
building, manage f,,i  reviving
n-.u,*-, resnoving R-rinkh**, blnokhcada
and lil'ini-l f ii*'*   1,1m.    Hanirur
inL'. wij ntahtng m'l hair mnl, in nil
!•- branohee,    t'oui *  ..p.ea  Ortobel
I'.iil.       I'llll   partii "laal-   "II   alpplia llli"'*
li* tin* *.,*, 1,'iaui, Ma-- I'mi Powell,
1 ii, i'ii.hi College "i Dermatology,
Vaneouver, 11. 1'. Sll
Iliu HE   Itilf   KALI   \ Map, vi-
in,,in*,,  in,,,l,*ni.     tpi'ii, owner,  HI
Fun >\i I' i; i i,i.h,*ii-ii*,ii   \p
pi,*- * heap.  Apple, nml pear**, ' *  I
Keene,  lAth atreet eael,
I'iii! mii    li.i irnii i , (..in
roomed rotlags st ISO >•,,,mI
Itont  iif ,*,,,iuL*,* rcaeonable.
POB   >\ll    Eight i n**l   iihi*I,iii
li.ln*.,* ,,n sivili itreet sail I Medals
Apply Kll Siith -nd ,,-i ,,i phoae
I'lil Ml un.* pej man os Capilano
Road, Ownac i un have - nm* b} pt)
int; atpntm,  Appli I i-ia M irket, let
itreel nat, '.'in
S, V. Pnp ii itorj anal Ki, tk rgarV"
-BL .luhn'- I liun-li  Hull,  IStks! .-I*
1188 V. 0. I. r.KADWKU.
.lack I.utitel and N. I.ntisdili
Bidet Murray Cu. fire insur.uiie
Ha*   «il|   lllll    a,,    ,\,|,.HI..
nml boueehold g I- lor  'pot
* lek,     l arner'i, Tn l.,aia dale Avet ,
I'l,,,,,,* l-t     pn  Bos III
NOBTH  \ IV ui \l H mii Ml sn;\
Mi i*   * applied  l"i   'lam
.*!*.  I', ii, H',x :i   Pkoae Kim.    li
Chance, vinlini.l uml leader,
111 KM  Willi I I HTItn IIV
\ i.i'iiij in in employed milk I     I
I   .      1,1'** Ill**      RallWa)     '   'a.     **. '.Ola!
a      ■  I,  ll       llllllll      llllllllt      ill,'     l|<    |'l     l„*        ,|
ehset ,,f il.tini* nlil*li It,m Irom a ab
ii,iiiia, mih uin-|i l„* wa worl l'i
Verner dn -■"! the injur!,*.
I I \l.l!\l
1  lia*    I'll  .1   ll     'al     tit 1"
Ihn el    al* a' a     .    it,, a|    mi
Wedneeda;  lael < >-   ondui ted b
luml ordei   ol  M . ...i   It,.in   lliun,ii
Brother '    undi rtahlng    p irlot
Jllll       I**, a     on      I ia it   ! ..I     I
o'clock,     Interment   look    place    In
North Vancouver,   \ I irge * umber ,,l
A.     Sti'iiillnain   i-   building  tl     slllllll
•■mi  1 iiii -ii'i'ci eaat,
Ciiii-itrii*tion haa been itarted on a
-innil houae am 19th itreet eael lot
.1. Qeldo,
Capt, Chas. Catae ol liii itreel nml
llio   -anti-,   .I,aliii   iiiiiI   Mis,   left    *"M
ii'ttliiy i.n ii hunting trip tn Vancou
\i*r lilnnd,
Mr. mnl Mi-, i:. .1. ffaketsM ut
I liii itreel returned on Monday evi n
Ing Irom a ten dayi1 trip !u  Houtlle
nml ,,ilirr ,i,ii-i ,,'inn**, ul i'il,'!-,* t.
Tin*  Iiuiul   li,,t-'  'line  ill   tllc   I'ailil
inn laal Wedneeda) evening wss SB
unqualified   auei-eea,   both   in   attend
am-.'    aiml    lillmiii.illl.        I lliitlre'.    ,11*
K* ii i waa in »ltendance mnl rap
plied *i aln-- "f iiiii-i.* thai «ai- highl)
.ipl'ln nihil    1,1    |tl   |i;ill(ill-.
■r, and it    1, ttfite  I  Cal
gary, who hava bean .pending at
couple *,i weeki in tin- * iti   iln* gueeta
a,i Hr, and Hn, J. C, rdltanual Ith
.(reel, left lor home thii week, Their
-im on the * oael hai been una "f gi ii
mn.- pleaiure aceordiag lo itatenienta
nt the viaiton,
ilams in the ii.initi *.( Sorth ^as
touver    appsars    lo   he   aomewhal
*-,.*ii*,*  tin-* eeaaon and excepting   f,*i
tl im bear ihol al Seymotai i mak
ago and ilie two al Eagle Harbor and
il ■ it f * dear there i* prart'oall)
im game heitig brought in in ipiteol
tin* (art tlmt tin* '.'ini- iimt vi-il ih,
mountain -id.* uml i I   here c-, r\
ii,i*k end mi' im  iiiiiiiii ou*-.
Tlie n.'ii Ii'in i. ipringlng Lnto
prominence at tin* Willi*,* Hhtpyanb
nml ili,* app,aiimi*■* of ti„* ihelaton nl
iln* tipper worlu si wen liom   lam
,1a,'** \l,*. giVM ill'* impi' --UUI llllll
-llti-fll, toll      pinole*.*,    i-    ll. ilia..      Ila,I.la
The plating  In- n"« been poasplalad
aiml iln*   ii,„nl portioni "f the   boat
m* ii being   reared  on ilm  solid
-I..I Imll.
Tin* .iiy work L'ni.    "inin d in*
iiic nprrstioui on lhe ilearing i ml
grading of Third itreel eael between
St. Ilm id'* Ave. uml tlm 'ity limit.
on \\ a-.111. -11 n afternoon. Tlm engin
eer'i eetimnte for ilu- work im-pln
• A lit IM.ISSI, 11 III* la I. ,*.HI.all III (lllll'll deep 'nt iini i- m-,.--my ta,
bring iln* -uii'i io i workable ; sal .
titer , nui*.' onlv ..tic leader lo, lh.
work an 11 i Honda) evening*'! tam i
Ing ul th,' council ii nu- -I,*, Ided to
do it In iln labor,
Th,' hand ...n.n an Victoria   Park
U.ii.,. .I i*, rvi iiiiil- mi- wril attendad
In  local ■ ItUeni ulna wsss n*   ■
t   -pi'iniul    program,  • Bandsfinrtn
i li.i Blended   lo lupphweat   the
n.mil pi,a.i.nn mill n ipimt.tt,*, lun
*,n    ,i mt   ,.f   other    engagement*
-ollli*   of    th|   -I||L*,*I llal    llaal    |>>   |,|,
-,*ni. llu-, however, mui tnateriallai
nt Mesa fiiiun* aln,*.  li i*. ,i  Batter
ol  ii i.il  "mun,nt   ilnn ths  hand
boyi   have   di.iinguiihed   Ihattaalvwi
niiii greal credit al the last ist |n*r
fonnime- glvan .nnl each  appe
* * ii*   i.* add farther laureli t,,  thsfa
\|  ,    1,1     ll.lll  ,.,*     lllllll,    -oll    ,,|    ll.    .1.
,ia.I Mi.. Inun. celebrated il"- attain
■Mat   of   tin*  liltli   iiliniiei-im    of   Iai
lm iinin  .rn   I in**,l.n  In  entertaining
ii , ninpmi-   ,,i Iii-  lilli,* friend, nl   tin
lite on party,  The li-i   of   | t*
II.. I l<|a-a|    (  ;,||    >, hl||t/,    .-' | :|ll„r,l    I'lcl'l
I    (liml,',  i oiiiioi., Albert  Tj
m, '.* I.. 11,, .m.i-. Charts] ' sap
tn ni. Teddj Rridgman, Rrnnie Wrl bl
I "inun   Vi le,   Korvaa  Seal)   sad
Margaret   Inun.      Hi, at n.n  »n-
 if metalned  uiciiiimnl   nml .olid
 un, i • i**i ii * linl.* foil ihroagh
oui   nml if   royal   l* I wlahw  Irom
in*ml- counl foi ,,111,'iliin.' ui ih>*
.mn ,,f Iif,'- kappinree, Mni.t   Mnl
|,|l|.     i.       |       >,I, a|      aaf      llll       III  ,111 l,'III.
,,i iiiuilloi,,! Iiaippim     mai prosperit)
*laa' results (o ilnle  of
niiiiiaiii which is being
ml aaf A. K. Crirliitiiiy,
tha ii'imi.
I.cl.l oil 111	
hlili itreel i
l.i Round
.1.  Kama .1 lamil   II. J,  Wanl.
s.   Kogi a    laa il  W. .1.   lruin,
.1. p. Cirdinill lioul S. Boole]
Hathen beal R. Hathen
II. Simpkim beat  I'..  II. Bridg
in .iu
l„ Woodi beal   K. Horn.
A, I',. IVi, Ion n  I'i'iii T. lio,*v,*s.
)■'.. Mnlilai heal A* Viviaa.
I*!. T. PolliH-k beal S. Bumphreyi,
P. S. Huh- beat *1. II,nip r.
I*'.     |'.     I',,ll' I'a .11     C,       1 lllll I .* I '■,'.
c. Heaven lieal 11, J, Htoekman
V. Wall beal  P, Ward,
\ Pull beal  li, 1','lloal,.
II. Hrl'hei  heal  V. Diploek,
.1.   I,aall, 1   heal    II     ttooil..
Jaal   I,' „|
II 1.
.1. Kit
.'i;, -ii.
1   licit   V.
,i.   ll.
Lm,1! beat
I'a J,    li   1,
S      I'a a>
beal   R.   1
li I.
R,   I'.an
baal   C. II
H  i ■'■
li J.
Lou tei
i II.   M, I'll
mi  ', -i
ii 3,
Simpkina t
. H.
1        tta,'.
ttnll ,„
1-.     1   llllll'l
ckmay i
* Hi
■ iiunl-
In* played
Sa.pt.     1
Tlio wanner vacation for lhe mem
lior- ,,f  the  I'* I of Trade "ill !"'
ovei* nni I aa, aim evening when nm
nteetingi lor lhe winter monthi   mil
lm returned,    11 secutlvs moal * al
" o'eloek and the general meetinj will
i*om*i.iie   „t   h o'eloek,     111,1 ml'l. ll'y
il pen meeting will lu* Inveitajd "iiii
ii net us iln* long -pell "' las ion
«ill have piled up ■ itack of I —ham
llml Ims nut been ol iuch u po* ll **
nature aa lo warrant rallhi-j n ipeclal
ii ting,
I.Mlll.S'  II Wl-  HU i;\ 'MIAI
I In* final, for lhe lennia lo'un itneni
which  uill  be  plniil  on Mr.    \. I
Crichma)'-   courl on   ■- i tifi i)    Ut
17th mil Include the folloa im 1 idi ■'
Ml-        K. W.llll.,,1,1 I*'  I Mis.       V,
(Indwell pi.n  Hia   H,  InthitwW and
M.- I'. Draper,
Mi - t . H. Draper and Hi« *'   1
allilllllal    plai    Ml..    Ill  11*11     a'*al     Ua
I homaaeaa.
Mi-. Jackaon and Hr>, -'.   li
I'l  .  Inc.
M.     ('uiu- mnl Mi-. ||.ilat.,'a. I y .
tt,* nre authorited lo Mate Ihal
Rt. Hon. |,„,| SiimiIi,,,nn's Kelaoi
Shield haa been offered Ly Rev, Alfred
Hall     of    Tonm ,  nil. ll     of      ll,
■- I I   in id,  r,  i    Inepettorate,
I ban rn,* lio <I iiv - or *,,millions.
Tlm llriti.li ,<iii*l foreign Hailon' so
let),   uin* I.   o* eived   ilm "\ letory"
nipper  frotn   tlm   Ionia   oi   ilm   I'liti-l
tdtnlraltj    lit-    lertaken   il*.-   ek
t'l'ii.e of mounting, engravini ami
diatributing lli.*-.* liialoric -hi TI-, uml
"nli aehi -om,* voluntary * ontr button
to ii'iitilmrv.a il,*in mul aid their -ml
ore' inititu.ee lor men ,,f ii>.' roj
ul navy, umi* bant ship., ,<i>., in Can
miai mul nil an,*! the world,
Tin*-,' Keliaon Hhieldi are highl)
i iluad iaai  iiii ii patriotit  and  educa
11,mail    ll-i's    iii   tin*   iiniii**.in,-, col
legei nml  .. Iiiiiii. uli,*,,* ih'i   ire nl
* i>li  placed,     I'm an Ilegea un.l
I li    ,i ligiblc   '" receive tin
Na*;.,*ii   -In,lal,   mnl   .lioul,I apply lot
i hem.
i \-\ HUM n mn mh '
Will,*      ,*** I     *  llll      laa,I      kl'll
anyone «In, i- t..*itiiiL* t'„* - *
in.'    M.i' Inn.       Ho   il   m.ii \,I'll. * |,
I".   II.   P.,  "I ip
II Uiil'IP n\  IM 11 IIK
" 11*. i an | ,*  Pt *     tad ths  Rise "f
ilm British v,u .' i,   tne l(,*i. Caaos
Psrkfau,    itt itmlnitet     I a
John'   r.i* i* Hill. *-ii iir
1   , I'll-   .     ,-,*|*l
laaM    J",*
 a,     -
\ '.nmi P0HIT10N
Cull Ik* Ii il In    atiiliilioai    toaiuj- moll
■ill,I   III   Ila *        ll
i„* -hour
1,11        I*. nil .   |a (llf
'■' re    i  . nlili.Iiinn
•  '"ia   ii  * au,|i*,*ii  'i nm  ihere
i nl emptier..
Poaition- pay heginnen Irom   '""  lo
decea-ed'   "I'l Iriend, in ll      It    ad   -a,, , .      ,  ,        ,, , ,„ (
■ li iii ■   ittended 'lm fm il,               nl* ,*                   \ tti, n ,i relograph
 In'i'io*   * |..i,i* I    ,1   in.ii*
V|,      P      **,    ||„i.    Ill,,,   ha,      fa,I     ihelail        It      11.     allnl     ttlail. ,1 .1  |*|.|.l*
|,.«   iln-   I....II   aili   mm ila  **f   -'     ' li    Mill
!     *iii,i tig    il"tn   I      | "        I  10  Writ, .'I 'I I ill
not, i, i   returned to In    I 'I port, Is   Cit (1 . Porl
,,■.<           hind, tPc , a„ Muiipht., T.'iin,
\i ilu*ii r.".*ail a ng li,IT i'l lh
\  .|l,a,,l|l|.|     Office,     aaf    '| |n;,.,l  I ,      ||,,
North Vancouver a m brrie   ■! loi
I    |o   in.I;,|   ,,   l.ii    ,|„.l,*i    Ughtl
oll  tin*  mil   ,ili.iii  ,,l   ll„* t',,,,l oi I.oii.
,1 il,* ti,*. nml i,a nl I',* iu * unvenieni
plinv- -i\ in. liLaln , Thaea "ill la*
I,,*.nnl -., , i*. lighl iln* wharl (ulli
foi it- a mu,* length uml lu. nlili
\luiiuii,*i Heard wai attthoriied to ■■"
iui,, ih,* mattei "i ptoi idiag betl >
lighting  (militia-   on |he   Va -■*'
va llltlt    nml    reporl    on    the    plain     lm
would i in,*n,I at iho nasi
ll    n,*t-  i,-*,luii   ta, imet    the
* "lllllllll,a*   "t   'll,*   \ all lll'l*   , III  , iaa,la
■ il     lllll,    al    l,*,| I    f,,|    better     -II'*' t
lighting ,m I'olumlil i live   st d in lhi
liiinii ,,f ilm C.P.R, Iracka,
\n ,*.nm in* ,af si'-iai in,, paaaed   in
lavor ol M.—r-. liml. aad Bitt	
Ill  ■  Olllll      llf     ill,'     III   ll      "till  .*     llllll,I    I
uiu ,i,*i ted "ti tlm nea I onedale  \ l
nil nf
Tlm     Ilia,ilil     i..iil,ln|a| it
11**11     1,1      I     UUga     a |,*a  III,      -|L*I|     a.
iptua, i I,   io   iii,*   \ in ouver   ,-'i *if.
I Ills    ll ill    I.'   alll   ,*\|a*loil,*    ,I'llllll* t  ll'.t
ilu* iiii," ton *"" Idcred ih il il e ..ni
i»   i   phii'lul advertim nl mul would
■i,l,l in .on iM*   |o il„* lighting I
lies ;i* I.. ll. I P.I(. tin, h mnl ,,
lo llu* dm nli ill \l ii oi M.n I- i
ill   tin*  .llaill   nml  aiil  tll.*  Tin** toi- I	
\  \ltt lll.-M
Hi        , ' M Met ahal       I 1
SI.,.,i  liaii.   * ii partnerehip
|,ii   id,*   |,o, ■                         ,  ling   un    III
I'll, I   III
ta; I ,,*                         Hi    I'* '■ *
been  nona led  (  lias
Hllll       (llO      HI II     hlUri ,1     lala     I.    Ill        I	
M |i oil,"*     in I   \ieola   "i    \ mi nt,
1,11,1   lllll   Inn*        *   al.••    III   lh,    I".  nl
aiml    Ill-Ulan II I    id ill,* lnl-1
la, Valil
S... 11 i    l'u.    I I    a* '* .    the
,-uti  Kile  I      a l'i >** I'
minion ..f t m •■ i, I * I \*
,ni,*m \ Dciatiot il.a* I'.ia'i la Intel
i, ,i lm* -i n, ele, Mmi
,-v will lv* 1 proved pt"
pert) M, -I* ii .: re * nil)
.oiniistisl iiiiii ih,   Ime  Tobacco
I ,,ni|i:iiii   ..I   I [Imnl Ion,   \!  ,*, a I,    llllll
iu -*m tion witl lursrs1
nL,,*ii' i   will   h ii ■' i *   ,.f
I im,  Inrgt   iimniil    luril
III     ill,      a
and    '' ''''' .1  .l.'tnnnd.
(il'.l 11 w,\
(TIIMK-   I'*
WmI lm    on   '
nl Utile  N| i
Mr. nml  Hi ii   M
lllll    III     '* a!
look plo' ■' "' I ek
to the North \..i. OS *
THR NEI .SON Slllll lis
l ill.*     1*   'I.   Ill'la*     High     I    , .lllllll*
  i"i i .in.ulu i-, lm l*:i. ;i glean
in In- rye lhat penetrate! the luture ,
iiul as tlm fiiiun' i>f aim people i,
wrapped up lu iis youth, I..i.l snmli
.mi la.o, of lala, li.nl the youth "f
Canada much iu hi- mind, Thk ii
-t-'ii in iu nu wn) i. Hi- lienei it lion,
ia, Mai,ill nml olher educational I, A
i,*-.   hi-   nnitiillo'iit  nifi   f,n   phyaical
ili.u.*. and In. pari In i greal  edit
itnm ,1    lllol,*lll,*lil    lilin ll     |.    Ill   t  tloll
iTiitalliting nn,,  I, hnu, lorm, bj  lh,
I'lll  ll    of    tin*    I, I  lllllll,*     of      III,
llriti.h    nml     I' ien    Sailor*'     Sn
let) in Toronto, whk h i. to !»• tin
beadquarien   ,,f   the   N,*l-*u   Shielt
* ll. Ill,*,     :>l|     gO     IO    prOVe    lli-    HI  aa
ed iiiii'it'-t.  Ulmii ili,* |,l ,n ,,f making
up   lhe   metnl   liom   I 'ol   \,
.hip.    int,, , oiiiim-m. n. mi.*   ainl   inin
|H*titii,'     .Imlil-     f.u    - hoots     S t
broughl to i Ing Inatant
ll     ho*    .it'll   11    II,,pin    ll.I||a|        ..*ili
■ alll     111.,11  ll     ,*ll*l-      aai      ill.       |  all,*    |      .1,11.
I.onl   -ii nh.nn i   ;*n,*   s.*,.i««i,    tiun
III.llll ,'f ill,' -' ll."a|. "i |ll,* 11* a II11II i, ,[1
III.II      Oblain     llll-      lla'plll      lllliall       I "f
-ll'll  hi-l,,ii,   inl,n-l.      ||,.  hopi    ''a il
annually n paper na) l»* wrltti I  W
11     -Uilol     sl||l|,.a t,     lllll, ||     lli||     | |  ,*  |l|
I   and patriotit   value  lo  ihe
iniiih   ol  Canada.  aad   thai   lis
■ hmi,I  will he | * *    '! >>.
nnd  Imlil  Iii   Ihe  *n -fail -a hol.11   f"i
tin* i,an*. It h.i la ai*, nol "I.K
tha naval gloi. ol Si I   ..'  earesr, btl
lhe  gnat   I,* f   ,n,a|,|,|p,lim    III.
Ion tla.it I mil Sli illi..*i , hi,I ai
itiin.l. V.) ■ ti lia* received lhe lir-t ol
iln* -|.*. i.il -liii'l.l- .truck lor ' ;,n ,,li
nil   et Imnl.   nl    ill,*   Mn il * * .,
I mul, ,n, he .ui.l .  "li noailal ii, ,l,ili-
rait to iiimi. ,,f n greater - i
iln* I'.i in-h iiupin* than lo lune   ilic
thought ol ii- -on-  ind d
nu ilii ,li "I io ths   .'i. Ill - dlora,
and ii- -lup-, nnd what the   nation
on,,    lo  |t|  iiini	
I dlN ill,null mill Ilnn III lit iH Is the
.Upi* llaa*    note.      I he   sllii'l.l.     ill.      li*.,,I
v. I na , "ppc fi"". the 'i'
Inn"     ilnl    tin*    "I',nulla.I ilat,"      wilh
a , I l,el    me   nnrks     III     llll
.ii  i .......    ,1,. the pak snd
tin* i*  |T   I. if   Iii tha upi»*r   avntn*
 nl,* I   the   "\|i lor)"
iimli i ,11 ill. Iii ih, Iiiii. i .,*ioo ,
ii liu.i   .i I ,i,,| S'eleoB, oii oim   ul* ■ '
n Iii I lai    iniui ii i il   .iiniii und   on
tl ther ih.. ii.n,* ,f IWalgai   hn
At  lie   l„,ii. in.  n|*. i,   il mil,    me
tin* I,illoiuiii.. noi,I. "Mnde nl ">p
|.<i Iioin II. M. .-Iii|i. '11* lot]' ". I
'E Ii"i na' I'., enled   hi    I ""'
-llaill,    **,.   I       lllll     Mnlllll      IJaal    ,|.    I,,I    . M
tl..   tl I'.li   the   Hi'' ''   an. il   I**., i  ii
Smloi-' Society, lor I nn,niinii
-alioa.l- "     II,.   letlet . "E,  It.  Ml "
wan   sided h   I i   ll i  I      uvand,
nl  lha • "pi" lakei Iron Ihs "Vm
t,,n " in li* i  i. * * i*i  accident wn- 'I,
vnlod  |n  the |uii|a,...     ,,i  ;li,   mt iety.
I   Ofd      -lll'l 'I      Illla  la*    I
iiiiiI generoeit) have * Ivi-n to r tn d ,
ii   preference   In  il [Miration   ,.l
the -liiol'l -• licim  f.*.     bnol I lm
onl) other pi" "' '' implre whkh
I,,,. I»s*ii ,mi. linl with ij len am  ef
(,,|l     I       ill I'llll    of    V   ll   al       a.,,I      tla ,l
I    lao|,l,i    b)       Rat*
\li,,*l   Hull   ,,l   Durban,   who   ka
learn   hniUghl   ni'i    I"   'On    ,"lt     Utt
 la  i'l    plo|,',l.    III    a,la    ml, I*  |„»      III
I "mii,,,  iiiiii  ths lli h ' 'la Rl
'i    'I"     I*	
.   ilaa* propm ill   *' 11
,1,1,,iiieil o* Hlnl lei    *' I 'I.i
i ,i  and I'""' Ipah  nl I
"■I    I I . ''j M'   ItB.
buy tlu-ir 1 ools and Hard-
wart1   here,   where   hi(jh
quality reigns supreme,
a     hand  in   hand   with   (air
Every Building Trade will find hot every tool and implement required, and the prices will bc (ound eminently satisfactory.
We will appreciate a trial order and you will appreciate
our goods.
paine & McMillan
fhe Pioneer 1 lardware ^^| NorthVancouver
We   .lie   -nl*    IgPntl   here
MADE £ x
Tlie     null     iiiiinufnel umi Afl^DARfS!
thai      |a| ae-    ;,       :i*ll    IfUBI [-•'*,.»" '-,  "lot
null*,'  il  lliev  iln meet ^^M^_W9
eXpO l.lliolia.
Iii  :i pnir
Allll    I.'    alllll    in     ll
p, ,li,„li'- Railroad King
I „, s>l. la,
Gaol's Clothinf,        PuniiabiBfi,       Men's,   Ladies', snd
(Tnlilion's Booti and sin" a
Our btisint'ss is now practically on a cash basis This enables us lo give our customers the
.same high ilass goods we have alwavs handled
at very much better prices than can be obtained
from stores doing a credit trade.
Trv an order and compare quality and price.
j. a. & m. McMillan
I7lh Street-Hall hlock off Lonsdale Ave.
lacing south, 66 x 148), fi***., price $1800,
I -4 cash, balancc 6, 12, 18 and 24 months.
li, ii I Mtta, Loans, Insiirain,
219 Lonsdale Avenue       •        NorthVancouver
We operate thc only padded furniture and piano
moving van in lhe city. . .
N. V. Cartage Co.
T lon-adale Ave.


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