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Vote for the Loan Bylaws and Prosperity od Tuesday Next, October 29, ldOJ8^^0|i^ 9 A. M. to 7 P. M.
Subscription,   #1.00
Per Year, Mulled or Delivered
ln   Advance
®\}t itepxm
OCT 2K l^hf omnjjereial Printing
i      r.-ri
, tu Please ut
Oet I'llaan
Next Tuesday the ratepayers ot
this city will vote on three important loan by-laws, namely I
(i) To raise the sum ol $14,000
to acquire the fine boulevard
on Queensbury avenue, which
will be one ol tbe best sites on
the continent for a magnificent
speedway, besides eight acres for
a recreation park. This will bc
tbe only opportunity the city will
ever have to get this land. It is
really a proposed gilt to the city,
as the North Vancouver Land and
Improvement Company has spent a
similar sum on clearing, grading
and otherwise improving the property in question. <
(2) To borrow $35,000 (or the
improvement and extension of the
waterworks system. This is a
most needed expenditure, and as
the city is expanding the dangers
of fire are increasing. It would
therefor show more wisdom on the
part of the ratepayers to spend
their money on waterworks than
on insurance and vote for this bylaw.
(3) To procure $43,000 by issuing debentures Ior the purpose
ol acquiring additional school
sites. As we pointed out last
week, the school board has for
several months been endeavoring
to solve the question of procuring
suitable sites and locations in the
city. When it is taken into consideration the selections made by
the board, there should be no
hesitancy about voting (or this bylaw. A lew years bencc it will be
practically impossible to buy
school grounds like the ones now
selected, and if property were then
available it would come extremely
high to tbe ratepayers.
Everything taken into consideration the members ol the city council and school board should receive thc unanimous endorsation
of the ratepayers Ior tlieir painstaking and far sighted policy in
framing and placing the by-laws
so carefully drawn—which should
be read by every voter—belore the
Some years ago tbc poet ol the
Capilano, Wm. Spithall, wrote :
There ii a place I lovo lull well.
'Tin Cnpilino'9 shady dell.
Ami many timet with cureless glee
Compannionsdear have strolled willi tne
We climbed tho lofty cliHs so high,
And viewed tho lovely landscape ninii.
Tht grouse, tho gulls, tho eagles yell
Complete the music ol the dell.
Newspapers should look after
the interests ol the people more
than tbey do instead ol those of
wily politicians and other similar
Stove Wood and Shingles.
P. Wheeldon's mill, al the comer ol Twenty-third street and Lonsdale avenue, was opened last week.
The new venture will sell and deliver wood, either in cordwood or
stove lenghts. The fuel is all
green-cut dry fir. A Dunbar
shingle machine has bean installed,
and the output ol shingles will be
about 30,000 a day. The cutting
machines arc run by 25 horsepower
electric motor. Mr. Whceldon is
most enterprising and well deserves
a liberal local patronage.
The Duval road in block 2087
Lynn Valley, between Weitover
road and Peter street, a distance
ol 860 leet, is being graded, and
will be completed in a lew days.
This road was badly needed, and
will be, when completed, ol great
accommodation to the settlers.
Tbe weather at the Capilano
these autumn days is perfect.
Viewing the fog in the inlet from
the lofy mountain sides the landscape is most picturesque.
L. Reda, of the Pa|ace hotel, is
at Victoria.
Call and see A. J. Picton-War-
low, about good real estate buys.
See bis advertisement.
Mrs. Andruss, ol the Palace
hotel, returned Irom the Capital
City this morning after a few days
sojourn and seeing Iriends.
The popular Capilano tallyho
driver is most original in his sayings. Recently there were hall a
dozen people riding in a rig just
ahead of him. A coat (ell off the
conveyance which he was lollowing, but he drove on. On arrival
at the hotel it was discovered that
the article bad been lost. " Pat "
was asked il he knew anything
about it, He said, "And, begorra,
I do." "Where is it?" was the
next question, "Down the road
a bit," he said. "Aud why did
you not pick it up ? " " Och, I
Minimis me own affairs. And if
every mon was as honest as I am,
sure, the auld garment will be
there when yez go back," said he.
The new Methodist church, cor.
Fourth street and St. George's
avenue, will be opened Sunday.
Boom the city and district.
K. Bergeron, Hamilton, Unt.,
and J. F. Fraser, Vancouver, paid
the city a Hying visit on Wednes
day. Mr. Bergeron will return
east via San Francisco in December.
Mr. Dutton, Lynn Valley, is constructing a glasshouse, 40x60 teet.
He intenns raising stuff (01 the
St. George's avenue, in D. L
2026, (rom King street north 264
leet, is being cleared and graded,
Centre road, extendiug northward to D. I.. 2oa8, lor a distance
of a mile and a half from the Lynn
Valley road, is being cleared and
The bridge, a 180-foot span,
over the Capilano river, on the
Keith road, is finished and in good
shape for thc winter,
Messre. Geo. C. Walker anal Jas.
Callield, ol this city, have become
joint owners of the lug Isaac,
having purchased It at New Westminster yesterday Irom Capt. R.
C. Curnew, Ior the suw ol $2,500.
It measures 40 feet over all, with
a ten-loot beam. The tonnage is
8.35. The engines ate 28 horse
power, and the boilers are registered at 155 pounds pressure. A
general towing business will be
carried on, and North Vancouver
will be the home port. We wilh
the new firm every success.
The dance given by the Athletic
Club last evening was a most en
joyablc aflair, although the attend,
ance was not so large as might be
expected, yuile n number attended from Vancouver.
Next Thursday evening, October
31st, an amateur boxing contctt of
ten rounds for points will bc held
in Larson's pavilion, under the
auspices ol the Athletic Club, between George White, ol Vancouver, and Jeff Hannay, ol Nanaimo
For many years past there has
been great rivalry between these
knights ol the fist, and the go
here is promising ol lots of excitement. Several good preliminaries have also been arranged
The starting time will bc Bil j p.m.
Lynn Valley is to have a
large mushroom bed, 60x100
feet. Mr. Woodrow is the owner
and builder.
H. B. Shaw, Vancouver, boat
builder and contractor, and his
brother-in-law, John E. Evans,
provincial manager Union Mutnal
Lite Insurance Company, Vancouver, came over yesterday to
look at some of their holdings,
both gentlemen were highly delighted with the way the city is
Mr. and Mrs. J. Robertson,
Caron, Sask., were guests at Hotel
North Vancouver this week.
H. Ersahi, New York, was
registered at Hotel North Vancouver this week.
G. F. Slater, Tacoma, spent
yesterday at the Capilano. He
with two others from tho City of
Destiny will shortly do development work on their claim on Sifter
It is rumored that a company
will next spring open a recreation
park, near Seymour creek, and put
on a Ierry service.
Jas. G. Knap and Geo. Greenwood, Salt Lake City, left Monday
ou a prospecting trip in the mountains north ol the Capilano.
P. Bums & Co., North Vancou
ver, are paying the highest cash
price lor chickens.
From the present terminus ol
the planking on the Lynn Valley
road, an extension ol half a mile
is being built.
The new school site in Lynn
Valley is being cleared and grad'-d
by Askew & Kennedy. It comprises one acre, in block 2023, and
lies between Centre and Harold
roads. The timber is all off. The
new school house will be rushed
to completion.
Remember next Thursday is
Thanksgiving Day.
An entertainment under tlio nn-pi
of St. John's College will be held in
I/irson's Pavilion on iho -f if tli of November. 'Hie program will toko the
lorm of tlio previous one held liy St.
John's cliuroli 11 short while ngo.
Ladies of the Maccabees.
On Tuesday evening K. G. Macpherson, M. P., addressed the electors in the city ball, which was
crowded to the doorr, Mayor
Kealy presided and introduced the
speaker in bis usual courteous way.
Mr. Macpherson dealt with the
country's finances, the immigration
question, the conciliation act, the
new postal, arrangements, North
Vancouver's pressing needs in thc
shape of a bridge across the second
narrows, and the C. P. R.'s attempt
to gobble up the foreshore of the
inlet. He also dealt with the Oriental question. The address lasted for about an hour, and was
teeming with statistics to bear out
his arguments why be was a Liberal. The speech was enthusiastically, applauded. Mr. Macpherson was tendered a hearty vote of
thanks (or his non-partizan address.
Church Notice
Class meeting 10 a. m.
Dedication service 11 a. m.
Sermon by Rev. R. Milliken, B.A.
Dedication ceremony by Rev. A.
M. Sanlord, B. A., B. D., president o( conference.
Afternoon service at 3 o'clock.
Preacher, Rev. Dr. Fraser.
Evening service at 7:30 p. m.
Preacher, Rev. J. P, Westman.
The musical portion is as follows :
Morning—Solo by Miss Morrison, also duet by members ol
Wesley choir.
Afternoon—Solo by Mr. Harry
Grant; quartette, Sixth Street
Evening—Solo by Mr. Well-
man, and a solo by a member ol
Princess Street Methodist choir.
Monday evening meeting at 7:45
Rev. B. H. Balderston, B. A.
Our Quasi-Ecclesiastical Civic
So many people — strangers,
of course, to Nortli Vancouver
have mistaken our city hall for a
combined Wesleyan chapel and
Sunday school, that our present
city fathers are much to be commended in having, at last, seen
fit to do the straightforward and
honest thing, in labelling tlieir
civic headquarters in a way calculated 10 put an end for ever to
possibility of such misapprehension.
It still, remains, however, for
them to apply the same treatment
in the similar case of that exceedingly ornate and elaborate structure, also civic property, of recent
erection on Fourth street, near
crossing ol St. George's avenue,
and to mark it legibly, for what
no one on the earth would ever
suppose it to be, our "Fire Station No. 1." So many, not stupid
people either, have actually supposed to be intended for the
nucleus of our prospective Metropolitan cathedral, and several
pious Christian persons, possessed
by that delusion, have actually
been seen wending their steps
thitherward on recent Sundays,
with Japs, Chinks, Hindosand other
heathen around us, ad libitum and
aJ ranseam, we still believe and
hope we have no " fire worshipers" as yet in our midst.
As occasion must shortly arrive
when another "business" council
will be called upon to design our
municipal stables, pound, etc., a
chance will again be given our
chosen representatives to display
what "horse sense" they are possessed ol in the adaptation ol
means to legitimate ends, and we
would not, lor anything in thc
world, suggest a clock tower and
steeple in connection.   Oh, no I
There was present at last night's
meeting ol the city council. His
Worship and Aldermen Smith,
Crickmay, Jordan, Irwin and
Dick, Alderman Emery being absent.
The waterworks regulation bylaw was reconsidered and finally
adopted. Among other things,
that ol washing windows with hose
will be prohibited between the
hours ol g a. in. and 5 p. m.
The question ol the lerry was
gone into. Mr. Wallace, o( Wal*
ace's shipyards, stated that his
contract stipulated that the reconstruction of the lerry North Vancouver must be done within eight
days. The proposition to liave a
continuous cabin erected, thus doing away with vehicular traffic,was
referred to Monday's meeting.
A telephone Will be put into the
chief ol police's residence.
The engineer was instructed to
proceed with road making on Chesterfield, between Thirteenth nnd
Nineteenth streets.
Mrs. Kent, Deputy Supreme
Commander (or B. C, paid the
city a visit yesterday in the inti rests
of her order. She expects to form
a lodge here within a fortnight.
The Ladies of the Maccabees is the
pioneer society giving lile protection to women, Its growth has
pi en phenomenal, lt was instituted about 15 years ago at Port
Huron, Mich., and has now a
membership ol about 160,000, and
is still growing. The benefits paid
since its existence amounted lo
nearly five and a quarter million,
and the emergency lum! is li
two and a quarter million di
Mrs. Kent is meeting with
success in ber work,
Id at
Ambition Lodge No. 73
The lollowing programme lot
the next two months has been
prepared by Ambition Lodge No.
73, Good Templars. All are
cordially invited to attend,
Oct. 21 -Basket social.
Oct. aS—Election of officers.
Nov. 4—Reports and installa
Nov. 11—P. C. T. supplies pro-'
Oct. 18—Heart social.
Oct. 25—Sunset Lodge No. 60
to provide.
Motto: "Onward and Upward.'
Sunday Services — Mass at 8
a. m., Sunday school at 2:30 p.m.,
Benediction at 3 p. m.
Pastor: Rev. E. Peytavin, 0.
M. I. V. S.
Services will be conducted as
usual on Sunday by the pastor.
Sunday school, 2:30 p. m.
Service at Moodyville school at
7:3*0 p. 111.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday
8 o'clock.
All arc welcome.
Pastor: Kev. J. D, Gillam, M.A.
Holy Communion, H a. in,
Moiiiing prayer, 11 a. in.
livening prayer, 7.30 p. in.
On the first Sunday in ibe month
there will be a second celebration
ol die Holy Communion Rt 11 a.m.
Rector: Rev. Hugh Hooper.
Sunday school at 2 p. m.
Service at 3 p. m.
Conducted by Kev. David Long.
All arc welcome.
□ Have grandparents rights that
"any one" is bound to respect?
Mr. II. R, Ilelloll, manager ol
lhc Bank of B. N. A,, of this city,
while on a tour ol inspection in
the Capilano range, shot a huge
black bear, and carried it on his
shoulder lor over (our miles. He
made the remark thai he always
looks lor big game.
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To the Editor ol Tim Express.
Dear Sir,—My attention has
been drawn during the past lew
days to the careless way in which
blasting operations are being conducted in thc city limits, causing
thereby great danger to life and
property. I understand there is a
by-law dealing with this matter,
and that it is necessary for any one
wishing to use powder for blasting
purposes to lake out a permit, and
that such person must satisfy the
authorities that they have had experience in this line. Either this
law does nol exist or it is not
being properly enforced, as at
present there is more than one
gang of Asiatics blasting stumps
ami rocks with as much freedom
as il ihey were a hundred miles
from anywhere, and either Irom
lack ot intelligence, inexperience
and sheer carelessness, firing their
charges without giving any warning to people iu their immediate
vicinity, Something should be
done at once to put a stop to this,
and it is up to Iho council to pass
a by-law prohibiting the sale ol
blasting powder to Asiatics unless
they can clearly show that tbey
are fully conversant with the use
of it and have had pre\ ions experience, and have a sufficient
command ol the English language
to give an intelligent warning ol
an approaching explosion to aHy
one passing by. Unless this is
done some unfortunate white man
will be killed or hurt, and tlie rate
payers (white ol course) will have
to pay damages through the "No
savvy" ol an uneducated Oriental.
Yours faithfully,
Harh Rock Miner.
North Vancouver, Oct. 20, up'/
Selections from the Poets.
NO.  1.
" Whet not your tmyllie, suppressors ol
our vice !
Reforming saints I too delicately nice I
Hy whole decrees; our sinful souls to
No Sunday tankards loam, no barbers
shave ;
And  boor undrawn,   anil boards un-
Bborn, display
Your holy reverence lor the Btbbatta
Hay." — I-ord Ilyron.
English Hard* aud Scotch ltoviewt'rs.
The   Rime  of  the Betrless
I ..iai Sunday thc "lid" wn on in
Nortli Vancouver, anil the lollowing
linoi written by "The Old Prospector,'
in the Vaucouvor Daily World, explains
the story; I
It wan an indent Sabbath Soak;
lie stopped otio ol tho throo:
"Bj rliy long beard, and booiclcs* breath
Now wherefore sl"|i«i lium me?
"Unhand me, irejrbeard lo " lie cried,
"I've scanty titui* lu scoot
A baity sprint to catch the boat;
Miiy-I lir:ir llio nn'rrj' t*.->t.
"Wouldlt hnve me upend tlie livelong day
in place) parched and drear,
With 1I0111.1 Inst la* 11 nl both front and
And coppers—.side and rear?"
"Aiai*. AImj" lobbed Ancient Souk,
"I Would it might not ho;
I would my tip might lead lo lands,
Whore 1 !■ •"Vns flowing free.
"Ilm epare tliy sprint tocJSunda; burnt,
Nor ii-a-i-, llio raging main]
Tlieir hearts nro flint, llieir dwrs are
Muyil wander hack again,
"1 loo, in happy dnys gono lay,
Did .-nil upon lhat quest;
a gallant launch, n 1 iy crew,
And 1, 11  rrj k'ii'-i.
"(inr boat   wai 11 rod,   lhe   Imrlsir
dei 11
Thoy told ni" touching Inli'i
'if -luili n.iiaks, iiiiiI balding i'i""ks,
Ainl I r llml  Tu.iiix'il 111 pllli,
'UV Pumped Uie North Vancouver abort.
That pii I laiii renown;
If     lll'lll     Ine I     l..ai        III' .11     III.II    I     lll'lll
li wni 11 1 ioIcii lown,
"N" milling man with scented locks,
l's, pa relied nivl dry, did great,
Ami illcnco brooded o'er the belli,
Wliero reigns the might- Pile,
"A Mayor grim hmi shin the Hit,
All liMdltai nf our pain;
Willi thirst Increased n thoiuend (old.
We waadored link again.
"I would nm thai another ninn,
Might fi't'l iiiiii ih.,.Mr pang,
Ami ^11 stand upon iii" dock
I'.i warn die thirsty ging,
"I'iii up, fill up mi Saturday, .
Th) beakera brimming e'ar,
'time is no olinni'e 10 -dny thy tliir-rt
On North Vancouver shore." THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C,
City of
BY-LAW NO. 14.
To •nAble tho Corpornlion ol the City
cl North Vancouver to rain by way
ol loan (he lum of forty-three thou-
lend dollar, tor llie purpose ol acquiring additional Sitei for School
nurpoae, wilhin Ihe City.
WHEREAS, ilu' Board ul SchoolTrus
I ,,,,. , it, „f Sorth Vancouver ban
. ,,,.j the Council ut tho (aid oil} t"
. :  foi the ■ ent a,( il lectors, a
i.a lav, i" uuthorizi Haa i'il) Council lo
b'orro«  upon the ""I" "•' -1» "l>  »'
large  the sum ot not i u tliun lortj
three thousand dollar* (SM.tJOO), by |)o
laciiiiirc-. Ior lhe purpose ol purchasing
the undermentioned lots nr pareoli ol
land, moro pnrtlcularlj known and de*
>,.,! as hereunder Bet birth, for
-rhool sites, nnd that nt the price sol
opposite v.i'li several lol ui parcel ol
Site. ■'"'"■
I Block 2; Dlstricl Lot 273j or
other property in the same
neighborhood In event ol failure
to secure thatull number ol loti
in said block  WW
8,-Pnrcel ol Land in Dislriel Lol
UO; nt northeast corner ol ITlli
street nnd St, Andrew'i nvenuo,
containing   8,6   acres, more M
loss (cleared]  511,310
:i.   i'.ir. ad oi  Lund   m   District
Lol 515, nl iini'llivi'i'-t  nor ol
Knd street nnd Chesterfield ave*
nue, containing Ml acres, moro
or less (cleared) $10,000
.AND WHEltEAS, iln' -aid Debonluros
ilinll lioar Interest al such rato, or
rat'-., nol greator than fivo per cent,
pel annum, lis tin* Council may seo lit,
uml such Debenture! shall be Iseucd
under the formalities contained under
the "Municipal Clauses Acl" for a
i nol raoeeding lilt) years Irom
their data.
\\|i WHEREAS, ii will ho necei*
. io raise annually by speeinl late
tbe nun of 12.300 for tlio term of
fifty years, for the repayment ol the
■aid DiI■■ ni'ii'- when due, and Interest
th,a, a,, as hereinafter mentioned,
AND WHEREAS, Iho value of Ihe
whole i.ii'.'i'ie property "f Iho said
i n.i. according to llii last revised
assessment roll ol Ibe a it) area, amounts
to (3,074,801.
THEREFORE, lhe Municipal   Coun*
i il i.i lhe l'or| Hon id the ''it* nl
Nortli VaneouTet onuets a- follows;
I. It 'hall  Iw l.iiiinl ia  Ihn Mali"!
of ihe Cit) il Ibe Clly Clork, fi i the
(mil  .at .ml, t., bono* -a rnisi  li
.ui oi bmn from any person or pel
dons, lai'ili "i Iiuiiii". eorporute, who mui
bo ailimg i.a iiiliani- the same upun
lhc 11..hi .' Mi,- Pehenturos I
.,Hoi in.'iiia..ni'ii ni the Corporation, n
'im a,i money ,...i exceeding in lhe
uin,io lh,' -mn oI furl) tlita'' thousand
d.ill.ii- .•U.iiiiiii. ami I.a i>iiu*4. tin
I.a     I.a    plaOOd     III     III..     Ha-ll        a.i        HllU'i,
Norlli   tinnrii .i al  Sorth \ am niiver, I"
the . i. ilit i.i tin* City, I,,i Iho p
above rei ited; and to delivei  llu
Dehciitmes, ,,t any ol Ihem, lo Ibe n u
ii * * i — "i  prt'sonl oiiiu'i- ,,i snld
p.u.a'i- i.i  land  in pai\iniii'   i
M. in   pnrei'l    .;  land m    nni    pail
:. I', i,. uian,   Bomb  of ll    I'il    I
Iho amount nl roit) H  Ihotisnnd ihal
l.n-   (I'l.tHKII    in      Ila,      ul,.,I,-.
he     issued     li     tin'     suid    Muyoi
a.i, I       i   ■' '   I'    1 .    in       I. llll-      a.l       ll|.'
Mun  i|        i i  in -.ui.  n   nui)
be .1. -ni'ii. im i: .i l..... il.an • i,nun
eueli    I ■ '       llu    dd Bonds -.hull I*
II II        .1   Mayor   nnd   fit)
i l"il in I lia.- i aii i Ink -hall ..IIn. li
(hereunto  tin   Corp    li nl   Iln
'   '.     '    ■' ■      '       '!        lltillll,
]  11." I''1- nt  Bonds   i...    ■     ii
li'h-1   .i»   n       '.',.'   , ..   .' a      '.   .    |„ i
"■ni   pei annum, payable hai' ...nli on
Hi"   I""'   llll     ■ a    !. 11 .   .anal   III"   hl.-l
dn   .a   .Inl;   ii   .ii,   .iul ,i,n   jcnl
llllllll.'     H"      '    H" Ila'     ...i.l      li,
heiitnres, a- .ai,.   i| Ma."     rime   l„,il
I- .in.i. bed   '" Ilm    I'.i    lure   I' ml
ii| Ma.   Maim i.nli. |,.i
nnd ■  ■     pn mli'ii-jl Hi.it
in      I hie     nd       la     ignaluK
|"l       | la.I
'        I a "I
I     'I lllll       H'l"! la I
'    I!,a-   I'a       II, ',    .',       I     „.
II C„  I ila.   nul prim l|.,'.   m
I ail" piiynhle h)    i.a   I'il    I     |..  ,
I.a.ii   .,t   a dale iiiii | fl
■ • ii    li'iin Hi" date a ■  i    ,
5, There shall laa' raised .md l"ii"il
nnnunll)  In .i speeinl i.ii,  ..,.  ,11 lhe
;i" proporl) in ih.  ..ml , il;  ii,,.
sum  ot  1300.00   for   thf   purpose   "(
forming a. Sinking I nnd, lm  Iho pn)
innil ui Uo  'ml Debentures, and ilu
BUM 01*12,150.00 |..i ih" payment of tho
interest, a,i Hi. a if ,,i,,i,"..h,i, i,, i„.
come iini mi Mi"   aid  bcljentiiri i ,1m
ma tin- . miai, ■   i a. and  Ihni  in
iiddiliiin ii. nil rati    •    >„■ i | nnd
lolleclwl in Hi" -.ml niv during Hie
whole cuneni y nl l)tt -..u.l l)i.|» ntures
or any "I them.
(. Thi' i'ill Coiim il mi-. .,'  a'
purcllllt any of thr Dehrnl led
under Hu- Ily law, and sll sm i. In..
bontures so purchased shall bo :..iili
with lann-lli'd nnd destroyed, and nn
re-is-iie of Debentures shall lie inu'l"
in inn equenco nl such i" puri hasi
7. Thi' By-law -hall como into olfci i
on lh" Imt day ol   1907,
6, This Ui-Iaiv may be cited for all
purposes as "Tin' lily of North Van*
couver School Sites Limn By-law, IM","
Passed hi the Council nn Hi" 17tb
day ol October, A.II., I!H)7.
Itccoivod tlio nssenl nl Hn* electors, nl
nn election held lot Hi" purpose, on th"
 dny of l.l)., 11107,
Reconsidered and linull) udopleil In
thi* Council, signed li) the Mayor and
i'iI.i   Clerk, nml  sealed  wltll  Hi" Cit)
Soul    on    Hi" till)'    of A.I),,
TAKE NOTICE Unit iha' ubovc li n
lui" nap) i<i lh" proposed IH I.m upon
which lhe vnlo uf Ilm electors nl
tho Corporation nf Hm City nl
North Vancouver mil I" token tvilhln
ila.' i iii   llnil,  Norlli   (.in.iniul',  mi
T l.n. lh,. 8IIII1 tin') "i October, lun;.
between th" hour* uf It o'i lock u.lll., nnd
7 o'clock p.m.
Returning Oiliccr.
GIVEN lliul Hi'' 'a.l" nf Iho olectors of
ihr Corporation uf Hie City nf North
\ .iiiniiiii'i mil ha' lukon mi "Tho City
ul   Na.tlli   Vuncouvoi   Sal 1  Sill-  Loan
Hi-Ian,   1907,"   "ll
TUESDAY,   THE   89th   DAY   OF    OCTOBER, A.D.,  1907.
Between lb" 1 1 ol D o'clock a.m. nnd
7 o'clock p.m., nnd that within lh" City
Halt, Nortli Vancouver, nml thatThom*
a* Shepherd ba- boon uppointod Returning Officer to tali" the vote of stub
electors with Ilm usual power in Hint
By order of lb" Council,
City of
BY-LAW NO. 15.
To aullioriie (lie execution ol an Agrue-
tnunl wilh the Norlh Vancouver Land
anil Improvement Company (Limited
Liability), regarding the grant and
i tearing ol park nreai, boulevard
•pact!, and itreeli in District Lot 550;
and to enable the Corporation ol lhe
City of North Vancouver to elite, by
way of loan the mm ol lourteen thou-
land dollars ($14,0011), to provide for
the payments due under the said
IVIIEItKAS, Ha.'  Igiwmonl scheduled
i.i tin- Hi I.m b.i- been ndjusled lie
i«..ii ih,. rile I',,um tl ni Nortli Van
." iver .ind lli" .Ninth Viincdiivci Und
.mil   Improvement   Compan)   (Limited
Liability), nnd it i- ne .ny in puss .i
I;.. '.,,i, .nil, th" nssenl ul lhc olefin aaaih.il/" Hi.' net niinii and do*
. a,i ..,i,i Agreement,
IVIIEIIEAS, ii  i- i rn  ii' i ai-
by  »j> ul  loan  Hi" - i  l-u11..,,
i'  unl iloll.it, '-II.IIOII', ta. proiidi l"l
lh,. payments tailing duo under   suld
Igreeiuent, and lh"  I Compan)  bus
al  t pi   Debenture II I- foi
".   .ml payments  ii pan  i.tlu"
IVIIEIIEAS, a. petition   igned I" the
.1 Ili'I-    nl     llinl"     Hi.II     I'  ll'll     a,|      l|l"
i.ili I tlm real propel t.i in Hi" i i'>
nl Norlli Vmi' "in* i ...   shewn I■*. the
I |S|      Ia'll"l|      \    -"--lllllll      ll''l|l     III-     la, II
pi nled In Ibe City Council, r*■*,u.-1
ill**   ll" III   to   llllliiillli "  .1   III   i.lll   I"   I.II"'
In ilu i.i P..in th" "ini ni fourteen
thousand dollars ($11,0011) i"i lhe pur*
po i milking -ml pnymi'iils.
WHEIIEAS, ii   mil 1." i,"...„ii In
 iiiii.,..'la   I..   ■ |..-. nil  i.it., tl un
ni (707  inr ilie ter in ol fifty yean,
lot   Hi"  11-|*.<a Tll.-lll   "1   III"  SUld  i",lll  atul
iiii. i. -t   Ibi'ieon,   .i     ha i, in.uii i   pro
IVIIEIIEAS, tl," mlu  ih"   iilml"
mil     llll     I, .ll    |.|n|."lll     ,11    Haa        alll    l ||    .
II .  '.i   l','   I.,   Ill"    I i.l    li ', liai     I
1:1,11 amounts ia. (.'1,011,8111
nil I'l I "I.'I., lhe Uayui   md  thiol
Ibe ' .i   -.1 Norlli \ nni uivt i, a"
I' ll   a   "11,1.1,.I   'mill   Ihl ',1
..I     Haa'      ..nl    ail,    ,|„|i    ,1
I I      , ti ol    ,i-   toll',II*.   H/
ilj   ,    .n.n  heri'b    ■    II
M      .    o|   ll,.    I  ,1,,  .not   II,a    I  il     i
a|     a  a, ,  all"    .Hill    .I'll     Hit    '    ll
.'.al ,'ii, ilihitii I,, ila" lint
I'.HtT therein named, "I nn Indenture
t '"a iin'iit   between   lhe   I'tli   t oi
potation nnd Hi" Norlh V i*ei I .mil
uol    lliilili. a,.ii""!      tiitiipaitll        l.ll.i'.l
Liability), in  ilm  lenni mnl  hn    Hi"
• .'I* ' II    '' birth, nhnli linh'ti
ttill   'ai   \gl*l ill   I- nntiil'il a* ll Si he*
<li|l" taa Ihl-  III In,v, iiiiiI Ihal llll as tho
i'' a,„i |i,,,i „i ih" '..ml iiii Corpornlion,
■: H -hall I... lawful lm ih,' Mayor of
ll I', and tli" i il.  Clerk   la   Hi"
purpose .iini'-.int. I" lioilou ni liiim
In n.n ol loan liiini anv person "i |ier-
■ uii., hoih 11 bodies ' a.i pnrnte, who man
'»'  iiilliiit.'  I Iiaini'  ll."  uitiic  upon
Hi in  ni  ih" Debenture*   heroin*
tiler named of lh" City Corporation a
i, a i.i iii'iii<'i in.i exceeding In Hi" whole
'ii*   nm ol  fourteen  Ibniunnil dollars
'li.iusi. .md I.a .-.in." lh" -.imi. lo lie
il.iaa.l  in  ih..  li.iiih  of  British   \nilli
'I     Na,, 11,    V,,niiilll,.I.    lo      th"
"iii af Ibe City, for ih" ptirpo*oabove
 i'ill; "i io deliver Hm mid Deben
i  am' "i them in Hi" -md Com*
pany nl par value, in payment of llie
-um- In become due tinder said Agreement, ur nny pail tliereof.
3. Debenture Bonds ni tlm City, to
tlm ainuuiil of fourteen thousand del*
Iai- (.$14,111111) iu Ilm uluil" Mill li"
issued lii Ilm -aid Maiol' mnl fill
Clerk, in terms of Ilm Municipal Clauses
Act, iu -uin- n* uiai In. desired, lml nol
li-.* lllllll $1011 i'inli. I'ii.'h of tlm saiil
Bonds shall lm signed by tlm said Muyor
.mil III) Clet'k, ami Hi" Cit)' Clerk -luili
attach ihi'ti'iinlo lb" Corporate Seal of
Hi" -nni fill Corporation,
I. Tlm  IM tm,'  llnmls   shnll    hour
interest al a ial" not exceeding live
pit cent, pan nullum, payable half
yearly, on lh" lirsl ii.ii uf Jnminry and
Hn' lit-l dai ul 'Inly, in encli nnil ever)
your during Ho ciirreno) of tin- said
llehenliires, of an) of them, Tlmi"
hall  be attached  In   lh"    Debenture
ll-iiiil* coupons signed hi tlm Maim
a.nli. i.a ".a h anil "ii'ii pa) imlil nt
iia'i'i.  I   Ihal   in,i)     li-'coiii"    ilil",   ami
..indi signature mil)  I ithui  wrillon,
.lamped, prluled or lithographed.
fi, Tlm smd Debenture Bonds a- lo
principal ami interest, shall bo payable
al Ilm i'tli Hall, Norlli Vancouver, II.
('., and Ilm said principal sunt shall he
mull' payable b) Ilm City Corporation
nl a dale not later than lilly years
from  tlm d.lt"  of issue.
II. Tii  .-hall  hn  raised  ami  levied
annually by a speeinl rat" mt all Hi"
rateable property in Ilm said city, Hm
sum ol $(17 fnr Iho puriio.su of forming a Sinking I'lind fnr the payment
if Ilm said Hi'lii'tiluii's, and Ibo slim of
$7(H) fur (lie pay moll t nf tlio interest
at  tlm nil" a foil's,! id, lo become due
on Ilm said DcboiltUI'OR dining tlio nit-
retic) thereof, and that in addition tn
all ral"- to he levied and collected in
Hm -aid city during the ivholo currency "f Hi" -aid Debentures or am ol
7. Tlm i'tli Council mny nl any time
purchase any of lhc Debenture! lastiod
under Ihis By-law, provided limy pay in
addition to their par value, n premium ur
bunui of lii" per cent, on such value,
ol such less siitn ns inav lie ugreed on
with Ilm liiihl.t- thereof, provided,how-
over, thai in Ilm event of the said coin
pan) taking up all or nn) of tlm -.ml
Debentures tin' Cit) Council shnll hnvo
th,- privilego of i"il""ining tlm same til
ani lime nl par upon payment of Inter*
.'-I   I'a,I.lll' Of paillli'lll, llllll till  -ll'll   III"
h ntnl.- -,, purchi I ur redeemed shall
Ire forthwith cnncolled nnd   de«tro)ed,
ami no to t-sim shall  I," mail" ill cons"
iiu •• of sn. h i" j.iiri'li,is" ur redemption.
H. Tin- Ily.I.m -hall a a.i ,l,a etlecl
mt lh" ln-1 day ol   1807.
II. This Hi.lan iii.ii Ii" cited for all
purposes a- "Tlm City of  Nortli  Van
couver  I'arlt,  Boulevard   ami   Sl i-
<i■ .ml and I '.'" lli I.m   1007."
I'. ,1 In  lh" fill  Council mi lh"
seventeenth iln) ol October, A.IV, 1007,
Iteei ind Hi" nssenl ..I Hm electors al
an election held for the purpose on lite
 till}    aaf t.U„    1907.
II sidercd  mnl  linull)  adopted    In
H," ilun.il. dgned by (he Mayor ami
fill Clerk, ami lenlcd with tho Cil)
s.il he dn ot V.D., 1907.
i I,,  tl dai   a.l   in  the
I..,, ul .nt l,.n.l. ,.|i" Iiunl- mil lum'
hundred ami seven, between Till'.
IMI'lliiVEMENT ' O.MI'ANY, Limited
I a,I,iiii, fliereinnftei culled "the I um
puny"), oi ilm on,' p.hi. ami Hi" i ITY
"I NOUTII VANI nl \ BR I*. >■ naflei
. tiled ' Hi" t'orpomllon' i ol tli othei
IVIIEIIEAS, lh" f pain i- th" nun-
,,   ,,l   ll,.Iiiii   l.iil   I'ivo   Iln' :   .1    lllll
Inti   a'.'aiii. 11 roup ii I'.   Via   U.-i
tuiilslei   lli.-linl. -.inin.'  I   i v,|iliiin
lhc   following   I"" .   'im'   a-   I.,  -al)
Sul lie 11 unl .no  tii.m ll. aii, rond hu
i ili-imi I :i:iu feel mill,. Hi. iiu.'.'ii-'
bur) .n. 'ui.  i   Keith ii nl i" Sum
ta. ti11, slreet, Lynri  Vnle i  ■ ■ I. Ilidge*
ia.H tiventie li"tn lii'tlh Mi'i  Ho Hi
i„ Seventeenth slreet, licilli mad,
I a 'ih Ninth, .n"l Ti mii ii"i-. ami
i.i.n reel en«terl) I ■ "i.i Wullfsohn ave*
i, ,.   I., curb  .i   H,.'  I. Ireel
Eleventh, Twelllh, Tlibleenlh, I'onr-
•■ ■ lh, I Itleentli nnd Sixlii'iilli ilreela,
, in pi ing itlsti Hi' i"lla.aiai,r HI'-I.*
■ fl , -■. s:i. -I
plelel, all l"ii l."l :i in Block DO,
I.     .     '■■    111,   "    ii"    I Illplele),
I ■ a       11,7,   ',,   |,l    .,„,|   ||U,   „,    t,.,|i    |„,,
a        II       III        IU..' I      MU WH
lllll IIEAS, ma .,1 -  hllVO Lun pi"
'.iiinn ih.  ('(trituration   ami
I ll.      I    <,al    lllnll    ll.     III"
< III pill III lllll nl a | 'l -ii "I aid land
III a. 111.,11, I   ll" . "lml.  fill   pall,   pmpi.-"*,
mil a    Irip   "i  l.mil    a i a It  -al.   ol
 I    li llll   I" I'll   nail   to
Nuni.iiith street, foi  ' levari]   gar
liens    and    lh,,lolllllll.,1" I      lol      Hi"
, lenring nl Hie   '"■ b on Hi" lands In
n.i  I .a   "ii, plntled mil  In   Hn   Com
I'.ini     WH IVIIEIIEAS, ih,. Compan)
..l a portion "i tli" -.ml si,,.,.i,
unl in pi ding mill Hm clearing of
Hi" !• in.lining poition  ul  ..inl  lot  and
heel      im h !■ lo lh" mutual lienelll
■I tin ' ,.ip..i ition, Hm Company, uml
Hm public, ami lhe   Corporation   hns
'-" "I I" p." I'm Hi" snld I'al'l, and
llonli ml ii.ii.l, ii- ami Iboi'oiiglifnre,
and i. Ibe • leering ol ih. sold ilroeli
"ii   the   lortlll    luii'iiiaill"!     nmntioimil.
NOW this IOIIEEMENT WITNESSETH thai m tonslderntlon ..r Hn prom
i.a.. n.,. Corporation .mil Hi* Compan;
mnl n.ill. rnii'ii.ml ami ngreo with "licit
othei a- follows
I. Tlm  fiiiiipani   iiill   a.ni" i   In Hi"
Corpornlion for pink purposes, eubjccl
in ill" i'ini- ami condition Inlned
in tlm draft "'iivi'iaii'i beretinto .in-
iiimiI ami iii.iiki'il " l." ihai portion ol
District Ul In" Hundred ..ml lift)
.'iin. Group "n" Hi. N'ti  Wc linnt-li'i'
Dislriel, described ns follows! Beginning
,,i ilm niii'thwesti'l'ly corner of Moody
nvonuo nnd Thirteenth Btreet, thenco
piocoodlng northerly along the eiuterl)
laiiunihiry of Moody.avonuo, six hundred
and ninety-four (tint) foot, to Ilm south
1'iisterl) corner of Moody nvenuo mul
I illi'i'tilh slrt'i'l, thenco proceeding oust*
-aii ahini,' Hm southerly boundary uf
I ii...'iilli slri'i'l lii" la ia ml ivil nndlwent)
an feet, to Hi" point uf contact uilh
llu. iii'-li'ili hniniilac) ol Ilm lioiilcvmil
heroin referred In. thenco procoedlng
..iitluil) nlong lb" wostorly boiindai')
ni Hi" boulevard aforesaid six hundred
nul ninety-four fool (GUI), lu the point
ul ititi'i-i'i lion ul Hm norlli Iiniii nl
Thirteenth street, uilh Ilm wesl limit
ml boulevard, which polnl is five
I   ii.lt".I  ami   I ii mi I,v  (5'JO)  feel  distant
 il)   Innil   lh"   point   nf rnninii'iii".
i,  nl. limn"' proceeding westerly nlong
ll..'   -aid   iiiillhi'lli   I nihiry  uf  Tint
In nth slreet   live linndred and  twenty
,-'in  feel   to  tlm  point   ol mn ncc
ma ni; raid pnrcel or li.nl of ground
untiiiniiig eight in res and twenty oighl
! Iii'ilths pails i,r an act" (8,28 Ac),
I,.. ilm st ire ur less.
Th" Compnii)   uill cuuvu)   In th"
i'.a point hm  lor boillovurd gaixlens ami
Iburiiiigbfare purposes a -Hip of laml
a i .uli  sid" nf IJlmi'iislniry avi'inie uf
   Iiiimliial nud   loity  iiiui    feet    in
ii i,IHi. oxtending from Hm norlli -id"
ol thn Keilh ruad to Ilm south side ol
Nineteenth street, upon and subject to
il>i< in in- and conditions of lb" draft
'iittvoyance hereunto nnnoxed marked
il. Thu Company agrees lo have cleared
prim In lb" Ural ot July, IHII. lml not
In grade tlm said park and boillovurd
hinds: alsu Queonsbury nvenuo from
Inllil innd In Nineteenth street, such
clearing to lie dono In the extent nnd
i.a Hm .111111111111 id' niinii Block Number
t  Hundred (100) in said District l.ul
numbered Five Hundred and fifty (550)
i- now cleared,
I. Tb" Corporation fur Ilm consldora*
imn aforesaid agrees lo oxecuto nutl
deliver to th" Cuinpnny fur said park
space, and Ilm lands sn lu bo convey*
cl lur boulevnrd gurdens and thorough*
i , eighty imu Debentures   uf   Ono
Hundred ($100) Dollars oacl payable
at   ll 'pnultiiu   of   lilly  years, and
bearing Inlorest al lit" int cont, per
nmiiim, pnynble ball yearly with lhe
privilege uf redomption at nny time at
pat upon pnymenl nl inlorest lo dnte
ni p.i.m I.
a. Tlm Corpornlion, for Ilm eonsider*
.iin,n uforesuid, ngrees lo exoeiite nutl
deliver to llu* Complin) Dobentiiro*, of
ih.* par in I no uf titm Hundred ($100)
Ihllhll's ".u'h.  li'-patalil"  ail   ll \pna-
tiuii ai hiii hmi-. ami bonring interest
..I Hi" tat" nl iii" inu centum per
annum, payable lialf-yenrl.v, with the
pi ivilege ni redemption at nil) lime nt
par upon payment uf interesl lo date
ot  pnymenl al  Hm rate ot .-11111.1111 per
.ut" tm all streets which tlm 1 pun)
ha- ni -hall hai" ■ I...... I I,. Hm extent
referred to in paragraph il hereof, o\-
"'pi    i.iiii'i'ti-l'iii.i   nveiine,  upon      saiil
I-i v.i'   1 1 lo III" lii-l ol .lull, mil,
lml imi "M ""dm..' in Hi" whole Hi"
-uin of $	
li. The Corpornlion uill, uill t delay,  siilaimi  a   Hi-lam   lo II lectori
entitled lo int" on mono)' By-laws, mt
tborixing th" execution ol Hit-. .,_'t,,■
iimiil. nnd Hm issue ol ench Debentures.
IT IS I \|i|:i,'STiui|i th.,1 n„. Bight
Tluiu-.iii'l ($8,000) Dollnrs of Debentures
I mii. 1.'"   ii'iiiiiil   I., shall  be il"-
Iiti'i'd upon Hm convey " lu Ilm Cor
pot.iinni 1.1  iho -aid lands cleared ns
itl'oii-.ml d Ilm Debentures t"t street
"lenring front time to Iimt m slreots
7. Tlm Corporation 1 nvennnls and
nglt'i's lu hold tlm -aid laud- upon mil
subject   to   III"   I.'Ilns   ol   III"   -aid   ion
veynnee I unto annexed ninrked "A."
hereto hnve heieunl 1  their liandi
and -".il- Hi" da I yenr Drat uliovi
Th" Corporate Seal uf
Hm 1 iii 1.1 Nortli Vim*
a OUVI  I     U.l'     lllll U,l|tl'   ||f*
ii\,,| 111 the presenri a.i
Tlm Corporate Seal oi
tho Norlh Vuiii'iniu't'
Land and linproreinenl
Company, Limited Lin*
Inliii. 11a- liereunto til
liM'll   III  ll"'  pli'-'ll 1
VanrcMitor Address:
llli llii hauls M.
'I'liiinr 3221
Week I ndiiiii Nov 2nd.
Norlh Vancouver I
Junction Block
'Phone 37
TAKE NOTICE thai Ihr nlmvc i- a
'a   11    " p      "I    Hi"   ptn| il   |(a   i.ili    i||	
iihiib   Ilm   mtf   nf   llio   I'leilnrs   ul
ilm   Corporation   ol    Hm   City  "i
North Vni n't mil l>" tal.1 n iiiiliiii
the 'ii.   Hal1.   Villi   Vancouver, on
Tui'-ilal. Hi" .'Ulli ila) nl II. Inllil. I!lll7.
I.. I.". 11 llu   I1.1111 ■  nl !i n'i In. I, a.In., ami
; o'elork p.m.
Itetiiriiiiig (lll'u'cr.
GIVEN llllll Hi" i.a 1 lh. electors nl
Hm foipoiali f Hi" rile nf Nnrth
Van nni  "ill hn laken on "The fill
nt Norlli Vnncouver I'nrk, Boulevnrd
anil Streets Grant mul Loan By-law,
lim?," on
TUESOAY,    THE    29th    DAY      OF
Between lb" bom- ,,| 11 ,.', i,„ I, a.m. and
7 o'clock p.111.. nml thai within Hi" fill
Hall. North Vancouver, nnd thnl
Tin,ma- shi'plmid lm- been appointed
llelurnlng Officei i" Inko th" vol" ol
such electors, with th" usual powor in
lliul bi'balf.
Hi oid.'i ..I Hi" Council,
THOMAS siii;i'iii;i;n, Clly Clerk.
-.lll'lll l IM'ill III!
Price fash Description
(IM)     1    fjjnii      1 Two bouses First slroot (lirsl Idnrlt); rents, 119.
;i7i«t     1     ia,iKi     1 l''iv,'i 11 i.oasi'on Uheslcrlleld nvenuo, a particularly
I I       good buy.
1800      I       6;i:l      > Siinill I'liltiuac' 1111 tn-liinl hit nn Thirteenth streei; lirst hlui'l'
,| I       ti'oiii l.oiiMiiiii!nit'iuii'; n bargain,
77:,     1      iliS     1 l'i[ilisir"c'i;;iiii"iilili"lii'sis|ii'i'iihitloiislnialosc'.in property
17*     1      *j:t7     1 A gounliio snap on Lnnstliilo'nvonue, Cflxl82, bottvet n Nye
I        mid Sl Juntos Blrcol,
li'jiHi     1 I I'ivo neri'S, Lynn Vnlloyi nui houses, twosorosloncod, nnd
I       in ti 1111 nnil vcgoiitoloBi llrst'cbisB wuirr.   Price In*
clttilos tnitittin-,-, i'hli'ki'iis.i'1"
11 is.", ltd I      1 giiut nml nil" liiini iii'tos on lii'lth ninii; splt'iuliil vliiv ul
I        ihe buy; chi.-ii tutall tvulori Ibrouyonn lu pity biiltineo.
I (INM1 VI I   ISIAll, D. I   'its
l.iiT.-i MiiiM  $S'J,*1| CASH, $100
Summer Time Table, 19,17
•11.(10 A. JI
*li.20A. M.
•li.-lii    "
•7.20   "
S.llll    "
8.20   "
S.ll)   "
11.00    "
11,80   "
0.45   "
10.15 A.M.
10.16  "
10.45  "
ll.i.'i    "
II.In  "
1 l,l;1   "
12.15 P. M,
12,16 1'. M
1 16  "
12.45 I'. M.
1.45  "
1.15   "
2.16  "
2,45  "
8.16   "
3.16  "
3.45  "
4,15   "
4,16   "
4.45   "
■ 5.15    '
6,16  "
6.45   "
0.15    "
ll.i.'i   "
(1.45   "
7,15   "
8.15   "
8.45   "
9,16  "
9.46  "
10,15  "
10 46   "
•11,80  "
•11,45 "
* Not. on
$4 MEN'S $4 SHOES   $4
We claim to carry tlie lies
of this popular priced Shoe in
thc city.
lltix Calf LiiHil. Double
Sole, Goodyear Welted
V'vur Call, Gun Metal Calf, or
Fine Dongola, sinnlc or double
slip sides. All Goodyear Wells
Neat Dti'SSy Moots.
^^^^^ ALL AT $4.00
Tlu' llt'iul Olllco iif the PACIFIC COAST FIRE IN80RANCK COMPANY 1- iu Vancouver. Tin' LOCAL AGENCY i» at tlio corner ui Lonsilnlo
nvonue ami Second itreot,
Ymir priiporly tuny imt Iw luirnod down tomorrow, Imt then again it may.
Ymi uill aleep flouiuler0 iilghtn if ynu are protected, .liict dropyonrsellor a card
in mv olllco nud I'd liappv.
' Alt I'.Ml'l.llYKUS'l.lAI'all.n'Y pill,ICY RomOVM tllO hist I'lfiiii'lil ol lin-
certainty us tu wlmt ii msiH to run your biiilnenl
I mu at your icrvloo fur any kind »f Iniiirancc,
Real ICwtaic
I iviuil livi'iir leu nert's nol tim far frnin Oarlino. My client lirltefl that "the
toll iniiHt he giiml ninl ivaler ph'titllnl ".   IVIlo'umil what lie waul-'
QtintOMIcrea Inr stile un ami ju-t nlf l.iiusilali* IIVOUUU for (760 In ♦',150.
Kirty-fu'it Inl mt Thirteenth, rime t.> Lonwlale, only I860.
A corner on Bight, (acini! muili uml only 133 yards Irom Lonsdale, 240 by
I in feel. There'll no hotter residential sii" in town ui -Ki,25u
A. J. Picton-Warlow
Insurance and Realty Broker
North Vancouvrr
Re A Lynn Valley Mnniige
Tu the Editor ol lilt: Klein--.
Sm, I'm iln' li. iniil nl those
ladies in I.vmi Vallej who are sn
nnu li pu//lt .1 ,f, in how ilu- court-
ship was i.iiidiii ltd, he it stated
thai then' waa no courtship at all,
it was siuip'i a nisi: of " vi ni,
villi, vici I"
Respectfully yours,
A. Mkissnkst,
Lale interpreter lor Cupid
Lynn Valloy, Oct. i5)h, 1907.
Havo on Imml a large supply nl Cement
lllocks, iiiailo Irom fresh water -ami.
Samples imiy hu i" m  ut  the  ni'iv
ii'iiii'iil refiili'itee nil HeCOIld llrtldt citHt.
Hljeol blocks8x10,
lull particulars can bo Lml Irom tlm
Western Corporation ollice, »r wriio to
Nnrth Viineniivfr, U.Ca
Note Telephone Number ol
Y I Wattila', Sin Francisco,
and Ed, J. Tarrow, Los Angeles,
returning to California liom New
York, were among the arrivals 111
this city Wednesday. Alter having
dinner at Hotel North Vanoouver
Ihey lell hy the ferry and took the
owl lor Seattle.
Wi' Imu' ihe Best nml Most Carefully
Selected Btock for our site mi lhe Pacific
a< inst, ami next week W0 Open lip a Stock
ol. China and Glassware, We invite in-
Bpectlon, especially ftom the members
nf the linnrd of triule. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
The regular meeting of tlio city council .van lii'M in llie city Iniil on Monday evonlng. Tlie mayor nnd nil tbo
nlili'i'ini'ii were present.
Tlie minutes of three provioue meet
Ingfl were rend and adopted.
Tbe report of Ibe civil engineer ivho
woro n sliort ivlfllu ngo in tlio city In
lite 111 Villi Hun uf Ibe council, In give llll
expert opinion oii Ibe different grndrx
on dtt'i'i'ls running north nut) south
itimro same uere Intcmcctod by cnu,,
strcots, miM loud, Tbe council at thnl
lint" ivns divided in opinion betwoon .1
torraco und 11 straight grade, ainl as n
rositll il iiii*i ali'i'ialail ibai engineer!
taliiinlil he invited fnim Vaucouvor lo
look "iei tbe sit mil inn in North Vancouver ami 1 "limI In II iiineil their
views.   The  reporl   rec icndcd  Ibai
nortli nnd south streets <nt which car
lines woro laid or likely lu bo Inid sliould
In* lieni'It graded) mt Btroole which had
nm ur mil likel.v ti hnvo street car
lines on thom, tbey rocominclidod lb"
strnighl grade system, Conitdornblo die*
cussion followed, ns to tlui advisability
of accepting or reject nig Ibis roport.
Alderman Hick moved and Alderman
Jordan seconded thai the roport he accepted.
Alili'i'imtn frwln ami Alderman Smith
moved nml seconded an amendment to
tbe liiiiliuii nml suggested llml Ibe re-
ported he liled for future referenco,
Alderman Crickwoy moved that the
report be Iniil 'over lill nest Thursday,
Alderman Emery seconded the amend'
nienl  tn tbe (inietulnient.
On the inin llml followed Hie uwyiv
gave the casting vole in favor of laying
tbe roport ovor until Thursday,
Plan uf subdivision ul lul  III, block
2IIII, I). L. 644, wns submitted. Till ■
gineei recommended thai a IB-fool road
should lie allowed for in the subdivision,
ll was decided thai a letter bo sent In
tin' applicant advising liim ol Up engineer's n iiuiii'iiibiliuti and tlu* council's decision  lu iiliiile by same.
Reports of different committees were
, J'i'.id ami adopted.
Alderman Jordan's roconimendotlon
tbat a hut wator connection be mnde to
Ibe shower bath now being Installed ;n
tin* new lire bull was adopted.
Aldortnnn Dick reported lliul lie had
f il  thnl   Ibe city benllli officer hail
control ami supervision of the Indian mission and its having snme tin'
council gave bint iiutbuiili to net 'n
his capacity of health olllcor over lh.it
The council then wenl Inlo committee,
Tbe dlstricl council mel in tho municipal hull  Friday night. There weie
I I     Keel"  Mny.    Ciiiieillui's  \|,-
N'llilgbl, Nye nml Unburn.
w. .1 iinin. -eai'i'iiiii .,1 tin. Hoard
nf Trade unite advising llinl ibe Hoard
nl Ti.nl" Iiii,I resolved llinl ll '"liny
!-• all, III tl Ilia-:, I a -   llllll   llll'   ili-tliel   i-iilllleil,
inl Ing Ihem tints lhe II, c. Telephone
1'". hail agreed tu Install n continuous
|(i|n|iliilltc< -"iii," in ib" I'iii ol Nurlli
Vatteoiivei  n* .-""ti n* 7."i phones were
iti-t died.   Mr. Irwi  behalf ol lhe
II111111I uf Trml". rctpie-leil Hint tbe ills-
trlel  iiuuii-il 1 pernio in conjunction
nub lb" II il ul Trade with this uli-
j"a| in ii.'iv.   li un- 1 Ived Hint tb"
i"i tl  1 bl assist iu nuy manner pus-
Plan nf K. I,. II7II snd Hi" deviation
■it li'iili road uere iiihinltled end (In-
all) passed.
i'h  subdivision in:: un- laid before ibe council l<i Mr. Kll.in* unit approved nf.
Tin* plan nf ibe Western Corporation
fur die nllcmtliui uf Seieiiii'i'uili street
nml aim Hi" Bt'VCIIIeclllll -it,',!  unit
between Hie cor|mrnltoii nnd couucll,
net" ngnln broughl up.    Coun.   Mc-
Niiulil ut'iie'l 'imi Cniin. N.i onded
llinl tin* Western Cnrpornlhta I"' nskeil
I tut   it    lepl lllllllll'   In   It I    Hie
1.,mii ii relative i,> arriving st s soHlo-
Tu,. louder- were npeucd lm- lb"
■ ii.uio; and grading "t Center road,
Tb" spot-mentions were illvlih-d inin part
line nml pari iim. Askew uml Kennedy's lender a,f 10:11 r..,- imr I 1 wni
 "pi",l an,1 V, I', rt"*-'- lender «*r
tSIISI inr purl Iwn wn.- necepled,
Tli purl nf ibe board "I works
nn- nml nml n pleit,
Tli"   Minimal**-   llilniv   received   uml
unit pi .1 ii- third ia' "tm.'
Till    t'll.l'.l    I"   li'l'i'all   pant    nf    I lllll
C I, 1,,ml* liil.in  111- n.nl mul pn I
ii- iniail rending  acl u.i* adopted hy
lb" .'.uin. il
Councillor   Itnlmon  -pnl."  in  * • .itn.-. -
lion niiii 11 I'lii" print cniniinny "i 1 sn
1 "hut. iiim make n a|ie Iall) ol pre«
p.nin.- .in  1 iti-iiiii uiip*.   it mi*
1 iini Hmi Hie iiaiiipiin   have ibe
privilege ..f *iiln,liiinii.' it- 1 ' i« rlllnne,
it ii. 1. resolved iimi during He winter months tbe i-'ini'-il meeting 1 i>
iiiiii"" ut 7 o'clock iii-ieii'l "f 8 o'clock,
A plnti fnr nt., srl I hullillngs were
siiliiiiilleil hy Ibe cn'ciiniieul. It Hit"
Illggeslod that llio lltllkllllgs were Inn
-mull uml ilnn plain- fnr slritettires In
a" nodnls list) pupil- ["i eueli school
I"' n**ke*| tur Instead,
('inin. T, S Niv relumed liomo from
a month's li'ili'lny in llu* south ami In
A general mooting of Ibe North Vancouvei' Hoard of Trade ivas held in Hie
city bull on Tuesday evonlng. President
Hen. .1. Phillippo occupied Ibe chair uml
their weie present] First Vice-President
\\. .1. Irwin, Second Vice-President 11.
C. Dick, Secretary ,1. Selkirk, W. Murray, P. Larson, II. 1'. Wright, P. Allan,
JI. ll. Martinson, A. ,1. I'lcton-Wnrloiv,
W. Nlcholns-Lolloy, A. A. Cromston, A.
li. Sleuai, W. 1,. linull, T. S. Nye, 1).
IV. I.ldt'i', W. C Qreon, T. Kennedy, A
Smith, M. S. McDowell, Mr. Androm,
Mr, llliiakiiim" nml Mr. I'Toldhouso,
Tb" iimiiii'- uf tb" second .iiiiiii.il
mooting, beltl on Oclobor 8, wero road
mnl adopted,
A lotlet nn- roud from A. Philip,
iii'ii, ul lb" dislriel council, advising Ibe
liiiiinl ul trade that tlm dlstricl council
tioubl comply wiib Ibe roquost ul on*
ooiiraging tlm Inslallntlon uf lolophonos
that the number might roach Hint required lot' a continuous service in North
\ anciilll'iT.
Till'  alllli 1111:111   llien   sluled    llllll     Hie
principal purpose of Hie mcoting wiih 10
arrange Ibe different committeei. I'he
chairman of each wus balled upon to reporl on Hie progress be had mado
It was found llinl those wore mil complete yet mnl Hie matter wus postponed
to a future nteeling.
IV, ,1. 11 win 111111le.il suggestion llinl
eueli committee meet twice u month and
discuss ibe subjects coming under their
supervision, lie nlso thought Ilie board
would receive considerable publicity by
tbe moans uf a booklet fur distribution
all ovor the country,
Another Important feature nnd el
vital consoquenco to Ibe success of Hie
board of trndo, Mr. Irwin boltoved, was
Ibe regular nttondanco of every mombor
lo till lite gi nl meetings, nnd   thus
promoting und continuing tbe general
Mr. II. C. Wrighl epoka of tbe matter
of patronising homo industry us fur us
il wns possible and ooncontretlng Hit'
business nillini the tily and district by
every means or at least giving Hie home
producci's an opportunity lu figure nnd
contract for any work.
Tbe quosti tl Hie telephone sorvlco
wn- discussed nnd il wns resolved that
nuy Inquiries or dealings in that connection should be referred In tbe public Improve ni toiiimilti'i'. A recommendation tuts suggested thai Hie telephone
lulls be published ill 11 loenl paper.
The application of M. U. Martinson
fur membership was accepted.
The executive wits scheduled to meet
next Tuesday.
The meeting then adjourned,
The Athletic club donee will be bold
in Larson's pavilion Instead ul lhe Athletic hull ns previously arranged, The
affair i- In lake place Thursday even-
im;, lhe 21th Inst. The reputation ft
ibe "lull's dances is un assurance of a
large attondunco und nu enjoyable li ,
B, It. Itntsninn hn- set urwl I building
ntnl bus completed nrimigcincntH for
Opining up a geueinl lii'i.lu.ite. plumb.
in.' mnl tinning simp in Hi" Mar Future,
Thi' date  is  given  mil   ,is about    lhc
fifteenth ui nest month,
Mr. Ilorsntun mines from Suaknlch-
esan, where lie has recently lieen in
the hltrdnaie buslniSS, He uill. in nil
probability, ship his slisk in hand lo
tin- 'ily for stinking liis tieu stoic.
Vote for the Loan By-laws.
The h'nighls nf Pythias held llieir regular meeting in Hie Orange hull Tucodn)
evening. Quite n land' number of applications for membership were submitted.
An interesting address wn- given ii)
Brother Hawkins, a visiting member.
Mr. ILiukin- congratulated the in'ivl-
loii I lodge on the enthusiastic manner in which tb" members weie engineering Hie affairs ot Hie new organisation in North Vnncouver.
I. 0. G. T. SOCIAL.
The Independent Order nl' Good
Templars held n basket social in their
hull mi Maamlny evening,
The attendance ivns Mr, ond ilm
auction uf ilm prize boskets uu- intense!) interesting as competition for
lie choicest grew very kern at limes.
Brother McBain fmm Vancouvei
gave n -li"ii address
The program um supplied by local
inbiii.   s.iiml visiting  bus net'
Nest Monday evening a   Inrge   nt-
tendance i- expected,   Tin  tin  ol
now officers is the business in hand mt
Hint "lining.
tity of
BY LAW NO. 16.
To ennui* llie Corpornlion ol th-. Clly
ol Nortli Vnncouver to mill liy i-oiy
ol loan Ihi sum ol thlrly-fivt, thdu*
Iind ($35,000) iloll.tr,, lor the purpoi-
ol improving nnil extending the Wnlec
Worki Syttem In the city.
WHEREAS, a petition signed by the
miiiii- nl mote lhan iiiii'dciilh of the
faille "I lent propel ly in Ihe I ily nf
North Vancouver in- shewn by ihe lasl
revised tssessmenl Hull), tins lieen presented tn the ('ily Council, requesting
Ihem In Introduce n By-law in miss hi
way of liian Hi" -uin of thiit.t-lii" HlOU>
sund ($36,000) dollars, for the purpose
of Improving nnd extending tho Ciiy
Wnler Winks Kjslein.
WUBRBA8, it mil I.,, necsssar] to
ralss annually by special rats th" sunt
nl 11.917.00 for the term of Ally yean
for the repayment of the snid loan anil
Interest   thereon,   as   hereinafter pro*
WHEREAS, lhe (nine of the whole
rateable real property in llie said City,
according to the Inst revisod Assessment
Itcill iiinoiuils tii (3,074,891
THEREFORE, the Mayor nnd Alder-
men of (lie City of Norlli Vancouver in
Council usseiiibled (with tlio assent of
the electors of sniil city duly obtained)
enact ns follows, vizi—
1. It shall be InwfuWor tlio Mayor
of Ihn City and Ihn City Clerk, for tint
purpose afot'csuitl, to borrow nr raise
by uny of loan from uny person or
persons, bod)' or bodies curpornle, who
tuny lm willing lo iidvanre the suine
ii|inn llie "ii'iiil uf Ibe Debentures hereinafter mentioned of lhe Corporation, a
stun of money not exceeding in the
whobi Ibe sum of Ihirty-llvo thousand
($35,000) dollars, nnd to outlso (be same
l<> lie placed in Ibe Bank of llritisli
North America at Norlh Vaucouvor, to
lite eretlil of Ibe City fur lhe purpose
tibiiie recited.
U. Debenture Bundi nf lb"   ('ily, lu
Hm amount   uf   thirty live   11 uml
($35,000) dollars in Hu* whole mny be
issued by Ibe suid Mayor ami Cil;
Clerk, in ("litis uf lb" MunicipalClaiisos
.lit. in sums as mny be desired, lull
imi le*- Hum $1,000 each, Each of the
sniil Bonds shall be signed by the said
Mayor und Ciiy Clerk, atul Ilm City
clerk shall attach thereunto the Corporate Si*nl of the snld City Corporation.
3. Tbe Dobonture Bunds shall bear interest at a rate not exceeding five per
cent, per annum, payable half-yearly on
the fin-al day of January and tlm first
dny of July, in eueli nnd every yenr
iluiini! the currency of tha said Dehen.
liifes, nr any of thom, There shnll bo
attached to the Debenture Bonds, Coupons signed by the Mayor only, -dor
each ami every payment of Interest thut
mny become due, nnd such signature
may be either written, stamped, printed
ur lithographed.
I. The said Debenture Bonds, ns In
principal mid Intorost, shall bo payable
al Ihe City Hail, Nurth Vnncouvor, 11.
I'., nml lhe said principal sum shall he
mnde payable by tho City Corporation
ol a dale nnt later than fifty teats from
the tittle of issues.
5. There  shall  be  raised  and  levied
annually by a s| ial rale nu all   the
rateable properly iu the snid City the
sum of $1117.01) fur Iho purpose ol
forming a Sinking Fund for tlie payment of tlm snid Debentures, uml the
Bum nf $1,7511.110 fur the payment ol the
interest at the rate aforesaid, to be*
como dim on lhe suid Debentures dur-
ing Ihn currency thereof, ami lhat ia
addition to all rales lo be levied nnd
collected in (hu said City timing (be
whole surrenoy of lhe said Debentures
or any of I bent.
li. The Ciiy Council may at any lime
purchase uny of tlm Debentures issued
under Ihi- By-law, und nil such Debentures so purchased shnll be forthwith
cancelled nml destroyed, nnd no re-Issue
of Debentures shnll be made in consequence of such re-purchase.
7. This By-law shall como Into effect
un the first dny of   IIKI?.
s. This lly-law may bo cited for all
purposes ai "The City uf North Vancouver Wuler Wurks Loan By-law, 1907,"
Pa--ed by tin. Council mt tlio I7lh day
of October, A.D., 1907.
_ Received Hie assent nf the electors ut
an election held fur tho purpose nn Ibe
  dny uf   A.l)., HK17.
P nsldorcd by the Council nml final
ii adopted, signed by thi Mayoi and
City Clerk, ami  sealed  with  tho Cit)
Seal on 1110   iim or   A.D.,
LOT 373
We hnve sonic lots left in this Original
Subdivision,   Cnll and see us, nnd
buy before they nre nil gone.
The Electric Tram runs
right through this property
It is bound to  be  an   important  addition
in the near future
Easy Term*
440   SEYMO U R    S T R E Iv T
TAKE NOTICE ih.it Hi.* above li .1
true eopy ol Ihe propoNd By-law, upon
which tin vote nl tlio eloclon
ol the Corporation ol the  City oi
North Vanillin er will he taken within Iho
Clly Hull, North Vancouver, on Tuos*
■hit, ilm Mill 1l.11 i,i iiii,,ber, liHi7, between Hm boon 1.1 !i o'clock a.III. .mil
7 n'i lock p.m.
THOMAS Slllil'lll'.l.'li,
1,'etiiriiinii Olllcor,    j
GIVEN thai lhe role „l lb,, elector*- nl
the Corporal  n( Hm i'tli 1,1 Nortli
I'nilOOUW   lllll   Ihi Ink. 11   am   "Tli,.  I  11
nf North Vaii.'iiinei  IValerwork   I
III  I.lll.   I1HI7," nil
TUESDAY,  THE 39th    DAY    OF
OCTOBER, AD., 1907.
Between the houn ol II o'clock a,in 1
7 o'clock p.m., ami Hint within II"
i'tli lliill, Norlli Vancouver, ami thai
Tltomni Shepherd lm* been appointed
Returning Officer in ink" Iha volt 1
'" li 11'" i"i*. 11 ith the tiiiml powei in
that behalf,
11.1 nuill ,,i the Council.
with es im:
MISS »1. A. IMH1M tt
Experienced muiic teacher, graduate "1
Conservatory nf Music, I'arli, franco,
will nice leiwm ovory Saturday after*
1 11 ni N*,rtt, Vancouver, Hludfo, Mrs.
Anderson's. Thirteenth street, corner
Clivterliel'l avenue, next to Church ol
Englaud,   I nr particular! apply
MIS8 ('  \. DOIINER,
Vancouver, li. C,
lieiieral Deliver).
Mln Clnpn it propared In receive u
liniiti"! iiiiinlier i.l I'upili, between Hm
agei nl »ix ami twelve yean, nt her rei*
donee on Ural itroel eait, .""'rib Vancouver. ll.C .
Information regarding lertni, houra,
„!('., Will III* lllrilisllO'l nil >ppll  ll
If you arc going to IU II I)
or do any AL ILKA I IONS
consult u« nml rn' will
sue you MONEY.
Plans, Lie,   prepared   lor   nnv
style house.  Lsliiimtes lurnished
IIIIIDIRS     OlliSt., Wesl
lui: A III.I. LINK i'i
Groceries and
Accountants,    Auditors   Genera
Commission Hrokers
Krai Mali' AguiM
SL tiff"
Tut ni'ii'iM ll '.'IC'
(Ml   lin,iiir.i   „nii   I.  f.  land   laiT.ua
'I'llnNI !»JS
RUIwi-i, Brldin, Water Powtn, lUlnitM,
a;,|.ci,|,',|,.t. naf-l I 1.Ii'l 11„ tlnli. 1|h|,*. luiilf
IIIM, HlOlOl '  l-llil*   * Ila IllTl 11,(10.
Ill 1 •    .* H, tv ,
VANI'lil VLB. II. 0.
1   IKH.HKItS fflihlng to bavo llnir
niinii'" Included in ilm Voters' Uii ol
Hm Ciiy ill North  VajIOOUVOt for Ua"
year iiion, muit lodge ivitb tin* Olty
clerk before tlm ln«t day of Octobor
tirreni a declaration, lortni nl which
an be liml nn application,
City Olerk,
Tin; lixi'RKss, (1 a year.
Lol ui call your attention loour PO-
I lI'lll.S.    We Wl Ili'll'l llli'lll    I'ill"
A I.
iKi'l'lMAHS-a low more lelt.
Watch lurmir ipcclal nd. invt wook
Call to fee iif, 'mill pay t"ii We
havo lotnclliiii'* lo lell you u hli b should
please all,
Our Goods are Good
Temitorarj till ■•   1 I mlney'l
I'aini Mi "p. Eiplanada,
Numii Vani oi im, ll. C.
Plan-. IJiiailtillc-. I ■  ■ ■
Huperlntcndcn I ComtrucUon
iiitiir.'' "iiMin l.aiantu Avi
Rolled Oat»
Hai) and Feed
ALL mm Kb
Milling Co.
Mm. Mitchell, local niugiri
l.tniiilali: Avenue.
Our Prices are Ri^h I      Habe|)e willlscroft
Corner 8th St. and lonsdale Ave.
miiiioni 40
Biteclal attention given to Angering
ami tons production,
Studio   Second mitane, "^iiii ten,
l"ti,"i,tli, I 'li-.l.lli' I'.aUt.
Fine,  healthy  Tomato and
Caulillmvcr Plants, grown Irom
SllttOn "•'      « liand. THE  EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
For school purposes tho Nortli Vancouver City Council propose to buy Blocks, D. I-. 573, tor Jao.ooo, We
will sell vmi CLEARED LOIS in    '
DIST.  LOT  530
overlooking thc proposed school grounds at
$600 and $700 Each
One-third cash, balance six arid 13 months
161 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
1836      THE BANK OF      1907
British Nortli America
NE ol tlic oldest banks doing business in
tliis country.
fill Branches in Canada mnl llio United Slates.
A general banking business transacted.
Honey Orders IsSHI'll  payable   anywhere   in
Canada, United States or Great Britain.
Drafts bought and Bold,
Prompt attention yiven to collections.
Savings Bank Department—Deposits of ni.oo
and   upwards  received.    Interest  paid   every
three months,
i'liii i*, Cor, Lonsdale Ave. and Esplanade, North Vancouver, B. C.
II. li. Ilinii.i, Manager.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cart, leave the Ferry Landing lot Queensbury Avenue, Twenty-first
street and Lonsdale, Winch street and Keith Road as follows i 6:15
a. in,. ('15 a, tn,, 7:15 a.m., 7^5 a. m., 8115 a. m., 9 a. in. 9:40 a. m.,
10:10 a. in, Alter 10:25 a. m., cars will leave Queensbury avenue,
Twent) first and Lonsdale avenue, and Winch street and Keith Koad
at five minutes to the hour anal twenty-five minutes past the hour.
Cars leave Nineteenth street and Queensbury avenue, Twenty-first
Street and Lonsdale avenue, Winch street and Keith Koad as follows :
6 a. m., 030 a. 111., 7 a. 111., 7:30 a. 111., ti a. in., 11:45 a. m., 9:15 a. m.,
9:55 a, in., iai 25 a. m. Alter 9:40 a. ni. cars leave the Ferry Landing
at ten minutes past the the hour and twenty minutes to the hour.
■jCgT   All boats are met by the cars.
Hotel North Vancouver.
■ tilt'. ',    ■   ■.::■'.'. '1 .'.'
*     I '' I     .     , >   V.   '*      '.   a ;
:■;•■; HofEu, • ; . PXAr$w
■N0I9THVANC6UVEIV-'wwtm.  '
J J. 00 per
and up
Rates for
ferrv Service Every Half Hour to and from Ihis Hotel
to Vancouver, P. I.irson, Prop.
Rainier Beer^
I    i    ;iiimu   beverage—quenching nnd
Ki member Ihero's no other
I .1 1    in-i-t mi getting Rainier,
Vancouver] ih. C.
70 x 840
Close to saw mill and plank road ;
ten minutes Irmn car; only $300.
V 'i ,1 lew 1 1 acres lot $2001
tt 1:11s, ri j down, J10 per month.
House to let, 6 rooms, all conveniences! splendid view. Also
one loi sale; $500 cash anil $20
per month,
(mo i'1'ifriii, cleared lots on lonsdolc Avenue
$900 each
The Royal Bank of Canada has
opened a branch on Lonsdale
avenue, three doors north ot the
postoflicc, comer Esplanade—these
being only temporary premises.
The bank will have its permanent
location in the proposed Home
block on the southeast corner ol
Lonsdale avenue and the Esplanade, G. Janline, manager ol the
Vancouver east end branch, will
open the institution for business
tomorrow morning. K. I). Simpson will be the local manager,
The R. li. of C. have now six
branches in Vancouver and vicinity
The starting ol this financial institution was largely due to the
efforts of C, E. Neill, assistant
general manager, Mr. Neill was
formerly manager of the branch at
Vancouver, before he returned
east on his recent tour of inspec
tion he paid this city a visit, and
was so impressed with the future
possibilities of the place that he
decided to have a branch opened
here. North Vancouver has now
two banks, the other being thi/
Hank of 11 N. A., with a possibility ol a third in the near luture.
Mr. Gilchrist Dead.
A gentleman liinlily esteemed In edu-
catiiiiiiil, social ntnl political clrclea
passed nway tI.i** morning in the person
of Mr, Alexander Gilchrist, principal
nf I'tiiiview public school. Mr. Ilil-
eliri.tr camo Imre from Ontario uml Imd
been 11 member ol the Uitouir*- staff
■if tint Vancouver schools for somo in
yeara, He wus first nsatstnnt in Mount
Pleasant mnl Central schools nml Int-
ti'i'l.v hns lieen principal of Fnlrvioiv
school, He was fnr smiie lime n member nf tlie Carnegie library bonril nnil
ni the time "I liis ilenili wns president
nf the local Liberal Association, Death
lunk plnce after tin illness of only 1"
days, ni liis resilience, Iltl Sixili nvenue
west, frnin congestion of the Initiis nml
pneumonia, lie leaves a widow nnd
one soo.    ,v       rra   ■.*■*,
The firm nf McMillan Brothers have
possessed themselves «f a large, red
coffee mill.
The immigration to the Ambitious
City has so increased lately that supplies hnve to be ground out in wholesale quantities to supply the growing
Considerable regret is fell again ("r
lie football boys wlm Buffered n defeat
Saturday Irom the Shamrocks of Vancouver. The ganu wim played nt lie-
creation Park nml up I" rite third qunr-
ter wim practically In the linnda of die
Nnrth Vancouver team, when nn unfortunate accident pul Goal Keeper
Mclri.y out "f the eniii" nml ns n result
"f the necessary ehnngo In tho lineup,
the combination was broken uml tlio
Shamrocks imt In several goals in Quick
Hii'ii'SMuti. Tin' score ivns nine lo two
in fnvor "f llio Sluinirocks
Tho North Vnncouver football loam
i* scheduled to piny tho Collies ui
Vnncouver mi Saturday,
This game is "in i.f ihe regtilnr
League matches,
It n liatU llf duly "I the lllllll to gel
it I organized lm'' up fnr Saturdaj
mi.I luii.. it fresh -'.oi
Ponding tlie roport of the Insurance
companies regarding ilm humid ferry
North Vai nr, tho ferry Hi Qeorgi
mil   ition  her regular hourly service     ,n',, di innil' plana   hnvo   been
el.. Imt Bllntlld ll lie loillid llml
uiiii'li linn uill In necessary to repair
the burned Ierry for regular service,
lit.' company will make arrangements
for chartering a vessel   to   tnko   its
plnco,     The adjusters nre OX] ted to
turn in ii roport today.
Pitt not your IniHt in Princes,
"lis unwise in many cases ;
And it isn't wile lu trust in kings—
Your opponent may hold aces.
We are all talked about behind
our backs, even preachers "get
it " Irom their members.
A man cniinot get rid ol the
notion that others are interested
in that which interests him.
Say what you please about a
woman's teara. They float her out
ol a lot ol difficulties.
City of
[Note—Following is thc draft
conveyance referred to in paragraph one (i), of thc schedule annexed to By-law, No. 15, entitled
"The City of North Vancouver
Park, Boulevard and Streets
Grant and Loan lly-law, 1907,"
appearing on pag« two (2) of tli is
issue.—Eii. ]
d»y of In the year of our Lord
ono thousand nine hundred and
seven (1111)7) in pursuance of the
AOT" between the North Vancouver
I.und ami Improvement Company,
Limited Liability, 11 hotly corporate,
having its head office at tite City of Vancoiiver, in the Province of British CO'
lumbla(hereinaftercalled "the Grantor") of the one part and the City of
Nortli Vancouver (hereinafter railed
" the Grantee "I ol the other part.
WHEREAS, by nn agreement dated
the day of 1UU7, ami made between the Grantor of .the one pint
and the Grantee ot the other part the
Iiruntorcovenanted and agreed to convey to the Grantee the lands and premises hereinafter described for tint purposes of a public park and reereation
grounds upon the terms and conditions
heraiuafter contained,
NESSETH that in pursuance of
the saitl agreement and in consideration ol tite sunt of one dollor of lawful
money of Canada now paid Ily the
Grantee to the llrantor (the receipt
whereof Is hereby acknowledged) it the
Grantor doth grant unto the Grantee
and its successors all and singular those
certain picees or parcels of laml situate
lying and being in the City of North
Vancouver, ainl particularly described
as (ollows :
Firstly 1
Secondly 1
To have and to hold unto the Grantee
ami its successors to and for ils and
tlieir sole and only use so long ns It or
tliey shall well snd faithfully keep and
observe the covenants hereinafter contained, and which mi their part are to
be kept observed nml performed,SllbioCt
nevertheless to the reservations, limitations, provisos uml conditions expressed
ill the original grunt thereof from Hie
Crown. The Grantor covenants with
the Grantee that it hue the right to
convey the .-iiiil lands to the Grantee,
and so long as the Grantee and its successors keep and observe the said coven-
ants the Grantee shall have quiet pis-
session of suid lands Iree from eiicinii-
And the Grantee not only for itself
but also for ils successors and assigns
doth hereby covenant ami agree with
the Grantor, Its successors ami assigns
that it will at all times hereafter keep
and maintain the lands herein before
firstly described ns .1 public park and
place of recreation for the use and enjoyment of tho public nud that the same
may be «o used and enjoyed by tne pub*
lit* without any charge or fee for admission thereto except on certain days not
exceeding liltv-ttvoiin each year which
may be tiled by By-law by the Council
of the Corporation or in the event ol
Park Commissioners being appointed by
Regulations of such Park Commissioners. The charge lor admission on such
days and lhe use to be made ol the said
park shall be regulated by the Corporation by lly-law or iu tho event of Paris
Commissioners being appointed then by
regulation of such Park Commissioners. Ami the Grantee not only for itself
Iiiit also lor its successors and assigns
doth hereby covenant nml agree with
the Grantor, its successors and assigns
that it will al all times hereafter keep
ami maintain tho lands hereinbefore
secondly described ns a boulevard (or
tbe free use and enjoyment of the public
williout any charge or fee for admission
thereto or to uny pari thereof, Ami tho
Grantee not onlv ior itself, but also fur
its successors and assigns, doth hereby
further covenant and agree with the
Grantor, its successors and assigns, that
it will imi al my lime or limes heron!*
ter without the written permission lirst
obtained of tho Grantor construct or
erect any building or buildings nil the
lands hereinbefore described other than
such Structure! ns pavilions or shelters
lor public convenience, fountains, statuary, scats or other ornamental or do<
coratlvo structures, And thai it will
not erect fences either around the lands
herolnbelore firstly described or around
lhe hinds hereinbefore si't-ondly ih-
scribed which disfigure of obstruct the
view, and the Grnnlee not only (or itself but also for its sui'i'eBiorH und as*
signs lurther covenant nml agree with
the Grantor, its successors nud assigns
that tho not revenue which may bedn
rived Irom admissions to ihe Imull
hereinbefore firstly described shall he
devoted entirely to Ihe Improvement ol
the lands herein doscrlbcd and shall
nol   bo  used  for   any  other  purpose
herein buvo hereunto set their hands
and seals the day and year lirst above
The Corporate Seal of |
Iho City of North
Vancouver was here l
unto affixed in the
preseneo of I
Tint Corporate Seal of 1
thu North Vancou* I
ver l.ttnil. and Improvement   Coin- >
pany, Limited l.ia<
nil ily was hereunto I
affixed in the pre* |
enco ol )
"xr.i::',?.:_ iT'i:.^ i-::.jjc ::.:xju'h iu
Rates: 11,50 PER
Special Rates to Families and Regular Boarder*
Half-hour ferry connection to anil from Vancouver.   Hot aud cold
water in evory room,  llelurn call bells lu every room.
Second jtreet,   -  *   -  -   NOUTII VANCOUVKII, ll. C.
Lonsdale Avenue Between Fourth ami Fifth streets, cleared
lot, size 25x130 feel, lit a 20-foot alley. Price flOOO, Terms one-third
cash, balance i> and ia months,
Fifty-foot lot in same block fronting on Lonsdale avenue. Price
$4000.    Similar terms,
Chesterfield Avenue—Near Fifteenth street, lot 60x150 leet.
Price $550.    Terms one-third cash, balance in 6 and 12 months.
Fourth Street and Queensbury Avenue—Double corner on car
line, magnificent situation.    I'riee fnoo.    Terms to be arranged.
Two Cleared Lois on Fourteenth Street—Close to St.'Andrew's avenue, size 50x157 each.    Price ^450 each.    Easy terms.
Finn STREET—Between Lonsdale and St. George's avenues, two
lots, 50x140 each.   Price Jtjoo.   Easy terms,
Lonsdale Avenue—Lol 50x120, between Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets,    Price Jijoo.
Finn Street—One block Irmn Queensbury avenue, two south
front lots, 50x137 each, to a 20-foot alley. Price $550 each. Terms
one-third cash, balance 6 and 12 months.
Sixth Street—In block H, 150 feet from Queensbury avenue car
line, size 50x137, to a 20 foot alley, south front. Price $600 each.
Terms one-fourth cash, balance in 6 and 12 months.
We have also a large list cf properties in all parts of the city.
We deal exclusively in close-in city properties, and can oiler you
the best bargains and the choicest locations obtainable anywhere.
Correspondence solicited, or better still, call and see us and let
us show you what we have to offer.
1'erms one-third cash, balance 6 and 12
Corner Lonsdale Ave. .ind Fifth St.
Capilano Hotel
Everything new and modern, affording all the
luxuries ol a metropolitan hostlcty. Elevation 500
leet above sea level. Ideally situated Ior people
wishing an exhiliaratiiiR climate, beautiful mountain
scenery and climbing, and good lishini* and shooting.
A lew hours from the summit ol Mount Crown and
thc Lions.
Tally-ho meets car connecting with 9:15 ferry,
at Bewicks avenue, returning between 6 and 7 p.m.,
calling at the two canyons and the suspension bridge,
allowing time lor inspection.
RATES :   $2.50 to $3.00 Per Day
SPECIAL  RATBtl TO   i--amii.ii-.is and   HIM l'i. ah
Corner Esplanade and Lonsdale Avenue
' by the underalgnod up to THURSDAY, October Sl. )'M, tm tho erection nf 1111 Exhibition Mali, nn the
tirotiniIn nt lite corner nt Twenty-first
fltrt'i'i ami Lonsdale avenue, fnr the
Norlh Vnncouver Horticultural and
Agricultural Society,
Plans Slid Iimclffeatloill may l>o ntx-u
uttl iii 'I A1.1. Alex. Bmith, President, Junction block, thli city,
Tlie lowest or nny lender not noccs-
larlly accepted,
Address nffora t»
ll. I.. DOOHERTY, Sec.
Lonsdale avenue,
Boost our business houses.
Ill 101
When you want
a job of Painting
or Paper Hanging
r   or Kalsomining
done,   See
Hardy & Stoney
Sixth Street
l'i inn Trance, Holland and Jajian.
relialilc varieties at reaaoiiialtle price*'
FertlllMrs, Um Supplies, Spray Pumpj
Spraying Material, Cut FlOWSM, itr.
Oldest established   niimary  on Hi
mainland of Britiih Columbia.
Cataloiiie free.
VANCOUVER, ll.C.   .
Painters and Paperhancers
Mt'RAi, Decorators
Grainers    Glaziers    Skins
Opp. 13TH Street,


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