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Per Yeur, Mulled or Delivered
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Hone to I'laiuoo mt Ke.
Clet Prices
Ai lhe regular meeting nf the city
council mi Monday night in the City hull
Ihere were presenl Mayor Kealy, Alder-
i i Irwin, Emery, Dick, Smith, Crick-
tuny ami Jordan
A request (rom sister Mary Amy,
principal of St. Paul's bcIiooI, ivas rend.
The requesl nski'il for II xtcnslou of
Hie side walk nlong Keith rond ns fnr
ns lhe west end of block 111), tin which
Si. Paul's .school in shunted, ll wits
relerred to the bonrd of works,
A joint roport Irom tlm board of works
ainl tire I'liinmiiii'c recommended lhat
the approach to tire hull No. 1 he tilled
iu wil 11 earth mnl boulders instead of
plnnklng ii over. The npproximnto cost
would be nhout $'J,"i. 'The recommendation wns ndopted,
Aid, liial, snhl he hmi hoard n rumor
thnt gambling wns going nu among the
Chinamen ou Second street.   Aid, Smith,
chairman of the poll loinmittee, sniil
he lunl not beard of any complaint, li
wns referred i" the police committee to
Inquire ini".
The question "f the disposition of
dogs which will he killed nl die pound,
was brought up  .Tlie police coniuiltti
iu 11 report ut lh'
wns naked t
next meeting,
A recoinnteiiiliilioii from lhe water
committee for the extension of Hie water
system wns carried ,
Alii. Irwin brought up ihe matter of
the proposed chango of grade on Lonsdale nvonue ninl Btntcd that tliore were
several citixens present who wished t"
express (heir views tboreon,
Kx-Ciiiineilliir Morden said lie would
like ia> final mu ihe proposed change
frnin lhe wntcr front In First street.
Id* understood thnt there was tn he n
new grade given, if so he thought that
tin- council would he running its liend
into a liooao, He wns in fnvor of lhc
straight grmle being iniilutnliied, A
terrnco wus objectionable bcenuae tlio
grade would be Increased front 2 1-2 to
II   por  cenl   or   nbOllt   200   feel   to   llio
block. Looking nt il frnin the witter
Ironl ii straight grade looked prettier.
.lames (Talk said il was lhe first lime
in lour villi's thnl he hail addressed lhc
council ami since the question of the
change "f grade on l.tin-ilule avenue
canto up, he wanted to know regarding
il ipendlturc of money mi Chestor-
field nvenue in repairing the street,
ma Worship suggested that the point
tie taken up later.
W. it* Bunbury, local manager nf the
It. ('. IO. It. i'n.. stated mt heliair of his
< I'iny. Hun when lhe brakes mt the
cats Were si'l going down hill llnil the
terrace levels were struck, there would
be difficulty in readjusting the brakes,
Mr. Sperling's Instructions were fnr hltn
iii ask ihe council in reconsider this,
li would iifi'ci'l the operation of the cars
more than nnythlng else.
,1. lt. .1. Murray wns opposed to ibe
terrace grmle nml thought thnl the protest of the malinger of the street railway
was sufficient in justify Hint nn alterations should he iniiilc lt was ioo
big n proposition fnr the council to uu-
ili'i'iuki* nny nltcratlon. lie bud no-
don! I   ihnt ihe grodo nt Lonsdale
iiveniie had lieen settled. If the council
iiinleiiniik nn,v further change it would
tun Hn* ciiy inin ridiculous expense,
Nobody In the city ihould allow Ihls
Important matter to pass williout ex-
presslng llieir opinions He lurther said
thnt he was voicing the feelings nnd
opinions nf a large number nf ratepayers
when he opposed any chango in lhc pro-
senl grmle being mnde,
A. I', Bonaley wished also in |ii*olcs|
ngainsl the proposed changing of tbe
grade, It win unt fair to change the
line every time a now building went up.
lA. S.  Hillings    saiil    Ihal   I silale
avenue as u was, was a pretty pii f
slrei'l. "If yin slnrl In tear ll lip, why
yoil Would spoil il, licsiilcs putting lhe
ciiy in considerable cxponee," he snhl.
"if the terrnco grade were adopted ii
would Impede ihe travel mi (he cross
Streets hy vehicles Stopping on Hie terraces." lie endorsed ihe remarks ol
the previous speakers,
.lames Clark understood  thnt there
was n certain amount of money set
.   aside tn Improve Chesterfield avenue,
"   ami that nothing had been dono III the
block between Thirteenth nml Fourteenth streets,
Aid. Irwin, chairman "f the board
of winks, snld there was certain necos-
snry work thnt must he dune liefnrc the
hitch in question '""I'l 1"' put Inl"
shape and Inler tlie block referred tn
Would be fixed up.
.lames I'lnrk snid lhat lit was .-all*-.-
Ilod io hnve lhc worst part ol lhc Work
dont lirst.
Mayor Kealy said thut there wus n
veritable quagmire north of Fourteenth
slreet.' liegnriling the question of the
grade on Lonsdale uvetuie, he stated
Hint it would be further considered, ihe
grades iu two places had been given,
which were likely lo he changed, For
three months lite grading of the avenue
hnd been   under   consideration,     The
i mil hail sought knowledge from out-
sldo   sources nnd   civil Oligb rs   hail
ilcall wltll the mailer nml reported in
fnvor "f a bench grade from smith to
north, The council could not ngree on
the reporl, nud he gave his easting vole
only for the clintiglng ol the grmle from
the wharf to the nortli side of First
Btreet mt Lonwlnle nvenuo, "Thnt is
my iinswer." snid his worship, " ll
docs imi follow, however, thnl tbe rails
will be torn up," There were also four
proposed new blocks to ivhich grades
were required to be given nt once.
Aid, Hick suld ihut nfter speaking i"
the owner of one or the blocks, to whom
u grmle had already been given, Ihere
was nn possibility nf the city incurring
engineer regarding ihe grade
Aid, Irwin said thai as chairinan nf
the liniiril nt works, it IiiiiI been already
demonstrated in hltn lhat li was Inadvisable In adopt the terrace grade. Ile
wns strongly In fnvor of Hie straight
grade. It would avoid nny lawsuits,
Some of those who have already built
IiiiiI been given permission by the city
engineer regnrdiufl Hie grade,
His worship sniil thai ihe engineer's
permission williout the council's authority was valueless,
Aid, Irwin snid the owners of buildings ou lhc present grmle wollld he reluctant to hear any further expense iu
•'hanging llie grmle. The straight grade
was the easier one. The council stood
ihn'c in lltrcc. The question of damages iniiBt also be taken into consideration,
Kx-t'iiiiinilliii' Morden said Hint be
thought thai the Thompson block hmi
been given Hie grmle by ox-Knginccr
Hells, ninl that tho sidewalk hm! been
pui down accordingly, ami if it were now
changed ihe ciiy might be threatened
with n lawsuit. 11 litis were so It
would also follow in other enses.
Aid. Crickmay endorsed ihe views of
their duty atul the nature of tlio evi-
Ald, Irwin,
Mayor Kealy said Hint he liml asked
city Engineer Loutet in search through
the minutes regarding permanent grailes.
Engineer Loutet snhl lhat he could
not final anything,
Ciiy clerk Shepherd said thnl he
could uot find anything cither,
A. I*'. Itcnsley snhl lhat he had been
given ihe grade mt LonsdnU nvenue nt
the comer of First street, hut uflci-
wiirds hnd lo raise lite building nt his
nwn expense, Municipal Clerk Philip
hmi inld hltn In the first Instance dint
the grade given was lhe right one. This
was in April, 1005.
Aid, Irwin saiil so fnr as be knew,
thai iu all cities where cars were operated mi lines the grades were straight
inn's. It was Iriu', he lurther slated,
ihat there were many utreets in the
ciiy Hint hnve now no car bin's Inn,
How Uo wc know ihal grades wollld
not lie necessary say in five or ten
years';"   He sai.l  all  obstacles should
be removed now.
Aid. Emery said that Hie opinions ns
expressed   were   ngnlnst   professional
Aid. Smith nskcil if ihe city engineer
iiuiile the grade on Lonsdale nvenue,
The mayor: "Yon cannot show Uio
nnythlng In lhc minutes regarding uny
grndes being given.
Aid. Jordan -nni llio mnllor s ed
iu'lii' hazy. The thing sliniihl bo sn
sottleil as In prevent any new council
milking n change nf tho grade mt lama-
dale avenue, The council did not appeal' In tic In hailimaiiy wilh Hi" opinion
nf iiii gincei's who Iind been Invited
in advise llio bonrd. "If those engineers
wero imt I'linpi'lcni," lie said, "I would
like lo see Hie mailer Bottled once ami
lor all."
Aid. Irwin: "Your worship, you refused the mii ice nf your engineer."
Aid, Irwin moved, Becoiulod by Aid.
Smith, Hint the mntler ol changing the
grade mt Lonsilnlo avenue be further
iiisi'itsscii on Thursdny evening. The
motion carried and llio crowd filed mil
of the civic chamber,
The reeve and council "f Hie district
,,f Norlh Vnflcouver have been summoned lo appear In court on Friday In
connection with Iho unsigned plan of
rcsubdlvlslon ol blocks OU snd 010, nml
iii. ci'tiiin contract with the Western
Corpornlion (or a rond through this d
Miss Jennie II. Green is visiting
her aunt, Mrs. Stewart, o( Chesterfield avenue.
Tlic sealing capacity of Hie municipal
hall was well taken up on Tuesday evening When n ineelltig of Hie ratepayers
was hehl for discussion "f the proposed
bylaw which will he submitted mi November 20,
Reovo Mny occupied llio chair nnd
among those present were Counsellors
MiNiiiighi, Robson, Davidson and Nye;
IV, II. Gallagher, 1. chirks Ex-Coun,
Syr, ,1. Unlit, \V. I.onieit, H. Cameron,
Clerk I'hilip nml lien. Hiti'llcy.
ltet've .May opened the meeting staling
the object for which the meeting wiib
cnlled. He stufeil Hint lhc municipality
owned nhout. 22ISI acres in lhe district
but Hint lhe purpose of Ihis liylaw was
to offer for sale about lill* acres, comprising the west M0 ncres of D, 1„ 788,
TOU und the whole of D, L. 810 and 817.
It wns further the objeel of the bylaw
to obtain the consent of Hie ratepayers
lo offer lhe land fnr sale by public
auction nml ou nn extended term of
payment. U was also planned by the
council In sell in fi nutl 10 ncrc blocks
and the payment to run on the installment iilait. He further Blnted Hint lhe
power wits already vested in Hit* council
to sell Ihese lumls at any lime, but only
for cash, uini his council liad concluded
it wotilil be a menus of en iraglllg settlement In adopt llie terms basis of disposition.
Reeve May also spoke of the beauty
of this locality, being high ninl willi n
southern slope uud tt beautiful view of
English Ilny and the gulf,.
Counsellor McNnught followed Reeve
.May. Mr. McNntlglit said that the districi liad a large area of html not beur-
iug tuxes and be considered Hie proposition of disposing of n small portion
on ensy terms, which would enable the
settlor in linudlo n few acres, would not
only settle lhe municipality, bin would
increase the revenue wilh the laxes from
these properly owners.
Mr. MiNiinght said be hnd heard a
suggestion from the Bonrd of Trade
relative to robnting tin' inxci* mt these
nuds, providing improvements were
made. He concluded by further stntlng
that (he municipality were after actual
settlers imt speculators,
Reeve Mny said Hint if the bylaw
passed it did not necessarily mean Hint
all the laml .should be sold nt mice; the
sahvi of ci'iin'ui portions could be distributed over extended periods.
Conns. Robson nml Nye were cnlled
upon ami endorsed the previous speakers.
\V. ,1. Irwin naked if nny provisions
had been made for parks mul suggested
dial such should be provided for. including school siies ami other stuh requirements. Clerk I'hilip slated ihal
the inp of Grouse mountain was being
reserved fnr pnrk purposes.
Mr.  Irwin  wanted  io know nlso if
there could be nny limitation put upon
the council or nny future council's
iug power,
Conn, ltolison said ihni the council wna
privileged to sell nt any Hut" ami nil)
amount of html, the question only bolng
the matter of terms,
Mr. Webster referred to the suggestion of n rebate of taxes in settlers, wlm
Improved ihcir properly, lie thought
Hint it would be moro appreciated hy the
settlers to pity laxes anil liuvc lhc money
spent on ronds ami public buildings, lie
suggested Hun cadi purchaser sliould l>"
given a guarantee that a mail would
be built iii hi- holding when Improvements had been sla tied. Tin* Reeve
staled ihal when a resident required a
rond it wa- given him.
Mr. \Y. II. Gallagher tliougld it was
not prudent in sell ni Ibis tin f year,
llu considered that those lands  ivorc
nsst'ls worth while Imliliiig nml tei sac-
rlllclng ns he [cored would bo il use
c Idorhig tho i' Ill Ion ol affnln prevailing ai present,
The reeve said lhe council Wii* Unl
■bilged io sell ir prices <liil nol warrant
disposition now nml Coiiu. Nye Btntcd
further that if tho council had llio powei
vested In theni in sell on lime, ii inighl
he the menus iif selling trait* a considerable distance back,
The question was asked if sales could
he innile in sei tiers only nml entire!)
shutting mil speculation, Tin' reeve
Btntcd thnt ii could nm very well be
Another question xvits nskcil.  il the
council cotiiii lay down certain Btlpnln-
limis iii the agreements of -ale.  Coun.
Mi'Naiiglil stated that tin1 council I""!
lhc power lo insert any provisions neied-
snry in the agreements ninl that the
council roiihl use Its discretion in 'use
misfortune should happen to a soltler
who hnd imt unite fulfilled the requirements of his agreement and would he
unable to continue further Improvement.
Mr. Clnrksoii was in fnvor nf Hie
dlstricl selling mi tortus. Hy thnl menus
he iliiniglil Hie speculator would not
hnvo au opportunity tn buy fnr cash
uml sell iiii tonus ill ll lollg price In Iln'
set Her.
Mr. Iinin referred I" UlO hist tux sale
when Ihe land went cheaply. He hardly llioughl tin' realisation Irom n sale nls
similar lands nt the present Umo would
lie nearly as much ns llien. He took
the stand Hint the laud would only be
snhl through speculator-).
tlCOVO M:i) I..1.1 Mr. Haiti Ilnn Iln*
council need imt sell Hie luml mily nt
ll»  Upset  pl'iii'.
Mr, Loulolt nsked if Hie properly
wus to be ri'siii'vi'.vi'.l. He thought Hint
sclinni sites an.l ppbllc grounds should
be set apart in Unit ilisiihl, Mr. I„ni-
tetl nlso thought the IiiiiiI Bhould bc
sold by public auction,
Reovo Mny stated it wan iu lite power
of tlm council to make Btlpnln lions tor
corporate lauds. In connection wilh
.selling publicly lie snhl the council Iind
In't'n offered a substantial price per uere
for 850 ncres nutl could gel llio same
offer again at any lime, but thut lhe
council believed Unit if Ihey sold |ui-
uiiely ihey would he accused of graft.
Tbey therefore decided to offer it publicly by auction,
Mr. Loutctt asked if it wus tint nd-
visalile iii offer u discount to uny purchasers who would pity up lhc entire
price in 0 iiniulhs from lite time of
Conn. Robson simed Hint it would be
furthering ihe interests of nil parties
if the discounts ninl rebiile of taxes wen
devoted to the building of public roads
through lhc district instead of making
individual concessions,
Mr. Webster suggested Unit one iu
every four blocks, he thought, should
be set apart and held for school uml
othei' municipal purposes.
\V. .1. Irwin moved ihat die meeting
eiiihii'se the ai'lii'ti nf lhe council iu con-
ncetlon with the conditions nf llu* bylaw
aiiil Hint ihe Jelling regulations be loft
io tlieir (ihe council's) discretlolu.
Tlie motion was carried unuuliuosuly.
Mi*. Webster wanted to know how Hie
] municipality si i  In  relation to tha
Ferry Company und the ll, C. Electric
railway compauy*. He wus told thut
Ihese muttons were to a largi' extend in
Hie city council's hands. TT"* district
council undosalood that the ferry lauding
was to lie moved to the site now "cu*
plod by lhc Albion Iron Hoiks and that
was the only site obtainable that far
Mr. I'hilip stated he hoped that lhe
new quarters would be moro comfort'
able lhan tho present landing and l''*i
dangerous to life.
Reeve May stated in connection with
iiu- it. c. Kiel iii' railway company
extensions thnt he understood thnt extension work was tn lie commenced ill
lite spring.
One ol the most atrocious
crimes ever cnniiiiittetl was thai
of the cold-blooded murder ol little Mary Clementina Nairn, whose
much respected parents reside at
Moodyville, She was senl oii an
errand to this city at about 11:30
a. 111. last Saturday, and was Inst
seen alive about hall an hour
later. A negro, 33 years ol age,
named Roger Vinclto, an ox-convict, was in the uoiglibood at the
time mentioned, and is charged
with tlic crime. On Thursday he
was remanded by Magistrate
Kealy Ior eight days.
The funeral o(,thl deceased was
held this afternoon and was largely attended, lt took place Irom
lhe undertaking parlors ol Greene
& Simpson, the last sad rites being performed by Kev. Father
On Monday last the Western
Corporation, limited, received a
shipment ol Wellington lump coal
I10111 Messrs. Macdonald, Marpolc
& Company, which was placed on
the wharf here. This coal is
double screened and ol Ai ipiality,
and can be purchased from the
consignees, at a cheaper rate than
that supplied (nun Vancouver, lot
cash only on delivery.
On Saturday last afyuiet wedding
took |ilaci*in the Methodist church
here. The contracting parlies
were Mr. Mark Knoivlton, ol lhe
Wallace shipyards, ami Miss Amy
Johnson, ol llie Hotel North Van.
couver. The ceremony, which
was performed by Rev, Mr
Balderston, was the first to take
place iii the new church. The
happy couple arc residing at the
llolcl North Vancouver, and are
icing congratulated by a host ol
The Inquest on the body of Clementina Nuliti was Imlil yesterday in Iho
city hull at North Vancouver.
Coroner Jeffs nf Vancouver opcucd
lhe inquest. The Iiiilowllig pei'-nns were
named members   of the Jury—\V,   V.
Emory, T. C. Holt, Crunk Wheeler, VV.
A. Oibson, \V. II, Campbell I IV. c
(J recti
llr. ,1. A. I.vvurl t.riiiipln'11    Untitled
that on Wednesday nftori 1 lie vlowod
Hie body of Cleuii'iiliuu Nairn. It vva-
lylng in the hush, to Hie east of Lntis-
altlle tlat'ilens, nu its left si.le. tin lhc
forehead was n wound, and there were
evidences of n fractured skull, but no
iiinrks elsewhere Ile performed tbe posl
mortem on Wednesday morning, in company wiili Hr. Thus. Vernier, and found
a impressed fracture nver the forehead,
uini evidences of injury to the brain, but
Lin-, marks "I violence, ila, detected
im evidence of attempted rape Tho
cause of death was apparently from a
blow frnin u i'inli (produced) "it ihe forehead and was Instantaneous, The
body hmi hen dead fnr some Ilnte,
Dr. Thmiius Yeinei. a practitioner In
North Vnncouvor, look the stand. Hr.
Verucr said: "I .simply corroborate Hi
Campbell's Btalcmonts. I performed the
post mortem wiih him. fracture nl ihe
frontal bouc, extending towards Hi" left
three Inches, caused Injury suttli lent to
cat Iiniii. Tl wet.' no other marks
nf vlelcnc 1 ihe body ami no sign ••!
The doctor -.ii'l He child wn- iu period health, ami the Wound In' though!
would be caused by ths club found lying
beside tbo body. The blow wns struck
evident!) frnin the righi sldi nt ruin lbs
forehead nnd scorned iu Im pointed
-lightly downward.
The  ivuttiid lm 11 -hi  i'l  hnve
been t nu wi I,., child w.i- either
lllllllll "l' sl.iinliiig.
He   lll-.i   sli I   llinl   llf      decci 1
chihl tl'l have been struck Irom i ■ 11—-
laitii*. Imt thai he considered from lhc
position  "I   II"'   bod)   lliail   Iln*  1,1'itl   was
given ai cl"-" quarters nnd thai in' 'hai
imt iiunl. ii could have been caused from
clothes were loosened uml drawn down
nver ller -lines. II.* slitlcil that he then
-'in fur Hr. Campbell to have ber ex-
nniineil. before he removed lhc body tu
the police stntlon.
The stick exhibited nl Hie iii'inest, he
-aiai, «;is the .,ne im found lying beside
Hie  body,   Street  cur  tickets mul   two
gt iy orders were IoiiiuI nml lhe only
weapon in sight was ihe club (produced.)
Tim rond from which lie thougbl tbo
girl niiisi have gono down was the ono
riming inwards Hie beach.
II'* llioughl llnil she never reacheil He
enr  Hacks  1 that it   was tint  likely
llml the child would hnve wandered to
the -pui herself,
lie stntod that there didn't seem m he
nny evidence "f a Btruggle and no toot
marks could bc -"en.
lie Identified the hut produced ns Hint
wmn nn lhc child when he fniitid her,
Ibe front nml side being stained with
bl I.
Mitiirn suid he believed thai Ihere Was
some motive in llie killing.
Indications showod, he considered,
that the chihl liml never moved after being struck.
I.uicr he recoiled having found Iwo
razors, apparently in good condition, ttt
u distant f about three hundred yards
from Hie spnt where the body wus lound
uml nenr die pi  where the child had
I t hist seen olive. One of the rnjors
vvais marked "Seattle" and ihe other he
wa- unl sure nf Hie name. It looked lo
lie. he ll ght, like, T. Morion."
Mrs, T Unrsln, Moodyville, said  Mrs.
McDonald told hci  Saturday nfter-
 i iimt tbe little girl was lost She
Inhl her that she hud seen n lillle girl
nit the rond nu her way to Moodyville
ft- Sorlli Vanoouver, She said, "Hello,
lillle girl," but she did nol answer. "1
wenl out wiili ihe search party jester-
ilny nftori li. Mrs. N'aliu found her, ull
wenl tip mnl saw her." Witness noticed
lhc club lying liesi'le Ike body. She snw
suspicious characters around Moody
Recalled, Mm. Qarain said that it
wus before t'.' o'clock Saturday when
she .saw iti" deceased,
Mm.   Bessie   McDonald,   Moodyville,
said that ou Saturday morning   altout
liiittl o'eleek ihe gitl's lather came to
her house and asked her to go to his
plaee mid help liini. (Ill her way Bho
mel Clementina and n**k«l her i( sho
vt.iii going lo North Vancouver, and tho
lillle girl replied that she WM. Tlmt
was the last hln» saw of ber. Mm, Mc*
Donald "ami that slie was searching for
ihe body from Saturday evening until
it was found, it with t o'clock on .Saturday Ihnt she was told that Clementina
was mi-sing by htt muter. "I saw tho
ml on Iln* forehead when lhe body was
turned over," nml Ihn wihic,-.. ller bat
»as shit on hei head, and tho club was
ails,, alongside (he body. "She bad two
notes in bei hand when I lact mil her,"
said lhe Witness, and I did not notice
anyone clearing land therabouta, nor
any strangers In iho vlolnity." Mr.
Hamilton's two litllo girls told her that
the) saw n colored man pass by ainut
12:90 on Saturday, Th" deceased started
im North Vai nor about 1130 a, m,
Agin*. Nairn, iiiti't nt deceased, suid
Hint her sistei loll Hi" llOUM mi Snliir*
.l.n morning at n HO o'clock. Thai wao
the lasl tun" sho law Clementina, Boms*
>■ i"'i
n I I. llr. Venter said the abseil   "I""" "'"'" *• "' ;'""'' """' '" NollU
'Vancouver she stayed wiih her aunt
in*.ii tin* school houiac. sin, became
nhn t about <t "'chalk ami Inquired ut
The adjourned case ol Llbbey nml (i.
Kaiiiiiagi came up More his worship
Mayor Kealy mi Tuesday morning,
The plaintiff, Maty l.lbbey, was rep*
resented by 3, H. Livingston nnd tlio
dofendnni by W, M. Griffin, nf Tnpper
& (Iriffin. Eleven witnesses fnr lhe
prosecution were examined,
The charge wns Hint (.. Kaluiragl did
unlawfully leave in an exposed plai"'
explosives Hint were dangerous lo lite.
After hearing the evidence bli worship
dismissed Hie rase, stating that tie did
not consider the svldcnco sufficient
ground to commit the accused for crli ■•
nul trial, ,L
hi I mi tin' wedge i Id I
f„, I,) the -i I "f tl"* blow.
Mi-  Nairn, iiunl "I ' let-cased, snld
,lie .1;, i mil iiiiii iii" iwnroli pari) nn
Tuesday, ain.l ii w.i    he who I
ii„, i„„ij, ii,, nii'.l ii Hiei   '	
,,,. sin* ii"'" I the elnb    ■ ■ near Ity.
t Ibid'  clothing «'   nol disarranged
Clementina wa- in her olgtb year
John   M *    I'1" ■>■    constable,
,.,n,. n detailed account "t Ibe senn
nml ihe find ol Hn M)  H' slnlnl thnl
l„. I,,,,! ||,c case i'i I l'i • ' *NI""'
tin) ..id Ha" I* 'i •"■■ I"   v""'
Vi iver ami In '■ I'sn) •*•■■•( ,'1''"1
Davis searched nil Ihal afte i    The
search was Blnrtod again Taenia)  "
Ing ain.l ii"-! found llml ll blM had
never been   ecu wi ' ol Ibe sli i
Has  ti„ Tac da)  alien n while llu
party wn« searching 'e»l ol  Lonsdale
nvel lie heard Mm. Nairn call oul - at
ln8 -i„. had  ■ 'I ■ Tbh was al
;;.;.,,,,   ,„,  After [olloWlllg Ml-.   S(bU  ll"
found ii" bod) ol tlio child lying between two -lump- In n cleared pnleli
III I  wa« mi her fine ami "H turning
Hie body "ter h" fninial what  was the
mallei \ ,|,*,|, cul In the child's fore-
i,...,.! a, a . (posed, bm the clothes wer"
not disarranged mel her bnt was still
mi. He found, however, that Int under'
Ma UcDomtd'e, then at her aunt's,
Ihon the grocery store and the butcher
shop, .unl found that sti" bad not boon
it .im nt these places, Also inquiry
w.i- made Irom iln* streei mr conduo
i*.i*. imt no ti*i"* "1 h-1 '"nld be found.
Witness Ihon stent '" the telephone of*
lice to report to the provim lal police,
imi n.i*. i..iii 11," iin* Hoe wan busy. Sho
ml)  i lam lady who said 11t.it  sbo
s.i* lot sister,  Iln father was nl Van*
mver and she walled loi him (ill   10
o'cloek  ami  witil   hoin"  intli  lum.    A
diligent search »as kept up until tho
bod) w.ih found on Toetday, Witness
u is ai (forth Vancouver nt the limo.
The luni-ikii'pi'i wrote tho notes to iho
groooi and butcher. "1 aaw a ncgio on
Simii.lv tflernoon silling on the tan
opposite McMillan's etntn on Lonsdale
avenue lhc same main iis fcctt by Iho
lilllii Hamilton gule," sli" snhl. Mrs.
M. Donald tias with Inu nl the luii". Ho
wore it rugged pair ol overalls and had
a shell daik coat .mil -leut blink vest
Agtn*- Damlltoa nol underlnnding tho
meaning of in "nth wns not sworn, but
tiulifleil that she haul seen   a colored
(Continuid on Ps|i J.) THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
The meeting of tlic city council
last evening represented a debating cliih, as it was at this meeting
that lhc council had invited the
Opinion of lhe ratepayers on llir
proposed change uf grades of
I.a     i.a'   avenue,
Maj r Kealy called the meeting
to oi.lcr, all the aldermen being
present, besides a large quota ol
til. pa; era,
Wt iv read Inun Messrs.
\V, li. 1 liompson, J. W. Home
and th" North Vancouver I.ami &
Impi ml ompany re iln pro
pi    !. liango in the grades.
Mr. riionipson protested apainst
'■any change being made to a
terrai e n In uu , which would not
only damage the permanent owners
of property but would be unsuitable
fur a business streei and car line,
and make haulage all llu more
difficult, an tin* grade between
Streets would be increased."
In hi- letter Mr. Home thought
the present grade un the ca t side
of Lonsdah.' avenue about right
tlie wav it is now built.
The North Vancouver I.ami &
Improvement Company recorded
as llieir opinion the following
ii i: iaiis why it is undesirable in
make any change in the grades:
" i. It mil entail considi rabli
expi use at a very nn onvenicnl
*• ■. I'ln-' advantage will be nil.
Il will imt make lim appt urant c of
i!i  crosi sir ■ t  an   bi tti r,
"j. The grade nl Lonsdale
n\. nue is quit* gn ai enough at
| ' I illiuul making il gn iln.
and :.' n.' teasing llie iiiilu tilln - ul
:. , illation, both in the nan
•■ ,|. I lie proposed i hange will
undi'.. the council open
to at. images whii b are
(, rtain lo I"- brought. '
S '.. ml minutes n lative to
in      'ii*t uu i   11 um il •  wore
n ,i,l, v.l.; !. ah- i'l ilia   l,i, I that
llllll     ',.      !' a    .'   I   ||        I,'   |l
,   linn   invited   Ilm
D| - ■' i    pn si nl.
ih, mayoi in .i.n ■    ear tin   l.n ts
hi ban .1: a ■,-, ion, ami stating that
a v... ;   at   "I'p i linn
lan .i i! iti, as I a  had
been I" fori il tm il lm
tlllli ,   ami   bad   appear* 1   in   llii
pa]   :
Mr. Geo   A,  Mi r>.un ivas iln
lirsl to respond tu llu:  nn il
ami Bin]
,1S   DPP        i'l t'   U.l'   '
I I la
Unit I ■ tail 1   I,n. I
,uial i certainly vi iv fine.
Alderman | llioughl it was
■ >■  i .-, council
ll,a ' :.;       ..:   I   •'
Mr. V. " ll,i<l pro-
I • .       ed re
eral     Mi.
hi laken
i        onsidcrc I
I be   lirllt'i
i'l   other
'    I, V.'llil It
I a
I    ill*'
of pi ■ tin i.
'Irn I .     1
1   ■ '     i'. nr cil
ill'     la'll.la.
:Ii (    McKen/ii    "Hi
ycat I grades bet
i :       "•' lie   gl all s    iiii
Lonsdah ,i
Can an)
nre any gi a *
Mt. Morden   " How :,
you prop  o to rl
Llf      I.'  II   'laa'        BVl I    a    t
Enginoci Loud i   ' ■ I
,   "Thai v
i inurlcn   with   buildini
,i i    |y erected    I don'l n t
bench grades are  needed    l In
l       t gride is pn ttiet    Whal
is the necessity of filling up twenty-
two inches on the south side of the
street and leaving owners liable to
damage ? Tbe grades as established here have been recorded in
lhe minutes."
Mayor " What il all grades are
different t"
Mr. Morden—"Tbo grades arc
on one side ol lhc street. People
on the Wesl side have been given
grades, What is the need ol getting ourselves in that position and
spending money, when we can gut
along without it }"
Mr, l-I, C,Wright "There's not
the slightest doubt but that the
council committed themselves in
giving gradi s to Mr, Deasley and
I liompson, A i money is sliort it
seems a pity lo put ratepayers to
tbe extra cxpt use. Tbe opinions
of former engim crs differ, and tlie
present engineei' is right. I own
two stores on Lonsdale avenue,
and il present grade is changct
would 1 have to stand expense ol
raising them or the ratepayers ?
Would council stand the necessary
expense ol raising them il bi in h
grade was fixed ?"
Mayor   " 1 refuse to answer."
Mr. Wright "Lonsdale avenue
is a first-class strct t, and a change
would cost a considerable amount
nf money, It set ins wrung that
there is m nun h to bo done on ibe
outside ol city thut money should
be spent all in one place,"
Mayor "All the improvements
that an- tiulii' bill uu tlm Local lm
piiiM-im ni Act, The owin is ol
lhc property will be aid t led (and
in, n .ue only two owners hero),
will have to stand neatly all the
expense, except the cross streets."
I he mayoi asked Mr. bunbury,
local manager ol the li. C. Electric
bm s ln*n . il there wt re any possibility ol the cars turning on Lons-
d.ih: avenue south.
In reply Mr. liiinbury stated
lhat there was no likelihood ai the
present time, He thought it might
be possible al sonic Inline time, as
tin* ears found it dillii ull tu nn rt
thi* present st In dull.
Mayoi "I lo bam b grade make
anv different e loi ian* ' Would
it In iiiilu nit for i ars lo turn on a
l» in b grade ?"
Mi. Hunbiiry " li would, il
■nu were coining down grade,
\\'i would have lo raise lhc i urve."
lie i splaincd In- position re last
Mon lay i  a n : ■ a: H1014.
luting that iln t ompany did
nni want tn intcrli re with the
council, llu lurther stated that il
i, : idi wi re traighl tin rails on
the low side ul tbr street would
1 ,r.i' ii bc raised, tin bi in li
i.i li ibis alteration would not
have tu be made, Iln, i ompany
di 1 nm want lo protest or »litn he
bench grading samth uf First
sm .'I, laiii, I'l i ourse, nuiib ui
that street ihe percentage was
real enough now without am
iiniiv increase.
Alderman A, Smith explained
lm* position regarding his t * tl it
a luiiiii i meeting, when iln In in h
■lad'    motion  was   pa ,s< d      I he
mayor also gave hi * n t
;iviug the casting vote in bum ul
the in w grade
Alderman On kmaj alt o lavon al
the straight grath,
Mderman Irwin, chairman nl
tin board of* worl wenl lullj into
the pins ami t mis ol tin cliffs rent
grades, ami alsu Ins rcat ons loi
i  a   straight   grade.   I le
quoted  several  sections ol   tin
;   I Clauses Act rcl itin   to
|    .     ■ 11 iiiimil, in uu li in,tit' I'll' I" lii vctl the majoril    ol rati
i.a., i   were in lavoi ol   trai I I
I   ■   la
Aldi im.ui   I Iji I     [avon I    iln
e ition, ami .iltit
. 'a   *      i ,   l •
.  but that   b<
M ■ itiuns wi n II
anal    ill. i   Wilis It   ll 'im il   tl -
•■ I *
: ...1 i. ading ul Iwn by-laws
Were nutl.
District of
(NOKTIl ) BYLAW, 11)05.
WHEREAS, nn the bib da) ol
December, 1905, ibe I^ynn Creek
Road (north) Lly-law, igoj, was
passed, appropriating for road purposes, inter ii/ta, the lands hereinafter described:
AND, WHEREAS, it has been
lound that the lands hereinafter
described arc not suited for ruad
purposes, nud lhat roads are not
meantime, and are not likely soon
to be required through the distiict
lot niter mentioned.
AND, WHEREAS, tbe owner
of the said District Lol has asked
the Council to repeal the said lly-
law, so far as the expropriation ol
tlm said hereinafter described lands
is concerned, and it is right and
proper to do so.
THEREFORE, the Reeve and
Con mil of the Corporation of the
Districtof North Vancouver, in
council assembled, hereby repeals
the Lynn Creek Roads (north) Bylaw, 11/15, in so lar as the saiil By
law locates, and establishes and
opens up, enters upon, expro
priales ami takes, with a view in
making, preserving and using as
public roads or highways, all ami
singular those certain tracts 01
parcels ol land and premises,
situate,   lying  and   being   in   tin*
Province of British Columbia, in
tbe District ul New Westminster,
and   in  Group   One,   being   cum
posed uf pails of Lot 998, more
auction, or by private treaty, on
terms of payment that will encourage the purchase ol thom bv
persons who may become actual
settlers on the lands.
THEREFORE, be it enacted by
the Keeve and Council of the Corporation of the District ol North
Vancouver, in council assembled
(with the assent ol the electors of
the tlistrict duly obtained), as fob
lows, viz.:
1. It shall be lawful fur Ilm
council to sell any ol the Inn in-
Iniul.' recited lands, and that
either in sections, as al presenl
sub-divided, nr in town, suburban
ur acreage lnls (alter procuring, al
the expense ol the corporation, n
survey and plan ol sub-division ul
ibr same), bv public roup, aftei
sueli advertisement as the council
shall deem sufficient, or by private
bargain, at sm h price or prices,
and upon such lefins and conditions as to the council shall
seem sufficient, and the council
may provide and agree ihal
ilm price or prices may be
payable by instalments, spread
over aoeriod not exceeding three
years', with such rate ol inlei 1 -1 on
llie unpaid balances as lhc council
may determine,
2. Upon payment of the agreed
on price of the said lands, the
corporation, by the hands ol their
reeve and clerk, shall seal with the
corporate seal, and execute and
deliver to ihe respective purchasers, deeds ol land to the land
so purchased and paid fur, which
deeds shall contain sll the usual
and necessary clauses.
3. This l',\ law may be cited (or
all   purposes  as   "Thc  Sale
bauds lly-law, 1907."
Passed bv the council mi the
first day ol November, 1907,
Assented to by the electors ol
the district at an ell etiiiii oil  lhc
day ol Novembl 1. nun;.
Reconsidered and finally adopted, and signed ami sealed un  the
day of , 1907.
Vancouvir Address 1
121 Cordova si,
I'l.oim il')2
(laa*!.   I llllllll:  NOV.  BSlMll
North Vancouver 1
(million Hiatal
'Phono 37
TtVO lll'llsrn  FirM stri'i'l (lltit block); ronlB, -fill.
livi'iiHi'it iiuusa'uti I'lu'Mi'i'iii'liI iiveiiiii* 1 11 imrlicultirly
•jiaiiil buy,
Siimll I'aiium.a mt DO-lool Id on Tliitici'iiili Btreet; Ural block
Irom [.uuhuhIh iiyoiuiq,
ihn, siti'iii; mi.'niiln* boat ttrntctilmlotiii iii ri.Ki'iu nrotiorty
TllillCI'lllll SI., I'l. Iinli.il l.ul   ,. Ill.ia'li Tl.    .1 li'tl' li'iaaal 1,11)'
111 ll ll tl*.* |*aall aa| Un' City,
A r* iiuiiii* s,ni|, mt Uiiistlnlo avottue, (KlxlBI,bcltvoeo Nyo
cu i i James ttlroot.
All.l (ail  Iltl IlirUOllij Uatl'ila'll I,lis.
hi.a iiiti-H,  I.villi  Volley!  IliillHO, mil lint'SOl,  Iwo iirr**a
[uncoil, unit in Itini mnl vi'giiuiali's; lirsl clnsii ifnitt.
I'llll'  ilirllailf. lllt'llltllti', cliiokctiB, ek*
Four mi* 1**11*' liiini terra am  I,.ilia routi! B|llclltllil vlcll
Iho bay; close tii Mtll (inter! Ilirceyottrilo|iit) bnlniie
l.ul- li; i ■
ISI VII, l>. I. U6S
S'JOOl   l'l-ll.   SS7
i.i.... r
$4 SHOES $4 |
We claim Id catty the lies
ol this popular priced Shoe in
Box   Call   Lined.   Double
Sole, Goodyear Welted
Vovtir Calf, Gun Metal Calf, or
Fine Dongoln, single or double
ip soles.   All li lyeai Webs
Ni al I Iressy Hoots.
ALU Al" $4.
particularly desi ribed as I'inli nnil ] t,\KK NOTICIi thai the above
Sixth Koaib, in said By-law, as js a true'eopy of thi proposed Ily
[ollows, viz. : j|.lu: n.)0I1 „.],!,!, l)h  vote „{ t|1(,
bunt. Commencing at the north   municipality will bt taken at Coun
west corner post of said Lot 998,) ci||0|    Nyc.s    |10||SC)    Lonsdale
llienco easterly along the north
boundary ol said Lot 99s,  2,140
leel   more   or   less   In   lhe   wi sl
boundary ol Uoad Nn. 1 (in said
liy law described), and having a
width ol 66 b et to the south ol sanl
north boundary ol Lot 998, and ail
within Lot 998, am1,
Sixth, Commencing at tb
southeast corner post of Lot
998, theme northerly along
the east boundary ol said Lot
,*|S 2,640 bit more ur less
to the north boundary ol said Lot
a)i,\ ami having a width ol 1 6 loot
iu the west of said east boundary
of Lot ij'jS, and all within said Lot
, >. a xcepting that pari or pans
which are desi ribed in said Koad
Nu. 1, in said Ii\-law.
Unl llie said By-law, in so lar as
imt liercbj ' xprt st Ij n pealed, is
erel \. onfirmi d, and shall a.    dn
in full lurcc and t fleet.
Passed by thc count il on the
bi'.iiih aia) ol October, 19 ,
Reconsidered and finally 1 pte I
by the council, and signed by the
Keeve ami Clerk, and si aled with
the corporate seal on ba 1 ;h-
leeiitb day ol October, 19
Ai 1 \   I'uii ip,
C, M. ('*
Wm. II
Avenue, and at tin* I'ublie Si hool
House, l.ynn Valley, on Wednes
day, lhe 20th day ol Novemlit r,
1907, Iiinn .| o't lock ai, m ni 1
n't lock p. ni.
Aif,. I'uii ip.
('. M. (', and Returning Officer.
thai the Vote ol the Electors ol
tin I ii iin: ul North Vancouver
will be laken on " The Sale ul
I.amis Bj law, 1907," on Wednesday, the aotli day ol November,
1907, Irom 'i n'i! a, I; a, in to ;
o'clock p. 111., at the lollowing
polling sl ition . viz. At Councillor Nye's lu 1: . lali
Avenue, and at the Pul lii
Lynn Valley, ami that Alexandei
I'hilip lias been appoint d return
ing offii er, lo take lhe 1 oto ol tin
■ li 1 tors, with the usual powers in
that behalf. By ordi 1 ol I ouni il
Wm, H. M
lice', e
Al.KX,   I'liii.tr.
('  M  ('
District of
ill the  I'M'll IC COAST lllll' INSl'IIAXCI. 1 IIM*
lb.* LOCAL AIIKNCY is .it the (iinier til Lonsdale
.I11-I tlrnp t.itr-.'ll nr a i
ven tin* last I'li'ini'tti "I un*
Till'      lll'llll      UlliaV
PANY in in Vain vi*r|
ItVOIino llllll Sa'i'.all.l a-llvel.
Your properly iiiay mil hu hiirncil .limit inmorroiv, bu: tliiui ngiiiii ii may,
You will -1 a ■ a * j a Miunili'r 11 tiliilils it' ymi an* prolci'li'il,
iu mv ollh'ii nml In' liniipv.
' ,\n I'MI'l.nVl.i:- I MI'll ITY pnl li V lli'in
certainty 11s lo whal il cohIh to tun yum 1n-iiie-*.
1 : ii yunr service for any Mini "i insiiriii	
Real Estate- A IVw Good Buys,
Lot ;. IIM '"'. I), b. '.'.'.'.. •  ■'   - '''■.; I . -1.11 .lam, nmltlriO July, ItitW
l.ul uii'l mi" luili "a  I ir-l Mf'i'l. |n-l  wi-t i'i biinmliili'uveiiliu, ll'itli Iin*
|ii'"iai'ii'ii|.., u..ill, *.ii.eu.i; price *■     I V.
Seven anal Hiiai'ipniriri iia'ti*- ii'i'iii inu'mt Ciipilnnn Creek, near the Keith
Rnail.   li IiiIu-h f :i7fi hii aire to buy llii-.   W.mlil mnke a ureal little sub-divl-duii.
A. el. Picton-Warlow
Insurance iind Really Broker
Nnuiii Vancouvkk
70 x 240
1 la ■ 1 * iw mill ami plank road a
ten minutes from car: only $.100.
Also a h iv 1 1 acres fur S200;
tt tm.. 111 down, siii pi 1 month,
House to let, 6 rooms, all con
ipli . lid iV, Also
** (01 salt ; $300 cash and S.'o
per month.
Iwo pcrfectl) cleared lots nn lonsdale -Wenue
$900 each
an I'M iling lime at
t! ■ I "hi.    ! 1 unship Company's
I  il on M mday night, when two
(• .  into the water,    The
.a   verj loggy,  and  one
■ it  nver the end   ol   tin
id the   *  ond, in h aning
'a' ei to SI i'what happen.1.1 I I
is uo ihiiit ulty in knowing
'!. Ill llll        '     aai,     ,'
a     .1     I' "..
'   '     '..i'i'      ' up,
I I   ill'   tl
ini; tlieir d .1   ■   remit
1. frai I ol the lli   Ins,
Ipel 1  *
l'i ib'Mb'',. Wl) NOT Kb.
Insurance;  In all ils Branchea.
Mining:   Placor nnd Hydraulic
Timber:   Hardwood, Cedar and Fir.
Manager for the CoMaXtRciAi
OKIca'. First St, E ol lonsdale
il you tin; i|oini| lo lil II i)
consult 'i- aiml we will
save you Mn.MiV.
1 Plans, lie,  prepared lor an)
stylo house. EtUmotes Furnished
HlllDLIiaS     Otli aSt., West
WHEREAS, tin Corporation ol
lhe I listricl "I North \ ancouver,
inter alia, thufollowing lands,
iiuai'd  within   lhc  District of
North Vam ouver, viz,
b in 1 Lol . . 605, Mn. 817,
■-:,". 948, ii:,. 11 -, 1 tag, 11.p1,
1 . 1 iii, 1523. Thu wi it hall
1 11. L, 783 I be wt bt s" acres
"ilil,.,,;. I ba* nasi .: ' icres
of II. L.. acres of 1', L,
,    I be 1 usl hall "i 11. L, yig,
1'he n 'H'n hall   of  D.   I
I    lit acn   ol bl'ia I.  1 \). I..
. 1   snd \t) aci   i iu U   I„ 88i,
an I I It i'. in I >. L, , 14, and
tl e laid and  are not n pun d loi
a .aipul.lle  purpo  '   ■
AND,  WHEREAS, it  is  de*
irable to sub divide Borne ol laid
lauds, and io oilet them lot sale by
all' .    .,1   aa,    H.ITV   |S
Groceries and
Vegetable s.
Wo have just received 11 slilnmelil ol
a     ' (jlpll lall'.'a.l    N . IT t t I.TI I
Snys, r..i!alniii-.      Kll    .    it Sl (Vi t'k
a jirit'e may he liml on theHc b it
itpplos ivhich dill luiiiii* ii hnrti Inr ynu
logel *' lios in !•'   ymi ure one "I the
lirst,     bai'lelllb'TJI'",!
A** (nr Potatoes. •'■' a* lirsl,  Wc liave
Llio quality at a riirlil   '
I'ull uml KCt a- uml 1  nilviiiitniie ol
Tbe Store oj fiu<ilih|
iind lliy.ii Prices
Corner .SihSt, mul Lonsdale Aie.
Ill l.l laa)M.    HJ
wnii is I'm;
I'l.lie, t'lllllllltll'S. I.i'(i'l«
Sii|„'ti!iiimii'iia f Cunslruclloii
I't'i'itiu Si , ''"iiNtii I.o.vsdalb Avi
TeinjKirary Olllco  I'. Cudnoy'i
Paint Simp, KsplnllBde,
North Vancoi vi k, 13, ('.
SMOKt     ■     t*l
Tl \l'l I,'- WWTI.I'   I'ill!   SLASH*
1   IN', in I) I..■'*'':, Villi Van, ver,
-,.. Itlcalluns nnd particulars fruin
ItOllKHT WAUI) tt CO.,
C',r. Hastings and llomor st-.,
Norlh Vancouver, B, C.
A Weekly Newspaper, Published by
Thf. Experss Printing Company
Subscription, $1.01)
United States and Foreign, 1(1.50
Strictly in Atlvaiit'ii
On enquiry wc find lhat the
present grades on Lonsdale avenue art.': Six per cent., from the
wharl to the Esplanade; 7(1 per
cent., the Esplanade to First
street; 87 per cent., First street to
Keith road.
The efluci of raising the lower
side ol First slreet to suit the lloor
of lhe Keith block, now iu course
of erection, at the corner of First
street, will lie lo increase tlie
grade about one per cent., nml
raise llie side walk nearly a foot at
the lane, near Dick's oflice, nnd
more than a foot opposite W. E,
"iionipson's Building, and will require about i,aoo cubic yards filling.
We believe that llie council has
erred in deciding lo alter the present  grade    even   though  it  were
lhe unanimous recommendation ol
llu' consulting engineers, We have
lieen informed that equally competent snivel ms aiiil engineers
themselves disagree in the matter
of bench and straight grades, And,
therefore, common sense should
prevail in ibis matter. The question nl ^ratling was discussed previous to the aiilveiit nl lliis paper,
two veins and a llllll ago, and al
different intervals since, We be
lieu* thai wo an* voicing the opinions nl a majority ol the ratepayers when we say leave the grade as
il is, and gel bust by erecting
buildings in conformity with the
existing line.
Aid. |ordan's remarks lust night
were timely, thnl the citizens
should take inure interest than
tlmy .In iii civic all,tits. II tlmi
had ddnc mi ilu* question 0 1 1
permanent grade would have Intu
sellleil ere tins.
I hs Worship ilm Mayor could
nnt have very well refused tn cast
bis vnie tn alter tlm* grade, seeing
that ii was ilm recommendation ol
the engineers, whom tlm council
liad requested to nice an expert
Lei the grade on Lonsdale avenue In settled once and Inr all on
Monday night,
Continued from Pago 1.
To Tut*: Express to-day Aid.
Irwin, chairman of the board of
works, made llie suggestion that
owners electing or intending to
erect new stores 01 business blocks
in the business dislriel, on Lonsdale avenim, should be cautioned
against building otherwise than in
Conformity   to   existing   grade   of
street aud sidewalks, as already
constructed, unless duly authorized
in writing by the city council, am!
in accordance with a profile map
or phiu signed liy tin mayor, llie
1 hairman ol ihe board ol wotk:'.
and the city engineer,  and  sealed
with the seal of the Corporati d
tlie Citj ol North Vancouver, A
copy ol such plan, il any existing,
sliould be seen at tlic city hall.
Ik* further snid;
" 1 disclaim any liability nn be
half of the board ol works or the
city il tlie aforesaid precautions
are not observed."
The regular meeting of the North
Vancouver Board ol Trade will be
held on Tuesday evening next in
"1 lie city hall. A good attendance
is requested.
I nines Koss, formerly connected
with tliu Mansion barber shop on
Granville street, has opened the
Palace barber shop, lie is a well
known tonsorial artist, and should
do a good business.
John W. Conway and W, lb
1 bibcock, both restauranters of
Seattle, will, it is stated, open an
up-to-date calc here in the new
iiinn panning on tho road in front of tlio
school houso in Moodyville on Saturday
bi'liiTi'11 I inui 2 o'clock, Tito mini was
going iiiulli ami walked within about SU
fool nasi tlic school stops, on whloh
Agnos nml hor slstor woro sitting, She
could nul roiiioiuhor t'xittll.v how tho
innn wus dressed, but lio tst'i'incti in havo
ragged trousors on mul 11 dark sack coat.
Sadie Ibiiuillii' nqxl leet if bed lhat iho
was (villi hei sinter on Saturday bo-
ttvi'ou I ami - o'clock in llif iil'ti'iiHuiii
nml lliul -.lu liml scon Un' colored man
pass, Sin* und hor sisters woro fright*
i'iii*il nl lilin. She "iiiilii n<il H'liii.'tnljcr
luiiiii iilnnil his tin*' oxcopt lliul In'
woro 11 dark suit and a black stiff hat.
lie looked like 11 liid uian ami *ito and
hor -i-i.T nni in ntnl Iniil heir inothor
nl tin- occurronco.
Tlti' jury I lieu itilji'Utiu'il nl 1 o'clock
lm' iliniii'i' mnl re. niicd thoir places
again ut 11:30, whon Hie last witnose was
i.illi'il. Mr. S. A. liuilti'ie testified thut
nlirii hi' I il 1,1-1 Honda*, thai tin- Iiiiii' Nl ilm [lill (tilt- missing ho iiiimetliilte-
ly connected hor dlsnppoaranco with a
ri'liu'ctlloiin hit hud met down near
Moodyvlllo mt Saturday Boiiiotlino be*
liiini ll uml li! o'clock, .Mi. Quthrlo
titaleil In* itiii* coining up from Moodyvlllo ul iili'iitl that tiiui' uud whon ho
iciirlieil lhe iur li.nl. at lhe col'nor ot
si. Ilm,IV riiitil uml In sl -at 1,'el lm met
a colored iiniii who Inquired Hie way to
la,nn. Mr. 1 Inllil ie said lie told him hu
was going llu' wrong way, thai Ite should
intu around I go back thu wot ho Inui
como to gol tn Nortli Vuiicouvrr, whero-
til>iiii llii< negro asked i: I ore was nol
,1 I.mu l.iillii'l' 1.11, uml Mi   Quthrlo suid
thai M Iiniii' tt.is Mime little distance
farther mt. 'I'lie colored man continued
i-.i*.t tin nl uml Mr, Uutlirle said he
n.m l>.'.l  Imu  lill  lu'  had di a,,,,,.,,,-,].
Thai n.i- Uie Let In*   Imd    i>   llio
lu diwribing tin* colored man's dress
Mr. 1,11,Inu' said In- li.nl on 11 il.nl, sack
toalj considerably tattered on ono sleeve
11,,111 Hi,* elbow up Ua Iln< sli.mliler. He
wore dark trousers uml had ona to tin*
laaa-l   a.I   III,-   kllOWlodgO,  ll   lil.li'k  Stilt  llul.
ll ti,in tutlliei staled   by   tho   tvittiMw
:la.1 Uie ,1,,..,,, I,,,. ,, ,,., ,,,|.(| looking
ili'uluie    llilll    itliiillt    11    ttvi,    Wl   ' 1,'
growth ol Iw,nib   lb* int- euro ho could
recogllixo liim ii lie nni   lum n;'iiin,
This ,li*s,'il llu* evidence .unl Iho coroner charged llie jury, dating in effoct
their duty and lite nature ui tin* et i*
di'iiri* lu lie considered,   Hi brought out
particular!*  llio c mum ,11 which the
hodj n.n iiiunil .11 1 Un* ctidonco ivblcl
pointed I" foul play,
The jury alter a short consideration
brought iu llie liilloiiini; verdlcti
"Wo, iiie j ii 1 > empanelled 10 Inquire
into tlu* death ol Clementina N'uhu, believe il'*u  iln* 'li' cased   einiio   it lier
.1. alia,  alioul llu* Ulli ul Novpii „ ■*,
li'ii?. in'iii  I.uiimI.iIi* Oardoi   nnd Si
n.n nl h loaiil uml Final street ntnl Cros*
cenl street, by u blow across the fere-
head, from u ilu'' minimi-' ted by .111
unknown person. Signed, W. V. Emery,
Medicated Limbiu'^:r
On Thursday ot this week an
individual with cap peaked lore
and alt, and pants with three reels
in, and bearing all tin >\ (-marks
of one fresh out from the land
where they serve coffee and
"sinkers" for breakfast, rushed
into McMillan's groccvy store and
breathlessly asked the genial proprietor if he kept any limburger
ibit!,'' "the medicated kind,"
li. explained.
Now we arc well aware that
these an' ibe days ol hygienic and
medii at' d goods—in fat.'., almost
am thing can lie purchased in n
drugstore, liom a razor that is
warranted not to give ynu blood*
poisoning if you cut your threat,
In a sol, stuffed with | atctlt break-
last bind ; but ye god . who ever
heard of medicated limburp -
" Nu," said Mac. ;  " 1  have,,
any in stock."
"Well, did he know , here any
could be purchased."
No 1 and what was more, he
thought thai there wouldn't be any
on the market unlil alter 'Xmas.
He blamed l'etc Larson lor this.
I'il, had sold the four-footed
11 arch-angel" that used to do
duty for a log liom on foggy days,
ami he had sent the limburger out
to the lighthouse sous lo guide the
Dutch skippers into port.
The last he seen ol his CIIS ner
was bis standing in a boat, [lifting
lhe air for ihe scent, am! then he
suddenly dropped into his scat,
In ut   lo    the    oats    ami    pulled
frantically in the direction of th';
Point Atkinson lighthouse.
1'*.  Elliott,  Hrandon, [Mui*,  it
registered at the l'alacc Hotel.
E. 13. Dames, Indian Head, is
registered at Hotel Nortli Vancouver this week.
Mrs. J. J. Godfrey, of Hotel
North Vancouver, left for England
on Tuesday afternoon. She will
return next May.
Mi?s Alice Lacombc, ol St,
Paul, and Mrs. Alex. Macmillan,
St. Vincent, Que, were registered
at Hotel Worth Vancouver this
The steamer Eorrager arrived
on Monday with a large cargo ol
Hour and feed for Brackman &
Ker Milling Company. She unloaded at the Western Corporation
Mrs. VV. D. Campbell, wile of
the popular tonsorial artist, and
children, left I'ir Jams, Ore.,
yesterday wliere tiicy will visit
friends for a lew weeks.
The shipyards at Moodyville has
been shut down till the new year.
Several ol the men will remain in
tlic village till then.
A large number went iip to the
Capilano on Sunday.  The weather
was line.
The people at thc Capilano are
entirely Iree from fog thev.' days.
Manager Bunbury, of tlie B. C.
Electric Railway Company, and
party, went up to the Capilano in
an automobile on Monday. A
pleasant outing was indulged in,
Hie deer are coining down from
the mountains these davs, and
jumping and prancing along the
1 .pelaiul road, near the Capilano
The Campbell's house, on the
Hover Court road, is rapidly ap.
proaching completion.
Cheste Ield Avenue, Irom Thirteenth to Nineteenth streets, is
being cleared anil graded, ind will
be completed ne.\t week. A sidewalk will also be .aid on the west
side of the street.
Mrs. J. F. Hoaf, of Toronto,
was a visitor to this city liiis week,
K, Harper, of the Bank ol
British North America, was
registered at Hotel North Vancouver this week. He is on leave
nl absc ice for a few weeks, and ol
cotiise paid a Hying visit to his olil
stamping grounds.
Ur. Verner, ol this city, an en-
th isiastic yachtsman, who lately
arrived here Irom Toronto,
brought along with Iiiiii a lour-
horsepower gasoline engine, and
is now making enquiries as to
where he can procure a se '.able
hull. Ile also is anxious to have
yachting promoted in North Vancouver.
E. C. Banna, ol Indian Head,
is a guest al the Had North Vancouver.
Alberta V. Fowlei r ader), will
givea concert iu Larson's hall, on
Tuesday evening, Noveinlui 26th,
A splendid programme, to" isting
ol commediettas—"A I'oii of
Lunatics" and "Chalk and
Cheese," both ol which are laugh
provok rs of the highest order.
Miss Fowler will be ably assisted
by Mr. W. I. Duller, who has
gained a reputation here (in that
line), Vocal and violin solos, and
an instrumental duett will complete the programme. See window cards next week.
The City of North V icouvcr is
noted for its scenic attnc •" lor
the beauty ol its location and its
homes, and as being the proposed
terminus ol the two new transcon
tiiienlai railways.
Atbb tic park is being re-graded
preparatory to seeding, a large
gang nf men now being employed
thereon. When complete this
piece of ground should equal any
lawn on the Coast.
Hon. Morris Gillord, accompanied by Mr. W. D. Bunbury, of
»—        -      -U-l-    ■
LOT 2?3
We have some lots left In this Original
Subdivision.   Call and see us, and
buy before they are all gone.
The Electric Tram runs
right through this property
It is bound to be an  important addition
in the near future
Easy Term*
For Prices and Maps, apply
R, 11K1111 HOULOATB, MAN Ante i<
tlie II. C. Electric Railway Com
pany, made a trip up to Capilano
dam on Monday last in Mr.
Clifford's big touting car. This is
a splendid tribute 10 the road, as
the car is one of the largest seen
around here.
"A miss is as good as a mile."
So thought three prominent ladies
who were returning from tbc
opera, one night lately. They
had missed the last boat, and it
was up to them to devise a scheme
to get across, so tbey jollied the
captain, and finally won his consent to come once again, much to
the delight ol the three travellers.
The church notices have been
unavoidably   crowded  oul    this
The launch Echo will bc rebuilt
immediately ami put on the run
northward to the camps.
On Monday last thc Club tobacco and billiard saloon was
formerly opened, opposite the ciiy
ball on Lonsdale avenue. A lirsl-
class English billiard table h.ta,
installed,   ami  the   besl   cigars,
tobabcos and pipes are kept in
stock. Ml. J. I'ictoil Wallow I*.
iu charge.    All are invited.
Messrs W Braemc and Albert
Emergen, along with everal
1 thers, returned this week Irom a
week's bunt around Powell bike.
Tliey report a plentiful supply of
game, and judging liom Ihl si/.t* ol
llieir load we also agree with them,
Owing to a pressure of spai a in
this week's issue the annual reporl
ul  the  president  of    the   Ladies
nf the Maccabees lodge has been
crowded out, but will appear nexl
week,   An organization meeting
will be held 011 Tuesday evening iu
the Orange hall. All ladies intending to become members are invited
to attend.
Mr. Pete Larson, proprietor nl
ihe Hotel North Vancouver, is
confined to his room with an attack
ail lumbago, but will be out again
in a day or Iwo.
■^ tin; Information ul intending
settlors ami others, tlmt selection has
beon mado ul the 3,600,000 acres ol luml
situated   iu  the  I'eiieo  River   Valley,
Provinco nl Urltlsh Columbia, grauted
tu tin' Dominion Government under tho
provisions of Section 7, ul "An Act rotating t'i Ilia   Ittlillltl ItltilttllV,   tilt!  lirllV-
int; Dock ami Railway Lands ul the
Province," and inch land in nut open I'i
entry under the Land Laws "I the
Tin* block Heli'cti'il i« doscrlhod as (ollows: Commencing et it point 83k
miles south ol the Ponce River, mt tin*
iL'utlt Meridian, being the Eastern
boundary nt ihe Provinco, thenco West
7,'t mile- and .ts.i.l chains, tlmi North
7l' inllos and 35.03 chains, llienco Hast
7"t miles ami .is.ni chains, thenco South
lo tho point of commencement, following tho 120th Meridian, and containing
approximately 3,600,000 acres.
Nuiici* i- Also (liven that, uilh n flow
tu lacllltatino settlement in ihe Valleys
ol tho Peace, Parsnip and Pack Rivers,
tho following belt ul Iniul furty lull.-- in
width, and extending 20 miles on each
side ol ilie I'*',ire. Parsnip ami Pack
llivers Ims beon reserved lur actual
I settlers, to ho acquired by pre-emption
only under tin' band .let, such Innd imt
bolng u|»'ii fur sili>, lease, license ur
othor Alienation under Hie said Act except t'i pre-emption,
Coi inclngal (ho Intorsocllon "f tho
Western boundary "i the block uf land
solocted by tin* Dominion Qovcrtimont
with the Peace River, thenco following
tlio l'enco Hlvor ami Parsnip River tu
llieir I ulllllli'll.e  ttilll   III''   I 'ill k    ItiviT,
unl thonco following iiii* Pack River tu
tho point where said Pack River leaves
Mcl*ood Lako, and extending lor a distance of 20 mllos mt each side uf miiii
libers and approximately 170 miles in
All lands outsido tbo boundaries ol tha
Dominion Government Grant and the
rcMiirve abovo described an; upon lur
location under thf laws ul ibe Provinco,
Artinu- Child Commissioner
ul Lands anil Work,!.
Lands and tt'urkc Department,
Victoria, Soptembor 13th, 1U07
Accountants,    Auditors    General
Commission brokers
Real (stole Agents
Tui.Bi'iiusi 11 im
Iiiit Imiini'i'i  and B. I. land Surttyor
'mess 28js
Rellwajri, llrldgoi, Wetet Poweti, Rillmitti,
Superintendence ol Coaitniclioni Mup«, Tutvu*
-Hi*-, Mining Claims,Sob-Dlvlslone,etc,
BM Itaitlnss st. W„ . . VANCOUVER, B, 0,
Mabelle Williscro| t
Special attention given tu HugoriiiK
ninl tons production.
Studio 1  Becond cottage, Sjjuth Bova
cntecnth, Lonsdale Last,
Rolled Oats
Hai) and Feed
ih» Brackman-ker
Milling Co.
Have on biiii'l a lane supply ol Cement
blocks, made Irum fresh water wind.
Samplos tuny l»<; Heen »t the now
t'i'iiii'iii residence 011 Second street cunt,
size 1,1 blocks 8x10,
bull particulars cnu bo had (rom tlm 1
Woslorn Corporation oflice, nr wrlto to'
Nuriii Vancouver, ti. C
Harry Mitchell, local manager,
Lonsdale Avenue.
Fine, healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower Plants, grown from
button's Seeds, always on hand, THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
na-, a ni'-fotirth cash, balance 0,12 and V
/ '«"
'    s
BK 29
<    a
. _-—
District of
Keeve and Council of the Corporation of the District oi North Van
couver, in Council assembled, as
lolloWS, viz.:
i. For the purpose of establish
161 Cordova Streei, Vancouver, B
P, (i. IKVX 3SII,
1836      THE BANK OF      W
British North America
Nlv of the oldest banks doing business in
this country.
.'iii llrmielies in Ciuiadii mnl Iln1 Unite*! States,
general banking business transacted.
Canada, I
 rs ISSIIWI payable  anywhere
Inited States or Great Britain,
Drafts bought and sold,
Prompt attention given to collections.
Savings Iiuiiii lltjiiiilnii'iil —I'* I'usitsoisi.oo
anal   upwards  received,    Interest  paid  even
three months,
Oll'.ie, lor. lonsdale \\e. and Esplanade, North Vunrouver, B.
II   R, Hi tun.. Manager,
British Columbia Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.
Can leave the Ferry Landing for Queensbury Avenue, Twenty-first
street and Lon dale, Winch street and Keith Uoad as follows: 6:15
a.m., 6:45 a. in., 7:15 a. 111., 7:45 a. in., ":15 a. in., 9 a. 111. 9:40 a. in.,
oa. m,, Alter 10:25 a. 111., cars wl" 'eave Queensbury avenue,
Twcntj first and Lonsdale avi nue, and Winch strei 1 ami Keith Uoad
at fivi minutes to the hour and twenty five minutes past the hour,
C'    h ive Nineteenth itrcet and Queensbury avenue, Twenty first
a'..   ■     II   nsdah a enue. Winch street and Keith Road as (ollows:
(' a. 111 . 1 Ai'i a, 111., 7 a, 111., 7:30 a, in., 8 a, in., 8:45 a. m., 9:15 a. in,,
9:55 a, 11 .       5 a. 111,   After 9:40 a. 111. cars leave the Ferry Landing
I ; uti i past tin tl I twi nty minutes lo the hour.
tejf3   All boats at       t I    tin  ci 1
Section    50   of    the   Municipal
Clauses Act enters upon, expro
priates ami tabes, all ami singular
that tract or area of land sixty six
feet in width within  the district
and province aloresaid, tlic centre
line   ol   which   is   particularly
described ns follows, viz.: Com
iiieiii ing at a point on ibe nortli
boundary  of   District   Lot  764,
in   the   centre ol   the   road; registered on the map nl the sub-
livision of said   I).   L.   764,  as
" Farmer Koad," and thence due
norlh, through and parallel to  tbe
east boundary of Block 5, ol D. L,
fui7, to the nortli boundary nl said
.'dock 5, a distance of 594  feet or
thereby, nnd thence west along the
said north boundary to the south*
„jst corner ol Block g ol said D, L,
607, .1 distance ol 22$ [ei 1 or thereby, and thence  along tlie  wi st
boundary ol said Block g to iln
northwest corner thereof, a dis
tance of 7ns feet or thereby along
the north boundary ol Block 10 ol
said D, 1*. tiny to the Capilano
Koad, a distance oi  135 [cut or
thereby, and containing said des
scribed roadway 1 1 aoth acres in
Block 5, 1.411 ol an acre in Block
6, 31.50II1S of an am* in Block 9,
(13. ninths ol an aire in   Block   in;
and 6,50th ol an acre ill Block 1),
all ol D, L. 607,
5, In exchange lor tho lamb
hereinbefore expropriated through
said Blocks 5, 9 and to ol lb L,
iiiiy.ilittboriiy is hereby given to tin
corporation, by the hands of iheii
Reeve and Clerk, (11 To execute
and deliver to Robert Kerr Hotil-
gate, Robert S. Patterson, and
Edmund S, Sheppard, a deed ol
bind ol all ami singular lhat pail
ol the present travelled road,
known as " Keith Road," situated
in Hindis 4 and 5of lb L, 607 ,so
far as not included ill the urea des
crihed in Section 1 ol this lly-law,
and, (21 To execute and deliver to
James Coopei Kl iill .tibial ol bm
ol all and siuniilaribai part ol the
presi nt travelled road, known as
" Keith Road," situati d in
lil hi 11 KNISIII I) MOI1I   ON  till  COAST
Ratksi $1.50 PER
S|ifi'iitl Rates lo Families ami Regular Boanli
Half-hour ferry
wnler III every
iction tii and (niiii Vancouver,  lint uud cold
Return cull bells in every rniiiii.
Second jtrbi r,   - ■   NOKTIl  VANCOUVER, B,
opening, making and preserving a highway, to be known as tin
" Page Road," lhe corporation
hereby, under authority of Section
50, Sub section (142) ol the* Muni
cipal Clauses Act, enters upon,
expropriates, ami tabes, all and
singular that trad or area nf land
sixty-six leet in width, in the Dis
trict ol North Vancouver and Province ol British Columbia, ibe
centre lino ol which is particular!)
described as follows: Comment
inu at the northwest corner post
of District Lot 555, Group Ont.
New   Westminster   Distiict,   and
thence east along the north bound
ary of District Lot 555, to the
southeast comer post ol District
Lot S15 ol said Group Oik, a dis
tance of 1848 feet more or less,
and ihonce south along a Iini
parallel to thc cast boundary ol
Districi Lot 555 to tie foreshore,
a distance of jijn.^ feet mon 01
less, and containing five and four
fifths acres or thereby of District
Lot 555, ami one and two-lillhs
acres or thereby ol District  Lot
j. For the purpose ol establish
ing, opening, making and preseri
ing a highway, to be known as tin
"Clements Koad " the Corp rs
tion hereby, under authority aforesaid,  enters  upon,  expropriates
and takes, all and singular lhat,-- ,        	
tract  or  area ot  land, sixty-six in respect that part ol Graveley st
leet in width, in thc said districi and Farmer street, in Districi Lol
and province, the centre line ol 7°4t have been duly registered am
which is particularly described as dedicated as public highways, with
follows,   viz.:   Commencing at a consent of the Reeve and Council,
point on the east boundary line In exchange lor and to take the
and nnrth thirty-three tout Irom plnci ol that pari ol the present
the southeast corner post ol lhe travelled road, known
three-acre lot ol land in District
I.hn-iim 1. Am m 1 Between Fourth ami Filth streets, cleared
lot, si e 25x130 Itni. to a .in loot alley. Price Jaooo, Terms one-third
cash, balance 6 and 12 months.
Fifty-loot lot in same block fronting on Lonsdale avenue, price
S4000,   Siniilai terms.
CiiESTEiti'iiii.u Avenue Near Fifteenth street, lot 110x150 feet.
I'm 1 J550,   Terms one-third cash, balance in 6 and i.i months.
I'm rth Street ami Queensiiurv Avi nui. Double comer on car
lim*, magnificent situation,   Price &2100.   Terms to be arranged.
Two Ci.EAitEii Lots hn Fourteenth Street—Close to St. Andrew's avenue, size 50x157 each,   Price $450 each,   Easy terms,
b'n 111 Strei i Between Lonsdnle and St. George's avenues, two
lots, 50x140 each,   Price flgbo.   Easy terms,
Lonsdale Avenue—Lot 50x120, between Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets.   Price $900.   Terms oue-third cash, balance 6 and ta
I'n in Street -One block from Queensbury avenue, two south
front lots, 50x137 each, to ,1 20-foot alley. Price. S551) each. Terms
one-third cash, balance 6 and ta months,
Si\ 111 Strei 1 In block 8, 1511 leet Irom Queensbury avenue car
line, size 50x137, to a 20-foot alley, south front. Price $600 each.
Terms one fourth cash, balance in f> ami 12 months,
We have also a large list cf properties iu all parts of the city.
We deal exclusively in close-in city properties, and can offer you
tie best bargains and the choicest locations obtainable anywhere. 4
Correspondence solicited, nr better still, call and see us ami let
us show vou what we bave to oiler.
Lonsdale Ave. und Fifth St.
10, oil). I
eluded in the area
section 4 of this lie-
in respect that1
607, -n lar as not in-
describt d in
iw, anil  (3),
llotel North Vancouver,
'J ourii t
Ki   ni
I |* lo date
f         ,
' .*•■••;; v'a^
-,*„■ ;
. ,, ,.;*■•
and up
Spi 1 ial
Rates for
n    :
■- --t-(*i-raff
lit    .   1
l;ounh 1 •
At ix.
ItTi'N Servici
in Vancouver
I very *l..ll Hour lo iititl irom ihis Hol el
P. Larson, Prop.
Rainier Beer
Is ii gloi'iou.- lu'vcni&i
' [itisfying, lb nn mlu-r
"iusl ;i good    in i 1 nn gutting lltiinior.
i—(iiK'ticlung nutl
lie ri■'- ii"  oilier
Vancouver. B, C.
II ynu wish to be tin rough!   pleased with Coffee, try 01
Fresh Ground Hrown Bcrric     Ca      istomert   cl coupons,
Corner Es|>lanade and Lonsdale Avenue
Lot 593i Group One, which be* I mad,
longs i" Dr.  Drier, and  thenci   Koad
rom said point cast and parajle
to the north boundarj ol I listrit 1
Lot 51J3, a distsm c ol 820 leet,
thence south 46   jo' 1 ast, a distance ol 3S0 feet, thence smith to
the south boundary nl District Lot
, I, .1 distance oi ago leet, more
or less, and thence south along a
line parallel to the east boundary
of Distiict Lot 594,  (.'11 on j    due,
a distance of 660 leet to a point,
and thence west along a lim parallel to the south boundary ol Dis-
Irict Lot 50,4 lo the centre ol the
intent travelled road, known as
the Capilano Road, ,1 distance of
15(15 feet more or k-js, and containing aid area, thn 0 and 1 ne fourth
,11 res more 01 li ss ol Di itrict Lot
594, and two and 1 levt 1 twi nty-
iiiiie acres ot District Lot 51,3.
:   For the  ptirp        I  1 tab
lishing, opening, making and preserving as a highway, lo bt known
as " Ross Road,  llu corporation
In n by, und tthoritj ad n   ii I,
* ni* rs iii'im, cxpro| riatcs and
1 ike . all and singulai that tract 01
an a ol land : feetin width,
situati tl in tli trii 1 and
provim 1. thc 1 enln line of which
is partii ularlj desi ribed as follows,
Com 1 in   at tin     nth
.1 1    mer ol  Districi I "t 1087,
(iinii|i (Ine, and tin .    alon   llu
south I idarj ol lilot ks 16, 15,
14, 1 j, ii, 11. to an I 9 ol saial
I ii itrii 1 Lot lo ilm southeast coi
m 1 "I .nd Distrii 1 Lol , a
lil tain e "I .'. 1 |od ■ t moil ni It ss,
and (i) Commi m ing at llu north*
. ast' "in**t ol Di tm t Lol \i.' nl
id group, and thence south along
lhe ea il boundarj ol said D. L.
*a in the southwest corner nf
listrii t Lot '-ij nl BaidGoupOne,
a distance ol 1557 feet more or
less, and containing said area ol
and, two and one (mirth acres of
laud in ami along the cast anil
north sides ol D, L, Rja, 1 Hy
>b in res ol laud iu ami idling
the wen and north sidi 1 ol D. L.
1:, and ...• tooth parts "f an acre
.n and abing the south side ol each
"f    b'l'll l.S  I),     IO,  It,   12,   I3,   14,     15
and 16 1! said D, L, 2087,
1 ber tin purpose ol straighten
ing lhe Keith Road through blocks
5, 6, , ind i" ol li l, '"i-/, and ol
establishing, opening, making and
preserving as pan ol the highway,
known as " Keith Road,' tbc cor*
poration 1 en by, undci authority
of sub-sections (14.1) and (1OK1 ol
^^^^ K.iil
Road, and also tin original locatci
road, known as the old Keith
bu as the* am within the
bounds ol D. I.. 764, with a view
tn straightening the  said  Keith
Road,   power   is   Inn by  ilia :i tO
tbe cor] oration by the bands 0
iba* Ret ve and Clerk, to execute
and deliver to ('barb'-, li, Robson,
as owner ol D, L, 764, a quit
claim deed of thai part ol the
present travelled Keith Road, also
that part nl lhe nld Keith Koad
so Iai as tbey aie within the
bounds ol said 11. L, ,'**, save an.l
1 MM']'! smb parts   nl   '.n.i  |*n   i ul
travelled road, as are embraced in
ihe roads shown in the registered
map nl b lid D, L. 764,
6. This By-law maj be 1 ited lor
all purposi s ,ts " 'l he Highways
Appropriation I'n law, 1 117 "
bass' d by the Couni il on ilm
1 Hiii day ol October, 1907,
I;,. msidi n ■! and finally od-
npted, and st si ah d on
the ist day of November, 1 107.
When you w.mt
a job of Painting
or Paipcr Hanging
or Kaiisomining
done.   See
liiini I tance, Holland and ,l,i|i,in.
illablo varieties at reasonable prices*
'tsrlillicrs, Hei; Supplies, Spray Pumpl,
Spraying Malarial, Cut blotters, tie.
Oldest established nursery on tlm
mainland ul British Columbia.
Catalogue Iras.
run ip,
C. M.
II, Mav,
1 1
Hardy & Stoney
Simii Sunt .
('"ine iii niial SOU what you can get in
nur city,  Wu can compare favorably
(villi any stow "I our size Oil tin' I'ltnlii'
I Our Crockery and Glassware Depart'
incut is now ready for Inspection, also
1111 elegant line of .hvvi'lrv.
All tie ask Is, tlo not pi to Vancouver
f<<r anything in our line till you have
paid tun visit,   lie loyal In Nortli Van*
Mi. II. Holland has niovt d into
,   n idem '■  .it   the  cornel   ol
III aixl tin  pipe bm   1 b
A publii 11 a * ia'    will be In lil (111
I in   'I t\  I'llli. .11     30 I'  111 . in llu
in.na. * hall, when Mrs Kemp,
a tm nibei ol lhe orilt 1. will It 1 tun
mi tiie benefits ol tho I 0. T M
A pit 1 ml programmec ol nm iii ii
being   pn pan ll.     All    beli I   hu
cordially n tjuesli al to ntiend.
AI' v. days ago whnl inighl havi
been a latal a> 1 idl nl Ol ('Hired tn
a (biiubo vigcial .■ vendor, on
Nnn t, ■ nib sir. 11. oil tin bill, ea.-l
01 St, Andrew's road He was
riving along with n In avj load
when bis hoi bi.  the
Wagon got -tui k, and thc horse
left with tho whiffli tree ami ran
bit two miles Tin drivi 1 was
badly (lit about lltt: head mul
sigm d
Paintrrs AM' Papkriianoirs
Miikai, Drcokators
GRAINER8      lilA/IKRS     SlONS
Oil.   13111  SlKKKI.
We can Suit you
All Prices
From $2.r>0 up
■ml  in your orders
tirifii-t'nt Clour I'ir.
Hove lengths, per cord, delivered
Ca.rili*, I, lengths, dollvorsd.,,
for Dry
in itock, Immediate delivery.
ll   Hal  r, 1   nagcr ol tin
North \ iivi 1, has k-
bis pi lb* will lain ;
a wcll'carm .11,    11;   and will in
all likctili       1        Xntas in tbei
old country
. ■.<■■>
Lonsdale Avenue
Between Pint and Second
Cor.33rd St. and Lonsdale Ave,
M^Loave orders nt Waldron'i hard"
ware store.


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