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The Express 1908-12-11

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Is that which goes inlo peoples'
homes. To reach Ihe people of
North   Vancouver  advertise  in
Phone 80
i[]t lExprnis
DLC U1&Q8      j	
Executed in a style that flciistt
and at prim Ihal are right ai
,,,„       The Express
Aldermen May, Wheeler, Crick- j total, 11141.3b; ( police )
may, Smith and Braim were in at- $327.05; (Schools) total,
tendance it the regular session of | board of   works
the city council on Monday evening.    Mayor Kealy presided.
Previous to the adoption of the
minutes, Mayor Kealy explained
that he had substituted the names
of Aldermen Crickmay and  Braim
general) total,
$783.27; (local improveinent)total,
$392; waterworks committee, total,
$482.33; fire and light committee,
total, $538.91; Health committee,
total $238..
Alderman Wheeler.acting chair*
for the names ol Aldermen Wheel* 1 man of the board o(  works,   refer-
er and Smith, as a court ol  rcvis-jred to the habit of property owners
ion on Ihe civic voters list, on account of the lact ihat all the aldermen with the exception of those
first named had already constituted a court of revision on some matter, so that this alteration gave
each alderman his turn to act upon
such court.
in clearing their lots, of piling
rocks and other refuse along the
street line on the boulevard. It
was unsightly and involved additional expense to the city, should
any sort of work need to he done
on the streets in that particular
locality.   Owners to be notified to
A letter was read Irom Reeve H. I remove all such deposits.
Bowes, of Vernon, president ol thei Mayor Kealy stated that there
executive of the union ol B. C. I are about fifty applicants for the
municipalities, advising council ol! position of city engineer, and he
the annual convention, to be held j requested a full attendance of the
at Vernon on Wednesday, January aldermen at the next   regular ses
sion, when they will be considered
The committee appointed on the
application of W. Thomas, for a
gas Itanchise, reported that they
had met Mr. Thumas, who had explained to them that he wished, in
6th next, and asking that the coun
cil be represented by a (ull delegation. Alderman May moved that
the mayor be one ol the delegates
and that he appoint another. The
mayor appointed Alderman Irwin.
C. M. Kitisou wrote, directing! the first instance, to thoroughly go
the attention ol council lo the con- \ over the townsite in order to pre-
dition of the 354 ineli pipe, which j pare a detailed report to forward
supplies water to residents on 15th to his principals, when (il satisfac-
strtet, e.istol St Andrew's avenue, tory) the capital will be available,
llie ri tent  improvement* on this
street lowered  the   grade, leaving
the pipe entirely   exposed, lo the
inconvenience ol residents on account ol ftoat, tic     He requested j
that the pipe be lowered or covered |
with earth.     Alderman Smith, as
chairman ol   tbe waterworks committee, reported that the  matter
was being attended to.
Davis, Marshall & MacNeill, so
and he will be in a position to pro
ceed to negotiate for the franchise
and to erect the plant.
Ratepayers' Association
In opening the session of the
Ratepayers' Association, on Tuesday eve. ing, ■ ['resident William
Mordeu expressed regret that he
would be compelled, because of
licitorsfot  lhe Nortli  Vancouver 0[|ler (jutiea,   to retire   Irom   the
Ferry A Power C—ip»f>, limited, j meeting -l.,,u-t at uute, but before
wrote, advising council that the
North Vancouver Motor Transportation  Company   is  operating  a
doing so, he wished to make cer
tain statements with relerence to
the ferry  question.      He did uot
ferry across  the Inlet,   without t*; ^,ish to discuss ah«.* (]ucstiori   as to
license from either the province or j w|„ther it was advisable for the
the city, and asking whal steps the [c|(y ,0 |)u),,he *err), or not| (,,„ *u,
city proposed to take to protect nmlerstooil that there was a rumor
the license of the company which , ,fl,)a, t0 ,ne rutct t|)a, tne com.
they represent. Alderman Wheel- |pany would now accept $50,000
er was ol the opiuion that the acl-||eM t|,an before, and further that
ional-law now pending by lhe -it), the intimation came directly from
against the North Vancouver Ferry j mmle|(. He wished to state that
& Power Company, would dispose, no pi-jce ot|,er than $175,000 had
ol the whole matter. Mayor Kealy jcm i^^ mentiont*d at any board
was ol opinion that council was meetjng. He understood that an
nol concerned in the matter ol the otr)er rumor was in circulation, to
communication.      Referred lo the ,|,e eflec, ,|,„ ,|  ,■„, conlpany js
city solicitor.
J. M. Heard, manager of the
North Vancouver Ferry St Power
Company, limited, wrote, advising
council that the Lonsdale avenue
wharf is in need of repair, and asking to be informed whether council intended granting lhe company
a renewal of th* lease, or whether
council proposed to take over the
wharf and repair it themselves.
Mayor Kealy staled lhat the lerry
company at their own requcst.were
operating undar a lease from month
lo month, pending the termination
of negotiations, w»hich they themselves have delayed and deferred
Irom time to time. Matter referred to the lerry committee, to report Thursday evening
C. C. Cooper complained of the
filthy condition ol a creek at Ihe
rear ol lots 44 and 45- blocl( l66'
cauted by the imperfect working
of septic tanks. The nuisance constitutes a menace to the health ol
himself and family and he wishes
it attended to. Relerred to the
health committee with power to
W. B. Bunbury, ol the North
Vancouver Motor Boat Transportation Company, stated to the
council that his company had per
million from Messrs. Mahon, Mc-
Farland St Mahon to run a wharf
out from their property, just west
of Lonidale avenue wharf, and
that the west wing ol the present
lerry wharf interferes with their
boats making a proper landing
He wished to know if council could
assist Ihem in having the matter
remedied Mayer Kealy thought
that council had no connection
with the mailer, but that it should
be adjusted Iietween the owners ol
the property and Ihe ferry company.
Monthly accounts were ordered
pud, as follows; Finance (general)
now willing to accept $50,000 less,
there must be a lot in il for the city
council, if the sale went through.
He had carefully investigated and
had found that 110 provision had
heen made for any commission to
anyone, and, as far as he knew,
the ferry company would not accept less than $173,0110 at the present time.
Mt Morden then asked to be
excused from the meeting and P.
Webster wai appointed to the
The motjjn read at the last
meeting by B. Rochussen, to the
effect that as far as possible all
public works be carried out by day
labor and that no Orientals be cm-
ployed thereon, upon any conditions, either directly or indirectly,
was adopted.
Some ol the members were of
opinion thai the minutes of tin
leveral meetings ol the executive
committee should he read, in order
that the meeting might know what
resolutions had been considered,
and that the reasons for their rejection might he stated. The reading was finally deferred until the
next meeting.
The matter of securing the insertion ol the names of householders
at Moodyville in the list of voters
for school trustee was discussed
The city clerk had been given a
verbal opinion in thc office of the
city solicitor, to the effect that this
could be done only liy tlieir taking
the declaration appearing in the
municipal clauses act, which would
have had to he done in October
last, but it was thought that there
yet remained a method of securing
■their insertion by the court ol n
vision.    The mailer was laid over.
The appointment ol the associ
ation'a candidates at the civic dec*
tians was then proceeded with.
The method of  appointment was
explained to be by ballot, as follows : "All candidates whose total
vote does not equal the vote received hy the candidate standing
sixth on the list shall drop out,and
this process shall continue until
there are seven candidates left,
when a final ballot for six men
shall he taken."
The different candidates for the
several civic offices were then given opportunity to address the meeting
Alderman W.H. May, candidate
for ths mayoralty, stated that he
had been before the public of
North Vancouver for fifteen years
continuously, and it was a source
of pride and satisfaction to him
lhat, after this long service, he
should be honored by his fellow
citizens by being elected their candidate (or the position of mayor of
the ciiy of North Vancouver. He
was in favor of the resolution as to
the sewage system. It should be
proceeded with without delay, and
those directly or indirectly benefitted should pay a tax in proportion
as they are benefitted. He referred to the operations elsewhere of
those who dishonestly possessed
themselves of public funds, and
declared the present need of men
of character and integrity in public
office, who would not give way to
the passion of greed. Personally
he had always kept free from it.
No one could assert that he everj
supported any measure for personal gain during his fourteen years of.
office. He therefore lelt that he
could confidently appeal to the
electors for their support as candidate for mayor.
R. C. He*- was in lavor of a
clean, economical and progressive
system of government and, if chosen and elected,would do his shaie
toward this end.
F. W. Fowler considered the
sewage system a vital issue, ; 1
health was the first consideration
II" was in favor of the city taking
over the city wharf at once and
improving it, aa he was -misdeal
lhat nothing could be expected
from the ferry company. He na*
in lavor of performing public works
bv day labor, provided they could
he done as cheap and as well, but
not otherwise.
W. A. Gibson .considered that
the council should be run as a man
runs his own business. He had
had experience in the matter of
grading and removing earth, and
thought that his knowledge could
be of some use to the city. He
was prepared to try to do as well
for the ratepayers as he would do
for himself.
W. C. Gladwin would be prepared lo do all he could to forward
the interests of the city and to
carry out the association's pro
gramme. He was of opinion that
there were many expenses that
could bc cut down and lhat .con-
oinv ought tu be practiced.
C. F. Jackson declared his adherence to the resolutions ol the
association He considered that
to have placed in one's keeping the
money, health, and moral welfare
of his fellow citizens was a high
honor and entailed grave responsibilities. He considered the credit ol the city the (oundation of
prosperity, and should the programme prove too expensive, he
wou'd vote for delay. He would
not bind himself hy pledges, but
would use liis best judgment.
Many temptations would confront
civic aldermen in thc immediate
future, and men were required
whose judgment would not he diverted by money or other considerations. Proper management
would render this city one of the
finest residential suburbs on the
William McNeish had had no
experience in civic government,
hut he had made a success of business, and now had leisure to devote
to the service of his fellow citizens.
He was in favor of taking over the
whrrf and of submitting a bylaw
I to raise money to put in a sewage
j system. On public works the (ore-
man should be given absolute control of the men. and then thc foreman should be held strictly responsible for the work.
Alexander Philip had no personal ends to promote, but in response to many requests was willing to be of service to the ratepayers. In civic matters the will of
the people must prevail. He was
in accord with the resolutions of
the association.   He had opposed
the ferry purchase bylaw when sub
mitted, and was still nl opinion
that purchase on that basis would
be injudicious. The preservation
of the credit of the city was necessary, as it is the city s primary
asset. The sale of 5 per cent bonds
at 89 was not at all a satisfactory
showing, and he felt that such
bonds should bring 100 cents.
W. D. Reeves regretted that
pressure ol duties elsewhere rendered it impossible for bin' to accept candidature, and he asked
leave to retire.
S. D. Schultz was concious that
the position ol alderman was one
of responsibility and trust. It was
similar to that of a director of a
company. It involved close application and attention to detail. He
endorsed the resolutions in general, reserving the privilege of independent judgment as circumstances may dictate. He did not consider that the city had received adequate returns for the expenditure
on roads. The ferry question involved grave difficulties. ft appeared lhat the provinces had jurisdiction over waters within their
bounds, in a certain way. Nevertheless he thought that the ferry-
agreement could be attacked and
that the city could get possession
of the service. The ferries act
provides that when a ferry license
is to lie granted, it shall be put up
to public competition; it shall be
gazetted, and it shall not exceed a
term of five years. He had not
been able to find any evidence that
the present ferry license was ever
put up to public competition, or
that it was ever gazetted, and it
was written (or thirty years. The
ratepayers should do all that they
could to i'inl the monopoly. A
councilloi should likewise endeavor to make the environment as
high as possible and to raiie the
citizenship to the highest point.
H. W. Young was a party to the
resolutions, and therefore in favor
ol them, although circumstances
mny lender il ailnsahle to modify
them somewhat. He thought that
hasty action OB important issues
should be avoided, and that opportunity should be given the ratepayers' association to express an
opinion on such before council
takes final action.
Alderman A. E. Crickmay had
not had time In full) consider the
resolutions, but would give them
consideration and use bit nest discretion. Ferry niatleis aud 3rd
street he hoped to discuss at a
public meeting later. lie was in
favcr of forcing the si,nation with
regard to ferry matters. As soon
as possible an culm sewage system should be planned, the mains
to be constructed out of the general funds, and the side lines by local
improvement. He had been In
favor of the city making a 20 foot
roadway out of general funds, but
this, with the laying ol watei pipes,
would cost the city probably
$1,000,000 in fifteen years. He
was in favor of street building by
local improvement. In reply to a
question, Aid. Crickmay stated
that steps had been laken to cancel the ferry license.
The lollowing new members were
added to the roll: Dr. Verner, T.
Prime and G. T. Gilpin,
Thc selection of candidates was
then proceeded with, and three
ballots weie taken, the vote for
each candidate on each ballot be
ing as follows: S. 1). Schultz, 46,
45, 47; William McNeish, 42, 41,
45; W. C. Gladwin, 33, 33, 38; H.
W. Young, 30, 33, 36; F. W.
Fowler, 23, 22, 22; Alexander I'hilip, 22, 21, 22. C. F, Jackson, 19
17, 21; W. A. Gibson, 20, 17, ao;
W. H. Braim, II. 20, 19; F.
Wheeler, 18, 17, 16; A. E. CricV
may, 18, 15; R, C. Hiss, 10. On
motion it was decided that tin* first
four, having received a majority of
the total vote polled, be declared
the association's candidates for
aldermen, and that the remaining
nominees retire. The motion carried and the candidate! for aldermen therefore are S. D. Schultz,
William McNeish, W. C. Gladwin
and II. W. Young, 'lhe voting for
school trustee resulted in the selection of W. P, Pi ,11, v as candidate.
The tram bridge  over Mosquito I with the result that each officer was
creek is completed and in use.
The Merry Widow club held its
regular assembly on Friday nighl.
Lack of space forces much in
teresting matter out of this issue.
The district council is calling lor
tenders for a complete roadmaking
Alderman Irwin returned Wednesday from a pleasant trip to thc
Rev. J. D. Gillam was this week
elected moderator of the Westminster Presbytery.
R. Elliott started work this week
with three teams, to get out shingle
bolts for Chief Joe Capilano.
Three men were sent up to the
Swayne group of mines, Lynn
creek, to assist  in  development.
It is expected the dance to be
given by the Boating Club, on the
15th, will be as great a success as
the Dramatic Club's efforts.
advanced one ! i<*p. A number of
visitors was present, including several past masters, the grand mas-
ler, and several officers and mem*
oers of the grand lodge.
The Ladies' Aid of the Methodist church will hold a sale ol work
next Thursday afternoon, in the
Larson-McMillan hall, next post-
office. A full assortment of fancy
and useful articles will be offered
for sale, as well as homemade confections and cooking. During the
sde, which commences at two
p.m., afternoon tea will be served.
D. G. Dick was the recipient, on
Thursday, of the sad intelligence
of the death of his brother, John
Dick, at his home at Almonte, Ontario. Mr. Dick himself is the
youngest of ten brothers, all ol
whom were living until recently,
ihe brother just deceased was six-
tan years older than our fellow
townsman, and was a highly respected resident of the town in
which he lived.
Next Tuesday, the annual sale of
work and supper in connection
with the St. Andrew's church will
be held in the old "Lounge" building, Lonsdale ave. One of the attractions will bc Father Neptune's
cave, aud eitlit r he or his wile will
have a package ready for everyone.
Sprays of coral, direct from Fiji,
will also be on sale at the cave.
Thc home-made cookery stall, besides cakes, OL., will have ready-
dressed poultry for sale. Goods
and provisions for the event will
be received either Monday or Tuesday.
Civic voters may now examine
the voter's list at the city hall.
Court of revision will be held on
the 21st, at 2 p.m., at the city hall.
Western Rose Lodge, Sons of
I'.ngland, will meet as usual Tuesday evening next, when the annual
election of officers will take place.
The regular monthly meeting of
the WC.T.U. is to be held on
Wednesday next, at 3 p.m., at the
residence of Mrs.Stoney,6th street.
W, H. Davidson, superintendent of the flume line ol the Hastings Shingle Manufacturing Company, put on a number of new men
early this week.
At the regular meeting ol the
district board of license commissioners, on Wednesday.the licenses
for the Capilano and the Seymour
hotels were renewed.
There are about fifty applications
for the position of city engineer.
They will be opened and considered at the regular session of the city
council on Mondsy evening.
Lost.—Between Robson street,
Vancouver, and North Vancouver,
on Wednesdays lady's gold watch.
Finder will be rewarded by leaving
same at Bailey Bros, 540 Granville
A. Gordon has a gang of men at
work, getting out shingle bulls
from the street allowances, and at
the same time opening up the
streets in his subdivision, Strath-
The Maple Leaf pedro club will
hold its regular gathering on the
17th, when a commencement will
be made in lhe series of competitions. The club is a pronounced
The B.C. Electric Co. announce
that a reduction of ten per cent
will be made in light rates in Vancouver, and an appreciable reduction at North Vancouver and other
The Hindu community has purchased 152 acres o( Capilano waterfront, for colonization purposes
The price paid was $41,000. An
option has also been si 1 mnl on an
adjoining tract for $80,000.
This issue of Tur. Kxiri     a -*■
tains valuable information, which
all should read, in order to do their
Chrismas buying to the best ad van
tage.   Our advertisers have many I have to be completed before that
helpful suggestions for purchasers. | „_-- etmfOai would take into
Percy King has definitely an-1 consideration the construction of
nounced that he will be a candidate ''tanch lines, which means that
forward2 for the district council for I s°me time will elapse belore that
IQ09. Assurances of support have company begin their branch lines,
been vouchsafed Mr. King Irom I The proposed road would there-
several influential citizens, and he! lore bc built by friendly capital as
The New Railway
Waller Moberly, civil engineer,
so long known in British Columbia, in connection with its development by trails, wagon roads, and
railways, was met with in North
Vancouver yesterday. He stated
to The Kxt'Rtss that application
would be made at the next session
of the provincial legislature lor an
act oi incorporation, to empower
a company to build a railway, to
be operaled by steam, electricity,
or other motive power, from a
point on the north side of Burrard
Inlet, via the valley ol Seymour
1 teek,,10 the watershed north of
Loch Lomond, and via the Indian
river to the north end ol the North
Aim of the Inlei,with power to extend northerly to the Pemberton
Meadows; and also to build a
branch line via Ihe valley of F'urry
creek to Howe Island.
Mr. Molnrly says In wishes it to
LM distinctly understood that the
application for this charter for a
railway is intended, principally, to
assist in the development of the
immense mineral deposit! along
and in the vicinity of the proposed
line, and that an extemion of the
proposed railway up the valleys of
the Squamish and Cheikamus river to thc Pemberton, ii only made
to insure railway communication
bt tween the city of North Van*
a a in. 1 and the Meadows, in the
' vi nt of the Grand Trunk Pacific
Railway not in the near future,
budding a branch south from Fort
deiaigr to Burrard Inlet. Mr.
Morse, general manager of the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, has
slated that the G.T.P. Ry. main
lines across thc   continent   would
The local camp of tha Sons of
Scotland will hold their annual
dUO mi Hogmanay night. Tin*
committee,   J.   L,   Dodds,   C.   Ii.
L.iwsnn, and A. I). Fleming in
arranging a "guid Scotch nicht"
is confident lh.at his candidacy will
meet with favor at the hands of the
Robert McNair was in the city
this week, completing thc gathering together of outfit and supplies
(or the   Capilano   lumber
soon as possible.
The owners of thc immense mineral deposits in this vicinity cannot work their claims for want ol
railway facilities, and are all
strongly in favor of the provincial
government affording Mr. Moberly
' 1 all possible   assistance in   getting
which will be placed in  operation ., , .  .    ,       .?       »
j*.; 1   .     .   A, tins   much   needed   short   ine   of
again immediately lo its lu   caps       , *,.      .. .,    , .
w    ,, J 1  /    I railway bin t.     Bo 1   he city of
city.      Mr.  McNair  proceeded In  , ,  u     ,    ,       '
the camp for the purpose of sei.im;  ^;"""" ""    N«£  Vancouver
things going. .eni'.o.isly assist fat getting
IUCH ,1 work   cnnstriKted, as   Mr.
Burrard Lodge No. 50, A. I'   J   M. Imly proposes, lor it will con*
A. M., G. R. B. C. held tin 11 au   tiibutc vcty greatly to their inter*
nual election of officers on Dec. 4th, | eits. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B, C.
Noam \ iNMii vK.k. 11. C.
0, B. Smitukuimiiik,  (i. II. MoKllSN,
Miviinger.       BttllnSM Mgr.
Ritis or stiaacaimox:
Hi,,* yenr • ■ llaOO
Sin iiiniillis   - - •        -'^
Three montht    •       • *25
I'liiie.l States and ForalgB.ll.MptrjrHI
Tumimt Disfut  tomiiiwii
.r>u .clli- i"*r inch cadi Insertion.
Uaai N.tkks. hC.Hl.00 per inch )»'r
I   IM,   Ull   lllllllll NalTK'KH—SO (IllV'S, $!i;
l.lla|.,\S,  (<7...U.
i,a,M snrumitat)—First Insartton, 10
cenl. per line: eueli nilbseijuent inner-
tion,DC  ner line.
lUinisa, Nonius ta Local Nm C"i-
i m*.;—Ul cents iii'rliiie.eiich insertion.
Cotmact AOTaimimni—Rates ar*
ranged seeording to ipHa takaa,
iini-l be in llu* buds ol the primer by
\Vi'ilii"s'l:ivi'veiiiii|!to('iisiire publication
ill the next la*ue,
Niirih Yanohhr. I'ii. ii,  1908
The definition of a householder,
which is incorporated in the
amendments to the municipal elections act passed at the last session
of the legislature, will have the effect of considerably restricting the
number of those who are entitled
to vote under this clause, until
such time as the niumcipaliticscon-
cemed enact remedial legislation.
The definition of a householder,
previous to the amendment, read
as lollows:—"Householder shall
extend to and include any person
who h*'bis a dwelling, tenement,
hotel or boardinghouse, or any
portion of a dwelling, tenement,
hotel or boardinghouse, who has
piid directly to the municipality
rites, taxes or fees of not less than
two dollars, during the current
The definition under the new
clause reads as follows "Householder shall exteud to and include any person, of the full age ol
tin il\ one years, who occupies a
dwelling, tenement,hotel or boardinghouse, or any portion of a
dwellinghouse, tenement, hotel or
boardinghouse. who has been resident in the municipality from the
first day of January ol the current
year, and who shall (unless exempted by tbe provisions oi the
proviso at the end of sub-section
117, of section 50, of chapter 32,
of the statutes of 1906, being the
municipal clauses act) have paid
directly to the municipality all
rates, taxes or assessments which
are not chargeable on land, which
rates, taxes or assessments,so paid,
shall amount to not less than two
dollars, due to the municipality
for the currant year, other than
water rates or taxes, or license fees
for dogs."
A Imu-*' holdtr, iii or b*r to qualify lor llu* municipal framlnse,
must haw paid .lit.-. ll\ tu the I it]
ti   asiiiy tbe   nni  ol   al least   two
doMars for   lh( it   m .11. ami
must have bei n resident therein
since the lust day of Januar) last
Hut the two dollars paid lo the city
would be of no avail If paid 111 the
lorm nl taxe* on binds, water rates
M dt)| licenses. So far as the (ity
'■I North Vancouver is concerned,
there are at the present time no
other rates by the payment of
whu h a householder could qualify,
and unfortunately the amendments
were passed at too late a date to
permit of any such rates being pro-
11 ll .I fortius year. Were tin* 1 it]
to levy a rate on improvements,
tin n b\ arranging with the land
lord to pay these taxes, the householder 1 ould qualify. Were a
trade license levied, ' then local
householders who are engaged in
business could qualify, but tin*
most (easil)h' method of extending
the franchise 'to householders
would probably In to levy a roid
tax of two dollars per annum
As the matter at present stands,
thc clause works a hardship upon
a large and   intelligent   section ol
the citizens. A person who owns
a city lot may vote as a property
owner, although lie may reside
elsewhere and have really no interest in the city as such, while a pei-
s ui who has money invested in
business in North Vancouver,
amounting to thc value of the other
man's lot many times over, who
rents a bouse, who resides in the
city, and whose interests are most
intimately identified with the city,
is denied the right to exercise the
Tll Exi'kkss   understands lhat
ihere are only   six applicants   (or
the civic lists of  North Vancouver
who are affected by ilns clause lliis
year, but   the matter   is  one that
should be set right, either by  tl
passing of the necessary bylaw by
the city council, or hy the ainein!
ment of   the municipal clauses act
as may be required.    The appoint
ment ol a commission to thorough
ly revise the municipal clauses act
has been  mooted, and this would
doubtless overcome   the difficulty,
but as the number of citizens affec
ted will be very much   larger next
year, assurance   should be   forth
coming that a remedy will be found,
The information which was first
conveyed to the public by The
Exrm'.ss, in last week's issue, that
the G.T.P. intends building a line
11 Burrard Inlet via the Seymour,
has created a great deal of interest
locallv.and has likewise been wide
ly copied bv leading dailies. To
be recognized as the leading medi
um for the dissemination of news
with reference to the north shore
of Burrard lnb-t and its residents,
is what the publishers believe to
be the rightful heritage of Thk Ex
tWS, and is the goal toward which
their efforts are constantly direct
ed. The many kind expressions
of appreciation with regard to the
newsy nature o' the sheet, which
are being received, lead to the con
elusion that those oflorta are prov
ing successful, and that Thk Kx
I'mss stands today in undisputed
supremacy, as the exponent of all
that touches the interests of the
constituency which it serves. In
this connection the publishers wish
to express their high appreciation
of the kindly interest constantly
manifested by the citizens in the
paper, by continually offering sug
gestions and giving information
that materially assists iu idling the
news columns with good live news,
and also in sustaining and improving the general tone ol the paper.
To confirm and to extend these
cordial relationships and to avail
themselves of every expedient
which will increase the usefulness
of '1 iik BtftMl to Noith Vancouver citv and district, arc purposes
wlm h the publishers will keep
constantly in view in the management of the paper
Church Notices
si i.'itv's iiii ivAHamsT, sivisni
anii iiiikiumii rrum.
Holy (.'iinitiiii 111011, H a. m.
Morning prayi r, 11
Bvtnis| pi.iv' r, 7 jo
On the lirsl Sunday in the month
tin re will be a s, 1 ond 1 eh luation
ol tin* Ila.!*, I iiiiiiiiiinion at 11 a.m.
Rector: Rev.  Hugh Hooper.
si. asiikmv's -immtiu council
-mn sikiki.
Services will be conducted as
usual on Sunday by the pastor.
Sunday school, 2:30 p in.
Service at Moodyville school al
7:30 p. 111.
iiiyer meeting on Wednesday
H o'clock.
All are welcome.
I'.istor: Rev. J. D. Gillam, M.A.
VII Hliil'l   I    I lll'Kl II,   N.   W.  CIIRNKk
Morning si rvue, 11 a 111. ; Sun
day school, 2:30 p. in; evening
service, 7:30 p.m.
I'rayer meeting on Wednesday
evening at 7 ijo o'clock.
I'teaihing in Lynn valley on
ilttrniti Sundi] .-■ i 1. moons.
Sunday school at Moodyville al
11 a. m.
Rev. B, II. Balderston, B. A.
Sunday   Services — Mass   at 9
a. in., Sunday school at 2:30 p.m.,
Benediction at 3 p. m.
Pastor:   Rev.   E. Peytavin, 0.
M. I. V. G.
Sunday school at 2 o'clock p.m.
Service at 3 o'clock p.m.
Pastor :    Rev. David Lang.
All are welcome.
Sons ol England Banquet
On Wednesday evening next
December 16, lodge Western Rose
of the Sons of England Benefit
Society will hold its first annual
banquet, at the North Vancouver
Hotel. The first course will be
served at H.45 pin., and a large attendance is expected. Among
those who have promised to attend
appear the names of the premier,
Hon. Richard Mcllride; Geo. H.
Cowan, K. C, M. P.; Mayor
Kealy, Reeve W. H. May, Major
E. Browne, C. F. Jackson, A. G.
Perry, the genial manager of the B.
C. Electric Railway, and a host of
members1 and friends, so that a
highly successlul affair is assured.
The arrangements are in the
bands of a special committee, who
comprise President Percy King,
who will lake the chair on the occasion; and LeonardT. Sale.'l horn-
as Prime, J. F. Smith, R H. Tarn,
H. Holland and T. Lawrence, of
whom invitations to attend and tickets may be secured. Western
Rose lodge continues to have most
gratifying success, initiations being
on the tapis at every meeting, and
the lodge bids fair to become the
largest and most influential of any
order in Norlh Vancouver.
The address delivered by Miss
A. L. A. Murcutt on Monday evening, in the Methodict church, drew
an attendance which placed standing room at a premium. The chair
was taken by James A. McNair.
Vocal solos were rendered by Mrs.
Rich and A. Earle Waghorne and
a recitation hy Miss Minnie Hall.
The address by the lecturer was of
C very high order, dealing in a
clear and forceful manner with
many ol the features of the great
temperance movement, which is
developing in different portions of
the world, and concluding with
special reletence lo the local option movement now lieing inaugurated in this province.
N,.«m Vakouvkh
"    34112,   Va.*h-icv«k
A good buy lor a (ew days.
I 1-4 acre Work
111 llie CltV
for $850.   On terms.
l';ill "ii u» nr write (or (llll particulars.
ITinallll.a I'rPf a lt„in J.'m*. laa 11 !■' a*«. I.
IVSffllSM lur I''a "i.iimi. .'.   1--II par buncli
Tibia*   IT.DII.  film,    la 'II'    -la   j.   00  ili'I
: V ,*., b
•   al I   .,*.. r>   Ir.'.li it lOale.l 1*11" *
Ho.Ill,   I toaa. a   Muiii lh-al*-|l.
T„l,|, l>,-t-»riil(inaaaf-aTiili).
M'lesO-, AN* V. 10111
Nurserymen and l.ui, Vaiir  Hardeners,
(nr. '.".'ml and l.ontilale Aa.'.
North Vancouver.
rPAKK notice thnt "t Ihl nexl meelltll
a ul the Board n( l.icensi'Ciiiuliiini'ion-
ers for Ilm Cilv nl' Norlli Viiuc.mver, 1
Inland to mule application for u bottle
license l"r Ihl KW "( iplrltUOtta, for-
niciiti'd nr other llqUOTS. fur the premises situated nn hit tt, block IU, D.L.
271 ami 274, Vancouver District.
Iinteil this 13th day uf November, I1HIS,
T&e 3EST S|
Ask yWWT-flnOCM* sm*
For Furniture,
House Furnishings mid
at Reasonable Prices,  go to
The North Vancouver
Home Furnishers
■nlli 11I.OCK I.ONS1HI.K IV|,
Pioneer Bakery
S. H. Walker,  •   Proprietor
Fresh Bread daily delivered
to all parts of the city.
20 loaves for m
5c. per loaf.
l'lioNK 8        71 Lonsihle Ave
Xortli Vancoiiver Hardware
I'|l|ll|lilll\.     lalll.
J. W. JACKSON       ■       Manager
When you Intend building
.'i'.i I.ii\-|i\1.K Avie.
Hrnmll Office, / mlnlr   In., t'iOl.   /'/i.iiiC
,v„ M
lleadUtliceiiitil Mill. I.umi frr't. II. 0
the Reliable and 1'riictical Siioemen of this eity and
meddle with no other tradeB.
$ 10,000 Stocks to Select from
Suit Agt-nt. (ur The Leckie Boot., Th" Beminrd.   Htm, CanxU.   McCrcidy,  TheWIIIUmi
sii* iia.  il..* K .Hum.  .iiiinui cum.!; slu*.   A Ireili .lilpimnt Juit la.
ADDRESS    "VUll C* 8UIN     Reliable khot »torc
Nut dour loSteacey'i Unetry iitort
tUpailiaf—BtM of leather and workmanship.    COR. Lonsdale & and
Christmas Traits, etc.
Only the very best should satisfy you
for your Christmas Cake and Puddings.
We know good goods and won't handle
low grade stuff. —
Our prices are right, and you are sure
to be pleased if vou buv at	
I nr Boot and Shoe Repairing
and Custom Work   .   .   .
go to THOS. 0. MILLS
Pioneer Hcsident Boot Maker
Lonsdale Ave., above 2nd Street
at the A. M. Ross Shoe Store.
I'lium    ami    Sp**cHaCltaOni    Prepared.
When thinking nf building let us give
mi estimate.
I0RHBBLOCK,   lonsdai.e ave-
or imi. B,.iTj, Si.rih Vancourer
North Vancouver
coun r. jACksoN
Pro|w-lf lor
Cartage, Removala,
I'a reel Delivery,
ON       111    \-.i\AIII   I'       ll'IIMS
I'clcph'iiu- 70.        NiR.it Calls 13.
Builders and
P. LA RSI IN il   prepared to
Lime, Brick,
Sand, Cement
And all kinds of Building
Material in quantities to suit
ami at rensonaldc prices.
Quantity Surveyor and Architect
Fourth Strut, '"ornir Lonihau* Am
General Contractor
Laml Clearing, Stump and Rock
Blasting. Extra care near houses.
All damages made good.
«MPI.iiVM(ST     AltKNQY
(lilt RI.   WMt alt I...,,aa.l   lal
P.O. tt.'« 11
I'lBiir UUI  WlfflHT
umm miMiM
Ptlll.lt' NOTICE in hereby given that
in accordance with the provision*' ol
tlie Public Health Hy-Uw, ol the Cilv
a.l North Vancouver, the Municipal
Ciiuucil have contracted with the Medical Health Officer to attend at the City
llall. North Vancouver, on the Klr.t
Monilav of each month, at the hour ol
[I o'clock bl thi forenoon, tor the purposed! vaccinating at IheexDenw ol
ilu* cilv. nl1 |««ir fmtmt',tmt all otlien
at tlieir own HpMMtV
The lather, mother, or person having
the care, nurture, or custody ol fvery
child born in the city, shall, within
lliree months after the birth ol such
child, take or caime to betaken, tht
child, to the Medical Practitioner, in attendance al the almvc apimintfil nlace
d.r tlie pur-mse nl being vaccinated; unless the child ban been previously vaccinated bv Home legally qualifled Practitioner,   and    th*    vaccination   duly
City Clerk,
North Vancoiiver, B.C.,
llth July, HM. 3I*»
Wallpapers,    Faints,    Varnishes,
etc., etc., etc.
117 Lonsdale Avenue
• 11 EH that
all ca«es nl infection.,
contagion, or Ipldmle di.ea.e, ol 11
iliair.i.ler daiigerou- t,, pnlilic la.sllli.
nm.I bl r,*|»irteil to tin* \|...|inil ll,..ili>i
(in • Clerk
C1I1 Hill, North Vancnuver, B.I..
July Mi, 11WH. :>i-tf
about 1330 yards long and 346 feet wide, is
now bein^ planted
Lots in Six Blocks Facing on the Boulevard
No Boulevard in any City OB this continent is as wide as
Nortli Vancouver's cliiuf residence Avt'iiue.
This r.iinlivard will signalize Nortli Vancouver over the
whole Dominion.
Residences on this Uoulevard will have a situation of coveted distinction.
Price* and full Particulars can be had from
Mahon, Mcfarland & Mahon
Cor. Seymour b Pender its., Vancouver THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
• W. Thomas, who applied at a recent session of the city council for
a gas franchise for North Vancouver, is an expert in the gas business and an old time resident of
Vancouver, where he has been
with the gas company for twenty
years. He is operating extensively in the formation of gas companies, having formed two companies already, one of which has
just bought out the old gas company at New Westminster, and the
other of which has done likewise
at Nauaiino. He has associated
with him United States capitalists,
who have any required amount ol
money once the proposition presented commends itself to them as
a good investment. The representative of The Exprkss was
shown a telegram signed by the
parties whom Mr. Thomas represents, stating positively their
readiness to proceed should matters develop satisfactorily in this
ln enlarging upon the possibilities of cheap gas, Mr. Thomas
stated it would be Ihe intention of
the North Vancouver Light, Heat
St Gas Company to bring the gas
within thi reach of all, at a price
thai will must lavorably compete
with solid fuel, and at the same
time give the householder an opportunity to obt in this very necessary commodity.
li was the intention of the company to not only provide cheap g<s
for the customer, hut also a handsome return for the investor. To
make sure ol this, it is-the intention of the company to adopt the
latest methods in the generation of
gas, both in design and operation,
the practice ol horizontal retorts as
in general use will not be seen in
the plant of the North Vancouver
Gas Improvement Company. Instead ol throwing coal into lum
zonial retorts and periodically
pulling the coke out with long
rakes , wlm h practice can be seen
tht'iiigimut B.C. today), the vertical retort will he used, in the operation ol which the charging and
discharging is performed automatically, thus effecting a saving of at
ol at least 50 per cent in cost ol
labor. It also produces the maximum viel.l id gas fur a minimum
cost; no napthalene, reduction nl
tulpliiit compounds, superior tar,
increased ammonia; alio living 40
per cent ol ground space.
Another innovation entering into
tha manufacture of the gat, 11 the
production ol heat for the carbonization ol coal from an outside
source, viz: watte wood producti
ind coal wiste, thereby savir.g the
whole of the residual coke for sale,
instead of, 11 at present, in B.C.,
using from 4010 70 percent of the
coke produced for luel purposes.
The crude cold tar will also be distilled, giving refined cold tir, ere
oiote, pitch, etc. Amniomical
liquot, now running to wule in
every gas works in B.C., will be
concentrated and manufactured into a marketable product.
The manufacturing lite would be
of ample size ind favorably situated lor the handling ol raw material, alio coke, tar, ammonia, etc.
The introduction of industrial
gai means more to Ihe city than is
at present realized by the citizens.
It must not, however, he associated with the oidinary town gas
manufactured (rom coal and sup-
plied hy the ordinary methodi.
In StiHordihire, England, producer gas from coal mine watte it
manufactured by the Mond pro-
cess, ind distributed over in irea
ol 30 square miles, by means of 4N
inch gas mams, giving cheap heat
and power to all kindi ol indtii
tries located there II ii proposed
later to lake up Ihii branch ol the
buiineii, liying down a aeparate
line ol large gai maim, thereby
offering the greatest inducement
lor industries ol ill kin.li Cheip
power ii the villi factor in ill industrial enterprisei, thi first ind
most important consideration
Mr. Thomas lurther remarked
thit although North Vincouver
must (rom iti lituition ind nit-
ural facilities, become 1 Urge man
ulicturing centre, the idvent of
cheip power gas will advance the
city'i position by at lent ten yein,
placing it immediately on a par
with the leading manufacturing
centni ol lhe United States and
Eastern Canada, affording employment for numben ol our own
■rtizans who are at present being
educatid and trained at the expense ol tha ciry and province, only
to give the benefit of their citizen*
ship and ibilitiei to other localities.
Canada's Forttti
by 1 he Exp ess this week from the
Canadian Forestry Association,
goes to show how imperative is the
necessity that every precaution be
laken to conserve the timber resources o( the dominion: Eight
hundred million acres used to be
accepted as the area of that part of
Canada covered hy forests; two
hundred million acres is the estimate of the commercially valuable
forests as given by Dr, B. E. Fern-
ow, head of the faculty of forestry
at the university of Toronto; one
hundred million acres, Dr. Judson
F. Clark, of Vancouver, thinks,
would cover the "actual cutting
area, that is, the area on which are
lound lorests of commercial value,
as measured by present-day logging standards," this figure including the areas bearing timber suitable for pulpwood or saw-timber.
Both Dr. Femow and Dr. Clark
are well known authorities on forestry subjects. The former is the
author of the well-known work,
"The Economics of Forestry,"
which Is practically the only work
in English treating comprehensively this aspect of lhe subject. Dr.
Clark has had extended experience
in forest work in connection with
the U.S. forest service, and later
as forester (0 the province of Ontario, a position which he resigned
to go into private business in British Columbia, where he has had
several years' experience of work
in the woods there.
For a long time the people o(
Canada were quietly and complacently congratulating themselves
that their timber supply was "inexhaustible." Estimates like the
abcve.gavcn by men who can speak
with authority on the subject, must
wake them up to the necessity, not
only ol guarding from fire and other
enemies the lorests they now have,
but of introducing rational forestry
management so as to increase the
growth ol he forests and get from
them the largest amount of timber
they are capable of producing.
Ferry Items
The Motor Boat Transportation
Company has practically completed arrangements with the owners
of a boat ol large tonnage whereby
they will be able, if necessary, to
carry Ireighl, teams, etc., in connection with their ferry service.
The North Vancouver Ferry St
Power Company have notified tlie
city that the Lonsdale avenu**
wharf is in need of repairs, and
have further intimated that unlets
the city is prepared to renew the
lease of the wharf, the city should
repair the wharl. At any rate that
the city should either renew the
lease or take over the wharf.
Ihe west wing of the Lonsdale
avenue wharl, it is stated by the
new (erry company,protrudes some
distance beyond the street line,
over upon the waterlronlage of the
lot of Mahon, M, Fat I am! St Mahon, (rom whom the motor boat
company are renting landing privileges, and interferes with the landing ol the motor boats. ihey
state steps are being taken to have
the difficulty remedied.
Messrs. Bunbury and Hraim, of
the North Vancouver Motor Boat
Transportation Company, are in
receipt ol a letter from Messrs.
Divii, Marshall & MacNeill, solicitors lor the North Vancnuver Ferry St Power Company, Limited,
alleging that the ferry service bus*
taiued by them il cirried on contrary to the ferries act and advising them that unless lhe service il
discontinued iction-al-law will be
taken. The recipients of the letter declare their intention ol allowing the matter to tike ill course
Liccrue Commissioners
The lollowing   bulletin received
At the regular sisiion of the
hoird ol license commissioners on
Wedneidiy, there were present
Miyor Kealy and commissioner A.
R. Steacy. The license of P. Larson and ol Lorenzo Kedi were renewed. The applications (or bottle liceniei by John Benton, to be
situated on the Esplanade, and by
E.J. H. Cardinal), to be situated at
the corner of 8th street ind Lorn
dale avenue were presented Both
application! were opposed by a
petition, while a large deputation
appeared to proteit against the
granting of the litter application
in pirticulir. A copy ol 1 tei
olution pitied it a public meeting,
opposing shop license!, wil ilso
pntenled   by a  deputation, com-
firiung Meiirs. Martinson, Know
ei, (ilidwin ind S. McDowell,
ind Revs. Balderstone, Gillam and
Hooper. Q A. McBain and J. H.
Bennett likewise spoke against a
license on the hill. The matter
wis finally id]otirned lor one week,
to give time (or mature consider-
THE  A.   M.  ROSS  CO.
North Vancouver's Leading
Men's and Boys' Shoe Store,
Men's Furnishings and.*>
Waterproof Goods»»»>
One Week From Saturday is
the End of Our Special
Two Weeks' Sale
You Never Bought Reliable and High-Grade Goods
at These Prices Before
ation, when   Commissioner  Irwin
will likewise be on hand.
NortH VaNcoOVer
Certificated Surgieal, Medical and
Maternity Nurses
dusts Sint Oat on Application
For terms apply  at  the Hospital
Cor. 16th Street al St. Andrew's Ave.
PHONE  (.9
Bulbs, Seeds,
i'atalotjue Fnr
3010 W«stminstK Roid
.liml from the mines.
Place your onlera now and
■MMwar «inter'. >.ii|>|ily.
Ijirge shipment* will larrive
in a lew A.i,-. Triai-i* riirht.
Urge supply ol Um HI
alwav* nn hand    ....
Hotel Nnrlh Vaiuouver
Telephone No. 2.
Pianos • . •
at Bargains
Some at hall real value.
We are taking man* .*oo<l
pianos in exchange (or the
the greatest mechanical player
oo earth.
Some of these used pianos
are as good as the day they
lelt the lactory.
To reduce this stock wehave
selected a number of bargains,
beautiful upright pianos for
$200   $223   $230
warranted to be good as new.
$6, $7, $A |>e r month
199441 HMtiDgi Strri't
The Plumbing and
Sanitary Work
for the
Lynn Valley Hotel
is being done by the
well known
of Lonsdale Avenue
Rolled Oats
Hai) and feed
Fine, healthy Tomato and
Cauliflower Plants, grown Irom
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand
me Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
Lonsdale Avenue,
at Ferry Landing
Harry Mitchell, local manager.
Diplock Wright
Lumber Co.
I7th Street, Nortli Vaatotrvw
We ure now prepared to
take orders for MILL FIR
WOOD, cut to 10 in. lengths
already for the stove. A load
contains about half a cord.
Price }2 per load on or before
delivery. Positively no wood
delivered wit bout cash, as we
cannot afford to pay a collector at this price. All orders
will receive prompt attention
What would be nicer to buy your wife for a
than one of our beautiful
McClary's Kootenay
without a doubt the  very best Canadian Range
$2o down and $lo |>er month
] Paine&McMillan
'JJ        Corner lonsdale Ave. aad Firat St. Phone 12
•ii.no A.M.
•8.20 A.M.
•6.45   "
•7.20   "
8.00  "
8.20   "
8.40  "
9.00   "
9.30  "
9.45   "
10.18   "
10.45   "
11.15  "
1145   "
12.16 P.M.
12.46 P.M.
1.16  "
1.45  "
2.16  "
2.45  "
3.16  "
3.45  "
4.16  "
4.45  "
6.16  •'
5.45   "
4.16  -
6.45  "
1*  "
7.45   "
8.15  "
1.45  "
8.15   "
9.45  "
10.15  "
10.45  "
•11.45  "
•Not on Sunday
■»t i-utNiMM* nam •> int c«am
AN UP-TO-DATE                                                     Kant: 11.50 PER
Nhfml Rata to Puilifx aid Icplar Hoarders
Hall-hour lerry connection to and Irom Vancouver. Hot ami cold
water in «»«ry room. Return call helli in every room. Barber
shop in connection.
Second jTaiiT,   -. •   •   •   NORTH  VANCOUVER, B. C.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Can leave the Ferry Landing for Queenabury Avenue, Twenty-first
itreet and Lonsdale, Winch street and Keith Road as lollowi I 6:15
a.m., 6:45 a. nt., 7:15 a. m., 7:45 a. nt., Hi j a. in., 9 a. m. 9:40 a. nt.,
10:10 a.m., Alter 10:15 a. nt., cars will leave Queensbury avenue,
I wmt* hi -t and Lonsdale avenue, and Winch streei and Keith Road
at five minutes to the hour and twenty-live ininut.■«. past the hour.
Cars leave Nineteenth street and Queensbury avenue, Twenty-first
street and Lonsdale avenue, Winch streei and Keith Koad as follows :
6 a m , 655 a m , 7:10 a.m., H 05 a. 111, 11:45 a.m., 9:50 a.m.
Alter 9:50 a. m. cars leave thr Ferry Landing at ten minutes past the
hour and twenty minutes to the hour.
jjy   All boats are met by Ihe cars.
The Seymour Hotel
lotdid on aWyrno-ir Ufa   I Iik,
qu.rln mill from »4aarf.
This is a first-class hotel,
and is now open to the
general public. Good
accommodation and
service guaranteed
Road connections from North
Vancouver lor Vehicles.
kaiamtaattat • ■"*•*■■ ft tmantuaa man
tamlt aaaanatf 001 opialoatm aamtm aa
uow « nialj r^atatriaitiaWml aafaHma
ttaiataa ut«*a Onaaa lu kljxtaaam
aiaWaatm^tumOuna lalia
Scientific America.
 a*r uiwiniari na-air. bm-a-a.
•r Katan ita (M-a-ai.   Twn. ha
aTaai.fUaa—aata.   a-Mti
vrdfc* New Advertisements
Xuiiin ihoea- Wood Si Son
Ymi can'I ,'**.*.i|H'—Kit lia'fiirin
Court "I ra-visi.in—Cilv OOtUMU
Xinai.ii la—Gordon Drjndals
Gain day- Preabyteritw cbaich
Xnmit ipeclali—J, .1. MeAlaWM
Xnm*. Inn Simpson .*; Wight
Trnal.rs wanttd—Diitrict council
Hmial painted china—Blrki 4 s.hih
Electric table lamp—noma Blactrk Co I councillors,   Couni illot W
kets brought HCClleBl prices*
The net proctadl   uill   lie   two-
A meeting of ratepayers, lor tin.'
purpose of discussing nuuiieipal
elections,  arai held mi  Tuaiadat
evening. Charles Nelson preside I.
The chief item of Imsiness was the
choosing ol candidates for the srv
eral offices. The following nominations were  made:   For Keeve,
Councillor J. V. Mt Naufht; hi
Local News Notes
Davidson nnd l'i in Wl ItOVei
school trustee, John Neat.
Tha Orange Society holds u
open mi eting tonight*
Tie local police di partmenl 1ms
secured the deporUtkw ol tha
Roumanian family eho reatdwl m
jihI stieet. to Europi.
lib* second al the sen,*-, ol
i • its l» ing gives ia St John's
chiui li. will I"' held on M'Hid.iv
evening, el eighi o'clock.
Foi Ki n i   Six roomed house,
ist Street,   near  Chesterfield ave.
Cheap rental,   Apply Mrs. Groea,
comer isl Strut aiul   Che t rlield
I le plays staged this week by
the N. V. Dramatic Society were
performed in a highly creditable
manner.    A full report will appear
next week.
J'ihn Lawson returned the latter
part of last week from a most enjoyable   holiday, spent   amid  the
. I and the friends of his youth,
near Toronto.
A.  J. Picton Warlow hu  n
ceived bark, through the local police department, a   considerable
proportion of the goods Stolen limn
his premises s.mie nine ago.
The sale of work hy the ladies
of the K* C. church, yesti rday.waa
a pronoun i 'I suci ess, all the arti
di s offered finding reed] sale, I Ic
ladies wish to thank donston and
patron*, ior the kind sseistsnci
which enabled them to secure such
istislai tit> results,
W.  M,li,'il   tlir   till-*li, ■ !    I a
Hn(.*liif.r.aii(iolliri. aali* i
y * I  ll.l, illg llirir I'll, nt   laa- *.* *., U.iim, tr*l
bjf K.|K*rtt,    ri'lail'llliliy.'lvii-|.,r.    Clu,;,*
■ai'.l'i.le. Ourln.fnlnr'iAilvl.cr-'iiliil- ii rr.
imi Mtrli.ua M art ,11, k.k'.I,, Htm Vork l.n-
M.'* M...I.-.I* ..aal W.al.l„.l„n  in*   la»j
Lynn Creek Notes
The social held last evening bj
the church of   England,   drew   a
slsrgecrowda   An ialormal pro-
gramme was rendi n d    The has-
\'ii||i 1.1.1 '.in rivea thai Ike lir-i
-1*' Hitting a,i the ('"nn n( Ravtnon
sppointsd le oorrad saal revtai the
\ol'*r« I.int lor llu* l ilv "I Nurlh Van*
ci'iivr lor the veair ISO), will I* held in
tlie i'ity Hali. North I'anooorer, ll.l'.,
mi Mi rn. lm tbt list  I.iv nl December
I'.ms. atf aVU-k |.iii.
A copy uf the Lint i« |«wtt*il, and mav
be seen oo the N..iiiv li"ar,l at the Clly
Hull an.I oilier |.niii;.* |.Iiiiii.
Dated nt N.irtli Van. ver. thli '.'tli
day «f December, i.kjh.
1 itv Clerk.
MlUie k Ml'
Real I sl.ilt Brokers
I II I   'Ml riRI   INM t>\M I
I'H .1. AOIMa Klin
thk it. r. mum uu i
sinus ro.
I.aaim- Granted for l.onir or short
IVrin'ln iit s1... |.er cent.
121  Lonsdale Avenue
Till of kill laiiniifirr
I'lll: i'iiv Conn II Invite application!
'  l..r |io.iii..ii ..I (ii> Engineer,
Applicant-* to state qualueationa and
alarj etpeeted, and to li.li:,* sppliea*
|a>n-.onl 1'ipv of lia.llnioni.ilH  uilli Ila.
inderalgned not later than I p.m. on
tlonday, lull December, litis.
t'ily Clerk,
i'ity II.ill. North Van,*,.nver.
Liili November, MS.
District of Itrtt laiifouviT
THK DistrictCniincil invite. Tandsw
lor the (iiIIiih mir Road Ma. Iiin.-rv,
viz :—
I.   Coiiii.oiinil  Sta-j.ru III T..n   Road
H..ll.-r. will, -arili, r attarliiil.
I    Hand Trn. k f.ir fuel, oil an.l I...I
tender be Keller,
:i.  Watertni Carl titfe tflslribetlea
pipe ami radios hose,
I    Travellinit Van an.l t»,, ir.i. ti..n
■ Iimi i'.n- capei Itjr,
6.  Portable compoeid toaplo Inaea
Vi'l'll'l  ll lnT'l'vitiveiitliat llieFir-'
' SittllU  "'.   Ill,'    I'a.  HI   l.i    |{.   Vl-I.all   tl
revine llie  A.-''.-lln lil Hull aU   |Ti'|mr<*<l
iy the A.-w—on.i the City ol SofUl
Vancoiiver fnrihe rear IMS), will beheld
n lhe tin llall, (forth VatMoaver, B.C
•ii M..ii.lav, tin* Ith,lay ,.f January,miri
it '2 o'dors l' ni.
Dated sl North Vancouver tin* wiL
lay *,( November, 191*
PHONE   93
At present this itore li overflow-
lag witli new ami useful present!
for tin' Xmas giving; conic in and
see our range,the exceptionally low
prices will surprise you.
Baby Specials
Inlsnteee, sll colon silk nml wool   ise
Inlsnteee, white, all wool, epeeial aie
lluiilee... white ami eolora Sj|
Infant's bibs, trimmed a-ritfa lace, I fur i6o.
[afaat'e bibs, embroidered, eeeb  10c
IiiIhiiCn knitted polkas, all eolora nml prion
bleat's hoodi ami bonnets, aii colors nml prices
Xmaa Olove Specials
Ladii'ii' Linle, -ilk lined	
Ladlee' kid, rerria'i laamntead   	
Luili.-' kid, Perrln'i gnaranteed, long	
Out'l Moka, wimiI lined ,.,<	
dent's kid, Perrln'i guaranteed  	
Sec nm Ladies' and Gents' Neckwear,
Handkerchiefs, Prillinga, ltelts, Millions,
~mm  Umhrellas, Necklets, etc., etc.
for sale in tlie
We especially n commend
Lota48,47,48, block Kid,
Lota 22,28,29,80, block 187,
Lots 8, I, 5, 6, '.), 10,11,12,
18,1*1,15, 16, block 189,
it $1780 itch
at $1250 each
at $1500 each
TERMS—One-(|iiarter casli; balance spread over
I period of thnt years, iit 7 per cent.
Beautiful Hand
Painted China
We have a beautiful range ni the celebrated Dresden, Limogee, Minton end Imperii
Crown makes.
A Chocolate Bet, Tei Set, I ierry Howls,
Celery 1 >ish, olive Dieh,Cupe ind Saucers,
I'lates—in fact, any wleetion from this stock
would prove
an acceptable gift at Christmas
Also ii splendid assortment of CulGllff,
Visit our cut glass room, Everj Fht Hit-laden with sparkling specimens—a charming,
lasting gift to inv nome.
Ml Curs stop at Kirks'
V -■
Managing I-irector
An Electric
Table Lamp
or an Adjustable Rrad-
iiig Lamp uill make an
Xmas Gift
llll'l   t**!*|[l,
k»r, »ith
that everyliody will appreciate.
\V. , am a K lad simk nl lliese at
the very lowest prices.
When making root list riiitem.
Ii-r that—
niit ni',ii..n KtoniabraakiT mil, ■rr**niil
'•|"^.iIiiik I loading nm. i,u..*rv
6. I.l.*,iri,* Motor., with U'ltaii'lU'lt
aitacliin.'iii', l.i ilririni thastonthraak-
• i |
r    \ir eoaprssnr ui luflh leal i tftw*
oppl/ali lor drlriniIhrw imatt* _.     .  ,
inaiir'.", in.-IT .lrillH.    An air r,,  nn  LlPClriC    I flUI)dr>     IrOO.S
..I ;i. ubir l.'.*i ..i|,;iiii*. mil, M.*,.-.,irv
"'iHMrll'.ll. llli.l plpM and Ull-M I.V'I'.'I -nH ('in linn  I. ami
l.*iiiftl,."li,r,„'„,r,',| ',   Inch I ,t- an'] *"llm" l™W
alili* for lh,. pn
* liar,*.* InllUui or lml. Ulsat
Bock 2'4inrli drills wilh tripods, arriglili
aii,lr,.in|.]..|..-,*i oldrllll(Mb,
j A \liir|,lay Air llaiiiini*r laat
tirill. »illi i'iiin|,!i>t mii
*l li'iiii'.iiiaiul full iimtiiii'tiiaiia |.,r
1.1, l.nn./ I.* hsd on it-plication to
Mr li.iimi.i Cantroo, tha Imirut Kn-
I*'1 if.   ''""I   isalsd   T,*ii,|,*r-    inairk, I
'Tenderslot K.,«.| Machltwry" tvu-i bs
in at iln* District Uanicipsl Om I
plsnsds, Nnrlh   Vsoooarw,   nut   later  ai ri       .   «        r>
IftH-lJ^ """"ii-v:„i, .I.,* Norvan Electric Co.
AI.KX. I'IIII.II'. f. M,0
art ' M'llint Chnstinas nills.
I.\('l\* |anv » Hilts
a Pocket   llnsl)   Light
Sl' us li. lore you purchase
in Vancouver or elsewhere.
Tlic (Jiilii Dai of Presbylerianism in Sorlli liiiiroiiw
Tuesday : first : 13th : Inst
mi i or work
Yunr Xmas  presents will not   be complete until you visit
ihr Lounge on Tiic-nlay.
\"nr l.inler with home-made dainties, xmas cake, etc,
AFTBRNOON TK\   nil alternoon.
SI'IM'KH Ir MO p.in., lo mil all palate., milv L'u
Let This Store Attend to
Yocir Christmas Needs.
Start riirlit in todav ind prepare for Christmas, the
UTcale-t event of the entire year. The earlier you do
your shopping the hettcr you will he pleased. Early
■hopping means that you will receive hotter attention—
broader laaortmenti and more time for other thinge.
This store at just this time should he your shopping
plaee, for the gifts you make should he of the highest
standard. Remember, reader, that tins itore is not i
damping plaee for the mistakes ol the wholesale trade.
Kverv article you purchase hire ia II fOod as can be
bought and as reasonably priced as it is good.
Attractive New Net Waists Just
(lift waists ue will call them, for williout dottbl I good.
ly number el them will be bought for that purpose,
They are pretty—dainty as they can he—styhs, that
vmi will admire lor their neatness. See them here today.
Il.iinlsiiiiie net waists in white or cream, made with long tucked
■ i* * rt, lm kid yoke hack and front, with doiililc pleat over shotil-
Iri. Lands ol oriental insertion and Valenciennes lact me Usui al
neck and wrists, all have the new hiijh collars. Price $8.50 aaeh.
I'retly white net waists, made with loii|* shirred sl«>Va nml high
i ..liar, linked yoke prettily trimmed with large guipure medsllioM
wil, ■ ilcct over shoulder triiiiunil with guipure inserti.ui. Trice
M.M.... ii Second Hoot
575 Granville St.
'limn' 364]
Yoo Can't
You've not to look at—live with—
and be sociable with your suit. You
may as well have the hest your money
will buy
A Fit-Reform Suit has all the latest kinks of fashioii/-see them.
Our Overcoats at
Are Corkers
333 Hastings St.        Vancouver
Mail Orders and Samples on application
li.il iM-ii"*" aai B. C. land Survfto'
'PHimt M
Sillwiri. Hn*lie*, (fatal Powan, Kniin.ic.
,„,.,.in.',, Icni'nol ivn-ini, III ..a Mail.*, Tiiwii*
.,        *, n(   11,nil*. Sill,  |laVI*laall-,,.|,*.
SU II.»I1U|> SI. **.   '   •   VANCOUVER.. B C.
iiisidii i mnn T"
iill kiml- ..f 'lin-i'iu and Aiili.|iii' lurni-
tare, Store, Oflos. BaOS ami Har Fix-
tnri'..   He pairing in all ill liranehea.
17:1 Tlilr.l st IV., BU. chnlrrSalil .ncl l<,o«iliil«
hjafli SrhiK.I
MAll.iiilliKKS given prompt attention


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