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The Express 1908-11-27

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Is Ihal which goes into peoples'—.
homes.     To reach llu people fl/^P
Norlh   Vancouver advertise in
Phone 80
'     i-l
Executed in a style that pleases
and at prices that are right al
phone m       The Express
There were present at the regu-1 City Clerk Shepherd, with the in-
lar session of the city council on formation that the owner refuses to
Monday night Aldermen Wheeler, | show the alleys open. Plan adopt
May, Crickmay, Smith and Braim.  ed, and the clerk directed to make
lie bodies, with the object of secur-1 cost is as follows: From Clustering a joint railway and traffic brid("e field to Lonsdale avenue, $520;
across the Second Narrows. from Lonsdale to St. George's
8. That every legitimate means avenue, $760; from St. George's to
possible be used to get railway St. Andrew's avenue, $1294. Wil
communication into the city, and liain Morden and P. A. Alitn were
also to liave the main line of rail- strongly of the opinion that, as for
Mayor Kealy preside
H. W. Goldbie, secretary of the
Vancouver waterworks, wrote, requesting permission to run a telephone line along Keith roaJ, from
Lonsdale ave to Seymour creek.
Referred to Aid. Wheeler, to ascertain whether it is rroposed to
erect new poles or to use those already in place.
A petition from thirteen residents, for an arc light at the corner
of Chesterhebl ave and 17th street,
was referred to the light committee
to report. Ihe petition states that
there is no light on Chesterfield
north of 14th street.
Alex. Philip wrote, advising the
council of the willingness of the
district to arrange to supply the
city with crushed rock; and also to
allow tbe city to use the steam
roller when not required by the
district. Matter laid over until
machinery is received by the district.
The district clerk likewise forwarded the resolution passed bv
the district council, with respect to
the Alaska-Yukon exposition, and
reques.ltd the cooperation of the
city in the movement. Councillor
McNaught spoke 111 support of the
project, which was referred to the
finance committee.
I. M. Heard, manager ol the N
V. Light & Power Co. wrote, ad-
viiiug ihe council that the boan
of directors had resolved that the
strainer North Vancouver would
be withdrawn from service from
December ist to April ist, unless
the city will refund the full amount
ol operating expenses for that period. The directors regret that this
action is necessary, but, in justice
to their shareholders, they cannot
sustain the double service at a loss
during tbe winter months.
A second letter from Manager
Heard notified council of the intention of Ihe, company to change
the time of departure of the second
early morning boat from 6.40 to
7 o'clock.
Aid. May said that ii the lerry
company is clearing 117,000 per
year, as stated when the ierry purchase bylaw was under dtso. ssion,
he could not understand why it
was necessarv to curtail the service during the winter season. If
tbe company was short of capital,
why did they not sell Lonsdale
gardens, which were considered
valuable according to statements
made at the same time, and invest
the proceeds in the business.
Aid. Wheeler moved that the
clerk be instructed to reply, that
il the boat were removed from the
run as proposed, then the actions
entered against the company on
May 11st and 28th last would be
pushed at once.
A,ld. Crickmay thought that this
action might give the impression
that, if the boat were not removed
thn actions would be dropped,
when as, as he understood the
matter, those actions were held in
aibi'v .nn 1* while negotiations for an
agreement were pending.
Aid. Braim wished to know what
had become ol the draft agreement
that the council had forwarded to
the lerry company some time ago,
and the information was elicited
that no reply had been received.
Aid. May was of the opinion that
it would he well for the lerrv committee to interview the ferry company in the matter, to assure them
that the council means business,
and that unless they maintain an
adequate service the legal proceedings will he pushed.
It was finally resolved, on motion of Aid. May and Wheeler,that
the ferry committer interview the
board ol directors of the ferry company and report at a special meeting to be held on Thursday evening. The committee comprises
Aid. Irwin, Crickmay and Smith.
One tender of .< ■ per cord was
read for six cords oi wood for the
fire hall. Tender was thought too
high and was laid over.
The plan of the subdivision of
the northeast and southeast quarters ol  block   88, D.L.  549, laid
the best arrangement possible will
the owner.
Mayor Kealy announced that he
would be out of town on Monday
next, in attendance at a meeting of
the executive of the union of B. C.
municipalities at Victoria. Council
will bold a special session Thursday evening.
His worship also stated that the
purchasers of the local improvement debentures are willing to
wait for the 3rd street debentures,
so that they will be included in the
Minutes of a meeting of the finance committee, recommending
that the salary of the city auditors
be increased $7.50 per month, to
alate from August ist last; and also
that a contribution of Jtoo be
made to the B. C. American Mining ei Development Co., toward
the opening up of the old Lillooet
trail by the company, as far as
their properties on Copper mountain, Seymour creek, were adopted.
\ recommendation of the board
way through the city so located as
to pass for waterfront industries.
9. That the present is a suitable time to purchase school sites
to meet the future needs of the community, and that the school trustees
should call for tenders in specified
10. That efforts should be inaele
to induce the B. C. E. Ry. Co. to
extend to the citv of North Vancouver more favorable transportation
and electric light rates.
U. •* That the telephone company be asked to give cheaper aud
nioreefficii'iitservtceliL'tween North
Vancouver and Vancouver.
12. That at a general meeting
of the association, to be held on
Wednesday, 2nd December, nominations be received formayor.alder-
men, and for vacancies in the
Khool board; and that at a general
meeting to be held on the first
Tuesday thereafter in event of there
being more candidates than offices
to be filled, a vote of the members
present be taken by ballot, for
nominations for the different offices
under the suspices of the association.
In addition   to the above,  the
of works, that   the services of an j matter  of the ferry service  was
apprentice in   the   city engineer's! broached and  it  was  announced
oflice be dispensed with at the end
of the present month,was adopted.
The fire and light committee recommended (hat an arc light be
placed at the corner of Ridgeway
and 14th street; adopted.
Aid. Smith asked, on behalf of
J. P. Fell, when the laying of the
watermain on Sutherland avenm
would be proceeded wilh. No de
finite information could  be given
Aid. Wheeler called attention to
the (act that the new culvert placed on 21st street, west of Lonsdale,
is in a wrong position and is not
large enough for the purpose. The
board of works was instructed to
The board of works is to improve
the sidewalk at the corner ol dies
terfield ave and 13th street, whicl:
is too low.
Ratepayers' Association
President William Morden occupied the chair at the regular meeting of the city of North Vancouver
Ratepayers' Association, held in
the city hall on Tuesday evening.
The order ol business lor the evening was the consideration of a ser-
iesol twelve resolutions, formulated
and recommended by the executive
lhe resolutions were discussed at
length and were adopted wilh slight
amendments. As finally passed,
they read as follows:
1. That the grades on all hill
side streets south of 14th street, be
permanently established, and that
no more new work be carried out
until an acceptable grade be determined by a commission of engineers  and established  by bylaw.
i. That all settlers are entitled
in equity to have constructed for
them a 20 foot waggon road and a
4 foot sidewalk,similar to those already provided, at general expense;
and that local improvement street
work should not meantime be undertaken, except on the petition of a
large proportion of the owners interested, and even then only for
works of public utility.
3. That the frontage tax bylaw
be amended, so that one-third of
the total cost of the work to be
done, including the necessary street
intersections, be charged to the
general account.
4. Tnat all streets already cleared be kept clear of wood and debris from making the roads for the
appearance of the town, and for a
defence against the spreading of
fires, as they are becoming moreol
a danger every year on account of
thr layers of ferns, etc.
5. That the necessary steps be
taken to form a city board of park
commissioners, to take charge of all
the city parks and lhc cemetery.
6. '1 hat a sewage system for the
whole city should be designed without delay, and that the work be
I'ini eeded with by instalments at
general expense, as the finances of
the city will permit
7. That the city cooperate ear-
over last week, was submitted by' nestly and actively with other pub-
tfaal lhe executive couiniittee had
appointed a subcommittee to take
the whole matter into careful con-
sidi'ratioii, and lhat a report would
be made to tbe association at the
regular meeting on Wednesday
evening next.
On motion, it was resolved that
school t'ustees b« not considered
city officials under theconstiliilion.
They are therefore eligible' for
The following names were added
to the membership list: J \V. H.iv,
H. M. Kills, T. A Martin, J. H.
Selkirk, Henry Jack, W. Baihv.
J. Gibson, H. Prout, P. Larson
and \V.  II. Turner.
as tba block from St. George's to
St. Andrew's avenue, a six foot
sidewalk would be quite sufficient,
and any wider sidewalk would be
a waste of money.
Walter Owen as strongly stated
that, as for the block between
Lonsdale and St. George's avenue
a twelve foot sidewalk was asked
for, and that was what was wanted
The mayor pointed out that the
petition asked for a twelve-fool
sidewalk throughout, and the only
means of altering it was by a counter petition. Aid* Wheeler said
the council was not in a position
to proceed until the new city engineer was appointed, and on his
motion, seconded by Aid. Braim,
the matter was adjourned until
Monday, Dec. 28th.
Mrs. Ernest Rogers held her
post-nuptial reception on Tuesday
and Wednesday, at her pretty new
home, at 238 13th street east.
Owing to repairs being effected 1
to the wires, the electric car set   ,or"'   The shipment weighed over
China, and Belltay Castle, the
home of Sir Arthur Middleton.
Mr. Henry has also recently supplied the entire order for the
grounds of the Empress hotel, Vic-
Lynn Creek Notes
Mrs. P. Bristol moved to the
valley last week and has taken
charge of the boarding house al
the mill of (In* I.vnn Valley Lum
ber Co.
R. Adams purposes leaving about
Dec. 3rd fnr a trip to bis old home
at Croydon, Surnv, Kng. Mr.
Adams will return in about two
months, when be expects to build
a residence >ni Ins properly on 2nd
street west. North Vancouver.
The camps nf the ll.istings
shingle mill, at Kice lake, an working a full tin I "I nn n. W. II.
Davidson states iini shingle bolts
are entiling .I.,wo lhe llunie at the
rate of ten booms (1200 cords) per
week. I li* M aie fnrwarded to the
mills as rapidly as possible, but
supply is so plenteous that large
quantities are anchored on tin
booming ground at Moodyville, in
School Board
A meeting of the board of school
trustees was held Monday evening.
There were present Trustees W.P.
Peecey and Jesse Williams; Chairman A. K. Steacy presiding.
The matter of additional school
sites was discussed at length and
it was decided to call for tenders
for three sites, located as follows
Ai it senile (mm elistrict lots 550
and 273; accessible from district
lots 548 and 541); accessible from
the southern portion of distnct lot
545. The first of the above sites
contemplates the removal of the
present Moodyville school to that
location. These sites must each
front on II least three streets and
contain u >1 les> than one acre of
The question ol remuneration to
be paid teach, t*. was thoroughly
consnler< d and the decision wal
,11 lived lo adopt practically the
same scale ol salaries that is paid
in the city of Vancouver, as that
scale is recognized as equitable;
and (lirtliet.b' cause it is n,
to pi cunt the ill ph Hon of the
rank* ol the local teachers in lavor
of schools across tlie Inlet.
Prospective changes in the personnel! of the teaching staff were
discussed and laid over.
Changing Pole Line
W. B. Bunbury, local manager
of the BaCS, Ra ('"•, made a thorough examination of the district
about Lynn creek tins week, tm
the purpose ol loioinineniliiig I
change of route for the pole line,
such as will prevent a recurrence
of the inconvenience which was
caused by the washing out of scv
eral poles along the creek. He
has decided to recommend that the
line be changi d and made to follow
the new government road, where
the line will fie practically secure
from accidental breakages.
As a further precautionary measure against interruptions of the
service, the local power bouse iva**
finally connected on We elm s.'.av
with thc Vancouver system. Any
trouble thai mny hereafter develop
in the local high tension system
can be promptly overcome by
switching   on   to   the Vancouver
First Street Improvements
The 1 itv COUni il sat as a I unit "I
New Telephone Cable
l.lepbiini connection between
here and Vancouvi r has come lo
an 1 nil. The heavy floods at the
lirsl nt the mniith destroyed Ihe
cable across tin* Sei ond Narrows,
and then recourse was bad to the
old single wire connexion formerly
ns, I by the Vancouver waterworks
department It took several days
to fish th'* wire out of the sand and
 nections  at   both   ends,
but It proved inadequate for the
demands made upon it and constantly broke down. This week
it went "ul ol business altogether.
Since the floods the telephone
company have had manufactured
lor ihem in Montreal a new cable.
It will be a mile in length and will
cost several thousand dollars.
The new cable has arrived and is
to be installed at once. Until this
is accomplished the telephone service will be limited to local connections only. Manager Hodge states
iln < 1 v 111' has been carried on all
fall under great difficulties.
Football Match a Draw
The football match played It
Brockton Point, Vancouver, on
Saturday, between the North Vancouver cluh and thc Nationals, resulted in a draw of one goal each.
The tie will be played off on the
local grounds tomorrow afternoon,
the ball being kicked off at 2.30
o'clock, The locals consider they
had the best of the game through
out last Saturday's match, and
with the stronger team they will be
able to put in the field on the
home grounds, are confident of
winning handily tomorrow.
Sunday night the death occurred
of Susanna, the wife of II. Gordon
Helm, of   17th street     I
was but 25 years of age, and in addition  to her  sorrowing husband,
revision, on Monday evening, on iha hit two small children, om
the petition (or 1 twelve-fool u
walk along tin* south sub* ol ist
street, fi.iin Chesterhebl to St An
drew's   avenues.    The   estimated
>' ing Imir vears old and thc other
one and a half. Inl' tin* nt l"nk
plai 1 at Vancouver on Tuesday
vice was  temporarily interrupted
on both Sunday and Monday.
The Ladies of the Maccabees
purpose holding their annual social dance tonight in the Eagles'
hall, lt promises to be a great
E. J. If Cardinall is applying
for a shop license to retail spiri'.u
ous liquors, the location being the
northern portion of lot 1,block 109,
D.L. 274.
The steam barge Forager was in
port last week, with a full cargo of
flour and feed for Harry Mitchell,
local manager ol the Brackman-
Ker Milling Co.
The advance sale ol tickets for
the dramatic club's performances
on Dec. 9th and 10th is proceeding
in an encouraging manner, promising a successful issue.
The school trustees, by an advertisement in this issue, are asking for propositions for three new
school sites in various parts of the
city. Tenders must be in by Dec.
10th neat.
The general officei of the ferry
company, at the Vancouver end,
were broken into on Wednesday
night and t$> in silver stolen, he
sides I38 worth of tickets. Entrance was had through one of the
side windows.
Of all the newt items in this issue, there are none upon which
greater care haa been bestowed
than the news ol the stores, as
compiled by the merchants. Do
your buying wisely by reading the
advert iaements.
The illustrated lecture on South
Africa, given by A. Theodore
Waters, Friday night, proved interesting and successlul. It was
given in the K. P. hall, under the
auspices of the Pythian lodge.
The attendance was large. (
The project of (orming a bowling and tennis club is meeting with
a good deal of favor,and a meeting
of those interested will be held in
the office of Alex. Smith, Monday
evening, al 8 o'clock, for the purpose of considering the proposition.
A public meeting to consider
what action can be taken with reference to the application for a shop
license on the hill, will be held in
the Presbyterian church, Monday
evening, in connection with the
session of the Christian Endeavor
The ladies' aid society ol the
Roman Catholic church will hold
a sale of woik in aid of the build
ing fund of the new church, in the
Larson-McMillan block, next the
postoffice, on Thursday, December
10th. There will be a refreshment
table in connection.
The special advertisements of
the N. V. Home Furnisheri, appearing in this paper each week,
should be read by every housewife.
The goods offered arc of mint and
quality, while thc bargains listed
are genuine. The prices ruling are
much below Vancouver prices.
Aid. W. J. Irwin was an outgoing passenger on the Great Northern on Friday last, to enjoy a well
earned holiday.    Heexpeci, to be "» 1,ve P°,1|CIM' f* J "
away about three weeks and will ,urlncc m ,orw ol "'56a'
visit   Seattle. Tacoma,  Portland,
Sacramento, San  Francisco, Los
four tons and constituted a record.
The B. C. Electric Railway has
decided to replace the bridge over
Mosquito creek, weakened by the
recent freshets, by a two span pile
bridge of solid construction.
Local manager W. B. Bunbury
carried on some boring operations
at the site Tuesday and discovered that hardpan can be reached at
a depth of nine feet. A land pile
driver will be set in operation at
once and the work will be completed as soon as possible.
Yesterday alternoon Chairman
Steacy, accompanied by a representative of Thi Express, paid a
visit to Chesterfield avenue school,
for the purpose of testing the fire
drill. The building was vacated
by all the forms, in the most orderly manner, in about 70 seconds
after tbe ringing of the gong, a
performance which must be considered satisfactory to parents and
highly complimentary to the principal, the staff and the children.
While in Victoria last week, D.
G. Dick, president of the local
board of trade, waited upon the
department and personally presented the combined petition ol
the city and district councils and
the board of trade, for the establishment of a land registry office at
North Vancouver. The copies for
the member for this constituency,
Hon F. L. Carter-Cotton, and for
the attorney general, Hon. W. J.
Bowser, were prepared later and
personally delivered by Mr. Dick
on Mondiy.
A painful accident betel J. N.
Bunker, who is in charge of the installation of the Lynn valley waterworks system, on Saturday. He
was sawing off a large cedar log
when the end lell, pinning his foot
beneath. A companion started in
to help by cutting the log away
with an axe, but made bad matters
worse by accidentally cutting the
unfortunate man's foot instead. A
team of horses had to be procured
to pull the log ofl the suffering victim. Mr.Bunker is nursing a badly swollen and very painful loot.
A social party gathered at the
residence of Mr. and Mrs. W.Conway, one evening this week, in
honor of their little daughter's
birthdav A jolly good time waa
spent by all present, dancing and
vocal music being the chief items
of entertainment A tempting
repast was served at midnight.
Those present were Mr. and Mrs.
W. Kisier, Mr. and Mrs. Miller,
Mrs. F. Kealy, Miss A. Gray, C
Choyce, Mrs. J Hyde, J.
Brown, Mr. and Mrs. J. Lanii
Bush, Mr. and Mrs. Hoiking,Miss
E. Hyde, W. Heatly.
The report of the annual convention ol the Central Farmers'
Institute of B. C. is to hand, in
book form. In the report is incorporated a statement of the affairs of the Mutual Fire Insurance
Company of B. C, which was organized by the institute, and with
the inauguration of which Alex.
Philip, of this city, wai closely
identified. The popularity of th*
company in its constituency it
evidenced from the fact that, although but six years old, it has
total in-
D. G. Dick and Wm. Killz returned on Friday last from a   few
aie, S.
Angeles, and   other   Pacific coasl jjy-,' lojourn al Victoria,  where
they were in attendance at the aes
sions of the Mystic Shrine, an ad
A movement is on
foot to lorm
_ vanccd degree of the Masonic order,
terary society in the city, along ..   n. . • . ,
„ u L <—. o......a t:. ! Mr. Dick report* a record attend-
the same lines as thc Burrard Literary Society, ol Vancouver. The
atter institution has existed since
thc earliest days of the city and has
turned out some of the foremost
public speakers, and it is thought
that a similar institution in North
Vancouver would accomplish gooti
work along those lines
M J Henrv. an esteemed advertiser in these columns, has re
1 ently  made  large  shipments of
ance and excellent sessions. The
party experienced a strenuous time
in reaching the capital city. They
went down on the Charmer and
when Ten Mile point was reached,
thc steamer ran into a gale, blowing at about 75 miles per hour,
compelling thc captain to run back
some miles for shelter. Victoria
was reached about two o'clock a.m.
The nexl annual meeting of Gizeh
temple will be held in Vancouver,
B.C. nursery stock to   Bermuda,|iD November, 1909 THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
N H   \    aN.Ol   'a I  R,    B'     C,
K. -Mihiiausi.vi i. i
II.  MaalllilV
HusImm Mgr,
I; LTh rn' Bl us, i.iiii'is ■
i year *       *       »i**w
n\ months
Three lliiilltli*
I U 'i' I Stat*"*
AlividiilSINii  RATES
TmvMivr   I'.-nvv   Aiinaiii-KViKSTS—
, i .ni. p i* ni'ii Nth Insertion,
l. i s h, Brc.-41-W i"'r bieii par
I.im, v\n ii'iiii i:': »- 10days, |5;
BO days, ".SO,
I        loi -i1"'   First Iniertl In
. ni*. i„*r imi, i each tub-wquenl Inw-
tion,6c pel line.
i;, ,1.1*,,. Nnum ia Local Ran Ooi«
i «*,*.    I I* perllna.Mch iimertimi.
i ,M„\a i  Ant ini*i 'ii.**!**— RatM nr-
ranged aeeuhllng lo span taken,
.\ll,*ii;n:***,ini Hail mUerlim* nls
tl)n-i in* in the hands ol tlie printer bj
Wi* li|...|:li.'\i'lilli'.'l'iellMiri'|'lllilii*!lliiill
in in.* next last**.
Slllllll    VvSeill  VIK.    NOV,    17,    l'l"S
The resolution! adopted by th
K ii ipiyi i>' Associatioi., as reported in detail in another roliitnn.deal
villi we ight) is-ui s from a civic
viewpoint, and contemplate some-
what radical changM in the existing order. The local improve
ment bylaw receives consiib i,ibb
attent 1 1 laiusi s  No. 2. 3, am
4. ami wbili tin principle of the
by| t« ii approved, its ipplicatioa
ii sui'i'itiel to certain modifici
ti ms. whii li would materially life cl iis npi ration. The budding
nf ■ twi nty loot roadway ind ,1
fool sidewalk out ol the gi at
i.il fundi, would provide tuffii ii nt
accommodation loi ordinary aeadi
and vvniild t.ml   tO lessen the ib •
I lui wotk 11 iva.lt 1 the bylaw.
I ins. ta gi tin t with tba attached
. 11 to limber undertaking!,
pa,ints tn tin- com liisinn that the
: tin opinion thai
operation! under  ilu bylaw as it
DOW stands,  , ithi t   have  I t
promi* i" I", 11 iteoiive than
is judii lams    Win 11 ii is 1 onsider-
i.l thit, ill adililion   10 tba Iwenty
I ladwaj   ami  the  1 mr loot
siih walk, nm' third ol the I nsl ol
all wink under tin local improvement bylaa recoamandi d, is 10 ba
paid * nl "I g' ner.il an mint, it is
■ 111 thai i1 l'*nileui\ ol tin si* re
'■ins is to make the
[rontigi tai u light as pouible,
I in la ' il result oi this 1 ram
won! I •   that council will
hud us. ll. onlroob d bymaay mote
petiti ,'iovi iniiils  under
the I'vliw  than is at preeent the
.ii    As council and property
owii' is maj not at all tunes agree
as to whal  1 onititutei "work ol
II 1 11      public   utility," the
th  a cl' I*' s iingbi
not li. 1 is,    I  idjuitment at all
lllll! S
111 thi  'I ill* I ill    glades nn Iiii
ii> iti running north iod mth,
the .is' tion • ' d impn ss, il
with thi I " ll lung final
ity in this importanl malti r. W bile
immiuion ol 1 n ;in< ei ■ woold
idmittedl)    involve    innsiib i.ible*
it  VV I. I' ll   lll.lt   III'    lll.lll' I   I'l
tiled onu
ami fm all bj .1 board »bo
III'     v   "lllll
ai .iii partii s would ac-
1' p| iln 11   uin nisions as a lettll
ic m nl the tjoaatkn l*u all time,
■ bn .nation ol all danger ol
.:ii its ittan-
dani 1 an dantafi Mill
and nib' r exp mivi pro'
I In ipp tnlmanl nl 11 ity board
1 : 1 iik 1 nniinissinncrs  was recog-
: u  involvl '"on to
tnaki tin  propoaitioo leasible, inch ai iln statutes provide for
1     ;     ,1 i    .     Ij   l*.l     binds se t
1.. th. provincial fovanimaul
. h purpOD s     lu view nl lhe
. 11. in lit  park  areas in the
a id in the district as well,and
bit    iharacter   ol   stub
lm albiiig s|i,iiis,
lor their apecial OVI night is imper-
Itivi, and thai tlloretoM any steps
that may be neceinry to this end
sliould In' tiki n.
I'iii' deliverance as to a sewerage
system maki 11 li ai thi position of
lhe association in this vital matter,
lhc work was recognized as one of
the utmost urgency, upon which a
beginning should be made in the
immediate luture, ami thi extension of which Should be pushed as
rapidly as the public exchequer
would permit, The association
was evidently unanimous in the
ipinion ihat the cost of tha lyitem
ihould be paiil out of general revenue, no reference whatever being
mad:' of lhe frontage' tax plan in
ilns connection,
1'he qualifications Mated in
clause eight, with relation lo the
location ol the main line ol railway
through iln 1 ity, are of a most desirable character. The charter at
present in force for a railway line
levies no restrictions whatever in
these matters. The charter gives
thc right to run level street crossings, with ull tlieir unsightliness,
inconveiiii im and il.ingei:,; and
also the right of deviation (or three
hundred leet along thi waterfront,
sn that the lineCOUld be so located
ihat the railway Iini would cut otf
the greater portion of a waterfront
lot from the water, and leave such
a small area contiguous to the wa
ter as to render it practically use
less lor the purpuses for which
such property is ordinarily utilized
A railway siibwav at every stmt
craning, and llii* preserving of the
Waterfront properties intact, are
considerations of great moment to
thc future of the city.
Educational matters are dealt
With in clause nine.    The rapid in-
1 lease* ol pupils at Cbcaterfield
ave school during leccut months
makes it evident that adequate
provisions mus' be made for the
expansion of the public school
s*. st, in of the ntv. either by the
■ Itlblilhmenl ol one ot more additional s, bonis, each with its own
pi iik ipal, or by the inauguration
ol the watd system, under which a
uf schools lor pupils ot the
lower giadcs woiibl be located in
different sections  ol  the city, and
oae large central school, at which
the mod advancd pupils would
attend, and which would be presid*
eel over by the principal ol tbe culm s\sieiu. Tins inevitable expansion necessitates school sites,
well   located   atel   spacious, and
tin I. is certainly nothing to ba
gaiiiu el by wailing until properly
has increased lo several times ils
present valuation in order lo secure these sites. As intimated to
the council a lew weeks ago by the
chairman oi the school board, (be
liini* has alluvial lm lotuiiilating a
comprehensive plan covering the
entire city, and Ihe securing ol
thOH sites which al pn sent appear
most likely to answii luture inc.Is.
I.liclric light and liansportatiou
rates wite briefly ditcoaaad, and
the lime was consiib ml opportune
for approaching thi  company  lot
the inauguration ol more It-roribli
facilities in this n gird, say by the
introduction ol tbe white  ticket
sysl, 111.   and   othei    i oui-ssions.
The telephone siivi.i. particularly
lhat conniitiiig with Vancouvei
diy, CUM m fm si vt. uilicisni,
Ihe serviie bung nuisidi rid aa is -
satislaitory in lhe i vtiinn and tin
iai. excessive. It was pointed out
that outlying sections ol Vancouvei
wen not tailed iipnn to pay a ten
II nl iati. and it was coiisiibt' d
iiiiii asonable that Norlh Vancouver should be sub|i 1 tui lo such a
heav v 1 barge*.
Tin- assoi iation definitely committed itself to placing a full ticket
III tin' lield loi mayor and alder-
im n, Inr ilu vi at ISjOtj, It was
thought that this was the only
feasible method of putting into cite 11 the 1 lause ill the constitution,
wbn h reads, "tn see ure tin* (lection
uf gnml .md abb iiti/.ens to thc
office! of mayor and aldermen."
Candidal in nol t" be confini d
to members ol thi inoi iation, but
ll large As expressed by one of
speakers, the desire is to treat the
bole matter in a sprit of "fairness,
frankness, openness and consideration," without any suspicion whatever of undue influence from any
These resolutions enunciate the
platform of the association in such
a manner that every ratepayer will
ie able to determine his attitude
toward the movement.
.licit the buhincwl of M.i!iufaetiirer*e,
Knrilirer. jeeeel other, wlm reielife tlee aetviaabil*
ity ,.f having their Patent business transacted
l.y I-'xjaerta, Preliminary advice f ree. charges
moderate. Our lnventor'1 Adviser sent iiiwu re.
tianst. Marion "kMariin, Keg'd., N' w York l.ife
l.l*'"   M.al.lanil    *,,i.l Ua.l.a,,, l.n   |,,*     f, *_.
Bribe—Collection! from M cents to $5
llll varieties, mixed.
Roses—Best collection in B.C., from 30
tu fit) I'i'iilHi'iieli.
frull Trt'es—Collections from 12 to (10
iineBt sorts only.
Expert pruning, spraying, planting.
Gardens laid out,
M'11-.MIS AND llllllll
Nursery.'en and biindsiiipe Gardeners,
Cor. '.'2nd und Lonsdale .av.'.
North \. 'iiouver.
Church Notices
si juiin's nn: kvaniiki.ist, KVnm
Holy Communion, I a. m.
Morning prayer, ii
Evening prayer, 7.30
Dn the lirst Sunday in the month
then* will be a second celebration
of the Holy Communion at 11 a.m.
Rector: Rev. Hugh Hooper.
Services will be conducted as
usual on  Sunday by the pastor.
Sunday school, 1:30 p. m.
Service at Moodyville school at
7:30 p. ni.
Jrayer meeting on Wednesdv   ^.fl,   \mm   \{t{\{\]Sm
All are welcome.
For Ferritin,
Houso Fiiriiisliiiurs and
at Reasonable Prices,  go to
The Norlh Vancouver
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lurum It, MBIT, gkokcf.'s
Morning service, n a. m. ; Sunday school, 2:30 p. nr ; evening
service, 7:30 p.m.
Praypr meeting on Wednesdivi
evening at 7:30 o'clock.
Preaching in Lynn   valley   o  t
alternate Sunday afternoons.
Sunday school at Moodyville nt |r|
11 a. 111.
Rev, II. H. Ualderston, B. A.
Sunday Services — Mass at 9
1 111., Sunday school at 2:30 p.m.,
11, iiiilu tion at 3 p. m.
Pastor: Rev. E. Peytavin, O.
M. 1. V. G.
si   UOBOI
Sunday school at i o'clock p.m.
Service' at 3 o'clock p.m.
1'astnt :    Rev. David Lang.
All are welcome.
Whi'ii you intern
Wn .11 has been awarded lb*
Contract for the new addition to St.
Andrew's charch, work upon
which is commencing at once.
[1 111 I
.'«. mum:, mm
,v.i IAMSAjJ Avk
flr.Mielt MeA l.niititiilr lir.A'ioi. I'lnnn
St so
Head OJicenil W, l.imi Crttt, IC
n.v. f isn Co.
(Ior. I.'insdaili' iind iSth St.
(VANS 6 HI IB, Pel *.
I'llllVK   117,   Nurth Vascocvkk
MM,   Vaxcouv«r
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1 Also Putter, Eggs, and Vegetables.
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IM.111K    aii'l    S|iei'ilii'iiliiin»    l'ri'|i.ire*el
U'lii'ii iliinkinni.i liiulibiiu l'-l 11* give
an estimate.
Or I'.O. Hm K   Nurlli VaViiniuMr
Quantity Surveye.r and Architect
Fui'BTit STBtrr, roa.N«a UNannu Av»
General Contractor
Uud Clearing,  Stump and Rock
llla«liiii*. Ultra care near hcuw*.
All ilaiii.n*.,'** made t!'""'*
KMrMiVMINT     A (1 K N C Y
j., i Ht.   *a\'a>a*H nl l..',,aa,l .1*
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Parcel Delivery,
TakptaM 7".        Ni«hl I'alls 13.
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P. LARSON is  prepared to
I inif, Brick,
Sand, Cement
And all kind* of Building
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and at reasonable prices.
niiiir mn nEP.iiTiE.\T
ni'lll If NOTIl'K i» herehy Kivt-n that
•    ill Kl'eurelaile'e* «itll tll«   (irnvi.ieilH ill
tlu* 1'iil.lie Health HyUw, nl the City
ail Nnrth Vaiicuiiver, the Munirlpal
fiiuncil leave O'tilraclril »ilh llie Me'Ileal Health Otlleer In attend »t the City
llall. Nnrth V anciiiver,  on  thc Ki mt
Mondiy al mk snath, «i tlif liour ul
II o'rlark in thr lurennon, lor the pur-
inaw nl vaccinatum at tlifciix-niai* ol
ilie cit\,all |K*ur (MTiKini;ami all oilier.
at their ie«n riprnn1.
The lather, mother, or per«on having
the cure, nurture, or ell-tody ol every
child l«irn in the city, alull, within
tliree minitli* alter the liirth ol «urh
chilil, take or ciuae to lie taken, th.
chilil, In the Medical l'rartilioner, in it-
teinlancc at the »l«'Ve a|)|«'inli*d plaee,
Inr the pnr|-nM> of lieinii vaccinated; un-
lew the child Ilk* lieen previously vacci*
naliil liy IMM leKally qualiBed PrKli-
tioner, and the vaccination duly
City Clerk.
Norlh Vnncouver, B.C.,
9th July, 1908. 21-U
I civil  |ininl nl  view, it was
i* , i.a.et .1,1* (lute |M,iviMi.n jiuay li'ilii'seii hum tin I ili/i Blhip
T" my Iriends and patrons
in North Vancouver:
old resident ol North Vancouver
and take care ol
Id ■member always, if you consult Dr. Jordan, such consultation
will cost you nothing.
Should glasses be required, the
glasses w'ill be ri|(ht and so will
the price.
334 Hastings Street W.
about 1350 \jards long and 346 feet wide, is
now beino, planted
Lots in Six Blocks Facing on the Boulevard
No Boulevard in any City on this continont is as wide as
Norlli Vancouv;rv chief residence Avenue.
This Bm itvanl will signalize North  Vancouver over the
whole Dominion,
Residences on this Boulevard will have a situation of covet-
' distinction.
Price** and full Particulars can be had from
Mahon, Mtfarland & Mahon
Cor. Seymour if* Pender Sts., Vancouver THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C
Councillors McNaught, Robson,
Nye, and Davidson were present
at the regular session of the district council Friday night, Reeve
May occupying the chair.
Edward Francis wrote, request
ing that council carry out the work
of opening up access between Deep
Cove and Keith road, as previously agreed upon. Engineer Cameron advised the cduncil that what
the residents at Deep Cove urgently needed was the opening up of a
power line along the section line
of D. L. 624 to its junction with
Keith road; board of works to act.
J. H. Diamond, writing on behalf of H. B. Ardagh, advised the
council that property owners are
prepared to pay $250, to assist in
building 1 road to give access to
the south east quarter of D.L. 802.
Engineer was instructed to investigate and board of works to act, if
the cost is reasonable.
Councillor Nye thought that
there was some doubt as to the
power of council to re-open that
portion ol the old and disused road
10 this section,which runs thiuugh
private property, the latter having
been subdivided into lots and
streets aud the plan registered.
The motion, however, was carried.
B. A. Welbon, managing director of the B C. American Mining
&, Development Syndicate, wrote,
agreeing to open up the old Lillooet trad up Seymour creek to
Copper mountain, provided council make a donation of Jioo toward
the work. Payment authorized
and money to be spent on the trail
to the satisfaction of the district
Harry Holland acknowledged
receipt of a cheque* for $60.30. in
cousideiation ol work done 011 the
boulevard in front ol his property,
and stated that he considered the
amount insufficient. Board of
works and the engineer to adjust
the 111 utcr.
C. S. Earle has built a house on
lots 7N 10 80, D. L. 2169, and has
moved in with his family. He request lhat a suitable toadway be
built iu Irom Centre street, a distance ol 1300 feet to hu residence.
Board of works to act.
Ralph Adams wrote, complaining that surlace water from Centre
street has flooded the roadway in
the vicinity ol his residence, on
lot 5, D L. ion, and asking that
a ditch be dug to remedy the difficulty.    Board of works to act.
W. M. Morrison submitted a
memo of work done in boulevard-
ing 132 feet in front of lots 11, 12,
and 13, block 19, Frederick road,
at 8 cents per loot. Relerred lo
board ol works.
J. Ward advised council of his
intention to erect a residence on
lot It. block 2169, and asked that
a road be constructed to the property, along Detnpiey road, a distance of two blocks.
A deputation from the city council, comprising Aid. Smith and
Crickmay, waited on council to
confer with reference to the rock
crusher and road roller, which the
district proposes to purchase. Alderman Smith explained that in his
opinion the best plan of co-opera*
tion would be that the district
should sell crushed rock, etc., to
the city, at a price to be agreed
upon, and that the city be granted
the use of the street roller when
not required by the district, at 1
rental to be decided later. The
council wn of the opinion that
iuch an arrangement wonld be
satisfactory to the district, but was
not prepired to proceed with the
matter until the machinery is received.
Thomas le Meisurier, secretiry
of the Capilano Improvement Association, forwarded the association's endomtion of 1 draft letter
lubmitted by (he diitrict clerk, to
be forwarded by the Dominion
govtrnment, liking the latter to
build a public whirl at Hollyburn,
it 1 coit of 117,000. The letter
wis ordered to be suitably arrang*
ed, duly tigned by the reeve ind
clerk, with the officiil teal attached, and to he forwirded to Ottiwa.
Board of works iccounti, totaling #455*60, md waterworki om*
mittee account! of #13.50 were ordered piid.
The clerk reid the igreement
between the city and the district
re interchange of water lervice.
The igreement had already been
duly executed by the city ind wai
ordered signed by the district.
The clerk read a draft of an
agreement with thc city, with reference to running overheid telephone wires along Keith roid to
Seymour creek pipe line roid. The
agreement itipulites that the poles
are to be placed ai directed by the
district engineer; that they are to
be removed to another position as
directed when street improvements
require, and that there is to be a
c'ear head room of 21 feet between
the roadway and the wires.
Upon tbe report of the district
engineer, Donald A. Cameron, the
east bank of Lynn creek, 500 feet
above the new bridge, is to be cut
back; the channel is to be cleared
out, and a brush mattress is to be
laid along the log jam at the spot.
The abutments of the new bey-
mour creek bridge are to be raised
to an additional height of 4 feet 6
inches, giving a clear head of seven
feel above the highest recorded
water level. The engineer reported that there is a clear head of 4
feet six inches on the Lynn creek
Coun. McNaught directed the
attention of council to the fact
that the provincial government
will have a section at the Alaska-
Yukon exhibition, to be held iu
Seattle next year, and stated that
it would be a wise move for the
district to secure space in the provincial building lor the display of
exhibits of the resources of the district, together with the distribution
of illustrated pamphlets and other
literature descriptive of the district.
He therefore moved, seconded by
Councillor Nye, as follows: In view
of the near approach ot the Alaska
Yukon exposition at Seattle, and
the intention of the provincial
government to have an exhtliit
thereat, aud as this municipality
has large resources in the form of
minerals, timber, sites for manufac-
turies.scentcresorts of great beauty,
farm and orchard lands, sites for
dwelling houses, and extensive
range of waterfront, suitable fjf
wharves and docks for ocean shipping and industrial works, this
council resolves to take steps to
place an exhibit in the said provincial section, to advertise these resources at the said exposition, and
that a sum be voted to commence
the collection of suitable advertising material, in the form of photographs and reading matter; that
the finance committee be authorized to carry this resolution into
effect, and that the city council be
requested to cooperate in the matter.    The motion carried.
Alaska-Yukon Fair
within a short time after his arrival
in Seattle.
The Canadian exhibit will include a display of its agriculture and
horticulture. Its mining resources
will be shown and special attention
will be given to dairying, and some
of the finest stock in the world will
be shown in this display.
In his letter, Commissioner
Hutchison states that the work ol
collecting the various exhibits has
been under way for several months,
and the entire display will be assembled three months in advance of
theopening of the exposition.
The dominion government will
construct a building at the Alaska-
Yukon-Pacific exposition, to be
held in Seattle on June 1 to October 16, 1909, inclusive, covering a
ground space of 300x150 feet.
Wm. Hutchison, Canadian exhibition commissioner, who is now
in London, has been notified by
the Canadian government to leave
for Seattle as soon as possible, to
select the site and make arrange
ments for the construction of the
building. It has been definitely
known for some time that the government of Canada would participate in the big fair, but this is the
first official information regarding
the scope of the plans.
In 1 letter to President I. E.
Chilberg, Commissioner Hutchison
stites that it will not be possible
for him to leave London before
January 1, and requests the exposition management to select a site
that would be best available for
Canada. He also requests ground
plans of the exposition in order
that the outline of the building
may be worked out before his ar*
rivil in Seattle.
The announcement that the gov
ernment of Canada will be repre*
sented on such a large scale as the
size of the site desired indicates,
has aroused general interest
throughout the state of Washing
ton. It is apparently the intention
to make a complete exhibit of all
the varied resources of Canada, ind
the building will also house the
display from the Yukon territory.
The ipice which it is proposed to
cover will be the largest occupied
by any one building on the
There are three available sites
that may be used for the Canadian
building. One is located adjoining
machinery hall on one side and the
forestry building on the other, and
overlooking Like Washington.
Another is a large tract next to the
California state building, and also
overlooking Lake Washington,ind
the third is below the geyser bisin
and at the lower end of thc string
of main exhibit palaces, overlooking both Lake Washington and
Lake Union.
The choice of one of these three
tiles will be offered to Canada
through Commissioner Hutchison.
Ground plans and all of the necessary data have been prepared and
forwarded to him at London, and
it ii expected the commissioner
will be in shape to call for bids lor
the construction  of  the building
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character AMMfMI t" paMIe health,
mint he reported to the Medical Health
Citv llall, Nnrlh Vancouver, ill'.
July »lh, 1H0H.
Application fur l.ii|imr 11" iw
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Rates for
Ferry Service tvery Half Hour to and from This Hotel
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Half-hour lerry connection tn ami Irom Vtncouror. Hot tnd cold
•tier in erer-r room. Return call hcllt in every room. Barber
.In'i' In connection.
Second jiaarr,   •   •   •   -   NORTH  VANCOUVER, B. C.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cars leave tlic Ferry Landing for Queensbury Avenue, Twenty-first
ttreel and Lonsdale, Winch street and K. it li Koad as follows : 6:15
• m,, 6 45 a. ni., 715 a. tn., 7:45 a. m., 8:15 a. m., 9 a. m. 9:40 a. m.,
10:10 a. tn., After 10:35 a. m., cars will leave Queensbury avenue,
Twenty first and Lonsdale avenue, and Winch street and Keith Road
at five minutes to Ihe hour and twenty live minutes past the hour.
Cars leave Nineteenth street and Oueensbury avenue, Twenty-first
street and l-onsdale ivenue, Winch street and Keith Road as follows :
6 a. m., 6.55 a. m., 7:30 a.m., 805 a. m., 8:45 a.m., 9:30 a.m.
After 930 a. m. cars leavi tin IVrry Landing at ten minutes past thc
hour and twenty minutes to the hour.
13f   All boats are nut bv the cars.
New Advertisements
Tinia* in!,!,   Ferry Co,
S«« prugrammi—The Grand,
-li.a|, i.i,*i*n*,*   K, ,1. II.Cardintll,
S|„*,i,ii mav prlcH—J.J, McAleeee.
Mln anil pltnta  llenry'i Nnrtertea,
N,*u li*,n:,*\ unl - Main iii. Mi'l'nrluiiil.*i
Tall vil|r Iriondi K. V. Il"nii' Fur-
Short, nioderatel) worded letters ou
I"  * a     III   .'l.'T.ll  pUbUC illll'P'St   will   I.
publi.hitl n i in blieaatt,
N** roinniunicallon publlsbed eicepl
over lignature aai writer,
I h i (pii --.It in no »ay teepc-ntlbli'
lor tiie opinions ol correspondanta. and
righl i" tamtwata ;i ,lis. n-
■ioa tl mj aiiin'.
Street Grades
ami thereb) s.i.u time, trouble
nicdless argument and ixpenn
Yours, ate ,
J. \V. Uai.mun,
Civil Bagioaar,
Aisoc. Inst, C Ba
North Y.ini auivrr, Nov. 25th.
Km 101 Expbi 11:
Sir,   Ai 1 attempted to explain
nt tin*  meeting ol tba ratepayi 1
held i.i-.' evening, io the matter ol
iln-  lirsl   reiolution, to i*stal>lisli
g ,i.l< . and app iini 1 11 nissioi*
,n*. is, iiii re ii only00a pm
pei way ol going about tlie Imsi
ia 11 the provition »l a "contour"
or "cnginei rinu" plan, Thai it,
.1 plan ihowing the natural pliysi-
1 11 I* Mun a i'l tha urea lu ba deall
with, in   llii'   -"inn'   way   thai Ins
ch.iri in lii iti 111 tha mariner, 01
tha harboi • ngineer, bj line* of
toundinga, tide*, currenta, natun
ol tin bottom, etc., Ins My tii
navigate in waten ol which ba,
poaaibly, has BO other knowledge:
or tJ deaign ducks, wharves, etc..
th.it   : a ailed for, in tin
Insl instance.
Al; \aa.i |, .as,'., .it pri'sent in
North Vani ouvt i is i lurveyor'i
gol up i i ui rely n al i itati
purpoai i \\ hai is wanted is aa*
othei kind ol plan entirely, um*
■ll iwing b) li •' I. i onloiir lines tbe
* li i itioni at, My. 11 * i ■
Ir.,*   I"i I   .ipart, with   the   watei
courses, pools, iwanpe.rocka.etc,
I ill] iinin.it'd. With this yea
I eve torni thing taiinihl.* to laj
belore vnir commissioners- when
you bave caught them. Ami
I Imitli.l Suggest, as then.' is no
time t'i loae, th.it the aaaociation
•a 11 tin* ildermen ,is th.
moil graceful and ippropriati
thint; they can do, to commtaaion
Mi Lo ltd and si.ilf to at once
pi  '* with tin* necetaary work;
Uiill.s, KitiIs.
irccs. I'liiiils
i-i     ■■!,,,
3010 rV-stitiinstt Road
\,iim ouver
The Sovmour Hotel
I in,iini  on  Vi'iimui   Pipi   line,
qu.il hi mill  |i(ini wharf.
Mining on Lynn Creek
Dr. II. S. Swayne returned on
Thuraday evening, Irona a visit of
inspection to thc properties of the
Swayne Copper Minitii; Company,
mi 1.vnn enck. A winze is now
being sunk on ntitnlicr cine vein and
is iloun lidi en leet. The winte
will be Continued until it meets the
Innn tunnel now being driven to
tap the m iu .it depth, li is the
intention ol the company to do bx>
teaaive prApectiog by means ol
the diamond drill, which is, with
all necc-.siirv accessories, about
one-hall waj between the intake
.unl the minis. Dr, Swayne saysall
tin* legal entanglement! in connection with the property have been
cleared up, and that the mine is
looking in the most promising condition.
Local Items
l.aihi'n' Heavy Natural Flecce-I.ineil Vents, special price  25c.
Ladies' Heavy Natt Fleece Drawers  '10o.
I,nilii'n' Natural Vents and Drawers, heavy 50c.
I.uilir**' White Vests and Drawers, very line uml heavy, special  50c.
All lilies of Children's Underwear in Wools and Flecce-Lini'il kept In stuck.
Men's Fleei't'-I.ineil, heavy, suit  |1 1)0
Men'.- Shetland Wnnl, suit    1 80
Man's Hootch Knit, all wool, suit    1 70
The Finer Lines iu all leading makes in stock.
KM Flannelette Blankets, Best Quality, our price, per pair    1 (X)
U-l Siinic as Aliove, (jrev ami White     1 25
Urge81m White Wool Blanket*    IN
Laige Size Wool Blankets, Heavy .'.    4 M5
Pure All Wnnl, While Blankets, Heavy und Large    6 85
Terms, (ine-loiirth cash ; balance, li, 12 aid 18 months
Theexecutivcol the B. C. union
of municipalities, at which Mayor
Kealv will he in attendance, meets
in Victoria on Monday next.
The ba/aar held iii connection
with St. John's church yesterday,
in the old "Lounge" store, was a
complete success to every way
Tin* adjourned general meeting
of the members of the Horticultural Association was held on Wednes
day evening. Alt<r an exhaustive
ditcuilion oi the situation from
financial and o her viewpoints, W.
Morden, J* V. McNaught, and \Y
I.. Keene were appointed | com
mittee to confer with the city council for the purpose of arriving al
Minn* satisfactory and permanent
solution of the queation.   The gen*
Real Estate Brokers
iirt on iiui is*,i.imi
beaal acisT. rut
TU I!, r. III! HUM' llli k
Leant Granted far Leog ur simrt
Mode iit sK. per cent.
121  Lonsdale Avenue
eral sentiment of the members was
that it was desirable to keep thc
present property intact, if possible,
aud it was thought that the city
council might consent to submit a
Inlaw to the ratepayers, authorizing a loan of 115000 from tbe city
upon the property,
i.TI,ll'V.'lO\ FOR I'lOlOli IMM
'PAkK notice Hint at tba next ini'i'liiii;
' i'i tlie B'inril ni License('iiliiiiiisMini-
ers for the Citv ul Nurtli Vmicuiiver,' I
Intend to make application lor • bottle
license ler the law of spirituous, (cr-
minted or other liquors, fur thepreml.
.,- -itnaiii'.l nn lot 22, block 1(15, D.L
271 uml 271, Vuncuuver District.
Dated Ihii ISthdayol November, IM
\|i|iln;ilum fur Sliu|i iJiTiisc
vuTlCEis hereby tj~* that at tl
* ant nieetinn of the Board of License ('nniniissioners lor the City nl
Nortli Vancouver, I shall apply for a retail Honor or Ixittle license, for the premises situate un northern portion ol Lul
1, Bluck HIP, D L. 271, in the said City
uf Nurlh Vuncuuver. B.C.
Nmeniher 27th, 1908.
Uislrirt of kill Vnncouvor
Till of Sorth liincoiivcr
'Pill; i'ity Coanell invite applleerioni
' fur pnsitinn of City Engineer.
Applicant! tu itate qiiiililicatinni nml
salary ,*xi'i'i*ti*'l, and tO Indite Ilppliall
linns uii'l i"py uf testiinuniuls with tin*
ituileraigned not later than 5 p ni. on
Monday, llth December. IM,
City Clerk.
City ll.ill. Nnrlh Vancouver,
18th November, urns.
1     !-    Ila'tt    Opt  ll   I"   III,
1 || pi il >l 11.  I io  I
Iation and
eervii' guaranteed
R   id a    in.. lions Irom Nnrlh
\   . * '   l"l   \ * ',11'leS.
Pioneer Bakery
S. II. W-ilkor,  •   Propriotor
1 "     Bi    ! i' a  di livi red
I tha 1 it]
foi fl
Ji  i" 1
71 Lonedali Am
Tenders Invited
'PI SDERS ire Invited  fur I'l*
'    Land nl nol Int Ihanoneacre, rait-
• - in the following
I*" uilli ^^
I,   One in nurlli purl a
a I)I  *'*is .m.i
li I. MU
1 .. 11  1.. :,|.*i
i iroand ihoaM have
r .ii lettl "ii ihr**
llld   Inin.-I be ul ."nu* altiluili'
Sn lender in" wtrlli tf ■
render, muet be In bi Dl < IM l.l I:
luili neal, t"
llll.    HIJI.I.MlV
N. V *-' Hoot 1; tan
Tell Your Friends We are Here
They Will Thank You for it
(iood Cob BmI
Ann Rocker.ex-
actly same as
in cut fur onlv
25c. per yard
extra quality of
Hitting, good
cotton warp all
wav through
No extra Kerry
All Goods
within the
City Limits
»innil ingrain
one yard wide
at 30c and 33c
tier vard
l" "One in north pari ol D L 171, or'
f ii i, rm
A good serviceable
exactly tlie
same as cut
suitable for
almost any
troUSKHOI.DKRS  ill lliis   liisln.i
"  w In. ure entitled lo Ik* enrulleil un
the Municipal VotereUet. ure notited
tlmt tliey musl make the Siulnlurv IV-
claration al the Municipal Mot belore
Isl lli'ci'inlii'r next   in Ofdef   to   litve
llieir niinn's placed "ii tlia* lint fur IIHKI
12-:it CMC.
54 56 Lonsdale Avenue
I Dependable
| Pianos • • •
dt Bargains
Some al half real value.
We are taking many good
pianos in exchange Ior the
Kill    Al IONOI \
the greatest mechanical player
on earth.
Sonic ol these used pianos
are as good as the day ihey
lelt the factory.
To reduce this stock wehave
selected a nunilier of liargains,
beautiful upright pianos (or
$200   $225   $250
warranted to lie good as new.
$6, $7, $8 |>rr month
139-441 Haitian Street
S  m_
•*    S/XTECNTH   ST.
161 Cordova Slnrl, Vancouver, ft. C.
P.O. I«)X Mt
Week Commencing MONDAY, November 30th
another All-star Vaadavttte Hill ieaied l>y
Tbe Road to Ruin
Mming I'icturi'
R. E. Edwards
Singer nf lllii-truii'l
"Good Night
a Beloved."
Queen and
Cell Breaker
Co. of Favorites
Tbrae Other
Feature Acta
No Reiae in Prices        Three Shows I'aily:   3, 7, and 9 o'clock
Smart Clothes
For Young Men
Trust them for making tlie absolute correct
If you're a "fellow" of judgment and good
taste in dressing yourself, you'll have a great
chance to give these qualities in yourself the
fullest exercise this se.ison.
Fit-Reform garments are the best produced
to-day—that's the candid opinion of people
who know it's so when tiny sny it's so—
The new browns and greens nudge us to say
tliey are here in all their aristocratic styles
ami colors, yet at the most coaxing prices you
can imagine.
Here's a chance to be lucky. Huy one of
our Special Suits at
$15 \
worth double the money.
333 Hastings St.        Vancouver
(Ivil InqinH-r and B. C. land Survtftf
Km 1 wny a, RrtdRrii, W'tter Nwin, Filimnlen,
lupvrlntifidtBM oi ConitracMoD, HiM, nwa<
■ItOt, MllliltK I'lHlinvSnli lMvie|.i||.,(.|r
811 HuhliUKi Ht. W.,   •  •   VANCOUVKR, B.C.
ono m
f      I
all kiiul.ul \li-aia.n anil Aiitii|iu* Kurni-
lure, Stnre, llffli'e, Hunk and Htr Fix-
t'i"-   ReaairlM iu ill it' lirtnchea.
173 Third St. W., Hn 1'he.ltrfl-ld mi,l Ix.ni.l.l.
li|a|.n.ltf achonl
MAI1.0KHKRS given prompt attention


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