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 U\}t lExyxm
NUMBER   lil
Tlie Hunk uf llritisli Nurlli Anior-
irn, having n branch here, arc tha
civic bankers,
With   the   greatest   gratification
the city ol Nortli Vanoouver greets
lis visitors and merrymakers on this
anniversary of our national holiday
—Dominion Day, 1907. The demon.
sl ml Ion In our Ambitious City Ibis
year Is unique In the nnnnls of hls-
' lory, being n Joint celebration ol
the Incorporation ol the city and
Canada's fortieth birthday.  Tbo dny
oiiciis ausplotouBly, not only for the
citizens of ibo now corporate city,
but for the people ol our country.
11 llnils thom in a bolter condition
This City iif Nortl  Vaucouvor l»!iim„ nt any time In our history, with
lhe lll'sl city north of Hurrard Inlol i u,e s|l|r|t nf loyalty to the Dominant) will ultimately be the outlet for |on tm\ ,\„, ,„„,]n,r country In their
the greal Interior of Northern Brit- ovory thought nnd actloln,   Every
Aid. A. E. Crickmay
Isb Columbia, and will be tho real true Canadian und Britisher feels as
commercial terminus of the iiiundj .*.,„ y(,nrs ro*| „„ tnnl |t w,la „ Rnoi|
Trunk Pacific railroad, ll iiossesses
a health-giving climate, scenic attractions, hunting nnd fishing
grounds, trull-growing capabilities
second i» none In the world, Behind li all will be tho lumbering
Industry, mining and mineral resources of the greal northern Interior of iho province,
Already II bus live and n-half
miles of tramway in operation, as
well ns ii complete electric lighting
and power sysiem.    it  1ms twonly
Alt). A. McKay Jordan
IbliiK to have boon hnrn lu Ibis
splendid possession of an Empire
ilium- power nml inigbi and majesty
mv the wonder of many centuries,
Wo glory In the tradition and bis-
lory of llinl proud land, which ever
lias been In ibe forefront to minimi' ibe progress ol mankind, Tlilsj
ilny   iir   send   a message   of   love
across the broad continent nnd wide
ocean to tbo old folks nl boiuo, nml
proud  lis  WO  are Of  file old   bind,
prouder si in are wo that under Can-
iidlnii skies ll was fated that llfo
for us sliould hnve Us beginning, In
i'l'b'briiiing Canada's natal dny wo
j may well take a retrosi live view
being 45 reel high nnd 214 feot long. L, u|| tho hnrdBhtpB and saorlflcos
All the trestle brldgos nre good ipe- Ld w,„,s „,„,,„,,,■ ,,, lllom ,,,,,, hftVfl j
rl,""lls '"' ll"'il' l'1"88- I mid tho foundations ol n constltu-
There nre Ave and one-halt miles uonal   govornmont, by  which   tho
of iiiiiIii iviiicr pipe Iniil. nnd about
ion miles nf six by four-Inch branch
pipe In ncliuil use,
There nre iibnul I'il) business nnd
dwelling bouses, mul tlu- population
Is rapidly  nonrlng   the   twenty-live
hundred murk.
North Vancouver's I''irst Mayor.
The   Citizens   of   the    Ambitious    City    Will
Fittingly Commemorate the Incorporation
and Dominion Day on Monday.
Th,, g.iuil cltlsons nf North Van-
eiiiiver will hold ii big celebration on
Dominion Dny, July 1st. Tboy have
prepared n programme fnr tlio holiday thai would d" i-ri'illl In cities nf
n miicli larger population, und nothing has lioi'ii lofi to make this. Ihe
Inaugural celebration In the Ambitious ciii. ..in- long i" I"' remembered by those who cross t" the north
slim ii ihnt iluy.
nn Dominion Day Insl your met
iii.iinn spent ilie ilny nt'North Vancouver, lull fids number will Un-
dOUbtCdly   |lP   llia-l'a USI'll   litis   Vl'lll'.   Tll''
miles of graded ronds and slreots,
with Bldownlks on almost nil of the
slreots. It bns several brldgos nf
greater or leaser dimensions, the
1 new  bridge on Sovonleenth street
llritisli   people  have   becomo  the
freest nud  si prosperous subjects
of any counlry In the wldo world.
Lot each recurring Dominion dny
signalize the unwind and upward
progress of our OltlUM.
Councillor Davison
Today The tixprcss for tlio fourin
time presents its patrons with an
enlarged Illustrated edition. Wo
lake this opportunity of thanking
Ihem for their generous support In
the pnnt nnd hope to continue their
confidence and patronage, it was
Impossible for The Express to reproduce nil the photos In hnnd, but
rroni llnie to lime wo will ondonvor
to got cuts of iill ibe reside! s nnd
business blocks In Iho illy nud print
ihem,  We are Indebted lo tho West-
, om Corporation, Limited, for many
uf lhe flint engraving! In ihls Issue
and thank thom lor tholr generosity,
The programme for tho rogattn is
us follows!
Sailing Race—B, C, fish limits, Irl-
lingular course, n inllos; lirsl prise,
marine glasses; second prize, marine
Suiting Hiiro—Open hunts, IT feel
.uid un,ler. ll miles; first prize, solid
sliver cup; see.mil prise, snll.l silver
Hoys' Race—Four-oar Inrlggcil
heels, 1-4 mile: lirst prize, medals;
1 ml prize, medals.
'unrigged Doubles—one mile; first
prise, silver mounted Husks; sec.,ml
prize, silver mounted Husks.
(nun, I
ferry company is puiiing on a lirst-
class sul i.e for ths day In order t"
take   cars of ths largo crowds,
An attractive spurt programme ims
I,(ten drawn up by tho commutes In
charge of the eelobratlon, nmi everything In ths way of luiuntlo nnd
field  spurts  hns  lieen given  n  pltlCS
mi the programme.
In Iho morning Ihere will I"' Imnd
concerts mul tho   ni|iiutli' events   an
ihe waterfront, whllo in ihe aftornoon
nnd evening a lung list nf athlotlo
events. Including lacrosss mnleh.
baseball and boxing bouts, will bo
pulled ..ff m the neu athletic grounds
at the corner of Twenty-flrsl Btrcol
The opening ceremonies will lako
place in the morning, .11 nn hour yel
to  he sel, at  Hie City   Hall  on  I.UIIS-
ilalo Avenue, The members "f tho
City '""..lull nml nls., the Municipal
Council will li" presenl Mr. It, Q
Macpherson M, I', ami lhc Van*
' i.mer mombnrs ol the local Logls*
luture have signified ihelr Intention
..i being in attondanoo ut tbo Inaugural ceremonies.
Outrlgged Blngles Hall mile nnd
nnun; lirst prise, gnhl me,Inl; sec*
"iul prize, silver medal,
Indian Canoo iiiu-o—Sloven paddle,
1 mile nnd return! first prize, cash,
ISE mi; second 111,00.
Outrlgged—Four onrs, lapstrsak, l
mile; first prize, gnhl lockets,
CanoS     llacc—Two     paddles,   1*2
mil"; iirsi prize, ebony brushes; sec-
•.n.i prize, brass Inkstand,
Men's Doubles—I.udy coxswain, 1-2
mile;  trophies    presented    by O. 15.
Ladles' Double*-—Gentleman cox*
swnln, l-'.' mile; first prise, trophies
hi looted, by 0, E. Trorey,
Tah Itace—Competitors to provide
Ihelr "im tubs; prizes Herman tankards,
Greasy Pole; prize bam.
Swimming llaco—100 yards, .'lunula..nslilp "f II. Cl first prlZ", gold
modal; Becond prize, trophy.
Hwlmmlng llaco—Boys under 16
i.iirs, 50 yards; first prize, silver
milch; s ml  prlso, ebony brushes.
Illuminated Hunts; tlrst prize,
126 00; Bocond prize, tin.no
Tlmi <al first race, 9.30 u.ll, finish,
2,30 p,m.
Illuminated boats, 9.30 pm.
Sailing race must lie over by ii
p ni.
Nn entrance foe.
Witli ih" oxoeptlon nr tho Indian
."  race, tlio race Is purely amateur
nnil trophies in the valuo of the prizes
fur each ovonl will be presented to
iin  winning competitors,
Entries .ins,. Saturday, nun Juno.
Rnlry forms can l btnl i from
file secretary. \V   K. Mel l.niell. North
The field spurts programme is n
length yone. Among tho features in-
cludod is a lacrosse match betwoen
the Falrvlew and Eburno Intermediates and a hnsolmll game between the Vuncuuver Athletic Club's
senior   team  nnd   Now   Woslmlustlr.
The programme tollows;
Commencing nt noun.
llnrse llaco—"CO cup donaled by
Canadian Rubber Company.
Tug-n-wnr—Open Io any team of
firemen for Mayor Kealy's cup.
The above events will bo pulled off
nn Second Street.
3 p.m.—At the Athletic grounds,
Twenty-first Street—Band concert,
Sixth Regiment Hnnd.
Lacrosse match—Falrvlew vi
Gimme,   First quarter,
100-yard dash, members of the N
V. A. A. only; first prize, cup; second
prize, gnhl medal.
Second quarter lacrosse match.
Illuming Jump  for medals.
Third quarter lacrosse mutch.
100 yards, open—First prim, 110
second prlso, }5.
Aid, W, J. Irwin
Fourth qunrter lacrosse match.
i'"le Vault, "pen lo amateurs nni)
prizes, uihi", $7.5(1 ami |B,
3.30 p.m.—Ilasoliall. New Westminster is Vancoiiver Athletic Club.
Professor Cognn, light wire walker,
will give exhibitions nfternoon   an.)
The sports uill I." couth .1 in lli"
.•vonIng al Itooreatlon Park. Probably llu- liesl fcullire tif tli" "("iiing'a.
nlerl ilnmonl will be ih" boxing Innil
for Hi" ('".'isl t'hnmplunslilii between
I...ui" Long, a,i Oakland, I'ul., ami
luili  Kcnrns, nf S|uiknne,   Tin   mon
will travel  in rounds for a. i (
1600. The lisi nf ,-v.-iils fur llie evening ul" as ra.ll.iivs:
s p tn-  lianil Cnnoorl
Skipping A.i. Mitlllgn ul Murphy
Japanese Dancing—Japanese troup
< *.. 11 >«-. I >- Air..Pal-" Wnlk.l an.I
Professor Eric Von  Englo in Inu
i.r strength.
Foiir-iniind boxing exhibition, W
i'. Dnrnloy, amiilciir welterwolghl
champion ..f n. C, vb ah i.a wis, nl
North Vanoouver A. A  A
Monologue      nml       I 'ini'     lllll!
Ton-l ml i".i ...i   a un .    .1 ) .un
Louis I g, n( Seattle, vs. Kid Surg, ol
Dsnctng In Larson's i'aiuii"ii at
'. p a.    Itarpur'B full orciu itra,
A inerry-go-roniid will catoi i" tho
public ut l.ur-nif- grounds, afternoon
and evening,
liaiui Concerts afternoon and evening on waterfront
Prizes will be awarded ("r th" best
decorated hotel ..r place el business
a cash prlso "l Ml is ifforod fur
flrsi and llll f'.r second, Tho teniin
.if the host decorated house will re-
.eii" f 16, whllo iim noxl best will
receive did    The COI ill n dec-
■ irallons consists ol Messrs. J. C. 8a-
Wni-, A. I-:  Crowston, vv. N. Lalloy,
.1, A   .McMillan, and T. S   Nye,
The personnel ol tho various committees Is us follows: Spurts, Messrs
C Mackenslo (chairman), VV n
Ciimpholl, Alex Smith, Y P. Iloth-
well, VV, ll. Iini-". T. Nye, J. C, Sabine, T Kennedy, W N. Lalley, .1.
ii  McMillan, VV s McDowell,
Aquatics—W D, Hake, W, tl
lliuihiiry, J. W, Iiutler, ,1. J. Woods,
ti,.,   ll. Marsdon, A. ii. lilplock.
licneral Managers—Ca   Mackenslo,
V    P    llailhwell
Jiidgos—A, ii Btoacy, Br Campbi 11,
Alii   Invln.
clerk of course-A   S   Hillings
Tlmekoepors n A Bhaw, J. A.
McMillan, I. Waldeu.
Scorer—T. It. rjlurku.
Aid.  Will. J. Dick
Tho first wedding in the now city
of North Vancouvor tnuk place lu
St. Andrew's church on Wednesday
morning nt 10:30 a, m„ when Miss
Jenny B, Smith, daughter of Alderman Smith, was given in lunrriiige to
Mr. Christopher ll. 1.. Hickman,
Rev. ,vi. tilllnm performed iho ceremony,
The church assumed n festive air
for Ibe occasion, thanks to the profusion of ruses with n background
of Ivy, Intermingled with honeysuckle, as iiie iiiiiiiii party marched
up Ibe carpeted aisle lu tbe tunc ot
Mendelssohn's wedding march played
by Mrs. Qlllam.
The bride wns given away by her
father, llio well known real estate
broker who but lately Iind prnnf uf
ilu- rospocl ami confidence of his fellow cltiions at the polls.   She wit*
BUpportOd by her sisters Misses
I'lililh nnd Agues, who ably fulfilled
the  duties   of   bridesmaids,     Mr.
Aid. W.  li,  Knuiv
William V i' stood liy thc side ol
iii" cr ii uml iiiiiiii.il liis functions
with cieiiii Vs ihe bridal party
uerc leaving ibe church, Iwo maid-
ens. tfindys uml W'lliua Murder,
strewed tlieir pathway with llowors
Tin  linpp) pall li fl on lhe Prill*
lo tin  Bound a.: i ring rice,
and im tin ii n nun from fin- honeymoon will i,ilu i, house mi Twenty*
iir:i nni't     Tin   l "t.  ni  wedding
i ■  ample testimony  to
Hi" popularltj of Hun" whose fan
la Joined. Tho boarlle i ,-. I wishes and congratulation ol all who
know thom en with them and ewall
Ihein mi ili.ir ret.nn Mr and Mn,
Hickman were pn seated uifii many
valuable prosonts,
Councilloi Mi.\,nii;lit THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
(l||   lhe    I   S|il,llllllll
\\ I -iTKHX     ((II,I'lll! \ I ll IN.   LTD
.      illSlillllioll    allllie
111      dill.hei".      IHII.".
iei. ilu' elTorl   uf Mr  A   It  Hip
[inning wn   ihe
! .    .       lllll I'l   llllll      I'H
...  real  .  i.a'.    house building
Illtl'IICttll I,        SIIWTIlllllllg
Ing   Iiii a! a .    ,1,,'   md .>lll.l
lilllg!        llu;.     lie
aie   rn|ii|iiiiii   ivns (air I
■ ■       In .    i - laid down In Man
ger  |1|| iii      ix'l'o   inuii.l   ppl
i lllll   III  llie  ellllllli mill   llllll   lllOl'"
uilglily jllslllled  'lie eiinipleic nuill*
I'll    III'    'll'     'llli ' taa'"
lire   iiver   I.""   - in
.mil    llu     mi,nn..   ill    Willi!
!  I,ii   ■ • ■ ii iiut    The
I'lll    I'llll.■   IIU    II;
rt'iilo ni iiiidoi'iiiklng   iii liiilli tli"
and district of Nortli  V uncoil*
....r   \ pni'tbfi lisi ni  ih.   buildingi
ainl resilience... i'1'ei'lcil In   ii aiiil on*
■   ■    nl  which aire    linnil ill llii;
paper by curt" i    ni the Wc lorn
('oi'porntlnn, iiiiinely, ullices nl lhe
loi'll     ' III   "        (111,       Sl      ,Inllil':
-.'Innil.   Thninpi ut  HI", ii.    li'";.' le;
Hltn ii. I'lrsl Iiu luess It nek   unl ilu
■ ■- ni ,\   ii   Dlnlock, Mayor
\i:   So Itirl!   Vi    l:   I  ll li
Mr .  ,-t.ii ,"i,      II      I.    Ill .I'     n ■
mu, nre kept, nnd file ronl eslnli
nud other transanains nre coiisiini*
 '...I   n uniiiii Indeed i"' fortunate
inr ihe Ambitious I'll; .1 H liml more
■inli concerns as lhe Western I'or-
i'nnil mn
i \n.ia. nn; \i:i in I i.i r.
VI.   N'icliiilsnii-I.ailei,   the   pioneer
m-clillecl  nf Nnrth Vi mvOr, wiin
i-i  here a  ie:n' ngo Insl  spring
(111(1 llllS npelieil all llllll'O ill lllis l"ill'.
li i IiiiiI evi iiii yours' varied export-
. a. a in bis profession Hi served
■a.i mel three years lo n well
km.i' a iinrili ui England nrchllei I,
ll en worked 111 Hie bridge ami building diipurtineiil rn ilie r   p   ll   nl
\i     inu   leaving ihai in Inke a
im lilun uIth n ueii known Winnipeg iirehllwl mul for over ihree
years worked in lllll! cin. lenvlllg
ihere lu im in lli'iindon in inke
elinrge nf ilu- nrclillecliirnl depnrl*
meill in tli" cin engineer's ollice.
Aim.il Is inniitlis nfierwnrdi lie
opened :ni ullice Iii ilial oily, where
he hmi llie designing and looking
ainl   i.nic nt Hi" musl Important
buildings   In  llinl   purl   nl  he  |irnt
'nice,  aiming   Iho  mosl   notable ol
Whldl   Wl'le   file   llulnlgl.il lllll    illlild*
mt', ihe Armor) inr the Dominion
■ ■•'.•■ f11111a■ 111. ami also several llllllll*
im  ih" Western Arts ft  Agrl-
('. Mt Kenzie,
I'lfsiileiit Athletic Club
"li is our aim lo mnke these
iilblolic grounds excel anything of u
like nature on tbo const," snld one
.'( fiie ll. c. Electric Railway Co
■ llicials recently In discussing llu
Bithjool uf n park, nml referring i"
(he new athletic grounds nn Twenty*
lirsl street, recently acquired liy Iln
North  Vancouver Athletic Assocln
Several months ago tbe Norlh
Vancouver Athletic Association lie-
ciinii' aware ol fin- fncl Hint nl n<>
.Inasmuch ns ihey have encouraged
tbo thriving association, and II is by
llieir valuable aid thai file cliib is
now on an equal fooling with llio
I'ivo acres are being enclosed bj
all   eight-fool    lelll'e,   llllll    ulli'll    file
season uf IIIOS opons North Van
couver can boasl ui" ono nf Iho liosi
recreiitlon grounds In lhe west. The
grounds nre lining mnde nn level anil
si ill as a billiard Inble ami still
ablo for any class of oiitdonr sporl,
A  heavy suil   will  lie  made  during
ilu- coming vv i iii cr.
Since acqiiivltig ibe ground the
ntblotlc association is erecting a
graml st:iml. bleachers, Irack fence,
lionllis, otc, nml il is liopoil in file
i.eu future iii iiuiiii n club house,
uiiii all modern coiivonloiicos, Jul)
i isi win roe tiie formal opening nl
I Ihese grounds, nml the lisi nf gporli
prepared for thai day will lung re
innin in iho memory ol all those
who chance to see thom,
The club has now a membership
I of 12a young mon. all of North Van
couver] a club hall which is fasi becoming Inadequate, ami a fair am
.uini nf gymnastic exercises, Including punching ling, boxing gloves,
dumb bells, horizontal bars, swings,
eic.. hesidos a small library and n
Tl xocutlve   officers   fur   Ibis
term nro: C, Mackenzie. I'rosldeiit;
i'. Clark, Vice-President; W. it
Campbell. Becrotnry; M. s. Mt
Howell, Treasurer; .1. ti. Williams
 I   II.   Ilm IIS
A   li  lliplocli
i'n ■- V\'. -lain Corporation and I'n ••
Uoaiinu Chili.
W. j. Iliiilei
Si i". Trcns ol North Van-
ei'iner HnnliiiK Cluh,
ore    This filing of   tllpiiing lhe somo food Is provided equal lo lhat
i ars deep Is all wrong; ull hard
work nnd im speed is ihe uiilcome
ni 'dishing' wilier, When rowing
nver u in rse, ' ludy llio ctti'vetil
nf water mid mark mj  Iniul murk
I'lii'iiislicl In any of lhe hotels here-
The li c. Hleelrlc Tramway run
righl Inin tlie grounds, nud li.ins-
iiiai'is ihe niilpnl nu i'lnl cars to llio
Bank ol llritisli North Amerii a
* "X   PhlllP, «', l. I! I,    II   W. cuitiirnl ul Ihal ciiy
V ig. Mr   Dougall, nnd It, P Cor* .;,.„.,. uiionlug an ollice in bis city
nlsh, Indicates fairly whal II i^ do* |... \,m K„i mu design   foi   evcrnl
Ing    The company have biilli mile ,.   ...,.,... ,ind ih,. alterations and
nr mads ai comparatively small co i iidiiluna lo Dm school,   lie i   now
lo llu   iieopb   ami has cleared Iiiii ,,,    overal plans I'"' stores
dn I   nl ;n ia. nl luml. ami has l.ni ,    .,  ,,\,.,„,.   ami is in a lair «a>
■ it iiuiiii In ti large iiiimbi i       ■ ,i,. a : I reputation foi him*
liuih • ,     iioi    md Im Im |„ n,!,, c|ty.
■  ■    .,     ■■    \, ii nipii
ni Mm i'ini r.\i'ii..\M)'
W   Mm  ■ ., ,
'     ""' '•l|"h    I"'1"1
a •
a.| | 	
Ill       ll'll ." 'I
ua Hnluriln)
v  ■
ic ,, In lull)
I,,   midsi "i  i'h
,. M,,i"i"l •    iu
iinin  il: lain   ohjecls,  which   gives j Western Corporation  wharf on An
nu' a good i.i. 1   lhe  cnu ran on Inlet, ensl of Lonsdale Vvonue,
racing day.   I do hope lhe boys will      :'n far n   protection from live is
lake a -.real una ri i in rowing. We i-mutcmcd ihere nro several hydrants
have    line :■ I   mali-rial  111   Norlh llllll hundreds llf feel of hose 111 rend-
Y.iiie.iiiver If ihey would only prac- iness.
lice rowing." Pesides Clllllllg tillllier lite Cnl'pol'-
1 nllmi is doing ii lug work clenrlng
sovornrl Invge Iriiels of luml In I"'
settled up. Iwn donkey engines; rnp-
niii.- ul dovelo|diig liiu horse power,
being  lisuod   inr  lhe  purpuso.
dlsliiul  dale Mime imni  nl  nllilellc
ll ml.    ivuiilil   I.e   required,   nml
slops uere laliep uifii lhat end in
view. Victoria park ai llinl lime
,\:is ilie null available piece nt
ground, ami   before   any   kind of
i.a -  Id be played on ll a groat
B moil ul nl work would ii I In* iinin'.
nml  laiini <*,l in ih" heavy I ask
n "lui'" was formed, uml though
successful In leveling up llie surface
did iiiii  iii an)  greal  exlcnl  ph	
the groniiili In proper shape, niher
grounds lllld in lie secured, and It
was nol mini a few weeks ago ihnt
ni |   |, VV.a.il , Citv  lii'iisiirei.
ho   !.{"'      '-"I.'*'
Ilutl laVllsllilM
i liainpioil   Iiii-.     • Wn  t.i
..I I'.iiti ill (
| iim executive of fi.  'iiiui had
iUc.i iin   i' least
,,| |„, ||   .i.a, , oil fro a. lalluin
a,,ilt|ianv    Wlllcll   i'ii'"   I ' il"'   '"unit
 Ill       "1      "      III '.UIOI-     "11
imiai     l.i   t     Hal' in "   li""
■ .il
Thi     I:    l      KlOClrl      I aiuat    I'll
inu- shown "iiiiiii'ii'iiii" loroslght
Tlie Norlh Vancouver final iug
('luii is one nf fin1 mosl successful
clubs on Ibo "nil:.I 'I'he members
lake greal internal in homing affairs
ami are sanguine or a successful season. Th" iiiiii is HOW ill lis Ibllil
(ear. lias pulled nil' several success-
fill regattas, ami will lake a promt-
lll'lll   |iatt   ill  llu- nue In he belli   hole
Monday. The club is In good condition limimlnlly mul has iis headquarters ai ilu- whorl in Lonsdale
gardens, whore many a pleasant
evening Is spool hy llio members,
following an- llie officers this yenr:
II rarv Presidents      I'SI.C    SS
llonornrj ['residents psi.c ss
llniiiirai.i I'rosldonts I'SI.C SS
Honorary Presidents Mr. .1, C,
Keith ami v Si. i; Hamersley, K.C,
President Mr. A. |i. Diplock,
In i Vice President Mr. W. W.
Se,,,ml Vice-President Mr. 1'.
I.;n ..ii
Sen elan -Treasurer Mr. W. S.
I'nplltlll .1. W. Ilunlniry.
Km i uilio Committee llev, .Mr.
Ma i" di ii ami Me n II II llrycc.
ii \ Blinw, Ii. ii. nick, f s, vv
inun . .1   N.  .1.   Hrown  ami  .1.  ,1.
Vi i     Tliree more inoiuhi i   u hi
 I li     ' ■   iiimillllli e
Mr .1 N .1 Hrown, uiii." |.niimii
" .11 ■       ■    ' I   .     ■        1 ll Ilil'   'I!
champion  ni   I'.n"   I,  t'lilumlilii aud
■   limine  an.l   Is
..tu...    rend)   lo help Ihi' )  "i
mcmhi i    i in 'nni ihem how in
INK.       III.-a US   III!"   ll"     III.UL 1    nl   InU
iii ■ iiiiii "ih" Kxpn    !"■  ii
""\li inn.Iiiiiiii i I;:. pounds, Inu
Im i week, ian llilnk (nfler len days
lu lied i. I .mii neighed l.l"    ,1
uilli. I lllll  e   :.   i'l" nl  'll"!'      Mow
nvol    i   en feeling much lienor now
i nil (' ill pull Up lui I lio|ie file
rnwlm a lull i. a •■'  i" i.ii..            lllllllll      llllVl       ailallfil, I      Imu
i m i '     Tlie) should aa   i havt
a  cull plo   nl    tingle      Tin     would
I'll •        I   ■   '   1       "ll'll      "Ii'l       lllllllll!
lh" Ine. . In I'l'acli.i' VI IlllVlce In
,i   IKlVll'l   ill  a    ii:'"  i      I'll   I   "I   all.
le.irn in iiaianie fii" Iiiiiii properly;
having learned lum lo bundle your
,, ..I      ri oh   fl ' ward   well   for   fiie
ml .     llllllll  I   a! a. 111 a 111.1      ., II   I'll   iill"
ii,. i,    ilili    forward   in In i
ti    well a   arm     Ihen
drop lhe nnn righl up lo your broasl
■ rover)    Primarily I use my
legs, back mid arm. i simply catch
i n i im ■ good hold, and no
The Inrgesl elecli'lcal sawinlll  in
he Province is nl Qiieem Imry Ave
nue ami Nliiteeiiih Streei and Is i	
nf fiie Iiest eqiil|i|ieil inaiiiilaci.uie   III nnK   (l\   SI'ltINd,
llrlllsh I'olnnibiii, 'ITie Western Cor   u lair. 0 brlghl. n lovely spring;
lineal inn, Limited, have spared    nn   Whal wni-lh) (■harms ilum here dosl
energy nr expense In make    il  sn, i bring
Tlie Kxpress made a visil thero Ihls  Tn soolhe lhe (earning heart.
iveek, ami round evoryllllllg in lull   Willi homily far surpassing nrl.
operiillon, I'..ur now poworful oloc- The rose llinl  charms Iho languid
trie motors have boon Installed, with i scene
horse power, respectively of 18fi, in.  Displays iniliild ningnlllcence,
.(ila, 1   *>'
a-a     fl   ,    'Ws^aV'-fi.
•\3iai -V ':■■•", '-n'-'.'ti^fl^l*
Kesiileiu". iii A. II   Diplock
i'.n  and   8Ii.    Tll u   mill  lias    a
capacll;   of "•',. I   reel   dailv.  The
limber ivhen cut is Inunodlaloly pui
lb run gli  il ilger mid pinner nnd
Is i- I'lei'.l ready for shipment be*
inre li goes In llio yard. Tho Corporation i; III pre mil lilling a large
enn Igiitnchl    "i    lu in hor   for New
Zealand,  I liave several large for
elgu orders lu llll, The log lire
broughl iu on heavy lorries nml
dumped In a large pond. Ihclice pulled Up Ilia' Rlingwu) inin fin- mill,
placed iiii fin ., carriage, nnd sawn
inin proper lenglhi     Iwo
saws iieimt i I. The dry  kiln  is
honied lij   li  m   nml I   on    ■    ' ■
  i model a il	
a. Ill nf III"   line I.   mill I:
iiii)  nml ilie iii ul bub .
    Sl llll ti     III lim rlel   hu
.a III iiii    ii im    hei
 iu nn provl li i
nriahi .'i o  inui ,i ".i    .
.!,.!,■  Iiii   iii.i i   whole*
lim  i a   ilnui all iho rural birds
TTuii   a im hi   their  lays  In   mystic
Ulli alls
llellgbl with ilieir nu lodlous chains
Our in-i i*■ woods and sylvan haunts,
All hall, In- ilnn Ibe spring':, return,
Win u loll being o'er we may sojourn
'Mid rural sei lies and bower) shades
Villi a    ||||||||   lhe  skll'S SITelie.
I'liii I nun .a a rlinng iiii.' magic Rcene.
Then lell  Is ihls n hnpp) earlh
Thai   um. II     life   i"  a  lingering
llllll     ifil    hai'    lllllll    HI      III    '
I'ii i'iiI ,   ills Ihoiighls in Ihe sublime
||l |||     In   file   rilSlIC   IVOIIll
wisdom   from   nniuro'-t
a I
ln-ii  li        .,' Ill ■ .  aside,  fiie lo-
i ks
ii ■■   "i lore from niiirni r-
fill iVVNK
•      '*.*".
'Wmi-r" •
Residence, ul Mayoi Kealy THE  EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C.
(11 Nllltlll VANCOUVER
VR1Y Wltll IIN I'.V Mi V. I'llll 11', ('. II. C.
K.ne VV   11. Mny.
Al the proscnl pnrtliiB of iin ivnj
lml  in  lhe big  'tv dl  v In. conlroli
un i   ■ iv      I'liii   rn Ibis polnl we
 .el.   a   ureal   n Ivn iei.  and
in u  ' " ure  ,i ,' | ninl I"    i ni i'.'
>   ■ llli   in  in n;   ■'!'  ia" ii  inn1
,    i.       iill       ,, Iiii "   inr   em   prog
'    i.;.' I   Subtlivlt-tioiis,
.     ,,il iiii'ilu'i  illunrnie fill. ail
unci    i lun! l'i  ih" ;i in"':. in mil
nui  in  I'-ii" ilioro wor ily mn
illlli-roill ■ llllllllislnn:; nl lanil in llu
dislriel;   Ihere iii'ir   ion   iu   181)11;
.'I'.iil in   lllllll, ami   rami iii   11)07
i il  .; "   i' |ie lllllllll Inr  lllllll  i.a llinl
la   "I        ",'  III     lal        lllllll        III Uill    iCla        |||
In    ily i ml III  lhe rural dls-
ll'ii i, ii nm more, v bleb jusi moans
llinl in llie near lifiuri' wo may ox-
poi-l in have (rom uilDU lo 7000 elec-
lors all ai one wiib in, IiiiiI North
1 Vancoiiver musl pi'tispei.
;t—Assessment Values,
The assnssmeni rail should nlwnys
in- a prolty sure Index of llio pros-
porlty ur oiherwlse of a  district.
.   Jan
m* t
'I'nlnl  .'.s.i ""ll "ills
I Mil.    	
Il'il •
i" "ni dlstricl I D' nd  I"' ami-   'i'|„,    nvin,,    1;,.,,,,,.,    l|IOIl|.   fo,
10 looli nver our expei'lences and In  ihemselvcs:
stir up nur hnpos    If we hnd bill
lillle lu ihe uui 1.1 experience we
would liuve Jusi ii • lillle reason for
hopefulness,    li  our efforts In  lhe
I umI had lieen iinprodiiclhe mc
i.iuld have im liicltenielll lu eiTorl 111
ine tin nre. Sm ,, .... |i mn in nunc
iu us wlthoul lit"i 1 nu nur pari,
,.ud Ihal nl a -:laiim nulled nud
pi ri 1 i.iai   1 llll I'm 'a 1 .   hence  I   llllllll
11 mat In- M nuill,Ulna: unit hi'lpiul
ii we luiili uver our more receul ex*
peril toes.
li is uui mi ver) mii ■ : i'i"- we hud
II ,ii..i at us iiiiii fin.- was n "nni
inui,ilu.  ni  spociilitters," nnd pus
,* t|,i re win ■■ ■ i'i 'in'ii fur lhe
n,   .■ Hou when men held su leiui
cionsly tu purchases Ihey hnd made
years m u m high luqi' u
day" in .uu;: in Ihem lo bring Ihem
1.11 It il>. 11 nui.     n wns slim .   low
,   .,       llllll    Ul    llll    ll   'I
Ivi   :..i  I 1  :!:.'...     lllll   I   ''»   "'
mu< ill 1 clttliii 1   ''nn.'    Irom
     i'i..; 1.-is oui' dislriel
.  .   1,ini.",   tilliil   llll   iin  ni   '.li"   1    11
■ in Sorlli Vancouver prop
,.     .    iiitij   dc .-. aii 'l   "in-  ills
rl       iiu: Municipality ol   Norlh
",   icrlcii        III nn.'   '""..'lit   I   ve	
m iisserl   ihni   wo   bate
wlilcli ii uisel; governed has proi
peeis second lo none.    Pun  lei 11*
;,„,'„ nl sn  of ilie flgurei  which
loll of nur progress and |no»|iecls.
I—line Volei-s' l.'.-i.
iii,, iiiimbur of men unit women
,,',., isl li i' irl ml
 uiiecllon whnl du
L. ||ud      I wish I lllld cupli ■ "I all
nur   io   , 1    IS!1-.    The
Hi : nn ■ 1 .ai. lat bauds mi Is mr
imi;.   which   cuiitiilns   in   nil   iiu-
,,1    1 .::   iiorsons  clllllled   lo
Uiku |inrl  In an election bore,    In
1 sill)  ihere  wi re   17 1   villi 1 1,    In
 I   ... ..tne 2fi0 voters, ami 111
11101  ihere ivere 2511;  hill  III  ISO-I
hero were ,",(il: In 11106 Ihoro wore
10117; in llio' Ihoro wore 1 '.•>>.. and
al  lhe reccnl  election  Ihoro were
in |hc ii'.   I.ITIIi and  III  lhe rural
.  "iiii  ihere wore  I HIS, rn-  -Ti I
 i". aliniteilier.    Iii olher word
ml)   1 .it  pen  had nil)   Inlere
 It lhe ndvnuceilieiil ul lhe di-
irlcl In I.M'7. uml llll Ihese »  I'e sn
Iboronghl)   "land  1 '"  H»'i   'I"'1
nun Id il I'll"" 'a. I"' "i hi'lielll l«
lhe   p|     lllll    ill    lh"    OH'    'III    llllll'
2711   |„ r mis   have   n    nh lain lal
,v:, mi in i'inl. for oil!   belielll, nnd
often  nm  in I  Onu  ' nfobl  more
*__*- ..'■■'■ ~fi^-
\\     I",    llllllllll!)    ■  It'    nl' iia a
I inu '  um 1 Ilea) "l Wiialern I'urpiiliil i II.
      Mi '.01 I
      s,'::.".. I
1.111:1      111 u,!i 11
linn       1,0111,150
IHO'        I,lllll.Mill
I Uilli         L'.IIO'.liila
 a   lini'ldg Moodyville)   i.iiih.m 1
In li'o.: linprovoments were ml
.led lor fiie lirsl llmo al $00,570
nul). in Ipilli llie) uere valued nl
■>. 17,210, inui iu IH07 iliey toliillod
1272,150 and lij nexl tear ue can
look for :, greal udviiuce, uwlag lo
.lie iiiimi...r ami value ol buildings
am, bolng erected or aboui lu bc
Infill:   ami   lliero  uill   lie  an  oven
. f er pi'iipurtlonal iidvuuttu in Iho
111111I wines, which sliould liy thai
line exceed, III both iiiuiiiclpulilles,
lie  gl'lllld   Iniul   nl   lllllll   lite  In  six
milium dollars,
I—Till   llevellllo.
'llii.- Is nue t.i ihe best tests of lhe
nine .11  ihe Interesl  lhe propcrt)
niier has in his dlsii'lcl und prop
rly.    In   Ism   wo   Iind   Illitl   lhe
axes   wero   fairl.i   well   paid,   and
is   much   as   Jf>,,",U,"i   of   lhe   lev;
( iliai year was then paid In; Inn
in 11)01 there was an aci-tnnulatioii
.ii  v l.a.71s ui  arreai":   lllld of that
.oar's  lev)   $7.l."i7   uere  paid   uml
-,. uii;  uere added to lhe arrears
pile,    Tlio ; ear  ISllil  showed some
Iniprovemenl  wilh  llio pnymonl  ol
$11,1131   nf   thai   tour's   levy   lllld   (1
lotnl lax let,anue ut $13,1 11, bin
ihe lolal ui arrears still slniul high
nnu al    $lli,8!S0.    Tlie   year    11105
miirkcil n verj decided advance and
there was received ol Ihal year'i
levy (18,581 ami of las revenue,
sjii.Tl'ii ultugellior, while the good
arrears wero reduced to $5,231, nnd
$(!,I!I3 uf taxes ainl an acouiuiihi
Hon ui  Internal  uere Wl'lllon off ns
Irrocovor.ilile.    Lasl  year wn 1  '
bnnnor year, and the lolal lax cov-
 tolleclod amounted to $20,1 ID.
I1ullvi1lt1.il properties inighl be
ni!:.ui in Indicate the dllllcultli'  nur
llsirlcl bail In u Hi mu tli I ul 1
uill ..nli   refer lo one.    i'l       il
■  :,,   bolng  Ileal,   nllered  Oll  file llllll'-
i...|  al   $:!llll  per   nn. llllll    Id
mil liml n purchaser for .1 long lillle
,.iinie ni in  wlm tt'ie poor iii purse
hm  high  in hope vol ■'■(!  lo silg*
gi . tu I'liplinll .1 Ihal fiie wnler
fronl    im     '."iilil  surely   I I
leave all Iho oilier Im. lo provide
he remaining Sl 1.11110 nud the costs
nul prolll, llnl ue wore cioillled
,.nh having Norlh Vancouver on
he lirnln, mul olher men uere sure
lie plin .vniild 111 ver come lo anything, Notwithstanding Ihese croakers nnd in leelh of tli" fuel llinl lhe
properly hud actually been pur-
cliii.od nl llinl iinie for {50,000,
your nssessor was hold  enough  lo
value it Ini" $125,     Nexl year il
reached a total of $225,000 ol as-
.'"!!■.'I value; mul since then lhc di-
vldlng ..ti iier Ims Inui in complain
llinl iho sales In- makes never seem
in eiTei 1 any reduction on tho total
...ijiaiinn rn" hinds which remain in
lii.. Illlild a nr 1111 Ihii mini niiiniinl
nl his ininiinl cheque for luxes,
There ia: nol Ibe slightest Indication yel thnl lhe value of property
has reached iin lull limit, Ihoilgh
high  price;" coinpni'cil  iii whnl  wo
were nri usli I lo nre prevailing.
11 goes wlthoul saying, however,
llml lhe hope of a railuat here sunn
is nne of llie greal maintaining fae
tors, ami I aliuosl fear the consequences uf nctlve measures lo coil-
stnicl  11  railway Into tho district.
a rain   ihal   llu   bolder nl    Bllinll
parcel tied I s after Ihal If he
h 1 ■ uv 11 ilu' fuels he would have
in isied in  in for hi;- hold-
In;! . Tbl ' nn iiillilailun v.n 1 n greal
rellel   in  ilie Council   and   lo   the
ml '   u   iin--. i'ini luml. for 111 nt-
1. ia. oiled win Ian mid lh" Innn cosl
annually mer $2,000 less inr Inter*
e.-i and Blnklng fund than bad pre-
iiiui ily lieen required,
Following nu fiiis In 1901 tho
Council wero nblo lo add $50,000 10
tho drill in Install a wnler system,
which 1- already nlmosl n paying
lil'opnslllon and which will sunn lie
an asset of greal value I'nr revenue
In 1 nur, ihere was $118,000 added
lu 1,pen   tip  slreols nnd   purchase
slice Is. anil Inst year $100,	
more '.vns borrowed, mnkliig a total
dobl of $200,000, 'Pltal delii it-
large iu a sense, lull when thnl OX*
poiuliiiiro is a Btrong factor in gaining fur us nn advance of fiie as*
sa'.seil valuation from $1,004,836 In
11105 to $2,402,430 111 1000, and
again lo $ I. nm,0011 in 1007, 11 duos
mu require much ponetration to sec
Ihai  ii  paiil well 10 borrow and lay
genuine eiilhushi 1    1 1     mnn wlm      m  foi J tr fool of rronlnge
owns only n niiii mn van wl 1 «  nld brliiN  In $30,  nnd
11. W. Young's Ri sidi ik c,
liaili l.y n.i' Wtitl 'in 1 orpuriiliiiii.
Vcliial   B|ieciiIallon   (ai'l   llien,   wo    llinl   nionoy,    Ol courso li  Is
four, he posiiively wild and reckless |in   Ible lo gn too far iu borrowing
nnd we mny hnvo to suffor the usual lml II cannol be snld thai wo bavo
results from 11 real live bo  reached llinl stage, or nro vory nenr
in 11.
'"'- ' l"'1"' Our II -
nils may uol gi'iicviill) na' regard .     ,ri   hm. n lmmn)   ,,,;,„
'"I ■"■••■■ evidence ol prospei (il|J  _M  fl ,,,.,..„ crcdi1
II '■  '  :"" ■  '"" ,;11" : 1 ibe i-iillwni compnii) ami which
I'lniinclers   ine   n"i.ail. ,u„|itv lo Iho city it
;i1"""   :M"1   "'">   '""     Id mil olherwl " lun" 1 1
'■"i"1" wilh I'luiff urn ni'-i ,,.,,,„ .„,,,„.,,,„,.   |U   ,i,..
'I'be)  1 '"i""i mnl    bu    ■ 1,0 many ellizen   und 11  will at-
II ,   llll 1      llllll   la il;     111   pllli in"
      ami ilu   lienel
 "'     l'"' '     »"     '""" """ ' llllll   la'         ll" hied
li, ijdi 1 a. 1,1 tics. I'hilip, C  M  1
Valium vol'  Iiiui  '    ' 1 le   "I    'bl
,1 hou she horrmvi d .        In  hnd  "
 mi -  1 ■  Ili'I lean 1,
11 n llmo when Hi Inn  di irlci
■ nro Iai' 1 run lug ill  il per colli      .Villi
nl   ip.. ,.  hit'll  mi.      li"  burrowed
loo heavily.   Till   lOOll   lier   I li
111.1 willi no ininr In III il ral
1 <.r 11111:11 a<I*.. Iwn evenls ol lni|i(U'l
a.i.i.. ncciirred lo cite her new life
first,  ilu-  l.nnsilale  mu in ile  came
mi  il niiii'!  nml  imind n  ("inl:.
. id,   " I, llu   Council  wn
nhl.   in  iiuiiii! nri'iini einenls lo free
tin. 1 iirpiirullou  from  lhe  ireinend
risk ii ua   Incurring lij I'linnlnii
a   I   a- I'l'Vlt'O       Willi        VIM')        illll'lil"
. ■ .ii      When I im ilnn 11 ver)
lii hi   ncrldeiil  ni  tli"  Norlh   V1111
■    wharl  cosl   the corpornlloli
■  nil, tm.  tt .11 1 -."iiit   ler ,
 I  i.hm   ll  v. Ill  I in ■ Involved
■ ni       iiri'.i   1 llnl
i,;. 1   nccurreil      1   i'ill nil llnlll
■  ",i llnblll t  III    mil c	
Iiu i" can be iilliiehod,    lllll  i	
il,,I     following   Iho   "1""'  nf   lhe
 iii'iil uu nn 1   wn ■ iniide
... nun,  in consolidate lhe dobl
,-,  per cenl.   nml   ibis   IVfl     I""
through.   Tli" bad cl'edil of lhe paq,
helped materially lo gel us il io
bond! al 11 moderate price,   n n '"l
; , innn    n i. '
Hid   a. in     . I'vlco,    lliil  we
1,11 1 ail inui, whii 111 tm a -1 oiirnesl
..,1      lie      1 . Ill'll)     llllll     nallii
11 '   11    Hi  .   11 hum
;|M i
K_m   _^_\
Alex, riiili|., C  M  1
We Wish You
Good Luck
Il we li.nl lieen told live tears ago tlmt North Vancouver
would he a lull Hedged city in 1907, we'd have put the
niiii 1 Iiiui'- immediately, pist as the thoughts of
Nortli Vancouver lining a city ol 15,000 liy njio, is luting
I'niili |innlu'il by people lo day, But the Big Store is with you
..-v./ wishes you tttcecss. We are proud of you, proud to think
thai vmi have already residents enough wlio are willing to
inl.i upon themselves the responsibility ol making their now
s isslul dislriel into a real live city, with ils own mayor,
aid' 1 n, etc., We nni mily wish ynu luck, but
We'll Help You
to Build up
Your City
We'll give you the advantages "I shopping at our store
in just as convenient a way as if you were a Vancouver resilient. We'll deliver to your homo without extra charge any
order you uivo us to lill, und the same guarantee ol quality ns
is given to every one who buys at this store will be given to
I.el us work together, Our growth will naturally help
your growth,
I leliveries to North Vancouver Tuesdays and Fridays at
twu o'clock p. tu.
Hudson's Bay
Office 'Phones:
Office:   2 9 Cambie Street,
City of North Vancouver
ivo planl    lo inlnini   slu Iters and si .itv
-i. In iiutifiil 11 idem 0 I .ts fronting 011 lhe "Gardens,"
-   I a   .|l   ll
Huyei   ol North V, r.a 1 City lots now have hclore
il, inrease in values whii li musl  mpany ihe
I     I li.Wlll
I Hi |iarii. ul .1 ■ In ti
(   rner I'ei  ■ 1     I Si  1110111 Pin 1 Is, Vani ouver, I! C,
oil I \gi uf' Im
111)111 IBM 11 i iill ll i!D.
Ownci i "i all unsold properly in the original townsite Tliu EXPiiiiss, north Vancouver, r. c.
C.iipilano Kiver
Those Who Do
Mrs, Hum;, fruits, candles, Ice
iti'onin, Hie I'!b|iIiiiiiuIo, wesl nl Lous-
iinie   AVI'IIIIP,
Alurrtiy'u  Ti u   Uonnis, reslnurniil
llinl    li'"lil    lllllllll- .     llie     Hspllllllltlo,
nexl Tlie Nxpress nlllttu.
.'.I. S. Meinu iilil. druggist, I'ornei"
i lml ! Ironl lo Lonatlnlo Avenue.
Ilrossny ,l' Quinn, conlriii'lnrs, Sou-
Clill  lire.'".
A,   li.  Stoney,  grocer, I'ot'iii'i" S	
llll  Sll'eel   uml   Lonsdale  AVOIIlll'.
il.  i'   Mnrlii'l  Company.  Li: I,
.uilt'liort',  iu ur  en. lier  Tlilril   -'. reel
mil Lonsilnlo Avi'inin,
T,   II.   I'lllltlev.   IlltlnlOl'    lllll""!1   II |!
'i. ■ ittu  writer, llie ICB|ilnliiido, ensl
■at    l.ol. "lillle   AVPIIIIP
V, OSll'I'll   t'oiTUII'lllioll     ,:".'. a: a HI
ei    itnli    Hlri'i'l   amil   ijui'i'iishury
Kl I. I  I miry,  w   I u)    fruits,
llllllll'     iee er,'inn. Iilllli'l", i'ii' . I.nm.
lule Avenue, nurlli nt pnslnllh'o
\V. II. \lni. real eslnlo broker, iu-l
"irnnee. ele . I.' nsiliih' Avenue, next
n   IIOSlOllll'l'.
' i'e ,l-   iini!,,   I' ii   hiiililoi's, : 'i
ni 's  ull;:!'
'!'. Will len, p'uillher nml lliislllllll
"ivl Slreet, nexl clly hull.
,1, Mneili'iiniil, fruits, inhni'i-iis.
'ie,. Flrsi Street, near Si. Andrew's
\ ven up,
Bruce & Iinilils, dealers iu grocor-
ies. niPll's furnishings, liooiia nml
Northern Snciirltles, ronl oslnlo
brokers, Insuranca, mining, etc,
LoilBiinlo Avenue, nenr Sei'iinil
Sll I.
i'   Sparlay,  Palace   harlier Bliop,
I'nliice hotel,
a.   II.    Maciihorson,   contractor,
fowl, :i-.vsiii tlie liuiile:-. win niiim
Hie clly 11 Starting |i ini ior enur- "
-ions ihni mny l»" tunile lo iln- moiin-
tnins mul valleys oi' Hie surrounding
country, The lakes nml streams]
fiirnlsli ironl Ihal may weigh twenty
pounds or moro, while lish running
from nne io inin- pounds nre llio
common reward of Hie niiglor, Within :i radius of Ion in (ifteon iiiIIob
from Hie city may lu- found ileor in
nhmidnnco, mountain sheep nml
goats, hoar, etc.,   while   foalherod
snnic. including c,eitst'. tllicll nnil
grouse nre In he obtained in u ilu,.1*
North Vancouver
I hi'licvc lliiil Nortli Vnnooiivi'i' Ims
nn immense fiiluro, iiiui thnl lliorn
will lu< Hliil'i'   Illtllll'V   llliltln  ill   lllllll
lit'i'e limn in nny ullior suction in
llritisli Ooliimliiii, I hnvo LOTS
FOR b\lt in nil parts of Iho
Tiiwiisiie. If ymi hnvo LOTS TO
}>l I L, oomo to mo, I will liml
vmi piii'clinKors quickly.
>     101 Cordova Slrtcl, Vancouver, B. C.     \
W.   Itu.,,-:i.   |.l her,    Lonsdale  l*ro|-rlotor, f'niilli im.
,1, w. Ilalinnlii, civil engineer nnd
uiiliiii'i'i, I'mifili Slrepl, corner
Lonsilnlo Avenue
Avenue, nenr lhe wharf.
Tlie   lli'tn kinmi Ker   Milling  I'mil-
Llmlled, Hour, ( I und Kceds,
l.oiisilnle Avenue, near lhe wharl,
v., tern    Coriiiirntlon,    Llmlled,
mil   building   iHlllei-liil   nmi
mini ile  Avenue,  near
Irivln iv llllllngs Company, I,	
,■ l  i' ul i sl  hrokers, curlier l-'inh
Sli'i'i     iii'il   l.nlisdah'   Avenue,
It, II. Kvuns, 1'inii'ei" Ilnltery, nexl
 nilison  liloi-k   Lonsdale  Avenue.
llniik m Iini; li Snrlli \inerleii
rnriiei tlic l''s|ilniindo nnd Lum dale
.1. Dlersseii, groceries nml |irnvl
Inns, frull i, etc., Lonsdale  v venue, |
■ hie, near He" wlinrl
Klilvr-Murray   I'omiiany, real   iiiii : liiBiiraiii'i1, Junction block,
i 1)1    till "'    1   "IIU''.
Alex   (illiMin,   hlai-ksuilili,   Third
■ -   "... i ,,i Lonsdale Avenue.
'    &    IlllglOW,    |allil!n."t iiali'l'-,
I ti net Inn  liliifk.
li \.". ll||lllimi'li|a|l"l
Slreei    ii-esl  a,t  Lonsdale Avenue.
i   v.   Toinpler & i'n . general gro*
ii ner Klghlli Sti i nml Lons*
■ i	
||(i   ..    Hon      lledn   .v   Midrnsi
.. und   lireel   -it  mi
l |'l Ull''
Kve   ,\   I ''V. mi   niii '■ lule limli
IT     'It '   I'1'"'     Lol   A: •    \'.,-
\   v   I'nni     "iiieitil  broker
house-moving nml raising, ollice rulings, en-., comer   Esplanade   mul     Aid. W. ,1. Irwin is Becrotary of
Lonsdale Avenue. ,1111'   North    Vancouver   Board   of
Inksier. Mnrrioli fi Ward, .!. Lon- Trade,    Any communlcatloii or en-
loi manager, real estate brokers and I lulrles addressed   to   him will   be
imker. insurance agents, Lonsdale Av e,I promptly answered.
I   "I
- hurliei   le
I'   I'.n'
-I-i i-
•ei    Lim ai..
e    Vl.'
line.   II
ail   >•
a "IU
eli         |
t 1
• •   A
I   '
i'ii ml
■ ,   i>.ami't
1   1
i    ■ ,
"l'i. i i
ai '"I
il '1
t   aa.
Sl.  1'ilin's (Inin h.
Resilience nl Mrs. Kickha'ii.
Insurance,    ininllig,    limber,    First bolwcon  Second nml Third Slreets.'    Ihoro nre :tt present over   nm
Slreet, u|i|iosllo clly hull. Cant, •'. Catos, wharl builder and hundred campers alone, llie shore!
W.     N'iilinlsniil.nilei",     nriliiieil.  i'il" driver,  Fourth Slreet. ', v. illnn lhe city limits,
Bank of British North America
Nli nl tin  oldest I'.inks lining luisiness  iu
lliis country,
oil Ilminiirs in Cniiailu mnl Iln11'uittd Stales,
A |*ener.il hanking Inisiness transacted.
Jllllll') Mm IsMll'll  payable  anywhere   in
Canada, Unili-d Stuies or Great llritain.
Drafts bought ninl sold.
Prompt altcntion given in collections.
SllVillllS llllllll |lljl|ll1llll'll|.-l)ep,isilsnlM.„o
ninl   upwards  reci ived,    Interest   paid   ever)
llllee 11)0 ti liis.
Office, Cor. Lonsdale kve, .nul Esplanade, North Vancouver, IL C.
II. h'. IIiiiiii, Manaui r,
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Owing tn change nl ill.' ferry iim   schedule following mil
obtain :
Fikst Sn 11 i
Leaving yueensbnry Avenue nl 5130 n,  in,. 6130 a,  in.,   7:55
,unl ine minutes lo ilu- hour until 10:55 I'- '"•
Leaving  Keith  Road and  Forbes   \venue nt 6:00 :i.  in..
7:00,   a,   in.,   :*:.'.-,.   nml   -t.i   minutes   p.i-t   llie   hour
1111I1I 11.25 p. in.
Cms will inn enii .tn minutes.
* 35 '   All boats are nni bj the cms.
Resident ■ nl Rs ('nun. Mordcn
__t\(_M'- •
■«*.; Ajt
''"*'     ■
n ■'              I
J\k;'W 1
15   "'.fffjiMk      al
ll    (,     I','  a
I'   |ll|| |l'      '"ll   I       ..I        I. lllll'     All'-
'      |l
i  ,|    ,'       ",   a" I.Ull.  I      a   li'. lllll      I'lll'-
.  mul    ninii. horse
!     in   1  Sli' el,   ll   I  "I   Lllll 'Inl"
A ..HU"
\   Smith .v 1 n   I'm . mie broil-
■t      lunr 1   block,   1. 11 ■    \ '
\l        I I    I    '   I'll,.'la I "HI
ml 1,mi iiiiii,1    inn     Aveiiiie mnl
 hi,   in
in     1. I    .       Mi      II
a      .  I,.,a        an, le I     Sl'l "Ihl    llllll     Lllll
I '.
II I.a.,      ll.l       .'        '    lllllll
-,. 11 - ,I III     llnl    power
... Il'l'l    ,'llli ,;1
a  ..   I.   ,■
...  ■    ".       ■■ I'    I.m
..      |'l    ll" III"      !'    |'l  II    a,la
.       Ill    III       ■'        '       HI"!     II'"
.   ■ '   a|     I,OUI lllll"       1
1. II   1,1    1 "iiI ,   in., broker   01
         I ,11   dub      Avenue
...  it,.   1: lllllllll I"
■    HUH' .  iaili.il"     1 ■	
I .,1. iinie    Avenue     lli'Sl
,1   Muiliers    hiieinnker   Lonsdnle
lie     nenr Heiiilid Streei
"    ■   ,-lniillllll: .    le.iilllii"    I I
lllllllll  1 V.    ||    llllllll'        "11    1       "I       1,0111-
lull     l
1,   I,"      a "."   lllll.       IIPXI Wlllllll" "l-
|l   .ai'l
I'      llml'.    ,'.    I'l, .    Illlllliels.    1,011."
i|, ,   tvetiile  tieal Hopiitid Slrenl,
Mil'niiliell •      i!iio|iornge,     Third
 ni   Million   Avenue,  nuikes
lull Minis 01 barrels, I
I'ISII   AMI   liA.MI',, ii  Norlh  Vlllicnuver lau   hunt
— - ilea,    li: liint;.     li Ill niii     i limbing,
To   the   sportsmen   the   ilii-iint limiting    It  nne llnds the mosl
,,irers   ntlrnctloiiB   iilib-li   uie   nol mngnllleonl «foiior\  in nil Ibe wesl
"i|iin]leil  ill  1111111V lun'    ni  Hie   I tn  .
minion, ns till kinds ul gaum wboili*
or big or leathered, fur. dsli  llesh or     Subsciib   l'i 1 in   lisi
Hotel North Vancouver.
Ki .mi
I   \i tn 'lute
Kill, s
.*>-on p. I
mnl up
Rates im
llonrdi i-
Ferry Service Ivor) Half Hour to and from Ihis Hotel
to Vancouver, IV Larson( Prop.
• 1"
4 ^8
IT •; .'■
_ ;.  ■   i,
f^» 1
MM K  Lliiil-—1
Rainier Beer^^
I-  ti   "[liiriuii-  li -vi'i':r.:i'—|lli*ll(iliill^  nutl
-nlisl'i iim     lli'ini'liilii'l  llml''.- im   til Imr
jllsl ||r ■: I"     in-i-l 1111 H<'l|illji   lillillii'l'.
Vnncouver, li, C.
I'll li   LAUGH   JUICY   UliUKlES
dl ll\W  I V ML'   h'.\|i|",lvM,\( INK
Prices Always Mi--.ii 1
Capt. C. Cates,
Xortli Vancouver i.i still virgin
soil, practically iinoxplolted liy iln1
iiitiiinlnitiiii'i'i', in 11 low lier nml shipbuilder, When ihe C. I'. II. came
1,1 ihe Coasl ihe forces attracting
capital to Vaucouvor absorbed all
tlie money and 111,011 thai came along
for Borne venrs. snys 11 writer In the
Monetary Times."- These forces will
operate for yeai'Bi Up come, Bul .1
chango of note hns taken place, The
centre of Influence is In the middle
ni ibe harbor, which severs Vancouver nml Xtii'ih Vancoiiver. Pressure on the. neck ol llie peninsula on
which Vancouver is Bltuatod hns
raised the ,|-rlce of land; practically
nil ihe v.nU'i" fronl Ib occupied by
111 ll 1 b, warehouses mnl wharves,
Norlh Vancoiiver, Jusi emerging
froin lhe embryonic state, offers in-
iiumorablc Biles for factories, mills
mul shipyards ni low prices. 11 can
also utilise twelve miles ol deep-
water Frontage, practically unoccupied, on the Burrard Inlet, which
can be converted to various uses al
n minimum cost, its luinl water
frontage Is nearer forty miles than
Capital Is Gelling Wise.
Capital is already Investigating
North Vancouver's possibilities.   An
conned with the Grand Trunk Pad
Hi' near Porl St., George or Porl Mc-
l.eoil in Cariboo, and also wilh tin
Canadian Nortltorn. This moans
ilini ihe natural outlel im' llio territory t-ervi'il by these lines will bo
Nortli Vancouvor,
I'lveeilenl for Miiunlnlneci's,
Tin- sunny Bonthorn slopos of
Nortli Vaucouvor bavo been extromo-
Ij- lesleil during tbo Insl few J'OIU'S,
mnl Ilia iruil grpwti is of ibe very
iiesl, Poultry-rnlsliig bus also re-
itelvetl atletitlon, The mountains
encircling Norlh Vaucouvor afford
oxcolloiil  cllmbliig    for llio inoiiu*
mii f.   The oloctrlc   railway will
.-iiiiii run lo Iln- IlllOSt BCOllOI'y nrnr
lhe const, There |s nlsn qulto n
good variety of big game to bo obtained, ninl Nortli Vancouver bas for
tunny years been n colitro (or Bports-
The iiiilbnrilies ill .Norlh Viiiicoii-
iei". Booing the corlaln developinenl
aboui in inlie place, ihoroiighly sul'*
vi'.veil ibe ground, I'ivo miles of
tramways wero built on n limited
I'rniiclilso, oloctrlc lighting wns Installed, mnl ii telephonic system in-
ti'iuli.ceil when Ibo population wns
under n thousand, The British Col-
inibln thectiic Railway's work
la n sign nf thai company's faith in
the city. The Iron dcposlls of the
norlh v ill soon be exploited, aud
rolling mills may he looked for al
Nortli Vancouver, Shingle mills
are Increasing Ihelr output. .More
Biles will soon he required. The overflow from Vancouver will aid ibe
town's growth very considerably.
lhe population oi 2,111111 will booh
lie 111,000, and will as soon ngnln he
double ilnn number.
llll'IT  GHOW1XG.
Tlie climate of Iho district is eminently favorable to fruit production,
and poars, plums, prunes, cherries,
peaches, apricots, quinces, and small
fruits attain a perfection which commands top prices wherever they are
Bold, 'i'lie natural advantages ol soil
nml climate aro till ihat cnu lio desired, ninl the application ot care
nml skill in tbe business ol frull
growing mny be relied upon to produce frull. which will equal or excel
llinl of iiie mosl favored sections,
ll, |. Cornish's Residence.
Englishman, willi Inige interests In
i.lilpbiiildlng, recently bought n large
litlel 011 tho wnler front,     lie hns
leii for Kngimiii. iiiieniiiiig to return
ni iln- head of 11 cnmpnn- to com*
tiionci 11 shipbuilding yard, tnd
besldi mi old aiaiinin Iiiui will
mart n innirli factory.
Bevoral large linns have also ex-
I'icssciI ibeir Intention in commence
uperntlons on Iho norlh side, The
principal  Industries horc  now  aro
lllllll I'lll':'.        llllll ibilll'.ll'-lliulllllg.
ci oponige ivorlis, boni building, nnd
lhe ii.iiiail.ia am me oi s|ii ine iiars for
li - li in}-, boats    Hallway facilities will
i 11 lie equal nn ellber side nl llio
Inl ' Tliti v W nml v lliilli a*
Intend mn 1 muling 11 bridge acroas
"The 1 a mi ijarrowi," tint linking
up ibe nurlh mnl south tide.-, mul
building n im, wnii Norih Vancouver in. lhe lermliius III rough llM'
i, ri hearl ul llio rlcbesl sei lion ol
Hrlllsli Columbia.   This   lino   will
fruit growing will iinquostlonabl)
; be tlio groat Industry ol tho dislriel
ami iln- fuel iiiiii practically iinllm-
,iti'd ninrkots are opening up foi lhe
! frull grower ol llritisli Columbia is
one oi ibo mosl Important factors In
giving Impolua to ibe aelllometit and
I ilovelopmont ol tlie dlBlrlct, eano*
Iclally Lynn vnlloy,   Tlio illiplos com-
pure most  lii\01-11 lily In  flavor,  size
and appearance wiib tlio cholcosl
products ol Ontario and Nmu Sco-
tin, nnd  pnsscss. besides 11    lipcrlni
Ity In lirniliess nml lasting qlinlll)
which iidiiilrubly ndni>i ili'iii to supply u distant market, whonovcr Die
nearer ones mny fall,   Tin	
mel niiii b) llrlllsli Coluinbln nun
in llie lloyal Horticultural Society
Exhibition   iu   I hm.   Bug,,   Inst
yenr, bus attracted the attention of
ibe Kngiish dealers to tho producta
nf ilils provinco, uud thoroughly es*
1.iiiii lied iheii' rupiitnilnii .< in I
class fruit,
Among the lending commorciul
houses of Vancouver, B, ('.. Is thai
ol Oscar Brown .it Company, commission merchants and wholesale
dealers 111 domestic and foreign
fruits, The llrm dovotcs all Us
energies iiiiiI attention exclusively
io milts und vegetables nud sollcils
consignments of siuno. Vancouver
bolng ii seaporl ii gives 11 special
attention to ships' BUpplloB, The
warohoiiBCB ure located al 175 Water Blrcot, tbo tolcphouo iiumbor is
SM, nnd the postolllco box is 129.
Mr, Hrown lirsl established Ihii uow
famous mnl popular Institution some
11I1113 years ngo. The promises and
facilities fni' handling fruits are unequalled on Iho I'licilii" coast,    Mr,
Bl'OWII   is   one   nl   llie   besl    IlllOWIl
business men in the province, und
is interested in  various othor en
lei'lu'lses.   Iilil   he   devotes   |H'uetil"ill-
11 his whole iinie Btrlctly to tho.ln-
lorosls ol the llrm which bears bis
nmiie. liis practical knowleil ol
Iho frull business is beyond question, us i'iiii be rcadilj lesiiiie.i in by
his many iinlrons, who have deali
with blm lor veins, iionesi dealing
uml prompt dellvory have been tho
key note oi ihe iinie.., of Oscar
Brown iV- Company. The Express
choorfully recommends anyoiio wishing In du business ill lllis line lo
give ihem 11 trial.
I Capt. C Cates
ihe on was still only u struggling
pui  Iblllly,   The Yukon, ns 11 money
11 akm   ainl mat exist,   C la her*
I elf   lllll    mil    feel   BUI'0   "1   ll"]-   illl-
,\ \ VMI'! HI COXJI 111*. WITH,
tt lum mi are In Vaucouvor, Bays
,. writer look ai mas the harbor to
'. ii'lli Vancouvi r: ninl buppobc the
di lain    is nhniii n mile, mul that
   luteins nre within a mil" of
ilia' shore North Vancouvei Ib two
mnl  ii luili  miles    away;    uml  llie
 uiiliiliis   me   anything from six
i i ta n. \ white peak, overlooking
llu boulder of u near-bj rango is
forty iiilioi off, liy scloiitlflc proof,
The Irees tlial look jusi ordinary
Ontario pines und Bprucos ure iug
enough lo make a native ol Manitoba gapo, 'i lilug are uol what
iin-.- Beein, 'i'liii prophets have had
as inui n lime iu Vancouver tu every-
ivboro else. The city ol Nortli
Vancouver is a proposition to conjure Willi.
It may ba suld tlmt the district
ol Nortli Vancouver holds oul oxcop*
Uonal attractions to tho bomosooker.
A   climate,   tlie   most  genial   and
Kiiiei ilie sun, charms of
*   "-V
■ .     ■
' '-' ■
fej fl *   ...
■ '•
'    '-'.
\   |)  Taylor, Cit\ Solicitor,
*   ' * #1
-,       ''I
, JV. ,       '. J  I'—
i)JK.' -^"ifr*    ,,:>.,
boda Creek, Cariboo District, uiuhc propound route ol ile. \  \\   '■)
Tbe Monelnr; Time ayi llinl on
ilie niMil. sliore oi Burrard Inlei i
a inlgnllireiil  lown lie    I'm
vns cleared uenrlj l\ ' ttoni   agn
lu iinlli'liuiilon ol I a pld . II
iipmeiit,    in u Newi \di'i
llecomlier, ISS8, lliero Is n Inn  ur
Help describing    whnl  Noi
rou ver would !"■ in li ■
Mil', lo ho .i lirlili ' ■
Narrows; nud evei
h  . in     The
' I    llll," llle.e In.ni
nil,'inl o! llie in.:..      Ihal   .   ii
\   fororiiiinei' of llu lirblgi
i  nlrcail: n ti leplioii   Hi
till     mil II ill 1 a.-i I    la .a  ii Ili'I'     .1
llll  .   lllllll  '.'..
out  lung ngo.    lliun   i
■ t.i in.  rnilwnj fm
nl i Iweiily-llvc   lllll
\        lipel'll     U.llll 'I   "i"   '      '"   II
llll'    lllll  ■ Hi        11        |a .,    ■   '
I here Ii hi i I, dolus id i"i
hou .
. ,. a      ,   ,
,v  V,  Hal rend,
'••nt r, ii i ii in    11 i, .
 t ami   .
ll .
Hi.. In   In     .i id exi
!i"   general   i
i'ii rs imn ivi
rn   prodiui
llritisli    Columbia
I'liniii'.'i with peoplo,   Trade with
KCnllOl   . 'la  I ' !      a ,|        lit
i.  Uii   tn" i  i.'."led local Ith     .t
■ uml fertile, whereon are
.i in frull mnl vegi la
' III   poi    .11"!.    1,11 llllll       Willi li
un   '!■'   elti   a .  marketing  ol
c 'ii produi■   .. |nililli   ibooi sys*
ic .   ""id i i Canada tin
, . hunting  and   II lilni
..ill,    111"   n|i|iiil"IUII|l'.
li , :. coinlorlablo living In
. nol ii iniul \ n	
in.iti holdings
n        :. sol t tliu llllll
  .i veritable
que igi       iim •  who .in'
. ., '
cil   pull,
i      ii wi   inui", i' iii iii mi*
.   oil Iltl .1  I
Summer Time Tabid 19,17
-ham 1:1;
-II  Will!
'la llll A.   M.
■a,.|,*l       "
•I1.20A. M.
•7.20   "
Mill     "
B.20   "
-III     "
11.00   "
11.30   "
11,46 A.M.
». I',   "
10.15 A.M.
10.16   "
10.45  "
10,45  "
11.16   "
11.16   "
11.46  "
11.45   "
12.15 P. M.
12.161', M.
12.46 P.M.
12.45 P, M,
1.15   "
1.16   "
1.46  "
1.45  "
2.16   "       J
2.16   "
2.46  "
2,45   "
8,15   "
II.IS  "
a.i.-,     '■
11.46   "
1 16   '■
•1.-la'i   "
3,46   "'
1,46   "
1.15   "
5,15   '
0.15   "
1 L'.'i    ''
H.I6  "
IMG   "
10.16   "
7,1.,   "
8   |.a      I'
0.45  -
10,45  "
'lilin   "
•11.46  "
on Sundav,
Vancouver -tddre-tu
uii RIctiardi si.
'I'hotte 417.
Sorth Vancouver 1
WEEKLY LIST     "J*"**
Thone 37.
iirrk Ending June 98lh.
.'" an ia-., 1.2 mill, fiaain Wiiii'rfri'lll.
I ati'-itiil,. acre I lia'k ii-'nr Noll-dull! AVCIUIO.
I a 1. 1111 iiiii si,I'lnso III,ttoolool bouluvB.nl, inirl ilmlicil.
nu,,rn, ilnrliui- |,i..|.,in, nil d,iii,„I.
fli'iiiT lull, sl'u i,:;.\|.:j. corner, rlcli Boll,
- roomed uoaae, new, uulll ler miner, oloao t" wharl,
llllll-l' llll   .1 >*tI,*>  llla'llll".      llllll'  I'll',
iiissiivii   ISI-,11
IVo stroDgly urge rou lo secure without alela*/tbe un-uM ptrcola lii
iu.-r. lot wi	
l.ii"i,t- uill, ivo think, prove Ibo ivlnlom nl Uu- idvlca,
ni-imii > imiii in'
t ram
1 a.i
Financial and Commission Agents
Real Estate Brokers
ll so, give ns .1 call or write. We open imr North
Vancouvei olficen alivtit July 15th, We havo the exclusive sale ni many valuable properties., and shall he
uliul 10 advise you where to invest*
lleliTenco!' Canadian Hunk "( Commerce
i:.-i vu: agent*
Lonsdale Av(^,,lt;:.nMZn,,i,,ml N. Vancouver
Ihiril Streets
LOUTET, Manager
70 \ 210
Closi ii saw iniil ainl |ilunl< road :
n n minutes (rom iur; only $300.
Also .1 lew 1 1 acres loi $200;
lerms, rn down, fio per month.
II" ; 11 to let, li mums, all con
vcnicnccs. splendid vii w, Also
one 1.11 sali . $500 cash and iio
pel month.
lun perfectly cloared Iota on lon*nliili> Avenue
$900 each
("aimland Hotel
Iwi' ■   nil   tin
•1 ja.alii in  hostlei
iii 1 iiii       imal     I  sul lul 1111
.   ! '       1
il ni Mouni '
1 ul :        v, ni.    , : i   ii ill
.... •      1 1      I 7 p.n
indl ,'
I*,'A'I'I'.S ;   SJ.511 to -S^iOl)  IVi" M.'iN'
I  . IAI      IIA'I'I'**     I "    I  AMU  II  s    AMI     II Kill   I    I I,
M< ' \ III 'I   IIU
DICKSON W. ICELliiS*   L*hiii».
11 1 1 1 'in im. i,,,j   sa ik 1 11   i nn I'VHII THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Panorama of the City of North Vancouver and District
By Courtesy of Irwin & Billings Co., Ltd., l?enl Estate Agents, North Vancouver
"•a   ^        -     '•'<'    ■:
"'..   ,v    ■••■-';''^':''
'/.'■•■■"■'■, ,-V:|ir!l,,W^"''''™^
■^   "" iiSi %   »
"■-:,■", '      !::: i; ■'■:•-
f   ■■■ '?:■: m
Y      ■'■'■ ■ Ay}:
'- ,  . i   A t?
• .»i   '.a    4- .1 ?
net,  n     biijH
"S-aBhESi it   "   CTj*ggT*~^
^^m____,, jmm^ .-LO I =^45",, v|: -*,, ^Spg ^mwM^i
rwt,M'y-3ii';i:e.vp Sag tl    j * < '-Z-^~^—     \. •  '.   ' .      .-,     !v:|.<!-«i ta«.£ftJ-£      \\f<rsffi '.'.'■'. ','■
Wi a BIHPS EYE VIEW afthe ——
t "...J«"   .r-l.,«,a,ir..l,~..l.".-.l.*tS. '..' DU I, "..nlfi.iii.i, f..   !,«.!.<    ' f A /) *f
.1 Hi H.a-il-.al.'/al Hl-lti Vl»ll.a«a I.* jMHOBI ataaiial tl *).|.»lCr.   _ _ I 9Vj__^ THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
LOUIS LONG     vs     KID SORfi
of Seattle
at 133 lbs.
of Chicago
Champion WelterWclqbt of B.C.
North Vancouver Athletic AsVn
Athletic Park
Commencing at tt.00 |).m. »harb
Admission, 50c; Grand Stand, $1; Ringside, $2.
Street Car* Make Connections with all Boat*.  Take a Lonsdale Car which Lands at Grounds
Wlielpeil Mny 28, 1006.   Breeder!
Cul. While, Wett minster. l-'lrsl
pointed in win championship uomr
nn l'ni'llli' const. Valued lit M,J00.
only Pointer thai liii« won on De'd
nml bench.
Vancouver K, 0., 1906' lal limit -. int novice; hi open; lal win
licra;   Trorey  cup;   V. K. ('. cup;
Thomas cup.
Victoria K. 0., 1908! Isl limit,
llnil open; Victoria cup; Isl lleltl
trial class.
Boattle K. C„ 1000: lal limit; lal
open; Bcnttlo enp; Walker iiieilnl.
Portland K C. moo lal limit;
1st npeii; isi winnow Portland cup;
i-a.111 l modal; llnrrln medal
l.n Conner, Wnali, U. H \ lie
ii lintloii  Btnkon, Iho  rlchoil  stako
, VI I' inn Oil III'' I'iO'ilie len i ial
in Pointers mnl llrd ngnlllll all iloiis.
Vancouver l(, I! IB071 lul opon;
Inl wlnnori; Canadian Ken nol Club
uolil tiindal: l.m-on eiip; Culllcul
Vlilnllil   |<    C .   100"!    Isl   opeli.
{ isi .vliiinici's. In. Mull - cup; Victoria cup:  Hunt mi Clip!   UrniVI ll
ni. ii.i.i trial -in
Koatllo K. C, 100'    lal lleld trial
I' '•*!
A booklet nl unusual merit,
vritti ti in versi b\ " Ml ion."
,i local author, has been sonl In
pri s. anil will up|    i  i
I ,\-     l.iulil Ann ricii I   ainl   ' ill!
nlian ' iin s li ivi  I vrilti n upl
in ,i  Innn..iini".  vein     I In   work
nl".|le,ilo    III'"    illlilit;     ■ I    .1    111   ll
class lilcrnturisi.
I ii.  Sultana   furlosli lml      -a
I aa Sll] |   Hi    li|i|   I ,1   ||   ilie      irn I,
Vancouvi i     |   I      i.i:      iln
ii.ui.i'.'i r„  iiinl    li.it In* i ni
llllllll   lllllllll    I Ilia I 1 III    ,||a,I
Sulplllll  lllllll I is llill
int;.    I he ullenilauls nn    kill' il
ni'i ihon is ail." it n a imii ,i
|>lllll(fO I',illi I'l  Iiu:,'    pi■'|,..'i||,,ii .
Cill i > i > ii'li pi ii nit' .11
-S"*'V  1 j   ll ri
'Phone 36
Lonsdale Ave.,
Next I'ostoflice
North Vancouver, B.C.
City and Suburban Property |
Sales a Specialty
Sold in N"Y. mber, 1906,
for tlie Provincial
Govern niont
VVortli "I  Property
Point liray
South Vancouver
North Vancouver
and Hastings Townsite
Est   1893
Vancouver, B C.
II n 111 s II  I III i u 111 a
l!iiiiKni|al -ia."k- ol all kinds Iwughl |
and lold,   llniisi'linlil   furniture pur-
eliii-eal niitriuli! Inrrn-h.   ti lasoldonl
rniiiniissliin    Slnnitti liiinlslieil,   Urge]
.iaii.ui.v- mn*!' "ti iill clumii "I ii li
and effects.   All Im-ini— utrictly eonfl.
General Heal [state. Mining Broker]
und Financial \qenl
i uti.-.* I'lioui Ml Itcilik'l
I*.I. IH»7
167 Cordova Street
VANCOUN ER, 11  ('
SMOKE     _—- ■.
I   \   |   liriiwn, Cliiiiiipimi A li 'it Si ulli i a I I:.ih ! (   I niha
W,    \\       MoiltciitlS,   Ol    llll     Mill! I 11 II  '  ll".   a   HI   | a   h
ll   llll  .    I'l   lllll    11-11    '   .     |.I'l    .     Il|     Villi
i ouver, is one ol the luiihli rs nl
(In i ii, nl North Vain  uvi i    li'
IS  11   llll. .I'll  0|    llll       W'     I'  Hi     '   "I
poralion mnl I iln   n il1" i1 inti n  i
, jn Norlh Vam   nvel nil iii      ll
line tllill In   lei ■ I'inli up ll"'  t	
-  Inl piano husiiu ss on tin
a a,,i.i. iei In a* ah1       iii voted to
ihe Ambitious Cil) I lias he
.cnnie nne ol llli    li hcsl friends
 I supporters nl llie in n ' m
i"HAS.  HARTNEY,  Prop  and   Mg.
tt lircpi  ol ll lei is nnil"
opi i      Liixiii : irnislii il
I'ini si cuisine.   A
I llllll   ><!   lie'   ian!   il    : I
( iiiiiii.a rual hol . :
American Plan $2.50 Upw ird
Frunch Chct
\ ih'iAi soi.K 11i.n
Md. W. .1. li rolai    n
'ilie   Nortli    V 'ouver    Hoard   ol      Sort li l'i ror'i population bna
> j  l|lll|ll'..     .llllll'". .' Ill        'aa       1.1 1,1      lllll        III'      |l lit   |IO|lllllltlOU   I      OVl'l ,   lUl'l
W'.il'l' ii   l'i   ni Hardware Store 1 promptly answered lit haa ovei   ICQ dwelling I
-IM 11 -11*I I
Si i \ ii es  will  Im ' undili li 'I .1 ■
.  Si    laj   hy tin   pastoi
sclu      .' |   :•  in.
al  Mn nl- u!       ■
.   ■   i    '
I'rayei inti line, on  I Inn   ! i   nl fl|([[
loi k.
All an .
I'.i.n.i: li'i'.   |. I), (iill uu   M A. 'in si'i I
I I   |, ...
IL*    .11,    I' a
Norlh \ Idi     .'
the I
tVlll'l ' '■'
. ■ ■       '.   - I',  III
li ' I'XI
P, O. Box iter
Yorkshire Guarantee &
Securities Corporation
 =limited —
Established in
Vancouver I8W)
Ca|)ita! Paid lip
Mortgages on Real Property
Bonds Bought and Sold
Estates Managed  .  .  Loans
Phono 1356
W. W, Montelius,
Director Western Corporation, Lt
Improved and Unimproved City Property for
Sale in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Victoria
and New Westminster, also Suburban and
Farm Lands
440 Seymour Street, Vancouver, B. C.
R. Kerr lloulqate, Manager
Rainier Hotel
Quann Bros, Proprietors
New, modern anil strictly first-
class. Steam heated. Electric
light. Good sample rooms. Cars
pass the door.    Rates moderate.
Cor. Carrall and Cordova Sts.
the pluce. The good government
which has Oliaractorlfltl it In the past
Is due tn the nnselllslinenss and du-
volioii to duty of the reeve, councillors nnd olllcers who have always
enjoyed the moral support and confidence of the voters. The local bylaws are framed In thorough, up-to-
date manner, under excellent legal
"C.rcat credilt tor North Vnnrou-
vcr's advance Is due tii the
Pioneers nf the District,
nniong whom may lie mentioned
Messrs. Diplock, Kealy, Cornish
Hamersley, Malum, llnlfour Ki"-, P
Larson, Morden, Hick, May, Keene
and Crickmay, Theso uuini others
hnve enlivened tho fores! into pinks,
A. Hodgson,
Homer Street
livi World Ollice
II. C, Wright,
North Vancouver Manager Western Corporation, Ld.
gardens and orchards and demonstrated the natural advantages and
beauties of the district In lhe faco
of much adverse crllllclsm and discouragement.
"Among the mnny products raised
advantageously In Ihe neighborhood,
special mention may be made ol
berries and fruits. Chickens and
bee culture aro also profitable.
"Good and picturesque drives and
climbs exist in abundance, nnd excellent llshlng and shooting can be
hnd without dllllculty or excessive
travel, Mlnoral exists In many parts
nf lhe municipality and district, and
ivllli the good iviilerpowi'r In the Immediate neighborhood claims can bc
economically dovoloped,"
Vessels and Scows
to be sold at
Coal, Wood „„j lumlicr
Hill  la.'   a.ii|,|.lii"l 1,1   aliiil.T.ili-   H.ilra
Vancouver Address. P. 0. BOX 122
A New Industry.
Capt. Chas, Cates. nur pinned
townsman, has erected a nml iron
at thc toot ol Rogers avenue, on
lhe Esplanade, Ini the repailillg ul
all kinds ol limits. He has reptkirci'
the Government dredge and six
scows during the past week. The
wharl has nol been in use [or some
lime, Imt il is now lhe scene ol
hustle and hustle. The captain
will erect a largi: galvanized iron
warehouse, 60x150 feet alongside
the wharf, ami will do all kinds ol
repair work in vessels. A sawmill
will he installed immediately, run
hy motor power, and the public
will In supplied with lumber, coal
and stove wood. Wo bespeak
for the new venture a liberal local
patronage and a successful busi
amaaaeaammm—11  iniimi*.~—>jmmmmmaaaxmaai—meMam
Regarding North Vancouver
ninl r.ritisli Columbia, apply
t<>   tin.-   Secretary   of  the
North Vancouver, B. C.
406 Cimble Stroot, Vancouver, B.C
Twolfth Slreol, North Vancouver
Ship liuilding al Moodyville
North Vancouvor i» altogether una
ver. Tally-ho, accommodating ten
peoplo, $8; throe-seated rig, II;
ulnitie carriages, l*i.
B. It. HOI Ml   '■ ' '
1.Kll W.UAHI'I l.l I.
(But, IS'i'n
■■   , ■   ullal
III   II   I UN' ,  l.l IIS ' IN  I5.VH*1
T I'.ll Ms
la.,',,1  ICntllt-*,  lira- met   I. If*.
I llMlltlllKI* lllld   1.11-11  **
Ofli'''.' Ivi line, ' ,'itn 1
Vanci iuver,       I i, C
-j <*ii*iiiiinn I,.,.,
I        1370
6SI (ii.'aNVii.i.i; STRttT,
Till! .UIIllTliHS OITY,
,\ writer in tho Vancouver Pro-
llice lins ilie Following to sny nlmut
"Tho advantages North Vancouver
possesses are m nuinorous and varied
llinl ll Ih nlniOBl linpiissllile In eliiilli-
orato 1 h,-in nil wlthoul tnklnit up a
large ninoiiiil nf apneo, mnl 11 speaks
well for Uio Intelligence nnd fore-
Ighl "i ihe residents thai ihey have
Insl tiiiiini completed the Incorporation nf Hie district as 11 illy.
"With a    liiresliiiie    llfty    tulles
long, affording
Whurlagc nml Dockage
lacllltlos; a climate similar in tlmt
..I tho siiiiiii ui England, and from
three  lo four weeks earlier lu Ils
spring iiinn in ami around Vancou-
,ei; 1111 ecollonl slope to the sinilh,
■,'.uli good iieiiriii'i; backed by tho
mngntflcenl mountains, which innn
Hie wnieisiieii iif iiie Capilano, Lynn
ai ini Boymour creeks; a view across
iinrriiril inlet, the City of Vancou-
ver, Stanley park, Kalale creek
I'niriii'iv, Mount Pleasant, iirond
view. M111111I linker, the (lull ol
(ieiiruln and Vancouver Island, sneli
ns riiniini 1 (celled iii any part ol
lliii world; -inoil springs (lowing
through tin- entire municipality,
which, wiih ihe rainfall, make irrigation unnecessary ami enables iho
residents to have such beautilul ami
prollllc gardens, these are only n
few of the mnny advantages possessed hy lhe municipality ot North
Vancouver, which rovers nn area
„f "l.onil nori's.
'Tin- 'Ambitious Clly' Is well nam-
eil nml will innn' Into Official esls-
li'inire  as a    lullflodged   City  next
month, tho necessary preliminaries
lirtvtui; heen brought to a successful
climax iii ihe provincial legislature,
"The thorough determination ami
Indomitable perseverance nt ihe real*
ilciils cannot tut produce good results in the future developments Of
A. McKay Jordan's House
If You Want Style
and Good Clothes
that me designed particularly lor the man who has been
in the habit ol paying Iho highest prices to swell merchant
tailors, we are after the trade ol just such men, and
realize that the only way to win it is to ei|aul the merchant
tailors' workmanship quality, style and fit. We do all
lhat and ",0 a step further, for wc cut the prices in two.
Wc arc successful because we are turning out garments
that you would never suspect came out ol a ready-to-wear
shop. They arc thc product ol the highest skilled custom
Workman, and they have every characteristic that marks
the madc-to-order article, while our price is hm $12.00
to $35.00.
J. Danaher & Co.
Sole Agents lor "Stihiilt Clothing
•AlKI'llil.D  13LOCK,   GRANVILLE   and   PENDER
Bimplei and blank measurement! sunt on application TILE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, II, C.
FROM 1691 TO 1907
Tlm municipality of Nortli Vancouver, 11. 0., was incorporated In
1801, Tlio illHlrlitt was divided In
11)07, when u Beotlou ol it became
Incorporated as a olty,
Following wont the dilTerenl councils Irom the foregoing year to the
1881 Reeve, Charles ,1. 1'.
I'lillilin; councillors, .Mr. Thompson,
Tlioiuas Tumor, Mr, Nelmes, and
Mr, .Million: fieiii, M, ll. Hlrscli-
1892 Reeve, Charles J. P.
Plilbbs; councillors, D, Lindsay
Phillips, James McCartney, Mr,
Scott nnil Adolplnis Williams; clerk,
M, ii. Ilirschborg,
18D3 — Reovn, Jamos Cooper
Keith: councillors, L, ll. Cnlland, VV.
n. .Mny, .loini i'. Woodrow and
James McCartney; clerk, Fred, Soho-
I sn I - - Reave, James Cooper
Keith; councillors, W. II. May, John
e. Woodrow, James McCartney, and
Charles Mayne; clerk, Fred Scho-
180G—Roevo, Dr, J. T, Carroll;
councillors, W. IL May, John C.
Woodroiv, Charles Miiyne. and .ins.
McCartney; clerk, Fred Schofield,
Later ,1. Uuntson was elected to llll
the vacancy caused by the retirement
,,! Councillor McCartney.
ism; lieen', in-. ,i. T. Carroll;
councillors, W. II Mny. John C,
Woodrow, ('. A, Coldwoll ami li. J.
Cornish; clhrk, Fred Schodeld.
1897 Roevo, John ('. Woodrow;
I- eiiiois, W. II, Mny, ii. J. Cornish, Walter Irwin anil J. Reynolds
Tito; clerk, William 1.. Koono,
1MIS     Itei've,  Jollll  ('.   Woodl'lliv;
councillors, W. ll Mny. D, J, Cornish, Walter Irwin and J. Reynolds
Tito; a-ii'iii. William L. Ki o,
1899 Reeve, .lolin c. Woodrow;
councillors, W. II. May. ,1, Roynolds
Tiie, Wiilii'i- Irwin, ami ll. J. Cornish; clerk, William L. Know'.
1900 Reovo, .lolin c. \V Irow;
I'niiiullliirs. Waller Irwin, W. II.
Mny, n. i. Cornish anil .1. Reynolds
Tin*: clerk, uniiiini I.. Keone,
linn Reeve, C. O. Wlekendcn;
councillors,   Waltor Irwin,   W. IL
May. li. .1. Cornish, nnd l 'lek A.
Allen; clerk, Wllllani L. Ki-one.
On iL'ih July .1. c. mil was (looted to llll tho vacancy caused hy the
resignation of councillor Cornish.
1902 Roevo, ('. O. Wlcltondon;
councillors, Walter Irwin, W. H,
May, James c. om, and P, A. Allen;
olork, Wllllani I,. K  Laler Alexander Philip wns appointed dork on
the I'l'iiieiuoiii ni Clerk Keene,
1903* Reeve, William ll. Mny;
councillors, ,1. Balfour Ker, James C,
QUI, Arnold 13. Kealy, and l'. A. Allen; dork, Alexander Philip,
llllll     Keeve,     JamOB     (t.     Q|||;
councillors, Philip x. Thompson, A.
Iinlion Nye, Arnold 10. Kealy, nml P,
A, Allen; clerk, Alexander Philip,
1005 Reeve, James C. GUI; councillors, W. ll. May, William Morden,
Edmund Hell, and Thomas Allen;
clerk, Alexander Philip. Later Ex-
councillor Arnold E. Kealy wns elected li'i'vi the retirement ol Reovo
limii Reeve, Arnold E, Kealy;
councillors, Win. II. Mny, Wllllani
Morden, Men ,i. Cornish and Thomas
Alloa; clerk and treasurer, Alexander Philip; treasurer alter August
Ist, .lolin ,1.  Woods.
1907 Till Incorporation ol city,
Roeve, Aruold E, Kealy; councillors,
Win. II. Mny, Wm. .1. Irwin, A. A.
McKay .Ionian und Win. F. Finery;
clerk, Alex. Philip; li'ensnrerr, John
.1. Woods,
Presenl Council nnd OHlclels—
Hoove, Wm. II, Mny; councillors, T.
8, Nye, Chas, E, Robson, M, Mc-
Naught and Win. II, Davison; clork,
Alex.   Philip,   nssiialuiil.   Miss   Edith
W. Smith; solicitor, Wm. E. Hums,
Barrister; Auditor, Wm, T, Stein;
Modlcnl Health Olllcer, I). J, A, I-:.
Campboll; Road Foreman, J. W, Eva,
city Council,
Mayor, Arnold io. Kealy; aldermen, a. 10. Crickmay, w. .1. Dick,
Wm. F, Emory, Win. .1. Irwin, Hr.
A. X. McKay Jordan, Alexander
Smith; Clly Clork, Thus. Shepherd;
City Treasurer. John .1. Woods, .11'.;
City Engineer, Wr. Loutot; Chlol
Constable, Arthur Davles; Constables, R, X. Turn and A. Ilriniiii-nnihe:
Rond Foreman, Dan Amskold, Wa-
lei- Foremen, 10. .1. Peek: Clly Solicitor, A. W. Taylor, K. ('.; Auditor,
Wm. F. Bteln, i'. A,
Service ut ii a. in. nml 7:311
p. in. hy Kcv. llr. Robson : Sunday school anil bible class, 2:311
p, 111. Free seats. All are cordially invited.
F. o. 10.
The lOxprerss had a chat the other
dny wiili Chas, .Mee, proprietor oi
lhe  Moodyville  Hotel,    uml nl  one
Ilnn'   liloprieloi'  ol     lhe   old     linli'l
North Viini-oiivor, nhout the Fraternal Order of Eagles, Mr. Mee is past
worthy presldoal ol Vancouvor Aorle,
Xo. 1:.
Mr. Win. McQIlT is now ils pri'sl-
iluni nml Mr. ii. 11. Simpson, secretary, 11 wus 011 March ::, 1890,
when the lodge wns formed with VI
members, Dr, McQulgan, ox-mayor,
wus the lli'si prosident, and .1. 0,
McLagnn, Jr., secretary, The lodge
rapidly grew till now It bus about
l.'iii members, it bus {5,000 In rush
I: ni'i Standi Lonsdale Genii ns
Provincial Stalistics.
Toinl area of lorest mnl woodland
lu tlie province, !8t,M4 si|iiure
miles, .t.iiiniii..! to liml tur lifiy
lhe mineral output lor the province totalled for 1106 |tl,4Q3,000,
uml for 1904, |80,086, , showing
an Increase for 1(06 of ti.iiiT.ouo.
Some ol the must   mills lire  llie
largest and best equipped in ilm
world; Ihey ranie in capacity from
10,1100 to 160,000 reel por day.
The celebrated llritanuiu minis
near   the   illy,   on   Howe   .Sound,
shipped during iiniii, 10,980 tons of
Copper ore.   ther mines opening up
iii iiie Mime section win he Immonsi
Hurrard Inlet iinoiiiliiodates an
itver-ilicrcaslng Heel, having an opmi
sea purl at all seasons ol tbe year,
carrying passengers nnd  inerehand-
ise to china, Japan* Austiniiii, Call*
fornla, Suva, Jan, Honolulu, Unl1
DO and other foreign cuunlriai.
There is no point in ihe Wesi
iimt oilers hener Inducements inr
ibe Investment of capital thou North
Vanoouver,   Not n vacant store or
house inn  lie    teen  witli In  Ils  pro-
ducts, ii manufactures lumber for
local and foreign trade: has well
equipped    sawmills,    shlp*bulldlng
ynrils. COOpSragO, ele, mid offers OX*
(optional advantages for Industrial
Church Notice
ST,     liUIS s    l lllld II,     l "I'M K
-tRH I-
h'irsl, third   ami   lilth Suinlrys
—Holy communion, n o'clock.
Second   anil   fourth   Sundays,
Services every Sunday morning,
11 o'clock,
livening service, 7:30.
W. McGer
on hnnd mid properly worth $23,1.00.
The lolal membership of lhe order
is 376,000, and Mr. Edward KraiiBO
oi' Wilmington, Dol„ is the Qrand
Worthy President. Mr. Krauso hns a
peach Iiinn of 12,000 acres and Is
president of 11 largo Jowolry manufactory, lie gavo Jin.nun in build u
homo for lhe willows' ninl orphans'
nf his ciiy. Rotorring tn lirlilsh
Columbia, Mr. Mee slnied Ihere wore
Nourishing branches nt Victoria,
Mminlpio, l.uilytuniili, Now Woslmln-
ster, Kamloops, Rossland, Nelson,
Phoenix, Pernio, Crnnhrnok,   Lath-
brldgo, Ci mv I,    lirmiil    Forks,
Itevolstoke nml Arrowhead Alan
there nn- sovoral moinbers nf the
Order iu North Vancouver.
City Engineei Loutet
F. 11. Ctidiicy In ihe plonoor paint*
ei lllld slen wilier of Ihls City, Ill-
shop is ou 1I10 Esplanade east ol
Lonsdale avenuo. lie also doos 1 ar
1 i.i it.- painting uml mural decoration
It Ims been through hi     Hal.- I" tt
The district couiioH mel on Friday
evening In tho ollice of Reeve May.
There were present besides llie reeve
Councillors Nye, Davidson, McNaughl
und Robson,
A iciier from w. .1. Irwin suggesting Hi" construction of 11 turning
placet, ileal" tho enii nl Hie plank road,
iii'iir Mr, I'T'oiiinio's house.
I.eiiei" from Hie Manager of lhe
Norlh Vi ouver ferry anil Power
Company, asking who will now assume the luiiiilciiuii obligations with
ihe ferry company under ferry
Referred to clerk to reply aftor
consulting wiih the solicitor,
Letter from S. A. McDowell, Bug-
gostlng iiiiii ii trunk road be bulll
suitable to give ai ss to Bottlers on
lol iim nml adjacenl properties, lle-
ferred lo Board ol Works.
Applications for lhe position ol
ward foreman were considered. Re-
Bolved llml .1. W. Eva be appointed
one of the ward foremen at a salary
of Jin.no per month, and that the
Board of Works innke further inquiry before recommending another
lor 11 similar position,
A letter from Mayor Kealy railing attention to tho condition ol iho
pipe-line road, and nlso suggesting
arrangements thai mlghl bo made to
supply wuler to families in tho district adjacent lo tho pipe line, Re-
solved to ascertain definitely the
terms nnd eondllons on which wnler
would lie supplied.
The reports ol the Finance Committee and Hie Board of Works were
liinerald Lake
Plans for wldonliiR Lonsdale Ave
nue through Dlstricl I.m 2020 was
iiibmlttad mul laid over for consideration,
SpeclllcntlniiB lor illlehlag uml
grading Robson road wus ndjustcd,
11 wus resolved 111 mil for loaders lo
:.• in liy ho I6II1 ol July.
Tim Hoard of Works was authorized 10 arrange with Mr. Fromtno to
extend Frederick roud to Mr. Wood-
row's houso ui lhe snme rule per
looi ns lie hud lieen paid before
The  1 ve nml  clerk   were Illltll-
nrii'.eii 10 procure furnlluro for lhe
Tlie Hoard of Works was ouili-
nrlznd In cniisritcl n .M-foul bridge
mi Keilh road, boi Ilstmute beyond
Sii-ier ci |i. in replai'o 11 di 111 liny
bridge ihere.
idjouriioil tn nn et mi :.ih of .lu"
Iveiiess llinl he Ini liuill Up n successful uud promising business,
When you wanl u good ,1'ih iiiiiI Iiii!
vory latest design of a sign give hltn
a mil and you will be satlsUod with
his work
Granite Palls
A commencomoni lis   1 n made
lownrds supplying tl • Orlem   with
Hour.  Elevator an taa. ■ ■
al Vnncouvor,   A groni tri
!"■ done wlih rtlberts avlical
through Vnncouvor elovatoi    md In
tho    near    [in ure    n |    ofu
looked for thai  Xortli  Vancouvor
will also lu > jroal oii al
'■    in Ii. I„ L'U",, Ciiy of North Vancouver,
Particulars and specifications at
Corner Healings ami Homer streets,
Vnncouvor, B, C,
A. R.  HTI'IACV     II you wan,
Fancy and utaplo Groceries, l.i ral and
Foreign Fruits | Fresh and Cass Eggs,
Choice Creamery Butter always "ii
hand. Lamp Goods, Glass Ware,
Crockwaro, Brushes, etc., ole,
i'ini. l.ox.-anAi.i:
ami Sbco.NOSTIIBbT,
,1 Home or Have
Money to Invest
kill Vancouver
I'll Ml   lllllll
North Vancouver, B. C.
It has just been incorporated
into .11 ity, Although only in its
in:.im i, it h.'i*- all the convenii ni es
nl nn up-to-date city, Electric Cars
ami Lighting, Telephones, Parks,
Churches, Banks, Schools, etc.,
nnil mn own W'aier System, sparkling ninl pure imni llie surrounding
Ninth Vancouvei is situated on
a southerly slope, Biirrounded
by mountains, with magnificent
si enen
Investigate before locating
Probably 1 can assist you,
We carry the Largest nnd
Best stock ol
We guarantee nil nur  work
in be First-class,
Wc will If pleased lo go
in Nnrth Vancouver and give
vnu an estimate on your
papering : anil will bring
sample books il you wish,
Imt prefer having you call at
nur stnie. whii li is located al
.SOfl Pender Slreet
(in. Block W^t ni Postodici
Uppositi   I li< niii-
F. P. Bishop
C II   \ Kll'. I' li  11
333 11 miicr St reel
V.nil ■ hi 1 el ,  II. a.'.
Rosldcnco:—Cor. I - lalo Vve, und
fifth si., North Vancouver, 'Rhone ll.
Odlcc:—Mol - Hank lliiildlng, Vancouver, ii. c, ' riniii" irl
I'tnNI II!   IU \l 1 It   IN
Sole Agi ::i   : 1
McClary' Range
and Furnaces
Sherman Williams
Thc Hamilton
Powder Co
One Dozen
Will niaki Dm   D   u   I'n
Who Guarantees Satisfaction
Photos Co|>ir<l .11 nl Enlarged        UCordova b\
J. A. McMillan
Sultana Turkish Baths
849 Granville SI,, Viiikouw
lnrkish jaRussinn, Electric and Sulphur Htiihs
Stall I III Hi 11 MUMS llllllS II)  alTiilainlM
I'll.i.ir   211
J. J. StllMHM. M-iiiuiji'r Till'', EXPEESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, li. C,
, ''•• *:",
t. ii.
niiii  \ nni
in Hn
\    • 'ii  from
11   -    .
",   walk
li •■ lo Clip'
■I   mngiil
ni    ii
. " Moiin
mi',   ii,.
llu   "i mil ' huiiilfleeiil   view ol
, try,
jr.   ■
till-     Xel     ' l 11 •--       Ha   lllllll a
lllllll     I'lllll I a. a nun      .v      ICviiiis'
i,:  lhe :     ■ '   i    a  ivell
a iinveiit*
I'.a     II lllllll     llllll
|IIIH ''I     . IU . , lUlil'li'     ele..
.'a  'lit' ail
a'IH'1'.l te
•   li iiie Aniei'l*
cnu >ill ■
' .      |l
'ia'    llllll     lil'|ll
Hveryi ,   fear nn  lip*
mid iiermnn*
a 'aa , ,   ||||||     .,,' [llll    nl   |.']illil'
ri  t  >ii rooms or
'   l      la'l'    UUI    pi.
fill       .      ■ '   '.'   a   .   ■
 'i trie linn
'Un   snw   ml i]      '   nrds   ele.,
l'i nl.a ■     f ell I'm :   um liiri ■ '.iiiii n per-
iinin      Siindii   in       iniil    ...      ..laaaiii    ilium      Tin
A    heniltlfiil
'    nry,   See
oiiri'i "t Van     .vaier mipply,
I .     ...
lllllll I'ei   : I'i     nli.I  mnl  nre  kepi   in
I'Meiieiii order,
North Vancouver is altogether nne
ni ihe musl niiiiieiiie nml prosper*
■.ra' pi; iin' wnii'i'B of Hurrard lull i hi,: In ensl und wesi nnd prom-
Inini ie innke Norlh Vaucouvor u
.ft    'iii
There nro some ol ihe mosl pleas*
ri idling iiiiii in Norlh Vaucouvor
in lie ilium! nn iln- I'ncllle,
M mi nt ii in cllinliliig in clear vlen
Until iln' iiiy i'I Norlh Vancouver,
ilie elevailon of which is moro lhan
n mile iilaine wati'i'froiil,
Sit  .ill' Intel Mick', r.eu.li suys llllll
Hie luiidsciii I llill'l'iird inlei is lie'
llnesl lliul lie liml ever seen. II'"
wns iiinnzed ul lhe size nf Iho Ireei
mnl lli' nilikiiess nl Ibe I'egeliillon
Tlie lii'iiuiii'iil   ('iiplluuo   river  Is
WOl'lll   going   miles   In   a.i'.'.      All)   line    |
uini  :    He'  annum   nnil  gels   up   j
it.na ihe run* iilniospbere nf He
mountains will never forgel Hie sublime views,
II )nu nre iniei'i'sii'il in tliu cil)
.ii North Vani'iiiiver, subscribe for
liriiisli Columbia's mosi progressive
weekly newspaper, lhe North Vancouver Weekly Uxpress, il."" n
yenr. nml |l.."ill to foreign countries,
1'iisl   lllllll
iit:\is nc  ivi'i:i;i:st.
Sell Your Real Estate -Rent Your
House—Invent Your Money in
Mortgages at Good Interest,   ,   .   .
To  See,  il  You  Wish   to Buy   in
Norlh Vancouver	
I'll.'M    I.
l'.-iiii   ariittiug. Hint   until  iiiilu Thompson liluck,   -       NORTH VANCOUVER,
rei'oiil ■ a,      ■       : knot* ii. has mm
pui sed   lint  expel'lliu ninl   Bllige  mni
ii,1:':;;::,!:;:,,:;:'1;::,::''';;;'' ^mMmmimmxttmim^
iinine of 'lie dislriel famous,
i rn im: in ihe climatic conditions,   *«■ -
Nnrth  Vancouver Ims become fun
mis  for  iis  frull,  ospei iiiii-   lor   il
m IV       V    V     • Mi!      llll        if       H       ■  am X_/^~"        5'
llpples nml siriiiilieri'les. w m
The  sii|i|il)   iii   strnivberrles   foi    ' -*
lllll' new Mills lire lure;
our Spring Woollens nre
hero. Our store nnd every*
lliing therein is new, bright
uml cheerful, I inr prices
nro right,
Patrionlzu Home Industry
TllO'll'SOM  lll.niK, - I.IINSHAI.K   ,\VK.
mm dry goods mu
I'm' nur size we hnve
nue nf the liuesl nml best
Blocks iii llritisli Columbia,
We nre hiving in un ox-
tensixe stock ol
lor iln' t-rout celelirntioii "ii
lloniiniiin Dny, Ue open
llii'iii up nusl iii'ek. All
ci me nml ins-pert.
Mn-. 11  A. Shaw
Cor. 2nd and
Lonsdale Ava.,   -   N.VANCOUVER
ile' uiiiil,,'! ncross tlie Inlei wns 3J
mum  litiies short  1.1   ilie douiand,  ^
mnl   iln'  .;i  iipplles  in  Hie  ulllp-   Ji
nniii- >>! iipples. r*
Hie   Hoard of   Trade   "I   Nortli   ' ■»
Vuneniiver is nn effective body Ihni "■»
looks well nfler ihe commorclnl in- ' jj
leresis of llie city nud dislriel. uml     ■
litis iioiie iniieii ior Hie improvement   -_,
nf iis irndo i-eiuiiiiiis.   w, ,i. Irwin I 3_\
is ihe secretary, wlm nl nil times
is willing in enlighten tlioso seeking
Information aboui the place.
A in si\i:ss ri:vim:
Clean Goods
Right Prices
Prompt Attention
aa .
As ihe business nnd supply col
nf u  iery  Qonsldernblo area,   ;
; Free Delivery of Goods
Sorlli Vancouver pnssesseB n greal ' 21 ^
"   ll
■   in   curriii es al  N'orth  Viiimm mi     okliii  loivns lo lie seen In lhc
ei      Tnll) In.   nee ..la,i, ..    i, .,,. i
'       ll t led ■■ ...'■    V inner   is   In'i lull)
i' i-iirriiigi     i rn ,a, i|  in  ih,   iniil.-. hnri li ■
Tui' ii|i in    M" uin     i oui     , ■ ■.        ine   a,  pint, .ni  ai
■ '   \ssi>i liilhui  i ■  Irni       Is ■ ' mosl inuipleleli  Hiirrouiiih •! lij  in
lieelil   pniiorumh    I'lell   nl   . ||i    ,:,
•'in'' lim' " . rii. outlook i   .   perfei i |.niiii.
' t,      It.     Sol   ■     \ ||      il,,       ,,,u mpped     |il   I,      "l    limine
UIO''''. I       I    '11      .an     ill    lllll    well "ail,allll.      |||
lllllllll I'lll I 111 >1       "'ll).Ill,:     III.    ill)
ild     -      lllllio I'l    nlioiii   il,,.  \,,ii|i  \,
l-'iir   in t, ■ i     ,. I,,,    i;,.,	
"a'urili  \ ■.      , high  rim*  tt-i'i lil)    iii'ii pnpi r      H
ioniums no n ', iiniile   feiilures.
■'I ■ " Ily innil, $ I.nu        en r In Cniindii
of ili.   I'mil , ..   ■ couiilrli'
I'lida)    iilinle    Heel    ,,i    iiiilnllnl
leilllU '       "I     II 'II   '
nrgo Blocks, tlie vnrlelj nud rnngi
■I whli-li would dn iri'ilii io iniiiiy
:i   iin   nl    ill   Ini'm'l'  size.
\ hrnncli oi Hie llnnk oi liiitisli
Norlh Am. ii' ai  i   loenl ed here.
Tine" luili I aiiiiini ample accommodation  lor Hie  ll Is of  the  I I'll-
vi'llng public, possessing nil iln mod-
• in ei|ui|iiiu'iiis  'essnry lo Insure
Hi" enlllinrl  nl  ihe cue Is,
Tlie building Indiislry hns heen
pnrtlenlnrly nctlvo during Ibe pnsl
yenr. biilldliigs Bprlnging up like
inn iiii'i'ins mi nil sides, yel vacant
1 nu ii   ure extromelj scarce,
I ii irtci ii'iiu'h \V lyntl Inun mower,
n --,'..[ '.r.l.r. *:*. LHi.
A. I    llR.lSI.Kt
L'or I ulli SI, ni'i l.oiialnle Ive,
\K( lllllll
lornry Ollice   F. I'mlncy's
'aim Shop, Ksialiiinia!,'.
Ill    V \\. I'I'Vltlt.   11.    ('.
Fiirrici'-SergMiil Jumps Vnlcs
Horse  shoeing  *, si'EcuLTV
Sixth Slreel I'emler Streei
North Vancouver       Vancouver, II, U,
II. II. Tarn, Mgr,
Sixth Slreet,  NOKTIl  VANCOUVER
I U i> i o i 'i i n i o I i I r t
'1'IIONH '.'Sll
I'lllll'I'lllllia, lla.a no ||riill|iKlrli
All   Klllllllll   |||'I|I Sll|.|.||.'a|  mi Blunt   Nun..'.
II.  MlllHM.
tuliav- 'jn Powell si.
111 In il.lll'
Palace Hotel
llesl luriiished Hotel on lhe Coast
.-XGif— **rr**«JiiHM!tis.! >Tr.p.az!'**-***»H***a:
1,10 |nr mm
And I |i
Speclnl Rates lo Families nnd Regular Hoarder--:
llnlMiour ferry eonni'clion in nml from
Vnncouvor, lint nml cold wntcr in every
room,   Return cnll   bells   in   every   room,
REDA & ANDMJSS, IVoprielors
SiniMi Sikm i.   - -   NOKTIl   VANCOUVER, B. C
Rolled Odds
HiUj and Feed
all mun it-
I Invostments in Real Kslato lo  bo  profitable
sliould include some of Norlb Vnncouvor's
best lnls ninl ncreiigo.
2,   A North Vancouver firm for Nurlh Vnncouvor investors,
II I Inv at hotidiiiiiii'tors ol llie oldosl incor|iorntcd
lli-ul   lisinto  Co.  wiib  chief   place   of
business in Nurtli Vancouver.
1 'iirnci' l,iiiis.|:ili' Ave, ninl Kiflli Sl,
Thi.   lu NllllTII VAX! nl Vl'.l:
If you arc going to BUILD
consult ns nud ive Mill
suve inn MONKV.
Plans,  Hi.,    prepared   lor   anv
stile house. Estimates furnished
11)1 RS     (Hli St., West
SOUTH   VAMIU'VKH. •  .  ■   11. C.
I mire  lilting   uml  stuir  building n
Ollice—Comor Lonadnlo uml ivnter*
(ronl.   Tel. I).
Ilnn-. I'uiinlilii's, Levels
Sii|iorintondunro ol Construction
I'lii'iiiu Siiiitin-, ''oiiNiiii I.onsiiai.i: Avi
no Brack man-Ker
Suspi :i .' '. Utiil |
.it till  > ,i
i..    i.
II tu   Min
nl in
1  Ull
I'ini.   In
( nulillowi 1
1 ,, ■
Sutton's bi'
:    il
When you want
a job ol Painting
or Paper Hanging
or Kalsomining
done.   See
Hardy & Stoney
Si\ i ii SiKi.ii
I      /
.In .lllruiiiiil liooil Iiunl
II In'li-li llrilill  'ar  Tun
'     l"a|    I'llK,    I hill       a.la'       J.-l    "j
IMellsinll   Heel,   II   V.    \V,    -pili'll
Sumo ns lluii'l Solved.
60   YEARS'
Toaoe Mshkb
Anv  ti,linn nslii'i''liii'"l'l""'i'i'ti' 'inin)
Jill   II aiieerln |l WIM'j
."liAiilifflOli mii,'nViV|iii
Scientific llitierican.
a iiiiii«t".iiiii'k ilinntrniflil trodilr,  i nrecul clr<
nihil lull nt iinv BfilOllUUfl ImiriHll,    TlTtllS, |8 ll
M-ir; i inr iiniiit.iu, fl. t-uitl by all ni 'm 1 .
lNN&Co.36,D—> New Ycrk
UiulcU Oillltll, C2S 1' Sl., WublDltODi 11. c, UK EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, li. C,
Lynn Valley
and Home
The Lynn    Valley sei'llon ul llio   I'ng      III :i ul llu
ill'l!   SO   lliiil   "I
Mlinlelpalily   ol    Norlh   Vnnenuver
pronilses, in Hie nenr luture. in lia
line   uf   llie   musl   nltl'lU'lve   plllt'i       ll)
In- found wlihln many miles nl llur-
hird inlei. itniii from ii  i'ciiIi  .,
priii'lletil point nf view
The Valley pi-npi'l' mn    lie snld In
ll " ivnlers of lhc Inlet,    'I'lie liiiili
ul n prutet'i ilie frull lo u
-  ta ill, ti". the summer final,
;   ihere Is nny, will mell from
n    hi i ire Ihey cnlcli the
■    in   lhe   nil is nl vni'v-
. iliiii'i a   r. in.i.a ii ileep regelahle
 i "c ii"1    ensl ni iln. rin a i um in nravllj iiiiii rocky. Ihe two
Norlh Vnnrniivi'i'    mul    'xleiul   up lailer helng  iilendlillj mili'd lo frull
i,viin Creek in ivlihln tt sliorl ill :   ill ry.    while lhe fnrmor Is
i.una' nl' iiie    Intake    .a:  ih" Nortli i-llet itilnpleil mr veiteialilea;,    II is
Vniironver water ..inks.    Whnl    i 1ml     irpilalng  tlmi  helng sn
'--.r     ■■<::. .■"■■'   m, .....
•    - '    '   -'' ^_t.sat.-_     ■      .,,,*>.
iiaiiiia- helng necessary for tlio women in onler m uol lo   lown, Inn
■ e nf Hie iii'iu |ii,,i rs I,'fi, others
null Ihelr iilni-e:'. Now lhat Ihere nre
road--, llie Viilley is sleinllly Bottling
up. The feu frull trees thnl had
'enn planted  in Hie    gardons and
mull i ii'iirint'!', camo inin hearing
Inti year, producing Biich line frull
Hltn ii lii'ti given n greal Impetus to
llie frnli-growlng Industry, n large
numlier nl young trees having lioon
lill tiled n'li Ihls spring. There is ii
"lii ol rei'.i ler holween l'u and !10
ilillilren ,.hii'h will lie Increased
nfler vacation. Tho Innil hns heen
Cut l'|i luln Tracts
from nni' in leu lien'.',  Quito a iinin-
1 rn ni iiiuill acronges hnve I n sold
in bunlnoBF men in Vaucouvor, whn
Inlend clearing mnl erecting resl-
ii'me, Ihere I'm llieir families In
i'"iul ilie -iiu,mer. which plnces are
nl"iil local lour Th" in 111 nils nf lhe
1 ' nn l'ia'e'; nr river helnc rime hy,
■'- in,'' i'. middle 'iul nppei portions
lo I'm minds nl many ini nur*
i-.it'   ilie t'npilnnn,   AI pro" il I rails
I in unl I i em, -ii Hen |i :■ dlf.
a' 'it i i iei iliiiiie ii. nr :,"  some
n! the mosl nttrncllvc via', . The
Norlh Vnnenuver Hoard of Trade,
lhe   Tonrlsl    Asi-oels Inn,   and Iho
II niille,I   Tlinilsniiil   ('lul',   nl      I'.'lll-
cnuver, hnve nt illfferenl limes hnd
llieir nlienllnii called to llio matter,
hut, so far, nothing Ims lieen done,
We helieve. however, Hint n liinve Is
new lieiiii', iniiile In Hull end, which.
it   ■ lll'CPFSflll,  will n|ie|i  up Ihn lllusl
charming portion within many mill's
ol Vancouver, both lo tourists nnd
i'ilizens \vlu> desire n day's outing.
Victoria is   making evory offorl
possible   lo   make   lhe   attractive
generally spoken of as hum Valley.! near In   Vancouver ii is only nl u  I"'illls •" "'"   vi''illilv ■" "••>■ city
thai Is,   a-" ,|   portion, at-irls eniiipariillvely reeenl dato thai   the u"n"" ""' conllnlng their efforts to
from    whnl    used „, he known us   Vi ) Ims ciiinniencoil lo settle up,  """ '"' two localities, while Lynn.
Frnin 's Pa nip, extends from u mile  lml llml is   accounted inr hy two llie Itesi nf All,
„„,l a-hnll m two miles norlh nnd leiimns: the land, or ,i largo pari of  •* v ""*"'' City, Ims been alto-
south, bv two or two in hall miles  ll. was held „„ a llmbor lease,  1  !!"',,Pr W\~leA.    Prom lhc upper
,:: i ami werl,   ll I lei nl nn nil.Huh'  was nol open for seltlenionl,   Altera1'    '"'        ""'   "   " '  "        '
of from I'm in '>*,.)    '  :  il ive sen  the lis,her was cul ii ivns
ihun half nn hour;   another   Imlf
City of North Vancouver
Sl. John's Hoys'SlIuiuI    Ki-\   K Mair.ili*n, Principal.
. ^SgJLjfMi
' lhe visitor to Itlco lake, easily in less
level.    H is well i'ini ■ t  I iii.a,i tii ' llaphlly Taken I'p.
north, noi-lh-eiisl and uorll.-ivesi, ai   ..    mily. Ihere \  uo roads iwn!1 '        	
ihe rniiie ui iiiniiniiilns nn Hie nnrlh j ji-nr:  uro iieM rail.    The lirsl om
side ol ih" inl"i in lhe; is In Iho Inlnlio of lhe Nnrth
Apprniii'li   Lynn Crock Vancouver ivalei ivorln    During Insl
from Hn1 wesl   trend     inro lo Ihe inter i iiiinilier ol shorl rond  ivero
north, the mountains oi lofSeynu il liiini com I , which hnvo
Crook    having n   Boniewlial north li   n llnlslii'd or nre rapidly
westerly trend, while between  l.ynn nmrliiR completion.   Tho   Inck   of
nnd aoymour   Creeks rises   Hound road   iialurally kopt Ihe place back,
Mountain, thus enclosing tho valley as the majority of thoao who started
nlmosl in n seml-clrclo opon to Iho In curve   mil n home losl courage,
ninth, tniuili-iv," ni iv si.'l bo uih ea i. walling for romc means of Ingress
Ivh    .a iinlriuc   .nn.am,n ia,i unit and    ' n     othor limn llio logging
, ; wing, .'   il"' olovnl "ta .at'""    ' ' ■  I "in"' nl" Hi" rlumc   lhe null
h a  II     one ol lhc mem    nl     . illnit  in or oul   gum
m ihe Seymour, nud to llioso who
nro ambitious for n longer stroll in
 mih from now, will be abl	
ronllnuo ihelr walk in tho proposed
Intake of the Vancouver wnter works
nn s'e.vinuiir Creek, us hy Hint time
iho innd will he completed to ihai
point, The pressing need al the
presenl llmo is the extension of the
Urltlsh Columbia Electric lino to
i.yuii Creek. Were Hint carried out,
Iho Valley would all in- settled In
: mall holdings in a comparatively
i hnri nine, iis many ol the small
owners nro only waiting for that,
in Ihreo years there would bo n
transformation, and the nnlural
homily nf ihe situation keenly appro-
i inleil.    The    extension of the line
will he a groat convenience to the
im Iiiii- uud a source of prolll lo the
rompany,    One ureal    polnl  In Its
llivnr.   nver   lllllll    lhe   Cll|illniln   lllld
Crniise Mountain. Is a very oasy
grade in l.ynn Creek from lhe presenl lerniliins ot lhe lino nu Xln-
leenlh Slreet,
Tin ' llinnle Is Iho mosl equable
in Cnnnda,
The wiiii'i' works system I cc*
nud lo none,
Nnrlh Vnncouvor offers moro i-a*
ii,.,I a'liiiinuns to the lourlsl nnd
spnrl imnn lhan nny ciiy on Hie Pncl-
lie const
Nnrlh  Vancouver has Iho mosl
modern nnd   bc i  equipped hotols
hoarding houses and  nmmi r n oi
mi the coasl
Incorporation of tbe City
The Greatest Demonstration
of the Year
See Full Programme in This Issue
$2$S00 in Prizes
G. J. Phillippo,
M. S. McDowell,
God Save the King
XcSeedli  • I'hllll     '
\',,r,,iil,- i.ii,   i
it ■      ■
lull Suppli'      -; M    I1
'I.e. ml, i       I
Ibn mul Iiunl "i
MUSI HIIS WO SI llllllll MS.
v\-i a i \i i: ll.e
l        li in ■
 Ila'   llll  IVi      |'f
III)      litll      pill    |l '     .    .I."lla'l
 li  a live cent |    ■'
■   ■" '      '
mih i> [oi
Mllllll MM HI Mil
PiAlil'.l'.li simp
I,nil    llll 't     A-'  II Hi
tunc conn r 0/ I.r ' In 11
ih; \i:s ,1 mi roil ICCO.S
JAS, GRAHAMI *C0. A. A. crowston
Mill   a    1 '
( 1 a   UNI I I 1     a    ,1  I
1.1     limi    BHOKEH
I-.' ai..«*,a I     In .-ll ils BrjncllL'5
Minin--,    fuim ind Hydmulic
tvuiu    Hardwnoil C'tilnr nnil Fir.
M:.\a,,[a    , a .,   laa,     ,0 VM t HC, AL
Pm riVI   Hi.I Ml
Ollice. First  il   E  ol Lonidale Ave
IIIIIT ' 11//'/;/ '
I top,
Vniii 1.    1-    11 Kll I if, i.l\ KN
I*"   tlmt thirl            • I   In-
lily to I     lion. 1 I Com*
,.' .,- 1
'     '     a   -1  . I III    llll'l
ill *it,I-"I Iltl   ; I   an   till!  I'aa.i-t
I  H«"«»i ' '    ''     ' '""' 1   1 ,'  n
Lr 1 i) ai   1 /\   C 11 i\l\ I '■' 1 aiarkiil t. 11
1 ■   norll
1 in   1 tm Sn 11 1
ti. I.  NUM.ISMS
U.ll   I ,i'in    •   mil   II   '    lllllll   -igi*"'"!
i' ibyterian Church—Rev, ], D.Gillain, M. A., Minister,
Ili'I'S   liilln 11. |.onioil* Avtnui
Subscription, $1 a Year
'  '     l! . , in    wi   ■   '     :...   -11 I'li.lal.-
a  ia      , . to polnl   •
nt, 111 ten -
C. II. 1 - . - THE KXrliKSS, NOliTII VANCOUVKK, 11. t
laaini: lii'il   inr   'In i '   lie 'I,   In   I'linu
Hull wn i'l      ' i" 'illeil niiii
lull  ii,i a ll  notlllnu lull
.     mn    ii    ..    ■       I'llvll'Olllllnill
,,, ,,     .      llll'.il     iVn.l   1    t.i.all''.      Sa	
Ull' ,\    llllllll    I1    ,'. In    llllll'    ii
mil i i" ne lliul;, vi'iilnrn in sny llinl
ever) iluilni' liml i.a made In mn
Inivu In.  In i"t:. ; iii -m'peel  ini  law
III   llll  a.a   a.
II a   Ilium   lliun   \v<
 ti     Ill    i all     lllilllelli'e    in
IU,'  ,,',', ;. ,   .        llllll   il,   ll'Sll'llllilll   nl
.    '   ■' t  1 i'a llll   a,all    I'llll'''   II    VII1	
Ill'    | '.    .  . '     .  a     I'll' '
ml   i-iiizi'ii   I    a       Iin wit   inin   Ilm
.   .a. Ill       II '. • Wr"'Va,.*
II,K.N     i'1111,11'
I      I
Kxpcrionces iind Holies
i ll.lil.ll:*
,   \
II  niii    nn ' ■■   nnu li  nl
llll     ''lalll l llllllll
.1   111      laa,    llll'
ll'll   ,,  I,  .1    lllll.l'  lllll.
I.a.,, i,        imnil     '1     11      IHI
.   in,ini  Ila  .uli       I'm llie      lIVi'l      11:
la   ,'ia| |   (llll    1     ,a.i   ■
a    ii... .    nm
l.ll'lllil'lll'l     llll'
Hi,;,',,i   ..nn I ni  I'niini il.
a.i     \    i.   i, .a,'
nn        Alilernii'ii:  W   .1   Irwin, In. MeK
II     .lal;       .'..'Hat      a   t,||      1|| |||||||    ||  |.||        ll,|'||'|||,        1"".        .'Illllil,       I, Ilil   1,.      Vl
,1 a,. ,        ,   I,, . , •      ,"   .   ,.,   ..     ,\       Iv     ('HI I, in,l'.
:    . '.ill      i utiilaa a.ii alinli    "in
'    iVCIllll lull" nn Illl'lt ni  ill
\   Ma I:
I'a    a|l|.
llllll      \'	
III'lSlllRSTIAI,  .Sill,I ll   l\'
; Iiu a       |,|    ri ,||„ i,;|.    „|     lu i
!.  nu ' v, i'l: .iai nilmr
i ■.     ill n    I'll la   in   I'l'i-
nrlli  Vancouver is  ■■ .   ■ ii-     .'■ iiii      Inrprlse, ns the
in live in.    Nu winters     I'ln   Hicr   a illmi,, linn:
mnnioloi   never tlropt   iu .. ■"       1'ivn inn her li nllii-i Ihni
i, ,'„ beyond - ii aii'1 rees in He     nn liiini ■   ■ ■ . Iini Ij nails thriillRli j
Inilii    nml
Kill    :a
mu Ins    III   I:.i-i   ilm;   v. it!   Iinslcl
III    lie     in.it.'   lidvillllllgl'S   »'■
 ,ia     Iniliisirli'  nre whnl
,i     linli    inlvi'iil    niii
a     II   I'lll      aaaw        \\ lielliel
irhlRi1 Is In lie ii rnlliviij cum-
mil)  i ndei'liikliiR nr a Riivernmeni
'     l|e|ll'||l|    aal!     I||l>    Bill    "I     llll'
I       |S      ll llll        I'll'al'lll
I'alla        1,1       llllll,,'       |l       ,]
V,"   llll   '      pulii ii   "I   ill"   annul!
 .,    i-slllln lien .  lml   il
Hm nilvtint'i' lia   t ;■ mnl nl*
lie when Hiis in
11 ■  tnki   elTei i '
.'.    'a,nl   Hie   |H lllll'RI'   u
 lllllllll,a'l     '"I
live .vein    und I Imvc bail
in ll,  the  inure mi
a.-  tin      irei    iiilnpted   by   Ibe
ila rl been mi [riiltl'nl In ml
■   .         ..a   Ilm  a||   aiia'l
II llien    '    nun
II III     111]      I'.   I a   la.    lalll
■       . 	
..   ,.  Idi ut  : - illlti enl eli
■     Hi     i     I .;   ll.l.
nd ti
rn. Clork! Thus  Shepherd,
Ciiy Treasurer:  ,1. ,1,  Woods.
Keeve    mill    ( nlllli illins.
Iloevo!   V,    !l    May
i'i 'Ilium:  c.  I'l.  Iliibsiin, Thus.
S   Nia',  .Inliii  'i    UeNitiiKhl,  W   II
llie , Ismi
Miinlelpnl Clerk:  Alex. I'hilip
llnnl'll ul  liiule.
l'i.    ai, i.i   ,\   Si. i;   llaiii. i'i!,-;
lire nl. ni    lieu    .1    I luliii'i"
iirer,  II   If.  HeiTell,
'• -1 'inr)   \V  .1, Irwin.
 i.     \   li    Kealy.   li    ii,
nii'li,   \,     :    mi.      .:    it   Wlllhnns,
Ales. I'hilip, W.  It   Campbell, .1. K.
I Miirni'     l:    1    t'uriilsli,   .1.   .1.
v, i .  \  .-   iti Units, \. I''   lleitsley,
■ ;.'.,    I.ii],   I'    l.ai-un.   I'    A.   Allen.
.,    li    Scliullz,   Ileiiri   A    Sli,iu.   \\
     'i, bailey, (leu.  \   Mi'llnlll,  \.
ii. Sinilli, .1. ('.  \\ lil '..   Hani  c
U iii'lii.  I    Walil.'ii.  Ales   S ll,  ll,
II Whitlow, .1   A   McMillan,   \.  li
A   McKii) Jiinlun. A. I'-  I'M'
Tlie iiiy ia, Ileumil'nll) Ilnn ■ il
lui-liiR lliiri'iii'il Inlei in Hm ...uilli.
mn' ni ilm iiinsi peacelul hnrhor   in
ilm world.    As I'm- as il i" inn
iee, are snow-capped mountains
lendliiR Ihelr lowers up intu ilm
linnils anil nltoROlho*' rormlllR ,1 pic*
lure ivhhh is iihniisi lii'vuiiil ile*
X'niili Vinici,nver ia. whlel) n In
I'tala'il  aa.  a  I'il)   nf limne..     Te       '
.ii lerness   uf a Beml-troplcal a
lun i;   today   lie i- a ihoroiiRlilj
wide nwnko, ru ahead atul modern
1'opiilation, Mav IT, imu'' I.toil
Popiilallon, May 17. lim; 2,eO0
Tlm populntlnii lias doubled In ihei
insl iwo years, am! is siill increns-;
i,," rapidly
Mnny are llnrklllR lu Hie clly ainl
I'onnlry nllrncled l>\ ihe vnsl mineral ainl timber iveallh, Hn' Rl'eal
fisheries, ihe Immense ilrclches nl
line iruil ami agrlrnlliiral lands In
amid   siirriiiilidliiRi  nf   lionntj  ap-
PmIs in ilm mosl prosaic    Plow
bloom  in Hm open every mnnili  In lour rerllle valleys, nnd lhe limitless
ibe year     While   there   are   hull- posrlbillles  ni  Ihe  counlry,   all   "1
droils ni l.nine- nlrendy established. I which spell n|ipoiiiniliy.    Potential*
Hie nia.iiii'ii) ni ihem boliij! owned ly Iho rlchosi pnrllon ui ibe Cnna*
by  llieir erniiaiiiiis.  ihere : -till  lllllll   confederation,   liriiish   Colum*
mngiilllooiil    sites    lur    ilinnsaiiils liin will in time outrival in wealth
■ a*. any olher country under llio sun.
Xortli Vnncoiivorllen are eiilhu- I'm" Hailing vlall Lynn. Seymour
clastic over llieir young ami iiinbl- in Ciiplluno creeks, Gorgeoin seou-
lions  iiiy.    People  when  the;   are er) ami Bplendld Bport,
im i,, ii   u i'1/.aii, .lium .- Murrii)  .11 .
i   .■   a, |iovri.||, W.  V (lllison, .lulu.
llnln,    TIiiiiiiiis   .Mian,     frank
i\ in •!• i.   lilesllllln   Wllllnuis,   .1.   (I.
■      C,   I'.   Iliu.>.ui. S   liiiii/.l.iir
nr.  fi.  Milium, I'. A.  Askew, Thus.
i..     Kennedy,   ii.     I'.     Itolhwell,
il   llru-a  II.  w   V,inn'', n. W.I
t: dor.   I.  C,   Keilh,  T.   A.   Allan,   il.
 '■   : "' '"'Hli     llh-ll,   ll.   Clllllice.   II.   U     ii.ia,.
'"      " '    ' '     '   '""l   'A.   II    Mai.  Mclv,   I,,,i,l,aii.  II.  II.
1       '  "'i' '       viiiis,   W.  .1.    ■,-.   Dnvhl  Sim
llnlierl lllii.'kburn, W   l„ Iloull,
C    ill Ken Ii , llolir.v T. C   l-lius, 11.
II.'iiiy   .1.   ll.il.eil '.ia.
iV,   \.  Iin. nil, .i, li.  I.iiin ■ '-"a. I
l'. c. Unmix, .1. II, milium,
n   llrowi ■. c. i:   it'n.iiai'i. 'i'.
■    l". X. Miii-Kmi, I-'. W, Vai
, an. I-'. .1. Proctor, It. I-;. lloulRiile,
II,   it.iniiiii.   .In      A     McN'nlr,
.-' .a T       11        MiM      .      lia,I.I.      M,
nl,,n.    Kliinl":     Tiller.    Alherl
t: .    Win,    Hall.
a    :',   Poiii'i'.'      Mi     ,1,    Wnrdull,
T      i'      llnil.
.1 La! ! i'il. Ill'll.        I'l,
,   ■      \. ,,        a: r   In-, l.'lllllp
liell.   I.,   lioiln,   !     V,     I'rniplor,  C.
Wnll,  V.    l.n". a, i   iiiiii nlhors
ll,.in. ninn.il  Siiclelj",
",, I    \   Smith
 leal     IV    I.    Keene
in        II    I,     la
.  ■ |||,< i , . a a,,'
mil        tii
... a
.     '
lll'H    I
aa.       no
lil.   duiii',1
ll .1. I 'II
ll     I   '.      1     tii it.,Ila.   II      \
a lilnl     , ,     .      i:    lluiilnii      li
,.        I,       ' '    i'llll
.;   |,    V i     ,  ,       ,
i .
b|,l   ,,,.   a ui
     n I     inui	
I'll,'   llA'Sid    W     1'     I'a
a.   Buttled  anal  hu','"  I"1"  nc*
i|iiaiiileil uilh Hie mam ami beau-
'iini siirii.iiiiiliiu' ie .ei uini in Ilm
mint, ilie; are porfei'tl)' cniilouded
i iai.. The lioinil) ..i tin plnco nnd
it,' limitless iiiili'iillnlllles saiisfy
anil. <i.'imiiul ul beiiri ami liralu
mid brawn.
1   aal      |m,      !aa :, I] 1 \i|,'l||     Vll lllllll VI 'I'
i      llllll lala',1    III    lllll.l,-.' IT'lllll    IIU I'l'l
lllll'll    lit,lill  slie a. I'OllieS II   ll'll
Im    a,.i'l    priH'llenll:    ihiuistlhlo.
i'ini' unlet', " I al,     in, a,, ami freo-
ilu , l'i lentil  Iii   " i' inlillshod
Imi  i  .a.- He   le   i  i luce uf
■ i'i"  Cm an
We    111 ..     ll I    ',     .eelin       al  lllOI
lllllll     '!,.       !,!    ■    IlilllUII       |a|     till      V'.l'l'l,
n.n lii   ' .i :    iii    i'.i fnllow
llie     alia i .III     ;   llllllll ISI',
,111.      ' :    .. ll' .a       1 ' I.II'   '   I
nil ami nil    ,    il, I'l     lit.    llll' .l>"i
a,|     llll'     I'" II I'I'llllZl Hi
,   , ,| \, ' I        I'llSl
laill,  I     I       11'      I llllll      III        \ ,   ."I
Snrlli v it vi i    aiil     civic iii |n nvi i
fur   imiiintuli)   climbing   go   in
i'.i    Mountain, I'uii) Trail ironi
Xorlh Vam inner, whii ii is reached
I-i i'ii") frnin Hie iiiy nl Vancouver, li is a sal,iim experience i"
:.uiiiil iii Hie rai'llieil at Unisphere nl
Hie iiiniiiilalns ami see Ibe marvel
mis pilllOI'limil ill neeall, bill a,liil \nl-
le)  spi'ond ry -i'l'
Plonsii Ip   aie provided both
!'      ■   a    al„l   lllllll      The  II. C.  Klnell'ilt
Itnllivaj   Cuinpiili)   runs  ears  regit-
Iilil"     OVei')     I . . ' ' ,     mi'mle.    la,    llie
ensl uml tjuo n lain, uremic in Iho
i • in: tsiii',1   wliii-h lends in in i
Hm    ronl  11,   until,"   v.
"    I.       . ■,    ll "       "i   '!     .mil   uian   In   Ibe
I   "t    iln    a|'   I; i         ;a|    |||C   t'|l|l
ilallll    lllllll I  !l-      'a"        '   I      "."I'll     V'lll
I-UIIVI'I'     | .     .M'll       !•  iill      Mi-Si*
. i i bull '        I'llll'       ami       '     .'inn-
la    al   I . I a.i|   ,   ' il.     III       .'..ll     ,'e
'.villlh      In    inal,lit'   Han:    in    i.* liil
III1H llll III "i  !'   \ ,,,,('(111 vol'
         ''a I ' i
nl  ti i  North  Van-
,'f, '-. :..-'M: ,„,,:'•;,
\\   l„ lioult'h llusidi in I
A  Model  Music Store
Is    lll.lt    III    ill.     \al a,,-,     |   (i|,   |i,   f.)   „m|
lllll ,lll\    III''    l.ll'gl t'i.
Montelius Piano House, Ltd.
Warerooms, III Hastings St., Vancouver,
I llll   lllllll   ',i\  | tl,li lii ill   l-xpi'lil'lll-l' (ill iill   ill   llie  I'll lli'il
Slali "'I is nl  laliii' I" |.iaiiu pun liasers.
|ll!'l   lll-l-ivi-d     I   1  ll' 'laaa   I,   I'l   |H,llla.',    ill    |||e   lllll'.t   ', I \ 11   S
ial    l.l.a
Kll.llai      I ,1,111.1'  .       "■ Na   V \ll   "      I'll   II.      llllllll'    111    ('.lllllll.I   ;
I I.mn ■ I licit Ila IS I'.uii lain! 111 ii' ii" |u,una. null ai ,tl llllllll!
in  ( an.i.la .    I a, lun i .    Il.n  hall   nud   Wendell,   nmv  alsu
Ul,hia      lal    ('.III.I,1.1.     .111,1   lllll,   |       1,1   '
II nan i' .mi Inii'i .un'.. tin |u ui"- wi It.ue iii.iiI.* ■ 1 down
Ca - ,ai.   ■ |   .       '  ,   nn , i \ ; i\ mollis, mil Intel. -,l ynu,
I hai ami a llml    laa suppl)  .|'|en.lnl  lnt.li   "i.ele   nn ,Iiinn
pn, e.l pianns,  I'.i il." i Iii.ii'  pill' i   ii'l nli A is
■•liaauii In ilm rapid growth "I Ihis IP'W loatun which we
hai.- ,nI,leil -.ini a iiii - me iiiiii iiiii now warernoms. A slricllj
lirsl class niiisia store ciindurlt'd on uiodi-rn ami np-to-diile
Montelius Piano House, Ltd.
441 Hastings Sired.
At thc "V" Corner, litjlith ami Eleventh Streets,
on I onsdale Avenue,
Open on July Ist
Groceries, Gents' Furnishings,
Boots and Shoes, Hardware.
General Broker, Notary Public,
Manager for the Commercial Protective Agency
Special representative ol tli, ..;.;. -1 .unl besl llritisli Life
ainl Canndi n   I'ii     Ai i i ia nl,  I'inli' Class   ami   Uui    u ,
I mnpanios.     I'olii n ■-  i--:,' ■]  a..\. mn;   IVn on il
Accidetil     ni  all  populai  plans),   Dist-aso   and   Sickness
(limited ninl nnliniited),
liiibilily Insurance mi ti,. I..liiiwiiii: . liniployers. Con
t :. (ii iieral. Klovalors, Thoalre, Vessels, Teanis, Sidewalks, Signs, Workman's Collectivi .ma', hainae. lo Personal
I'lopi l!\ : lu::. iln I Willi Aulonioliili s, (Imniliuses, Cabs ami
lb ii"-. and vi Im 1.". nl i very desi ription,
I iii-nii,  Sale'-. Vaults and llieir contents, ami all   liiinls
ul Mcrchanilisi.*, al-" Dwelling Houses against llttrglary,
I'or ian s and parlii ulars ipply al ui) ollii. ■■.
314 Hastings Street W„ Vancouver,
and First St. E., North Vancouver
a'l 111
Ilccausc thej add what
Ihey i ml ii ii i • - inui inilicntc
whnl ilu v a.hi.
Viiimiiil Casli Reasfcr
tm Cordova Si , Vani nm, i
Anything in the
Sporting Line
Repair Wor
< a Specialty
llllllll   II.
1  '.!   1 lilStill!
H SI West
Vam inn
i. i; c.
ilgeiil fnr I'clci'liiii'oiigli ruiiiii's
AN Olllll'illliY CITV.
II in iliiiiliii'iil li anywhere rnn bo
A   reeelil   vlt'llnl"  Bllld     tllero   -van   ,.,„,„,  ;[   ^     ^   ^^    (,Uv;
on, in-,' inr ihe oniliimlnmii ni' Hie nno .       „
, ,,,,i.,„   IioiirIi ilm I'ttiii'i' i-tiiii ai mt et, ni
follow, ivbii tools mo lo lite lmlghts
nl North Viiiieuiivei". titnl polnl iii |nlll>' " Met liml lw" nuhnrdlnnloa,
till'  Bl-eill   ex|llll!;e  ol   Hie  gl'Oftl   I'll!    llll!  llli.-elli'e  llf ll'ill Ill   lile  Hllllll 1
of Vancouver, Ibo Kiitowuj1 lo Iho nr.* rerord of itliui'KOH nl llio itourt, boar
explored riitlies of l-'ur Cathay, Iho ,.,;,;,.m.;. no| onlj lo tho orderliness
conjunction ol land nnd ocean Irnns-1()- ,hv |nim|,n,lnl8    ,„ t|10 rM\
porliillon, Iho sninliq 1'i'nni factories j „,„• c|lcr|0 ()f ,h ||c|als In prevent-
Ii.ii iiinii'i li'ii ilo   poi'soiiB   from ro*
IIUillillIK in  Iliu idly,    Anil, holllg II
: tlllllllor    le nil.      lvlll'1'0      lllOUSIllldS
in in.-  llllll   a n    in'i .   iveeli,   il   iiiIiIk
their lusty Infancy.   Snld
ronwna her*  ruitlior proof and rrodll lo lhe olil*
hlnlta I t"e   lu
Ami pnlsBnlll nntloll
BOll rielll'a   lli  lhe   |.i..are    a'l'lin
i.ii,,' ii 11r.mn t'ti''1 from sleep, nndj
slinltliiK lier llivlliclhh' locks,
Moihlnks I sn' her in- nu Hnglo
McwlllK ller nii-.thiv youth
Ami IdndlliiK hm- iiiiilii/zh'il eyes ill     Tlia "lirlng iipens uurly and al-
tlm full mld-dnv beam." must Immediately morgoB Inlo sum
THE   CT.l.MATi;
OflicL-s ol Western Corporation, Ltd,, Lonsilnh avenue
•U*t ill.:*   •   >
Resilience nl II. I. Rnilerinaclicr.
EIH'CATION.W, I'Ai ll.n'll'.s. iiier, ami hnth BprlliK ami autumn
In ihe matter of education Iho BeiiBOliB are dollghtlull) mild,
city ni Nurlli Vnncouvor Manila The heal ot aittnnier Is never ex-
very high, li hns .i Inrge public cosalvo, nnd iha lompordturo in-
school nnd 81, John's hoarding variably drops at sundown, ensuring
school, The Inner Is i'n exception* cool ovonlnga nnd entire Ifeodoni
tiiiv well i-niit'iriii'ieii iiiiii iuiuniniii- from the discomforts associated in
nus building, nut tho public bcIiooI iho minds ol enstorn Canadians with
is now Inadequate to tho growing'hol summer nights. Clotidlosa Bklos
i\ (iiieat it "nur. loi! iiumsii
HiIHbIi Columliln Is pro-omlnoiitiy
ti biislnosa provinco, As iu till wost*
mn coiiulrlen, where Iho nmhltlon,
I'lierny uml virile power ol during
iiinnli I  Oral  esBnya lhe tnsk ol
bowing   from naliiro's wild tnnglo
H Imosl   niatlioinntlcal order ol
modern civilisation, Hu- principles
hiiiiii underlie nil activity ure coin-
men iul in the extreme. To tho keen
observer, ihe Cnnndlnn Pacific coasl
promlacs in become tho scene ol gi*
itnniii" IndUBtrlnl enterprises, and
us a result, the nttontlon ot Investing cnpltnl mul uinhiiious Inbnr will
be drawn, ns never in the past, to
iis mining, niniiiifnc-fiirlng, lumber-
Ing. dshlllg, Irtiiisporliiiimi mul agricultural i<nssiii|liiies. Opporlunl-
tins lb* broadcast, for where iu for-
 r ilnys iiinm-nsc Blrotches ol no-
glecled  hm   iiti Hi- lands dismayed
Hm Investor, thousands ol buccobb-
chnrge, the benollls ol nn oxcollonl
common bcIiooI course, bul Ihese
ttdvnntnges ure further Biipplomonted
by St, John's acl I,  whore pupils
may be prepared for collogo matriculation ui u very moderate ensl.
Ill 11,111X0  OI'l-.ll.VHOXS.
llnllilliiH nporiitloiis hiiie in i'ii renewed mul mnny Biihslnntlnl and well
nppolnted residences hnvo of late
heen erected in different pnrts of tho
city, us nur several Illustrations will
show, while In tho business parts
several have arrangod for the construction of hnndsomo blocks for
business pnrposos,
cm lit TIES.
The churches comprise those ol
ilie ciiurcli nf I'lnglnnd, tho Presbyterian', th,' lloman Catholic, iin-
Mothodlsl Evmiiti lists, nml n branch
ol the Salvation Army if projected.
All hnvo good serviceable buildings,
Residence ul Mrs, Scriven,
wants of Iho community nnd ti now
i building or nu addition will bo constructed during the Bummer ol Hiis
yenr, the contract tor which having
I n let,  The standard of oducntlon
for the Provlace ol liriiish Colum*
hiti is high as compared wlih thai
of the olher Provlncos, nnd North
Vancouver occupies n lirst placi'
aiming tlie cities ol liriiish Colum*
ami   the most   delightful Bunshlno
prevail for weeks at u il , and
furnish gonial condltloUB which ure
almost Ideal lor iho onjoymonl ol
summer pleasures,   Nor uro Hicre
I'Mle B nl  enhl  ill  the willlol' llllll'.
This season only lasts about throe
Qiontbs, ami lis temperature does
unl go below ISOro, Ihere helng
mui ly ovor nny snow,
ZW-'' ^■■■■^m^-^^~r^
dm Mile Sunth ul Lillooet nn llu: propusi 'I mule
ni ilu- V., VV, & Vi Railway,
I!I:siiii:\thi, ADVAXTAIIEH,
Among tlm rcshloiiilnl advan
luge.- offered bj North Vaucouvor
mny bo montlonoil Iho Bailiifacinrj
rntidlllon of Iho i ll) lliinuceB, result*
ii aa i'l ai i nmpnrallvel)" low rale nl
liixnlhuii good chiirches uud iiiillvo
I'ollglllllS    uri'.lllii/lil inllil.   u    hoiillh*
inurnl rnnlliiieiil which Iron ns dowi
lhe vicious license uol inutoninii,,,
In Western luwni. nnd n full repro*
ti'iitiiiinii ni iim beni'ilclary, Iraier
mil mul mi i.ii urdera,
Is Hie I,vnn valley nil Bellied up?
Nul bj any iiiouiib; il |h, ul tin
prerunl into ol lullux, ii will nol bi
lung belore It Is.
Thompson Block, Lonsdale avenue.
lul uud happy homes now oiler a
rapidly augmenting Held for home
consumption, And lhe possibilities
ol tho city ol Nnrth Vancouver, as
uiih iho provinco, aro lull of promise.
Iilil VATIll.NAI.   I'AlTl.lTIES.
one oi Hm ih-st considerations
cnnlrontlng thoughtful parents Booking ll lioine in ii new iiuiiii ry Is thut
of educational advantages, nml no
: ii-.ie Indiicenionl ol greater Importance enn I ll'Teil In Ilm intending Bottler Hinn thu facilities for
providing hi., children with nl lonsl
ilie foundation nt n good uml thorough education.
pni i    i     aa ■   lull      I     "it" .1    l     n   I'lll   Ihii    i'   pei'    l i    "ani'a
VllllCIIIIVI   ' a
II I   ivltb t    ml to oil*
i     i iiiilltli
lines ||
Taken nl! In ull, the Ambitious
City was never iu as prosperous a
condition us at lliis time, Its advance and growth aru rapid, and
lhe day when It will becomo one ol
Hm foromost manufacturing mul
IiiisIiiors centres In Iho liriiish Pad-
Be Coasl is nm far dlstaul jusi as
Mum ns ihe railway bridge across
ihe second narrows will bo erei led,
There la iilrenilj u lug Vancouver
hipping llrm ondoavorlng to procure ii Blto fnr n wlinrl whore ships
fruin the Antipodes and tho Orlonl
»ill iniul nnil iinin,aal ilnir cargoes,
I \( I-   Allul I   \<llllll   \ \V
nn Ml;.
Norlh Van iver li tho Ideal re I*
deni , '    i . un In,
North '        .        iinpii
ilnulil, i| in iln   ,.   • two      n       it
      ' a      '        '!      '
55 Feet Wide by 157 Feet Long
About One and One-half Blocks
from the
Grand Boulevufd
ity ol North Vancouver
$500 to $600 Each,   I"erms
Now is lhc tinn i buy, just altci City Incorporation,
with nil th. increase in values which musl accompany the
Ciu's growth .till in ihe luture.
l'ull parlii tilars from
Corner Pcmlci and Seymour Streets, Vancouver, B. C.
OITicial Aeinls fm
Owners ol till unsold property in the original townsite,
There have been hundreds nf cheap hits sold in
during tin- Inst fi iv iiinntlis, including about t6o in
LOT 764
un the Robson Uoad und adjoining the
Many ol lliqsc hundreds ol lnls have their own special
advantages, bul In lure buying the lol you want to build
on, we want you to can fully considi i so e ol the few
lnls we siill have hit in Lol 76.) al the old price on
monthly payments
$150.00 EACH
llu' lnts are within ten minutes walk nl tram, the
new Robson Uoad is almost completed, the lnls aie cleared
ready lo build on, nnd you can tin Vancouver City water
dee nt enst Hy sinking u well about lifteen feet. Can you
beat this anywhere else in North Vancouver. All the lots
nu- dry and Hal and can be made intu good gardens
Mo|>e, tiravelei| £> Co.
322 Cambie St.,
Vancouver, B. C.
Situated on llio nnrth Bhore of Hurrard
Inlet; with a southern exposure; two and
one-half miles from Vancouver City.
The iuterurhan lino of the British Columbia Electric Railway C pany gives
n twenty-minute service, north, enst and
west.   The Ambitious City
[rolI1 nn industrial standpoint, nnd many
lii,,. sites with frontage on tho harbor
.,,-,. available for factory, milling
ami shipping purposes which are of tho
v,.re i,,-t, Tlm liriiish Columbia Electric Railway Company  is  prepared   to
i',,r 111:111 ifncluring and other purp 1 1
,1,,. cit*,  .'i N'li'tli Vancouver,   Electrio
,„,,. ,.,"i'aa.|. about half the price of steam
,„,.,, v. and saves a heavy initial outlay
for plant,    ' 'orre pond ilicil
B. (, Electric Railway Co.
North Vancouver) ll. C.
I.i.. n .ilir i.v '  inl,-, aii \l,-i. ii, 1 a,,;, imtinii, 1, ll
beasley Block,
C. A. LETT^ ,
Ueal Estate, I nveetmenta
I nsi 1 l',l HOC
,\|Wil, , uu hand,   -i"-' ial buys in IIousi .  Lol   and
ll,,,,,,,,   property in V uvei   North, South East and
Wi M
North Vancouver, B. C.
A Weekly Newspapei   Published by
Subscription. $i a year.
This souvenir edition musl nol it"
to press without reference to lhe
,„„,l work nl Hn- I'ltl'-ens' Inconior*
nt n.n eoniniltloe, to which it- due n
ureal .leal uf the rredll tor tho coining nu,, being of ihe city ol North
Vancoiiver The men who did Ihelr
work sn nidi and well were elected
:,i ;, mass n Una "ii November 8,
1905, namely: Reeve Kealy, Councillors May, Allen Hell aad M"i-
,!,,,,, ii .1, Cornish ,1. C, Keith, 0,
Bartley, ,1. ■' Woods, D. 0, Dick,
j „ phinippBO, A li. Diplock, E.
W, Thompsoa, James McNair. C, E,
Hope and E. Mahon, being all experienced men; aad realizing tho great
responsibilities attached to the government aiitl building ol n city, they
proi led cautiously and slowly with
their work. And to Hi" dellgh! and
satisfaction ol everyoae the Ambitious City has now one ol the best
charters ol aay place In Canada: but
,, .„,,„ be remembered thai Irom
tin,,, to Um" as il"' wheels of progress go round ihls acl must occasionally be amended to suit the
exigencies of the times.
The cltlsens' reception committee
who comprise the foregoing, as well
n.i the Mayor and Aldermen of lhe
ciiy and iln- Reeve and Councillors
ol ilu- district, take this occasion to
bid welcome to the clly ol North
Vancouver all who come within nur
gates in celebrate the birth ol our
new ily, as well as all those who
are seeking a desirable place far
recreatloa, residence, sport, business,
Investment or manufacture
i     i .j
■■-   M
i       /I
i. :_:__\
C Ma
.Lira .
1.           1
mtai     tnn|||pBB|i|
Capilano Iini. I, Capilano Dam.
Printing Cleo. Dnrtley (chairman), R, Campbell, 0, .1. Phillippo,
1,1. H  Williams, A, Smith,
! tl, J. Phillippo nctod as chairman, ami M. s. McDowell as secretary,
II, Brown, Langley Prairie, was
hem mi Tuesday.
Mr, and Mrs, A. S, Billings were
gaests in Hotel North Vancouver on
Mrs. c. Beasley, Tacomn was a
visitor to North Vancouver on Saturday.
Applications are being wanted by
the Bchool board ol the district for
a teacher al l.ynn Valley.
A. social aad musical entertainment will lie held in the l.ynn Valley
school house on Friday evening, on
ilu. occasion ol closing the school
for Its holidays, and alsu mi the
leave-taking of Miss Rowlston, who
has l n in charge ol the school lor
a short time and made   sn   many
friends while being located there
I'h, la.Ims ui St. John's iliiiiili
will serve lunch, ice cream, etc.,
on the Esplanade, opposite I in
lixi'RKss ollice, on Dominion Day.
A large lent will be erected loi
thai purpose, Lunch Irom 1t to
2 p. ni. Light refreshments during alternoon and evening.
|-.ii'Mi -A bunch ol keys, Ap
plj ai Hotel North Vancouvei
[he ten-round boxing contest
lot 18500, between I.mils Long, ul
Seattle I Kid Surg, "I * Iiii ago,
is a special leature uu Monday.
Celebration Committee
Music H. Chance Ichnlrman),
11. Campbell, W. Slcholson-Lalley,
tloo. Bartley, T. Kennod)'.
Aquatic Sports \V. D. Duke
(chairman), \V, B. Bunbury, W. .1
Butler, .1 I. Woods, ll Marsden,
w. 11. Diplock.
Field Spinas C. McKenzie (chairman), A. Smith, .1. B. Williams, 11.
Campbell, T. Kennedy, M. 8, McDowell, .1. Rothwell, W, li Duke, Vi
11. Bunbury, W. Nlcholsoii-Lnllcy, T,
1'.   I.aisni:.
The progrnmme oi ni|iiniic
sports lo be pulled off on Mondav
on the inlet promises to be a big
The regatta starts at 9 a, in. on
Nye, ,1, Siibliie. r
Recaption*   Reeve   A.   E    Kealy,   I
chairman, will appoint lhe committee,
Decoration ,1 Sabine (chairman I. T. Nye. \V, Nli'liulsnn-I.allny
.1. A. McMlllalll, A   A   Cniu-iiui
1       ireui 1   Iii   im ' trail*
: 1 '-I ai ill" trap ni ilm Moodyville fiun ('Inl' 1111 Monday, July 1st
ai  |n'tin a   in    when 11 sweepslake
tournament will taki   pi     II Is
the eiiileiivoi ul the club lo make
Ihls 1.mi uini'' nt 11 liugi ■ access, as
n largf inrnoiii I 1 ■ pel led, especlnl-
. , , tin i" 1 ol '1 Sorlli Vancou ver cell ■■ plloll a- a'
iin ami llu lu I" 'nit llllllll'
.< gala .1.
Hotel North V.iiu. mn
Will Darnley, champion welloi       Finance   II.   II    lli'lMI   lehalr-
weight ,.i 13  C. unci All. Lewis, '»»■"■ r  McKml"' «   '  mnw°.
..   ,,   , I,  , r  Larson, II   ,1  Quia, I.  Reda, W.
il   Nm ill   \,uu nun 1. will   Imx   ill
,      .., , 1 a,      1 II   lllllll.HI      \    \   t'riiwstnl    .1    A
tl„  Athlete   grounds 1 n  Mondai
Uiij   a  copy ui   I ni I'.'m 1'
unl send it in 11 Ir.i'inl
Trnnsporiniloii   Vi.   H    Hunburjf
1,1,,iiinn'.'     II     I.   Quill    A.    II.
I'alac. Hole
till:  CITV  III'   SOUTH   \ AN*
Silllllti-il  ull    III"    llnl'lll    hlllll f
llliiiaiil luli-li Willi ii -"lilin in e\*
|iii-iite: iim nml oiicluill miles from
lain niitei    City.      I'lie    inlei inliiiii
llii" ui tin* liriti-.li Columbia Electric
llailit.ii Compiin)' uin". n tueiiiy-
inliuile service norlh, enst and treat,
I'll"   llllllll lulls  City
imni 1111 Industrial standpoint, ami
iiuiiii line -.lies niiii frontage mi ihe
iiarii'ir nre innil,ii'ii   tur   factor)-,
milling ami nlll|>|>lllg |.iii'|.ai-a» iihiili
lie   ul   lhe   len   l"'-l.     Till'   lllilMl
I'oliimlilii Kleelrlc Itallwn)' Coui|inuy
Is prepared In Mi|i|ily
fnr innnutnrturliut  mnl  other imr-
pim-a, In the clly of Nuill, Valium*
ver.   I'.lectrlc puller costs iilmiil half
III" pri," of steam pntVcr, nml saves
11 Heavy liiltinl mitliiy (nr |iliiiil.
C'lTi'vp uiili'iiie -.11. Hell,
Iilil llsll    (lilt Mlll\    IXI'CTIIK
HAIIAIAV  (dMI'ANV, l/l'll.
1   Norlh Vancouver, n, c.
Head Office 1
Branch   Office i-LONSDALE   AVENUE,
North  Vancouver
50ft LOTS
Close to the waterfront mul the proposed railroad
with street car running through the property. Buy now
belore prices advance,
Applj to the Sole Agents
Robt. Ward 6 Co.,
Financial, Insurance and Estate Agents
' Phone 2711
Cor. Iln.sllnijs and Momcr Streets, - VANCOllVlR, B. C
Picture Framing, Portraits and Landscapes, Copying
nn,I Enlarging, Local Views. Amateur Supplies, Souvenir
Cards, Blue I'runs Made, Etc.
Studio, Second Street.  W.
1 igars
No matter what your position or income may be.
How much lighter work seems to the man
who throughout the day, has thoughts ol a
happy and comfortable home to which he may go
when his din's work is done, a neatly furnished
linnn is 1111 inspiration to which every man ol toil
should enjoy, nnd even man mny possess and
enjoy artistic and comfortable furnishings, lor we
exclude nn honest person from the fullest use of
our lii'i't helpful
We offer yuu all the credit you want. We
oiler and guarantee you generous treatment, con*
Bcientious service, and the grciitest assistance in
selecting and planning the furnishings lor your
home, We make arrangements that suit every
pocket, not only at time ol purchase but as regards
the payment ul balance left after tint one-third deposit is paid, and charge you NO EXTRAS and
NO INIERLST and protect your interests ill every
possible manner, Its this generous treatment that
makes our Credit Plan the most suitable for
people in moderate circumstances, its an ideal
plan lot inn
Call and talk ii over wiih us.
COB. (ili.v.NVll.i.K ami DUNSMU1H


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