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The Express Nov 4, 1910

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,\.S.S,',„|)h. j
®lf? Ixprgga
?'A, B. C«
Volutin' 10
North Vancouver, ll.C., Friday, Novkmuku 4, l'JIO
Number 36
Arctic Brotherhood
t'l.iiit'iiii.iii  ol   IMS  !..  bs  Held  at
Ninth  Viuti'inii'iM'
'I'llc   ExpitSI   report   lit   till'   visit     tli
iln' Arctic Brotherhood to tl..' North
Slttirc, iilildi took |.lti.i' ..ti Wt-iln.'s-
tlay, in nnninidubly bald over uniil
Tim-day's issue, Mr. K. T. SJsbury
..I this till ivn« ele.teil treasurer ail
llic "iiii'l* tlnriiiir llic annual clei'linns
anil took aicctisiiin to nrgs thai the
Brotherhood hold its eoBvanlion "I
1019 in this citv. Al lhc ban|al«ll
hi'ld in Lester hall la-l SVeallg this
imitation mi*- nlili   Mt'cnitlcil   In    Mr,
Alsxandsr   I'hilip,  rhainnal   tt   lbs
Board "f Trade, antl by Aid. Mc-
Visit,    lit,* suggntion uns (initially
|,l,'il,sl    111      lilt'    ItlCllllllTS    111    llll'      l "II-
vt'iition and it is printiriillv assUMd
thai ihey will honor Ninth Vancouver
with limit  presi I in aii't.rtlanct' with
tic Invitation,
Presbyterian church lor the placine. of
street lights It the tinner nt it'tli
sired and western Ave. and Chester-
lieltl  Ave. for the convenience ol    the
congregation. Mr. Van Huastsr, tbs
missionary In ohargt, tpka in lurther
ante ot tite claim, ile snhl the si/, ,,f Reeve McNaught in Interview Declares Construction Will
his   congregation  depended   on   tin*
stale ill the weather,     (In  moonlight
infills there were Isi'Ui* rnngri'ipit ous
nntl  few   "ll  wet   llghtl,
The innllcr was icfcii.il lo the   It,    rows bridgi  is now   beyond tloiibt an
nntl  light   committee. ISSUnd (let      Ihls   uns  lhe   pleasinij
Ahl.   Iinin uslta'il aaincerniin; the lo '      t
tnl improvement ol Lonsdale horn 13th
Commence Immediately
The construction of the Bscond N„r
City Council in Session
His   Worship   presided   nnd   all  tin'
.•iiii.Iinen iinli tl ((option ol    Ahl,
Salnilt/ ua-ta* prssafit nl Tile-ilny even-
inu''s ngnln mnting of lhe f.ty
A iiiintber of siiiiiii innl lets ol routine Ini-iiii'.-* wen broughl up and
diapoasd of.
t orrcsp,,illicit,,' was tent! alt'l dealt
with as lollmi. :
From latgant Holt, drawing   at-
t.-lit,.an Iii the very bail slate ol thc
Kspl.innilc in trout of hci -tore. She
inli i-eil that -lie hn.l cmsnltcil her soli, tlor on the mutter of ininiy t" her
business ainl In* gave as his opinion
that   she  liad  a  eansc  fair rtalllgll   if
ii vas noi repaired,
Tha* eiiunicer said tlmt lhe stn.'t
iha'i'i' was nlitint ihaivn lo grids now
mul   Alil.   Ma Neish   assured   tlmi   Ihs
wnrk  tv,niltl    be carried   a,n wlnn    the,
Mather psraiitted.
llal. tin I.a -ai.l he was 1 ■ alil lhat
man in tin* ntt were wMltag to WWth
in tha- rain and Ita' did not sis* win
ili**-,* in,,i sli,,nlil n,,t |., allowed to
work,  He thought ii rested with th.*
fai.ellinii I,a gel  these lllell.
tin in,,tion ,,l Ahl. Irwin, il was re
(erred l" tlie Hoard ot Works wilh
paaiiar to a.l as soon il Mas conveni*
en I.
l'i■ .in  s.  MrHugh  isun—ling pai
ini'iil ul K'.Kl |i,r binilei iiiiiiiii; in lln'
■OUth w.-l miner of I'll,-tclliclil Ave.
nml 'nh stint, WUB ft'et. It was
relerred to lhe Board of Wmk
l-'raim II. ('. Wrighl sinliiiL' thai il
was ins opiiinm that the boal tele
phone -i-tcin was iiiit  sntisfaitini iai
reliable, lb' cnclosasl a lettur whkA
he hmi Iorwarded to lbs Company ta.
ll It,*, 1     llal   aali   II. I.   Mth   he     llllll
triad   lor Marly ." minutes at nighl
ntnl   was  unable  lo  gH   Mitral,        In
a a-e aaf lire Hi, Wright said the re
-nil- Might Italic Im-. ii -erioiis ,,n a,
cunt of the delay,   It mi. refeir.sl t..
till'   paUlC    -illlll    aalltllllitll"'.
I'i.nn Stephen anil Wataoa, liking
f,,r  the opening  up of Uahon   Ave.
from '.Mnl sIitim   ninth  I"  il"' Bottle
i.tttl .ami ihe grading of Uti  rtretl
from Looadale Ave.  I" Mal."ti Ave. It
was refetrcl io the Board "I  Works
Willi    pialll'l*   to   nat.
ttam  Hm is.  Marshall,  Ma Neill   ami
pngk idvWng ihat recta a dsbseton
111    lalll-   llltllllll.'al   t"   llla'lll   (..I    llppiaal
tll  by  lhc   lloininion   Beourlties    to
Well'    Ill   *illli*l llll'l     ll-klll    lln*      *   ll
In send copies in ihem ami ihei
would allticli llieir approinl la, lli. in.
I'l..Ill llliiiliiaal Italics aillistni! ihal
In' hail tippoliilail \. M. Wa-I a. Ili«
i,..islam nt H sailaii aaf t)'2.i a month.
Tin* appointiiieiil wn- .-..nliim,-,I
I'ioin the iiia.'n i. reporting on the
opening up ol lanes ami lUayi in I).
I , JT I uini.*. tin* local improi "incut
plan.      The iilllle  ,o-t   wn-  i-tima'e I
ai HlyOM,
ll    wn-  lefcni'il    to  the clerk  to ml
rutin the work.
Mr.  A.   I'hilip  said  thai   irpresenta-
inc. Iiaain  the An lie  llriilhi'rlii.o.l lmil
Igned     laa    a llllll-    ola'l*   untl   visit      the
North Short on Wednesday iltanoon,
lb* -aiil nbotll Tll inn* SipeCtsd mi*
The ont nf the enlcrlnililiiellt was
eslimated at #150. The district ""111
,il nnd Bond "I Trade liml ea. It a.m
liibilteil Koll. 'I la.' riiiilc lo be followed
was lirsi by iar to Lynn Valid, ihn
liaia k lo the ti'tminns ,a( tin* Capilano
inr line illicit' lhi' ptfty were to If
un'l In   tnllylios, whan Ihey would   l«'
alii'i'ii up a- liir as tin' Canyon \ law
hotel.   A buhl liiii'li was to ba' -.'liail
tit   ntnl   an   eschange a,f   greeting*
A L'tit't' "f 1C1II was made on motion
,,( Mil, M, Nei, nn.l M. It,,'*. The cily
delegates appointed IM the Mayor.
Aid.  liuin nnd M.Neish.
A petition wm  neil Iioin ' lm" h
iillciidiints   (10111   lit"   North   Lonsdale
lo ISth nnd moved tlial lllc ellu' iter's reporl ns last niiepted lie nil
opted aiid tllc work proceeded   with.
Alil, Smith drew attention to nn ob
st'llel ion put 011 the -iil.w alk on
Lonsdale Ave. near lhe wharl by Mr.
Knidish nnd asked lhat snnie be re
moved as a precedent. Ile said also
that awnings were allowed to hang
loo low over the street to lhc iinon*
vciiii'ii'*.* of pedestrians.
His Worship saitl there was a bylaw  regulating  these niatleis.
It was lefelled lo lhe police rain-
* iiinmissiiiiiers.
The Following financial n.i annus wiiv
pa-setl : Ptnanoe, 1690.18 : Hoard of
Works, S'.'.T'J'.'.HII ; lire nnd Unlit, 1714..
(Continued on page 5)
Ottnwn lm* appioml, when lantlit-
will b<> a 11111 ■< I lor tin* kondllg In
cotinii linn  wilh  the  inlllll*,'   (or   lc.
tiers thare will ba*s t" l>c drawn up
ntislaa ton   information linnii; it ',,,,, , -,-    ,■
detailed   plans and   spisilteiil.ons    ant
which the contractors can base   their
The location (or the proposa'tl bridgi
and   tlie   appriiai lies which has    been
approriil ol by the lltiilway Commit
sion i- krtaan '.tm untl (l,MI tect ea-i
of the right aaf wnv iif lhc V. IV.   nml
back  by   lieeve  KoNtaght   i.l 111" .lis
trial municipality on his arrival haa
lite ea-l oil llaahirsilal. The reeve
has li.ni in (lllaiia for ll.e pasl lew
iiisk- in i i'Siiih tion with lhe apptiil-
.il ol llli' plans (ait tie' bfidgS localion
antl ol ll.e Hurrard Inlet  Tunnel   and
Maiot   May   presided  al   the Ngllar
monthly mc'lini; ot tlic Bond ol I'..
Ila,'   ('iam||li--i.a||a'lS   hpltl    ill    ill''   COllllcil
ohambn yeateidky forenoon.      I let
Wen   presenl    Caammis-iollers  Jaokson
Bridgi    t'onipanv's    line   of   railway. 'Y.   Tha* route mnp a.f th.
When si-en regarding the results ai his
trip die reeve's opmdag asnsrtion was
thnt ihey hail oblniiied everything
thev conlil.liave reasonably hoped lor.
Step- will Is* laken nl once for the
const nn tion of tlic Inidue and al-
Ihongh llie present rights of the V.
Vi. k V. enn not ba' iiitciferrn! with
nt the pr.-aiil time he nave a know
ini! little twinkle in hi- eye thai was
not  meant  laat* publication lml   mat
tlla'la-s   -honed   lllal   ha*   Was   tml   -llltaT-
tig   from  nny  ahntltt   a-  lo  the   linal
outcome whn the H. I. I. k It. Ce
had   their   mnnii'ipnl  bridge  spanntag
tbs Narrows n a skowiog mads iltai
eiinslniatiain wns being earnestly   pro-
rni road on
lhe souih side ol Hurriiid Intel lias
bM approved ol but the Inal tlmt the
V. IV. I V. are now in possess on ol
thc North Shore foreshore granted laa
them by parlinnu nt is an oh-t id,
whiah no n'.vernment can reniin.* un
til those riuhts have expired. I'he
reeve alas'- not Itc-llale to state llial
this latter mailer |l allcliitL' It's
I'ompiiny  but   lillle.   They  MS   goll|
In   Is'lli     llie    bridgi    and    illllliie
I'very aabstncle tIlllt llliL'hl np|.'.ir t"
thc public as an obstacle. Wit a, lU
bridgi a    iiii.l.-i' wai   he asstirtd    ihal
mrything would fall in lln in i sa
Iniul way. lb- allirms llial iu reVM
lo lhe subsidy  that   tile ..iliipany  had
iscnted,    He -int .1 thai prel'minai)   nothing lo tear ns to its going  iln
atiaiiL't'iiieii's wonld lie a .aiiiiiiain ed lor' where nml when  ihe mallet  MMI up
lhe actual construction ol the bridgi. M"..*  iln*  gmremnol tho   Barrard
prsssnl    ConnWonn  Jackaon : *V ,tilT,.r.ni  .le|is that  must I*' tak j Intel will hav.' tin ngial if ii >t nsliiiht
nnl Ma '.lab li. I fn ,n (,, jnl, t|ii, alioul was lirsi aall    ndi ninui:.' over its opponent, ill    w-
(lu account of the ibMon .af .a I  ;„L, „ j,,jnl mntteg ..( lhi municipal |coring •!. nted appropiiniion
Itias ithaa .ne nbawrihing toward   the
-hares nl tla* n,mpany mil deciding gn
IIS ti|«* iif bridgi to lie Imiii. After
thi- ih,. plans will Imic to lie -anil to
itea- ''inl of his umbrella to sine hmi
sell. Ballsy, however, insists thnt he
sllll'   the   Hash  ol   powder   illlitl   he  Was
hurt. The other niemb't's of In- fnnt
ily lire said to have henril a gin report,    Immediate!)  attar lbi   icoident
llie lillle lluiiev boy ttolilicl the I'.i
lice    who    Weill    tip.    M- ill. ill   lid    Was
sumimtiii'il nntl ihe Injured main  ns
laken   to llie lia'spita'.      liept in |  id s
morning  iUcited no dsAnits lafomi
lion otner thin th* man was resting
quietly,    The phya'rian bai aol mads
in   * lallllilttltaiii   va>l   and   I-   tillable    In
state whether thi tiny hole Inlh|(ore-
bead was ninii.' with an nnibiela urn
■fi calibre bullet, In the polic* no si
ihis morning Pateold ..a- lormall]
harged  with  assault  bul  ns Ballsy
was nimble to lie preaent thi insewn-
ail inirned till Siitunliji morning, Pnl
/old was nls,, charged with beiim
dmnk ltd abusive am  iii ,,'al siiii.m nu
which he ftiihsl to take obeervan i o!
Kt.r   this   aiiiila'iiipt  ,,l    aaiaii   |„.   wn
sentenced     to    one    in,,it'll'-    imprison
menl with hind labor.
th.' inciniicis ni ths saiiisinici mailing
fur Si'pli'inl.'i lhe two months' busi
ti,--   was   incoipoi'iilcd   in   the    a>ne
muting.   Thi poHn report   f... lake
monlh of  S.'pti'iiilMT was  as follow-
i ompliiinis reoalvsd and atteodsdta
.''J, lan ,*m reports I, art tiles I. i I,
ailiah- lound I. siiwl brills lainnd
IOI liilllllllL' I. lira's alia sdasl .', sum
mitii-es -eriisl B, wiirranis nnitld Ita
plaCM   aal     llll-.ill.-as    (olintl   Opn   '-',   III
quiriee lot missing pwson -', tefnate
There were only tour police cmirl
ca-.'- ill Sa.pla.niber anil a noli, I'tdile
all-cilia'   aaf     i nn,*  alilriiilt   lite   llloBtll.
following  wa-   lln*  repoit   lor <I' la,
ber! t'onipbiiiit- reesived and ittewbd
tti    I",    l.llaa 111     la port-   ".    llll'' les   lo-t
."a, aiii.lc- foainil -J, slnrt  buhl,   not
bum'ng ti. mmm * nd ", war
lalll-    cxcalltcil   2.     pla.es   of    bll-illa*--
fotilili opn ntler hours I, implirta - (a.i
mis,in.'    |.*i*sa ns   I,   iii<|ii-*-ts   I,   -i.k
pa't*sons   alla'lltlasl   lo   !t.
There were I I police , ..tut . a-. - .Ills'
iitL' iha* monlh.   Itolh reports w.'i-i'ml-
oplasl    ll-    WII-    also    Ihl'    paailllilkaapil'.
lap,a i fa.r lha' two month-. The Inl
let    reporlisl    lhat    ibcc   wen'     line
hot'se.   in   lhc    pound   at    till'    pta' t
I illla'.
A   l.-lt. r  wa*   icieiusl  from   Ihe  a ill
council drawing atteatioa lo a ooa>
plaint   thai   liter.' wns  an  ol,stni, lion
ill   IrOOl   of   tl   U'lo.'i'll    staan*    am    l.oiis-
.lala' Aii'tiue nenr llie wliarl.
I In' Chad explalnd that tin- Ml i"
lln mil in i' ol I lillitiL' shall. In VaB
 iai  iiiilll just  n.viilli   he -lat sl th.*
-hop ki||HI- wall' (Bowed to lli-platl
llieir goodi oii a I'.' link -Inlf. bul if
lha' .otnmi-sioiii'rs wi-hist lha' regull
lion- to In' totomd it wa- in the
pa.lla'l iif the poliaa* al< pal I 111, tl I I" en
I.ii,,* tIn-ii in-lnia lions, Th, Maiol
-aiil thm wa- a In la" ptaaitibiii' re
gulatlon OOVoring IhM innltius ami
t'oninu-sioiicr .liiak-ain ta'ttiatkasl   thnt
il all oonplaiate wane regfctend ih--
ngnlntiou should Ih> put int.. ril***'
Ila*   lllaata'll   llllll    ill   lllllll.*   no   L"*".l»   !»'
allowed on the -idewalk m compliance
willl   the   bl   lain
The mailer ot many ot lhc   awning-
rntlng taa.a low tlaawil ol.T the side
walks     to     lhe    in. onl clli.'ll*.-   ol   l'i il<
trians was nnother nmlter which 'k*
council  reletreil  tn  lh
The   |U'olltola*l's  lire   now   elnieavoluiL.
to   MOM   a dinmontl .I■ ill   In enable
them to nnruia ilm Wan ..f   Hh
■.Monti.I nt ihe bottom ol ihe Narrows,
■an Id «bo li has liilelv MH iiii"
(iini. il  is an illegal ael for any |aa'i
-aa||    aal      ||a', ||-.    IihIiUt    tO    "ell,    llBrlCrif
irive any b'|iior, or permit nny liquor
lo In' -olil, bartered or fflven to :
(»)   Any ilipsaanian;ai';
ll.l .Int penal openly nnd notoriously of drunken hnbits |
0 i Am jfltoa opi'iili and notoriously adilicicl to ibuiikili ila'bnui lie-
nr spn.- :
(d|   Am   |.'t-a»tt whaa i,|i. nlv and no
tatriiallsly   wa-ti's   h is.   WtttO   ,n   'bi"k
lag liquor and in riotiin. li.'iti: I"
tin*   deli.menl   ol   hi- ininilv   or tle'sa
dependent upon him ,
i. i   l aunnit- .anal n imp  ;
III   Any minor .
I|[| lm ' hiiiilteiir aa|.. ..ing eni vt
l.j.*I.- pio|H.|lisl In puwwr nii'l tpi'i'las!
and plyill l"t lh.* nfriafi of poiWO
i_'ers faar hire ;
th)  Prostitntsa, atul
lil   Iniliiii-
ll i. th,' w,.li nl lhe I'oli e  I'ommi.
.ioiii*i- ihat the fullesi possible  all'"
In' |[iicn to lb'' piaaii-iam- "I lie' A'l
alll   |aa|lla-l   III.nl.'   to   llli'   |s,liie bl   n
lalili'-    air    Others    toim   'he     tll.na*
heatlitiL's    will I*' promptly laken   up
aad 'Idi ".lh
The poB mnn-sioti.t. wi-lt it to
I.    aab.ell.ll     tlmt    tl Hli.    'at   l.'|U a.
l.i -a, Ii pHMon a- ale .I'-nlSsI aU.le
i-  in  tl-elf  an  ollan t I I '»
ami pun sltabh* witlt.aiil am noli.,* Is
int..  ■.•ncn  la.  Inm .  la**Id. .-  bi lis* |s.
li     ■'
-WwhU   bu    M.ailh   al   II. lol.*.    lUlll
I'        ■ iii en—
Moltlhli   ink,!. I.W.l«.
U la     Ink.  I- INIM
Ca.llllll.lt   ll'..l.     IH    tO.     tt   I       ■   . I'.HU..V'
I ,.mmi.niii.m P lor III II"""
Iclil.le   I...                               KM*'
freight " "i ll" i.'.i Ml -'
inmi-siona r-.   l'leii'ln   ..".'ipis prepaid    ■ "'*
I'a'ler M. Mlhannhl i- building' a
.mall  boan on I Irani  SUM.
Mrs. Win, Arthur tin- started ih.*
ra, ton ,,l iwo cabins aan lbs I -plnn
ade ensl.
Mr.   and   Mrs. .Inm.".   Voung   bave
niini'd   fnim   ihen   kOMMMa   Md
have taken up their re-tila'iic ,   |.i
strisM enst.
Mis. f, T. Sal-linn, UN sih street
n.i will revile on Tic-dai  ne\l  and
,,n   th, olid   and   lluni   Tu,  'I ,i   oi
eaati  moiih  thercaflcr.
Mr. .1. 0. Kiiiinc. C.I.C., and Mr.
It'. I.. Duald. haie mm ad into the
Iwo newly . "inplcicl rotlagjp on 14th
stnst wasat.
.lol.i Ferguson wa- iliinin'il Mot,
Haglatrnti K...l\ this mnaatag aHk
isnnllhg ■'. II. BsasacWa   ll.e *.i-.
n a-   .|ilj"lir„.sl    |0   Mialialat      '.a    an Jal,
iHllh   pa.til'-    taa     | io
.1. I). Atkins, b> I N.w  lock, l,a-
UeOUd on   l.'.lh  -lia.*l   this cily  in llic
LcltotlV. Ml.       Alkill-       Is       .aaltlclhlll*;
■ if a globe trotter and tin- Itui thai he
has   il.-lalasl   to  locale   here  loi   II   lim.'
nt  lea.I   i- a- niiii. <•  I hnl   N,„ lh    V,,ai
aaalllcl      llll.    eapilll     if    |o|   «l||«|lo|        ||
I rn11 ion. tii aatlter part- .al il   *   ill
Mi    nnl Mt., Alci. r.ib-.in and Hho
Unlit   I ill  i. mined on Wedn 'I '    *<" I
Wa k'    "ap 10 Srnllla'   an'l
 n.'aim.'   aitia'.    in    ila.'    «t«lr   of
aal W iskington        Mr. Inltson    -t iti
ihul   'I.'..'   I.   tl   ll'll   Inllie   liUmlaer   ail
i a. ittt   tcidctee-  aiiil  1,-11, in. Ill  lull ■
in    Sa.ii'li*.    due    lo    the  In, i    |.||> ,|*
llinl   i"ll   tl"   l"ll   a|iallnk.   the   lain    linn
Inr   ev-'s-ahd   lhc natiiinl demaml.   aal
.he ■ it.   in tl- naarmnl «l«le.
Tne   Ktklcal   Society   ol   North   Van
aotiver will  fill,  its   Initial  aiiii rl in
ttlelll   this   cl|.|lillLr   Ullil'l   all*' tt.tll-llcal
pntronngn. I' hn bm lortuMte tii
meuring  tlm mvien "f te ti tahwtad
arll-t- as Mailalili' Noil.iiiloii ll ,
iinin.' Lindy, Miss HeMi, Mrs,  Phelps,
a- loi.lb-t-. Mi-s W ide, Mi-s Iiinn.
Mr-.  A. t'tjikmay, Mis. I'tirtih'-l *r ami
Mi.   lliiil a- pianists,   Mr.   Bprangr
liailinist und other nittsis ol ri'pute
bare proiiiisail iheir sssistance tluriiiL'
the Doom, Those win, Iinie previous
ly    llllll    the    pluisnte    of    It,1111111;   III
I'rati hstiire nn1 tinaiiinioiis in theit
adniirntion .af the masterly manner in
iiliih he ileals witli iln' subject ol the
•vaniqg, "Some Madm Aipects a>
Kvidiition".    AltoL'tilier the program
promises a rare ttcm siiaii .1. is uot
aalten olTerisI 10 thc public.
Bridge Progress
Directors ..I H. I. T. k B, Co. Taint
Prompt Action
At 11 meting of Iba Board oi Directors of Burrard lnlcl Tunnel antl
Bridgi Companj bald on Wednesday a
reaolution mis pamd authorising
Ueevs McNaught to arnagi ■ nonhr
a* ls*tw,*,*ii tin* Board nod iln* mm
al iiiuiiinpiilitics interested in iln*
bridge, lor the purpose ,,[ deoidiag on
points ol detnil  with   i<'f<>r*li< a*   lo lln
bridgi   It-    t"   ill'*   tl |S*   "f   bl Ill.'C    taa   I..
Iiiiiii, it- proportions, etc., utl 'In*
neceeaary haturei t" prw idi (a,r car-
rylng water mains, gas pip'*-, ste. atul
f,,i* answsring nil other rsqulnamate
fan iihi.li provision musl i»* maile.
This conler,inr will Is* held an nt in
ly dale. Tbe director! IN ■ unit in
Invor of pusking right 'D tilth all
possible expedition lo lhi constiuo.
iion ol iln* bridg*.     I'inli-   will   be
draWI aalial l. 0 lei- .'ailed for al ;l|a*
earln-t po—ible tlale, nft'-r dc ision
ha- Item aniic.l ai with ivfi'l'rn e .,■
11 ssarv  ala'lail-  as  i"f''i'l'''tl  lo sbofi.
About >Mill was la'iili/isl al the en
lerlalnment and sal,* of work belli in
St.  Andrew's  I'ri-byleriati .liin.lt n*-
Imapy ihitaoon  anal mateg   umlct
lhc   au.pi, c- of  the Ladiis'   A ial    Sn
Ml-aell* I- It'll  s,
fair., etc)    	
Inn   this   was   h.ft mer   in lh.* neu
Chief Havi... sported that  the    p"
liai'  wan"  ai   n  gnnl  aUnd-raatagi
,.iii..n s thcoagh not licinil aide   taa   (Vrlifiasl Corrcel :
oblain a .Ill-It... of tin* I'cace. He re
eommelldisl that Illy I'lerk -li.pliai.al
Ih>   appoillleil   one.        The   ns■ollllllaiaala
tion wn- iidiipinl and bis num.* Ml
olilereil Ii. lie loiwald.d taa lli. I '
nm ti. 11ci.1l lor iipproinl. Hi" Om
askisl fair sann, alleialioli. ill hi" "'
li,,' and tltce n* 1*    illoiicd
('ommi--i"iii't   'li.'ksoii  -altl lhat    it
.     ,I,.-mililc   thai.   .In*   p.01.si. i"    nl
a n-h
IT! ..'*
It. 1*. MMI'   -,*   rnas.
ntiNiMw nno
II.ap, a • hiinininn, n|>pcar.sl in the
pnliar cinirl tin. moriiin^ M a ' barn.
.1 a a avalinit on lb.* ptililt. stin.1-
,, ill, a it lo-t ol.tiunini; |ieilni-noi! 'run
the ■ I'V.
The rhid .aiil  Ibe work  wa«   'lam*
Oil    .'id    .t'.S't    We.|    a||    I lan-llltla     »h' !•'
'nnk wn. I.Kntid    A lut'   "'
.<..', Ml imp,... A
\      \l I I   I  l.-l
A lota of apprea nilioii of lhe mva'l
su,,!'.-   ul   OttaWI   ill   iiiiiii'*' tion with
obtaining iln* ipprmral a.l the plan
ami lniili.li' locntiaati ,,f th,. Barrard
Inlei Tunnel nml Bridge to.npa.it.
i.a- -aauntliil on Thur-.lni IVening im
.nisbi.lclv    alter   'I.e district    .*,, in ,1
had    colli en,sl.      The    resolul'0.1      n a
maaiisl by Coun.  BridgMM nnd tell .
"lhi.   Council    i-    pla*.*i-ea|    1*1    I,,1   a*     • |],
reef! wnh u- ign n and M tn   ttt}
gild   I    llan.llL'b   ibe  p es.   ilie    u
tam attained by Mi. taiam tui him*
•i'il at  Ottawa  in ,011111. lion with  He
-a.oii.i Narrows hridgi"
The im Ikaakad tha' eonaoilloi   ■■ I
tli.it    appi." lalioii.    While  'o-  „
.In    11   I    lie   had   occa-ioll   In   .lot,    t|„.
niiiii' ipal affairs ut th.* larg in*.
allall a- M.anneal and intend of looking npon llii- plme n- ti niial .lllll'i    ll"     |a„,k<l|   folll.l ai   (al   -a.'la
largs piipiiloii- ,,iiin* and  I th.
lorgaM 'ine- in Canada,    \" reganb
l,i-    ciiainl    in    ."inn* lean with    lha*
bridge he -aid th-1 wen  sia i  -Inl  in
lleir   plan,  nppi'n.al of    In
lllc Italllwai I .Illllilli., n I lhc ll.nl
».ii   I  nn.sion    nl,I    all   llul      ua
landed  now   10 go ikend with   a t
nil' 11,-■ was the app.o.al ol tin
In ..I. . |'l.111- In lln Mini-let aaf Tub
Ita   Waark".      In  lhe meantime
tllole      Waillhl       lie      dlNrted       llawa.al
■ p. "b     tit* tn.ii   11 il  at   a  i*.
of   the  dite* nn-   In hi   11,   I an .ill. I   ie
II  ■   a, 1-   d, * id. .1     upon
lll.l    "I     I    "I'     'I"'. I     lllll.'    ill	
of     the     -H|" I    ll 'I'     Ul        ' " 'I'l     I"'      ' "III
iimi iln- iiiii * ;    great
| 11* * I nh'l* 11" 1,..,, tk ill lllel
hnd ill I.t-t a".I he w.,a lolal In om
ol ihem lliiil  (Iie papa_ i.l ihe Mat
Were   gfnt    |.'"|'l''     I'a' I    llnl    T.I.
litem.   "II we knp .It
Up  il   will   I.' 1st ll'l*  lan   ill*  plain,*1  'I''
I' "I ll. ,1 ll,.
 I   ll     .Ml"    laallowillir  tl,
■a   alttl   he   Wil       ni.'   ill il   wh  1
1 ti.\  Ml  ihon "eat. nl ilm end a.l ih
I,., 111 ".     will hnve   1,'1   llic di t*
n   m than   wlnn
||„      *      * '   *l   It. Ill    tht    |>! all       ll i* .
Lynn Valley Notes
1 lApi.'-. Spteia] ('iirii-poiden')
Mt- lli'bt. Iiiiiiiii. Kilnn r Hood en
tertaincd a ba friends Thankagivlag
Mr.  t'has. Miinrn is   around  sgain
ami is reoiving Ilm (.'lad I..111 I Iniui
Ins many friends.
Kr,   I..  V.  Sta'w.ni's  many fiends
an* L'lattl to u'"'i't  him "ice tn    uf
ter bis loni.' illne-s.
Tin' Mis-ns  I'enlliiml,  N.w   WeatnUB-
slel,   sp,n:   the Week end   III   Ml.    'totlt.
Brown's, Eibni tui.
Centre   Rood is ai la-t    mMdag
Imp. m 1 road min ttie magic band
ol Bond Sii|acriiileiu|ial Ibid autl his
Sarnie im line potatoes mav lie
sa.'n In lhe wiinlow   ol Man   k  I'.titn ,
L'lown  by Mr.   Robt.  Brown, Klhan
Mr. and Mr-, liner are itnotlier al
ilil i.m to the Vtilley, Mr. (.Ver is
build 111.' a li.'ln. lot* lillll.-i'll and bride
in  Lynn  lew.
Mt .las. Hullo, k .,( llornliy l-latnl
is down on a -Imrl visit to M.-si-.
Harker k Slcwail, paopi,clans o( the
Linn  Vallev ni'ii. nil
Building is still on ti.e boon ia tha
Valley.      Si'Vaual    new     In "    HI
really for occupation, others an' la-
ginning   t.. nni.,. tlnir   Inuam aboe
the   ferns.
I i.n plea-ani Tkankagiring party
wn held at tile lioitte of Mr and
Mi Siic'l'ia. 11 nn \'.*illa*i. I lengtl V
pmgrim . >f music, at  . belp i to bring
nn enjinnbh' ilny tn I 11 *   Oonre
were Iniil lor nls.nl  tii'iiiy.
R0 llaa ail     I       imp.1      able     al      lllc
lower end nnd it is a question if i.u
,,„"'  goi    ihroagh   to Mr.   I'lmbc'.
I -c hli.-lli. 1  an,' would eier gil on;
Igaio In cmpli dcln.iy ian wt.s
-tii, k la-t  was'k ntn!  lhc wheels   w. ,■
lloWII   so  ala.'p  II"   lo  I.'  o'l!   "I  righta
lh.* death occurred on Tues.lty la-i
aal QaJOIgl N, WIIMI1 at tin Vuth lal
a, al|. ,*l     lliilroi    Ml     l"ll II'       a  ■   '
onlv   :i" ye o     "I igl   l"tt  I*' I
Mlllellll.'    fill     saalllia    lllll,'    W   ill     IllU'lill
I*. 1 I he (uncial took BUM Ironi
ll,..  Iii.liin   Mi minii h   i"  tie* Mt-*
lllel. rj    ll.is   lltlalliooll
Ilia-    ala.'l'll     I        I   I     ' " '    '
^1 1. ga'i iia.-piial nl I   !'■ Dayi ■
well known aoiiitii' lot "I llli" ' ttf,
'Hie *l. , . ,al w , , i.n Iai'.* mini
nn.l   wn-   it-uilli    i.il    lacalllll III"
IB"'    ill..''--    »L.   l|    a|a*l.*|..|Sa|    Ul'
I lailure   aiini,'   ian   .aulalaii'i    >i<il     lhe
new. ol 1"- d.'iiih kock 'a'
many Iriends who wan   mat  nware  ■
1,1      ll It,. - -        lie   wa-    alioul    ■   leal-   *.i
au,* aiiil leal,- a wile ami UlglgMM
lllllllll      tO     lllaalllll     lli-     la'-- Mt"       Uai
,1  tilled    In     n    'laiiilhter    i.     at
|„,., lit    111    tile   -,,Ulll    f"l    If I    In llitll.
home on loth .trert la«t i
a man named I'almld a,i.r hm pro
perl) lieallnii Alls*" BaiW) Is now si
*l il.' Si   lieoiee's hospital
lb.*   l/atl    oaauinsl    ln"|    lain.
The   pre«,|l.ation   to   It'" lal     \    I
.taught  will Is' matle ai  tbe Boofd
11 i'h     intil lo Ih. beltl   ..n    I
the Nh  in«t.. in  lhc Itoiii'til
ihe  new  Llipuar   t, 1  ihoaM be  ndiei     lural hall.   It  i. Iui|hsI tlial  nil    NO
 ,| n muih a. po.sible and llielol    ..iil»*is will  l»   piescitt,  ndm.--."ti I»    bMl it o'clock     lhe   ton  „. told I
lowiM  ..'"olulion was mov.sl l.l   him   inu (na thl nuthi.iitn-. wn.  thai  PaMold   *
ami   pa-seil   iiiinnimoii li WH   all   lh,,-,*  li,,i inu  .b.-sl"  bml     Ha.lei     gOl   into   an   „ll,i. ,i,.,n
lie*  Hoard ol ('omini-i"t'"    "' t I'..ila,|.'  , ,,„,. lumlli   h,"     lh -     ' ""   PI""'   denbnj..    Hot    wonl
,  lice    a.l    the    I'lll     a,I    N,,,*|l    V.,l U'l      ll.llta|.'a|   111   |o   (be   ,||||...   ,,|    tl. I     "... I'*     I   Ha.*..|   W |„*|,   |lii|'. *.    »,,,   .„,|     ,,l
wi-h il  lols* n-  wial.li  known .1   p"      .1  Co.,  I'lidile   lieiiuc. I»l" I  1 !>' .'nli-iiiii_'  n     .
I   ihl.   tliat  iinlci   lhc new   I'toi ue ial Li     011M In ,  the 7th nl Nm eiulia t l'u*..1.1    all,*-,.,    kl   |sakcil   lum   ».
I- lhc rcilt  nl n .qunlible nl   ki    I***     .p|""""l  nml  ihl
"I   .,11(1 With ll   11   slant    	
.1     will   imi   unit
1   Imt   thei   will I.' trim.port
He  lut'In 1    dlirmi'd   thai
•   '11      ll    Oll
a'dal   lie   liasl   up   al    lha.     Nantli
'   do k   '1 n f' rring
bn at   to "a n    111 iiae
lUl    I li"    Will    h It   I"'   a    in Hii"
■      lln     I   ba   accom
1 1,1 kinking  de i ■** ibis pla a
■ nin*
R| SIM ^S   I IMNLI -   11 ININ
'llie  k ndn   kit Inn.  ioiincili   "Wii
nl by Mi   t. K. Ilciitnti wn. pur.ha.
,d iln- *nk i"  iie  k anal ■  k
1 ompanj ol whkh M.   I   I'm tin i«
,,     Mt    l'i, mi ,   * nue to   (an
,,!,  I, *,   London,  I igUad, ami in
n    .In      (llal
I nod ! I i" 'hs ip"
I .bnont.m
,„ I   I al. ,1 -,   'I  ,1   le    I.ii. I    ta.    If
I,,1 ,,, , itperien t In  la. h
en.'em   and "'' ' ■
IICU     'all' * . 'ill    pill     ill    II    (llll      -t'"k   "f
groceri. '*  tloaarj, etc.,  nil   »dl
ihe bn im     alorg up '
lira TWO
:ess, nortii Vancouver, b. c.
{][ AN assemblage of these garments here that
will inltl.-l every mother who seeks a new coat
n( iny tlisii.ilile kind. T he offering embraces models
in both the long and reefer styles in all the most popular cloths and slioclings.     ::::::::
Diint) little t ri'aini. uti in Caihmere, Sergi, Coat-
Silk, li. .1 i i 'ih. t orderoy Whet anal Broidclothi
at.* slu mn nt i groat range ol pretty stiles [oi igei i
10  | '.' 11
Sin.iit lv I'l. rs in Huy,  Red, Black ind Whiti
Shepherd Check md 1.1  attractive coating mat
an.   here in a great variet) lor ill igei from i to 16
Cliil.li. ns' ind Minei' long coiti in Cheviots, Set
get, Tii.'iU. Corderoj Velveti, i,ii'.,.I. Flu neli,
Blinkct Clotht ■ ind Brouli lotln ire offered in num-
eroui itylei ind i olori for all igei
lli'nl-. mn' novelty. ",its lor small children are ihown
in line quallity iilk ind cnhmere in cream ind othet
;i utel il
Gordon Drysdale, Limited
373 Granville Street.
Phone 3541
Icacher of
Artistic Pianoforte Playing
North Vancouver,   Saturdays
Studio Address, M Davie St. Phone E.5732.
Provincial Road and Bridge Progress
Thi vein- tWW, ltH« an.l l'*'U  *H111 bridge aaothot will i imennd <>vw
in ilniin tn |.,,siciii\ iii tlic liininry nl  tin. Biotas river neat I'rtiiwil Veifa}
lll'itisll   ('lilllilllll.I     I-   ii t   ill.' atl't'llt-     llllll     lliil   an|||l,>i|      llllll       «a*ll      kllaallli
aal   pcfitiiU nl  bridgt  building   ami ranching dii rict in i lew vat-' tim
road  ciiisini, nutt  in   tha  proviaelal with Nelionaad the lloiindary and ta
joverpminl   lhat    any  proviso   p ally  wiib th,.  _r-At auul.   roid  In
...mi'iy has a-ici ninn** a*il. tween Allnn in an.l the wait,      Thli
HIGH*STANDARD OF WOUK •tructuri  uill  oonnint  ol two Howi
Tlic  Knttlciiai-. in pai'ii''tilar,   Inu,'   *P*~ "I Via led each anal will   If 18
bean  liiulily laYond  in  thli Ngard.  fael wkta,
The bridg* buiii have I n "instruct |   Among ibe bridge* already romplat
i*il   ntt lltelliiiils  -iilln*i*'iilli   substantial    d  in  llli" tbsll'i.'l   lln- ie.it   ale  ill,as
i,a    iiiih-taiiil     all    danger    frnin  over Carib ■reel, ticait Burton City
il'cslicl   ,„■   Hood   anal    lhe   e\. .'ll.ll.*,' aal    uhl'll   i-  11  dO-lool   Ua*«*
■lia*    mails   i-   lUch  lllll    ailti.mnbili.s . anulhcr  at   tlie  Scant  RelW litine at
111'.*   ..V.'ll   ll.all    boillll   altn.'.i   nii'l'     (lll'lll  '  I'l'''".   allll   ll   lllll'll  "It   I  at Ta*  a I ,','li a |a a-a'
III   llllia,It-   parti   '.I   thi   all-Ill. I, III      IO    lli."    I'lllekll    trllla'.    I"   aahllllnll        aO
tl        >lla*.*| la    < ..lllll I I ,    fa.I     III    l||lll'a.,        l,l|;     ''1     1 I .' 11 la ■ 11.1. .11-      ,a||.a*a,|,l     *i 1*1*1,
.,  Inm v  poWN .nil.an..Inlc lias  |,i*i,le,l    Worll   Ifl I'vi-tii.*..  bridgi     laa*   I.e..  IT
a buge roeren ami lhe daj .Lies nnt   rompH«wl
scan   ti,   bi*   lar   'b-lainl     iini'n     lie*
Vancouver Business Directory
w. T. stein a CO.
319 Pender itrtet, Vancouvei
Nnrih Vancouver
111 Granville Streei
l.i.'n la.ly long* to bavi wavy hair.
It 1- imu within tin* raaal. nf men
...ie.    I',.1 -.nne l.ais .111  liail ba- Uvn
|ai'iiii,'iin*iiili waved, but tin proem il
ll.lll III Itllila'l^.a lllis lain sa'la'la* f..|* j(
laa be a|i|illc<l la, liail* am llu* b.*all.
Iiill nntl -icicc lia- ali-a aiiclcil a 111.*
lb,nl In niii, I, lln* Iini , ui l«' iiiiii*,|
without injur)  lo hair or -.alp.    The
nale iiill lint oaah ..'It llllll llllllll'
iieaili.t   uill  mn  all,*, 1  it.   The   pro-
a •'-"    |cal is    |||a*    bait*    salfl     Hllll    Hllll ,     I I
lilt-    111'  nlili'      lie    I Il.'i*    in     1'iiiis,      I llll
iiiiii and all tin* large nlkn  (.f   tlie
Slate-.   S|k- 1,1   mie"  fm*  om  inaalltll.
Kn) 11 if..im iiinn regarding tbi wort
iiill I.. clanlla given 1,, ani Indies who
will  call ,,r iinie   tn
T'JM   I'.nalaa    Stl'irl.
Kallethe's Bath
Comer llniiu'r ami Pender Sts.
Tlif ntih ii|i-l" 'l.iti' .iiul reliable liatli house in Hritish Coiinul.i.i.
Wc tine wIhii- others (nil*
s,iiisf.iuii.il guaranteed or no
pa] Plain baths, electric hath-,
shaiwi-r baths, manage bai bo
th, si.tl), ainl [ace ; electro therapeutic I'.tilis ,1 specialty,
c.r.iiliiaic a i Berlin, Germani
Business Institute
in. Hutiagi St. \\.
Cinidi • Gnatait Wiitirn School
K   .1   BpTOtt, H A , - -Manager
Groceries ami Provisions
Wholesale .mil Retail
lit. Hastings St. (downstairs)
Delivery Tueidayi aid Fridays
nlil 1 i 11<- "wagon road" mil   become
ul,nia*',*,  un ll'_'  |il:iic   tii  llial  ul   "in
ti'iitiilnle highway."
Tin*  ililliiiilie-   llial   bale  U'fit    u
|ii'lii'll''eil    ill    tin*    laaii-lincliull  uf   tin*
lieu I'lintls liaie been in tunny ansa's
;i|>] 1.11.11 li     in-ni'iiiaiiiliabli' ;      In'ini
el.llli*-.    tula    WOlIt,    faallell   all'l     lllll'll'll
-Iteiiiies iii -innit'i. deep unities ami
necks    ami    mighty    liu-is    lime    all
hail   ■■atlli|lteieil   III    ilia'   unlet llitl,'111   I'll
eiliecl's     ainl   Innl   ..in  IMC tlutl      llll'll.
Tli.- u'lici'iiitieni I.a- granted iln* non
ey, ih** L'a'ieii'iictit agent* and IopoI
nii'inlteis liaie ably .antl impartiall) al
l.iialcl it Iai \ 111 imi- mnk allil tbe
Klad   sl||.,*liliaclnl, ll'-   ainl   fiilcltlell Iinli*
unflinchingly Parried tbr meebanhal
tta,gai nf llie iinilcilakiiiL's in -ii.
.1. Sa-snn, diitrirt In "nlu.* mparintrn
iliin   lar   tlie provincial   gorenunent,
a  feu  (lays Igo, uale saain,* instill* ine
tlgum upon Ibr bridgi wort at pn
aait britig rarried out, Ovrt lb.  Sal
mat river, near Salinu, niial  i" pnb
".lake" Sets..11, a-   li*  1-   popular!)
kl.aillll.    It I"    hail    a    life long   I'VI'cll' laa*
in   ibe bridgi  ,a,ii-iniitt.'ii    I-"
Tail     lll.'lll \     la'lll-    laa'    U.l       Ultll    lite   I'lll
r.iiiial Can idi railway, I am ran ,,(
lln*   l'.i'.It.   ainl   lailif   In   Wl     i*iii|'l."
..I In ibe c.l',It, mt ibe   aitne work,
Ile bus IhS'II lliiil lln |nui im III ""'
1 aiimcnt  fnr abi.llt (ulli   vein's,
ll .lirm \ POA8T lbi SI ROAD
Mam   aie   al   in tk  in   in uv   plan
along iln* lim* uf ih* ureal road which
1 kiln; bllill l.l lit * pro' nc I'll I'm
,1 iiiiiiii - ul Allvrta ami P.iili-li tnl
iinibiii between Calgary ami tba I'mi
ll,*  ... .-.ni.    Ill *   ll.lll.*  uf   tin-   Itteliuai
iii ibi- imn iii ib- province uill  I*'
|ias| Ciclini. Up I'i'l ' s '•)-■ l" Sal
ntun riia't. along lln- aiiil \.*ll,*ii* na,
ruad 1.. Tri I ami tk  'a   ide,
1,* mil  li.ik- ami Mutual.
I'.a,III     \al-l,||    11    lai nl      ill,* id)     cSi-ls
".a    ROA .'HI.   lull    fill*      Unl    nil    tile   a.t||,*|
,lc  uf   ill*   h,,ut,',iai   lit.'I   llta'ti
A sjilctnliil a-isui"inenl ul tlii'sc goodi lias just  mailed in nil si/
es iiiiii styles.   Mm inu placed nin* niiii.)' early with tin* niaiuitn. lur
111 lie iilililittetl th,. lust  |i,,ssib|e values 11 Iii.ii eiialiliil us  tu maik
llie u'uuiK at strictly I'lt-tcrn prici's.
I'.iil' Brown Btoln   	
laOBg  llnmn  Sliales    	
Marniiti Sl,iles, CM,*,., Miln,.	
Maitiiui Sinlns, I'm,, qualit)	
Brown Mink Mat-tool Snalcs	
I anuc Mmi Marmot Btoli	
Mink  Mann.it    I mu 1.i.as ii:, r,n, S7..MI ami       11IHI
Win'.'  TIiiIh'11   Slules         UO
liln'.* Thlbltl   Set-   Ill,7.-1
1 hiMien's S,.|. „| I'nis in „|| kin.ls.
   I ISO
Keith HI... I. Lonidlle Ave. North Vancouvei
Va/aiM—atai ■— iimmmi———i
ably llu* bniL't'-t  biailua' in lln' illla- i,.i mail, upon '■ '   1 ""'    "'a. natal
mil ba completed uiihin tba wit tu* which uill ilttmatalj *,,..*..  Kobion
ninttllis.      I'r.,1,1   uiie   etui    ,.f  the a|, uuh   \,*ls,„i   ami  I,nail,   uill   l»>    .,,,,
|n*,,a*h   lu   lhe  aallui    lllc   In niiv I-in n i'*'*'l  ui'll   lbi  111 I"'  I'""     '".i'l*    Tu
ball a nnl.* in I'liuib; in width  it   i  I'1''1'' li.i- cbail "I rood« il willbi
Is f,*,*i ami tb,* ,,,-t uill ntraed *)". '"•   »r)'i et    . i"t   I I""l i   i"
000,   Hon lliun a I'liaitaT a.l lie uu"
be   built   aalaa    the   Kii.a ell iV   lilet*    at
-nlllc    |iaallll    Ili'llllSlI    N.I,   1      ,lt,d      Hull
Apply   6th   Street   Wesl   (Behind Catholic Church)
Miss HORNBY, Run.
Graduate Birmingham General Hospital, England.
1'lltlM   1,   214 '
ha-  alicaili  been completed.   \ -hurt
lum    ,,,..,,   the   1,1 u    llllll    l.'hnia.'ilii     Ul     a*'".i   Iall        toil
ib.. proprielon nl iba' Ralnon RapitU
nmtl-ltc   icaeilcil   illl   ultli'l    flulll     lb,
mvemmanl tut 100,0011 Inl aaf luml*
Half..all       till  ulliallaill'      llulll' I.ml        lllll
|i|u|i:ill V   i,,111111   CIllll    I all   la   If
FIRE!    FIRE!!    FIRE!!!
\ i lit.** i   route ..(    I nn* '       1
iiiiiiii i- mm boing larwd not *t  lb    betwien   th.*   tlhrrta     hi bwa)
rale iif I'J.ihki („', per 'lay.   Ihis linn     "I   N'I "I  will  I.' f"t   lie   ..l.l    tola
tier uill .tl .'..lirsi' I.' u-.*.l ii fl uikiti*.'    patk ilnad) niitaa   batwnn   \,l,n
l.l.l     N  lllll      |0    111     lltll'taala     !
Al, ntnl, iitiiri'ts
simiiiiit mm mn
Sinn ,uul Prim Markers
ia. Fairfield Bid,      ton K3272
Riisini ss Cullcqe
hi: Scvtiii.iir si., V.itiia.iivit
Dav silinnl ope> .ill   till'   \i'.n
mnml   Night silinnl comment
co Si-]itt'!iilarr sib,
Canadian Dili' live BureaO —
(Hints ni, r iiliine
I *■ ■■ anr Officii    19 Km|  Hlock
MHaMtiafiit. weat, Ph.
In nil,il Sill" : Illlt tllll'tlt
Yorkshire Guarantee k
Senirilies Corporation Ltd
l in Seymour Street
l'll-il'', IN8U1ANCE
b'  Km- Honlgate
All Nui lli \ an aaiiii'i* |H*uple ent nt
Bit Iht Flack Block or Hastings sii.. 1, oppoiitc ihf new
Ttisl Oflice, Leonard sills his
tea hy lln titttind.
HI KHAKI) SASH & D00K I A( Klin, foot of St. George
Wl .uli. it 1 trial bi'l mt lien 1 .ran r* -a nl nr lur,."*
1,lib IT I V.IM'.T.IilM. PEAT
Tlti.   IllitlL'e   Ul'   '.He   ulii.ll   Jala sa'tilcil
L-ii'iiia*!*  ilian  ordinary difficult! -   I
lite I'ln^iiicis ,,w mi tu tic tn 11 li
Imnl nn OM fl' "f llic Salniun nia**
In nrtler lu mak,- il,,* liruli*, ,,| | a
llinlleiit lalilc alil mailable bn* tbi
palMgi ui in II1 tl iiiiii at all -I* is.,
uf llie yenr all tliii mm -li land   I.
llll'll   caalenil   111    llll'   ii|l|ltull'Ill's   tll tllc
bridgt     lllli'll     IlaCUllllls     flat       I ll, cnilt
lenu'lli ut tlie -mi' lure.
qi aii. iiinn.. 1
Tin* inu   salniun iiv.', bridgi  mil
li'l'lllai*   lllc   ulll'   lllllll   nOW   I' all I   ll '"
ulii-b has bona unlit I,,I Int tie
lieiivy it nllia  nl nn? iiiiiI pim i-n.n ua
Uini-    batWUfl   Silllllti    illlll   tin*     gTll
mining romp <»f t-ti-,.y Cnck li id
rantifM 10 th.. opwator ia that raoip
uill in* iiiipwdnm
linillici  Iiiiiiiii* lia- l«*a*ii -iii'iii an
,lc|       Ml.       Sa*|s,a,l'- ll|« I lllll II1I1O  c     I
ecus, tbe slu.aii iini an Winlaw, Tha
lliil 111' au||||i|,*li*i| till- lliaintli. || ull
I   t     nf line   |l"l  f.aaa|   l|ia,la    'I'll.     -;, in
ami une IH f->>.1 Boon -i'.n iini bill
fal'l III ll|i|lrullill. Tbe uitlili i» ll', ict
llie   11,"ul   lenelll   IIIMI  (art.   I |„.  Win' tu
bridgi uill ,uiiiic,t iiitli tbt .
wagoe road In .m, ti ,,f tbo trnnk t....*I
la.'tt'aai    \'l      ,1*1    Itula  aall
Ai   ihe  ronrhuion  nf 1 lm   V. 11.«
lllll    till'    |all   'Ilea'   aaf   )n ;1H      'I   llll- ,    M.'ll
ll.'    111,11     Mull,, |ij    aa|l    It    I I       I. IttaH'tl
- 1 iim aiel ^ inn  ainl it ihi- .Uggmtlon
aaf     I   lualal   l.'lttaa II    \. '   ,al.     ||    I   \|llll    U
.iiiuil nut  tin* rapital nf lb" Knot
.■nan s ii ,11 blCOW a gil a* ■• ntn' f"i
illlliiniiilnl"   "
llllll   ll Itlpla'tiaail   a.f   li*       |* **| ,*  **l
..III It lllll Ik* |M,..|lt|a* taa ,|||\. ;, III ,
chilli' tlilei I laa S|taak.lti, . ., ,**,|i| lie
III.* tl > lilin, and lllal pi at,' all.* nil
ini-tillL' I      tvllli-all       Nal-,,1      .,'i.| ll
Clutt's    Nc-I   .   I.'tliaill    \a I  aall    illlll till*
l'„,aiii,l,,,i nnd   ,a. t . I, '\a .t,   N,bxin
atl.l   Hull-' II      llll.l   l.y   n.e.lll-   aal   'li" I'V
ist.ni;    a'llaaiiiaah h'    mail    iu,|ii     I i.m
brOOk laa l.aalala'll. fllilll N,|.,.n la, l.c
It II   I' I IIU*',.      t all, l ,    .'Kill    ftaalll      \* l-nll
tn lh,* 1,,,111-1 Iniicl a* r.tillniir.
Sl'l.l Nlllll  M |ii\|n|:ll I    llll 11
\     trip    faal       llllutlllllli!.*    |. ll Mc-    allsll
bllill        WitbOUl       paialial       11 fill*        ll
al, ll.        -I'nll      llllll       |i.|f,.t llllll'l
aa,t|.|ll|i*|l-      llll *   It* I llllll     Ulll   bl        (i'lllll
. ,1.* Ill In ill.* I lull'. V I || | I |.cll*.
Ill llall uf I lllllblunk laa l||C W.||.|a-|
Wan    ll''.*! ,    I'l' k   alullC     ||.*     *   ,ni>*    Illla*
through tie' Itaiunni'  ,..,| -1..I*
la, "S .. a I r am! hili.i* In VI
-aaii in<! ll',* Ittaiin K'aa,l,liil laka'.
»llh a ll'* trip U|' the Mo in nn
anil tha i*... ba.k n. N.*|.a,ii ami Sain
nml through ibr Rouodarj rauntt) to
tin* *.
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy in the
Commercial Union Fire Assurance Co., Ltd.
ASSETS! $94,900,000
Afrermrnli and Contract* drawn . j, . ■• General
of every description nour      ;/ Conveyancing
WAIMR i III MIR, Proprirtora
Try our XXX BrOWB Hicad. Daily ilelivrry mall parts ol cilv
riinni; S anil 54
Sloros: 71 lousdale Ave. Cor. I .onsdale & Ath St.
v    **%*• t*\ "    r*\        ,
\^9W£X    '  X
tin ii\insii i;i,i*:t"niit.\i. DlffTBli 1
TAKI', NOTICE ilmi I hau* Madrid objtctiooi in wrl lag n, tl In
t ion "I lhc lollowing mini,    un  thp Iti'i'tsicr   ol   I.i.11-   lu   \U    Hi* hiiii.ll
IJ.*. luiiil limn. 1 011 ih" tunnels' mm hitm,
AMI I \KI   NOT ll I. il.iii at ,1 I'uini .at RavWoi lo bt bald aa the 7th
tiny ..I N..i.*inba'f,  I'.iln. ,n   ih,* t ity Ball.  North  \ an. ,,.*.. 1.  |'.   1      ,,,  i,.„
ll'allll'k   III   Ihl   Ini.'llianll,   I   .liall   In.ur  llllll   .li'lallllllli     lllc   .,'i|,|   , >|.|,^ t,, ,|1|>,    ,,||||
llllb'-i   sin h   liallli'il   |ac i-   ,,|     ,,|ni. nlhcl   |'l .>v 111' till   VOt«    mi   llictt   btblll,
Miti.ft ine ilmi -inli ,,i t , ,1,, nut »cil famiei, I -bail   u-Uu  mk
"""' " *«   :'"' lt'L'M"1' TllllMAS SHI I'lll Kll.
Ilnii.il ihi. Kith dm ul 11, inl.ci, 1910, Hi'uistini  ,,l ?etM
Tl"'    WlOWlni      |a.'       at,       ,,.„    ,,.„ir|,.,|    lll.sa'lll    It      ll''*     lh    ll|a(:
Ntt. nn
Itairtsic, SAME I'l M I
'Jl      *MII'"k, John on        IIuhibIiv l.nkc
l_     \iii|ai-nn. llillium I.nl. 18; lli, 17, Block '.'I. Bi
HM      liim Ua.hail.,   II, *,,„ icniial Part
'A-S.l        llvltlf,    I'lla.l     \„|||i   Aim    I!" "I
I'.u',     (bail,,11. llo,,,  li,,,    I). |„ 711, llhiik !l, Hurt.aln
Bt    t'liitaani, John ...ih.' lliiicn. V'anooowi Rr, Buroaibr
itt    Pook, \ti-  ',        tvniinl Park
US    I'ih'.IIiiuh. 1 1        i; ,       1 cntiiii Part
I'M       Html,   Pan'    I       „  |:Hst   Haul,alll
lil'.'T    Jioon Jen   ila*   0             j,,i |8, I'utnoerlnnd Road
■j:i'.n    Bait, Ot                         .   mi, itnat. Burnaln ,
•261,1.   Btmna, All...!  yc;*,, u„„A, tmttSt)
Hull Siuin.   - ,* 11,niial,l
Ml v'"i*  Kill  |,;a,i  Ilm nnby
.....'. Wetberall, .1 ntn. IM'tulier .. Oumberland Road, Burnabj
tm Woolom, John  |,,,t |fl| a„ tutU)
Thf   ("ll""!! a,|„,,t,.,|   ,|,,T,|   ,a|   I
IKI    Campbell,   Inhi  |,„i j, lluiiiabv
tll    1 "lb" a Fred .1 Power II"  Burnabji
USO       llil-"ll'l.   ll  1 ,1   ||.H„, ||, ud  ,V   II t'lilli,-   Ii'l.   I'"..u ntn
I I'.U      Boll, 0 » 1 „.,  Ilinnabi
2748    Thrwiiell, l'n.l,i, \, Buraab]
(1 ll ib Initial In all parts of ilm i'ity
Hall's Grocery
Cor. 'A George's k Sth 8treet
That (..iniiintliniis g rnoiiinl bOMt, lubltlBtitlljl built ami with
niail, ln nun, nn'ticts, situated on thc N. W. comer ol Chcster-
in Id Av, iini' ami Fourth Street hiving .1 (rontifi nf IJO feet on
Fourth St. ami 14'. f.'.T on Clii-,tfrlii]il Avenm*.    The   land  is
I'lll   ''
11 mr. i.i the ii.ii.iiict' in in- unngtd.
Corner Lonsdale and Second.
Phone 255
r\l'R \'.\\A. STOCK is now oopplete with
^ n ohoioe nt prioei oomparablfl with the
lirgo itofei of Vancouver.
Two Specials that cannot be beaten in B.C.
1. Ladies' Ribbed Cmhrnen1 Hnse   OC
all siz.-s ..;    LjkZ
2. M.-n's Black Caahmtra Sooka,   OC
verv Iteiivy waight, seamless    LJL
The Port
of Missing
Author ol "The House ol it
Thousand Caudles."
Skcokd Strut,
-   -   NORTH   VANCOUVER, li. C.
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Lunch"W«sl V.um.nu-i." Captain Findlay
l.li. iiM'tl tin 33 piMH iiii'ls
l,a alll'.   I .tlliallli*!
t nr l-.rriV.' Winn
Iliill)hunt Wharl
7.30.1. m.
9 no a.m.
11.00 a.m.
13.00 p.m.
15.00 p.iu.
17.00 |t in.
19.0a p.m..
<J. 30 a. Ill   Sunday .Vhfdulc IfOQ p.lll.
17.00 p.m         "  .»i.oo p.m.
Single Fare 15c.       Two Tickets 25c.
Ivor) Uiit| ttmkX f>und»)
S.00 a.m.
10.00 a.m.
12.00 a.m.
1.1 no p in
Iti   tail   p   III
|8.00   pill
 Saluidau Oil)    22.00 p.lll.
Quickest route Irom North Vancouvi 1 ta. tin* district beyond
Capilano River, Launch "Wilt Viacouver" makei eonnec-
Hunt., withniit frail, Willi the Itnv Humeri Iron Nutlh Vancouver, as per above •duilule,
\\il\l\ TIME 1ABLE
Leave Van.
Leave N
Leave N
•6.45 a.m.
*b.2o a.m.
•6.45 a.m.
12.15 P1"
12.45 P*111
12.15 P1"
12.45 P-m
2 15
5 45
) 45
• Salt   t
n Snnc
it 1.      1 inti
•.lllija'**!    la.   .1
mp wni
a.lit   Haiti
The Home Furnishers m UnMt Avtnut
(Continued Irom last Ime)
EUtH :   f: .•"   per   aiul   up.   Special rales to (atuiliis
ami  to regular   bonded	
the tiiviTit tm iln' ilriti' to i.nmiir IH
rooms ot't'ii|ili.il l.i Chiiiiieiiei til tt'uMi
lnirt.ni liml 111ifiiily ln't'ii riinsiitkill anal
c*orri's|ioiiili'iii*c unit iiii'inoriiinlii of a
Rtartlliii; iliaiiarifi' s.'i/nl t'liniii'i'iiet
uas known In bl a profossloiitil hlnek-
uinlli'i' antl plotter of polllleul inlsahli'f,
anil tho embassy of Austria lliiin;iir.v
liml itli'iitllli'il liiirnnil ns 1111 I'sninii.'l
wlm Innl only lately ttoen linplliiitoil
It) the launchlns of a dangerous Issue
of forRi'il Itontls In I'nrls. I'liillinrne
liml titan carefully coached hy his
fatlitT. mill lie ansivert'tl Ihe question*-
of the ollicers readily:
"If these men pm you any trouhle.
put Iiii'in iinilor arrest In tbe MMOM
jail. We cun brliiR them luu-k here for
alti'inptod murtler. If nothing worse,
mnl ihese mountain juries,will see thnt
they're put away for a long time Yon
will accompany theni on board the
George \V. Cuatla and atny with Ihem
until you reach Cape Charles. A tight'
house tender wlll follow the sli'iiniii
down Chesapeake hay nnd tnke yon
off. If these gentlemen do not give the
proper ordera to the captain of the
steamer, you wlll put them nil under
arrest and slgual the tender."
Chauvenet and Durand had been
brought out and placed lu the buck-
board, and these ordera were Inteniliil
for their car*.
"Vie wlll naive our right to a writ of
habeas corpua," remarked Durand
cheerfully, ns Claiborne flashed a lantern over them. "Dearest Jules, »'•
shall not forget SI. Claiborne's courteous treatment of ua."
"Shut up!" enapped Chauvenet.
"You will both of you do well to hold
your tongues," remarked Clalborue
dryly. "One of these officers understands French, and I assure you they
cannot be bought or frightened. If you
try to bolt, they will certainly shoot
you. If you make a row about going
on board your boat at Baltimore, remember they arc government agents,
with ample authority for any emergency and that Baron von Marhof bas
tho American stato department at bis
"You are wonderful, Captain Claiborne," drawled Durand.
"There ia no trap In this? You give
na the freedom of tho aea?" demanded
"I gavo you the option of a Virginia
prtaon for conspiracy to murder or a
run for your llfo In your own boat beyond the capes. You have chosen the
second alternative. If you care to
change your decision"—
Oscar gathered up the reins and
■-altel for thc word. Claiborne held
uia 11 ati'h to tbo lantern.
"We must not miss our train, my
dear Jules!" snld Durand.
"Bah, Claiborne, this Is ungenerous
of you. You know well enough this Is
un unlawful proceeding-kidnaping us
thia way-wlthout opportunity for coun
"And without benefit of clergy.'
laughed Clailiorne. "la It a daah for
the aea or the nearest county Jail? If
you want to tackle the American
courts wc have nothing to venture
'I'he Wlnkelrled crowd arc aafe liehlnd
iho liars In Vienna and publicity can
do us no barm."
"Drive on!" ejaculated Chauvenet.
As tho liiickbonrd started Baron v..n
Mnrbof ami Judge Claiborne rode up
and watched thc departure from their
"That's Iho end of one chapter," r.
marked Judge (lallwrne.
"They're glad enough to go," sai'l
I tick "What's the latent word front
"The conspirators were'taken ipilel
ly. About n btUUi arri-Us hnve been
iiunii' In all, nml thc Hungarian uprl"
Ing Int. plai.'.l ...it iitU'rry. thanks lo
Mr. John Armltngo." ami the Itnroti
mm ii't.l ISlUt townnl the Iiiiiijm
Wli.'ii tin' tno diplomats rode home
half an hour Inter It was with ll I
•MM tlu'' Ariiiltngi-'a condition wns
•Ila. Is a hardy plant" said the sur-
paw "ai.'l "HI pull through."
Chapter Wt_h\
»' l'\l*l   MM   an I'lll.all.*'I   "
uTi'iiala   mil   ..I    i'
v..11 Marlmfs ntltp ■'■
Sl.iTiii Springs.   The am
laat-milor and  his friend
nml  I'onitucl.  Judge  HI
l*'.i ( l.iiltorne. mii In a ml turner with
11 wicker tttlili' laetiiivn Ihem. The NB
la-iiii.iiiie of Aiistrln-llungari
Ith ii'ass with an Impudence thnt lln
k;,a,| ilu* in* 1 hocrlly.
"lies ns olistliiiite as.a mult!"
Judge I'lnilmrna linghM at the baron's vehemence.
"Ile cnios lay It honestly.. I can lin-
IftM Ills father doing tlio UPtmBt
niuler similar circumstances."
•Wlmt'   nils rot nhout demorrnci'
Thl. light tosshig awaj of-an
Hlle. n respea'lnlite fontnnet   My dear
air. ihere Is such a (tiling ane«rrylng
deinas'rti' 1 l.si far!"
"1 WUPn there la.Jbut he'e'.of '«"•
He's a grown man.  I don't see what
you're going to do about lt"
".Neither do I! But think what he'i
pulling aside. Tho boy'a clever; tw haa
lamp and brains, as wi know he
could hnve position; thc home government Is under Immense obligations to
hliu. A word from me to Vienna and
his services to the crown would be acknowledged In tha moat generous fashion. And with his father'a memory and
reputation behind hlm"-
"But the Idea of reward doesn't appeal to him. We canvassed that last
"There's ono thing 1 haven't dared to
ask hlm-to take hto own name, to lie-
come I'rederlck Augustus von Stroe-
I'l'l. .'ien If he doesn't want bis father'a
 iiei or the title. Quite likely he will
refuse that too."
"It Is possible. Most things seem
MMbh nllh Armltage."
"It's simply providential that ho
Unl heroine I citizen of your republic. That would have been the last
Tliey rose as Armilage called to them
from a French
window oear hy.
"Uood afternoon, gentlemen!
When two diplomats get their
heads together
on a summer afternoon the universe Is ln danger."
lie came toward them, bat-
lesa, but trailing
a stick tbat had
been thc prop of
hia Inter convalescence. Ills
bine serge coat, a
negllgeeshlrt and
dui'll trousi'is hail
been drawn a
few dnya before
from tho trunks
brought by Osear
.,„„. „,._Z from the buuga-
"i/oml nfUmoon, octv , ,,       *
tlitticnr hn.    He    wai
clean aba ven for
the h.-i time sloce his Illness, and the
two men looked at him «Itb a new Iota-rest. Ills deepened temples nnd lean
cheeks and handa told tbelr story, but
Ills step was regaining Ita old assur-
antl.. and Ills eyes were clear and
bright Ile thrust thc little slick under
his nrui uud stood erect, gailng nt the
near gardens nnd then nftbe bills. The
wind tumbled his brown, uewly trimmed hair and caught tbe loose ends of
his scarf nnd whipped them free.
"Sit down. We wero Just talking of
you. You are getting so much stronger every day tbat we can't be sure of
you long." said tbe baron
"You hnve spoiled me. I am not at
all nnilous to venture back Into the
world Theae Virginia gardens are •
dream world where nothing Is reallj
quite true."
"Something must be done about your
father'B estate soon. It la pours, waiting nml reaily."
The lm ron bent toward the young
man nnxlously.
Armltnge shook his bead. slowly and
clasped thc stick with both bands and
held It across his kneea
"No-no! l'lcasc let us not talk of
lhat any more    I conld n«it feel com-
l.l' I \SK   Tll  AN    I'ATHA-l'l;ii\ IN
(IAI. 1 iiMI'Wi
"CompaaiN A.i, IW."
Provinco of ltriii*.|i Columbii 1
tto. mi.
TWS  ll  ta. aaltlfl   iimt   "THE  I'l It K
LIMITED" in **... honied and  Una e.l
lo I'liity  ,m  bltalneei  uilliin   tlic   |ini-
viiiae ni British Columbia, anal lo ear
ri nui ur i'il'''." nil ,,i* imy nl ih. object*   llf   till'   ('lllll|l|l|ll    III   lllliall till* la*
Lri-laiiiia> authoriti a.f iiii* legislature
nl liriiish Columbia ssh,.. 1 .
Tlir ii.Mil iiiilu* nf tin' Company   Is
-ilualli'   III   ilia'  Cl'.V   a.i   Tiinin 11    11   ill *
proi 1111- ill Ontario,
Till'    allliillll'   aal   ill,'   Capital     aaf     Ilia'
Compaay i< One Hundred ;in I Seventy l-'iie Thouaand Dollars, divided in
to   OM tlliiNiinil seven  Ii'in Iii'ii    ntnl
I lift!      -llall**.   uf   tin,.    Hlttiil ,ll     llaallail*
Ml Ii,
Till,    ll.'.lil     nllia,*   ,,f   all,*    I ,,lil|. :ll,   ill
lliis province is litaati at VaWouver,
antl   W.  Ilarri   lliU1.11     Mart handise
DrolUr      lllla.S..      lltl.lt'.-S      is l  aillanlll,*
aforesaid, is tha attorn 13 lor lha Com
llll I'.N   uiniii   my  Iiuiul   mul
Sml  nf   niii,,* nt   Victoria,
1I..S.1    Provln *  ul   Itiiii-t   Colum-
l.iu,   ths   llaiiiirtli   day  ol
.lum*, nls ilt 11,in I nine hun
ilri'il mnl 1.11.
•I. P, Iei nm.
Acting Registrar *,' Jo nl Stock i'a at
I   The iilijfi'ts f.a" nh ,h il, . Compan
' lllis   l»*a'll   I'-llllllisliaal   an |   | , ,'||„*i| |||i< |
I     T..  inillillfiiilllle.  Imy,  s,||   ainl    tl ail
in   groceries,   roffees,   .pines,    bakin
powoaii, iliiiaaiii* itL. ,*iii* ;,*i-,  ta,iiinio
catsups,    jelly    powders,    mutants.
hln, kiiiL's, soajK, wtabini rompoundi
anil mean'   mil druggists' sundries
ami  Ilka* iiainnii.1I1I1 i,
Companies Act, -lulv 1st, IIK
I'tiavinii' iif British Columbia .
\,,. ^:i\ 11910)
This    i.    i„   ,,'ttifv   th ,1    "Till
111" is ailtlnni/ail iiiiii Ini'tist'il to i'inli oil I,It-ill *s- llitliin lh,. I'lolill.,. ,,1-
Hl I' I  ll   Ciililllllliit,  mill   Iii a ai 11   ulll aal
.•IT.-. 1   illl   i.f   alll   nl   ll Ii|... t*.   of   th,*
l,i|ll|.alH     laa   lllliah    llaa     ItguUtiVt   llll
I thorny ol th'  LaglaUlaii ..I British
I   a,lllllllll  I    ll*, III
III *   llaat.l   ,,lli,*|,   a,f     It,"   t'iani|aa,:l      I
-ittiala*  at   Tiiiialitai.  Unt nia..  1   an ids
The lia-ail nlli,,, ..I the Company   in
this l'i*..iim, is siiatali* at Van* aniii'i,
anal \l. C,  llai'ti. MannliiiTil-ers' Al-I'ii
uii'i*!' aiililta-- if Vanconver, aforesaid
is tli,' aitaatn "i  fur lh," ('oni|iatti\.
Thi' tint,.mil ..f th.' .apitiil it lln*
Company i- Forty Thouaand DoDan
diiiilail into Four llnttili.il ■hem.
GIVEN  until'!' ntv  litinil    ii"l
Baal ,,f (ifl'iir nt Victoria,
I'l.ai nu* ul lltiti-li Columbia,
II..S.| thi- Third .I.ii .*l \*i n i
(itn* 'Unin-; nd Nine lliiii.lii'tl
nntl Ten.
Regiatrar uf -Inin* ^-.,. k Coaap
Tha, objt ts (an- »hi ti this Companj
b* .1   .'-'llllll-ll.ll   lllaal   |l  I'll-,,I   111,'  I
I,, lint, -ell and 'liu' in fnti'T gut.ils.
al.i nod ,   Hti'liii'. .imi iiniia.ti-.
"J Imt i/ou, SMrlcv
fa.rtailil,. ibout It I have kept my
pledge to do something for his country
-something that we may hope pleasce
hint If he knows."
Tho three were silent for a moment
A hreese, sweet with pine accnt of the
bills, swept Iho valley, taking tribute
of the ganlcns as ll passed. The hsron
wss afraid lo venture his laat request.
"But the name—the honored name of
Uie greatest statesman Austria ha*
known-a name that wlll endure with
tV greatest names of Kurope- suit,y
yam enn at least accept that"
lhe ambassador's tone wu aa gravely Importunate as though be were bfg-
g - the cession ot a city from a hsrsh
C'.ni|Uertir. Armltage rone and walked
tlia* length of the veranda. lie had not
sliltli'i since that morning when
ilm enrth had sllppasd from onder hli
fei't at thc bungalow. Tbe Ctalbornei
bil li-een back and forth often between
Washington nnd Storm Springs The
Judge had Just been appointed a mem-
lier of the Brnilllan boundary commission which wa» to meet shortly la
Berlin, and Mrs. Claiborne ind Shirley
were to gn with blm. In the Clilborne
gnrden, beyond and below, he uw a
(Ineh of white here ind there imong
the dark green bedgea. Ile ps.i.'-l.
leaned igalnat a pillar and waited until Hhlrley croased ont ot the walks
toA paisasd slowly on, Intent upon Un'
roe* trees, nnd he saw-or thought tie
law-the aun searching ont the r"1 '
her brown hair lhi wu batlsae. tlcf
White gown emphislied the •'
Una of her figure lhe pinaed lo fonder some new nrrangrment of a m
n hydrangeas and he caught« gMNl*
,   ■•*■   mm   HL.ny,   ..ra,
llo In nintitiiiiil
Bargains in
1000 yjrds of
Mating to be
sold at 10c yd.
lii'ijiilcir 25 cents
U   n
i s
70 Lonsdale Ave.
and 895 Granville St.,
Comer ol Smylhe,
North Vancouver
Coal iind Supply Co.
Dealers in Coal, Brick,
Sand, Gravel, Lime,
Cement   and   General
Builders' Supplies.
All Unl. i. Promptly
I ,tml Satiiln tiun
1 lat.ii,mti .I. I'm el iiii
Office: Lonsdale, near Cily Wharf
Warehouse:       Fotman's What!
Mort<jaC[e Sale
til' \ M.l Il'.l I' i IIV
I tnl. i .mil In  \ irl na- of tin* POVen nf
Sal n' liana In ■ ('i-n.iin lii*l'*ii'ii*
aif    HoTtaiagt,    »l.l'll    »ill    K'    I'l.ai I*    *!
nt   the  time ol  .nl,,,  tlii-re uill lie  o(
lellil fnr  aula-  hy   |allli|l<*  ,'illilii'll  lay
iiii: .-.hi'Kiiii'T ni' nn: mi \rv
,,f \Willi VI 11
Ila.Ill    l.l    I   llM.I.k   ill    till'     all, |
On I ■ .<!.». Nov. Ilil), 1910
nt iin.
SHI Kill's lllllll,
IN llll  lllllll HOUSI,
in th.. City nf V.ina'iaiii, i. It   ('.
lha* (iiiiiiii nu; |ini|.*ili, ninii. ly :
\| I    IMI   RIKOI I III   llaill
|ai||a*.*|    ,,,     tn. '     aai    |.,la,|      ,|„|      |... *
|     a'. II  .1     I  a    |. || I,, I    I
a.f     N.il    ll     \ M lift.     III     tltr      I'
aaf    llllllll    I   lilllilllll I,      lliil    laa'll.a   l*",,H,l
,11  I'l* I a
I.     Uhdivi.ion    aal    |.*l       Hull.*   lll'l    tl It
a-l       ||S     |       I'll.      Ill     III"*  I
i-a,. in   uhdivi Ion -f l'i '.'* I l*'t I..'*
llllll.lt.-.1     .11.1    I *    *,*   ..    |    III.
■  I     il.    II I*  t.      I       ia*l|  tl la
,,t nl in ..I tin* -ami    ibdit i i**ii .1. p..
a*,.|     III    ill.'     I   llll'l     Rl  .     lit)     HH'*'       I'    'In*
Illy   .if   I ,ill.*..llli*r,   a I. I,*  llal.
IIII    \ I Mini!.-    llll    IMullMI ll
I    l*        I*'*      I ItUal   '        II     'll *.ll'l     11
I    IIIMI       llVal    I   I   IM.      ll'll '
ii MM uk su.r .'it |..'i ..n:. ..I
"  I.'   |>n al ill i ,i|i
llallam .* Iii
 I il   "   »  ill   a,,* il a , ||.    la, I a* III   'I,
,       '   '*.       ** ll
I ,,|      lniih   I     | ail    a< 'll il        III '1
- a * .      ;     *    '.a
\. \  DAYKIM,
Hol, It,, |,,i  Mo *
IM t;,„,'.,i|, Ri    i,
\ an i.ini*., ii. . .
il Vai    .i   IV i'., ih a Ilil.
.1 October, '   l>. 1110,
Ni:il III   , HVK
i .  hn * ii.i tl..* new lm
l>       .a*     lllalaal    |. |t,
*      I      *       ■'*    *  *      I   I    III     11. I.        tail
' '       ' all ll  ill aa|
"     *'   ■ iy at
m:m wistmissh.k t.isii ms-
TRICT) Ili-ui' I "f N.n tt|.~imiintiT :
Tnl,.'   in.li,,'   tli.it    1,'ai'aa'it  IliilT   Kin-
111.anal     aaf     I ntn,.III i'l.     ll,    C,   u< t'liptl-
tiuii, btoaaar, Inteoda taa apply (aar|w-
iii |"ii* li um tin* following ite-
-iitl.al Innl-: about J-'i MM .om-
nanrlnj nt a poal planted a>n the
mnlbml momi ..f L.t \M% thence
na'.. .'ITT'- ai ' bonadniyot
la.l Bt, than ■' -until -0 allnini lo
Mail ill lia.llllillliy a.f laat MB, thenr*
*■ a   '   il,7l   a ll.'lill-   taa   Ila •'    I " I llliry ol
lut Jii.it, timan nortk B.T0 tkmu,
iini i-l    in   Allnl   t,. n,,rthe»it
a.ni.i ..f I.i.t MM, ti. i • ii.rtlierly
along   «ln.ta* a,!   Uiai-,'.I,!„■ Inke   to
pililll    aaf   lailtlllli II ,-,' | I,'
mini i;i in 11 ki'Mitsii
July ttn\ ll'Hi 3'J-IO
v tm-tm       «   *
NOTICR ii tienby givii thai thiity
.lan-   ;i[..|    'la.*   In-*
nuti'i', I i.ala*iii| i.i npi'li In th.* Su-
!■* nnt.mii in ,,( Prol i' . I I'" '■ f"r «
ia in n.il nf  tlia-  I! I  I i  ' a- fur    the
M I., ill*   Hotel    lad it  It
lilli*.    It.    '..   .   .a    I,*'    ITJ, |a   I, NM
'       Ll       lll'lll.      f..|        'III a   IITI      a,(
.ii monthi roan I t.
ni\l Hiuiiii
Paled nt Nortk \ u tuna,
iu. iiih, Ml W
M.i ataman
.ii .nei- .,1 M,aai..n ii * imitate
..   la.lak anal I'.n I  nana.    K, |aaalr
...II HI  Nil   II-   I    *
I'liliira* lr..n.:tiL'.      I-'nn..1 nra- St.ara|e.
m tii. on
60   YEAR8'
a. Tout Manne
Coi i.q'iti 4c.
Irmrrtr- llif a,'ii-t-lt n.
I '. a a  '. laa.lll
ipa.-talita lal, •"*!      '
Sclcniific }fi.i^can.
A liMi'l" ' -1  ■  '
Filnlmn i f mir ■"'"'■ • ' r
ai.avii.f     >»ft»J.|
ill nuw i.»i«t».
MUNN &Co ••,B«»-— hew York
tu..,* ii ooi* n r ki. w.a'iib.i.1*. do. FOUR
North Vancouvei, ll C
Katn ok si nst Hiiiiais
Ono yenr |1.00
sii monthi -       ■       ■     .6U
Three mniillm     • • aJ8
Unileil Stnti*. ami Kortlgn,|l.60perye«r
Ta»N»ntNr llisi'uv AdvutIpIIMTI—
50 cents per Inch each Innerliuu.
Lodoi NOTIOM, Kie.-ll.im p.r lllell per
Linn am. 'I nun h .Niaiui's- :iu dayi, |li;
60 davit, |7.N.
Lium. Aiii't.itii-iV'.   lit-'  iii-.'ilatin, I'1
cinti pat line; eich lubeequMit Innr-
tion, 6c. per line.
K .lnls.a  NuflCOt  lv   I an tl    Nt.llia t'ul
, ua*—IU tvill- por lim*.enii iiiscrliiai
CulTHlal    Alall llllsl Ml  >l.-*- ll.lll'H    Ifa
ranged iccording i" ipacn taken,
111 , ll.lll ^a*. IU Cam I I all 1 .lilVtrtlScllll'llts
unlit be lu tbe liinxi- I lln* prill*! ti)
HValii'.ility ironing to cn-iiri'|'ti I.liaitl inn
in the nett issue.
Nokiii Vawouvi i, Nov,  \, njti
-I a IIND \ lllliiill.- DRllKil
othing    Sueeaedi   bike   Sure
sppmpriately be nbue
i*,ii*i.*ii..* to the
iiiiiiiI   lor  the a'
\ illiiM-   ItliiluC
inception in th
prngresi ail the mnn.
(Illstllla 'Unn    |||    S.'llllll!
till'    tillll'   1.1    Its
bai in ill Burrard Inle
I iinii'*l ami I*.,i11 _i,  ' ompany,     Vlhon
companj  wai nrl ma.Ilv im mn!,
laa take iiii'i   tha charter whieh  bad
lain in diiUM lot n term ..i  eight »n
1* lis. It Ila- fait ill tt If lha' Vl'l'l
ll'll-Cl     cull-lllrialllc      Iini, llll,111 Ull
iti ichad lu iln. s. Iii'iii i a" ' iiii I'l
iie |in--ibilitv a,t the depai inenl ol
tallwayt ruling tbat bat suae i tie t ti n
lar Innl lain n Innn unused, it hail.
therefore, Iai I.     It "a-, tli,*,.f.>i.-,
With     ' nlisialfl'llbla*    a|i|i|clii I    lull      ill,*.!
thi.-c mora marl] m ot tai.'.l with the
n n*  projet i   ipproarhed   tht deparl
incut uilh n linn   I., tin' ti'siisimii,ai.
ni     till'   ' la.l  plett   -lla.a's-
ui iiii    application,   m the  ta
ttiong  u|>|insiiiuii,   marked   lbi
ii inn (in ihe people in tIimi- deter
itnniii.aii  I,, .any  lhi-  bane deterred
undertaking to completion al their ..mi
a hargt     Bin •   lh it time tbt kiator)
ui tin* inm cm,*nt  lm-  I i  i.in* ui DOB*
tinuaii ami unintamipted  .*- with
reap*i to tack sia..... ,,f tin* proc I
Inga n- it hn ,l,*tch'i«*'l.  It i- i i"
labia'  (a* i   that   HI   li"   -itn;!.*   in I II   I
lm- Barrard Inlei   Tunnel and Bridgt
i aini|.ani nial mih a 'i'|'.il-c. lc a om
a .li'laat. I haii* hale bttO -il.nni.'lt-
wlii'll  liave  n-|ititcal ,l.*li. vita*  balndling
Illlll      !lU|H*!l||      |aa Is,al,alalia,*, lltlt        tll*
iii-lt'tll .(.lillt i."- Italic  ililait iabli    I x -. • a i
f..l tbrOartaf     III       hu-a'   liim   I. Ha'      ll nl
lha*   tiiiilati a*   nf   lhe   lii" ani. nt     in
*, with ihi' retail  thai   m irhad
-ItaaC-s      h,|.      I,  -lllllll      ill     »ach      lll-IUIICC.
I* *iiu that Ims ban attained bat
sasUlllllJl r.tltlcl.sl ill'' ICll all'silasl
I'tl'l     'It.'     111, al >*    '* I    \      "I      I' I ull'l"    lllltl'llt.
Th"   uinvciiictti    bus    gathered    both
h   ami iiiiiiii.ntiini   ai   il     las
laa*,*,all* it   -Ila ■
li'-.       llllll    lhc     111 Illlt' -t    mil      "f    ill''
pnplt   niltl   ta's|.'. I    tu    llal      lllillc.'lnk
in*.'  ha     i*   III   I'"!. '■ doWl  a   *
pn Ition  ami ha- dton-d  'lie u.ii    -a,
ihnt   nil   thai   nminins   i   to   ■
with  buildins riperationt.
11 i   timpli bed n ' ait.'h 'In*
,|*|*l . ut,,u nl I'.ini ml It
hi In    and Cit'li.''' ' ''"!'t"y beloo
ih.* railwai •..mmiii>*. ,,t tin* Boa t
aal iui, *   ""I  baton th'*  ouili ii
lialllllli I a,la ,    |., all *|
nt"-l   ll.alal.l,      ai.i.s   ut   ihll   llllilllet
rupted a * *"' "I i a ti'ti's. nl
ilm.ich nil |.ia ..lm:   itt iiiiiinni   in re
I.'          Ill      t"     'I a      I  I    I       It'll     I'l      lll'lll     ll
I          I,       |*'a        llll*   .
I tll.*     Ill   ,'     .   |  I ||       |I|C     |H.     <   tat
lllne,   llllll.IfI    Illlel     I IITI I aa I     .1   I  1
i'n  li i  lull .inti, *i it■, t*i proratd imli
L      i. na. lino "f a In aba  ..nal ap
I   \ a,I '11 .   in  the
,a i li  lhe)   wi-lntl   I,,
prm 'in 11 mp nn    llkalla a*    I, i
rn*     i*rl. ,,, *l    mil.
' a,,n   a.f   , ntlc    a   ii      lite     ..'
I   lllll   * • .1
tn*        ni     I   in  |"n
W   'It    |.|. |. MB   tl        'a       '
I II,I    alulla,    lal      l| a      lllllll   IJ
I     I**i    ll I   Iin.     **ii   th. , *      lea. .
ti|*nl i   nu      do   ""t   III    iin   «al
llltellcle   Hllll    tbt      aa a, *|   |,| ,||.   a ,|  | L*
i"lil|i|IH . A« f'U the l|...■- "I. tla..
nnrth     ' |arm i*la*.i   ll    ■     th
f.ilbaiiial  ).\   tb,.  lm*    nl    llnr
lilt.I       I'l'i .        I Ii'l     I''   ll '   'am
pun    hall l»    nbl'. i I.. Ihe   i
**(  ihi   \    f. 0 \    I: i iii iii
I .ampnm       linn     II
Ml     HI*   i*        a, In U h;
Independent   , n» In-
,1,1*11    M,,i||,| l,|aa*(,
,i. idopted b; il   \  w  i. y
lliul'.' ■
!    it   with Hn
\    W   t,   y   fa,  tl *.i •h.ai
roav ... "I iw h i'
la.  ..a, ,|,,,| |,„ ti i i , when
ll,  bin! .  In well
llllll l«
lhat I I that
|ai|ta        Ihu-a.   Wl       II    'h'    I'*
ii  tn know  llf' In'''- nrt' P'.-ilivc
ition   lhat   illicit lhe   time
lia- arrived f..r die conatruction ol the
railway linen, all --eemiag obttacki
uill havi been removed .....I 'be way
will be in-t as clear to proceed in
that particular, as it is bow tn pro-
 al uiih iln* bridgt nml ihe bm'- "it
Ila*      aalllh    si,|c   . ,f   ill.'    lllll'i.
Ilrhapt  Hie  tiiii-l  nuggettlvt mm-
lll.iit   ran   llu* sitiialitili  is  lhe fact  llltlt
the directon a.l Burrard Inlet Tunnel
ami Bridge Company are unanimoualy
agreed thai Arrangement! fm' actual
ronntruclion operation! -hull begin ll
mi'i* ainl  -llitll be |Hi-lia-i 1 ilith all pot
■ible vigor innil ihe c'liiiaci lm'both
lhc -ilbsliilclillcs ami lllc siipcistiui
line Ila- h" ll alt ii'ileil llinl the ''nli*
a tele   ami    tcil   .lie  being   put   ill pill e
in tlic i.i iii uf lhi' la.n.1 uislicil fin
bridge.   I he utterance. ..( Reeve   Mc
\  I'lL'Ilt,   Which   Will   III'   fllllllll   ill llltaalllc
column at'e clear and itrong In  ibn
ti's|teii  and  nil  libit  arc  invest sl   in
lh,* N.illll Shaala* imn |l,a.*|it 11 I ll UH
|)licil •■i.lllilleltcc lhe llssllliilice lilt! all
I U.l lllllllll I.-.    IliH   I.'   |||s|li|-l'll   uf   uilh
ih,*  in* ni -    pu—ible expedition   ami
that   the    lni.lL*c    Iiuililci-   uill    be   nl
ii. uk at .•seiuiiil Ntii'iuiis within a Itn
inunlhs' titac,
It is gratifying, likeirlal, to nolt the
(act ihai ha' i pacta uf Burrard Inli'i Tunnel atul Bridgi Company pro
i.llill*.'   a   siili-iaiitinl  sllbsiilv fnim  lllc
Dominion   govtrnmanl   at   iln*   up
preaching sa*ssiaan nro very bright,   lh.*
-itiiiilia.it is as lollowi :   lln' i  lol
I   -llll-i.lv   *,a   the   V.Vt.tV,   lialiluan
fuinpuiii having lapaed becaiw ..f ibe
Ini'l that thai 1'iiinpany tailed 1" COB
nii'itai' ain-tiin ti.m wort during An
L'usi last a- provided in tlf auboid)
bill, ii bacomta naotaaary bn- them ta
apply fur it icncual iif tlic -iiiiii*. Illlt
ni'ii Inlei Tunnel untl Bridgt Company Iiii- the -nine right, howtvtr, to
make   ipulicatloo  fur  lite  -ub-iall    up
a,ti behall ol their undertaking ami In-
lamurt ti- then t- nn pottibility  ..'
■un subsiibes being granted b.r ..
bridgt ut il.i- point, it remains only
tu lv -a' ii iiiiiiii Conpany can  ihon
lhe lio-l rciisuns why il nntl BOl ils
competitor ihould lie the rccipiciii   nf
thai -uii-,,! in lieu ni the actual
word nf ciciiis mth netpel to lh
im. iniiipaii.-. H.iiiaiiil  Inlet    lunnei
ami Bridgt Compan) ims link to fam
as iii tlic retult.
1111 the project, ii requlnd, The MB-
itructlon t.f tin- -i'l'' i'.u'1 s""" ''"
oouragee yel other plonein lo locate
somewhat beyond lt« terminal point,
who   in tiiiii repeal ihe p.' -s   n,,a|
thus   the country bt
with   ruiiil-   in   all
uhiah  an* t s-arily
but   ivlliah  uin li una''
gradually   Improvid
placed in lirsi cliiss a
Prom n practical point uf view the
conatruction of th -aa greal '.am.k
minis will oomtitute a prima In... 'in
ilm progrmlvt wttlemenl ..! ihi oul
lying portion" "i the pmvinca aed tw
man worthy ohjn I a,.nhl bt Innad
>)tpend   largi sums ol
.ttics  iiilcisi'cleil
rectlona,  toadt
niinii   iit    lirst,
**|aa*lll'll    lip,      lift'
mini    Ihey   lire
upon which iu
public money,
This   is   uin*
Wits    llisciisseil    In     Nu
Board of Trade, laat
renting uhi'It a fiv,
i'mi ,1s which
ih    Vancouvei
.car ami    i.ui
iial.* reaolution
Tlie latent and belt
subdivision in the eity
Hit* latest anil best
subdivision in the till
Large Lots (rom $925 each.
North Vancoaver
The latest anil In st
subdivision in tin1 cilv
The latest anil lust
subdivision in the rity
We supply SlOVtWOOD any
length required.
16 inch length, $3.00 per load
Cordwood, $5.00 per cord
Cash ou Delivery,
l'lione Ita 1'. O. Box 136
win   passe
pat Intel
tl  ami  Intu iinlctl   tu    In   il
The ilea i-iaait iiiiiiu.iii'.'.l I shuit  lime
.,■■,, In  II*.,1   Tliuinas Taylor, Mmi-tn
.a( I'ublic Wmk-, ihnt   it  ttm ttie in
lelitiun  nl  hn  ala-pntilili'iit   t"  1
lliiil    III Itslillalinll    ul   twa.   Ll' a.'
trunk   rani.l-,     rtiiiniiiL'   lruin   Hat
tn Weat, ami lie* "thai ft"iii nurth tn
tooth, throughout Britiih ('..lumbin,
lm, evidently Imm itteadid doatd) In
, ti.i.eiia aatiaait. Mr. Tnylor return
,il lo lhe cnpitnl la-l lush trout am
ail* hil.il I.nil* Ihra.Iliill Ilia* ;lll ■' 'I nf
ill,'   plaalilt'c   Illitl   lite   LTlltlflilli:   -ia'.'
meat   i- madi that ihe unrk hns nl
laeK -,, Iiii progr d ihat 11 Motor
,,ir   reotntly madt the nip ihioagh
(mill I'tllv'llll   laa I lalibnank lloag    the
new highway,
Tllis    , I.lll.      |.l**l***  t     llll.allcs    ll*
.lim linn a.l a.iai "tie ihi.ti-nnil niih-
,,f  irunh in.el.  I.'lwas'ii  I'm. nml    siv
hundred nnh- uf uhnh an* top 1.1
ail In   lhe iniiih iiii.I  tll I "ial iiliil 11
-i.iii.iimil  -mill. 1  milea*.',* by  il.
imi «..I  ■... I    It   1-  anu il ibn'
ih..   nortii nntl suiiili    iiuik ra.nil will
make u-i* ul th.* a.hi Cariboo tn.il. lot
I,,uini;   tl n-1   I'.aak  ,,l   lb'*    I '
II,. 1     I"   11   I'"...!    aa|l|l,a-ila*   l'al|l    (Jl
tie*  through ih.* N.'ha... inll.i ta,
I,.      a|l\ ia|a>     U'lUaS'li    tl,.     \a*. hi|, ,,      llnl
|ht    llnlklal    iall.I-     alil       tlmanl
ihroagh Bulklej vallej  .  I.. 1   Bai
'I lc Import i.k*  **' th 1
i   *h   a   ■>'..  1 1"  nl 1
inm to ihe npening up an.l
111,1,1    ,,f    lllc    ||,H     |„,HI"||-    III      h     |Haa
,11,.I    awfl   !«• "i"'   nm il'.l*
nil I nnl)   I** 'h.  "i'
,,f   laaa,      ,,l   1 ulli n      In   (at   lllc   1 ml
ta   roadwt
Hi   I'll I   ,,l  lhc  I ill",a |  il  , It    I h,
i ill I   i      I    llllllll.    In   llli
iht  momII   "ten  tin   nam i-  nl    n
i.iii'l-iiii ■   ' ai.p.a-.i whan
,    the  a'li ml 'a lh'    htL'h
al at  all lime.
I I n-'I'C Ila.ll   1,1    llaa    ,     |n||l|.   Will
:■" ■    I..nuiih lie    e   a-,   taa     |il,a*li<l   "WC*
■i f ihi pro
'.*     ai I :II ' * i'   a  'I ill the irratiu.l
,al ii.* il'li. Ii nc i ,., • l...n .nlireli
iiiii"a, bed nml will tlm- 1.   "I   crcnl
lK*l|a*lil. llul ..till |n tla, I 'Hli.l.'lll Vi.
I'a..     l.'ll     Will    I " I    illllllae
ment  In i. |g tnke up
ia,n the Ini'l ami   ta
devote ii bnrfcg   m
Ill'll,       || *   .. I,,|        th.
i   ■        1   mn.l"
'    '"I      a       I   apulll       II
I a     ||    the
■   '■
•lml    tbe
.- i,..t a,'  all   nver.c
i,.,it lli«
|hl|    I   a,| III' HI
i '• ;   ,     n  ||M   the
bum       ll.a*
'.'.Ilk I   lllllll     llll'l
Ml,    P     \|, llul,.*,',I    lililllieil    ill's,, ,.,*k
Irom Siiiiinti'ilaiiil aan 'In wt i Idt ol
Ink.* iiUniiL'iiti iilt.'..' hi -vas i iga|
.•tl in overtariag the InatalUt on ol
76,000 (an*l ill iimiH pipi* f." the wtiti'i
worki si-'.'tn ..I that place,
20,000 Bulbs lor Fall planting. All the leading varieties
(rom 10c per dozen up.
Cull or phone for catilogue.
Simpson & Wight
19th St. West     North Vancouver
Refuse Substitutes
an.l insist ipofl K.'ttini; OVI
paints. The chotpcf pnnils
never tin their mnk well, anil
will cause you » whole lot ol
extra work ami eXMMt.
Our Paints are Warranted
and are laadt tn Mumi llie most
sfiiie w.ailii'i without chipping
or bliatariog Tbey are the
pailltl that uood p..inters relv
lipoo, ,uial lliev have never lailed
,ts let tn -ne iiitiit saiisl I, imn
They ilesa lit* ynur trial.
117 Loiisilale I'lintn 1 |i
66 Lonsdale Avenue Telephone 53
Convenience to North Vancouver Merchants
Buy in Your Own Town. Your O   en Solicited
Queensbury Heights
DOUBLE CORNER, 11111x147, occupying splendid position
011 TENTH S I, .nul close to mi line. Price 12950; $950
easb, balance6and 11 uontha,   .Ml cleared
S r., ail cleared an.l elose tn car line.    Price $2100; Third
casb, balance (1, 11 and lH months.
Keith Road
Dm Mod (rom l.oitstlale Avenne, a lull Mated 51) loot lot, facing
south, lor»2ooo.   THIS IS A SNAP.
Nnrtb Vimi'iiiivrr Keel Katale Bpedallate
liii.iiiti.il innl Insiimiit't Btofam It l.'.if"bib' Am- . -I'linni' 70
Jno. A. Chales
llall ll--alllat| -llll, llf f*.'-|l ^Oaals
,11 lll.l.lrlllll* |at|,.s (|,aa 'lallllTl tl *.H
St. Cluirlf. (ri'iini, large  lia, 15.40
|S I     a ;i-,'.
Ilriitu,'!*-, '.' al.i;. l.n '.'.'t tUOS,
ll.aliibitiH mui Maa-t CapiaM 'i"1
ft)    I'tl'ti    MaanllV     llla.llltnj.
134 Firit St Weit
I'li.nii' '.'17 Nnr.h Vniii-ativat
thf: mucuui-ui
■LUN i% lid.
Lonadah  Avenue,
at Ferry  LamlmK
A. Campbell Hope
819 Chesterfield Avenue
Phone I 138
Philip, Cameron & Co.
liaie (nr '•alo
Large double coi. in North Lonidale   close in lor
$430 cash, balance to arrange.
Choice double corner Queensl ury
I Ictghtv  near Keith Road.  Only
.t400 caih, balance 6 and 12 mot,
117 First St. East
I.O.O    P.
Naatib twawmm i.-in.'. '<" tt,
nweti man ll." ia; eewiaQ, rnrm-r
l.nn>dale kttua ltd It-t .ir,*el, al
M o'llank. Vi.iltni; brethl I iiiiliilly
invilfil tn Ptm )' 1 I l',,r., N.
0, ; It. K   R ' I. II.
I'lllinit,  tfi . In
IV,, aim Imiialle tin' fu'laawlti|( in
It I K fbii kK.»«l
11 I K I'liii-ken Cb.i|«.
Smiti' Bi"et Sr»|...
Mun'. l'a.ultryS|.l.v
I ■•■' Um Killer.
IVbeet in Iwn |riiilet>
S lal in anv iiu,iiii :
The lU-.t Miimiia-r Sprav
nn tin' murker
ALL K«Nos of
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
FOR SALE—6-roomed All-modern
Houie, clote in. Price $2600
$800 caih, balance eaiy.
Hot Points
For the Man
U it s a chance to please the
Qnli r at once a lyio " HOT
Ten alais trial, (ree lor asking.
pleasure and comlort on ironing day.
Qnly iron on market |Htri0-
tnil lm two vears.
|niest now, il  will please her.
|\jial.   ileaii  ami   eeniinniical.
I ry one now and lie convinced.
B. C. Electric Railway Company, Ltd.
50 Lonsdale Avenue.
II Canadian Financiers, Ltd.
1      I      I      I      I      '      1      I      I      •      1      I       I      1      I      I      I.   l.-l      I      T      1,1      I      I      II      I      I , -I      I ■   I, I    J ■ I -1.   J -1      I      Iilai      I      I      I     ll
111 in n inn 11 iiiiiiiiii ith in 11 ith run 111
LOW SEA, Proprietor
The well-known reputation of thii Company,
with iti three officei, affords ui unuiual facilitiet
for disp sm*,' of proper-
tin which are listed with
ui at right pricei.
I   I'*!
Commutation  1HI  It, ti mills
tl 71
Ro ims lor Kent hi ra  lirm ntci
Purchaser! will find in
our office a large list of
properties for sale in all
parti of the City and
Diitrict of North Vancouver.
;:  14 Lonsdale Avenue:
-     J. P. CRAWFORD, Local Mgr. ::
Telephone 215
!!    Branch Office: • . . • end of Lynn Valley Cariine
■.    Main 'Hi.'' I ..... 632 Granville St. Vancouver
Foreign Office:   Glasgow, Scotland. T THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C
ArrangenM-ti nm complete fat Hi. oobmtI —i ianee lo In |lvM Jjy tl*.
Board ol Tradi in tin* Horticultural Hall oa Tuaaday iviniig ant, Thli
will bt' n popular function iii the liillt'st snnsi' nl llif tam, Nn iiiliiiissinii
nr Other In will Iw dinged, but the oltlim ircnei'iilly IN invited to at-
l.'ii.l ill Inrui' nitinbem nntl tn inwisl in making lhe on iisimi onl ol the
gnatlal enjoyment taa the pwtaei niniihcr. The prcsciitiition I" Iteevc Mi-
Naught will be ii feature nf the tVUlilkg, All excellent program U* luen
proviiletl, the dltalll nl illicit  are us fnllnws :
1. March       " Colonel Miners"       Rosenkraus
North Van. ouvra Cily B.nal
2. Chorus "On the ,Sea" Dudley Buck
Norih V.ncouv.r M.l. Voic. Choir
3. Pianoforte .Solo "Andante-Rondo Capriccioso"
M"WSBun7.rARAM-       Mendelsohn
Of Norlh Vancouver School of Muiic
4. Solo "Selected"
Mr. J. A. Mftcfadyen   of North Vincouver School of Muiic
5. Serenade       "Dreamland" Rockwell
Including Pu-aphrue for Trombonei A. Baritonti
North Vancouver City Band
Solo by J. C.  Rurnnlon
NOTE:—During the interlude a presentation will be made on
behalf of the people ol North Vancouver to Reeve
McNaught in recognition of hii able servicei in the
metier of the Second Narrowi Bridge.
6.   Chorus       " Annie Laurie "       Dudley Buck
Norlh Vancouvor M.l. Voic. Choir
7.   Solo
Miu M. Firadl.r
8.    Pianoforte Solo "Fantaise Impromptu"  Chopin
Mra. W. S   Ruranr.lrr. ARAM.-London
9.   Solo
Mr. I A. M.,l.d,.n
10.    March Medley Introducing " Love me all
the Time" Howard
North V.nrouvvr Cilv B.nd
Do not be miilead by thoie wishing to
trade on the name
This name applies only to property beyond
the city boundary - REMEMBER THIS
213 Lonsdale Avenue
Corner Nye
Tel. 47
- Tel. 87
(Continued frum pnire 1)
\H7'E' represent
two of the best
yy    Insurance
Companies   in
The Yorkshire Insurance Co. and
The Scottish Union National.
MAY «•
Real Bltltl nn
1 Financial Agents
Do you experience difficulty in
handling your own personal linan-
crs ?
Do ynu not sometime*, wish tlial
you had i few dollars in the hank
to fall hack upon ?
DtpotJt One Dollar in the Bank
ol Hamilton to-day—a small num,
but Itlgl enough lo hear Inti ft ll ,
md it will speedily accumulate
more, once you have coiuin. innl
to save.
C. G. HEAVEN. Agent,
Ntinlt Vancouvi i
U;        ■iNUIIltl,        IWaCTj        pollie,
MM,I" ; aehool, «3,(i2'l„1ll; l.,„:tli,
ll uns rasoli'ftl li. ii'in".. tin- tele-
phone pules on Lonsdale Ave. between
tilth untl '.'1st streets lo » pernininnl
position us recommended liv ilu- engineer. The OOit will U Uni liy the
Kt'lntivf to the npijtjag n| t|u. l.n
l....et trail to tha North Viuicnuver
cemetery the eouni'il deeided to pay
hull of the enst ol the repairs not tu
fvi'etl tm, on the understanding
that the distrirt did the work. This
piiipositiiin will lie submitted lo the
dislriel council.
The eiiiii | was instructed on   the
best method ol streei designut on nntl
also on a roek tjuarry aid the lusi
nia*ans ol obtaining the rock. He was
also nskcil to report on llie iliUL'ini,' "f
tienehes tnr sewers where |M'rninnenl
street woik was bdag curried on.
The llnard ol Works MN authorised
to put in u walk at the foot of Lonsdale Ave. eontiei'tiiii; the end ol the
wharf with the ear terminus where
there was all interven'ig space ol muddy street and nlso a crossing on tinsmith side ol the Ksplantide aeross
Lonsdale Ave.
Tentlers for vitrified sewer pipe were
opened from the fnllonini; companies :
Xorth waneouver Coal and Supply
Co., 0. F. .laekson nntl Kvans, Cole
mnn k Kvans. They were referred to
the board nt Works aid engineer to
report on.
Ti'ittlei- w.'rc tpmi as lollows (or
a I.Vton steam road rnller : Wnlerous
Kngiie Co., «3,5MMI; Duffelo Sleam
Roller Co., *I,2.V); Canada Foundry
Co., &V.IOII; Western Knginetrini; Co.,
li.HKl; Mus.ens Ltd., »,'»», and lor
a gasoline motor, W,l)li5. The tender,
withaiut eon.itleration wa*re n'ternil taa
the Hoard of Works and engineer to
report nn.
Aid, Smith read n tender whiah he
had received Iraim Missis, Simpson k
Wight for the grading und levelling
altl planting out with shrub, of Vielurin I'tuk aan the wist side ol Lons
tlale Ave. The priee quoted was II,-
MKI. Aid. Irwin thought that some
flight ahungas mii'til be made in lhe
pii'-i'iit plan whieh was being followed by the Hoard ol Work.. The roads
were a little too wide for the sir* of
the ground and he tin.tii'lit th *y could
be mail'* nmre artistic by chan.'-
ng tlnm fra.m the present straight
line. It wa. referred lo the commit
lei' of the whole to go into the whole
Aid. McRae reporled on the exten
siol of the engineer*, otitic and in
making the inspection it was found
that the present eity hall was some
uhal inndeipinte alil he ,iin*-idcreil
lhat More any larga* cxt nsla.ns ol a
permanent nature were made thai the
m.ittai of providing a n< w site and
hu lilang might 10 Is' li.ok.sl in-
t.i. This latter matter wa. accordingly referred lo the tin
tin.,, committee and in the meantime
authority wa« gneii  'n Itiiie  the I ti
gineer'.   i.ttiae   aaMilltlid.     Alil.      Smith
ttni|a*tti„,k the laiei-i*,* ng ,,,' tl'iwirk.
The la.llaiwing r.-. iiiiiiii .un:ti.itiaa ot
tha II.,mil ,.( Wmk*. iiamini'!.-.' MU
fimti : Thai a ■l-loot wal'i be con
structed on the lollowing ..recta : n
Ridgway Ave. Irom 2nd -.'.met t"
Keilh rmnl, on tha'east - ial.- nl St.
David'. Irom (ith to i'tli -Ir.eis. on
the   north   »ide   ol 7th      tret   fi ■
Bt   Ii.ii el',  lo   Uidgwnv,   am    tha*
aaatllh -l.l.' "( llitll street from I I
field to Mahon Ave., on the north 99
nl Itth street Irom Im.-daV Aie. ...
Chesterfield, on the smith -i'l.' ol St
I'afick's Ave. ttt) leel cast, on tll,'
.oulh siile nl s||, sin.t Inun l,ian«
dale Ave. in St OaUptt Wc that
ii|iiii- li«. mule t.i lam KU Wctwarn
1 .'.lh atul llitll sttiHla untl lhat lhe
ilniin a.n mi -I I I"' ni.lei'.'d Irom
t.a.ll.llllle   Ale   lo   I l.csl.'l licld   \\e.
lhe conn, it iiin-tiL'iil''tl lhe nieth.a.l
by whiah ilia a Ink arriuH nl lhe tip
portioning nl the na.a*.,nt,-til nl eo.1
(or the wtilaning aal the tune, ami ail
In. in I) I. '.'Tl t.a aa, h „( the III,,, k-
clli a ta.l i.n'i (mind ihii it had )•■■ •
alaain' I'.pntiilily. The clerk «■«« in
.tun last   laa get  in  tmnh   wilh     th'
,,W|icis   aal   lhe   balanee   of   the       I aaa'
nnd alley, in the distriii hit nol   ."
linl, tl   in   the   Hammer.'ey    purchase
anil ascertain how many were willing
in dediaate the reapiireal .trip ol then
pniperties lor lhe opening o( thc I*..*■
The engineer was instructed to In in
in a report on lhe widening ol LoM
dale Ave. to a uniloim iiialth   ■*! I'*1
feet from 21st slreet  to the l„,nl,*i.,i
and  to  a width ol  Sfl leet  Irom  I'
I....delnnl lo Ihe iitv limit".
Raid Office:
I'.ilit'.r Kxpress:
lli'in Sir,- I note in the column ■*!
a re, cut tminl ,*, ,,( vmir pn-.*t it "'
|""du.lii,n ,,( ii letier senl by me lo
Mayor Mnv, n<*. atnipiinicd In whnl t-
a|i|iiir.'ii'lv    intended   by   Ell   tt
l'i   l»*   11   * lili.i-m   aa|   llaa*   -lllll*.   i.ll  I.   I.I
illg    the    Iw,,   |,ll,r       la   *.   *..     ..ne
Would    n'l.'l    I     thf     let     ti"i'i
anything whiah tpftah m tn   tm
-hip'- aiinimiiniaalion.
Th.' same letter ot whkh the May...
complains was sent to each number o'
lhe a nuncil and a copy to the iitv eii
gineer himself. No one who rends it
can possibly construe it as a "ileiiunil
intiniiilniioi, at eoenion", smh as ihe
Mayor hints some of the rntcpuiei-
iniLlkl ha* halliard to do so. lt is 11
-litiighllnrward, business li'tter up
puling for tis luir a consideration ol
our product as was grunted it by the
council aif Una ('Hy ,,[ Valiiouver.
Thnt letter was not intended ns a
public criticism of His Worship's u'l-
but a request for a fair hearing ad-
dn-seil I,, the men who were supp..-
cd to have tho matter in haaWl. II
criticism were our uim the columns,,(
the pres- would hnve offered a better
medium than nn open letier to em h
tii'tiilier nl the council,
This claim tor consideration wns
bused upon the sincere belief th.it ue
could give the City of North Van
'..uii'i a belter product for less mon
ev than what they were about to de
'i'lc upon. He offered lo di*miinstriiti'
this to the aldermen in I way so
plain as to eliminate the need ol tavh
nical adi*i,*e, prmided they wntililgv,
sitlliiienl „f thei,* tim.' to visit our
plunt and see fag themselves how,
where and why our pi|ie was the
heat. It seemed to us thai this wtithe least they could do for the city
in so important a matter. If, after
that, they wanted technicnl ailviav.
and ex|iert opinions wc were willing
to rest our case for further compari
son wilh vitrified clay in the hands
ot men who had had experience with
|.i|.' of the same grade as ours. Furthermore, we maintained and do mnin
tain still that the elimination ol com
|*liti..n is, as lar as the City o'
North Vancouver is concerned, an ae
tion on the part of the council open
to criticism.
The letter, however, eontainisl no
charge of "breach of trust" on th'
part ol the council, although I Un
no hesitancy in saying that such an
act assumes an aspect tantamount to
a breach of trust. Thc Mayor, per
sonally. however, did commit a Utatk
of laith by neglecting to notify me,
after s|«'eifieally promising to do so,
of the meeting at which the HMI
matter was brought up lor discussion
As it wns at this meeting that the
council decided to adopt vitrified p p
to the exclusion ol concrete pipe, a
different construction might lie put
upon thi« omission on the part of Hi-
Worship than 1 have hitherto attrib
uleil to it.
The Mayor says ke is sorry "to
have to come out in print upon this
subject". We do not doubt it. The
exponents of clay pipe have invariably avoided coming out into thf..|icti
and ilea luring themselves n« smh.
They are usually too afraid of making mi-tuii'inenls whiah can lie held up
lo them. As in this pte-cni iustanii*—
His Worship says lhat "comrote pi|s-
in mnny cities such as Oakland.
Brooklyn and Baltimore have piniel
insufficient to stand the sewer ncids,
whereas vitrified pipo has stood the
te.ls of sewer acids for ages", but In-
fails entirely to mention ia this ran
teat ion the eighty-four American cities whiih have found enm-rcte pipe
entirely .atisln, lory in this particular.
I suppose that to oven MM aip|io-itioii
aaf thi--ml i- thl invariable |Hirtion of
net) new scicntilii' disaovery, but in
lhe ease of our product it sis-ms us
it the task of enlightenment wete mul
tiplied many fold by ignorance ot mr
puilianlar proai'ss and by un tin
willingne-- .... asionally apparent Ita
Is' convinced. "What kind of pijio
wns it ''" I should like to ask llie la
yor, "which proved insufliaiettl lo
.land sewiir acids"? In all pi"b-
ability, Iniestigiition will prove lhat
it was a loosely-tamped, lapropariy
mixed, handmade pt|s'. Al all eniai-
it w is not Dominion gln/asl MMM
MM       pipe       mnnufai'tured      right
li'ta*       in        Vntia'aaUliT       111       II       pri'*
nl.i 1. Mayor May hat) ptoli.ti.l*.'
tii'ter savn and therefore had no riuht
la. discriminate ngnin.t without iu,,i<
thorough iiul pMMol inn stigntia.n
If he hail iiniii" so there woultl liu.,
tv. n no B'-a-d lor a paragraph ... I..-
I aa, i, I,*i nng to "an cv|sitlmotitiil
a.i gumbling" proposition.
In   justiie   lo   Kngin.-er   Haines,   I
must   relule any charge ot intenl   to
haltttle by use ol suih terms in>  Ma
yor May tries  to imbue with VMon
The engineer is, 1 thoroughly bel.'ie
roii.eientious in his desire lo th,   W
al ity by  lhe city, but in tha Ime   of
lu- own confession of unr.rtniiitv. M
fe.l   thnt he   should   not he burden.' I
with   the   responsibility ol   ttpteuiet
nn opinion amounting virtually to   I
decision, without at lenst ta   ■
ation of lhe ,min.il lo the cit"'  "'
petmUuy investigating our ilnitn- 01
sending      some      neulrul      mutt     '"
men     of      npKMM      In     da
lor    ihem.      In    lorroltoiittiian aaf
.tnlement ol   tlio   a itv mgtllfer'
.eitumty,  we  have  bm   iiifi'll.i'l
about  a yenr  ago he nprc   ''I   ' ""
sell in favor of vitrified tlav a
t.riul lor sewer piju's, whth' ll
nry, l'JIfl, be gave our .onun
ler   warmly ...dors ng   cotKtelt
lor sewer us,, uml now wli.,.   *
.|.io«tion direct  as to wh.*l,a*i
he   ih;nk-  'Iiui  ,„,,   |,;,„   „	
-I'lll'l      the      ll'tiain      nl   -I,   I,
ntiglit occur ir. the sewage of the fu-
iiii'i* cily of Norlh Vitnioiiier, h.* .iai
ties issue hy saving thnt hi' is "linear
tail". Kui'thermore, when he i
what action the same sewage migiii
Imve mi the acnienl with which .Ini
|'i|n* is joined lie ndntits nguitt "Unit
he does not know", lu other woedf,
while the city eng'na'er objects lo eon*
ari'te pi|«' mi the gnninds thut it is
linble to attack by a. id, he prtnn'ils
to make use ol thnt itlent'titl mnteiittl
ut the most vulnerable point of the
entire system—the joints. As no.h.iin
|| -'ningi'i' thnn its weakest link, - i
tm -.*wer pipe can bl -tiling.*!* than it-
most  i ninn ulile joint.
The endeui.is of (ha* Mnioi
to throw disaTedat am my m.itix,*s
have no foiiiidiition in the letter which
he uses as hi- Hi u-e for criticism. My
potiUoi in the niutler has MM nl
nny time li,s-n di-gin-eal tin I,*i ti clonli
of pliilnnthropy, 'Ihis wns mnde plum
in my tnlk to the conaeil iih.tt I pre
Iind tin letiin.k- In suiting that I
appi'iircd in the dual role of a rule
payer ami u iiiutiufn ttiter. It is t r.i,
that I am a ratepayer of the City of
North Vnncouver und as su, h have a
right to prOtMt "'.'ii nst whut I sin
cerely Itelieve to be u grata niistuk**
in   judgment   upon   the pint   of   the
council in directing tl xpeiitltliire oi
ihese public liintl-, to which I contri
bute my share. Hut 1 am also in the
business ol mantilaa'tiiring IIIIMIHll -''
wer pi|ie. For petit ting nnd improving this pipe I have spared no effort
or ex|H'nse until it hns been prniiniiii
ced by experts the lies! cnncie ,* pip.
ant mnntifu. itiretl. II il be impos-il.l.
to reconcile the two position- with
out arousing the suspicions of Hi
Worship and others I nm nfrnid Ike)
will have lo go unrccim il.tl. I can
at least say that if for over an houi
and a hall I hud sat us did the Mayor unit lln- council iiti.l Itas'tt i'mi
Ironted in logienl -i"|Uanai' In* fnct nf
ter fin t nntl le-timiaiiy ufi,*r i.-limoni
proving tha* efiiaia'ii y of pr..|«'.ii
niuile enmn'te a- I inuterinl fat H
war pi|ie ; if 1 hnd boon aordinlly in
viled to verify theae facts at fits
hand nt the cost ot only a lit tlap time
nnd energy—and in 'ha> face of all
this hail refttsisl t.a allow a competitive product even the courtesy ol I
bid tor form's sake if .lothing ni,,re
I should icrlainly l.e-ilate before entering the oailumns a,t lhe public press
wilh a wail of distress over an alleged "private" letter, lt seems lo mc
as if somewhere an arrow shot into
the air hail found a tender spot.
Ue.|s'a'tlllllv   mill-.
.lAMlisA. M,Nlili.
TAKI! NllTII'l*: thnt the Cotimil _
the Corporation of the t'ily of North
Vum-aiiiier intends to i-i.ii-tnnt as a
work a>f Imnl improvement the grading to perniuitont grade lull wialth of
Lonsdale Avenue fiom south UmtSat}
of lilth street to north Imumluii ol
iNth street, the eon-trin lion ol a 6-
foot aum role walk 0| ana It  -ule,   the
pavilg    aif    the    roudway    with   * I
block pava'ini'iii nnd inn'role euili- on
ench Ma, nntl llie construction '■( **.
siinltari   Wttm 'an  saitl  portion ol the
Ala'ti' tiller   slllt-eitioil    [B]     sC'ti'tn
M et ll.e Municipal Clauses Acl aiiil
inlott'l- tn IMM th"' Ii'in' 80*1 thereof
upon    the    real    pio|H*rty   (lutiling    nr
abutting thereon, and t.. ba benefitted
ihereby, nntl that a statement -Imu
ing lhe ItlllHs linble lo pal the * .,**l
, ' titelil .unl the Ma nl -lie onu
a-i- I hereof -ii lur as Ml bl UM
ttitn.il from lhe In-l rei. "I I '
lll.'llt toll i- Ml ' it Id'' ot lh" Ulli ■
of the Clerk of the Miine ipul.iy aad
t- aipn f,,i   iii-|»** tia ti   during   08a
l\   iiiinui   io-I   of   ike   wairk    i-
ITI.lin, nl whi.h KIl.TiJi 1- ". latpre
i nla*i| ,1111   ol  lhe ga'te til   I'lii'l    of  the
linn Ipality,
IHliMlS Mil I'lllillll,
tin n.tk
Na.lth   Viili'i'llli'l,   t'a.   C.i
Rm, '.'ml, IIN.
Mil hi'. 1- lia'i.lii given that nn np
1.1 ill.ti.lll will be nilltlo to the l..'gl-|at
till' A-.i'lllbll of the I'll.lie* i.l Hi t
l-ll   I aaliltllliill,   Itt   it-   na'Xl   -e--i'tn.   f'.l
aii  l.t lo in, 111 fun it.   a ...nipii,! with
|.,,l,,|      III    aOll-tllla I,     l"|ltip,     IIIH*
ind   *a|*erate   a  lino   ol  nulwuv     by
* .llala*.    I'h .  I, |a      ,,|     ,,|||,*r    ptlllft
(iiiiii 11 |Hitn'  on  lha' Ciipiluno   river,
Minna ipality aal Nis th Vatc'ii
rar,   il or   near   Dtitrlri   Lol   Bt,
fjroup I.  Hm  W'"iiiiiii-t,*i   lc
«  a*     |,il|,,W|rig      a,      lllo-t      a <>n\ .'III, II'
1 an:.' t„ a point in Di-tri. I   |.,,i  I.Vi.
1.11,up I, Now W. -'iniii-t.'!  lli-irti t, |o
mill   the  a.a  *     uv   powers   la,1
■It,*  uso,   apvation,   owaarabip    and
maintenance ol .111 h railway 11- 1
iiih granted in that bekaM,
lllllisl     ||      Villi''IHIla I      'III'    '.'till     i|  It        *l
-..*. • ii.Ih , .   I |l,   I'H"
tin behalf aai iin' applicants.
The North
Hav.- hum' a good
stock of
nt Bottom Prioe*
Prompt Delivery.
Esplanade, East
NortH Vancouver
l-aMU'lTRIl BT
Certificate.! Surgical, Meilical «n.|
Maternity Nur.ea
Nmu Stnt Out on application
For  term-   apply   ut   the llo.pital
IM Street Kelt.
All new houses should be piped for gas in order to save the
heavy expenditure for this convenience at a later date.
Generul Contractor
I .meI Clcttritig, Slump ainl Kuck
llla.lin|. Kxtra care aall ln.11-1 *-.
All   litliiitu'CM   miltle kimhI.
K M I'l. II Y M K NT      AUKNlV
anal HI., SVeaa! uf Lianadala.
I ' < 1. I I.a a.   ,|
Shipyards, Ltd.
M.uiih    .nul  Stationary  l'"n-
uini' anil lioilcr Work promptly   CXI I 'llll'll.
TelephoM 103
North Vancouver
l'lani, Speiilirattt.ns, Mstitnatcs
T. 0. Hot 7-. Not th Viiiicnuver
n. E. km di u
Expert on Fireplaces and all
cl.isses of Brickwork.
11 Wnii (;ii„iii.t...l
Corner 1 ifteenth St. mnl Milton Ave. SIN
Your Opportunity
t'lltili i: ULBARED CORNER
Si/,,* :;:; \ i:i I *".. clone tu church, stores,
ichool and car; small home, berries, etc.
Soil i- .'U'rltriii for gardening. Prioe
|lol 0, mi ii'iin- ni $3110 down nml the bal-
mice iivi*r IH months.
Wi' .mh recommend this.
Pierce & Hall
126 Second Strwt E. • Phone 212
L^»':-^'^."gaa^iTJM6St*irifcatrhi»v* mtnoutrnvn—mmm
nnmicmB r i'lSMm
See the
Canadian Home Builders, Limited
25 Hastings East Vancouver
Buy at the
Welcome Parlor
And Save Money
We positively guarantee all mir groceriei to be tlic
highi -t in qualit) ind loweit in prica
Vou may tlo w. II eliewhere bal jrou will do hotter by
buying a larger loal "i better bread Irom us.
Fresh Daily: Milk, CREAM & 111 IIIKMIlk
B< it J* i\ M. Coflee, Ireih routed ind ground, 3 lbi. for Sm-o
llio ,1 grade il 1511 nts.
Indian and Ceylon ["ea, (lbi, % 1.00 alio ill atandard gradei.
St tr Creamery Butter 35c Ib.     Vancouver Creamery 40c Ib.
I a   \ Appli - li"'ii -i-i, 1' l».7J
Large iMortm. nt oi Engliih Candiei imported ami domeetie
(rom 15. lol
N< v. Laid Bggi duly, I a p. 1 doxen; can 1 ggi ,40c
Freeh Biscuits, larg  mortment, mc to 25c pet lb.
luiii, niKv
I'll l.l) CBOI'H OF I \N^'\
Tlu,  itporti  *,1,    I "li'i.'n   ..I
rropi in I'liii:,.In tn  tl nd "f hop
'I'lulii'l*    filial!     ',«,*l     1,1 a'l'.l *."-    a  i    a|,||lli
lion lor  tin'  whole "I Canada  thia
ill,,.,'   aal    ii     i'in      '..'.     I'.'I    ll"'   ''.'
.Iiifiiini ipplin i-hioflj  to iif Sortl
ci-i province*.    In iln- ".-'.'in   pro
une-  ai   I.iiill   |'i*l   *'*"'    ll   lllilililitill''.l
lm- marly all the rropn, auul quantlt)
untl quality are nearl} m good m 1
i.'iu ago i.n.l I .'ti''. than   '«" >''"•
■fO,    III   Mitllllaal.it,   l-.'l-lwt 1 ''In'« alll   alll
liln- tn ilt.'i'.' li ai drop iii aboui nun
ty pat ..'..I. in the qualit) "'' -'""
ntnl in,,i*., Inn ilt.* il"* ihinw itiiliatiti*
tlnn ih,, \'M "ill bo largw lor
nli, it. nat an ,1 l.i. 1.1 tit.ui mt- pi'..
iiil.nl nt th** .tail ol \ * I'1" lln
iiimi.* nl Canada lh uditlon ..I n.
Ill     tin*   .tail   a.f   Si'l'l.liil'' r   «ai-   Oa'A.
„lii,li i   im |»*   *.n''. better itini Iwn
i,*u    ,*,*_*,,  mnl 2,31 In it* r iiimi   Iu-i
,   ,, Pell     mill    ItiailK           It'.It'll
,'iL'lu |»**t "*''t* lower ui aaiiiilttiiiii tliatti
ai war iiL'". I.'" tii'ttili "ii pel rent
i.l tin lhan In IW* Riwliwheal i
itliaatii the -mn'* m la»l i'' it. and l'J
p, i ..nt. better lhan in Wt, whii I
nixed grain* are l"*;'". bj Bve |»'t
,,'h*. Ilim ImI year nnd b> 10.47 pa
,,nt. bettet iiimi two yi an ngo. Von
lor hunklng a.iiii|i:u*aai lor Ihn three
yenra IWO, WHI ind MW -Imn- par
Dmlagea ol -- 12, SB.TI nnd HJ,  na.l
a,,1.1   (Of  l.aal.la*.    ..I   &.&,   H7.M   llllll '."J
lor il -i*. live tt ■     Hn eoodl
lion aal potatoM i- 76.08 it tl ml ui
Sa'|.lt'llll,,'l*   a a >1.11.., I • a 1    Ill'll   110,87        lal-
inu. ol turnip* BM lo *:,:|i and "I
mgar beeli 88,18 lo 71.09. nliil-i   ia
I'lll-    1 ll.- L r       .,lllilili.Ml    1.11. aal    ilallll      P
*■  74,     Mia,lit   Iaai     I  ...ll.l 'i  KM*
faaa  th,* nnl ..I September, nl I it «l
.•...I- ...ti in  ilu*  Maritime   pmvin n
ml   Ontario,    In   Quebec   am)   lie
northweet   proi inn-  ti   in it 'i   '!""■
iltatit "ii per .'i'in.. and nt P'iiii-li iaai
.itni.i.i ii b >>\:i:l per nst.   Ml W
gmini iii lhe ft"'Inm la. I iuaed a*\
<<il 82 par rent, i.. qenllty,
The i-iini,*iit*d >i.-t.I a.l ii.* thi
i.a,    I    illlll,   I      |.l.'t|.l«"l   la*.
r..tti.VMi ,,,i.ii*k .at h«... l,ow,flnn
lail.l.,1-,   ,,(   la.,* Lii llilll   ",302,01X1   l.ll-ll
,.|., o| „„\,,| *,* a,.. •>t,lit:,.t«i" I
af il;i\  1,314,000 li'i I,'    uid ol 	
lor bunking 17,<»8,0M I...-I..I-.     Tt
average bunheU per wn "i th -■ eroj*
||,43 l,„ u,, IMS f,,. pea*. Bt'
l.n   lvnn-. BM fat   lm. Lul' ..'. :'l n
t..r   ntiv.il   uriiti-a   "", •"'   lal  ■'"''
.:'.>.. j „ti.     Belli *
wheat,  "an-   and  harlej   in
iih..n tlie liti'il nte ''''   '"
ll. aalllll.l*    (Villi    llll*    l*|.,.l    -     faa.      "
a(    AlllMI-l     '.'ll''
' »i"ionen Will Hold Several Sll   trade nnd commerce, _ being .  len    —u„ ,,„, ,.<„,s,,„,.,;,,„   „,    two
lilli;*- in  II, I'
IKDVSTHIAI   rRAlNISQ          thin partieular fhtn -Inniiil ln< tnkea    An  iltimativi  rout* lot  the Can.
up iin.la'f the Dominion depart nl ol dies Nortbm rallwiy whi.li   would
in'i I'
liln'  nf  i--.'iiiinl   Importance  in tIf
i  a     . ,.      ,       ,,.,    .       , brlugM ovir llii' primer river Inu era-
whole uf t annda,     lhe Intent on,  It
The  BritUh  Columbia   itinerary o ti   itated,   ii   te   Mtabllih   technical
tin. reeontly appointed royal commie- irhooli    throughout     the    province
-i"n "it Induatrial  training  lm-  ju»l whew lhi commimiionpn leled   loci
Le.'n arranged.    The nitlinifi ;"v   "■ tloni,
fulliiii- ;  HWnie, November 21 i  Selena,
November 2'.\ *, Vernon, November 211:
Vancouver, \aa\,'tnli. t 2S-30 ; N't'i'iatttii,
Deeember J-3,
ni'TliiNs 8RC1 lll'l)
Options havi born ncured on nonn
I'M I'lli'in coal pnuperU near 1 Hi""
Thii aninini--i.il ui- "n i.vi'iitlv Bay la»l week by M.*—.-. Prank Iiig
rroated by the Dominion [overnraeal uin- ul Victor'.i and I'. K. \linli i.l
nml i- the outgrowth ol i . • ,i i> I..*iali-iiii It The opttoni cover almul
voiced opinion that although nlma- 11,000 aiTH ol land and aie -nl.i lobe
tia.it iii ilia* iliifeieiii part, a* ihe llo exrellenl propertlee jinltiiiL' Irom lhe
minion  wai latndcr  provin   al   t"l reaull "t the proapacti made,
dleating the neeejiity t.t tha rompany't,
line running parallel uiih the •'. I'.It.
fl',,lll   t'isaii   IllitlL'e   taa   tl   point       tlil.v
mill-   ensl   uf (he   l.ilii.li rivet*   hull* ni -nneyeil In* Mr. ClaWWM Board,
c.l',. aif Victoria, and Mr, 0, B, Carl
wrlghti C. B.| ot   Vancouver, nntl i'
i'iii;iii"i'r-   appointed   bj   tl. ■ railway
Sailtltlel   Jarvhl   hai   -talfeil   <*"ll-tlll.-
I i* .11   "f   at   COttagI   ' I   t'l.'-li'llil'lal   Ave.
i„*ma,n iii ii mnl '.'utli itreet,
Mi 11 iihi i iiiiimiiiiiiiiitiinimiimiiiiiiiii iiii iiiiiiiii iiii
Beautiful Hmiesitc, live ivinutes walk from car line, 75x290 feet    Grand
Viow of the Inlet a d Gull    Only $650, cash $250.   Come with us and
see this Property.
Martinson & Co.
Phut IJJ, P, O. Hex ri
Ml llllllllllll lllllllll IIIIIIIMH
CDCPI A I      I RIPLE COR, Centre Street tod i«h
Ol  IL\^l/\Li   St (noo, j   ciih, bal. 6-ta-i8 monthi
LOT ON nl I \\\ \ GARDENS lacing louth   U   o   h) o
balani u 6-u monthi
l.ol it   BLK    i. D L 173 "n THIRD si
balance 6 i j n monthi,
LOT a, BLK    , D I. -173 on SEN I.M ll ST.   Jiooo, Ijoo
a j. ia,ii,mit* (1 .ml 11 monthi
Ri ,tl I. itati  .iii'l In  n.iin 1 lirokt 1-,
120 St'itiml Sin. I l.isl.
The Gurney-Oxford Steel Top Range
mi in*. ,1 in irked uvin| In
(in l ind In ii' 1 hiking reiulti,
onl) ; rk BETTER
lml A'l   LESS < ''ST than
7,      X\ ,:i triti
Y 1 .a   wholi   Suptrioi   ■
I of ei onomy
i       miles.
worth ihii imi'ii
"I your time righl nmv ?
The J. D. Fraser Hardware Co.
I'linlic    )H.
\t l."iwlalc Ave
lllllll I'.U \:— I '\   I.N  I W \H\
I ..ni Bn ■ j. nh" -i"... I"" "' lie
lllllll* I      It     I   III nl I.   llll-   l.rll     k'H HH'
,.    t,,    ill,'    \* *'    I    '   '    i'
tifi-    aaf   la,lllll ,   i.f   I'lll    ti    )'"A\     bt    l>
|,aa.„|, |... It »;,. fall llll- petptm
lhalt   In*    had   I' .    a*ti.al   la* nn*.   a.li'l    hi
Mi  I,,nlu .Ii.ii lhe lii.nl ul .iat".ni
,'lliaali L'nl|l,'|,,|   laa. ,•  11  ,-   -.a'   r
el'    iliuli    I tl'a'l    I.   ll.     In    '
tonadland he lonnd a rolon)  nli la
111 i.l.-l 111 -.   llllll   ll|*aitl   It   I' ■' I"'     >*
Inn.l   iiinn*   Int" ii   '* ii
wen   a,nh   :i   leu hundred  Behcrmee
It a*  a   produced mnually na"« ■ in.l
ll.all taa||- "I llijl L*la.tl* llOO '" I'll liKlall |MVe l»-'lt *.'tl-tlH' LlI. I.lla'l-
.al'lt'llllr    f,a,     .1,11 \ IHL'    a" ll    a   llll.       I   l|-
•_■ li.m l».ii opened ap, aid eeu e
*, nre heen inlrodaared  i 'taW;
paper mill-. wU h we ne tl
a.llle. In      M.allltalll     Laid     Uiai*.*.
iiniiiil ii .iii lhat a   ii" i'liii i ■"
1 iiitiiatii in iif \ ilu. i.i  export.
tml ini| I, aad n nulla  "I ni'ln-'n
III I     till III   .*. Ill"       H .ilat
a.i ii , i I wet
He-IB.llll    'Hi     tlia     laali.l*   I    III  ilia'   »a.||a|
a   *,t    l*.|.  aii ,*i. I'   • Itendint
ft. .1,1    I'h II.     I-l.     t*.    ll**    ll    III     "I     I Ilka'
.1 | ,.    ll,  '
ban depth I •*..! Inei*. and ibuvi
llll    . 111     tll,     |l M     'a- I
11. In I III.*   In   |*i
I ,i,.| it. i ■ trail hi....iin;
.n broughl I,, i«'I, 'i'.". aihfli
a'l' an.l,,,      ,lll|
 tllll     I-   ii"t   • I   ' IW    IL' «ll   I'       ll'll
la'li-ila'   III    tll,     l,..,la|,     ,"|      a.i.lllll   th.'
* lllll lU    lla'l       il    ur       I  ' |
.I,,,, i.n.i ..I i a..      Iini iim  I-
ii,,i ii wheal *.t"viaia. ■ .in. I ,,iil
l',i,*i...v   - it - . Iiti! he i'i'l' al' i   duel
I...I    kit,,ii   lh.,l   tlf   .*
0|   ilia*   l*a
a|tlirea    f"
Acreage in District
Lots 546 and 550
North Vancouver
The remaining acreage in these District Lots
has been Subdivided into Blocks oi from 1 to 7
Acres or more.
te> •• •• ••
The Grand Boulevard
Extends Through this
Property.  :  :  :  :  :
title    III      III"     IH  ■ ' a*.I a     ,
,,(  llie  Illlt"' lt
iaipoiiiiiii ... lh.
'I'.ml.I I  * all   ia   the
a a a,. |    lyfag
.*,llll'll ,**
.   ,
Iot-i,   praclicallj
aiaiiiaii   ,i-   lar I
'.''I V I al
ih,' Sih't i 'tr it I I, lei -lit|.
hm.*  hue  ■ be |,».t
In*  nr  il   " "
,f   i|riel"|'lll"l''   "
have I-.a
,.     null     » lllllll    'I"
that the 1* ill
For Plans Price List and Particulars Apply to
i.u.. 1.1..
(tittior IVndrr and Seymour Strrrt»
Ollicial Agents
Canyon View Hotel
Gruundi. llmli-clmi service it moderiH rate*.
-mt, mill sjHLial rates.    HonieGreatlvEnlarged
trail tn itiromil ..l  Ono* Mountiin,   iltitndi 31.1111 bet
Scenic Delights      Fishing      Hunting     Mountain Climbing
Unequalled for Holiday, Long or Short
::   p. CANCELUiR,
SEASON 1910 l
Reliable Watches
Following in litis (le|iiirtini'iil llie rigid rule td lhe I'.tm in
regard to high quality in nil Ume, we enn num the public.   ■ J
t.f latlilying  reaulti lollowing  ihe purchiei a.f inch ivnteh
llllieli  leave-i  "III'   |toN   llei'lUII|i:lllietl   I.V  OUT  L'llal'tinlee.
Ill thin Ige 11I111,ist everv innn iiiiiI immiin cirtiis |
ivniali. It Ll minllll In ihe ittOMUlul lulfllmint <>f everyday
ilitiies iiiiiI reeponaibilltiee, whieh require! thai lite watch carried be  true ntnl  tt'linlile.
When    ennsitleiini;    tha'    |illlll.l e   "f I   lllll'll  upnn   whieh
ynu 11111 plica Infinite reliance, visit our mt<■!•• ind Imve mie <.l
our Hparta dmonrtrat* ind ixplaii t" yoe the wwklngi ..t
ll.e tlilfeivnl   BoVUMnU,  nl-" lt"ll   I"  till"' enl'e ail  the ileltnate
iiie.liiiiii-in, iilii.lt is without ii doubt the wul Mnplloated,
intricate nnd narvelloui nii.al.iii.* ronetrneted.
Ilnn* ii- nilii-e i.aii when linyiiia.' n wiilili. l| ...sis yam
tniihine iii lune the benefit nl oar knowWdgi whWt ».* gUdlj
ii'sl nur t.|iiiiiil Swlawiiiiule niiivenienls.
[eereilen ind Silverimithi 5^
Mmigiag liiiecinr Hastings & Granville Sts.
1    When you deal at the Lonsdale Pharmacy you
get exactly what you ask (or at the right price.
_   Special attention paid to prescriptions and lamily
_    We carry a complete line of Stationery and Drug
Telephone L 29
A. J. TYSON. Prop.
Cor. Lonsdale & 8th
One acre close to City Boundary.
Price $1100. Terms $575 cash
Bal. $75 every 3 mos. at 6 per ct.
11  l/OOadtla Avenue
PhooM-Offlec 21     House U      P.O. Boi f>0
Free Piano Lessons
For Six Months
given to EVERY PURCHASER ol a piano during the
month ol November by thc
Warburnitz Piano House, Limited
44) Lonsdale Ave.
CLAVERIE &   ARCAND have jutt opened on Firit
Slreet, East, an up-to-date
where the public will be sure to find a good and (resh assortment of Groceries and Provisions, \~ mils and Vegetables in
season, t] Mr. Arcand was with F. Filion ol Vancouver
(or the last eight years.
1 hour ind qmrtir
Gem Theatre
The Choicest Selection < >f Animated Pictures
Dramatic Subjects     Comic f .tibjects     Travel Subjects
- md lypiral   Sul>|n I =====
Pictures changed Monday,   Wednesday and Friday.
(a.nian.ii-d Prrformtnct Smli i
•t 7.10 Sharp.
10c-5c     GOOD MUS'iC AND SONGS     10c-5c
Editor BxpMM:
Sir,—An there seoms to In' MM
condition la thl minds ol mnin .iliiur
dtlaUl witli reenrd to thi' ilillirnlty
wlii.li   lm«   trim   ill relation   to the
SlllllliviMil.il    III    I).    I..   HQ,   UK   I'VillilMI'll
In- iiti'iiMiii's in your own minimis mnl
imili.'iiliirly n letter written liy "('it-
tie,," ill llie Oi'lnbrr isslli' n| ih,.
l.oiisilulc Spei'lutor, I nluiii bl glail
il yon will allow nu- to endeavor to
■•lui'idiili' ilie miitler to some extern,
in.I, at lhe snme time, expluin thi*
lotion   ol the ,*iti/.ens' comniilti'i.    in
HUM liaai.   tlll-ri'lailll.
U  allinnil.lN  ill   llll' rili/l'lls' I'lilnmit
lis', I nurii. with tl.e opinion i'\|.ri-
*-a*al ,'ilittninllv l.y >uiu* iuiaint innl.' n-
paaniry    thnt    ll \i-liBn*    ol    tMl
l*a llllMlil ll'l"    is    ll|a|l|o|'||l.l,.,    I'Vl'M    if    lll'.IK
sury nml my imn posilinn as' a m.*'n
Imt ol it is i'\ats'iliin.a|y ili-la-ii'lail In
me, no iniieh so Ihnt, idler thi' patl
q.i...tinn hnd lia<?n settla'il ««tis|,utor-
ily throiii..h its effort., I  .lrnli,..'iv re-
"im mil-it   ils dis,kmtp,   nnd    have
OJll] n.ntiitned to nil upon it tgtrliml
my own in.'linntions, and in deieriii.'i.
10 lhe printii'iilly  unmiiniiius «isi. ..I
ll.e   lllll'p.HI'ls   I'vpiossl'll   111   n    p.. 1,1.
mating. My opinion thnl its (Luminal i.\i»ii'M,i* «ns iin'nlliil for is a in
phnsi/iil by the tail thnl tl IN
practically duplicating lhi work nl
niii immanent otpinizatina, ll... Kite
payers' Assoeialion.
With this laxplniintion, I may jay
that th.' iianmiiuis. hns goal iMre'iilly
inl.. lhi' iiiiitti'r ut ih.' aiilKlivisii.n ill-
ri'iuly refa-rrwl to, nnd :in oullin,. ol
lhe p.i.-ilii.n mny lv u-cl-d 'ti those
wlm Ion,' not had the time or opportunity to do so.
As "Citi/in" sail.-, there i- uu old
Ifglltlllll   slllslivi-ion   llf   this   ptiapi'llv
in exista-n.-e, bul as il wn. purely a
p.i|H-r -iilMlivi-i.iti ii ith.,ut ngnid] to
lhe eontour of lha* Innd, it is nl.iii
lllll'll ll-alas- I'illii'l ftuni Ml*, fell's
a'l    llll' lily's poinl   ,,( view.   1111,1  ll- ■ V
i ten* ,* mati Is' ,li-mi--i*»l Iraim our
mind- in . on-ill,vtiii; lhe present sii
u.'tliaiu n- l.nviii*. nai pra.-lii-al Ivnniii;
whlllevei*  on   Ml.   Fell's   nllilude   pus
(■lit or (ulurf.
Ilia     llliaala*    alill'l. lilly     lilases    bom   ft
iiii-iindii-im.iliiiL' as lo tlif repiire
iii.n*- aal lha' Muniiipal t lauses Act
iu relulinn to tlie approvul of -nli
Clause   -JHI   pi'ovlalis,   llllll "nl   (allure
"-iirvi'ys into liujl(lin|! lot- ti p.a,|si
"ly within a iiiy, or ol propi.ti
'whiah is iiMitii'ii.iiis to thi' lHiiin.ini
"i,*- ,,( ii rily, by nwnrs or other.,
"shall bv siilijis I to the approval ..'
"llie aily engineer and lh« mayor, and
"uo plan ul iuih suivey shall Is* i.
"■.-i-ta-i.-al nnti— it Is'in- ii ai-rtiliration
"of sneli approvul, but smli approval
"ahall n,,t Is* uiiifusonably withheld."
Wlnn Mr I'ell peeamni his subdi-
ii-ioii tii the eity early in the summer, li'iii he nnd the cily rounril
,,i,'il,a,,l,aal  lliis provision,   and   nffr
i-,nsnleli|l,le  ill-, us.inn. tile     - alt tl. it   lip
I praalasl    ||   neu    p|||||   .Illlllli I Ilil   111      Ml
I Fell,   nnd   nnienlfil   in   iwvt    their
The eiiifinavr d d not   approve
of I his plan, nnd mnde hi. ili-nppro.
lal   '|Uilf  elear   to   lh<>   aaaiin.il,   who.
....ilookiiiK thf laet thai hi. .ipprov
I al wa. eswntial (or  the rfirislialion
ot the plan, awtwui  it tkm '
IwillloUt    l-l'lalenie    !,,   his   aapiniaal.   Hr.
■ Ffll prurmlffl to lay out ihe s'lbaliii-
i .ion, not finitely, but m ilu  main in
aaaiirdunie    with    their   a ml ai-. 1n.11
Now thnl ihe time hns   irri.'isl I .r tic
rcv'istrii.mn ,,l lhe • uhiliii'-i'.ii,   II   is
I loiiiiil that tha' engineer's approval M
a ..lml, and this MMll ■!.» i'n*
tin,-i'l, ..'lii-lintly nitll l.l- eV|'l'--..l
..pinion nl th. anil-it. la'lu-e. to givr.
lln mayor, who w.i. a paity lo the
arrangement, Istwa.n Mr,    Fell     and
il a<il. now refuses to   add    hi.
I,ninii appiaavnl w:ihoiii that   of    tin*
■ iiL'inirr.   il nlv   .pi.-tion lhat now
l.al.   i. whether  the
tagimajr'. approial ia,   in thf   word.
nl   llie    It.   "lllll. iHaalilll'll    Withheld".
au<l  la -allla   iln-   M.    Fell llii-   iniol,
fit the aid ol lhe i-nurl..     Th,
Holt  i. Inrgely a  tea lun* nl one whiah
*   *       al  all   ale* I-l.-.   and    lha
.in.Hi., have litre, list  iheii
elt.aii     in en-.nine  lhat   tlif engin,-1.
llllaa   I-     |at'lllll    lile   li | ari-elll at I Ve      III
the uti  in lhe mailer, hn> tiillaaa.-.
la. th.  n'i'. legal department    *
|s..i  Iiiiii in iha* aoiiit-
Thi.   n'tion wn. tuttut  W
la.  lln' eviiai.nliiinn* .iigge.tion mad.'
Iai     -aame     n.emln'ls   ol     tl.e  aaalliinl   to
! the ettei't  that he wa« nnl enlill.sl la
1 the .ervia-c. ol lhe eity'. lawyer,    If
a.f   the   lllllllll. I    llie   'lallli, ll    llal'l
| maile in nppri.iing Mr. Fell'- plnn
earlier in lhe year.
11 i. apparent lhat both Mr. F.ll
and the I in imm. Q D t.il in goad
lailh, hut lia.ih liliinderisl .i. In tin  II
em. i,| the Ait. Whether tl.e
engineei 1. ligh' or wrong in wi'l.
holdii.L' I a i|'|'i"inl i. a mallet d
opinion, and one whuh mnnnt lie pro
JaelK    ah-, l|«-ii|   a.    titW <|'la    '."11   I-   liaaW
ll i     lani nni' thing i« nb-
.■'lillelv   .lein,   l i/ thnt   the engin
eer'.     a* lioa    ha.    befn    eon.islent
Ihroaghotl nn.l ptttaetiy toartltitloa
at. Your. Irulv.
I III IN   I      Ml hMI\
Subdivision ol Block 27, D.L. 599.   Large lots on high ground, two blocks from Capilano cariine
Extension.   Prices $450 and $500.    Easy terms.
13  Roomed  Modern House   -
8 Roomed Modern House   -   -
$8000.00   | One block west o( Grand Boulevard.
$7000.00  | Terms'i cash, bal. 6 and 12 months.
For Plant, Prir*
I mi k PtriicuUri
Apply To
Phone 6286 Cor. Pender & Seymour Sts., Vancouver
Mr. William Mackenzie in an interview with the " Province" on j i st imt, laid "A contract
(or clearing and grading our Towiisilo ol Porl Main will be lei shortly". The contract for tbi
conslruclion of a large wharl at the uppiT'ir i'.isii in I'm1.mn of tlia* rowniitl llll been l.t lo I.e
completed liy the New Year.
We lire selling 5 ;icr.'Iilo. ks in Section 13, Block 5 Noi tli, Ring! 1 \\'.**-t. nt $550 per un.
> joo cash, halance iii y, iS and J7 months.    Splendid view, praclicallj level mil light clearing.
These are the cheapest blocki in this locality ami ire  lei preient market Value,    Onlj a tew
will be sold at this price,
Waterliont lots east of the Townsite, 100 feet frontage on tin River extending back to the
Kailway, combining waterfront wiih trackag,*. Then lola ire Ir,. level and pncticallj cleared.
Price from ftfod per lot. Quarter cash. blllllC 6, IJ, Is anal ^4 months. The 1 In ipell w.iter-
Iront adjacent to Port Mann. These lots coma,11 from 1 lo 2 aires We alto have 00 OUI list
s.'irral oilier blocks ranging in extent fnun fiaun 10 to Sa. auvs at prices from flOO to ^50 per
acre on good terms.
4 Lonsdale       Phone 219
I VI' I   G   VMM KM A   M.n.i.r
II       |la.., ,       ,.,
I I'h itMi
.1- I
I Lr,,H'-I'ii
,    \ i-tsl 1
H LlitiM'U  1
100 Navy Blue and Black Clay Worsted Suits,
Guaranteed Fast Colors.   Special Price   -    -
200 West of England Worsted   Suits  in all
the Latest Styles and Colors.    Special Price
Our Motto is:
"High Class but not High Price
"The Clothing Man"
11  ntt: iiotkis
I'hIiht   l|,,.i.|
(1        I'I. llllllH., li.    Vi.taa, l;|
I     I      \a.  l.l.lU.l,   Via laalid
Mm.  I'.au.l ",i,  1»,-1 ra.it
Mr.  nml  M,.    \    |(,,„|,
r    liiimn... Nun  FtII
l.   Ci    I.dill,    lill, .alia,
J    t, Dun nn, Vnn etl
•I. IW., Vm
It    Iini .   \ nn OUVI 1
n   - ,1 lal .  \ '.
II     \     M11 l; li.-     \
I Mit.iaa'il, Vaa l-t
II 1   w Uiml   Vm in
W   1   1 iiM.ii'.in,   1 ii own
II. Un.
t   1   -... ni, Vi
Bold Nortk Vnn....n.i
.1. M. M K,,. lank, laAi
■l.l       H" '. ll   .    I II la*|
K. fi. f. I lay, Mm
\|a |,I
'■    '     ll* ||       \a 11     H.        aaiall    I, ,
«      II.   Ulll,,,   I'aa.aall    I     .
W,    ill* *,   V|l   .1.11,1
I       I        K..I ||«,    \   all   a.m,*,
H   .1 im \  1
I. Mr] a
k.     ll'll,    Vnila'alllal
I        I )l   I''*.I' IU .     I    al I. I
Ml II    I    Ml Ml    1 ,     I .all   aa||l,.| KIC.IIT
Pound Notice
loCUl   the   limits   ntnl   lln    ,i!i'i*iiia
an,lent local advcrliuinir, lll"n' »  '"  ''"' "'>   I""""'  *	
lt \ I l-'.S                          ha,r-,-,   oWription   n« lollowi 1   Om
Bingle l.i*a*it. In,  i.. - a line blark with white lace, one whit	
''"" """''.; 7    I"1 !"'" I1" """■".'""    and   roai     The owner   enn
line Mtnifli, .,,* |>,*i  lm** |a,i   iimertlon .
   have   un.* l.y  applying al tli" police
-lilt iiill   ninl paying   nil   e\|iell-!'S   inellr-
'.I l.v iaid animali th-unj- impounded
TAKK NOTICK that the Coundl ol ihe Corporation  ..f  iln-  City   "i
\l WII* li   I,*.iial   clearing by lot or
..leai..,*. ll, \. It .1   i. \l Ivville. S8l
if  in.t  elniine.l  In Tilt in-i.,  will bi Korth Vancouver intend, in carry out u a worh a.f Local Imiimveinent thi
-..l.l l.y I'l I'.I.It   A| t l lti\ i,. defray purchaae ol landa 1**1 I in - or portion! "f lance in parti ol Diitricl l."i Two
expeniei al the city liatli yard, l.mi»- Hundred and Scvent) foot Ittt), Droop I, Nee Weetminetei Diitrict, being
aiul,' \i,-., ai  in o'clock iii tii"  imi'- i portion ol the iaid city i>i Norlh   ancouver, and bttag i
  i tit* above ilnte.
Vll >lli;ini\l>   it'ailmaiiaali      fie li u"* I'lUMi:.
everj  morning, Iiniii***!   tipply, Phone
I'oundl |>"t
$10   Reward $10
l.n; Ml I'   Pall ami Kinl i   tpplm
al Hi apple*,    tpply, I'. I'.. Keene,
I'.'li    reel eaat Vtill  tie  given   ta  aim  who pro
 ————————————  ml,- 111f.,1111.i;i..11 leading lo tl	
FOR RENT "' '"" "' iIm' Part} who "it lhe let
    ten "!•' S" in ot f tha' new Mali in
Koll   l;i M   "ili.*   and    d.-ik   with   'lie  cabin on tl ppa   . I... k . .f  th
id      I    II nm I i i., '"in  - earner Si. George,
1.11 l-t  .treei  weit, T.  I.  Ill Mill.
I'll RKNT  Single   and double   bed    1
.a* heated, a iilt or with
a   ||       III'    ll.l'.l-l, |33     Ulll       -    Iall       ■   III
mi; ui VI   I'mn-I..*,! '.a unlurniih
-< nnd * i, " "'I in ci
Appl} VI, .1, I'.   I'.\|.i
Notice to Contractors
TENDKHS  uill  Ik'  received in the
.1. Loutet  titiil North I mi d..la*
I laiin* Murraj Co. iin* miuranoe.
Before  building  your Innn  consult
Hi*, ne.ml 1 iiiii.a--*,*, Capilano ' iardeiti,
North Vani ouver i..>-1 offi •*. expert
a n*..l luml -a*.■ 11..■ gardener,
iindcraigned until *"i p.in. mt I len-1 iy,
17th Nqvemher, IWO, lor the i tearing
and grubbing ol portleo "f Mn in.*
__ Driveway through Diitricl l"t- Bi
and 896 in aaTordanea with the iped.
ia. it.a.n .inal |ai:in ti, i,,. fan  ni   'in-.
a alllar.
Diitricl Rngimxr,
lli-llial     Mlltli.||.,ll    tltliaa*.
Ninth Vancouver, li. C,
2nd November, 1110,
I lAIHillS  tire  Invited  fan   the
 ' ereelii i   tl   1« ii-lnli-y   Irani,'
0. H. ii/lnnn ol Toronto, teacher ol buikUai  oa   Eeplanade kw J.
Maiinlaiiiii. I'ini.. aiiiilt.iii.it. iiill  ri'- Baliour Ker, l>q.
.ma' |ni|iil. nt I.M Eaat 'lini'l itreet, Loweit   oe  ami   ta-inl.r  nnt
North \a,ii ouver, nnrmirllj arceptad,
— ———— PlaM   nn.l   s|tc< iliellliini.i   mill'
Nnu I li  vwnnvr.it ORCHESTRA      iH. at the ofl til"  t>
thm -ni'i'lie'l  fair .Inli*.*..  eoncerUi       cbltect.
u ('. 0. WH'KI'.MH V
|0M Peader Street,
\ am, a,III.•!.
|'rn| a.i'iiiinnle
I  j?? Value
Hi     All laat i i "I lm "A" in  Block  111 (iiiepl   ihal
pari lying bale.  Loti I t..'.i (incluilve) ninl I"* '.'I to
:,'.> (Incluiive)   I 88	
rii     Ml ilmi |.,.itiaaii ,,l l.i.i '-A" ,i, Block IIT   ttt.lt)
Cli     All ihon i - "f I "i "A" in Block IW liaii* i. wteti
I,,*   i. .'. .i. i md i-i- .;'*'. :m. :ti ud aa md aal ** i»
III,,11    I  aal        |3,     II,     l.">    .lllll     II    llll.l     17,     I'a,      |',1    ||l.a!     *.'l I     .   .       IJV.Ul
(||        All   lltatl   | !"ll   "f   I "I   "A"   in      P'l".l    Il'.l    .A  .*|*t     '     at
portion I""' betweee loti 7. \ '.. and :>". *tl imI 31     . lOJTi.lkl
(B)     All tint   port! I  l"i  "A" in  Hl"'k   IM lying  hi-
in,.ii i a, . .-, to ri, and > 'aa B .".in.i'.i
(I) 111    IIUI     |a.*lll,*'a    aaf    |,|,|     "A"i,|     l',l,.a|,      I'.'li         IW.W1
(Ti     ill -li.t portion "I Ini  "t" in  Black   111 lying hi
III.*""   I rn      1    .anal   8    .nil   '.'.''    all I   HI   .nnl   III *    Ill   li ill   ill
l.li   a.f   la,I-   IT   t.a   90          BU*
(g)     ill thoea imiii,ni-   ..I  l.m "I"   in  111."Is  IM lying  La
Iweea Loti 7 in IJ (incluilve) .nnl l.m- 81 ... ;lti (inclu.
ive) ibo  between loti IT, 18, II .nnl Jn .nnl Iota 83, -Jl,
B a.tnl B     MMO
ii.)    All ilmi porti f I...1 "A" ... Block IS   :.Tl.m.
(10) All     ill,a-l*     |aaa|     |.,|,.     , ,f     |.,.t     ",\"     III     HI,all      |30       lliil
tween Lota I to B lin.l.mivei   mnl   'J*   t,,   il'J   innln-iwi
Loti '*'. 1". II   .".I '-'-. B, it. ail-.a between Ixtta II '.ml
lii mnl IT ..n.i  l«     657.00
ill)    All that portion "f I "t "A" In Block I'M lying iH'tiuvn
Int- .". tn il in* In.iie nml bit! Jl   li, 28  bftUllve        tgl.00
(IJ) Ul    lllll     |.**|ll.*tl    "1     la.l     "A"    HI    HI'" -a     IM         181100
(It)     All iluii portion "f l"i "A" In Mock 131 K n.* between
Loti I i" ci  In-ivaii m.,1 li.i* Jii to ;tj (incluilve)     1014.00
(Hi     All that portion a.i Loi "A" in Block III  3B64.0U
iInl     All ilnn portion "I I "i "k" I.. Block IU lying la* « * n
I.,,!- II and U and Loti81 and U      188.00
aitii     ill iimt i"'iii i i"' "A" in Block n.'i lim. i>a'u...n
Loti I'. n.i.l Hi a.iei IT iiii.I 18     IBM
UTi     All  thnl  portion "I Lot  "A" in Block  ill       807.00
wc carry such leaders as
:ils.a,', complete line o(
An" Tight Heaters and
Box Stoves.
K you are in net d ol a stove don'l
ful to see oitr lines.    You will be
the gainer.
paine & McMillan
The Pioneer I lardwarc. North Vancouver
Cte.   1'.  II.   BM  Jl.   I'll-alie   i;im.   /
Chanel,  liaalini-t   nml  l.tiala*!. /
n. v. |.„,,.,,,,..,v i Ki ..   5ave ^-^oeing and Blacksmithing
-St. .Inhn'- Cliiiiali  Hill,  IStht'.eet. _m f.    ...   ii
mi>> v. <;. v. iiiiMwn       Kerr & Wallace
 At Alex. Gibion'i Old Stind
/""'"'; ',*   "■:"'   _   '-'   *'l',,'l     THIRD STREET AND LONSDALE
Hn.   I .ilk-*'l    ll.\|la 11' It "I    'et   'll*   ''"'I
I'.n.'li-li leachei i llth and CheateriWd,
Term, BM per month. SB
llllll.'l   Sa*a Ill'll    JJ,     -III 'li"H     SM    aai   ill,      "\|l|le    i**.|l     l'.,He la*'       ,llll       *,1
a,,,,1- t,, um ii,,* in.ii *,i-t thereol upon   tin  real i"**' ".    w
nliiltlilia.' 'Iieteiiii .mil ti. bl benefitted  tli.'ieln   am.I  tlmt .i -In .tneiii  ihtiwing
till'   Illlitl.   lill  ill'   t"   I'll     llll*   -allll   .■|--a'--lll'HI        I'.I      'lie     lllllla*.     aaf    || llinl-
thereol, -" lar M 'mt l»* urerlaiaed Irom tli   l.t  twined  laaee menl lt"ll
i-   It.all    .all   lila'   III    tl Hi'•'   "f   thl   'I'll,   "i   l!"*   M.llli' l|. lll'l     a Tl -1   I*   ..|»*H   f.al
111   |',*   tiaall   illllilli:   a.lli  ,     ll   an.        II,      , *   lun I'.'.l    ,..-1    a.f    llie    K.alk     I-    llS.WIII,
ag pari ..f whirk .- lo be prtBvUid "nt **' tl"* general land" ol the  Heel'
a ipality.
rHOlAM .-III I'lll UH.
Nmth Viin.a.iiii'i. IV •'.. Htj  '
V„l,llll.el  llial. I'.'li'.
union a
lie will Imy an nehange your -r.-v, ~.
range! and household goodi lor »|.ot
in-ii. Intua-i'-. Tn I.i.n il it* Ivenue
Mmm im.    I'.n. Bm 111,
MiilH'.|{\   TAIIdlt?
,i Bl \"
V lltlin      -alil,    |, I.I     il
'111   f'J.'a   ll|a.
Suit -
T.'a centi ;
MDatd     Mill
.  |l,00 ;   iitv  'l.'.i	
in! l'i*   -
td, i'l
<^5       ___
I In*   only ninii'.f
tlmt |ii.ia,*- n ,n-ii guar
llllll',*    If   tin)    ,l,t   III,l  imvl
a*\|'a** t  itloU,
I'a     I   |..'lil'
Aiiil bi convia   *l
I'e.lll.nll'-    litlil I    Kill.
Gent'i Clothing,       Puraiihinni,       Mi u's,   Lodwo', ud
C"Inlilioil's lini'l'- .iu.l Slittfs.
arc now ready to fill .ill orden
for coal They will
carry a full line of building sup
plies. O.t the hilt They have it.
A trill order will convince you of
that. Oet your coal before the
rainy season sets iu. Head
quarters on comer of Esplanade
and St. George, North Vancouver.
Phone 259 Terms Cash
Anyone wuitini: nny thing in
the line of paperhanging, k. tn
ining, inside decorating, staining,
minim or high class relief work,
drop a card to A. Chisholm North
Vancouver, or call personally at
his residence, Kelvin Drove. Keith
Road West. High 'lass relief
work a specialty and only tlrst
class work soli. it.*il
New 7 room house; modem, bath
and toilet. 50 loot lot, 175 leet
from Lonsdale Avenue. $.'. i00,
$1,000 cash, halance easy.
Ferris & Co.
Lonidale Ave. cor. Queen St.
\l'l'l ll'ATION  I'nl;   I I',1' "I,
I It I
S'otItT    I*    laa'lalll at    tin
Mil      lllllll.'   i'i   lie'   I    Ill    aU
I   ,.lllllll     ■ |*i|ll*l laa*       ttll       t ,,*      \,,a ||
l ii. "mel*, I intend 11 n|i|ii\ It *
|.,||        ll,.*   ill*        ll    *   I      I fa.I       ilia !
, ,a||     laal        22.     blofl        IW,        ll,     I
|7t, ,,.,i      treei ei     neat -'1   Da
ii.i    innni*.
<Md) i III-  \   Ml.I .
Dated al Sorth \ .n oevar,
Nov, ;i.ii. i'.'i"
*. A. A,.., A,. A,. A,. + , + . + . A,.   +, A,, A,,  A,. + . A,. + , + . + . A,. + ,
= *=   ;
Cold>ke Baking Powder
Two 16 oz. Tins for 35c
j. \. & m. McMillan .
• i  l.onstl.ili   ami  l'.-*|.l.iiiiiiii-
>> i o t a - ♦ • ♦ • ♦ • ♦ • ♦ • ♦ •• •♦ • ♦ • ♦ • ♦ • ♦ • ♦ • ♦ • ♦ • ♦ • ♦ • ♦ *•■♦ • ♦
Fair S.I. hj.
An Opportunity Lost Is One Regretted
$112.50 Cash
Balance 6, 12, 18 and 24 months.   .   .   Price $450.00
li, al Bltlte, Loans, Insurance
219 Lonsdale Avenue       -        North Vancouver
We operate the only padded furniture and piano
moving van in the city. . .
N. V. Cartage Co.
t I nn*>d«ilc 4vr.
I'liUM - - 141


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