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 IAbrtuv /.'I/'* /I**'"*'1'*     "
Dowered willl one ol the grout
natural havens of the present time,
North Vancouver divides with
Vancouver the world-harbor, oi
Hurrard Inlet Nature and the
interests of the Canadian state
have here largely predetermined
the lines of development, and have
.evidently imposed on the port ol
Nortli Vancouver the destiny of a
triple city. The main railroad
base as approved by the Dominion authorities is ioo feet wide
along the wharfage level of the
present town. To connect with
the ocean highway, here bordered
by miles ui harborage, the land
highways of the continent musl
converge upon the railway,
port, commercial emporium
distributing district, thetnselvei
(orming virtually the first town
Will, with some industries which
require wharfage, grow along the
shoreline, embankments and piers,
with sidings to the railway base,
projecting to deep water as do the
existing   wharves.    Closely hug-
even sought by several  transportation companies at  the present
time.    As   its   extent   would  accommodate a dozen railroads, with
adequate shipping liases, without
cramping olher enterprises, it has
renl   and   great   importance   to
Canada at large.   If a single railway company were to receive ,i
virtual monopoly or concession of
ihis entire  shoreline,   lhe  Pacific
commerce ol Canada on the whole
north   shore  ol   ils   best  harbor
would be limited to and by the
interests ol such single lianspoit.i-
tion company.  On the other hand,
were shipping facilities judiciously
accorded by the government to all
railway companies seeking a base
ul operations iu North Vancouver,
commerce would pour through the
port, the business ol the Dominion
would increase, and revenue rise-
in  a   way  lhat  could   never   be
realized     were     Burrard    Inlet
virtually made over to two railway
companies, one on the north, and
one on  the   south   shore,    lt   is
mil | hereby neither contended nor insinuated that reasonable concessions to any   particular   railway
company sliould be opposed : on
the  contrary,   liberal   eiicouiage-
The Athletic Association met in
regular session on Monday night.
President McKenzie presiding.
Secretary Campbell was also in
his place, with a lair attendance
The minutes ol the previous
meeting were read and adopted.
Alex. Philip, clerk ul the municipal council, wrote stating that
the council had decided to give the
east end ol Victoria park for the
list ol the club. Received with
The president brought up the
matter ul getting up a "bee" lor
putting the grounds into shape,
which suggestion was unanimously
Mr. P. Larson suggested that an
appointment be made with the
council to get all the men and
teams to assist. He thought the
council would agree to this. " I
will give the use ol a team, scrapei
and driver," said Mr. Larson, who
ment should be extended to every j «as' '"'.""y applauded.
mmm mmm ■    President  McKenzie said   that
the municipal engineer should give
genuine transportation concern,
ainl special consideration shouli
be shown to the fust railroad emer
ging the landward margin of the ing a district. Hut even a
shipping quarter, the second, or
manufacturing town and mart, will
parallel the wharfage line, and
swallowing the adjacent villages ol
Moodyville and Mission to the east
and west, must extend its lumber,
iron and fishing industries in twu
wings over the tidal Hats and traffic
levels which dank the main basin
ol the harbor towards the First anc
Second narrows. Convincing evidence of this exists in the present
location of the  Moodyville mi
and the position selected for the
Vancouver, Westminster & Yukon
railway yards, The third or residential city will doubtless occupy,
as at present, the higher level's,
and should continue to spread
rapidly over the neighboring
As ipgards lhe luture importance
.of   North Vancouver as a   port,
continental railway should be pre*
veuled corralling, as has already
been done in one instance, an extent of shoreline which would tend
to exclude other railroads, and
thus prevent the natural growth
of national commerce. In other
words, it iii against the interests ol
Canada that one railroad should
get exclusive control ol the shore-
| line of a port, because such control
would give such one railroad exclusive access to the ocean and
consequent monopoly of the ocean
trade with the port in question.
Dn such grounds, it is held that a
great luture for North Vancouver
as a port depends on the wisdom
and fidelity with which the national
authorities deal with the asset
which the country at large has in
the shoreline of its best harbor on
the Pacific.
The Regatta.
In accordance with a resolution
________________    passed ai thi: annual general meet-
cording to its advocates,  it is J ing tlie  Ninth Vancouver Boating
.difficult to see how Vancouver can
ultimately hold its own as against
the northern side of Burrard Inlet,
lt is even held probable that the
.Century will see North Vancouver
lar out-distance Vancouver, both
.as port and transportation base.
The reasons (or this view are
slated as follows :
First: Vancouvei and North
Vancouver have about equal
lengths of frontage on the chief
•.basin ol Hurrard Inlet. Here,
however, tlie equality of natural
conditions ceases, and the preponderance of advantage is vastly
.on the side of North Vancouver.
Tributary to .Vancouver, and
west of the central harbor, there
are six miles of shoreline extending
to Point Grey, but this stretch is
.largely, if not altogether, unsuitable lor shipping by reason of its
shallows and comparative exposure. Ol the ten miles of shore
line between the east boundary ol
Vancouver and Port Moody,
several miles front on narrows
where the current is prohibitive of
wharfage slips, and almost the entire length is controlled by tin
.Canadian Pacific Railway Company; which practically closes the
,niore valuable parts to other railroads.
The Municipality of North Van
couver on the other hand, in addition lo the central harbor basin,
has between twenty and thirty
.miles of shoreline, alter deducting from which the shoals
and the frontage on the narrows, there remain possibly ten
miles ol valuable deep water
frontage, besides a number of
sheltered bays. This part of the
Pacific litdral is rm objective point
of value from a railroa.1 point ol
view, and is said to be coveted and
Club will hold its first regatta ol
the season on Saturday, April 20,
in tbe vicinity of their  bOathouse,
stalling at 2:15 p. in.
. A large crowd will be ovei from
Vancouver, and the  following is
the programme :
flexion 'mi) PODR8.
Boatl—F. Diplock, bow; A E.Kealy,
3; W, ,). Butler, ".; W, 11. Buiibnrv,
stroke (Cant.)
Boat 2—C. K. Durston, bow; W.Shaw,
:i: It. 11. Marsden, ".; A. B, Diplock,
Hunt 8—Dr. Campbell, bow; D. II.
Dick, 3; C J. Coutls, 2; .1. Brown, I,
limit 1—ll. Woods', bow 1 W.J Irwin,
3| .1. Tiirniit II.'-'; W. Loutet, Btroko,
BHtitOH ntiinii.r*. sci'i.i.ixn.
(I.) A. II. Diplock and V. Diplock,
Vi.) W. B, I'uiiliiiry .imlil. W Is,
|8.'i A. K. Kealv nml W.J, Duller.
(4.1.1. Tiiriiiuili uml .1. Brown,
(ii.) I'. .1. (''Mitts iiiiiI W.Shiiw.
(ii.i W. il. Irwin ninl Hr. Campbell,
;7.) It li. Marsden and w, Loutet.
Jl'xinli (Tt'll) POURS,
TUB Funis:
Municipal Council vs. N. v. Boating
Club—Councillor W, V. Emory, bow;
Councillor W, J. Irwin, 3; Engineer W,
Lmiiei, 2: Hoove A. E, Kealy, niruke.
.I.Tiiriil.nil. bow; .1. Brown, 8; W, .1.
Butler,2; \V J.JJnnliitrv,itroko.
li is the Intention ol tlio club lo hold
regattai once a month during ihe season
Tlii' municipal council sol in commit*
toe lail night till 11 o'cl6ck. Aboui the
only matter uf Importance was iln- discussion between Indian Agont Mac.
tliiniilil, Chief" Hurry nml Dick nml the
members ul the council regarding the
extension of the water pipes in tho
Mission reserve. A proposition waa
made by tho board, which will he laid
before tno trlbo in the near future for
tholr acceptance or rejection,
The Iiunl public meeting of the W.C.
T. U. of North Vancouvor, wob hold in
Sti Andrew's ("lunch Iati evening, A
Komi sized crowd Inui assembled  tc
listen    In    lhc    nlilo    iiililnwH    nn
tomporance that woro dollvored by tho
Revs. Mr. (iillniii nml ('. ('. Owen,
nl Vancouver, ntnl also the singing uf
Mr, and IMm. limilun, which proved :i
grent treat.
The wrestling match has been
arranged, Renshaw vb, Davloa, which
will lakeiilneeui the Vancouver Athlatio
Club nn Mny J sl
the grade.
On motion of Mt. Larson it was
resolved to appoint President McKenzie and Secretary Campbell to
interview the council re men and
A Wednesday afternoon was set
as the day, the date to be settled
later on.
The letter of the Boating Club
regal ding the proposed affiliation
was referred to the executive committee 10 report on.
I'he committee having the
smoker in hand reported that
there would be a small balance to
the ctedit of the club, probably $5.
Mr. Larson said he. would donate
the hall, for which liberality he
was tendered a vote of thanks.
A unanimous vote ol thanks was
tendered President McKenzie, Secretary Campbell and the committee
for tlieir services in connection
with the holding of the success fill
smoker. The president replied
The treasurer's statement showed
a balance on hand of $70.52. Otr
motiuii of Messrs. Bums and Clark
the report was receivi d.
Rev. Mr. Marsden suggeited
that competitions iu different kinds
of sport lake place from time lo
time, This would give encouragement to those taking part, as weli
as making the evenings more interesting.
Mr. Br.ie.on moved, seconded
by Mr. Smith, and carried, that a
committee be appointed to get up
boxing and wrestling matches, as
well as other gymnasium work.
After some discussion Messrs.
Anson, Burns and A Smith were
The question ol the proposed
wrestling match, between 11. Renshaw, member ol the club, and
Pied Davies, of Nanaimo, was
brought up. The president said
that the arrangements had not
yet been completed.
The hall being in use on Friday night, the application for use
of same by Mr. Williams was filed.
Ou motion of Messrs. Gibson
and Marsden, Secretary Campbell
and Mr. Moore were appointed to
look after the piano.
The notification of the Foresters j
ihnt they would vacate the hall
was n ceived .unl filed,
The president announced that
l. Clark .nni W. Green were the
winners of the whist tournament,
v. Im li announcement was received
amidst applause,
The secretary stated that Mr. K.
The school board meets tonight.
As the date (April 20), of the
proposed regatta approaches, the
interest taken in this coming event
grows. Late in the afternoons
may be seen local contestants
practising rowing on the inlet,
prominent among wliuin are Reeve
Kealy, Superintendent Bunbury,
Secretary W. T. Butler, F, J.
Coiitts, Councillor Irwin, and
A grand Derby sweepstake
drawing will take place in Larson's pavilion, on June 4th next.
Miss R. Rennie, of London,
Out., was visiting friends here on
Wednesday. She left for Victoria
on Thursday.
Ex-Engineer J, L. Betts paid the
town a flying visit on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. James Colclough,
and son, Winnipeg, were here this
James C. Quicke, Toronto, arrived on Tuesday, and will locate
A private social hop will be
held in Larson's pavilion tonight.
They started hauling crushed
rock from Victoria park, and
spreading it on Lonsdale avenue,
commencing at the wharf, yesterday afternoon.
The ferry St. George will be
laid off for repairs from Monday
till Thursday next. The steamer
North Vancouver will be put on
the run, it having been recently
overhauled and painted.
The Capilano hotel haa been reopened for the season. D. W.
Kells, the genial proprietor, intends putting on a tally-ho next
week, when trips will be made
Mrs. and Miss Profilt arrived
from Seattle on Thursday, and will
visit Mrs. J. A. McMiilan for a
couple of weeks.
Subscribe for Tun Exi'RF.ss.
The B. C. Electric Railway
Company arc hauling the North
Vancouver Land & Improvement
Company's stumping machinery,
which will be put in use at once
clearing iots on Queensbury
The" into" of the North Vancouver
AthleticClltb, to clear Victoria park.
will take place uu Wednesday, April
An Undenominational  Mission   ia
being started in North Vancouv( ,
ainl those having the work in |
hand propose holding an upmiiug meet* I
iug iu the near luture, which will be
announced thruugh bills distributed
throughout the city.
Something for the ladies: Tlio Perfect Pantry, a combination ol metal
bins so constructed as to he absolutely
Insect proof, and a great labor-saver,
which requires no lloor space but is
placed ou the wall over tlio culinary
liible, is now on view at May & Burns'
real estate cilice, where demonstrations
will bo made by tlie agents, Wrighl
Brothers, during the nest lew dayi.
n V.W11K «\
Commencing Monday, March
18, thc SS.  St. Cikorci
will leave as follows:
•11.00 A.M.
•11.20 A. M.
•8,45   "
•TJO   "
8.00    "
8 30    "
11.15    "
9.40   "
10 15   "
10.10   "
11.15    "
11.40   "
12.15 P. M.
12.40 P. M,
1.15   "
1.40   "
2.15   "
2.40   "
3.15   "
3.40    "
4,15    "
5.00   "
5.15   "
5.40    "
11.15   "
11.40   "
7.15    "
7.40   "
8.15   "
8.40   "
0.15    "
0.4(1    "
10.15   "
10.40   "
•11.80   "
•11.45   "
• Not on
Clail  [atlM-tr ul  tt, ltll-1  turllrw
'rnoxi nts
lullw.Ta. Ilrliliei, Water Power., K.ilm.i.-
Sii|n'iiiiii-nila'iir. of C'liiiiiiii'iiuii,  Map.  nl
T.imi.it.-. I'lana ail MlntDg i'I.Una. Blueprint.
at Sub-illvlllonl.
' Counull fur the work ul Clearing'
3,186 leel of ten-font trails in I). I.. JtX)3,
mnl l.iilill leet of It'ii-iiiul Inula tu en-
tend l.iiusibile avenue north ninl King:
Specilicatioua can he bad at the Municipal Hull, where sealed tenders must
I* lodged before 8 o'clock on Monday*
lhc 15th ill.-:
Ai.kx. Philip,
** Iliu Council Inr Ihe position nl
Municipal Engineer, Applicants to
itata qualification and 'alary ex-
pccicd, and to give rcfe/caecs. For
further particulars applv al Ike Municipal Hull, where applications will ho;
received on or before the 15th day ot
April, 1IH17.
Ai.sx. Puii.ii', C. M. C.
su iiuiiim si. w.,
Plans, Quantities, Levels
Superintendence ol Count ruction
1'uhktii SriiniiT, Cobns* I.ussiiii.i: Ave.
'Phone 3.
North Van-oum, B. C.
*-' thirty dnys nfler data I intend to
applv Unlit' Honorable the Chiel Commissioner uf [.mills nml Wurks fur a
ineolal licence to cut and curry nway
timber from the following described
lauds, iltuated iu Jervis Inlet. New
Westminster liisirict: Commencing at
11  iiost  situated  at the 8.  W. comer
T. I.. 10304, commencing at a stake
marked ,1 Isidore's N. K. comer post!
thence south 40 chains; thenco east 80
chains; thence eolith 40 chains ; thence
west I2U chains; thence north to the
shore; thence ensl along the ihure to
the point ol commencement.
March 15th, 11107.
A IN(i Lots one and two, ro-suc
division live, Block 10, corner Lonsdale
avenue nnd Seventeenth street.
The In-test or any tender not litres-
'.nrili accepted.
Address N. V., Exi'isaa Office.
Prize Winners.
li. Bryce had kindly donated two
medals, valued at $25, Ior another
whist tournament.
After a lengthy discussion the
executive committee were instructed to see Mr. bryce, with
th." object ol getting him to agree
to spending the money for more
medals, so us to put theni up lor
athletic contests as well,
The meeting then adjourned.
Clendenning & Company have
secured the contract to build the
pipe line road at Seymour creek.
They liave now part of their out-
lit at Scott's ranch. Weather permitting, Ihey will employ about
IOO Hi' 11 next Week.
The B, & B. Kennels, of North Vancouver, niii'lea remarkable record at thc
> a vii. ainiiii.i! slum "f: be Victoria Ken*
ncll Club which closed last neck, when
over 200 doga bom all parts of llritisli
Columbia and ths Sounil altlaa compatod
for luiiura Tlie Nortli Vancouver
Canines wonfllSt place in every class,
numbering    20   and    Including   the
Canadian K. 0. medal tot the best
spaniels; Victoria cup Ior bell pointer;
Dr. K. Hall's cup, held trial cup, Turner
cup, FraSH medal nnd four specials.
The Norlh Vancouver representatives
were: "tiueeiiie," the greatest |»mter
iu America, as she has won now both
un the bench aud in the Held, in every
city on the Pacific Coast,   There were
lorty nf the beat pointers competing
against her, but she won easily in every
event, winning her Ufticlh flrst-pri-e,
This is a great showing—if not the
world's record. The other winner.
were " Polly," a Ja|*ancse spaniel;
" Chow," 11 Chow Chow, the only ipscl*
uien in 11. C; "Diver" and "Bailor,"
Otterhounds; "Slar ol the North," a
huge St. HerunuI.
Mr. tl 11. Auilcrsun, a wealthy Winni-
peg gentleman, purcbsned "Polly" iur
the sum iif £150. She waa shijiped cast
uu yesternlny'sC. P. K. 01 press,
Mr. U. II. Ilrvce is lining com pii*
monted on all sides lor Ins big NO*
cesses, whidi Im* well deserves to be, an
it was through hie untiring efforts that
Norlh Vancouver can now bonet ol
having the kennels with thegreateitrecord of any in tlie world.
When you want
a job of Painting
or Paper Hanging:
done.  See
Sixth Strut
Paintcks and Papwukomu
Mi ml   I lli ■ al WOKS
(iSAIMRS     GlaatlglMI     SlONI
On-. 13TH Strict.
Our new Hate aro here;
our Spring Wisillens arc
here. Our store and everything therein ia new, bright
and Cheerful, Our prices
aro right.
P*airlonii« Home Induelry
The   Briekman Ker   Milling
Company report a splendid dr
mind lor llieir celebrated 11. K
chick (ood lur young clinks. It is
claimed by poultry rjperls to be
thc best on the uiatket, and price
is rtasonablt,
*■' thirty davs niter date 1 intend (0
applv to the illimitable the Chief Commissioner ol Lauds and Works lor a
sperial liceiico to cut lllld carry away
timber from the lollowing ilcec-ribed
lands,  situated in  Jervis  Inlet,   New
Westminster District: Commencing at
a post marked I, Isidore, nt the S. E.
comer ut T. Ii. 7810; thence Kll chains
south j thentts 80 chains east; thence ho
chains north; thence ko chains west to
ilm point ul commencement.
March 15th. 1007.
*" thirty days alter date I intend to
H|a|il» to the Honorable the Chief Com*
niisiidiier nf lands and Works fnr a
special licence tu cut and carry away
timber from the lollowing described
hinds, siiiinii-'l ill Jervis Inlet. New
Westminster Dlstliotl Commencing at
a post niarked J. Isidore, at tlm S K.
Cornet ol T. I., 7UI0; thence 100 chaini
tuiith; thence 04 chains west; theuct
100 eliiuns north; thence M chains out
tu the point of commencement*
March 16th, 1007.
■*■' thirty days nfter dale I intend to
apply to the Honorable the Chiel Com-
iii'ssioner of Liiiids and Works for a
ipecUtl lieence to cut ami carry away
timber Irom the lollowing described
lands, minute I iu Tul'ii Inlet, Const
District 1 Commencing at a pent
situated on tin- N. E. corner nl T. L,
112, marked ,1. Isidore ; thenco HO
chaini north; thence ml chains wesl"
thence ho chains south; thence 90 chains
cast to the |>uint uf cuuiiiieticeiiient.
March 16th, 1007.
**■' thirty days nfler lists I intend to
apply iu tin- Honorable the Chief Commissioner of I .U..I- and Works for a
special licence to CUl and carry away
Umbel from the following described
lauds, -im.iu.I in Tuba Inlet, Coast
District: Commencing at a |snt on the
shore marked J. Isidore, si":.ileal 30
chains west Itoiu the S. W. comer ol T.
L.B7S8; thence ho chains east; thenco
su chains south; thence 80 chains west;
thence 80 chains north to poinl "t nun*
llll Ila lilll'llt.
March Ulli, ISO?,
*•' thirty days idler date I Intend to
llpplv In tin- Honorable lhe Chief Cum*
mlssloner ol Lands mnl Works lur a
Special llnil"' to cut and carry away
iimln'r Iri'tii the l"li"wing described
lands, situated mi lime Inlet, Coast
District: Commencing nt the N. W.
comer T. I. 6M, merited .1. Isidore;
thence north 80 chains; then asi ho
chains; thence eolith80 chains; theiiee
west mi chaini t" the polnl ol commence*
Msrch 18th, 1007.
*■' thirty davs after date I Intend to
apply to ths Honorable the chief Com.
mlssloner "f I sndi snd Wurks lor a
speeial licence to cul snd carry away
Umber Irom the lollowing described
lauds, situated on Utile Inlet, least
District: Cntiuii' in incut SSlake planted
mi the N I- corner ofT, L, 6(8, marked
J.   Isidore;   tie lire  north  XII chains;
thence east mi chains; thence south ho
chains: ihonce west 80 chains to isiint
■ a| commencement,
Msrch tfitli, 1007. THE  EXPRESS. NORTH VANCOUVER, R. C.
Weekly Nows|ni|>or       Published by
IHE EXPUKSS i'i;iN'll\iii'..iii|iiiiij'
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.. Editor
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run down     Dm  HimiirI
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Dr. Will    i     :    It I'        nd tn protect ;
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Llnimanl Hur.. n  ■ . ■.
i :
turn nf 1
Tha Struggle Betwsea Um Empire ol
tho East ind the Empin ef Mt* Wett i
Venice, Its Secret Tkm and Its Long'
Reign of Terror.
Mottt countries whltA ham died tia"r*j
pma' down lighting. Tile a:-ni.-n cin-l
pin: i-erLslicil llko Out, md by tha
bawiy of fate Uie po-jrer of trie Caesura
—sue to an end fnr twrj fnxn Home.
After It liml eilsted for centuries Um
Roui-in empire benuD» n a mat aud no-1
wk'I.I.v Oat lt bail to be i.'iitdi-al Into
two, Uie empire of tbe west and the
empire of Uie cast Tbe capital of tha
former wiin Koine.
The empire of tbe weit became so
■wni. at last that tt tetM make no
■rfnta.i ijalnsl ii-' enemies. Rome iu
nckiil by Uie barbarian-*: and eventually Iwame not Uie capital of a v«nt
empire, but the city et Uie pog-ea, over
which Un* poiilifT.-i reigned as kings.
TV temporal i-jwer of the pop-js butt
ed Ull 1370, while the capilal of Italy
wan lirst Turin and then Milan. Final
ly Uie city was taken without a real
in:1 ' by tbe soldiers of Uie king of
Thc empire of the east had to capital at Constantinople.   For centuries lt
I wan the greatest power ln the world.
; But It liecame houeyeomlicil with vice
and enervated wtti pride and luiury;
| also It grew old and w*k.   Then ln
1422 Uie Turks mnde -. tigerish spring
•o Constantinople am; fo ik it by Btorro,
The last of the Greek emperors died
•word In band, and Ids descendants
are living In England today In very
bumble Kittint.ona.
Egypt, once bo powerful nnd no famous under the plm-Mlis, was conquered by Home rid mis afterward
awampeil by the lii alcana Tbo en*-
cent waa supreme tn tbs land of Uie
Nile, uud the aiurctimc haughty llgyp-
tian.s were Blavi , for a Uiousand years.
The gn'at mogula used to reign lu
India.  In tlm days of Queen Elizabeth
the mogul or em|ieror of Delhi, as he
wus sonieUiucs en.'1ml-was bo power
| ful that be thought ll a vast eonde-
I leension ou his part to receive an om-
a bassy  from  Uie maiden  iiueen.   But
aa time went on Uie great rajahs, or
tributary  kings, rebelled  against Uie
nognla. India was reut asunder by the
wars between rival rajahs.  This gave
tbe Europeans u chance.
France at lirst held the upper hand
and nearly conquered Uie land, but
then England drove France back and
seized tin' empire of Uie great moguls
for herself, The heir of Uie moguls, by
the way, .-t:ll enjoys a pension given
by Uie British government us a compensation fur Uie throne lost by his ancestors.
Pol.inal used tai (x-eupy a big place on
tbe map uf Europe, At one time It
was much larger and stronger Uian
Ilmisi.'i. The mar of Russia and the
empenr uf Auslrla wen* only too glad
tn lie mi -food terms with the king of
Poland, and there wag no king of
Prussia in t!a"-e days.
Noble ii'lviiiliirers from nil partx of
tho world (locked to thc Polish capital
at Warsaw, eager to serve In the Polish armii-. The Dnke of MonmouUi,
•on of Kin; Churl*** IL of England,
thought nf doing this.
But Poland perished through her
own fault.- ind follies. The mass of
Uie common people were bIuvcs ln all
but uiinie Tliey were not allowed to
move from "lie pnrt of the country to
another without leave, they could not
own a fool uf bind, and they could
never in' sura thai they might not ba
•old by UlC greal noble liny served tt
a in i master; hence the uobles und
Uie peoplo novor stood together la
tlui'':: of danger nr disaster,
Poland was a big country, hut It was
divided   :i.:a nal   Itself,   und   Russia,
Prussia  nni Ausirin combined were
mnn- powerful, They ull Uiree Joined
Dl ' id eiii'h took n lurge Bbare ot
Poland In 177'-'. That wns the "first
partition of Poland." The Poles nub-
inllii'il tamely, fair they wero still dl*
In 1703 Iho trio Of rubbers made a
second swoop, only the ghost of Po*
lao I * ■ lell Another year naw the
end "f Iho tragedy. Tin- lust rcro-
ii" ■ Pol mil were sivaliiiwed up by
n        Prussia and Austria.
• l'u  republic of Venice 11
one "f I'm' mosl dramatic In ail history.
i of yean Iha city of tho
i ii' nf the inoHt powerful
i [he wi Mil,   Its dogOS ranked
as ii i.. ' of Hie proudest kings.
I . coveted by the great-
■  rntnoul itm one
'■ rrorlsm.   Tho d"."'- wal
- lianllj   in  lliun n splendid figure
.a.ii'r ro led in lhe
dn .I'li'd conncll of ten
throo.   The Intler worn
i yaterloa and woro
i ■ me to practically no one
',   .
i man was one of tin
i lits own wife and cbil*
■   dreni iod  IL    Their must
i    were masked mull's.
. ■.,.liter how high bis
•     i, wil Dd  by  the council
ul '.'ii ..i ii    a ml three, it" knew ho
.. im l.riia r lliun a dead man.    Ho
'  af Vcnti.' was n terror
.' "i | plo and the outside
■ ipoleon ■" " upon Uio
.  Hon Ol : I   Murk 11c*ji|
This cold-waUr starch
fgtt*  Ironing-day over
r'rjulcltsr, with less wear on
/the Ironer's muscles and far
}-'i"..;-'/leM on the starched pieces.
■' /Gives   a   beautiful   gloss.
/Needn't be boiled. .yat cannot |
f stink.    It's astarcliyou'll like.
Try  I»        ki
New Methods In an Art That I. Old,
A Pittsburg Romanoa.
One of llie musical Instruments
Whose popularity never seems to dlmlii
tab Is Ibe violin, nlliiH the llildlo. There
Is il story In Ibe effect thnt one of Uin
pioneer settlers of western Pennsylvania gave 1,500 acres of land lu exchange for n beautiful Instrument
made by Btelner, the nuceensor of the
renowned Btrndlvnrlus, nud Uie bind
thus given Is the site of Pittsburg.
Then there Is the story of the violin
maker In New York who bought up old
rafters to turn Into Instruments, some
of bis choicest prud'ictlous being carved out of the wood taken from St.
Matthew's, n downtown church razed
ubout half n century ago.
In Ihe counlry districts Uie Addict
who presides nt dancea In barns m
town bulls is as prominent n figure us
ever, nnd In the schools of music the
Student Of the violin Is lu u fnlr wny
lo become the nucleus of the future
American orchestra, which today Is
largely mnde up of Europeans, In Huston George \V, Chndwlck, the well
known composer, bus Introduced thc
practice of using members of Un* big
Symphony Orchcetrn to sit alongside
the pupils composing the Conservatory
orchestra ami "speed up" the performances, All advanced pupils nre required
to attend the rehearsals regularly, and
the performances nre under the direction of Mr. Chndwlck himself. There
Is a guild denl of public spirit behind
this undertaking, for as the Symphony
Orchestra bas the support of a banker.
Major Henry I.. Illgglnsou, so tlie
Conservatory, where Uils nmntcur or
cliestrn Is Iruliiitii;, bus u magnificent
concert hnlt, tlie gift of n Itoston mer
ebnnt. Eben I), Jordan,
Every player In this amateur organ!-
ration Ib provided with a flue Instni
ment, if not Ids own, then one loaned
to liim. Ono of the leading manufacturers of vinl,ns is authority for
the statemenl that the Instruments
made In this country ure worthy of
Comparison with any ever made of eld
nm! that It Is 0 mlsinke to iissume that
the art of manufacturing fine violins
imss-d away with tlic school of Cre
mon:*.; hence the assurance that music
students In tbe United States have us
many If uot more advantages at ihelr
disposal lhan those who study abroad.
In some parts of Iho country expert-
lism wiili the violin Is a feature of
botes training, but nowadnys An erl
car. music bcIiooIs, particularly schools
In eir'.es where there are flrsi class pru
lesslonal orchestras, are devoting more
attention than ever to the development
of players gifted with an aptitude for
il e art of Paganlnl.
If Properly  Handled  It Will  Prove a;
Splendid Investment.
Every progressive dairyman should \
have a band separator. Vou cun then
give the calves fresh sweet skim milk, a
lt Is cipeusive to feed calves on whole |
milk, especially wheu you can sell the
butter for 213 cents per pound and sup-
lily lhc fat taken from the milk by oil-1
meal or oll cuke at a few cents per ]
From thc other side, the separator Is
certainly a splendid Investment its u
labor silver. It is also valuable ns a
means of getting all tbe butter fat from
llie milk. Get a good standard machine, but don't fiH n very small size
unless you have only a very few cows.
For ten to twelve cows we would certainly recommend a 450 to 050 pound
per hour separator.
Cleaning the Machine.
Wash the machine every time It Is
used. Don't bellevo the ageiil who
telle you Unit you can wnsh bis mii-
iliine by simply dipping the purls In
warm water. Any one who lias handled vessels In which milk has been
kept knows that that Is uot so, I'se n
brush, not n dish rag, to wash each
piece of the separator; then pour boiling hot water over the parts and allow
lo dry.
1 se plenty of oil on the bearings, and
thus greatly Increase the life of tho
machine, Fasten the separator securely to the floor, take three minutes
to speed it up. heat up the bowl wilh u
little lukewarm water before separating, tl -n flush out wlUl a little ih'tiii
water after the milk has run through
to get all tbe cream.—Professor Vi. ,).
Aroostook Dairying.
I always wash my cows' udders with
clean water and wipe them dry, milking with dry hands. We strain tho
milk through cheesecloth, fiililcd twiee,
.-imi use a separator. Wo like that lie-
cause It saves a lot of milk cans or
pans to care for, and, best of all, wo
inn feed tlio warm, sweet milk In the
calf, For ventilation In the stable I
depend upon n two inch bole in tho
wall with a shingle to close over It In
stormy weather. 1 feed through traps
iii front of the cows, and these nro
never very light, so tliey always have
fresh air in front of Uiem, I clean tho
stable twice a day regularly In winter,
:inil iii tho summer the stock ure in tho
pasture night and day.—V, T. Lundval,
Aroostook County, .Me.
Dairy Talk of Today.
Enemies Now.
Susan  Sunflower-11 rah  am de en-
gngement hand dat Sum put on mnh
linger.   Et sttrtinly do attract a lot of
Hannah [latum- Et onght to. Brass
bands always attract attenUon.-l>e-
trolt Tribune.
A Marriage Warning.
lu tloriiiiinj ail marrlagea bavo i" lie
1 Iruclwl hofure n register prevlum
i" u ereuiony in church, which Is
nptlonnl.    Th"  law   requires  public
;"ii'"'" i" be -1" f ibe match, ana!
'ins nulla".' . unroll) exhibited in
|| box I a, up ul tho town ball or other munii Ipal building. Tho following
"ill'lal announcement appeared lalclj
ii a small town: "From today there is
Used ui Uu' lown hall tin* new box, in
which nil those who Intend i» enter
tiie married stale will be hung"
Not Labor LosL
I'b" "af" bore .i paper slating thai
lliero   mis   nothing  Ol   value  wllhir
Si tholoas iif burglar blew tho **»
el ■ n li  "i'"ii   ' ■   ng iii" statcn t ill
nrrcot,   "Wi vinorkod, gatltci
llg   Up   lllS    IllillS, 11'  .irlll    SUM.a  t|     |||
'i  I III '  "     .• .ire siill | plo
Iiu    It'll    III ■    It iall."
Defor* you gel
gaumcnti  all
tlic thrinlt
is   ukeni
• ut.
A ii if
Tty as well as
r warm, becuuso the \
r«hort fibres thnt'
■ miike Borne untie'
\weur itch nro tukenl
out of  I'en-
Aii'jle Wool,
t ffifftf
<■  ri innillv   foum]  thnt  th*
,'  U ">'...'* IS gOOd '        f   '   , (ib^       , j
, ,'i," mm Franklin io •   £  _   ,,,/,   ,§f   „„„'„,  ...^
always late, but al    ^u_   wJ r___ er IW Ml (Win,
I :,   WlUl   an  aUCUHaV
The handling of milk tbe tlrst few
hours ofter it bus come from the COW
lias n great Influence on lis quality and
the commercial value of the products
made from It. The cure of milk seems
0 Simple mailer, hut better methods in
our dairies are of the greatest importance to the success and reputation of
American dairying.
Testing of Dairy Cowa.
Officially aiiilientieated testing a„* dairy cows is becoming more and more
the leading feature of Uio work of
breeders. These tests are regarded by
the public as the true Index of the
value and of tlio capacity of all breeds.
Practical dairymen are placing absolute rellanco upon them as an Invaluable nhl In tho selection of sires wltll
which certainly to improve the capacity and profitable production of their
Dairy Products In Demand.
The greatest profit is in selling milk
and cruam to customers, the next lu
bavin, annual customers who will take
eiUier cheese or butter as It Is made.
Then follows the selling of cream to
the creamery und, lasUy, butter to the
store trade as one can catch the market. There seems to be a constantly
nicreaslug demand for the products
of the dairy which keeps paeo with lhe
Increase of cows. There Is u bright
prospect ahead for ull who wish lo engage In tliis great branch of agriculture.—S. I-'. Emerson.
Where the Expense Comes In.
Profossor \V. ,1. Eraser of tho Illinois
College of Agriculture says, "ll Is what
the farmer does uot know about his
cows lhat hurts." If he knew how expensive It is to keep a poor cow, he
would not do It Twenty-five good
cows will earn more net lhan a hundred modern Icly good cows and more
Uian 1,000 poor cows. Tlie poor cows
Will nol pay Uielr way. In one case Uie
cows will keep the funnel": lu tbe oilier
the farmer will keep UlO cows.
The Milking Machine.
The Farmers Advocate aayai "We
did noi believe m the efficiency of the
milking machine until wo saw nne ut
work. Now Ihal wo have been shown
we cannot say too much in Its favor
Tl e .if" milking machines and mill.
Ing nui' bines, B0 be caret ul what you
buy when yuu nre approached by a
smooth tongued milking macblno salesman. Si far as wo know, there Is only
one ur two approved makes of milking
machines,   [letter go slow in the pur-
i II l a machine and be sure you
_"t a good 000."
Culling tha Herd.
It Is lhe constant ulm of progressive
dairymen to improve their herds, uud
Buch Improvement must depend largely
upon culling the linrd nnd getting rid
• if the iinproliuible animals,
Keep Out the Bacteria.
The most careful handling of milk
after it is once infected with bacteria
u ill not sullii'e lo make a good product
from It. The bncteriu musl not be allowed to gnin Ingress if clean, wholo*
some products are desired. Thorough
it ishlng wlUi boiling water, or, better,
live sienna, followed by rapid cooling
uud subsequent exposure to the direct
rays of Hi" sun, Is the only sanitary
way of handling the dairy's utensils.
Company: *-im,tEd
Steel Shingles
1 ■■,."   .<.•■
a"l.   '-.
There's Truest P.conottijr
^ssin choosing —-^
They last indefinitely.
Are "re, lightning, ruit and
leak proof.
Fit together perfectly by means
ef thoir special patented aide
lock, can't possibly work apart
And are more quickly and
easily laid than any other thinglo
on the market.
li.nh iini/.rd " l'.nsl In.'., s "
are heavily coated on BOTH sides
with all the galvanizing material
that will adhere to them.
I'nlnlfd "Enstlakes" sre
thoroughly covorod on both sides
with reliable paint.
" Eullakes" have been tested
by years of service in all climates,
everywhere giving thorough, lasting satisfaction.
Writo and let us give you fur.
ther information. ,,
For Broakfast, or Lunchoon, fa
Served with butter, cheese, op preserves, It li more Nourishing thin
bread, and more Toothsome than white flour toast. Unequalled and
indispensable for light, quick lunches in winter weather.
TRISCUIT  is the wafer  of   the equally   wholesome shredded whole
Alt Grocers.     Send for the "Vital Questions Cook Book," prepaid.
$200.00 PT CASH
aire numbem or
Not Om Cent oi Your Mooty Requirrd.     Rnd CiftfnUy if Yen Tlafc
to i-iin r.*n of ibe Ah.v« Amount.
Can ~~i imn|l the nil nf m ik.  fit--- below, \tito thi nun o-f iU vdl in *w« wild tnj.
mitll ir I" \    il ■ -I. -Hi-   :"   ll.l   . I'i   Mi. ir n   of thi •'■■«  Ini' \   ! r«* t    ll   M n.> »a,T lau, I...
hj patiwc* an.i ]"-i irwinis ", .ai uu prutiUjp u n.i tlir-M « (our. It nail hum? to yvn tt
do to.
T- iU men wholndittw lu|ttt miata c*fium«,w wfll |i« it* im if Om Hundnd
Dollu*(fl(X)-00) ia la-h    I'otbi ptnou »hn find) thi mcamI Urt-Mt nnba *• will gtn iW
y.m i"C hf.v l1 i.m ■ v'."C ■ rn t .i>-. i ,',;-.,.,, I,, [,: ■, .'.,, (bird lufut numbem
will rive i ■.- mm of Tinny . ■... (J30 (II) in Cuh, 1\> thi tvnon wko 6ndi thi I -t-1. \_~t*
unmber we will |ite t »-.-:, I Twenljr DolUn ((30-00) in Cash Shuuld tww penooi Mod !■
njnally correct UIWtTI fnt the firM ynu, llu full t«o nrirea will .*« **■,'* dlfltled Ittweci
them, earh receiving lhe tun of Seventy l'i** Dollui ■ J.'*' (' i ShonM thrw penani in 1 _
equally coirect aniweri the Tint il*rc« priiM wilt be « « . v m* ■ '•■: between then, t ■ »■ teciiv
ini the mm of Siitv l>olian((0Ut>)) Should four penoni tend in equally cirrict - «-<" tha
whole numof Two Hnmlrcd 1 ■ ,»!• V. '< ■ -. !■*■ *-.,-,-in" ,'.,„.;,,l betweeo them(raih reoeif
inj Fifty Itollan ll''1 '■ i And to oo (alike |iroporUQM. U atdir u Up you a lil lie we
have put a mark uutier the lint leti-ar of •■* i. name
No. 1
N.   t
No. 3
N«. 4
No. •
We nno tiactly what weaay.   Wcdo not ■-1> ■■' you la und ui any of your moi
li only ooe simple coailiUua -ludn-J to thn '      i«mh. ii(»i... 'i u . oi to lead i
nt.inr: V    Whin wc receive
ll.   Ifyo
nplywewiU wnte you etplaintM whal tha ilmple toad
y of M
VM.. §
_i\ii\ *\
results «re obtained from tho use ol
Alolm.tint. "Home*,, HmIUiIuI an-l
Dmutiful." our sclondid new book, ex"
plains how Alabastine liardnns and improve* with .ice wail nut rub o!T. and is
.r'_ i,. .,■...<,  pure and fieo from ilscomposin-* mal'.or.
Send ten cents for a enry ol '"llci'-.a. Heitthful ind Beiutlful," with
many d*u,:y, nao, ij.., iur tho dcc-,iauon ol your home
Alnbaslino ia sold by hardware and paint dealers everywhere
a S pound package for b'O cents.
Nt your dealer  NEVER SOLD IN BPUt.
Tlie   lamliie*»lrlc   n   Cliliu*
In. ii  pracllaliig  caiiiilliallem  In  I	
the uli.'i" iii" illatr-aa Is n    ■
only logical method lor tlie cure
ol Stammering. It treats the
CAUSE, not merely tin HAUIT,
and insures natural speech.
Pamphlet, particulars and references sent on request.
Berlin, Ont.,  Can.
W.    N.   U.   No.   631 THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Good Sight and Good Health Returned when
the Liver wa9 Set Right by •*
To personal who have nnt considered
■tho relationship of eyesight to general
health this letter will prove especially
Mrs. A, It. I'riee, Nose Ci k, Calgary, Aim., ivriies: "I write to tell
vmi'Inui" highly wo think ol Dr, Chase's
Kldnoy-lilvor Pills, lor thoy are unsurpassed for torpid llvor, constipation,
i,ml kidney troubles. My husband
rlorlvod great benefit from Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver i'llls 11 couple of yenrs
nun when he wns feeling deprossod
und regularly out ot Borts, His oyo-
elghi was falling and the lamplight
hurt his eyes sn ho could nnt read at
all nml llinl mado up ills mind In see
un iiiiillst.
"I advised him to try Dr. Chase's
Kiiln. y-l.lvi-r Pills, 111111111111! ho wns
suffering from torpl I llvor. Ho did
bo und alter using les.s thnn two hexes
Ids eyesight entirely    returned   and
lie   fell   lllllll'   well   llgnin.     We   IVailllll
Hover bo witti<ant   ilia's,, pills iii  tho
house nnd 1 cannot speak too Highly
of them,"
Df. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills ure
niiirvelinisly prompt unit certain ns ii
cure for sluggish action nf the liver,
While awakening tho liver they also
regulate the bowels and Invigorate the
kidney action,
lu Uils wuy the filtering and oxcre-
tnry systems uro thoroughly cleanBed
of nil poisonous impurities nnd the
cause of pain, sickness uml suffering
in every family there Is, need »f juat
sneli n medicino an Dr. Chase's Kid-
noy-Llvor Pills to cure constipation,
backache, biliousness, Indlgoatlon nml
prevent dangerous and fatal dlaeaoes
of the kidneys and boweis, One plllu
doBe, -.ri cents a box, nt nil dealers,
Edmanson, Bates & Co., Toronto, To
protect yam against Imitations the
portrait and signature nf Dr. A. W,
Chase, tho famous receipt bonk author,
nro   on   every   box.
Milwaukee hnlils the record for Uie
UnkiBsed,   aeoordlng   to   a   statement
_ iniiile  under oath  by   William  Bartol,
l'i Bartol in 61 years "( ago, und testified
vhiii hi' had never beon kissed by u
woman, nur hint lio ever kissed anyone, lie Mas :i ivitui'BS iu ii case where
il saloon hid been raided us ii disorderly house.   It   wiib   intimated   tlmt
Barlel llml hugged and kissed a young
woman present. Bartol denied the Imputation, ami wiih dramatic pose and
Hushing cym suid:
"1 have never kissed u woman in my
life,  and  no woman   iver  kissed   me
and   never  will, sn  help   me   God."
Mllwaukco     Dispatch     lo     Chicago
UK YOl'lt OWN- DOSS. Liltle Capital Required. Will Bi'liil you far $1.0(1, BO l'uriiiii-
las ninl ProcMies*—(regular price 18.001—
any one of which may make you a small fortune. Many are esvccially valuable to Farmers.
'J'lii'y iiii'liiili' .Mirrnr unking—renovating old
Mirrors—Brightening iilil Kilt frailsrs—making Imitation Btalnod (ilass. To make Gooil
Paint for about one cent a pound. Fireproof
Composition fur Hauls—How tn Patten Oalvoa
—Uuiiti'r's Si'a'rrt fnr Catching Game—Bpcrel
Art Catching- Pith—Also Ohineaa Method nf
Catching Plea—Arabian Charm far Training
iliirsi-s. Many Veterinary Formulas Invaluable
lo every horse anil stock owner. 'I'n make
Olil A|ipli' Tri'i's Young, nml mnny others—*
KAY A I'd.. 1199 Ciisinii Bid!., Chicago,
On n lumous rille range there wns nn
Important team mutch one day, nud
tlio men were tiring iu pairs, one fnr
ouch team, side hy side. Tlio best shot
on tho homo team was given tn aiming
so long thnt bets wero made mi
whether or not ho hud gone to sleep ut
tlm bring point. Presently he withdrew his head from the stock of liis
rille, lowered the barrel, and anted liis
opponent, iu a low tone:
"Did 1 file, or did youI"—Forest und
'I'ln' Italian govornmenl is again tak*
ing up tho work uf excavation at Her-
Mother tirnves'   Worm Exterminator
does nut reipiiio lhe help nf uny pur-
dative  medicine   In  complete   the  eure.
Uivu it u triul nnd ho convinced,
\ swallow's speeil hns often been
Btnleil In be sixty miles nil llutir. Re-
emit experiment! prove thnt a swallow
In il hurry enn Irnvcl at tho rule of
1281 miles an hour.
"With a box of Baby's Own Tab
lets nn hnnd I feel Just us sale as il
I had n doctor In tho house." Thli
Is lhe experience of .Mrs. John Young
Auburn, Out. Mrs Young adds:—
•I have used ilu. Tablets fnr teething und other troubles of childhood
and hnve never known them to full.'
Hundreds nf other mothers are Just
us enthusiastic In tlieir praise. Cnlle,
Indigestion, diarrhoea, worms, constipation nnd olher Utile Ills are
peedlly cured by this medicine, it
Is absolutely safe—always does u""<i
annot possibly do harm, and ynu
hnve the guarantee of a government
analyst thut the Tablets contain no
ophite or poisonous soothing stuff.
•Sold by medicine donlers or by mull
nt 25 cents u box from* 'The Dr.
Wllllama Medicino Co., Brockvlll'j,
Sir wireless telegraph stations nre ti
he established iu Aiuskn.
Minnrd's Linimeni Cures Colds, etc.
JM on-alcoholic
If you think you need a tonic,
ask your doctor, If you think
you need something for your
blood, isk your doctor. If you
think you would like to try
Ayer's non-alcoholic Sarsaparilla, ask your doctor. Consult him often. Keep io close
touch with him.
Wt publiah o«r foranlM
Wa banlah aloohat
flail aair ana.ln'li,.a
W* aaria .on lo
■•flin.ll j una
Fully Posted.
"Could you do the landlord In The
Lady of Lyons?'" asked Ihe manager
of n seedy uetor.
"Well, 'l should think I might I
have done a good ninny landlords."
It Might Speak.
Tho Artist—Oti, ze madam has ne
grand face. I sluiil make ze speaking
likeness. Hcupcck—Kr—well, old man,
.mu needn't go so fur as that, you
Ask your doctor to name some of the
resultant constipation. His long list will
begin with sick-headache, biliousness,
dyspepsia, thin blood, bid skin. Then
ask him II he would recommend your
using Ayer's Pills.
—Hiade by Iha J. I,'. Ij-t «., L.. .11, Maaa —
You have heard o! biscuiti—and
read ol'biii uit» and caien biscuiti—
but you don't know biscuits—until
yoo try Mooney'i Perfection Cream
Sodai. They are everything that
the Ural biscuin should be.
The air - tight, moisiure - proof
package biiugs them to you trcth,
crisp, inviting,
. Practically even" grocer in Canada
nu MOONEY'S. Yours will get
them If you ask.   In I & 3 Ib. pkgs.
"They say thnt he fell overboard u
tho ship rolled on Its side."
"Vou might say that be left the ship
In thc lu*-ch,"-Yale ltecord.
Caribou Horns.
Not one nnt of every ten female carl*
Imu bus horns. When they dn hnvo
'hem, they nro much smaller tbun
those of the IiiiiI. Tbe bonis of Ihi*
female hnvo, however. In general mnny
uure branches thnn those of the bull,
nul Ihey ure much more regularly 11 tui
llnely formed. The cowh curry their
horns much longer thnn the bulls.
Thoy havo been seen wilh tlieir herns
In the month of April. The old bulla
'bed their horn! from the 101b to tlio
lust of November,  They hardly ever
■firry them nfler the month Of Nuvein*
I er. The young bulls shed theirs from
:he tlrst (if IleeeiillKT lllllll the middle
of February,   Tlie younger the mil 1
:he loniror lie relnliiB his horns.
Water Needle*.
Ro penetrating Is water nt high |)rcs-
sure Unit only special i|iiiilllk*s of call
iron will be tight against ll, In the
early days of Uie hydraulic Jack It wns
nn uncommon thing in seo the water
Issuing like a line needle through lhe
metal,  nnd  lhe  water needle   would
penetrate Uio unwary Ungor just ns
readily as a steel nne.
Why a Denver Society Man fid Net
Call on the Girl.
The gasoline runabout stopped nnd
refused to budge,   In It was a good
looking young woman.   She pushed I
levers and turned wheels, but tho machine remained still.   A well dressed '
young nm.,1 quite well known ln Den- .
yor society came nlong.   He knew very
little nbojt autos, but tlio girl's looks
attracted him.   "Here's 11 chance," he
thought, 'to work a little bluff nud I
make the acquaintance of n pouch."     j
liaising his bat, ho asked if he might
not try to help her out of her predicament   To bo sure he might,   fo he '
went to work.   Ho looked In the ma*
Chine, and then ho talked to Uie girl. I
Next ho looked under It, and then he I
had u little talk with tbe girl. He innu- i
aged lo kill ten minutes pretending to
look for Uie trouble and Incidentally
becoming acquainted with tbe girl, Finally ho took hold of thc crunk and I
gave It a twist   The engine begun to
puff, mul the machino waj lu readiness ,
to start
"Oh, thank you very mncli," said the !
"It wns n pleasure to assist yon, I .
assure yon," he replied.  Then he grew
bravo.   ".May I ask your name?" he |
She smiled und told him,    lie gave
her his card.  "Come and see 1*10 some |
Ume soon," she snld.
"I'd like very much to," was his reply.   "Where do ynu live?"
She gave lilin her number. "Ill be up
tomorrow evening If .vou don't mind,"
ho suld.
"All right," was her reply.   She started the midline ami then stopped it i
again,    "Would  yuu   mind   coming
ni'i'ii""!   ii- the back door  when yoi:
cull?" sin- naked,
lie was surprised, "What—the back
door?" .10 saiil. looking puzzled.
"Yes." she replied. "I'm the second
maid up there."
Ho smiled a sickly smile and moved
away hurriedly. No, he didn't keep
the engagement—Denver Post
In the Sickroom.
Pearl-1 nm awfully jealous of Ihal
pretty trained nurse. I wish tbey hmi
engaged a homely oue to attend
ltuby-llut sho Is only taking but
Pearl—Yes, but what guaranty have
I that she might not take his lieurt?-
Chlcngo News.
Borne Valuable Points on Building Up 1
Dairy Herd.
The dual purpose cow does not exist
All progressive farming of inter days
makes the dividing line all the morn
dlsUnct between the beef and dairy
breeds. The farmer has not yet been
found who can produce 11 herd of cnt-
Ue that shall lead ln both dairy nnd
beef products nt the snme time. I assume Unit we are aiming to have tbe
best dairy herds and make as much
money us we can.
First let me Insist that every dairyman shall select the dairy brood that
suits him best, taking Into consideration, among other things, climate, food
he Is prepared to fiirnisli, kind of burn
he has. market (or his milk nnd his
personal tnate, Decide aud uot promptly In the 'muter.
Get a Good Sire.
Next purchase a pair or trio, and
with them lay the foundation of 11 pure
bred herd, If expense makes this Impracticable, purchase a registered sire
and get 11 call from a cow with good
record of production. Get the best
possible sire of the breed chosen, ns be
Is half the herd.
Tbe next slop In grading up a herd
Is to be sure not to Inbrccd. When
you have heifers old enough to breed,
purchase for ihem unother slro.
When Uu- third, fourth or fifth grade
has been reached, you will have 11 profitable herd, which, while It cannot be
registered, will show splendid results,
AnoUier step-do not breed nny heifer until she is nearly or quite two
years old. Breeding heifers too young
Is Uie leading cause of every' in bovine
flesh Is bei* to. and the balance may
be charged to Inbreeding.
Food and Care.
Food ninl care bestowed upon a benl
form un Important part In this upbuilding of tlie herd. Cruelty nnd profanity may largely counteract the effect of a proper amount of protein, nn
unbalanced temper spol1 the result of a
balanced (•"*!,.". nml comfortable quartet* nre needed ns much ns proi-er
Toor and unprofitable cows should be
picked out nnd disposed of, the safest
process being to weigh tbe milk and
test for butler fat. line thing more-
wo must look well to the health of the
herd. We can buy bealUiy cuttle nnd
largely keep them so If we will supply
pure ulr uud suushiue as well as food
and water.
Success la building up a dairy herd
will depend largely upon the love and
Interest yen put Into the work, combined with tnleut, skill and energy.—
ll-v. E. F. Pember Before Maine Dal-
1 ymcu's Association.
Tost It as Vou Will
Ureal Naval Basin Opened.
At Davenport, England, the new
Keyluuni docks, which in connection
with tho artificial basin Uiirty-five
acres in extent form tho greabft naval dockyard scheme in the world,
wore oponed Feb. 21. From this basin
entrance is made Into three docks
5*10 loot long sod forty-five feet (loop.
Right Now.
The toaster of a large southern plantation would lire off 0 sinnll cannon
every evening nt (i o'clock as a signal
to the people living on Ids land. One
evening nt the Ume for tlie usiinl boom
the master wns nway. Two-of bis colored men, John and Jim, hnd long desired to fire thc cannon, but had never
hail a chance to do so. Tliey decided lo
make the trial on this afternoon, but
thought Ihnt It would be best fnr Uiem
to have the ennnon make no .sound. It
was decided that Jim should hold a
water bucket over Uie mouUi of the
cannon while John did Uie actual dis*
charging. Soon there was a great
boom, and John looked up, to find that
his friend was gmi".
When the inusiei roUirued, John was
very busy In tbe Held.
"John." siihl he, "where Is Jim?"
"He went down to Uie spring ofteh a
bucket 0' wutnh, s:dl."
"When Is he coming hack?"
"Well, sah, ef be come back like he
went he's sure dno bcah now."—Lip-
plncott's Magar.lne.
liemember there will be no advance-
ui'iit. no upgrading, unless you havo
Secured Ibe best bred, most prepotenr
animal at the head of your herd that Is
Obtainable, Improvement only eoines
through the superior qualities of the
i.i.iles used.
Have 11 wrench, a screwdriver nnd a
small hammer Just for use nround the
separator nud other buttennnking ma-
iliinery nnd iievev use them for uny
ether purpose.
Just because It's colder ond you may
uot bc able to smell the odors fruin the
cream separator so plainly, don't Imagine that it doesn't need Just as careful
Because Uie cow falls off In milk It
Another Bit of Expert Testimony.
"No," said tho beauUful girl, "I cannot be yours."
"Why not?" he demanded, wlUl a
good deal of dignity.
"I don't think It would bc wise for
me lo become the wife of a innn who
- please don't ask ine to esplnbi lt 1
do not wish to hurt your feelings."
folding his ."tniis across his breast
nnd assuming lili proudest look, he
"I must Insist that yon finish what
you were going to say."
"Well, then, if yorj will havo It I
am afraid yon have an exaggerated
ego. The next time you ask a girl to
lie your wife don't do lt as If yon
thought yen were conferring a favor
upon licr."~Chlcngo Becord-IIcrald.
Cash or Credit,
Women should hot get credit.   Ni'i
ilier should  men.   Caill is Iha cure
Crndosmon maybe would have n bad
liine fnr six nr twohc iiiaiinlis. ami
many 11 lady Would li.no lo "lie low."
Imt In the end ue would gel both mu
Iriule nnd our money, and sli" would
get hor dress und ut fur lOSI   -est
.ui inn Opinion.
•-'• 11 nooNtrhistuirujNDT co
—\, srsAvraie csnubi
Tho Vice Presidency.
"H's Hbrange alioul iw rice prlsl
dlttCy,"  Willi   Mr.   Donley     "Th'  prlsl
dlncy is th' highest nir*.-.- in th gin
Iv Ui' pimple. Th' vice prlsldbicy Is
ih' ni'x' highest nn' th' lowest, It Isn't
a crime exactly, Ve can'l lie sini tu
Jail fr It, but It's a kind li ndl-grcco."
"Dlsserlnlliiiis hy Mr. Doolc}."
His Hope For Revenge.
Judge iln burlier sentenced 1 1 '
If ymi Im ve a lust request, ll
will be glad to grant it.   Iinrber  1
■hiuilil like to shave Uie prosecuting nl
To be nble to have the tilings Wl
want, that is riches, bin lo be able tl
do without Uiut l:i power,   ilucdouald
Canada were almost wholly ol American
manufacture. The character of the work
turned out by the Record Foundry cV
Machine Co., at onca gave their stoves a
standing, and as a result a very larga
business soon grew up, largely owing to
Mr. Record's untiring imluslry and per-
severanca against many obstacles.
Although .Mi. Record retired from active
business a* far back as 1970, tbe solid
basis on which he had established the industry, has resulted in ils growth from a
aturdy pioneer into one of (lie largest stove
manufacturing plants on tlie northern hall
of lhe American continent. With two .
large plants, one in Monclon and one in
Montreal, the Record Foundry I: Ma. hi
Co. are kne Ml from I I.a!.:.. a to Vancouver,
and their  "Calorific" and  "Admiral
furnaces  and   " I'enn  Ksther "
recogniied as the standard of Canadian
r. I -..!-. OS T.'IB UK   .ma I   a:.: ar.
Reproduced above, is a portrait of the late
Mr. C. U. Record, the founder and original
head of the Record Foundry & Machine
Co., of M.111.1,"ii, N.B., aud Montreal,
Previous to Mr. Record going into the i does not always follow thnt she Is sick,
manufacture of  stoves,  those used in   There may bo something wrung with
her feed.   I/x>k Into that   Often It Is
the man nml not the cow at all.
Do not under any circumstances feed
hay or fodder while milking.
The illlliy cow stable makes Itself
known lu Uie flavor of Uie milk.
Manage your cows bo you cun know
where a shrinkage takes plaee.
It Is not always necessary to buy expensive stock lo Improve your dairy.
Exposure t.» storms and cold causes
a ihrlulcage thut cannot bo lully ro-
Expensive bam and stables are not
1." essary fnr the production of sanitary milk.   Common sense, cleanliness
und quick cooling ure tbe three main
"■'• '• I points.
Some people salt tho cows ns tbey
moke good resolutions-only OCCtllon*
ally. Do It regularly and do It wcIL-
Klniball's Dnlry Farmer.
In snme eases where cows hnve been '
milking for 11 lung Ume there la boiiio
ii lliiiilty In churning. The ndditlon of
one or two fresh coses In the milking
herd will often overcome the difficulty.
- Farm Journal.
The best wny to bring (ream to the
proper temperature Is by putting lhe
ereuni CU Into a pail or lank uf very
uriii   water.    Sllr  gently  until   the
cream is of tim proper temperature,
Never churn In a cold room,   The butter will be chaaay if you do.   The
chiir g roosi should   be about  Uio
f."   1 (future of the cream.
Salt thoroughly rubbed around on'
tin Inside of Ilm churn nfter It. lias
hern rinsed with hot wuler Is a lirst
• to make 11 clean and  woet
I ■■ Mil OUI with wuler
I TV POWI ll "'Ii'l ba f'"l     ' II Imt  til
til." ui much He-h.   Keep them III
model condition, nnd thev will yield
bj ("sting "'in i I'ini the
■   ■ .1". tell nh"" er they are
: "iU nr Maul- : ;:   1  I 'is.    It
•   ■ '■■  win. li lie ' .1:1 wilh
ll .-riii nty *v..i-d the nniipaylng
from his herd.
The faculty of appropriation li devel
oped nn I fixed in the Individual cow
.■' and habit   No enn- Is good
enough in yield bar owner 1 large prolit
under 1 f care and ill treatmont
Manj a ' am- timt is good at chewing
grail ind iv-king up enn al and
l;uu is 0002 cm liis mldcr biuim-**.      '
lhe   Flagging   Energies   Revived.—
Conitanl application to business is 1
lax ui  ihe energies, ami if there be
n ' relaxation, lassitude nnd di presslon
ur.. sure to intervene. Then como Irom
■to-niohio troubles,   The want ol exm*.
olio brings    lervous Irregularities,
inui the Btomacli ceases to asslmilati
in a.i properly. In tins c lition Par-
melee 1 Vegetable Pills mil be found a
reouperatlve ol nue power, restoring
' - ei [am in healthful action, dlsi ell
ins- depression, and reviving the Hag
gun* energies.
Women ire to bo appointed to tin
polios 1 1   iiie ni.  Belgium, 11
ending iu chiel "i Police Von Mi n 1
An Immense natural cave ol great
beauty has heen discovered underlying
three ol Uie principal Btreet ol Con*
itautine, Algeria,
Minard's   Liniment   Cures  Gargat   In
Tin re   were   launched   by   Bcolllsh
shipbuilders during January ind 1*.-1.
nary ol (In* year sixty iwo >
68,854 Ions,   in- ii • . I* Ihi  Iai ■-■
output nu 1 u I   mr   tin    Unt   nc
monUii ('t 'in- year.
Minnrd's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
"Sir. I wanl vnur daughter's hind."
"Vmi may hsve 11 with the greatcil
pleasure, deat boy, it you'll lake the
     thli'l   always     in     my   1 kil."
Baltimore American,
Stat* tt Ohl*. City at Tolf-ta,
I.uaw i-aiuniy.
Frank J. Ch*n*v makei oatt, that ha
la Mnlor j-atui-v ef Iha ana of T J.
• h* n-r A Co., dolus laiiaui-aM in tha ctir
aaf ToI-kW. Coajflta- and Stat* alorramkL
aasd that aa-J4 firm win pty th* suns et
ONE HUNDRED I'"I.i AILS for aanh aal
av.rr i-a.aa ot Catarrh that oaara-ot laa
eava-1 By Uu ua of Haifa Catarrh Cur*.
Kwa.ni ta) tWor. ma nn4 Bub-Mrtba-il la
mr  lia-f-'i.-a Ul*  Ith  day et Dacarnh-ir,
a i' ism a. w  injumi.s.
(Seal.) N.al.rr   1'iK.llr.
Hulls Catarrh Cnra li tilu-a l-al.rniilr
and aota alir-rii. on tha blood and n.te.
oiaa -.uifv.a or tho ayatem. Bind for
taattn-*aiit,.lo fra-a,
r J CWCMKT   A  CO.. TokAl,  O.
SoU Iir all  Dnaailtaita. T->
Tak* Hails K.milr Pill* ror roatlpatloB
In,,I Tod   V'«. madam, I -.a   been ■
S*alta st'.r   Im   Dill -   I
Mi    11 .a, 1   ■   A    illellorl
In..I   1,,1   Kci'in]   I    ollclti il    il ■
and 1  igu    • una'.
Drumhead eourt-mirtial, lhe ltn-siain
government's moil terrible weapon foi
visiting summary vongeance upon re.
v..im 1..in-ih and "iini*. was attacked
in the duitiu nnd probably mil he
(rn*»uMio si'-Kuit)
Your Doctor
Can cure your Cough or Cold,
1 no question about that, but—
why go to all the trounle and
Inconvenience of kmklng him up,
and then of having hisprescriptlon
filled, whin you can Btep into any
drug store in Canada nnd obtain
a bottle of SHILOH'3 CURE
for a quarter.
Why pay two to (Ive dollara
when a twenty-five cont-
bottlo of RHILOII will cure you
as quickly 7
Why not do ns hundreds of
11," 1 . . ' 1 of (anadlnns liave
dunn fnr the past thirty-four
years: letSHICOH bo your doe-
tor whenever a Cough or Cold
BHILOH will cure you, and oll
druggists buck up this statement
wilh a positive guarantee.
Thn next lime you have a
Cough or (i'lil cure it with
A Horse with a
Strained Shoulder
Is ami iid aa a dollar lu 14 hours
alter you rub Uie lore ipot, srlth
l'ellom' Leemlng's I'.-viu-a.
It give* Inatant rebel In all
cues ol Strains, Uralses snd
BwaUlogl — draws the paid
right 'mt - strengthens tha
»a...'. shoulder ox knee.
Whether yon ruiva on* bora*
or Isrtnlv, accidents are liable
to happen any Ume, Keep a
"'nanflv so you can bar* It when
('<- a boltlei.   Al dealera.
K Marvefloui aad Triumphant Record
ot Victory Over Disease.
Ho medldaa his ever aRected u huge
1 namber el wonderful and almost nne
rellooi corai as Psychine It baa had onl
I n.illiniums record ef vi.-tr.--a ovor diss***
jeof the threat, chest, lU| ■ an I •tomaeh.
Where doc-ton baro far.,- .. -,.-«vi mr*
men-able hom conainnpuon and ether
waiting diecaaeei l'sychine ■(*.*« la sad
rase-iea nuinbetle-n peopla even fruin the
very very* of the prive, Oiuh-L Oelda
Oatanh, llronchltr-s ChUli, KliMHweafa,
UCWppe, Pne-u-onia, and a.ber like
treoblfB, all el which in Icanrannin ol
Consumption, yield quickly te the cans*
tire powers ol Psychine.
Mrs. Campbell, on* ol the many eared,
makes Uie lollowtni itateuieat:
1 »i.ia"i nlrala tn*a Mltoi sll wtie *,.••■*
M my raaiarkal. a ta»T»-T wil* F-ITrhloa la
Aa*rll, IMI. I o*o(kt a aaa., eald whleh ssttlsal
'aa-hiaisand pad-tali. |*d 1. laajuBisllaB
I reuld r.ail tU.11  »M aaaV-l I* ..1,1,1 ,a, „
-  - ralfkl t...
ail liu-p mm *> 'kvaaM. mr doetoe rvtutda
. mr do***w 1
InomUia   Oa-  Kr.  Uah-Jt-   fan  Kip,
taa (Tria:ja-'i. raiw.rr.,;,!**. Dr. a-Kvaat
ten*, «h"n I waa MrtM la Oiuila
1 rarrhi'ia tot a lla-rt U.aa I tl* aal
tti* iift-i -Muimtwl
aasfai ia 107 01*.   Par-SIa, hu Lan a sal
UStaV Haa l<iaa»7".,araan,
Oat-aawwd, EW.t
PSYOgnri" aerer disappoint*.
PSYOHUB haa no nbaUtet*.
Tbei* I* ne otlsu madlcia* "Joitai
At tf daalara, J»a. aad 11.00 aar Mil.
fl b (Ml .alia ta
Ifc I. L Wm, tlWld, 1/1 ttt tt |, IIIDll
Dr. Reefs Kidney PUli are a lur*
aad permanent cun (or Khaumitlsni
Kilj-'u 'a Disease, Pain lo the lack anil
all terms ol Kidney Trouble, tic per
boi, at all dealers.
Is Guaranteed to be Absolutely Pure and of
Incomparable Quality.
Land    Packets    Only,    40c, He, and     6l*c    Par    Lb.    At    All    Qrocera.
mountain ot the Sacred Footprint
Adam's peak, or Mount Samannln, a
rugged mountain In the Inland of Ceylon. Is known throughout the orient ns
the "Mountain Of the Sacred Footprint." In n lint, rooky bnsln nt the
foot of this mountain in stone as Sard
OB Iiiui' uraiiUe there is Iho perfect Imprint uf u gigantic human foot "ye end
one-half foot long by two and one-hnlf
foot wlih*. Thi' CoylonOM llrnhmans
bu ve n legend to tbo effect that thc Imprint was mado by idem, our first parent, but the Rt!ddh!sts declare thnt It
'•nuill hnve been made by no ono bul
They Drive Pimples Awuy.—A face
oovured wiili pimples is unsightly. It
tells of internal irregularities whloh
fllioiild lonir since have been oorreoted.
The liver und the kidneys are nut per-
forminc their functions In Uio healthy
was they sliould, and Ihese piniph-s
nro lo let yuu know lhat lhe blood pro-
testa. Parmclco's Vegelalilc IMII9 will
drive them ull away, ami will have thc
skin clean and clean. Try them, and
there will be another witness to tlieir
Tito deaths incurred among the
'5,554 ivhiti' laborers In the canal zone
J during February. The sick rate was 24
to every 1,000 persons fur the monlh,
Tii" annual death rate bus fallen to
l. por l.ooo.
I was cured of Acute Hionchitia by
Bay of Islands.   J. 11. CAMI'lH'.l.L.
I  ivais cured of Facial Neuralgia by
Sprloghill, N.8.     WM. HANIELS,
I w;is oured of Chronic Rheumatism
Albert Co., N.H.    liEU. T1NUI.EY.
Thc income tax bill as preiented by
ih- l'rrni'h government is being
amended so much iu ilu lower house
that it is believed it will not pass.
The merits ol Richie's Anli-Conaump-
tlve Byrup us a sure rcme'y fur coughs
una] colds are attested hj lucres who
know ils power in giving alrcst in-
stnt iclief when tl.e tiuiint i sore
wilh coughing ninl the whole pulmonale   region  disordered   in   coiiseiiuciu'c.
A bottle nf this world-lamed   Syrup
will siiv*- -liii'lnr's bills iiiui a great deal
uf suffering.   Prloe   'iti   cants, at all
ih al rs.
W    N.   U.   No.   631 THF, EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
list you u
Vtlili Ij* for
Miss Ralston, Duncans, V, I.,
bus taken charge of the L\ n
Valley school.
Will Ritchie, of the C. P. R„
Winnipeg, niter visiting Iriends
In re for ,1 lew days, returned to
ia a i rairie Capital today. He is
uu a vacation for his henltli
While hero he met hi* old school
teacher, A, R. Steacy, who i nghi
I: ni ni t*l mi , Man . in tsSj
The reul near C tpilano bridgi
ii, alioul completed.   Mr.  Snidci
is liia" coini:u.lur.
Miss Calbick, the populai
Moodyville school to ,t In r, ha
been absent from Imr school on
accuiint ol illness li i .1 few ilnys.
Kolleri Ctets
Slay and feed
—aj±~m i.:vn/mx. >**.rju.« m
Miiliiw Co.
li i-i to la. regretted thai the
Western C rporali 1 has dei idl d
,u go out nl iia- building business.
This enteiprising company w.i*
tin lirsl in loi ate In re (or the
p trpose aai en a ling houses and
oilier buildings, nnd it is to its
i'liii that 11 1 ut up ovei 50 pi r
I cent, of iln slim uiics in tin-
municipality. Altei careful con-
lifel sideration the corporation decided
that as 11 pro Im ed liiinbei and
oilier building material, that it
would be unfair on it., part to
coi pete wilh othei contractors
who were expected to purchase
llieii supplies in North \ ancouvi r.
When ilia- Western Corporation
nisi started business here there
was no inin or contractors in the
bu lines:, and tin company look
up this brain It for tin purpose ol
expediting the ;:i' ivth ol the
Ambitious City. The decision of
the compiiiiy referred to above
j is certainly very fair and generous, and it is to be hoped
that all contemplating building
ri will not forget to patronize
tbe Western Corporation and home
I united.
Harry Mitchell, local manager,
Lonsdale .vvuuie.
Fine, healthy Tomato ai I
Cauliflower Plants, grown from
Sutton's See la, always on hand.
Ale and SI out
ll)  H .(tie...  Ka-al*. ..ml Jar*.
the I'ini il Brewing Co.. Lid.
TKI-. iei
Ho Seedless Plume, SoPhleae Ipplei*
SnI'-ilile- Corn It vai
ial ta-- all '.  1    a ,   "   '       '       -.     lerllli/.er
HUH   Sll|l|aa.a--,     "prilj     1' .      ia-,    > | ,r;| I ] 11 .'
Hatorlal. Cul 1 luivuw, sti    Oldi -t ■ -
taliil*ii»| nursery on tlio mainland ol
British  C.ll.I.-,:  iS,       Cil.al-   .'Ha-   III--.
VASCOl Mill, H.O.
P. S.-II your I-,. .1 1 ewhslltsdo not
hsnalle nn Is, "ii-i direct.   We prepay fifty pai 1. tl . aseorteil can' tli
gnnleii seuda In ti ■<■ cenl papers   tested
etOCll) tO V'llll   laa-.lla -I    pi     tnlliea   (el   |l
tseuty pai Iti I   loi  )   • ul .  Trial col*
Two more scows have been
started at Wallace's shipyard lor
Macdonald, Marpole & ( ompany.
Complaint is being made by
teamsters about the road *t the
wharl  at   Lonsdale   avi nue    It
lould be    i.a.' lied aud pul   in
condition  at.  soon  as   possible,
1. sti rday one ol .1 li ant of 1   rs
hitched to a heavy load i'i, ui d
wa. 111 arly choked.
For sai i Cleared, graded and
lenced lot. 50x1 pi leel. on Fourth
street; fine view.   Apply al ihis
Wanikii Fur um tlaj ; ■■•■•■ k,
a woman to iron,    \pplj lo Mrs, (
J. tui    .1 li   a- riield avenue.       ,
W .-■ in.   To purchase a hou
and lot, 01 clean d lot, on Fourth
or Fifth street. North Vancou t'i
must   face  Btinth ami   1 n uu
vjett of   inlet    Quote  cash and
terms, if anv.   Address ')'.<> .■
14, North Vancouver.
Wanted—Waitress,   Apply  1
the I'a in Hotel.
IMF 1 in *ti s 1   III 1 11 r
All Kludiol ii--
II. \V 1
lllll,,,  . 1 I'owi
'. \'-l III        !,", I!   I'.
mi. »-.•*•*        *. u**'i*,*«wi '.i«i
Stumps and
Rocks Removed
Without Damage
to Buildings
Call oa Address
Jonis Avenue and i4*1*11 Si
An April Day.
I'ii" "nil in bright, tin' bree/.c is llglll
The robins aliiK tho enrols ol sprint;,
In the morning,
I: ads arise nnd lill the tltii -:
Heavy showers lor the flowers:
Weather's turning.
Beside the brunt, glitdnosB lorso th:
llu- naii.-rs ra ar, iiiiiI -en eull- -"in :
hav lorlnrnlng,
St. John's Vestry.
I he annual vestry nn eting    ;
church was held in ih ■
parish room on VVi Ini da; evei
: ig, win n  ..."    ongri ■ ition v. is
represented   \ eni 1 ble An h
n Pi ntn ith pn sided.
iving gentlemen    lei
I'd to ri pn sent lhc parish : l-ay
a';." .. ,1-1 to Bynod, Mi ssrs II
A Shaw, A, 11. Scriven and A.
I sidesmen, Messrs,
V dentine Smith, A. HI1
A D Nye, H A, SI iw, A, F,
I; '  ■ -.    iid A. Sherwood . ■ 11
■    1 ,     W,    I'.    I'a .1' ev   ,ili'I
A, I"'.. Crii i.inay ; auditor,   \. II.
Si riven,     Foregoing    gentlei len
were all elected iinaninioii .
Alter t", ncrnl di n u aion it was
: thai the 1 hairtnan. An h*
'     I'ei trcath, conlei li
M a. nli is to hi ■ "ii' . :
ol the pur! foi another
v- ar, iini thai a special gi 111 ml
meeting I"- 1 ailed to hear Mr.
Mnrsden'a   decision   on   Fti lay,
April   irjtll,   al   h  p,   m.,   in   the
a bui' b A very 1 ordial vod ol
■ . :aa iln' ibaiiiiinu broughl
ibe nn eting in a close
CAPITAL, »4,866,666. RESERVE, -ta.141.333
Head Office in Canada, Montreal.
II. Stockman, General Managt ti J. liutsLV, Supt, ol Branches
Branehcs in llritisli Columbia—Ashcroft, Greenwood,
lli'lle. I-.: lo, Rossland, I'mil (Sub Branch), Vancoiiver,
Vii toria, Duncans, aud Dawson, Y.T.
Savings Q»' int  Dupu!.iis received from $1.00 upwards
Intfi-est ut I     "   1 current rales ind compounded twice a year
Office, Cor. Ln. '■ I ill Ave, uud Esplanade, North Vancouver, H. C.
'i.'^^ #^*|rTft   Vt'o.'lhol North Vancouver
$s_)<U)'&<it,'49   p^rty lor Clients.    .    .
Owners lire requested to call at our ollice, or
mail a list with full description and particulars
us tn prices and terms.
We can guarantee sales if prices are right,
and we are given sole agency.
dive this your immediate attention if yon
cisli your property transformed to cash,
CO. Ltd.
Corner LoiiBiltilc Ave. und Fifth St.
Sell Your Real Estate-Rent Your
House—Invest Your Money in
Mortgages at Good Interest.   .   .   (
To  Se,  if  You Wish   to Buy   in
North Vancouver	
I'lloM   ll
hompaon Block,   -   ■   NORTH VANCOUVER,
__?__~_~r—_-:' !TS "If
Men's $4 Shoes
liox Cat B! ' iters, leather lined,
iloiibl,  iole  $1.00
Vclvour Call I3lw lu is, leather
lined, double sol" S'1.00
Vica Kid Hlucliers and Halu,
lealhei oi canvass lined; a
daisy boot Sl.00
Seo I)  loi Vottr
Spun:: Slides
516 Hastings Street W,
ll.a'iti ran Hai
Mil I'l
t-l'IVIAI.   tlATM   in
llu it 1 ■ I'.iiiiinriiH
i'ini  f,   .miiiiss, Prupi Iclort.
Ili-ntad llirollgllillll willl
ttcnm lint and cold
iiuter iii every ruom  i
Srconh Sim i r.
Tbc bar in coimblcrcl to
bi' us line lis anv tin Ilm
Coast, ii- stock i» replete
;; North Vancouver
I beliovo that North Vancouver haa
nn immense futun*, and thai thoro
will In' moro money mado in land
hero than in nny othor seel inn in
British Columbia. I havo LOTS
POR bMl in all parte of the
Townsite, If you have LOSS TO
SCII, como to me, ! will Iind
you purchasers quickly.
161 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
Rainier Beer---
Is :i glorious beverage—quenching and
satisfying. Remember there's no othor
"just as good"*—insist on getting Rainier.
Vancouver, B. C.
We are now cutting Cordwood. Place your orders
with tiH for Cordwood.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Owiii|* to chango ul the lerry time schedule following will
Fiiist Struct
Leaving Queensbury \vuntio at 5:311 a, m., 6130 a, ni., 71.15
and live minutes lo the hour until 10155 |i, in.
Leaving Keith Road and Forbes Avenue al 6:00 a, in.,
7:00, a. 111., 8:25, and i$ miniitea past the hour
until 11.35 P* '"•
I.iiSsn.M.I! AvK.MJi:
Cam will run every ;i> niimitei,
All luiats .ire im I liv the rurs,
Hotel Norlh Vancouver.
;..':    '">•   .-.il     ■■ .
North \/ancouver*- mb-mnoV .,
Gran I
Up to-tlatc
:" j.un |u 1
D.i 1
and up.
Rates lor
Ferry Service tvery Half Hour to and from This Hotel
to Vancouver. P. Larson, Prop.
BUY IT AT McMILLAN'S, and be ready and
He's Coming  Sure.
SMOKE THE.        .— "*>
Call in and sec what you can
get in your own town. You
will he surprised llOW much
parcel-carrying you can save.
60   YEARS'
Trade Marks
Copvrights &c.
AiiiailinMilting 11 Hu 111' mi'i ilr.rrllill'in mn,
qillnklr nai'il I i"l( a.i.i.a.ll In 'll'11" In" nil
10U1 (ial'. Illlll'-I nfrttlC" l"!""'''"llllllKI>lltl'lim.
I'uti'iilii Iiiiii 11 iliiaiui'li M111111 * Co, niriilvd
Mi-Ylul ii-fl«. itlili'.iiU-li'iriii', Hillm
Scientific Jltnerican,
A tinnilaiiiii.'i* niiiait.iii'.l wnnkl-r.  Urmul el*,
ratal f iiiit irlo-iif IB" J.aiirlilH.   I •nni, It I
Tciir" l"lir llli'illlia. 11. Hailit tiyilll ni'aa-iti'liliara.
MUNN & Co.36,Bron<lwai New York
Hrsncli oint'o, ftp f Ht., Wwlilimtim,)), •;,


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