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The Express 1908-12-18

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Is thai which goes into peoples'
homes. To reach the people of
Norlh   Vancouver  advertise in
Phone 80
' I rt, ■ r-   \'
Executed in a ttjlt thai pleases
and at price that art right til
•.,,„„,.*.,.       The Express
Aldermen May, Irwin, Crick-1 was present. Upon reoue-n
may, May, Wheeler, Smith and Mr. Tavlor explained the ,„-,
Brain were present at tr/e regu-'sent situation as follows   I ,sl
lar session ol the city Council
on Monday evening. Mavor
Kealy presiding.
Col. ],. Kdwin Dudley wrote,
requesting that Winch roatl he
opened up, to connect with a
road which the district council
has agreed to htiild to .,..,. 59%
where lie owns nine acres ol
land. Acting Knghieer Mc-
I'liuson reported that the distance would he 3Hai feci,which
would cost thirty cents per foot
or foo in all. 'llie city clerk
was instructed to write to tlie
Lonsdale estate, to ascertain
whether they are willing that
Winch ave. shall he opened up
through D.I.. 552, on the local
improvement plan.
C. K. Keene notified the council that uie city workmen had
filled in a ditch on 15th street,
with the result lhat adjacent
property is Hooded, and asking
thai these conditions he remedied; hoard of works to act.
H. V. Smith, secretary of the
N. Va City Katcpavcrs' Association, wrote, to the ellect that
lhe light which it wa.s proposed
to instal at ...e corner of ine
l'.splanadc anil bt, -..corgi* s
ave., is not yet in place. Clerk
lo reply lhat uie light committee had reported that lhe light
111 question was not a necessity,
and that it was therefore not
the intention ol the council ti,
instal the same.
The department, of marine ant.
fisheries lorwarded a new qui
claim deed Ior the original
street end at Bewick avenue,
which in-caiiie private pro|*eri\
through alteration of the street
Messrs. Stein & Co., city au
ilitors, forwarded a report, to
llie ellect that tne accounts ni
the Dominion Day celehralion
committee are satisfactory;
report accepted.
Alderman Irwin reported thai
Contractor Baker wished te
withdraw Irom the 3rd street
sidewalk contract, owing to UM
fact that thc work has heen so
long delayed, and he Inn Is it
necessary lo leave the city on
Imsiness. He was willing 10
accept $150 in full of all claims
The ailing engineer reported
that Mr. Baker had received in
cash J371.20, and the city hail
paid lor material, etc., {513.20.
m.iking a total to date of I884.-
40. The liability of lhe citv
was, according to Alderman Irwin, 15 per cent, of the contract
or $125. A motion was passed
offering to pay Mr. Baker this
Applications for the position
ol city engineer were men submitted hy City Clerk Slicphcvl,
to the number of 1 id, the 11,.111.1
of the respective applicants 1c-
mg read.
The question as to the i tli is
ability of leaving the ipp 1 ut-
ment to be dealt willl b\ mxt
vc.ir's council was brought up
h\ Mavor Kealv Alderman
Irwin pointed out that theft
as the completion ol 3rd Street,
the extension of the waterworks
system, seven or eight local improvement applications, etc.,
which were lieing held hau lot
lack ol an engineer, and he further thought that the • resent
council would In* in I better position to make a suitable choice
under existing conditions than
a new council. Alderman Smith
was of opinion that as the previa council had called Ior lhe
amplications, they should arry
the matter to completion. On
inntiiiii, the m.ivor w.is i pit sled to appoint a special 1 1. :.n.-
lee tn consider the appln.ul■■ is,
and In reduce lhe nutnlicr to ten
Irom whom the appoint ment is
to be made, at a special liuvl-
ing, on Thursday evtfliaf. The
mavor appointed Aldermen Irwin, Smith and Wheeler.
The Ierry committee submitted minutes ol a meeting held on
Thursday, Dec. mth, at which
thc city solicitor, A. D. Taylor,
ipring, the city solicitors wen*
nstrttcted lo {akc two actio' s
.gainst the ferry company, one
0 recover >2ooo, for passages
imitted, and the other to ip >'v
0 the lieutcnaiit-govenor for
he cancellation of the agree-
neiit tinder the .Municipal Chines Act, but at a subsequent
iieeting of tne council, in coherence with the ferry directors
md the city solicitor, it wa.s
lecided lo leave these matters
11 abeyance, pending a proposal
.0 he subinitied to the company
iy the council. About one
veek ago the solicitors were in-
itructed to proceed witli ine
■econd action, and application
lad been made for a hearing
text week. The reasons advanced for the cancellation of
he lease were as follows; Fail-
ire to carry out the conditions
if the sub-lease and inadequacy
if service* Should the council
iucceed in this application, it
.vould leave the corporation
■vith a wharf at North Vancouver, the steamer North Vancouver, and liberty to deal with
my other company, 'lhe ferry
ompany would have such
ights as they at present hold
.11 Vancouver, and the steamer
St. George, hut with no ferry
icense. The conditions of the
.oiiipaiiy's lease of the wharf on
-he Vancouver side, from llie
J.PJt., were such tnal tne company could use the wharl onlv
.or a ferry service to North
Vancouver, and thai they could
part with it only to tne city
.iiiiuil of North Vancouver,
The city solicitor further pointed out that the lease from the
government to the city is for a
term of lifteen years, live ol
which had already expired, me
corporation entered into au a-
greement with tne Nona v an-
. ouver Ferry and l'ower L ompany, on .July 23m, iy<>3, umler
which the existing ferry service
is being conducted. The government issued the ferry license
lo the corporation on 1...
day of December, 1903, and on
January qui, 1904, the corporation sub-let the license to uie
lerry company' by agreement.
The committee expressed
themselves as satisfied that lhc
proceedings already instituted
should be gone on willi, atul resolved to recommend as follows
to the council: lhat after due
consideration with die city solicitor, and alter haviflg considered various phases of uie
ferry question, the committee
knows ol no reason why proceedings should bc stopped in
the actions pending against the
ferry company, in regard to the
i.incellalion of the agreement
antl sub-lease, on the grounds 0
failure to carry oul the condi
lions ol the suli-lease and inad
eqiiacv of service; and lhe ac
.1011 for recovery ol $2000
The committee then uiiisidc
ed a lettei Innn Messrs   Davis
M.itsli.ill I M.11 .miii, solicitors
for   the  company, asking    uie
council   to   protect   the   ferry
company against tht rival Ierry
service, and it was decided that
the letter he answered, by null
fying the company's solicitors
that the council do not see that
thev are called upon under the
present circumstances lo interim*.
The letter received from the
manager of the ferry compaiiv,
calling upon the council lo repair Lonsdale , ivenue wharf,
was next considered II w.is
explained lli.il tin- toiiipanv 1*
at present in possession ol the
wharl, under a verbal agree
ineiit made in June last, it
hating been agreed lhat me
council should lease the wharl
to thr ferry coinpanv frnin
month to month. I'nder these
conditions, uie citv SolkitOI
was of opinion that the com-
panv was bound, in their own
interests, to look after the
wharf; that they remain in pos
session tinder the covenants
stipulated in the agreement,and
he was of opinion thai lhe com.
pany would be held responsible
if any action occurred in uie
meantime, unless the company
gave the council formal notice
llial there is some defect in the
construction of the wharf.
The committee thereupon relived mat, with reference to
the above letter, the committee
would advise that, as uie company is sun 111 possession ol uu
wharf under lhe existing agreement, thev be lloliimi ut*. uiey
are responsible for the up-kcep
of the wharl (luring stici. time
as they remain in possession.
The ciiy solicitor stated that
he thought the petition for ihe
mediation nl uie lease would
be heard early in January.
In answer to questions he further advised that lhe council
vould not possibly deal with
iny other company until Ihey
were freed from the present one;
tt under uie law, lerry licenses could be granted to individuals for only live years and had
to be gazetted, but to municipalities for longer periods.
The committee reported further that the action referred lo
is being proceeded with. Report received.
A. M. C. Dull wrote a formal
letter, to the effect that she had
met with painful injuries on
Sunday evening, through falling
from ihe sidewalk on 13th St.,
aldermen were all present, except Aid. Braim, Mayor Kealv  piesided.
The Wireless Telegraph Company wrote, through the city
solicitor, to the ellect that the
council had been misinformed
as to their intention to remou
lhe local station. The coinpanv
had 110 such intention.
W. W. Aloutelius wrote, protesting against the straight
grades at the intersections on
3rd strut, and requesting thai
the ratepayers concerned be consulted belore this change is
The school board nolilied lhe
council that they wish to have
submitted to the ratepayers,
two Inlaws for the purchase ol
new lUOOl sites, namely lots y
to 16, block 11, D.I,. 273, comprising 1 k acres, for the price ol
$6oHo cash; and lots 2, 3, 8 and
9, block 206, D.L. 545, with
house, etc., containing 4 acres,
lor 516,1100 cash. The trustees
have secured an option on c.nli
property. Matter laid over for
consultation with the board.
The special committee recommended twelve names from
which lhe city engineer should
be appointed. The testimonials, etc., were read in each case
Three ballots reduced the number to four. Council went into
committee of the whole to discuss these applicants, and later,
in open council, the appointment    was   awarded   (ieo. H.
Next week's paper will issue The Wallace i.iiiip, Nuts ol
on Thursday, owing io l'tniai Bcotland, amusements commit-
being Christmas.
The   Orange   society   held    ,1
aitfc—fill ami enjoyable social
meeting last Friday evening.
John Buckley, who has been
Hoiking lor John Lawson, lap-
ilano, is taking a linlidav tup
to Boston, Mass., after an absence of thirty years.
The Monoline Typesettinq Machine
The above is a till of the new 'machine for tvpeselling purpos-
Mouoline tvpeselling machine es tu In* inslalleil mi the north
installed this week bv 'lhe Kx- side of the Inlet, and the geiler-
press. The entire issue ol this al public are mrdiallv invited
paper has been set up liv the to visit The Kxprrss ollice any
machine, giving a much improv- alternoon and iitspcii the Motio-
ed appearance.    11 is the lirst line while iii operation,
the street being verv poorly
lighted and the walk unguarded;
that the injuries had necessitated medical attendance, and thai
ihe Hiuiicil would be held res
poiisible. Rehired to the city
On motion, the in,imr ttaa
.uithori/.ed to draw iheqins   on
the 1 Mt li inst., ior school teach
els'  salaries
Board ol Murks acCOtmtS to
tailing 5'3o,  were passed
The old sidewalk was .,r.iir-*«l
to be temporarily re-laid i .1 iid
itreet, west of £oaadaW,
Alderman Smith reported the
waterworks couiniittee is pre-
pared to put in the wot/tai pips
oil 13th street, between I.olls-
dale and St. George, as soon as
the board of works will ileal
the ground of accumulated rubbish. Board of works to report.
Mayor Kealy submitted a
copy ol a letter forwarded by
lhe citv solicitor lo the Wireless Telegraphy Company, notifying tlii-m tint they are tin
der obligation to sustain llu
present station lor the lull term
of their agreement, namely live
On recommendation irf tin
light committee, it was decide
to instal .111 an light at tht
iiirner of Mth and Mahon. and
at lhe corner of 171I1 and Ches-
At Ihe special meeting ol the
city  council  last  evening   the
Haiti's, cilv engineer of Windsor
Ontario, at a salarv of SiNik
pel  .llllllllll
St.   Andrews   Presbyterian
iiiiiiiii was the su-ni' o| a mix
pretty wedding yteterda]. when
John Lewis I ripps, of I,\nn vai
ley,   and   Kiihin.i   Helena   r*or-
s\th an 11   united  m  tin* bonda
ol huh  111, iiuiiii iin       i ue 1, i.
iiuiiii  was performed bv Kev J
D. Gillam, pastor ol the iilnnil
assisted  lit   Kev    J    Davis,    ol
I,Mill Valhv I)   II    Miloll
acted as groomsman and    Miss
Alue M. Kpsoni as lalileamalrt
After the ceremoay the wedding
p.il t \ sat dOWn lo I sliliipluolls
dinner al Ule Hotel North \ .111
iiniii 1, scried ill lhe s| vie lm
which this well-known house is
so jtisllv I.mums The list ol invited guests numbered over forty, amongst whom were iinie
the lollowing Kev J I) and
Mrs. C.illain. kev. J. and Mrs
Davis, I) II IfcColl, M,ss A
II, Kpsinii, \li sad Mis Kid
die. Mr, and Mrs. I'   West,mi
Mrs k  Mageanis, Win  Ifagca
nis. Mr and Mts K W'hippa,
Mr .nnl Mrs. A. Campbell tfiaa
K. Campbell, C, F  Smith, Mr
The application for lhe cm
icll.tiion ol the ferry company's
license came up Ior hearing yesterday and was adjourned   lor
hearing until today.
H. R. 'Hellell, manager of the
local branch of the Bank ol B.
N.A., returned to the ciiy on
Alondav, Irom a pleasant holiday siieit l in a tour ol llu
Sound cities and Victoria.
Thc Maple Leaf pedro cluh
held ah enjoyable session last
Tuesday night, in the K.I'. hall
about bo persons being present
Alter the competition cloned,
the ladies furnished relresh-
metits for the party.
Christmas ionics bin (MM I
year and when it mines it
brings among other things, su
many ilaims on the poCtttbOoh
thai economy means cash Uur
advertising columns will help
you greatly.     Head them.
Thc Nortli Vancouver Drain.1
tic Society will render the lalM
"Turn Him Out," in O'Biicii's
hall, Vancouver, oii Tttesdav,
Dec. iqth, under the auspices ol
the Scottish Dramatic and Musical Association, of thai iiu
Special re-opening setines
will Ik* held 111 St Andrew's
church on Sunday, Dec. 27th,
both morning and evening
Principal Mackay, D I)., will be
the preacher on both occasions.
while spei i.il music will lie
given by the choir.
The dame given by lhe boating ilub, Tiiesdav evening.in the
Horticultural pavilion, was om
ol the chief sin ial cunts ol the
season. A Vntu ouver orchis
tr.i furnished the tiiusii. and the
all.111 all tliumgh proved highlv
satisla, lory and stiiusslul
A netting of the r.itep.ii.is
association will la* held in um
Larson Mi Millan liall. next tin
postulliie mi Mondav eveiiing.al
eight o'cloik. lm the [impose o|
placing  three additional aldo
manic   candidates   in   the In hi.
thus making a lull tnktt, tt I
Clailwin having resigned
All those citizens who have
not yet signed tin petition lor
a combined trad nnl r.nlw.iv
bridge across tin* Second S.o
lows, are lirgcntlv tci|llistcd bv
the board ol Hade to do so as
earlv as possible Fullns ..I
the petition lliav lie hnmd al
the othie of Sciu l.itv M ni r.i \.
HI I.otlsdale avenue.
S V Dam ev, well km.wn 111
political ill' bs as one ol tin
.lml l.n tors in lhe light 111
Yale-Cariboo   and   Kootteaj
paid The Kxpress 11 Irielidlv tail
on Tuesdav lie intends spi ml
ing Christmas in C, 1lg.1iv, aid 1
v*.lmh he will probablv ass,,
ate himsell witli one o| the Van
couver dailies.
lee have definitely all iliged to
"hac a giini nichl's lun" on
llogmali.iv,  Dei     tlst.      .Niotih
* ings, Siiiiih dance. and
Scotch li"s|utalitv, trill be tht
leatnrea oi tbe evening, aad   1
piper will be there to lead    the
lun. Kvcrv Scotchman will bt
heart!!} welcomed,    rickets to
be had al C. 1'.. L.iw soil's ollice,
BrUCC \  Dodds'  store, and    ol
members ol tht committee.
A local option league was duly
instituted in the tm lasl evening,
.it a meeting held 111 the Btglt't
liall. Llr. Spoacer, luperiteod*
t*nt uf the loenl option campaign
throughout the province, gave an
inspiring idcin aa, mdicating the
.Mai. ipr, ,1,1 growth oi li tupenuKt
sentiment throughout the world
ami dealing particularly with the
movi nieiil 1:1 II C 1 he lollowing
1,inu is wen 1 a ii"! loi tin local
l'u lidenl, Jamea Mi New;
ist vice'pt. Mill in,  .in x.iiitii't I'lni-
ip| JUll Ua' , I' --i.ii ut. Iv, v. li.
il. dlt) iialdcistom ; -nulan, 1'.
C. Diss; ireasiiiu, Lolin 1' Jackson.
Tuesday last was "1 he gala
dav ul l'i. *.ii\ liilalilsm 111
North \ aiiiotiiii and lhe real-
tlv iiic.istii'td up m eveiy les-
pect lo the most .sanguine expectations. Ine attendance
during lhe day was excellent,
and the laige vallilv ol ttselul
and laltiV .iltliles plov.
the laillcs Iiiinui Had] sale.
The supper lit lhe evening drew
a iii\  large ilowd, .1IU1 which
ail ihe remaining articles louml
quick sale by auction under ihe
.ihii* salesmanship ol Alexander
Philip, Alioiu M |o was realized.
Alfred .1. L. ILobertaoO, naval all liltei t and mat llie engineei, who has established an ot-
Ine in the prciui-t s occupied by
Alexander Ismitli i Co., Lonsdale ave ,was I.it 111111\ m,muted with the bun oi William
Duiiiv a1* Bins, Dillib.ii ion,and
was engaged oll designing the
hist series ol ivdi tnrblUc
steamers. Ile lihtWJ I gaii
eX|H-rl seniles 11: the uilistruc-
lln11 ol the ..l.iuii l.iin.i, the
lalgist vessel afloat dl. Kolh
■ I Isuii is a le> Ulli 1 nl 11 pit li oil
marine lupus, ami has also several Importanl artkkt miming
in proleaaional magazinta, ni
spei Iall V   luing   specI   III   I
1111 which subject M is musnlcr-
ed all authority.
Sons ol England Banquet
Tile local lodgt ''I  thi   Soils ol
Kngland scored aa Immmti  h
icss at ilnn Inst annual ban
ipnt on Vedaeada) evcaing,
Kit, v   Km;;,  pn ninii  ol  the
lodge,   III.nli   an i.iasl
lil.isti I        The toast Irl    1,Hi led
topics which challcngi
atorical powtrt "i thom whoas
lamas weie attached to
and thev  I. spoaded lh S COB -j.lt.
tlollslv    able  in..nni 1
Was as lull..«        'I he Kini
Imperial  I  .   Om   Native
I.and      The   I,ami   Mi   I,He 111,
tint   Prorince, Um   City, Oat
Ul.lu    dm  I *'!.   is       ihe attav
■ •I s|„,ikets comprintd Geo n
Cow.in,K.i.M I'.; .Mayor Km-
A tiallislel, ev nleii; Iv hailing
Irom Vaniolivet, gave .ill 1 \ln
lit tion of I'llll.lllll   III the •leat-l,^^***************-********************-**********-*********-**********-*************'
mint  ol  1  Inns,   ...,  Lmisdal,  Iv, Reeve Mav.Maji.r h.Hrowne
avenue, oil Tuesdav, stnh as is.
lorltinatelv,   verv   seldom seen
The most strenuous application
if  the   law   is none tOO Stvetl
Dr Campbell, Il   Kemp  \\ W.
llavvlin.   J     k     Hat!.       1     Q
I'etiv, J s r, 11.,   1   Header-
son, St rgl    tt.."d,  I lie of    the
atul Airs. Ci.   W.   Sugden.    Mr ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
and  Mrs   H    Holland, Ml    and li,niton lot a large nillillier
Mrs   tt   llurrell.    The arrav ol
Wedding presents was Itrgl  and
betokened the high  tetotM  in
which both bride aad grooM
are held by ...cir many Iriends.
(or those who abate man's moid J°norabh ■rUIIrn comoanj ol
laithliil bun.' friend Ion, and!! Worth also con
tributed i" tin programme.
The Ladles' Aid ol llu   Mi tIn.        I'litiuit   McRHdr, who Was Ml
dlst 1 liuiih have 1 vi IV  reason I,.   ,\, .nl.iblv   adseltl.    ininivi'l  Ills
be highlv  gratified .h the sin   regrets thn
iiss   alt.lined   at    then   lu-.i.ii
and supper,   held   l.i-l   inning1     llu   ni.,*t   ii.    .1,1,    ,. hv, tan, e
The   llall  was  the iintti   ol at    of the ouasion  was the "
tdaitora during the   alternoon
and earlv  evening, and lhe s,,|e
ol the at 1 nbs oflertd   Moved
brisklv.    Tin* procteeV wen
verv salisl.ii torv
"I   lal ,.      II      full     I,       \|
spoils.   I,,  lb,   toast
we livi   in \li l nw,in
to a  high  plane >>l ot.iloi v   al
sustained   il   ■ >ai 1 itcntly   all
North Vaniuivkk. B. C.
0,1, hunttsistuu, ti
. 11. Mi
Batdnaaa M|ir.
Um. or Bcsscatmoa i
♦ 1.00
Six I na ill t ll H    •
Thra'i- iii,uillis
I'nite*l Btatea snd Kor«l|ti,|U0
pel yt*»r
Taatastan Dutui aiukuti-kvikstk*—
,'m cents per ineli .ii.ii laasrtioB,
Lodoi Rencaa, Irs -41.00 per lash i-nr
I.iiaa imi liMiu.il Nnru i> -:ill ilaivn, |,'i;
Iiu l.n., ft,,'id.
I.k.u. AuvKHriHiM.—first lasartlon, in
 Is per line . null siiliseipienl ililcr-
tlnn, Is. l*er line.
Kmius*. N an. i- iv I.... u. Vim ('ui'
cuss—111 seats pi'rliiie.eseli oii.rt inn
Ins i nur  Am i mi.nm. us— lt.iles  iir
r.iu*i,''l ucordlnf to ipaes taken,
Allrliiiniii'siiii Irm I idv.-ru—n I*
in i-l Is* in llie hands uf the primer by
U'.**lii.***il.iv.'c.*iiiii|i|a..*ii-'ir.* pui.in ,ili. I
iu tlie next Mae.
NoRiH Vamm tl k, |)k . p.  -gol
The submission ot the piiiiion
[or a subsiiiv im the incorporation  of  Ir.itln    leatltres  111    till
Seuiiul Narrows bridge, invests
the approaching session of the
proviiici.il legislature wil 11 unusual interest lor an extended
constituency, The action ol
the government will have 1 very
serious baariag upon iht waUan
not alone ol the norlh shore,
bill of the entile centre ol population located about lhe shores
of Hurrard Inlet, so that,while
the city and districi ol North
Willi ouver 111.iv Ik* said lo be
more atari) 11'merited in the
outioiue of ilu* niovciiicn!, a is
nevertheless   a   fact   thai    thc
future program of an tht com*
munities adjacent to the Inlet,
will la' materially promoted 01
litanlcd bv the developments ill
lhe house.
Further, it is i|llite evident
that tor many vears to tonic,il
h"t Iiii  all tune,  the preponder
common interests of which tht)
are stewards.
To allow a bridge for merely
railway purposes to be built a-
eross the Second Narrows, and
more especially iis engineers declare that il could be so constructed as to render a second
bridge ot anv character, impracticable, to the exclusion for tht
future of the possibility of a
traffic bridge at that point,
would place the brand of care
lessness and incompetence for
.ill hlture generations upon lhe
adininstratioii which permitted
such a calamity to occur; while,
upon the other hand, the judicious expenditure of public
lllinls to Imi Id at that point a
publii wotk ol the proper char-
.nter and capacity, would be a
CourtC whose wisdom would become more clearly apparent u
lime elapsed, and which would
cause     luture   generations     lo
commend the foresight of those
who so windy laid the Inundations for provincial development.
There ate many considerations which point to the fact,
lhat the lime lor action in this
mailer has arrived. To debit
the granting ol a subsidv beyond the approaching session ol
lhe provincial house would, in
all probability, mean the   lnss
nt the opportunity nf incorporating irallic features in lhe strtie-
ttit 1* which is to la* built.    The
nrgiiicv ol the matter uiiislitii
les one of ils most serious phases.        	
ing centre oi popalatioo iw iiii
plot nice will In* found around
Ilurr.ud Inlet and locatioM mu
liguoits llu uio,     The imiiiens.
tratlu attendant upon iin devil
oplliellt ol tlu lesoiiKcs *,| th.
■tite  provniic,  as well  as tin
gtc.it ocean traffic on tin*  one
hand, and lhe inlcr-proiimial
.nul ttaiisiont,initial l.nlw.it
trafhi on the othei, will lie
loiiiul converging on tin inagni
bunt harbor which the propos
id budge Will span. The
VValth producing possibilities .,1
this .nine piovtinial and extra*
pioviinial development will he
laid under tribute lo build up,
nn the nnrth an.l lhe smith
sllnies nt Ibn laid llllll, a gt.at
ulllli "I population, an esli
mate nl whOM pnportiOM and
whose Wealth i|„* ,,lln,| |UM
tales In attempt
hrotn th,  standpoint ol peo
VMI.lal levenue, the scttloit to
lie lllllliedialelv served bv tins
bridge   pro.lu.is.   and will ion
tiniie 1.1 product. a proportion
"I the piibln minim* thai w.iiii,I
I'lsltlv llu* cx|nndllun ininlv.,1
Inativ tim.'. ..vu, while viewed
III Us prnper light, lh, bridge is
•1 I'ublii wink in the iln. test
sense nl Un* term, III lhat the
entile pioviiue would experience
proportionate btanfit thtrefrotn
In uigiiig iipnn the govern-
mint, llnrelnre, (hat when mn
striated, this budge shnltld Ik
planned with a view to lis ad
eiplaiv lo Ihe luture leipnte
minis ol  lhe sitti.itl..ii,  the ftp.
preach "i the pttitioatrs is od
thai  of thnse wlm are   reipiest
mg   a   lavnr, but  it  is thai   ,,|
tlu,*.!* uii/iiis who, being them
a Ins alive In the liallll. nl
Iln   Holla,   silk  Ui dite, I   the ,||
t.ntinn ni nur legislators to a
matter wluise |H rfnriti.Hii c is nl
the   grealisl    moment   tO those 1 *        Willi.mm    is   altea.lv
The excellent suggestions
made   bv   Aid    Irwin    lo    the
iiiard ot trade, relative lo advertising the city, are   worthy
verv endeavor lo put them inlo practical operatinll. 1 mv
ate tile restlll nl careful illVCSti-
gatioa, made in persnii, iu the
leading and must energetic l'a-
.ilii mast lities Irnln lbilish
Columbia tn Mexico, by one
who has been a close student of
condition pi naming io the to-
t/elopment .unl gron ta ol cities
Inr many yens
There are lew lilies, il any,
m lm li mighl reasonably expect
heller reslllls tn accrue frnm
advertising her advantages,than
North  Vaiientiver.     The expen
ilium involved in advertising
broadcast   is,   however,    ven
glial, atul mlise.piellllv III UM
Itallllllg nf an advertisement
laiiipaign, 11 is essential thai
the ihannels Ih' carefully chosen
ami the niclhnds Ik' wisely devised, ill nrder that lhe inaxi*
llllllll ill resttlls mav be ptneured
Inun minimum expenditures
The posiltiiti is dniiblless well
laken, that Nnrlh Vaiimuvct is
mil in position to proiure much
advantage (mill "long range''
advertising l.iiuiallv spiak
mg. the latgii Ihe .ilea, the
bloader lhe sphere In wlllil,
aduiltsillg mav i|ln Hull ap
ptal.        V.iliiouver   al  llie prc-
siui time, commands a broadei
sui|M* lor advertising than iloes
this utv. The province of
liriiish Columbia CttM appeal to
a muiii wider sphere than the
tttv ol Vaiuoiiicr, and llu* In.
minion of Canada call claim (he
World as her held lor adveltls
Illg hi I advantages, with reason
able expectation! of response.
It is In iill means advisable
then, that anv advertising undertaken   on   behalf   ol    Norm
Vancouver be proetcnted within
those  bounds   in   Which    Ihere
would be sufficient general    in
formation alraad) disseminated
to afford an Intelligent coaridM
alioll ill the facts submitted.
This ui v is lorlun.ilc in hav
mg right al her binders, 111 the
illv   ol  V,IIU HUM f. a  must  'I'    11
Jilt* and iiiui ive held lor pro-
I.inning her special tdvantag
great centre to which is attracted a vast volume of travel from
almost all quarters of the globe
There enter Vancouver eveiv
year many thousands of strung
ers, some of whom are seeking
work at their trade, or employment in their profession; others
of whom are in qutat of opportunities lo start in business;
others in search of lands upon
which to settle; others looking
for suitable sites for industrial
or manufacturing purposes ;
others with capital for investment under londitions which
appeal lo them, antl still others
wilh olher helpful purposes to
attain. Hv devising some syt
lunatic, persistent, and adequate means whereby this Continual    How    nl    people can lie
reached and Intelligently Inform
ed as tii the advantages nl
Nnrlh Vancnuver, ihere can be
nn tkmbt lhat gratifying results must accrue.
The suggestion that a hall 111
a suitable location be procured,
and ihat a permanent exhibit
011 behall of ihis ciiy bc established ill Vancouver, atul lurther lhat a capable leclurer be
employed to give short lectures
daily in uie auditorium, upon
Norlh Vancouver, her resources
advantages ami possibilities,
follows a plan lhat is now being    operated    in   olher   large
clues, by smaller communities
adjacent therein, and Irom
which splendid results have
been received.
The approaching spring will
prove a verv opportune I nue bu
lhe inception ol such a scheme
of advertising, because of the
stea.lv revival of trade llial will
doubtless be lelt, atul also because of the holding of Uie Al-
uaka-Yukon-Pacific  Bxpoaition,
ill Seallle. While coitsiilcr.ibli
itiielit will doubtless accrtu
10111 advertising tins citv and
lislrict at lhc exposition itself,
the lad remains that unless
some special means ale adopted
onlv the smallest fraction ol
those who come up lo v ancoti-
ver will Iind their way acroas
the Inlei.
I ndouliledly lhe most tfitCt*
ive means of attracting the al
lention   of   this   concourse    ol
people   to   North Vancoiiver is
by    an    energetic    advertising
campaign in the citv oi \ aacon*
ver, during llieir sojourn there,
lt is to be hoped that lhc
committee appointed by the
board ol trade will be able lo
devise some means whereby
such a campaign will be  made
.\|i|ili,'il!i.ill lnrS|:i| I in rsc
OTICK li hereby glvnn thai ut the
n. xi meeting ul ilia* Beard nl 1 i-
I** iim* I'ummlisli uere inr iln* inv ul
North Vancouver, I shall spplj lar 1 re
tail liquor nr l*i*ii|,* licenM, I'm* lh,< pre*
un-* s .itUHleon northern purii. 11,.! 1 nl
!, Block imi, M I.. 174,in iln -.iiii 1 in
ni North Vsncouver, B.C,
November :'"tli, 1908.
Tip ZB'EST in|
Ask yonr6not;i-:R for it,
For FiiniiliiiT,
Huns.' Furnishing M
Li'ii. 'Liil'
at Reasonable Prices,  \i" ,0
Iho North Vancouver
Homo rurnish* 1*.
llnKSK lll.ll' K l.lissl"! I:  t   K.
Pioneer Bakery
S. H. Wdlav-r.  ■   Pr«| rito.
Fresh Bread il.nl} delivered
t.i s|| palls nt ill   illv.
20 loaves f.n Ji
51. per loaf.
l'ti, in 1 S        71 Ltiiisna    Aie
Wallpapers,   Paints,    V,a, ii»hei
etc.. etc., etc.
117 Lonsdale Ave ue
Dii Ml II
Piiosk  117,   North V,v,aai 111
"    Wl,   Vasou'Vkk
A good buy for a few d.ivs.
I 1-4 acre Block
in the city
for $A30.  On term*.
Cull mi in ,,r »rile lor lllll  pirii' iliim.
Removal Sale
is removing tn tlie itore
next tn the Poetoffloe,
Special stock reduung  pt ices on
Wliiii ymi intend Imi! ling
vi i.ti\s|ivi.i: vn
Iti-itnrli mini-, l.in,„liilr Att.,CUt. /'I	
,Vii .11;
ll,,nliij„,,i,.l 11,11. /.*,,,,. ('„ ■■(*, Hi'
snots   shoes
UPlO-mil  .MIOl  MORE
AT YOUR DOOR, *.T W'.iol) S SON'S, the are
tl'O Reli.ilile .ml I'raialiaail ghoul ml' llii"'ily and
in* 'lilli' uilli on nther triiili'-.
$10,000 Mocks to Select from
i.Y MAKERS WUo stand i;Y IHEM,
in CENTS on thi: DOLUS savkii 01 Kv ]•:itY PAIR.
S.ill* Ak'ilH* I.'I    I'll*  l..*a',l.* Il.nl*. Tl.** li. i.-u.l.l,    Mia* lai..il«,    Mill....'!.    II, Mil   .11.
M I,a,   '||„. K. lit I" a   aaii.i U.'H ■ I.II ll sli.'.    .1 ln.li >lil|iln,llt )ll.t IS,
N       WOOD £> SON   „   lhe
ti liable Mun Store
Hmi di nr tuStrtireti'i Iir rer-. HMI
Repairing— lb si ol leather nnd workmanship.    COR. Ltmsdak' iV tn.l
( bristma* Fruits, etc.
On/v lhc very besl should salis/v vou
/,.. in/,; Chriltnts Cake an./PutUit",
II c kiii-.i' good goo,/., and ti'i'it't handle
/,;,' gra.it■ >tiiff.	
tlm pried art right, and you aie sure
to be plcisiii it vou bur al	
Tor Bool ami Shoe Repairing
ltd CU'ltOIII  WOrfc        •        • •
noi ' I HDS 0. MILLS
I'liiiu, r li'esidi nt Bool Maker
Lonadah We, ahovi ind Streei
it ih  A M. Ross Shite Store.
I'liins    an I    -i... n'i .i i**'*-    I'li'i'iirnl
uiii'ii iiiiiikinii"( I'lniiiiiiK let aa iim
ur i'.n. Han '..'   y. rl'a \.' mi
North Vancouver
Transfer '"tS&T"
Cartage, Removals!
I'n roc I Delivery.
UN      UIC,\-.IISAIII.K     TIIIIMH    |
OfHI»:-lOBMinKl. IIM Hi
felephotw70.       Ntfhl Calls i.i*
Builders and
P, LARSON •*  prepared |<
I i..if. .'-i it k,
Sand, i'i nn nl
Ami nil kinds of Ilinlilint.'
Mnii'ii.il in i|ii;inlili.,sto snil
iimi nt reasonable prices.
ijimiiti y Snriaia r nii.l \r. In'a.i
laalKTII  STHKirr, ' OKSKH  LttSMtS  A»S
General Contractor
Lmal (Ti'iiritn:,   **liini|i mul Rnek
11..i-i.ii,*. Bstra rasa aaai Itaaaea,
All ilaaiagaa *fsds n'.«l
I   \l I'M. V M ■ NT     AIIKNCV
aajTtd HI.    Wl-aal  >,t l.,t.la..l    I*
I'll    II-,«   II
r: n pun m\m:\\
Dints*! wmwm
PDBI.IC Norlli   i-ln*r.'li.v iiiivn lint
ill  .II,,al.|,III.,'   "iill  till'    |irilVi.i    Ill
Uie I'ubllr H* 1 ib Hi Li*, "f il"' I "(
,,|     \,,rlll     \ 111,inllil I,    till'     Mlllli''i|'«l
I',.,,.,, 1, hmi' ii*iitrm*l*'l uilli llie M"li-
.ill I'lll,,Tin Hli, Ii'l   »l ll.l*   I'lH
Hull    Rortli Winn i nr,  ..ii   llie  Kir.l
Miiiiilm ..I .uili i illi, «t llie I r n|
II o'clock In tin (nriii'.ni, brtbepa*
ii«-.,f tawlnatliis «i iheixihii'i* ..I
li. , it.. nl* |*uo» |.'r..*n. ,»iul all Mil Sll
|| tin II ..nil   , X|»T'.,*.
Tin' lull.er. iiiotlii'r. or |Hr«in having
i|i,*,*.,r,*. iniriiiri', nr ,'n*i..lv ol .'Vi-r*.
a i   ,l Lan, in   llu* eity,  .lull, ml Inn
ilna i   n tla. liter tli''  I'iilh ol mi'h
, i IM, i ike of enn*' la In i it. ii. tin*
.Ini,1.1.. ilm M.-.l ..*»l I'miiliioiH't, in «t-
i.ihIhii,*. hi im sbnfS n|'l'""iliil I>1 '*■ "«*
inr iln* i'ni|»- "I l«'ni|t ni"' aaled; "n*
,,*.. tin* Hniii lm. been |*i*rloi il) ran [■
mted In i*.,iiii' le-pall) qaalltsd  1'rinii*
11 r,    mid    lhe    vniTiimlimi   ilnlr
TllnMAS SlIKI'HUtli.
I'M) t l.'rk.
Nortli Valllinaili'r. ll.C,
ttkJntr.ira. -i"
\0rll1 fWNItf Hardware
<'niii|iiiiii. Ltd.
.1. w. Jackson     •     Htatfef
tool 01 Mie ni       li
is ,1 presenl reality,    It is cleared and bod hda| plantad under dirtctkw ol Mr
Selwood.    li is .*|i. ini iinin ih,hi Gcortit strttt, Vancotvtr, stvtral nines tin*
Width "I  Ke;'Uil  sltiel,  l.i Hlili ill. ul  lhe Neil ski   PTOtptCt III Sl   Ptttr«beT|.     It
is broadei than Dnter dea Linden la Hulin, and Uwa tht celebrated avenues ol
Hrnsscls and Vienna, lis wiilth ol \\t, 'eel constitutes ll nuphetlcall) THR
Grand Boulevard ol all American cities and ensures Ita early recognition aa tht
iinesi residential avenue la Canada, which naat make iis trontagi frtatlv de
sired lot home sites. Gtneral experience ol uilier eities of the world slums
th.it the demand (or lota in tht vicinity ol parka ur ptabUa phtaamret aatvrauy
entails high valuta,
Lots in Six Blocks Facing on the Boulevard
Price* And Full Particular* can be had from
Mahon, McEarland & Mahon
Cor. Seymour t3» Pender StsM Vancouver ^upplmwt ta Wi}* iExpttBB
—t.Lt.C.TftlC   RAILWAY—
„        ___VJ r, QjiOOlT iJJtt.-
"1,...... vwr
North Vancouver Mails
''W* A.**i-
»-• — «    'l/a* .V-
<V>* I*'  ' .#.
Mails close lor despatch as lollows : I 11 Vancouver and all
(mints H a. m., 11:15 a. in., 5:15
p. m.; lot Lynn creek, I III J a. m.
Mails arrive 1 Vancouver and all
points, ,| in'a nt., 13:45111,5:45
p 111 ; Irom Lynn creek 2 p. m.
Outgoing mails for Lynn creek
after 11:15 a. m. should be delivered at the wicket.
Church Notices
-I    I'lllx's llll SVANCKIISl, SKVENTH
Holy Communion, K a. m.
Morning ptayer, 11
Evening prayer, 7.30
On tin lust Sunday in the month
tin ti will be a second celebration
.■I ih, lliili Communion at 11 a.m.
Rector: Rev.' IIunit Hooper.
sixrit siKi.r.i.
Services mil lie conducted as
usual on  Sunday by the pastor.
Sunday school, 2:30 p m.
Service at Moodyville school it
7:30 p. m.
I'rayer meeting on Wednesday
H o'clock.
All are welcome.
Pastor: Kev. J I), C.illani, MA.
mi hihum 1 in ki 11, a, w. 1 nana
i.m kin -1  amisi. 1.1,mi.l's
Miuning ■•• tine, nam.; Sunday school, l:y> p in ; evening
si nm , 7 ys p.m
1'iayet meeting on Wednesday
11, ning al 7 30 o'ilui.k
Preachia| ia Lyaa valley on
slti mail Sandai .nt' moons.
Saaiaj sihoolit Moodyvillt at
11 a. ah
Kev II. II HhM. i-t',11. II. A.
N.IKIII   I IM   'I \ t K   I Al llial ll
Sunday Services— Mass al o
a. in., Sunilsy school at 1:30 p.m.,
liemdli tion at 3 p  in
I'astor:   Kev    K   l'lvtann, 11.
M. I V (,.
hu-tist elitist h, coaaat rum anh
si    i.IOSi.S
Sunday school at 2 o'clock p.m.
S. nice at 3 o'clock p.m.
1'astaii       Kev. David Lang.
All ate wele.nii.
Route ol the Proposed Seymour Creek Railway
Thn Map is owned and published cxtlu-.ii. iv bv I Ml \-.\
It   is  now certain that Ihere
Will bi  .1 mutest  lot the in.itoi
alt*   nl the ut\   bit  tin   ensiling
iimi      \l.mu   Kent) peblich
declared Ins intention ol ollcring
|,,l 11 i lei lion sometime uo,
while A Merman \V   II   Mav has
ilebnitih accepted tht notnlat
lion ol the Rati pants Assmi
.itimt lloth thesi  ^ttillclllell
ate 111 the liebl to sta) nnl to
abide tin* utdiit ol llu .tti/ins
at the pulls /a
§ii}inlf mntl to ulljr famm
North Vancouver Mails
Mails close for despatch as lollows : I' jr Vancouver and all
points K a. m., 11:15 ■' In-i 5:,5
p. 111.; bn Lynn creek, 11:15 a. m.
Mails arrive : Vancouver and all
points, ij:to a. m., 12:45 111., 5:45
p. m.; Irom Lynn creek 2 p. m.
Outgoing mails (or Lynn creek
alter 11:15 a. m should be de-
liiinil at the wicket.
Church Notices
si   Jolis s llll SVANOII isi, sl.VKNTH
Holy Communion, S a. in.
Morning prayer, 11
Evening prayer, 7.30
On the lirst Sunday In the month
tin 1. will be a second lelebration
ol the Holy Communion at nam
luclor: Kev.' Hugh Hooper.
si. ANi'Knv's iKisiiviKKiAx causes
sum mum.
Services will bt conducted as
usual  un  Sunday  by the pastor.
Sunday school, 2:30 p. 111.
Service at Moodyville school at
7:30 p. 111.
I'rayer meeting on Wednesday
K o'clock.
All sit welcome.
Pastor; Kev. J. 1), Ciillani, M.A.
Mnii.'iu-ii  i in ki ii, R, w. i nkxm
nn kin si   ISO ST, i.mm.l's
Morning si rvice, 11 a m.; Sun
da) si Iiunl, 2.jii p. in , evening
service, 7:30 p.m.
I'l.ivi me'tmn oa Wadntaday
evening at 7:30 o'clock.
Presetting iu Lynn valley on
altiru.ii' Sundaji afternoons,
Sundaj n hool at Moodyville at
11 a. 111.
Iin. II. II. Bald, rston, 11. A.
nokiii i i\i  n iik . iiimi li
Sunday Services — Mass at y
a in., Sunday school at 2:30 p.m.,
Benediction at 3 p. m.
PaatOf: Kev. Ba l'eytavin, 0,
M.L V. G.
saptistl'huri h, coaaaa huh and
si otoaos
Sunday school at 2 o'clock p.m.
Service at 3 o'clock p.m.
I'astor :    Kev. David Lang.
All are welcome.
Route of the Proposed Seymour Creek Railway
Map ii 1 *ni d snd published en lusivi Ij by I'm Expsi 11
11 is now certain llt.it Ihere
will be a loiitesl for lhe niayor-
sltj ill tht city lor the ensuing
tern,      Mavor   Kealv ptiblich
dei l.n ed his Intention ol ofltring
lor reflection sotnetitne ago,
while Alderman \\ II. May has
definitely accepted the nomination of ihe Ratepayers' Ataod
ation. Both these gentlemen
are in the field to stay and to
abide the verdict of the cRiiens
1 iill
Last week the dramatic clul
again gave the public an opportunity of seeing theni iu two
plays, a comedy entitled "Naval Engagements," by Lharlet
Dance, and a one act farce,
"Turn Uini Out,1' by T. J,
Williams. 'lhc conteily is not
very attractive either in plot Ol
dialogue, and this had a visibh
ellect in the general lack ol ani
illation which al times prevail
ed on the stuge.
The dramatis personal ol llu
comedy were Admiral King
ston (VV. .1. Bui ler i, aud hi:*
son, Lieutenant Kings tot (H
L. McPherson), Mrs. Pontile
i.il is. C. !•'. Jackson), and Alls:
Mortimer (.Miss Violet Oratl
well). The admiral and hi:
son meet alter sonic years' ab
senn*, Imlil having become (unknown lo each oilier) engaged
the former lo Miss Mortimer
his junior by 30 years, and tin
hitler lo Mrs. Pontiles, hit
senior by 15 years. 'Ihese loin
people arrive al lhe Fountain
11111, Portsmouth, and the lieutenant iinds in Miss .Morlimer
au old schoolmate and quondam
sweetheart, and thev quite naturally resume the relationships
ol earlier days. This, 01
coiir.se, was ilnpiudeiit, to say
lhe least of it, when both then
real lianiecs were close at hand.
However, ihe admiral and Mrs.
Pontiles were quite equal to
lhe occasion, ami llieir mutual
admiration (or each other proceeded-on the usual lines, and a
transference of affections having
been (fleeted ov common consent, lile old loves were dropped
antl lhc new ones adopted, am.
all lived happily ever alter.
\\. .1. Btlllcr was seen al his
Insl in conjunction with his son
the lieutenant, in their patent]
and iilial reminiscences, ami
Mrs. lacksun was nl real assistance lo the admiral by het
patient and encouraging alien
linn, when he liuinlli press*
his suit. .Miss (.iailwcll also,
111 an affectionate outburst,
piIH11I his .mt, antl lhe limelight therealler siiotie on telltale* linger marks on the ad
mini's besl Sunday coat.
Mrs. Jackson played the part
of Mrs. Pontiles very well,am.
H. L, Mcl'herson was a typical
naval officer of the present day
Miss Gradwell acted wilh 1.
vivaciousness which looked as i,
she would suit the son liettei
than the lather.
The landlord ol the inn waj
Frank Diplock, and the Irish
waiter, Dennis, was Allan B
Stevenson, and to litem is dut
most of lhe credit for brightening up the humdrum nature ol
the play. Frank Diplock looked a typical landlord, and hi
played the part well, und tht
same must be said of Allan B
Sleveiisnn, as the Irish waiter.
The repartee which these twt
indulged in was highly amusiiij!
though Dennis must have sojourned as long in the land 0
cakes, as in lite Kincrald Isle,
to have given him the lum ol
his tongue and pawky humor.
It may be remarked, however,
that than was a palpable anachronism in the costumes of tin
naval gentlemen and the hotel
landlord and waiter. The naval costumes were up to dale,
while those oi lhe landlord and
waiter were of the early eight
ies.     The landlord's arbanitj
and solicitous care of hit*
guests lertainlv did not smack
ni any modern hostelry which
the wilier is acquainted with.
In "Turn Him Out," the att-
diiine were entertained much
beller, and lhe rollicking fun
011 the stage provoked roars nl
laughter.     Allan Stevenson, as
Nicodcmua Nobba, the  ptdltr,
quit! lived up to Ins job as
"chucker out," nnd gave, with
Miss Dean Pitt (Susan, the
slavey,) a clever portrayal nl
lile below stairs, ai Sutflowet
bulge. Miss Dean Pitt always
takes the eve, and loses heistll
in her pari. Sydney Humphries, as Mackintosh Moke, the
owner of Suiillnwer lodge and
husband of Julia (Mrs. Allan
Stevenson,) was capital, and
his battered hat, split coat,and
tattered trousers, gave ample
proof of Nobbs' attention when
he wa.s evicted from his own
home. This, of course, was a
case of mistaken identity, but
no one felt sorry for him, as he
had just returned from "day
Puree" and had left his wife at
home. Mrs. Stevenson has a
good stage presence, and she
both dressed and played her
part with ability. Frank Dtp-
lock, as Eglantine Rustical,the
dude, persisted in pat ing court
to Julia, and has got In thank
lhat lady fnr his escape at the
hands ni N'nbbs and Mr. Mnke
from a sound drubbing. His
make up was good and his foppish sayings and doings were
most amusing.
Miss Betty caincinn and M*ss
I). Maiinii gave selections on
lhe violin and piano respectively, which were much UJOJTtd,
Tin* Itagt properties and seen
cry were very ellective, and
are to be congratulated on the
result of tlieir work in this direction, 'lhe prompter's post
was nol exactly a sinecure.
St. Jot u's Choir Recital
The second of ihe monthly
recitals by lhe members oi st
John's choir was given in the
church, mi Monday nigiu, before a large and appticiativi
audience. . „e lady singers
were Mrs. Allan and Mrs. Law
son (soprano), Mrs. Heweif
and Mrs. Anders (contralto,)
ind ihe gentlemen were v.. II.
Hooley, (baritone) and . . \V.
Harrup and II. V. Smith iten-
jr.) All theae performers gave
a good rendering of llieir songs,
mil   lhe   quartette singing    ol
Messrs. Smith, Choyce, Alexander and Janus, was highly appreciated.    G. \v. Bislop gave
two numbers on the violin,and
gave  pleasure   by   his   sunp.i
thetic ume. Mr. Alexander,
the organist,   was   an efficient
Praises The Express
trict council, a suitable nominee
fnr the association, Councillor
McNaught, prospective candidate (or the recveship, wa.s present.
llislriit of North VsmroiivcT
Kditor Express:
Dear Sir, Ue have been receiving the Express regularly,
and, if vou will allow un* In sav
■io, we think you are doing a
great ileal lor North Vancouver
and are much interested. I
would feel much obliged if vou
could mention in youi news, or
jHTsonal column, thai Messrs.
Bond & Sweet, barristers, have
removed from tlieir Hastings
street olhces to larger ones 111
tlie new "Crown" building, on
Bender street, Iietween Si\ in.iitr
and Granville. As we have a
number of Nortli Vancouver
ilienis, it might bt convenient
for them to know. Thanking
you in anticipation, 1 remain,
vours very truly,
Vancouver, Dec. 8, 1908.
Capilano Improvements
A special meeting of lite
Capilano Improvement Association was held lasl week, at
which ihe plan of the proponed
wharf was endorsed, ll was
decided to favor the extension
if the tramline through Stan-
Icy park to the lerry landing,
as designated by Capt, Cales.
A deputation was appointed lo
tpproach the government, by
Hon. F. L* Carter-Cotton, re
the construction oi additional
mails, and the executive loin-
mittee was instructed to choose
from the candidates lor the dis-
We? ntilicil the* bttlMN Of Mumt n In" is
J'jiK in"'™ 11 ml "I lift» w .h> rcn)"r ihr ,ult Inalitl
,'y of linvlng their l'nt< nt bui Ini <
hyfflptrth PrrlliPltiiityidvl.i-In*- (
1 .taliiute. Our Inventor'i Advlur ' ■**«»»-
ini MaricnftMai) hi. Kpk'.I., ts-'W > ti I.Ut
r.l."-. M.mI*-.-*I   tafi'lU'MMnirlna  OC   M ■ •
NortH Vancouver
THE Misst.s DAWsos
(Yrtitii'iili'il Siirgieal, Mi'iliriil mnl
Maternity Nurni's
Nurses Suit Out on application
lur   t.Tiim  H|i|ilv   nt   the  Hospital
Cor. 15th Street tt Sl. Amlri'iv'. Aw.
11 Minis nm road mm him m
THE lii.lrid C1111n.il iiniti'i* T.niliTH
' lor the (iillu»iii(! RuHil Maaliineri',
1. Compound beam 10 Ton R»atl
R.iII.t, willi .Turin, r iittui'liwl.
2. Iiiilul Inn k fur (u.*l, nil mul tim!
lander IW RnUsr.
I    \\iil,>riii** 1'nrt with   ilihtriliiiliiu
|il|i|. mul -iirliuti liuMi*.
I    Trini*lliii|t Van mnl twu trai'tion
«if .11* aai (our tooi capacity,
5. Piirtiilne i'inii|Hiiiiiil tii|.'dli' kiui|i|i
Ins moduli MiiinTiri'iikir, willi KTMSt,
I'li'iiiiin: un.l l.'iuliiij*. inaiTiinerv.
ii.   lil.'iirii* Mni.ir-, niih belt sod bed
iiiiiii I sll Inr .Irivini* the Meat l.rtuk
er, ic.
7 Air OOmpieSaW ill Niillicii'iit i'ii|ini'-
ity tu Mlppt) mr lur ilrivnii! ihfts |uii*ii-
iiiiilir'."., 1111T1 'I.ili. An nir ri'ivivrr
..(id .'Ill'ii'li'i'l eii|uii'ily willi MCtSSSII
eonneetloni sod pi|i.*» ami this* IM fi*.*i
lengthi nl iirmi'iirril \  iniTi lm-'' Miit*
able (or llie pre -nn*.
8.    Tliriv -ulii.all -   nr   I.iltl.'   liillllt
Rock -". null iir ill*.»it Ii tripods,««*iulit»
mial,*iiiii|'l* I,' -i*l nl .bill*. eniTi.
9 A Mi;; t.i Air I Imu iiu-r l,'.nk
Drill, will pli'te.ititrlt.
Ppedflcatloill miai bill inMiiii'tioim lm
Ti'iulerins eaa ba bad 011 applii'iitinii I..
Mr I1.11111I1I t'iiiiii'iini, llie lli.irii'1 Kn*
(tatsr, un.l .inli'.l Teii'liT" iinirki'il
"Teuden fur Ruad Mnrhinery" must lie
i„ ,11 iii,* in-irirt Munii ipal OIHtv, Ka-
plaiiiuli', Nurlli Vmiciiiir, n.,1 lal. r
tlinnH,.',T..,k. iiuiiii, imilie Hit .Iny
iilj.iiallarv, IMS
An Electric
Table Lamp
01 an Adjustable Readmit Limp »ill mall' -in
Xmas Gift
The Plumbing and
Sanitary Work
for the
Lynn Valley Hold
is being done bv lot
well known
pen ti. al
plum bei
of Lonsdale Avenue
that  everybody  will  eppreciate
\\,* can* ., ieli .1 rtock ol these M
the »(iy lOWCSl i'iii'**.
Whet making  wmr  list ii'ineni
ber 1I1 it
Electric Laundry  Iron*
and Curling Irons
are exrellent t liiistin.is ^ilK
I nil  bo)  u.inls
a Pork. I   N-asb   Light
Se. us in lui i nu |nin base
in Vancouvi 1 or 1 laawbi re.
Noi van Electric Co.
Pianos • • •
at Bargains
Some sl lull I'.il value.
We sre taking nan] K""<l
pianos in exi hangi bit the
tin gnat, sl iiiechanical pl.nu
on eat th.
Smile ul these us. ,1 pUtUM
are as good as tbe day ihey
left ,ln laiinry.
To reduce this sti'i k Wl li.m
selected a number nl bargains,
beautilul upright pianos fnr
$200  $223   $230
wattanted In be good as new.
$6, $7, $A |>< r month
i:;1.!-!!! Hastings Streei
ClirlaliiiH. Tr,','. lium 2.1*.. to 11 lllp.i'b.
tlSHNSall ("r ltaa*IMIIallla*M .Ule. lull per tmncti
I'kIiIu  I'I.iui, I'.lnn, Firm, etc. JSc. 6W'. mil
7JC. fK.'b.
cm rioiviT.. Ircali Kt loweit price..
Wrenin*. I'r.iaa.** Floral De.l|lll.
T.I.I.* 11,*,*,.rm Imi. I .peel.Ity.
m'ipmin *so wiam
Niirseryiiu n mi'i bandaeane Gardeners
Cur. L'L'u.l snd l.niiwiale Av?.
Nurlh VaniMiiviT.
Trees, Plants
I'liUlhiijlit'  t'l'n
3010 Wiitmlttitv Road
.liri'it from the niinea.
Place yi'iir srdsei now and
M*,*ur,*yuiir «iiiler'aMi|i|ily.
Lstfesklpmaals uill arrive
iii ii fa * vs .Iin-*. Priesl riirlil
Urn.* H.i|iply nf WOOD
ul»in. un hand    ....
Muiii North Vancouver
Telephone No. a.
amma mmnHtM, mu t mt...... i
What would be nicer to buv your wife fur a
Rolled Oats
Maij and feed
All hum us
Fine,   health)    lomato and
Csuliflowtt Plants, pom from
SuUim'*- Suds, always on hand
n.r Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
Lonsdale  Avenue,
at Ferry  Landing
Harry Mitchell, lnral manager.
Diplock Wright
Lumber Co.
I7lh Slreet, Norlh Vancouver
Fmm 16
We are now pnpiftd to
Hike i.rilfrs for MILL FIR
WOOD,COl tn HI in. lengths
uIreaily fur the stove. A load
ri ni tai ns about half a cord.
I'riee |2 per load on or before
ililiverv. 1'onitively no wood
ileliveretl without cash, as we
iiiiiiiut affordto pay a collector ;it this price. All orders
will receive prompt attention
than one of our beautiful
McClary's Kootenay
without a doubt the  very best Canadian Rtngl
$2o down and $lo |ier month
Paine& McMillan
Comer toasdale Ave. and First St.
Phone 12
•«.(10 A.M.
•7.00  '•
8.00  "
8.40  "
9.30 ■
10.16 "
11.16 "
12.16 P.M.
1.16 "
2.16 "
3.16  "
4.15 "
6.16 •'
8.15 »
7.25 "
816 "
0.15   •'
10.16  "
11 UK* mibiii > SM III ua
•li.2t> A.M.
•7.20 "
8.20 "
9.00 "
9.45 "
10.45 "
11.45 "
12.45 P.M.
1.45 "
245 "
3.45 "
4.45 "
5.45 "
8.45 "
7.46 "
8.45 "
9.45 "
10.45 "
•11.45 "
•Not on Sunday
■r»T I'uinimiii noin on int co\M
Ratis: 1150 I'KR
Spffiiil Hairs lo Families and Ri'iiiiliir Hoarders
Hall-liiiiir lerry cunntHlion to and Irom Vanr.niv. r. Hut ami .'"l.l
water in every room. Return call bells in every mum. Ilarber
(hop in connection.
Sscond jtssst,   ....   NOKTH   VANCOUVER. B. C.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Csrs leave the Ferry Landing lor Queensbury Avenue, Twenty-first
street and Lonsdale, Winch street and Ki ith Uoad as follows : 6:15
a.m., 6:45 s. nt., 7:15 s. m., 7:45 a. ni., I:lj a. 111., 9 a, 111. 9:40 a. in.,
10:10 a. m, Alter 10:15 a. m., cars will leave Queetislniry avenue,
Twenty-first snd Lonsdale avenue, anil Wim h street and Keith Koad
at five minutes to the hour and twenty-five minutes past the hour.
Csrs leave Nineteenth street and yueenshury avenue, Twenty-first
street and Lonsdale avenue, Winch street and Keith lluad as follows :
6s. m., 6:55 i. m., 7:10 ». m., H:oj a. in., ^45 a. 111., lyyi a. 111.
Alter 9:30 s. m. csrs leave the Ferry Landing at tm miniiti s past the
hour snd twenty minutes to the hour.
f^y   AH hosts sre met by the csrs.
The Seymour Hotel
linlrd on Vtiiiinur  Pl|>i   Hoc,
quai lii mill  from wharf.
This is a first 1 lass hotel,
snd is nuw open In the
general public. Good
accommodation and
service guaranteed
Road connections Irom North
Vancouver for Vchich 1,
ruii-ir iinnii inriinini
Till! Plllll.li: \I!K IIKIIKIIY NoTI-
niO that  all  SSSSI ul   1 nf.-itk.iih.
soatagkHM oe spldnile tllssassi nl a
rliariutiT danfenni to pobllc haalth,
nasi In* reported lo lhe Hedli sl tieetlii
(ity Clerk.
Citv llall, Nurlli Viini".mr, Ut'.
July Dili, 1«W. 21-tf New Advertisements
A«£;   J!iAl'K.K
:'-      V V. I'M, Co.
W li. Buaburj
i Son
i*r** **  :      I    I. Kc ll	
Kan isle   V V. Hard wan Co,
ll   U. Kirliiwl
i came over to renew the acquaintance on the occasion of a   re-j
cent trip paid b) tin- former to]
the coast, and so well wars th'
advantages ol tins city ~"
ed to lain, that hi a'
came enthusiasts
lerencc with ''
et oi the
iii'iii.ai   monthly session
.ial ol trade was held
'i in re *m n■ aw .iiuiiii 25011 aig
thi  liiiai*.'!   petition
*    !     In    llll'    plaaMU
mm 1.:       ll   m.i *   di*
. untinuc ihe campaign
'His.   Tin* question as
'  iln* petition should
In*  j     entcd   1 '  tin   iM' mm*
US  Iai  llu* slain
■ im i\   days, "t imi until
. Mu* ia nun 1.1 tin* minister
., Kngland,   was
discussed, .mil relerred in a cow
mittee,  i"Uip"*i'il  "I tiif president, ,nnl Muyoi Kealy,
T A. Martin wrote, i" tin
iiu it thai iln* route agent aim
the superintem 1 nl ol the Dominion Express Company will
visil llu* ,ll\  .it all earl}    dale,
i.i look min ilu* advisability ol
establishing   a   local   agency
transpoi Iation committee,
llnr with tin* secretary,  .1
R.J, Hurra*. ,unl Geo. H.Mor
din. were        inted a commit
tn  in 11.nui with these rcpre
tivi ■ "i the compant.   on
thin arrival.
V,.  .1.  Irwin, un presi
"!. read .1 care
• . p ipi 1. based up
mi  personal   investigations   in
at ing i'.n iin coasl . ilies
wnii n[erencc in modern nielli*
.* Ivi 11.■ni';. which
adopted   with
ia*. S01 tli Vancouver,
ti 1 waa referred to a
a "ill] *.lstnu
ip  .nnl   Cm.    Il
1 1   Willi  till   mill
..ml districi
uith a view to some
practical arrangement, in  con
jiiiiiUnti   with  tin*  ativertising
• ried mi dtir
mj;   tin*    Alaska-Vukon-l'acilii
Alexander   I'hilip.   chairman
..i tin committee "it mi:
ami industries, reported lm In*
committee that North \  tn ■ 'tt
mi pn*.nt-. .1 good opening .ii
lii .ni lor il.i- establishment ol
a  strain   1 .nn..; *,',   .1   i"lin . Unit
!a water works,
inn' * 111 [01 aduition-
al ship .m.l Loal building
while allt'i  railway connection
i-*   .iiii'ul. wooli n nulls, mnun
mill .unl flour mills,
pulp .'iul j* .p.: mill*-. et(., will
imd ideal locations. Tin
pliii:- il running water
..I ih. i. pn Hi qualities,would
pi..i Idi ' si' pii' nil 1
wooli 11 mills.
Councilloi   llu.in.a**  Nye   dl
mt. 1    th.    alt.:ui..11    nl    tin
board i" iln i<-1 llial improved
ilities would be lound
imperative,     bclon     Iai
iiiuld he mnn.ed to lm.ite here
IK  a*as  .a   "pinion   thai   .n-
snould   he   in.nh
ll..   I   1' K  .   lol   lhe Halls
porta scroai
aa|    .1    |. || '
conn 111 Ii'l   1,1 SH*
what  .. nil  I*.    !"■.   i" 1 in*. 1
' ll     lll'l
. .illli.l  as  I0II0W
board commends   t"
iln   In if        port ol ilu* uu
t to intorpoi
npany,   t..
..nn "ii .1 cotnpetii
A New B,ink
Rank  ol  Hamilton   has
a III*.   I"r   llll
llllllll'll   i'l     "|'> IIIII','    "I    .1    l.l.Ilia ll
111 iinsmv,   n  1 Hoii Ainu
"ii   ..' ."'ml.1111 "I tin* Lank   at
■    thi .u\ i"
'l,i, .m.l ,l"s..1 for suitahli pre
in  the  Keith block,   al
nuiiii.it    .:   [.onsdale   avenue,
*  th. l.r.iinh w ill It hn at
W ill    I  ■ > '■II   "I
1.1 nexl
:,**    ti   li    1.
1 ilns desirahli
' 'Imu
Lull, .a tin  Rank ol lis
win, Is an "Id in.nd "i Mi l»iik
. nine   be*
. and, 111    1011-
.,. iimlian, manag-
\ ancouver branch,who
,.ii\   supported   Mr.  Turn*
mil's 1 ii ws. lt was practically
Link*.! to open the branch   In
this city, I Ins was niiiliniiiil
.a ,1 telegram yesterday, with
nsiriiiiiiHis to proceed at nine
10 cart) that decision into el-
iiit. it cannot but prove most
gratifying to the citizens and
lighlj beneficial to thc citj at
wim and abroad, thai an 111-
ititulion oi me Iiiiii standing
nnl reputation ol the Hank ol.
Hamilton should establish lts-
ii here,
Liberal Association Oificers
The local Liberal association
nld  its annual  meeting  this
*M'ti  in  the   Larson-McMillan
iall.     There was a lair altend-
1 iu i- "i members and a certain
imount ni routine business disposed of, The following officii were elected (or nexl year:
Hon. President Ur. W, w", B.
President   .lames V. Fraser.
First Vice-President—J.H.Bea
Second Vice-President — P.
ilsmi l.ailev.
Executive Committee- Messrs
f. Hutchinson, \\. Owen, M.ll.
\lartins.iii, ,ar., U . Ah I'.wan, A.
■ lLsoti and A. Smiili, Jr.
il)Nt   93
A h*w suggestions in useful and dainty
Aliove all Llty useful articles and at the right price
Children's Handkerchiefs with and without lact
h for      : ISC,
Ladies' lace edge Handkerchiefs 3 for 15c,
Ladies' Embroidered Handkerchiefs, roc. 15c,
IOC, 25c. and    35c.
Ladies' Taileta silk Baits 25c, and 50c,
Lace Collars In cream and white, special wc,
l.an and Chiffon Collars, 25c, each and up.
Ribbons in silk and satin all colors, > yards Inr 5c.
, and up
Perrin's guaranteed gloves for Ladies, all sizes
and shades      I.33
Ladies white and ere,1111 silk and lan* waists
for evening wear, special prices Irmn  I.50
Gent's white silk Handkerchiefs, 15c. and line,
Cent's white Initial Handkerchiefs, each  Ijc
Cent's white Initial Handkerchiefs, per Lux , 3-e.
Cent's leather and nioka lined gloves  1,23
Cent's Umbrellas, gloria silk  i:j
The license commissioners de-
ided on Wednesday, nol to
[rant the application of a. J.
i   Cardinal for a shop license,
it the corner ol Lonsdale   and
Ith street.
■.'unci*: li hereb) given thai AM, W
*  II. Rraim lm   no connection witl
lie Motor i; .ai Ti maportation Co . ex
narterinti hii motor boat, tin
'       : 1*1II1V.
hn..I rn Norlh Vancouver, December
'■ill. IMUS
mm k toim
Rial Estate Brokers
till   1M1 I Ii'l   ISMIIIMI
thi: 11. rnuiEiT iiu *
l/'iiti- limited f..r Long or Bbi rl
Psrlodi nt *>'... par oral.
121  JoiiMlali   Avenue
mt   DOUBLE    SECKl.!
prices  asked   (or   Mirks'
iw priie of silver bullion,
of the verv reasonable
Sterling Silver Goods:
FIRST:-The present I	
SECOND:—The   lact   that   nearly all our silver
stink is manufactured in our own factory* om of
the laTgeat In Canada—back in Montreal.
A Birks  Sterling  Silver Toilet  Set
to lady or gentleman, makes a wonderfully acceptable and practical present for Christmas.
We an- showing a magnificient range of these
goods, iii scroll, llor.il and art noveau tfesigna,with
polished or French gttj Imish. These are sold in
individual pieces, Ot in complete sels, the latter
being In handsome leathei cases, containing tram
two i" twenty articles. A beautiful j;iii to anv
A specially attractive selection of sterling mounted military brushes for gentlemen; also tonie nice
shaving sets in these goods, Any man would bc
proud lo own them.
An endless variety ol "ther suggestions lot appropriate Christmas j;*i's*
for sale in tbe
We i'«i|)i'ci«illi| recommend/
Lots 11;, 47,48, block IOC,
Lots 22,28,29,80, block 187,
Lots ::, 1, 5, 6, ,), 10,11.12,
16, block ic.i,
■I. 6,
It, 1."
nt $1750 each
at |1250 ench
at $1500 each
'ERMS—Oat-quarter cash; balance ipread over
I period ol three years, nt 7 per cent.
163 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
P.O. BOX 38fl.
HI Nltt BIRKS & SONS, Limited
GEO. E. TROREY, S.iii«iin Din-tor
I. V El IUR, l'i »|n n*t"i
All Uadsol I r.—t. Ki-li .1.-1 i\a-r.-.l .lrtily
Smoked Hah ■  apaetalty,   I'unlirv.
I ggl atlaal \ .■C'l.tl'lr-
lllir niiii llio pies ur CastOBMN II
'a, |Qodl alia*! |*i:i' -
1 'nr.
Lonidale Ave d 'sili
I'llliM   -1
V11II1 1.1* In " ia, ilven ihal Iba iir-i
•     - ttlng a,* th,* i',,uri ..( RstImos
cornel mi'i r.'ii-.' il,,*
lot ll*'* 1 It)   nl N'.nli Van.
lol Iht  i' ar li" mil Ik* Ii.'I.I Ilil
rth \ .,iii."i\. r. II. C ,
m Monihat lhe Hal da; ol Decambsi
IMM, ,ii :' u'clu k |. in.
'. ■ d**j of llu I i-i li 1 oetad, sad BM)
11  n ih.  Notice Board sl Ihs 1 in
II.iii .inal other public pIseM,
Dated sl Sorth Vsacoartr, Ibb (th
ir, **i 1 ibtr, IWI,
Cin Clerk
Vi'ih I 1-1 erebj slventbsl the Kir-'
11 .   1 ... rl ..I Rl M-i'n In
r * pan *l
bt the  \ orol tl." 1 *'
■■rtorthi rear 1MB, will be held
■over, B.I
.1  M**., lay, llll  lii 'hv ..f.l.inu.in.Haiti:
I 1* in.
rth Vancouver thli 80th
r   19"V
llluMAS-IIKI'lll RD
CltV fl.Tla
Let This Store
Solve the Problem
Only a few dayi now remain before Chriatroaa Juat
1 few in whloh to do everything—tiifti mutt be bought
—A hundred ind one things remain to be doni—Let
this itore HELP Vl it', for iu the pt\ problem, it atn.
Every Department Here
Offers Suggestions
practical, leniible, servioetbli gifte-—
preeenta that you or your friends
would appreciate—start to-day-
visit iliis Chriatmai iton—yon will
Snd it now a- alwaya, a pleaaure lo
sl)o|i at
faiimt injabair, m.
57S Granville S\.
Phone -ill
Yoa Can't
You'v*|0t to look at—live with—
ami he sociable with your suit. You
may as well have the best your money
will bay
A   I'lt-UVforin Suit has all the
eat kinks of fashion-*—tee them.
Our Overcoats at
Are Corker*
333 Hastings St.        Vancouver
Mnil Orders and Bamplea on application
..al   R. (. l*eii  S.f.a,,,,
>H.,.r 2tfi
li.li».... Iiti.l«.*a. Watei I'.«.■!., K-iinuir.,
- al» ll.t.1,,1. IK - ill I "II.I Ml" I lot,   M.|»., T.,1111.
.in -, Mimni ri.liiia..a,i,.|ii,)„
III ll..llll|a Ht. *..
all kind, ol Mnmi'.n and Aiiti<|ne Ktirni*
ture, Slur,', lliriri'. llank and  liar Fix*
t'i',*-     Ui'pinriiii; in all it* liranrliea,
171 Tlilnl HI W , Hrl 1 li,"in*l*l,l aiiil UinMtll
ll|.J*,..lt.* laphool
M \l I.' H.'I'KH- given |>rntnpt attention


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