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The Express 1905-12-01

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 if Ijt> IxprpaB
M'.MHKK I.i.
Tlio Ambitious Cilv llns I't'cideil to Apply fur Incurponi
t imi ns ti City ul tin* N* u x I Session uf tin* I'n a ine inl
Li'irisltitni't—Tin' Mt'i'tinjj Wns L'niiiiiinous,
A i ■
li was decided nl a mass meeting, i    54b
In hi in  lim munii ipal  hall,  lo in        5 |;
t 01 poratu North \ -iin ouvi 1 into a
1 ih.    Reeve \  Iv  Ki all presided,
and there  wen   aboui bo  people     550
present.    Among those who took      "1,
pari   in    the   dist ussion    which     616
followed tlie rending ol the committee's  report  by   clerk   I'hilip.
Wile llli   lull IW'illgl
I'. (.. Dick, James Clark. J
Sargent, 1'. Larson, |. C, Keith,
0. Marstrantl, llallon'r Kcr, A. 11.
Diplock, Councillor Hell, I'.v
Ketie 1 Ir. Carroll, |. ll. Cornish,
II. ('. Wright, George Hartley,
Mr, Hope, R. \'. Winch, Councilor Morden and others.
  it" 1
■■  ii"
Si'lli's)  A"
273  ( Hanoi's Sti Hon. al
Moodyville)     ii,
273 and 272 (waterfront
Moodyville null pro
I"HV' 15
I'hi'   must   western     pun inn   (ollows:   Wheat.   23.07   bushel
ol   the     I lOlllillioll    "I     I  all."1 I    Is.
lotiglili speaking, ;."i niih s north
and south by 400 miles from e.isi
io ui si. , oniprising the t. iritory
east n| the Rut ki moiiiitains to the
1 '.li iln nt ran. [mill the pith pal
allel, -"Ulli ol  libit ll in Iai I  Van-
Mis, |i.i|| btislit Is; potatoes, 1 H>
,1* j 1111 sll* Is; hav,  1  Iii Inns.
Mining has hail from the first a
most conspii nous place in the in-
ilii-itiis oi tins province. In the
0 iisus ii .11 ul ii,oi llie produi 1 ol
lode gold, siher,  haul aud 1 oppel
nnil.1 island extends, In llie -,-,l\\ came to 513,6X3,044,    The placet
degree nl nurlli latitude, constitiil mines yielded 8970,100 in gold in
ing iln   northern liouiular*  "I ike the same year; coal an.I coke $5,-
1 lit discovered gold fields ol uoo.ooo, and oilier materials $417,-
\tlin, and seperaiiug ilium from 000.   The  total   yield  from   the
Ilu Viikim, llie laller being fonsti' mines    thus    exceeded     twelitt
luted 11 separat.  territory, otitsid.   mill lollars for the year,
the |'i"v in 1  "I British ! 'Iiinibia. The fisheries yielded in 1901 the
Ihe aii 1 "i llritisli Colunibiii, magiiificeiit total "l 157,942,771
including lakes  I rivers as well still quoting from the official reus the land,  is   372,030   sipiine turns ol thu census,
miles, which is giratei than that The   inula 1   wealth   ol    this
ol an* "iini province "I ihe l»o province ranks high amongst  ils
minion    Hu. iai   comes   closest marvellous endowmentsiby nature
with a total area ol 351,873 square   I'here are al t  100 sawmills iu
nul, s; ami Ontario has Imi   't. t,,S6 I op, ration, ill'   annual 1 lit mulling
Maniliiba   I'lnbinces   imi      ;.   ;.' hum  100,000,000 i"   150:1 ,ooo
squaii miles, New  Itriinswick -7.   int.    II n 1,175si|uan nnhs
|tij, Niivn Si'tilia 21,42s Il'rince ol  iiiiiln inmli'i   least,   while   llie
I dwaiil I 'land .'. 184    \\ ith pupil   total an a ol st and w Hand is
latum   t Usui.ne   nub    tin set down In the dominion staiis-
exteiii ami 11.iiiii.il   resources,   it ticinn at 285,554 square miles,
mav    u.ll   be   understood    thai.    It will ihus be seen that there is
llritisli Columbia would be a very no limit to the possiblilitcs nl this
great provinci indeed. province, and especially the build
(Iiiii He ,|,us much im   liiiiisb ing up.'i Ntiiib Vancouver, when
Columbia.    In fact,  wc I...*.' ..II population arrives to develop it,
kinds   ,,i    climate,    ll    depends Distance froin llie cl'iitresol enii-
ult, 1, ion an located in th. valleys gwlion has prevented ihe influx ol
ol ihe  ml,mis, 01  high  up lb. eagel   liunianih which Would liavt
mountain sides, 01 on tin  plants, been experienced in territory simi-
 11 th, islands, inland or on the hub  lavored, situated  anywher.
const, as lo lb,   I. ni|i, i.itin, s um bul   in   the  extreme  West  "I   this
1 nt  , otttai t mil! 1 Olltill. nt. I" i"ii'l   iln   mini "I lie
"\a: i.i island, ii, ibo  Pa- ""lm'llv hoiue-seekers'range,
cific oci'iiii, occupiess what the      '" ?">■"' ,v"'"1"1 Ul,h ''"
sanii  position in relation 1.     Iilions in other places, whuhei
Atneiican   cunliiielil   that   Great ,l"'"' '"' llu' "l'1 settled provinces
lint,,,,,. „, th.   Ulantic, d tes lo ul Caiiadu or states of Uu American
liurope; King between n.-arh the ' nmn.orwiili ger application
sain, nan I  latitu.lt    .    . »M  ''"   "*" ""»'l"l celllres "I
same i' 'i.i, 1 laiitud.
I In ii 11 i" 1.iinn   corn .pond i. n
I l"-i ii Willi ll   I.ai,ul in p.nls i.|
Knglnutl: tin siiiuini 1- in ,| .
long, ami -t It it host  i, 11   s,  .loin
in . 111        . ,  '      1     in.    Ntailits   nf
Georgia to th.  mainland  I eon ' portion ol iln busl
sideling il 11*  ""iiii ol ih. .'""•" "' "'lll-'meiil now directed
'   ,       i.m   I'at ilu    1.nivi.il    lie   an
siill in In 1 it if 1*    ' "to  i' nidi
II .    iilllucl A        > \\
B The   I'l'pi.rt   ol   llie   iDliiliiittee
i' ads as [ollows:
It may be pointed  mil  thai   in
consideration ol taking ihe lands "Report "I C niittet   mi  Incor-
inside of the boundaries, indicated porationof a City, To He Laid
111 lim map. nut oi the mtinicipalit) before Meeting ol Ralepayi is,
ol   North  Vancouver,  ami   pla, ne; n|| N,iu,mk|   ,     ,,,,,..
it ni the proposed cit)   ol   Nortli
Vancouver,   the   tiii/"iis   ol   the Vour   committee   submits   the
proposed incorporation undertake following report an I   rec. 11
to assume 80 per cent, of the eon- (i.1,jons.
solid,lied debt "I the municipality,
ami to take lb" water works, street "1. That llie tract ol land coin-
ends, leii'i ami practicall) even prising the following lots: 271, 274,
other debt. 265, 544, 515. 546, 547, 548,  54 1,
The lain.' ol the land within 550, part ol hu 552, ami lot bib,
the boundaries is not obtainable now forming pari "I iln corpoi
as the old assessment is so ridicii ation of the district ol North Van
lottsly low as to "Her no basis Im 1 inner, also district lol 273 ami
an .slim,lie. A pp roxi 11111 te 1 j part of lot 272, be the area the in-
speaking, there are 2,449 acres habitants ol which are l" be in
within the city limits.                   j corporated under the mum ol tin
IH'I II. NUR'l II \ Wi Ol/\ hi*.'.
I'opiil.lllon  in   llie iilil   world,   ll  is
plain ihal il iiii advantages offered
in llritisli Columbia w. re under-
s| 1, III. v  would pull,  -si,Iln 11 nil)
atn,i< ine lo ,li,iu to ilns extreme
■ ' , .1   11 ■ pi portion ol tin I" si
1     ■ •   ' 1 iiitda, tin  m u
proviuri s 01 iin ii rrilories, as w. II
as |o   mil, .   a   gl lu lal   |||OVl mint
ol    lit"    m    I    . lltelplisillg   l n
I,.,,   '    tl   a   lllll III   si,,,,,mi,   ami  ,1   "I    H""    "'"   I     IpllMllg   1 g
11 1 increasing iii-jt'Vt-iii ,ll!'   I""11""'  "'
list.-tltl li.   I 1, .1 . 1  ,     ilid  '""'''  !'""'    "
Imju ,.   "        l'i;" ... iw.,,,1 ,,| I"'   '"'l I"  ""    '!     ''1111111111011 -I
thi: m:\v i ity ov smith vav'M tkii
ol ilm niunicipalit'  in ihe (ollow-     "6.   Thai iln   following
ing proportion: 80 |" 1 1 "in. In tin- ol lim present 1 "t potation, namely,
inn   till   and  .'" |"i   imil. bv   lim I.i til      "I an assessed value
remaining portion  ol  the district of Si2.392, be divided between th.
municipality. new 1 in ami th" tlislrii 1 munii 1
"3.    That the following amounts pality according   to   tlm   locality
at present constituting debts "I the "i tin   lands, that is to say,  lhat
district municipality, namely: tin   proposed limits "l  lite   new
.,..      , , 1 III  1 1   .iliolli d loll,1 ' III ami tllOSC
l'J-""'1 Iinprovi-iiM.nl _ . ....  „ :||1;M „,;  ,.,,.,.. ,,v
,'!''"'   ,,. "•••••"        "°    ul: the district iniinicipalitv
I In \\ ater Winks Loan   511,	
lb" Sll'tll'mds I..,,,:,.      ,,-,,       "        'I ''   ""' '"  °\  '•      '
The Inst Loan...          ..,,,'"■' ; l! ""   i*J. he divided in the
be  lined entireh   In   tb-  in w   J*™'   ll!'!,"n '"' I""1"1';1  '"  ll,e
! j.. last pi","        pai   raph
■■I   Thai ilm public works and     "*     Ml'""" "",'",'" !.1,L. ,c ,dil
improvements within the new cit* '"'" ! ' l»« Uividetl as
limits be allotted I" ilm cm   mil '""
tin- public  works  and   imjirovi       "'I"   portion   n lating   lo  the
nietits oniside Ihe new cit)  limits various debts assumed by il w
remain the prop, rl) "I tin dislriel "u '" K" '" 'ilr ' i>>" the portion
im,ni, ipnlity, relating lo the consolidati d debt
"5    I'bat the following assets 0 '" "'   divided  in tin   same   proportion as thai debt,  naini Iy,   s
I ail    to III" 1 ill   and   20   pel
1 int. to the distri. 1 munii ipnlity.
"9 That iln watt 1 and waterworks system and all lands a.
quirt .I "i ■ "tiiioi'ii d in 1 "inu 1 tion
wilh wati 1 beds, lu vi sh d in the
new 1 it\. tin t iii assuming the
entire indi bti dm ss relating tin n •
"10.    lhat  tin
llistrii 1 lol i'i.1 ■. sho 1
and administi red In th.  111 u 1 it)
|o|   the   1 Ml    and   di   It    '
;  1   '
"ii     Ihal
1 haii' 1, tin  mm ■ . .111
apply, with  sin is  as
mav rab Ie."
This clause    ■ A Int. 1 in
lavoi '
I hat  p.ill "I  tin   m ','. 1 ill   lune,
I ,   '   llll   and tin
cive, "it ilm u.iti in.inl.
: '''.was
lirst lain 11 up in ' lies bv
11   ' low iv,it. Inn,in on
the Cl1 I-'    Shortlj allei In sold
it in \\     111 1   ; ■  I   v.' t .
th. Mood 'i'i. in turn,
l it I All              and
  lil'  gov. 11.;
Later I  'i'i lill I'"'■'.' 1       '  il   this
• m 10 tin North Va        ■ 1
l ' '   in 1
I   ■
The new townsite of llii  City of corporation ol tin   tm  ol  Nortli the pn ent     14
Noiih Vancouvei will comprisi
ll  KI s    t
lllS'l'KII I   I")
Vim 1.
I   •
I hai im " nsolidatid d.-bl ''"  ■
lb '     "I lb' pn st nl ilisiiu 1 munii ipalil \\
j| I   j innouiiting i" - ■" ." "". I" nsstiint d Mm
id,     i'\  ilm in u 1 it\  nl  North   \ nn l'i
ll unit, and !|i   1, 111 il i 11 i 11     i",tin,', SS. Nn|
ll IK llll ll Ills.      I" I   luuld   01
in,  .    1 .1 , 1.     Vah   a id
\\ - • 1, uu, n.n distrii is iln
III   illll' I'  III.   tin    sllinllii |s
all    vv.illlu 1   .11 d   tin    vinil' Is   at.
ii'lih I.    ami     Ihl     1.11. la.l    1.illn 1
si mil; btiiilil dii  tveallu 1  1- llu
lllli        I III' . "Id ill llltlli I   Is.   hull
1 I' I. '-' 111 ■ iv  . v. 1    .v. to: and  iln
inh'l Ii"'i   "I   ihls   11,ilm.   1. iln
oil' ' t ol lios nil Inn Ian III-   Up
I'll "lillnbia
Hotel North Vancouver
"\\ In I'  no'in:l.,i 11  and  >-, ,, hon
hottest   thus    ol    - nu 1     at. mi'i 1    !"•  I'" ''  suilabl)   npplied
1, tidi ted  plea .nt Irom th.   lad ' ' ,ll|s p'.puhir hiistlny, il
lhat the an is tin ami il,- nights splendidlysiliiHlidt|iHiing lllirrard
,,, ' el, 11 fifteen  ul   IW't nl'.
Al tll.M.llsils o| |.,oi. ||„. popu lllillllli •   ll llll    ll It    "I    Vail
hi tion "I   linii-ii   1 iiliiiubin   ivas  "i.    He holel' mbiitlii'S even
r,itl\   178,657 sou ■. I'iltidim;  is.- '"'I*' nn lire in ll"  « IJ - I liltnish
    I Inu. so   and    |llplll|i   •      .ml ill     ■  and  lb"  bill   Is  Slncked  Willi
In lillllS,  so that it  mil  be all   lie    usual    ln| s      |„    ,,
seen ihai ih" whin  piqnil 11 ol ""i  wilh tlm hotel is a u.ll
..ii,. Alt-1   insignilici'iil Iv'l'i livery, al Ihe service ul iliusi
,„  culll| villi   lb,    |, mliitv illlelldillg a trip  up lo  Ilm I".iiiii
lobe developed    I       " 111 om ml Ciipiliiiw canyon, 1.1 tin  man)
p.i cenl, nl il i' ■ ' "'I'1    I"'-   unrounding    North
In.11  in npied  as  1      mi \      nlivtl     I    I  11 "ii is the sob
A .,     , 11..    .1 1.  1..
l'i 'II     OCCIipi S      is     s.       ■ a,-	
'Ih,   , 1  in,pi.,v.,I  land  '.        1    1 mul  m»l lu' ,|nl"  '"'"I1 '
em,1 as bul  57,881  acr. •     Iln   I" Ip il11- i"'111 ■ ""-     Hi* "'I*'1;1
,  .       .     vu Id-    |"l     I    ll"    I'" IU' nl ami a 1 ul "I lb.   hotel Uli
principal   imps   .,,.    : im n    ,is.l" found in this issue,
NORTH \ \Ni "I \ l.li LOOKING 1 I.' iM  llll   IM.I.I
tnenl ■ .1 ii,
• .   . '   I .,    ' ;      ■    I   |pt
■    '        1 Mr. M
1 '   ib.
Ihe M
'    .'
1 ,. ■
lair, |.i Liml I lie I
A 11
■ 1        ,      ■    .■
poliitnl    tin
•    I."'
■  '    ■
Irom ■   ■
tu V,   p'i.li t    I" I' •     .'1 Till-  EXPRESS.
ol Count ill"! Allen  he could nut
The Demise of S. J. Wade.
North Vancouver, B C, ■'," ll!l "T"11-
....,,.,               ,, , ■  ,   i , Councilloi Moid, n    I Iniv rn tin
A Weekly Sewipapci    Pub died by „„„„,„,,, ,, w,lh                        |"ll,'h.y liken ivarrior Inking his re.l
THE EXPRESS PRINTING CO. Mr. Wrighl    ITie onlv waj   out  With his ninrtinl elook iiruuiul hint."
Subscription, $1 a year. "I il |s l"i arbilralion,
I '   im ilnn  Morden there was i
misunderstanding on mi pari.
Councilloi    Hell    Well,   gi'lltl
nmn. there is the report,
Managing Editor.
1 Here passed awai at ilm r. si
deuce ol bis son, K, |. Wade,
Suri'e) Centre, on Monday, Nov.
.17, 1905, at 5 It. im, S. |. Wade.
I loci is.,I u.is I mi 11 in England  in
I'KIIAY.  Hl'.i
THE CHRISTMIS F.XI'KF.SS.     Mr, Wrighl   Whal is the ubjei
1  i" an ai bitration 1 oinniitteu
C-ouncillor M.-tj    I don't see an)   |K "   ,': ^
v: inn.- months.   The funeral   took
place ai 1.: o'i loi k noon  from  the
English 1 huit b al Surre*,  Centre
nvei loi ii we. I.
li is nui hope ili.it tins 1 hrist
mas in,„,ln, a reinindei thai llu
annual fi stivill "I good will among
nn a be llie nn llll 1 ol  il Ivi 1
: City nl North Vain ouvei
abroad, and "I iiiltisiug even laigei
bopi s and molt sustain, d  .-
into llie hearts and minds u|  om
citizens,    \\ nlideiit   lhat
lion. "I them will hesitate to s. ml
the 1 dition to tin if friends in .lis
taut lands as a slight token of
' iti' 111 and gt't etings I n Mern
Christmasand a llapp   Nt u Vear.
v I/;/// r.i.vti.n;.;,'.
Tin first nnd pun 1 1       ;■ ration
with  'ii,' li mplates
embarking 111 ant Iin. ol maiiiifai
tin.' are  It ' .tin,,,. Iran .pnrtation,
banking  and othi 1   Iai ilities,    In
all thcsi rt s|" 1 is North Vancouv. 1
holds and    Ifei stit It
a- an  en oyed In all progn
North Vancouv. 1 has direi t wn
im communication with |apan,
China,  the  Australasian  colonies
and tin ; il nnls of tin I'at ilu. with
the gn al 1 'lies on the Sound,
Seattle, Tm on,a. Portland and San
I'Tiim ist 0, and ulhei ' ',is| points
111 the south, as w. li as Vi. toria,
Nnmiimo and New Wi stniinsti 1.
ami the Northwi si 1 ".1-1 ll ■
I" -is .md landings,
Tin- 1 ih ;- likewise  ,1111 1 d
.nni was largi Iv altelldi .1 lie Inui
How. u 1. ,1 iln  1 "um ,1 nil admit   , ,        ,  ,,      \i       1
l» ' 11 a in, mini "I Ilm Mam lusii"
that iini" u, is ,1 1,list,nth isiamlni"
I will lei tin   math 1  drop     I his
nil 11   has   liitit ' V poratiou
('.until 1,."i Iti 11 iigit ■ d to bit  11
■ ; Munii '1 insist, d thai
tin ii port should lie th-ill with.
Reevi Ki al) I do not see an;
harm In la) n over.
Cotim ilnn Morden I don'l 1 arc
if 11 ,s settled now 01 never.
I he h'i 1 ve    We will lay the re
poll on 1.
Unit) "i Oddfi Hows Im about 65
vi ill's, allll was a 1'. 11 M "I
same. IL was also a Mason
I o in inns In a [lllll* he was a   man
among uu n clttiii /.' humani
Si. Andrew's Church.
I In usual si 11 ices will b" held
111 St. Audit w's chill', h, Sixth
sti't 11. Nmih Vain Oliver, on Sunday.
Al 11 a. tu. tin Pastor will
I'n.111 mi the "Parables ol |esus>
ihe Worldly I'md." Evening
service at 7:30 p, in. Subject:
"The Question ol the Hour, Re
vivid, Its Blessing and Danger,"
I wish In //n/»/,' gun  for
your lilit ml putronugi in
iln gust, and respectfully
solicit i/o///' further continuance. Wishing //""
//// compliments .>' llu
season, I ant, respectfully
A. II. SEE \cY,
Groci /'.
Corner l.timtltilt ami Stcntttl,
A    M   RFATTIF N°lary Public, General Audio laa
f\. IYI. PL/A I IIL|W t.or(loVil Srcilli  Vancouver, ll. C,
llu sella ul rooms ur private house nr buys untrlglil all
classes of household goixla ur hnnkriipl stocks for I'lit-h,
lie ha- Mime of tin* llnesl business inui vriiterfront property in Nnrlh
Viiiieiiiivvr. See him ut oncu if you llilnknf picking 11)1 property in
litis seeiioii.   lie wise, 1',1'Y NOAV, and ynu will make inuney. :: ::
1 in al ,0 in iii is manifest on tin
properly where the school is being | Siinda)  School  at   2:30   p,
built by tin  Rev, R, S. Marsden I'rayer meeting un Wednesday al
about   rn,   mill's   Imiii   llu    inn   s !'■  in,    To-nnight  (Friday)  tin
wharl "I North \ am ouvi 1
Tin . olh g. will be known as St.
|ohn's Hoarding St huol loi boys,
and is a ui v line slim [in, . This
■ "in is striking, ami when
built will be a great aiptisition to
the ilistin 1.   Tbo main building is
Si feet b\ s ' l"' 1. [ai ing south.
Imoiii the tippet stor. is a ver) line
vi. tt "i Hurrard inlet  I the 1 it\
I Van. "im 1 w dl be obtaiin d.
Iln   round   pit tl embrace an
      In   III I'l s.   llhii ll   w,is
kindly donated b) Mr. J. C  Keith,
nni' ol \ am OUVI Is oldest luisiiii ss
men, to the U, v. C. S. Marsth 11,
lol tin   purpose abuve nienlioiied.
lev. C. M, Mtirphey will  conclude ',
iln    seiies   oi   evangelistic   sermons.
A cordial invitation is extended
tn all.
Pastor: Rev. J. 13, Gillain, M. A.
Oscar Brown & Co
I have a Coin pit te Lineol Games
ami Mechanical I'oys for the Children. Also a Line ol Fancy ('..liars.
Hells and Handkerchiefs [or the
Christmas Trade. We van show
um better than we van tell yuu in
tins small space.
Among the leading commercial
houses n| Vancouver, 13, C, is that
oi   Osiai    Uiown   vV   Company,
eiiiiiniissuii chants nnd whole-1    'llr Little Store is Over-Stocked
saledealers in ih.ui"siii and foreign
fruits.    1 Im lit in th mil s all  ns
■ iutv.Ii s nnd attention exi lusivelj
to [milsand vegctabh s and solicits
consignineiitsol same, Vancouver
being a seaport 11 givi s spei inl
intention to ships' supplii
wiili Christmas Bargains.
I )ry Goods
We beleive in the liituie
prosperity of North Van-
Conner, and will be glad ol an
opportunity to show vou how
nui van make some money In
investing here.
Ml. \\. I'. Hogg is QUI loeal
agent, and will be phase to
slinw inu around.
Esplanade, North Vancouver.
Till! FVTVRI! OH Till! HEM Tl I'll.
LOTS FOR N.I/./'.'.
sl'l.l Shlli IXYI!ST.\II!ST.
.V.i Um Ks
Cl.lil 1/7." VShCRI'ASSHI).
A I.I.I si iS.
I ALLEY. I!.!'.
Hmi. /■'. lieti'tlnetj,
llilttin   K, lift
l',i„, er
FOR SALE. c   ...     t     f
11*11 hiteri'st in ,1 g l-paiine 1,-1.  S|)(»( llll   llU CSl IIHMll S
1.- x-.... 11....,      ■
I he ' nt. ipiising and ptogl'essivi
linn,   tin    Western   1 nrpnration,
limited, whit h have Lad full con
bviigoodag Ittiral section, th.   irnl of all iln work of clearing ihe \s  ,..,,.' m,    urowu first   estah
products ol which  could  find a '      '     '  .""""' M' -1"1"1" hshed this now famous and popti-
,   deserve   great lar institution some seven  years
Igo,     The premises   and   facilities
muiki't      \ .nn mr, mill    In
ing an industrial ■ 1 ntr, the demand
l"i  n. ci s :     [e is always
So iai as banking l.u ilitit
North   Vancouvei   will   be anipl)
pi' tided l'i     I It.  I ■ .nls "l  ll. N.
A. will prove to In • ad
I ige t" tie   busiiit ss mail and
I he . ir. 1- also provid. .1 with a
Iii i   lass wal. 1       ' .ml .11
rang,   ents read
pi. ii d  to   insta
■ ; ; llu . iln it ni maiini 1 in
whit li the wnik is In ing 1 ..iin.!
nut. In tlm lust phi, 1, the mad,
known as 1.1 nn Y.illei load, was
si stem.
\\ ah h Noll
trail) Will   servi 1
I his p iilu Itlill I I 1 .In
is ahull! lie  mosl In uvilv liml" 1. ,1
in ilu distrii 1, sunn ol ilm 111 Irees
ol   llritisli
.    imibin's main  prodiii 1     Man
Laid O-er. ■ •,, 1 m iliumeti 1 ami one
  ml wiis,|,'Vi n ii et,    I'hesi
• 11   tn -si 1 ut down, llu
"•    '    ' ' ell an   Uu a blown   mil
llipuwilii   li. 11 the eiigini pulls
:    ,.*h,-i inlo a pile n   :
11,1   " '■'■ '      '     I"'""  i":' '•" ilu ,:  1   burin     Ih. Western
:•   satislled will,
.'llll ill
found '" i  such •' bad state men in the province, and is interesl
thai it was iiiipossibli  lu haul the ed in various other eiiterpiises, but
liimhei  im   tin   building,    Man)  hi   devotes practically his ivhol,
contractors would have thrnwn the tim, strictly to the ii sis ol tin
work up in disgust, Nothing
daunted ihe \\ 1 st. rn 1 orpin iiinn,
howi vi, loi llul mad" up tin 11
minds that tl must be niasteretl,
and. all.a mill eral
; was 1 in through llie bush,
111 tl a   tart ul t learing ihe 1 1
li . with a ga
ami a hist 1 las. dilllkel 1 II
I'he ihik 1       ,   '     '
"l the ■        11      , "., Irom
M,   \\ 1     l, pracl
I lie win
warehouses are   located   al    17s   A  |    M A  A/| DR i
Water street, ilu  telephone 11 um   f\ L I I f\ P I D K f\
Imi is S30, and lit.   postoflice  box
im handling fruits am uneipi tiled
■ ui the Pacific coasl    Mr,   Drown
is tine nl the bi'si  known  business
11     11, v ■ 10 s    i'i hi 11. ,111 v     ills    vvii"|i ■   ,q     '|a ^.
iiiii siricil) to the interests ol tin * ,««3f\*?wf!\7*M
inu which bears bis mime,   Ihs       ,v , fr1 jJ*s"*"l--''-/? A/»
.ia. n, al knowledge 01 the  nun ;"-.}«'-^'^a)ESiri*;i^:v^
iiisiu. ss  is beyond tpiestinn,   as "■'*'■      ^ ^.:t".v^g*5iVa'-A -f'
I'.iisiiies-  it,   Vancouver.   Kxeellenl
reas'.ns  fur   selling.   Splen.lld   nppur-
tunity fur an invesli 1 "i 1 lenit,
|irn|ii',riii.iis.   Well esiiihlislieil   Irndi
I'liniiei'iiiiiis, ele.   Apply ill virilii''-'
I'.'tX lllll, ICxniKSS (lllll'l*.
North Vnneuiiver, It, C,
Pacific Wood
. an be readll)   t. stun d   to   In   Ins
man) patrons, who have dealt with
him im veals. Honest dealing
ami prompt di livery have been lbe|
hei note ol iln    sin 1, «  n|   11st al
Drown a. i ompanv. I'm Exrai --
' hi • rlull) ni oinuit mis anyone
wishing i" .In busiiit ss in this line
to   ,., 11f ui a trial.
Mid-Day Lunch
a Specialty
12 N 1 to j P. M.
best lirt'nrdvi I, IU and  12 in, (3.00
per load.
Mesi Alder and Kir. mixed, 111 mul I:1 hi.
»2 7a per loud.
best I'irConlw I. 1 ft, ifl.7."i per load.
I'.est Alder t'l.f.liii.id. I tl,*l.llU|ierloiiil
1565 Weslminster Ave.   Phone lib1)
J. A. McMillan
Mi Millan's is known all   ovel
the nni 111* ipalilv. and little • .in be
'-.nd in  th.   wn)   "i  iulroduct	
siifiit" 11 lo  s,,\ th.it   bin   busi-
II, ss is on   tin    im in.ise.   aiiil   thi
lor. 11 ' ll is a 11, .lit io an) 1 m.
1 ii rything ,,, the lim o|
11 III till' stole is the post-
.illn'      Mi   \|i Mill,in rn m,| slow
I'AMh'.li I'OK Ctllll) WI11SKV
ll II        ip tin
I"    -a ighs,   and    haul   I" si'  lie  su , ■   ,...     j, 11 , i|
'   ■ tlimit milking  e and Ir. ipn ml) - linng. d ad. as   11
ti in liti 111 ' il his ipiu' tu Iin Exi'ki *s
ill   show,     lb'   has   been   eslllh
l    '     inplish I    , gieiii  lishshed 111 Ninth Van vei 1	
111 ' I Mi   H    ' I lime w 11     peui   1.1  ill. earl' pan ol   ,
u ' •' ' ' ■       i'l I A. II. 11 I 11. C.  Wi-iglu
T„„^.i,l D, I...
,    ■  ,.   . Tonson.il Parlors.
I'lliil ' lr.-eslh.it were ll '     ' '     A'1"11  I" <•"   |""I'M'I"I
■y   . , .   , 1 1 ami "nli bail" 1   Imp in
.,,,   North \ am ouvi 1.    I In   premise!
 111 IT1 1 ■   ■ 11 ■  ■ 1. ■
"■                                  * 1 liitlr linn   an I exp.'tii              ,l'"ll"111-'" 'I' wild' 'I"   uppl)
ina'l.l                                  ■ .    .                   ,     ,,lMh,,,  i,,,., "I  hi"   tollii     Hid lllll    Ig.-sareol
tral ,,,.                  mged  I*.   a ''"   VL'r.   '"  '     Ml   ' ""'phrll is
1 er wheel ol live   Itiel.    Now '"' ^' 1"11'"''1'1' artist, with 11 wide
f   th*'11 ,                                   . ■     "i both ( iinad ] tlm
1      ' ' pel   'lav.   wilh   lit"   help   "I l'"""1  S|'"' "" ''"'1  ln" tt"'1'  i    "I
I ""i tl,,,,   ,,.,        1 hi      11 ' in         in ""    '""■    f1"    "iiiii  is  located
Wi"i' '     :   '      " -        '   ■   "..ami llu  egeiil      eii "I'l'"'''"'   i1"   ' j North \'ancoil
'"•'" ur. i" Im  plinienii I , '■" ' i" "I"'" '°i hnsiness al all
Nl1    , '    "          " ''            '' .'am a nnd. 1   '.',,.,1 ^'"i"
"h,llll; ' ' '   :'                            I dilli.nllii      11 th. n own  pteit,
"""k " h will serve lu                               \-\naa\ Cite,
tin    listricts ol   III I I his is llu place to patronize II
I' 1 "liiinbia.   which are su   liciivil vou are in need ol a good, square
"'   '             ' '            ' "           ire di ilined I- In ini'itl, dished up in ilu liesl slyle,
'':''' \ '    ■•'          " 1""' ■ ■  nil      I  11 '  populatii ' md in ipiit 1 ler,   The popular
1111,1,1 _ 1. iiniirnti in.    Mrs,    Hogg,   has
»''   'Ali'' l—We have push . ,,,,,,!   ih,, |,,| ,,|   ||„   culinary
I'""' ll •'"■''■     ■   ■' ' \dvi-rlisi '    and ih me desii          , itttin ill Ihiirunghlv, and  per
:                       ' Ilm         Ihe nii'dilil          illy oversees  tin   kit. lu n  and
'Ubniit, nf Till: E>                  eiivi   unit 1 1 tbh ..   A choice stoi It ol candies,
II. M. COTTINGHAM, Proprietor.
(-1(111  ROOM Oil S IM
Mis. Man Anderson, ol Onto-|
nogan, Mich., desires lo learn the
whereabouts ..I her son Frank
Noll, lie was last lu aril Irom in
Spring Grove, Idaho, lust December, Information lending lo his
whereabouts will be thankfully re
ceived and rewarded.
TKI.l-'.l'III.M-:   .1,0
^luili s.i.i' uml If. I,nl lli.ili't  In
Wines, liquors
., .mil Cigars..
.■mills   llrliviTPil   lip,'   tl, illl
Parltol Hit1 lit,. Iitntilv Iriuli1
aSpulilty, mi ii,iMn"h St,
I ,,sl    Vain,,   II, I,
\4TK linvi' 11 big  lisl   of
N'tti'ili Vniiciiuvi'r lots
close in. nls.. iieri'iige on "n>v
When in need of Insurance give 11- :i cull.   Lowesl
Mordon & Thornton
l IN. "I 1 I U. II   I .
ifi'.ii I si,itc-, Insurance) llnance
l.iiiiis Negotiated.
iKiun 11111 nn,
Roman Art
fat reprndiiclng |ili'ltires uiinii any
inalerial, vi.m.1, el.tllt, silk, (lima. ele..
and for ri'innvbni -tains (rnni Ihe clutli-
lug,   lly 11111II, i'n',   igi'iils wniilwl,
lUliee. Sll 7. Mllllitobll Ili'U-e,
\'i> nver, II 1
European Plan     Phone 385
.1. ih'iiu, Prop,
Cor. Cordova and Camble
Vancouver) B, ('.
I In North Vi ivcr Volunteer
I'n" llrigade will hold then first
annual ball on Monday evening,
I'll ember -tli. in the Pavilion,
North Vancouver, I'he program
will consist ol sixteen numbers,
comnieni ing at 8:30 with a graml
mar. ll ami lam el'S, A late Imal
has been set uu tl Im the at. oniiiiu-
il.it inn ul the t nm'1 from tlm tie
■'   '"i1" "ii"'   "i  I ia ': •' i.ibl'.tii .       us and cigarettes is kepi dii I larpur's orchestra will he in ai
■'   '"i'l"  '        I,   ami   intending   mountain   teiidnnce.    Kefresl mis will   In
I'' live    Ki ' ■,, , 1.    \\A     ivho    an     lllll    1 il)
tilnated that 111 tin
 " n    '"     1 '	
'   and iporlsnieii can do no served  during   llie evening,   An
- lb 1 than it. Mi ■. I logg 1 Inui lu s, 1 njoyabh linn is expected,
the only
strictly Light Lunch
and Coffee Palace
in Vancouver.
I Ipen liinii -j a.in. to 12 p.m.
week davs.
N a. in. I" 1.1 p. 111.
5, 6 and 7 An nde Building,
nul corner Hastings and Granville
Bui|* LOTS In
North Vancouver
Buy ...iv. end Save  lionet-.
■*|u inu win see a ine Increase
In the value of  llu si   lots
Witro Uphi I'Mitf, I imi ran co I'rlDtlng
mi'i Atlvorililtifl A genii,
Fraser & Gibbons
lli Cordova Si, \\.,'.nnmi-ir, R.C
liriiiiili nrtlt.», Nnttii VltlCDUVSI Kiiirau THE EXPRESS
Througli ihi' IViTibc'i'ton Meadows, I,ill.mul anil Quesnollc
in Port Gooi'iro and l,,orl MeLeod.
Much has been siiitl and written
regarding the development which
will take pliii'i- along llie north
shore ol Hurrard inlet, up Howe
sound, and iii llie vnllu) ol the
would have good homes and find
profitable employment in the th'
velopment ol tli tail holdings,
The next view slums a section ol
country aboui mie mile south ul
Lillooet,  looking   up  ilm Fraser
Sipiiimish, when the construction valley, and slums this portion t
ol iln \ nni nuver, \\ I'stminstei and
Vulviiu railway bet onies an accomplished lail: and on at t mini ol lite
coniiguit) ol iluse places lo Van
couvei bin and llie Municipality
ol North \ ancouver, tin idea niighl
well baie crepl into the minds ol a
great mam people that with the
construction ol the railwn) through
these plates Vancouver's  interest
Lillooet in b" well adapted (or
[mil ranching and cattle raising.
I'nrmt ib ni ih" dnysol the Cariboo
gold excitement, Lillooet supplied
llie miners with (arm produce, but
sim e the advent ol the Canadian
Pacific railway, a great portion ..I
this trade finds its wa) into Cariboo
by way ol Aslu'ioli. The Bridge
Kiver district "I Lillooel will also
I ■:   ^VlJfP^
Nackintosh and Curry's Ranch, Pole Creek.
in an\ further construction leased
and determined.
ll is with the object ill view ol
showing to the citizens ol both
sides ol Durrani inlet llie advantages i" be gained to them by the
construction "1 the Vancouver,
Westminster and Yukon railway,
through I'eiiihet'ton Meadows, Lil-
lakt n Irom a photograph showing
loiiei and HiU'suelle, and lip to ilm
parallel ..I either Fori George or
Fori Ma.d. ml. lhat ibis short ar
till, is written,
The lirst picture in ibis paper is
Missis, Mackintosh and Curry's
iamb, about ten miles north ol
Pemberton Meadows nn Pole Creek,
and a glance al llie picture is sulii
11, iii I" slum ilm attractiveness of
this region as a home Im settlers.
lienefit greatly by the advent ol
railway   facilities,   as   important
metalliferous  deposits   have   been
discovered, which give promise ol
considerable development. Tins
section is also noted for big game,
the [anions Hig Horn s'.ieep being
[airly plentiful in ibis vicinity.
Hunters (rotn England and all over
ihe world, especially from countries
where sportsmen are found di siring
Im; game, come annually to this
district in order to satisf) their
shooting proclivities. Throughout
the tlisttii't lishiii" and shooting is
also good,
Awai up the Fraser, almost in
tin heart ol that mngical country.
Cariboo, there lies on its nasi hank
the little lown ol Soda Creek, a
piclllre ol which  is shown;  ihere
Rig 'sand Bnr, Near Alexandria, Below Quesnelle.
Lonsdale Gardens.
Nearer Alexandria, and a little
wa) below Quesnelle, is seen the
bin sandhill reproduced in the
photograph. The vallej ol the
Fraser, above Soda creek nnd in
ibis region, widens considerably,
so that the ranches are nun h
nearer llie lend "I the river, than
they are lower down. Mosl ol the
ranches arc on llie eastern side ol
the river  on  the  Cariboo  road
The gardens am becoming more
ami mure popular ami will, ere
long, be wide and favorably
known as one ol llie beaut) spots
surrounding the inlt t. They are
situated .lose io the watei and
comprise about six nens, with a
gradual southern slope.   There is
MM HIS PROPERTY isoimoi the most desirable in North
I Vancouver, only a mile from the present wharl, and
I ball a mile (nun the proposed yards and works nl the
Yukon railway, and half a mile from salt water. Both
tin- railway ami electric tramway will run through the property, The soil is good, most ol the land is i leared, at least
its far as standing limber is concerned, ll is ll.it and free
from gullies, and watei can be not almost anywhere within
twelve feet ul tlm surface, Ii immediately adjoins the best
manufacturing site in the entire municipality, and arrangements (so far as are at present possible) have been made
with the Yukon railwaj for switching finalities and terminal
rates, Ihe land is easilj accessible by wagon mad at the
present moment, and a new road will be built in the near
future giving direct connection with the present wharf, As
soon as the plans ol ihe new i.ulw.u ale definitely known,
ami ibis is a probabilit) ol the very near future, this property
will he . asilv worth Jioo per lot, The land is now surveyed
into blinks oi one ami a quarter acres, giving, on re-subdivision and allowing [oi streets, ten lots to the bio. k, Tins
property is, beyond an) question, the cheapest in North Vancouver today, and tin re is, at the present moment, room for
a un material rise in values,    For maps and prices see
some  ol   them   very   fine   ones, a charm and mellowness about tin
notably the Australian Ranch, and grounds that is exquisite, while the
Bulinniiiui's. beyond Alexandria,
On the w. st sitie Mr. Middluton
and Mr. Webster have splendid
ranches, where all kinds ol grain
are raised, as well as a large number ol horses. Mr. Webster
makes a specialt) ol raising bin
horses, and ibis season 'sold
several to llie pro* incial gov. rumen! Im' their road work.
Space forbids us to dwell further
at present on the country, which
lies awaiting development in tin
vieiiiiti  nl Quesnelle  and  llll'tliei
litany shade trees are a constant
source ol cool, refreshing nooks in
summer, I here are a number ol
fruit tret s planted here about thirty
yeats ago by an uhl timer, and nre
today une ol the llnil curiosities
oi the park. I he grass forms a
veritable green carpel under these
trees, making il a most delightful
spot lor young and old,
Winding down through Ihe
grounds is a small brook, whose
in,un years ol censless toil has
funned a   ravine,   the   hanks  ol
north,    It is estimated  that  the which are thickly  covered   with
This piiiuie was taken ill | tint- last arc a number ol fine ranches lure,
hi tlie chiel engineer ol the Van llie produce ol  which are grain,
couver, Wcstminstei   and Yukon fruit, vegetables and cattle,   There
surveying pariv.nnd the Vancouver, is a lurry nl Soda Creek, conuet lima
Wesiniinsl. r and Yukon road will both sides ol the river, and on the
probnbl)   go  li^ht   through  ibis west side, opposite Soda Creek,
location,    When  il  is considered there is an excellent road through
ib,it   Peniberton Meadows hns an llie Cliilcotin country, all ol which
ale,i o|   about   |i i.i" iii ai lis, all ol
which  is practically suitable hu
settlement, it will be nl om i nppni
ent thai iln null drawbiu k to the
i oiiniii is largely given ovi i to
exit naive ranges, and stoi k-rnising
is prusi i tiled on quite a lair," si ale,
The coming ol ilu railwaj will giv
fullest development ol ibis whole ranchers and slock men Invorable
region is. in n wind, "the lack ol facilities   Im   development   along
"  these lines, which is nol pi sst   ed
transportation Im ilnn - '   li  Im
been t stun,il. ll  tlllll   al   least, two
lanii*li< tl laiiiilies could be accom-
ll   pies, lit,  all   ol   \\ III. ll   will    I Oil-
inl'iii" also io ilm material wealth
For Ex-Custom
Win) want Fine Oiwility fine] Individu
ality, "Stilenfit" (iarments hit the mark
Exclusive designs, choicest fabrics, hand-tailored
" Stilenlit" is nbsolutelv llie besl standard of fashion.
You will find a great difference between a first-class tailor's
bill and "Stilenlit" bill for a suit of clothes, but his bill
won't givo you niiv better garments than "Stilenlit," because better can't be had.   Ask the man who wears them.
Suits, $12, si*.. $18, $20, $22 and $25.
l.ainconts, $1(J to $25,
Trousers, $!', si. $5 and $G,
Mouev back if nut satisfied.
J.   DANAHER  &  CO.
I orner (ir,in\illn and Pender Streets, Vancouver, B. C,
Sole Agents lor "Stilenfit" Clothes,   Samples and blank measurements sent "it application.
Mouth nl Blackwater River, Looking Up Ih. Fraser.
('mil lining division, embra. ■
ing i ariboo and Quesnelle, covers
approximately, no.ono square
miles, and iienrli  all  the  milling
grass ami tie, s. and forming a
unique picturesquelandsi ape. I In
these banks \\„ proprietors intt nd
i niistiiii ting winding paths, and
yet dune has been confined t lam will be put across tin creek at
section ol about 2,000 square different intervals, with the in
miles lying in the big bend of the tendon "I fonging pretty little
I'fiisei iin 1. pools thai will phase the eye allll
The last picture we pulisli is a charm the brain,
view at the mouth ol lllackwatei Refreshment privileges have
river, looking up the Fraser river, been given to an enterprising
and about 40 miles north of Ques caterer, who is evei ready and
nolle, from which will be seen that willing to sttpplj the needs ol the
the idea which so  many  ol   us most factitious epicurean.    Light
entertain regarding tins country, 1 Ins ma; In  had al .mi  lime
of its being rock) and barren and timing tin summer season, and
unfit for human habitation, is alto- prices are consistent with quality,
gether an erroneous one, Tin* Mm i.m ss. Si (icorgu makes
great drawback to these portions scheduli .alls lu Lonsdale (iar
ol   nui   province   lies   in   llieii dens in the s nierlime, there be-
moduli .1 iu ibis region, nil nl w hum ol tlm lowci mainland
. *-:•
stands out as tlm bi|--r, .,1 vi at lo be recorded in ilm history
ol Vancouvei real estate, Tin certain entranci ol one 01
more Hilditit1n.1l transcontinental lines ol railroad and new
industrial affairs is going to nun thu attention ol the 1 ntire
1 .nium ibis way    'I Im man wilh a good p 1 real estate,
1. .nh i" im 11 tin situation, is bound to make big nionev,
We hav. .me ,d iln b. st mid 1 a 1 archilly s,l, 1 ted lists
"l 1. ..1 ' .tilt* in \ in 1. 1 onsisting ql main kooiI Inns n
Ml   l'b as,mi. faint, w, Kitsilaiin, Greer's Heach, Rast hud,
\\t st find .nul busiiit ss propi itv, and last, but not least.
1 1 Mil 111\ \  --I    \\
\ A.i nl VI Iv,  1:  1 »
A fa
Soda Cii ok, Cariboo I listrii 1.
Lonsdalt < iardi ns, North Vain ouvi r.
inaccessibility and in their dangers inga well built extension | rei
which  have lo Im uiidergoi  li lal tin approach In tin grounds,
older to rem b them, but with the Im thai purp   ■
Grand   I runk   I'ai il'u    und   the     I he    mpai ■ ■ -   '
Canadian North, rn railwaj   pusl    takt 11   1    11    pi oli 1 rapli    in
im;    westward    through     llies. ilu :■ 11 It      mil full} pmlrays the
northern parts of British Columbia ipi-rh  urruiindiiigi.    In llu lur.
anil ilm Van ver,  W.'stiuinst.l :.t I i*. to In  wal
ami Yukon railway, aflordiiiR I" ih and rustii  I" nchos,  ivl   1   lo the
(III  .    n il lint - an outlet lo the left ol tin       lure tin   band  stand
south, it 1 an siiitI} I"   snid  thai is situat. d.
ib.  pnrtions "I iln ■ provin. e des-
1 n|,, ,1 in Ibis ailu 1"  will    I I)
receive   Ihal   recognition    wlih ii Si ml   I'm   1 iiiii
their latent resources in. ril           ; hull
.   ntflii5ll[*Vltll!ttD»nHl»!h«1M? .   ,
I' 11 II It   I,ill I LING  WORK
\ atii ouvi 1. H 1
KI I All   ft VI I I   IN
III ST  \ NI * 1 III M'l's'l'
I I I .   Ul ' '       ll RAN VII 11 . ar.
\ \NCOU\ lb'. II C.
1 >k;nty     Arthur S. Billings & Co., Real Estate Brokers, Molson's Bank Bldg., Seymour St. Entrance,   lei l()74
til   Houses J
f Lota
l'llnSI    I71 I,
r o.'];,,\
Ri nts Collected,
I axes I 'aid
Just Opened
branch iiiFiee "I llie Inlerstntit Intro-
,llll'ill|| Sni'ielv.
Matrimonial Register, I0<.
I*. 11. Ilnx 1 ".'.*■;. Van tier, II, 1 .
INU M IXl'l A. I I Ul Us'   till ', I
Farms, City Property
Timber   I.iihK   and
1   ■        St. \V., Cor. Richard
VAN'CUl \ I R. I! i
Phone K1 lis
Emil Guenther
lul.i llan. hlri-el,
Vancouver, B.C.
M. A. Russell
when llio saihus were led on old
horse and sail junk, who, gelling
thill disgusting  disease   known as
scurvy, wi re glad lo get 0 run
ashore and feed on ibis fresh vege
table diet, Although celery is mm
grown in great abundance in On
latin, it does not keep longer than
llie end ol I'Vlunan or March, At
thai season nnd towards spring
supplies ai" received packed ill
loose crates Iriiin the fields ol California Win should nol llritisli
Tin  Proposition of tht Dny mi tht Xorthtvesl Pacific Trunsfnr- Columbia have this trade?
timlitin Scenes Just Be'lUii—1,000 Acres of Pel nu call ','" " ■ " IU'S|NKSS
' ,        il, i|ini. s U hum It ,| re as |o ivhal soils
fitrcsl In lit  Swept Away by Uiganlic Steam hnyincs.LK i„,, ,h|(l,,|,,i ,,, _m\n M,,is.
ilm prop, r distance lo plant net's
The Viint'iiiivi'i', W't'sliiiinstfi'tS. Yukon l.iiilwiiv.sniic* "I'1"!' ""' '?' mWl™ '" ~'"u'
,,     1, .      ' ,   1  '   1        1   thi   I" si  in.nlv is to shin to. turn
1 'il 'vlii'I'mi'iii  . iiiU'iii'- lucunni'L'l Imiil nml „, |llBnlill8i , ,I]L,   .Rivaling,
ocean lnjiliwiiys, uml make llie Nortli shore 11 slii|i|iinj! [ertilmng. packages, eti , hut there
litise. is nothing difl'u nil  in all ibis il
The B. (!. Kluclric Rnihviiy (' |mny, to supply slreel i'"T" lu'"l,|t!  '"' ennsulred,   A
curs, Iiniii nnd power,
I'l'osperily  lellil- llie town like slliilijrlil—-l'l'ojriess
eiiutiuiious,   W'aleli Xorlh Viinciiiiver's uilvitncc.   ll will
Lo 1 he kitti'liscnpe ot the <'mist.
llie I |l-lo dale Grocer , ni.eial Audits for all tl •ijriutil lownsile lands.
MOM 1   TO LO.l.\
o.\ north r.-ixcoi ver
f.OU'FS'J /.' A7A
ATXOX-lll    . HIS
PROI'F.RT)' Ft R s II r
inn,,:, co,
loncs Block, Vancouver
. mi |,l,." li i
Groceries, Tobaccos
1st. Ave,, l.isl Lonsdale 4ve.,
Norlb Vancouver
(l.OIMI acres -iill left.)
Mahon, McFarland 6 Mahon,
o-lI Hustings St.. Vnnciiiivi'i', ll. C
Ami  How to iYInke Them Profitable.
lew tn ' Iv- ,e;" ilm iini. 1 inspi 1 led
ipiit. a largi plot "I ground plnnled
with small fruits,      I lie luisili s and
D.G. Dick
North Vancouver
Real Estate
111    INIiSS l'KOl'KKTY
We devi I mil'selves I'M III! Ivi li
in Ntitili Vnni ouver propeitv, and
are in close touch with the market,
\\ e can givi you gnnd value for
Vlilll   IIIOUl'l .
\\ tile in iis uud  we  will  giv,
plants wcr. so thickh sel loRellifr|vo|| „„, in|on,iiilioii vou mav wish,
111.II Ihe 11 huh    phi. "   will   |*|'ll\\  up
as thick as an Uiican jungle, and - .	
it is Ii iii ,1 inui It  labor, lime ami
money have been uselessly expend  ,     K ,,,,„, ,;,„,„,,„,„   ,„,. „„,,
id  nil   tin-  vi nun, ;   besides there i
in-1,1. lahlcdisappoiiiinu nl tti,,l,'r Suitings have jusl arrived ,il
wlin h could easilj have I" 1 11
avoid, d had the plant' i oul) 1 on
suited the nurseryman  who sob
1,11,1   llll    Still  Iv
Fongoun's, tailors, IU0 Hastings 1,
corner Columbia <\ve., Vancouver
Written (nr Tin  lArm
Lots lor Sale "i ! lu
I,, [bis iinii I'l  llie provinci  ol " Fruit Growers Association ol On
British Columbia, ivh.ere the land lario      A   maul   ol   Sjoo   aflei
1 osts .,, mm ii i" put  until r cul 1 ai I    rnist ,1  tu  Si    was ni,
CCi   AH   1   'xnOTT    tiviitinn    variously estiinateil fn ained  Irom  the Ontario govern
OU, OU, DO    lOaCr I .  j(.   1() j j,, pei iicn    il hei  mi's meiii. and some three meetings were
'  $80 tosiso per lot, t|    ',,,,,,„,,,,. whal l.iml id held eaih year at dilfefent localities,
2 •At.l't* Block Oil Comer      use it may be put lo when slumped, At these nieelings discussions were
, 111 stoned and cleared, se that a pat lu'id on the best varieties of bolli
Ironting   LOIlSdale  A\C,      jnK pK,ht may he obtained from i'l. large and small fruits, to plant, (01
S700 Cash, I lu .a,Iin.in cereals, even iu good local markets as well as lur ship-
1, ,im,   would   nol   proiliii,      11" nt. il"  mosl suitable pat kages,
li ,,;: . ,,, ni s.s |" 1 .n i' . ami Inu Id storage,  In ijil   rates I'l  e\
T. S. XYE, this would have to he deducted th. pr.    . rail and boat,    ll was (omul
..   % (      .  .        .. lalioi   expended and tin   cost of |altogether I nam varieties wen
queens & LOflSaaie ^^ S(] ,hll _ll(i] ., p  ,,.  grown, that sunn r early ripen
11     would  I"' obtained as  to  utlerh ing kinds should In raised in inucli
  .,      ..   .. preclude anv attenipl   t farming in [smaller quantities than winter, as
  iMOnil  VailCOUVer the ordinary mixed way, as carried 0" \ wen soller and nol s sih
r I p "ii in "ilu 1 pans "i iln   Dominion sent a long distance.    I'he markets
niwtrirt nf Vnrth      '^f\ an(l  I0\\er        „]„,■,. land does not demand such nl the old world wen exploited, in
1/1911 IIIUI    V*Ai ill str(i| 1S L,|(o|ls ,G |irj|lf, [, j|)l() whieli  ilm Ontario (mil   ninth   .
LOITipany , nim.nam.    Thiscountr) must In great sensation, and still holds ils
di all wilh mi llu sunn lines as llu own,   Tin 11 whal 1 atipi m tl!    I In
1'nited States, thediffei'i'iitsections glut ol ilu luutn market soon sub
NMI   I -\BI I" must be appropriated In thus* pin sided, and behold, it becatne dilli
  poses thai  the cliniat.  and olhei '"ii in this apph producing ciitin
needs   supply.    In  the   Southern In to um a No. 1 sample in nut
tC       ST. CEORCI   WI) Slai. s.   .ih, 1,    tb,   apph   tret   he- city ill Ontnri hi, I is Ilm
*J*Jt   MIKIII VANC0IMR 11 , an L-vi'l'gl'ei n. ' "ll  II, -ULi.ii I" -I were all shippi d lo
,   and   ti hi in   raised and
  , , , 1   ' 1 1.Uil "'**   *i O'kl is.
art    slnpp. .1   inulh.  whilst wheat.
\    '.iii'  .an  ; ,",.  ' aiin   aiiil other products an   ii-nl Heiv was a revolution indeed; I    iu
south  I" lill  tne' demands which nun kets, instead ol being glutted,
nn created.    Ill Id., nu el thnsi um,  i|i pleted     Orchards "I suil
'   ' l'J. "Mo. IJ |».     on the coast will hav   lo : ;.., „.. varieties were piani
what they can 1 hi"  best that is ed hy lit.   aci't   and tens til acres,
hu king In stit ■- "I 1 limitti   ill ll 1 and still the  good work
middle provinces.     I:    most pro 11„    jrinweis   and   slnpp, is   had
mini in object which pn  mils itsell man) difficulties In contend with;
il.'.'u 1, 7 .i" 1, - lu, n.llu |u. iu iv.     is fruit, and pi "Lai A I, m- \. ■ ...:-. apples shipped in large quantities
' •"■     |n   - i"   - •".      1 Iiii, talk   vegetables, lish and in   Inn   1 is   olu-n   heated   and
lumber,  hu   which  in  return  tin mm I, loss was sust 1; llie size
coast should gel meat, wheat, eti u| ||„   packagt was reduced; cold
11 ordei tn supply tin above com stoiii»i v.as oblaiued on th an
80 Acres
In North Vancouver District
A I  Sj.oti I'l li Al'liL
I'AKI'   \ 1 IIAN'CI', 11 Mh,III  HI. Wnl; 111
SJ5.00 Ll.lv  At Iii:.
I I I   Mli   ITI.I. VOU   \Lol III.
11)1 Cordova Street. ",
Tin.'   North   Vancouver Specialist    ;
TLM'I IIS « Will'
1 fcr Ih,'
1 It.riu  Park
nn S, ■    ■   ■     1
trd, iin*l
1      ringiii ; I leu      'Am
\,       nfi.rin I -       Ileal
I'llll -   III III
, ■ '       ' III Is  -t I.i
il ,1     iiiit Inter I
7   HI |..1
ll I \   I'llll II',1    \|   1       .
D. S. Martin
1 ', . . .
Yachts and Launches
. a i.i, 1.
-     .  tl, 7.1'*. S.|:>, ', IA  111,1
llll ; |'. tn.
I 1 v. 1   VhmliYVII 1 1 .
Are Swire I «nnl Delicious.
Have no I im.il
l.n  Sale ,ll
McDowell^ Drug Store
Nurlli 1 nni inner.
 n,li . dly, ex-     dill's iln   hi   I hei       uuld  I"   steamers;   llie  dominion   novern
itcsteri) "vorporaTioiif i_iiis
ten acres     I'liiil, which is receii   stianiboiii  ipanies and the Iruil
I XI'I.ANATHl.N    '    mil   "it   >     Ii"l
'I    nil    Mill
I,   i'ii I..mlvvillt     iv,     11
much                :. ii" Oki u all . Him   into hail v. and  ,        ,    ,        ,,           „,    ..         „„   ,, , ,      ,,,.,,
,        ,11                                                                       \.', I.nils. I,,ilu,,' s.      I'luinliHi, iiiitl lltisniilli- II  >. 1 ,11 li atull In, k, n
lagan vallev, can   tisl as well I tv a slleain of fruit is poured mlo    „     ... A     .                      A .    ,
!     1 1         11    1   ,   1 ,1,   1,                          I                 ileal is .it *ii,nis.                 iii**. reed
iloiluced   here,     llu   ilnoi  ol  Iln   Hrillllll even aiilumn that a gem '
1 iiniiivi'and nil kiniis „| 1:, 1' 1111, ■ >i,iiiii,ii t'liiviiaeiiiis am\ Valuators,
He hiivc nu itiuiii use .1.1111,1,, I uf Cm ilu,mil ,ei tnuiil. Plaice umi nnli-is uilli
us I tn Ih, win 111,
Ship Joinery, Spars
■nni Scows
112 Hastlnqs hind Mvsl. Vancouver, B.C.
  S'nTI    I'he  ss,   N< 11: ill   VAN-   ration ago was not dreamed ol
t'dl    KI! I        '  ■   '• inui *'■''" 11. 111. ,,    , ij . Thi   whoh   t■ nit   1 llsill. ss   is   nun
.   , 1 '       , ■ IlliltitS    llllll      I'OIII   III''      MU   vl   IllOlllltilinS    In    ll.lt ,
,   .     1 •.      .    .  ., i,      , .1   ..... .inu carried Oil 111 n SVSli in.ilu   niainu 1.
llll. L fe and ROM   UOatS, ss.sT.UMi HKdIIi A.-.        'or aee, already s anils open, and .
»' A man not 5 roilllil lt"lti "H haul I"
....   ., ,,, ,,,., 1   ..'tv   veal   ih.   deinaiul   Im   it nit       . , . ,,   ,
1 '■'" r   in   tii.t.M.1 nn 1 ..11.1 m his distiu I. inns all tin
,.,,,  1 sup,, y wi 1   "■ .'M.'ii.hue. so liml il ,
"ml"'      ' in, 11 '.' I lim'   OH    ll"     II' • .   sends    pn Iv 1
, , 1 11.   In   avan,due    and   ml: , '   ,     ,
"   iiiirdeiis   nre on. su  ihal   llu     . ,        .
.■",,. ia     ele p (inkil Willi Iruil , , L,      lrri. ...,1 ^.
hull  mav nni I I red III gallf     .IIISI   -XfrlN ( (I
,,   ,,,,,,,   ,, Hies,    " I" :  a: ul. 11... I    llllllelisi wmw*  ""'" v.»«   _„,^
1'  *i I a *|s \ \. ing or liaiispor , ...    .    ..      .   „ , >«.,• .1 _ #•     1
-. ■".-M.,.,.,.r i" ■ ia ampies are 1,  ,ia.e,i ti.rongi Large Stock of New Fall and Winter Goods
in 1  ror Suits, Pants and Overcoats,
Al   tin    pn  ' in   tune .......,' ,      .... , 1 ...., ,
','   '
Gasoline I nunthes a Spci ialli
|U"', nu <
:    :  ■ 'din the plain
grath *l as ilrst, s 1 ami third;
all vviim 01  si .||,|>\ hmi |» rej.il
Motel North Vancouver
1            .      ,                                                   ,   ,,                                     , all vvi'inn nt   s, a|i|n Iruil 1   I,      '
'1               ''         '    '        ' ,     and  W iniiii"             npi.t'led ,
1                ' ei,    So ine has lb, ins pet inui I"
/,' ■ 1  1 al. s iind (I
, , , iini.  Unit 'I Iln  -mil. 1  is 111 :
___________________ lllll    Ililliin   era. 1     Im
;    1 11 11 . an I"  nbtain. .1 al a
ible   piit'i     musl   hiivi
, ,        ' .    ll,,  nil   In  iiill   1
Now   thai   siieiici '
"I    |'l' p.if:        Ipp : l\    llll     -I V.IHI ll
■I        lhat llii   ■ ■   hi' pi
IIIII II ,' I.   ','. M. tl. I   ««>•-«   llilii,II
tin  pi'iiuiui* .a bis in '
lhat   I   ■ I    pii
North Vancouv, r, IJ. C.
The Only Seaside Resorl .it Vancouver
-   • , /,'■    ,,',■'/ Inlit,
• I'tlllftlli      f li fill tt llli lltllt     ilil till
flu      '.   , tft nit //.',
a, '   n       Rati   S"d .'■ 1' daij.
ll I   ■ ij       '   1 ',"'■' ",..     ■ -' ■"   nnd
P. Larson, Pro|)riHor.
1        ,     ,  and   1 "if,1 If   lose  mom
1 ine.   ill the ll'.sl neil nr din ...
lis 1 nil.        III llkl   111,lllll. I   ll.'
till    '    re is  isnii win unit '    ,
1 , innis  I   host   "i  ,,   iiii
ih    liol     '       iiiui tl  In even , .
1 , Mil III'.', sill li as pea, In s and   iliim,,
II.  Ill,  II,1     a ■     Ul I'll  lllll    as      II   I
, , ,  11 ht     1 lakliind     strawbi 11
\ I'll' I Sit I' 1 "I ll,'       I'l inn     ,   , , ,   .
1    ■ ,.    in ,s, "i   in  dislri, 1 "I Ni,
1    '     "I   '! , 1   nu       .  whit n ih. ,    , 1
lire pat !.' d in rarl>.ail lots ill
ce um 1 nlar 0 «e    tin ' ,,
I iu beciliis. east as lara   M ■ nt 1 * .11
' Minim IICII            ■   lllll  It ill     1." ,,1 1
,     , ,      and  1 hu bee and       1 lo I. Imi
II ;n   nut  I"   iiiniistrni livi   nl  iin . ,,.
, , , , ■     and     .lllll   011.  loli.nl     ■    I Utlll
pi.   "nl time.    Ai tn-1 a h 11 appi.      , . ,,,
1 ii' 11
in es were prin un d Irom Ihe mil
inking inimeiisi t| lanlitn
Ihere is llu  ci left busiiit ss    This
um    .,        ..    tii'iii    i' \ nlh
,        . ,        ,  1' ■   1 i"P is grown i" iu 11  i" nn 111 it
1.111 ted Stales and plan I , ' ,
1, nis on stit h suitable soil as mat
I OZi II     "Is    I'V    -     Ill    lie     innle , , ,,     . , |
In 1 uml hn il, ns v wn, re 11 dm
1.Nil ki ' mm; 1 *i -ii swamps hav  i l'i ared 1
Oniario     Ihi     billowed a ulul dn I.    I bis plain miglil I" pro
Im il  11 .ni,,;., mi I   : duct d m 1 mill -'• ipiantili - on llu
1, ,1  "ti did um put i" 1 a»   I'm   Mi nl" '  • "i  au\   low Ivinu,
I   11   nn,, ,,| ||i,   mi,,1,   pn,    pent) plait's, llu.m.di   sill li  llli
■ •■ di  when llii ih    iiii 1* ri'ipiisite il nan r en
pi             .'.in. 1, ii'iidil) appli d i" il" laud,    I
.v.. n pin I i. formed ll   '. planl is 11" ,         nil I   llii scum
11 ill    iiii, known as th      rn     heard aboui in old. 11 1	
It is a MistaKe
In Iniv 1 r |i I- fur  lli.' Il..li.ln\-
1 iti ilm lifsi tiitil uiijoy ih.'in.   We
liuvi*  ilm kintl you  iiui'il  mnl our
I'l'ifi's nro riulil.   ::    .:    ,: ::    ::
J. A. McMillan
I ll\||M,
I II .
I ciivt you fair warning lo Bui| |iro|icrli| now al Nortb Vancouver.   Sn mi| Ad. on l>«ni<' 7.
i.i\ i:
Til I.HI.


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