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 /^ "Tr? V'
Volume 1
^l]t ihmtaa
XoUTII V.lNCtH IVER, ll.C, J r I.V 5,  1910
Number l'i
Holds Short Session
1 ne in.il  success  erownei
the lilth annual eelehrati,,,,   ,„
lli'iiiiniiiii   Dai    in Ninth   Van
couver,   The lighl first appeal
ed  itt  the morning   under a
1 under,   prizes  donated b)   Dr. nt I
Howell, Wood \ s.ni   i  Oor- city counci
don Stette; 2, Ralph Blackburn;
I, Busier Reid,
Girls' race, in years   am
slightly   iivetvast    sk>    whieh under,  prizes donated by Wood
soon afterwards broke fortfi in
gladdened sunshine whiih con
mined throughout lhe daj with
unabated pleasantness, The iit\
was   clad    in    Imliil.u     attire
.''min  the  waterfront,   north,
easl and west llae,s were Boating   in    the    breeze   and    the
stringers   ol   Imntiti)- slrelelieJ ^^^^^^
irnin side tn side over the main under, prises donated by J. I,
thoroughfares presented a gaj McAleece I, Klls McLean ; 1
,nnl  attractive appearance   to Flora Davies; .'•*, Rdith Hutch!
the   city   as   a whole,  Most   ol   son
ihe business houses were decor
\  Son, Dr.  Morrison   i,
McColl ; 2, Mildred Prontt
Annie Reid,
I,.   Hois' race,  IO vears   nnt!
iiinlei, prizes donated hv   Wood   OH
\- Smi, Stoiiev \ Co, and Aid.
McRae   t, Jons Knos ; i, Chas
Cites ;   \,  Leonard I.ittle.
-.   ('.iris'   race,  13 vears alld
es  reported  that  thei recout
mended that the engineer be in
structed   bO   provide the mu -,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  Miry data as lo the depth oi the
liis Worship Mayor .ilay and -vater,     The  recommendation
all the aldermen were present was passed.
11 last evening's meeting I the    Aid,  Smith moved, seconded
^^^^^^^^^^^^     hv Aid. Sihnll/ that eaeh ol lh
R, lv Sperling, manager of aldermen bc furnished with cop
iln- B.C.E.R: Compani   wrote ■*" of the minutes ol iln coun
acknowledging  council's  letter cil meetings as soon as possil.l
with reference  lo assisting  in after each meeting,    The   nm  ..,,,,„„, ,,,„„,„*, Ull
lowering grades in the city. The Hon passed with Aid. McNeish See.,ml  Narrows bridge constr
writer asked lor information as and McRae dissenting, „.<;..,.    ti .-      , ,
to the location of the street or     Aid. Schult! brought up   th
district relerred to.   It was laid  matter  ol hand stands   in   th
a- table,
Reeve  McNaughi  ami  .1. P.
hell met the cit J  COttUci] at ~  \n
last evening pn vious to council
meeting and urged upon lhan
the nccessit) lor subscribing s
siili.st.inti.il amount towards the
On motion a committee
city  iii view   of  tin-  promise!
C. Ilollyniatt advised that on 'hand   concerts   liy   the   N'.   V
the j8tb .lune his team of horses   had lieeoine   frij;hteited   '^ ,_^_^_^_^_^_^m^_^_m
the street iar at the vomer of  posed of Aid. SchulU, McNeish
I.ousdale Ave. and .urd street, sad Smith were appointei
Near this eorner a building   is  ,J.r-,w   "P   Pl'll's   f,,r
under construction and in  con
I    to    'I
stands   in
iction. Tin meeting was heh.
in earners hut  ll  was undei
stood that an amount was
suggested hv the Keeve atul
tll      Pell    who   addressed     the
council at length, 1h.1t was ct a
sider,ilih in excess of the stun
the iiinnii| wen- considering.
I'he matter was promised at
lention when it was aj;ain tak
Victoria'   l'ark and   iheUnetlls     ell Up 111 uillllilitlee of the w
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^neetioti with the work was two j bury Ave. I'ark^^^^^^^
,   s.   Boys' race, i.a vears  ami or three barrels of hot pitch,    nt.   Donald Cameron,   who
IS Well as the displays   of   under,  prizes donated'hv   Cum     He   Stated that on account   ol   S«S   present   was   asked   if   le
tin narrow and rough condition conld state definitely   when h
of the street  one of his   horses
nt> 1   the council meeting.   It
was then unanimously  resolved
to take shales in the Bridge
Compani to the amount ol
Shao,ian.' .nnl llu* 1 lii k was in
StrUCted to prepare the two Inlaws, ,,nr pn authorization to
purchase shales in the Hurrard
Inlet Tunnel and Bridge Com-
pany, ami the other to authorize th. borrowing of lhe mon
ey.    The council expressed their
willingness to provide wore
1apit.1l ti it was required, imt
at the present time in vine of
the faet that the eitv had now
Sjoo.ihio invested in the hin
Co. and were likely to invest
another J 100,000 at an early
dale, it was thought unwise to
recommend a larger amount,
and   luinlin-;   whieh   gavt!
the residential p..ninn  of   the
cilj  a lollelt ol the holidai    el
li was estimated that ihere
»en appi"\in,aieli lourtcen
ih..us,md people visited the iin
llolli the solllll side 01 the Illlel
ami the li ti \ service whieh was
supplemented hi the Baramha,
ami the Suiiili afforded ample
accommodation lor ihe moving
linone. whiih started to arriie
i.nli iu tin- morning and di I
nm diminish in tin- iit\ nil .1
ter the fireworks displai oil lllc
u all 1 llolli al l.i lo p in Tile
dai   was a  aaaiiliiui.il   round    ol
plea-rare from lin in tin m<-rn-
Ing,   lllll'll   the  , lllhlli lis   ,p.e Is
mii 1.illed 111 Victoria l'ark,
nil the "('.01 il Might" emblem
w.is illuminated al the  wain
mines' Dry ('■nods Store—1,
Win. Proutt ; :, Douglas tod
1 iik ; t, Herbert Morden
was thrown and its head
i).   t'.iris' raee,  15 vears   and ed into the pitch whiih injured
nmili,  prizes   donated In   M, 'I considerably,   He according
8.  McDowell ami Katulie   Kii- ly claimed damages to the a-
shen   1,   Lizzie Johanson ;   :, mount of J700 for injuries bo
Rdith  Hutchison ;   t,    KllS   Me his horse and loss of time. The
Lean. communication was relerred to
to.   Boys' ran-, ij yeara and the solicitor,
under, prizes don,iied bj A. .1.     I'! Dowie advised thai he was
II,'od, Jeweller* 1, Win. Hnr
1 hn ; i, Prank Anders : ■*, t in
l'i mit 1.
11    Rot s'  tin'" legged   race,
n> years and under, prizes donated in Tin- 1.eon,nl Sale Co,
1, 11,1111 Anderson and Harvej
Henri ; I, lia.I Itl.u kliltrn and
Douglas Todrick ; ,-.. V. Anders
and W . Proutt,
12,   Hoot race, "pui ior boys
under   i.s.  Drlws donated   hv
iiieiei        IS,       |»ll'CS      Ha >ll. Ill 11 111
""'"■   concluding lhe fireworks Ullll,| a s,,n   1, frank And is
'isplai   and  ihe day's events,   ,  ••„,   P,,,,m , .   j{J__ Kn,,v
11.   Doughnut  race loi girls,
l.iu- ai nighl     Throughout 11, ■
day the North Vancouver brass
band ol ih puns provided  es
iilleiit miisii and iui.   prerent
at even perforwann  lupplyiii-;
iiielod*   in  tm sparing ikgrw
The three clowns also prot i li tl
.riitl-elllclll    B)   lln    spin is   .11 d
1 speii.illi al th, races v.ln-i
tin- decorated horse oi Mr, '.iui;
was lhc soiuie <>l atlrai ti ni foi
the .Inl.Ii.n The Boy .Scouts
ii,,in Vancouver, in addition to
the local boVS t" the lllllllll, 1  "I
several handred were in att< ml
ame ami their competition for
the Rves Cup tu Victoria Part
was a siejit most Worthy ol
plai-. Tli, li.ilnte ill the dai
was 11111I0iihtcdh   tht   ludui tl ial
Paradi  which being unique on
this side o|  the  Inlet  was,  nil
ellhiless   a    Clowning     BUCCCSS
.Old was s.ml to 1,11  1 tceed the
paiade oi ,nu ai N,,rth Vancouver's   sister   lilies'  patade tak
uti; into consideration the iiti's
It was entirely lo
..il. uilh one or 1110 ex
upturns, ami was over three
Idrnks in length, The lirst
1 unt ..I the dai was lhe villi
ilnn's sports jn Victoria l'ark.
■imi iu passni" it i, thought
pta.pi 1 t.i compliment tin chair
building a block at tin-  cornsi
a I   I [th slleet  and  l.ollsilale Ave
and asked for street grades.
Aid.  McNeish,  seconded   In
Aid      ill h'ae,   llloied   to    advise
Mr,   Dowie   that   it   would he
taken up alter ihe grade  mai
teis were settled
Aldinn.in hou ler moved an
amendment that the engineer be
instructed  to  give  the grade
asked lor. The notion was
seconded In Aid. Smith and on
Inin*; put to the vole the amendment earried, with Aid. Irwin
Could report on grades. lie ,111
sweted that it was a verv in
teresting and perplexing que*
tion hut In* was ready at ant
A letter was read from .Mi
Ci I-'* .laiksoti adviaing th.it
W'l-diiisdai evening was the on
li available night [or him and
that evening was according!)
lixed lor the meeting on grades
to hear  Mr.  Cameron's repot I
Aid. Fowler advised that lh.
value of lhe proposed building
mi Westers An- to whnh a
ronl was asked amounted lo
S.l.hnn.     ll  w.is  1,1, rred  to the
Board ol Works
The engineer's plans lot the
1 uini);   oi   I.ousdale Aie.   he-
The local police are in receipt
ol llu- information that a mini'
111.in In  the name of Iv V.   In
"I was drunk, hut sorry for
it," was the general plea in ihe
police   Court   on Saturday   (ol-
gram has heen missing  011   th    lowing a day of inebriation 011
the dav previous, the ist ul
iiih, In ten subjects of ihe intoxicating beverage,
His Worship Mayor Mat pn*
sided  in  the absence ol Magis
tl.lll    Kl,ill
Most  ol  the accused  were hl-
', s"""J   ':',\,"","',','s'   Smith and Kowler for and Aid
prizes donated by S. 11   tvalker   ,, ,, , ,,..v..:..,.  .   .:.. .
[11 boy ■
1  Cates
I.illv   Craw Ion
Kenl ;  I, l-'hna Dan
11 Doughnut i.u
1. Il.iitings Barn ; .
.-, Harrt  Morrison
\e\i in older n| tii* lay's
events wa? ilu- industrial patade. The rigs ,nnl ;|*,a s weie
lined np on Third sin' al llie
corner ol Lonsdale Ave liom
wlnie thei proceeded wt
long Third to Mahon \' 1 aim'
turning south passed mound
tie* corner . 1 Kirsl slreel i-.d
along ihe lallei *-11.st :,.   st
I'.U 11. k- \uiiili. up St I'al
rick's Aie to Third iiui .iini
west on Thud street to lhe
stalling point. There were between thiili ami loin vehicles
in the procession and it was Ae-
\li Rae and McNeish against.
Aid, Sihult/ was la,.- in ar
j riving at ilu- meeting.
Solicitor Ki-id wroti in tot
mitioii wiih the information
asked foi regarding the instal
Iation oi sewerage under local
improvement ami the diatribe
tion of ihe S|.a, already vol
ed lor the seil'eia»e. The soli
eilor    advised     that    the   uli
could he divided up into dis
nuts ,in,| eai I, district besides
paying  for  its own  latterals
COttld he assessed plo rala l"l
the III.llll seller whnh hcllelltlei!
ihe disiriii. The matter was
niiiiid io ihe committee of
ihe whole,
.Mr. A. c>. Perry spoke in tin
council with reference to eu
CoUraging the idea oi forming a
North Shore since Saturda) al
teriioon   .md np lo th"   presenl
all attempts as to his |i 1
li.i11  proven futile    Officers  u
ihe loeal police force anal ,1 1 ro
lint ol the missing man   1	
up the search vesletdai . ml 1! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^-
was revealed thai he had hired washes, whose presence wusai
a rmv boat Iroin ('.ilm. a:' countable in a large Jigrte to
iioat house on Saturday front the Indian sports whiiM are al-
an old gentleman who was in ways attractive lot lhc I.nam-
charge,   The next irace   ihai  men     The following sentences
was   discovered   was  lhe    mis.     wen   imposed ;  Joe gva  WWS I'l
ing boat whiih had Ie 11 lound twin* ami forfeited his hail  a*
drifting outside the First   N.n    anting to $75, McDonald was
tween    13th  ami   18th  streets tows mar the outlet   ..I   iln lined S1 aad costs or five dayi,
mie   considered   and   passed.  Bmne by some Japs The youui Woodland forfeited his hail   ul
Thev   slum    a   level   grade "tt   mall's   hat   was   found    111   ill. K   1)    ll.ini, .01  Indian,   w.i,
I.ollsdale Ale.  atul  S  hellill   oall t    alld   through   Ills  initial Imnl   Ss or   tell   d.us,   Jimmy
tin- cross streets at tin-  itttir being  Inscribed  on  the  111-;.;. Frank, an Indian, lor having la-
section with l.oiisdale band ins Identity as to hciug toxicants in his possession was
The Inlaw   (or lhe local   im the pel son who hired lln   boat lund S.'s or one  month,   Fells
provement of Lonsdale Ave.be was made known      The     Japs Murauda, an   Indian, was lined
tween   i.Uh   and   18th streets tied  the boal  upon the  beach $25 and coats or one month, .1.
waa read ami finally passed,     jaml it was found there in tin n cin.i was fined {5 and costs.
  search  party   yeaterdat      Ap A    .McLean eras fined  |j   and
KAC.LHMI I'.iiinlh   liom  that  poinl    ihii III.ih.irio lias lilted S-' alld costs
oAotBALL „,,,.   i,,,,,. ol  the   missin-  man
lias heell  lost,    ll  WSS  rep, a I * ll
Uul  he had intended hum,'  a
p..111  11..111 the Indians   at     lln
lliottlh "I the Capllaii.. on iiliiili
First  slreel mit artists   1,11
tied oil the laurels in their sih
eiliihd   gallic ol   bast-hall   w 11 It ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
the Real Kslate ineli at RecRS    t" mh  up the load   Later a ri
Coal!   a,i   lui dais, ami Gttgor)
-.1   lue dais.
 guig me una 01 ii.iuinu: 1
hired without  reservation  to Sl   i,,,,,,*, Ambulance Boclett
...   .1    .        . - - . >     - -
he the most rreditable per
[uimance  that   has evei    1 een
put on al an\ u lehratiolt mi the
Norlh Shore. In appi Utt 1 ll
was a novel all.myelin tll of the
exhibits .a tin many different
manufacturers    and    business
houses ill the iin  and with lew
Ile stated that some local ilm
tair might he peisii,ninl to give
lei lilies on lirsi aid whiih
might he ol ereal assislallie ill
Case oi an idi 111 in ant of lhe
various plants ,,r factories
throughout ihe tin.
\h   I'lin suggested that tin
exceptions all  iul.   represenl |mayor   ,M a 1>ut>iic ,mcljlv
ed 111 some  manner,   lhe  s,-,  Mj umU. ,,,„,„.„,.,,„,., ,,. —
—     *     . ,.     _•      ,     ,   ,,      , lloals ol   the ScVlllour    1,111 llinl    ,1,    ,..rj,.„.   ,„.,„K :„  I haa ril» 1,
man ol lln   Hoard ol Works oil ., ,,    ,    , , ,,    ,   ,    llu  lartotis 1 s ill Uie ciiy n
.1       1 1     1   1     1     1    .1 so.  was tile Ic.ltlllc ill  tile   1,11 :,  .,,,.,,, |,,„„   ,,,„|,|    ,,,,,
the shape in   whnh he had   tin       , ,     . ,    .        ,       Sl 1  o soim lluni; miilil   imt
,       '        ,,,,,        1  ,       1 ade,   and    these   Willi  the olher   a.,,,.,
palk   clollllds  hulled  atul  lived        ... ..        .    ..       ..       '"'Ill
purposcdlt   ior   the children's ,r ,   ., ^...^..1  .1  ,
II , .     ,,      ,. prodtit Units di nioiistr,iled lliat
",111ns   ami to the lint   Siotils '
t          , „. , North \ aiuoiiiei  was not onlv
Ior      lhe e hi ten       manner          ,    ,         ■__.. , ,   .
,     ,       ,, 1      , ,      all   ideal   les ilcltl.l    sutloll lull
III ninth     thei      kepi        lllc1^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^™
1 uiu st       that        The       jud  1
Mis  link Rouchberry, an Indian  liom,in,  \t,is charged  in
,,   ,   ,       ;,•• : ' -■  tin-   police   court    wilh   being
lion  lark  last    llmrsdai  neu    port  iinie down It..111 the Can ,|nmk and incapable     She was
in-;.    It   was all First   street  mn  View Hotel that a   youni ;athered in a dav or so ago but
Irmn    the   hceiiiniii^   and    tin   man   had heen thrown   Irom   ,, ,|„  p.,1,,,. „,.,,  indeavoriag   lo
brokers apparently did not bav<  borm mai than ami site)    be trace tin origin ..1 the iirt^wa-
aghoat id ,, show ,.s ih. s.,,,,   log assisted to his i,,t had dis 1,, whnh resulted in the usual
of 17 to 4 bears evidence ol  lh.  appeared  and  nothing  Inrthei failure to get the Indians to tall
batteries were    Pirsl   street, was heard of him   Another re uin, supplied ihem    sin   via
Laison   .md   1-iiiland,   and   tin   p,,it  had it  that  ,, t,,im^   man |„   ,„„ ,,„   gnspended   selilellte
li'.ail  l-.si,,te 111.11, Tinker and answering the descrrpti ith, on condition that she leave the
Campbell.                                  inissin*: lad was seen going np ,„, ,,, ,,„.,■ ior her home
the llunie.   The reporls ate   W
contradictor]   that  un little
1 li'leliu   is given thelll Ulltll lhe
police hau  had lime to   inves
Alfred l.tilidiii was fined ii v>
an.l msts of   10 dais [ol   being
drunk ami Incapable.
Hii-lh Davis, who was up   on
|..i    this   event    wn.     ilessts
T s Brown, Jesse Williams
ami c,  11  Morden ami th. nu
es wele  pulled ofl ill a most  e\
ptdiiloiis wai Tin prizes wen
given out aller each race Irom
a wagon   whiih was stationed
near the totirse atul tthnli was
iu   charge nl
Shortly  altei   i" o'clock   tne
Inst     i.m     was    called      tll
an ,11 tne commercia
duslrial centre.
Tin parade commenced aboui
11 to I' was headed In tin
two   mounted tuarshalls, Mas
sts    Anson    ,md   Month.    Next
followed  the  North Vancouvei
.      • ,»..aaC   III   flirill   Sliell   .1   so, I, n
Nortli   Shore     Thl,  ||lnil,   |tatod   ,|,al    ,,.
tlouhl hi pleased to ,,ii| .,
Illeetinj! when the iinpoit. ir,
publii    inaltels   llow    in    L.ni'i
»a 1,   titled
A  iniiih sketch plan i*i   I i.s
t ami I, block -'7, D I. IJ I Was
The    following    Imam ial   .,
counts tun   passed     Finnnri
iinniilti..   VhO ^s ;   I'.o.i .1
The third   nllitial late ol ll.e  ^^^^^^^^^^^^    ____m _____ wm_ W<M> u|,   „„
dinghy  association   had   (otu  ligati    It la acknowledged thai  ., similar charge  forfeited  his
st.nli is   following is lhe sun,    il stuns a peculiar thing fnr th.    ball "I Ss
man     Stan     lumlio J.jo,  lli    boal    to   l»    adrill    with     thei __!	
ic 1.50.5, We Two .' S" i". Bth- voung   man's hat   aboard and roa dm DRAWING
el 1.50.55   Finish  WV Tim |.   [01 him to leave then to take "   '	
K v.,    Jwnbo   1 ao i„,   hii,,  ., trip up the .„ad and .... tins,     T|ii ih.iwi    for (|u, Wi,K,i|m.
4.51..V, Rthd no lune. -?™3^Jnl2 ^?...m "^   Parlon Tea Set i..„k plan-  on
Saturda) and ihe luck) numbei
was .-,,,,    As the hold. 1   a,I tin
winning number has not turned
up lli.  name 1 .itiiuit he given,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     tallied   lor   his   safelt      Ynlin*;
ACCIDRN1 AT CAPILANO   Ingram's pantta, Mr, ..ml Mis
  1   A   Ingram, an laid ta. hu
Wm    Knowles   "'',s *• ?°) ^"m,s in lul1 ",
,t,„L    il,,* J-'-1'1'1   a,1|l   umler the toiiimaiul
t 11 'I  K llll . ,.   ,    , .,
nf .Mr Ilyties. Unci Mathias
whnle program was nn. nil,'""1 ■ ''■'"'l ,"' _\* *-** *ntt
without   mishap     Th.    races m'xt '""l '°"0WinK '\owA\   be
and  winners wele as folloWl
('•iris'   race, S   vears   and
Brass   Hand  beaded  by Band   Works, Sa.455.5fc; Iin and
master U Chance.  Neat in lim   Uv, .*,
Aid. Smith, chairman  .1 th,
health   ti utlee,   sUUil 'In.
he   had   an   account   Iro.ii   tin
hospital Imt   wished  t" 'iiu  !•
line   ol   the  lew   .uililent      lu al   1001    Mil   Ale     W  ,  \anioll
in..'   the  ist  oi ini, ,,n   th, tn     The-Kerch ia being con
North   Shore   was   (In   ai.tdelil tllille.l lodai.
I"   little    'allies   Allan   ol  —	
ll.'inhi street, Vancouvei  who     _n l-.   UcMillaa ol Victoria
was run over b) aa auto ou tin i'.„k hn on Sunda) [01 s two
Capilano 1 1     The lad   w.is „,ru- vacation in Scatlli with
ndin^  a liiini.* aud iii round friends
Ing one oi  the sharp turns in 	
'   ,l"   1 1   «■'■ suihhnlt   mt     \i,    .ti   McMillan, coi
1 with th.* aui,, driven in a mas ,,,„i st   Andrew's wisln-ia, an
u*iiued Al   K. Llaset ol V.iii,..n „„mu,   ,|,,,,   s|„. W|||  „,,,   |„    ,,
ui    it all happened in .. uw i,,,,,,,. „n Thurada)   Jul)   -'th.
senmds and  lhe hm   hail  haul ,„„| „,,,  ,,,,,„, tj||  ,,muillII  '
paine 1 McMillan draw
(I     lllsell   o|    .Al lllllll   was
iln lm hi winner ,,| 'In PailM tNt
Ui Millan drawing loi tin Mm
arch rs
hind  wele lln   1 low lis.  The Si I
nioiir Lumber Co\ floats were
the   litsl    ,,|   the  lllililstil.il    ex
1 v.   '''''ilv    Theii  Inst  llo,it was   .1
» ..      „  ,      "',","',S| sm.,11 canvas aflair dnwn b) 1
IT." Vl____  ]*T}.VS\ 3A ^Iteam ol Shetland poniesanrfon
both  sul,
under,  prises donate!
Larson, committee and
tin Morrison, *, Harjorb
2. H"ts' i.m, , tens .nnl
under, prius donated I.i Aid
'a Rat. 1' l.,ii*,a,n .md Wood tk
Son   1, Musi ir Reid .  1, Russell
Sieht   ;   I,  HoOghton  I'atk,
1.   Cirls'   race, -   years   and
'ind"    prizes donated  In   the
committee ami the Curn I a
1.   Ni iin   Morrison;   i.   Mart
Hutchison ;  t. Alberta Johan
I     Roys'    lau.    ;   let',   and
iii it before passing ii mi ih
reason thai last month in
iiillllt    ol  Sis    had    heell
(or a   pa I nnis   lees win*
later understood to be drav in
all   allow,iliu*  01   Sn,  ,,   in ||
ii was referred lo Aid   Smlih
li   lilne   to make ■ nunc, nil
w   Reeves ol  1 -th itretf
the    holder   ill  ticket    No.
''"'  «d the Mto drivei   havi     1     1    _   -/ardin.,1 W1    U1, llimi,r BWB „qi
anv itme i„ Mtlt the  steering Saturda) for Spokane when l„   14a which dren   Uw Chancellor
gear befon   the machine had w',\\ represenl  the   Vancouvei range given awa) by th   "'
tennis ilui. in iln 1111,111 itional
ain^'les.  II.- will alao plat with
passed   ,,\,i    il,,    l„,,|v    ,,|     th,
»Ssed|b0V.       He      was      in;. ,1. dial, ll    llM| ..««,»,„,,
i   np  and   speeded t.. Dr. \g,   Montgoiner) Imm ii„ Van
"ttm   in   North   Vancouvei . a,.,, i,,wn tennis club m  the
when an eiaminalion     howed .   uhles
... —.....,.„ ... .,„.. , thai the Wheels had passed ovei 	
"'.''"''"',',r' *" to go Into the matter,              "" boy's hips but beyond git vi,   .\  !•   Reaaley •>! Roberts
in  large cnaracicrs     -#ater t|te auntitu nasi I l«K him a seven sqttcesi his in Creek,  It   C   former!) a pio*
-11 Hardware Co
lhe following original   verse
"In Ninth Vancoavei logs an
((Town,    and iiialiulia lured    as
Inn shown, iioiii trees and
lumber that is made bt   mt n
who lollow ill tins parade."
The lirsi wagon was drawn b)
loin     horses    and   contained
.1     l.li;   1      laa;*      |S    ||*t|      |*
Inches   through     Tbe lumbei
in oi.l.i  and the ,inn.mil  * '
was passed,
Tin finance commillee rei om
nu tided   thai   the  . Ink bt  as
|m"   »'t, not though!   I. ,„*,., lesiditii o| North Vancou
lie   uas soi .what *.,*, is spending ■ i.n davs In
lml and bruised hut altel ,1,,    *,n      .\li.i    selling    bin
« careful dressing wai sbh   '■ horns in this citt al tin  cornel
1..        i.l  ,:....... .. .
The  annual   Sabbath  school
pniui  in connection with   the
Mi Ihodial church will he held
at   II..tun Island on Thtiis'l 11,
.lllll    .'1st
Tin N■ .1 ih Vancouvei lacroase
1 |nb will nmt 'In team ol tin-
I!.,nu Allil. tn t Iiih 111 a les m,
match    mi    tlie   loial   alhi Iii
progressing favorabli
..mill   wenl south and resided tvnit
(Continued on page (l
"""       i'l'       a ia . as    a'.     *,*•  ,a j      „•■ .III     III    IlllSllIt    Bl    llll       IOIIIC
lllnii/eil to elllplot  all aissistalll    '"     'akell   to   his   holllelli    tin    ,,|    |,||,      n,,|    ,,,„]     |,onsdall —-	
stenographer lemporaril) •""" tnmt he is helm..I lo i"   \t, . \u  and Ah    Res 1 \ and    :il,""'s |,,|'1"ll"vv (Wednesday)
\l I       , 1     1 .< ,  ., ,. -" - --    -    .,..,.!.,.,   ..a   ,.   a.   ..i.*1..«lr
Id      ItW III   .Uld    Slllllll.    who
Win   .ippointed as a  loininilli a
to inquin into ihi depth ol tin
wit, 1  olil   Iroin the lore hole in
.'. IHII.   llOU    Willi     laal,      h0n     "      I''
1 ilifornia   where   thev   rw
Mn, 11  AL 1.1 an .a r.i in* 11  ""I till tceiith when the) Mn   w   t   Green and lamil)
•Man, accompanied in lm dau returned in 11 c  and look up ol Keith  road  is spend'
- --              ,u'"".   Ktlnl    ia   a 1 nm,    wnh -Ln     tesid.n,.     at     Roberts lean t.n .lion  111 tin* Sipiannsh
•""l ''" 10i1si11nti1.il ol wh.m   I)  .\  Mil,,,,,,,   i„i ,treei * * - 1 reek Velle) al the Rrackca Anns. I'wo
♦4111111111111111u111n i ii 11111 n1111ii1111n 1111111111n1111111111
The Express has completed arrangements
for the publication of a stirring story by
the first instalment of which will appear
early in July.
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• • a
• e e
• as
lllllll IIIINUI 1
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give to rich and poor alike
peaceful enjoyment ol lhe fruits
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ol  then  calling,   This is tin
nolioinii  siiK* ol scioliil.iri  ciltl-
i,ition which it iiouhl be ol ad*
taut.let    lo   ourselves   to   ha\'
shouldered In lhe various cdu
cational authorities, in place ol
it depending largel) upon pn
tate or semi-private enterprise,
smh as (lie Y M.C A  and kin
ai Idred institutions.
J | Anothei k-aturc ul the present
al.it education is "I a difiereut
it|n altogether, its motto l-e
Ing "Kducaliou loi education'!
sake.' and its aim lhe popnlai
i/.ing ol education Hi t iu> Is
imt meant the lowering "i stan
ilalils ol  lasie ami ihoUghl, bill
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inaniles." The Workers' Kducu
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Ur, II. .1   Russell,  who was
injured  in  lhc Diplock Wrighl
mill to the extent  aal  losing   a
pari ol one n( his leel through
being caught lut nun a belt
and ilu- sharp Dangei ol a wheel
soinc inotitlis ago, uas awarded
damages lo thc exit nl id Si,	
for hospital and doelor'a lees
In Mr. .Iiisiiic .Muipht in Vancouver Wednesday afternoon,
'I'ln* amount sm,| i,,r wu
Slai,ono atul it is alleged In tin
complainant thai the accident
waa due entirety to lhe negligence "i the defendant t..m
pant Ul Justice Murphy, in
Humming up thc evidence,
agreed lhat no company had
ilu- right i" deprive ■ man ol
lllc   Use ol liis foot   lint  it    ttas
still to in- remembered ihat in
ilusiries ol tin presenl daj
iiouhl Inui it impossible io run
tlnn establishments without
n in complicated machinery
ami iii viciv ol th.it th. employ
us uere expected to exi ii ise a
certain amount ul i.n.
Si. Agnes, nth itreet, neai
Boulevard Sunday Services, li
*i in Morning prater ami st-r
limit every Sunday. Holy  Coui
in un I. in  Isl  .illd  m.l Sllll. Iai s al
I 1   a lu    Sllliilat   school,  'i  I a  .i
in    u.i  il ii r.iiiics. it ,\,
Vn ai
si   Clements,   Lynn  Valley
Siiiius iten Sunday 11 a.m.
ami - p in I Inli Communion
:ml ami Iasi Siin.lat s   Sunday
School   .'  (ll  p in      ltd     II      II
Gillies, B A , Vi..n
Methodist church, cornel   bth
sti a. i ami st George's avenue
Sen-ices at 11 a.m. and 7 .Jo
p in Sllliilat Stimuli and Bible
Class i.jo p in Claaa meeting
io a tu  Sunday    Prayei meet
in:; s p in   Wednesday   M K
till. Sund.it School 11 a in
Linn   Vallej    Institute  llall
Siltlus    n,it    Sllliilat    liinlll
in;- al 11 .nul evening at ;  ..'
Tl„- |',',,|,|e lune
f.'iniil il mil   nt
llll   N.V. HSH MUlhl I
I'm la-r Si « Muisgrmi nl,
in,* a litai|K-i ..n.i I., -i I'l.n,■ iii Ims
f.*r ..ll !ii,'i» ,ai fr,*.ii ,111,1 moked lib,
...iiim, eggi, regelabh ■ snd Iruil.
iti l ih'Sl si REET, WEST,
si   lohn lhc Evangelist, Bth
and i ith streets
Molt    communion, H <> m .
morning prayei  11 s in . evea
lag prayer, ;.jo p.m    Oa the
inst sunilat in th. month there
will be a sen.ml celebration ol
the holt   toliiliiliuioli at   I I  ,l 111
Rectoi   Kn   Iiiiiii 11....p.i
Noi th Vancouvei Calholii In
dian Mission
Sundaj    Services    Mass   al  <l
-I.tii, Sunday School al  .' i" p,
iu,, benediction al > p in   Paa
lot,   Kev.   lv  l'ett.iun. tl U I
2   Large   9
in out yard.
I7lh Slreel, Viirlh Irtnuniter
An Ad. in The Express is sure to pay !
Mis ,\ K Kealj id this cil)
ivas awarded damages to th.
extent ol S7,... and an additional amount ,.1 S177 sn (or nidi
ta| atlcndanct againsl the B.
C Klectrii Itailwaj Companj
iu connection with Ine accidcnl
on the Lonsdale Avi   line about
a tear and a hall  ago ill  which
Airs Kealy and a number oi
others who were occupants ol
the runaway car narrowly escaped being killed Mi Justice
Clements presided over lhe
hearing which wan lhe last nl
the jury trials in connection
with that accident    Mr. A. I).
Tailor. K I appeared (or (he
plaintill and Ml    I.   G   McPtlill
ips loi   llie deli ml*mi  loinpant
lu iln* accident which so nearli
proieil fatal to the occupants
ol  iln   car  tthnli  ian   ,nt,it
(Innn l,ntisdale An    one day ||-
August, 100H, Mis Real) bus
tained .1 fractured hum .md t
■even shot k lo lhi m rvoui sis
tern Irmn which it took lm m t
eral months io in over She
waa linallv ordered to Snokani
where she uas attended bj hi 1
brother, Dr. MeLeod,
Baptisl .Iiuiiii. ia,i   jth  .nul
si   George
Sabbath   Sihool   al   .'   p.111.
Si It lies   ,|l    1   p in    .md  tl   7  I"
|l    Ilt.
si     Andrew's
church, Mb street
Services al 11  a in sad ; ...
p in   Sunday Si I I, i >.> p at.
Prayi 1   meitin^ un  Wednesday
Sl   H  o'clock      l'ast.,1      Net      1
1)   Cillaiii, M A
North Lonsdale Presbyterian
Church Services In Exhibition
Hall eiert Sabbath, loreaouti
hi 11 o'clock, eveaiag al 7 i"
n'i link Sabbath Khool and
Bible Class, afternoon at I.Jo
o'clock, Kev. .1. W, Mills, mi-,
siiiii.n 1
Catarrh Must Go
Ami Hawking, Spitting, Snull
Its Mllst  Go Too
Hi nmi 1 (pronounced Hi; fa <
lllc I   ttill   ;*ltc   the  slillilil   llolli
catanl joyful relief in lut nun
Ii is smli .1 uinaik.ilili line.
ami   so   positive   III Its   ,11 lliill.
that   The    Lmisdale   I'haiin.itt
goes so Lu as to guarantee 11
in nin catarrh oi tuonev Luck
I'tisl.iitiiaii    A complete outfit, srhlchcoa
sisis 01  ,1  hard  inl.lni pocket
Inhaler,   ■  bottli   ol Hyomel,
..ml ,1 innipie droppit [of filling
ih.  mh..Ii 1. onlv u.sls one dor
lar, .md ii aa antra bottli is
alt. maids Heeded the price    is
mill   JO tents
Hyomel is ■ healing, aatlsep
tit    li.tK.itii.    taken  Irom   llie
mighty t iu .ili puis tui s in ilu*
health giving (uresis o|  Australia, where diseases ill lhe rcspi
ratory trad art eakaoara
Ail the siilleler lias to dfl is
In inhale the atttiscpti air nl
Hyolliel nver tin mil.iiunl p.i 11 ■
where (lie germs arc call inched,
three nr Imir titties a d.n
Il tines coughs, told-    ,..th
Ilia,   hat  I. iir and    1 ,np vtilh
un itomach dosin-;.
Pianos & Organs
Tuned and Repaired!        - A.t|.
Mo<i'iHi.      P^T'O'NAi
Satisfaction Guaranteed        m snms nm msho
willum lint     Cures Dyspepsia.
■l'i f«. ll" 1 tih st . iv Ports 1 ive
1   1   .till receiv. prompt atti ■
»cti, itonuch diitrr.* tnd lick hodicht.
50 cenb 1 li'|i bei il
I Attractive Gold Jewellery
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From England, Prance, Germany, Itilj ami
the cities ui ihe Hague, hais ninii' ilus enormous
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the home product ami that ol ihe United Ststei
makes one of the finest display! in llie ttoild
(tm ihowingof Brooches. Bracelets, Kechlets,
Hon Coll,us ami I1. n.hints, set with pearls, line
llitsls.  Iiiiipi*,is p.n.I .Is,  t0111111al11.es,  topiS,  gar
nels and it. i \  s,*,*n precioUl llOUC l.no it'll to the
ttoild. ire nil of tin' latest design .nul finest \\>-ik
ui.niship, whii. inn diamond selling*, ire unexci lied
in the Haul,I
t tm aim hn ilwayi 11.'eu in give the pul die the
besl ipi.ilut in .ill lim s ol goodi .is well .is th   ..I
vantage ol moderate pricei, wliile tie guarantee
s.iiislai turn ni even i aie.
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jj Diamond Men hauls g>
* (leu. K, Tr,,rev, u .,        ...    • Jg
I Uaassjng Uim-u.r Hastings w Uianvtlle .Ms.
ANH 1). I.. l6j
We have a tt hi *     s.iir of the beit properties in the
above,   Call in ' inquin *
11 l.a.ii-.lali- Avenue
Phones—Office 2-1      Houae 22       P.O. Box 60
(I.AVERIF.   (\   AKCAND have p| opened 011 First
Slreel, East, an up-to-date
it lure DM public will Ix- sun- In fin-.] a good and frcsli inert-
iticnt oi Groceries and Provisions, Fruits and Vegetables in
Mama. t_ Mr. rcard Ml u.lli F. Filion ol Vancouver
loi thc last eight years.
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I hi pi n ■ -• are i m eedingly low.
Lace  Curtains
in Sniss .nnl Nottingham, Irom
* sl, oo pt r p.i11
I'OK'l ll |<ES  ANIi COUCH
COVERS   Excellent Valuei
Ill llll
128 I onMlaik Ave
....,,, -*.—
1.0(4, Blk. 6j, D.L 548, 60 k 140 leel, J1300; $500 cash,
6, II ami 18 in.mills	
Lot 161 IHR. 101, I11    |jo       ... •, iih, 6 .m'l 11 tno'i
l*"i s. Blk, 117, D.L 174, M  .-, *<a. 11b, L.li to ■'
l '•'■ Hi ink* pi, D.L ,sis* li caih, 60 1140leet.    .    .
A Lot on Ninete. iiiii St., two I ei 111,*, I the car line, 14131
Jjo e.ish, Uil.ni ulilt ,
uii s, ,11ml Mreati Nartk Veaoeever
Loans NEGOTIATED      I ..Hon 11 foi lull Particular!,
men uere perilled nn the top oi
the 1"|; anil uere dressed itt
their working continues, anil <>n
the side nf the log ivas lixed Uvn
lone; saws alld all axe made
Iroiii wood and representing the
impleiiieiits with whiih the lim-
ber was taken nut oi the forest.
No.  j lloat showed samples   nf
tin* rough and demension lmn-
ber, Nn. 3, finis-Mag lumber and
on the top of whieh uas a miniature Second Narrows bridge
with a swine; partii ..pen.   Nn.
I was moulding and brackets
made in the shape nl a wild
Leasts' cage in whieh v as a
teddy Lear, Nn. j, exhibited
shingles aad laths ihown in 1
partly constructed state and
No t, was tin- boarding house
with the cook on duty. On lhe
top ol this Boat iu one oj the
corners was a little pit; in a
small pea anil at the opposite
comer waa a alga nl Leans, the
tim combined represent inj;
pnrk and Leans. The next in
line was the Nnrth Vancnuver
innr horse dray, then the Rota
Cartage   (' ay,    II.   Knj;e; Innr
li ai*,,* decorated team, B. C
Perry,   represent inn  plumbing
and a novelty in the shape ol a
staffed donkey with moving feet
and tail.    Nexl   wa.s   the large
ilnai ni the North Vancouver
Iiunii- Furnishers whieh was
rooted with mattresses and linoleums, and in the Interior waa
a bedroom suiie complete, next
Ifollowed McMillan Urns., gro
eers, rig decorated, then I'aine
and McMillan exkiMting a
raage which they were ejvine;
away, nexl ttas the Gem thea
u,   ih,at containing aa audi
elite nf small children alld    lile
moving picture machine in nm-
tion   and   the   tnanaeer,     then
Wood .s.- Son displaying a large
shoe sign, next the Norlh Vaneouver W I Vard with wagoa
loaded arith "Wood to Ban",
llien .1. 1).  1-'laser exhibiting a
range which was t.. Le givca
.iii.ii   and also a COIIiet ill   the
kitchen where some little e,irls
wete engaged in hanging out a
iinsliine, and sundry kilt hen
wa.ik. next uas the l.t tin Vail
et meat tart, then 1'. Larson's
lie. ill whieh he drove to Capil
an., in ioo: ami behind this in
|comparison showing tin* advan
I cement made in eight years eras
' his 1910 Oldsmobile, lollowing
this was the lloat of lhe Terminal barber simp iu whiih was
being given an exhibition n[ a
ihaving operation,   ihe   It ols
Use being of exeessite si/e ami
111.ide nl Hnnd alld tended In tin
ridiculous, then Claverif and
Artiind's grocery ii;;, next A*
|S, sieati's Boat carrviag
everything in the grocer] inn.
samples ol whnh were bein-'
distributed ainoagat tin- crowd
Neil tta*  C   It   Ilnkni.in's tlis-
plat of Ridgewaya' Teas, then
A. Nelson, lent iii.ninl.u ttlier,
11. s 1 the ion,Lined lllilillalll:,'
and niantifai inters' lloat slimline, a large paiatiag of thc inline North \'amouter itith tin
Second   Narrowi   bridge,   Um
lines of wharves and doiks and
a large iitv in the Laek gTOUad
and  linallv   I'.   Ttitrns' gncen
rij;s  and lhe ttirtniiils nl    pri
tale   titi/etts   Which     Wenl     In
lengthen the proceseioa nut bn
blocks, Alter uiiikiiij: the lirsl
round ol the count tint   wen
brought up at lhe judges' stand
when the lollowing awards wen
made, the prim Lein-; op.11 ta
lotal toinpetilioti
Iiest   turnout,   ll'.iUI   allil   lln.lt
combined ..I am si/.    1, N   V
Home Purnighings
iiest decorated lean nl loui
aal    Ulaile   It'll SI S       |,    ||      KOgg   |
v V Cartage; i, RojraJ Cart
Besl decorated ami represei
lative Boal i, Seymour Lam-
bet C... ; 2, .1. I). Fraser ; ,1,
terminal Barber simp
Beat   decorated    two   horse
iiim   1. Seymour Lumber Co
Nn.   ,1     lloat ;    J,    N,  V.    Wood
Vard ;   t,  I'aine \*   II. AhUali
Hist   dei mated   team  1 I   IWO
We have a good list in 265.   A House and Lot on
17th for $2000.    Good Buys in 273 and 274.
A Good Lot on 4th  t reel for $3100.
64 Lonsdale Avenue, North    ancouver
MAIN   0mCE:-2(>4 Haslings St.  L,  near  tmp<-ess   Iheatre
medals   i, W, C.eollret ;  >,   II.
I'l. Sharp.   Time i minute.
Obstacle race, prim ■;"''' *ud
silver innl,ils    i,  A   Grant ;  :,
W, Geoffrey.
The auiateur races were go>
erned hi the rules nl the ll.C.A
A., and Mr. GoUgh represent in;1
thai organization ttas present
In supervise the meet alld see
that all iniileslanls title prnp
erlv entered.
His Worship the Mamr tlnn
eaine up lata the judges' stain
and reviewed  the llolips of Hot
Senilis as Ihey marched  past
and saluted. In the eiiitrse nl
a shori address oi welcome tin
mavor said il was it ilh a ureal
deal   of   pleasure  lllal  he   Hi I
corned the Boy Scouts tn tin*
tilt   on behall of the coaacil
and the titi/.elis antl tn npett
the gates nf lhe iitv [of thelll
to enter fn-eli.    lie remarked
lhat lhe Lots had a luture program as along lilt's pathttat
thev Und. Thai ttas In lie lot -
al In their Kine; and to then
parents, and iu this way tin j
would (-ion up In Le good nun
as   mil as good soldiers.      Ile
tout hided tuth again bidding
them a lu,nn welcome, Mi
Huns, who js in lull command
of the Baden-Powell Smuts I...
B, C., thanked his Worship loi
his kind and heart\ welcome
whieh uas followed uilh three
rousing   cheers  in ihe   boys
Tluy ihell liled past lhe e,r.iiid
slalld and   allimaliK dlspus   1
till three o'clock whin they met
in   Victoria  i'.n k  where   th,-
Hies tup uas competed lot- 1.,
the patrols.
One ol lhe features of llie   it-
teraooa wea nexl aaaouaced li
ttas lhe In.rsi latin-; whiih   n
suited  iimsl salislattorilt   .*"*:
thanks to the ellitielll    harm.
erected Lv the hoard ill   v
and th. sports committee   ai d
the adequate police protects i
there   was   lint  all auidi-llt    ',"
mar the .lent      l-'.teli  Llf   tt
keenly contested and was «ri1
nessed Lt   a  bUgl and elllhllsi.i
slie   gathering   "I  ipcctatoi
The Indian pom  ian  tt
haps the most cMltili-' ol   anj
aiid   this was  run   nil iu   tan
heats ttiili   an additional    otu
OB lhe tie lor third plan . he
result o| till raus lias as fo]
|OWI :
\ lllile and repeal, Indian pn
nies t, Geo. Katie , |, Audi, t.
Lottie ;   I,   I'elix   August
'4 iiiile and repeat, geatleuieu
saddle hoists I, lim lln. An
son .V Booth ; :, Hahi Cul, An
sou | Booth | I, link, Anson
\ Booth.
', Mile Novell) ian, I DU
Hot  s ian     I.   I    Mit ..llllill .   '
Anson N Booth,
Iwpiissiiieti's i,u> ami quick
liit.li up   i, A   Iiiiiiiiii
Al   t o'tlotk  lhe  Iiiit   Siollls
numbering aboal .•.«., aasembl
ed III Victoria I'al'k |OI i"lll|>e
II,,11  Pn   llu   Kits  lioplit   li   I'.
competed foi aaaaall)   h)   ihe
p.|l|a,|s    ||o|||     till      dlhl'l.lll     .OUI
palms   Lioin milt  in tin iiioin
111;'   llie   Hot   Siollls  tt. Ii    ,.    llo
FlrV>T   ST.ii :T  V.'UST
Inliro (iidiKjo ol l:rotjruii;iiU' Uoaday, Wi'dinsdd)
and Irid.iv
\\ .* a ill i to I..'In s md . hildt    , utit p ilions
ihat nothing ofli nsivi ■ luw i
Pi ; loi ai. a |i in
Saturday   M itiaei   mi
Aiimi,«»*ion Ific Chi.drrn 5f
it t i i -
|a,oo  pii   ind   up.     i*
^p.. i.il ial. s to fani-
llla > and to li i;ll 1,1!
Ii'i.il.lt is	
m Root Garden on cu
St.oM* bm it 11.
•   •    .(iui1!   , VNCOUN l R. B  C
A Modem Ramje at a Modest Price j
i J
\M'      ' ■
ii is made nu lhi most up-to-
.1 ite nlam uuh special feature   | ' Of Wl
ulna h ni.'ki s baking      il sl
pi* isun
I Ins i* nure pn i. It s the
■I. it) oi ih. hai i. o'
all'        ".•   .'       I"  lalC.       lltlttll
:', i   in a. i   ihe   door,
h is t, '• case vith
ii,i.si range*
I   ,  in  kllOU   tm   lias little
ivtinkh .    It  don t  ..>i  mu
ant   ninie   ill   t iall,   lull   is
tin''     '.irh in resnl's
The J. D. Fras*;i Hardware Co.
l'lione 58. 133 Lonidale Avenue
i Continued ua pa
Double Corner, 13th und Haiidry Avt-nin- >i/.-
Ihn \ ii: ieet. Pric.j $i;<00. Terma | 01 oaah,
balano |Ui00 in \ugtut, Garni 12 moDth
llulllil,. I'llMI'fl'.tll   .lll'l       I*   li.olU      A \ .IIU. .    ll
100x11" faet.   I'rict *h.''   Termi ', oaah, bil'
anoa ', in Aug. ili>-n'; i me. iiii- ii i § I buy.
I'ir-t Street, lm i 107   "I     I'riee >o000.    -
cash, lialaiiee ti, I- aud IH monthi
or   more   hoists   i,   A   Wthl ,   ..
-', C, R   Hickman i -,,   lv C.I J
The judges were !•'. T Bales
bury, l\ Wheeler. L <.,•■•!, aad
II  Winner,
Tin insi item altel lum heon
uas tin* amateur eve&la, aad
Unt resulted as folloan
loo vards dash, prj/is gold
and silver medals i, .\n<lieit
laik ; |, (',. C, Kent. Tiun
120   vards   dish,   prizes u'dd
• md    silver medals    I,   \i    6*
llrev ; 2, Andrew Jack      Tim..
'4 lllile, pll/r. gold and   silfi
ft«)*HH44HHHHHtH4HfHH44Ht4H 11111111 •♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦+*♦♦♦♦
ii Lots fronting on the "Boulevard Extension" ■
Chesterfield Avenue, Mahon Avenue
and Intersecting Str. els
Subdivision of Blocks 203"A". 201. 204 "A". 213. 213'A". 226 "A"
240 and 241. in District Lots 544 and 545. City ol North Vancouver.
I bj 11 an*. IW Lists ami I'ariic nlars, ,ip| Iv In
.Mahon, McFarland ft Procter, Ltd.
..    riintii' li-.M'i
■ t I'eniler and St \ mour Strei la, Vancouver, H.('
1111111111111111111111IIHHt*TTT* T"" "■"■■ ""lfl POUB
Nohiii  Va>
Published Tueidays and Fridays b
Nokiii Siioki  1'iuss, LlWTSD
B. C.
line uar, tl.li.1
IIITI:." OF   SI I'.M-llll-Tll.S
Six months, We, Tkrw monthi,
I'liileil Slates uml Foreign, |1,N per yenr
A.li-ertlsing BstN "ill bs qttotod oa sppllcstion.
Ti.f Iai i-*i, i**i,*il ti. iln- Istensti ..I iiif north Short oi Burrard tais!
.■v. iii-aon     i> muiiituiH iiii idvoniilcg nsdlaai nf exestHiossI isles lor
re.n Iiiii*; in n ili*.*.,.i*.''i .nnl Hli*. li\<* inmini'l' lln*  |.ii|illliilluii nl Nnrlh   Vmici.liter
I'm am*   Pillrli I.    Im ry ,11* rl i- in.nli* In |ivl Hiltertisers lhe iinmt Mtllisotor-
All I'li.ini.'"*-1 nn.. i initeriiu'ini'iiiN ihould u- iii the printers' hsadi nnt
Inter lliun Ini in    M'.ii.I.iv  Slid S I'ln.  Weiliii'S'lai'In i-nmiri' inwrtlotl in the
I..11*.It IIIH   l-sil.*.
< ,;.J,
Siiitii Van. '.i tni,   11. C
Th, ,ini,iiih situation itijoi
ed In Norih Vancouvei fiueis
upon this eniiiiiiuniit lacililici
nl a nu exceptional order,
u nli regard to couuuanding i
Urge inlltix ul visitors upon llu-
oitasioii ..I .un t. lebration or
exhibition a-hieh mav be held
localh al ani lime it is ufe
io sat that no ,.ilm citj in lhe
province is in position i.. pro-
.mi ttith mi Iiiiii edort, ur per
haps in even vei j greal cRort,
an inpouring ol outside population uhlili mil attain the proportions i.i that which came to
this iiti ami disiriit on l-'tidat
last,  Jul*    Isl
At tin presenl tune tin* lacili
ties   lor  reaching  the   North
Shore ale ol sinh I llatllle as to
permit ul a tut accurate stale
ineiii as in ihe number ol visitors upon such an occasion. Tin
actual number ol paid [ares un
the lell t [ol the dai Loth llats
lias _'>.     This total dot s nnt
include children, Boj Scouts
or inonthlj lickel holdtis,  mi-
tiler does it sh.itt tin nuinlul
nhn i,nne "til Lt put,ite toll
tit,line noi  lh.isi   tt In. tteltl di
ini lu Capilano ila the lerri
iinin  Vancouvei lo Hollyburn.
Aililtn*. a re,isolialile all. .tt all..
I..|   llies.   last   ii,mud  sa.inns to
tin  12,31x1 passengers a ho  paid
Lolll ll.IlS a),       lh,        I"a.Ils        ,,|
S'orth Vancouvei Citi Kerrica,
the ini.tl number ol visitors to
the   Kolth  Shore OB   Julj     1st.
al i   most conservative .stun
ate   lias  IJ.tSKI,     This is   uuh
.»ui iiiiiiiii the highest record vet
ati,iitnd iii this reapect, While
the number Who tame over ill
nin; tai attend iiii combined u-
1.1.Iall..11 ill Dominion Il.li    and
..i iiii incorporation ul th. citj
was exceptional!j large, tin n
lords ..I  the  [mi    companj
show that lllllll alli.ttalHi Is
made lot th. Lut that the return (are is ii"ti "tilt one hall
tt li.il it tta * ..I that Ulli' tin
at tnal ntiniliti ol pass,
lias  iiiiith   ejiaiii   mi    Fridni
last than upon ihal uccaaioa
The ;.i.iiiit iii. client to
which this greal inllux ol Inli
.Ln ui.ik.is distributed them*
s.ltts throughout tin distuii
is et id. nml iioin iln records o|
tin   Uutisli Columbia   Klectrii
J«" 5
long odds the L.st lhat Ins "t;I'"1'1"
traversed lhe Inlet, Kotwilh
Ktanding the lacl lhat lhe tra
ti I ttas not even.) distributed
Ihroughoul ilu- day, inasmuch
as there were times al which it
uas   comparatively light   aad
..ilm seasons at uhiih il tame
in overwhelming volume, tin
s.niie uas smli iliai the largest demands ol passenger
traffic uere adequate.1} met,
Tin crowds were handled expeditiously and in CoUllort, There
ms nol appear lo hate heell an
insiance in uhiih any comdder*
alili- number oi people »*ere
compelled t" wait over while
the boats made another irip
Tht additions to their equipment whieh the It  C.  Klectrii
kailn.il     Companj    hate   lui ll
making ol late, si 1 iu   good
stead   upon lllis occasion.     The
supervision ol the system uas
ol a most effective character
plai iu;>. additional lacilities at
the disposal ol  the east of nisi
or north running lines as ihe
exigencies id lhc traffic deman
dnl    in  aii  respects the  lm
uiense crowds were handled  in
a most intelligent and capable
m,nmi r
As im the celebration itself,
expressions   ol   commendation
were heard  upon every   hand
and    tint    tteie   .tltailllt    tuL
'*iniul     Tin programme   was
ol a tailed ll.l I lilt.- slk ll that . ll
classes oi entertainment leekeis
uere enabled lo choose thai
ninth salted Iheir tiislu-s. Th'
program proceeded with excep
i ii .n.il regulariit ihroughou' its
si t, ral   le.iluii n and   lias in all
respects high.! ireditable t.. ihe
respeilite i oininit tees ill charge
"i th. ..lebration,
The greal value ol smh aa occasion to th. North Sln.r.* must
impress itsell tell stimuli np
"tl all those ttll.i are illlcresled
ill hual proglcas, In ihe liisl
inst.nne    the    inlltix    .,(   stuh
a huge number nl people brings
large sums ul uionej to tin- L>-
...I transportation companies
ami to iln proprietors ol  those
pla.es o| business ttliith ate
.iiih    III avail   lln nisi Ites ol    lile
advantages which the .Ln ol
lus      A   smussini celebration
-sin ll as thai  "I I'11.1.it  last j'ois
i mi Imi;: nm in making s
I.e   iiiiii n pnl.iii..n        [or
whom they will not fail to impart   the lavnrabk impressions
lormed   durinj   their   pleasure
1„ being .on,.did the excius
ive    possession   ol   the   annual
lirst oi July celebration lor the
ihe entire population adjacent
to Hurrard Inlei, Norlli Vaacouver has [alien he"' '■' a veiy
valuable advantage ami it is
dm* the occasion llial local t li
i/ins should celebrate the day
li-,,,,, vear to tear with the ■ u
Ihnsias ml   siu.i'.s      which
marked last Kriday's celchrn
iimi, thereto evidencing the Lut
that   lint   appreciate I liv   pri
Vileges and   the  lielleliU  Ilnn!'
ed   and an  dvsiroUS   a lliakin(
tin* best iluii"!   lor il.eii.'-ilvi"
ami   [oi   ilu   pleasute   t uilt(i
Nelson Manf g Co.
E8PLAIADE,  Bast oi
N. V.Li'mbkii  Oo.'i Mn i
N. NELSON. Proprietor
HILUM it. Llll.
nt Ferry
Offers you the beal
Quality  and price
nn nil
and recommend tin-
in give beal latiafac-
• iivp tis a trial.
Grocer and llul i In i
l'lione |n      Ileal Phone 125
111 Lonsdah  Avi mu
Violin Celh
Cornet ...
Mrs. W, S. Biirnieslei- A.U.A.M.
Mr. T. W. Ward
Mr. L. Davies, L.V.B.M.
Mr. Paul Edmoadi
Mrs. Grace ILirdiiii; Pratt
Ml. L. Davies, L.V.B.M.
Mr. L. Davies, L.V.B.M.
A 1,1,    KIM'S    ll."
IX)WE8T I'liii'Ks
IV,*  ,*|U,    ..1,1,11a*  lhe   la.ll.Mllliai   III
B.A K.Chick V I.
It. ,1 K.t'lii.'k.'ii t'li..|..
Su ill.' Ui'i'l s,*r.i|,..
My.-r'* I'.aiiltrv Bptee.
Lms' I.ui* Killer.
IVhe.it 111 ho. P*mJm
BuM ill llll    IH.IIltilieS.
NATK OF l.l- A11
The Iiest Summer fprsj
mi lhe market
We ale here tn establish I   hl'sl  cUsl School of   Music
and have, regardless ol expense, obtained the serviie ol
musicians who have the highest diplomai Ior teaching oa
the l'aeilie Coast.
Call at  onr eslalilisliinenl  at   | l.l Lousdale Ave.,  inter
lieu oat leathers and judge l"t  votirself.
North Vancouver Piano Co.
Phone 111. WS Lonsdale Avenue.
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
\,,rlh  V.nir,.iit.r un.l Vainnincr
lilt nml Siilmrliain Prn|ii-rlt.
A.-rei.-.'!*. Sul,-|,it;s'i..i...
I ilstM SUUMagsd, Rent! i-ollt.i.-il
Bosumsi I'haiiii'a -
Afraeuentl »l Islet *U*WBBtsd
Foot d( Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver, B. C.
rELKPHONE Ho. P. 0. BOX 114
Railwai Compani   Here,  also. IN',nh  Vancoaver as a holidai
lh,     llllllll.' I   III    passitl   ■
rii-d, brohi all pri vious iwords
centn and protnola- tin*  s..ni
Shore  lo ,1 pi,ne nl p,in,..iieiii
ITtoUloi i.'.'."'.sp.n,.l, 1,,,t,I   ['vwl "1,h sh* jreal crowd id
led "fi th. inns ..I this .'.,.,   |,i,l"h   "!"   tno an U   '
Double Corner ou St.
Andrews ami Kifteenth
Street, oloae to oarline,
I'oiittiian.liii^ a inagnifi*
rent villi, ami silitat' il
in tin- hearl of the reai-
dental portion of N'orih
Vancouver. This is an
ideal location forahotne.
Price $3U0O; caah $1 1,
balance 6,12 montha.
I. (). 0   l<
Korth Vaacoavei Lodge,  No,
55, meets even   Tlunsdat   etui
lag, corner Lonstlale avenue and
Firat street, at 8 o'clock, Visit
lag brethren cordially invited to
attend'. .1. K.lh, U.G.; A, T.
Kennedy, Rec-aec; J. II. l'il-
ling, L'in.-sec.
D. L. 204
S|a. a I I
WL   have   some     ^^^^^^^^^^
*.\ \ 1 i 1.1 ki in I. proposed
UR1DGE .md RAILWAY.   ,   .   .
BLOCK 1:. Two lots io this block st I475.00 each, 1 jush,
|..nan.. ii .nnl 1 j month
HI.in kn    J has.  in,In.lii";  IHIIIILK CORNER,  pun-
i*. balance 6 snd 11 monthi
BLOCK 1*1   rwo lots in ilns block, [acini proposed CAR
LINE, it f400.00 each, 1 j caah, balance 6 ami it'mo's.
BLOCK ;.-   SeVcrsI good loti in this block Innn tH-iSU"
1 a. h, || mis eai)
(has. E. Lawson £» Co.
a.    -    -IIH'llllll'
It, a! Estate >pei lilists
ii Loaadak kn Pmom
Pierce &
PHOM lit)
III 2nt'M.
I. K. Bonnet,     bllonvldlo
j ii
.11 kill,la
S|,Hi*, lllln
tl.tnil*,, uiri 1 ,,l
al tit"laa,I .11,1 A 1,1 1,, 11. * I l||||||l,,*
■1* llHIlk Mllal U.l I'l V IHO - 11' |■■ ■
UIU III   llll   IL   Iia>
I'ielnri' I'rainiii*;.      Knriiilim- sl**rn^
m tn nt-nisn iiivi-n i.iiHi'i'i .iiinn,*n
Hot Points
For the Man
U   n  s .,  ,11,1,111   t..  ple.ls.    tin*
Qi.l. i ,ii om. i uini - HOT
Ti n days trial, in i La liking.
pie.isiin ,,n,l 1'niiloit un nun*
inu diy.
Qnlv iron mi nutket xuaran-
ie, .1 im nm tcsri.
|n11 st notv. il   ttill please lier.
N'-1'* '''''"' ni '.■'iii'iin.al.
| ry one now and I" . oovini ad
B. C. Electric Railway Company, Ltd.
50 Lonsdale Avenue.
pant throughout iln dai     i'h.
proportion!. In which ihis irallii
nan lh d . si' *<r tn .i ui north
.ni not ..lii.nn..LL m.i i.iii h   as
llll       spu I.il      ,|ts    ml,     ll.Hlslll
hnind iu a tin sn,|, gn Vancou
ver,    Ilm ni even (-renter   im
potlaine    III.ill   nihil    ,,|    these
benefits,   Is  ihi ver*  desirable
piiLlniit ihal S'orth Vancoaver
nd liom om ronti lo anothei  "u '""' ' l,IK ^""^
ta,       .   .all,      pollll Wltll      (ll, ,tl   1
muni'' demands id travel  Tin
l.n I     lhat  nVel    Iiti      tliollsaml
pcopli paid lues on ihe i
hues .hi.tts ihal [nlli   in iiiiiii
III     the    .llllll      a     'IL  "lll'l      "I     Hsll
the i.n  presence on the |*rount
"1 largi nn:. • i i,| people Vis*
Itlng i'ln N'orih Shore undei
smh la.ioi-nlih
conditions   thei
'II'     IS      llllpla      .nl       tlltll
il«ltiinla;i ,   ,,||,,,,|   lot-fill'
rs  kmrneved i" noun porlion "'""  ■ '' -"t'uital snd aa   la
aT^^^^^1^*************************************************^   t^t^t^a^^
i| ih. distriii iiunii' Un d.n
Tin   maun, i   in nluiii   these
dnstrial    landpoini mul   iiitlt
in  'I*.nhl  inatii  ol tin s,    hull
,i ,i  crowds mi. handled ultimately   become
fleets  iln grealeal credit   upon l'"'"'""!^     idenlilied    with
\. .... ,
Mn   management   id lhi irans
ition I'.inp.ini.
N'ortk  \ am,,nu i mini  ,|S pro
l'u I    Inddi rs oi   .    n idenls
I In Npecial  provisions  made whili   through  them access  is
Lt   tlu   nm management   n   given  in -,,  ven*
Milled in a icrvlci which was bj ,|]iU
mis   t'
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co.
Dealers in C oal, [kick,
Sand,   Gravel,   Lime,
Cement   and   General
Builders' Supplier
All   Orders   Prompi
Pilled and Sale I 11 I
Guaranteda    Prici» on
Apple ition
Office: Lonsdale, near City \\ liarl
Warehouse:       Fomu'l \\ liari
CON m ACI 011
IIRa.T i IAs, II I l Rl
I hone 170
M^misr^ Vswi *^en ot,r new *«bdivi-
BldV€  IOU     sion in Lynn Valley
SITUATED right tt th# Car Termintoa.  Thia la thi |raataal opportunity for invi-tnifnt .-ver offered on this ildi ol tlm Wat,
Aln-i.ilv. loll |iiirchiis.-«l of Ul ImI IWOk -Vt* \t9t* »W ll I I'mlit
..I |260 |ter lot and tha original pttrohiaw nld too woo H thnt.
There mun ol n --itv I"-1 btwy bodnaii oentre In Lynn Vdloy
and ol neoeaaity it will ba looatod at thli point Vnn know what
ihat will mean.' Ul us show yoo ovor the proporty bafora thay
nr,. nil R , l»H0NE 215forappoinl nt. Offlooonthagronndi
14 Lon*drtlr Avenue
HEADOKK1CEH32(Iranville A R 8.THOMWON,Ix»c«l Manager.
POL     „ 4^H-H4*H4mmi4*HW^ THK EXPRESS, North VANCOUVER, B, C
119 First Street, E. Phone 80
The Express
$1.00 per year
Foreign $1.50
*Vi%*S& ■ . //,„ .
7        / f ■'
Fine Printing'
119 First Street, E
Phone 80
(Continued from page j)
tieeaLle gathering yjid the khaki
eolora   were visable in   iiltnost
everv direction, Tlieir efficient
work in lining the course at the
eliililren's course was supplemented Lv Ik-ill-; ill lervice to
the judges at the races on Third
slreel in lite afternoon, iiiid in
every way lhe organisation as
,i whole antl the individual
members conducted themselves
a manner befitting iheir poiition, The exereise which the
patrols were called upon to per
iiinn iii iln- competition Included many phases ol serviie work
among whieh were bandaging,
bridgebuilding, drilling, carr)
inj; despatches and scouting
work. Tin- two leading patrols who almost tied in a number oi Uu- exercises were Grand-
View ami Fraser, the latter
winning out by a narrow mat
gin, The spectacle was wiiiiess:
ed by a large number .>( Interested spectators whose enthusiasm broke all bonds o( restraint al the repeated and almost phenomenal performances
ol tlu- boyi whieh bore evidence
ot the careful training and die-
cipline that was enforced by
tlu-ir commander, Air Hvnea,
.md his stall. In bridgebuilding
llu- Lraser boys were not
trained and lliev did a physical
drill in its st.ad. The Grand-
view boys, however, demonstrated iheir excellencies in ibis
wort Li  making the lull   ioo
points. The wood used lias
rough slalis eitl Iroin trees and
lhe   spliees Were seemed     uilh
ropes. After completing ihe
construction lixty Lois climbed
mi the structure and n..l a joint
moved, the slight till noticeable being due to ihe excessive
weight whieh loreed the pej;s
down in lite grand on on. side.
The bandaging was done in such
a iii,inner that lliev were compelled to remove them shortl)
afterwards, so lightly and thoroughly  uas tin   wort accom
plislled Perhaps the mosl ad*
liiilalde   leal   was lhe despatch
carrying "f a Orandview boy.
IL- LU his officer iu  Victoria
l'ark at | jj with a si ainl
message The sentries nl the
opposing force were (ucccssfulh
eluded and Ibe message deliur
ed and signed al lhe Lonsdale
Pharmacy.   On Uu- retara the
lad su allied L.uk several blocks
up LoUsdaic Ave. and on a side
streei mel a Lov who WM pel
siiade.l to change suits mth tht
Seoul In this diseatisc he ele-
utI- escaped capture an.l at
vis stood beside Ins officer
with ilu- reiiirn meaaage So
complete!} had hc effected bis
disguise thai the officer himself dnl iiiit recognise ilu- Lm
as he entered  the ranks ol   Ills
The Boy Senilis orgaalxaUoa
is practically a new inatiintion
in II   C, Lilt alieadi  il is uin
nine, its wai  inlo tin  hearts "I
■ the popul.uc Loth In being ion
sidend a most commendable Of-
Iganizatioa  for youthful  train
ing and Li  tin* DO} s thein.sclies
wlm admire and enjoy lhc wotk
as is slum n Lv tllc rapid .Liil
optliclll     and     in. lease   ill   lllc
ranks ol the local loinpattics
Ai ilu- conclusion oi tin* n.i
uses ilu* final count na-- taken
and  resulted  as [olloWS       Hall
daging, (1 V '^, tnnt ioo;
artificial respiration, Q  V  ao,
l-'iaser ;s: signalling, G   \
153, l-'rasei 165 ; drill, G  \
Kraser ■,■- . carrying a daapatch
('..   V. I"",   Fraser ;s ; brl
building ami phyaical drill. G
V. lot the lormer loo, and ttt
sii   lor   lllc lattcl   rs. lolal G
V   i.-,, l-'raser sSi
Thc lacrosse match between
North Vaacoavei aud lhi Men
Westminstei   Intermediates  re
Milted  III  a  in toll   lot   the us
Itora, ihe score being 11 t.> i
The ,11p1.itii sporls, which
uere tarried on during tin al
t.-ltliniti   ol  Loth   dais 11 suited
m main fine exhibitions  with
lllc oar and paddle as mil   as
tioielti events    Tlm wen 1 al
ind "ii oil Larson's iiliail and
iiele h,in.lied In lllc officials ol
the N V N.lilll llul, Hi.
rVentl .Illd  results were as   lol
low '.
DiBghy sailing    1, .linulaaa   tt
('.     Kigln 1 ;   j.     We Tm     G
Ladies' Canoe race  Ladj aad
gentleman  1, Ui  .uul Mr-- ll
Page ;  I,  Mr   and  Airs   tt   SI
lilol :    \.  Misses   Kcttsliaii     ind
Martin and Miss K.nshaii
Ui n ■ Doaghoal iim 11.
Wight    and   I I,ilk.  ;  .',    Ill'iiHl
and Cilnii'iii
Men's suiiiiinin,   i.ui— 1,   W
50 Feet Wide
in Blocks Adjoining
District Lot 550
h>r 1 'inis im , .Apply lo
NORTII  lis. nl vi. 11
I.IH.   I.II.
Corner Pender and Seymour Street* Official Agents
Holmes.* .',  P,  l-'rasei
Mot,.1 spud Lllllllll l.iu I.
l'riiull.i   a\\    Hark) ; 1, Ali-r-
iuth.i ami ;. Cornel
Mill's double scull, ladi toi
■Wain    I,  1 1  II    I'age   aiul
Miss Ptg) . .-, I*   Wrighl and G.
Clarke aad Miss Wakefield
Shipbuilders' nm' i. \\ \\
Gilmoar, tt Gilmour, I) Ml
L.an and \\   J   Ridel I
Brown,  Thom,is,  Martin   and
International race, Scotch,
Ragliah, Newfoundland and Ca
iia.lt.in, tm, h.ats   i. Canadian
It. Martin, I- Cortill, L Pan
and   II     I' i  a Scotch     I
Hi..mi. tt   Cilin,an. I)   IL I,'in
ami tt   tt   Gilmour,
Canoe race, men's doubles i.
N San vera aad G N Simp
son ; i, ll   Page and 1,   Pagi
I..nli ami gentleman, tingle
a.at cub ran i, Mrs tt Green
ami .1   tt   Donaldson , i, Miss
M   Uia| and   I    Hi "iill
Men's diagbi i.u. I, M
Martin , i, I.  I'age
Tile i.,lli llllllll!' 1,1" ll.is t"l
local    lalllli lies  .mil   tll.     . H 11.
were Wimnli..1    K   it Uillan),
Gsdaboat (J   H  Palm .   Pol
ward i.l   Q    Ml Uillan .   Alma
Carina and A I n     lh.  Win
nin..! h.is iiii   ,aiih  boal   i"
I*ui    ..it s.r.it-li   and
this Lul in.id.  | : I thowiag,
taking int" n.iisuiii..ii'in .ni a.
Iililll  I" lh.   sti.nni;   . . il    Thl
ii iiiiii I   was Aim.i ,    i. llBd, I'"I
ward ; third, Gadabout
\i  a, jo |g ||„. tvenini   Ui
sob's grounds were literallj   i
mat nl hamaa [orals who wen
gathered   lo  iiitmss the  fit '
evening's fireworks rfi-iplai i
Mated in ibn Hi.     i Ut
wh" provided the excellenl pel
oriiiallics lasl
The inio exhibition
III.    less   s|h*. ta.uLil    and     tl"
Uian*    .lm is and . \.I.iii.
llllll        .MOSI        IIOIU        llll       th
I   111 lllll . * lil ll I
overlookiag lhi s,..i nl lit
luminationa exemplified   -
■mall dei'in tin s  tin
exhibition  and  tin
iihnh it wai appn
Tin     In em.11,
(rmn tw,, large   * o»
II    llu     sh.,i,   ,il '
aad uuh ,i black  '*
(id and  tin   n.i'.i   H
produced i most tupt-rii
loud i lln I
The .lim.i\ oi ihe illumina*
tiaaii. «as reached when ilu
"Norlli Vam.itiiei I,unit..I Ko
i on time." aa engini and ihro
i,,,.,lus was nst against the
ski and cheer answered cheer
niiii. ilu- bunting outline iho*
ed  l"l lh   Olher   set   pin is,    lllc
Ila-;, I.ills, lolllUallls and spin-
tint    counting   the    numerous
rockets mie illuminated ia ■
pleasing    Md   interesting   man
nn and   ninn   lhe   ('.ood Night
pieces mee touched oil i n* It
..I  regret  was audible "it all
Summarising the d.n as i
whole ti could not otherwise
Ik* considered thai H uas i m
icss in ever) waj Mam uev
iiaiuiis iiiiiiii were iati da cd
culminated in creaming iucci-ss-
es and tin noli.Is in alia nd m c
made a record     ll Has I,..imd
thai tin- i-'iiti l'u carried ap
proximately      18,000    piisons
both liais ,,|| the  ist, llllll.  lln
H  C    Lluni. Ki   (.' triid
between 10,500 and 11,mm  p. 1
Tin -.rond d.n was ai, 1 sh,1,1
a.He.l     In    tll.     lust,    all I     on
account "i 11 not Lung 1 luili
d.n   ilu   1 rowda  nni aid   w
Tin  .l.n s 111 iiis wen
aquatii sp,,its. Boi Scouts and
l.n I.isse
Thc nrsi iiiiii "I ini. usi *,n
lhe se,nnd d.n 1 Saturdsi uas
tin* presentation "i iln Kves
cap to iln- Graadviea pan..I ,u
Recreation Park in Ins Worship
May-iii Mai The boys la Iheh
mil dn  * in,iiihid up Lonsdale
\'. ..Ild landed al tli. Part
sboUl I hei   mi.   lined up
111 it..iii ..I ilu- greed itaad
«itli tin limning patrol Iron
(.l.iudinu ....upi ine ihe |r.,ni
•.,11k Tin Maiol ,1. p| 1.1 to
lln* Ironl  and .id.||, '..in;   ill. 1 \
ni and inti rested laces    1
1 . s.ud it  ivas   mth .1
mini;' -a  ,n.il   pliasiin   li.
id      Ills    Holds   ol    Hill..IIIC
..tnl said Ihal tin pi, , ne *,1
lhi   Sioitis  in ila 11'
-nuill I" the . In. in. ties., a,I 1I1,
ihl.t.nioit IL paid .1 lillin*.
tribute to the oi; anixatl in .md
Iimi HI' d   the   l"a       **!l   Ili.u
lent   tt*unin;       IL    tlnn
11" pn ,ni.iin.n .mil  .nl
.li I  lhat   llu   .up had  Le. 11   a|,
•i.ited   hi     M.     1 ,    II. 111 '     1
"I 1 st.it, broki 1    1 le
in.not. donor and the iitv uere
each tin siih|tit |or three rousing cheers In lhc Siottts After
this tin gallics were started and
the lollowing events contested
•ind tlmi rcspectivt winners,
nm siot tl;
1 mil.- 1. A Hatch ; :, 0,
s  Clark : i, C  Leonard
loo yards, Lois II and under
1. II   Downer; :, Bert .lull ;
\, I)  Clark
to., lards. North Vancouver
I troop—11   Graat   Fowler;   :,
Hell  Cross ;  1,  Iv  Wood.
v \,u.is,  \   V   tioop,   hovs
I 1 and niuler    1.   Cecil Scute ;
Geo i.uk : ;, Harvey Boe-
-," lards,   N. V. troop, Lois
II and undei- I, I'aco. .lack ; 2,
I I.m ev Bosquet; ,1, Fred
Na.i.lti lact 1, Walter Hur-
netl ; :, Henry Sutton ; ,i, Heit
Wheelbarrow   Raci   1. l-'iaiik
I'tasii and Walter Hurtlctl ; 2.
Clarettci Mann and Waller l-'.l
du ;  J, Mill in /ilium tuiati and
Bert Kolietis
Three-legged,race 1, I. Koss
..ml  l-'  llii.stoii,  1, 11  Clark
and K Tai I'll , 1 K i-ia-
'. 1  .nul I-'   Ilorslall
wo yards 1, A Hatch .\ 0,
\   Mark ; 3,1, Hnoke
An i xi Unit; gam. **l lacroaM
lul men th. Missi.an Indians
and tin l-'r.isir Kiwi Indians
concluded tlu  cunts   al   tin
p.ilk       Th.   suite HIS   ;  lo   .   ,11
l.ii'.t ..I the .Mission I
Most ..| 1 In .1 .(ii.itu sport 1 on
Saturday wan boys' boatiag
ami swimming events in which
solllc  ili lil   ainatelir   WOlt   Has
done    The lotitests an ri as .1
iihoh  kccnli  11 mt 1 sted .md the
results    popuiarii    awarded,
Thej mi.
Dinghi boal race, Lois undei
I'll itt Mold, II ; I, W.
I', all
foot o,nnl ml, raie, Lm s uu
dn is \..11 s 1, \\ II Am! 1
son,  l)  Mee, I  Anderson,   .t.
Williams,   ,|     Mee,   coi   ,   :.    ,1.
1 atis, tt   Gibson, 1-   Williams,
W,      1'rollt,     W I'l   .111        ,a,\
Shuihiiiii'.' I....   1 .ai    under
*       1  11  Cati     -. w   11
•.ndi 1 .ii : ;, I Williams Iu
this .vent   lhc contest lias . lose
i ontinucd on pa SIX
Corner Sim ond and Lonsdale. Phone 53
We have lecured a line ol mens' black cashmere socks, guaranteed Jl iiunl.   Sale price       -      *       -       25l
I.adies' While Shut Waists all sues, values to $1.50.    Sale
Price -      -      ■      $1.00
in nniiM, -n:r:   SoW   If THR TIMK TO BUY  BKKURE
One loi mi Syt rtrMt, 100x133 laat, for l.!0(). tl wner nui«t liave
ne,11.■ v.   Vie leu., ihe "adjoining lot li-t*.l tl |M0,
one I i Emm itreet, 100x133 teat, tl    lum
W.-li.n*  ,n feet ..ii keilh r.,:i,l, luili a Iiimi In.in iiu, for   |IW
B0f...i imiThlrtMnthitreet,elmrnl,omMock(mbiear,nt .. .   ♦7itu
II ia,a: iiam am ',I llie iiIiiivi- ni'i.nuclei)-.
i,   ». v....*. A.l. M.tklf
Car. Btt A lonsdale   I'hiine 17b        Bramh Oft.ee-lvnn Valle>
I iiusil.ile
Peers & Boult
Leave Van.
Leave N
Leave N.
Leave Van.
*6.2u a.m.
•b.45 ***>
•6.20 a.m.
•b.45 »•">•
r* "
•8.00   "
8.30 "
•8.50   "
915 "
9 45
9.45   "
10.15 "
10.45   "
11.13 "
"•45   "
N.15 p.m.
n.45 P'"'
12.15 f
12.45 P-i»-
I.I]   "
1-45   "
MJ   "
2 45
2-45   "
315   "
3 45
545   "
4-15   "
4 45
4 45   "
515   "
5 45
5-45   "
6.1]  "
6.45   "
7.J5   "
'/•45   "
X.15   "
8-45   "
9.13   "
9 45
9-45   '
IO.IJ   "
10.45   "
•11.15  "
Not mi
TaLIt* sul
ject lo
change witlion'
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "\V< t Vancouver," Captain Findlay
l.n, 11 k -I i.ai ■*, pMMnget ■
I   "   • l,,*«v.*a Vfllli*i.llli.|
lliilljl.iilll Uli.11 1 ill*  tort*1   llli.rt
Ivi li  Il.i,1 I a, . |il SiiiiiI.ii
.1.111. --00 a 111.
...III. a<a   Hill.
11 00 a.m. 11.00 a.m
I I "0 |i in 1 1 011 p in.
II ".. p II 16.OO J' in*
17.on |>. 11 18 on |l in
1 1 oe p Mertain »m>        ■**■ imi p m.
" Sun-lii- hehirtulr 1 I "a. p.m.
17.00 |i in         " . 12.00 p.m,
Single Fan- III        Two Tirltets 25c
' ki 1 rout. Imm Nortii Van. ouvi 1 11 the diitrii t beyond
mo Ii'in 1.    I mh "Wa .t Vani mvei    makei con nee*
imuv, without fail, with thi lerrj  itenmuri from North Van-
1 nun r. 1    pi 1 ibovi v Ip iinli*
Three Indians were taken in
Lv the police at an early hour
one morning In ' week from tin*
east I'liii ol lhe city OU 1 |tli
street.    The. appeared in   the
police CoUrl   «li>»  a   Lottie     ol
nin   uhiih ivas a,11 exhibition
MVe silent h'tinioliv to the
cause ol the Smashes' celebration. Although having liquor in
their posse-a..n thev all ap
pealed to be in .1 sober con
dition and disclaimed am
knowledge .1- to lhe origin ol
ihe beverage The three who
mir laken in were members ol
a camp ol about twent) on 1 |th
str,et ,unl before lhe magia
trate "an  1 Inn  names as   An
llien  .i.iiues, Tony l'ish   and
.latins Williams H was stat-
cil lhat Hi" ol ihein ueic (rotu
the l.illo.iit and the other Irom
the Pemberton, all being recent
annals iu the iitv.    Consider
ing     this   the     "ist rate     let
ihein oil uilh a line ol Sio caih
anil insts, or lo davs, Llll
warned Ihein ihal ii would be
larger ii  the}   app..mil again
as   tin   authorities in the   iiti
uere  verv   strict in regard   lo
Indiana   having  or coniumlng
whisk v.
A Chinaman by tin name ol
Wong Wing uas up l.,r blasting
without a permit. Tin- caac
uas mpanded to next Tneadai
morning when the contractors
in charge ot ihe work uill Le
The Mi Alpine Robertson Con
Struction Co., uhich lias secttt
cil tlic contrail loi thc c\i.n
sion oi the Keilh Road iar line.
is a Lr,null o| tin- mil known
Scottish Contracting linn 01
Messrs. Robt, McAlpine -N.- Sou-.
..I Glasgow ami London,
With the establishment "i a
branch in Vancouver ilu- op. r 1
limis ol ihis hnu 111.11 lie s 1 'I
io encircle tin- globe, as in a.l
dition to their extensive > 11
tracts in Ciieat Britain ihei
arc interested in an exti 1 sivi
railwai scheme in Abysi ■'''■ <
(or the opening up "l iin inter
ior ol thai 10111111-,. Tin il lor
inci" employees are '.'   be lound
all    olel    lhe    World     l>. !n I'ci.-i
pulilie works aie in p.iigress,
The chiel o| ihe I'm,1, Ml.
Kobt.   McAlpine,   si , prop srs
lo visil this loiintri m Sep
.1. C. Metcalfe, commissioiii 1
(or the B, C, government t" in
i|iiirc inin ilu- marketing ol
(tuit in the Northwest proviu
Cea, states   lhat   ,it  least   hlti
car loads aii strawberries uill
Le marketed in Winnipeg this
season. The mallei generally
lor all kituls ol Iruit is brisk,
ami good prices are being
obtained. The lollowing is a
list o[ ilttties 011 green Iruit
coming in irom the American
side or elsewhere ami mav help
onr growers ami shippers in determining  the advantage  thei
possess    over    tlic      American
growers ol iruit  ol  the tauie
varied  11 luu shipped into Can
a.1,1    Green Apples per barrel,
lm ; green apples per box,   I ai
blackberries, gooseberries, rasp
berries and straw Let lies, .'i per
pound ; 1 hell iis,   JC  per    poltlul;
cranberries per bushel, 25c; cur*
ranis, K per pound ; grapes, :i
per pound; peaches, Si per 100
pounds.,    Joi   pel   1.ise ;    plums,
per    Liishcl    of    bo   pounds,
Vie ; plums per box, IOC ; i|ilin
ccs, apricots, pears and im l.n
ines, jcx per 100 pounds or '.*.
per pound,
I ♦ 11111 < H411111111HII11111II11111II11111II11111M I'l IIIIII11H111111J
Canyon View Hotel
.Extensive Groundl, High-clan lervice at moderati rates.
I■',nnil 1 Rooms .11 suite with ipei ial rati 1,    House Greatly Enlargi d,
l*;,is\ trail I" siiniinit ol   Grouse Mountain,   altitude 3000 Ieet.
Scenic Delights      Fishing      Hunting     Mountain Climbing
Unequalled for Holiday, Long or Short
1MI llll III llllllll IIIIIII1111111IIIIHII11111 I'l IIIIII11111111111111
lllllll IIIIII11IIIIIH11IIII IIIIIII II111111111111-11111 llll I HI HIHf
Grand Boulevard
Lot adjoining Boulevard on I2lh St. (or $875, cash
$300.   A Long Way Below Value.   :    :   :   :
Martinson & Co.
',-..•• P.O. Bt 1 ;.•
railwai al an earh date  and '
lhat tile llolk lllll lie pushed lo
completion,   ConatrucUou will
proceed  Loth  (rom the Arrow
head   and   Cul,ml   ciuK   ..I lln
line and it is stated the railwai
will follow llu- norlli shore  ol
Trout Lake to Trout Lake Citi
The scuei committee ol tin
.iti council reported thai the)
ueic lied up on itin 1.1 the con
tinned absence ol Mr, i.u Peo
pic all nin the 1 ow 11 were ask
[ng for   connection,   bul the
loiild not allow liuin unlll levels had been lived In the .iti
Tin Similkameen rivei roai
nineteen and a hall leel OM
dai lccciitli and lln ;round
lloor ol the Similkameen halls
poll, 1  house was sis [i a I  undi I
water    Culler datus liad to bc
put in around the machinery t..j
save it liom damage
Lour  ilioiis.itul dollars   will
this uar be spent on the beach
trail (rom the Indian cilia] *
lie!, (J.C.I . with branch  trails
to settlers' pre-emptions
1. mlar-. will lie received by thi undersigned up till 10:00
a iu.  Wt-dnestlsy,   |uli 6th, ono lm cleariug p.m ol li.l..
i, Nortii Vsncouver, contsining sboul 56 seres, more or
11,a loweit 01 .un tend. 1 not necesssril) accepted,
Full particulars and upecificitioni to lie obtained  Irom
11 ll I'HONI S
Advertise in the "Express"
ovincial l\ews
The slreet  iur svslein  is   ra-
pidK nearing completion.   Thi
old  track has been thoroughly
overhauled  and ilns week   the
overhead wires will In  put    in
good order.    The switchboard
is  licitin   installed   in   iln  substation.
A dividend ol 50 cents *. share
has Lien declared on tin stock
ol the Le Roi No. 2. ml it
brings the total dividend paid
by ibis company up taa - i.ojj,.
:01a, iln- greater portion ..(
which has Lccii paid wit in the
List live years.
Prow aiiihoiii.il na ri es it
,s learned thai thi ( r K will
definitely start conatrm lion oa
the Arrowhead  and   Kootenay
Relieves Stomach  Misen   Al
most iiiiin.ilialili
ll   iln*  1 1 ion alt at loin
lul    meal did  m.l   digest,    l.ut
laid  loi   I   long  time  like    lead
.rn   your  itomach,  then   you
have indigestion and quick   ai
tion should lie taken.
01 course there are roan} oth
er symptoms ol indigestion,
smh as belching up ol lour lood
lu.11 tl.uiu, dizziness, shortness
oi breath, and ii you have am
a.I iiiiiii inin stoinaili is .nit
..I order and should bc correct
\h a. n.i   tablets have   cured
thousands ol  cases ..[ indiges
tion .md **i .uh trouble     11
mu have .nn stomach distress,
Mi o n.1 uill relieve InstanUj
Hut Mi ., 11,1 unlike most so-
called dyspepsia remedies, docs
more than relieve: it permanent!) cures dyspepsia or am
itomach trouble by putting!
energy and strength into the
walls o[ the stomach, where thi
gastrii juices art produced,
A largi box of Mi 0 ni   tab-
Lis coats Lm 50 cents al The
Lonsdale     I'll, 11 in, lai    and     are!
guaranteed lo cun or inone)
Lack. When othei (ail, Mi-o-'
na cures. H is a producer ol
Heh when the both is thin ; it
cleanses the stomach and Low-
els ; purifies the blood and
makes rich red blood
The can nre now running paal "ur new sub-division,
located aerou the itreel from tlio I.vnn Valley itore.
\ few loti itill wiling at the original price.
We have alio n remarkable line iub*
diviiion, facing on the extemion of the
which we aw offering now al reaaon-
nlili- prices,
() Lonsdale Auntie. Vmmt 155.
Bronchitis. Croup, Cough*; and Colds, or
mon-y tack.   Sold and i:ii.u.int«d by
The Lonsdah   I 'Ii.n iii.ii \
A Few Reasons Why You Should Use
Royal Standard
It is the higheal grade Bout on tha market al any
Itooatiyou no mora than other Hour! ol inferior
It ii absolutely guaranteed by tha manufacturer!,
li ii 1 Home Induatry and ihould receive your
Each month you have a chance of winning a Handsome
Dinner Set.
The following are lhe winning numbers for June.
54121    91319    77796    91398
75926    87436    94638    98632
Funds Ne
in carry on drilling operations, Otherwise Canadian Sunset Oil shares would not be oflercd
to the market at i sacrifice-,s" CKNTS on the dollar ! This isslanghter-price these securities
are going at,   Tar oi Ihis slock is 11,oo, /
Nothing like the oiler of the Canadian-Sunset Co, has been Ken in this part of the country
(or indeed elsewhere) Ior ihis reason : Shares in a popular-subscription enterprise like this an
usually ollered to sale when lhc coinpanv is jusi starting- when ii is la the experimental or
juvenile stage, aa it were- and to make it an Inducement to investors, arc marketed Lei"u
Hm aa development work goes forward aa the corporation grows and thc shares become
correspondingly more valuable—they are advanced in price, tot instance, a stock opening  at
,V> cents is put Up to 75c, to Si, to fl.50, and so on as lhe demand increases.
This is where we diller from olher corporationi that have made .111 appeal lor public sup
porl. Our stock went on the market originally at 50 CENTS per share and although a hundred and one reasons have advanced themselves lor raisin-; it arbitrarily, the men 111 the pilothouse of this corporation, deairing to give everybody aa hottest administration ..i allairs have
stubbornly refused to raise the shares   until   such lime as   lhc coinpanv   bring!  in a big well
and is a revenue-producer rather than a money-consumer.
So, if Ihese securities were worth 50 CENTS per share lour months ago wlnn lllc company first began operations, what arc they worth todav, alter Lij; seiisalioti.il wells have been
brought in all around us, alld we have two holes in the ground—one over 1,000 feet, the other over  I,hoo Let >    Tllc other   wells aliotll  Us got   llieir oil at Irolll    1,000   to    },600  led,    OT
ihereabouta.   Think this over !
Von sec, drilling an oil well is 110 kid's plav. ll takes tumid lols ol it. Wells mst [rom
$30,000 iii sonic districts lo as high as $100,000 in others,   llul the cosl o( an oil well is like a
drop iu the bucket beside tin- vast returns once vou eel a good well.   It is lhc uncertaintj   as
to the volume of oil vou get once vmir well is dowfl that adds spue and /isl to llic enterprise
ami makes it so fascinating. \o one iii lhe proven California oil /otic ever misses oil, if thev
have ihe Inn.Is to »cl down to il,    lint Inn's the nth
Although (this compan) ia away past the stage when succeaa is uncertain it still needs
the iiioucv   nothing begets the confidence (and the discount) wth the oil well suppl)   people
and others in the held as a lal Lank account, and il is iicvu wise to he williout il. While we
have all the money required l"i present needs, this uiiiipativ has so much proven land that
iniisl lie drilled in stipulated tune in order to hold its leases, that il is raising Iunds doiu the
sale ol its ticusllii simk lor this purpose. We repeal : this Uock is being '.old at a Sacrifice.
Bight tins minute it should be selling at fl.jo per share, imt ad of JO cents, the price asked
Look at lllis rosier ol assets !
Lour choice lease*
uliuh arc in iiic hcari ol tlic proven oil lone
Two o| the leases, (orti acres each, ale in tin Linioiis Stinscl Maricopa iltstiiit. Otic ol
these lenses the I,.nil ol Washington is in the oil sallds todav; OM well ls .low 11 out I,IS...
let, another down over 1,90a    This will hold |<> wells when drilled.
The olhel   lease   lolli   aues in the Sunset Mniiiopa district, lormerl)  the l.ollia Vista    has
two wells ready to produce ..i|
This propert) was iu litigation wlnn we acquired it All (hat the wills hue requin is
cleaning mit.   \\c should in- producing ami marketing "ii here within the neat lea wicks Tins
properlv  is held on an |S'. vear lease, »ine-si\th lovultv, lo Le laken uill in oil      It  will   boM
|o wells drilled ap.
Now .onus eight) atfea in North Mnlwav and right) sens in UcKittrick    Ilns 1 ..res
wc hold .,11 a lease having twenty vears' duration, with Lm none-eighth royally, lo Is taken
mil in ml.   This trad will hold Mo wells when drilled,
Did vmi evei' sec anything like lllis in your lile ' This stoik should In si v a sh.il. Lelole
imi know  it  '
We arc making a special offer to the Little Fellow: Here it is: One hundred shares and upward, par value $1, at fifty cents per share. 25 per cent,
lone-quarter) cash, balance in thirty, sixty and ninety days. This, you see, gives everyone a chance to get in at the beginning, controlling 100 shares in a big corporation presided over by such men as John N. Redmond, His Worship Mayor L D. Taylor of Vancouver, and Nelson G Foster, for the meagre outlay ol twelve
dollars and a half ($12 50).
(This is good only Jul) ist ami .uul, and to out-of-town Inventors sending in subscriptions
with letter poet-marked not later than .lulv 5.   Regular terms.lull iash ; ramaindet t... ho and
90 davs 1.
The Ladv Washington is now down over i,<iih, icct with one
well, 1,ho., (eel with another, and should s....n ionic in lii-;
Ill view  ol  lllc [acl  thai  the Unions   l.ak.v 1. w   al   2.U'S   I.u
came in llow 111^ 50,  Lairds per day, th.  l-'.ssi \ .,1 1,450 le. 1
flowing big oil, the Johnson at about   .-.'  ieet,   tin   Padfii
Midway at I,ISJ0 leet Bowing v»«> Lands,  I.a  lllatti  at aLoiil
:,l-'.-, icct, ilu Lulioii ,it about i.-aas 1,,1,  Bowing  t'«. 1.. joo
L.iir.ls, the New Cclllcl'al I,:.., l,el    flowing    loo   li.u 11N,   Iiic
Mllscatitlc at   I,Joo feel  llovvillj; Iftl  lullcls,    and ..llnis auoid
ingly, whiih an within a radius ■ ■ f ..in eighth ..1 .. milt i"  1
lllile alld a hall  It..in the Ladv Washington,    llituh   speculation
has been going on as to Just what tiun.  what depth, and  th.
magnitude bl the production um well will come m
Interest has been so keen thai ,, gneaaing content has been
arranged.  The prises to be awarded an
onl: THOUSAND SHARES 1I<l:l;  to th.   person who
recti) gueaaea the number ail barrels  tlu   Ladv   Vashii
will  llow   oll flic dale ol  its Infill.
(JNK THOUSAND SHARKS FREE   In   iln   prraon    n
nearest llic comet date on which this well ionics in
ONE THOUSAND SHAKES KRBH   to  Um  perm  ■■.-■■v
nearest the depth ,il lhc vu'lon llic event >.( its inception
To .|tiali(v lor this * ni.  t   ,L gnenaafl must hold mie IniiiiL, '
shares or more of Calla.n.in -unset  Oil Co., Ltd
JOHN N. REDMOND, (President Royal Loa.n & Trust Co. Ltd.), President.
L. D. TAYLOR, (Mayor of Vancouver 1, Vice-President.
NELSON G FOSTER, (President Royal Business Exchange). Secretary-Treasurer.
Royal Loan & Trust Co., Ltd., iiscai agenis
I 319 Pender St., Suite 103-104 P'ftone 6862 Vancouver. B. C
44444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444* O94494o444o4444444aaaaaaaaaao^ooo.a^44aa4o400aa*oaaa^aoooo4444444444 BIGHT
l.uus in,   n.Mit, .mai ihe ollerings
"I enn, ni I,,,.,] advertising,
l„*r ui.-irliuii
DOMINION   DAV   CELEBRA-'   Hugh K  -tarns, a fanner oj
TION   I'NuiAL1FIKD Sl'C- Hopkins landing, HoweSonnd,
CESS il  C, i» applying to the pn,
 ——lb  vim ial "' vi-rnment (or the right
(Continued Iroin page 3) to use one liall cubic fool ol iia
  ler from   all un named   stream
iiiiii hie 01 six inches tenant- »" the How  Sound division ol
ui*; Cites and Anderson.     The New  Westminster for domestii
iiolt    this   event
|asi and agricultural purpoaea,
Mr. .uul Mrs. McBain, Mrs
.1. l) ('.ill.nn, Mrs. McBain'!
mother,  Miss Hardy and Misi
Mai shall hit  last evening on   I
II you iniilit pljce an ad m Iho
Muon million*, ol people would 1 cid it
I n*n thin it would only be laluablc
I fa (hit udl month, whereas i
Want Ad ni tins paper while more
limited in iti scope will .ovei tins
paiticulat locality every day in the
Pair diugh)  ran , Lois   undi r
15 1 ears 1, .1. Wllllama, ¥
Anders, 1-'. Morden, cox. ; 2, N.
Steacy, L. Armstrong, Mr, Ola
lihiiii, cox.    To this event then
Men*     tlio    heats,    tllc   dinner   Klll"'"
1 ren  ii inning the final,
Dinghy "im,' n>naoUtio» 1, VANCOUVLR
|M.  Gladwin,   M   Stacey,
1 ui
The Concluding  event    of    lllc
greateat two dav celebraUon in
ilu histon o| iiic iiti uas the
final exhibition ol the Qreworka
on the waterfront   While even
lio.li uas pleased beyond then'
1 \|', itutiolis   wilh   the   displav
ou  hriil.11   evening  the)   were
icicu belter entertained mi Sat- ,
.miai evening. Ti.,r. iur, noi in Prizes and Premiums
quite so many rockets Lut  tin 	
r.ladiiin,   .11   Stacey,    L       _ .. Mn|Pp. -.». ,
AUGUST I ")ih t„ 20th, I9M
British  Columbia
WANTED Kxperienced steno
grapher, Appl) in person, Citi
I'd-ik's Ollice, Citj Hall.       IJ
WANTED     Washei    woman
one il.i\  .1 uuk    Appl).   Mrs.
Peru    Ward,   .'p   Sih    street
casl *
set pieces  were more numerous
and the rockets which were set
iii included some ol the most
powerful shells lhat art inane
la,lund .,11 the mast Lv Hill
Bros Two ol iluse lo-inch
shells were sel ofl and lh. com
pact uas fell up the bill as far
as Keith road so great uas the
explosion. The feature ol lhe
performance, however, uas the
battle between the two dread-
naughts. The outlines o[ the
iim ships showed up in 1 most
iiiiii ,iiiii realistic lorm  from
lhc   tun   SCOWS   oil    uliuh   llli-
llol ks iurc constructed,      nue
o|   lhe ships "opened life"  firat
In throwing its projectiiles ap
;,.r.ml. broadside into its ad
versan      The  other   warshi
immediately   rt*turned  to   the
ro.k. 1 fire and *.i dauliug Hash j
ol passing halls of ure continued for soiiu time illicit lhe brst
1. ai, to us, iiu* expression, bc
came disabled  and  ber  lights
■i.ialiialli   i.i.l*«l into oblivion,
while tin other crall continue*
Furnished  kooms lo Lei  In "afloat" and still "firing"  for
sonic  inin  .111.111.mis.      Other
displavs   ol   set pieies   nhn1'
POUND On Linn Valhi
road mai lhe hotel, 1 pair ol
gold brimmed spectacles, Own
cr in.11 procure same at L\
press ollice in pai ing for this
advt. i;
POH   RENT  Double bedded
room   uuh  I nl  ,11 s^   per
uuk Appli Mis hud liar
laud, opposite Mission school,
Keith koad
Specially Ion rati - Iront tll i*..ini-
*.n raiiliiav- ami boatf,
II x In lii t*- Mill a- fr-ijdil mi C.iii-
,1'liau linen uill Lui r.-toim.1 tree.
Superb m.l uniijue itlrteiluiii. in
Sp-mltng Event* and I'"*,' slum
Sprctsrular "Fitfliting th* Hin.- '
H"onclioBuiiiii|*Coinu*.tltlon, IVuml
Cliuppimi I'laiiii'.t.   Trutlini  un.l
PaVlllg    III, nls.   alllil    lllllll     Clllli
Entries Close August Ist.
Writ,* (nr prist1 Iltl auul lnfofniiti.ui
.IAS. i;nV
Milliliter .iii'l Sa-.Ti'lairi,
Vaiii.'iainiT I:\I11I.1111.11 AnatK-imiuii
•ill modern house, situated   un
cat line, Apply, cornei IJueeni
l.uii  .mj Sixth siicet,   North mii   thoroughly   admired   by
Vancouver. 151 ihe crowds ol people assembled!
on   the grounds were  "Hooligan s Sn s.m" showing a con
Lick I..iiiiit and N. LoiisdaL
I'il.ler Murray Co, fire insurance
Neu Westminstei Land Dis
trict, distiiit ,,f Nm Wcstinin
slu     Take tiotiie that TTunuas
Tod Luili oi Vancouver, lt C ,
occupation, 1.nnini intends to
appK 1..1 permission to purchaw    llie    following   dcsilll.nl
lands    About 100 acrea com
tin in ilie. at I post pi,intcd mi
ilu northeast corner ..1 lot I,
Sio, themc south Sii chains,
llienu    easl    61.77   ihuins   to
ihon oi Horn Shoe Lake,
thence along ihon ..1 lake in 1
northwestern direction to polnl
'nun in 1 nielli
Pn William D.1L1,1 Duke,
Mini land if.
Reeve McNaught, Councillor!
Laws..ii ntnl Thompson and Kn
gineer Cameron and .1 party ol
friends enjoyed a launch ride
"tit to Cuiliii'ld's landing last
S,ituril.,i alternoon. The trip
uas made for the purpose ol
la...kin;: to the construction ol 1
wharl  .11   Dunil,mile   and   to
lake a   look over the alisllicl':
park .it Caulfield's landing,
The special feature ol lhe nip
OUtside  of    the   llllsllliss     phas,
uas the sumptuously lilled lut
der  and   during   lhe afternoon
uhcii the inmi 111.in, lolled U|
Willi     the     Hesh    sail     br.es
whuh blow unfettered all Aunt
that beautilul antl sunn shore
lun, ilciu,iinli .I replenishing an I
,1 most appetizing spread a*is
laid .mt and lhe part} bowed
with grai ious homage lo Unorder ol lhe ceremonies, Th.
inspection ol lhe | roposed io
cation lor .1 nli.nl ai Dundai
ive uas 111.nh and while lli.
thine definite u.is .u.a liiplislud
it presented itsell In quite a
loricfiil manner lo some oi ilu
members ol the council.   The
mattei will 1 c up ven   pro
b.ibli al the nexl council met 1
A quiel wedding Was relebra
led al  Chri t  church, Vancou
hi mi Suiul.ii. 11111 inst, win 11
Ph',1 J   s  Cole oi the real 1
late department nl K'   V, Winch
h    Co    and    Miss ('.,11111.1,      \
\\ils..n, daughlei ol George T
Wilson, ..I Cambridge, Kngland
ueic united in the bonds ..(
10I1 matrimony, Immediately
iitci the ceremoni tin happ)
couph proceeded   to   Victoria,
and  .illtt   a  sojourn  ol  aliolll  a
tuck at 0,1k Bay, relumed   Lo
\,in, ..uii 1    uhcii   ihii  mil   ii
side  temporarily   pending   the
mplelion ol ilu handsome p
sidiin.   win.h \li   Cole is iimi
having envied  on  lhe  Bouii
l,Ilil       Thi l   1 -\pn I   lo lake p..s
session   .,1   ilieii   nea homo  .■
Lout   Sept.Illlui    Ist
Th. first automobile In bc
brought into Pernie has been
purijtased b) 1 P Pollock ol
the Pollock Wm. Co , but in.
more have Ixi n ordi red by olh
cr citizens
of the hOOIIMY
RANGI on July Isl vwis
Mrs. C. Olsen,
MdoiImilllr . .
Ir you ite flunking ol buying a Range wo
* WOOld ask you to come in and We will show
you llu- KOOTENAY ind tell you about its
good potnti	
paine & McMillan
I he Pioneet I lirdwan North Vancouver
Nm   Westminstei Laud   Dis
li .a ,1,.uns doing a teetci un   Pretty   Kf lects
til  linally lhe  works and  one j *
of lhe "hooligans" lell oil  into     are obtainable   Inun  out   wall
llu  water     Hincrv pearls   and      |M,,,,S ,lh,| i,,,,,!,,^     |, *
tin  revolving rings were other . .  ,
,."     ." .,    ., 1     sir,   something ciitn.li  out ol
pieci    um tin, ol lotiniicni and
taking ii as , whole it uas  ., ,l"' common "i wallcoverings,
splendid illumination. you certainly  ihould  see our
A large realt* deal was  pul
through recently In New  Weal IBCIt Eft. WW PiJWl
minster when Mr. \\   II  K,an     |n , |JM mM        ^
pitiihasid   the   Sullivan   .saloon '
,     tl|| 1 I .1    ..      .a. MUIII'     'al    ll   nil      1VOI k    .11    I    llll
ll Ild   Illlnn.1 part  nl scilloll    lh
and 17. Neu  Westminster,   for     »'ture, borders thai match  oi
$60,000 contrast most artistically   Lool
  th. in in. 1.
Work lus been commenced on
,1 neu  Hank of Montreal build-
""* '■""""— Stoney A Co.
\ ininii  is building  mot.    ic       ,,.. 1 ,,,^,1^1, I'l
lliclil slili walks
Gibson   blacksmith  shop .>:i
Third street,   The mu propi ie
117 Lonsdsli
' r
Recreation Grounds
-.'ni sir.-ei. N..riii Vsnamver.
nm, district a.i Nm- Wcntmin A"1 Intends carrying Uw bust     [tM Qmnit lnr V||llilu
stit     Taki   notice thnl   Petct  uess on aa previously along the    picnKLuli.'1'.rii.i'ia, ami sll kind-.
Wood sl.ii,-  of Vaacoover,  II   ll,1,s "'  general hlacksmithing
C , occupation  shipping  clerk, •,n'1 horseshm-inj*
intends to appl} lot permission
to pm. ha..   ilu lollowing  de
scribed lands Aboni m i
commencing at i p*,st   plan il
on ill. southeast como ol bt
l.'lH   thelnc   in  - *  . hains
to i,,*.i   boundary ol lot
thence 1 lh Ho chains I . north l""i'1''- ;ir"  mvit«d  by the
L.ain.iati ,.i lot   '       tii.uu I' ity t'-ounoil for band atandi
chain lo we«t bona in Vietorinand Grand Boult
dan of L.t •.*'.'.., ilnn,,   north v»rd parks to bo lo.
• ompetive plana and Bi
ol Aihl,*ii, KvenU,   iiriiinl Bland
HiMliie: i;i|a,i, iii fur MHO
lur 11,'.',1...'in,*ni-iiii*l run-.and »|s*eiul
reiva mi fern mi'i cart, mc
II I'.. -ll.Uii'K. *■■•,.. Xorlh I'm,,..mel
North Vancoaver
All kind, ol
-Sash and
Doors, Etc.
\   I'll      1 'III   alp
MILL   ANH   Oil li I.
L.spiaii,i,|a, Bast
I'liuin* s.    North Nam ouvi i
Hi.* ..ni.   1   , 11
llltlt  |'l II'        a a   I   I     '. .Cl  ',.
I    ' I *       III   *|.ll   nu .1    . \ 1 ■ I
11*.   I
lllll I.* rami	
l;.,ilt.*.i.i   K 1,:
IN - 1
lor SnU Iir
(,, nts Clothing,        FurnishinKs,        Men's,   Ladiei
Children's Boots and Shu. t.
\\ I operate tlic only |iad-
tleil tin ml 111«- and piano
moving van in the city, . .
N. V. Cartage Co.
7 I .I.il.   la,
I'llllM . Ill
Wc 5upplv SI OVI WOOD any
.red with length rrciuired.
V:" ll"""s'  ,,1"""   '"'   ;'  Ihe uutleraigntd by fl p. m, 16 inch length, 12.73. per load
.liatns io noiilii,ist cornel   ol       \.     .      . .   ,-..,   ' _   ,      , ... _..     '
-, ilnnc, nor.hcl*   *,l tt,   "" *°"d«y, Jul)' lllll, Cordwood, ,VI. 50 pet cord
sh""   "'   How   Sl,a„  lak,   i THOS. SHEPHERD.    ' Prompt Deliver-
point ol I 1.11U! lllll llll. Ill
PKTKK WOOD SI.ATKB. "ityClerk|Phone 190 P.O Uox ij6
l'u William Daltlrl   Duke. -
inn. itrd
Tin water till be shut ofl
n ill leetioni ol tht eity
north ol 7th Mri'i'l fro  , |0
p.m, W''lii'-'in. -lull 'a
until B .i.m. ilini'-il.iv, .lulv
'•■I u.iiii to m-II your Property,
Mail to
in Mink 11
I'al'l       lllll
LOI     ...
 Dal.     *
N^tH  Vancouver
o.M.llTKIl Itv
('*riiiii.iii I Kurgiftl, Me.lii-iil I
Mali rnilv Nnr-.*«
Sinses Sent Out on Application
tot term- appl*  an  ii,.* Hospital
Cul  I'.ll. s|i,*,*i,i -.  \i,.|r„»-, Av-
PHONF.   09
Cheapest Home Buy in the City
>i\ room Modern Houae on 3rd Btreet Wc-t,
Price la'1,050; tliinl caah. balance 0 ami 12,
Tlllllli STREET KA8T—80 ft. lot,$2200. l-.'lcaih, 0 12
S I (i \
Knth Block    IsiStrcfiW.
I'll    0   N'lHlli   Vl lllal I'lia.l,,*   ll'IJ  VlllViilll
iiiiii-,* ll'aiirs'.ii.in, in;,,3ii |, in.   Open Krtulnpbjrsppoistinsnl
All, r nllii,* In,air", rlinlie Llll
Our Ltisiiiess is now prnctically on a cash L,i
sis This ciialilns ns to j;ivc our customers the
same Iiiiii class-,'ootls wc have alwavs hanillnl
at vciv tiiucli Lcltcr pi ices than can hc obtained
Ii ..in stores doing a credit trade.
Trv nn onler and compare iptalitv und pun
J. A. & H. Mt Mil I AN


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