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 WuUA' mcri>i;!\
''•'' ,•'■'
(-; ,i      --*■"''— ■/'
The only tiling that is hindering our waterfront from being
occupied liy shipbuilding yards
is tlie folly ami short sighted
policy of the railway company
seeking lo run their railway
tracks along the whole waterfront
A wise policy for them surely
would be to set the waterfront
free for industries which would,
in a few years, give the best kind
of employment for thousands ol
working men. From the Indian
village to Moodyville we have
natural sites for shipbuilding that
•cannot be beat any where, aud it
is simply absurd that the railway
company should seek to shut up
■that entire area when they can at
less expense easily find another
route through the town, At either
Moodyville or west of the Mission
the railway can get all the water
frontage thev need for docks and
wharves, and these sites are idea
for such a purpose.
necessary he comparatively local
in tlieir scope. The advent of the
railway opens a vastly wider area,
and it will bring this point into
touch with places hundreds of
miles distant, and having resources
of enormous magnitude. These
vast areas must get into touch
with shipping ports and also with
locations suitable for maniifactur-
ing.purpoaes. Manufactories now
exist in Vancouver in a variety ol
lilies, but we claim, and with
good reason, that our Hats and
tunning streams iii North Vancouver afford ideal manufacturing
locations and facilities, and it only
needs tlie advent of the railway to
make this north shore a perfect
hive of industries of different
What, for example, is in the
way of a most successful paper
mill on the Capilano, or a woollen
mill on the Seymour river, or
cotton mill on Lynn creek, All
these industries require lots of
water and we have got it for
Postmaster   McMillan   report
The magnitude of  this project that the lock boxes have arrived
is rather startling, but it has very
'and will  he ready tor use  next
jiiucli to cc-miiieud it   Certainly,
at uo point tn the British empire
can a great meeting of the Occi-
aIi'M and Orient better or more
iConvi-jtieuLly take place.   We are
in close .touch   with   tbe   whole
Oriental laud, and we cau  con-
.tribute inure .to lhc success of such
.an undertaking than India, China,
.uud Japan.   Australia and  New
.Zealand are .BOW almost neighbors,
.as well as sister colonies, and the)
■can hi iu: cuavenieutly make
-play oi tlif if rait resources.   Hut
.. ' ,       „      ,        it, i land child are doing well
NouheuiCanada ami A,.,ska ami I *
A hydrant has been put in at
the corner of bt. David's avenue
and Third street. This is (or tho
protection oi the car barns and
power house.
The sidewalk on east side ol
Lonsdale avenue is well advanced.
It depends entirely ou the getting
nl the plaukas to the time when
it will be finished.
Capt. C. Cates is receiving   th
congratulations ot his many friends
iiii-1these days.    It's a new daughtel
who an ived on Monday.   Mothei
the cross anus of the poles, near
Lynn Hals, on which the high
potential wires are strung across
the Second narrows. Young men
who make targets of the glasses
by shooting at them, little think
that if a high-charged wire drops
and strikes a pole that it will burn
it in two in the twinkling of au
eye, and besides shutting ofl the
service. This dastardly work
must cease.
The filling in of Keith road at
Mosquito creek will be done by
day labor. The tenders were considered to be two high.
When some men talk we are re
minded of poor lead pencils; they
never come to the point.
Edgar II. Madden, Victoria,
paid the town a Hying visit ou
K. Barker, Brandon, was looking over the town on Tuesday
He is sanguine of the future of thi
Ambitious City.
G. Thompson, Winnipeg, was
registered at Hotel North Van
couver this week.
B. McKay, Kockford, was in
lown this week.
Mrs. H, W. Wright, Endeihy.
was visiting friends here last
Registered at Hotel North Vancouver: Miss Ethel Legge,
Wetaskwin; Mrs. II. P. Crosby
Toronto;  Mrs.    J.    C.    Jackson,
The work of construction uf the
bridge on First Street, near Lonsdale garden,
on Monday.
tion of the estate of the late Percy
j. Chick, one of the victims of
the Chehalis disaster. The estate
is valued, as stated previously
at $31,000, of which $23,000
is in nuility and the rest personal
property. Mr. li. II. Bryce was
appointed administrator. W. J.
Bowser, K. ('., made the application.
The new Palace hotel, Second
street, will be opened on Monday
A small hoy in this town told
his mother when he came bom
from school the reason he wanted
to wear his new shoes was that
when the door was opened "there
weie draughts in his old boots, and
would catch cold."
A North Vancouver girl has tried
amateur singing, amateur acting,
painting, piano playing, visiting,
elocution, chasing and society,
and didn't make a success of either.
She better give up, and take a job
as clerk : She can't avoid it much
Which railroad will conic to
Nortli Vancouver lirst?
The other day a North Vancouver man was telling us how economically he could live. "A
Chink can beat you at it," a
teamster brutally put in.
A North Vancouver girl has had
so many lovers that her lips seem
constantly set for the expression:
'■Now, you behave!"
The World stated recently thai
the fool in the family runs it.
The   item   has    caused    several
mil lie commenced jangles about who runs the family,
The old bridge was
bullied on Tuesday.
E.  G.  Stevenson,
An old-timer droppetj in
to pay his subscription,
telling us all the news
The club orchestra holds regulai
The club rooms are open every
day and evening.
The club has now a library ol
over ioo volumes.
The membership roll is now
past the half-century mark.
All sorts of board games, etc.,
may be played in tin  club rooms.
Rev. Mr. Marsden and Rev, Mr.
Gillam have been elected honorary
men, bets.
A chess tournament is talked of.
Several members are experts at
chess or checkers,
A general meeting will be held
on Monday night. All members
are requested to be present.
The g\ mnasium contains trapez,
rings, horizontal bars, punching
bags, Indian clubs, dumbells, etc.
The graml opening, which will
be held in the near future, will
take the fori,, nf a smoking concert, at which refreshments will lie
served. The musical programme
will be of a high order.
The members anticipate the organization of a lacrosse club as
well as one of baseball for the sea-
sou of '07.    It is hoped  lhat the
The Executive council of the
local board of trade nil l on Tuesday evening, Vice-president Phillippo presiding, The principal
business transacted was the
adoption nl ihe report of the
tourists and Bettlers committee.
llu lirst proposition taken up
was that of placing the Grouse
mountain trail in goc I shape by
spring. The Vancouver Tourist
Association will lie conn,,', cited
with on the matter.
Next the committee to' k up the
question ol the scarcity of dwellings, pointing out the following
facts : (a) 'ihat there was a demand fot houses; (b) that :"i or
J5 men with their families puipose
moving in here; (c) that comparatively cheap properties within
easy leach'of the terry oi central
portion of lhe city, may be bought
at (400 to $700 a lot; 1 d) that fully
do per cent, may be borrowed on
the valuation of said lots, and that
is obtainable here at almost the
grounds at the horticultural park same figures as prevail at Van-
will  be iii good shape   by next touver.    It was decided to place
The following is a list of members: C. McKenzie, W. A. Green,
W. B. Campbell, J. A. Wibams,
•\. K. Steacy, G. C. Walker, R,
Dawson,  I'. K. Schuck, Franklin
these facts before the Vancouver
Builders' Association, with a view
ol soliciting the co-operation of
that body in moving in the matter.
The secretary ol the hoard was
instructed to secure, if possible, a
Siberia can .aili produce unique nod '
jitiist mit-restiug features, and one
.of  lhe  finest exhibits   would   he
Some tangible shott' of what oui
jtjic.it mines are doing.
Bv 10,149 ibeC J'. li. will not be
the only String to our bow. By
■that lime we may hope lliat the
great-continent wil! be spanned by
ithe rails of the Grand Trunk
i'acitic railway and tbe Canadian
Northern railway anil that the
.Great .Northern railway will have
made great progress with ils
•extensions. Willi all these railways centering in Vancouver the
•facilities will be perfect for bring,
ing the crowd of visitors from far
.and Beat
Wc we glad to find that not
'Only arc our citizens alive to the
lurgeut importance of having as
caily as possible one lirst-class
.coinbir.ed/.iafi".c and|railroad bridge
.across Butttud inlet to this district, but also that our neighbors
•south of tiie inlet consider it ol
•great value to them. True, there
are those on both sides who cynically a-lk what traffic is there to
warrant such un expenditure ?
The 6ame pessimistic reasoning
lias been adopted regarding every
forward movement, and those
cynics forget that we are living
in a new country, ar.d new undertakings arc tarried out where they
Will lead to progress.
The Electric Railway Company.
a company of first-class business
inen, haie shown iaith enough it,
the future of Nortli Vancouver it-
sell to warrant the laying out ol
over faoo.ooo, for which there is
not actually in view a present return. They have confidence in
the Itit'.ite and in the location as a
point that brain and energy can
•develop into a paying proposition
tm them.
Miss Juliana McKinley, Tar
In rt, Lochfyue, Argyllshire,
Scotland, visited Iriends here ami
at Vancouver, and lelt for Victoria
ou Tuesday,
Lost. —In the vicinity of Moody
ville, engineer's certificate. Tin
finder will confer a lavor by returning same to this ollice.
Miss M. Kirkpatrick, after
having spent three months in
North Vancouver, returned to her
home iu Highland Valley, Ash-
emit, on Monday,
Miss L. Nairn, Moodyville, returned home from Hatzic las,
Monday where she lias been foi
the past three weeks.
Mrs. N. Stevens, who has been
a resident oi North Vancouver for
the past three months, returned tu
her home iu Ashcroft ou Monday
Mr. and Mrs. J. Davies, of this
place, leave on Thursday for Jervis
Mr. G. Lill, who has been
spending the past few weeks al
Lasquito Island,.returned home
this week.
Mrs. J. Watkina, of Howe
Sound, spent a few days in Nortli
Vancouver this week visiting
The Sechelt Indians lost over
J500 iu the canoe rate al New
Westminster lair. The victors
have been challenged to race at
North Vancouvei on Dominion
Hay for a purse ol J500 a side.
Messrs. J. Uavies ami Brown
have completed the repairing ol
Mr. I-'ronime's house. A coat ol
paint is now being applied.
A. St. G. Hamersley, president
of lhe North Vancouver Board ol
Trade, returned Irom the Nortli
on the Steamer Princess May
Wednesday afternoon.
The 13. C. Electric Railway
Company have installed large
marble switch boards al the substation, thc type of which is of the
very latest design.
The tram cars will not run on
Sundav till about 5 p. in. This
shut   down   is   on   account    of
wlncli we
WHO was Here ibis week, reports'must not punt, he said: "Well, 1
business brisk ill his district. must he starting horni*, or thc old
woman will be uneasy ami think
denting pm in jaiL"
avenue, I
Hum Twenty-first street northward    J. V. Georg-*., N. York, who was
to King street in Nyer's division, j here to-day, inlorius Thk Express
about   thra
Contractor Tucker is
and  grading   Lonsdale
I'he   distance   is
quarter:, ol a mile.
Harry Mitchell, focal manager
of Brackman-Ker'a Hour aud ieep
store heie, spoil Sunday with Ins
father at Victoria. Mr. Mitchell
reports business at the Capital
Citv steady.
the east
The price of cats in
being Mini,gel than  0,1
practically ail the shipments from
ihe North-west are going there.
Immigration to North Vancouver is at present at a standstill, 011 account of scarcity of
houses. Speculation in real estate,
however, continues brisk.
II. 11. Ilryce has sent llii fine
lot of pointers to the Oreguu field
I). Ii. lier, manager of the
Brack,naii-Ker Milling Company,
was here on Saturday. Mi. Kei
has always had faith in the future
of North Vancouver, inasmuch as
he has spent thousands of dollars
At present hay is quoted here al
S13 a ton. Farmers are holding
1vh.1l they have in stock al
advanced rates, It was thought
that the season's crop would have
been large, but owing to the fact
that fanners did mu sow as much
as thev formerly did makes the
market stronger. The quality ol
the hay is good, and nearly all the
old hay is sold. Hay is bound to
go up.
Wheat is steadily advancing,
and lloiir consequently will
Contractor Menaies has started
moving Mr.  Hughes'  Iwo  I,nuses
un i'l,,,il street, lo make Mn,,,   I",
a third house mi  the   too-fool
Wlun a woman has company,
don't sympathize with her She
probably brought it on hersell by
going visiting.
An apology never gives satisfaction to but one person: The
one that makes it,
In   Supremo  Court  Chambers
yeaterda) held at Vancouver, Mr.
Justice Morrison, who has jusi r,
turned Iron, circuit work, granted
that he is connected with a mining
syndicate  that has claims at the
(.1. 11. ii.niMi. I . Serrat, I-i. A.
Sen;, 1'. II. Tweed, li. Cottell, A.
McKav, P. Larson, li. Black, J.
A. McMillan, W. A. Lailey, A. P.
'.■a I ..| L\ 11,1 reek, which will be I B ash y, A. (libs, n, C Anderson,
Wheeler, K. Renshaw, G. Phillips, Ira^ »» literature through the
K. Clark, R. L. Wheeler, W. I mads; also to make known that all
Pogue, G. Hawkins, J. B. Brown, those wishing pamphlets sent to
' Hicks, R. limes, li. Williams,'friends interested in North Van-
B. Anson, B. Wh.eler, W. C. couver to hand in a list of names
ll,sn,niiinn, G. I.). Scliullz, P. Mc-'and addresses, and said books
Donald, Rev. J. D. Gillam, Rev. would be forwarded at the tmocia-
li. Marsden, P. Kealy, H. >>°u'» expense.
Mitchell, M. S. McDowell, J. A canvas will be made ol those
Waldeu, I. Walden, L. Reda,1 who may have a stock of pamphlets
G. Reading, II. Rowely, Dr. Dyer,Jon hand and would he willing to
have  same   distributed   by   the
The hoard of trade will
■.vol,ted next spring,
Mr. Rapley, Point Roberts, was
a guest at tlm Hotel North Vancouver this week.
A North Vancouver woman who
has  been married  twice  told   us
the coantIyesterday thai she w.is--as mun
ii. B. Drereton, li- T. Campbell,
A. S. Billings, D. Mail 11.
Church Notice.
cent as  a
husbands, t
child. '   Pretty   guod
OFFER A lill'l.iniA
in the near future for the best
written article on North Vancouver
ill general terms. The board to
restive the right to use said essays
at iis discretion.
The secretaries of the different
committees will he supplied with
minute  books, and   such   other
(jet your Sunday shine at liirt
Cam,(bell's barber shun.
Irwin \- Hillings have enlarged
„ .,|„ ■ -,
Some peopl
be as fal as ho|
think they must
,, or they can't lie
But Ilm tramway operations will damages done to the glass nobs 0111 tl," application for the aduiiiuslra
Of course, you know you are
the whole thing, but don't nice the
secret away to your friends.
What , onfnse il is to say a
man is in lined to be bald. It is
quite against uis inclination!
1, the giiis n[ Ninth Vancouver
wanl to make their mouths small
mul pretty, thev should repeat 5011
tim s every night before going l"
lied the words "prunes, prism.
11' 1 annually you hear two men
talking politics. It's coming; we
can't escape mtiih long, r.
A certain ministei adwavs r, Ipses
,1 lea when he marries 11 coupli,
saying: "Go your wny, pool
n nit lies, I hnve done ym, mis-
1 Imi enough already."
We notll' thai when a North
Vancouver patient ,- sick. In
expects ,1 great di al nl  attention
(I'OII, tlie dlStlli I dm t'al
A politician overtrains (aster
than .1 priac lighter.
"Kissing due', nni se, ,,, lo be :,s
popular us il formerly was," a
young married man tells us.
We've nut,ced that nl late here
A Nan,I, Vam OIIV,, girl has au
ambition tn squeeze Inr waisi
down until il is nn larger than hei
leg (beg pardon, we mean limb)
For whom do, - y, in wife open
her 1 ham es! pn serves     Vmi. the
pri .11 her, in' I.,,,. ", '."',, kin '
ST. AXI'KI.W S IK,..-11 I I 1(1 \N CIIURl II,
Services will lie held as usual in '
St. Andrew s chinch, Sixth Street,  necessities as may be required by
on'Sunday, al 11 a. 111. and 7130 them.
p. „,., conducted by the pastor. I It wa.s thought advisable by the
Morning subject: "The Early committee to endeavor to obtain
Christian Church "; evening Bub-1instruments for ascertaining the
jeci: " Reasonable Service.1
Sunday school, 2,30 p. m.
M 1 "Ivvilii nervii e at 7:30 p. m.
Un Wednesday  evening  at  S
o'clock a special meeting of the
young people connected with the
congregation will be held. The
subject uf discussion will he plans
for the winter's work.
All earnestly invited,
Paston Rev. J. D. Gillam, M.A.
SI.    .ions'-    CHUKI ,1    (OHM k    "I
ElllTII INU iH.KII.I MM sIki:i rS,
Fourteenth (eighteenth Sunday
after Trinity) Morning prayer, 11
a. ,,,.: HOLY I OM.MI WON (choral,
with sermon), I, 3" a. in.: even-
soug, 7:3" p. ,,,.
Monday, 151I1   Mattins. 7;even
sn„e, 1 a,', lot k
iin sday. 1 (.ll: M.illilis, 7:
evi nsong, 7 ; 1
Wednesday, 17th Mattins, 7:
even • '„:., 8.
Thursday, 18th Feasl ol St
l.ul.e   1'hanksgiving Day |   mal
Ims, In, imi \ 1 OMMUNlUK (■ hni.il,
will, add,.   • .  ,"  ;<i a. m.
Friday, 19th   Mattins, 7: evensong, ,
Saturday, 10th   Mattins, 7.
Sundav next llnl v COMMUNION
I plain), 8 a. m.
Sunday school always al in a
n,.; fourth   Sunday,   children!1
a I'. ,1 e.   ,n ,1.   ,1,
i'he 1 lunch committee nn el'- in
I'huti I, at - n'i lock nn Tuesday
Addles', on "St. Luke's Gospel'
mi Wi tlnesdaj aftei even tong
r,;n tu 1 nl music on Friday afte,
i he Hun's (or week-day servic
are open 10 alteration.
ll    is    hoped     ihal.     if     lie
parishioners 1 ordiallj 10 opi ral,
the proposed 1 nlargi ment uf ilu
* hmi I, will In- finished befon
temperature, rainfalls, snowfalls,
etc., nl North Vancouver, and with
this view Secretary Williams of
lhc tourists and setlleis committee
communicated with the meteorological department at Victoria and
Ottawa Inr particulars. On Friday last Mr. E. Baynes-Reed, of
the department at Victoria, railed
mi Chairman I). G. Dick and him-
sell in rcspose 10 the communication, Mr Re, d explained the
workings of the instruments used
for taking
lie said that a plot nf ground, free
from buildings, and facing the
north, would in- n 111 ir,-1 to read
the instruments twice a day, and
entering the results on forms
prinled (or that purpose, and submit the 'teporls t> the metcrco-
logical department monthly, The
duties, which would be light, must
ia, diitie without remuneration,
Mi. Reed staled lhat as soon as
the hoard dealt with the mailer
and appointed a suitable person
I.a would recommend ihat 1 station
be npimd here, and --luteal (mthtr
that he lelt sure that the etlorts of
lhe 1 iiiniiiitli e would he such isful,
Ninth Vancouveritea having
exhibits at thf New Westminster
in, wi,. ven successful in capturing prises.   Besides Mt.   j.   J.
Woods, who won a prise (or  his
gladiolas, as noted previously,
Mis Seal carried ofl three first
prizes ami one second by her
drawings ami paintings. Mrs.
Radermach, r's beautiful iron work
a .i|a|iind In-l pn.'t   in  that  hue.
\ mcdel was granted to Mrs. Seal
I", hei exquisite minatures.
Go ,<   Bat, . ,", -loves, chairs
llll'l  1 n  . '.a n THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Wookly Xcws-Hiiu-r    ,   Published li)
3ubseri| tion ' Ine I lollnr |iei Vein
Major Larmour Wi tes interoitlng
Rt'iinascence of th- W1M.1! M ».
Trunk Telegrapher-—How Ho
Flitted Away to Hn Father's Home
In Michigan and Nevei' Returned
Till His Recent Cobalt Visit.
Major R   Larnnu    „       ml     iper
late idoni ol ia     ■   ■ i.i
aUvM.ii, writ! ib of "0
O. T. R." ittoi'il Old   Hoys
Herald, fives a. l'u h in i uocoun if
Thoni.it \ i,, ..,;'. expel encei in tli.
G. T ,: ■ a- tr a] a i. ., i telegraph
It was ovei 1   '   a .
«i" Bt 111 young enough 11 be j humi,
*nd, ...
to do, found It Iin a cake nnd
pram ptlj  ,        ill■  i il   .'.il .
HIS   I'l". '    [VQ  ,a   a       I ftJUtltl 111  till-  Cirri.     Ht
procure a      ;k ami
dated I [ gear so Hia,
■ I mdi,
i'i . did builniM
. half hour nn                      i wai
-.- | i-i Uio E :  -'.       glial, ", ,
Signal Tot Prompt,
The  prompt villi   whla'li
Hi i came ul  ifll •■ u Topi                I                      .
•a I I bus aro .-".I
«' ' ' »iiie it nni. bo-
: - ,  ■            md an It
•al.   '* iCat
i i.     there
mere i i hold
trains fnr ord is        n uv i.i
yii*.  The ... iva-
t» s, ... Ira
by another, i
h.'l.l It unl   One
a       d to
.'i'' 'I                          ! :      ill,   'ii.i'    hid
tri a       it-li a ,;, 1 'rain
*■ ■
Answered, Then Slept.
'■'' hnd r, ■■-, no-
.... |jr,
• Hal .  ' ed    I 1        "    ''.     I     V' !■:  ■ al
I tt dOV     '      a  Ii a
' ■■    tl e    . '      app .. h a,t the
i'      unatoly
atroppi I       .■    p   The train •■ Ive,,
• •i.i .a .   ■      • .    s   ,     (habited
■ •■ II i  .' tv    I!  was,
• a I dream thai iwolie
' late. Thi I  i  i hnd    mod
•• i ■ rlilbla
ling  hi.    red
I on     keen run after it.
and ft ..■,. opi:-,
ed Into ll       ,i,.    imi   irai
,o avert thi
■ t
Back to Michigan.
■    •'     nntui
iul it
I -1
in i
lis fa .   !
Got Tom's Wage i,
• ad
,      ,      a'
'     . a
tlio old
,nr        y   i
■;   ','   ;:   i; ■    . -I
-   a long
[plain the el,  um
•tan es.    Ami ,
smile, 1, i   i   Ign
I!     .it
" ' a , ■    , ,
,   '
Hickson Sent Cheq
Wrl li ral
' ■
a , mey
:., r.
nd insl i
«  II  -a - ■ t
:        • i add lhat I
ins tn th*
I 111 M  lolen
11,11 a,/
. .'   "a   a'     I 'a  l|
.       if    '
.     ,   '   . •■' 11
..,'■:■..        , ,      |,al
I    nowlell
it nf, > and opi,
I. T. 11, Co.. did fu
., ■ '  |       I   ■     ■ 11
ng    ie fulliei       i    n   wh a h id, by
a; "        .* I   ■; P
, Ion, n ".in a-t
inu« m om
ly wli    a ' a ,
,    i "Stralf nil Old Hoy,"
■ ol  " ■ l'i
Rare Botanical Find.
r      ||      i   a      a]. | a
, Yam        |
Ml    ,'   Mnrrli,
|      I.'-    "a a , ,' a. '     ||    ;.ia
Perl                       ed        in I md
a        ■    ■     tlklng n
m   il tha
This po
; al
■m ll   n' n   '' 'in th»
manner In whloh Is grows am,, 'jpreatTo
Itself, When the fern grows in ma-
turlty Ihe top dro >pa over nnd ivhen it
cornea In contact with the earth It
lakes rool nnd thli process being eon-
tin n d during tli "; am i months It
received the name by which i. ti
known. M Morris Is nn Indi I ll tb e
senruher n. r tu sp ies In '.lia' botanical ivoi . and he • ■■ ■■ i"il In
reci nl y .ia 'ii . ' - nnd properly  U.l  a     1 ii'clilds
foiui i    .  ■ ■ many
»itiu.  ». it flowi i.- am', lllllllll."
Ai   British   Subjects  Thoy Have  the
Right of Entry.
Boi i ise    :          alnts Brll ■.
Columbia   is   i n  ,   iho
li irdes of Him i havi inde thai
provln ol
fan  monll      ,1    tt   D   S It,   if 01-
a.'l       PI,   ' ,  : a [or   Hi"
Departi em    f I . gone
to Van > .
"Vhat M ■        lo " hen ha
to u greol
many |   i\      Cerl will have
asci g that   tin
durk-skinm d natlvei rd In Ila thn oton
to 'um the labor markei upside 'I iwn,
at least in I     opinion of labor
a ,     a'blllty tho Tradi a
ond L.a. Councl . a- ab lo bui>.
, I) Mr S iti .■. . .. pie Information
on tl a- p in,.
Hundreds of Hindus have already
landed It British Columbia, and thousand! more sr.- preparing to come,
More than the Japam se er iv. ni sc
they • i or i imp tltlon with tha
whites in tin lol irl et, nnd they
are equal!) non-nssliul otlvc Sim - I ■
Hind.. ■ i   :i British C lum
bla In fi. ly largo numbers they have,
1 polfci   records,   caused
: - it ■ ,b e for Ihe poll ,o than any
ither i pics a.*.,, here.  Judging
al ihem who havo
;   ' il police magls
i- and
tin v aro by niituro quar-
r ,■ 1 ..' glou .
.   Die pros' ni 'i ie Ihe Parliament-
ilttee of lhe Trades and La-
. • ngai   a in Investigating
.   : . . 11 |. ■ be-
' iporl    Di plte ilm
' raco aro do-
barred from Now Zealand,   Australia
ami  .'.' :  ; and law ■
a know Just how
. d b-- kepi oul ol Canada, boon        Bi tlsh   subjects,
The ' naotment  ol provincial  legtBla- |
.■ them out might be dis
a.: od bj tl ■ Do n on Qovi mm, nl
as 'a.is the case wlih tho v ol Act
tl;    li d ago ■.'!.'    tne
Large lira.. Run, Are Not Essential
tn Henry Mkk rrnductiou.
There Is n common Idea tlmt fowls
can only he maintained In boaltli whore
there Is n large grass run, but this Is
qulto n mistake, snys the American
Poultry Advocate, A few liens oou-
llned In a stnull yard if foil properly
and kept clean will lay moro freely
thnn those that hnve :,n unlimited
range, and, usually being In more sheltered quarters, they are inure likely to
lay in ilie winter lhan form poultry, lt
is net nn expensive business tn wire
off o comer nt the liml. garden ami put
up a small bouso, A woodou bouso lor
half n dozen fowls need enst Imt very
Utile, and  tviie  for tho run is  very
cheap, 'ilie bouso musl bavo ventilation provided at the top above tho lovol
of tbe perch. An old bos will, „ little
well broken straw In it will do for a
nest. The flour of lhe house can bo
niiule of earth beaten hard nml lovol.
a sprinkling of dry nslios under ihe
porch will enable the droppings in be
removed with n trowel in n few seconds. A portion of the wire run Bhould
if possible he covered so us ni afford
protection from tbe rain, nml under
ihis should be placed ,i good sized box
of dry Band or sifteal earth. In this llio
fowls will clean themselves, a great
essential, conducing immensely to
their health,
'I'he feeding of Iho lions Is a very
simple mailer. There must lie a warn,
breakfast of meal given as soon after
tho birds aro off the perch as enn be
managed. This meal Bhould bo composed of middlings anil barley meal in
equal parts mixed inlo a stiff paste*
with hot waier. Any scraps nf moat,
etc., from ,be bouso enn be added and
stirred In with it. At noon some cut
grass, cabbago loaves or othor green
food m„=i bo given nml before the
birds go to roost some grain, bucIi ns
wbeaL Poultry mixtures of various
groins are not good; neither is corn,
except ,i handful or two in the way of
a treat, lt Is most Important thnl lhe
fowls should only hnve as much ,it
each feeding as they will eat greedily;
none must be left over, In cold or very
wet weather ,t Utile pepper limy be
Idded to th« meal. There must always
be pleuly of fresh water for drinking.
Passion  For Publicity.
"   - -ia ia-- notice 1     ,'■  :. alr.-iwn at
to the cham lei   f I       iclety
ar journals. The fu
ia.     a,* -ii,. flatter;  offered :•' womon
their pers ana! .-.■.te.i --i.uts and tho
,   .    f thi Is surely being
i.i; can hard-
lyo ing ladles,
nml by ,a     t- Ihi     u Ha extravagant
Ideal t'f :" .." ov n attractions lay up
for ■  ms in ihe future.
;■ i   nol on the ivr t< rs thai the ro-
'I'hey are
i        i tho del      I ol Iho day, anal
help fui     'a -I.:   Uie
a i : Ul m for which ,':■■ r fair readers
, re th a", thi 'a.   In, r can help
• the dross which Ii in fash.
ab n. iy I.-     Tho
ilndy       by  n nns poc illar I ,
I'm.uia.  Every* ■■ rages   tlm
■   ;     i ubllclty  in .
i ivi re a note
id      ■ Id ■ In   Smith   In
. Sun.
Need Lead Pencil Wood,
An ll           iai .   I by tho
I    . imbla re-
, , .             ,pi a that pro-
; suitable for l
li.nl pern Ils.   It en ially fnun
fnl'..,,   stales  I i 1)       a a i
: :. > - • . be
mantil i  iol ■
lug llir- provln
Snlt Por Fowls.
It Is n prevalent notion that salt Is
poisonous lo fowls, ami Ihls popular
Impression is based on many unhappy
experiences will, it when fed too liberally. Of course, salt is poisonous If
fed largely; but. on the other hnnd, It
Is beneficial when fed in inoderata
atnounts-that Is, at the rate, say, ol a
hair ounce to inn adult fowls per day.
It Is true lhat il great many fowls have
been killed by eollng salt and by having Ihelr food mixed wilh llie water
in which snlt meat hail boon boiled.
'Ilio careless tl,rowing out of roek salt.
Which lhe birds ent under the Impression lhat thoy or.- eating grit, Is the
most usual wny of killing fowls will;
salt-Western Poultry .Journal.
Vast   Improvement   In  Mens  Comdi-
tlom In lleeent Yeure.
The Dnlted States government seems
to have solved the culinary problem
much more satisfactorily than many
private Individuals, both ns to cleanliness nml celerity, In the navy, on
board tbo battleship Missouri, for Instance, Un' cooked pari of nn ordinary
meal fair "OU nieu enn be served iu
four miuutes, as Is demonstrated every
Tho first requisite In tlio preparation
of food ou board n man of-wnr is clean-
liness, nml probably none of the man-
ngcrs nf thu higher alass hotels oi restaurants is moro rigid in this regard
than are those iu , lini'go of lhe general
moss oii :i battleship such us tbo .Missouri,   ruder ,1 lil system, says Pity.
muster George I'. Dyer, r. S. N„ In lhe
"Proceedings nl tho I'uitcd Siuies
.Naval Institute," Iho gear was not really clean. A man nf the lower rulings,
too ofton selected on account of hln
inability to do anything else, looked
at,or tlioso duties, His meager allow-
once of water served out from the galley was hardly moro than lukewarm
nfter carrying it to liis moss tiiul put-
, ng a few dishes through it. Ho hnd
llien to dry his pear wilh a towel
which, being used for all softs of odd
jnlis, cleaning tables and wflnt noL the
nio-t Btrenuous efforts of the muster ut
arms could not innke hltn keep clean.
in February, llml, a dishwashing ran-
el,ine wns Installed on the Missouri and
human hands do not now came In eon-
tite, Willi lhe dishes during the process
of washing, The soiled wure In wide
meshed wire baskets is passed through
two waters, The tlrst, which is kept
In violent agitation, is made so strong
wilh lye soup or Cher compound thnt
II," grease is cut from the ware as it Is
Immersed. The second water Is kept
a, boiling heat, and in rinsing dissolves
nny remaining dirt, besides heating the
ware so that when taken from lhe
water it quickly dries itself through
evrporn,ion.   By Ihis means llio gear
Is rendered nntlseptlcnlly clean nnd the
use of dish towels is nvoide'd. The
knives nnd forks, which will not dry
thaWouglily by themselves, when t'ken
from the machine are wiped with clean,
boiled towels,
.'.uiiiiig the Imperative galley onion
Ka stale fond; time nil food to bi
r4*ady ait time for serving out.
\ a, l..... 1: serve out all warm dishrs
hot. Tako evory precaution to keep leod
dlBhei as rold as possible alter coming
f*om ia '-box.
Inspect coffeepots and mess pans nnd
r.fuse to serve lulo any but scrupulously
dean mies.
While It Is not claimed that anything
like perfection has been reached, ihere
h'js certainly been n striking improve-
u.aiil In mess conditions during recent
yours.-New York Tribune,
The Fatality
of Indigestion
Which Almost Invariably Arises from Liver
and Kidney Disorders.
From insurance 'records il Ims been
found lie aim ;' n'i per cent, ol the
'limla. ni policyholders was attributed
It tlisensi -   a -la,, digestive system,
To persoi i ■■ ho have been ocoust-
oiiieil i.a think lightlj ol indigestion,
biliousness ntnl liver tlernngeiiionts
' ihi- statement n ill he rather startling
1 bill i, caiino, In* rei iteda
Tii ,i lar ., a\i' it' tin- liter eon,nils
'I'.' di ' ... •■. -nun liy supplying the
bile tn an-  the prompt   passage nf
Hie   l.i i.i   ,,   aa'.  ;  till       a' tC'tillCS,      U'llOl'O
ihe dilHcult  i'i"  "i   'ia-'.' stion   lakes
lleciii-i' "■ 'i'i' immediate ami direct inllii.'in.' mi ili- liver, Hi. Clinso's
Kiilney-Jiiver l'ills insure n good How
ni bile, nnil hy sn doing positively ov-
civil    con*,,pa,ion    and    intestinal
Wind hm tlie -'am ocli. rising nf sour
tnste in thf month, smothering sensations ill the el'.e-t. pains about tho
heart, headaches and dizziness, drnws-
iness anil discomfort nfter meals ami
slii'inisli in" imi ul the liver, kidneys
anil bntiel, are ihe ^yiiipliiins ol this
serious ami dangerous form of indigestion.
Mr. Diincnn McPlicrson, Content,
Alia., ii rites, "I mis inr many years
trouble I uhli in ligestion ami iiond-
nolle and derived no bonofil from ilm
many remedies used. A friond advised the ii-e nl Dr. Chase's Kidnoy-
I,iver Till, ami after taking four hoses
the lus'ili is thai I am once inure in
tlie full eiijoynu in of lhe blessings uf
goaul health."
.Mr. Henry llorglinrdt. Horse Hills,
\l(a., writes:—"I used Dr. Chase's
Kiiluoy-liiver l'ills for dyspepsia ami
am S',tisli"i| thai there   is   no   better
i licino Inr this   ailment   and   liver
Dr. Chase's Kidney-!.iver Pills will
promptly overcome tlioso   symptoms,
Vine pill a dose. iTi edits u box, ut. all
Idcsiors, or tldmnuson. Mates A- Co.,
I Toronto.
HIS I.llll. AND HI'ilN.
li i- -nn! i: uu Atchison woman
iiiuilil tieiii li.-: "girl" a- mil lis ller
liiislinnil 'la-.ii- i a-   stenographer  she
Would um havi «o   much   I hie   in
-retting a ' . i       Atchison Globe.
-Ill KlUM, WOMEN".
in.'- i'i •
The Chin iniule from
the strait nl , ■  ■     liy nsln
lhe i ■ delicti uf lhe straw u
line iaa.. im . in. ,i tun ti a.i tin lured,
".",   l.ricitrtl   Hen.
Ho not re*iif ihe bow legged mnn,
fm In- plays nn linpiirlnnl part In tht
world.  Ii is estimated thai 10 per cenl
aaf     1     aid,|||l|     XII". -    lanW     |Cggl   I.     HO    NH
mel llj i'i, ■ ■ , enl '.'"I to greal
rnspis: iinv legs Invariably ni coin
puny n robusl pi , ilque, We Hnd ihem
um' nf ii." a pillions features nl
athletes, Cot eilhms oro almost al-
waiys bow li'i- I'll iif Um how logged
geniuses  to ulty  point.
with  pride  lhc , a Ir oust  ex-
' . nre I'm  ii   norm"  S'npoleon,
Wellington, Schopei nd Cnvour,
eh   '"'l li.... in   l.nu-
• .   vers.
Rape May De Sow Late.
As a green leod fm' soiling—lhat Is,.
enn in,  I fi a-aluii: green   -or fur pas-
lure rape stands uncqualod   among
crops Mil,able fo,' .--.Ine. II should be
sown in rows two fee, apart mi
We, fallow nr wi 11 rotted sod nl I   ■
niii' uf throe pounds por acre li n j
bo sown aa,,* tui'.!'. as Iiii,j as thero re-1
mn ii : i\ weeks of growing   wi
...  in  ■   are lo he "*.;"■ [•
nl.   if Intended to bo pastured   tho
a     .l|     Pa'     lllllll  .1     Ul     I''
inin, niiiie.; up io lhe t»p of ihelr
No greater area should ho
given than Ihey nro likely to keep
down in Hint height nr lower. If nu'.
pnstured or em loo i 'use to ihe ground
it will kcop on growing as I"'. ■ i a Ihe
lira iter returns
may bo expected from soiling than
from pasturing n give,, area. Feed.
Ing pigs  .'. illy tualio   more
rapid gains win n ii is >.•'• ng fed to
Ihem In modi rnlo tiuantll es in pens
iiinn when ui pasture on It. Bri i d ng
■ 'an i, aro 'il el) in do bei,or when they
can use I, as pas,ure. Feeding pigs
receiving all tho rape ihey will eat on
■ ,:o Bhould rOCOlVO somewhat
less  nl lhan thoy would il In their
pens. From one-third lo Hve-slxtha of
iho regular ration should bo fed; tha
ii nre rapid the uain desired, of course,
the heavier tho ration. J. ll. Grladalo,
Canada, ;n Orange Judtl I'linner.
lii-:uiiiiii '   Inrnle,.
Undoubtedly it was tho purpose of
tin Inventor of iho carnfo to provide
a vessel admitting of ready covering.
But how few persons In control of
either privute or public dining places
avail of this easy opportunity of ex-
eluding dust from the water decanter.
!t Is comparatively rare, even at tbo
boiler appointed Manhattan bostolt.es,
fo llml lhe aqua boltle stoppered, al-
lli-iuuh tho neck bo adapted to accommodate un ordinary size of cork. In
fMhlonnble restaurants use of water
pl'oliers nn tables has long been eon-
s'-le,'"ii vulgar, principally from Uio
Viewpoint of style, bul pnrtly becauso
of Ue idea Iha, Ihey servo ns dust
ureinuu'.iiliirs, yel tbo carafe goes un-
lidded without attention.—Now York
I'', -s.
Cement Work.
it s-ems iimt the foundation has
much in do wiih Hi" siicccs ■ nf c, meat
»,ui; according to the Cement Km: (or
s.ahle Hours or clay or loam one should
i i si f"i!"w    Excai a'-    i   ,o
eight Inches for foundations,   lill   In
with cinders, crushed Btone or sand;
• ;'•■ .ul  n three Inch layers ami tramp
1 oundntlon  i hould he well Unod-
• ■a|  iiel allow, il iii stand fm a Wl a-l, or
ii on  in order in become thoroughly
■ d; smooth off '.n a level mr-
■ '
ii- lit mm Side.
Wordi of dn er uro wurds of help;
words nf gloom are wurds of harm.
Thero Is a brlghl dde nnd n dark side
to every phnso ■, llfo snd to every
hour ol time, If we spent! nf ,he
bright side, we hrh k Iho brightness
Into promlne ; if wo speak of the
dark side. *ve deepen is shadows. It
ii in ..ur power In In , ur la binder by
• word any and e y person with
whom we come In ei   act
Women won't bo happy In heaven
lllllesS   the   stylCH  ill  111.Ins  t li.lllgU   Il'U
tunes;, your.
Ohstluacy la an ugly quality lu our
Generally si king, wo think thai
our neighbor gels no inure punishment
lium he desorvos.
ii seems Iha hclgbl ol hard luck io
ban- elporlotieo gold brick us.
To Drive Away Red Miles.
To exterminate rod  mitos  remove
■ ... ■    md every movable  ob
,"■< ,n henhouse, coat with good ho!
whitewash, a little crude carbolic acid
tilings,  walls, nests, cracks,
■, i dropping boards thoroughly,
When the house Is dry paint the roosts
with n mixture ol five pari ol coal oll
and ono part ol carbolic add.  Repeat
again twice at Intervals of a month,
r house will be entirely  free
from these pa I   according lo Poultry
icci .,
filler of Silkworm   1,100  Ionia.
Authorities and popular works differ
greatly in (heir estimates of the length
et lhe fiber in lhe cocoutl of the do-
ncstlc silkworm, Bombyx morl. Pub-
fished sin,onu ins nf tho length of Ibis
lllier could be oiled which range all
the way from 1.100 feet to eleven
i-jiles. Even so good an authority as
the Encyclopaedia Brltannlea places It
ui 800 yards.   Recent measurements
miiile in the division of entomology
("how Hint wilh eerliiin Milanese yel-
hw cocoons raised In the United Slates
from eggs purchased from Franco tin,
fiber varies in length from SSS to 1,105
Cocaine i;»lt in i.a.iiu
The cocaine habit Is assuming nln ruling proportions at Delhi, The evil has
spread to rich uml poor, lo lllndoni
aiiil Mohammedans and even to women
and children, Between sno and 1,000
Vials of poison are suld dully In lhe
city. Not :, few young men nnd even
lids belonging to well to do families
COOSUmo from four lo six vials n day
each. Coolies und persons engaged in
menial    professions   nlso   havo   not
escaped contagion, liven beggars seoui
io prefer cocalno to food.—Falsa All,
bur, I.i,horo.
\,.,. I  .Tnsi   the Rich R"il Blood Dr.
Williams   i'n.- i'ir- Actually Mail"'.
I ail  i In    miahllo    life    the
health ami happinos nl ever* woman
,1, pi '. upon Ini' blood, li her
blooil ,- pool ind water) iho becomes
woalt. languid, pale nnd nervous, li
her i.luml supply i- irregular she -ul-
foi-s from In idnches  I hack   aches,
a„i| other iinspoiiknblo distress which
onlv ii nn,01, I imw. At every stage ol
„,, life Dr, Williams' l'ink l'ills
arc her bos' Irii nd, lieenuse they net-
ually make Iho rich, red (blood which
give- help iiiiiI strength and tone lo
over) Di'gnn oi the body,    They help
a in' ii jn.' iilien nature makes tho
greatest demand upon her blood supply, Mrs. II. liagnon, who For twenty ta.ii- Im- been one ol the best
k'noiin residents ol St. Ilochs, Que..
sin-a "Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have
been ii Mossing to mi.    I was weak,
won t iiiiiI -cirts'K able   to  drag
invsell about. I suffered '.nun headaches  1 dissiness, my nppetito  was
poor, ninl to «t pt housework   left
mo utterly *u>rn out I slept badly
at night, and what sleep I get 'Ii'l i"'1
refresh me. Foi nearly three years
I wns iu thi- condition, nnd was constantly inking medicine, but found no
hiuiriii inun it, One ni my neighbors
win. had user] Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
with lunch benefit, advised mo to try
them, I did so, ami the nholo story
is t.il.1 iu tii" words 'I am well ngnln.'
Thero nro 'una" yel "hen I take tho
pill, nu thev seem to me a guarantee
again-: the trouhli • from which so
mniiv ivonu n Buffer,
lb Williams' Pink Pills don't net
on lhe hmiel-, Thev contain just tho
elements that nctunlly make now
blood inui strengthen the nerves.
That's why thoy cure anaemia, indigestion, iio'iirali'ia. rlioiimatism, lumbago, I endnches, backaches nnd lienrt
pnlpitntion, snd skin tlisensos liko
pimples ta nl ecsemn. Than is why
the) nrethogrcnti -' help in thc world
for growing girl- who need new blood
nml for women win ' troubled with
irregular health.    Sold by all i li-
,.| icalers or hy mail Hum tho  Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
(im.. ai 50 cents a box or six boxes
Im $2.50.
I'lie Morulni i-lorj-.
The n,or,ling glory I- singularly sen-
sltivo to hem. it open- about daylight
uml in a warm day will Close in three
or lour hours, but should tho day bo
cloudy or cool ;i will sometimes remain open until hue in the evening,
lla'aiisejinir. -- The Maiiitnbii Glass
Manufacturing company of Bcniisojour
has now completed their plant nnd
everything is randy to start work. The
building is eighty-four hy seventy
feet, In tho center is placed Ilia
s'lielter, which will hold five melting
liu-ins, eaeh basin holding nhout fifty-
t'ni' gallons. Thero nro yel five others
kilns for the purpose of tempering the
Igluss,    Elicit ol tliime Kilns is   twolvo
hv   twelve.       Tile difficulty   now  is   to
got the right mon who understand
thn glass work, nnd these men, it
looks, nro very senrco in Canada,
cnii'i reach ihe nat of the dine*..'*.
Catarrh Is a Mood or constitutional disease .nd In order to euro It you must
lake Iniernal remedies. Hall's Calami
Curo In taken internally, and acts dirndl- on the blood mil mucous aiu<acr>.
llnll'a Catarrh l\ir« la not a quack m-d-
lolne. It **'«« prescribed by ona of Iha
best phystolani in the country for yoan
and ,a i rcirular prescription. Ii ll cotn-
iiuat'd of tha beat tonlci known, com-
,ahi-il with th. best blood purifiers, acl-
lm dlreellv on the mucous eurfacia.
Th, perfect combination of tha two In-
ireillenta Is what produce! auch wonderful results In curing Catarrh. Send for
lestlitinnlali free. ■•
F ,1 CIIF.NET A CO.,  Props.,   Tolldll.  0.
Bold I'*'  OniKlata. prlen   .Sc.
Taki Ilall'i Family Pllli lor comtlpatloa
Prof., Mno.uiii. naturalist lo the
Domini ui government, lias returned
felon milking il study of vegetation
ai mg the route uf the Q.T.l*.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
William Bell. K.C., has bo-n eoin-
pi'lleal to retire on nccounl ol ill-health
a- arbitrator for the Cataract   Power
company ill the   strocS    railway   dis-
1 |lllle.
Holloway's Corn Cure destroys nil
kinds nt  ns anil    walls,    root    and
branch,      Who, thon, would  ondure
them with such u cheap anil effectual
romody within repch,
! John Bishop, a desorter from llyi
Allen liner \ ietoriun, wlm was arrested ill T'H unto, lias SCntOIICod in Moll!
real bu the maximum tern, of twelve
A Tm," for Everything,—Tho timo
for Dr. Thomas' Ucloctrio Oil is when
croupy symptoms appear iu tho chaldron; when rheumatic pains beset tho
old: when lumbago, asthma, ooughs,
colds, catarrh or earache intucl; either young or old; when burns, scalds,
abrasions, contusions or sprains como
to any member ot the family. In any
of these ailmonts it will givo relief
and work a euro.
Llout.-Col, W, T. Bridges, Royal
Australia Artillery, ami chief Intelligent Hioer  of  the  Commonwealth
forces, is at Ottawa to study the mil-
iii.i system.
>1 unl. run in,.
Native Hast Indian cooks nro said In
use tiie following method tn distinguish edible fungi from poisonous
toadstools: They throw o .silver coin
into the water In which lhe niu-.li
•Moms ure boiled. If ihe metal turns
black with a coating ot nisi they eun-
ileum the mushrooms, but if lhe metal
retains Its color th"y consider ihem
safe to uso.
LillHl no  the llr.,].
Eugllsh law makes no account of
libels o„ iho dead, No, so in Franca.
A Parisian lady obtained n verdict
ngainsl an author who published some
defamatory Btatemonls of her grandfather.
Care of Dairy Utensili.
■',' an. | pure iir are lhe cheap.
est and mosl effective moans of koop-
■!.. ainiry un ii. Is puro and Ban-
. r 'hey have   been   clean ed
hi aa conditions dn nnt exist it
laa. in pul Hi'',,, In a hilt dry.
..rn.  Kansas   Experiment  S,a-
French Advice to Hit- Csar,
You (lhe czar) do not rend your
Trench history sufficiently. At Ihe
present moment you nre behind Louis
XVI. Tho iloiima is clamoring fur
a Mirabf,iul':,ri,nvoI.„tnctl>-(Tiapolier
cabinet. It la really llmo to send for
Marker, nnd you nro still nt Cnlonno,
Catch up will, husband nf Murle Antoinette as sunn as possible. Do more,
lio beyond him. It will he the best
nnd ruirest way not lo make history
repeat itself. Paris Radical.
\iiall  Welialer', Work.
N'.sili Webster, from first to Inst
■pent seventeen years on liis "Dictionary of lhe English Language."
Tlie Fir,I  Nil* iKiltnrs,
Tho Phoenicians wore tbe Drat nnvi-
gntors and sailed In nil sens.   They
were also ihe earliest recorded traders
and wen* succeeded by Carthage,
Egypt, Venice, Genoa, Iho Uanne
towns, Holland und Portugal,
$ 12 Brooches
Ai $12.00 Diamond Hall ii -how
ing an a-ipt-cully attractive Una ol
Broochci. An odd price piili.pl,
bu, you will -carctly object to llieir
not being marked 115.00.
The one iiluilraled (Catalogue No.
31685) ii of solid Ilk Cold lei with
16 Pearli. ll has a pendani anach-
ment for wearing on necklet
A Sunburn Brooch (No. 31679)
made up of 65 luitroui Pearli il another al the lam- price.
IVt in,4*f«i, nquttlfrtl tfcXarft
our latgt ,ltuttralid talalogul.
Dry Mash For Fowl,
This Is a mixture of ground Ffnlns,
ngi nly wheat bran.   It Is fed dry In
h'lTCll nr  a elf fecdors     It Is
kept 1" fnro tho hens all   the
IlntiUurllinr nml llt-nttti.
Shilling handwriting bus Just been
prortd to he responsible for the ail-
niontB of moro lhan mi per cent uf our
yoiinn- people, As Iiniii Iho steel pen
and Ibo Blunting writing originally
enme from England, we evrlnlin wilh
nil our hearts, "LW ns keep Iho pen by
nil means, but send back lhe bail
habits it bronghl In lis Irnin to tbe
place whence Ihey camel'-Paris l'etil
The  llr.l l-lnj-l.il 1.
The first playbill was Issued from
Drury Lnno theater, London, mt April
8, i'n';;).
The Siniriin.li.
The weapon of the swol'illi-h prolm
Mv served as lhe model for one uf lhc
. irl     I   forms   of   lhe  swnl'd.     MallJ'
early swords, particularly among lhe
■mirll ntmiis, were edged wiib Ihe
 Hi of "burn.
Dear Mother
Your little otit-i are i militant ure il
Fall mid Wintrt wMilirr. Thev will
catch cold. Oo you know about Sluloli'i
Contumption Cure, the LungTonic, and
vhat it nu done for io many } It » laid
to be the only reliable remedy for all
-..iii-mci of the air [MBiagei in children.
It ii absolutely harmlcu and pleaunt to
take, It is guaranteed to cure oi your money
ii returned. The price is 25c. per bottle,
•nil all dealers in medicine sell 314
This remedy should be in every household,
Swiftly walk ovor the western wavo,
Splrll ■',' Xbtliil
Out nf th    ly . istorn enve
Where all tho long .nni lono dnyllght
Thou wovesl ,1-1.mis n' j iy nnil fear
Whloh make theo terrible and dear—
Swift be thy lllghtl
Wrap thy form in a mantle gray,
Star Inwrought:
Blind wl'.l, thine h iir the eyes ol day.
Kiss her until sh,. bo wearb d out:
Then wander o'er city and sea and land.
Touching all with thine opiate wand-
Come, long sought!
When I arose tint! saw the dawa
I sighed for tliee;
When light rode high and the flow was
And noon lay heavy on flower and tro?,
And lhe weary Day turned to her rest,
Lingering like an unloved guest,
I slghodj tor thee!
Thy brother, Death, camo nnd cried,
"VVouldst thou nie'."'
Thy sweet child, Sleep, tho lilmy eyed,
Murmured like a noontide bee,
"Shall I nestle near thy siilo?
Wouldst thou 1110'."' Aiid I replied,
"No; not thee!"
Death will cnnie when thou art dead-
Boon, too soon;
Sleep will Dome when thou art lied.
Of neither would I ask the boon
I ask of thee, beloved Night—
Swift bo thine approaching flight;
Come soon, saton!
—Percy Bysshe Shelley.
Stringent Bill to Oporato In England to
Stop Juvenile Smoking.
In their report Issued recently tho
Committee on Juvenile Smoking strongly urged the British Government to in-
troduco a bill nest session (partly on
tlio lines of sir Ralph Hitler's measure, which they prefer to Lord lteay's)
as follows:
1. Every person knowingly selling cigarettes, cigarette papers, cigars, or tobacco to any child under sixteen to bo
liable for Ihe tlrst offence to a line not
exceeding £2, and for subsequent offences not decoding £5.
2. Every child under sixteen found
smoking or In pa>ssession of cigarettes, olc, to be liable to a penally not
exceeding £2 for each offence.
3. Constables to bo allowed to stop
youths apparently under sixteen seen
smoking In a public place and to con-
nscato tobacco found on Ihem.
t. Local authorities to bo allowed to
extend some ot these powers to park-
keepers, schoolmasters, and others, and
possibly to railway and dock companies.
5. Provisions to b'' mado to exempt
children procuring tobaceo for tholr
parents or carrying messages for Ihelr
No recommendation Is mado In regard
to automatic machines. Teachers aro
expected to dwell occasionally on Uio
bad effects of the habit.
Tho committee are satisfied that juvenilis smoking has rapidly increased,
that It facilitates disease and leads lo
drinking, ond aro Impressed by tho absence of signs of physical drterlorallon
among girls who are as a rule free from
Uio habit.
Fuiikiih l'ills.niim.
About two-thirds of all oases of fungous inn-mini:; ond la,ally.
Origin of the llnrlieil   limit.
The barbed arrow doubtless Iind Its
origin in the observation of different
kinds of thorns. Many thorns have
natural barbs which render Ihem both
Inconvenient and dungorous to travelers.
i tniieit Tobacco lime..
London tobaoeo boxes nro apt to
cause loud colic mul paralysis, tho
motiil Impregnating the tobacco with
act-talc of lead,
uoiii Peni,
Gold pons nro now usually tipped
with Iridium, Tin* bits oi this metal
nro Inid In nololios nt llio point of lhc
pon. thou fastened on wiili il ii n . being
sftcnviird ground and polished for uso.
You can trust a medicine
tested GO years I Sixty years
of experience, think of thai I
Experience with Ayer's Sarsaparilla; the original Sarsaparilla; the strongest Sarsaparilla; the Sarsnparilla the doctors endoise for thin blood,
weak nerves, general debility.
llnl i.,-n llii. iT.nil aa'il mi'l-ln. nuinot An
ttl In'.I taaarlt if Ila. llT-r I. Inarll,. anal lit.
bit.-), run.Ila at-.l, Pol Ila. t>..t |«R.ll.la rfl-
■lllll, vnii .ii'iiiM a,k. lai.n,. rin.oaof Ar.r'i
I'      ■   -'1    ■'.-    Ill'   III   -      >'    .'!   .»      Tl-  ll.M
wtlliii.ii'kij mpt-ita, .nd lo .ill Ui. tww.l..
Nat a  Single  Professed  Anarchist  In
tho Good City—Tho Quetm
City Leader.
Toronto can,u)t bajast of having the
same number of Socialist workers as
Montreal, says The Montreal Standard,
In the latter city they are both numerous and aggressive. In the former
thoy nro less o msplcuous nnd more
conservative In carrying on their propaganda, for let lt not be forgotten that
Toronto has not yet had a .May Da/
liut If tho Queen City cannot boast
of having a Sieiaiiist movement an
strong and as no,ive as that of Montreal, lt can lay claim lo possessing a
great number of Intelligent Socialists,
who do nol rave ami tear their hair In
tho revolutionary fashion, but seek to
innke converts through Iho means of
argument nml Illustration rather than
the wholesale condemnation of everything capitalistic.
Members of Trade Unions.
Tho majority of Toronto English-
speaking Socialists nro nearly all members of their respective trndo unions.
Their advocacy uf their doctrines Is
not confined to converting Individual
trade unionists to their way of political reasoning, but tbey also liave mass
meellngs and seek to teach the toller
tho "facts" of their cult. What distinguishes Socialist propaganda In Toronto from that of Montreal Is that
while the followers of the red flag In
Montreal aro nearly all foreigners mora
than 50 per cent, of Toronto Socialists
ara all British subjects, Including the
recognized leader of the movement.
There are at present three groups,
the nationality of Ihem being English,
Finnish and Jewish, wilh an Italian
local In the course of formation. All
told, they number some f mr hundred.
Movement Started Five Years Ago.
Tho movement is not very old. having been stalled some flvo years ago
by a number of Canadians, and was at
the highest point of Its progress when
It could boast of 1,nvlng a newspaper
to set forth Its views. Since that time
It has not made great progress, but
Its followers never lose an opportunity
of making capital out nf ami exposing
tho ladles nf their opponents.
The Socialists lu Toronto and Ontario are, however, ahead of llieir Quebec brethren In one respect, end lhat
Is In the person of their leader, Mr.
James Simpson.
Believe In Their Leader,
The rank nnd Ilie of organized labir
In Toronto are thoroughly convinced
that though the movement of whloh .Mr.
Simpson Is the loral chief may not be
the right one lo Improve tbe condition
of the masses, there Is no questioning
his sincerity mid high regard for principle. That they believe in his since,'.
Ity Is evidenced by tho faet lhat he
has been, for the tlrst time In the hls-
toty of Ontario, 1/ not In Canada, elected a school trustee on tho Socialist
ticket, receiving over 6,000 votes. In
addition ho is vice-president of tho
Dominion Trades Congress, as well as
president of the Toronto Typographical Union, which recently elected hint
delegate to the Victoria Convention of
lhat body, which, If tho views of Ills
supp.ntors meet with the approval of
tho ninjiirlty of tire delegates, will elict
him president.
Introduced Socialist Resolution.
It wa* he that Introduced the memorable Socialist resolution which created such an uprtiur at the Montreal
convention of the Trades Congress,
Unfortunately, however, for the progress of lhe movement In Toronto, Ils
Intolleeiiial standard-bearer has not
been able to influence a large number
of his fellow wage-workers to think as
himself. There being lower aliens In
ihe chief city of Ontario than are to
be found In Montreal Is responsible for
lis slow growth.
The great mass of tollers there do
n')t seemingly care to Introduco the
chango of property ownership that Socialists advocate. They prefer lo work
alonr conservative trade union lines for
any Improvement In their natural welfare. With ihat stubbornness that char-
aoterlzcs the Englishman above all other, they Uu change, and thus It comes
about that though Toronto may Justly
claim to be a progressive city, from the
standpoint of those who wish to suh-
stltuio iho co-operativo commonwealth
for tho present competitive system of
production and sale, Montreal has the
distinction of having lhe largest number ot Socialists to be found In nny one
city In Canada, Strange to relate our
special Investigator, In spite of the
moat diligent enquiry, was not ablo to
locate on Anarchist, either piofessed
or silent, In Its environs,
Tlie Greek Year.
Until 11. ('. 432 tho tlrot'lts begun the
year at tho wiutor solstice, after thut
at the summer,
Paper shoe..
Paper shoos, which nro snid to wear
ns well us tlioso of leather and to resist equally well tlie entrnuco of moisture, were known In China In the days
of Marco I'olo.
Adurneti wiib Sculptures.
A suit of apartments wus advortlsed
nt a fashionable watering plnoo ns
I,uving among lis attractions "a splendid view over a lino garden adorned
with numerous sculptures." it was
found on applying at tho address that
the gnrdou adorned with sculptures
was a eeniolory.
Calcutta Slreet Waterers,
A slroot water,',' iu Calcutta who
sprinkles the streets front n water
skin carried on his shoulders is paid 0
cents a day.
Origin of mi uld Suit,
I "Do at Home us Romans do" Is credited to no less nu authority than St.
Augustine, who advised a convert
doubtful uliout iho propriety of somo
customs observed ut Iionic lo do ns
other people did.
President of the B. M. A.
Dr. R. A. Reeve, denn ot tho medical
faculty of Toronto University, who was
recently Installed ns president of tho
Urltlsh Medical Assoelatl m. In spite of
Ills pre-eminence In the medical profession Is a man of singularly quiet anj
unassuming disposition. Ills modesty
Is Indoed one of his greatest characteristics, and ho was almost nervous when
addressing the Medical Association, Dr,
Hoove Is a graduate of Queen's University, and became a fellow of the Royal
College of Physicians und Surgeons In
Kingston In ISM. In tho following year
he bocamo assistant surgeon of thn Toronto Eyo and Ear Inflrmfry, a position he vacaled In 1*72. Becoming a
specialist In these two brunches, he has
practised throughout In Toronto. He
becamo dean of the facully In 1S96. Ho
has been president of the Ontario Medical Association, and also a member of
the University Council. He Is slxly-
four years of age.
7 HAIR vnos.
Our Own Sir James Grant.
Sir .Tames Grant, M, D., consulting
physician to Ihe Governor-General ot
Canada, was born at Inverness In 1S30.
He was cducatod at Queen's College,
Kingston, taking post-graduate courses
at Edinburgh and London. Ho was
member of the House ot Commons for
Russell, 1865-73, and Ottawa, 1892-96.
It was Sir James who Introduced tlm
Pacific Railway bill In H72 to construct
a transcontinental railroad. He was
president of the Tuberculosis Association, 1901-'02, and president of iho
Royal Society of Canada, 1!>M. He bus
written extensively fair publication on
medical, surgical ond scientific SUbJSotl,
it is in tho ndd of geology that Blr
James finds his chief recreation, and lis
has a splendid collection of Silurian
fossils. Ho Is a resilient of the Canadian capital,
Test,,! l,v Time—Tn Ms Justly celebrated Pills Dr. Parmelee lias given
to tlie world one of tbo most unique
medicines offered lo the public in lute
vears. Prepared to meet tlio wnnt
for a pill whloh could bo taken without iiniison. nml tlmt would purge
wi'hout pain, it Ims met nil the requirements in tlmt direotion, nml it
is in general uso not only because nf
these two qualities, but boenuso it is
known to possess alterative nml ours-
live powers which place it in tin, front
rank of modioinos,
"I lienr yon un.l Jones   hnvo   been
out limiting."
"Yon—just got buck."
''Ditl you hnvo nny luck'-"
"1 should sny   I   did.   Jones   only
hit mo once."—Clevoland Leader.
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
TTo fnfter Introduction) - Allow me
^o inform you Hint I nm tli" last ol
the grout family nf Van Siltons.
Slie (thoughtlessly)—Delightod to
hour it, I'm sure!—I.e Hire.
Much distress nud sickness in children is enitseil bv worms. Mother
Craves' Worm Exterminate gives relief liv removing tho cnuse, Give it
n trial mul bo oonvinced.
The Crnnil Trunk Purifie enmnnnv
•mid tlio customs tlelinrtmont n check
fnr SW.nn. tlio duty on 64,600 tons
of stool mils nt $7 n toll.
St. Joseph Lewfo, July 11. 1003.
Minard's Liniment Co., Limited,
Gentlemen-—I wns badly kicked l»7
ety horse bist Mny nnd nfler using
several nreDsratfon* on my log nothing would do. Mv leg wns blnek ns
jet. I was Ini'l np in bod fo a fortnight nnd could not wnlk. After using three bottles of your MINABD'S
LINIMENT 1 was perfectly cured, so
that I could start on Iho road.
Commercial Traveler.
Lafayette Goodnow, a   North Dor-
ehestor fnrinor, near Tbampsford, hns
'ho-'n left n fori nne nf SfWI.nnn.
II is n Liver Pill.—Many of the ailments tlmt man hns to contend with
hnvo their orirdn in n disordered liver,
which is n delicate organ, particularly
SUSOOptible to Iho dis-turhnnrr-s that
como from irrei'iilnr luihits of eating
and drinking. Tiiis soooiints for the
grent tiinnv liver regulntors now
pressed on Iho nftenlinn of stirToro'rSt
Of those there nre none euperlor to
Parmelee's Vogetnblo Pills. Their op-
oration tboiteb conllo is effective, and
the most delicate enn use thom.
London intends to deport Mrs.
Louise floor™ nml her thrno children.
who arrived hei,. from Liverpool, nnd
are suffering from  tuberculosis,
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
An African elephant is of value only
for Its Ivory, of which a full grown
nninuil yields from $'.'."'U lo ?:',„0 worth.
Ou the oilier hnnd, n working Indian j
otepbant cannot be bought tor less tbun i
$^,.'ii„, in (3,600, This is becauso of the |
greater Intelligence of die Asiatic unl-1
mill, which makes Iiiui valuable us a
Quaint, Long, Genuine Old Log Houss
In Which the Science of Living
Seems to Bo Perfect.
Ono knows nnd hoars nnd reads
somewhat of life In an English or
Botch country house, but a similar
holiday s|n>nt in a Canadian country
house is Utile known or experienced,
though the summer months liy In a
mosl happy lashlon with those who are
fortunate onough to p issess such a
home, says a writer ill The Toronto
(llu,ie. ,,n a sl iping lawn of grass,
rough and unkempt in part, though alsu In pari Hell nnd luxurious, siamls
a quaint, long, genuine old log house,
to whloh the addition of a second storey und wide verandahs round thr.-o
siai. s give a charming air of pictures-
queness, The limn d"ellnes to a sandy
narrow beach whereon laps the water
ol uld Lake sin e, to iho rlgiht Is a
belt a.f magnificent willows, beautiful
In their grey-green foliage, and beneath
their boughs runs a wide creek fringed
wilh lhe rich red rools of the Ire.-s.
1'p behind tho time-worn house on tho
bank of lhe lake whirls n tall red windmill sending a supply of water to the
big tank on lop of the modern stables,
ami directly beneath the bank Is a
bubbling spring, ils crystal-clear water
strongly Impregnated with sulphur, bc-
lloved by the folks ubout to have vast
healing qualities, There, too, came m»n
nnd maidens In canoo and boat lo havo
a chat.
Inside ,1," house, past the huge front
door with the long panes of glass on
each side, so universal in lhe early days
rn' pioneer Canada, a ,lny hall opens
ou either side to two large rooms, quite
Imposing in size, and with great windows opening In, over broad sills; In
each room are enormous fireplaces with
lull, narrow mantels, and big dig Irons,
on which ever repose logs ready for
lighting should bile evenings turn chilly.
Basket chairs, bright cushions, flown s
from the garden and ferns from the
woods, with one nr two comfortable
rugs on tho bnre tloor, with flowered
muslin curtains on ihe nualnt windows
mode up a delightful sitting room, the
dining room being restricted to table
uml necessary chairs, and one hugo
sofa in Iho corner. The bedrooms nro
upstairs, except tho qunint bachelor's
apartment opening out of tho sitting-
room, from whose casement lhe happy
occupant escapes lo his dip in the lake
n lew yards away.
Breakfast (none too early) over, tin
handsome chestnut horse "A. D. C."
comes up to the verandah In company
with "Ellen," the cjw, each mousing
about until Ihe dally lumps of sugar are
given, A. D. I'., later on, making an
Incursion of his own on to tho verandah, and thence Inlo Iho big pantry,
where he evidently looked on tho sink
In the light of a mangerl On the verandah Is a large hammock, wherein each
member ot tho family, down lo ths
baby of three years, snoozes away ths
hot hours, while the locust sings the
strain of "heat, heat, h«at." A charming motor launch Is near by, ready te
take tlioso who wish It lo tho pretty
lown opposite, whore tobacco, pajiars,
stamps and groceries are procurable,
The sailboat has Its devotees, and, llko
a white bird, darts over the water at
all times, while those who prefer rowing nml Ihelr way up the "Lover's
Creek" under the shade.
A large garden furnishes red raspberries in iibuiidunce, with a huge bad
of pink nnd white stocks, grown wild,
and forests of poppies and sunflowers
for the house. Vegetables galoro also
are picked, and nearby a chicken run
give delicious eggs. Picnics nro organized t'i numberless pretty points, drlvos
on tho excellent country roads, and
bridge claims Its devotees In the -von-
Ing. The moonlight Is wonderful In the
long evenings, nnd from tbe verandah
hammock one of tho party repeals with
declamatory f ree long stanzas ot
poetry, gravo nnd guy. uml there Is perhaps tlm lilt of a song, with stories ol
camp and navel. These, wlUi the whits,
glittering radiance on tho hike, and
long shadows cast from lhe gabled
houso, mnko a lovely pleturo for lbs
merry gruip lo remember for many a
day. The dally swims In the soft lake
waters, tho walks In Iho glorious woods
surrounding the place, und, above all,
the sleeping, dny and night, In Ihe pum
air. form tbo grandest tonic for young
and old. Ph itogrophltlg Is much Indulged 1.1, and many a pretty or ludicrous group reminds one ot the delightful days spent In tho old-tliuc Canadian homo.
To Tent   lliiini.
To lest the puriiy of butler smenr
n little on a piece of clean whlto paper,
roll up the paper und burn It.   If tlio
bullet' Is pure Ibo smell of tbe burning ,
paper will not prove iinplonsiint, but j
If tho btttlor is mil pure a distinct odor
Of tllllOW  I.S IIQlleeillile
•iulil inin..
Tho Oneness of our gold coins Is
nhout UO per tent.
Universally Acknowledged
to be superior to the finest Japan
Get a Trial Packet to-day
Lead    Packets    Only,    40c,   50c,   and    60e,    per    tb.   At   all   Grocers.
The Best
Hair Tonic
Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Bav
sewer, It tones up, invigoratea,
strengthens Uio hair-bulbs. Ths hair
grown iii-tor, thicker; stops fallint
out; doss not split at tha snda.
Tested and tried lor halt a century.
Vol Iti.  wbtlk.1.  and   mooiu.lt.  w,  aa*a«
-tuim.-Kiuiirs DTK. li e.mr. .tiok kwn
°2ast Is East."
Tie- opening of a new Jain temple In
Ferozepauc   India,   was   recontly   iho
s i" "f ii great popular gathering,
The l.ieiii Jain Panchayat hud built a
splendid temple i" Parosnath and representatives of ,h ' community were Invited Irom nil parts nf the empire to
i'lie ism tn the Installation of tho
"Thakur." As among ihe Hindoos, tha
ceremony Is called Pratlshtha, Tho
Joins Install ihe Image on n llirono,
while the minimis priests officiate,
but laymen em perform the corem my
among the Jains.
Thero were 7.mm tents pitched on a
plain for the 3,i.0'M) guesis. Three hun-
dn 1 cairlagos wero kepi ut Ihelr ills.
posal, A smir nf Bevernl hundred
servants was employed to wall "n
iiiiui. Xo delay occurred In teedlng
this grent In.st twice every day fair
Ihl' lays.
A gigantic ludd an or cake made of
ihe best materials was pres nted to
every man, woman ami child tn servo
us rations returning home. Sixteen
tiulii and silver curs were taken In pro-
cession through th- main streets, several of tins'' sacred nnd costly vehicles
coming Irom si far "if as AJmere and
The Forbidden In London.
A noted clergyman and nutlnr was
talking to a group of young men.
"iiaiir the wrong things you chaps
do," he siid, "ymi i,nly do because they
are forbidden. If you didn't know they
wero lofbldden, If you didn't know they
wen' wrong, they would only seem to
you disgusting ami repugnant,
"I strolled one spring morning In a
beautiful park.
"i.nnk Inie.' I said to one of tho
guards, 'why do you hove "Keep tiff iho
Onus" sinus all over the park? You
don'l seem t,, t nf..:'.'.. the rule.'
"'No, sir,' suld lhe guard, 'The oh-
Joct of the sign is i.i cause tl,,' pa pie
lo more thoroughly enjoy being on the
Lady's Remarkable Swim.
A long-distance swim by members ol
tho Kingston Ladies' Swimming Club
has resulled in some extraordinary performances, and especially that of Miss
Ethel Llttlowood. Th" laily, who Is a
hospital nurse and 23 years of nge,
started from Bunbury Lock at 9 a. in.
and did not leave the water until she
reached tho Islew -rth Rato of Kww
Gardens at S p. m. She was In ine water for eleven hours, and swum o distance of about 16 miles. Threo oilier
ladles. Miss r>. Muehln, Miss Lowe and
Miss C. Machln, remained In tho water
about nine hours.
Length of tho Law.
Rome faint Idea of the bulk nf the
English records may b. obtained by ad-
vertlng to tho tact that n single statute, tho land tax oommlasloners' act.
passed In the first year of the reign
of fjeorge IV., measures, when unrolled,
upward of 900 feel. If ever It should become necessary to consult the fearful
volume, r.n shlo-bodled man must be
employed during Hire" leoirs In colling
and unrolling Its folds!—London Au-
Tn Clean F.yriiln..e.,
Lot oyoglnsscs lie In alcohol for n
few moments, then polish with chamois,
If the glasses are sol Into gold fl'lllni'S,
ii Hue camel's hair brush will lift ibo
dust from tho elites uml make Ihem
look like now.
Hope  lli Hi;'-.
Ill tho ennyons of lhe Andes bridges
from precipice lo precipice are iniiile of
rope cables joined liy smaller strands
lu make a trough shapod bridge,
Houml  In ,liiitl.
In tho Jewel houso of [ho Tower of
London there is n book bound throughout ill gold, even lo the wires of the
binges, lis clasps urn Iwo rubles set
ut onposlte ends nf four guidon links.
i."mi Tools.
Have good tools, oven if they have
lo be few, for your work, no matter
Whether It Is art in somo one iif ii i varied forms, business or housework.
The quality of your tools will reduce
llie wear,unl leal- of the work on your
,"iii|nT In a minimum.
1.1,-1,1 lent   Sit,tie,.
Emerald nml beryl nn' composed of
precisely tho samo substnnce, oxcopt
for coloring mailer, Amethyst uml
rock crystal aro likewise Identical.
Mothor-of-pcnrl is the bard, silvery,
brilliant substance which forms ihe internal layers of several kinds of shells.
The Interior of our common oyster
shells Is of Ibis nnliire, bul lhe mother-
of peiirl used iii II ris Is much more
variegated with u piny ot colors, Tlie
largo shells of the Indian BOSS nlone
havo  this pearly substance ot stilll-
I'll'll, UllCkBaWl.tO I**' "f "-*
I, p\m
Fog Whistle Fools Moose.
Whether or not the fog whistle at th
entrance to St. John harbor should bo
compelled to take out o gamo license
would soom to be a quesilon to bo decided by the gamo commission, says a
Bpechil despatch from St. John, N. It,
lo The New York Tilbuno. I'artrldgc
Island Is situated about two miles
from tho City of St. John, nnd on It Is
ono ot tho principal signal stations. A
fmv months ago there wns Installo-l
on the Island a new fog whlstlo which
has been ths cause of much axel
muni among the iiiomi which haunt
the woods around the city. This whls
lis gives a lone drawn out blow In i
lonv note and ends the blast with a
short sounding blow two tones lower,
Ths whistle exactly Imitates the call ol
a cow moose and Is having Iho effeot
ot such calls.
It ts not uncommon for mnoss to final
their way into thi City and walk qulcl-
ly through tho streets during tho earlier hours of the day, They are never
molested and hnve grown bold. Since
the now fog whistle was established
these wandering moose have become
moro plentiful and there Is no doubt
that they nro attracted by what Ihey
think Is the call ot their mates, The
bull moose stroll calmly through Talr-
villa and Lancaster to tha water's
edgo nni tlmn nltempt to swim to the
Island. N'aane hove ovor swam tho full
distance, lor before reaohlng iho island
they   evidently   I niie   awaro   that
things aro not whut they seem and
that thare is something wrung with ths
call. Huntsmen are anxiously await*
ing tho open season, when the moosi
ars likely to be depleted In numbers,
The Crime of Youth.
One resolution to be lound In being youthful I. unit we ara a long way
from Dr. Oiler's cliliriitu.'in bo,tie.--at.
Thomas Journal
Wanted. An old %r*y wig to wear
while writing editorial in.it,er We are
too youthful looking lo intlsfy our local
contemporary.— Toronto Star,
Ikoy, Sr. -Vat vottld you do,  Ikoy,
ii there vns u liu* 111 del' ttoref
Ikoy..Ir.   (lo got de insurance man.
Vory ninny   poisons   die   nniinally
from cholera   end   kindred   summer
complaints,   who   might    hnvo   boon
saved if proper remedies hmi beon
used. If nttaokod do not delay in
gettilld ii bottle of Dr, J, 1). Kellogg's
Dysentery Cordial, the medicine that
never foils to effort n cure. Those
who hnvo used it sny it nets promptly,
end thoroughly subdues the pain nnd
•Innios Toiulins'ui of Wiiul-or was
sentenced to two weeks' Imprisonment
for deserting from the D-miulon
crui-er Vigilant,
Minard's Liniment for sale evevywher.
Have ynu over beard spinach railed
"Iho broom of the stomach?" Il Is tho
most valuable of nil vegetables and
saves ninny (lines Ils cost In doctor
bills and medicine.
Queer I ml. I linrnl.
An emblem of good luck, a slufTiil
crocodile, is seon over many doors nud
gateways In Cairo, The custom of putting this animal lu exalted positions
corresponds exactly to nur custom of
nailing n horseshoe over the dour.
Call Iron Senle.
Cast Iron scale Is harder thnn torn-
'...I-.! ^..y„'.'..i
' ►-«-:/•  ► IH t PR O 0 f i&&_
Th»r« is no satisfaction keentr
than beirnj dry and comfortablt
when out In th* hanlest etomv
V\\A^     tfJOUWBAB.
* i wuiicvtarwHUli
The Han Who Thinks
He Mosl Pay Big Prices
in order lo gel latisfactorjr
Underwear, hai never enjoyed
the ease snd comfort of
" Unshrinkable"
ll ii m-ale by Canadian*—
(or (jii'Ailuina i BUS to fit al
figure- and wngliti to luit all
Canadian rJimalei.
And il doci not ct-Jl much,
Ju* fed youi ilf.trt lo ihtiw pi
ST A,M I I.I.l)'S    ii,.  U-dniM
llaat wi n i .i.iit.l    Enry
(aim-Ill [-taianlwtl ,
Real Estate
We have enquiries for good
Business and Residential
property. Mit yours uitli
ns. Ue do the busiuoss,
Cniumit us beforu buying,,
Junction Bilock
North Vancouver,
•     B..-9.
I.nrno stock ol HOMK-liROWN Frnii
nml Ormtiiioiitu! Trees now inntiircil for
the fall trade.
No expense, Ins- or deluy of fumigation 'irli apection.
Ile:i,li|iiniia rs for I'.n nl-' Cuast-pirowti
Garden, 1'ield, nml I lower Seed" in
HI K SITW.IKS, S|,ray Pumps,
Whale ,n. Soup, Urei nlioiisc I'litnts,
I'm Fluwers linllis fur full plaiitiug,
IVi  i  business on our min groiiinl
no rem 11 |iiiy and nre prepared tu rn." i
all a'  ■ ip Illil.M
I. i nm price your lis, before placing
your orler,
Calulogiie tree.
SOIOAVestmlnsterUoad, Vancouver, IH'.
• — *■ — —.. — — -—— — •
271: U)T 21. BLOCK 152 FOR
The  North  Vancouver Specialist
Ifil tordova Street.
" 1 suppose," s.iiil the reporter, " that it is true that
ynu intend in build to Vancouver alsu?"
"You may depend upon it," said Mr, Hays, "we
will have to come to Vancouver sometime."
There being no location to be had in Vancouver, it
is self-evident that North Vancouver will be the terminal.
Tin Vancouver, Westminster nnil Yukon Railway now
have survey parties out making permanent locations lor
their road to the north.
The car-barns and headquarters ol lhe B ('. Electric
Railway Compan) are located in District Lot 273.
il'iTIII li 0, SITU
liiirrisiiT, Solicitor, Xiilary, Etc.
TnnMW*>K Itl'iK. tCuilTH ViHrOVVKR, B, C.
um.B Mi ia-.s, m a 1 L. 11.tas. i'
Sllltll 1/  II, .1  ■ .*   V   II . a. IK. II. A.
* ♦X»X»X»)l(»X»)l(»I»I»)K»)Ka»I»I»lK»)KaWK»il^»^»)K^^ 1
ier Beer
Ip .1 glorious beverage—quenching and
satisfying. Remember there's no other
"jusi its* good"—insist on getting Rainier.
Vancouver, B. C.
♦ 4.|.*x«>'x#+*^4'+44.4^4^^'+*4.*+>+4H-*-l-.^K*,*»,'!:*'-l*4!l-*M:.«t
Western Corporation, Ltd.
Having in operation it sawmill in North
Vancouver we art' prepared lo dclivor all kinda of
Vancouver City Prices. Call and sue for yourselves.
412 Hastings Street West, Vancouver, B.C.
Iliirristiu Solieitors,
Kutarios, Elf,
llrriak-   II   K. A.  I, ."... "iivvr.   lei
,lllll'll.  II    ,1 laa a     *-'■'■-11     '.'lllll lalltf T
Upert Conveyancing, Etc,
Vi. j. IRWIN,
ilflllf! t'l.KANIXU,   I'ltKSSINii,
R, Kerr Houlgate, Manager
Mum: to uiftmcim
'J     I   !   |\  I   I'    ll)     |||l     IU     .l-l.'la.al.    a;
nl, 11. 'ni.. r Ltitli, I ir 11   ia' in- nml
..    II       - tu  SI    ,li in.'-  elilllfli. Kuril
1 ...   .,,..
Hun- mnl -peeilienli'in- Mill}' lie (It'll
ill   111 .    aallla.
II       \     -lit''..
-■ ,'1-,'l.ll't    ,"  ,1," Cillllll   "tl"'.
IIKI'AIUl.NilAXI).MAI>BT .nil:     Siil--cr.be for Till  lis Ki
ufiouni s KEBHEay. 442 Pi:NDER ST. i        *»«v».
IS 111 HI lil
\\ 1 Im*.' ri niiii uv, ry Inui-,' li.-U'u wiili u**, ami
for tlm Insl few i\ ***k« lieun tun,Jul' uuinur
ous customers away.
Wo have orders irom over fifty responsible
tenants for houses of from four to seven rooms,
with modi 11 conveniences, Rt rentals from $15 to
>:i" per in mtli; also several houses with from seven
to twelve rooms iviinti d, nl renttils from §30 to $">U
per inonili, If you havt'a house for rent or sale,
■   e notify us inn    Iii lely.
wanted , lose-in lots, Id* cks nnd acreage,
at reiisunalile prict's,   We have cash customers
- (1 'ii(j rn bi in*' li d in Nortli Van
j couver property, and if you wish to maken cash
', . rices, without delay, you are request
ed to    '. with u- immediately,
j        Yours tru
; Con er I        iln Ave, nild I'ifth St.
District of North
PHI.' HUNCH,  invites  tet,.i,T-   |,,r   j*""-1
1    tin- (iiIIih*in,* mirkm k- t.'-^it"'
|. l-ur a-iu'.. iiLiiii: |.;ir, ni l-.ai;!. r.aii.l,   pcfa '<$*;'
a.tuietl llatt'.-li.' uvelllle llllll   Alurillllitl
.:  1..! clenrinv gruhbini, ami grit-liii),
,11 J. i - •-• a -1 a - - la, ,'.l|,|i, nm iirnl^.'".
li. I'm ele iri,,'.'. itrul,I'ii,a: mnl r.r.ialin;:
lltiviutillll til Kuitll I'i'll'l lle.ll'.Inllil Kuv'-
I. I',r clearing mill   griml'lug   iilpi'
'/nek 01    Siitliurliuiil   iiveiuie.   from
-rV.'lll.-lllli l'i  Sllltt-flllll  -trt'"l-
5, Km I'li'iiriiii. .Tiililiiin'mul uniilint
"UT Iwo niiii.- ill ra'ii'l- in I.J1111 Villi.,)'.
All 1 ,1.nn tn s| Illeatl.un In he lu'iil
n ih.' \i 11 ri|.iil luili,   -,.ila"l tonilL-rn,
alitli lie usitH, Uilli*) !'■■ in ut the Mum
til In   7:30 p. III. nu llie 17U
Am:-. I'iiii.ii-,
('. M.O,
nm k power co.
Commi m inu da ioiikk ,. igo6,
CM 1 I'M., ?i ■'■•                        l --I R\ E, (-1,043 .
1  1 Montri al,
H -                  ■                   1 I.a '        ipt. oil ran, 1, 1
lill,,'                                                                                                            -
Hodl •■• 1*'       '           '    '' ■     'lib Urnnil,     ■ an, otiv,,
V a V 1  -..  1                                              1   1
- .1   ".         1 '   ;  I                      a      .              .   • ■                   in            |IV   .I'l
Offiir, Cor. LonsddtH \>.c. ami lipl.m.iilp. Wih Vancouver,B, (.
i.l.tvi   • 11
I ISClll v 1 II
I. au
'     all
- ;.,
'I '.'II
1 10:211
11 1111
11 .'ill
12 :;..
1 20
2 '111
I '.'.,
5 i.'ii,
ia :;:,
- Hli
II in
11 :1.1
' Ati'lU'VH.
|     I.''
. 0:01
|u in
..  liim
.   Ill.'a
. 1:00
. full,
Rolled Oat*
Iliifj end Teed
11.. Sk'i.ckman -Kt\r
Milling Co.
Marry Mitchell, local manager,
Lonsdnle Avenue.
British Columbia Flectric Railway Co., Ltd.
TIM I. T.\ltl.i:-N,.,H'll VAM' (ITVER
Ai.rxaniir- I'ark—ilstiS :i. in., ii:25, 0:45, 7:05, 7:25, 7:15, 8:10, new, R;30,
0:10, 11:80, 11:50, 10:10, 10:80, I0:50, 11:10, 11:80, 11:50, 12:10, 12:30, 12:50,
Frbuv—11:15*. in-, 11:85, 11.86, 7:15, 7:115, 8:00, 8:20, 8:40. 0:00, 0:20, 0:10,
10:00, 10:20, II ,40, 11:00, 11:20, 11:40, 12:110, 12:'.1I, I2:4t., l:00|i.in.
.ti.ivt'.ii", I'tiiK l:IH:., in.. 1:80, 1:50, 2:10, 2:110, 2:5u, ,1:1U, 8:80, 8:50,
1:10, i::.ii. I 50, 5 Hi. 5:80, 5:.'itl ll-|U, Hi 0, 8:50, 7:l„, 7:30, 8:00, 8:80, ll UO,
'a;:,... |i ;00, 10:80, II OO, 11:30, 12:00.
In: n   i :'• |. in , ' m. :' 00, 2:20, 2:40, 3:00, 3:20, :':iu. 4:00, 4:20, 4:iu,
.' "a  ', HI. HilK, 11:20, (1:40. 7:00,7:20, 7:40, 8:16, 8:6, 0'.16, 0:45, 10:15,
in ,..  11:15  11:45, 12:15.
Siwiuvs- far,, -mn (rum Alexuiulrii |mrk nt 8:10, ami cuiiuecl «iili Ilio8:30
illi- lillle tlll'le i- -llltjel'l In itlteriltinll. IV.  II.  Ill MIIIKV.
H.A.S1UW       MRS. H.A.SHAW
Real Estate and Insurance       ™« m «>CDS siorl.
vmi H-ni iiiui ii ri'-.t iy ui nun ..I*«ui.itt' tu ,s'(i,nr price*, and in munc. canes
HT   HU' I" l"lf I'lll,lll|{ Hill' tll'ltl. I
elictijter than city.
Fine, health*.- Tomato anil
Cauliflower Plants, grown (mi,,
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand,
Ale and Stout
1,1   ItUttUH,  Ka-u-a Iltl   >   ||ir«,
ii,. i'in|,i, Brewing Co., Lid,
TBI,, .ml
IW  N'OI ll tO gQ  I'l Villi.-.niver lur
Plll'll ti'.rk »lieii it i-iiii  lie .-.a *ntl"flll"
t'liilt tiuiie hum.
I', Laraon, Prop,
Barber Shop and Bath Rooms
Good Work.      Good Shine.      Good Baths.
Btiy Cream
(20 Ounce Tins)
2  FOR 25  CENTS.
J. A. McMILLAN, the E*|)!anade


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