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 • v^
\Tiliiiin  Id
North Vancouvei., B.C., July 15, 11)10
Number 19
Ratepayers' Representatives Report on Conference With
With Council  Leads to  Many  Drastic
Resolutions Being Passed
nml   straight grades to   sth tion ol modified benches of j gk out North Vancouver  and
street.    In 1909 the council had p.i. would remove the most oh- allow theni to operate on high
passed lull bench grades aiid he jeiUnliable leature of having   a it  grades in other place! in tut
affirmed  that a plebiscite  had drop ol six and a half feel  bi  province.   lie thought not.
heen   taken   oil   this   when the tween the curb levels al the in-     The speaker spoke of the   itti-
141" council were elected as lie teriectiona ol the cast and weit portanci   of   refraining   from
Ratepaven'    Association    had streets,   rarely   this was a (air drawing a iiiii  ollicial into   a
declared   lor   bench   grades and and      IqUatl    halfway     com   controversy*      He    could    not
this uas mie of the planks   on promise.     Unfortunately    this proper.) do his nork   knowing
which tlnir candidates  weie il- loiuessioii     did     not    Satisfy that he was not ill accord with
cited,     l.ater in  U)lo he    said .Messrs.   Irwin, Sihult/,  Smith liiujoiily   ol   the   aldermen. To
ihat another eonuiiission ol cm and   Fowler,  Ihey asked   lor get useful senilis, commented
giiieets had been appoiutcil ami limre. Mr.   Henderson,   we must   give
lliev   had   declared    (or   beach     The solutions put  lorward b)   ltitualaiiile.il.    He said   that
grades aiiil illis uas not accep- .Mr. Cameron on behalf of the last Honda; evening the engin-
  tnl.     Mr. Dick said he did not ("t'r aldermen did m>t appeal to eer was out tiling to save   tlu-
J7    "l ■ D L A        *        1  1 C     Lil *L t'1'"'<  *'r'   (-a,la'r""   '" hit re- me as being either in tiie   best city's   vv.iUr supple   and what
r auure  to Keacn  an  Amicable  settlement1"iu ihec°»«.i] should tai»t«tauoitha dty or oiprnc-waahb reward ittu that
taken seiioiislv as he had been iic.il application. Ins gradea for lour of the aldermen Mpiraaded
Called in to elucidate the the street intiriectiotu being him in appointing two engin*
straight gradei and not to give greatly   in  excess  of those al   ctis our his head,
his opinion "tl the best method lowed in the practice ol mnnkf He likened the position of tlu-
to be adopted in lhe city. The pal engineering as applied to tin engineer as between ihe
I Speaker contended that the sad* the paving ol streets. The d —- and the deep blue sea.
ty of the public was belter sav- most serious objection in mv Are von going to allow this, hied on bench gradei than opinion, to Bagineer Cameron'i asked. Cries of "No" was tlu
Wednesday eveniag'i nice, in,- and Smith was lubmitted sel like their reference to Westmin- straight grades. A car would report is to be found in the response, Mr. Henderson then
Larson's pavilion when the re- ting lorth their reasons lor re- ster Ave. and Granville street run (aster down a straight paragraph whiih 1 quote ver- drew attention to the profile!
pieseiilatives ol tin* ratepayers lusul. Willi yottT permission I south, is, we submit, not lion- grade while the beiiihes W..11I1I balittl "Should I.ousdale Ave. whieh had been compiled from
ippointed to conlet with the will read this aiid endeavor lo estlv made a.s sdeh conditions ml as a set u, the brakes ami continue t" he the iranuvuv Knginecr Cameron's Inures and
ciiy council relative to tOeclin; point out wine at least of its as Instanced by Mr. Clement, also in the manner ol a nnd centre of the ciiv such pro- itatemeati and whiih was a
a settlement   of   the   grades inconsistencies, do not exist on this side of the 'switch, which ia now usid,  •<   vision (or a direct eaat   and hibited tm a large map at lhe
queation   *aa   the   largest   .,nd 1 This report appeared in issue Inlet.      Neither     Westminster every    street    crossing,       Mi west Service would be cun   111   front ol the ball and hand top
most  eiithiisi.istu    ol   .un 1,1 of '.lulv uih.) Ave nor Oram ilie streei south Diik then drew attention io 1 11 necessary."    I must have   iha lea   were   also   distiibutul    a*
held     Tin pavilion was if u.l At the close of the lits| para- is      intersected    by     business large   profile   of   the glades 011 interpretation    of   that    para   mong the crowd.    Pointing lo
id  In the doors,   among   llus- graph thev state tlieir object to streets, neither are siuli stnets  the   east   and   wesl    slit its at graph to the electors, to litvsiK plan or solution No.   1. he said
present wai a number ol  ladles be: "To maintain the easiest aa do internet, paved,    li   in their  intersection  with   l.ous* Mr. Cameron'i estimate of the that on the moth side ol iln-
who had been attracted b]   ih. and moat practical gradei  ob-jtimc  lo come,  the paving  uf j dale avenue which waa tompil-future  value of the cast   ind eaat  ami west  street where it
popularity ol  this   Important tainable WITHOUT KaunlVingjtheae interaecting streets is de ed from the fignren and  itate- weat itreeta in the development^intersected wilh Lonadale Ave.
colitroicisi anv slreel.''    (In ihe DeXl page tided upon, benching must Hull ments   oi   Alt'.   Cauicioii    who ol this citv as c niparnl   with the plan provided lor I 20 loot
Tin meeting resulted   In   lhe is quoted an excerpt Irom  »he be adopted, this is conceded by gave Ihem as a possible adjust- I.oiisdulc Ave, is perfect!) clear, sidewalk with 1 | p.c. drop m
adoption of the committee! re report of Mr.  Clemen-,   wh.. the best engineers.                  ,m.„t ,,[ the diilerences.   The    lu concluding my report   lojto the roadway on tta   souih
port and ihe passing ,,[ ,, r.s.. navi   "Where yeai   ol nne 'ms    The    concluding   paragraph speaker said  thai Mr. Header- tta electon  I would take  the side the stdewafi. was 1 2 p. c.
.ution of indignation   with the led pi..putt ownera to conaidei practically dismissed the  com- son wonld explain them but he present opportnnit) ol condetn  •■'ade.    To eoufortn  with the
majority of the council la  re tta grade as establish,,1, it   ,s mittee,                                wished to point ont that Jo pa ning most  itrongl)   and tm grade oi about 8.7 mi Lonsdah-
gar.l to their resolution calling justifiable to SACRIH1CK   tta    Mr. W. .1. Dick said that   in cent, as shown on tta roadway phatkally   tta peniatent exag   Ave  the curb'on the norih side
In Engineer! Cameron and Tra-intersecting side stnets  [or .1 Februar)   1908 there had  been was  Impracticable   (or  traffic[geration given to the proposed "I  tta  east  and  west  slreet
ni      A motion   was     pas id hundred   and   bin    lui   lather a motion passu! ill the touncil and on pluli   No. I 1, per cenl.  increase in lhe prisetit grade ol would   he   about h  feet   higher
calling  i..r  ihe resignation  of [than   Increaai  tin   grade   on which wu moved by  Aid.  Ir  „n tta sidewalks waa daageroui, I.ousdale Ave,     in ..nix    two than tta south one.    Provided
Aid   s.hult/  and  another ap north and sonth streets."         win changing tta grade at the to pedeatriaaa,                       blocb would tta grade for the|that on thia a 40 foot roadwa)
pointiag 1 committee to keep Here it  is stated  In unmia corner of tat Btreet to 5.1  per    Mr. D,  W. Eeevm mtwposed suggested compromise reach a-'coaaideriag tta atreet was   fta
in  touch  with  publii   .iii.nis taxable terma, th.it tta) DO in cent.   He said thai previously with tta question as to whs bout 10 per cent, and the jper leet wide, 1 m foot lUowaan
The mayor was   al-.,, asked   to lend   to sauiln,  the easl   and il had heell a  ) per ulit   bench ther  Mr.  Catiieioii had author   cent   benches Would    re than of ahollt a 1 p. c. gradi had to
call a publii meeting to leceive weal itreeti throughout Itaea and ta ili'I not understand whv U{1\   the   plans   at had sun compensate for ihis increase in he made for a double iar  lim
and   loiisidei   th,  Sei.tnl   N.n    tire    business   Utt,   lt"in   lhe the    couniil    could   not    now ihem.        Mr.    Henderson    ex- connection   wiih team haulage, thai   would meal than on   the
rowi bridge plana and location  water Iront to the Keith Road change tta grid* back to a  ) plained that ta had drawn  tta it  doea not  necessarily follow i" leet  at either side „f   ihe
Among thos,* preient   at   tin   That   tin   sacrifice   of   the e.isl p,r unt   ii thev could alter   it  profiles   (rom   lhe   latins   and .is   Hggeited   hv Mr   Cain,r,,n n.n ks there would le a   grade
meeting nm Uayoi Hay, Aid. and  mst  sit,*,is .,t  Intend Irom ., i t" a 5 percent; bench  statements ol Mt. Cameron at that teams wonld halt on  ilu "( \o p. c,     This uas, he af-
MiNcish.    Irwin,   McKae    atul lions    nieaiis   lhe   ncrifice    ol Tlie   speaker   then   traced the the conference aiid which slat■ ■ iiiti-rseilmils,    as   the   I eiiihes firmed, impracucahli- to traffii
Silnili/    .nnl    Committeemen these itreeta throughout   their ,,,,,i,* controvtray in tta   city menta had been taken down bv would constitute a little less    I'l.m or solution .No. 1. show
.las    Hat,   A   tt    Saijelii,   W    entire length, as business   llu.r   ii,,m its inception iii .lulv In,.;  l-.ttgitieer llalles. '   than   one loitrth    of    the    dis   i'l a -, D   1. grade .,11   l.onsdalc
I.  lioiili, tt   .1  link and A .1   oiighiurcs,  lu the interposition when amotion wu paaaed to    Mr. Henderson was ilu- next tance between  the wharl snd Ave. with a bench of \ f. t. be-
l.uksoii ,,f   these  obstiuiti'n-   1"   east  insti in I   the  engineer   to    pre   of the loiniiiitlee to npott. He Sth stn, 1. siinli  the iiitiodm   tween   lhe   curbs of ihe   intt-r-
p.ut a permanent grade to   sth said that  while nCOgniliag the tion   "I the J per Celt, benches KCting east  allil nest    streets,
street.    In August this was re   experience ami stains . I   th s   would he littler lhan the pics  This, he explained, Would mean
chairman   ol  the   committee, ami  west   traffic,  will readil)
lias   uu,iionl.ibll   absent,     anil   be seen ;  .lis,,,   the   Icallly    . tli
Mr.   Sargent was appointed   in hainn.nt  to ,,ur stnets mil le M„„|e,|    Sept.  ihtll lhe Engin- engineers who formed the com   nit   ittitl continuous grade.    I  that "ti the north side   of   the
After a lew  |nlim   destroyed f"t  all tune locome   tttitUj   News   was appealed   to mission   appointed bv the   city should mention lhat lhe profile intersecting     east     and    west
Pnrthei on tint declare tlnir .,,,,1   i|u.   answer   was   that council to advise them, taped on tta lines of thia compromise streets   tin- sidewalk    wuuld
objection   i"   aa Increaai   of bench    grades    were mpcriot ally the ven  valuable expert- has luen approved by tta foar slops into the street on a 9 p.c.
grade oil I.oiisilah  Avenue from  |,,   ..u.iight gradea,     Oll   Oil. eme ol RngllWtt Thompson, lie aldermen, signed by ilie niavor gratle   and lhe south   sidewalk
X- lo 1,1 -, btiaitse ilns increaai m* tta ls">7 engineers'   report fell   that   consideration   should and city clerk and siahd bv the would   slope into th' buildings
had been preuoiisli rejected bv „,,s received,    (in (Ki. :*sih ., W given to the views ol  Ihow civil seal and should have heen also on a g p.c. grade  which
thelll, and   therefore Could   Hot  motion   Ul accept    the     report who looked willl great disfavor registered    loiij,    since   il     the WOttld COaatitaU a gtttt« along
be   regarded as a ioiii|*r..]nise    ttils |(isl  lU(| <l1l(,tlu-r motion to at anv proposal to increase the council   had obeyed the itatntl would slope   inlo lhe buildings
rn* submit    Al all gradei havi accept   the report   to the norlh present grade of I.oiisdale An.; under whiih thev work, the ele- whiih   would   be   not only   un-
bien alternate!) accepted 01 re sl,h a,i ist itreet was carried  I thought ihat if a compromise ctors should insist upon the to- sightly but was extremely dan-
queslid to outline in   general jected by them, this cannot  te in November oa motion of Aid could he elected by taking tin* giatration oi this profile forth- geroui to pedestrians,
ttrtns, lhe result of the confel    Mged as a valid reason lor   tc   irwjn   and   Smith   the   report mean   between the present   V; with.                                                Mr     'anus 11,iv   xerificd Mr.
eme ol nair committee arith'JKtlou,                                 ms recouaidatfed.   About Nov, per   cent, grade oa  loioitU In regard to.tta threat ot the Henderson's statements in rc-
Ita cm council "ti the t|lli.slioii     ||   js   to Ih- Holed   that   tluy  tStli il   was decided lo hold   .1 Avenue and the ll.l   per   cent 11. C.   Klectric   Kailway    that gard to the map that had been
ol grades                                       Ii.n,     pr.tiiiialli      al .11 ih mil plebiscite   on the question   hut grade    recommended    in     lhc thev   would remove their   lines drawn [rem itatemeUtl and fig
Thii Committee, as um know,  their   former ridnnla'tis eotttM   011  Nov,  :ist  this was ii-seilid   benching   siheme   by   Engineer ofl  I.oHsdale Ave. if lhe   grade mes of F.ngincrr Cameron.  Hi-
Ills  sli,
man   itin,irks lv  His ttorshi-.
Mr. .less,   tt,Hiatus was un.iiii
niotisli ilu.sen chairman.
Mr   Saiigetit  was tlnn   called
on lo present  the repot 1
In   the absence   ol  the ihaii
man.   Ml.  Jackaon,    I altl    re-
was tinted at a general
iiig iif tin ratepayers on
I line
Ihtll   and   whkh   was   tonicli-
,-,l pursuant to ,, ,, solution 11
the uiiiiiiil that such a lollllnlt
lee he seluted lo i.iiilir with
Ihein' with a view ol run lun:
a s,ilislu, tori settlement "I
lllis important matter \oiit
committee ix-gs to report  as
This t iilttee ban- tint lllc
1.iiuiul ami have distiissul   the
vihoie mattei exhaustive!)   ■ -u
three   oiiusioiis.    Tluy hnve,
also at the request of till- U'lltl
iii, heard the tii vis uf Mr poll
aid Cameron on the subject
These opinions and Mr Culiici
oil's proposed solution ol the
grade problem foi the cily vvill
be presented lo this uieeting hy
Mr. Henderson
As a basis for settlement  the
recommendations contained in
ilu- report of Messrs Thompson
Clement and Hams uas sub
united, allowing a disi it tion ol
"tie per cent, to the ctiejlici 1
Alter a prolonged discussion in.
common ground could 1, reach
id uhiih promised am hopi fol
a    sittleiuetit.       Al   lite     next
meeting, at ita requeal  of tta
council, ilu committee submit
iul in iim oi the lormer, th.it
the sin,1 . ibote Mb sir,el le
Straight graded, and all stnets
below Mb lo lhe waterfront tie
benched lor tluii lull width  at
11 thru- per cent   grade at inttr
set liom ;  this proposal  Was tt
(used In  the usual toti. and   I
hiuiiii   stati uu nt   signed  b\
Messrs. Irwin, Sihult/,   Kowlti
tion thnt  the llight increase ol rd.    On Nov. ;i a motion was Thompson, vi/., a  l" per   tent   was  Increased,   he  Wanted    tO said that Mr   Cameron'i report
tade   would   Ik-   a imti.iir    I" passed   adopting   bench   grades grade   at    lite greatest  iniliua   know  il lhe government   wollld -
.ul.h,   safety,    this  assertion, to ilu- nortli side of ist  sired tion "f the avenue the introdui   allow the B.C.B.S. Co. to sin (Continued on page 5)
>n»f. w/xLK? y%
StOk. W/M-K \ %
3 ^o
^ttlli: iIncH
Thc above is a profile drawn by Mr. A. J. Henderson from data   iil'iin""* I" the Cily Councii and ratepayers lommill'v as providing feasible solutions ol tlic grade uucslion. TWO
Dry Goods and
Gents Furnishing
Lonsdale and Corner Second.
Phone 53
To make room lot new goods ue are selling children!.' sailor
losses an.l two pn a e  suits,  regulal pi ire ,s.>;5.
and fi 50.	
Special line in Ladies' Black Cotton Hose, $)_, a,    j*a
,nial .)': inches.    Three pairs (nr      ....    JUv.
!      Is comin,; si hi   sow  u thk *|* 1M1. to lit'V  BRTORI
I'Kll'I'.s AiitAM 1; AGAIN,
Oil" lot ,111 Sy» -l'"-!, 100x131 ',-'.|, fair tlltKl;  lhe miner ■Ml lulte
inain-v.   Wa* In-vt, ll..- idjoinlni kl listed nt |MB.
iim* i*ii .hi Ki.t-i str,.,*i, iiKixIK feet, st  two
Wa- Imu* .111 f. -. -t  .11 Keith r, .a.l. Iiiiilu Mock frum IST, far |IM
•'all f|..*t   ill Tlilrlein'1   -• r.-.-t. eleiireil, mn* lilnek fr i-»r, ll   . t7|(ll
If tan. it.mi an*    af tha- ul,,,n* ||l*| l|ll|l*kll'.
tt, I'.n*.
A I   Hiirlie
tor. .Stit 4 limvil.ile   Phone 17b       Bran, h Office! inn \ alley
Mr. J, .1 Woodi returned on
Saturda) morning Irmn a trip
to Vancouver Isl.nul in his
launch the "Kleanor".
.1. C, Wilson, wife and son oi
Wilson \- Wilson, general merchant! i'l Balgonle, Sask., is
visiting his lather and mother,
W,  .1*  Wilsiali   Mil stri el  cist.
Miss  Bertha  Sale, sister ol
Mr.  Leonard Sale, the   populai
cin st.itiaaiiii, is spending the
week at Nm I'ort Squamlifa
sin* Intends returning home on
Mis \\ ll Parkin and mo
ther, .Mis Craig, lell oa Mon
d.n   mi a  tun weeki1 irip 1,
Aberdeen,   Wash.,   where    the
mil be ilic gueltl ol Mrs. Par
kin's brother, Mr. J, C. Craig,
Mr.    W     II    Parkin  expects   to
join   thelll in Seattle   011   iheir
return journey,
Ur ami Mrs. Sidney Hum
phtev's returned (rom tlu-ir lum
ev 1 u trip l" Seattle atul Vii
toria last evening, Thev expressed themselves as highly
delighted wilh tlnir pleasant
holiday, Their line 1 usgahra
oil Kino slreet whiih had I e.tl
furnished and fitted out pre'.i
mis to iheir departure on tlu-ir
wedding dav, u.is,1 welcome
destination aflcr the trip.
Work   uill In* itafted shortly The C.P.E, is said to le caaii-
011 the new post olhce al V'er- siderin-* the erection ol a lieu
ni'ii* station    at     Al.botslotd The
  same coinpanv will 1 tiiltl ,1 tu-ti
Revelitoke'i aiiesitmnt ihis tottriit hotel near Proct, 1
vear   is   placid   al :      Kt rv,                       	
1951,353,     improvements, Sl,- Tlu,  ^    n[ Um,lstllk(, w,j,
0J0,  nh. , , . ■ .
plan* a bv law  lol   rail ng »}0,
000 (or the comtruction ol wa
portion   of   the   source  from
which it is to lie derived.
Tin  Prince Rupert   Telepbi ne
terworki before ihe electors in
., ' . , 11 1 « ' 'I 1\S    lit II)
l". expecta to have Iti ivitem     ^      k     .
in    operation   In   the  end    ol
Water rights in Stewart, P.
Will. Wallace Blair ol Wiimi C. have been refused to private
peg, Man , is the architect ior interests bv the provincial gov-
the new C.P.K. Iiunl i" be er eminent until the citiietti ol
eeled at Proctor, IV C   -In Nil   that distriit have selected their
Prince Kupert uill have an
electric lighting plant installid
and owned by the citv before
the winter months. Prince Kn
pert is going ahead uilli the
1111111icip.il ownership platform
as it's leading principle.
A new saw mill is planned I'.i
Nicola Vallei. The Nicola
Valley Lumber Co. will replace
its old mill burned two  yeari
IgO, bv a lieu and modern
structure, The mill will tl located ai Canford.
l.l 111111HIM111111111II111111111H111111111111111111111111111111 H.t
Canyon View Hotel
i'.\i.nsiie (iinuiiils. High-cliti service at modertt, ralea.
Family Roomi 1 n suite with special rates    HomeGreitlj Enlirged,
Buy  trail  tai  summit  ol   Grouse  Mountain,    altitude JOOO  feet.
Scenic Delights      Fishing      Hunting     Mountain Climbing
Unequalled for Holiday, Long or Short
Peers & Boult
r:\l esivie
Ni)(air> Public
mum Vancouver terry iimi imui
R, A llasiull has loiiiiinlli -
ed the ereilioti oi a line n-si
deiue at the north 1 .ist cored
oi the Grand Boulevard and uth
C, II   Goodwin has  itarted
lln- construction ol a houae
which In- piirposes uccttpying
himself on 171I1 street between
St. George'i tti St    Andrew's
.1. P. Crawford is building *
small cottage on his properlv
oil  1 Sth street  east  of St.    An
drew'i Ave. and Mr Rd. Kin-:
is also building a rcsiditiic ill
tile same locality on I Sth
Rncavatini has been st,,rtnl
for the loiitulatioii ol a blodl t..
COntaifl three stoles "ll I."Ils
dale Aii Intueett sth and nth
streei  lot    \|l    J, \\. SkiTlu'lllt
The propertj lies not to a R
Steacy 'i reiidence and lacei G
A. Mi Mum's low of house- on
the east tide "f the aVellllt It
is Ullilelstiaoil Ihal the bl, th
will lie a  ..ne-st.,lev  hllildill-*.
fH4H+HI 11111111 HI 111II1111111111111111111M1111111111111111 I'l i 111
Leave Vau.
*6.2o a.m.
7.3o "
8.30 "
9*15 "
10.15 "
11.15 "
u.15 p.m.
1.15 "
2.15 "
3-15 "
4-15 "
5-15 "
b.15 "
7 25   "
S.15   "
4*1.5   "
i".15   "
•11.19   "
Leave N. Van.    Leave N. Van.      Leave Van
K      A new uiv hall is platilitd for
"6.45 a.m.
7.50   "
8.50   "
9-45   "
10.45   "
n-45   "
12.45 p.m.
1-45 "
J.45 "
3-45 "
4-45 "
545 "
6-45 "
7-45 "
8.45 "
945 '
10.45 "
•n.45 "
• Not
Table subject
•6.20 a.m.
•7.20 "
•8.20 "
10.15 "
11.15 "
12.15 Pm
115 "
2.15 "
3-15 "
4-15 "
6.15 "
7*=5 "
8.15 "
9-15 "
10.15 "
11.15 "
1145   "
• .it Sundat .
to change witlimr.
•6.45 a.m.
*8.oo   "
•8.50 "
9-45 "
10.45 "
n-45 "
12.45 P»>
1 45 "
J.45 "
3-45 "
4 45 "
5 45 "
6.45 "
5-49 "
6*45 "
'M5 '
10.45 "
Hull. I
The C. 1'   K   will build a mu
depot at  Merrill.
Revelstoke   will hau- anothei
lire hall In-fore long,
Two   theatres   iiill le opelled
.,t  Stewart  ihottlv.
Fernie is busi with HWer and
water worki 1 iteuaioni.
A 9)0,000 hospital lllll be ' t
111 ill  .11   Sti Halt
P     *\ PI*       ONLY A FEW LEFT
lapilano Urlme AT $25o a lot
Lots only 3 minutes from this cariine, ideal location;
Good Road to Property.   $25 cash, $10 monthly-
Martinson & Co.
■flllllMllllllllllltlllM I Hill HUM 11 HUH llllll IIIIIIIIMIMIH*
Ham /-,-. P.O /•' t ;-'
Advertise in the "Express"
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
, "\\ * • v irn mvi i " Ciptiin Findlay
1 '    ned i"i JJ i"----''
I * af,*- I ,*,it.*a  V.tl'..ill.r
11**1   • I *.lll * I ily   rwrlt.'   WlLtl
I if 11 Ilm| I *,l'l|>l *llii(l<li
7.30 a.111. 1 in.
* .1.111. 10.00 ,1 in
11.00 11.00 a.m.
IJ.00 I'lll. 1 1 00 I' 111.
p.m. p.m,
. p.m, 18.00 p.m
0 pm halertui Oni> p.m,
9.30 a.m Siund-i fc-.hfd.ilr     *     I4.00p.rn,
17.00 I' in  "  11.00 I'.in,
Single Far- Uft       Two Ticket- tk
Quickeil 1 Norlh Vincouver to th, diitrict beyond
CipilmO  liit.r.      I.a nu li "West Vain meet     miltCS   COUMC*
lioni, without fail, with thi lerrj iteamei  from North Vat*
couver, 11 1" 1 al  if   '■' h, dule
To Hair Dressers
A  S|ihiuliil  lull   Tonic Ihal
Make*. Beautiful llaii
hull      hall      dlessel    sllolllii
knoit about I',11 isiatt Mage, tlu
ijllltk a, tin-  Iini  iiii llin|,  that
does just whal ilns paper tills
;ioii il will do
Parisian Sa.,  is a moat   de
[lighllu] aiid dim rent hali dreea-
'inu, a but  tli.il   mil It  ia
nixed the in int it is applied
|o the stalp Then is bo! a
particle ol stiikittcss in it . it is
not j;rcusi ;   it has   a   delicate
ami refined ."i"i, and 1 .1 trait
Invigorating   tonii   that   mil
main   ban   1 row, il the   hair
rool still sh'.us llu* 1, asl sic,u
ol lile.
Trv a bottle ol Parisian Sage,
It will brighten np th, hair in
two dais
Parisian Hagi   I      n intced
bv   the   l.oiis.lale  I'hartliaC)    to
cure dandruff, itop i.tlim.* halt
and snip iuh in two necks or
iiioiui back,   it is particularly
in demand in women   1 refine
ment.  ul,o desire unit, luxnri-
,iiit bait, ihal Com] linira-
timi l'riti' jo cenl largi
bottle bj   the I.on*.ai ||   i'|ur.
111,111, ol dl"' I   ..I!    I       ■    |ni
paid. Irolll   the  Call.nli,,11 mak-
,,s lhe C.iroux \ll: 1 Poft
I'.rte II Hi
50 Feet Wide
in Blocks Adjoining
District Lot 550
1111 nut mi mu 1 Ki'tiin
MIRTH  ' im nl l Hi
For Prices and Particulars, Apply Io
I.ii..  l.n*
Corner Pender and Seymour Streets ' 0(f,cial %n,s THE EXPRESS, NORTH YANCOUVER, B. C.
TIIK I'h',
"in foot lol on Nye itrest for  |27*5
."ill fool lol mt King strut't  $500
One third ouh, balat.ee l ind 2 year*.
Practically an option al woh termi.
00 ft. iii lirst block on Queen for $676
|175c**h, bilance6, 12, 18 monthi.
60ft. lot on st. .limns, neir Chesterfield, $460
|150onh, balanee l md 2yean,
Double Corner 8l Jiraeund Cheiterfleld, lOOz
132, facing louth, (1000, $200 cash, bilmce
6, 12 iimi is monthi,
213 Lonsdale—Tel. 47. Cor. Nye-Tel. 87
and dw
Her   of
Sundav   was an  uiilor-
dav    for   Mr.   R    .1.
when his grocery itore
■lling house oil the  e,,r-
i uh street and   Mahon
Buy at the
-%*%•%%%%%%-%%'%%'%.&*,%%-%%%'%%% %%«%-%-% %%%■%%%%%%%%%.*•*%%*.
And Save Money
We positively guarantee all our groceries to be the highest
in quality and lowest in price.
^ ou may do well elsewhere but you will do better by buying
a larger loal of belter bread (rom us.
Also by buying
al our parlor
carry a large supply of all kinds at the lowest prices.
Ave. were completely reduced
to an ash heap in less than 30
(minutes. The lire started alioul
'2.,-to p.m. soon after Mr. Smythe had locked up the premise!
to go up to tlic Nortii Vancou
ver hospital to ioin Mrs. Smythe, who was at the hedside ut
their little h-ycar-uld daughter,
who is lying seriously ill there.
The lire was lirst noticed by
some neighbor! who uw the
cloud ot smoke break through
the mot and immediately the
whole building «us a roaring
mass ami so soon was its complete destruction effected thai
the lire department had barely
time to reach the place. The
building was a two-itorey
[rami structure . One halt ot
the ground Hoot was utilixtd as
the grocery store, while the ot
ller Iro&t halt WM llsid as
a storage room. The hack
part and upstairs was DCCUpi*
ed as the living apartments.
Everything within the four
walls was totally destroyed
and it uas au exceedingly fortunate circumstance that Mr.
Smythe had disposed of his
horse alld delivery rig the dav
previous or they might also
have been deitroyed,
The total hiss will exceed S**,
000, and it was covered 11 ilh
an insurance of f],ooo,
The sparks Iioin the ll.imcs
caught onto tlu- roof of Aid.
Fowler's residence al out three-
t|Uarlers of a block oil hut
were extingulihed in lime.
Another   lire uhiih   appeared
very   threatening  for a  time
uis 11 hush lire around the cor-
teui ivhich was in danger for a
while, has passed the danger
lone now, The provincial Iiie
wardena report that they are
having a strenuous time however, .ind as soon as one lire is
brought under control another
Maze h.is .started up in another
locality. I,are;e nanj;.s of 1111.11
have heen engaged and everything is being done to relieve
the situation.
Highlands Potatoes $1.00 per sack.
New Potatoes, 9 lbi. 23 cents.
Best J. fc M. Coffee, fresh roasted and ground, 3 lbs. $1.00
also a grade at 23 cents.
Indian and Ceylon Tea, 3 lbs. $1.00, also all standard grades.
Besl Creamery Butter, 3 lbs. $1.00, also cheaper grade.
Fancy Apples.
Oranges all sizes from 20c. up to 30c. per doz„ guaianteed
not touched by frosl, and sweet and juicy.
Large assortment of English Candies imported and domestic
from 15c. up to 30c.
New Laid F.ggs daily, 40c. |K-r dozen.
Flea Biscuits, large assoitment, 10c. to 25c. per pound.
I'llll!!  126 Fill   Dlllt Iky
i mr ol .viid street and Mahon
'Ave. On account "f there not
being ant lire hulraiits near at
hand the tin- brigade was greatlj  Ii,indie,ipped and 11 ere   ol   a
neiessitv   required   to tight it
without   the aid of water   til'
earl)  the   lollowin-; morning.
The it hole dislrkt is covered
with brush and this is bordered
on the west, south and nortii
mth -recti hush. After midnight the lire licjitcts mie en
aided to stai the progress of
lhe Haines 11 it hin a utt.-in
E, J, Stirling oi Vancouver
pleaded guilty before Magistrate Kealy iii the police court
Saturda} morning to 1 charge
of unlawfully driving aa automobile in North Vancouver at a
greater rate of speed than till
miles  an   hour   tor  which    he
was   taxed S.
5,     In Impoiing
The large LMah lire in and to
the north of l.ynn Vallev is reported to be well in lund this
1110011111;. The worst was feared last  night,   inu iaatead "t
threading south lhe llatnes
died down perci-plibli and drifted bach north a little. The men
ol Sunda) s and Motulav's BOB
Bagratioa is now a quiet ll.usle
of hlaikeiied log! and .islns .1
loti]; both sides ol the pipe Iin'
1...ul in mi ihe iar terminal to
j within jj ol a mile of the intake      The   N. V.   water sys-
the sentence the magistrate
said he was sorrv he could Hot
make it more. He wanted to
know Irom the accused if he
did nol have anv regard tor the
life ot lhe inhabitants. The
case resulted as a complaint
preferred .io.iinst Mr. Stirling
by loial residents that he was
driving his auto at all excessive
rate ot speed along ad street
a Week ago Sunday, lt trans
piled   lhat   there came   nearly
being a fatality in connection
with the speeding for wlnn the
machine struck the elevation
over the car track at I.ousdale
Avenue it completely lell the
ground for 21 feet throwing one
of ihe occupant! heavily to tin
ground but not injuring him
Mr. Wm. Morden WU the first
witness and stilted that he had
noticed the machine coining a-
long Third street at a pace he
judged to be between i.s and 50
miles an hour. The next thin"
lhe auto hid crossed   Lonsdale
Ave. and was leaping through
the air over the ear track and
om- man was seen to Iall mil
He had run to the lcsiiic and at
the same tittle taken the number of the car.
Dr. Gibson, ihe second witness, also saw the car coating alone; 3rd street at a speed
he estimated at 45 or JO ini.es
an hour, iu- arrived on the
scene    in,mediately   alter    the
accident had taken plan    Mr.
Mm ili n and Dr. Gibson had
measured lhi' distance Iroin the
point where the car had struck
the tracks alld lelt the ground
to that where it had latuhd and
it was just :i tect. Tin ami -
ed stated that he did not knot
he was ■ >n .1 main thoroughfare
and was not aware ot a hump
U I.oltsilale   Ale. The   Ilia-
gist rale asked him if he uas
not aware that il was unlawful
to drive at a greater rate ol
spud than ten milts an hour
and what right he had to come
over to North Valiiouver alld
drive at that rate ol ipeid Ut)
mote than in Vancouver Ile
answered that he did not havt
And Remember
The Horse Show
The North Vancoiiver Hoard
of Sihool Trustees invite ten
dels i.u the erection ol new
sihool in North I.oiisd.ili
eral works and healing 1, to |,e
lodged at the ollue of Geo
Camphell, sn let.in, :nd streei
eaat, Korth Vancouver, tfi lal
er than Monday, the 1Mb dai
of lull, al I o'tloik p 111 , seal
id   and   endorsed   "Tender    fo!
Lonsdale School."
Plans and spei lie alums mn
be olil.lined al sutit.ni s ol
In,  oi seen ill lile ollue o| IP Dl
I Barker, architects, 603 lias
tltlgs   slreet    West,    Wlll, olil cl.
II c.
Kuih   contractor   to depnaii
with his lender a certified cheq
in oil a 1 haltered Hank ol Cal
.ul.1 1" tin amount of J pel
nui ol his oiler made "lit I"
the sunt,111 Suih ilu,pies
will be returned to tin unn.
lessful tenderers \\ it hill tell
dayi after lontr.uts hau luen
signed or bond obtained
Tile  slltiessflll    tt lllllll 1 *    will
hau*   to   conform to   1 lan 1
llX   of  the    Muniiipal    I lm 1
The lowest 01  ,iiit  h nahr nol
t} in. 1 ss.mii accepted pi
Horticultural Grounds
Saturday, July 16
North Vancoaver
We supply SNMWOOD ny
| length required.
16 inch length. $2.75. per WI
Cordwood, $4.50 per cord
Prompt l '*
I'll'MM    IQO P,   0    I
50 feet
Cleared and Fenced
on Third Street, block 28
One-half Cash, balance 1 and 2 years.
r. McMillan & co.
Real Kstate, Marine.  Fire and  Lile Insurant t-
54 Lonsdale Ave. Phone 19/
PO Box 155
in tuiiii ut lowest pttata,      Ww M » trial lur
607 Hastings St., W. Vancouver, B.C
Vancouver Business Directory
w. t. stein a CO
J!«3 l'eiuli-r street, Vaneouver
North Vancoaver
413 ('.ruiiville Street
Hamsters, Solicitors, etc.
Rooms 104-103 Crown Building,
M.i Peader Btreel
Phone 996
S. I). Sihult/.       C, S. Arnold
Kallethe's Bath
Corner BotMC and lYnder Sts
The onlv up-io-date and reliable bath house in Hritish Columbia.
We itlle iilllle others fail
Satisfaction guaranteed or no
pav rl.iin baths, electric baths,
shower baths, massage lor both, sialp .md hi,e ; electro iher-
apetitie baths a s-ieiialty.
r.r.iduate of Berlin, German;
Business Institute
' Heating! Si. W.
Canada • Carm.i, Wmnit School
R   .1. Sproti. HA., - -M.ina.'ci
RusiiuNs Colli ge
• tiiiaaiir si .,  V.itnoilier
Dal   siho.al  open    ill    lilt     teal
round,   Nighl siha,,,i cotntntm
es September Btk
nu  I), la, lite Unreal! —
Olhets evert ivhetc
'-"'  l,ui|.ir..  Illiark
..ai|!l,|.|lllK«-t. neill. I'l,.*.
i \\ wiasii
(ielliiul Stlpel Illlt lli't nl
.     a,     '*•     *
I *.»l>, pete, ...inin. ami larr
r.«   B0.00 Iii In. a.ilal   *.,-  |l *
> ,
■ *,n n'i IttRchM "
..-, Km, nil  M.
■ .ril"..iia
half, w.irt. anal m,a|,*.  »•
72} Pender Street
Groceries and I'rovisiotis
Wholesale and Retail
nh Hastings St  (downstairs)
Delivery Tuesdays and Kridavi
Musieal Director
Vancouver Opera House
Rooms -a .uul 1 Kiks' Hall, Cor.
Robson   and Granville Streets.
All instruments       l'hont 25i<'
Wc have llu largest stock of
iiiouldin-js in It. C. to select
uoin so uiu 11 mu want fram-
iii|* done iheap and will get
our pri.es
s|o ('.raiivilh- and 118 Cordova
Till-;   GBO, II    HEWITT CO.
.M.inulai Hirers
Mi 1:1 mn SHIPS
Biga and Price Marker!
lo !• airfield Hid.      Fonc R3272
Keep u,111  eve 1 in
For particulars applv to
I'hotie mis     uo Homer Street
lorksliire Guarantee k
Serurities Corporation Ltd
Ua. Seymour Street
K   Keir Houlgatv -    • Manager
All Notth \',niii,uirr   people
..n ,it
Eithu    l-'l.uk  Hod  M   Has'
nigs   stint,   opposite the   new
Posi 'nhn    Leonard sells his
lea  111   the  pound.
Bngliah practi .1 watehmakai;
Established ll
Spnialtv, 11 pairing
.113 Carrall Street FOUR
North Vam, ouvir, h C
Rath o» Pcmcihtioii
ii'ie year t1-00
-ix monthi
'I'linr monthi
vvill be served by ihl sites that
it is proposed I" pun base.
consideration   havi
the.   deep   conviction
l,a,l ^ be purchased and removal   is considered,  ii  becomei
The   irustees    after mature!evident   thai   by taking time
' '       arrived   at K ** ^*k   "'   1"\.1"''
thft,   a Ur,   the ratepayers  "I    North
win i,'e* Vim ..uvei   will  I"' proceeding
siiuiul liiisiinss basis   smh
as will accomplish .1 graat mv-
ine  ill  vieit   "I  ll"'  long   pi'ites
which would  have  to be paid
and  the expensive   expedient!
,riedm|which might h   c to be adopt-
.50   .        ______     _______
,25  I must unfortunate error
I'lii'i'd Suite, mnl I-nr.-iLU..* 1 .".0(,,-r v.'ttr ,   , .,
j  committed il any area less than "n ,l
AliVKKl'lSlNn  li.Vl'KS an entire eity block is procured
liau-ii-i   Dmui   AiaiiiiiihiuMKST-— as   a    permanent sihool    site
aili-eni-iier 111.-I1 im.-I, iii-.-rliiiii. gMh   "f   the    silts   stlblllitled
l.oiii.u Naaiaa it, in    tl "11 per Inch per .it r ,,
n.,,,,11,, uiiisists   therefore   "I   a   lull
I. tin imi lllllllll Nn Nils    illl alalia.. |t| llloi'k   llf   htlld.       This     \	
wdiyiiW*, is jn harnioiiv with the opinion 'wl at a later date
l.i,. u  lei 1 RTIIIM11    lirsl  hi-ertiiiii, III .
is iti per lim : .*.*.!, iubwqu«lt imer- "' lllt' m"sl eminent MUttUon
Hon, Ke. per line, ist s with reference lo require
'   :-V-Ilfcl^SSt »«»t. u to light, air «d rail
laataiii.   Ai.taiiiisitii.M-   RitM ur- able [utilities   lor   recreation
(and physical development ol the
Nelson Manf'g Co.
ESPLANADE,   Bah  01
N. Y.l.lillili;   Co 'i Mm
N. NELSON. Proprietor
Cheapest Home Buy in the City
Six- room Modern Houae on 3rd Street Wait,
Price 13,050; third cash, balance 6 ami 12.
THIRD STREET EAST-50 ft. lot, $2200, 1-8 ouh, 6-18
-N    i   ViTTu" I'liaaii,* MM Vmiea.uver
Oil,eeHour«9i.m.to».»p.m.   Open EireniM!by ippdatmanl
liter office houri, phone Ull
,!,;llii,**.ilirii|ill'.liia'*lt''rtisi'lli|.|itl,   pUpiU.
Is.    "A    sound   mind ill   ii
aiul sane
 I 'V" li"-l"ii"l""f Uie primer by's,,,,,,,! body"  _ , s.,k
11 *.|ii.-al,u*i,i*,* jtoeii-iirepublli-aUlon
In tin neit Imm, maxim, and ipacioui groundl
*■" for pi.-\   during boyhood    or
'■■■ * •■ ■ '-.. girlhood dayi are essential   t"
I the building of inin ami women
Nokiii Van
UlllUli I'IL Ui
at Ferrv
auniK. Jn.\ 15. 1910loi this character
 —=sm\  The location of these reapec
CITV SCHOOL SITES live sites has been ehosell so as
to disti iliitte lhe pia.p.rues   m
Ai tin- re,|iiesi "i the Hoard of *, manner that is best fitted to
Sihool Trustees the city coun- serve tha purpoae aa the dt)
iii   is   submit 1 im; to the   rate- groWB.       Mock J17, D.  '-   Slh
p.iuis bylawi t" authoriie the [let immediately norih ol the
purchaae ol iwo additional pro-Horticultural    "'i'1     Athletic
peities .unl the exchange  ol  algroundi but east ol St.  Geor-
third   propel li, [or lhe purpose _*'*   avenue.     This is desi-ited
ol sih....l site-- within the city, by the trueteea to become thi
it U proposed to purchaae block permanent high ichool in ("'
117, D.I. '546, bloik 11, D.L. the city, lot which it is simply
546 and block i"". lb I.* 550. .ui Ideal location and lorwhich
The laat named is in reality a't|u, ground oilers the mosi an
change ol location [rom block s,,,,i,ie [acilitiea, it
ii, D.L. 37.x, where eight lots]thought at one time that
ttete purchased for sih,ml pur- public Khool and a bin" ichool
p.,ses,ilium 1 uar ago, might  be erected "ii the "Ra-
The polin Indicated by ihis dermacher" property an build-
departure has been arrived   at j,,,, [icing Chesterfield and  the
by the sel I  boanl alter long other I.ousdale Avenue, bul al
deliberation  and 1 careful can  m due deliberation it araacon
iass ol ilu educational require- eluded that were smh a project
menu ol  the city both present carried Into efiect, it would he
and luture,   Irom  every  point ,* matter ol deep regret in the
..I view, iiiiuie yeara and it waa theie
The Board has recognized the [on decided lo devote the pre
[act thai ilu educational prob- sent location to making a inst
hin is one iihuh developa the claai publii Khool propi-ny
maximum  ol  certitudea   with and to snbn.ii the purchase ta
this i'iiII Mock for the creation
,,! ,1 high sihool propertv   and
plant worthy the city's Intuit
Importance, l*l"«.k n, D b
J46,   lies   ..11   :olh   street   east
100 Jugs     10c each
150 Brooms 20c each
50 pair Grey Blankets $2.00 pair
3 only, 6 it. Extension Tables $8.00
20 only, 4 It. Veranda Screens 50c
15   "   6        " "     85c
10 " 8 " " $1.10
100 Japanese Mats    -   30c each
Furniture and
Crockery Store
70 Lonsdale Ave.
feb mmm
Wa* ilno handle tin' Mloafing in
It ,'. K.Chlcl !■' I,
H. at g. Chicken Chop.
s« ni..' Bwil -a rips,
Itjet't Poultry Sploo
I * ■ -' l.l.*.* killer.
win-it in um gridM,
Saa|a|     1)   ,| 11 f   111||1 l|| it ill, .
TRY SWIFTS' ,\i:>-
N \ 11*: OF LEAD
Thf B, il sn ie? fpnj
mi iln* mirket.
Tin' mm ni'i' now running pasl mir nuw mb-diviiion,
located aoroai lhe street Irom the Lynn Valley itora,
A few lols siill telling at the original price.
We have a'ao a remarkable Una »nb-
diviiion, facing on the extension ol the
which we nro offering now at reasonable Dnoes,
9 Lonsdale Av, nur. Phone 155.
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
ihe initiiiiiiiiii "I mere probabili-
iui,    I-.,lu.ation is recognized
till     Hot l.l    I'll 1     ,|S    UK    UlalSt    |IH-
tetit i.u toi available under mo-
ilel'll   uitliliti'itts |.a|'    I'lialllollll-"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
the welfare ul tlu uii/tti in all ol Uoody avenue ami ia excel
the relationship! ol life,      A lentl)    deeigncd   ,t"  aerve the
br I and liberal edni ition  is public  sihool needs   oi all the
au  immense advantage   to any north-eastern   portion    of   the
\.nuio  in,hi or tt an  .ii   the city area as al present  defined
preient day, but In luture nen-
iTutious stiili .in uliitation is
destined lo be ahaolut, K eiaen-
li.il In siiness. The eity or the
loiiuiuiiiili    uhnh   is  alive   loL
iln   Importance  ol  thc educa-li le  npon ii     Mock ido, I)
limiail  problem  mil,   therefore I,   m" liis oa the north .tide ■■'
A.LL KiNds of
Sorth   V.iliri'llliT   allnl   Vlllli.,liter
I'iii ..*.<! SuhiirbHii Pr, i"Tii.
A. I* K$tf, Mll'-t It *■*,
luttitei miMged, Rente euljivteil
Hie-ill. s-   t'l.ailii'i I
ni. ul BiIh iliMi.iuiiiil
Foot of Lonidale Ave., North Vancouver, B. C.
TELEPHONE 89. ''■ °  |;oX "*
'I'h.. 1 |i.- niva
(..llll.l   il   "HI    all
I. o. O  F
While  ol ilightly smaller   an
than the ulliil l.l.'iks It, ttm
theless,   iiii Iiiiii s  a   siillu i.nll.v
huge   area to aiis-wer   .tin   n
lii.niils whuh will ultimately be
North Vancouver Lodge,  Ko,
53, meets tun Thursday evea
inn, cornel Lonidale avenue and
Firat Btreet, at >s o'clock, Visit-
ing brethren cordially invited to
attend Ira E Peei . IS G , -.
A, K   Donalds in, R,    iec, ; J.
I,,r"»j|liinti;„llr ind'hwM lib, "   ''lllln- 1m;- 1'": tn.
|.,ultrt'. '. I'l" - un.l f rn n.   1
Ullaler N, «   Mlllall;.* "I
I'h,. BbMp.Pt iiii'l beefl fleet In Ui«a
Queensbury Heights
:,    rlinc,   IS'ODO
liaiulle eu iur 1 inn 11;
Iliuli ;i:nl i!ry.    Clow
Li cash, 6 .nul I.. months.
QiiPfui'-tinrv H.vrr!ik "•"'1''"',vl;"' "",xm;    High
ueenoDairy neiflfnts e|evMi0B,  r**o block- iron
1 .iiHii.    11350. im   6, 11 ind 18 montha
Qiviii ^l-v-ml1   '' '" ' i;l1"'. double cornet
oixtn jirtu l00XH,   \..,.,,, „ situo. % cub, 1...1-
ince ". 12 ui 1 18 mu >thi.
Chas. E. Lawson 6 Co.
,, - -in rm uu
■nl Usui' Specialists
I   a
,-. k. uaaoa
At,- Phone ;o
devise plaai "I lhe moat enter
prising n.iimt* along ilus line,
'fllaa.l     lltllS    Which     , Ut.     lllll    llllll
Eighth  street  ,UI,I easl  nl    Hi'l
j;ii at    A i elllle.     This   l.h'Ck    is
propose,!  as an exchange   I"'
laying the loundatioM id theit eight h.is ,,t the eastern end ol
educational st stems are at su block n, D. I.. iy_. This Lit
iiiitiuiise advantage over older ler propert} mis iotisi.ler.il  to
 iiiiimiii.* In this regard and be too lar aouth inaanweh  as
in ui,,ms ,i reasonable Ion iti comparative proximity to
light mil I., enabled to make lhe araterlmnt gnatlj nstrii-
provi-doa  loi   educational »yi  ted the terrilurj ia that tUw
i.iiis ..I a high order ol efiicien  lion Irom arU«k s.i 1 i'"!"'1''
cy and adeqtuteneaa Irom every tion could bt drawn and the
standpoint, smh as could bi area td the idta Itaell aru IUm
ttuined i.i "l.hi titus in ms.* cowidcred altogether >'"
m,,iii net.,in,* a.nh at iii"i sm,,ii to in .in..pn,I aa a per
expenae. maaeal sihool ,-aite f"i   a  m
Tl,,- in- ol North v.iiia.aiiui tloa d the dtj wMck is dei
,i,i,,ts even poaiibh idvaatag, i""'1' to accom nodate i very
,„  ilus, reapecta    The  lateit l»rge population,    Block too is
end Hi lern conception ol apkndidly   iltnasted    to aern
,,,„,,,„,„,!    -uivantagei    and ttaamatl aid .as ten icctioBol
equipment an availahl, tu th,s the iiu ; the 1,1 uck lacleared
mt ,,n,l ..ur sihools can ihere and  the mrfaci I laa exceplioa
ian.  he   planned In   harmon) ally well (or Kb*ol parpooN.
arith the beil thought mth ra     The net amount   Involved in
gard   i"  educational   tnatten  the purchaae of tl ta ie three litei
The   e\tl.lllell    iinpol I ..lit lll.lt-   Is veil   In. nl. I., I e   ill 11,'IV ol the
in   ol   .1 !   it.   "I   minimi Important-,   ul  tin-   purp ise to
iiul iiiiinliii i.m be provid- be lerved    The   ^russ   prut  ts
. il [oi  al  11 11   lllll'   i \|n use. .,1
lieu, li prompt ainl ih. isive ac-
s;*a    lo, liaain «h uh   '   '■<< be ih
iiiiiiiii ilu  .ninii ml w lii*''   4tsl\
Oft r- v.m the beat
Quality .-ni'i price
on till
ami ri I'liiiiiin Ild tin1
to rive beat latiifao*
Give a-1 trial.
Grocer ami HutihiT
Phone i"    M, it Ph me 22$
111 Lonnlih Avenue
k. Ilonni't.     0) I onsddle
) i
M.llllfn,*lll* 1
«;, .imi. *
*   But 'ml Bn,
Kill III *
. riming,     l-'iirniiu.* SUir-m*.,
Hot Points
For the Man
s .1 chance m pl«ae the
Ardei nt once | 1910 " HOT
al.ns trial, ln'f 'nr asking.
leature ind comlort on ironing diy,
ily  iron 00  market nuaran-
|a. ,1 lm two v.-ars.
Inv, It now, it  will please her.
I^eiit. .hau ainl economical
"T"rv on. nuw anil he convinced.
~BatCma_mMamHmn—m. .aM«aaa«    .
B. C. Electric Railway Company, Ltd.
50 Lonsdale Avenue.
liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ■'        ■■■■■■■■tinnTi |
I  iua       __ %/_**_ *(^n our new Subdivi- *) j!
1   SlQV€ IOO      sion ii) Lynn Valley      •   J
upon lhe part be realized Ifoin   Um *tleol the
ol  ih,   ratepayer! In this   re eight  lots m hi oil. ll\i   "   *t
ipeel  in*ish,iiih   as   undivided 173,  eitiinated     t.. ba    arortl
blocki uitlnii ilu uti .ita.i .ui naaith   fio,ooo,,   thus    l.aviiu'
becoming   exceedingl}   difficult J.V),9oo net, lo  b, proviiad, ("'
to obtain    la point ol lacl the the   acquiring,   ol   the   f^ttn
opportunit) aflorded bj tin in blocki nbml ttid     tinM   ''"'
lm   ii-.v. being lubmitted mai verj large ■ om-- paid by Van
I  io  I,,   practi, .ilii lh, couver   and      .iln i   , iu,-s   ,' t
lii   that  ran  bi  expected  to ichool sites .Vimi.   -i 'I"' !'"'
;>i. • ni Itaell,  uuh reaped   lo thai tin p' j-t,'ii.in, aai poatpoa
iiin>iis oi the citj uhnh ul uniil    fp-"{|- i.Mihtius  ti'
IW   1%
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co.
Dealer* in Coal, Bink,
Sand, Grav.-I, I .nue,
Cement  ami  General
Builders' SuppKi
All   Orilns   l'i
Pilled .m'l S ii  '
llll.ll.llltl al ll
Appl' '
ITUATKD right at the Car Terminua,  ThU ia the grafcat op-
I, canity for inveatment ever offered on thii side o the l.iU-t
ftireadv, lota purehaaed of ua laat week have bwn told at a profit
„fs-:,ii ,,,,• l„t. mnl tl riginal purchaaer aold too toon at that.
andofnet ity it will b. located at thi. point.   You know what
that will mean.' Ut ut thow you ovar theproperty'btfwrtht
are all  PHONE 215 for appointment. Office on tht poondt.
14 Lon.'sdale Avenue
,. ,...,,,.      a,  a, h s THOMPSON,Local Manager.
Hi; \|i oi-1' |i I, ii.,:' (irnnville m li ■ ■ ' "
C_cti Lonidale, neir I     Whan •S* *"*l
Wlehouse :        I  ,„    \\ l„„l  UwWWWMIII "" >>MIM" THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C
Ratepayer's Representatives Report
(Continued from page 1)
solltuleil more   like all   essay   u
school hot  iiouhl iiouhl write.
in moving the adoption ol the
eoiiiiniltie's report Air.    Peru'
King saiil it teemed lo him
that [our men were trying t"
run thing!, Thei eatiiiot tire
us out, he asserteil. 0. .1.
Phillippo siiomled the motion,
whieh passed tinaniiiinusli. Mr.
Phillippo   .htl,mil ihat    there
| thii year hut they had Hot done
.Ur. A.  Philip stated that  In*
advised   tjie mayor before   l'ee,-
literlng ilu- gradei to get  the
advice   oi his aolicitOT,     Sleep
gradei might he occupied by a
railwai company "I iini, own
volition Imt when the iitv iu
creased iln- grade the reaponii-
hilitv fell on them.
His   Worship   declared    that
the   B.   C,    BwCtric  Were   llow
operating on a temporary grade
and not on a permanent one.
Al.   H.   Martinson   estimated
that   there   was ahollt 12JO.OO0
ol proposed building operation!
itas a uw chamber which was ju.|(| back at the preaent  time
..imposed of lour aldermen who ,„, Ki,M slm.. illl(| ___, |a, ,H,.
tu spite ol the angineeri' reports were simple following
llieir onu intimations, lie slat
ed thai ihei should it in
tlieir seats or were they afraid
to ! Cries ol "lliev are" rang
"iu. lie commented . n the
faet   that public  money   had
lieved, would more than oSaet
the building on Lonsdale Au*
lor the next two vears.
Mr. \\. Knowles, alter commenting in a larcaitii strain on
the action! ol the majority ol
tin- council, moved that the
same committee be appointei
reeve had made this assertioa
and he could get others to
do so.
On motion of C. U. Hughe!
an.l passed with onlv one   dis-
lenting voice Aid. Schultz was
asked lo hand ill his resijjnii-
t i.ui.
On motion of 0. C. Walker
and 1). 0, Dick a Vote of eon-
lidellie in lhi' iiiy engineer was
passed unanimously. A vote of
endorsation to the Mayor, Aid.
MiN'eish and McKae relative lo
their actions in the grade   um-
The  concluding motion and
lhe winding up .'f the eventful
meeting    was   that   the Mavor
nil a public meeting in connection  wiih  the   location   and
plans of the Second Narrows
heen     voted   (of iinpioieiueiils (u tt(U|.  ___ M[]ilUS ,.lk(.n   „
and nothing had In-.1i done yet. ,|1(. |(,m- i(. 1,1^,tiun who at   prcs-
W.   I,.    Boult  slated lhat    il elil e.nislitiiU-d   a majority   in
seems right that each ol Us   in the   iitv   council and that'  the
laying   down  tin* commla-don committee in- empowered    t"
with  whiih vou entrusted  us, take legal proceeding! if necee-
ihould give lome account of our liary to protect the interests
.stewardship   and   endeavor    III of the dty.    The motion    was
show that lie have not heen tie seeoiided hv W. A. C.ilisoli   atul
gligent in ihe (Uncharge of  our passed with two dissenting vol-
dtities atul have done all in out us.
power to achieve the object   .*( Aid.  Sihult/. declared   that
our election, the mayor and lhe other loiin-
[ therefore wish to aay on my till."'- had voted (or itraight
own behalf,  ihat I believe we gradei and  Aid. McRae   pro
Intel  had a chance of   lUCCeei teated emphatically that il  was
The   conviction  has gradually not so.
heell   forced   upon   nn- lhat otli The   speaker   made   reference
opponent!   iu   Uu-   diaeueaion l" lhe manaer in uhiih gradei
wete imt ,,p,n t,. argument ainl Were solved in I'ulutli :o tears
while thev accorded us every ago,    Aller receiving eminent
eourtesi    ami   latitude 111     pr.' advice   thev   had   sknpl*   made
tenting our caae, ilm were all the gradei lit the condition! ai
pretty much iu tin- poaitlonol presented.    IK- had been Inter
Aid. Suiiili who opetili as imd In lhe engineer of lhiluth
sei ud In made up his mind •' th '■' '■ Per eelil. was allowed belong   time   ago   and   that    he Iweeii curt*       This Statement
"don not change hia mind." »'is refuted hy \\.  A.   Qib-
ln ..ne u.ii   or another  we •0> '""' u   ■'■ l)i,k- ,lu'  1'lUt'r
have called in no leu than ., s,-'ll"« lu' ll-"1 « ttxtm from
engineer!, 8 ..I whom bavegiv- "w engineer,   also ihal 4 p.c.
en then  verdict, more or less tnt thc limit and that 9 p. c.
emphatically  for bench gradea. ^'nl'*- is|l"Wl,i1  "'/ »""'<'  ___
.Mr. Cameron's proposals whieh
an- the "idv alternative to
itraight grade ollered by the
imir gentlemen who at preaent
appear to hold the citj s des-
dents   than   the   lesser gradea,
Aid   Sihllll/ said his letter was
ins authority.
1   Wesiou moved that i ipe
1 ial Imnl   be   op. lied   to dell.iv
linns 111 their hands, have heen tlu' ''\p.ns.s incurred in omnei-
ileall   With   hi   Mr.  Henderson,  tion   With protecting  the interests 1.1 the iiii.    It w.is Neon
ded and passed unanimously.
Aid. MiN'eish saul that according lo promise he iioiild .1-
gree with the propoaal oi call-
whose Handing as an engineer
will easily hear compariaoo
with that ,.i Ur, Cameron      l
shall, therefore, only say lhat
his scheme looks lo nn* like go
I a long wav round to make "'J-' '" '-"K* Cameron and Tra
a botch job. "A 1 l'u' ratepayer! sanctioned
We hate   Hot l.eell opposed liy
.nn evidence oi sincere convii
tion or honest argument of any
kind, hm have encountered
throughout our varioua meet
ine,s a succession of quibblea
and pel'ietsioiis ol la.t whiih
tuie  plainly deaigned   to  kill
time,   lolllllse   lhe     issue    and
wear out the patience "(   the
ratepayer*,   in this connection
Mr   Sihllll/ is entitled   to spe
iial mention, having   lavored
us with tin* maximum "I ore
lory and the minimum of   us>
fnl   Information     His    liml
contribution, a    lop-aided  ami
distorted   collection of   kinder- ,
... ,.., ,    0 the peop e oil the -trade titles
i*arten  generalities,   is typical ',, '   .. ,       _.. _ t
Aid   Irwin said he represented alioul 1,000 ratepayer! and
he did not [eel disposed I"
pledge hiinsill to the dii tales
,.i a meeting. He had on two
"n.isioiis asked lol' a plebiscite.
Uis Worship asserted his oiler
was accompanied wilh ,1 rider.
Aid. Irwin said there was two
w,ns oi seiiliuj: the ancation
Iii plebiacite 111 on profiles lubmitted in Bng, Cameron and
Trace}" and 1:1 oa plans suli-
iiiiited by engineer! preaenting
both sides ol the queation.
0,   .1.   Phillippo   asked   Aid*
Irwin il he would resign and go
ol the slvle o[ so-ealletl ITgU
ment used hv him lo Imlsler up
his latest poiitlofl • >11 this ipies
1 ii in
Mr. C, A Lett said he had
been asking lor a strut grade
in North Vancouver and had
heell lllluhle to get 0UC<
lion lie said he would It lie
thought il was III lhe I est interests ol the eity.
Aid. Sihult/. answered  "yes''
io ihe same queation.
His Worship said he had wii
lien to   Messrs.   I'aiiR-roii   and
Tiaitt adviaing them of his ia
tetiiioti of vetoing the recent re-
V.\ Maiol     Keali   said    that  solution of the majority of the
buildingi that had Coal ..s hieh  11,ninii.   Their aUBWe! was that
as Stv.000 had been contract   thtt   would await further   innl in Vancoaver   without   a itructfoni
-rade  being given aid he .li.i    On motion of A. *'. Hemler-
ll"t    see   lllll     the    sallle   thing   sop   mil W.  Kllowlel  U'elllui"!
would not applv in North Van wa. authorized lo tc;'.stcr the
couver in whiih caae thf city grades uhiih profilea Imd bam
would   not hold itsell liable   1" passed   hy   bv lav.-  alld    sealed
damaged, with the  corporate  .seal.   The
The    Mavor    explained   that  motion earried unanimously.
Vancoaver waa working under    Mr,  rem King moved,  no-
a   ipeclal   charter    hut   North "inled by C. A.  Iall  thai   this
Vancouver wai working under meeting express its Indignation
the Muniiipal Clauses Aa nt 'In' appointment of Engineer
which provided that the muni  Cameron   and Tracey.    Paneed
upalili    shall    eslal'lish  grade!  nnalliinollsli
hv Inlaws and thev must be tt      Rl Aid. Voting st itnl that he
filtered.     His  Worship   staled  had    luili    told    hi     Keeve   III
that a grade established by!)   Naught that the lattei   "i'1
I.m   must he   resiindiil   by I 1    man   had   understood Imm   in
law in order to nullify tin- formation given him that th*
grade .uul ,, resolution had no plans in the englneer'i "I'1"'
ellect     il.*, tlm.ini. declared were the work ol Knginecr l<ou-
ihat  in ihe moniag he   Would  let    and  Here  nol   Mr.    II.uns'
give insiriiilions to have tie work Reatated that thiiwoi
gradei eitabliahed hv bylaw ie atterlj lain as he himaeli had
giitered,   Chcen followed this witnessed  Alt   Hams at   work
nm.nk.     The Mavor l""k   o.    and llu  mayoi  Mid he .siimal
Caifon  io   Uphold   lhe   i|ll,lilies  ed    the   plans  uhiih   Mr.   II.ill,'.
of Engineer Ranea and while he had drawn sm.. a. tnint; to the
itas 111,nor In* was going to KC city to 1 e  valued at Ss,'""
him given (air play.   His Wor     Questioned as to ilu- validity
ship s.ml ihat the uuuiiii had of thi Information Mr. Yu-uag
heen entrusted with SlM.o.o to st,,l"l hi   was willing    to   t.ake
.spend mi public Improvement! his affidavit any '.imi- 'hat lhe
North Vaneouver, B. C,
July, 14th,
Editor "The Express"
Dear Sir,
The ratepayers' meeting on
Wednesday evening showed very
conclusively that the majority of
the large number present were far
from being satisfied with the action
taken by the "solid four" in our
City Council.
Alderman Irwin stated that he
11,1s willing lo resign his seat under
certain conditions, while Alderman
Schult/ made no reservation whatever, stating that he would resign.
In order to bring the controversy to a close, if either of these
Aldermen or Alderman Smith or
Fow lei will resign his seat, I would
be quite willing to offer myself as
,1 candidate so us to light the matter out by a direct vote of the
people. It is surely time that
something definite should be done,
public works and private enterprise in huil.ling are practically at
,1 standstill and Nortli Vancouver
residents are suffering from the
inaction of the Council.
Yours truly,
July 13, 1910,1
Dear Sir,
Pardon me for taking the valu- i
able space ol your paper, hut I feel
I cannot let the late Lynn Valley
tire past without saying one word
in l.n mn of the caretaker of the
Ninth Vancouver intake.    I was:
an eye witness of the fire when it
WU at its highest on the pipe line'
road proceeding towards the intake
when I noticed the caretaker cutt- j
ing the flume on the lop of the hill
to  let  the water travel down the
hill   to   attempt  to stop the nre1
travelling any further and immediately where the flume was cut in
his second attempt,  the progress,
of the tire was stopped and I had
ma pleasure of seeing the roaring
flames checked and eventually die-
out 11 lure the water travelled clown
lln- lull : and I felt it a pleasure to
h.it,   beea an eye witness of this,
man's last attempt  to stop whal
would have undoubtedly destroyed
his home and perhaps lots of valuable timber thereon.    Mr.   Editor
I take this opportunity ol saying
that great praise is due to your
caretaker for the part he played
with such success.
I am yours truly,
an interested spectator of the fire,
The 11. C. dinghy races will not
be sailed at Nortli Vancouver on
Saturda) eaat, bul instead a ladle's Dinghy Sailing race will be
held .11 Vaacoavei over the Gravely
Cup . MM.
I n.i ul the local boats will com-
in the race.
The H-ineh main ol lhe North  t
Lonidale water system wu (ill   "
ed vestel'day and was the oCCI    a a
sion lor much rejoicing on thi  ,,
part   "I the   residents   in   thai1'
diatrict,     The   intention is  to
tap Ifoaquito creek at .,  latet
date   lml   ill   the   meantime    '
small tributary to that creek is
being utilized and will prohabl)
until   aecenaity  demands mori
water.     While  lhe siipplt   in"
available is not adequate lot
garden purposes, il will at leMl
meet the needs of the hoils.
In,bins aliil   will be a boon   lo
North Lonsdale.    The  preaeni
sislem in, hides about 7,000 In'
ol s null   uooil   pipt   and   |,0
feel of h-iiicli pipe.
A stirring romance. A story of intrigue
in court circles beginning in Europe and
transferred to America. Will be begun in
the Express
Tuesday, July 26th
This absorbing story arouses the keenest
interest which is sustained to the very end
because the problem deepens and baffles
the reader to the closing pages of the book.
Subscribe now and begin at the beginning.
The Exp
• *
;:   $1.00 per year in Canada.
$2.00 per year Foreign   j
•l-H-H-l-H-H-H-M^ SIX
but not   less    PUBLIC   n OT ICE is  hereby I to the credit ol the City Iur the! Vancouver at  an el
ol the said debentures shall le
signed hi the said Mayor ,m |
City Clerk, and lhe City  Cl tn
shall   nlli-,   ill.Uio the Corpo;
ale   Seal   ul   tin   siid   City  1 I
North Vancouver,
11)   The debentures shall bear
date the Kiral daj ol  Attgusi,
hiio, and sh.ill bear intereit at
the rate ol five per cent, .per
annum payable hai
the Pint D.n "I I" 1 In uarv anil
ilu* l'irst dat ol August in each
allil ei en n.n during the tin
1, mi ol the said debenture! or
,1111 ol theni. I lure shall I e
attached   lo   lhe   debentures,
Coupons   signed hi    the   Maiol
,uli,   tor each and everj   p.n
Compan] Limited Liability has mint ol interest lhat   may  le*
UlTed   l"   Sell  I" the City   ol  tome   due,   .uul   smli sign.'lure
S'urth Vancouver [or parks,uul m.n   in  either written, stamp*
a.i 1 ni Coipa,1,in,,11 purpoie! thi ed, printed or lithograph,,1.
iiiisiiinlii i'lnl  portions ol   Dis       p  The said debenture! as
nu 1  Lots .si; ami 171,  being to principal ami intereit  maj
all that .ma  of land loinpris- Ihi made payable at lhe Hank ol
ing   iK.qo acres,  nur,   1 less, Hritish    North   America,    at
and hounded as follows, via, ; Nnrlh   Vancouver, Toronto  nr
(in  the  north  hi ilu   sa.nih Montreal,  Canada, »i  at   lh,
boundary  line  ol 14th itieet ; said Bank in the Cilj id  Lou
on  the   Souih  hv  the North don,  Kngland,  at par   ol ex-
Hound,ui    lim-  "i   Block   i.s; change,  and lhe said principal
on the Easi In the Wesl houn sum shall be made pavable  bv
may   he   lies.
than   One   Thousand   Dollars given lhat the vote of the  Ei  purpose aliove recited, and smh the purpoae on the
($1,000.00)   inli,   except   ,oi'e eetors  ol Hu   Citi   of North Monies shall  be used lot  ilm day ol
which mai be loi S120.     Bach Vancouver will   he  laken  , » purpose onlv A, 1). 1910
election   tor fourteenth day of July, A. !).,
deceived   the assent ol the
Electors at an election for the
S.iiuial.ii lhc Thirtieth day  nil   ui  Debentures of   the Ciy Reconsidered by the Council purpoie on the
July,     A*   D     between    Uie not   exceeding  ■" amount   tin-ami  linallv adopted, signed ly day ol A.D, 1910
hours    ol   'i    o'eloik   a,  in. sum  ol $36,600 may le  1 sued the Mavor and Citv Chrk  .ml Reconsidered, adopted and li-
ami    -    o'clock,    p.  iu,    un in the  said   Mayor and  City Sealed with the Corporate Seal nally  passed  by lhe   Council,
"The Parks, ct,   Purihaa,* I<oan Clerk In terms ol lhc Municipal on the                       dav  ol signed by the Mayor and Ci v
Hi latt    mi..," and that   within Clauses Act, in sums .is 111.1t be A.l). min. Clerk and Sealed with the CitJ
A BYLAW  i" enable the  Cor
poration ol the Citj "I North
V.llla ,,Ull I     111    MISI*   III     It ,IV   ill
I.,,,in lln  sum ol Su,i.'"   Ior
iln* purpoae "i acquiring laml
I'.iik-. .nul other Corpora-
lion purposes.
WHEREAS  ih.   North V.ui
1 ouver  Land and Improvement
the Cilv II*ill, North   Vain011  desired,  but not less than tine
Ver,   B,   C.   uml   tli.,1   Thoiiia-, Thousand Doll,us aSi.oaaa.1 r,1,h
Shepherd   has been
Returning Officer to take
yearly on vote "I sin li Klc, tors with
usual powers in that 1 ehalf,
By order aal the Council,
Cilv Clerk.
HY-LAW NO. lot)
except one   which uiaj ' e  tor
$600, Eaeh ol the said del ell
lines shall be signed hi lllc said
Mamr and Citi I lui, an I lhe
Citv Clerk sh.il affix Ihi-relo the
Corporate Seal ol lhe 'ii'l Citj
of North Vancouver.
1 l)    The ih Inui illis shall I e.il
dale   lhe   I'iisl  tl,n   a I   lUgUSt,
i'ii", and shall bear intcrnt .11
lhe   rate  ol live pel cenl     pet
Seal mi the
dav ol
A.l)., 1410.
TAKI-;  NOTICE thai lhc e
hole is .1  true copy of the   pi o
TAKE  NOTICI-'. ili.u ihe a-
hove is a  true ei.pv ol  ill'   | '"
posed    III  l.ut    Upon whicll    lilt
vote of the Kleclori ol lhe Mu
nicipalitj ol the Citv ol Norlh |posed B\ Law, upon which lhe
Vancouver will hc laaen withi vote ol the Klectors ol tin Mu
the Citv llall, Notth Vancou nicipalitj ol tin Citj ol North
ver, It. C. 1 "ii lhe Thirtieth Vancouver uill be taken within
d.n    o|    .lull,    A I),     ."I . lhe Cm   Hall, Notth Van ou
.1.111111111  payable hall yearly on between thc hours ol 1 o'clock ver, B.l   on Saturday the Thin
dan line ..I loins Avenue, lhe
North Hound.ni line ol Ibth
street, and the Hist l.olllidart
line ol  l''a,l" s Am mu  ; and   oil
the West l.t ilu East boundan
the  Citv  at a dale  not   latei
lllall   lift)   If.lis (li.lil  lhe   dale
11 ] il an  tthnli litis l',i I.an lakes
tliii t.
iii   During the whole linn 1 I
line "i  the subdivision  "I l."i ihe currencj ol  the said deben
"F" in Block  2, and the WeM lurei .1 special rate on lhe dol
a by law io ,nahie th.- cr* p,.^,,,;.'",,,;;.;';,;;;.;;;;'";;,a;s£
poration ol the utt ol North 111.1,K. payable at ihe Bank 0
Vancouver to raise 1,1 waj ol Hritish    Norlh    America, ,it
I.,,an    ihe    sum    1.1    $26, North  Vancouver, Toronto ur
600 [or the purpose ol acquit
the Kirst day '*( Kel.ruari   md a.m, and 7 o'clock p.m
ilu-  First  dii   ol   \iii.u 1   in      Thomas SHEl'HERD,
eaeh ami every tear during the Cit) Clerk .1 ml Returning Olli
currency al lhe said del entun»    cer,
or am oi iinin.   There shall Ih
attached lo thc del eniures Con PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby ■ li
pons signed In the Mayor only, en thai the vote ,,1 the Electors
lm- each ami enn payment oi ol the City of North Vancouvei
intereit that may become  due, will be taken "ii the Thirliei.;i
.nul smh signature mav Le   ei d.n   ol    .lulv,   A   D., mi", i t
tlui   written, itamped, printed tween the hours.of 9 o'clock
or lithographed.
1 11   The said debenture!
boundarj hue ol Delhruck  Ave
nne, tor the sum aal S^i.ijo.oo
ing In purchase an additional
School  Site  lllllllll  the till
WHEREAS   the   Hoard   ol
Sihool Trustees of the City   '
North Vancouver has requested
lhe Council ol thc said Citj lo
submit   [or   the   assent   ol   (he
lar   shall   be levied and   raiseil
1.uh year 111 addition to nl'
AND WHEREAS 1 petition | other ratei on all Ike rateable
signed bj the owners ol more real propert) in the Cit) suffi*
than one-tenth 1 to the value clenl lo paj lhe intcreil upon
of real pmperti in lhe City has the said delientures ud to ere
been presented to lhe Coum I! ate .1 sinking [und lm lln p.n
requestine Unn. to introduc   1 ment  .d  lhe principal  lh nol 1';lll,*'"s ''* B>'T" ",' wthoriMI
Ki  l.ati    to   ..lltholis,   Ihem   I-  ul„„   due.   subject   III am    Kl   nt Lit)   t ..nn. 1   to hot low up
borrow  lhe smii ol Su,i:.....,„•   enactment   rvapectin-j   lhi ""  the credit ol  lhc Ut)
lor Un* purpose ol aequiring the same    Smh special rate  shall tatff,   the sum ol Twmlv-sis
unsubdivided  portions oi  lb-   i„*  inserted   In the Collector's thimausA Six  linndred    -
trict  l."ts si- and 171 Ita l'ark Roll in Mis and  li .11 h- pai '"""  l,"11-"s hJ debcutuiM. loi
.,.,,1   othei   CorpoMtion   pui   aide to and collcvlid   h   .1" ""   l""l"7 "' I'"1- -1-'":-'  «"
,„,ses said Corporation In th.* sat.., I""l""^   known and desenLed
WD \\lll-.i:i;.\s ,1 li deem   wai as othei raWi in the s.ml ■■•> block one hundred -  su
liereinal >liv i^i*'<i  "i   Duttnel   l.ol   I Ive
Hundred and I-'iiu 1 550)   [01 .1
,,    in ..i'ln lo providi   [01 tn»m **U
ihe rates sel "in In paragraph
1 il     and   sill,|n I    as al.it   aid
ihere shall be raiseil innualli
In special rati dining the cm
1,n.i oi lh, ...id debenture! lhe
-aim ..i v to pioiiili 1 a
nl expedient  in thi publii   in  roll or rolls, s,,v
tiTest to a*quiri iisiid lands |,., provided
[or Part and othei 1  m oration
AND   WHEREAS   1 r    lh
payment ol intetesl . n the ik
hen-lures proposi ri lo Is   issue i
under  ihis  Bi Law,   and   lot
creating a   Inking lund ior ine
payment ol lh, sail deb nture.t ihe paiuiiiit ol intereal Ihen n
and lh,  stun ..I vol S| to pi
ml, p.1 the repayment ol   thi
pun. ipal iln reid
The  pi. ueds iif  tlu
tt Inn .hit, 11 11 ill 11 i.e. s.ui 1
ia, 1 .ijs, in special rale in ad
iliu.,n to all ulli,, ratea each
u.ii   during   the tiiiieuii   ■
AND WHEREAS the s.ud .I,
In lllllll s shall bear intereit at
the rale id lm- ptt cent, per
annum, and smh Debenture!
shall In issued under the b.r-
iiialitiis contained in the   'Mu
llii ipal Clauses Ail"  lm  1 peri
.,d   ol   nin   ii.irs   h*<>m
Montreal,   Canada,   or ,il
said Hank in the Citv ..(
don,  England,  at par ol
change, and the saitl  principal behall
sum shall he made pai able  I v     ll\ Order
llie Cit) al .1 dale nol li'u
lhan lift) u.iis I.om the dai,
upon which this By law tak's
15) During lhe whole term n|
ilu ,1111,in 1 ,,[ the siid tlelen-
lures 1 special rate on thc dol
lar shall Ik let iul and r.ii .,.1
e.uh yeai in addil on lo all
other i.r.e- ' a .dl tin- rateable
real propert) in lhe I it) suffi
ibtlt  to p.n  the inter st   II]
the  saitl  del ellllllis alld   10 i'.i
aU  .1 sinking lund [ol  lhe   p ,1
nuill   ol   the 1 iiiiiii al    tin   * 1
ninn   due,    siiiijai 1    to ,011   . , ■
Ol    liliilliiiill      li s.) ii ; l'i ;     lh
same Smli special r.it shah
It inserted in lhe Collector's
Roll "i Kolls and shall le pav-
alih    I,,   and   collet I* .   * v   till
s.ud Corporation In lhc   same
tun as othei ratei in  h   said
roll or rolli, s.n.  ,. i ., i, i
(heir tei provided
M   In  onler
111. and 7 o'clock p*in* "li "Tl 1
Sihool Site Purchase Loan Bj
I,an   No.  1,  iui"," and   that
within  the  Cin   Hall,   North
Vancouver, B, C. an I that Tho
111.is   Shepherd   hai   I it'll    ap
pointed   Returning   Officer   t 1
take tin vote of stub  Electors
uilh   the usual powers in tli.it
lhe Coum I,
Citi Chrk.
tilth   .hit   ol  July,  AH ,  KIIO,
between lhe houn "I 9 o'cl, ck
a.m, and ~ o'clock p.m,
Cit)   Clert   .uid   Returning
PUBLIC  NOTICE is hcrebj
given  ill,it   the  lute ol   the  El
cton oi the City ol North \ 1 n
t onu 1 mil be taken oil tie
totll dav ol July, I'll', I etiue 1
the hours ol 'i o'ehnk a.111 all I
7 o'clock p.m. "ii "The I'iii ' ;
North Vancouver s. hool I ite
Disposal Hi ban, lulu," . n I
that within the City Hal1,
North Vancouver,  H   C, 1 nd
that Tlio111.is Sin ph. id Ii ■ ll 11
appointed Returning Oflicer to
lake lhe vote "[ stub Ele,torn
with   the usual poiteis in  thai
Bv Order oi the Council,
Citv Clerk.
A H\ LAW io author! e the
Corporation ol the City ol
Not tb Vancouver to sell an
dispose oi propertj   held   1
trust by the Corp 'ration fm
Sihool purposes.
the rales  s, 1   oui   ill   ■  ,1     i.n I
;m Ity, whereof Si
bl   l" [ollows, and let othiiiiisi
Wli WHEREAS lor Ihepa) ,    illl(|  s,,|,j(l,   ,,,    ,- ,, .,,„
inch debentures, lh, -,   ,|,l„iii„i,s shall lie applied  ai ment ol interest on the  deben Lhcre shall   be rail d .m.ualli
uu,.  io  he issued undei   ihis \n %VKial rate during  lhe ut:
Bj law, and lm creating a sink ri.mx u[ Ull. BaW .ui,,■>„,.-* ih,
,,( interest during lh, iumn \ -,1  lh,   p.,* in    ,.l ibis Bi laa ing lund .a., tin payment ol lhi Mllll',,- si,,.i...o, i,, -n-vtde [,    Nm,* (9
a*i   .ud debeutniis. and >:.;;*>i ,,iul  ilu issm   and sab* if  iln saul debentures when  due,   ii ihe payment ol Inler,    ikinon Tiuli
is to I., raisu1 aiinu..lit [oi un iiiUntutes therein referred   t.. "ill he neauaarv lo raise b;
purpose  aa| creating  a siskin' and all expenses connected with special rate in addition  to ..11
be raised .1111111.ilh   1*1  pat 1111 nt       .,     In paviuenl   "( the   Coat
WHEREAS under  authoritj
ol Bj I. ni N... s| paaaed on the
sill   dav   ol   .lune,    .'■' *'i     the
Council oi  tin- City  ol North
Vancouver     purchased     l...ts
Ten (to), Eleven 111 ,
III).    Thirt 1 en     I
l in  LAW  lo iiial I
poration * 1 the Cil
\  IUI    lUV, 1     laa    I   .1   1
l.o,ill   lhe   slllll   1
thc    pill pose    ol
till     Col
. 1 North
l      It    ,1     ■    I
J I 1,1 III        llllll   ,11,111 g     I V
pm, has  an additional Si In ol
Site liltlllll   the  iill .
fund lor payment "I lhe debt
secured bj lhe said deh nun* •
the   same   being made   pai a1 Iiill    llltl     vears    liom    the dat I
llll, ial
the said  loan ;
ib> III in oi,ping tin •
Corporation lm such sums
ban  been expended hereunn,
lllllll  llll    pl'.ltllls  ,,i   ilu      1
AND WHEREAS in ordei   i" th.   m)d debentures become 1
raise   tin    snd uatli    sum   id  vailabl,
$1,759.84 i"r mtiiisi and link       ,    To earn nul IM pnrpow
md, .111 wiual ipeclal rat,  . •  ihi    Bi I.m   ,-is above  nl Ity 1 sinking lund Im payment
on the dollar will be required lo out. "I ,lu ,l,,,1 fecund b) lhe uid
be levied on all the ratable teal     -    \\\ „„., arising out nl debentnrea,    Uw   same   bain
ilu   mnuaj  special rati In r, in   made   pai,,Lie   infill)    Jreai
l„i,,i,    ptoinhd    i,,i     ini.in,  liom ihe date hereol
iniul ahall i« invested bj  lhi
Council   "i   - "'I  l "ip"i.iii"i,
fioin   inin  In lim,- ai il"    bm
N.a ii lui, shall I' alio*
Will-; lib. AS the Board ol
School Tnisteis ol iln Citj ' 1
North Vancouver hai re .11 ate 1
the Colin, il ol thc said Cut  lo
submit  ia.1   tin   ,,s ,nt  ol  tin
and the sun, ol n;|:; lo pro   fourteen    *n,    l-illeei.   glfj *   ■■,„,„.., ,, B> ,.,„   ,,, authorial
•K* lhe Citj Council lo borrow  np
on  the credit   ol ilu- Cit)   at
.tlm rales each real during lln principal ihereol    li lln coun  ven (11) rat-division .1 Distnci
pia.pi 111   III  ihl  said   I
ANI) WHEREAS tie   whole
rateable  real  propert) In  lhi
said CUl 1"  lh   lu  I
revised assessment roll,
|.oo ;
WD   Will -Ail- \S   U
ol   ih. , lilting   del ui ii-
iliM ol thc 1 "ip"taii"ii (excep
\\D WHEREAS ut "i'l" I"
raise the said yt.uli -11111 id I
i,,i  iiiiii,si and sinkill
lund aii equal  ipeclal rata  oa
tin   rilrilal   mil I.i  1..iiiilul tii '. e
"' '■" ""    i"'"1 '■'"   '" "• levied on all lh, rateable  real
The Citv ill North Vamouver
Sel I   Site   D. .pos.il   B) l.iu .
,iiio" and received tlu pui
chase mouej iheref, t, th u and
in sinii case the amount hm iiul Ontiloi shall le applied on
account "( the purchase ol the
propert)  dt scril ed in lhi  pre
amble hereof alld the del e>i,ill. s
to be issued hereunder  and lh
sullicient for the purposes '•! 1 i,,,i kn, Hundred and bun six
School Site .j,,, [0| a Sihool Silt
AND WHEREAS in the opiii     AN1) \\ii|.;pi-;.\s the mid th
bm of ihe Council and oa  the bentures shall bear interm  al
1 iiul und,, 1 hi* III laa
I lus lit I.m  shall   lake
propert! in lhc said t in ,
\\D  WHEREAS thi   whole Mhv. ,,,„
■ .it,.il.li   real  propert)   iu  thr-
aiia   This Bi law mai it «n   ..id ' ' ling III lhe l.l I
ill   1..1   all   purpose!   as   "Tlla
Parks, eli    i'urchaa. I". !'•■
l   ,a|pa.|i!|o|| iS
i,,i luuks 01 local inipioiiiii.iii iiiui  "ii iiii Kirsl ila) ul
and    [or    sihool     puipos, \ ll     lul
s.,1'1. |9 1 oai o| it In. Ii none ..I lln
principal and inti ttt is In ai
THEREFORE  lhi  Municipal law, 19m'
Council "i the Corporation   1    p.,. ,,1 hi lh, Council on lh,
lhe Cm  ol   v..nh Vancouvei Fourteenth dai id Inly, A  I).
uilh ilu ai . ni "i 'lu elector.! ,.,1,
ol ilu Citi id North Vnm< nvvi     Received  lhi   11 ent   .1  lhi
i-.iuioi-   nl thi 1 in .1  North
Vancouvei at ■'" electh* lol tlu
purpose "ii tin 'bn
o| \   I)      I'll"
Reconsidered  in   lhi Council
and  im.ilh ndopled,   n-nd bv Council "l  the Corporation  "i
borrow m rais, by wa) ol loan ,1,,  Uavot and Citi Clerk  and the  City  ol   North Vancouvt"
li"in "    Healed wilh lh, Corporate Seal iwilh lhi assent ol the elector*,
Ol I   ..'111 .   .aipol.ltl   .     U   llO      o,|      till lb, I
III \  II     I'll"
all be applied  as
not otherwise
1.11  lu payment "f tin* cost
ol   the  passing  oi this Hi   nt
revised  ass.   ment  roll is ft),  „„|  ,|,(. jssll(. BBd sale oj  th
i '•" * debentures therein referred  lo
Petition ol the Board  .1  Ul
s.i I Trustee! ii has now be
inllie advisable lo sell and dis
posi   of lhe said lols
p,,,,,l liiesiieijii .„,-|,„,,,e*l ACTED   BY   THE    MAYOR
AND ALDERMEN id thc City
,,i North Vancouvei In "pen
meeting assembled ai [, llowi 1
Ml    Authority       is       lliteliv
shall be reduced accordin li
17 1    The  plot euls  ill   lh,      li,
Ihe   rate   ol  Ine per uill      pit
annum,   and   inch   debenturu
shall he issiiul nielli iiii lorm
.iiiiii 1 contained In the "Muni
cipal Claiisis Ai 1" ior a period
ol lift)   nui ■ If in  then  date
WD WHEREAS i"i ilu p.n
iiunl ol Intereal on lhe del en
lures proposed i" be issued un
dei On Bi bm, .md n.i treat
in* .1 sinking iniul im iln pa)
WD WHEREAS lhc aggn   ■""'    •'"    nunm   conncetc
,,.,„* ol   lh, ■     M'.n'.ni. ""1| ,l" -1"1 ,"'1"
1   ,|„   1..,,.,., ,i„„,    ,s    (bl  •
dub   obtained 1  t-naeti .is  |o|
i *tt
la        |l     sh.ill    Iai      I   lltl'll    |lt|     ll|,
Mayor ol  the  I it)   ol   North
Vancouvei and lhi Cilj   Cl
b.r iln   purpose  alores iid   1
x,*,,,,,,  (exiept   b.r works  -I Corporation  [01 such sums as
(,,,* have   bun   1 Apemliil   hiieuiul. r
local   Improvement   and
school pulp..-*' ■  "i whiel
granted lhc Council id lhc Coi
poration ol tha Citj ol  North ment  id  the said   debentures
Vancouver to sell and dispose when due, ll  Wil be necessan
of   Lots Nine ..1, Till  , Ele li,  l.lise  III   speilal   I.lll   III    id
un   11), Twelve (ll), Thirteen dition to all  other ratei each
n.il,    Fourteen (14),   Fifteen year during   the  cttRtwj    "i
,aid   iu and Sixteen (16) In Block smh debentures tha   sum   ,1
11,  lubdiviiion "1 Distriii i,"t (750.81 whereol  t6o3*5° is to
Two   Hundred   and  Seventj he railed annuall) [or paymcUl
.1   the
I  th.   pioueds .f the  sl   smVn [lf\) hiihitio held by the ol Intereit during lhc currency
o| the principal and inimsl  is "'  ""' v"
,.. atre'i »«"»"<
■ 1 1     In 1,1111
hi inl 111 is 1 et*.nn
in iln purpo t
tin  Uunicipal ,,( the Hi law .is .il ,,u 1 t out
Corporation In trual lor School .. 1 said debentures, and (144.81
purposes for smh price in moil- js to be railed annually lor the
ey as the Council ihall approve purpoai ol eraating   1 sinking
oi    Authority    is   hereby lund lor payment oi tha debt
m.n be lulling to adi ami   the
-allii   ll|...||  iln   1 lulu  . I llu  .Iilil in tires hereinafter  nu-n
ol    (he  I a,tp,,1.ill..ii,   .1   situ.
innnit   not   i\,lulue   111   iiii
llll,ale lh,     Ulli  *■!   v -i    .'".    ■lll'l
I" ,al|.i   llu     aliu   to 111 pbo ' 'I
,11 ih,- 11,nk ..I Britiih  North I""-"1 "'.'■■'". "I1 « »J»fch ibe
; 1  it   North  \ in, •
\111n 1   ro 111 t TORS
\KI   SOTH I   ilm the  I
hot. 1   1 mn top;    1 ih   pi'
ihe Cit) ..I Sorth Clin..uui
dult   obtained   enacts   as [ol-
ill    It   shall be lawllll  III   'h
Uavoi   ..I tl"   Cii    a 1   \a,tth
Vancouvei and  tin I It;   Clerk
|,,i   ilu   i'iii|" ■ Id    to
borrow ni 1 .'i-a hi nn a,11.1 ui
lO llu   a :, .lit ol  tin* l III lol  lln
uioiiiis shall  Ci   used  1*1 lh il
purpose "nli
ii. bt 11,ui.    .-■ thi   1 in
in.i  exceeding   in  amount   thi
um   ol J
hi  tin    .nd  Mayoi and Citi
I the   Miini'i
1 ih, Eltttoi   ■*( iln- Mu (rom  .un   |" 1   I- Hi,
tii.ip.iliti o| ih, i-.u a.i North bod) or nodlei corporaii   who
\'.uiio„i,t will I. taken within ma) he willing i<> ■'   n 1   i'e
ih.   1 In   Mall  North Vancou same upon lh, i-ndii   I th, de
R i     a,,, Saturda)    lbi bentnrei hereinaflu  inenti n ,1
Thirtieth da)   ol   Inly,   \ P
'   a, 1,   iln  hours 1.1    .
o'clock 1111 ind    " clock p m
Citi    ib-rk    md    Piiuiniii.
,'iisi  A I).,  i'.i'
mi Thu liv 1 ni in, 1 11 * ,n
,,| pa, .,11 tiurpa.s S ,,s ' Tli
School Sile I'uii h.is    I,, an Hi
ih,. Corporaii, n   1 sum  ol »o No   •    1 llo
ntnne)   n"1   exceedit      ■■  the    Paaaed hy the Council on th,
uh,,I, the snin   i * " ' Fourteenth da) "I July, A I).
,,, , .,11-e    llu     ■' oul   I'M'
IH)   All   in.>iiii
,,( ilu* annual ipeclal rate In re
Inbefore provided (.r   sinking
llllld  shall  he  Hit. .ted   bv    lhe
,   gi.mini the UaVOT ol the   Citi   seiiiied In   the  said  d. liinture*
IliSlllg   olil	
.md the City Clerk, ind they ,the same being made payable
an hen 1.1 directed lor and on In Blty  yeara  irom the late
l„ h ill   ol   the   Cilv   ol   Norih hereof ;
execute and affix
Council   "i   nairi  Corporation Vancouver lo execute ana imx
from time  to lime 11 the  buv the Corporate Seal of the Cilv
ol North Vancouvei to all smh
dulls  and instruments as shall
le   neussiit   01    re,pii ile   for
th,- purpose of conveying the
said i.ois 10 the purchaser or
lllln Is
((J No nli.il, lull |e al
limed mi the special 1 al I
be Iniul undei iln- Bi 1 iit
1 |o 1    This    H\ bm   slnll (ake
,11,, 1  ..ii the h'ii.1 ii.n of An- ptitih.isiis thereol
1 11   This   Hv '
ANI) WHEREAS in order to
raise the said nally sum "I
>75o.8j (or itilerist and sinking
lund. .rn equal ipeclal rate on
the dollar uill le te piuul to le
levied 011 all the i.ile.iMi    Mil
propert) In Um siid Cit)
ull loine    and WHEREAS the wholi
into force and take eflect on the I rateable real propertj   in the
da) oi lhe approval thereol by said City, according lo the last
ih,    Lieutenant   Governor   ln revised assessment   roll is S;,
Coun. il
This Hi luu  mav he cited lo!
all purposes   as   "The   CitJ    '
025,3] I.""
\ND WHEREAS the aggregate "i  the existing del entut
North  Vsncouver Sihool  Site debt   "I  the   Corporation   li
tb,  H.utk "i Briti I    North    Received
pal   1 , ■ , , in    urns a* Officei
America  .11   Sorth '       111 ei   Ele, tori
the  isrenl
.f the Cilv   iif
I    the
Na allll
Disposal  Hi bill   HIIO.
l'assed bv the Coun.ll Ofl th
Ssi'i,iui on (except  I",   tu.r *
'of bual Improvement ind  lot THE EXPRESS, NORTII VANCOUVER,  B. C.
ichool purpoaei), ol which none]School Site Purchaae Loan By-
nl th.- principal aad inti rest is
In at'lear :
THEREFORE Uw Municipal
Council ol the Cot poration oi
the City "I Ni iiih Vancouver
(with the anient oi the elei tori
nl the City "I North Van
couver dulj obtained) enactiai the purpose oo th
lollowi : day of
A.   I).,   IU.IC
ill   It shall
Mayor   ol   the
Vancouver and the litv Clerk,  the Mayor and Citi Clerk,   an.
for the purpoae eforeaaid   lo Staled with the Corporate Sea
borrow ot raise In way ol loan on the day  of
irmn am  peraon or   penotn,
luiilv ur iiudies corporate, whn
may be willing In advance the
same upon the credit oi the debenture! hereinafter mentioned
of tin- Corporation, a sum ol
iiiiiiiii not exceeding In the
ulinle the sum nl >i:,i I" an i
tn cause the same tn I e placed
in lhe Hank ol Hritish tiorth
America at North Vancouver,
tn the credit of the Cily lot tne
purpoae above recited, and inch
monies   shall   he uscit (or   llial
purpoae onlv.
I.M    DehellturcS   of   the     Cit'
not exceeding in amount   lhe
sum oi Si-',t io may I e issue I
by the said M ayur and City
Clerk in terms of the Muniiipil
Clauses Ait, in sums al Ilia}'
he desired, lml not lell than
One Thouaand 1)..liars ($1,000!
e.uh, ixcept ..ne whkh may I c
[or $i to,   Bach oi the said ,ie-
lielltliles sh.ill  In- ligBcd  a\   lhe
■aid ii.n rn and Cm Clerk, ami
the City Chrk shall affix thereto tin Corporate Seal dI the
s.ml Citj ni Ninth Vancouver.
Ill The debenture! shall hear
• l.it. lhe l-'iist dav nf August,
1910, .unI shall 1 ear intereit at nus
\ND  WHEREAS the aggre-
law No. At iyio." gate "f the existing debenture
Patted by the Council on the debt   ol   the Corporation   is
Fourteenth dav oi July, A. I)., £549,494.00 (except for worki oi
hjiii. local   Improvement    and   for
Kcicivcd   the   assent   ni   the 'school ptirp.iscsl, of which llollc
Electon ol the City oi North oi tin- principal and Interetl is
Vancnuver   at   an  election  i.'i  in linear ;
fHEREFORE the Municipal
A.l). I9io]coundl oi the Corpotatioa oi
hut lul (nr the    Keconaidered  by  the Council I the City oi NorthVancouver
Cilv   of North and linally adopted, ligned   l.y ; (with the assent of the electors
the City,of Xorth Vancouver
duly  obtained)   enacts as  foi
Inns :
'1)    It shall be lawful for the
Mayor  nl  the  Cily  oi
Vancouver and the City
for   the   purpose  atorisaid    to
TAKE NOTICE that the a* 1""T,,W '"' wta b-v wav "' 1'"'"
hove is a true copy oj llu*  pm-   r"'"   ay   person   nr   persons,
posed Hi l.aw, upon whiih the b,l,1.v "r l™ ""P?™**" *'l!"
mie ol the Electon ol the Uu mav ■" w,lu,nK l0 _fnmn. _*
nicipalitj ol thi City of North J""" UP°" lla' «*■»» "[ "» .
Vancouver will be taken within bfnture" hereinafter mentioned
the City Hull, North Vancou- "' tlu' Corporation, a sum ol
ver, B.C. on Saturday the Thir-mP"fy ""l l'm'«lin« ■ l1"-'
tieih dav ,.( July, A.D., 1910, whoU llu,,sm" "' *S|"-hJ" t*i
between the hours ol 9 o'clock l" T*,, , sa!"e V ,,e I aa
a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m. im    _•   liank ,,f 1,nUsh   Norl"
THOMAS SHEPHERD       I America,   at North Vancouvei',
Clerk    and
lowed   un   iln* special  rules   tu
he levied under this H\ .law,
(i"i This By-law shall lake
elicit nn the l'irst d.n . I Au
guit, A 1)., 1010.
(111 This Bylaw ma] be cil
ed for .ill  purpoaei as "The
School site Purchaae Loan Bylaw No, i, i'un."
Pi ed by the Council on the
Fourteenth dav of July, A. I).,
Received the assent 11 the
Blecton of ihe City oi North
Vancouver at tl election tor
the purpoie ofl
North idnv of A.l). mm.
Cl.rk, Reconaldered by the Council
and final.) adopted, ligned l.y
the Mamr mid City Chrk, and
Sealed with the Corporate Seal
on l In-
day ol
PUBLIC    NOTICI'! is   herein ,
given that the vote of ilu- Blecton nl ilu- Cilv nl .North Vancouver will be taken on the
l.ith dav nf .lulv, mio, Le
tween the hours nf 0 o'clock a.
111. and - ..'clock p.m. mi "The
School Site Purchaae Loan Bylaw No. 1, mm," and that
within   the   Cilv   llall,   North
TAKlv NOTICE that lhe a
hove is a true copy nl tllc | In
posed By-Law upon ivhich lhe
vote of the Blecton nf the Municipality nf the Cily nf Nnrth
Vancouver will he taken within
the City Hall, Nortii Vancouver, 11. C, on the Thin id li
day ol July, A. I), to'.",
between the hours of 9 o'clock
a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m.
Cin   Chrk  and Returning Oflicer.
Hi Older .
lhc Council,
\\\!   II. MAV,
Citv Chrk.
H\ LAW NO. ti.
Shepherd   has
■1 P"'"u'1   Betanriflg   Officer
,,,,11,111,  payable hall yearli   on tak« I™ v"u' "' «™  yn\ ,n
the Fust day ol February, end|with.the aaaa! powers in that
the hirst dav of AugUtl  ill e.uh
.in.l everj year during Un* tin
1,in 1 11 tin ■•.ml del euturea ..1
ant   ol   Ihem.     There sh.ill   be
attached   t..   the   detentuni,
Coupons signed hv ihe Uayoi
. n!i,  l..i  1,1th and etert     p v
1..cm oi intereal that uia)   l e
ii'iim-   illii*.   and s.lih   si. ti.iluii
inn Ie either written, itamped
I mind 11 lithograph .1.
1 11  Tl e  uid  .1 Iciitiirts at
to principal aad Intereal  m 11
I e   in."le pit.il h   ..t  tlu    Han'.
of Briliah N, rth America, at
North V.niia uver, T, tt nto ..1
Montreal, Cm 1,1.1, or .it tht
sml Hank in th. Cit) 1 1 I.' B
Kngland, .a par nf exchange
.m.l tin- laid 1 rincipi 1 sum
-h.,11 I e made payable 11   thi
Cm  .il  .1 dati   imt later   than
hilt  tears fruin the date   11; oa
uhiih this Hi-l.ni takts effect
'51   Dunn-;   the   while   lira,
nf the currency oi ihe aid debenture! a spei I.il iati ' 11 tllc
dollar ahall 11 ta ml .md raisul
.nli 1e.1i in additi, n to all
other 1 .iiis ,,ii all the rateable
real pri,petit in the Citj siilh-
1 Ittlt   In  pai   the  llllelc .1    Iipnn
to lhe credit nf the City for tiie
purpose above recited, and such
monies shall be used for thai
purpose only.
(2) Delientures of the Citi
tint exceeding in amount the
sum of $10,6)0 may he issued
by the said Mavor and Ciiy
Clerk in terms of lhe Municipal
Clauses Act in sums as may la-
desired, hut not less than One
Thousand  Dollars (f 1,000) each
except nne which imi)* hc fnr! PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby
N..-.1. Bach of the said deben-'given that Ihewote of the Elic-
ttir.s   shall   he   si'Mcd   by   the tors oi the Citv of North V. it-
Vancouver, I      tad tkat lb..  sU(, Maviir aml CUv <-■„... in;1 ,„„,,,,. u,n ,,, tak„, „„   ,,,„
')' the Cilv Clerk shall'iill.v tl'.civ Thirtieth day of July, A,
to the Corporate Seal oi the D. Iietween the hours of
said City of Nortii Vancouver, 9      o'clock      a.m.      aiid      ;
(3) Ine debenture! ahall bear o'clock     p.    m.    oa    "Thi
date the Kirst day ol  Aagutt, School Site Purchaae Loan By-
mm, and shall heir Intereit at law No. 3, mio," aiid that
the rate of lite per cent p»r within the City Hall, North
annum payable half yearly nn Vancouver, B, C, and that
the First dav oi February anJ Thomas Shepherd has been ap
lllc Kirst day of August il. null pointed Returning Officer to
and even vear during iht cur- take the vote of such Klectors
racy ol the said delicniurcs or with the usual powers 111 that
any of them. There shall he behalf,
alia.hid lo ihe delientures Cm-     Hv Order of the Coiinul,
polls signed hv the Mamr only,.
(or cull and every payment Jt
interest tli.it mav become  du..,
ami siuli sign,lime may 11   ei
ther  written, stamped, printed
nf lithographed.
111 The said debenture! u
In principal and interest may
In- mad.* payable at the Hank nf
Hritish North America. al
North Vancouver, Toronto or
t BY-LAB tn enable the Cor* Montreal, Canada, or at   the
poration d the City ol Norih s,'"' lt;!nk,in ,llu' CUv "f,''""'
.. ■ don,  I'.ngl,unl,  at par of   ex-
Vtnnvm '""" "9 »*J "' than,,, and  the Mid principal
I....I1I   the   Slim   a I   S|, ,,,;„    in,-   Mlm ____  ,)C ma(U, (>.ival,l(.        ,
the purpose ol acquiring hy the City at t date not latir
purchaae an addiliosa] *hool than Sit) vears front thc dati
site within ih,* City. "I"'" which ,llls Bv"U*   taUs
Citv Clerk.
\\V NO in
ettei i
WHEREAS    the    Board    oi     ,sl   During   the   whole   term
School Triist.es ol the   Cit)   ol ,,[ the CUrrwcj  of the said   de
the said debenture I tnd  10 en   North Vancouver has reqUektld benturei I special rate   on   the
Council of ilu- -aid ( ity i i doUai ihtll bc levied ud raised
ea, li iear in addition to all oth-
ati *, linking [and for lhe paj ih
imnt  ..( ilu- principal  thereol nubmlt  lor the assent  ul lhc
when du,,  siihi.-it  to .mv  a.i Blecton .,  By-law t.. author
nr enactment   rtipecting   tin lie tin- Citj Council lo borrow
same.    Siiil, sj ii i.il rate   shall upon the credit nl lhe  Citi   .a
I.e   insetted   in ihe Collector'! large the sum ,.i $io,Mo I   .1.
or Kolls and Khali le pal-
io and collected ly tlu
Corporation  in lhe   -anti
n.n as other ratei in 'he
roll nr ro!
ih)  Iii order t.. provide for
benturei   lm-  the  put,
pun-baaing ih,* property ku mi
and    disirilic.l .is block
A BY-LABf to enable tlu  Cot
poration    of   tin    Citv   ..(
Nortii  Vancouver lo raise hj
wav of loan the sum I I $JtS
ooo.oo for lhc purpose oi .or,
er r..lcs on all the rateable r.al slructni.:; I dram lor C ItTJ m
propertv in the City siilhciciii awav mii face and other a a
to pay tin Interest upon the ars on Lonidale Avenue fr, m
said debenture! and to create a ___ N,,nll lu,_ ui |Sti, (lrert
sinking fund for lhc payment of
the principal thereof   when due,
11 * in th. Subdivision
save aa hereinafter trie! Lot Five Hundred ind iii-
n   550  inr ,1 School Site
\ND WHEREAS the said -h*
the rata s.t .mt iii paragraph benturei sh.,11 hear intereal  at
south to the watcrlroni.
""  uie principal uicrcoi   ninn mie,
Eleven siii,jat  t,, am act nr ciiaci WHEREAS iiic Council   ol
s' ment respecting the same. Such the Citv of Nortii Vancouver
ipeclal rate shall he inserted i.i has   adopted a separate  .ysliiu
tlic   Collector's   Koll   ul'   Rolls iif   snt 11.1   i'    .11,1 tlr.i inai;c    h,r
and   sh.ill   In payable   to    tad tin*   City oi   North   tan,.'in:
collected   hy tin- said Corpora as   provided   [or hi  lUb-MCtion
j)   t u.l  sul.j.ci  at ..(..res,...!, tlic ral,* ,,i i,u* percent,  per tion ta the aame wav ai othei  13 (a),of Section .156 of the Mu
then  shall In raited  ..unit,illv annum
lu  spriial mii* during the un   lha
.imi  smh   debenture!
issued undi r lhe lor-
i.ini of ilu* s.ud debenture! ih, malm.**, contained in tin- "Muslim of I60S.SO lo proud,- ;..' ninpal Clauses Ad" |..r a perl
lhe p.iMiielit o| ill tii 1 st ihcii''.11 ml .il hill nals iioin lhe r
and lln  sum of fl || Hi tO   OTIl   dale
ml, lm the  repat in, in of ih.     AND WHEREAS for the pa)
rati,    in    the    said    toll    ol niiipal   Clauses   Ail,     ind    is
rolls,   sale  as herein.iflir   pm- thereby vested   with the   sam.
vi.lc.l. powers  and regulationi   as   Iii
Ihl    In   order to provide   for drains   lor uirrvillg awav   sin*
the rates set mii m paragraph lace .md other waten is  ihey
ISI   and  siihjccl  as    afor.s iid, are in icspui  to KWCrl CalTJ
there   shall   he raised aliniialli ing awav leWtgl
principal thereol                      im.„t  ,,| literati mi the dabtn   In ipecitl rati during the mr AND WHEREAS the Council
llu proceed! .*( the said lnrN propoaed to he issued un  rency ..i the said debenture!the has affirmed hv unanimous vol-
ileiieiitutis ahall be applied  it ,|,, thit Hi l.,w, and for creat- turn ol Jj3i.oo to provide for thai   the   construction   oi   h
lollows, .md not nlhiiwisi           log ,, -.inkitij; lund lot the pa)    the pavmeflt  ni interest   ilure drain   for   uirrving    auav   Ml
:-"  'a paymeal oi the coM m.M  ,,( tin- said   debentarea on and the mm oi $69.56   to|face and other waten onLom
ol ihe passing of this 1 y law „|U.M   , im-, it wj|| ]„. necetaar, provide i.t iln- renymeat  ofl dale Avenue from the   North
the principal thereof. line of  1SII1 .street south to the
of   lhe
and  the  issii,   and  sale   ol    llic ,,, ,,,,.,. |,v   S|,(., ja| ,,,u.   j„   ,„|
d.hciiHircs therein referred to ,ii*in„ ,,, _j_ lt[]m- ril(S   ,illh
and all expenses coitnctled with u,,,.   ___^   ,|K.   ,„,*,,*mv    ol
IhaaaM loaa smh debentarea,   the sum  ..1
(b)   In   reioiipin.;  the   s.iu N«hi su.,  whereof $5J I. to it  to
Corporation foi neb suns *.s he rained taaaally for paymcai
have   heell   expende i   1,.-nil",Li ,.1   inteiisl during   tlic uu n m J
until   the   pinceids I I  ', i II   sih ,,|    sml   ihht ntllles,  aid f   i   '
nf lhe said debenture!   become* is to he raised jlinii.illi  lor lln
i;   Tin proceeda .d tin* said waterfront,  benefiti the Muni
debenture! shall he applied   as iipahti   at large aiiil that   thc
loll'itcs, aiid not otherwiie : Munkipalit)    at large   should
a.  in payment "f ihe coil pav the total cott of the work:
nl  the passing ,,f lliis   Hvl.itt, AXI)   WHEREAS    lhc    Citj
and   the issue   alld sale nl   lln Engineer   has istim.ited  thl  I"
dehenturei therein reteried to ial cost of the work ,it ttt,
alld all expenses colllleitei! wilh 000.00 :
available : purpOM   "I   ■ r...11it     ■     ml in    the said loan : ANI)   WHEREAS   a petition
ni To carry oat ihe purpoae (und lor payment .1 the   delt    dn   In    recouping  the uid signed hv the owners ol mon
ol this lu hm as .ih ,i,   ,• out Kcured hv ih* taid .le ."iinie.. Corporation hu- smh   rami i than one-tenth the value of real
(81   All   inoiii's   an.ing   mil the    same heing made   pit o h   hau    lun   expended   heiciiii'li i property in the Citv (as shown
of ihe annua] nei ,.l • to here in Bftj   yean  from the date uniil the proeeadi "f the ial, by the last reviatd tiMiinicnt
inheloii   provided foi   linking hereof                                  of the said debenture! become roll) has heen pretcnted to tin
(nnd thaii be invented by the AND WHEREAS ia order to available; Council requeatmg them to In
Council   ol said   Corporation:rain  the  said yearly  nm ol    (c)  To ttxty  out the   pui troduci a By-Law to authorlsi
(imu tune to iim.  ,is the   lan   si ,. |,,, nit11isi and  -.inking pose  of this   by-law as  abovi them   to  horraw   the suih    'I
.inui'* [und, an ..pi*.I ipeclal rati on set out, |26,ooo for the purpose ol cob-
"ii   No rebate ahall be illon*- thc dollar mil be reqairid to    (8)  All monies ,.rising oul itructing each drain:
nl on the spcai.il iati*. t*i he i.- he  levied   .nail ih,-  rateable iif the annual medal rate hen AKD WHEREAS for the paj
ned  under  lllis  Hv law ii.il  propert]   in  thf said  CitJ    mliilnic   provided   for    sillkin meill of interest  on  (lie   dileii
iiiii  This By-law thall take and WHEREAS the whol, land ihall bt lnvnUd l.v   th. turn propoied to be limed un
iii.ii  mi the Firat day of Aa ratable nal propert)   in ile Council   of   said   Corporation j der thia By-law, and for creat
gatt, A D, mi.. said Citi, according to Ihelaal (rom lime in  lime as the  la« in;: a sinking (uud [or lhe paj
iiii  This Hi lan mai I..I' revited Mteaiiuent  ndi is S;,  directt, mini  "(   ihe said debeaturi
td    l"i    all    pnr|ioses  as "The 035,534.00.                                    .    i'n    No   reliatc   shall le   .il when   due, it will hi   m
to mist by tpecial rate iu aid
dition lo all other rates    null
year   dining  the currency   ol
such debenturat, the sum . i (j,
i;,vij, whereoj Si,\oo ii to 11
rais.-d annually lor payment ol
interest dining the CUTTenC) i
s.iiil ih laiiuiu'is, and J873 1: is
to be raited annually for the
purpoie "I creating a linking
imnl hu- payment ol tin- debt
secured hy the said dehenliues,
the   same   lieing made   payable
iii twenty years from the date
hereof i
AND WHEREAS in older to
raise the said yearly sum of
f3,I73.IJ for Intereit and sinking lund, an equal special   rati
mi tin dollar will he required 11
he   levied     oll   all  the ratal I
real property in lhe s.ii'l   Cut
AND  WHEREAS lhc  whole
rateable  real propertv   in  the
said Citv, according to the last
revised assessment roll, is >;,
035,534.00 :
AND  WHEREAS  the aggr.
gate   of   the existing del etitnr,
debt    of   lhe    Corporation    is
5549,494.00 I excepl lor imrks ol
local    improvement   and   in
school purposes) of which   nolle
of the principal and interest 1
in arrcar :
THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of the Corporation of
the City of Nortii  Vancouver
(with the assent of the electon
ol the Citv of North Vancouver
dulv obtained) enacts  as foi
inns : Ila
(I) lt shall he lawful for
lhe Mayor of the Cilv oi Norlli
Vaacouver and the City Clerk,
for the purpoae aloresaid lo
borrow or raise hy way of loan
from any peraon or peisnii-,
body or bodies eorporati, wh.
may he willing to advance tin
same upon the credit ..( the de
benturei hereinafter mentioned
oi the Corporation, ., sum ol
money  not   exceeding   in   lhc
whnle   the   sum ul Ttiuili H\
Thousand   Dollars    *
alld   lo   1 ause the sann   tu   I c
placed in the Hank of    Hritish
North Aiiaciii.i ,it North Via-
oilier, tn the credit uf the City
for the purpoae al tfvc recited,
and sin li moneyi shall i ■ tied
f..r that purpoie only.
1:1 Debenture! ..f the City
not exceeding in amount the
sum of Twenty-Six Thousand
Dollan ($36,0, O.OO) may Ic is
sued lit lln said Mav. r and
Cilv Chrk in termi ol the Mu
nicipal Clause! Ait. In sums as
mav be desired, latl not les.
than nu. Thousand Dollars
51,000., "1 uuh. Kaih of ihi
said debenture! -hill 11 si ned
by the said Mayor and City
Clerk and the City Clerk shall
tffix the Corporate Se J . f the
said Cm oi North Vain. uur.
ill The dehentliris shall I cat
dala llu l-'list dai . 1 Aagutt,
1910 .illd shall I car llilirc-.'. .'I
the rale oi live per cclll. per .,lllllllll payable hall yearly oa tht
Kir-i day "f February, and the
Kirst daj of Aagutt in .... ll
and ci.rt uar during the cur
mini of the said del entUTI I 01
.un nl them. There shall be
attached to the debentnn i,
Coupons  signed bj the   Mayor
only   i"l    cull and fieri    pS]
ment   of int.test lh.it mav   become  due,   an.l  smh signature
may  he either  written, stamp
ed, printed or lithographed.
1 I) The said ileheiitures Al
in principal and interest mai
be made payable at the Hank of
British North America ai
North Vancoaver, Toronto or
Montreal, Canada,   or at the
said Hank in the Cily of London, England, at par ol i\
change, and tne said  principal
slllll    shall  I.e made pav ihlc  I 1
ibe Citj at a dati tot later
than   in.nu   yean i   Iht
date   upon   whkh   this   Hy lan
takes .licit.
151   During lhe whole nrm ol
the cutrencj ..I the laid d<bin
Hires I spei ial rale on the dol
lar shall he levied and railed
each tear ill addition to all
other rates Ofl all the r.iteaM.
real propert) in lhe Citv and
-.lllln ieiit tn pav the inlcn I
upon lhe said dsoentUrta and I**
1 te,ile a sinking (und [or tin
payment of the prim ipal then •
,,| win 11 due, subjeit I,, ,,ii
01   enactment  respecting    the
same Sllill spciial rate shall
In inserted in the Collectors
Hull nr Rolll and .shall he pav
to and collected hv tne
aid Corporation in the sann
Way as other rates III the said
roll   or rolls, save as lieicnal
ia r provided,
1,     In   older to   providi   mr
the rates set out in paragraph
nd siihjctt  as aforesaid
-la.ia    hill he raised taaaally
by ipeclal rate during tin   cm
n in t of the said ,h h.tiliu. 'In
-.lllll  of Sl, In" en |n pi*,vide Inl
iln p.nm,nt of latere,t thereon
and  the sum of S.S; 1.1.' ti. pn,
1 idi- for the repayment ol the
principal therein,
17'. The proceeds ol the said
ileheiitures   shall he applied   as
[ollowa, and imi otherwiie
ia)  in payment of the n *.i
nl iln* passing ol llus Hy-lau
and the issue   and sale   ol thl
debentures therein referred to
and all expenses connected with
lhe said loan
ili 1 In recouping the said
Corporation lor such stilus as
have heen expended hereunder
until lhe proceeds of lhe sale ul
lhe said delientures   l.ecomes   a-
vailabla :
ic) To cam out the purpose ol this By law as aliove
sel out :
aSi All moneys arising out
,,l the annual speual late here-
iiihelore provided lor sinking
fund shall hc Invested hy tin
Council ol said Corporation
from time to tune as the   law
(4) No rehate shall 11 allowed oll the spmal rales to I c
levied under this Hi law
10) This Hi l.iti shall take
eflect on the Kirst Day of August A.I). 1910.
1 111   This Hv-l.iu iii.ii  1 c iit
nl   lor  all  purposes  as  "Thc
Lonsdale Avenue Drainage   Sewer Construction Loan Hy-law
Passed hi the Council ofl   the
Fourteenth .lav of Jalj, A. I).,
Received the assiiit of the Klectors of the City of Nortli
Vancouver at an electi, n   lor
the purpusc nil lhe
day of A.l)., 19IO.
Reconsidered bj  ilu- Council
and linally adopted, signed I y
the Mayor and Citv Clerk, and
Sealed with the Corporate Seal
on the day ol
A.l).,  1910.
TAK hi   NOTICE   1b.1t   the
aliove is a lule mpv of the proposed By-Law,  upon whuh the
laale nl  the Blecton iif  the Mu
nicipality oi Uu City m North
Valiiouver will he taken iiilhin
tin Cm Hall, North Vancou-
iei,    B. C.. mi Saturday,    the
Thirtieth day ol July, A.D ,
1910, between the hours ..{ -j
n'i lock a.Ill   alld 7 n'clnik p.ill,
Citv    Clerk   and   Kiturning
PUBLIC NOTICI-: is licrihi
givctl that the vole of the Klct-
tors nl the dtj  .'( North Vaa
couver will he taken on   Ike
(Oth dai of lull, min, hetwccli
the hoUTI of 0 o'clock a.m. and
7 o'clock p.m uii "The Lonsdale Avenue Drainage Sewer
Construction    Loan   By-Law,
I il..," alld lhat tulhin the
Citv Hall, N'orih Vancouver,
B, C., ind Ihal Tlm111,is Shepherd h.is heen appointed Hemming Officer to take the vote
of sii.h Blecton with the usual
ponds in that behalf,
Hv Order ol lhe Coiinul,
Citv Clerk.
Special for
100 Jugt       10c eich
ISO Brooms 20c eich
50 pair Grey Blanked $2.00 piir
3 only, 6 It. Extemion Tablet $8.00
20 only, 4 It. Veranda Screens 50c
15   "   6 " "     85c
10   "   8 " "   $1.10
100 Japanese Mats    •   30c etch
Furniture and
Crockery Store
70 Lonsdale Ave. ight
119 First Street, E.
Phone 80
The Express
$1.00 per year
Foreign $1.50
Fine Printing
By-law Election on
Saturday, July 30th
At iln- ipecial meeting ..( the
iin council held laat evening
tin- date for election on the
Turks Purchaae Bylaw, the
[uur School Bylawi and the
Lonidale Ave, Drainage By-law
was sii lui Saturday, Jul)
luili. Thus Shepherd was ap
pointed returning officer,
Ilis Worship preiided ui the
meeting and there uas preaent
Aid. UcNeiih, Irwin, KeBae
and Sthuli/*
Tha nm bridge hy laws were
laid mi iln table, bn! after an
Informal iliacunai, n it waa de
inin! in i.n ilatin over lor that
A 1.1   BcNfiih aaked Hia Wor
Slli|l    llll.lt    III'    ihoUght     llf   lallailll'
a   ipeclal   meeting  lo dincu i
bridge matter!    He wanted In
know further if in the event  i
it,is decided upon a public meet
ing    "I     till      Lit.  I'.Hl  IS    il    it     lllllllll
be advisable for lhe coaacU to
v-iill the meeting and Invite tin
proi isiuiial director! themaelv-
is in call tin- meeting oi their
volition, Tin- mayor laid hi
would rather that lhe requeil
i,mu ii'iin ih.- proviiional  .li
tii luls ,md Aid. Irn in   was   ol
the wme opinion.
After tUaraaaing the inbject at
length ii was iilnnil by Md
McNeish and seconded by Aid
lruin  ihal   iln   council call   i
119 First Street, E
Phone 80  |
publii meeting ol the ratepav-
iis .nnl iiiiii the provisional di
recton be invited to bc preaent
,md ilisuiss bridge matter! and
plan- tlnir iii-iis before thi-iii
lt uas Intimated lhat it might
nut In* |mssilili ini the |irmis
inn,il director! to give an au
thorilive outline ol the company'! future pi.liii as tlleli
provisional directors, he under
si,Hnl and ihii iiurs uiiiild be
elected whea the compani
u.is iii operation ami tlm
might be altogether diflervnt
partiei. Included in lhe mi -
tion uas the appointment "l
Uayoi U.n as ,i committee ,d
one tn take the mattei up «ith
ilie provisional director! with
i inu in aaccrtaitting then
i ii'its and wishes nil lhe mat
ttr and iiiiiii il iinllhl In' mn
vi-nii-iii i" all partiei t.i huhl *.
publii meeting, His Worihip
said In* Kit like aakiag loi all
Information poaaible and he
waa accordinglj giveB authority  i" go Into  tin- question
UloroUghh  as   In   plaits,    l'n.i
tions, iu     The public meeting
will In* al the cau oi tin- chair
Tin- following In-laws were
then read a third lime and
pa imd :
Ko. 108, Tin- Parka, Btc, Purchaae I.".in By law to enable
'the iiiy tn t.iisi si,i:u [or tin
purpoae ol acquiring land for
parka and other parpoaca In the
iinsiili.liii.il.I portion! oi D, I.
547 uml :;i.
N'i.   iiki, Tin- Sihiinl Stti I'm
ihast   l.nan Hi law, lo  enable
llu- iiii in l.iisi- >:i>,lion [or llu-
purpoae ol acquiring an additi
!.iii.il  sa.luml  sili- ili-sirilit'l  i
Iblock loo, 1) I.. sS"
N.  Thr School Bite l'tir-
ckaac Loan Hy-law, to enabl,
till'     lilt       tll      1 .lisi'    S|aa,,,a„,      |aa|
tht- |iiii|insi' 1,1 acquiring an ad
1 dilional  ichool  nte described
[ns block ii, I). I, sv
Nu in, Tin- School Site Put
chase l.ii.in Hi Law, in enable
iln mv to nunc $i2,ii,i f.n thf
purpoae ol acquiring aa additional ichool nte disi,ii.id as
blink H7, I) 1.  J4t
No  11.'. Tin School Site Dis
poaal   lit I.m    i.i enable   tin
i It}    tn   lllsjl. ,s.    n|   si| 1     1,ll|(|s
in D, I.   -';<* di si ninl as hits
ji) to if>, block 11
Nn. 111, Tin Lonsdale Aw
Drainage Sewei Conaiructioa
By-Law to enabl, the .iti t..
ruse |s6|Ooo foi Um purpoae
nt coaatructing i drain un cal
ryiag .mav tin mrlact ud
other waters on Lonidale Ave
, (rmii the north lim- .'f i xth
str..'1 suulh tu iln waterfront
invite delegate! (nun North
Lousdale, West Vancouver Improvement Association and thi
Lynn Valley Ratepayers' Association tn In1 preient al a special meeting ol the council to
lu- In-Ill mt Monday evenin foi
lhe purpose ol discussing lhe
proposed form,iti.at "1 wards
in ilu- distriit, itreet lighting,
and a silu-im- [oi the construction ..( sidewalk! In different
section! nf the municipality.
Tin- in' in.un and lawn su-
rial given by lhe young peopl,
nl Si. Andrew's church at the
Innni* nl Ur and Mrs C. A
Uil'i.iin last evening wai a
marked meceii In even p rli
iiil.ir The feature nl the even
in;; was the illumination! ol
Chinese lanterns uhiih were
stretched la long string!
throughout iln- groundl, two
especially long onei forming a
large N In the centre ol the
lawn. They were attached .it
either end to lhe corner nl the
house and the office at the corner ol 5th street and Lonsdale.
Tlu* latter place was thrown
open for the convenience ol the
gueitl and u.is Utilized as l
cosy corner for the "ice cream
consumer!." A splendid program provided by local and visiting talent uas rendered and
uas thoroughly appreciated
The affair did not break ap till
I late hour.
Mr. and Mrs. I-: F, H.Cardinill
returned last Friday Irom Spo
kine where Mr Cirdinill took pari
in tho International Lawn Tennii
championihip lournitncul held
He and Mr. Montgom, iv rcprc-
H uti d the Vim. mil.'I   I...till  11 ll
iM Club and their recordi ihow thii
ihey wire playing with claai
Messrs Montgom, ,t ind Cirdinill not into tin Sinn finals in thi
Inland Empire doublet and Mr.
Cirdinill sm ce, d, J in miking live
i.uniil-- in tlie single! in the International events, Bach time he
vai pnl mii hi Mi Brandt Wick*
ii-Jiain "I Portland,
ll.- said the court » ii mi le ol
.-Millers and wii e iceedingl)
Strang.- to those who wi re an .1 t..
gran mutts.
] be heal wai mt. i • during tbe
itlinli- time and logethei with the
liiuli altitude work, * n it hard-
ship on some nl the    mti -t*nils.
Mr. Cardinal! will tike pirt in
tl,,- Mainland Championshiptourn-
.inieiit in Vancouv, r,, onttn, ncing
I uly >$l\\, antl in th. Britiih Columbia Championihip tourniment
in Victoria start inu Augusl ist.
Cheapest Home Buy in the City
Six room Moili'i'ti 11,iim
Price $3,660; third caah
on 3rd Streei West,
balanoe 6 and 12.
THIRD STREET EA8T—50ft.lot,$2200, l-3caih, 8-12
::7   Sorlli   fa, 'aia a , I'laaail,' .'.I'lJ  Vll||l*|,||l
niiii*.' Iiniii*. :i ii.in. to5,30 i'rn.   "i"" Bveniniibj ippotntmenl
After officii hour*, pliunf Uli
\\ r operate llii- only padded furniture and piano
moving van iii the cily. . .
N. V. Carfaqe Co.
< I iiliail.ll,   4Vf.
I'HO'.I - - III
We Leg
allsa   till,  .,
ia. mnouni e to the public, ind eipei iall) to the
ail North \ in. ouv, i tliat lhe Capilano Wel
Waih Liundry, nunti Pirmd Wolfe Mr.its, is now ready
lor Imsiness.    Yuu will Iind the GRADE of iniil, done ll lhe
Wet Wash I..'ininliv to he the I"   1    tlllt'l  ill.' GRADE WU
want.   Discird thit wnh tub, lei machinery do your work,
It's the modern wiy.
'.iinilt Wnh pet week, Wel Wish 75 nuts.
  li ij
'llus    (Ol
toufth Pr\
Drop a ■ .Mil lo Pott Offi.r tnd r.ur
will ial) fnr ii ur order.   Givr ua 0 Trial.
ROSS   ®,   ROSS
We Sell Anything, Everywhere,
Life, Fire and Accident Insurance.
Howard & Matbeison
16 Lonsdale Ave.        Phone 220
A little snn wai I urn to Mr. ami
Mrs. t. C. Chriiti. ol Queen
un the 3rd ..(tin" month.
Mother ami sun ,ne reported to
he progressing moil favorably
The McAlpim. Robimon Con
struction Company havi op, na .1 ,,
large ramp mar  the I n I ol the
Capilano   cariine   in   conn,
uilh  tin- B   (*■  Klectrii   Kt    Co
lor the construction  of the new
, h. trn cariine to Capilano rivi i
ri.i Pall ave. and 22 and Ijrd Sti
Do you 11peri, in' difficult) in
handling your onu personal finan
I in you Bmetim, i wiih thit you
ltd i t. tt dollan in the Bank to
fall back iipi'ii'
lh poail "tn- dollai in tin- Bank
laniilt.in lo-da)    a sm,ill sum.
but large i trough to baai intereit |
ami  it will ipeedily accumulate
inun. on,'■ tun have commi
to  Sllll
G. HEAVEN. Agent.
North Vancouv, r.
Head Office:
Alter   Hindu, i in;:   ,i i,,nsi.hr-
aiih* amount ol coimnitt, i  im-
sine-ts the s|mi.il meeting nl
ilu* district council held last
eveaiag waa teimlv, d ini * aa
opi n iiu-i nn;' win ii i number "I
reipn-sis lm payment i ih, uev-
eral coatricti now undei way
in iln- distrit i were ont ■ n
Theae wen In each inilanc, re
hnul i" the i'.iiimi,in under
tihiise sii|i.*iiisi..ti ihi-- a line,
lln   (nil.nun:    tenden   were
opened lor the wurk on  Philip
\u*  i  Creel    alld   I'm      J
Mr  Nicholson, Ij.iV     md Mt
i,,,ii   11,990    The lendei   ol
Hesiri I'.ii'i and I',
\  reaolution  wai i<    ;  1*.
North Vancouver Horse Show
will be received up
to   THUSDAY.   the
14th inst.: : :
At follows:    Single
horses 50c; teams $1
f>a«*«a«e,«0«f>c«««>t 'HE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
A ooroplete thuwing of thete garmenti in a
wide range ef ity les suitable for present time
wearing. Betl quality veeti froan the leading makers, perfectly made, shaped and finished. The belt values that you will Hnd
anywhere,   Note a few styles;
At iy Fine Ribbed Cotton Vetti in Loin Neck,
No Sleevi or Short Sleevi Stylet finithed with.ttpe,
At ljc Twelve ittm live itj lei mi luu tibbt il i ottoa
vest made with i.m y oi pliin ta>le>. in long i r ihort
■.I it, -iii, *
At 151 1 ; i>ai li.oo) Pirn .ilil...1 cotton 01 Liili
tlm a.I veiti ui ibout t. n .hn. n nt itylei, I.utv Neck,
Nn Sleeve, Short Sleevi ind Long Sleevei, lome
with Itncy crocheted yokei, otheri trimmed with lice,
Gordon Drysdale, Limited
575 Granville Street,
Phone 3541
For   onion   and potato   sells   al n  flower   seeds   of
best i|ualitv.
Cor. St. George's •& 8th Street
Teacher of
Artistic Pianoforte Playing
North Vancouver,   Saturdays
Studio Addresn, OT Davie St. Phone R.5732.
BURRAR.) SSH & DOOK FACTORY, loot ol St. George
Wt .'ilii-it ;i 1 rail Ud oa jronr Ordwi inwll or (tm
Expert on Fireplaces and all
classes of Brickwork
All Work Ciuarante.-.l.
t'a.rni-r Kid.■••nth N.   ind  MAi'" Aw
S 1 (i N
Keilh Block     Ist Street W.
Cor. 3rd St. & Lonsdale
inr i" l\   1..
General Blacksuiithing
•ttantl '•! k-it.-ii ni Imm.
auul u.l ri.riiii/ llOfnn, Al-,. e.ir-
rlaga tmrk unl -;.*• 1 itiirpeDlo|,
All  tt..rk  *.*i'»riiilei*il.     I'r p\
atlliiii    (iite ine a trial.
2   Large  J
459- 4*1 HASTINGS ST
All new houses sliould lie piped for f*as in order to save the
lu,ivv expenditure for this convenience at a later date.
N. V. LIGHT, Ill'AT &
Pianos & Organs
Tuned .ind Repaired
1 Moderate.
S11 il 1. tion I' *ii*uit. "I
* ive,
r, c i.ili receivi prompt ltd n
Editor Expreti 1
Permit we space t" publish ,1
letter  1 have   addressed to His
Worihip, Mayor May, dealing
with the mailer l  introduced
at the ratepayers' meeting on
Wednesday. In reply to the
queition which Mr. Kin-; addressed to me at the meeting
as to what I thought of the
meeting ihen held as an cxpus-
sion of the ratepayers' opinions. I have no hesitation in
laying   that   the   bench   grades
were out in torci and numbered
not 111.ire than [00 eleituts mil
i.l   ,1  constituency  iif liter   1,	
electon, 1 think 1 can form
,iiiulli as cleat an idea nl the
minds of the electorate as a
whole as my Irietul cm, ud 1
again asseti that the treatment
being meted out to the council
liy a few uialiiintents is simply
dligTaceful and is calculated t"
do our jroong eity grievoui
harm in every way. Their
Humbert do nut warrant the
deiii,mil   thev   make   lhat   the
majority of the council retign
ami   seek   re-election.      Il    the
mayor and the minority think
that   ihey   have the undoubted
support uf ihe majority of the
ratepayers il would lie perfectly seemly and justifiable in
lliem or either ol tlu in to pm
it to the test that is so eagerly tought,    I am,
theri   i. anything to be gained
l'v im retting the grade,   it is
ri hi ili.it ne know by
even meant possible what we
aie up againit in this mallei
before t.iii and lhe city coua
cil commit us to anything in
the n.n ,,(change of gradei, I
am , Youri faithfully,
ALEX. rim.uv
Nut Westminstei' l.aiul Dis
trict, diitrict uf New Westminster. Take notice that Thomu
Tod I.eith ol Vancouver, B, C,
occupation, rancher, intends tu
apply lur permissieii to purchase the following described
lands :   About   WO   acres  COB
mencing at a post planted mi
lhe imi ilu.ist corner of lol .',
(N, llienie .smith Mu chains,
tlienie    east     61.77   chains   tu
shore ul Hone Shoe Lake,
Iliiiui* tloag shore of lake in a
northwestern direction to puint
of commencement,
l'er William Dal/iel Duke,
lune ::nd, [910, 26
Tu His Worship, Mavur May,
North Vancouvei i
Dear   Mr.   Mayor,   lhat   vou
mav be in doubt as tu the i|Ues-
timi which  1 as a  ratepayer
asked tun iu submit iur lhe
iiti solicitor's opinii 11 b(.*iv
lull take ,1111 step lo :u ike llu
grade By-lawi you relerred to
binding by registratl n, permit
me to state it briellv here.
The presenl natural grade on
l.uiisilale Avenue is s.iid tu be
N 7 |nr unt.    We ail l.nuw that
Lonsdale Avenue is ., recognized tramway ruad. II opinions diileied as tu ihe preaent
feeing a danger grade we have
the but ili.u already nccidenti
havt proved il to be so and
th.it eminent opinion! regarding anything above t, per cent.
,is .1 d uieer tramway grade.
Tin* tramway companj take
iln* entile fespmisibilitv 1 i operating lhe pri siill grade and
the city cottncil could imt
make the cily liable fur all .11-
1 uh nt except under an agreement with that company au
thorized by the ntepayen t<>
undertake thai retpotuibiliti
That is hull' lhe matter now
stands. I lllillk the cilv solicit..! will bear me out in this.
I understand [rum what has
been stated bv dilieitlit parties
that these bl lalis call lot' a *.
pel' tellt. bench al all croKtittgS
aiid that thev will have the ellu I ul increatthg your i retent
danger grade tu mer  io per
unl lilun lhe Hi-laws are given ellect lo bv actual   grading
iiuik. Certainly even a novice
should realize ihat ihe immedi
.ile eflect uf a belli ll glade ul
ant kind must be tu im reuse
lhe grade between llie benches unle-s lhe belli lies uere lllire
11,illllalll.     If the Hit    COUndl
in the exiiiise uf iinir legitimate authority   legalize grades
and work them mu, that increase   the   danger   tu   anv ap
lum,ible extent lor the operat
ing of the tramway service I
venture lu assert that they
111,ike   the   iltl   rispullsil le   for
.un tccident thai maj occur in
that -.miu ii .1 i'iri Imd that
tin- itiiieasid gradt contributed
in anv it ,it tu canting ihe re
suiting il,images, 110 mattei
hull malty uilier causes 11,11111
billed als...
Tin.   is   a   purely   legal   all.I
teilinn.il queition,  but it  ln-|
iiuduiis a well known principli
in law which has been applie I
time aiid again under diliiteiit
circumstances in Canada and
notably in the recent I'i ant lil*
lice bridge iase whiih a
Victoria about one milli' n dol
bus. I am not reiving on mj
aiitn   judgment   alone  In   lh
matter,   but   1   do tint  [ol   OU'
moment suggest that you rely
ull the opinion I bale IDteM
ed.      Volt have ,itl able    uliiil
or and ii is sitrelv nut 1 10
nuiih lu ask that his opinion be
gol in   writing   up..n the qUea
tioB and that it be published.
If I .1111 right in the view 1
huhl and hale lule stated, tllc
next qUeltiot I would like I"
.isl*,  is wottld  tile  lapse  a,|   tin,.
(ree   us   li    ihat refpotllibil
iti .'   II   su,   how   lmi;' '       1'
llll, 111     be    possible   t"   1 "Vi I      *'
sliort lime risk bv Iniurance   U ■
Hew Westminster Land District, district of New Westmin
ster. Take notice that Pater
Wood Slater, of Vancuuier, 11
C., occupation, shipping clerk,
intends U) apply fur pirinissioti
to purchase the following described lands: About ;So acres,
commencing at a post pltwed
utt tin southeast corner uf lut
1238 thence west 37.78 chains
to east boundary of lut .-AH,
thence south go chains lu nurth
boundary of lot 2b:.1, thence
east 21,72 chains lo west boundary of lut 2,620, ihenee nortii
33.70 chains, thence east \/a
chains   tu   northeast curner   of
lot 2620, thence northerly al a
shore  of  Horse  Shoe lake   tu
point of commencement.
Per William  Dal/iel   Duke,
June 2.5,rd, 1910. 2b
Shipyards, Ltd.
Marine   and   Staticin.il \   En-
giottnd Boiler Work prompt*
It   exi a It'
Telephone  1113
North Vancouver
NofvtH Vancouver
ei.M.irriai 11 v
CiTlitieiili'il Snr.-ie'ii, Mf'lii'ill ,uul
Maternity Notm
Nurses Sent Out on Application
For  ti-rni-  Ippi'  «t  tin1 Iln-|>it'il
Cur. llth ^trert A St. kwhatt't Ave
All kinds ol
Sash and
Doors, Etc.
Very ele ip
Hill \
Mil.I.   AMI   (HI■!( I.
I' plan ul.. Easl
'hone S5    N,aiih Nan'
Mid-summer Clearing Specials
All through this month we will clear
out odd lines of summer goods at greatly
reduced prices.
Only 1 few ladies' waili suits left, lu clear
  25 per cenl. off.
'-'"a-1'..it.nt How, Un or black, 3 irnin for   -   -  50c.
-iiii-' U'n-li  Pn --is
25 |" r cent off.
15c I'iraiii I'ou pee Silk, -pui-i.- 1 ik r nl
\ al.'i.i-riniii - I i.e -. i ii i * , a ii m! 30c.
K\it,i \ uIm.'s in aii I im - nl \\ 1 I', -in a r iim I liloutef.
l__W~——i-     .       . 'T-E*?:i.i"?'.rjPtr«M«BB
Conic to us fur tl.e iioin y : iul vc|.|i\ it
t'i  -llit   VO'.ll'Sl'lf
iai Lonsdale Avenue
Modal nietlloils ol iiill--tnictioii combining
^rtistic decorative features with low coit
Desnlt in homelike co/y residences
That make the .standard ol quality
In the houses that we build.
Nothing is omitted.   Our plans
jilion everything liiriittrj for the completion
(Jl the store, resiilenie, ttc., ihal we lmild.
^one of the ohjectionalile extras, and
people for whom we have built in Nortli Vancouver show their appreciation by advising the intending home
to conn* and sic ns. Don't accept the statement ol
another that tlu\ ian |ivi ion the same results, il
you want the best consult
Home Block, Lonsdale Ave.      Phone 173      P. 0 Box 72
\UIKIR 4  III MIR. Proprietors
Try onr \\\ Brown l.n "1   Daily deliver] to ill parti oi citi
1 'Innn 8 .iii-.1 5^
Stores: 711 onsiliilc Ave. Cor. lonsdale & Ath St.
| HIT.    it'W/i.ill-     Ril ARU Al 1
GIVE  rs   i   TRIAL  o.\   YOUR
/'. :*   THOMAS, Ti„„. H
I'lil t,t, 1ST
C*^'«*,»'^'****,*»**«*V*a>''«**»*'***»*VVV*#*'»'%**»' *I"***'*"I"/*t"C*"l**/*!**^"t"l**/*t*"t* I -*'ffiTJi AA 'HE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Is the Sensation
of the Hour	
If you live to be a thousand years old you
will never get a chance like this again. We
don't exaggerate one bit when we lell you
that the regular prices for most of these fine
suits are $30 and $35. They are without
doubt the finest gocds, the finest styles, the
besl trimmed goods and the best fitting
suits ever turned out by reliable makers
since clothes were made on the American
Sale Price
Reg. $35
We have about 200 suits of them
left and what are left are just as good as
the 300 suits sold since last Wednesday.
They consist of line two-piece and three-
piece suits, in English worsteds, and if
they are worth a penny, they are worth
$18. While they last,
1 CO.
noH> or
oi Aim
Fourth sireet baseball nine
scored a victory over the ' " '
itreet Wasps at the Recreation
groundl on Thursday evening
fait, Tlie seuie ivas 5 to I '""I
throughout the pi.nin;: ^;1*
priil\ neurit an even break,
l-'iitll'lli street  hail a ihailc   lile
better batten and thi* was ac
countable to the tact nl tome
rearrangement on the pari ol
the ist players, It is stated
thai the manager and lhe 1 ip
lain nl the ist street Wasps de
ilaiiv that there la to be 1
weeding out in lhi ranks ol
llieir leant belore thi next sch
eiliileil  game uilh Third street
lakes  plaie
Third '.trn 1 is leading in the
.nt league baseball matches
uilh lhe fourth street, Real
Instate ineii and lhe first
street teams. During the last
ii tt games they have h id a ser
ies nl it ins which has 11111 iiii ir
pcrviin.ii'e high above the other
contestants lor the Mayor's
inp Tuesday evening they .1
gain 1 .nin- uii victorious ni h
Kirst street and succeeded In
piling tip in inns to the liis
Street's *,, The game m.is toi
ine Innings and a large mimic
u( spectators witnessed the 1 a*
The official lacrosse  schedule
[ol    lhe   season     |,i|n   lielileill
Vancouver aad  New Weatmin
iter is given as lollowi:
July 1   Wtstiniiisier al Vanc'r
July -sn  Vanc'r ,i( Weitniinitei
Aug. t>  Westminster at Vanc'r
An-;, iv -Westminster at Vanc'i
Aug, M  Vanc'r at Weatmin.
An;'., jj   Vanc'r .it Weatmin.
Sept s -Westmin at Vanc'r,
Sept. in -Vanc'r at Westmin.
.inli :..  Fain lew i. U, P.
.lulv i]  Grandview i. N. Van,
July 17-Mt. P. v. Beaver
Aug, 1  Ci,uuh im 1   Beaver
\na 1   n. v,in. 1. Fairview
Aug.  II   -If. P. v. N. Van.
Aug,  IJ   Fail villi  1   I'.i,iliil.
Aug,   Ul    \    Vail   1.  Hi at 1 I
The garnet t" I e played oa
iln* groundl nl  the last  name.I
tliili.   An official 1 n.nil nf referees was also appointed
The      Salt,llu,11   A! in \       will
lillllil   I    Iial I.u ks   till-  (all    tt
Prince Rupert,
The B, C. Packers   Aaaocu
lion is rn nst. Urine thc  erection
.a a large modern $40,000 cold
storage   plant   to   supplement
iluii    plant   "ii   Front   itreet
Nell     Wesllllilisl, 1,    kn,,nn     .is
ilu Columbia Cold Sl
Nobody Spared
Kl.liu \ Troubles Attack   Nnrth
Vancouver  Men and  Women,
obi and i "ini;
Kulliei    ills   sei/c \uiiu-:   allil
Come i|itttklt aad with little
it irnlag.
Children tnfler la theii  etrli
Vani   control lllc ki'lin
C.11K   aie languid,   nervoua,
sllllel   pain
W01111 n it'.ii 1. can't '1" 'I nli
Win have lame aiiil aching|
Ii.n ks
The 1111, tor man, unman ni
child is I., iini* tbe taiise the
kiilneis Booth's Kidney l'ills
cure sitk kidneys
I'ure all 1..ims ,,[ kidnev sul
itiiii;:. Moose Jaw teitimony
proves ii
Mrs.   X    Good, nl 711 Sla.1.1
cona itreet, U k Jaw, SaaV
s.ns "I am p],used to itati
1..1 ibe benefit "I am person
siiinrin;; uuh a weak and pain
fnl back that tlm- will find
Booth's Khliiei l'ills a must e\
«1 Uin 1 reined)     l liad suflcred
"I    iiinlilhs   11 illl a Veil    ulal*
back and sevi re pains and t< hi
in  the ki'lints.  and nli   ven
nuiih depressed    Then was al
s.. .1 iwelllng under m\ 1 -1
wlnn I learned ..I Booth 1 kid
tn t   Tills, I pr,uiiiiil a hoi ..ii'l
havi   ["Und  tbun  lhe li.l 1,111
1 ill    I   hate eliT Usui,  as    tin i
mie lilt  iplitk in ;*|t III    :ne h
lie!       The paint lur e la ||    mv
la.uk    atul   il   has    stl'iti; thetinl
Tint    have lltO helpeil 1., liinhl
il|i un    be,illll
In,i s ih iii North Vancouvei
at   the  I.ntisilale  I'll,nman .
Attractive Gold Jewellery in Many   •
-   £
Nevei during the life "I lhe firm in Vincouver,
have we offered to the publii sneli ii magnificent
selection ol gold ind \em set jewellery .is we an
shutting this season
From Englind, Frince, Germany, [til* ud
tin* citii i ni the Hague, hn cotue thii enormoui
enlleetioii ni fnhion ind mlue, which blended with
the home product ind tint ol the United States
makes one ol the finest displays in the world
Ourihowingol Brooches, Bracelets, Necklets,
Dok Collars aiul  I'mil nils,  lei  tulh  pi,ills,  aii,.*-
thysts, turquoii peridots, tourmaline*, topn
nets an.l every semi pn i nnis stone known to tin
world, ire ill nl the lateit design and fini-it work
minihip, whib oui diamond bi Itingn ire unexi i Ila .1
in the ivinlal.
Din aim has alu,us bei 11 IO givi the publii the
Iiest quality in ill Iini   ol is well ia the id
vintage oi moderate prii i i,  »hile we guarantee
s.iiisl.u tiun in en rv case.
a» ;
►JJ |ewelli i- and Dianfinml Mi ri hints
^ 1 ieu. )■'.. Trurei, ,.     ,        or-        'll    c
J* Managing Director I la* lines fit (.jrainille bts.
I'lliSi STREET        I'.nri.i \ \liH
Wl' I'   I       *,
We h.ive exclusive  nil ol  the best properties m the
tbove,   Call ami inquire,
11  l.oii-ilali' Avenm1
Phonea—Office 2-1      llouau tl      I'.O. \'->\ 50
.   rat-  —ma —
CLAVERIE fi ARCAND hate jusi opened on lust
Street, Last, an up-to-date
wliere llic pulilic will lie sine to find a flood and ftesli inort-
ment of Groceries and Provisions, p nuts and \ ef tan I in
season, fl Mr. Arc.ind was with !'. Ilium of \ an. t.iiM-r
lor lhe lasl eiejil yeai *
Look Here!
\\'i   have   jutt   i.   HVI  I   I  ItlfC
Tin' pin ei *ue excei din
Lace Curtains
in Sni**.*. ami Nottingham, lium
751 in I6.00 per p.nt
COVERS   Excellent Values.
iiieiiii ■■
I2A IimimI.iIc Ave.
I.ui 1. Bid  6j, 1> L 548, 60 \ 1 p. In 1, |i i-a-   |]
6, 11 ind 18 monthi	
l.ut il, Blk. nn. D.L j 1 1- 6 ind 11 mo'i,
Lot 5, lilk. 117, D.L 174, Si ' h. bal, to in
l . • *|. Bill  19, D.I   148, |i rh, I." 1140leet,
A Lot mi Nineii. nth St., tu" I.'ni ki Irom the '.ir Iini
i'.i *n* a month!)'	
120 Vciinil Mrrrl, North \.iijioiivrr
district of
North Vancouver
A BY-LAW to authorize the
Corporation of the Districi of
North Vancouver to enter into and execute an agreement with the Hurrard Inlet
Tunnel and llridge Coinpanv
for llu- purchase o( shares in
the capilal stock ol said company.
He it enacted by the Keeve
and Council ol the Corporation
ol lhe District of Nortli Vancouver in council assembled
in ith the assent of the cltctors
of the district dull had and ob
1,lined I as lollows, vi/.. :
t.   Authority is hereby given
lo   the Reeve alld Clerk of   the
Corporation  t" si^n on behall
of the Corporation ami In seal
iiitll llie Corporate seal all Indenture ul Agreement between
ihe Burrard Inlet Tunnel and
Bridge Company oi the one
part and lhe Corporation of the
olher part in the terms of   the
schedule appended to this Bylaw, and authority is hereby
given to the corporation to enter into and to agree to all the
provisions oi saiil IgTcetttent,
2. This Hi.Law may be cited
for all purposes as "The Hurrard Inlet Tunnel and Hridgc
Company Aid Bj I.m, 1410."
J, This Hvl.aw shall come inlo operation on the date of its
receiving the assent of Un- Lieutenant-Governor in Council by
order iu council i" ihat effect.
Pasted by tlu- Council on the
Seventh d.n ol July, 1910.
Received lhe asselll of the
Electon al an election held on
the day of
Reconsidered and linally adopted by the Council on the
dav of 1910,
This   indenture  dated   this
Kighth dav of .lulv, lulu, be
TUNNEL AND BRIDGE COMPANY Incorporated as a Kail
ttai Coinpanv by charier ol tin
parliament of Canada (herein
after referred to as "The Com
pany") ol the one part and The
CORPORATION oh' Till-: DISTRICT OF NOKTIl VANCOUVER (hereinafter referred to ti
"The Corporation") of the nth
ir part :
WHEREAS the Compani has
been Incorporated liter aba foi
the put pi ise ol undei taking the
, r.atmn of a joint irallic and
1,uiu ,11 bridge aiioss lhe Second Narrowi ol Bnrrard Inlet
from a point in the Municipal
itv ol Hurnaby and Has
iin»s Townsite to a point in
the Distriit of North Vale Oliver and the loiisliiictin'i ol
suitable railwaj waks tu give
connection   with   railway si-
tetiis ou the South Slmi'i- a d
lor the opening up .unl development "( tin* North Shore of
Hurrard Inlet :
ANI) WHEREAS the whole
ol said worki are so situated Bl
to be of gnat i.illic lo lln   Mil
nicipalitj or District ol Noril
Vancouvei and the Corporation
has agreed t" aid lhe said Compani In subscribing for tno
IhoUsaH live Illllldlid (iSOO)
shares ol dm Hundred Dollars
1 Sum 1 each ill the capilal
stmk ni said Company :
AND WHEREAS tin price ot
1 able ,,| said shales ls Two
bundled and lifti thousand dollars (S150.OOO), therefore the
Compani   hereby  aglus lo sell
to tlu- Corporation and tin
Corporation tgrtei i" purchase
of ami liom the Companj
Tweiiti   bin  Hundred   (isooi
shares ol One Hundred Duiufl
($I00) e.uh of the dpiial sliik
of the Companj at and lor llie
said price ol Tlio llnndled ,illil
l-'iftv  Thouaand Dollars i$:,S",
OOO) subject alu.lis lo the
terms  of the Acl of liiiotpota
iion ol the Companj ami to the
lollowing conditions, 11/
KIRST   The said price   shall
be due and payable to the Coin
pain  nilliin lim months ol the
dale   ol the assent of the l.iell
ti n.mt Governor In-Council to
the Hibni Incorporating this
Indentun .unl upon payment of
the said pi lie ami ill i ichattgr
thelcloi the Compaaj shall is
sue and   make dcliuri   to   the
Corporation of tin- iun certl
In *il.      I.a   said   shares in   the
capilal slock in valid bam :
SECOND   In   i.spi.t   of   the
-.acl  Corporation  bolding  the
said shans in the capital slock
ill the Companj and whili tin-
same are so lieiii the Ril'le "I
lhe Corporation shall 11 ami
a. I as one nl tin dilii|..|s ol
tin  Cnipam
rnik'D Th. Company ■';'"'
within   len   1 m   monthi   from
dale of the assent of the I.ieu-
tenunt-Govcrnor-in-Couiicil as
aforesaid to commence and proceed with the work of the construction of the said Bridgi and
to have duly completed and
ready for trallic the said bridge
and at least four (A) miles of
connecting railways belore the
lapse of three (3) years from
the date of the said assent of
tlm l,icutcnant-Govcrnor-in-
Cottncil :
FOURTH—Al regards the
Corporation this agreement is
provisional oil the assent being
had of the electors of the District and the passing of the
Loan Bylaw to provide the
funds and also on this agreement receiving the assent o[ the
Lieutenant* Governor-in-Coundl
and foiling cither of these
events then this agreement
shall be ipso lacto null and
ilu* Company and ihe Corporation have caused their respective corporate seals to be hereunto allixed, the day alld veil
lirst above written.
The Corporate Seal of the
Hurrard lnlcl Tunnel X Hridgc
Company wa.s hereto allixed in
the presence of
The   Corporate   Seal   of   the
Corporation ol lhe District   of
North Vancouver was hereto a-
llixed iu the presence of
Acting Keeve.
1 Seal)
C. M. C.
Take notice that the above i.s
a tMir copy of tin- proposed Bylaw upon ivhich the Vote of the
Municipality will be taken within the following polling stations, vi/.. : In the I,vnn Valley
Institute Hall ; in tent at corner ol Lonsdale Avenue and
Lynn Creek Rd j and in lent at
approach to Hollyburn wharf,
all in the District of North
Vancouver,   on   Saturday,   the
2a.nl day of .lulv, 1410, between
the hours of 4 0 cfock 11.111. and
7 o'clock l> 111.
CMC. and Returning Officer.
l'llblic mil in- is hereby given
lhat the vote of the electors of
the District of North Vancoii-
1,1 mil be taken 011 The Hurrard Inlet Tunnel ami Bridgi
Coinpanv Aid Hvlaw, luto, on
Saturday, lhe j.Uil day ol July
I410, between the hours ol 4
o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m.
within the following polling;
plans, 11/ In lln- Lvnn Valhi Institute Hall ; in tent al
the turner of Lonsdale Avenue ;
ami Lvnn Creek Road ; and in
tent at approach to Hollyburn
wharf, all in the district of
Nortli   Vancouver,    and    that
John v.. Parmer has heen ap
pointed returning officer to take
lhe votes of such electors with
the  usual  powers  in  that behalf.
Hv order of the Council,
Ailing Keeve.
district of
NortH Vancouver
A HVLAW to enable the Cor-
noration ol the District ol
Nortli Vancoiiiei to raise bv
it .11   o|   loan,    the   sum  ol
1,000 to piirihase stmk ill
the Hurrard Inlet Tunnel and
Bridgi Company.
WHEREAS a Petition dated
as lo each signature alld squeal
by the owners of more than
..in half of the real propert]
in   the  District  of Norlh Van
touver, as slum n bv the lasl
revised Assessment Roll, has
been    presented    to  the Council
of tin- said Diatrict, requesting
theni  lo introduce ami   pass a
Hi bm   to authorial them to
boiroii the sum ul |33O,0i o lo
be expended in lhe purchase oi
simk .a shaus in the Hurrard
Inlei   Tunnel ami Bridgi   Com
pain   Incorporated  bj   act "f
Parliament "i Cm.nia
and WHEREAS H «'ll he
lleicssaiv  to  laise annually    In
pedal rati ihe sum ol <i 1,1 p.
lor lhe term of lifli  wars   for
ihe repayment "f tin- mid loan
and for interest thcicoll at lllc
ial, ol live per iclit. as lurtitl-
,iiti 1   pi.iiuiul
AM) WHEREAS tin value oi
tin* nh..le rateable propertj in
tin s.ml Dittrii 1, according to
lhe last revised Assessment
Koll amount! to 55,243,646.
AND WHKRKAS the aggregate of the Debenture Debt of
the Municipality - (except for
works of local improvement!
including the loan hereby authorized, amounts to S.U5,ooo.
THEREFORE the Reeve and
Council of the Corporation of
the District of Nortli Vancouver in council assembled (with
the assent of the electors oi the
District duly obtained) do hereby enact as follows, vi/.. :
1. ll shall be lawful for the
Council for the purpose aforesaid to borrow or raise by ita\
of loan from anv person or pa-
sons, body or bodies corporate,
who may be willing lo advance
the same upon the credit ol the
Debentures hereinafter provided
for of this Corporation a sum
or sums of money not exceeding
in the whole the sum of S2-,i>,-
000 and to cause tlic same lo be
placed in the Hank of Hritish
Nortli America in North Vancouvei', to the credit of the Corporation for the purpose hereinbefore narrated.
2. Debenture bonds of the
Corporation to the amount of
5250,000 in the whole may be
issued by the Reeve and Clerk
of the Corporation in terms of
the Municipal Clauses Act in
sums as may be desired, bul
not exceeding $1,000 each, lvuh
of said debenture bonds shall
be signed by the said Reeve and
Clerk and shall be sealed willl
the Seal of the Corporation.
3. The said Debenture Honds
shall bear interest at a rate nol
exceeding live per cent, per ..iiiiiiiii, payable half-yearly on the
isl day of February and the tll
ilay of August in each and
every year during the currency
of said Debentarea or any ol
them. There shall be attached
to the Debenture Honds coupons
signed by the Reeve only for
each and every payment of interest that shall become mie,
and such signature may be either written or stamped.
4. The said Debenture Honds
as lo principal and interest
shall be payable at the District
.Municipal ollice, Nortii Vancouver, B. C, and the said principal sum shall be made pavable
by the Corporation at a date-
not later than 50 years from
ist dav of August, lyio.
5. Ihere shall be raised ami
levied annually by a special
rale on all rateable land or real
property in the district the
stun of Sl,h4o lor the purpose of
forming a sinking fund for the
pat ment of said Debentures
when they become due, and the
sum of ftl,300 for the payment
of the interest at the rate-
aforesaid to become due "on
such Debenture! during the currency thereof, and that in addition to all other rates to be levied and collected in the said
District during the whole currency of the said Debentures or
anv of them,
6. The Council of lhe Corporation for the lime being m.n
at any lime purchase the whole
or any of the Debentures to be
issued under this Bylaw provided they give to the holder or
holders thereof at least six
tnontht' notice of their intention to purchase the same,
and pay in addition to the par
value thereof and the accrued
interest thereon to the date of
purchase, a premium or bonus
of one year's interest on such
par value or sitih less stun a.s
may be agreed upon with the
bolder or holders thereof, and
all such Debmlurtl so purcha-
ed shall be forthwith cancellc i
ami destroyed, and no reissue
of Debentures shall lake plan
or be niai'le in ioiist*i|iieiiie of
smh pun base and lhe said   lie
benturei thall contain on tin
i.i,, a provision authorising n
puiih.ist as herein provided for.
-.   This   Bylaw may be tiled
for all   purposes as "Tbe Hurrard   Inlet   Tunnel and   Bridge
Company Loan Bylaw, 1910."
S. This Bylaw shall come into elicit on the ist day of   An
gltsl,   I'll".
Passed by the Council oil 'hi
Seventh Dav of July,  1410.
Received the assent of the
Kleclnrs at an election held Ofl
lhe day of
Reconsidered alld linalli ad
opted bv the Council and sign
ed by the Reeve and Clerk and
sealed with the Corporate seal
on the dav ol
We have a good list in 265.   A House and Lot on
17th for $2000.    Good Buys in 273 and 274.
A Good Lot on 4th Street for $3100.
64 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver
MAIN   OFFICE:—264  Hastings St.  E.,  near  Empress   Iheatre
Municipality will be taken
within Uie following polling
stations, vi/. ; In the i.ui'i
Valley Institute Hall ; in tent
at corner of Lonsdale Ave. and
Lynn Creek road ; and in a lent
at   approach   to    Hollyburn
wharl, all in the District of
Nortli Vancouver, on Satunlav,
the Jtrd dav of July, tylo, between the hours of 4 o'clock .1.
111. and 7 o'clock p.m.
JOHN' (',. l-'ARMKR,
C.M.C. and Returning Oflicer.
l'llblic notice is hereby givefl
that the vote of the blecton
of the Districi of Norlh Vancouver will be taken on iiic
Burrard Inlet Tunnel .St Bridge
Company Loan Bylaw, 1910, in
Saturday, the 23rd day of July
teiO, between the hours of 4 o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m ,
within the lollowing polling
stations, vis, I In the Lyun
Valley Institute Hall ; in tent
at corner of Lonsdale Ave. and
Lynn Creek Road ; and in tent
ai approach to Hollvburn
wharf, all ill the Distiict of
North Vancoiiver, and that
John G. Parmer has been appointed returning officer lo take
the votes of such electors with
the usual powers in that behalf.
Hv order of the Council.
T. \. ALLAN,
Acting Reeve.
C. M. C.
first street West
Entire Change of Programme Monday, Wednesday
and Eriday
We cater to ladies and children, and assure our patrons
that nothing olleniive or objectionibli will bt shown.
Performances at 7.30 and H.45 P■"'■
Saturday    Matinee   at    2.30   p.m.
Admission  10c
Children 5c
Ratfs :
(j.oo per and up.
Special rates to families and to regular
Saconn Stmr,
-   •   NORTH   VANCOUVER. B. C.
On the occasion ol uic uin
of July, Orangemen's Day, the
local brethren instead of celebrating in Nortii Vancouver,
spent the day with the Vancouver lodges at Hastings ' l'ark
where a monster picnic was arranged. The local memleis as
sembled at the Orange hall earlv in the morning and he nh 1
liv the N. V. band and the lag
ensign, marched to the ferry
When they reached Vancouver
they joined the main organization and lhe large parly proceeded to the picnic grounds
where games of all sorts and
refreshments were fcaturts if
the day's events. Addrisses
were also delivered in commemoration of the dav.
The death occurred Monday
evening al the North Vancouver hospital of Mr. V,'. F. Ath-
lev about ,t,s vears ol age.
Verv lillle wa.s known at the
hospital of deicasid's li Story
.nnl other than he had loti
brought   ihere In in the l'.il.m
Hotel, tbei knew practically
nothing "[ him <>r his friends
and relatives. It is learned
l.it.i that he was employed .it
the B, C, Casket Co. oil the Rl
plan,nlc about tbreC wicks pn
lions to his death.
Mr J. J. Wood of Fernie tf-
iiiitd ihe contract of that iitv
for the construction of sun in
sewers at Sll,;ol.
A   M~J.
i   ■    M~J„„i   P..,~-
It is made on the mosl up-to-
.Lit'* plaal mth spei ial feature points,  one ol which is
nhnh minis bahiaf a real
This fealuie pn u nts the
pouibilit) nt the bach ol
the  enii   btiflf   hotter
than   in an r   lhe   door,
iihicb  is the case uilh
most ranges.
Lei us show you this little
wrinkle     It don't cost you
ant   more   ill   cash,  but   IS
norlh much in result-
The J. D. Fraser Hardware Co.
Phone 58. 133 Lonsdale Avenue
Double Corner, IJth ind Hendry Avenue, size
100 x il7 feet.   Prion$1300.  Terma$400cah,
balance $."><*0 in August, <i ami 12 month*.
Double Corner (Uli and St* George Avenue. Size
100x1 to feet. Prion $4W0, Terms I oath, balmier | in Aug. then 6 tiins.   This ll a good huy.
Pint Strott, lot 4-187-274,    Prion $6000.   $2000
Mih, balance 6, I- ind 18 monthi
Rail Esttte .md Piaaacial Aieati
. . I  a a a
a.    i
Take DOtici thai  thl above is
I line i opt  ol the proposed by
bin upon which the vote of tin
Lots fronting on the "Boulevard Extension"
Chesterfield Avenue, Mahon Avenue
and Intersecting Streets.
Subdivision of Blocks 203"A", 204, 204«A", 213. 213"A'\ 226"A"
240 and 241, in District Lots 544 and 545, City o( North Vancouver.
:(,i Plans Price Lists and Particulars, apply to
Mahon, Mcf arland 6 Procter, Ltd.
>■ Phone 8288                  Corner Pander tnd Seymour Strnete, Vtnooowr, B.C
&H-++* HI IIU IIU ' ' '""" ' TWELVE
the express  BENCH GRADES
I l ii*. the mints .unl the nfleringi
of current local advcrtiiinu.
Mingle lawrt. 10.
Une Week    7'«t
Uiie   M..lllll S
l: ITI
I*, r line
l«.r Inmrtion
tu iiislriitlions is-
iii,um, who was at
evening1!  nitepai
"Three Removes are as
Bad as a Fire"
I h.l gana tr.'m lh* *.hlloaaoaan*r
at B«*\|*.,li. P r.Dhlka. , unl.In. •
lil of Ir-ulia.
M»h..m.aao*.d«> O.l . $.„4
hou.** oot. for .11 br . " Hu...
**.aal.d  • .d
Hon... mar h. nana bul oaar
IV.ni Ad. will pail .ou In loiaata
wilh lha b.M In Ih. an.rK.I
l-nu SALK High grade 11
ties Broi, piano Ior in*,, \\ i ite
\lis Curtis, Camp Ground,
North Vancouvei Jo
VOU SALE    Cheap,  Single
driver oi saddle horse, logethei
wiih. bugg}  and harne8i coin
plete.    l-"i    pai'tiiiilars, appli
Ron ri, Korth Vancouver,   iy
FOB RENT Douhle bedded
loniu with hoard al s, |,,i
Week       i\ppl)     MM    I'led    l\.ll
lalld,     OppOSlll*      \lissllall       Sllll'ial,
Keilh Uoad
Tu LET Nine roomed bouse
on Sl. Andrew's Aie. Large
verandah ioxiJ Large hath
looiu Ground looxioo. \ ■• ant
\ii: nst 15, Rent S42 t*' 1 ei
month or S|.. on has,*.   Appl;
lO   .lack  1.olllcl,  .'I I   i."U   Uh
Telephone 17. -i
Y ,1..nut    impress Ollue.
roomer  in
sued by lln
\\ edllesilat
ei's meeting authorliedto have
all grade In l.uis regiitered
lorthwith, Citj Chik Shepherd
mi Thin sd.11 morning reguler-
cil the In laws .uuI profile! ei
labliihing permanent gradea on
l.oiisilalc Ave, iiotn ilu- watet
lout lo the Upper lseitll Uoad
and  l'irst   slleet   llolli   the easl
it lv line oi Lonsdale Au-. to
the casii'.lt line id St. Oeorg,
An*, ami Thud itreet llolli Melon Ate lo St, David's Aii-
in lhc ..nice oi the ...unit ."im
ai Vancouv, 1. The bj laa 1
iniiie int 11 force .md are binding
oil all persons front tin  dale ol
regiitration,     tht   grade   im
Lonsdale Ate. plotltles lot' a
lu-luli ial   I pel  icllt   at  the   ill
teraectioni id the caal and weal
itreeti and the lollowing grad
is    will   prevail    lul weell     llic
blocki: |.i and 7.53 Iron  the
end   ol   lhe   Hell    doik   to   the
souih  side  of  the  Eaplanade;
0 i.l liom the north line of the
Esplanade to iln- south lim- 0
list     slleet ;    lo. I    llolli     the
north line ol Firat itreet I" tin
sa.iuh line oi Second itreet ;
10.33 i''"1" the north line ol
Second itreet to the south line
■,l  Third street j   |u..|l   llolli  the
north lim- of Third itreet to the
solllll line o| I-'.,llltlt street .
10. iroin lllc north line "I |lh
slreel lo lhe solllh hue of ,Sth
street ;  I'ls lt"ln the north line
01 [fifth stteet lo the solltll lllll
of   Sixth    slleet j   R,   lUUIl    tin
north line ..I Sixth slieel to
ilu- north line "1 Iowa   Keith,
and MJ liom ll"' north line ol
Illuminations al I.vnn Vai
Thunday, Jul) *'sih.
lottil   Keith to Illlui Upper Keith.
Slllllll       Illlt
V illinium   seiiuc
nld at  St.   Andrea ■
will   he
Int.ill church on Sundav at the
morning lervice,   Prol Pidgeon
I) 1). ol Westminster llall will
preach al the preparatory aer-
tm which it ill be held Friday
tiish.il  rooms
keeping,   Roi
1.unt 1
wo ur three lur-
for b^ht houae
17;, North V.,11-
WANTED  Elderly  man   aa
it alt lun,itt.    Mall,ue Shipyard!.
    f 1 1 .,
lev   Preibyterian   church   an
irranging (or a garden   parti
at the home ,,1 Air. and M,s ,1,
Kroiniiic ..ti Thursday eveniu/,
.lulv .'.sih. The progratn will
Ik- provided by [Vanconver .m
isis ..I reputation and a nt"si
sum ssiui ,ui,l enjoyable time is
promised. Tin feature ol the
evening mil be the illiiiiiiin-
1 ia ms whiih ..ie Intended to i.
both novel ..inI numerous.
The sisl.is ot Sl. Paul's
school ret iiinni mt Sunday altei spending a pleaaant  holiday
at  Seilii-ll
Air and Uis. .las. Humes ol
Sth street atul Lonsdale Ave.
lelt mi Tuesday for a week's
holiday nip tu Victoria.
Alts,   li.i   K.   l'cets   held   hei
piisi-nupii.il reception al lui
home  on   I'h slleet Wolnisdai
aud Thtiisil.it evening  of  this
III. ami  Urn.  Um.  Scale uill
Kate next week "ti an extended
visit to Ontario and Minncaota
Thei 1 Apei t to be absent for
about nt" montha.
\n and Alts. C. K. Hickman
and   lalll il)'   It'll "li   Wetlnesdai
1,11 a vacation nip t.> Brighton
Reach where thej mil be ihe
•nicsts of Alderman and Alts
Alexander Smith,
Airs. Dr. Verner and daughter, Aliss lv Verner arrived
home ihis week Irom an extend
ed visit through southern tali
lottiia Both the travellers
feel llllllll r.liesheil as a lesull
of lllc irip.
Mr. .ni'i Mrs 1. A Al. Ilain, Mis
Howell, Mis. J. lv Gillam, Km
Hard) .unl Uin Marahall i. turn"
on Saturday altei a pleitinl weeki
boal tni> t" Prince Rupert and re
inin.   Excellent neitliei iflord, i
the ti It best 1,1. lllll. s |,a| lightiee
mu mul all ironnd enjoyment during ihe voyage.
l'lana, Specifications, Eitiniatee
1*. 0. Box 27, North Vaniouver
Miss   I and   a    liunier    s, hool
tea, In, .11 the North \ incouv, i
Public Sihool .unl -st.itidiii al ai
Diicovery, Atlin diitrict during iln
pasl li nu. .nun d 111 tint itt ,1 *!.n
01 so IgO where slu  will spend In 1
bolidiyi She u.is joined lure l.t
In 1 l.ulia [ Mi. Laud li"iii I'mii'
Edward  Ishiii'l.  who   will   ,dso
ipend s.on.- lune 11. the \\ 1   1
Grand concert mt Air   Prom
llle's   lawn       Outside   tali 111
July :Mh
N'l'.W • 1 l-NTUAL" OFFICE
that rente are high in
Nortli Vancouver --- W by
not eolve tlic nnt prob-
I,-in by -,-curing a deeirable
lot, ninl getting n Innni1
See IM§—8peeial ou Otb
stfi-et, near St Andrewi,
."•ti Foot lot, cleared, graded
and facing tha Inlet,$1260
—$|Mi cusli, balance, 0,12
nml l.s montha,
Pierce £» llall
If YouVe 411 For-Lawn
Garden Tools of all Kinds are here in
Great Variety and at MoM Reasonable
Our Lines of
Are the Best and We Guarantee Ihem to do tlic- Wotk.
paine & McMillan
1 he Piooeei 1 iudware North Vancouvi i
ui.* in no
III   -ml Mie. t
11U-l   * I  II
Phone 170
Wc are pofe igehtl lur*'
Kl II kl Ni I -
P.O. Box tat
I   ll.r.ll
tie An mit
.,1 N.
V. Sl
,iin 1
WANTED .i.itiii"i (tcuipor
■ni ' loi Korth Vancouver |>ul>-
lit ichool, Application! lo Inin In istli inst. .iiiiiiism,I tu
Geo. Campbell, lecretary, r.i).
Uox i"S |u
LOST Ou Grove Mt trail
.1 brown leather wallet contain
Ing receipts and ticket!. Kind, i
please lenve .it I'Upreai Oflice i-,
.i<uk l.n met and N   l.i'tisil.ilt
Tin- contract n.,s awarded ob
Tnes.l.ii morning by the B. C,
Telephone Compuy lor theii
new central office on i nli street
in lliis tin to Messrs. UcDofl
aid, \\ ils,,n and Snv.lt i, eon
tr.icturs nl Vancouver, The ar
cllilect is ,\. A Cox, .ils.. nl
Vancouver, The net building
will lie loxisn int and ctmatruc
ted "t l'tit k with a sti im- ninl
preaaed brick frontage which
Tin- iiu hall itall worked till will set it ..ll to advantage and
ih. me sinnll h..nrs ihis iiunii rive it a h.iiitlsuiiie appearance,
iiim in (nil force on ihe liiiim- The Interior will be divided in
stretch on the l',i.. lux ii.'li'i"- lo |..ur apartim-nls. The [nnl
A large number will be read) portion will he ocrupied .is lhe
for mailing lodaj and the next manager'! ..Hue and lhe publii
move mil In- mi iln p.in nl tin- illlui*. Hack oi these and in lhe
ratepayer! to adjust the <lel it unite ol thc building will be
and credit mi the litv's booki, illuated   the  operating  romn
l-'.l.lei Murrai Co. lire iiisiir.'ii't
Wi will buy or exchan i voui
si.iuil. rangei and household
goodi inr s)ia,t i,ish Turn, i s
711   I.ulistl.ile   Ave.      I'll,,11,-    |N|
P, 0, Box .-I;
I th
where all the snitch board*,
mil lie located and adjoining
the operating room will be lhe
plant iiioiii iimI .,1 ilu luiik pro
Yi-.inii is liuiile f..r 11 cloak ami
retiring room, The whole will
nst nn 1 cement foundation
and .1 baaement lhe si/e nl the
building will complete the itru
1 tuii The new central office
uill contain .1 pi,mi capable <>l
handling 1,7011 conneitimis The
aggregation m date ol completion has not nea
niiisei ,.i lhe sea- inciitimicil Inn ii is Intimated
.,1 the local branch that it is
the intention ol the contractor!
tn tush the work wKh all ims
dibit ipeed.
PEDIA iu larg, ■ oluuni with
Index,     Whole lil-mi ■   In  one
SI'l I,,III*'*l llllaal * H| I ,|; |4, j,■llllll'. literary and mechanical
Published in ini'i Architei
tnre, engineerini. huildini, ele.
tricity, psychoid political
science, hiitoi ■*. religion, theo
siiphy, ilinsti.m ,nnu , everything.    Coat and worth v	
Offered at Mi dayi at only
I50. Latest .imi beat on all
modern problem! No publii
man up ta. date »Ithout it Ap
ply Kxpress Ollui, lo
Tin rebate will doae na Sep
telllliel  10th.
I*. >lll I ll   slleet    .nnl   ill,     Real
Kstatc iiiiii plai ..I 1 live in
ning game nl baaeball ..' Be
1 iei,,ii.n Part Iasi eveaiag. The
^nliie mis a molt ..in- sided nl
ll.M     nil     .Htnlllll,    Hu  lllllllll,   .'I
lhe in,iiuiiii "I the Broken In
gather    their
lore,    Ai tie
suit their team hailc lair to bl
come str.Mi;; conteatanta foi lhi
Mayor'! enp, bal lack ol Intel
est nn the part *.[ 1 f< 1 baa n
siiltul in sli.nl..uin-; tlnir dian
CM unless thei lecnperate at I
uiv early date The itJure last
evening u.is H lo 1 in fav<-r vl
ith itreet, In addition t<> >!«■
nip off, i"l l'i Mavur Mny l)r.
Ma an is, ,11 js donating a medal
1 air ui tin* memberi "t ib,-
winning team in good itaadlng
at the clone ul tin* leaion*
Bunding  ol tin- Ctaha
Won        I,nst
; 0
ird Street
Uh Streei
ist Street
Real I-
Th, 'ii\ "I Nanaimo is call
Ing   tenders for vitrili, d   sewer
\l \l-!liMAl',l-
Al   ill,* l'i isliileriatl lliallse I 11
ln.iaii 1.1st Mi Harry McLean
•ni'i \li;,s K..iie Tnrnliiill, both
1..mi arrivuli frum Scotland,
in i. united In the bondi«'( holy
miatrimnny, Kev, ,T, 1) Gillam
officiating The groom waa
mppoi inl by Mr, Tims. Garrow
and  the bride by Miss Plalay.
The Real Test
ul a n.i.'al paint is the length ol
tinn* it will l^--t ind still look
bright ami K.ioil,
Test Our Paints
by this st.iiulaiil ind von will
discover whal real painl ecu,*
oniy is. Kor eme ilit. onr
paints retain their coloi longer
than and do not smli or crack
like inferior gradei, Kah us fm
Stoney ®. Co.
117 Lonidale,       l'lione 1 y.
Unit iiinn
if iiiev dn
■ t     tl 1 111 ll fa. t > a r.
 i-l. iniraiili
imi 1 1 1 \|" 1
in 11 pair
Ami he 1 *..,
K inn
I „. s„i,. 1,,
I nnis C" lot hi nu
Furnishingi,        M,
Children'i Bboti ind sh."
AUGUST 15th to 20th, 1910
Onr business is now practically on a cash ba- !
sis.   This cnablos us to give our customers tin- |
same Iiiiii class goods we have alwnvs handled
at very much better prices than can bc obtained •
from stores doing a credit trade.
Trv an order and compare quality and price. |
J. \. &N. McMULAN I
.^pplicalintis are Invited for
iln- pusitiuns (il engineer and
assist,,111 ni; ,in 1 r to the District Municipality ol Sorth
\',iii,nmir. Application! lo 11
in before Thuraday,  the  21 si
July,   IO"1,  ""'I MttBt   slate expi na me, s.il.,it n quired and re*
JOBS Q  iAimi'K  c MC,
Distriit Oil,,,*,
tyt Nurih Vancouver.
Genernl Contractor
LandOlaariei, Hinmp ami Rnel
nin-ling* K«lrn run* in* ir lm,,*.,...
All d«mn»''« m«'l.* imnl
(Mrl.liVMHVT     A.l,'\CV
HUt •«*. W»«l ,.l I n.iav,   I*-
British   Columbia
in Prizes antl Premiums
Bpadalljr law ratw Irom ail polnti
on ruiltinyi" auul lm.il..
KtliiliitH neiil II (rciulil mi Cun.
nilimi line, ttill lie ri'lurinil (ree.
Sii|ierli mnl unlqU iillrurliniiK iu
Speeding Brunt! uml Dm slum*
Si'ii'tiii'iiliir "Fl|htlngth» Pliiiiii.*. "
l|riini'liii|tllHlilli.'l'iilii|i|.tili.ill, Wood
Chopping Cnntert, Trnttlnf ind
Pacing Kt-eni.. uml Iiimi (luii
Entries Close August 1st.
Write ("r prir..- Ii»t ind Inlormitinn
Mmiauer and BaKltUrr,
Vancoam EiWbltlon A'uociition.
If you want to sell your Pro*>erty, fill in blank space and
Mail to
Board of Trade
North Vancouver Board of
Trade meeti the third Tuesday
ol each month, at 8 o'clock p.
m., in the board room, City
Hall. Executive meets the first
Tueiday ol each month. W. 1
Irwin, president; .1, G. Farmer,!
Recreation Grounds
IM Slreel, Nnrtli Vaui'miier.
I1I111I (Iriniiiil. t..r Siiiiilnv   Si'liiiul
Picolea, Ladie Plonk 1,1ml ill limU
ni a 1 iilai 1, Kti'iii.,   Grind Bland
M'Ulli.' iill'ali'llt  (.if HOO
For engtgementi ami ntu, tnd ipnlil
raiias 1,11 li'trt nml atte, m
11. !•;. siiAKi'i:, l«., Rartl, Vimosns


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